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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 13, 1969.
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SS Jan'ha .. we ,t
"brari"es .tst.e.. ti o -

e Study ot tlan&,
,, 7B .t.

New yO -i c fr 4 -9
''0S/ < D T/-FO'R-.TttU MDT .M DOMINICA D, 5 ,
Tot rie 269 1 IA AT 78 STREET .N-
F -.2610 b.NE iWRK Y A A
Vo. I X 1i. 24 atu 1. -r 13,. 1969 Ten Cetas

iLLtONS OF WORDC -I i I Shcopp i Street
A -:t' .'.-' mlin toads and pear f of words ..
F,. t' from the lips of' the multitude P ..
,,: .-' thos- e words into a po4em once. Never '
mind te roest c ite, which was intensely p.e e
and o-r .. for n editoriaL.-
IL the ten dayr & ..-y., millions nF 'Words
Sdr. pn.- e : as the ..o 5of localmous onassane
4 h:.' ;-u mrotalised in white papers, party
v e -i ..r o ht AS iows Wa o knOW at.
A -pearl or a zr'.- l -
ve : .r.n i ovserta lk themselves onste "su
clan.ei j Ti- ia'ec f or e~XrmS dmp driven to
the L- by the minority 'queee, a li .pa le of th k-
g hor as a repIrfa:: Mrs ,src kept g ot rrr
from ? O A i t on Throne i .achc day, wha
no .ne clan. otd :ot ~. Henry at fillibustering. Talk F
is, tB inr e apon unt i the bahot conites len
Cd; I:-sp t dothe t spch from the Throne, MUh, .
tva.ryone knows is prepared for Ministers largely
S. .:: a 1. action by section) ith trhe i, .E
.eie: di It,. ie a .: note that the later Ihas er, re.
COne .t tog. w ibchwr, d zrfoA on the
lkes ;po tinig about te ras and sums of m4 money,
hYet he is .d '.:000 of .sat Some of our Town: lt' e narr ow streets have
in ti ~But a Briai o angry, a me Pbabs of hr ofr twher O t n Here i ch workers and. p
i ?-n e ip, m~mu acd oplp roads. l 's ,pe. with i' 's new budI n D In the distance.
S re: rTght to sadta.g is a tamer pierce of g- .. ... '
ihand du wo rth a ferocious o ratorial attack, a-wt dp
.Twoh: a the oase magsh at, tack probably has to WIhea we started to write o en r. c of .e d
:..e :d, n. o- a i n. Th Oetk Spteat n is wthe Uwe had no idea that dte Govterament of Dome aica
'.. e.t, dy. A ct removed cor the :.n' -s anid cents wey.d clamp dow n th-p Oppe lo reply sto i
al the f.'.- p". The only thing IS, f that with pvemn tb Speech -- .hab-o a i ut l by they
ent's I ." ribt ', > tfo 0 CA1rfl. 1Zk.lrv r.stumar V es each t Fe C. " in Ms. T .errV critical ripoStt,
saion, we ak omurseblves, what will the efinm f:eu.-& This pi- c r ..3 a 'T il his Jk e rch'
he? On dhe f c of it, Ai is not a bad Budget Speech aing comment, and i-i more to say: we have never
a -t c a cf z is o ~ he purpose of this edi oral to picq.k bo forces hard of f proportional or est ath:' proio
hc.le in nit. Leave tha wt to the awecialis t. Verbiage.
O point thogh to which iwe Dt ect io the If we a have prprtional representation,
constant reiteratior that "prusonal hatred an 4 to s- r, r.j. ,r toi e votes o the ta' ast :election.
tioptab:ly motives are the raison d'Utre of the onae az d4 of Assembly Members would be Cp1tovi.
C ait crn. An Opposition has a right to oppose, tion. Indications aret that they will fonr the GuveraW
ever to hate on. occasion when unatdmited injuice mnAema net tin.1,
i ankle. This does not mean that its .motive are s m ...-
( no.idtheir opponents were j .- Monies from the SidbIs% *:
IUp l1toi. .-: Hatred wt. in their anti-their? Fund and te Wkti
v a .r'YpA C ig. It is anlnl sry w for thse w eSt Kits also has laws to whfrh (a the Provident Fonod his
htve livi ,i td .' iatted t i of power for yeara to i 4." en c Teeply owjeoean; storo
aC L antagonists jealous, angry, bitter. Probaably the s To which workers and.eploy
it eumbeznts appear more agreeable because they rlyned comments from th as addn i ca
'Ale secure, iung and pIlumip. ThiL sel to gv DThs eem Ir g e yTuu pp Ti M rCt.C
A em the right to indulge in back-handed platitudes
4s which we find untrue and 14 'a e SOh Frigate Bay, sweet Fm ''..- Government dip thiir
Two salient facts emerge from all these millions gate Bay, hands in deep
-)I words irn or opinion. One is that until the Unspoiled so far in ery Afd take out over a :tCi.
Ac- ta'..s is removed from the Statute Book, way, dollars, thbey say,
4 re {s 'zi Governent is not worthy of ruling the Soon will You be a harboue- Wiou sai w t-ey wdi
os cti of Unmidca. The other is the extreme rp- ig Place pay it bak
u stance of most ritish Cnr.V r- h ruling cliqu--, to For crooks and gamblers of' Or what interest they propose
re i:"i'f mpowger: tbhey seem determined to hold every race. t pMY
*n at any cost, budgetary or otherwise.
Thee first test of a parliamentary -m. 'arn is
whether Mte ruling party is ilN2 tF o *.'en;:iI;'. oficse at the electorate's behest.

Pe TwoTD


I see that the Fort Young Hotel Company is expanding its activities. It
clearly does not agree with the Government's view that there is no future in
tourism for Deminica.
According to a prospectus recently issued, the Company is inviting applications
for the purchase of shares in order to extend its hotel business. The immediate
scheme is for the purchase of Clarke Hall Estate in the Layou Valley and the
erection thereon of an hotel in surroundings which provide such good bathing
facilities and opportunities for very interesting walks. It is proposed to
establish in connection with the hotel our first 18-hole golf course as part
of the recreational facilities.
The Fort Young Hotel Company with its record of uninterrupted success is ob-
viously the appropriate concern to carry us into this new venture of country
club style of hotel now that tourism as a viable industry for Dominica has been
decided upon by thinkers in the private sector bf the economy. The marked success
of the Company in running Fort Young is its best credential in the matter.
The Company's authorised share capital is $5 million and for the project
under review it is seeking to raise $1 1/2 million in shares of a nominal value
of $100 at a price of $110. Thus the Clarke Hall hotel project is an extension
of the Company's Fort Young Hotel activities whose success may be gauged from
the fact that dividends on shares paid during the past four years have been
as follows: 1965: 12 1/2%; 1966: 20%; 1967: 18%; 1968: 25%.
I understand that subscriptions, particularly from persons of modest means,
are flowing in rapidly. Miss Eugenia Charles is Secretary of the Company.
This leads me to the reflection: why is it that a Company which is being so.
successful is promoting tourism is meeting with so much difficulty from Govern-
ment? Especially in the matter of extending the present Fort Young Hotel, it
is rumoured that Government prefers to keep the nearby Peebles Park (which is
never used by the public) in its present condition rather than sell or lease
it to the Company at a reasonable price. And yet, granting land is one of the
chief encouragements given by Governments to the development of tourism all
over the world. This attitude certainly tallies with our Government's declaration
at the beginning of the year that it sees no future for tourism in Dominica.

