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 Trees for South Florida

Group Title: Mimeographed report - University of Florida Sub-Tropical Experiment Station - ; no. 55-1
Title: Trees of South Florida
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Title: Trees of South Florida
Series Title: Mimeographed report
Physical Description: 13 leaves : ; 28 cm.
Language: English
Creator: Ledin, R. Bruce ( Robert Bruce ), 1914-1959
Sub-Tropical Experiment Station
Publisher: University of Florida, Sub-Tropical Experiment Station
Place of Publication: Homestead Fla
Publication Date: 1955
Subject: Trees -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Genre: government publication (state, provincial, terriorial, dependent)   ( marcgt )
non-fiction   ( marcgt )
Statement of Responsibility: R. Bruce Ledin.
General Note: "January, 1955."
Funding: Mimeographed report (Sub-Tropical Experiment Station) ;
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The publications in this collection do
not reflect current scientific knowledge
or recommendations. These texts
represent the historic publishing
record of the Institute for Food and
Agricultural Sciences and should be
used only to trace the historic work of
the Institute and its staff. Current IFAS
research may be found on the
Electronic Data Information Source

site maintained by the Florida
Cooperative Extension Service.

Copyright 2005, Board of Trustees, University
of Florida


Mimeographed Report No. 55-1 January, 1955


University of Florida
Sub-Tropical Experiment Station
Route 2, Box 508
Homestead, Florida


Size--depends on growing conditions and cultural practices.*
Tall--growing upright, little spreading.
Small--15 feet or less, often shrub-like.
Medium--15 to 25 feet.
Large--over 25 feet and usually with spreading branches.

Flowering and fruiting data:


Availability in nurseries:
X--common, carried by most nurseries.
O--occasionally, that is, carried by some nurseries.
R--rare, available only in a few nurseries, especially those
specializing in the more unusual or little known plants.

Some species have not been grown for a sufficient length of time
in Florida to determine their ultimate size.

i Z,..i-. 'opicai Experimrn t :.i.,iV
Route 1, Box E'3
HIomestead Fl-ri<

Scientific Name

Common Name




W*W. c f 4) 1.w
ibD jaf ~~
IEM to i i -1- ) Wi _
.oS4G)'iOO 40-P
;il ;N:% iE-;PrE i-O 'oPrpagation
:-H i cd to! k
icr;v Pii

______________________________ i -_~ .- -.- i .


Ear-leaf acacia

yellow in
large long spikes

twisted nod



j attractive flower
| 1 and fruits;
O' brittle branches'

Si I b tt I : a an
Acacia confusa med.tc yellow Ipod X X X X seeds better shape and
large i more wind resis-
S_________ tance than above
:. small yellow,fra- narrow,
Acacia seyal iSeyal Acacia to grant, in curved X seeds bright red bark;
___med. balls. sp. pod _____white spines
Large, valued for fruit,
Achras zapota Sapodilla med. small, brown, grafts, O shade tree;
inconsp. edible. sp. X !X X seeds prolific variety
X p ific variety
__ recommended
Adansonia Baobab large long, :white, hard IR huge buttress
digitata ____hanging shell I Xseeds __trunk
yellow, in Inecklace-like
Adenanthera Red sandlewood med.- long clusters4 pod,red seeds S S seeds R red seeds edible
pavonia ____small sp. fa. and wi. __c
J i J i i common, but not
Albizzia lebbek Wo nan's tongue large greenish- large, brown desirable--breaks
iLebbek tree yellow balls. pods. sp. XX :X seeds in storms, weedy,
fa. _____pods nusiance
i Imed.- small, white small quick growing
Albizzia lebbekoide large balls. fa. rown pods.sp. S X X seeds shade tree
Sale yellow p a p quick growing
Albizzia odoratissila large balls. sp. ipods. fa. X X X seeds R shade tree_
white, showy, i small capsules i seeds contain
Aleurites moluccana Candlenut Imed. cup-like. su; with unusual X X X seeds xO poisonous oil
__________ seeds. sp. i

