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2 Idc DuB e LCozitc Fo'vtunaC
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Vol.II, No. 13

April 16th, 1966

Seven Cents

!-----1 ---~ -- ....
3"'- ~_:`: T~:l~il~' 99~;~
5~ ,r,., -- r
n ~I'
ii Q

Mr. V.C. Bird, Chief Minister, Antigua, mak
his opening speech at the Constitutional Co
ference in London, Dqmincs- delegation le

SWhere? In Africa? On the beach?
In a child's dream? -- None of
;; these. This is a new school
building in the village of Bulmer,
Eastern England. The octagonal
design under an umbrella-shaped
roof has classrooms grouped around
S a central hall. Sliding-interior
."a walls, when closed, enable the
classrooms to be used separately.
Wheen they are open (as here) the
.. whole building becomes one large
ing room, and the headmaster can
address all pupils from the centre

ft today.

Vere Bird has been described in public as a 'bene-
volent dictator1, and by his enemies as a sort of
Dr. No or eMr. Dig. Let us brush aside these
terms; for it is certain that we shall never like
dictators or sinister manipulators, and we want
to go on liking Bird, who was a brave leader of
his people. Now other small island delegations
are starting talks in London: as they all have
healthy subsistence allowances, let us recommend
them to buy a copy apiece of Graham Greene's new
best-seller "THE COMEDIANS"', which is about Haiti.
Every one of these little W.I. islands could
become as much of a hell as Haiti under President
Duvalier if the people allow it to happen.
Innocents who open this book may imagine at first
.- ,that Greene is writin-g about Communism, Far from
-eyr want--, tit: he describes another form of dictatorship, but
ano less vile. The rule he lambastes is a real
rule; and we doubt if Greene will ever set foot
Sin Haiti again during Duvalier's regime, This is
a book written by a brilliant Roman Catholic, and a very broad-minded one; he
weighs virtue individuals not by dogma but by essential goodness .or callous evil.
You -will enjoy the character of iMr. Smith the U.S. Presidential candidate who
(unlike his diametrical opposite, Smith of Rhodesia) thinks that all black men
are good and noble (because he has been a Freedom Fighter); and believes that the
world's unrest can be cured byl vegetarianism. And perhaps many of us 7West Indians
may feel zkinto Jones, who boasts so much, yet is a hero in the long run, *:',e
wanted an excuse to write about the COiliTE.., and when we saw the picture of
Bird, the excuse came; for :today's 'benevolent dictators' are sometimes tomorrow's
tyrants, whether they are 5'13 or 6'10"'; and tomorrow may be too late, especially
if the easy-going British are not there to dig you out of the pit. *' a very
very hard question -- how much rope can the people give an elected leader before'
they want to haul him in and yell "Dictator!" ...For leadership and firmness are,
after all, desirable national attributes. Perhaps the main tests are these: how
much criticism can a political loader take? How does he treat weak minorities or
dissentients? Can he laugh at anyone's jokes beside his own?


Saturday, April 16, 1966 TE STA]

L O C AL NE WS : Visitors

During the Past few days, Mr. Jack Scott,
U.S. Peace Corps Director based in Barbad-
os, informed Government how much demand
there was for Peace Corps personnel in
many countries, said he would see
what could be done for Dominica. ***Seven
Faculty members of U.W.I. visited Dominica
to discuss the proposed creation of UWI
local centres; Mr. Goodwin, Ministry of
Overseas Development,flew in to discuss
Labour Legislation with the relevant Min-
ister and other parties. Mr. Goodwin
told our Editor that a weak spot in Dom-
inica's labour laws was workmloep's com-
-ensation; stated that the laws required
enforcement before revision; declared that
an expert in youth training might be
expected here...** Mr. :.. Oth A McNeil,
Ear, lose &: Throat Specialist, will
visit us from 24-26 April for clinical
aid to the Medical (and Surgical) Dept.
All arrangements to see him must be made.
through patients' Doctors...**In reply
to those who wrote in asking Zwhy THE
STAR was not represented at the confer-
ence with the Economic Survey Team,
we would reply that we were not properly
invited, and we print below a letter we
received from the head of the Team:-

Fort Young Hoctel,

TN Ml- A I fI -P

April 2, 1966

S I'm sorry I didn't
see you this morning (April 2nd) at the
Press Conference ,which I held on request.
I understood yesterday that you had been
told about this, and apologise if there
was any miscarriage of the arrangements
on our side.
iay I take the opportunity now,
however, of thanking you for the copies
of the STAR which you sent to us, and for
the memorandum sent by Mr. Allfrey.
Yours sincerely,
(Tripartite Economic Survey).

Now, while it is true that the Publisher
and Editor of the STAR may at times be
difficult to got hold of, since their
endeavours to obtain telephone service
have so far been unsuccessful, and they
ofteo ido their Tre creat i r
oment... tnere are stil_ Such
persons as official messengers; can it
be possible that the omission was not
accidental but deliberate? Of course we
exonerate Professor Sargent, whose
name has been so consistently mis-
spelt, from this suggestion. The Team
did, however, receive a full indicat-
ion of our views.

