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Title: Local government and politics in Usambara
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Title: Local government and politics in Usambara
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Politics and government -- Usambara (Tanzania)   ( lcsh )
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Government recognizes the African1
SGovernment Servants' Association

I am directed to inform you that an Assocation with the
title of the African Government Servants' Association has
recently been 'formed and is reported at present to have a member-
ship of 1,820, with branches at Dar es Salaam, wanza, Tanga and
Arusha. The Association states that new branches are being
formed at' Morogoro, Kilosa, Tabora and-Lindi'

2. At the request of a representative deputation of members,
Government has accorded recognition to the Assocation whicht
it is understood, takes the place of the former African Civil
Service Association and I -am to ask that any representations
which theymake to you shall receive due consideration.

Europeans and Assians also have.

The issue of circular letter No.11051/?2 of 8th November
regarding the formation of an African Government Servantst
Association has brought to light the fact that Heads of Depart-
ments and Provincial Commissioners have never been formerly
notified of the existence of the Tanganyika European Civil
Servants' Association and the Tanganyika Asian Civil Servants
2. The European Association was formed in August, 1920, and
the Asian Association in February, 1921. Government accorded
recognition of these two Associations and I am to ask that
any representations which they may make to you should receive
due considerations'.

A Society to unite the Bondei, Shambala
and Zigua its objects*3

I and several of my friends in the south East Asia command,
recognizing the need for all round improvement in our Social
Services in East Africa, have formed an association with
this object in view. The area which our association covers
is the Bodies Zigua and Sliha.-!'' Districts of the Tanga

,The object of this society is to raise the standard of
life of-our people to purchase a site for the building of a
public library and to improve medical services by the intro-
duction of better-houses and hospitals.. The society further
seeks to ir.pr-.ov:facilities in the.growing of fruits etc.,
and also in the planning of agriculture generally'. They also
hope to have the DC's permission in the introduction of....

.I and, members of this ,society are with the permission;..
DCsI. of the. Tn'-.ain-,Korogwe, Lushoto and Handeni .Districts,
Sto subscribe some money to strengthen this -organisation which
is non-Political,. .:

We have'all recognized:the need and because we have
formed a group we are ready to devote our lives to the
furtherence of.that cause selflessly and co-operatively
not for the purpose of glorifying and expanding our own
age but for the uplifting of the standard of life in the
Districts mentioned,


The .Society;proposes to hold their meeting sone-
where at 11uhc .za which was selected by the members as their main
station with various stations or sub-stations in all other
places as the members may wish to do,

,,.Hoping my application will undergo .your kind conside-
ration ion an d appreciation after perusal,and.se -rutil y:

Intention and reasons for the formation, of.
the Usambara Assocation *4

Usambara Assocation.

SA number of people have felt for.some time,that it
would be of.great help to.the Wasambara if an Association should
be formed known of "Chama cha Wasambaa" (Usambara Association).
This will serve'as a.centre for discussion and exchange of
opinion on the present problems -concerning development in
Social welfare of people.

T.he need has been felt,'.most strongly'especially now
that the readiness of Government to help in the improvement of
the peoples life in social welfare/iS realized even in the
time when it is engaged in such a terrible strLggle for free-
dom that the world has never known in the history of man-

It has been noticed with great app,',::i-tion that the
Government has promised to undertake arrangements for the wel-
fare of African Soldiers returning home after the war and it
is understood that elaborate scheme't are in the process of
being formulated,

It is.:.difficult .however to get reliable African
opinion as a basis though there are many people with good
ideas and suggestions, owing to lack of unity and means of
discussions and free exchange of ideas, The result of this
is that very few little or no co-operation.is forthcoming
from then in the big tasks ahead.

We desire progress in all matters of civilization in
order that we may play our full part as useful members of the
British Commonwealth with the hope to have Government!s
support to establish this Association and encouragement to
hold meetings to express opinion from time to time''

'' It is desired that the association'should .be non-
political and sectarian0

It is.hoped to call meetings for this as soon
'' as the number of members is known. In the meantime this
Setter. is sent to you with the hope that you are inte-
rested'in this movermnt, and we can call on your assistance
and co-operation' If this is so would" you fill and
return the attached slip to Mr. Samuel S. Chamsama, c/O
The District Office, Korogwe,- without delay'

,' : : : ) ., '.. t [ [ .; ,, i.- r- ,

It is not yet time to create unity (Chama") in
Usambara*5 .

Kila neno hutendeka-kwa-v-iakati wake

Kurmbukumbu la mkutano wa chana cha Usanbara

Niakuarifu kwanba: kwa mintarafu ya clkutino wa.
Vuga 19/4/45 ;- sote tunafahamu kuwa siku ile ndiyo siku.
:',.ya kwanza Usambara kubikiriwa Chama (Umoja)'.~

N a wvengine siku ile wakawa na shaka juu ya rmkutano
tna matengenezo ya chana (Umoja), k,7a hiyo watu wote wakarudi
makwao bila jawabu lolote., Inatumainiwa kwamba roho& zawatu
engine zilihudhunika sana kwa kukosa nl;-:ptano.na umoja ili'
kuten ieneza chama cha Usambara.

Na mimi kila nikifikiri nimeona kuwa: Chama ni umoja,
na umoja ndio wenye nguvu kuliko upekee, basi.pi rahisi kujua
kwarba, kila rtu atatamani nguvu kinyume-cha udhaifu.

*.. Na wenye kukinai udhaifu, watatamani nguvu kinyume cha udhaifu
waliokuwa nao kwanza.

Na hii ni kweli nisqmalo kwamba: Huwezi kutamani
lingine kama hujalikinai ulilokuwa nalo kwanza. Ndipo

Nami nakujulisha kwamba, habari za chama zimekwisha
pigva nihuri mioyoni mwa Wasanbaa hazitapotea, bali zinangojea
siku na wakati. Na kama hakitawezekana chama vitafanyika vyama
wakati utakapowadia. Na ingawa sisi-hatutawahi kuona wakati wa
kustawi kwa chama, tusikate timaa; sababu watoto wetu au wajukuu
wetu wataona kustawi kwa chama.

Ingawa wako watu walio na mashaka juu ya chama, hata
wao,.pia hawana makosa zaidi ball ni kwa kuwa wakati bado.
Miimi ninayo matumaini juu yao kwa;pia watakuja furahi kama wata -
jaliwa kuona ustawi wa chana cha Usambaaa.

Sub-Chiefs Meeting to decide whether or not .
the Usambara Association should bo'established. 6

Waama nawaarifuni kwamba mkutano wa Mazunbe vwa
Usambara.utakuwapo Moombo tarehe 15 na 16 ya August, 1945'.
Kama alivyoahidi Bwana Shebuge tarehe 20.4.45 huko .Vuga, juu
ya mambo'ya Chama cha, Usambara kwvanba- atatoa jawabu katika mkutano
huu ujao, nami kwa sababu ya Iukataa fujo na kuwapunguzia hasara
za safari napenda wale wanaopenda chama hiki mkutane mchague
watu wawili anrao wqtakuwa wajumbe wenu, hawa lazima wahu-
dhurie penye mkutano huo .ili kusikiliza majibu ya wakuu-
wetu juu ya chama chctu, na wakirudi nakwao watoe, habari
safi. kwa jamaa walioko nyumbani.

'.Habari .hi.zi nimemweleza T3wana District Commissioner
ambaye amrkubali wafike Mombo watu wawili. kutoka kila .nchi
kwa shughuli hiyo.

The Chief Approves the .sambara1 Association7

Kwa mintaarafu ya mazungumzo yetu ihtika mkutano
wa l.ior.:.. juzi..arehe.-16th-August, 1945, akuarifuni kwamba
mimi Shebuge nimekubali Chama cha.Usambara kianzishwe. Na
kabla .'..- lui' .,iJa mkutano wa, kuchagua mkuu wa chana, na
kuten;erieza' shoria na hmabo yote yahusuyo chama hiki, nataka
kila Zumbe katika nchi' yake aandike majina ya watu wote wana-
Sotaka kuingia katika chama hiki, na kupeleka orodha hizo kwa
karani wa Hazina, Kordgwe., kabla ya tarehe 10th September,
1945, 'ili majina yote. yapate, kuandikwa kwa utaratibu na.
Skiufanya hesabu ya wana-chama wote. Halafu ataarifiwa tarehe
ya TJ .:utala; Wnye'we ambao unafikiriwa, kufanywa katika mwezi
October, 1945.0

Furahisha club determined to work for self-

We have the honour to submit that some members of the
Furahisha club Lushoto are Government Employees and they want
to learn the English Language and Arithmetic in this Library
in order to give them some experience to sit in the qualifying
examinations of the L.C.S. We shall be very grateful if the
books mentioned below could be supplied to this library for
the benefit of such persons.

The Objects of ."Bo'sha'zi" A Non-Political

I am.a boy of 43 years of age, a native of Tanga
Province, at present serving in the East Africa Forces. Be-
fore my enlistment I was working? in the Tanganyika Civil
Service as Medical Assistant.

I myself and several of my fellows in the forces
recognizing the need of an all round improvement in our
Social Services in East Africa have formed an Associationd
with this object in view.

The object, of this society is to raise the Standard
of Civilizing people under the area that this Association
covers in Pondei Location ofJ.!uheza, Shambaa, Korogwe, Lushoto
Zigua, Handeni and'TF hn-;:!ni t:-i ir-p rov'. faci] iti,:s in the growing
of fruits, food etc. and also planning agriculture generally.
All members of this society are ready'meaning preparing to
meet with the permission from the above various District
Commissioners enabling 'them tb'subscribe monet 'to streng-
then: this -organization which is non-poltitical.

We would su i'-;- flt' rthi- i than D.C.'s mentioned
above should advise us in th6 cO.:r-ipi.la-tion of rules of this
society, and:audit any'i :-..ssay ledgers.

The name of society to known is ,Oi-3ZI, it
stands for BONDE SHAMBAA ZIOUA. The fullest particulars in
question of proposed office" will be selected by General
meeting of members'.' '

The Printing sheets, of the receipts are already
fixed and we wait your authority to issue to others interested
in becoming members'

-. laimanats to sub-chiefs' seats to present
their claims only during the succession
time and political intrigue will be treated
as a crime before the law*10

T angazo.

Nawakumbusha watu wtde ya kuwa siwozi kupokea maneno
ya mtu yeyote ambaye anadai kiti cha Uz'Tunbe au Ujume. Ime-
katazwa kabisa watu kudai kiti .cha utawala mpya. 'Kila mara
wakati tukapochagua mtu kuwa mtawala tutatongeza.klla upande wa
wilaya na .tu yeyote ambaye anafikiri anayo hakii kuwa mtawala
anaweza kufika na kudai, kama hakuhudhuria wakati ule hawezi
kudai baadaye. .

Pia woto wakumbuko ya kuwa kuanza fitina katika
nchi ni kosa baya nbele ya macho ya serkali na mtu anaweza
kupewa adhabu kali.

Tangazo hili litundikwe barazani''

Intention to create an Association for
Water conservation at Mtae 11

Kwa S.D.O. Lushoto.

Salaam sana nami kwa moyo najitolea kwako unisamehe
kwa makosa ya kutokua nayo adabu kupoteza wakati wako wa kazi
kana nisenavyo -n.ngi naomba msaadQ- mini wako mtunishi nisa-
mehe kw/a haya yangu yakitoto nisemayo,

Hapa kwetu Utae tunataka kufungua chana cha umoja
ambao tunataka kujaribu kuisitiri nchi hii ya Utae na tunataka
kujiunga kwa unoja kukusanya pesa kuziweka na kuzingua
kusaidiana(.lTuiwka) au ki.Jitiri maji maana tuneona Utae itakuwa
.na kiu ya kutisha. kwa wakati wa miaka ifuatayo nbele yetu.2

S Hasa sisi Askari ambao tulikuwa tukitumika mipakani
tumeona kustawi kwa nIhi ni umoja wa nchi,' sasa tumckuwa tayari
kupasua njia pisi Askari wote wawe nyuma na kuwapa ukweli
wa umoja ni nini kwa hiyo pesa ambazo tutachanga zitakuwa
na kitabu cha P.S. Bank. Na kuhakikishwa uo:ja wetu na Serkali
yetu .:

Sina mongi ya kuonyesha ;matumaini yaliopo utanisaidia
..kuzidi kurikatia njia bora.,':

Na zaidi tutaita unoja huwo na jina gani boral
kwa hapa IiItae.

Meana hicho hakichagui dini wala kabila la
mtul. Kwa moyo nakuombea dua ukituunga hkono wana wa
nji hapa Mtae.

P.C. Blesses intention +t! #o1nn' "t0 M ,oshj'

African Societies

In reply tb your letter of 24th November, 1945,
regarding the 7ushazi Society for which you request my
assistance I would advise you that whilst the District
Commissioner will be prepared-to help you in any way
possible .dver matters of improved agri,:it lr and standards of
livii _-.* Governnent cannot undertake to assist in the compi-
nationn o'.ruler or the.auditing of the accounts for. your
... ,, c et i i : + +, '1 ,: ; ,**

2'. .The permission of the District Commissioner, is not
necessary to enable your members to subscribe to the Society,

3. I would suggest that on your return to your homes
representatives of your Society call on their local District
Commissioner who will, I am sure, do what they can to assit
the project,

A Society to unite the Bondei Shambala
ana zigua is given mid bi ssinikl S

Further to our EAC/7244/A3 of January, 1946 and in
reply to D.C. Korogwe's letter No 76/10/60 dated 2nd February

2 : Attached hereto is a copy of a letter from AC/20115
Sgt. George Mahute setting out the objects of the society
quoted in our a/r letter.

The citizens of Western Usambara Dissociate
themselves with any deliberations of the
meeting-to be held at Morbo .on'4.4.'`Ti4

: :Tunayo heshima kukuletea T-h:o n.aohi waliokubali-
ana wanachama wa vyama mbali mbali katika Usaimbara ya
STTHIa'-Lri-bi (MTtao, *,Vuga, Lushoto and.Gare.) katika mkutano
wao uliofanyika Lushoto tarehe 1.'61947, juu ya mkutano unao-
senwa kuwa utakuwako Mombo tarehe' 4,6.1947.'

: : (I) Kwa kuwa hakuna raiya ye.yote aliyearifiwa kuwa
mkutano huo utakuwa juu ya nini, wanachana wamoona kuwa
lolote litakalosemwa katika mkutano huo na hao watu wanne
waliochaguliwa na :Mvazumb. watalisema wao wenyewe lakini si badala
ya raia wa upande huu wa Usambara.. Kwa sababu ingawa tuna-
sikia kuwa watu hao wametakiwa wawe badala ya raia lakini
haikuwa hivyo, manna watu hao kama wangalitakiwa wasemc
mawazo ya raia bila shaka wangalichaguliwa. na raia wenyewe.

.(2) Pia hatuna :'u .i .kusema;.kwanba: ikiwa naazimio
hayo .tunayoyasikia ni kvweli twaishukuru- Serikali. kwTa,:mambo hayo
ya akili ambayo tuneyatazamia kwa miaka ningi .iliyopita. Na wa-
kati huo huo ni mahali petu kuonyesha nasikitiko yotu kwa
kuwa maazinio hayo hatukuyaarifiwa wazi wazi, ingawa twaya-
dhani kuwa yatafanywa kwa faida ya raia woto bila "1.li'iri
hasara au nashaka ya mtu mmoja mmoja'.

(3) Tunasema kuwa tunakubali maazinio yeyote ya
Serikali ambayo yanakusudiwa kwva kuwafaiCia, raia ingawa engine
maazimio kana h-2: yatatniza engine kwa kukosa faida.

The-Rejection of Safwuel Chamshama and
appointment of Sen S. Shemsanga as
S.M. Kinweri's !'Wakili" *15

l:Iut ao.: wa nazurbe wa viti
.IMombo 415t' Iun, 1947

Bwana wakili Shebuge hMgogo Kinweri'

Ie' Zunbe D, Sozi Bumbuli
2, Zumbe Bakari Daluni
3.' Zumbe Salimu Tjata Mgwashi
4. Zunbe Hasani Kinyasi- Il1alo
5'; Zuimbe Mjata Hnkando-Korogwe
6' Ali 1Mwasala-Makuyuni
70, Athuman Mbago-Bungu
8. HIasani Mnkande-Amani
9' Abdala Mzimbiri Mbaramo
10. 1Oi.-iL-I Hoza Mshewa
11. Kasinu Kinweri-Mlola
12. Salche MTtoi-Gare
13. Raphael Salinu :Mombo
14, Hasani Magiogo Vuga
15, ..Mdoe wa Vugiri
.16'. .Mdoe waa vIkomazi
17. Mtae
18. M. zee wa Baraza Lushoto.

Mini Shebuge MIagogo Kimweri lMkuu wa kiti
nimefanya mikutano na mazumbe wangu hao niliyo iwataja hapo
juu, na kila zunbe alihudhuria katika mkutanb huu alifika
na.watu wawili nzee na kijana na watu weng-i sana wa Mombo
na ripande vingine vya Usambaa walihudhuria. katike mkutano

Nami nimezungunza na Mazumbe wangu wote na raia
wote na raia waliyohudhuria katika mkutano kvwamba serikali
yetu tukufu irmruhusu nichague wakili atakae nisaidia kazi
zangu za utawala wa Usambaaa kusafiri katika inchi huko
na huko kwa kutengeneza mashauri ya inchi' Na imeniamuru
nichague mtu nimtakae inii nwenyewe na I..',:cn,'- hoshima
kwangu hata vkwa raia, na katika rmkutano tuliyoufanya wa
tartehe 5-6th T~'t, 1947.ilisemwa kuwa karani wa Hazina
Sainweli Chanshana ndie take kuwa wakili wangu, na baadaye
mini nwenyeve nimeona ya kuwa sivyo kazi aliyo nayo Bwana
Sanweli ya Hazina yamtosha. Basi kwa: hiyo nmii mwenyewe
nimemchagua Sem. S. Shensanga yeye ndiye atakae. Iuwa
wakili wangu sababu yeye nimemuona mbele ya macho yangu
kuwa mwenye kuniwekea heshina mahala pote apitrapo na ni'
ntu niliyeona kuwa yeye ataendesha kazi yangu, kwa uangali-
fu..kama nilivyomwanini kiisha yeye hi mtu mwenye maarifa
ya kutosha kuisaidia nchi yake ya Usambaa. Kwa ;hiyo
nakujulisha Bwana D.C. upate.kujua.

.:Protest refuting the idea that the Kilindi'
are: the. -raditional Rui-rs .o' Usanbara* '

Uhusiano wa- wasar baa na Wakilindi

Tafadhali tupatie nafasi katika gazeti lako tukufu
ili tupate kuzungumza kidogo juu ya habari hii.

Uhishani huu juu ya utawala wa Kikilindi katika
Usarbara umnpndelea kwa muda mnrfu kidogao, naohata casa
umerika kwonye kuandika matusi ambayo yanaharibu sifa ya.hao
waandishi, sababu kwanza usemi wa heshima mbble ya watu'ni
mmojawapo wa misingi ya ustaarabu-wa :, :li. Pili kuharibu
sifa ya Gazetu letu::la.Mambo Leo maana gazeti hili ndilo
ambalo tunalifanya mwali' wetu, basi ikiwa linajazwa matusi sifa
ake kwa watu walio nje ya nehi yetu kupun:ua.

Jambo linalotusikitisha ni kuwa kwanza utawalawa
kilindi wakati wa Sorkali ya Kijerumani ulififia na hata:'
tunasema ulikufa kabisa. Na Se-rkali ya Kiin.ereza ilipofika
ili kutaka kutengeneza utawala na haki na kukoiesha utawala
waa Maakida, ambao hlukuwa na haki, na kuwa Serkali ya
Kiingereza ilikuwa ngoni na haikufua historic safi ya wonyeji,
iliuliza kila mahali, rtawala wa asili ni nani, sasa inaku-
ja jambo la kusikitisha kabisa, nalo ni hili: ilikuwa maana
gani wazee wa Kisambaa kusoma kwa Sorka-li iliyotaka kuambiwa
kweli kuwa IIkilindi ndiye aliyekuwa- Mtawala wa asili katika
Usanbaa? Maana Babu zao walirTpa Mbega ufalmnu ,Ia wena .
wake, na wala hawakujua kuwa wa zao wake watakuja kuwa -wadhalimu
Je na nyinyi wazoe aliokuwa wajukuu ilikuwa maana gani kusema
kuwa I'ilindi ndiye aliyekuwa mtawala wa asili aliyokuwa
bila shaka mlilungumziwa udhalinu na ukatili wao na babu zenu
Au tuserme kuwa kabla ya kuja Mbega Sambaani, Sambaani kulikuwa
hakuna Utawala. .Bila shaka walikuwako intawa watawala hao
hawakuwa na nguvu ya kutawala Usambaa nzima. Kwa hivi hailoti
maana kutunia matusi ambayo yaharibu sifa zenu maana makosa ya
Wazee wa Kisambaa ya wazi. Pili kwa wale vijana wa Kikilindi,
waandikao au wasonao. kuva wao ni watawala au wasemao kuwa wao ni
watawala wa.jadi, afadhali wabadili mawazo hayo, maana
usemi wa namna hiyo hauleti naana wala faida, ila huleta
machafuko na chuki kati --:iu, na ndugu zenu Wasambaa, hasa
wakati kama huu amnboao vijana wa kisambaa wamekwisha fahamu
nakosa ya wazee wao kusema.kuwa IMkilindi ndiye aliyc kuwa
mtawala wa asili katika nchi ya Usambaa..

Sisi tuandikao si wabaadhi yoyote katika'ugomvi
huu, lakinil:kwa kuwa nyie wotee i .ndugu kwetu sisi, nasi kwa
kuwa tunayo matazamio .makuli kabisa ya maaendeleo ya nchi
hii ,na tena kwa. kuwa maendeleo hayo hayawezi kupatikana
ikiwa nchi inr -aan--ika sehenu mbili, tunadhubutu kusema
kuwa sisi.na wale wenye kusanbana hivi sasa tusipotafuta
dawa.ya kuporiya ugonjwa huu kwa hakika :hakutakuwa na
maendeleo yoyote kama tutazaniavyo. -Na kwa.kcuwa nia yetu
ni kutaka kuona Usambaa ni :- l h -li. pa.raha kwa kila mmoja
akaae humo tunatoa njia hizo ambazo zikiongezeka na
nyingine zitaka zafolewa na watu wenye maarifa, labda

zitafaa kuponya ugonjwa huu:

(1) .Walo wqny o.amlaka juu ya mambo ya utawala
ti.maona afadhali wangaligawanya utawala wa vw .::ji sawa
bin sawa, hasa hii itegemee watawala wachaguliwe kwa maarifa
yao, yaani ikiwa wako Wakili wenye maarifa mengi zaidi ya
Wasambaa, iwe hali kadhalika na hii haitakuwa viigumu ikiwa
wale watawala wanajifanya ,watumlishi wa raia badala ya kuwa
mahwana kama ilivyo hivi sasa yaani kazi kubwa ni kungoja
mwisho wa mwezi klwonda pokea mshahara. Na Shabaha ya kila
mtawala isiwe kujifikiria yeye ni damu ya nahi ila lake liwe
noja, yaani kuendesha nchi kwa manufaa ya wote.

2) (a) Vijana wa Kilindi afadhali wasome historic ya
South Africa tangu awanzo mpaka mwisho kisha walinganishe
historic hiyo na uhusiano ulioko hivi sasa katika nchi
hiyo na Uingoreza'.

(b) Ule usemi wao wa kusema hii ni nchi yaigu
waache kabisa maana hii haileti mana hasa kwa wale wajuao,
sababu nchi ni watu kwa hiyo mtu wapekee awezae kusema nchi
yangu ni yule afanyae mambo lkva faida ya watu wake.

Na tunaandika haya kwa sababu katika fikara zetu tu-
ona wale waandikao au wasema'o kuwa Wakilindi waondoke au waondo-
lewe ni kama wanaota tu na kwa hakika ndoto yao haitakuwa kweli
maana hilo.ni janbo ambalo Serkali hata kule kufikiria haita-
lifikiria na sababu ya kutofikiriwa ni kwa kuwa uzao huu
umeishi ameishi kwa miaka mingi katika nchi hii kwa ukarimu
a .Wasambaa, kwa hiyo-kitehdo cha kuwahamisha kitakuwa..sawa-
sawa ay kupita vitendo-hivyo munavyowalaumu, navyo yaani,
tdhalimu na ukatili, Tunajua kuwa kvwa wale vijana wa Kisambaa
ambao wanagadhabu sana kwa vitendo hivyo visemwavyo watatuona
Ssisi ni adui zao kabisa Iwva kuandika hayo, lakini tunawaomba
kwa faida ya nchi nzima ya Usambaa wafikiri zaidi njia
,. hiyo tuliosema hapq mwanzo, na nyinginezo ambao zitatengeneza
udugu huo kuliko kutoa matusi gazetini, maana njia hiyo
nawapunguzia sifa zao ujamaa machoni pa makabila engine.
.Na vijana wa Kilindi tunawaomba wasahau historic ya zamani
'ambayo hivi sasa ikizungumzwa mbele ya watu wastaarabu ni.
aibu tupu, yaani ile ya kumtendea udhalimu na :ukatili mwenyeji
wako baada ya kufanikiwa.

Shebuge changed people's Decision alone*17

We the undersigned said at first we thought we
should stick to our decision made at the previous meeting
of sub chiefs namely that a "aziri should be appointed
and that it should be Samuel Chamshama. 'hmen however
the Shebuge made it clear that he should not have Samuel
Chamshama at any price, we agreed that it was his decision
as we were under him. Sub Chiefs Daudi Sozi, Raphael also
said 'this,

Dessociation with -Shebuge's Decision l .

We the undersigned maintained that the matter--
of matter of choice of a waziri was entirely a matter for.the
She buge'


A fruitless meeting which was intended to
announce the nullification of S. Chamsahama
appointront nnd the appointment of another
"T--.. -ri "*19

Sambo :ili:ozuunurazwa katika .ikutano uliyofa-
n"yika 'iob iotarehe 4.6.47.

I"aya yafuatayo ni mambo tuliyoletewa na Mrwarachama
wetu E!i-. u tui.:.wa kusikiliza rnkutano huo h.!-r juu:-

S"Watu walianza mkutano saa 8.

Tulipohudhuria barazani ndipo Zumbe Kasi-m Kimweri
Miola al:': n'i. kusora barua ya mkutanpo Baada ya kumaliza
barua hiyo, ndipo Shieufe mwenyewe akaanza kutoa hotuba.
Na katika hotuba hiyo alisena "Watu wengi wamesikia kuwa nime-
ondolewa, basi watu wote wakamwitikia .ndiyo. Kwa sababu
hiyo sababu ya kuniita mkutano .huu ili nikufahanishoni kuwa
rmimi sikuondolewa wala sitaki kuondoka. Tena anesikia kama
'.;'...' D.C. anemochagua Samwuel Chamshana awe Wiaziri. Kwa hivi
mimi sitaki Samuel awe '/aziri, na sababu hiyo nitamchagua mtu
mwingine ili ashike kazi hiyo.

Isaak Hoza ambaye ndiye nwanachama wetu, akamwuliza
Shebuge kuwa je, mtu huyo utamchaguwa wewe peke yako au
panoja na sisi? Shebuge akajibu -ir.li imwenyewe, Isaak.. oza;
.basi ikiwa ntu huyo utamchagua wewe mwenyewe, sisi tureitiwa
nini?. ,Akasianama Zumbe Mandia, Bwiti, badala ya Shebuge
.Ak, a,.'L. ni verna kama utamchaguwa wewe Shebuge hakuna mtu
Satakae kataa, Kisha akasimama Zumbeo Hassani Kinyasi, Mialo:
.".l,:n..i:- mniri ninarudi upande wa Isaak Hooz., kwa sababu haniku-
mjibu sawasawa swali alilouliza, naana swali lake nikuwa
ikiwa .Shebuge mwenyewe ana uwezo wa kutchaguwa ritu huyo ili-
kuwa maana gani kutuita katika rkutano kiwa sababu njia bora
ni kuntaja mtu yule .ili sisi wote tumjue ndipo aliposimana
Salim Hoza, kijana wa Makuyuni yeyo akauliza kwanini hapo juzi
vw'!lic, ::!ui uwa. huyo Samueli nani? Zumnbe Sozi Kibanga, Bumbuli
akasema ni sisi wote. Kiisha akasinama Zunbe Kasimr, l ola,
akasena, kweli ilikuwa sisi, lakini hiyo juzi tuliitikia kwa
nguvu, sababu yule mzungu alitulet-ea n;uvu kwariba aiekwisha
mchaguwa Sanucl na ntu atakaemncataa, yeye ni npunbavu, kva
hivi tulikataa kuwa wapuubavu. Hapo.:alisimii a .Zumbe Raphael,
IMoombo, akasena, jarani afadhali tusizue ni mzungu gani alietu-
tilia nguvu? Mimi niliona Bwana D.C. wetu alipofika hapa
aliing.ia ndani pamoja Shebuge wetu na walipotoka ndipo
Shebuge alitueleza kuwa: Mlimi afya yangu imekuwa dhaifu na kwa
sababu hiyo tutaweka Waziri atakoendesha kazi na. kuinua
nchi. Je, mmekubali? Na Zunbe.Sozi, alijibu kuwa ikiwa wewe
na D.C. ndivyd mlivyoona, sisi turekubali, naana Samuel ni
mtoto aliyekulia mikononi mwetu na mkoononi mwa .Serkali, naye
hajaonekana ha'kosa lolote, basi tukikataa iko sababu gani?
Maneno hayo ya Zunbe Raphael yalithibitishwa na Z.ube Sozi
kuwa kweli hakukuwa na nguvu yeyote iliyotumika. Basi ikiwa
kwa hivi sasa Shebuge rnwen r...... anataka kuvunja mapatano
hayo afadhali ayavunje peke yake. Isaak Hoza, il i'w. unataka
kuvunja mapatano anbayornmelvwisha patan:na na. Bwana D.C.
na una haja ya k:uweka mtu nwi.nine, basi hii ni shauri -n]:co
wala usiwe na haja ya kutuanbia sisi. Basi ShobuTe akajibu
kuwa kwa leo mtu huyo, niliyi.ri,-:h-:,;uwa sitaweza kumtaja
ila afadhali rakalale, na kesho ndipo nikuanbieni'. Basi
Baraza ikavunjika.


Tarehe 5.6.47. Kabla ya knanza mkutano wa junla, Mazumbe
walikwenda katika mkutano ia siri na wakati huo ulikuwa saa
4, na mkutano huo wa siri haukumalizika npaka saa 7a..
nMkutano wa jumla ulianza saa 8. Na katika nkutano huo
halikupatikana lolote la faida, ila maneno yaliyokuwa ni yale
yale ya tarehe 4,6.47.

:Shebuge akasema: nimi sitamtaja yule mtu niliye-
.:cl:i- un :'mpaka ninuone kwa sababu ninaweza kumtaja hapa, je
,nikifika akikataa? Kwanza nionane nae halafu ndipo.nita-
.mtaja, .na wala wakati huo sitaweza kuwveka nbele ya vatu
wengi jiarna hii sobabu watu wa siku hizi ni wajanja, kama
ukimweka nanna hii kiisha kesho ukitaka kumwondoa atakuja
kataa na kusema ni kvwa sababu ,qani ulinichaguwa rible ya

Kwa hivi mkutano huu umefanyika,' lakini hakuna faida
yoyote iliyopatikana wala hakujulikana shabaha. .yake ni
nini, Kwa hivi baraza ilivunjika na watu waliohudhuria wali-
ondoka kama walivyokuja, hali ya kuwa. walitazaraia. kupata makubwa
kabisa kwa kuhudhuria mkutan'o huo".

We have the honour to submit herev.ijh the Proceedings
of the Y''oeao meeting as reported by our Special observer. The
Associations.' comments on this meeting are reported, will
be- submitted to you in due'

Protest against the-Shebuge's Personal-
Choice of "Waziri".and His anti-people:s
Behaviour *20

Kama tulivyoahidi, hayo yafutayo ndiyo m.aoni yetu juu
ya nkutano huo:-

2(1) Uchaguzi wa District Commissioner.' Kwa kuwa
District Commissioner anayo maarifa na elimu maalumu juu ya mambo
ya utawala, na tena kwa kuwa yeye ajua ni kazi gani hasa mtu
yule atakiwae atazifanya, tunakuwa wakati huu hakuna naana ya
kupinga uchaguzi huu. Kwa sababu yeye tunavyodhani ni
kuwa mtu huyo kamchagua kw-a maarifh yake na mazoezi yake ya
kazi. Na hayo'kayathubutisha kwa kukaa nae mtu huyo kwa
muda mrefu. Na kana yako malaumu yatakuja wakati huo ambao
mtu aliyenchagua ataiharibu kazi, wala hakuna maendeleo
yeyote ambayo watu wengi wanayatazamia kuwa yataletwa na
uchaguzi huo.

(ii). Uchaguzi wa She.buge: "wa kuwa sisi ni Waafrika,
na kwa kuwa tuyasemayo, si kwa faida yetu, imetubidi kusema
mengi tena wazi wazi bila ya kificho juu ya kifungu hiki.
(a) Samueli simtaki',..lc-kini litanchagua miu nimtakae
niml mwenyewe.
SIaneno haya tulipoycona, yalitushangaza sana, kwa
sababu tunavyodhani ni kuwa huyo ZSamuel anachaguliwa ill
afanye kazi kwa faida ya raia wote. rSasa Shobuge ,kusema kuwa
mtu huyo atanchagua yeye mwenyewe, je, huyo Samuel au huyo
mtu mwingine atakayemchagua mwenyewe atntawala yeye au
raia ?Ikiwa ni raia basi tunaaoa kuwa watu wenye haki .peke
C *.. .!. .. **.-.-; : \ ,'' ., i.


ya'ol ya 1;U:-.i kunchagua wenyewe ni rain wala si Shebuge.,
maana. watu hao n.:lio wtakaooana mcchungu au matamu :,'t:it -,'n-
letvia na uwaziri wa, Samuel au mtu mwingino. 77Ta Usemi huo
tulipouona, ulitukumbusha hadithi ya kweli ya zamani ya
uturviwa ambayo twazungumziwa na wazee mara kwa mara:-'Wakati
huo, mtu akiwa na mtumwa wake na akitoka kumwuza, hufanya
bei-tayari, na akiisha poke kima cha mtumwa huyo, humwiita
mbele ya yule nnunuzi, na kumshika mkono na kumpiga kofi,'
na kuwmwarbia kuwa ujuwe kuwa tangu leo iriimi si bwana wako,
huyu ndiye bwana waloo, basi humkabidhi yule munuzi. Basi
tukifananisha usemi huu na hadithi hii, hatuoni tofauti.

(b) Watu wa Siku hizi ni wajanja kama nikiinweka
hadharani, kesho nikitaka kuxawondoa, ataniuliza ni sababu'
gani ulinichagua. Usemii huo pia tuna mashaka nao, kwa sababu
sisi ,tungali. tulkifikiri, kuwa mtu huyo atakiwa kususa kwa
kuwatumikia raia na kama .tulivyokwisha sema hao ndio wenye
haki ya kulalamika.kuwa mtu huyu haifanyi kazi ya manufaa
kwretu kana tulivyo tazamia (ingawa raia hawakujulishwa
ha labda Iawatajulishwa,). kazi naalum atakayofanya huyo Bwana.
Sasa ajabu ni kuwa, Shebu)e ana'kazi gani zaidi ya zile
za kuendesha nchi anazotaka afanyiwe::na bowana huyo, na hata
akartaka mtu :wake. :..-::a. :-wI. or.-':, asipotimiza kazi hizo anwo-
ndoe wakati wowote akitaka?, Lakini kama tuonavyo ni kuwa
mpaka hivi leo chini ya F'endera Tukufu "Union Jack" wake
watawala wengi kva kutokuwa na. Elimu ya kisasa wangali waki-
fikiri kuwa ria ni mtumwa tu, wala hawana kauli yoyote juu
ya jambo linalotakiwana natawala wao likiwa baya au jema. Je,
.Serkali tukufu itaachilia nawazo haya yaendelee mpaka lini?
Maana katike mawazo yetu tunaona kuwa mtaalam wa kazi yeyote
ndiye nwenye uwezo peke yake ya mambo ya utawala wa kisasa
awezaye kumpa sifa ntu wa kufanya kazi hiyo ni yule ambae ana
eliu mnaalum kwa kazi-hiyo.

3. Hapa twakubali kabisa kuwa maneno yaliyosemwa katika
Zaburi ni kweli kabisa i'"ui-u humpa ntu yeyote amtakae japokuwa
yuko usingizini" Je, si '.ti kubwa watu wenye maarifa
kutawaliwa -na mtu asiyojuwa kitu, na hali va kuwa mtu huyo
hawadhamini wale awatawalao ila kuwafikiri kuwa ni viumbe
vilivyounbwa na, Tungu mwenye Ukarimu kuwa watumishi wake'.
Kwa hivi tunaona kuwa uchaguzi wake hautogemei
:kunchagua litu yule atakefaa kuifanya ile kazi ila amtaka
mtu take r.in-'yeye mwenyewe. Kwa sababu hiyo, na kwa
sababu hiyo tu, kuwa uchaguzi wake haufai.

4. Tunafunga maoni yotu kwa kukubali udhaguzi wa
Diztriet Cormmissiomer kwa-moye wote.. .

;- ,Order to prosecute Holders of Illegal M eeting*21
S- -21: pt ufaha~ishwawa kwamba tarche 23.6'47 kuia
mkutano wa raia wengi wa nchi za Mazunbo nbali mbali huko
-wako Lushoto. nMii sikuarifiwa wala kujulishwa akutano
huo'.t TJnaji 'dikutanb hiu?.
N. ina ;-_.:.Z-' at wa wasijczusha.uwazi kwa kukusanyika
kwako huko. h.-: :il:, ;-unijulishe kama'wofll1.:; iii au unmejulishwa.
Ikiwa ,hl -1.lju11 i i:.- washitaki watu!: hao kwa kuwa wamefanya
mkutano katika inchi yako bila kukuarifu. Ikiwa hujui wa
kunshtaki turiia ijina Vaziri :- .rgcre I.ldoe wa Baraza ya Monbo
aliye waalika watu wa Bumbuli kuhudhuria nkutano wa 23.6'47''

Only the political meeting to appear
beforQ Shobuge *22

Kvwa barua ya Bwana Shauri wa Lushoto ya tarehe 24.6.47
akijibu barua yangu ya tarehe 23.6.47 kwa kumuuliza kama watu
waliyokutanika Lushoto siku hiyo wamemuarifu, na kama sivyo awa-
shitaki. Amenianbia kwamba wewe umentuma aniarifu kuwa
hakuna sababu ya kuwashitaki watu waliofanya mkutano huko
Lushoto, tuna wazumbe wa nkutano watakuja Vuga kuonana
nani.....Wajumbe hao sitaki kuonana nao nataka yule aliye watuma
kufanya'nao nataka yule aliye watuma'kufanya rnkutano afike
wenyewe kueleza ntakalo. Kwani najua sana hao wakina
Yusufu wanefika Korogwe kwenye nkutano mwezi huu kuonana na
huyo aliye watuna kabla ya tarehe 23.6, Akiwaandalia ya
kufanyana kuwafundisha shoria za Serkali .y Eiin-.:.resn.
Mimi nimekwisha kurajua na yeye anajijua pia. Basi ni afadhali
akija yoye mwcnnyewe kuliko wajumbe wake aliyowafunza.

Kwa hiyo ninakujulisha uwaambie wajumbe hao wasifike
kuonana nani afike huyo aliyewatuma.

The Government must discipline the
Political agigators ledby S.Chamshama who
was rejected as "Waziri"*23

I regret very much to adhere from the members of
23rd June, Lushoto meeting that the plan of Mr. Samweli
Chamshama and his boss is to encourage the poor .peasants to
to hate their Sultan B'ana Shebuge Magogo Kimvreri, and
Saccour that they may check him from his position and to be
succeeded by Mr' Samweli Chamshama. In order to get the
heartest will of peasantry he promised few patrol leaders
such position as the Zumbe Mkuu or any post which will make
then important figure in N.A. :of Usambara. Through this,
the leaders are very much active, going round the whole
country to explain such propaganda which they learnt from
Mr. Samuel Ch. The Leaders may be:-

(1) Mlalo = Yusufu, Mdoe Ngoda--^(2)-Vuga-= -Isaka s/o Hoza;
Mtayo Dafa Yohana s/o Hoza, Mw. Petro Salimu, Petro Shemndolwa
and Andrea ;horindolwa (3) Mombo = Waziri Nyegere, and
Salche h..ii ,~noka. (4) Bunbuli = Abdallah..Tekelo and Mohhmed

These are the best propagandists of this action.
This trouble has been brought about by Mr. Samuel Chamshama
when he has been stopped being "Waziri Makuu" by Twana
Shebuge. This group will make a great number of riotprs if
the-Central Government officials are just keeping quiet.
I hope it has boon-already understood by the Govermient
officials. The leaders went to I lalo to get experienced
rioters such as Mr. Mdoe Ngoda. and Yusufu who. called-to
the D.C. 's office at thi. meeting day.

