Star (Roseau, Dominica). January 31, 1970.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). January 31, 1970.
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'Mrs. Sane Lowenthal, 0
tbrax s ish
Researot Instia e n -
the StUdy of an, -M n .. ",.
162 East 78 st.fttie ST I g, 50
New Yor-K 10021 g'iJ 'p,,-
S-U.S A./ TESE.RCH -NST Ti, ucz d0me yortuna
:OS/d~ice -- 2689PR .THE STUDY OF IVAN LA" WS A
E-ditoria 2610 J62 EAST 78 STREEditor'- PHYLLiS SAND ALLFRE Y
SoL. X No. .'7Satur ay iuary 3 '9- Te Cents

What's Wrnm WiTh Our Rum?
IET'S be frank we like rum. In fact, one
tc emhsr of orr far ily always used to aask for
local ram in the good oe< days when we were invited
to Government House, v while everybody around was
driaking the more exclu. ive imported brews, There
was~" an eiemewnt of pa' riotism in this devotion to
viad &. ,.. "
As to home consam prion, it is obvious that a
boueieI of iccal rumib is an I Was far, far chAeaper than
a bottle of whisky or e e:n gin wvi;a- tax slapped on,
''. I,' -, in our Vew i. even used to taste better,
wres doused with ice anri. life-givfg Dominica water
-r d-ry ing~jr ale. And as for punch our rsta was,)-
: :r. '- ',. .
But nowadays! Th fact is that during Christ-
,nas and New Yea? we ae rarely : i :-; a drink
of Domi.nicarum. Somre :hing seems to bewrong with
.he 4a'mour., It is too tre t' .ir.r 0oo i'rmmrature, or too
I ':i Qot being si;,i'uer, we cannot explain
the reason why. And v'e do not allocate blame to
"ky. onne producer. But inst ask the retailers why
'perfetedy loyal Domruic .un wfho hate to pay over
$2.50 or $3.00 for outsidee rum' are buying up
their Barbadian, Vincei aan or even Trinidadiars
brands. Juat sk the at les people.
Now about kiconsit, .ency. One comes across
*'. occasional -~bxellent bottle of Dominica ru m
but the next one ill line s awful. Surely this is a
point the distillers ahoul 1 look into ?
What about a asyter:i of runm-tasters like the old
style tea-tasters for m ,rcantile houses? Let us
ihastn to ad-& that we Jo not apply for the post,
ror this woul,:d permanent lb cripple the quality and
Pr-oduction b f the STA L

p. .. t f .

/-- i
.;. "/Y /{/." 8 //-
..:- ... ." _. ..' .. /
. -- :, ... .

.1 ,'. :n L thi i;s we have eh ;e ,i A U.i 'i
A JeAt Airport far this St ste at BrantridgeF
KiX LZitSes out of Roseau a rt the TraminiuRlar
k.C:sd ( Layou Fhts ) whi h would provide a
twof-mie runway 1SOO ft up, is now being
:',iry:.-erd by, a top Cana( ion team of three.
Te ma. were ,.:. t by M Ron Soucb, Cana-
diao r-secS Manager fe reconstruction of
A' 'I nI Hall Airport bei *:,'; .!*' by twi ia.n overanenCt

Tuesdays 's. i,;E .TA meeting ou the breezy top.floo-
n gsvernent'eot k;!id;:r, started on a sour note
with :.p%-..-: by officials of Triidad, Jamaica
and Guyava for the absence of their Ministers due
to "mi~understanduig ".
However, the Conference ended in a considera--
blo measure of agree-ent, the main controversy
being over the desire of thZe 1ss developed countries
.. that thoae more developed countries who
had not memselves sufficient copra for their mnaiu.
f^-uK'i-n. ; requireameints and were buyifog subt;:tutes
for coconut oil should pledge themselves to purchase
firas the surpluses available in the CariEfa countries.
Th.i was agreed by all in principle but the less
developed countries wanted to insist that their
industry be protected by export surpluses being in'
oil rather than copra. Compromise was reached
that ~ ;:port surpluses be 50% oil and 50% capra to
deficit less developed countries and up to 2/3rds oil
cr .d o developed d eficit countries,
Those Carifta countries not previously aignaw
toies to tim Oil & Fats Agreement, Jarmaica, St,
"' '. and A..tiga, agreed to sign. Slight changes
ir wording, definitions and enforcement clauses of
the 0 & F Agreemenat were made d nd a new
foraoula determined for obtaining figures fir' area
susrpusc;s and '.r--.-
p;-0 'Irs~'f in 4vu R^

tri $. o.

8SIh1 Eienm Dnan, 0 'B E. _-'.'0 A of The lrilune r frcves award Wedacsday at g
Inter Akerican Preas Asascia tin meeting mn Walgiort H Be was recognized for his f r ed
as a newspaperan and for his recent campsig-as on beh~Af of freedom of the prt:A.
Sir Etienne was knighted by
His British knighthood was the
first to be awarded in the
Balbhanar in recognition of
'Siwork ik social services, and not
fno politics.
.7- .. .,:.. a wo.dd
traveBllr, served in the Mioue
of Assembly for 19 yearn and
the Senate for eight yean.

.,' US a d a .- -r. ,.ie

(by Androclep)
4I f eel that while maiy ;.
the other islands would i-...
ver lack of food and e:, .:: -..
aient. Dominica is meac-
likely to riot if freedom ,
denied and the Rule of LE,-'
taperrired with, Re
the rest of this great tribute
us the- eitizewt by our leadi:
columnist pages 2 & 4.

a ~R D


The beauty of the written word is that you can return to it and get new
insights long after the event to which it refers has passed. This has been
my recent experience in going over the official report on the 1966 General
What has caught my eye relates to the voting in the Southern constituency -
popularly referred to as the Grand Bay district and comprising the area be-
tween Pichelin and Petite Savanne. I believe that readers will agree with me
that something strange happened there at the General Election of 1966. Figures
will bear out.
From the Report we learn that in 1966 the number of rejected ballots in that
constituency totalled 414 out of 2,044 votes actually cast. The proportion of
rejected ballots was therefore 20.29/% of the votes cast. In the 1961 General
Election this area had a rejected proportion of 2.3% and had, in fact, the
lowest proportion of all the constituencies of the island. It will look more
striking in tabular form:

Constituency Percentage of rejected ballots to ballots cast
1961 1966
Roseau Northern 7.9 11.9
Roseau Southern 9.5 2.9
Western 4.5 6.2
North-Western 4.7 4.4
South-Western 3.9 3.4
Eastern 3.0 2.6
North-Eastern 10.5 4.4
South-Eastern 4.5 2.0
Northern 9.1 4.6
Portsmouth 4.7 9.1
Southern (Grand Bay) 2.3 20.2

In 1961 the actual number of rejected votes in the Grand Bay constituency
was 41. In 1966 it was 414! Another way of showing up this strange situation
is to state that Grand Bay cast one-tenth of all the island votes in 1966 but
had a rejection proportion of one-third.
In yet another way the situation was even worse than is indicated in the
table. If we take all the polling stations of Grand Bay proper, including
Pichelin, (where more than half the votes were cast) and exclude the more dis-
tant parts of the constituency like Pond St. Jean, Bagatelle and Petite Savanne,
the rejected votes proportion is over 23%.
What can possibly account for this? From 2.3% in 1961 (lowest in the island)
to 20.2% (highest in the island) five years later. No one will be silly enough
to think that this is the result of increasing illiteracy. I suggest that some-
thing unsavoury happened in that area in the 1966 General Election which gave
R.P. St. Luce 937 votes and Stanley Fadelle 693,
There have been eye-witness accounts of the conduct of certain election
and other officials prior to and on Election day. With this as a background,
it is not difficult to surmise what happened. But no one will dare try this
in the 1970/71 General Election. Eyes will be focused on procedures and con-
duct of those involved.

