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rs. Jane Lowenthal,
"Research Institute fc
the Study of Man,
162 East 78 Street,
,New York 1002-1, N.Y.

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of qua
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t tl3er

8; /. ,- .- r O AOF r.1.
/ :i.^lA -2- .K t^ A LP; N Ys


VI, No. 7 Satnrday, March 16, 1908 MAY2T 8 Ton Cents /

'!&ANA & N TA- I-
A iC-CO UT h5W V s-
OTHER BWVINTC vimSbeen i adiashked in RBa
*fS PgOL Vi;.3-r -? ,a-t (the one; "r' the Swedish Govern-
*uatiopol is failiar to thJnisa-t ment. Our first Swedish
and Spy s .. -- .. --. Vice-%'ranl is Mr.Aders
Sen MAlcdr.i aA.Usay of the H-,i l l. Algren, now living tin
Catdiain Mou-nted Thlike &a&% hias St. Joseph with MiS wift
Py.n drop',d ba& vi the i3ol, 1 enad two young children.
?A Feera-J Mapls.1Thay are oR at He case fiero in 1967:,an
vvaction trip, bit visiting See- is Superintendent of the
rity Officioals,* Dr. A.GQrald o' Zconmi c Union of IJot-
Sthe WA alseo pVAd a on.-dr'v, visit owners at Mlero BPe&bh,an
tUat W daeaday, d e S-was ecvJn iCd easociaition to protect &
by five .-tr yr ts, met the :'el th i control Swedaih ivent-
Minister & Off-cia, s* '* U.N. b, muents,. There are nIw- 4G
Spert in Headiitr,'.j arsrived:-Oa resident Swotda in 0t1i
Sen the 13t7 (:r. SCtaSy f atick) ;i others ae a 0 7 cowig,

hn cr qantiigg 1ae, 3ow deiga ve arket~ls g ANDYEr S AtLGRote

for tea rra h eh eure t &, to U to gx ik
r aeetinsura eig Lartigse paid tUicn firshft oi 3epiai
at o otel visit to tbr Civee.t fdtdatfria .
.at.2 .r C tht teol f Roe Tlw Cunci l" (5 -t"r-)
sr usehool ORn Wth i f1. with e i-,, a i
ftfer of rIAdeI & nar s ~islry of l, tiie
Sra frolrtic of xthe llency (With the Dia., w orksF
eity coetrolMadfrveich Cs v1i t

L s tos 1th Mr* F P.J.Teirall of the Ceatr l -r t
rr iefi-s r it fl SOffice of lhnforatinv arrived fon --
of pice. Box^ing of Mrwch 14 to do a series of photoas a
ap ad frol the ix- of i a edpo ur & Yse. ,t `
iof Overse vol^l Ber r~la here d Puoing the R oy41 v isis,
ne.rspleF. txg ia-UNIONS ; L.OWU givTe detAws. ,of a latter writtB to the A.G
;ge schmae)hoatWS by the Uiown on. Gmnvm M, ttersa; also the regslt ofr *he
"sez...;. ..-i""' ; pe.i workears poll oi a ,ecv whea S44.r9 0o 90 stat vrkera

d.bte rfi L.. is aam.ttiiag proposals to Mr. assitBe, confident of "a m-ti,
rate ll eat on tgreeaient arrived a? u 8a spirit of good fa&ithi". X DT? a:3t-r
rs% 5an Gesat SaaIgy. t^at a poll of R osesu Town Council emfpl oyees (53 vctere)
reasuled i1 44-1 in fayE nr af BI3 repre-oEntation (83)/
SOQRRO E&rdly Bhillipg as still at, large at Proa~-tisa (Fre).
I-H alips a'way fro i ?Pole cloae oan his tradl.* The wife qt
Sergeant Bartley of the ryl Dominiciazn, Polices Free died,
sa3dnly last T'ne.icJ Right. UIWCWEFeep fl& eas 4k. k y-
;iT scom yaS gmen: o MUarch L4. Chased 17 civiliaam, thsy saban-
domed th1e vehicle a-t ath :5stat,e, VaUA4 are f invesgti dsafs

SSpain and Ca3mbridelo (F --*r';) steisasa he. adamenetaPdr
1!Pagainsit decisions their rerieov Goivermeantg.

*, I lt J./ ; ,!
I /'. .;



Page Two ". S1AU Saturday, IMarch 16, 1968


"Tihe Prermier stated that he was very pleased when visitors saw no real signs of
opposition in this democratic state"' The foreGoing is taken from a re-port,
appearing in the "Dominica Chronicle" of 6th. larch, of a public meeting of the
ruling LeBlanc; party held in Roseau on 4th. March,
Jell, where do I start? Perhaps I can begin by stating that much the sae
can be said about'the Co~nunist-dominated states of Eastern Europe or of Franco's
Spain. Doubtless, the Premier thinks that opposition'only exists when a state of
near rebellion or revolution is in evidence. Poajibly he is comparing conditions
in-Dominica with those of, say, St, Kitts or Antigua, in which only a spark is
required to ignite a charged situation. If this is what he means by "no real sign,
of opposition", then his statement, as a statement of fact, may be allowed to sEanC-.
Another starting point can be the consideration that under no circumstances is
the absence of signs of opposition in a democratic state'a healthy sign or'one
bo be welcomed and the Premier should not boast bout it. Parenthetically, it m'-'
be conjectured that if visitors have indeed so expressed themselves to the Premier
it is evidence that they quickly and correctly evaluated the Premier's psychologi-
oal make-up and told him (perhaps as a preliminary sofening-up measure) that ]-,iu-.
of thing he is known to like to hear quite irrespective of whether or not it- is.
substantially based
The absence of signs of opposition to an existing Government may be due to
one, or more of three main causesos (a) repression of an Opposition by the existing
Government ; (b) an abyssal. ignorance and lack of discrimination on the part of
theosa by whose votes at election time a Parliamen.try Opposition is not allowed to
marge and (c), often found in association with (b), a timidity of soul and lack
of will-power on the part of the minority to creotoe an opposition to the
Government. All of these factors are bad in thcmiselvos and are not to bo weL mlc
In Dominica factor (a) does not as yet exist, though chance remarks from
authoritative sources, indicate that its possibility at some future, diate is not; to
be dismissed. But. that (b) and (c) are the operative factors there can be no
doubt, in any discerning mind.
As everyone knows, a certain modicum of good sense is required for the operL-ti2.4-
of democracy, If you do not Ihve it, the democratic process produces the. most.
unusual and astounding results, one of these often being an opposition1eas Govern-
nont. If the Premier is boastful that his party was returned practically without
op-osition at the last General Elediori, he will have to justify the following
election ruses (I select only three out of a whole armoury of them-that X know of)
usod to induce the electorsi give the results desired and obtained:
TtQm I1. In one constituency the electorate was told that so corrupt was the
pro'-. .us Government that the Leader had stolen'a complete bulldozer, the property
of Government. (The successful party, however, did nothing about it when it oecaei
the Government of the country. .
.t-em 2. In another constituency the voters were warned that unless they
ret.rL'ied the Labour candidate, the area would be left in the cold in the event of
the Party winning the elections. (Among a developed people, this by itself would
have ensured the defeat of the Labour candidate.
Item 3, Voters in one electoral area were told that more had not beeoan ahl.vod
for that constituency in the previous -trm of the Party because the Opposition.
had opposed the schemes for that area I
It is not even necessary '-o mention additional ugji Unc!se used on the simple-
elcctorate. at election time, such as the policeman on duty at the polling' station
subtly pointing to his helmet as a reminder to those about to vote to cast their
votes for the hat, symbol of the winning Party.
(contd. on paF.-4.)

