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Group Title: UF Faculty Senate Newsletter
Title: UF Faculty Senate Newsletter. Janury, 2005.
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Title: UF Faculty Senate Newsletter. Janury, 2005.
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Publication Date: January, 2005
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    Policy council election results
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    December Faculty Senate meeting resolutions
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    Action items for January Senate meeting
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    Laudamus: College of Engineering
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U.F. Faculty Senate Newsletter
January, 2005 Issue

Inside you will find....

Message from the Chair
Pierre Ranmond

Thanks to your increased participation, the
business of the Faculty Senate is moving forward.
Attendance to Senate meetings is increasing, with
94 Senators present at the December meeting.
Participation in the Council elections has also been
impressive with 110 senators casting their votes.

The Policy Councils are becoming increasingly
involved in University affairs. Their excellent
groundwork is an auspicious beginning to true
shared faculty governance.

In this newsletter we are starting a new feature
"Laudamus", which highlights the national awards
and achievements of faculty members. This month
we recognize the faculty awardees in the College of

University-wide elections to the Faculty Senate will
be held in a few months, and we need to make sure
they are run according to our Constitution. We
must also ensure that faculty compensation
continues to be addressed with the same vigor as in

The Faculty Senate has its own office in Tigert Hall
and Administrative Assistant, Mrs. Christie
Hennigan, as well as a budget. Such tangible
developments would not have happened without
the help of President Machen and of (then Provost)
David Colburn.

I hope that this year, the Senate will begin to play a
greater role in addressing the strategic and
academic issues that face us.

December Senate Resolutions Page
Action Items for January Senate Page
Meeting 2
Laudamus Page
Meeting Calendar P

Policy Council Election Results

Council on Academic Freedom, Faculh OQuality &
rFacul t Welfare
* Mike Katovich, Professor, Pharmacodynamics Three
Year Term
* Rebecca Pauly, Associate Professor, Internal Medicine -
Three Year Term
* Reza Abbaschian, Professor, Materials Science Two Year
* Doug Cenzer, Professor, Mathematics Two Year Term
* Joseph Layon, Professor, Anesthesiology One Year Term
* Chris Snodgrass, Professor, English One Year Term

Council on Academic Infrastructure & Support
* Peggy Carr, Associate Professor, Landscape Architecture -
Three Year Term
* Lisa McElwee-White, Professor, Chemistry Three Year
* David Bloomquist, Associate Professor, Civil & Coastal
Engineering Two Year Term
* Scott Nygren, Associate Professor, English Two Year
* Jerry Cutler, Professor, Art & Art History One Year Term
* Bryan Weber, Assistant Professor, Nursing Adult &
Elderly Care One Year Term

Council on Academic Planning, Budgeting & Resource
* Frank Bova, Professor, Neurological Surgery Three Year
* Colette St. Mary, Associate Professor, Zoology Three
Year Term
* Jim Pettigrew, Associate Professor, Dentistry Two Year
* George Wilson, Associate Professor, Community Health &
Family Medicine Two Year Term
* Ellis Greiner, Professor, Pathobiology One Year Term
* Naomi Young, Assistant Librarian One Year Term

Council on Academic Policy, Curriculum & Structure
* Donna Duckworth, Professor, Molecular Genetics &
Microbiology Three Year Term
* John "Jack" Mecholsky, Professor, Materials Science &
Engineering Three Year Term
* Joan Frosch, Associate Professor, Theatre & Dance Two
Year Term
* Luise White, Professor, History Two Year Term
* Cal Dolce, Associate Professor, Dentistry One Year Term
* Anita Spring, Professor, Anthropology One Year Term

Council on Academic Research & Scholarship
* Mary Ann Burg, Associate Professor, Community Health
& Family Medicine Three Year Term
* Saeed Khan, Professor, Medicine Three Year Term
* Karen Bjorndal, Professor, Zoology Two Year Term

* Richard Yost, Professor, Chemistry Two Year Term
* Brandon Kershner, Professor, English One Year Term
* Jim Rodrigue, Professor, Clinical & Health Psychology
One Year Term

All information pertaining to Policy Councils can be
found on the Faculty Senate website at
httn:/ /www.senate.ufl.edu/menus/councils.htm

Master of Science with Major in Decision
Information Sciences
December Faculty Senate PASSED
Meeting Resolutions

S Ad Hoc Committee on Tenure,
Dr. James Klausner
Recommendation Number Eight
"College level tenure and promotion boards shall
provide recorded individual assessments to the
college deans as part of their fact finding and
consultative role in the review of promotion and
tenure cases. An individual assessment shall consist
of a college tenure and promotion board member
indicating whether or not the candidate meets the
standards required for tenure and/or promotion
within that college, and that assessment shall
become part of the tenure and promotion packet.
The individual assessors shall not be identified in
the tenure and promotion packet."

* New Department: College of Medicine,
Dr. Timothy Flynn
Department of Aging & Geriatric Research

* Constitution Committee,
Danaya Wright
Constitutional Language for Policy
Voting members of each Council shall consist of six (6)
members elected by the Senate from the Senate
membership, one member will be appointed by the
President or the President's designee, and the
Chairperson of each Contributing Committee. The Chairs
of Related Committees to a Council shall serve as non-
voting members of those Councils with the right to
propose inquiries and other actions.
Council members elected by the Senate serve three-year
staggered terms. If an elected Council member's Senate
term expires before the Council term, the member will
continue to serve on the Council until the end of the three-
year Council term.

