Star (Roseau, Dominica). May 17, 1969.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). May 17, 1969.
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M1rs. Jane Lowenthal,
Research Institute fo
the Study of Man,
162 East 78 Street,
New York 10021, N.Y.,
U. S. A.
0s/5 .J
r^ C't : e ..- }



-R ARY '
SN: I C, R THE STUDY O0 -- '1"t ]
,' 'v mr g "ST 78 ST- -
Cr^.; P S iAN ALIR. YORK 21, N. Y.
7 AUG 14 '-eg Ten Cen

-'- '.

~~i~'LVILE H!~il. 'irPcRT haltee ii~i j.ud n!eiews
recenaiy. 7 he Mi4losi~er of tot l h 'I teco
a~l~ sh: ~oLEr. cp a i radqi or one. to e 'I .w
.........cI smc:i thz ce-:s h whMhrh a,5e C,0`V
Bfn ai \ A.i 'atr~ --: d a. ic~,riia a~rs or in s~ :' *Ii I~ir'nd

; r~c-"ns v;!' sto the Airt-,rt, E Ndtr was

!'ZA, ei-w'er M'Ovi! sI an lie
Sa'yet; con* .qu;,tly wic c... a .iaz piane wal
h ae becza-Ite oi' dreil'Ura i ct-cct, pass- mers
'1 ~C A''5 A~"'~ -. Ii.*''AIlzji A-l n'iA'si o' ir Antuiagua lis with
-oniiijr --5;S 't c! c have n me a ornws3 earlier oC
ila pcs.-~i an stsr3Is: 4a'cd Etie ~d wP-v. What of
tad~O cO:. I~nunk I 5y 31-1ya a gnoo tooay d said
A t. CsOn Uw br;u red htr i ;'arvite piane :3and depart-
-t catch 0c" 6- G'attf;al, 5ibei wasn't us how.
i V'?- '--_-yvi "can "Aflor4 tv do4
co so1Io h c) i~i I',r~je). ini's: Z. e b~ar wa5 -'1/1'
oad ost;- li~~i~ ri v ""Ola~~a :-rfI
i'urn'c'dh- 3iO3A~ur v ia P nt 1r.5 h 5i!J~, P 's
Wshid4'n in Wshe
klkitsc n 'P7 a'f '.p hdn' e, brha .o vietal bell.
a yvAhi4k v'-.,e chai'mirlg youilg laniAkt wufitera A out
"s',i 'se-'~v' d vey 'eY L"eCS C'9 fin a iand Wevthm prodkuces

'O n ,- the moat excitfog arpproaiche s to lanlna In
t. zsieizer said t us. The planes das"i in
osc;~wcn ;o 3 ars'n n~ounta3n9 ~jw!saf like ':. *'h.; "
the:, te a!is~icli~max of mAIcfcrnd~mistons aftlar

ah~e was- flt:zr ri~ e. hTe fedge along Ohi
aTPrs oad, planza-.~. ~ q i~i agIs;?gativeiy wish v-srioii kInds of
shrubl. :,,ere i, a is Ohort, the
Pr5 5tI'.ect di'd Wcor. fl 's. her pii :, ean&Qit ;' and
eirsrcFs n icr.! 0 1, U) 'Ca:N nCscreiV y vturtcftosy. it W42as
Cb i-c 1 u es 0 1 e. s- C ii C nc e 0S sAsSc"'gers :i Ything,
n'.ti ew'-" sCsi~di~'4ss \V~Y '-'en SC'I-dfr~;. Ki~i'Er; 'y~ the FOf~
Y3?rwjr S Hc i~ ~s tel zooT for iil~e Et~iZ eP
YO'IrSIAO Haty IVec l:1i 0 e-A c "gv'c- Mel-vffla H~all nLet.

DI-"It-o nA 'A.'get 0'S 1.0.4' pQ0- w:a in0 Isdt aA ZOO1?3r,-q
5t5A'TA 0 fcn,. 4hc c shag cnsea and all ralhes' old ornes ?
ao isacs ze "Lisc -' eawcc s''.: arid I': W'.. a W [ the only
btut the ca; r trmctirj 1 wL1s4 S v'as that marvelluiSik
Cots5fiv YatlNe Nfwl ',8ir iui' 'crsej londoJn Lews Nc local
nop~' \ S.arii('tsa y-r3'5, ebsohsnt~Iy nsrahiun e-isa,
V4,30iceabl- absent, tii"', ws she AhDc1nt Hanager, whq 5 vv
as elu~lvgsv oil iqsi oc.s3o0ion the invisible Mani.
c~ne coicslrl a footnorte: at ge'Ii5~lnjian ~~ -l~'i Tirrh
bicri1 On iAT cD lb K scales discoed th-tw UA
04, lbs' 01n Lhe first, and I8 lbs osq the second f

t;;Ksy u~nde s'aduktei an4d throe zczchers arrledF
Y atC ~ir d ay ri a viii(l hitolcal .kSsc le rsearc~.
s by Ihe L. f. 1f. Ftzrk.-iiurai DvXt. *hey are
exfA~ring 01,7 Cag lb ieieserve s50ma of the Eanteen distrlct,,
anzd SAofi.!ea'-Scattcs ihuad area. Thty lulanh today With
Dr, l's 1l., on die 0'10csrne.

r, ,. on inn AtAWA
Croqa~-iec& raiCV

WLciN? k icd I' su5 'U le AM
P. I
74 Ti, a e0), re f -lo bd
aTd <(rtch .'t pieuts Ye m rf %edmrTCe

We have recelved a letter from Dr.
Cheddi. Jagan, advising iis that his
P P. P. Organislng Secretary, Mr.
. M, G. Wil o n, may deliver a
lecture to the Extra-Mural Dept.
Dominica, en route from attendance
at the C. P A, meeting In Antigua
( Dominica sent along Mrs. Marie
Davis Pierre, Clerk of the House),
(Con'ld on page 3 )

Mr. James Mason
(sforY page 3)


# t s.9 TA/l a M 1

''~ : "
1~5' I; 3~


IT Is weli known, even to Secondary schoolboys (whose
sisters choose for their escorts tough guys capable of
sending Peeping Toms flying) that In the vicinity of the
Morne-Kings Hill there !trks a man with a celebrated nick-
name who likes to molest females of every age. This man
is perhaps a sexual exhibitionist; he his appeared I0 the
nude in several gardens or verandahs of the Morne vicInity
and scares or tries to handle ladies walking alone,
This in itself gives cause for alarm. But some night
ago an unidentified man broke Into the Kings Hill home of
a solitary lady and pummelled her wIth his fists when she
asked 'who are you?' and told him to go away. Thk
lady is old, true, but the man did not know that she is a
veteran of, world war I and ull of courage. She almost
gouged out one of his eyes and chased him to the front
verandah, locking the open door against him, imagine her
horror when half an hour later, lying trrpmblihg in the dark
(for the man had defused her electric fights she saw a
large shape appear before her bed, He had come back to
perascute her. When she screamed, the man put a pillow
over her head, and heaven knows what the end might have
been had not ihe dawn, enemy of the murky-minidei, sud-
denly brought eight. Into the room. The montrer ran away.
He had never uttered a word.
The police are iawre of th and other.dire Incidents.
That brave elderly lady was taken to hospital; but the one
who should be in a mentalal) hospital is the man who
inflicts Injuries on the heipless. We hope. that under
Dominica's new Superintendent Philbert of the R. D. PF.
the fellow responsible for such an outrage will be found.
watched, apprehended, and~iven treatment. Quick acston
is needed.