rage~ 1Rsr

-Y T-h

P.xS Forbes arnhow and J&rol mrrov (A
ObaVing taiks in BJmarbadjs on 4" t Roo' Hieh
:5-velo0paost Ds* and ChtJF9'A) div-fsd *a
with Princess darraoet and Lord Snavo- 14BY
don before DRM taik off :for a, charbity Jy
affair -in Nov Yorke` a*1 v-re poestsa t
of 'the Britis ah I1ic1&A Coimni aie onorr Mr. iu-14
John Bounett. **t* Coat. of the Ragal GOLD
Yacht Britannia ($5,000O paw., oze mark
Rear Aidral, 7 Lt,,C'iemrs } came us- Wiroj
der 01tre in the lougE'oif COaom s thi a
eesk;, Pand!
MI TA-I X: Gallup Poll reve"I. iRrrs o r v,
7T2% o ;t Bri tons approve the Gmit. I a i *.;P
controversial curbs an Cowivowealtb ', MA
Immigration; 21% dispoppovai. Critic-. IRigg
isn of Labour ovt- hmas increased, 66% the I
being agiizew its record4 so ft, ana lead4
56% dissatisfied with Harold h" S'~
Adbr salactions to bring down the, zz
..Sudith regime..,, and in viewv of the bein
bungliagav no further coatict these tokii
view were expressed by W~~nthis gonei
w-ook In Parliament. Conservatives, are jaga
%guinat 3Oth jj e tpUze of Prcoe 0,'"d 111__ ro,,t
cr-oaued,asapctions, seeing Iluo alter- plea-
Xegtiva to % ,Ie-gotiated. nottia-lentr o.igi
The ArbhinShop of Ca erim-y' aSoke in "min
koidon on the Preas Associatioa CeutVq'- AiB W
pry of "'the rCerarkdible relationship thi
o.f trust Sst-e'ln j 0U ra a I.- L d the Doniz


V '




rchbishop contd) publke in Britain."
is fl own to Bermuaiudwhere hev4.ll hold:
a with the Romit-0 Chtholic Prelate.***
Freeman, ex-iVitor of New StateswQ al
o Paris -- Mory, ebristophor Seam.n, asa-
kv of Sir *xnston Cluinbtil. ****
RIUS: At U.S. request, the Jhontoa Gold
et, closed down Uurs.-Jeniday as the
pean gpld sta"Vped neached: massive pvsor.b -
~, *6 Pg4AFj A i,% gold market
extende& Qlojla' time because ofn ", staie
#*nllall l DovatSivn of tho dollar It s not
t_-iblep awy- oapen-. Gen. die 1 ftu Ml*s.umts
Rrice of4 gold (saar.- #36 US per am) ruisiedE
eat- gp1d produaerars =oe So&-th Aftica an
.T.SS.R, *** M%~iU ~tWtS, Quanexe Opp.
D rh 4dd4 Jeagm' hohrgs& %hat Fbrbs vI Br=-
i Govt. was establishifig &, di citatorhdp
yoaaf&. Hei told i'*poz'ters his Counxniy Owas
g led into tvecnomic. Mi11 ensud Govt. VasO
i: control of electoral siaehinery to 'rig
& ,eleotiona schedules for .ealy 1969'.
as pressra eses raere Okizod in Antigu eon
SANTIGUA; Five strike-hait hotels -
ed withi Autigua Hiotel Aausocistion to nfo-
a the Anti gzav,. Workers niong, now tre1t-
a gftneral strike& It no roeognitiqu eomese
i Ajugli cem & Msthodixtw foregathere&,
weekp chaired by Rev.,Athentox ftdier. of
mioa, an 'poasihilitime of- Churbh Unic:".

Mr John van QrCzf. Clkui;rni of G4'ea Jndui jr.s s..
leJt0 g'eelinp the QLi-'en and EJikat ot Edind'wreh ki--i- ri- i,
trri td to ope4 th'e WflindJ+ard I0!and Banana &,iwis EA -:-
c.n-ln's Rersarch Cealre a[ Roic'au. 51 tuck.'.
Next 1" Air vani Grcv ly Mrs van Gecst and an 1hk.
VrAOLnw Lf il S R Carngea Gordun. a direcror "ao vir(
Jlldusrir%. Next: to Prince Philip is Mr Denni inrdy, eNesidea

(top left) H i.M.The Queen r*e]pived three
Af'-11 car Condemned by the smith regime 0
dI-Cdesaat, yet despite an Sapeaf i BIa* the VO]P .p
Vhey were hanged, Since theu the regime-b .V_1.1
renri eved 40 uni eat solve- 100 Aft tavms cq.- ..
domtqad tLO death for lbeingr in peSaanui *~
Pi3 o weagns ..A* (bat*ma2 .) I Sa 44
Bob Ksno4 n iwengw- Puemi.JohUvaop,
Olr'. frciFBdde aJ. naomizationp, d~tsem-kfl

