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Title: Yongester
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I _

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1 56
N C Reinvest
I 90 mmm-




The Yongester
Volume 70
P.K. Yonge DRS
1080 S.W. 11th Street
Gainesville, FL 32601
(352) 392-1554
Enrolment K-5: 344
Enrolment 6-1 2: 751
Staff Populaton: 129


Action, reaction. Choice, consequence. For every
cause, there are many effects that follow. As we reflect
on the past year, we realize that it was our experiences
that caused us to celebrate, to grow, to cry, to laugh.

Our study habits determined our success or failure.
Our dedication to practice caused success on the field
or the stage. Our creativity caused us to open our eyes
to a new world to share with others. Our perspective
helped to fuel our future, determining where we would
stand in the years to come. Mistakes we made taught
us lessons, and an evening with friends created
memories to last a lifetime. All of these reactions came
with an initial base, a background for them to react on,
with, or by. Ultimately, this dynamic of action and
reaction formed around our school as a whole,
engulfing our own lives. The wins and losses, laughs
and tears, atoms and space, filled our perception and
our memories.
-Alison Posey

center: The Class of 2005 displays unity during it's annual
bleacher shot. P.K. Yonge looked up to the seniors for a sense
of leadership and maturity. The class reflected diversity,
commitment, and a wide range of dreams and goals.


Prologue m m 3


2 Prologue


At first glance, P. K. Yonge is a small school with a
rich tradition. After taking a deeper look, however, you will
realize that P. K. Yonge is not just a school, but a community
full of bright people with bright futures. Some of us chose to
take high school classes early in 8h grade, and you saw us in
precalculus as seniors. Some of us decided to dual-enroll,
and because of that you didn't see us at lunch. We all
interacted like a family, whether we were in American
Government, at High Tide, at a play, or at an athletic event.
We were brothers and sisters, boyfriends and girlfriends, and
teachers and students. Since our first days at P. K. Yonge, we
had a sense of unity.
As we grew, our bonds became stronger. We went
on weekend road trips, went to Gator football games, went
through trends, experienced spring break, laughed, cried,
fought, and hugged. We forged memories that will last a lifetime.
We all made our choices, and consequently, we all traveled
our own paths. But we were never alone, because at the end
of the day, P. K. Yonge was still a family.
-John Rowell & Shayna Estes

right: With a mighty bounce, Mr. Burgin launches a student from
the famous "blob" at Camp Kulaqua. It has long been a tradition
for P. K. students to take a 'relationship building' trip to the camp.

Student Life M M 5


4 Relive



ttany Posey holds on for dear life
ing at Lake Kerr outside of Ocala.
ibmbers own a house on the lake and
ell as her sister and parents, spent
Ih ebpn the lake tubing and skiing.

Getting a job

Hanging out with old friends

Making new friends

Going to a sports camp

Going to the beach

-Family vacation



Having a summer fling

- Preparing for The first day of school

114 ,p

excitement of freedom. This feellng came trom the
accomplishment of completing all of their exams and
.no(. ing able to celebrate the long anticipated
summer vacation. The possibilities of activities that
students can do over the summer were endless.
P.K. students took advantage of their time
off, often visiting exotic places just for the thrill or to
visit family. Some students chose'to stay close to
homee and appreciated the local lakes and springs.
dtifhersstill.wre.able.toset ajbwhethier by hfit'oc~
"tr's Ii. agentss .fc i",thgem -to:Many ; 'staI ,

[ . .%;

i'i'avshmrNld iWi


- v


~r; '''


"We're the ones you won't forget.

above: On the 50 yard
line of the P.K. Yonge
football field is the
sacred symbol of our
High School. Any
student knew that a
screaming football
player would come
bearing down upon you
if you walked on the

8 *Relfve

The students of P.K. Yonge take pride in...

Showi g

A major part of the tradition of P.K. Yonge was the school spirit that existed
throughout the school year. The student body was constantly dressing in
school colors, whether it was a normal day of classes or a game day.
One popular way of showing school pride was to create class T-
shirts with slang and sayings for each graduating class year. The
ladies of 2005 designed shirts with the saying "we're the ones
Syou won't forget, we're the ones you wanna get, crazy nights,
party live, we're the ladies of 2005." Even the new uniforms
worn by this year's P.E. Students showed school pride by the
display of our school name on the shirts and shorts. Simply
Showing up to support a school athletic team or watching a school
play can be a display of pride for your school. An increase in
abore: support for court sports (Basketball and Volleyball) was a boost for
Seniors several individuals. Chants and cheers became a regular event at
Devin Suggs Volleyball games with fans taking the "cheerleading" into their own hands.
and Nick Mudra take pride in Growing support for student activities at P. K. Yonge brought to light the
the football team by painting
the football team by painting fact that each year brings more fans, which means everyone can expect
their faces on gameday.
Forms of intimidation were great school spirit for the next few years. Our school spirit not only defined
popular for football players who we were as a student body, but showed how we were united under
to get psyched for the game. our school colors.
-Sean Specie

"class Christmas tree." Seniors hope it will become a
tradition every year.
left: Seniors Lynette Rivera, Alison Posey, Shannon Outman,
.- -, iVanessa Sargent, and Danielle Warren show their friendship
by making the infamous "Senior Ladies" shirts. Home games
were typically the place you were most likely to spot these
shirts being worn.

Spirit m m m 9

Students show school support by having a great...


Homecoming Week of 2004 brought many laughs and
memories for the students of P.K. Yonge. From dressing up on the
various spirit days to coming out to the homecoming game, students
had different ways of showing their school support. High Tide was a
hit this year, featuring a tear-jerking video of the football seniors, but
providing roars of laughter with a hula-hooping and doughnut eating
contest. Pi Kappa Psi tore up the stage with an impressive step
performance, and the results of the homecoming court was an event
every student had looked forward to all evening. With the energy
created by High Tide, the football team played hard during the game,
though they came up short in the final score. Afterwards, a dance
celebrated school pride. Homecoming Week 2004 was a time to
remember, and a great success.
-Alison Posey

center: Junior teammates Mark Williams and Josh Cosenza compete in
the doughnut eating contest. Teammates had to each eat six doughnuts
apiece to win. Although the two put up a good effort, the senior team
prevailed and won the competition.
above: LaShay Clayton and Sami Heflin discuss each other's "Tacky
Day" outfits. High socks, crazy hats, and mismatching clothes were seen
all over campus.
top right: Becky Cumbaa and Kali Tenbieg dress up as "Plaque Busters"
for superhero day. The duo always had creative ideas for dressing up
during Homecoming week.
bottom right: Carrick Tuck shows off his spirit on "Spirit Day" by dressing
up in a cheerleading uniform.

far above: Shayna Estes and Matt Glicco admire each other's
outfits on "Pajama Day." Students loved the fact that for one
day, they could come into school with pillows and stuffed
above: Rebecca Shuping and Teresa Sealey dressed up for
"Western Day." Students went all out, and it wasn't uncommon to
see guys squeezed into Wranglers and girls sporting braids.
left: Pi Kappa Psi did two exhilirating performances. The
group made the crowd rise to their feet with their dance moves
and step.

Homecoming Week m m m 11

10 m R Relive

ON. I,.




I. -r I r-r

Stick Together

At some point in time, everyone has someone
that they can call a best friend. It's an unexplainable
chemistry that could last a lifetime. Friendships shape
us and give new meaning to the term "relationship."
We all know these friendships in some way.
Girls get a shoulder to cry on and a new shopping
buddy. Guys have someone to watch the game and
blow stuff up with. When the two genders collide for
a friendship, the possibilities are endless. From
endless laughter and good times created, to numerous
tears shed and things we'd like to forget, friends are
always there to support each other. As the years go
by, we will always be able to look at the times we
shared with our friends here at P.K. Yonge.
Everyone loves to have a good time, and
these times just happen to be better when you have
someone to share it with. Whether it be a boyfriend
or a girlfriend, or just a good friend, we all have that
special person that we have stuck together with
throughout the years that made everything just a little
more easy to deal with.

-Stevie Foote and Alison Posey

center: Mr. Hollinger had a way of
- bringing his students together. His
" personality was popular among
o his students, and his bandmates in
the "blue-grass band."
" right: Chase MackIntosh, Jeff
O Bogle, Sarah Dardis, and Sonya
Graham were always supportive
0 of each other in their friendships
as well as in school.

they pick you""You were the one who made things different, you were the one who took me in. You

far above: Cody Alford and Corey Forehand are
the best of friends. The two are inseperable both o
on and off of the field.
above: A group of friends watch fellow students jump
off of "The Blob" at Camp Kulaqua.
left: Ed Suggs and Tamara Jones are one of P.K.'s
"legendary" couples. The two have been together and
stayed committed since their Junior year.

were the one thing I could count on, above all, you were my friend" -Tom Petty "Best friends

Relationships 1 U U 15

14 1 *Relive

WVVe are F ami ly on Campus
My sister and I have a love-hate relationship. When we were younger, hair was pulled, cheeks were turned red from slaps,
scratches were adorned on our arms from digging fingernails into each other's skin. We used to fight, and we'd fight hard. When I was
younger, I'd wish I had a little brother- I didn't even call my sister by her given name until she was two months old because I wanted a
little brother so bad. She'd follow me everywhere, picking at me until I'd slap her. We would fight over everything- from who got to ride up
front in the car, to who got to hold the hamster first, even if we were "to close to each other" we'd argue. Now that I am older, I am thankful
that my sister was brought into this world. Yes, there are still screaming matches and slamming doors, but we have learned to appreciate
one another. There is no greater friend in this world that I have then her.
I like to think that many siblings share me and my sister's relationship. There are fights, there's the pushing and yelling that
comes along with having a sibling, but I wouldn't trade any tear, any cut, any punch for the relationship that we have now. Siblings are
always there to lend a hand when we need help, a shoulder when we need support, or an ear when we have to much on our mind to fall
asleep. When the rest of the world seems to shut me out, my sister is the only person I can truly depend on. I can't tell you how many times
I still come crying to my little sister at three in the morning for advice. We are always there for each other, whether it be for a hug, to share
the latest gossip with, or to go out with on the weekend. Siblings teach us how to be better people, and my sister and I look up to each
other to better ourselves. Our mom used to tell us that we'd be thankful for each other as we got older, and 10 years ago, I laughed in her
face. But today, I'm glad to have my sister- my sibling, my psychiatrist, my teammate, and my best friend. Although disagreements will
arise, nothing can come between the love of two siblings, and over the years, I have found this to be true. -Alison Posey

Sean and Kris Eccles

Kayleigh, Shayna and
Candace Estes

Andrew and Carrie Fraser
and Courtney and Corey

it.aine and &ay.La
.TJm e

Becky and Vanessa

iiary and const

16 Relve

Tiara, Doc and

Sarah and Brittany, Simone and Sk3
Michael Dardis Days and Devin Berry

r.J., ncray-Lcay ar
Terence McCarter

Brittany and Alison

rriKa, avid and U.J. and bu
Shannon Stuckman Taylor

ca ana Bernar.d ami.Le and uanie.ie
Williams Wright

Family E m n 17

. -- ,.K'.'







This year Florida felt the effect of...


When the 2004-2005 school year kicked off on August 171, it was
quickly marred by missed days and altered schedules. Because of the effects
of Hurricanes Charley, Frances, Ivan, and Jeanne, there were three official
"Hurricane Days", which we didn't have to make up, and countless students
had to endure several days of attendance without power at home. Families
were left with destroyed property which took weeks to clean up. All over the
city, trees were tossed over like toothpicks, and water flooded parking lots.
Home Depot on Tower Road's parking lot was turned into a lake as water
overflowed a nearby retention pond.
Mr. Miller, a first-year Government and Economics teacher, missed
several school days because he was on active duty in the National Guard.
"Upon being called up for Hurricane duty, my first thought was one of panic.
Once I arrived on the scene of each hurricane, I quickly realized television
doesn't show how much these storms hurt people," said Mr. Miller, describing
the damage.
"The last seven weeks have been extremely difficult, as Florida
endured the devastation of four deadly storms," said Governor Jeb Bush.
According to Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), more than
$1,027,000,000 in federal aid has been approved in the state of Florida alone.
-John Rowell


panic. "

right: A tree is uprooted by the
80 mile per hour winds that
battered Gainesville for days at
a time. This was a common sight
around town.

above: A neighborhood is affected by the debris left behind from one of
the many destructive storms. The local waste management was
responsible for picking up limbs and other trash when the pleasant
weather returned, but had a hard time getting to every neighborhood
in a timely manner due to the excessive amount of trash.
left: A branch pierces through a roof at P.K. Yonge. Branches littered
the ground all over Gainesville as 60+ MPH winds gusted through the

Hurricanes m m 19

18 0 0 0 elive

Beyond the Classroom

When that final school bell rings at 2:40, students scurry out of the
school. Finally, free at last from the four walls of the classroom, free to do
whatever they wish. Whether it be going home and watching TV, pigging
out on candy and soda, or hustling around the softball field, giving that two
hour practice their heart, soul, and sweat.
Out of school is where P.K. Yonge students thrive, where they excel
at extracurricular activities. Many students found themselves rehearsing for
hours at a time for plays, such as 'Holiday Souvenirs.' Their hard work and
dedication payed off, as the play was a huge success. Other students found
themselves staying after school to make-up assignments they missed while
absent. After school hours were always buzzing with activity, with teachers
running around campus as well. Many teachers stayed long hours after
school conducting club meetings. Many clubs had to meet after school in
part to the split lunch that was introduced this year. Students also learned the
value of a job, as many were learning the ropes in the work force. A walk
around the mall showed many familiar faces, with students working at the
various kiosks in the mall, as well as Hollister and JCPenny.
From athletic practices to jobs, after school hours were always alive
with life. Out of school is where P.K. Yonge students really showed their
true colors, where they thrived, and where they were truly enjoying

-Alison Posey

above: The baseball team participates in pre-
season workouts after school. Just because a
sport wasn't in season, didn't mean that the
athletes weren't sweating it out to improve
right: The drama students often stayed on-
campus late into the night rehearsing for school

left: Many students attended practice after-school for hours
on end. The cheerleaders often practiced hours after school to
perfect their routines.
below: After school was a time to make-up work and complete tests.
Here, two friends work on an assignment during an after school study
hall sersionn

After School Activities l 1 21

right: A group of seniors take time before
school to create a masterpiece. This year, the
class of 2005 left a special mark around
Christmas time by creating their very own
class tree.

20 0 0 0I Relive.



Whats Vogue

...in 2005

It's a clear statement that when students need to know what's in, we turn to each
other. P.K. Yonge has always been at the top of the fashion charts when it comes to
knowing how to dress, and we get our keen sense from the world around us. We are
influenced by magazines, television, movie stars, and even closer to home the University
of Florida.
"I notice what my older sister wears," stated freshmen Ashley Lansberry. "She
notices what's hot around college campuses, so I just pick up on that." From off the
shoulder tees to jeans, from sunglasses and Louis Vuitton backpacks, to the growing
popularity of the "livestrong" Lance Armstrong bracelets, P.K. Yonge students knew how to
dress and show off their keen sense of fashion. One look down the hallways of the school
showed the tiniest middle schooler
eyeing upperclassmen for fashion ideas
to the oldest senior sporting their more
sophisticated looks, and each and every
one of us dressing to impress in between.

