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Vol VI, No, 8
Vol. VI, No, 8

TWO of our columnists, regular ANDROCLES and
J d 4 occasional JOHN SPBCTOR, touched off certain
inflammatory points of late. At an Opposition
Soeoroir me:,ting on Trhursday night, when the
X "s a poverOty of' the Labounr supporters of Pottersville
w as never more evident, the Chairman acknowledged
A" Androcles as the inspiration for N.D.M.'s new
V' series of 'educational broadcaster'. Personally
we found the meeting not only educational but.
revealing and hilarious as well. Without ram-
Hr bling through the agenda, let us say that a
6.-t(Ca ) mainly hostile crowd remained to burst into
S wib friendly laughter at the end. And this on the
PRiIes Rt-lcf. rsx SAY subject of Sunday Island.
I I.SUtiAYl ISLa3aD is a serious subject. You will
SONDAY 1BLAKPi atow41Ry Y find news of it on page 10. Now John Spector-
had stated in thase columns (quoting lMay on Pariiamentary Procedure) that Dominica G'ov-
ernment had probably written their own Standing Orders, as provided for in Sec.43 (3)
of tle Constitution. They certainly did so. They have entitled themselves to get laws
rushed through without public discussion; ITut this is bad public relations and smacks
of .otlita.irianism hardly coimmndable to tho Commonwealth Pariiamentaay Association to
which local logi.lators belong. One such piece of rush legislation was the Sunday
Island ISaabling Act, which merely set aside some of the Laws of the State, so that tlhe
yet unpublished agreement could be signed before the crucial CARIFTA meeting, We under-
stand that Government did not want the ether CARIFTA signatories to smell a rat (but
Trinidad did, and made strong objection). Ergo, if the SIPA agreement had been signed
after that'CARIMFT agreement, all CARIFTA countries would have had to ratify it ,
The SIPA agreement must be ratified here by the House of Assembly by May 1, CARIFTA's
starting date. It has been printed, and SIPA sponsor Robinson was allowed to show copies
to prospective licensees abroad; but up to now it is a secret well kept from the people
of Dominica, save for Mr. Elkin Henry's inspired leak on Thursday. We know it will go
through 11-2 like a knife through butter. Bat is that good public relations, auguring
safety for the future? Should not the 'free' people of Dominica be allowed to discuss

it beforehand as a White Paper or in Draft? WE SAY THE" SHOILD!
What got the streets rocking on Thursday was the revelation that
wages on Sunday Island (which is no longer an island, its canal
having been condemned by experts) are to be tied to wage-rates in
-r, the State. A SIPA apologist came to the
S" microphone, explained nothing, but made
*=^ everyone laugh. And some 6,000 people have
applied for SIPA jobsJ So Bruce Robinson
has done what Government should have done
long ago made a.partial register of skills
Sand workers, ,
: BNA GROi3iS (and who isn't one, here?)
heard the dire news that although tied to
,-"\ ~CARIFTA conformity, they were solo in opting
out of Windstorm Insurance Scheme: local men
-SM prefer to spend on subsiding
W.ICI SYMON -kbl'y fertilizer, althou-gh Geest's contract with
"hs Setrmi tSnk WINB.N calls for hurricane insurance.
iy sP 0. (Concluded on back page)

lia140db4um spsnhiaur took
10 WP'ckY #r70 cqbtufv
r1liWik Halt 1.,- wL4~(-



/ '

* J

Mrs. Jane Lowenthal,
Research Institute fork
the Study of Man,
162 East 78 Street, ,
New York 10021, N.Y.,
jie8.1 UOCU7JJI11 y/

.- kS.' I




i'i ilc1:' Co ,, 'STUDY 6F MA
Oauturday, March 23, 1968 'NEW YORK 21, N. Y. Ten,, n


Saturday, March 30, 1968


Any reasonable. Dominica head reasonably screwed' to Dominica shoulders cannot
fail. to see clear political implications in the composition of the newly appointed
Dominica 'Agricultural Marketing Board. For almost to a"mtan --(the officials,
Dof course, excepted) the nominees are known to be. lakeys, henc.hmen or ardent.
s. 'a_ :;rc of the ruling Le. Blanc Party..
bot long' ago in these columns I showed how the present. Government shows tup its'
u'tteri iiicoi-,petena.e more glarin-ly in the economic sphere. than in any other. Again,
as in a previous cas-e though on a different subject, you get almost irme.diate
confiratory proof of my statement -
The. question is simple : should political effil~~.lth be the test and quali-
fication for membership in ono of the main directing- aoncies of the economic life
of the country OR should the State rather seek out persons who by training,
qualification and experience are at the time of appointment equipped to msak a
contribution towards the development of the economic lifo of the community?
One of the explanations for being regarded as a columnist to be taken seriously
is to know your community well. This is a small community and if one sets out to
find out whots who, it is not a difficult exercise. That is why I am in a position
to nake the statement I have made in the last sentence of. the opening paragraph.
and this statement is beyond denial or cavil. Mind you, I am not objecting to
anyo-na being a supporter, lackey or henchman of a political party -- chaoun a son
g:outl. But what I maintain is that political attachment is not the qualification
for appointment to an economic policy-maktng body not an organ of the Central
Government and this more particularly when the Government itself is so poorly
equip c in this line. In this reasonable view I am sure all readers concur.
With this in mind, take another look at the personnel of the new Board. On it .
a Board meant to develop markets for the island's produce -- you will find the
Secretary of the .ruling Le Blalc Party,. a representative of Village Councils,, a
representative of Trade Unions, close personal pals of the'Promier, and so on.
The representative of the Village Councils is placed thoee, I suggest, with the
expa~cttion that being so publicly recognis.ed he will, in turn, recommend the
re. Blanc Party to the body of Village Councillors and through them to the vill'. -11
at large. So, too, is the Secretary of one of the principal trade unions; somo
other trade unions having already been"sewed in the bag" by having their officials
a-2ppointod to even higher bodies in the State. I want to ask my countrymen whether'
thoyJ are willing to have themselves and' their country so used for the. continued
glory of Messrs. La Blnancand Go?
SOn the previous Board we had a representative of the Agricultural Society
(Mr. L.-i Pinard, a former Administrator of Grenada), the Citrus Growers Associa-
tion (0ir.' Clam Dupigny, the island's leading planter), r. John Bully (a former
Financial Secretary of Dominica), Mr. Bruce Robinson of current SIPA. fame,
IM. Cocil Bollot. one of the earliest pioneers on the mar!keing of Dominica produce,
Thoso wore undoubtedly persons-who could make n ucful contribution to the matter
of the marketing of the island's produce, Let me mJake it abundantly clear that
th. persons to whose appointment I object are quite suitable persons in other
contexts. One could have no quarrel with Mr.Thomas-Etionno's being appointed A
mo.embeor of some industrial body or to .Mr. R.E. Henry's appointment, for cr.,' le,
as a No.minated Member of the House of Assembly. But the appointment of bot~E these
gentlemon, plus most of the others, is 3 in the conto-,t of a Board to develop
markets an urgent need of Dominica at this time and I am sure they agree with

It is not often that I personally disagree with the Editor of the "Dominica
Herald'. Yet in this mater, I disagree entirely with his editorial on the sub-
ject in his issue of 16th March_. And in so doing I want to assure readers that.
I know what I am talking about.
The only vital cause of disagrooment in the previous Board centred around the
tactics and personality of IClr.Cerard Winston, now Suec.-o.. of -the House -of Assejbly.
(contd. on pag e)


