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Title: Yongester
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Title: Yongester
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Publication Date: 2006
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"k j':Y -r -i;. %9 .4'."i;
.. . . . . . . ...... . ...

J, lip ,A.f
;.;d:g~ : 2..: 44. 1...; S: .- ..~: : i..

a: Aw r':'''

*~~IN -

p.j t.*4r
I: .r.m w Y





'- .. . ?
"` : %' i : I a:'
*=: "
.. . : .- .* ,* .:*- i j:., ,
L": *- ,. ",, ,- ;> [-': ., ., " ::* .E : .. *" ^ *:

^ &.e, ';......;
k A
A V.1

,." ..: .:.'
;, .,::-.,:;. ., ,
3;,:- : .** .':: .'
-, ; ." :'** ;
r.; < :4

r% I

2006 V2

?& ..


ir' ~ '.:P


.. . -_,.- -.

Many students here at P. K.Yonge not only see it as a school but as a second home. The students and
teachers are more than what their title says. They are family members, and each one of them leaves different
impressions on each other's lives. Whether it's advice against skipping class, missing homework assignments, oi
saying too much at the wrong time about someone, every event and every class that happens here teaches a
lesson in a unique way. Many P.K. students have known each other for most of their lives and many spend every
waking day together. But when there are those few newcomers, every student here tries their best to welcome
them. According to Junior Kelsey Driscoll who came to P.K. Yonge this year, "there are always people who comic
up to you and want to know you. Eventually, you've met some new best friends."

ma -

er -'
4b\4 f4I r,

BlIn Seniors Nina waterss Ka.la Wlford. and
Junior \dam Clark huddle together to get a
quick picture during the Van's \\arped Tour.

The last day of school has finally
arrived and the air is filled with excitement. All
of the students file out of school, ready to
embrace their newfound freedom. Plans are
being made, as friends say their goodbyes.

Far above: Senior Josh Cosenza shows his love
for the Michigan skyline. Many students
traveled to different states during the summer

Above: Senior boys gather at Blue Springs to
have some fun during the summer.

Right: A group of sophomores gather together
over the summer to make lasting memories.

4 $S 44Lte


Left: Senior Jude Bailey uses his spare time
making a few bucks at the Archer Road Taco Bell.
Fast food is one of the most common jobs a high
schooler has.

Above: The P.K. security gaurds are only doing
their jobs in the morning when they are pulling
over cars that don't have thier seatbelts on or
who are speeding.

Left: Senior Ariana Ervin is hard at work at
Flashbacks on University Ave. Working in retail
can be a hectic job that many students like to

Su 2 Jd* PKCY

Below: A group of elementary kids piled in
the back of a truck to join in the on the
fun during the homecoming parade.

Above: Juniors Chole Dunnell .mi.l Loim
Griggs dress to impress for Celd-hri. D,1i.
Above Right: Seniors Carrick I Tl .ind
Kyle Abernathy show off by bre.lkdJ.aning "
during the fashion show. "I .ni knr l .i.
around school for my great dairlinm kill ..
says Kyle.
Circle: Best friends Zack l ,'ok .i 'lnd .1'
Brittany Kelly pose in their "B.ck in ih.e.' ; .:-
Day" day apparel. ,F-


Pi'ht Senior theerleaders huddle
lioeither wo like .i quick picture in iheir
football unilonmn The girl IIhouighl i
rould be lunn\ to v.Cer the ier e', on
t clcbri., Dj.i

6 9u"e4 L+e

*g .i

Below: Junior Janelle Jackson throws off her wig while on the
catwalk during Homecoming Week.


This year's homecoming
was said to be the best in P.K.
Yonge's history. The school's
spirit was evident as students all
the way from the kindergarteners
to the seniors celebrated
homecoming week. Student
government chose to start off the
week with "Back in the Day" day
on Monday. Students
represented a variety of eras,
stretching from hippies to disco to
rocking at the sock hop. On
Tuesday, students reached their
fifteen minutes of fame as they
dressed up as their favorite
celebrities. Many students chose
to dress up as characters rather
than the actual actor. Others
decided to impersonate those
students at P.K. who believe they
are already celebrities. "Wacky
Tacky You Ain't Matchin'
Wednesday" was next on the list.

This day
encourages those students
who choose not to dress up
on any of the other days. All
that is needed for students to
participate in this day is to
step into their mom or dad's
closet and grab anything they
can find. As Thursday rolls
around, students throw on
anything blue and white and
prepare to support their
football team on Friday night.
Those unique students
arrived at school with painted
bodies and pom-poms in their
hair striving to win the most
spirited student at P.K.
Yonge. Along with "Blue and
White Day," Thursday also
included the famous
Homecoming Parade.

-Bailey Holbrook and Mark Dugger

Ci chl" Junior Courtney
Warner sits and plays her
guitar during the fashion

LcJ? The I Ih grade team and Dr.
Vandiker get into character during
Celebrity Da).

Hoizon'ih Week PICY 7

'i d ~ ,*4f,

ckh~ o

Sc 9- Mym
HcaSi ccf aaI lHw t

~-~Ucz '6

Hik Rca

I is


t ad e

91te A
I u/<&


''' ~



right: Juniors Dante Campanaro
and Daisy Mason

aboric: Juniors Ho
and Cod) Manucy

right: Seniors Jake Cochran and
Crystal Turner

far left:Juniors Chris Caro and
Madison Ashley

above: Seniors Elyse Cusack
and Carrick Tuck.

left: Seniors Hannah Karably and
James Parks.

far left: Seniors Jose Rosa and
Bailey Holbrook

10 SuAtL

swede~za4;ut P. K-,Y. 11

IL 4h.VtUe FaCtLj
"WfA4t "U t 4iLk" aloU y"" 49tft,,1 4- ..?"

'. -1 iV^ ----- ---3'-~

Kayla & Cody

Deuntray & Jordan

Amanda & Brittany

Elizabeth, Patrick &
Ashley Dykstra

Josh, Savannah, Milena,
& Aurora Cosenza

Valerie, Daphne, &
Jasmyne Flournoy

Stephanie & Robin Lauren & Emily
Foote Fuller

Shelby, Shannon & A.J.

12 S& LI Lt

Ryan, Raven & Richie Kara ,Mallory, Billy & David
Griffin Hardaway

Sami, Miranda & Jacob

Aaron, Tilmen & Ajay

Ben, Leah & Sam

Danielle & Samantha

Valerie, Kelly & Alex & Daniel
Jeanne Landry Latour

John & Shelby

Se&"o42 SWGRt P. X.Y. 13

Alfred & Adam Pat & Matt
Maxwell McEwen

Ray & Stephanie

Nelly, Kevin & Stevie

Miguel Rodriguez
Clayton Carodine
Clayton Carodine

Jason & Joe

Marley & Montana

Raquel & Danielle

Kali & Leah

14 SUL"Lt

Tfe e44v,4 LOZW fteMZ,, aULh p .too.

Carrick & Alex Crystal & Nick
Tuck Turner

Nina & Crystal Chris & Cassandra
Waters Watkins

Stephanie & Brandy

I think he's a
John & Sarah

Janine & Jordan

Kelsey, Cody &
Clay Winfrey

I'JI and nici
Rachel & Joshua

Sodw SULt P.KY. 15

We all have stress in our daily lives, some of us more
than others. At school, students and teachers encounter a lot of
stress. Many obligations that typically stress students include
tests, homework, teachers, friends and life. Just as students
stress out, so do teachers. Teachers stress out about grades.
students, parents, and other responsibilities outside of teaching.
Some people deal with stress by taking time during class
to clear their minds. This allows them to shift their focus a\% a,
from the schedules and chaotic classrooms at P.K. Yonge. Sports.
art, theater, and other school activities are a healthy way of
rclic% ing stress. Many students have said that non-school
activities such as watching movies with friends, hangin' at the
mall, reading novels, eating at Moe's, jammin' to Sublime or
OutKast, and working out helps them relieve most school-related
-Emily Fuller

Below: Meghan Roberts reads
Below: Sophomore James Suggs stares Below: Meghan Roberts read
silently during class. SSR "as
into space during art class. Art class was sletl u class. SR
the usual starter for class.
usually a relaxing period for most te u s f

Above: Seniors Nelly Njeru and Right: Senior Narayan Hearn
Valerie Flournoy work along side rushes to finish his vocabulary in
each other to complete the in-class Mrs. Pinder's class. Mrs. Pinder's
assignment. class challenged students on
many levels.

BLO., Tenth grader Mantt lcEen works
on some last minute homework in the
P.K.\onge library. a last chance method
for mania student,.



16 &S4,Lt t+

Left: Junior Adam Henry
drools over his masterpiece
during art class. Adam was
often seen expressing his
emotions in many different

Left: Dione Tyson struggles to
stay awake while doing her
work. Students were
sometimes tempted to catch up
on sleep during class.

Below: Senior Alfred Maxwell
works diligently on his class
work. Seniors always took
advantage of any work time
given in class.

Above: 8th grader Clyde Byrd
concentrates on his class
reading. As an athlete, he
knew that academics were

Circle Left: Sophomore Nick
Turner stares blankly at the
computer screen. Students
were always seen finishing
papers and written work on
the computers at P.K.

Left: Senior Elizabeth Dykstra
focuses on her work in
government class. Elizabeth
was known for being a hard

9i46ewA PICY

Voices at P.K. Yonge range from singing, cheering, debating and even rapping in the hallway. Students express.:
their thoughts and feelings through speaking their mind no matter what form it may take. Whether students allow th
world to know what they are thinking or hold it all inside, the voices emerge to create one voice of P.K. Yonge. The
atmosphere at P.K. is not one found at any other school, we are one of a kind. When we sing we raise goose bumps,
when we play sports we cheer all night, and when we mess around, the laughter becomes a roar. We are athletes, we ar,
drama queens, we are musicians, we are dedicated. students, we are family.
As a family, we follow the rules that are set and break the ones that don't exist. Administration never has a dui
day as the students continue to find ways to break rules without breaking any at all. Who ever thought to throw a
bottle cap with a strategic ability? No one would ever believe that students would scrounge
;r! Tin

1-/ .

"a .'

!'; I '




-A l, , I'


-. 1 '.M m I,-,

Best All Around
Janine Williams & Aaron Huggins

Most talented
Nina Waters & Carrick Tuck

Most Athletic
Valerie Flournoy & Derrick Robinson

Kelsey Winfrey & Chip Polite

22 Peop

Most Fun on a Deserted Island
Amanda Andrews & Jose Rosa

J amesy-

Most Likely To Brighten Your Day
Hannah Karably & Deuntray Davis

Most Memorable
Kayla Alford & Jude Bailey

Most Spontaneous
Laura Croley & Jake Cochran

S S,,ei44Avet P.K.Y. 23

Above Jude Bailey shows his wild_ .aid t ._PP.IC-'FP
rally. Jude was well known for his andtcs. Pi.eoi .-
alwa,, count on him for a 'gt(RMitglt and memorable
moments at every P.K. event. --.

