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trs. Jane Lowenthal,
Research Institute fc
the Study of Man,
162 East 78 Street,
New York 10021, N.Y.
: ^PS/5,, -- -- u


rTA ..
k O esU l ve x
'; ;' iM, s
S t BRARY o i x. on monday
o r or- t .S N'Dy OFMl O eSuppleent)
Editor PHn .i. SIIANIi4 ANa'ih I, sp Q

Vol.VI, No. 12 Saturday,! April 20, i yoRK 21 N- Ten Centi


I >



4.....N !k--AV NI- j

TO THS. ROADSIDE F'-o- TAPNSoR. i iCt 9PO%.,T<5v..oC'T?4
SL..,'. _. 0iiJ .:. ; OBJW0E T: Hon.Sec. .
of the 23 member eCoemittee of Landowners
in :;.-.' Area, r. 1 r-- PBa-ron, called at T
the STfR office to state his associatiti
.objection to the release Hie said: "Up to -.
Snow the Committee has not been told by VM
:Robinson anything about prices.Negotiat- H
lions have been limited to asking for in--
Sfo@mation in order to consider a course
o,-f action. We have not received from Mr.
* Robinson any of the documents asked for
in our letterr .of4 A--r'i 4." (These incia ae
a copy of the agreemaeut between SIPA- and
;Govt.; detailed boundaries of the area. "
required & names of landowners; copies O "
the Memorandma .of Asocia.,ti.on of SIPAe &
the proposed Development Plan, short and --
'long; er-m, with map.' f)t his part, Mr Above
Robinson declares that the huge capital --
iout y needd ede f or coi trt ioinal pr o'a De-n f
will be jeopardized if the land on which j. li
they are to be built is priced too high. i0O n,
* Appointments with firms in IK, Holland (see
rand Germany will take Robinson abroad on
,April 30.


2 cai

a,; /

ce : .T* eight:
ustin (SpartanB)
o.0 ;. vs, ,A

Wil lrcc4W^vkSwtdydsnA?
This week Mr, Bruce Robinson stated that
Stupidity (greed of gain) by several land
ownntr noear the Cab-rits could harm or styp
the e,tire SIPA project. One foreign and
owner has agreed to accept shares for his
property and buildings,but other foreign-
ers are asking nearly $1 million for.their
holdings. After describing a visit from
the Director of a Wall St. investment Co.
whihc bought 25% of the Grand Dahama Port
Authority in 1959 and is interested in
Sunday Island Port, 1-r, Robinson said "of
Course e w ecan appeal to .G~vernment to in-
voke the Acquisition Act,,. but ve have
worked hard to put into play a more fair
and profitable plan...a Development Com-
pany in which there are local Directors,
exchanging shares iii this proposed Com-
pany at a high par value with cash se't- r
tlements for improved acreage and agree-
mants that the land is leased t-heo Coa&-
pany, not sold to Governmen't...At first
many of thes-e soominica. landowners were i:
favour of the plan..Bit itately certain
'learned men' blave chai.i.:- this attitude
of sensible cooperation and sown seeds of
fear and distrust...At a recent meeting
of these property o-ners, SIPA employees
.& representatives were barred, abused el
challe ng ed,.,

1 ,



S Pago Tcio THE STAR Saturday., April 20, 1960

POINTS TO PONDER by Androcles:
1- IC was saddened and disappointed that on the day of the funeral of the late.
I Dr'. I'rtin Luther King so few of the flagstaffs in Rosocu cTdoonstrated respect,
hohiour and' sympathy in flying a flag at half-nast. I ropoet that I was most
disappointed; Government House flew its flag at half-nst; 'the Treasury Building
also did; so, too, the Belgian Consul. While I may have. issued one or two, ny
general. statement stands-. I am quite sure of this despite information to the.
-co.ntrary given by our newspapers.
Al ia. people we must learn to af. maturely. Are flagpoles erected only so that-
fZags may bo hoisted at half-nast when ..some foreign potentate or marginal nomnber
of, the Royal Family dies or when our little Ministers" indicate their wish that
citizens honour some occasion? Surely, if there is one person of our generation
and of'the. race. of the majority of our citizens who deserved to be so honoured it
was. Dr. Martin Luther KingSand I xpectcd to see all the flagpoles of Roseau flying
Sflags -at half-mast on, 9th. April, the day of the funeral. Particularly--
was it' appropriate to do so in view of the manner in which Dr. King met his death
rnr-dcr most foul. I cannot reconcile the attainment of Statohood with its attend-
ant bla-bla and such :imiaturity in international affairs as displayed by our
people on that occasion,.. I. assure readers that I was not impressed that day.*
Dr. Martin Luther King devoted the whole of his comparctivoly short life to
praaching reconciliation between races based on non-violence and while extremists:
did' not approve his attitude to the problem, there can bn no doubt that his was- the
Christian approach.
This leads no to shako my head in amazonent and disrolief at the antics and.
tamority of one of our island newspapers on this subject of violence. The news-
paper in question is the one in which we should Icast have expected to find vio-
lance crtolled as a solution to the social question and attonpts made to justify it
by thaologicol. argument. What a sorry pass Christianity has cone to when in a
supps-edly Christian journal, murder, rapine,and violence are offered as one method
of resolving the vexed questions of distribution and of social justice; One
S"f.oaturc letter writer" even had the audacity to quote, out of context, the Fathxrs
of the Church and recent papal oncyclibals in support of the methods of violonc.,
refraninng, however, from quoting the Master's clear--adjudication in the attecr',
so appropriate at this particular season of the year: "Put up again thy sword into
its placo; for all'that talke the sword shall .perish with the sword". The distin-
.guishod theologian, Hans Kung, in his very recent book "IThe Church" has this to
say and which nay well be talcn as a guide-line by so-called.Christian journals:
"The Church is .heado-d in the right direction rhen',. whatever the ago in
which it lives, Lthe Gospol of Jesus Christ is its criterion, the Gospel
which Christ proclaimed and to which the Church of the Apostles wit-
nessed." *
In the "Barbados Advocate"' of Sunday, 7th.. April, the Priac Minister of that
country is quoted as reprovini the St.Lucia Chamiber of Connorco for its having' said,
as I ,too, have always said, that CARIFTA would not benefit "the Six" which wouldI
then become a. dumpingg ground" for the industrial-products of the more developedd
British Caribbean territories.
Mr. Errol Barrow, ocononist as he is, has taken refuge behind the technical
connotation of the tern "dumping", which is the selling pf produce in a market at
loss than the cost of production, the wherewithal enabling this to be done being
derived fromnanother (often, protected) market in which mnro-than-adequato prices
havea-boeen obtained for the greater part of the output. 'In this technical sense,
Mr. Bhrrowts argument that "dumping" is often beneficial to a country, particularly
a' non-industrial one, nay be Oorroct. But St.Lucia Chanber used the phrase, dump-
ing ground" in a. looser sons, noaning that "the Six", if and when they become
ommbers of CARIFTA., will provide sure and protected narkots for the comparatively-
inefficient production of the more industrialized territirios. The implication is,
that citizcn- of "lho Six"- will have to purchase industrial goods originating from
"the Four" ai prices, rather Iighoer that they could have got--thon from a more
afficieni ; producing country, for example, Japan. Q(ounld.y. Ij )

