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Mrs. Jane Lowentha2,\
Research Institute for. j
the Study of Man,
162 East 78 Street,
-' rk 10021, N.Y.,

IT'e: Oilitce -- 2691
Editoria -- 2610
Vol. VIII, No. 13

George Williams affair


^ *- f.. .- -' "

S'- .

j^ *
Ar~~~~ s? -"
der is

Centr. of the storm *
the belief that ihe had been new!y
promoted p$ade a great impact on the
students, because among the charges
made, adfi not refuted at the May hear-
ing, was one that Prolcssor Anderson
.had missed 15 lectures.
The black comnai~nit, in Montreal
was deeply. co0cerj.d"'.a64t the case
and the way ,itouni V ersi ty' iWe han-
dling it. T4i.j. tjenship Assiej,
.tion exti; dthis iOt-ilcer m,,in a letter
to Acting PrinfCtIaClarke 3ti2,...
General distrust ..
"The issue of racism is a serious one
under any circumstances," they 'Wrte.
"Unfortunately the early handling, or-
rather mishandling of the charge, has
merely served to escalate the affair and
S to cause the students to distrust alfl'u-
Stlivrity figures. This' distrust has led to
a breakdown of .-ffcetive communiba-
tion and created a highly explosive situ-
ation. This has all thf elements of a
classical tragedy. It is'now -Vry doubt.'
ful that the traditional e.eding can be.
avoided. But.we-muat try, for a great
deal of harm failure."
There was a failure if communication
and a lack of good f~iflthroughout the
affair. A public inquiry would be of im-
i mense, value toall rather institutions in
alerting them to tni requirements mod-
ern society will i~nke of them. It would
S reassure Canadian society as a whole
by reducing the chances of a recurrence
of this sort of unhappy affair.
-. TIlE ?.)iIEIAL STAl.


S .. w. ..^ "? '' iMAY23*.g


urday, MIarch n 2 .L,96

LORIDS Ml :r Williams's strictures
STMNSTER a v e M minister of Trinidad and Tobago,
W ET R a ie who has just arrived in Britain to Ilndies--just ra' Carlyle, Froude
Baron Constantine s his latest book, Inward lad Trollpe. Thesc racialist ideas
ofMaraval,(Trinidad) and itsunger; the Education of a parmeated..British society through
Nelson (Lancs., England) Prime Minister, launched and to xord and Cambridge, and British
a great welcome as -- give the Nbe Buxton lecture at colonl .:dnistrators took f~em
n yda ,out with them-those that got fourth
traditionally caparisoned Esse University on Thur da. class degrees were packed off to -as
-- the first Negro Peer doesn't think much of British in the West Indies-while the Indian
Took his seat in the House policy in the area at the moment. empire got the firsts." Of present-
of Lords this week. "The British Government seems dav historians, the onq be most ad-
Another 'first' is the to be envisaging a relationship mires is Denis Brogan.
plication of Commons 'whioh must leave confusion in its Now he wants young West Indian's
mplication of Common- in Anguilla. It is quite to see the world whole--and h*
wealth dual nationality in clear to rie that they have to re- thinks that they can do this bpt by
the Lords. A few hours think the whole basis of the reading history ." It's the basi
previously, Lord Con- Associated State relationship." science, the key to'everythisg .
stantine had lambasted Uke all other West Indians. he is
the British for invading affronted by Pbwedl and the talk of
Angu:lla. repatriation of West Indians here: ,|
Minister of State "We. Tee. very sour and indignant
Lord Caradon, British over this. I look as an historian at B
Chief at the United the role the West Indies played in '
Nations, flew toAnguilla the develAptnnt of Britain. Sugar
on Friday. He was pre- financed Ietindustrial revolution ,.
ceded by Mr. Webster and how our own problems today
(who went to New York, are compounded by the British .
(who wed to Lord Cradon policies aftor the altition of slavery
thsked to Lord Caradon --irporting .cheapabout rom
there.then returned to -.everywhere ri ht..up to. 1.7 w7Yith no
his home base jubilantly). thought of the social ti pdtitical
It is up to Caradon to .problems they'rcate. We '
.work out a complex have had to tackle these jl-4bgs~~ i .u -.ur. ::, i
face-saving d e v i ce toW Alves and we have Ima dp success
assuage hurt pride and of general integration, and mix .4 D.r. Eric Willhmu.
restore stability and wanWiaml, whos 8-year responsible, as pro.
Dr. Wiiamsf, whose .l8-year.94 o fao
democracy, t daughter Erica is at school here, saiWy C llor of the UniveSity of the
Readers may ponder she ha -told him ,f unpleasap., e Indies, for seeing that al stu-
'(h. last words in the incidents which have happened toer dFits 'id a survey course in West
'TMf.S-article (:rlght and which cold b i t hidian history
l.n.',artcf? (r;ignt an -olouwed. He holds,that Britain-1.a i ..- '
n h. th.. Anp it" Mr. ii-..ays had an elenient of that sort .taoh courses mysAt to the
Burnliin: id ict that the 'o thing. But.4, 'I got excited at scboo loir Party ~is iaTslidad ...
SC a'r b' ,'. tjj ni number of times t~e door was on everything .J. ,.i, th~ Refor-
wealth headh serl in amy face in Oxford or malion. the Renais~ce. l think the
Sll h ead p 4hp nqe Lbndon when I was a student ihn greatestt educatioiiaf~. 'isar I ever
without Britain in Grena- I never would have survived. had in Ttinidad, ws.a:pliv debate
da, April, to discuss; "I have emphasized the anteced- with a priest on htihi Aristotle-my
,Anguilla, and takg tt.i 'ents of racialism in Britain in my .favourite political philosopher-
In nour view tA llTA look British Historians and'the West really mant. There was a great run
'69 is ,rit Just a trade : on Aristotle's works at the library
i ,o just a trade '".. for weeks afierwards,"
fair bi a ip'9liticai egnt: T1, l r ''iliaiPolitit s and cdi-
-" j 1 must go to ether in a demo-
Si,, ,,..'y, which must take its
Si ,E PL' f W 4 '.." o'- dcslons., particularly the
i onuC ones. "We are watlhing
-...SEC" RITY P" RLSI.- .Am.crcan economic penetration of
..sec.JRITY PeAeLS't .J': .. It-lb l.l riilian closely --- thcre is a
SPresent ' .l domination liCer, as ithcr.
Doaninica' To S o:u ~, I, i o from other intanf'.
SftS.''Caiypsonans mp'-,rr.n1l ,in our area. We mnst
,gkrc DancerIs Ir k decI' sion-making away frhm".'
l Dancers ,'lrrr.,ii''i' C-LIIntiL '-- we are
On Saturday Marce' 29th L. d,,' Ili.,l "' Trinidad, in such vital
at 8.30 p m. j iaw ., ." Ilgar and oil."
;Secure your future with dark suit) walking with Mr.
IV N FIT.ED SECURITY Alan Slmmfnce while on
LIFE INSURANCE CO. ,- a visit to Afrtia.