2-4 Peopte

" ':~--1Ur$
------ --r*-
~--~C- ~ '




;---;-l-'i- -. --

--F-- .-

-.-. -- S



26 PyatLe




-.... .' :..~~i~

--~- "'--- ~




-~ ~---- -


Ab'v-eIehelZeile showsherspirit atone of P.K.'s
--pe allieii wasnormal forkids to come out oft heir
___. -- shells at school events.-
. :t---- .-- ,*" -

Se4i4Jo PKY

; --
2:;., -

Above: Carrick Tuck attempts to show ElyseCisaic-
his affection. Carrick could frequently be seenchasing
after girls in the hallway. Lunchtimewasthe timewhen
most kids joked around.

- -:I - .- _

8 Pe#pL




F.~ IIC I .,.

1 -
Sem4 Vander We


Class Sinner
Jessica Locke & James Pagliuca
"Smile, it is the key that fits the
lock of everybody's "

Lauren Fuller & Alfred Maxwell

Class Saint
Elizabeth Dykstra & Richard Hutson

Jamila Morrison & Miguel Rodriguez

30 PtaLe

Best Hair
Bree Rapczak & John Watson

Stephanie Waters & Kendrick Baker

Teachers Worst Nightmare
Brittany Gordon & Ben Lansford

Most Outspoken
Ariana Ervin & Josh Cosenza

S"&L 2e St4t e4 P.KX.Y. 31

'DzvI '44 Z4 y/a a444t u4,

Well we have finally
reached the end of our senior year.
It's been a long journey filled
with laughter, tears, and
memorable moments.
It's hard to believe
that we are getting
ready to start a
new chapter in
our lives. We are
about to go into a
world where you
don't need a hall
pass or a lunch
number. Remember
when we were
freshmen looking up to
the seniors? Remember ho\
intimidating they were? They could
drive, date, and get away with
being lazy.

Now, being seniors, it seems
funny that we felt that way. As
seniors this year, we have
acquired many privileges
such as senior parking,
early lunch, and
catering. We are also
setting many goals
for the
underclassmen. The
Class of 2006 will
always be
remembered for our
spirit, family-like bond,
and leadership. As we
venture into this new
experience, we will always
remember the good times we've
had at P.K. Yonge.

-Becky Cumbaa
& Lauren Fuller

Below: Seniors Nina Waters and loana
Craciun pump it up for the pep rally.

32 PeapLe

Left: Seniors Lauren Fuller and Kali TenBieg give
the camera their game faces before the Powder
Puff football game.

Below: Seniors Laura Croley and Valerie Landry
show their school spirit during a football pep

Above: Seniors Mike Lane, Joey Remy, Ben
Lansford, and James Pagliuca watch from
the sidelines at the Powder Puff football
Left: Senior Marley Sewell represents his
graduating class with a homemade sign.

Left: Senior Alfred Maxwell relaxes at Camp
Kalaqua while listening to his iPod.

Se&"4v' UC & PICY 33


K4ata A4,&4 f\4

...Kyle Abs with abs ...Brittany Adams without her big
truck ...Kayla Alford not obsessing over Travis Barker
...Amanda Andrews not eating ...Merry Kate Anthony-
Deford with a short name ...Heather Atkinson with a tan
Ke,*.dt Bakea ...Jude Bailey a cop ...Kendrick Baker with cankles ...Aaron
Brame as ghetto as she wants to be ...Latrisha Campbell
the center for the girl's basketball team ...Samantha Clery
class chat ...Jake Cochran with no friends ...Max Collins
without goggles ...Josh Cosenza with nothing to say ...
Melyssa Cowley a prep ...Ioana Craciun with 2.2 GPA
...Laura Croley actually fighting somebody ...Becky
Cumbaa a blonde ...Elyse Cusack a couch potato
He, Ccwl ...Deuntray Davis without Melvin ... Andrew Day clubbing
S...Danielle Dixon-Brown without a story to tell ...Elizabeth
Dykstra without a bible ...Malina Dylla graduating at a
Legal age ... Ariana Ervin without an opinion ...Candace
Estes wildin' out ...Valerie Flournoy slow ... Stevie Foote
dating someone other then a musician ...Lauren Fuller
without her country accent

Wec4 G4C"a"

34 People

J"de &,it

C4AA4Z6 tC4t

s9e4ui CUf/iItti qV/i4tF Ctta- q040oi4

...Brandon Gilliam obnoxiously loud ...Shelby Gillis not
reading in class ...Michael Glendinning taking a vow of
silence ...Joseph Goodnight a juvenile delinquent
...Brittany Gordon with a pancake butt ...Tim Gotay
without girl problems ...Rande Grant dating a guy from
Gainesville ...Ryan Griffin on the golf team ...Kara
Hardaway not texting ...Sam Harlan without Kung Fu
...Narayan Hearn without his crazy faces ...Sami Heflin
admitting cheerleading is not a sport ...Bailey Holbrook
with a strong immune system ...Aaron Huggins not
hitting guys below the belt ...Aaron Hunt not tripping
over himself ...Richard Hutson without military history
...Matt James without house parties ...Ben Johnson
showing up on time ...Cedric Jones without Gatorade
Powder ...Kris Junior actually playing football ...Hannah
Karably rude ...Daniel Katz without a question ...Danielle
Kitchens not dating an '05 baseball player ...Valerie
Landry without her credit card ...Mike Lane with good

T\n Cgtai
I.. (1!^
T4R w

Ra4nd C4a+1

Na'uoi Hea,/K

BFaea HW4cW,0k

Ml/4 rI444CV)4O

Ffl 4.;cu

<4*44vUXe &4,i"4M~

E441 P,44e4

I. r ~L~
l~-~AUze~ ficee,

VdaLe Ftowi4t"

j HI
Or 1

nf-1441*.W, &44"

Va4"Le Laut

%Y l

waR. .--tR

iAelt MHa',A

kRa HI-Uotu.

Ja"sL4 HMoiCtvsh K4Ia Ha4aawau"

Be4 i v~4%4, O J'seca. Locke Lis L, ca*

...Meghan Langlois without kangaroos ...Ben Lansford
without a sense of humor ...Alex Latour the player he
thinks he is ...Jessica Locke a goth ...Lisa Lucas not in
band ...Sarah Massey not playing softball ..John Mathis
as big as his dad ...Alfred Maxwell without his donk
...Kyle McAnaney being short ...Pat McEwen lame
...Melvin Miller not from Williston ...Ray Mollison a
softy ...Andrew Moon not wearing expensive clothing
...Jamila Morrison drawing stick figures ...Nelly Njreu
without a smile ...Andy Olsen at a N'SYNC concert
...Maria Owens without a boyfriend ...James Pagliuca the
class saint ...Jason Palmquist a liberal ...James Parks a jerk
...Raquel Petree without her frizzy hair ...Chip Polite
unpopular ...Kyle Qunia living in Gainesville ...Bree
Rapczak knowing her true hair color
...Joey Remy tall enough to ride a
Stroller coaster ...Derrick Robinson
S being picked last for kickball ...Miguel
/ Rodriquez not wearing camouflage

NeW4 NHne4

R4%4~ OCw..

d1441%e p4g(4.4444

Ja,* 4 Pa44k r!ku4et Petee

36 PeotLe

&" k:o.r1Y4

...Jose Rosa actually from Puerto Rico ...Angela Scott
coming to class ...Marley Sewell without his computer
...Justin Sobie a body builder ...Nathan Spinny hating art
...Kali TenBieg not talking about Survivor ...Roselyn Todc
not playing basketball ...Carrick Tuck not talking about
Cedar Key ...Crystal Turner a city girl ...Loreley Vander
Laan a motivational speaker ... Stephanie Waters getting it
...Nina Waters not being adorable ...Chris Watkins without
his bike ...John Watson a Red Sox fan ...Janine Williams
not a homecoming court ...Mark Williams the thug he
things he is ...Kelsey Winfrey not being nicknamed
"donkey" ...Kevin Youngblood stressed out ...Rachel Zeile
the big mouth on campus


Nrc ^iLcl 3 ae J Ke4 T1e

Akbe4% m

N"4 Wate J4aL41% WVkeni4

"KA. Te4,ie

K&"ee W-tV4e.

HMLey Seweit

Ca441/MiC \^T


12ct<^Li vLeU/te

a PKctw PKCY 37

J&W kvi

Varsity baseball for 3 years, sur viing
PK, I'm a feared fan.
Memories: Mike Lane and Ray falling
out of the golf cart and Ms. Skye's class.
In 10 years Advice:
I'll be...In Mess with
Florida Coach
coaching Powers
baseball every
chance you
Food: Spaghetti get.
Quote: Get to the Chopper" or
Song: Duh Duh Duhnn.. Duh... HEY!

Jke "PC Pc" A a0dgc
I have managed to slip through
the J-mans fingers time and again.
Memories: Moto surfing on Aaron's
car, seeing Jake get hit by a car in the
P.K. parking lot and attempting to
hijack Andrew Day's Ram for a week
straight. Quote:
Song: There's no
Soul to more
Squeeze humanity-
-RHCP Mushroom
In 10 years: I will be well on my way
to taking place in the 21st century's
musical revoultion.

President International Club, NHS
Memories: 10th grade Islands of
Adventure trip
Advice: Ifyour late in the
morning drive back home.
In 10 years I'll be...In a
mental hospital
Book: 1984- George Orwell
Food: Ribs
Quote: "The horror! The

Kaut4 "BFAF" lE flo
Lifer, Editor and Chief of yearbook,
Senior Class historian, Most Memorable
In 10 years I'll
be...Married to a
rock star and
planning the best 10-
year reunion EVER!
Advice: The '07 boys, So:
are nothing but trouble@ FaS
i Memories: When Jake was chasing the
seagull and ran into the waterspout, P.K.
vs. Oak Hall volleyball game, all the
concerts with Adam, my surprise 16th
B-Day party, and all the memories made
with Nina & Danielle.

Marine Science Club, Key Club (10th)
Varsity Rowing with Gainesville. Area
rowing 9-12 what? Leadership
Memories: "Orlandojump on it",
Christmas carols in Mrs. Pinders class,
art junior year, L.E
Advice: Live a life outside of the
bubble. Remember there is a world
outside of P.K. Yonge.
In 10 years I'll be...Finishing up or
done with getting my Ph.D in
psychology maybe married
Quote: "Life is what happens to you
while you're busy making other plans."