%, *- I

-1".;C ~ ,.:~:


~~~I~fB~F~L~b"g~ BrCto~ck 289 ~8Bg

Pa.o 1`our m Lm..

saturday, larch 16, 1968

A!IDIROCLES I have chosen just a' few
c-- :_ l-os of factor (b) to show the
kIinds of considerations upon which a
practically oppositionloss Government
was returned, Thus to a responsible
mind, thcro can be no pleasure in the
lack of an opposition so brought about-
Again, because of t he overwhelming
numo2ical superiority of the Government
side, a -spcios of timidity almost
mounting to demoralization has over-
como those who s-aould normally be co:-.
stituting themselves -ua opposition.
party and so, until quite recently,
there has existed nothing which could
be dignified with the title of an
opposition. This, too, is nothinI to
be happy'about by any citizen of
Don:inica...least of all the Premier of.
the State. For implicit in this state
of affairs is an erosion of moral qual-
ities issuing in duplicity, provarica-
tion, oven Machiavelaianism.
It is therefore in recognition of the
fact of.the dangers inherent in the
absence of an opposition party and the
near absence of a Parliamontary Opposi-
tion that some sections of the local
press have gallantly, though to the
scandal of some small-souled persons,
assunod the mantle of an opposition,
and I truly believe that when the poli-
tical history of this period comes
under Qnlightenod scrutiny the part
played by some sections of the local
pross in restraining an oppositionloss
Governcent will receive honourable
Readers will realise tIhat this recital
of the sins of t he ruling party had -
boon directly provoked by the Premieres
public statement that the absence of
an organized opposition in this State
is something to be happy'about. With
this view I cannot agree. And while
this attitude of the Premier's may ex-
plain acts like the effective failure
to consult with the Parliamentary
Opposition in vital matters like the
terms of licence to make use of our
natural resources issued to the Sunday
Island Port Authority, I think ho
should be reminded that at the last
count one-third of the eloctorato voted
for the then Opposition, and the best
third at that i.
If the Premier were xindeod committed"

by nature to democracy and if, mindful as.
he should be of the groat and obvious lacks
in his administration, he had really
wished to see improved the fundamental
bases of Dominica, he would rather be
regretting the absence of signs of opposi-
tion and regarding the situation in its.
true light -- a national tragedy.


TO the Hon,, o inistor for Homo Affairs
The humble petition of the Carib Council
of Dominica showoth as follows:-
eo wero invited by letter dated 27th
November, 1967 by the Hon. Minister to
attend upon Ier on Monday, the 4th December
at 10,00 am-Oo to hold discussions with the
Government on the matter of the ejection
of persons from the Carib Reserve, who,
in the view of tho Carib Council, had no
rjigt of residence within the Reserve.
At the conclusion of those discussions
the Govoernent issued a press release
implyin th thtthe-1 matter of concern was
the equality in rights of women, whereas
in truth the matter of concern was the
control of the Chief and Council over the
lands forming the Ros-rvo.
On the 2nd June, 1966, His Honour, The
Administrator, ir. G.C. Guy, had replied
to an earlier petition by the Carib com-
munity in part as follows:-
"In 1901 lr.S, ;oat demarcated 3,700 acres
SO land for.: Ohri uzso,-e A copy of the
map of this'land is attached. This
land the Government will continue to
hold in trist for the same purpose. Tho
Government, however, recognisos that-
individuals should be encouraged in
good farming practices and that the
best returns from the land can 1o got
by planting long term economic crops.,
those results can most readily be
obtained if farmers have title to the
land they cultivate,"
It is the strong conviction of the
Carib community that the a-sonce of ,indi-
vidual owmershlip is nrt the ioal obstacle
to the establishment of permancht crops;
but rather it is the lack of security of
tenure by the Caribs and the failure of
the Government' in its trust.
As early as 1931 the Socretary of State
for the Colonics presented to Parliament,
by cor.Land of -ris lajosty, a memoran.dum
(contd.on p5)

TIE STAR Page ? 'ive

question which::statod as follows:-
"(d) It had been suggested. t-hat thu-
area of the Reserve already
nore than 3,700 Acros, should be
oxtnd'ed, and generally that care
should be taken to preserve and
dovclop their Individuality as
,the last remnant of an Ill-Usoc
Horoic Race.
(e) Such a principle, it was freely
admitted would involve a rever-
sal of the innmemorial custom of
the Tribe which is as followss-
A. Carib nan is free to narry
a non-Carib wonan and bring her
into the Reserve, Their Offspring
being' entitled to.remaain in the
Reserve and to be regarded as
Caribs; A Carib woman who narrics
a non-Carib nan to be removed
from the Reserve and the Off-
spring of such a Union to be
excluded together with their.
parents from the privileged of
residence therein.
This rule, we may observe in
passing is the expression of
the Carib unconscious race Phile?
mophy, illustrated front the
earliest, traces of their History
which have cone down to us in
the books of'explorers and
Missionaries, which attaches
supreme importance to paternity
less or none to maternity, a
view which has encouraged them
to recruit the mothers of their
people from the most diverse
races. We are strongly of opin-
ion that it would bo nost unwise
to modify the existing Custom
in the sense suggested to us by
these people."
Tho above then were the terns of the
trust which the independent Governor of
Doni'nica inherited front their English
predecessors, and our humble petition
is that the Governnont of Dohiinica give
this a practical reality by vesting the
Carib lands in the Carib Chief and
Council, for the time being,j with such
representatives of Governnont as the
Gcvornnmnt nay care to appoint.*
The Ca.rib Chief and Council are pltgcd
to adopt all legal nmans open to them
to pursue this ain, and have followed
this policy with patience Uint are now
drivonl to say that unless some early
action is taken by Governnent the
Carib coi-nunity must be satisfied that

:: : ic

the Governennt is dotornined to deprive
those of their rightful inheritance, and
they must pursUo any course open to there
for protection, and your humble petitioners
will ever pray.
.C:Eili '.l.DOIS FPANCIS, Carib Chief
NEVIIES V._-i ilT!7)
---, -- e,- YC-- --.-- r --
The Bar Ansociation of TrinidEd -& Tobhgo-
will neet shortly to discuss the question.
of capital punishnmnt.
This move is a result of the statonimnt
by Chief Justice Sir Hugh Wooding on Weds.
during a lecture to University students,
expressing his aversion to the death
penalty. Sir Hugh said he was entirely
against hanging. It was in effect murder-
ing a nan legally f6r the crime he had
connitted illegally.
Premier Robort Brad-shaw of St.Kitts-
Novis-Anguilla, flew into Piarco Airport.
last week for a short visit to TrinidadcT
to have a look at the University of the
West Indies faculty of agriculture at
St.Augustine, in his capacity as a rmomber
of the Ulf- Council.
Mr. Bradshlaw-sid he had never- visited
the faculty. Ioe added that the situation
in his country was very quiet. .It was
not his intention to meet any Trinidad
Government officials for talks.

The Barbados Government has been ordered
to pay EC"20,879 in settlement of a suit
brought by a Cayman Islands-based company
which help-c'c compile the Barbados voters
list in 1966. Ir. Justice D.A.Williams:
nade the award in the Barbados Supreec
Court in favour of ZIdcftograph Systons Ltd/
which had sued for '65,577 payment for
work done and materials supplied in con-
piling the voters list and the list for
NItional 3hsurance and Social Security.
S ^ .*_ *
The last of Barbadoset 16 sugar factories.
began grinding last week as the delayecT
1968 harvest got into full swing.
Cutting-and grinding of the sugarcane
only began four weeks behind the originall '
ly scheduled date of Jan, 29. A deadlock
in wages negotiations between the Barbados
Workers Union and the Sugar Pfoducers
Federation was finally. broken by Prine
Ministol rrol Barrow's announcement that
