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,.;i. Jane Lowenthal,\
Research Institute for
the Study of Man,
162 East 78 Street,
New York 10021, N.Y.

U.S.A. No.

Vol, VI, No. 11


Lyndon 0. Pindling
After 15 months in
power with a maj-
ority of 2, the Pro-
gressive Liberal
Party of the MIItBAS
went to the polls on
Weds. Party Results:
P.L.P ... 29
UniJted Bahamas. 7
Ind.& Labour 2.
A great win for PLiP
'T-'li-,D TOP SCORRf



I irtfft' I)ri ic o ts Fiw/#oiARCH INSTITUTE
Editor 'i S NI)'ll f R THE STUDY OF MA -
,-aturday, April 13, 198 -~- ST 78 STREET Ton Cents

Cosnte oWmnsejse ii ScF&r

"IN VIS0i of the repres rntittiens l-iSde by the Chamber of Commerce,
Government is nw exsiai.nig the commodities affected to make any
adjustinents to the Control Prices that may be necessary. In the
meantime the Price List published on 28th March will'not be en-
forced. It is hoped however that an amended list which will be
strictly enforced will be published shortly."
Such is the 2nd paragraph of an official release dated April 11.
Most of our readers know the lead-in to this notice: that Government
(in the words of our columnist Androcles) had a system of price-
naming at which controlled goods are to be sold which is not work-
able, since new consignmeits, in these days of instability of costs,
so frequently change in price that variations of the Order would
probably be needed with each consignment received.
Government's admission that their price list will not work is a
distinct triupmh for the Chamber of Commerce and the mdrchants,who
behaved with commendable moderationn, putting the public to as little
inconvenience as possible. The little retail shopkeepers, might
have been wiped out by severe Government action; now there is a re-
prieve. As well as moderation, 61a displayed a laudable militancy._
Who would have thought that a Government worthy of the nai, ev"id-
ently diaire.-'!lingc its own Price Control Conmmittee would iss3,1 a
list of controlled prices in which certain imported commodities )ere
required to be sold at less than their landed prices? When the Cham-
ber of Conferce enquirer of Government the basis upon which such
prices was reached, Government either would not or could not supply
the information, we are credibly informed. Yet any Primary Third
Standard pupil studying. 'profit & loss' could tell Government that
Ithe selling price of icport-.e foods must be landed cost plus. We
[ait thIe ioutcCu 'ie .e;U e i.Lterit. our pu:ilic rill hear more...
THE SlAE. N7liO L&, DER t


-, .. ,

Ronald Osborne, who
scored 108 for Black-
burn vs Saints at

Ralph i\hc n~~iy 1 Is.. gi~. Ji

A rare moment at home in Atlanta: M. L. King. Jr.; Coretta
and their children. (M cnewsg 4 *A tPrial so.a )

CANADA'S new P.M. (Liberal) is 46-year lawyer Pierre Elliott
Trudeau of quebec. DA,.U, which opened memorial Civil Ri dht
rnd honouring Dr, King, staged a Mlarch against Archbold Plant-
ations and to Home Affairs Ministry on workers' grievanCeg Thur *
VISITO S: J.llajbansee of UlI'as Dehl of Govt. Roger Ba wldl C
Liberties Consultant of the Unitel Naztions,stationed Puerto 'lco.

aH9. k S'B Aa

StL udy; April 13, 19 TiHE STAR Pago Two

SA REJOINDER by Androcles
Not less than seven titios in the course of his letter published in the
DOMI-IICAI HERALD of March 30th a writer, under the psoudonyn "Fairplay', rneinds
roadors that Mr. GA. Winston is an Honourable man. As far as this columnist is-
concerned, .it would have boon more rewarding if "Fairplay" had concentrated on
persuading us that honourable with a small t'h was also applicable to his hero.
By t'he way, let me draw the writer's attention to the fact that it is bad form
to have recourse to a second newspaper in which to rebut statements originally made
in another. This is only done if the first newspaper refuses to publish the letter
of complaint. Thus, the onan fidos of the STAR should have been tested before
S"Fairplay" turned to the DOTIIITfCA HERAL.
Lot me clear up on- thing. The writer of the letter complains that since the
General Election of 1961, henchmen, supporters etc. of other political parties
"havo takon every opportunity to-houndS" Mr. Winston. This is not quite so. People
meorly recollect the part that Mr. Winston played in that Election with distaste.
However, the composition of the Agricultural Markoting Board is our immediate
business. Note that I have not challenged the combetcnce to be on the Board (as I
have done regarding most of the other recently appointed 'members) of Mr. Winiston.
'Thus it is quite unnecessary for' "Fairplay'" to provide details of his.-connection
with markets and marketing. No, I have not challenged that gentleman's technical
ooapotoence to sit on or even chair the Dominica Marketing Bohrdc. What I did say
(and it is reassuring to see that "Fairplay" has not denied it) was that Mr.Winston
had developed an antipathy towards the Citrus Co-operative because of his own
personal difficulties with soor of the' leading members of that body some years agoV.
The implication of my statement is that he is therefore not a tactful person to have
beon appointed to, let alone elected to chair that Board, since the relation between
the Co-operative and the Board needs to be close and friendly in the interest of
... the development of the Citrus industry.
I have been informed that it is Mr. Winston who has boon advocating and trying
to persuade the Governmont to.use legislative powers to roeovo the marketing of its
meribeors grapefruit from ',the Co-operative (which controls not less than 80% of the.
exports of this produce) and vest it in the Marketing Board. Ministers of Govern-
mont have not made a secret of the fact that Mr. Winiston. urges thoe'on to this. And
readers may hardly'beliove what say. Mr. Winston's proposal, according. to
several informants, is that Gocst, which for years has been marketing the Co-opora-
ti-vos fruit, should be the same agency to market the fruit-if the Marketing Board
took-over. The question which immediately comes to rind is: why take over? What is
behind this scheme?
Ioro is another of Mr. Winstonts bizarre proposals: he urges that the returns
on grapefruit sold over the whole season be averaged and that the fruit which fotdied
a very high price in the early season be paid format tho'same rate as that which
fotched low prices in the late part of the season.-. Thus,-those persons who by dint
of additional costs in cultivation and manuring r3anagod to ohbtai early- irui~t: Ioould
get the sane prices. as those who monely sat on their haunches and lot Nature have
her way. -Yet, this is what ifould happen if Governnont took over the-grapefruit of
producers.l (Like early strawborrios or early peas on European markets, early grapo-
fruit is a different economic commodity from late produce and priced accordingly).
What principle of co-operativism can be invoked in support of this overall rate
nonsanso? Incidentally, this ir my reply to "Fairplays'"-query about low prices
E-acoivod by producers in the 1966 seE.on:. Those who shippod'fruit in the earlier
part of the season (up .to mid-October) got very good prices, while fruit shipped
later than this came out in the red. Why did not the writer ask about the very
successful 1967 season and of earlier ones?
I am not conccnned to rebut details provided by "Fairplay" about incidents in
the life and career of the Board's new Chairman, What I am concerned about is' that,
a developing agricultural industry should not be put in jeopardy by the attitude of
one man and of those whoso oars he has -- all Honourable monbors like hilmslf.
(contd. on pagoe 1t)

if -- .__ .. ... .. ".. ... .. .. ....