Pago Two


LOCAL F 'S. continuedd)
Constitutional Talks: .he follow in
--*- he following
members of the Dominica Delegation leave
for Londo2OuYhold talks with the U.K.
Government starting April 18th; Hon.
E.O. LeBlanc (leading the delegation),
Hon. N.A.N. Ducreay. Ag. Attorney Gen.
L. Austin, Hon. A. Moise (Opposition),
Hon. K.H.C. Alleyne Q.C. (Adviser to
Opposition), and Officials Mr. C.A.
Seignoret O.B.E. and Mr. C.A. Sorhaindo,

In respect of the delegation's visit -"
LonBon, TE STAR respectfully suggests
that since no summary of the various
recommendations and proposals
other parties and persons is likely to
become available to the public, a
public discussion might be held in a
suitable place (say St. Gerard's Hall),
at which these recommendations might be
read for the public information, so that
the negotiations may be followed with
greater interest.

Labour Lci.__l-tion Adviser from the
Ministry of Overseas Development Mr.
J.L. Goodwin stated before leaving
Dominica that Dominica's Labour Legis-
lation was by no means out of date, and
that he had drafted revised ordinances
for worl:men's compensation and essen-
tial services as well as a new ordinance
for contracts of service.

Spending a holiday with Mr. &- Mrs. Keith
Robinson were Barbados Advocate Editor
and his wife.

During, tLhe absence from Dominica of
H.H. Mr. G.C. Guy, Mr. John Bully, MBE,
will act as Administrator. It is
widely rumoured that Ir. Bully will be
Dominica's first Governor under the new
full-internal-self Government -- Assoc-
iate status regime.

Before leaving Dominica, Professor
Pierre Lucette said that he would
discuss with the Caribbean Friends
Club the possibility of offering a
prize trip to Martinique to the winner
of an essay competition open to young
people between the ages of 18-21. The
subject will be announced later when
the scheme matures.
A-BMIIH-3r TATOR -tco- FF-BE : --Mi --S,-H-.-rahamf---
(one-time Administrator of Dominica
and for several years Admr. St.Vincent,
gave up his post to become a Puisne
Judge in British Honduras. Mr.Graham
had been na, -ed by both Govt. & Oppositic.
in St; Vincent. *':***;***

Saturday, April 16, 1966 THE STAR Page Three

Opening of Parliament: INDIA: in drought-struck India, thirsty
FUorlie first time in British history, villagers have been holding up trains and
television arrangements have been made removing the water from, locomotive tanks.
- including the Queen's Speech from Police escorts were put on trains at
the Throne at Westminster. Her Iiajesty Andhra.. Trucks & carts are carrying water
has delegated the Duke of Kent to rep- to stricken areas, but not enough. It is
resent her at Guyana independence India's worst drought of the century. ***
functions from May 22-28. The young
Duke and his wife will stay with the JAMAICA: Postmaster here states, that
Luyts at Government Iouse. **** Jamaica postal service is suspended for
t o 1 the present. No outgoing mails from Jamaica.
BRITAIN: At the end of 1965 the Col- no deliveries within that land. ******
onial Office administered 33 territories. _
(compared to 49 in 1955), and employed BARBADOS: Mental Health Week will take
600 staff. ** 50,502 migrants from place from May 15-21. *"*Wildcat strike
countries other than Canada, Australia, this week was crippling Barbados Sugar
N.Z. and Mediterranean spots entered Industry and the Barbados Workers' Union
Britain in 1965, compared to 56,401 in does not support the demand for 10% wage
1964. ** No woman has as yet been increase, said Mr. F. Walcott, new Dems
appointed to a post on the Commonwealth Member in the House. ** Because Denzil
Secretariat, although there is 'no ban' Agar (Night Editor) was suspended for one
on the employment of women there' ** month by the Barbados Advocate, 40 members
Cost to the British Government of Over- of the Advocate Staff threatened to strike,,
seas volunteers'for the three years DOMINICA: Joyful bells rang from the
1963-5 was 626,000, and voluntary Roman Catholic Cathedral as another local
societies contributed an additional
sociies contributed an aman was ordained as Priest in the presence
2262,000.s (These statistics come of throngs from Colihaut (his birthplace)
from answers to Parliamentary Questions).and outlying districts, as well as Roseau
On 27th April a 38-year old English- churchgoers. lev. Fr. Alexander was
woman will attempt to fly around the educated in theology in France, later
world solo. She will take off in a ent to St. Benedicts, Trinidad.
Piper Comanche 400, subsidised by
commercial firms. Last year she broke EASTER's sad incident was the death in
15 world flying records in two days. ** a traffic accident of Paul Alexander, 3,
...... of "Bell's" along the transinsular road.
RHODESIA: There is said to be conflict The child ran across the road and sas
between Smith and some members of his- struck by a Vauxhall car driven by Mr. G.
Rhodesia Front Party; the right wing Robin of the Audit Department on Monday.
wants Smith to be 'tougher to Britain'. CO-Tr- -S: John Lawr'nce- was fined ',,50 or
Sir Humphrey Gibbs told a British Tory 3 months for being inpossession of 4---
Lord that he hopes talks with Smith gallons of rum from Belfast Estate. He
will take place. **The oil tanker Joanna.was cautioned on a 2nd charge.
V is still being; held up from discharg-
ing oil for Rhodesia. Disowned by the UNIONT and Shell contract: D.A.WI.U. are
Greeks, she ran up the Panamaiian flag, signing an agreement with Shell Antilles
then switched over to Portugese control. and Guinnas Ltd to increase wages of
We learn that the ship was financed worker-members from Jan; 1, also for a 44-
initially by Mill.ionaire Greek Onassis. hour week, new holiday rates of pay and
Sister Ship IManuela !also with oil leave entitlements. Negotiations were
cargo) was 'diverted from Beiyra by a conducted between Trinidad and Dominican
British warship. *: I:he students ropresentn:t'ives.
hid and supported a rebel African youth, COM-'3 EL PRLIJTAMENIIARY ASSOCI ATION--
Dr. Adams (Principal of Salisbury Objection has been taken and expressed in
1m1ultiracial College) tendered his writing for placing before the forthcoming
resignation -- trouble with authorities. Trinidad Conference and the London Secre-