The columnist "Polycarp" in a recent issue of this paper I am afraid barked
up the wrong tree.
That columnist was, as everyone else does, bewailing and deploring the con-
dition of the main public road fronting the Dom-Can Timbers factory at Check
Hall and thought that that Company should be compelled to keep the road in
better condition. There is no doubt that if this were a public road something
drastic would have to be done about it.
The fact of the case, however, is that the road passing through the Dom-Can
sawmill at Check Hall is no longer public property. It is now the property of
the Company and it is only by its grace that the public is being allowed to
use it. Thus we may not scrutinise the teeth of this gift horse.
The present Government has assigned this road to Dom-Can in exchange for the
cost of building a bypass more inland to avoid the factory. Dom-Can quite some
time ago carried out its obligation and the Government has got the money but
does not yet consider the building of the bypass urgent. Hence things are what
they are as every driver knows to his cost. Dom-Can is not, therefore, blame-
worthy in the matter.
While on this subject, what.about the side pedestrian lanes for the Old Roseau
River Bridge for which-.the Opposition put through a Resolution in the House of
Assembly some time ago? Daily the population, human and vehicular, crossing the
bridge is increasing. Are we waiting for the accident which will hasten commence-
ment of the work?
Concld. on P. Four) .


Saturday, December 13, 1969

Page Two

- Satur u> Deceaber c 1 1969 THE STAR T Paie Tre
Q, U E N and CON0IONEALTH ***** by Ro-nel
by Rormel
The least expensive portrait of Two wooks'froh today this column '-
Her Majesty in this State (and pro- yours truly will be two years old~, I
bably in the world) is the half-cent find it hard to believe myself, but"
stamp framed in a silver "D" for time revolves without notice. And now
Dominica reproduced in r.h.corner of ~ TI write it" soons' like I began all
our front page: we like it very muchthose pst compo6itions just a. nonth
ago but, trulyy, I feel exhausted..
ST. LUCIA: In keeping with the re- Exhausted,, but hot too worn that I
pressive measures being undertaken can't go on. And one may be tempted to
in divers ways by islands of the ask just hon does the author's rind
Associated States, St. Lucia (as get borod;. just-when does he break down
many of our readers already know)has nd says "I-oan't go on"? The truth
imposed a 3-month ban on all politi- lies heroinf:
cal demonstrations against the ad- .That after writing a piece of prboe
ministration of Mr. John Compton and I (the author) feel deflated, effete,
his Party by the Opposition St. drawn out of my wits. But on re-roading
Lucia Labour Party. Mr. Compton, my published work, hearing it criti-
according to the Express, announced cized, and lauded 'too, a new forn of
the ban on an island-wide television energy is manufactured within no a
broadcast in which he attacked 'sub- propagated stimulus that brings so much
versive element-s i~n-the community' contentment ~to mo that I feel inspired
- although he did not actually name to compose a chapter twice the sizo of
the St.L. Iabour Party. The demon- the first,
stations began since October 17, And sotlie pile builds up until tho.
when Kenneth Foster, attorney SLP author any author can nanago not a
leader, headed more than 1,000 of single 'ieaflot of hIs' myriad conposi-
his followers through Castries and tions; than he gets nad temporarily. ,
handed a petition to the Governbr And if the strength of his maSth olo-
calling for the resignation of the quence is duly sapped he nay never ever
Government. Another demo. occurred recover. Thsak God the lighter side
on Oct. 51. SLP alleged that the has not progressed that far.
gen.election of last April was ill- -- *
egal. Mr. Compton alleged that crim- I have oftenbines heard people argu-
inal elements were being emboldened ing over which is the more enjoyable of
and citizens (inc. an unidentified the'two Carnival or Christnas. For
Govt. Minister) were assaulted. He one, they oach begin with a G. od de-
said tnat a small minority were con- serve credit for the joy and happiness
ducting a campaign "based on lies, that either or both bring even to the
slander and misrepresentation"which stoic or extremely ascetico
"has grown more subversive and sedi- .. My guoss goos like this' front what
tious in content and more virulent ~Ivo heard, the'majority of Dominicans
and violent in tone lately," warning prefer Carnival,, as it appears that at
that further action would be taken just. that tino of year anybody every-
to deal with any "threat to the pub- body lets loosb what appears to have
lic order", (Quotes from Barbadoq been a previously "caged", imprisonedd"
Benac.Qn), or restrained liberty., And it is true
BARBADOS: The large Department Stonethat Doninicans are seemingly easy-
of Cave Shepherd was destroyed by oing,.. Carnival to us is a period of
fire on Weds. night flames shot 'who cares about differences'. Every-
across broad street, damages estim- body hugs-iup anybody; ,anybody drixkns
ated at many thousands of dollars. everybody's boozo; everyone junps up in
anyone's band once the Monday morning
parade.of baids lias gone through the
B, lI L L Q B R A. N D allocated acreage. So who cares non
PR E S ER VE S- man if I hug a white meat and you hug a
brown neat?". (continued on back ge)
The Jayc6os"ari' holding a rcoting at
Stock Some For CHRISTMAS!. Love amno, Doc. 19 -Planning for Cauval,
* * **** ** *** ** ** ** ** @

Page Four THE STAR Saturday, December 13,1969

ANDROCLES (Continued from Page Two)
Again, still on the subject of communications: if you turn off on the Layou
Bridge and go inland towards Pond Casse, after about 25 minutes driving, come
to a low-lying bridge near York Valley Estate which is one of the most dangerous
bridges on 'our roads. This is the point at which Mr. Lander went down in his
jeep and met his death a year or two ago. At that time the bridge was in even
safer condition. Since then .the side railings have been flattened outwards, due
no doubt to the passage of some Government bulldozer.
Now this is a point where at least three Government Ministers pass frequently
- not less than weekly and it is a bridge upon which hundreds of vehicles
carrying thousands of passengers from almost all parts of Dominica must cross
every week. Why taunt Fate with human lives in this way?.There is clear need
to improve the safety of .the approaches to this bridge which has.remained in
its present condition for months, if not years*

One of the most interesting occurances at the meeting of the House of Assembly
on 4th/5th December was the refusal of the Opposition to accept a seat on the
Public Accounts Committee of the House.
The Opposition argued that its treatment by Government in its everyday
activities indicated persistent lack of consideration. Even in the basic matter
of posing questions in the interest of the country, the Opposition continually
found itself "up against it", the latest being, of course, the ejection of the
Third Nominated Mamber, Hon. E.B. Henry, from the House.
In its generally undemocratic posture, the Government would wish to look.
respectable by being able to point to a Public Accounts Committee which included
the Opposition, as is found in truly democratic countries. The positionn will
have none of it, as the Leader of the Opposition stated, until Government mends
its ways and adopts true democratic attitudes. .-
Moreover, as the Third Nominated Member pointed out, Government was making
a farce of the Public Accounts Committee by its nominees. A Public Accounts
Committee is a serious business superintending the accounts of the State to
ensure that all expenditures of Government is in accordance with appropriation.
This is a work involving a good deal of competence in accounting procedure.
The Premier countered that the persons he was nominating have the necessary
competence since some of them.held trade unions. Accordingly, he
nominated Hon'bles Leslie (Portsmbuth), Antoine Henry (Castle Bruce), L.C.
Didier (Eastern District) and Arnold Active (Nominated) to keep the necessary
continuous check on the accounts of the State of Dominica.

