Star (Roseau, Dominica). May 23, 1970.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). May 23, 1970.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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are black sera, although he said a at a certain gpoiEt
that he believed in Christianity.
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Saturday, May 23, 1970


I recently saw a photograph in the Barbados "Advocate-News" of the formal
opening of a fair sponsored by the Senior Choir for the Animation of the Sick
and Incapacitated. This body is well-known in Dominica, having toured this
country-on more than one occasion. Its leader, Mr. Harold Rock, is also a
familiar figure in Dominica.
The really interesting thing about this fair is that the formal opening was
done, not by the Governor-General or his lady; not by the Prime Minister or any
Cabinet Minister, but by the Matron of the Mental Hospital of Barbados.
This is an attitude and outlook which this column has for some time, but
without success, been trying to inculculate into the minds of those promoting
similar activities seeking public support, but there still persists that
colonialist outlook that it j4 only politicians (in power!) and rulers who
must do the honours at such functions.
I judge this, for example, from public notice of a week of activities to
raise funds for a project for the blind. I consider it a most disappointing
performance that the Minister for this and the Minister for that are considered
the only suitable persons to preside over such functions, And lest any im-
proper motives he ascribed to my saying this, I affirm that I hold to this
view irrespective of whatever Government may be in power. Speaking frankly,
I am sure it would have made more sense to have had recently retired Matron
Dorival, for example, 1o the honours at the tea party in the week's activities
rather than the overworked Minister for Home Affairs. It would then have been
a case of giving honour where honour is due. Do the sponsors really feel that
grace, charm and keenness in the welfare of the unfortunates of Dominica reside
only with political persons?

Everwhere you pass you see it. So that it was not even necessary to gazette"
the appointment of a Supervisor of Elections to be aware that a General Election
is in the offing. In every district and area, however remote, but which has a
certain number of voters, the Government is busy. It is oiling a short piece
of road here; building there; bringing a supply of water pipes at
the other place; hastily negotiating for land for a playground in some other
village. And widely pervasive is road repair work and Government building
This ploy had been accurately foretold and, consequently, well expected.
Because of this, the ploy has lost its sting and the prevailing attitude among
recipients is: we take it, but this will in no way affect our election conduct.
For they well remember how for the first few years after the Labour Government's
assumption of office, there was no road work for months preceding Christmas,
a situation far different from what they had been accustomed to. The people
are now experiencing the fat year which succeeded four lean years and they
do not at this stage require to be given the explanation. The situation too
closely resembles that of the year 1965.

The following extracts from a recent editorial in the Barbados "Advocate-
News" are reproduced without any comment:
".....the quality of a government does not depend on the constitution. It
depends on the quality and calibre of the men who make up the government.
The ability to shout on a political platform and the courage to make pro-
mises do not automatically ensure or encourage good government.
......the calibre of many people who have offered themselves to the people
to decide their future destiny, leaves much to be desired in the Caribbean
area. As a result....many problems of the people remain unsolved, to en-
courage frustration, depression, and, as was the case in Trinidad, near
S(oncluded on Page Four)

Page Two



*** Q U E E N and COI.OIThEALTH ***
Her Majesty received Prime Minister
Harold Wilson on Monday. He formally
notified her about the British General
Election on June 18th, and got her as-
sent. A fierce election campaign is
now taking place in Britain. Bitter
controversy over the tour of all-white
South African cricketers is raging.
It outranks all other political is-
sues. More and more people now blame
the Labour Party for not banning the

Applications arc invited from in-
terested persons to pursue a three-woek
course in Motor Mechanics to be heod at
the Technical Wing of the Dominica'Gram-
mar School from cdnesday 27th May.,
The course will be designed at two
levels one ih Basic Principles for
eporsons who are not acquainted with the

