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Title: Yongester
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tI -


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............................................................................- "





' *j "
^.^; .' S



1080 S.W. 11 STREET






~ ;. .
:: *:'Y


I *1


The student life at P.K.. Yonge experienced many obstacles this year. From insignificant and strict dress codes to
overwhelmingly significant world tragedies, the 2001-2002 year was life changing to all. Student life serves as a broad
and weak explanation for the daily obstacles and changes a high school student overcomes in a school year. The next
few pages are a small sample of our lives.
High school students' lives are full of important events. Homecoming is a week filled with spirit and craziness.
Regardless of quality, students will remember and talk about High Tide for years. Students who defied silly rules by
chewing gum or talking on cell phones were penalized, but, in the future, students will laugh at the insignificant role
that these rules played in their lives. High school students deal with pressure differently than they would at any other
age: pressure from their friends to do what's 'cool', pressure from their significant other to have sex, or pressure from
their parents to excel in life and school. This is a time when students learn who they are and what pressures they hold
to themselves, the pressures that truly matter. Student life is a simple word with complex meaning.
The falling of the World Trade Towers in New York and the destruction of the Pentagon on September 11 th altered

students' lives as the devastation altered the lives of people worldwide. That morning, word spread around school after first
period that a plane had crashed into the Trade Towers in New York. Students gathered around the televisions in some second
period classes (if allowed), shocked at what happened in our seemingly secure world. Many parents checked their students
out of school that day to have them close to home. Everyone was glued to the television until we finally fell asleep to the
sound of Peter Jenning's voice. The tragedies affected many students personally. The volleyball team had to cancel their trip
to Washington D.C. planned for September 12th. "I was disappointed that we didn't go, but it wasn't' appropriate at that
time," stated senior Elizabeth Farmer. It was a time to be with family, not travel 12 hours to play volleyball.
The 2001-2002 school year was inarguably eventful. Notjust with normal highschool activities, but with world activities.
Patriotism was revived and hit close to home when P.K.'s annual homecoming parade theme changed from "Blue Wave spirit,"
to "We Love the USA" in celebration of our great country. The class of 2002 will retain many lasting memories from
highschool. From football games to terrorists attacks, this class and student body will not soon forget the 2001-2002 school
-Kate Creveling

~iji' JL

4 r-

"PAM"., -.i - ..






Beating the Heat

Oil a lake in Maine, .11.1mor Edell Follol'oy and
S01)[1011101-C .11.11cs Nesmith pose Col- I (ILlick
picture. Their Favorite part about SLImmer
vacations was traveling to lie", places

On the last Sonlight youth choir tour,
Senior Carrie Mills and Junior
Candace Turner visited Walden Pond
where Henry David Thoreau gained
the inspiration to write his most
favorite works. Here, they pose with
a statue of the famed author.

time. Senior Buddy
Mathis commented that
their favorite things
about summer were,
"Not having to stress
about school," and
"Not having to see
people you don't like
everyday." Summer
allows students a

After that last school
bell rings on a well
anticipated day in early
June, the lockers are
cleaned out, the
classrooms are
deserted, and the
students disperse,
anxious to enjoy their
freedom from good old
P.K. Yonge. Three months of beaches,
sun, summer jobs, and family vacations
without school work lie ahead.
When asked what his favorite aspect
of summer was, Senior Cory Mitchel said,
"Getting to sleep-in." Cory's sentiments
were shared by many P.K.Yonge students
who felt that having to be at school by
8:30 in the morning five days a week
seriously deprived them of their sleep

Is that Ben Stein? Seniors Kate
Creveling, Danny Fay, and Junior
Stacy Dyson saw Ben Stein at a
McDonald's while attending the
S.A.D.D. national convention in
Washington, D.C. during July.