_ ~ _^r^^^

MAY 2 3,69_

I~C*e d

., WO 1 'Z ardea Marh 9,p6

A .AGU -L by Androcles

Were I a gartoDqis, I shud at'ae produce a caricatuye depicting:
a iaien (t.J,) parryig is its OutH. the b)nch of olive and winning its way
toward sithe Ar (gui4claY accoppanied sad iupptorted by other lesser birds
(Commaowealth C6rbtbea, states) holding in 4teir beaks, only slightly dis-1
uised( guns,roetas 'd 'Qther dealy.-.impl ment6 s of war.
The United, Kngdom has now carried itt f amous spirit oT compromi e to the
absurd length of brin$ng its paep propqsa .to Anguilla to the acoempanment
of the blare of martial music 4ad the g'Osee-tepping of highly armed troops,
these letter oeptadictory, p pIndges pres.uably to please th 'Brit sh Carib-
bean 3rije 'M itt trs' and 'Proeners whto, qd y te 'most bldt hitrsty of them
all, Fprbes Burhait, -have: fgrilly cried for the .ue .of: orce to present any
fArther "4,sintggfation"' of the area. -It ehquld be recalled that well over
a year ag, -ZurnhaA proposed the use of forge to attain this ob.ject*ve when
Guyana and two other of the o-ocalled,"Big-Fqur' 'arrogatirg .to thepselveq
the.',right to decide upon the affair.pof gthq British Caribbean ter itories,
decided too send troops to pueh Angu1a1 bac' into the tender ierciee of Brad.
shaw ,of 'tf" .Kittsl It was only the refusea Jaimaica to take part' 4n this
expedition 4hic' called it -off, Now, I understand,, the'Prime.Mijnist4r of
Trizi'ad and Tobago ha. change heart and ha' denrounded the use of force )by
Great Britain,' but I have reservations about his boma fides in thismmatter,
The first conclusion I draw from what has recently happened in Anguilla
is that the present Heads 6Pf Gopernmpets have developed among,.thepaselves g
kin4 of pathological 'scatc h-my, bag~ -satch-yours" philosophy tq the ex-
tent that they are found willing to support-each other no matter what the
morality of the situation 'may be; .Herein lies the explanation of the proposal
made by one of them some time ago, namely, itpat island Defence Forces should
be available for use i4 a y part of the area at the request of the Government
needing their services. It is likely, too, that CARIFTA is the price which the
smaller islands are willing to pay to th' larger and more industrialized ones
in order to ka sure of the support of Burnham., Williams:, Barrow, in their
efforts at political selfperpetuation.
The sickening aspect of the whole thing is that at the recent Heads of
Governmennts get-togo;ther at Port-of-Spain,' not one Government was found will-
ing. to teke a dissenting stand against the Vonference request to Great Britain
that force, if necessary, bb used against the Anguillans; It is noteworthy
that after the invasion of Anguil1a, Compton of St Lucia openly expressed'
approval'. He was, no dougt, sappkng also, on behalf of the others, Our own
Premier refused to comment, thus once again iAdioating.that .silece means'
cons.ente i
In the interest of the safety of West Indians, it more than ever
vrgept .that at,least so>ie of Jthe area Governments be changed at the earliest
possible opportunity in erder to begih to 'demolish this monolithh of personal
power-seeking which now dominates the Caribbean area..
To Prevent "further disintegration.' of the aremindeed? Has "i-'1tegrition"
te laost its original meaning that Guyana, many hundred of miles from. the
saenbe, can feel it hap the right to decide on the fate of the people of Anguilla
, jt because, and only because, both territories have:in the past had a common
ister? To disintegrate, there,must already have been'?integration. Thus apart
from the historical fact of our all having hadqa common master, there is no
Other factor which confers Upon Guyana, Trinidad or any of the others a greater
right to interfere in Anguila'P internal affairs than can be claimed by, say,
Bt, Martin or Haiti. This is indeed a morally flimsy ,basis of action.
The contrast in treatment for the same sin of U.D,I. between Anguilla and
Rhodesia is too obvious foi comment and any Caribbean child can see the
(Coptipued on p^ge Four)

Saturday, MarLch2, 1969 THI


a S3AR

NIGERIA: Mr. Harold Wilson arrived to
probo position of Civil War. Nigerians
a voviets 'qaLor tu deal with' ,since
nr2/can s under poppuar pressure,
BRITAIN: Conservativea; won three by-
oloctions in the heaviest Labour Party
dofoat-of its kind since, _104 ******
GUYANA: Members of Guyana's 53-soat
Assnebly volunteer one pint of blood
coach to offset frequent shortages at the
Central lood Banck, Goorgotoiii.Hospital.
ANGUILLA: paratroopers flew out as Royal
4nginoers flow in to assist islandwido
TRINIDAD: the 'Young Power' movement
here passed resolution calling on the
Governncnt to 'take the country out of
the British Connonwalth' & declare a
rep. .ublic.


To Roev Fr. 0 Golaude, CSs.R., the Pros-
bytery, Roseau:-.
Your letter must await publication be-
cause we are under acuto spaco-pressure
this week. However we understand that
the non-iublication of your earlier let-
ter to aotiherSo oing remodied this weok.
Kindly let us know whether you still de-
sire publication- Editor.

Arriving in Doninica by the Foderal
Palm on April 2 will be a group of stu-
dents fro ."ABINGDON"I the Seventh Day
Adventist Sbcondary School in Barbados.
The toaa,'hoaded by Mr.. Morlyn Kclsick
of Wosloy, will spend two weoks in Don-
inica visiting places of inter.ost.' and'
enjoying the good things of the State.

Carib Chief Jornandois Frencis was in- DOMINICA BA1AA GRDWERS ASSOCIATION
vested with the sash &"staff of office SALE OF TRUCK No. 3~_1
at Salybia Govt. School,, Sister Alic- renc to this Asso tion
at S L iii fror Catholic -With reference to this Associationts
ia do Tremerie. Gave books fro Catholic Press Notice o h & 15h Fbrry 9,
Relief Services N.Y. to the Police Train-Press Notice of Truck No. 1569, it
in. School & D/Ca Fire Service last wk. as boon e d to sellthis vehicle
* Mr. Stevens presented books from pup- t th finodprice of $2,000.00.
ils of Cumner Ave.School, Ontario and a he fi e of ti o000,0 0
U.S. school puglils who had visited the T f t offer of this ount r
Rosorve to Salybia Governomnt School. will be pA.D BOYD,
* At the Carib Investiture,H.E. the General Manager
Governor spoke of his father who attended17th March 1969
such an investiture tiany years ago. 620-2/2.
The Pronier, saying he would have a. -
"fran,'& open discussion with bhe people LONDOIT UINIVIRSITY G.C.E. RESULTJI
of the Carib Reserve", spoke (with patois How happy our friend oissio Caudeiron
interpolations)hotl1j of Reserve inprov- would have becn: her son Ed~ard C.
months, said advance was noar in the hands Caudeiron oaho out on top of th6 London
of the CaribCouncil, It was up to the Univ GCE entrants front Dominica, with.
Spoople of the reserve to bettor taeir level distinction in history; and two
condition aided by Government. "When other subjoots biology'r &Ffnch. He is
the Labour Government caxe in we decided still a student at SMA, but all candidate
that the Caribs were people..." hlx talkedwere private students. M. Ferreira of
of those who influenced 'a certain sec- Treasury got -through in a subjopt, and
tion with their lies' (brouhaha).'XDodin- two nobers of the Roya4. D/a-. Eolico Fore
ica,, c'est yon.petit place..." don't Earl V. Blacknan (0 level English) and
chase out Negroes. Univ. Declaration of J.E.LawrOrnc got through in their chosen
Human Rights asserted equal rights for subject.
wonon as for man. "11 Bekd rentro... Pefcontagos: low in English; out of
(toute une histoire). And of course he 84 oancidates, only 22.4%. History: 60%;
ended up speaking about; Roads,placing Physics: 71.4 % Religious knowledge:50/%
ruch emphasis on the road to CastleBruce 153 subject's'-wore taken, only 41 passes..
& ."Development of the Carib Reserve as "A" Level: Judith Garraway French;
a whole." ilrov Thonps. British Constitution.