Saturday, April 20. 1968


...... -Page Three

Applications are. invited front suit-
ably qualified persons who wish to be
considered for a training award on the
International Business AIdinistration
Course to be held at'Waterloo'Lutheran
University, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada'
froai 26th Septneber 1968 to .25th May ,
1969,. As a complenont .to the course
a sp-oial three month progranie dealing
with Export Pronotion is being offered,
which will be open to those specifi-
cally designated for .it and accepted
by the authorities. Applicants should
therefore indicate if they are inter-
estod in this additional prograneo.
2. The course is designed to provide
a general preparation in modern busi-
nass administration for persons occu-
pied in posts with managerial res-
tonsibility in cornorce or industry.
It is particularly suited to the needs
of a'snall to sodium scale corporate
snterpriso rather than snall proprietor
-operatad shops.
3. Applicants should have completed
twelve years of formal education and
possess'the Cambridge School Certifi-
cate or its equivalent. Applicants
should have had related experience
and should be '*between the ages of 20
and preferably not noro than 40 years,
Candidates should be recomnnnded by
cheir firna who would be expected to
ensure that inescapable connitments
including provisions for the support
of candidates dependents are not
during the tenure of the course.,
4. Applications stating full name and
address, age, standard of education,
present oriploynont, experience and
qualifications should be addressed to
the Secrotary, Public Service Conmis-
sion, Roseau, and should re-ach her not
later than 27th .April, 1968.
5. Awards will provide return passcge4
naintonance grant, tuition fe6s and
transportation in connection with the
scholarship .
6, Candidates to whom awards are made
will be required to sign an agroenent
to return hone on completion of the
training' to asnist in the doveloenont
of their country.
PSC 5/1
-16th April, 1968 G.36
1^ c '. ^.. .

Her Majesty expressed "deep distress" to
the Gov, General of Now Zealand on the
Wellington jerryy disaster. *** The SUN,
British newspaper, stated recently 'oen
have become republicans overnight in the
face of Prince Philip's wit'. Wo learn
front Cpl,Etionne of the RAF that the Quean
will visit his Station in Berkshire in
June preparations are in hand. **"*
U.W.I. I' -eacher Ecducation: Mr. R.NIT.iurray;
Director, Inst. of Education URI, presides
over the East Caribbean Conference noting
in Antigua April 21-24. A participant from
Dominica will join many others attending.*
ANTIGUA: Iet hoist Church Hinistor Rev.
Hugh Shorlock called on Antiguans to pray
that Black Power.advocate Stokoloy Carn-
ichael may be converted to non-violence.
ST. Kitts: n-ican Synod nowir meeting
of the Diocese of Antigua includes Donin-
ica's Rector Iov. Fr. Barry Rose. .Before
leaving,_ Fr. Rose held a nemorialh Iass for
Dr. Martin Luther King at St. Georges.
TRINIDAD: U.S'. lenn ETTi OOO US-to help
Trinidhd with its Agricultural Bank for
providing credit for farmers. *****
DOMITICA: 1is' C- rtrudcc av-is-, AsstS-c c.
Establishncnt, left for Britain to attend
an Overseas Estab. Officers Course. .' Mr..
A.C.B. Watty, Do. Fin/Sec., has a visiting
Fellowship to Oxford and will also attend
a seminar on Financial Resources for Dev-
elopncnt studios. Mr. WA.Lawrence,Chief
Tech.Office2r (on leave) got a scholarship
front Confederation of British Indcsutries,
London training in road & airport work
with the Road Research Laboratory. Mr.
Robelto Elano was awarded a 1-yr Cortif-
icate Course in Letter Press Printing, at
the London College of Printing. ********
DAWU a poll ta?.:cn on April 17 by the
Labour Connissioner & Officer at Johnson'
Construction Co., Ministerial ldgs Site,
revealed that 67% of workers there wanted
Dominica Aralganatod Workers Union. *****
Station was officially Mrs.. M.
M.Janeos yesterday (Friday).Photos next. wk.
DONKEY DERfBY lat news (see pago four) :
Special thanks are offered by the Organ-
isors to donors so far unacknowledged --
Allan WTatty 196 front Reckitt & Colm:an-
Ltd.; Mr. &: Mis. Elias Nassief '25.; Mrs.
Clodagh White, t20. *** Little Jaclio
Astaphan, winner of the swoepstake, has
given back; his .winnings to the Hospitals
Appeal Fund "because it is a groat cause".
S:;: :; ; ;;t< !t< i A ^ ^ ^ s~,*~g*:;as:! !*- f

Page Four T1HE TAR Saturday, April 20, 1968.