COUNCIL..OF MINISTERS IN GRENADA Agreementwas, however reached
that members of. the Regional Secret-
"A number of items of.regional int- ariat staff should "not involve them-
erest were also discussed by CounciL"selves in any political activity" and
rather sums;up the gist of a Govt. shouldd not regard themselves: free to
release dated December 4 about a criticize publicly the Governments
meeting of "WISA" which took place of the area.
on November 24 & 25. The Council also discussed the
The meeting was; chaired by Sen. future of the Eastern Caribbean Cur-
Derek Knight (Minister without Port-rency Authority "in the light of
folio in the Grenada Govt.) was Barbados' decision to establish a
no Premier present for that import- Central .Bank." It does not mention
ant function? how the discussion went or whether
Council considered a report on any decisions were taken,
the conditions of service for WISA Premier* Bramble had the Chairman-
officers working in the U.K. and ship for the m ming year handed over
Canadian Commission Offices, etc. to him "in absentia". How many other
but there is no mention of any con- Premiers were absaett?
clusions or action proposed *We should have said Chief Ministerb



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-; ';-^''. ..*^ ; %

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.. *' -. ,.; '3.
; *^' '; -- '*

- il~



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.,. -"'^_. 4 ;. "-4v,. :... A.'- -Y ,


41C Cork Street, to eAeu or s j 2

i . .o~r. .,

You W~anP to be Sir-n See -Atne Oa-ae "

thermostatically controlled degree of toasting '
I two slices are toasted snnultsneously on both sides
built-n air-damper for controlled poppingup-

Seay to operate

The Philips automatic Pop-up toaster makes it possible to toast two Asi aes
of bread simultaneously. The desired degree of toasting, from light golden
I| colour to a warm dark brown c.n be selected in advance. Once :he
Sslices have attained this pre-selected degree they pop-up automatic, ill
and can easily be taken out. The thermostat selecting the toasting tirne is
controlled by the temperature of the bread. .
-d Toasted bread is more, and more appreciated. Not m- to lunch agnd dinn:-. Th newiy desqreld 'hi | I
controlled by the tepeat reu of the bread
,._1 '* "'" only at the breakfast table, but also as a tasty -upple- _cawer -; be a welcze addition to every hv^.iould. ,

HM 3420


1K *;i

S.rt. w Hx atvsecembe r i 6 TH TAR -* Pa-r'- ~r te ve- AA c e V

Course in Departmont of Education
...... 1970/71 .

Applications are invited for ad-
nission in October 1970 to the one yoea
course leading to the award of a Pro-'
fossional Certificate offered at Mona,
by the Department of Education UWI.
-The Course is opened to qualified
and experienced tutors holding or pre-
paring for posts of special responsi-
bility such as principals, teachers,
Education Officers, Inspectors of
Schools, lecturers in teachers Coll-
ogos or senior posts in primary or
Post primary schools.
"Candtdates must have already under-
Gano professional training which need
not be University Graduate.
The examination will consist of two
papers 5
1. The General Paper of the Scholar-
ship Examination of the Univer-
sity of the Wost Ihndios..
2. A paper in Education.
The examination will tost particu-
larly the candidates' abilityy to deal
with educational ideas,5 and to look
critically at the problems of Educa-
tion in the Caribboan.'
Application forus and detailed in-
formation'could be obtained from the
Registrar, UWI, Kingston 7, Janaica,
or from the Resident Tutor, Extra
Mural Departnott.



will be closed to the public

on Thursday,, 18th Docembor,

from 6.00 p,.m. to 8,30 p,.m.

because of a private'function.

A. Mylo0iro,,
99-1/1 ManaCor.


Applications are invited for adtis-
sion in October 1970 for the final year
of the Bachelor of Education course
being offorod 'at Mona, by the Depart-
rnnt of Education, University of the
West Indies.
Selection will be oade from quali-
fied and experienced teachers who hoLd
a Professional Certificate in MSucation
of the University of the West Indies at
a high standard.
* -. *
The Dotini~i'Ehployers Federa.ton
agreed on Dec. 1 that the following roe-
dundancy phaymnt schore be adopted by
all nerbors:
1 to 5.yoars.-ervice 1 week's pay
6 to 10 years service 2 wooKs pay

11 4 yardss service

- 3 weeks pay,,,

with a qualifying period of 3 yoars
service and .ar .nomra of 52 weeks pay,
It was gCnerally felt that the
scheme reconnondod by the L. Rose & Co.
Ltd board of inquiry'under tho Chair-
manship of Mr. G. James and based on
age qualifications' would be extremely
difficult to administer and therefore
could not"'o 'accopteod

On Tuesday'theo'th of December the
Patients of the lontal-Hospital'woro
entertained by the Y.C.W. group, After
the siting of carols a vote of thanks
was Civen by Mr. R. Didier not'only for
the gifts which thoy presented,, but for
the spirit of Christmas which they
brought. The visit was heartily
appreciated by al.- .-

Janaican immizraits Mr, and Mrs. Glen
Powell told the Vicar the nanes wi'h
which they wanted him to christen heir
nino-nonth-old soA. They were Nigol
Mark Enoch 'Poollf'
Mr. Powell,. 271t who works at an
electrical engaieering plant in Rugby
has been calling his son Enoch --af-tor
the controversial'conservative M.P. -
since he was born.

- - i r-l V .... r W .