the Govt.would.introduce legislation to
.raise ra es for sugar., industry worlersc -Thc
.mipasse d.used sone b r corlt:Tt firorn
"ir Grantley Adams.

Raturday-1 Mlarch 16, 1968

Page Six


Sake notice that consequent on the 0
Cancellation of the Rgistration of
the Dominica Copra Coopdrative Pro-
ducers Association LZ"i, lir.Thomas
Clrish has boon appointed Liquida-
tor of the above Society and that
all persons having claims on the
said Society are hereby notified to
present their claims to him on or
before the 31st'March, 1968, at
18 Solomon Lane, Goodwill.
2/2 H.L.CHRISTIANRegistrar of

by tRomriol
So thoer~l s no controversy otrc so-, oh?
Ann Loslie, contributor of- "SEX OUT
OF SCHOOL HOURS" in Englandrs Sunday
Hirr-onr, shows in her article how stu-
den,; at a Stockholm school behave when
not on the school compound.
Describing two 16 yeor-old school-
girls, Ann writes: "Under their hooded-
witch oey make-up, their plump and
pretty faces still managed to shine
with a sort of sophisticated innocence,
like toddlers who've been borrowing'
:Li..L:;Iy s lipstick.
"Bilt innocent they are not. Words
lik: "orgasm" or"diaphragll" don't make
thor collapse in fits of giggling om-
In Dominica, the atmosphere appears
to be the sane; the only difference
being in the choice of words, Of course, girls here go so far artificial,
that when you look at hoe youtd think
maybo they're a. now set of creatures on
the cvoliution list. Crudely enough,
sone people use the words "broak" in
place of "orgaarsn'and' "naid"' instead of
"diaphragn.." And, mark you, those
people think that they ]now all ab-out
sex. Oh, they are pros at it all I
eill, I don't know but maybo it is this
"knowing" which results in so nany
young non and women toing wild; to feel
M. l'lD FREE. .


Again, there's the boy who thinks that 2, Cllegos of Education; 1, other ins-
unlis he can get a "screw" on a girl, tutions.
ho'as-not a man, Kis friends think like- POST A .- ROGET
wisGe: "Oh, you're a damn macco," they
say if he fails to kiss a girl whom he A Postal agency will be opened at
has escorted from a dance, say to her Rogot (near Canefield) on Monday April 1,
hone.. "wo goin' to brand you," is 1968, at the residence of Mr.Anos Joseph.
another kind of sentence they usce -o
make the poor follow hrirl behind his FORMS. BILL-I_:EDS, DOCUINT COPYING,
(neo0t .ao. ) STAR PIITTERY.

AR Saturday, March 16, 1968

FOR SALE (Owner Leaving)
'no property at Castl Bruce, one dwelling
house all furnished: living-room set,
od etc. *Ono shop all stocked out, two
lop-freeze fridgos etc. *0no kitchen with
as stove, one lighting plant (3- lhilowaots,
located at the best place in Castle Druceo
TLSO FOR SALE: Ohoe domior Truck, 1 year
ld. Apply to o~ner: ,M.LENPNARD BAPTISTEJ

LIGHTER SIDE... fingers. As you see,
the English is hot only incorrect, but
also the idea in foolish and out of place.
SRecalling Ann LDslia, she writes further,
on in her article: "Swedish youths burn'
with "passionate idealismn abdut Vietnam,
the, Bomb and world poverty. But..,to lthcn
there's no sax controversy left bothering
about." Tho'Doninican youth sees to be
cultivating this idea just about now.
"There is nothing wrong with having sex"
some say. Of course. there is nothing
wrong with sex if the individuals arc in
a position to withstand the burden of
supporting the child if one happens to
result later on. And the best possible
situation that I see is in the married
state. "But premarital sex is not wr-ong.
If.a boy and a girl feel like it, it's
OK.," some teenagers seen to think.
But listen babies, itts not just a
matter of feeling that screws it all up.
Think of what your life will be' in the
future with a child on your hands right.
now. You have no foundation. No back-
ground. You'oannot travel like.
"My goodness, IF oly It'd waited," you'll
say,. Wellfriends, lots not be caught,.
0 .K?
*Read the STAR if you wanna find mo next-

Figures for Comnnonwoaltli East Carib-
bean students in Britain are:- Total
from the WIASTATES, s,00OO. Doininia --
Total 80, 45, nursing training; I1-, uni-
versities; 11, Inns of Court; 5 in practi-
cal training; 2 at technical colleges;

Saturday, March 16., 19686 THE STAR Page Seven

N 0 T I C E


It is hereby notified for crnoral information that the undornmontionod
persons have been appointed by the Minister of Com-un--ications and ;orlks
to serve on the Ccntral lator Authority in accordance with Section ,3 (2)
of Central Mator Authority Act.No.33 of 1967, with effect from 15th Fob-
ruary, 1968o
Chief Techzical Officer, Public Torkls Division,
vMr. Wondoll 1. LaIrcOice Chairman
Chief Medical Officer, DrDorian C, Shillingford
Crown Surveyor and Co--issioncr of LandI, r,. J. Robinson
Financial Secretary, Mr. CoA. Sorhaindo
Rosea-u Town Council Ropresentative, Ir. J'.B. Cools--Lartigue
Village Council rep-csontative,; Mr. Austin KIin
Village Council representative, HMr R.E, Henry
Portsnouth Town Council representative !r. Davis Robinson
The Authority will have jurisdiction in.all natters portainini to the
supply of potable .wator in Doninica and will inmplonont the report of the
,.H.O. as far as possible into a ComprchensivPo !ntr Plan for Doninica.
D.i. 3% 1 .-"
IP. No. C & W. 12/44, G.25 Permaient Socretary
19th Fobrur.ry, ^-oG PcPrrannon-t Locrctary
9th February, 1968 ministry of Conunications and Works

CC..:;'TEALTH MI-IGRZ T IS ILL 1968 C-..-,. .L .. .3 BILL 1968

['> us of Children under Sixteen
Tho passage of the Bill will -lnan that
childron'under sixteen are no longer, as
of right, entitled to enter Britain to
join only one parent in the country. The
lower age limit for dependent fathers
joining' children is to be raised front 60
to 65. All Counnonwealth citizens coning
to Britain for more than six months are
now liable to .compulsory medical checks.
Innig;ration Officers are boing told
that as pre'vioLsly children under 16 nust.
be adm.'itedcT if any of six condit ions are

(a) Both parents are resident in -
(b) Both accompany the chill,"
(c) Ono. accompanies the child and the
other is already resident in
Bri ia-.n,
(d) One parent is dead and the other
acco panies the child or is alrc-dy
resident in the country,
(a) Whore the marriage has been cdis-
solved, the parent having custody
ic resident in Britain or accom-
panies the child, or
(f) In the case of an illegitimate
child, a parent who is either
resident here or accompanies the
child has had sole responsibility
for his upbringing.
(no:xt coln)

The Ovor-Si:toons
The sane conditions have applied to
children over sixteen but under eighteen
since August 1965 and will continue to
apply although there is no statutory right
of entry* In addition, the Hone Secretary
will continue to authorise the admission
of a child under 1' to join only one
parent if there are compassionate circu1-
Children over 1o must normally. seeo
admission in their own right as voucher
holders, students etc.

Princ Minister HIugh Shearer of Jamaica,
in a statement published recently, said
the J:anaican Go-ermnncnt was "do31py shockei-'
at the. action of 'the Rhodesian Governnont
in executing three Africans last week.
Comnnonting on the fact that the Smith
Regimo had carried out the execution in
the face of world opinion against the
oxocytion, Mr. Shoarer said:-
"We fool that this wanton act is another
clear indication that Southern Rhodesia
is not fit to be given recognition as an,
Independent nation under its present
re gio.

". .Unless an'individual can transcent the
limits of scx, class, race, ago and creed,
his personality ronains of necessity to
that extent incomploteoeLord. Pethic iawl~

Page Eight THE STAR Saturday, March 16, 1968

Short: Story FORGOTTETT CHAINS. by Leamno Honychurch

A I. approached' the house, a dark figure darted out into the moonlight, 1t,
was Androew his old face looked worried.
"hasta Paul",.-he called in a whisper You Marma is packing everything away
in boxes. I ain't know for what".
"Packing?" I asked curiously, and turned to dash up the stone steps, There
on the verandah stood Marna her tall body white against the crimson folds of
her crinoline, She looked exhausted.
"Eaul", she cqlled; her voice wavered, "' I suppose you want to know what