-Alison Posey

top right: Students model the latest craze in
wrist wear. Lance Armstrong's "livestrong"
bands started their popularity off. Such bands
with the words ballerr" and "player"
soon followed, and George Bush even
got in on the craze, promoting
himself with bands such as the blue
one above.
bottom right: With the presidential
election taking place this year,
students adorned themselves in their
favorite candidate's bumper stickers,
buttons, and t-shirts. Here, a Kerry
fan shows off pride of being a

left: Lynette Rivera, Shannon Outman, and
Kelli McCrery sport their soccer jerseys to
promote their game. Wearing sports jerseys
was a way to get pumped up for a game and
show team spirit and unity.

above: Hair was a way to show individuality,
and many styles were seen throughout the year.
Brittany Posey shows off her braided hair she
had done for a basketball game. "I liked it so
much, I decided to leave it in!" she stated.
left: Vanessa Sargent models her Burberry
purse. Purses were a hot accessory this year.
Other popular brands included Dooney and
Bourke, Louis Vuitton, and Guess.

2200 0Rewive

Trends and Fads 1 1 23


Part of Tradition

Students at P.K. Yonge are known for their
amazing skill to socialize. Each student has his own group
of friends who he can trust completely. Students socialize
about everything, ranging from the latest gossip to what
happened to them over the weekend. Although we are
supposed to go to school just to learn, we also use school
as a way to express ourselves. We do so through the
subjects in which we choose to socialize about. P.K. Yonge
has many clubs that meet which are used to show our
different opinions and beliefs. Our political club gives
students the opportunity to tell other students how they feel
about certain issues. S.A.D.D club is made up of students
voicing their opinions about teenagers that make
destructive decisions and trying to influence these students
into making positive ones.
Socializing is one of the first skills that we learn as
children. School is the perfect place to practice these skills
to make them stronger for when we are adults. This
interaction with other students helps us as people because it
enables us to learn from different situations and gain
experience for future conflicts. Every aspect of socializing
impacts our lives in some way. Whether it makes us laugh
or it makes us cry, we gain memories and the experience
that will last a lifetime.
-Shayna Estes

center: Students used their ten minute break
between classes to an advantage. Students were
seen gossiping and catching up on what was
new. They also were able to buy snacks at this
time from the lunch cart.
right: Shelaine James and Tagg McKnight take
tickets at the door for High Tide. These two
friends greeted everyone with a smile and made
even the shyest individual socialize.

24 m Relive


above top: A group of students took a moment from
dancing to hang out with their friends. While at
the Homecoming dance, students were able to
practice their socializing skills as well as their
above: Courtney Warner and Jake Mitchell
socialize during class. Talking in class wasn't
always the smartest thing to do, but was more
acceptable during free time such as here when the
two shared a quick chat.
right: Corey Forehand spent his lunch break
conversing with Coach Scott. This was the perfect
time for students to get to know each other as well
as the faculty at P.K. Yonge.

Socializing m m m 25

The new performing arts department takes P.K. Yonge drama straight to...


below: Seniors Constance Scott and Steven
Durant sing the lead duet of a scene performed by
the choir. These two students became well known
for their vocal abilities throughout the student

The 2004 drama department began the year's productions with a
huge success. 'Holiday Souvenirs' instantly became a winner with the
small half-an-hour teasers presented to the student body during school at
the end of the week of December 3rd. Throughout the play, the students'
performances were welcomed and celebrated by the
peers in the audience. Thursday, Friday
and Saturday night showings of the
performance in its e n t i r e t y

brought large
produced standing
the student
took their last bows.

crowds and
ovations when

During the a performances
were solos, duets, and choruses of students
singing a few traditional Christmas holiday songs and some songs not
usually heard at this time of the year. The play included scenes from
popular children's' cartoons such as "Charlie Brown's Christmas." These
scenes brought back memories for many of the audience members and
forced a few laughs upon the crowd with the dancing of a few characters.
School plays are instantly becoming a huge part of the schools'
tradition. P. K. Yonge has slowly begun its transition to a magnet school
for many areas other than how people know it though its reputation for
sports. Performances through the next few years are expected to bring
new crowds expecting a great show, and they shall not be disappointed.
Sean Specie

copy insert: The performance from "Charlie
Brown's Christmas" was a favorite among
the audience. The catchy toons and dances
exhibited by the students caused eruptions of
center: The family in 'Holiday Souvenirs'
retold favorite memories of Christmas pasts.
These memories were acted out by other cast
members ranging from the tiniest sixth grader,
to the senior class.
right: Senior Ryan Keohane was center stage
as the grandfather of the family of characters
within the play. Ryan's comical lines in
certain scenes often added to the show creating
a relaxed attitude which helped the audience
with its enjoyment of the play.

above: Sixth Grader Omali Tyson played a
character from the cartoon Charlie Brown. His
dance of rolling his head from side to side and
shrugging his shoulders is well known to the
children growing up who watched the Christmas
episode of the cartoon.
left: The choir from 'Holiday Souvenirs' sang in
front of an almost full house. The choir consisted
of most of the cast for the play and performed in
and out of the audience. This was coordinated in
order to capitalize on the members of the choirs
smiling faces and their familiarity with the people
in the crowd

Drama Department m 27

26 m m N Relive




Sometimes, students just become...


Finding a way to keep your cool in difficult situations is essential to the
every day life of a high schooler. Each new day brings about more homework,
more projects, and more material to cram in your brain for the next quiz or test.
Stress can be a major cause of the hate and/or dislike some students have developed
towards school. Necessary to every student is an outlet that allows them to get
away from the work they need to complete in order to maintain a good grade in
their classes. These outlets can be a sport that they play in or out of school, it
could be fishing, writing, singing, dancing, guitar, paintball, just about any activity
that is done either as a hobby or for fun. These activities relieve the stress that
can other wise build up and cause students to have bad attitudes and moods
towards teachers and other students and could cause the students to end up in
trouble like In School Suspension. In-class stress relievers can include the comical
stylings of fellow classmates, small jokes can often relax people during tense
tests and lectures. The many ways that the student body at P.K. Yonge deals with
stress is one characteristic that makes our school stand out.

Sean Specie

above: Junior Matt James and Senior Hank Abbitt drew for fun
in art to enjoy time away from academic classes. Art is one of
the many outlets students have to free themselves from stress.
right: Juniors Mike Lane, Kyle Quinna, and Crystal Turner
tediously worked on a test that caused a great deal of pain. Tests
constantly worry students because of studying and the possibility
of failing.

center: Eighth Graders Faith Lansberry, Amy
Jackson, and Matthew Wade worked on classwork
assigned so they wouldn't have to do it for homework.
Teachers often required the classwork to be entirely
complete or it would be added to your pile of out of
school work.
left: The ladies of Pi Kappa Psi spent time practicing
their dances afterschool to help blow off steam. Other
afterschool clubs and organizations were designed to
give students something fun to do in an organized
manor, and to help take away some pressures school
puts on them.
right: Senior Ryan Keohane looks ready to quit after a
hard day of work for drama. Keohane was a
perfectionist when it came to his lines, say fellow
castmembers. He was always willing to go for that
extra take to get everything right.

Stress m m m 29

28 M 0 Relt,,.-

Re member

This was the family of P. K. Yonge, each t
member developing, adapting, and reacting to the
world around them. The sixth graders finally crossed
the symbolic threshold of the bridge and entering a
middle school life. Seventh graders tried to find a
place while fighting the "stuck in the middle"
reputation, and eighth graders radiated anticipation
while practically being able to taste their ninth grade
year. Confident freshmen reveled in the fact that they
had finally made it to high school. Sophomores
beamed that they have left the bottom rung for the last
time. Juniors flashed drivers license and twirled car
keys to show off their new freedom, and the Seniors ,.
walked like they were on top of the world. And like
all families, impressions were created through conflict
and tears, through joy and laughter, and through the
people and events of the year.
-James "Fih" Hord

right: Brittany Posey pours a cup of water on Corey
Forehand as Marissa Lavorn and Courtney Forehand
watch and laugh. Such good-humored behavior was
not uncommon in a typical lunch period at P.K. The
energy in-the P.K.Yonge student body was visible in
every aspect of our daily lives.

30 Remember

People N N 0 31

Things That Shaped Us
Being seniors gave us the opportunity to look back on events that
most affected us not only as individuals, but also as a class.

right: Hank Abbitt is looked
on by fellow seniors as he puts
the finishing touches on the
senior car for the parade. The
senior car took third place
during the Homecoming Week

September 11th, 2001
Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan
The 2004 Elections
Senior Project
Ron Zook hiring and firing
P.K. Performing Arts Center
2004 Hurricanes

Volleyball winning state in 2003
Cross Country returning to P.K.
Football's undefeated seasons
The Trinity Christian Curse
Acception and rejection from Colleges
Gaining privileges as we've become
older; driving, dating, turning 18


Taking It All In
Senior year: Did we do as well as we could? Did we perform to the best of our ability?
Did we cherish every moment, knowing that these were our last days before the real
world threw itself into our lives? The past four years have defined us, shaped us into
the adults we have become. Creativity, athleticism, hard work, and dedication are
qualities we've gained, what we've flourished in.

Reflect on the first day of freshmen year. Remember that nervous feeling that somehow
brought a huge smile to your face? Finally, high school. Those years that your parents
have called "the best years of your life." We quickly learned our way around, we
learned our place at P.K. Yonge, adjusting well and meeting new friends. Through
trying times, we stuck together. Through smiles and laughs, we shared the good times.
It all has gone so fast, the years have flown by. Now, as the end of the year approaches,
we must take in every moment with the utmost care, holding onto each memory ever
so gently, not wanting to break it.

We have grown up in our short time here at P.K. Yonge, and we must never forget
what we have learned. Through everything, we must remember who we are, we must
remember where we have come from, and we must cherish every memory we have
made along the way. We are the Class of 2005, and we truly are too good to be
forgotten. If we only remember one thing as we leave our time here at P.K. Yonge, let
it be that.
-Alison Posey

Dressing up for school; Being early for class;
Dating seniors; Hanging out with the parents on
Friday night; Getting your license; Making the
grade; Bubblegum pop; Dawson's Creek

Wearing sweats and hoodies; Being fashionably late;
Dating freshmen; Never being home on the weekend;
Keeping your license; Finding a way to pass;
Hip-Hop; The OC and Reality Shows

Senior Introduction 33

From Freshmen to Seniors

32 0 Remere

ot zuu


William Abbitt Greg Anderson Erin Annstrong

Laronda Becker

John Beiiton

Most Talented
Chase Macintosh and Sarah Dardis

S. "Rem"be :.*. .r

Jason Bergmann

Jeffery Bogle

Most Athletic
Derek Cason and Shannon Stuckman
I 1~--- I NOWWW";

Lyndel Brown Derek Cason

Lashay Clayton

Hasan Cook

Camille Cra\\ford

Aaron Daigen

Sarah Dardis

Brittany Days

Seniors m* m 37

Megan Deluca Dominic Diglrina

Most Spontaneous
Ed Suggs and Tess Palmer

Henry Drake Devin Duncan

Stephen Durant

K-ristofer Eccles

Angelica Ed%%ards

Sara Emmons

38 8 Remember

Sha\ na Estes Ann Fernando

Lakotah Friedman

Matthew Glic

*Most Memorable
co Sonva Graham Stephen Durant and Brittany Days

Seniors m I I .

Matt Floyd Carrie Fraser

Nicole Garcia



Dawn Hager Nirelle Hampton

Most Political
John Row-ell and Amanda Nutt

Most Poetic
Fish Hord and Grace Lee

Nasyra Handal Amanda Haynes

Clinton Higginbothan

Max Hoggard

r ;n~.n
~a~t~*4i~~~;f~:~?~y~;i-k?,~2:~li-:::`;: ,,~4~C6~
.*L .` r'-
~r '"' i''
~: *''
r.. -'.~f~A~'

Ashlie Holbrook James Hord

Most Artistic
Devin Suggs and Ashlie Holbrook

Most Likely

to Brighten

Your Day
Wesley Asbell and Danielle Warren

James Hughes Shelaine James

Tamara Jones

Ryan Keohane

Seniors m m N

Austin King Da\id Lane

Most Likely to Succeed
Andrew Latchman and Ann-Marie Fernando Haniph (Andrew) Latchman

Amanda Lawrence

Grace Lee

42 em ber
~ *i '". ; i '

Tiahna Luckie

Brianna Lyles

Chase Macintosh

Chase McDavid Jessica McDonald

Kenan M cGill

Latalvia McKliight

Most iFun on a

Nathan McLaughlin Candace Monroe Deserted Island
.Nick Constantino and Brianna Lyles

S...... ... Seniors
-Seniors U U 4
.. : ,.. ," .. '-: . -

Rob\ iiN larcius Kii-steii MRcCarter

Raven Monroe Nick Nludra

Class Sinner
Dominic DiGloria and Alison Posey

Class Saint
John Benton and Surmmer Taylor
rc~~y-w- girI I ib

Weston NuLe[zi Ainada Nutt

Shannon Outman

Tess Palmer

44 H Remenmber

Anthony Porter Alison Posey

Biggest Flirt
DJ. W.ilson and Alexis Smrfi "

Class Cl n
IMa'ttGlicco and'heli;ne Ja es

Best Eyes
Nick Mudra and Vanessa Sargent

C'aitlri Ruegger

Sarah RueeLser

Vanessa Sargent Constance Scott Alexis Smith
"i-.;- ^ ;^ ,^1.. -'': . ..

N 0 .

Sean Specie
,, i * .

..-. 41

Shannon Stuckman

Jesse Hughes and Kay-Kay McCarter
Bliss Wargovich

Seniors m m m 47

De\ in Suggs

Ed Suggs

Summer Taylor

Joshua Watson Demetris Wilson Alex \oodard

Camille Wright

Best All Around
Aaron Daigen and TiahnaiLuckie

Bryan Zaunbrecher

W-1-0. 4.I.
~~.u: vmemberI"

Danielle WMarren



The end of a journey. For over a decade now, we've
experienced it all from classes that kept us up all night
studying, to essays that we scribbled minutes before class
began, and field trips that created memories to last us a
lifetime, to athletic events that kept us on the edge of our
seats, and drama performances that kept us entertained. As
we graduated and received our diplomas, we reflected on
the good times, the bad times, the times we'd like to forget,
and the times that we'll never forget. Through it all, we
stuck together, helped each other in times of need and lent
a hand when desperate times approached. Through
everything, we never forgot where we came from.

