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Star (Roseau, Dominica). August 8, 1970.
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Mrs. Jane LowenthaTli'k J | i
Librarian, i '" *
Research Institute for"
the Study of Man,
162 East 78 Street,, I o
New York 10021, N.Y.~t 1 .STR
aiT t Representative: "uej u STR-
OS/ 'r.r (Lo on^' ) Ld- Editor PHYLLIS SHAN'b'. "l A,^. .,2s, .
*'^* ,. w .' : '


LIORROR STRICKEN. the inhabitants of other West
Indian Islands learned after the evening hours of last
Saturday that "over a hundred persons, including a great
number of women and children', had been drowned when
the M. V. Cristena. fIrry-vessel owned by the St. Kitts
Government. sank a few miles from Charlestown, Nevis, overloaded with passengers (whose exact number is
still being determined).
An official Inquiry has been set in motion. States and
private persons cabled and telephoned countless mEssagts
of sympathy and condolence to the bereaved, and even to
the Premier of St. Kirts
Fortuiatety for everybody, His Lordship Bishop Arnold
Eoghaert. who had gone to Nevis to preach a retreat, left
St. Kitts earlier and was not among the victims. Three
Canadian Nuns iost their lives.
Apparently passengers swarmed onto the Crislcna
without check or name-listing. Some paid a dollar and
occupied the upper section. Others were crammed In at
,0 cents apiece. Canvas shields set up to protect the lower
D-eck from spray imprisoned these unlucky people and held
them in their watery grave, some to be partly eaten by
Schedule of Appiication for Certificate of Title and Notir
Shereon and Caveats for week ending 8th day of Aug. 1970
Date Requested Person Presentingj Nature of req'u
whether a Certifica
of Tite of Noti
.|a thereon or Cave
Scqu'.e--t dated the Ina LUurant Request for the ise f
,o) day 4'of Aug., nf a First CertifiCate
!T9L by her Solicitor Title in respect of
r'::.sen'd the 4th Portion of lan
S'iv of Aug., !970. Ciimr A. Dupigny k no w n as a I
st 3 0 p ni. siT;ite at P codea
in t l P a 'i,
A s of St P-A r'ik cr.ortai
ingp .44t ;Tcr-, ar
bounded a iolkw!ws
COn th-a North by lands of Emma: Phillip. On the Soui by

r''ic rCoad which separates it from lands of Emmra Phihlp.
C te, re East by lands of Mac George George. On the West by
I;; ;s if Joseph Alexander and heirs of Anestine Alexander.
f a~rr''s Ofice, Mona Rigsby James.
R:eeau, Dominica, 1970. Regitrrar of Tites.
L;-;. : Any person who desires to object to the issuing of a
C *'.!frate of title on the above application may enter a Caveat
'n :t ir.bove office iwhin s'x weeks from the date of the First
.p or: nce of this schedule in the STAR Newspaper published
'n i State or from the date when the notice prescribed by
Iw as last served on any owner or occupier of adjoining
I ri ii' expect of which the application Is made.

Sir Arthur Lewis due Hire
next week
Sir Arthu Lewis, noted St. Lucian
Economist and recently elected PreSi-
dent of the Caribbean Development
Bank will visit Dominica next week.
Before hi elctlon to
the PresidenSy of the C. S. A.
Bank, Sir Arfltr hba
held many distinguigd SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING
peat, including biose of Friday, August 14
Ecnomric Adviser to the 8 p.m.
ovt. of Ghasa, Vice,- at Goodwill. Parish Hall
Chaaaellor of tht Univer-
hiit of te West' ldie SUBJECT
and Profesi r of Publie S LA R I E S
Affairs a t Priae0#4n
,UBaiyv ity U.S. A.

The Cristena, a 45-ton motor vessel of 65 ft.. was able
to carry i50 persons. Final count to date was that up to
274 may have been on board. At press time we heard that ,
94 were saved including the Ist Mate and 3 little girls
whom he aided (one hung onto a thermos flask 90 bodies
were recovered and over 80 are still missing. The British
Navy H. M. S. Sirins had to abandon earlier diving,
b because of attacks by sharks and barracuda.



of I k ,

Notice of Application for
Liquor Licence
To the Magistrate District G", and Chief of Police.
1, Howard Jean, now residing at Carib Penville,
Pariah of St. Andrew, do hereby give you notice,
that it is my intention to apply at the Magistrate's
Court, to be held at portsmouth on Friday, the 2nd
October 1970, ensuing for a Retail Liquor Licence,
in respect of my premises situated atCarib Penville,
Parish of St, Andrew.
Dated this 28th day July, 1970.

Vol. Xl No. 6

Saturday August 8, 1970



?a-e Two THE STARauAg


The extreme vulnerability of the banana industry was never more clear-
ly demonstrated than during the past six weeks or so. During that period
there were at least two heavy windstorms which took toll of banana culti-
vations, particularly of trees carrying bunches. Thus perished a fair
amount of national income.
Then came the strike of British dockworkers, It is no exaggeration to
say that bananas, of all commodities, took the heaviest blow of the strike
because it is more perishable than most. Even meat can remain in the cold
store of the carrying ships without going bad for a much longer period.
Not so bananas. We sympathise with the Geest Company on the great losses
they sustained on bananas already purchased and reaching England at the
time of the strike. But in view of the emergency, Geest stopped buying
bananas for the duration and growers had to bear the loss of fruit fit
for purchase and this loss could have become quite serious had the strike
lasted. Happily, there is news that it is settled.
The foregoing indicates that we in Dominica have hitched our fortunes
to an unduly risky star and so this thought should give us pause. A commo-
dity so extremely vulnerable in the growing and even more so in the sell-
ing, constitutes the source of the bulk of our export earnings. In the
materialist mood of the Western world, it is not unreasonable to assume
that strikes by one or other category of workers will become of increasing
frequency in the United Kingdom and the growers of bananas in Dominica will
be correspondingly exposed to disaster, close to which we have recently
The case for pursuing a national economic policy of diversification has
thus been clearly brought home to us and we must admit that nothing of
significance in this direction has been done in recent times. The energies
which have been devoted by our Government to CARIFTA could, we feel, more
usefully and purposefully have been spent in pursuing large-scale diversi-
fication objectives rather than advocating the planting of red beans
and garlic for the CARIFTA market. It is only at the instance of coconut
growers that the Government has been moved to pressing for the incorpora-
tion of the Fats & Oils Agreement into the CARIFTA Agreement and this step.
provides a wider market for coconut products. Therefore, as Dominica Coco-
nut Products Ltd. has recently brought to the notice of the public, a wider
market has opened up and this is a line of agricultural diversification
to be pursued in many areas of Dominica.
Reverting a while to the banana situation, one wonders whether it is
possible at small cost to insure against the contingency of growers being
unable to sell their bananas due to a strike of seamen or dockworkers.
This possibility should be studied by the Association, the purchasing
company and the Government.
A most important avenue of economic diversification to which the Govern-
ment has given scant attention, if not negative treatment, is the tourist
industry. Their latest proposal of not selling lands to foreigners is just
another setback to a prospective tourist industry. And yet, as has been
authoritatively stated, Dominica has as much though admittedly different
- as any other Caribbean island to offer in this line. But it is clear
that our'present Government has a host of reservations about the value
of establishing a full-scale tourist industry in Dominica and it follows,
therefore, that it will take a Government of another outlook on the subject
to encourage a tourist industry wholeheartedly. If there are more eligib.o
alternative lines of economic diversification, tI should be interested to
hear about them.

