Star (Roseau, Dominica). June 13, 1970.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). June 13, 1970.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Mrg. Jane Lowenthal,, ,-
-Librarian, .. .
Research Institute fct E ". TRE
Sthe Study of Man, .- Y'ORK
,162 East 78 Street).-
*'ew York 10021 N. '
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LA. obern M .. s Miss M.
.. hrf A-, Ahirn A rnrantradnig, R-owan Hery Q. RC. Mrsn,
'. Ed Scot ms from Ocae, NorF. t. B. Hrn,
Msis C. ST jea.


W^JI 18r F?'!U^^ .CstNmers
ov r. su a's'as&ftttmi ,m vAgp'


?qae Two THE STAR Saturday; ,.nie 1,, 1970


When an organization attains some position of eminence and responsibility,
it is expected that it should discard whatever bad habits and tactics it once
used to get where it is. I am not condoning malpractices at any stage, but I
realise that with some it is the easiest, in fact, often, the only, way to
attract notice and attention. But having arrived, it is doubly wrong to con-
tinue indulging in wrong practices.
The Labour Party has not been noted for its partiality to truth. This is
well known. But now that it has for a long time held the prestigious office
of Government of Dominica, it should by now have closed the veracity gap which
exists between it and the people. Regretfully, this is not so as what follows
The opposition Freedom Party has discovered at points within the island as
diverse as Good Hope, Penville, Portsmouth, Fond St. Jean and Salisbury that
the Labour Party has been spreading the untruth that the Freedom Party is an
arm of the Black Power Movement. The proof that this is being done is irrefutable.
The statement has been heard from the lips of three members of the Executive
of the Labour Party, including one of their Members of the House of Assembly.
It is also clear that the Labour Party must in those rural areas have
painted the Black Power Movement in a very bad light since the propaganda
was obviously calculated to do political harm to the Freedom Party. It is to
be noted that the untruth has not been circulated in RQseau and in the areas
close to Roseau where the lie would have been cursorily dismissed, but in the
more distant parts of the island where, it was hoped, the untruth would tike
root before it was discovered. The alert intelligence system of the Freedom
Party, however, got hold of it in quick time.
I suppose the public will be shocked at this palpable untruth from a Party
which, by now, should have attained respectability since the time that it
fabricated a story that a former Chief Minister had spirited away a Government
bulldozer. It is clear, however, that the virus of untruth is in its corporate
system. Moreover, persons exist for whom nothing is too base, too low, in their
quest for power.
Incidentally, the public is still citing for a Government statement on the
Black Power Movement in order to form an opinion. In most territories of the
region, the Governments which, as everyone knows, have sources of information
not available ta"private citizens, have expressed a view on the matter. Why-
does our own-Government hold back from making a statement on this very topical
subject? Why does it not give a lead to citizens?

Now that the Regional Development Bank has become operative, .nd as a c~
to the hardships which Dominica has been undergoing for its membership in
CARIFTA, we hope that the loan money required for our deep water harbour
.project will be forthcoming.
It has been clear for some time that if our banana industry is to survive
and expand, a deep water harbour is essential. Way back in 1961 tlie Opposition
was asking the question: when does Government propose to ,et aheac. with this
project? It is now only Dominica, of all the banana-producing Windward Islands,
which does not have a deep water harbour and the position of the industry in
Dominica could become quite serious if the Purchasing Company began to insist
that we provide the same shipping facilities as the other islands.
The Government of St. Vincent has been persuasive enough to induce the
Canadian Government, about two years ago, to finance its deep water harbour.
Dominica apparently does not have this type of Government advocacy and persuasion
and so we must go the expensive way of borrowing the funds. But gi.t or loan,
it is high time we modernise and get in line and stop being lightly regarded.
(Concluded on Page Four)