ON THE LIGHTER SIDE OF Ronnoel (fr.opp.col.) donkey's belly, the bingo
.* .. and lucky number 'stalls. Jeff Charles(7,2.
n a doe r l fano) Shillingofrd (IHais) and Harrisan
Run nan donkoo, run 1 ,
..... "iobe- f .the unwilling kopt the grounds in a lively
Twonty-throe of the 30 registered mood with, a p6ckehd request progrannrm
foeninin donkeys showed up for their But slowly, the last of the orange
grand Easter Derby at Windsor Park on light of the sun faded in the distant
Monday .- hut three were unidentified and horizon while lengthening shadows synchro-
unclailo'd so only 20 went to the post, nisingly lergod' to bring the darknessof
Cano the racing hours and satin-shiifed the night. Eats and drinks were still to
'Ju-C capped jockeys lashed' the hell out be had but the fair could not go on for*
_/:- of their asses which looked.reluctant ever. So the donkieys and slocpy-head
even to begin their particular'races* humans went to go to bodprobably hoping'
Blt 'round the corner they cane, their to see another Donkey Derby next April.
hooves trampling the grass beneath then .
as oicited youngsters followed enthusi _- DETTE .THIN EVER It
tically with bursts of laughter and Hospita Fund Hakos Over $,000
shouts of "Cone on, donkey, conO on I "Over ,
'"But when-donkce say he no run, he stop- Mini-skirts paradbd, donkeys ran wildly
pin' ". And so -- and sor nany a jockey in all directions, the sun shone with a
had-to hit the ground when his donkey light breeze and noro than a thousand
jerked to a sudden halt, Unwilling to grown-ups and children spent a wonderful
lose th. race, fallen jockeys flow upon day in Windsor Park watching the Do-nkey
their asses once again in a desperate Defrby, eating pop-corn, icc-croar, p lau,
'' bid toreachl the, finishing line. Of roast chicken otc. -- playing gancs of
dot.rsa: getting there cost the poor chance and goncrally having a wonderful
asses. one- "blows like ole clothes". Easter Moiday feteo Only serious faces to
Four prolm raco.s had takloen place and to seen were the Bingo fans. with pencils
a-t the sixth hour of the afternoon came poised. A rough chock revealed a profit
the fifth and final race -- the Derby around $5,000' n increase of about $700
Itself. Pandemonium dosoased .the on last year': over $735 was cleared on the
.rounds once the start of the race was sweepstake which war'-won by young Jackio
announced. A nan with a red flag; gave Astaphan. Ho drow :aster-than-wind,
tho. "Go" signal. At once four donkeys so-inarod by the CoG-nitteoo owned by GriffiTh.
boltedc. the crowd running pell-nell JnoRose of Hagg.loy (Grand Bay) and ridden
around tl.e track to witness the end of by Harold Honry' Plus-Vite won by a length
..:he race. "Mulligoo" -- the favourite of a half front last years winner Mulligoe
w "as in the load while "Fanny" and (owner Sidney Ponbcrton of Pointo Iichel,
"Plus-vito-que-ent''' followed closely, ridden by his young brother Cyril).*'Thirdi
But proving herself, "Plus vite..." was another Grand Bay donkey, Eanny, bolong.
out-racod "Mulligeeo to the finish, ing to Joseph Ancgol of Borricoa. Prizes
boating the wind with her tronondous wore: $100 and van Goest Challenge Cup -
pace. Indeed, little Harold Henry, the 1st: with the Fostor Prize of $25 to
:ridor of 'the winning donkey, really kept winning jockey IHenry. 2nd Prize, $60-
his assin check to emnrgo champion 3rd $40. Seller of the nost tickets ($s5
jockey, and tho-25-smackoroo Foster prizo)-was Mlrs.. Irlon hason, and Sr.BaptiJ
-prize. -was his I. of P.M.H. sold 2nd iost ($10).
"Mulligeo" snatched 60 o'edsquares The Race Judges wore H.E. the Governor,
(dollars) for 2nd position, and "Fanny" and Village Council Chairman Joseph
grabbed 40 bucks for third grade. Alcondor (Grand Bay) and Alfred Parillon
Jacdkio Astaphan emnrged the luclk Results of the- heats wore: 1st race 1.
winner of the grand sweepstake with Speedy, 2, Janie 6 ran: 2nd 1. Plus-vito-
t'icket' 2758 he has put it in the bank quo-vwnt;2. Brownio; 6 ran: 3rd 1. Fanny
to save for a (full-size.-) aerdplane | 2. Just Coei, 3 ran; 4th 1. Mulligee.
All afternoon Windsor's blue roof 2. Lady, 5 ran. All 8 dorkeys placed in
was patched and unpatched by moving the .heats showede" in the Derby Final race..
foams of white cloud. The sun shone The Hospitals Appeal Fund Co:mnittoe wish
brilliantly and Laudat showed no signs to thank His EEcclloncy, the judges and
of opening her taps. At the bars bot- the 200 voluntary workers who built and
tlos clinked while announcers'wont banned stalls, stands and enclosures, disc-
hoarse at the throw-thc-ball, throw- jockeyed and announced, sold tickets and
the-dice, throw the ball through the generally nade it the best Easter Fair yet

attrday, April 20, 19i 8 THj S iTA pa e five

A:.: dot not like i.lisling }.olco
r,' ',ranphs like ti ,:- .. e d o s .
As ta p]vi dut' atm t a arl6 ii{ to.
aut vehicle driver. ,
:.- to persios were killed
.as they Ioeft Mahant for the Donkcy
Der rby; others i injured and
detained in IIoI vital while 11 sr e
treated and dischargtzd. The criveor
1a.s Christopher ,Al--. .4e of Maita ,
the, -oa.d are Cororalie Maa Wo4 0)
and Victor Lee (83) The truck hit
a tpol at.d overturneTd at Ls cPointes.
S .. *j % YL'Vt%' j; .

47~ ~ld a.. iS63a .kfla ag ~ a.~6

F0 PEASC h AVe .Te* Kif
x U ,.>-: .,

F J-' SB .

-i r n --iB-
Bro e,, liv., shlu. path ,f bnli. frod, irfi,(, cotwt, vsiati;'sz Liiu fthat )Iilld the 1i. Dr- made from tdlsc(rJitij)k ..
Martin *Iifther Kingi un inotl Ihfirolnly tenant iwho sanv assassin.




r r
I ---! Paul --- -- -- -
PtIoit Paul rvecei id the

i i a --i in lito in



: i

S1 .. THE STAR Saturday, April 20, 1968

SJorty Story "THE MOPPERS' CURT (Part II) by Julion Guiste

THI STOIR SO FAR: At an impromptu Holiday fete held at Bino's s home, four
moppers "mopped"' their way in. Here is the conclusion of the story:-