The condition of the streets of Roseau is now showing up in a way which
leave visitors and returning Dominicans abroad fdr some time aghast. The
people are saying that never in living memory has Roseau looked worse th:.
now and that there has been a considerable deterioration in the appearance
of the town despite the few imposing structures recently erected.
(Concluded on Page Four)

Saturday, August 8, 1970

Page Two


____ -_ -U .I '9 C, -
Her Majesty graciously assented to
late P.M.Harold Wilson's outgoing Ns be rce d here that
recommendations to the peerage of Mchol Ian Pincllo Pardr hon of Ir.
and Mrs. L. Pclla Pinard, has ob-
two Labour stalwarts and three d an h .ourh nr in Civil En~
similar women: Anthony Greenwood, ,incrinC front the University of the
ae Uh; Jennie: Lee, Eirene
9Wite arde Jennie. Lee, Ee West Indies (B.Sc. (Hons.) Civil En.-
White and Alice Bacon. gioring), in.chaol received his so
BRITAIN: Doctors & Dentists in UK condary education at Harrison ColegCo,
will get a 20% rise of pay from Barbados mand at Prosontation Coll.ce,,
the Tories. The Commission recom- Grenada. At the St. Augustine Canpus
mended 30% and Labour had earlier of UWI he was Captain of the Univorsity
said 15%. COMMONWEALTH MAGIST~ES Lawn Tennic 0eai.-, -T7I Lawn Tonnis dou-
MEETING IN LONDON (for 1st conf.) blos champion and lUI Badninton doubloa
agreed to form a Commonwealth Mag- champion. !le was on the Student Guild
istrates' Association, are working Council as Inter-Clubs Coru:iittoo C::air--
on a suitable constitution. Lord nan (a con;it-toe comprising all club
Hailsham addressed them eloquently.and societies on can-pus).
GUNA: Three y g w n Michael Pinard is spending a sliort
GUYANl Three young women t SO holiday in Dollinica with his parconts
left Guyana amdst reports that one ad leaves for Darbados shortly to rtakec
had been the victim of a sex assault an -appointnonEt -gth Miles Rotlorell
It was confirmed that all female ates, a fir
Associates, a firn of ConcultingbCi.vil
VSOs are being pulled out of GuyMand Structural EngiAcors with offices
Jamaica is setting up a price con- n Barbado, .Cuya,. Trinidad and ......
trol commission which will also in- a- 'I
vestigate profiteering. The bill is- -D 0 I 3: C E W S
before their Parliament. *;:' '
befoe t r rli ent. SCHOLARSHIPS- Fourteen awards of r:c:.-
TIINIDAD: The Bar Association is fred to the
to discuss establishment of a Car- itry Educaon from Messr. J.
ibbean Court of Appeal which might Astaphan & Co. Ltd,, Iessrs. Excavation
possibly replace the Privy CouncilLtd., and oI. I.D. Shillinrford, to
Ltd. an.D. shillinofth' to
BARBADOS Officials said the Chief successful c-adidatec ofthe 1970 E.1-
Liaison Officer of he BWI Central trance E:an-. A;taphans 5 Excavations
Labour Org. in Washington was to 6, H.D. Shillingford 3. oop official
investigate reports of sub-human appreciation has boon expressed.
MigraatL labour conditions in ANOTHER UOIL IER: Mis Marcolla
Florida (seasonal farm work USA),* H. Robinson,, a dalughtor of Mr. Joffro
J. Robinson (Pormn.Sc..) has boon called
STUDEITS: 27 Guyanese students nowto the Bar at .Liddle Toipleo
on a cultural exchange visit met V A C Mr. 1lE. L.-:iry
the Pre Maa T on WESLEY VILL.LG COUNC IL: Mr, E. He:
the Premier, Iayor & Roseau Town topped the poll with 149 votes in Vil-
Councillors; "
DoiTlNGUISIE; D VdSITOR-i lago Council cloctions, August 4. Four
II ISr, VISTOR- St8-ing at other successful candidates wore II.St.
Castaways Hotel is Sir Selwyn Selvnjohn, K. Tolo.aquo, Mrs. C-. Wil:liai &
Clarke, KBE, CMG, MC, whose late 1 c. ic others 1,ll be
Dr, H.. H C Hm- c 12. h othoo w1l be
wife (Lady Hilda Selvyn-Clarke)was norninatcd.
a good friend and helper not only SU1,hR C.IJ' YOUYI: Gospel Is.,s.ons
to the Editor but to many a citizenyouth Canp for boys and girls fro: A;".
of this State. Sir Selwyn was at 8-16 has been over-subscribod, It tah:s
one time Governor of the SEhelles. place at Hari-ot School and loo li2e"
F 0 R S AL E being a gr;ct ccco. *****
Gas Cooker c/w lge gas bottles, 150 A.-RRIVALS. I!M- STAL'^Iss Dianno C0.
Child's Bunk Beds 19 Lewis, VS.O.. V6.otntoor, to work in'hin.
Child's Cot 19 of Education. *Mrs Gertrude Roberts,,
Bed 46" c/w spring interior .hone front a. course in Adult Education
mattress $ 40 in England, Sho is ILcadtcachor of La.
1Pair Chrome Sun Visors for Car Plaino GovtSchool.*Dr. J.B. Yanlcoe (Ch.
door windows. (new) 4 10 Ag.Officer) is back front a 3-woee study
APPLY: ELLAD, Margarets Gap, tour of farnms tc. in West Africa
Goodwill (Ghanazi1igoria and Siorra Loono)-spon.-
Goodwill -0 d te Connoniroalth SK;2
or telephone 2610 .f-ter 6 p.m. d the COn S onealth SLQn c; riato
V O T E R S L I S T ? bulanco Brigade and hold various
VOTERS dl scusClons.