* Q U E E N and C ,LO1OHWEALTH*** I A T T E N TI 0 N
Her Majesty's official (44th) birth- C. A. E M B R S
day is being celebrated here Batur-
day, with a Botanic Gardens parade 7 IORE DAYS
at 8..30 a.m. H.E. the Governor will for
inspect -a parade. *** Pop singer
"Lord Swinging Sutch" who dabbles A SPECIAL GENERAL fEETI~
in politics is pressing for the Scheduled for Friday 19th Juno, 8 p..,
grounds of Buckingham Palace to be
used for council flats. "**** '**; At Goodwill.Parish Hall
BRITISH ELECTION: Labour has a 7- To Hlar
lead this week. As a popular figure, A PROGPESS REPORT
Heath has fallen far below Wilson.
The new Parliament will meet on 29th on
June for the swearing Cn; 1st sess- GOVEP3EIT/C.S.A. NEGOTIATIOS
ion, 2nd July. Polling day 18 June.
GDC CHAIRMAN: as from 30 November,
Britain's last Minister of Housing THE SALARIES REVISION PROBLEMI
will take over, succeeding Lord ..
CANADA: Mrs. Agatha Robinson came WHAT IS THE BAHA'I FAITH?
home on June 4 after attending,with That was the question uppermost i
17 Commonwealth Caribbean members, our mind when we heard the discou:
a seminar & workshop on school-to-_- of Madame Rabbani the other day.
school integration within the area. it a religion to end all other re
Mutual understanding between Canad- ligions, is it in fact a religion
ian and W.I. students was an aim. at all, or just-a code of ethics?
Mrs. Robinson, an Education Officer, Will it succeed in its-professed
visited four Canadian schools which aim to unite all other faiths?
are twinned to schools in Dominica. We do not know the whole answer.
GRENADA: A school for the deaf and The Bahais certainly believe in t
'dumb will soon be constructed: an immortality of the soul and the
American lady has already donated common foundation of all religion
$5,000 towards the building. **** Some of their other principles,su
as equality of men and women, the
CONSERVATION: Visiting our State oneness of mankind, the essential
at present is Mr. Bruce Weber, a harmony of science and religion,t
consultant to the Conservation Foun. need for a universal language....
dation of U.S.A. here for two these are all good United Nations
weeks to examine our National Park principles which any sane man or
outlook and historic traces, ***** woman would not resist. The langu
LAND RESOURCES SURVEY: meanwhile,a of Baha'i is far removed from the
team including Mr. Colin Bully from King James Bible of our youth; it
the Div. of Agriculture, Mr. Peter poetry is eastern and_.eems near
Henry (forester), Mr. David Lang to the Bha Gita to an ordir
soil Surveyor who produced a D/ca Anglican. Of course, the Baha'is
Soil Report 1961, Mr. Sandy Leslie point out that the bible was orig
Agriculturist and Mr. Brian ally written in Aramaic, Hebrew,
Little H hydrologist are working Greek. But the customs of our you
on this survey under British Dev. like the tongue of. our youth an
Aid Assistance. its faith are hard to Rnsu1nrce'








We understand from Hon. L.C.Didier
that he has communicated both to
the Governor and the Premie-: his-
intention of resigning when the
House of Assembly is dissolved be-
fore the Gen. Election.
-.KITTENS: We thank al.l those who----
offered Pussy Nelly and Willy Nilly
homes and iE ttg~h h 7awr rvnaehi
to gife 1 v rina en al.

As to its prayers for little children,.
we think children would better under-
stand Gentle Jesus Meek and Mil'd than
the lofty, beautiful, utterly imper-
sonal prayers of the Baha'i faith.
On the very good side, Baha'is don't
meddle in Party politics and are
against violence and exclusivity in
religion and race". Added to which
the few Bsha'is we have met are very
fine people isn't that the test?

dFlt~7lriiR'Ff, June 13. 1~70

Page Three


e WTESARSaturday-.I June V- 10?

ANDROCLES (Continued from Page Two)
The Government in office when the deep water harbour is completed must be
solicitous about new placements for the waterfront workers who may be dis-
placed by this act of modernization. Training will have to be arranged for
such persons to fit into the new system or in alternative employment. Happily,
there are now many nearby territories with the necessary experience to whom
we can turn for advice in this type of problem. It must be our hope, too,
that in those days we shall have Ministers who do not feel that they can
improve upon the plans and ideas of expert deep water harbour engineers as
one past Minister felt able to direct the travil~ of the Petite Savanne Road
some years ago.

One of the persons proudest and happiest over the success of the Dominica
Freedom Party's Convention of last Sunday must be the Minister for Trade and
Industry in the present Labour Government.
When the pretentious Government Headquarters building was formally opened
some time ago, Mr. Armour, Minister for Communications and ,Works and Repre-
sentative for the constituency of Roseap South, boasted to the gathering that
this modern building was located within his constituency. But Mr. Ducreay,the
Representative for Roseau North, had his own back and crowed about it when
the Agricultural Economics Conference was held recently at the Goodwill Parish
Hall, which lies within his constituency! And so Mr. Ducreys cup of joy must
have run over when the Dominica Freedom Party staged its successful mammoth
2nd Annual Convention in the same Goodwill Parish Hall last Sunday. The ball
is now in the court of the Representative for Roseau South!
Seriously though, this Convention was an unqualified success. He would be
hard to please indeed who would not be very satisfied with the outcome of the
To begin with, the attendance was exceptionally high. There has never been
a bigger one in the history of political conventions in Dominica. For another,
all areas of the island were represented. It was abundantly clear that the
Freedom Party message and call had reached all parts of Dominica. This is a
remarkable achievement in a party under two years old. So that as one surveyed
the vast Parish Hall packed to capacity, it was obvious that all Dominica was
there. On this occasion, Roseau and its environs were particularly well re-
The feature address delivered by Mr. Rowan Henry, Q.C., Leader of the Antigua
People's Party was a masterpiece of eloquence and deep thought. One got the
distinct impression that Mr. Henry was as pleased to be present at the Convontion
as the large audience was glad to listen to him.
The other speakers all lived up to expectation and the President of the
Party, Miss Eugenia Charles, in particular, stirred the members by her dynamic
appeal to all to work for the victory of the Party at the coming General
Election. Mr. J.C. Josephs speaking for the younger people was well received
and acclaimed by the high proportion of young persons present, while Hon.
Elkin Henry methodically and historically catalogued the sins of Labour during
their nine continuous years in office. The two women speakers, Mrs. Allfrey
and Miss St. Jean, brought a new dimension to the proceedings. All in all,
it was a famous victory.