3~6C ~it~~O

Saturday, March 23, 1968 TiE STAR Page Three

Q U EE N, C M 0 N E A L T H and U 0 R L D T E W S

LONDON: The Duke of Edinhburgh,- 16, : AHTIGTUA VIOLENCE SETTLED
described himself on television Golds. Business is returning to normal in Antigua.'
night) as a self-employed man trying to following thie lifting of the two-day state
fulfil popular demand, when asked by of emergency by -Gvernor Sir Wilfred Jacob.
journalists about his job in life. After at least seven people wore treated in.
"I haven't got one, Itm self-employed,'hospital for injuries in brief but bloody
he replied, clashes between demonstrators and police,.
The Duke, first member of Britain's the situation soemed ready to deteriorate
Royal Family to face questions in a still further. But after a one-hoii' mooting
television interview, said he had noticed at Government House in the presence of the
a considerable change in public attidles Governor and Doputy British Represontative
to the monarchy. The Duke said he and to the West Indois Associated States Mr.
the Queen now were "in the least inter- Desmond Korr, both Premier Vere Bird and
octing' period of a glamourous existenc.!Antigua Workers Union Leader George Jaltcr
People have got accustomed to us and went on radio together to announce a settle-
ta'o us much more naturally. .either month. The A..W.U. was accorded the recognit-
thAy can't stand us or they think we a,.oion it sought, with the "no-victimisationu
all right," he said, *** NText day the clause and provision for reinstatement of
Duko told 700 young engineers at the workers dismissed.for their union affilia-
Ins1tituto of Eloctricz Enginooring, tions. Thousands of Antiguans danced to
London: "Britain, once the strongest steelband music in St.Johnts streets on
economic power in Europe, has had pro- Thursday night -bo celebrate the settlement
cious little success since the 2nd world and lifting of the emergency. (see .7)
war- --not because other countries are ---- ------- -----
bettor, nor can you blame the Americans- FAILIAR TALE,
but. we lack the ability to rmake docidLmasBAHAMAS t Labour Minister Randol FFawkl-s, s
as to how and when our knowled~o should whose support helped the ruling. Progressive
be used...More scientists and engineers Liberal Party; remain in power, claimed
should be irnVolved in decision-making, yesterday they wore trying to oust him from
both in industry and in polit icr." ___ the House of'Assembly.
AUSTRIAkIA: a terrible drought do- Mr.. Fawkes, Leader. of the small Labour
vastated the land, killing crops, sheep Party, claimed the P.L.P. was backing an
& cattle through water-lack, Weather is independent Opponent in. the IT-n-sau-St.Barna- news.. bas district, which he represents., for
"-- elections scheduled April 10. This was
"FIPST GOVERNOR" G.C.Guy, who left the despite a written promise, by Premier Lyndon
State just before rational Day, has Pindling thc.t his party would not challenge
accepted a job foi some time with the Fawkos.
Soil Association in Suffold, a Trust..- ...-.-
Foundation interested in organic farm- .
ing and preserving the balance of nattr President ITovodny of Czecho-Slova1,ia
With Mrs.Guy and young-Ben (Attiti), resigned on Thursday, as the direct result
he wiill nove from Yorkshire in April, of popular pressure sparked ofbby students
Thoir many friends must know how much some 30,000 of whom made a pilgrimage
the Guys miss Dominica. Yo-un- Ben is through the s ~tOw last week-end TO TIE grave.
most popular and happy, oad growing fast-of Jan Masaryi, who died mysteriously. ...
ISPAE L-JORDANT: Firc ... n Poland, 8,000 students are staging a "
ISj.^-i-JOiDAN: Fia-erce fightlin,; broke '. ..
Sout i a herc I fighting broke sit-in strike against. injustices. **
out agan as the Israelis attac.-ed *
"Arab saboteurs" using refugee camps'as
a base. .Jordanians counten-a.tackod, In America, the triangular fight is on tith
other Arab nations are on the alert.*** the Democrats Jonson vs. both Eugene
.... ....... McCarthy and Robert Kennedy. Republican.
"PEDEL TEACHER" M.Sc. Clayton Shilling- (possible) Governor Rockefeller decided not-
ford, one of two graduate teachers of to stand against one-time contender Richar,d
D.G.S. who defied Government over a pro-Nixon, to unify support for one man; ***
toool issua, has now got his I-ISc. in Opinion is divided as to the outcome, and
Botany from IJUI for a thesis on "Stidies the main issue is the Viet Nam war with its
of the Vegetation of Dominica." mark on the U.S.. economy, Our guess is
that despite oevrythimn Kennedy will win."*
Postal address of S~wdish Vice-Consulatae :
P.O. Box:400, Roseau.

SatLurday, March 30,' 1968

forioer Manager of what-was then the-
counterpart of the Markoting Board: and NOTICE
this at a- time when debit notos to
persons; using that organization was the All farnors and interested persons,
order of the day. Mr.Uinston .as also who intend o 'apply for any typo of
a member of the Co-operative Citrus planting material excluding citrus
Gr.owers Association whd wias'later dis- plants which are applied for during
missed from that co-operative for bread the months of October to December each
of its. rules, MIr.Winston has always year, are kindly requested to send in
wished to got oven with the Citrus their applications as plants are
Association for what he considers wrong. required so that the Division may be
ful dismissal. Thus as a member of the able to ogar supply to demand. This.
previous Board, he tried to get the mere- systeon will permit proper planning
bors to agree with him to recommend to and allocation of time and resources:
Government to remove the marketing of for plant propagation according to the
citrus from the co-operative to the demand for individual type plants at
iHark.tin~ Board, When he failed to get different 'imi6s of the. ear and over-
4.majority of the members'of the Board yearly periods.
to areeo with him on this, there deval- ,ERILRD YnivEYV
oGaod those "internal trouilos" which tlhe CH E r UA
"Irlodr editorial speaks about ,and
M- Tisnton resigned. This has boon the
only really big- matter vyhich divided SAFE WATE SUP PLY ~O ISOLATEDf A
tho previous Board' and it is significant .A new rang. of packaged equipment has.
*th-at up- to the, time that IMr Clan.nce been designed by a London firm to provide
("Baba") Butler was effectively in a safe and sure water supply for the use
chargeo of pushing the sales'of produce of villages, hospitals or schools in remo10:
and. no question of taking over the areas.
citrus of the Citrus Co-operative had' This water treatment plant is made in
arison there was no trouble within the five sixes; with capacities ranging from
Board. 1,000 to 5,000 gallons an hour. All the
In tha. nw Board, however, MIr.G.A. equipment, which is prc-fabricated and
Winston, Speaker of the House of -Asem- designed- for erection in the open, can be
bly, is very much in evidence and I have quickly and easily assembled with a
no doubt, that he will be cletoed Chair- minimum of civil engineering work-
man,. Now Mr. Winston, as everyone knows All that is hocessary to put the plant
since t he night preceding the 1961 into service is to charge it with necessa-Tr
Gonoral Eleation, is a Labour Party chemicals. It is hydraulically operated
politician and when he becomes head of from whate.~r head of water is available
a. group whose members have, -for the on the site., No oloctricty or other
most' parb, only the common qualificat- power is required and the whole plant can
ion of supporter of the Le Blanc"party, be maintained by-unskilled labour*,
ft. on th 'look-out'for something. EL- The purifying equipment includes units
iotheo 'i, however, we cannot expect to coagulate, pro-chlorinate, clarify,
anything favourable when it is a matter filter and sterilise the supply. Those
of ooononmic improvement from this Govern- processes can be used in any combination
moAt and its trusted agents. What it to suit the nature of the untreated water
ae,, tima will reveal and this before and produce the quality required

very long.

Refresher in English, Arithmetic or
French for Adults and backward stu-
dents. Coaching for Entrance Examiina-
tions pupils.
SPlease contact M.C,,c/o STAR office
,26 Bath Road. -

Premier. Bradshaw (St*,Kitts) cabled P...,
Vilson: '"Bring Ian Smith to swift
justice." (St.kIttsG EIOCRAT.J

The choir for the Animation of the sick
and Incapacitated are coming to Dominica
from Barbados, in August. They hope to
give a concert in St. George's-Anglican
Church as well as at P.M.H. etd.
On Passion Sunday' ovohing Mr Justice.
Piper will be giving- a talk on Nigeria in
St.coorgo's Anglican Church at 8 His
talk will be procdoed by Evensong and a
Film Strip oh Holy 'oeck.


