Star (Roseau, Dominica). March 7, 1970.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). March 7, 1970.
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an' --.- ^." T TH S/TA


Today I want to write about the meeting of the House of Assembly of Wednes-
day, 25th February. Not to give a report of proceedings: the report sections
of the local press will already have done so. But little incidents, human and
demonic, are usually welcome to readers since they help them to fill in the
total picture.
Two vacant Ministerial seats stared one in the face. Both the Premier and
Mrs. James were absent; the latter it is claimed was ill. But the Premier had
gone to Guyana for the Republic celebrations which took place two days before
the meeting of the House and had he wished to, the Premier could have returned
for that meeting of the House.
It has been said that it can easily be known when there is something "hot"
or very controversial on the agenda of meetings of the House by the absence
of the Premier. It has been noted, too, that commencing with the Seditious
and Undesirable Publications Bill of 5th July, 1968, whenever there has been
anything of a dynamitic nature on the Order Paper, the Deputy Premier is made
to present it to an irate public. Mr. Ducreay makes a nice, fat sacrificial
lamb and is, on such occasions, made to carry the sins of the Government.
But he seemed particularly nervous on this occasion as he offered the electorate
higher rates for the electricity they consume, the results of the Governments
negotiation with C.D.C. He was short of his usual fluency. He was at times
almost inaudible. Did he have his heart in what he was saying or was it a case
of "Orders is Orders" in this year of political and election grace, 1970?
An interesting incident was when the Speaker ruled Hon. E.B. Henry out
of Qrder on one of his submissions to the Chair. Winding up debate on a Bill
which he had presented, Mr. Ducreay prefaced his remarks with the statement:
"I now exercise my right of reply" the privilege accorded the mover of a
Bill or a Resolution to have the last word before the vote is taken. After
Mr. Ducreay had "exercised his right of reply", up jumped Mr. Armour, Minister
for Communications & Worksto continue the debate. Mr. Henry, who, without
any exaggeration, knows his Parliamentary procedures better than all the
Ministers and others in the House- put together, objected to Mr. Armour s
talking in a debate which had closed. The Speaker overruled Mr. Henry s
objection, saying that Mr. Armour was in order. This was too much for the
Attorney General who was compelled, as an Adviser to the House, to rise from,
his seat and point out that Mr. Henry was right. Mr. Armour was noverbhoel1o
allowed to finish making his point at length.

-fo6r -cg Mrs. James was absent. There are a few who feel that she decorates
rey 31, tjsterial bench which nowadays offers so many gloomy faces. However,
wiokaety e Virgin Islands emigration issue is likely to diminish from her
best ', sixteen" demeanour. She is no doubt happy that she did not have to
anE;e' er vote in favour of increasing the rates for. electricity to be paid
sumers all over the island.
e strangest thing at the meeting was seeing Hon. W.S. Stevens, Minister
Education and Health and Representative of the Marigot area, leading
defeat of the Oppositions Motion for the grant of a State pension to Mr.
Gustavus Timothy, the patriarch of Marigot. The pretext was that Government
is contemplating the creation of a new class of pensioners and that Mr. Timothy
would then be considered. What chicanery. How many persons are there in
Dominica of Mr. Timothy's performance and present situation? Almost certainly,
if the present Government creates a new class ofpensioners, it will be a
disguise for rewarding Party supporters. Mercifully, "Massa day done". When
the Ministers tried to take cover from the Opposition's contention that pre-
cedent had already been created by stating that past cases had related to
former members of the House of Assembly, it was quickly pointed out that
Mr. Christopher Loblack's State pension had not been for service to the House
but for service to the people as a founder of Trade Unionism; at which the
Government's case collapsed, but they nevertheless held out and here again
the Opposition's good Resolution was defeated by the full Government majority
present, including persons like ILeslie, John Royer and Antoine Henry, plus
(Cunclude4 on Page Four)


~ntiir~av h~arrh 3 4Q7n


Saturday, MIach 7, 190 THE STAR Pa. e Thr.o
The Queen and Princoss Anno left London by eonnel
this uoeik for Vancouver. on the 1st leg The conversation began with a cri-
of a'40,000 mile, 9-wooee Royal visit totique about today's youth and their
Fiji, Tonga, Now Zealand and Australia, ruthlessness. It-moved into a brief
In Fiji, Native Chiefs in laf skirts period of questions'.... an then to
rted the royal party, who re net a stop to a solvent, a probable one.
by Oxford-oducated C.I. I.atu Sir Kani- The suCggstion was to pin Rudyard
soso -Iara. The Quoen and Prince Charles Kiplin's "IF" in every student's room
will travel in separate planes during at all universities this simple sti-
thoir'tour of N.Z. 7 Australia next -.-. -ulus whettod-or, in fact, instilled
month, due to Conmonwoalth concern over within ry literary quarter the desire
air crashes. Before leaving London, to':love poetry. Yeah, just like that.
Her majesty received Guyana's newly- Funny youtd say. But I never cealy
appointed HiCh Co missionerJohn Carterzared for poetry at all. And now, as
Lord Snowdon joined hIis wife Princess I've just conmloted a scanning session
MIar,:crot in Barbados; they attended a whic cost my sight thirty-five books
Red Cross Ball at Government HIouse. *** n pwc and pots, I have strcenthooned
ST. LUCIA: the 21-ycar-old daughter of my conviction that if every individual
a Conservative MP .died in hospital here would appreciato'*nd could himself
front hepatitis, write poons this, coupled with his
TRIITIDD: Port of Spain was the sasne ability to dance and appreciate music,
of two .Black Power demonstrations at would make mother Earth a happier and
one of -,.hich several people were in- nore delightful place in which to
jured when the crowd stampoedd to es- exist.
capo from earned police. W.I. student Up to the tine of writing this
Dave d'Breau was anong the icaders of script, I did not find "IF" by Kipliii
the doeos. **** A nan who impersonated but I did encounter "TEE LIVES AJD
Dr. Willians' cultural adviser, 1r. TIMES OF ARCII A1ID MEHITABEL" by Don
Aubrey Adans, in an attempt to obtain Marquis. Scay,.hd d*you dig this one
Z14 visas to the United States from the from tcortaina aimns of archy'?
U.S. Embassy, was beinc sought by police if monkey glands
A correspondent in Trinidad wrote us: did restore your youth
"Carnival was blatantly racialist on what would you do
J'Ouvert... a thousand'uhito devils question nark .
narchod past the stand, and tablcau just what you did before,
aftor tableau depicted tho'horrors of interrogation point
slavory and the delights of unspoiled ... (Road some more of hin. -He's
Africa,, as well as China in all its bright..)
glory. There may well bo an unheaval in And, coning baoc to youth and fad-
Trinidad before there is one in Hanaic"isn, it has allays bewildered ny in-
-TICA: Plns for t i Fi.fth West trinsic faculty they call it bra -
DOliICA: Plans for teic f e why oldsters sooe to be like today; g
Indios Acgicultural Eoononics Confora generation. I nean, if p rof q
in Rosoau, April 6-10 1970, -are oinG anti-youthisn wh- y b pro-youth .So
ahead. The two themes are "The Proopectainvi-ou ap d stylo .p .
for developing agriculture in the smail ..~L but wothhox adh v_.h.u to
Comuonwealth territories", and "The sy I .wh ut wotthple hou an we hv. u ot
roleo of the snmil scaf arnor in the wa ho deteoruino4 -choie andywy?
Caribbean econorFye" 1Field .Lps and Canrt bhoa it, buddy, hi a .athe
a workshop will be provided, Cit ..a t. .bd, h.t'. the
i:. B.E. Barrio has 0on appoited ROewG pf ocety nd hper hunn 1qwprs
istrar & Chief Cooperative Officor as a1e
fro. January 1970, a poet formerly held They grow as it pleases them.
by the Social Development Officer. ** you,
hr. Dradley. Hector, aCtin, aesoor ---------- h
lr. radley Hector actin'- apsor, .PUJBLIC.ATIOiS RECEIVED with thanks
inland Revenue Dept, Doninica, 'Ai "Quality of Lifo in the Ancricas" by
attonding:.a 6-nqngth course at the Over- Noisi A.~ ockofollor i fropa ,
soas Territories .'Inono fTax Officp -a "ClarT, on ra azi of the Douiniica
London. *** .C p,.Lodo.eirry ',yill st Grae ai .So.iool~o ioll produccdt twoe
a 22-evont Easter Athletics on Easter good poetry quotes. *** A doowion
IIonday. This is likely to become an from the Cendus Office with samplo
annual .fixture for Camnors. questionnaire, in preparation for
S Census Day/liht,, 7th April, 1970. *