' dbre. mnn ( how things?t greeted Coz giving him an offusive handshake,
proceeding to greet the others in the same way, making thonm fool the 'most welcomeu
of viLitoras meanwhile managing through all this to keep his position, blocking
the. kitchens entrance.
The girls, howevcV spotted Bingo and his mother in the kitchen and shouted,
'e.ll0 i, Bingo, we sorry wio ,o late, nan. They didn't want us to leave the party
up: those road, man.' Bingo startEod to say soothing, but a glance front Coz restored
his silence..
'aLl,-i what you have here non, Coz? You leaving us thirsty then?' asked the,
fourth *moppor" attel.;tijH unsuccessfully'to wedge himself past Coz into the
kitcho.n. :Rum like bush, nan MaIh Hilson, pass me the drinlks let me serve the
gentlemen please.t Coz looked his courteaus- est at. that moment,
iThts-'.s the correct procedure, lady and gcntlomeno! chimed' in a voice, from
behhindT, Wo do things methodically hero. No unauthorized person is allowed ib
the section of'this doricile
Tho. new voice was Fitterts. The "piece" having -ended, -ho had cone over to see
what was going on, and at the saae time to got a "rofill."
Sonl:body put "The Party" by-the Swinging Stars on the turntable and the "aoppori?".
eoach- .quipped with a "glass", headed back to the drawing-roon to celebrate theit
asumned. victory.
At the kitchen door, Coz said to Fitter and Bingo,- 'Thlt one drink will bo
enough for those buggers. Theyli learn not to mop the "Life-lads" fete again "

.. Encore Lt shouted one of the girls, and the shout ras takc.n up by the others.
"The Porty" was- encored twice again, and then Calypso Roao bloated out "Fire in
the Uiro"- twice. During that tine, the "moppers" began losing their steam.
Baygas had just started shifting the needle to play "Fire..."L for the third.
tio., when the loader of the "noppors" decided to make their presence officially
kno-wn and felt. He. signalled the other three, and at a wave of his hand, they'
raised their -almost emptied glass in a salute, and shouted, '.Lo cane, we. saw,
we. conquered I1 The slogan was hardly out of their youths before the youngest of
then flopped into a chair -- out like a lamp.
The' loader, in an un-loador-liko nmannor, lapsecT away before the remainder of
hia crew.. He leaned over a window, puked twice, and remainedd there -- inert.
The girl was the last to "pass out."' After the third boy had "retired hurt" on
a ench in the porch, she took off her shoes, tried ni-5ing the "Go-go" and the.
"Soul" into dne dance., finally gave it up, and sank into a conveniently placed
basket chair, with "Fire..." blasting away at top volume.
Hers was the only glas-to break' that night.
Poelu was.'served, and with a toast of 'Life couldn't bo more beautiful i pro-
posed by Coz, the "Lads" and lasses settled down to cat.
'Ay-ay I what happen t6O the fellers; who mop us non? asked Bullshitter, mpro.
drunk than a village sot, and spilling rico disproportionately over himself and
the floor.,
'Doy must tired already', suggostcd. Bingo.
I'Maybe they were drunk before they cane. here,' chimed in Coo-Cee, the liveliest
of the girls present.

Saturday, April 20, 1968 THE STAR Page oiVn

'Ah... .hnn began Coz, looking up front his plate with an eye of disapproval;
'Eorgat- those blooming "noppoen"; -you nean all you have food in front all-you,
an' is "noppors" you all studying I "
No nore was said about the retired foursome.

Not unlike other parties whoro polau was a highlight, the serving of the
polau brought a change to the party. The rest of it was like a sort of anti-
climax. .
Tha supply of "chaser" and ice was dwindling, and sone of the girls were hinting.
that it- was time to go hone.
t'Bllshitter and Bini just took off down the road, boy', -reported one of the
girls, Gilma., who seemed disappointed, having danced with Bim nost of the. night
and liked it.
'Yes boy said Cee-Ceo, IDoy wont down there staggering and singing Breaker
'Which one?t asked Mabol, a keen "Breaker-fan", who pridad herself. in knowing
all..his calypsos word-perfect. .
'The one about Zaboca and Jack.'
'Oh, "Dominica is a land of fete?" 1 like that one, boy,'
rAnyway, all you let's go nome, oh, Let.'s go and toll do. lady goodnight, or
good1iorning or whatever it is..
'Arready I exclaimnd Captain, O.K. papa "; he resigned himnslf.
TAyo, before all you go l' C oz was lifting up the young "nopper" from his chair,
as he spoke, tGive me a hand, we have a small cremoony to perform. My little
cpcporiaont worked well. Whhcl I. was a Boy Scout, dby used to toll no "Be prepared",
well T. was tonight; at last, those fellerst drinks were I '
At- that, everybody laugL~.d and proceeded to help hin to dunp the four bodies
unceremoniously in a nearby orpty lot of razor-grass.,
Glass still in hand, Fitter proposed another toast, "Down with those and all
"noppors!"; long live the "Lifo-lads ....
'BEppy night's rest, my Ilopping friendsa, wished. Cyril Baygas, ti thea -ecClit
figures in their grassy bed, Iand don't forget, all you awe us one glass-
tDoy ludydoy have nice weather tonight,' uttered Coz.
Once back inside, the necessary farewells with Mr-s. Hilson were made. She asked
the girls to cone again, and to Captain, who intended escorting Marie home- she
said, 'Don't-stay long oh, Mister man; you know you arroady? Mind I don't lock
you outside I I -.
Binjo proposed a "One for the road", and with that, literally poured "down the
hatch", the. gay set headed for the door.
Coz's strident tones.stopped.then in their tracks.
'Hold it I One minute, please. All you forgot soncthing I All eyes were on
hin. Fitter asked,
With a grin, C6z de mandcd,
r hon is the next feteo?

Tuesday, April 23rd: "Soil Conservation" a .talk by
# i

*N *p~

$aturd*-. Ainril 20X 936S

fr;nmier world he.'::vt i;ht beng *chfimnpio'n Cass1s .!'Cay
told about 2,000 .u-i'd t: a C. P S'. Coile la;.st n ht
that peace between; !.! bi'.; w!'it pi: ulaiif ; f
America 'illi be a':le:ed ';-i ;'ri, c' their creation -.) a
separate bhl'rk sla<'.
"When Iwo 'peorn!ip fi': nii' an :. dav-:fn the trime they
go to court foi a sep;irati.'n,' he said. '" Why inot 'c; same
for two nations of peop?'? he biac...k :rnd v.whites have
been fighting I'or *,!0 f'ea;!:."
Clav. who prerfrs to be I<,knwn by hi! Is'!nlmic name, Mu-
hammad Ali, spoke 's.ieti.sly fo'r ::ihoi 331 minute., r nd
.then answered question: before cjpI.ivatinj. tlhe crowd with
poetry and.:parring a round' with a sutdilnt.
The fighter lold the students that '5..-,- *:. mlst break
away from whites rather than -integratl-e becaf.e the "black
child is taught to hate himself" in white society.
He said children are oriented !o associate white with
,goodness and black with that whii'h ir, bhid. Using the
English language to support his contenrion, he offered
expressions such as Snow White ard thr '' iit.: House as
opposed to blackmail, blackball and .hea black market.