8 Student Life



I 'mil oi Cativ Isand ol 11C oas o

necessary break from the trials and
tribulations that the school year brings.
Whether it's obtaining a job, traveling
to new places, or enrolling in a summer
camp, P.K. Yonge students enjoy the
opportunity summer provides them to do
whatever they want, away from the
confines of a classroom. One thing is for
sure, we all look forward to summer.
-Heather Brown

Summer 9



10 Student Life

Spirit WeeC

Students Sizzle with Spirit

" We got spirit, yes we do...We got spirit how about
you?" Spirit week exploded in a vigorous display of
student pride. Spirit week was a favorite with many
students and administrators as well. It was a week filled
with fun dress-up days and activities leading up to P.K.'s
big game on Friday.
Monday morning, I rolled out of bed, slipped on my
slippers, and drove to school in my P.J.'s. It was the one
day I could throw on my favorite flannels and an old T-
shirt and fit right in.
Lets see...striped halter top over T-shirt, dalmatian print
shorts, and two different shoes? Sounds perfect for
Tuesday's Clash day.
Hectic Wednesday creeped-up and everyone hustled
when trying to add their final touches to High Tide. Of
coarse, we didn't forget about Country day. People
wore their parents' big belt buckles and cowboy hats.
Country day allowed students to vent their animosity for
their Homecoming rival, the Bronson

On Thursday's Hawaiian day, we relaxed, kicked-off
our shoes, and sat in the sun. Or at least we tried to do
that. Hawaiian day allowed us to wear our loudest flower
print shirts.
Blue and white is all I saw when I walked around the
hall on Friday. Friday is P.K.'s official Spirit day when all
students wear blue and white. Many students painted
their faces, and some painted their bodies. Everyone
was ready to flee class for the spirit parade. The parade
was a great success and everyone was sure to yell and
cheer for their school.
This year's Spirit week was the best. Senior Ashley
Depezia commented, "This years Spirit Week was the
BOMB!" Everyone was very proud and excited with the
students' participation and overwhelming spirit!

-Melisa Perez

Spirit Week 11

BELOW: 2001
Homecoming Royalty,
Prince Bobby Sawyer,
Princess Chantel Fitz,
King Lance Lawson,
and Queen Kate

LEFT: Senior Carrie Mills
played the part of a
Bronson hick at High Tide.
Many seniors participated
in homecoming.

RIGHT: Junior Ryan
Luca acts crazy when
competing for P.K.'s
number one fan contest.
His excitement at High
Tide was contagious.

BELOW: Senior
Quarterback Cory
Mitchell hands off the
ball in the Homecoming
win versus Bronson.


Wave Pride comes

crashing through

Homecoming week is highly anticipated in every high school student's life. It provides
students with a chance to break from the norm by wearing pajamas to school or revealing
hidden talents at High Tide. Homecoming 2001 consisted of many events that exhibited Blue
Wave spirit.
Students showed their spirit all week by dressing up in the appropriate attire for each spirit
day. Many students felt relived on Country day because they could finally come to school
in their natural attire without anyone teasing them. Some students created shirts to represent
their Blue Wave spirit.
Sponsored by student leaders, the parade was a success, yet again. Albert and Alberta
along with the Kiss 105.3 boom box inspired students of all ages. The '02 Crew's USA truck
won the $50.00 prize for its decorative and spirited red, white, and blue apparel.
Lindsey Dalbec opened the night's activities by singing the Star Spangled Banner. "I was
so nervous, I was shaking," said Dalbec. Her nerves never discouraged her. She performed
with grace and poise, rousing a standing-ovation from the audience. Seniors Heather Brown,
Stefan Gainey, and Jimmie O'Neal acted as the M.C.'s for the night. They entertained the
audience between skits. Each class had a skit that they presented at High Tide. Freshmen
Nirelle Hampton commented, "The class involvement was cool. Anyone could be involved if
they wanted to be." Bronson was the butt of all the jokes at High Tide. Both cheerleading
squads performed, as well as Pi Kappa Psi. The members of Pi Kappa Psi spent months
perfecting their routine, and it showed. The Senior class video was the highlight of the skits.
The whole audience laughed at the comic antics of seniors Carrie Mills, Danny Fay, and
Jessica Meldon. The night concluded with the presentation of the Homecoming Court.
Juniors Bobby Sawyer and Chantel Fitz were named prince and princess, and seniors Lance
Lawson and Kate Creveling were named king and queen. High Tide 2001 was a success,
thanks to the English department for taking on the task.
The week ended with the Blue Wave's whipping Bronson 42-8. Another successful P.K.
Homecoming! -Kate Creveling

ABOVE: Sophomore Lindsey Dalbeck
enchants the audience with a patriotic
rendition of the Star Spangled Banner
at the start of High Tide

LEFT: Jurnior Andrea Martinez
shaves a 'Y' into the back of Senior
Kyle McCrey's head. This was the
final task Kyle underwent to be
named P.K.'s #1 fan.