ANDROCLES (Continued from Page Two)
A little incident of amusement-took place during the debate on the Bill
for increasing the rates to. C D.C..for electricity approved by the Government.
Mr. Stevens left his seat and someone in the audience who left
immediately -and very shortly after returned with- book for Mr. Stevens.
When the latter s turn to speak arrived, he brandished the book opened at
its .first page exclaiming: "Let there be light'"It was a copy of the Holy
Bible and one wondered Whether it was.necessary for Mr. Stevens to have taken.
the trouble to send for a copy of Holy Writ merely to quote these four words
which, one would have thought, he knew by heart.
t one point in debate, Mr. Armour, Minister for Communications & Works,
-almost apologetically let slip that Government hoped, before long, to embark
on a low cost housing project. Not a single low cost house built by Government
uin over 9 years, but in the tenth and in a matter of months before General
Election when it has a large variety of unbegun and uncomplemented projects
in hand and teased mercilessly by the Opposition for this failure in housing
for the poorer classes, the Government half-ashamedly makes this announcement.
Thus about the only remaining policies to be adopted from the Opposition's
programme possible of implementation before Election are giving the franchise
at 18 and severe reduction in the import duty on drugs.
Once again, -and this for the second time, Hon. R.P. St. Luce, Member for
Grand'Bay, took exception to any member of the Opposition making recommendations
for improvements of areas in his constituency. On this occasion Mr. St. Luce
castigated the Leader of the Opposition for his Resolution that the main roads
leading to Fond St. Jean and Petite Savange respectively should be properly
reconstructed and oiled as soon as possible. In the debate on this, the Minister
for Communications & Works had stated that Government has these works in its
programme for-this year. As a result, the Opposition s Resolution to improve
the roads t< these two villages was lost when put to the vote. .There is proof,
however, that external evidences that work was to start on the Petite Savanne
Road only began after Government's receipt of the Resolution on the subject
when road workers were hastily moved-from other areas to the Petite Savanne
area. And once again Mr. St. Luce stated that the people of his constituency
cannot fail to return him whenever he presents himself for election.


An agreement was signed in February 1970 between the Medical Schools of
Harward, Yale and Case-Western Reserve-Universities and of the University of
the West Indies. Relations between these institutions will be made more :'ormal
and collaborative.
Objectives of the agreement are:- .(i) Joint participation in the solution of
health problems in the Caribbean;..(ii) Strengthening of academic medical insti-
tutions in the Caribbean; (iii) The .development of undergraduate and post-
graduate training opportunities'for students and staff of these Universiiies.
(iv) Co-operative research opportunities for United States and Caribbean Medical

PLYMOUTH, MONTSERRAT Mr. John Golds, Eastern Caribbean Representative for
the Commonwealth Development Corporation (C.D.C.) signed an agreement Tor the'
corporation to manage electricity supply here.
The Legislative Council last Thursday unanimously approved a Bill setting
out the terms of the new arrangements, in which C.D.C. has agreed to Epend
one million dollars (E.C.) over the next ten years .to improve the electricity.
service of Montserrat.

lqahlirr;3ay- March 7- 1970

Paro Vonrr


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.P. IN. 7 -' ,


-r. i-11-5 -- -- -1 %

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P fI~lry~n~P-- wn~aaflw.B~x -- -P

from sme fol ths Internadionaeiy
'the following Toiketries

rti ~~n ew ed Cct~,:R:. c ir~...'
& Hair Preparations

SA TE U LABS. The MAKE I g, Aind.Ppirafent Deodoat in ?s-. tj-
'Larie, M'"ua & Snmal
&END oelaised Conditioner in 1 1f. Ltts Sa
it 2haa ppesa Right 'fs -i ".fba^; ,HB i :~nsbnt'rSrw si. A : Lodti.n Small & Large4.
IBODY-.NBE fHa S^ty Lotio j
:HAIR STRATE Be rgamot Hairdreasing -
%a. n& Large
LIV CREME HAr&tssig in Jars na F -
Medium & Large.-. f ,o C$SLAIROL *1p
f~iHVE MTUiT' Hair Ccourinag la Pa- Shatds
NSY TH E' EASY CremE PNons in ma- ja1
GREAT BODY Setting Loti & C :. a-:;
ME TALEX Coloar Corrwcctive & Ci: r:
NMP" C.. -*U'OL HaLe Spray for lair Caloar Ubwe

The Dominica

I .


Co. Ltd.


-- ,-. .

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ftron lr3 ft. 'p to 93.r < :, ,

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C~~i sO.d

fom-2 8th February up ut


V&$Qiism E 2 YOtUR Sr-:FI .'PC PLEASUiltU
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I .


Saturday, March 7, 19.70

POLYGRAPH...I told you so
A fow woeks ago I mentioned that the
Chridtnas earthquake had noved our is-

Papo soven3

Dear Madan, .
Pollution? Rubbish)