Se~t~~dutr. JSacei:1~3or ~7;,'19G9


Pa e oeven


We print here Part I of the Prenier's budget address delivered to the House
of Assembly on Monday Docomber 8th ...
Last year, in presentingg the budget,, principal by the newly introduced
I referred to it as the biggest over in syston of quarterly fertilizer alloca-
the State, at a total of 11,247,445. tion. There is however grave danger of
This year,,, it is y: hoiour aid privi- the full scale invasion of the U1.Ko.
loSe to defend a budgc t which is esti- market by high quality Central Arforiican
mated to cost fourteen hiillion"two' bananas, unless the Windward Isaul-.
thousand and five dollars ($14,p002, 0051 group can fill the gap in Britain's
* At the outset, I wish 't put Honour- requirements caused by Janaica's -
able Monbers and the geioral public in growing decline in production-
a frane of nind which onb experts at The exports of citrus and coconuts
this holiday season by announcing now, are showing enou!, raging increases,
that I am presenting this budget which Howeverj the mi!m.ETr of disposal of
will not'only be free front additional grapefruits which are not suitable for
taxation, but will'allow for some nea- the export inarket'ust cease. Gov-
sure of tax relief, and also provide ernnont is wi1lUing -to contribute as
for increases to persons paid from the generously as it can to an efficient
public purse. canning industry for the processing of
Mr. Speaker, the pace of advance of rejected citrus and other fruits,.
the Oconony continued to increase in The construction and engineering
1968, and the growth rate.for that year sector has continued to make a signifi-
is estimated at 10lo At the samo time cant contribution to the econory,. The
prices, as ieasurcd by the Consumer building boon continues in 1969 and is
Price index showed an appreciable in- expected to have an even greater impact
orease. The value of exports of goods on the economy in 1970. There is no
and services increased by 16%. Imports doubt tUlda generous income tax conces-
also increased front $17,3l15,860 to sions hCve contributed greatly to the
$,20,212,,800, thereby "causiig an excess growth in this doctor and I wish to
of'ir~ports over exports in the sun of place on record Government's approcia--
$7,796,0p00. The flow of foreign capi- tion of the active role which private
tal was however sufficient to. finance enterprise has played in these
this excess. activities.
Mr.. Speaker indications are that Manufacturing and Mining have not so
this growth rate will be maintained far lived up to expectations, lrWhile
t-his year and that.the value of exports the Oils and Fats Factory continues to
will increase at about the same rate as expand production with good prospects
1968. On the other hand, imports are for the export market, line juice and
estimatedd to roach $24' million. While line oil show signs of boeiz on the
there are increases in the value of in- decline. Electricity production has
ports in respect of Consumption goods, expanded and power has now reached
the larger increases are as a result of Portsmouth. Govcrnnmnt is still con-
the importation of Capital-goods, in corned over the poiroer needs in the
particular Plant and Machinerys and 'other ttroas and -will continue to press
Transport and Equipment. It will there-for further pL-oduction at a nore
fore be seen that although there will encouraging pace. The Tinbor and Mining
again'be a deficit in the visible industries have not yet nade the
trado, the investments front which the contributions expected of then, but
Economy will benefit will go a long way indications are that in 1970 these
in generating additional incomes. industries will contribute more substan-
I-Mr. Speaker, in Export Agriculture, tially to the economy.
.the banana industry continues to The tourist trade in 1968 showd an
.do inate the contribution of this sec- increase over -1967. The number of visi-
tor to the oconory. The record level tors during 1596 had been estimated at
of banana production achieved in'1969 13,409 as against 9 :,438 in 1967'. 'It
is expected to be maintained 'and is also estimated that in 1968,, 9,,045
indicatibio are that the production visitors stayed-in hotels as conmpared.
could be in the region of 55,000 with 6,414 in 1967. The occupancy rate
56,000 tons. This inprovnment and is however estimated to have romained
ronarkable stability has been achieved at 65% in. respect of both years.
(Continued on Page Nine)

Snt~lrc'lit~n rA1lbni C)i 9q

2DI^ 7i; ~Z,4

Pronier's Budet Speech (frcn Pare Eight)
IMr. Speaker although the statistics 2. Additional Civil Service
are not yet available for this year it posts for the Registry
is definite that this trade continues Accountant Goneralts Office,
tb grow, as reports indicate that the Audit, Customs & Excise,
demand for accommodation continues to Inland Revenuo 37.o000
exceed the supply. Howoverv there is 3. Enumeration -of Electors 27,.000
healthy sign that there willb be consi- 4. Goveirnont Grants to Comnon-
dorable activity in the construction wealth Parlianentary
of hotel accommodation in 1970 which Association 10,000
will cause this industry to make a Proposed expenditure on Defence,
greater impact on the economyy. Police, Justice, Prisons etc. has been
SMr. Speaker, I now turn to the Gov- allocated 10a.47 per cent of the total
ornnont Account. Reourront Expenditure outlay, an increase of some $195,P000
is ostinated at $9,911,135 and Capital over the approved expenditure in 1969.
Expenditure at $4L,090,o70. The pro- Expenditure on the Police and the Po-
posod recurrent expenditure shows an lice'Training School estimated at
increase of 4.30/ over the revised ex- $620,000 accounts for nore than 500% of
ponditure for 1969 which is estimated' the total allocation to these services.
at $8,829,467 plus a. hotional provi- In addition to the cost of naintaiing
sion of-$700,000 on recognition of Gov- thes6 services at existing level in
ornhentts conmitnont to a Salaries and 1970, p2viv-sions have boon rmade for the
Wajos Review. In order to accormnodlteo follovrn ~
this provision in the recurrent budget, 1. An additional 1MaistrateIs
items of special expenditure formerly Court in Roseau with effect
mot on this side of the account had to from 1st July, 1970 $ 8,000
be transferred to the Capital account 2. Thirty-six additional Po-
and financed front Surplus funds, lice Officers and three
The proposed distribution of re- clerks 63,000
current expenditure in 1970 is as 3. Two additional Training
follows: Officers for the Police
Cost of Administration $1;932;000 Training School 4,o000
Defence, Justice and Police 1~038,000 4. Five additional Fire
Social Services 2948,o000 Officers 6,000
Construction 1,062,000 5, Roorganisation of the
Economic Revenue Earning Defence Force 13,000
Services 5941000 The need for additional police per-
Othor Econornic Services 628,000 sonnol to nanl the Police Headquarters
Public Debt 321000 and out stations has been under'consi-
Pensions and Awards 520,000 deration for some tine now. This Gov-
Grants to Local Governnonts 169,000 ernnent in conjunction with the Minis-
iHotional Provision for try of Overseas Devolopnent have
Salaries Review 700,000 agreed to implnment a report front the
The estimated cost of administra- Overseas Police Adviser to the ,inis-
tion in 1970 constitutes'19,4.9 per try of Ovorseao Developnont. You wili
cent of the total budge-t, representing see in the Capital Estimates the potent
an increase over the 1969' approved ex- to which the British may assist. Our
ponditure for this service of $57,000. contribution will be mainly on the
MIr. Speaker, in View of the impend- maintenance of "those services and ,w
ing Salaries Review, the proposed ex- intend to phase our connitmcnt with
ponditure on Adninistration has been effect from next year.
limited to that which is most essen- Let us digross and reflect for a
tial and urgent and cannot be deferred short noment on the decision taken
without injury to the public service, earlier this year to have our own Po-
Consequently, in addition to the costs lice Trainiin Shaool. Hitherto, we
of Salaries, wagds and increments paid the connitmcAt of Barbados an
accruing in 1970, and after allowing annual sun of $18,000 for the'training
for costs consequent on price in- of 12 non. This', Mr. Speaker, was at
creases, the following.-now services an annual cost of $1,500 per man,
D i

hlavc uoeen J0JIov -LUt .LoU.
1. Contribution to Regional $24,000
Youth Camp in Doninica

(To Be Continued)

~l-~rlrr~~1rr~ T)~~~nhnr l?.~c)r~9

Pace Tinoe


-" ...,- :-, ., n n '".. i r-. 4 n .- '- e u w tt.. 'r t' ,-."- .
.' L...

' 1 ; . '. 4 '

,, 1"" i ..

i'. -4.~
'2 4
.4 4 .. :';



When;' -cr !> :
w h+: p .,.. tie n ...-s.. ,
. 1- ,, C .+,

is understc .- 1
-No mistaki-n the subtI'c .li i' I..
neer ume fBle GrasCs. ., ;
-es.y vwa,, .unf'i ri c rt ble. In ,. ---c 'i. : .
ueraicssnewyeaude In
ais n r i sp'ray, ;oap, la;d i ,.- 4- '.; -,:

r.g powder and .i ppu.ff, pe.
&cD.tiv L iii,..., d simr.p -.
ni-que as i."c':f, Buf (dtss "cru rie .

Dominics I |
f ., -"

-'W~ .~ttI 7-2 'cc%

-gi) -

'Jhc V" R+ g ic ; a "irt fJ-,.
T. .he .

