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Title: Yongester
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air ~ ~ i





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~.. ......~

_g~L. ~i

Student Life 4
Homecoming Court 14
Senior Superlatives 30
People 32
Seniors 34
Lifers 48
Can You Imagine 50
Juniors 56
Sophomores 66
Freshmen 70
Sports 92
Academics 138
Ads 190
School Index 232
Senior Index 236

WhOW ate
P.K. Yonge
Developmental Research School
1080 S.W. 11 Street .
Gainesville, FL 32601





C I~



- LY.

i- -~11
w~L-.u II~

EL~IJ~ce !L~'


P."- )C4.1"- I



4 Student Life



dent Life
This is who we are. P.K. Yonge Seniors of 2003.
Finally, we are able to reflect on our past 13 years filled with experiences
that made us stronger, memories that will last a life time, and knowledge
that will guide us throughout the rest of our lives. Looking back on the past
there are aspects of our high school career that we would change, if
possible. But at the same time, as we look back on our past, we realize
that these experiences and life-changing events happen to everyone.
Hearing about "YONGE"r students' lives is complete deja vu: the difficult
classes of Mr. Steele, who is taking who to the 8th grade social, and the
numerous attempts to make it to one of the Senior parties. These life
lessons, that at times have turned into mistakes, have transformed us into
the people we have become. We've been there, done that, and THIS
By Nicole Piper and Andrea Estrada-Martinez

Division 5

~I~UTYs~iEslE/sPIPTUIY~srr~lsull I---_

11,7 A



My favorite thing about out of
school time is....

Outside of School

Summer and Weekends

When at school, most everyone acts different than their
usual selves in any other environment. We have to conform
into the one massive title as students ofP.K. Yonge" instead
of individuals. The way we act, our schedules, and even how
we dress is constantly monitored. For the six hours of the
day that the school owns us, we morph into the student mold,
slaving away at schoolwork and abiding by rules as well as
we can. The only times when we are truly relaxed is during
the weekly breaks from Friday to Sunday and during
summertime. What is different about students during these
times is the ambiguous ways they chose to spend their free
time. Partying, vegging out in front of the television, spending
time with friends and significant others outside of school, and
traveling out of town are just a few of the activities students
chose for recreation. But almost always, we can be expected
to have fun.
By Candace Turner

"I can sleep in a
- Jessie Reddish,

"...looking after the
cows on my farm."
Shenkman, 12th

"...being free to do
whatever I want."
- Halley Osbrach,1 Oth

Seniors Robert
Egberts, Elliot Martin,
and Junior Phillip
Hooghuis lay back and
play a game of

Senior girls Scarlett
Blake and Suzanne
Brunson visit Blue
Springs for a day of
fun in the sun.

Dual enrolled Senior
Lindsay Murphy poses
in front of the Notre
Dame Cathedral during
her visit to Paris,
France this past

A group of 7th graders
celebrated Leah
Johnson's birthday by
cruising around in a
posh limo.

Sisters Junior Casey
McCrery and 8th
grader Kelly McCrery
visited the Niagra Falls
in New York.

"I don't have to worry
about all that school
-Rachel Zeile, 9th

"...talking with
friends and
-Dan Keathley, 8th

...I was able to go to
a graduation in
-Shumaya Jones, 7th

"...staying up late
and getting up late."
-Laban Goolsby, 6th

Summer and Weekends 9

8 Student Life

We are infected with


It seems as though it was just yesterday when the class of 2003 were freshman.
Those days, seniors drove to school in bikini tops and traveled off campus for
lunch. High school life was very different back then. Coming to school was so
much more exciting when we were younger. Nobody wanted to miss the classes
that had seniors in them. We wanted them to like us, and we didn't want them to
think of us as little kids with early curfews. We admired them. We tried to impress
them After all, they were the "Old" seniors.
Three years later, we are the seniors, and we no longer feel excited about our
first period civics class with "you know who" in it. As we sleep-in as often as
possible and walk the halls with an infinitive amount of confidence, we can't help
wondering if the freshman gaze atus with the same admiration we had for the class
of 2000.
Still, the stress that defines senior year is indescribable. With so many
deadlines, it's hard to come to school more than four times a week. And checking
out for lunch is so tempting. Although we feel like 13 years of school is just way
too much, we are all dreading the day when we have to say good-bye to the great
people we have learned to love as a family.
-Andrea Estrada-Martinez and Nicole Piper

You know you have senioritis when...

trying as
hard as you
can to get
into Santa

"...you have
but you go to
instead to
bond with
other Senior
...your last Lehman
two classes
are nap-

and Chris
join each
other for

Seniors Carlecia
Williams. Adonis
Lindsey, Chanlel
Fitz, and Britany
Ireir spirit for he
class during one
of the many
senior lunches.

Seniors Brittany Wilcox and
Ross Clouser show the
affection that most students
have for each other after
attending P.K. since

his usual class
pretends to
nap for our

A group of seniors invade the well known
"Senior Bench" after school. The class of
'03 displayed many of the typical senior

know the
number of
days until

check in o
the last
period c

... you only
have two

lifting is the
of the day."

up with a
good come
back to a
question this
easy is to
Nicole Piper

"...you can't
you are

"...pen and
paper are
no longer
needed on
a day to
day basis."

"...coming to
everyday is
no longer an

10 Student Life

out of bed
is the
activity of
the day."

Senioritis 11

What is the craziest thing you have
done to show school spirit?

Senior Rashaad
Robinson shows
off his goofy
school spirit with
a jester hat.

"I have painted
my head orange."
-P.J. Minzie, 12th

Juniors Alex Huggins
and Carla McKnight
match with each other
on Twin day. These
two were well known
as good friends.

I almost got
arrested for certain
-Lelia Halback, 11th

I dressed up
like a dang fool
for clash day."
McCarter, 10th


"I put blue
weave in my
-Julius Long, 9th

"I ran out and got
in a huddle with
the football
players" -Evan
Easterling, 8th

Seniors Sophia Binello, Christie Barber, Andrea Martinez, Candace
Turner, Nicole Piper, Kelley Flournoy, Caitlin Coffey, Eden Fonorow,
Lauren Lehmen, and Brittany Jones sit back and enjoy the annual
game against GHS.


Nothing too crazy,
Juniors Kai Chow and Eric
but I have been to Rutledge show their spirit
every game since I by wearing their football
entered middle jerseys.
-Kelli McCrery, 7th

" I was so excited,
I wore a purple
dress for a whole
hour." -Andrew
Delker, 6th

A group of students display their school spirit during spirit week by
wearing the appropriate attire.

We are



10. With the spectacular cheerleaders chanting their catchy
cheers, you can not avoid feeling spirited!
9. School spirit at P.K. is a tradition that has occurred for
over 70 years that we must carry on.
8. The class of 2003's school spirit is infectious.
7. Two words: peer pressure.
6. Where else can you roll out of bed and go to school in
your pajamas while still being accepted and encouraged?
5. High Tide's performances are always... interesting.
4. How can you avoid P.K.'s enduring spirit when all of our
teams are ranked #1?
3. '03 Ladies and '03 Posse.
2. Pregame festivities.
1. For the last decade, we have been the most
athletically successful school in the area.

School Spirit 13

12 Student Life



Lcl S -~~
; ~f,~-Z




enior Re
I Sawyei


unio iep^ Juni Representatives
veon Tg r Roy S hnson & Halley Le'

i-- _n

We Are


all my brothers, and my sisters, and me!

To be a part of the P.K. Yonge Family, one doesn't have to be blood related.
Whether you came in Kindergarten or 9th grade, becoming a part of the family only requires
you being yourself. But sometimes it's a bit easier to fit in when you have a sibling that has
already been attending the school.
Aside from the blood families that attend P.K., another type of family is formed over
the years. P.K. is unique in man% \% as -, but one example is the fact that the school is so
small and intimate that a family bond is fonned. Many of the students ha\ e attended here
since elementary, letting us know each other on an extremely personal level. As for those
who came in the middle school and high school years, these students eventually earn the
love and respect of a family member.
By Andrea Estrada- Martinez


Lacie, Kayla
and Cody Alford

18 Student Life

Chris and Ryan

Family 19

The first day of school is
extremely difficult regardless
of how you look at it: new
faces with names you need to
learn, new classes with
unfamiliar teachers leading
them, and unknown halls with
new doors along the side and
at the end. Then, over a
thousand days later, the last
day of school arrives, and in
many ways, those days can
present more hurdles to
overcome than that first day
of school ever did.
After having P.K. as your
home away from home for
such a long time, saying

Freshmen Katie
Junkins and
Canssa Beck
relax after
school together


Cren Sanchez
and Trey
Rapczak nurture
their friendship
by hanging' in the

Lashay Clayton
and Knsten
McCarter are not
only friends. but
they could also
pass for sisters

good bye to both P.K. and the
people who have filled your
high school years is like
leaving your family behind.
After a certain amount of
time, these people who
appeared to you as just a face
in the crowd transform your
life. Most people form a clique,
and in most cases, another
sufficient part of the clique is
your "greatest" friend, or for
most, your "best" friend.
You create and share most
of your memories with your
friends, but with your
"greatest" friend you share
more than memories. You

share yourself with them.
This "greatest" friend will
cry with you while your world
is shattering, or even better,
provoke you to crack a smile
when your world is upside
down. He or she is the one
who will coherently and
concurrently say a sentence
with you ("Sisters?" "We must
be Twins!") or finish a
sentence you started. Your
"greatest friend" is the one
you look at in a specific way,
and he or she knows exactly
what you are thinking at that
very moment.
Aside from P.K. introducing
you to your "greatest" friend,
.A. ,. I

the school provided your
clique of friends, your class of
friends, and everyone else
you see on a day to day
basis. Without every single
one of these people, your
high school years would have
failed to become the grand
moments they became to be.
From the crazy New
Years, spring breaks, and
weekends, to the scary car
chases, the funny nick
names, and the insane rides,
those memories of P.K. that
you consider life changing will
always remain close to your
-Nicole Piper

We are friends for life...

