Star (Roseau, Dominica). November 15, 1969.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). November 15, 1969.
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Mrs. Jane Lowenthal
ibrian, DOMINICA
Research Institute fo '.
the Study of Man,
162 Lst 78 Street /
New York 10021, N.Y., ,
U.S .A*. -
t% .. -. r 3 o RESEA.RCwI NS E
c-... ..' 26 FOR THE STUDYF ,-dt .AN- .'YL-ULS ;i: AND A^ ,Ly' I ;
'G. I N^ 162- EAST 78 -.: 'Nakewber 1S, 1969 "Tfa CAsts ir %nJ Ron
---------- ------ --- -14W' r--.-----^- cs...........

UPROAR N ThE -HOUS T k Death of S

IONI, J wt' a- V1 m e.Z. 'oBT af h....H. ...-. -,A .... k W- r D T

w se A by two coeasm policea -afic4si Hok .
4''J4 "w: N :r e
S;. i"c rtL herP -vern-iosi ` A. a l'-t, aatte rte e.ivr-'. .
n Mt id at t*ho foot offedesrKtion Drivti a tena
i" -.- Speaes d-srSribe the etent asn thtoe
e-^ wJ i l ledS t 'his TA1-. .
SJi atearte in C rovitkee ste of ..the r Al F.-l-
Z-4a .1 '.bt it-s ii -ee .4.rIir of $',00t K
q:ail .aa -: ijoey4 -eqwqaned far rast
:on y Mr, .y dri ta rcrply frtmi
*L*,i '..: 2.-T12 ?CS *, XS-ons & Worta) tfat
v, he ws 'swell e-atified it sime aon'ney well sprnt.a-
,:h-rE aw.khya rivary hete&emn Gtrcivrnimert acnd
rivqtt sontac-tor&s sa roadwoArks., H3nry iR.e as1v-

.-, a'.,: -'i ^ i ii A a -y comp&ny cA-tMil yt"
iig C even'a.ont kor alu^'..'3 aT rsi.;-w-..r
riri.a'A7 '-* i v. -..-i' r oieci- aete0dly, /r. Ai- i:
w-f. t. o'4 hartSdr-'j the rsumse was' hi uproar alN
es as ftor avtu M. axivm;
waO e..$tc~;i: .t ~3 ~it'?r'v C nfirit2:4

(ConSt. 3;gs 14),

...S .. -. '. ^ ; 6I.'1, ,
. .. . ..r ., '. i- .,
t k <. r -urit. demonstrated in : .
0w of Tor- Ms .- ?-
,it -0 .*..a ( .
et2 iia n i tjow tsr Q;j. O
.a;1)1 -t 31,: A o we ).:A;: 1' L:-
*^*at aMontreath da ^ ^'

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mae .6-.'Cfi fat r itoreys,. eaMi.ig hi
lImousiu parked. orbidL a :. : bidig,
T..~~s: .r o;tey ple, L diei hi6 -yar od,
sc-n, R -','weare in te ca t. tinas o twis4ed snt-
ft:ttened ft mto ornete lev"L. AEn eye-'wihtess a -
*"Thres was a- anose 'i. av inaache and fth sei-
Jddcrl ul.nzkas d ifrSo the top o2f 0 th3 l4disg."
Sa' Dasid, psla-ted to ;i,. is poA'e .
ebrauy -Awhia G '-waa Ibr-neo'e a ','.-.K- .': 'K:;.
avg,, of te Q-..aa !an T-.. .
He was ru ded to Wesiinrster Hoias wI"her
*he wa proouazed dc B n' 'rsiai Hs thpersg
assinant, Paui Mittietha-zer, was senotsly ;red.zA
anad under-w-ent- ee-gency surgery at the hospital
Sir 'Da'id's sox and chaifear (also in ihe car) wO-Ip
freae.a f-4r- hc'k.
Cofatwil*ssa cablea Brm heads of Sate? hsoludilg
DIoirAna'c's, went outn othb{e sorvowing widoJW- A
?er0o3aOi tractye was ra'i by eAo Archisuhcm ci
,-.-C..:t ss;.>' t i .s gooC;n' C-tnRi't'r Golr$SfiC ', w et-s-:'
sister woa-a 4 s a Nun in oth coatuni,'Pty.
.--: :,4?? L '4-^ t- was flown -bhoq or
Th d-a.y tfo U a. a-foi a State fueral, and *i e

rf I t_1.\atr- 4' 1 rrupT ..r-- k
C\ 6,,: I' i-

A.........' --'i~ r~- FTC t_ t

-e Yr sttdets : -. '

i (a;adian isit" 61Eand s *'t.-
s;md o '
Sposk-isi.on Sirciac -. ;.-ii g
Omid hv SI Geo ge .
.are 'a c1 niirr ,1 J~ ,' I

and taedr &st -. -e-ve -
tri.ztr y L;'' a a c.-ila om a, A J-

fLdc.' p ii L 'i fl'' l iFha 0s t- .-;-
t;;e '. 4 -r;: a cYs'i4p co-

tidi afd f bitE y .' m trhich." w

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A -e0iaocr ^ the:) .
COn pb-iJD tii ti''v rea: issee

.ainat S{I'W1$ i ioitoy pru-essH-s
' iy Avderso- kas tteen cdaid.

X' a-nt

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A ..,w. h-- gs'ed. Lie ter-

. ni:r!-a the -* -- b r i "

r?;:", 'I.,ad ,'.iKS J fanay. iS70 -
i ".. ,:;r i,-_.k atre'a, p .s test
i.$. -d a.d-i fiJith ofi ci r brow.hers'.
?'' .. ti~ deiay. t.e, the
;0 .i:uisied StuenRts td a n? iveSn U~in-
o 9Ci'd b :-'i.,s av. e fcund itr ie-
.,sible o i*. i back '- t smotl c .
jobs orfi nd i ousig In iMonircul.
# --\tafa'fod Sai&e-

-, o '. :I T'A ;- pm ; i.ti. '2jt,
S'* .. ,t; *,;: .."*-, 1 ie.O r If: T P >! A- C'nd :

ir. to -. ; r. ";.r ,pi er 'f :!-c -rc 4 q
un( i'afi; S.. T' i;
jr ,?" f.44 ta : 1. I-..-. 'i '."I n a a-..n -* ;s &':nseir .

-ia !- ;.f :( uS ** ; .-^..'jr.

j sh ft fa t uo o."