Sr. Oginga Odin pro oun- tariat of C.P.A. by Mr. E.C. Loblack and
EY:, O-,inga OVinga, pro Comun-
Mhs. P.S. Allfrey. The objectors consider
ist Vice President, resigned from his s. P.S. Allfrey. The objectors consider
s Ve P i r d local methods of selection (without any
post and from the Party. reference to total CPA membership). of
ZAMBBIA: Miners' strike which paralysed delegates to functions abroad UNDEMOCRATIC
the copper industry for two weeks was Announcements have been made that Messrs.
called off this week, 22 thousand men ROP Armour, E.A.Leslie & MC.Doctrove will
returning to work, others drifting back. attend this month's conference in T/dad,
STAl~ -SrUE "of Sir Winston Churchill with oneand that Mrs. liable M. James "is proposed"
foot in the British Embassy and the for a trip to London organized by CPA for
other on U.S. (Washington) soil is set ip. June of this year.


HERE and NOW by John Spector

Quite a fuss, I hear, at the meeting of shareholders of the Fort
Young Hotel Co. Ltd. It seems that although they received a 12-f divi-
dend (tax-free, on account of pioneer status) they were not satisfied
with the management; the, managing-director came under fire and it was
suggested that she be replaced by an octogenarian -- and the ct ering
placed in the hands of someone other than the chef' A further meeting
takes, place later this week.
Business management of a high order is a scarce commodity in Dom-
inica. Owners and managing-directors of businesses are' inclined to
"keep a dog and bark themselves". If you employ a manager, let him do
the job without interference (within your general policy) or counter-
manding his: orders.; and never criticise him in front of the staff. In
the hotel and restaurant business, all ovdr the world, the chef is the
chief in his own department. He is not only entirely responsible for
kitchen staff, but all the buying and catering: if he cannot do the job,
get a chef who can.
Road signs in Roseau are a puzzle to me. White lines at the end of
the one-way part of Queen Mary Street, should bar entry, divide the road
into two lanes' and indicate that the right-hand lane is for those turn-
ing into King George V Street. towards the market. And why do not the
cross streets bear "No left turn" or "No right turn" signs as they come
to the one-way Great George and Queen Mary Streets? Are strangers and
drivers from the country supposed to guess?


Central Housing & Planning Authority

It is. notified for general information that boundaries in

connection with the King's Hill Building Lots Scheme have been

modified. The new boundaries include.:

"All that area of land part of the Kings' Hill Experiment
Station in the Parish of St. George in the Colony of Dominica,
bounded as follows:-

On the West and on the South by lands of the Government of
Dominica; on the North by lands of W1illiam McNeilly and the
Government of Dominica and on the East by a road and lands of
the Government of Dominica as defined in a plan surveyed and
dram-n by Jerome Robinson, Crown Surveyor & Commissioner of
Lands and signed, and dated by the C'..irmi-.n of the Central Housirg,
&C Planning Authority dated 2Pth January, 1966."

(Sgnd.) E. Percival Munro.,
Secretary & Executive Officer,


Saturday, April 16,1966

Page. Four

Saturday, Apeil 16, 1966



All Island Athletics Mieet

following letter was received from Preparations are well in hand for staging
of the Martinique visitors last an all-island Athletics meet on May Day
k:- (translated, Ed.) (Sunday and Monday, May 1st & 2nd). It
will be held in Windsor Park and it is
lame, Dominica's Telephone hoped that Clubs Schools and individuals
Operators. will take part. The organising committee
have received the go ahead from the D.A.
I had the occasion to ask the courtesyS.A and held a special DreDaratorv meet-

of your Dominica telephone exchange
when I called there to try to contact
a friend in the far country. Believe me,
I.never knew such patience. Those ladies
are working with an antique system and
they had so much trouble going from one
country village to another over the
lines to try and make connection. In
the end they succeeded and it was to me
as a miracle. Meanwhile however they
kept their good behaviour and spoke
always kindly not only to me but to the
correspondents on the wires. I have to
congratulate those ladies and thank
them. They have a hard job.
Kindly accept my respects,
Martinique Visitor.