Pag Tw H TRStraI~My1,16


Not long ago, a Resolution was introduced in the House of Assemby b'y the
Opposition asking Government to consider extending the Grand Bay HoeitsfJ from
its present capacity of housing 4 in-patients to a larger number. It was argued
that in so doing, accommodation at the main Princess Margaret Hospital would be
made available for the residents of other parts of the island to the extent
that persons in the populous Grand Bay area could be treated in their local
In turning down the Resolution, the Premier stated that the proposer, Hon.
Anthony Moise, was the representative for Soufriere-Pointe Michel, etc. not
Grand Bay, and therefore had no business making suggestions for improving con-
ditions in the Grand Bay area which should be done by the representative for
that area, Hon. R.P. St. Luce. The logic of this statement clearly is that if
the representative of an area does not press for improvements in his/her con-
stituency, nothing should be done for that area.
Undeterred by such a naive view of the mechanics of popular representation,
Mr. Moise at the last meeting of the House introduced a Resolution which draws
attention to the grave danger to which pedestrians are daily exposed in crossing
the Old Roseau bridge in competition with numerous vehicles and asking that
sidewalks outside of the rails of that bridge be constructed for pedestrian
According to the Premier's formula, Mr. Moise had no business drawing the
attention of the Government to this hazard to the people of Goodwill, Potters-
ville and Roseau in particular, since this bridge connects two constituencies
represented, as it happens, by two Ministers of Government Trade .and Industry,
and Communications and Works. Now it is certain that if this situation on the
Old bridge were allowed to continue much longer, a serious or even fatal accident
would be sure to occur on account of the rapidly increasing volume of wheeled
traffic. If action to avert this is now taken, the pedestrian population must
thank the representative of the South-Western Electoral District. In one of its
rare moods of reasonableness, Government accepted the Resolution. One would
certainly haye expected these two Minister-representatives to have brought this
matter to notice before Mr- Moise was given the opportunity to do so.
Not so lucky was another Resolution presented by the Opposition at the same
meeting of the House which read as follows:
"Whereas the need for a Deep Water Harbour to improve the economy of Dominica
is apparent, particularly as.regards the development of the Tourist industry
and agricultural export industries; and
Whereas successive Governments have for long recognized this need but.because
of lack of the necessary funds have not been able to cause this project to
materialize; and
Whereas the forthcoming institution of a Regional Development Bank would
appear to provide the necessary finance;
BE IT RESOLVED that Government consider obtaining the necessary loan funds
from this or any other agency and proceed at the earliest possible time to
construct a Deep Water Harbour."
Although powerfully supported by the Opposition Nominated Member, this Reso-
lution was rejected by the Government. On the ground that Government was already
giving consideration to this project, it was turned down. A deep water harbour
is a project which has been discussed by successive Governments since the 'fifties
when, because of the total absence of sources of finance, nothing could be done.
Now that it is known that a Caribbean Development Bank, largely financed by the
United Kingdom, the United States of America and Canada, is about to be established
with emphasis on the development of the infrastructures of the smaller islands,
it appeared a reasonable step to bring up this long discussed project for fresh
(Continued on p 4airi.
(Continued on page 4)

Paae Two


Saturday, May 17, 1969

ys -mv 17i 169 r IMaw c16An -0 '-r o- 0

Her Majesty's royal art collection
including priceless drawings btr Leonaro VIOIT OF-I P.H..ROMNEY- DIRECTOR,
da Vinci has gone on public show. Est- COCOT USTR OARD- J
imatod value is 8 million. Impressive The Division of-Agriculture has
security guards over the show were arranged for Mri R.H, Romney,'Director
posted. The Queen reviewed Britaiis of the Coconut Industry Board,s, Jaaica
biggest gathering of naval ships for to noot the Copra Producers at the'
25 years at NATO's anniversary in CocOnut Factoryo Belfast on Monday, 19
S_,W. England from thoqRoyal YaCht May2i at 10.00 am.n
Britan.ia. 60 warships took partfrom nl s k on te
trolv6 e, o htiri*b*^* Mr,. Romnny i.L speak on the Mothod
-f n n- tt. i l f,,-.1,-



ST. VINCENT: Associate Statehood for
tho island this year has boen promised
by visiting Minister Lord Shopherd.
ATTIGJUA: Heavy rainfall cario to the
dried up land after a severe earth
tronor on Thursday which cracked walls
of several buildings, including the
Governnont radio station. **********
NORTHERN IRELAND: this still troubled
pcirtioned state has a now Prino Minis-
tar not the able rival to OtNeill
(Brian Faulkner) but a gentleman named
Major Chichester Clarke. Miss Bern-
adotto Devlin, M.P,, is impressing a
lot of people at Westminster and afar.
BRITAIN: Tropical Medicine Award.
The John Holt Medal (very prestigious)
has been awarded to Professor Thonas
HI. Davoy of the Liverpool Sohool of
Tropical Medicine.
GRENADA: Mr. Lestor Johnson, well-:
knomw and liked during his period'of
service with Barclays in Dominicahas,
taken up the post. of, Barclays
D.C.O. St. Goorgets Grenada Branch.He
isV theo first Grenadian to hold this
position. His wife Joan and two sons,
Eric and Nigelt once lived in upper
GoodiTill while he was stationed here.

DO0]MIiICA: The vth seminar on nursing
education was opened by Mr. Stevens
at Goodwill Parish Hall. on MIay 12.It
will last two weeks, and is sponsored
by WHO.(PAHO) and the Dorinica Govt.
Training and use of auxiliary nursing
personnel is a major objective but
developing a philosophy and objectives
for the Caribbean in this conext is
included in the ains. C1MO Dr. D. Shil-
lingford, Bishop Arnold Boghaort, H.E.
the Governor, Miss Nita Barrow, the.
Health Minister and Miss A.Thomas
(Supt. Nursing Sertices)'figired at
the first day ceremoniall. Other
tworking)sessions take placo at Fort
YounZ Hotel.

WA 4.JllAAj 0 VA. "1$, UYJI L Ovf %.t J.W W.Lw". v ^Al.\.
to Construction of Copra Dryers and
Methods for Production of High Quality
We regret this late advice, but hope
that you will find it possible to attend.
714- / ...- *. 15th May, 1969,,,

We have tol6phonod the Ectra-Mural
Dept. on Friday afternoon to chock on the
arrangeonnts. (No reply to telephone). *
Meanwhile we received a cable from Antigua
stating that Mr. Wilson plans to arrivQ
in Doininica late oi Sunday afternoon, do-
parting on Tuesday, and adding that the
"person- in Doninica who should have arr-
anged for noetin or lecture is out of
island"- trust you can help".
Unfortunately we are in no position
to help anyone arrange a lecture in this
State at this tii:e., Besidos, before doing
so we should like to know what the lecture
is about: what, for exouaple, are the
speakers views on Black Power and other
vital natters? The letter and cable do
not disclose this. We print those facts
so that anyone. who has a hall or lecture
room available and.would like to sponsor
Mr. Wilson of the Guyana P.P,p, nay
coon forward when the visitor, when wo-e
have never yet not, arrives ini~orAnica."
MWEDIrS SCOLARSHIP to JM1ason (fr-.1l)
Leaving Dominica on Sunday 18th for'Swedon
is Mr. Janes Mason of St.Joseph, 21, 'who
has boon w6r1ing in the office of Mr.Karo4
Winski, Licensed Surveyor of Rosoau." Ha
has boon granted a 3-nonthd' scholarship
by MERO-MAC TRUST Co. Ltd., to study road
construction and house building in Sweden.
After completion of the course he will re-
turn to Dominica to supervise road con-'
struction at Mro Development area. Of
course young .Mr.I Mason is thrilled at the
opportunity to soo a land where he already
has several Swedish friends, and at his
study prospects. 'Wo .ish him well.


Anglican Bishop Harold

Piggott has resigned for health causes.

Saturdqf thy 17 1969


Pago Thrpo

a, FtM

airing..On the 'ground that :Government is', considerate i to .a`d.eep.
water harbour, .the Resolution was rejected; -S-o that if a well-wishing Govertment
like., say. C`n'nada, notes tht-thte Parliament' Qof Dominica has rejet.te'd a Resolution
calling for steps to 'be taken for- constructing, a deep water ha'rbiur, what in-
terest can' she have in trying to give us one as-she has done, I believe, fo'r
St. Vincent* Let .not Government reply :that i.t has:already approached.Canada'"oh
this. Canada'will be inclined to think that we are.affli.ated by political
schizophrenia if, at the level of.the-local Parliament, a Resolution calling.
for steps to be taken for .the construction..of a deep water harbour is thrown.
out and at the same time a aapplic~i~jon .forP financing such a project is made.
, A unanimous passage. of the Resolution would -have -been- a str ondger indic'atioh.-that
all Dominica is desirous of. a deep' water: harbour than is. an application coming"
from the ruling Party.

I understand that a certain large concern operating in Dominica has made it
a condition of..employment at the middle and.higher levels that employees do not
belong to any political party. This, I consider, an outrage in'this day and age.
The prohibit-on-directly .violates the right- of association guaranteed'by
.'the. Cons'i'tution. ...
I can well understand a firm requiring. ;hat its .employees do not take an
open part in party political activities lest it suffer in business from clients
-and customers belonging to a political party, in opposition to that or those
overtly espoused by its employees. But to-deny employees, the right to enrol in
the political party of their choice is to deprive them of the fundamental right
of association. The same would apply to a prohibition against 'joining trade
unions. The Government should look into this...
S .. (Concolude4 on .Page Five) .