land, but that the fact was boiZn Parry Dellotis letter in last
husihd up because the Survey Dept. week's Star contained nany worthwhile
doesn't want the expense of redrawing points. But we all need rerlinding now
all the Uaps, and again that pollution does not only'
But now this recent stranuo burst of nean snog-fillod skies and oily rivers,1
cold chilly weather has revealed the but rubbish-strown land as well. Of
truth for all to seo...wo are drifting course 'Pellution'- docs sound a bit
northwards incorrect :when talking of Dominica's
It was no coincidence that we had situation, naybo we should just use
our first Eskimo visitor hero recently, the word 'Rubbish' instacd. But which-
..whose real mission was to tell our ever word we use it exists all the
chiiof technical officer about building sano, although in much smaller propor-
idloos1 tions than in industrialized nations.
liaturally nany important people in It does not secm important to usat
hifgh places know of our northward nove the nonment because we have been used
already. A friend of rino not a nan to it'for so lone. But the rubbish is
who told hin that several ncrchants had there, on our western beaches.l on road-
ordered large quantities of thick sides, in village, at river noutld -
woollen clothes and to-p coats with fur and lo and behold, at the greCztest-of
trinningss Not only that all the them all: the grand Canefield Cliff
rich people in Goodwill are secretly rubbish dump, Ior''aybe itts the be-
having nasons install firoplacos. ginning of our doop water harbour "
The Banana Growers Association have But let's be serious, where it
a crash program on how to protect exists rubb ih is a sign of poverty,
banana plants front fr,-st, and PTJD is As Party said wl should not put the
putting anti-freeze in all its vehicles, cart before the horse, so let's use
Already LIAT ~atit to increase the the linitod inland revenue we have aod
faros to iMartiniquo as we got further raise our standard of living,. .* -
and further away...p.op1le who see an .Spend 8,,00.0.0o0 on a radio station
island scuth of us aro not- sooing for instancoJ
ihrtinique any nore that's Guadoloupe TITO HNYHU
I have it on the best authority that A.rimX HOVYCHaUCH
we will be passing Antigua in about Antr Vall
throo weeks time.
Drrr its rcotting ccldor and colder! DOTHIGCA,
*I* ** *;t; *: *.:-. : *

wThon I wroto about the drcu;ht
it rained.

Mhybo a heat wave this .weekend?
I have one coennnt for Parry Dellot,
our now oxrport on conservation ecology
...Parry, do you wait until you are
surrounded by hor-s of night-soil be-
fore you build a latrino?

Tuesday, March 10th, 8..00 p.m,
Showing the German film WAY
1JITIIOUT RETURN' for Extra Mural
students, 5th and 6th former
and teachers
Don t miss the opportunityJ.

IT T I C E -
TAKiE IOTICE that the Court of Appeal
will sit in the State of Doninica. on
Wednesday 18th I.arch., 1970 at 9.00
o clock in -tho forenoon.
THE COURT will comprise the Hon-
ourable the Chief Justice, Presidentt
the Honourablo lhr. Justice Gordon and
the Honourable ir. Justice St. Bornard.
Dated this 24th day of February,.
Ref. Ho. c/A1/69
27th February, 1970.
G.41,-226-1/2" -. -

BIBLICAL QUOTE.:. .Say not thou, What is the cause that the former-_days
were better than these? For thou dost not enquire wisely concerning
this. -- Ecclesiastes, i. 2. 1


E iPa Eie T STAh __s_ Wt MZN%. rh19Y0
f'r YALMAMA grew like any other girl towards the almurah. She tQok. oWr a My thoughts ran bac.K to manay
hehad no special deses or a i- mythologia book from .c" and incidents. The image cf ShvySala i
e& ideid-os. Like few pople, se had some sh I ti remember tha da had accim-
des and nurtured thosepiie eep mala wa oer. Days paied Shyaala to ihe vegetable market,
ine her. These m atured as part of her -re fast approach. for the girl to 1e On our way back w'e met a maa with two
ve: beng. She neve eTmn, ; ;(g be1cre ifst approaching for the vIrl to leav ~ bns ,zi met a man with -ltw
:' being. She never t her her n hote. I was dst bed n Or 'eyes .n te birds.
imo.aer. e: father's word w;s gospel to -. ..
..... n. ee at o. h wl. '.. Her parents looked gloomy "Look Chin.i! What l he do. with
S: .. h. As a matter of fact. she nave,- had ,
r.As a s of fi-.ctr, .she and sad. At lst, the day of her departure that" Syamala queried.
axo uwasioa to go raiL their ishes.
Sc. amei. As ihe ::: rose, there was .n;- "Take it hc.,"
SWith suanis., Shy.aain wpuld wake ness all over. ,I remember I ha also "I know that. Later?"
u up as fer mother d. She would as-ist accompanied the party to the station tno i !i- lii l k them,"
Sher in ll household chores. Later, she bid good~ :ye to Shyamala. "Oh poor things Hflw?"
4. woldd read books on mythology, on goeds
:-and gs oddtss. Among .*rr, t m- he :Eih 1 train was about to leave the plat- I was six months younger to her.
m n,: t! stories of Sila, Savitri and Ansuya. form. Shyaemala's mother .could not I re shed greatly relating i.n...; stor. e
i imade, a deep impressicm on her mind. contain herseT;f ay more. She embraced #o her. I ga'e;: .- alt ny entiuiasm in.
iTh.y became her fourite characters, her da 'tr arnd broke into uncontaolilable giving a descriptive ;ccunt of the sorrow-
.SL: would read them time and again. solbs. My eves also were moist. Bft f butcherng of the bens.
h wouk imbibe the essence of te stories, strangedy enough, Shy'-: fwas calm. I was interrupted by a sudden noise.
as if she wanted to put those ideals into and ,{'ilwartd. I 'heard her telIg jat my side. As I turned aside, I saw
Spra-ice. Shyamiala's parents had no her mother r :.l.y, "Mother! Why do you Shyama"a lying on the foor unconscious.
diffiaultyin bringrig her up. cry like this T Wher e else am I going? That day, I got srme beating fro.n ray
Shyamals was engaged. I saw the nly to my husband. My duty is to parents. Shyamala bad scha a d
maa she was engaged to. He was a man serve him irst" .and soft heart.
jt wbeatish complexion, and scattered a I refused to hear her any more. i As soon as I recovered from my
little. He was not ugly but not handsome watched the clouds of mixed feelings over 'igc-, I had a sudden mpulse to go
".1eier.. He belonged to a rich family. te parent's faces, Perhaps they were and meet Shyamnab. She is iunoI nt.
To be frank, my first impression of .he p uzzlkd. Sh/'r-.:l took leave of them 'Od--; n.i.~,-, s-he ccid have never conm;, i-
.young man was not very pleasant. But and boarded the train, tted that crime! It is a mis akL a ein ti
thatdid not bother me since Shyamana had I hold her responsible foi t e crirm I i
approved of tth match. Six months later, was married. I wanted to shout to the wh"'e world that
Later, to gy surprise, t tlat let tt my native place for ofcial posting Shyamala was inaoceeat
Th-at very evening I "ant fn te pnss"ev'-
Shyanmala had not even seen the man she in a new town. I-heard someone say t very viing cau t e passing
wai engaged to. A meeting was arranged that Shyamala's inlaws were not very et train B': to. Guatur. t was past
Between tfle two in the presence of the .a:.i.- -r"rir-. r kind to her. er husband midcght I was C'': .i in my scat
: elders. After the young man had left, was a puppet in the hands of his mother .......
Shiram laa's imoter had asked, "How did and sadly S.:.-.~! Shya.maa was physically Someone ,. :-A I recov. red
ai(.'lr r, o,~e. a -x'd Ii ked a rv, d.
you like the boy?" Shamnaia bent her and mentally persecuted. But, I did not sl mbr an k arc
-thead down shyly. auch attention to that story I prs n wh ca
S "Have you seen the boy at anl" haud greax fait: in Shyamala's, goodness, me oy .hat rucane. Ys, ri-, wSA :
Her mother had insisted. he .nocen and her ideals. I standing i flont of me, hiddl in
Why shod see him? as confident that she would change eve AburAka. Onjy her fac was isibh.
"hay sho.r m otere waa' aked .hell into heaven with her sweetness. '' .:a I whiserId t mblu\ig w4ith
SShysamala. -Her mother was taken aback. i fi and doubt.
"Mother! Who else is more concerned "Can'Vt you reco>gaiz a ?" She "ave
Sor interested in my welfare than you Two years passed. One- day, I was a mill, as iher pa-; e ace I x.ked s'diy at
people ? You brought this'match. If you scanning *r',.a:' te columns of the m
lik*, him, I like him too. Just think : newspaper. I was socked to was t w to
of Savithri and AnS:sa, the great women! fi n Shyamala's photo in the lower I ouny wasi rwo ,!g as t hoc
W I s he could escape '('roa. toe eyes f .S
Do you think I ar a greater person than column. "Ramaujamn murdered. His oe. o es ,rg ,, Y a su ,
they. are. wife rv',':a't It .-nauj i.z no to te 4 -). b. .
t r '" ..: ,t each buy in ourown thoi.ghts. Suddeny
Shyamala's words were drowd i traced The deceaed, rI ; h said "n-e ted s g, dowi her"'.
Sespet, Guutur, was killed with a kitchen .. sd gt d o -
exifoto .. knifef e wieaseep, by his wife. Reasons "No Shyamalal Not here I am
1:Her parents were moved to tea_. o ;for the murder not yet known. i.- id, 1I eitEd.
joy rs theydistened $o her. awaited." i "You arc a mran. Nhy doi't you
Ret some couiage seeing r v: .::n- She
Bzit as her welwisher and neighbour, The paper fell from my hands. I cught hold of my haad. i was bewilder-
I. thEought, it was my duty to enquire was stupefied. It is ghastly i it is un- id. Uraware of wha. as happening
whether she bad approved of the maln for ihinkable! This neas! folWwtd her muy
fear of dispi.easing her parents. Shyamala 1 d h *u
looked at me for a second and wlkWed We got down irol th e train. It was

