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Group Title: University of Florida College of Dentistry Annual Report
Title: Annual report
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t h.


Annual Report


Message from the Dean

The 2007-08 fiscal year proved to be one of transition, challenge and
growth for the University of Florida College of Dentistry.
We made significant adjustments to adapt to a second consecutive year
of state budget cuts and, as I write this message, are once again preparing for a possible 10 percent state
cut for the next fiscal year of up to $1.67 million. If we realize this additional cut, it will amount to a 20
percent permanent reduction of state funding over the past three years.
However, despite these challenging economic circumstances I remain encouraged by our
accomplishments, the quality of our students and applicants, and the robust nature of our research
program all of which reflect the continued strength of the college.
In addition we have some major accomplishments to be proud of including the transition of our
D.M.D. Clinical Education Model from a specialty-based to a general dentistry model, receiving a $5.3
million grant from the National Institutes of Health to fund a new research center to reduce oral health
disparities in the Southeast, and rising to fourth place for colleges in the United States in the National
Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research ranking.
In December 2008, the NCEF Pediatric Dental Center, the newest addition to the college-owned
clinics in our Statewide Network for Oral Health, opened on the Collier Campus of Edison College in
Naples, Fla. The clinic provides specialized pediatric dental treatment to Collier County's disadvantaged
children and during its first three months of operation, the clinic saw almost 1,000 patients.
I am galvanized by the commitment of our faculty and staff as they adapt to the changes necessary for
our college to remain at the forefront of education, research and service as one of the top dental schools
in the United States. And, as always, I am amazed at the talent, intellect and energy of our students.
They are truly an inspiration to me and to many others who have the opportunity to interact with them.
I encourage those of you who are seasoned in our profession to take advantage of opportunities to come
to the college as presenters, courtesy faculty, or as part of Alumni, Donors and Friends events where we
are working to bring students and professionals together.
One thing is certain, our work continues during the coming year, and I look forward to sharing our
future accomplishments with you. Thank you for your support.


Teresa A. Dolan, D.D.S., M.P.H.
Professor and Dean

To be an internationally recognized dental
school known for an innovative educational
program, commitment to cultural diversity, UVALCO HEALTH
discovery, transfer of scientific knowledge, GADSDEN EPB&IM SULZBACHER
the superior skills of our graduates, and the
highest degree of service. oL EASTSIDE, SANTA FE CC
To achieve excellence in the art and science of dentistry through
teaching, research, and service.
The College of Dentistry educates the state's future dentists and
dental specialists through its 16 degree and certificate programs.
Each year the college admits a new class of about 80 D.M.D.
students consisting of individuals who are among the top predental ENR
students in the nation. UFCD OWNED
The college is nationally recognized for its oral health research
enterprise, emphasizing infectious diseases in dentistry, bone
biology, pain and neuroscience, and translational research to
improve clinical and dental care. We have also successfully recruited magnet investigators and junior
investigators to provide a nucleus of clinical and translational researchers in areas where we presently
have complementary strengths.

The college has a multi-faceted service mission encompassing patient care and community outreach and
education. Through its Statewide Network for Community Oral Health, the college improves access to
dental care for Florida's residents, focusing on vulnerable and indigent populations and special needs
patients. The college is one of the largest providers of low-cost dental care in Florida through its state-
of-the-art clinical services. Our students and faculty also provide free dental treatment to underserved
populations during clinics in urban and rural communities in Florida and mission trips abroad.


Statewide Network for Community Oral Health

Academic credentials of D.M.D. applicants and enrollees

Applicant Pool 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007


AVG Science GPA

DAT Academic AVG

DAT Psychomotor

No. of Applicants


AVG Science GPA

DAT Academic AVG

DAT Psychomotor

3.23 3.21

3.10 3.07

16.70 15.50

16.20 14.60

634 656

3.51 3.44

3.42 3.32

19.70 19.20

18.50 17.80

3.20 3.23

3.07 3.10

16.00 17.00

14.00 16.00

932 1060

3.55 3.53

3.47 3.45

20.00 19.00

18.00 18.00


Diversity of students in the D.M.D. program

AfricanAm. Hispanic Asian Native Am.