- Four THE STAR a d 0

This is a fact, One now hears that in addition to its other woes, Roseau
must now find some $20,000 to pay as costs in a case which it lost in
the Court of Appeal recently concerning the irregular suspension of the
Town Clerk. In other words, a counterpart to the famous $100,000 plus
in costs in the Howell Shillingford case. It is not without significance
that both the Central and the Roseau Local Government authorities are
Labour dominated and both appear to be pursuing policies directed at
hurting individuals rather than improving the lot of populations under
their respective administrations. Thus the condition of the streets of
Roseau and the roads of Dominica is a reminder of what happens to a
people when a regime has outlived its usefulness and no longer holds it-
self primarily accountable to those who put it in office. Any Dominican
who has travelled even to the neighboring islands, must feel ashamed
of the conditions of Roseau. It is clear that the Central Government
has no interest in this matter, else it would have given help in improv-
ing the housing conditions of the poorer classes and substantial assist-
ance to the municipal authorities whose avenues of income are rather
limited. But in whatever way you look at it, the present condition of
the capital town is such as to make a Dominican hang his head in shame.
(Soo note)
# 3 * *

The financial assistance to the Convent High School and other assisted
secondary schools promised by the Minister for Education and Health to
materialise by 15th July has not appeared and we are in the month of
Is it not strange that now, more than ever, when the Government is
daily announcing the commencement of new projects, plus accelerated ex-
penditure on existing ones, it is still unable (or more accurately, un-
willing) to ensure the secondary education of the girls of Dominica?

* EDITORS NOTE: Since the above was written, soro of the worse potholes in
central Roseau have boon tackled by Governncnt roadrnndors. P.S.A.

Two British experts on youth probleon are attending the Coan:onwealth Carib-
bean Regional Youth Seninar being held in Port of Spain front August 4-15.
Representatives front the East Caribbean are also taking part. MrAlec
Dickson, Founder of Voluntary Service Overseas and Director of Connunity Ser-
vice Volunteers, is one of the panol of international consultants .who will
address the soninar. Recently he returned to London front ITigoria, and he has
also advised the Governnents of India and Hong ICong.
ir. Dickson considers that the salient feature of young people, particu-.
larly in Cornionwealth developing countries, is their unionploynont. The groat
problon, he told a correspondent, is to enable then to feel that they are
needed by the co:n:iunity,
Britain's representative at the scninar is Dr. Edith -ercor, who recently
retired front the Ministry of Overseas Developnont, Doth Dr. Mercer and ilr.
Dickson emphasised the i-:portance of Britain's con-ribution to the solution of
Co-nnonuealth youth problems.
The seminar is the second organised by the Secretariat. 'The deliberations
and conclusions of the first sconinar held in Nairobi, Konya, at the end of
1969, have been published by the Secretariat as a study entitled "Youth and
Devoeopnent in Africa."

Sir Arthur Lewis, onetime Principal of the University of the West
Indies, St. Lucia born economist and administrator of world renown,
is now on a tour of the Islands and will arrive here oirly nmext week.
He will meet the Cabinet and top Officials as well as heads of busihes
firms and some private individuals. The Premier & Mrs. LeBlanc will
give a. cocktail party in his honour on Monday August 10th. ***;***:*:**

Saturday, August 8, 1970.


Igge Pour

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FOR A VOWC MATCH must be given to Mr. Royer each
Monday at latest

2ive 3lA itU^ ugs ^

From his: d.arv, March 13: At dinner on board the "Eak", a gentleman
sitting next to me introduced himself as Sir Arthur Macworth, Colonel
in Chief of the Engineers, going on to his headquarters in Barbados.
He spoke in guarded though disparaging terms, of theengineering
work that had recently been done in Dominica, and he told me that
his report, written at the request of Governor Sir Wm. Haynes Smith,
had been unfavourable as to the bridges erected, and some of the
sites selected. After dinner he and I over a pipe had a long and
interesting conversation in regard to Army sanitation, and on sel-
ecting sites for barracks etc. in the West Indies. He lamented the
isolation of the army medical officers out here, and of the want of
communication wijh the civil practitioners; he asked me to do what I
could when I got to an island where there was a garrison,to establish
some medical society or other bond of union between the two sections:
of the profession, so that the army men could have the advantage of
local experience in matters of disease and its prevention amongst
the soldiers. Later that night I played chess against a German pass-
enger, Mr. Muller, who extricated himself with skill from a difficult
position and finished up by beating me..
Saturday 14 March: Got to Barbados at. daybreak, after a rough
passage from St. Lucia; the ship rolled so much that I could scarcely
keep innmy bed result, very little sleep. After breakfast went ashoe
with Crum-Ewing. We went to the ice-house for 'refreshment', then to
Da Costa's store, where I bought a small handbag, as the lock of my
Gladstone had gone wrong. We then called on Mr. Horne, Superintendent
in the West Indies of the Colonial Bank. Home first of all mistook
me for an old colleggechum of mine,eDr. Snell of Berbice. He then
spoke of Governor Sendall's recent speech to the Barbados Legislature,
which he said was one of the ablest speeches ever delivered in the
West Indies. The Governor, it seems, had spoken in gloomy terms of
the future of sugar the great staple and had told the planters
that they must look the matter in the face. Mr. Hore believes the
West Indies is on the road to ruin; he is convinced that sugar alone
is the suitable cultivation and that sugar will soon be 'played out'
as it will not pay to make it from sugar canes. As regards the islands,
he considers their case more desperate than that of Barbados, inas-
much as an increased output of cacao, coffee etc. will bring down
market prices and make the cultivation unrenumerative; besides which
he considers the labour question in the islands an insuperable obstacle
obstacle to their development. His idea is that the tendency of the
Negro is to squat by which he means that they acquire a small patch
of land, by purchase or otherwise, and then grow on it merely suffic-
ient for them to live by, without working on the estates. And as their
wants are few and inexpensive, and as they are denied the ambition
to raise themselves to higher levels of wealth and social importance,
their can be no progress and no material increase in exports.Without
labour, capital can find no resting place, he said, sugar barely pays,
cacao and other 'minor products' will not pay much longer, and ruin is
the fast-approaching end...
I told him that I believed all his convictions were mistaken ones,
but that I would continue the conversation on my return, as I was going
to visit the southern islands, and could then speak with greater know-
ledge and authority. I pointed out to him that he was practically, as
the head of the Colonial Bank which really held the monopoly of money
questions in the West Indies, in the position of the director of cap-
ital in these islands; and if he, whilst occupying such a leading pos-
ition, raised up bogies to frighten away wealth, where was the possibiL-
ity of capitalists throwing money into the West Indies? What these
islands needed was co ital, labour would inevitably follow capital,and
the very thing to avert the disaster he prognosticated was the very
thing that he was doing all he could to keep away' (To be continued)

