Star (Roseau, Dominica). January 10, 1970.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). January 10, 1970.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Mrs. Jane Lowenthal, v.
librarian -Sp
Research Institute for ,- -, h i
ithe Study of Man, R p po
162 East 78 Street,- -'..TRARY 1 5C" .-
New York 10021, N.Yli4mI NSTITUTJ OM ....
;0*S '5 '- O "" ----J
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.:-tn / t eq sh? 's We amis nJ th oe .tne' Cn i h' g.!- eT
-.a **a i W ic s racist teacshev t'r a-'vs iderr
'- 1. i;,- GeGortgef' h ty /--^ did ano eserve to
tpKare- soctr s. violent rnd atbo stupid reaction. It
was 1- .. -wawev, a we ould k iO to lk e the
- ---- -- -- ----

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..:. : e ,, " .:
n < -- -. r .. of o. fe S to W <. &-:

.-. W-~W wait- one erw.:-. -A~& k bD .Js-..
~I wtas th a thes boys havire ii.e d n.'g a;,:lc
-th th whole -. ntw .n~f. A

*- k *- '**- i" 0" -'''' i- *

S he;.. ;a Freedomn Party

.. : .- -.- -- .-... ., r. it fia r.. .. &u ? Y

; *- F- zs
' -p .'i 4 ,, :

l'' G.a'Jir
Audroy Pas
Tw- c
nr_- ins5ky
MisM PadrciL
S the '.t .


4 -~ ;
;tto-~a ksu Ia-..-l atO~d t LU~ -5- U.~ agentt~'~

:I... '- w n. 2*2 ,t P-d." l,

!(jy) CoLhor of Pertmauth FedeidF;. LA.-ic ; t
td bs De i .h ... .s C- e,3.. -
. f i5is fo.t' ssen s, St. -^ ;- .
t, Centre o~ the S-. the IY' 1 .
und, (The irs: stAdent wa2s a ? .*.
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*the? D:rrSt-m cank gifr, Mts
t. an CaStle Baruce nd ot t
a Redemsau onces cerk.-typist tdwa Wit -1at e "LIp 3 .-
--: SCF Ofice) Iei: fo-r a
a. course in St. ''i : as.s ,.-U.L : AL '.4
o ,

- .,..1ZA7 ------

Mr. E. C, LBMlack -ha sent Sthe is t
a rder: es'ienath 6t, i. ra. r p eCn p. 3 of last.
Is-am (Jaa. 3 ); after tho? '. purpose wap,
4. 0)i and psersitent aid fqr Doxsinica, esp aeially
'n road cCLi-t CS:*./," the r"X-hZ Vital WTord
'ev ;f--;- '*s4.t Deputatican lah tna Cotlniat
Oive -i4 the assistance t 1at ats f;'. *..vo stnose l
i ots.-? :..9 t




i ~PL i


- __ 1

Quite recently the group of companies which operates shipping lines between
the United Kingdom and the West Indies announced that as from 1st March next,
freight rates were being increased by 11 per cent. In this summary announcement
were implicit a substantial increase in the cost of imports together with an
equally substantial reduction in export earnings from the United Kingdom. It
was an unilateral declaration on the part of the shipping companies which took
the West Indies by surprise.
This kind of thing is to me typical of the heart of the matter in relation-
ships between the rich and the poor countries of the world for it is in ways
such as this that the rich nations grow richer as and consequently the poor
ones grow poorer. The inhabitants of a poor nation are being gouged in order
to augment yet more the substantial salaries and wages already being paid to
sailors; to pay fatter dividends to the shareholders of steamship companies
and to contribute to the Government coffers of the United Kingdom. Compare
the existing living standards of the inhabitants of the West Indies with those
of the people of Great Britain and you see the gross iniquity of the whole
thing. Because we are at such disadvantage, in nearly all fields of inter-
national trade we, as it were, face monopolists and have to accept their terms
or do without their services.
When it comes to selling our goods, we are again at a disadvantage, since
the richer countries also set the prices we shall get and a first charge against
such prices is the cost of the services the richer countries perform in getting
the goods to their markets, e.g. freight. If we try to hold out, the hint is
given that their technology may be set to work to produce synthetics. And so
the whole thing goes round in a literal vicious circle, the poor nations grow-
ing poorer while the rich ones grow richer. It is against such a background that
we should see the handouts made to underdeveloped nations by the Governments
of some of those countries.
When the announcement about the increase in freight rates to the West Indies
was made, protest was lodged by the CARIFTA authorities. It does not appear that
much was achieved, but a useful modification of the system was secured where-
by freight rates from the United Kingdom to ports of the Windward & Leeward
Islands, hitherto higher, were reduced to the same level as those applying
to Barbados, Trinidad and Guyana. In my opinion, however, it is not this con-
cession which should form banner headlines, but the continual and regular in-
crease in the basic freight rates to the West Indies.
a q *
When we consider the numbers of schemes and projects which the Government
has deferred these past years in order to implement during this current Elect-
ion Year, we can be reasonably certain that much of the money will be wasted.
It is wrong not to have dispersed the projects over years and to concentrate
them within-1970 for vote-catching purposes. Yet even this objective is not
going to be achieved since the electorate has been apprised of the game which
therefore loses much of its point.
What is far more likely to happen is that, for lack of adequate supervision
and for other reasons, every dollar of the taxpayers' money spent in this
collection of projects, 1970, will yield only about 50 cents of true value,
a rather high price to exact fr m the hard-pressed taxpayer.