Class M F M F M F M F

2009 1 3 6 6 8 7 1 0

2010 1 3 6 8 6 7 0 0

2011 0 7 4 9 1 7 0 1

2012 1 3 3 6 9 8 0 0

Total 3 16 19 29 24 29 1 1

3.26 3.26

1.13 3.15

'.98 18.11

'.52 17.76

266 1541

3.58 3.60

!.50 3.54

1.44 19.51

1.33 18.39



26 24

34 17

28 25

20 33

108 99













42 40

47 35

33 49

33 50

155 174

Degree programs and enrollment
* Doctor of Dental Medicine 328

* Internationally-educated Dentist 24

* Advanced Education 18
in General Dentistry

* Endodontics 8

* Endontic CE Fellows 4

* Endodontic/Facial Pain 1

* Facial Pain 2

* Oral Pathology 3

* Oral Surgery 13

* Oral Surgery Fellows 6

* Graduate Orthodontics 12

* Orthodontic CE Fellows 3

* Pediatric Dentistry 10

* Graduate Periodontics 8

* Graduate Prosthodontics 8

* Prosthodontic Fellows 2

* VA General Practice Dentistry 4

Class of 2008 Postdoctorate Plans

* 2008 Graduates

* Associate Practice

* Advanced Education
in General Dentistry

* Air Force

* General Practice Residency

* Pedodontics Residency

* Oral Surgery Residency

* Orthodontics Residency

* Periodontics Residency

* Prosthodontics Residency

* Endodontics Residency


Sponsored Research and Other Funding Fiscal Year 2007-08
* Basic Science $ 6,051,706
* Clinical Science $ 2,100,085

* Neuroscience/Pain
* Training
* Other

$ 2,679,690
$ 1,347,696
$ 218,311

Patient Visits to College-owned Clinics, FY 2002-03 2007-08



80,00 -

60,00 ,

40,00 ,


2002-03 2003-04 2004-05 2005-06 2006-07 2007-08
S<200% FPL U Total Visits

Between 2004 and 2006, an infusion of $4 million from the
NIH's NIDCR, UF, and the college was leveraged to enhance
the college's research infrastructure. The money was used
to recruit seven new faculty members that brought with
them a broad range of expertise. Ultimately the goal was to
increase collaboration among clinical and basic science
faculty resulting in more grant applications for the college.

The outcome is reflected in the increased research funding
shown during the last two fiscal years, a direct result of
increased collaboration between disciplines.

During a six-month period alone, faculty wrote more than
$33 million in grant applications which is a direct reflection
on the foundation laid by the NIDCR funding."

- Robert Burne, Ph.D., professor and chairman of oral biology
at the University of Florida College of Dentistry


* Individuals
$100,000 to $999,999
Mr. Edward T. Quinn, Jr.

$50,000 to $99,999
St. Julien P. & Elaine D. Rosemond

$10,000 to $49,999
Dr. Rodney S. ('80) & Dr. Eva F.Ackley ('81)
Dr. Patrice & Dr. John A. Bidwell
Dr. Richard F. & Mrs. Rushani S. Brooks
Dr. Donald F. Eifert & Jilann M.
Ramsey- Eifert
Dr. Geraldine M. Ferris ('79)
Dr. HenryA. (DAE '91) & Mackie Gremillion
Dr. Ronnie L. Grundset ('82)
Dr. Martha M. Lawrence (DAE '85) & Robert
L. McArthur
Dr. George B. MacMaster (DAE '88)
Dr. Bruce D. ('80) & Barbara A. Manne
Dr. Robert N. ('95) & Rebecca M. Mixon

$1,000 to $9,999
Daniel P. (DAE '89) & LoriA. Barnes, D.D.S.
Wayne & Christine L. Bass
Dr. Dale D. ('79) & Susan H. Batten
Dr. Jeffrey L. ('88) & Mrs. Tracy H. Beattie
Dr. Marci M. ('83) & Dr. 0. Glenn Beck, Jr. ('79)
Dr. Philip B. ('83) & Brenda A. Bhaskar
Dr. Steven P. ('80) & Ellyn P. Bogdanoff
Dr. Robert E. ('01) & Dr. Kerry K. Borer ('92)
Dr. Rand ('02) & Dr. Laura A. Bowden ('03)
Dr. Henry T. Bradford
Dr. Terrence L. ('81) & Susan E. Braun
Dr. Lisamarie 0. ('04) & Joseph L. Brazeau
Dr. Craig C. Broome ('92) & Dr. Stacy B.
McLendon-Broome ('92)
Dr. Randall W. ('84) & Cornelia R. Brown
Dr. Jeffrey N. & Dr. Sheri L. Brownstein ('00)
Dr. Mary Anne ('83) & Miller L. Butler
Dr. Salvatore R. Cabassa ('95)
Dr. Samuel S. & Priscilla Caranante
Dr. Vincent C. & Mrs. Jovanna Caranante
Dr. Maria V. Chatani-Greenfield ('94) &
John Greenfield
Dr. Tony D. ('89) & Cara W. Clark
Dr. Larry J. Cook ('79) & Glenda F
Dr. Christopher J. Cowell ('95)
Charles G. &Velma R. Cox
Dr.Alberto G. ('87) & Mrs. Lory David
Dr. Suzanne N. Davidson ('90)
Dr. Peter E. & Jodie Dawson
Dr. Margherita M. (DAE '88) &Victor F
de Moya, M.D.
Dr.Angel N. (DAE '86) & Mrs. Lizzette M.
Dr. Jeffery ('80) & Susan E. Dootson
Dr. Stephen M. Durrett ('97) & Deborah L.
Dr. Peter T. Esposito (DAE '94)
Dr. David D. & Susan G. Feuer
David C. Fife
Dr. Charles L. ('76) & Beth A. Ford

