Group Title: Animal science newsletter
Title: Animal science newsletter ; August 2007
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Title: Animal science newsletter ; August 2007
Series Title: Animal science newsletter
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Language: English
Creator: Department of Animal Sciences, IFAS
Publisher: Florida Cooperative Extension Service, Department of Animal Sciences, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, University of Florida
Publication Date: August 2007
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In This Issue...

Basic lcat & Poultri HACCP Tranmllm
Course 1
111"' Rcgional Ha\ Field Da\
io\ crnoi and Cabinet Honoi A-mcrica s
(ol\\ bo\ s
Beef (clickoff Group to Roll Out Nc\\ L ini
of Beef Cuts
NCBA Stre.sss Grass.lands Pcicr\xation.
Disaster Assistancc 3
Florida Eqinme Institute &: Allicd Trade
Sho\ -4

August 2007

Dates to Remember


1-5 S .uthLnl Rcl iu.Il 4-II I1 hinL- I m pi-.| inil l- -
MN .liplli~-. IN
-I N I- W 6 's in ..i R u! l Plii ttIi i IPl, 11. In \\ ..i! -1. ..- INI I l
t, 1 ).m D I l V I .11- .m i 'l h .I pl i LE i >l. 1- L
6-9 BL.. I I JllAt RI.podl un.i'lI n L In ..L.L nlL int I.lli lI -
DlLr P.iik. 1- L
9) N I h-Iiid.l, BCLLI! ,I->.I.IlL tI-h.l D ,i- Ai 1 L.hl. 1- L
1 I 1 1 i. HL1.l- II .I IJL A .L I.I I .iliti .i -I
ki-iiiuiiLL I L
11 B.ji Pd-l IIIIL 'l. 1 l h .t t S hl,.nin \\ ll l!.l.. IL
15 I iii L. A.\ i"i i iiiiiii iLL. RILLiiii._ I !ii 1iiii.LL. IL
I B iL LC l' llIl'. A -I' A iL CL ilil Ii .i1 ll 1 h !ii il:'. I- L
16-1'7 HB .1i, 1 al \ I'. I li e, I IA.L l i.iiiii I'. !.iiii
[)iLIIII l Hui. i 1- L
21 BCi l'Ad\ ior. C I11n11Illlc MICL lIII'c Lr I Oa.; -L
2N H Ia 1 .I ll lk N lill .a .l l C.mi iI l t.t. lti i
2 \ l \.LI ( 1 N iiii-i., N,. ii L Iii .I10. Li
2Q-30 BcL I L ti Rcpil C1du. .ii & Palllat 'ii \\ ,i l. ,'lip "
II [FA' D[air. Ri.-Larh l nL l ILitiL. L
31 1- 'ik I H t I 6 .L I I "'D i ) i Lk I ill 1 .A i 11- .i 1.1l

I PiiiiL r- i PIi. rL-- XXI S.,l- \\ .dL- k A
5-6 Advanced Pasture Management School Arcadia &
Ona, FL
12-14 F A Fall iai ilL. 'L I U L 1a1ola. FL
19 CIH Educational Seminar "Managing Prices for
Optimal Cattle Returns" Okeechobee, FL
2 III I dl.J l ln.J! i cll!!!! "1 M ill l !iII PIl hr lI,
i-l | !i| 1.ll i rall.I RL ull ."!!'" k1!'-lll!ln C I-L
20 FL Equine Institute & Allied Trade Show Ocala, FL
21 C1111 dLI.ILI a i'iial illllinal l '"Rlianal:. l: PI i' C. tI .
OpIHrnaI I C. lllC R l .lt n," 6.IL iu I IIIc. L
22 Pine Ridge Angus Sale Omega, GA
25 B LI! L .1ill N ul ll 11 li ,r I P1II 1 inhI L i. ll'. .
\ idco \ a ii.'- l I-.'iidd Lo ai'. n-iii
29 Open Hereford Show, Suwannee River LS Pavillion -
Fanning Springs, FL

SDon't miss this opportunity!

UF FLORibA Basic Meat & Poultry HACCP
Training Course
August 16 & 17, 2007
Hilton Deerfield BeachlBoca Raton Deerfield Beach, FL
This program is designed to provide the attendee with a
working knowledge ofHACCP and its supporting programs.
The information will be presented by certified instructors
in short, concise lectures. In addition, within small working
groups, the attendees will actually develop a HACCP plan
and present it to the class for discussion and critique.
Upon successful completion of the course, the attendee
will be registered with the International HACCP Alliance
and recognized as completing a HACCP training program.
Cost for his training course is $350.00. To register, please
visit For registration
information, please contact Pam Gross at (352) 392-1916 For program information, please contact
Larry Eubanks at (352) 392-7528 or

The Institute ofFood andAgricultural Sciences (IFAS) is an Equal Employment Opportunity Affirmative Action Employer authorized to provide research educational information, and other
services only to individuals that function with regard to race, color sex, age, handicap, or national origin. For information on obtaining other extension publcations, contact your county
Cooperative Extension Service office.