I made a name for myself in a close-knit
school through my acting and singing
capabilities, as well as my academic
prowess my first year here.
Memories: Any of my three high
school musicals: The Secret Garden,
The Wizard of Oz, and Guys and Dolls
Advice: Fight for the things that are
precious to you with all of your strength.
Nothing truly great is easy to achieve.
In 10 years I'll be...An accomplished
Jedi Master of course! Oh yeah, I'll be a
lawyer or something
Quote: "In bad times and good, I have
never lost my sense of zest for life"
-Walt Disney

ftN4 la4u "CTseM R14%4tW

Varsity soccer player, Student Council
secretary, cheerleader for 4 years, Key
Club, and Marine Science Club.
Favorite high school memory: Summer of
9th grade when I fell off the golf cart and
rolled. Sami choking on a twizzler, winning
Mid-State, Bailey falling while picking up
potatoes, becoming an athlete, everyday of
high school with my 6-06
Any last words of advice: live as if you
were dying. Experience anything and
everything possible. Remember memories
last forever.
Favorite Quote: "What goes around comes
around" "you idiot"
Favorite Song: Seventeen Tim McGraw
Ta.4a4M "V0" "NUO -

Basketball Team

Memories: The basketball season.

Quote: "Pimpin' ain't easy"

Song: Still Tippin'

J0Yl~4 "kuylc" Coivaz
Word ofAdvice: Once upon a
time...there was a boy who came from
a small town to the big city with an
attitude and left with one. During that
time he did some crazy things that he
now regrets. Be honest, humble, kind
and caring. Also don't forget to be
spontaneous, sly, outlandish,
outspoken, persuasive, persistent, witty.
Speak your mind but not in the way that
gets you alone time with Ms. Rich!
Favorite Quote: "The World is
Yours"- Blimp In The Sky

38 PeopLe

Luai "LM C"diea0 sek
Graduating, AdvancedActing Chorus for Varsity ee
years, notmakingVocalEnsemble Key Club s
Advice: Have fun, and don't worry Marne Sci
what people say about you, don't worry Tennis
about the haters, Make these four years In 10 years

the best they can possibly be, do all
your school work.
Memories: Ben Lansford, Prom 2005,
spring break 2005, 9th grade, after
school with Ari, chillin with the P.K.
neighbors with Ana, every moment with
Valerie, Party at Laura's NOT
In 10 years I will be: Hopefully
married, with a successful job doing
something I love, and still living it up!
D44^Uai "D" t>
Became well known with the ladies.
Memories: When someone jumped
in the puddle and splashed around.
Advice: Never give up on your
Quote: "Don't know me, don't
judge me."

In 10 years I'll be... Can't
see that far but successful.
Food: Pizza

Song: Juicy
Book: Slam

Accomplishments: A great high school
Memories: My first spirit week
when I was a freshman
In 10 years I'll be: Married and in
Book: Out of the Dust
Song: Meant to Live-
Switchfod: Taco Bell
Quote: "Life moves pretty fast. if
you don't stop and look around
you could miss it"

'Bg{*teZ" CuRhCWC
erleading, J.V Cheerleading,
secretary, member of N.H.S.,
ence Club President, Varsity

7A Advice:

I will be: yourhigh
I'll be so school
successful it y
hurts. ye
Quote:"Do what's right and not what's
popular."- Dave
Memories: 10/22/05 on University
Ave., Prom '04 and '05, Spring Breaks,
Varsity football home games, volleyball
game at Oak Hall.
f84,(ew CL4o4 Da#

Accomplishments at P.K.: Many,
Many things

In 10 years I'll be...: Hopefully at a

Book: Dragon

Food: Bacon double cheeseburger

Song: Clint Eastwood

Made Dittmar change his grading scale,
years ofVarsity Soccer, the almost Clas
Memories: Carrick's incident with tree
Camp McConnell. "I got it; I got it"
Advice: Don't let people's opinions
mandate who you are; who's approval w
you look to after they're gone.
In 10 years I'll be: Happy
Food: Hmmm... where do I start?
Quote: "Pain is weakness leaving the

Varsity Volleyball for 5 years, Varsity
Softball for 4 years, making some of
the best friends ever! Memories:
Quote: Ms.
'TIhey Creveling's
don't third period
know that English Class,
I could Mr. Dittmar's
just..." class.
Mr. Dittmar
Advice: High school does fly by, enjoy
it while you can, work hard now, so you
will be successful later.
In 10 years I'll be... I'll be a successful
business woman, ready to settle down
Da4i.Age "DDB" Do.o-

3 years on Varsity volleyball, 2 years on
Varsity basketball, 2 years on Varsity
softball, 3 years onVarsity track and field,
Student Council treasurer, most
outstandingAmerican History student,
Book: Memories:
Waiting Winning
to State in
Exhale track and
field 2005
Advice: Always keep your mind on the
book. Social life is cool and everything
but in the end college doesn't care about
what party you went to.
FRia4%4 (fI4" E-/v*4

2 Memories: Parties at Laura's, Ana
s P. and Jose Rosa
Advice: Speak
at In 10 years I'll be... Living in India
with my ten adopted kids
Book: The BellJar -Sylvia Plath
ill Quote: "When the power of love
overcomes the love ofpower, the
world will know peace."-Anonymous
Song: Imagine -John Lennon
Food: Seaweed crackers

Qd/Jdca e Q EMf" 4^
Dance guard for 2 years, Duel
Enrollment for 2 years, getting
out finallyote:
"She Will "m
Be Hello!!"-

Memories: The "big" party in the
woods my mom showed up too, Kayla
always doing my makeup for me,
driving range w/ Nina, oompa loompa
with Val, my b-day at hooters! Burger
bar with Shayna, "who wears
sunglasses in the winter?" prom 05

Voted Best Smile, Homecoming Court
2005 and making a lot of friends
Advice: Be yourself, don't care what
other people think and be sweet.
In 10 Song:
years I'll "Eveyhing
be... I do"
Married -Bryan
with two Adams
kids and a
good job.
Memories: When Nelly and Kali
were too afraid to ring Aaron Huggins
doorbell; I did and Kali drove off and
left me. I almost peed in my pants.
BVtta4A "BQ" QoC1

Pi Kappa Psi (10-11 grade), Basketball
since 8th grade, SECME (8-10 grade),
Pre-Collegiate (11-12), Key Club 12th
grade, and host of High Tide.
Quote: Don't judge a book by its
Memories: When I fell in front of the
whole high school on the stage
Advice: "Always be yourself; don't let
anyone change you"
In 10 years I'll be: In a relationship,
having a wonderful career making a lot o
money, and then be married 5 yrs later.

eta4^ie "Uevbwe" fcd4te
Photography editor in Journalism and
Yearbook, Advanced Acting, Bye, Bye
Advice: Listen to all
of Dittmar's tangents
because something will
eventually relate to
In 10 years I'll be: A music journalist
in California; married with one child.
Quote: "To live a creative life we
must first lose our fear of being wrong"
Book: Brave New Girl -Louisa

Graduated from 9th, 10th and 1 lth
Memories: Last day of 11th grade
Advice: Be yourself
In 10 years I'll be...working
Food: Pasta
Quote: "Failing to prepare is
preparing to fail"
Song: It Was Written Pamian-

Ke/h4et%4 "Tn^" CTdts

4 years ofVarsity football and made a lol
of good friendships
Memories: Chillin with Steven Botche]
at lunch before he got expelled and 10t
grade math with Ms. King and a
Can- O- Soup
Any last words of advice: Do what
you can do when you can do it. Oh
and make sure you do it big!
In 10 years I'll ...Have a job I like and
maybe starting a family.
Quote: "Say what you mean and mean
f what you say."

10 state championships, friendships that
will last forever, 3 years of varsity
volleyball, 2 years of J.V volleyball, 5 years
of Varsity track, 3 time Gainesville Sun
track athlete of the year, 2 time All-
American, SECME, NHS, and Pre-Colligate
Memories: Off reading in Janine's Volvo,
2002 State Championship, 2005 State Meet
track and field.
Advice: Never be satisfied with where you
In 10 years I'll be...Happy, successful,
sponsored by Nike, and hurdling in the
Olympics! 2012 London Baby!!
Quote: You are free to choose what you
make today, and it will determine what you
have, what you do tomorrow of your life.

Starter on Varsity volleyball team,
NHS, Vice President, Marine Science
Club treasurer, Top 10 in our grade for
9th, 10th, and 11th, 2003 state runner-
up in volleyball, Senior sweetheart for
Homecoming 2005-2006
Memories: Homecoming 2005 -2006,
"you got served" at Tampa Prep, "Nuck
if you buck", any volleyball game
against Oak Hall (and of course our
Advice: Always do your work; sleep is
for the weak
In 10 years I'll be... Rich, married,
living the perfect life
Rsja4 % Cf^U- Cf"gm" .

Honor Roll, Basketball, being a stud
S Memories: Basketball and
kicking it with my Eastside boys
Advice: If you work hard, it will
pay off in the end
In 10 years I'll be...Getting
money and stackin' my chips
Food: Ribs and Steak
Quote: "Patience is a virtue"

Song: Chick Magnet -Paul Wall

40 Peclte

KaiA "K I Fae 4e f HAaUMwaij

Starter on Varsity volleyball
team, National Honors
Society, Vice President,
Marine science club treasurer,
Top 10 in our grade for
freshmen, sophomore, and
junior years, 2003 state runner
up in volleyball, senior
sweetheart for homecoming

SlK4a4v+e "1i"' H4mtv-

Sa4K "M{e Ho4,2,"
Actually made it through alive while
having fun; but like Caesar said "Bach
never sold all of his paintings."
Memories: When Jake got hit by the
car and lived.
In 10 years I'll be...Hopefully well on
my way to being an acupuncturist and
happily dating, trying to find that special
Book: The Call of Cthulhu
Food: Cookies and Cream ice cream
Song: Hallowed Be Thy Name -Iron
Maiden, and Sitting on the Dock of the
Bay -Otis Redding.
ae "BauWc" H 4zool

NkAw "Na-l-Na-Na" Hea^v
Key Club, International Club, NHS,
Holiday Souvenirs, Guys and Dolls
Memories: Nose divers in the sand, the
plays, the sneaking around missions, the
5'3" pirate, the girl who cried wolf, the
Advice: Don't be an ant, find yourself,
and resurrect creativity.
In 10 years I'll be: Traveling to distant
lands spreading the word of love, building
a family, and keeping the peace.
Quote: "Though I walk through the valley
of the shadow of death, I shall fear no
Song: Orion -Metallica
A4404, "HLW H" i-4

Cheerleader 8th- 12th, #1 parking spot,
pulling offProm 2005
Memories: 1st place at Mid-State
Competition, Spring Break '04, Amanda
falling offmy golf cart and hitting the
Advice: Cherish the time you have,
work hard, and play hard because it flies
In 10 years I'll be...In Atlanta working
at a law firm and married to a MLB
Quote: "Everything happens for a