LAST WrEIA 4 ? P. L.: The gr&up ;, -. '6
SRe Nkimslna lta'y C:is:.h Premsifieo tiad Atttnffey GCvtie'-
sheouid hasv- eee atcnowleoJged Si .*PHON'C? -;-
S' fr:; .-. rn ,'F. du' cO 4rch iI S :..: t.;. the 't : -Ii ... a;:

S:: I as of ma-eris? subrkeed t0 nh
-adI no ,is.p..~r-a i.'sss t;dg W irnaLtitoTsn is sh'Is aCId
irgeaitw imporatesr OCs rresatS lea-k forward o tg-It
cntFIr ou-Doaps, -.





P TTE STAR, a d Nvb 1 i6

CONTRASTS by Androcles
By the time this appears, debate will already have taken place on a most
interesting Motion being presented by the Parliamentary Opposition at a meet-
ing of the House of Assembly called for 13th November. The subject-matter of
the Motion relates to the Sunday Island Port Authority (SIPA) scheme. At the
same meeting Government will move the adoption of a Bill to repeal the legis-
lation which created SIPA and so in effect boidgnas thit trojeCt' ti oblivion.
The Motion being offered by the Opposition refers to the letter from solicitors,
interested in SIPA's future, Messrs. Coburn & Coburn of U.S.A., which was pub-
lished in another section of the local press and which threatens civil action
against the Dominica Government for what it alleges is a breach of the Agreement
entered into between SIPA and the Government of Dominica. The Motion resolves
that in order to avert any such civil action which may be costly to Dominica,
but more particularly since SIPA has passed to new management, the Government
should re-enter into negotiation with a view to salvaging the scheme which has
so much importance for Portsmouth in particular and the economy of Dominica in
general. The Motion adds and implies that since so much ineptness was demonstrated
by Government in negotiating the original Agreement, the Leader of the Opposition
should be invited to nominate for appointment on the team to undertake the re-
negotiation a person who in his opinion would strengthen such team. An implied.
additional reason for this particular requirement is recognition of the fact
that in any long-term national step involving valuable national resources, the
Dominica approach should be bi-partisan and representative of all Dominica.,
That one more bgrutiny by a stbhenganegotiatihgteat should bea-ndneratake
ih: matter which once promised so much for the local economy is not a step to
be lightly dismissed. And yet, writing this on 7th November, I am prophesying
that the Government will use its big majority to kill the Notion. It will be of
particular interest to see how the Member for Portsmouth votes in this matter.
The irony of the whole thing, however, is that the Government has in the
past suggested that Opposition was opposed to the successful emergence of SIPA,
and this was played up to the people of Portsmouth. Today it is the Opposition
asking the Government to stay its hands and make one more try for the benefit
of Portsmouth. Belatedly the people of Portsmouth will know who's who.

In the course of a very able, and frank, sermon delivered at the Roseau Cathe-
dral by Father Alexander on the occasion of the National Day celebrations, he
made a remark which sent me further enquiring and which I am now able to pass
on to readers.
Father Alexander was expressing the hope that the State authorities would
accept in the spirit in which it was made the offers of co-operation from the
Church in the material welfare of the people of Dominica. This remark sounded
a bit strange to me. I could not imagine the State turning down any offer of
assistance in the material sphere, least of all from the Church to which the
overwhelming majority of the people of Dominica belongs.
Yet, upon enquiry, I gather that Fr. Alexander was alluding to offers made
by the Church authorities for co-operating in providing increased educational
facilities for the children of Dominica, One such offer was to set up a primar:r
school in Roseau for boys, particularly those who do not at the moment attend
any school and are in imminent danger of becoming delinquents. The proposal wes
for the Christian Brothers who now run St. Mary s Academy to undertake the
management of this boys primary school much in the same spirit and after th;.
pattern of Sister Borgia s famous St. Martin school for girl. This offer wa's
turned down by the Government authorities some time ago.
One must consider this a most unfortunate step by the authorities of Govern-
ment. It puzzles me when I try to imagine on what grounds such an offer can be
refused when I see the hordes of boys of school age roaming the streets anui
open spaces of the city during school hours. Nho would not grasp at any ofier to
try and solve this problem? Yet, as in so many other(thiu-ps, ruth apuns:&BLIIranger
than fiction. (Continued on Page Four)

Saturday November 15 1969


Pa e*<3 T(wo

Saturday,November 16,1969


Prince Philip certainly started a
lot of talk when he gave a televis-
ion interview in NBC's 'Meet the
Press',. recorded when he was in
Washington last week to meet Pres-
ident Nixon.
According to BBC news, the Duke said
that the Royal Family is sorely
pressed financially, and "we may
have to move into smaller premises -
who knows," He declared that royal
allowances had not changed for 18
years and expenses were very high.
The idea of abdication was denied
by the Duke, but one report said
he talked around it, saying: "it
has its attractions I am not sure
-that the advantages outweigh its


WNd, -

V"- Z-'

A fvxoMe was created. in tI-I JioOUS
of Goaonsa on VUe aubject, MrflHa
old 3,-Isozi. stated a 30100t
Camik ttee 'would be appointed tO
go int'o the questions Off rOYal
~ etol.; that the allowan-
wasvmld 'be un.6ban gd this ar
probably ev-ised next yearo
Meanwhile %Meer Elizdabeth d~ecora-
ted 165 peraone including Jk.euters
'.2orreapondent. Anthony Gray (OBi )
'for ciasrge and ffortitud*.

Schildusul of Applicaticn for Cetrficate of Title and Notnlgs&
Otreon and Ca-veazs for wveek emiing I )vh day of Sep7_, 1969a
Date Requested Person Presentina I Nature of request Whetti
e r a Certificate of TitI-
aeNoing thereon or Cavea~4
PuRcqest for the iscat
Arodpyof to I f A First Ccortih~r
by ''jib Q01n of Title in respect of a
rr..sed be 9,:h lot of iand at 'Thibaud,
iay of Sept., l.%9 Jener 13S. M, Axmouc in the Parish of St.
a3 Aniarw, in- tle Abasiuetd
AState c' of niona
ing S.333 square feet art
bounded a. foii
iNortherly: I-and of Mathurin Masslcot. Southerly: .Lnd A
Austin- Vidal and Ural 80-10K, E-vlseiy, Land d Robe'
Thornas. VWezeet-ly: Land of Augustmne Francois, Alphe
i Felncols & Robert Thomas.
Registrar's 0frice, Mona Rigsby jarnfes, if-
Rsauo inia 968. Registrar ofTitles.~ T[