Dr. Charles R. ('78) & Carol L. Fort
Dr. Gustavo E. Fuentes
Dr. Jay H. ('82) & Randi M. Garlitz
Robert D. Gehrig, D.M.D., FA.G.D.
(DAE '81) & Mrs. Grisel Perez-Gehrig
Dr. Elizabeth K. Gesenhues (DAE '89)
Alex Ghazal
Dr. Gregory W. ('94) & Dr.Wanda E.
Goodreau ('94)
Dr. Shaun D. ('82) & Paula J. Graser, R.D.H.
Dr. Laurence I. ('85) & Deborah L. Grayhills
Dr. Marcio Guelmann &Ariela Notzer-
Dr. William G. & June R. Harrison
Dr. Margaret S. ('88) & George H. Hartwig III
Dr. Gregory G. & Gretchen S. Hill
Dr. Cecilia Wicklin ('82) & Robert C. Hines
Dr. To-Nguyen T. ('89) & Trongan D. Hoang
Dr. Steven J. Hochfelder ('86)
Dr. Lauren Governale ('85) & Robert
E. Hodges
Dr. Timothy K. ('82) & Karen C. Hope
Dr. Nancy A. ('90) & Earl E. Horton
Dr. Salvatore R. Indelicato (DAE '89)
Dr. Aaron E. Isler ('06)
Dr. James C. ('99) &Tricia R. Johnson
Dr. Johnny ('83) & Patricia G. Johnson
Dr.Alan S. Kaplan ('76)
Dr. Raed S. & Kimberly D. Kasem
Dr. Scott F ('80) & Dr. Debra G. Kenward
Dr. Robert A. ('79) & Monica C. Lalane
Dr. Raymond S. ('86) & Mrs. Peta G. Lee
Dr. Robyn B. Lesser Melamud ('00) &
Gene A. Melamud
Michael J. Mahaffey, D.M.D., M.S. ('90)
Dr. Parker E. & Lorraine Mahan
Dr. Kenneth & Jennifer H. Mangano
Dr. Barry K. (DAE '94) & Sharon R. Marcum
Michael P. Marfori, D.M.D., P.A.
Dr. Kary ('04) & Roderick B. Marris
Dr. Chadwick J. ('98) & Claire Marshall
Dr. Eddie Martin ('87)
Dr. Mark A. ('82) & Beverly Mautner
Dr. Silas E. ('85) & Mrs. Shannon McAninch
Dr. J. Michael McGilvray
Dr. Leigh Ann Mcllwain
Janna Mclntosh, D.D.S., M.P.H. (DAE)
Dr. Wayne G. & Debbie K. Moesching
Dr. Mark E. ('80) & Nancy H. Moffitt
Dr. Cindy C. Moore ('79)
Lizette A. Morad-Dreyer, D.M.D., PA. ('88)
& Mark T. Dreyer, D.M.D., P.A. ('86)
Dr. Howell C. ('84) & Donna Morrison
Dr. Esteban ('78) & Maria E. Mulkay
Dr. Nicholas A. ('01) & Jessica R. Narducci
Dr. Gary C. ('80) & Barbara L. Nawrocki
Dr. Craig E. ('87) & Judy Nixon
Dr. Christopher S. & Katherine S. Noel
Dr. Craig L. Oldham ('92) & Dr. Margaret
A. Colleran
Dr.Alan R. Ossi ('99)
Dr. Jeffrey C. Ottley ('98) & Dr.Anissa M.
Rodriguez-Ottley ('99)