Homecoming 13

12 Student Life

I [fIlJI


*1 ;i:


r, r
c. ~c~




I *

16 Student Life


Blue Wave Famlies on Fire

Despite P.K. Yonge's small size, no other
local school possess a family background as
dominant as ours. Even while times
continue to change, P.K. sticks to its roots
and continues to be family based. Over half
of the Senior Class had family at P.K.. We're
the only local public school that spans from
Kindergarten to high school. This makes life
a little more convenient by allowing parents
to bring all the children in their family to one
Family affects P.K. students: socially,
educationally, and athletically. Having family
helps many students in a variety of ways.
"Having an older brother makes school a
little easier. He drives me to school, watches
out for me, and I can hit him up for money,"
Freshman Ashlie Holbrook explained.
Having siblings at school means that

students always know somebody. Family
can assist with homework and provide
advice on how to handle teachers and other
emotional and social problems students face.
However, having family attend school
isn't a total advantage. Sophomore Caroline
Chance stated, "You kind of lose your
identity because everyone expects you to be
like your sibling." Senior Bryan Lucas said,
"Having a little brother is kind of annoying. I
have to drive him places, and it wastes gas."
Family can be a nuisance because it requires
money and time commitments.
P.K. Yonge has centered around family
environment. Like the old saying goes, "You
can choose your friends, but you can't
choose your family."
-Josh Holbrook

Family 17

BELOW: Good friends
since ninth grade,
Seniors Ashley Harden
and Stefanie Sargeant
look cute in their senior
girls tee shirts.

LEFT: Fellow
Sophomores Alex
Huggins and Marcie
Hampton wait together
after school for their
practices to start.

,rB *

RIGHT: One of the
biggest and one of the
smallest seniors, Jake
Goolsby and Carey
Richards get physical in
the gym.

BELOW: Sophomores
Tim Dennis and Chance
Hobbs-Spickard hang
out between classes.
These two were bosom

ABOVE: Junior
Brittany Wilcox braids
corn rows in
Sophomore Leroy
Johnson's hair. Leroy
liked to look good for
the ladies.
RIGHT: Senior Daniel
Morgan helps Senior
T.L. Clinefleter work
out. No wonder T.L.
was so strong.

18 Student Life


High school wouldn't

be the same without it

I once received a card that said, "Friends are the family we choose for ourselves." When
that first day of school anxiety depresses you, when the person you thought was the love of
your life dumps you, or when you fail your chemistry test, it's your friends that console you.
Friends help reduce the stresses that the school year brings. It's your circle of friends that
start to replace your family as your support group during adolescence.
Every school has cliques or groups that hang out together, and P.K. is, of course, no
exception. Junior J. Davis commented that, "Friendship is a thing to cherish, don't let it pass
you by." High school provides a great opportunity for students to meet and make friends
with people who they will always remember. "Being a lifer at P. K. gave me the opportunity to
grow up with a great group of people that I will always cherish," said Senior Elizabeth Farmer
while thinking about graduating and leaving P. K. for good.
The thrill of hanging out with our parents all weekend lost its luster for all of us in sixth
grade. Friends offer much more exciting entertainment for the weekend. Some of the favorite
pastimes of P.K. students include playing Playstation II, partying, watching movies, soaking
the rays at the beach, or even lounging at the mall. Most students just really enjoy hanging
out with each other outside of school.
P.K. Yonge is a place for students to nurture relationships with friends they will always
remember. Even though we all know that we probably won't still be friends with people from
high school when we're 30, we will all remember them and the impressions that they made on
our lives. "I love P. K. so much because everyone is so close, like my best friend Melissa and
I," commented Junior Sophia Binello. If friends really are the family we choose for ourselves,
then no wonder why they call us a P. K. family.