Speaking to the press in Barbados during his recent visit to that country,
the Chief Justice of Britain, Lord Parker, made reference to the statutory
abolishment of the death penalty lately passed. He was one of those who in
1965 voted for the abolition of the death penalty for a trial period of five
years. Now that it has been completely abolished, Lord Parker appears to have
certain reservations. He is quoted as saying that unless an alternative deterrent
was found to take the place of the death penalty and unless life imprisonment
terms in Britain were extended, "it would pay to kill". (Concluded on Page 4)


S turday January 10 1969

e Two

saturua y, venuely Jua -1 i

Her MIajesty's RiY. Britannia is dropping by Rommel
into Bridgetown' HarbouirB_-ados on the 'The ott ops have stopped popping
way to a global voyage which includes. ,andhe bote as stopped p ur oppg
thing the Queen .and Dic to points in and the l0ooze has stopped pouring as
taking tho Queen and Duke to points in once a the e Year launches itself
Australia, New Zealand, ij.i and Canada.once agi the ew Year launches itself
iTo members of the royal. family will be, .it i t
aboard in Barbados. :.******** debit ,
TRINIDAD: i workers are 'boing trained Everyone is back at work: at the
T8 workers are being trand offices and at the schools. Once again
by the Min, of Labour for eventual em- the streets are more bogged with human
ployment With London Trotsport. the streets are-more bogged with human
ployment with London Transport traffic at-the lunch hour as the labour
AITIGUA: 27-year-old Rosio Douglasone force rolls home and the schoolboy and
of 42 West Indians charged with offenceSschoolgirl their various oam-
in the Sir George Williams Univriots puses amidst much joviality'- Again
Fob. 1969, left here today (Jan 6) for each individual looks f6rwad to a year
Canada to stand trial. "The trial has of betterment and joy.
been postponed four times alreadys"said For me the year began poorly as I
Douglas, chairman of the" Defence Cttee.was literally flushed of my idts and

VIRGIN IS. -Mrs. Mablo M. James, Min. strength by an overdose of laxative,
Home Affairs, is attending a conference Anyway, as I tripped back and forth I
on the problems of Dominicans & other was pleased to say to myself: "'Good
B1I nationals in the Virgin Is. She is thing it was not -given to me in some
accompanied by Perm.Socl-.Hr.C,-A.'Maynard* caca poule (booze),."
WINDILARD ISLANDS: A British shipyard Ilve just been co-elected (unopposed)
is to supply 3 fast 40-ft.patrol boats Pre-sident bf S.A,Y. and Heaven only
for service in the E.Caribboan; these knows how much hell I've got to creep
will be based in Montsorrat.,St.Lucia & through from now on. So at this stage
St, Vincent. (Order placed -through the I wish to appeal to' you .fOr support for
Crown Agents for Oversdas Governments). the lighter' side by asking for your
--contributions and suggestions. If you
DOMINIGA: A delegation of 23 from Anse do you'll keep this column alive..
'do Mai, Thibaud and Bcllonaniere called --- *
on Premier LeBlanc Jan..6 with complaints Let me welcome you to the next ICD-
about the Wesh feeder roads, which are DIES SHO1. at the Goodwill Parish Hall"
in poor condition for transporting pro- on February 1st.
d uce. The Premier & Mi'nComrn, & Works *- *
agreed to start repair work on the road ell this is just one column on
early next month. Delegates were satisfiwhich ITm really stuck on' (stalled) and
E. Miss Eileen Donavan, .S b as I've-already made the confession,
H6E. Miss Eileen Donavan, U*S.Ambaa+.
received absolution, I now make an
sador and Special Representative to the reeled
W.I. Assoc. States visited Dominica egroesion.
Write me and,. lot .de know just what
from- 8th-9th Jan., accompanied by 4t
Wese te Jar-. 1aoc3. i fo t you want to see in this column, It's
Wesloy Stewart. U.S. P.R.O. for the ana.yo
yours -

Mr. A.B.A.LazEare, Asst. Sec., Minof
Finance and foep./ Acct, Gen Mr. G.S.
Williams loft the State on Jan 4th for
a 4-month course in Computer technique
organised by Brit.Govt.Tech.Assistance.
ANTIGUA: Th6 Antigua Star (Ind.). in
an editorial, said the 'Government's
Throne Speech was a carbon copy of the
Opposition Progressive Labour Movement
manifes to,
TRINIDAD: A note book and documents

NOTICE is HEREBY GIVEN that the Hon-
ourable the Puisne Judge assigned to
this State has appointed Tuesday the
13th day of Januarys, 1970, at the hour
of 10 o'clock in the forenoon and sub-
sequent-days for the sitting of the
Court in its Criminal Jurisdiction at
.th r .. .J TT '

found in a deserted ship off Trinidads le Cou-rt, Huse~t ioseau.
East coast were sent to the French Emb-i Dated the 3rd day of January., 1970.
assy for translation. The 40 ft. steel
-hulled vessel "Sta. Filomena" fas M'ona Rigsby James
towed into Port of Spain from Manzanilla. Registrar of the High Court.
No trace of crew or ownership found. I G 268, 147--1/

Page Three

n L..~_~_-- 7^u,,ru~r nn ~nr~n


ANDROCLES (Continued from Page Two)
These are the views of the Lord Chief Justice of England and due weight must:
be given to such an opinion.