F444" "ftac4c" Ht
Varsity football player, National Honor
Society, Student Council President,
SADD member, Track runner, Holiday
Souvenirs, Guys and Dolls
Memories: When Jose and Brittany
hosted High Tide
Advice: Do your work and git-er-done.
In 10 years I'll be...Becoming a
Book: Dr. Seuss
Food: Cheesecake
Quote: "How about them Lakers?"
Song: Mosh -Eminem

3 years ofVarsity cheerleading (Captain
12th), Key Club (9-12, President 12"t),
Treasurer of the Senior Class, Treasurer
ofNational Honor Society
Song: Advice:
One Year, Colleges don't
Six care about
Months- Extra
Yellowcard Curriculars,
only SAT!
Memories: Getting lost on the monorail
in Jacksonville during State Competition.
In 10 years I'll be: Probably a
Nutritionist or Dietician, married with
kieLz BAd" Hpca

Football (9, 10, 11, 12), Key Club
(10, 11, 12), a member of the Blue
Bombers, class saint.
Memories: Beating Florida this year
by 1 point, and Mr. Dittmar 6th period
Advice: Listen to Mr. Anderson and
Mr. Dittmar they know what they are
talking about.
In 10 years I'll be...Graduated from
college and in the military probably a
Food: My mom's

Varsity football and track, Starting
soccer player, High School student


videos at

Food: My mom's home cooking

Song: Let's Get Lifted -John
Movie: Finding Nemo

I have graduated from every grade
from 5th and on.
Memories: Meow
Advice: Don't work too hard, live
school life with lots of fun
In 10 years I'll be....A very old hairy
28 year old that's got a mole on his
Quote: "We are not here for a long
time, we are here for a good time."
Food: Flank steak
Song: Faint-Linkin park


S"eLd (4ue1

w-e4ea "IT4 Botlhez" L4,e

Ha+h," "44a,4,n&" Kag444
Vice President of Key Club, Vice
President for International Club,
Marine Science Club, Varsity tennis,
and Varsity soccer

Be nice


Memories: The slip and slide at
the homecoming football game
Quote: "Live everyday like your last"
Song: Simple Man -Lynard Skynard

4 years ofcheerleading, winning Mid-
State competition
Memories: All of junior year
Advice: Wake up early to get your
parking spot; front row is worth it.
In 10 years I'll be... Working in a
hospital, married being very successful.
Food: Anything from Sonny's
Quote: "A dream is a wish your heart
makes, when your fast asleep."

Song: It's Your Life- Tim

I accomplished everything I had hoped
to and more
Memories: All the sporting events and
Mr. Dittmar's class, Camp Kalaqua
Advice: Don't take life lightly; it will hit
you hard later
In 10 years I'll be...Playing baseball
in the pros or a high school baseball
coach Food: Ribs

Quote: "I'd rather waste a minute of
my life, than my life in a minute."
Song: Keep Your Head Up- Tupac

Prom committee 1 grade, HighTide
11th grade, Chain Reaction 911 -10th Played varsity volleyball for two years,
grade Song: kept a 3.3 G.P.A. these past few years
F o The Way
French You Make Quote: "Be Song:
fries Me Feel- yourself, "Stay
Book: With
Color Michael there's
Purple Jackson nothing
better." Josh
Memories: All 9t grade,Concerts with Gracin
Laura, Katie, and Deb. Every weekend Memories: 7* grade coach Scott's
with the girls, those country moments science class, 6t period English with Mr.
xirith Cr, otal -,Ave hfln- h nrlfnrifl iXtht Dittmar.

V U1^Jl r OUI.I w VI 1.Y Fl LL
Ben, Spring break and baby oil 10th
grade, Prom 2005!!

President of Model U.N., President
of Film Club, President of
International Club, Key Club, SADD,
National Honor Society
Memories: Watching Mr. Dittmar get
beat up at Chevelle concert
Advice: Life's too short to be
stressed. Just chill, these years are the
good years.
In 10 years I'll be... Running for
Quote: "Be the change you wish to
see" by Mahatma Gandhi
Song: "Wish You Were Here"

Advice: Never give up, live your life
to the fullest, and always be yourself.
Je"tc "J-Ldck" Locke
Five years cheerleading, Class Sinner,
and all the memories made.
Memories: All of my memories
made, were good memories. All made
with cheer girls. Advice:
Food: Don't slack
Everything 9th 11th
Quote: grade, those
"Live, are the years
Laugh, that count
In 10 years I'll be.... Hopefully, have
an established job, married with one
kid and working on the next.

Be m Beo/4feL" La'x/vl4

Basketball since 7' grade, Baseball
since 6t grade, forced three teachers
into early retirement
Memories: 11 grade Ms. Andrews,
10th grade Ms. King, 10th grade with Mr.
Dude, all the dumb stuff I do
Advice: Don't be afraid to achieve
what you want to achieve.
In 10 years I'll be... Same old me,
working, about to get married.
Quote: "Big players make big plays at
big times." DickVitale
Food: Steak and potatoes

Brass Captain in Band, National
Honors Society
Advice: Don't Screw up your junior
year. It's most important year of high
Memories: 12t grade Camp
Kalaqua trip
In 10 years I will be...Nursing loana
in a mental hospital
Food: Roti Song: Weak -
Book: Green Mile- Steven King

42 Peoa

Dt le "D K" Kil

Memories: The whole ninth grade
Advice: Have fun, but not too much
In 10 years I'll be.... Working
Book: Soldiers Heart
Food: Steak and Pizza
Quote: "In God We Trust" -The
Song: Stars and Stripes

Jach/ii^ "JVa" HovitsO*
Being the art major of the year (ajoke
since I have so many art classes).
Advanced in an area that I love.
Memories: Seeing Ben Lansford
painted blue riding the little motorcycle
looking like a smurf
Advice: Live your life in high school to
the fullest.
In 10 years I'll be... Hopefully very
successful and happily married
Book: OfMice and Men
Food: Any seafood
Quote: "Live your life to the fullest since
you don't know if today's your last."

Varsity basketball for 2 years, Varsity
tennis for two years, President ofNHS
Memories: Hanging out with the
guys on the weekends
Advice: Git-r-don
In 10 years I'll be... On the coast of
Quote: "When you come to a fork in
the road of life, take it"
Book: Old Man and The Sea -Ernest
Food: Texas BBQ
Song: Cowboy In Me Tim McGraw

J-aR/h Hatg/tR

Book: Grendel
Food: Sub
Song: Simple Man

PiUtck "Pt" HZEweh,

FtfrW 'T"ode H44t c1awetL
Accomplished things that can't be
accomplished by many; that is applying
yourself and setting priorities correctly.
Memories: When I cried my first day
of school at PK in the 3rd grade
because I was lost.
Advice: Whatever you do make sure
you are determined to do it because
no one likes slackers!!
In 10 years I'll be: In a business
where I'm the CEO and call the shots
Quote: "I can do all things through
Christ who strengthens me"-
Philippians 4:13

NHS, founding member ofDittmar's
Film Club.
Memories: Staying entertained in the
back of chemistry, Anderson tangents,
Dittmar's random B.S.
Advice: Balance your academic and
social life, devote yourself to both
In 10 years I'll be.... Looking back
at this yearbook laughing at everyone
else's response.
Quote: "When the going gets weird,
the weird turn pro." -Hunter S.

Ja4oe "Ca4,, LUe W4ate" PA 4z

Varsity football, 3.2 GPA

Memories: PKY vs. Florida High
2005 football
Advice: Work hard, always does
your best
In 10 years I'll be...A

Quote: "There is nothing to fear
but fear itself"


Survived with almost all my sanity.
Memories: Messing around in the
parking lot, giving rent a cop a hard
Advice: What the heck!
In 10 years I'll be... Homeless on
the streets. If you see me please give
me $5.
Food: 10 piece bucket of
chicken from KFC

Song: November Rain

Jca4*1 "P\,bi DL s4U Pa C"

Varsity soccer 5 years, Track star,
Cross country star
Memories: Going to State for
In 10 years I'll be... Living in
South America doing nothing
married to the finest Latina girl
Advice: Don't drink and drive
Book: The Da' Vinci Code
Quote: "I know you're here to kill me,
go ahead shoot you coward you're just
going to kill a man."
Rac4-eL "^cLcke" Petiee
National Honors Society, "Bye Bye
Birdie", "Holiday Souvenirs", 4.2 GPA,
A-B Honor Roll
Advice: If you skip your class, you
should go home.
Memories: Going to the dinner
theater Pirate Show in Orlando with
the band last April
Food: Cooler Ranch Doritos
Favorite Quote: "It takes one to
know one"
In 10 years I will be...Still in
Gainesville a cashier at TJ Maxx
Book: The Lorax Dr. Seuss

Hecvde'LZ "Cf^4" Potte

Voted Most Likely to Succeed,
Homecoming Court 2005, and Varsity
Memories: Cutting my locks
Advice: Never expect to live up to my
In 10 years I'll be...In dentistry school.
Book: The Da Vinci Code
Food: Mac and Cheese
Quote: "Luminous beings are we, not
this crude matter." Yoda

Song: ATLiens- Outkast

Deo"cU "D-kaL. R o444t"

Very successful in athletics and maintained
a weighted 3.2.
Memories: Winning the Florida High
football game this year.
Advice: Hard work pays off if you work
In 10 years I'll be...Making money,
doing God's will.
Book: Friday Night Lights
Food: shrimp and chicken alfredo
Quote: "Keep God on your mind, work
hard and grind and I promise one day you
gonna shine." Mike Jones
Song: Motivation -TI
K44i T&KBteg
6 years cheerleading, Key Club, Marine
Science Club, Student Council historian
Memories: When we all went out to
celebrate in Orlando the night we won
Advice: Caitlin, continue to represent 06
in the war. Everyone else live up your
senior year because it goes by fast!
In 10 years I will be: The winner of
Survivor and married to a pro
basketball or football player
Quote: "Oh my God, this is Laguna

Some neat-o award for a sculpture,
catching kittens at the creek, and
reminding people that even the die hard
anti-spirit kids can show the school some
Song: Key Lime Pie- AFI
Memories: Robin Meyers on opposite
day as "Kiki"
Advice: Don't knock it 'til you try it.
In 10 years I'll be: Hopping trains
across the U.S. with my trusty sidekick:
Mr. Snugglesworth
Food: Sushi
Quote: "Low self-esteem smells like
Cheetos...or is it the other way around"
Jom "F41t B" Rg a
I survived 13 yrs. Varsity baseball since
8t grade. I was in 3 high school
productions, prom prince, High Tide
host, starting soccer star.
Memories: After prom every year,
egging Kati Junkins' house, fun nights at
Steph's making videos, volleyball
games, playing baseball.
Advice: You don't have to do drugs to
fit in and be cool. Enjoy high school
while it lasts, but always stay safe.
In 10 years I'll be...Owning a club in
Miami called "The Boat" with partners
Janine and Steph. I will also plan on
being a dedicated baseball coach.
Cf4t!kt Ca^H~av;kte" Tu23ci,
Senior Class president, SADD, Key
Club, Leadership, Yearbook, and News
Paper, 10th Grade President,
Memories: My ER Internship, all the
dinners with groups of friends, senior
sport events, all the end-of-year field
trips. Food:
Quote: Fried
"My name is chicken
Ben and I and
come quick noodles
In 10 years I'll be: Working by the
beach, being a nurse, happy and loving

Being a part of the sports
program for all 4 years
Memories: High school
period- everything
Advice: Keep your head on a
In 10 years I'll be: Pursuing
my profession
Book: The Contender
Food: BBQ chicken wings
Quote: "Laugh now, cry later"
Song: Days Of Our Lives -
Bone Thugs

1c1e4f "C& oc. Hte," Scdt
Directed the homecoming court at High
Tide '05 and was one of the head prom
planners in '05 also. (The best prom in
HISTORY, if I do say so myself.)
Memories: Prom '05, when Jose
dressed as a redneck and danced at
High Tide '02; tubbing down
Itchetucknee and going to Kyle house
with '06.
Advice: Don't believe Dittmar's lies.
In 10 years I'll be: Hopefully married!
And in Med School
Quote: Every human is unique, and
the lovers who think there never was a
love like theirs are right!
LtyjetLe Vcia^^i Luat1-

National Honor Society, Key Club,
Film Club, and International Club

Advice: Become friends with Mrs.