tour outright. subject, and the other in Automotive
Electricity for advanced students to be
CAiTADA: Black Power Donniicn Rosie recruited from established garages.
Douglas flew back to Canada, where he The course in Basic Principles will be
will stand trial in September for his open to the general public and will com-
alleged part in University mence at 8 o'clock in the evenings, while
disturbances, the course in Automotive Electricity
ST. KITTS Minister of Labour left withWill commence at 2 o'clock'in the after-
advisers to continue his stand againstloons. The number of persons on each
the pro-clearance of workers for St. course will be limited to a maximum of
Thomas, where a further meeting is thirty.
begin, hold.__ Registration fees are payable at the
DR -SEIVWRIGHT'S VISIT TO OTR NURSES -nistry of Education and Health at Gov-
e.rnment Headquarters (second floor) on
The visit of Dr. Scivwright did sev- or before Tuesday 26th May, 1970 as
oral valuable things for the Nurses follows:
(present and future) of Dominica. She Basic Principles 30
warmed up their outlook by stimulating Autootive Electricity
then towards the need for a strong A free ourse l also b held
asc i o. Te A free coturo will also be hold for
professional association. 'The DominiOalected pupils of the primary and
Turses Association,, founded in 1957, secondary schools.
has struggled along but has not as yet
made" the impact that it should, be- M.C. DOCTROVE
cause of the age-gap betwoon the PERMANENT SECRETARY
younger graduate Nurses and their ac- MINISTRY OF EDUCATION & HEALTH.
tive Seniors in the Association. E & H 800/-05
This splendid woman Doctor pointed- 19th May, 1970.
out that the Student Nurses and Assis- G-93,58-1/ .
tant Nurses Associations could both .
affiliate with the Dominica Nurses DOMINICA BAIAiJAU.GROHERS ASSOCIATION
Association, which is a member of the SALES OF FERTILIZERS & PESTICIDES INI
Caribbean Nurses Oranhisation...the ROSEAU (-NCL... ISSUE-OF ALLOCATIONS
ultimate goal boing membership of the UiDER SCInLES)
International Council for Nurses: but 1.FERTILIZEPfit.....
first local membership and participa- (1) 12-12-17 'and 11-11-33
tion would have to be expanded, to At Contral-Storeroom CLoaf Spot Office),
achieve such an aim. Goodwill: londay to Friday; 9am to 1pm,.
Standard of education and training and 2pm. to. .-pm... Saturday; 9am-to 12noon,
of iursos and the standard of nursing (2) "Straights'L.(Ji.e.. Sulphate of Ammonia,
services in the State Worro -crutinized Triple Superphosphate Muriate of
by Dr. Seivwright, who found these Potash, Koiserite, etc,
quite good in Dominica. At. Poltier's Storeroom, corner Hanovcr
Last Saturday morning just before Street and Ship Street; Wednesday and
leaving, the visiting Adviser met the Thursday; o.30am to 1pm and 2pm to 4pm.:
Executive of the Domiaica Nurses Asso- Saturday; ..30am to 12 noon,
ciatior at the School of liursing. She2.PESTICIDES. AND IUEEDICIDES (D.B.C..P,..
went ovor the by-laws with the Execu-- (JEBOGON), ALDREX EMULSION; LIME AND
tive, Wxio were advised -to -upiatc them, ALDRIN AND. GRAIIOXONE
and discussed the I.C.N. questionnaire At Tavernier's Storeroom, Steber Street:
on personnel and paid-up moerborship. Wednesday and Thursday; 8.30am to 1pm
On leaving the Doctor reomar ed that,if and 2pm to 4pm. Saturday; 8.30am to
the DN,A. progressed on thec lines of 30am to
her aevie nh col c soon to A2 noon, A.D. BOYD
Soa d f oducatin& s: 5th 0May,^ 1970 GENERAL MANAGER
oa; stsaj ars c. ed4ucatio-n o sorvio6330_2/2,1

Saturdayy. Mav 231 'L970

Pago ,~ Throe

Page Four THE STAR Saturday, May 23, 1970.

ANDROCLES,(Continued from Page Two)
.....We must never beguile ourselves into thinking that all party faithfuls
serve because they want to do something for their country. Their first call
might not necessarily be "national service" but rather "self service".
When we consider the trend of West Indian politics, it is not surpris-
ing the type of people who have been hold enough recently to offer their
services as leaders of the nation. We tend to make one big joke of it all.
.....But it has become necessary now for us to realise that we must pay
a lot more attention to the calibre of men into whose hands we place the
destiny of the nations.
We might not be able to attract the most honourable, or those with the
highest calibre into our politics, but this does not mean that we have to
settle for the worst."