A further step was taken this week towards the establishment of a Caribbean
Examinations Council when Ministers of Education of Comnonwcalth Caribbean
Countries and representatives of the Universities of the region met in Barba-
dos. The Examinations Council will eventually assume responsibility for the
setting, conduct and administration of examinations at the secondary level for
the Commonwealth Caribbean area. Its establishment has boon the subject of
disc-ssion at several meetings held over the past seven years. The meeting
will, in addition, consider a number of issues affecting the future role,
character and structure of the University of the Iost Indies.


Page Four

Saturday. .Tlmn 1';. 197n~

S.P ... 'Fiv
.- -.- .- -" T^ W ," .", by1 anVd of '2o pah jioh eipis. North. East by Iandr
t r.-n.A %' fE OF DOMINICA o | Hnson Aobham, So4s t b land of Hnson Abraiam,
IC T .^ \ ATN C UtW 6 bCy oad of jstabJohn Rose and4 LaUnder 82nW4i.-
S f.;- Ap. -' r t of t-e. ard t N gs -
J 7- -7.. ......- .... -*-d.--; s .. -- 7A-tio. for Cer-ific e of Ti.te n d N oatin s
f .?; d Pr or Pi f .h .ktonf and Ca re?. f ek ,ndi"g 13 da. a ) .ne 1971 .
Si .;ern o- t. ae Rquested1 Person Presenting I Nature of request wheth
S.. ...... ... ..... .... Her a Cetzficatea of Title o
Aeq D"1 M y-".", 1 ee s" n. tinher.i. orc<.e .

of P-Y" I ih; kaqr I .,m
Thwic so sresnot ofsT i

aI mte of Dion, ca Co-e av tj-. 9th by ?is ISoa' pnt on- ff c i a

On t N r Wet by ian c Th Y,,oase -.. :- On Ste Dminica c
iS', I.S tvsitof Dcminia q Con.
T thSfl"I3 439 ,q. f t. SA
L Nrh ,: -'i' OV o th-e Sohsty --- w
"* -. On .- y the Nor et by land of ErlMo ses On the No rth
-. .. .--5 4 by waid 0H R ah nd. Lewtis. Oc -u w,-East by e nd,

;s ad C '.- ; edl i h d f 5| a s o Jaosph La Gue-re aO iah pJ 377-i/2
I u; R<---. d .;tedt okrci h C-n Preesfnw.g T at..o 3. -. -o w -, . '-. .. ..-- .
Cer t L
I s* :. i. -... Mona R. igst Janes,
", -^ A -- F.. -- .: *.- -* *'

i l re whfo *-rs to obect to the issusrig a
S. S i ii .i'til .l ." abt asppcaion may enter a Ca-eat
oi J r si x weeks from the dte of the rirst
t ,. .m s I >, t ,du5i.i i h. e S fARL Newspaper publiilhed-
S.. ~ .. .i-. ...... ..n 'toe ae a when e nice prS scribed by
I -..* ; r t ,-, i on any owner or occupier of adjoin in

"'*-'*. .- | ~ ~~ ..i *11We senvScs What; We seli


Sa s ie thera peutic apshi eet .eai.g_ f ...
-er i-- m aIiski- E ri at cT study j ~ *

Sa pny Proven to be

raseimdar pai. 'Jfa--r .qA of msrtu, nervotenec -
?0 t;- e. wil nr .ceterves lasting health A WI
Mi wn- -r th .Y gr r

r; Czriy: Co LtdPU
?'.Ij )

