Iron and manganese effects on yield and vase life of leatherleaf fern

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Iron and manganese effects on yield and vase life of leatherleaf fern
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Research report
Poole, R. T ( Richard Turk )
Stamps, R. H ( Robert Huguenor ), 1948-
Conover, Charles Albert, 1934-
Agricultural Research Center (Apopka, Fla.)
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University of Florida, Agricultural Research Center-Apopka
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Florida Historical Agriculture and Rural Life
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R.T. Poole, R.H. Stamps, and C.A. Conover.

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R. T. Poole, R. H. Stamps and C. A. Conover1
University of Florida
Agricultural Research Center-Apopka
Research Report RH-1983-12

Leatherleaf fern (Rumohra adiantiformis [G. Forst] Ching) can be grown
throughout the tropics and in some subtropical areas where long periods of
freezing temperatures are not common. Henley et al. (2) suggest an annual
rate of about 2.5 Ib/A each of Fe and Mn. Poole and Conover (4) reported
75 and 50 Ib/A of Fe and Mn reduced yield of newly planted fern. Fern wilt
is a recent problem of unknown cause affecting fern vase life (1,3). This
study was initiated to determine effects of factorial combinations of Fe
and Mn on yield and vase life of leatherleaf fern.

Six year old fern plots, 32 ft2, were sprayed with 0, 7 or 14 g of Fe
330 sequestrene or 0, 2 or 4 g of MnSO4. Factorial treatments were applied
monthly with the resulting applications totaling 0, 25 and 50 Ib/A/yr each of
Fe and Mn. The first treatment was applied August 29, 1979. Fern were cut
8 times, beginning September 11, 1979, and ending September 23, 1981. Twenty
fronds cut from each treatment July 29 and September 5, 1980, were placed in
graduated cylinders and degree of vase life determined. Iron or Mn was
slightly beneficial (Table 1). Plots receiving no Fe or Mn produced about
400,000 fronds / 30,000 ft /yE, while plots receiving Fe or Mn produced
about 450,000 fronds/30,000 ft /yr. Fe and Mn had no effect on vase life.
Applications of Fe and Mn had little influence on elemental tissue content.
Plants receiving Fe showed no definite trend in Fe increase, but plants
receiving Mn did contain more Mn than plants not receiving Mn.

Results from this study indicate that leatherleaf fern may benefit
from additional Fe or Mn but continued use at levels used in this experi-
ment might result in soil accumulation of toxic levels of Fe or Mn.

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professor, Plant Physiology; Senior Biologist; and Professor and Center
Director, ARC-Apopka, respectively.

Table 1. Yield, vase life and elemental tissue content of leatherleaf fern
receiving iron (Fe) and manganese (Mn) applications from
August 29, 1979 July 22, 1981.

lb/A/yr Total no. Vase life Vase life % dry wt
Fe Mn fronds* 7-29-81 9-5-80 N P K Ca Mg Cu Fe
0 0 3215 11.4 5.6 1.8 .23 1.3 .30 .46 8 11
50 0 3615 10.2 5.8 1.8 .24 1.5 .24 .43 6 108
0 50 3821 9.9 7.1 1.8 .28 1.3 .32 .48 6 126
50 50 3786 10.2 5.7 1.9 .25 1.3 .29 .46 8 116

*Fern harvested from November 20, 1979 to September 23, 1981.