20 The Magistrates of this. District have power at- any
time and from time to tine to appoint; another.Sirmbaamwcne
of this country if the present one has been found guilty by

the Governtient officials or the Magistrates should stop
this action. What I learnt -from this condition, it seems that
the Government officials stand either sides to the rioters and
to the Government rules'; and .this sees not to be justice'
The Government officials especially Magistrates are very
much strict to any one who break the Governnm-nt laws, or I
,m'ay'have gone :t'.'r;- if there is no law against, this lebel.

3. Unwise .';imrl :1.i have beon deeply planted in
this riot by the means of the propaganda of the so called
educated, Shaibalas. Therefore it doubtful to occur..a..blood-
shed between these vagabonds, the group against Shebuge and
that it's foolish tP write to you, but be so good to. try to
Stop this action before it comes to. the boiling point'

S Strong conditions for, She u.g '

7asharti Tutakayo

Sisi tulio hapa hatutaki (kupendana) na BTwana Shebuge
lakini kana yeye anataka kusema ni sisi akubali haya.

Bwana Shebuge akubali kutia saini katika masharti
haya yafuatayo:-

1. Shebuge akubali kwanba akishindwa na naswali yetu
leo hii atoko katika kazi ya Ushebuge kwa' uda wa saa 2.

II. Bwana Shebuge akubali kwamba nikishindwa na watu
hawa nisipate ahsante hota kidogo.kwa Serkali.

-III. Shebuge akubali kwamba gharama ya Serkali ni juu
yangu kwenda kila mahali.
iv. Shabuge akubali kwamba nikishindwa "n watu hawa
nitatoka pasi kulalama.

If Shebuge is seriously concerned about his
country Usambara, let him give up to date
information based on data. *25
Maulizo nbele ya bwana

(i) Tangu kutawala Sanbaani hata sasa ni niaka mingapi?
Ulitawala kwa kunpokea nani?
Aliyewacha kazi ya kutawala aliwacha Iwva sababu gani?
TJliingia utawala mwaka gani, tarehe gani, nwezi gani, siku
gani? Leo una miaka ngapi?

(2)' M1tawala ulie mpokea aliingia kazi nwaka gani, aliacha
iy, .v':a gani na kwa sababu gani aliacha?
(3) : .!tw'nal]. aliekua amepokewa na ntawala anbayo ulinpokea,
alianza-kazi yake mwaka gani?

Aliacha kazi yake kwa sababu gani? Aliacha kazi ya
kutawala mwaka gani? Serikoli ilifanya nini juu yake?, Yu hai
ama hayuko, kama yuko sasa anafanya kazi gani'katika Saibaani?

(4) Tangu unetawala Sanbaani hata sasa t...r: fanya kazi gani
ambazo zitakunbukwa na vizazi vijavyo nyuma yako? Unofanya
-msaada gani katika Usambaa tangu kutawala kwako?

Usambaa ilipoonekana kwanba Wasanbaa wanazidi kuwa
waitu wa 'nymna watu walifanya mashauri matatu juu ya Usanbaa,
ili kutaka kui,;na Usanbaa, lakini wewe mwonycwe ulikubali
Smasharti nara ya mkutano uligeuka ulishartizwa kukubali,
na nbele ya watu wako waliofika kwako uliwafukuza, uliwafukuza
kwa nini?

(5) Usanbaa haina eliru ryyote, na wcwo kwa nini hutaki
kuungana na raia zako kila majambo?
Usanbaa haina wazalishaj'i, wake Wa kisanbaa huzaa kwa
taabu sana hasa wake wa Kisanbaa hufa kwa sababu ya uzazi, kwa
nini hakuna pahali hasa pa ufundi wa uzalishaji?

(6) Tangu kutawala Serkali imeweka'sheria ngapi? Na ni
ngapi zinazotumika? Sheria za kuzuia udongo zineingia mwak,
gani zinatunika vipi?.

Kwa nini hakuna viwanja vya malisho ya wanyama?. Kwa
nini raia na MTazunbe ni nbali nbali? Usanban inazo school ngapi
na za nissionangapi, za wenyeji ngapi na zinasoma watoto
wangapi, na. katika Usambaa ina watoto wangapi arbao hawasomi na
hawa -utaweka .wapi?

Vuga ndio office kuu ya Usambaa. Leo tunataka kuona
record ya kila kitu i. Walipaji kodi katika Korogwe ,na Lushoto
ni wangapi ii. Wazee wangapi mwaka huu walioachishwa kodi
kwa' a3ili yakdo

iii. Jumla ya watu wa Usanbaa ni wangapi wake na waume
pamoja na wazee na watoto? Tunataka kuona eneo la Usambara
kwa mapana na marefu hapa tulipo leo, kwani kila jambo
lakaa hapa.

7'. Tangu 1940 Wasambaa walianzwa kukonatwa na kupelekwa
vitani kwva kazi ya kusaidia dola. yetu tukufu, na tumesikia wa-
tawala wa makabila engine walifika katika viwanja vya
vita illi kwenda kuwatazama watu wab na kuwatia moyo na
kutazama natumizi yao.i. Jo, Shebuge alipata kwenda au akajaribu
-kutua -Ujumbe wake kama wenzake engine walivyofanya? Au
aliomba haja hiyo Serkali ikamktaza? (b) Ikiwa .hakuenda alitoa
msaada gani ambao ungaliwoza kuwasaidia raia zake walio .vitani
Ikiwa haya yoto hakuna alilofanya wakoti ule alikuwa akishughu-
lika nini?

Sasa ni wakati wa Waingere za--kutinmi-a. ahadi yao walio-
ahidi kwamba wakati vita ikiisha, dunia itafanywa upya yaani
watu vnito watapata..hurhu.. Na -Icfundishwa elimu-yaani, kila
taifa liwe kama watu wa maana.

Na kwa nini yeye Shebu'e hapendi '."s ';, i:an kuwa
huru, anawafanya ni watu wake, na watu wakimnuambia hatuku-
taki yeye ascea sitaki na nchi yangu ni nchi yake paanna
gani?' .

Sem Shensanga is a wrongdoer and political

iTrib'.'uI. tunayo heshima ya kuwajulisheni kuwa tume-
pata nakili ya barua aIbayo Sem :h--riasrna na kuwanya watu
wasaini,-nayo inakwonda kwa Bwana P.C.. Tanoa, nakili kwa
SBwana' D.C. Lushoto nayo ni barua ya tarehe 14.7.47 Majina
,''y. watu hao ni haya:-

1.: '. Hamisi Shi .cihl-. (aliyekuwa tarishi wa Shebuge)
S2.:hl:,l' :b.lujni (Mikwewe Zumbe Hassani :,.riogo)
3. Seleman tlbaruku (Mtoto wa m)arulu wa She'buge
siku hizi)

Yajulikana wazi wazi kwamba mtungaji barua hii ni
;4,yul4 Sem nc:i: ., Tunafikiri vile,vilel;kuwa,;mtu huyu
'ndiye aliyetunga barua kwa D.O. Lushoto nakili kwa .I.C.
Korogwe, ya tarehe 2816.47 ambayo ametunia saini ya Hezekia
Sauli wa Shestuni. Copy ya barua ya wale watatu na kiongozi
wao tutampa D.C. Korogwe ambayo amefanya mbaya, mfitina
na muasi wa watu hao. Nasi tunanwombea heri na amani jicho
la Usambaa D.C. wetu wa Korogwe. Ilungu ampe maisha mengi
no kumlinda nbele ya wazushi kana hawa. Manono ya watu
hawa 3 pamoja na kiongozi wao yanamchukia kiln Msarabaa.
anayependa UHURU baada ya giza lililowafunika.

S. '~~iuaud. i la barua hii ni kuvunja maneno ya wale
wenyi nioyo minyonge wasio na aibu kuandika barua kaha hiyo.
Na twasona ni sababu ya kutafuta shibe yao na hl.ut.:n-onoza
ukv wao, sis kwa sababu ya kuinua nchi, pia'kiongozi wao
kupigania ili apate uwaziri badala ya Samuel aliyekubaliwa
na Mabwana na Mazunbe wa Usambaa. Huyu Seri amesahau nakosa
makosa yake nakubwa aliyotenda.

1. Kunako nwaka 1932 alipokuwa nwalimu Fission Vuga
alintukana Shobuge Magogo kwa kutohudhuria watoto wake
Shuleni. 2. Alitengwa na Kanisa kwa ajili ya uzinifu.
3. Alipoungama na kupewa kazi ya Lushoto Schdol akaichafua
kwa kutohudhuria sawa sawa. 4. Alipata kazi T.T. School
Marangu na huko alichafua kanisa zima la Kilimanjaro na
Uosambaa. Akahulkuriwa asipate kazi katika Makanisa haya.'
5 A Akapata kazi U.M.C.A. Minaki nako akachafua tena 6.
Mwaka 1945 hapa Vuga alishitakiwa na Zumbe Hasani Magogo
kwva kuwapiga watu Sindano bila cheti akafainiwa Shs.100/-
7. Alikataliwa na VWazumbe wa Usambaa asiwe ntendaji kwva ku-
kosa heshina kwa nanbo yako. 8. Kwa wakati huu ana kazi
kukoroga ndabo ya wenyeji. TUNAKUJULISHA HAYA TUJUAYO.

Request for help Preferrably military aid to
Discipline political agitators*27

SNkutano wa ushirika Wa wasambaa na Wakiiin.i

Sinu ya kuonba msaada

Tunakuonba Bwana D.O. au Bwana D.C. au Bwana
P.C. wetu utuokoe katika hatari ya waasi ambao wanatujia
Juraitatu 4.8.47 huko Vuga kwd kuwa twajun ulinzi wa naisha
yetu na mali zetu ni juu ya serkali,

2. Watu hawa alijutia tarehe 25' 7.'47 kwa panga na fujo
nyingi alipokuwa Korogwe.Bwana Shebuge wakisoma akinena mtu
tutanuua kwani sisi tu wengi hatutahulcumiwa.. Kwa hiyo
kama nyinyi Sorkali kuu hankujua fEhamuni basil

S3. Bwanae hakuna Sheria itakayo watu wa narna hii na

4'. Waonba sana tuelezwe na ninyi Serkali kuu ni kwa nini
watu' hawa.watastaakiwa, Tu tayari kuwashtaki ili tuiweke
nchi v,. t,. katika anani.

5. Siku hii yafaa kuwapo po-lico kama 10 au zaidi wenye
zana zao zote za ulinzi kwa kuyalinda naisha ya watu. waliyo
upande wa ufalmo, wao ambao wana aibu ya kufanya fujo isi-
pokuwa wana haja ya kufuata shoria ya Sorkali,

:ubi nfva walioamriwa kutia Sahihi:
1. Junbe Salinu Nkinda Manga-Bumbuli..
2. Onari Nkinda Punta-Burmbuli
3. Bwana Ranadhani Munali Funta '!
4. Mussa Karata ,
5. Yesaya Kimweri Ponde Vuga
6. Hemedi, Mbuguni Bazo "
7. Mhamadi Yusufu Bugai Vuga
8. Yoswa Sheusika Bumbuli

Semu Shemsanga appointed Minister to the
Chief in Order to avoid political istuirbance' 28

Ushirika wa Wasambaa na Wakilindi.

Tarehe hii wamekusanyika mabingwa ishirini na wawili
mitaa mbali mbali yanakuleteeni mawazo yao nanyi mueleze yenu
kwa kuiweka'Usambaa katika amani.

1. Tunatoa shukrani kwa barua yenu ambayo imotutia
moyo mkuu wa tumaini jema. Pia twaishangilia barua ya zumbe
Mtkuu Mjata inande wa 'Korogwe.

2',' M'ambo niliyoaandika ya Bwana S. Chamshama ni kwveli
kabisa kama nasi tulivyoyaona. Kwa kuhongwa ndipo amemfitini
Mw. George Mvaa atoke Vugiri kwa kuwa yeye ana elimu tena

3. Bwana D.C.. amekuwa na makosa kama aliyejua sehemu
zile mlizozitaja za.vitabu vya taarifa za Utawala wa wenyeji
kwani kauingilia Utawala wa wenyeji na kuvunja heshima
ya Sultani wetu.

4' Leo hii tumojiondoa kuulizana.wapi tutashitaki
tupate kuondoa huu mzizi wa fitina na uzoga uliokufa
katika njia ya kuendelea ya nchi yetu. I:M!'- mlivyoona nyinyi
wenyewe kuwa hata Mazumbe na Bwana Shebuge Sultani wetu haanga-
liwi isipokuwa mzoga huu.

5. Haja ya -*firi ipp, na.mtu anayemtarajia ni Bwana
Semu Shemsanga ambaye hata Bwana Shebuge mwenyowe amemchagua.

Kumchagua kwa sababu anao moyo wa kupcnda nchi yake na anaweza
kushirikiana na watui wa kila .tabia. Kama nyinyi huko mmemwona
tofauti ya mayo tuarifuni., kwa kuwa amnokwisha chaguliwa na'
Bwana Shabuge' nmipo tulimkataza yeye Semu amofundisha watu,
nasi sio kana kwamba tunampendelea hasha bali tumoona kuwa
yyec hana upendeleo .kwa upande wowote iia ataka haki tu.'

6. Watu hawa wasio na adabu wataka 1:-i nchi yctu
mafungu wawili, wakilindi mbali na rakabila yaliyobaki
mbali, wasipojua kuwa sisi wote tuko .ilimani tu WVasambaa
no pia tu wageni. Ukweli ni huu, hakuna ukoo uitwao Msambaa,
utasikia Washele ri.!l.on, '.m~ii, Wapare, Wazigua, Wataita
n.k. sasa hao -'.",.-':.-c_. ni nani?. "7a:nrema hivyp k-ka ukosi
vya fikara..

Kwv kuona fujo inazidi bila-kizuizi tumemwomba
Bwana Shebuge amuweke Semu Shemsanga kwa waziri kwa haraka.'

Police help requested.to face political
Agitators and Demonstrators*29

Bwana, nakuarifu ya kama nimepata habari Jkuwa Isaka
s/o Shehoza wa Mbuzii na Selemani. s/c Trl,.,.1.. wa Bulolo ubini
na Yusufu Shewedi wameeneza mabarua rahala pote Usambaa
sasa ili kuwakusanya watu woto. waUsambara kuleta vita au
fujo hapa Vuga siku ya 4-5 August 1947. Basi kqa hiyo
naomba nipate askari Police 2 au 3 kama ikiwezekana ii
wapate kuja saidia kuzuia machafuko na ghasia za watu kama
itakuja patikana, ili ,kuepukana na hatari ya watu. ITa mimi
wata]pc..k.: a sitavumilia- nitawakamata-n ::..: hitaldki.

Tena nihopata .habari -l:t.w wanafanya... chama cha
vizia mtu mmojawapo aliye mikononi mwa Bwvana Shebuge wamvizie
wampige na kumwumiza sana basi kwa hiyo nakufahamisha ili
upate kujua.

Request for help to face political
Agitators L- saka Hoza and S. Mbc:l.a'30

Tunayo heshima mbele yako kvamba, tareho 25.7.47
tulipokuwa katika mkutano huko Korogwe wa Bwana P.C.,
Isaaka s/o Shehoza,- athews Daffa, Sele ini Mbolwa, na '
Hassani bin HIdoc walikusanya, watu wa ubini wote na watu
waachche wa Vuga cuja kwa maneno yale yale yaliyowalocta'
tarehe 30.6.47 ya kunmwondoa Bwana Shebugo, na sasa"tumepata
habari kuwa Isaka s/o Shehoza na Selemani bin Mbelwa na
wenzao engine wanatcmbeza mabarua na kuyaeneza mahali pote
katika Usambaa ili kukusanya watu tena wafike Vuga panapo.
tarehe 4-5 August, 1947'.

The March into Shebugets Capital will be
S Peaceful 31..

.unaonysha kwa heshima na uirn-,':.1: --.- kiiamba tarehe
30.6.47 wajumbe wanne hawa:-

1) Yusuf Shewedi 2) Isaaka Hoza, 3) Selemani Mbelwa
kupeleka ujumbc kwake toka kkwa raiya wa UsaAibara kw'amba
wanataka kiti chao wampo mtu mwingine wamtakaye ,'kwa kuwa

hawamtaki Maogo sasa. Shebuge alijibu kwamba anangoja rajibu
ya barua yake aliyopeleke Bomani Korogw;, ndipo atujibu. Sasa
kwa kuwa mpaka leo hajajibu maswali hayo, tunakuarifu kama
wajumbe wannc wale pamoja na jeshi la raia vale wanaongoja
majibu ya Shebuge, tutafika Vuga tarehe 4,8.47, kumdai Shebuge
atupe majibu yake.

Tunazidi kuongeza kwamba watu wote hawo watakwoend
.Vuga kuonana na Shebuge bila.matata yoyo'o na fujo lolote,
aila wakubwa watasemezana na Shebuce no kuwaeleza watu
majibu yake'"

People hate Shebuge because he accepted
land conservation measures*32

Tunasikitika sana kufahamishwa leo kuwa watu humchukia
sana Bwana Shebuge kwa kuwa anaitikia miraba ya lkuzuia, r.ommo-
nyoko ya udongo. Ndipo walakubali kutoa Shs.l/= *wamtoo.
Bwana Shebuge kitini wamweke asiyependa kazi hizi.

Sasa tunaona wana haki ya kukataa miraba kva kuwa:
hata Abdala Sebali mtu wa Bwaana Shamba amefika leo kuondoa
Sultani pamoja na watu hawa. Kwa hiyo yaonyesha kweli
hata Bwana huyu Abdala aichukia kazi yake ya miraba'e Kwa
hiyo sisi tunaona si haki yeye kutukanwa na watu hawa kwa
ajili ya kutii amri za Serikali na kumbe watenda kazi zile
nao hujiunga katika matusi hayo.

Kwva loo tumegundua kuwa watu hawa wana makundi.5, lichu-
kizwalo na miraba, wachukizwao kwa ajili ya wazili na wale kwa
ajili-ya Zumbe Dafa.

Usambara Native Association is unlawful
and must be dissolved *33

Reference meeting at Vuga of the Native

I attach copy of a telegram I found on my return,
the tone which is a trifle surprising from an unrecognised
Native Association. I consider that .this with the. evidence
of Mr. Grant and myself would constitute a case under
section 68 of the Penal Code against the leaders of the
Usambara Native Association for assisting in the management
of an unlawful society. At any rate it is I think grounds
for declaring the Usambara Native Assocation an unlawful
society under Section 67(2).(2) and or (g) and felling them
that unless they disolve themselves, remove their badges and
then if they wish form another society with different
aims and practices they will be charged under section 68
of the Penal Code'.
Decision to make demands ree-rding the
Prosecution of Political Agita'ors*34
Chama cha Amani
Ushirika wa Wasambaa na Wakilindi
Mkutano wa kutafuta njia ya kukomesha uasi

Mkutano ulianza saa 8 mchana katika Kitala cha

Chairman ni Bwana Mlugu Kiluwae

(i) Zumb' INkuu Hasani Magogo
SEtc. (30 names).

Taarifa ya Mkutano,

1 Bwana :doe Barua akauliza habari za wageni. Jumbe
O' mari akamuiitikia kuwa zaidi iliyotuleta ni kutaka kujua
fujo za waasi iliyokwenda Koro;iwe pamoja na iBana Shebuge
tokoo lake ni lipi. Mdoe akaendelea kumjibu Jumbe Omari
kwamba Jumbe Shebuge alipofika Korogwo a].l:: ],id' na'Bwana
D.C. kuwa wale watu nitawakomesha usiwe na wasiwasi, ila
yeye Bwana Shebuge hakulaudhuria a'.iipofahyiwa baraza ya kuko-
meshwa. Bwana Mlugu Kiluwa Shebuge. Akasema ;kuwa pia yoye
mwenyewe Bwana Shebuge kwa jambo hilo walikomeshwa kwa njia gani.
Jumbe Omari na Wazee wote waliohudhuria hawakutoshoka jinsi
ya maelezp ya kukomoshwa kIwao.

2. Wazee yakashangaa sana na kujadiliana juu ya kitendo
hiki kikubwa kuliko vyote walivyoviona tangu Usambaa kuwa
na Utawala' Wakaona kuwa.ni ajabu kuona jambo hilo halikupa
hukumu iliyojulikana. Wakaanza kulinganisha na desturi za kikwao
wakaona kwamba mtu yeyote akimtukana baba au mtu mwingine
hupata hnikumu kama akipclekwa barazani hushikwa faini. bona
hawa haijulikani hukumu yao na kushindwa hkao yaani; kesi
hiyo haikutazamiwa pahali popote imeachwa tu. Ingawa kwa
ujumla wanajitapa kuwa tunafanya hivi Ika mapatano ya Bv.
D.C. wa Korogwc lakini sisi hatusadiki sana kwani twajua
kuwa ..inn- D.C. ni ~;',i n: wa Shoria hawezi kuingia. Katika
jambo la upuuZi hnma hili-

3'. :-L:utn ukapatana kuuliza jambo hili kwa Bwana D.C.
wao wa Korogwo, wakachaguliwia atu 4', wapeleke barue yao
ya kuuliza swali hilo mkono kva mkono ili wapate majibu yao.

4. Bwana Zumbe Ikuu Hasani iH- 'To alinloza mkutano
kwvamba wake ndugu walioko kiwanda Kingoi na ugenini DSM
na Minaki wenyo chama cha kujiunga kwa umoja kiitwacho
furahi sana sana wakataka jina libadilivwe chama hiki .kiitwe
Ushirika wa Wenyeji wa Usambaa". Kwa sababu waliona luwva
Ushambae ina koo 33 na hawa wote ni "Washambaa kwa hiyo
wakaona jina liandikwe kama.walivyosema.

5. 'kutano umnona bora ziandikwe barua kwva Wazeumnbe
wote 18 zenye kutangaza chama hiki kwa amri ya Bwana Shobuge
na ataketia sahihi ya barua hizo ni Secretary wa iiutano

6. iD:~lut-L-o) ulipokuwa ukitafuta tafutp uligundua neno
moja ambalo lililo tangazwa siku zilizopita yaani "WATENDAJI"'.
Kwa hiyo mkutano unaomba 'serkali kuu watu hawa' wawepo wasa-
idiane na Mlazumbe watendaji _kma ilivyofikiriwa siku zilizo-

7. Mkutano umepatana l:-",--, -::i.l;l:,e wakuu wote yaani
viti 18 chini ye Utawala wa .Bvan :; io:i-.x .uli',e .kr vamba
wao wamefikiri nini baada ya uwasi wa watu wao kwa sababu
wametoka mojaja ma miongoni mwv nchi zao6 na mazumbb wamewaachia
hakufanya kitu juu yao',

8. Mkutano umeona kwamba ni afadhali watu wanaochanga
fedha katika nchi ya Bwana Shebuge bila ya ruhusa yake wala
ya Zumbe mwen4e nchi wakamatwe tgngu sasa, maana wanacneza
gasia na kunyang'atony mali za watu.

9. Mkutano uliomba afadhali Bwana Shebuge aandike barua
kwa waongozi wa Miscion za Lutheran kuuliza kwamba urafiki
umekwisha umebaki uadui na fitina'tu? Kwa .sababu umeonekana
kwamba viongozi maarufu wa uasi wanatoka katika kanisa hili,

10. Mkutano umepatana mara majina yatakuwa..tayari kuandikwa
Dar es SPnl;l':iL kwa wanachama.

1. Y.L. Shemshika 2. S..S Shemwanga.
Secretary Bumbuli Secretary Vuga,
3'z Mohamed Paula
Secretary Vuga.

Nakili kwa Bwana Administrative Secretary Dar es Salaam,
Nakili kwa Bwana Provincial Commissioner Tanga,
Nakili kwa Bwana District Commissioner Korogwe,
Nakili kwa Bwana Assistant Officer i/c Lushoto
Nakili kwa Bwana Shebuge Kimweri Magogo, Vuga'.
Nakili kwa Bwana MN unbe..viti 118 wa Usamb ra Korogwe Distriet.
Bwana wa U.W.W, Dar es Salaam 2 Minaki,
Kiwanda 2 Kigongoi

Sub-Chiefs Blamed for not attempting
to prevent political Agitators from Holding

*Chama cha Amani

UsLAirika .wa Wasambaa na wakilindi :'':utnr'n wa
kutafuta njia ya kukomesha uasi

Mazumbo wakuu wote wa Usambaa chini ya' :$na
Shebuge Vuga.

Tumeshangaa sana kuona kuwa nyinyi wote mmekaa
kimya baada ya kuona kitendo hiki kilicho tendwa na watu
wenu, kitendo ni cha kumuondoa Bwana Shcbuge wenu katika
kiti chake cha hoshima mlichomweka. Kimefanywa na watu
wanne walio wajumbe wa mkutano wa 23 Juni huko Eushoto
ambao ulikuwa.na watu 380 ambao ni wanatoka katika nchi

2r. Ni ajabu kIuona kikundi cha kutosha kama hiki msiweze
kukizuia au kukishtaki kwa uchafuzi kinachomfanya. Bila
shaka rsai wote tunaamini kuwa nyinyi mwatosha kabisa kuzuia
uasi kama-huu, kwa kukataza watu wenu kuhudhuria mikutano
michafu.kama.hiyo' Kama vile Zumbe mwenzenu wa Mtae alivyo-
fanya siku moja kumhukumu mtu anaechafua nchi yake kvwn kufitini
watu. Kwa hiyo yaonyesha hamfanyi wajibu wenu kwa kazi ya
kulinda amani ya nchi yenu.

3. Wote waliohudhuria walipojadiliana ,:.liangu.kia
mahali panapofanana kuwa nyinyi yawapasa kufanya kazi-yenu
kwa kupatana na wajibu wenu wa kwanza ni kumheshimu Bwana
Shebuge wenu ndipo ruwafundishe watu wenu kumtii na kurheshimu

Bwana Shebuge wenu. Lakini .niyi 'wenyewe sasa mna hakika
kuwa watu hawa wamefanya kitendo ambacho hata nyinyi wenyowe
hMathulbutu kukiaanya bila kuona-kosa linetosha hili kufanya

..4. .. ~ikutano huu umekuwa na mashaka kuwa labda nyinyi
Snanyi mu miongoni mwa waasi huwa. Yametujia kwa kuona
hakuana hata..kitendo chochote mlichokitenda kwa watu
walivunja tendo le'nu, Yaani huyu hawakumweka wao ila
ninyi n- wazee wa nchi, Kwa mashaka twaomba kila Zumbe
atuletee jibu lake habla ya mwisho wa mwezi huu kwa kutuinia
anuani .ya Bwana iMiugu Kilua Kitala Kikuu Vuga, ambaye ndiye
Chairman wa mkutano huu. Twautazamia rmklutio rTkubwa mwisho wa
mwezu huu. "

Twatumaini majibu ya upendpelco' kla. kuamini kuwa
ninyi.wote nina moyo mmoja wa Iuipenda amani ya nchi yenu.
Walioamriwa kutia. Sahihi:-':,.
i) 1ilugu Kilua (Chairran
2) Jumbe Kimweri Kibunzga
'3) 'Jurbe Salimiu 1Iminda'
4)i Mace Batholomeyo Mbuguni'

Demand to Prosecute the Political Agitators*3

Cha cha amani
Ushiika 'wa Washamban na Vnakilindi

Bwana District Commissioner, Korogwe, Tunakuletea
wazee 3 na kijana, aliye wajumbe wa mkutano wetu wa kutaka
kujua mwisho wa kesi ya waasi wale wa' 30.6,'47;; 25'.7.47, na
4-5/8/47 waliovunja heshima ya Bwiana Shebuge na kusumbua
hata asipate kuendelea kuifanya kazi yake kama inavyompasa'.

1) Watu hawa ingawa wamewakataza kuendelea na nasi
wao, umewapa hukumu gani?

2. Katika sheria za Kisamrbae tumeona wamefanya kosa
kubwa kabisa ambalo nalijafanyika' katika nchi yetu tangu
tangu kuwako ufalme katika milima ya Usambaa.'

3. Jel vKwa Wazungu hakuna sheria iwezayo kuwahukumu
watu wa namna hii? Sisi tujuavyo.mtu awae yote akimkosea
mikubwa wake au mraia mwenzake na akishtakiwa wajibu. ahukuiaiwe
mbona watu hawa waliovunja heshima ya Ufalme wetu wanaachwa
bila ya hukumu na'hali waneletwa mbole yako.

S4'. Hatukuridhika na kuona kimya cha'kesi hii, I kua-
mbiwa imokwisha. Yafaa utupatie maelezo kamili tupate ..
kuwa radhi.

5r Kwa sababu serkali inajuasheria zote na wakuu
wake ni wajuzi wa sheria zote hizo; twvauliza hakuna hata
sheria moja inayowahukumu'watu-wanao vunja h. shirln juu ya
mtawala wao kama hawa 'yw:li,'fIn, yia Bwana Shcbuge& Itro'al-"l
i.:'.;' wao ,

6, Wazee hao 3 na kijana 1 tumewatuma wapokee majibu
ya barua yetu hii na ukitaka kuwasaili wakujibu.


JWalioruhusiwa kutia sahihi ni sisi raia zake.

1. 1Alugu Kiluwa
2. Jumbe Kimweri
3. Jumbo Salimu
4. Mzee Ba.thelomiyo Mbuguni

The ruler of Usambara may be deposed .as King
Sharlos I was- by Execution*37

Palikuwa na mfalme .rmoja katika Uingeroza'katika
mwaka 1629 jina lake Charles', na mfalme huyu alikuwa hataki
kusikia mashauri ya raia zake waliochaguliwa na watu wenyewe
ili wawatolee shida zao katika Halmashauri ambayo kwa kiingere-
za inaitwa, Houses of Parliament mpaka.hivi leo' Kwa kuwa raia
zakehawakutaka tabia yake, yaani ile ya kutokutaka kupingwa
katika shauri lolote, ilimlazimu kuifunga Halmashauri hiyo.
Na' pia kwa kuwa alioa Bint Mfalme wa Ufaransa, alilazimisha raia
wafuate madhehebu ya Roman Catholic kwa nguvu, na raia wali-
pokataa, alianza kuwafanyia vita, lakini kwa ushujaa wa mtu
ramoja jina lake Cromwell, mfalme nguvu zake zilimwishia na
akawa na madeni mengi sana kwa sababu wakati alipokuwa akie-
ndesha mambo ya nchi, peke yake alitunga. sheria nyingi za
kuongeza kodi, na raia walikataa kulipa kodi'hizo, maana
waliona heri kufa kuliko kutii amri za narina hiyo yanni za
kutungwa na mtu poke yake. Alipoona kuwa hana njia nyingine
ya kufaulu, aliwaita washauri wa Halmashauri, lakini wakati
huo alikuwa hana uwezo wake wa zamani ila alijaa deni tupu,
na Mwishowe akafa kwa kukatwa kichwa katika mwaka 1649'.

Hi nii hadithi ya-I.falme aIm~yo vitendo vya mfAlme
'huyo 1649 vyalingana sana na vitendo vya Mhfalmo wetu wa
Sam'baani, aimbaye anajipenda yoye miv-i':w A na wanase.- Kwamba
yeye baada ya kukataa mashauri mema yaliyotolewa na rain
zake nvamba kifonywe chama chq Sambaa nzima, ili raia.wawe na
umoja na kuendosha mambo ya nchi alikataa, na sisi sasa kwa
kuona nguvu zako karibu kumwishia, ynsemokana kwamba anaanza
:kukusanya ndugu zakc wa Kilindi ili wawe na chama cha Waki-
lindi poke yao, na-hii ni upuuzi kabisa utakaoleta vita baina
ya Wakilindi na "V7::...l-:2 wenye nchi. Na hii ni kweli. kabisa
kama -Wakuu wetu Waingereza hawakufanya hhraka ya kumwondoa
mtu huyu ambae ndiye atakayezaa fitina Sambaani lazima kuwe
na vita vya watu hawa na vita.hivi vitakuwa juu yak, kvwa
sababu Wasanbaa hawakumchagua, Mkilindi ni mtu mwingine na
Msambaa na mtu mwiinine, maana Msambaa.hajaweka Zumbe wa
kabila lingine ila :n:ilini.:i tu.. Sasa yeye afanya chama cha
Wakilindi ili kuwafundisha kuwa Wasambaa na Wakilindi ni
mbalimbali. Na hii ni shauri yake Serkali kuamua ugomvi huu
na lkumwondoav mtu huyumwenye kuzaa fitina niauharibifu
hapa Sambaani' Hali ile ile Waingereza walivyomwondoa
mfalme Charles kwa kuona kuwa atdichafua nchi kunako mwaka

: The aims and objectives of the T.A.A, Usambara
Branch are not anti-Government *3

:-Mal: tiudi na -ohabahn za Tanganyika Arican Association
(Usambara Branch) kama yalivyoonwa na viongozi v'akuu kuwa
yatafaa kwa kutazama hali ya nchi ilivyo.


1. K 'uwaunganisha Wasambaa wote wawo mmoja, bila ya kufikiri
ukoo, ill wapate kushirikiana katik kuendesha pambo yao yana-
yohusu maendeleo ya nchi nzima.

,2.'.-- Kujaribu kutafuta njia za kila namni ambazo-zitaweza
kuistawisha Usambara ili iwe nchi ya raha na starehe kwa kila
mkaaji wa humo.

3. Kulinda haja n. hakizahaaiza hlal a kila ratu. Nasi
tulio viongozi wa cham a hiki hapa Usambara tutajaribu kila
njia ili maIusudi hayoyatimie.

S4. Kupigania haki ili ipatikane kva -kila mtu bila .y
:..k.uit:z-t7i.r mtu huyo wa ukoo gani au wa hali gani.

, 5 Kujaribu kuwajulisha wanachama wote nia na makusudi mema
,wanayofikiriwa na mawakili wa Serikali. Kwa sababu tunayo
hakika kuwa .kila anactaka'kufanyiwa mambo ya faida na Ser-
kali, inamlazimu yeye mwenyewe kwanza kuonyesha kwa vitendo kuwa
astahili mambo hayo. Na tumeona kuwa hayo hayawezokani kufa-
nyika bila kuungana kwanza

Kwa kuwa hivi karibuni tumepata kusikia uvumi mwingi
ambao nia yake hasa ni kutaka kuvunja chama hiki klaa kutoa
mambo ambayo ni ya kukosanisha hao wanachama na mawakili wa.
Serkali, tumoona ni ubora kutoa maoni ya kupinga na kukanusha
uvumi huo'

(1), Chama kinazuia wanachama wao wasilipe kddi wala kutii
amri yoyote ya serkali. Huu ni uvuni ambao ni wa hatari sana
maana wale walioufanya wamedhani Msambaa ni mbwa mkichaa,
ambae huuma mkono ule ule umpao chakula, kwa sababu:

(a) hivi sasa Wasambaa wamo katika hali ya kua lka
usingizini, na kwa hakika hakuna mtu yeyote atakayewaongoza
katika njia ya maendeleo hayo baada ya kuiasi Serkali ni
nani watakaemtazamia kuwaongoza katika njia hiyo waitakayo?
(b) na maendeleo hayo wayatakayo hayawezi kuwa bila fedha
joe wadhaniwa huwa hiyo ndiyo nia ya hayo maendeleo waya
takayo yatapatikanaje? Lakini kveli watu hao ni wale wanao
taka wenyowe kati ya watu kujifaidia wenyewe kati ya watu-
wapumbavu, kva hivi kujaribu kilo .njia waliyo nayo kuwa
inaweza kupinga maendeleo ya Wasambaa. ITo kwa hivi. baada
ya njia hizo kushindwa, wameona njia bora ni i:ul.;-:~.i :.'!
watu hawa na Serkali. Na hao wakuu wa Serkali wakiwa na pupa
wanaweza kuamiini mambo kama hayo na mwishowe kukosana na
rairn. Na vitendo vilivyofanyika hivi juzi juzi, turleona
kuwa propaganda zilizotumiwa na watu hao zimeingia mnsikioni
mwa wakuu wa 'Serkali, lakini tunasikitika kuwa yoto waliyosema
hao jamaa ni uwongo mtupu. Ila tunajua kuwa watu hao watakayo
ni kuwa hali ya Wasambaa wakiwa a njia ya 1:i-'':.v-'c:zsh kuji-
tetea kwa unoja kila waonapo hawatendewi haki utukufu.wao-:
utatuweka. Lakini tunawasikitikia sana kwa 'l.vi walkitaka
maendeleo yatapatikana kwa bidii.getu wasipotaka hali
kadhalika, madnd liatuoni kuwa iko haki kuzuia mnaondeleo
ya watu wengi bila sababu yoyote ila ile ya 'kulinda utukufu
wa watu wachache tu...


J nbo la kusikitisha ni kuwa hivi sasa katika
Usambara wako wahachama wengi ambao hawaruohusiwi kabisa kukutana
lakini kwa, kuwa-lawanachama hao wanaona hakuna njia yoyote ya kuleta
maendeleo ila umoja, imewapasa kukutana usiku katika nyumaba na
-_iil ln-_ :u.l; u /a area kukutana porinili Joe wale wakuu'.wafanyao
,,hayo, wanaona hii italeta faida, cisi tuonavyo kuwa hii,
.haitawaletea wale. watawala wawafanyiao raia zao hivyo,,ila njia
...hii hulcta. chuki tu kati ya watawala na watawaliwao. N-,auz
.kama njia hii ingalikuwa inafaa ingaliwafaa Hitler na i.iusr-.liii
ambao walikuwa majeshi makuu ya askaHi ili kutimiza makusudi hayo,
lakini wapi.:

.- 'oala rdakusudi ya chama ni kuvunja snra za
Miraba:- ITibu yetu kwa propaganda hiyo yataonokana 'katika
fungu (l) (a) (c).na fungu la (3) ya maoni yetu jiu-'ya
0.0. Despatch No. 43.ya tarehe 22.2.47 tuliyompelekea A.D.O.
i/c Lushoto Division, tarohe 3.5.47.'

31' C6ama hiki kinataka kuwafukuza Wak'iiin'A
Kwa hakika uvumi huo upo, lakini tunasoma kuwa hui ni utongo
mkubwa usio na kifani. Kwa sababu usemi huu i]uto 6 n'i' w atu
wale wale tuliokwisha kuziui,Jrz-i, maana'watu hao v.' n:-.ini'ia
ukiwapo-umoja wa namna hii fahari yao ita(n.iok], ,"na'hii ndio
sababu hasa wakaanza kut6oauvumii kamanhuu nurba inrL'a dnan
ila kutaka:kuwa baguwa Wasambaa na Wakilindi. '"Na h t
hivi sasa unasemekana kuwa Sultani na baadhi ya jori:an n-e
"wamo katika bidii ya kutaka kufanya chaaa cha Vakilindi.
SIngawa kwa hivi sasa. hatujajua shabaha na nakusudi ya chama
hiki, lakini tunaona kuwa umoja wa namna, jinsi,-utaK'avyosita-
wi, hautaleta faida kwa Wakilindi wala kwa nchi-nzima' Mhaana
tunavyoona bilashaka, shabaha ya umoja huo ni kuirnri-ha
nguvu ya: akilindi na kuwa wataaawal a maisha in --rwa utii'.,ala
huo watapewn watu wasiofikiri maendeleo ya nohi .kwa jumla'.
Na 'uioja wenye shabaha hiyo hautakubaliwa kabisa ha makabila
menin'i na waliq wengi walio'katika Usambara hivi sasa. IKwa
hiyo. kilai.fungu ,la kabila litajaribu kutafuta njia ya kuiharibu
kIbisa ingine. Na hali ya namna hii haitafaa nchi hii ln ,"
nchi.ya starehe na amani kwa kila mkaaji ila ataifanya Pale-
stine ya pili katika Tanganyika. Baada ya kuzungunza na
vijanae'wengi wa Kisambaa na Wakilindi wenye naarifa, tume-
pata ku.fahriaukuwa nia hii imo. miioyoni mwa watawala tu .
ambno wanaona kuwa Msamboa haha haki ya kushirikiana na
Tkilindi katika utawala wa Usambaa, na sisi tuonavyo ni kuwa
mawazo kama hayo hayaleti maana ila chuki na na machafuko
nchini. Lakini baada.ya kuwasoma Wasambaa, tumeona nia
yao hasa ni kuungana pamoja.- Kwa mfano: baada ya kuuliza
sana baadhi ya vijana wa Usambaa, tumeona kuwa ingawa hivi
;:.'-sasa hawamtaki Sultanii, lakini si kana km/amba ni nia yao kumweka
Msambaa awe mtawala Vuga, ila .watamchagua hikilindi nwenye
--.,maarifa na ambae atasikiliza mashauri ya 1]:'.ln- kuendesha'nchi
kutoka kwa raia zake.: Kwa kuwa hii ndio nia ya Wasanbana,'
inam'reana .gani kuunda umoja ambao nia yake ni kuigeuza Usae'
mbara kuwa- iPalestine 'ya pili? Kuonyosha. nia njema. tuliyoid
nayo twabandika katika barua hii nakala na barua anbayo .'.
ilipelkwa. na wanachana wetu katika gazeti TLFnb:, .Leo,
Je iko barua ya nanna au kufanana. na hiyo iliyoandikwa na
kijana yo:ot: wa Kilindi?'