e '110t .%.-" --

1% PeI Nw~ uea

2 sra~'it pltforia.
(" let ,ss .-dow herei" she
said. As I looked i .;round, I saw fte fast
moving train, zed iht....far far away.
,We sat on' a bench.
"'Now tell me ..-e !i.i- I looked
at her .. :, -n:n~ ,.
S Shyamnala bent her d head down,- takiag
:.. hands i2to V!Cs,
"; always looked upon aiy husband as
:my God on eari.. To 3srv,: Imy Oiji&ws
w' 4a the pipme ,-. .* of my .... The needs
Icf everyone in that family 'a ,:..13: my
own .-' ,n. :. .and i :.,6 c' But a 'ho
r* sders-tood ime
1 "They M'aly -:.ploitcd my docility and.
soft.ess. They vwere aiwavs disgruntled
ae3.-'i iissa.isfied with my work. I wes ni.)t
fortunate to have the sympathy of my hus-
banad Stil. I clung to my ideas.- Even
Lat the wcost of being -misunderstood, I
continued to perform the role of a good
caught:r-inu-lw .no we win.a incerity
iMy daily routine was more or less the sane

'Sh,. _, ,'.u 1 Where is my pen 7 Whern
-y 1 s-' !h'h'bb3d w' ld he1tL -
'Wha ir hav' yotl gone ? The vege'abih
:gs getting b:mi: on ihi ove 7' His mother
w;oul r'ais- helwr voice. 'Sister wher
are ;my ribbons ? haven'tt you washed
the'm ? Schooi-time is over', his -iter:
w'oni di nag -e. Imagine. aH these cal'
would cormn siualtauneously.
"'Whor should I res!.ond first? H'us
.:: b:id 6r in--w. ? But stil I mo-,Cved
*- ; .a.i-"flinced d.voutio. Thr;j
rnees shou 1 b-e" met. -They shouki no
::.ispi '- :.d ? twlh .iet t. ; is a.m 1.:. I
caoni-;Jo; Ofteui I Wobd tu-r th.:, page

i -'.;:ir S;: t:-i3 ; I: !.W iy s; :ci c 'rs. ig e
tn'i-o^ iosct; ooks,
"Ot;e iiay, rn.y hus[ffadwv came hoae
Ic iry .ro> the -;. I e snatched th
1-oc k r5i-n iny hands af'd throw r awa'u
ie .unbM' inc flr not lauyndint ;. hi M
i nla;ii-iy was hun T'-ribly 4:psel
'"A co r ijay, lhi frceds calneie hom
t c is.-> fJ. asked me to carry the tea i:
i r:-y and. se;.; his friends. Ialf w.a
:i'u...'h' my niuthue r-i-l:aw :.*i me
Ho vct yoa ;.u, s! .:anc to di.;:ss up like thi
and go e-elore strangers?' She pounce!
i.po; i : .-. U w ...: 10 ;: ki"tj a ,ou v 4
.hi t :ay vith i ic se'r-ant,
f T nig. it ny husband's temper rUos
high. .1:iw' dai you diibey me ? UY
have J1o tshai.: to anI'ta a the door al
dresse' uit :; ', i:tch assesyv ? But yo(
Shave, sl-g o to co'e bcfr, e my fiends
;iHe sho J eed at mae.







-, each other. -

'At right my husband reached home
late. M.y mnothcr-in-law apprised him
of the. whole situation with tears in her
eyes But mn Lusband wu- very qu,,i
After dinicr, as soon ra I reached the
bedroom; he came very close to mfe,
staring into my eyes. He tied my hands
t'; the back, with a. cloth. lheir he cooly
.ook out a leather belt annd started beating

"I could not ctunt the bants. I was not
*aware o-f the time either. My whole
body burnr like -a raw wound. Blood
Swas (ozinu;r from any body.

": was lying down on
c xt renmly vweo.k. ,4:.- :
;eycs and looked around.
:c heknouti a' rc.;ased nmy

the floor. I felt
I opened nmy
I unioosened

"My husband was fast asleep on the
,c0. INl fcI wa;. caim andl i quiet, as if
ihe ;,:,a enjoying. the peace of sleep. My
jeh ti w;s achiia. The wounds on my
jbody burnt, I ,;ic.! into my husband's
face. -Instead orf thie artiy cGod, I feit
as if all ihe carthly sirs were hovering
ion his ~fic-.. -lis heari was mnalSe of stone.
IHe wa;s niot a humatin being.


Last Wt ,

'X-VLO M8S WOwRTH S. lir -
but smka 2N. -d, .:i take-
.mora- f your eositeuace
bothers yo."-Sign- on a
atree' trader' s&al- in

DRisMNG EBtrA D Of The
Wfaeo: A frie d tegmots
that o 4fiatest letter froau
hex lI-year-old soix at
b. irdlin tslao:l iladid Si
i neWe a that "While Mr.
--w-as on his way bEack
to the school Ia hies'earc4ate
last alebt the police
stopped htaa and "tested
bin% for random. breath.

Spartsan t aReahious A-
griaamzi xMvlsgoa):. A NewC? **
York travel aweat's Aidvor-
'* tlsem;ea~ed. "See-The
i r fnciud l-esal'r! BiS~eairdSo 4
Much Abouat"' Includes thei
syRii th.At a1one- will
"eFllow the steps of the
Tea Disciples by a&
onuiBtioaed lxuary cochb."