The road ended for us as our time here at P.K. Yonge was
complete. We ventured onto new roads and came across
new challenges and experienced new things, but we all have
started from the same street: P.K. Yonge. We have been
strong and traveled with spirit. We have remembered our
roots, our foundation, the pavement on which our road
began. The future is something we can mold, something we
can shape into what our heart desires, and our past has
helped define who we are. Initial reactions. School is that
spot upon which we began our journeys. P.K. Yonge will
remain a part of us. Some of us ventured on, while others
stayed close to home. All of us will keep our class tradition
strong. All of us will keep our pride going.


N "-T.'... .he beginning

,,.. ". ,. '. -Seniors *.49

Wesley Asbell

LaShay Clayton Camille Crawford

Aaron Daigen

Lyndel Brown

Brittany Days Cida 1

Devin Duncan Hasan

Nick Costantino

Can You Imagine...
Hank Abbitt not playing poker... Greg
Anderson without his stick jeep... Scott
Andrade dating a white girl... Erin
Armstrong quiet... Wesley Asbell being the
next Emeril Lagasse... Laronda Becker loud
Handal in public... John Benton as Class Sinner...
Jeff Bogle shopping at Abercrombie... Lyndel
Brown with a tan... Derek Cason out of shape...
LaShay Clayton not singing the Alma Mater... Nick
Costantino being mature... Hasan Cook not flirting
... Camille Crawford with real bass in her car...
Aaron Daigen not obsessing over Tasheena... Sarah
Dardis not in the spotlight... Brittany Days
driving... Megan DeLuca following dress code...
Dominic DiGloria pushing himself... Brad Drake not
having his "Bad Brad" truck... Devin Duncan being
all he thinks he is... Stephen Durant not
singing or burping... Kris Eccles cheating
on a test... Angelica Edwards at fat camp...
Sara Emmons mean... Shayna Estes big and
bad... Ann-Marie Fernando with a bob
haircut... Matt Floyd not telling a
story...Carrie Fraser living in
Cok Gainesville...

Megan DeLuca S ephen Durant- Angca Edwards Kris Ecgs
Megan Deluca Stephen Durant Angelica Edwards Kris Ecces

50 m Remember

Sara Ermmons

Shayna Estes AnrrMarie Fernando Carrie Fraser

Matt Floyd

Lakotah Friedman not dating Nicole Pont...
Nicole Garcia with a public speaking job...
Matt Glicco not being the life of the
party... Sonya Graham not giving
massages... Joe Gravois a bodybuilder...
Dawn Hager out at night... Nirelle Hampton
without good cheer... Cida Handal without a
crazy guy chasing her... Amanda Haynes
available... Clinton Higginbotham's name
being known at P.K.... Max Hoggard without
a towel... Ashlie Holbrook being captain of
the cheerleading squad... Fish Hord not
hanging out with underclassmen... Jesse
Hughes not flirting with everyone...
Shelaine James with the same car longer
than a few months... Tamara Jones not being
attached to Ed at the hip... Ryan Keohane
sincere... Austin King goth... Fabian
Kraft in a suit... David Lane without his
college friends... Andrew Latchman
failing... Amanda Lawrence mute... Grace
Lee illiterate... Tiahna Luckie not on the
phone... Brianna Lyles actually looking

Erin Armstrong Lakotah Friedman

Sarah Dardis Nicole Garcia

Max Hoggard Sonya Graham

Jesse Hughes Ashlie Holbrook Dawn Hager

Matt Glicco

Joe Gravois

Can You Imagine... m m m 51

Amanda Haynes Shelaine James

K-Kay McCarter

Fish Hord

Tagg McKnight H. Andrevw

David Lane

Grace Lee Tiahna Luckie Kenan McGill

Chase Macintosh playing football... Robyn
Marcus protesting... Kay-Kay McCarter anti-
P.K.... Chase McDavid as the starting
quarterback... Jessica McDonald dating a
football player... Kenan McGill single...
Tagg McKnight without a quick comeback...
Nate McLaughlin being obese... Candace
Monroe prim and proper... Raven Monroe
being serious... Nick Mudra not a
sweetheart... Weston Nuetzi playing
soccer... Amanda Nutt with another last
name... Corey Osgood still with Kelly
Heitzman... Shannon Outman wearing real
clothes... Tess Palmer without her own
clothing line... Joseph Pauzauskie working
at Gainesville Ford... Petar Petrov not
following Tommy... Anthony Porter actually
going to school... Alison Posey not
overreacting about everything... Trey
Rapczak wearing shoes... Jessica Reddish
confrontational... Lynette Rivera not
babbling away about something... John
Rowell supporting John Kerry...Jena Rowland
not a perfectionist... Caitlyn Ruegger
being like her sister... Sarah Ruegger as
Class Saint...

52 m m Remember

Jena Rowland Vanessa Sargent Sean

Vanessa Sargent not speaking her mind...
Montana Sayers being from the city... Ian
Scohier without dents in the Jetta...
Constance Scott not being able to sing...
Alexis Smith going by her given name...
Sean Specie playing a full season without
getting injured... Carly Stanojev still
dating Chris Luca... Shannon Stuckman not
being involved in everything... Devin Suggs
with short hair... Ed Suggs not being
obnoxious... Sara Swearingen in FCA...
Summer Taylor being bad... Matt Thackrey
republican... Bliss Wargovich before llth
grade... Danielle Warren actually hearing
what you say... Bernard Williams not
smiling... D.J. Wilson not a ladies man...
Alex Woodard without his spinner
necklace... Camille Wright talking about
somewhere else besides
Chicago... Sara Wolfred
driving a 2005 Porsche...
Joshua Watson a lifer... Zack
Zaunbrecher staying awake in

Matt Thadckre Ed Suggs

Aexis Sith Constance Scot I
AL-xi, Smi7t Constance Sccft

...Class of 2005

(.amille WrighT Alex Woocard ternard VVilliarns

Can You Imagine... I 5 53

Shannon Stucknman Devin Suggs
m m m m w1s

Hank Abbitt

Accomplishments at P.K..:
JV Football (9th) Varsity Soccer (10th-
12th), Key Club (12th)

Favorite Book:
Chicken Hawk by Robert Mason

Favorite High School Memory:
11th grade 1-1 soccer game at

In 10 years...
I see myself doing
something productive.

Erin Lynn Armstrong

Accomplishments at P.K..: Varsity
Soccer(9-12) Band(9-10)
Favorite Book: Newton Time
Clock:Chaos in the Solar System?
Favorite Song: "I Heard It
Through The Grapevine"

Favorite Movie:
Favorite Quote:
"That man is no
fool that gives
what he cannot
keep to gain
what he cannot

Favorite Food:
Pop- Tarts
Favorite High
School Memory:
Skipping out with
Sonya in the nurses
station. Playing
against Bouls
sophomore year

Greg Anderson
Accomplishments at
Playing varsity
basketball since I was a
sophomore and going to
state my 1st year
Favorite High School Memory:
When we beat Hawthorne to go to state

Favorite Quote:
"It's not where
you are from, it's
where you are

Scott Andrade

Favorite Food:
Favorite Movie:
He Got Game

In 10 years...
I see myself having my own business and
married with two kids

Wesley "Wes" Asbell
Favorite High Accomplishments at P.K..:
School Memory: NHS: 10th, 11th, 12th
Sitting next to FCCLA: 12th
Glicco in Prostart: 12th
Contemporary class, ICA: 12th
getting into Eastside, Top 10%: 9th, 10th, llth
and being a lifer
Favorite Song:
Let's Get it Started By:
Black Eyed Peas
In 10 years...
Either in NY or Miami
working in the restaurant industry, hopefully as
an executive chief and getting plans for my
own restaurant. With the way things are going,
probably still with Emily.

John Benton

Accomplishments at P.K..:
Varsity Soccer 10-12th
Cross Country l1th, 12th
Track 12th
Favorite High School Memory:
Ryan Luca going crazy on the tackling
dummy in weightlifting. Mr. McCall's

Any last words or advice?:
Avoid precalculas like the plague. Make
friends with your teachers!

Favorite Book:
Rainbow Six

Favorite Food:

In 10 years...
I see myself working in a well paying job

Jeffrey "Jeff" Bogle
Favorite High School
Chilling at Building A
In 10 years...
I see myself with a
wife and kid making
good money
and enjoying life.
Favorite Food: Italian Potatoes
Favorite Book: The Bible
Favorite Movie: The Boondock Saints
Favorite Quote:
"A stranger is just a
different point of view."
Ken Block
Favorite Song:
"Paradise City" By: Guns and Roses

54 1 Remember

Lyndel Brown
Accomplishments at
"Holiday Souvenirs,"
Political Club, Key
Club In
Favorite High School Memory:
The grlz, AS, TP, SD, Biohazard suits,
Sat. mom with Thorn, The MeMe
chronicles, sexy foreign guys, battle,
SCREECH!, Funneling Fil, Knightly
Players, "Happy New- BLARH!" The
'SB, Supervisor Chris!
In 10 years... Favorite Song:
In grad school "Desperado" By
engaged to the The Eagles
perfect man.

Hasan Cook

SFavorite Food:

Favorite Song: Let's
Go! by Trick Daddy
and Lil Jon

Favorite Quote: Favorite Movie:
"Okay! Okay!" Radio

Favorite Book: The Harry Potter Series

Favorite High School Memory: Making
my pinch pot in art class

In 10 years... I will be a pediatrician.

Derek Cason

Accomplishments at P.K:
Homecoming King, Varstiy
Football, Varsity Track,
Most Athletic
Favorite Book: "MakeMe
Want to Holler"
Favorite Song: Stay Fresh by Jodi Breeze
Favorite Quote: "And some more!" (Hold up
the three fingers!) "You ask why?...because they
said I couldn't." Derek Cason
Any last words or advice?: Rob- Stay
focused man. To mylong lost kin (Dre) leave
them girls alone MOB! Mark- You know what to
do. Do it! Huggie- The clear boy, be-ez you
know what to do if you need me. Dank- You got
to know that you know you can do it! It's your
time! D-Stuck- I'll leave you an inch and the
weight room. Trisha- "Who would have ever
Camille Crawford
Accomplishments at P.K..: Pre-
Collegiate and SECME (9-12)
Favorite High School Memory: When
Pre-Collegiate visited FAMU and spent
the night.

Favorite Quote:
"Big P-I-M-P-I-N-G
is all I be about"

i i-

Any last words or
Hate the simp not the
pimp baby!!!
Be yourself, always

In 10 years...
I see myself married
maybe, no kids, and a
career started

Brittany "Brit- Brit"
Accomplishments at P.K..: Pre-Collegiate
9th-12th, SECME 9th-12th, Pi Kappa Psi
10th and 11th, GRADUATING!!
Favorite High School Favorite Quote:
Memory: "I can do all
Shelaine falling down things through
the steps at the fall Christ that
carnival. She got back strengthen me."
up and fell again. Favorite Song:
Bernard cutting his hair More- Silk
to look like a clown.
In 10 years...
With my pediatrics office.
Probably here with my
degree in medicine and
African studies.

LaShay "Shay-Shay"
Accomplishments at P.K..:
Varsity Cheerleading/All Star Cheerleader
Who's Who 3 years
National Honor Roll
National Honors Society
Favorite High School Favorite Movie:
Memory: Shrek and Save
Meeting that special the Last Dance

In 10 years...
Graduate from college of
pharmany (PHD), working
hard, married to the love of
my life (yall know who)

Aaron Daigen

SAccomplishments at
Varsity Football 9th-12th
Favorite High School
Meeting Tasheena
Favorite Quote: Fa e
Favorite Song:
Fool me once... -J
"Get Out" -JoJo
shame on you-
fool me twice... Favorite Book:
shame on me Lord of the Rings
Any last words or advice?
Do your homework. Eat your vegetables.
Drink your milk.
In 10 years...
Married and living in some big city


Megan "Megs" DeLuca
Accomplishments at
P.K..: Five years of
Varsity Volleyball, SADD,
Key Club, NHS
Favorite High School
Favorite Food: Winning state in 2000
Peanut M&M's and 2002. Freshman
favorite Movie: boys!
Mean Girls Favorite Book:
"Lucky" By: Alice
In 10 years... Sebobl

A dermatologist, married
to a gorgeous, sweet
successful man. Living in
a "southern living" home.

Any last words
or advice?:
Good luck with

Nicholas "Nick"
Accomplishments at P.K:
learned stuff. I played soccer.
Helped about ten teachers
decide they didn't want to
work here. Varsity
Cheerleading (9th-12th),
Varsity Football (9th-12th), Varsity Soccer
(9th-12th), NHS, 2:20 club member, nude
model for art class
Favorite Book: One Any last words or
Fish, TwoFishFish Dr. advice?: Take a lot of
Suess PE classes.
Favorite Quote: "You poison them with
dynamite?" -David Lane
Favorite High School Memory: Fart
machine in Anderson's class
In 10 years... I see myself being really rich.

Sarah "Sarita" Dardis
Accomplishments at P.K..:
Varsity Soccer 10th and l1th
English Award 9th, Team Sports Award 10th
Chrous Award 11th
NHS, FCA, VP of Chrous 11th and 12th
"Bye, Bye Birdie"
"Guys and Dolls"
Favorite High School Memory:
Lyndel's house, "Bedrock Bunch", Aqua
Teen, Hunger Force and Family Guy,
Shannon's before the game, "Bye, Bye
Favorite Food:
Chicken Quesadillas
In 10 years...
N.Y.C.! on the big
stage in Broadway

Dominic DiGloria
Accomplishments at P.K..:
PK Slacker Club
Favorite High School Memory:
Chillin' at Building A, Spring Break in
West Palm, going to the race track, last
day of summer, my 17th birthday,
growing my hair, playing pool after
Favorite Food: Ketchup
Favorite Movie:
Ladder 49, Friday, Dazed and Confused
Favorite Book:
Deliverance By:
James Dickey
In 10 years...
Makin' Millions

Senior Index m m m 55

Henry "B-Rad" Drake
Accomplishments at P.K.:
Making it to 12th grade
Favorite High School Memory:
When Mr. Marchman thought I put the fish
in the lockers.
In 10 years... Favorite Food:
Playing baseball or Grilled Chicken
massage therapy Favorite Movie:
Favorite Song: Happy Gilmore
"Trick love da kids"
Favorite Quote: "Winners never quit,
and quitters never win"
Any last words or advice? Don't do drugs
& stay in school. Coach Scott, I'm going to
miss you buddy!

Kristofer Eccles

EAccomplishments at
P.K.: NHS, Cross-Country
2001-2003, Track &
Field 2001-2005

Favorite Song:
"Time of your Life"-Green Day
Favorite High School Memory:
Seemlessly learning to pole vault without a
pole vault pit
Any last words or advice? Life is too
important to take seriously
In 10 years... I envision myself with a
masters in mechanical engineering with a
minor in management in one of the worlds
leading industries

Shayna "Nina" Estes
rAccomplishments at P.K.:
NHS- 2 yrs., Sec. of NHS-
12th, Treasurer of Senior
Class, SADD
Favorite Quote: "Do you
even have to ask?" "You so
took my spot you dirty rat!"
Favorite Song: "Sweet Me and Alexis "You mess

Home Alabama" Lynyrd

with my overhead, you mess
with me!!" Mrs. Weber

In 10 years... I see myself being successful in
whatever I decide to do and happily married to the
best guy in the world with two kids, one boy and
one girl.
Favorite High School Memory: "I know right!"
Alexis, David, and I sprinting in lightning and rain
down University Ave. Shitaye Onabun, when
Noah swam in the puddle! When Danielle ran over
the curb!