Saturday, April 13., 1968 TIT STAR Pago Threeo

J A TRIBUTE Q U E E and C 0 MM 0 N E A L T.H
Tho: violent death of REP.DB, IARTIN Monday: h.,!,. the Queen in Privy Council
LUTHER fKING cane as a shock to-many of delivered the seals of office to Britishf
us, but not as a surprise. He, hinsolf, Ministors ol assumption of their iew *.iec
In. kn thht one day it night happen, not' oGbmaletaet only once a fortnight; ~ -~2ty"
so .nuch for what he wa, but for what, day work will be done by a Cabinet- committed.
he did. of three.*** The Queen and Duke visited the
L liad boon following with interest 1 million Coitiputer site, Ministry of Sow
and admiration the sacrifices .that he cial Security, at Reading.***After a v`si-t
wa nald-nlto -cT what he could to bring. to archaologic1a sites in France with his'
justice to all people in his c-ountry. "Father, Prince- Charls decided to switch
Ho. was not forced to do what he did. subjects' ancd will now road history instead'
He. night well be alive today if he chose of***
to live the conservative, comfortable, BRITAIN: 15 years- old Oliver Colton, 64 y,,
Middle class lifo of a Baptist Minister, composer-conductor, conducted his owm -
But his love of God inspired hin to use works at Royal For-tival all London on Mon-
his- intelligence and position to venture day. He remiaTed aftorwards:"Nothing wont
into a dangerous field...the love of was perfect." Ke received a.
neighbour...a field which can be thank- gr-ect-.ovation and will leave soon for theo..
less and unrewarding (in this world), .. U.S.A. where he will become Florian State.
because, in order to show true love, Symphony composar-conduator.***RISE ITI ATE3
one must forget his own comfort and go among other riaco tolophone rental has-on
out to work hard anong "the people-of up. to 216 a-.yosar-' installation cost S .
God" organize and dcnonstrato, to WELLINGTON,I:.Z,' 700 people in a passenger
preach ad to show hqerono iust love his ferry were capzod. by..a 120 mph g.lo.,
noighbour, and in doing so, love God- 60 or more persons believed downed.
In this age of religious renewal and pPEI;Tv'" -6-iAS MEETING'
od.ornizing, we still tend to-hold.(-bn to *he Heon. h.U.* 2a mC remr, left'.the
the ago old tradition of 'inploring -God --.~tate on- Tueisday, 9 April, for St.Lucia.,
to' "have Marcy" on the dead. In the Witare he attended a mooting .of WJIAS: Councic l
caso of this groat- hunan being, I do not of Ministers. He returned to the Siate on
believo that it is essential to use tho Thursday. .
"havo raercy" invocation. It is not
noc.ssorry...rather, let us ask God to FOREIGN: Rhodosia's constitutional pro-' "-
bless'"this na:n (as I am sure he has doM' posals -hve boon released.** Britain has:
already), '"hd to honour hin as one of added now clauses to'hor anti-dis-craimina-
the saints rho enjoy the "company" of tion law."*~ In USA., the Civil Rights EM
God in the other world, was passed in Coireoss -'majority. 27.
I can visualize a ceronony in hoaven (Details later.).* 10000100 US Sprvicomon
whore Dr. King is being honoured by all tooAt par% 3Ln 1tho biggest battle qf the.
the good people who have died...being Viet bN war" this ioek.*s P nco tals
honoured by God with a "crown of Glory! have boen sugionted in Warsaw, Polandby-
for daring toliv the true Christian ovt
life that Christ begged us all to live. rORT HYOUNG HOTEL
He loved his neighbour as Christ did, 1 Wa-ted: .
ho showed his love' by doing good doeds.. C H E F -
..good odeods which ho did with joy, ELECTRICIAI
doan,h the best that he could,, in the. APPLCO .. IN TI
bost way he could, in the short tine .3/3 J MANAGER.
that' ho' had to do it. .^.---
It: ic. unfortunate that nany groat'people TRIBUTE He dared to live an unselfish
1ife. Ile dhr'ed to venture into a.
should praise him only after he was life He ded to venture into a
natyrod., Much progress .would have been :dangerous field... love of.neighbour..
accomplished if only the ,o-callcd giroec love of God, He lived'a life which we
pToplo had praised hin in -life, supported all desire aAd long to live... UtI, we.
his efforts, worked with him asbrothers are too weal, too docile, too Eelfish..
in Christ. --Ho tried to live as Chrst consequently, .'e must ask for mercy...
livcd, he tried to do as Christ 'did, poor fools... It ras unnecessary. for lim.
and he died as Christ died...violently, to ask for norcy. He showed mercy...merc "1
Sigrnif icantly, he wasmartred just prir was his in life.., glory and blessed are
to Hol eook, during which we solonnly his in death
reno3C or the violent death of Christ. (signed) OIE~ WIHO WAS BORN IHITET, E
-see next col.)

J'aga dfioaur

* *

More on the man Sidhey...then atou.cih of
Sidney Poitier the "almazingly
youthful" -- is really an en:-illifcate.
from Cat Island, near the Bahamas. He
lived formerly in a thatched stone hut-,
"no electricity, no school"... saw his
first oar at the age of 11 -- "so'amazed
I didn't say a word'. the whole day,'"
(says Sidney)...wore shoes only for
chur.ciT on Sundays.. quit school in
N:assaui.' (Bahamas) after ei'gh~e-en molntis
to start work(at 12)' as a water boy to
labourers.. .at 13, was: a labourer him-
self... Today, S-idnoy Poitier is regard-
ed as one of the greatest actors.
Freoi 3r::.;:i-'..".27 films later
(the nost made by -any l'egro), he's
earrin- '100,000. a film, and will be in
Sthe runing-for a second Oscar next
''"that is, this) April.t
"Aoicn Sidney's starry-eyed fans are
JiitiChritie and. Sean "Bond" Connery.
.1 'Now ..f or this last recorded tune of
O.tis,, ,eddin-. before: .he plunged into
that :lchiga~j drink.. Otis, the "scin-'.
tillating, exuberant, .prolific and
majestic" '(says Willy Jamles of Radio
Carib) has been topping the charts with
SStting in the morning sun
1^11 be sitting when the evening
Watching the- ships roll in
And I watch ter roll away again.
Chorus: Sitting on the dock of the bay
Watching the tide roll away.
Sitting on the dock of the bay
Wasting time.
2, I left my home-in Georgia,
Headed for the 'Frisco Bay,
I had nothing to live for
And looks like nothing's gonna
come my way.
3. Looks like nothing gonna change
Everything still remains the samei
-,I can't do what ten people tell me
to do,.
o0-I guess I111 remain t-he same.
Sitting here resting my -bones
AnCd this loneliness won't leave me
It's 2,000 mile of roa- n
Jus-t to make tbias ldock' i-y home.

2'uj ijad '

SaturOc-y, April 13, 1960"


Arriving here last Friday fnom Guade-
loupe were 92 memborsu of the Association
des Jennes Moraliennes of Morne-a-Vteau
in that territory.
Many expressed how happy they felt
being in this;'-r6oot" countrywe .felt we
could stay on for another month" they
said in creole'.
"We like your rivers and your fruits,"
several of them said.
-.The Frenchics left for Guadoloupe by
i.7. Tel.roes aut midnight on Sunday.'


1I remember very well listening to one
of the Russian delegates, he used the
familiar words "In Russia we have p
proverb that- the- crimson face betrays
the murderer."- In -the English trans-
lation it cane oat as "the red face
betrays the liar," but in the French
translation it cane out as "he whose
nose is-runnini should wipe it."
--Bernard Moore EC.
The nerils of transcribing taped inter-
views into print were well illustrated
recently by the SUI'NAY TIIS when-4-t
converted a remark by Tom Stoppard:
'I am assuming.-nothing, into: 1I jam a
human nothing.1'

TWO POEL7 by Michael John Gradwell
a a *

The death kI10ll tolls
Over the still valley.
From all -the hillsides
Half a million sould
Gather to watch
The death of life
The life of death.
Later they gloat over the pain
before tho_epirit left.

Saintly fingers raise and intcortw;.nc,
Moving bodies sway to hidden drums.
And tine counts the seconds luchy.
Cartwheoling motions
Reel the mind,
The eye is blinded in sunshine;
SThe limbs move of their own accord
shining, jurpings leaping liseht,
Spraying the eye with wonder
as I stand
Bathed in beauty.
BLOOD TEST GAIT LIE- An. opinion is not nee1s-
sarily foolpr-oof, simply because it is
written *down on a iace of paper signed by
n sncienltit. .---.D. Gouli

~rci-~uP L

,.) t *--.-.-.-Clf.-ff.^,

|u 2'A. kpi ir ** *''w* Soy flvo-'> \*^. t
WY;z ~r ~pAA.,4' -.. 'C '4 l P~~f ~i
4 l
-~- -- ---r ----- go R ye '

fir rirl^

' .... :. .. ~
2 _*

-*ii I
K A;
'. .4

if T-.