Memories: Senior trip too camp
Book: 100 Years of Solitude
In 10 years I'll be...: In a coma
Food: Watermelon
Quote: "Pain is only
weakness leaving the body"

44 Peole

N%4 "Da,cZc BeA4" W!S teel
6 years P.K. volleyball, Performing
Arts, Vocal Ensemble.
Memories: Seahorse Key trip when
Jake took out the water pipe. Memories
with Kelsey and Kayla
Song: Food:
You gotta Anything
be my
Deseree mom
In 10 years: I'll be on Broadway
singing my heart out.
Quote: "They say a passion will drive
someone crazy, but that's what makes
it a passion."
Jdo&, "BM 4eL" A t,
5 major productions (Bye Bye Birdie,
Holiday Souvenirs 04, Guys & Dolls,
Holiday Souvenirs 05, andAnnie),
Superior ratings at District and State
Competition for Chorus and Vocal
Ensemble, member ofAll-State men's
chorus 05-06, PK bomb squad
Memories: When Jude put Ben
Lansford in a leg lock during a review
game in Mr. Anderson's class junior
In 10 years I'll be: General Manager
of the New York Yankees
Quote: "Eat, drink and be merry for
tomorrow we'll die" -Dave Matthews
Kdtea "D'cc>ket" W",s4w

5tg.a ,e 1e1a4'" WVae

5 District Championships, 2 State
Championships, and State runner-up, Senior
Class Vice President
Memories: All of our volleyball fans,
acting crazy at the Oak Hall game
Quote: Food:
"Ain't no cheeseburger
chance if cheeseburger
you don't pie
take it" Song: Cupid -112

Advice: Definitely have fun in high school
and laugh, but just remember you future
depends on the work you put forth today.
In 10 years I'll be...Graduated from Jame
Madison University and into my career.
HMd "'-F&doEa W-iXU a

Driving the teachers crazy and
making life long friendships
Memories: Say What Karaoke
Advice: Live your life, not anybody
else's. Don't let anybody say what
you can't do.
In 10 years I'll be... In the league.
Book: Slam
Food: Pork chops
Quote: "Keep your friends close;
keep your enemies even closer."
Song: Vice-a-Versa

C"LAL "LA ce" W"cM4

Memories: Carrick running into
a tree
Advice: Don't eat yellow snow!
In 10 years I'll be: Riding my
Book: Arnold Schwarzenegger
Food: Any kind of pasta
Quote: "The only thing we have
to fear is fear itself." -FDR
Song: 5150 -Van Halen

Ja Lt e "J'" W'4ijaiSi

6 years Varsity volleyball, 2 State titles,
student council 9" through 11 t
Memories: Winning state in 2000
and 2002 and meeting all of my friends
that I'll never forget. Quote:
Book: ^"Potential
Dreams is what you
Of MY make of it"
of My
Father Food:
In 10 years I'll be... Working hard and
owning a club in Miami with Jose and

Cheerleading since 7t grade, Varsity co- Lifer, I've always had fun some how
captain, National Honors Society, Vocal Memories: "stinky", messing with
Ensemble, VP of Marine Science Club, leprechauns in chemistry
Voted Most Likely to Succeed, and
Advice: Always pack a parachute when
People Editor of the Yearbook vacationing in Canada
Food- In 10 years I'l In 10 years I'll be: hopefully done with
be... a teacher
Chicken be...tachr college and working
Fajitas married to the Favorite quote: "I hear and I forget. I
man ofmy see and I remember. I do and I
dreams. understand.
Memories: Latrisha and Ms. Weber's Favorite song: Tool-Lateralus
fight, the skater falling at Holiday
Souvenirs rehearsal, all moments with
Nina and Simone

Memories: Spring Break 2005
Advice: "Do not leave a paper trail."
In 10 years I'll be: Successful, rich,
living in Australia with my store
Book: The Snow goose
Food: Potatoes
Quote: "Life gave me a lemon and
some salt and said, deal with it so I
made a salty lemon."
Song: What's Going On -Marvin Gaye

Se Ie (4,c PKY 45

I 1





''*i*I-- %,*


'p. j
~ '

1** *% '*

-, ~.:SI wtt c~wP% -





rtfw Fr,



n. ~









b*. A





IPrl" -
1 ,.bn ''




When you've spent Traveling to a new
most of your life in a place, school, leaving all the kids I
it starts to feel like your grew up with and the place
second home. You're that holds so many
surrounded by people you memories frightens me. But
love and have cherished no matter how far I go, or
memories with, but there's how many new experiences
always that urge to leave, to I have, I will never forget
start somewhere new. Since my fellow lifers and all the
I've attended PK my whole memories we've shared.
life, I've looked forward to From the elementary wing,
returning to old friends every across the creek and past
year and enjoyed the relief the graduation stage, I
of knowing the teachers I know all the PK lifers will
would have to deal with. It's hold a special place for
been our home for so long each other and PK Yonge.

that no matter how much I
want to experience a new
place, the thought of not
being here is scary.

By Kelsey Winfrey

Above: As lifers Ben Lansford and
Mark Williams were Involved in
many after school activities. Sports
allowed life to compete and build

48 Peoafe

Above- The lifers gather together
for their traditional photo at the
play ground; This was a good time
from them to reminisce about the
old days.
Left Lifers Danielle Dixon-Brown
and Valerie Flournoy watch the
action during a play at a French
conference. This was another after
school activity.

Left. Lifers Janine Williams and
Rande Grant celebrate Janine's
birthday party on the weekend.
When growing up, birthday parties
were the places to be on the

Lqei* PKY


They say yourjunior year is one of the toughest years of
your high school career, with the pressure for
finding the perfect college and the
anxiety of fitting in, but this years
group seemed to keep their
cool. We owe a great debt
to the junior class of
2007 for all their talent in
Blue Wave sports,
there were a handfulof
juniors that the teams relied on
to pull them through. Aside
from the extra cunrricularactivities
the classes and the projects are the most time consuming. But
when you look back it was the most fun you will ever have.

-Kayla Alford

Above: Juniors James Hager and
Adam Clark show each other
some affection during lunch. The
two were always seen together in
the halls.

Above Center: Juniors Andrew
Suchman, Molly Hoggard and
Adam Henry preform at
Holiday Souvenirs.
Right. Juniors Kyle Pons, Juan
Rivera, and Patrick Mackln watch
In amazement at the best high
tide ever.

50 Peorle

Geoffrey Anderson

Frank Boe Andrew Brown

Caflin Brown Bnrttany Byrd

Glorgio Campanaro

Christopher Caro

Ashley Crump

Maggie Dodd

Wyatt Carter

Kamille Chaparro

Adam Clark

Miels Chfton

Heather Crocker

Chelsea Daniels Alexandena Days Rachel Dillard Kristen Dixon Kristin Dodd

Christopher Dolan Robert Drake Kelsey Dnscoll Chloe Dunnell Evan Easterling

Ju4,iao PKIY 51

Edward Bearty

Danid Acosta

Stephen Adicks

Michael Anderson

Kasumi Araki

Brittany Bastien

P-wovs 2006

Prom is the event that every junior can't wait to experience and that every senior looks forward to,
because it symbolizes the end of a long year of hard work and discipline. Thejuniors this year worked steadily
on making sure every detail was planned out to perfection. Prom is something that the students have all the their
own, from the decorations, to the music, to the dresses and tuxedos we wear.
A lot of hard work and dedication went into the planning for this years celebration, aside from all the
rumors, the students have participated in the planning of our prom have worked extremely well together, but the
fact that all our their ideas and tastes clashed in such harsh ways made it hard to detect a leader in the group. In
the end, everyone got what they desired and prom was under way.


Adio Faucher-Muunma

Joseph Ferreira

Kelly Flunker

Gary Gale-Shelton

Janna Goachee Jourdan Goetz

Kaitlynn Hawkins Sabnna Hayes

Blanca Gras

Darnel Henry

Jakeob Eskew

Derek Estevez

Shannon Glllis

Amett Hall

Matthew Gustafson

Christopher Hilleary

52 Pc.L

James Hager

Molly Hoggard

Yanique Hutchmson

Sterling Jewell

Aja Johnson

Marjorie Johnson

Kyle Jones

Jalmar Kurka-Fo,

Aaron Lucas

Kelly Lasley

"Working with a lot of girls, everyone has different ideas and wants to contribute, but things don't get done. We also
have to work around administration and get permission from them. We are also looking for a new adviser and

-Chloe Dunnel

"We have too many people and not everyone is on the same page. Many people don't know what they're talking
about. The seniors are also hard to work with because they are always complaining."