When the ruling Labour Party held a public meeting at Federation Drive on
the night of Thursday, 14th May, there were some strange and unusual features.
First of all, billed to appear and speak on the platform according to the
WIBS announcement were the Premier and all the Ministers. The former, consistent-
ly conspicuous by his absence from the Party's public meetings for so long,
was expected to be a drawing card. In the event it was not, since the Premier
did not turn up. Neither did Mrs. James, Minister for Home Affairs, who was
seen sitting some distance away listening to the meeting. Mr. Stevens did not
put in an appearance. So only Minister Armour and Ducreay were on hand to greet
the relatively few persons attending the meeting.
This incident is an eye-opener as indicating the true state of affairs
existing among the Ministers. That they come together once in a while,
particularly at public functions, is no denial of the fact that binding links
are or have been for some time very tenuous. It takes a great act of wills for
these Ministers to come together. Despite the previous advertisement on that
occasion, the wills were unwilling.
Looking at the incident in retrospect, the reason can be discerned. The
Ministers were not willing to identify themselves with the Black Power stand
which Mr. Armour adopted personally on that occasion. They were at least trying
to appear consistent in the week following their banning of the visit of
Stokeley Carmichael, High Priest of Black Power, to Dominica. This, I think,
was certainly the case with Home Affairs Minister Mrs. James. Mr. Stevens
almost certainly shared her views. But it seems irrelevant to Mr. Armour that
he joins in banning the visit of Carmichael, but asks Black Power supporters
to believe that he is with them. So out of this welter of confusion and double-
dealing, the best and fairest interpretation is that Mr. Armour, personally,
may be trying to appear to be pro-Black Power, but the Government of which he
is part is not. And one swallow does not make summer.

VISITING DOMINICAN BOWLERS distinguished themselves: in Guadeloupe on
Sunday when five players from local village cricket teams joined with
Dominicans and St Lucians resident in Guadeloupe for an exhibition
match at Le Raizet.
Playing for Team "A" of the Cricket Glub Guadeloupeen, Vincent Shilling-
ford of Macoucherie took 5 wickets for 10 runs against Team "B" whose
highest scorer was Creyton Shillingf6rd of Dublanc with 10. Bowling for
Team "B", Augustus Charles of Layou took 7 wickets for 14 runs. With a
combined 2 innings score of 63, Team "A" beat Team "B" by 6 wickets.
The visit to Guadeloupe was sponsored by the Emerald Hillside Estates
Cricket Club who were represented by Milton Philbert and Verette Jno
Baptiste and by Royston Ellis, manager. The match was; filmed by an
RTF camera crew for showing on television in Guadeloupe and Martinique
in a special programme introducing cricket to the French Islands.
19th May 1970. Secretary, E.H.E.C.C,

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DThe >" D' :"";'. ..corme i a vanrit o
ac-dlc which include two factory builSt dumpers
chcad a ch4c ,f -. o diei q -Iginesfa Guelf
-4siVa. range from 10, :.:;; points to 27,503 pourId P
There's also a variety of wheei bases froxnm
.ti. Ta heI trick cha t will mnseie any number
$ |aot becasta of iat great versaatiyit


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tar- Li;'- -:s


'?ULI;? pen ind ink study of a facrins rail. being a Ir Tted in th Cai Rsi a
Tv?- fI ua by *.*i Carib 4rtisik, u.: u 9 tfscricQAk, wh ve oilIstruti-,at for
a chLildrtw hIn book wil 1 shIortly appusr in Lhe nited S-atEbs. Ier hsdres *ya
ua, grown cRassasv and tusiq. it ars statpa e oZf dliBstk, ce d..i- '1 a1td repFasaring i in
*1,: fe'i o':f t;-, i in b saiapSe iaMad;u tSatts.i*

PP.UNC:3:2 ANN T. th.e
(',tee:'s daughter, cam s;
.r cpri:ti; tcdiav i ,1
rli.t;h Sianday neavsipaper.
"."ri!ia'. .iairi ,'K c Icokel.i
:vx'xai and borte during th. i
:;":ect i.ustu'an .oyal

J.n ar article headed'
*Pet i:.S Princess,' t.h.
A:;bioi([ Smands; M i r r :
.ike;! '"Vas the Priacess :a
:'ic.c:tS --. or dii shle irvitat'.
,I?o02 wvit'i her mc-odiness
x,i:d obvims bore:cdom ?
Qiaoling the opinion., 0t
'.:rrt'spoprde:iits on the tour.
,.e ..:rtic!c said:
"'M any AustraB'ans believ-
''"inccss Anne came clos
ti vrecking the royal tour.