Schciul'e (of Apjthcati,,T fr : crtffitcc io -t Oile and Notin>s there-
on and Cav~cals for vepk ~('i; Bt-4 is iB. f63
Iw~ipi~L~rroonis 4ay of Nov., 1969.
Dbai VCi lersoa Preienting INatuz oa requc-rt wthieff
a -4C~erfiisate of Title Of
SNoine thuc;ron Caveat

~~~o da Foxi ta.Ccrt!ZrcAt
5 t h d ay o f H o v. A oi T ftl t i n r e sp ec t o f 4
1961. !7thoh prinf land t Berat
Ciinio id 'h i Village in the Parish of St.
day oaf FiW, M61 Cilms A.M. the Aszoggiated
StaS~te of oormrsica.contain_
ing ,'2.384 ac re t t ,d
I)Imfrd as a follow%:-
;'Nonth by land of Uv encen Abrahami. South %by a Public Road
nd Iknd of )Ohn EdH.rd.. East by a Dry Ravian separating It
from Hampsa-d Estate. West by land of Stelnford Fk-iar..

regis ran's Office,
~osf aul, Domir~lca. 1 98.

Mana. Rlg-by James, ,
Registi. sr of Tlzese. y

JNOTE: Any person who. desires to object to the issuing of a
.ertifica;-e of title on the above oplicatiortmay enter a Caveat
in the above office within six weeks from the Idate of the First
appearance of i:his schedule in the STAR Newspaper published
in this State or from the date when the notice prescribed by
Hw was lai:t served on any owner or occupier of adjoining
land in respect of which the application is made.

An off.duty look at a Princess. Britain's Princess Anne
recently attended a Jub!le6 reception of the Scottish Coun-
CI In aid of the Save the Children Fund in Edlnbu ih,
cotland. During the day, the Princess took time off for
a qulee drive around Scotland's capital city.
(Tje car the Prlncess Irdriving is a Ford Zodiac Estate car).

Have you a Drinking PNoblern 9

ALCON(2 LICS i0AC' r C US mests every Saturday
eBt 8,1) p'.m. tt SL. MNrtin Schoo cafqertea -
NPt mdmzs~on fchargz. 'or call 2649.


7. =M4


%B ~--L-UD-r
:-C--U~--C-1I)-- ~- 1





How naive some people can bel One writer in the -local press in an apparent
reference to the Policy Statements issued by the Opposition Party considers them
"disjointed and ainnxplete" because they do not, in regard to the items of
economic development,'spell out the input/output relationships of the factors
of production involved; do not set out projections of future supply and demand;
do not outline the relative proportions of carrot and stick to be used in pro-
moting economic development. Mind you, in a Policy Statement!
My dear chap, a.Policy Statement means exactly what the two words connote -
as Humpty Dumpty would say, neither more nor less and a policy statement is
not a programme or a model. Is nt it strange that your amateurish parade of
economic terms and concepts (clearly taken straight from textbooks and publications
of the economically more sophisticated societies) is not made to relate to your
favourite Government's Economic Development Plan which, it must be presumed,
exists after its 9 years in office, rather than expect it of the short and
sudcinct Policy Statements issued by the Opposition Party? The writer is typical
of that breed which will not see the wood for the trees and is--morei.concernsd!ith
semantics than with getting things done.

. .

I was much interested to hear the Governor in his address at the National Day
rally stress the need for national unity. In a more negative way this idea
featured in the Premier's address.
One must be glad for this accent, belated though it be. But exhortation, like
charity, begins at home and because of this we invite the speakers to recall who
has been stressing in recent years: (a) North vs. South; (b) rich vs. poor;
(c) town-born-and-bred vs. country-born-and-bred; (d) black vs. white vs. brown
vs. Carib?
It is the Governor's duty to appeal for unity, but we should have preferred
someone other than the Premier to second the notion.

23rd November 29th November, 1969.
Saturday 22nd November
Flag Day
Sunday 2rd Tovember
Official Opening pay of Week
Prayers in all churches for the in-
tentions of Patients
5.00 p.m. Special evening service for
the patients of the Mental Home con-
ducted by Father Wyatt and Father
Byloos. Friends and relatives welcome.
Monday 24th November
1.20 p.m. Introductory radio talk
of the week by Mr. Star S. Lestrade,
President, and Feature address by
Mr. W.S. Stevens, Minister for Ed-
ucation and Health.
8.00 p.m. Public Film Show St.
Gerads Hall. Guest Speaker Prof-
Fernando Henriquez. Public Film Show
at Pte. Michel, Speaker Mr. H.L.
Tuesday 25th November
1.20 p.m. Radio talk His Lordship
the Bishop of Roseau.

8.00 p.m. Film Show and talk to Police
at Police Headquarters. Roseau "Youth-
and the Law". Speaker- Mr. Star Le-
strade. Public Film Show Soufriere,
Speaker to be announced.
Wednesday 26th November
1.20 p.m. Radio talk Prof. Fernando
8.00 p.m. Public Lecture by Prof.
Fernando Henriquez co-sponsered with
Dawbiney Literary Club at Grammar
Thursday 27th November
1.20 p.m. Radio talk Dr. Pemberton
3.00 6.00 p.m. Open House at the
Mental Hospital, Visitors and friends,
relatives are cordially invited and
encouraged to attend.
8.00 p.m. Public Film Show Grand Bay.
Speaker Dr. D. Shillingford, C.M.O.
Friday 28th November
1.20 p.m. Radio talk Rev. G. Gordon,
8.00 p.m. Special Film Showing Carib
Cinema "David and Lisa"
Saturday 29th November
Afternoon Outing for patients of the
Mental Hospital
10.00 3.00 a.m. Grand Dance Semi-
Formal Goodwill Parish Hall, $2.00 per
person, Music by:- THE GAY LORDS.

Saturday. November.?5, 1969


Pa e Four

* D *

ul"Tr N;d- .-i. .e 15, 196 .9

AN Y {A,'t R k,':) v'.'
r, 'f- i.,.t, CC.AI!O ?
W"e-,i. i y .%t w'i war.t Lo iook
b e a t u ; your hair is
ona3st impflr ta !-nt, of& crg sie --
%m-:. -: e ,.

O ,, V. i

.o.i b-e is; b t.
JruU are 1nz-re to 1leaxve

"; tWash

S .... P1ressin
a '9i
f-i-c~ ~ B9"S~~ uT 't.~3j'fo'ial



Page Five

, W A ir A,' rv

"We Service W;hat We Seii"




Sat: n'ble Prices.
,.'-.-, .0

r C11 rn 2350 .fjO a't m '.***reyi w^nt
S,. A y U A tN, 1.nover St. CORT!NA Has

-'"' -^"" r:'>-- "" ,9
,. .... ... NEW *-.1r

'. r. i "x '-. t s- p"Aj

J. -r
I. ~ ~

3- j ,. I th l, l -.. ./i .. ; ) ., .;-r ;s !'i o re _-i;,.(*:'). *

-., .-C',. iV r. --- A'
a "i

* ,- -.. _, -- -
S C.p? *. CENTRg
I *'1
C, ~

~s~rt~Y aliL'SHNVE.r (flM#1'T,
'>7 2'n nk4(-) 3Jso.


SPaturday Novombcr 15_1969

Dear Madam Editor,. ..-
Reflecting way back to the past on
sporting activities here in Dominica,
I.could recall the time when Boxing
was very much in the linclight.. It
was very much encouraging at the tine
to see our local boys in the boxing