-Loni Griggs

J&4Aic PKY 53

Dayton Jeske

Trails Jones

Barbara Luong

Marthew Hone\,cun

Stephen Hooghums

.lai Hutchinson

Benjamin Ingle

Janelle Jackson

Patrick Mackin Chelsey MartinCristian Martinez hsohrMtew ignaMkl

Stephanie Mollison

Harold Moody

Mykhael Morris-Brown Alexis Papadi

Moses Parker Kyle Pons

Katherine Sanchez

Alfredo Savo

Willie Powers

Cason Selph

Juliana Rendon Juan Rivera

Dwayne Sherman

Kelley Sims

Brendan Smyth Jeremy Smyth

Loni Spearmon-Griggs Gardner Spickard

Adrian Miller

Jacob Mitchell

Ardell Roberts

A'Metrice Smith

Sydney Smith

54 Peopte

Angela Starnieri

Virginia Mikell

Chistopher Mathews

Patrick Mackin

Chelsey Martin

David Stuckman

Keenan Walsh

Courtney Warner

Brandy Waters

Katherine Williams

Jake Woodmansee

J444,OM4 PICY 55

Jessie Townsend

David Turull

Megan Traylor

Erica Williams

Hope Wegener

Brandon Young

Kelli Stoops

Andrew Suchman

"'0a Dst H !tel"
W" ut t eU cla-. 4 2009 Gw 4 10 yc4?
"They'll be in a ton of different places. They'll be doing anything from teaching
schools to working in chem. labs to running companies. It depends on the
person." Mr. Bice


"Dude, I'm gonna be married, expecting two kids and living in Ocala on a ranch.
I'm also gonna be a game warden." Alex Mikkelsen
"I'm gonna win the lottery and
become a millionaire by the age of 25." -
Patrick Matchen
"Graduating from college, playing
football or something?"
Terence McCarter
"Working at Publix with my brother."
John Mark Honeycutt

' Sthnie Anderson
iTa ll f.

56 People

Blain Alfonso
Richard Alford
Stefanie Anderson
Kenneth Armstrong
Carah Ashley
Melanie Atkinson

Rebecca Bates
Katheryn Beauregard
Amorette Bell
Kyle Bennett
Brian Bernier
Jason Bloom

Leonard Brennan
Matthew Browne
Michael Callahan
Leeland Carter
Jasmine Charles
Matthew Clark

Jessica Cooper
Tyler Cothran
Alexander Cunningham
Carl Davis
Skyla Days
Arturo Daza

Jarad Dorsey
Zachary Dorsey
Mark Dugger
Ashley Dykstra
John Ellis
Justin Feagle

Joshua Figueroa
Corey Forehand
Courtney Forehand
Raymond Frazier
Emily Fuller
Andrea Gale

Svpow PKXY 57

Andrew Garfield
Jessica Gilley
Brittany Green
Victoria Grimes
Thomas Gross
William Hampton IV

Mallory Ilardaway
Latisha Harrell
Katherine Harris
Mohammad Ilasan
Laurel Higman
John Honeycutt

Shannon Hope
Rachel Hoyt
Juliana Hughes
Tilman Hunt
Roamules Ivery
Christopher Johnson

Crystal Johnson
Leah Johnson
Rhea Jones
Trenise Jones
Scott Kelly
Cory Kempton

Kelly Landry
Ashley Lansberry
Marissa Lovvorn
Andrew Maddox
Nolan Malone
Cody Manucy

Danielle Marston
Courtney Martensen
Terence McCarter
Shane McCort
Kelli McCrery
Matthew McEwen

Li" 2It'

58 PeopLe

James McGill
Alan Medrano
Mariel Mena
Alex Mikkelsen
Jesse Morgan
Margaret Morse

Kendrick Nelson
Tatum Nichtberger
Kevin Njeru
Krista Nordqvist
Dominique Oliver
Brooke Padgett

Lewis Palmer
Joseph Palmquist
Grant Patterson
Fidelis Pebenito
Bernard Pellett
Michael Perry

Brittany Posey
Andrea Potter
Amanda Purves
James Ratliff
Edward Rawls
Tirsa Rogers

Leon Rowe
Sofia Royce
Dellora Rushing
Eric Rustemier
Matthew Scian
Teresa Sealey

Jarred Shannon
Lexley Shelton
Rebecca Shuping
Mary Silvers
Colin Spears
Ryan Specie


Robon Starling
James Suggs
Christopher Sunkett
Darius Taylor
Austin Thomas
Andrew Treweek

Nickolus Turner
Dione Tyson
Victoria Van Arnam
Walade Wade
Shayla Wallace
Michael Wallick

Elliott Welker
Alexi Wilcox
Cody Wilson
Lindsey Woodmanse
Lanie Wyrosdick
Jonathan Zazo

Joshua Zeile



PeiMk4 T4hw Stizve

1. Driving

2. Later Curfew

3. Sweet Sixteen Party

4. Getting a Job

5. Respected more as an Adult

60 Pec&Lie

Sweet Sifew
Wfvat k" 4o took 4s04!t j44luL to a4LC4t

"I look forward to the freedom I will receive with
turning 16. Driving along with being able to stay out
later, I can pick up and go whenever I want instead of
relying on others."
Brittany Posey
"When you're 16 you really exist
more as an adult rather than a kid."
Lindsey Woodmansee
"Finding a long-term realthionship and

Kendrick Nelson "Honestly, I don't really care if I
turn sixteen, it's just another

Ashley Dykstra

"I can't wait to be able actually get a job
w with a real hourly wage."

Andy Garfield

Soomvoiew PKY 61

7 """

Janae Taylor

Shae Hasson
and Gabriela McLeskey

Cassidy Hinson, Ashley Welcome and
Alexandria Theodore


Spencer Alfson
Oriana Alvarez
Jennifer Aranda Cordero
Andrew Barton
Matthew Bass
Alli Bell

James Brigman
Ambreshia Brown
lan Brown
Renard Bryant
Elizabeth Buckhalter
Aaron Buffenmyer

Briana Buie
Kimberly Bullard
Byron Burdette
Chelsea Caro
Clay Carodine
Carlos Castillo

Kathleen Cerjan
Kandace Clifton
Zachary Cook
Justin Cummings
Katherine David
George Delker

62 Pezptze

To4o 10 e 4 0E' Fe" o S

1. Will I graduate?

2. Leaving behind my friends. Going to different colleges.

3. The Senior Project

4. Harder Work

5. Passing the senior classes

6. Getting ready for college

7. Having to figure out what to do with the rest of my life

8. The outcome of the prom

9. Not getting recruited

10. Moving away and leaving everything behind

Joshua Digiovanni
Joseph DiLeo
Kimberly Dobbins
.. April Durant
Andrew Emmons
Kamaria Faucher-Mutima

Liam Fitzgerald
Charles Francis
Samuel Fraser
Autis Gibson
Eric Goolsby
Daniel Gras

Jefferson Griebel
Vincent Hampton
Alexander Harker
Michael Harmon
Shae Hasson
6 MArianne Hedley

Miranda Heflin
Alicia Hernandez
Cassidy Hinson
Donald Hinton
Connor Hogan
Christa Holloway

FWA~,,e PPKY 63

"My biggest fear about being a senior is having

all of that freedom and not knowing what to do

with it." Kelsey Williams

"My biggest fear is of not having a senior year

that means as much as the seniors this year mean

to me." Zach Cook

John Horter
Jhanille Hutchinson
Justin Ingle
Amy Jackson
Kamize Johnson
Michael Johnson

Elizabeth Jordan
Krista Kato
Timothy Kearl
Brittney Kelly
Benjamin King
Kera King

Samantha Kitchens
Tiffany Landry
Faith Lansberry
Daniel Latour
Samuel Lawson
Julia Leavy

Michael Lesousky
Courtney Lindsey
Crystal Lucas
Errol Lucas
Samantha Lussier
Iva Margioni

64 Peapte

t "My biggest fear about becoming a senior is my
attitude. I don't want to have a nasty attitude just

because I'm an upperclassman."

-Jasmine O' Neal

"There aren't any fears of being a senior.

Seniorism is the sweetness." iWit

Evan Osgood

Brent Markham
Ashley Maxwell
Gabriela McLeskey
Ann Melendez
Chucassia Miller
Ryan Morgan

Jasmine O'Neal
Anderson Oliva
Evan Osgood
Ramon Otero
Amanda Palmer
Carson Pennypacker

Tyler Peterson
Rachel Piper
Charles Poindexter
Britton Pollitt
Darrell Pons
Shae Powers

Jerelyn Register
Sean Richardson
Karina Rivera
Elena Sapozhnikova
Bryan Shaara
Eric Shade

PKY 65

~I Pp

How JAoa Ute fr"hof cla0 CeeL

4ol4frt tle 4efvw la 44 .42006?

W "s~s~8gc~;~i .......J

"My biggest like of the class of 2006 is the fact that the seniors
care about the lowerclassmen." Brittney Kelly

"They have alot of great athletes." Leah TenBieg

"This year's senior class is really fun. They made high tide
really good and they are all just nice." Courtney Lindsey

" The class of 2006 has a much older attitude than other
classes." D.A. Hinton

" They are funny. They always make me laugh. Just the stuff
they do and say is so silly." Megan Young

"Aaron needs to cut his hair!" Josh DiGiovanni

" I really dislike them. They all think they are too cool. I mean
that is okay but they take it too far." Haus Whitehurst

66 Peoape

?Es~uie ;


Ja'kya Sheppard
Coleen Sherman
Alexander Sims
Erika Stuckman
Cristina Suarez
Kyle Suggs

Janea Taylor
Leah TenBieg
Kirstie Thomas
Tracy Tolbert
Alejandro Torroella
Niels Troedsson

Erin Voss
Matthew Wade
lain Wallace
Emily Walsh
Amanda Ward
Dean Ward

Cassandra Watkins
Ashley Welcome
Daniel Whitehurst
Erica Wiggins
Jasmine Williams
Kelsey Williams

Cody Winfrey
Megan Young
Kendra Zindler

FA4mK, PKY 67

Eighth grade, the final year of school before students reach the last step of their final run. The difference between
PK.'s eighth grade students and every other middle school student in Gainesville, is the familiarity in their approaching high
school. Eighth grade students look forward to the jump from the halls of J and K-wing, to the uncharted territory ofL and
M-wing. Eighth grade is a year of domination and dedication. It is one of the most vital years of school due to the passing
of the F-CAT. Students have become comfortable with running the show and having the title of "King of the Hill". After
the stress of the year comes to an end, eighth graders begin to bite their nails as the terror of high school looms. The cruel
rituals as the babies of the school repeats and eighth graders are no longer the ruler of the land. Their reign has come to an
end and Freshman year begins. -Bailey Holbrook
Right: Darryl Davis steadily reads his novel during --
his SSR time. He always gets his work done.
Below: Eighth grader Meghan Roberts laughs at a
joke by her teacher, Mr. Bourn. She is recognized
by her sense of humor and her ability to still get
the work done.

U/^zt doaW c~df oet ~to Cdab~e^ ^4 -^u

Alex Acosta Dylan Sprague

"Lots of hard homework
that will need to be turned
in on time, lots of people
picking on us for being
ninth graders."
68 People

"To be a starting "More work and greater "Hopefully I'11 get
defensive tackle for the social pressure." smarter and stuff."
football team."

"I don't know it looks a
lot like the same thing."