The Caribbean, Africa and Asia -
these are among places where, 170 .
British lecturers and.'teachers.will be
spending part of
'this year, helping to rur. inteh-siv.e
training courses -for over 53,000 teaph-
ers in 26 countkieds,...through' the. Min-
Sitry of O-verseas. Development in- July/
August '
-CouMses -will. be 'hld in con':unp c.
:-tion with" the' local' education .autho-,.
citieses' --:in-'several countries includ-
.--ing- Barbades -Deminica,: MI6ne r.l -,LT
't'jand .Guyana .
The .teachers. in the, countries.. t
be .visited come from. primary and sec-
.;'*-. andary. schools and also teac'h'r "t.rain-
ing colleges and university departments
The.-objects of the courses are to'.
enable, them to improve their tech.
S niques of teaching, aid to widen their
'knowledge of the latest curriculum '
developments,.particularly in science
and mathematics. Many inspectors of'
schools and,'other supervisory staff'
also attend. Some of the courses are
.designed 't lead to the upgrading: of
the local teachers.

One thing about the latest Suez Canal
incidents is clear: -the Egyptians -are
trying hard to provoke th-e Israelis.
Since the,'latter hive departed from their
policy of reprisals 'for each'Ara'b pro-
vocation,- they have been receiving a
mor'e "favourable'press; and this is. some-
thing which may be reflected in great:
powers attitudes 'in New York., The Egypt-
ians hope to 'tease the .Israelis into an
action which would-'.dissipate this good-
will. '
Bit: they are playing with fire. -.The
Suez Canal-is an armistice line, and.any
notable breach of it-is bound to lead to
new hostilities,' The threat of. Phese may
give" impetus' to the peacemakers, but it
*may'also provoke' a'.new,.war.. -Since -there
is little doubt-that at..present the
Israelis are stronger militarily than
the Egyptianni, he 'game that, Nasser and
his colleagues are' playing -is a: dangerous
o"ne.', For -they hav'e.- more:. t.o. pose. than. to
gain. Swiss Press" -News. -

Dr. Kenneth Julien,.. Dean of ithe Faculty
of Engineering, has been appointed to act
as Principal at St. Augus.tine starting-
April 1,. 1969. HB iTrinidadian. .

Pax~e Four

Saturdayi May 17, 1969


aNn~neT.~i~c, (C~nnfinrld~A .9~r~irr.PFl~a rT~~arn)

Sa.ttLrday4 )Aay 1'~ 1~8~ ThE SThR rm~e Pive

ANI-d4OCLs (froms p.5)
'Those who pinned their hopaz, i-itfhwat kiuch perspiaecity, on the Sunday Island
-. .t Authority. s~hehme, muat n~ow be treibiing. This includes the Government asB d
thouPsnaads of Sitizwia, For from all accounts the schemie is in grave danger of not off; mwat certainly not in its original ambitious form in anticipation of
which 16,000 persons from all over Dominica had h rried to enrol for employment.
IDatcs for certain acts of performance :under the contract have passed.
-The people of Portasmath,
in particular, who had staked
their all (spurred on by an
;. ,"T inept Govori e:nt) on SIPA
'" jr viill It appears, now haye to
M ake an agonizing reappraisal
7... i. './ o~' 'of their political leaders as
/ '' "-- / : directors of eeonedic life
n-- d activities. When more
knowffleidgoablo persons took
the Governaent to task for
failing -e seek expert fin-
I \Eancial and advice
J v before ecmsdi tting goners
o-tions of Dominicans foer 99
Sysars, there i an ament
-- a-t ?:"t..; th whih was made
SJ r to believe tlhat such express-
|' *, ed criticism of Government
S .t indicated a wish against the
i interests of Portsmouth.
r ( v^ < r/r So me of the small 3andownfer
*: of Pertsmouth W110 parted
w ith their :anda to SIPA for'"
.. a song at the behest of their
political leaders - even as
H TM mTM BAL$ SiEC VS 5 the more businesr.lDk large
S,-.,d.-.,i.-'er held back for
:t. ter rViae.s qhich the SIPA authorities r.e -' to pay in the end muset ne be re-
ba'sssing the qaltiiy of the dlvicea -t:.- received. The b-et .they can do at this time

sa to ._.; their fingers .rosed.

SMECHANiCAL EXPERIENCE ESSENTIAL -i good working condition $c,000.00i
' APPLY IN WRITING :-- Appiy to:
it The Maniger pDr o!. Coda Pfgiucts Linited SylvOnt "f'xrms
P. 0 B 1 '6, i(
Sor Tei orhine: 2035,' 2045, )816o

-T-R-IF, I.R jR SAIX :e? ( 4 D ABT
------t ---.-------- -

SDilnette (,eC I table & 4 chairs) MORE ABOUT

L-ounge se tfour p:ces) B A H A i
C h!id's b:ad COME TO
Refrigerator EL.I. AR 3 i H11
Cota' r :-- Dr STOCKLEY: Every Tue day E.vnriing 7.30 p.m.
L Telephotne 2642 or 11i89
.. : .E ...... ..... ......-. .- ... ..-._ .- t-^ -*:#- .. .



4Sa.3 rday, May 17, 1980


Pagea Five

* t'.1

STE STAR atur 1 1.7 QQ

High Court of Justioo.

Francis Patrick Elford Dupigny
and Patricia Aylmor Nicholls two
of the Attorneys of Darclays Bank

Trevellyan II. Bruncy,




To be Sold pursuant to an Order the Honourable Mr, istico Neville-
Borridge on the 19th day of March, 1969, Upon the Application of the abovu
nanod Plaintiff for the Sale of the Defendant's land on Monday the 19th day of
1May, 1969, at 2.30 o'clock in the afternoon.
1) All that portion of land fornorly part of The IIooro Park Estate, in the
Parish of St. Andrew and containing 175;2 acres (One Hundred and seventy-Five.2)
bounded as follows: North by Crown Land, North-East by land of La Vie Douche
Estate owned by D Rivi6ro, South-East by land of Edith Iaco, South by Mac.Fi6ld
Magloire and Edith Mace, South-Wost by land of Alvan Leslie and Martin Ferrol,
West by land of La Estate registered Vol.111 Folio 139,
PARTICULARS and Conditions of Sale may bo.ebtainod from Miss Vanya Dupigny of
Chambers, 6 Kehnedy Avenueo Roseau, Dominica, the Solicitor having the Carriago
of the Sale and at the place of sale.
Dated the 26th day of Mhrch, 1969.




:I'TED Dear Mrsd Editor

Mr. D.H. Philbort, Deputy
Superintendent of Police, has been Sunday gone was others day, It is
appointed Chief of the Royal Dominica most appropriate first of all in this
Police Force consequent on the retire- her month of nay to thank and praise Our
iont of Mr. J.M. Lewis, as from 13th Heavenly IIother for bringing forth Christ,
Hay, 1969-. who made us Christians.- In the second
Mr. Philbrt as bo in Donica place I wish to congratulate our nothors
IvMr. Philbort was b-orn in Doninica
on 11th Decenber, 1916. He joined the young and old, who by God's will have
Doninica Police Force on 9th March, brought forth offspring, not for then-
1942 He was promoted to Corporal in slves,,, but for the glory of His Kingdon.
1946, Sergeant in 1951 and Inspector Ma He bless thel all.
in 1957. He was appointed Doputy Hugh Lawrence
Superintendent in 1966.' Mr. Philbert 'Hudor.'
has eight ccmendations for good ROSEAU.
police work, and is the first-- : ..
Dominican to be appointed to that DUBLANC/BIOCHE COUNCIL
Office* The five successYul candicftcos of the
Dublanc/Biocho Village Council elected 9th May, are as follows: Mossrs. Joseph
Sylvestro, Avon Gabriel, Chester Valario, Wilfred Pierre Louis, and Misa Velma.
Piorro Louis. The Governor will nominate threo additional nonbers.


Papto Six


.Snf.nrclnv- P~nv 17~ 1Q1;9

NO. 23,


SSat *y May 17.- 1-*96q. 9mt o n PfarmLo et r' 4 w x"_- ,-7rjtr.....i .