-Heather Brown

Friendship 19



Heating up the Halls

We've all seen them parading through the halls
holding hands, walking each other to their lockers, or
sharing a quick kiss before the start of the next period.
I'm talking about those couples that seem like they'll be
togetherforever, or at least for the remainder of high
When asked what the best part of having a boyfriend
in high school was, Senior Kate Creveling said, "Being
able to complain about what is stressing you out to
someone who you know won't tell anyone else." Kate's
boyfriend, fellow Senior Cory Mitchell shared her
sentiments. It makes it a little harder to check out the
other chicks, but I love having her around."
Having someone who shares the day with you and
waits for you after class is also a perk of having a
girlfriend or boyfriend. Students find comfort in having
that special someone because it helps with the stress of
high school. Many people stay together throughout
high school while others go out with numerous people.
Playing the

field is common at P.K., but in such a small community,
it's not a very big field to play.
Other peoplefeel that having a significant other at
school makes you less independent and is not
necessary. Senior Danny Fay stated, I like being on my
own at school because I don't have to deal with a
constant whining from a girlfriend." In other words, I
can'tfind a girl who will go out with me, but for other
people, independence during the high school years is
important, and a boyfriend or girlfriend limits that type of
It's the experiences in high school with relationships
that help students after they graduate to find someone
they want to spend the rest of their lives with. Of
course, there is always the possibility of marrying your
high school sweetheart. Wouldn't that be a good story
for the reunion?

-Heather Brown

-c --- --- - -. -
*-- --- -- - -
-_- 11- --.--L-I ---- --- ---
-i --. -~ -- -- - -
-~~--c-~ -- _L -'