Saturday, August 8, 1970


Page Six

OFR T OFT rdr .'sru r: ve.; PRT j5PfEN5 ,VESI1W
G Core GdcrRn P AIdrigr. P.O. Box 22t7 Caus, St. S.Lud
wTelegr ems: Ukrep Castries, St. Luci
telephonee: Castries 24F-4
S0/1 7
29 J'l: 1~9

Dear Mrs. Al:rteyr

I. see th, ithe Star's editorial of Jul2y deals witbh our
wish to have a lint of United Kingdom born natioals vdic ro -
living in Do inian. It say be helpfi for me to explain thi.
purpose of sm:%h a list,

2. British DJipllatic Missions throughout the world aem -
inatrauticmA to oiapile and keep up-to-date lists of their
natimoale living :in the countries in which the Missiwi;ml work.
In i.anepBdLt CtmanEealth countries thila is done by askng
those Qcaeciie to fill, up the registration cards y;ou :antion.
in your edltc:rial which. are then returned to the Britiis
Diplomatic M:Lat e.a. The cards include space for details not
only of the adulvt3 concerned but als~ of '~their c!ild'er... T~li
process is Bs:eetina began by placing adv.rt'tisements in the
atismal pre iis ai ask,ng, tkose concerned to wite ti 'the
Misair o for 'the Praevri t feas and ragist;.atic czalrd In the
case of Dmaitdia 'e th~egbht could shorten this prii;ess
by deli-veriar the EarsI t.- the individaJlB coacernetA nd we
asoght the amistsace of thc Da.nica Govetrnment, whot "er
kin4ly agz-ee'. to ::eglp ius.

3, I weold imhasmrle that It~b is a purely roatine :I;iotiaet
which we follv ta all inda eandent Coommwealth countris;:le
As an Asso.ciAted 3tate whost G-oversentst ii fally r'esponCslble
for internal affa.Ls, It same right to follow the 'Iasae
procedure in 'the ,asea of Doinica.Z It does not imply; that r
anticipate' t: ouab'1 or conetitutinaal oha.ige in Pa?
from it. To judg3 from my unfortunately all too rar'o visits
to the island, Dcw~ainicana ae as happy abm contented asi they
have always tieen.

Yours vTer; sainerely ,

(D.I1. Kerr)
Dep. ty British Gorernment Re" ressntativc

The Editor,
The Star,
DITBR'S ITE: We tre gqateful to the Deputy Bitilst Govermsunt
Reproesntative for his roeasWring expvleation. Perhaps wT have become ever-
anspieious of any behii thE scones arrangements sance the passing oi' the
'Oct..uL Acti'; .nfCoratioi, publishe- In the National i?re&s (preferably in
advance) is always app'reciatd by the, p.blic. thanks very aach. ?.,S

-iatuxrda A sgst a, j,970


~tnaii ,r~,,,,


i ]CCAL, Y R"i

; ^ ",' -O- /a 2- (wo z. Yeast ----
^ Fe F r^zin- Oe Pag of


j 4 5^ b, Vlb 2 Ib. SWl' t
V '- & t v^ z 2-(two) ,z. Yeast .

-4 'i, i or it

*^ w s N B, A ful! pa:! saipr.. i.
2" beiow :he rin) )

King G.w, V ..

I:R -
exawasmmmrrs asenweanesIsmmunesessessO usr.seeneersnumrasasmenmssamta I(maineasin :snemanetasonsI(IIIL m noke-a


;du.ber Sceptre
SHiiiaan Imp
Hiirilman Minx
Fordi Capri
-,ri Cortina.
Cortina Station Wagon
i Vauxhall Victor

(Grey, Green & Red)



H 12

rprft~ X a.%e~~~ sj Jdv. *-. -' '-

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^^^ naa .Bmnm-m-.-- ri-Yiii.i i-iuaici- nyiin-an*^srlnT^tlarssaasll:'^~olo~lllllslwn^r [arfi~r~nrr-fiirJ

Schedule of App!lca'on for Cert'ficate o' Tit; zan N.-:::
thereon and Caveats for week erndng ist, of ugut(., 1970,
Date Requested Person cresenrir'go N'.r :I .-
whI'ater a Ce-ri .lte
of TiNe o" Nor'ngi
i._- -tI j J rhcrec ii or y-
R eqaes Osntrd the F. L nPaud : r 'te isIAe
S!hh day of Junn Pfr' "'c":;*:ra e ,r
* 1970. i'n ta t U Ai
SPresented the 30th by his Soliirto Th.i, Ico; p;1- .' or p.rc.;
cf Ju. i970 oiiaf i Ja a l. het
at 3.i1 p.M. Raria;n LoCthar T .-- .-' -.,',- Ic
Gcorg<, i- '-*c Asx:-ier Sts- .- i ',, :',ri ; r.
ta;nir..n ; .'* ', ; fT. :rnd t-,,-.: Jr ;s }. ;,ir, *>
North-rW esr by V.rgin Lane. SoLth-!- -st by i.'! : :he
Roman C ,tol;, C.jrCrc, Soui.n-Esi bv .ns LuKe ,erme;
N;orth-Ent by !snds of Maibe Caesar a-n Sav-r.ry Rs-.le
Regisrr's Offce !c 197' 0. rit
Rc.seu. o 'r:jca, 97e. Re, .tra '-' <-.
N NOTF Any peron vlho descres or object to the i;su;r ff a-
Certificate of tite on the abo e appi:ation rmy entrr a Caveat
I In the above within s'- we-'ks tiro m the date oi ts r-r -,
Sappiearace of hits sched.;!e in the STAR. N4c-..,p-scr pu.hbsrc
in this State or from the date when the -notce pre.,cfstib by
Saw wet last s9:rved on ."v-' winner or soccer of AdiFn
li ind in respect of which the applica0ton ti maie.
iY-.-- -".-- --,--- -- ---- '--------.--- ---- -- ---- I