56 m Remember

Devin Duncan

Accomplishments at P.K.:
When we went undefeated my first three
football seasons at P.K.
Favorite Quote: "I can do all things through
Christ who strengthens me."
Philippians 4:13
Favorite Movie:
Coming to America
Favorite Song: "Letter to my
unborn child."- Tupac
Any last words or advice?
Don't give up, don't ever give up
In 10 years... I'll be in the

Angelica "Jelly"
Accomplishments at P.K.: Basketball 9th-
10th, Track 9th, Pi Kappa Psi 10th

Favorite Food: anything

Favorite Movie: The Temptation and Whats
love got to do with it

Favorite Song: "Nuck if you buck"
Crime Mob
Favorite Quote: "Keep ya head up"-Tupac

Favorite High School Memory:
When Brittany Days got stuck in a fence

Ann-Marie Fernando
Accomplishments at P.K.: Member of NHS
and SADD
Favorite Movie: Favorite Book:
Runaway Jury Oliver Twist


Favorite Song: "If I Aint Got
You" by Alicia Keys

Snickers Any last words or advice?
SAT's are really hard

Favorite High School Memory: When
Nick Constantino got his head stuck in a
In 10 years... I see myself being married with
five kids- no just kidding. really- writing a

Stephen Durant
Accomplishments at P.K.: Won Most
Memorable my senior year
Favorite Quote: "Surely
goodness and mercy shall
follow me all the days of my
life." Psalms 23
Any last words or advice?
Don't procrastinate
Favorite High School Memory:
When I won Most Memorable
Favorite Book:
Black Boy
In 10 years...
Singing and playing guitar for my
uncle's group

Sara Emmons
Favorite High School
Memory: Kickin' it
with the PKY Billiard
Club, breaking my
tooth skiing, Mr.
McCall's snicker fertlh.
and finally going to
school with Miss
Manda Nutt (Minteer)

Any last words or advice? Dual Enroll!
Make some good friends, and some
good memories.
In 10 years... I will hopefully be out
of college and working as a nurse
with kids.

Matthew "Matt" Floyd
Favorite Movie: Butch Cassidy and
The Sundance Kid

Favorite Food:
Chicken wings
Favorite Song:
Walk this way"

Any last words or advice? Don't get
behind in Mrs. Weber's class

Favorite High School Memory:
Mrs. Skye's class junior year

Carrie Fraser

Accomplishments at
SADD 9th-12th, JV
Softball 7th-10th, Key
Club 12th, FCA
Favorite Quote:
Favorite Song: "Okay! You got it-
"Rock Star Land"- sign." -Dane Cook
Yellowcard Any last words or
S Advice? Never believe
Favorite Movie:
Favorite Mov: Dittmar's lies about
Jungle Book &
Pirates of the wanting to quit every
iraes o te day, and never take any
of Mrs. Weber's classes!
In 10 years... I'll probably be living at the
beach with a job, surfing with my family.

Matt "M-16" Glicco
Accomplishments at P.K.: Varsity Baseball,
Football, Key Club
Favorite High School Memory: The fart
machine in Anderson's
Any last words or advice?
Ask why...especially in Anderson's
Favorite Movie: The Sandlot
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite Quote: "Heroes get
remembered, legends never die, follow
your heart kid and you'll
never go wrong." -Babe
In ten years... I see
myself successful and
happy with a nice house
and family

Dawn Hager
Accomplishments atP.K.: SADD (9-10), NHS
(11-12), Student Council (10), NEFEC
leadership conferences (9-10)
Favorite High School Memory: The Keys with
Amanda, Climbing a mountain in Califomia,
missing school for movies with Jessica, Shayna,
Tasheena, and Amanda
Favorite Quote: "Before you criticize someone,
you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way
when you do criticize them, you are a mile away
and you have their shoes."
Any last words or advice?
To try is to risk failure, but
risk must be taken, because
the greatest hazard in life is
to risk nothing

Lakotah "Kooter"
Accomplishments at P.K.:
Varsity Soccer 9th-12th
Favorite Movie: Favorite Food:
Jurassic Park Chicken Alfredo
Favorite Quote: Favorite Song:
"Here comes the "I Walk Alone"
beaver" -Green Day
Favorite High SchoolMemory:
Chillin' with the soccer boys
Any last words or Advice?
Never take Mrs. Weber's class and
don't make Dittmar mad
In 10 years...Mostl ikely still in school-

Sonya "Sonja" Graham
Accomplishments at P.K.:
SADD 9th-12th
SADD President 12th
Pre-Coligate 12th
SECME 10th-12th
Animation Club 11th
Favorite Quote: "The only person that can
stop you is yourself'
Favorite high school memory: When
Summer fell off the treadmill when I
"accidently" pushed the button
Favorite Food: cheese cake

Any last words or Advice?
Stop procrastinating it only makes things

Nirelle Hampton
Accomplishments at P.K.: 6

the gym during basketball practice and pulled
his hamstring, Winning State VB in 2000 and
2002, Senior Year!
Favorite Quote: "Don't start no stuff there
wouldn't be no stuff.
Any last words or advice?
Have fun, work hard, and don't do anything
In 10 years...
I see myself being a successful doctor

Nicole Garcia
Accomplishments Favorite Movie: Steal
at P.K.: Magnolias
Yearbook 12th Favorite Food: Lasagna

Favorite High School Memory: Anderson's
class and laying down in English class to
Favorite Song: "Confessions II"- Usher,
"Iris"-Goo Goo Dolls, and "My Bloody
Valentine"-Good Charlotte
Favorite Quote: "Life is like a canvas you
have to paint it"-Nicole Garcia
-Any last words or advice?
Stay on Dittmar's good side
and don't take trig
In 10 years... I hope to
have a psychologist degree
or be a lawyer

Joseph Gravois
Accomplishments: JV
soccer, high school art
Favorite Food:
Macaroni and cheese
Favorite Movie: The
Fox and the Hound
Favorite High School Memory: When
Randy Lambert fell on the treadmill in
personal fitness and busted out his two
front teeth
Favorite Quote: "There's no mountain
high enough that you can not climb it as
long as you keep trying."
In 10 years...
I see myself at a culinary arts school in

Nasyra "Cida"
"C-Dizzle" Handal
Accomplishments at
P.K.: Varsity Soccer 6-
12, JV Volleyball 7th-
8th, NJHS, FCA
Any last words or
Don't get caught up in foolish HS
relationships, Dual Enroll before you
reach Anderson, live it up Senior Year,
don't care what people say
In 10 years...I'll be living in Keystone
married to Jesse Hughes who will be a
fat construction worker w/ our kids!
Favorite Book: "Are you there God,
it's me Margaret?"

Senior Index m m m 57


(10), St
(10), Na

Amanda Haynes

EFavorite high
school memory:
tubing in the Keys,
Caifornia with
Dawn, Looking at
people's houses
ilishments at with Jessica, Novels
P.K: in Mrs Creveling's
eerleading- with Shayna,
9), SADD (9- Monya playing
NEFEC with my hair,
ridership dancing with Tish,
:nces (9-10), college classes with
Cheerleading Megs, spitting from
dent council the ride at the fair
Ltional Honor with Vanessa

iey (11-12)

Favorite Food: Tortllinis
and coke

Clinton Higginbotham

Favorite Book:

Ashlie Holbrook
Accomplishments at P.K:Art, Student
Government, Photography
In 10 years...Working for National
Favorite Food:Chicken
Favorite Book: Mother of Peal
Favorite Song: "I Want You To Want Me"
Favorite Movie: Black Sheep
Favorite High School Memory: When
Devin Suggs got beat up
by a group of 2nd F
graders. ,
Favorite Quote: "Don't '
lie to your friends."
Any Last Words or
Advice: Don't listen to
Dittmar's stories about how he is going to
quit every single day.

Accomplishments at P.K:Psi(10-11),
Pre-Collegiate(9-12), Basketball
In 10 years..Pursing a good carrier in
Criminal Justice
Favorite Food: Joey
Bag of Donuts from
Favorite Book: Bad
Favorite Movie: Cabin Fever
Favorite High School Memory: The
day of the fall carnival when I fell
down 10 stairs.
Any Last Words or Advice? Don't
slack your senior year!

58 E Remember

James "Fish" Hord
Accomplishments at P.K: Yearbook(11-
12),Leadership class(l1)
Favorite Food: Fettuchini Alfredo
Favorite Book: Harry Potter
Favorie Song: "Inside Out"
Favorite Movie: The Lion King
Favoite High School Memory: "The Bench,"
Hanging with the band, love poetry, prom, and
all the good times.
Any Last Words or Advice: To all my
underclassmen, friends, and especially some
"brothers and sisters," thank you for always
being there through the laughs, tears, hugs,
and everything else. I'll never forget you guys
and won't let you forget me.

Tamera Lynn Jones

Favorite Food: Quesadillas
Favorite Book: Charolette's Web
Favorite Song: "Broken"
Favorite Movie: The Notebook
Favorite High School Memory: Falling
in love woth Eddy B. gEetle Beetle)
Any Last Words or Advice? Be
courageous, be determined, stay focused
and always let your hert lead you.
Favorite Quote: "Have a heart that never
hardens, and a temper that never tires and
a touch that never hurts." -Charles

Timothy "Max"
Accomplishments at P.K: Varsity
Basketball (8-12)
In 10 years... In the
studio with Dre and
Favorite Food:
Favorite Book:
How To Be Like
Favorite Song: "Dear Momma"
Favorite Movie: Life
Favorite High School Memory: Using
a remote- controlled fart machine in Mr.
Anderson's class and making him throw
a desk.
Favorite Quote: "I like her.. a lot"
Matt Glico

James "Jesse"
Accomplishments at P.K:Baseball,
Football, Student Council (senior VP),
National Honor Society (pres.), Marine
Biology Club (pres.), Key Club
Favorite High School Memory:
Nick ripping off his shirt.
Favorite Song: Favorite Quote:
Float On" "And so fellow
-Modest Mouse Americans, ask not
Favorite Movie: what your country
Forrest Gump can do for you.
Ask what you can do
for your country." -
Any last Words
or Advice?
Don't be mean.

Ryan Keohane
Accomplishments at P.K:
Acting, Singing, Homecoming
Court,Varsity Football
Favorite High School Memory:
The day I changed my life around.
Any Last Words or Advice? To the
underclassmen, stay away from the '06
girls. Dittmar's all talk and its ok if you
don't know what Mr.Anderson is talking
about. He dosen't either.
Favorite Book:
Anyone I can read
Favorite Quote:
"Ok bye" Mrs.

Austin King

Accompplishments at P.K.:
JV Baseball, Lifer

Favorite Food: Seafood
Any last words or Advice? Knowing Jesus is
the most wonderful thing you can do & being in
his will is the only way and the best way to make
it. He will never give up in his pursuit of you
Favorite High School Memory: Well, it didn't
happen in high school, but this one time my
good friend Nick C. got his entire upper torso
stuck in a stool. At first we all thought he was
joking, but when the teacher was pulling as hard
as she could & started to be in pain, it officially
went down as the funniest moment in P.K.

Haniph "Andrew"
Favorite High School
Memory: When Nick got
his head stuck in a stool
in 6th grade.
Favorite Movie:
Remember the Titans
Favorite Quote:
If you call out for understanding itself...
and as for hid treasures you keep
searching for it, in that case you will
understand the fear of Jehovah, and you
will find the very knowledge of God.
(Proverbs 2:3-5)
Any last Words or Advice?
May you find success, happiness, and
satisfaction in all you do.

Tiahna Luckie
Accomplishments at P.K: Cheeleader (8-
9)Varsity(10-12), National Honor Society,
KeyClub, National Honor Roll
In 10 years... Out of college, probably
married, making good money.
Favorite High School Memory: When
Shannon did her back hand spring in
practice. It was so funny, she ate grass!
Favorite Quote: "Good, better, best; never
let it rest till your good
is better and your better
is best.
Any Last Words or
Advice? I'll miss yall
little kids.

Fabian "Fabi" Kraft

In 10 years... A math teacher at
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite Song: "Can't Stop"
Favorite Quote: "Charging
alone take common, or
uncommon stupidity. Or both."
Any Last Words or Advce?
Egg Mr.Anderson, after you
pass/ fail his class.

Amanda Lawrence

Brianna "Bri" Lyles

Acomplishments at P.K:
Journalism ( Editor for Wavelength)
In 10 years... Teaching, married to a hot
Favorite Food: Chinese
Favorite Book: The Pigman
Favorite Song: "Gone"
Favorite Movie:The Breakfast Club
Favorite High School Memory: Bopit, the only
girl moshing at junior prom, raccoon attack, spine
bruises, going 188 in a residential and crescent
beach on the last day of summer.
Favorite Quote: "It's fine guys"
Any Last Words or Advice? Don't get caught up
in high school drama and clean your car!

David Lane
Acomplishments at P.K:
Cross Country Captain- 2004
Track Team Captain-2004
In 10 years... Still in the club.
Favorite Food:
Sertoin Steak
Favorite Book: A
Walk In The Woods
Favorite Song:
Favorite High
School Memory: Ryan Luca beating the
crap out of a dummy in weight lifting.
Favorite Quote: "That's wonderful"
Any Last Words or Advice? Your social
life in high school dosen't mean crap.
Have friends, study, there is more than
enough time to party after your work is
Grace Lee
Acomplishments at P.K: Pi Kappa Psi,
Most Poetic
In 10 years.. Working as a pharmacist.
Favorite Food: Chinese food/ coffee ice
Favorite Song: "I'll Make Through The
Favorite Movie: Carmen
Favorite High School Memory: Camp
-1 Favorite Quote: "I
came, I saw, I
Any Last Words or
Advice? Think for

Steven "Chase"

Acomplishments at P.K:
National Honor Scoiety, All-State
Chorous acceptance, Chorus Award
Favorite Food: Italian
Favorite Book: All Quiet on the Western
Favorite Song: "Stairway To Heaven"
Favorite Movie: Forest Gump
Favorite Quote: "Live as if you were to
die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live
forever." Mahatma Gandhi

Senior Index m E n 59

Robyn Marcus

Jessica McDonald

Accomplishments at P.K.:
Varsity Cheeleading

Favorite High School Memory:
When Danielle, Shayna, and I walked
into a party dressed in cheerleading
In 10 years... I see myself being
Any last words or advice?
Always live life to the fullest, tell
the ones you love just how much
you love them because you never
know when it will be your last.