.. b ,, a grea.. ,. perseA -ty
-t a''; C. MtCr today- 7...
.^M i j~ ~~~ ~ d ,) l t [ .-Vi ? V-1 ,

Y-,-- '?r ,

by N/. "

Inr Store for your Xmas. -i.... -:


w Niv.T Jobs

WWe offer "SUPERIOR'" Broard -t Plue t Rico's best dn PL.-. -a- FUNGUS RESISTAi'"-

the Economy Pai

1 Do n

". a QUALY-TEX (::by Superior),
i'nt, !i-t cost for the low income unable to ,i.' epessive pai.&Ul

V *.-i~gin- gE~

. G-a Ceorge V '.- L,


tar' >eca Ler 13, J.9l

. T1 E ale-wet

-".... ... ... -: -., -s' ,-- .. -'..-. -.f. ..

"' """;RIC.A 4" '
.' ,l, ",,

'*'-"- *,*** '. .-- t '* "" -" *
* .:%', .r 1 "' e"y Wk., '
,-. Vtr

. .-' ... ., C ..
M _" '
P "F P~
S e' S~iIf ab ~ y'.y .*

Iseworth nearly "00
, nurses under strenAgth.
xLocal doctors have beenr
'wa:mned that -*ds can
onl.y bte found for ener-
gency cases.
Because marrit4i numrs
jo the staff prfer to work
1 five-day weekC tum
sutrgtcal wards with 40 beds
i tli irae to lose down at
Only patients wt eCan
i be heated and dishtafged
in Ave days will be
asd =itted.
Mr !,. M- Steffens, the
hospital secretary, told me:
rver now N) per cent of
C*ur admission are on an
emergency basie.
We're tot near break-
down, but it's a rost serikm
situation. All tr'r nurses are
working 100 per cent, and
we've no reserves to tfll
back on.

"Onlr! serious elderly
bronchitis and asthmatic-
SIttients will be admitted.
SOhers we've taken in. the
past will have to be nursed
at home. There's alsq a pos-
sibility that we may goon
have to- stop admitting all
.urwicnl cases, even though
we have hundreds on the
waiting lists.
Our medical commit-
tees will meet this week to
work out details."
In a bid to beat the
crisis the hospital wants
to hire 30 trained agency
nurses, even though De-
prartment of Health rtin-
isters disapprove of them.
Mr Steffens said : "Our
Demand has. gone to the
regional board who must
seek Govenment approval.
We're hopeful we will get
the girls."
Family doctors called tor
the hospital to hear about
its problems were shocked.
One said: "The lives of
some elderly patients wiTl
be at risk. They wop't be
Getting lh,,'.' .1 treatment
as soon at the need it.
"Turning away dying
patients will also put an
intolerable burden on rela-
'ives forced to look after

A ,:O:~~dt rt.S W-aifs!',).

... ,_ l! .,^ .-i.... ?, - .. ,_,_-

.S A L R

CAN HANX g' 'YOUR I -'" '-N" .b -' .

test u .- )vy a.nd Tio Serv
i '-,ANS S & SUP On i ', I AT VERY F.,

'; -A' MAKES O A. CL" a,

FO R SE S .0 0 4 MA U,
TV 4 4.4.T r'. C r M
a ',, .... r .
9P K o 71T. '^'-G-

-h 'r: > o L .. a ...o. .. ,**. ..j ,

"Q TG Y. "' fal.' S...... -' *'....... .

*J. 3., .\ .
:Tb.....* ^^5 /

yw~ ^n~c: ?;^17-. r^ .O h.T^^*' ^' '
V~~~~~~~~ efh. ^ a *-' s.. -; 6.-.3
.t :t. T r~ lr C i ,, -. .-.....,

2.5. -A.-,, ,- '. .
pL "j<- .',"..-y .: ..^ .
&.~ D

4w- '. a

Y'ir> 'a.

9~~Fg~~c I -'"^ >. = ^
We- A m ,

LO T B .1". ,.

; 's ft

S. -. .

.4 ..
One s g '..., .,a l-t ... : of:
tiae 'at Sco".hees -. ,. .w!J .se ad
177 tia vre fee t.
Fota? ther partiedarf phone :

W est a :
Nonduras, Guysna, Caymnm is., Turks & Caicos s..
-e'.,; Ant Surlrm, a i,, Donlnkan
"3 '1 '...' g d f'^uesa
well ..e.' V d ?
.; be wctI ,. s'd u 4ndrmag;VC..

, 7 : cnesa per hyundrd.
.ac.t -. .. ....-. . ...P I..'

TeL 2114 bztAwen 8 a. 4 .-
.,-. ,-". .- -^ ''" ,

~ 'l t .. -

-wi 3''LvFT 1

. T71 Vi'Ver ti O CuO ; : i. *;
~.- 5'' -~

You will find so we W iWFUL RA

i e

as I -EN

,-,- .
-. 'n.4 or-,4-

.- s ,


: i
1 /
i i

Santurdaj, Decenber .31a,1g THE STAR Pace Thirtoen
Historical Article SOME' LITTLE-IKOWN FACTS ABOUT DOIIITICA by Fr. ioosnans
from The Lions Club national day brochure.
COLUMBUS did indeed discover Doninica on Sundajy,-rd Iovcnber, 1493, in the
early morning, but neither he nor any of his crow landod here on that day. He
sailed along our ocean coast till he sighted Maric Galante, detached one of
his 17 vessels to search the northern and eastern coasts. In the afternoon
they found the large closed bay (therefore known as Granido Anse, or Portsmouth),
and again without landing set out to report to the Admiral when they joined at
nightfall at Mario Galanto. This can be considered as historically certain.
The first mention of the Dominica Carib is in the Decree of King Fordinand.
The first known Spanish report on Doninica is that of P. Davila in 1514.
The first Spanish historian to visit the island was Oviodo, who cane with
Davila. The first French really to settle in Doninica and'clain it for'France
cane in 1635. The first Dominican Friar to call at Rosoau,, Grande Anso, and
Vioillo Case in 1642 was Fr. Raymond Breton. Thc'first mass of which we know
was celebrated at Vioillo Case in September, 1646, by the Capuchin Father
Alexis. The only village of which the date of foundation is known is Kulihao
(Colihaut) in 1648/49,
Carib Warner and his people were killed by the English of Antigua in
January 1675, probably at IMssacre. When Fr. Labat visited Dominica in 1700,
he not with the mother of Carib Warnor; according to hin then exceedingly old,
yet she need not have boon noro than in her nineties.
The first French land settlers came in 1717. I'ltthiou St. Arronont was one
of the first French comnnndors settled on land that carries his name up to the
present day. The first Parish Priest was Fr. Willian. Anastel (1730-1740) who
in 1731 built the first a wooden Catholic Churchl The French organised
the island into districts in 1749. The chapel of the Jesuits at Geneva was-
blosoed on'Christnas Day of the sane year. 'The English took Doninica in 1761,
the French retook it front then in September, 1778, to have it returned to the
English in 1784. (See date on the Roseau Boys' School and the old military
Soon after this the Anglican Church (on Church Savannah) was in a dilapi-
dated states and front 1789 to 1822 the Anglicans used part of the Courthouse
as Church, with an avcrago Sunday attendance of 28 people. Here Rector Charles
Poters preached his two anti-slavery sermons on Good Friday and Easter Sunday
i800, and was therefore driven off the island. By way of Divine punishnont
the Anglicans were for a decade plagued by notorious Rector Audain, whose
excesses were made known in the West Indies by the first Anglican Bishop
Coleridge and his nephew.