The Scientific Advisory Cbomittee on
Banana Brooding Research'hold its
annual meeting at the Banana Board
offices in Kingston on Wodnesday, April
30th. On the two previous days,
representatives from the Windward
Islands Banana industry and frontn the
Government of Trinidad & Tobago joined
those from the Jamaican industry and
the Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries,
in field tours to see the work of the
Banana Breeding Research Schonme The
Scheme is financed jointly by these
bodies and by'the U.K. Overseas Develop-
nont Ministry, who were not represented
on this occasion.
Present at the Wednesday noting
wore :-
Mr. W.G. Stuart, Chief Technical
Officor, M.A.F., Jaaaica, who acted as
Chaitian in the unavoidable absence of
Professor A.D. Skdlding of U.W.I., Mona
IMr. V.R. Henry, Technical Officer
(Rosoarch), Ministry of Agriculture,
Trinidad; Mr. D.A. Pcrrymran Gheeral*
IManagoer and Mr. I. Twyford, Director
of Research, Windward Islands Banana
Growers' Association;_-Mr,' ~K.F. 'Jones,
Chairman, and Dr. J.R. Sossing,l
Director of Rosoarch, Jamaica Banana
Board Mr. K'.Shepherd, Director, and
EMr D.S. Lacy, Pathologist, Banana
Brooding Research Schonmo
A decision was made to hand over a
number of promising seedling varieties
to the research departments in St.
Lucia and Janaica..- Those varieties,
resistant 'both to, Panana and leaf spot
diseases, are to be multiplied and
tested for possible commercial use.
The Cornmittoc also reviewed the
Schono's technical report for 1968 and
its budget for the next throe year

(For Now)
Until locally produced whole chicken,,
Logs and breasts receive protection
under CARIFTA, we have'stopped pro-
duction. .
Local eggs are not protctg$a tender
CARIFTA from imports front non-CARIFTA
markets. Wo are therefore curtailing
new egg-bird flocl].p
The retail outlet, SFO in Lagon, will
close after Ilay 2th except Saturddys.
"THA'N YOU'l for your past support. To
our laid-off onployeos, you know how
hard we tried to keep you on and how
sorry we are to see you go.
locally produced poultry and oggs ar6
protected from non-CARIFTA countries
we hope once again to be able to bring
you ---.


Dear Mrs. Editor,..
An "Agridcultural Bxnk in the 1-niteod
States'has it s basic rule "Lend no money
to a man who's never had nud on his face
and manure on his shoes" that's the
only way one can qualify for a loan,,
This rule should also apply to our dlec-
tions in Dominica and electing our
political region.
I an a little worried & concerned
about electing a man to a position of
leadership after he has "just come out of
his gather's house.'"

It secrs to me tbat'such a leader would be unformed or uninfornmd, no deep
convictions of his own, except those inherited front his parents.
We should first give hin some time to develop his own reasoning and learning,
and that should not be at the expense of the poor people of Dorinioa.
Another oxample of the useless folly of a Governnont in p-wor; .rite to no,
Agree or Disagree.

trade union this week called for the
cancellation of the Australian Crieket
-Tour of Sonth rf"ri c hc coniLo M- the __


racial ooli ies there. iThe union l P sk i d.cI r dm Chairn f-t
. sGral -1 ricMcc (O;dF to. saf N c i os
r .0fe Scary -tha S( SRI llacus -o, -e unono
toy lanc cut C n on,
Stoa cou noour iou ri ra
do so either.

SQ~;~i~P~C~Y~tN~~.ME~.~T 17 1969

Pnrrct ~t~~i~.:! 4

n Cn? omt-

-. -I *t -
(.This story, like all others from my pen, is wholly fictitious. The cnaiacters
are all imaginary, and any resemblance to persons living dr , co-
incidental. Place-nanos have only been used to lend an air of reality.)
A Short Story in Two Parts CASE OF THE MISSING GIRL By Collins F. O'Ncill
EMIMA BROKELY, agod 14, of Rancho Quenado, rcturned'to her home front the
ovehing nass at the Anglican Church at exactly 8.15 p<. She was with her
mother'and 5-year old brother, Carl. According to ,Mrs. Elvira Brokely,, her
nothor, Epma had a glass of milk at 8.30 p,.I She played with her brother for
a while and retired to bed at about 9 o-clock, At daybreak on Monday morning,
Mrs. Brokely noticed that RWna was missing. She checked the lavatory and
-other possible places in the house where Enna could have been, Though Emma
did not usually sneak out of bed that early even to-visit relatives or friends,
Mrs. Brokely decided to nake her final check with sono of her closest relatives.
StiLl Eiima was not -found, She then telephoned Emmals father (working at
Portsmouth) and enquiredd whether she was there. Without a word, he hung up
the receiver and in an hour's time was in Rancho,. He aIrived in time to wipe
the tears that had just began to flow down Mrs, Br6kelyls oheeks.
"Don't worry too nuch, honey," Brokely told hor, "I donrt feel Erma's in any
danger." He was courageous."' "When did you niss hoe?"
'We wont to bed together," replied Mrs. Brokdly, "but when I awoke this
morning she was not in bed,"
"You checked with your relatives?"
"Yes, dear. I checked every possible place whore I thought she 'night have
"About the doors and doorknobs, have you touched up anything?"
"I searched the lavatory and the bathroom; t-hose doorknobs I did turn,".
"But did you open the door to the living roon?"
"No,, Dave," she replied thoughtfully.
"How about the windows?" Brokely continued.
"No, Dave. I did'hot touch anywhere else.' And as you know the door to the
living roon is never kept closed, except the external doors,"
"Good, Elvira," Brokely addressed his wife, "keep the whole place closed up
still." Brokely then walked over to the telephone and dialled 'zero, zero, ono,
neo, please....Ill like to make a person to person call to private detective
Jack Thornhill in Portspnuth....*......" Within a 'ouple of minutes the
private detective was on the line.
Brokely relaxed as .ho heard the voice on the other end roplying "Thornhill
"Look, Thornhill, this is David Brokely of Rancho QuLnado. I want to
retain you in a very oitical matter in which my daughter is involved"
Brokely said excitedly, "You'll be doing me a favour in rushing in to 2ancho
right away, I'll pay you every cent you ask."
The private detective explained that he was deeply engaged in a very impor-
tant matter-in Portsmouth and wab unable to represent hima suggesting that he
contact other local representatives, But after Brokoly had offered to pay him
twice his day's earnings at Portsmouth, he finally decided to rush in to
Racho to interview him.
Detective Jack Thorn'iill showered all sorts of pertinent questions on the'
couple and got just the oeact preliminary answers that he needed. Moanwhiloe
Mrs. Brokely Cin answer t6 his last question) rait--i'Cft she had used a back
door to get into th6 villaggoin search of'hel daug7bkhbt
"Now Mr. Brokely,Tr the detective began, "If you aro retaining my services
in this matter you are going to sign an agto6nont that no other lawnen would.
be engaged, whether directly or indirectly, in th. proceedings., If at any
tine of the investigations other sleuths are nooded it will be my personal .
responsibility to engage such sleuths. When I accumulate the necessary
particulars I'll call in the local police to effect lthe necessary arrest, if
possible; or naybo'for a:y pertinent data on this case."
Brokoly growled, .sait -."Docs it make any difforonce as to whether the local
police are briefed or not?"
I"A lot aL" the et 8ctiv s d dtirofesio a " quiteoa.lot,Pf
diff Tbrenc8. P"liO 8.frovjnc on st c ttwards Us cuo tiX~iW ,