Kristen "Kay-Kay"
Accomplishments at P.K.: SECME, SADD,
Captin of the Cheerleading Squad,
President of Pi Kappa Psi, Pre- Colleigate.
In 10 years... I will have graduated from
college and starting to bulid my first out of
five dance studios, throughout Florida.
Favorite Food:
Sweet Potato Pie
Favorite Song:
For you I will
Favorite Movie: Mulan and
Lilo and Stitch
Favorite High School Memory: High
Tide my Freshmen year.

Kenan McGill

Accomplishments at P.K.: Pre- Collegiate,
SECME and Softball
Favorite Food: Macaroni
and Cheese

In 10 years... I see myself married and
finished with college, also i see myself as
a physical therapist.

Favorite Quote: "Patience is a virtue, being
anxious just might hurt you" Outkast

Any last words of advice: Winners never quit
and quitters never win. Learn to manage your
time wiselybecause before you know it, time will
soon pas you by.

Chase McDavid
Accomplishments at
P.K.: J.V. Baseball
(8,9) Varsity Baseball
(10,11,12) J,V,
Football (8,9,10)
Football( 1,12)
In 10 years... I see myslef playinf for a
major leauge baseball team, or long
snapping for a NFL team.
Favorite Book: Friday Night
Any last words or advice?: Do your
stuff, stay on task, stay good to your
friends because you don't know how
much you love them until they are

Latalyia "Tagg"

Accomplishments at P.K.: SECME 9th-12th
Pre-Collegiate 9th-12th, 2003-2004
Homecoming court, Pi Kappa Pai 10th & 11th,
basketball 9th- lth
In 10 years... I see myself being a trainer for a
.WNBA team, married with two kids and a dog.
Favorite Book: Coldest Winter Ever
Favorite Movie: Bringing Down the House
Favorite Food: Pasta
Favorite high school
memory: When Shelaine
fell down the stairs and
tried to get back up and
fell again

Candace Monroe

Nathan "Nate"

Favorite Food:

Favorite Movie:
Bad Boys 2

Accomplishments at
P.K.: Pi Kappa Psi(10,l1)
Pre Colleigate (12)
Leadership (12) Art
Honors Porfolio (11,12)

In 10 years... I see myself
married with 1 child,
living in a nice house and
car, owning a day care

Any last words or advice: Don't get caught
up in being a senior and keep your head in
the books. What ever you fo in the dark will
come to the light.

Raven Monroe

Accomplishments at P.K.:
SADD 9th-12th, SECME 10th-12th, Pre
Colligate 12th, Chorus 12th

Favorite Book:
God don't like


Favorite Quote:
"Everyone loves Raven"

In 10 years... I see myself pregnant,
running my girls group home.

60 E 0 Re-ember

Nicholas Mudra
Accomplishments at P.K.: Varsity SoccerlOth-
12th, Varsity Football 9th-12th
National Honor Socitey, Student Concil
In 10 years... I see myslef working New

Favorite Song: Candle
in the Wind

Favorite Movie: Love

Favorite Quote: "Love me,
love me, say that you love

Any last words of advice.
Get good grades

Favorite Book:
Where the Wild
Things Are

Favorite Food:
Chocolate cake

Corey Osgood

Joseph "Joe"

Weston "The Man"

Accomplishments at P.K.: Varsity baseball 9th-
In 10 years... In the big leagues
Favorite food: "Spuds"
Favorite song: Yeah by Usher and Ludacris
Favorite movie: A night at the Roxbury
Favorite high school memory: Art class 2003 with
Ryan Luca, Reggie Griffin, Elliot Martin, Brad
Drake, Matt Thackrey, and me, every day not doing
anything except watching movies.
Favorite Quote: The will to win is important. The
will to win is vital.
Any last words or advice? Live everyday to the

Shannon"Shay" Outman
Accomplishments at P.K.:
Varsity Softball (9,10,11,12) Varsity
Soccer(10,11,12) Varsity Cross Country(9)
Freshmen Basketball(9) Marine Science club
Favorite High School Memory: The cat on
the car, learning 4:1 ratios, bear crawlin!, the
5'0s, glass door, punching bags, Dark rooms
and assumptions, trampolines, after prom,
times with CK (I'm gonna miss you dawg)
Favorite Quote: "Nothing is illegal until
you get caught!" ; "The only real mistake is
1 the one from which we
learn nothing."
Any last words or advice?
Forgive and forget, learn
from the past but don't hold
S back and don't get caught!

Petar Petrov

Amanda Nutt
Accomplishments at P.K.: NHS, JV softball,
Marine Biology club secretary, Most Political
In 10 years... In grad school getting my
masters in social work.
Favorite food: tomatoes
Favorite book: Harry Potter series
Favorite song: Broken Glass Syndrom by
Favorite movie: Harry Potter the Prisoner of
Favorite high school memory: When Austin
skidded across 13th street, then blamed
Danielle for tripp him
Favorite Quote: You
make your life, life
doesn't make you
Any last words or
advice? Have as much
fun as you can

Tess Palmer
Accomplishments at P.K.:
Marine Biology Club Vice President, NHS
member, Historian Key Club, Bye Bye Birdie
cast, Political Club, Most Spontaneous
In 10 years... Married, living in Boston
Favorite high school memory: Summers in
Market Street Antrim
Favorite Quote:
"Believe nothing,
no matter where you
read it or who says
it...unless it agrees
with your own
reason and your
own common
sense."- Buddha
Any last words or advice? Develop your
own theories.

Anthony Porter

Senior Index m m E 61

Alison "Ali" Posey Trey Rapczak
Accomplishments at P.K.: JV pasg al grade
Basketball 11th, Varsity Softball Accomplishments at P.K.: passing all grade
11th, 12th, Marine Science Club levels, Football 7th-12th,Soccer 10th-12th, Vocal
12th, Class Secretary 12th, Ensemble & Acting, Key Club, SADD, &
People/Academics Editor 11th, successfully never starting the Slaker Club
Yearbook Editor 12th, Top Art & Favorite Quote: You don't
Top Yearbook Student 11th REALLY know what it's like
Favorite High School Memory: Beating ACD at to be safe, unless you know
home, trampoline!, duct tape, summer ('nuff said)/ what it's like to be dead.
prom/spring break 2K4, lunch bunch with CK, Any last words or advice?
punchin bags, blow it out!, learning 4:1 ratios, howl-o- Don't miss class because
scream, NICE ID, dancing' with my girl, sexy sistas, you can. Especially for two Favorite Memory:
you can. Especially for two Favorite Memory:
'05 ladies!, pavement talks, cats on cars, marine straight months. When Coach Clifford
science w/ Glic, and yes- I am still at the club! F F rip i l
In 10 years... Working on 20/20 as the next Favorite Food: could p up hs ays
Barbara Walters- married, kids, still playing Dog..no Cat actually (after a poorly ran play)
because they were
softball and having fun Favorite Book: Friday laminated
Favorite Quote: Night Lights Favorite Movie:
Be yourself because everyone else is already taken Kill Bill vol.2
Any last words or advice?: Don't say you
hate high school- it's what you make of it! In 10 years...playing Conrad Birdie on Broadway.
Favorite Song: "I'm Movin' On"- Rascal Flatts
Lynette Rivera John Rowell
Accomplishments at PK: Accomplishments at P.K.: Wavelength Editor-in-
Varsity soccer 9th -12th, Pre- chief 11th & 12th, 3.0 GPA, Treasurer of Marine
Collegiate 11th, 12th, Secme Science, Co-founder of the P.K. Slacker Club
11th &12th, Marine Science Favorite Quote: "If you don't cheat, you're not
12th Favorite Food: trying hard enough", and "I'll sell you one"
Arroz con salchichas Favorite Song: "The Next Episode", by Dr. Dre,
Favorite Movie: "Tha Crossroads", and "Foe da love of $" by Bone
John Q & Finding Nemo Thugs N Harmony
Favorite high School Memory: GHS Prom night, Favorite High School memory: Taking T. Ru's car
The 5-0's, "The incident" Vanessa- from the club to the for a spin, Spring Break '04, Crescent Beach on the
church.Danielle...I heard! Shannon- "Shannon Iwant last day of summer, Mr. McCall's famous quote..
to kiss you," "Come on you guys, hurry up! You can't "This is PK Yonge, you don't have to do anything!"
get left behind!" Ali-The good stuff...Sarah Dardis- Any last words or advice? Don't get caught, and
orange juice at Shannon's don't forget that money makes the world go
Favorite Quote: 'round, whether you like it or not
"Courage is not defined by those who fought and did In 10 years... I'll be Favorite Movie:
not fall, but by those who fought, fell, and rose again." working on being a Blow, Scarface
In 10 years... millionaire by 30, driving the
I see myself successful in whatever newest AMG
I plan to do and married with a family. S-Class

Caitlyn Ruegger

Accomplishments at P.K.:
Varsity Soccer 7th-12th, NHS

Favorite Quote:
"Let's be clear now"
-Thom Anderson

Favorite High School
overtime win @ Umatilla

Favorite Food:
Mac & Cheese

Sarah Ruegger

Accomplishments at P.K.:
Varsity Soccer 7th-12th,
5 straight months of ISS (it has to be a record)

Favorite High School Memory:
Causing chaos for the PK faculty & ballin' on
the soccer field, Junior Prom! 4/20/04

Favorite Movie:
Lethal Weapon

Favorite Food:
my mom's fajitas

Any last words or
advice? Don't take
dating to serious, it
causes too much

In 10 years...I see myself begging for
money on the side of the road.. Just Kidding

Jessica Reddish


Jena Rowland
Accomplishments at
P.K.: Cross Country 8th
& 9th, Varsity Softball
8th-12th, Varsity Soccer
10th-12th, SADD 9th-
12th, NHS llth & 12th
te Memory: Favorite Book:
ini how to Harry Potter

draw & reading in
the art room

Favorite Movie:

Advice: You'll only get as much out of high
school as you put in, so work hard and do
anything you dream of, because you'll never get
to do it again. Don't ever let other actions
interfere with what you wish to persue.
In 10 years... Hopefully I will have graduated
from college, and be holding a good, stable job

Vanessa "Outrageous"
Accomplishments at P.K.: SADD 9th-10th, FCA
9th-llth, Class Vice President 9th-llth, Key Club
10th, Varsity Soccer 10th, NHS 9th-10th, Prom
Planner 11th, High Tide Planner 11th, Senior
Class President, Pre-collegiate
12th, Who's Who of America
In 10 years...I plan to be out
of school with a Physical
Therapy degree as well as an
MBA. Also, I plan to be
married and have my own
P.T. center for children ages birth-18
Favorite High School Memory: Summer '04,
Prom '04, Emergency meetings, Mr. McCall's
class...what a joke! weekends w/Ali, "Dude,
don't kiss me!", Kenan & Shelaine getting in a
fight, "from the club to the church!" China
Super, talking on the pavement, "I think I'm
psycho", tire marks, and so many more!

62 N 0 Rem--ber

Favorite Book:
Catcher in the Rye

Montana Sayers
Accomplishments at
P.K.: Varsity Softball 9th-
12th, Varsity Volleyball
9th- 11th
Favorite Food:
Chicken Wings
In 10 years... hopefully I'll be coaching
somewhere at a college or at a high school.
Favorite Book: The Favorite Movie: The
Rookie Sandlot
Favorite Song: "Over and Over" Nelly and
Tim McGraw
Favorite Quote: It's not over 'till the fat lady
Any last words or advice?: Never give up

Ian Scohier

Constance Scott
Accomplishments at P.K.: Pre-
collegiate 9th-12th, FCA 9th & 10th,
SECME 11th & 12th, Pi Kappa Psi
10th-12th, Treasurer 11th & 12th

In 10 years... I would have to say I see
myself running about five hair salons in
different locations of Florida, and still
striving for excellence in everything that I
do, including my music career.

Favorite High
School memory:
When I rolled down
the stairs just before
going to the guidance

Alexis Smith
Accomplishments at P.K.:
Making it out alive
Favorite High School
Those hush hush weekends,
Valentine's Day 2004, "You
look like crap." Spring Break
2004, University Ave, Teen Study Bible,
10 Random, 15 Future 20x, You've got 40
seconds..1..2..3.., Swimming all clothed at Kevin's,
Rip Fluffy Cuddles, Anderson III, Texas Hold'em
Any advice or last words? Enjoy high school as
high school, you're going to miss it. Oh yeah and
ACT YOUR AGE! 95% of rumors are 50% true
and 25% wrong. The other 25% no one will ever
In 10 years... I want to be the owner of a world
renowned design firm located in New York City

Devin Suggs
Accomplishments at P.K.:
Varsity Football 10th-12th, Varsity Soccer
11th-12th, Most Artistic
Favorite High School
scoring my first touchdown,
Mr. Dittmar's class
Favorite Song:
"Kryptonite"-3 Doors
Favorite Book: Favorite Movie:
Friday Night Lights Drop Dead Fred
In 10 years... I see myself being an artist

Sean "Crip" Specie

Accomplishments at P.K.:
NHS 1 year, Honor Roll, JV Football 2 years,
Varsity Football 2 years, FCA

Favorite Food:

Favorite High School Memory:
fart machine in Anderson's class

Favorite Quote:
"You don't understand-
my car's not locked." Any last words or advice?
Max Hoggard Don't mess with Mrs.
Weber's overhead
Favorite Movie:
Forrest Gump
In 10 years...
I see myself working for a large
Mechanical engineering
corporation (like Disney) and
traveling all over the world

Ed Suggs
Acomplishments at P.K.:
playing QB for the Varsity Football team
Favorite High School Memory: meeting
Tamara Jones and falling in love with her
Any last words or advice? Once you find
something good in life do everything you
possibly can to hold onto it

Favorite Food:
Home Fried

In 10 years...I see
myself with 2 kids
maybe 3 and a
successful career

Favorite Song:
"Nothing Else Matters"

Shannon Stuckman
Accomplishments at P.K.:
cheerleading co-captain, student council Vice
President, track, varsity basketball, NHS
treasurer, National Honor Roll
Favorite High School Favorite Quote:
Memory: "Everything always
When I gave Shay a happens for a reason,
wedgey and then she also the bad things because
busted it in the God has something
same night, when Devin better in store for
was chasing her! you!"
In 10 years...
I see myself doing it b, n T
whatever profession I d:. ,de
to take up
and married w/the lo c f ."
my life, and w/like 10 kid'
Naw J/K!

Carly Stanojev

Senior Index m m U 63

Sara Swearingen

Summer "Sum-Sum"
Accomplishments at P.K.: Lifer...and proud of it!

Favorite High School Memory:
Shelaine and Kenan fought, Brittany getting
knocked into the fence,
trip to Coleman, me falling off the treadmill, & me
and Jelly acting like old people.

Any last words or
advice? Keep a positive
attitude & you'll go far!

Favorite Food:

Favorite Movie:
Love & Basketball

In 10 years... I'll be happy,
poi'JNbl married, with a good
lob & living somewhere in

Matthew Thackrey
Favorite Quote:
"Dat be my name don't wear it out, go to
dat liburry and check it out.