Fort Shirley became famous through the rebellion of the 1st Black Rqginent
in 1802~ soon to be overshadowed by the saving of Governor Provost during the
French invasion of General Lagrange.

1822 was the year the Anglicans had their now Church 1824 the Methodists.
The Catholics were for onme 35 years building their Cathedral.

Abolition Day is not the first Monday in August, but exactly the 1st day of
August, which in that menorable year was not a day of feasting but of mourning
for the newly arr:.ved Governor, who had succumbed to yellow fever the day before
_(July 31st). .

The 1st Goodwill Guido Cpany invites THE PRICE OF A VOTE-Teacher Gladys 1hude
you to a Pro-Chri.Itnas Party at the Harrison of Jamaica won her suit against
Goodwill Infant SChool o MIonday 15th the Janaican Attorney General for da-
Docolber at 4 S.30 y 1h rages for loss of her voting rights.
Decemb a. Her nane was left off the list of
ADMISSION........ 100 electors at the last general election.
turn your radio on full blast to doafon~tn.

Pa ge Four,' e _, ,*L -_it- ., nfh -

TITLE BY "'- :,Tl ATXON ,-. -".
Schedule of Appication or Ccrificate of Title and N.iig th-reon a.di a. C: .. iir W endi; .. o .
Date RequstecFPei son .1 Naw re of rIeq '.~ t whith.- Dtei. ;. ;d rion P*se tia Ns'r3o: i,-quesw -
ler a C.? rtifcat e of n 1' a> e 5r i;* V Ai
M iNoting ';ch'e' or Catvi. No cinii dtr -r .A vCe .
;, -. :-.s: .;-,T F .. *.-.. .. .. ~ : . .. .. -.-. .. .. ; .. ..

.. f a 1 F
anS rtr : ," --- ..7 b.-*- .p. .i.n of -.and .at DM t n \t' on
ay^ of D .t "' !... *Ra lit--.--p smos tl dibr ., 1 l M.A .r A r -f "

A2'- ss i Ws S o met m a Te is n ftS a. he f lr
i j, A--4-C- t iNot'n A s.n r

CF ..i.. f a .c" A ny derso S e -to objec t -e- e f ta
... 2'.r ,4n8 A a.- S0's s, .. ,1C)- Ws .

C 'A" Th e W :- *.. ,"-. -, l'* .. a t '
L a i D -, 3 -.' a;- La of A w. S th: y D hE:' Stn
r '" .. .-- ~L a. ". a ; ,b5WA ss: A,. isif a : Cb- a a;d mi-sr lO
SI er" a Ce ifiate oi f ite i of r-S4 f. t 0, E--. B- -) k mu' a
jN ,ot!ing thereon ;vr C eat. | :- s i ; ... 'Y J -.c-1
R qusst i e t. .Ah e A .;--.. f.. t.."e _.ea D o..'ica. ,' f Ti?; s. -
hth day of ,u t of a Fir4 CS'nc-sisaS ti
,..- ,* -h : .ii fTi' n a l r, esp c ~o' a -. Any person. who desires so odbjec;t to .- issu .of a .
e the Aw$ e.M. ~Ar vour u Bud land in Lt F C Oca i2e of .. a vi a l pic tare Irio.insn aysh enearo
at 3ASlpds John. is thi AsxiiatC d Ca :a in the abovc Otke wzhin six we.;: z Fn 0a ci5
Starcof iv'micics, contas.I- th. &r-S -ip5earr:2' :f lthiT $CE:.d'tlo Y h SrfAe R Newr:pstw Tr j
g 'd. sqa$Ft feet ad ; ,. i ;.' : in this Szata or from vse da e whir tthe foldc)s Kr--*
io,- :- s{-bs y ibyaw was serv-d V on any oww e i :- :a
Ntarth: LB'andrc Of St. .luce Sylvo of w ; K is ,mad ,
Land of Mrs. ,u -. -,.- s-. : i. -b .t .. .' .
Date Reqused V .. t c ttif of w A th
,. | r:,.. t:.s :c t of, T. -. .

& W rMl t 4 4---. ^r.-..- I.? .M C5
12 da-v& Api Ivor W Eia RaMssi 0-7r bn I
t- hIy his Solic. sr of TiRWe in rasne a'
ofe -r: of ad aDn We h
P rri M. Atheour .. in [he Pa s of
j 0k^r1 Vl'5E.. Av or H..- CAdreiw. thi As:Siat- .
$Swate of VflAr'itnia. cotaltin-
*ing 20,i92 square feti and-
; boundr-d J s fdcews :- -.-.- --- --.
North.Et : Laad of ;;, F-ranmpos n Alick, and Wi- '
jfr4 .E. Est: Land of ismay Robin. Soith: BurtonRod.. A'
* ..-;'-V; ; t:. 1, of je l Steve s. H'.r*h.vS -- Hunt Ri ad. i -' |
Data Reque;ted Person Presntisnrg Naiture of request wvcheh .

Dated da Clipy oooinf.eue f << -tss C i -
Sy dsoi? thiereM in resv Ct of-
, ment eidtrduisf o a Pirss Cenicaat j

SvA Dc., iS j'fera V t. AM-itst 97 a par of ?Sy- Eats is|Z

Ni'iiTh: Sye- VUtf,, East: Syers hEaets South-; Publici RoZds 'A .
. i L e s o y p rie a ti-e o f s. E.a
A4--n Lamendss Cyprtawnr me~ew y. West.ewa
Q~~~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~ 'Fsl~~~rirm~p~nw.;~i

Schedule of Appliction for C. .: .- o Titi:: and --': -.
Sthereon and Caveats for week I day o Etc.,, A.
Date Requasted Person .;,' Nature of requCesti wheth-
Ir a Certrfic;ate of Titie of

t EIad Lt o i s: 1' Re1 C Ir le .so
Otth dsay of Aug., "oF 6 rFysi LC cisI
69. y his Sok -A o' Tic in raespe- of a
'?ru t.. t & I lst4 of Sni t na toa ,!I--
&ri 6f Desc., s;e 96 ae M,. AAm CS Ca ib shia I the
4ta 1 F3 PaPri ofS St. AMnew,
in t e At 3sciat td
iStte of fonnricsta. ctrdaia-
F 89 15A,22 stuarf fe e ainda
t,5sh: tLano $Simon Lawrence :":. 3 1d of L'eS Dansi I
& Abraham Peter, West: PCubtl Rod, ..' E .At "I of Da.nil jato .,
J _v ,lfWillll'W141.1.1,7 j ll itam illflllikii ^l< N ib :: -w asaiihpi W i '

=', '- 1. -

1 '". ." m' ets e :- i''