-~~-~ -_--- -- _
-.--- ----I..'.
--- --=

-- r----- -
~~~t--~-. -- -- --- - -

-~~u .*----..*- -,

20 Student Life

Couples 21

lo* eir oYMthladKaeCeeig r ohmr ;e oewlshsgrf-ed
b ft K' onetnmn,,cupe hvv elw ohmr hno Sabrl"1,t

bentgte icf-eh etYa e oke eiencass Intta we:.


crshol atng1) patcs taFrdYngh~otbl aeSnorToi
Daile erveadEic MdckadJnirSt~ieBuno ho hi

,-t thr' cmpny st potf~reah thr ndth BueMae


LEFT: Junior Ryne
Malone waits for his
food at Bally Hoos, a
local seafood restaurant.

BELOW: Seniors Stacy
Dyson and Gina Cohen
attend a weekend
meeting for Chain

. ends

VW W The only way to
Escape the Heat

Ask any student at P.K. what the best part of school is and ninety-five percent of the
student population would say the weekends. The weekend is two days of total freedom that
never seem long enough to satisfy the students. We only have two days to be a kid and
have fun. Some students have prior plans then just partying.
For many students at P.K. the weekend is a time to hang out and have fun with family and
friends. However some students have responsibilities they must meet before they can have
fun. Some students have sports to practice while others have part-time jobs. The weekends
are a very busy time for students, even though there is not supposed to be any school work
to keep them busy.
Senior Jason Daniels said "Weekends are the best part of the week if you're not working."
Senior Jacob Farmer agreed, "My weekends stink because I have to work the whole time, so
I rarely ever have any free time."
Senior Mark Hannah said, "Weekends give me a chance to stop and reflect on the past
school week and catch up on any work I didn't finish during the week." Several teachers felt
that the weekend was a time to give even more homework, especially major projects.
Meanwhile, other teachers commented that they would like to have a free weekend, so why
not give their students one? I mean, what about that day of rest we are entitled to?
In addition to extra "fun" projects, many students had SAT and ACT tests to take,
community service to complete, and even meetings to attend. Clubs like March of Dimes
Chain Reaction Youth Leadership Council had two-hour meetings almost every Sunday.
Other students chose to support their beloved Gators or Blue Wave at the many sporting
events. There were basketball, football, soccer and softball games to attend, among others.
So whether they spent their time hanging out with friends, working, partying, or just
taking it easy, the weekends are a must have for any student. It helps to calm our bodies and
minds by allowing us to focus on the simple and nice things in life.
-Josh Holbrook & Carrie Mills

ABOVE: Juniors Lauren Lehman,
Kayla Isreal-Ogulnick, Nicole Piper
and Kelley Flournoy grab a bite to eat
together. These friends always hung
out on the weekends.
LEFT: Nozomi Yamaoka and Naomi
Seki spent their weekend at Disney
World with Winnie the Pooh. Many
students spent their weekends at
theme parks.

22 Student Life

Weekends 23

Working up a Smoke

Burning Up the Weekends

There comes a time in
every teenager's life when
they just want to evade
their normal routine
and experience the world.
For many students at P.K..
working is the only wa. to
escape. When allowance
just isn't enough anymore.
people look for new v.\ .
to acquire money. The obvious answer to
the problem is ajob. However, landing a
job isn't as easy as some think, and often
times, kids find themselves stuck with
jobs they don't like. Despite the
negatives of having a job-- the boss, the
long and tiresome shifts, the sacrifice of a
lot of free time-- jobs help teens to build
character and make money.
Having a job helps students to get out
of the house while keeping them out of

trouble. Working lets
different people and
develop a sense of
individuality and
responsibility. It puts
s young people in
situations where they
must make important
decisions. This is good
experience when they leave for college
and the real world. Senior and
Schlotzsky's Deli employee Heather
Brown admitted "Not having to beg your
parents for cash on the weekends is
worth having an after school job." While
Senior Brian Lucas of Big Lots states,
"Working is a waste of time. It's only
good for the money." The major reasons
students want jobs is for the money.
-Joshua Holbrook

.Sr i.n .-.. .1,I l

Senior Elizabeth Farmer worked for
Royal Park theaters. The vest and tie
set a new fashion trend this year and
can be seen often on campus.
Senior Jacob farmer was one of the
hardest working students this year,
working from thirty to forty hours a
week at Grandy's.

Junior Thomas Delaney sold shoes for
Just for Feet. The store closed down
a month after the picture was taken.

24 Student Life

[ ior Katic Osgard was one of the many
couemployees who worked at Jusifin- Feet. She just
co Idn't resist the new shoc sniell.

Working 25


-' i


26 Student LIfe



Caught In The Heat

Caught in the act, candid camera reveals those
moments when you thought no one was looking. You
look around to see if anyone was standing near, and
then, you let out a brief sigh of relief because no one was
there. What you didn't see was that camera. You were
just trying to get some giggles out of friends, and then it
happens. You see the flash of that yearbook camera.
Your moment has been captured on film, and now, it's in