Favorite Song:
"Slow Motion"
By: Juve

Art class of
2003 with
Reggie, Ryan
Brad, Weston,
DavidL., David
B., Elliot
Marcie, Tavares,
and P.J.

Accomplishments at P.K.
Basketball: Freshmen- 9th JV- 10th
Varsity 12th

Bliss Wargovich

Demetris Wilson Jr.

Accomplishments at P.K.:
Biggest Flirt, ranked one of
the best players in football,
Gold in track, Being here
and alive
Favorite Movie: Belly

Favorite Book: Of Mice and Men
Favorite Food: Honey Baked beans
Favorite Quote: "Don't give up. No matter what."
Favorite Song: Seduction by Usher
Favorite High School Memory: Camp Kulaqua
Last Words or Advice: Be all that you can be.
In 10 years...
I see myself as a Physical Therapist

64 *1 E Remnmber

Danielle "Deez" Warren
Favorite song: "Rock the Boat"
Favorite Movie: The Notebook
In 10 years... A successful pediatrician. Possibly
Married. Living life to the fullest.
Favorite High School Memory:
Prom 2k4, the infamous cups w/
Vanessa, PKY parking lot chats,
5-0, emergency meetings, spitting
on Matt, running into windows,
outings w/ Ali (enough said),
"HANH?", hitting up VIP..."Danielle, I
mean...Candace", GHS prom night, me & Lynette's
adventures at my house and our trip to David
Lane's, and many more.
Favorite Quote: "They say before you die, your
entire life will flash before your eyes. Make yours
with watching."
Any Last Wors or Advice? Make the best of these
four years. Never allow anything or anyone to hold
you down.... And do it big!

Alex "Trick" Bradley
Last Words and
Advice: "Don't take your love
"Life is a three ring away
circus so don't be one
By: Avant
of the clowns."
Favorite High School Memory:
Just being alive to see my friends
In 10 years...
I see myself with about
12 Grammy's, 5 Oscars,
my own private jet, and
owning the Miami

Eric "Bernard"

Accomplishment at P.K.:
actually passing the FCAT
Favorite Food:
Poatato Chips
Favorite Movie:
Blood Spot

Favorite song:
"Ain't no more playing' in Gainesville"
Favorite Quote:
Green for the money, Gold for the honey"

Any last words or advice?
Live like to the fullest- no shortcut

In 10 years... I'll be working on my new

Camille Wright

Favorite Song:
"Killing Me Softly"
at P.K.:
Junior Class
Student Body Favorite High School
President, Pre- Memory:
Collegiate, When Vanessa slapped
Soft-ball 9th Shea and hid from him
Grade, SECME behind Mr Marchman.
In 10 years...
A High School History Teacher,
married with two kids, a masters
and a PHD.


Bryan "Zack"
Favorite Food:
Favorite Movie: Favorite Book:
Animal House The Hobbit
Last Words and Advice:
No matter how good you think you
are, you can still mess up doing
something you love.
Favorite Song:
"Fade to Black" By: Metallica

In 10 years...
Sitting in a room
writing for hours on


Joshua Watson

In 10 years...
In 10 years, I see
myself working

Favorite Song:
Brooklyn's Finest

Sara Wolfred
Favorite high school memory :
Getting my car
Favorite food : Favorite movie :
Mac and Cheese Ace Ventura
Favorite book : Favorite song :
Speak Shameless
In 10 years...
the best physical therapist in the
Favorite Quote:
"Always be yourself, because the
people who mind don't matter, and
the people who matter don't mind.


Senior Index m m m 65

Lifers hoat

As I think about my very first days at P.K. in kindergarten, I remember
how great it was. I counted on my hands to seven, after the first day of
school I had already made seven new friends, which was only a
glimmer of what was to come. By the end of the 1993 school year, the
class of 2005 had officially begun their legacy. Throughout elementary
school, many memories were made. At the end of our fifth grade year, I
recall how saddened I was because friends who I vowed would be my
"best friends forever" were now leaving to go to different middle
schools. "Crossing the Creek" was one of the most exciting times. It
meant more freedom and meeting new friends. Through the completion
of the earliest chapter in our lives, a tight knit group of us stuck
together and welcomed the newcomers. Middle school made us grow
up as well. With the death of Mrs. Stocker, we learned about "grown-
up" issues. Memories such as Camp Kulaqua, the social, and Mr. Steele
were created. High School brought on new changes, but our bond still
stood strong. No matter how many friends I've made, the lifers will
always have a special
place in my heart. For
thirteen years, they have
been my family. P.K. has
been our home for so
long, and as we move on,
we will never forget what
above: Summer Taylor smiles with a new this school has meant to
friend that she made on a field trip to the us and what we have
nursing home. meant to each other.
right: The class of 2005 lifers share a bond like -Amanda Haynes
no other. The group share a friendship that left: Nate McLaughlin
cannot be broken and they will always be held works intently on an
together through it.. elementary school project.

-7" -

aborelieft: Students take a class picture in kindergarten.
This "ear's senior class had numerous liners. can you ind abore: Field Irips hae alas been a part o P.K.'s curriculum. above: Nick Constantino, Austin King, and Max Hoggard
all of them? Jeffre) Bogle and 11esle %Asbell made a friend on a field trip to a remained friends from kindergarten through senior year. Here,
nursing hoie. the three friends enjoy a field trip and a break from school.

66 Reembr Lifers 67
66 m m mbe Lifers m m 67

Almost There...

It is something amazing to turn around and see
a whole year fall behind you. It is something amazing to
look back at what you used to do, and who you used
to be, and know that now you are different.
Throughout our lives, we all have choices, and with
each choice comes a consequence. Today now, new
choices face us new challenges and dreams and fears,
as our old ones fade into the past of our junior lives.
What does it mean to be almost there? Does it mean
we are finally the oldest, finally the wisest, finally the
ones with the most yearbook pages dedicated to their
cause? With growth comes responsibility. With depth,
comes the challenge of filling a gaping hole.
We have proven to ourselves, we have proven
4 to this school that we are ready for the challenges that
await us. The SATs, college interviews, applications
Oand deadlines all lay before us, along with the promise
in this world that with dedication comes satisfaction.
Look back onjunior year with a smile and a tear;
Leaving something behind means you are going
m u I someplace else. This is a class of dreamers, a class of
thinkers, and a class of doers. We can make anything
happen, and while we may not know where it is we are
headed, it is certain we know where we have been.
-Ariana Ervin

tin, ".-
' ~JaE SSSSS I^^ I HCfc

Brittany Gordon concentrates on Josh Cosenza tries to figure out
an experiment in Mr. Burgins class. how to work the camera.

68 m m Remember

Aaron Hunt diligently works on
solving a math problem.

Kyle Abernathy Kayla Alford

Merry Kathr
Amanda Andrews Merry Kthr

Jude Bailey


Kendrick Baker

Joshua Cosenza

Elyse Cusack

Maria Betancourt Aaron Brame

Melyssa Cowley

Deuntray Davis

Latrisha Campbell

loana Craciun Laura Croley

Andrew Day

Jake Cochran

Rebecca Cumbaa

.4 ,

Danielle Dixon-Brown Elizabeth Dykstra

Juniors m m m 69



NA .


Malina Dylla

Brandon Gilliam

Ariana Ervin

Shelby Gillis

Valerie Flournoy

Stephanie Foote Lauren Fuller

Michael Glendinning Joseph Goodnight

Brittany Gordon

Kenneth Gotay

Samantha Heflin

Donna Grant

Bailey Holbrook

Ryan Griffin

Aaron Huggins

Samuel Harlan

Abraham Hunt

Narayan Hearn

Richard Hutson

70 m *Remelber



Precision and Dedication

Prom is a big production put on every year by
the Juniors. They come up with the theme, raise
money, and plan everything from the location to the
decorations. A long process, prom is something that
takes months and months to produce. At the
beginning of the year, anyone who wanted to be
involved came to a meeting and from there, the
planning began. Deciding on a theme and raising
money came next. The Junior class worked hard to
make this year a prom to remember for years to
"I just want this year to be really pretty, and
I want everyone to be happy with it," stated Angela
Scott, a key member of the prom committee. "I
want this prom to be one that everyone remembers
and comes back to school talking about."
With such a strong team working behind
prom, it was no wonder that this year's prom was a
success. Long hours, arguing, and months of
planning turned out to benefit for the team. This
year's sponsor, Mr. Dittmar, was impressed at the
work the committee put in.
"Compared to last year's committee, there
are a lot more people who are actively involved,"
he stated. "They've raised an incredible amount of
money and are doing their best to incorporate
everyone's, including other juniors and seniors,
ideas into prom."
Through the arguing, precision and
dedication benefitted in the end. Prom was a
success for everyone, and one to remember for all
that went.

-Alison Posey

I love being on prom
committee. Once prom
comes and everyone is
having a good time, it feels
kind of cool that you did it.
-Valerie Landry

I think prom committee is
a good way to express
your creativity in a way
that everybody will enjoy.
-Crystal Turner

I think prom committee
needs to be more creative.
Meetings are not as
productive as they could
be. I think the theme is
completely unoriginal.
-Jake Cochran

The meetings could be
more productive and
organized. I think that the
theme is okay.
-Nelly Njeru

I'm (one of) the only guys
on prom committee. I can
give the testosterone
-Kyle Abernaathy

Juniors m m m 71

Kristopher Junior Hannah Karably


Daniel Katz

Danielle Kitchens

Valerie Landry

Michael Lane

Meghan Langlois

Benjamin Lansford

Alexander Latour

Jessica Locke

Lisa Lucas

John Mathis

Alfred Maxwell

Kyle McAnaney

Patrick McEwen

Evan Moon

Jamila Morrison

72 Rem emember

Matthew James

Benjamin Johnson Cedric Jones


Mr. Anderson was a key
promoter in student's voicing
their opinions.As teacher of
the leadership class, his main
concern was to get student
voice out to the


...for a better future

In today's day and age, we as students have
been taught to speak out, to voice our opinions. With
the presidential election being a key debate at school
and across the nation, it's no wonder students have
become so passionate with their opinions.
"Being so involved in the 2004 presidential
election has taught me a lot about freedom of speech
and the passion people have for the issues. I believe
so much in the value of democracy and the voices of
people," said Ariana Ervin, who took part in signing
: up seniors to vote. New to PK. this year was the
political club. Students were sponsored by Mr.
Anderson, who has always believed in student voice
at P.K. Students appreciated Mr. Anderson's concern
for their voices to be heard.
"We don't have enough freedom of speech here at
P.K. because I can't say the things I wish to say in this quote without feeling
uncomfortable," Josh Consenza stated. Political club helped students feel more
at ease with their beliefs.
"Being a minority in this school is tough, but it is important to express
your political opinion," said Jason Palmquist on being a republican at P.K. By
becoming more comfortable "in thier own skin" students build for better
futures. With the future of our country in the hands of our students today, it's
important to recongize what they feel, and at PK. we're starting to recognize

-Alison Posey

left: Michael Moore was one of the
main guest speakers at the
O'Connell Center this year.
Thousands of students, both high
school and college alike, democrat
and republican, went to see him

Juniors m m m 73

Andrew Olson James Pagliuca

James Parks

Ana Perez Raquel Petree

Joseph Remy Derrick Robinson

Miguel Rodriguez

Kyle Quina Bree Rapczak

Jose Rosa

Angela Scott

Rocco Sementelli

Marley Sewell

Justin Sobie

Dennis Starling

Kali Tenbieg

74 m Remember

K~ara M~yers Nelly Njeru

Jason Palmquist

Things That Shape Us

There are events in
many teenagers' lives that
make them who they are
in their adult years. When
I was thirteen years
old, my friend killed
herself. She was a
multiple drug addict
and had made
numerous suicide
attempts. This was
the reason that I didn't
really take her too
seriously when she had
told me she wanted to do
away with her life.
October 23rd, 2001
Melissa took her life in
front of me. She shot
herself in the head. I could
relate to her situation. I
know one of the reasons
Melissa killed herself was
because she couldn't stop
the drugs. She was my

best friend and like a sister
to me and in a matter of
seconds, she
% as gone.
of her
in my
I see
them in
my dreams
and during the
day. People say I'm crazy
when I swear I see her
walking around my
neighborhood, but I know
she's there watching over
When I was
involved in the things she
was while she was alive, I
had trouble in school, with

my friends and my family,
once so close to me, was
now becoming my enemy
and slipping away. I don't
blame Melissa for this, but
rather I thank her for her
words of wisdom before
she went.
She told me that I
had to go and fix what was
wrong in my life. She said
that she would be looking
after me even after she was
gone and making sure
everything worked out for
the better.
I urge you all to not
discriminate and to
understand what's
happening in our world.
Melissa was a bisexual and
our close guy friend was
gay. I later found out that
the main reason the two

took their own lives was
because they were made
fun of, beaten, and
slandered for their sexual
I loved Melissa
and she loved me and I
hope and pray everyday
that her spirit will live on
because despite her faults,
she was an amazing,
wonderful, talented and
beautiful girl that was
simply put upon, hurt, and
felt unloved. But I loved
her and I wish I had
expressed that to more
often. Let the people that
you love, know that you
love them. You never
know if you'll be able to
tell them again.

-Stevie Foote

Yun-Jung Yang is an
exchange student
from South Korea.
She has trouble
English but not
nearly as much as
we would have
Korean. Yun is shy
and soft spoken but she is
always making friends. She says

that the Korean system of
education is very different.
They do not switch classes
and they all eat the same
lunch. She commented
that the American system
allows for more self
expression. The school is
easier here but its still hard
to understand English. If she
could say one thing to all of her
friends here she would say "Hi".

Juniors m m R 75

Reginald Terrell

above: Bailey Holbrook works hard on an assignment.
Junior year was a difficult year for students, but they
quickly learned to manage their time.

Crystal Turner Loreley Vander Laan

aa cUuI~

David Washington

Mark Williams

Stephanie Waters

Kelsey Winfrey

John Watson

Yun-Jung Yang

Amanda Waugh

Matthew Youngblood

Janine Williams

Rachel Zeile

76 m Remember

Carrick Tuck


* _-y

clockwise from top left:
Aaron Brame smiles
candidly; Narayan Hearn
showed his spirit during
Homecoming Week; Kyle
Abernathy works on an
experiment in chemistry

Class of 2006

Juniors m m m 77

1, C

Fduc iaton revisited...