Dr. Stephen B. ('79) & Margaret L. Page
Dr. Richard A. ('95) & Lindsey S. Parent
Dr. Gene R. ('81) & Sara Patch
Dr. Sonia I. Pena ('80)
Dr. Paul E. Petsche ('99)
Dr. Ernesto A. ('87) & Lourdes A. Prieto
Dr. Jorge L. ('95) & Denise M. Ramirez
Dr. Brian P. ('04) & Heather H. Rask
Dr. Gregory D. Reddish ('80)
Dr. William T. & Jackie C. Reid
Dr. William F & Cynthia E. Robinson
Heberto M. Salgueiro, D.M.D., P.A. ('83) &
Dr. Rita Echevarria-Salgueiro
Dr. David C. ('77) & Elizabeth G. Sarrett
Julie A. Saviano, D.M.D. ('91)
Dr. Barry P. & Ellen G. Setzer
Dr. Rose D. Sheats (DAE '93)
Dr. Frank J. ('92) & Theresa M. Sierra
Dr. Perry V. Silva (DAE '95)
Dr. Christopher D. Smith
Dr. E.Wilder Smith, Jr. (DAE'94) &
Dr. Carol Hwang ('92)
Dr. Michael D. & Suzanne W. Spencer
Dr. Douglas L. ('87) & Traci J. Starkey
Dr. Tracie C. ('94) & Robert Starling
Dr. Ann L. Steiner ('80) & Thomas A.
Dr. Bruce J. Stevens
Dr. Mark C. Stewart
Dr. Dennis & Sharon V. Stone
P. Shawn Stopperich, D.M.D.
Dr. John H. ('86) &Terri L.Thee
Carly W. Thomas, D.D.S. (DAE)
Dr. Don E. ('84) & Lisa M.Tillery
Myron R. & Janice H. Tucker
Dr. Greg T.Tull
Dr. Arvind Kenneth Vakani ('03)
Dr. Claudio H. & Beatriz V.Varella
Rick Waggener, D.D.S.
Ms. Rosa W. Watkins
Dr. Scott A.Wenk
Dr. Timothy T. Wheeler ('85) & Dr. Janet
D. Pappas ('88)
Dr. John F.Whitt, Jr.
Dr.Abby T. ('97) & Gregg O.Wilentz
Dr. James G. ('93) & Casey B.Wilson
Dr. David D.Woods (DAE '92) & Linda
Dr.Walter F. Zoller ('80) & Rose Duszkin

$500 to $999
Dr. Pamela G. & Michael J.Adams
Dr. Steven R. ('83) & Denise Alman
Dr. GregoryA. ('83) & Patricia A.
Dr. Richard L. Balick ('83)
Dr. Kenneth R. Begnoche ('96)
Dr. Paul L. ('76) &Alexis Benjamin
Dr. Craig ('76) & Rose Bridgeman
Dr. Francis C. Chaney ('79) & Susie Cheney
Dr. John M. Cherry, Jr. ('85)
Dr. Nereyda P. Clark ('80) & Daniel
J. Brown

