Some ornamental trees ans shrubs native to the Florida Keys

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Some ornamental trees ans shrubs native to the Florida Keys
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Mimeographed report
Ledin, R. Bruce ( Robert Bruce ), 1914-1959
Sub-Tropical Experiment Station
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Homestead Fla
University of Florida, Sub-Tropical Experiment Station
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6 leaves : ; 21 x 28 cm.


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Plants, Ornamental -- Florida -- Florida Keys ( lcsh )
South Florida ( local )
City of Coral Gables ( local )
Shrubs ( jstor )
Berries ( jstor )
Insects ( jstor )
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Includes bibliographical references.
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"November, 1955."
Mimeographed report (Sub-Tropical Experiment Station) ;
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R. Bruce Ledin.

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University of Florida
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Mimeographed Report N 56-2 November, 1955


R. Bruce Ledin

University of Florida
Sub-Tropical Experiment Station
Route 2, Box 508
Homestead, Florida


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Scientific Name


Acacia farnesiana Sweet Acacia Ishrub, 12 ft. yellow, balls i3" long cylindri spines present
Opopanax ______ cal pod
Amyris elemifera Torchwood Ishrub or small small, greenish small, in leaves aromatic
tree inconspicous clusters, black when crushed
____i leaflets 3 or 5
Borrichia Sea ox-eye shlarge, yellow
frutescensdaisyj shrub to 4 ft. heads Silvery leaves X
Bourreria ovata Strongback" shrub or small white, open |1/2" berry-like ;attractive
Strongbark tree, to 30' clusters orange white flowers
Bumelia Tropical buckthorn Ishrub, or small white, clusters, ;oval, dark numerous spine-
angustifolia Saffron plum i tree, to 20' very fragrant purple like branches, X
j 2 small narrow
____ leaves
Gumbo-Limbo, greenish, not -small, red, 1/2" characteristic
Bursera simaruba Gum-elemi Itree to 60 ft. conspicuous long, 3 angled, light-bronze
___splits open bark
Byrsonima Locust berry shrub to 15' pink, red or 1/2", brown, attractive
cuneata white clusters edible flowers
Callicarpa French mulberry white, in in dense Iattractive when
americana beauty bush Ishrub to 5' clusters, on clusters, i in fruit
S___ stems purple _
Calyptranthes |shrub or small small, brown attractive
pallens Pale lidflower tree, 20 ft. small, white or black foliage
Canella cinnamon tree to 25 ft. small, in clus- small, dark -attractive
winterana ters, reddish red tree
Capparis shrub or small large, white to ;pod to 1 ft. Leaves with
cynophallophora Caper tree tree, to 20' purple long rusty or
S, _silvery scales
Casasia Seven-year oval to 3" long ;characteristic
clusiaefolia apple shrub to 10' white, large green, woody shaped leaves X
white to yellow round, white :attractive in
Chiococca alba Snowberry shrub or vine small, bell- showy fruit
Sound or oval attractive green
Chrysobalanus Cocoplum shrub, to 15' small, white eyellowish-white leathery X
icaco to purple, foliage

Common Name






Satin leaf

tree to 30 ft.

small, white

small, dark-
purple, edible

leaves dark green
above, copper
color below.

Citharexylum orange-red to
fruiticosum Fiddlewood tree to 25 ft. white, clusters black, edible ___
Coccoloba not showy, to *", dark-
laurifolia !Pigeon plum tree to 50 ft. in spikes purple, edible
white, grape-like
Coccoloba uvifera Seagrape tree to 25 ft. in spikes clusters, white large, round :
to dark purple, i leaves.
edible. _
Coccothrinax in clusters -, round, black leaves tan-
argentata Silver palm tree to 40 ft. to 5 ft. long edible like silvery-
____ white below.
Cocos nucifera Coconut tree to 100 ft. small, pale to 15" long
yellow clusters edible__
Colubrina -- shrub or small greenish-yellow 1/3 in. wide,
asiatica tree to 20' inconspicuous brown
Colubrina small, pale 1/3" across, brown fuzz on
ferruginosa Snake bark tree to 50 ft. yellow black leaves and
Colubrina Naked-wood small, greenish- round, 3-lobed bark brown,
reclinata Soldier-wood tree to 50 ft. yellow red flaky.
Conocarpus erectus Silver tree to 25 ft., dense, round like small valued for
var. sericea buttonwood or shrub heads pine cone attractive X
____ silvery leaves
small tree 'to 2" wide, white, edible leaves rough
Cordia sebestena Geiger tree to 20 ft. orange-red pear-shaped j to touch
Cupania glabra Cupania small tree or not showy, in 3-lobed brown !rare tree
_shrub-like spikes capsule
salicifolia !Bustic tree to 50 ft. white, small oval, black common
Dodonea V'-rnish-leaf or papery, winged :attractive when
microcarya Hopbush shrub to 6 ft. small, purple reddish in fruit
Drypetes shrub or tree i in. round
lateriflora Whitewood to 20 ft. small, greenish orange-red
Erithalis small, white, attractive
fruticosa Erithalis shrub to 6 ft. in clusters black green foliage X