* Graduate Council,
Dr. Ken Gerhardt

Action Items for
January Senate Meeting

*Ad Hoc Committee on Sustainability,
Dr. Les Thiele
Committee Resolutions
1.) The University of Florida shall establish a
university-level Office of Sustainability to serve
as a clearinghouse and coordinator of
administrative, academic and research
sustainability initiatives.
2.) The Sustainability Committee shall be
empanelled as a permanent joint-committee
with modifications to membership and charge:

3.) The University of Florida shall provide interim
funding to maintain the ongoing programs and
activities of the existing Office of Sustainability
within the College of Design, Construction and
Planning. Ongoing programs and activities
include, but are not limited to the following: 1)
Zero-Waste Initiative with UAA and the
Physical Plant Division; 2) campus-wide Carbon
Neutrality program; and 3) academic teaching
and conferences.

University Curriculum Committee,
Dr. Sheila Dickison
Degree Title Change B.S. in Applied
Physiology & Kinesiology


This month we recognize the College of Engineering and those faculty members who have recently
been presented Awards, Honors & Recognitions.

Chairman and Vladimir A. Grodsky Professor
Department of Materials Science and Engineering

2003 American Society of Engineering Education -
Donald E. Marlo\\e Award

Assistant Professor
Industrial and Systems Engineering

1 2004 Societv of Manufacturing Engineers -
\1. Eugene Merchant Outstanding Young
!MaInufactluring Engineer Award
Chemical Engineering

The American Institute of Chem ical Engineers 2003 George Lappin Award

Professor Emeritus
Materials Science & Engineering

I005 minerals. Metals and Materials
Society Educator A\-ard
Assoc iate Professor
lMaterials Science & Engineering

Uni\-ersit\ of Florida's Teacher of the Year Award

U Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

American Society of Mechanical Engineers -

I Burt L. Ne\\ kirk Award
Distinguished Professor
NMaterials Sc ence & Engineering

Elec trochemical Society's Elec ronics Division Award

Laudamus (continued)

Carol Lehtola
Associate Professor
agricultural & Biological Engineering

The American Society of Agricultural Engineers has named
Carol J. Lehtola winner of the 2004 NAM IC Engineering Safety Award

Six engineering assistant professors received highly competitive National Science Foundation
(NSF) CAREER awards in 2004. CAREER awards support the early career-development activities
of teacher-scholars who are most likely to be academic leaders in the 21st century.

Jason Butler,
Assistant Professor
Chemical Engineering

Dynamics, Rheology and Microrheology of Rigid Polymers and Brownian Fibers

Jason Weaver,
Assistant Professor
Chemical Engineering

Growth Properties
and Reactivity of Oxygen Phases on Noble Metal Catalysts

Christopher Jermaine,
Assistant Professor
Computer & Information Science & Engineering

New Technologies for Online Aggregation

Markus Schneider,
Assistant Professor
mputer & Information Science & Engineering

Database Integration of Space, Time and Uncertainty as a Foundation for Geographical Information

EZuo-Jun (Max) Shen,
Assistant Professor
Industrial & Systems Engineering

Designing Integrated Supply Chain Systems and Practical Market Mechanisms

Brian Mann,
Assistant Professor
Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Measurement and Predictive Dynamics of Mesoscale Milling


Su Mo Tu e hu r a

New Years Day!

2 3 4 5 6 7 8
2:00-3:30pm Classes Begin Elections End
Academic Freedom,
Tenure, Professional
Relations & Y
Committee, 1151
McCarty Hsll

9 10 11 12 13 14 15
9:30-10:30am 3:00-4:30pm 3:00-5:00pm 12:00-1:00pm
Lakes, Vegetation, & Ad Hoc Compensation Senate Steering Council on Academic
Landscaping Committee, 239 Committee, 226 Policy, Curriculum &
Committee, 232 Tigert Hall Tigert Hall Structure w/ Interim
Stachum Provost Glover, 239
**Newly Elected Tigert Hall
Policy Council 9:00 4:00pm
Members begin ACFS Meeting

16 17 18 19 20 21 22
Martin Luther 12:00-1:00pm 3:00-5:00pm
King Jr. Day Council on Academic Faculty Senate
UF Closed Freedom, Faculty Meeting
2 Quahty & Faculty Reitz Union
Welfare w/ Provost Auditorium
Glover, 239 Tigert
3:30 5:00pm
Ad Hoc Sustainability
Committee, 304
Rinker Hall

23 24 25 26 27 28 29
12:00-1:00pm 12:00-1:00pm
Council on Academic Council on Academic
Planning, Budget & Research &
Resource Allocation Scholarship w/
w/ Provost Glover, Provost Glover, 239
239 Tigert Hall Tigert Hall

30 31

All Senators, Deans, Faculty (and others) are encouraged to check the Faculty Senate website, (http://www.senate.ufl.edu) for
updated information and postings.

All meeting times, locations and agendas will be posted in advance of the meeting, and minutes following, in a timely manner.

Faculty Senate 235C Tigert Hall P.O. Box # 113175 Gainesville, FL 32611 10
Phone 352/ 392-9019 http:/ /www.senate.ufl.edu Facsimile 352/392-8735

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