this is all about ". She led ne by the arm into the living room. "I suppose
you bhvo hoard about emancipation, well Pana and nysolf have decided that we
return to England "
"Leave?" I asked astonished, "But c:-. :,I can't, all ny friends live here, I
know no one in Englana "
"Paul", she said stretching her frail body upon the cushienad divan, "there
is no future for us herowe will become o.poor if wo don't leave soon".
I watched the servants, l', T:;ha, Tina and Narie.ppaclking crockery into large
trunks. 'Their eyes net -ine. I remembered the days I had spent with then,
laughing, playing, tonbo, -ad secretly working out with then. Iow we nust. b
expected to part forever 1
"Ii.ana", I burst out, but stumbled; I bit ny lip and solunnly walked out of
the roon.
The noonlight poured through the jalousie windows onto y. face.. Outside,
the craok-cracks and beetles buzzed sounds I had known all ny life, and soon
I was to leave them. I was startled by the crack of the large mahogany door to
Fy roon,. Nervously, I peered into the dark corners; it was Martha.
"Masta Paul", she whispered, "cone with mno".
"But 'Martha, what are you doing hero? Where are we going?"
"You want to stay in Doninica nuh? Well, come with mno. We slipped out;
into the gorgeous noonlight.
All the slaves from the estate were walking down the dusty track beside the
silver.. oscau river, to town,
"I-as~ha Paul", whispered hartha some yards front the houso, "'a celebrating
tonight, cone and dance with us". I was willing, but she saw the sign of
hesitation on my face.
"Yas, I know you-all leaving early tomorrow morning, but you ain't got to
go", she giggled.
"I don't have to go? But HIartha,you know Papa".
t"Son -li lash and curse you so nuch; you another nails draw blood from you
skin nore than once, yet you going to go with them still? Look, I ask Pere
Lonain, one of do priest in town, if you can stay w-ith hin, you know he, do one
who live by do bay. You staying, Masta Paul?"
"I don't 1know, I will have to think it over, but I don't have nuch tine".
0o had entered Rosoau by now, andweore running past the long stone wall of
:Lngslcy Eouse. The crowds gathorcd, slaves front all neighbhouring estates had
cono for this great occasion. It was to end years of misery, and was to be a
beginning of a now life, a life of freodonm Old ,wonon'huddled in torn blankets
shoved their way along the street. Drums wore boating. I could see that
Martha was excited; she had a right to bo. eo ran and sang with the crowds'
down the cobbles of Market Street. The noise of bare foot lashing the stones,
and the shrieks of joy.

Satu ray, March 16, 1968 TIHE STAR Pagoe Tino

Sweat rolled down their faces as they danced and wavod hands in the air. The
drums boat-on; hearts throbbed; the moon shone; and church bells echoed in the
hills. I sang as hard as all of them, still clutching Martha. No one touched
mo; somehow withoutt tolling them, they knew I was a friend. I'stripped the shoes
off my foot- and sang hard. I was desperate to be part of them, to share their joy.
Up the hill to the Cathedral we run, pounding on the cobbled street. The boll
was to be rung, a sign of the end of a long swait fr freedom. Sweating men clung
to the rope and pulled 03 The first shrill clangs pierced our hearts; like the
others, Martha was ce -i._ for joy, oid even I found'teaors rolling down my cheeks.
Pore Lomain, a friend of.all the people, joined us, fat and slow as he was.
'oT ran along .the bay whore the moonlit waves lashed the boulderod beach. Further
out a large, dark ship lowered her anchor into the still waters. I stopped and
"IMartha I I'shouted breathlessly, "iMartha 1 She k-aw what--I was thinLiag
As our eyes met, we hoard the rumble of our carriage, and fathers harsh voice:
"Got lost, you dirty lot, move away!"
EBt before we could setter into., the crowd, he saw us
"Paul he shrieked, "Comehere, get into this ruddy marriage; we're leaving I"

I paused, looking at Martha, Pore Lomain and the happy crowds, then back at
my parents. I walked towards the carriage; Martha dCrow in her breath ashtonflhad.
I paused and looked again. Quickly, I kissed Manmas turned, and ran back into tho
crowd, Martha sighed, relieved. Surprisingly, Papa said nothing, he just turned
the carriage and made for the jetty. Our eyes followed it, rumbling along. I
looked at Martha, then at our clasped hands, The drius boat on, the people saig.,
-Oh if God could make me. one of them I I thought.

Surplus 78.53 Barclays Dank Deposits 9,000.00
Emergency Fund 1,500.00 Savings Account 103. 17
Provision fpr Donkey Current Account 1 2117.26
Derby Equipment .. 1,700.00
Ejuipment on Order "
Additional Oxygen 1,000.00
Additions to Library '200,00
Anaesthetic Machine 2,000.00
IMantal Home
SoaeULcSmat or 200.00
Vacuum Extractor 240.00
Current Liabilities
Donkoy Derby Exponses. 10.26
II.C. East & Co. Ltd. 2391 64L
9,5320.453 9,320.43

I, the undersigned, having had access to all the books and accounts of The,
Doninica Hospital Appeal Fund, and having examined the foregoing' Balance. Shoot
and Income and Expenditure Account and verified same with the accounts and
vouchers relating thereto, now sign the said Sanlanoo Shoot as found to be
correct, duly vouched and in accordance with the Constit'ution of the Fund.

Page Ten THE STAR Saturday, March 16, 1968

*: j *

* :'

Dear Madam, Cha&e is Healt

I. hope that by the time of writing his
letter (Star of Saturday 9thlMar7h 9th)
PROTESTER'S anger had gine down with the.
sun, for I only wish to tell him that he
should get proper information before
H. doesn't seem to be sure for whose
services (Anglican or Methodist) this
hymn was written. Why is he so sure
that Roman Catholics are responsible for
the change to the version that was sung'
at the funeral? Even if this is so, is
anything against Christian faith and
morals expressed in the version? Was
this change brought about by anti-ecumen-
ical motives? Was this change made in
these ecumenical days?
If he so strongly disapproves of
changing a hymn, he should make a proper
study of all hymns, for in whatever
church he worships.he will find versions
of hymns differing from the original.
To prove this I invite him to come to
the Presbytery to take a look wit h me
'at, a few hymnals including "Hynmns Ancient
and iodern.r' "The Methodist Hymnbook"',
and the '"Wstminster Hymnal". Hea could
then see who changed what0
If Protester had heard a sermon I de-
livered at the Roseau Cathedral on Sundre
4th February, he would have realized
that Twriti&&such a letter is rendering
a.disservice to ecumenism, for those of
Roseau (and of Goodwill too) who heard
me can confirm my saying that all these
unimportant differences, all the apparent
hurtful things Testh.esterday should be
gathered or bundled as the "cockle" or
"zizanie" and thrown away or burnt.
This we can do also with the "rubbish
dumping along the road where the big
crowd of mourners had to pass in Potters-
villea "
EDWARD A..ALEXANDER, The Presbytery,
Iada, They Questioned J~a n
It is much too much I suppose, to
mSpa: % any newspaper to be unbiased es-
pecially in this age of general devalu-
BIt because on the one hand you seem
to be encouraging the young to speak in
vdrse and carrying such a great column:
as that of Androcles, I could not resent
Staking objection to your listing of the
people who asked questions to Dr.Jagan,
(next col.
.. .

Readers Views (contdj.- after his address
at the St.Gerarid's H-ll last week.
I noticed that the STAR listed all those
who asked un-important questions, like
Ir.Angelo Bellot -who is too brain-washed
to ask any good question anyhow,, and
Mr. Loblack who stated plainly that he did
not come to ask a question but rather to
prevent Mr. Bellot from asking a trashy
cqestion. Yet' the two most intelligent
questioners ware not listed in your
One wonders whether that is not your
way of shunning our adult intellectuals.
The Chronicle does it, The Herald does
it but as I said perhaps it is too much-
to expect from the little STAR.
To refresh your mind, I am speaking of
the questions posed by Star Lestrade and
Ed Scobie. Apart from these two, all the
other questions ircre on communism but the
other two werc of Economic importance to