The Dean of Roseau produced some shocking statistics in his annual review
of the affairs of the parish last Sunday. I choose only two.
He said that the percentage of illegitimate births to total births during
1969 was over 82%. This must, in my opinion, be an alltime record for the West
Indies. The highest I had previously heard of was 80%. So in this direction,
at least, Dominica probably leads the rest of the West Indies. Of course, the
percentage will be reduced when merged with the figures from the rural areas.
The other chilling piece of statistics was that of total deaths during the
same year, child deaths accounted for 47%. Since there were no special epidemics
of children diseases during that year, it is reasonable to assume the cause
to be lack of care, almost certainly in the matter of nutrition. That almost
half of the deaths in a population should be those of children is a serious
thing and one which calls for urgent investigation, particularly vis-a-vis
the Government's recent boast that Dominica h.s never had it-so good as-during

During the Christmas Season organs and propagandists of Government were at
pai-ns to call upon the rest of the population to practice, apparently with
.reference to criticism of Government policy, community brotherhood and co-
operation. It was even suggested that criticisms of Government was hatred of
the members of Government. The papers are there for all to see.
I want here to pinpoint such hypocritical prattlings by referring to some-
S thing which appeared in the report of the proceedings of the Labour Party s
,-' Convention barely five weeks ago. It will be found on page 2 of the address
made by the Minister of Education & Health.
Readers old enough will remember that one of the ugliest blots on the Labour
Party was its propagation in 1965 of the monstrous untruth that a former Chief
Minister had stolen a Government bulldozer which he sold to :someone in Montserrat.
Simple persons were led to believe this.
Now nearly five years later, instead of sitting in sackcloth and ashes for
this, we find the Minister for Education and Health making this statement:
"I remind him" (in an apparent reference to an apocryphal statement by a
member of the Freedot Party)" that the Grand Bay School is not the Dominica
bulldozer which it is rumoured went to Montserrat".
To what extent, I ask, can one take their protestations of community peace,
concord and co-operation seriously?

WRITERS AND ARTISTS AT U.W.I .. a week of his arrival will be on
Under a grnt from the Old Dominion "History, Fable and Myth in the Carib-
bean and Guianas".
Foundation, the Creative Arts Centre
of the University of the West Indies, The next visitor will be aul
Mona, will be having a series of Anguiano, the versatile Mexican painter,
visiting writers, artists, musicians, who will probably arrive early in
etc., during 1970. The first of these February Harris will
be in residence for three months.
will be Wilson Harris, the Guyanese
novelist and poet who will be-Writer TNO SEA!II'.S STRIKE IN BRITAI
in Residence for three months from London, Jan5 :*Seamen's Union leaders sat
early January. Mr. Harris, with his with shipowners today without having spe-
wife, is expected to arrive either on cified their demands British seamen
January 10 or 11. His first public average 21 for a 66 hour working woekl,
lecture which will be given within as against the national average workout
/ pay of 23 for a 36 hour week. (secfidrocles on p.2)


Saturday. January 10, 1969

Paae Four

Page sVre

i Corsair 2000 E
W -I' r S .'*s m ":"-.- o e Crk Siar .t^ |

So" W a n. be Su.r, S. Acn ne Garage .' i

0 t n ~..- .d ,, ir-a a P SoI s, fS.'.. -

1 .i
i ; .
: -

: j -^...
S~~~~~E ^i^t^>^e^"^^tMif"-a^wt-




Model E1000
Honda's E1000 is an exceptionally smooth end quiet-
running portable AC-DC generator capable of provid-
ing simultaneous electrical currents of AC 1 KW, and
4.2A in DC of 12V or 24V. It is designed for use
in a wide range of home and business applications.
With scores of engineering features such as the use
of ball and needle roller bearings for more efficient
engine performance, and automatic devices that syn-
chronize engine revolution and voltage generation,
model E1000 assures o constant, stable voltage out-
put without a trace of the fluctuation that limits the
performance of other portable generators.



A built-in automatic magnetic circuit breaker that
serves as a protector against engine damage as a
result of overloads, a spark arrester and a large,
easy to read voltage meter are only a few of the
many safety features incorporated into the E1000's
overall design.
Fast-starting with an efficient recoil starter, model
E1000 is extremely economical to operate and will
run continuously up to 5 hours on its own 6-litre
tank of fuel. For an even longer running time, an auxil-
iary fuel input has been provided so that the engine
can be fed directly from a larger fuel source.