The way I enjoy

spending time with

friends the most

Senior Kenny
Jacobs and
Junior Devin
McKnight help
each olher
tackle the stress
of school and

Juniors Michelle
Williams and
Small wood
share a
friendship that
lasts through the

Below, Junior
Hampton is the
center of
attention when
she s around
the boys

"...visiting EZ, Louie,
Chase, or the Johnson
boys, and then living the
high life."
-Christina Barber, 12th

...getting away to
the beach with my
friends for the
-Halley Levin, 11th

"...eating food out
of the bowl with my friend
-David Lane, 10th

"...when we are all at
Katie's, and no, it's not
what you think!"
i -Sarah Massey, 9th

"...playing a hard game
of soccer is so
challenging and fun."
-Felipe Bombonato, 8th

"...hanging out and
-Marissa Lovvorn, 7th

"...going to school
everyday because I get
to see all of my closest
-David Rinehardt, 6th

20 Student Life


Friends 21


"Anything I want to
wear that looks
-Katherine Desmond,

O' m

"The stuff on TV is
always super cute."
-Shannon Stuckman,

As for school, it doesn't
latter because of the
ress code."
Nlatalie Sarenjeno, 11th

How do you decide what's
hot and what's not?

Scarfs (belts/ headbands)
Retro Fringe Belt
Cropped Pants
Peasant Tops
Designer Purses

Peddle Pushers
Plain Belts
Straight Leg Pants
Straw Purses
Cutoff Shorts


"I wear whatever
Brittney Spears
-Ana Perez, 9th

"Hip-hugger jeans
are what everyone
-Rhea Jones, 7th

Logo Shirts
Open Collared Shirts
Cargo Shorts
Blue Wave Apparel

Close-toed Sandals
Too Long Shorts
Athletic Shorts
FSU Apparel

"You just like look in
your closet and find
whatever is cutest."
-Hope Wegener, 8th

"Everything you can
wear in the P.K.
dress code is so not
-Brandy Henley, 6th

On the left, Junior Lee Roy Johnson
sports his shades and fro, an
essential component of his outgoing

Above, Senior Brittany Williams
and Sophomore Amanda
Haynes prove that regardless
of how old you are, style is
both important and essential.

Fashion 23

22 Student Life

We are


Whats Hot? Whats Not?


C,410 h'
.esox s 0 9 \
,,,,,,e ev

We are

High School


Some people think high school relationships are a waste of time. Sometimes they are, but on
occasion the union surpasses puppy love and develops into a lifelong commitment. Ask Coach
Powers where he met his wife... By Andrea Estrada-Martinez

Justin Chance (12) & Holly Camil (12)
November 18, 2000 at 12:08 A.M.
Justin: I love Holly so much. She is
my best friend and means the world
to me. Nothing could change how I
feel about her, and I could never live
without her.
Holly: Justin can always make me
smile, no matter what the situation is.
Next year we plan on going to UF

Elliott Martin (12) &
Andrea Estrada-Martinez( 12)
September 30, 2000 at 4:20:00 PM
Elliott: I would like for her to stay with
me, but we both have conflicting
dreams. I can picture her in my future.
I love her so much, and I don't know
what I'll do if I have to let her go.
Andrea: It wouldn't be fair to anyone if
we gave up our dreams. Elliott's
playing college football, and I'm going
to L.A. We have the rest of our lives
ahead of us and if its meant to be, it
will be. I love you, E-Train.

Blayne Willis(12) &
Tamera Crockrell(11)
June 25, 2002 at 1:50 AM
Blayne: I'm going to Santa Fe for a
year and then transferring to UCF with
Tamera. After that, we are planning on
getting married when we are 23...
Tamera: We plan on getting married
and having a big house in the country.
We want two kids. We want a boy,
Taylor Lee, and a girl, Dallas Brooke.

24 Student Life

Travis Hasson(11) &
Nasyra Handal (10)
December 5, 2001

Travis: She had a crush on me for
three years.
Nacida: We went out the summer of
my 8th grade year and broke up two
months later. But now we are going

Chauncey Lampkin (11) &
Janine Williams (9)
September 18, 2002

Chauncey: She is very beautiful to me,
she is my life and my wife!
Janine: I never thought it would work
out, but I'm glad it did!

David Blanch(11) &
Melissa McEwen(11)
October 12, 2001

David: Ever since I started going out
with her, it has been the greatest time
of my life. I hope it never ends.
Melissa: He is my dream come true
and he's everything I've ever wanted
in a guy.

Nick Shupe (11) & Leah Bellian (9)
Beginning of school year

Nick: She turned me inlo a
vegetarian, and we exchange
clothing. She's a swell broad.
Leah: He turned me straight edge
and pretty much rocks my socks.

Alex Huggins (11) &
Marcie Hampton (11)
October 13, 2002

Alex: We've been like best friends
since 3rd grade. We used to play on
the same basketball team. She was
the M.V.P. then, and now, she's the
M V.P. of my heart
Marcy. Alex has always meant a lot
to me. so our relationship has
worked great.

Trey Rapczak (10) & Tess Palmer (10)

Last year... Beginning of summer
Trey. Well, her mom pays me to hang
out with her and provides extra
bonuses when I take her out on dates
and everytime I gel her out of the
Tess: I love how we spend time
together and he always has money.

Couples 25

We are...

Full Of Rituals

After the yearly trip to Washington D. C., the fifth graders return to P.K. to
make the journey to sixth grade as they literally "Cross the Creek." Then, in
sixth grade, everyone travels to the West Side park and pool. The last great
traditional transition from middle school to high school is the anxiously awaited
eighth grade social.
And finally, we're brought into high school, an event in itself. I'm sure that no
one will forget their freshman year. For the first time, we attended every football
game, hoping that the seniors would notice when we walked past the field. Then,
there is everyone's dream of walking on the Homecoming court with the select
few who receive this privilege. At the annual pep rally, High Tide, mustering up
the courage to appear in front of the entire school and perform a skit that isn't
making fun of anyone required nerves of steel. During the Homecoming parade,
students always obtain the chance to make their own float while the audience in
the street awaits a wave from the Homecoming queen.
By far, the biggest ritual in any high school life is PROM! As a freshman or a
sophomore, it is normal to hope and pray that an upperclassman will invite you
to the prom. Then, when the year comes and you are finally a junior or senior,
you no longer have to worry about dates because your class is on top! This is
the only time that we dance all night with friends and refuse to care how stupid
everyone looks. Last, but not least, is graduation. It is amazing every year how
many students come to graduation to support the graduating class. Attending
P.K. means that you know everyone and look forward to every ritual from as early
as kindergarten. By Lauren Lehman

Senior Justin Chance
decorated his car to
show his school spirit
and won second



ritual do

you look


to the


Above, Sophomores Lakotah Friedman, ya
Graham, and Eighth grader Whitley Wash ton
strut their stuff at the lunch time fashion : w
that was held everyday during Spirit Wee'

"I can't wait until Prom,
especially my Senior
Prom... I am going to
have the night of my life."
-Patricia Burns, 11th

"The senior skit at High
Tide this year is gonna
be tight!"
-Alex Poser, 12th

"I'm not really looking
forward to anything, so I
guess I'm looking most
forward to graduation."
-Joe Gravois, 10th

"I cant wait till my
Senior Prom, even
though it's all the way in
-Katie Junkins, 9th

"I love Spirit Week
because during this week
I can dress differently than
I usually do."
-Kelly Flunker, 8th
: .TI

"Prom! Just 'cause it's
Prom and I get to dance
with Gabby!"
-Ryan Grimes, 6th

"Like all girls, I can't
wait until Prom!"
-Shannon Hope, 7th

26 Student Life


Rituals 27

We Are




Junior Tyler Tenbieg's expressive laughter
captures the goofy spirit in everyone's heart.

After the end of the school day, Junior Lucas
Seidman naps so he can rest his bulky muscles
and hot body.

The lovable Senior P.J. Minzie sings his own
personal almamateur.

I Br

Freshmen girls Angela Scott and Stephanie
Waters look their best for the camera after

Juniors Kai Chow and Eric Rutledge prove that
love and affection are outcomes of a good

Satisfying his desire for
affection and food,
Junior Nick Shupe hugs
a slice of pizza.

S Yearbook staffers capture a photo of the elusive
dual enrollee Kayla Israel-Ogulnick during her
Secret visits to P.K.

?_21 tJ
.L:-" ^**aJE l^' i'

Aaron Caines is just another loyal
dog bringing the newspaper home.

l I The only thing
happening here is a
little cooperation
between Juniors
Sean Wiggins and
Noah Daigen.

Every time you glance at Senior Ryan
Brown, something new and surprising
jumps out at you.

Candid Camera 29

28 Student Life

30 Life
30 SLife



5Fa~e 31



This is who we are....