W3~0 rE)


Saturday, August 8, 1970 THE STAR Pago 10._
by Si and G A reception is to be hold in Roseau in
Doliove it or not but that-'s no October when The Itarquis of Bristol,
writing now. What's got into no?'I sponsor of the L-cral-d IIillside Estates
really dunno but Imn bugged. oYea, I Housing Do vlop-ontt hopes to be able
fool nossed. And as a result I'm to present a lot title deed to the
gonna got a little serious, Like a first Doninican to purchase a lot at
11artini light and dry but-it can be- Enorald Hillside uoider the special
cone serious. It's a pom I got front sales scheme recently announced by his
a friend of nine that ncssed no so. company.
Just road this and see if it paint got Under this schone designed to encourage
you thinking too:- ........ local participation, Dorinioans other
A DISAPPOINTTED YOTIII at hone or abraod have the opportunity
Uhy should I want to live, to buy lots at prices as much as 350'
Whon the world hath nouglit to give. less than the published list prices,
Should I live on in agony, Easy payncnt teris also are available
Tortured by droans that cannot be? over a throo y-ar period with no in-
lWhen around no, all I can sco terest charges.
Is non with big words and no definite Since advertisements have boon appear-
policy. ing in the local pross, a considerable
Why was I born? I ask my friends; Why? number of enqjiries have boon received.
Is it to go through lifo with the sane Royston Ellis, Project Director of the
old cry: development, said that the proximity v.-
To cat, to drink, flick at rats and the now Roseou-Portsaouth highway and
then, the services provided by the developers
To pass away? nake thi a particularly attractive
And when I feel that w6 ro discrin- proposition for Dominicans wanting
inatod against by society, you think ithousing lots. "'.' '.
bosh. That we are the victims of a -. ---.--- ---
laisc'oz-faire public is no'joke. How "1 '; I'C CE
aro you enjoying your holes, school- T P UT TS
goors? Whore do you go to after a hard -
hard day at work, young worlkrs? How The Central Huricicane Conmittco and
do wo engage our spare tieo? Just ask Doninica Electricity Services wish to
yourselves No outlet has boon provided advise all consumers of electricity
for us'to let loose our chainedd" that all electrical equipncnt should
energy, no institution to uhile away be unpluggod during thunder and light-
our spare tino and discover our hidden ning stores, and the added precaution
talents. of putting off the nain switch during
So wIhat? (Adults) You say nothing. hurricane type weather should also be
You do nothingJ Fine. But when we take taken. This is to lessen the risk of
to dope, and weed and graos, and go consumers' clcctrical equipment being
galvaniZing at night c-Lubs till the wee damaged should lightning strike cloc-
hours of the morning coming honoeheavy trick overhead lines
ith' drink or developing onbryos, you It is further advised that during
futio, you lambast us, you disown us, such stormy leather Domninica Eloctri-
you accuse us of "dirtying" society, city Services nay interrupt the olcc-
Yet you refuse to strike at the root of tricity supply intentionally in order
the problem You refuso to understand to protect their own generating
us. equipncnt.

ITo, you'll use the nass nodia and
toll us abort saints; you'll lecture on
Sunday Reflections (on the beach, you
nomn?) You'll close us indoors, you'll
shut the radios front singing snutty
calypso and the "nod" boats. Yet we
are supposed to be the loaders of to-.
morrow,, people who nust learn from your
oezporince (some experience). Take a
look at the poem again. Yes, do .....
What do you think? Youth?. Adults? We
can't be blind any longer'!

Pornanent Socrtary
ministry of Hone Affairs
File No, : ,6/-15,'1 1
Date: July 31, 1970
G.148, k6i-i j



Enroll How -

Psar& Twn Tahg WT.AR trdsr*ww.ast 3. <970
M-ha wr 4hnr

4f laassw 3S.... S

Yes, the weather reasonably kind over
: th holiday weekend We duly took the family
for7 a picnic, We all ste too much, an -sae
drSa too much
Thought I was fairly fashion conscious,
bu-Lt smehow I must have a 'blind spot as far
aA swimming apparel goes. I tl%_uk I've had
my bath suit for abiut five years, 1 never
gavre it much thought be-fore.
IhoU HS always has had ia eye for beauti-
?f.l grls, that's natural, isn't it ? Bat
.lt the beach at one point, I stooped domc
i~ f'rot of his and picked up two imaginary
ebjeets an offered them to him. "ha.t's
that ?" he asked.. "Ya better hang on to
yorur *en balls' I said, "youv'e 'been aropp-
i!g them out all day",'
Th-er certainly were a bevy of beauties
around, but it was their swimsuit that I
wnslc5keg at. It seems things have come a
lrng wa.y from a serrioeeble thing to keep one
c-aered up while enjoying the exercise! I
reseriber mentally discdi ding, for ys elf, the
-i~t'te bikini of a few years ago, but the one
piece suit has come back, there's not very
scah to it, maind yo
I liked this one, but was toid not to
dare' appear in public a Baked as that -

it was alright for the young things, but
not for his wife, I don' ~i ow? whether to
be flattered or worried ,

J't. <
#J1- ^


S Hiliaw Super-Mini No. 935
in excellent working condition
Contact: BRISBANE, Tel. 2611 or2Og,
42, Queen Mary St., Rosean.

$ 1a4.s





U.9s5 ?


Sattuds.y. Anaftti 8. 1970

P!aOCH Ten





Saturday, August 8, 1970 THE STAR Page Eleven
National Provident Fund,
Treasury Building,
Day Front,
24th July, 1970,
The National Provident Fund will require all oriploycos to be registered
rioubcrs of the National Provident Fund, if they are between the ages of 16 and
60 years.
To enable this tack to be completedt questionnaires were forwarded to all
oploycrs in the State and those cnployers who have not yet received a ques-
tionnairc are kindly reouosted to contact: .
The Iational Provident ,Fund Offioo,
Down stairs Treasury Building,
Bay Front,
or Telephone 2896.
Below is'a replica of the above mentioned questionnaires:
National Provident Fund.
1. HTainoi of business or Employor ,......z.****...m* .e*******m********ca
2. Address in full .............. ...................................*
3.; aturo of business or authority ......................*.....**
4t Branches riaintained at' ...... ....* ... ....... ... ... .**** .* *... a *
51. Total number of onployoos botwieen 16 and 60 years of'~o:
IMaleo ** *...a.......e Fcnale .....o.....a...,.a.oo..-...oo ,o*..c
6. /Dotails of any Pension Schono in operation for inployoes:
*..m., .a.... ..... .. .. ..... m aa.... m. *....... .. ".".**""***m
7. Are all onployoos covered by your schcne: YES/ITO*
If not, please give details ..,............................... ...