ZkMD'tA4A ZA**s"J t J^-ww^ ^ "P II
6~~~UDUI~ .3rr

L~ n-rr*;L ~rar ~iF~Lsn'JIAIl%' Dn %C]LCPIR



TESn-A atra Ju 10 19


Dear Madam Editor,
The world has a lot to thank Religion for. So also party politics, But like
Religion, I wonder if the usefulness of party politics is now over. Wherever
the British parliamentary system of Government is practised, including Dominica,
one regrettable corollary of that system, party discipline, has become an in-
creasingly intolerable force against people and progress.
The latest unnecessary example of this is seen in your columnist "Androcles"
outpourings in your issue of the 13th ultimo. He criticises the Dominica Govt.
for not selling or even leasing the Peebles Park to Fort Young Hotel. Imagine!
A normally conservative "Androcles" is willing to sell out a public park to a
private company and that while the rest of an enlightened world is trying
desperately to include more parks and recreational facilities in towns and cities.
We are used to Androcles' criticism of Government whenever it is possible and
even when it is not, but consider how party discipline explains his latest broad-
side. He,is, of course, a prominent member of the Opposition D/ca Freedom Party.
That party's President is Miss Eugenia Charles. Miss Charles is also Secretary
of the Fort Young Hotel Co. It is her duty to strive for bigger profits for the
shareholders; the usual way is to expand operations. The Peebles Park is a con-
venient avenue for expansion but obviously not in the interest of Roseau s
citizens. That is where Government must come in (and did, in this case). Private
enterprise is a very good economic system, but a good government must guard
against an over-zealous profit motive playing down the public's best interest.
I can't visualize Freedom Party President Miss Charles seriously believing
.any Govt. would agree to its takeover. Such action would make both them and 1
their Party look like non-public-minded capitalists. Though many Dominicans
S, (including myself) will agree that Govt. is not taking enough interest in
tourism, the decision that Peebles Park remain public property goes beyond
tourism considerations. After all, there is an abundance of underdeveloped land
'in Dominica available for hotel devebpment, and, Fort Young itself has announced'
hotel expansion plans for Clarke Hall. Why then should the public relinquish
any town park?
The above is only one of many instances where party discipline seem to work
against the People's best interests. Of course, the Labour Party typically
carries party discipline to even more ridiculous extremes. But both are un-
necessary. Perhaps we should consider the American system where there are
"officially" two political parties but whose members in Congress vote entirely
according to.their own consciences and that of their constituents (not forgetting
that the separation of the Executive and Legislative powers in the U.S. political
system is more conducive to this liberal voting). You, Madam Editor, undoubt-
edly sympathise with that point of view, having yourself been a brave victim
of party discipline. Many admire you for that. And am I right in detecting
similar bravery in your editorial "Millions of Words"?
The next paragraph is written only because I support the Freedom Party
(that decision, of course, being subject to periodic review, as it is with
other voters for anyone or anything): I hope that party's leaders realize that
its 'superior potential to govern does not by itself ensure them the votes of
the New Generation (which they had reason to expect). We have to be sure that
you all are genuinely concerned with the welfare of all Dominicans, that you
can do better than the Labour Party by actually refraining from personalities 2
and "mepuis" (and not only claiming to do so and doing the exact opposite at
your political meetings) by presenting serious policy proposals for governing
Dominica (and not ridiculous political papers like the recent one on tax which
did not contain one single proposal for raising Government income to offset
the lavish tax deductions). You can do better; don't disappoint the New Generationi
Don t be afraid to "tell it like it is" and that includes giving credit where
its due. . .
(For NOTES 1 and 2, see editorial contents at end of this letter..
'-- PbA)

Page Six


Saturday January 10 1 0

SPae Seven

Our prayer:
Oh God, hasten the day when politicians will quit
playing politics and start playing progress.
Or must we be perfectly logical and first do away with all politicians
(one way or another?).

25th December, 1969.



Parry Bellot,
8260 14th Avenue,
Burnaby 3, B.C., Canada.

* 1: We learn on good authority that the present Dominica Govt.
is prepared to sell Peebles Park to Fort Young; price is
evidently the inhibiting factor.
* 2: The writer of the above letter has'not attended Freedom
Party meetings for some six months. During that time n6puis-
slinging by Freedom speakers has been negligible..

The'views expressed by our columnist Androcles in the STAR.
reflect his own opinions and are not necessarily those of
either the Editor, or of the President of the Freedom Party'
(I1iss Charles); still less is it a case of party discipline,t
sino Androcles' writings, freely expressed, are not subject
to executive censorship. T ED

POLYGRAP~I'S FUNTIGOLUMN invested'1 and we would have numbered
accounts in Swiss banks, just like some
pleasee note the now nai'-oe I got tired
(las note the now ne, I got tired Politicians do, and all live happily
of carping so much) ,
having read of so y schemes for ever after with no problems at all.
Having read of so nany schcnes for
the economic salvation of Dominica I ******************
would like to advance one that I think I s lke
has oseb meri ,,^M.I should like to offer my congratula-
has considerable nomrit.
he idea is to pt n fr tions to the people concerned for our
The idea is to put Dominica up for nw record of 82- illgitmate births,
new record of 820/ illegitinate births..
salo; advertise it in all the leading Kep up the oo:.or just tbi ho.
Financial Newspapers, price op up the, just think how
being Seventy Mthose two leading flataions in Sex,,
being Seventy Million U#S, Dollars A
Anorica and "uodon, nust be jealous of
This nay sound a lot of noney, but, must be j-aos
I our sexual pr Soess.
at that price it would be snapped up ur sexual- -
It was -a-shano about the 1850
as a bargain naybo we could even up legitimate r6p outs' b th
the price a bit. -
ta prob ably 'Prdt76sta'nt' spoil-sports ,
-I believe that anyone paying outPr ant spoilsports.
the full cash price for Doninica would ...

be nore inclined to'approciate her
beauty and grandeur, and take steps to
preserve their investment instead of
neglecting it, abusing its resources
and leaving it strewn with rubbish.
There are other eoos for Dominica
of course, maybe as a huge tourist re-
sort, or stocked'with big gano as a
hunting preserve, or our roads would
mako it a natural testing ground for
now cars, or maybe even--a ponal colony
for political prisoners
The seventy million dollars would
be enough to ensure that none of us
seventy thousand inhabitants would
ever have to work again (sono of us
never have); we could all live
comfortably; the noiny would be

The second"tern of the Extra Mtal
Department -will comnonce on Monday,,
January 12%th
Students dre askod to bring along
their booklets upon registration during
office hours.
The tine-Vtable remains'tho same.
1 million for Boatlcs London: A
spokesman for the Beatles said in Itndon
that the Liverpool Pop Idols would Se-
riously consider a reported offer of one
million pounds for a 12-city American
tour next summer; If the beatles do
accept the offer, it will be the first
time they have ail appeared on stage
together in more than three years.