Dominica. Yours faithfully
Gerard E. Boston,
LoBlanc Lane,.
We thank you for adding to our Reportorts
account. Editor.

The PTA. of Roseau Mixed Infants School
held a general mooting on Tuesday March
12. It was chaired by Mr. P.Bertrand.
Miss Floss Christian, headteachor of
the school, gave a report in which she
said the PTA hacT achieved quite a lot;
among her examples were that more parents
have/ uying reading books for their chil-
ren, and the reading aids which hang on
the school walls were ordered from
Jamaica by the PTA.,
She thanked parents for turning out in
large numbers (approximately 100) also
saying that PTA. is planning to buy some
games to have recreation weekly for the
parents. This, she said, will draw parent.,;
together'and in closer fellowshipwith the
teachers. -
Dr.Royer's 50 minute speech was the
most interesting-part of the meeting. His
main topics wore: love of country, how to
act with a doctor and the development of
a child. In the course of his speech ho.
said parents ought to teach'their chil-
dren the dangers of smoking, drinking
and sexual indulgence at an early age. He
also said he thought the Government should
P0cide for-or a.ainst birth control in
Dominica. Ile stressed that patients shotuli
not diagnos but rather explain to the
doctor in their own words how they feel.
After his speech the floor was opened for
questions which lasted over an hour,

Saturday, March 16, 1968



Lack of Responsibility-
n. tho issue of 2/3/68 of one of the
Local -To.-.:papers, hicntion was made thi-.
the Carnival Queen was an hour late, forj
the Parade of Floats on Carnival Sundwy
Mlay I inform the public that this'
td. nothing to do with Eva but rather
to the Jaycees: and Jaycattas. The.
blanom must be borne by then s Eva was
waiting long over an hlour,before the
Jaycoos could cone for her although shoe
had infornod them earlier where they
would contact her. CAIIVAL LOVER.

ITNoewly-wod clergyman Willian Hall
~idd his honeymoon with a tour of laIl
night apota--without his wife.
Tho 28-year-old curate was appointed
Britaints first "night-club parson."
xis- parish will be the night-clubs in
1Tc-side in Northeast England, and his
parishafir the singers, strippers,
comedians and patrons.
"1 will just single with the crowd
to give help and advice to to anyone
who needs it" Hall explained. On his
nights off he plans to show his bride
Jeannette round the clubs--"I, will
change into an ordinary shirt and tie
and' tak;o her there for a night oudt.'"
he said.

Noarly three and a half million
poopl1o visited Britain last year -nore
than 250,000 ot'fr the rocord-breaking
year of 1966. Comnnon.walth visitors
are estimated at 732,000 19,000 more
than in 1966. European visitors in-
creased by 9% to 1,650,000 and the
number of tourists front the U.S. to
Britain went up by 11% to 839,000.
The Liberal Party nominated famed
West Indian cricketer Sir Learia
Const.antine, 66, as its candidate in
the N.blson and Colno by-election, the
ipQong Thines reported recently.
Theo -Ti: said that Liberal Party
leader Jorony Thorpe talked with Sir
Loarie first.
Sir Laaria is a former High Comniss-
ioner of Trinidad & Tobago in London,
and a. noted welfare worker.

STAR Page Eleven


Growers are notified that consequent'
upon the incroaso of the present Green
Boat Price of 'Z58.10.0. by one unit of
3.10o0. 60 62.0.0. per ton effective
11th March, 1968 the price payable for
bananas from that date will be as fol-
At Reception Stations L4.10 per lb
At Soutlhoi& Eastern
Buying Points 3.420 per Ib
At Northern BuyiPinRoints 3.30- per lb
Growers who qualify for Incentive Bonus
will receive ah additional .250 per lb.


11th March, 1968-


Researchers at the Battelle Memorial.
Institute in Geneva have suceded in
inventing a type of.artificial mnat which
when produced on a large scale
much less oxpenosive than real meat (anld
we may hope tenderer than most of it).
It can be furnished in'the forn of ragout,
hamburgers, driod noat, frozen neat and
sausage meat.
The new noat contains 35% of proteins
and 65% of water, and will be extremely
nourishing. It can be produced in largd
quantities and will solve nourishnmnt
problems in many parts of the world where
today there is a shortage of the proteins:
most easily found in mneat-
This is a triumph for nutritional re-
search, not- indoed intended for those who
already have enough to oat (to whom the
idea of artificial meat tends to be.
abominable.) b-ut to those who seldom ever
see ito .-Swiss Press Review R.

MILANt ITALY -- French novie star Brigitte
Bardot won a legal suit against pin-up
magazine "Playmon" which last June. publish-
ed' semi-nudo pictures of her, allegedly
taken through a hole in the hedge of her
.Rone villa while sun-bathing with her
Gernan industrialist husband.
Magazine director A. Battistini was
given a suspended jail sentence of five.
months and. 10 days and ordered to pay
Miss Bardot and husband 50,000 lire (about .
680) each.



Page U-relva

A G R I C U L T. U R

UW.I. : The Third West Indies Agricul-
tural Economics Conference will be held
on the Mona campus of the University of
the West Indies during the week March
31 to April 6.
In addition to persons from the.
English-speaking Caribbean, the 1968
Conference Will brin-gparticipants from
Puerto Rico, Martinique, Guadeloupe and
Surinamc. The theme will'be "Agricultur .
al Development Planning", a stock-t'aking
exercise appropriate at this time. The
Conference will,therefore, be devoted
to a review of the experiences in plan-
ning for agricultural development in
the various territories of the region
with a view to identifying the major
'obstacles to planned change, and will
.t ~ttemapt to outline measures for over-
coming these obstacles.

io thank the reader "A.C., who pointed
out. that the coats of arms of U..I and
Sussex University were transposed,. UW
has the lion rampant over a book I -Ed.

** Agricultural talks over WIDS at
lunchtLime repeatt: 8 p.m.) begin next
Sccday, 19tht,

I.E. has appointed the following per-
ons as members of the Dominica Agricul-
tural H. 1:._,ting Board for two years:-
Mr.R.E. Henry; Mr.C.J. Forri-tra; 1MrL
J.P. Bruiey; Mr. Charles A. WinstonvO.BE;
Mr.Thomas Etienne; Mr. Angelo Bellot;
Mr Grayson Stedman; Hon.G.A,. Winston;
the Fin. Sec.; and the Chief Agric.Officer

EP' LIBRARY CO;:ITTTI:: .ice:s- .
Arthur Til2 ih7ClairmanT U .G hunting ;
C.S. Kelly; Edward Scobie; Mrs.Phillip
Nassief. & the Chief Education Officer.
*** A gift of 25 from BBC Transcription
Service for buying 17 disc programmes hca
boon received by the Public Library.

PDOMINICA.: Agriculture Arts Industry
The Ministry of Trade & Industry has
planned an Agricultural, Arts and Indus-
trial Exhibition to be held this year
between October 10 17, at the Botanic
Gardens. It will (a) encourage and
stimulate competition so as to improve.
the quality iand quantity of the products
of ,those sectors of the economy; (b) en-
courage people to- tako a pride in both the
production units (the farm, the factory,
the stage) and the products of these.
sectors; and () create and develop pride
in farming, technical employment in
industry and in show business as field
of occupation,
The Exhibition will also promote the
production of farm commodities which can
be economically produced in Dominica and
which are in great demand both locally and
in the Caribbean Area (Carifta), and whici-
can efficiently displace imported goods
from out of Caribbean areas through a
guided policy of import substitution.
further it will promote the development'
of the craft trade generally, particularly
at the local community level, towards the
expansion of rural domestic industries.
An interest in the work of public and
private institutions related to th. fields
of Agriculture, Arts and Industry will be

Miss Mary Virginia Augustine (born in
Vicille Case), one of the first Dominicans
to become a qualified ITurse trained in
Britain, rws last week honoured by-Pope,
Paul with a gold medal surmounted by the
Papal tiara and Vatican coat of arms,
bearing the likeness of the Pope and the
inscription BE-1E IMERENTZ (well deserved)
on the other side. *Nurse Augustine
spent many devoted years caring for the
late Bishop Moris CSSR and has remained