Dear Madam, How much do Ministers
Please inform me and some interested
friends as to what are the total
emoluments and allowances of (1) the
Chief Minister and (2) the Minister of
Communications & Works. Thank you.
Accountant, Roseau.

ing yesterday afternoon with represent-
atives of clubs and interested persons.
'Registration forms for the events (250
fee per athlete) are obtainable from Mr.
Roy Williams at H.H.V.1hitchurch; Mr.Her-
bert Seraphin at Astaphan's and Brother
Mostyn of S.Ii.A.

i-ssion Conference At Colihaut
THE Annual Easter Conference of the Gos-
pel Miission Assembly in Dominica was held
at Colihaut from Haundy Thuirsday through
to Easter Monday. The main purpose of
the conference was to bring together the
different groups of the Assembly into
closer fellowship one with another.
This special time of year' is chosen
because of its great significance to the
whole Christian world. It is a time wlen
all minds should be ventred on'Christ
Jesus hanging on Calvary Cross, between
heaven and hell, paying the price for sin
for the whole world.
It was a blessed time of fellowship in
songs, testimonies and above all, the

A. :..L -: According to the Estimates, Rev, H. Bennet of the Christian Union
the Chief Minister gets i!8,160 (pay); Mission (Friday night) and Rev. Dennis
his entertainment allowance is -,1,200; White of the.Pentecostal Church of Canada
his travel allowance is 1,440. He also (Monday night) were the principal speakers
gets free rent of Morne Cottage, -;960 a Their theme was based on Christ crucified
year is allocated for 'upkeep of Morne and risen again -- without which preaching
Cottage, and $500 for 'upkeep of furnit-would be valueless, (Contrib.)
ure, Morne Cottage'. The total thus
arrived at is $12,260. Last year the HEW DOCTOR ARRIVES: Hong Kong-born
C.N.'s entertainment allowance rose to Doctor E.T. Lee arrived here on April
3,589. Travel and subsistence for the 12 to act as anaethesist at Princess
Ministry of Finance (in the C.H.'s Margaret Hospital before being posted
portfolio) amounted to $3,100 in 1965. to a country district. The Doctor will
Regarding the Minister of Communicat- be joined by his wife and four children
ions & Works, the pay is q6,960; enter- in July. '**
tainment allowance $720; transport NEW BABIES: following the birth of a
allowance $1,440. Total $9,120. Ed. lovely daughter to Rev. & Mrs.Mitchell
LOCAL -- EWS of the Methodist Church, Dr. & Mrs. Mc
Minister's husband "In Bankruptcy" Mahon became the parents of a fine son.
The McMahons (stationed at Marigot) are
A Receiving Order was issued by the both Doctors.
Supreme Court against druggist Chris-
+,1 ni rr .JTms Hsbandn of TMrs- C.D.C. STAFF CHANGES

Mable ii. James, Minister of Communicat;
ions and Works, arising out of a Court
Order for the payment to his brother
William of the sum of $10,000 after
the termination of a family partnership
and consequent legaldispute. Meeting
of Creditors will take place in public
on May 20th at 10 a.m. in the Court House,

Mr. Harry B. Entwistle goes to take
up an appointment as Manager C.D.C.
Services, St. Lucia, while Mr. D.A.
Bryan, who has served in Dominica before,
takes over Dominica Electricity Services.
Mr. George Roddam C.D.C., (shortly to
retire) is visiting the island now,
! ,'! ;; >:; *-'f f *::* *: ;:::;;" ;r I:.' ** e :S s e t Sl S? <; !. < S