Dr. Matthew S. Clegg ('05)
Dr. Jorge C. ('79) & Marisa I. Coro
Dr. Teresa A. Dolan & Stanley H. Given II
Dr. Stuart 1. ('78) & Christy C. Dropkin
Dr. Jacquelene G. ('81) & Dr. Sutton B.
Farnham (DAE '81)
Dr. Randy M. Feldman
Dr. David J. ('93) & Christine J. Ferlita
Dr. Alan E. Fetner ('79) & Dr. Mary S. Hartigan ('81)
Dr. Ulrich (DAE '94) & Kristin Stich
Dr. William M. ('86) & Julia M.
Dr. HarryW. & Ruth Graff
Dr. Melanie G. Halkitis ('83)
Dr. MaryA. ('85) & Marcus A. Hencinski
Mr. Barry House
Dr. Kwang-Jae Joh
Dr. Loyce A. Jones ('84)
Dr. Loyd J. Kiernan III ('80)
Dr.Arthur D. & Karen S. King
Dr. Betty D. Klement
Dr. Lewis C. Larson ('76) & Betty Jean
Mitchum Larson
Dr. J. Michael ('87) & Ginger Layton
Dr. Donald W. & Janice C. Legler
Dr. Rochelle Lopyan ('80)
Dr. Delton E. ('84) & Julie A. Lynch
Dr. Selena L. Marchan ('93)
Dr. William C. ('96) & Dr. Dawn L.
Martin ('96)
Dr. Veronica C. Mclver ('82) & Garth
R. Bethel
Dr. William H. ('87) & Cheryl S. Miller
Dr. Oscar ('90) & Dr. Elizabeth A.
Morejon ('90)
Dr.Arturo F. ('79) & Liza C. Mosquera
Dr. William J. & Louise G. Murray
Dr. Robert S. ('78) & Carol A. Murrell
Dr. David C. & Lois J. Neal
Dr. Scott D. ('90) & Judith R. Newlin
Dr. Dennis G. Nielson
Dr. Roger B. Nofsinger
Tom O'Connell, D.D.S. (DAE '89)
Dr. Stephen T. ('83) & Mrs. Honi E. Parker
Dr. Robert E. & Loretta L. Primosch
Mr. Pattabhiraman Rajendran
Dr. Raj M. Rawal
Dr. Steven D. ('84) & Michelle Reddick
Dr. Enrique ('83) & Kathleen A. Romeu
Dr. Paul A. Scott
Dr. Michou Tran Shell
Dr. Kirk H. ('92) & Michelle M. Solberg
Dr. Carol M. Stewart (DAE '88) &
Dr. Robert E. Bates, Jr.
J. Marie Stidham, D.M.D., P.A. ('85) &
Craig A. Mundy
Dr. Murad K. Thakur
Dr. E. Donald ('87) & Dr. R.Valorie
Dr. Bruce D. ('82) & Karen Waterman
Dr. Joseph G. ('86) & Linda K.Watson
Dr. Raymond T. Webber

Dr. Richard S. ('82) & Dr. Jeanette
Westberry ('84)
Dr. Melanie M.Wexel ('08)
Noelle M.Williams, D.M.D. ('08)
David I. Zelin, D.M.D. ('83) & Bonnie R.

$100 to $499
Dr. Michael A. & Jeanette Abrahams
Dr. Dennis P. ('96) & Kristine Allen
Dr. Don L. & Martha W. Allen
Dr. Nolan W. Allen
Karen A.Altieri & Jan F. Majewski
Dr. Jack A. & Lorraine R.Amick
Dr. Amy F. ('96) & Chris Anderson
Dr. Kenneth J. & Dr. Sandra H.Anusavice
Dr.A. M.Arain
Harold R.Arthur, Jr., D.M.D., P.A. ('02)
Dr. Daryl E. ('97) & Kristi L.Askeland
Dr. Ronald E. & Jo Ellen Askeland
Dr. Thomas K. ('91) & Lora B. Bailey
Dr. Steven R. ('86) & Sandra L. Bateh
Dr. John A. ('83) & Laura L. Batlle
Dr. Shannon L. ('00) & David C. Bennett
Dr. Ilse W. ('96) & Michel G. Berube
Dr. Thomas K. Blain
Dr. David J. ('85) & Nancy J. Blue
Dr. Steven A. ('79) & Janet L. Boe
Dr. Thomas J. Boland & Dr. Karen A.
Burns ('01)
Dr. Laban ('78) & Linda S. Bontrager
Dr. Kenneth ('79) & Mrs. Ilinka Brehnan
Dr. Henry G. Breitmoser, Jr.
Dr. Daniel J. Brennen
Dr. Leandro R. ('00) & Patricia C. L. Britto
Mr. Benjamin K. & Dana Campbell
Dr. Jack P. ('80) & Barbara S. Campbell
Dr. Jacqueline Canizales Valdes ('92) &
Ruben Valdes
Dr. J. Edward ('85) &Vivien Carroll
Carol R. & James L. Carter
Dr. Michele L. ('97) & Michael R.
Dr. Jorge R. Centurion
Dr.Alvin D. Chapman
Dr. Ronald J. Charity ('92)
Dr. Gregory E. ('95) & Janice C. Cheshire
Mr. F Philip Chiodo
Dr. Robert Chuong
Robert B. Churney, D.M.D. (DAE '87)
Dr. Lawrence L. & Maria T. Clark
Dr. Stephen D. ('91) &Amy E. Cochran
Dr. William K. & Barbara B. Collett
Dr. J. Frank & NancieA. Collins
Dr. Richard G. & June A. Cooper
Dr. Thomas A. (DAE '92) & Georgia
S. Copulos
Dr. Deborah Z. ('96) & Bradly M. Corliss
Dr. FrederickW. & Linda G. Costello
Dr. Frederick L. & Joy D. Cox
Dr. Charles J. &Anita C. Cunningham
Dr. David A. D'Alessandro
Dr. R. Edward ('82) & Jennifer J. Daniel