I "I don't komo wh:it happened to me "Some strange power overtook me.
'-::itda I -:,'..- c;a riiv- ., 'Have iGathering all .my strength, I crawled
lstMood near the door ?' I asked in surprise, into the kitchen. i took the knife into my
'y.,' '.:.'.. The knife tfit cold in my
S Who told you T hand. I walked back into the room and
'V -.. should anybody te1 me ?' ._- one poke to my husband. Hot
'When did you see 7' blood spilt ovrn me. I felt that a man like
S'Are you h: : r; e T He: 1 :. him should not have that hot blood. I
im, byy m.y hair and slapied me, I didi Knif'v'L him again twice. The blood
i'ot h-'.ciaC. thea -Iis nmother had oreveuted cool' d.own. Hc did not have an opportu-
mine from obeyinb g him, fo Er ear tha ii nity even to raise his voice. Yes, I killed
rnit; cre-rt a r-i' between h; e aout:th-r and hi', I took the reve-ng."
the so.m. Shyamnaa was panting for breath.
"[rwu-ic.;-rabhi such incidents- follow- e:ads of perspiration gathered on her
ed. My husband's wrath became my daily i.'': .:.. i look- at her face and
loti. Perpks ir the house attributed then turned my eyes towards the sky, I
,, ; imce:pea.tuans to every word closed ihe eyes far a minute. A black
'i ,ke, ctat with blue eyes w-is threatening mse.
S"One di.v, 7ii, husband ever; bu.rnt *
the books which I held in great reverence I remembered my college days wheri
iand cheris:.d all my l e As The smok-e a black cat visited my room every day
Sr ... rA i the -. mythologies, ;and upset, n:ing--i Onedayi socc-de<4
lthe images of Savithnr: and Anassuya n catching the cat. Immediately I closed
Sperished from ny mind. My ideals were all the doors and windows of that room.
ioned into ashes. in their r!.- stood 1 played with it for sometime Later
1ijo-, tnoiiils and th.i hard tr ths. took out a stick and started harassingit
e i "Slowly I picked up courage and start- In the beginning the cat looked very
cd re-in to peope in ihe .e and ev-n pathetically .at me. But later it poutl
Sres.on out witi them. Sonmtimres I ced upon me, and raised its outstrechec
- displeased iheu. lpaw towards my face. At once, I appre,
S That da. i nf.irgetabl in m life. hendcd danger and realized my mistake
l "That day is unworgea tab' in my lfe.1
S-hoe day, was .. wih opened the doors and let it go.
s myni other-in-law. Afier arguments and i Well, Shyamala's husband had played
tr I ti-rs., we started hurling, nersonai Ihuses the game for a bit too long.

PageTenT1I~ CA2.satuday haoli7y 9(i

In Memoriam

4DJ LetagM

S^ ""i

All meombe' s of The Dominiea 3.4 C 1 '
Society are advaed that the A.nnual d.e J e --
ing of that Seik ty wBi be held on Maondas.y- 23rd.
March, 1970 at 10900 a.m. Notice of a;.y resauitiao
to 3e gced be ref that? ieetmin shnll re'sth tha-
How cs';etary sry jc da.y 16th March.

^ .rrc. i a > -? -.
,*(*- -_ E

,i3my M h nhII UfI r /I4

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of Wines is now dressed in a smart new
label. Still th same high quality and
value but given a great new perse i ;uiy
Buy bottle today r-




Page Ten

daturdlay. Marechi 7, L9?70

In fondes t memoaa of onr beloved,
who died March 7 1966.
We miss you more as the years pass by.
They 0.4 who tell us love can die;
Love's gentdi fwmvis forever bur.ieth.
Frormi heavef it came, to heaven returnsth,
. Such love is ours.
a Svatfs* vocr devoted 4ie, sona,
daughirs, rfariny ani frieais.

Saturday, March 7, 1970 THE STAR Page Eleven
---..... DU LDER8 BUSY
DOI-EEN0ICA: Mr. I.N. Pusinelli, Chairman La Dnts cry for
The ILabour Departnentt s cry for
of the Conlissionl is here to nake re- 2 carpenters a-d sizc nasons underlines
View of salaries, wagos, and conditions the large v.l uno of building now in
in the Public Service of the State. p re quite a lot of which i
Tprogress quite a lot o which is
Th6 other. meber of the Connission is rush government building intended to
Dr. .LJ.O. Liverpool._ be finished before election tino.
This perhaps explains the urgoncy with
.GHAA -which gov-ernnolt falls over itself to
The Assistant Secretary Goneral for comply with U.S. wishes in the repar
Education, Dr. Hugh Springer front triation of Dominicans front the U.S.
Barbad.os and soereral resear-ch officers Virgin Is,., where the'skilled building
willJ represent the Coin:on-iealth Secre- workers are Very busy, complete witli-.
tariat at the. Connonuoalth Conference work pornits, 'building in the US VT.
on Rural Education in Accra Ghana from and earning over $2.50 an hour.
23 I-rch to 2 April. The Educational Broadcasting' studios, new market,
Advisor for Wcnen in'the Ministry of University Contro, (Grandbay School Cand'
Oversoas'Dcvelopncnt, Miss Freda perhaps (if the people of Portsmouth
Gwilliam, who conducted a teachers allow it) a secondrate -- sorry I. noan
worIkshop at Erdiston Teachors' Training secondary school -- for the North.
Collo:go in August, 1966 uhilo.-on'a tour But on the private side there is lso0
of the Caribbean, is also on the Bri- plenty of building three big houses
ih" U isas"teBi
tish doleoation. The C:nference is or-'on upper Federation Drive, houses on
Sanised by the Connonwealth oocretariatj the Cancficld-Chocl2hall estate and,
and will be held at tho University of of course, Frank Baron's "Froaklyn
Ghana. ................ Hotel" at Castle Comfort. J.S.:

tIDIA: Mrs. Judith Hart, British Min- ..CLTRO AID THE D.Ai3
i'tor of Overseas Dovelopuent told a
ito of Oerse Dveloment told n There are indications that a. numbor
press conference in ITou Delhi in' Feb- 4e ii t a'nb
press conference in T Dehi in Fb- of Latin Anerican countries would liko
ruary that she would o::acino whether draw Cuba back into the Organisation
Britain could. help nore than at present of A1odric, States, The time hais con e,
tboards India'i s agcriculturoeand rural they feel, when such a move would in-
dovolopnent, particularly -h dry areas, crease stability in the area and also
Mrs, Hart said she hadl.acquired "a firm help Cuba to return from a position of
unidrstanding of Indiats diverse needs".isolation which it now regrets.
There have also been signs from
RI HO P G Cuba recognizing and welcoriing those
The following noiinatod persons will efforts. The trouble is that almost
servo with the Central Housing and' diplomacy will be needed on
Planning Authority for a further period both sidos, and Castro will have to,
of one year with effect front 1st Jan cat a lot of words. Last July he said;
31st Dec., 1970:- "Our country will never sot foot again
Tho Minister for Trade and Industry; in the discredited, filthy bileo holo
the Minister for Homn Affairs; Rev. which is the Organisation of Anorican
Sistor Alicia De Tromnerie. States", *rUS PRESS REVIEW.-
ROI- -- A 7-year-olfd Italian woman, AGRICULTURAL MISSIOI .
Signora Rosa MHrinelli, killed herself PT O S A ix
so that her son, Carlo, right see. aPORT OF SPcult ,l Tsson froDDm T idd an
Carlo had been affected by cataracts TobaCo Ieftlst week for ar26-day taur
since he was a child and his condition of Cuba, Colombt a an Peru to study
worsoned until he was completely blind fthe practice an d Pconorics of antud
in one eye. Then the other began to be husbandry in the three countries, i
affected. After a recent o:a:inatidn wusbandry n Qd y. he countries, it
doctors said he could possibly regain to Cuba via I.amini n
his sight with transplanted corneas; ... ., ..
but no donor could be found immediately.