Short Story DOMINOES AND DEATH by Anna Burnette

Living in a small town which was greatly influenced by superstition,
four friends had each been nicknamed for particular and obvious reasons -
Longshanks for his long legs, Tomkin because he was short of stature, one
iho- liked to quarrel was Bellicose, and "Dumpling" -- he just liked dump-
None, of this foursome were well-to-do and all were working as masons
for the chief businessman of the town. For a long period they worked to-
gether without event. Then Bellicose and Dumpling got it into their heads
unmehow that Longehanks was their employers, favourite and that. Tomkin was
better- liked than they -vwere. They began to get jealous. To Longshank.'s
surprise, his -two friends were becoming more and more reserved towards-h1im
Seeing no reason for this, he said nothing. Soon, Tomkin also observed
their change in manner; and it was he. who ventured to mention something of
it to Longshanks.
As. they were leaving work one day, Bellicose and Dumpling, lagged be-
hind and Tomkin made use of the chance., "But 'Shanks," he said," ah see
Bellicose and Dumpling playing cold-bug tow. They doan even walk wid us
again "
"Man, dat is deir business," answered Longshanks;, "ah nevah like dog-
ging man, So far de'. do- dem nothing. "
Meanwhile Bellicose and Dumpling had other fish to fry. Envy was @3t-
ting them desperate:, They were being cheated, they thought, and something
had to be done -- at least to humiliate Longshanks.
Dumpling had a plan: Longshanks and Tomkin should be: challenged to
play a competitive game of Dominoes at Old Hall. one evening and this would
be the scene of the mischief.
"But suppose it do' work?" asked Bellicose.
"Oh, man Dumpling nevah planning' tings half-way. It will work. Let.
me. tell you what we will do."
Bellicose listened attentively as his friend explained, He was not so
good at conspiracies.
"Now listen good. We not goin' kill Longshanks -- dat would be too
much. We jus' go teach him something. We is. frens so he shouldn't cut s~tle
on us, '
"Is true; he doin as if he higher dan us," Bellicose added.
Dumpling continued, "When we go at Old Hall to play Dominoes, I sen'
you to buy cigarettes, Den you mus stay long. So when we tired wait., I
preten come look for you. Tomkin will go on playing wid Shanks. I will
pass roun to de backdoor and dere I make tie wid a piece of rope. You pass
at de front door and tell Tomkin a fella want to see him outside. You see
who I mean later. When he go out and leave Shanks wait alone, I come in
from de back door. Before 'Shanks see or hear me, I t'row de rope in his
neck and choke him. Den I jump out through de same backdoor and leave him
to untie hisself. By de time he loose de rope, he have learA a good les-an;
dat he not de boss."
"Good plan," said Bellicose, "but he mustn't fine us. out."
"Non, man, when I pass in de backdoor, you and Tomkin will .Aill be out-
aide. So I will cane roun same as I was looking' for you all dis time, .
'Shanks wouldn't know the whole set-up."
"O.K.," says Bellicose, "I hope it work well."
0 n the appointed day, Dumpling met a man called Belam and gave him a
parcel,-telling him to take it to Tomkin t the Old Hall at a certain time
that night. Being a. friend of Tomkin's he. consented, unsuspectingly. This
was the means of getting Tomkin out of the tway. Then the four went to play
Dominoes. Longshanks and Tomkin challenged the other pair and won the fjBst
game, then Dumpling said he had run out of cigarettes and sent Bellicose to
get some. Then Tomkin was called out and Dumpling sneaked in to.. play his
part -- but he drew the rope too tight before he left. Longshanks drummed
his feet on the ground in a desperate effort to slacken it. No help) came;
Sneaky Death came instead"
Tomkin hearing the thump called to the others, and they went in -
see Longshanks sprawled, on. the floor lifeless.

Sat~urday, A pril 16, 196 1


Pacge Sixx

Saturday, April 16, 1966 THE STAR Page Seven

Short Story (continued) DOMINOES AND DEATH by Anna Burnette
"Oh God'" cried Tomkin in alarm.
Belam could not believe his eyes.
Bellicose tremblingly cried, "Bon Dieul Who do dat?"
They wore all beside themselves with fear.
At that moment, Dumpling came in, not in the least prepared for the shock.
With glazed eyes and quivering lips he asked, "Wha' happen to 'Shanks?"
The incredible incident had to be reported to the police. After questioning
the company, Belam among them, the police began investigating. At the post mortem,
the verdict was 'death by strangulation'. Yet no clues could be found as to who
had done the deed. Finally, Dumpling, Bellicose, Tomkin and Bclam wore arrested
on a charge of manslau 'hter.
At the trial, the jury did not have enough evidence to prove the accused men
guilty of the crime. The three colleagues professed their attachment to the
deceased, while Belam stated that he had only come to bring a parcel to his friend.
After much cross-examination by learned Counsel, the remanded men were acquitted,
with a verdict of 'not guiltyt' Longshank's death being attributed to some
person or persons unknownm.
Surrounded by a web of superstition, Tomkin (despite his suspicions and
unmanned by fear) remained silent on the matter. That's the way it often happens
in our small town.

We have received from a reader a request to print the full text of the poem
quoted in the first half of our front page last week, So here it is. It comes
under thle section 'Great Poems' in the !TEEK-END BOOK, and other anthologies.

SLOW SPRING by Katharine '2ynan

0 year, grow slowly. Exquisite, holy
The days go on
,With almonds showing the pink stars blowing,
And birds in the dawn.