Cassius Clay talks to a packed gym at C, W. Post. 1

THE VOICE, newspaper'at thel Jamaica Labour Poarty

M ANY EAST- pltbished this article ildcr

M ERN CA R- th, j it'e
IBBEAN peoples have "7'THNGS PEOPLE
already infiltrated into
the Jamaican communi- SHOULD KNOW"
We meet them in St. An drew, in West Kingston, in
May Pen, in Montego Bay. in Government offices, in pri-

vate enterprises, and in dubious businesses of the-w. ow1n.
f 'rii | ;l.u sJ i!;lV'i l)ff'.! ll 1 ?]. .
.-- ; 'l(!n quI '.d i s ;.-i-kf., ;!s i. :, i "<-- ,";p'orrt hi: indians \,i l'," :'.!tifi t
lii ; ij )piO l< ,' t ..h 'i :. and Ritr ''':: whiL: .
,< P ort-of- -S ail. v, i W:
W or I'ik l' i 1i t he ,'lin K u:. ;I Neg'roc' t: g'row t
!1i fiUl e'i 0l4ov 't .';'41 iti(nls] ;tiil i < .-'. 4,. B;,ii n,;
lilt, "jilu'- li;1 ''ll" Ic'if' f tlh. We aref concerned with this la1
j' l iiUl'osi ill sonii ,''ti ts Ih lt .i. -Jamaicnl has just got politie
Independence, and dishes to maii
of i,' JmlniriiiuI so.ietyl. tain its ,Wrveigrntuy: and that jamai
Qtinle ofien we hear talk (*f is struggling for economic freedom
West Indian Federation and Wtc. an.d does not desire to bury its por
Indian integration, and all that they strings in Port-of-Spain, or to put
are doing is in fact echoing the ex- in the safe keeping of Burnhan
Tressions of their governments and pockets.
ying to make it appear as if Ja-
malcans have much in conmrnon with Spies
them. pi
In 1987 Guyana's Burnham New
York call for West Indian integration T EASTERN Caribbean (' ,
was in fact naively calling the bit ITis have their agents here, nua
nations of the world to put pressure f whn, in diplomatic ciriles
:n Jamaica lo join in the Catribbean ,e desc!,ibed as spies and per,:m
Econurmic Federation. -,on garta. A gr;oip of them have
A r '*l" A big stick ineachiq the scrapping oi th-
TH-E rpopie of J.amaica should r idu:it : and the retur o
foml.w -p t1w s'tatmerqesn ;f he ;r ''1;' c
who, as it were, is holding li' ;t h eatla,;. -- Eacrh-"
i ek o i -s '-d O er i>n 'i 'u' nlid p. ;'
r',,i.i 1.1c". W i"; iari ,1a S i.. tnr .,a)., ].. 5 '4 .:I ,.-i. ,' i .h1 .. ,-t.
nrni: le i pra, ling ani .,( P c ,, 0'l
hbr -Williiams-Barow co.ih wil 'W '. (t 4 ''n ''' ,
h;o .'4 heir way. ''" ,;'c ; : :;b b nt;
lilIt M r. I" imor, wv a'e rii ;'i ..,i:'a :. .a p 'a : w.
tk.e:ib ;.r.hrO t !an1 f!'<.,) it( 4ih i4- ." 1 ;II ,': .,ch'! 3' w C U i:i W ;' ;i
Jwunill', ") '" '-" nuir ian- w nts tVI 7 .'lc: Occ) ;;.



C -




Jamaican :

Development Bank ,
As we have already pointed out editori-
ally, Jamaica's stand on the Regional
Developn-ent P,ank both as regards to
L-iation and intentions -- was well
I' ken.
Jamaica is to be the largest contrihu-
tar in the area. This, in itself, gives Ja-'
T.riaiCe cr'icial interest i;n the location ,t
th )ev'opior.c Tank and the pie.,eV
'.vric.h it Follov,'. Vt1e whole niT ter.
r.I cutrse, i; 1'Ud in with the proposed
Caribbean Free Trade Area; and, be-
c;usI Jamaic. <:'i ideas as il the ultim.rat,
:im of CARIFTA ar'e ; ..-, with
ihose of the other couni ries, tlre nmust
Vaturally be a divergmcni:e of opinion with
respr-ct to th' arims ot the Bank,
Jaataic is concerned in that the other
contributors to the Bank want it to act
as a tool for Caribbean integration. From
what we can see, Jamaica has more or
less been lured into CARIFTA, but has
made it more than clear that it has no-
rntention of becoming involved in an
ultimatee complete economic and political
union, perhaps long the lines of the de-
funct West Ind:es Federation.
On the other hand, we cannot see how
Sthe bank and the integration are going to
be separated. Once CARIFTA gets
started, the logical step will be the allo-
cation ot new industries to the various
countries Especially in the case of the
:.!p.'!r ijands wh"here capii:d is extreme-
scarce., te i; iting. will be for
iem to ;ppr'ai.:h the BaS.-. for fund'i.