I have lately been ruminating over the attitude of Dominicans towards
freedom and liberty as compared with other West Indians. My conclusion is that
we are in the very.front line and this applies to all Dominicans irrespective
of party affiliation.
(Continued on Page Four)

Paze Two


Saturday. January 31. 1970

THE S TAR T bre P,8e



-I N D I A

The Queen's Aunt Princess Alice,Chan- .. S.So no.Quotes front The
cellor of the University of the W.I., 1.970.. =PUBLIC DAY MESSAGE
opened the University's new four-floor HI~I C0&1 ISSIOIER OF INDIA
Library building on St. Augustine India bocanu a Republic on January
Campus;. This week UWI students de- 26, 1950. Wo Indians therefore cole-
clared against 'expatriate' Chancel- brated the 20th Anniversary of the Ro-
lors, saying they wanted a West public on that day.
Indian one. (See also page 30). ***,;******* ******
SWhile in the last 20 years we have
BRITAIN: Mr. Harold Wilson (P.M.) had occasioinf to feel happy at many of
flew to Canada and had a working our triuMphs, thoro have also been set-
dinner'with Premier Trudeau en route backs which threatened to undermine our
to Washington and talks with Presid- morale. The fact, however, that our
ent Nixon. He was the first foreignerdenocratic systo has survived, our in-
to attend a meeting of the U.S. Nat- tegrity as a nation and our political
ional Security Council in Washington~order remained intact and the froodon
At the conclusion of his tour he of thought and'oxpression has not been
said the Middle East was a source of cast overboard, to our nind connotes
constant danger and could escalate that we are onbarked in the right
into a very dangerous situation. Mr. direction.
Wilson, who arrived home on Friday T rnin to the economic field we
and was ordered to bed by his Doctorsfind a rsurgonce of now hope. The r-
had spoken over Columbia Broadcastingsuts of ur efforts in the fiTld of
ST. VINCENT: This Caribbean Island agriculture during the last few years
has launched a National Trust to have booel acclainod as truly out-
preserve the State's heritage ag- standing, oven by foreign exports' and
ainst the ravages of amateur arch- observers who ar' not generally chari-
aelogists, souvenir hunters and now table to developing countries like
Companies of developers. "With dev- India. Thanld to'the devolopnent of
elopment, St. Vincent faces the hez- new soed varieties and new farming
ard that with indiscriminate devel- techniques an, above all, our farmer s
opment it will soon lose what renainsresponsivenoss to new ideas, we have had
of its natural historical and human a record production of foodgrains for a
heritage Welsh Governor Hywel second year in succession, even ,though
George, chairman of the Trust, said the weather conditions last year were
in a radio appeal for membership and far front ideal,
support of the Trust. Hurrah, St.V ***************
During 1969, 15.e nest of the coun-
ST. VINCENT: In addition to Roman tries of tl1e world, Trinidad and Tobago
Catholics, Anglicans & Methodists, tesbf0 awrd Trinidad 1 Tobas0
Catholics, Aglicans & Methodists, celebrated Gandhi Centenary and a Sta-
Sthe Salvation Army participated at tue of Mahatna Gandhi was.unveiled at
Sthe ecumenical World Week of Prayer Port of Spin. Ga-ndiji believed ps-
Sgathering held in Victoria Park. Spain, Gandhiji believed pas-
gatherin hel in victoria ark, sionately in Oqual reverence of all re-
DOMINICA: Next meeting of the ligions, in equality of nan, in human
House of Assembly is dated Feb.25th. rights, in love and peace, non-violence
The case of the Portsmouth Kennip and truth .. a. his teachings offer a
tree was withdrawn in Magistrate's great -hope to the present day world
Court there, with costs awarded afflicted by hatred, frustration and
Against the Town Clerk. A large distrust, peoples and governments of
Number of people hung around the many countries have publicly acknowledged
court to hear the decision. ****** their faith in these teachings by cole-
APDLLO 11 Moon landing commemorative brating his birth centenary, It gives
Stamps (Dominica issue) will be on me special pleasure to note that India
S. sale to the public on Friday Feb.6. has close cultural ties, friendship and
They are printed in 6 denominations, understanding with Trinidad and Tobago
- First day covers will be available, and many other territories (including
. Building Adviser to the Ministry of Doninica) in this region,which draw us
Overseas Development, Mr. Michael happily clbo- t'ogether.- Shri L.N. Ray.
Smith (noted for his work previously O O OO I TO TT
as Windwards architect), will visit E OFFR OUTRY GOOD WISHES TO THAT
Dominica while on a 3-week tour. GREAT COUNTRY AND HER WOMAN P.M.

Ss~;l~3;~i~;a~sLc;ra-~~lslrv 91. ~7ri



Pa fi

ANDROCLES (Continued from Page Two)
From the 16th century when the Caribs of Dominica defied European coloniza-
tion, through the 18th century when our Negro slave ancestors took to the
forests, to the mid-twentieth century when the people let their representatives
"have it" for daring to promulgate the Seditious and Undesirable Publications
Act, 1968, Dominica has shown itself to be a bastion of freedom. The thing
courses through our veins and already doomed is the man who tries to obstruct
So much is freedom part of the Dominica make-up that we never allow build-
ups which issue in explosions in the matter of denial of freedom. At the first
sign of an attack upon our liberties, steps are taken to excise the source
of the infection so that the disease never really grows desperate.
I have been witness on numerous occasions to the reaction:of Dominicans -
particularly the uncontaminated ones when they hear for the first time some
of the provisions of the 1968 Act, such as the power to open letters at the
Post Office and policemen right to invade the privacy of the home "by night
or by day" in search of incriminating "seditious" evidence. The reaction on
such occasions is only little short of violence. You observe a change of
countenance which has been preceded by a brief moment of disbelief and followed
by a sullen:ominous silence. The adrenalin of freedom is being liberated into
the bloodstream.
By sheer co-incidence as I was writing this piece, the "Barbados Advocate-
News" of 21st January came to hand. On the first page of this issue we learn,
that Bird, the Premier of Antigua, has publicly stated that he may hold-back
the General Election due in Antigua this year in order to give Antiguans- the
opportunity of hearing the various programmes projected by his Labour Party
Government. This after 20 years of his rule and administration
I cannot conceive of this happening in Dominica without the -proposer being
.orn to pieces. That any politician should take the ultimate step of.defying
the Constitution is something the people of Dominica cannot understand and
would never tolerate. Incidentally, these contrasting attitudes are yet
another indication to starry-eyed federationists that great gulfs of thought
still exist between these British Caribbean territories on basic matters.
I feel that while many of the islands would riot over lack of food and
employment (cf. the year 1938), Dominica is more likely to riot if freedom
is denied and the Rule of Law tampered with. This is why I am so annoyed
about the wanton waste and destruction of the ancient Gommier trees and forests
which gave shelter and hiding to our nbgre maron ancestors. In the dark dank
forests of Dominica, the early inhabitants Carib and Negro learned the
lessons and the price of freedom. In some mystical way the thing still
courses through the veins of us who still draw our spiritual nourishment
from the breasts of Dominica.


Since private persons in this:
State are very quick to turn their
homes, premises and goods into
profit, and it is smart for a man
to build a new house and let it
offto a stranger for 3O00 or more
a month with a little furniture in
it, whose business is it that the
home mentioned by a Member of Ass-
embly, in Pottersville recently,
built by the Minister of Trade by
loan-purchase from C.D.C., should
not, be put to similar use? Why
should Ministers be blamed for

acting like ordinary business men?
Surely they have to look after them-
selves and their families in case they
do not get in next time?
REPLY by Editor: Perhaps such proto-
col is not observed in this State now,
but as a Federal Minister 1 (like the
others) received Cabinet instructions;
not to engage in private profit-making
activities while a, Minister of the West
Indies, unless by special dispenastior
This prevents Ministers from using thej r
high office to obtain special privilege
or advantage. ^s^ s

8,turday January 31 1970

( Page Four


* .4-;;?. j,%'.r::r AS i~

^ ,- ,-~4 V'.;-, ?. : ^ "-- ^ ^-
.~ -.~3 .
'>' tp4 t 'ct 1 r .4 V
sta- f-t.; i-. a' 6i~~
r. *; ._; : ^ ~. .' L.:2 r`'

.-. & ': .

i CA, CA, AC, o ..

cash ? fl, as l" t. which asee
- .'4 i. 4 a .rg+'- 7 '. pf1 De i
i -.a ni3 \ '.it-e;--. C *withi CD-C n iia
'4,1v &4f-... i :,',iiv (t ;' "' -,8 S 4-4 < ta4sLa. 6 C5t4'3'K.4,.444A,-.&.;.4'-4', +..2
,-ire k$mean Carx n Comneaweakh
-; tis C. rI. - .,ea s. P.. O .. .. '

... .- ? *. I '. -4+S
i .. ,.. :7 N T
I S i sare rai id 'ht lstephoae 4re- me gr
\ 4 s r'': i; be:;n s i that ac"ums fo ,
qu* rter ''iig ^h a jTs i 9i70 5' ve' ibeens posted and raw
n!*..' ^ya 'F;, a'ay'-'fts; f

4 Itl flwi

enjaiI disconR ceioieon d the taiphons, srcoi-
aY r; c 3 s ao r- t2.5e of cthe C;: ?
recit; Af Veo $2.5S per "

ige P A *ED


Young Men with Agricultural kaowc(4e .to work'
ias Overyserss Mka .have ability to qsupe.tke bour
and tsas responsibility for approgimalvy 150
'Acres caUivation on large Estates.