Amoora rohituka




Sale color,
Orange seeds



unusual decora-
tive fruit

Antidesma bunius

Ip mr

small, small, in
ed. spikes. s

- 3,-
p.i edible. fa.


iseeds,air- |0
lgrafting I

male and female
trees, male with
odor offensive

ball-like large, i I seeds, grows well only
Artocarpus altilis Breadfruit large clusters edible X XXX X airlayers R on Keys--sensitive
____________ _____to cold
Artocarpus Jack fruit large ball-like large, X X seeds, grows well on
integrifolia i ___clusters,wi. edible. fa. airlayers mainland
large, airlayers, valued for fruit--
Averrhoa carambola Carambola small small,pink yellow, X X X seeds 0 several crops a
S_______edible ; ___ : year

Bauhinia monandra Summer Bauhinia med. large, pink pod X S seeds 0 These Bauhinias
or orchid tree __ May to Oct. are all fast
Bauhinia aimed. large, white :pod X X !seeds growing, have
mollicella ________ su. ________ butterfly-shaped
Fall Bauhinia large,vari- seeds, leaves; the
Bauhinia purpurea or orchid tree med. able in color pod XX : S X grafting X flowers super-
_Sept. to Dec. __ i __ficially resemble
Bauhinia variegata Winter-spring large, laven- orchids. Are
and var. candida Bauhinia or med. der or white pod XX iS :X seeds X often called
orchid tree Jan. to Mar. ____"Orchid trees"
male and small, large, fast
Bischofia javanica Bischofia large female trees *berry-like X X S X seeds X growing shade
linconsp. fls. i I tree
small, Ilarge, red, black seeds
Blighia sapida Akee med. inconsp. attractive, S seeds 0 poisonous as are
________fa., wi. i f w _unopened fruit
Bombax, Red large, red. does not airlayers, one of the most
Bombax malabarica silk cotton tree large wi. fruit in Fla. X X S large 0i attractive winter
c___ uttings flowering trees
Bucida slow growing but
Bucida buceras Black olive large iinconsp. inconsp. X XX X X seeds R desirable shade
rmed. small, red, in seeds or native; light
Bursera simaruba Gumbo-limbo to inconsp. clusters X X large bronze colored
__large cuttings bark

Butea fronderosa



Large, red,



rn unusual flowers


Bottle brush



attractive small
tree useful in

CatllJisL^CIm euumon .uj. wr l- I ;------ ; -- j
citrinus brush woody capsules airlayers landscaping
-sturdy tree., but
Calophyllum Mast-wood, sturdy tree, but
inophyllnu Kamani med. white,showy small, yellow X X iX Ii seeds iR cold sensitive
S- when young
Ylang-ylang, large, tall brittle
Canangium odoratum Perfume flower tall yellowish, small, purple X seeds 0 tree, fragrant
___ fragrant ______ unusual flowers
--small, iai I a 'native; dark
a s ma seeds 5R green leaves,
Canella winterana Wild cinnamon small small,crimson red berry X seeds g
S i i attractive
S_ I J l _flowers & fruit
large, yello- seeds,
Casimiroa edulis White sapote med. iinconsp. ish edible. wi.S X a X i grafting 0 g f
S yellow, in long long i i i in spring covered
Cassia fistula Golden shower !med. clusters. sp., cylindrical S X S XX seeds X with hanging
su. pods clusters of yellow
a i ji flowers
med.- long, cylindri- s
Cassia javanica Pink Java shower small pink. su. cal podsX X seeds 0
S-..- i long, cylindri- one of the best
Cassia leptophylla Pink shower med. pink, sp. cal pods X X _-seeds R pink showers
Pink and white long, cylindri-
Caesia nodosa shower, Joint med. pink. su. |cal pods X X seeds 0
wood :_ __
-* long cylindrical | t

Cassia robusta 'Pink shower med pink sp. podsseeds
Siamese shower
Cassia siamea or Kassod tree jmed. yellow, fa. Ilongflat pods X X seeds R
S---- long, cylindri-
Cassia spectabilis Yellow shower med. yellow, fa. ical pods X X seeds .R spreading tree
Cassia Br 'Yellwa sahoe can


Australian pine


male and
female in


X .c XX

X seeds

aata~ .4. _________________
_______ _______ _______ a f t~fltfllt


iBrazilian oak

large, o


nly male in

X grafting

be grafted on
Australian pine
seedlings. Both
useful as


ama~~ ppil_ hnt;t-.'lc-


- 5 -

1 tvi i ,sora

mpA -

white with
I nnk lines.