Alex Acosta
Dylan Allen
Michael Andrews
Jessica Bastien
Christopher Beauregard
John Bennett
Michelle Blackwell

Justin Bloom
Joseph Bolinao
Brandon Boothby
Haydn Brasher
Kaitlin Brennan
Justin Broiles
Danielle Brooks

Breniq Brown
Ryan Brown
Thomas Burns
Clyde Byrd
Megan Calton
Allison Cattafesta
Kevin Cerjan

Kathryn Craig
Ashlee Crockrell
Michael Dardis
Darryl Davis
Celeste De La Llana
Omnarayana Deitenbeck
Matthew Dodd

Michael Dolan
Cody Dow
Annamaria Dvorak
Kayleigh Estes
Oluwaseun Fayiga
Jessica Feagle
Gisela Fernandez

Kevin Fitz
Daphne Flournoy
Jessica Gale
Sean Gannon
Sarah Gerard
Hailey Goetz
Omarilys Gonzalez

Brandon Gordon
Brent Graham
Athena Gravois
Kayla Griffin
Samuel Gustafson
Farris Hasan
Sean Hauzer

W, q444ke PXCY 69

Ql Y
17. , : i


Right: A group of 8th graders
gather together to throw up some
ganster faces for the camera.

Benjamin Hawkins
Megan Hawkins
Brittany Hendrix
Jillian Hooghuis
Andrew Ingram
Benjamin Jernigan
Rasheedah Johnson

Kendall Jones
Megan Jones
Christopher Krpan
Brandon Lovvorn
Tiara Luckie
William Martensen
Ivan Martinez

William Mayberry
Tiebout McCrea
Cooper McNiel
Alexander Melendez
Jeffrey Mervau
Harold Mikolaitis
Emily Milam

70 PaNIpte

Left: This years 8th graders were
never embarrassed to show their
love towards each other.

Benjamin Mullins
Sean Murphy
Sebastian Nassau
Jacquelyn Nettles
Kelsi Norton
Megan Olitsky
Austin Owens

Alyssa Pai
Samantha Palmer
Jarrod Pate
Joseph Pauly
Maurice Perry
Bradley Phillips
Tahlia Pollitt

Zachary Poulos
Patrice Powers
Nathan Pritchett
Megan Purves
Nicholas Rivera
Meghan Roberts
Glen Robinson

PKY 71

Hillary Scott
Timothy Scott
Dylan Sealey
Jordan Shannon
Andrew Sherman
Edward Simmons
Brendan Spelman

Dylan Sprague
Suzanna Sprague
Roxsan Starling
Kailee Stroud
Taylor Sullivan
Nakiya Sutton
William Tobener

Courtney Treweek
Irene Villanueva
Bianca Walker
Laura Warner
Lamont Watson
Megan Weber
Ladreeka Welch-Joiner

Georgette Wells

72 Peop


t, Cq4~ PKY 73



i^Hi jueC"

Seventh grade is the year in middle school where you're kind of stuck in the middle. It's kind of like being the middle child. You're not
really the little voice but you don't really have a big say in what happens. You don't really have a lot of responsibilities, but there is
still a lot to look forward to. The big part of it, is that you will be "king of the hill" the next year. It's a year to sit back and have fun. The
best part of the seventh grade that I remember was puck puggy day and always being in Mrs. Wellers class."

- Kelsay Winfrey

Right: Cyarah Welch, Jamie Dunnell, and
friends enjoy lunch together.
HoW k? fOu eem 4'Ot -teivH te t1j, 4cM A4L" 4"U e 0 4ft" E Ue 44o9"t?
( .L-"i -

"All I have to say is it's
better than being the

"You can make a "It has advantages and "You're not in 6th, so --it reels weira because
connection with disadvantages. It feels you have to take care of people refer to you as a
everyone. You've been a good to be above the 6th yourself. But you're not kid and a teen at the
6th grader, and your graders but the 8th going to high school, so same time."
dreaming of hot 8th graders are still up you don't get extra
graders." there." help."

74 Peote


2011 7I HUAe WJ C "

Tempra Arroyo
Taylor Asbell
Philip Atkinson
Alexandria Avera
Jamie Bailey
Cortlandt Barnes
Michael Barton

Shandra Baxter
Mariah Berry
Jacquise Bivens
Janelle Broiles
Buford Brown III
Morgan Brown
Chase Calvert

Ivi Crawford
Mieshko Debicki
Kandice Dixon
Caitlin Doak
Sean Duffy
Jamie Dunnell
Daniel Dvorak

Miles Eaton
Sean Eccles
Samantha Eller
Toni Feely
Rachael Fitz
Jasmyne Flournoy
Cedric Forson

Dean Foster
Ronald Foxx II
Sergio Galindo
Briana Geveshausen
Leland Greene
Raven Griffin
Marques Griseck

Jeffrey Hagin
Joel Hall
Rashad Harding
Caitlin Hare
Jenell Hartley-Cook
Meiyi He
Jacob Heflin

Benjamin Hodges
Bryson Hodges
Kelly Honeycutt
Ajay Hunt
Danielle Jenkins
Naudia Jones
Ashley Kearson

tM q&te PKY 75

Caitlin Keohane
Lindsey Keohane
Karina Kolb
David Ku
Manuel Kurki-Fox
Emily-Ann Langlois
Rebecca Larose

Victoria Lawrence
James Ledvina
Joel Lee
Tommie Lovett
Hilton Luong
Sara Lynch
Cason Lyons

Benjamin MacHnik
Todd Martin, Jr.
Dinah Mason
Roberto McLeskey
Mark Milam
Jelecia Milton
Gaby Mioton

Right: Collyn Welsch
daydreams while other
students prepare for Mr.
Cunningham's class.

76 Peqole


~tbdk;rhr tk~~ (~C1~Cte

Left: Ronnie Premdas and Toni Feely
enjoy lunch on "the hill." Many
students thought this was a great way
to enjoy the nice weather.

Above: Ms. Weller makes a funny
face for the camera. 7th grade
teacher sometimes had to goof off,
just so they could stay sane.



Christopher Murphy
Julia Neal
Kelsey Pederson
Ellie Portillo
Veronica Prem Das
Brittany Presley
Mary Ellen Rankeillor

Brandii Ratliff
Joshua Rawls
Raleigh Rebstock
Sydney Reed
Benjamin Rocha
Charity Rowe
Bridget Rustemier

Monica Santiago
Rebecca Sargent
Trevarris Saulsberry
Ana Savo
Caelum Schandle
Alysia Scott
William Silva

V, q444 PICY 77


Kylee Skidmore
Jackson Smith
Travis Stevens
Joshua Stewart
Erin Suggs
Richard Thomason
Dorsey Townsend III

Kaifa Tyson
Paul Valletta
Jasmine Van Hamersveld
I llln:, Van Hersh
Amalise Van Kavelaar
William Vineyard
Carmen Walker

Robin Waters
Jazzlynn Watson
Sarah Watson
Cyarah Welch
Collyn Welsch
Jordan Williams
Ariel Wilson

Devin Wilson

Above: A group of 7th grade boys enjoy lunch.
Many claimed that it was kind of like a recess.

Above: Raleigh Rebstock "strikes a pose." Raleigh
was always willing to make a fool of himself to get
a few laughs.

78 Peop


Itf Cq&(Le

-a q4a4.e PK-Y 79

*6&4L CIa4e*


Sixth Grade is a crucial time for all students. It is the transition from elementary to middle school, and from
childhood to puberty. Sixth grade is the time where kids must adjust to a new world. There is no longer one classroom
teacher in charge every day for the whole year. Sixth grade introduces kids to the world of class periods, advisements,
different teachers for different subjects and the always dreaded final exams.
Sixth graders start over in middle school. They are no longer the top dogs, but they are now the underdogs who
look forward to the days they will dominate the J and K Wings.
Kelsey Winfrey

KILhr A group of sixth graders join together
in reading.
Below: Sixth grader Barry Banks
concentrates while measuring mass in Mr.
Qfknij's rlVuce

W eid A aPU,. 4b/&tjLt 4, HiL"e ^cJo4c?

"The best thing is having
time between classes to
hang out. A lot of schools
don't get that

"I won't forget Mr.
Sleele good and bad."

"The best thing in middle
school is the hot older
girls and the worst thing
is... well nothing."

"We don't get lockers "There is more
even though there are tons responsibility in Middle
left." School. For example, it's
our responsibility to get to
class on time."

80 Peooe

Zachary Aaronson
Charmian Akins
Brad Alfonso
Aariel Allen
Gentry Allen
Emah Arthur
Zachary Ayala

Samuel Bailey
Barry Banks
Justin Barwick
Kevin Barwick
Rikki Baynard
Ashleigh Beatty
Josephus Bell

Julienne Boe
Derek Bolser
Maureen Brennan
Ashley Brown
Terence Brown
William Brown
Naomi Castro

Nicholas Cattafesta
Alexander Collins
Savannah Cosenza
Benjamin Cowles
Evan Cunningham
Gregory Dana
Erika Daugherty

David Daza
Paolo Jose Del Castillo
David Dolan
Shelby Eller
Christina Estevez
Oluwabunmi Fayiga
Blanca Fernandez

Celina Flocks Monaghan
Lily Fortich
Daniel Fulton
Nancy George
Travis Gilbert
Andrew Gillis
Rebecca Glessing

Erin Green
Nataja Hall
William Hardaway
Hakeem Hasan
Austin Hayes
Shelby Heflin
Cameron Hellstrom

PKY 81

*c4as 2012*

Anthony Hutchinson
Jocelyn Ivey
Kadeidra Jackson
Ashley Jamerson
Domonique Jenkins
Bobby Jones
Natalie Jones

Jenna Kempton
Gaston King
Amanda Krpan
Joshua Landers
Justin Landers
Jeanne Landry
Caroline Lesousky

82 Peofte

L .Ic1


Kayla Porter
Andrea Powers
Merritt Robbins
Katherine Robinson
Larry Robinson
Daniel Rocha
Silvia Rueda

Austin Sanchez
Tyler Sanford
Montana Sewell
Candace Sheridan
Pierce Skidmore
Shannon Specie
Alicia Stevenson

Kelvin Stevenson
Gregorio Suarez
Bryan Taylor
Arthur Thompson
Tamara Tobener
Derek Vail
Kayla Waldorff

Drew Ward
Sarah Waters
Shanice Welcome
Dallas Williams
Hye-Ja Yando
Deontre Young
Aaliyah Young-Cyrus

6, Qwae PKY 83

Carolyn Lloyd
Anthony Lopez
Evan Lowe
Kevin Lussier
Nathalie Maysonet-Gonzalez
Alexander McCaffrey
William McCrea

Kelli McGill
Allison Mervau
Montavis Miner
Alexandrea Morrow
Kerrin Mosley
Samuel Mullins
Taylor Nelson

Steve Njeru
Eric Otero
Kaylie Padgett
Ana Pak
Alice Pauly
Brandon Poindexter
Justin Popp