Ap^py ik- own handwriting to:
States Manag
Gee-st. IhCdutrk
Irt'r~fpr ~

is (Ws.L)




npi *
UAL. ~'


Sof accoN E P

SSal.a comnenasurate with experienw.-
Aply in otmn hakdtritin tO :

Estates Manage, -
Geet Inadustries W; 1.) Ltd.,
W,-a.4foa Hil Esgtate,



5ia~ef~nn~ ---tBILBI-P
a~--.~aanP Zs~)r-*.t'~ '4'Wzu--f~i444#Bgt)lld~


Assistant Cook, male or emale.

SPhone 6244 or write


L V4.*V~~rr-i *4'IVJ' la~g-' YNVI

... .. +.. .+o4 .t.- _.

.t .4+
@7 **-

-~~ ~ ~ -'-C* '

.._ I.. 4

' ttrara's Acme Garage cork s~~ree
"When You Want to be Sure, See Acme Garage "
L L-l~lR~-~P ) -~lii~ LL--)t-*ZPI L^H

SThe VP Range
of Wines is now dressed in a smart new
label. Still the same high quality and
value but given a great new personality
Buy a bottle today P tE H
Vp FIVE1 .


B'-Twa -a o


"~ ----


.i.- a-



i 7;-

Pafo Six

DAYS.. 9th AND 10th FEBRUARY, 1970
By virtue of the powers vested in no under Section 79 (1) Cap. 200 of the
JMotor Vehicle and Road Traffic Ordinance of Dominica', I hereby rake the follow-
ing orders for the control of Traffic and Masquerade Bands in the Town of Roseau
during Carnival on Monday and Tuesday the 9th and 10th February, 1970.
The undermentioned Streets'will be closed to Vehicular Traffic between the
hours of 8.00 a.n. and 7.00 p.nm on Monday 9th and Tuesday 10th February, 1970.
King George V. Street Fron junction of Qucch-IWMary Street to Old Stroet.
Old Street Junction of King George V Street to Kennedy
Kennedy Avenue Junction of Old Stroet to- Quoen Mary Streot,.
Queen 1ary Street Junction of Kennedy Avenue to King George V.
......... .... Street.

Carnival Bands will novo along the following routes:-
Eastwards Up Kennedy Avenue
Southwards Along Queen Mary Street
Westwards Down King George V. Street
Northwards Along Old Street
The public is hereby requested to co-operato with the Police on duty on
these days and comply with directions given in order to naked 1970 Carnival a

File No: H16/15/01
Dato'.. : 26th January,3 1970.
G.l1, 187-1/2, .,..,..,. -.


WI'HEREAS UNDER Section 90 of the Ro- On Saturday 31st January, 1970, The
soau Town Council Ordinance (Cap,.189) Officers and IIoubers of the Seventh-day
of the Revised Laws of Doninica of 1961, Adventist Church of Roseau will pay ho-

it is ordained that the Roseau Town
Council shall twice in each year not
later than the 31st day of January and
the 31st day of July,,, by Resolution,
declare that a rate not exceeding one
and one quarter per cent on the values
(as assessed under the said Ordinance)
of all houses and lots of Iand in the
Town of Roseau, shall be lovable as
Land & House Rate for the current year.

nage to those mnobers in their congroea-
tion who are noro'advanced in ageo
In the morning, during the 9.30 and
11,00 o'clock services, they wuAl be honourable guests, and in -
the afternoon during the Young People's
service at 4..00 pl.. they will have the
privilege of sharing their talent and
experiences with the rest of the nenbers.

BE IT RESOLVED by the Roseau Town PORT OF PAN: Lt OIk Trini
Council this 27th day-of January, 1970, PGuardia said The Caribbean Regional
thait a rate of three quarters per cen- Shipping Council sees to be avoiding
tun (-%o) only shall be levied on the tIe old problrs -- "To keep or not to
values-(as assessed under that said keep the federal vessels, to extend or
Ordinance) of all houses and lots in not to extend the service to French and
the Town of Roseau for the current Dutch ports in the eastern caribbean
year. countries as well as to the non-carifta
B.J. Cools-Lartigue countries".
CHAIRMAN The New~spapor added: "Last week's
ROSEAU TOWN COUNCIL. council noting in Port of Spain ended
like that of a village football club --
179-1/1 inproporly constituted and with two
fco-saving decisions to reappraise
the structure of the council'and to contribute the traditional subsides which
are expected to run into 690,980 dollars in (TT) in 1970.." Reuters


Sa-f;urdav. S~ulunrv '51, 14~70


Satur January 31, 190 -
0 j0 I -* V

by Ronnol
The ever hilarious., ever popular,
Urban Harrigan stepped thru the slit of
orange and gold to comnnnce the "New
Generation" showbizorana at the Goodwill
Parish Hall Sunday last.
Taking hold of the electric nerve re-
ceptor (my name for microphone) was
SMAs Marshall Lawrence the Mighty
Conqueror. He was duly applauded for
his road narch tune, "Judy W'ake Up".
The Mighty Ace was neort with his
story about a pregnant spouse,
Then a tiger (humni) took to the
platform ... the Mighty Tiger made his
debut with a well accepted tune -
"Eiloent it's tine to go".
.... And from the pleasant "war" came
the G.I's with Philbort doing a self-
composed. number. Ken Robinson did a
second G.I. soloo
Soon afterwards a be-spectacled
Tropical Butterfly flow into the night
to tell everyone about nacco baccanal.
I wonder how den but-a-flies smart so.
The Butterflies did their pop "I
don't want you to leave no".
"Jump Up in de Band" said Mighty
Comnandor as all foot woint a..-tapping.
Grey-jacketed, white-pt'io4 Tilly
vibrated into "You got to pay" and
Antiguan Al Jackson then hit the
platform with such an impact in his
Floyd number "Knock on Wood" that
he was-called onstago'in a three-timer'
till T.N.T boy wonder, follow--Antiguan,
Philips, joined in with tho Janos Brown
"soul clap" and "Hey,# hey,. I feel
alright ."
Indeed it was a groat show and hats
off to the HARMONEE 10 fdrnirly
TELSTARS COMBO. Rental Avril on the
lead really did a fine job on the
strings~ while Alwyn Poly rolled the
wood beautifully on the skins.
The sea kingdom is bringing fish to
the carnival compound this year again -
this time in Ton Miller's "-'oby Dick".
Beautifully constructed witLh little
wood,. wiro-notting and papi.--nmarche
the "Moby Dick" toan is sura to hit the
road with due impact as the cardboard
clowus'of Jin Murray did two years ago.
Hoy, don't be hanging you.- hook out
for a catch. Fishes hate bai.t espe-
cially when they wall; the lan-d.

posrM a~i nonoy f~r. O'l cwIdo ccrity,
assumo zne prn ary burton for t nelr own

But maybe you should run away front
Tom's "Giant Centipede" cause she will
bite. Just think: you're gonna have
28 girls from GJHS and St. Martins
under the thing, nan) Here, boys are
strictly absent as-they'll be rith
Moby Dick.