Saturday, January 10, 1970


Paee Seven

Page Eight

hoohagan s m.
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Bucchan came to Montr
from the West Indies island.
.of St. Lucia eight years ago. ,
This veeSKl may ran neaa-on
into their first example of ;
racial hatred here aind
they fund it in their own'
apatrast. .i'
Mrs .BuccIhan care home.
f,'r'm wtrk Monday night and
found her Cote des Neiges
apartment in shambles. Fur- '
nature was knocked over,
c clothes strewn ali over the
rooms, and racist obscenities
were scrawled on the walls. A.
.In the next-door apairtient .
lived r budd>lin's only roicr,
black tenaaMt, (:v.. .s:; .
from Jamaica, a [ .-a
Joyce Gibbs. M '... .r3r! :r
Sent was in the same mess, -
Sun;, worse.
Her carpets were torn up.
a Christmas tree broken, or-
naments siashd an'd excre-
ment streaked r.ver the bath-
room foa0-r.
Both familieki arc con.
vinced the vanidaIism its an
expression of racial hatred
and bot a are a feraid.
-%n'e doors w-rren't forced
and there were no smashed
windows. The janitor says he
didn't hear anyiring,
S.Whai happen next, ..,-'*
don't know. Neither family
canr nmeve without paying
three months ad,'ance rent on.
their two-year iflases accord-
ing to the landk.rd, an expen- -
diture neither can afford.

Caribean ;Students Scieiiy
tSir Uemrge Williams
In coanectkic with a iw~etionmaire.
issued by the Caribbeae: Students: vo-
Sciety of Sir Geirge Williams University
concerning the feasa.biiity of Black Stu-
dies Prmgramlne al: thejuniversity, Trhe
paper, official organ of the EveF:ang
Students Assoiiation on.Nov. Ani, pj id-
: ed a deliberately racist cartoon. This
Cartoon depicted two Blacks as sava-
Sges with caption reading Pack ycir
Skit bag Alfred, They are about to 4a:r-
i t Black Studiets program at Sir Ge,,'-
ge." This we!' :iu.rther backed Iup by
cuch slogans os "Visit beautiful Bia-
fra--Nigerian Chamber of Comrertc.".
This is a blatant insult to Black peo-
pie and another eMammple of the hypa,
crisy that exists within the confites
of this institution which has only jA st
exonerated itself fvom similar charges
laid by Black students.
: We therefore demand that concrete ac
i ion be tAiken by the administration a-
gainst the people concerned in an ef-
fort to rectify this insult.
Presidedt. Cari:bbeansudearts Society.
Sir George



The VP Ran ge
of' Wtr:s is naw &rezs; ci i iL -:',
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Pack ywr kit hbag, Alftrd. They vir about
to start a Black Studies Program in Sir George.

Saturday, .' '".", 7.)

. .:.,

._tSurpdpy, JaAppry 10, '1970 THE-'.T.AR Page Nin.e
Short Story .ADVENTURES IN SAILING .by-Willie Bynoo
Now that hlidray4,aad come, John decided that he'would not continue Qging
bo school because the teacher had told him he was too old to be in an Eleon-
tary school so.. John was left alone to lace the world and anything it had to
offer hinm
He sat under a tree in Charlotte Ville and thought of different things. He
thought-of being a truck drivorts apprentice, a foot boy,,hut as he rightly
thought, this won't pay nuch, Then he thought of washing cars for people,
"but,, perhaps there will be days when I wontt have oho oar or truck to wash."
After an hour he loft his resting place and wont down by the Jetty. He saw
a vessel tied alongside, he went near it. He saw the captain, and told hin,
"I wish I could sail with youl" "I won't mind you as a cabin boy," said the
captain, ."but do you go to school? And will your parents agree?
"Well, Sir" said John, I have left school and I an'suro that my parents
will agree, and I will too, If I am well paid." "Well, lad," the captain said,,
i, 'll be sailing, within a few hours,. so maybe you can'ask your parents now, and
anything you need I shall give you then." "Well, Sir," said John "Please cone
with me, my home is not far." The sun was still hot and high in the sky, and
the tine was about 3 o'clock.
SAfter spending two hours at John's hone, he and, the captain left the house
and John.held a suit-case in his hand; he had the permission of his parents to
go sailing,
The captain showed hin his cabin and !after being introduced to the other
sailors, John began to inspect the Sailing ship. It was about forty feet long,,
and about twenty foot broad.
It was six thirty when the ship began sailing, He was told that his job
was to koeepthe ship clear, and to wash it down. 'There were not many lights
on the boat, and .every on* had his own torchlight, and the captain gave John
one -
During his*first night., 'he could not sleep very well, because tho ship was
rocking, but awoke early, to find no one on dock. 'Thon he saw an octopus on
dock crouched in the sea-wash near the small cabin, looking at him. He
bravely went towards -it to kick it off' deck, but as he kicked it, the agilo
creature pulled off his,shoo, in an effort to grip his:'foot.
He took a long knife, and buried it in the octopus' head, but it got hold
of his hand, and squeezed it. He used the other hand-to pull out the knife
and pierce an eye; he did so, but it got hold'of this hand and squeezed hin
harder. He could not use either of his hands, and did not want to use his
foot, for the Octopus night grip that too. What was he to do? Just- then, a
crownmember cane on dock and quickly helped John who although he. was in severe
pain, did not mnace the least sound. His rescuer cut the muscular head of the
aniinal, thus killing it', and then cut off all its tentacles. :To show how
thankful he was,. John helped to cook the octopus for lunah. "
He saw two lobsters in the-vessel's trailing-pot on dock the followit day
and after pulling in and shaking the pot, he thought they were dead. He
socmed to enjoy the breeze, and probably forgot the lobsters, and began iwalk-
ing backwards to lean On the railings of the ship; but he tripped and fell in
the'pan; then suddenly, ho shouted ayeo ayC ayo:J wee Bondi61 a lobster bit
hii, and a claw was left sticking to his parts where he was bitten.
Thoso were only the beginning of John's adventures in sailing. He had many
ror; in one of them,, I reenober, he bought a noi watch, and while the ship
was in the ocean, he was leaning on the railings, wheonit fell, and he
innediately dived for it, If the cook had'nt soon him, he would have been
left behind in the vast ocean. Yes, life at sea is a good life for a boy who
lilks action nore than study.