'A i-
'7) 4

* ;- ~ ~ AA, )-~~


* CrA,-' 0f> / .*AD CW f-


72! -, a!`i'L PUZ'U-




Mo+E- Licf Pi

- Tec. "ck 42ad cfly R >is
n-iitdr in Yi Cr.f Bt *Fe-a ckm.- w ('Cnms^' 4cA- aind Many M

? ,y -, '..... i--2 -- I : cf '- FooD 6 IR N

.: THE ADO !"' r ND

uTH MT $ 'A F AD

S*o, dR AUP. ... ,""P 1
,, ; ., -. .-'' ;'- '.'f '

(50NO iio-AN9

.' .



4 3-i

SeE e $b wst window discs

r HIM cand NHER



':'l O .N.. MONTH J .


VO4 lE. ( Ip ^ U---.El. 36


A4- '.f fl V. Att'
*1 .' ---- L Y2rd
~~b 'if '),
I., .'. ...

will b~ or






1' -

Y' .: ,
1. L.;i.;. '



s Sad


- .- wfh*i


Paog Si: TE STAR Saturday, April 13, 1968

DVMINIC1UA PN' S People of goo
needed these
The Teacher Training course (started which has an
ten wooes ago) designed to prepare Minister was'
teachers who have Standard 7-formal Fr. Vanackro,
education for the January 1969 G.C.E. possible for
examinations, covers Algebra and Geooety; pupils in the
English Language, History, Geography, AIR-
Educational Psychology and Principles ..
and Methods of Education. On Fridays, Statistics
the teachers practice now teaching : MiniSry of Cc
methods in selected schools in the between 1966
Roseau area under the supervision of 'the considerable
headmaster. freight at I(
The twenty-oneo pupil teachers attending 11,600 per
the course are:- Lorraine Royor, Vicillc 8,997 in 196(
Case; Josoteo Ar6hibald, I or.: Jauno; 1966 figure
Reinald Winston, Rosoae.t oys;"Iona James, represent an'
Wa.rnor;'Gerald Magloiro,. Laudet; Vinna of 29%, and
Scarrant, St.Joseph; Stephen Dortrand, An even grr
S St,.Joseph; Cuthbort Joseph, Dublanc; in the case'
Josc phine 'ilson, St.Martins; Aileen. jumped by 90'
n:-..-i, Roseau'Girls; Albert 'Iilliams, creased by 2.
Delicos; James Rocque, ,Soufriorc; Lootha
G-harlos, St.Joseph; Claribel Hc.hry,Mahaut; ';HREE
Rosia Niicholas, Soufrioro; Louise Burton, Miss Anahi
Atklinson; Magdalene AugistAo, At]inson; "Mr.Henry Joh
.Oliver Charles, Cockrano; Ellen Alcondor, attend the i
Grand Bay Girls; Cocille Stuart nde to be held i
Eugono, Tote Morno and Elizabeth Aloxamder They were ch
Coulibistrio. cants- who we
The temporary Teacher Training Insti- rs T,.Grif
tut% shares the remodelled Trotter house yM.J.J.Robin
with tho Extra-Mural Departmient. sponsored by

E.E. the Governor Sir Louis Cools-
Lartiguo with the Hon. Minister for I'N COSEE .
Education & Health, Mr. V.I. Winston TE A
S A.D.C. and Mr Pond of the Education Div- PAID ON SE1
vision, paid a visit to schools at I TO r
S Massacre., Mahaut and St.Joecph on 4tlh 4 TOr
April, giving staff and pupils a half- 196'..i. TC
Sholiday.2, 196
At the IMassacre school, in introducing 4, FI ED
His Excellency, the Minister told the 4 l-- FOR 3
'.. 'senior pupils that in about a month, work B FOR 12
would bogin on the new Mahaut school. IPAYABLE D
The Ministor pointed out that classes
would '.till be held at 1Massacre but For
S ahai-'t would catebrbr capable pupils
who would follow a Junior Secondary
S School curriculum.
1His Excellency the Governor expressed
his satisfaction with the warm welcome F o
he had received and urged the pupils to
get as much education as they could and
S larn to become good citizens of Dominica.
At theo ,ahaut Junior & Infant School,
His Excellency encouraged regular attend- 1/1
ancc., and punctuality. (ne:xt Col,) L .....-

id education were greatly
days H.E. said.
Visited the school at St.Josephl
enrolment of 1,100, The
loud in his praise for Rov.
Parish priest, who mado. it
Government to accommodate the
e present buildings.

roloase.d rc'ntly by.the
oauninication & Works show that
and- 1967 thore has been a
rico in both passenger and
olvilloe all Airport.
sons arrived as compared with
6, while 11,536 left. The
ras 8,650. These figures
increase in incoming traffic
33% on outgoing traffic.
eater incroaso was-realised
of outgoing air freight. This
, while incoming freight in-

Harris, ~ is Loraine F-ill and
nson have been selected to
indward Islands Dram Soininar
n St.Vincont from 16-27 April.
oson front a group of 9 appli-
ro intorviowed on Thursday by
fii; Rlev.Brother Estrada and
son, O.D.E., and are fully

I OF EfGLArND RATE i11';'::;1:'

liOITTIIS ,. 5% FOR 6 :0i""-' AID
.2hib Royal Bank of Canada,
Roseau, .Dominica.

K.E.D. Fisher

Barclays Bank D.C.O.,
Roseau, Dominica

F.P.E, Dupigny

I ----- -- -- -_ ---- .-,-:

Saturday, April 1,3 1968 THE STul Page Seven
Rags Twotone Writes Again ....... MAM AND TIE "EES-CHOPPrI=
h Since I last wrote in those pages, a lot has
happened to me and my family, human and animal.
E must confess that my behaviour has not always
been up to the highest dog-standard, for I suffer
from neuroses and obsessions. I believe, for
Seoxamtple, that I am the aDke of St, Aroment, and
resent anyone passing up the private road to
Bath state lands of Laronde'ss afterr all,
little G, and I were the only creatures actually
born here, for Mam was born in Roseau and only
came up for holidays to visit her grandfather-
long ago. oreover~ I hve a, stupid notion that
when I jump on beautiful children in their clean clothes to fawn and lick their faces,
they will love me. Instead, iif they don't !ow me they scroam, and myi great claws may
scratch them, (ice I jumped on our little l Robbie and knocked him flat, but now, he has
me sized up so he gives me a push and says 'go away', which makes me ashamed. ead and
li!m tie me up with a great cow-rope at night so tlt I y only warn intruders,. Some-
times if I bark or frisk too mech they tie me in the daytime toot although the days of
slavery are over; especially after a neighEboua threaten ed to sue usJ and after tMam fel
she might have to buy dresses for all the pretty litQle girls; in upper Federation Drive;
On my credit side, criminals and thieves who used to haunt toheso leaty parts tend to
avoid the district when they see and hear me, for in an emer I-: hwve a ~eni:; trick
of slipping off the knot of the cow-rope,.
Much of ny doggy life is i.-te listen:ina to conversations literary, friendly and
political, I learned early that Mar had her lwn sort of obsession over tree-choppers.
She-once saw a play in London, by Chekhoi (her favourite fsassian writer), and in that
play there were three sisters who an old house surroiuded by nuit trees.While
the people in this drama talked on stage, there -ras t, noise of chopping, and the chopping
maSnt that the sisters were losing their land and property, which had been allowed to
decay bit by bit. Long before that, even, t..; had this passion for trees, believing.-
like the Greeks that trees had spirits and that if you killed beautiful old trees, haiin
would come. Consequently whenever there is chopping going on arou nd her (and particul-
arly on family land), she gets deeply upset. When Bth Estate hacked down the bread-
fruit trees to plant bananas, Mai rushed out .to -persuade the overseer to desisttelling
him that breadfruit was the food of the poor people: but he said he had his orders, She
only succeeded in.getting hold of Major 'fThompson when just two or three trees (one right
by our boundary) remained; and he stopped the final massacre, The sad thing was that.
those trees had been planted by her grandad. On another occasion, when a tenGnt Cut
down the young lignum vitae in the drivew.y M,m started to cry. And just recently she
ploughed the old jeep up the road too late to see a hired man chopping to the roots
Miss Maggie's gardenias. Almost every time, the choppers s y: butt these trees are old,
Our part-time gardener Papa Yeo whom we all love dearly is a menace as a chopper too.
That's because he is very old and cannot see what he is chopping- so now he has been told
just to chop grass and weeds, but sometimes he Of.'r Of couse Main carries her ai.wi-
chopping seal to great lengths. She likes to live i.n, a high forest, with great ioeol
Plumes of green and runast-red above her h., When she hears the chopping getting nearer
and nearer it reminds her of that day in the London theatre in wartime, how. even ithooih
the barbs were falling they did not cut out the &ound of the men with axes cutting down
that foolish family's cherry orchard, creeping e ind closer.
We had to hear a big complaint when .-e -c t ow, n council cut down the lovely flam-
boyants beside the aioseau i.ver, for Ma felt the people w-ere ':einr.g ,r':,.-leaed. LO ast week
when some casuarinas were cut down in Goverinent !,,.sc. rounds a friend came quickly to
tell gMiam hat %ad rushed d.oin. to write his n~.e in thb book and found out that they
the ones planted by the Lovelaces, with shlllow ap roots very now and then we hear
a lot of grumbling about the Canadias timber and rot, even rleiAtih- Alleyne Oea
persuade Mamn that they will really replant quoi tres or that there won't be s5il
I had intended to tell you all that dil. e oIut hie-cit hae an adopted son, hut gest
leaye that for next time. Willio ate some p-wl probably minot for mo and nearly died,
so the other little cat, IDruce, came to step ito his paws: but old Willie reCovered.
It is obvious that I must mend amy ways, or te .;--eecutionur pill comne for me