arena and I think (as rany will agree
with mn) that if such boxing had con-
tinued, our boys would have nuch to
offer by now.
I an of the opinion that many a box-
ing fan would be thrilled to see our
boys back on the scene to display
their colours; also to soc nany young
bloods stopping forward,
Where is Promoter PIjI with his
toan bearing such names as Kid Flito,
Rockey'Marcolus, Sugar Boy Ross,. Young
D-orsot, Easy Boy Francis, Kid Moore
naid Cuty-Pie Derrick? Pleaso bring
bO= Boxing back to life
Cork Street.
(This letter was received on Monday
morning, before the broadcast by Mr.
Eric Scaloy was hoard. It shows how
sporting minds think alike.)

by Ronnol
Yellow everybody, I'm striking blue
and black all over the place. Say, do
you renmrbor the quiz I'put you to
'bout a nonth ago? Well, sonmone has
chanced the test:
,1 Th6 fastest runner in history, he
wroto, was Carbon Irmoo.
But the Bible says it was Adan; he
cmne first in the hunan race.
2. Adan was born at noon. INo.
The bible: Adan was born just before
Eve (evening).
3. Chancer: Camels took the' nost and
least into Noah's Ark. No.
The Bible: The elephant took most
because he carried a trunk. The fox
and cock took least because they had
only a comb and brush between them.
4. Chancer: The greatest actor in the
Bible was Christ. Not quite.
The Bible says: Sanson; he brought
down the house.
5. The difference between a scoring ma-
chine and a kiss, vwritos the Chancer,
is this: There's nore work in a sewing
machine, though both are love No.
The Art says: A kiss seens so nice
and a sowing nachino sews scans nice.
6. The Chanccr: The best way to make

Pa-Ina. Six

Pa-eo. Six

Applications arc invited from suit-
ably qualified persons (male) to fill
two vacant posts of District Public
Health Inspector*
Qualifications required are four
(4) G.C.E. "O" level passes, including
Salary will b- in the Scale of $1392
x 84 '1560 x 96 $2040 x $120 -
$2880 during the period of local in-
service training. On successful comiple-
tion of a further period of training
overseas leading to the Certificate of
the Royal Society of Health. the offi-
cer will receive salary in the scale
$2400 x 120 $2880/3048 x 144 $3624
x 180- 3984.
The' appointment will be subject to
the satisfactory medical certificate.
Applications should be addressed to
the Permanent Socretary, Ministry of
Education and Health to reach not
later than Novnebor 22nd, 1969,.
File No. E L H 500/620/010
6th November, 1969.
G. 232, 43-1/1

KINGSTON, JA1L AICA -- Dr. Malcolm
Adieshian, Deputy Unosco Director Gen-
oral of Unesco, is to visit JLaaica on
November 22 during a tour of the Carib-
bean Meonbr States of the Organisation.
le will be here for five days. His
itinerary includes Janaica, Barbados,
Trinidad and.Tobago and Guyana.
It is oxpectod he will hold talks
with competent authorities concerning
greater participation by these coun-
tries in the prograrmmos of Unesco.
pants last is by ironing and -presorvng
then. The tailors will say: Mal-i the
coat and vest first. Funny quiz,
isn't it?
To no:
Rormol, why don't you run a love co-
lumn instead? IHaybe this would help sono
of us who have girlfriend and boyfriend
troubles. .
(Conclud'od on P.- 1.6 and this tine we
won't forEgo iti)




L4P$i % kS. 4 '+" S h6d d- y t" ,z -,-vfl'M..f

'T, 'IN-IT.
-4 ,1. 311


Uz Louvres

Use A : m LUrs

Use oA.kdld A2rhnu Louvres !

We 7L@ -Wd' '-fu I Ahun.s to n-Tc f4. 0. P BV; sic .


Proo- (P0wf ed already)

Proef-- (No gLss to br;ie)

Burglar Proof -- (Si-aer eve ft open)
,epTcr P a (NPo cP auP .e.fs.- y)

:Ae you building? R :placing d jalousies?

Trying to re'lir woodenDra~m&e windowss

T -i
S3~~i Z ;W a^ .



e .brand Ahluti- am b Le"re W l'tw's b Ay K AtN Ltd,
J^^c4-^X^ J^ 4 -

~I- --1- ---- -. -..--.'.u.4n ~ ~ tgye4--44..-4f.., S
I e


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039% -i

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~6~' 50

Also oeitckaked -- Abuwaiwiunm CHise Dtars
Sft. r S f i. ins at 4 ft .., ft. el8 a. Orta
tueoi cmna be ei -A a as 6 U m,
youir jfakteensaate,

;s. IL vrdB:A~' NE a'

i il ', .-.- . : I''--..'
I- .......

ilarM,,. .--, .-, "I

N. -Fl.u A ^

by GWAet" J.J

COpposi CA -CAS2 INN

All a at

RU~9~.n~hkP ~~tli:ll~~?(~(~lIP :A. ?aC2L5f


Page Eight THE STAR Saturday, November 15, 1969
The 1st Prize Winning Poem of National Day Contest:
OUR DEAREST LOVS by Annie M.J. Emmanuel

Do you remember our first encounter?
I rather felt than saw you then.
My eyes were tightly shut
as I felt your breath
against my tiny shrivelled body.
I tightened my fists and yelled.
Oh? how I almost burst my lungs.
That was the welcome you gave me, Dominicab
After the warmth of a womb
you greeted me with coldness,
But that coldness was the heralding
of the love which would blossom between us.
A love which would make me
swear to you a loyalty beyond bounds.
I remember those early days
when in my cradle
you never ceased to awaken me
with the kiss of a sunbeam.
The unforgotten pleasure of my tiny fingers
burrowing into your soil.
I would rather be united with you
than lay clean and spotless
in a wooden cradle.
My elders failed to comprehend our strange attraction.
But how would they know
that when I was lonely
you sent
A choir of birds to delight my ears and
lovely butterflies to pantomime
gaily around me,
Growing up with you was wonderful.
That nostalgic memory of my lean body
plunging nude and brown into your waters.
The springs of your bosom refreshed me -
and I was contented.
I lay within your cool waters
look up at your great green mountain curtains
and say: "This is my inheritance".
But then, my dearest love
came the greatest shock of my life:-
Going to school and finding
that you had other loves........
You had betrayed me.
How could you deal me such a terrible blow.
I looked at the faces around me and
They all were happy.
They all loved you.
All had had the same wonderful experiences with you
Oh! I was desolate'.
But in that desolation came a new revelation:-
You are vast and dense and beautiful.
Alone, I was helpless to protect you
Alone, I could not embrace the whole of you
Alone, I could not love you enough.
So, your other loves and I joined forces.
Neither jealous of the other
Each seeing in the other
a reflection of beauty and love.
In great numbers we detoured
from school and restricted learning
To lose ourselves within your famous botanical gardens.
Those meetings with you were enchanting.
There, in the quietness of your colourful richness