EKwa sababu hiyo tun sikitika sanakila tuna-,
posikia, uvuri ambao hauna nia nyingine ila ya kutaka kubo-
moa kazi. yetu njena ambayo tumeifanya kwa kuifaanisha


Sababu yetu ya kuona kuwa hii ndio nia ya chana
,hiki, kuwa chana hicho hakikuaohwa wakati huo wote ila Bwana
S Sultani alipoona kuwa raia zake hawamtaki. Kuhakikisha kuwa
hii ni kweli ni kuwa aliwafukuza raia" zake na.hizi kabila
m. bili anazotaka kutonganisha hivi leo, waliponwendea .katika
"mwiaka 1945 il .kLnaomba idhini ya kufanya chama cha kufazama
shida za nchi nzima. Na wakati huo hata Bwana Cadiz ambae
S alikuwa D.O. i/c wakati ulo alikuwapo nae alijaribu kumbembeleza
:fna kumshawishi ili awakubalie raia haja yao, lakini hakusha-
icii A' hata kid oo'

(4) Hi nini ya ckufanywv a n Wakuu wa Serkail

Si ci tfohavyo ni kuwa uliyowabakia mawakili wa Serkali ya
;falme':mtukufu'ni '(a) kuwaridhisha watawala. wa Serkai. ya
wenyeji, wasemao "hatuw.ezi kubadili asili yetu kwva kuruhusu
'mabadiliko ambayo yataleta. maendeleo yatakiwayo na ulinwongu
wa leo au'.(b) kuwaridhisha raia ambao waietoka wote kutaka
mendeleo.-yatakiwayo na ulimwengu wa kisasa baada ya kuoha
kuwa-wat.awala wao hawataki wakiynpata. Baada ya maelezo haya,
.tunatunaini siku zijazo mawakili wa*Serkali ya Mfalme wetu
Mtukufu hawatasikiliza au kusadiki uvumi wowote ambao unao-
nyosha chuki na husuda kati yao na wanachama kwanza kabla
ya kutafuta ukwoli wa uvuni huo kwa kutuuliza sisi tulio
viongozi .wa chama kwa kutuandikia ama kuita mrnoja wetu.
Maana katika maoni yetu tuonavyo ni kuwa umoja wa Wasambaa hau-
tafana bila ya msaada na nashauri yenu. Maana tunao uhakika
kuiwa chama hiki kikifana .itakuwa baraka kuu kwa Usanbara
nzima .

Hata tunataka kukuthubutishia maneno yetu.ya
kusema kuwa baadhi ya Watawala wa Serkali ya kienjeji hawataki
maendeleo ya kisasa. Chama hiki ni wazi Inka kila Mwafrika
.lakini mpaka hivi sasa.hakuna mtawala yeyote aliyejaribu kuuli-
za makusudi na nia ya chama hiki. Nasi tunaona ajabu imewe-
zekanaje nchi nyingine raia.na watawala wao wakaweza'kufanya
vyama vya .kuendesha nchi zao, lakini hapa Usambaa ikaonekana
kuwa haiwezekani?

5.'i~ Katika hotuba .aliyoitowa Bwana Lord Gonbormd tarehe
35'12.'42 katika Halmashauri iitwayo House of Lords, ambayo
ilitoa wazi mwongozo (policy) ya Sarkali ya MIfalme ntukufu
,kuhusu maendeleo ya watu wa Makoloni, lipo fungu moja ambalo
hasa linatuhusu, no fungu lenyewe ni hili:
"'Wakati huo huo.tutajaribu kuwatayarisha
watu wa makoloni ili waweze kuendoCha mambo
yao wenyowe i 1wa muda nuo wa KuJl awaa
upo karibu ama ukiwa uko mbali."

M aneno hayo ni mazuri na yakupendeza yanapo-
somwa na Waafrika wenye-elinu na maarifa .ya kisasa. Lakini
wakati huo huo wanafikiri kuwa maneno hayo yatatimiaje ikiwa
zaidi'ya. kuwekwa utawala wa wenyeji mikoni mwa watu wasio na
elimu, watawala hao wamejaa wivu na kijicho na kumchukia
Mwafrika.yeyote aliye na elimu na naarifa ya kisasa ambaye
anayo hamu na shauku nyingi za kutaka .kuona mabadiliko
ambayo yataweza siku moja kutimiza maneno ya Bwana huyo
ambayo ndio mwongozo wa Serkali ya Mfalme. Mtukufu kwa watu
wa nakoloni yake'


Like neno moja ambalo tunalisadiki nalo ni
kuwa, badiliko lolote la kuhusu utawalo wa wenyoji kana liki-
anzishwa na .-awakkili wa Serkali peke yao bila shaka, linaweza
kulotamachafuko ikiwa utawala huo ungali ukipendelewa na
raia, .lakini;kana mabadiliko hayo yataanzwa kutakiwa na
wenyeji, katika maoni yetu tunaona kuwa yana..kutokea ikiwa
mabadiliko, yatakiwayo yatachelewesha bila sababu za haki na
kut.osha* -

e e establishment of theChlief's Court*39

The Kitalo Kikuu at Vuga is composed as

1 0iau .u (Kirua Siemweta) Shs,'80/-p'.m.'
2. IMdoembazi (0mari Guga) 25/=
3. Kaaoneka (ywaiyufing.uli-)- 25/=
4. Mdoe (Barua Mwanapombe) 15/-
5 .. Mdoekulu (Luambo Chanita) 15/-
6 Mbaruku (Mshahara Shemweta) 20/=
7~' IMbeleko (Shemakoko Shenkunde) 15/=

The. Bilali, .Hashina and Ngovi not appointed,
' anymore and the .Shefaya is Kihili Fologwe upward'"s apparently
. not'recognised as a member and looks after chiefs village when
absent from Vuga' .

All these paid by N.T. but from allocation:.of 420
pounds for the chiefs?, salary, who actually receives 30-: pounds
net a year only'

SThe ,L4ugu has to be popular and sensible
non-Kilindi gentleman*40 *

?he! me.hodaof appointment of the 'iriuzu

The "llugu" Kirua Shemweta, the Dockulu, the
Kaoneka and (baruikuwho must .be a Msamb.a not a -Tvilindi but
does not have to be chosen -from any particular families
although many have been Wakina-Nihiru or Wakina-Semkunde. (p.'86).
They pointed out that the present Mugu is proof of this, as he
belongs to neither of these t-wo families can the Shebuge
making his choice he calls the "Watawa" of Vuga to confirm
his choice' The "Watawa" 'would appear to be the elders of the
Council ("Wafumwa") and also any other old men of good report
living in the vicinity of Vuga, (a more precise definition
I could not get, but I think there must be some way of
deciding more definitely, who can and who cannot attend and
on my next visit to Vuga I will try.again). Note Cory states
that a "Mtawa" is the leader of the "Wangoshi" of a kijiji.
If the "Watawa" object to his choice.the Shebugo will accept
their decision and chose somebody else to whom they have no

This note is supplimentary to Mr. Mayors
Snote in 1929 which apart from his-stat-e went' that the
Mlugu must be from one of the two families Wakia-Kwavi or
Wakina-Shemkunde is, according.to the Mulugu etc., correct;
althoughh I think he is wrong to describe the iLaugu as the
Shelengets private Secretary I consider Prime Minister
would be a more accurate title


The forged resignation of the chief will
bring disaster because by Tradition the
Ruler of Usambara is not deposed till
dea l *41

Salaam sana nakuarifu ya kuwa..maneno ninayo-
1:ua jbin ni ya kweli Wasanbaa wamemkataa Sultanikwa fitina
kutoa Baa katika nchi ya Shambaani kwa hivi italeta ubaya
sababu .ifnln: wa Vuga haondoki mpaka kufa hata kama amoacha
mwenyews lakini ni, sababu ya kusukumwa na watu. Tafadhali
sana Bwana fl~ubw' kutana na wakubwa hawn ninaokuletea'
majina yao watakwambia nmfalme wa Vuga haondoki mpaka kufa.

2 .....I walim
3...Akida Salimu Tuwatu
4 Swalehe IMwanyoka.
There will be no peace until
SShebuge.is completely out of Usanbara
A dmin stration*42..

Tunayo heshima kukuletea masikitiko ya raia wa
Usambaa ya mambo ambayo yanaendeshwa hapa Vuga hivi sasa'.

Wakati ulipofika Vuga ulituarifu ya kama Shebuge ane-
kuwa mzee, kwa hiyo anajiuzulu, lakini hivi sasa tunastaajabu kuwa
(amerudi.)-ne, Vuga na anavuruga mipango yote inayotengezwa iii nchi
(ife)' -Basi-tunauliza katika kazi gani na hivi sasa anafanya
kazi gani? Basi kwa heshima na unyenyekevu mwingi nmbcleyako, tu-
nakutafadhalisha badala ya raia wema wote katika Usambaa, Shebuge
apewe anri asijishughulishe na mambo yanayohusu utawala wa
Wenyeji katika Usambaa, maana, hatuoni maana ya yeye kujishughulisha
tena na mambo kama hayo katika Usambara ambayo yeye mwenyewe alisema
hawezif Maana katika maoni yetu ni kuwa Usambara hautapatikana
Usalama (aanaa) Shebuge angali anajitiatia katika mambo ya
Utawala wa Usambaa.'

Siku ya tarehe .3O.12,47..ulikuwako mkutano wa
kumchagua Z.:itb.. Mkuu huko Vuga, lakini Shebuge pamoja'na wazee wake
wa baraza walivuruga, maana nia yao nikumtawalisha mwanawe
Mputa bin Magogo. Sababu hiyo tunakujulisha kuwa mpango namna hii
hautAleta amani na salama katika nchi.

The oormation of Unoja wa Wasdbaba*44

Umnoa wa Wasambaa Tanga Mjini

The Shambaras resident in Tanga Township met
yesterday on 1/1/1948 and discussed the ways and mutual
understanding a,,o:.n themselves and agreed to' form a group for
their welfare inTanga which will be hereinafter called the
"Umoja wa Washaqbaa Tanga Mjini",.

The.following personalities have been proposed
to be the office bearers for the above ur..nr.:i-i:-

President Salimu Gilla
SSecretary'. Hassani Madiwa Hoza
Vice ..President 'Asumani. Hamisi
-Treasurer asuiuani Majata
Committee Members : Moses Thomas etc.

Rules and regulations of the above Association
are under preparation, copy will be sent you when ready-.

.Your authority to carry on the above said
movement in .Tanga Township will .be highly appreciated'

Constitution of "Unoja wa Wasanbaa*4

Shoria na:Utaratibu wa Chana cha VWashambaa

Jina la chama:
1. Jina la chana hiki ni hili Chana cha .Umoja
wa Washambaa 'In,?r- Mjini".

2 Offisi ya Chana itakuwa Tanga mjini.'

_iaa Chama

Masharti ya chama ni hayo yafuatayo hopo chini:-

3' Kuzifanikisha na kuzilinda haki na mafanikio
ya wanachama wa chama, yaani Washambaa wakaao
Tanga Mjini na wanaoingia au kuja Tanga wote
kusaidiana katika mambo ya amani na kva kuntunza
ufahanikiano barabara kati yao.

4' IKujenga ueleano kati ya Serkali na Utawala wa
Wenyoji juu ya Washanbaa wakaao na kuingia
Tanga Mjini.'

5- Kutazamana wakati wa ugonjwa.na kushauriana, bali
chama hakiwezi kumpeleka mgonjwa yoyote kwao.

6' sambaa yeyote akifa hapa Tanga lazima kuzikwa na
chama halafu chama kupeleka kilio kwa mfiwa huyo
Hata ikiwa anekuja akifa atazikwa na chama
ingawa si mkaaji wa Tanga.

Kuingia 'Ikdi r:i.

70- Mtu yeyote ambaye kvamba ni Msambaa anaweza
kuwa M ianachama baada ya kutoa Shs.l/- (Shilinf.i noja) na
kupata cheti cha chama kwa hiari yake mwenyewe.

Wakuu wa c hama

8.-. -.-. Manbo-ya chama yataendeshwa na Halmashauri watakao
S kuwa President, Pi'F ediet mdo6go, Honorary Secretary,
Honorary Treasurer na HalmashaAri 6 wa Chama
katika Tanga mjini.

Uchaguzi wa WTakuu wa chana :

9"0: W ?akuu wa chama watachaguliwa -katika rmkutano wa
"waka wa wanachana wote uta.4aokutanika Tanga
katika mwezi wa Decenber au mara baada ya mwezi
wa December kama itakavyowezekana pasipo kuche-
lewa kuliko kupita miezi mitatu'


10,' Wakuu wote wa kazi wotaendolea na.kazi zao za
offisi rpaka nkutano mkuu mwingine wa mwaka
wEa '-.icii-m:.i wotoe Wakuu wale wale walio-
kwisha endesha kazi .wanaweza kuwa katika
Uchaguzi tena. Halmashauri wa Chama watakuwa
nayo manlaka"kuzijaza nafasi kwa kuweka waende-
shaji kazi anbazo nafasi hizo zinaweza kutokea
katika mwaka kva sababu ozoote zitakazoweza

,amlaka 'a A'kazi za HalMashaluri.
------------ .-..,*
11i Shughuli zote za chana zitaongozwa na Hal-
mashauri w. Chama kwa kufuata kanuni za Chama

12. Halmashauri wa Chama watakuwa na mamlaka ya
Icushirikiana na wanachama wa kawaida katika
nkutano yoyote na wakati huo walikuwa nayo.
hali sawasawa kama wale Halmashauri wa Chana'

13. .LMwanachana yeyote ataleta mashughuli ya mambo
yao yote kwa Hlmashauri ya Chama, lakini hawa-
takuwa na mamlaka ya kuandikiana na mtu yoyote
au'chama chochote kwa shughuli za chama ,u
jambo linalohusu chama; isipokuwa mambo kama
hayo yataendeshwa na Muandishi (Hon-Secretary)'.

14. Halmnshauri wa Chama watakuwa na mamlaka mara
kwva mara wakati wowote kuangalia au kuchuza
taarifa zinazowekwa na Muandishi (Hon.Secretary)
na kuchunguza au kuangalia vitabu vya Bwana


15. Mkutano Mkuu wa chama utakutana nara. roja kwa
mvaka, lakini Halmashauri wa Chatiaa watakutana
kwa kawaida nara nbili kila mwezi' Wanaweza
pia kukutana mara kwa mara kana ikiwapo haja, na wa-
tashughuliii a nmanbo wanayoweza kuyafikiri kwa
haraka katika mashauri ya haraka'

16. Tangazo la jambo ambalo kwamba wanachama wana-
hitaji kusema katika Tlkutano Mkuu yatatolewa
kwa kuandikishwa kw a'Bw. Hot Secretary kadiri
ya nuda wa :siku nne kablaa tarehe iliyowekwa
lnva. nkutano huo.'

17. Tangazo la Mkutano LMkuu litaonyesha mambo na
shughuli zinaaohitajiwa katika mkutano kama.
huo na kuenezwa Iwa wanachama wote (ikiwe-
zekaen :miiu, ipigwe),'


18 Hon.* Socretary ataongoza mal:bo ya barua lvea
ajili ya chama na kukijenga chama kIwa njia
safi ifaayo, atahifadhi taorifa safi na
sahihi za-mambo ya *mikutano. Itakuwa ni kazi
yake kuyachunga na kuyatunza mambo yote ya
chana.. Barua, zote ziandikwazo kwa Utawala
wa '7cny,:yji au S.rka.jini zi:tatengenezwa kara-
tasini na kupolekwva kwa Halnashauri kupata

19.' I.tambidi' kana iweze::onyv,' -kujitahidi kushi-
rikiana na. Wanachama na atapeleka kwa Halma-
shauri barua 'zoteo zilizoandikwva kwa utawala wa
wenyoji, Serkali pamoja na vyana vingine na zilizo-
pokelewa kuwa taarifa yaoo


20' :Tclngo utakuwa ukifikiriwa na Halmashauri kila
nmwanzo wa mwaka.

21 Chana kimeweka kisanduku chenyc rangi nyekundu na
hapo juu kineandikwa "Wasambaa Welfare Tanga".
Kisanduku hiki kinapoonekana nje kinnonyesha kifo"
hivyo kila Msambaa anaombwa atie chochote kwa
sababu ya mazishi ya mfu huyo. Kisanduki' hicho
kitafunguliwa pale penye mazishi na fedha ibakiyo
itawekwa katika hazina ya wafu.

Kazi ya ,lanat edha:

22. Hakuna kazi ya Bwana Fcdha kutoa sitakabadlhi kwa
fedha zote zinazolipwa kwake. Ikiwa anekufa
Msanbaa Bwana fedha atatembeza kisanduku cha
"Un_1ri1 n_'' Welfare Tahga" mtu yeyote anaoriba atie
chochote katika tundu ya kisanduku hicho na Bwana
Fedha hatatoa cheti cha malipo hayo'

.23 Bwana Hon. Treasurer atawoka na kukihifadhi kitabu
cha fedha ya chana.

Shcriza za Chana:

24. Halnashauri wa charna wvatakuvwa na mamlaka kubadili
au .kuongeza sheria kana ivakavyofikiri zinhfaa kwa
utendaji kazi barabara wa chara, kila nwanzo wa
July na December kila*mwaka.

.25.:. -Ikiwapo tofauti yoyote ya shauri ambalo kvainba
laweza kutokea katika maelezo na maana ya
:sheria'hizi zilizotangulia kuelezwa humu ndani,
uarnuzi wa Halnashauri-utakuvwa ndio wa mwisho wa
shauri hata mpaka hapo itakapokuwa imetanguliwa na
mkutano rnkuu wa wote'
2 < ,, ... ,.~ ~~;- -: .' -


26.' Sheria hizi zittaazamwa n: Ma'r. ,biii...kiai rAmvaka
na zitaweza kuongezwa au kupunguzwa kwa kadiri
itakavyokubaliwa. na Halmashauri.

S27. Sheria. hizi zimekubaliwa na wanachama wote
.alio katika mji wa Tanga, (Tanga Province);

.,.. Topics to be dealt with. by the Tumaini la
U sharbaa- Ajnnual Meeting*45

Agehda na raoni ya mkultaio: nkuu wa lvkwanza
wa Chama cha Tunaini la Ushambaa, uliofanyika
: rnamo tarehe 7 na 8 January, 1948

S '., Agendaa ya l:utno

1' Kuyakinisha maoni (minutes:)). ya mkutano wa
October 4, Korogwe.

2. Mambo yatakonayo na mkutano wa Korogwe

3. Correspondence (Barua)

4. Kuzibitisha sheria na kanuni za chama.

5. Uchaguzi wa Wakuu wa Cii-.:i.

6. Office kuu (Headquarters) ya chama.

70' Hoja ya jengo la chan:a

8'0 ,atumizi ya fedha za chamna

9, Hoja Financial advisory Committee to the
Native Treasury,

10. Hoja ya 1.abwana watakaoyatembelea matawi yote na kiu-
hojiana na Wanachana juu ya.manbo ye chama'.

11. Hoja kubwa ya ucleano na maafikiano zaidi kati
ya chama hiki na vyana vingine vya Ushambaa.

12. Hoja ya Gazeti la Ushanbaa.

13, Mass Education katika Ushanbaas

14. Hoja ya Registration ya rikhli hiki.

15. Menineyo.

16. Tarehe na nahali kwa mkutano.wa kwanza ujao'

Future Policy and activities of "Tumaini la
u Ushanibl"a!' '46.

Ikutano ulianza na sala iliyoongozwa na Bwana
Adriano Mbago. Baada ya sala Bwana Hassan Mohamed wa Mombo
akaufungua nkutano, badala ya Bw. D.C. wa Korogwe, ambaye
hakuwahi kufika.

1. Kuwakinisha maoni ya mkutano wa October 4 Korogwe; 1947:
Bwana General Secretary aliyasoma maoni ya'nkutano wa
Korogwe, na baada ya kuonekana kuwa yote ni sawa, Bwana Mkuu
wa Kiti alitia saini yake.

2. Mambo yatokanayo na mkutano wa Korogwe. Kwa habari za
"Njia na kuarifiana" (Channels of Communication) iliadhimiwa
(a) Habari zitokazo katika matawi zipitie kwa,
Bwana Mtangazaji habari (information Officer).

(b) Habari ziendazo Serkalini.zipitie kva njia ya
General Secretary, kama zamani. '

3. ariuai biorrespondence): .

Bwana General Secretary aliwasomea waliohudhuria barua
zate alizopeleka Serkalini pamoja na majibu yake. Wote
waliokuwapo waliifurahia habari hii.

4'. Sheria na Kanunl za Chama:

Hizi zilisomwa na kufikiriwa sana; maneno kadha
wa kadha yalibadilishwa, na vifungu vipya (iv) na (v) vili-
ongezwa katika sehemu tatu (b) ya sheria hizo.' Pia kifungu
(iii) cha sehemu hiyo hiyo kiliongezwa maneno.

5 VWakiu-wa Chana:
Wakuu hawa wafuatao walikiubaliwae na watu wote waliokuwapo
kushika kazi kama ilivyoandikwa na kukubalika katika ISheria na
kanuni ya chana kizima:-

Hon'President: Bwana Mw. Adriano Mbago (Minaki)
Hon. V'President: Bwana Hassan Mohamed (Mombo)
Hon. Gen.Secretary: Bw. Mw.-John Keto (MIinaki)
Hon, Asst.Gen.Sec: Bw: Cecil Kalage (Dsm)
Hon. Treasurer: Bw. Athumani Neige (Korogwe)
Hon.Ass.Treasurer: Bw. Dustan Mhilu'
Halmashauri etc'

Zaidi-ya hayo Iiabwana hawa wafuAtao walipewa-kazi maalumahivi:-

Bwana Son Simon Shenshanga Mutangazaji Habari (Vuga)
Bwana Y.L. Shemsika Msaidizi (Bunbuli)
Bwana Frederick Keziwa ITwandishi wa chana katika
jimbo la Tanga (Kiwanda)'

-Iliadhiniwa na kukubaliwa na wote waliohudhuria
kuwa kwa wakati huu wa sasa offisi kuu ya Chama cha itTU'iwepo
KoroT.ve (Tazama kanuni ya sheria za chana)

Baada ya majadiliano mengi kati ya mahali hgpa
pawil,i Korogvwe na -Klenga kura ya mkuu wa kiti ilikata shauri

kuwa jengo hilo liwepo Korogwe kwa .muda tuu ikiwa.watu wata-
k-,ta hapa karibfn kniwbih' a Kdrogwer il'lp tnifna basi italaziriu jengo
hilo liwo Kalonge'.-, Iliz=s-h1ini pie kuwa;- .


Jenbo hilo'liwe la matofali, na Bwania Y.L.
Shcmaika aliahidi'"kuchuku' madaraka ya kazi
hiyo akiarifiwa.

Kila mwanachama labda atatakiva kutoa: ]i.n cha
Shs.'2/= (zaidi ya ulo ncuhango wa mwaka) ili
kusci',i -kaEzi *hii,,

8. r-7 t.lizi ya fedha za Chama:

Iliadhimiwa kuwa:-. ,

(i) Pedha ya chama iw.k'-v.T katika Barclays
Bank huko Tanga; fnoaiwafu-watidau Frederick
General Scretar;,-na Treasurer wawe wadhan.wa
kuichukua. fedha hiyo. tokea aldki kila itakiwapo.

(2) Kwa muda huu shabaha iwe kukusanya fedha tu
na kuiweka Banki mpaka kima kikubwa kitakapo
patikana ndipoia'tumizi imalun yiiayohusu makusudi
yaUmoja.huu yatakapofikiriwa na Halnashauri

(3) Bwana Athu.miani Nzige (Treasurer) akisaidiwa
na Bwana I.irtin AJ:i,':n atafute taarifa kamili
juu ya kuweka f.'.ii~ katika, Banki hiyo (Barclays)',

S(4) Seioti40' i kil kichwa) katika ule ::chan;,o wa
nwaka wa Shs. :2/40 ki kilkichwa ziwekwe na, .srhika
fedha wa kila tawi kwa matumizi ya barua n.k.
Ikiwa natunizi ya tawi lolote yakizidi itawabidi
watu w~atawi lile kwa muda huu kuebangana illi
kufidia gharana, itakiwayo,.

SWaandishi wa mjtawi waweke riioti zno:'juu ya
ugumnu wowote utakaotokea katika jambo hilo

9' Washauri juu ya matumizi ya f y edha yiaznaLi ya wenyeji

Iliadhimiwa kuwa Bwana Gnoeral Secretary apeleke
barua kwa Bwana D. Korogwe District kuomba iwepo halnashauri
ya kazi hiyo.

10.. t 41_ .a.]-in ticmbclea t e mP y "TUTT,. .

Iliadfiniwa na kukubaliwa kuwa viongozi wa
matawi kwa walkati na ari yao, v.":cit.r!l: i.:lo nata'wi ya chama
cha tTUt kwa nakusudi ya (a) kufuntgwa natawi maipya na (b)
kuenezad:habari za chamna.
11. Ueleano kat,i ya vyaraia.vya Usabaa: ,.

Iliadhimiwa kuwa-(a) kwa wakat-i iuu chama eha
ITut kisijiunge shafla na wanachama waie ,rican Association
"(Ushambaa Branch) ila w,-lndi shi wa msa tawi .wachunguze matendo
na nnicndeleo? y kilae,chama ]ki.in.: i i. wawoze.hipnta uhakika
zaidi kabla ya kuwakaribisha katika chama hiki.


- i


(b) Kwa kuwa ipo tetesi kuwa yiongozi wa chania..cha
Africain Associdtion (Ushanbaa Branch) wan6 katilka
Uripango ya kubadili jin lao 'hili .wajiite "Ushambaa
'Union" (jina sabalo chana

Only two families '- Mkandeis and
SenboJats could rightfully occupy.
H 'he 'hron '-at .Vuga*4 '

Kwa ajili ya'baruaa yb a Bwana Chief Secretary ,ya tarehe I
3 I.,48 akiijibu barua -4,ngu ya 17.12.47 a:liniiconya nikueleze maku-
sudi yangu juu ya uaSwaia w wea nyeji ambao uia cngenezwa kwa

Iwapo kweli Bwana Shebuge kaacha kazi twamlaumu kwa
kutoifuata shoria na kanuni za Utawala wa '.inioji Ushambaas'
a)' Kwa haki ya Utawala huu ni kila ZuIbe. akichoka kazi kuwa-
ita warinifu Wake iha'kuwakabithi Zunbe nyingine badala yake
(b) hatujui kama kaacha tu kazi bila"kufuata shcria hizi aju-
azo kwa kusudi gani-q--pia -raia--wengi -h-awasadiki kuwa kaacha (c)
engine wanadhani kaachishwa kwa kosa.baya sana-ndipo asipewe
nafasi ya kufuata sheria' zote: ajuazo. (a) anmi natia nkazo
kuwq hakuachishwa Iwva kosa baya la aibu, twaomiba mumshauri
aungane na vazee wa .Vuga na l.zumbe wake,, liowaachia mzigo
huu watupe tSimba A l.Iwene I mwingine badala yrl:c. IThucha
nchi yetu ikipotewa na heshima yake,

SKiticha Vuga si cha kila Ukoo wa (Mkilindi) ila kanuni
yake ni ukoo wa senboja na wa ITkande tu, Kwa kufuata sheria
zetu za Utawala huu wa kienyeji ni'lazima kufuata- Simba A
.Mwen.et katika nyumba hizi nbili tu, ila kwanza lazina atafutwe
katika ile ya yule .aliyoondoka isipokuwa akiwa-hamna ndipo
kunrukia ile ya pili. Twakuomba sana uwashauri wachague .kutu-
patia tSinba 'AMwenet rtwenye uwezo wa kusoma na kuandika pia
ajue kiingereza kidogo iwapo Serkali Icuu yaturuhusu kutafuta
sheria zetu za utawala huu' Laukana Serkali in6hda ku.runja
sheria zetu.ndiyo shabahha.yao.afadhali itueleze wazi'.

S Nilivyosema juu ya koo"hizi mbill 'si kwamba nina
. bahatisha tu, ila hata s.'.ani:.na wote na Wakilindi wajua hivi,
kuwa Utawala wa :Venyejin uliporudishwa'.wenyewe ulitsn'azrn ka-
tika mtaa wa Ushambaa lakini watu wote walikiri kuwa ni juu
ya koo hizo nbili tu kukalia kiti.cha Vuga',.-.Na ikiwa kuna
Mazunbe wenye kukitamani ni choyo chao tu si kwa kufuata
haki'. HIuu nii wivu wiao tu na ndio uliowaingiza katika tabia
ya michafuko.

Tunaiomba Serkali yetu isitubadilishie taratibu za
kiti cha Vuga iwapo halikupatikana kosa baya sana juu ya
taratibu na kanuni hizi'
Onbi jinginc .nionalo la maana ni Serkali kuu..isifanye
Sharaka kuvwamini vijana.wenye elimu .na. Mazumibe.'pia, kwa kuwa
..taabu hizi 'zinepatikana kwa kuungana mazumbe na raia wao na
hdVia 'Viin.yo elinu kuongoza ubaya.e.g. Samuei' C' 1Lrl.i h rI
n :i' _aac ',RahiA.: Bwana. Shebuge. amekuwa iv'rlr .iifu kwa
muda ri--fu sana, lakini .hao waana.wa eliru nara kwa mara
un-aeikia waamekuwa..panya w.a .Hazina yetu -aU wa. haln ya watoto
w.ao. wa shule. Kwa hiyo. waonyesha kuwa:elimu bila uanminifu
.wa kweli na kuipcnda nchi yako si kitu ni hasara tuZ


Na ninaandika hivi k-wa kutoelcwa na makosa ya Shebuge, wala
mipango ya serkali juu ya nchi yetu. Naanini kuwa Utawala na
Serkali ni ridugu pacha na. wafanya kazi moja; kwa hiyo si haki
mwenye uwezo kunuachia asiyejimudu bila msaada kuelenewa
zaidi hata fahanu impotce. Matusi na zarau yalifanywa juu ya
Shebugo, si kwkke tu isipokuwa ni wao wote pamoja na walionweka..

Ninaamini kuwa kabla hawajaonywa na kufahamishwa ubaya wao
halitatendewa loloto 'lif-ae- bila-kufuatoa npanzi yao, Kwani
wao .hujidai wamechiukuwa Uztubco. Na'inaonokana ni aibu sana
kama, utawala wa Sqrkali kuu zitafuata, masharti ya: "- .awa
wasio na heshim...... "

P/S Afapo Simba A Irvene ashikae madaraka yote ni Mlugu
kwanza. Kukiwa na neno kubwa au dogo ni juu,yake, hata
,'*kcatika kuchaguwa m~tawala.mwingine ni juu. yake kuwa Chairraan
Skatika mkutano huo wa kumchaguwa mtawala mwingine.

:ualificati6ns of a chief to .bo elected *46

Yaiisiukumayo kuyatoa juu ya kuchagua .mtawala wa,

"Kurbukeni" Katika rkutano wa kuachagua mtawala wa. Usri-bara,
wamesahauliwa wakuu wa Kanisa lotu la Usersbara, Kunbo waosi
raia wa Usambara wanabstahili kuingiwa katika janbo hill? -
Ingekuwa si vena nao wapate sauti katika nkutano :kama huo kwa
: .'kujenga Usanbara?

Katika mkutano kama huu wa kumchagua utawala wa .Usambara,
Swangepata kutuma wajurbeo wao kana: Wachungaji 2 na walimu 2
na wa;ee' 2 maana nao pamoja na Serkali na Missionari wana moyo
na jitahada ya kuiendosha Usambara siklu zote.

Maoni n: .

-Nimiopta kusikia matokeo ya nkutano wa Wazumbe na
.wajunbe engine panoja na D.C. wetu uliofanyika tarohe 26
January, 1948 Monbo. 'Kuwa Bwana D.C. atayateobolea mabaraza ya
Usambara kwa kupata haki ya uchaguzi wa ntawala wa Usambara....
Nionavyo mini, ziko sababu za kufahamu kwanza kabla ya kunweka
mtawala wetu hapa Usambara.

(a) Kumchaguwa mtawala yafaa tukunbuke ya kuwa, si
wote wawezao kutawala, yafaa ingawa wana elimu; ila
wale waliopewa uwozo'na Bwana Mungu. Kwa hiyo yafaa
kuyategenea haya mawili, "Uwezo wenye hekirma na Elimu".
Kama tukichagua elimu tu, shabaha ya nia yetu ya kupata
Mtawala na kuendesha na kuinua Usambara haitafaulu,'

(b) Linalowatia watu kutangaangnga ni kwa kuwa watawala
wa Usanbara wamejichafua kwa kujitenga na raia zao kwa
kujifanya kabila jingine yaani Wakilindi. Kweli asili
yao ni Kilindi kama nhli.rwil,~i walivyoihgia.hapa kutoka
huko na huko katika makabila mbali mbali., ingawa hivyo
wao hawajidai kwa nakabila'yao ila hu.jiitea-Wishambala..
KWA IJFANO: Hata mtawala wa Usanbaa wa zamani Kinwori
,;--i .Yanyumbai aliyekuwa na hekima na busara na nguvu nyingi wa-
kati.ule, huitwamitoto wa zi.:inlara" sio htoto. wa Mlkilindi


Kwa hiyo -cliwcza kujiunga na Vashanbala na kuitawala Usanbara
vena, na sifa yake ikapanuliwa na raia zake., Ingawa wakati
ule bado elimu bado haijaingia katika nchi yetu lakini hekima
na busara vilitunika katika utawala. Kweli-kulikuwa mna ubaya
fulani, huo tuutupilie mbali, tuyakunbuko yale noma tu
yatakayotufaa. leo'.

n -.:-u:ia veia neno hill lithubutishwv khbisao' "AC'haguli-
waye kuwa mtawala wa Usambara, aachishwe kujidai Iokilindi aitwe
mtoto wa: !:'. 7.' al". ,Jina hill na nia za n-awala panoja na
rai. zake zitavutwa 1:';jonga unoja na udugu wa kabla na
kuendesha kazi zote zinazohusu umioja wa TMtawala na raia
zako .

Elimu ya mtawala wa Usambara. YWengi tu wazee tunaojiunga na
vijana va kisasa kwa kuSaidiana kwa nia kwa kuistawisha Usa-
mbara ya loo. TjLakini wazee na vijanal' Tuangalie *ni kana
sehoeu tunapotaja -l -,: hili "Elimu" maana elimu iliyoko
Usanbara ni kama -sehemu tu ya elimu inayohitajiwa mahali.
fulani kwa wenzetu walio na umri. wa kuhitaji elimu kubwa-sana;
kwa watawala wao' Kwa hiyo akipatikana.ntawala nwenye elimu
kadiri zaidi awozavyo kuongoza Wasambara wa leo waliocholewa
kuifikia napena hatua ya mbele, akiwa na hekina, kwa kweli
anaweza kuifaa Usanbara. Ila likumbukwe jambo hili ya kuwa:
"Chini ,yake wachaguliwe waziri na watawala engine walioelimishwa
kiasi kifaacho kusaidiana na Mtawala wetu. Sio raia za leo
hii watakaoendelezwa zaidi ila wa kesho ikiwa tuneweka Usambara
katika, msingi wa kufaa. Tukiangalia jinsi Serkali yetu
-tukufu inavyojitahidi kuendesha nchi .za Dola yake si kwa
haraka, ikikunbuklwa kuwa sio wote wanaoweza kwenda haraka ila
wachache Waswahili waseoa: "mwenda pole, hautizi nguu"

Tuchaguwe- it v.aInil Kabla ya kukitoka kiti cha Utayala, vwa
Usambara Bwana Shebuge Magogo, aliycdai kiti cha Utaawala ni
A. Mputa. Bila'. Alipokufa Bila baba yake, uchagulzi ungalifuata
taratibu na hali, wangalimweka- Bana Shebuge Mogogo kutunza
nchi mpaka. toto akikua. Badnla ya kufanya hivyo wakamtawalisha...
Kwa hivi, wanemwingiza hatarini A. Mputa Bila alipokuwj.' 'Kwa
sababu hiyo limelcuwa kana jarbo geni kutafuta ntawala huko
na huko'

Janbo la haki linalopasa kufikiriwa na wazeeo,vijana
panoja na Bwana District Commissioner wetu pamioj na-,wakuu
engine wahusikao na 'jambo'hili'. Kwa haki, Mputa Biila'
apate kiti cha baba'yake aje akashindwe mwenyewe na haki
yake aliyorithi ni kana nionavyo niai) r).: usiwasahau
waliotutangulia. Kwa raana tunataka kujengao Utawala wa
Usambara ya loo uwe na'nguvu, 'pia uwe na taratibu ii,'c.-
vunjwa ila litokee kosa fulani.` Yaliyo nona ya zinnni
tuyachaganyo na ya sasa yatusaidie jengo (loo) hilii.'
Kinweri Yangumbai alikuwa mtawala na baba yao. wtawala
wetu wa loo', Kwa hiyo:lingokuwa vizuri achagv1liiVW:'. leo
apate jina hili: "Kimweri Yanyuitbai wa'l1. Kamaidk iukaliwa A.
Mputa Bila, aitwe "Simbarwene A.K.. Yanyunbai I" 'i.iye akunbuke
mona aliyotenda babu yake. 'Kwaimfano tukunbuke nfalmo'wetu
mtukufu anopata jina ln]:.: kwa mama ya watangulizi ,v:.,
wangalikuwa ',i' bay', "sifa yao ingalipotea na jina la
wafuasi (kama George) 2lin e-otea. Pengine hutokoa sisi
sisi tunataja majina ya watu mashuhuri wa zanani ingawa vitendo
si vya naana iliyo nzuri hata kidogo, ili kuwakumbuka tu'. Je,
katika jambo la nana kama hili tusitafute nsingi bora wa kue-
ndeloa jina la utawal a w Usanbara yetu nzima?


Kiisha Usanbara iwe na IIalnashauri. Vuga iwe ndipo
Halnashauri ndogo Vuga zisaidiano kuitwala Usanbara. Kwavni
'Washanbala wachache ndio wapendao kuelimisha watoto wad,
bila wengi hawapendi kwa hivi maana itasaidiwa si' elimu tu,
hata nambo engine anbayo nir-'ifidia nchi yatatungwq kwa
wema. ..

iMwisho, Nineleta haya maoni ,i :Cu mbele ya baraza la Halmashauri
wa kumchagua Mtawala wa Usambarra ili kuitakia heri .y Ustawi nchi
Sy-tu' ya Usarnbra~

Shebuge should go; on ruling .nd political'
Intriguers and agitators should be dcal~
with once for all*49

Bwana- unian:i;.;-l.:, kwa ]kukusumbua ~'vlu,- .:Nakuarndikia
mara kwa mara kwa uchungu. wa nchi yangu*

Kwa nintaarafu ya mutano wa -iz~.;lc ulifanyika -onbo
tarehe 27 January, 1948 kl-iclii -ua Sultani nwih.-in.! badala ya
yule aliedhuru' Watu wote walivyopatana ilionyosha kuwa
hawapendi kubadili taratibu na desturi za'utawala wao wa
kienyeji, mimi nami ni pamoja nao kabisa, ila kulo kupenda
kwao mtu yeyote katika ule ukoo wa kifalme ingawa hana
maarifa ya kusoma wala kuzaliwa, nimi naona hawakuwaza juu ya
naisha ya jayo na .tabia ya manbo yajasyo na watu wake'
.Na kama ni hivyo kuna sababu gani ya kuchagua tusipomrudisha
yulo yule .Bwana Shebuge mwenyowe? Yeye ana nazoea na kazi
yake na pia ana akili na.hekima ya kuzaliwa. Ikiwa hivyo
tungedai tu kupata Waziri na wale vijana wenye imaarifa
ya kisasa wakansaidia. Mini ninatoa wazo tu kwa kuwa sijui
kosa ambalo limento.a Bwana Shebuge kazini'.