Sarturday,,j Mf 17,1969

Pago EVight


Saturday., May, 17? .169 THE STAR 'Paf..o .-Iino
"You seo, Dave, ny. opinion is that in some way or other your child was kid-
ntappa' Som your hone during sleeping hours. She might also have been crimin-
ally assaulted; that, we do not know but have to find out and the sooner the
bottor',"-.Thornhill told the couple.
Brokely turned awayf.,frowned as'if a'sorpent had left its sting in his heart,
then suddenly declared, '"Thornhill, this may sound dacm nasty You don't assume
that Enna was pregnant and the i.ller realizing thero was::no way out .after -
assuming that she was too young to conceive and things like that, decided on
kidnapping and getting rid of her. At least Enna was 14. Though that is.too
much of an early age to get started at, you must reneboer that it is the age of
"I appreciate your ingenuity, Dave," Thornhill said,,,but it is not a detective%
business to assume anything. One thing that baffles no'is that I have examined
all the windows and doors and they are well closed. I give exception to the door
you used* I have chocked the doorknobs for fingerprints but there is no
indication."'The detective then pounced down on a chair where he Sat pensively
for a nonent. He stood up again, said, "I'm moving into' the village now; nean-
wlilo should there be anything startling just keep it quiet and play it safeo,
I'll be back in half an hour."
Thornhill took his first trip into the village, driving in an old Chevrolet
car.. There he gathered thattMrs. Brokely had spoken to a'certain man about some
noney business about the sae' day Enna was killed, Later, he received informa-
tion front a certain woman that Mrs. Brokely had asked her to accompany her to a
village called Soufriere but that she was unable to do so. Thornhi4l in conso-
quonce drove down to Soufriero where he was convinced that Mrs. Brokoly really
did pay a courtesy call on an old friend of the family naoed Pa Fredc But this
piece of information did not actually get him any place, and he regarded all teo
information he had up to the moment as 'trash l He returned to Rancho, where he
obmbed the seaside for clues. About fifty yards from the Brokely's along tbh '
boach he picked up a child's dress which was ripped right down the front-.of it,
near to which was a dirty handkerchief with the embroidered initials D.W* Being
sonowhat confident that the information he now needed was rightly there in the
village, he decided to dig for relevant clues, buit first question the cinema fans
who night have returned late front the movies on Sunday night. One young man said
he was in company with his fiancee when (some fifty yards away) he heard scream-.
ing sounds coming from the direction of the beach not too far frqm the
house. It was near midnight,s he said.
"Did you not think it oxpedient to contact the police inmediately?" asked the;
"I'could not." the young man said, "I thought'soom parent was spanking a
child,, so it was not necessary to raise an alarm." .
Detective Thornhill before returning to the house for his lunch drove in to the
city. He presented his Identification Badge to a Banik Manager who (after chatting
with him for a whild) assured him that Mrse Brokcly-had opened a'now account some
hours ago and lodged a cheque for an unusually large. sum .of ,poney. With this bit
of evidence he returned for his lunch at the Brokboy's. Hle sat before the table
but could not eat, since what he'had up his sleeve aas bothering him to such an
extent that he threw on his coat, telling Mr. Brokely that he was going to
organise a party to drag the soa where the dress and the handkerchief were found.
Tho sea there was finally dragged, but not even tho murder weapon was found. Ho
was convinced though that if Enna was not alive her body, was not in the sea at
that point.
"Dave," said Thornhill, "you would not expect.:ho'body of a human being to
ronain at the bottom of the sea'if the sea was rough, would you?"
"You have a good point there," replied Brokely, "if the sea was rough I expect
the body would float'to some other shore. But we have hoon having calm waters
for several days now."
Still dissatisfied with his progress, Thornhill'drove back to Portsmouth and
returned later in the ovohing with his trained dog-, Pappit. Pappit first smelled
its way into the bath room which indicated that the culprit or culprits had been
into the bath zoon, naybe with or without the .girl.
(The conclusion of This Thrillor will appear next week.)

Pag Te TI TRStray 716

N O T I C E'
Applications are invited from
suitably qualified porsa'is for appoint
nont to the post'of, PMaIto. Princess
I.ktg-arot Hospital, Dorinica.
2. The salary is in the scale $4164 x
150 $5424, the point of entry being
dependent upon qualifications and ex-
perience. The appointment will be on
contract for a period of throe years
in the first instansoo and will be sub-
ject to termination on six months' no-
tice on either sidbc
3. A gratuity at the rate of 12-~% of
basic salary will be payable on the
satisfactory completion of the
4. Applicants should be eligible for
registration with the General Nursing
Council for England andd .Wales, the
General Nursing Council for Scotland
or the Joint Nursing and Ilidwives Counr
oil of Northern Ireland, or applicants
nust hold equivalent qualifications;
applicants should have had at least
seven years of hospital experience
after registration
5. The successful applicant will be
responsible for the control and disci-
pline of the nursing staff, and for 't1h
supervision and good order And clean-
liness of the hospital as part of the
ilatron's duties.
6. Further particulars nay be obtained
from the Secretary, Public Service
Commission, Roseau to whom applications
should be forwarded not later than 30t
June, 1969*.
E. Nicholls
Socrotary,Public Service Wnmission,
PSC 4/1 Dominica,
15th May; 1969.G.82.711-1/I1

D.ASiA. Notice.

Footballers are hereby informed of
the Annual pre-Season Meoting to take
place at the St. AlphonsussParish Hall
at 5 p.m. on Saturday, Ihy 31st, 1969.
Rev. E.A. Alexander,
713-1/1 Socretary, .
Ppotball Sub-Conmittoo.

Quick'Service for H6adod Note-
paper, Visiting Cards, Invitation
Cards otc,

SAt 5 A.n, on Friday 10th May,. death -
cane to 50 yoars' old Mrs. AnostazicoI-oo I
'of Paix Bouch''"' She was the w4fo of well
Known Jerry Ejoe, former Chairnan of tho
Pa1x Boucho Village Council, now a mnober y
of the Board of llanagonent of' the
Dominica Banana Growers Association, and
also WIINBAN RoprosentativQ.
Mrs. Leoo ha boon ailin.y for the past
14 months and had during that period
been several tines admitted to the Prin-
Scoss Iihrgaret and Portsmouth Hospital for
The decease was a staunch monber of
the Roman Catholic Church, and had during
her lifetime taken active part in all
Activities of"the church.' She Wts the
I another of three daughters Cynthia,, Mry '
Sand Euigonoe
S The funeral service which was con-
ducted by Father Bougoon took place at
the Vioille Case Ronan Catholic Church on
-Saturday 10th May at 4 P.M.
The nany friends from different parts
Sof the State who attended the funeral
Testified to the high esteem in which the
deceased was held.
.. Mr. Jorry'Lo0, the Children and all !
other re.l9Aivos 'and friends wish throughi
this neocdiC i to express their doepest
appreciation to all those who in any way,
tendered' sopathy during their sad

On Wodnosday ovoiing May 7 the
Seventh-day Adventiat Church sponsored
the showing of two educational filns at
the Goodwill Junior High School,
It was the intention of the under-
signed-to nove a vote of thanks (which
could hot have been done.then duo to the
unbecoming behaviour of a snall sognent
of the'audienco) not only to the Gov-
ernnent for the use of..the school-room,.
and the Social oWlfare Departrcunt for
the use of its projector but also to Mril
Henry John of Goodwill along with'Dave
front Mt. St. aliry's for their voryy
valuable assistance* Last but by not
neans least to the *Duntless member's of
'the public who took time from their busy
prograno to attend.
Once noro sincere "THANKS"

... Saturday, Mny 17-, 1969

Pago Ten


5i -t Sy M .i 1

,.t $Aty4f ;rKl i~RPcRE 3 AN52h

"'4 Vt.


L 4 $
.0'., Ch
5'-s <-

1 .-."- o P ,

y .S- -

..i -.--. .

/ ^" "* ^ ^ .. ~.
i/-''& -i. tfT k^ r^ "^'

Scl..duie ;f Appiiti- fi r CpI-rC.ifcat of Titie and Notings
rthreton ad Caveatr fOcr wV-ek eiding 10.; dI-y May, '%9.
Date '. -:e.' Pirron Presenting Nature of request wheth-
er a Cerclficate of Title of
Notingr thereon or Caveat.

I Requesi atde' the M-.Hale Charle:, Requle t for the issue
2nd day of May, of a First Certiicate
i969. by is Solictor f lrile in r;spcct of
i Presented tih 5t1 a portion of kland a!
day of My, i969, Ciila A. M, opiny he M.rne, in the Village
at 9.40 a.m. o St. J.rh, in tha
......... ........ ....... Puish of St. Jos h,
in ll AsiW,...iatc Stat"
'f thn.' i6'm.' coan, 1'onit;itI-
i;! ii" f ti:c- and
bound. u% fullaws:-
On the North East by iand if Mendes Phiitip. O thie North
West by land of Marian Chrisophe r. On the Sioth East by
!and ofThura Irade. Onr tie Snouti Wet hy an access Road.