SSaturday, June 13L 1970 THE STAR Page Six
by Martin C. SoTrifindo
~t Chairman, Members of the Doninica Freedom Party. It gives me great
pleasure to report on the activities of this vibrant, well-neaning, go-ahead
Party, for -t-he--year--1969-1970. Permit me to quote headlined which appeared in
THREATENS GOVERNMENT CRITICS," Amid all'these violent, usoloCSIthreats, anid
all the dangers of severe'victimization, and pQ'ty dicr'Zia.t~ioe'reedor
Party has kept on working, all in the interest of Dominica and Dominicans.
A Government which oppresses the people of this State as does the Labour
Party cannot prevent the Freedon Party from continuing the good work which it
hasp tarted. In the Dominica Freedom Party lies the hope of Dominicans' fu-
ture, and we shall therefore continue to fight until'the Dells of Freedon r.I~g.
Ladies and Gentlemen, bur Ain is to remove the pocvrty and oppression which
exist and bring Frdedon and Happiness to all Doninicans. Tho result of the
hard work of the Freedom Party can be seen by all Dominicans, -but an attempt
to report on all activities in detail will result in failure. In other words-
it is impossible for ahnone to report fully on the past work of this Party,,
Ladies and Gentlemen, you must leave at a reasonable tine to be home at a
reasonable tine; so my report nay not be what you expect. This Party has suc-
co'ded in removing the' fear which was so prevalent in nost Dominicans. This
great fear of expressing oAeself was very conducive to the success of the La-
bour Party. Do not forgot, Ladies and Gentlenon, the Seditious and Undesirable
Publications Act, an act imposed on all Dominicans through which an attempt
was made to deprive us of bur Ft-eedom of speech and expression. We must speak,
we must think and we cust lcian, as it is only after doing these things that a
decision can be made. The big decision which has becn' hade manifest by the
majority of Dominicans is that "It is time for a change." Yes, Ladies and
Gentlemen, a change of Government is necessary.
Lot,ne now give you a breakdown of the nore important activities of the
Party for the Period 1969-1970. Believe it or not, ladies and gentlemen, we
hive held meetings in very nook and corner of Doninica. We have not people,
we have spoken to then, We have found out the needs of the people. These needs
are very great indeed, and it is because of the awareness of these facts that
we never get tired.
I remember Mr. R.O.P. Armour after a Roseau Town Council meeting say that
the Freedom Party deserves soothing as they have worked too hard. The Labour
Party is tired and their words cannot be put into action. They are selfish,.
onpty and meaningless.
The party has been out nearly every Sunday, Monday, and Thursday for the
past year, and meetings hold total 150.
(Ir. Sorhaindo listed all these places.- Ed.)
The Executive has met ohi the third Monday of every lionth, and the number -of
meetings convened total 15. I would like to thank thememerbers for their splen-
did attendance, particularly those who have had to travel from afar. The Pa-
rish Priest of Goodwill must not be forgotten, as the Parish Hall was always
at our disposal. Let me at this stage urge all members here present t have
their-own meetings in the shops you frequent, the road colrers at wh-ch you
stand, the homes you visit in fact make Freedom your life, Ladies andl
Gentlemen everywhere.
Gentlo special drive has been made this year to recruit neji members bu"; I am

l1ased to report that the mcmbership is steadily increasing and I lool.. for-
ward to the 1000 mark before the general election. It is important tht all
members pay their arrears of subscription, particularly during the election
year. I must publicly congratulate Mr Maurice Benjamin of IWoodford Hill for
having done the splendid job of recruiting the most ueiabers. Well done ,. Mau-
rice, and may you in the next election get a worthy representative onl who
will-be capable of loonhing after the affairs of your village. Thanks also to
Mr J. Octave, Mr N. almond(Carib Reserve), and Mrs E. Drumant of Vicil-. Case
for their job in recruit new members and for preparing lists of voters in
-the ir areas.

Pacw^ Aary9 St y .
nTumrous resolutions have been put before the House of Aea~tibly, and the
majority have been rejected by the Labour Government. I cannot however let
this 'Cotention pass by without reminding the youth of this SZtte of our of-
fort3 made to have the voting age reduced to eighteen. Once, Twice, Thrice
and we have failed. It is good also to bring back to our frai~t memories the
remarks made by various IMinisters of Government about the youth during the
debate on the resolution. Mrs. M. James called the youth hooligans and mis-
chief makers; Mr. LoBlanc called them uneducated, and 1r. L.C, Didier at a
LaPlaing Village Council Inaugural meeting said "Dominica loft in the hands
of the youth will end in destruction." During all our struggles Armour the
youngg minister conveniently absented himself on an occasion and voted
against the resolution the 2nd and 3rd time. This blunt refusal of the Gov-
erntont to reduce the voting age shows clearly the cowardice and groat fear
of the thinking power of the youth. The Dominica Freedom Party has made it
quite clear that if voted into office in the forth coming election one of the
fiJSt of its laws would be to give the youth the vote at 18 years.
Iny important resolutions were presented during the past year and it must
be 'tatod that at all the Parliamentary Sessions the Freedom Party showed up
very1 well. One of the highlights of the Party's activities was the launching
of two fire appeals. The first Was in aid'of the Pottersville fire victims.
The fund reached"the magnificent sum of $1,181. I thank the Portsmouth
Wonons Institute, the farm workers of Antrim Valley, and the various contri-
butors who gave generously towards a very worthy cause. The second appeal,,
the Morne Jaune fire appeal, reached $220 dollars. A cheque to this amount
was given to Mr. Blundell Felix, who has already made good use of the cash.
HIiebors will be pleased to know that his new house will soon be erected. To
the Calibishio Cooperative Buying club together with all Donators, I say a
special thank you.
The party (in keeping with its promise) has issuo.d a Periodic Policy state-
ment spelling out its intentions if put into office. Four statements have
been published in the three newspapers and for the benefit of all (and es-.-
pocially for those who may not have read them) I will summarize as follows:
(1) Improvement of the condition of the people of Dotinica.
(2) introduction of a Social Security Scheme.
(3) Repealing of all bad legislation passed by the Labour Party.
(4-) Acceleration of economic growth with particular reference to Agriculture
and Tourism.
(5) Assisting youth to find a rightful and useful place in the community.
(6) Providing training and better educational faculties for youth.
(7) Reduction of the voting agoe.,
(8) Seeing to the needs of the old, the weak and the poor,
(9) Housing for poorer classes.
(10) Mass slum clearance.
(11) Drugs price reduction by removing the duty on certain well known drugs.
(12) Deep sea fishing by trawlers in association with the theirr islands.
(13) High powered mission"to seek investment for the State.
(1.) Pitching of all roads started and left undone by the. Labour Party,
.(15) Establishing ti' Canning industry for our wasted fruit and vegetables.
(16) Alleviation of the Tax Payer.
(17) More reasonable allowances.
(18) Income Tax concessions for Agricultural projects.
(19) Expansion of th- ToArist Industry.
Ladies and Gentl-mon., I am pleased to inform you thit our Policy state-
mont on youth is nearly ready and will in the near future be circulated. A
very important statement was made by the Party on March. 7th 1970, in connec-
tion with the increased lighting rate imposed by the C.D.C. and. theLabour
Government. The sta;omont showed the public three ways where C.D.C. could
have the lights in new areas without having to increase the rates of the
already burdened Tax Payor. I must ask the question- "Does the Labour Party
over get down to serious thinking,?"
The Freedom Party has received a number of sample badges which have been
worn proudly and feast lesly by members and supporters of the party. So much
has been said in the press, Schools, and on Radio about. the -badges that I
shall not wasto too i.uch time on this point. (-Concluded on Page Nine)