2' Nasikitika sana, kuwa Bwana Abdala aliele'zsa wazi
katika Mkutano wa Monbo kuwa,: tulifanya fitina tu, na sasa
afadhali tukiziacha. Lakini mpaka loo .wenzake haw'ataki
kuziacha'* Wanajidai vile vile kuwa waoni' wonye mramlhka kama Ser-
kali, kwa hiyo wajikusanya kila jumapili wakizungumzana juu
ya kuchagua Zumbo na Sultani ambaye wanatazamia kuiiweka
Vuga' Kama ni haki ionavyo Serkali ni kama nionavyo, naona
ingekuwa msaada nkubwa sana kwa watu hawa wakionyeshwa kwa
uthabiti kuwa, "Kutwaa madarak, ya Serkali si janbo jema"
wangepunguza fujo hizi za'kukusanyika -ara lkva mara huko
Soni na kupotoza nafasi za kufanya kazi za kuwafaa kwa
maisha yao, yajayo. Naogopa, watu hawa wakizoea tabia
hiyo, (kwa kuwa wataalamnu.husena, "Ilazoea ni Bwana Lnkubwa
mbaya") wasije wakashindwa kuiacha wakija kuisur bua Serkali
hata nkwa nyakati zijazo.
SNaonba, kama maoni yangu yapendeza kuisaidia nchi yangu,
yachanganywe na hayo engine yaliyokwisha wickva tayari ''a'
hao wataalamu, -

Restriction on Lh'.-fll '..n/i and Young.
Men Entering T'n; .. Tow*56 .

Unoria wa '"'1.r Tanga Mjin

alaAsa i 'riris and 'Bys Under 12 Years of Age


I am, directed by my Working Committee of the above
menti ..1 iUni., to approach to approach and request t.he
Central Government and the Inative Administration of Usanbara
to issue strict orders to stop entry of girls and young boys
under 12 years of age into Tanga area.

There have been cases where women after coning to
Tanga and finding no one to support have been forced on
compelled to lead a prostitute life. If at all entry is
granted aftc satisfying the authorities that they are
either accompanying their husbands or have sono relations
to support then.
Young boys having coning to work as lhousc boys are
only wasting time instead of doing something for their
future prospects'

w:: "": y working coinittee suggests that young people should
be sent to schools whereby they could draw some profit for their
country's progress.

I should be very much obliged if you could give your
sympathetic consideration to-the above requests'.

The "Umoja wa Wasambaa" to help the repatriation
S of undesiraicle residents from Tanga*5 "

I acknowledge with thanks the receipt of your U/W/7,
of 20th February, 1948.

I am in agreement-withthe sentiments expressed therein
and am-considering taking further action in this matter.
Ivould s- .'-.t that your Association examine the
provisions of the children and'Young Persons Ordinance, with
amending legislation, as this has relevance in this

Further, though your association, you can encourage
the repatriation to-Usanbara of such undesirable residents.

Requestini;: D.C.'s permission to hold a public

Bwana kwa heshima nyingi na unyenyokevi mwingi nbele
yako tunakuarifu ya kama:

Twakuonba uturuhusu .tufanye mkutano wa wanachama ili
tuweze kuwatangazia hesabu yao ya fodha zilizopo na kutoa
maoni yao kana wanataka kufahya nini nayo. Ikiwa hawana
kazi yoyote kwa nuda watafute mahala pa kuhifadhi, ikiwa hi
Bank au nahala gani'~
Na sisi tumeona hatuwczi kufanya mkutano mkubwa pasipo
idhini yako. Tunatunaini utatujibu kwa.wema.

D.C. Demands his physical presence at.the
public aceting*53

1) Isaka Hassnli )
2) Selemani Mbelwa) Ubiri and Vuga
35 Idi Hoza
4 Saidi K.


Nimepata barua' yenu ya tarehe 23.3 48 akubali
mfanyo r.u,:uti.,: wenurhuko Soni siku ya Jumapili tarehe 4th
April mchana.

2. Nami nitakuapb nipate kusikia maelezo yonu, vile vile
nipate kujua ni njia gani ninayokusudia kuziweka fedha salama
za W.ii.ie- -i-. Kwa hiyo nitahudhuria -kutano mimi mwenyewe
ili nipate kusikia matakayozungumza., Ikutano usifanywe mpaka

I have the honour to inform you that it has been
reported to me that the sub-chief of lMobo Branch of our
Union (T.U,) front holding their regular meetings for no
other reason than this:

"Wazungu wa Serkali kila mara wakifika hapa wananiuliza
Hapa Monbo kipo chama? Sisi watumishi wa Serkali tunawraabia
kama hapa halkuna chama".

I believe that the sub-chief in question is either
biased or mis informed about the activities of our Unions
So to prevent further misunderstandings, I have thought it
wise to bring up the complaint to you earlier.

It would be most expedient I hope, if you would be so
kind as to give him nh official opinion about our Union lest
he mistakes us for the undesirable African Association "
(Usambara Branch),

I have the honour to be, Sir.

D.C. Lushoto makes a ruling that:T,U
should be allowed to hold meetings*5,

ITwandishi rkuu wa Chama cha Tunaini la Usambara amenia-
ndikia barua kusema kama wowe ulizuia mkutano wa wanachama.
mimi sijasikia kwamba iko sababu yoyote ya chama hicho kizuiwe
kufanya rkutano wao. Basi tafadhali uafaka nieleie na kuni-
julisha ni sabea',t gani iwezayo kuzuia Chama hiki kisifanye
mkutano hapo EI onbo.

The "''Clhri_- is not beneficial and does not represent
the people* 6

I forward herewith a letter signed by four well-known
Clirtan menobers though Isaka Hoza himself does not a ppear.
It is typical of the sort of distortion that always occurs
when they report anything said by Government. I will
comment paragraph by paragraph.

Para 3. It is regularly claim. -",,t either the Chama is
the people or as in this case, 'h people delegated
to the Chama the duty of complaining to you. In fact
they claim here that the Chama tried to keep the people
from offending the Government.

Para 4: They try to put offences into individuals and
dissociate the Chama itself from them,

; [ .' *1

fara 1-7 Th -old -story--tyhat the-people Werer'o:t-'c.onsulted
but with the addition that it was your order that -Iputa'be
chosen. I. merely said that your approqval.was necessary.

ara. This refers to the fact -that I said that all the Wazee
had been called and had chose Mputa. I addeded that money of
the '-ce had not tuned up but they had bei n.ywarned .to come and
those present had agreed unanimously.

I told the people that I 'iew there was frnation
resisting the appointment of Hputa but that I had followed
custom in asking the Wazee to choose. I only have chosen
and the people must accept this'. P..Four men car:i to my office next
day, denying that they represented the Chama at all (though two
of them were recorded leaders), and asked permission for the
people to choose again,

ParA and' i: In choosing the electoral colleges I always
said I would not accept recognized leaders of the Chama but
that I had no objections to members provided they wero -c
among the executives, .I. accepted the fact that the membership
was large and probably included most of the intelligent people.
Parai3: I have already announced that Shebuge I:Logo will
n'ot bd' accepted as chief again, but I did not refer to Mputa'
Para 14: The Tunaini Society is named as tbco Sl, l.U;mes
partly though I have no evidence for that. The adopted the
name Usambara Union, before the Chama informed one of their
adoption of the same name.

2. The Chama apparently feel that they can still
claim your sympathetic attention although they .,must have heard your
views. The essential thing is that we do not accept them as
representing the people.and it is useless their continually
identifying themselves with the country. Government has annou-
nced firmly that the history of the Chama shows that it is not
a benefitial society and for that reason if no other I see
no reason for treating with .them.._ It seems very .difficult
to convince them that it is Government as a whole and not
particular individuals which rejects them.

jjmoa''' wa 'asaribaa has no, reigribu bias-4

bioja wa Wasambaa Tanga Mjini

Salaam sana baada ya salaam, nimetumwa na. Chaa hicho
cha hapo juu kuijibu barua yako ya tarehe 2nd April, 1948 ambayo
umetaka msaada wa fedha kutoka katika.-:Chama hiki kwa makusudi
ya kuweka shule za Kiislam na zakizungu ndani yake:, kama hivi
hapo chini:

(i) Kwa kuwa chama hiki" 'hicha"kila !iIsambaa yaani
uiiTslan, Ikristo, na asiyc' na'dini Halmashauri
in'1;at-i_ kutoa fedha kwa faida ya upande nmoja tu.d
(2) Karibuni hivi atatumwa mjurabe wa chana hiki
kufika huko na kutazama naendeleo yenu arudipo
Tanga na report ya chana chenu ndipo hapo Waiislamu
wataweza kutoa msaada wao kama report yonu itapendea

(3) C'.!1, ,- chctu hakitaki kushiriki ama na chana
chochote kilichoko huko Usambara kwa sababu ya Machfuko na
Pujo ya Usanbara. Pia chama chotu kina fanya au kuendesha
mambol.wa kufuata utaratibu wa sheria zake'.'
.A.1A. OEon iitr i. n and by ia'w*
Founded 1927
Tho Tanganyika African Governrient Seorvant-s

1. AsSoc1ation naome ,

.The association shall be known as the T.- ,jn-yika
African Government Servants Association and its headquarters
shall -be in Dar es Sa'iaam.

2. Objects of'the Association

The'objects of the Association are as follows:

a) The elevation and improvements of this 'ajestry's

b.) The promotion of the interests and welfare ,of the
African Government Employees.

S c) The promotion of sympathy and understanding between
His Majestry's Government and its-African servants'
3. Memb5ership:

Membership shall be open to all Africans in the Services
of the Tanganyika Government, excluding military and Tanganyikas
Railways staff and casual labourers',

4. _Magi__n___

The management of the Association shall be vested in
office bearers of Dar es Salaam Headquarters and Provincial

5', office ,Bearers and Tembers of 'c-' Coril e;H1

a) Office bearers of the Headquarters and committee
shall coonsist of the President, Honorary General
Secretary, Honorary General Treasurer, studitor and
some representatives from various groups of departments,.

b) Theoffice bearers of the provincial Committees
shall consist of the President, Secretary, Treasurer,
and such number of representatives as may be decided
upon by provincial president.

6. Asslihant Office Bearers:
The Headquarters and provincial branches may appoint
such Assistant secretaries Treasurers and Auditors as the
case may be, such assistants will also form of the committee'.O

7. Term of Office Bearers and Committee:

The Office bearers mnd nit bers'~o t~e Committee both
in the Headquarters and provincial branches shall manage the
affairs-of the Association for a period of one.year. The tern
of office bearers both at the Headquarters and Provincial
Branches shall not exceed one year unless the said office
bearers have been re-elected by the annual meeting.

8, Election and by-Election:

a) The election of the office bearers both at the
Dar os Salaam Headquarters and Provincial Branches shall take
place at the General Annual Meeting each year.

b) If an Office bearer or member of the committee
either in Headquarters or Provincial Association Branches,
owing to transfer, -resignation, etc., is unable to carry
on his duties as such, another member of the Association
shall be elected to serve in his stead,

9. Power of the Committee:

The committee both in Headquarters-and in provincial
branches shall have the following powers:-

a) to suspend any member for a period not exceeding
one year,

b) to appoint special sub-committee for investigation
and report there of any matter, but such sub-committee
will not be competent to the general Committee and
shall be without exclusive powers.

10. Restrictions:

a) Io member shall disclose or attempt to disclose
or permit to be disclosed to any person who is not a
member of the Association any conficencial matter consi-
dered, discussed or dealt with by this Association
without committees authority.

b) No member shall take independent -action in any
matter which has been referred by hin to, thi ..":
Association before obtaining the cormitteels ,,-

c) Every member shall be faithfull and fully abide
by every decision given by the Association, y
Sub-Committees or office -bearers acing under
proper authority untilsuch timo-as .any other
decision has been arrived at revised or provoked.
S:':-by'proper authority. But such power :.-all not'-' ..:-
apply to members when working in their official
capacity as Government officers.,' ; i

... *- -': d) INothing contained in these Rules shall be.-read.
.'or construed as authorising permitting, or inciting
,: "'- official insubordination or disrespect.to.;,
constituted authority.


11, Channel 'of Communication:

a) Any complaints against the local civil service regu-
lations shall pass through the Headquarters of the
Association and if necessary the Headquarters shall
forward sane to the Chief Secretary.

b) The Provincial Committees shall report to the
Headquarters only serious conduct .which is considered
minimal to the objects of this Association,

c) All corres~:.s~i1nco shall be addressed to the Honorary
General Secretary at the Headquarters and to the
Provincial Branch Headquarters.

12. Meetings and General Committee;

a) The General Meetings shall be held at the Headquarters
and at Provincial Association Branches once every half
year or more often as the case may be.

b) The Headquarters committee shall meet at once
a month and shall deal with reports and minutes received
from Provincial Association branches since last meeting,

c) The Provincial Committee meeting shall include the
General meeting in the Province unless the number of
the provincial members is so adequate as to form separate
committees and general meetings,

d) At every annual meeting the Honorary Secretary,
(Headquarters and Provincial) shall submit reports on and
reviews of the previous years and progress. The honorary
Treasurer shall submit reports on finance with statements of
accounts and balance sheet of the previous year authorised

e) Provincial annual reports should reach the Head-
quarters not later than 15th January of each year, or as soon
as possible thereafter.

f) Such meetings shall be hold by the Headquarters and
Provincial Committees whenever desired or upon requisition signed
by six members in the case of Headquarters and three members
in the case of Provincial Associations addressed to the
perspective secretaries.

15. Extraordinary meetings:

a) Such extraordinary meetings shall be held not
later than 14 days after the approval by the President of the

b) The Headquarters and Provincial Presidents shall be
the chairman and preside at all meetings, and in his absence, the
vice President of any of the office bearers may take the chair
and any chairman is empowered to expel from the meeting any
member who does not behave himself. The Secretary shall make
a record of the incidents,

14. Quorum':

At all meetings the quorum shall be 30% at the Head-
quarters and 20% in the Provincial Association Branches but
including the ex-officio representatives.

15. Natives of:

Not less than 5 days notice shall be given to all
members concerned in case of all meetings except extraordinary
on urgent affairs.

16. Agenda of:

Agenda of any meeting shall be notified below the notice
calling such meeting and only the business shown in such notice
shall be dealt with at that meeting,

17. Votes:

Votes by proxy shall be accepted from resident members
whose official duties enforce his/their absence'from that
meeting provided that such proxies shall be in writing and reach
the Honorary Secretary not less than 24 hours before the time
fixed for the sitting of the meeting.

18. Resolution:

Any member wishing to bring forward a resolution or
nomination of member to attend such meeting must inform the
Secretary not less than 2 days before the date of such meeting.

Any resolution or business not included in the agenda
shall not be dealt with unless majority of those present vote
in favour of it.

19. Finance and Accounts:

The financial year of the Association shall commence on
the first January each year and end on the 31st December
following when all accounts of the Association shall be closed.

20, Entrance fees:

There shall be no entrance fees to any member joining this
Association either at Headquarters or at Provincial Branches.

21* Monthly and Annual Subscriptions

There shall be a monthly subscription by every member of the
Association. The rate of the said subscription shall be decided
by the Headquarters conrmittee from time to time as the case nay
be. Provincial Committee should submit to, the. Headquarters for
approval the rate of'their respective annual or monthly subs-
criptions proposed by them.

22. Life i l-,-i'rship

A member shall become a "ife member upon paying a lump
sum of Shs.12/=A

23. Association Monics: .'

All monies which ay become.due to the Association shall
be paid to the Honorary Treasurer who.shall issue official
Receipts th i' rioi

24, Bank:

The Honorary the Treasurer shall operate an account
in the Savings Bank or in such other Bank as may be approved
by the Committee and shall deposit there all monies received
by him on behalf of the Association.

25. Expenditure:

a) No item of expenditure exceeding Shs.30/= in the
case of Provincial Association Branches shal, be incurred
without authority of the committee concerned.

b) No Provincial Committee shall authorize the
expenditure of any sum exceeding Shs,30/= without approval
.of the Headquarters of the Association.

c) Provincial Committees shall be financed by the
Honorary General Treasurer by means of imprests which shall
be renewed after presentation to the Headquarters of a copy
of the Provincial cash book accompanied by the voucher
wnen necessary.

26, Subscription.Arrears:

a) Natices shall immediately be given by Honorary
Treasurer to all members whose subscriptions are in arrears for
four months,

b) The accounts of the Association shall be audited at
the close of each financial year by the auditor of the
Association or authorised member who shall certisfy the
correctness of the statement of the accounts and balance sheets
and submit it at the annual General Meeting*

27. Amendments or Alterations etc:-

The amendment, alteration or cancellation of any
of these rules may be made at Annual General Meeting of the
Association or at any extraordinary general meeting, to be
held for the purpose,

These rules as now are, were approved by the General
meeting held at Dar es Salaam nn the 22nd day of July, in
the year one thousand nine hundred .and forty.four,

T.A.G.S.A. Members to be aquianted with
the Associations constitutions, and new,
members to be won*59


1, Enclosed herewith please find a copy of the rules in
English, for use in your Branch Association, These rules


should be read and explained to all members in order that they
may bear in mind, what they are bound or not bound to do.
A:Swahili copy of these By-Laws will be forwarded to you in
due course. The secretaries are asked o produce sufficient
copies for the interests of the members.

2. With reference to rule No.27 I should be most grateful
for your Committeest anenduonts and .alterations, etc., 'from now
and then, and I will arrange to put them forward for discussion
by the delegate of the Territorial Conference.

3. I am also directed by the Managing Committee of the
Headquarters to draw the attention of all members especially
office bearers to waste no minute in preaching non-members to
,come along with us and play one tune. I speak vith all
certainty that symptons are now proving our voicing together,

4.- I conclude in quoting that it is just time for every
African to partake this wide scene and his doings will never
be forgotten thenceforth.

Shebuge was not alone responsible for the
alleged backwardness of Usamibara;. His Juniors
have to share the responsibility,. Political
Agitators should be punished in order to
restore Shebuges prestige once more*60

Ninaheshima kubwa mbele yako kukuletea maneno yangu

a) Shbabu yenyowe ni ajabu kwa watu wa Usambara kumtukana
mfalne -na kumsukuma na kunkataa Sultani wao aliye waleya siku
nyingi miaka 18.

b) Ikiwa Shebugo ana makosa juu ya raia zake inaonyesha
si poke yake makosa hayo ni panoja na mazume wake wakuu.

c) Ikiwa nchi haina mashule. Ama hakuna biashara.
Ama hakuna ukulima mwema. Ama zimewekwa sheria mbaya kwa
maraia yaneombwa na nani yakakataliwa.

d) Mlazumbe ni 18 LIidome 18 wazee 36 walio chini
yao paiaoja na mazunbe wao wadogo nasio wajua hesabu yao. Na
kila junbe ana mzee 1 kazi gani waifanyayo katika mabaraza.
2 ninaona wakishughulika kukusanya kodi. Na kutimiza kulimiza
barabara wakati Bwana D.C. akitaka kuwatembolea ndipo njia
za kando hukumbukwa kusafishwa. Akishapita Bwana D.C. nyasi
huziba njiani,

e) Bwana Shebuge mwenyewe Vuga ana wazee-(6) kazi yao
wazee hao ni nini? Hawa woto hungoja kila fedha ya raia
katika nchio Hiyi watumishi hao wangefikiriwa. Kwa nini
raia hao,...walipovunja heshima ya mfalme mazumbe wakuu
walifanya nini? Ikiwa walishindwa walipcloka mashtaka
kwa Serkali kuu nbele ya mkuu gani,


S (f) Minij nrf.ii -'-i;ui:u parioja na wc.z,-! ;u -c.'nine tuliosikic
'hotuha ya E.- ;=. D.C..wetu Lushoto tareHe 4 Asubuhi saa.3
5/48 katika '.'nr:,r, la wenyoji l~1.' l. alipomaliza,...hotuba yake
'kuoleza Ucli. uzi wa marai'a hao. Nilishukuru Bwana T.iunY ya
kania atujalie ttishi na dola ya Kiingoreza itulee daima,
Matata hayo kana yangofika mpaka hivi sqsa watu wengi yianga-
li'.i.., i!. kwonda nchi nryingihe.

1, "' 'Walo watu wabaya inaonyesha hawakuwa na nia ya kuendesha
noli.. walikuwa Wvanataka kazi kubwa kubwa kama hivi masul'tani
engine mawaziri, nilungu, nazumbo, makarani, matarishi.
.Hawakutaka nafuu ya :watu wote ilikuwa ni nafuu yao tu.

2. Ikiwa mabwana wa kizungu mmeona hawalufanya haki,
Basi ShebugQ apowe kazi yake ripaka'cchoke ama atakapokufa
atarithi mwanawe. Ana ndugu yake wa haswa kama wali-
vyokuwa wakitumia kurithiana Baba kwa Mwana ama ndugu
kwa ndugu tangu zamani za mbega mpaka hivi leo.

3. Na wale wakubwa wa uchafuzi na jeuri wangalikamatwa
wazi wazi na kupata adhabu kama ilivyo sheria sababu
waliwatisha watu wengi kwa midomo yao. Hata hivi
sasa watu wana hofu hata kama itatokea sauti ya
maendeleo ya namrbo mona watakuvWa na wasi wasi kwa
hasara wvlizopata maria engine kwa kudanganywa na
watu hao."

4. Pedha"watlizochukua kwa maraia wamezifanya nini
wamechimba barabara mpya?

5. Walipokwenda kumtisha mfalme mji riauu wa Vuga walipeleka
miili yao na nidomo yao,

Pedha imetenda nambo gani? Imejonga shule....?
Hospital... ....?
Nyumba ya Utawala?
Imelima mashamba?
Inejenga duka la kununua vitu wenyoji?

6, Watasema kama tungckosa mbona' Shebu'ge hakurudishiwa
utawala wake?,. Ana t -in ii-i.:.'hili..:'? Sikuwa tumependaza

The election of chief of Usambara to be bone by,
sub-chiefs,.ders and sono representatives of the


,Mkutano wa kumchagua mtawala rkuu .uga
Mombo kuanzia asubuhi ya June 4 1948 Ijumaa.


ikutano nautaka ufanyike Mombo klaa sababV' patakuwa
na watu na chakula kule Vuga kihaweza kuwa shida kuki-

Nataka Mazumbe Wakuu wote wafike Mombo Alhamisi jioni
June 3 paioja na ;watu hawa:-
1. 2 katika wazee wa Baraza zao "
2, 2 Wasaidizi waliochaguliwa na raiya.

Watapata.-warranti kama watasafiri -..i;gari na Shs. 5/=
kila mmoja kwa nikutanb, lakini hakuna "..:t.' zaidi ya hawo
watakaolipiwa au kulipwa."

Mkitano utaisha Jumamosi, au Jumaapili.
Mkutano huu ni<..wa -Ictkata shauri- :a::-:,. ...
1.I. Mtawala mkuu mpya wa V ga
2. Mlultano wa (Baraza ya) Mtawala IM:kuu wa:yuga ambao
utakuwa wa watu wapatao 20.
5. Kazi ya mkutano .(wa Baraza) na wvainidizi'Walio-
ohaguliwa wa "raiya". Nataka mfikiri jambo -lii;:i hbia -ya-
kufika kwenu Mombo.

Kitala.Kikuu cha Vugla kitakuwapo k^tik: kuch ag~.ia
mtawala mkuu mpya wa Vuiga kwa sababu vwa6 ii::.'ahuusu zana
habari hii ya kuchagua~'itawala .mkuu:

There is no need for a chief ,of Usaibara, but'if -:'*
people, agree unanimously to have one he will hlive::'
to be appointed. Shebuge does not qualify as 'a
candidate nor will he participate, in the.. activities:-`'
of looking for the chief..-11 .

Mkvitaio wa inchi ya Usambara utaanza Mombo sil' ya
Ijumaa tarehe'4" :June. Kati yao ya kwanza'ni kufikiri juu
ya Simba Mwene wa-Vuga. Watakuwapo Mazumbe wakuu, wazee :-
wao, na raiya vwaliohaguliwa. .:- : .- ...

Nataka uwaite wazee wa Kitara chako pamoja na wazee
wengine- wanao haki kushughulika na Simba Mwene.

Imeandikwa kwarinb., ni Kitara Kikuu pamoja na Mazumbe .
wa kiti',:' Ikiwa ni Maziumbe wakuu wote mtaweza kuonana nao
Mombo, lakini nafikiri ni has.a wazee vanne au watano tu.
Nimeuliza Bwana Provincial Commissioner naye anasema
Shebuge Magogo .hatakuwapo katika kazi hii. Mtakutana
kabla ya--tarehe 4 June kufikiri juu ya Simba Mwene. Siwezi
kukubali Shebuge Magogo, wala mtu bila akili, vwla mtu
aliyekosa mbele ya Serkali. Mimi mwenyewe sioni haja ya
Sultani wa Vuga, lakini kama atatakiwa ha watu wote siwezi-
kukataa. Kwa hivi ni kazi yenu kutafuta mtu mwenye.haki
ya uzszi.- .Nimesoma vitabu vya samani na nimeona kwamba
uzazi hasa ni Kimweri. Yanyembai, Shekulwavu, Kinyasi na
mtoto wake,, Nauia hata wakuu wa Mialo watakubali Simba
Mwene akitol: l.mnLigo huu, lakini sijui .kamaatafaa..

.kiishla ucZunigunza juu-ya. Simba Mwene mtafika Mombo
lkuleza inbelje ya .wa/ uu wa inchi. Tut z zurizn z wote.mpaka
wao wameridhika. Siwezi kutia.mtu ik.,. nguvu .wala sitaki
mtu-awe .kichwa- cha inchi bila, akili .,.-Ni afadhali mkutano
wa w-akuu waLnchii.-peke yo. S;kuliko. mpumbayvu au mwerevu
aliyej-isifia. "


S.... The "'Ciit' -:." : 'ld.-no loigor collect money r .'
people. "'62

Ahsante kwa barua yako juu ya r_.. hI.d i T.ij.a,::'rs ,
Rashidi Bereko na Abdulla Nguzo waliokuja kichangisha
fedha katika nchi yako kwa ajili ya.. chal:.a. .

Ninecleza" katika baraza zangu nahali engine kwamba'*
ikiwa watu wanataka kufanyf a vyama vidogo vinavyokubaliwa
na Zurb-u IK..iLt ':. fvo an za Tn vrif.yar :ixi:-..

(1) Lazina viwe, vy-~ra vidogo-kusudi ::il:l i.r ioja ndani
yake amjue kila mnnoja aliomo. '

(2) Wac'.:chain ~~iii:-i:, h. 15,ii yake, kwa ihinri 'yao.'
lald.ki wasitishwe kusudi kUlazimishwa 'l.i:iingia.

(3) Kama ya kusanywa fudla. l::iii' zitolewe stakaba-
dhi na daftari ya fedhe.iwapo kuonyesha fedha yote
iliyokusanywa, Stakabadhi zionyeshe jina la chama na
kutiwa sahihi na mtu anaeipokeafedha..

Lazima ueleze katika bara zazako kuwa ikiwa ageni:'
anakuja :.ukllus il.:-~ kwa watu-.kwa, ajili ya. chana bila shaka
anakusanya ~fedha hiyo kuitia katika f nfuko wake mwenyewe
wala si ya kuwasaidia watu wanaoitoa. Watu wanaweza.
kuanzisha chaia wakipata ruhusa ya Zunbe na vyama
vinavyofaa ni vyana vya kujenga xasikiti au kuzika
waliokufa au jambo la kuwasaidia wanachama wote.

Ungewambia. hawo watu " ya chama katika nchi yako kuwa huwataki katika nchi
yako na kama wakiendelea kuchangisha fedha wanaweza
kushtakiwa katika baraza yako k-wa tendo hilb.. Na waje
waonane naii Boranzi hapa Lushoto Libapo nitasema nao
juu ya jambo hili.

Chana -cha Ubiri kinayo badoe im:. lk-hids o. iliyobiaki '
na viongozi wake wanasena watai.'., i:,l ]:,atil:.. Posta Iup:a .
wanachana -at.l: --apo1:ta shauri ti-. ; otil:. aifa rie.
Basi hapana haja kukusanya fedha zaidi na mtu akusanyaye
fedha anawadanganya watu tu. "

Was Shebu:.' deposed by the' Goverment or by the
'"Chala"? *63

A. Kwa unyenyekevu rr ringi nakuandikia.. kaka kuj ua naabo
ya nchi ya Usanbara ...- ......
B. ... Katika '-_h.n;: jana.ulikuwa usuktukk.. bj.'.a sana
kwa ajili ya Bw: Sli:.'iiu -j -1,.:_io bin i;.z.lri kuwa.ni.
njinga..sana hatakivwi -kwa z;babu .ya ujinga huo, na
kuwa haini nchi yake -kwa hali yeyote ile... .Kweli
mzee kang'oka kitiniC, cl si- ikatulia kidogo kwat I
sababu ... h.~il:.2zzi]a t tuutafafuta- ntawala wa Vuga
n,.'ingi-i n,,',ny'c. lima ya; k.ais t dili n- ]:a.bl.a ya hiayo 0"
r.ataz,:raio'yd- 'C.,',-ifi,-i : ,..,: t;s ;,i.ri wakaanza. kutaika. .
.kunuweka Zunbe urckuu ait'r,-e H.n.cuani TYito ak1:e Soni
nahaiL ja, Zumbe Eiassani Mlcr- co; h.'.u.ri Ihil lii:o'.na
sana, sisi watazanaji tul:,,rn azni chanma cha Usambaa- .
kina nguvu kushinda Serkali... Baada ya Serkali.
kupata habari Bw: D.C. rgeni akajitia..:ili kuvunja
nia na xatazanio ya Wanaohaaa a wa Usabaa.

0. ... Hapo npaka sasa hivi nasikia -tu kuwa atawelkva
Mtawala Vuga nwingine badala ya Shebuge, na mtawala
huyu ataitwa Kinweri Shebuge, jambo hill lanifanyia
mashaka noyoni mwangu, ndipo nikajaribu kuiliza kwako
Bwana mkubwa kuwa je tukipewa IMtawala mpya Vuga na
akiitwa Kimweri, na ni wa ile ile Nyunba Kuu atapewa

F. Na kama tutapewa Waziri kuwa nae mtawala wetu yaani
ajuaye kiingereza je kwa nini kunuondoa Shebuge Izee
na kunbe, utawala huu wa Vuga kama utawekewa waziri
nwenye maarifa?

G. Katika michoro yangu ya B naligusia kusema utawala wetu
ndio una namlaka ya kufanya janbo lolote litakalo na
yarudia tena hayo Kuyasema bwana nkubwa *.. Je mzee
Shebuge Magogo bin Kinweri ameachishwa kazi na nyinyi
wakuu wa Serkali au ameachishwa na wanachama
(Wachafuzi wa Usambaa).

Ikiwa aaeachiswha kazi na wanachaa kwva nini basi
hauuwapi mtawala wanaomtaka? Na yashuhulike Serkali
kutenbea hulku na huko kuwaambia watu wachague mtawala
wa Usanbaa?

I. Nielewavyo mfalme kupata msuko suko ni mahali pake
sababu huwatawala raia wa nanna mbali mbali .

4 o News about Shebuge K. Kinveri's death confirr-d.
May God place him in a pleasant position. 64i

Bwana, ninayo huzuni kukujulisha ya kana, niliporudi
kutoka cafarini Baga, Lwandai, M anba, na Shashui, ninekuta
msiba wa kifo cha Bwana Ex Shebuge Kinyasi Kimweri
aliyekufa usiku wa 21/5. Kwa hiyo ninahakikisha barua ya
Zumbe Kasiuu wa Ilola na Mlugu Kiluwa wa Vuga ya 22/5/48
waliyokuletea kukujulisha habari ya kifo hiki, na amcezikwa
usiku wa kuamkia 24/5/,48. Kwa hiyo sisi sote tunamuombea
heri kwa Mungu ampokee na kunuweka mahali pema kana
wenzake waliyotangulia kwa ajili ya kutul0a ia muda
nrefu wakati wa maisha yake. AAinal
" -
The Appointment of Mputa Magogo as chief of Usambarao 65.

Bwana nakuletea mapatano ya mkutano wangu wa jana na
Wazee wa Baraza yetu ya jana. Wazee 80 niliwaita kwa ajili
ya Icuchagua SIMBA MWENE WA USAMBYRA. Tuliposhauriana kwa
kuto kuwa na mabishano, wazee wangu wa baraea paioja na
engine wa mkutano tukakubaliana kwa ntunisbi wako Zumbe
Mputa s/o Magogo apandishwe daraja kuwa SICBA MWINE ...

Yeye ni ntawala wa haki kwa ukoo wake wa kizanani.
Nakufahanisha hivi "Utaratibu wa Utawala hmu tangu zamani
Shebuge au Kinweri alkitawala Vuga, ataoa wake wengi.
Miongoni mwao atateua 2 wawe wakuu ambao watazaa Mtawala 1.
Okimele atazaa Simba Oshimba atazaa Simba v a Vuga."

Okimele na Oshinba wake wa Mfalme Kimwveri


SOKIILE, Serboja wa, T-Ia. indL .-
C: a-.-'Wa BuAiLjbuli Kinruelio, ipi:j i I i1:.ut.i t
Ki..ri S".a..l..a-ru Shebuge lagogo ha Sh. iBila,
'SlL-:Aiu:t Kinyasi I Mputa Miagogo

Nyumba'hizi i-bili ndizo zit.::.i ntawala, a Vuga. Uzazi wa
Okimeld. y:uni ii-L rinu,.i aliixkabithi rtoto a" Cshuilib i:,ia
huu, Kwa hivi ni mtawala wa haki.
I- *". : I

.The Sub-c!Lief '3and the people will only conifirit.itlie
appiiitt:it 'of.the chief, th,:yv ':illlnot :ltect.- N :
"t' 7' "iri t,' be ppoi, ie,. i6, .. i : ';,;;.

The African Association wantedto put in Hassani: Mdoe
(Yauto?) as a Sub-chief but tliy w-ere not-given the
opportunity to'~hose the sub-chief; the leaders chose
Mputa Magogo who was appointed.

The Kitara Kikuu and other elders have been-
consulting regarding the nomination :of a chief of Vuga.
The chiefs are alternately designated Kinweri and Shebuge.
The sub-chiefs and the people will not actually choose
the new but they will be consulted .before he. is appointed.

No Waziri or advisors will be appointed because
there is danger of political intrigue. There will
however be a.,Secretary to the N.A. Council with personality
and ideas, if: possible.

Furahisha Club to open a Canteen. 68.

1. Tunaleta maoni yetu haya mbele yako nasi- bila shaka
tunatunaini kupokea jibu ambalo litatupendeza.

2. Wana chara wa Furahisha Club wengi wanafanya kazi
hapa njini Lushoto, lakini wengine hawakai hapa mjini ila
.w:yaakuja kutoka vijiji vya nje, hawatu hawh ':ai.ai tuiia
kupata chakula cha nchana huko sokoni Lushoto, na kila
mwezi wanalipa gharana kwa wale walioweka mikahqwa ya...,
chai sokoni Lushotoy anbao engine si wanachama va
Furahisha Club.

3. Maoni yetu tungekushukuru ungetupa uwezo wa kuchuku "
madaraka ya chai na ohakula hapa rjini Lushoto iwe kana
"Canteen" na.wale '.ncnaccha.a wanaokula chakila kwia riwezi
na kulip'a fedha ile tungeipata ikaingia katika mfuko weta
wa chamza kuliko.kuwapa watu \":..i:J-'u',*.': ''':nch-. '

4. Tukikubaliwa kwYa.-haya yetu tunaonaba 'tuihgi-zwe' k:Itika
orodha y, r:.,:.'.iyo- wa o.,'jJla nasi- tupate -nchele naaimga
wa ngano kiaisi. ha. lktosli kutjina..nnti ih--Litaji yetu
kwa kila mwezi. Sukari haina shida lakini nchele na unga
wa ngano ni vitu .anbavyo hatuwezi kuvipath pasipo ..
mamlaka yako.

5. Shida iliyopo labda itaonekana kuwa hatuna nyunba
lakini kana wenzetu wanavyopewa nafasi kuweka migahawa
yao sokoni hata sisi tunatumaini Serikali itatufikiria
tukapata nafasi vilevile hapo sokoni. Tutahitaji
kufuata amri zote zinazohusu utaratibu wa kuhrgalia
usafi wa vyonbo anbavyo tutavitumia kwa kazi yetu.

Wasalau ni. sisi watumishi .ako watii,

Kwa ajili ya Wanachama wa F.C.

It i.s desirable and,possible for Furahisha Club to
open a ,cUte, n. .,: .

STiritarafu barua;.yako-ya tarehe 28/5/48. N-iekubali
kabisa .ashauri. yaklo aa:nma:itakuwa 'shauri jera 'kuwa-na
la chakula.. Nadhani naweza kutnengeneza.,mabo ya unga na
chele, lakini si-jajua ni. pahali gani utakdpoWeza kupika', ::
vyakula. Sive:;i kutoa: ruhusa ya ,cjenga kibanda-cha
jiko nyum a ya ,soko., kwa sababu Serkali itajenga jiko'
jipya nwaka huu.

Ains and .activities of "The Kigongoi Book Olub

Salaamu Bwana I'lUaby'wa

Nakujulisha ya kuwa hapa Kigongoi tunacho -chama
kinachoitwa kwa jina la 'The Kigongoi Book Club" .- Cha
hiki kilianzishwa na walinu wa mtaa huu wa Kigongoi.
Nacho kilianzishwa January 17, 1946.

Makusudi.ya chana hiki ni kutaka kununda.vitabu na
kuwafundisha watu wasiojua kusoma elaisoma vema.
wapat e
Chana hiki kina shule ya usiku kwa ajili ya watu wazima.

Upo uchani-o wa shilingi moja kila' aw ezi kwa ajilhi -ya
kununua viytabu. P.ia katika .nchango huo unasaidia gharania'
za najenge ya.:nyumba ya ku.fanyia mikutano.

Nakujulisha, wewe.-kwa sababu hukajua chaima hiki tangu
nwanzo maana ,aliyekijua..ni. D.Ob. aliye'dodoka pandja na D.C.
pia alikijua,. .. ". :. : .-:: "."

Pia nakujulisha wewe .kwa sababu ikui'-hizi kunatokea
natata -enngi katika vyana.. Basi usije uiaf'ikicr' kuwwa
sisi tu waeojapo wa vyana'hivyo.

Kwa kutaka kuondoa nashaka ningeona heri unwulizeb
The Right, Rev. Bishop of Zanzibar, The Organiser odf
Social Welfare, Mr. .Blaxland, Dar es Salaam, ambaye'"
aliposikia habari za. chama chetu ametusaidi~?. n.'ngi na
hata sasa tunaazima vitabu toka Library ya Social Welfare "':
Dar es Salaam.

Mimi --ni mwalimu-wa hapa Kigongoi na pia-waweza
kupata habari kwa masister C.S.P.S. wa hapa.

Nitafurahi kupokea barua yako ya mashaurin-pia
tunaomba msaada wa vitabu vya Agriculture na vya
IMomonyoko wa udongo (soil erosion).

Vaz aslaanzu rtumishi wako mwema.'

,, ; ';i ;' .: .,' ', .. ', .. '" -


The aims of Book Club :re Mot bad if they are not
mixed with politics. 70*

Mintarafu ya barua yako ya tarehe? Nimefurahi
kusikia habari -za 'hamia chenu, nitawveza kusaidia wakati
wowote Serkali haitatazamia kuwa ni 'chana kibaya; isipokuwa
njikianza kuingiana na mambo yanayo husu sheria za Wenyeji '
wa mashitaka yasiokawa na haki. Jambo la kuangalia sana
katika chama ni mambo ya fedha. Vyara vy,-te vinavyokusarya ,
fedha laziza viwv ina it~abu vya stakabahi vilivyc. chapvwa
juu yake jina' la chama hicho, Ib6i lIil: imJoja akitoa fel-dha
lazima 'apate stakabadhi.-k wa Ban' Fedih wa ChaId.,, Tena"
pawe na kitabu cha fedha .(Gash Book) cha kuisadika
stakabadhi 'ote za fedha zilizcingi a nz ilizo tuniwa.
Itakuwa ubora Bwana Fedha kuonyesha kitabu hiki kwa Mzungu :
yeyote alie karibu kila mwisho wa mwezi. Na vile vile
wanachama wangearifiwa kukitazana kitabu hiki tuseme
kila miiezi-sita kusudi wajue kaia kitabu ni ssawasawa"fna
baki iliono ndani ya kitabu cha fedha waijue.