R og-i-ir's Oific?, ionni Rigsby james, I.
Ro:i..:i Domittia i")!. of Titles. ,

NO il Any p.r' o' who dbirers '.c, o2,bc ,e ro the issuing of a
Certificatet of "ti 0:1 r;i: asi.b/ ,p!li:ption ,mfay' enter a Caveat
in tih, abo ve .ic- 'thi ,i x wi.rPks ' appt.-airi:me of hiir :chdul,: !n the S-TAR N~ w'paper published
in this Sttre or from the dcte when rthe. notice prescribed by
awi wa ias* :-,.:rved on any owner or occupier of adjoining
i:nd &i cSeIt f which; th applC...oun is made.
... .. .... ...- J1

~I- a5
C .I i-"St5
:*' V *,~
is -

C. .

Ii..C .... C J T

lrc~t [.pl <,_y

' ,.

Casol i a C -
300-^ w 60ow


lAWN~iJ 64 R

___ 000 y "fs 4>..
''U>- __ -,. ....-
.NERATOR5 ,^'" .:. "


/,-"i ,i r c- ... ,4'--. r-',
fr r
?~ ~ :.e Ayt^v R"* Bic


6--- ii



.?i -.TLURAL

ltau.c SAN-SC

~a~~ i9;"i~~/271153~q

/ 4-"t---~ T~r



.,.- ,.


..h. A W '' .

Saturdfay, May 17S 1969



Pago Twelve TER STAAB 1 1

Who Wants Anguilla?

well known Commonwealth polltitica aiyns

1 iat the govcrrnmcnt ha. been clumsy about
Arnguilla not evern is mo't fervid supporters
wouiild contest.
'et clumsy diplomacy and poor
public relations are not evidence that the
governme-nt was wrong to intervene in tlhe
island vhliich is the un!thinking case made
by most critics.

In the circii!mstaIneCs of the past \v.oy
months it would have hteen impossible for
B itlain WW fulfil hei responsibih ties in the
Caribbean and yet appear "., i;l.i i in hier
diplomacy. As rccenrly as February all 13
('arihhbben- lhads of govirnnient mecgiin in
l initda.f asked thl British igovernmneni to
nmain!ain the int.grt'y of the associated state
of St Kilts-Ncvis Anguilla. Meantime the
govcrninent of ihat -tate asked Britain to
intervene in its Angiiillan compol-nent. When
Britain responded sh had no mt mention of
forciing the Anguilhta to rtcurn to tlbh. riile
of Mr Bradslhat, biut sht could not say ,.o:
ior could she declaru that Anguilla would
he aiiloed to secie., for thli would have
brought !oud dtienu ncition from Mr Brad-
sh:iw backed by the rest of thei West Indtian
!cadcrs. Her! polije: armed forces ;oid eng.i-
cer' arc on the sl.nd tlo Cialt iht possilitily
of a third alternativt.
But why \aas it thought necessary to ii-:r-
vene at all?' Why could tlhe A.nguiihinn nri
bi left to enjoy Ti .ir )i in the pA"nitie
peace in which they were said to hbe ing
until last inonih? i ere are t.o posihbe
resllts of such a police, Either would have
.produced disaster for the whole Caribbean:
in conjunction ilthe couil haves been cata-
strophic. 'IThe lesser Oangeir s;as the infilhra-
tion of :-angsicr controlled gambling ring.
now in.e:uatsingly fruitralcid by .Lyndi:n
PIindhlngs governmenli t in the Biahmac..
Maybc (ihc cre' only the small-sc.i!e
sco'ltin'. pioneers who had reached An-
', s., \oulid certalir l ', have been f! o-
lowed b. the big operators from i-ionidt.,
with Mtia infltitnce not far behind. In ithe
viriual absence of a rule of law the island
presented an open invJitaion.

'lhe -iscond and movie dangerous pisi-
bility tas' the ius of Anguilla as a bae
Ior black po,er organizations. J.eremiah
(,rumbs. ',tho represents Ronald Webster at
the l i, hi-s himself the intSrest of
these groups in the his is no con-
spiracy. I he black powv, militants in
Amwrica mae no secret of thcir desire to
innvol\e ohlier black communities in their
openly rev<,tshionai y activities. IFo be able
to use an indcpendcnt island of bllack
inhabitanis. to have a sounding board at
Icasi in the : ii;ial cornmittcie o! flie
tIN. Iand to b able to link utp ith the black
po'scr giroips of the West Indian islands.
would ihae filed perfectly into their
strategy. It was nndouibtidly this threat to
the ot) hr West Indian regimes which oririn-
ally led their leaders to agree that a joint

Caribbean police force should he sent to
Anguilla. Ih was hardly the fault of the
British go.,' ernen ht hat .maica reneged on
this alrctencnt, or that then all the others
lccided r ;t the force e nast be composed
of a!l ri none. MThere is certainly a good case
for oppi-siton parties to organize socialist
cr1li ism ol most West Indian governnentsS
and imoNtls!!se puil opinion to defeat them;
. b tllhis i; hardly likely to he furthered by thi
inrcreasii.ngly racia!isq phloosophy of most
Aniericain hick power groups. Their inler-
vec:ition in ith Ve'. t I ndies is more likely to
kad to re;nchinist violence.
"hIat nt,'.? fhe inobs-iter;s are waiting in,
their r.';il:c on nearby St Thomas The
black power or"anisalions are displa)inr
c\ n mo't interest. 1 i' re itmerit united oni
to \Vlt..|rn Whliloek hy rullians whorn
Websier co'ruld not control exposes lhe prob-
abte lIe-gncration of the island once lrithii
fi rr es 1 ;ihdr..t ,

I here
w\othi seem no tmplion for the government

but to prieniare lor a ieng;thy occupat'on. Blut
i. i thl' is '..r to produce a settlement the
HnWiOhi. presence nmut be used construc- \Vien the concepr toi associatedd
sl:tiLus \.ws firsm degined it w as not limited
to any of olmmunlily; and where
feLd ci)!.i,'s \5.ri'e coric eived they ssecre to he
voi'lntirai. lihere i- no reason' hi. Anguiiiia
lif. shiood not Ceenlualiy be ofrleied ;isso-
c;atted tl st1is nd there is reason to ht liesv
!hai ir:J!i:jwv, and the other West Indian
a,.,!, t ck orni thlco i is ,soluti i. British
po c ii;e oi;d 'her efre be di.' o.'te inm-
ro o .. i i eci.o iniic anid social ameniii.s
W' Anitpia, anJ building representative
ii i!ol "h 5' :h -i can ;es nltuaivy asi;lnie
.lill., wii.e .onitro. A government of An-
,'jla m-',.!;\' ht no. larger than a fnra) district
conci, h : it it can guard the fiberties and
security" y of ,< 60,00) inhabitants Anguitla
need not betco'ne a 1istlhpoint ol viocince,

NEiAV STAt ESMAiW,1 18 APMil 19,.'3

'5 1

"Say, I fust hapPened to t iirk. ki Vii lt t oa
Ore those Itvalls ooiotg to cwilc wribitin, dcsu',.-,

AN ALLOWANCE of 3d. a ,. to girls of t.he
W R NS for good conduct is anachroistic," said
Rear-AdmirA: M. C. Muorgan GCiles, Conserva.ive
MP for Winchester, in the Commons*
He added: "That is not nmuch to give a girl .for
saying 'Yes, sir' a!! day and 'No, sir' all J.-.'"-


~a~b;rp;k~s~ir-, ~gs Pry 80~a

turdey,1vTh~171.J9~9... ~DI~ STAR Page Thir~

READER'S .IEW .. Maadam Editor,
SDor.Madam-. ,.- ...- ..AWAY WITH CRICKET
SC E Our new young Black Power leaders
So old do Gaull6 is out. Well heat so true when they say that we nust
did a lot: .'-r France, he. pulled. her throw Off the White Inperialist Culture
togothr and. made hor oAvcc-nore a great and adopt Black African ways,
nation... Of. course he. is ,rom the old That is why it scens'bad that our
school': nd, b.eiiejvd in discipline. One young men ape their white masters by
wpndors if anyone can kop. France on an playing cricket a-truly white man's
even keel now,.- gamoe
SYou know the longer. I live the It is no secret that:the English
nore I see the necessity of discipline 'claim "that the battle of Waterloo was
in everything. The parents of'today do" won on the playing fields of Etont."
iot believe in it so the children have Isn't there a good.African game
no guide lines and are drifting, like ..our young men couli play in the
sea moss .in the sea. Wo discipline our-Botanical Gardens on. Sindays?
dogs and cats, we train our vines and Afric '
flowers but we let our children run
wild ad. wonder why they cannot settle BRITAIN GIV.ES 00,000 TO HELP FAMLLY
down to a career, a job or anything. BRITAI GIVS


Dear Editor,
What hap excited no lately was
visiting the News Cinena at Oxford
Circus yesterday called Studio Two-:
and seeing a film called "Tomorrow's
Island," nade last year by the Rank
Organization, about DoiniiCa; it
lasted nearly -half an hour,: -and was
excellent. *Patrick Wy-liark was the
oonientator, and'we saw and heard ig
colour and sound, many aspects of
Doiinica the Carib Roservo, a custo-
ncr at Bata's shoe shop in Roseau, a
funeral at.the Catholic Church,. the
boiling lake, and Govt. House; and
everyone going about teir daily work-
I quite expected to see you tool The
"Unspoilt Island of the West Indies"
but now at last progressing with the
help of the Marquis of Bristcll Now I
nust write to. other Dominicans here,
to-nike sure that :they see it too. .
fobl that I have nearly beon to
DoLn~iica now-'it was -so- real.-, -
F hi o.,,.. rr ,
Richnohd, Surrey.