CGhers believe too iruc.h
was expected of he:."
Thie papcr addfd that
Australians ExpeCt('d a
swtingig bluebloc who
vould forget she was a
Princess. Anne .r.evrr forgot.

Sharp tongue
The rvirori reea!e a
press coniereHcp'c' thi
Princess w:as .asked if she
would like t vo lv in 'hus-
tralia the way her brother
had dorne. She replied. "No. <
thank you: and she mrn nt'
it, the paper slresa;ed..

T":P article also stated
thlit I-e 'Princess' petulant,
;tti udc v.'ias throwy;n ito
i've sizp7per focv'.. by tin"
enthisiam .shl'own by the
o,thor members of her y.
T ',c pai : '; r. '.ac l.e'' o i n
trying to photograph the
Pn I a hiwre. ITc-
,:eiv t' tae :L;Tp ,.[L.'.\ ,[ r

tHI rskLr- the Pincss
"*C .'; youo turn rhis way
lovt? "She t.o' reCdti "1 i
.rm not Ioa,' i a your
roy i !.igh"'

'The article m.azs- tfw cut
of0 Ato-i'ais 4iestioned
aboui the tour cl'A;neei t!he
Princt;s had left very litiie
imiur:'E', incI', It i ;' ,
od~iwer incident in ..-

Tt's a ;it;v i's beein i'n-
jing" 'Iie Mirror said t0e
P inees.i snapped back'
'rt: you vo.rryvin: abot '''
The M rr"r said mana
pcopic ,aU.r'nbuteld t .'rijnc;-sS
Anne's att.i"dae tc the faet
tirot : was .: fir-t big
royal Lout, (Reifuter




T. '" .

-Ti- II
~I ~i~:: rl.'r
*3 riir~i~

~ L n ~

Saturday, May 23, 1970 THE STAR kage even
We are touched by this account from a Scout Leader of truly useful
and kind deeds performed by the Castle Bruce 11th Dominica Scout Troop.
"Mr. Raphael Alfred, Group Scout Leader, and Mr, Julien St. Louis,
Scout Leader, with the Scouts of the 11th Dominica Troop, went 5n a
hike to visit Mount Scalier in the Carib Reservecone Sunday in April.
Reaching the Reserve on their way to the Scalier they had a surprising
meeting with one Mr. & Mrs. Bacon Lgville, living in a little hut far
off from the other neighbours.
"The Scouts found Mr. Laville very ill and paralysed in his whole
body. They called in and tried to find out what they could do to help
him and his wife.
"Looking at the situation which seemed very critical indeed, the
Scouts made a collection among themselves and donated it to the couple,
bidding them be of good cheer and encouraging them. This the couple
accepted, thanking the Scouts very much for what they had done. The
Scouts promised to return another day. After leaving Scalier, the
Scouts went back to their village; when they had returned there Mr.
Alfred spread the alarm throughout Castle Brucejy and asked the everend
Father to announce that the Scouts would be going around taking up a
collection in aid of Mr. and Mrs. Laville.
"After the announcement it was a real pleasure to see how the Castle
Bruce people united with the Scouts by bringing to them clothes,
nighties, sheets etc. The Scouts were successful in collecting the sum
of $30.82 for the couple.
"On Sunday May 3rd 1970 Scouts and Guides of the district journeyed
together so as to fulfill the Scouts' promise to Mr. Bacon Laville.
Upon meeting Mr. Laville again they founa him little worse than how
they had left him. The Scouts lifted him from inside the hut and put
him outside so that the Guides could bathe him; meanwhile the Scouts
prepared his bed inside the hut and afterwards put him back inside.
They gave to him the clothes they had brought as gifts and the other
presents. All this while the Scouts, encouraging and accompanying the
guides, were washing the patient's bedding.
"The Scouts made 5,.00 worth of messages for the patient and gave to
the couple $5.00, the Group Scout Leader still having in reserve for the
patient the sum of $20.82,
"Now the Scout Group is still trying hard to see whether they can get
united with the villagers of Castle Bruce so as to build a house, that
the patient could be near by under observation and avoid going up and
down in the Reserve."
-*-*_*_--* _*..*-*_ *_-_

On Wednesday 13th May some schoolgirls visited the Mental Hospital.
They sang to the patients; their singing was excellent, and a vote of
thanks was given after. These young ladies were members of the Red
Cross Society. Thair visit was highly appreciated. Grateful Patient.