:long slender
sul nodn



sturdy tree with
large flowers

nl- ...... i .. ..-.. . --- -- si
Cecropia palmata Snakewood tree, fleshy 4-6 seeds, attractive large
and peltata Trumpet tree large catkins inches IX X airlayers R leaves, silvery
: __beneath
Ceiba pentandra Silk cotton or white-pink pod to 8 inches i old trees
Kapok large 12-3 in. sp. filled with X S S S seeds R buttress at base
Cotton -- -
Slarge, pink
Chorisia speciosa Floss silk tree large to white, 'does not fruit X *S S grafting R trunk has spines
__showy. wi. in Florida __
Chrysophyllum small, large, green or seeds, leaves green
cainito Star apple large inconsp. su. purple, edible X S S grafting 0 above copper
___., sp. beneath
Chrysophyllum med.- small, small, to 1 leaves copper
oliveforme 'Satin leaf small inconsp. -dark purple X X seeds R beneath; native
Cinnamomiu- Ismall, crushed leaves
camphora I Camphor tree large small, inconsp. black berry X X XX X seeds R have camphor odor
-Cassia-bark aromatic bark
Cinnamomium cassia tree med. small, inconsp. small MX X x X seeds R substitute for
Si j cinnamon; fruits
S- ___ are "cassia buds"
Sj large leathery
Clusia rosea Clusia med.- large, white :large capsule XI X X X IX seeds R leaves; when old
:Tsmal. s
,small or pink _____I _I___l__ i Ihas aerial roots
Coccoloba small, small, dark
laurifolia Pigeon plum med. white spikes purple Xseeds native; upright
small, white .drupe-like native; spreading;
Coccoloba uvifera Sea grape med. spikes Iclusters, :X S X X X seeds X much used in
edible _____landscaping
Large, yellow, leaves shed in
Cochlospermum Cochlospermum or tall showy, wi. sp. large capsules X X seeds R winter followed
vitifolium Yellow shellseed by large buttercui
__________ ________~___ _____~___f____.flowers
scarlet, in
Colvillea racemosa Colvillea tall large nos. on S S seeds R unusual flowering
_top of tree. fa! i tree

Conocarpus erectus
var. sericea

X z



its silverFry leaves

Silver buttonwoodJ small

small in cones


- 6-

Cordia sebestena

MGeiger tret

small jorange-red


- r


native,- valued- -
for bright orange---

,]a e red
Courouptia large, red
guianensis Cannonball tree. large and yellow ilarge,,round ri i X seeds unusual flowers-
flowers on hardshell and fruit
ftZ_ = I _____I
trunk ..
Crescentia alata greenish-yellow large, round.. unusual leaves
and cujete Calabash tree I med. large 'ard sbelL X J X seeds- 0 and fruit
white or i
Dalbergia sissoo Sissoo tall yellowish, small pods S X iX seeds leaves resemble
__________ ___ pea-like ..... __ northern popular
med, large, orange-- i
Delonix regia Royal poincisa-l toi hired to deep red4long -pod iXX X X seeds, X common tree.
1 1 __: large isp. su.__ .... _;.j___________
White, large large, attractive leaves
Dillenia indica Dillenia med showy green, X seeds, R flowers & fruit
iMabolo, velvet; large, reddish
Diospyros discolor apple : med. inconsp. sp. Broan edible X X seeds iR unusual fruit
Large, dark
'dark green leaves-
Diospyros ebenaster Black sapote med, inconsp. sp. green, black X X X seeds R dark green leaves
Sinide edible I unusual fruit
-, -- : i w
Elaeodendron small tree,
oriental Elaeodendron small iinconsp. small, green X XX seeds attractive shape
Enterolobium 'small,whitish, pods shaped very- large hand-
cloarpum Ear pod tree large balls. sp. like ear XX seeds R Rsome shade tree
i |white, fragrant yellowish, seeds & planted for fruit
Eriobotrya japonica Loquat small fa., vi. edible. wi. X X X XX grafting X as well as for
j___a__i ___ ______L_____ i i flowers & leaves
red, pea- | -
Erythrina indica Coral tree large shaped, wi XX X seeds R Erythrinas have
Erythrina orange-red, spines on
poepigiana Coral tree large a-shaped pods X seeds R branches; all
Erythrina i crimson, : species infected
senagalensis j Coral tree med. pe4-haped. wi. pods- XX XX seeds IR by twig borers