* **** ~* y' ***8* *** **~*****r****** **** **** ****** **

__ __ __ __

Mona, Jamaica Mr, John'Shiold has asked us to make
Applic s ae ir he p s the following statement: certain people
Applications are invited for the posts spading rumours accusing h of
of: are spreading rumours accusing him of
the theft of a large amount of money
(a) Soiior Lecturer and lecturer in the overseas w-hen he was abroad some 12
Faculty of Law which it is planned years ago.
to establish in the University of Mr. Shield isoemployed as a PWD
the West Indies from. October 1970. night watchman'and such rumours damage
-his reputation. Ho did in fact win
(b) Lecturer in the Department of his rep$1a000 E. ia did in fact win
$1,000 E.C. in a St. Kitts Govt. lot-
English. tery (1st prize) 12 years ago. 'This"
(c) Senior Assistant Registrar/Assistant event may-be the cause of the rumours.
Registrar .... Mr. Shield asks his detractors to
(d) Senior Accountant.or Aocountant. come forward and make a statement to
the Police or to some higher authority
(a) Lecturer in the Department of so tha-the-o:T"~ii i ion may be disproved.

Pathology (Morbid. Anatomy).

(f) -The Chair in Sociology, "
SSt- Auunstine, Trinidad s
Applications are invited for the posts d
of: n
(a) Bursar o0
(b) The post in Mathematics for 9
(1) Senior Lecturer E
S (2) Lecturer/Assistant Lecturer R
(c) Professor of Spanish, Division of
,Humanities, College of Arts &
Science- .. .
Cave Hill~.Barbados N
Applications :are invited f6r the post C
of Warden of tihe Hall of Residence. C
Further particulars may be obtained a:
at the Extra Mural Dopartment during p:
office hours. ~.

M'iss Viotoria Watty, Executive Offi- R
ccr, Customs Department., will be leav-
ing the State tomorrow to do a course
of training fo' Customs Officers in f
Trinidad: The school, started in 1957,
runs two courses annually.
MrI, Antoine: J. Etienne i f the So-
cial Development Division and Miss Oxie
Paul of Coulibistrie have left the v
State to do- the Four e
Month Course in the' Principles and I
Practice of Social work in'Jamaica.
This course is conducted at the Social H
Welfaro Training Centre ofthe a
University of the Wost Indies (Mona i
Campus). "
COMING NEXT WEEK -another fine
illustrated story by AL A K 0 N G. .

Social L6ae '6f Catholic Women's
second Study Day for all active prosi-
onts and leaders will be hld at the'
ow government school at Weirs-Mlarigot,
n Sunday, 11th January, 1970. They
ill be welcomed with refreshments at
a.m.' then by greetings from Mrs. 0C.
dwardsi ?ros. Marigot) and Mrs, R.
iviere j-Dioc.. -Pros.
y Sr..-- M.-Thoreso D6vriendt; WE. ARE <(M
N THE L'ORD" by Fr. J. Guery, .Diocl.
chaplain ; 'A.AIE YEAR A NEW LOOK A
EW INDUSTRY" by Sr. Alicia;.-"WE-LEARN
oop. Officer and .'A NEW TERM WITH Y(UR
OOPERATIOIP' by Sr. 'Maria,..with sons"
nd votes'of thankls, fill up a sparkLing-
rogrammen -

Mossrs. Joffre J. RobinsOn, -PS, Min-
stry'of Trade and Industry,,, FV.M,..
ames,, Collector of Customs and F.O.
ivire,,, Assistant Secretary, Ministry
f Trade and Industry left on Tuesday
or Guyana to attend the Fifth Car:'.fta.
onferenice 'of Government Officials'

An international team of lawyers will
isirt Jarai;ca soon to advise on ths
stablisbhmont of the proposed FacuLty of
aw at the University of the West Indies.
The team,'hoaded by Trinidadts Sir
[ugh Wooding, Chairman of tho-.lge -
.dvisory comaiittbo of the UW,I. r.rivos
.n Jamaioa oh January 13, and during its
;tay willmbt with members of the legal
rofession to gbt'their views on legal
education in the Wost Indies.

.....-I.... ~. ...L^. f. .

Page- Ton

Saturday, January 10, 1970


"SaturdaT, January' 10, j1970

by .Cynthia Watt
How eak- and frail -re wo
poor mortals
evorr-swaying before each fancy
not caring where the wind bloweth
but boncdig to wish and whim
that passes our earthly way
not caring whatever the outcome
may be
but falling as the tree falleth
to those passing fancies ..s
for the tree falleth.
whoever it listeth.
and so we mortals take ho.pains
to avoid the pitfalls of lifo,
but sway as we list'."
As the tree falleth.

The Canadian Prime Minister has in-
vitod Mr. Wilson to visit Ottawa du-
ring his. visit to North America in
January next year. Ir. Wilson was
happy to accept this invitation and-
will be in Ottawa on January 16.
The Prime Minister last visited
lNorth America in February 1968, when
he wont to Washington aid' Ottawa.