Frccdon-is everybody s business:
ny business, your business, the
iurch.'s business; and. the nan
who will not use his freedom to
Defend his freedom, d6cs not
deserve .his froodon.

(CScnt in by MID. Cork-Street),,

The .British Governnont is. giving
300,000 over tho next throo years to
help other countries with.fanily plann-
ing, The oney in three annual suis
of 100,00 -. is being donated by the
Ministy' of Ovorseas Dovelopnent to the
International -lannod Parenthood Fedora-
tion. The su-ciis double the previous
yearly contribution made by Britain
since 1967,
Last yoar the Ministry established a
population burodu. Britain works
closely with th International Planned
Parenthood Federationl which co-
ordinates -and supports voluntary family
planning associations in 55 countries,
We understand tho -Federation is
intorsi'bta -!'ih 'cdiitions in-D'oriii6ca
'* -* 3 *
GEORGETOWN, GUYANA -- The Dismissal this
month of noted Guyanese Poet and Folklo-
rist Wordsworth MacandreWt. from the Gov-
ernment Radio Station G.B6S. has threat-
ened to blow into a political controversy
with L. biting statonent by. Opposition
'People's Progressive Party Leader Dr.
Cheddi..Jaga. ,
Macandrow, who last. year'.was sent on a.
course in Dritain to fit- him fo 6a
producer's j ob with. the station was
sacked following a dispute over' the
nanner-of dross of station cmploycos.
;ATIENS, GrIEECE -- A group of Greek gritors
and poets today attacked the. arry-backed
Government and claincd it was persecuting
.intellectuals in the country, They. woro
angrythat the Greek Govt, solcoted short
stories to be published. very weoakl


.S~L~ur~ciy.,: ~~~,.,3 53~:3 : I


Page Thirteenl


THE STrte A R, .PAP -- V

TH Coinnonwealth Caribbean Free Ttade
Association cane into being May 1, 1968
when Antigua, Barbados,,-Guyana and Trin
idad & Tobago signed the agroeonnt. The
ronainder of the Associated States an d
Montsorrat and St. Vincent with the
over suspicious Janaica signed and rat-
ified the agreement later. Coupled
closely to the Froe Trade policy, and'
of particular importance to the snall
islands was the Regional Dovelopment
Bank -- now in abeyance due to the ob-
stinacy of Ja~aica insisting that the
Banks HQ be in Jamaica. Thus the ruch
needed financial help which was the in-
ducenont for the islands in the Eastorn
Caribbean to join is non-existent and
trading has been at the expense of the
unindustrialised associated states.
However a. asis for sensible econ-
onic cooperation has boon established;
several vital studios are under way by
UTNDPC and ECLA with UWI' tho .subjects
of Quarantine, Standards, A.:00= ExC-
tornal Tariff. and several other matters
(originally studied by the W.I. Federal
Govornont -8 years ago) are being in-
Meanwhile ll this tip-toe approach
to Fodoralisn has done for Doninica is
to increase the prices of-nost foods
by anything front 5 to 40%.
Unfortunately retiring due to,ill-
health is the able Secretary-General
of CARIFTA Mr. Frod Cozier. Mr Evan
Drayton, a Guyana Civil Servant will
act in Mr. Cozier's place, pending the
appointment of a substantive successor.

GUADELOE.E'S Govcrnment has just sent
two officials. (Mossrs Poyrou & Rinbaud)
to view the plgging operations of DOM4-
CANT Tinbors. The Governnont release
does not state whether they wish to
purchase our product or if they wish
to have DOMCAN operate on their forests.
The Bahanas Government has expressed an
interest in buying tipbor frpn our do-
forested mountains.

(o. 21 of 1966)
IT IS NOTIFIED for general inforna-.
-tion that Mr: C~drlyon W. Armour of 15
Victoria Streot,, Roseau, has applied to
the Minister of Trade and Industry under
section 5 -() of the "Beach Control Ord-
inance, 1966" (No. 21 of 1966),, for a
licence to poornit him to encroach on the
Foreshoro and Floor of the Sea for the
urposo of erecting a jetty 40 foot long
t;y 8 foot vido on the beach adjoining
hiis pronisos at Castle Comfort,s for uso
!in providing facilities for yachting
Any personnor persons fishing to make
objections to the issue of a licqnce to
Mr. Carly6n Afour for the purpose set
out above,, shbaAdnWko representation in
writing-to tho Minister setting out their
objections and the reasons therefore, not
later than ton days after the first
publication of this notice.
Date: 13/5/69 'Permanent Secretary
IM.inistry of Trade & Industry.



T I 0 IT
- ---

The undernmntionod Aliens have been
granted a certificate of naturalization'
under the Britishhttionality Act, 1948,
and the Oath of Allegiance was duly taken
by then and registered,
Date: 10/5/69 C.A. SEIGNORET
G,83. 710-1/1 Secretary to thoc.Cabinct
TIh>'.Si!t e ai o thma C i- 1-o*lil o i lr^

MENTAL HEALTH ASSOC. !TO:PROGRESS? Centre, Roseau,' wish to thank all the'
Apart front a successful Mental Health friendsVtiho sent good wishes or gifts,
Wook and an increase in funds from and offoroa theirppa~Fyns on the occa-
$458.79 to $894.31 oven after buying a sion of "the Silver Jubilee-of Sister
Deep Freeze for the Mental Hone (whihh Alicia Do Tremnorio,, I.C.M., and the
should have bean provided by Government) Final Profession of Sister Maria
at $818.16, the President's Report on Houthoofdt,, I.C.IM
the progress of Mental Health in 1968/9
id gloonry reading. Dr.* Royor's non-D.MH lodturing and the Comi:unity Service Vol-
unitors work in visiting the Mental Home (neither having nuch to do-with the
Association) are'the bright- spots in Mental HoalthA and Governnent Ec apathoet1i,*.