Eugenia axillaris-,

Shite stopper


white, small

black berries



Native tree
valued for foliage


Eugenia confusa

Eugenia myrtoides

Eugenia simpsonil

!Red stopper

small small, white

Box-leaf Eugenia small [small, white

Simpson stopper


ismatli, wnite

red berries

'black berries

-. .~r.

red oerries

XIX *x 1x

'X i
j I I I I



native tree valued
for foliage
native tree valued
for foliage
native tree valued
for foliage

Brown, berry- seeds,
Euphoria longana Longa med. smallinconsp. like, edible. XS airlayers R "poor man's
n________su. ____ Ilychee"
'False banyan, z i I cuttings
Ficus altissima Lofty fig large _bright red X X X IX airlayers 0 aerial roots
i orange yellow cuttings, native tree;
Ficus area :SStangler fig large _or red !S X IX seeds aerial roots
SI cuttings
Ficus bengalensis True banyan large red or yellow I X X airlayers aerial roots
Benjamin or Cuttings includes "exotica"
Ficus benjamin Weeping fig med. red X X X X airlayers X most desirable
S__________ species
Ficus brevifolia Shortleaf fig med. yellow to red S X seeds native
Ficus elastic India rubber tree* large ._yellow X X X airlayers IX variegated forms
Ficus infectoria Indian dotted fig large white with i
red dots :XX cuttings
SI cuttings,
Ficus jacquiniaefolia Small leaf fig large ____ reddish X X X XiX airlayers large basal roots
Sj :cuttings,
Ficus kirishnae med. X- S air layers odd leaves
green with cuttings, attractive large
Ficus lyrata iFiddle leaf fig large white dots IX: S X i air layers X fiddle-sh2ped lvs.

Ficus macrophylla

iMorton bay fig


purple dotted
with white


air layers: R

large surface roots

Ficus regulars, cuttings, attractive
Salicifolia, or IWeeping fig med red X S X airlayers weeping branches
Angustissima i i ______*

Ficus religiosa

jSacred Bo-tree


-Ficus retusa(nitida) India laurel fig largely


x! x

yellow or red

XX j cuttings,


leaves unusual

ifew aerial roots,
Thick dense crown

X Ix

--- --

seeds v

- -- -- -- --- --

- 8 -

iW' X XX


few aerial roots

1.LU .U U --~,5I. U I '. .' .. ,______________" _____-_
1-- IIi I I cuttings
Ficus sycamorus Sycamore fig large !large, edible xX X airlayers edible fruit
pink, pea-like. cuttings
Gliricidia sepium iMadre de cacao med. sp 5 in. pod X seeds R "living fence"
-i- i i i .