Pasa010vrlTH SA

Satu~trdaqrt June. 1,th, 1970

Pnrn ,s(nnnn

Page E" e t

a --r~~gU-

lMake the genrat ulliic ;t ari'
children everywhere
Scin l I r fI' rlib 1'i ., I I TI ':1
7W A

tf th ci-of

-- lisa .Dorothy Jules of' ,..-'. &,
ominicat 9 9 illsborouii street
Telephone 2090 -

The of Barclays Bank DCOa has declared
an Interim dividend in respect of the year ondiing
30th September, 1970 of 6 per cent on the Ordinary
Stock as enlarg-ed by the recent Rights issee of
10,000,000 Ordinary Shares,.
This dividend is payable o n the let July 1970
snd is subject to the deduction of Income Tsax

Hauni" fo


-I J


-- .s .Ae

LONeON. (AP) Pi- iccadilfy Cirrc. the f-:red
traffic island in the middle of London, is to be
redesigned because hairy hippies :poi! the scenery, cnt?
officials revealed loday.

A circus in :Eritin 22u,.-iPy
means a traffic intersection,
art a a:pih: of acrobatis nad
probably the beetr-kaow,
intersection in the Lcountry, .th
hub of Lcrdonz's night life. Ani
aluminum statue of Eros. ihe
god of love. stands in the
middle and hippies squat
bentah him, strurmmirig
g;tars and watching ite neon
Wigis, theatre crowds and,
The hippie ; caim they are a

tfuZs/ t attrac'iiar, buSi ~wn
ph!aners and .ofme mlc:afrs of
eyesore. Iri iL.L
Westminster City CoaIhco
announced plans ';"o ifeke iti
easier for police to prevent
obstnrction" meaning to
thin out the- hippie rat-iks
The plans are to reduce the
szc cf the traffic isra-d and
install bus stops, rmking
Piccadilly Cir:us the rl;-:r
por"t- for ,i'sieemn bus :OT.

..1-..- -2- -

To the V". e> Dhctict 'F' & The C' ef PoUce
SI WiLVt. i.4 r ; HARRIS now at
C#stasways, P&rish of St. Joseph do hereby give you
notice that it is my intention to apply at te '. s-
trate'e Courrt to be hs.l.d in Roseau on Thursd- -:
July, 1970 ensuing for a iH-otel Licencv in rep-eci of
3my prenissa at Casiav&ayS Parr-hof S'. Joseph.
Datead st, day of Jan-, I 70.




WORKMEN in-the above categories are needed for prokio satRiver Estate,
Castde Comfort and Grand Bay

Apply at Site Offices on above jobs

Construction Division


& CO. LTD.