Grow slowly, year, like a child that is dear,
Or a lamb that is mild,
By little steps, and by little skips,
Like a lamb or a child.

he have also received this letter from a reader who obviously doesn't need any tuiti
in basic Englisch:-
Madan Editor, Somelth-in gr siiple please

Why I buy the STLA is not for news or politics but because I use it to
improve my English. iHowever there are some of us who find it a bit high-hat or
hi-h.-brow. Since seeing the film about Professor Higgins I am wonderin- whether
o- would act as a Higginn for us and give us some hints on basic spo-kon and
wri-tten English. For ocaple, what do we usually say and write wrong? A reply
would be a favour to: ALkAYS LELEIING, Roseau.
Reply: Well for a start, a lot of Dominicans find difficulty with their il.
Try practising th fifty tiles before (not instead of) your prayers at night,
thus: the, this that, those,tihey, them, therefore and so forth. Our bad th-s
are a legacy f Frm France, Africa, Belgium... many continentals have difficulty
with it. Next, try to void the too-frequent use of the word 'does' in the wrong
plr co: 'He does owe me some 'money' 'I does like to swim' ...these are random
exaples. yNow, as 'Dominicans are fon of f our syllable words, remember to put
your acccen in the ri-ht place: don't (like some of our politicians and even
broadcasters) say contributed: the correct pronunciation is con-tribbbut-ed.
By the way, ow do you prnonuwce Caribbonn? C'rribbilan or Carib-beo-an? -- More
next week. -- Editor.

Page Eight THE ST

Earlier this week delegations from
the other Windward Islands headed for
London to attend the constitutional
talks. St. Lucia's party left on
Monday for financial talks beforehand.
Exoption was taken by the St.Vincent
Labour Party to the presence on their
delegation (as a Leg. Co. member) of
Mrss. Ivy Joshua, Meanwhile in
Dominica, Mr. John Bully was sworn in
as Ag. Administrator. *'*

BARBADOS: 205 enumerators have
gone to work on the new system of vot-
ing registration; during their house-
to-house visits enumerators will quest-
ion everybody over the age of 15 on
matters such as social security. All
citizens over the age of 18 will be
entitled to vote in Barbados.
Mr. Frank Walcott, for years known
as an 'independent' member of the
House of Assembly, recently came out
openly as a 'Dem' and declared his
allegiance to the Barbados Democratic
Labour Party. Mr. Walcott said in a
speech this week that there was 'public
mischief' at work in the Parish of St.
John, charging that a Union was
politically inspired. Meanwhile a
series of bad cane fires have swept
over parts of Barbados. ****'

HONTSERRAT: Radio Station ZIZ, the
powerful new Caribbean station which
broadcasts both in French and English,
has increased its broadcasting period
by three hours after celebrating its
5th anniversary last month. It is owned
and operated by Govt under the
management of Mr. E. Karney Osborne,
Broadc-.sting Officer, and staff of 5.
ZIZ can now be hear from 10a.m. to
1 p.n; evening pro.grammes and early a.m.
progra-mmes will reor-ain as usual.
ZIZ can be found on approx. 525 Kcs.
lMKRTINIQUE ; 32 History Society members
stayed at Fort Young Hotel over
$E;ter. Some of the members attended
various- Clatch- sba.i'c&se -Ent-all the
party visited the Carib R'corve. This
is the 2nd tour organised to Dominrica
by that Society. :But Dou inica itself
has no History SocietyJ :::::'"::**:
Young Mattthew Burton of Bataca
left the island on Easter Sunday as a
guest of the Caribbean Friends Club
and St. Mary's Village Lycee.
From 1963 to 1966 Professor Pierre
Lucette has given 60 lectures (free
of charge) about the West Indies in
Youth. Clubs &2 Adult Societies of IMr-
tinique: his 1st was on Dominica to
the Iistory Society mentioned above.

TAR Saturday, April 16, 1966

GRENADA: The body of Dr. Paul T -
Schopflocher, a Canadian mountaineer
who fell to his death last week while
attempting to climb Mount St. Catherine,
was flown home on Wednesday after it
was brought to Trinidad by the T/dad
Coast Guard at the request of the Ag.
Canadian High Commissioner.

TRINIDAD: Governor of the Central Bank
of Trinidad is Mr. Alexander N. McLeod,
Chief Economist of Toronto Dominion
Bank; he will move to Trinidad in May.
The Central Bank was established in
Trinidad in 1964. McLeod is a man of
wide baking and economic experience.***

GUYANA (B.C.) The Secretary of State
for Commonwealth Relations, with Mr.
Wilson's approval, has appointed Mr.T.L.
Crosthwait, C.M.G., MHB.E., to be the
first British High Commissioner in
Georgetorn after independence.
FOREIGN: Paris Harny, the'Black
Panther' murderer who shot down adults
and a child while on his revenge cs-opeo,
is still in the Sante Prison, Paris, and
was recently interviewed by his French
Counsel, Monsieur Annichiarico, who had
been instructed to defend the accused
because his Martinique lawyers remained
in the French island. Counsel described
Harny as "a big boy of 22 years who has
a great load on his shoulders" and "a
poor boy in the full sense of the term".
Date for the trial of his client is not
yet given. '*
..:'-: Several thousand young
people rioted and wrecked a fun fair
when some sideshows began closing because
of overcrowding; some of the youngsters
were injured (Monday).