Increase in Electricity Ratos
When at the neetinr of the House of
Asscnbly on 25th February the Opposi-
tion noved an anendient to the Hydro-
Eloogtif- ((Amendnent) Bill that the se-
cond readinC be deferred to the next
meeting of the House, the object was to
onablo consideration to be given to al-
tornative means of attaining the objec-
tive of getting electricity to areas of
the State not presently served.

R Saturday, March 71 1970

Applications arc invited from suit-
ably qualified persons not less than
25 years of aeo for app-ointmont to the
post of Co-operative Officer, Co-
operative Divisionn IMinistry of Trade
and Industry.
2. Applicants should possess the G.C.E.
at Ordinary Levol or it equivoelont in
three (3) subjects including English
TLn l-n T' I r i -- ,i 4

The Dominica Freedom Party, not less o i Uo Book-keepinL and Accoun-UlL
anxious than the Governnent to have the r an ion, Dook-keeping and Accoun-
tancy will 15o an advantage.
rural -areas electrified imodiatoly, tancy will e t
but concerned as woiih not in a- 3. The salry of the post is in the
bt cohoerned as wtoll wrh not-increas- scale $3336 x 144 $3624 x 180 Z4344
ing the cost to the consubor, finds .
ihat the cost to tie consumer, finds per annum. Tho point of entry will be
tt thr are atleast e other doternined on the basis of qualifica-
altornative means,. none of which in-
tions uand experoance,
volvos increased cost to the consumers:- 4 The appoiintont is permanent anid
(1) A Government guarantee that the
pensiohablo suubjct to medical ftness
additional capital cost incurred by The successful applicant will be
C.D.C. in the extension to the new
Sin the extension to the new posted either in the East or North of
areas would be made good. This system t I a i b l
the IslanId and will be .liable to
was adopted when electricity was tran to other rural areas
o transfer to other rural areas,
brought to Salisbury. In the event, t Further particulars nay be obtained
was not necessary for Government to. in- froth crtary s Public Service
our any expenditure since the volume of ComiSin, Roeau to when pli
elooctricity consumed in that area in a ,ions sho boforwarded not latrpp
short time proved adequate to cover the tions shl r
cost of brinGing electricity to that .thn 15.t rc 170.
area. It is felt that the samo would P.S.C. 4/111 E NICHOLLS
probably apply to the areas proposed in 4th March, 19.70 L SECRETY .SSI
the Act now passed. G.42,229-'1/1
(2) The Minister for Cormunication TI--IEGAL SPECTS O Ier~t ----l '
ind Uorks has stated that C.D.C. ori- O Mday -as''lEss.M.E Charr]caddross-
dmanded half a- million dollars On Monday last Uiss.M.E h
gially donanded half a n~llion dollars ed the ITurses at P.I.H. on their invitation
as the price of bringnig cleetricity to on the l :al aspects regardin; their pro-
tho rural areas mentioiod in the Act. fission. The ITurses were told that they
It is felt that even this nothod would ere nurse b virtue of the law allowing
have been more acceptable than the one then" roeistrhtion after a *satisfactory
invoIving increased rates for the con- period of training. They were 'told their
sunor. The..anount could have been-paid engagement either in an institution or to
in five. annual instalnonts of $100,000 nurse private patient also had aspects
and C.D.C. would- crtainlyJ havd ac- of law since thcy wore governed by a con-
cptoed the proposal. This amount could tract of onplorncont, the terns of which
easily be contained within the annual might be expressly spelt out or inplicd.
ostitiates. The fact that their profession was
(3) C.D.C,. could have boon urged to looked upon as a high and dedicated c3aling
finance the further electrification of di not provoit even that aspect of their
the island by their incorporation lo- profession..fron be"oi thoverned by the la.r
call as a public corpanly iandc tead- Because the duty of care they owed to the
ditional capital required would have patient obliged then to ,ive of their
boon quickly subscribed by the public best circunscribd by ability, training
now anxious to invest in and own local and necessity to the tasks allotted to
projects, thon. There was also the important point
In St. Lucia and Grenada the fora-t. Lon of secrecy ;which they must maintain to-
of local companies hiasbeon the pattern wards their patients' affairs.
It is to the,-discroditof Governnent Lively discussion tool place at the
that after twelve'nonths of nocotia- end of the 20-nin, tall-; nany questions
tions with C.D.C., it could not produce were ashld and further inforLnation civon.
any of these three proposals and so ,
prevent this increase boin placed on *
the consumers of clectricitl0ic *

Pro Twelve

Saturday, March 7, 1970

A nodorn and striking tay of. the Cross', to be dranatisod by young people
of Grandbay, was written .ay an F.M.I. Father in Doninica. Here are some quotes,
fro' a few of the Stations They may seen to readers painfully applicable to
our society.

SPEAIER .*., Here Jesus not his notheri We people of Doninicca. love our nothors
and will not allow anyone to speak ill of thon, and this rightlyt But when
they are ill or in need,, or when wo nake thou ashahmd by our bad conduct, how
iLch do we care about then... Then' our soul becomes disfigured by our
ingratitude... He was the just loving-one, we are the dontt care sinfl ones.
A IWOM-AN Our neighbour is being buried to-day, and the bells-proclain that she
is not forgotten. -
A VOICE Not forgottcn.I. Not forgottent!i That's hypocrisy, all of you. In her
illness who looked after her? who brought her food and water? who washed her
nighties? who had a thought to sponge her? who cared for her? During thosb
many years where were her husband, her children? They had money to improve
their houses, to'attend dances and parties, but they did not spend one cent
on the sick wife, the sick nother...

A IHA.I IN THE CROl D le are praised by West Indians and foreigners for our
hospitality I -
A VOICE Yes, indocdl but who will uproot the spirit of revenge? That -spirit of
rcvcinto expressos-itself not only by the taking of life, but also by the
burning of houses and other foul practices making our Doninican brothers and
sisters completely destitute, Does charity begii at home if so is'the b coase?
Though I nay have sooner the guilty party perforriin his foul actions .do,,.
shelter hin by imy silence and thus encourage him and others to do likowies in
tho hope the conspiracy of silence will protect then? Doos not ny silence :
nako no share in the guilt. of those foul deeds?

A'VOICE I an Veronica. I an here to wipe the face of those who carry thecross.
A YOUNG WOMAN runs out and falls:
Wipe ny facol -In nan unmarried nother... I
gave birth to a 4 lbs. child but the father.does not food it... Shall I have
to-night to lie down with a man to get that child its 20 bread?
ANOTHER WOMAN I a:i a prostitute... I was hungry and naked*... I had no room to
shelter.., no worse could be had... So, now, I live off my body-. Don't cast
no away... I an pretty, but Doninica lot ne down, I an a street girl... Wontt
you help noe et back- ny froodon and cone out of -sin?