Kathryn Albrecht
Renee Andrews
Jim Bice
John Bourn
Lawson Brown

Theda Buckley
Stephen Burgin
Penny Chou
Dawna Clough
Betsy Creveling

Greg Cunningham
Angela Flavin
Stephanie Harrell
Randy Hollinger
David Holt

Jennifer Jones
Carmen King
Joe Locke
Sherwin MacKintosh
Brian K. Marchman

Sarah Mueller
Janice Nelson
Valerie Otero
Dee Palmer
Ashley Pennypacker

Marta Pollitt
Willie Powers
Linda Preston
Kathy Robertson
Jessica Ruszczyk

84 Peo~Le

;\ if"'

Shirley Scarabino
Randy Scott
Jake Seymour
Courtney Shannon
Anna Sperring

Jere Steele
Bill Steffans
G. Stewart
Crystal Van Cleef
Wendy Warren

Kristen Weller

FazcA PCY 85

i t' i* ; je
i ii i.i I I

BU" U"c &V"l

It's a Friday night and our football team struggles to stay in the game. The restless fans in the stands are fidgeting
while eating their over priced snacks. The score is unencouraging. The band starts to play a motivational tune that not only
excites the fans, but also hypes the team. "I love hanging out in the stands at the games and playing," says freshman Libby
Jordan. The PK. Yonge band accomplished a lot this year, from early morning practices to traveling on buses all night to play
in a strange town for two hours. The band is not "all work and no play" though. On one of the trips, the band visited Six
Flags in Atlanta to perform. Then, they explored the park the rest of the day. "The best part about that trip was the pranks,"
says sophomore Amanda Purves while laughing. Freshman Iain Wallace says "The best part of band this year was seeing it
get so much better." Our band improved greatly since prior years. They received numerous awards from all around the state,
but they wouldn't have achieved so much if it was not for their instructor Mr. Porter. Junior Kelly Flunker says "Oh my gosh!
He is so funny and always positive about everything, and after all he has gone through, he still makes band positive and fun."
The band also received a superior rating in Lake City, a prestigious accolade resulting from dedication and diligence.
Congratulations to Mr. Porter and the Marching band for a great year.

-Mallory Hardaway & Emily Fuller

Above: Patrick McEwen instructs the band at
one of the games. He knew how to lead with
Right: The trumpet players in the Blue Wave
Band strut their stuff while performing one
friday night at a game.

02 Or 9C C8and tnbe'ct

Below: Sophomore Matt McEwen shows his
strength while marching with his heavy tuba.

Below: Junior Kelly Flunker claps inbetween
performances. The band members where always
in good spirits at the games.

Below: Sophomore Nick Tuner strikes a pose
while walking out to the field to blow the fans
alaway with his instrument playing skills.

Above: The Blue Wave Band in all of their

Left: Pat McEwen, Lisa Lucus, and Raquel
Petree take a break from parctice to smile for
the camera.

Right: Mr. Porter endures the heat with his band
one afternoon.

2006 cand Qnbe'tt 03

('~:. FP1



-., ." _-

S .

.TCI T ,.. ti-




P.K. Yonge sports have done nothing but flourish over the years. P.K. Yonge has won the overall sports award
many times throughout the past few years, including last year. The fans have showed their dedication and support at
every event. The athletes feed off the fans enthusiasm in order to get through tough and strenuous games. Sporting
events were a great time to recognize your peers and their full potential on the field. Athletes not only strive on the
field and court, but in the classroom as well; where many achieve academic prowess. Many of the P.K. athletes are
noticed for their talents in a program called "Scholar Athlete of the Week", which is sponsored by a local TV channel.
P.K. Yonge athletes have come a long way from the social stereotypes of the everyday "jock" to now being recognized as
student athletes. -Kyle Abernathy and Kayla Alford
i di -r A. A M- m A mb .1 IX I


7 .

Right: Seniors John Watson, Jude Bailey and
Junior Adam Henry were in the norm when they
walked into the Oak Hall gymnasium, face
painting and add costumes were all the rage at
volleyball games.
Below: Seniors Kali TenBieg and Matt James
show their affection for each other on the bus
ride to Lake Highland. Fans grew together
during the volleyball season.

Above: Senior Nelly Njeru shows her spirit in
sporting the true Blue Wave colors of orange
and blue.
Right: Seniors Carrick Tuck, Jose Rosa, James
Pagliuca, Richard Hutson, and Matt James
crowd around the local news station cameras
who were there to shot the games but the fans
stole the show.

90 s


Left: Seniors Lauren Fuller, Kayla Alford, Becky
Cumbaa, and Kali Tenbieg cheer together while
the team was ahead. The Oak Hall game was an
up and down situation so the fans were as loud
as they could be.

Left: Senior Carrick Tuck shows his love to the
team during the bus ride to Lake Highland. This
game was the highlight of the season, the fans
worked hard to make sure that they could travel
with the team to cheer them on.

Left: Senior James Pagulica screams across the
court at the opposing fans. Most of the screaming
came from the fan, towards the other fans.


T"E H-a4 4 t4 e UzGa~

Left: Students take time out of their weekend to
come and support the team. The fans were very
dedicated this season.

Below: Senior Ben Lansford shows off his spirit
by painting himself be at the Oak Hall game.
Most students went all out, for this game, Oak
Hall being PK's greatest rival.

Right: Coach
Clifford looks
on as senior
captain Derrick
Robinson runs
for 1 of his 4
Williston, the
first game of
the year.

running back
Dre Maddox
anticipates the
start of the rival
game against
Florida High.

Left: Senior
Joey Remy
catches his
breath on the
sideline as the
Blue Wave
offense takes
the field.
Remy was a
Left: Senior
wide receiver
Baker checks
the sideline
referee to see
if he is on or
off the line.

Above: The first game of
the year versus
Williston. The Blue Wave
offense had a feild day
racking up 34 points to
Williston's 2.

The 2006 season looked to be a tough one for the Blue Wave.
P.K.Yonge's district included the perennial power house Union
County and the surprisingly powerful Trinity Catholic. The
Blue Wave started off strong with wins over Williston and
arch rival Florida High. The Blue Wave then played future
2006 State Champions Trinity Catholic, in a game where every
break fell towards the Celtics. With their backs to the wall the
Blue Wave trampled Trinity Christian for the first time since
1989. Riding high off their last win against the Crusaders,
the Blue Wave traveled to Fort White where they lost 14 to 7
to a then 5-0 Fort White team. Two weeks later, the Blue Wave
matched up against the Union

County Tigers. With one of the nations best running backs
on the other side line, the Blue Wave lost 34 to 26. The loss to
the Tigers meant the Blue Wave would miss the playoffs for
the first time in many years. The Blue Wave then finished the
season beating Newberry on Senior night and pounding Dixie
County in the final game of the year. This year's team
significantly improved from last years 3-8 team. The Blue
Wave did not make the playoffs, but finished with a record of
6-4. This year's team really worked together through tough
injuries to many players on the team and showed great strides.
Next years team will have much higher expectations after the
loss of so many seniors. The Blue Wave look to be very strong
next year! -Kyle Abernathy & Aaron Huggins

92 Spt

Captain Aaron Huggins

-"We had the hardest district
in the state of Florida and still
almost made it to the
playoffs. I thought we
exceeded this years

Captain Derrick Robinson

-"I thought the season went
very well, considering all the
injuries our team suffered."

Captain Mark Williams

"We worked extremely hard
this season, but we fell short of
the playoffs. We salvaged the
season with a winning record."


,ca 2006


Juuto t U4*;fY Eoot&4L

This year, the goal of the J.V football team was to
go undefeated. Unfortunately their goal
was sidetracked, and went downhill.
The hard work of the P.K. J.V team
did not go unnoticed, although the
boys didn't make it very far in this
years season, the talent of the
young men will one day be the back
bone of the varsity Blue Wave team.
Through the difficult practices, and
through the horrible losses, the team was
quick to pick up their helmets and shoulder
pads ready to fight in another game every time.

The team was lead by captains D.J Taylor and Cody
Alford. The J.V Football team also showed
great perseverance, through the year.
"We tried our best and gave it our all
every time we go onto the field" said
S Jesse Morgan. The team also
suffered from injured Alexi Wilcox.
One of the teams power running
backs. This year's team was very
young. They will use this season to help
push to an undefeated season next year.
-John Ellis & KaylaAlford

Below: The JV Blue Wave
practice together before a

Above: Blue Wave team
captains, D.J Taylor and
Cody Alford, meet with
Eastside team captains,
to start the game.
Above Center: Zach
Dorsey takes a quick
water break during a
time-out at the home
game against Eastside.

Above: James Suggs warms
up, throwing passes to his
Right: The Blue Wave defense gets
ready to stop Eastside's strong

94 S i

Left: The Blue Wave gets fired up,
while busting through banner.
The cheerleaders were always
there to lift spirits before and
after the games.

Below: Grant Patterson warms up,
ready to kick one of his many long
field goals.

Left: Andrew Barton runs a couple
of routine warm ups before the
game. Barton was of the players
the team leaned on when times got
Far Left: James Ratliff,Grant
Patterson, and Alex Mikkelsen
watch their fellow teammates play,
while they take a breather.

iv EoU4k 9

PK Y 95

Right:Junior Saleha Huuda shows her
spirit on the sideline. She was one of
the most dedicated flyers on the


Below:Senior captains, Bailey
Holbrook and Kelsey Winfrey are
two very committed captains. They
work many hours to make the squad
the best it could be.

RighI Jessica Cooper lands her final
stunt at the end of High Tide. She is
new to the squad but brought talent
and skill to the team.

Right:Senior Becky Cumbaa and
Sophomore Madison Ashley toss their
squad member. The girls spend hours
perfecting their routine.

96 Spoits





Above: Senior Kali TenBieg cheers the Blue
Wave on to victory. She's notorious for
cheering the loudest on the sideline. Her
spirit affects the team and the rest of the
Left: The Varsity Cheerleading Squad sticks
their stunt at 2005 High Tide. It is one of
many difficult stunts they practice so hard
to accomplish this at High Tide. This High
Tide was their best ever.

This year's Varsity
Cheerleading squad
overcame one challenge after
another. From starting the
season without Coach G. to
losing vital members of the
squad, to teaching new girls
the basics of cheering in a
month's, the P.K. Yonge
Varsity Cheerleading squad
still managed to pull it
together and build an
awesome team. The girls
will have their most
competitive year yet. For the
the State Championship and
three other regional
competitions. A squadwith
this much potential will
definitely leavethefollowing
years a lot to live up to.
-Bailey Holbrook &
Kelsey Winfrey

Above: The Varisty do their routine
push-ups after every touchdown or
field goal. You can often hear the
girls chanting on the side line "We
want push-ups!"

The 2005-2006 Varsity Cheerleaders

Va..4U* CMdm4"LJ4j PICY 97

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