we learnt to love each other

- i \,
to share the discoveries of your fauna and flora.
Empire Days and Federation Days
All found us: singing praises to you
But who would know that we
The young ones, had more reason to sing loudly
Rain or shine of our loyalty to you.
A loyalty which you had
stealthily donned upon us
During the days you harboured us
within your bosom.
Are we jealous of your many alien admirers?
NO'. We take pleasure
in seeing them marvel at your grandeur
Lips. apart and eyes agog,
they stare bewitched
Oh Dominica! what strange powers do you possess.
Why do all who gaze upon you become ensnared
by your beauty.
Today, we do not meet
as bodies eager to seek pleasures from you,
But instead, we gather to discuss your welfare.
Your past we ponder upon
Your future we hopefully plan and await.
Of Government and parties we are unconcerned.
Our differences are dimmed
By the knowledge that we all
Regardless of religious, social, political or cultural belief
have at some time or other
been with you stood nude before you and enjoyed
Your music, sunshine, rain and volcanic splendour
We are the proudest and most honourable people
of the world.
For ohL so many of us take pride in saying
"I am from Dominica in the West Indies".
To mention a few of your qualifications you are:-
"The Gem of the Antilles"
"Cinderallla of the Caribbean"
"The Sleeping Giant"
"Land of sparkling rivers and lofty mountains"
Oh Land where the palm trees sway,
words cannot embrace your beauty.
For only eyes can see and hearts can feel
Your natural splendour.
You are unique.
You are magnificent.
Dominica:...magic word that make old folks reminisce with
Young ones treasure wonderful memories. nostalgia
Should Columbus return today
he would fall in love with you a second time around.
He would see in you a mature beauty
richer than that which he saw on Sunday November 3rd, 1493.
How right were the lips which uttered
(in patois):-
"Those who say they do not love Dominica
Do not know how sweet syrup is."
Four hundred and seventy-six years
after you were discovered,
We pledge l.o move forward for your welfare.
For, whene-er therefore we are assembled together
We shall guard against being divided in spirit
There shall. be no disputes:
Because we are a proud nation
A nation whose people are in love with each other
And you are our Dearest Love
You' beautiful, rugged and mighty fortress D 0 M I N I C A

Saturday. November 15. 1969


Pa'e Nine

P ge an .a r ..- .
'xtrart fm r m 3Autonal 'tf RnriIe
We pldge s...V
ITO PROTECT mni% right t cc tsuprlatiyeni widd:; and scenic graneuLir;
TO PAOQVID in the recratobri "eas pportunici for,
varsd oucdoor recrtn to a LAiiqShty in kaeplh w.h I
pioq$Slinal neuran wnd hisrical val
TO SEEK Ut nd fos- th prctstn f fi the fi of
w-at now remain un protfced f the Naion' ruwr nd a w
culursi inharitancies ard iu otdeor rccreafit i n a

TO JOIN with al pt, lof c4i and dothor NArlint hi
JoInrvbvg a d w renwa-, t total efvirnrtr 4ttnc K0 kep,
this worid a dti4ih't (o iE in,



Sa~ies: (isorn rw lJess) aust-aed krdolt &6
Good Hope. afea,
Coent-rL- t RF; ANTOINE, Fon4 Me1s
5 t Hisborzi1aih -:re-t. 4.

uy "BELLO" :, nd ;,WBv, .. w ? f`
-. .Z ,
PRESER~ V S "- "

I _ p_ EJ s E 'V- S ` 1 T" <1 g" ;.

L' 0 --.



JIn Store foa ycr

'Ut -- rb 4
.i.L;4:l : Z -hA2ch2

y ; -

4.N -w

SE U's ....R o... N"5ED0 YOU W'$ 4 wr. ~ i- t
v. ...... ropI mu -;.
D4 1111IS-ilR.A. NE 14k -66`3

V -
naI T

cf ,I

run~riiar~ms~UI2G ~ rur~u ~i-;I~~*jrrr~u~c~z~ui-hX-.m*;*~Ti.U~*jr .*~*irlIS--:-CWi

. efer '" SP'-Or." S...nd r' 'ei- ...... r-^ 's l- ^; ^ ': ,, ANT.

h .u *Y Q-AlYT. (L ), ,
* aeEcionmWy pdnt ;'f & -s asi for tl' I nw laczi b7"*. t .t *a.r exp.sec.-r/ Pfe

i 2


Ob6oah Tim-Tim


by Cynthia Wat

There were once two friends living in the interior of Dominica, in two
noighbouring villages. Jamsie lived at Anse-Soldat and Harry lived at Anso-
do-Gai. Being very good friends they visited each other quite often, spend-
ing long hours over their glass of rum and their cigarettes, meanwhile ox-
changing hilarious taleso
They both dealt in the Black Arts and both claimed to be superior to each
"Bravo old man," Jamsie said one night. "I will see who is stronger, you
or me."
"Boy," replied Harry, H'I tell you I don't jokel If you knew the things I
could do .... well *.. you wouldn't even stay hero speaking to me right now."
"Bahl L tell you, there's nothing in the books I cannot do."
"O.K1 O.K! we will soe."
Jamsie returned home that night planning to test out Harry, whose turn it
was to visit him the noxt night.
Harry and Jamsio spent one of their most hilarious times that evening, No
mention was made of the Black Arts. Their talk was mostly of the coming
National Day celebrations, and betting on who woukd be the National Day queen,
and who would win the title of Calypso King.
Their talk wont on until (looking at his watch) Iarry suddenly jumped up.
"My God Jamsio look at the time and I have to get up at two o'clock to go
to Roseau. Special business. My woman will kill'me tonight."
"You walk fast enough, It is only one o'clock. You will reach in time to
catch the bus."
Harry gave a woeful smile. "But how XIll be tired I.y God."
They said their good-nights and Harry departed. Af'ter about walking for
half anm. hour he came to the bridge which showed that he was a mile and a half'
away from home.
What was his surprise on coming a few yards from the bridge to see an ani-
mal the size of a hugo bull lying across his path. Being a dealer in the
Black Arts, he knew instinctively that this was no animal but a human being in
the form of one.
"Excuse me please" Harry said succintly and boldly,, "but I like to pass."
In response, the animal grew to the size of an olophaht.
Harry knew what to do: so retreating quite a few yards, he hid behind the
trunk of a huge tree and practised his own necromancy,
Suddenly a huge wall of fire (which was Harry) was soon approaching the
animal on the bridge (which was Jamsie). The animal disappeared.
A couple of days later when it was Jamsio's turn to visit Harry, a special
bottle of rum was laid on the table and an extra packet of cigarettes.
After.recounting that night's event, Jamsio said laughingly:
"I was testing you, boy,, but you really beat me hollow. I didn't mean to
be roasted aliveo" Anid he showed his burnt eyelashes as he winked.

All the girls in Molito Irpino,
Italy would'like to marry Raffaole