The Presdiont-Gon6ral of the
Dominica Trade Union, Mr. Stewart
Williams returned home after a three-
month study of industrial relations
in Britain.
IMr. Williams said in London: "The
course has given me a very rewarding
insight into-the Trade Union Movement
in Britain. All of us spent five
wooks on attachment to a Department
of Employment and Productivity Re-
gional Office in Britain when we were
able to visit factories and have dis-
cussions with Managneent Representa-
tivos, Union Offidials ano Shop Ste-
wards. I went to Birmingiam in the
Midlands ~ where I got a clear picture
af the kind of industrial- folations
which exist in the bicycle, cigarette
and aircraft component industries."
Course members spent'two weeks at
the Trades Union Congress Training
College in London whore they were
given instruction on the setting up
of a trade union, its role in econo-
nic development, legislation, collec-
tive and productivity t.gaiining, and
the education of shop stewards and
workers in trade union practices.

His visit to London was arranged un-
der Britain.s technical assistance
schomo for the Caribbean.

Well once more the Tourist Season is
here and there are many more' rooz this
year so I hope they are all filled,
Rents for houses arc terrific and a
self-drive car is $10.00 U.S. a day,.
These prices are alrigBt for Anerican;a
or Canadians but the English tourist is
being squeezed out .and for West Indians
on holiday it is prohibitive.
I have never soon such a scarcity of
greens as this Season, and prices are
very hig.h." Tomatoes if you can got
them are over $1.00 a lb.
Some friends from Triidad on holi- .
day are horrified at our cost of living
which they say is much higher than
Are tho Wost Indian islands only
catering for tio U.S. dollar? What is
to happen-to West Indians who have to
live in'the islands, especially those
who livo on R pjision? GREM~aDQ.

Mr..Roosevelt Browno, the Black Po-
wer leader from Bercuda, has been on a
brief visit'to Australia and, not
unnaturally, the Minister for Aborigi-
nat Affairs 'in the state of Victoria,
Mr. Meagher',. hopes that he will never
hear of Mlr. browno again; he has re-
ferred to the Bcriaudans views as
"vicious doctrines of hatred and dis-
.trust which'could only produce miser
and disaster,"
The speedy" retreat of those acI Po-
wer-loader from the Australian scene.
indicates that he found very little
scope for activity there'. probably
because he found that man's inhumanity
to man is r'eognized by modern Austra-
lians as a disgraco:tl part of thbS"'
history for which modern leaders la
a duty to compensate. "It is true that
the record of Australia's treatnent,:-of
aboriginals 'has iany shameful pagors:,
wrote the editorialist of the Sydnhy
Mirror, '"Slojly and painfully we are
trying :noaie.'up for it; but not Mr.
Browne's way"- SWISS PRESS S:,E/S.
Road deaths in Trinidad and Tobago,
last year juniped to a record total of
181, according to police. Thus boating
easily the previous record of 157
deaths in 1965. 1968's total was 139.

S t Jan


Pasorf~ Elevanz

.elT SAS d

-. S*T*A*R*S*P*O*R*T-*S*
Cricket Feast at Gard ns-Today
Thoe1970 Cricket season gets a big
boost for a grand opening today at
the Botanic Gardens when West Indies
Test player Grayssn Shillingford leads
a-"%oan against one led by. his cousin,
West Indies Test prospect Irving
Shillingford fresh from Guyana on a
coaching assignment ina i itch which
prboises loss of entertainment to its
spectators% The Boys have been under-
going extensive training at the Wind-
sor Park and will be going all out to
fill cricket fans with their hearts'
-The natch starts at 2,00 p.m, today,
Saturday, and continues on Sunday;all
in all a weekend of cricketing activ-
ity when the big guns like McFord
Zamoro, David Defoe (present W.I.stars)
0ClO John, Norbert Phillip (pace-like-
firo),, Evans John (ball police), Henry
Jnd, Baptiste, Cuthbert Williams,
Chaucer Doctrove (Laurent's possible
successor) and J.C.Josephs,(ho's got a
big surprise for batsmon) and the rest
will be exposed to their fans after a
six months break.
Now.for the.-teaams: Grayson's 3XI
'includes T. Bertralnd H. Elwin, J.
Fatstin, E.:*John, iH. Feorus, H. Jno.
Baptiste, J.C. Josephs, C.Williamas,
D, AFlloyne, D. DDefoe and L. Martin,
Irving's tean roads: L.' Williams, B.
Charles, M. Zamore, V". Elrin, C,. John,.
M. Roborts, C, Doctrovo, H. Lafond, G.
Lafond and A. ShiAlingford. Soon it
will be over to St. Lucia and on Friday
the Windwards will clash with the Lee-
wards to select the combined team to
play in the-Shell Shield which starts
later in January. Thus this match today
mainly in favour of Irving, Grayson,
Zanore and Defoe (sorry Lauront is un-
available), who will be flying out next
Thursday to play their part-. Good luck
Boys do your best and don't look back
'******** |** **** **** -!****
PELE World Sportsman of-tho. Sixties
Brazilian football Star Pole's 1000
goals have earned him the title-of
"WIorld Sportsman of the 1960s" in a
ballot by 184 Italian jourHalists.
Second in the poll was American Discus
Champion Al Oer tcr, who won gold medal
at all three Olydpic Gamos of the
doc.adh. .Third: Ethibpia's. marathon
runner Abele Bikila. -

Printod & Published by the Proprietor-
Robort E. Allfroy of St.Aronant, at 26
Bath Rd. ,Roseau Dominirica, West Indies.

11 0 T I C E

Post of FiniLo a Oficer/ Storok or
Applicatiods are invited from suitably
qualified porsom s for the post of Finance
Officor/Storokeeper in the Dominica Youth

Camp, .


Leave and..

Leave P



The post is on the pormanont
anh pensionable establishment
aiid the appointment is on a
two year probation,
Maintain accounts and records
of-stores at the level neces-
sary for proper accountability:
both to Governments and to
World Food Programmeo.