The Sunday Glcane"

Ca ssiIus

Tiat S -TAR

Ca f al

--h Q 11
~L'r, V4P"~, -Vrc*


* a Sa iA <4+,

Sat1mdry, April 20, 1968 THE STA'. Page Nine
sf cz35~~~ LB 196 TZ s. Pn ........a


Th E::tra Mural D-opartnont of "*JI,
Roseau., will be offering a 4 torn
course leading to matriculation re-
quiriaerents for U.W.I,
(1) 1'O level French, st-ar:inS Thurs-
day May 2nd front 5 6.30 pm at
the Convent High School. T.utor
Miss Josephine Josephs B,.A
(2)*'O1 level Mathomatics on Fridays
5.15 6,45 pn at the Doninic'a
Granrmar School starting Friday
-ay 3rdT.
There will also be two preliminary
sessions in French on Friday 19th
and 26th April, at 4 p.m., Doninica
Granr1ar School.
Enroleint at the Extra Mural Dopart-
ncnt Monday to Friday during office
Foes :5400 per course to be paid in

The Onlbr After Hour Sale.
No tino to prepare your evening
Then Patronise us at the Sogo,


Stbo-al to your Ch6ice.
Chicken & Chips.
Chinese Dishes.
And a Drink of Course I

Chaucern's "The Canterbury Talcs" --
the collection of stories brilliantly
potraying life in Mediaoval England-.
hia- been adapted as a musical and had
its World Premiere in London on March
21... a great archioveont. Professor
Ccghill of Oxford University, and
LMrtin St-arkio made a free adaption. ,.
using'five of the tales; which give a
witty, sonot1inos earthy, but always
cntartainiingly authentic account of
life in 14th Ccntnyry England.
Gooffroy Chaucer was a pooet'n the
Royal Service during the reigns of
Edward III and Richard II.

GIVES *** YOU *** MO
SAdvertising in THE STAR brings in


According to the matriculation require-
ncnts of ULTI, a pass in Eglish Tinguago
0'1, level is essential for every student.
Faculty roquircnonts include a pass in
elementary Hathonetics and a foreign
language. In order to help students, who
will want to apply for- UI entrance, and
or scholarship in 1969, the Extra Mural
department will be offering additional to
the existing courses in English and
Mathematics, two special courses of
4 terns duration and if necessary a. special
sunner session in French and Maths.
Students require a preliminary knowledge
of the subject up to 4th forn standard
or equivalent. .
For the Mathoemztics course there mill
be two prolizinary sessions in order to
find out the standard of the applicant.
Students: will be definitely admitted
only after those two sessions. They will
be refunded of non admittance.
As the wooekly sessions include two
sessions, the foe will be $5.00 per tern..
Students are oxpected to sit London G.C.E.
during .aanner 1969.' They nay, however
try in February 1960. Students who do
, not wish to sit a GCE oexa can be admitted
after discussion with the tutor.
There will bo' an end of term oxan upon
which will depend the onrolnont for further
terms. The obligatory--sot book for the
French course will be 1Le Francais Modernh'
Vol.2 which is available at SPCK. Regis-
tration and pro-paynent before Tuesday
30th April at the Extra Mural centre Bath
Road. For those courses, no registration
can be accepted by telephone.
The Mathematics courses aroebeing hold
nt the Gramnuar School, Friday, ,frorl 5.15 -
6.45 pn. The two preliminary courses at
the sane place on Friday 19th & 26th April
at- 4 pn. The French courses will be heol
on Thursday at the Convent High School
front 5 6.30 pn starting with the. 2nd
of May. For this course there will be no
prolininay. sessions.
Applicants. for-.this course who are still
students at a Oscondary school must have
the permission of their Principals; to

RE *** FOR :*:* OU. ** HONEY *
the Custonors, Ioves the Goods, and *

Page- Te.TE SA audyArl2,16



S* *


The Roof of Doninica.

'7our newspaper of 30th Harch brought
to ny notice- that a film' company, the
David ITawr-manS are hero to set to work.
.Bravo I for Dorniica surely deserves
advortiseanonit abroad, through Television
shows: otc. due to its picturesque sur-
Peasant life in any country is what
makos the history interesting; and so
we must not leave out the rural side'of
the place showing the peculiar dress,
language..and occupation of the. natives.
Therefore, 'I earnestly suggest for
the shooting, the loftiest village of
the Rosoaut.Valley; nanoly, Laudat; say
the 'Sop of Dominica." It abounds- in
lovely flowerzy especially the ouchait}
lily ,'daisics, narguorite and so on.
At this season the red Easter lily too,
abounds, Near to nost cottages re
senti~nls of orange, trees, with thick,
green foliage'backing clusters of ripe,
golden fruit. There you will sol-times
sec the women climbing the fruit trees
olik any man.
The Botanic Gardens in toimn is'famed
for its beautiful lawns and troos,
native as well as exotic front overseas.
But in the Lake district of Laudat you
are face to face with the cloud-capped,
towering mountains, and thus have half
the island at your foot.
Daar RonIrol, A touch of Criticism

For shame nan. Why use your normally
livolQy column, for two thing-s *' liich
arc contrary to a columnist's main pur-
poso (1) The first half of your-'con-
triiution to the STAR of April 6 was
just a piece of free advertising for
the CARRIB; the second half was a nmre
copy of Lulu's pop song, Why, Ronnel,
Your articles I have followed every
wook since I've left Doninica; they
havo. filled the one small gap in the
STAR. There is always the knowledge
that I can turn to your column knowing
you'll give nO the lighter side of
Do:inica life, especially during Carni-
val you brought the spirit to n6 of --
what I was missing so very much. You've
also moved no, your tribute to Iirs.
Caudoiron was so boauti ully written.
'-noxtc col. )

But not what this issue brought forth*
Surely a critical review of "To Sir, With
Love" would have been more in your line.
If you are short of subject matters, miss
a week, rather than revert to advertising.
Looking forwarcdto your next column,. Front
your most keen and ardent fan. A-.
oraC.eaQ-e 0 0e London
This letter wa- received by Doninica
Hospitals/FuBtP rim "Doninica Patriots Inc..
of New York":
"The Doninica Patriots are preparing'for
a 1969 Carnival Excursion to Doninica, the
proceeds of which will be donated to the.
Hospital Services in that island,
SThe members are planning on making this-
event as attractive ad possible, hoping
maybe to capitalize on some type of acti-
vity during our- 17 day stay in that island.
Since the Donkoy Derby Connittoe is dodi-
cate;o to improving hospitals services in
D.oninica, we thought it would be in the.,
best interest of the hospital program to
work in conjunction with your connittoe:
towards making this excursion a financial
At the nonont we have no definite plans
as to the'type of activity we should' .
engage in, though sone members have sug-
gested organising dances. It is particu-
larly in the -aro.a of organising some type,
of activity that wee awaqit some crL:jestions
fion your d6nnittoe. I would wolcono. an
early reply, preferably before April 21st,
so that I.will be able to convey your
feelings to the general body at our April
meeting. Sincerely,
Chairman, Activity Conm."
Dear a,-1,.J u:,
Save our Trees
Why is Victoria Street so unlucky? Sone
years ago the authorities cut down the
lovely fiscus troeeby the Library. This led
ny near neighbour of that time, Mr.Pater.
Dewhurst, to wri-te in protest to the. papers,