I rust apologize as I make my exit.
I've Displaced my SONG HITS containing
"Nobody's 'ChlidiZ1'. 'Sorry and Bye.*
-.* t

-.. ..NOTICE


Tenders arc invited for the sale of
two (2) fishing launches fitted with
10 horse power Potter Diesel Engines.
The dimensions of the launches are:
Overall length 22 feet
bean 8 feet
draft 3 feet
The launches nay be inspected at
Fond Cole on the citrus jetty, and for
this purpose the Fishery Officer nmry be
Tenders for the purchase of the
launches, stating price offered, should
be addressed in sealed envelopes to the
Financial Secr.try, Ministry_ of
Finance,, and caarly marked' "tender for
Government launchess, and forwareaodnot
later than -21th February, 1970.
There is no obligation on the part
of Governrhhnt to accept the highest or
any tender,
C.A. Sorhaindo
Financial Secretary
File No. T.4/4
26th January, 1970
G.19,1 7"- T/2. '

PORT OF SPAIN Trinidad and Tobago's
National Uno6nloynont Association is
advocating the complete abolition of
posts for here.:
The Association claims, in a ncno
to the Governnent, that the nation
can supply "from our own resources
enough skills for the development of
our country,".
BEAR YOUR OtN BURDENS :Presixdent- iixon
said in his state of the Union message
to Congress last week that the United
States, once the chief provider of nan-
now was goingg to let other countries

Sa~turit~. January 319 19_70


c--- .. .:.i
'l Hs1F PJn4 '-.- -. .. ,;;


-"' T 1 Y 'k

7Se. nd 1in S ri s rDea i "iah


F ? hf' crnsr' l ->. f cash and when we ciaslh
'h wtfer in the mountain or
S"i iant' ;y.' sea. I am going to cut out
Shis h ver, throw it in this
SI .. station and wil say to the
S delep silence fell ~Ir th e cro ded cor -.rirt pr.- '.: ,..i der.m hat s the

Iaffe.:r on t A-rci satoo:dtw t3h-yeer-: .sa .Evyn d said she advised
rkainn o B.-- zo., hi the .,-,rg-. .
ii sre oV .-i.. -, steTi4 Wethe. .,-sor' hi.:. "No. Before: von k;I
i'.'rn: COr vcted & the -:i of :his flni Robeer t him chop off' hia hands axd
Mfatthsew of S..d.i-rs. L ': ;, :n r.'. ,ta-I 'I' I f ,c-t us feed him." ie told her-
js ay .y-.-. r V he P .: .. h' I was going I ae and
'efre Sea c-nce a .- turnYed off. "I to d him go
,passed r, Mr;. ~: ; aot six f e t tal hear and keep y j-self out
fas t ,,. 7 :f s. 5'_in..- ,-.* .. of, t iuble,"
JD.B. Renwick, wael ,,, : tie toi-: l "
S room under poli a tsco; t Crcss-examiii'd- by M r.
"I hope the c-rt wil dowa the steps a : I 6'-. she said shr, d'd not
'have mercy on me";, Jr into the yard w hre tiSow why the3 deceased had
said. ,ut far is c.-,r c:, had asr n blen. P' wii the h cu- sed. he b

oMary RRfwr.ias of As he s s I : avw / ordinary friends a id she was Vgilage w ho in the police vi.n h. ano inUlove with tie accursed
was one of the Prosets- 2iTins ster h s:e ; any of his bire Uers. The-
tion's witnesses, it was : jhlg'. dc the veli;-h I Defence Co' sel AJ it to
Sheer that.she dit not hear
he called out .o .'0 th. accused say be would
"I hope Maiy Richard- to "i take ii". .' kil1 Bob Wiley.
to .. i t e s .. -" w. s kin Bob Wile,. .
son w! be a widow and appeal" R
a drunkard and walk Ruth Ann Abb, tt told of
and beg she bread all The two-day C. is. b I. how on Augus.t 21 she was
the days of she life and gan on Mtntay n-o -in staring a Mrs. C' rstoph e
she .children- dem walk this week when h: :o iLtc in Saddler albot 4,3 o
and beg they bread all herd that Arsn.l t.ivar- iwhtovm she sent to buy ao
the days of dem life and chester "J a c,:. ha ', bryson (soft drit k) and ice
end up where I end up." stabbed to d e ,: in in a cup. The accused war
'riend Robert Iv .a. i sdtaadtt about ''feet away.
SAnd e ven as the "'Bob' f be MattR-ew ne up and-
*unrepentant, iurcirr Aui aid something o0 he-. She
unrepetant murder Village on Au! 2?, asked excuse "a d went to
spke -- the man who 196 a er pipe. t her return
1 n 1964 had killed she saw Matth )w wih his
another and then drew For the prose or lwi ; hand across hi chest and
an 8-year sentence for Mr. Herbert Squir,( D eit retreating saying "Jack, Jaclk
manslaughter conster- o Pubic Prose you sab e." Le. ran to a
nanslaughter -i censver- called thirteen wirs ss s t neighbour's yane. '.here he fell
nation *gripped every testify and. for tb,: C E:An down and died
listener, was Mr. iN.'. .:-:' B ti.r.
*i To a re, t. cross-<:x; mina.ton s-he
To an order, the o vib said '.i.. she ha the rink
spectators stood. IThe 0 : th'e deceased i: id to her, 'give
Judge donned the black, Th e first .it Ei me some of hat". She gave
ap and imposed im e the Evelyn of Saddlers.i ej s' ; him the cu{ with the drink.
maximum penalty --. was at her sister's 1 ., He ad wo a h a
death by, hanging at an August 20 about 4. 30 p..n itt hand bout tir. week
appropriate da, a when tel accused < a. e t ago .0
ppand said "it has a : The: d aiiied's aunt, .r-
C'ad in grey suit, -~e younI he g,'; Lewis, fte '": ext vit:ess told
A n b romIwn I;'. P . onr., to I; si n. of how ,he was cracking
SOCks .n d brown s l She asked hWi -wh, a t om ab at 30 feet from
Artold Manchetter ',rrson and i-. t6ld isee. E '..-:.. Eg ,anti.c Ross ,Kuth.
.fairy big man a adwiley. "We 'ae g.iig t., \Ann Ab att and Bob ,:,

"i~'l-; 2 dscascd) vwcrse drinlins;,
S'Ai: saw the accused go 'by
their and std tad tip, Her bick
was r;.. turned when :he
bear, I scanetrnaig. As a result
ie Wirt to-her yard, s;w
the : caused .. .;-; her gate
wilh a long knife in his haitd,
and discovered Rbert Mat-
,tew ,l:,''n down in the yamrd.
*'1te police were telepho!e!Cl.
.So ill feelinggs

C a3st-examinc d, Lewis said
abp, < ii t ot hear the decm.ied
say ie ','o.: with the accused -
for a log di-e." To he;r
k-.-.- .J..- there ere n ',
*resir g; bet, sen. the two' imen.
She had ssCi themn togcLter
on wseverd occasions. rane
tLime they were riding: the
varshT donkey on their way
to h moui tair. She bpd
" tiat tbe d&,:eCassd liad
wAtaldied Ruth a-n Abbtitt
but could noit tell .. .- :'.v-r
'a d:.cased had 'I. .,- J
tc Ik1 'e aism ad for ; :rt
a .st- tment against. himr
Sb-rt -.. te, told of
how abont 6 p.. the ac-
cu~ I ad entered his shop
a'd seid "I just kil the b1d
r-ain Of J5..i. .-.." He asked
two whho h meant and. e
ir.-f d "&ob'-"
R b Wiley's tcext aunt
Vet-' nica Matthew of Laving-
ton. aid the deceased used to
Seat sii meals at her .home.
iHe, amei 'by her at at bo'it 12
nct ; Aingust 21 and d-';iwed
ins d irk troue.C', two skhirtis -
a pi t-iy oTre ard a banrt!: and
Nat and white sliprfprs
f; ,.: about 5.30 o as
ssh v'irkd in- a canei tfid,
.. &,-the accuseP -cant up
|i.,:' aa hand bag he t:,o5- a
bott e of run and said '.-'
m r .ri 'ak this for the aNa:
for I just ki'l Bob,. 'e
rog:, He gas': her:: a
A 'is point, the mige
.Iav :` ywere yo'u ceicb atiag
th : O, f of voC neph,.'v '"
"T'o -tas, she said sthe did
oM"t bi.ieve thei aclclusOed aTrd
.a it". had taken the ,l;a:.
I zi theiW coniti nn1d : >-a "i.
Ithsat I'.E turned o1f'1, fhen a:r'
'ed i tf, mre took a ani.
Ifj bi hid aist ai;d said i
jua"l, gvt binm this a.]d ai -