IN 0 I Q .

M. J. WHITE, .
Genea-. .1uagor.,

Doninican-born Austin G. Alexander, 63,
well known in the Harlon N.Y. oonnunity,
died at St.Albans Naval Hospital recently
after a long illness. He becano a U.S.cit-
izen, enlisted in the US army in L942. Ho
oaincd savorsl sjaai.n npdals.2 fiorinnd-
t-OnsDs Naional Docrense .OrViCO



Hilrov Thons. British onstitution

Page four THE STAR: Satluray, March 2 969

ANDROCLES (Continued from Page' Two)
Apart from~ its 'compromise 'in displaying fore- in. Anguilla to satisfy West
Indian .Heads of Governments, Great Britain"-':ee~q -to have got corectly at the
heart.,of he .matter nd ..this should.give no jdy, t.'.Bradshaw's:.cronies. Despite
what .Burnham & C0' think, the 'British"Government, has made it abundantly' clear
that it is not. going to force the Anguillans back into association with what..
they consider the detested administration bas,6sdptSt.. Kitts. In-the essetial:'-
sense, therefore,. Anguilla has won her battl,,.ithough the clumsines, .with which
Britain has gone about' solving .the problem appears going to' cause a great
deal of complieat'on .. 'Several Afro-Asian states., ,the Soviet-Union (as ever) .
and perhaps--in due course: many' o.f the'non-aligned countries will hold up 'Great
Britain s recent action in Anguilla to world contempt and obloquy. The method
f. going aboutthe 4ffajr'on the part of Great Britain may. in time produce the
strange.spectacle of distant niatioas taking up the cudgel of Anguilla while.-.
her very close Associated States neighbours utter not'even, a'word'.of-protest~i.-':.
Itt 'Anguillans. know' that,, despite-the silence of our Government and despite .
Compton s "tbravo" to Great Britain 'spoken on-behalf of the present Governments
of the Associated States., the majority of the people.of Dominica are .with them
in thdir struggle.
-. One cannot help-that feeling' nd which has heen- -expressed -
Sby the leading English.dailies upon .contemplating the -Anguilla populace, wildly
waving the .Union Jack and enthusiastically singing "The Queen" upon the arrival
of Mr., Whitlock,' the junior Minister entrusted with making contact with the
Anguillans and their leaders, and being within a week surrounded. by warships
and troops-of Her.Majesty. Clearly, someone had blundered. .
The charge, first originating fromSt. Kitts, that Anguilla is currently
in the grip of Mafia-type gangsters,, does not materially affect the' picture.
'Apart from the fact that gangsters may also be found in some c'onstitutioially
proper places, no one will be inclined to believe that it required- paratroops,-
helicopters, marines and warships to deal with a few (at the most) dozen
gangsters, assuming the charge to be true.
The incident of the warm welcome .iven Mr. Whitlock upon landing in.Anguilla
&a8d -his, enforced- flight-from the island-a few hours later, remains perhaps the
greatest enigma'in the whole of the- recent happenings. It has been suggested
that the eminently reasonable nature of the solution Mr. Whitlock .brought to
the Anguillans notwithstanding., the fact that it was a solution -to- which the
Anguillans had not .been invited to contribute and which%:(,they believed) had
been discussed with the ,Bradshaw.Government based in St.. Kitts,. upset the
leaders of the. people. Even that, I admit, is not. a satisfactory explanation
.of the incident. .
What does the whole of this Anguilla' affair amount to in essence? It-is
once again a manifedtatibn of the. spirit of freedom'which, in all ages and
among most 'people, is an unquenchable; fire. While it 'is true that great crimes
are committi'd.-i.n the name of liberty, great deeds'and heroic sacrifices are
also willingly made. In Anguilla, 'I think, despite small errors (and I feel
that proclaiming itself a' republic, is -one), "we are witnessing a manifestation
of that eternal spirit of the chainlest mind. I say that in spite of mistakes
which 'the~'Anrgui~lan leaders in th-'eir quest for'liberty have made, this people
continues to co. mmnd'the admiration. of'free peoples everywhere who subscribe
to the view that 6nd one :is truly free who does' ot work for the freedom of,
-others. Meanwhile," little Ai1guilla .cdhtinues to be widely regarded as a home
of the brave ad'-the 'free. '1- 'salute 'these people.
Six Junior: desks and eleven. junior chairs together with thirty-thiee car-
.tons of :books and stationery were':sent to the 'Wes-ey High School by the
u:..unmmer Avenue School of Ontario, .Canada, under Project School to School;
nine cartons :of books. were sent to the Public Library.
The Minister. of, Education and Health thanked the Canadians, including Miss
Erma Yenei (who. visited: Dominica. and the Wesley High School with a group
of Canadian' students iast JTuly) 'for this generous; gif .

ON THE LIGHTER SIDE OF THINGS ... the return journey. The St.
by Ronmmel Alphonsus touring party spoke highly
of the Vieille Case people and many
At approximatelyten minutes past expressed the hope of returning to
the seventh hour of last Sunday the village in the near future.
morning truck the turf Truly, I love Vieille Case.
of the Pottersville church grounds
as it began a. fifty-plus, miles trip AT T EN T I 0 N '
en route to the village of Vieille VEGETABLE GROWERS,
Case. Many of its occupants their DEMONSTRATIONS by
faces still creased from sleep University Staff (UWI) in cultiva-
joined with the rest joyfully as tion aspects of Vegetable produc-
they spoke in anticipation of a good tion and harvesting.
days tourion and harvesting
And so the lorry rolled past the Cultural practices, Nematode con-
windings of Roger, Red Gully, and trol, Weed control, Disease control,
soon- 'e Pond Case roundabout came Insect control, Land preparation,
into view. The truck moved.on with Water control and Work Simplifica-
its load of cricketers and other tion in the production of Red Kidney
interested persons from the St. Beans, Tomato, Cabbage, Carrot, 0kra,
Alphonsus Youth Group. And, mixed Cucumber, Pumpkin.
with the radiance of the new day's The Agricultural Division will be
sunlight, the invigorating mountain conducting-this Seminar at the
breezes, plus the fragrance of sweet- Dominica Grammar School, 8th to 11th
scented pollen, a number of the April, 1969, commencing at 8.00 a.m.
vehicle's occupants joined in the on each day.
friendly gesture of singing All growers, particularly vegetable
harmonious tuneful. As the half- producers, are welcome.
hours grew old so too di d the number For further details contact Head
of miles from the destined stopping Office, Botanic Gardens or District
point lessen ... till at last the, Agricultural Instructors.
truck came to a stop in Vieille Case 642-:/2
Not too long after, our hosts D OMINICA BAlANA GROWERS'ASSOCIATION
the Drama and Cult'ural Club warmly NOTICE TO BANANA GROWERS
welcomed us with handshakes and a
promised tea. Once that was done, BANANA PRICES
the next thing to be had was cricket- Growers are notified that conse-
cricket with an elevated touch of quent upon the increase of the pre-
friendliness very rarely to be met sent Green Boat Price of 65.10.0. by
with in bat and ball encounters. The one unit of 5.10.0. to 69.0.0.
Vieille Case lads batted first and effective 24th March, 1969, and the
amassed a total of 182 for 9 after payment of the additional Summer
they had cracked our bad balls for Price of *L per lb. effective lst
fours and sixes .,. April, 1969, the prices payable for
Previous to the fall of the eighth bananas from the latter date will be
and ninth Vieille Case wickets, an as follows:-
admixture of concoctions plus some At Reception Stations 4.885l per ~Lb.
good-looking ground provisions were At Southern & Eastern
had at the lunch period. Buying Points 4.170 "
St. Alphonsus took to the stumps At Northern Buying
after the Drama Club skipper, Franccin Points 4.05 "
Seaman, declared his side s irnnngs. Growers who qualify for Incentive
We scored 105 for 3 before the match Bonus will receive an additional .250
was called off prematurely without per lb.
I, on behalf of the St. Alphonsus A.D. BOYD
Youth Group, addressed the Vieille General Manager
Case: team. Mr. Alpha Johnson replied
on behalf of the Drama Club. 4th March, 1969
... Well, as the saying goes, 658-1/i
"Good things don't last long" and Fute o
forty minutes later E.656 had begun I fneatro cxiicle "Tho FPuture ofvWo.ti
Indiae Crickat" by nMr Pat Soeovons 'wil'
appear in noxt Weook's STAR.