H We are cheerleaders,
We are athletes,
We are musicians,
We are scholars,
We are a community,
We are a family,
We are friends, and
We are companions for life
o i By Sophia Binello

I -



ChiristopherAfeander Lacie Alford

Michael Bastien

Sophia Binello

Scarett Blake Rpberta Bombon Ito

Suzanne Brunson Megan CalTahan

oibly Camif Damian Caraba[ko

34 People

Ashfiy JAnderson Jonanthan Annde'son

Most Athletic

Marfon .Awuma Christina Bar6er

Eric Jewell and Danielle DeGrove

Most Artistic

yan Brown

Justin Chance ?pss Clouaer

Matt Major and Crystal Groce

Seniors 35

Jndrew Booth

Class Saints

Caitlin Coffey Yolani Cruz-Plemon

Marie Sedlacek and Kevin Weiss

Class Sinners

Eliza6eth Delker Kthlerine Desmond

Yolani Cruz-Plemons and P. J. Minzie

Andrea Estrada Chantel Fitz

36 People

DanieCle DeGrove iTomas Delaney

Rache (Du6ois

7(effey Tlournoy

Stacy Dyson Ro6ert Eg6erts

Eden Fonorow RafaelGarcia

Babara Ef er

Laura gaskalla

Seniors 37

Jeremy Davis

Leah Deese

Crystal groce Lisa H-fager

Erin Hfreha Shan JHuuda

Reginald Johnson Brittany Jones

Kayfa Israel- Ogulnick Kenneth Jaco6;

Catherine Jones Darren Jones

38 People

Reginald Griffin

Brenton Green

t Fun on a Deserted Island

cDylan fHayes-Morrison Jessica Hfowelf

Ryan Luca and Andrea Estrada-

Class Clown

Marc Jesse

Eric Jewelf

Lauren Lehman

Bryan Liciaga-ecci

Ryan Brown and Brittany Williams

Seniors 39

Best All Around

adonis Lindsey Jenna Lindse-

Eden Fonorow and Bobby Sawyer

Best Personality

Andrew 9Marcus Adele Marstor

Blakfe 9McDavid Jasmine Mclaurin

40 People

Mathew Major Ryne Malone

Jeremy Martin

Elliot Martin

Daniel Massey

Jon McCloud

Michael Merritt Patrick Minzie

Chris Mudra Deanne MurawsAy

Seniors 41

Chris Luca Ryan Luca

Michele WMyrick Patrick Wilon

Nicof Piper Aexander (Poser

Jakeisha Robinson

Rasfhaa Robinm m)

Maria Santos Bo66by Sawyer

Marie Sedlacek Jean Paul

42 People

Sara Nob es

Linsey 9Murphy

Most Memorable

Shanen Otte Nazdine Perez

Nicole Piper and Elliott Martin

Best Eyes

Jiffian R~usseff

James Silvers 'Douglas Strickland

Lauren Lehmen and Patrick Nilon

Johin Wpdfiquez

Seniors 43

Ranson Thomas Candace Turne

Carlecia Williams and Blake McDavid

Best Smile

JNataie (Degenliardt Jennifer Wiggi

Sophia Binello and Alex Poser

Brittany Wiffiams Carlecia Wifliams

44 People

Class Chat

Connie Wade Kevin Weiss

Chris Luca and Holly Camil

Most Likely to Succeed

Brittany Wifcox Bfayne Wiltis

Josiah Winfrey 9Mykhay( 'Yenatskyy

Chris Mudra and Megan Callahan

Seniors 45

Most SDirited

De>lnna Wyrosdick

Thomas Zimmer

'"P' If.

Chantel Fitz and Micheal Booth
Biggest Flirt

Dan Massey and Shanen Otte

46 People

We Rule The School

This is who we are: a group of talented
athletes, comedians, artists,
independents, musicians, leaders,
intellectuals, and dreamers. After three
S long years of practice, diligence, and
patience, we have successfully
conquered the long awaited task of ruling
the school.
During our senior year, we have
adapted to the school's new rules and
regulations. These changes effectively
restricted our off-campus freedom, but
they encouraged seniors to form a
stronger and more powerful voice on
I campus. Together with dignity and pride,
the class of 2003 has RULED THE
SCHOOL. This is who we are: the
seniors of 2003.
-- Kelley Flournoy

Seniors 47

48 People

We Are Lifers!

S- - - -

r v '


w w -

We are the lifers of 2003! We are a
family formed over thirteen grueling but fun and
rewarding years. For lifers, P K. Yonge has not
just been a school, but a home as well. It is a
place we have relied on for comfort; a place
where we have learned significant lessons about
friends, family, love, and life.
Since kindergarten, we have played
together, napped together, and learned the
importance of sharing. Who can forget cooking in
Mrs. Wigger's class, attending Mrs. Litzkow's
science club, or wondering why Jeremy and Elliott
Martin pulled the fire alarm on the Safety Patrol
field trip to Washington D. C. I have so

many memories from the Peek Across the
Creek, the 8th grade Social, and my first day
of high school. It is so hard to describe the way
I feel now that it's almost over. Soon, I will be
leaving the halls and classrooms that I have
memorized like the back of my hand.
In our last days here at P.K. Yonge, we
have laughed and cried with the anticipation of
what is to come next. For those of us who have
spent our lives here, our senior year has
continued as a whirlwind of emotions. To the
lifers of 2003, thank you for the wonderful
memories and the heart felt experiences. I
hope we may always consider ourselves
family. -Kelley Flournoy

Lifers 49

I -

Jonathan and Ashley Anderson

Ross Clouser

Natalie Degenhardt

Caitlin Coffey
M^.di.^'-,_-'.-_ ,-*;.

Liz Delker

Lacie Alford a natural blonde...Chris Alexander
with her mouth shut...Ashley Anderson with short
hair..Jonathan Anderson not so eccentric... Marion
Awuma not thinking he's top dogg... Christie
Barber eating carrots...Michael Bastien a stand-up
comedian... Sophia Binello not playing hard to
get...Scarlett Blake without Visine ...Roberta Bomb-
onato not in her usual jolly mood... Michael Booth
a speech therapist... Ryan Brown with little teeth...
Erin Browning-Paine graduating in the class of
2002... Suzanne Brunson a boy..Megan Callahan
with a 2.0 GPA ...Holly Camil with a ghetto booty...
Damian Caraballo reading PCs for Dummies ...
Justin Chance dating a plus size model...Jack
Clarendon not a sweetheart.. Amanda Clevenger
without cornrows ..Ross Clouser not talking about
his pick-up and country music...Caitlin Coffey
getting a referral for talking too much in class...
Lani Plemons hanging out with Ghandi..Jeremy
Davis not a flirt...Leah Deese loud...

Rachel Dubois

Stacy Dyson

Kelley Flournoy Eden Fonorow

Lisa Hager Jessica Howell

50 People

Christie Barber

Chris Alexander

Lacie Alford

Sophia Binello

Natalie Degenhardt a midget...Danielle Degrove
without all that...Thomas Delaney only eating one
hot dog for lunch...Liz Delker not smiling..Elizabeth
Daube a sumo wrestler.. Katherine Desmond not
obsessed with horses...Rachel Dubois without that
cute southern twang...Stacy Dyson a wild child...
Lani Cruz-Plemons Leah Deese
Robert Egberts a pinhead...Chantel Fitz not on
Homecoming court...Kelley Flournoy with the initials
BTG...Eden Fonorow available...Rafael Garcia a
criminal...Laura Gaskalla a class sinner... Brent "
Green frowning...Reggie Griffin not being the
entertainment in class ...Crystal Groce drawing stick
figures...Lisa Hager without a box of tissues...Dylan
Hayes-Morrison without that fiery temper...Jessica Danielle DeGrove Katherine Desmond
Howell not using the word "Dang" in every
sentence...Ben Howieson without his guitar... Erin
Hreha wearing make-up religiously...Shan Huuda at
a punk rock concert..Kayla Israel-Ogulnick winning
most spirited..Kenny Jacobs a mute...Marc Jesse
with a tan...
Andrea Estrada Chantel Fitz

Brittany Jones Cate Jones Darren Jones Adonis Lindsey Jenna Lindsey

Can You Imagine 51

Holly Camil

Ryan Brown

Megan Callahan


Ryne Malone

Chris Mudra

Nadine Perez

Jakeisha Robinson

Linsey Murphy

Nicole Piper
Nicole Piper

Rashaad Robinson

Adele Marston Elliott Martin Jeremy Martin
Eric Jewell a fat couch potato..Brittany Jones follow
ing the rules..Cate Jones not in Drama..Lauren Leh-
men with a boyfriend..Bryan Liciaga the elected gov-
ernor of Pueto Rico..Adonis Lindsey not part of the
Pi Kappa Psi legacy..Jenna Lindsey not being so
generous..Chris Luca with out braces..Ryan Luca
sitting still..Ryne Malone with a life besides baseball
...Matt Major a redneck.. Adele Marston without that
sparkling personality...Elliott Martin petite...Jeremy
Martin bigger than his girlfriend..Dan Massey really
the ladies man...Jonathan McCloud not rapping in
the hallways..Blake McDavid nice..Jasmine McLaurin
getting a 800 on the SAT..Luis Medal antitechnology
..Michael Merrit the President of the United States..
P.J. Minsey a virgin..Chris Mudra actually becoming
the most successful..Linsey Murphy wearing shoes
without a heel...Michelle Myrick without that cute
smile..Pat Nilon matching..Sara Nobles an alcoholic..
Michelle Osgood a workaholic..Shanen Otte with a
steady boyfriend...Nadine Perez without that crazy
-s wil.