Pao Fourteen

8nt~~~rrl~rr~ n;i-rrt 1~7 ~Q~n


Saturday, May:'17, 1969 :-.THE STAR Page Fifteen
Junior: Short Story A TRIP TO MARS light years away from Mars;
By Vyasa Rancharan Within the allotted split seconds,.
the astronauts flicked all serts of.
This was going to be the greatest daylovers and buttons back and forth all at
in history, the day when a huge CmLT 85 l s tton a and fort
rocket, forcing twenty-eight million, once., As they got ready to land,,, the
I trio'got on thir-:invincible cloth, and
iine hundred and ninety-nine-thousands t t on thr cl'thio bd
four hundred and twenty poiun3 of thrust,,. jstto be r y for anything, but
there was no need for them as the
would leave the earth for!ditE ..Mars there was n ood for th
The sipwDr. Martians smooed extponely hospitable.
The ship Dr. T.
Stork. B.Sc. M.B.B.S (ITU.) Ph.D. (ENG.) On their arrival, the trio were to-
ownor of the greatest.scientiD brain tally surprised to see an agpet drive up
in the- world, iMr. H. I~lter B.Sc. to then in an all-auto.natic car and say.:
"Hi boyslc. Wolcori come in and ah'l1
(eCan.'.) M.BBS. a young rocket repairer,
and PMr D. Campbell D.L.(ST)R.A.(ENG.) take yuh to. ''Hotol Caralent My hotel.
holder of the world's land-water speed -You must be Tony Stark, Happy Halter and
record. Donald Canpbell? uh?"
Standing in one of the twenty rsomson as three mn got into the
inside thisrnam1 th -craft were the three car tho electr brain rOarcd to life
astronauts, checking up the controls and the oar started the one thousand
and motors on which their lives were mile run to Caraom. On the way,, our
soon to be dependent. friends were again surprised when they
soon to be depandonto
Anyhow, the hours second to go by saw a roasted ig appear in front .of
their host, Ir. Arlot; as they -wishod for
liko moments, and the three men were fo
strapped into place at the controls food it appearocd This was very agreeable
Within a split second, the craft to two hundred pound Halter, and he ate
I lots of delicious food.
blasted off at half of its maximum of -cio
sp od, which was one quarter of the On h tark told Qf thoi
spedd of light. In no time, -5-t had interesting encounters with the Venusians,
i h but as he said'so, two Vanusians Cane
blasted itself out of the earth's at- ut as he said'so-, two ..nusian
onto the scone, hold onto Arlet "an'd
mosphore and went roaring.past the pla- drotod Lscn awe, luckily a gun w=.
Snet Venus, but as luck would have it, dragged him away; luckily a gun wm -
net Venus, but as luck ti.ould have it, whipped up from Stark's holster and he
one of the Venusians saw and followed ppd on ks holster d
burnt the Vonusi s to cinders, 11r.
those awkward, sleek Giant which was burnt th t.o cinders
now nearly out of theGsight of the Arlo ot up, and(~azd as he was)h
Vonusian dwellers, staggered on to .,ralom whore he soon
Vonusian -dwellers.
Concealed inside of the capsule, recovered.
Stark suddenly started to lose control The hotel was very attractive and
of his gi-gAntic craft it started to built of an invincible s. ucture, it had
rock to and fro in great violence and also the wish-eat power, so the trio had
then a hash voice crackled over the a good time.
radio: When it was ti2b to return, a mob of
.U"Kinigla camo Palenr neg qar tezi about five hundred turned out*. But a
toul nel ter itor Venzntl' funny thing happened. the only that any
man renenbored and told on his returnto
"Oh my goodnessfal" bawled Halter, hoe basbered and told on his retoo dn
. ....home baseo wasI "VonuAkPAn are too damn
'Whattin heaven's name have I i
hoard an for.-ro."o
h Quick? tn on te tn. UWI NEWS: Toe Old Dominion Foundation(USA)
"Quickg turn on the television.
trac.i" called Crnopboll. t To sooner has mado a grant to the Creative Arts Bon-
ras this csaid than donpe. and the tro of the University ofvthe West Indies
was this paid than done, and the
Sindi ed al ZX2 et at Mona. The noney is to be used .inly
trackor indicated a snall ZXN124A15 jet
chie was iade up sf a frail Aetal for bringing visiting artists to the Con-
(wich was made up of a frail metal tre One of the main purposes of the
structure) pursuing. Creative Arts Centre established at Mona
"Sorry," said Stark,, "but they fell last year wa to afford students the
or it," and o s the Vonusii craft got- opportunity of being exposed to resident
- cle to te e t te to il- artists in vaicils fields such as theatre,
lion degree centigrade thrust melted
an, burnt the dance, fine arts., music, writing etc. The
Wwand br shed Hcalftcr "a hope t grant fro the Old Dominion Foundation
."-there are no eore o dote.s, inh ensures that this part of the project will
there are no ore o do tngs" be..carried.out for- a.few years. This is
But now let 's not hhor ypu with not'the first grant front the O ld Dominion
any of our friends encounters in
"Pluto;" now we switch over to two Foundtion to the University

TIR -H UL --ST- S-t-imTh -r Maw 11Q7 v-

ChI~DpInq, Domin icy St.Lucia
St. Lucia suffered an innings de.
feat in the first Goodwill series'
match against Dominia. icn..uags -.
Taking advantage of a docile pace
attack, the Dominica openers (Kentish
and E1win) set about their task gal-
lantly and piled up 81 runs before
Elwin went by the run-out route for
42; Kentish we nt soon afterwards -
caught at the wicket off Reyes for t3
39. Shillingford and John continued
'grandstyle and put on 43 before John
fell to M. Francis for 16.Shilling-
-ford Was joined by Williams and they
put on 68 runs before Shillingford,
who had been batting so stylishly,
was out to a beautiful catch by Cenac
off Francis for 61, giving the 16-
year-old bowler his second wicket.
Williams was joined by Zamore and the
two batted'-splendidly Dominica acca.
ing the excellent total of 358. *
Zamore got a fine 72, Williams 35,
Norbert Phillip a hard-hitting 40
and K. Laurent 25. Felix.aas the most
successful St. Lucia bowler with 4
for 74, Reyes 3 for 67 and Francis
2 for 112.
When St. Lucia batted, Cenac and
Polius saw the score to 37 before
Polius was caught by Zamore off Phil-
lip for 17. Tis was the first of 4
brilliant catches which Zamore held
this innings Cenac was leg before- to
Phillip for '0 as:wickets began to
tumble. Joupt went for a duck, Maur-
icette for A, Alfred for 9 and Fran-
-cis for fqur, things were at a. stand
-still for a while as Quintyn made a
bold attempt to stop the rampage with
a docile knock of 29,-and Reyes (who
hit out boldly)for 31. Felix hit a
brilliant 30 which included three
sixes and three fours, and St.Lucia
were all out for 171. Laurent got
4 wickets for 68, Phillip 3 for 48
and J.G.Josephs 2 for 42.
Asked to follow-on and needing
another 188 runs to save an innings'
defect, St. Lucia again began badly
with only Cenac offering token resis-
tance to score 42. He got fine support
from Alfred (who scored 39) and from
'Qintyn (24 N.O.) St. Lucia were
all-out for 170; thus losing by an
innings and 18 runs. Laurent fin-
ished with 5 for 43 and Zamore three
for 28. (concluded next column)


STARSPORTS contd. Exhibitbn Match
In an exhibition match which en-
sued, with both sides batting for
an allowed 60 overs, St.Lucia piled
up. 293 out of which Cenac scored
51,"B.Mauricette 60, R. Poltis 44,
V.Jouet 24 and I Bristol 28, with
Zamore bagging 4 for 56.
In their turn, Dominica passed
the St. Lucia score with thirteen
overs to spare, scoring 296 for 7
(out of which Irving Shillingford
scored a brilliant 152, H.Jno.Bap-
tiste 39 and J.C.Jasephs B9.Bristol
captured 3 for 26.
Dominica meet St.Vincent today
in their second match of the series.

Visit of Commonwealth Sec.-General:
Mr. Arnold Smith, whose father was
born in Grenada, said that rade
relations and the gap between rich
and poor nations would be the future
/major problems of the Commonwealth.
He thought- that the Commonwealth
would be 6f. increasing significance
in decades ahead: it was stronger
today because it comprised a cross-
section of mankind.(Trinidad) ****
The Council of Europe has called for
a ban on all arms to Nigeria & Biafra.
***Half the cyclists in a cross-coun-
try Iron Curtain race had their tyres
punctured by tin-tacks while crossing
Czechoslovakia. *** Bloody racial
violence between Malays mO-Chbnena
this week in Malay8jand is still going
on. The strain is reported lessening.
***Dr. Philip Blaiberg, World's long-
est surviving heart transplant pat-
ient, was taken back to hospital in
Groot Schur hospital, Capetow. ***
The St. Kitts representative to CPA
gathering in Antigua complained that
too much time was spent talking about
Anguilla, not enough time on the sit-
.ation of the Associated States. *
In London, further talks must be held
*next week on,Anguilla, since all eff-
orts by Michael Stewart-& Whitlock to
get Mr.fBradshaw to come to terms over
the Anguilla problem have so far
reached deadlock. Meanwhile in Jam-
aica, Mr. Ronald Webster continues to
demand separation from St. Kitts. *
Referring to aid from Britain, he said
"what is 50 000 to Anguillans? We
want freedom. WORDS TO RE. i BE B
"One should be proud of what one is, but
not to the extont of boing intoloraclo."

Printed and published by Robert E. Allfrey of St. Aroment, Dominica,
Proprietor,at 26 Bath Roa4, Roseau, Dominica, West Indies.


a~wrm, R~ a3aavr

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