Dr. Randall A. ('85) & Lori Diez
Dr. John S. Dozier ('80) & Martha Paradeis
Dr. Sara M. ('04) & Marcus L. Droker
Dr. William C. & Suzanne T. Dunk, Jr.
Dr. Stephen H. & Rochelle R. Dunn
Dr. Drew E. ('04) &Vanessa P. Earhart
Colonel John R. (DAE '91) & Dianne
W. Embry
Dr. Francisco J. Espinosa ('96)
Mrs. Joadys & Raysel Espinosa
Dr. Daniel M. ('99) & Erin F. Eves
Dr. Douglas R. Fabiani ('00)
Mr. Roberto M. Fatjo & Ms. Daisy D. Pardo
Dr. Rebecca A. Faunce ('91)
Dr. Thomas A. &Tracey R. Fellner
Dr. Constantin ('00) & Stefanie D. Fiacos
Dr. Michael C. ('05) & Stephanie A. Foreman
Dr. Gerardo G. ('79) & Dr. Rosi D. Fortunato
Dr. Beatriz Fraga-Davidson ('83) & Marvin
M. Davidson
Dr. Dennis C. ('82) & Sheri L. Freeland
Dr. Ilya V. Freyman ('91)
Dr. Daniel J. & Stacy M. Gesek
Dr. Richard F ('84) & Leslie Gill
Dr. Frank N. & Peggy B. Giunta
Dr. William J. ('81) & Karen Glenos
Dr. Michael S. Gorfinkel ('91)
Dr. Roger A. Grace
Stephen M. Grussmark, D.D.S.
Dr. James A. ('79) & Teresa S. Hancock
Dr. F Reese ('98) & Mara G. Harrison
Dr. Phillip M. Hartgraves (DAE '93)
Dr. Lamar Hatcher, Jr.
Dr. Lee S. (DAE '86) & Jacquelyn R. Hauer
Dr. Robert B. ('79) & Debra A. Hawkins
Dr. D.Alan ('76) & Jeanne L. Hays
Dr. Davis & Nana D. Henderson
Dr. Robert E. ('88) & Mrs. Laressa
W. Hendry
Dan B. Henry, D.D.S., PA.
Dr. Gary E. ('78) & Michelle G. Herbeck
Dr. Leslie K. ('92) & Rafael E. Hernandez
Dr. L. Clark & Mrs. B.J. Hodge
Dr. Jeffrey W. & Mrs. Lou A. Holzinger
Dr. Frederick E. Hosley
Dr. R. P. & Mrs. Marion W. Hylton
Ms. Lillie R. Jackson-Powell & Ms. Veronica
Dr.A. Page & Claire G. Jacobson
Dr. Eve James-Wilson
Dr.Walter C. Janson II ('82)
Dr. James D. Jones ('08)
Dr. Jeffrey D. ('85) & Mrs. Shannon R. Jones
Dr. Carl E. ('78) & Maria I. Juliao
Dr. Michael S. Kanter ('82)
Dr. LanceA. ('00) & Dr. Lisa A. Karp
Dr. Barry H. ('84) & Becky Katz
Dr. Joseph C. & Sharon L. Kehoe
Dr. Jason A. Kempinski ('02)
Mr. Gene & Linda L. Kopf
Dr. Robert W. ('82) & Leah M. Ladley
Dr. Ernest A. Lado, Jr.
Dr. Richard J. & Mrs. Gwyneth Lamont