SaturBav, MRTCh 2F3. 1(3fig


Page Five

'IP .

* .L 4 A .'...-i". .- f \"*

',' _' ,s


P 0

in trc;daj, ,-- ...t...
UnI N'1 ov,4Uy had v 1( cu
io eu-or Siirf-st--twi ,i' '
h-biedi to -af'kh other at it~h petx-vi: .

idnri-w n e"i f \, ty ,,
" .6rtihtoh kh~1~4 6< 'ad '' (; .VU ti Ur me 1
< A4'AA4AA>'hat this rafe *tr.'its t. Ai C ha' -- A.

ra&esau Aerieatn t, *''* ::nrt'i., a,t ,A; Mr

4 "; iM .lip


AA< p L4". 4A4 J<* im M'P"(tt C. 'i P
'D;4;..S' 'W>. 3'IAt.L \'.4t:. ME "

-. A. ..: 5iA ':

'. ;: 'i1; ;.: l )o le. .'ady
lk A 'ht "iiuntanct-

.. .a 4 i .-! .... :-' n

('a ; i 1 ;5. t 1 i0,)
1t e of t 'j nitiit Ni 4 A p ij.'
iPT-o Cop. iu f
ind i '' ) j'A 'oicutwo.'ni;;.
'ht. A(ii, i' ex:p:l;i5>,,;d : ;' p era-t
.in!,! b,;tl A rol'V *') c *ntn ',y ,A)4fii A 'y
"of n -', r : i, w<; i.; :: 1 l. !in ..n
.', '.. 10 a ,i:;.,' r : ') u, .,. ; ia':i ;
''v't,-y do n0t- ;O''ri liy an.I R ts,

........ em, h.,ve had.tiu.i u .T '.-n li." ,,!:-e

-"" t



_r.5,t '.;-, lMarch 29, 1969


Pa&t 3Sere

Schedule of Applieation for C( rtil;iate of Iitle and Notines ther6-
on ard (avects for week e1n' "' 2-9th day of March, t969.
Dai ReqJuested Person Pres't-inig INature of request whether
a Certificate of Title of
Noting thereon or 'avvat
Request Dated the: Isaac Francis as Request for the istse
22nd day of March, Personal Representa- of a First Certificate
1969, live of John Francis of Title in respect of
Presented dhe 24th deceased a portion of land at,
daty of March, 1969, by his Solicitor Zocolia, Cockrane, in
at 12.15 p.m. Cilma A.M. Dupigpy the Parish of St. Paul,,
in the Ass6ciated State
of Dominica, contain-
ing 19.575 acres and
bounded as follQows-
On the North-East by lands of Donzel Francis and Hyram.
William. On the East by land of IsaacTFrancls. On the South
and South-West by land of Alvin Bruney. On the North-West
by lands of Donzel Francis and Leoma 'Bannis.

Registrar's Cfic

M. Riprby.lanies S j
Rcgiii~ir of title.

Wei" Quahtife Shipping Clerk; salary in accordane .with
knowledge and experience. Apply In writing with copies
of reference to Geest indutries (W. I.) Ltd., Roseau,

APPLICATIONS ARE INVITED for the post of Assistant
SReception Supervisor Portsmouth. Salary in accordance with
qualifications and experience. Apply lin writing with copies
of references to Geest industries (W. .) Ltd., Roseau.

Were now in a position to print:
Wedding and Invitation -Cards

Bil! Heads
U3bitnes tationer?

NOTE : Any person who desires to object to the Issuing of a
Certificate of title on the above application may enter a Caveat
in the above office within six weeks from the date of thd First
appearance of this schedule in the STAR Newspaper publlshied
in this State or from the date when the notice prescribed by
law was last served on any owner or occupier of adjoining
land in respect of which the application is made.

Bedford Truck No.1864 1-ton
working condition.
Any reasonable offer accepted
Apply to:-- A. WALDRON,
Portsmouth. I- If


For, Quirdfty




A3~t: I~K ~Wo~

"ter teads


The Dominica Grammar School
Will take place on
commencing at 10 p.m. on The School Grounds
Parents, Guardians, Old Boys and friends of the
School are Invited to wytch.



IGivesYLL MoPra

W ren Ynu. f3PLT


TC6" CM(EMe is .r iST
trio 1T5 I e-

~A~eoc9 Poseaa
$52.- 'I'


., brx


dmom AOW&& N AV* ff"

THE STAR Sturday. March 29. 1969
Short Story 4 BLOOD IS XPENISIVE (Duel at a Water-Pipe)
By Collins F. O'Neill
I hitched up my skirt and started fetching water early so that. by 9
- clockk I would be ahead of the crowd. Bgt by 9 o 'clock my water drum
at'home was just about half full and the crowd at the pipe was like. a
.1sma1tiof bees. People who for years had never frequented our pipe were,
on that Sunday morning, like they were off their chump as if the pipe
had been theirs. You see, one of the pipes in the vicinity was running
slow and another had completely stopped running, so they crowded to my
usual pipe. I did not mind the overcrowding anyway, because of my
patience. Yet I remembered my father's last words before he died five
years ago, "Be brave girlie Seek your full rights."
As most of us know and as is the custom everywhere, water carrying
almost everywhere is done: by turns first come first served. But Lucy
had planned to do it her own way. After she had carried away several
buckets for the morning she decided that she would push away anything
she met below the pipe. I didn't mind the treacherous way she said that
but was determined to cease the water business. I sat on the front step
for a while then I remembered my father's last words as I pondered over
Luay's threats. But I had to return to the pipe since the water I
collected was not yet sufficient to complete the day's chores at home.
I discarded the pair of heavy shoes I was wearing; this enabled me
to move along faster with my water ;and decided on wearing something just
in case of any emergency. And I had a hunch therer'was going, to be an
emergency somehow, some time that morning. Lucy was about 17 and I was
a couple of months younger.
I returned to the pipe with my bucket and felt good to see that the
big crowd was there and no Lucy. Almost everybody was saying "Lucy's
afraid she ain't coming back."
But strangely, as it was about my turn'to get to the pipe, Lucy came
running with her bucket in her hand1 She walked slowly to the pipe and
stood there watching another person s bucket fill up. My turn came next
and I anticipated that because of my gentility and patience she would
take advantage of me. It did happen. She pushed away my bucket. Then
I snapped.
"That isn't a safe thing to dot Lucy," She didn't reply so I
continued, cautiously, "Why don't you grow up for a change rather than
look for trouble."

Soon she squeaked in protest, "I'm spre you heard what I said just
now,"(reminding me of her threats).