Page F our--

Sdra. itrkcV 2aS, 1T98 -H.E aA Iv'a

m am, sfcuaseb Ccarn;
oc.. <^.9 ^d .A ')
^ -' .- \ Archbishop
'.,.. ' . 7 :'".: ;:.;._, .... . :':'



3y hpopsaqk JeueA

ill ol n F" 11.50 a.m ,.

es. 3.. 00I t7 21_9c
CPICK Youp CGJsiCE poi E OR ACH TiaCy-.E )
^/ ~ b r ^^ ^-q -._QJ$ ,? *^P bt .- ^\^ .0*'^


*c^Sen HC) otjch )!5he oi ke on Sal!
.^ Cb~Cmnes Scck Puciriddng Hole Dos
T.rnii&,L It YJ' BCr j, K5 5Gouse
Fh nd Cdcken Cl)ndese o- ard Many More
Ail 'x)o ne 's wil you/ .il ger !. oOD c DRIPNK


~ar -

Page Six: THEt STAR Saturday,March 23, 1968

Tcsts on bay love's carried out by Appoaring in the STAR issue of 9th March,
tho Tropical Products Instituto in 1968, was fiftoon-year-old Chris Roitnr's
GPoatf Britain, on behalf'of the Ministry Autobiography, THOSE DAYS ARE GOIE, which
of Trade. & Industry hero, have indicat- to me, made int"rosting reading not only
o.T that increase in oil yields of up to for school-goers,. but also for grown-ups.
100% (on present yields) uay be obtain- One could almost re-live with the writer
d' if proper distillation of the loaLs the past lif o-thrht he was so vividly
is carried out. ',his could give now describing. (I sensed the taste of the.
life to the bay oil industry, poor "tobacco and palpr wrapping" in my imagina-
quality oils having boon exported, tion.). Well done Chris, and thanks for
A special Still has boon constructed such a splendid in eight ito your Canadian
for the Institute and will, after a lifo.
s-crios of trial distillation in Britain, In striking contrast to young Chris's
be sontt to Dominica, where it will be piece, was Krystian Scrphin's short story,
used in connection with a special pro- OBEAH AND ROSES',' Iich I found greatly"
graino under the supervision of the. lacking in finesse. In the first place.,
Institute., in which local Day Oil pro the narrative gave the impression that the
dnera'v will be ackedd to take part. An writer was incapable of expressing his
r..-lt; ror the Institite, ; ill operate thoughtsS He used the most improper adject.-
thi S.till in one of the Bay producing ives. to describe certain moods of feeling,
a~eas for 3 months, after which trained or even certain objects and worsened ILatns
personnel will take over. with incomplete grammar. For example, I
B oil is tctd -f e ce quoto, "Scraboom roscbled'his boyhood
Bay oil is ex-tracted fr.on "the leaves i id-tns "
of theo tre. Pimenta Aaris, and is il> j dys, sparkl-i-g an b- right, in mid-teons
Tvlued for its content of phenols. It Furthermorc, the story had no bearing An
is oalso hoped to carry out tests on Oboah' as thc title implied, but rather
Patchouli and Vertiver. sounded lik,ofiction or an ancient fairy
tale. iKrystian, grateful if you would be
PEACE CORPS SAMiTY.- (i.i.E. a little less, dra; without getting meo
A Sanitary Engineer, Hr.Alfreo. Kjnco wrong, that is I
of the U.S. arrived here on 17th March. ....
Ha. is attached to the Ministry of Health PEADEPS VIETS
on the design aMad construction of 'Dear a dcat, ..e
water and sewage services for the Cane- 10 i9' L 0fi Petition
fiold Housing Schome, and on other pro- I wish to take my hat off to the people
jocts fianoaced by UNICEF and Canadian of Clifton for the wording of their
Aids Eunda. petition sent to the Goverhment requesting
-. improvement to the roads leading to the
"AREST SMITH I village (see. localpapers of 16th MIaraoh)
$ British Executive last woek lost I find the language of that document manly
a bid to have Rhodesian leader Ian Smith and dignified and not the supine type of
ar-rostccT for murder. Z_ London Court thing we would' got from petitioners of
S reacted his application for the arrest Roseau so often rodolent with worm-like
of Snith and four other iioni in Rhodesia. postures and attitFdes.
SBut: executive Nornan Burns, 29, said he I certainly myself think that the people
would. sCok legal advice about taking his of Clifton are entitled to got a proper
application to the High Court. road to that village, from a Government
Hb sought- to have Smith and the four which is in a position to construct a now
others charged with the murder of three road from Ilillsborough to Mero to cater in
.Africans hanged in Salisbu.r.y a few days the main for a colony of expatriates in
.*.. the latter al'oa. I think we can trust the
SUFI.;j vs._ G'UA Honourablo ilebor of the House of Assembly
.Guyana ay sn s .r dispute for Clifton to take up the matter in that
Guyauna 1Fay soon see a bord1'r dispute
with Surinam resolved, Dr.P.1, Roid, fearloss manner so characteristic of him.
Guyan:se Dop.P.M., said last week in ROSEAU SYMPATHIZER.
Montr al. The border problcn"will 4..
ceio a natural death.'" heo said. ARRESTlED JAI1YICAiJS The Jamaican P.M.
.i--- -- -.-..-...-. ._......., iMr.Shoarcr, has given instructions that
Fascism is Socialism that has lost faith diplomatic roprosontations in the strongest
in the future.. -Its slogan is Now or possible terns be made in Washington on
N Iover. --W.H. Auden behalf of Jamaican far' workers who were
arrested in Florida in January.

8&tuzxiay,~ ~ ~~~~~, Mesh2,198lESiR S,

I lations Explained: Bird
i: ANT8. The denial to organisations, with
Sdivergen;views to ithe GOveroment for the Radio
Sjnews, adrBsimrtosand other ftokm 'nf publicity'
: eeing,brought oves theOGveinmment Radio Station
S'vhile the .Government controlled. Antigua- Trades
SL J5abour, Union uses this same means for its
ANSWER. The -tRdio. Satioa~.haw:only been
i'.sed by Ministers to explain any Policy or matters
that effect the interest of the public.
POINT 9 TheGovernment threat to freedom
of speech and freedom of assembly due to the re
:. at enactment of a Public OrderAct, the said law
ceing passed in one sitting without prior public
ation to or discussion by the people of Antigua.
ANSWERM The enactment of the Public Or
Ser Act does not deprive any person or organs
: 'on from express ing their views freely and that
,o be borne out by the number ot public meetings
I .'d demonstiations which have been carried out
ily your organisation since the enactmentn of this
SPOZNT To. The general disregard for the
rights of the people of Antigua and the afiatis of
!.he country as it the Government Ministers and
supporters s in the State and House of Representa
,ives are running, their own personal'affairs (rather
ir.i the affairs of, the general public.
ANSWER. The affairs of this country have
always been carried out at all times in a Democra
pic .nd Constitutional manner.
POINT II.Thellack of publication to the general
Ae;ic of the day to day administration of theState.
ANSWER. Any information that mav be dis
zosed to the public Is readily released to the Ia or
n nation Officer and is broadcast over the Radio
i citiout delay. There is very little information
w which is restricted.
By THE PEN-A Freelance Writer
In Antigua we have a different type of vam
pire. These white man's hordes have returned to
the body of the Evolutionary Union Civilization
and are now showing signs of their trad iton-
al profession and persecution of us.
These ,brainwashed and indoctrinated white
iaan's hordes are now preparing to suck-t e blood
,of our people, economy and Evolutionary Union
"Civilization. Once again the middle class derelicts
have come to cause division, strife and disre
:pcct for the Antiguans, their institutions and ou
..'awn wav of life.
These are the renegades who control ourUnive
,sity and will do anything in its power to prevent
our children from reading a good and truthfu
,course in our AMrican Heritage. We are given ws
ter sauce instead of the good pepper pot of ou