the yearbook forever. Ever made a funny face, had an
embarrassing fall, or a bad hair day? Next time make sure
there are no cameras around, because we capture it all.
It's pictures like this that portray real P.K. life, the fun
and crazy people who keep us laughing throughout the
hard work day. It's funny how a goofy, disfigured face on
your friend can brighten up your whole day. With the
relaxed atmosphere at P.K., it is quite easy to become
obsessed with the goofy moments.
Teachers are definitely not left out of this page.

Though they are the authority figures students are
suppose to rely on, they have their own bloopers once in
a while. "There is nothing more embarrassing than
twenty-eight juniors laughing at you because you
tripped over your clunky Ecco shoes." Mr. Dittmar said,
sharing his embarrassing moments from his first year
teaching. "Who would of known you could get so many
laughs with just a little shoe stumble?" He asked.
The good thing is that you have this yearbook to look
back at, and it's funny moments like these that make you
happy by causing you to remember everyone's goofy
side. What is better than to remember a person by how
much they made you laugh? So no matter how
embarrassing you think it is, really it's all for the laughs.
We are laughing with you, not at you!
-Melisa Perez

Candid Camera 27

Sizz in' Style

Flaming Fashions

The year 2002
marked many new
trends in fashion.
Throughout this school
year, many fashions
flourished and faded
among the students.
Goth, trendy, and
preppy comprised just a
few of the favorite
styles. Best dressed
Senior Jessica Meldon stated This
year's fashion is one that you can make a wide var
personal statement with." Shiny je'
Most of the popular styles from the pants inf
80's and 70's resurfaced. Students raided year.
their parents closets for those big flashy All in
belts. Students sported short skirts, in delve
vintage purses, and low-rise tight jeans as display
they sauntered around campus With all student.
the mayhem of 9-11, American teens

"This is the reason I grow out my hair!" Stylish
Aaron Huggins of the eight grade uses school
hours to experiment with hair styles.

declared their patriotism
through fashion
statements by wearing
tee shirts, skirts, and
bandanas with the
American flag.
More and more of the
male species
participated in the new
trends. With
magazines and
billboards, guys had a
iety of trends to choose from.
welry, tighter shirts, and tighter
luenced young men's style this

all, this year was very successful
ring new ideas and new trends to
a more modem and sophisticated

-Melisa Perez

Jon Bongiavanni a.k.a. Best Dressed of the
Millennium shows off his unique sense of style.
Eighth graders Angela Scott, Rande Grant, Sarah
Massey, Kati Junkins, and Ana Perez show their
support for our country with their "I love New
York" T-shirts. These girls were always in sync
with each other's outfits.

28 Student Life

fashion 29


BELOW: Officer Raven
catches Junior Sophia
Binello without a pass.
She couldn't flirt her way
out of this one.

LEFT: Senior Annalisa
Benton talks on her cell
phone at Lake Wauberg.
She took her phone

LEFT: Seventh grade
Sterling Jewel plays with
his gameboy at school.
Electronic devices like
this were prohibited on
school grounds.

BELOW: Dean Kraus
welcomes a group of
Freshmen boys to
school. They enjoyed
starting each day in her

Breaking the

Students play with

RuIz defiance

Almost every student at P.K. possesses a wild and rebellious personality. We're all
teenagers so why shouldn't we go against the grain a little bit? Some students show
rebellion by strutting the halls without, dare I say, a pass! Others choose to break the rules
in more outrageous manners, such as skipping class, cheating on a test, bringing illegal
substances on school grounds, or fighting. These are the extreme individuals in our school
community, and they will face a penalty from Dean Kraus, Officer Raven or the rest of the
administration. Whether slightly rebellious or slightly criminal, every student breaks at least
one rule at P.K.
The tardy policy became much stricter this year. Students who were only one or two
minutes late to school were greeted by Dean Kraus and a lovely pink slip. "I think the tardy
policy is ridiculous because it's better to just miss the entire class than risk the punishment
of being tardy," commented Junior Candace Turner. Once a student accumulated two slips,
the teacher called their parents. After three, they were written up. And after four, the student
received Saturday school. On the fifth tardy, the student was suspended from all sports until
the end of the semester. This policy was deemed unfair by many students, especially student
athletes who received a more severe punishment simply because they were athletes.
Breaking the rules at P.K. Yonge can have many meanings. Some rules were made to be
broken such as the rule preventing students from heading to their cars during school hours.
Students still went to their cars, but they just didn't ask or tell their teachers. "Breaking that
rule is a must," commented Senior Cory Mitchell. "When I forget a project or something, I'll
risk the slim chance of being caught and venture to my car anyway."
Students break rules on all kinds of levels at P.K. Yonge. Some are drastic violations while