spreading shrub


white or

in dense
clusters, yellow around cover

Eugenia j axillary, white -
axillaris White stopper tree to 25 ft. borne on black, in. leaves pointed
S________branches ___
Eugenia i|-small tree or white, on leaves rounded,
buxifolia Box-leaf stopper shrub to 15 ft. branches black, in. common
i dense clusters,
Eugenia confusa Red stopper tree to 40 ft. white !red, in. Rare on Keys
Eugenia longipesj Trailing stopper shrub to 10 ft. white purple, in. --
Exostema small tree or tubular white
caribaeum Princewood shrub to 20' or pink to 2" woody pod
Exothea small, in large round, black
paniculata Inkwood tree to 40 ft. panicles i in. !2, 4, or 6 leaflets
I iorange-yellow
Ficus aurea : Strangler fig tree to 60 ft. o red stemless fast rowing
Ficus brevifoliai Short leaf fig tree to 50 ft. yellow to red,
Forestiera white,
pinetorum I Wild olive shrub to 3 ft. inconspicuous oval, black __
Guettarda pink, red, yellow
elliptica i Velvet seed -shrub to 15 ft. tubular red, velvety _
Guettarda scabra Rough velvet seed shrub to 15 ft. white or ed red velvety leaves rough ____
Guiacum sanctum Lignan-vitae tree to 30 ft. blue, 3/4"wide orange-yellow slow growing,
t attractive tree
____uc_____Id. ________ .__________ _____ __________j_____________ atrct_ tree ____
Gymnanthes lucid Crabwoodtree to 30 ft. inconspicuous 3-lobed capsule
Fire bush
Hamelia patens Scarlet bush shrub to 12 ft. reddish-orange 'berry, black leaves often red
Hibiscus Sea hibiscus small tree large, yellow roots readily --
tiliaceus Mahoe to 15 ft. changing to pink velvety capsule from branches X
Icacorea white, in
paniculata Marlberry shrub to 15 ft. clusters berry, black :attractive shrub
small tree or no spines,
Ilex cassine Dahoon holly shrub to. 20 ft. small, white red attractive red fruit
Jacquinia i across, round, orange-
keyensis I Joe-wood I shrub to 12 ft. white,fragrant red :attractive shrub X
ferreum Black ironwood tree to 30 ft. inconspicuous : oval, black

carol inianum

Christmas berry

shrub to 6 ft.


blue to white

berry, red

unusual blue-
flowering shrub

bahamensis Wild tamarind tree to 60 ft. white balls flat pod fast growing
Mimusops I mall tree 3/4" across,
emarginata 1Wild dilly to 20 ft. i yellow clustered round, brown
Myrica cerifera iBay berry shrub or small small, berries covered
"Nut myrtle tree, to 15 ft. inconspicuous with a bluish 'leaves aromatic
small, white, long, dark
Ocotea Lancewood tree to 30 ft. in clusters blue in a red
catesbyana __ _receptacle__________
Picramnia small, white, in attractive when
pentandra Bitterbush shrub to 15 ft. long spikes red to black in fruit
Piscidia Jamaica dogwood I pea-like, white 4" long, brown attractive when
pisciula Fish poison tree tree to 30 ft. and lavender winged pod in flower
Pithecellobium Cats-claw, shrub or small dense, round heads
unguis-cati jBlack bead tree to 20 ft. greenish-yellow twisted pod thorny
_____or pink___
Prunus West Indian cherry inconsipcuous
myrtifolia Laurel cherry tree to 25 ft. white black, round leaves aromatic
Psychotria nervosa Wild coffee shrub to 10 ft. white red berry unusual shrub
bahamensis 'Wild coffee shrub to 6 ft. white red berry _
Randia sculeata IBox briar shrub to 10 ft. i white, fragrant white berry thorXy
Rapanea black,
guianensis Myrsine shrub to 10 ft. greenish,small I brne on branched
Reynosia 'Darling plum, purple,
septentrionalis Red ironwood tree to 30 ft. inconspicuous 3/4" long,
Rhacoma leaves
ilicifolia Christmas berry depressed shrub small, reddish red holly-like_
Rhacoma shrub or small
crossopetalum ihacoma tree to 10 ft. inconspicuous red
Sabal palmetto Cabbage palmetto tree to 50 ft. in clusters wide, black
Sapindus small, in round, 3/",
saponaria 'Soapberry tree to 30 ft. lmose clusters brown
Scaevola plumieri *Beach berry shrub to 5 ft. i tubular, white round, black X
Simaruba glauca 'Paradise tree tree to 40 ft. pale yellow, oval, red, be-
Slong clusters coming dark purple
________________________________________________ .i.-


Necklace pod

shrub to 6 ft.

- 6 -


long pod con-
stricted between

leaves silvery

Strumpfia white or pink, i small, white
maritima Strumpfla shrub to 4 ft. in clusters or red. X
Suriana yellow, clustered 4 nut-like *attractive shrub
maritima Bay cedar I shrub to 10 ft. among the leaves parts Ifor coast X
Swietenia small, white brown, wooly
mahogani Mahogany tree to 60 ft. in clusters 1 pod Igood shade tree
Thespesia large, yellow be- woody, 5-parted jHibiscus-like
populnea Seaside mahoe tree to 50 ft. coming dark red capsule flowers
Thrinax Key or brittle small, whitish, white, stalk- leaves fan shaped
microcarpa thatch palm tree to 30ft. in clusters less berries silvery beneath
Thrinax Florida thatch small, whitish, leaves green
parviflora palm tree to 30 ft. in clusters white berry beneath
Torrubia shrub or small small, in- bright red,
longifolia Blolly tree to 25 ft. conspicuous in clusters,
Tournefortia white, in one- leaves white,
gnaphalodes Sea lavender shrub to 6 ft. sided spikes I round, black velvety
Ximenia Tallowwood small tree yellow, in small plum-like,
americana plum to 20 ft. clusters yellow :spiney
Zanthoxylum small tree small, round, leaves aromatic,
fagara Wild lime to 20 ft. small, greenish brown spiney