SPEAKER This is Christ's second fall...
A iMIA shouts: Slavery was a horrible thing, but how nucIihlivo things iaprovod?
Too iany of us, tho worlors, are only cogs in tho nac jh o.. only so nany
hands... animals got their feeds and attention, and so na'clines... but we,
rado to the irago and likonoss of God, are only free to got s6reo scraps aad
drag our poverty all over Doninica or die of st-arvation.... We are scorched
by lashing Ordors,...our backs are scorched... our hands are chafed.,, kind-
hoartod employers are too few... In tine of sickness what help shall I
receive...? Shall I have'tho benefit of any Social Security...? Mankind fails
in its duties and falls... and, sad to say, because as a citizen, I an uncon-
.corned about the wolfaro of ny Doninica, I help to rush that fall..$
S ORD**S TO RE E* Faith is certitude without proofs***********
l7OPRDS TO REEMEBER : Faith is certitude without proofs -- Aniel


Satday rh7117

Pagte Tlhirtoen


PaC.9o Fourteen
*w 2^- *


Applications are invited for the
following posts at Meona, Janaicaz
1. Senior Lecturer/Locturor/Assistant
Lecturer in the Dopartment of the
Faculty of Social Sciences.
2, The Chair in Manaeoronnt Studies
3. Senior Lecturer/octuror/Assistant
Locturer in the Dopartnont of
I-Mathernat ics
For further particulars, contact THE

Doear Mad .

I live in Portsmnouth and I have an
interest in Portsmouth, I have been
reading in the local papers some news
about the secondary school that is to
be-built in Portsnouth;could you put
some light on it please? The people of
Portsnouth have boon told that their
long awaited drean has cono true. The
tino when we will be able to give our
children the thing thoy need most a
secondary Edupation, and parent control
at the sane time. And now the papers
have it to say that it is not so and
that its otheywiseo. I personally could
nbovr over believe it. So I and I an
sure every parent that has the welfare
of his child at heart and Portsmouth on
a whole will be glad to know and read
the facts about that now school.
Whether it be favourable or otherwise,
I and others are airxiously awaiting
your publication.

STAR Saturday, March 7, 1970
The Board of Managelment has ap-
pointod a Special Comnittoo to advise
on the ostablishnont of a Technical
Division of the Association. The
Conmittoo conprises Mr. H.V. At-inson,
Winban President,- Chairnan, Dr. T.II,
Hendcrson, Locturor in Agricultural
Extension, Univeoa-ity of the West
Indies, Trinidad, IMr. I.T. rwyford,,
Director of R6soarch, Winban and M-r.
D.A. Perrynman, Geonral Manager,. in-
ban and its terns of reference caze as
follows :-
S1. To oxairino fully the various
technical progr,'anres and ser-
vices at present undertaken and
provided by the Doninica Banana
Groowrs Association and to assess
the adequacy of the staff and
facilities o:aployed in their
2. To dotoerino the staff in terns
of numbers and qualifications
and the facilities required to
effectively implonent the exist-
ing and anticipated technical
progranno:es and services of the
Association and to nake reconmen-
dations accordingly.
3. -To nake any other recolnondCations
considered necessary to satis-
factorily achieve the objectives
of the technical prograennos and
services of the Association.
Dr. Iionderson and Mr. Twhyford aro
now in Douinica conducting invcstigca-
tions and they uill be followed by

.AN INTERESTED PiAR ENT Messrs. Atkinson and Perrynan as soon
.- as possible after their return front
.ORICHET The Sun-Jotj "Carib" toen of A.D. BOYD,
Salybia are on the go,, plying between GENERL MANAGER
thhen~good and absorbing cricket nat- 3 March1970
3rd March, 1970
chos. In the first ratch the 28- 71/
"bachelors" whipped the "narriods" by 7
wkts. In a second natch it ended in FTER
Carnival fashion with a combined side AGcreps Mia Farrowu ave birth this
denying a St' Cyr .side it victory con- cfk to twin sons in a London hospital.
bined wanting 71 for victory and at the T their (26) an bikes are doing
'C1oso -"Te ;6 for 9. I
loso for 9 'well. Although p-roesnt at the birth,
Scores so far are Match No. 1. the twin father Conductor of the
Lachilors 110 for 7 dec. and 33 for C London Philharnonic Orchosta, (Andre
Marriods.25. and 122. Ihatch o. 2 Co. Previn) had already filed suit for di-
bined 78 and 66 .for 9. St. Cyr 71 and vorce fror his wife on grounds of-their
o*. a irroconcilablo differences. Previn
Jo are looking forward for a Carib said afterwardls: "wo are very proud,
cricketer -to represent the island just and happy".
like Jeffors Warrington "A Carib" who .
is presently naidng a bid for a clain TO SM.A. Student: We have extended
on the West Indies toam. T.he- Manager, the date for the -French translation on
S.J.C.C. Jean Rhys.,(by request) to March 15.

* *

;~vuL UL' j ?,T P,. % s.],& 11. -- -. A 1- 4.41
by iMric Davis Pierre

It is difficult to pinpoint the reasons for the dearth of costumes at Carni-
val everyone being satisfied in wearing bright-colour shirts and pants or
trouser suits, Perhaps in oexauining the following suggestions, which arq sub-
joct to constructive criticism, we may be able to arrive at a solution.
1. PRINCESS SHOW Let us go back to the traditional Iiddios costume party with
all children dressed in costumes and whilst they parade around the grounds
for prizes, the Princess would be chosen from anonGst then. It is un-
natural for children to pose with the result that at the Princess Show we
have the majority of. the children as onlookers,
2. SCHOOL CHILDREN COSTUI~ DANCE. Similarly, lot us havo a costuna dan.e Por
school children w-ith oevryon dressed in costume. This would evoe I.vo
the children an incentive to design their own costunos and show their roe-
ative art. Prizes could bo given'for creativity. A Junior King and Quoen
nay be chosen at that dance by having the girls and boys parade soep3ato.y
around the hall :whilst toh judges make the choice Not to be made am
SCarnival Queon's contest.
3. SAMEDI GRAS DAINCE. Lot us bring back our SancdiGrEs dances with our tra-
editional costune'by asking all the variousc.34i- bUid- organizations
ting dances to have costume dances on that night.. 'Then offer prizes r
the best decorated Hall and for the pronotor of tho dances with the larceost
number of persons in costume (over 100). The promotors in turn shou1~. of-
for substantial prizes for costumes. With a lot of publicity this would
create an urge to dross in costumes.
'4, CARNIVAL LOVERS, Lot us encourage our Carnival lovers,, the youth included,
Sby offering special prizes; to the organizers of large costume bands, apart
front the prizes offered at present. Bandas should comprise at least 50
to 100 persons. Far too many prizes are awardad-fo-r amore handful of poo-
ple advertising' somo product or other, it is nQtsfcpt ao enough, Our
Sunday and Monday Carnival parades involve too much wolvot -lsos little
5. NATIVE COSTUNME The absence of our native costuno most marked fhi.i
year-sonething so unique in pominica. Let ii' kooep it alive by giving a
prize for the largest .band -of 50 or more peamans in native .-costurain
6. -MSIC WITH LOCAL I1TS m-UlI.,T Encourggo the schools and clubs thrQugh com -
petition to have thler 'own school bands or stool druns, Although music
runs through'our vety veins we produce noise instead by the- koclkin of
biscuit tins,-v sticks and bottles.
7. CARNIVAL CTTY. Let thoro be a-clearly defined area qrrkoed our --f6r standing
area. The absence of this nakes the work of the Police, who 0ar, aqkod to ,
keoop order, .vary difficult.
8, CARNIVAL DAYS. Lot us encourage separate and distinct aostume bandA s~og
the school band being led off by its own musical instruments and soly'
for school children in various costumes and in liko manner all other oas-
tune bands. Those without costumes should follow at the back. This should.
not create any problon as that has been controlled quite a bit of lato,
which only proves that effort on any direction can nake a headway, A
special prize should be offered for the band of 50 or noro persons who re-
main in costume for both days df CarnivalS
Those comnonts cover in a nutshell almost overy aspect of Carniavl as we
know it at present with the cmphasis on costumes. For us to achieve this Coal
the widost publicity-stipulating requirements should be released w.ll in ad-
vance of Carnival'and the public kept informed oetry ,wodk. They should bo-glvo
ideas of costumes, whore to obtain costume books, nauos ^olEdcsignorst and names
of stores where natorial can be purchased at -roducod prios etc"'. If-CaLvival .
is properly publicised ovoryono will Cot in the spirit~zid it in this-'
way wo can hope to bring back ,-costune into c~val-"i.hi' now decade