8.'Do you maintain a rcgistor of all onployces with ages and addresses?

Date .a . ..**** a.... Signature ......... .....a a. *.. a. .
IH.P.F. 1
GO ./1
Governmenont has decided to sot up an Industrial School for Boys. The School
will cater for boys who a'ro in need of care and attention.
The nano Industrial School is appropriate, since one of the best ways of
equipping such young people for normal life in the Society is by the acquisi-
tion of skills to fit then for a job.
Provision will be nado for the teaching of carpentry, masonry, craft worlt
agriculture etc.
The School will be established in October 1970 on.pronisos at Mount St.
Marys nado available fori rent by Sister Alicia of the Social Centre.
The area is oninently suitable for launching this project which will bo a
pilot scheme for the first yoar or two.

Pornanent Secretary, i
Ministry of Hone Affairs.
File io.: 17/39/15
Dato : 28th July, 1970.
G. 147
I 9-171

Pago Twelve THE
*S T*A*R*S *P*0*:R-,.T *S-
PRest of the World 'iin Series
Tho cricket Test Series was clinched I
tho Rest this week when they won the
atli Test by two-wickets in a match ex-
citing to the last. S.Africans Darry
Richards and Mike Procter scored the
winning runs after Gary Sobers and
Intikab laid England's hope low with a
6th wicket stand of 115 in 147 minutes
on the last day (59 C& 5-). Overnight
score had been 75 for 5: Intikab was
dropped in the slips off Snow and Sder
edogd a Snow delivery dangerously near
Cowdroy. Before lunch Snoi- got Sobers
c. Cowdrey in the slips, Intikab skied
one to d'olivicra off ~iilson and Kanha
was soon out, leaving it to Proctor
and Richards to put on the runs.
EI:CLAID 223 and 376.PEST 376 for 9 dec
and 226 for 8.
Gibbs Dropped for Fifth Test
With a bag of only 3 wicoets in four
lests Lance Gibbs makes way for Graeme
HIcionzie' S.African paconan. John
Shepherd, W.I, all-rounder is included
in the 12 for the Fifth Test. The full
team is: Gary Sobers, Eddie Barloiw,
Richards, Mustaq liohai'umod, Kanhai, G.
Pollock. Lloyd, D.IHurray,, Intiab Alam
Procter, McKenzie C Shepherd.
Murr ays Noar H-iss
Doryck Ilurray and S.African Peter Pol-
loch took off in' a plane piloted by
Sussex cricketer Tod Dexter after the
Leeds Test and then crashed in a field
on the Yorkshire moors near Cowling.
Hurray had been playing the other two
had been reporting. ITo injuries.
Miiht Start Augus't 30
At a second meeting of Clubs held on
Thursday at the Jayce Office it was
proposed to start on August 30 or a
week later. A meeting with remaining
DASA Executive members to finalist is
scheduled for today,
'TiA"'ttcotoings extra T-o'tlti one notesc
on front page (Fri.Aug;.14),sociional
meotings will be held throughout the w:
togive all Sections a chance to examine
now offers made by Govt. Thus Technica
Officers Section will neot on Sat.8th
11 am Roseau Boys Sch. C: Teachers Sect
on Fri. Aug.14 11 a.n. iG/wi2.. Par.Hall
Sectional moctings for the rest of the
Public Seryice will be announce airadi
Printed & Published by tc 'Proprietor,
R.E.Allfroy of St. Arofont, Dominica,.
at 26 Bath Rd., Rosoau, Doniniiica, W.I.


Saturdr,' August 8,1970


at Special Discounts



by the beach at More.

Srall down paynont. No interest
Wator. Electricity. Surfaced roads.

Contact: Royston Ellis (Car 829)

14, King Goorgo V Street, Roseau.

DOMINICA'S Acme Garage, selected as an
outstanding Ford dealer overseas will
receive Ford iotor Co. Distinguished
Achievement Award at a celebration at
the Fort Young on Tuesday. Mr. George
Karam is cited for "progressive manag-
ement,.,, modern sales.., high standards
etc. etc-:'he has been Ford dealer
SsinPe. 1961.
---- .~--- 1- --- -
.. A IT T E D
Exerined Cashier/Accounts Clerk -
salary in accordance with knowledge.
and qualifications. Apply in own hand-
writing with roforencesto:
Manager, Goost industries (W.I.)Ltd.
Iloodford ITill Estate

Dine & Dance at the
Music by T IIE GA Y L 0 D S
Admission: Single '2.50
Double $4.00
Diners, no admission fee. Tel.62441-
The Division of Agriculture invites all
farmers and other interested persons to
a FIELD DAY to be held on the Macouch-
erie Fari on ilonday August 10 1970 to
commence at 10.00 a.m.
The program of demonstrations and
discussions include the Preparation and
Establishment of Banana and Lime Cult-
ivations and the planning and construct-
ion of field drainage systems. Your
attendance ': participation will be nuch
appreciated. J. DYankey, C.A.0.,.'