The sophomore year at P. K. Yonge for many meant a
new level of respect as students entered their second year of high
school. No long the bottom rung of any ladder this years
sophomores showed off finally earned drivers license and in
some pockets the jingle of car keys could be herd. But driving
wasn't the only thing on sophomore minds this year as they
faced new academic hardships and new teachers. But far from
running from these new obstacles in life, the 10th graders at P.K.
Yonge overcame everything thrown at them including Mrs.
Ruszczyk's crazy and english papers and Mr. Fabulich's rigorous
history class. But aside from the normal school classes the class
of '07 Also had to deal with the PSAT and, for the final time of
their lives, the FCAT.
But the sophomore life this year wasn't all work. Tenth
graders enjoyed a relaxing and fun-filled trip to Camp Kalaqua
where students experienced a "bonding" low-ropes course and
"The Blob".
Many tenth grade couples could be seen flirting around
the halls of P.K. Yonge. Serious relationships blossomed this
year as "puppy love" flowed through the school as naturally as a
bird in the sky.
i Thoughts of the future began creeping into the heads of
the class of '07 as they began to realize their comfortable,
structured world was steadily moving towards one that contained
only as much structure as they gave it. Though this was still
Several years away, the mix of excitement and trepidation of true
independence had a presence in the sophomore minds.

-James "Fih" Hord

Kim Blanch works on an art
project for Dr. Skye.

Sophomores Jake Mitchel and
Evan Henderson focus in on their

78 Remember


David Acosta Stephen Adicks

John Ames

Geoffrey Anderson Michael Anderson

Brittany Bastien Kimberly Blanch

Frank Boe Caitlin Brown

Brittany Byrd

Giorgio Campanaro Christopher Caro

Wyatt Carter

Kamille Chaparro

Adam Clark

Miels Clifton

William Derry

Heather Crocker

Rachel Dillard

Ashley Crump

Kristen Dixon

Chelsea Daniels Alexanderia Days

Maggie Dodd Christopher Dolan

Sophomores N m 79

Chloe Dunnell

Evan Easterling

Derek Estevez Adio Faucher-Mutima Joseph Ferreira

Jakeob Eskew

Linda Flunker Gary Gale-Shelton

Shannon Gillis

Janna Goachee

Jourdan Goetz

Bianca Gras

Chad Graziano

Matthew Gustafson James Hager

Arnett Hall

Kaitlynn Hawkins Sabrina Hayes

80 E m N Remember

A group of ~ osMore ys l aquicpsliowhile exing their
muscles on the lOh grade field trip to Camp Kulaqua.

Robert Drake

Evan Henderson Daniel Henry

Matthew Honeycutt Stephen Hooghuis Jai Hutchinson

Saleha Huuda

Benjamin Ingle

Janelle Jackson

Kayla James

Sterling Jewell
Sterling Jewell

Aja Johnson

Travis Johnson

Kyle Jones

Travis Jones

Jalmar Kurki-Fox Alexander Ling Amber Liverman

L "7 ')...

Heather Lopez

Aaron Lucas

Patrick Mackin Cristian Martinez Chistopher Mathews

Sophomores U N N 81

Chris Hilleary Gardner Hobbs

Molly Hoggard


Jessica McCord Virginia Mikell


Danielle Murray

Joycelyn Oliver

Alexis Papadi

Moses Parker

Elisa Pelegrina

Courtney Polk

Shannon Pollock

Kyle Pons

Willie Powers

Juliana Rendon

Dwayne Sherman

Juan Rivera

Heather Shirk

Katherine Sanchez

A'Metrice Smith

Alfredo Savo

Sydney Smith

Cason Selph

Brendan Smyth

82 H m Remember

Harold Moody

Adrian Miller Jacob Mitchell


Jeremy Smyth Joshua Sohn

Jessie Townsend Megan Traylor

on-is Angela Starnieri

Alexander Tuck David Turull

David Stuckman

Keenan Walsh

Courtney Warner

Brandy Waters

Hope Wegener

Ardell Wilcox

Erica Williams

Katherine Williams Zachary Williams Jake Woodmansee

Brandon Young

Logan Zazo

Sophomores 0 83

As one door doses ...

0 0 A new school, new teachers, and new peers can be
intimidating to anyone. Freshmen know this experience the best
South of all students, as they are making the switch from being the
oldest at their middle school to the youngest once again. Grades
actually begin to count, and FCAT was a priority as students
learned they needed a certain score to graduate in four years.
Many were nervous their first day of school, but all had
some sort of excitement as they were willing to begin the four
year journey known as high school. As the door of middle school
closed, another one, bigger and more inviting, was waiting to
opened. Students were ready to finally reach high school, ready to
create memories and make frienships that would forever be
"I think the most exciting thing about high school is all the
new students coming in," said Corey Forehand. "I'm ready to
meet some girls!" Many students, both boy and girl alike, were
ready for a new atmosphere. This year's freshmen class had many
new students from all over, which was a nice change for lifers
such as Cody Alford.
"It's refreshing from seeing all the old faces I've seen for
so long," he reflected. "It's nice to meet new people since I've
been going to school here forever."
As the freshmen class continues to grow, many things will
be learned and many memories will be created. Starting fresh is
exciting, and high school is an experience that one will remember
forever, and P.K. is exactly the place to start.

-Alison Posey


; ,

Brittany Posey and Marissa Lovvorn Three freshmen girls get their work
share a joke on "Pajama Day." done in Mrs. Creveling's English class.

84 m U m Remember

Stephanie Williams intently listens
to a teacher's instructions.

Stefanie Anderson Kenneth Armstrong

Rebecca Bates Katheryn Beauregard

Amorette Bell Kyle Bennett

Brian Bemier Leonard Brennan

Matthew Browne

Tyler Cothran

Michael Callahan

Ariel Culp

Leeland Carter

Alexander Cunningham

Mark Dugger Ashley Dykstra
Mark Dugger Ashley Dykstra

Freshmen m m N 85

Jasmine Charles

Carl Davis

Matthew Clark

Skyla Days

Jessica Cooper

Arturo Daza

Jarad Dorsey

Zachary Dorsey

John Ellis

Justin Feagle

I i, \ I

Blain Alfonso


Richard Alford

Madison Ashley Melanie Atkinson

Courtney Forehand Raymond Frazier

Andrew Garfield Jessica Gilley Brittany Green Victoria Grimes Thomas Gross William Hampton
From Big Fish
-o Lifftle Fish
Some say that ninth grade is a student's hardest
year in school. Not only are they making a switch from
middle to high school, but they are also making a switch
from being the biggest fish in the middle school pond, to
the little fish as a freshman. The workload increases,
classes are harder, and field trips are less frequent.
School actually means something now, and students find
that they have to pay attention more than in previous James Handley Katherine Harris Mohammad Hasan
"Grades count more than in middle school. I
have to study more to get good grades," stated Brittany
Posey. "I've realized that how I do now will affect me in
my decisions in the future." Posey switched from
Lincoln Middle School, but many freshmen at P.K. found
themselves right at home their first day of school.
"Being at P.K. since sixth grade made it easier
for me my first day," stated Marissa Lovvorn. "I already
knew the students and the teachers, so my first day was Laurel Higman Charles Hogan John Honeycutt
a lot easier than some new students."
Being a freshmen is an experience, but one
students shouldn't take for granted. High school goes by
so fast, and in time,-many of those "little fish" who
thought their first year was so hard and so long will
realize that ninth grade is just the beginning to their
future, and that they once again will be a "big fish"
sooner than they think.
-Alison Posey
Shannon Hope Rachel Hoyt Juliana Hughes

86 E m Rembemer

Joshua Figueroa Corey Forehand

Emily Fuller Andrea Gale

UT7 iF

Tilman Hunt

Roamules Ivery

Trenise Jones Scott Kelly

Christopher Johnson Crystal Johnson

Cory Kempton Kelly Landry

Leslye Johnson Rhea Jones

Ashley Lansberry Marissa Lovvorn

Andrew Maddox

Nolan Malone
Nolan Malone

Cody Manucy

Danielle Marston Courtney Martensen

Patrick Matchen

Patrick Matchen

Terence McCarter

Shane McCort

Kelli McCrery

Matthew McEwen

Margaret Morse

Kendrick Nelson

Tatum Nichtberger

Freshmen m E E 87

James McGill

Alan Medrano

Mariel Mena

Alex Mikkelsen

Jesse Morgan


Kevin Njeru Krista Nordquist

e O er
Dominique Oliver

Brooke Padgett Lewis Palmer

Samantha Palmer


Joe Palmquist Grant Patterson

Brittany Posey

Andrea Potter

Tessa Paulsen Fidelis Pebenito

Patrice Powers

Amanda Purves

Bernard Pellett

James Ratliff

Michael Perry

Tirsa Rogers


Leon Rowe

Dellora Rushing

Sofia Royce

above: Melanie Atkinson, Brittany Green, and Courtney Martensen read along
Eric Rustemier with Mrs. Creveling's rendition of Great Expectations.

88 N N Rem-nber

Matthew Scian Teresa Sealey

Jarred Shannon

Lexley Shelton Rebecca Shuping

Mary Silvers

Ryan Specie

Andrew Treweek

Robon Starling

Nickolus Turner

James Suggs

Dione Tyson

Christopher Sunkett

Victoria Van Arnam

Elliott Welker

Alexi Wilcox

Cody Wilson

Lindsey Woodmansee

Lanie Wyrosdick

Joshua Zeile

Freshmen m U U 89

Colin Spears

Austin Thomas

Darius Taylor

Walade Wade

Shayla Wallace

Jonathan Zazo



A group of eighth grade friends
share a bite to eat during lunch.

LUIICn "as a iinme 10 relax, aina
many students took time to
spend with each other.

Ramon Otero was known for
his amusing antics.

90 N m 0 Remember

High school dreams and

stranger things...

Eighth grade was one of the most transitional years of our
academic career. All throughout middle school, we looked up to the
upper classmen here on the P.K. campus. In eighth grade, we were one
step closer to being in their shoes.
Many looked at this year as the beginning of new experiences
while others, lifers especially, may have looked at it as the end of a
lifelong experience. Many have attended P.K. for so long, it's hard to
think of them leaving.
All in all, eighth grade was something to look forward to. Many
say the best part of the year is the eighth grade social. It's the next best
thing to a prom. It was a time for the class of 2009 to come together and
celebrate their final year of middle school.
"I can wear a fancy dress and get all dolled up," said Alicia
Many seventh graders are ecstatic to think of themselves as being
the "top dogs" of middle school in the upcoming year. Along with the
excitement of being an eighth grader came a lot of responsibility.
"I look forward to going to high school but I would like to make
the best of my last year of middle school," said Andrew Fraser.
The transformation from middle to high school is both a personal
and academic change.
"I'm beginning to realize how important it is to do my homework
every night and keep up with my grades," stated Karina Rivera.
High school is a big step to take but can also be the best four
years of your life. Make the best of it class of 2009!
-Danielle Warren




Tironica Anderson Jennifer Aranda Cordero

Karli Bailey

Rashard Baker

Andrew Barton Matthew Bass

Ambreshia Brown

Renard Bryant Elizabeth Buckhalter

Aaron Buffenmyer

Clayton Carodine

Joseph Dileo

Briana Buie

Kathleen Cerjan

Jarvis Douglas

Kimberly Bullard

Byron Burdette

Kandace Clifton Zachary Cook

Thomas Dow

April Durant

Jana Button

Shae Cothran

Andrew Emmons Kamaria Faucher-Mutima

Eighth Grade N m m 91

Alli Bell

Craig Blansett

James Brigman

Chelsea Caro

Katherine David

Daniel Gras Jefferson Griebel

Vincent Hampton Alexander Harker

Shae Hasson Miranda Heflin

hB y

Brandy Henley

Alicia Hemandez

Cassidy Hinson

Donald Hinton

Connor Hogan

Christa Holloway

Michael Johnson

Elizabeth Jordan

Samantha Kitchens

Tiffany Landry

ith Lansberry Richard LO asley

Faith Lansberry Richard Lasley

92 m m Remember

Justin Ingle

Amy Jackson

Krista Kato

Timothy Kearl

Brittney Kelly

Benjamin King

Kera King

Daniel Latour

Keri Frankenberger

Samuel Fraser Eric Goolsby

Ryan Grimes

Julia Leavy Michael Lesousky

Benjamin MacHnik Iva Margjoni

Jasmine O'Neal Evan Osgood

Gabriela McLeskey Chucassia Miller

Ramon Otero

Ryan Morgan Chris Myers

Amanda Palmer Carson Pennypacker

Tyler Peterson

Charles Poindexter

Jerelyn Register

Ja'Kya Sheppard

Andrew Sheridan

Coleen Sherman

Eighth Grade I* 93

Rachel Piper

Britton Pollitt

Darrell Pons

Karina Rivera

Bryan Shaara

Eric Shade

Alexander Sims

Crystal Lucas

Courtney Lindsey

Errol Lucas

Samantha Lussier

Erika Stuckman

Alejandro Torroella

Cristina Suarez Kyle Suggs

Erin Voss Matthew Wade

Leah Tenbieg Alexandria Theodore

lain Wallace Emily Walsh

Cassandra Watkins

Ashley Welcome

Daniel Whitehurst

Erica Wiggins Jasmine Williams

Kelsey Williams

y Win-

Cody Winfrey

Marshall Zorros

94 m m U Remember

Kirstie Thomas

Dean Ward

Megan Young

Emily Zinger

TOP 10
Reasons to Look Forward to Entering
High School

10) Being able to eat lunch with the upper
9) Having the opportunity to participate in
a varsity sport
8) Witnessing Mrs. Crevelings random
7) Joing clubs and other extracurricular
6) Finally being a part of the high school
desion making in student council
5) Learning how to manage study time
4) Getting restricted license
3) One year closer to graduation
2) More freedom
1) It's the beginning of new experiences
that will last all through your high school
Danielle Warren



"The class of 2009 plays hard, has a good time, and is
extremely competitive. I enjoy working with these kids
becasue both the boys and girls are very athletic. The best
part of them being eigth graders is the fact that they aren't in
9th grade yet."

Coach Powers

"The majority of our class is planning on coming back
next year and everyone gets along, for the most part. So,
I'm looking forward to spending my freshman year with
the same people I went to middle school with."

-Erika Stuckman

"I think our class really stands out simply because we
know how to have fun. We make the best of all the middle
school events like the dances, field trips,and even sports
events. Our class knows how to really come together."

-Jerelyn Register

above: Three 8th graders prepare to get their
lunch in the cafeteria

Eighth Grade 1 1 U 95

Seventh graders often felt in the middle, not being the
youngest anymore, yet not the oldest as well. This year, the feeling
was no different, but these youngsters made the best of the year. An
increased work-load was felt by many students, and seventh graders
had to learn to budget their time more efficiently.
"Teachers expected more out of us," stated Kayleigh Estes.
"There's a lot more work in seventh grade than in sixth grade."
Although some students struggled with the adjustment, it resulted in
making these young students blossom like flowers, growing with
each new experience. They made new friends, learned more about
middle school life, and being a little older helped them adapt easier
this year.
"I don't feel as young anymore," said Hailey Goetz.
Referring the beginning of the year "bonding trip" each grade level
takes, she stated, "Camp Kulaqua was more entertaining this year.
We knew everyone and had a really good time." The most important
thing on a young middle schoolers name, however, is that point on
the horizon where they are finally on top- 8th grade.
"I look forward to the dances and socials," Athena Gravois
said with a smile. Many students felt the same way, and some had
even higher hopes with the thought of high school finally within sight.
"The thing I'm most excited about being in 8th grade is that
I'm one year away from high school," stated Kathryn Craig.
Seventh grade proved a challenge, but also a time that many
students looked forward, because being "stuck in the middle" meant
being that much closer to finally being on top.
-Alison Posey

Brandon Boothby and Hillary
Scott work on a project together.