Grevillea robusta Silk oak tall "bright yellow ipod X |X X iX seeds X silvery leaves
or orange. sp._j -

Guaiacum sanctum




with red seeds.
B: a



native, attractive
but slow growing

sXi grown for
arpullia small, white, orange with grown for
cupanioides Harpullia med. incon. :black seeds X X :X seeds showy fruit
Blue mahoe, Mt. large, red,
Hibiscus elatus mahoe, tree med. Changing to !capsule jX X X seeds, 0 native, hibiscus-
Shibiscus maroon cuttings :like flowers
-Mahoe, large, yellow, seeds, native, hibiscus-
Hibiscus tiliacus Sea hibiscus med. changing to pink capsule X cuttings 0 like flowers
Hibiscus tiliacus eibisc :
med.- male and female round, flattened
Hura crepitans Sandbox large Ion same tree :explodes when S X : seeds trunk with spines;
i Iripe __ __ sap poisonous
:- white, in seeds,
Ixora acuminata White Ixora small large clusters. berry iX S cuttings, R fragrant flowers
and parviflora sp. .airlayers ---
S hired in flat seeds, large, flat, red
Ixora macrothrysa Malay Ixora small clusters red berry X S cuttings, 0 flower clusters
,I ,, i airlayers _
Jacaranda lavender-blue, !2" round, i seeds, attractive blue
acutifolia Jacaranda large showy. sp. Flat pod S X grafting X flower tree, fern-
S i like foliage
large, woody, sausage- 'i unusual because
Kigelia pinnata Sausage tree large Ipurplish-red.sp like, to 2' X seeds 0 of fruit
Koelreuteria yellow in large red, papery attractive flower
formosana Golden rain tree large panicless. fa. pods. fa. X X X seeds 0 and fruit
m s "ods. fa'


Queen's crape-



'pink or
lavender in
,large clusters.

1" capsules


attractive flowers,
small troe?

T)DnB+rr fP- f


T^J JK* jw **jk*^T-L^ ^wl WtAjtn



thorelii and

iCrapemyrtle tree

small Ipale pink-
'lavender. fa.




little known
fall flowering

j small, in- -large, red, grown for
Litchi chinensis Lychee large conspicuous. wi. edible. su. X XS X airlayers X delicious fruit
bahamaensis 'Wild tamarind large :small, white native; fast
_____________ in balls. sp. small pod S X. XX seeds growing tree
Lysiloma med.- small, white attractive,weep-
latisiliqua Cuban lysiloma large !in balls. sp. small pod XX X XX Xseeds R ing branches
Sgrafting, delicious edible
:Xi i !X :X 'Sisnd
Macadamia iMacadamia or imed.- !white in spikes edible X X S X X: seeds, nut; handsome
ternifolia Queensland nut large :fragrant. wi. kernel. fa., wi airlayers R holly-like foliage
large, cone-like, i seeds, grown for flowers
Magnolia virginianal Magnolia large white. sp. red seeds X X X airlayer 0 and foliage
Sj small, in Recommended var.--
Mangifera indica Mango i large large panicles. |variable, Edward, Carrie,
a wi. edible. su. iX i S grafting X Zill, Kent, Keitt,
_____ ____________ saigon, Florigon
Markhamia yellow, attractive yellow
hildebrandii Markhamia large large. sp. long pods X- X j seeds R flowers
Melaleuca med.- white, in !small, attractive plant
leucadendron Cajeput tall bottlebrush woody capsules X; X Xt X X Iseeds X with small,
S clusters. wi. iromic leaves
lavender, in round, yellow the conimoo China
Melia azedarach China berry large loose clusters. berries X X X X!X seeds 0 berry gro:-s well
Ssp. ___ in So, Flor'ida
Metrosideros red fls. but I shrub-like,
tomentosa Metrosideros small as never XX airlayers R valued for dense
Flowered in Fla. ___ foliage
Sound, yellow, attractive, stiff
X XX iXseeds Ivs. & yellow fr.;
Mimusops IMimusops small inconsp. jdry, berry-like X X X seeds vs. & yellow fr.;
roxburghiana suitable for patic
'oval, orange, pyramidal-shape
Mimusops zeyheri JMimusops small inconsp. jberry-like X S JXS X X seeds tree
white in long Ii
Moringa oleifera Horse raddish med. panicles :long pod X X seeds 0 continuous
tree blooming