"Workes Voice


Case iganst.
!Pickets Dismissed
The case in which th,'
Spickets from Antigua Worfk
l ers Union were charged by
I'the police for obstruction in
the picketing in front of the
Premier's office at the Ad"
ministration building on
j Monday and Tuesday was
dismissed at the district
'magistrate court on Thurs-
day afternoon.
Yesterday the pickets were
Back in front of the Admin-
istration building with their
placards parading the area
The =rux of the matter lies
in the Governiment's claim that
certain workers had to be laid off
because funds for the scheme on
which they were employed hhd
been exhausted; but the Workers
Union are saying 'rhu is vic imi-
It will be remembered that the
Antigua Woikers Union is a. tac-
tion which broke away nearly a
Year ago from the Antigua Trades
and Labour Union of which Pre
mier Bird is Preaident, and that
on Monday z2th last, they com.
bitncd with the Antigua Barbuds
Democratic Movement and the
SAntigua. Progressive Movement
to stage a demonstration against
the Government.


l ai I%


A Noble Cape i

r 4t omroamts aenb"
7, rtgb .
are Invited to attend
A Prayer Meeting
ion Sunday 8rd March, at
1 p.m. at the Princess
Elizabeth Hall


The lawyers in Antigua have
Walter and his followers like pup
pets dangling from a string. They
call the cards and the poor igno-
rant people follow. The working
people of Antigua must not allow
themselves to be divided. rhey
must stay firm like in the past
and let labour and the A T.&.L U
act on behalf of their needs.
My advise to government is to,
get legal advisers trom qualified
Lawyers of not 'Q.C's" to advise'
them against the schemes of our
local lawyers. The lawyers- of
Antigua are beginning to realize
that they cannot fight the Birdi
Government and win, therefore
they are trying to get the govern-
ment of Antigua to over play their
hands and get ;hem in court,
where the situation could possible
b.xixactly like in St.Kltts- .
Do not expect that the outside j:
SBar Association to give you credit
where credit is due. You only,
have to look at St.Kitts to see
that the lawyers of today aie after
power and they will not stop at
I anything revolution or even i
death, much less the ruin J;f the
economy of our country.


ILL All Persons Who Saw George Walter
Driving CHEDI JAGAN (of Guyana) through
The Streets of St. John's
Please Report to the A. T. &. L. U, Office
Ou North Street.
Please Bring A Witness With You If Possible
NOTE-Communism Must Be Kept Out Of Antigua
At All Costs.
______________ .U



Do Not Let The Lawyers,

Deceive And Divide Us


PPrm S even


f jvbstardayp esi~~P. 25, 9


y. -^ .'7tw- "-

Paga Eig 'ht TT13'11 STAR Saturdy March 23, 1968

antastic. ale. TEE DDTEP.IRMITED SNAKE by Willie Bynoo
As I was walking clown the road, I saw John coming towards me.
'. go for a walk," ho_ said.
"O.K." I said, "we o 0 1
Weo passed through the Botanic Gardens; we saw some tourists there looking at
the. different flowers and plants.
"Let-s' take. them around,'" said' John.
Weo tool- the tourists around and gave'them cocoa pods, grapofruits, orang'eo' and
limos -- Glovornment propoorty.of course.
"LUet's go," whispered John. "Lot's go by the cross on the Morne."
'"ITb'' said' 1, "we will not bring then there."'
"Why," he, asked', "lost we see a snake?"
So. bade the tourists goodbye and wont away. On the way to the cross, we chatted
and gave. and received tih usual jokes. Then I. heard a hissing sound.
"Hoar that?".said I.
"Don't worry,"' he replied, "it's a boy calling his girl.*" Then the hissing
S sound grow louder, and I saw- a big snake, coiled up with many small snakes near it.
This- i an unusual sight in our land.
"It's- a snake I 1 shouted.
And' slowly the snake uncoiled itself, put out a forked-lieo tongue and charged
straight at- us. I lea;pt-, high and began to-run, with John at my side and the snake
at our hools. It- made groat lIcaps I donlt know how but somehow it leapt very
high1. indeed. By then IVwas very tired and I looked back to see if the snake was
Still pressing after us. But it turned, and went to its hole. And wa stopped
Again we met our visitors, and one of them said:
o. like your lovely gardens, but toll us why you, are so tiredV" And wa: told
him of our adventure with theoreptile.
"I have never seen a snako," said the man.
"IHor. I," said his wife.
"Leot's go and see it andyou have a shot," said John.
"td-like to have a shot," sii'.d the gentleman, as ho' loaded his camera.
As we walked to the spot, the gentleman asked my name and address, and that of
John. V.ery soon I picked a stick and John broke one too. Presently we came to
the spot. The snake was there: it was resting outside its hole as before. As
soon ac ;>the camera clicked, the snake uncoiled itself and charged straight at the
fellow, but I quickly hit it with a blow of my stick, and as it fell I told my
companions to run. All of us joined in the run with the wounded snake following
and trying to have a dart. But after a while the snO-e-.turned back.
W rewere indc.d all tired but our tourist friend was exhausted, and could hardly
go farther. Wa, induced our friend to lie for a rest on a bench and his recovery
was very rapid.
Said the friend to us: "A. Yankee dollar to each of you I '"
"Tlhank you," we said, and we returned to the snake.
"I'd like to trouble it once again," I said as I stared at John for a moment
and both of us agreed for the fun of it. We were to go and have a better look at
the snake this time. We passed in the bush and made no noiso, never walking on the
dried leaves, and finally we reached the snake's home. 'It was feeding its young
with birds, worms, bugs and cockroaches. Soon it began to sniff the air and agair.
it shbt out the same fork-like tongue, then it looked in .ur direction, and like a
flash, it quickly uncoiled itself and darted at us. At the same time I also leapt
and ran, but where was John? He was behind. The snake was too quick for him.
Presently he came running out of the bush with the shako close at his heols. I
joined in the race and we went very far before stopping, but the snake was deter-
minod to end this joke.

SSaturday, March 30, 1968

Both of us were tired but dared not.stop running* Wo reached far from the start-
ing point, but the snake did not care it wanted to gain the victory and to return
home-in triumph L Butwo. were also determined that the snake should not succeecT,
At last the snake scoring very tired, turned back and started home. John ran
after it and began to make some jeering sound, I did the samo. Then the snake
stopped .
"HeT is very tired said- John.
"He is subtle or tricky I replied, and while I was yet speaking, it leapt
at John wh s-are5enod and ran. I pelted a stone at it which hit it on the head.
"Ha I ha I ha laughed John as we looked at the snake stretched on t-hc ground.,
John ran away. I hit the snalk with a stick and followed John,
"The snake is dead," said John.
AIL night it lay there on the ground. The next day it was picdod up by a
rubbish cart and carried away.
But we never passed that way again, lest another member of that snake family
should attack us.