Minichiollo, the local born U.S. Marine
who hi-jacked a plane from California
to-Rome, according to a survey by-the
Turin Daily paper LA STAI-A.
The men of this poverty-stricken
South Italian village wero ready to go
on strike and stage riots to demand
clemency and'to go to prison for him
if necessary,, the newspaper said. -

NEW OPLEATS. --- Colntrovers,-al district
Attorney Jim Garrison of New Orloans
has won The Democratic Primary For Re-
flection, thus virtually assuring him
of being elected in upcoming General
Elections. Garrison is best known for
his case against a New Orleans business-
men, Clay Shaw, whom he charged with
plotting the death of President John
Kennedy.. IH lost the case, and
opponents of Garrison have charged he
made Now Orleans a national laughing

Saturday, Novoqbcx i ic)69

Page Eleven


Page Twelve a STAR

Schedule of Application for Certific
thereon and Caveats for week ending
Date Requested Person Presenting

Request Datesd lti Ural Bontif
6cdayb ofDec.,
Y te of by his SoIcitor
day of Sep., 1969 3 M. Amour
a O00p.jn.

iNorth: Land of Midora Bontff. S
sonsit. Land c Midora BoRti
fai~s and Janey 3--i r '
Registrar's Office,
Roseau, Domtinica, 1968.

Date Requested Person Presexcitng


e1qest Dated uTej Cious Augol
23d day ofAug. h S1,
i I by Mi SLo1tiesit
Presenstd the 2qd
ay of Sept., aIi hJeanrtD. M. Ar MSiO.
#? %<.;45p j


.- -

DOM NICA .er a Cer: .
tV-IRs'-Jest Drt thd Farjt,:in Canovult li-e i
:ae of Tide and Notings DLshrIayof C t Fu o-' -r" .
6th day of Sept., 196. 1. 68. b his 5uitor
Presented i; d po'
Nature of request wheth" idVY of %Sep, n69 Jener Armour a
er a Certificate of Title of 3Ip. jaV M .
Noting thereon or Cavast, --- n ;.
Rc'quems for the issue 8 NorthEast By a tr:: fight of ay )
of a First Certificate Raine wh parts Ik for lands of r :U: n
:. Title i-.6 resC o 'e: By -nds of k nry.
Ilo of land at Tbibam7d,
in the Parish of St. Registrar's Offie, Nona .- ._
Andrew, in the Associated s c ,.-ic I68P Rngi "ar: J -
Statc of Dominica.corntain- '1
ing4d.l10 square feet and .i-
bounded as follows -- NOT! :-- s::' per:' wto 5rsre to i; .
outih Land of MIdora F!r'me-C t Ce :.e fYit in t he above. apican'. 3y e.. a
ff. East: Land of Hugh' fa~vear o I ab,-ve C" : wvtthin s'x wee f"ir: t-i ? l
the fir,: a;-.r-ance o Sce a the A w -ce1S : 'c-I i', rr
Mons Rigsby James, hli',..i' is Stai:: or fo3tm the date whut. the r:- r,
Registrar of Titles. .iS scribed by i ..w se ved on any ower o occupr -
...ndI.--- rin r s s t: o wi:h tha 'Sc.:. ; mndBe'
Naturi of request wheti
er a Certificate of Title of
Nutil^. hereon or Cveat, J :.
' i'F-q j ,for the*- issi ", .-. -
of a First Certifitea
of Title in respect Qf a -
.iorn of slard it Zc C .tc C t, r ... I
''sctrour t-ir the Perish of ry coCA' Cu'rt! !:O eX-t '
3S0. oh its the Assdaui d
%ttnrlf I rns ;... -, ^ i

:in 462 square feet oni
bounded as foJiowsj :.

2g -~-tr'

North: Land of Rose Anthoe'y. South: Land of H'bber
Wt/larm's. West: Upper LeSe, East: Land of Ford Waytiend

Registrar's Off!ce,
Rowseau, Dominica, 1968.

Mona Rigsby Jis,
Registrar of Ti es.

rq Eates

.a* '


5 24 I :GL
T O- .-*C'- r,,. L',
VtC" 2 " ;.'I,

t- 4tc: ^r i.,$ ;,- +

0 L,, E SA P .5. A 0. .U e; A.

C)44\ C. B~ -. A. 'I)
(.I I1

--------------~ ----

41f ;.

Saturday, November 1'5,1969 THE STAR Page Thirteen
I would like this wook to examine some of the economic aspects of Dominica,'
the basis of my information coming from a passing visitor with no axe to grind,
some of this may shock or surprise you, but it's not so easy to refute.
Dominica is one of the" largest islands of the chain, but yet has the small-
ast population.
70,000 people is too small a population for an independent community with a
land mass as big as ours. Many businesses cannot operate properly and make a
profit if their potential market is less than 100,000 customers at least.
70,000 people cannot afford to have the specialists and experts in various
fields that can be reasonably carried by larger populations.
Our roads and other facilities must be the poorest if we have fewer people -
but larger land mass than other islands4.*where can the money for road taxes
come from?
There are many specialised businesses that we need here for our woll-boings
but don't have. (Uhat compounds this problem is that if a now business opens,
another four copiers appear in short order). -
Other areas affected by under-population are:
I/ Lack of funds derived from taxes for govt. spending
2/ Lack of customers for commercial institutions
3/ Lack of employment opportunities
A larger population would automatically mean more electricity, more roads,
more of everything, work, building and trade.
How is this larger population to be achieved?
I know of certain males in Dominica who seem to work at the problem by day and
by nightI But seriously, unrestricted sex habits as presently practiced are no
answer to the problem. This kind of population increase only increases the
poor and undor-oducAted masses.
Birth control (not just for the middle class) is still nooded in Dominica
as it is almost everywhere.
Looking at the problem frbm a world viewpoint we see that the population
explosion is a problem, so that the logical answer is to increase our popula-
tion by immigration and encouraging a selective influx of outsiders, just as
Canada does.
Does it shock you? Yet its perfectly logical. .We. nead new ideas, talentsA,
and competition. Any man who believes in himself can thrive on competition.
The idea that it takes broad from Dominicans is just not valid by logical
economic theory,.
Although on one hand nature has been kind to Dominioa by making her one of
the most beautiful of islands, she has made it difficult for us in other ways;
at present the positions of our airport, harbour, abd capital leave a lot to
be desired. 'Logically,, looking over a long term policy, Portsmouth should be
the capital of Dominica so that the airport, harbour, and capital could all be
together in one area.
On Dominicat education should have the highest priority; without it we are
nothing (I an constantly aware of my own limitations due to lack of proper
education and having to work when I should have boon at school), Yet we have
a situation where education is split between the Roman Catholic church and the
Naturally,-as the largest and most powerful institution on the island the
Roman Catholic church seeks to perpetuate itself by-control of the schools.