Supplodent (i) THE STAR Saturd, August L 170
Information Leaflet II
Ten years ago when Astaphans decided to take a major business step and set
up a Supermarket, it'was said td-tt this venture would not succeed. There were
other statements too, e,.g. that Roseau could not support such big business,
and there were doubts expressed about the firm's capacity to secure the neces-
sary finance to make the Supermarket a success.
All the facts are here today to show how wrong were the critics, and the
doubts held were proved to be without foundation. Astaphans has taken another
major step, that is the decision to go public. The came doubts are being e,-
pressed as when the Supermarket was being set up. We shall prove to you that
the new venture will succeed also. In this, and as was the case in our first
important step, we need your support, your encouragement and your partifdq4ucn,
Should you invest in Astaphans ?Well, in order to make such a decision we
suggest you examine the history of the Company, Study its steady progress and
rapid pace of growth over the years. From a small firm to a major and success-
ful business with a finee reputation in Dominica and abroad. Then you will want
to look at the Ztamncial side of the Company, You will asc yourself: can the Coup-
any make enough money to pay reasonable dividends ? For this you can take your
cue from the Prospectus. If it does not sufficiently answer all your questions
we have invited you to ask more questions. Come in and see us or send us a
letter. Don't simply sit by and let others persuade that it cannot work; they
nay not be genuinely concerned about making it succeed..
It is a co-operative approach we need in these matters, not those who just
sit by and throw cold water on anything which makes for progress in Dominica,
As you know, there are always people ready to m6i'ke you believe that any hew
and far-reaching scheme in Dominica cannot work. As the famous West Indian
ocononist Mr. Demas said, "In no other comparable geographical area of the de-1
veloping world havebakanis-ation, short-sighted and senseless rivalries, dive-
rsive rather than co-operative strategies of development been carried to such
an extreme, and indeed unbelievable lengths as in the Caribbean. The principal|
legacy which history seems to have bequeathed in coin:on to all the countries
of the region is the cause of fragmentation". Let us take this as a warning to
healthy business practices in Dominica. If we are to adopt the right attitude
we should say that here is a local firm with a fine record and considerable
potential inviting the public to take shares. It is a firm already well known
to us and it has shown itself able to expand; it has served us well: all its
efforts at expansion have proved successful. Why shouldn't we take shares and
do so HOWI?
l;hat will your investnont mean, and how do your shares in the Company 'i.ort'
for you? The Company intcads to pay out dividends or profits every year, de-
pending on the overall returns which are made, You could'earn dividends in the
region of 10? on your. investnCnt after tax. What is more, the value of your
shares will increase, as the Company will be worth so nuch more because of the
increased assets and reserves etc. of the Company.
Soi-e people will say there is a risk in taking shares in Astaphans. Which
successful business in any part of the world has pressed ahead without some
risk?You have ani idea of the risk because you know the Company's financial
recorO of that there is no doubt. It is sound, it is good, The shares are
sm.iall enough to be wi-thin your reach.-Remember the saying, "Nothing venture,
nothing have".
Dominica's future depends on all of us respondingc to the kind of challenge '
that Astaphans is throwing out. We invite you to invest in"Astaphans, it will
pay handsome dividends.
Till next week when you will hear some hard facts about

4 6.5. I/I



proposed as a Dominican public company. The proposed shares are to
be one (EC$) Dollar per share (par) with a total of $1,250,000.
authorized and $1,000,000. offered.

Once shares are issued by the company there will be no restriction
on the resale of those shares other than the small charge to record
transfers of title in the company books.

All shares will be the same there will be only Common Shares
issued each having the same value, same rights, and same privileges
as any other. Each will share equally with every other in the dis-
tribution of any profits which are, from time to time, directed to
be paid as dividends by the Board of Directors.

The company, through its proposed Managing Directorhas secured
permission to purchase from the Government approx. 5.33 acres of land
on Scotts Head Bluff for 116,088 shares of the company.

The company proposes to build a 40-room hotel of luxury tourist
type in a manner suggesting a Carib Village. Authenticity will be
sacrificed, however, in.order to provide comfortable, luxurious, and
economically feasible accommodations of a type and appearance which
will appeal to the vacationing visitor of means.

Maximum use will be made of local materials and construction will
be almost exclusively by local craftsmen.

Modern techniques will be provide this facility at
les's than a similar sized one could be produced in most of the rest
of the Caribbean.

Although the rates- to be charged guests will be as high as any
on the island they will, however, be less than most of the Eastern
Caribbean hotel rates-and are calculated to return a substantial, if
not, indeed, exceptional (tax free) profit each year.

All profit will be tax free for ten years. Tax free to the company
as it makes profit and tax free to the shareholders as dividends are
declared and paid to them.

In addition to tax free dividends, each owner of more than two
thousand shares will be entitled to occupy one double room, without
charge, for one day each year, during the first five years. Two days
for four thousand worth and so on. This occupancy may be at any time,
provided the space is not reserved by ordinary paying guests within
two weeks of the period requested. An equivalent bonus, in hotel
meals or drinks, or entertainment facilities will be allowed to
those owning less stock.

The desire of the Directors is that this company be owned by
Dominicans and Dominican.residents. To allow the maximum participation
and ownership locally, offers to purchase shares will be accepted
only from Dominicans for two months. For an additional four months
offers to purchase will be accepted from other than Dominicans or
Dominican residents but half of the offered shares will still be re-
served for local residents of Dominica and Dominicans. At the end of
six months any unrequested shares will be offered both overseas and



Saturday. August 8, 1970

THE SIARe n (ii) THE ST19 AR

Promotional shares will not exceed 15% of the authorized share
capital of the company.

The proposed Directors are: Antony Agar, Cecil Bellot, L.A. Brand,
Jnr., T.E. Coulthard, F.E. Degazon, Francis Dupigny, Angus Edwards,
Dr. P.N. Griffin, Dr. E.I. Watty, Allandale Winston, P.O. Winston
and G. Winston.

If you wish to purchase shares a deposit of twenty-five percent
(25%) must accompany your offer to purchase shares and when shares
are allocated by the Company you must pay the remaining three
quarters of the cost of your offer at which time you will receive
your shares. Failure to pay the remaining three-quarters of the cost
of your shares, once you have offered to buy them and given one
quarter, will forfeit the deposit you have given the Company. If
the Company does not accept your offer to buy shares your deposit
will be returned.

The Company Directors will decide the allocation of shares on
May 1, 1971.


To: Directors of the proposed CARIB VILLAGE HOTEL COMPAIYf


I have paid to the proposed company's account in Barclays Bank,

D.C.O., Dominica, the sum of ................., which is one quarter

of the cost of ............. number of shares (not less than 100 will

be accepted) which I/we wish to purchase. I/we request you to sell

to me/us this number of shares when shares are allocated, I/we under-

stand that if I/we do not get the shares all of my/our money will

be returned. I/we understand also that if I/we am/are told that

I/we will get the shares I/we must then pay the Other three quarters

of the price.

Name in which stock is to be issued


*t *E *( *K *i *

~h~-P~n~PmPnf~ li~ii~


Saturday, August 8, 1970

I (aIV)no L div '

SchZih of ApplicatIon or Certificate of Title and Natings thereon and Caveats for -veek ending 3t1t day of 7li 0n.

416axtVX;_eeted Person Presenting F Nature ofruestd Presenting Nature of requen.L whrtY
Ifer a Certificate of Title of er -a Certlfizte af Title of
UNoting theaeon or Caveat. ,Nating theratn o' Cay*.t t

_ th( 29th
-, 5cS. 1970.