'F8se9~o bi~b u~lja&
"'" ~-- axslupa~i~

.a January 31, .ji.'
body gon get it. Ah going h '-..i p-ac I Wn h -,. a:' 'a-nd r .g t o n, w Ihe
a d . ..'.Ia. h. d 1... .: D l c i.,: o n a
tsp W. Halt -d iS j Sit r out -i t hat hir n ... 'i penknEe in his
wask iast and be went straight legs werte far from ona She sod on the fatf v
i.wa ths road. Tthe knife aother." the aitdi aad deceas i is-'h n -' -'. 1n at ne and he
:i .,a ,ii e." Th d to;e Z th oo : -,bout it1y M-; Ui -s b ast M sir (Here
-... y from Ro't n Adolphit Locker's z; i ? sie Ross sboutL: "You
,.. ;., : .,,, An- AbboJ au d N*UF'.,u:.L . and I wa COnia~i-
S. 1 -;.. i sme cte:- .- tre- c wese presti 1 1 .., e, t away Ti the
fai 8 .... S :r:. "' "' ie i i aiah and be. -,- .- s '-- ;. ad e cate at me
wni,. hse sed c.ul. .-e .a ii, off i the .-* H s .fie .;,e wi a wouldd ki ..i:', -. ri asid 1 took Uty
?. kgwi VEi.rAe '. mwt sa the knife i.hs waist" .':; W'Uo, 7...:. i-s- a.d I *:iTS a stab
tSe. .be, ;-. SH U The related how he s--, : 1A r- then to T "Go Out tea. He na 'M-eO j in the
e dead" : .: :u r' r: .t--.:.* ? it hbad! -n.. : :,. kill one .: he coot," Ia, I aw I
who amn and he -' "P.n' : .'.1 ., .::hi n in he :., sThey ,.rAa asy je!ra-ey ito Dippe
.rAd e-dtad. I s i' '-i go It Me a, -:;:. a n -She id Bob diod ny.
ran, yu always i c oi appear to be ?~-' but. "I did feel a bit- hugr,
.--- said 'making ju. she- was still r-tting hiau .say- sir, so I say well 'I gong to
N' -, d te -; r ilg "'.. :, :." e st my food -and after I
',i- at .Diippn Bay O.-"- t a. sig ai the pebm'.' i3',v fiLishd eat the, g to to th
S'o. f-.M :bst cshe b' M 1.10 ; olice l-.-; Q' r, ?, A;.- TIi to .ake .re-
o ld. -. a> jr toldb V of :-. th'.'
*. .;.. .-a h a o t| j e iak fe i i i .... ''. ; ,- t it t' e h" om of the: -
'tir and saw-A Bob: i. o .3 S; C;. gCot r-,1 auisea d in ;.-,;:jc Bayi, ""Whi ating siir,. I SB
,, C ... adt s"' g a b at -. a.:r.;; i his '-, h'..; i '. *'' :-: 1 ai"s told ,,5
jdad. ,. "d .him '- r I L' L'A tn .to the
F.ti ,;. 'I -'. "t h th i e,.s .r. .. ct d out a -.'-_ :'.- -., S- itioo; and I do. f:0,
e o e 1. tr as quCestta n o to 9
i he wnss said i cross .. 3 sd. as .,.-. v.. but fou a K.r& !:. A and I turd to
.. it ha t a They 'VOy a re1ste i thmn and said I ave to
I. opea3l P chest. aUd -. ; :wi .,ith tbhel meit nst ito ve .th~em atil
S.. .. h ...i. fu ..of ... tMhe kf u'.p t'r r f the e. :.. -!tb day of triaL
hiale ae nld te WpAtIvitoud .ti .....S ;
iaSa, 'nr "b-c fir- .'., .., h ig hr. 7ATht re a-Srfl flb
Bo te o ds. ntotlek chanmer. F 5. Fra2na cscid aint ow, Sir.Y ....
Ri %. .evd.vnkc that l .did n'
S.u-' RoS, a rmn-ad- A tie r i ., e br w"p s : 'In h i 30 a -minut on addg to
dict but oe of 1the -'c. inatruient co.duM .:- .sw"- .- ary s --a- "' *. the Jury. te Dee:.. Counsel
;tims- mAph; witnesses told of i i wod. d ;: .r. .-,foree Bay- Piei' ... ,. n Mr. Nassibu" Butler .-refesrred
thowae . '.tse cup w. i o Pc. b tI ;s-ed for er te to the conflicting evidence of
.he. iL rib w.. c- ...*..-- th.i wim sses ; the cruel
.tt. ,he deceased an :', 1 .. *<. .." t C< rn.mntality of Ruth AArn Abbott,
... a buildingg t-.. a -%f -' -- th -, conduct of Egsiada Ros.
zrg uilt, aon 2 M ary ,o.... '. cobo Hi and Mary Richardson's con-
S.or msoW of the dlntm nd ost ..," .. os,,. p, .!1 fie sed hatred for the a~csd.
|Sie" av ham t- np sa~ evisnce .i .(t ,::t she said -,.' speak. ai e t:.
j-ad .i .. to drink as ,1-. tie c.. :-;. 'pagd ., oc, :. He urged thn jury to find
as be w'-3'nted- He gav br two box" ich had cau that when the accued let: go
back ~he b tw Wn7 bc a agt
,ack ;fe cup vd sh- gave h~- d&xciased. '" sr.. i a"'-'"' th.. stab he was acinig in self
!0'a :it.i b1y to ".,r; 8 e I 9w a .1' a .
war .r.' he frWom a pip-. Hv-, s he had i; ea tEd 1 Vet :..::.
: .. se t-- ws fie ... h 'isi Mr.,, Squaies, the P.,P.P in
"I. ,.-.,'. she said e ract-' kit every a ia he ... i 'c. '::t -rans .~+s i.: his t-cL:.2It; a ddress asked
use(d ih ef'ci t Ip, '--. -., okrA i-..s y.rd abe t ti- ..- i me Sir, sad asked mi if te Jury. to exaaiia bthe case
ih ? ^ : ::/ .. .... .- ,,. o h.. s. .. .. whaen ami see -whfeter the accused
i.s WuaeC ; t,: deceased and ,; : e .: t, r- ayin wa com-ing from my work. w .-he a r:.e, r or, pyao;,
,aiid 'tov sh dgot .... ir I had t fr A o. h ke .ht ol" hnr yes. He ~tel mS I e. had .-.; u. t-narE.,B '-
:-y -'u d-d -. ;' kiCI h4 a au ght you:'"~" "',ow inim to the ad. H. .i. chi teo do
S'ou reaiy noW 'Wit th at. p Tr the a.ntali 'I -' ". siai. I d.o so. : thirpat ".as eacrsaKle mtn
e a: ,. -: ght a ---e Satt out VyoUr t :e 6. He Wv;e oa .. ..0 ... i womea of A .c-t d."
m.Si. he ecsan sd duckedIt ...r-v. it tho .ti.he i. another afae'noa e ,:TO .
ot u a ed :uar.ed 'a.cwards i Police Otationl. eboo Icoming from work w he Lordshi'p 1 Jdg'
se::d keen ge;ig tc a sreaming down t.i ;.:s. :4i':,et the sae fellow. ; a Isnati-- iated ir almost
hium. e yrv Ru. h ,-n a somac. He .-: a 1 .'told meI ,,i ie wa ~n- .. '21 hours ,' .i-sd:'-.: mr;ta,-
b! ci oct .red han.i!i brg to t' -in and bga r down Wi io understand dhat I -" e a ,; reviewed ith evik-ece of
I.r .i .e. a s 'k :,.;.k t i s.B Lri..-'i .i. he statemet against him Si,; .h witmaesss and directed the
.4c-asgiad with. board isu.d -ia ty f kn ife w and he ils going to kill e.i Jury on the definitaons of
tnia. ki.f., and .men hS i2 s~aid o;hiog .:-c bis pocket, I went Cto the police statfioj murder cma manslaughter and
,s-i umt ;ouI ... I Iad It or atook hii .. i bag from Ruth about tiree or four tiriPe and what io look for in *.Ie case.
iyu a 1..g8 ime The.a R.uth s i. a..d said '@ I g bhis 'I land complaints.
A.ii.n said he... th w- 'Tbey retired at 1130 anai
S. "On the 21st r.4-:: Sir, at, a 130 reurned with the
ec.a the? .. dSc-~cscd ,eni Ue sssr e t. lis ,ar, dr; waa coming from mty work verdict of guilty of murder
:.,k wht banK 0,3 .i. is :; a' d sh3 t wa. earr'ie 'a with a.' g what I does put
,tes (hesh ts dea-onstrated) "k "- but fher asbad it mv lBnc in. i have pCi i(tPrted by
--;i t A .. j-u i45 .I -s O es ago .;;tof knife which I does stick
C..ook m.e. o,.' He wet i- For ts, ts in GC..--.'~ breadfrut- ;,i'.; !:'; going St. ittUT Dmoracg)