In the sane measure that I dislike and despise inefficifchcy, uninagination,
obstinacy in opinions insubstantially based -- qualities, alas, which prcscntly
afflict our public life -- i is in the sane neasuro that I laud and adrire
follow countrymen whose contributions advance the nane and fame of Doninica.
Today I wish to'praise our two principal representatives in the Windward
Iisla-ndis cricket team, Messrs. K. Laurcnt and Irvino Shillingford. It is such
po;cS: who nake the nane of Dominica respected'abroad and I salute then. They,
clearly, are efficient in their respective lines, Laurent with the ball and
Shillingford with the bat. To a considerable extent it can truthfully be said
that those two chaps were largely responsible for cutting the M.C.C. to size in
this present tour, for the English toan was handled in a way they have not been
in any of the matches they have played so far. I have never nore regretted than
on this occasion the spoiling of a match by rain, for it appeared from what had
boon achieved so far that the M.C.C.'s second innings would have been in line
with the performance which tight Windward Islands bowling and fielding occasioned
then in their first innings.
~ All of us, cricket fan or not, felt proud of Shill-
ingford and Laurent as Doninicans and I wish these two young chaps to know that.
I only hope that they will got the opportunities ; in the future that their skills
indicate. A hope, too, that our youth will be inspired by the performances of
Laurent and Shillingford. These thoughts lead me naturally to welcome to our
shores another distinguished son of Dominica, Mr. Justice Ashton Piper, now a
judge of the High Court of Nigoria, presently (at the tine of writing this) holi-
daying with sone nmribors of his family in his country of birth. Judge Piper ha.
quito a bit of the law in his family background. His grandfather was a Crown
Attorney here and his groat-grandfather was a Judge in Dominica. His own father
spont all the years of his service as a Governnont Officer in the Legal Dopt.,
ending up as the lMagistrate of the Grand Bay District. Thus it may be said that
law is in the blood of Mr. Justice Piper and it is no surprise that his rise to
the Bonch has been so rapid. Congratulations to Judge'Piper, therefore, and to
his family, particularly his another, Mrs. Pearl Piper,' and his sister, Mrs.
Sylvoster Elwin. It must be a happy nonent for Mrs. Pipior
I wonder whether readers are cware that wo have three of our sons as
High Court Judges in Africa? Apart front Judge Piper, we have Mr. F.O.C.(Cosie)
Harris and Mr. Telford Georges holding with distinction high judicial posts in
other African States. Thus is Doninica's Old Glory held high abroad, while back
hom.e we continue to wallow in public backwardness and misnanagonent of the
affairs of Doninica, a condition which I an sure deeply grieves our disting-
uished sons abroad.



Page Nino


Saturday, March 23, 1968

.Rhodesian. nationalist organiSdtions Finance Ministers' Confercnce
this week called an the people 'o rise....-
against the Smith regime in Rhodosia GEORGETOOTT, Guyana Four heads of Govt.
and ureqd, foreign supporters to thelp in the Coimmonwealth Caribbean will-bo among
th!m. Guerrillas from Zambia are Active, delegates to the Finance MinistorAS Con-
t, ha Zimbabwe African Peoplo's Union ference, which P.M. Forbes Burnham will
S (Zimbabwe, is the nationalist name for- declare open iiithe ITational Assembly here
Rhodosia) urged all native Rhodesians: on Monday, 25,h. The Conference will
to join its fighting ranks without do- finalist arrangceiaCnts for the establishlgent
lay. They also made a special appeal of a Regional Devolopment Bank.
:,for help to 'revolutionary friends' in The cuarted are h1,r.Errol Barrow, PiM. of
the frican, Asian and Latin American Barbados; -r,Edwiard LoBlanc, Chief I-nistcr
worlds. *** Jamaica wcit into full of Dominica; IM'r.John Compton, Chief M'nistc.
mourningg .on Thursday (UM'T Z.ti-Discrim- of St.Lucia; afid I-r.ialton Cato, Chief
nation Day) for the hanged Rhodesian Minister of .T..' Vincnt.
Africans. .,,+r. ^ -
TRINIDAD: Worlshop ..pened
DOITi CA:No Sunday IsTz.dL Canal Prime Minister Dr. Eric Wi1i5;is, Iopcned
a two-week Caribbean Regional .orkshop
SSunday Island will no longer be any session in Comrunity Development and Local
island,according to a release'received Government in Trinidad last week.
/ this week front Bruce Robinson, Presi- Participants at the conforonce indcludod
dent of the Sunday Island Port Authori-dolcgatos from the UIAS States.
ty, ho states the decision was final- .
JfinlIT.CA. -utcrs Stri-o
isod after a survey of the district on .3.A CA .. Butchers' Strilko
Monday by Hugh Langford (Vico-Pros.) Kingstonians went without their Sunday
of Powoll Bros., Contrcctors, Fort joint ar the strike of butchers and cutters
L. audordalc e Florida and si;: other top loft the city's five big retail markets
engineers. I'. :so men considorod the beefless last weekend.
... cost of excavation of a canal too high All but six7 of the butbh.hrs and cutters
and likely to cause scouring current in Kingston were on strike in protest a
which would underinine the beach of against the prevailing price controls on
Portsmouth. A crash study is bein bef.
made on placing a deepwater. wharf in ...e Gr;E Kouse
Prince Rupert's Bay, halfway along the At Roxburgh in Manchester, Jamaicar a fi:,
Cabrits peninsular, old house under restoration as a Ien]i;.l'
This was the third group of American Maument (birthplace--of Mr. Norman Mauley,
engineers inspecting the project. Loader of the People's sNational Party), waC
Simultaneously with the harbour wharf gutted by fire last week,
pro'joct, this firm will build a 5,000ft A spokesman for the National Trust CGonis-
by 300 ft. jet airstrip running N.N.H, sion said Inter the fire would not affo-t
cutting. the 1,000 acre SIPA area it plans fmr its restoration. "It. would have
half. Drainage of swamp area in old been largely demolished anyway."

days was responsible ror the fever
deaths of several thousand British
soldiers quartered in Cabrits Forts
S (Charlotte and Shirley) involved the
diversion of many streaks from neigh-
bouring mountains.

Red Cross A.G.M,
The Annual General Meeting of the
Dominica Red Cross will be. hold at
the D.GS. on Thursday, March 28, at
5.00 p.m.

Education Conference
The Caribbean's top educationists
will attend a five-day conference in
Antigua starting on April 22, sponsor-
ed by the Institute of Education of

Health Statistics Trainijn Coursc
The Third Health Statistics Training
Course, sponsored jointly by the UTI,
UNICEF and PAHIO/WTIO began at Mona on iLarch
and will continue until IMay 31. Those
taking part in this course are soric thirty
medical records officers and health.sta-tis-
tical clerks from the English-speaking
.C. ...hh ... ... ..C ..... .. ....
A Lions Club has' boon formed in Doiinica.-
President, LMr.T.A.. BOyd. Anong corimittee
numbers are Dr.lTatty, Mr. Stanley Fadello.,
and Mr. L.I. Austin. (Sec.M1r.C.A.Goodridge),,
There will be a mooting' of the EXECUTIZV
MENTAL HEALTH at WUeslcy School on Monday,
March 25, at 8.00 P-.M.


-Pa: e Ton


Saxrday, NarchZc,3. 19b6



By Balance 4,706.f21
Donation Norman Clay 171.,2
Carol Singing, 24.44
Allfrcy Art Exhibition '163.77
Donkey Derby 1965 2,020,98
Ponkoy Dcrby 1967 4,226.26
Bank Interest 459,02
Donino C-onpetition Expeonses
Mental Health Association
Baby Show Prize.
P.M. Hospital Fob~ Donation
Blood Bank
Childrins 1 Tiard c iring-
Oxygcn Equipnent P'.I-H.
Electro Cardiograph
East-Radcliffe REopirator & Hunidifier
Equipment on Ordor
Provision for Donoey Dcrby
Equipmnnt 1968..
Emergency Fund.