The Trinidad and Tobago Govern- The Melville Hall Bridge which
meant recently secured a majority carries main traffic from Melville
vote in Parliament fbr the/ state of Hall Airport to Roseau, and to
emergency here to be extended for Portsmouth in the Northern District
six months mote. is now in need of replacement. A
British grant of 26,147 (4125,505.00) has been approved to meet the
cost of this bridge* Construction work under the supervision of the
Public Works Division is due to commence later this year.

PagtA Eight

Minister Stevena (Education and
Health) and Dr, Dorian Shillingford,
C M. 0., attend e'nhe Second Co2tfee-
ence of Caribean t fah Ministers
in Barbados firm April 28 to May 2.
The favour oi the tested Federel pbrinctpia
of toitrng1oa4 acSoperafn s m edit-
cal matters, without which the pros-
pect of good health in theAe various
-i5anM. is jTmt an idl2 drearn.
By the way, under the PusinHli
grading, our t;UC' Medical Officer,
who now g&ets $9,600 a year, will
recent a & lAatry of $13,200.

r~4tnrli-by, t4~JYr 9'~ ~?~
`*"cr~nr -'r~ ~r'ra ,iy.
-" -* -.

-~ I ?B Af
J 'S.




is a unique QtO Dri-. appliaece retaking from
years of pa i stak i an research and study by
Japanese scientists .

It has been scientifically and clinically proven to be
most effective for a wide range of disorders r.uaa as
muscular pains, Atiffness of joints, nervou~sr.em,
fatigue, etc. It will preserve lasting health
and youth.
AvDaiable at,

Dominica Dispensary Co. Ltd.

*-ad-~F'D4- `l~m*Y~~~~ gll~S~I



2$. Bash Loai Preau. f-cnlIs ca
iCsbha : Star, Comir.ic aj
Tg4: -Primaery 269& Edtrc-261i;
I. K. Media R,-ypreen taiv: :e
Coun Turner ( London i Ltd.,
!'22 Sh4sdcrsbury Ave, W. i.
Annual Su;.cription
ePehvery RScmn $E.' -
SCountry Pose $6.00
to amny s-ddresr !n "wor d :

S$7.0 EC ( U.. $4.00)
A5R MAIL to:
U, K. 3. .5Ss.
SAf-r' S A ~0g
L U.S.A. g.GoOs $f
Cana&4a $a..0 c
MiuM-ac-.a ia e L:

Tho wrap is; brigl tVy bound
or suxtrm:' ia coo! R ;Osi2zin
:otr st. Color. Wiip up one
nore in 2inutet: o& Darn-
ottoi> or terryciloth.

*,.CAB C' IS. .E
Fibre GE.a Covered Boat complete with
RTae 1.-- '- T O S .m P |
makingg ti:-e ba a Life Raftt) st..

R. B. ELATC' -3f Roasu.,
Tel. ;5J2 or 2051



i9PISW~VtiiV.W-,WW'-'Hc'WR~sm~aS.'V:. *BfPtt'S~a~fMfl~fTt

?W^^*rf^.il~tCTW~W^Jih-/':'*^.9i.-t-ift *Ir 3ranrrnSS>

Saturday, May 59, iq70 THE STAR Pe Nine
British lid to Dominica reached a record level in the British finan-
cial year 1969/70. A record of about $3,850,000 was disbursed. The
aid fell into three categories: budgetary aid, of $1,2991,00; develop-
ment aid, of over $2,555,00Q; and technical assistance. *
Britain continued to aid the Government.of Dominica in its programme
for developing the State's economy. Dominica's developmental needs are
kept under continuous review by the British Development Division in the
Caribbean in consultation with the Government. Over $2,555,000 in
grants was disbursed in 1969/70 on development projects mutually agreed
withthe Government. This was over $1,380,000 more than the amount of
such aid originally allocated, or over twice as much. The additional
aid was made available following a visit to London last November by Mr.
William Bell, Head of the British Development Division who demonstrated
that Dominica had new projects, on-going programmes, works capacity and
above all needs in excess of the aid funds then available.
Of the development aid, almost $1,500,000 was spent on infra-
structure almost entirely on road construction and bridges; nearly
$530,000 on schools; over 4200,000 on natural resources; and over
$610,000 on buildings, vehicles, radio and other equipment for the Ro-
yal Dominica Police Force. Most significant was the continuation of
work on the important new road link between Roseau and Portsmouth
($700,000). Work was also continued on the East coast road programme:-
the Castle Bruce-Salybia Road ($190,000) and the Delices-Victoria Road
($106,000). In Roseau itself, Britain is part financing the new mar-
ket and $187,000 was disbursed in 1969/70. Disbursements on the Ma-
Shaut and Weirs schools were $120,000 and on a new Junior Secondary
school at Portsmouth, which will be completed in 1970/71, $173,000.
Technical assistance was also given by Britain. One major assign-
ment was the feasibility study by British engineering and economic con-
sultants into the establishment of a deep water harbour at Roseau; and
in addition Britain financed the post-school training of 121 Dominicans
during the year; 77 at University level, including 28 at U.W.I. and 22
in Britain; and 44 on other courses. A new aid year has begun. Bri-
tain hopes to be able to assist Dominica in her efforts to achieve
economic and social progress to a similar extent in the twelve months
which lie ahead.