S-;Y Northeast Florida
Beef and Forage Group
10th Regional Hay
Field Day

Registration 8:30 AM
$5.00 per person for lunch

Discussions/Demonstrations &
Table Displays
0 Drought Related Options
0 Hay Quality
0 Forage Insect Management
0 Irrigation Options
0 Haylage
0 Pesticide Management (CEU's)
* Fcrneo RMP's


' :.O 1 I 0 A

11605 NW 140th
Aldchud, FL 3261

Shaw & SoIw Farms
11605 NW 140th St I San Fe
Alachu.7 FL 32615
20o02 Miism I Corp 20002 Na~h, andmOrGDT., r. /
Directions to Farm:

elasco Ha
ate PresE

1-75 to Alachua Hwv 441 Exit. East or

intersection of Hwy 441 & 235. Turn Right (south) at red
light. Go over RR tracks, 241 will split off to the left. Take
left on Hwy 241 South. Go approximately 2 miles, Shaw
& Shaw farms will be on the left.



IFAS Extension

Governor and
Cabinet Honor

Resolution Introduced by Bronson
Designates Special Day

Governor Charlie Crist and the Florida Cabinet
honored the state's historic cattle industry by adopting a
resolution declaring July 28 as "National Day of the
American Cowboy."
The resolution, which was unanimously approved,
was introduced by Florida Agriculture and Consumer
Services Charles H. Bronson, a fifth-generation Floridian
whose family has been in the cattle and farming business
since the 1630s.

Florida is the oldest cattle-raising state in the nation,
tracing its long heritage to 1521, when Ponce de Leon
.a."- introduced cattle and horses to Florida. Today, cattle
remains a huge industry in Florida, as roughly 1 million
calves are born each year in the state.
The resolution honors the "pioneering men and
women, known as cowboys, who have contributed to
Florida's growth and stewardship of natural resources."
It states that "the cowboy spirit continues to infuse the
S state with its solid character, sound family values and good
5' -- common sense.
"The cowboy is an American icon whose recognition
acknowledges America's ongoing commitment to an
esteemed and enduring code of conduct," the resolution
erve says.
Bronson delivered a copy of the resolution to the
Okeechobee Cattlemen's Association, an organization that
will be holding a celebration in honor of the designation in
n 441 to downtown Okeechobee on July 28.


Terence McElroy
Phone: (850) 488-3022
Release July 25, 2007

' Fresh


0 For- BMP'

Beef Checkoff Group to
SRoll Out New Line of Beef

A new line of beef value cuts fabricated from the
beef chuck roll is slated for a 2008 rollout, according to
the Beef Checkoff-funded Beef Innovations Group (BIG).
BIG expects at least four new cuts from the chuck
roll to debut in foodservice and retail channels in 2008.
The new cuts include grilling steaks, a roast meant for
dry roasting, boneless country-style ribs and a fully cooked
roast. Expanding the value cuts line is among the checkoff-
funded tools aimed at reaching the industry's goal to
increase beef demand 10 percent by 2010.


Janie Gabbett

NCBA Stresses

Us Grasslands Preservation,
Disaster Assistance

The need for a more workable grasslands
conservation program and a permanent disaster assistance
program were the top priorities with ranchers during a
hearing before the Senate Finance Committee. The
Committee held the hearing to discuss Oversight of
Government Tax Policy in Farm Country.
Terry Fankhauser, executive vice president of the
Colorado Cattlemen's Association, testified on behalf of
the National Cattlemen's Beef Association (NCBA). His
testimony focused on the importance of preserving our
nation's grasslands and the need for a permanent disaster
relief program for agriculture.
"Our ranches and grasslands keep open spaces
open. Our producers, their families, and their communities
keep rural America rural. And everyone in the cattle
industry is striving to keep on-the-farm jobs on the farm,"
said Fankhauser. "We need to keep our grasslands and
ranchlands intact, and we need tools like the Grassland
Reserve Program (GRP) to help keep our producers on
the land and in business."
While NCBA supports continued funding for the
GRP, Fankhauser identified specific recommendations to
help make it more landowner friendly:

* The 2007 Farm Bill should give USDA more flexibility
to allow private land trusts to not only hold GRP easements,

but also negotiate the terms of the easements.

* Third parties should be able to use their own easement
template for a GRP easement, as long as it includes the
necessary grassland conservation restrictions.

* GRP easements should have the ability to be transferred
to other qualified organizations in the event of dissolution
or if they are unable to fulfill their easement monitoring
"We understand that the government must protect
their interest in the easement," said Fankhauser, "but we
hope that the committee will build flexibility into the program
to allow the easement to be transferred to another qualified
land trust before it reverts to the government."
In his testimony, Fankhauser also reinforced NCBA's
support for S. 469, which will make permanent a 2006 tax
code change for voluntary conservation donations -
donations by private landowners that retire development
rights to protect significant wildlife, scenic, and historic
"That change enables family farmers, ranchers, and
other moderate-income landowners to get a significant
tax benefit for such donations, which simply was not
possible under prior law," explained Fankhauser. "That
opens the door to voluntary, landowner-led conservation
on millions of acres of land across the country."
On the topic of disaster assistance, Fankhauser said
farmers and ranchers need a permanent disaster
assistance program to better deal with the impacts suffered
in the wake of hurricanes, wildfires, tornados, blizzards,
floods or even prolonged drought.
"Over the past several years, Congress has moved
to pass disaster assistance on an ad hoc basis in an effort
to help those impacted by these catastrophic events.
However, it has become abundantly clear that this 'touch
and go' system of addressing agricultural disasters is no
longer an effective or viable means of providing timely
aid to those in need," said Fankhauser. "Cattle producers
urge construction of a permanent disaster assistance
program that includes three particular Farm Service
Agency (FSA) programs: the Livestock Indemnity
Program (LIP), the Livestock Compensation Program
(LCP), and the Emergency Conservation Program


Karen Batra / Karen Batra
Phone: (202) 347-0228



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