Now the woodnants axe has been busy once
again across the street, in no loss august.
a place than Gbvovnoent House grouAds,
Why? Governors nay cone and go, but
a tree remains a thing of beauty for many
years. lours inquiringly,

V.S, Goodwill


Pago Ten

T =1 Tth,

Saturda~y,A-pril 20, 1968


AIDROCLES.(frp.2) Understood in this where it was kept at the same tenporaturc.
sons, the St.'Lucia Chanbor is abso- On arrival, the fruit can be -ut in a ripo-
lutoly correct, as also is its further ing roon f6r a few days at 70 F. with a
conclusion: that the inhabitants of"th little gas, which causes an attractive
Six' will not get any componsatory-c colour to dove-lop." Ahother similar varict
gains from the operation of CIARIFTA. is called Zil..
Thore is- no doubt that the largest The avocado pears cane fron Isertl"l an
territory, Janaica, is extremely half- that country maintains a siseabL-o.: iada
hearted about CARIFTA. If that country by~_se in this fruit with the United King-
which stands to gain so nuch front this doia.
arrangement is lukewarm about it, the From the sand source I got the followings.
likelihood is that there can be nothing not very happy, information about bananas
wonderful in it for small territories in the United ingdo:
.,. ~~~~i the.... .... Unte .... r.ngdon:

ji~ieo ST.o Lucia. anUa Don1nica wnicn nave
nothing to .offer the others which the
others do not already have.
lhilst on this subject, did readers.
notice a.rather perverse type of argu-
mont used %"y Peter Sinplo" of the
"Chronicle" in this connection? 'He
ag-ere that Governmcnt should have
sought the views of knaledgeable per-
sons and organizations in the natter
before entering CARIFTA, when we are
alrCady bound, yet he argues that the
fact. that after th. event the Govern-
nent is Eaoking views on the subject'
indicatess that it is still dcnocratic
in nothod' and outlook. Is ,he standing
on his head or an I?
Brow-ing through sono robent publi-

"The current shortfall in banana supplies
front Janaica and theo Windward Islands,
the United Kingdon's traditional cource.s
has led t'/oeviow of neans by which this
temporary shortfall could be net, inclu-
ding additional imports front dollar
sources, Up now to o he. annual import of
dollar area bananas has been linitod to
a quota of 4,000 tons; provisions have
now been nade to allow imports in excess
of this figure, to the extent necessary
to ensur, stability in the U.K. market,
At the tine of going to press, the indi-
cations were'that, subject to the
prevailing supply
situation, licencos night be issued for_
the importVof up to an additional
10,000 tons front dollar area countries
in the period up to nid-Juno, 1968,'"

nations of the fruit trade, I noticed ----
that in one 'shipnont during the nonth ZLMlfh- 1ITD SANCTIONS

of March, 6,000 boxes of avocado pears'
and _1,000 boxes of nangooc arrived in
the. United Kingdon b jy c, Helro is
sonethingl positive and creative our
Marcketing Board can explore for us
rather than seek to wish to market gr~pe-
fruit which is already being competent-
ly marketed by its owners.

The British Govermnont will have, be care-
ful that the increased sanctions that they
are inflicting do not hit Zanbia worse th~n
President Kaunda is doubtless right in
his thesis that it is Zanbia and not Groat
Britain which suffers front a rebellion
against.Great Britain. There is evidence.
i_ -- J li I.E

The o-angoes canm, from South Africa n'^ Cuu, 'L0"LY $ i tpuJ uO U^I-
and. Qo of the variety IKent, "particu- and prices will got worse in arnbia before
larly suited for-shipnont by sea." anything dramatic happens to the ERodosian
The saving on freight in shipping by economy. Communications w.h the coast at
se-. rather than by air axiounts to about Dar es Salaan seem to hate beon getting
6/- (or '-). A box of i:angoes contaLn.--worso rather than better, with the
ing front 10 to 15 fruit was selling in road closed near Ileya; and Zanbia has been
thh U.K. narkot for nearly $9.E.C. reduced to greater dependence than ever
Says the journal: "The fruit is picked before on the Portuguese, which for good
in the nature green, st an will African nationalists should be as much
in the nature grn.stage and ilanathlm as the Sih regime.
fully after a month in .cold storage, anathna as the S h regime.
D-- Swiss Press Review.
It- is fibrous., which moans that the i
stone does not cling to the flosh, un-
lik-e many other varieties. The fruit N ... D IALTH COURSE
was--picked carefully and pro-cooled to Twenty West Indian Public Health Inspoc-
47g., transported to Cape Town, by tors began a six-woee- basic.-tr-aining course.
refrigerated vehicrLe and loaded on ship (first- of its kind in the W.I.) at the
'a xcol. nurses' training school in Bridgotown on
e.. P*.-0- 5ueosdcay. Sponsored by the .Barba os G-ovt
8,OH .& OEj Iogtinigation

Paga ECcvcn

Saturawg, -Lprii -Los, 1968

-ag-. T-rclvc T1E STAR Saturday, April 20, 1968
S-T *A*R*S *P*0 *R*T*S

Criczect: Faustin cracks naiden country
SToffra. Er snT^' ,Th parTh naUnTs^sysf
ri_)ght-handed batsnoan, cracked hls firs
cert'ury in league cricket las ,-wek,0l1andl
aain- t S.M.A. at..the Botanic G.rdons.
Batting first S.M.A. nustcred 87
a, riciy mxc1ctt; doing atanage -
was Irving. ShillintOrd 4 for 15 antd
JC,gJso-ehs 3 for 14. When Spartans
batted they lost WilliamlS ahdc Roberts
very cheaply-but Faustin end Emanuel
Charles settled down, allowing Sparltm
to declare at'241 for 5..Faustin was
102 n.o. and Charles maorod 79. When
S.ii.A. batted' again they found N.C.
Joaophs a problem and were all out for
120. A. Charles and M. Zanaoroe scored
33 each c nd Jbseph captured 6 for 44.
I olic e whip Srainerssjt
After very narrowly carnin-g b.'irs- t