45 141
1 ;196 .24
25 391.64
3,640 ,00

1 700o00
.14 .500 00
l........ *'$. m53
i 1-1 ,771.94


iThe- Division of Agriculture cane on In a friendly match played at Calibishie
the air over WIBS after the local news fe.tween the Belle Haniire Club and a
at lunch time last TuesdaMy, March 19, -alibishie team,'the Oalibishie boys sank
and will do so each succeeding Tuesday, below the hairvy hombardment of the Belle
This broadcast. may be repeated'over WI Maniire.bors. Out of a total of 2008 poiiA
network on the same day at 8 po.m. Next Givans.Ferrol and Iicholas Christopher
Tuesday, March 26, the subject will be scored freely and finished with 1009 points
"F-... AS A BUSINESS" by J.D. Top scorers for Galibishie were J.Bougou- neau and E, Eenry who scored 295 points.
--.--- -- e*Scores wereo' Bella. Manire 2008 and
PEOPLE and CITIES Calibishie 993.. The Club will accept'
oiore than 150 delegates front cities challenges front any part of the State,.
all over the world will attend a "People Send all oorrespondence to:
and.Cities". conference at Coventry Iirs.Catherine Lataille,
Cathedral in the English I-dlands in Bcllo Maniere.
June. It is the first conference of its DeT aiv
kind over to be held in Britain and it D Alve
will be opened by the Duke of Edinburgh SAN ATTONIO, Texas. A &an Antonio man has
on 25 June. Coventry is one of Britain'sPleaded guilty to writing-himself off as
most iforard-looking cities and several dead and buried. Etiard A. WillU-ias r.,
of its suburbshave already ,received 29, a funeral home manager, pleaded guilty
world acclaim in the artistic and socio- to his own death certificate aiid
logical fields. Delegat:' will work was sentenced to a year in prison. Disl.
in small groups and there will be three Court Judge Archie Brown stayed the sen-
major groups of 50 members for study tence pending a probation report and re-
tours, specialised lectures and seminars, leased WilliamLs on a 29'500 bond,
Plenary sessions will be held during the Authorities said a loan company, after'
conference and' they will be addressed by receiving a copy 6f the death certificate,
the Rev. Raymond Panniker, an Indian had paid. off a :;1,500 insured nota on
RBan Catholic, and the Very Revorend Williams car.
Edward Patdy Anglican Dean of Liver- m- i-0iRIPSi--flio S/t.Joseph by-pass road
pool. has been made by C.D. & W (2. miles).




Pa-a. Twelve THE STAR Sa~nrd.@a, Iarch 23, 1963

The Dominica Girl Guides Association .On ThurEdy niglit at the St.Alphonsus
were the happy recipient of a most Church, Rev.Fr. Soan Horgan preached one
generous gift of 100 from Lady Helen of his shortest sermons ever.
Gibbs one. time Commonwealth Overseas After preaching for about half-a-minute
Girl Guide. Commissioner for initiating in what was his last sermon of the young

a Girl Guide Development Fund for
Domini ca.
Lady Gibbs writes: "In travelling
about, it is the small islands which
seem to me to need help most, for they
have so little opportunity of helping
themselves. Yet it is sometimes in
these far away isolated places that
there is much good Guiding as well as
a particular need for contacts and
training, all of which cost a great*
The idea is that, with this 'Fund, the
efforts of present day Guides, visitors
to the Island, well wishers from the
past and Firms with interests in
Doninica, this sum should gradually
increase to give the movement a small
Alrnual Income or capital to spend as
re wish to thank Lady Gibbs most
sincerely for her kind genero.sity and
for inittiating the idea of such a Fund
for the Girl Guides of Dominica.
The Trustees of this Fund are:- The
Mana-er of Bardlays Bank, lrs.Daphne-
Agar, I-rs Joffre Rohinson Island
Further contributions to this Fund
will be most welcome.
(Sgd.) C,A. Robinson,
Island Commissioner
V. Alix- Boyd
Island Secretary
Girl Guide Association.

This is a tough, a very tough, budget,
it is, in fact, a Budget of quite ex-
ceptional severity in the very considei-
i3le impact it will have in reducing
the level of consumption in Britain.
Certainly no Chancellor of the Ex-
chequor has ever before taken so much
money out of the economy, and so much
spending power out of taxpayers7 podcz-as
in any one Budget.
Because it is so tough, amid tough in
a way likely to be unpopular, it can
fairly be described as corageous. The
Chancellor has not hesitated to raise
the bulk7 of his extra revenue by"
(seo nrn-ct co.l "

people's retreat, Fr. Horgan was rudely
interrupted by an autburat of laughter
from the backlsection of the church. The
interruption occurred when a certain young
man came walking into the church with a
little extra "bounce".
Red with anger,. Fr. Horgan said: "Of
all the churches I have been to in the
West Indies, this is the only place where
I have seen young people behave so badly."
At this, he called on Fr.Charles to
continue with thLe Iass.


"Please note that the electricity
supply'is liable to interruption on
monday, 25th iarich and Wednesday 27th,
between the hours of 7 a.m. and-6 p.m.
in all areas north of Fond Cole."
Reason: Continued reinforcement of the
11000 volt line to Portsmouth.

BRITISH BUDGET increasing sharply the
volume of ineiroct tmxation, and has not.
gone for a relatively easy money-raiser
-- and certcinly a more popular one -- by
increasing the standard rate of income
tax. Personal consumption will actually
fall by about 15 as a result of the Budge.o
This is a very sizeable cut indeed. 'Wages
are only allowed to rise by 3' p.a.,
which has-caused resentment among the

Mr. Michbel' SteGoart last Friday became
Britain's new Foreign Secretary, following
the resignation of Mr. George Brown, who
slammed the Priao Iinister for non-consult.
action, in the Eouse last week. During
this period, Mr. George Thomson will con-
tinue in the Cabinet as Secretary of Stat
for Commonwealth Affairs, which is merging
with the Foreign Office.

FOREIGN NES: Catholic Archbishop of
Guatemala was iddniapped last weekend, re-
leased unharmed on Wednesday; motive un-
disclosed; ransom paid. ***U.S. air
Force in Viot lTam has started bombing
elephants convoying supplies to Vict Kong,



Fa feyite.on THE STAR Saturday, March 23, 19? 8
OMISS-IO:1T The short critique "SO DIFFERENT"
READERS VIES on p.6 wa contributed by Miss Anna Burnot-tc
Daar Madam, L .o- F t----rt---
Last or First_ Loo.ON THE LEi SIDE OF THINGS by Rommel
SUNDAY ISLAND has sur61y set the lid
a-bubbling I Personally, I fool that it-e flocked to St. Alphonsus
is a boon to the island of Dominica:;
at least there will be. employment for Hundreds of roung men and women turned
all andd suncry up at St.Alphonsus to hear the Irishmnan,
su o st. Roev.Fr. Scan Horgan, preachh the first
-...: the. pseudo-aristocracy'aro starl4session of youn people's rctrcat on
the horse in the eyes. They are out- essio of te n peoples retrt
raged, and their menials with them. It Monday n t P i.
Makes y blood boil to hear teir Fr. Charles, the Parish Priest, opeed'
maks y baoodi boil to hear thenir- the session wurth a few introductory remarks,
vaporous airings rrdn te r after which FrHorgan began his sermon.
I read iaon (to them) of he Cabrts In his exhortation, Fr.Horgan spoeo of
S20th tat a nuer of Dom o the influence that religion could play in
20t theat'h number of Dominicans ccptd it "But no
sCs-f t Su. f our lives if only we accepted it. "-But no
especially from the South.have been pay-ne wts to accept religion nowadays," h-
in- visits to the Cabrits to have what wats o" of us ig ow up like
could be a last look at the historic explained. .1% many of us grow up like
ruins and S at th babies, never cultivating the talent
Si sig bestowed on us by God." And the Irishman
Last look my eyo. This is sheer let these snowr-cold words settle for a
baloney. I can bet my bottom dollar moment. The church froZe temporarily.
that to the. majority of these Southern Continuing his sermon, Fr.Horgan recalle.
"tourists", it has been their first stories out of which he drew lessons. 01.a
visit. Since when has that portion of of the stories involved a millionaire Twho
tho island boon so dear to the ho-rts o had owned so many large buildings and
all? It is more a case of ;dog in the. factories but who was not happy. This
manger. 2 They talk about the natural millionaire had oorimiitteo suicide but before
beauty of the Cabrits. How I wish some his death he had left a note which said
of thsrn had visited there with me in that he was a miserable man. Illustrating:-'
all its natural beuty oven as long as the theme of that story, Fr.HEogan remarked:
about 15 years ago I Snakes & bats arc W do not become happy when we got for
also a part of nature (not frctting our bodies (he was referring to the physica--
the scabrous crabs and wild pigs.) It- c) at wt."... "But we only bo.
amuses me that.there is now, a Visitors' spoct) what we want.".., "But we only b-
Book th thrt is now a Visitor come fully happy when we accept God."- And
Book iji the guide hut I-wondr which this was wha-t the millionaire had forgottonr
of the forts they visited I Did they to do. The Irish priest kept on talking
so.e the Governor's Palace with its showing how lust and adultery are destroyou
crumolingr walls (once so mn showing howr lust and adultery -Lro dostroye ..
crumbling walls (once so massivend of true Christian living.
inLabi:Ua by re-ptilian and other tenaxtsof true Christian living,.
ofabt by reptilian ad other tn But eventually the time had come when Fro
y (tuh I a n Horgan dismissed us. We sang hymns with
Basically (though I am no pyscholo- Fr.Loncke in the load and Consuela Shilling!"
gist, but I know my people) the. .sum for.Ld p in hmoniously on the organ.
total Of the pseudo-aristocratsl objoct-fThen camyi i h of the first night oif the
ion to SIPA is this: None must reach ce t the frst
nho i JL ri nr young pcoplo's retreat.
their sphere or even touch the fringe. p p *. *
of their smug lives; honour to the lords But the and of lecturing for some of us *:..
and subjection from their lacokeys. was not St..Alphonsus. Many of us Went to,
Koap them in their place man I or they Goodwill Jlunior to hoar Miss Barbara Ladd
will soon be intruding, speak strongly on some of the problems
CYNTHIA WATT of Portsmouth.facing us hero today.
SMiss Ladd saw the vast increase in popu-
ST. FRANCIS XAVIER nation as one of the major setbacks to
Centuries old remains of Saint Dominica's economic life. Drawing raoerence
Francis Xavier were exposed for public to )statistics, Miss Ladd said, Jh.'t vr =
veneration in Basilica of Bom Juses at you going to do if the population coitiiueo:
Old Goa (India) March 12-15 by his to rise? ... 14-6 births- were recorded at
Excelloncy Archbishop Joseph Caprio P.M.H. last year plus another estimated 60'
Pronunciac in New Delhi. --Indianram in the country villages." ",..How can those ;
....childron be woll-fod?" she- asked.