* -r *'4.

Page Eight THE STAR Saturday, April 13, 1968

Short Story "TEE MOPPERS' CURE" (Part I) by Julian Guiste

Dominica is a land of fete" Lord. Breaker
.,.Life couldn't be more beautiful for Dominicats feting set.".....

It was the ideal night for a fete. No need to mention that withHoJiday Monday
two days away the holiday spirit was strongly permeating the atmosphere. The
weather was remarkably fine and the stars which decorated the firmament presented
a.picturesque tableau produced by the Master-sa hand.
There was nothing ner in the way of entertainment for the majority of the
public since "Cleopatra1" was now going into its seventh night at the Carib, and
Palm Grove, unfortunately, had been forced to close down'to convert itself into
the "respectable" night-club of its shareholders' dreams, and was, that night, th-
venue for a "Members Only" semi-formal Dance, occupyi-ng the services of the two
S leading combos in town.
Therefore, there seemed to be no "life" that Saturday night, and the only course
open was for one to organise his own.
hNot that that critical state of affairs unduly bothered the "Life-Lads" for one
S moment. They had just gathered at their meeting place, the interior of a car, to
discuss just that.
tGentlemen,' began bespectacled Fitter, the parliamentarian of that group of
young men, all living only for the "next fete."
'Gentlemen, there is only one path- left-open to us. I beg to move, second,
vote for and pass etcetera, etceter a e, that we proceed immediately to-organise one
of our impromptu sessions for tonight. All those in favour say "Rum I those
against, don't speak '
'No better night I I exclaimed Bingo Hilson, amidst the unanimous shouts'of
"R-um For a change there was something positive ab6ut his attitude, for, though
he was dubbed the most "negative" member of the group, the exception to his rule.
was "rumn-ing." He could smell a "bottle" a mile off.
tWait...a minute I that was Coz; everybody kept quiet. Coz had that remark-
able way about him. Uith as little as a significant motion of his hand, he cap-
tured the attention of everyone in his immediate-vicinity.
Tha,boys looked upon him as the most "positive;" member of the group, and he
Sstrove hard to project that image of himself. -His ideas and suggestions were
i imos-ly the ones which carried weight in the clique. -
'Listen fellers I he was saying, tampering indifferently with the steering of
his Viva SL-- for that was the meeting place, 'ro have to plan this thing well.
Bulllshitter I The 'individual thus addressed, acknowledged the summons with a
raised index finger, simultaneously bending his head slightly forward shyly and
with a smile a characteristic trait of his. Coz.continued:
'Bullshitter, start collecting from the fellors. Three dollars each man '
-'Wu1-wwaitttt a minute pi-pu-pardner I stammered Cyril Baygas. Where money
was involved he was always "negative", and nearly always stammered when a seemingly
big contribution was demanded. He was the only schoolboy in the group..
'Oh Baygas, Coz cut him short with a searing look of mock reproach, and con-
'Three dollars each man, that's lemme see, that's twenty-one dollars..O.K...
as usual, let's have pity on Cyril...'
'Wait i cried Eim, the group's cynic, 'eight threes are twenty-four -- where
you get twomty-ono from? Look1 Fitter'- one, he began counting, I Bingo- two,
Bullshittor three, Baby Julio four, you Coz, five, Cap.,.'
'Hold it, hold it i interrupted Coz, 'you hake it wrong, you can't count.
Fitt-er, Bingo, Bullshit;er, Baby-Julie, you, Captain and well ... we can give.
Baygas a break. So...',

Coril' Stupplemrent T17TE STAR Saturday, A4ril 13, 1968


'It- is-just a week,ago si ce the assassination of Dr. King. Already much
-hai been written or brodcst about.. him and it's difficult. to add much to this
wealth of material. I 6n 't'say that 'I was surprised, 'bcuse Dr. King has
lean courting death for several years;, I venture to suggest that this was a
dath.he :right have chosen for himself what can .be-better than to consummate i
onr's: life b-y dRying' for. ona's beliefs? That's a malls way to die. The
Americ.ans~ hae a saying. 'Putting your mbney where your mouth ist (practice what
you preahli) and Dr. King-did. just that I
What effect will his death have? I"et me 'quote from his own.rprinted words...
"T'1 assasmlination.of President Kennedy killed not only a .man...'. It 'demolished
the. myth that hate and violence ..can be confined in an aictight chamber to be
employed against but a fTc. S-uddenly the truth is revealed that hate is a
contagion; grows and spreads as a disease- that no society is so healthy
Sthat it automatically maintain its immunity. Ifa. smallpox epidemic had
..boon'raging in the south .Prqsident Kennedy wo.ld have-been urged to avoid the -
' "area. There was a plague afflicting the Soutlih but its: perils were not perceive
S.. And so the plagu spread.. The .words of Jesus iThMsmuch as ye havo done it
Sto the least of my,.brqthren, ye have done it to no" were more than:.a figurative
eoxpressoan; they were -a literal prophecy.. We wero all -involved in the death of
John Knnedy..- We tolerated hate; we tolerated the. sick stimulation of violence'
:n. all walks of life... w. mourned a man who had become the pride, of the nation,
but wo, gricyed as. well for oursolvgs because we know w e wre cick.. In, sadness
and remorse the American people searched for a monument big enough.,.. if the.
tragically premature end of John Kennedy will prove to have-so enlarged the
sense of humanity of a whole people, that in itself 'rill be a monumentt of eonduinE g
strength."' (Quotation from 1Ilff WE CANIT WAIT by Dr, .King.) Dont you ageroee
that these words may very well apply .to Dr.King himself?
Wost Indians and dark skinned Amoripans (like the Englishman and the Amcritan) '
may be the, same onlour and speak nearlyy) the same. laUnguago, but their problems
and culture are .difforcnt, and hard for each other to understand fully. F'
I think that many fachrs of intolerance in ,America would ba funny if they didn't .
have' such tragic overtones; .isn't it ironic that tiny Dominica is miles ahead
.of the richest and most powerful nation on earth when it comes to ra.c unity I
I lived in America.for -years, and due to my religious beliefs as a. BaMhi I
inevitably :found, myself :involved, in this race unity question. (You will notice
that use the term 'race unity. in preference to 'civil rights.': equal laws arc.
a. first step, .but nobody can :pass a law that .will make people '.love one another).
Being a. Gaucasian' (and that ts American for 'white man ), escaped most of the
insults that a'coloured person in a similar position would expect as a matter of
ooursd, although my wife was asked once before marriage to leave her apartment
moroly because Negro friends had called on her to take her to.a Bahai meeting ...
I never mot *Dr.King personally over the race unity problem, but had, several .
friends who kniow him well,, and respected him. It is. hard to' explain how DrKing's
doctrine of non-violence plus love. was so deceptively simple, and yet is .the
single most -important building-block of race unity in Ameriica. *It calls for a
quiet persistent cdura.g, and-lots of hard unspectacular work quite different
from the senseless hooliganism that topk over in many cities. I worked at a
rlargo printing plant in thoe .iF its area of Los Angolos and had to drive to work
through the-riots there: this reminded me of the hoight of the London Blitz,
and if Dr.' King's death :-ill convince people that -love.and .cooperation are
bettor than this hate and violence well, at least he will hot have died in vail.
S+-. + .- .
D.OiTffTCANS ,await date Cand .tio of ..Government-su-ggostod memorial .service for
S Dr. King. -LAt- ST.BAUL'S .CATiT~DRAL the. Anglican Canon prilochld to' 2ipDO coloured.
and white people saying "we associate oUrse-lves rith Dr.Kinc's Gauso. + J L-:
soveral more persons wore ,killod- :and hundreds injured in now violence across bha
United States all weoc T-h toll since rioting .: the wake of the assassin-
atiion of the-Rovy .. Itin Luther 'ing climbed to 3o dea and 3,550 injured.
Property damage was estimated at 26.5 million dollars. C(tril 9). '