to serve at the Bishop's Palace ever

'SIS PEMITIO signed by 221 people residing in the Clif-ton area of the island
has been sent to the Minister of Communications and works:-
'"Uf the undersigned citizens of Dominica would like to draw the attention of
the Government to the highly unsatisfactory condition of the road in the north of
the island, linking the town of Portsmouth with Tantan, Cottage, Clifton etc.
As regular users of this road and inhabitants of the. villages referred to,
we. submit that its present condition endangers life and limb and causes necessary
wear and tear on motor vehicles. Heavy rains produce further .rapid deterioration
in the road surface." (concdedon6)
(cneuded on ppage 16


Saturdfl*M1 Mrch 16, 190'8

Saturday, March 16, 1968 THE STAR Pago Thirteen

THOSE DAYS ARE GONE .(Autobiography)
by Chris Reiter
How I Go to the West Indies, Start School
and neet Now Friends: and If I Tell You Any iMore
You Wontt Have to Read This,
lThCn. I was thirteen years old, I left Canada, I loft 'my old hone; my old
school; 'ny relatives and ny friends to cone and live in the West Indies. Some
of then, I can assure you, were glad to be rid of no and I'll bet sonm Dominicabs
feel the sane way.
To be able to cone to the Wost Indies is a dream which never cones true to
nost people; fortunately, nino did.
Uhen my another and I arrived in Antigua aftcr four hours on a jet plane., we
want to .the Blue Waterse Hotel., where we rclaxoed, drinking and listening to the
sweot conbo music. (My father didn't cone as he was attending a University of
Toronto 6-week course. .In fact he didn't cone down until 5 weeks had dlapsod.)
That night I couldn't sleep for the breaking of the waves on the shore,and.ny
thoughts of what the next day would bring, kept racing through my mind keeping- M.
wide awake. --
NoI ot day, we went to St.Kitts where we.were to stay for about two months.
When I stopped of the plane (LIAT) into the dazzling sunlight, I perceived a -'
beautiful girl and her parents. I was noro interested in, the girl, so I didnnrt
worry about the parents. I found out later that we wore going to live at their
hro-ic duriLng *oub stay. .
"Oh boy I I thought, "An I going to have fun?"U
had a groat tine in St.Kitts, as I had predicted, with dancing, girls, fetcs-
.horso-back riding, basking in the sunshine and swinn-mng:in the'sea. I visitoed-the
fort.'on Brinstone Hill. Everybody treated no very woll. This, I thought, w-as
living it up'
About...a onth later, I was. invited to Novis to stay with sone friends for
about a week. This trip front S-tKitts to Nevis in the snall six-scater plane Iwas
za hair-iasing journey. I thought the world was coning to an end. Here (in Nlevis).
,another list of incidents and excitement, piled one on top of the other, left
imprints on my mind.
One incident astonished ne and it will astound you too, dear readers, Young
Charley Yarwood (5 years old, one of the people's sons that I was staying with),
stated that he could climb a coconut tree.,
"Surc'," I retorted, "a dwarf coconut tree, perhaps?V
He beckoned me and led no to a towering tree, 1 looked at it all.agape and
figured Charley was crazy to say he could climb up this tree But no, Charley
took his first slow stops up the tree, monkey fashion. Then, like a bullet but of
a gun, he shot up the tree and a f ow minutes later smiled an d waved down at no fro
the top. I stood there flabbergasted and dumbfounded. A puff of wind could have.
knockeo no over..
e011, I wasn't g.--:iin to let this little boy get the better of ne, so-I tried
to climb up the tree too, but to no avail. All my offortsa woro unrewarcdd -.nd
fruitless. What anguish 1 but what could I do about it? I couldn't climb up the
tree, so let's face it; he was better than I,
I also wont swimming and fishing in Nevis, and sightsooCint, then returned to
St\.Kitts and two weeks later cano, to Dominica.*
Don-inica fascinated ne. It still dbes. I had heyer seen such forest ain .
greenery and beauty before. It is an Snchanting island.
I went to school four days later at the St.Mnry's Acadony, and there I passed
my year. In the first torn of this school-year, I was lprosented with a i3rd
Honours" certificate for my good scholastic grades. This is because I have friends
who study and have good, clean fun. As far as I can s.oo, I stand to gain.
I an not sure of ny future profession. One thing I: want to be. is a good stu-
dent with a good standing in the school, and I an slowly achieving this. I will
always try to do my best, keeping in nind the saying:-
I"Man proposes, but God disposes."

Pairs' Fourteen TE SA audy ~c ,16



Prizewinnera for the

year 1967

~AaALYD 'P0.n

1. The Major Thompson Trophy and
Badge to the Nurse of the year

2. Highest marks in the State Final
Examinations, December 1967







. 9.


Outstanding in Hospital
Nursing, December, 1967

Highest marks. in Hospital
Nursing, July 1967

Outstanding in Midwifery Finals

Highest marks in State Final
Examination, July 1967

Prize for dedication & Team Spirit

Prize winning Case Study

Dedication to duty and study
over the three (3) years

Dedication to Midwifery Practice
Efficiency in Public Health and
ante-natal ttat care

12. Outstanding Clinical

13. Good all round work in Surgery
(Internal Test)

14. Highest marks in Psychology

15. Highest marks

16. Highest marks in Final Test

17. All round Ward Efficiency

18. Efficiency Prizes in English

Staff Nurse I Douglas

Nurse Edlyne Valerie

Nurse Justina Pacquette

Nurse Jona James

Sr. Maria Reynaert




Zotma Tounsaint

0. Roberts

Molly Stephenson

Nuase J. Jacob

Nurse. Frances Theodore

Nurse Charmaine Fontaine

Nurse Glynis James


E. Valerie
F. Shillingford
J. James

Nurse G. Roberts
Nurse Audrey Smith

Nurse J. Miller


Sonia Allfrey


Nurse J. Jaoob(lst prisz
Nurse D. Delsol(2nd ")
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I W A: Di, D TO

Saturday, March AS, 1968


Paue' Feurteerm

Saturday. March 16, 1968


Page Fifteeew

Archbishop of Cantercury

to visit Uaribbean

It was announced simul-
tcneously bythe Central Office of In-
formation in London and by the Arch-
bishop of the West Indies, 'that the
Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most
Reverend Michael Ramsey, will pay a
visit to the IProvince of the West
Indies in March next year on the invita-
hion of the Archbishop of the West
Indies, the Most Reverend Aran Knightr
This visit will be the first to be made to
the West Indies by the Archbishop of
Canterbury, and will be probably of two
to three weeks duration.

Jekyll And Hydc-


he last island 1 visited
In the West Indies was
St. Kitta, from which
another Island, Anguilla,
seceded iast'year, demand- '
ing Independence. i
All over the Caribean,
i'iinours5 had reached me of'
exir..ordinary occurrences :n $t..
-.i. oloured by accounts of
the act'iitlee of ir Brad.ilhaw.
its Premnier who was ieportecl
to be exiremeliv eccentric
I was I!norlned that ne wai.
trequentiv to be seen in the
uniform of -i colonel ot an
niaginary regiment pa:'ol!et(
and besworded, ,':di'.g in the
back of a vintage Rolls-woye
So. looking torwaid to ouri
meeting I. was surprised toa
find a charnlingl dignified and'
gentle man. who looked as if

[erime than writing a letter ?:iti
cas n, the Government. have also
ueen imprisoned
The trial of prisoners was a
parody of any sort of Justice, and
was condeinned oy the West
Indies Judicial Authority
Mr. Bradshaw's position is also
totalaran. He is not only
premier. out president of te
sugar workers union, and at
,.he t!..e ;.ontrols thi
police In other words. 'hk
ru.e is not only tyrannical but
Why then should he of sur-
prired that it. ihas caused such
SresIntment in the other Carib-
bc-ar' assoceia'.:d states, wno are
Sst:rlving to mattntain democracy
tanr the rule of law? flhe
ilanswer probably is that there
]are two Mr. Bradshaws.
One is the elegant and urbane

he had never seen a uniform ex-federal minister. i.whn canj
in his life justly 'take pride In having
I a a l achieved the high standard of
I cha4 a long talk with htim In li'g of the sugar workers in
wh erh twred to rSCertla St. Kitls, whose aliegiance he
whether he was worriecd by ibei retains.