(contd.on p,,i6)

Page Fourteein *fEE STAR Saturday, March 23, 1968

DR. J A G A N : an appraisal by P.S. Allfrey
Dr. Cheddi Jagan has gone such a long books and ideas are filtering through.
way since that morning interview on the It was interesting to read in Svotlana's
pleasant rampart of Fort Young, when he book that the two most dramatic events'
read his press release over to the of her life werre revealed to her later,
editors, and one. publisher of our three by American magazines I The suicide of
local papers, that it may seem anti- her mother, for example; and details of
.limaItUc to bring up the subject now her imprisoned brothers death. Cutting
One- of the questions I asked then was: off Commuruists utterly, not associating
"'o you thini:k your presence in Mhauritius, with them, leaving'them entirely to their
will be helpful?" He replied that he own mental devices, is damn bad policy.
was a friend of the Prime Minister and That is 'why a pity that China is
had an invitation. We, cannot blame not in the UN. When I asked Dr. Jagan
Chaddi for the sudden- departure by ship whether ho did not regret the non-joining
of. 500 creoles right after Independence, of Guyana with the W.I. Federation (re-
-dr for the. man who was dragged'off his membering a few arguments I had exchanged
motorcycle and stabbed to death, nor for with Jandt and himself during-the Federal
the 20 houses set on fire, the stoned Inauguration), he replied that Guyoana's
vehicles and Moslem-Creole clashes. Nor entry would not have saved the Federationr
can ,we blame e him (in negation) for the But that was not my point. I was interes--
troubles in Antigua, whe-oe he was not ted in what joining might have done for
allowed to open his mouth. ut he cer- uan. y not joining she cut herself
tainly seemed to be looking forward to off, and bad troubles (as you may remem-
upheavals here and there mostly in the bcr) resulted. Race troubles. And al-
Caribbean rc.,: Now, let :s face it .though we had our own sort of troubles
most of us '.. not satisfied with things then, race was not included; it may b..
-as-they-are look forward to the over- said.that tho Federation did us all good6
----. turning of the dug-in types who seem in many ways. (Such as world scholarships
determined to retain power at all costs; and grants which wore hitherto unknown,
because good democrats believe in the and which continued and developed even
possibility of change. Good democrats after the break up. But that's only one
belive, in the attainment of change by part of it ). The Federation left a markl
poaoeful constitutional means. But a good mark, despite its failure through
outside this fringe there are others who economics, personal antagonisms, and
focl that constitutions can be wangled small-island pride.
to suit the. sitters, that electoral The quostionsI posed to Dr.Jagan are
methods arm fixed, and that legal frauds not especially exciting. They wore
are porpetrated. Jagan feels that way designed to find out what he was up to
about arrangements in Guyana, the Black and how he was thinking. Obviously he
Power people feel that way about'the was talking advantage of the hot wind of
U.S. constitution and State laws, and change which'first brewed up on St.iitts-
ma-ny Conmonwealth liberals feel that wcy Anguilla, next hit Antigua-Barbuda: the
about Ian Smith. sirocco of discontent, which the smug
Nonetheless it was a good thing that loaders refuse t-o recognise. Once Lord
S DrJagan t-amo here and was able to sped, Hailos asked me-: "Do you think Dr.Jagan
10 think well of .Mr.Michaol hite for is a Comimunistib'7 I promptly replied
mooting him and helping him to get an "yes". How'do I know? because of his
caudionco. In the end, pamphlets not- terminology-, And it has not changed at
withstanding, the event will have done all, unlike the Jugoslavs and the Czechs
:ore good than harm. some Soviet wriSfr.s and Svotlana. It is.
Jagan was asked at StGerard's nall still full of the same old stale Stalin-
if he was a Communist. Ho replied that r-a bromides.
there wore several kinds of communists. Having said all this, let me add that
Jagan spoke( the truth. This very wekoo I like the Jagins,"vrcymuch. I admire.
the Cozecho-slovak C.P. came out and them. 'Thoy are two of the bravest people.
admitted that it had made many grave I've over mot. They are frank. They arq
mistakes, and that it was fatal to have prepared to suffer. They never give in-.
a country run by one man Jugoslavia A. lot of what they say is the truth. But
has beon "different" for a long while. 'in my view) a lot of it is not. I bo-
Even Russia has become a shade different, live most of their basic promises are.
thanks to the fact that more Western worn out and rigid. And are evon the
(cont.on oyp.pang)

Saturday, March 21, 1968 THE STAR Page Fifteen

DRJAGACN valid ones worth the sacri- Does he know that the Berlin Wall is

ficingr of one- or two whole generations?
I* ami glad that they remain in politics
and kaep up an opposition, for a count:-y
without an opposition is a dead rat,
animated only by maggots. It is not a
bad thing to have- the. Calypso curtain
or even the Vestry curtain lifted once
in "a while.

Refleoti-ons 'n Dr.Jagan's talk by BRAi)