Saturday, April 13, 1968 THE STAR Page Nine
T TH E _. r C Ui
f JC,7 li
'But what about you? You doh count yourself, the member called Captain wanted
to know. Captain was the biggeSt in stature among them, and also the most quiet.
Ho was Bingo's brother.
that about you? .
M xa?.'- exclaimed Coz, as though he were shocked. He made it sound an absurd
idea. *Me but of course, me; yes, me I Dontt forget transport is a most import-
ant factor here tonight, gentlemen I t
There, then ensued a long argument and debate, which ended in a sort of agree-
mont, Everybody except Coz and Baygas was to contribute throo dollars. Coz was
to pay half price, the other half making up for petrol, Baygas would supply throe
crates for buying "chaser."
Bingo was to make a large bottle of punch with a dollar and a halfts worth of
"kaka poulo", while his brother promised to cook the pelau. The session would
be hold at their honel..
Coz (for-transoort), Bulshittor and Bim were to buy all the '"ncessarais" from
Bin's uncle's shop. Baby Julie was to produce eight docent girls for the night;
failure to do so would him a battle of whiskey a hard and fast law with
the group. As he himself suggested
'o fete is a fete without Caroni,.polau and dames to' ag" with. We cannot
allow good music and rhythm to waste,'-
;* *
Baby's bottle of Scotch remained" secure with him. I~ oven produced. a ninth
lhe session was well underway before the interruption came... Bullshitter, a
"Uoner" since his second Caroni and Zip, was erratically ondeavouring to sWay in 'i
:time to a "Rock-Steady" beat, being pulsed out by the Dragondires, Bingo sad Coz
weree in the kitchen helping I-Irs. Hilson, the former's mo-hor, to dish out the
pclaUy-Coz being there more because he enjoyed being in close proximity to the
food, than for his capacity as.a helper
The others, Fitter, Captain, Baygas, Bim and Julio wore seemingly fused into
their respective partners, gyrating with the minimum of movement, now and then
whispering "sweet nothings" into the ears of the gullible gils.-
At- -that moment life couldn't have been more beautiful for the Lifo-Lads (the
group's adopted name.). Lord Breaker had sung '"ooinica is the land of fete" and
those boys were intent on proving the theme of his lyrioz to be true*
Then in marched the "mopp.ers." There were four of then three boys and a
girl clad in a black shirt dangling loose over black 1ranglers and white go-go
boots.' A more opportune moment could not have been chosen. Pood Was just being
served4 The majority of the "Life-Lads" wore ensconced in the arms of their
partners, and Bullshittor was already too far gone to'give any opposition. But iC
they figured right with everything and everybody elso, they figured rrong i Co..
Coz Johnson was never a man to see what he had provided for (especially when it
was food) being maliciously partaken of by parasites, if he could help it. Though
he ranked among the first class "moppers",Sye.t"moppers"l at his sessions were
grossly unwelcome. He hustled Bingo out to his anr, through the back door, to
get a small bottle, and he prepared himself for the "invasion,"
The unwelcome foursome danced their way in the-direction of the kitchen.
'Fellers, look who is here 1 exclaimed their leader, pointing to Coz, who
stood at the kitchen door with a smile, (or a grin which was meant to be a smnil*
it was said that the anatomical structure of his face made it difficult for
h: to give a normal smile.
'Ay-ay., Coz boy I yelled the youngest of the "moppers," '"Whats happening
non man? l *
(For the revelation of whatI next week)

T ( S,(

ll 2A

Jft.1 ita~
'I ;: .., s

ii ( #
3-Bq -i

C ~ *f I*
f.;'- :t~.4 ;. ~..--------...~,.

qq~r ~~rJ-

'f* LAST St.:pF.R : Ccedfbry dar cArv" by I
.treasuy o SU Je;s' Cfwwch a1n Rsdhinierig, a .yg'rcny.

J!.. CLARK, C-IAMPIoN .F CHAPMlO.N, i--d.1


e .

irn C v flh .an EgCis Csphlat-4, bccc .. r'nosr .a '~.-od
i d' m-" er C e r, woe ?'<. t GLr.nd Pt uit-
ra'ct : e a S /iiiac zad lg a frcE i'rw '"-w' 'y kiv veIA. w

TiJrf :n r?2enshch ridr,

P I.' .