Vitabu vizuri vya kiswahili 'na-kiingereza vyaweza
kupatikana Duka la Vitabu, Tanga, unaweza kuuliza kwao.
Nakusudia.kununua-vitabu kwa ajili ya Hazina ya Wenyeoji
wa Usambaa na kuviuza katika Hazina vilevile.

Many people reported to the D.C. that they reject
Mputa 1.1Ma2ogo. This was mere political intrigue.
Leaders in political meetings should-"be arrested. 72.

Wamefika l:watu wengi kwangu kusena kwamba wadataka
Mputa Bila awe Sultani wa Vuga. [lii nrir-ucliza sehemu
ya kazi yangu ya kunweka Mtawala mp'ya. Sasa iliyobakia hi
juu ya Serkali yenyewe kufilciria na kuchagua. Sasa
sitasikiliza nashauri ycyote juU 'ya Mtawala mpya. Kama
watu., wajcaomtka..taI.pl:uta wanaanza kufanya nikutano ya
Wasanbaa kunkataa Mputa Magogo hawa ni watu wanaochaf'a
inchi tu. Nadhani tukitaka inchi ya Usambaa iwe na
amani ni ubora kuuia-'iku.tano hii ya watu wengi
wanaomkataa Mputa Magogo,.-' Basi yakupasa. kutoa asri zika-
julikana na Majunbe wote. Kama -ihivwak:. iil.tauio ya watu
wengi ningetumia uwezo wa kuwakanata wale waseaaji maalun
na kuwashitaki wahukuniwe 'kuwa i"'jwachafuzi vw inchi.
Nimesikia kana .Isaka Kilo. areKt.ji .katik. iobhi'n ii
kupunzika basi uuangalicm na kuvizia-'sbnai kaa 'akionekana
anafanya mkutano riai IkusL- ijuu ya habari ya mthwala mpya
ashitakiwe,.- : .' ---

MItu yeyote akiita mkitano na kulmsea asiridhike na..
Mtawala wa Vuga ambae anewekvwa na Wazee na 'kukubaliwa 'na"
Mazumbe wote na watu waliochagaliwa a raiya atakuwa na
makosa. Kama akileta jina la ntu mwin.gine kuiia Mtawala wa
Vuga na kuwaambia watu v.,i1kibali htiyb vile'rile atakuwa na
makosa kwa kutokutii arri hii ya baraza*'i. "

The Coronation of Mputa I'ago.i: '-to be: attendeda by the
P.C. and Sub-Chiefs. ': 73.

Bwana Provincial Conamissioner atafika Vuga saa tano
siku ya Jumatano (tarehe 23) kunuweka Mputa Magogo awe
Kinweri wa Vuga. Itafanywa baraza kuu ya nguo raaridadi nasi
tutavaa nguo za Serkali na Vitara.

Nataka ufike Vuga uwe tayari saa tano siku ile ile.

People rejec-t Mput'a maic C0 and they.would not -depart
till the 2.(..,reElies to their telegramr 7.4.

Tumelala hapa lungojea .najibu yetu.ya. sinu ,jana ::
tuneongzeXa iuwa...watui. 200d wjat.u wanon co.k2 kila saa
tafadhali Thti-utaki :IputaMagogo hatuondoki mpaka tupate-
jibu. ,.... .

Raia wa Usambaa.

There'is. io longoiopoitic.al unrest but. t!Lis would be
confirmed shortly,. after the "Chama" leaders- are released
front prison;' Soie societies should be allowed to ulnetion
if the ioumtry ..is.to pro.ress. .

Inchi 'itiflia sass ni- nna natuinni la uhalatakuwa
na matatta:tenal.laki2i tutatazaL. e itrfui.ajp watakapofung- .
liwa vionb'zi 'v'-aa cian-a cha uhairibifu nvwisho.-~ wa':wezi huu..
Ilattu'ainri kanma tuki'.'ez kupata Zumbe wa Vuga. ataemekubUli'.v
na i:inweri wa Vuga-.hapatakuwa na.matata tena., .Baraza
yake itakuwa nbali. na. barazaeya .Kivri.wa Vuga.

Nasikia kuwa Mazunbe wongine wanakataa vyama vote.
Hivyo-. ni shada a nadlani. .haviywafai.';,asambaa. Kama
ikiwa wahafanya 'nikutano Iiuzungwuza r nmbo yas; maendeleo
ya inchi. wala: sio kudadisi utawala basi nikutano hiiyo
itasaidia inchi yenu .kwa naana watu :!Lazina...vwatia -i:iioyo:
nambo ya inchi--ab na kupenda kusaidin. wcaZit.ka ltichi
yao ienidelee. Hina haja ya kuliogopa chdCa ikiwa
watu wake wawajua na kuogea nao lkupata 1ujua .
wanavyofanya.. Ni kaziyenu kujua yanayofanyika katil:a
inchi na 'kana alcikataa maendeleo. watu wenu wataweza,
kuseiaa hawfai. Ni .juu yenu kufikiri. ha kuwasaidia
inchi yao sasa. -

Future ,policy of T.U. will be to expand educational
facilities, and to participate in business .j75 ,

Maoni ya Ikutano wa Ikanza wa Manaibu wa Chanai cha
"Tunaini la Usaubaa" uliofanyika KorogXve tarehe 3 Julai,


1*. B,'ai.a Haasan :'Iohaj-ied' (Mkluu wa Kiti)
2. Mwe.: JJoint.'eto (M:twandishi).
3. Bw. Athudan.i'_t:zi : '(Bywana Fedha-) '* '.
4. T ab'.'ls tant.rTThltu (Bwana Fedha Mdogo). :etc.

Mlkutano..ulianzia: na sala iliyoongozwa -na Plzee
Mwalinu., rancis Jibo abbaye alishika Kiti. baada ya
kuondoka Bwana Hassan Mohaf-ed, ,iibaye .ilimpaza kurudi
mara Motibo ... ". -

1 v Krienendo Wi Eliau Katika Uzhr' baa .

(). Bwaia- Gon. Secretary TU'- alitweleza iLdogd"
waliohudhuri-.jinisi atliVyo a-.venda .kucnaaa 'na Bwa7,1~i.
Lushoto juu. ya'iaulizo' aliyolot6wa"::Ia mi..lallaeC- nuoija .
wa Vugi.ri juu ya skuli ya M.A, ya.:yugiri. Pia alija'ibu

,*-i :

I: ;'!'1


' *'" '

~I~ ;; ":!


kuoel .a kud'atyak o -natazeaio ya Jduiihiaisha .skiuli hiy6 huko
Mbele na ya kuwa Bw. D.C. alinshauri kuwa kwa habari' zaidi
manbo ya skuli hana budi aulizie kvia Bwalia Provincial
Education Officer wa jimbo la Tanga.

(ii) Kvwa kuviwa..jabo-hili, lilihusiana na naazirzio
unpy; a ya jnl:o way Vilaya- za Lushoto na Tarina, naaibu' ''
wa Amani na KizaraL walitoa madni yao juu ya uguiu
utakaoletwa., a baaUdhi y, nchi -zilizokuwano katika wilaya
ya Lushoto kupelekwa katika Wil3;a:ya. 'Tnga. i

-Thanks -to the 'British Goverment- for ending "the
Political unrestI t Uabara. 76.. -

Your Excellency the Governor most respected in the
whole Territory of Tanganyika I give many thanks to you
with heartful pleasure to your Excellehcy nd 'your
assistants in. the Government Dar es Salaar. who have chosen.
Mr. Pigott to become D.C. 'and to sond him to iy country
Ushacbaa: to assist : the country of Ushambaa-which was
in confusion on account of the disturbance of the
Washambaa from 25rd Junef, 1947 up to .23rd June, 1948 when
it started quieting down on account of installating me,
Mputa IMaogo, as. Kimweri of 'Ushambaa.

Resignation of the ShebugeMaTgogo Kinweri, Chief 'bf
Vuga, greatly astonished the Washaibaa ,,iho' strive for$i''
their country not to be without a. ruler, :-When: they. he ard,
the P.C0 .saying -tht 'Usambaa would repair for 2 'years
without a chief, Ruler that it should be' under sub- hiefs ..,:'
only, they found this great misery and unbearable. 26
think of Ushambaa,:vwithout a chief, -:as they kno hw hothe'-:
Rule of Usl.hbaa .is-very great aind how it ruled "any
tribes which-are g-reat :from' the time of their anoestors,. '
they could not sleep,, spending all the nights considering::
ways and means which could bring back the rule. They
even wrote letters to your assistants in the Government
petitioning that peace should be brought back-in the' .
Ushambaa, Your assistants listened--to-their petition
and your Excellency consulted with your assistants in
the Govt and selected Mr. Piggotti to be the D.0, of
Ushanbaa, .. .. '...

Your servant the D.C. Mr. Piggott whom you sent to this"
country has made very great efforts to quite Ushambaa,
The D.C. is clever, wise and of much understanding he-:'
travels many miles on foot in order to see any sort of
person. He held many snall barazas.'in the remote parts'of
the country accusing people to ,leave sabversive acts and,
a great many have taken his advice; it is even correct to
say there is no more trouble. This DC. deserves of
more ranks than..what, he., at. present has for the Croat work
he has done to bring back peace to y -country.

I with pleasure thank .our. Provicial Corissiioner.. of..
the Tanga. Province 'together.,with, our *0C., of Lusho-to for. ....
appointing N.A. Council in my country which is a new
thing in our country. I think this convert will assist
the country. I think this convert will assist the ..... ,
country in a faithful stop andit will do good'bbri ngig
prosperity .to it an d.leaving bad things .whi.h bring,,trouble
to the curitryc.,\ M country, is very fertile therefore 'this ...
Council will engage, in~ arricultuhral matters cind all.:other,. .
things which bringl prosperity toy ti. land:. : Doubtle-ss ..


with the assistance of the District Cormmissioner of Lushoto
together with his Assistant District Officerts will progress
well like other civilised countries.

I beg his Excellency the Governor of Tanganyika
Territory and his Assistants'of His Majesty Government to place
Usambaa in History that.it. majy not be divided., -also to consider
means for its good progress. Also I'bog his assistants not to
.forget the trouble-which took place in this country,~that
it will be recorded in.the History so that when they select
DOts and ADO's they may not select officers who are not intere-
sted in the progress of my country that such trouble should not
happen .again because this country is full of mischief makers'
and selfish indeed who do not want to see others in positions'
These thanks I give not only on my behalf but I give
on behalf of all the tashambaa who have the progress and peace
of the country in their minds to equal other progressive and
peaceful countries. I serve as their mouth and wish to know
that your subjects in'Ushambaa are very glad to get .their
Ruler within a shorter period than they expected'. -

May Almighty God Bless His Majesty King "Gorge VI
and grand him lohg life'and prosperity to his colonies and,
your Excellency his representative, may God grant you
long/life and govern us with kindness and justice and as we are
lucky enough to have your lodge built in Lushoto we beg that
your eyes be on our country always, God may bestow blessings on
your work and long and happy life. Amen. I am your humble and
obedient servant.

The Installation of Hamis lwanyoka-an outsider-'

v Bana leo tarehe 30.11.48 nilifika Gare kwenye
,kuweka Zumbe wa Gare, nalifuatana.na Wazee wa Baraza yangu 1
Mzee IMugu Kiluwa, 2 Mbaruku Ali. Beleko'ha 3 mdoe Barua
,IUftwamaghembe, ..imefika Gare saa 4 nikatoa maneno kwva
. watu kuwa nimekuja hapa Gare na kabla hatujaendelea na.,
na mazungumzo nikatoa nafasi kwa watu wapumzike kwanza
Sna kuzidi kufikiri, watu wakapumzika tukakaa mpaka saa-
tano ni kama saa nzima niliyotoa nafasi kwa saa moja nzima,
tukaanza-:baraza kwa kuhojiana. Katika kuhojiana nikasema
watu wa Gare hawakupata mtu wa kuweza kushika kazi ya
Uzumbe ila katika nikapata ushahidi mbele ya baraza hiyo
watu 3 .Musa Shetuli, Juma Pungo, na Mhamadi bin Baruti
hawa wakasema hapa Gare hatapatikana Zumbe afadhali wewe
mwenyewe atupe Zumbe. Hapo nikamuambia Mdoe wa Gare kuwa
ikiwa watu wa Gare wameshindwa kutoa Zumbe wa kufaa kwa
hiyo mimi nikamuambiaMdoe kuwa Zumbe wa Gare atakuwa .
Hamisi bin wvanyoka wa Sheshin. Watu wa Gare hawana shaka
j uu'ya huyu Hamisi Mwanyoka wanenikubalia niwape Zumbe
S kwa hiyo Bwana nakujulisha kuwa watu wa Gare hawakuweza
kupata zumbe ila mini nimcwapa Hamisi Mwanyoka awe Zunbe
wa Gare, nani sina mtu niliyeona ila huyo Hamisi.


The Proceedings of the meeting at which Hanisi
S' Manyoka installed :sub-chief of Grc-e 78

Siitaki Abdalah akisema jutu.ya uch--i.ii huut Juzi
sisi tulikaa watu 80 tukasema tunamtaka Salimu awe Zunbe wa
Gare na Abdallah aka.sena r.ini namtaka 'Mipira 'awe Zumbe .wa ';are
., japokuwa juzi nalitozwa adabu Shs.20/=.

Sheshe.Shekindo Mzee-.,: .

Sisi. waze.e wa Gare tulionana mzee wa.Baraza ya YVuga
akituambia nime.turva na inwi.ri kuja hapa- Gdre kuktaina ha
w* azee wea Gare ili .tuchague Zumbe wa Gare'. Sisi wazee tukasema
.- hatuwe.zi kuchagua Zuabe .mwingine ila huyo Salimu.aliyeshika
. aazi, tangu siku hizo mpaka sasae.
*. ultin' iri.'iyen ., .
Kar"ma Salimu angeendesha I:kzi yake Ikvia bidii teagu
wakati huo mpaka sasa' mimi nisingefika hapa leo au nisingetoa
; habari mbele: kuwa watu wa Gare chagueni Zumbe., Ea kabla
sijasera Salim Simtaki au namtaka. nazidi .kutoa nafasi vilvyo
kwa mtu 'awaye yeyote aseme aonavyo ona juu ya uchaguzi huu wa
.Zumbe. .

3. 11doe Zuberi mimi naona fadhali-. tungemchukuwa Kondrat
aliyekuwa Zurbe wa zamani .ababu kosa lake hatukulijua..

S41' Musa Shetuli':- .

Majibu hatuna kwa kuwa unesema kabla sijasema Ik.wa
Salimu nimemkubali au sikumkubali hapo hatuna njia ya kusema,
ila.mimi nasema iki::-_l Salimu hatafaulu katika Uzumbe wa Gare
afadhali wewe vmwcnyewe Kimweri.utupe ntuv wx nj e asiyekuwa wa
Gare sababu wazee wetu hawana-iunoja na-asisi"t tot wao wala
wao wenyewe hawana mapatano, mtu ni mzee anatoka anasema
nataka uzunbe. NiTimesema hivyo kwa kuwa tumeletewa mzee wa Baraza
kuu Vuga kutupa habari kuwa kaeni mchague Zumbo kadiri ya siku
2 na hatukutosha kitu akwa hiyo, afadhali. tuppwe Zumbe-kama yule
wa kwanza tuliepewa na nchi yetu ilistawi kidogo''.
5 Juna bin Fungo:-
Maneno ya Musa Shetuli ni kwoli tupu, afadhali tupcwe
: Zumbe wa nje kuliko wa hapa Gare.
6, :':iol-ai-i bin Baruti:-
S'a i aneno.- ya' Musa na Juma nisa sawasa afadhali. tuletewe
mgehi : :

The Political Intriguers are the very peoplewhose
names the b.C. H as.. *.

.Kwa Bwana.District .Comnissi.oer Lushoto tunakupa
habari sisi watu wa..Gare habari za. Gare.wanaoharibu inchi
ya Gare.ni wale watu wakowaale ulioandi-ka siku il e.'asa
tunakujulisha sisi wazee wa Gare na tunakujulisha kuwa
kesho uk-Zja 'utuulize kuwawazee nipeni walo wa Jumbe wadogo
:uwaambie kuwa sitaki wale-nilioandika siku ile na uwaanbie
kuwa nataka watu hawa watoke katika nlango wa Daffa na sisi
wazoe wa Gare tulitaka kutoa Zumbe lakini sasa walikuluga
wale watu wake ulioandika siku ile,


The Sinbanwene" must have been behind the secret
arrangements to install Hanisi .I~Tnyoi: an
outsider as sub-chief of Gare. This was a great
Humiliation on Gare People*80

Kwa 'Bwana aMkubwa wetu D.C. wetu mtukufu mungu akujalie
akur:c maisha nongi baadae.upate cheo kikubya sisi watoto wako
wa Gare tunakushukuru sana kwa toka siku ulizofika katika
nchi hii ya Afrika nchi yetu umeilaza vizuri kila mtu:anakuo-
gopa yoyote aliyelkuwa nafitina mbe.le yako hafiki wewe hutaki
fitina unajuwa fitina haina faida t.ena wewe ni ntoto wa- falme
kwa hiyo tunakujulisha tunao msiba rkubwa sana :hapa Gare tukitiwa
mtu wa ghafula bila kupendwa na raia wako wote kwa hivi tuna-
uliza kuwa hapa Gare siku hizi kanazzeo :wa baraza ni huyu
Juma fungo na I sea'Shetuli ndio wanaotetea kila wanachokitaka
ni sababu gani wakisema tunataka tupate jumbe mgeni nao failume
akikubali kwa uposi na siku hio walipomuweka, Hamisi na huyo
Juna Pungo na'M usa Shetuli walikwenda Vuga.kama jana asubuhi yake
vWakatangulia barazani saa 3 mfalume akaja watu wale wakasema
tunataka zumbe mgeni awe ni Hamisi na Kimweri akakubali bila
ya kuuliza -watu wote wa Gare hiyo tumcokwisha Stu kuwa ni siri
yao uasi Swana wetu tukupendae twakupa habari upate kuuliza
-kama hii nchi ya Gare haina wenyewe ikiwa wamekwisha kufa si
kituwwee Bwana D.C. watu wanajuwa kuwa wewe unataka kweli
tupu unataka asili ya Gare ilivyosena yaani hutaki fitina ikiwa
mfalme anajuwa kweli angefanya kweli tena tumekasirika sana
.. usipofika Gare siku hiyo hata wewe ungestaajabu ukitaka nchi
ya Gare ipoe kama maji bandae hata wowe ufurahi jaribu lufika
haidhuru tupe Zumbe Canadarati ikiwa humtaki sana shauri yako
jaribu kutupa Hamisi Kiranbaa wa tatu ni Ayubu-bin Zayumba
Kitongo hawa ndio asilia ya 'Gare hayo ninryokuwambia ndio
wewe ni mtu mwenye akili sana fikiri hata wewe ukimuona huyo
Hami.si alitiwa Gare utajuwa kwa macho tu Basi tutashukuru
kumpata Condarat au Hamisi Kilamba au Ayubu Zayumba ,apolkuwva
htatata:iwa na watu lakini mp s- u ndiye mwenyewe.

Shikamoo watoto wako wa Gare'
The absence of a suitable candidate among the
SLocal Claimants necessitates the appoitment of
iHamisi hlwanyoka as sub-chief of Gare*B

Sub-Chief Gare

Sub-Chief Salehe .ltoi resigned at Gare in January
1948. No immediate attempt was made to find a successor at that
tine owing to the general disturbance caused by the activities
of the African Association, which had a largo following at
Gare. A temporary sub-chief was appointed, Salim S/o Mtoi who
had been Ju-ibe of Gare area.. He was young and one of the
possible appointees as sub-chief. He proved, however,, fairly
ineffective and Gare has been a backward area for some time.
I went into succession carefully with the elders some months
ago and found that there was no one who had a. better claim or
was likely to be a better uncunbert than Salim s/o.'jtoi. The
result was that I left things as they were in..the .hope that
some things eight turn up to -give a suggestion for a better


Chief Ki.iweri of V'i.i_ has i;,- .looking around at the
same time and decided that Habisi T ,!.'!:-.ka of Soni, tribe
Mcilindi, wduld rake a good sub-chief of Gare. He pressed
this once or twicd buit ,Ipostponed the issue until the end
'of last months. I then--agre'e-that' he" '~: 'ore "oi'f the I:itara
Kikuu to sound the elders of Gare in advance and that he
follow later.himself and'hold 'abaraza. This was done and
S according. to his- report the elders did not object to Hanisi
Iwvanyoka when. -e. had-.explained' that no other claimant .was
s .tirfac tor.'. :-.

'. .' .I' followed this: "' by a baraza of about 100 persons
: -- : -including the Jumbes and elders.' I held, this on 5th December
,. at, pare. baraza and explained the vwhol-. history .of. the. reason
'fpr not accepting any of the local claimants. ,lost people
seemed-fairly..satisfied and those in the traditional ruling
, r. family.accepted:the facts that I was hot prepared to accept any
of their.claimants. At the end of the baraza everyone said
.. they had nothing further to:say and accepted the new sub-chief.
:,,. It:was made clear that the district office was only two hours
walkaway.:and any complaints would be head. If the evidence
.. was there, appropriate,action would be taken.
I.request your approval therefore to the appointment,'of
Hamisi Mwanyoka as sub-chief of Gare on probation for 1 year'

:Hamisi lwanyoka's appointment is approved'
by'ltheP 1?e P.C. -X8

With reference to your saving No. 43/30/1.7 of the 6th
Decenbrr, I note the appointment of Hanisi -Mwanyoka as.
Sub-Chief 'of Gare on probation for one year, and confirm it.

The Tanganyika Government.did not treat
the Washaibala as freemen when it put
Mputa Magogo 'to be t chief' of the 'whole TUsambara*83

We beg to submit the following for favour of your
consideration and asking you to draw attentionto the
matter by'a question in the above House of Commons.....
As '-asl-!:'al': people have found out that
nothing will be done locally unimlcE directions are issued
from the United Kingdom.

It ..: ,is about a year or so we Shambala people aro under
hot. water.,as to what has:m b:-:i- dealt with by the Tanganyika
Government which it is unlawful the reason for being persecuted
;;:stands to when we gave .the Tan--ai:yika Government one view
without fear, when wemade the critical selection of the
j concerned Prince Abraham :-ruta s/o Late Sultan Solomon
;Bila Kimweri, -as wished by an the Shambala peopleoand the
truth were arrtn,,ed by the very stranger '.C. Mr. H.D.
Pigot:who:lwas appointed by the Tanganyika Government to work
.:-after the Shar.in: la- matters, ..We wished the above Prince A.M.
Bila to take place'iof the Ex. Regent Magogo K. who had to
resign since 25th .October, 1948 as the''isi-',lbaa did niot want
him, and who was only a heir of the Late Sultan Solomon Bila


s/o Kimweri who died on June 19th, 1929 while sons of
Slomon Bila K. were about 8- 10 years of age.

But Mr. MI.D. Pigot appointed Mputa as Ruler of Usanbara.."
this happened behind the curtains. This D.C. mostly made the
affairs in alter confusion and the Shanbala wish was completely
(bunglet)? It is quite pity.

:h.in the poor Prince Abraham .'.D.t. Bila endeavoured
to sece the D.C. Mr. Pigot for favour for interviews both with
the P.C. Tanga..Mr. Pigot reached to the point of tolling the
poor Prince Abraham;.-. Billa that "if he felt much sorry
to leave his rights of chicfncss right go to the sea and
sink'".,.. '' ."

When we, :telephoned '-to the P.C. Tanga and to his
Excellency the Acting Gc'svr: c,.Dar es ;l:.-_, : and wrote to
then, and went to the District Officer to explain persecuted
puttingthem into jail and beating them. As we tried'to send
our complaints-to Dar.es Salaam those who did so were badly
punished by the District, Commissioner. So our lives lie on threats
our Usambara country where the Tanganyika Government has done
a slavery action, the country under the flag of British Empire,
we regret.

We blame the Tanganyika Government for.....
We are badly treated as sheep without 3h._'pherd. '
We are in one accord, And Lord God will, help use.

The 'subversive form an impotent minority though
''* they. can carry out Propaganda*84.

I ram directed to refer to an unsigned copy of a letter
addressed to Mr.. Victor Collins, M.P., c/o House' of Commons, from
Mombo, copies of which are.stated to have cb:-n sent to you and to
the District Commissioner, complaining about the present set-tp
in Usambara, and claiming, that Hputa Bila, not Mputa Iagog6, should
have been appointed Chief. It is not thought that any great
significance need be attached to this missive which is apparently
an attempt to stir up trouble by the subversive and it is .hoped
now impotent minority, but I an to ask that if, you consider an
enquiry as to its origin desirable, you will advise us of the
result in due course.

The chiefs success will strengthen his
position and weaken that of his' enem s'80i

"' :Oplaint about Chief

I do not consider that an enquiry is necessary., The
letter was post -d in Tanga and its writer would be 'difficult-
to trace.

Tanga has plenty of dissatisfied Wasa-baa and for
the present they are not significant. I am hoping that with
increasing prestige of the chief their influence will continue
to wane.

62. '

SThe outsider should cease to be the sub-chief
of-:.rL S '

-.: Salaan sana Bwana ninayo h.: hi,!_ "kuu na unyenyekevu
mbele yako kiwa kuonba ni'kuandikie barua hii anbayo itapotoza
wakati wako wa kuisona.

2. Katika sheria ya nwaka 1925 ilibainika ya kwamba
ni ubora utawala wa Usanbara ushikwe na wenyeji hasa wa
Usambara. IHapo Sultani Kinyasi ndiyc aliylkuwa no Kiti cha
Vuga, alipoondoka Sultani huyu al:,.pcewa' htawhla Bwaha' Bila bin
Kimweri. Hapo yakaanza natatizo ya utawala wa Gare kushikwva
na ntu wa Ubiri. Hapo ntawala yule wa Ubiri akaondolow, na
watu wa Gare na ukazidi kuleta mtu wa Ubiri tena '~Thbi tunavyo-
fahamu ni kwamba utawala wa Vuga vile vile mtawala fulani wa
Vuga akiondoka. Hatujaona Vuga kutawaliwa na mtu wa nahali
pengine kana I.aalo au 'nahali engine,

32 '" :: Hata katika rmwezi wa November tarehe 30, 1948
ulihuja h Gare. kwai mashauri ya.kuchagua ntawala wa Gare. IHivyo
mfuasi fulani wa Gare akakuarbia ya kwamrba tumnek.wiasha p ::leka
;:'.i ya watu wawili kwa, Bwana rii.-trict. commissioner Lushoto
or!:,t nii wazalia hasa'a w'Gare na wanaosit.-thili kushika utawala
-" 'wa Gare. Miajina ya watu,hao waliopelekwa kwa l',ilnr,.District
Coimissionor ni Ayubu Nyero na Kondradi Kiranba, "lakini
ukasena "majina hayo siyataki'-. .Na hapo: wwe-w nwenyewo ukachagua
mtu wa Ubii 'na kumtawali.sha Gare.

4' '. Hata tarehe 5th December, 1948 Bwana District
Commissioner, Lushoto akaja Gare akawauliza:wcnyeji kutaja najina
ya ntawala wartakae,. hapo alkaabiwa majina yale .yale yalitajwa
hapo juu na akajibu kuwa wote wawili ni wazee na.hali huyu
:;. :i mnroja yaani Ayubu Nyero anayo kazi'ya Serkali katika idara-ya
Kilimo (Agricultural Department) npaka leo na anaiendcsha
vi...Izuri Niko chini ya niguu'yako a nitashukuru .sana kupata
.majibu yako memna kutoka kwako'

K. Kiramba is warned not to involve himself any
Sore into the Afairs oi re 4 uo- e ioM-o '

Ninepoken barua yako juu'ya Uzuibe wa Gare. Mambo
yote haya yaneelezwa nwaka jana zaidi ya'nara moja. Mimi
sielewi kwa sababu gani unaandika barua kwa jarmbo hili
wala mimi sijui unavyotazamia nifanye, lakini mashauri juu ya
Uzuube wa Gare yamekwisha ten'gnezwa kwa 'hiyo hakuna lo0ote
la kufanya wewe. .
''. T3 fikii'. tul-.'z.u.- :o n...saS usij ukaingia katika
matata Bomani.

The founders of new secret Associations should
e' brought before the Iaw*e88

Bwana, katika tarehe 25.5.49 Seleman .Ibelwa wa
Ubiri alifika nbele yangu kutaka idhini ya kul.unt, atafute
fedha ya chama :,,;..-, au kutumiwa na wale waliyol'u'ra Waki-
-.zitunza, nikakubali iikampa barua yangu, kutenbea katika':
nchi hizi: 1) Zumbe wa Gare
2) Zunbe wa Mlola

3. Zunbe wa L110o
4. Zumnb wa Mtae
5. Zunbo wa Lushoto.

katika matenbezi yake amepata fedha Shs. 582.40 katika hiyo
ni kana hivi:-
1, Mtuc Shs, 80/-
2. ii -, l Shs. 43/- ....
3. MlaIa' Shs.31/-
4. Gare Shs.155/90
5. Lushoto Shs.160/-
6' Vuga Shs. .112/50


: .. Ktika- fed ha- yd 'u.r~i Shs. 112/50 nimemruhusu ZumLbe
wa Vuga atoe Shs.J10/-,kumjpa Solemani ,ibelwa kwa ajili ya safari
aliyokwenda katika vipande hivyo nilivyotaja,..juu na nimetoa
fedha hiyo kwa ajili ya kumpa'inoyo wa furaha aweze kusafiri
.,bila kuona kinyongo, 'Ni katika fcdha hapo.nineonyesha,
jumla'ya fedha yote iliyopatikana lakini iliyoko nikononi
ni Shs.572/40 kwa ajili ya-kutoa zile Shs.10/- kumpa Seleman
chakula cha safari yake. Na fedha hii yoto ameiacha mikononi
mwa Mazumbe kila mtaa aliofika kwa hiyo nakujulisha'.
Ila ipo shaka juu ya fedha ya !lalo Shs.260/- aliyo-
gundua na katika fedha hiyc hana.: hakika kana itapatikana na
sijui kwa njia gani ataweza kuipAta fedha hiyo, lakiniy. yey
ameahidi kuwa ataipata hapo sikuweza kumzuilia au kunpa,.nguvu
'ya .uweeza kuitafuta fedha hiyo ya TMlalb-kwani kupaikana ni

Janbo lililonipendeza znid1i:ni yakuwa katika safari
yake anegundua chana kipya huko M1lalo watu kana 51 na katika
hao ikapatikana 29/=. Selenani akawanyang'anya akaziweka ni-
kononi nwa Zumbe wa Mialo na hizo ndio zilizofanya jumla ya
43/= katika hesabu ya l2lalo. Na huko Matae kadhalika kime-
patikana chana cha watu kadiri ya watu 44 katika hao
zinepatikana fedha 25/- nazo akazichukua akaziweka nikononi
mwa Zunbe wa Mtae ndizo zilizofanya jumla ya 80/= katika
hesabu ya Mtae hapo.juu.

Na huko Mwangoi amegundua Shs.31/- ambazo zimetiwa
katika Chama cha Muslim School.chini ya Ranadhani :Mwvinyiheri
hizo.asema hana hakika kama zitapatikana kwa kuwa mnwnye
kutunza fedha hizo sasa yuko Tanga*.

Mimi ningependelea zaidi kama watu wale waliozusha vyama
vyao vipya .e.:i_. .'it.,kine katika nabaraza'yao na kupatiwa
adhabu ya kutosha illi wengin wapate kujua kwa kuwa wao
wamefanya. vyana vya siri bila Zunbe wao kufahamu na
hivyo nasema Selenani Mbelwa itakuwa vyama akipewa zawadi
kidogo ya kunwondoa .avune kwa ajili ya safari ndefu
aliyosafiri na kupatia faida kata hiyo ya kugund4a vyama
vipya na kutupatia fedha Shs. 582/4' kupunguza Shs.10/-
alizopewa kwa chakula chake"

644 ...-
"Chanasf Funds are nfsa .,

N akuletea She.155/90 anbazo zilikuwa nikononi mwa
watu wa C(' .i,- kwa amri ya Kinweri TTa :ogo barua yake Ref"
S:o.*8/2/2,ya 12/5/49 amenitunia nizifikishe Boma. ili zikae
katika Hazina.

Orange ofoffie6 bearers 'in U,' a'Wasabaa90
Unor.jawa 'Ir .. T:ania alljini

Owing to the change of office bearers for this
Association, I have to inform you that the following persona-
lities have been appointed -by the Association to act for and
on behalf of the Association:-

President: Athumani Hamisi
Vice President: Athurani Mdoe
Secretary: Michael Hiza
Treasurer: Hassani Shemhilu.
S Ass. Treasurer: Hassani Omari

Cormmi.tte e Memblers:-
Mwvenyena Kitingo
S Moses Thomas
Athunani Sheshe .
Yohana :' ii.e. ,.
Salinu Hoza
S Saidi Shemkande

Promise to cooperate no more with
Chief Kinweri Magogo*91 .

Bwana tunayo heshima kukulctea barua hii
mbele yako kwa mintaarafu ya Baraza yako uliyofanya NEazi
kukukabidhi nchi ya Ponde irudi kwao Mbarano tarehe...
Tunasikitika kukule.tea brua hii anbayo ina ubaya
nwingi kama huu:
(1) Barua yako umetuletea kwahba sisi tunawaambia
.watu wa Ponde ni mateka tunaisikitikia sana tena
sana vkwanba nawe umechangana nao na kuyaanini
manono hayo, ooo Bvwana tunakusikitikia zaidi

(2) Na Barua yako hiyo ineseoa kwanba tutoe .kitabu.
cha Ponde kiende Mtae .usije. ui]:ip' +_, nattata Bwana
tafadhali sana' kabla ya kupata matata wewe, sisi
tumekwvisha ondoa matata yaani vinefanywa vyarina
vingi Sambaani, hapa kwetu Tbaramo hakuja zuka
Chana chochote sasa tayari mmokwisha kifanya
wewe na Bwana D.C. wa Lushoto yaani Bwana D.C.
amekwenda kwa mguu wake mnwenyewe npaka Ponde
kwenda ungana chama. Nawo watu wa Ponde hapo
.twamuonea ajabu-yaani kwenda Ponde na kukusanya
watu wotc bila mzee- aa kijana anayetoka .lbarano
ili ashuhudie maneno' ya Baraza hiyo aria huyu
Zumbe wetu mwenyewe kIitwa pale na kuelezwa kwanba
Ponde na kunyonga, na sasa yeye amefanya Baraza
la siri na hivi sisi hatukubali kutoa kitabu

hicho hata, umnzoea kuona vyana vya uasi a) 'Ir.llo (b) Vuga
K.Ki kwako, hivyo ulivyoona usivifikiri na Chana anbacho
tunekiandaa wafahanuikiwa kw7amba sisi hat,-, j .: hama
chochote sasa tumokwisha--.-ondoa c,']:!?. i!: ii hatuwezi
.kutoa ana uan ha Ponde kwa baraz-za zc lua' siri na toka
tuacho hii ukisha pata Barua hii ufike uone ubaya anbao
upo hapa T-l.2?ramno Sisi Ponde tulipata nbelo ya. ..ozoo
na kutoa kIa Baraza za siri,.Li rLt Uj J- cI. ;.: chGk
E i1 h.l tueandaa.zich,, cha 711i., -Vuga. --Na kariaT u:ufili-
bila slhn!:; vichw';uVI utaletowa,-upesi, sis"i hoshina kwvako tunazo
na .Ma Ibwana: :wa TIizt lil u -t'. t zo lakini ..ulivyovun j iwva hshina,
Muazi.ni nviatu '.va Mtse, nasi tutavenja zdaidi yao'' Na yote
haya ;...vipc.ti:.i: ir; a -heshima zilizopo hapa fbarano kwamba
hapajazula janbo loloto sasa tayari turckwisha arka .

IT f tizana -teni" 'Historia.yetu arnbayo iko .kwarko
t. na '.il:u.-i.!i.iii:mi n. "kukumbusha kwamba usiono tena :kaa. .-:
ulivyoiso.raa ,azi mbele ya wazee wa' Mtae na kukubali .
- : enyewe na wewe ukasikia walivyoitikia.

Siku ile sauti ya watu wa I tae 'ilikuwa watu

(1) Zalaria bin .hutkusa wa--Pondae :ilne
(2) Kopwe Matindi "
Wazee hawa walikuwa, sauti ya nchi ya Mtac nbble yako
na .yakuceza fikai '. :

Na Bwana District Comnissioner wetu hatnwezi ki.mlaumu
zaidi yaani yeye ngeni hajafahailkiwa zaidi bali wcyo haswa
ndiwe mwenyeji sasa ulivyotaka tayari. .,lewe :i. c fitinn.
kabisa haya Zumbo aliyoko i.irl':,. diyc mwenye haki ya--Tzazi,
Kinv.'i hana n'atot winwineic rtoto wake Iassani tu.r Nguo
na sikiliza :Vita Mbaramo.

D.C. informed of T.U.s forthcoming :
General Conference*92

Nimeagizwa kukuarifu kuwa wanachama wa "Tunaini
la Ushambaa" wanatazamia kufanya mikutano wao wa nmaka
kana kawaida yao, hapo Korogwe panapo tarehe 29 na 30
ya mwezi Decenba 1949'.

Kinvwori Mdagogo is accused of attempting
to introduce Political unrest into Bonde*93

Kwa heshima nyingi .tunakuletea barua hii ili kukujulisha
nashuka yaliyotapata hapa Bwoebwera -va fikutdlno uliofanyika, : "
anbao kwa hakika huonokana kuwa ni wa siri 1kubwa kama tutakavyo
Siku ya Junapili 4.9.49 tumeona ugeni wa Kinweri
Mguta !h.-ogo,-.Zunbe rlkuu TiMj-ata bin Tkande, Asu mani Nzigc,
Yohana Thia n-le, na wenginc anbao hatuwafaharu na rlkutano wao
ulikuwa wa ft agha. shaka lotu ni kuwa alikuwa mtawala huyo na
Ikuntoa rkutano huo kautoa katika nchi yake na kuufanyia
katika nchi isiyo narlaka yake basi hatuna shaka mkutano
wake si nzuri ni wakuunda ubaya ,

Katika'Bonde yote tunazo habari kuwa mtawala huyu kachafua
nohi yake hata raia wake h:.., lLL..'i i, juu yahaya tunaogopa sana
na kutishika kauwa labda anayo nia ya kuhamisha ubayaa wa fitina
iliyomo katika nchi yake kutuletea sisi watu wa Bonde tapate
kuhangaika kama rai.a zake wqlivyo, maana mabwana hao aliokutaia
nao ndio wakuu wa kuchafua nohi.

Serkali itadharau maneno ya barua hii, lakirii hatiuna hatia
maana tuxaekwisha eleza mbele kabla moto hamjawaka katika Bonde.

Majina, hatutii ili tusije .tukateswa.

The alleged secret meeting was nothing more than a family
gathering. 94.

With reference to your No. 1050/514 of 28th September -
concerning an alleged secret meeting at Bombera in which the
Kimweri Zumbe Njatta .Wakili Mhando Mdoe, Athumani Nzige and
John Mukande were present, I did give permission for Zumbe Njatta
to visit Bombuera with the Kimweri on Sunday 4-9-49.

I have interviewed Zumbe Mjatta and Athumani Nzige. The
former states that he and the Kimweri went to Bombueri in a lorry
provided and driven by Athumani Nzige to visit their uncle
(Mhando Mdoe) I have verified this relationship. John Mkande is
Zumbe Mjatta's.brother and also went to see his uncle at his

Zumhe Mjatta claims, that no one else was present at the
meeting and that it was merely a family gathering and by no means
a secret meeting to discuss ways and means of getting the
Korogwe/Tanga boundary altered to the advantage of Korogwe.

What is done to raise standard of education in N.A. Schools
of Usambara7 95.

The "Tumaini la Ushambara" Dar es Salaam Branch humbly-
ask to know the present position of the following:-

(i) The Building of the school at Vuga; whether it is
completed or not and if it is not, what steps are being taken.
to speed up matters? "

(ii) The steps being taken to put right the low standard of
education in N.A. schools in general, and in the Mission Schools in

(iii) The improvement of the* NoA. Dispensaries in the District.

Possibility of a political' union' of the Bondei, Sihmbara,
Parc and the Zigua, 96.