Iovertheless, education should be in the hands of one competent and secular
authority, and any religion being taught at schoolsebo oabfined to comparative
religion so that young persons can make up their own mind about their beliefs.
(This spirit of learning to think for one's self is till painfully lacking
from our schools system).
(Concluded on Page Fifteen)

Vfl 4pTHE STAR Satrdy N 5 16

Saturday. November 5 1969

UPROAR IN THE HOUSE (from page 1) *****
In the muddle of parliamentary pro-
oedure, the Speaker is reported to have
asked that Henry be'named, and this was
o4ione. After a pause, Premier LeBlanosec
onded by'Minister Ducreay of Trade and
Industry, moved that the Member be sus-
pended for the rest of the sitting:this
was passed by Govt.'s large majority. *
The Speaker then said that Henry, who
still remained in his place, should be
removed by force if necessary, and the
Serjeant-at-Arms and another Police Off-
icer -walked him out of the Chamber in a
dignified manner (cries of shamee) from
onlookers, who followed the-ejected
Member out of the Court House. School-
children who were present to increase
their civic 1howledge also left. Other
sympathizers along the road took up the
exclamation, which was echoed by the
public at the emergency Freedom Party
meeting that evening.
Thus Mr. Henry's motion on the agenda
asking Government to renegotiate with
new parties on Sunday Island for the sake
of Portsmouth and Dominica people, and
to include on the negotiating team one
person nominated by the Opposition,
lapsed for lack of a mover. The House
at that session passed an Act repealing
the Enabling Act on SIPA (the one in
which the rushed-throUgh Govt.- Bruce
Robinson Agreement was ratified). *****
Government then passed everything else -
the Genocide Act, the Agreement for the
Establishment & Operation of Caribbean
Development Bank, the Portsmouth Town
Council Act, as well as Special Warrants
totalling $100s286 and Supp.Estimates
totalling $276,526. Various papers were
presented, and in QUESTIONS it'was elic-
ited that $54,586 out of a $60,000 loan
had been spent on the Glaxvillia Scheme;
no further loans from Geosts are being
requested because of outstanding arrears
of $16,053. Maiitcnance of the area and
surfacing of roads are provided for. *
Henry's question on a secondary school
for the North depends upon "a relatively:
large amount of capital which is not
readily available."Strong possibility oJ
a start by 1971 through international Ed
Same type of reply on secondary educat-
ion for girls: the Northern school
"should be co-educational). Government
told Henry (on SIPA) "there are no vali
claims accruing to the parties who pub-
lished letters in the Press"; it will
deal with them as with all non-valid
claims, On CONSERVATION, Govt. awaits
the report of the Washington gentlemen
who held discussions with the Minister
of 2. & I,.; it will then be studied.

"Growers are notified that the Banana
Price will be reduced by cent with
effect front the Reception in- the week
commencing 16th November, 1969. This
reduction is the result of increased
marketing costs which have necessitated
an adjustment of the basic prices in
accordance with the Banana Agreement-
As from the abovementioned date,,
therefore, the prices payable to growers
for bananas will be as follows:-
At Reception Stations 5.80/1Lb.
At Southern & Eastern 5~'i 5'i120/lb.
At Northern fBuying Points 5.000/lb.
.Growers who qualify for Incentive Bonus
will receive an additional .250 per lb.
13th Nov.. 1969 GENERAL MANAGER

_: A ;. -P. i _. LX
Sales of.. Frtilizors & Pesticidos in'
Rosoau (Including Issue of Alocations
Under Scheme)
(1) 12-1217 and 11-11-3 d
At Conxtol Storeroom (Leaf Spot
Office), Goodwill:
Monday to Friday; 9 a.m. to 1 pm.
and 2 p.m. to 4 p;n.
Saturday; 9 a.m. to 12 noon.
(2) "Straights"I (iwe. Sulphate of
Amrionia Triple Superphosphate
Muriato of Potash, KeiSerite;tc.
At Peltier's Storeroom, corner
Hanover Street and Ship Street;
Wednesday & Thursday; 8.30 a.m.
to 1 p.., and 2 p.m. to' 4 po.,'
Saturday'; 8.30 a.m. to 12 noon.
4. At Tavernior's Storeroom, SteberSt-.
Wednesday & Thursday; 8j.0 a.*n
to 1 pm. and 2 p.m. to 4 pr.,
Saturday; 80.30 a.m. to 12 noon

6th Nov. 1969





T -T omf-lf S

Sntucb 15.v i-6 TH 1TA P e F W c -

This man has been treated in complete defiance of the norms of civilized
behaviour between nations. The Chinese Communists ha7- shown that the ideals
of justice and freedom for individual human beings mean nothing to them and
this is undoubtedly something which ought to be recognized by those in the
developing countries who are tempted by Chinese Communist overtures of friend-
ship to think that only the Chinese Communists represent the real forces of
freedom in the world today.
The fact that Grey has been released may owe something to the constant re-
ferences to his plight in the world press. His family and friends in England
have seen to it that he has not been forgotten,, and the press has been ready
to take his part. In spite of their denials the Chinese Communists have shown
that they are to some extent sensitive to what people think. And this shows
that the press is always justified in taking up the cause of people illegally
arrested in totalitarian countries, although it so often seems that publicity
can obtain little.
The cynics will also say that because Grey is a pressman himself his case
only goes to show that the press looks after its own. 'But this would be u.n
fair. His first words on arriving in London were a plea for the other men, 24
Japanese and 11 British,. who were still detained in China and who are being
forced to suffer in silence,

SPR. J. A draft resolution has recently been submitted to the United Nations
Special Commission. It concerns self-determination for all nations and
equality of rights for all nations. Here is the full toet:
"-11 nations have the right to self-determination,, to. complete liberty, to
sovereignty, and to the inviolability of their frontiers. Each nation can thus'
choose freely its own .political system and dispose as it wishes of its economic
social and cultural dcvelomnt; each nation has tlhe'rit to dispose freely
,of j-Js natural wealth..,"
-Or..e last detail:
The draft resolution is presented jointly by the Soviet Union, Poland,
Rumania and Czechoslovakia. Good old Newspeak... SWISS PRESS NEWS,

Poem RIDE ON A ITIGHTiMARE ( tromp ggo 13) oday
by.Dinsdale Lawrence it' a toa icl worl and the