"You're looking for trouble, Lucy. I don't want to get into trouble
Uith you. You may take my turn this time, Lucy; but just be careful
next time I warned her.
Lucy smiled, put both her hands akimbo, said, "Just understand this: as
long as I continue to fetch water in this pipe this morning I don't
intend to stand here to wait on nobody."
There were many things in life that I said before and never was
serious, but it seemed that things had changed, maybe due now'to my age.
When Lucy walked into her yard with her stolen bucket of water she
stumbled and the bucket fell off her head, splashing water all over her
dress. I would have liked to hold up on the water business but could
not, in as much as it was announced earlier that water would be. locking
off at 10 a.m. and because of the crowd and the distance I had'.to go I
could not yet stop since my 45-gallon ,drum was just about half full.
Anyway in order to hasten the trips my mother accompanied me this time
with a long 5-gallon tin.

Saturday, March 29, 1969,.1 ,_THE__sT. ...- _. ... _.... _P_S
Our home was a bit close., to the pipe than Lucyta so we returned to the
pipe before her,. A couple of carriers were already the-.,but as good
maritans we waited for our turn. .It did come, and not only tht -
Lucy came too-" She had her bucket in one hand .and something about six
inches long wrapped up neatly in a bit of paper.

My mother had her five-gallon container below the pipe filling Wien
Lucy strode across to her, 'Ma Fuentas," she said-She was only a foot
away from her, ?"You join with your daughter to war against re." Lucy
spoke sternly; aad looked real mean. I walkedaup beside my mother.
"My mother and .you had nothing," I warned, "Lay "off her." Then I
told mother feverishly, "Go get your tin filled-up, mamma, let us leave
this pipe."

Mother turned off and Lucy:and I stood there face to face the
anxious crowd shouting, "Hee-gas!' ee-gas."
One thing I .knew for sure was that my mother was well known for her
quick-tempered disposition and that was what made me afraid. I was
right for suddenly my mother walked up slowly behind her with her tin
of water on her head and poured it all over Lucy's head. As Lucy wibed :
her face and eyes I pulled away the wrapped item from her hand a;d threw.
it to my mother,, who quickly opened it. It was, a pair of scissors.
Lucyj ignoring the loss of her scissors fpr the moment, hurried to the
pipe and without ... word took up the can of water and threw it back onar~r
mother and that was how the real duel began. -

"Not my mother," I saic.angrily, "nobody's going to put her stinking
hands on my mother. and get off." I swiftly threw my bucket towards her
face but she fended it off withher hands and almost at the same time I
sprang at her, It was a long nasty fight. My mother. who had stood
there motionless, braced herself up when she, sas. Lucy's brother -Clyde,
(about 24) and another sister, Jean (about 21) hastening towards the
pipe. Clyde had in his hand a sharp cutlass and Jean m hunk of wood.,
When they .were still some.way of: my mother skilfully dropped Lucy to the
ground with a blow from behind and threw herself upon her with the
scissors upraised in her right hand..Then she warned the other water
"Get word to those two fools approaching there. Tell. them the sight
of weapons get me crazy," she said, "Tell. them to drop theIir weapons,
quickly, lest their sister take the.'fatal blow"

,Lucy- twisted and turned trying to get out of the clinch, but -m :
mother- maintained'-her -brutish hook. with the weapon'raised. The enemy ..
party drew still .nearer. And mother shouted.again, ."Get..your ,-we,apo.nsou.t .%:
your hands."' She added "that's my last ,warning. Throw away .yQur .weaponCs..
you fools, and come... We can discuss"thinags peacefully.. There s enough
bloodshed here already."
The couple now advanced slowly, yelled "Drop your, scissors and we'"l
drop our weapons., -

"I have. no choice," mother shouted, "I'm old enough to die now, andc
I'm sure your sister would be going .with me;, if you don't do as I say. I
warn, I'm not bluffing."

The couple was now very close moving in slowly with their weapons. I
could not dissuade my mother, for since my life. too now depended on her,
to run was out of the quest ion.
(Excitirng cQpcluqion of this tobry nex. weGe)

Baturday Merch 29. 1969


NOTICE that the Magistrate District
"G" in accordance with section 6,of
the LiqUor Licences Ordinance will
hold a special Court for the purpose
of receiving and considering
applications for certificates for
licences and renewal of licences to
sell liquor within his district, on
Wednesday the- 2nd day of April,
1969, at the times and places
hereinunder mentioned, that is to
1. The Magistrate's Court, Ports-
mouth at 9 a.m.
2. The Magistrate's Court, Marigot
at 2.15 p.m.
G.A.L. James,
Maiistrnte District "G".

20th March, 1969
G.44-627-1 l'

At Mondayts nocting, the fallowing were
clocted as officore of DSA$ IIr.Achillo



Monday 31st March 1969 from
9.00 a.m. to 1.00 pim. and
2.00 p.m. to 4., pm*
Tuesday 1st April 1969 from
9.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. and
2.00 p.m. to 4. p.m.
No. : H19/15/64
: 18th March 1969.

Banana growers and Truckers are
notified that as from 1st May, 1969,
the payment of the 4f Incentive Bonus
will only be made to growers whose
bananas are convoyed in trucks padded
with foam materials on the two sides
of the box of the trucks.
It must be clearly understood that
the other conditions governing the
payment of the 4 incentive bonus
mut also be strictly adhered to.

inardx, Pros.; Mr. Charlie WinstonVice- G
Pros,3 1-r. Ted Honychurclh, Soc.; and Mr. 'M
Anthony Agar, Troas. Mr. Michaol Wlhite lc
gave an bcsorbing address on the narkcti 629-
of cocoastroscing need for a local Cocoa Association.

), 1969

Tenders are invited for the
supply of one Truck as follows:-
Truck with Cab, 7 tons Capacity,
Long Chassis. Heavy Duty Springs,
Front and Rear. Heavy Duty Shock
Absprbers, Front and Rear. Heavy
Duty Clutch, Heavy Duty Diesel
Engine and extra cooling system.
Tenders which should be in sealed.
envelopes and marked "Tenders for
Supply of Truck" should be addressed
to "
The General Manager,
Dominica Banana Growers'Associat icn
and should reach the office of the.
Association not later than 12 noon
on 8th April, 1969.
Pa.L.'h Mni-rn.h tQACQ

w- ~ r. *'--*-- v\


SP =e TPn

For the purpose of renewing li-
cenges of firearms in the-State and
collecting fees, Sergeant ROBERTS R.
of the Royal Dominica Police Force
will attend at the undermentioned
Police St'ations on the dates Stated,
4All holders of firearms in these
areis who have not paid their respec-
tive licences at Police Headquarters,
should take cognisance of this
Monday 24th and Tuesday 25th
"March 1969 from 9,00 a.m. to
1.00 p.m. and 2.00 p.m6 to
4.00 p.m. each day.
Wednesday 26th and Thursday
27th March 1969 from 9400 a.m.
to 1,00 p.m. and 2.00 p.m. to
4.00 p.m. each day.
Friday 28th March 1969 from
9.00 a.m. to 1.00 pam. andi
2.00 p.m. to 4. p.mi

So-turday, rch 29, 199 TR- S-A1


- "r ,.

?tion for- Certifcate of Title and Notings.

r week. ending, 22na day of nMarcn, 16Y.

Date Requested person Presentipg Nature of request wheth-
er a Certificate of Title of
Nitini thereon or Caveat.