Allow me to start with two quotations
of Boris Pasternakts admirable novel
"Doctor Zhivago. ".
"Dear Friends, how desperately common
place you are you, your circle, the
names and authorities you quote, their
brilliance and the art you so much
admire I The only bright and living
thing about you is that you are living
at the same time as myself and are my
friends L.." (p,470). (Dr.Zhivago was
listening 'to friends trying to convince
him of the beauty of the newr regime.)
"NTowadays there are more -and more
cases of small cardiac haemorrhages.
They are not always fatal., Some people
get over them. It is the common illness
of our time. I think its causes are
chiefly moral. The great majorityy of
us are required to live a life. of con-
' sant, systematic duplicity. Your
health is bound to be affected by it,
if, day after day, you say the opposite
of what you feel, if you grovel before
what yrc/ dislike and rejoice at what
brings you nothing but misfortune"...
p. 471.
Those quotations came always back to
me. I oame to listen to Dr.Jagan, but
whon I closed my eyes I saw Dr.Zhivago.
Whilo the Dentist was screaming for
revolution I saw the wry smile of the
Doctor whose life was destroyed by the
same. I remembered the film and I
heard the sound track, and although the
song of the Revolution was moro power-
ful it was finally. "Larats home" which
lasted longer... I'Histoire so repete..
70 ought to be grateful t0 iMr.ichaol
White or whoever invited Dr.Jagran'to
talk to us. It was an eyooopenor, a
revelation. But I, for one was not
impressed. Not by the "Recadrs Digst"
stylo. not by the constant barrage of
gCneralisations, not by -he shouting...
A master in oratory, yes I 'Clever and
cunning in evading answers, yes I
Charming smile, piercing eye. But is
that onoughl (seAe nloet col. )

there to prevent East Germans from voting
with their'foot? Has he heard about
Liebermann, the Soviet Economist who
quietly introduces capitalistic methods?
Are the names of Yuri Daniel and
Sinyavsky familiar? Is the Doctor aware
of what is going on in-Poland and CGezcho-
slovakia? Of course I but it does not
fit -into the pattern.
Incidentally Dr.Jagan was allowed to
speak under conditions made available by
the system he so much despises... Would
he be allowed to speak, you think, in the
mother country ("Tussia" for the uninitia-'
ted) without submitting his script, now
that Latin American revolutionaries are
in disfavour?...
The one I oenjoyd most was about the'
pamphlets.,, "Uo-cannot give them free,
we are not rich '... And here, I am dead
sure, Jagan did not lie. Time was when
his pockets were bulging with notes dis-
pensed by discreet hRssian Embassy offi-
cials to foment his "agrarian" revolution
in B.G... But the Russian honeymoon with
Castro and his oronios is over and the /
money now is more wisely use d.

The Rev. Harold Bast, rural Dean of
Cuddeston and"Vicar of Dorchestor Abbey,-
Oxford, England, arrived in Dominica this
week for a convalscont holiday, Hle is
staying with Fr. & IJ-s. Rose at St.George o.
Rectory. Ho will be joined by his wife
early in April. *** ALso arriving this--
week is 1Mrs r., hry-Bromarll on holiday;
also a guest of Iev.Fr. & Mrs. Rose.

CAPE TOTTJN South Africa -- Dr. Philip
Blaiborg, the world's only surviving heart
transplant patient, last week began deal-
ing with a pile of correspondence. His
operation took place 82 days ago. Dlaiberi
54, was declared fit by his own doctor
after arriving homo.

MIDWIVES: registration took place at
La Plaine on Iarch 13 and Roseau, I.rch '15l.,
There is a shortage of trained Midwives
in the State. :-:PARENT-CRAFT: a series
of talks each Weds. at 4 p.m. on the care
of babies taking place at the Ros oau
Health Centre. Nursing Supt, Miss A,
Thomas and Health Visitors fave fuller
OFFICE- COErrt 'A qf Au 0r'-!f& 'firnJ
..Whiy are the public buildings so high? Oc
Thnt's t.o spirits of teo public
arCe o 4.0W.

Pago Sixteen ThE STAR Saturdayl, Iarch 23, 1c68
P,%r aix t 0 0 n 'J

5*T"*"*p"5 *P*p "R:T 5


TO ColDREY FROM GARY 1ITHH.LOVE And again Miss Ladd asked: "How do you
Whon the 4th Test Match entered its account for 15, of the school population
fifth and final day at Quoens Park Oval, boing out of school?"1
Trinidad on Tuesday everyone must have Certainly, there is no one to caro for
been thinking of a stre draw; but when the And even if their we re someone to
Gary Sobers declaredthe Iost Indies 2nd care for those children, where is the school
innings clos-ed with the score on 92 for space to put thom anyway? It is a fact
2 giving England 215 runs to score in that the people in Dominica breed like pigs,
Sgiving Engtlannd 215 runs to score in
164 .minutes .was a gift which the EngndIn some cases, no love :exist botwoon the
captain Colin Cowdrey accepted heartily partners bringing forth children. How then
as: .theoy hammered the West Indies spin are these children going to grow up? I can
attack with only Sobers to do some see a battle for survival with this rise in
modiui-pacing, and he alone just couldn'tthe population -- a social-economic battle.
contain -the batsmen bowling from both The fittest will survive.

LL.d o Sowdrcy was definitely the man of DOHifTTICAlA E"-TS
the match, scoring a breezy 71 before he TEEE'FISHEIEJlEi from Portsmouth, Lruke
was ca-ught by Sobcrs off Gibbs. Sobers Scaman, Lionel Casoy and Charles Jno.Leois,
never'soeemd perturbed about losing the went channel fishing at 7.30 a.m. on March
match, for it was not until England were 21, in a 20' canoo'with outboard motor -
within sight of their victory that he boat painted groon, whito, red & yellow.
ca:me bac:: into the attack to try and They had not orturned by 11.20 that night.
slow down the over-rate which by that Next morning Philip Riomain (fisherman) of
tino was over 20 overs an hour,*Congrat- Vioille Case met the 3 men at sea in their
ulations must go to England for the way boat. Thl' told him of outboard engine
they set about the scoring which showed trouble and wore heading for the Saintes.
that they can score much faster than ***ESCAPEE Eardley Phillip re-ontorcd
they have boon scoring in the previous the prison compound wavinC a white cloth
Tests and only liope they continue the last Sat. am., and was again remandod in
rest of the series in the saea spirit, custody by the Police. Ho had boon serving
GUYANA BATS FAIL AGAITa term for larcony with violence.
Apart from Clive Lloyd who scored a VATICAN CITY: The Catholic Church and
brilliant 63, the Guyana teai slumped the World Council of Churches has issued
for a moagre 163 against the MCC on a the first joint political appeal they
wicoet which favors spin. Hobbs was hae ever ade -- a call for an end to
hace ever ni,,do-- a call for an end to.
the no'st successful MCC bowler, taking the 9-month-old civil war in Nigeria.
1- for 34. But when MCC batted they wore -- --.--
off to a fine start by the openers with APOLOGY: Semo of our pages are wrongly
Boycott scoring 60, I'ilburn 35 and dated,"* ...
EclIich 25, but the rest of the side Secrets, SIPA & Bananas (fr.jpJ
failed against the spin of Gibbs and Of this insurance, Goosts pay two out
Cornelius who shared the wickets. At of three cents. 'To settle the matter,
one time MICC were 110 for 1 but were DGBA's Alec Boyd, with RF. Armour, J.Leeo..
all out for 207; Gibbs 4 for 43 and JB. Yankoy and logal advisor Jonnor
Cornelius 3 for 57. Armour flow to St.Lccia this woeek. There.
TIIL*A3S-iaE~MEEB SCORE CENTURIES they confronted Goosts, to whom hurricane
A brilliant undefeated century by insurance is mandatory.
Cuthbort Williams did not help Spartans FATI CI nald'Jno.Baptit, a
gain full points against Roclistone at
the DGS grounds last we0end! Scores: worker on the building, fell 30Q, is now
the DOS -rounds last wookend. Scores:
o in PMH with broken ribs."**
Spartans 204 for 5 dec., C.Jilliars 100 in PH with bron
N.O., J.C.Josephs 62, I.Adams 3 for 62 DR.EPIC W -ILLIAI,"] said on U.N. Race Harmony
and 150 for 4 dec. L.Uilliams 62 I.O. Day (Thurs.) "Interracial harmony is the
Rockstona: 133. J.Faustin 5 for 45 and only possible basis for our existence as:
122 for 7, Clem John 3 for 16, J.Faustin a country .------ -- --^-
2 for '2 G.La-fond 2 for 24, ICLanglais CAR'ONI: Top of Table. They boat
54. i,.0 Atoms 51-43 at SI,,A lat Saturday***
v v. r sod the w*nn t -he **2nd leg of the basketball contest con-
uas nuoeM oore stutipsu.-oo' p> p tinuos this evening (Sat. ) at SIA grounds,
Printed & Published by the Propriotor, Robort E. Allfrey, of St Aroment, Dominica,
at 26, Bath Road, Roseau, DOiIIIICA, IU.I.