MAURICE BURTON SCORES SUCCESS ON Two Guyanese are among 18 news-
TECHNICAL COURSE papermen and journalism students
MAURICE BURTON, who is attending who have been awarded scholarships
the College of Arts, Science and this.year by the Inter-American
Technology, Jamaica, doing prelim- Press Association Fund,
inary studies in telecommunications They are Kester McGregor Alves
before continuing with a further of Georgetown, who has been awarded
course of equipment training under the IAPA-Thomson Newspapers Scholar-
the aegis of Cable and Wireless, ship; and Daphne Asenath Mitchell
has scored a hundred per cent suc- of MacKenzie, who was awarded the
cess in his recent examinations IAPA-Freedom of the Press Scholar-
there. ship. hey will study in the
Young Burton got distinctions in United States. The other seven
Mathematics and Radio and Line scholarships go to Americans who
Transmission, a Credit in Principleswill study in Latin America.
of Telecommunications, and the re- The scholarship fund was created
quired Pass in Elementary Tele- and is supported by donations from
communications Practices. IAPA members.
He is an old boy of the Dominica
Grammar School. *

e e U --- MA turda. -.May -. 1 W O

by Rommel
i guess a spell. of..intuition and
clairvoyancy had permeated my being
to the extent that I could foresee
an imminent counter-attack from the
I.A.P (And in, case you're wonder-
ing what this is it's the Insect
Armed Forces).
Why,. as if .by some telecomlink,
some members of the Ant :Empire in
St. Lucia had received a coded mes-
sage from the Dominica Embassy of
Ants (D.E.A.).and so ingeniously
planned an ambush on me. Let me
tell you how I withstood the ordeal
Two dances were on: one at the
Camelot Club, the other at the St.
Lucia Be h Club, Tired of trip-
ping back and forth from the two
venues I reclined under a coconut
palm. At first I felt a tickle
which grew and ran down my spine.
I felt at ease.
Suddenly, the sensation became a
vitriolic one and I literally
sprang two feet from the ground,
And, figuratively speaking, I heard
hundreds of ant soldiers on the
ground hailing a war cry at the con.
auerors who were stabbing savagely

TWITTERTALK Woman's Corner
by May
"What's so funny?" I asked. He
was looking at me, not the magazine,
and I thought maybe I had on an odd
pair of shoes or something. "I was
just thinking about the sweat you
worked up yesterday trying to con-
vince me that women drivers were
better than men." '"ell," I asked.
"How come," he said, "all the jokes
are against the women?". "It's the
small-minded always-having-to-be-
boosted eg of the male," I answered,
almost gasping as I tried to say it
*cuttingly and in one aloof breath.
I failed in the aloof bit, but man-
aged to keep the dignified glare
going. "And," I said, "you hate to
admit we ca:n be as good, if not bet-
ter than ycu. at anything."
He snickered, yes snickered, and
read out another joke aimed at us...
Did you hear about the sweet young
miss who was stopped after driving
at 80 miles an hour?
'Was I going a bit fast, con-
stable?' she asked,
"No, Madam," said the policeman
-patiently, 'you were flying too
low? '