%.iyue nyru auo ruwaru
read a packet in science.

Tailor Sulli an messes around on a
labtop from Mr. Cunningham.

96 Remember

Dylan Allen Michael Andrews Jessica Bastien Christopher Beauregard John Bennett Michelle Blackwell Joseph Bolinao


Brandon Boothby Kaitlin Brennan

Justin Broiles Danielle Brooks Breniq Brown

Ryan Brown Thomas Burns

Clyde Byrd

Megan Calton Allison Cattafesta Kevin Cerjan

Kathryn Craig Ashlee Crockrell

Michael Dardis Omnarayana Deitenbeck Matthew Delker Matthew Dodd Michael Dolan

Kayleigh Estes Oluwaseun Fayiga Jessica Feagle Gisela Fernandez

Sarah Gerard

Sarah Gerard

Kevin Fitz

Ariel Culp
Ariel Culp

Cody Dow Annamaria Dvorak

Daphne Floumoy

Jessica Gale

Hailey Goetz Omarilys Gonzalez Brandon Gordon Brent Graham Athena Gravois
Hailey Goetz Omarilys Gonzalez Brandon Gordon Brent Graham Athena Gravois

Seventh Grade m* N 97

d 4./ I A

Kayla Griffin Samuel Gustafson

Gregory Harris

Farris Hasan

Maurice Perry Bradley Phillips

Tahlia Pollitt Zachary Poulos

Sean Hauzer Benjamin Hawkins

Megan Hawkins

Brittany Hendrix

Meghan Roberts

Glen Robinson Michelle Saddic

Hillary Scott

Timothy Scott Dylan Sealey

above: Ashlee Crockrell helps out two fellow
classmates on a labtop in Ms. Camuccio's class.

Jillian Hooghuis

Megan Jones

Tiebout McCrea

Sebastian Nassau

Andrew Ingram

Benjamin Jerigan

Troy Kearey Christopher Krpan

Cooper McNiel

Jeffrey Mervau

Kendall Jones

Jacob Larose Brandon Lovvom

Harold Mikolaitis

Kelsi Norton Megan Olitsky Austin Owens

Tiara Luckie

Emily Milam Benjamin Mullins

Alyssa Pai

Jarrod Pate

Ivan Martinez

Sean Murphy

Joseph Pauly

Jordan Shannon

Andrew Sherman Edward Simmons Brendan Spelman -' Suzanna Sprague

Kailee Stroud Taylor Sullivan Nakiya Sutton William Tobener

Lamont Watson Ladreeka Welch-Joiner Georgette Wells

Courtney Treweek

Danielle Wright

Seventh Grade m 99

Megan Purves

Nick Rivera

Roxsan Starling

Laura Warner

Bianca Walker

'\! ........


98 0 0 0 Ren-lbcer

A new road begins...

Sixth graders, the youngest group of students, spent the year
finding out their role as they traveled walkways of P.K. At the beginning
of the year, many were nervous about their first days after "crossing the
creek." Some were excited, finally walking amongst older students. A
new road began, paving the way to being older and more intelligent.
Switching classes was a change from elementary school, and
many liked the new element of block scheduling.
"The changing of classes was a change because in elementary
school we had two teachers, and now we switch every hour," stated
Charity Rowe.
Holding a locker a carrying around books was a burden to older
students, but young sixth graders often felt more responsible as they
continued their studies.
"I feel older because there is more responsibility. We have more
homework and they give us more freedom because we're more mature,"
said Ariel Wilson.
P.K. Yonge is a unique school in the sense that starting in sixth
grade, students can compete in sports at the varsity level. Young athletes
got a chance to be included in sports, and practicing with older students
was an excellent learning experience for young athletes.
"We get to do more things by playing sports in school," said
Jacquise Bivens.
"I run Cross Country and I like being in sports because you get to
travel," agreed Jamie Dunnell. "We experience things by traveling that
other people in that sport don't get to."
Starting middle school proved to be a big change, but was
embraced by all students. By feeling older and being able to finally feel a
part of school, the sixth graders seem to be off on the right foot to great
years to come at P.K.
-Alison Posey


o*. -~s
Jamie Dunnell practiced hard
for Pi Kappa Psi.

Ariel Wilson smiles innocently
as she does an assignment.

100 o 0 Remember

Tempra Arroyo Taylor Asbell

Alexandria Avera

Jamie Bailey Cortlandt Barnes

Mariah Berry

Jacquise Bivens

Janelle Broiles Buford Brown Morgan Brown

Chase Calvert Allison Cothran

Ivi Crawford

Mieshko Debicki

Dwayne Dixon

Kandice Dixon Caitlin Doak

Brian Eppes

Toni Feely

Rachael Fitz Jasmyne Flournoy

Ronald Foxx Sergio Galindo Mitchell Gallman Briana Geveshausen Leland Greene

Raven Griffin

Marques Griseck

Jeffrey Hagin Joel Hall

Ashleigh Hampton

Ri a .ad r,i,- .

Rashad Harding

Sixth Grade 0 U 101

Michael Barton

Shandra Baxter

Sean Duffy

Jamie Dunnell

Samantha Eller

Daniel Dvorak

Cedric Forson

Sean Eccles

Dean Foster

Caitlin Hare

1- m1

Connor Harker Jenell Hartley-Cook

Danielle Jenkins

Meiyi He Jacob Heflin Benjamin Hodges Kelly Honeycutt Ajay Hunt

Naudia Jones Ashley Kearson Caitlin Keohane

Lindsey Keohane Karina Kolb David Ku

Manny Kurki-Fox

Emily-Ann Langlois

Victoria Lawrence James Ledvina

Tommie Lovett

above: For the first time, sixth grade was allowed to participate
in homecoming week. The sixth graders enjoyed being included
S in high school activities, and being a part of pep rallies and the
parade. "I'm excited about being in the parade for Pi Kappa Psi,
Sara Lynch it's going to be a lot of fun," said Rachael Fitz.

1 -7

Benjamin MacHnik

Ashley McDonald Roberto McLeskey

Mark Milam

Jelecia Milton Christopher Murphy Malorie Myers

102l l Remember

Rebecca Larose

Joel Lee

Cason Lyons


Shaquille Nobles Veronica Premdas Brittany Presley Mary Ellen Rankeillor Brandii Ratliff

Raleigh Rebstock

Trevarris Saulsberry

Sydney Reed Benjamin Rocha

Ana Savo

Caelum Schandle

Charity Rowe

Bridget Rustemier Monica Santiago Rebecca Sargent

Alysia Scott William Silva Kylee Skidmore
Alysia Scott William Silva Kylee Skidmore

Jackson Smith

Travis Stevens Joshua Stewart

Erin Suggs Richard Thomason Dorsey Townsend

Jasmine Van Hamersveld Tiffany Van Hersh Amalise Van Kavelaar William Vineyard Carmen Walker
Jasmine Van Hamersveld Tiffany Van Hersh Amalise Van Kavelaar William Vineyard Carmen Walker

Sarah Watson Cyarah Welch Collyn Welsch

Jordan Williams

Ariel Wilson

Kaifa Tyson

Robin Waters

Paul Valletta

Sarah Watson

Devin Wilson

Sixth Grade 0 i 0 103

Julia Neal

Josh Rawls

Making V Work

They are the only ones here before school starts, and
they are the last to leave when that last bell rings. P.K.
Yonge has a dynamic faculty, one that works hard day in
and day out to provide for the students. Teachers share their
knowledge with students of all ages, allowing them to grow
and flourish. The maintenance crew makes sure that the
., campus is clean, picking up without complaint the mess that
students leave behind. Athletic coaches push their teams to
succeed, making sure they work to their full potential.
Without the faculty, P.K. Yonge would cease to exist as what
students know it as.
With new teachers providing a fresh face at school
-- and more experienced teachers keeping tradition, students
quickly learned what classes were more of a challenge, and
what classes had a more laid back atmosphere. With the
challenge of controlling unruly students, the faculty kept
'i their cool and made the year an exciting one.
As the final bell rings on the last day of school, and
Sthe seniors walk out of the halls for the very last time, the
., faculty will always remain steadfast in the building. For they
are the ones who run P.K. Yonge, making it possible for
students to learn, grow, and flourish as we take on the world
,;around us.
-Alison Posey

Mrs. Weber willingly participates in
the "Poetry Alive" demonstration.

104 0 E Remember


Thom Anderson Renee Andrews

Kathi Bell

John Bourn

Lawson Brown

Theda Buckley

Penny Chou

Betsy Creveling

Greg Cunningham Noah John Dittmar

Kelly Dolan

Elizabeth Elliott

Amand Helberg

Randy Hollinger

David Holt

Susan Jinks

Angela Johnson

Julie Johnson

Griff Jones

Jennifer Jones

Faculty m m *105

- /

* 01

- k

Joseph Locke

Mickey MacDonald

Brian Marchman Caroline McKernan

Chris Morris

Janice Nelson

Dolares Palmer

A. Pennypacker

Ms. Ramirez

Loretta Robinson
Loretta Robinson

Thomas Ruszczyik

Jessica Ruszczyk Shirley Ann Scarabino

Randy Scott

Renee Simmons

Anna Sperring

Bill Steffens

Gail Stewart

Zach Taylor

Fran Vandiver

106lH N Remember

Merzili Villanueva Kristin Weller Amber Wollner Lisa Worthy Lisa Zaritsky

Andrea Zazo

above: Greg Anderson and Nick Mudra listen intently as guidance couselor Mr. Capaz explains college
scholarships. The guidance department was always ready to help a student with questions, and Capaz reached
out as students needed assistance.

Faculty m m *107


Sports were, and always will be a huge part of the P.K.
Yonge society. No matter if you made the game winning score
or if you were just the person on the sideline cheering the team
on, you were an important part of the Blue Wave. Playing sports
took hard work, dedication and the ability to focus in order to
play and succeed.
Another way the sports at P.K. were different was the
participation of the younger students. PK. was unique because
every student from sixth grade to twelfth grade could play on the
same team. Some might say that this was unfair, that the younger
players might not get all the opportunities that the older ones get,
however at P.K., some of the middle schoolers were an essential
part of any team.
Participating in athletics helped release energy, build
friendships and most importantly, it allowed us to have fun and
forget all the stress that our everyday lives had to bring.
Most schools, wherever you go, focus mainly on their
football team, whereas at P.K. the football team played a big
role, but was not the only sport that got recognition. But, every
sport at P.K. got the spotlight. If you went to any game,
everyone could see that every sport, in it's own, had it's
multitude of supporters.
The athletes on the next few pages have spent their time
dedicated to the sport they play. Over the months, they have
made friendships, laughed, cried, and celebrated together. That
was what makes the Blue Wave sports what it has become.
When it comes to sports in general PK. had a tradition
to carry out from the past years of greatness, but no matter how
many seniors we lost and how many players got injured the
players always come through for the fans in the end.
-Kayla Alford, Shannon Stuckman, & Carrie Fraser

108 *Replay

Sports m m *109






~Trey Rapczak

Blue Wave Fans
It comes from within, somewhere deep inside the heart and
soul of the Blue Wave fans. It's what brings out the blue and orange
clothes, beads, hats, and facepaint. It's what brings the young and the
old, the teachers and the students, and everything in between. It's the
spirit of the Blue Wave.
No matter what sport, big or small, the Blue Wave fans are
always there rooting the teams on. Whether in a hot gym sweating
or in the stands during a soccer game in freezing temperatures, the
fans come from all over to show their true colors.
Nothing can stop them from doing what vig emory
they love. They are parents,
grandparents, friends, siblings,
girlfriends and boyfriends. These are
the people that inspire athletes to do
their best, and always try their
hardest. They are the backbone of
the sports programs at P.K. The fans
are behind the athletes 100 percent. 87 J
Without them, the stands would be
silent, with no
emotions running
free. They contain the
spirit that
sets P.K. apart from other
schools. They are the spirit behind the sports.
-Carrie Fraser & Shannon Outman

copy insert: Fans support former P.K. basketball
state championship team member Carl Brown.
Brown passed away this year and fans showed
tremendous support to the family, donating proceeds
from a game to a fund.
top center: Before the parade, the top field was
frenzied as cheerleaders, football players and fans
decorated cars.
left: A group of middle schoolfriends watch the
parade during Homecoming Week. The parade was a
good way for fans to show their spirit and support for
the Blue Wave.

110 U m Replay

Fans 0 0mii


Volleyball pg. 122

64 0

Varsity Football

BIgtzing in wdith the Tide
Every year the P. K. Yonge Varsity Football Team is faced with new
challenges, higher goals, and tougher opponents. Seniors graduate, students
transfer, and injuries definitely happen. We always seem to be filled with
/- P ; :problems, but we also always seem to pull out something great. Since we are
small, other schools looked at as untalented, small in size, and young in age, but
here at P.K., we used these assumptions to make us better. Varsity head coach
John Clifford loved this game and helped students learn the finer points of
football. Many players got a taste of varsity competition as underclassmen, which
helped them as they got older. We have the skill, and the pure talent, and with
Coach Clifford we have the coaching to succeed, despite the difficulties.
Jesse Hughes, a senior linebacker and fullback said, "The season was a
hard one because of the injuries and tough schedule, but we stuck together and
got better with practice, and did things we weren't expected to do." The
upperclassmen played a major role in the success, but with injuries, and transfers,
younger players matured and stepped up to the next level.
Midway through the season, the players faced Florida High, the Florida
State University Lab School, which is the game of the season. It was a classic
game between research schools for the Director's Trophy, and bragging rights for
until the next game. P.K. Yonge rushed at them at full speed and came out with
the big win for the first time in two years.
This season had many ups and downs, but the Blue Wave varsity football
team stuck together through it all. The coaching staff of the Blue Wave football
team had high goals and great talent; the recipe for success. With many injuries
pulling the team down, they have shown they have the heart and will to prevail.
-Shannon Outman

center: Backup r left: Senior Jesse
Quarterback, Jake Mitchell Hughes powers the ball
releases a pass to one of his through the opposing
many great wide receivers defensive line. Hughes
during the Trinity Catholic was a powerful senior
game. He ended up the whose dedication and
starting quarterback from hard work inspired
that game on. others on the team.
far right: Senior Derek far left: Junior Mark
Cason sprints towards the Williams makes a
endzone with the football. smashing hit on the
Cason was the first pick for Trinity Catholic wide
running plays. receiver with the help of
right: Senior Nick Mudra senior Chase McDavid.
punts the football high into It wasn't unusual to see
the air. He was commonly Williams making hard
known for great placement, hits out of the
and amazing distances. cornerback position.

Varsity Football 1 0 115

114 0 0 0Repray

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