-I | p m. 'a F. cu s 3 -S; ;: K C.. -
I -,..: "" -. *

I No ai' ch arg-. Or cai 2 j

Sa~,Q combr l3 i-6 TE STA? (CI'arIIe Fifteen

CARIBBEAN, CRUISE IN 'FLOATING SCHOOL' Ashore, the students will neet so-
The View front the classroom will be nior pupils front local schools who will
one with a difference this nonth for show then oethin of their country.
noro than 1,000 British school children On the hoard journey., the students
will discuss what they havo soon and
and their teachers who are coming to discuss what they have soon nd
thec West Indies. In th1 East Ca ribbean consider the place of the multi-racial
-h6 .society in the Wost Indies in a nulti-
they will tour Barbados, St. Lucia and society i the it Indies in a ulti-
Ant,. racial Co!monwealth. The return to
tsigua,- Britain is scheduled for 29 Doconbort
The schoolchildren 897 girls and Br
200 boys between the ages of 16 and 18 with Chriotmls at Sea.
from nearly 60 schools- all over Britainr DOMIC AIATEUR SPORTS ASSOCIATION
- sot sail from Southampton on I ., -.1 -
bcconber on the "SS Hovasa." Their Applications are invited from suit-
itinerary will be; able persons for the vacant poet of
12 Dooeber: Bridgetown,, Barbados; GROUNDSiAI.
13/14 Decomber: Port of Spain, 2. DUTIES: To prepare, upkeep and main-
Triaidad; 15/16 December: Castries, St. tain the wickets and grounds
Lucia; 17 Deceobor: St. John's, of Windsor Park.
Antigua. 2. To prepare, upkeep and
"SS Novasa", which has been des- maintain the wicket at the
cribod as a 'Floating School' it has,Gardens.
Boon poccially fitted out with class- 3. To supervise any addi-
roomsi, dormitories, sports facilities tional labour which nay be
will be the background to an oduca- employed by the Governing
tional cruise first to the West Body.
Indies and second in a series 4. To perform any other du-
arranged by the British India Stoa ties which nay be assigned
Navigation Co. Ltd. in conjunction fro:n tine to time by the
with Britain's Connonwoealth Institute. Governing Body.
Their first joint venture was a cruise 3. AGE LIIIT$ 18 40 years.
to West Africa in 1968. 4, SALARY : Twoety-five dollars
"This cruise to the Eastern Carib- (Z25.00) per week.
boan is a further stop in bringing poo- 5. CLOSING DATE: 'Jcdnesday 17th DocrdeOT
plos of the Connonwealth together in a 1969,
personal way", Mr. Kenneth Thompson, 6. The appointments will be subject to
Director-Goneral of the Conuonwealth medical fitness and at the pleasure
Institute told a correspondent, of the Governing Body.
"Its importance to the young people 7. Applications should be 'addressed to
of Britain, who want to see at first The Secretary,
hbnd the way of life of other Connon- Dominica Anateur Sports Association
wealth peoples, can be measured by the c/o Doni.nica Grannar School,
fact that the cruise was fully booked Rosoau.
over a year ago by Septebeor 1968. C.A. GOODRIDGE
Plans are already in hand for another 89-2/2 SECRETARY
-cruise to the West Indies in 1970. ..
This time destination Jamaica." OTICE
M.r. Thonpson, who rill taTke part in atur Sports A
the cruise said that for hin person- The Doninica Anatour Sports Associa-
ally it would be a return hone. "I' tion wishes to inform the Sporting Pub-
lived in Trinidad from 1935 to 1943, lic that the Windsor Park will be
married there and ny children were closed with effect front Saturday 6th
born there", he said. *December until further notice.
Lord Garner, Chairnan of the Insti-
tute's Board ofCGovernors, and Sir 2. This closure is to facilitate ro-
tute's Board of'Governors, and Sir
James Henderson, Chairnani of the planting of the grass and the prepara-
CoLrnonwealth Institute in Scotland, tion of the grounds for the 1970
will also take part in the cruise. Cricket Season.
On the outward voyage, a distin-
guished party of oest Indian and Bri- CA..9 2 GOODRTIDGE
fish lecturers will provide a course 9 2 SCRAR.
of study on the people and places to AT CHISTMAS send a card or pay, a visil

be visited,

Sa Lt 1 Docember 1_3, 1.69,


Pane Fifteen

to o soze lonely pors-onj


P ni n H SA a y D b

S *T*A*R*S*P*O*R*T*S*******"*******
S. African Test Tour of England
On Thursday the MC.C. confirmed that
it would go ahead with the invitation to
teio South African Cricket Team to tour
Britain next summer. MCC Secretary Bil3y
Griffith said the decision was taken un-
animously by the Test & County Cricket
Board which represents all British
County''and Minor County sides at their
two-day committee' meeting at Lord's Cridk-
et Ground. A spokesman stated that "to
out white S.Africans is as much racialist
as apartheid:'we shall not object to
demonstrations so long as they are not
Glamorgan to Pl ro Here April 7-9
English County Cricket Champions,
Glamorgan will play 7 matches in the
W.I. Tour next April:
April 1-2 vs, Bermuda; 4-6 vs St.Kitts;
7-9 ~indwards in Dominica; 10-11 two
one-day k.o. matches in Gronada; 14 vs
Trinidad Colts; 15-18 vs. Trinidad.
Metric Cricket for England in 1971

In 1971 the I(rgth of an English pitch
will be 20.12 metres (22 yds) and the
ball will weigh 155.0* grammes (5-2- oz).
The Shillingford Match Grayson's XI
vs. Irving's has had to be cancelled
or at any rate postponed as the Gardens
wicket is being repaired.

World, Brazil &: Santos star
Pelo told reporters; "I am saturated
with travelling, and because of this
I expcct to play only three or four
more years and then dedicate myself to
my great ambition teaching children".
Poel-does not like brute force in foot-
ball: "Football is an artistic profes-
sion, comparable with the work of a
sd4ptor who must model a figure with
technique and talent. I do not like
force. I believe a sportsman must be in
good physical condition, but he must
hot leave aside technique in his profes-
sion." When asked which players have
bothered him most in games, Pel6 named
Adhemar of Brazil, Trapoloin of Italy,
Schultz of Germany and Jose Varacca of
Argentina. "Winning is important, but
personally I do not like war", he said.
Slow handclaps greeted England, the
World Champions, as they failed time
after time to score against Portugal,

Rommel (cont. from page three)
At Christmas, it's different. After
a short survey I have come to the con-
clusion that Dominicans seem to regard
Christmas as a period of quietude, calm,
ness and peace and not an annual fiesta.
when you drive the spirit into you and
the devil out of you as is experienced
during CarniVal, It is pleasing to note
that at Christmas we prefer to be easy-
going, even on the ham and wine; although
many of us -ill end up at a Mitdnight
Mass to try out a soprano, alto, tenor
or bass throat that has swallowed a
little too much of the "lively" spirit.
As I set my mind a-thinking I am still
wondering what pco-Le mean by "Which is
more enjoyable?" and in what sense?
I'M exhausted now, Just one adjective
left and this one's dizzy. Yeah, that's
it -- DIZZY.
-----00o -
Walter St. Clair Rock of Roxy's place
in Laudat, went on a WHO-sponsored
course from MIar.27th to Nov. 26th at the
Water & Wastewator Technical School in
Neosto, Missouri. He received 4 certif-
icates, for: Swimming Pools, Water &
Wastewater (Parts 1.& 2), Water Collect-
ion & Treatment and a General Certifice
ate. He was the first coloured man to
attend the college, the first coloured
man to (a) play tennis publicly in Miss-
ouri and (b) to win the State Champion-
ship and he was table tennis champion
of the college. Water & Wastewater is
the only technical school of its kind
in the world and the famous Dr.Kinman
of Cincinnati U. was a lecturer on water
Mr. Rock paid many visits to other
states in the union to see various ex-
amples of water and sewage projects.
In the coloured brochure put out by
the college the face of Walter Rock
appears in four out of eight techni-
Color photographs. They are proud of
Dominican/Darbadian Rock.