Sat: Mat/Night. TO SIR WITH LOVE
Thurs. Night MOZAuMBQUE


Saturday Night 27 PICCADILLY 3rd STOP

*with Ken Clark


innings lead Police went on to srmch
victoryou~r Somnrset at the Potters- POSTPOX: A. n6ving appreciation of
Villo Savannah* Police won -ln the Mrs. i.E. Bossi, sent front Canada., will
final over of the match thadks to next week. Her death took place on 26/12/67.
Skipper Evans- John who captured the ......... ---" --..-
Sonerset wickot. Jeronm Pierre aso ackEZrom f/rongful S;ack By PL.L
bowlcAT weLl for Police with 8 for 6 .
in clevenovers. Scored in the natch *r. Cuthbert IIonore iho was sacked front
wore: Policce 151 rund 179 fordec; his job as a labourer on the Woodford Hill
Soncrset 149 and 61.. Police won by Estate late last year is now back at work
120 rins. or l@: D.Geeorge 35; after sone adanant backing by his union,
E.John 31 and J. Lloyd 30--.o. E. John the peaceful b:ut powerful Dominica Trade ",
5 for 24, J.Pierre 8 for 6. For Union.
Soeoractt W. Shillingfor_ scored 38 Honore was expellecl on the grounds that
KX Laurent took 4 for 441 and 3 for 48; he provoked the Assistant Manager's wife as
VT. Jolln 3 for 41. he by-passed her home singing merrily to
himself one day.
Arndri_, and" Defence_ Forco ]1- Notified of his dismissal, the D.T.U.
to a draw promptly tooklup the isnuc mainly through
At the D.G.S. grounds Wanderers & Mr. Deveril P. Lawrence, the Union's Gon-
Defence Force played to a draw after eral Secretary, who viewed Mr. Honor's
the force ltcd" gained' first : Annings dismissal as "unjust" and 'tLwrJG7ful."1
load. Batting first, Wanderers wore It was through IMr. Lawrence's staunch
qll out for 95 with V.Richards capturt-opposition that the Estates Managenont
ng 5 for 37. ghainks to a hir't hitting decided, to re-instate Mr. Honored and pay
62'by *,--Snith. tEi ,f] ag ^lp;. him $233.00 due to hira for the tine that
iFiL 6 for- 35). ocbc:rc.tine ~d- he was out of a job. ir. Lawrence was
a1r icro ;..11 out for ..t Groto' gct t- notified of the paynont by a letter dated
(.-; 06o4 E.Snitht 5 for645 and V Rich- 3rd April 1968 and signed by the Estates
srds 5 for 46). Lo.ft-to score 104 to Manager.
win at a run a ninuteo, the Fo1rco were BASKETBALL: oeanwhilo matches continue at
31 short of their target with 4 S1A grouhds this wook-end. Yesterday Atons
wichts- standing at the clocs (R.Paul played Falcons : Caroni played the Centaurs.
4 for 26). ***AS.EThb1i D-oninica .,,j- DIPLOA --
Barf-etball Ten were beaten 3-0 by Parry Willioas, timekeeper on the LaPlaino-
Woodbrook-Linors bf Trinidad in a Delices Road project, has successfully con-,
3.. -atch series at Eas-ter olkend. udi in Road os-
(sce nctc; col.) pelted a cure o tui in Rod ons-
...... ..-- tructpn ..tina;-co, Boeoett Coll.,England.
Printed & Published by the Proprie-tor Robert E. Allfroy, St. A~ronmnt, Doninica,
at 26 Bath Road, Roseau, DOIIIIICA,W.I.


PEros Release:


April 19, 1966

The public is hereby notified that Gpvernment has issued today a now price.
control notice which is contrary to the understanding of the delegation from
the Chaner of Co:nnerce that sufficient time would be given for its study,
so that if necessary further representations could be nade.
The prices published still ignore the recommendations of the Prices ControlJ
Board appointed by Governnont which comprises representatives of consumers,
Trade Unions, The Charoiberof Conr:ierce and Govcrnrient, and are considered
monpletely unreasonable by the Chamber of Commorce and other noubers of the
mercantile community, but now has the force of Law which should not be ignoredC
The Chamber attempted to make rcpresettations. after having been given an
advi6co copy of the notice before it-was gazetted, but was told that it would
serve no useful purpose.
Tha Chamber will persist in making representations to Governnont on this
natter-which as it standc-'is of great detriment to all concerned.
"Tho'Ghaibor of Cornuer'c will hold a meeting at the StGorard's Ball on NMnday
MndaX 22nd April at'9.Oa whiqh we invite all horchants and shopkeepers'
throughout the island, and all" other 'interested parties .
-4* -4- -4

The Dominica
following areas that

2lst. April
8 a.m. 3

22nd April
o a.n. 6
24th April
8 a.m. 6
26th April
8 an.6 6






Notice to Electricity Constuers

.Electricity Services- wish to advise consumers in the
the supply is liable to interruption as follows:

1. Th Roseau the Old Street substation area, covering
Bay Front, King George V. Strdee, Now Jetty,
Laneo, Gt- George St,, Queen arIy'St., Drury Laneo atc.

2. 1,Mahaut and all areas North.

3. Mahaut and 7ll areas North.

4. MaLIaut and all areas North.

(4 Increase in substation capacity.
(ii) Reinforcement of the line to Portsmouth,

The i.rquis of Bristol, of the Emerald'
H-.1sicdo Estates, returns to Dominic7.
nexot i~htrsday, accompanied by Hiss
Doborah Frazier-Froenan, Secretary.
Recently, Mr. David R. Paton, a char-
tored land agent responsible for The
Marquis of Bristol's 15, 000'acr estate
in England, returned with IMroRoyston.:i
Ellis, Project Director. Hr Paton, a'
qualified surveyor and forestry expert,
will be in Dominica for two weeks on a
fauiiliarisation visit.

(arrived hours .
F Lt I for two wooks)
Fanous producer, David Nefwnan of Park
Gate Produc-ions, one of the forneost
independent film companies in the world,
has already started shooting scones for
a full length colour film on Dorninica,
Director of the unit is Charles Crichlto
- known as "'1L. Filn'Butinoss." Canoxr.-
non are Stephen Badoe? BB c. of "Zulut,
and Gerry I.assey-Collier of "Goodbye
Mr Chips" etc. Scriptwriter is Richard
Wadeononinated for toleoisiofj scriptwritEr
of the year award in England.



Saturday, April 20, 1968