I ------~~mBareumarapl6 -~~

0 <


'S. *7

Saturday, June 13_ 1970 THE STAR Page Nine
FREEDOM PARTY'S RECOPD (from page 7 ) I would like to state however that if
a ruling party in office by a 10-1 majority ana create such a fuss over a sim-
ple badge, I envisage the result of the Freedom Party in the next election
will be 10-1. Never has Dominica had such scared politicians as those of the
Labour Party. Let us got them more scared, Ladies and GontlomenJ We surely
rill as the next shipment of badges will soon be hero. ear them proudly and
An amount of 5000 balloons written with the words "Freedom Party" has been
received. These have boee ordered mainly for Election purposes and in the
near future each constituency will be receiving a supply.
The Headquarters of the Party has been moved from Great George street to
23 Hanover street. The now office is more spacious and is a more convenient
mooting place because of the increasing membership. I would at this stage
like to thank Mr* Scobie for making his office a free-port for all at any time
night or day.
The printing of the Documents have been done by the Herald and Star Prin-
tories. Special thanks must be given to Mr. Paul Duraid of the Herald for
printing all the Convention invitations free of charge.
Telegrams have boon sent to the following:- President Nixon of the U.S.A.
on the success of the first Moon Landing. The Labour Party is still behind
time and has not yet thought'it fit to do so. lie hale also sent a telegram
to I-iss Vivienne Ficulleteau, Editor of the Democrat, St. Kitts, whose reply
roads as follows:- "The telegram from your Party congratulating me on my re-
cent victory for Press Freedom was a most pleasant surprise. Please be as-
sured that I highly appreciate your Party's kind gesture. With every good
wish for you and your party."
Mrs. G. Moreau, Asst. Secretary of the Party, resigned because of ill
health and has been replaced by Miss Hildreth JohnCharl6s, who I must say is
very keen and works hard. Due to the departure of Ir. A. Johnson Executive
Member of Vieille Case,, Ir. O. Sanderson of Castle Bruco has been voted on
the Executive. It is regrettable that a couple of members have not been at--
tending Executive Meetings as it is very difficult to got time off their jobs,
I.r. Clement Rabess of'Portsmouth has joined our ranks and with his on-
thusiasm and his deep love for the country we expect surprising results during
the forthcoming Election; he has done wonders in Portsmouth since his arrival.
The Freedom Party is fully charged with important issues issues which
could bring us to victory. You all have heard of the St. Thomas issue- where
the. Minister of Home Affairs cannot. face the public. Also the case of Mr.
P.O.P. Armour in presenting his C.D.C. figures. L6t us all use the major is-
sues to the fullest advantage Ladies and Gentlemen. .-.Th- Freedom Party has ex-
posed secret agreements made between Government and"~ irs abroad. The most
recent being the Copper agreement made, and we would.all be ignorant of the
fact had it not been for a newspaper clipping received from Canada. Do you
know what this means? Our Country can be sold without our knowledge. Ladies
and Gentlemen our work represents an immense hope, that of making each
Dominican his own Mastor in order to be a better servant for all; a hope that
we all in Dominica can become tools of progress. le are endowed with intelli-
gonce, imagination and energy at birth. Those gifts impose duties upon us and
whosoever does not make toem bear fruit wastes his life. Our role is to deve-
lop those gifts.
Remember investment is good in every sense and Political investment in this
stage is even more essential. Ideas which cannot be expressed in words are
poor. Ideas and words which cannot be expressed into action are empty. Let
us all today pledge to express our ideas and words into action; action to got
rid of the cruel, stubborn,'unsympathetic, and ruthless Labour Party.
March along with Froodon, and let the bells of Freedom ring in our Hearts.
Remember always that Froadom is a Democracy 100%, and whosoever tries to des-
troy us will first destroy tlioemsolves.
WEDDINGS INI TIE AIR Barbados (the couple honeymoon in
Since the partially 'surprise' announce- England), several weddings have hap-
eont made on an exquisite card by Mr. penned or are about to be notably
Joan Albert CaudoirDn of the marriage that of Mr. Winston Pond to Mr. J.
of his daughter Lucienno to Dr.Vincent Bernard Eugene's niece Marilyn (17th)-
Winston at St, Patrick's Cathedral, & artist Clem Frederick to Miss B.John
***** ****** ********.;,- 5;***** (July 4th in the Carib Reserve). *


The Dominica Employers Federation
states in a Press Release that Negotia-
tions between Messrs. L. Roac & Co. Ltd
and the Dominica Amalgamated Workers'
Union for a new agreement on behalf of
Factory workers and Chauffeurs, conm-
menced at the offices of the Dominica
Employersl Federation on Tuesday 26th
M4ay., 1970.
Tihon the fourth session ended on
June 9 agreement had been reached on
thirteen (13) of the seventeen (17)
Articles being discussed and both par-
ties are confident that by the time the
WaGes Schedule will have boon settled,
the remaining matters will then be
finalized to the mutual benefit of the
parties concerned.
It has been agreed that the parties
will meet again on Tuesday 16th June,
to deal with Wages and that as soon as
this has been disposed of the new rates
will be implemented inrlediatoly with
bach payment following the signing of
the new Agreement.
The atmosphere during the entire
negotiations was one of cordiality and
(The release is signed by a D.E.F.
Director-and. by Mr. A.F. Joseph Gen.
Sc6. D.A.LW.U.)

To .Mr. arrington of IIarigot: Since
Your letter was printed in'the Herald
last wook, and we Editors have agreed
not to copy each other4' material, I
am unable to publish it. To Mr. .James
Belle Of Roseau: for much the same rea-
son, your letter is not being pub-
lished. It is really the concern of
the Herald.

The Official Handing-Over Of The Re-
constructed Melville Hall Airfield
tabk place on Friday, 12th June, 1970
at icelville Hall Airport in the pre-
sence of The Minister for Conum-nica-
tions & Works and his Pifoe bth v'tcn6 o by Canadian GoVoGi'-rnnt .
14 -iter at 5.30 p.ri.