.. -

*r .? in 3 tVhusi-;r. was;d h

i : .e a "prared da rr -
YSm t: ?rai hib ? i1n B h h.- d',j

' y, April 13, 1968 THE STAR Pago Eleven


by Ian Tickle

Govt, has sent a cable otecnding its General Gowon said some weeks ago tlat
sympathy and that of the people of he 'oExpectedL Biafra to be completely
Dom'inica to Mrso Martin Luther King on vanquishod by the end'of March. There is
tha assassination of her husband. now no chance of that, and indeed in
The o~ablo reads: recent -eeks thore have been indications
of a change in the balance of forces in
"The Government and people of Domini- the Nigerian civil war in favour of the
ca offer sincere condolence on the tragic dissident East..-
loss of your husband, and hope that the General Gowon's main tool to end the
passing of this Grcat Man will bring war was a major thrust southwards on the
poaco and understanding to the world East barnks of the Niger to take the city
which he dreamt of, and to which his life of Onitsha. This'city has been considered
was dedicated." the key to Biafra, and it had remained
Si_,i.:'sciblo for the federal troops to take
O~E-AIR SERVICE FOR D.IMARTIN L.KING it in a frontal attack'across the Niger
River. It wras.-thought, however, that the
The Christian Council of Churches held It s o t, h, that t
river was the onl-y difficulty, and that i
a midday open-air service in memory of river s i cou launched fro farther
an attack could be launched from farthc.r
Dr. martin Luther IKing, at oodford.~ nr north whore both sides of the river are i?-
Port-of-Spain, on Tuosday. federal hands, there would be no obstacles
The Archbishop of PortAof-Spain, the in the w-ay of a march upon the city. But
Host Rev, Anthony Pantin, read theproved wrong"
,,,,, AVV -,this has proved wrong.
Sleson. Addresses were delivered by ..or indood, have the federal troops
Senator Rov. Roy Nehall and other clergy- been able to confirm the impressive
. Moravian Ministor Rov.Robert victories that they haVe been forecasting
Cuthbert of the Moravian Church and court rmin
Pr(:.3bytorlaC1 Minister- I)Lov, dris H In the sou-th. Port Hnrcourt remains
Prcsbyteran Ministor, Roev.Idris hlid, firmly in Biafran hands, and its airpor-
rnisad the service can still be used fairly freely by tholte
R E U I s wihinii:fto travel in and out of the
Country, Calabar and Bonny are i the
(to Dr. Martin Luther King) hands of Govon's men, but the amphibious
-.--- attack up the crooks of the Nliger Delta
by Cynthia Watt has not natorialisod.
Iy soul cries in revolt ,Those military setbacks for the federal
it the ruthless slaying of a great goveorniont havo coincided with a report
lender that one of their leading spokesman,
irtin Luthor King. Colonel Ioassan Itsina., the 1Military Gov-
King he was L ernor of the north, whom many Biafrans
A. champion of our cause. consider to be'the power behind General
I'ts gone...who will repjlaco him? Gowon's throne, has now said that a
Is-there anyone? foreign international force might in souo
Nogro souls awaks circun.t.ancos be acceptable in Biafra
The blood boils during a period of appeasement following
Lie a Seething cauldron.... the end of hohtilitios; and this is the
Tce sought for the right first suggestion from a Nigerian Federal
That has been bequeathed source that the hostilities could end in
To all 1humankidnd. circutMstances other than those of a total
-i *d b defeat for the secessionist iast.
Lis spirit shall move on and burn de t for te secessionist as. .
it our hrts. --Swiss Pross e view
..ithin our hc.rt.s. .............................
Of no less renowA
hf no lvess ron :1l-1 Prosident HaIstings Iamuzu Banda
Shall live oonn denoui~i d the morals and social bohaviour
Shal1 live on \ and on l, and on I wosorn youth.
of wostdrn youth.
2nd from a poem by ITCS E, L R Banda, who recently banned mini-skirts,
told a rally the youth of the west was
!eUoonot, oh my wol-saholterod sisters being raisc o'I"tho wrong w~ .. hy'
'oJcp not for the Negro alone, brout'ht up to Expect everything ferooefrom
But woop for your sons who must gather the crad to ;o e grave, he said. B
The crops which th6ir fath"orr hal did not believe they were really robollirg
sown 4ninst like world injustice and
the Vietnaol -'ar.

Pago. Twolve

IEAPSiY: AND THEYSAY by John Spector SPECTOR In fact there are so many
clauses insisting on entrepreneurs contri-
Tharoa is a little saying which appears buting to the social and cultural welfare
iJ many a childrs prinmr -- tSelf-praise of Doninica that would be an achievement.
is no reconnondationt and this little if Mr. Bruce Rbbins6n got any promoters to
proverb 1 would reconnend to a certain come here. however, I understand that
self-styled experienced journalist who- several British firms beside the American
has recently been stirring up racial contractors for the harbour and airport
hatred against "expatriates" on the construction and TV and radio have signed
Morno who are. supposed to have .started up already to start industries in the area,
iUp a "private school for their children". A chock on the land which it is proposed
Ai. cutorienccd journalist would have to lease to SIP3 shows only one, dwelling
learnt the first principle of journalism house, and practically no land under
- CHECK YOUR FACTS FIRST. I got sore- serious cultivation. I do not knIow how.
onSo who lays no claim to being an ox- Government expect to keep down smuggling
prrieonod journalist to check this stbry, with so nay duty-free goods coning in,
HEro are. some facts. Sone tiin ago a because IM.Robinson refuses to considorz
child was removed from the Convent fencing off Sunday Island; he apparently
Juiiorc School because a parent objected says that it is a.'part of Do.inica, and no
to a disciplinary act against the child; Doninican will over be kept out of it.
tjhe parents live some ten nilos front i Governont should got quite a nice slice
Rosoau. More recently certain parents, of customs revenue front the import of
who do live on the Mornotronovod one foodstuffs and- drinks and there will be
young child (who was disturbing the rosc as time aoos on plenty of jobs for Donini-
of the class and whose health was not cans and learn now skills,
so good anyway.) front the Convent, but But let :everybody be warned that the
loft: thoir two older children'there, project is likely to take as long as a.
All tho. children on thoMorno, whether lime tree to cono to fruition -e;. five
Europoen Or West Indian, except the one to seven years. Anld ask'yourselves, would.
nontionod, attend Roseau schools if thcq you rather have 5% dfo10,000 or 90% of
ar, old enough. Incidentally, for the nothing? I hope it cones off.
benefit of those who thinkthe Morno i i--q. -
inhabitod solely by white pEatiato, DOMINICA BAAL GROWERS' ASSOCIATION
there arc far more West Indians living FERTILIZER S'UBSIDISATION SCHEME
on theo Horne than Europeans: and most .
of those are filling technicological NOTICE TO I..ii.'l GROWERS
poets to help out the State. N THI :IE":i DISTRICT

-1Woll. ,Government never released the
S.I.P.A. agronomnt to the public, so I
had to get sono information from an
Ancrican acquaintance who had done some
business over Sunday Island and I can
tell ny readers one thing: tho opportun-
ity for exploitation by foreigners pro-
supposed by many Doninicans does not
erist, To start with (I an informed)
practically every article in- the agroo- hedged around with protective
clauses in favour of Doninicans: the
only restriction on wages and salaries
is that of civil servants customss,
police, firo:en etc.) whose salaries
aand quartora have to be supplied for a
long time by SIPA and must be the same
as those in the rest of the civil ser-
Every licensee has to provide a
scholarship of sone kind to a Dominican
school, and even the radio and tele-
vision have to give an hour a day to
acuacational progrmares. (no-xt col.)

The Registration Officer will be avai~.
able at Portsmouth Iran-ch Office on the
17th and 18th April, 1968 to issue dupli-
cates of Certificatos of Registration of
Holdings (Blue Forms) to growers who have
lost their Certificates.
The Registration Officer will also be
available at out-district fertilizer store-
roons for the same purpose on the follow-
ing days:
Marigot Monday, 22nd April, 1968!
Calibishio Tuesday,23rd April.1; 68
Vieille Case eods., 24th April,1968
9th April, 1968
St.Georges: Eastor Eve:- Vigil Servioe,s
-11 p.m. Easter -ay Low Mass 7.30 a.n;
Sung Mass 9"an; Evensong 7.15 pn.
St.John's: Easter Day Sung Mass 9 anm
*Fr.Bost. *

S t I x -day 1 pril 13, 1960


Saturday, April 13, 1968 TUS STAR Page Thirteen

Cricket lovers around the world have
oxpressod their delight at being able to
tune in directly to the special Overseas
Broadcast of the Windward Islands Broad-
casting Service and to receive ball-by-
ball c6munntarios of the Test Hatches on
the 13, 19 and 25 Metre Bands.
hundreds of reception reports have ..
been received by. the Windward Islands
Broadcasting Service front Britain,
Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, India,
CoyIon, 'Canada, the United States of
America., Malawi, South Africa and Ascen-
sion Island, in addition to most of the
countries of Europe.
Broadcasting organizations, too, have
made use of the Service to bring their
listeners up-to-the-minute scores, )amnd
the service was relayed in Bermuda. The
Windwardslslands Broadcasting Service
has been able, once again, to complete
a succeouful assignment in External
Broadcasting for thh West Indies.

Prof .MaLadovan Lectures At Lions Club
Prof- P. Mahavedan, Dcan- of the Faculty
of.Agriculture of the U.T,.I., was guest
lecturer at the Dominica Lions Club
last Tuesday evening. He gave a very
lucid and informative lecture on ie work
of his Faculty.
Tho Professor pointed out that a recent
man-power survey carried out under the
auspioias of the Rockefellor Foundation
showed that 267 professional agricul-
turists will be required in the area in
1968 to 1972. Guyana has 27 vacancies'
in the professional grades in agricult-
ure, Trinidad has had to shelve its
Crown Land Settlement Scheme for lack
of professional staff in agriculture.
The University has the facilities for
training the necessary staff, but new
students are not entering the field in
sufficient quantities. The present in-
tako of new students is only 15 to 20
annually. Many more are needed iimm~di-
The Professor wont on to describe the
work being done in research and exten-
sion, .Ie is at the present. time nego-
tiating a schoem with the U.!T. for
extension of the livestock industry in
the area. The scheme is estimated at
31.5 million U.S.