into my flesh. ...I opened my mouth, then shut
That's.when I did a new dance it again, my sense of humour took
a third one out there on the grass. over and I allowed myself a smile.
Seriously, though, there are some
The cobra came back again, mad young things tearing around the
Here's a question and answer rendez- island, and they are not girls.
vous between the Kid himself and I There are also so many cars so badly
since his fight against Flite was parked, and they are not driven by
cancelled due to absence of the box- women. I'm not saying we're per-
ing promoter, fect, but the female drivers of the
Q: Since your last-encounter with community I always find polite and
Rocky Marcellus how much training careful, and patient of the pedes-
have you been doing?* trian, but the males always seem
A. I have, been training regularly in too big a hurry.
since that time. Mind you, I'm prejudiced'
Q: I understand that Kid Flite is
quite fit -and has been"doing muchi ROMMEL continued...
with the gloves and punching bageQ: I recognize that you are very anxious
Do you think that when you two to moot the champ.. Do you think he
meet you'll be able to withstand is as arn;ious for a fight as you are?
his punching tactics? A: Yes. U o have boon in hot arguments
A: If I meet Flite in the ring I lately.
will stick him and run. Rommel: I am certain that the boxing
Q: o you think by doing that you public and especially your fans
will make him fight your way? and Flito's fans, will expect
A: Flite is a slugger and not a a croat fight when you two moot
boxer and in the ring I will make in the ring.
him fight my way and wear him out. But Flito is a stronger man than
Q: Do you not believe that Flite you are, as you have admitted,
would guard against that sort of but I think that you are faster
tactic? and more agile and swift.,
A: I know Flite well. I know he (Concluded on Page Twelve)
will carry the fight and do most
of the attacking.


~3t~TdEfV. ~i~V 2~. 1970

PD* T nM

oaturaay, May 6o9, 1vr, mII trAo -D

Page Eleven



Attention is drawn to the Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic (Amend-
ment) Regulations 1968 (S.R. & 0. No. 45 of 1968.)
Section 56 Any person who permits a vehicle to remain at rest on
a road for a period of forty-eight hours:-

(a.) In contravention of any statutory prohibition or
restriction, OR.
(b) in such a position or in such condition or in such
circumstances as to cause obstruction to other per-
sons using the road or as to be likely to cause da-
mage to such other persons, OR.
(c) in such a position or in such condition or in such
circumstances as to appear to have been abandoned,


which has broken down, shall be guilty of an of-
fence against the Ogd.~papnQ. Penalty for which is
provided under section 80 (2) of the Motor Vehicle
and Road Traffic Ordinance (CAP 200), of the Re-
vised Laws of Dominica, 1961. A fine of not ex-
ceeding One Hundred and Twenty Dollars OR to im-
prisonment with or without hard labour, for any
term not exceeding six months.

Section 57

Section 58

The Traffic Commissioner or any person designated by
him may give three days notice in writing to the owner
of any such vehicle to remove the same.
If a person to whom such notice is given fails to com-
ply therewith within the time specified therein, the
Traffic Commidsioner or any other person
him may cause such vehicle to be removed and may re-
cover the expenses incurred in so doing from the person
in default.

Owners and Drivers of Motor Vehicles are hereby requested strictly
to observe the provision of the above regulations and govern them-
selves accordingly. All Motor Vehicles remaining at rest on any Pub-
lic Road in the State or on any street in the town of Roseau and Ports-
mouth for any period in excess of 48 hours under the circumstances or
conditions stated above will. be prosecuted and the removal of such ve-
hicles from such place of rest to a dumping ground will be effected at
the expense of the owners of such vehicles.
File No H11/36/35 BH. PHILBERT
Date: 15th Miy, 1970 Chief of Police &
G.91, 354-1/2 Traffic Commissioner

Soon a whole generation of tourists and nature-lovers from many
parts of the world have visited the great nature reserves and national
parks of East Africa, particularly those in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda,
They have been able to admire the fact that here more than in any other
sphere of national life Africans have been doing all the work work
for which a high degree of technical training is required.
The standard of achievement in these national parks has risen since
independence. The influx of visitors has itself created problems
which have been rapidly mastered without appeals for aid from abroad.
This is, in short, a department of. life in Africa where significant
technical progress has been taking place with very few set-backs. -