Marie Sedlacek

52 People

Candace Turner

Kevin Weiss

Blayne Willis

Josiah Winfrey

.--"7 I~-~je6~---76~

Dan Massey Jonathan McCloud Jasmine McLaurin
Nicole Piper first thing in the morning...Regina Platt
not in love...Alex Poser talking to girls...Jakeisha
Robinson a bully...Rashaad Robinson looking like a
senior...John Rodriguez obnoxious...Jillian Russell
still at The Rock...Maria Santos not in band..Bobby
Sawyer as black as he thinks he is...Marie Sedlacek
not the teacher's pet...J.P. Shenkman Irish...James
Silvers failing math class...Doug Strickland shopping
at Gap... Ranson Thomas finally becoming a hippy...
Candace Turner not a drama queen...Katie VonLehe a
cheer leader...Connie Wade pulling you over for
speeding in ten years....Kevin Weiss never chatting
online... Laurel Wheeler becoming the lead singer for
a heavy metal band...Jennifer Wiggins actually living
in the Medival times...Brittany Wilcox playing
golf...Brittany Williams having to result to sign
language...Carlecia Williams dressing dull...Blayne
Willis dating a senior...Josiah Winfrey fantasizing
about a white girl...De'Anna Wyrosdick with a
buzzcut...Mykhaylo Yenatskyy without that exotic

P.J. Minzie

Michelle Osgood

Regina Platt

Maria Santos

Alex Poser

Bobby Sawyer

Carlecia Williams

Brittany Wilcox

Shan Huuda

Can You Imagine 53

Proud to be
Class of 2003

54 People

Embarrassing moments

We are humiliated!

"One of my most embarrassing
moments was when everyone saw me
handcuffed to Officer Raven's desk while
he was using the bathroom."
J.P. Shenkman

"I doing the gravitron in P.E. class when
James Silvers "pantsed" me in front of
my whole class."
Mike Merrit

"The football team was running laps at
the end of football practice, and I fell flat
on my face in front of the whole team."
Kenny Jacobs

Embarrassing Moments 55



For two years, we have been
known as the "underclassmen,
but this year was different. This
year, we were juniors. We
were ready to take on the
traditions of the students who
came before us while making
new traditions of our own.
This year flew by with a blur of
laughter, tears, new hopes and
dreams. Being a junior marked
our realization that we only had
one more year left in our high
school career. The world that
we have built in the classrooms
and in the halls is coming to an
end. With only a year left with

Members of the Junior class imitated
their favorite teachers at High Tide
while Mr. Dittmar played himself. The
skit was one of the funniest in the

our high school friends, as
juniors, all we can do is prepare
for our senior year, receive as
many credits as we can, a d
make as many lasting
memories as possible.

-Mariana Garcia

Juniors Jessica Mikell, Jules Nesmith,
Evan Pollitt and Lelia Halback share a
fabulous lunch of chocolate milk and
french fries together. Food sharing (and
stealing) was a popular past time for
students during lunch.

56 People


[ W V.q LVZkU r4

Colby Anglin
Jeffrey Banks
Roseanne Bernier
David Blanch
Tara Bongiovanni

Kiel Bootle
Patricia Burns
Aaron Caines
Chant'e Carter
Caroline Chance

Kaiana Chow
Kenneth Clark
Shannon Conley
Shanica Crider
Simon Crider

Tamera Crockrell
Noah Daigen
Lindsay Dalbec
Timothy Dennis
Alexander Feltz

Mariana Garcia
Josh Gill
Petrina Goodman
Ashley Gotay
Brighton Gotro

I I /' $fJ

Juniors 57

Kristen Grant
Brian Gregalot
Umar Gulistan "
Lelia Halback '

Maurelle Hampton
Chance Hobbs-Spickard
Philip Hooghuis
Justin Hope .

Alex Huggins
Danielle Hustad-Barnhard a 6q
Lee Johnson
Sherrita Johnson -

what do you think about

Dual Enrollment?

"I think dual enrollment is a good alternative if it provides a diversity
that P.K. Yonge may not offer."

Bryan Gregalot

dual enroll full time."

Josh Gill

58 People

Stephanie Johnson
Ben Keathley
Jun Kyung Kim

Benjamin Kunkle
Jennifer Ladner
Chauncey Lampkin

Nicole Langlois
Heather Lawrence
Nicolas Layon

Juniors Ashley
Robinson, Michelle
Williams, Ebony
Smallwood, and Heather
Lawrence hang out in
front of their lockers.

Sweating away during the
popular elective,
Weightlifting, Juniors Eric
Ouko and Kai Chow take a
break during reps to drink
a sip of water. The water
fountain also proved to be
a popular hangout to avoid
the wrath of gym

Juniors 59


00 0 00 0. * 0 0 0 0 0 0 * 0 0 00 00 0 * * 0 0 * * 0 0 00 0. * 00 .

Sean Lee
Charles Lesch

Halley Levin
Steven Long

Taryn Lowe
Paul Marino
Christopher McCord
Casey McCrery

Melissa McEwen
Carla McKnight
Devin McKnight
Jessica Mikell

Robin Myers
Julienne Nesmith
Joshua Nichola
Brenton Nickerson

Devin McKnight hangs around after school
to pose for the camera.

0 0 0 * 00 .***0 .*** 0 00 0 0 0 0 0 0 .*** ***0 0 0***. ** **

60 People

"ti( .'t ~ 1

0 0 0 0 00 00 o 00000 0 00 0 000 0 0 0 00 0 000000 00000. 0 0000

1-q- Eric Ouko
.. Keith Pitts
.',r .' 'Evan Pollitt

Andrew Pruitt
Jessie Reddish
Ashley Robinson
Victor Rosa

How does it feel to finally

be an upperclassman?

"I don't feel like an upper
classman. I feel the same
as I did last year."
Shanica Crider

"Being an upper classman
is cool because we get a lot
more respect now. "
Leila Halback

0 0 0 0 00 0 0 0 00 0 0 0 0.000 00000 0 00 0 0 0Q 00 0 0 00 0 0 00 0 0

Juniors 61

Eric Rutledge
Joanna Scian
Lucas Seidman
Gentry Sewell

Vernon Shelton
Nick Shupe
Ebony Smallwood
Yuki Tashiro

Tyler Tenbieg
Nakun Thanakitsunthorn
Marilyn Trent
Matthew Voss

Robert Waelder
William Walker
Natasha Webb
Patrick Whelpton

Sean Wiggins
Michelle Williams

62 People

Junior Class Princess Carla McKnight
and Prince LeeRoy Johnson smile from
their homecoming float. Both showed
their school spirit through their enthu-
siastic waves and shouts during the pa-

Junior Mark Deford shows thst he can
dual enroll and still remain involved with
P.K. Yonge. Mark stops for a picture
before football practice.

Junior girls Jennifer Ladner, Kristen
Grant, Taryn Lowe, Joanna Scian, and
Colby Anglin sit down together to take
a break out of their busy schedules.

Junior Phillip Hooghuis scarfs
down a cherry red Icee from the
ever-popular gas station on 13th

Juniors 63


Sophomores Tasheena Robinson,
Lauren Degrove, and the rest of the
'06 chicks impersonate the Senior girls
at High Tide.

Sophomores Melvin Miller and Derrick
Robinson show their friendship after a
hectic day at school.

Sophomores Trey Rapczak, Monica
Smith, and Tess Palmer take a quick
break to pose for the camera before

Sophomore Jessica McDonald stretches
her arm before beginning a long and
grueling cheerleading practice.

64 People

William Abbitt
Gregory Anderson
SScott Andrade
Erin Armstrong
SWesley Asbell

Laronda Becker
John Benton
\ i Jason Bergmann
Dakarai Burnett
James Byrd

Derek Cason
Lashay Clayton
Nicholas Costantino

S\ Aaron Daigen

Sarah Dardis
Brittany Days
Lauren Degrove
Rebekah Delker
AdM / Megan Deluca

i Dominic Digloria
David Dilibero
Brad Drake II
Devin Duncan
S Stephen Durant

Kristofer Eccles
.' .Angelica Edwards
Christopher Ellingham
Sara Emmons
Si ) Shayna Estes

Sophomore 65

Ann-Marie Fernando
Matthew Floyd
Carrie Fraser
Lakotah Friedman
Nicole Garcia

Matthew Glicco
Sonya Graham
Joseph Gravois
Dawn Hager
Nirelle Hampton

Nasyra Handal
Chris Hartman
Amanda Haynes
Kelley Heitzman
Timothy Hoggard

Ashley Holbrook
James Hord III
Jesse Hughes
Pierce Jacobson
Shelaine James

Tamara Jones
Ryan Keohane
Austin King
Fabian Kraft
David Lane

Haniph Latchman
Amanda Lawrence
Tiahna Luckie
Brianna Lyles
Robyn Marcus




66 People

Kristen McCarter
Chase McDavid
Jessica McDonald
S ,Kenan McGill
L Latalyia McKnight

Nathan McLaughlin
Candace Monroe
Raven Monroe
Nicholas Mudra
Bradford Neel

Weston Nuetzi
Amanda Nutt
Haley Osbrach
SCorey Osgood
.' Shannon Outman

Tess Palmer
Joseph Pauzauskie
SAnthony Porter
Trey Rapczak
Jessica Reddish

Lynette Rivera
Tasheena Robinson
John Rowell
Jena Rowland
Caitlyn Ruegger

Sarah Ruegger
Cren Sanchez
Vanessa Sargent
Elizabeth Sarp
Ryan Schmidt


Ian Scohier
Constance Scott
Gary Siebein, Jr.
Monica Smith

Sean Specie
Shannon Stuckman
Sara Swearingen
Summer Taylor / I

Matthew Thackrey
Ellie Townsend
Bliss Wargovich
Danielle Warren t ni o lDf

Sophomores Scott Andrade and Max
Hoggard sit in a moment of silence
to munch on their food and con-
template their deep friendship.