S1 Waminbaaduh mintaarafu maombi yako ili mradi nikutolee maoni
yangu juu ya barua uliyo letewa na '~-'':'.::. M)walim Richard
S. Kilango na Karani Samwel M. Mbwana, wote va Tanga, minajili

67 .-

ya Ungamanxo la makabila mataia. "a 7 iL. gua,. ;7cTbcnLi na
Wasambaa Sababu hi ndugd na asili moja, na kwa hivi wawe na
Sultani au Mfalme nnmoja; naam kwa rai yangu naona wamebahatisha
S, .njia: borai-~_is'..a iv'b:-;i kaiminr mra .moja.: :

2. Llirrii bPi-nafsi yangu- -ningeshauri kviaba jambo hili lili rvyo
'kubba na'kwamba limetolewa'mapema kabla makabila haya matatu
li.,'ajui aj1 :. ingekuwa .bora llifikiriwe katika E~'-:Lz: Kuu za.
makabila hayaimatatu; yaani Baraza la Ufui :-ilo (Haimdei), .-.
Baraza a i Majumbe Wakuu (Tanga), na Bwananjam a laUsambara.
Sababu wva:ni.ya 'ia y liLbar~r. ta.haya mawazo ya watu '..,oc a makabila
.. *hi jg y ta v.'-zn c Jkupatika-1a.a -'. :' -": -; *' .'"-

'3.'" Njia hii nitalayooleza l~bda::itL kuwa"hino'mvwazo mnwema wa
kuunganisha makabila haya.matatu. Lakini kabla sijaeleza nia
yangu, nbona nrktano *huoe unewasahau TWapare? 'L~bda hawakdelewa
kwamba hapa Usambara tuna kundi kubwa la Wapare, na huko Upare
kuna Wasambaa wengi. Wapare ni ~m ahdhganyiko .wa W7Jbugu na
Wasambaa au Wataita; kwa hiyo hawa nao ni ndugu zeta vile vile.
Kwa hiyo njia rahisi na inayowezekana kuunganisha makabila haya
ni kufanya Baraza moja Kuu, ambalo lina madiwani watakaochaguliva
namna hii:-

a) Baraza la Majumbe Wakuu. (Tanga) liteuvwe -madiwarn wanne,
kulwadWajumbe wa Baraza lac, hvi .-... Mwenye kiti wa Baraza lao,
katibu wa Baraza lao, Mi'au wa Baraza lao (Public Representative)
na Mwalimu mmojao

b) U fungilo (H-uilci) uteue :...:rck-i-ti lao, Katibu wao,
--igosi. ywa MbuliL wao. na Mganga. mmoja..

c) Baawanajama (Usambara) liteue 'Zunb :'wawili, iOaUn wao
nmioja, 'na likauzi wao (Agricultuail instructor).

d) Kitalas ibaha cha Vuasu (Upare) Kiteue Mwenyekiti wao,
Katibu wao, llau wao na mtu ;mmaoja wa Biashara.

4. Pazgani sikuitain sababu wenyeji wake wgengi ni Wazigua," kwa
hiyo haja .a U'li:ig.-:i wa masdiwani wao waweza kushirikiana .na
UTJfhilo. T'.iTukij aibu kuungana nanna hii nafikiri bagdaye
twaeza kufikia haja ya kuungana tena kidogo.kidogo. ..Kwa njia
hii tu twaweza kuanzia na kuunganisha Hazina zetu ilii tuweze
kufanya ,kazi kabwa zaidi,: tw.aweza kasawazisha sheria juu ya
Ndoa, .Uri'thi wa As.ili Sheria -za kumiliki 'ar.:hlti na.vingine....
Mivrweny, kiti wa Baraza hili achaguliwe ;if [I.i'.diwa i wa Baraza.hili
kv~a ldra ya. siri toka. miongoni nw"a .Wazumbe ; Wazumbe Wakuu na
WafsiLVwPLa wasio Madiwani wa Baraza hili .katika Wilaya zote tano.
Yaani yaletwe majina matano ya Utawala, moja toka kila wilaya
yapigiwe kura jA... andishi va:-Baraza- hli awe Karani wa.-Hazina
wa Wilayg ile palipo -n kikao cha Baraza, hili. : Baraza; hili ..ni
mbali kabisa na lile la Provincial Council'' ambalo. litakuwa na
MadL arivi Wazungua PWaasia na Waafrika., .

.' 5; latunhin-i kvwa njia hii twaweza kupata::n;jii. bor'i. ya.kueleana
hatta tu-:.wezv a kujiunganisha sisi wenyewe.. Habari za Wakinaluma
na iaklinii wa Usambarao Kina tofauti kubwa wala zisitiwe kkwanza
katika habari hii. Tena kusudi la hawa Wazigua wa Tanga limekwenda
mbali, nje ya jimbo la Tangao Tukipendelea e.tutaonekana tuna choyo,
sababu 1Wazigua Wameenea mpaka Eastern Province, qkwaunga pamoja ni
kazi kubwa itakayohitaji mipaka ya Majimbo ibadilishwe pia.


:Demand to depose chief Miputa iMagogo 97.

Tulko miguuni pako kuku mbusha tabu hii itatuondokea lini kwetu.
Mputa Magggoo si mtawala wetu bali alitawalishwasna Serkali na
LIlug-. iuiriilili Serbrali s3ma umuondoe mtu huyu sisi'hatuum~ki
hana haki ya kutawalr, rmwe:i haki ni :ipt'it. Bill au watoto wa
I:iiyasi.: Bwana mwond6e mtu-huyu ili Usambara'utilie. Sifa kubwa
utapata kLwa Wasambara.

T' T waomba sana tutimizie haya. Tulituma Wajumbe wetu watatu
kmwako: i- utuambie kama utam-.ondoa lini? lT-:..,aambia dMna kazi ya
kutaa 2ubrhi':LI'hl Was aIo.balsa tumengoja mpaka leo, Wajua sana kweli
si hai' yake na. asambaa baamtak4

.. .Sisi Raia wako twakulilia kamia tumechoka.

Wasalamu Raiya wako watii..

SWasambaa wote.

Threat to execute Chief Kimweri Magogo who, it is alleged,
came -to. power through corruption. 98.

Tunakuletea salaam za heshima na Bwana sisi Raia zako
wa nchi ya Usaimbaa, baada ya Salamu tunakukdumbusha v.ka Barua yetu
hii habari ya utawala wa nchi yetu ya Usambara siku zote tulikuwa
na masikitiko mengi kwa juu ya jambo hili la uchafuzi wa nobi hii
na baadaye tuliingiv&a'na furaha ya tumaini njema tulipokuofia ewe
kiongozi mwema ukituasilia katika District yetu ya Lushoto, yaani,
unaendesha kazi na kuyasikia maombi ya Raia zako.

Nasisi tumefanya subiri za heshima kama alivyosema mtukufu
wetu Bwana Governor katika mkutano wake mkuu wa tarehe 27/9/49
wa Vuga ambae alituambia kama Wasambara msiwe na shaka yoyote(
mashauri yenu yote nitayaacha kwa wakuu wenu yaani Bwana P.C. Tanga
na Bwana D.C. Lishoto, na ni kweli lakini saas tunic'ubili hata ..
tumaini .zimetutoka.

Na sasa sisi, tunakumbuka vkwamba Serkali yetu haitamaliza
jaabo hili, bali-inatuzungusha tu,. na sasa tunasema kiwaziwazi
kabisa kwamba huyu Kimwieri Magogo si haki yalce kutawala" nchi
hii wala hatukumchagua. Amepata utawala huu kwa njia ya magendo
aliyoyatoa kva Viongozi Wabaya waliokuwa katika nchi hii ya Usambaa.

Na sasa tutafanya jambo baya ambalo halitamp'endeza Bwana
Mltungu wala halita ipendeza Serkali yetu tukufu ya Kiingereza na
.asa sisi wote wa nchi hii ya Usambara tunasema kwa sauti kuu
mbele ya Bwana Mungu na mbele ya Serkali kwamba lkwa muda mfupi
kabisa ,tumejiweka tayari kabisa kabisa kumnyonga mtu huyu Kimweri
*Magogo, Vuga, lokini lawama hilo halitakuwa juu yetu sisi, bali
itakuwa ni juu ya jaImuu wa Serkali ya Bwana Mtngu sibabu ndio
Swaliowa~ol mema yakawa mabaya. .. .:.

Copy moja kwa P.O., Tain tga

Wasalamu sana

. Raiya zako wote wa Usambara.

Ring leaders in the Anti-Kiaweri MIagogo o.i va'nt. 99

.28.8.50 Mkutano wa ohama.
3.9.50 "

Watu hawa s;tuaini .wanalopewa na Isaka 'Hoza asema sisi tunao
Wazungu 4 watakaotusaidia kumiuondao. Sultani huyu wa kwanza Bwana
Gil-nd, 2 Bwana N-yana, wa. Soni, 3 Panru-i. SMith :wa-Doech Shule.,
tena amekwenda Dbar es Salaam aU aepl,:-'.ka- br'ia maibo 2 hayo
anafanya (1) 4 Bwana Veterinary wa Tanga, huyu aria msaada nkubwa
sana sana) Njia ya kutoa- watu ni hii, Tuvunje Matuta, ndio
elixm yao. I Kwa .sababu hiyo watu watatoka vwengi, lakini wana yao
nengine.ya kumuondoa Sultan Kixmweri.

Watu wanaokazana na shauri hili hasa ni hawa:-

1. Jaha bin Mtoi, Ubiri "-
2. Salehe Shauri, Gare
3. Isaka Hoza, Mbuzii
4. Abdalah.Tekelo, Bumbuli
5. Abdalah Shemaghembe Ngulwi
S6.* Abdalah.Ng' andu Ubiri.

S'Watu hv adio 3 ;Vichwa, kcati:a makutano .hyo.

The Anti-Kimweri Magogo movement have some Europeans'
behind them. 100. ..

Bwana, nakuletea hiyo copy ya majina ya wanachama.
waliokutana rwva siku chache zilizopita, ili upate kuyaona,
na shabaha yao ni. kutaka .kuleta ubaya, ule ule, wa mwaka jana.
Na wao wanatangaza kuwa wanepewa ruksa kufanya mikutano,-
kiisha wanasema wanapata nguvu kwa kusaidiwa na na Bwana Wazungu,
na majina ya ma Bwana waliotajwa yamo katikca copy hiyo ninayo
kuletea chini ya majina yao.

Tafadhali nakuomba msaoaha iwapo nitakosea kusema hivi;-
Chama. cha 1947 watu wale walitiwa'nguvu na mabwana Wazungu ndipo
chama chao kikawa na nguvu, halikadhalika na kuwa leo wanatangaza
yale yale ili wapate kuwavuta watu kwva wingi.

.. 'Mimi. sina hofu kwa sababu nafahanu ninayo. nguvu kubwa.
kutoka kwako ila ninakufahanisha tu na sina shaka kwa :maneno.-..
.tuliyozungumza kwvamba tunwekee tanzi watie shingo. wenyewe hayo:'
ni sawa ila naona aibu kusikia wakitaja majina ya mabwana WauWigtu.

SI NTaomba msanaha kwa maelezo hayo labda huenda liko neno:--.
nililokosa mbele yako.

Sub-Chiefs should have power to deal withpolitical
agitators in order to maintain peace and order. 101.

Nakuarifu ya kana, tarehoe 2/3/51 walifika watu .'- Lti'.ba
na Gare Mbele ya Mzec Mugu waliyo ohini Uzumbe wa Mgwavshi
walipokuja inii nalikuwa sipo rilisafiri Ilalo, waliadkuta
Mlugu, na Mlugu akawaambia Kimvweri'hayupo amesafiri .nkitaka

kuonana nae nj.oni tarehe 6/3/51 ,,. T.-.r:-che 6/2/51 v"'1-J:'Ltla:-, nbele
yangu, nizAi.o wauliza wviaksena, tuaekuja tunataka Uzurnbe wa
Mashewa urudishwe haturidliki ukifa, mwenye kusena naneno haya ni
Onari bin Kifua iabaye ndie ali;,:i'. :iul iv:. na. wenzake: kuja kutoa
habari, Jula ya rat. oe to w... alilava 38o

Ta rnii i r;-ln.vajibu. a aaba Crino ',-.i, ..it-i.~\CS akuyaamaa kwa
leo k.yaw: kuw.i .i .:,:-: yarnu. atika nashauri..haya nitakayo.
p.lek'l:- ka ;..T:.b', a '. Scrklli:-rmlio, nae. wEvtayafikiri- na watakavyo
ona :nMtajibiwa wakakuc.bali maanorno yangui ,ni.kawaruhusu. '.virudi nyumbani
bila 'natata, n.ao waksaridhika na- hapoq.:nikawaambia mnnyo : .:ona -juu
ya kL-jifkusaknya j va i."i.-ii una.hii ikwa kuwa r.aevunja kaazi nyingi.
Wakakiubai ',nakosa yao,. na ndip. niJ::~t.'.u.lir.uhu .yarudi nyumbani kwao.

Katika naoni yangu watu hawa hawakutoka kwa nia yao bali
waneshauriana a. jumbe wao Sauiweli r EIrzl:aj na Hamza. tva ushahidi
naalunu, Sanweli tarehe -/2/51 alionekana Ikwa wazi akiwatangazia
watu kvwaba inim natoka Korogwe kuonana na Bwana. D.O.: ameniambia
tukutane Vuga illi watu wa Mashewa wapate Zumbe wao kaa hiyo ndipo
watu wakapata noyo wa kuja Vuga kwa vwingi. '

Na- watu waliofichwa katika mashauri haya ni hawa: I) Jumbe
Sanweli Mkanda vwa Bumba, 2) Jumbe Haza wa-v Gare' 3-. Henedi Kibanga
na wazee engine waliojificha; naPeitr6 S. poho ndiye. mvinye kuwa-
changisha watu fedha na kuwatembelea. watu na kuI,,. -iibia tokeni kva
wingi na kila mtu atoe Sh. V/- na hata huyu iPetr'.: t2a'r-h' 4/3/51
amepata kufiLa Mashewa kwa Junbe Kijazi .kutaka nsaada wa watu na
Jumbe Kijazi na'Wazee-wengin'e '-'n.-l.i-. -

Hayo yote yanatokea kwa ajili ya wale watu 7 waliokaoatwa
tarehe 21/1/51 na wakaachiwa, laiti watu wale wangepatiwa adhabu
yyoyte-bils shaka- fujo'z -cLiha;-1 hii hazit1wezi :-ntcb:a, -'.'a kuwa
Washambaa hawana tabia ya uzaidi isipokuwa wan'afundishwa na watu
engine na kama Serkali Kuu itafuata utaratibu wa Sheria za Ullaya,
hapo Utawala wa Wenyeji utakuwa hauna furaha, ni heri Mazumbe
wenyewe wakipewa nguvu y-: kuwahukunu watu wao wanaol'eta fujo katika
nchi hapo nochi inaweza-i kutlia mara moja na ikionekana Zumbe
haitishi v.'atru wake yeye' nwenyewe anaweza kushitakiwa nirii naona
heri iwe hivyo,

SWakatababu' .

"' 'Ci:r. accused of plans to assassinate Chief K.M. Magogo. 102.

Bwana kwa ~ intaarafu ya nazungurzo y.tu ya tareho 7-3-51 nami
nakujulisha ya ,kuwa ninepata npelelezi na tua wangu kuwa: tarehe
2-5-51 Saidi bin Kaoneka aliseina katika nyumba ya Mhemedi bin
Abdalah wa Soni kuwa: -inaohanga fedha mpaka. ziwe shs :10,000 ili
.tununie bastora ya -unpiga Bwana Kiawoeri M,'Magogo, na fedha hiyo
yote tutampa mtu yule ambae -t ,jpij._-. huyo hastora, na.npelelezi
wangu huyo ni Asuni As i bin Ya-i.bizi via Mbuzu, baada 'ya kuanbiwa
maneno hayo na mpelelezi wangu ndipo tulaenda naye npaka nyumbani
kwa Mlhenedi bin Abdallah anbaye ndiye uwenyi nyunba yake, na
alipoulizwa mpelelezi wangu. Asumani bin Yanbizi tarehe 8-3-1951,
maneno hayo hapo juu aluyliyr-ubtrli labele yangu panoja na karani
wangu via baraza Laban.Zbaruk4, kwaa hiyo nakuletea makusudio ya
watu hawo.

Wasalanu,.rmii rtuanishi wako... ...

.....-.. ..' i ~:~:I:: _. -.. ....:.. .... .. .... ... .. .. : :.. ... .. ". '... :
:.."' I.:." .~~~~~~~.... .."...... .7-., ... ..i.. ..-. .t'.:............ .......'


Constitution of the Usanbara C. 'Union. 10. ...- :

Usambara Citizen Union Unoja wa Wenyeji wa Usambara

..Misingi na Sheria (Bye-Laws) .. -.

1. .Jina,la. Chsx-i hiki littafuwa "The Usanbara Citizen Union" yaani
Unoja wa ienyeji wa Usanbara. '' -

2. Office ya Usanbara Citizen Union itakapoandikwa katika
daftari ya Serkali (chini ya sheria ya 'Serkali No.'7 of-1947)
itakuwa Lushoto, Tanga Province, Tanganyika,

3. Makusudi ya Chama cha Usambara Citizen Union ni:-

.a): Kuungn.Lnijali:tl .jtpcja kwa hupendana, riashirii.mna.'
katika kaiji.husihulisha na mambo yote yanayohugu maendeleo
nema ya Usanbara.

b) Kutetea haki"'za Wenyeji 'v6t 'e wa,.Usambarsa .:,'a kila njia
njena zisizopinigana na Sheria au Serkali au chini yoyote.

Sc)Kupingana na nabo maovu .ya nasi- na fujo na- fitina '
yaleteayo wenyeji dhiki n'a ,mashaka.

.. Kuinarisha: umoj a kwa .kunhimiza maendeleo ya- ambo yot;e:':
ae.., a ya nehi kama,:;eldiu, kilirho, .biashara, utawala-na
kadhalika. ..--....

..e) Kupokea habari zote -zinazohusu mraendeleo ya nchi-i.a kuwa
kama mlango-ywakushauriana kati ya watu na Serkali kvwa-
urafiki na umoja, na kuwa na uwezo kutoa maoni yote ya
wanachama na wenyeji wa Usambara. :

The Shanbala seeking help fromaK. :Union to establish
a similar union inUsambara. 104.


Ujumbe wa watu. 3354 waliotoka Usambara umewasilishwa
Kilimanjaro Union, Office tarehe iliyotaj'..:. hapa juu kwa kauli ya:-

Mr. Isa-ki bin Hoza m- tu wa Vuga, Soni.
Mr. Saleh. bin Shauri mtu wa Vuga Sare.


Tunefika kutacka kujulia hali ya Kilinanjaro Union, zalmani
kulikuwapo chama cha Tanganyika African Association. Chama hiki
ki i.nmL lwo-tu 1244-1-947.* ICw boha.tl rnbbayL kiu wa Chaa 0a
waliingia ndani ya nigogoro ndipo chana kidkasinama. Bali ngogoro
bado unaendelea.

2. Maandishi maalun yalisena:- Tafutht.Elimu, hata kanma ndani ya
Shina "'kwa sababu hlii, sisi haja yetu tun efika hapa kutafuta
mapatano ya kupendana na kuaminiana.ili tuweze kuelekezan '
maarifa hata kufikia kupata elimu tukiwa pamoja .

3., Mimi sioni. una shida ya watu wa Ushanbaaa na watu iwa
Kilimanjaro kushindwa kupatana, kw.ani tabia zetu na zawvatu wa
Kililanjaro hazipin 11:ai .sana-.. .Nii. jambo '.laaibu' kitsbihdwa
kuungana' paoja.. -.

SKwa hakika kusudio l.otu.ni kutafuta nmaarifa ya kupata
Elirx- tu. Hawia achagga wao wako mbele kuliko watu wa nchi zetu.


Bali tukiunglna, tutaaweza :"ui.t'-i':,. kupanda ngazi:.ipaka tukateimbea

l--uyo:l iwenye~-'buiia:t use-ad k'a _Uwenye kuleta case kwake kwracba
"Sema kweli haja zako zote, maa"f.a ,ya: lendebha. ca.e; n: juu yangu".

ufuge maz4unuzo -..:: kesho saa 3 -asubuhi tarehe 24th.
April, 1951. .

.Resume Talk. 2 p.n. 24/4/51

All present:-

(1) Tafadhali nithubutishie uwezo wenu kwa Ujumbe nlio nao wa
watu 3354, ill -:'.'.- r wa r.L.ji Lu yetu yJ L tiL"..e lia, u:ita mizani ya
watit hao:-

(Letter dated 2nd January, 1951 addressed to the District
Ccrs-dsicn,-.r,, Vuga produced, which reads:-

"Tunayo heshina ya kukuandikia haya yafuatayo:- M utano wa
Raiya wa, Usambaa -.aiopatna kukuletea ukumbusho wao. Na kusudi lao
ni kwab'a: Ajil'i ya Raiya: wrote .wae Usaembaa kwamba: Mtawala
walinkataa kwanza 26-1-48, hata sasa hawamtaki. His Excellency
amepata habari hii na kikabidhi manbo hayat mikononi Emwa Provincial
Cor iissibjiwr, r anga .Province, na District- Comamissioner tangu

Sasa.watu 3354 walifanya mkutano kwa ajili ya kudai najibu
'Itia u patdia ya unoja vwao tarehei:.21-1-l1951:-

itaa:- Vuga .... ......,...... 1057
Abiri ...... ..... 651
Mialo ..........*..... 191
Mlungui ............ ..282
ilola _.... ..., ...... .287
Igara ............. 400
Vugiri ............... 266
-: j.. i ...... .. .. .. :.100

Wako.wata wenye shida ya.nateso .abayo hayakluandikwa.

2. Baada ya hayo naongeo yakaendelea:-

(a) Juhudi kuu ya VW:rwf:i.jia, ni kupenda Sultani :anayeshauriana
na Raiya wakati wowote wa kutojuwa heshina ya kazi za

(b) Sultani .wa kwanaza alista jiv na nRaiya akaondolewa.

(c) Sultani wa. pili akarewa .mtoto, wa. yule-aliyeondolewa.

S(d) Yaonyesha sasa kuvwa kosa la baba litarithiwa'na ntoto"
kwani nilazima baba yake amlazijishe kufuata kutesa
Swatu walionshitaki- akaondolewa.

(e) Kusudi tU. kuja.i... :sio Ivanba kuja.._:'ii.,vi-dta vwatu. wa'
-:iiiuLoj:i1roa ].:end kufanya vita vya knondoa Sultani,
la hasha, ni ajili ya kuja kupata nuru ya kuwveza
.laondele. .na.~ a.ib: mneraa ya kust-avisha ni ncl.i i. kujjribu .
..kondoa uI:A LL LO ndaiA i.ya.:nchi ya Us-adbaa, arbayo leo
E',':na Provincial Co. ,iiJ.sione r-na Bwatia 'District
Comiissioner, Vuga, wanatazaniwa hao wata -elfut tatu"
na zaidi kwa macho ya kupima kana wataendelea kufaulu
ar h.j. lai;: ya-a.ku:ilc'a SLultani, au '.*.t-:um-cr--ia c-ngi-ia.


hi .ri .ya i .hii baina.ya '.. no 3.r::.li, haileti wala
Shaijengi nmaendeleo. Sasa tunataka kutafuta njia ya kwveli kuweza
... kuvuka sisi pamoja na raiya zote pasipo kuhalifi- Serkali '.'il
!:kuchafua Utawala '


IT. ii-:!tiL:a kwa caababi. nimepima maneno maeno mawazo yeiu, nikaona
nyiri-i nilk-lu.-. ch:i:,zt tu halafu mkashindcwa kufahamu njia na kazi
ya Chama, mkaingili cmambo i.o Rai ya.a S.-.:-li.. .Natubaliana na
maneno ya 3'.:::ii .Provincial C'mir-ic i'l iar, T..in.a. kwa barua yake
Ref. No. 6/2/449 ya 21-4-1g48 kwa Bwana Salimu.Hoza, Mthamad Mzike,
Bakari Ngerezamna Bv,`nrlnSingano Hoza. Miri. nilio leader wa,
"Kilimanjaro Unibn hapa, sipendi kuwatia matata, kwani ningalifanya
hiv-yo, mtakamoatwa hapa na kutiwa jela hapa taarifa Vuga.

Naona. eri mrudi, nyumbani kuwasihi watu walioviatuma wapende
Iukaa vyema na Serikali na.kusaidia mambo ya uzs ta rish.i Utawala
kwa taratibu itakiwayo na Raiya wote na Serkali. Tena yapasa kama
mnataka kufanya bidii ya Ikufu-i.ua Union kwenu :kva a-.ng~aLu a na
Kilimanjaro Union hapa, mafundisho mtaweza p.up:.tl -ilpi Kilimanjaro
Union, Free-Men's Office, Kwani hapa sio' .cicdi ;,ala Linyume cha
Serkali wala Utawala,, bali ni kujaribu kuungenisha watu wa kabila
moja-,la Tanganyika tufahamiane kwa kupendana, kuaminiana na
kushirikiainha mawazo na mali pamoja, ili tuweze kuendesha kazi, za
.ustaLcarcibu ndani yetu kwnv nia na .kawaida moja yenyi kulnibaliana na
sisi pamo.ja. Ait-i ian desturi ya Elimna, Uuh.jaji, ulimaji na
jajnzi yetu haya ya kanuni safi kama vile Wazungu,a WaJiidi, "wala
Waarabu hatufahamiani kama wao.. a hao Wazungu nma makabila
engine yaliweza kutimiza hayo yote pasipo kupinga na Serkali,
wala Utawala bali ni kuimarisha a r na kanuni ya Serkali nha
kusaidia mambo ya maendeleo ya nchi zao kvwa nia safi. Watu wote
wema na watawala yakiridhika na hayo, leteni ]ab'iri hapa kwa
taarifa ipate kumpelekz;a SerkeJliri

Mungu Afalinde Mfalme.

Secret meeting and disobedience of.- Land Conservation
Orders go on. 105.

T .aarifa ya Soni

Ama baaduh nalifiJka Soni tarehe 8/5/51 ickwa safari yarnu ya
pili, saa nane rilaziri, kwa Matanganyika.

., Kama kawaida nalifika kwa Bwana Hemedi Mbughuni. Kwa ku.wa
mvua iilijnwa kubwa sana yake kama kawaida, ila .alitokea panapo saa kumi hivi akukuta kesi
chache za ma dai akaziaaa ...

Tdrehe 9/5/51 Zumbe mwenyewe, alinieleza kuwa, aliarifiwa na
Jumbe Bakari KiiLu,'ta wa Lwandai kwamba amewaona IFabvai.a. Salehe
Shauri, Aloyse Bernard, LIhchaod Singano, Alli Tuihguri na Salehe
Shemwea, tarehe ,6/5/51, vwakikutana huko Lwandai, Salehe Shemwea
akawaelezea wenzake kwamba sasa wamepata mamlaka hata"ya kupiga
ngoma za kuitisha nikutano .yao

(b) Tena akaniambia (ZLurub Omari) kwamba ar.fari;ia raaitan.o na
i.Iajuaibe a Ki'gurunde, idbuLii, Lwandai, Mamb-, na Sh:,slh i, juu
ya mashaka waliyoonax, kwamba Secretary ar.el--ra SOIr'i Iwa siku tano.
Kwa hakufanya Baraz a na li-uanboe hao hata: sjikujmoja? Alikuja
kuchungua jambo gani? Nalimawuliza Zumbe, yeye uwinyewe aliwajibuje
Majumbe wake? Akasema, "Naliwaambia kuwa hata nmimi sikuelewa
kilichomleta Secretary hapa Soni., Nika!wambia'kuwa, asingevaficha

kusudi la Sinb.nwene .a.pellh:. Secretary huko Soni. :Ni kuwapa
nafasi watu .wa hapo ..ur:7ona Secretary :i. ,1.a ya Simbanwene,. wasij e
wakaseona hawdikupata mahali wasipo kuntoloa Sinbamwene s-hid, zao.
Aidha Secretary anapoteubea aa aa hivi sio ubora aitishe.mikutano,
akiwa anataka kujua na hakca ya zia, ii juu ya raia wenyewe au
Majuu-be kumweleza nashaka yao. Kana Secretary ataita nikutano ni
kama kuwachokoza tu.

Sedreta.ry' ataita mikuteano .ikiwa .tu kazi za mahali, fulani
Shaziefisdeshwia kma inavyotakIiwa na Utawala.

c), ambo liigine nilizungunza na. Ziubu juua ya w dtu .wa Kigurunde
wailicvuiInj an ri' (kwa kupanda raahindi yadi 10,. zilizco-rata tzva.-kwenye
M.itereiako) aliwa.anryia ninj-i c,:: nkutano na ..u ia Governor 19/3/51.
:Akasena -aiai an.ya cLhdl..tfa.. Walaeini alinianbia kuwa ana 3aipango
yake p'amoja na Junbe wa Kigwende .juu ya wahalifu hao, wala hakuniambia
nl nipango gani. Niuenweleza kwa hakufanya. lh1-ri,,:kwaaba. engine
'm veiieondca na engine mpaka sasa. hawakufanya chochote .Ni kujivunjia
'au kujipunguzia nanlaka na kutia uzito wajibu wa:-Utawala..

Wastllaam, Secretary to the Usanbara Native Authority.

SDenanding Guests' Release.o 06:. ..

Salaam, Ninayo heshima kukujulisha kuwa niliacha wageni wangu
nyumrbani. angu, tarehe 14/5/51. Niliporudi nyumban.i kwangu siwaoni
,al eka.latw.a' na Zunbe Ifkuu wa Gare, bila kosa, bila kuitwa Shaurini,
wamepelekwa Vuga kwa Kimweri, bila aashitaka. Tafazali sana muarifu
Zumbe wa Gare aleot, ana atafute wageni. wangu.. Wageni. wangu ni
naarufu. Wa.pande za Usanbara. Tafadhali usipowapata nitapiga-simu
'Wasambaa wote vialionituna na waliowatuna watafika kwako klvan:aelfu
kukuuliza kisa. Maana naonevu yainezidi.

Unoja wa Wasanbaa help the Shanbalas who get into difficulty. 107.

Unoja wa Wasambaa Tanga Mjini.


Sulenan Hiza

Nakujulisha luwa mtu huyo alietajwa hapo juu ni raia wako wa
Kitivo cha Mlalo, kijiji cha Ming'.ao, anefariki dunia siku ya
tarehe 14 May 1951 katika hospital kubwa ya Bombo Ta-iga.

Kwa kuwa chona chetu kilichelewa kupata habari ya kifo. .cha
rinrehenzu huyo, nazishi yake yalifanywa na Serikali .ya hospital.
Hivyo iliobaki kwa chana hicho ni kutafuta ni nani ndugu au jirani
wa marehenu huyo ili apelcke kilio rnytu:.bni kwa narehonu, lakini
pia halupatikana.

TL" 'rrL 'raILi sana kaua enzi na fahari yako italishughulikia
janbo hild nak&Liwaarifrundugu wa jamaa huyo: kwa ajili ya msiba huo
ambao unowapata.

Inasenekana kwamba narehenu alitoka M1ombasa e.abako .-ndiko: aliko-
Iuwa anafanya kazi na ugonjvia. uliiawa nza hukohuko na alipojiona ana
nafuu ki4dogo alijilkokota kwa..safasri, ya nyumbani lakini .alipofika
I -:g- homna ika1zidi hivo alqa jiona na .afajhali .aende hospital kwa
kutibhi.', na huko ugonjvia ukamzidi, akafarilki dunia.

Wasalaan. sana, .

Sisi watunishi wako, watiifu.

Political Agitators- are under, arrested 108 ..;,'.:

.Taarifa ya -Soni

Ana. baaduh mintaarafu safari y;, j. ya Soni tarehe: 15/5/51,
nineitimizao Mara nilippfika Zunbe Onari aliniarifu kuwa Bwana
Isaaok, Hoza ana wageni leo, .ndio: Mabwrana Salehe Shauri,
Salehe Shemwea, na engine. :iii mwenyewe siktuima mtu, kvia kuwa
sikuweza kuona wa kufaa kwa upelelezi.

.2 (a) Tarehe 16/5/51 nalielezwa na Bwana Alli Marika kuwa Zumbe
Hamisi Mwanyoka wa Gare amepeleka watu watano .kwa Bwana Simbamwene,
Vuga, aliowakamata nyumbanai kwva Saleho Shauri (mwenyeji wao
alikwenda Lushoto), Watu hao watoka sehemu mbali ibali -.Mtae,
...bar mao, Mlalo na mmonja jina lake Kibindo (bin F-ulani) atoka

(b) Tena Zumbe Kimweri Kibanga amewakamata mabwana Salehe
Shauri, Joha Mtoi, na Salehe Shemwea. Lakini_ aliwaachia baada ya
kuwaonya kwamba wasikutana tena katika nchi yake. Akazidi kusema
kama Salehe Shauri aliposikia hayo maneno ya Zunbe Kimweri Kibanga,
akasema kuwa hataacha kamwe kutangaza na kulkuza chama chake.

3. Zumbe Omari akaniuliza kwa nini nwvenzetu Zumbe Hamisi anapewa
nafasi ya kupeleka watu kama hawa kvva Simbamwene? Nikamjibu kuwa,
kwa kuwa Bwana Sinbamwene nwenyewe anayo mipango fulani na Bwana
District, Commissioner, situmaini kuwa atasikia kesi ya watu hao
watano. Nikazidi kunweleza kuwa Zumbe yeyote anayo haki;.ya kuwa-
hukumu watu wanaokutana bila kuwaarifu Zunbe wao kuwa watakutana
watu hao mahala fulani saa fulani; kwa desturi za wenyeji, hao
waweza kufikishbwa kwa Simbamwene kwa njia ya Rufaa. Lakini kwa
watu kana hawa, vkwa kuwa wanataka kuntu.treza Mtawala vwa kweli, kesi
zao ni lazima zitazamwe kvwa sheria za Serkali Kuu. -Wajibu wa
Wazumbe kwa sasa ni kupeleka taarifa za mabo yao kwa Bwana District
Commissioner bila kuwakamata, isipokuwa wakijaribu kutumia nguvu
y0yooto, au kunyang'anya watu nali zao,

W:. akatakahubarua,

M.tunishi wako ntiifu.

Demand of Clarification about frequent arrest of Swalche
Shauri. 109.


Ninazo heshina na unyenyekevu nbele yako kukuuliza na
kunifahamisha naswali haya yafuatayo, anbayo yananitia hudhuni na

a) Tafadhali Bwana mheshi niiwa naomba rkwako unijulishe Zumbe IMkuu
wa Gare, I'tlar-iU bin Mshuza na aKimweri .Kibanga Zumbe wa Lushoop, wana
mashaka gani- na Bwana Swalehe Shauri wa Gare kuntia msukosuk- vwa
kuntia jela kila mara?

b) Sina ushindani,. bali .nataka-kujua. ranhaa- ya .mabwana hawa juu
ya Bwana Swalehe Shauri.

Midmi Raiya .wako.

Request for,, 1-,; i -:-,:;A"y to ?,, .:,%J to olitical Agitators. 11O0

Fitina ya ~l.n hi .: i .L'::Ji-l
-Salann' ir h 22/5/51 alifica ntu ritoja. mfitina .a aMackabila
..I. ; Cl.Tvh:i .L,- :i .-:, cha 1 Dh.fu.: ya nchi. Mtt huyM iAetoka .i i- ubo
kuja i. i~c--l'I t W; anchar_- -: C'ijru..:; chake cha Ubaya wa nch"i'~ .Mtu huyo
Snalionekaia ri karani ":.;. 'i.i' d Juma, nae alitaka kunkanata
lakini aliogopa iaana mnii -iliwuapo, niliporudi alanipa habari hiyo.
Basi nakujulisha ya kana ja~ibo hili ..z:,l-_ .lino.anza Iuingia, Mtyuzi.
''aai naoriba rla-ica Iuarako rinac wa Sultanii.., II yoyote', ataka'yekuja
Mfy- uzi kud.ban-gaPny2 Ltl-a kiwartjia ndaani ya.Atz-:-.-: hi.ci, ninIkaomaina
kumpeleka lnele yoye :.- .. j~iJi wake i. : r..mi~hi jaibo ili
Ssilitaki ndani ya nchi Ingawa sinayo namcraka ya Uzunbe
Mkuu- bali ni ,Wakili i.-. *mate niaa-2::' juu ya.watu wa namna hii
wachafuzi wa nchi,

S','/aslanl- Wakatabau

*Mtumishi wako

Nakuomba unijulishe MIfalme shauri hili na unipe mamiaka juu ya

Usambara Citizens Union~ o". :i, receive. DOG c's approvall till
its aims and plans are lano ni. 11l.

'. Salaam wabaadah lha nmuntaara,,fu ya 'barua yenu ya- tarehe lst
May, 1951 juu ya chama kipya kinachotakiwa yaani Usambara
Citizer Union najcuarifu ya ]i-. silobali kutoa idhini yangu
bila ku.elewa zaai juia ya. .smausid.io na nripango iya chama I:iki.

Kwa hiyo nataka ninyi wote.wawili :pamoja na mabwana walioandi-
ka., 1afik:.: hapa Bomani, Alharisi tarehe 14th June saa 4, ili
'.' .'ti.zmE'm.zc .neno; hilo .

Mimi nitawaita wale mabwana .waliotajwa katika barua yenu
wafike siku ile ile.


The appointment of Mro ANo. Mbago as Secretary to Usambara
Native Authority should be of a',.-.ntc:j., to the Anti-Magogo
Group. 112.

SSalam sana Bwana. Kwa wema wakco nalipa hi.--.r a kidogo xi-a leo.
Kwa kweli makosa makubwa ni kwetu, lakini lipturI l:itni lakini leo
fuata manenp haya tusema~yo .

1. Wewe umeko~Sa sana.kIwanba u iiln..-.:Ldi katika Usambaa kwa kuwa
mknum kv a mapatano ya watu ,-',IJ : na lio 'ukawa na yako pasi...
kujulisha moyo.

'2. U;Jc..i"'sana ungana i;:1ti:h chama cha Wasambaa.

3. Umechaguliwa katika l:....i wa Usambaa siku ayingi.. bila wewe
Iujua walio k.isha kuhagua- f' m y wabi upea, kina. hiyone
wale walio kwisha Iuchagua, fanya akili upesi ungane nao.

Mqoja -ni Gare, noja 'iii Lushoto. .Moja ni Mlalo, Kwa haraka sana
i ngia katika 6hama chao. Usiogope kwani Mkuu hatakuwa katika
Usambaa labda habati ni yako. Hatuna hakika kwamba maneno

4. Panya njia ya kuvwa 'unua watu waliofungva bila makosa.

5. Vita ni watu wale ambao walitoka katika Usambaa, fanya akili
upesi kuwarudisha, ama hutafanikiwa.

*. Wasambaa wamekwishapata haki yaq, na kfap uul :a-wis fahamu
kwamba uti~fm~u:a p'amoja. na jamaa, lakini kama. umeiumgaana n wao
hapo hi salama, kwamba sahihi zao ziko hapa, kuseraa.hawvataki
iyumba ya Mazinde.

FPuata rlashrii.. yangu. Ukisha soma chona nisijulikane. ,

In order to. strengthen ,the Native Authorities and prevent
political unrest public meetings can only be held with
permission of Local Authorities, .. 113... ..

SKukatazwa Mikutano ya Nje.

Nathtibutisha na idhini ya Serikali Kuu, .ya. kwamba amri
iliotolewa mwaka 1948 juu ya kukatazwa mnikutano, bado ina nguvu
kama zamani.

Anri hiyo.ni amri. ya kukataza Raia wasikutane katika jakutano
wowote isipokuwa k.va idhini na makubalio ya Utawala-,waWenyeji -
yanni Zunbe flkuu.wa nohi. Basi. hakina ruhusa: mkutano, wa aina
yoyote .aitwe bila ruhusa ya Zumbo..

Maana ya amri ni kuzuia wanachama wa-chana chochote kibaya
wanaotafuta kuharibu au kupunguza nguvu ya Utawala wasikutane .na
kuongdza Raia katika mambo nabaya ya njia za uharifu. Ni -juu yenu
Snmazumbe kuangalia.watu wenye nia njena varuhusiwe kukutana.,
Kwa mfano wanachama wa chaa. cha Kahawa, au tumbako hawana budi
Skuruhusiwa lkuktana.

Pia anri hizo zina nguvu juu ya mi-kutano ya nje au .ya waziwazi.
Hazina nguvu juu ya riikutano ya watu wachache wanaohudhuria;:.,
rikutano wa siri nyumbani kwva Fulani. MLird tu nina nguvu kushtaki
watu wanaokutana kwa siri kwa kusudi la kuharibu utawala. ..

Amri hizo zilitolewa na Utawala wa Wenyoji na. kwa hiyo Zumbe
Mikuu yeyote aia nguvu na mamlaka kusikia.mashtaka haya Barazani
kwake Lakini ijapo Zumbe myienyewe ana nguvu, ana nguvu kwa idhini
yangu tu. k.tekatazwa kabisa kuanzisha nmashtaka kabla idhini .yangu
haijapokelevja. Msikose 1kufuata amri hii. .