71 Lma~ama~a

W -4- 0-11NED,7 THE A'
FAA t 'J



IP 'L .1 F
k. ~

~ .L-;

i:~_ .-%i.





WES fRanisen Vincent Peltier was a bright and successful newsbey,
selling papers in the streets of Roseas, none could have guessed at
his promising early career in the British Any. Ranison is now serving
in the Juaior Tradesmen'sa egiment, Army Cadet Corps at bt. Omer .
Barracks, Al4erahot. In his 1969 report, the Gompany GCoisander wrote:
"A most comaeinable final term with. the Regiment in all phases of
training. I wish him every success in his first posting on Adult
service. I f1lly endorse his Platoon Coaar. remarks. A stalwart member
of the 'B' 10 Tors (Adventure training) team. Well done." And after
these words from the Major, his Lt.Col. (C,0,) added: This is a most
deserving report for Peltier I have every confidence that he will be
a most worthy member of the Corps*" In his individual alubects one finds
remarks like "considerable effort unbounding enthusiasm".. "he has
done very well"... ( "A good student" (education)...
"A very ha.r working person who is always keen to learn" (Physical tr.)
Ranison's weight sis 186 Ibs and his height 76 Jinshes...B R A V O!

UWI Appeal

,ir ohi lbrJ-1i0 i ifec7idi "
Dr Roy Marshall's speech.
Seated at
the table, from tefl to right,
are: Mr C. Michael lHughes,
Princess Alice, Lord Boyd
of Merton, and Mr Asion
;IN THT: PREUENCE of Princess Alice, Countess of Athlone, who is Chancellor of the University of the West Indies, the Appeal in
the United Kingdom to raise 500,000 to enable the UWI to fulfill its commitments for learning and research in the Carib-
ibean in the future, 'was inaugurated in London on October 16th. WEST INDIES CHRONICLE : DECT.MER 1969

*I .

'S 1 **

i B -7-:

t Apr~w~s'--I


-, ----tr ------V ,- -^ r

Pare Eleven

The public is hereby notified that
with'effect from Tuesday 13th January,
1970,1 the dental clinics for adults
will be held at the clinic operated by
Dr. Hari Ramcharan and located in
Castle Street (opposite CDC's office).
The clinics will be hold on-Mondays,
Tuosdays., Thursdays and Fridays from
11.00 a.n. to 1200 noon and from 1.30
p.n. to' 400 pr. The clinics formerly
operated by Dr. Bruce Stuart have been
tonporarily closed,
Residents in and around Roseau are
requested to seek dental service only
in the afternoons. This is to facil-
itate patients front out-districts, in
that they nay have sufficient time to
receive treatment and return to their
hones on the sane day. The co-
operation of the public is therefore
The above arrangonont will remain ii
force ui.nt-il further notice.

E & H 500/705
14th'January, 1970
G.17, 174-1/1


I used to want to live in Ghana.'
A few years ago I had a very close
friend who was a Ghanaian, and I was
amazed at the stories of graft and cor-
ruption that he told ne of (he was in-
volved too). I an one who wears an
Afro haircut and shirt. I really
thought that just lately Ghana was
settling down a little, but now a
quarter of the population has been
ordered to leave Ghana by the Govt.
Those are Africans who have lived there
for y6ars but who were born in Nigeria,
Voccta, or Togo.
Ever since those unfortunate peo-
ple have had to start leaving Ghana,
the fare on Ghanaian buses (rough
trucks just like ours) has risen by
400,,. ,so any chauffeurs' who 'want to
got rich quickly,, go to Ghana, there
are two million people on the move be-
ing kicked out of Ghana, and that's a
lobtof truck loads* I an not a truck-

All persons in the Town of Portsmouth
are hereby inforuod that from this year
(1970) and onwards,. Land And House
Taxes will be collected by the Town
Clerk at the Office of the Portsmouth
Town Council.
Collection at the Sub Treasury will
therefore cease, and all persons con-
cerned are asked to note this change.
Leaflets are now distributed to every
dwelling house in the Town Area giving
more details on Tax Collection which is
due on 1st April 1970, instead of 1st


Sgd. O.J. Magloire.
- ...P. ort'dmouth Town Council

O1 *O UT"GA. (Conold.)
-&a _-L.1 V ( .d. ) _L.

number of well educated (university)
leaders, I anieginning to think that
they could' loan something front the West
If it wore not'confirnod in thenmost
reliable quarters, it would be quite
literally unbelievable. Yet it is a
fact. The Czechs and Slovaks are being
exhorted to praise their conquerors.
Czechoslovak history has now been ef-
fectively rewritton, and the people are
being asked to spread the good word.
They thought that they had freodon
for a few months in 1968 but they are,
now told this was their imagination.
What they actually had, according to the
new version, tws "a general destruction
of all ideological values". They abe
asked to tll. each other that "the pe-
riod of the building of socialism was
completely negated and called a period
of darkness",
In- 1"1984t", Godrge Orwell's 'Winston
Smitht'worked for the "I~lnistry of
Truth'-', and his job-was to go through
old newspapers and change what
happened literally change what
happened. "This is what the Czechs and
Slovaks are noi being askod to do.
Orwell, prophet is he was, would be
astonished how near to the reality his
fantasy has become in Czdchoslovakia

I used to think that all Africa's of L r f d
newly emerging nations would really I BAvB:DOs:1e of Labour foundd work
show something, but in spite of their overseas for 960 Barbadians during the
last quarter of 1969,

.Sn~F.~lr~nv. ;mn~lnrv ??, 1970

S? u-T .1 '.
i' .T AZET'E, Montrea T. ., J 1 1970

-Tit 4mr,a
t mment, in soe- -

,gat e ,-s ara sm t : ".

.r^' I:ct e .. ',
f k -y, by .' C,
A ?'ir'i*a t ps 2 a

e very ki nd of origh1,m .! and 'ou'd *sh'et -
can be obtained v hNke you ame waiting
Sj at Sup- Office of
L. T. D Surveying & 7.. r... .,.: Ltd.
A"'. Knarol W. JM L 2521
it' Kngt <3ex ; Steet Rrea.. x
_BIIPt--- .icf Prc .; k a,.2 B .t- ,3 .

| .. .. ,n I. + c .

' '1 expern ned B oof.- K.{pno,
JI ^ female and overs S

4. 4 .
-i B: >-/ "

Valley Engmeering
| e s & S0e r v f
"fr"-d 't *|
C ;, ^ ^ l* r -4-I5

--,. -. ,._; .... -,i

r;"0& -COrM-lr de-Lare fL% 2.193 I
,b + ".* ., ,. c j.
,._.a .;...