Muntingia calabura

MifTn-muvn kr<'pw1 o'H

Muntingia, Panama
berry, Jamaica

Curry tree


10 -

white, :small, red or
strawberry-like yellow, berry :X. iX

Small, white
small in clusters





I attractive small
0 !tree vith
|edible fruits
leaves with
R Curry flavor

bluish, pea- attractive tree
Myroxylon perierae Balsam-of-Peru Med. like in one seeded pods S i seeds with weeping
S hanging i branches and un-
S clusters. sp. usual flowers
Si i ________________ and fruit
Guinea-peach or :med.- :ball--lke, flowers resemble

o r i i seeds se natside
Nauclea orientalis Pin-cushion large fragrant, su. large, round X X seeds Ith native
flower ____ ______ __ button-bush

emarginiata Madagascar olive small fa. olive-like X S ,X IX seeds R Iplant
large white, thorny; flowers
,0ncoba spinosaw .. Oncoba .-....- -med. yellow center. large, round S. X. iX seeds 0 camellia-like
u i
large, promi-
Pachira fatuosa Shaving brush med. nent stamens, does not fruit airlayers,
pink or white, in Florida XX large 0 flowers open
sp. cuttings at night
male and female large pineapple j seeds, leaves spiny;
Pandanus utilis Screw pine med. trees like X S X X large 0 vs. used for
S| | cuttings weaving baskets
______ I i____ i etc.
Parkinsonia ismall- yellow, I", in graceful
aculeata Jersualem thorn med. large clusters. 4 in. pod S X seeds X branches,
S__sp., su. ___thorny
Parmentifera bell-shaped, candle-like, unusual flowers
cerifera and Candle tree med. whitish-green. 1 ft. long, X Xseeds and fruits
elata _sp., su. fleshy
Peltophorum or med.- yellow in i i i attractive
Peltophorum inerme yellow poinciana large large terminal small pods X ) seeds R foliage and
clusters. sp. I I II floors

Persea americana



inconsp. wi.

green to
purple, edible.
su., fa., wi.


recommended var.
X Pollock, Hall,
Fairchild, Itz

Y i ?- -- .-- --



- 11 -

Pimenta officinaliai

All srice

small small.white

small, berry

i x S
1xi Is


attractive dark
green foliage

Pithecellobium white, 'red pods, I slow growing
arboreum med. ball-shaped black seeds S .X : I. seeds R attractive
,r e j :_!foliage
reddish once popular;
Pithecellobium Manila tamarind large white balls coiled pod X X seeds thorny, weedy,
dulce susceptible to
d u i wind & insects
Pithecellobium orange-yellow,
junghunianu large in clusterswi. iX i i i I _seeds _
Pittosporum small. small, white seeds, thick, compact
ferrugineum med. inconsp. small, yellow X X S cuttings growth
Pittosporum Willow-leaf ssmall- small, white, small, yellow, seeds, good small tree,
pentandra Pittosporum med. inconsp. su. wi. X X S cuttings X flowers small
S-but fragrant

Plumeria alba

WThite Frangipani

Ssmall-i white with
;med. yellow center
fragrant. su.

:twin pods



Plumeria Blunt-leaf small- white with
emarginata Frangipani med. yellow center twin pods X cuttings X
fragrant. su. j

Plumeria rubra

* Rose-pink

med. rose pink

twin nods




Frangipanies have
fragrant flowers,
*. leaves are
attacked by a
fungus rust

..........--- ~- I i I i I ( L -i--
med.- pea-like,pink, I one of the best
Pongamia pinnata Pongam i large lavender to Xflat, one seeded S X X X X X seeds X shade trees, witt
white. sp. pod graceful weep-
S_ 'a .ing branches
Pouteria Canistel, small- large, orange- seeds grown for
campechianaEgg fruit med. inconsp. yellow, edible :X X Xgrafting 0 fruit
variable, seeds, recommended var.
Psidium guajava Guava small white, showy edible. fa., wi. X X X airlayers, X Ruby, Supreme,
Sg____rafting Pink Indian
Quercus native; good
virginiana Live oak large inconsp. acorns X S X X seedlings 0 shade tree
Radermachera 'large, lavender' s
fenicis lRadermachera med. clusters. sp. long pods XI X X: seeds R hardy tree

Sabinea carinalis



Sred, resembling
the northern narrow pods
Sred bud. sp.