Dr. Michael J. Langan
Dr. Thomas C. & Emily W. Lawton
Dr. Peter G. Lemieux ('97)
Dr. Gerard J. ('87) & Dawn C. Lemongello
Dr. Richard A. ('80) &Vickie W. Lepore
Dr. H. Ronald & Joan L. Levin
Dr. Robert F. Liebler
Charles D. Llano, D.D.S.
Dr. James J. Lyons & Mary Lou Mansfield
Dr. Jeremiah J. Mahoney ('04)
Dr. Chander P. & Mrs. Kanta Malik
Dr.Alfredo D. Martin ('01)
Dr. Celia S. Martin ('84) & Eddie Dugger
Dr.William B. Martin ('77) & Dr. Judith
Rae Banks
Dr. Todd W. ('92) & Melinda S. McCabe
Dr. Michael G. ('88) & Mrs. Corina L.
Captain Laurier L. McCravy, USN (RET)
('82) &Wallace L.Avery
Dr. Sean T. & Dr. Judith McDonnell
Dr. Donald B. McLendon
Dr. James F. ('79) & Connie Melzer
Dr. John J. ('06) & Melissa R. Metz
Ms. Lynn J. Moorhouse
Dr. Ivo ('89) & Dr. Isabel M. Moraguez
Dr. Richard D. ('95) & Dr. Cecilia V. Morales
Dr. Edward S. ('78) & Linda L. Mortellaro
Dr. M. Paul & Mrs. Mabelle G. Nestor
Dr. KayW. O'Leary (DAE '90) &
Brian Dasher
Dr. Michelle L. ('06) & Steven J. Orris
Dr. Edward J. & Lynda M. Ossi
Dr. Patrick L. & Esther G. Ousborne
Dr. James F. & Sandra K. Outlaw
Dr. James E. ('99) & Monique 0. Oxer
Dr. Gregory E. & Isabell G. Oxford, D.M.D. ('96)
Dr. Paul A. ('90) & Mrs. Brownyn B. Palo
Dr. Shreena B. Patel ('08)
Mr. John & Sharon K. Patten
Dr. Shawn M. ('02) & Suzanne R. Perce
Roberto L. Perdomo III, D.M.D. ('93) &Arev
Dr. David M. & Leslie J. Plank
Dr. Douglas N. ('81) & Gail M. Pyser
Dr. Robbin J. Quarterman-Brown ('83) &
Christina Quarterman
Dr. John R. ('04) & Shirley Raulerson
Dr. Juddson R. ('06) &Amanda B. Reed
Dr. Peter & Mrs. Jan Richards
Dr.V. Keith & Stephanie A. Riley
Captain Boyd E. & Janis M. Robinson
Dr. David S. ('79) & Kimberly M. Rockey
Dr. Raymond L. ('76) & Patricia G. Rogers
Rick L. Root, D.M.D. ('89)
L.Allen ('88) &Tina M. Sain
Dr. Richard D. ('86) & Martha A. Salzmann
Dr. George A. ('92) & Claudia Sanchez
Dr. Pamela R. ('86) & Robert A. Sandow
Dr. Michael P. Sardzinski ('93)
Dr. Lawrence E. & Dr. Donna L. Scheitler
Dr. Gerold L. &Audrey L. Schiebler
Dr. Myron D. ('93) & Sharon R. Schrock

Scott C. Schwartz, D.D.S. & Sonia
Dr. Don T. Sears
Dr. Seth J. & Patricia H. Shapiro
Dr. Lee N. & Eleanor Sheldon
Dr. Markus ('78) & Diane J. Sherry
Dr. Catherine M. ('00) & Jeffrey D. Shoaf
Dr. William B. Shreve
Dr.Alberto ('01) & Mary H. Silva
Dr. Steven R. Slavkin & Sheila C. Fiske
Dr. Jerry B. ('78) & Diane Smith
Dr. Martha V. Smyth ('90) & James T. Milani
Dr. James A. ('85) & Lori Cone Speckman
Dr. Eugene H. & Nancy V. Spiegel
Dr. Venita J. Sposetti ('79) & Dr. Larry
G. Rooks
Dr. George W. Starks & Betty Jo
Dr. Malcolm E. (DAE '80) & Kathleen
C. Steen
Dr. Michael I. &Vicki L. Stewart
Mr. Samuel J. Sweeney
Dr. Patricia M. ('88) & Dr. T. Craig Tapley
Dr. Cathy M. ('05) & Andrew J. Taylor
Dr. Tina M.Thomas ('95) & Isaac N.
Dr. Christopher Thomason ('08)
Dr. James C. Thomason
Dr. Michael L. ('76) & Sarah E. Tidwell
Dr. Andrew E. Trammell, Jr. ('00)
Dr. Andrew J. Tringas ('94)
Dr. William H. & Kathleen F.Truax
Denise Turner, DMD, PLC ('05)
Alfred H. Underwood, Jr., D.D.S.
Dr. J.W. ('97) & Patsy S.Valentine
Dr. Warren P. (DAE'89) & Dr. April
Dr. Janice G. (DAE '83) & Dr. Timothy M.Wahl ('82)
Dr. James C. & Martha Wallace
Dr. Dinah McCarley ('82) & Dr. Scott
J. Warner
Dr. Ronald E.Watson
Sheri S.Watson-Hamilton, D.M.D., PA. ('96)
Dr. Fred H.Widerman
Mrs.Vivian D.Wiggins
Dr. Nathan V. ('76) & Lynn O.Williams
Dr. T. Merrell ('91) &Joy Williams
Dr. Michael K. & Susan W.Willis
Dr. Israel ('86) & Nancy C.Winikor
Dr. Clark J. ('78) & Mary S. Wright
Dr. Jess H. ('80) & Georgia R.Yates
Dr. Lisa A. ('95) & Jay Yurkiewicz