A:. TI A-4 No.308
Alas; i a g-a e s e c. i f F
A o Ia good cc

to t. &.-z? lyT :T..2
-i Ib;'

lR mh nuicc hiC tib r!ercoauie


i i,.E' V ITY, Nt VIG"OUR -

iqN, C

SdF .. L,: ^ '.-,oF
,i. _.i I.N J at .-E


.... j$, S-? ,,
^*Hi it^*K ^

S. ?. T 0 I t4 I Y.,
Rl IT !

i..u .;

Thi-nv Tpnn +,111, rl ja -17-1. iqTR Park Thirteen

As we nove into the modern age we
have two modern supermnarkets in town,
and cny day now a third to be opened.
These all represent a vast improvement
over past conditions, and competition
between them does give us a glimpse
of occasional bargains...BUT.
Those Supernarkets are supposed to
be carbon copies of ones; in Britain/
Canada/Iierica. .. .but although the
outward appearance may be the same,
the lpienic conditions under which
they operate, and the Health laws un-
der which they nust operate are very
Frozen Foods
Frozen foods do not keep forever:
Freezing, unless done with modern.
Flash freezing techniques, removes
both flavour and goodness front food.
Once frozen food has boon'thawed it
should be used iu:odiatolyor else
thrown away. It is a oomnon occur-
rence to have imports of frozen food
sit around the doclk in the sun for
hours before it is taken to the Free-
zors (so far as I know there is no
refrigerated truck to take it inT. So
listen Next tine you shop for frozen
food, inspect it carefully,. If
there's just a powdery frost on it -
its O.K., but any signs of ice neans
that it has been allowed to thaw and
then re-frozen. Look OutZ
I should add that our smaller
stores are even worse offenders for
this. Many of then have freezers that
are not designed for commercial use in
the tropics and just don't work
Refrigerated Foods'
A number of foods that are meant to be
chilled only are frozen by the re-
tailors this means that the flavour
and goodness are largely removed.
Itens like Butter and Yoghurt,
which are not meant to be kopt for
long periods, are a common sight
covered with GREEN MOULD in the chil-
lers of super-markets, and (as I have
personally found out)' are not good for
one's digestion. .
Rusty Damaged Cc:ned Goods
Yet another probleon is the large
amount of rusty anV. damaged tins of
various kinds of food that are" put on
'sale and which are a distinct health
hazard. What make;n this worse is that
it is the poorer p 1oplo who are en-
couraged to buy th3ran

Like everyone else, I get fed up
with the high price of food hero. Ro-
cently on a trip to St Lucia I observed
that most items there were a few cents
cheaper and one particular iton (Instant
Coffee ) was one-third cheaper than here.
This last weeo I have seon what night
be a part excuse for high prices. I
have observed that a ship, the Elisaboth
Ludendorff (atcuse my spelling) has boon
anchored off Rosoau for over a week.
The running costs of this kind. of no-
dern ship mre very high, and the sone-
one who has to pay for that ship lay-
ing there is eventually us, the
Last woee I road an insert in the news-
papers delineating the standards for
trucks before they are licensed. After
reading it I cane to the regretful con-
clusion that if it ncans what it says,
then about 30% of our trucks will be
off the road very soon for not corply-,
ing with those standards. I applaud
the standards but I feel sorry for
the poor polIico trying to enforce theii

Mrs Niellie Dupuis, widow of the
Slate Ahbrose Dupuis of Portsmouthi re-
*coived a choque in the sun of $1,000
last wool front I1r. Thonas Irish
(Portsuouth Reproesntative of th6
American Life Insurance Co. Ltd., de-
putising'fir IM. Curtis Tongo, Agency
Manager ) -
This 'iS front a group Insurance
Scheme taa:on by the Dominica Analganated
Workers Union rith tho. Corrpany in fa-
vour of its mnobers. Amidst Cheers nd
great jubilation Ne lie was also pro-
sented a copy of her letters. of Admin-
istration by the General Secretary of
the Union lr. A.F. Joseph, which en-
abled her to collect her cheque.
Nellie nd her1 deceased husband joined
the Union ii' -p'teonbor 1968.

S I 'I E 0 IT B E N J A M I N
10 John Lanie:
S-"Roseau, Dominica.
Telephone No. 2884"
SPICES, etc.

171-2/2 "...... .........
** ,*

P~nc Thjrtoo~

~ntt~~~r7n7r- .T~m~nrTr ~?. '197C)


-- F e THE STAR S, 3

Fertilizer allocations due to be
issued under this Schen6 for the quar-
ter ended 31st Decerbeor,, 1969, are now
available to growers.
Growers nay call at the Insurance
Office at Roseau or at Portsmouth for
their Issue Vouchers.-.. --..
Growers in the. Dixtricta served by
District Fertilizer Stororoors nay
call at such Storeroons for their
Issue Vouchers and Fertilizers on the
usual days.
One additional out-district store-
roon has been establis'hed'at Colihaut
as from 30th January, 1970 and growers
in this district nay call at such
storeroom for their Issue Vouchers and
Fertilizers on Friday of coach week
from 9.30 a.n. to 2.30
It should be noted that on the days
when any District Stororoon is opened
for business, it will not be possible
for any grower in the District or Dis-
tricts served by that Storeroom' to ob-
tain his Issue Voucher at the Insu-
rance Office in Roseau or Portsnouth.
Issue Vouchers will be issued to
growers on presentation of their
Selling Cards.
2-9th January, 1970

vagely mauled two small children at
an open animal park near here before
their father and two attendants
rescued then. The pregnant lioness,
named Lena, ran 80 yards with one of
the children four years old-in its
jaws after snatching the screaming
girl from an open car window.

I would -lik to suggest that our
banks do something noro to help the
present situation in our state. That
is, to allow noro hours for business.
Fron 8 to 12 noon we do get a lot of
business done, especially for our
country folks. But supposing a.skole-
ton staff would be willing to work 2'
days a week longer from 4 pm to 8 pm,
we in the town would be nuch relieved.
Oh yos. Let's say Tuesdays and Fridays
and those ,willing clerks could be dou-
ble paid,. L~tor on as we are definitely
going forward it nay become a' dall
Any couent,,, Mrs. Editor? *

t.o- Ed.

Hugh Lawrence,

Sixty You hi L6aders of the 2-1 nril-
lion young people fron all over the
Caribbean will neet in Jamaica next
sumnor to evaluate the historical
political andcultural heritage of the
area and to consider the dynamics of
an integrated policy of socio-oconomic
developnont for the region
At daily lectures, and workshops
sponsored by The U.W.I. the Caribboan
Youth Leaders will study the History,
Cultural Dovolopments and the major
contemporary Social and Political pro-
blens of the Caribbean area.
Will Dominica send a Youth delegate?

Czechoslovakia has a new 'Conserva-
tive' Prime Minister. Lubonir Strougal,
a former interior Minister, replaced
Mr. Cernik "in an extensive party shake-
up that swept awfay the last remnants
of the Refornist Dubcek Era.