; seeds

R flowering, small

- 12 -

Tamarindus indica


med yelow and red., To. ihpdDL
large 'in clusters. sul pulpis ap. ,

x XXx


Shardu.y, shade


k j lyellowish,pink large, graceful
Samanea saman Rain tree large stamens 8" flat pods X X seeds R !tree
Schleffera Ismall, red, very useful tree
actinophylla Queensland tall massed on long small capsules X!I X i seeds, in landscaping
(Brassaia) umbrella tree stalks ____ I__suckers X and for patios
Schinus Brazilian pepper small-i red berries. leaves aromatic;
terbinthefolius tree ed. small, greenish fa. X X seeds X grown for red
S____ i berries
Small, pale 1 in. long, red I
Simarouba glauca Paradise tree med. yellow, in long changing to X X seeds R native tree
clusters black
large, blue, unusual flowers;
Solanum macranthum Brazilian small fade to pale 2" green berry IX X| 'seeds, short-lived
potato tree blue i __cuttings tree; thorny
large, orange- one of the best
Spathodea African tulip large scarlet borne long pod S X seeds X winter flowering
campanulata tree ion top of trees
Street. wi., sp. __
|large, yellow i
Stenolobium stands Yellow elder small borne in pro- long, narrow S X seeds X flowers in fall
fusion. fa. pods _
med all, whitishlarge, compact, rounded
Swietenia mahogani Mahogany large sp. oody capsule seeds X head
med.- Iwhite, promi- around, pale
Syzygium jambos Rose apple large Inent stamens yellow, edible XX X X X seeds 0 fruit edible
sp., su.
Jambolan or :white, in dense purple, plum- seeds, good windbreak
Syzygium cumini Java plum large clusters. wi like edible.sp. X X X X X grafting 0 tree
-., ,:Corky bark.,
Silver trumpet "yellow, large, j j corky bark,
Tabebuia argentea tree med. Ibell-shaped. IX X IX grafting R masses of yellow
isp. flowers, silver
__________ leaves
Pink flowering large, pink i most attractive
Tabebuia palmer Tabebuia med. ior mauve, fa. wi. X X X X Igrafting R tabebuia with
__ ____________ _____large purple fls,
Tabebuia pallida Pink Tabebuia large large, pink.su. slim pod X X X X .X seeds O sturdy tree

" i

Terminalia catappa


Tropical almond



yellow. su.

whintish in
long spikes

- 13 -

1l" round
capsule. sp.

i. smootn, rea

__ _ __ _ j -.

Terminalia mulleri

Muller Terminalia


Small, white, j3/4" dark
iin long spikes. blue. fa.,wi.

ix xi i ix!

S Ix

x x I xl



S seeds

Terminalia nitida 'Black Terminalia :med. inconsp. su. .large,brown.fa. X :X X j seeds


Rice paper


in large
umbels, white.

X X i :


good shade tree;
'bark pink.
leaves tiuc
in late fall

R attractive fruit

0 patios

S Hibiscus-like,
Thespesia populnea Seaside mahoe med. yellow chang- woody capsule X X seeds R native tree
ing to dark red i
glanulosa and Princess tree, small large, small capsule X X X seeds, 0 does well in
semidecandra Purple glory bush purple i cuttings sandy acid soil

Tipuana tipu Tipu tree med. yellow, sp. small pods S X seeds R
,~~~~ ~~~~~ .. .. _:,


iIndian .uliube

small, white
S star-like.
aimed. fa.

rlesny, crab-
apple like,
edible. wi.

S i X
is x l


R thorny, grown
for fruit

Terminalia- ar na Ar-an



.. .. .... a d j u

~rrmi nn.t~ n. 4s~una

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