Request Dated the Remeise AIcxknder--
4,bth day of Ma~rch, nrc Wenry
Preieed tie 11th by her Solictor
diiY of March. 1969
*x 10.40 a ni. Cilma A.M. Dipigny

Requeyit for Itt i sua
9f a First Ceiificatm
of Title, in respect of
a portion of land at
Castli Bruce, In ti1W
Parish of St. David,
in the AssEciatC4
State of Dominica-
contaiping 4,7l8B sq.
fact and bounded as.

On the North by a Pubilc Road; On the South by a Public
Road and land of Noble Maxuel; On the East by 4 Public
Roaid; Orn-'he Wei by .lan of Noble Maxuel.
Registrar's Offie, Mona Rlgsby James ,
Roseau. Dominica, 1966. Registrar of Titles,

NOTE: Any person who desires to object to the issuing of
Certlficfat of titic on the above application may enter a Caveat
In the above oftice wiihmi six weeks from the date of the rist
appearance of this schedule in the STAR Newspaper published'
in this Stare or from tte date when the notice prescribed by..
law was last served on any ownr or occulper of adjoining
land in respect of which the application is made.

WANT--AD. ____

For ptmt of:
1, Asisui Matnager Toadiee
2. Housekeeper.
o All apicatkos In writlyi; to:
Mme Secretaty, Fort Vowlg Hotel,
0. Box 1.52, R.sreiu, Doinolua.

APPLI' TO. P. 1 BOX 1jai.


CON.OtTlON RING 2;279,

.W -7


For that special gift see, Mr., Anjo of Vlellii Case for
sea shell Jewelry. in colours to match- ny outfit.











*c o n Ug

Mu VMS,,


Schcd!le iJ Applir-
thwrieon and Caveats f


1. I


Saturday, MSrroh 2 9, 1989

THE smjT


f t



Saturda.,.Marpch 29. 1969

Gates open 1. p.m.
Dominica Hospitals Appeal F=nd Ctte&e
All proceeds to benefit
our hospitals and clinical.
645 1/1

Tenders are invited for the use of:
four Trucks for the transportation
of fertilizer from the Wharf to our
Storerooms at Roseau and Goodwill
upon arrival of Consignments*
Trucks should not be less than 3
tons capacity and must be equipped
with a large Tarpaulin. No foot
boys are required.
Tenders should -state the number of
Trucks, Registration No. and capa
city, and should be in sealed enve.
lopes and marked "Tenders for
Transportation of Fertilizer" and
should be addressed to:
The General Manager,
Dominica Banana Growers Association,
All Tenders should reach the
office of the Ass;ociation not later
than 12 Noon on Saturday 12th April,

19th Mlarch. 1_969






Are you troubled by mosquitoes?


in your flit gun.

Available at ESSO Filling
(Be sure you ask- for the LiQTJID)

na,-_ TwP 1-,rP.


Supervisory Staff-Treinces

Applications are re-invite.d from
suitably qualified persons jor two
posts for trainees in the generation
and' distribution department of the
Dominica Electricity Services.
The training period is expected to
be at least two years, and 'hen
successfully completed the. appointees
will be offered supervisory positions.
Applicants should have 'C' levels
in Maths and English,


6.3L- j'$,7

The general public is hereby re-
minded that licences for Produce
Dealers,-Produce Sellers and Produce
Ped.lars are renewable for the year
1st.April,. 1969, to 31st March, 1970,
at the main office of the Ministry
of Trade and Industry, Ministerial
Buildings; and will be issued as
fr.or 1st April, 1969.
In order to facilitate the issue
at licences to persons in remote
areas, an officer of the Ministry
will be paying visits to the follow-
ing places on the dates and times
Wednesday 2nd April-10.OOam to CL.30an
Portsmouth and surrounding areas;.
it30pm to 3.00pm
Calibishie area;
Thursday 3rd April-9.30am to 11.30pm
Marigot area;
1.00 pm to 3.00pm
Wesley area;
Tuesday 8th April 9.30am to 11.30am
La Plaine area;
2.00pm to 3,00pm
Castle Bruce area.
The licences Will be issued at the.
respective Police Stations,
Applicants for Produce Sellers
Licenses should as usual submit in
advance their applications to the
Agricultdral Officer in charge of
their districts, for verification.
Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Trade and Industry
Date: 25th March, 1969
Ref: T.L/34, G.49-643-1/1


19th Marc 1969


# I

Pn~P ~mn~~VFI


Saturday, March.. 29., 1969 .. THE STA Page Thirteen

Very Sjlprt, Stoy: "Ma Vi, come open it for me." Tino
TINO AND THIE DRY .pCIANP 'I ,.out the drawer saying, "look
By C.H. :An:j--. -, *ma- -4h-i hee. they arel" But they
searched in vain, for no candles could
Theil: int .Zn".the; v,.il-ag-e of. -)b. .e e .I1 o, "dest
VieilYe'(ase,- a.four yesdr:old boy bsa'M e e ait? I1 tird'tout -1:. .s
called: Tind i real Ze ia .. ti t t l;" Tino kep repeting.:
Martin Royer;'but he is so loving, At lat:Ma'Vi:found a sfall box'of
full of fun and humour., tbat his
unt cls him Tinoos, a h candles on one of the shelves and gave
aunt calls him Tino-Rossi, after the oe to Tino, '"tL .lig .th andle
rench .siher M actor. n Tin...intn #before .thelamp goe oit, said Tino.
Like many of our country children,,,en the lap is dry we. shall light
Tino is dreadfully afraid .iof dwk-' the'caidle."
nes.,, being accustomed ,t. aamll "So M Vi. ,ont you. see. the .lght is
oil lamp which burns iht aftergetting do little by little The
the big lamp has been put out, .,e bo e? .
On the night of March the 8t 1,969,.oY1 ou he...-...... -.
at 7 p m, everyone hhad. gone -to tho rep.
S? p. ev.eryone :gonto th en h; others returnb-d from church,
1st Friday of the month service t h. ~ i.W aSt aslee:-ncraodle in hics
V, Tinq was, fast asleep cradled in hia
the R.C. Church, except Ma Vi, (his h,.., sthe-till bur
mother Viola) who hr a prined s Paieing. th e small candle inlit on
ankle, so Tino stayed home to keep, table,
her company.*
She .rot'iced the lamp -was get-ting Junior Verse: THE GOVERNOR!'S. PIES
dim and exclaimed "ah, ahl It seems ,by pEsie John-Pierre
the lamp is dry;" then she went to The Governor's servant made,some pies,
the demijohn in which the kerosene vn s serv me ie
is kept'but found 'that was .dry too.: ,Socrspand with meet nside,
"Ma Vi"' said Tino, "the'lmnp will Tey tasted 4uite delicious gly, e
put; let us call aunt Catherine and And made the children laugh in glee.
ask her for kerosene." "No, answered .. : .. a ....
the mother, your aunt is going to aautlrter-mile ay,
church." At that mment~ unty ..Opned.Upon hill ,gite old and grey,
her gate lov*eljy s@cool '-is -situate,
her gate, W # '
"But Ma Vi, aunt Cathe'ine .W~lth b1ta of flowers ft the Sate.
dressed for cchurch she- wears an old .,, ., ,. s,- "
gree._-skirt-.and 'a.loue.~ It.,ott small school (which I attend),
knowI' So. Tino let out .a .yell, "aunt A.. t"rof-hunry -hilomens,
Cath-er--ine!, we want kdrosend to Wh never thinks b'out their arts,
plt in the Jamnp," but"aunty Catherrt-n sit. f. ltrealn of pies andiarts.
not realizing what was happening -:"-.'. .. .....
heard the, word 'kero' but only e Iwye o clock~ bahg'goe the bell,
answered "hello my dodo;" and went Hurray. It's overt we can' tll-
her way Would be the shouts of all the kids,.
"Hush,'! said hio mother'peQple. L7As they go running do the.-h'ils.
hear you" "Maa Vi,'tie a- mpll outn at th;p a and ancient gate'
continued Tino; let ua''go.'at aunty A, atn the o1 and averiet gate,
open the gate; unlock the docr-and A.o.1 a the'. ove.r.or sedate
take kerod-ene to .put in the .lamp. Would be a rushing, rough"and tough,
"No, Tino your aunt is not there st; 'i3e pil ngsfih~ting i.n trough.
we can't do that',."But we * .... AGA-G DEC
tomorrow-and give 'it -back to ,auntt AMAIGAGQ. DECIMAL:
I tell you the lamp.will out"' The firs' of Jamaica's decimal
continued Tino. ,coins the 10-cent .ieee.-will go
"But. Ma,Vi, ma Yel (his drandr.bther' into' :c irculat ion n March gA. their
has :candles in her bureauu." '"ruly? Finance Minister announced. Three
I don't know that! 'Can you gi3t."me other 'coins, the five-cent, the 20-
one?" the. mother replied wanting to cent a~d tee- 25-c~nt 'will be
test his intelligence.- released within the next three
Tino ran to the bureau but could not months.
open the door.