In Paris the influential fashion
house of Christain Dior has dropped
the honlines on his dresses to nidchlf
The longer skirt harks back to the
length that in=rortalized his first coll-
ection in 1947.
BLACK POWER WARNING: Trinidad The point
to be careful about over Black Power was
that it tended to follow American practice.
without local relevance... thus said Dr.Eric
Willians in THE INATION. (Contd. back~ao)

Pare Fourteen

Saturday, January 31, 1970


Saturday, January j 1, 190 THE STAR Page Fifteen
In Russia it has become a habit of the regime. to put .people who do not agroo
with the Cormunists into lunatic asylums. Up till n'ow, this has been thought
of as a regrettable puocoLein,g but at least an advance on the old Stalinist ne-
thods of torture, concentration carp and death.
It has also seemed to have some vague connection with Comaunist doctrine,;
and thoXe has been an attempt in Moscow to sell it to the people as such, both
at home and abroad. The narch towards Comounism is a march of progress, it has
been said, and anyone who is agaisnt progress must be wrong in the hao.. If
nobody-else believes this weird doctrine, the 'Russian 'CCnnunist leaders have
sonmticos been givent-hb.benefit of the doubt as to their own beliefs,
Now,, however, information has come out of the Soviet Union which shows us
that even this is not true. The habit of putting political opponents in lunatic..
asylarms is by no moans an advance to more enlightened forins of putishnont'. In-
deed, it is worse than the concentration camps, if it is not worse than death,.
In the first place',' tho head of the departnent-which consigns these people
to lunatic asylumns, thoma who n~des the so-called diagnosis, is not a doctor
at o1. His nane is D.R. Lunts, and during the suppressive Russian regions of
th6 1950s he was head of the department dealing with 'political prisoners' at
the notorious Serbsky Institute in Moscow.
When a man is conmittoe to a lunatic asylum by Lunts-, he is not sent to a
hoeo whore he is treated as a mild case of madness. Ho is put in a cell with
a person who rea-ly has a'-serious nontal illness and a concerted attempt is
undertaken to nmke him riad-. An authentic account snuggoLd out of Russia says
that patients are "subjected to injections of large .dooe of arzinazin and sul-
fazin which cause doprossive shock reaction'and serious physical disordorso,.
So::;oties. sodium apinato,} a strong narcotic, is administorod by injection to
weaken the patient,."
"Prisoners who have .boen in both concentration carps" ahd these ncntal homes
are in no doubt that ph.ical conditions are much rworse'in the mental hones,
quit6 apart front the so-called medical treatment itself.
Even in Rassia there is a formal rAle which says that prisoners have to be
brought to trial; and it also says that the trial should be in public or at
lost that the public should have access to essential details. Where people
haVe done nothing wrong those laws are embarrassing to the authorities; but 'ina
the case of nontal illness'.ho such formalities are necessary. Men and wouno
ray be put away for years without anyone being able to 'donand an official en-
quiry. This soens to be the consideration which has' led the Soviet authorities
to make use of such nothods; and in their cynicism and cruelty there is..rb~n
for doubt as to whether they are an improvement on thoqe of the Stalin era.
This whole matter is not one of theory alone; the people who are suffering
are individuals who have nadoe a name for themselves as courageous and patriotic
Russians and whose only offence has been to speak out against the regime in
public. It is comnon and absolute knowledge aong""those who know then'that
they are not nad and never --Yvo been. Anong then G Genoral GrigoroeAko, who has
tried to help the cause of the Crienan Tartars a race of people who were ex-
pelled front their hPonlands by Stalin and who have been trying to get porbiis-
sion to return oven since. The latest recruits are nmn and wonen who 'have felt
it their duty to protest publicly against the Soviet Union's aggressive inva-
sion of Czechoslovakia.
Now a well-known and respected Russian poet, irs. ITatalia Gorbanyevskaya,
is about to suffer the sano treatment because she da'rod to complain to the
United Nations about the suppression of civil libcrtics"in the Soviet Union.
One of the Soviet leaders' main aims in proceeding in this way is to rndeor
their cruelties unnoticed by-the rest of the world. This, at last' can be
prevented. Swiss Pros Ii'olws.
BRIDGETOWN, BARBADOS -- Arial photographic surveys of Connonwoalth Caribboan
Territories are begintinig this nonth, says the British Iigh Commissionx.
SThe aerial surveys, car:'idd out by a British 'irn, will cover parts of
Doninica, Grenada, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, British Honduras and Guyana.

PgSRSaturda January 1

S*T*A*R*S*B *O*R*T*S
CRICliers Dominate Weekelnd 'Matches,

BOWLERS played a vital part in last woeks
League Matches. At the Botanic Gardens
in particular Cecil Jospeh of Blackburn
bagged seven wickets against S.M.A. after
the schoolboys had ousted Blackburn for
a eagrre first innings 85 (Hayford Lafond
51 well-deserved runs and McFord Zanore
now a top all-rounder 4 for 21, H.Thonas
3 for 7). S.M.A. scored 118 for 9 with
an uphill fight against the intelligent
bowling of Joseph with its varying lenlh.
Aloc Charles'got a well-playod 41 and
C. Aska 28. When Blackburns batted the
second time they declared at 106 for 8 -
'H.Elwin 34, C.Blackman 31 and Evans John
33 n.o. C.Robinson for SIA got 4/35.
With 124 needed for victory in just
about an hour the schoolboys made little
effort to win and were 67 for 3 at close.
Scores: Blackburns 85 C: 166 for 8
S.M.A. 118 for 9 and 67 for 3.

At the DGS grounds, Saints pushed in
a ton-wickets win against the School due
iiainly to the Island paconcn David Defoe
and, Torbert Phillip. Datting first the
boys mustered 133 48 of which was from
the stubborn bat of S. Parillon and 25
froh F.Grogoire. Defoe and Phillip nade
good use of a lively strip bagging 3/22
and 4/23 respectively. When Saints bat-
ted'they piled up a respectable total of
216, Brinsley Charles 41, C.- Doctrove 39
and N.Phillip 36.
In their second turn at the crease
the schoolboys fared no better being all
out--for 123 D.Riviore 40 n.o., Phillip
3/36, Doctrove 3/23 and Defoe 2/42,
Loft to score 41 runs to win the open-
ers knocked it off, Vincent Elwin taking
38 of the 48 scored.

-t-igua Car for World- Cu Rally
Tho World Cup Rally covers 16,000 miles
of the toughest roads in Europe and S.
Ahorica: the cars start at enmbley in
England, spend a week in Southern Europe
ending at Lisbon, Portugal, shipped to
Rio do Janeiro and proceed front there
to Mexico City. The Antiguan car is a
Ilillnan GT and the drivers Mike Tyrrell,
popular champion of the recent Guyana
Motor Races and Vharlio Moore, member.of
Antigua's Carib Racing Team. The object
of the entry is to bring Antigua into
world prominence promoting tourism.

L.T, Association Expels S. Africa
After the South African Governnont had
refused a visa to popular Anmrican Negro
tennis' star Arthur Ashe. The decision was
announced by Sports Minister Frank Waring
after a cabinet meeting in Capotown.
Waring said Ashe's application' for a visa
was, in Achoe' own words, in attorpt to
"put a crack-in the racist wall down
there' and not just for the purpose of
playing. tennis.
The storn in sporting and political
circles has exceeded that 'over the re-
fusal of S.Africa to pormlt the entry
of Enrland coloured all-rounder Basil
d'Olivicra. The U.S. Ambassador nade
an official objection in S. Africa, and
the Lawn Tonnis Association expelled S.
Africa. One DBD.C. coni'iontator stated
that the U.S.A. was soncwhat hypocritical
since Arthur Asho is ndt allowed to play
on the public courts or belong to a white,
club in Gum Springs (his hone town) or
in the State Capital of Virginia, Rich-
nond. It was also reported that the
MCC were- taking a second lool at the
coning S.Lfrican cricket tour of England.

Continuing his statcnont in the organ of
his ruling People ts National Movement,Dr.
Williams warned that any Black Power son-
tinent, however justified and laudable,
"nust not alienate other sections of the
national streoa and bore into the indig-
enous culture of Trinidad & Tobago."
In Paris, Dr. Williams has just been
elected President of the Societe Afric-
aine de Culture, a well known society of
Black writers with a Paris Hq. lie succeeds
the Haitian Sociologist Dr. Price Mars,
who died recently, and received 37 out of
50 votes at the election. Meanwhile the
two Trinidad "dailies" Guardian and Ex-
press criticised the Prime Minister for
disclosing Government policies on certain
national 1:natters exclusively in a 'Nation'
interview. The Guardian said "he is treat-
ing the rest of the c onnunity as secondary
*appendages of his Party ."

JAMAICA Tourisn Booms: The acting
Director of Tourisn announced that last
year Janaica's increase in tourist accon-
odation rose-14l, the largest increase
ever in a single year.
NORTIERlT~NIEE : a bonb thrown at a
British ary lorry has renewed tension
between Catholics and Protestants.

Printed and Published by Robert E. Allfrey of St. -Aroennt, Dominica at the STAR
Printery, 26 Bath Road, Roseau, Dominica, The West Indies.

Snturdav, Jnnuuv ~1. 1971]

Pagoe Sixteen