'assa e; Leave and leave .passage..
w ill be granted-in -accordance
with -local regulations.
Salary'is at the rate of
$4,524,00 per'the
scale '4,524 x 180 5,,p64.
.cos: Travelling and Subsistence
Allowance are payable in
aordance with local reg-
ulations in respect of
-.. approved travel on duty.

Quarters: _.--_Quartors are not provided.
Closing Date: Applications giving full
.. records of osrvice- and
qualifications must be sub-
mitted not later than Monday -
---.- 19th -January .1970 to:-
The Permanent Socretary,Ministry of Home
Permanent Secretary,
.-Ministry of Home Affairs. .
File No fla7/39/14
6th January. 1.9 _7
148 1/2. G.269

Policy Statement No. 4 T O U R I S M
This 2-page document was received by us
too late for inclusion in full, After
relevant quotes, it relates the impact of
tourism oh'the economy to the needs of
the people,, to jobs, to the nabural-sconic
beauty of the land., and the necessary re-
peal of-tElio repressive legi-.lation of
the past' two years". Valuable'points fro .
the Zindor-T-Zport are set out, and the
Freedom Party "is confident that if it
forms thecnext Government, foreign in-
vestment will be attracted to Dominica in
a way not soon bofore",,.through the crea-
tion of a favourable investment clinato & '
guarding against the activities of foroig4,
financial adventurers,

Sazturday,'. January 10,$,19?0

Pag Twelve


aaturaay, January Lio 1y70, THE S T A. R Supplement i

Rov, Philip Potter in two hours of dis- REGIOITAL YOUTH SERVICE DOIICA CAMP
cussion on Thursday night gave sono 500 -
listeners of all shades front Dlack to POST OF GENERL INSTRUCTOR
White a satisfying and human view of the Applicatiodis are invited from suitably
evorprosent problems of racism, intoler- qualified persons for the post of Genoral
ance, discrimination and, particularly, Instructor in the Dominica Youth Camp.
Plack Power. The talk its given at the Appoin rint Tho post is on the permanent
DGS and arranged by the Guild of Grad- pp and pensionable established ent nd
uatos: Jeff Charles ohairod the neeting the appointment is on two years
with his customary aplomb, t appo
Rev Potter started with his definition baton
of Racism "Racism is a syston of attit- Sa : Salary is at the rate of $2,904
udes, designed and structured to dis- 144 i t sc 44 x
crininate against people on account of ..
race," This was followed by a survey of Allowangoi Travolling and subsistence
the types of racism such as Anti-Sonitisr allowance are payable in accord-
Et -nic Racism (as in Guyana and Trinidad anoe with local regulations in
with eogroes against East Indians) and .respect of approved travel on duty
lastly the nost violent and evil form Quarters: Qua,.rters are provided.
White Racism. jualifioations. Must possess skills in as
none-existent in the eighteenth cen-
tury, White Racism cane into being after arp ntry, j ery of the following:
the Industrial Revolution which gave the carpyntr, sonry, jluobir ng,brick-
whitQ races of thw North Atlantic the lying, ansonry, notor nochanios
tocological superiority which brought welding and electrical housoewr-
aoout their arrogant attitude to other ing, and must have attaiLned .
races. Only-lip service was paid to through experience or qualificat-
Christianity, ignoring the important ions a fair degree of competenoo
J'A nan should be able to look eye to eye that would enable hin -to impart
with another man" as did loses with God. -the skills and techniques, a
Tho incidence of slavery throughout Leave-and a. -
the ages was eviowod and every now and leave assagg Laove and eave passage
again Rev. Potter intorsporsed warnings will be granted in accordance local regulations,
Thus "we become like that which we op- ocal nations
posed" i.e. a freed, formerly pdrsocuted ClosingiDatoq Applications giving full
minority will look for another minority records of service and qualif-
to look down on instancing the Jews ications must be submitted not
looking down on the Harlem Blacks, and later than Monday 19th January
even the West Indians in the U.S.A. form-. o The Pormanent Socretary,
ing little coni:unitios and looking down IMinistry of Hone Affairs.
on the Anerican Negro. C.A. MAYNARD,
Coriing to Black Power, he showed how Pernanent Secretaryj
West Indians had been in the forefront ministry of Hone Affairs.
of the Movement -- Blydon front Barbados File ITo. H 17/39/14, G.270, 147- 1/2.
in Liberia in 1885, Marcus Garvey in the 7th January, 1970.
U.S.A. (Back-to-Africa), Aino Cosaire
front Martinique to Senegal as the chief world the U.S.A. nem has to pay its oral
oxponent of 'Nogritudo'; and finally the debt for not practising what it preaches.
B.P, leader front Trinidad, Stkoly Car- We wore.told to "beware of integration".
nichaol. When freed froan slavery, West This was the song of the dominant group
Indians became loadrcs 'because they felt who said "bocomo like us -- but not too
nore free than others since they saw the nuch". "Thoro cannot be a'real conrnuhity
white man suffer equally front the heat, without a recognition of individual id-.
hurricanes, run and woenon ontitics". "Every man must make his own
Black Power, he thought, had cooo oboutdecision, whether ho will 'natch violence
through wars, 2nd WW.., Klroan and Viet- with violence' 7Wo, in the West Indies
nan in each of which the ,Lack fought have a particular genius for being relaxed
for the white's Froedon and Donocracy human boinghs, a priceless gift, the envy
b ut.-was denied these when h6 returnal of others-;t, by that I do not nman a lax
home "'after 25 years of policing the way of life .. I must stop." R.E.A.

TTL_~ ~ T L1' ~xL--

___ __ I ~