OTEJD PIANIS' VISITS: Male. Alice Danel,
who will be remembered for the excellent
pianoforte and piano/violin concert
she save at St. Gerard's Hall in 1963
with Prof. Lucette, was among the party
of historians from Martinique. As well
as the Reserve and the Cathedral services,
Mlle Dancl and her cOmPanions went to
Scotts Head anid the Sulphur Springs --
all ex3pross delight at this 'Discovery
of Dominica' and wish to thank the
taxi drivers for their "perfect guidance',
It will be recalled that M1leB. Danol was
almost blind when she came here: we are
all glad to know that her sight is much
improved! Another message left by the
party is appreciation of 'all personnel
of the Fort Youngn Hotel'. :: :i A letter
on the subject of telephone operators
will be found in our READERS VIEWS col.
... ........................::

HOLIDAYS AND FETES by A. W. us hope that Dominica will never hae
t o deal with such a state of affairs.
ANOTHER holiday come and gone. I foal I myself found a haven of peace and
sometimes that here we live justrom beauty to laze away the daylighthours
one public holiday to another -- the by the side of the Layou River near
w ork that comes in between is a nere Clark Hall. It is a most exquisite
necessity of living -- the real-part spot; the river is clear and clean,-
of life is the fete day. Easter is though running vith a strong current.
the longest weekend of the year. The Dominica abounds with places as bea-
weather was good and allowed every- utiful as this, but the stranger near
body to enjoy themselves, hears of them. Why is this? Thetrcn-
Though many outings offered them- sures of the island should be shard.
selves to young and old, the lure of
dancing drew plenty of people to the oOo
Palm Grove. When the strains ofthidrk Office of the Roseau Ton' Council,
orchestra flows over the valleys,few Roseau,
can resist it, and it beats me how 31st March,196i
some people turn out after midnight ,
when we are normally all in our beds,. NOTICE
Palm Grove, though still not a night It is notified for general infonx-
club in the full sense of the word, a tion that Municipal taxes for the
was swinging. For those lucky enout yyear 1966 fall due on April 1st, and
to get a table (and chairs) it was owners of properties ae requested
most enjoyable and the service was to have their taxes for that period
a bit brisker than normal. One dis- paid as early as possible to te Hfce
advantage up there is the toilet fmaof the Roseau Town Council in order
ilities: quite adequate once you hv to avoid unnecessary inconvenience.
got inside, but the getting in! All
right for teenagers with sylphlike Scully S. Lestrade
figures, but those with a middle-aged TOWN CLERK
spread -- wow; 3/
Easter Sunday dawned bright and
fair. Federation Drive lookedaspret-t N 0 T I C E
as Fifth Avenue, New York -- no need It is notified for the: information
for an organized Easter Parade. The of the Public that the ominica Agr-
Edof the Public that the Dominica Agr-
Easter bonnets and dresses, especiC3Y'icultural Marketing Board willbe7pen
on the children, were a picture. The ifor business on Mondays to Fridays
c children must, l think, have missed from 9.00am. to noon, and from aODpmn,
the treat of lots/coloured and choco-to 3.0p.m. ; and on Saturdays from
late Easter eggs on the table. I can 8.30 a.m. to 11.30 a.m.
picture the sweet stores all over
Paris, Easter eggs.of every shape and Any person wishing to transact bus-
size, chocolate rabbits, chocolate iness outside these hours should make
fish, candied animals of every des- advance arrangements with the General
cription. A window display all good Manager.
to eat C.A.Butler,
Many townfolk went out into the / Ag. General Manager
country. Dominica's roads and bywrys
are narrow and often on a public hol- Tax Suggestions!
day one feels annoyed that one cannot
move along at one's own speed, when extractt from the Financial Column
one is in a line of two or three carn. of the Manchester Guardian Weekly)
But England on a public holiday is a If you introduced a 1 licence for
different story: mile long lines of each dog and cat in Britain, it would
cars, traffic j-ams outside the towns, yield 6,800,000 -- not enough tolay
and it may take you twice as long to for three Fill planes ... -- but by
reach your destination. VWhen you do the time you have set up extra cantes
finally get back to your home, you for strays, and taken on more civil
breathe a sigh of relief that you liaw servants to collect the money, your
arrived safely,, switch on the radio net yield would be reduced consider-
or Television to hear that as many as ably. And one shudders to think
fifty people have died on the roads what the whole operation would do to
that day, and many more injured. Let a Chancellor' s career!

Page Nine

Saturday, April 16, 1966


Saturday, April 16, 1966

Blackburn were unable to force
a win due mainly to the fine batting od
S. Vidal in their Division I r:atch t the
Botanic Gardens on Saturday and Sunday.
Batting first, Blackburn were all out
for 209. R. Osbourne led the way with
an aggressive 81, an innings which def-
initely enhanced his claim for a place
on the island team. D, Robinson got 32
and J. Charles scored an elegant 30. t)r
St. Joseph, K. Laurent got 6 wickets for
47. St. Jos were in difficulty against
the pace of Nesty and the spin of Will-
iams, who hustled them out for a meagre.
95. Clayton Shillingford with 29 was -he
onfy batsman who offered resistance t o
Williams (5 for 17) and Kesty (4 for 16.)
Following on, St. Joseph again started
badlybut Vidal and A. Jno.,aptiste bec-
ame associated in a fine partnership
Vidal was the senior partner and I was
most impressed with his cover-driving.