68 People

Bryan Williams
Eric Williams
Demetris Wilson
Alex Woodard

. iG U i, Bryan Zaunbrecher

Sophomores Chase McDavid, Chris Hartman and Mat-
thew Floyd take a break from their lunch to pose.

Sophmore 69


Freshmen Ryan Griffin and Ana Perez are a per-
fect example of how close the class of 2006 is.
One can only imagine how things can change in
the next three years.

Freshmen Derrick Robinson and Jose Rosa munch
on lunch at one of the many blue tiled picnic tables
outside of the cafeteria. On cold days such as these,
many students prefer eating inside except for the
brave few who enjoy the chill.

Kyle Abernathy
Brittney Adams
Kayla Alford
Amanda Andrews
Merry Kathryn Anthony-Deford a

Jude Bailey
Kendrick Baker
Ebony Baxter
Amanda Beauregard
Carissa Beck

Sarah Becker
Leah Bellian
Maria Betancourt-Recci
Andrea Brackeen
Aaron Brame IT

70 People

A group of freshmen kill time after school.
Some wait for their parents to pick them up
and others relax before going to one of the
many sports practices that occur regularly
after school.

Jessica Brown
Latrisha Campbell
Cody Chadwick
Jake Cochran
Joshua Cosenza

Ioana Craciun
Laura Croley
Rebecca Cumbaa
Elyse Cusack
Deuntray Davis

Andrew Day
Michael Delaney
Danielle Dixon-Brown
Elizabeth Dykstra
Candace Estes






A group of crazy freshmen crowd
together for a picture. This lively bunch
loved to represent their crew.

Valerie Flournoy
Maya Fonorow
Sierra Fonorow
Stephanie Foote '
Jordan Gevehausen

Brandon Gilliam
Shelby Gillis
Michael Glendinning
Joseph Goodnight
Brittany Gordon

Kenneth Gotay
Norman Gramig III
Donna Grant
Sam Harlan
Samuel Harlan

Nicholas Hauzer
Samantha Heflin
Naryan Hern
Bailey Holbrook
Justine Howard

72 People

P 711

Ashley Huff
James Huff
Aaron Huggins
Porsha Hughes

Aaron Hunt
Abraham Hunt
Richard Hutson
Joshua Irwin

Matthew James
Benjamin Johnson
Cedric Jones
Kristopher Junior

Katherine Junkins
Daniel Katz
Danielle Kitchens
Valerie Landry

Meghan Langlois
Benjamin Lansford
Stephanie Lloyd
Jessica Locke

Julius Long
Lisa Lucas
Sarah Massey
John Mathis


Alfred Maxwell
Kyle McAnaney
Patrick McEwen
Eli Meyer
Melvin Miller, Jr.

Jamila Morrison
Samuel Mountain
Nelly Njeru
Kendall Obreza
Andrew Olson

Maria Owens
James Pagliuca
Ana Perez
Raquel Petree
Melissa Puig

Kyle Quina
Bree Rapczak
Joseph Remy
Derrick Robinson
Miguel Rodriguez

Jose Rosa
Angela Scott
Rocco Sementelli
Marley Sewell
Lura Snyder

Justin Sobie
Nathan Spinney
Dennis Starling
Sabra Tanner
Joshua Taylor

.1L aM 1

74 People



I -'k' .1/

i i~

Kali Tenbieg
Roselyn Todd
Crystal Turner
Tavares Turner
Loreley Van Der Laan

Christina Waters
Stephanie Waters
John Watkins
Amanda Waugh
Marissa Whitter

Freshman Sara Massey stares off in the distance
after a long day at school. Unlike many fresh-
men, Sara did not have to worry about looking
for her mom's car after school because she caught
a ride to and from school with her brother, Senior
Dan Massey.

These Freshmen boys wait for the lunch lines
to die down before attempting to grab a mid-
day snack. Very few students brought a bag
lunch to school everyday.

Freshmen 75

1 a~ba/ r3

John Ames
Geoffrey Anderson
Michael Anderson /
Brittany Bastien i
Edward Beatty

Stephen Benthall
Felipe Bombonato
Paige Bredeson
Andre Brown
Kaitlin Brown

Brittany Byrd
Giorgio Campanaro
Christopher Caro
Wyatt Carter &
Heather Crocker

Ashley Crump
Chelsea Daniels
Alexandria Days
William Derry
Rachel Dillard

Kristen Dixon
Kristen Dodd
Maggie Dodd
Christopher Dolan
Robert Drake

Chloe Dunnell J VY rt P
Evan Easterling
Jakeob Eskew
Adio Faucher-Mutima
Joseph Ferreira 'i


d i )

76 people

C ~L ~L ~ ~ ~~ ii ~ ~~


Kelly Flunker
Gary Gale-Shelton
Shannon Gillis
Janna Goachee
I Jourdan Goetz

4 h Katrina Gottschalch
SBianca Gras
Chad Graziano
James Hager
Amrnett Hall II

Robert Hanley
-7 Whitney Harrington

Evan Henderson
I .-.-'- Kayla Heron

Christopher Hilleary
a Molly Hoggard
Matthew Honeycutt
Sip Stephen Hougest
4 -..i James Howieson

"Nh CJai Hutchinson
Saleha Huuda
Ben Ingle
Becca Ingram
'I Cherie Ingram

Rebecca Ingram
Janelle Jackson
Kayla James
Sterling Jewell
Marjorie Johnson

Eighth 77

Travis Johnson
William Johnson
Kyle Jones
Travis Jones
Kelly Lasley

Amber Liverman
Heather Lopez
George Lorenzo
Aaron Lucas
Cody Manucy

Christopher Mathews
Kile Mathews
Jessica McCord
Ke'Van McGill
Samuel McPherson

Adrian Miller
Jacob Mitchell
Danielle Moreau
Mykhael Morris-Brown
Danielle Murray

Tikya Nattiel
Dustin Newman
Mickalina Novikova
Alexis Papadi
Moses Parker

Elisa Pelegrina
Shannon Pollock
Willie Powers
Ashley Prevatt
Juan Rivera


78 people




1 -, r I

,;"'^e I,1

Katherine Sanchez
Cason Selph
Paul Selph
Rachel Sexton
Kelley Sims

A'Metrice Smith
Sydney Smith
Brendan Smyth
Jeremy Smyth
Allen Snyder

Loni Spearmon-Griggs
Gardner Spickard
Lannon Stanford
Christina Stenberg
David Stuckman

Andrew Suchman
Jessie Townsend
Keenan Walsh
Whitley Washington
Brandy Waters

Hope Wegener
Ardell Wilcox
Erica Williams
Jake Woodmansee
Stanley Worsham

I- Brandon Young

Eighth 79


7th Grade...

Mariel Mena giggles with Kelli McCrery
during lunch. Mariel preferred to bring
her lunch from home instead of cafete-
ria food.

Seventh Grade couple Xanthe Mor-
ris and Nolan Malone are a perfect
example of a middle school rela-
tionship. Always within arms
length of each other, the two make
a really cute couple.

80 People

Richard Alford
Dante Anderson
Kenneth Armstrong
Carah Ashley
Miguel Angel Asse
Rebecca Bates
Katheryn Beauregard

Kyle Bennett
Charles Bible
Jason Bloom
Michael Callahan
Michelle Campbell
Sowande Commissiong
Tyler Cothran

Wesley Daugherty
Skyla Days
Coral Denton
Jared Dorsey
Zachary Dorsey
Mark Dugger
Ashley Dykstra

John Ellis III
Joshua Figueroa
Corey Forehand
Courtney Forehand
Andrea Gale
Andrew Garfield
Jessica Gilley

Brittany Green
Victoria Grimes
Thomas Gross
Katherine Harris
Mohammad Hasan
Steven Heitzman
Charles Hogan II

Johnmark Honeycutt
Shannon Hope
Rachel Hoyt
Juliana Hughes
Tilman Hunt
Roamules Ivery
Christopher Johnson

Crystal Johnson
Leah Johnson
Rhea Jones
Shumaya Jones
Trenise Jones
Daniel Keathley
Daniel Keathley

Scott Kelly
Cory Kempton
Casey King
Kelly Landry
Anthony Lipe-Ladenheim
Marissa Lovvorn
Nolan Malone

Seventh 81


Seventh Grade friends Robon Starling
and Rachel Hoyt pose for a quick pic-
ture after middle school lunch.

Danielle Marston
Terence McCarter
Shane McCort
Kelli McCrery
Matthew McEwen
Dwayne McGee
Alan Medrano

Mariel Mena
Alex Mikkelsen
Eric Millsaps
Jesse Morgan
Xanthe Morris
Margaret Morse
Kendrick Nelson

Tatum Nichtberger
Kevin Njeru
Preetika Pai
Lewis Palmer
Fidelis Pebenito
Michael Perryjr.
Andrea Potter

Tirsa Rogers
Leon Rowe II
Sofia Royce
Dellora Rushing
Eric Rustemier
Matthew Scian
Teresa Sealey

Jarred Shannon
Rebecca Shuping
Mary Silvers
Colin Spears
Ryan Specie
Robon Starling
James Suggs



82 People

F~i P ,I


Kaitlyn Sullivan
Paula Sullivan
Christopher Sunkett
Darius Taylor
Austin Thomas
Jenae Todd
Nickolas Turner

Dione Tyson
Victoria Van Arnam
Shayla Wallace
Toccoa Walsh
Elliott Welker
Alexi Wilcox
Eric Williams

Seventh Grader Alex Mikkelsen flashed
his cute smile. He was quite the ladies'
man when walking through the high
school area.