anct that 1is Governmenth reil
become labeled a. nottriuus in The other Mr. Bradshaw is a
the Carlbbean, and hat i. wa-sl Mr. Hyde, who appears at tmnca
i paniual", conceived thaftI he to be really unwell and who.
was i quasi-diczator deterninecl if he took advice from an irn-
to~1rdt his iliand down to tnL partia- medical boaid, would
leval uf a lati regnme, alinust certainly be adviaset to(
leave pubic life.
Mfr.ct resen. i realind s .hls, For his health has caun.edi hin I
fact resents it., and' cnxeV/elveii to, h~ve deluslcmn; rnt oniv i
that he ,i the victim (I an! t. hve 5l0u sos ot only o..
ntern~atonal cnspiracv amed grandeur but also of perSecu-:
at hmS detrictun thi is t!on w, -r' has maoe him
peculiar, for t1th reasons for M.h ro.dy tool for some :if h
pEBrshalrr' h rie.n ru.t -' advisers who are rapi;dy ian
tion alp obvious rctlty rc:atlering theu nesl; oG
Sale othe island's detriment.
The Learer of the Cp;. :iton These advisers are a peconiar
had oeon throww, ijto p:tison fo assori.iaent uoI men One has a,
oppusing, and has niB w 1ed the quaint ijackground for such a
country. Others., or nao reAirl Post,--a c.onvictio.n foi a.aul;Lt.

MURDER l '* ..--^^W-- .- .-

THE NEWS that lan Smith's government has
hanged three Africans in Rhodesia in de-
fiance of the Queen's reprieve is nothing less
than cold blooded murder.

It is now abundantly clear that the Courts
of Rhhodesia support the Smith's regime and that
they will not brook interference of any sort
trom Britain, no matter how reasonable may the
approach or how valid the grounds.

It is high time that Mr. Harold Wilson
and his government stop the puerile attempts at
enforcing the feeblest of sanctions and do some-
thing positive to bring this murderous gover.-
men, to heel.

Now that the three men have been hanged,
despite Her Majesty's reprieve given on humani-
tarian grounds, there are cries for vengeance
from many parts of Africa, from other Common
wealth countries and perhaps from other nations.

This murderous act will in due course be
dealt with b1 Almighty God. but mankind has
a serious obligation to protect the liberty and
life of his weaker brother, and so every Kittitian,
every West Indian, in fact every right thinking
person should join in raising the cry, '"Down
with the Smith's Government".

If ever there was a time when the use'of
force was justifiable it is now. The cub has
slapped the lion but will there be any disciplin-
ary action taken? The answer to this will be
made known in the-coming weeks.

St11 Kitts

battery and foul language
Another personal adv-er is
all even linoe a d r in n g
character, an extreme :acia!is'
and Ir:end of M!al.conl X. he n
s'irrn:g up the d or m an
colour problem and under-
iii1ting tie position of the sugal
aroweir tpon whii the e unolniy
of the c( entry depends. He is
obv:ous.'y Mr Bradshaw's Iago,
and iapfears almost to wear on
his ,1eiev'p he precept. "I follow
i; t,; Io..rve m-y turn upon him "
Nor are these advisers excep-
St-ional. Indeed, they all appear
united in pushing Mr Bradnihh w
Toward.; a declaration '> a on00-
oarty :.;!e.t St Kitts is a sick
.ild r!':.,ppY island. ;ind Mr
Bl;ad;haiw ftuure policies wil!
emibn:r; the Govern--
ment, which remains re.spori,
S.lole til I'he islands ci.entce
Sand ov-rsea policy
Nor will the recent agreement,


made by Mr. Nigel FL.-;r and
Mr Donald Chapman, to post-
pone for a year the iuesii.oi of
Anguilla's secession help mat-
ters. For conflicting impression,:
are held. -
- Angu!la oelieveb that It.
independence lha.. been estab-
lishe.i. St. Kitts believes tha,
Anguilla -wil be returned to ii;
by the British Government at
the end of the year.
A settlement based on such
nmisunderstatnciii will dro mnor
Sharm in the lolng run than a
clear unpopular decision would
have done now.
Its most likely long-term
result will be an excuse for the
establishment by Mr. Brad-
shawi of a totalitarian state, an
,nfant Haiti for whose defence
San unhappy British Govern-
ment will be responsible.
Lu;ndon Exrp S Searvce.

Y o,

Pago AixLtecn
h-. c----

2~lE i .

Saturday, M arch 16, 1968


SIT 0. T I C E

C-CT Shillingford Hay Got UK Contract It is notified for the information
of the Bublic that it is proposed to
After his superb innings of 69 for the establish a Postal Agency at Roget
Windwarrd Islands against MCC in the three (near Canofield) with e.ffcct from
day match washed out by rain, Irving Monday the 1st April, 1968.
Shillingford was approached by Colin Cow-
2. The Postal Agoncy will be conduc--
droy with a proposal that he playa for at te ri o os
S. ted at the recidonce of Mr,.Amos Joseph.
Kont in th.e h .. .E... C
Ibt ' I C~lllsy Champion7ships77 f~

this yoar. Shillingford said, Wfodnsdacay,
"I was approached by Cowdrey at the Bri-
tish Er:ibassy in St. Lucia: he cabled his
County Clomittee and any news received
would bo passed to Hollis Bristol who

Pormanebt Secretary
Minis try of Conmmunicqtios &
C s& W 4/00, o,.2 Works.
6th March, 1968


wjl. DO in TZrinidad I or c!io L-I2 lCos" 1/ I
If Shillingford is accepted, he will have- ----. --
to leavo nid-April for TEngland, so will -KEiLTY CGCGRIGEULATTOITS & BEST WISHES to
not be available for the Goodwill Series, Mr. &. Mrs. U.O.M. Pond on the celebration
tCake iHonours, 1st cy '1th Tost of their Silver Wadding Annivorsary.
Scontury opening partnership between Goodwill. (87) and Carew (36) gavoe indices ,
a fine start on the first day of the Test PETITIOiT (contd.) "'oe request the Govern:
at Ouoons Park Oval, Trinidad. Play was mont through the appropriate ministry to
hold up for approximately 2-;l-ours due. to take urgent and irnnediato steps to holp
rain and after the interval Brown struck remedy this situation, convinced that bad~
twice for England when he got Carew communications in this area are on0, of 'the
'caught by Lock with the score on 119. chief reasons for-its slow development..
Soon After Canacho was caught at the Roy. Gooffrey D. Gordon,
wicket, attempting to pull hii through for the Petitioners."
mid-wicket. Kanhai and HTursm held on for-- ..---.
the balance. of the day with the scire STARPSPOPT (concicd) Spartans; have ,announced
168 for 2. Play rocunod ten minutes latc their tean which mi.cludes three of the .
yesterday and after fifty ninutos play players who played for the Windward Is3~3~
rain again caused the halt of play and against t:h6 IT.C.C. in St,Lucia last: wcek.
by that tino Kanhai and ITurso had brout They are: Irving Shillingfordc, Clo-i John
the score to 188, Eaiihai notched his (capt.) and Gr3yson Shilling:forcrd- ThE rest
century after lunch. As- wogo to Press of.fCb tca-ni -is:C 'G.,lliamrs,, E.ChYros,
the scoro was 375 for 2: ZEihai 143 n.o,; ga;n. G.Garrington,
Nurs a r& Upset S~artans. BASKETBAiLL: C' 0I7 & ATOMS Clash Tonisht

Somerset of St.Joseph gave Spartans a Last year's basketball champs, AtonmsI
big surprise last weekend in a first Div. -wil clash ,withl. a Caroni Gardinals tonight
natch played wt the Windsor Park. Batting at the St.Maryts Acadeny Court. Ths two
first Sonerset scored 150 thanks to fine teans oae joint leaders at the top of the.
knock of 74 by their skipper Cecil Joseplh league table and this natch is expected -o
Bowling for Spartans, J.C.Josephs cap- be very exciting.
trzued 7 for 54 incld-ing a hat-trick. In the second nach of the evening Argo- the natch: Sonerset 150; C. nauts tak on th Falco. -
Josoph 74, J.C.Josephs 7 for 54 and 87, Lanvgu st ar S O T ,OST
J.Faustif'6 for 44. 1. Atoms & Caroni Cardinals 0- 0
Spartana-102 --C.Williasn 34, G.Lafond 2. Centaurs 4 2
21 and 121, H.Roborts 35, D.Charles 6 for 3. S.M.A. & nationals 3 3
32. 4. Argonauts & Faldons 1 5
Hatches carded for this wooekind arc as 5. D.GS. o 0 6
follows: At the Windsor Par-k, 'LBackburn
vs. leclvillc Hall; at Pottcrovillo Savn- Theo death occurred in Ciurch Lano, Goodwill
vs. llalville HaL; ot PoIi. ...... a y ....
nah, S,1I,A. vsa Defence Force; at the last night of r.s.g :t"iie, Bartleoy wife
Botanical Gardens, Saints vs.1Eapshire of woll-known Sorgt,Jocl Eartlcy of the
and on D.GS.ground Spartans vs-.ockstona Royal Police Forco. 'She leaves to mourn
b hor lo.s her ihussand ,6 childr en relamtsvef.
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