FLAGS on Govt. and other buildings in
Dominica flew at half mast on Tuesday
for the funera 1 of the late Dr. Martin
Luthor King.

--'~- LL.) l
It is notified for general information
that the following Resolutions were un-
animously passed at a Statutory Mooting-
of the Central Housing & Planning Authori-
ty held on Wodncsday 20th March, 1968,
Sgd. E.Percival Munro,
Sec. & Chief Technical Officer
Central Houscing & Planning Autho-

R E S O L U T I 0 L S
BE IT RESOLVED that the Central Housing
& Planning Authority decide to prepare a
Scheme under the provision of Section 5
(1) (b) of hc Town & Country Planning-
Ordinance Cap.181 for all that parcel of
land in the Parish of St.John bounded on
the North by Forest Estate and Lands of
Mrs. Rosenco Israel (Madam Buddy Israel)
on the South by Forest Ravine; on the east.
by Forest Estate and on the West by a
drain separating it from 'he Glanvillia
Village Extension Scheme.
BE IT RESOLVED that the Central Housing
& Planning Authority decide to prepare a
Scheme underthoe provisions of Section 5
(1)(b) of The Town & Country Planning
Ordinance Schome Cap.181 for -ll that,:
parcel of land containing 19.6 acres in
the Parish of S't.David bounded on the
North-east by Sonhouse River, on the South
east by lands of the- Roan Catholic Church
and the Public Road: on the South-west by
Lands of the Christian Union Mission and"
Castle Bruce Estate and on the North-west
by Lands of Castle Bruce Estate.
BE IT RESOLVED that the Central Housing
& Planning Authority decide to prepare a
Scheme under the provisions of Section 5
(1)(b) of the Town & Country Planning
Ordinance Cap,.101 for all that parcel of
land 12.5 acres in extent in the Parish of
St.Paul bouAded on the North-west by an
Estate road; on the South-west by an-
Estate road, on the South-east by the pro-
posed school site and the Public Road to
Campbell and on the North-east by the back
boundary of lots 310-331 on the layout of
lots lodged with The Autho.rLty. by.the
developers. G.29,
South Africa has established a crocodile
farm in the HTdumu game reserve in Northern
Zululand. The oggs, which in nature have
an only two per cent success rate, are
collected and hatched,' so that national.
parks and reserves elsewhere can be

Sqturdrty April 13, 1968 THE STAR Page-Fourea
.AIDROCLES For even as I write this, I PORTS"QUT* ELECTION
know producers of grapefruit are entor-
tamiing second thoughts about expanding Last day for tho registration of voters
thair production if (by Government use for the Portsaouth Town Council Eloction
of the Xawr) the marketing, and theroforcis dodnesday 17 April. This will be
the priAas paid, will be dotcrnined by based on Univorsal Adult Suffrage for all
a Government-appointed Board made up of persons who are 21 years and over, with
persons such as thc so recently noriinateddppropriate rsidenco qualifications.
The lcst list of voters was destroyed
It iylght be useful to enumerate, withby fire amnd a new one is now to be compilecc
out comnnnt, the personnel of the Everyone qualified should register at the
directorate of the Citrus Co-operative. Sub-Treasury.
It is: MessrsClon Dupigny (Chairman), *
C.S. Kelly, Newton Shillingford,
Stafford Shillingford, L.A, Roberts, The Only Aftle .Hour Sale.
TA. Boyd, E.R.I. Shillingford, Tod t .-^yANT
HEOnychurch: and Charlie Winston. No tino to prepare your evening e'nal???

Tho danger of appointing one of the SLta tllyulo Lt u ui o C uge.
politicians of the LoBlanc Party to Steak to your choice.
hair t h Agricultural Harkoting Board Chicken & Chips,
Si -that he c6uld use his influence on Chinco Diho.
-' .,tho Goverhnent to takei steps which -ight. And drinL of course I
apoil..what promaises to be a very valu- 1/2
.ablo industry for'the island. As every COPPER DELL .STOLEN
0oC .now-, this Governont is prone to While some churches tolled their bolls in
----......u -pr pcit c. vith .ocononics. so.S. joining with those Nlation oam Tue~id'y to oDutrn
it all :aoii. The -farsightodness of an the loss of slain Anorican Civil Rights'
rm .-s..sillr.-. f.persons has Leader Dr .itatin Luther King, the. Presby-
br-.bughi' s to- ; point .whor trillions of torian church at Friolids Village in Berbic'.
dollars may. soon *be made by this country remained silent. Thieves' ha run off with.

in nthe salJ o grapefruit. Is it fair it ,000 copr ball. -(Over 100 yrs.od
rocognitc.n to attempt to harass these' ".. v -
producors?" This is ny great objection. IOTI CE
I hadc hoped that the rmre hint I gave The Extra Mural Dopartment' f tflIz Rooau.
izi o _lm~oatn the personnel of the new will be offering a 4 torn course. l:c ing
4r-icultural Marketing Board would have to matriculation requirements for.'f ,I,
sufficed. as "a. word to the wiseo." But. ..
considering the inspired reaction of (1) I0' leovl French, starting-:Tlhrcddyh
"Fairplay'", I here find it necessary to May 2nd fronm5-6'.0 pn at -tho1:Gqnvont
t.ohr-o drd .faets of the case to the Bight School. Tutor Miss Josephine
gl-are and scrutiny of public opinion. Josephs B.A.
(2)* 0' levovl 1.athmona-mi on Fri yb .
YOUTG IJULTS WANT MORE SEX ED UCATION 5.15-6.(5 p0l thai Dotinic i Gri ,
5.15-6.45 pn at "hM Dominich Grarnaar
by R. L School starting Friday May 3rd
-' bout 85 young adults hoard I-iss
rjbcira Ladd speak on the last in a *There will also be two0. preliminary asesibra
series of talks on Sex Education at the in French'on Friday 19th and 26th Aprilt
Goodwill Junior High School on Monday at,.+ Dominica Gramnar School.
SThose present voted unanimously (by a Enrolieent at the Extra Mural Department
shio of hands) for another torm during Monday to Friday during office hours.
which it is expected that noroe activity
which i is pecFes 5.00 per course to be paid in
will take place* advance
Film shows on the subject, aszignnonts
cand panlol discussions are also being 1/2
considered; the last-naned will include.
various rnembers of the corniunity it is of M
SEX EDUCATIOIT At the end .of Ilonda3y
hopai.. nights procoodiints, a note of thanks".
Permission granted by the Ministry of n s proceeding, a note of thweln
Education, the next torn will bogin on wa1s movd -by iss ShiCorley HLlcoollyn
Monday, April 29. (concld.ft.neot col.) a teacher at tco Convent High School.,


m7~~M -D^-ly~-i\~L1i^ ..^ ^*.~j~_-C^-^

,;,..,.i... 1;, 1968 THE STAR Page Fift~Lc


Toendcrs aro invited for the purchase of the following
unscrvicoable ocuiipnio- presently under the control of the Ministry
of Co-,iunicat'ions and Works.