Seventh graders Dione Tyson and
Shumaya Jones rely on a close friend-
ship during tough days.

Seventh 83



What is Better about Middle School than


" '09 Girls are

-Iva Margjoni

" If we don't like a teacher,
we don't deal with it all day."
David Rinehart

"More freedom! "
Cassandra Watkins

Joshua Acevedo
Roxanne Acevedo
David Alexander
Tironica Anderson
Jennifer Aranda Cordero
Karli Bailey
Rashard Baker

Andrew Barton
Matthew Bass
Steven Beck. Jr.
Craig Blansett
James Brigman
Ambreshia Brown
Ian Brown

Renard Bryant
Aaron Buffenmyer
Briana Buie
Byron Burdette
Jana Button
Chelsea Caro
Clay Carodine

Kathleen Cerjan
Shae Cothran
Katherine David
George Delker
Joseph Dileo
Jarvis Douglas
Thomas Dow II

84 People


We are the Yongsters!

Sixth Grade is all about change. Finally we are able to

move across the bridge to the other side of P.K.'s campus.

New found freedom that includes attending dances,

participating in sports, and just walking the halls with the

high schoolers makes this one of the most exciting years of

middle school.
by Candace Turner

April Durant
Andrew Emmons
Kamaria Faucher-Mutima
.H; .- Keri Frankenberger
E -B Samuel Fraser
Eric Goolsby
S, .Daniel Gras

I Jefferson Griebel
r tRyan Grimes
Alex Harker
Shae Hasson
Arianne Hedley
SBrandy Henley

Alicia Hernandez
Jahreyl Hill
Cassidy Hinson
Donald Hinton
S"Connor Hogan
Christa Holloway
I Justin Ingle

Level Ivory
SI~ Amy Jackson
Michael Johnson
Elizabeth Jordan
SBenjamin King
Kera King

Samantha Kitchens
Tiffany Landry
Faith Landsberry
Richard Lasley
Julia Leavy
SJCourtney Lindsey
t '31 Jordana Lorenzo

Sixth 85

Crystal Lucas
Errol Lucas
Samantha Lussier
Iva Margjoni
Gabriela McLeskey
Chucassia Miller
Ryan Morgan

Jasmine O'Neal
Evan Osgood
Ramon Otero
Justin Owen
Lydia Owens
Amanda Palmer
Carson Pennypacker

Rachel Piper
Britton Pollitt
Darrell Pons II
Jerelyn Register
David Rinehart
Karina Rivera
Michael Rutledge

Bryan Shaara
Eric Shade
Ja'Kya Sheppard
Andrew Sheridan
Coleen Sherman
Alexander Sims
Joshua Snodgrass

Kyler Sparks
Kailee Stroud
Erika Stuckman
Cristina Suarez
Kyle Suggs
Rachel Taylor
Leah Tenbieg

Alexandria Theodore
Kirstie Thomas
Alejandro Torroella
Erin Voss
Matthew Wade
lain Wallace
Emily Walsh

Dean Ward, Jr.
Cassandra Watkins
Ashley Welcome
Daniel Whitehurst
Erica Wiggins
Jasmine Williams
Kelsey Williams

Cody Winfrey
Megan Young
Emily Zinger
Marshall Zorros


86 People

Sixth 87


Principal Chris Morris expresses her enthusiasm at
the Homecoming Parade as she directs the traffic of
Ae k1A 44 A A . AA4 A i A4
Math teacher Ms. Rinehart imitates a typical P.K.
Yonge cheerleader for the teacher High Tide skit. Sev-
eral teachers cheered their hearts out in the name of

The teacher skit was a good example of how even though Guidance's Ms. Barnes points her infamous finger.
one may practice a thousand times, it is important to always Many students came to realize that this means OUT
be prepared to improvise. Mr. Dittmar, Ms. Chow, and Ms. of the guidance office if they didn't have a pass.
Creveling laugh as the skit unfolds.

88 People

4 1 T rrT llpy VP I IT r V I T VT PPy V Pry I I TV TIT P'P'

Renee Andrews Annette Armstrong Jayne Baker

Jeff Boyer",

Jeff Boyer

Justin Brooten

Crystal Camuccio Gail Carr Katie Carson

Amy Chestnut

Betsy Creveling

Cari Delatorre

\ Frs
Frans Doppen

Randy Hollinger

'<4 biA A41

V .\ I .,IY 1 K 'U

David Holt Lauren Howard Stephanie Imbres Delphine Jackson

AitA 44 iAA44j AA4Ab 44A14 A 4 A i i,

Faculty 89

Lawson Brown

Penny Chou

Amy Hollinger

41. T 'pryqlly Prry' I T Fryl1 FryIqr1 Fry'ly ryI1T FIF11 T pry,

Dave Mitchell Chris Morris

Janice Nelson

Joanne Pohlman

Willie Powers

Betty Richardson

Maria Rinehart

Kathy Robertson

Shriley Ann Scarabino Herb Schwartz Peggy Sedlacek Dianne Skye Brenda Springfield

44 A b A 44 A b A 4,A b A44 A b A A 4k A A 44 A 44AA 44 k 44 A b A A'

90 people

AA. T F ry I AT P pry1 Tj A T lY T'p 1 1 T P yIl ry 11 TP 11 T P.Y F 11Pyw T 'P r T

Jere Steele Fran Vandiver Kristin Weller

Mr. Anderson
gives one of his
during his prized
AP American
History class.
Many students
found his class
challenging but
very rewarding
at the end of the

Officer Raven
marches to the
lunchroom to help
keep order in the
daily chaos. It is
still a mystery why
he always wears
those sunglasses,
even on cloudy

Mr. Marchman
pauses while
filling out a
referal form.
Filling out
referals is
every teacher's
favorite past

S A4,j LA4 4 A bLi 4A 4 A i LI4 4 A LA 4j b A44A IA

Faculty 91

Blue Wave Sports

It takes hard work and dedication...

It takes hustle and determination...
It takes commitment and perseverance...
It takes heart and love for the game...
It takes a gifted athlete with one goal in mind..

To win.
It takes a lot to be a Blue Wave athlete...
Do whatever it takes.
By Justin Chance

92 Sports

93 Sports Division

We are Blue Wave football

.... We are Continuing To Dominate

Coming into 2002, the
Blue Wave Varsity Football
team possessed the ambition
to win a state championship.
With strength and honor, we
had only one goal in mind:
"Dominate." With veteran
Coach John Clifford
continuing the excellent
tradition of P.K.Yonge
football, we had no worries of
accomplishing another
successful season. The
Varsity team was lead by
many Blue Wave athletes.
For example, Jeremy Martin
at quarterback, Eric "Jewce"
Jewell at receiver, Eric "E-
Rut" Rutledge at half-back
and, Elliott "E-Train" Martin at
center and middle linebacker.
These outstanding players
set the pace for the most
exciting and successful
season at P.K. Yonge.

The Blue Wave team
was fully aware of the top
ranked teams in their
schedule, but they were
hardly phased by their
opponents. "We are really
good this year because we
practice extremely hard, and
we come together as a
family," said Senior Elliott
Martin. Eric Jewel, one of the
most outstanding football
players on the squad,
explained, "We are so
successful this year because
more people tried out and
many of them stepped it up
during big time games."
Confidence is a word that
every Blue Wave player had
in mind. We are very exited
for this year's team. We Are
Blue Wave Football.

By Chris Luca

Junior Steven Long celebrates in the end zone. Steven's wide
variety of skills helped to produce points on the score board.

Senior Chris Mudra jogs off the field
after a touchdown on a screen
pass. "Mugie's" fullback abilities
were tremendous.

Top row, left to right: Jon McCloud, Dan Massey, Elliott Martin, Kai Chow, Robert Egberts, Alex
Huggins,Jeremy Martin, Eric Jewel, P.J. Minzie, Brent Green, Chris Mudra, Blayne Willis, R.B. Brown.
Middle row: Alex Poser, Michael Booth, Mark Deford, Phillip Hooghuis, Travis Hasson, Steven Long,
Vernon Shelton, Jeff Banks, Noah Daigen, Eric Rutledge, Bottom: Paul Marino, Devin Duncan, Gerod
Williams, Nick Mudra, D.J. Wilson, Sean Specie, Aaron Daigen, Jesse Hughes, Trey Rapczak, Drek

94 Sports

Senior Safety Michael Booth intercepts a pass from Trenton's quarterback. Michael's abilities have
continued to be a key ingredient to the Blue Wave's successful season.

Senior Receiver Eric Jewell takes the line.
"Jewce's" speed and skill were key components
to the Blue Wave's success.

Date Opponent WL

8/30 Florida High W
9/5 Gainesville High W
9/13 West Nassau W
9/20 Branford W
9/27 Bell W
10/4 Williston W
10/11 Mayo- Lafayette W
10/18 Trenton W
10/25 Bronson W
11/1 Hawthorne W
11/8 Newberry W

Senior Quarterback Jeremy Martin takes a quick
break after he led the Blue Wave to a score.
Jeremy was an outstanding leader for the team.

Sophomore Dakari Burnett and the Blue Wave
defense line-up against Bell. The outcome of
the game was easily predicted in P.K.'s favor.

Junior Halfback Eric Rutledge cuts up the field.
"E-Rut" dominated every team we played.