Request for the las
of a First Certificate of
Title in respect of all
that portion of land
known as a lot situate
at Darroux, Petite
Savanne in the Parish
of St. Patrick contain.
ing 0.282 acres and
onrndedrt as fo-llowm :_-

t-,'r, Lands of Leblen Fountain. South: Lands of Dona
..';:-irx. East: A public road which separates it from lands
f FPorltca Titre. North-West: Ravine Bamboo which
* !; rar,. k from lands of Rondelle Darroux, 4712.

eqtest dated the MYSTER MOISB Rques for te pea
4th day of July, of a FirstCertificitt of
1970. by hi~ Solictor Title in respect rf all
Presented the 29th that portion of tand4
day of July, 1970. E. H. Francis known as a lot situate
at 3.10 p.m. at Roche F.ial Pestit
Savanne in ti e Parism
of St. Patrick contain-
ing 0.241 acres and
bounded as follows :--
North-West: By Ravine Coco which separates it frc-m lands
of Walton Laura-t and partly by lands of Susan Baron. North-
East: By lands of Lawe Philip East: By lands of Boy Titrq
* and Phylyn Moise and Lawe Philip. South: Lands of Dordly
Molse. 4 /-(

1d A ~Ssqstad~~

Person Presenting

Nature of request
whether a Certificate
of Title of Notlrg
thereon or Cavert.

Riq~est dated the MYSTER MOSB Request for the eis
, t day of July, of a First Certificate of
i970. by his Solitor- Title in respect of all
Paratoa the 29th that portion of land
-S at 3.10 p. at Rogiste, Petite
Savanne in the Parish
of St. Patrick containr-
ing 0994 acres and
bounded as follows:--
North-East: By lands of Cleville oise. South-East: Lands
of Cleville Molse. West: By lands ofCleville Moise. South.
W,est; By lands of Octave Anselm. 472-t~ t

requestt dated the MYSTER MOISS Request for the Issue
\ih day of July, of a First Certificate ef
97. by his Solicitor Title in respect of all
I s-ated the 29th that portion of land
ay of July, 1970. E. H. Francis known as a lot situate
.i I.10 p.m. at Balata Ciea
in the Parish
Sof St. Patrick contain-
ing 0.544 acrec and
S. bounded as follows :
North: Landi of Walton Laurent. South: Lands of Wilile
Y'aron. Eait: Lands of Norris Antoine. West: Old Public
.^---- 47 .;
-a'e Requested Person Presenting Nature of request
S whether a Certificate
of Title of Noting
thereon or Caveat.
Siquaet dated the MYSTER MOIS Request for. the issue
4th day of July, of a First Certificate of
1970. by his Soliltor Title in respect of all
Printed tte 29th that portion of land
diy of July, 1970. E. H. Franci. known - a lot situate
st 3.10 p.m. at Galba, Petite
Savanne in the Parish
of St. Patrick -contain-
ing 1.162 acres and
bounded as follows :--
North: Lands of Gerald Charles and Gladis Charles. South:
Lands of Francis Bron. East: Lands of Gerry Laurent and
.Sossie Laurent. South-West: Old public road which
separates it from the lands of Lance Darroux. North-West:
Lands of Rodney Francis. O470-/c

i.equest dated the MYMThR MOISn Reques for lbw Isse
. 4tday of Joly, of a. F"sr Crtifcat. of
y970. by b da W 7ser it reject of all
yresemted the 29th that portion of land
iday of July. 1970. E. H. Francs known as a lot siuart
,At 3.10 p.m. at Roche Plat, Petits
S0 Savanne in the Parish
of St. Patrick contain-
ing 4,932 sq. ft. and
bounded as follows:--
jNorth-West: By ladsof Law Phlip. North-East: By lands
|of Eltt Elie. East: By lands of Joe Molse. South: By lands
)of Emanuel Moto. 47s --
I." '*-,

Request dated the
;4th day of July,
Presented the 29th
day of July, 1970.
at 3.10 p.m.


by his Solicitor
E. H. Francis

Request for tbh isasu
of a First Certficate of
Title in reject of all
that portion of land
known as a lot siniae
at Roche Plat, Pet ite
Savanne it the Parish
of St. Patricki contain
ing 5880 sq. ft. and
bounded as follows:--

North-West: Lands of Lawe Philip. North-East: Roch Pit
River which separates it from Lands of Margreton Baron.
South-East & South-West: Lands of Lawe Philip. 4.6
Request dated the STR MOSE Request for timhe ae
4th day of July, of a First Certifies t of
1970. by his Soltltor Title in respect' a&k
Presented the 29th that portion of la-ni
day of July, 1970. E. H. Francis known as a lot fteust
at 3.10 p.m. at Rogistc. Pctits
Savanne in ti;e arish
of St. Patrick contain-
ing 1 949 acres and
bounded as follows:--
North-West: By lands of Philyn Molse, Cleville Moise, Dordly
Niolse and Lawe Phillip. North-East: By lands of Emanuelt
Molse. East: By a public road which separates !r. from Bebin
Darroux, South: By lands of Stephen Moise and DrDrdjy
Molse. South-West by a public road. 469-

Schedule of Appfication for Certficate of Title and Noting
Sthereon and Caveatsfor week ending 8th day of Aug. 1970

Date Requested Person Presenting Nature of request
whether a Certfic:.e
of Title of Ncting
Sthereon or Ca',;t.
Request dated the I NR MOlB Request for the iss
4th day of July, of a bFirst Certifr te. oa'
1970. bay hia Sollitor Title in respect .f4 at'
Presented the 5th that po tion of b"43 1
day of Aug., 1970. E. H. Francis known as a lot siuote
at 3.10 p.m. atGaiba.P-itcSt~.varni
.in the P ;rish
of St. Parick contaii-
I bounded as
North West: Lands of the heirs of F ddy Antoine. South-
East: Lands of Ferdinand Antoine. North-East: Lan !s of
eHyecinth Defoe. South: Lands of ;,tave Anstfim. *4 7- .

Regisirat Ofi ce. MOna Rigsby jamf ,
RRoesUa. Dominl(.a, 170. FegiTrtrar of Titles.

NOTE: Any person who desires to object to the issuing of a
Certificate of tltte on the above application may enter a CaLrsfl t
in the above ofce within six weeks f-om the date of the Fir;t I
appearance of this schedAe in the STAR Newspaper pubfish,
in this State or from the date when the notice prescribed by
law was last served on a-.y owner or occupier of adjloir.: if
land In respeta of which tie application Is mada

by his Solicitor
R. H. Francis

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