-iPHEaiST ARrtn THE+13 ATA R -9



The Windward Islands Banana Growers' Assooiatio invites sealed
tenders to supply 1,2 dibromo-3-chloropropane (IDO)' nematicide to the
four islands of Dominica';St. Lucia, St. Vincent and Grenada for the
year let May to 30th April,.1970.

2. Method-of Tehdering,
(i) The price quoted must be on a Free From A4ongside (F.P.A.)
0.I.P, basis per imperial gallon
(ii) Prices must be quoted in Eastern Caribbean Currency.
(iii) QuOtationa for different sizes of containers should be made.

3. Quantities required in Imperial Gallons



to 3,000 imperial gallons
to 3,000 "
to10,000 "
t 1.500 "
17,500 "

There is the possibility of the maximum requirement exceeding
17,500 gallons.
4. Specifioationes
Full details of the chemical and physical properties.including
the conccntractn of the nematicide must be provided.

p. Deliveries in Imperia, Gallons '-

.99 600- 86 50- 800 2,000- 2,500 250- 400 ,350- 4,500'
969 600- 700 500- 700 2,000- 26500 250- 400 .3,350- 4,300
969 600- 160 500- 700 2,000- 2,500 250- 400 3,550- 4,500
970 .700- 890 500- 800 2.000- 2,500 250- 300 5,450- .4400
2,500-53000 2,000-3,000 8,000-10,000 1,000-1,500 13,500-17,500
The above delivery Table is a guide .to the quantities that will
be required and the time of delivery over the period May 1969 to
April 1970.

6. Terms
(1) Quotations are requested for both Cash and Credit terms.
(2) Each island Association hall be responsible for the payment of
.the quantity of nematicide received by that island.
(3) A firm contract will be negotiated for the total of 13,500 to
17,500 imperial gallons.
(4.) P:2yment to the successful supplier of the nematicide will be
made on quanttities shipped to the islands at the time of delivery.
7. 0Closin Date
Tenders shall be received up to 3.00 p.m. on the 10th of April,
1969, and should beclearly marked WIFBAN Rematigide Tender 1969/70
and addressed to the Manager of Barclays Bank D.C.O., Castries, St.
Lucia, V.I.
641-1/2 General Manager, WINBAN


Feb 1
Peb 1

;I .' ~~

P"aa pourtaen


~~-El~ndnv, FL~'n~oh3Q_ 10C;CI


The .GrandP It o., the world!' GeorgLeLammng gar UM. kit&
I I -, pa ingr of tarbq~aps 'wiere.,`znong aiatb-
moat _6X3 ~it!L ap @I gltilling 6 teople
ciazse., ,'bWit h _&V? 000- 0 ritze Money, PL orr pren6 mt a reception i-* Londoift
s~ ~:is ~-eig# x.un .at Intr.I_ I last night given by the publiehers
StUr ,iay c some 55sT ttt Ue nis e Dlut Ich i .- onour of Trinid,14 S
- i~he -tj.onia12~, asa YtV tS n~rmii y Primg: M-inist~er` O ricilB ieanz,
ozlaeda.1 s 'ni6 1oxger t;e sever e"j to Iai t Pui~lioitior3 of hts
of bobth orse" and. z~dei that ~.t. was' late-t boolt.. tdeh-tha tungei t'e
~efore the ferices were 'riodi5X: i'4 : ,of UaeZiin~e lniztier" ja the
P9510 Aut, in fact, t t46 ` th6e Prfme t iMixtex
only involved'widining the base o :oX Yl f If f ,
the pla.aii fences to. present, te tt' r L D3fime inte.
.-_1 tb e, -fo:rth of l iei-a booksP to bec~-
14orses t~ki~ng off too oqose t*o the 1 0f book$ tQ ae
Jvzva. The first: atinal' to bJ4ih2d b AXidr& )ethwho ere
place a htutdred, and.' t:ve ty0e340 t b* 111i t boots,
go I igE capen to .both.. .,w4teuiw history- cf teae-, eribbe! from
ag o* .,on_ ;p'kg 6r~rs. la:Co~lumtbusis; tq ,Qibtr q~. "ThcZss' Iam
run. over four. and,4L Ja.M i -at tenrt toeete aeitozy o thi
@usf, e.%. eutige ar .. I ^ ':1t`.* brj:Pgab~jF~g in 'Spanish--
'here are sixteen. h entiete a.aeatni xx
them the rap -in -any -Renc .Ttc ,I an Brit; a terri.
.-formdbe jtrji e~da h u6~'I r
steeplechase$ .and: the horse s have tO1'e $ ahd 5o2 th5 D
to jumnp fourteen of: : t'; Wliliwrm told. Mi qorreqponii3t.,
Ihoidentally thim win Be the irsti 12Oi the ntapt~ tb rC~t0f
;reOr thpt teleVXon viewers. in B4* were thO iigh Gn'Qi ssiOne fbr
tam 'will be ablO to w;.tch .Jj5 d 5 liL'8. Ro~e Lord $on ,
famous raco- in*olour- BBC World F=nd~o- AQsa# Wihilfred. Attwel. -and
Service listeners tcae hesi' eq repres~rttaive-s os tb.+ prias .a
conibmentoLry5 on the race.- -ing Radio.
Saturday 3eqial..- on aaturdxg at
1400 W Zaited IHigh)4ghts-mi wasm wel@ooe*
3a~t~urd~e~ )&arch 29: atE 31Th-.2i2J30 GEe Bo, Ar e wbini to oontribuite-
Saure.t; #arc .t 29 at -1; 0'M* a


For the first time ever, Dominioa
will be ho3t to a very important
event, Officer of the. Boys Brigade'
throughout the Eastern Catibbean
wil; gather' An Rosei at DG.S& over
the Easter, holiday-f trom. pr. 3)
to atteRd a Trainiin_ Schoqole
Similar Schools have been ha& 'if .
BarbdoS0, Antigua, t. itta, ..
J'T.ipidfad, G..enada ead St. VJicqn$
o3f pro now.
l'Attend4ng will be officers of the
Brigade froia Guyana, Trinid&d,
Antigua St. ittz, Montserrat,.
Nevis, Tortola, St. Lucl Barttdloo,
Grenada and St. Eustatius. The
school will be conducted 'by Mr. Carl
Jackson T,1?infig and OrganisjiLg
Secretary oP the lBya, Brigade ir the
Eastern Ca~ilbbehn. He will be
assisted by other personnel of the
IMeanwhile the rigade- UDi thica.
are going ahied with plate for the.
school.. We -Ltrust that .the public b,
will suppbr fuas in,;iwhtever way-i,,i s_' glyver.t :visitors~,
<-;; '* *. *. '*'"