SManeno hayo yana maaaa kubiwa, na ni lazima .aiao wa Kitara.xna
Raia- wote waarifiwe na kueleWa. .. Kwa hii ni wajibu.ya kila Zumbe
kuangalia ya kuwa maneno yote yataletwa mbele ya Kitara na Raia na
kuthubutisha Ratika kitabu cha maneno ya Kitara ya kwamba amri hii


A. Bernard to appear before Local Court for .t!r-ua tc,-.ii-L'to
shoot Jumbe Onari Danga. 114.

Bwana naluandikia I:.';".ia i ii'l...,: .h-.hi.. k-aa. niaj- :-J
ntumishi wako Aloys bin Bernard kwa kutaka kunpiga bastola Junbe
Oiari bin Danga wa. -iului]e, lva. hiyo :'. t''lJa. huyo mtu',iszii. .
unkabidhi tarishi ..wngu Z-ahiL.u bin Sheshe ili "afike: nbele- y.gu.

.Saluting D.C.'ts dcisiin-. iint to ..iutlorisisWe th- creation of
"Usambara Citizen Union. 115.

i --': UsaL-baix. Citizen Tjnion:. .

Kwa mintaarafu. ya Duijutano ya tarehe 14/6/51 Inatika ofisi yako
tunaona vena kukuandikia haya machache yafuatayo Irva kunbukumbu ya
rakutano huo:

1. Kwamba tunayoshukrani 'ubwa kwalo na Bwana IMaendeleo, na
Secretary *wa Native, AAuthority: kw.a, jinsi rlivyotupokea, wote na
:w.ajunbe:- wa,.ilailtano, na .jins i. nlivyokubali kusikiliza na kushauriana
juu ya mawazo na nakusudio yetu juu ya chama.

2.. .Tunataka: kldhubutisha u lat:. li.-wetu kwamba.ikiwa raia wa
.Usambara watazituania- njia npya zili:zopwisha ku/ekvwa katika siku
hizi, na kushauriana kwa vwazi juu..ya he.a. ya; maendeleo .Xiemna ya
nchi yao, kwa njia ya walao, na lkva idhini ya Watawala wakiwa na
uhuru wa kutosha kukutana kwa nakusudi hayo, mradi wasivunje
sheria,' tunesadikishwa kvranba nawazo.o yaliyokusudiwa na chan hicho
hapo: juj y'tl.ti-u.':_ y:r~!i:rc, imiwa-a kktiizwa a kwam:bahaja ya .chana
S kama liicho .ita '.-;ia: haipo. ..: .

3. Ilikubalika kwamba kwva. kuwa nipango ya walao, bawanj aa na
kadhalika, na kazi zao ingali michanga badp, .hoja;nyingi hazitati-
mizwa kamili. Ijapokuwa hivyo, hatukuwa na budi ikukiri kwa shukrani
-, .-kbwa kwamba naendelepg nakubawa kwa.pende nyingi yamekwitha
kufanyjika -Ia. u~ i nfIupi huoa tangu. Serikali ilipoona..jinsi nchi
ilivyo nyuma kiasi cha ikusikitisha na kujitia kazini...

Maendeleo haya mema katika ukulina wa kisasa, biashara,
SUtawala, na afya na elinu ni .hatua kubwa ionyeshayo bidii za
ua vMan wanaohusika na kazi hizo.. Nasi kwa noyo nmoja'twakubali
.* kw.amba hali ile mabaa. iliyvchur;-: kwa miaka uichach: iliyopita- si
s .sawa na sasa; pia kwamaba kus.awazisha mnmbo yote. kwahitaji- wakati,
na saburi, na bidii, : -. .

4. Kwa ajili ya ohama kilichotajwa juu tunakubali na
k: ]uridhika na uau~.i wako kvanbmba .baada ya .~-uy ta'akairi mambo:
.. _yo.te ueona: ve=a kutolucakbali .k.rtuhusu- kuanzishwa chama :hicho
SIwaa nuda huu.- Nasi twaahidi kucdumu katika .anumzi wako:..'i.".

5. Tunapenda kutoa wazi chuki yetu juu ya watu wabaya
walio tuia jiina la chama tulichokusudia kwa malusudi yao, kabla
hakijaanzo'a. T'wakaza kwamiba watu wa jinsi hiyo hawana uhusiano nasi
wala tuonavyo hawamo katika kutakia heri maendeleo mema ya nchi
yetu, bali wan.a njia zao nbali, kinyune cha mawazo yetu. Nasi
waandishi tuna6mbe kuonyesha kuwa kazi yetu juu ya chana hicho
kilicho kusudiwa unekwisha, baada ya kusikia uamuzi wako nao
wote wanaohusika wapashwe habari hiyo.

It is not easy to identify "'hana" members vwhen.they
: -are- nqt nin a group. 116.

Ana baaduh nintaarafa barua yako ya tarehe 25/5/51,
iliyonieleza kuwa. katika nchi yako kunaingizwa ubaya nam-r'ti nlaoja
atokaye Monbo, wa. chan kibaya, nineipata.

2. Katika nchi yetu. nikutano ya nje inmekatazwa, isipokuwa
wanaokutana iwanepewa rhusa na IfIkuui (L .iuwbi. wa nchi) kwa sababu kuna
vyana vinavyotaka kushindana na Utawala na kuzuia naendeleo mena
na starehe za watu nchini. Pia vipo vyama vinavyotaka kuisaidia
nchi na Serikali yao, na kwa ajili ya vyana hivi vyeiaa ndio" mnaana
ikawa juu ya Zuibe kuwapatia ruhusa wakutane bila kuzuiliwa. Kwa
hiyo ikiwa nchafuzi ni mtu mAojanii' jiuu ya vatlu au mtu aliyemwona
ntu huyo akifindisha wengine -ib .y, kunshitaki. ribele ya Baraza
Slako ktwa. shahidi thabiti. SabaL.u watu hawa wa. cha n. kitbay i rni
wajanja santu na wenye hila. I.ira'a riyingi wanavvupka, :tik : kcsi
ukiwa ushahidi wa rshitakci haukutosha.. Ukiona kama 'nolc aji ni
mtu nimoja ukionekana ushahidi: bora ni wajibu wako kdintia ritu
hukumuni Laldini angalia sana mtu wa chana akivma" moja, anaweza
ukkuambia nmii nalifika kunmwankia rafiki au mjonba. wanguy nawe
huwezi kurshtaki ngeni wa ntu tu popote.

S..Kimweri II. ,n,:og.i:- is not at-ruler of Usambara;.but an Akida" -
.,.a Government agent-who persecutes the Sl:aubl.tir. 117.

Maombi Yako.

Salaam sana. Wasambaa wanasena kuwa maombi yalo yanefika
katika macho na: asikio yao, lakini kuabuka sana neno la Bwana
D.C. Pigott, aliposema katika uchaguzi waco Monbo. Aliposoea,
Serkali imechagua Idtawala wa Sanbaani panoja na Mzee Mlugu na
Wazee sita wa Baraza la Vuga. Kana Wasambaa nwataka hantaki ni
shauri lenu. Kwisha kusema hakuna: Msanbaa aliyeweza kusena.
Kaua unavyojua kwamba Wasanbaa ni watu wanofuata sana anri za
Serkali. Tena usisahau kwanba Wasanbaa ni watu walio na
kumbukumbu kwa miaka mingi.

Mapatano, umefauya bi'dii h-.ia..s:.~ii.a .watu kwa kutaka
mapatano. Lakini sisi tunasema hakuna Msambaa aliyegombana
nawe, ila wewe ndiwe unagombbana na Wasambaa. Kama Bwana D.C.
alipokwisha sema, nawe ulisinma kusema hutantendea mtu ubaya:
Jee wena gani uliotufanyla? .


Wasambaa wenaturaini kwamba wewe ni Akd:id.wa Serkali,
alkini hakuna M~aambaa anaweza kuanini. kwamba wewe ni .I Utarl'.wi
wa kweli, kama wewe ungekuwa mwenye haki ya Utawala usingekubali
kufuata moyo wako wa ukatili. Wasambaa mamia wameingia jela
pasipo na nakosa. Kamia Mzoe Jaha. ambae ni .mzee wa kuheshimika,
nawe uliweza kuntukana mbele ya watu, kusema .iit.akupig 'imbo
matakcori rnwako rbele ya..wanao na hutafanya .kitu.. Ingawa-Mzee
Jaha umemywita aje upatane nae, Wasambaa namia na naelfu wavnakataa
wanasenra haiwezekani kupatana nawe. :, ., : 1


Tangu Serikali ya Kiingeroza kufika T-l'-.lil:a;. 'hakUjatokea "
Mtawala ambae 'kawatesa Raia zake kama wowe. Lakini Wasambaa
kvamba wanafuate sana -.ari za Seri:kali wauetulJia kusikia nwisho
wako utakuwa wapi. Jee, sasa unataka kupatana na watu gani?

Hakuna.wa wKiakida aliyokaa- ., m apatano na watu, nawe 2&unbuka
kama ni Akida, mtakaa kwia muda,, na. m.da ukiisha Mtawala wa
Sambaani atakuja kashika kazi yake.


Wasambaa wanasqja kvwaba kwa mnkosa makubwa sana uliowatendea
hawatakutaka kufa na watoto walioko natumboni awa mana zao, Wazee
hata wanawake na vijana, katika Sambaani hakuna hata ntu r~oja
ambac aniakupenda.

SShekhe Sefu:

,Umemwita Shekhe Sefu kwanba awe kiongozi waco, lakini
Wasanbaa walipomwona anafuatana na Sulemani. Belwa, kila mtu'
alikwisha fahanzu.lcwamba ni nitego yako kwa hivi hutapata kitu.
Sisi tunatunaini kwarsba wewe ni Akida .wa Serikali, ni juu ya
Serikali kutufikiria, kana sisi Wasanbaa- ulikosa, Serikali
itawaadhibu Wasambaa miaka yote, lakini hakuna hata maoja ambae
atafuata napatano hayo.

Kuuza Nchi:
Sisi tunakumbuka kvanuba tunayo niuL.i nyingi kulikco Ii-tiila,.
kwanba kila mtawala katika nchi kama huamtaki unaweza kuondoa
kama Gare ukauza kwa Hamisi; Illalo ukauza kwa Hanisi; Mgwashi
ukauza Icwa Paulo; Mashewa ukauza kwva Adriano. Kwa hivi Wasambaa
wasema hawakubali kabisa naoni hayo unayotaka.' Ulisema kwa
kes-i ya Hasani Mdoe, kwamba Wasanbaa ntavwaondolea mali zao kwa
adabu zangu, Wasaubaa wanewatoza adhab~bhs* 500 na 400, na 200,
na 100, kwa kosa kidogo. WVasabaa wote wanajua jela bila ya

Tunasena sis'i. Waesarbaa vote hatukutaki.

Annual Meeting of T.U. and its Agenda. 118.

Tunaini la Ushanbaga (T.Ue)

IMkutano ,Ikuu wa Mwaka 1951

Kwa amri aliyopewa Mwandishi Mluu katika Sheria nanrbari 7,
KiTungu (b), inathngazwa ya kuwa fliaitano lkuu wa lMwaka 1951 wa
i chana cha Tunaini la Ushambaa, (Shamnbala Union), utakutana huko
n jini Vugaq, Ushambaa, mwezi 29 Debehaber, siku ya Juran osi saa
tatu asubuhi.

BManbo yatakayo~ungzunza katika nkutano, huu, kama ilivyo-
agizwa katika shoria ya chana No. 6, baadhi yake yatakuwa hayo

1. -Kuzisona na kuzithibitisha Anihutes za rakutano Mkuu wa mwaka
1949 uliofanyika huko Lushoto rwezi 8 na 9 January, na za
Mk~ttano uliokuwa Korogwe 29 Decenber, 49.

2. Hotuba -ya Bw:u-ia Prc.ident

3. Riporti ya Bwana Fodha

4. Riporti ya Mwandishi

5. *Ripoi'i ya Korogve Native Trading o. .

6. Ueni'z wa Chana katika Ushambas ya ndani.
y a Ild ni

7.. Kuanchagua Patron, wa-CChon1z:

S8. Ujunbe wa Chama cha TIU., katika Baraza. la Ushambaa.

"iTuaini la Usaubaa" is a tool of K.M. Magogo and is of no
benefit to Usanbara. Most of its numbers are not Shanbala,
but Bondei. 119.

Maonrbi ya WcZas.nbaa

Kwa wena wako sisi Wasanbaa, leo tunakupa Shida yetu ya
mwisho. .

,; .Zaia kabie'd"Wasanbaa walipokuwa na vita na ra.tawala wao
kulimndwa 'chandr 3inachoitwa Tiuaini la Wasambaa, lakini baada "
6hana hicho kiiiposhinda Tumaini la Usambala ilikufa.

1. Maendeleo ya Shambala

Tunakiiomba sana Bwana Ilkubwa wetu sona kigazeti h icbo ambacho
k.meandikwa nkutano via Tunaini utakuwako Vuga tarehe 29/12/51.
Kwauba Wasanbaa wengi. wanafahaau kwanba clhana hicho ni chana cha
SWazunbe Wakuu, kwa hivi kusikia kwanba watu wanalaziaishwa kufika
Vuga kwa fguvu watu wanatunaini kwanba tunafdryiwa hila ya'
kutulea tuongezewe ule ubaya.

2, OChana cha Tunaini kiliingia -wakati wa mskosuko wa Usanbaa
Siwa -a 1947) nidipo chara hicho kilipoundwa,:.

3 h Chara hicho ndicho kilichonteuwa Kinweli Mputa .kuwa Mtawala
kwa nguv ......

4': -Chana hicho ni- qhana cha 'watu wva Bondei'Minaki, Magila, na i .
:.: Kiwanda,; teha chana hicho ki chini ya Mazunbe 6Wakuu 4,' Miola,
'.Mbarkno, Korogwe, na Daluni Tena chana kina-'Wakuu wa kila nitaa.
Mlr. Aduriano'Mbago DSA, Mr. John Keto, Dar es Salaam, Martin
Akida Tanga,-E .W. Kuzilwa KiwEnda Denesi Mkande, DSIE., Yoswa
Shemsika Bunbuli, Zeno Shemsanga Vuga, Asunani Nzige Korogwe,
Ibrahin Kihoyo Korogwe,' Salehe Hoza Vuga, Idi Daffa Lushoto,
Musa Mzinbili IMtae,' :Paulo Abedi :.i,::chi, Mwaliru Hasani (Mdoe
ll,..: I' o u b o ) : -' : :

\ Bwana.lD.C. wetu tunatu shida yetu, kama waweza kufika
\..- kutazana nkutano huwo, -utaona ni shino la kuzidi kutuzika. Kwa
wera- Bwana unmakujulisha kaia chana hicho ndicho kilichochafua
Sambaani, Icwvanba: chana hicho sona: ndani ya gazeti utaona wata
weagine. sio Wasanbaa ila -yanawaalika kWa kutaka masaada na T.kuu
hasa wa clhama ni Bwana A. Mbago na Zeno Shemsanga, ha ilMr, Kinweri,
na Kasikuu, na Mbarano.

Maala-lanmikb yetu k.v,',aiiba .chama hicho-.kinajenga hila ya kuzidisha
uwongo hapa Bungu Mlungui Karani wa Baraza: anabidii kubwa kuwa-
tongoZa watu kUtika Vuga.'kwvenye kuunda ubaa huwo6. Hatuna haja
kuku.ulisha fika katika nkutano huo uliza'utaona watu wengi ni
Wabondei, sio Wasanbaa vwa haswa.

How is it that "Mdoe" Omari :,Ishang.an. is rbn oved-from Office
without the public being informed of his, mistakes. 120.
S, "'. .

From Raia wa Lushoto

Tunauliza swali noja sisi sote tuliopo chini ya Utawala wa
Zunbe Kinweri bin Kibanga; watoto wa Kitala wanaweza kunwondoa


Zumbe na kumtia Zumbe mwininn'e? Basi ,tunastaajabu sana kwaciba
watoto wa Kitala wanetia Makosa Serkalini panoja na Wazee wa
nohi n. n rasildtiko kuadbivwa watoto wa Kitala ,ieniine -pasi Raia
yeyote kujua kosa gani lililonwondoa Mddoe Onari Mshongana.
Mbona hatujui, basi twaoxba ikiwa analo kosa mtuite tujue kilicho-
acha aueachishwa kazi na inakuaje mwenye kuondoa Mdoe kuntaka :,
SMdoe Seleimahi-'Mbelwa ni: ntdto wa Kitala ndie aliyekaa na wenzake
kunwondoa Mdoe hata leo akawa idoe niwcnyewe. Anechaguliwa na
wazee wa nchi gani? Basi tunaonba majibu kutufanyia nkutano
katika Baraza la Wenyoji.

2.U., to be spread to the interior and T.U 'Headquarters to
be built at Vuga. 121.

'. Tuncainii la Usanbaa (Ushmbaa Union) -Minutes za Mkutano Mkuu
wa Mwaka uliofayika Vuga katilka Office ya Middle School,
tarehe 29-12-51 kuanzia saa 4,25 asubuhi.

SWajumbe Waliobudhuria:

(1) Vuga --5 (2) Bunbuli 9 (3) BLu 1
(4) Kihurio 2 (5) Monb 3 (6) Korogwe, Lewa, na
( ) Kerege 2 (7)' Vugiri 2 (8) Bonde 2 (9) Mwanza
(1i) DSM. 1

Bwana Sultani aliufungua ukatin kvwa hotuba fupi .kwa kuwatakia
heri nai nafanikio wanachana katika nashauri yao akiwaomba wawe na
nia halisi ya kuisaidia nchi yao.

DONDOO I: Kusori Habari za Mkutano uliopita:

Bwana Secretary wa ima 'no Mr. Clerent Mdoe alizlsona habari
za nikutano za .Laaka, uliopita 1949. Wote waliokuapo wakati ule
walizikubali kuwa ni kweli na Bwana Chairman akazitia sahihi.

; DONDOO II:: Hotuba *ya Bwana President (T.U.)

Alishikilia kueleza historic ya chana, nwanzo wake mpaka
sasa, na vitatizo vyake vyote, na mwishowe akawaonba rkutano uwe
na, nia moja ya kuungana na kuyatiriza.nakusudi ya unoja huus

Kunako saa. tano na. nusu Bwana Clement Mdoe, nwandishi wa
.:' w antaho alioubae kuaga nkutano aehde kuonana na Bwana 2)istrict
Commissioner -.. ushoto0ya nanbo, yaje., Kabla hajaondloa /juu
S aliwatia wanachama noyo kwa hotubai fupi akieleza aliyoyaona huko
Ullaya juu ya vyama na jinsi vinavyoisaidia nchi yao, na kuisaidia
nchi yao kwa nia njema. Bwana Frederick Kuzilwa akampokea kuwa

.DOD0 -III: Riporti ya Bw an edha' '"" eh.a: '

Kitabu cha fedha kilichuituliwa na ikaonekana kuwa akiba ya
fedha za chama ni Shs. 256.70, na nkutano ukaamuru mnatunizi haya:-

1. Shs. 70/- zitolewe kulipa lori iliyochukuwa wanachama

S2. Shs. 10/- zitolewe kva nauli ya wanachama wawili Kihurio-Vuga.

3. Shs. 20/- zit;lewve kvi'a kuunnulia mujalada .(Files) ya kuwekea
barua. Ni najalada mapya ya kila tawi,, zipevie Gen. Secretary.


4. Shs, 156/70 ndiyo fedha iliyobaki, .,

DOiD30 IV:M poPrti ya Iwandishi wa. Jiribo:-

Hapa alieleza naendeleo ya chasca kizima na, jinsi sehenu nyingine
zilivyofifia n ,Lactbo yote yalivyopungua nguvu. -Akawaomba watu
...: waaake tena wvawe na nguvu 'z7a kuendesha -na bidii ya kukitaegaza / ,I
Chama chao,

ID)ODOO V: Riporti ya Korogwe Native. Trading Company:- .,

Kwa kifungu -hiki Bwana .redrick Kuzilwa aliutaarifu mkutano
juu ya maanzisho na maendeleo ya Company hiy6 ya Korogwe ya
kunuuua mazao ya wenyeji. Akasona riporti 'ya Halnashauri kuu ya
Company hiyo pncioj'a bna iasharti yake,.

DOIXDOO VI: Uenezi wa Chana Katika Usanbaa ya ndani:

Baada ya ujadUiliano nengi, r.lutau-no ulikubali maelezo ya
wanachama wa Usambaa ya ndani kuwa vitatizo vilivyoziia chama siku
:i::lizopita vinejkmisha na natawi yaendelea tena.

S.. DONIX O- VII: Kuchagua. Patron wa Chaa:

Wanachama wote wa imkutano baada ya kufikiri sana wamependelea
kumchagua Bwana Sultani Kinweri Iavwa Patron (Baba) wae chama chao.

.. DONDOO VIII: Ujunbe wa Chama katika Bawananma:

Imekubaliwa na wote lkuwa Bwana. General Secretary anwandikie
Bwana Sultani -Ki ;eri Vuga juu ya laknhusivwa wanachama wa Tumaini
la Usambara na vyar t vingine vilivyokabaliwa. na Serikali katika
Shambalai vipeleke ujuibc i-Eroja katika Bawanjama.

DONDOO IX: Uchagazi wa Viongozi waC ha-a: -

1.-- utano uli-i'-aklbalia hawa wafuatao wawe Viongozi wa Chama kwa
.mwaka imw Ltatao 2952:.

A. 1.' President: Bwana Francis JiboLb 6i TIne Muheza
*.... :> ,: .2. .Vice .j side~t:- B.-' Ens.Salehe ilo za, Vuga
3. General-.Secretary:. -_.Bwana San4 Simon Shemsanga, Vuga
4- -Asst. .,General Secretary: Bwana Clemenrit idoe, Minaki
5. Treasurer: Bwana Atliunani Nzige, Korcg.ve
': ",. v.,-6. Asst. General Secretary: Bwana Hemedi Mbighuni, Vuga
7. Provincial Secretary: Bwana Fredrick Kuzilwa, Magila

B. Waandishi wa Matawi- .
.O Halnashani Kuu ya-Umoja.

': DOO X: Me.ngineyo:-

1. Biashara na Vyama Nchini:-

:.. k .. ilruta.ao: umekubaliana kuhiiiza raia kila nara. inapofanyika
i*: k bao ya .tawia wapendelee l-ujiuniga katika Vyama: mbalimbal. vya
.nipato ,Kwa nifailo, ni vizuri kuaanya shirika la wapanda mboga,
tuubaku, wapasua nbao etc.



IMkutano umekubalia Ofisi. 1:ui ya Chama ijangwe Vuga,:.. ambako
hukcaa Bwana General Secretary. Na gharama ya jengo imekadiriwa
.'u. Shs. 500o-/ abazo zita'oka kwa kuchanga kila nwanachama
S.ShS. 5/- n:': fdha lii imwasilie' Bwana Genhral Secretary kabla ya
m 'wisho wa nv iz-i wa i'.'i-rch. "Fedha ile ya- jengo itatolowa kwa kupokea
stakabadhi maalum ambazo zitatengenezwa na Bwana Provinicial Secretary

3. K kataaiJa lliy-.2zid zE.rin. r huisanywa .natolo kama
sadaka kuongeza mfuko wa chana kwa kadiri ya ari ya moyo wa mtu
dakika cr.chce- kabla'ya l1 u iL ikutano, tualpata Shs. 5/50 kwa
':.. m' tano buu, kwa Liyo jumla yA'fedha yetu .sasaaimekuwa Shs. 162/20
J'kljJiZCL'i .iwetu. .. .. -;,/ -

Mkutan6 unafunca, Saa kumi na moja jioni.

TU "General -Meeting Minutes to D*C. 122.

I am directed -to:-submit.you li]c-'.:ith.:the minutes o:f the
GeneralMvleeting of the Ushambaa Union (T.U.) held in on 29th
December, 1951, at VuI that you may learn the wlvole procedame.,
of the meeting frci:.

SAppeal 0to de'poe xK.I. :Iaog':, Ld uput Mpta Bila's child in
his place. 123. '

Brief SuIJar

We Vuga citi-ens hliave the honour.-to approA6h y.o with the
following request:-

We are sorry to see that our traditional cu.ton has been
abandoned. We refused Chief Magogo as he was only entrusted to
hold the -chair until such time as Billar's chilidren- were -full grown.
Now that Billa'.s children are full. grwn, and since our refusal
of Shebuge Magogo, we wanted Billa's child to be the chief in
order to fulfil our traditional custom. This traditional oustomn
is being abandoned on the following p-.oixts:-

a) We are,surprised that Mputa Magogoo is the Ruler of Vuga,
S hving-no right to become one. .

b): We refused Shabuge together with all df his' children as they
had no right to become rulers.

c) We dislike Kirineri Magogo. in the real sense .of disliking because
he has interrupted all the Vuga traditional custom.

d) We are also surprised that whenKinJig George died his daughter
became Queen who is Queen Elizabeth, don!t,you seeh ,that you
have invested her in order to fulfil your iiules? VWhat of our
L. ..:.-..... customn of investing Billa's child? .

e) We beseech;you to. helix us in our request, and if no prompt
decision is-given, we'-shall keep.on a-l:ing.

f) Ok, how grieved are we men, women and children of Vuga.

God be with you on giving us this help. All the people in
Tanga Province will pray for you.

Anonymous letter in support~ of TII:t.t Bila, ,defeated candidate
'when K.I. lagogo was elected Chief. 124.

I attach a su narised translation of the, letter you sent me on
28th March.

.' ,:'I' : t no dc.:ubt originates from a follower of Mputa Bila, who had
only small support and 'was heavily defeated when Kinweri Mputa
Magogo, the present Chief, was elected .1948.

;:..':- The historical background to it all is a complicated one, but
Mputa Bila, as I think he realizes himself, has no possible clain
to the chieftainship

His name is however quoted by those trouble-orakers who are
ready to use .any means in attempting to disrupt .the Native

Disgruntled individuals amongst' the Wasanbaa are very apt to
indulge in ananymous letters and I suggest that anonymous letters
of'this nature do not deserve to receive any attention.

ST.U. Makes Strides in the Mountains. 125.

Salamwni. Mungu anebariki naombi yetu juu ya chana chetu
Shuku juu milimani, na pia anebarikia uponde wetu kwa kazi za
uongozi wa nchi yetu.

Mwaka 1948, Bwana President wa chama chetu alichukuliwa
akawa Bwrana decreetarywa USil.C.-alr Native .Authorityb Mwaka huu
kunako January 2 mini mlinichagua kuwa General Secretary wa Chama
c'ohetu katika i ,ktutano .waw, waka~i; hapa Vuga, i-iie teuliv: Ilcua Waziri
. '' Mkuu: wa Bwana Sultani ,ind. Kwa' hiyb ni ~i`~rti ya upande wetu.

Natunairi. hatuna budi lkiuwa mna furah. kwa iupahide wetu. Na kwa
jinzi hii nakuoabeni kuyaletat'awazo yenu i.ibel' y:tu sisi wenzenu
'wawili wa upande wenu ili tupate kuipamba nchi yenu kwa maendeleo

S2 -Iwa -aJili ya. o bi. la Mr. Athunani Nzige, wa Korogwe lvwa ajili
: watu wa Kilale 'waliotakiwa kuhanishw a na kuacha utajiri wao
:: uhariL.iwe kabisa ,.phfanywe mji: wa skuli. aVtu hao Serikali Kuu
iehurunia, imechagua mtaa hu- hilo seheru ya Shamba. la Katani
ukubwa wa hatua 800.urefu na 600 upana. Kwa hiyo nakujulisha mpate

3* Wanachana wa~eongezeka huku Usanbaa ya milinani. lMtaa wa
Bungu umekuvw .na wanachama wapya 150, na Mbwei Mlola 32, huko
Mahezanguu hako achi ya Bunbuli wamepatikana kana 35 hivi. Hapa
Vuga nitakujulisleni nara baada ya mkutano tutakaoufanya 14/4/52.

4.. Kwa ajili ya shabalca yenu iliyoacha nunichague, Bwana Sultani
amenionba niendelee ingawa ninechaguliwa kwa kazi hiyo nyingine.

S Natazania kupata uongozi :rvingi kwa kazi hii rpya kutoka kwenu
na kwa-Bwana Secretary wetu vwa Ushambara Native Authority.

Mungu Mwenye rehema ayabariki maendeleo ya chama hiki.


ToU., t.' .ie' e-re-resentation.:in -iv.'- iUijri? 126.

Ana baada nintaarafu barua yako kwa wanachama wako wote ya
:: ;. t'.-.=c. -7 'April, 1952..nakala z, :uin.;- -.i. iri'p ta'naai nina naneno
nachache juu ya ononbi yenu khveye rnkatano ..;inu vwa 29 December,
1951 pale Vuga, Ikwanba npatiwe sauti katika Bawanjama, tazana iten
.. -...8 iya 'zautano uooa.:va'.29 December, 1951.

Shauri Jeenu.nililifilisha.kwel~ye rtckutano wa .Bawhvajna wa
25 March, 1952. Ikutano ulipatana Luwe na njumbe wenu, walakini
h, tak t wa *na suti .yaani hatahesabika member ipaka walcati wa
SLC ... i .Lti LiLrya., Hata- hivyo Serikali -kuau hiaij:akata shauri kwa
sababu mpaka sasa Serikali inafaharm2 lawa .-". wva Shambala ni
Sinbanvene akisaidiwa na Majumbe 8 waliochaguliwa na raia, wanawake
S 4; watu, 8 waliotajwa na Sinbamwene na Bawanjana. Kwa hiyo kwa
Skuwa ninyi m:u ekwisha kuanzisha biashara -haitakuwa ubaya kama
ntampelekea Sinbanwene majina natatu ya watu wa biashara katika
chama chenu wafaao ili moja akatajwe kuwa member na Simbanwene
. baada ya ,kushariana na Bawarijana lake, hali kadhalika na kwa
habari za- waalimu'

Mambo haya yote nitazidi kushauriana na Sinbanwene wetu na
District Conmissioner labda pia tutawafikiria wakulima wa Kahawa
hali hiyo hiyo kama ninyi mtaarifiwa tukisha patanao

A case against 1Mputa Magogo but. for Daud Billa and Abrahin
Bill, the alleged rightful Heirs .to .the Usambara Chieftaincy.

;,* .. .; *... -.: S,,i!: .. ,: itu i-.fil., T.iin-c-reza.

..- ,1.: Tazlu UUtawala wa Wenyeji .ulipoanza 1925 npaka .1-929 26th .
;F ebruary, Mtawala Mkubwa Shebughe Kinyoshi bin Shekulwavu,
Kimweri II akajiuzulu, akanpa Shebughe Billa bin Kinweri
S :.,oja 1926 4th August Shobughe Billa akafa nani nalikuwapo
Starehe 5th August, 1926 tul: --~,i]:.z. Shebughe BilRia, imi na
Shebughe I.'.c.c na janaa ya Wakilhindi' na Wasambaa.

2. Tuliporudi mazikoni nika wita mjane rake wa maxeher Billa
nbele ya Shebughe :sfcj..:gbin Kimweri nikurrc .vbia nipe funguo
za narehemu akanipa nani nikampa Shebughe Magogo kunkabizi
s ~., babu watoto. wa mareherU. ni wadogo."

S3* Wakilindi wsakafanya ikutano Shebughe Magogo akashika kazi ya
Utawala wa Usambaa npaka watoto wakue.

4. Katika; nwaka wa,1934 1st May nikafugwa saabtabi nalJipiga
ngona ya *nkutano...::Tulipatana na utoto nkubwav a.nmarehenu
.:. ........ ShebughoG.Billa jina lakeT-DudiBilla al'it.aka ],ud" illi uridhi
S..., .wbaba, yke. Billa Shebughe. TI.cgo eaapa.t. habari akanwita
Daudi. Billa akaramanbia nritakusaidia nitakupa nchi. nyingine,
Sna .leo ni-tkupa z.inia la. 'L,:i:.i, a, gu ia :la~~naopo,- kanzu na
kofia. na vitu vyai :nu-i Lf', mengineQ ili katika, lutanio Mrudi,
kwangu, uIawabie District Conmissioner kw~taba ninefundishwa -
.,. .., ,,.. na Babu :Dayid- Mslui.r!:.a njonba wa :baba aarc.LOe~a: Shebughe Billa.
Daudi Billa akapokea vita vile. Janaa .v-a, alt'.a habari kwangu
kwanba nijihadhari sababu Daudi Billa amevutwa na Shebughe

jz .2 : : :]

5. Jibu langu kwa jaaad nalisenaa kuwa siwezi kurudi nyuca, s'ababu
ntoto mwiingi6 e wa iatreh6eu jina' lake. Abrahamu i.uta Billa,
baada ya niaka 12 atak-ava m-tu nzi *a

6 11:.;.x-- :il -.... *"' '-:.~r-,.t -ni .. .l.i i .XA District
SConrmissicner ha -Askiri Police .6.: Nikasinana, nikaulizwa
:aliyepiga ngoma hi n:i_.i?:. ITi jitb. ni nici.. Nikaulizwa,
''rpi'.iL ngonaa rnwenyewc?. il:i..iiLui rn.-.!1:.,a mtu e-onts 50 apige
n~gra.- Shebughbe Magogo bin Kirrri ri aL:.z::IL ]--I.1'l uznekosa sana,
sababu unepiga ngona katika nakaburi ya bllshebujh. wa zamani.
.Baada ya hapo wakaingia ndani Bwana District Commissioner,
S Shebughe Magogo na '-ar:ii-wd Bwana: .Benaard Vyakaf anya siri yao,
nara walatoka vote :barazani. na l.iTuo1~ .wacekvwisha k uikata.
S. Ikasonwa katitla Eara.a,.--nayo ilikwa: :"David ThI uiiba
anefungwa niesi 6: sababu .oepig: ngona katika nakaburi."
Iirai sikuulizwa ngona niliyopiga ni ya nini. Ila Bwana'
District Cor-.is.::.:':,.r akaniainbia -waweza kutia rufaa kwva Bwana
Provincial Coenmissioner. Baada ya hapo nikapeelekwa jela.
Hapo nikaandika rufaa kwa Bwana Provincial Commissioner.

*7. 'Tarehe 20'61,1934 Bwana -Provincial Connissioner akafika, na
Shebughe Magogo akahudhuria na Wazee wa Vuga Bwana P..........
akanisaidia sana katika kesi yangu, lakini yote hayakufaa.
Basi kanianbia nitakusaidia kwa Dar es Salaan. Anuani yako
ipitie nikononi. .:-:- : Tanga Akaandika .xufaa kupitia
kwake Tanga.

8. Tarehe 4.8034 nineitwa Dar es Salaan ninepelekwa kwa Wakuu wa
S erikali.. .

S9 Niiehudhuria baraza kuu ya Chief Secretary tarehe .... na hapo
nalisaidiwa sana. Bwana ChiefS:'cretary alisema desturi yetu
hapa kva rufaa ya Tanganyika ..... dkcsikilizwa kwa'dakika
15 tu. Kwa sababu wewe ...., unmehukuniwa sacia basi rufaa yako
Sitasikilizwa kwa .... kuwa, sasa wataka kumvwita Daudi Billa
aje .*, ... Nikajibu; sivyo kabisa. I:*,a sababu .siku ile ....
Shi kule Vunga, kana Daudi Billa angesinana. Lakini aliona
-i: :.:. ./ ::. bra '-uni. za ungai fakopa na vitu vingine.. Yeye hafai kuwa
SI.lt.!t.'al. Bviana Chief Secrotary akaniuliza: Vat.:ka tukusaidie
Stup~iguze kifungo sababu ni kikubwa kaliko kosai-.lako ambalo
ni dogo? Nilajibu, sivyo. Mini nateaka nisaidiwe nipate barua
:hapa nirudi nayo .Usanbara, Ukifika wakati yule mtoto wa
narehenu aliye ndogo sasa akidahiri urithi.wa baba yake isiwe
shauri ya kupiga ngona tena, Bwana Chief Secretary akanianbia
'U .. ''uta.itat,. :liib .li':. kifungd changii eha.niezi ,6 nikapata
barua ya ui.rTuu.:.; h. kaana nili,~yT..i.li'.'.'a na Bwana Chief Secretary.

10. Mwaka wa 1935 nikasafiri Kenya Colony mpaka mwaka 1945
nikarudi Usanbara. Tarehe 2.1.46 Abrahan Mputa Billa akaja
kvangu akaniambia kuwa sasa amelkrisha kuvwa nkubwa anataka
::: k '-kudahiri urithi wa baba yake narehenru Shebughe Billa bin
Kinweri. -

:... ..:. ...:. Abrahin Mputa akaandika hati ya kuniongoza kwa Bwana
.... District donitissioner Capt, ..ytd. iulili'pofi i a nbele ya Bwana
D.OC,-Gapt0 'lbyd naii:Lon'.--, baru- ya Dar eb--Salaam akafungua
n, ; kutano Vuga tarehe.-20th March 1946. Wakahudhuria Wazunbe
wot.. Wakuu wa Usanbara.

S" .1 Sija ,ya 21.0346 Bwanea Capto Lloyd akawarabia Wazunbe Wakuu
"Tazaneni shauri ya .Abraham Mputa Billa na Shebughe Magogo.
Yeye Bwana District Co0nissioner hakuaaa Baraza.

I-.. .I. tLaabu scaia, an0o0 wv a,1richermu hakufanikiwa, sababu
SShubughe I:.:, ;. a: ,_ '.-a "i.tajiri, a.aneriib 'yoe yalionyesha
S utajiri. Hal uia;Z' be Mik'cuu hata nmoja :aliye raidia Abrahan
Mputa Billa. ,I.vi:vs1 Bwana District Coi Luniion" r akanwanbia

Abrahclia puta Billa a"z iim-li p'ufta r;I'D' ILakini juu ya hayo
rufaa haikufaa.

.Sasa ninaionyesha Serikali yettu" kufu ijue nitakavyofanya.
N Jiu.jiarida. kwa Bwana Wlaklili aliyeko Dar es Salaam. Basi
nawajulisha walinzi wa Jiubo la Tanga, sasa.ni.wakati wa ziagendo
ya Utawala wa-C.M.GM.C., M.L.0, Nineelewa sana. Sasa tunataka
.' ii nija: :jai ":.t.;'l UweTJsanbara tupate .iut:i.r'..'al wa haki tuondokewe
na. aiLtuiein wa fitina.

MTini ni -,Mzee wa riaka 64, lakini ni nzee ninayejua utaratibu
wote' u-itnda-,jc: na .Srikali, kisha ninsonaji vizuri. EliBnm yangu
" yanitosha sana, ila tngu 1934 npaka 'asa niko u:i.v;ali sipendwi
n.... taval-. 1wa Usambara. Sasa ninatoka uwarijani kabisa.

SNaitutaini Serikali ye'tu. ti.uu ':iZ.htmiadii a.

What had lhppened before,, the election of'KXM. Magogo was
Irrelevant as far as the-demands of .D Il3tnu1s were concerned. 128.

Your No. 6/2/576 of 26th May, 1952.

David Mshunba

In June 1948 Sinbanwene Magogo Kinweri was elected Chief of
the Wasanbaa.

He was constitutionally elected and proclaimed Chief by a
clear majority.

At the time of theelection there was a minority who held
views similar to those held by David Mshunba*

Clearly, at an election it -is impossible to please
everybody, and at this particular election-David Mshunba was in
the minority, therefore his views were outweighed"by the majority.

I' consider all that happened prior to June 1948 is now

The question .of the successor to the late Chief was thrashed
out before the election. At the election the question was put to
the vote, and Kinweri elected.

David Mshuiba is the Fountain, of Political priest as Rise
of A. Bila to the Throne. 129.

Further to ny 44/16/105 of 2nd. June 1952 in answer to your
S/2/576 of 26th M y;' 1952. David ilch.uba.

As a'result of further discussions with ir. Chant I attach
a family free which ties in various characters in question,

S I 'expect this f'ily free has been set-down .,on paper .any
tines before, neverthd Iz: .for Vhat it ,is worth I send you this

: Although David Mshunba has no clain. to ,the throne he
champions'the cause of .bra7ihin l lpui..iila, thouhli why he does
o t "che~ali:i n Daudii, who is 'ser.nior 'I 'do not. aImowv, .


David MshWlb-a's claims that I:,: ;o was on:. elected regent
until Bilat ,'dilld :lXci came of nee.. ,

.David Mshunba is, I believe, thec fountain head of a lot of
this political unrest.-:' .

T.U .;.I-anch TB'ding Cora:ip.his. 3 0.