The first recipient of Matron Dorival's
Nurse of the Year Badge was ex-Infant
Jesus trainee- iTurse Geraldine Roberts.
The STAR offers her warmest congratulatios.
It was only "a friendly at Wembley" and
England won 1-0. Jackie Charlton headed
in the winner from a corner by Bobby,
Printed & Published by Robert E. Allfroy
proprietor, of St. Aroment, Dominica at
26 Bath Road, Roseau, DOMINICA, -est Jndio,

., Doconber 13,1 1969


Pa e Sixteen

fE '-: -.. I M

-. i -VC? S 4 t? :: -, --: s
( 5o?. Antheny boize, .-r A, the'
S' .: tiesa, Moz ofn kI ./ s
%T pp-Irtio. az idv rs tx heU-.c 2 ...
the %r me wa s t di *ay -i .. ..* a.

pe or fosr te po% t rains yWeas sad ..:
n .Z e iS ... lay im
:-.- litth : M&r thme e:!.-" t'e
/; ..' of aiae ?.t i abarzetar l i-. .
Sabss' ar io 4ad y sta-t.1.. ;.a
4 .- '-:.- ** r 3
s; p e cial OtCtio to Ths xtisiag
aof ,. --ti01=1 .:. woo

f eWil gvia.'U rms ills efforts .0 m l e-vkh a V s
-C 'r'n-ment vi H ..-:1t i4

Sin .;* i M W Gv, "r -aees at wifi3s /i---
JStoM a -.intai ad day '>, t.he i4 s
:ta che a .a n .. s pssial i g2
Z ... tin is- sao a. tiaAred Tf t i
ySw Er senta' vaeia .* ti .'tn. e.! ~ '
2.- : -, *--* p* bt'm as ad p_ aise_
*b at ias is -. du&hz for
is -..*. '7 d-eW i with. So 4:n, As z 7
asl :- *,- 'Mie :o V-O-, t.a.. .*
t-L M -it .
.- ,a : a.t- > .. 4tsi:a : o :

O ''* ". t tz ? hox It can be bex- -... ,
w~fh-eS it ha? nqt yet ton O R ,) iW A

2s &s ^ st^atial t, n s re^3^a *. T
srecos is *tiw that- *yz. G^?
m at t .. ith at prea-
** sunva f as as indrs y e : ,, e e- .

c''.rs81:, Thie-? is@8a ?e.a?, 'r c -
,s.t t ba p ,i^ ;., .. .3s 4 '.. -

-sgK. g'4 r a t ar a af i.- ofC2. .* I

-o t. acquire Skitla bhch.
*^.tl w eir Z- ?aa dt.Stnt l
S*et S*'C.o -e .it &. ::a
o -tui ... : aio -r:c -. s2:U-

4 EtEin is, ns 's coluani

& ? ss : *a d :.; -tIs for a tDeep
Stor 'avboaur, th' ,t ioan we, eAmos
the atea s .. ." ." t feels
.at areCi: o a: s -.. s .hoald by ,noT
aye been .": by a (ovenment i- pfyower
-or al .satt; n ." u a-, d i d."ing hich
im e both St _incsnt and h: ia'.. are, r.- eip Water ~; r 1, t .air-.,
he :- an ie n-i t re fc th e Go ; v-
-aaetg. of. these two .

s- U. ,. : -., -.. -. ...... .....ii ) .
j at sasds *8e3L -tok s a syt |
I e,a of 4e eah .1-7
77-. At :a .. d l '-

*- fef'c. ----'- .:-.t j


,, 6
10 4 : .B. : ,|

-. ---'
14' C

-*a9BX44la)t,3&m, .-,4,a !, -aSBv,,s a '

Iore i t- -

-* .. ci

' All students desirous of entering
for the above examination are hereby
notified that entries should reach the
Education Division of the Ministry of
Education and Health, Roseau~ not later
than Saturday, 24th January,, 1970.
Lato entries will not be accepted,
The fees are as follows
Entry foe per candidate $7.20
Subject fees (additional to the
entry fees) for each subject

Oral LanGuages:

Practical Subjects:

Advanced per
Ordinary per



subject 2.00
Local fees per candidate 2.00
Forms for Private candidates nay be
obtained front the Education Division.
Those when properly filled should be
returned to the Local Secretary c/o
Education.Division toogther with
Treasury receipts for foos paid.
E & H 300/550
5th December, 1969*.
G 254, 114-1/1 -

The public is notified that the
Dominica Defence Force will be staging
a training exercise on the outskirts oa
Roseau from Saturday 13th December to
Sunday 14th December.
No interference with civilians or
private property is contemplated and
the general public is beimg requested
to cooperate by avoiding all contact
with the troops which may result in a
cinauption of this exercise.
There will be no field firing or
uso of explosives.

Major L.E. JOHNSON-.

Date: 9th Deccuber, 1969
G 25'6, 113-1/1

Hon. Moise's iRepl to Throne Speech

Ccontinued' from Supplement (i)
Mr. Speaker, the Opposition notes with
particular regret that the Government
on the eve of its departure from office
has not been able to provide a single
low-cost house foi the poorer classes
during its long period of power, a per-
formance in great and unfavourable oon-
trast'wi6th its predecessor Government.
.**., go Opposition would have been
encouraged if Government had decided
to remove the accretion of repressive
legislation built up during its years
in office. This would have improved the
investment climates, restored the con-
fidence of investors and thereby incr-
eased employment opportunities for the
people 'of Dominica.
***.... Opposition welcomes a re-
view of the salaries of Civil Servants
and of non-established Government em-
ployees. I1t is earnestly that relioe
will not be postponed to make it do-
incide with the period of the forth-
coming clectioni It hopes too that due
note will be taken of the plight of
small pensioners.
.*.4 Me Opposition is scandalised
that there are no proposals for increas-
ing the rates payable for public assistS
ance to take account of the vastly
increased cost-of-living which Govern-
ment has pormi'tted. Our hearts go out
to our humbler fellow-Dominicans so in-
volved for it is incredible that Gov-
ernment proposes nothing to relieve the
hardships of this section of the pop-
Mr. Speaker, as I said earlier, this
is the swan-soilg of the Government and
f the Opposition, not in the least des-
irous of prolonging it, merely records
its profound disappointment at the Gov-
ernment's performance of so little
over so long.
-oOo .. .
On Thursday Junior Chamber Inter-
national celebrated its 25th anniversary.
A quarter century devoted to building
better comilunities, solid citizens to
live in'them, and strong bonds between
nations, This same year, West Indies
Jayceos' hosted the JCI World Congress,
Last night Past 'Jaycees were honoured
at a cocktail party at Palm Grove. Among
those were Past-Presidents R.S.Fadello,
J.B.Yankey, J.,l.Liburd, A.W.L.Williari
and Anthony White.
-/^n _-

-- --


Saturday, Deceribor 130~969

.S~,nn7 r\r-lnnf. (ii)