95 Football

JV Blue Wave Football

... Preparing for the Future

The P.K.Yonge's J.V. Football team had an
exciting year and a winning season. With the
classic rivalry game against Hawthorne as the
season opener, the yonge Blue Wave team knew
they would have a successful year. Bishop Kenny
came up next on the schedule and provided the
Blue Wave with a win over top-notch competition.
The rising rivalry aganist Union County didn't result
in a win, however, the yonge kids got a taste of high
level football as the Tigers are always very strong.

The Blue Wave team, coached by the
veteran Sloan Anderson, kept the tradition alive as
being one of the top JV programs around. At the
same time the yonge kids are giving Coach Clifford
a great future and players to step up on Varsity next
season. The Blue Wave J.V. team was lead by
many outstanding players such as Derrick Robinson
at quarterback, who spent time as a big
playmaker for the Varsity squad at the
end of the season. Jesse Hughes at full Date
back, and Tray Rapczac at receiver.
The 4-2 record this season gives the Sept. 1:
Blue Wave's JV football program 17 Sept. 19
wins over the last three seasons, Sept. 26
making them one of the most successful Oct. 3
JV football programs in the area. Oct. 10

- By Chris Luca

T re ** in-up.c'r.)n ti ar, l i,:jir an,.tih.,r IC'U-1h -rn~ IPK ~4 -.,.~

"We played great this season and
can't wait until next year." Chase


Oct. 17
Oct. 24


Bishop Kenny
Union County
Dixie County




Sophomore receiver Trey Rapczac gets ready to run his
route. Trey proved to be one of the leading receivers for the
team this year.




) u., qi.l, Ir,-m- up or' i ja, .;,rsi union r C.Lunrt, Fr.- rifl1n lijjari.~ri. O,-.rrk- :

96 Sports

The Blue Wave Offense gets the next play from off the field.
Play calling has always been one of the team's contributions to
winning football games.
97 JV Football


We Are Starting a


With the experience of back-to-back final four appearances, the Blue Wave
girls' volleyball team hungers to get back to the state finals. With five returning starters,
and eight returning players in total, the team is building off of its wealth of experience.
Seniors Danielle DeGrove and Lauren Lehman, along with juniors Michelle Whitney,
Jules NeSmith, and Marcie Hampton, play a strong roll in knowing what it takes to get to
state championship level. "It is great to be part of such a strong group of players who
want to be the best that they can possibly be," stated coach Laurie Obreza. Coach
Obreza is new to P.K. Yonge and it's dynamic volleyball program, but calmly suggests
that inheriting such a prestigious program was "both exciting and challenging." With
leaders Marcie Hampton, the one to follow, Nirelle Hampton, the quarterback, and Lauren
Lehman, the nurturer, the team is in very good hands.
-Jon McCloud

Team captains Nirelle
Hampton, Lauren Lehman, and
Marcie Hampton, take time for
a quick shot before a big game
versus Newberry.

Above: Michelle Whitney subs in for
Megan DeLuca. Teamwork is always an
important part of successful
championship teams.

Top row: Coach Laurie Obreza, Nirelle Hampton, Janine Williams, Marcie Hampton, Danielle
DeGrove, Elyse Cusack, Asst. Coach Ellie Elliot. Middle row: Michelle Whitney, Kendall Obreza,
Valerie Flournoy, Stephanie Waters. Bottom row: Megan DeLuca, Lauren Lehman, Jules

Sophmore Nirelle Hampton and
Freshman Kendall Obreza
prepare for the return-serve by
the opposing team.

I 'IA t-r i

Above: Coach Obreza calls a time-out
to regroup the team. Coach Obreeza
was looked at for wisdom and

...the greatest feeling
in the world."
-Elyse Cusack

Date P Opponent W/L
8/29 A Bolles Pre W
9/4 A Buchholz W
9/10 H Union County W
9/17 A Newberry W
9/20 A GHS Tourn.
9/21 A GHS Tourn. 1st
9/24 A Hawthorne W
9/26 A Union County W
10/1 H Newberry W
10/2 A Oak Hall W
10/4 A Berkley Prep T.
10/5 A Berkley Prep T. 5th
10/11 A Tampa Prep T.
10/12 A Tampa PrepT. 7th
10/15 H Hawthorne W
10/16 A Bishop Moore W
10/24 H Suchholz W
10/25 A Leon W
10/25 A Mosley W
10/25 A Niceville W
10/28 A Newberry W
10/29 A Hawthorne W
10/31 A Reg. Trin.Christ. W
11/5 H Reg.-Chiefland W
11/9 A Reg.-Jax Episc. W
11/9 A FF.- Florida High W
11/14 A State-Berk. Prep W

Volleyball 99

98 Sports

J.V. Volleyball

Every great varsity team needs a reserve of good, young players in its
program's ranks. These girls are just that. With multiple players returning
from last year, the J.V. girls' volleyball team is more than ready for any
competition that may come their way, and for that matter, anything in the
future as well. These girls are setting their goals higher because they
know what lies ahead of them. Previous teams have set the standard
with their expert play and attention to detail; a blueprint for the team to
follow. The team has displayed magnificent signs with impressive wins in
their quest for greatness.
-Jon McCloud

Eight grader Hope Wegener and Freshman Sara Massey
prepare for the start of a match against a rival opponent.
Both were key players on the J.V. girls volleyball team.

Top: Valerie Flournoy, Kendall Obreza, Meghan Langlois, Danielle Brown. Middle:
Hope Wegener, Kati Junkins, Rande Brant, Sara Massey. Bottom: Shelby Gillis,
Brandy Waters, Ana Perez, Lauren DeGrove

Freshman Valerie
Flournoy and
Danielle Dixon-
Brown prepare
for the oncoming
serve during a
match. Valerie is
more of an all-
around player,
while Danielle is
purely the team's
power player on
the roster.
























Union County



Union County



Bishop Moore

Keystone JV Tourn.

Keystone JV Tourn.


100 Sports


We Are Creepin' On Up

Top row: Coach Taryn Lynn. 2ndrow: Robin Starling, Shannon Gills,
Jessica Brown. 3rd row: Rachel Dillard, Keri Frankenberger, Amber
Liverman. 4th row: Bianca Gras, Kayla Herron, Jourdan Goetz, Alexis
Papaldi. 5th row: Becca Ingram, Nina Waters, Elisa Pelligrina.

The J.V. girls take a break during a time out
in the match with their coach.

Date Place Opponent
9/4 Away Buchholz

9/10 Home Union County

9/17 Home Oak Hall

9/24 Away Hawthorne

10/1 Home Newberry

10/18 Away Keystone JV Trn.

10/19 Away Keystone JV Trn.

10/24 Home Buchholz

JVVolleyball 101

The best part of volleyball is...
"...getting excited when we're playing."
-Brandy Waters

"...stuffing a block."
-Valerie Flournoy

-Lauren DeGrove

Below: Senior Captain Justin
Chance watches his drive
land in the fairway. Justin
proved to be an outstanding
leader for the Blue Wave golf
0 1. ..,

Below: Junior Evan Walker
celebrates after he putts
the ball dead center into the
hole. Evan was a key
contributor to the team.

Right: Sophomore David
Dilibero chips the ball.
David's short game is

Right: Senior Darren Jones
gazes across the fairway.
Darren regularly found
himself in good shape to
approach the green.


We Are Better Than Ever

After a combined one-
stroke loss in the last two
years of district
competition, the golf team
is out for revenge. Last
year's team began
practicing early summer
2002, in tournaments all
over the area. Five of six
returning players knew this
is the year to make a run at
a first ever state
championship for Blue
Wave golf. They include;
Justin moneye" Chance,
David "D-Lib" Dilibero,
Darren Jones, Andrew
"Canada" Howard and Evan
"EWalk" Walker.

An outstanding Williston
transfer, Junior Jamie
Whitehurst, joined the team
to round out the roster. Area
foes include both Gainesville
High School and Oak Hall.
With excellent coaching
from '98 P.K. Alum and
former golfer, Jack
Creveling, the guys knew
they were superior to any
team they competed
against. A team-wide goal of
state champions, set at the
beginning of the season,
drove the guys to win every
time they went out on the
By Justin Chance

Date Opponent
8/26 Gainesville High
9/3 Oak Hall School
9/12 Countryside Christian
9/24 Keystone Heights
9/26 Madison County
10/1 St. Augustine St. Joe
10/8 Eastside High
10/10 Gainesville High
10/15 Eastside High
10/17 Countside Christian
10/22 Santa Fe High
10/24 County Championship
10/28 District Golf Meet
11/4 Regional Golf Meet
11/12-13 State Golf Meet

Left: Junior Jamie
Whitehurst puts the ball in
the hole. Jamie contributed
:'. -"-..' ;.. ... immensely after transferring
S. from Williston.

The Blue Wave golf team from left to right: Andrew Howard, Justin Chance, David Dilibero, Evan Walker, Jamie
Whitehurst, Darren Jones and Coach Jack Creveling.

Senior Justin Chance lines his putt up on the last hole of the
day. Every stroke counted for the Blue Wi ave golf team.

102 Sports

Junior Andrew Howard gets ready to put the ball in the cup.
"Canada" produced great scores for his team.

Captain Justin Chance and Darren Jones are part of the most
successful four-year term the Golf team has ever accomplished.
Golf 103

Blue Wave Cross Country

We Are Total Domination

Co-team Captain
Rashaad Robinson
leads the team both on
and off the field.

Top: Jenae Todd, Amanda Palmer,
Juliana Hughes, Crystal Groce.
Bottom: Jakyia Sheppard, Ambresha
Brown, Ayrin Voss, and Katie David.
The team takes a break after a race.