(4) Bedford Trucks Roeg.Nos. 805, 884,
(1) Thamos Truck CRg. No. 1371'
(4) Land Rovers Rog, Nos, 1303, 1257,
(1) International Truck Rc. ITo. 763'
(2) D8 Catorpillars M.,C,.- o, o. No. 101,
(1) D7 Caterpillar TI.C.J. ITo. 1302
(1) Traxcavator 977 M.C.W. o0. 1403

1234, 1222

470, 1301


2. The equilm5rent may be inspected at the Public Works Division
of the'._:- between the hours of 8.30 a.,n. and 4 p.m. on
any day except Saturdays and Sundays.
3. Tndo-nrs lhich should b .in sealed onvelopos and marked
distinctly ;"-'I,:T. ': FOR PUBLIC WORKS EQUIPIET.T l should be addres-cod
The Chairman,
Ministry of Finance,
and should reach the Ministry of Finance not later than 4 p.m.
on Tuesday 30th April, 11968.
4. The Covernnont does not bind itself to accept the highest
or any tonI nro
File No. C.& !i. 11/21, G,31-1/1

RiEADERS VIEJS READERS VT .'T (co.ntd) As I look out ciT
o-o-o-o-ao-a.-o The West Inldies stod.y I feel that Do:i,.i:-.
-'-.' IFaro"'- and St.Lucia have a big future because .
Sa sads ro aG-ronap are just string 'to be developed. on_
'ia..ts a sad stato of thins in A i nti' ~u of the other islands are s-all and. hav.
hou ht Trad Unions w to do good, boen developed to a large extent,
SIiou-:-'. iit Tao~sI;rc ado co Toii

bu- if they bring so much havoc, arc they
ooed for their islands? Will similar
things happen in other islands and will
foreign investors be afraid to 'ring in
capital -tothe islands hclich noed it so
Sadly? 1

'.ll ,loat Indians ever forget the. word
SLAVE and grow up? Maybe the English
choulc b) still moaning about when they
uore slaves and the Ronans sold them in
tho .narkot~T s. have passed the slave
poiod, and we are educat-d (many of us)
aned xr progressive in many rwyso., hat
good docs it do to ioop on going back to
slavery? Do the Australians koop..,on
tll'-ng of the tiiae when thoy woroe sn
out to that country as convicts? Very
ri ghtl, they want to forgot that period
of th~ir history. They are a progressive
peoopol. e o T'est Indians should try and
copy the: and instead of di;g'inI; up the
upleasant past, we should s pend our
enoeri-;s on improvin ourselves and the
island whore we wore born, (next col.)




-* ^ *
'irhen it cones- to Tourism it brings its
blessings and it brings its drawbacksla It
causes the cost of. living tos rise bocaus.
the Tourist can afford bi -;_:r wages for
domestics etc. and the tourist can also
load local people the wrong way in some
things. I know it brings employment for.
ovon a part of the year and it causes.
hotels to be built and firms to sell thcir-
goods and the small islands have boon toli
that they nurst go in for tourism. Of
course a good boach is very necessary als'.
a good yachtt Las in is also a gra.t
attraction. horse e there is not a good
beach I erpoct that a swimmiing pool. with.
soa-water is better than no soa-batYhing
I wonder if tourists are interested in
river bathing and a hotel in the i-ounta:;,-i
C, A BACK, Grenada.

FOR: Forris, Docunont-copying, Bills,
Receipts, Lottcr-1-hads, Duplicating i



Pago. Siateen THE STAR Sat iday, April 13, 1968
S*T*A*R*S*PS STARSPORTS ShillinSford's record 355 5"
.-..T .* shot putt was the boost performance with a
CRICIKT: Osborne Cracks Bril:.iant-Cgnt1 .1 fine Ehu. by U.Dollot of a record 5-muinute"
A spark-ingt century by Blackburns' loft- mile showing what real training can do. On
hanior Ronald Osborne (picture on front the whole performances were not impressivo-
-p'-o) holpod Blackburns amass 250 for 5 in so few of the Conpotitors had done more
a 1st Division match played at PottorsvillThan a week or so of training. Those who
Sca-:.'unah last weekend. en making a come- took athletics seriously since January got
bac:k to the game, Clom M~Intyre made use-' the honours.
of the bat and scored 34 and H.4Dyor 54 n.o. G.Shillingford received the Victor Ludorui
In their turn at the crease, Saints found for the 2nd yoar with 28 points, Skinner
themselves very uncomfortable against the House were House Champions with 220 points
pace- of Heosy and Boll and- wwr-call out for and the now Dupigny House placed 2nd. (11Opt
127: Saints did better with 177. leaving BASKETBALL:. i'ors in to do Battle.
Blactburhs 55 runs to win. S-cores again:
Blacokbuts 250 and 55 for 5; R.Osborne. 108, The players selected to roprosontethe
H.Dyor 54 no. Saints: 127 .nd 177.***** island against T~inidad are as follows:
MIDDLESEX Overwhelms- TEGCB~IC.: At Marigot H.Thomas' (capt.), W.Lo Blanc, B.Thonas,
on Sunday at Fine Grass Park, Middlesex M.Zamoro C,.illiars, G.Daricl, J.Murray,
(Pa-ix Boucha) defeated Technnics (larigot) B.Hector, P.Poeiborton and A Thomas..
by 95 runs. Technics won the toss, scored (S.M.A. 13th 15th.).
75 runes against some a-ccurato bowling by OTHER CRICIKT INEIIS.: Matches carded for
G.F'ranois,- (E.Louis 16,- F..Charlos 13, this wookend are as follows:
W.F.ranc 12: G.Bruncois 6-14 and L.Augus- At Pottcrsville Savannah Bolice vs-.Sonor-
tine -3-29). Middles-ax s-cored 170. (C.Joscpht '
ra55, rand Schodl Grounds Wandercrs vs.
551 S,J'Jospi.43'and P.Pieriae Louis 31: De ...
E.Willians 3-11, E.Louis 2-15-) .Froa!k -'fcnce -Ercow --
H.Willils 3-11, E.Louis 2-15-) WT.Fr,-anh Botanic Gardons: Spartans vs. S..M.A..
2-25 and C.Thomas 2-26. Tochccds were 100. SM
for 8.****GARY SOBERS took over as skipper The match at the iJindsor Park has boen
of Nottinghamshire English Country Cricket postponed because of preparations being
Club. In taking up the three-year contract ade for the Donkey Derby.
Sobers said: "My aim is to win either the -
county chaqiplonship or the lknock-out cup," THE DOMIITICA 1'fRlIAFRY SWEEPSTAKE, schod-
The main thing this season is to play hard ulod to have boon drawn on April I hns
cricket and play it fair, I do not want been postponed till the 9th June, owing sh'
to seo .players involved in soenes on th6 poor sale of tick"etso
field or disputing the umpire's decision," DATELINE again- 9th Juno, 1968.
Explaining why he joined Nottinchamshire, i ..
which failed to win a county championship DON'T MISS IT I
last season, Sobers said: "I like to play G E E N L AN T E R N 0 F E R
for a toan who I think needs my help. It
brings out the best in mn." *:::::: : ***;** A G A L A W E -"
Spartans moot S.N.A. this -oea-ndo Ludoria Sun,..Af't; 4 p.m.. "SWINGING BUSTErJS"
Tho long-awaited clash betwoon Spartans t 10.p.m. DIM S
and. S .M1.A.. comes off...this roekend at the
Botanic Gardens. S.M.A. who boast of hav- Mon.,ft; 4 p.m.,. MATINEE DANCE1
ing- Z Island prospects on their team, in E D ONDS
stylish batsnan MacFord Zcjiorvo and L6ft- n igh10 pm E D
arr neditun-pacor-David Defoe, will be
out to secure victory over Spartans who -
have seven Island players (past &S-present) *
on their sidco The Spartans Toam: Cle *
John (Capt.), L.Willicas, E.Charleo, ENJOY IC D.TC. at
I, Shillingford, C.Williacis, J.C.Josophs, SCHOOL
J.Fausti. E. Jno.Baptisto, ARobrts,
EASTE1 11 DIONY7 8 30 p.m.
G.Lafond,-G.Shillingford and G.Carrington. EASTE 80 p.m.
ATHLETICS: G.Shillingford Victor Music: SU-;IT- DJUSTERS BAR V
DGS sports, postponed from a. rainy Thurs- / ,IT-i
day, hit the perfect day(on Sunday Greg 2/2
Printed & P published by the Proprietor, Robert E. Allfrey, of St...Aroment, Dominc-
of 26 Bath Road, Roscau, DO.TIITICA., W.I.