-50wams Tm runnoxinagt te Te a noo in
0_1 w~ay may corstadt~ tEw Rev.' GgD '
Gopdon" E~r oaeatr, or jor. L Carstor,,

z~ WZ3iLIAmi4g A4TsN
R?rpb U~iniatox Dro Brier 1xi.11imm~
MIXIW. dOl Vur &Iring Maer W d anud e .hi
year threo leeaturea on the liiststy of~
aeCaribbean#- 149$2-19688 gi the
.Uiatid Public Library adult
edu~cationprogremne 1969,

'Eie 5in.da =d Tobeago Bar
A-5or~iiatioo ies attwiptn~p;~z to, have
observeva at the trial of West ]bhdimn
fituient$s involved; in t1e _rae~eet:,qidt,.-.
at. Sar qeorger Williams tfrInvejr-sit

4 AjI~ugppf TO1JXf2Ler aV IvI~T BRIt~~SDN :
The nuraber..of tourists Visiting
Britaiivlast year..- over four
mMillioi 4 WMas thO highest ever,* The -
greteat enut bnme ara'frum Cornmwonvealth
:eOtltltri8S,,'1tu t the proportion from.
Vtbher countries has I ncreesed 11.4%.


Page Sixteen


Saturday, March 29q 1969

*.. *-S T A R S P 0 R *
Cr&ckot. Celtic United gained their .
1st win of the season when they beat
Soomrset by an innings & 28 runs. *
Jarvis began the onslaught on Somerset
when in 11 overs he dcptured.3 wktS,
for 4 runs; and Somarset wore all out
for 59 A.Griffith 2 for 11 & M.Law-
ronce 2 for 20. When Coltics batted,
they made minceneat of a docile Somer-
set attack on a lively wicket,H.Fergius
sla.nning a brilliant 53-run knock, HK
Marie 50 and H.Jno.Baptiste 33:205/9-.
*Batting a 2nd time,Sonerset never
looked like saving their face as Aug-
ustus Griffith broke their backbone
with 5 for 41, and they were all out
for 118,E.Jarvis was'also anong the
wickets with 3 for 43.* Only W.Shill-
ingford (41).and R.Cuffy (24) offered-
token resistance for Somerset. SCORES:
S.onorset 59 & 118. Coltics 205/9.
-' since
Grayson in First Lopiuq Mtc/Selection
Grayson Shillingford1 Spartans and
W.I. fast bowler, will be making his
sirat appearance since selection"for
tho. West Indies ToaN two weeks ago -
playing for Spartans against Black-
burhs in a 1st Div* fi.t ure-at the
Botanic Gardens their weekend: a natch
of great interest As both, -teams are
well balanced. Spartand Te'o~t: Irving
Shillingford .(Capt.),- L.Gharles, L.
Wil1iams, Clbpr John, 'C.tillians, J.
Faui tin, ''.T@O osephs, G.C.Latond, L.
Elmhnuael14 V;. Rone, A.Roborts and G.
hillingford. Full Blackburns team
list was not available at Press tine.
*KIWIm- Might Cone to -;t.:a Indieb
.r. Berkeley Gask~in, Md" r of. the
W.Il. Cricket :Team, paid tribute to the.
rise ip stAiidard of. New'Zealand crick-'
ot. Coronenting on the WaIl.for 1971,he
_._sids J"We d6 not want to invite N.Z.
only for a short tour of the W;l. .as
if they were a poor- relation,..:'New
Zoaland cricket isn't anyone's poor,
relation any norer*.*." --., .
Football: England, Forward -Quits..
Roger Hunt, Uivorpoi, -&':gtagand 2t- "
centrc-forward has said Ohe wouild..not ;
play international soccer agaii.Hunt .1
has asked Sir Alf Ramsey not to con--
sidor him again for solect4ion.,adding
he is dissatisfied with his form and
'does not want to be solodCtd for Eng-
land just on past porformanoes. He is
30, hasplayed in 34 internationals
fdr England, and was in England's
-oeam for all their 6 World Cup Matches
3 ears ago.
Printed & Published 'by tg gtoi

'- Long discussed at publ-QL oct-
ings, the appoiitnont of Mr. Arlington
Riviore as S.ocurity Officer (and Head
of Dominica's "Sopcial Branch") i nw
confirmed and backdated to Jan.1,1969.
"* Station Sergeant 0ON.Phillip ise also
named as Inspector front Jan.l another
Special Branch uan. Mr, Macoun (Over-
seas Polico Adviser) announced that Mr.#
Phillip got highest marks ever anong
Eastern Caribboan students attending
0/Seas Training Courses. over 19 years.
Mr. Riviore, once a Labour Officer,
was- lately A4sst.S'oc.' hiiistry; -Ion'. Aff.
EISENHOWER biES : .After a prolonged
heart ailment, -o-U.SPres. General
Dwight, Eisonhower didd in- a ril7tary
hospital on Fridayd,. National mourning,
He was a ~ "t -figure in World War 11.
GRANTS FROM Col. Dov. & Welfare: '.e..
'British Govt4 announced.h a'total of
$350,122 to $23,400 for a
bridge &' r0ad,paio near St.Joseph by-
pass, .$23&ye ,Iibr improvements to
Melvilleq ,-H1a1-. Airport and $78,7p0 ,
p3ti :& bquipoti.-t f'or D/ca's road pro

ROME: ; cope Paulr.oatd 35 new CairiflaLs
on Fridaccy. Thij woolk he announced..'-a Vat-
i ~oa ft ,ift of $1 million .defolopnot%'fund
for. Latin.a Khrica to, ,ai 'he poor.
LOCAL EZJSBR IEI Dh s.A s honouring
celebrity Grays'n Slh A giford at.-a'Fort
Youig Cocktail Viarty Saturday night ,with
H.E. and Lany .ViPs & spprtsnen, attending.
T'wenty-.five artisjos havo,beoqfi c4cson tou
portray our culture on Carift 'ER o
Dopinic.a DayApril 12; Gaylords,iTffleur
Montagne-,Choralo', Claudia Josephis,. dance
troupe and others...*belaire, quadrill e'
etc..:Prerior & Mrs. LoBlanc will g0~- t
Grenada for the celebration. Mr.-Ducreay
will.-attend the oponinfg' ariori ******
ROW JN COUNCIL: a story Town Council
meeting which.lasted until, 1 a.nm and
during-whif-i. intorporate language was
used 'sizzled'. pov a resolution by M..,
artih, Sorhaindo that all .nattors should
'be decided' b Council and not dealt with
by nenbors 'privately. Nooinatod .rinber
Mr. Alc6 .Giraud tlbroaoned to resign, and
walked out. **- The Minister of Coim:n &
Works M-. .Ao6ur has invited Press to
a tour ofC.D. & W projects on Wods. -2nd
April. These include Mahaut School, St.
Joseph bypass, COlihaut/Portsnouth pro'.
Vauxhall Air',Bolles,Cstle Bruce and
Canefiedi also proposed 4alybi'a Rd,

- : s -r--r r