Tho. gallery. in which tho irpy rs Sit ha'i-becone a fourth estate of the o ,. -ie
S,.-'- Thos.Babin.ton Maca.ulay, "Ifiallana' Consfttut

rarta F~ff;aari

c,-ki~H-~n~r_ T~n~~h 7- 497~

mT-TR sT pA

Paee Sxteen HE STA atr. dayMarh 7,197

S ** *AR*S0T* *R*T*S

DOMINICANS IT ST.'ITHOMAS (from front page)

CRICKET TREAT IN .TIHE-ZGAimENS. .iaalis Cana UonteLemen, I am nero to
Shilling words Doublestar assure you all that Mrs. Mable Moir James
IT sw 'cricket lovely cricket' at the on the tenth January 1970 tried to put
Gardens on Saturday and Monday with two a barricade preventing we Dominicans
international teams making one-day trip coming up in the Virgin Islands to work.
IAT Cavaliers the Duke of Nor- She stated on a broadcast over WSTA sta-
-- l~ s XI. A del a in the (LIAT) plane tion that Dominica has enough work and
brought Sobers men in late on Saturday she has not seon the people of Domin ll
there to Work. Young people are sti]_3
giving them only two hours of enjoyable theae towork. in large numbers for
play up to six orclock. Seymour Nurse leaving Donan large numbers for
and Sobers were the batting interest, St. Thomas and to. Croix. I porsonally
Gary being hard on Cecil Joseph (the saw Mrs. James When she say that there
Leagues chief wicket-takr) with four is enough work and money and she would
with four like to hav6 everybody back home to work
fours in an over. Cavaliers made 101 in li to hav'o.arybody back home to work
40 minutes for 4 wickets, eleven overs. in Domiica."(This from the lat speaker
Dominicas stars were in St. Lucia for in B cobia' reaordingso) Tho man before
t. him sa: : "On the10th January at 6.30
the Windwards' match against Norfolks. hi sa- : n he loth January at 6.30
In Dominica's 40 minutes they made 84 in the morning I heard Mrs. James say
for 5, aided by Vincent Elwin hitting there is ork in Dominica for very Dom-w
Charlie Griffith for a six and'two fours, in aey s doesn't see the reason wh
with help from NoHerbert Phillip., J.*.J. they ha up horet.-And thenshe wont on
th hel from orert about the over 1709 and under, she wants
and Chaucer Doctrove them ba school; she dosn
On Monday Colin Cowdrey made his them back o go t- school; sh doesn't
want them in Ste Thomas
return to cricket after 10 months off wt them in St
Some half-dozon men were explicit in
with a bad foot as Captain of a star- their o6incl-dntal reports, though not
studded Duke's Team. Kaleb Laurent won the of thon honrd the broadcast pthou no
the toss and put the visitors in to bat. all of them hird the broadcast person-
Before a capacity crowd, Cowdrey's men aly- e wod ot around like fre.
in a Gillette match locked p 191 in They sound grieved rather than ggross-
in a Gillette ive "her wholo idea was about getting .
49.5 overs all out -and in a thrilling omi bac to Domia ca because they
finish Dominica got to 183 before Gray- Dominicocns &cds amo unt of jobcause they
had a tromondous amount of jobs and very
son Shillingford was caught on the d rti io,0 for Doninicats in Dor
good' opporturinioe: for Dominican s in Dom-
square-leg boundary in '4l,3 overs. The a very gra
inica...thero wts a very grea~ feeling
two cousins Irving and Grayson were the of d.po aon u a
of disappoigtmont among us oand wo are
heroes of the match -- Irving irth a
heroes of the match Irvh getting a very hard time from the author-
solid back-to-form 57 and Grayson with ities dowm hie on account of what. slh
a 9th wicket 53 which included six 6's said," Another man declared: 1 hoar
-..and two 4's. They shared the IMan of the that Dominica got a lot of work for c.
Iatch Award. Mike Griffith topscored t h Dom10n a
- -7;J:n Award. Mike Griffith'topscored people to do..., a lot of Dominicans
for the Englishmen with 34,, Colin Cow- ieopl e to a lot of D min,
didn't feel lpoud of all she say, she is
drey 31, Edwards 27. Grayson got no the ly that speaks aga her
wiokets, paceman Norbert Phillip did the only one th speas a Govos er
best with 4 for 24, David Defoe ,2/25 ~peope because all the oti.r GovoTniner
and J.C.Josephs 2/42. Norfolks showed speaks good for their people Tlkn
of those. re-uraing to Dominic'a, a man
us brisk fielding, good placing and a said: "If jobs are not available it is
flair for the psychology of the qu~ckee going to be a oery terrible situation
Gillette game -- but the crowd really with thbim Tae thing is going to cause
stood up to brilliance of a Test bowler's a g ar6 f i 't double."
batting; Hats off to Grayson. V
Meanwhile action continues over the WOMETCIE _IN THE CARIBBIAN
weekend when current league leaders Barclays and other Banks i;n Trinidad. id
Spartans take on Celtic U. in what pro- the residence of Minister'Donald Pierr6-
raises to'be a very keen encounter, were attacked with Molotcv' cocktails ta
Spartans, led by Gransworth Lafond; this wookallogedly by Black F includesClem. John, Joffr Paustin, C. About a"doqzin University students a-t'
Willahia rn-j sep s o aos igwith L. UWI's CaVe HfU1 campus blockaded their
SiQ2ianbt'A:e A berta ^...,SbpRn, administration. building, cau;od somo
L.Erannuel, E ehafleaS n d..y.J.osoph. l da i. li 'iarto Rico, .a teenage i .o
Print. Pubishi y -b t&- rietor, :,' ldied fom bullet wounds after a
Robot E. Allfrey of St Aronmtea i a a3. ght ri.tinT Thursdayy spako
at 26 Bath Road, Roseoui, DmBiniad W.I' lb it ,at ;aiva-i ***
.... r ; .
-..- *,;= i _,

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