---- -'---



Paqo Twelve. THE STAR Saturday, May 23 1970
*S*T*A*R :S*P*0*R*T*S* ROMMEL (Continued from page ten)
SDrinsley Charles' Brilliant Century I only hope that you and Flite will
DOiiIICA's now right-handod opening bat, play it neat and not go at'each other's
B riAsley Charles, noa-ly hit the i1 throats. Boxing should be clean, so -
ton mark at the gardens this week dgai-please keep it that way.
nst Grenada with a brilliant 147 which Cobra: I would like to ask sponsors and
was more than half Dominica's total. boxing promoters to arrange a
Grenada suffered their first defeat card soon. I do not want them
of the tournament by an innings and to do so after I have turned my
89 runs. They chose to bat first on a ..back .to..the. Dominica boxing
wicket with just that little bit of hap', public,
to the pacemen and Grayson Shillingford, C. S. A.
David Defoe and Norbort Phillip took
full advantage, boring through Grenada's SPECIAL GBRIEUAL MEETING
finest, which anyway has little to offer 8.00 p.m.
compared to Dominica. Grayson demons
r ated that Grenada wore not used to FRIDAY I1AY 29TH AT
real pace of an international order and TIE GOODWILL PARISH HALL
finished with 5 for 33, what he did not Your bi t decision yet as a
got Phillip did with 4/29: Steele wont Your st decision yet as a
into double figures (17) and thanks to Union Momber
fine wicket-keeping and good catching The PUSIIELLI Rocozoaendations
and fielding they were all'out for 82. .
Dominica made a poor start, losing 4 YESJ: or NO!!
with only 42 on the board, but Brins- The C.S.A. stands by YOUR decisionn
ley Charles was still there gaining 360-1/1
confidence and refusing the wiles of The notice above indicates that the Dom-
modium pacer Smith: he and Larocque inica Civil Service Assoc. is now in the
.pushed the score along steadily for a final stages of sectional consultation
59 partnership as LarocqT fell to the about those Pusinelli/Liverpool Salaries
last ball of the day. The century was Commission roconrizcdations. All C.S.A.
up, Grenada's score passed and Larocque members are concerned about discrepancies
madoe22. The next day Zamorc, in great in the report, being convinced that these
Form, scored all around the wicket and will lead to greater CSA dissatisfaction
Charles supported him like an embryo than those created by the 1965 Salaries
Conrad Hunte. Zamore was finally caught Recommendation. Thus the Special General
wicket off Theo Redhead for 53 and the Meeting for all Public Officers (abo-o)
home side well on top. Further support will take its greatest decision over as
came from Phillip, Grayson Shillingford, a T.U. Association. Will they accept
Doctrove and Defoe (we do not lack all- the PusiA/lli/Liverpool report as it
rounders) and Brinsloy was last man out stands or reject it in its present form
with 147 to his credit and Dominica's and seek amendments? The D/ca CSA will
score 278, leading G~ro-da by 196 runs. stand by members' decision: we imagine
A fine bit of work by the "now boy". every member will rush to attend. *****
SGrenada jjst did not have the talent.
Their second innings was a procession ST LUCIA: Regional Information Officers
again as the pacemen-did their deadly are meeting in St. Lucia to deal with
work: and thenqLarocque came in and Mass Media in thE* C-umonwealth Caribbean.
finished them off all out 107 with To POETS a Gordon and-Giftu-
Larocque 3 for 1 in 1.3 overs, the big J ; trre a w flaws in your
cannon took two each and Redhead top-w flaws in your
cannon took two each and Rodhd top- verses, &d if you care to call at our
scored with 33. Grenada's bowlig office between Monday-Wednesday we will-
Smith 4 for.55, Redhoad-2/L40. Today office Cint thondu Thanks for we ,ll -
Dominica move to St. Lucia for the gladly int ths o hans for ri--- .
last match with two wins out of two as MORE COMMONUEALTIH 1'NES: The number of
strong favourites. Cuthbert Williams' Overseas Doctors coming to work inr-Brit-
place has been filled by Joffre Faustin ain is dropping drastically: only 65 came
who has been knocking on the door long so far in 1970. *** Barbados Police Force
time;. otherwise there are no changes, is now one of the highest paid in the Corm-
Dr. J.B.Yankey will manage the team. monwealth.Caribboan. Police recruits will
STARSPORTS extends best wishes for a get starting pay of $210 EC per month. *
confident victory to the tea m. BRITAIN: the increase in Crime has'bogun
a BBC series starting Sunday May 31, at
prrintcd and Published by the Prorietor, 1745 GMT.
Robert E. Allfroy of'St. Aroment at STOP PRESS: Soth Afrieaaa tour has
26 Bath Road, Rosoaut, Dominica,, W.I. been canoolled.