Dominica Infirmary
June 11th, 1970
Dear Friends of Dominica Infirmary,
As you heard for yourselves'over
the radio on June 10th at 1.15 p.m.,
the staff of Dominica Infirmary in fu-
ture must be qualified and natives of
Dominicai As, unfortunately, I am
neither qualified' (except by my conso-
cration to God), nor a native of Do-
minica, I shall probably be obliged
very soon to leave work at the In-
firmary, and return to my native
By these lines I wish to assure
you that, before I go, I will do my
best to finish the material improve-
ments I hav' boon able to begin solely
by your hclp. I also want to thank
you, each and all, for your generous
support, moral or financial, without
which I would never have been able to
persevere under the present conditions.
I am confident you will continue to
help my successors..
Wishing you God's rich rewoard,
Yours sincerely,

Tenders are invited from suitably
qualified building contractors for the
construction of reinforced concrete
foundations, floors, drains and other
site works for the Portsmouth Junior
Secondary School.
Working drawings detailing the work
required are available from the Public
Works Division between the hours of
9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. each day.
The contract will involve labour
only as all materials will be provided
on site.
Tenders aro to b6 submitted to the
Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Com-
munications and W-'oks, by 10:00 a,.m
Saturday 20th June, 1970.
BU/07, 37.9--1/-.1-- --W-.A. LAWRENCE -..
110/6/70,G.106 Chief Technical Officor




---.--COVER CHARGE COUPLES.--.42,00.
381-1/1 ." SIGE -INE 1.50


Saturday, June 13,t, 1970

Page Ton


Saturday, June 13, 1970
"POEM" by R1. Mills

Equaity U what it says.
Inpantiality and justice it advocates;
Yet its leaders are like a prey
For crazy vultures of our day.
Violence it never says.
But fights for.rights in table round.
But ah' when all'and all else fails
As a last resort, on battle ground.
He who now has, fought for sane,
And like a peacock'boasts of fame.
By his own friends, yes, he'll be fought
For that which he stole from poor and lame,
Segregation is our bitter foeo
llhioh blacks will fight to the last toe.
Till justice rolls like water down
,The mighty stream of Righteousness.
And now black Brothers hear ye me,
Pray and have faith in no one but "He"
Iho nade us all the c~aal way
As the good book said, fron-the very clay.

Banana Growers are notified that the'
:Green Boat price has increased by one
unit from 72.10.0; to &76.0'.0. with
effect from Monday,, 8th June, .1970.
The price payable to growers at Re-
ception Stations inclusive of the Sun-
ner Incentive price of .250 per lb will
be as follows:-
At Reception Stations 5.10/lb.
At Southern and Eastern
Buying Points 4,42//lb.
At Northern Buying Points 4.30o/lb.
Growers who qualify for Incentive
Bonus will receive an additional .250
per lb.
8th June 1970
7 ../...4. ..
On Wednesday the 3rd June 1970 a
few ncnbers of the Jaycettes visited
the Mental Hospital. They ereo enter-
tained with songs. and theynv n n,

THE~ STAR Page Eleven

.-... --.... -" ... .. .METEOROLOGICAL STATION:An Installa-
presented gifts. A vote of thanks was tion ding climatic inflation
f- ivo* Oh 7. Y twstion, recording climatic information
given. Oh yes the Lhatron was present o interest to agriculture, has been
of interest to agriculture, has been
and the Assistant Superintendent also. s u a t C L
set up at the Central Livestock Farm
The Jaycettes proiisaodto cone of the Mihistry of Trade & Industry.
arain Grateful Patient. Its site.was prepared by Dr. G.Smith
of the Caribbean Mot. ~f st., as part of the U.N.D.P. for the improvement of
Caribbean. Met. services. It will be serviced by Mr. Davi Defoe of the Div.
SAgriculture. ,

The attention Of employers is
specifically draigm to Section 4
(6),, Chapter 114, Labour (Minimum
Wage) Ordinance of the Revised
Laws of Dooinica 1961, which states,
inter ali,, that it is the duty of
every employer in an occupation to
which a ninimun rate is applicable
to keep records of wages to show
that the provisions of the Ordin-
ance are being complied with.
2. Investigations reveal that cor-
tain onployers of shop assistants
domestics and labourers, have not
been strictly observing this law.
3. Such employers are hereby re-
quested to prepare the necessary
Wages Rocords immediately and to
pay any arrears due from 15th
March, 1969. Those records should
include the date and amount paid,
should be signed by'the poroon. re-
ceiving the payment, and should be
available for presentation to the
Labour Officers of the Labour Divi-
sion of the Ministry of Home Affairs
who will be making periodical'
checks to ensure co~pliaano with
the law.
4,. The relevant schedule re IiLninua
Wage as follows:-
Shop AcsistantHs- $12.00 per week
Domestics : $9.00 per week
(where meals are
$12.00 per week
(where meals are
.. ..-. .. not provided)
Agricultural and other
daily paid workers.
Iale $3.00 per day
Fonalo $2.50 per day
Juvcniles : $2.00 per day
5 -It must be understood however,
that'although employers cannot pay
loss,"they are free to pay higher
wages, than the niniturn mentioned.
Ag. Labour Conmissioner.
Rcf.-Io. H7/y0/6O
Date: 3rd June, 1970
G.l105, 376-1/2'.'
rS _i ni ^