Team Captain Crystal
Groce and Seventh
grader Juliana Hughes
wait with anticipation
for the gun to go off.

Seventh grader Katie
David runs by on the
last mile of her race.
The girls Cross Country
team consisted
primarily of middle
school runners who
were determined to
keep up with the pace
of the older girls.

Eighth grader David
Stuckman tries to
stay on pace during
his race.

The boys Cross Country team
warms up for their race. Coach
Randy Hollinger liked organization on
his team.

105 Cross Country

104 Sports

Varsity Cheerleading

We are Spirited
The 2002-2003 cheer season started early with practice every week during the summer, and cheerleaders
attending camps to learn and perfect routines. The squad had a new sponsor, Coach Cari Delatorre, who
also served as a new coach, bringing new ideas, experience and leadership into the squad. "This year has
been a real learning experience. I never realized how frustrating coaching can be, along with how
rewarding it can be," stated Coach Delatorre.
Captain Brittany Williams and Co-Captain Tamera Crockrell also brought skill and insight to the
season. "Being a captain on Varsity this year has had its trials and tribulations. But as a squad, we are
closer for it," says Junior Tamera Crockrell. The squad is made up mostly of veteran Varsity and JV
cheerleaders, with only a few newcomers. Having this experience made it possible for the girls to perform
more advanced and difficult routines and stunts then in past seasons.
All of the girls agree that having a football team as talented as PK Yonge's makes it easy to be
enthusiastic and spirited about the team. With yet another undefeated regular season for the football
team, the girls cheered the players on every step of the way. Students could always see the girls going all
out and working hard, whether it is at a game, in a pep rally, or at High Tide. Due to all of the squad's hard
work and determination, the Varsity cheerleaders were a major component to the success of P.K.
Yonge's football and basketball seasons. So, "Hey,
_.y B", P.K., You know what to do. Rock with the orange and
roll with the blue!" Caroline Chance

Sophomore Tasheena Robinson, Sophomore Tiahna Luckie, Sophomore Kristen
McCarter and Junior Caroline Chance take a quick break from cheering. The girls were
nnt nnl\ tammatoc hil t nonci freinrl as w^elII

Senior Stacy Dyson, 7th grader Madison Ashley
and Junior Caroline Chance dance as they cheer.
The girls' moves were fantastic.

Below: Sophomore Amanda Haynes
shows her spirit for the team.
Amanda's cheers and jumps were
some of the best on the snuad.

The Varsity Girls show their spirit in the P.K.
Homecoming parade. Joining Jessica McDonald
in her new ride are Caroline Chance, Tashina
Robinson, and Amanda Haynes.

Above: The squad poses for a picture with the 'Eat More
Chicken' Chick-Fil-a Cow.The girls helped promote their sponsor
by slingshoting stuffed cows into the crowd and helping with
competitions for free shirts and prizes.

Senior Kelley Flournoy smiles as her teammates
hold her high in a "half."
106 Sports

The Blue Wave girls do push-ups after every score.
tradition continues to make the team stronger.

The Varsity sqaud from left to right, back row: Halley Levin, Tamera Crockrell, Kristen
Junior Chante Carter performs a "liberty." The girls did great stunts throughout their games which McCarter, Amanda Haynes, Chante Carter, Tasheena Robinson, Caroline Chance, Jessica
required trust and hours of practice. McDonald, Tiahna LuckieTiahna Luckie. Kneeling: Chantel Fitz, Kelley Flournoy, Brittany
Williams and Stacy Dyson.Cheerlea
Cheerleading 107

Junior Varsity Cheerleading

Above: The girls perform a full in a Right: Practice makes perfect. The J'
competition routine performed at squad perfects their formations, timing
High Tide. Amanda Andrews shows and motions for their High Tide rojlIne
spirit from the top of the stunt, and Hours of grueling practice made the
The JV squad poses for a team picture. (Top Row) Samantha Heflin, Rebecca Cumbaa, Heather Lopez, Kali Kelsey Winfrey, in front, pumps up girls routine flawless.
Tenbieg, Bailey Holbrook, Shyna Estes, Danielle Kitchens (Bottom row) Kelsey Winfrey, Madison Ashley, Amanda the crowd.
Andrews, Leah Johnson, Lashay Clayton and Coach Jessica Gowland

I-no oz,, JV Cheerleading 109



Senior Jeremy Davis soars above the rest when battling
against a tough district opponent. Well, maybe not tough,
but they are in our district.

Back: Elliott Martin, Codeye Woodey, Jeremy Davis, Alex Huggins, Max
Hoggard, Jeremy Martin, Eric Rutledge. Front: Chris Mudra, Eric Jewel,
Dakari Burnett, Reggie Johnson, Chauncey Lampkin, Greg Anderson.

Above: Senior Captain and leader number
42, Jeremy Davis, shows his tufff" face.
Below: Junior Eric Rutledge demonstrates
what P.K. Yonge basketball is all about.

Junior Chauncey Lampkin dashes on a
fast break and shoots a lay-up for two
points. He was a major contributor on the
Junior Alex Huggins fakes under the
basket and sends the defenders flying.

We Are Defense!

We are Traditional

P.K.Yonge Basketball Players

The P.K. Yonge Varsity basketball team is now greater than
ever. With returning Seniors Jeremy Davis, Jeremy Martin, Elliot
Martin, Reggie Johnson, Eric Jewel, and Chris Mudra, this year's
attempt at the state championship is very promising. "We want to
win our district and go to Lakeland (Location of State
Championship),"stated Head Coach Mark Griseck. As far as the
leadership on the team, Coach Griseck provided this response:
"We have six seniors on the team. They should be the leaders of
the team." With a plethora of talent pouring in from all grade
classifications, this team has the capabilities to be a major
contender for years to come. Just like the captain of the team,
Senior Jeremy Davis declared, "They Ain't READY!!"
-Jon McCloud

"You know you're basket ballin' when..."

"...you got people hatin' on you."
-Reggie Johnson

"...you got more points than the other team."
-Eric Jewell

"..you're actually a challenge to me."
-Eric Rutledge

"...everybody sees eye-to-eye."
-Greg Anderson

111 Boys Basketball

110 Sports

Date Place O W/L
12/7 H Eastside L
12/10 A Santa Fe W
12/14 H Buchholz L
12/19 A Tourn. in
12/20 North
Carolina placed 5th
1/7 H Union County W
1/10 A Buchholz W
1/11 A Eastside W
1/17 A Hawthorne L
1/18 A West Port W
1/21 H Newberry W
1/24 A CWC W
1/25 A Lake Howell W
1/28 H Hawthorne L
1/31 A Gainesville L
2/1 A Union County W
2/4 H Santa Fe W
2/7 A Newberry W
2/8 A Lake Highland P. W
2/11 A Buchholz W
2/12 H Gainesville W
2/14 A Eastside W
2/21 H Dis. Semi W
2/22 H Dis. Final W

~' LM BLae y
'I- LI.L
IC1- ~I r..


We Are The Next WAVE of P.K. Bailers.


Illuminated by the glare of the court, the P.K. Yonge JV
team hustles for a loose ball

With the talent that is being
cultivated in the P.K. Yonge J.V. and
Freshman basketball programs, you
can't help expressing excitement
about the future; a future which
could become a reality as early as
next year. With the Varsity team
losing six players at the end of the
season to graduation, many players
on the J.V. level will have to step up
to the challenge and prove they are
Two such players that could see
major minutes next year are
Sophomore Max Hoggard and Eight
grader Willie Powers III. With both
of these players having previous
varsity experience, the transition
from the J.V. to Varsity teams
should not take a large toll on either
of them. They will both be counted
on to make substantial
contributions to the team, whether
on the court for practices or games
or in the classrooms. "I've been a
starter on J.V. for two years now,"
stated a very animated Willie
Powers III. "That seems like pretty
good preparation to me. No matter
my age!"


The J.V. Blue Wave battles for position under the
boards. Rebounding was a point of emphasis for this

Sophmore Max
Hoggard waits for the


The point guard pushes the ball
down the court, slipping by his

7th Grader Traus
Johnson dribbles
past a defender.

113 JV Boys Basketball

112 Sports

Freshman Schedule
Date Place Opp.
12/7 H Eastside
12/10 A Santa Fe
12/14 H Buchholz
1/7 H Union County
1/11 A City Tourn.
1/14 A Santa Fe
1/21 H Newberry
1/28 H Hawthorne
1/31 A Gainesville

2/4 H Santa Fe

2/11 A Buchholz
2/12 H Gainesville
2/14 A Eastside



"Since our team has been
together so long, we've been
Working really well together
and can't wait to go to
S Senior Megan Callahan

"This year, I can honestly say
this is the best team I've
played on."
-Sophomore Ashley McDonald

Sophomore Shannon
Stuckman prepares to

Junior Trina Goodman jumps
high for a jump ball against a
Buchholz Wildcat.

The varisty girls drill
free-throws and
rebounds as part of
their warm ups in their
daily practices.

Coach Powers
expresses his mind to
a referee during a
heated moment of a

Junior Trina Goodman drives down
the court.

Junior Carla senior Aaonis Lnasey
McKnight practices proves that practicing post
her jump shot moves such as the drop
during warm up. step can improve
Carla lead her confidence during games.
team both on the Here, she is going up for a
court and in the shot with obvious
classroom, determination.


Team Captains: Carla McKni ht, Ashley
McDonald, and Michelle illiams


Girls Basketball 115

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