Ushanbaa Union (T.U.)

CoMritt'ee Meeting

1. I take the liberty of iniforing you that our Union has widely
expanded in the upper Usanbara. 'The number of. members it holds
novwis about 738.i. B-ui,,su and Lewa, 377, 2. Vigiri 78, 53 Lutindi
... ,.,3,0 ,. 4. Bunbuli and Maheszanguu.66,s 5.-Mlola :53, Vuga 97, and 7,
i -.as3iQ Me ibe-s. .
S .:. Bungu was -the first place to, have an official visit of the
'branch of the Union. I had decided to ask His Royal Highness
"Kiraweri Magogo the.Sultan :of Ushaabara.to. give few words to the
nebers of the branch, and he gladly did, Their conversation with
. m'-'. this nobleman, has however, placed the. atter in a new light. The
: resuitof it is. the great number of members of the, iBgu branch.
S.* The henbers have decided on dividing.the Union Menbers to be
grouped into two district corpanies,.,viz:-

: a) Faming (i) Maize and (ii) Paddy

b) Forest Produce (i) Saw-Mills and. (ii) Carpentry Shop.

4. I felt it.cy duty to- submit those cursory remarks to you,
because in .rlartion -to illiterates,, and particularly to people
.of'the Central:-Iaid- West Parts otf:Usoabara, much depends upon the
":. .clearness and. conprehensiveness.of, our .Union, Prograzre. I
therefore beg., to leave '.to advise.you to call the Corndfttee for a
meeting ..to discuss of these companies. The nenbers are prepared
'...to pay their' shares which 'hey 'u.i. t to be Shs. 100/- a-.share.
I -wish the District .Officer i/c. Usanbara Schene should be
invited in the meeting. .

K.M. r'Cgo has full support of Government; "l.l..

I -:am directed to 'refer to your letter dated 15thApril, *
1952 which appgeas to ccncern the Chi..:fdor *:.of Usapbara ,' and to
S.nf ora yoCu that in June,: 1948- Simbanwene Magogo. Kinrwri,
after being constitutionally elected by a clear majority was.,
declared Chief of the Wasahbaa.

.. His appointment has received the full' support .'E:f Government
and it is.not intended-to make any alteration in the preset
administration of the Wasaibaa..

-..' -: Border Dispute between Usambara and Handeni Districts. 152.'

Tulistaajabu sana kupokea majibu ya madai.ya mipaka ya nchi
Syetu- kwa Sultani Vwa Vuga, 'ambae s8isit atu4.peleka: ombi wala
.1maombi ,.k-.k.,J:e. Haya 'yitatayo: ni' maneno- ya hotuba yake kwa baadhi

ya watu wa Korogwe tarehe 4*6.52.

1. Watu wengi wames6ma katika gazeti la Muli, nao wameona jinsi
ilivyoandikwa mipaka ya Uzigua na chi nyingine. .Lakini ripaka
S walivyoandika tambarare chini ya milima ya Usambara-wamekosa
kabisa, sababu tambarare hilo tangu zamani halimo katika nchi ya
Uzigua, la hasha. Tangu zamani nchi zote hizo chini ya m-ilima
ya Usambara zilikuwa chini ya Utawala wa Sultai wa Vuga. Hata
Wazee wa Kizigua walipeleka zawadi kwa Sultani wa Vuga kama Mtama
Mafagio na vitu kadha wa kadha.

2. Kuthibitisha habari hizo Bwana D.C. wa Handeni, ameandika
habari hizo za kukanusha kabisa kuwa tambarare hilo rni hohi zilizo
katika Utawala wa Vuga, hiivyo rntu -atakayenunua Muli la June
atayathibitisha maneno .-. kuwa ni ku j weli. kabisa isiyoweza
kukanushwa na mtun yoybte-- ..

3. Bwana Bakarij.I.tdoe tulif'an yia atashakahuko I ombQ, :.sababu
mashuri: yaZue .:aliyoyajia h-Ital diuy.rdiharmu, .na kwa>ku /wa hakujionyesha
kwetu kwa Zumbe Ikuu wala kwangu, tdlinshambulia npaka tukapata
hakika mambo yaliyomleta. Ultingia. nyuniba ya mtU usipopiga hodi
waweza kupigwa nkwaji, inga'va 'si rinkusudi ya mwenye nyumba,
lakini' mashauri yake tumeyatengeneza na sasa.yamekwisha.

4.. Wasambaa, Wabondei, na Waigua ni wvamoja, .danu ye. Wasambaa,
hasa niseme .damu yangu, ~ignliv.'.sz kupimwa na Daktari,t~ pasipo
shaka, ndani ya damu yangu'igeonekana 'damu ya Kizigua, hata
inkale wetu wote ni wamoja ndiye Senta.. Hivyo yatupas .Ltushirikiane
katika maendeleo-ya kulistawisha. nchi. yetu,,k va, kazi aa, ufundi,
i ''~ iashara,'killto :na :kujliga shule .na hospital, lakini Msambara
asijaribu kumnyang' anya Mzigua nohi. yake, wala..Mzigua asijaribu
kunnyang'anya ,,isambara ncohi yake, hapo tuitasimamisha kesi kubwa
sana, maana mimi sitakubali kabisa kunyang'anywa sehemu ya nohi
.. yangu kabisa; ... .

5. Sultani akaauliza-' yuko mwenye neho. la kuuliza?,. Watu wote
wakamanyaza: kimya ..Mzee Samabaka akayakariri tena maneno ya
Sultai-, na kusema mwenye shauri asemie. Mzee Hamisi: Salimu wa
S'MgoIbezi ,alisiam. akasema, "Sisi hatutna hoja yoyote, mipango
:. yo&~e .ya tawala. iuLck'f'ikniikono ya Serkali, sisi kazi yetu ni
S ki.toa' kodi tu. Hilo Muli linalQsemwa sisi engine hatulijui,
S li?.ia habri-. gani,.hatujui. Haja yianu mimi ni ikupata cheti change
cha: a Kilabu, .kama nikikosa hata Vuga nawe-a kufika, watu wakacheka".

Maneno haya hatukuyajibu, wala hatukuweza kukueleza kwa upesi
kwa sababu zifuatazo:-

(a)' Tli6ha aj:abu yeye kutuuliza na kutueleza mambo kama haya,
tena hapakuwa na Ivzungu awe shahidi wa yote tuatakayosema, yeye
peke yake .ndiye mshitaki na .mto6ti bjhukuu. Hivi tulitia.-shaka,
ssii h.atiujapel ka-neno lolote vkwake tukiijibt pasipoq mmj pja wa wale
Stuliowapelekea, a.mombi yet~in, ,pengine %tunaweaa kiuja 'uambiw
turentoloa jibu la r mattusi tena wenzetau wot wenye madai .hawakuwepo
.sik'.t ile. .

(b) Tulitna aj abu sana, yeye .kuja ]t.ii .a i z 2ashauri haya, sisi
.. tanmgu tulipoz.a ai'l). ipela;]a,. y madai ya- raipaka yetu kwa Serikali,
a .Tu........ .d ,wan;a huyu, wala hatl u. uoib:-L'neno loiote, ila maombi
yetu yote tuliipelekea Serikali Kuu iliyompa yeye kututawala.
Ikiwa tunadai mipaka yetu, watu tuliopakana nao ni VWasambaa.
Hawa .Wakilindi ni wageni wa ukoo wa Mbega aliyesafiri. toka Kilindi
na kupitia nchi yetu ripr.:,:. kafika ihaur..i-. Hapa Maurwi alifanya
S" urafiki na'mnzoe Kinyang'a aliyemzaa lidongwe, na Mdongwe akawazaa
Yumusu na Salimu, ambaye ndiye Jumbe wa Mazurwi .wa sasa.

( ) Huyu Kiryaig' a ndiye aliyenivuskhati ].Ib..a kwa: hi'sani :yoe,
mahali. paitwapo Gungea. Mbega pacoja .ni undi la ribwanwake,


akaelenea pande za milimani, na huko ndiko .alikopatana na Wasambaa
S wakanmfanya ikuwa kiongozi wao. Tunastaajabu mtu kama huyu
kutusemeshaikatika mipango yh; laudai mipaka yetu. Hivi inaonyesha
wazi kuwa buyu: si-ilfalue wa sehemu hizi. ..ki",ia ap-luit: kuzishika
kapewa na nyinyi Wazungu, maana hata 0,saatLd huko Vuga wakati
'wanchaguap6.ontawala waof hawaarifiani na sisi. Na kama ikitakiwa
hadithi zaidi juu ya Mbega, tunaweza kukueleza zaidi.

(d) Sisi Wazigua hatuoni hadithi inayopoteza tambarare pamoja na
watu'wake, isipokuwa hadithi ni ile ya wema wa Mzee kinyang'a
kumpitisha Mbega- katika Mto Luvu. Ingefaa sana Bwana Sinbamwene
atoe shikurani kEia Wazigua walionpitisha Mbega, lalini mahali pa
kutoa shukurani- asor hiii.ni nchi yangu, hivi i haki? Watu
wastahilio kusepa na sisi juu ya Imipaka yetu ni Wasaxabara hao
ndio tuliopakana nao t.-"L-, zcraani lakini hawa wa Wakilindi ni
Wageni katika nchi hii. Kupotea kwa ncli tunategemea nambo
nawili a) Kupigwa vita-na kutekwa b) Nohi huvw.eza .kuziwa taifa
litgine. Jo, manbo kana hayo lipo mojawapo vwalilotendewa watu
wa tarbarare hili? Tena inethibitikla kvwa kweli kama katika mito hii
miwili Luvu na LMomaazi, na kisiwa kipi kiitwacho -kuwa hiki ni
kisiwa cha Wakilindi au Wasambara?

(e) Kwa mintaarafu ya kifungu cha pili cha maneno ya Sinbanwene
juu ya karatasi hii tunastaajabu kusikia kama Bwana D.C. wa Handeni
arLi.-dik:. kuwa nchi zilizo katika tambarare zimo katika Utawala
wa Vuga. Mpango huu wa kuziweka nchi za tambarare kuwa chini ya
bona la Lushoto, ulipangwa na ile Serikali ya Kigerumani yenye
dhuluma. Tena wakati huo halkukuwa na.Utawala wa Vuga. Haki ya
kuweka Utawala wa kienyeji,. inepangwa upya na Serikali yetu
tukufu ya Kiingereza.

(f) Tunaf'ahaa kwa kuasudi la Serikali hii. L ilipana kila "kabila
lijisinamie lenyewei chini ya.uongozi wa Serikali yea kuu. Sisi
Wazigua wa nchi za tambarare tulidhuluniwa. Tuliona kila pahali
wakiambiwa wachagua Zunbe Mkuu, lakini hatukuarifiwa kwanza kama
kulikuwa na uchaguai wa Sultani wa Vuga ntawala wenu, naneno haya
hatukuyajua kabisa. Ni dhulua kIubwa sana tuliyotendewa kutenga-
nishwa na jadugu zetu lakini hatukuhusiana nao kwJa manbo ya utawala
tangu zanani. Inekuaje basi Bwana imkubwa wa Handenij kuthibitisha
kuwa tangu zanani ac=ani nchi za tanbarare ni utwala wa Vuga, na
hali yeye Bwana D.C. ni mgeni?.

(g) 'Bwana nkubwa, hizo ndizo sababu zilizotusuia tusiweze kunjibu
bwana huyu. Juu ya naombi yetu tulitazajia kupata jibu litufaalo
kwa Serikali Kuu, ambako ndiko tulikopeleka maombi yetu. Na kama
Serikali imentuma Sultani wetu aje atuulize ara atueleza mambo
kana haya kIwa siri kana hivi, tunazidi kudhuluniwa. Savi tunataka
Serikali itujqusanye sisi wote wenye kidai, panoja na hao
tunaowadai, 'hapa Serikali itj:z:, ] u;ik-ili:.a maneno ya kila upande,
ikawe za Icutuamiua.

(h) Baraza hizi anazotufanyia ntawala wetU. kuuuliza na kutueleza
-nambo: kama haya,l pasipo ,usinamizi wa Mzung6a hattuzitaki, kwani
zaweza kuleta nanbo ya kukosana, na sisi hatukusudii kukosana
ila t-. r io:iba. Serikali !kuuttirJ-ia iliyQo h.ak yetu,

A society for Economic Development is better than a
political on. 13... .

Chama cha El.iccftit.on Board .(Jina lisilos.a'a na mawazo)

'Ahsaht'e sana .i barua yako .-'va maswali yake na naelezo yako
nayo nakujibu hivi- :- .. :

1) Mtu aliyebuni chana cha Usambara Union (T.U.) utapata

kunwona nitakapo tangaza Historia ya chana chote toka kuanzishwa.

.2) Kwa kawaida.kubuni kitu chochote ni rirba ya mtu imoja, na
wale wafuata'to i wale :li.o. .ntu.yule rwvnye ninba ya wazo lile
huwakata shauri juu ya ">,azo ill:u na baidaye wengi zaidi ni wale
watakaojiunga luigundua shabaha waliyoelez.wa kuwa born.

3) Katika haja yako ya chaua hicho sidhani kaIna ni haki kuunda
chaia cha rmajadiliano (Political), na ambacho shabaha yake ni
k upii-gana na chaa Kininne :cha Uasi kwahi charia kilichochafua
Uta.,l'.--L wa Usa ibara'haki .;stahili kuitwa chaoa ila kinafaa kuitwa
,"Usi" tu. Serikala yeiy wew inewekwa kuangalia uasi na mbnbo yote
,. yaondoayo anoni ya nchi.na kuyakomosha. Kwa hiiyQ kukormesha uasi wa
.*. hchi'ni kazi ya Serikali, au kana tutarahusu.kui~da chana
kama -hicho ni kuiruhusu nohl kifanya fujo.Na kama fujo. zitatokea
Skana hivyo, ni.njia moja wapo ya kusinanisha maendeleo tunayo-
.. tazaoia. Chaia, hiki- Ushambaa Union kinearniiiwa na Serikali kwa vile
kilivyo6. rihadhcri sana na kuingilia Serikali yoyote. Ila chama
,hiki kilijiweka .shauri wa Serikali kwa yote kilipoona labda
S' yataifaa Ushambaa yao, wala hakikujiweka kuishurutisha Serikali
Skufanya tendo lolote. Serikali ikiona yale mashauri yaliyotolewa
na chama ni mena, huyaingiza katika riipango yao na kufanya ni
yake si ya chana k.n. Vitara na Bawanjana vya Ushambaa.

4. IKatika jina la chana chake ni kana hili, "Education Board", na
tafsiri yake ni kusena "Baraza ya Kuangalia Elinu". Mawazo yake
haokika sio kuangalia elinu bali kuzuia uasi wa nchi, na shabaha
hiyo ya kuwapa raia madaraka ya kuzuia uasi, sina shaka hayawezi
kutolewa na Utawala wala Serikali Kuu. Na kila mara ukiandika
jabo 'angalia sana kichwa cha habari kipatane na nawazo utakayo-
yaandika ndani. Mini kwa upande. wangu sikikubali chama kana hicho,
ila nakushauri kuwa vyama viletavyo nanufaa ya nchi :hi kama vyama
vya Biashara vya Ufundi, na vya Kilino, sio kama hicho ulichobuni.
SKwa hiyo ni 'faida kwako na kwa kizazi kijadcho kana utawaunganisha
wenzio uwezao kishirikiana nao na kuunda chana kinoja wapo cha
mfano kama huo niliotaja hapo juu,

5. Ule uasi uusemao huletwa katika nchi hii na mambo makuu kana

1) Mtu apendae heshima.na hana naari'fa ya kustahili heshima
hiyo aitakayo huwadanganya watu walio na naarifa ya nchi
zaidi awpongoze na akidai kuwa awaongoza kwa wema, na akijua
Skuwa engine w'atanigundua huwafundisha kuichukia Serikali au
Utawala hi kutaja vita ajuavyo kuwa raiaa wna mu navy.
Na hapo watu wote awaongozao hawana budi kunpa heshina.
2) Watu engine hawataki kutumia.jasho 'yab kNa kujipatia
riziki, ila huwadanganya watu engine n:a kuwanyang'anya'fedha
zao na kuzila kwa njia za hila.
3) Watu walio wavivu wa miili yao wakiwa bure bila kazi
hutunga mambo kana hayo ya kuchochea" raia mambo ya uasi. Na
watu kama havwo sina shaka.iwakipatiwa kazi na kuitunikisha
niili yao, hawatatunga fitina za kukoroga nchi. Nami nakupa
kana mzigo wako kwa jirani zako uwaeleze faida ya kazi za
mikono yao zinavyoleta manufaa ya nchi kuliko kuwafundisha
kupingana lva naneno.

6. JjTSI YA KUBUNI CHATM'- Kwa shabaha hiyo ya chana chako,
ucewaza kwa haraka kuwa kosa pia katika sheria za kubuni vyama,
nalo kwalo liligundua kuwa hujafikia hatua ya kuweza kuwaongoza
watu katika misingi ya chama. Ukibuni chama fulani, usipendelee
kujifanya Mkuu wa Kiti .au sivyo hutaweza !..ipin'a makosa ya uongozi
huwo unaoutazamia. Kubuni na kuongoza chama kunahitaji maarifa
kutosha ya kuzaliwa, na elimu pia. Huenda unayo raarifa ya
.kuzaliwa, lakini elimu yako haijafikia hatuwa a kuwaongoza raia

wengi kamau-n .oto-. -- ',ronyewe, kwani kdti yao kuna wengi wenye
6elimu na busara zaidi yako. Kwarnia yako njema nakubali ukitaka
uwe nawanachana wa Ushambaa Union.

Wanakitara ni Serikali ndogo ya kusaidia kutawala nchi ya
Jumbe hufanya nipango ya kuifaa ncili na kunshauri Jumbe kama ni
bora akazitunia kwa jimbo lake. Na kila Serikali haitaona ni bora
kutawaliwa na chana, lakini sio kama hicho ulichosena, ila ni kama
vitara na Bawanjama. Au sivyo nchi ya nanna kama hi0yo ya kutawaliwa
Sna clina itakuwa chafu na isiyo na nguvu.

7. 7 limi ninayrekuandikia ni HIonh. Secretary wva chamia cha Ushambaa
Union (l.Iuin&ir-ihi l~ Iuu), na kwa' uponde wa utawala ni Waziri wa
Sultani wenu. Kwa hiyo nasema ponde-zote' mnbili kwa updnde wa
Serikali na kwa uongozi wa vyana pia. Mini nafahanu sana pia kuwa
wakati huu ni wa wakati ambao raia wengi wva Ushambaa wana sirika
Sya maendeleo, na .bila shaka vwaneingia noyo huo kwa ajili ya
.pande walizozipita wakati. wavita na katika maonyesho ya senema.
Na mini kwa vile nilivyo mshauri. wa Sultani wetu sina budi kuwa
na macho n kali yaonayo pande zote nbili, nema na mabaya. Na sina
budi kuangalia ushauri wangu usimpotbeze Sultani' abbapo.itakuwa
kuiharibu nchi nzina ya Usabbaa. Raia wengi Wasio na busara huko
vitani katika niji na nchi za kigeni hawakocudhagua ya kurudisha
makwao, huenda wanepfendelea yale mambo ya kihuni .na kuyafanya ni
ya Ustaarabu. Na kuamua nema na abaya ni juu ya sisi walezi wenu
ili isipatwe na balaa. Naomba unisanehe kwa kule kukukatisha
tanaa katika shabaha yako. Na kama thukufahanu'.vc i' nimnaw-za
kuuliza .zaidi, -haoa kwa wenye maarifa zaidi yangu.

.K.M. Magogo must be murdered because his administration
benefits- nobody, 134.

-Tunakupa barua hii ya kvanba fikiri sana juu ya Kinweli Magogo
wa Vuga, toka nwezi huu., mpaka mwaka wa kesho January 1953. Utaona
mambo makubwa yatakayotokea. Utaona kichwa chake amenawa kana vita
iliotokea Pongwe.

Maana waliochukiwa ni wazoe sio kana vijana wa chama cha juzi.
Sababu hulukum zakq hazitufai.

Sina nengi ya, likkuandikia.

Need %or personal interview before the writers questions
are published in a monthly paper "Maendeleo ya Shambala"

Ana-baada ya salaam, rnir op:kca barua yako y:. t'areh 18-7-52,
Sydnye nas'li unayopenda r itiv,'[- katika gazeti 'a iA IDELEO YA

S2. abla ya kuyachapa hayo mauneno yenu na kupenda wewe na wale
wenzako 345 waliotunga maswali hayo nfike hapa Bc.ani, Lushoto,
luonana noi tarehe 13/8/521 (Junatano), sam 2 (nibili) asubuhi,
ili tuznguluaz vizuri juu ya nasivali yenu.

Many yong men need encouragement front home in order to
participate actively in affairs of the "Chama". 136.

;-LL.Aj October, 1951, tuucunga chaa. cha Wasanbaa wote waishio
hlapa mjini ili shida zinazotupata tuiwezc kupata nsaada na nguvu
za kuimaliza nara moja.

Tuneweka ada za kuingia kwenye chana na ada za kila mwezi.
Tunazo sheria (By-laws) anbazo kwanba ndizo hasa zinazoweka chaua
hiki nazo nakili (copies) zake tunezipeleka kwa wakuu. wa Norther
Province (District Comissioner) wa hapa Arusha ili watukubalie
:kwa.kufungua chama chetu hiki. Nao wacekubalia kwanba ni wazo
Sjena. tunalolifanya.

Kwa kweli npaka sasas chama hiki hakina nguvu sana sababu
weako vijana wengi walio na vipingaviizi.vya kuwazuia engine ili
wasiingie kwenye chOiLa) lakini nambo yamnapotokea chana kinawasa-
idia, kusudi jina letu lisidharauliwe.

Kusudi letu tulilofikiria ukumandikieni ni kwamba sisi tunao-
fanya kazi huku ibali'na nchi yetu tu raia wenu na kwanba ingawa
tuko nbali hivi, ni wajibu wetu kIkuelezeni ninyi wakubwa wetu wa
U.N. Administration, ili mpate kut.uunmgankono katika shida yetu
hii ya vijana hawa wanaotaka jina loet lidharauliwe siku zote.

Katika nji huu viko vyana vya makabila mbalinbali kama
.Wachaga, Wapare, Wabondei, Wazigua etc., lakini vyana hivi vina
unoja kuliko chana chetu cha Washambaa.

Kana nilivyo Secretary wa chama hiki chetu, ninealikwa siku
moja katika Luntano wa chana cha Kilinanjaro Union ambacho kwanba
baada ya nazungunzo yote yaliyokuwapo, wanachama wauesomewa barua
inayotoka kwa Mangi wao Mkuu akihiniza chana chao kisirudi nyuna
na kutia aibu jina lao. Sisemi kuwa katika vyama hivi hakuna
wapinganizi kama walivyo katika chaema chetu. ILakini natumaini weng
walipata noyo rkuu siku ile hata wale wapinganizi wa chama
walivunjika noyo.

Wasambaa wafanyao kazi hapa ni wengi lakini wingi wao 25% ndio
wanaofaha-n faida ya chama chao. ambapo kwanba katika vyana vingine
kama .nixlivyoonyesha juu ni zaidi ya 80%.

Tutatfurah:. kana ikiwezekana mtujulishe kana nawazo yetu
mnayafurahia. Tunavyowafahanu vijana wengi wa Kishambaa wanao
ishi hapa, ingekuwa, wangeonywa na barua inayotoka kwenu wengi
wangepata noyo mkuu wa uIendelea na chana chao cha kusaidiana,
hata wale engine anbao kwanba ni wapinganizi, nguvu zao
zingekuwa hafifu.

Kana ilivyo sheria ya vyana vyote, chama hiki vilevile kina
President, Secretary, Treasurer, Auditor, na Members. Members
wamechaguliwa katika kila nchi ya Ushanbaa wawili-wawili, e.g.
... lalo na nchi nyingine rbili, Vuga etc. 2,:Bunbuli etc. 2.,Lushoto
etc. 2, Bungu etc. 2. Kwa hiyo tuna members 10 ambao kwanba
hufanya Halmashauri yao kila nwezi mara moja kwa kuchungua hali
za chana.

SSisi sotcitunaonba kazi zenu nnazozifanya .zifanikishe. nchi
.yetu ya Ushambaa ktwa ajili ya maendeleo ya kesho;, na pia barua
yetu hii ukiipitishd mikononi nwa bwana Sultani wetu. Tunasikitika
kwanba wakati mlipopita Arusha kwa safari ya Kondoa hatukujaliwa
kuonana nanyi ingawa tulikuwa na nia liyo.


Ushanbaa Union to discuss farming and lumbering. 138.

Salaan sanua Nafurahi kukuandikia barua hii kwa kukutaka
kujua kaza barua yca-gu pLnoja na taarifa aza ikutano wotu wa rwaka
kwako au singo. NIa kana zinefika naonba sana ufiaye haraka ya
"kuitisha .kutano kana nilivyokuandikia safari ya kwanza kukutaka
uitishe kutano wa kupanga shauri ya kazi zinazotakiwa kufanya ni
natawi ya chana chetu. Kuna haja kuu. ya kukutanika kwa kuwa
matawi hayo yanataka kazi za kilino na za kupasua nbao na kila
umoaja wa kazi unahitaji kuwEkewa nasharti* na hi'l&idhini yalcko
'sivwei kuandikisha nasharti ya matavdi ya kazi hizo. Kvwa hiyo
nakuonba uTfanye haraka kuitisha rikutano. wa viongozi kana kawaida

2. Tarehe 20 August tulikuwa na akutano via kilino huko Magoma,
/ na akutano huo ulikuwa ukiongozwa na Bwana Maendeleo akiwaeleza
watu wenrye/ya kuliniiwa ni jT.tinl;. jinisi ya kujiweka tayari na18a
jinsi ya kuitoa fedha za kulinriwa. Watu wa nchi ya Bungu, na
Vungiri walionyesha bidii sana hiko' nchi ya tanbarare. Kwa kuwa
watu hawo ni wa chana chetu ikawa ni haki Bwana Mvaendeleo aliyeji-
t:oa kuwa nsaada wetu wa kuongoza ka kaikama hizo atake shauri kwetu -
na hii. iwe wazi kwenu kwanba Bwana IMaendeleo ana haja hasa ya
kuongoza Wasayibaa katika kila njia ya ianufaa sio kwa kuwa hiyo
ni kazi yake ya Serikali (Official) ila kana baba (Patron) wa chana.
: Kwa hiyo naomba kwa hisani yenu na mwenzio Provincial .Secretary
nlfanye bidii ya kuaxua upesi janbo hilo. Kwa kutaka hivyo ni
ili nisije fanya jambo peke yangu kwa napenzi yangu na kunbe
lahusu chana kizina, kwani kana litakuwaa baya nitalauniwa.

3. Kwa kuita akutano muwelke nafasi kana ya siku knimi na nbili
hivi ili Bwana Maendeleo aweze kujiweka tayari., Na rahali pa
:.kutano. panaweza kuwa Lushoto kwa kunpunguzia Bwana; Maendeleo
,. taabu- ya: -ksafiri au Vuga,-karibu ya Sultani wetu anbaye ni
baba wa chana chetu. Hara hara ndugu zangu.

Natunaini ntafanya haraka.

The arrest of Omari Hassani for beating.the drxu which
S called people to narch td Vuga, the Chiefi s Capital. 139.

Bwana nakujulisha kama mtu anoja Onari s/o Hassani alipiga
ngona ya kivita.namal nikankanata rnano saa 8- kwa' uda kidogo
nilipokuwa nandadisi nae akasema ninepiga ngona kwa iamri ya
Salehe Guga kwa kuwaita watu twende Vuga. 1 Naye ,alikuwa na
kijibarua anbacho hakina sahihi yoypte kilichoanidikwa kupiga
ngona saa 8 ya tarehe 26-8-52. Nani nikanveka ndani muda uleule.
Bwana Askari akaja akanchukua ntu yule na kile kibarua akaenda
nae. Kwa hivi nakujulisha.

Kinweri MI. Magogo is accused for the beating up of 3 people
by his "Tarishi". 140.

.Salaan. Nakuletea case. ya watu wa Yuga ., Tafradha'li:. -sana
upokee case hii watu anbao vn.epigj nc.ua wapigwa na Tarisli wa
Kinweri. Katika watu hao watu 3 waneunia sana hata inafaa
kuwapeleka Hospital. Tunaoeba case hii .in'.u, Bonani tunanshtakia
Kinweri juu yenu, sheria ni la.-LJ:-~i;t: tu halafu kunauliza vizuri
akishindwa anafaa kutia hiu'1tU IIxu asa Iaa caa neuriia:My God.

- 96.

.The arrest of Shetute Kilanba for beating the drum calling
people to narch into Vuga and depose the Chief K.M. Magogo.

Bwana naskujulisha kwamba juzi ninekueleza kwanba yuko mtu
mmoja ambae nimeafungia ndani kwa ajili ya kupiga ngoma.

Ninemwuliza jinsi ya kupiga ngona.

Amesema:- Siku. ya 24.8.52 Jumapili alikuja huko Handeni Ayabu
Nyelo na Salehe Shauri tunefanya chana watu 5.
1. Salehe Shauri
2. Ayubu INyelo
:3 Bahlari Habbe
.4. Shetute .Kilarba ndiye upiga ngona

5. J. Iyelo Chambi

Mwisho wa chaa aSalehe Shauri akanieleza kwanba zitapigwa ngoma
kila nchi. Basi upesi piga ngona. Ndio rnanma siku ya 27/8/52
Jumatano saa 8 zikapigwa ngona, ndio nikapiga ngona.

Mitinga ya Chana hi kusena tutakwenda Vuga kurwondoa Kinweli.
Ndio naana ninepiga ngoma.

Basi:- Ninenvita Ayubu, Nyelo nirnetuna tarishi na wazee
walipofika Ayubu Nyclo mtunishi wa Bwana Shaba aiaekusanya watu
na panga na vigongo kutaka kuwauwa.

Kwa hiyo Bwana tafadhali nitunie barua kwa Bwana Shamba na
Sunisaidie Polisi ankamate Ayubu Nycle. 'Tafadhali sana kosho saa 1
afike hapa Polisi kwa sababu au tu wa Gare wanataka nifanyie haraka.

Calling witnesses to cases regarding illegal meetings. 142.

M .ara. ukiisha pata barua hii wa-abio watu hawa nitakaowataja
-hapo chini wafike Vuga kutoa ushahidi juu ya kesi ya Salim Buga na
Saleho Shauri kwa kufanya nikatano isio ya halali.

'Majina ya watu hao wanaotakiwa .ni haya:'
S Omari Hassani
2. Rashidi II.-l-..
3. Rashidi TupI,.

Plea to D.C. to save people front atrocities of Vuga
lock-up. 143.

Salaan sana katika jina la Mwenyezi Mungu Ninakuletea habari
za watu anbao wano jola ya Vuga. Kwa kweli ninaapa katika jina
a ,laMungu. 'Watu hao wamo katika taabu sana., Tafadhali pokea watu
h aol wa Lushoto, .nana ya taabu yao.
1'- ) 'Jioni vakila chakula tcr.:;i-i kila:r tu analpigwa nakofi
- ': ::-'m ':" awili.. Kukaa rara 7, .na kauinuka nara 7.
S -2.) .Halafu wanapaabuliwa nguo wanalala uchi.
3) Na chunba hicho kimonwagwa maji choto kizima.
4) Safari ya kwonda mtoni na debe ycnyo tundu. Ooo,oool

Kana E.v3 i.a I'unajua Mungu tafadhali .uandikc barua kwa Vuga
ili watu hao uwachukuo kwa Lushoto. Na kama unataka kuanini hebu
toka Lushoto mda wa saa 4 usiku, halafu ifunguliwe jola hiyo, Nabi.
LhaiUadi atawaon' uchi kama mbuzi. Nakuletea barua. hii katika uso
wa .;,iu, k~a i kI ahu'duna na kunjua i.ui ti uta:aasaidia watu hao.
SMii u'.:~;idi ;aji wa barua hii ni afadhali nikianbiwa tukuue ili
watu hao waachiwe mini nital uwa tayari' kutia saini. Mungu awe
nawe katika shauri hizo. Mungua wangu unisaidic kumkumbusha Bwana
").C.o katika shauri hizi: Amini.

The D.O. to advise the.Ushanbaa Union. 144.

Ushambaa Union Coammittee Meeting.

Knowing that you have nuch interest in helping to raise the
standard of living of the Shambalas,I am. directed to invite you
to attend this '-eeting". The Committee is very much anxious for
your advices on "PFaring and Carpentry Companies",

The J,!coting will connence at 10 a.m. oh 20/9/52 at K.K. Vuga
Court Building.

T.U.'s Meeting to be postponed for D.0,.'s convenience. 145.

Ushambaa Union Committee Meeting.

SI amn directed to iLnform you that the District Officer i/c
Ushanbara Schcuo who is very.much anxious to come to your above
meeting, finds your date inconvenient, as on. the same day he will
have to attend a'District Cormittee meeting; he wculd therefore be
,grateful if you would hold your necting on 26th September, 1952,
'.Friday, so that he shall be able to-attend.

He regrets for this alteration.

Two wise representatives from each sub-chiefdom to speak
to"the political agitators. ',146.

Watu wawili wawili kila ntaa wa.Zumbe

Katika baraza ya kuwahukunu watiu wa chama chi.uasi siku ya
Jumatatu 8/9/52 ilipomalizika, nilioubwa na Wazee wa nchi
waliohudhuria.wa IHajinb nbialinbali kuwaita watu,2 wenye akili
na busara lkutika katika kila taa wa Zuaibe wafike hapa Kitala
"'KiL~: wakutane nao wapate kuzungunzana nao njia ya kuzuia mgogoro
huu. Watu hawo wanatakiwa wafike hapa K.K, siku ya Jumanosi jioni
vapatc kaialia hapa ili v':Lichocw.kuhudhuria lkutano, wao
lJurinaili asub2ihi 21/9/52.

Watu vwalliohulkuwivoa siku hiyo ya 8/9 walikuwa viongozi wa
Chama 12. Waliohudhdria kutazaia hukunu za watu hawo walikuwa
kiasi cha 403 au zaidi.

Calling Political Agitators to appear before the Chief. 147.

SSalaan sana. hakuarifu ya kana unwmadikie Jumbo wa ,Mlalo
awalet' wale watu' 10'waliofanya :in~ stoLao paroja na wale viongozi 2,
pia; yule m'piga ngona Hassan Oaari hakufika hapa alivyoqgizwa;,-Kwa
hiyo Zunbe aolete pia.

Spe huyo S'alin barua aelide nayo wapate kufika .hapa Ijuaa
asubuhi saa 3 ni tarehe 12/9/52.

Chief K.Mo. Magogo will be beheaded as King Charles I was. 148.

Ahsante sana. Raia wa Vuga .,:uiJl l, tcna barua ya mwisho.
Tunauliza shauri moja tu King Charles alif'-inywa -inLi? Na Raia
Swa Kiingereza nasema juuya. barua hii waziwazi. Kwamba utapata
.simu kutoka Lushoto kwv, Bwana D.C. tuklpelekakichwa cha Kinweri
S Mfalne wa Vuga nlivyotaka na sibi hatutaki lakini tutafanya kana
nlivyonfanya King'-wenu Uingereza. Ahadi lazima itatinia, wino
huo wekundu ni alana ya danu ya Kimweri anbayo itatoka wakati huo
; pate jibu kabla hatujatimiza ahadi hio Anini. Amini, Amini pasipo

S* CGouldn't it -be proper to call Bawanjama to decide what to do
with Political Agitators. 149.

Salaam wabaaduh tunesikia kuwa kineonekana chana cha uasi
tena katika mwezi huu. Nasi kidogo tumekuwa na shaka kwanba
.j u .::..uj. inayo iadaraka kuitisha nadiwani vkwa haraka kwa janbo
linalotokea ghafla kama hilo na kushauriana jinsi ya kuwafanyia
watu hao waasi wa nanna hiyo. Tumengbja kama tutajulishwa janbo
S:, hili, sisi Wakitala wa Mgwashi lalini hatukulipata ila tunaisikia
tu, hatujui, wenzetu wa'mitaa ningine wdmejulishwa. Leo tunauliza
ili tupate hakika juu ya-jambo hili na watu hao walivyo fanywa.

Wasalaam watumLishi wenu watiifu.

Thhe fictions signatory of a number of letters to the D.C.
is put before the law. 150.

For many ,-onths we. have:-been receiving letters from Mahangu
Kibanga but have never been able to trace hin as the name is

.... The last letter received from him informed me that I was
soon toreceive the chief's Head at the Bona on a plate.

, By good fortune the man was traced to the Vuga Mission
where he is employed as-a clerk. 0Crininal proceedings are being
*taken against him.

He admits that his ltic-re are groundlCs.33. -

The Anti-KoM~., IMagogo Group is also-against the Sub-Chief
of. 11ola. 151. .

Kiitabu dha kazi za nachifu wa.Kenya. Kati,.-2 .ukurasa 36-37
-Funvu la 77 rgaka ngu la 78 Ghasia (RiotI:

.:.:unia.l :, wa Chana cha kunfukuza Bwana Shenge Il ,iio.
Mwaka 1947 aubac anekileta hapa Miola nwaka huo;,.Isinail
Yusufu va n-ji huu wa M1ola na sasa ni mkuu wa Kitala hiki
cha Mlola.

Bwahia I.aLbwa Sala'--n;

Nakuarifu ya kana utu hiuyo niliyentaja jina lake hapo juu, aneanza
tena kuftanya nilkcateno yike ya ghasia ya kuzua fitina ya usiku
katika nji huu; katika nyunba noja fulani. Na ntu huyo Ismail
ndiye aliyesinarla abele ya Bwana Sinbarwvene alipokuja hapa Mlola
tarehe 6 npak a tarehe 9/7/52 kuwa hatuntadi Zunbe.Kassim lakini
hakunLa hata ntu mnoja aliyehudhuria nrutano huo. Kwa kweli
aserayo Isnail ni sawasawa, hatunpendi Zunbe huyo, wala Bwana
Kir.Nweri ha=kual liza sababu ya kusenma hivyo juu ya upelelezi wangu
juu ya mikutano hiyo ya usilku; nii:.epata habari kuvia anawashawishi
watu vianikatae; na wasic]i ni:1 kuifuata nono lake huandikwa kuwa
ni watu wa chama cha Iku kataa Bvrana Sirabamwene ambacho kinezuka
tarehe 26,8.52. Basi vatu aliovwaandika hunpelekea Bwana
Simbanmwene najina yao, Wakuibva wa nk.attano via ghasia ya kuzua
fitina ni hawa:-




Onari Mahangu
Isnail Yusuffu
Ramadhani Dangu .p:,,h huyo nae ni ilau
Abdalah .h;.,ngI:. anl bae na.linfung'E rmwaia 1947 alipopiga ngoma
ya chaaha"bile rildrc; yang ...
Asumani Mkali
Bilali Hoza
i.'!, Salin : .riL, i
Hemedi Kimweri
Ibrahin Kimweri, hao wawili ni ndugu zangu baba n oja na mia
mmoja, na hasa huyo Hemedi KiLweri ndiye anaezidi. kushauri watu
hao ili melkusudi apate kuwa Jumbe IMLuu huu nilio nao. Na
sababu za kufmanya hivyo watu hao ni hizi:-

(1) Henedi Kimweri atalkuwa Junbe Inamu wa Miola.
(2) Ismail Yusuffu atakuwa Juibe mdlogo wa Miola.
(3) Mdoe Salim Mag iza atakuwa Jumbe wa Makanya..
(4) Abdallah1 :.L Ih- .'.:r ato!kuwa mdoe wa;Mlola.
(5) Ibrahnim Kimweri atakuwa karani wa 11l.:a.
(6) *Ranadhani A_.tJ-,.'..'_-j Sheshe
(7) Asmani Ikali "atakuwa Tarishi
(8) Bilali Hoza vilevile ttl--.:77A tarishi, na Omari Mahangu nae
anavyosoma nimoachishwa kazi 1.ii Dress.er na Jumbe Mkuu kwa
kuniandikia barua Bomnai 17-.a hi-.' aabai. za nkutano wao
zinasema baada ya kuwa Junbe. i.l.i Hemedi i':iLLri, atarudishwa
katika kazi yake ya Uganga, na nmg'iagag huyu ationdolewa na
S Juimbe huyo .y ; '

Kwa hiyo Bwana acutbwva watu Ihao wote niliowataja ni watu wa
mji huu; na kila wiki Ismail Yusuffu hutunwa Vuga kwa Bwana
Kimweri na vat7 h",o. EHat- ---reh: //52 alikwou1endsa huko na pia
nimesikia kuwa atalrienda tena tarehe 21/9/52 pamoja na Omari

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