SATURDAY, 9, 4. 66: iV Gcesctort from UK
with gen. cargo; Yacht Kingfish for wecd-
end from IM/tque. SUIT: MV Defender from
UK with 112 tons gen cargo; 4M.Tanker
Inagua Tern discharged petroleum products.
MOIT: MV iemnon from Gulf ports, gen. cargo
mostly p-tcry feed, frozen foods. TUES:
M.Sloop Savacou from Martinique after ex-
cursion; i .V. Frau Mark from B/dos with
gen cargo. ,ED: MV Federal Maple nrthbnd
as far as St. i:itts, to return here Sun-
day, 15 passengers, 34 tons gen. cargo;
IV Federal Palm southbound, landed 9 and
general cargo incl. sugar; MIV Delres
from Guadeloupe, 16 passengers; TV Atl-
antic Pearl, gon, incl. frozen cargo
from U.S. THURS: iMV Geeststar to load
bananas. MV Insco Jem from Europe with
275 tons cargo incl. material for C.D.C.
FRI: IV Gcestport to load bananas at Port-
smouth. Landed Ir & Vllg Bi~yan (CDC) at

.iven time to mature Vidal should become ---,-.---oo --..-.
one of our top batsmen. An injury to TREBLE CHAITCE C'T:Ti,_- for March 23rd
jTesty prevented hir from bowling in tihe O
2nd innings -nd Uillis was not as eff- Eurnley/Liverpool, Oxford/liillwall
-jj m nc ciLjams was not as effl- -. Yr-/Po
active as in the first innings, though ewcastle/Seffild U., York/Peterboro
he still managed to 'buy' 5 wickets for Crystal P./Derby, Bradford/Bradford C.
32, to give him match figures of 10-100. Leyton/Coventry, Iewport/Colchester
Final scores: Blackburn 209, St. Jos- Preston/Southampton, Rangers/Celtic
eph 95 and 191. Brnmouth/Scunthorpe, Hamilton/St.Mirren
Brentford/!ieading, Arbroath/Ayr United
On Easter lionday Spartans took on 8l- Grim sby/Iull, East Fife/IMontroso
ihaut at Colihaut and beat then soundly --..-- --- -...-...----
'by an innings and one run. Irving Shil- VISITORS TO DOMINIICA: Mr. C.C. Compton,
lingford (CO) and Clem John (41) domin- Mnaging Director of CUNA Mutual, to
ated the Spartans' innings -- but for organise a credit union course. ***Here
these two they would have been in trouble, and away again -- Monsieur T. Blom, Dutch
I. Prosper got 5 73 for Colihaut. At attache from Trinidad, to hold talks with
the wicket they were routed twice for 58 Dominica's Vice-Consul (Nethoslanda) WA.
and 109. Crayson Shillingford had match Astaphan; Professor Pappas of loana Coll.
figures of 6 for 4-1 and J.C.Josephs 9 NMew Rochelle, N.Y., and Mrs. Pappas.; Mr.
for 72. A feature of the match was the J. Bernard Yankey, back from Trinidad to
fine spirit of the crowd. address agriculturists on Agricultural
Boxin" Development; Mr. H.A.L. Francis -(Entigua).
C---:Cassius Clay, the Heavyweight SERIOUSLY ILL: Miss J. (Ju-Ju)O'Brien,
Champion of the worldd has accepted an long known- as a pillar of the Anglican
offer of 100,000 plus .television and Church, at P.M.H. SUDDEN DEATH: Mrs.
other 'cus' to fight British Champion John Archbold, wife of Archbold Plantations
Henry Cooper in BLondon next month. Pro- proprietor, aged 33.
motor Harry Levine says the fight will MIDMIVES are qsked-to report for re-
take place at the Arsenal Football Club' registration as follows noticee from the
ground at Highbu:ry: Cooper gets 250,000 Iedical Dept):- PCO2r:i,, UTH AREA at
ie is the only boxer to have floored Portsmouth Hospital on April 15, 10 a.m.
Clay and the fight has attracted tremen- MARIGOT & SALYBIA at Marigot Hospital April
dous interest in England. 19, at 2 p.m, ROSEAU, GRAND BAY & CASTLE
Clay's appeal to the U.S.Army Draft BRUCE: P.M.H. on April 22, 9 a.m. LA
Board to defer his call-up is still pen- PL.. I!T, GOOD HOPE & PETITE SOUFRIERE, at
ding, but the promoters are'confident of Riviere Cyrique Dispensary April 29,9 a.m.
a favourable outcome ,,**INTELLIGENT DO tICDE ~D1THE--STAPR--,VnYU1. --; **

Printed and liablished by the Proprietor, .-obert E. Allfrey of St. Aroment, D/ca,
at 26, Bat!. Load, Roscau, Dominica, B.T.I.

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