$1 to $99
Dr. Hayden P.Allen
Mr. Daniel Jay & Michele B. Chalmers
Dr. Bert & Norma Chodorov

$1 to $99 (continued)
Dr. Catherine A. Clayton
Dr. Lee R. Cohen ('01)
Dr. Michael L. ('90) & Lori Danze

continued on back

Dr. Sharon A. Day-O'Steen ('96) &
Raymond A. O'Steen
Mrs. Josefina C. Faria
Dr. George E. & Doris P. Garrington
Dr. Thomas & Mrs. Linne Goberville
Harold Goodman, D.D.S., M.B.A., P.A.
Dr. Mark T. Goodnight ('99)
Ms. Sue Guido
Dr. Bernard H. ('96) & Mrs.Akemi
F. Hofmann
Ms. Suzanne M. Hopkins
Dr. Douglas A. & Mrs.Yolonda L. Huhn
Richelle J. & Jerry Janiec
Dr. Patricia C. Junquera
Dr. Scott L. ('82) & Linda A. Kuhns
Dr. Richard M. & Mrs. Richard M. Levine
Dr. Minta W. ('03) & Augusto M.
Ms. Doris M. Lorente
William E. Marchi, D.D.S., M.S.D.
Dr. Erika A. ('96) & Oswaldo E. Martinez
Dr. Mongi G. Mikhail
Dr. Eric E. Mohr ('00)
Dr. Pamela A. ('99) & John P. Ottesen
Dr. Gregory A. & Susanne K. Parker
Ceil Schneider-Randell & David R. Randell
Dr. Hart R. & Ernestine S. Stringfellow
Ms. Charlotte A. Trout
Ms. Theresa A. Weber

* Organizations
$100,000 to $999,999
Astra Tech, Inc.
Naples Children & Education Foundation
State Endowment Matching Gifts
Straumann U.S.A.

$50,000 to $99,999
Southeastern Healthcare Fdtn., Inc.

$10,000 to $49,999
Biomet 3i, Inc.
Biomet Microfixation, Inc.
The Lucy Gooding Charitable Fdtn. Trust
IvoclarVivadent, Inc.
McNeil PPC, Inc.
Andrew J. Semesco Foundation, Inc.
UF Orthodontic Alumni Assn.

$1,000 to $9,999
Align Technology, Inc.
American Dental Education Association
Brandon Dental Care
Central Florida Oral Surgery, P.A.
Colgate-Palmolive Co.
Dawson Center LLC
Delta Dental of California
Enlow &Vance Dental Partners, PA.
FL Soc of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons
ITI Center
Johnson & Johnson
Klement Dental Associates
M.M. Muina Custom Interior Work, Inc.
J. Hillis Miller Health Center Gift Shop, Inc.

North Pointe Endodontics
Pedo Gators, Inc.
Philips Oral Healthcare, Inc.
Purdue Pharma LP
Reed Orthodontics
Saint Augustine Oral & Facial Surgical
The Smile Train, Inc.
South Georgia Oral & Maxillofacial Surg.
Southwest Florida Oral & Facial Surgery
Total Quality Networks

$500 to $999
Bayou Rouge, Inc.
BioHorizons Implant Systems, Inc.
Exactech, Inc.
Florida Prosthodontic Assoc., Inc.
Kiwanis Club Foundation
Luitpold Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Neoss, Inc.
Nobel Biocare USA LLC
Platinum Graphics Group

$100 to $499
Alpha Omega Foundation
Center for Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry


Concepcion Felipe Dental Services PA
De Cardenas Dental Clinic, PA.
Decker & Pomeranz Dentistry, P.A.
The Family Worship & Praise Center, Inc.
Gator Dental Associates, P.A.
Hakeem Investments Florida, Ltd.
Harrison, Dental Associates, P.A.
Heidami Dental Center LLC
Hispanic Dental Association
International College of Dentists
Lakewood Ranch Dental Associates
Martin & Jacobson Orthodontics
Medtronic Foundation
Thaler & Townsend, P.A.
Whip Mix Corp.
Willow Walk Family Dentistry, PA.
Yllacito, Inc.

$1 to $99
Christie Dental Partners, Inc.

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