You :.sten well, accent in education is or should
You listen well, be on h phsical sciencoc,
And I shall tell thb pyscl l
which aro the bodrock of all
Of a v wonderful ride .n a nightmare technical/ ngiho ring io ling
Irhdo by a man who rode without a care.traho diffeenc between
"tradoso.s*tho difference between
On niCht while aslooping on his pillow, an ongineer and a roadside me-
He dreamt of-a marc in a willow. chanic is that the engineer has
"Starlingl" he in his sleop cried, enough education to know how and/'
And once upon her back, so fast did he ride, r why a thing works.,or breaks
There was only a blur own.
As he skimmed over a forest of fur. (Studying African history will
Once1 during the milcs he loped, dOt eop our whools- turning)
He was gripped by sudden fear ** t
As the gaping face of a crater grew near, nI was rather surprised iat th
Then off he sprang from Starling's broad b numbor of self appointed film
And dOWn he fell just like a sack, critics who appeared in the local
To realize with chagrin press last week, for the most
To ai he was hom again. part castigating the now movie
.hat- he was home again.. about Dominica, I only wish they
would get equally w-ore uSZip aout tho wealth of othot films shown here
glorifying Violence, crime and sex and more violence,..if the Dominica film
fails to give a true picture of our island, how much more do the crop of movies
shown here distort our young peoples'idea of the big outside world.

.Snt~~r~av, Nnvnmh~r 15.-19~9

Paae Fifteen


8e Sixteen THE STAR Saturday, November 15,196c
****** S T A.R S P 0 R T S **** RMEL from page 6 (Lighter Side)
LACK OF STRIKERS FOILS DOMINICS C CHANCES ."For instance, I have a boyfriend.
.Goals went a-begging&in St. -Vincent who usually sb ops and chats up other
last Sunday when Dominica went down one girls and he makes me suspicious.
goal-to nil against the host team in the How can I stop him? T.W."
opener of the 1969 Popham Tournament* RppyV to T.W,:
Our team have only themselves to blame, It is good that you put your f1ll
for their defeat, but first part of the name or else I would not have printed
blame goes to the Selectors for not sel- your letter. Secondly, your suggest-
octing the proper strikers for Tournament ion is good and. I could deal with
anda secondly the inefficiency of the such letters, say, every fortnight
strikers on the field. There wer Emanuel ok every month-end depending on the
and Charles, who did their utmost best, number I receive Deling with your
but in vain. The mid-field play was up problem: You must try to be mt yre
to-standard with Pat John,Larocque and in yor attitude and employ a broader
Doctrove circling round their opponents; ense o tihouht. After all, this
but there was no finesse to their aforts. ~Id is ma~d up of the male and
The defence deserve all praise for the finale factors both of which have to
way they held the roving St.Vincent for- commr icate ideas.* Are you going to
wards at bay. Spearheaded by Jno.BaptiSa top seeking to other boys yourself?
and Faustin with fair support from Rob- Stop your childish behaviour.
brts & Mondesire, the defence was un- RO MEL,
douib.tdly Dominica's mainstay; Goal- ...
koeper Bogo Roy was at his best and ANOTHER MOON FLIGEHT New US Spaceflight
.rade some fantastic saves; two penalty in Apoll6 12 is well in orbit. NTixon saw
3icks taken by Bouchor met a stonewall them off, said America would maintain 1st
in "Bogo",. But Boucher made amends for place in space feats. *** WASHEIMTOIN: on
these 2 failures when, at close of play, Thursday 250,000 anti-war demonstrators
ho pitt a right-footer past Roy to win started flooding in for 3 days of. peace
the' game for St, Vincent. Worse came on marches, carrying candles named for dead
Tues.:; Grenada, defending Champions,made US soldiers. and: bombed Vietnam villages.*
miiice-meat of St. Lucia the worst drub-All over USA those e demos are going on.
bing so far of the Tournament 6 goals IMDIA: Congress Party expelled its Prime
.to -nil. Grenada's win was no real sur- Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi, but she got
praise for Mr. Gairy's boys had been un- an overwhelming vote of confidence from
dor serious coaching for no loss than a the Party s -1Ps who chose her as P.M. ***
month before Tournament and made good TRINIDAD:-A conference of Editors of Roman
use of the teaching of a Surinamese ooech Catholic' Jowspapors in the Commonwealth
Thre6 goals from the man doing the don- Caribbean opened in Port of Spain Nov.14,
key work, Tyrone Harbin, 2 from Teles- DOMINICA: Donilnica Grammar School has
ford & one from George justified Mr. started Technical & Vocational Evening
Gairy's congratulations to his team. classes in elementary motor mechanics and
Undaunted however, the St.Lucians met woodworl&L- advanced motor mechanics,Tues.
St. Vincent .the' following' day. This time & Thurs. 5.30 pm. Tutors "Know Yoir Car"
tEoy-hold out stubbornly., oily to be Mr. Michael Record, VSO (DGS). Woodwork-
beaten 2-1, a narrow defeat.* Defending Mr. William Stokes, VSO, Dep/Supervisor,
champions Grenada had a big surprise on Technical Wing (general house repairs,using
Thius.: their probable hope of walking simple tools J Advanced motor mechanics -
over Dominica vanished. But for our lack Mr. Julien Dowe, MIch. Superintendent,
of strikers, Grenada would never have Communications & Works. (For those who
won by the odd goal. It i4ws- obvious t-xa have sound practical knowledge,little or
D/ca's No. 1 striker, Clem John, should no theory,)
have-been in St. Vincent giving his DOMINICA"' Opening of the Regional Youth
much-needed services- but the Selectors Camp takes place on Sun.16th at Londonderry
thought otherwise.. DIaminica attacked Agric.Station, 4 pmi, H.E. the Governor will.
from the word go and would have been officiate, Premior, Mrs. James & Mr.Stevens
redrarded but for a brilliant save by will make speeches. Major L.E.Johnson,Caamp
Grenada's goalie, stretching full-length Director, a Canp Director from Trinidad &
to put a P.John right-footer out of the a U.N.. Advisor on Youth will participato*..
nets. Dominica tried valiantly,but two UWI: Hugho St.CCIair Alloyne of DoDminica 'nir
tall figures were always in the way.Tel- has a M.Sc. degroo in physics. *** The Ed-
forysc d for Grad ur itor r t 'A Grower" who wrote.on the
Dysy aI~U tomorrow. selectorsl indl~ to call at STAR -office.*
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