Paae Eleven


*S*T*A*R*S*P *O*RT*S* HOLIDAY CURTAILMENT: This is a short
FOOTBALL:- week, we are short-staffed, and one
BrA Pts One Over Englad or two popular features have had to be
Bril s ne Ove Egl. cut out. We are thus unable to print
CURRENT World Cup Champs, England, the interesting long official program
drupped~3points towards the semi- of the Commercial Workers Seminar today.
finals when they lost to Brazil 1-0 NEWS IN SHORT: D 0 M I I C A.--
last Sunday. Totsao beat three men, A total o f $7,000 is offered this
passed to a heavily-marked Pele, who
flicked it to unmarked Jairsinho year in National Day Sweepstake prizes.
lke it to unmarkest prize will be $2,500.(Tkta 500).*
at the stroke of the hour Jair put Home Affairs has some jobs open for
a right-footer past Gordon Banks ome fairs has som jobs open for
a right-footer past Gordon Banks certain types of workers Porters,
from just inside the penalty area. Footboys,Asst. Storeroom Supervisor ,
England's brilliant defence took ** Since Sister Rose's lettervisor wa
some piercing and was superbly mar- ince Sister Rose a letter was
shailled by Captain Bobby Moore, the handed in, we have heard expressions:
best man on the field. 'King' Pele of dismay at the summary announcement
best man on the field. 'King' Pe of nationalisationn policy' towards
was well governed by Alan Mullery of natonalsaton towards
wand wanted to bre akaay once or Infirmary staff. You will hear more.*
and managed to breakaway once or ***UDo not part with your land easily
twice only. Some of the old genius ouDonot art with you land easil-
is there still as: he scored two of our lands and our seas are the big-
three goals' in his team's 3-2 win gest attraction of these islands,"Mr.
over Rumania. England's win. Over Rowan Henry Q.C. told the huge Conven-
Czechoslovakia qualifies her for the tion Crowd at DFP meeting on Sunday.
last eight and Bubby's Boys may He advocated regionalism towards fu-
yet meet Brazil again in the final, ture W.I. nationhood, advised-a..s:earch
yetBr l eetps te Cg in they win and for and use of every talent possible.*
'Brazil keeps the Cup if they win and The Social League of Catholici6 Women
have to present a new cup: they say celebrates its twentieth anniversary
iIt would be called the "Pel -Cup" celebrates its twentieth anniversary
t ul be called the "PelCup. tomorrow (Sun.)with pride and joy. *
CRICKET: A thanksgiving Mass was said on Weds.
Spartans Bundled Out for 98 evening for the remarkable recovery
Sartas Bundled of young Ronald Volney, now out of
Last, Saturday at the Gardens DGS gaveHospital;it took place at the Cathedral.
Spartans a big surprise by their
1een and accurate bowling and Spart- NO SLUR INTENDED
ana were 98 for 8 decl. -oi a.wet wick-
,.f,-. Ashley Roberts 22 and Emanuel We have received a critical letter
Charles (also 22) were the only ones from Umpire Phillip Alleyne which we
to offer some resistance. The school-have not space to print, in which he
boys were 12-for 1 at the close. The castigates Starsports for an apparent
next day was rained out, so Spartans slur on the umpire in a certain match.
have to await the outcome. of the Starsports, himself, is not guilty
Saints/Blackburns match to find out (except insofar that his wording waa
if they are 1970 champions. Saints abstruse). Before editing Starsports
have six Island players, all-rounder wrote "Shillingford was out missing
Norbert Phillip, David Defoe paceman, a- sweep outside the leg stump lbw
Captain and off-spinner Chaucer Doc- and the square leg umpire was very
trove, openers Vincent Elwin and surprised": thinking this reflected
Brinaley Charles plus McDonald Rdberts on the umpiring (I was unaware who
and they should be able to do the the umpire was) I edited it to "(the
trick, but Blackburns have plenty of square-leg umpire seemed to disagree)'.
talent too so it should be a good I uphold Mr. All~rn es views on the
match, rectitude of umpiring. What, I now
It will not be played this weekend understand;was. intended was that "the
unfortunately cricket fans will square-leg umpire. was shocked at the
have to wait another week owing to stroke and moved expecting to be hit"
circumstances out of DASA control. -- an entirely different matter.
I trust Mr. Alleyne will accept my
DOMINICA'S C.P.A. delegation to the personal apology for the misunder-
Grenada Regioral Conference consists standing and is. assured that the STAR
of Mrs,. M.D.Pierre & Messrs L.I. Astin fully appreciates his unremitting
and R.O.P.Armour. June 13 20. efforts to~,ut umpiring in the smaL"
Printed & Published by the Pro pretOrislnds on a proper footing.
R.E.Allfrey of St. Aromentoi R.EAllfrey, Proprietor/Editor
at 26 Bath Rd. Roseau, Iom.nica,W.I. -- R.E.Allfrey, ?roprietor/Editor

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Saturday; Juzne la, 19700