others are insignificant. Breaking rules is just part of who we are as teenagers. We're taught
to respect authority, but we're also still young and growing children, and if we didn't defy
authority some times, we wouldn't truly be teenagers.
-Kate Creveling

Breaking the Rules 31

ABOVE: Freshmen
Haley Osbrach and
Nasyra Handal use their
cell phones. Everyone
had a cell phone.

LEFT: Senior Mike
Heflinger exposes
himself, breaking many
rules. Officer Raven
had to step in and force
Mike to dress.

30 Student Life

H 0 4P-4



The person that sits next to you in Math class, the friends you go out with on the weekends, your teachers,
the staff, all are firestarters on our campus. Each acts as gasoline by generating heat that makes our school too
hot to handle. When you walk down the halls, take a test, or show your athletic prowess in a sport, you too are
contributing to the flame. Our school is a haven for athletes, intellectuals, and instructors all contributing to the
conflagration that is P.K. Yonge.
High school and middle school can be the most painful and most rewarding time in a young person's life.
The hardest and the best times both come from human interaction. From making new friends to dating, what
you do with people will be your most vived memories from the four years you spend here. You can spend your
time at barbecues, making Tee shirts, chilling in the bleachers, eating at Joe's, laughing in class, standing on your
hands, or licking a pole, but whatever you do, live it up because these are the best times of your life.
to religion, we have a campus filled with most of the colors and cultures under the sun. Everybody on this

campus knows one another. It is that family relationship that makes us so unique and so special. Most people
can walk down the halls without the pain and misery of being intimidated by people they don't know.
From the seniors to the freshmen, from the sixth graders to the eighth graders, from the students to faculty,
we all know each other. We are all a part of each other's lives. Being such a small school doesn't limit the
number of people you know, it expands it because no one is out of reach, no one is too far removed from your
daily schedule to make friends with. At a big school, you don't have that family atmosphere; you don't feel like
you know even a majority of the people. At P.K., it is almost impossible to graduate and not know everybody in
your class. It's even harder to go into the office without the personal greetings and smiles from the
The people make the difference. It is the firestarters that make our school so red hot.
-Danny Fay

32 People Division

People Division 33

* *i.f 'V

~1 73 1~7t~ ~~1 ~F4I CIJqBe L

4. .-..

rl b--
.' *

~~c -*-b;







-- 7

a 0




J 44

-~ a I;" I-

I Sv.!


Sf n

; a I i 11 i



7.~e 'r~ c\
tioshz~ ;hti




^ "

\ -

r '=


S I ,

NN -

rBiggest I


) ~


: ~s.



..,- ~*



S tonde Iaind
e au t' it u 1I


irL. Y -.


' l *.

AW^' l



Thirteen long years and

it's finally over!!!

For me and a few of the other seniors, P.K. Yonge has
served as a second home to us for the past thirteen
years. I have so many memories from my days here,
starting from kindergarten. We played all day, and we
napped on the red and blue mats. In second grade, we
took a trip to Universal Studios, and we were either Mrs.
McCoy's Second Gators or Mrs. Robertson's Toucans.
Many of us joined clubs in third grade. The most
popular was the science club with Mrs. Litzkow where
we took overnight field trips to the Jacksonville Science
Museum. As fifth graders, we were the all-mighty safety
patrols. We opened car doors, raised the flag in the
morning, and lowered the flag after school. The trip we
took to Washington D.C. was surely eventful. Four
nights away from our parents led to mischief when some
of the boys clogged toilets at every place we went.
Eventually, it was time for us to cross the creek and

leave behind our first six years at P.K. In middle school,
we had Mr. Steele, and he lectured at least twice a week
about where we were headed in life. He did a great job in
scaring the pants off us sixth graders, but he rewarded
us by taking us to Busch Gardens at the end of the year.
We survived the endless rain at camp Kulaqua in
seventh grade and had a great time running around
In high school, we received more freedom to express
ourselves and to experience becoming teenagers, but we
also gained new responsibility to go along with our
freedom. We had new students, yet our lifer family
remained in tact. Finally, we graduated and we ventured
into the real world. I just can't imagine not roaming the
P.K. halls anymore. We can come back and visit, but it
won't be the same. To all the lifers I grew up with,
thanks for making our years here at P.K. memorable.
-Brvan Incnus

48 People

Lifers 49

Can You

Tamara Banks

Precious Brown

Kate Creveling

Annalisa Benton

T.L Clinefelter

Gina Cohen


S j Randy Autrey still going out with
Sbuilder... Travis Babcock at P.K...
Heather Brown
Vicki Bennett without a flag... Anna
Johnathan Bongiovanni as President...Marc Brothe
out with someone her own age...Precious Brown w
management counselor..Lauren Cockerham picking
a Pinto...Kate Creveling not running the school...
mute... Douglas Davies saying what he thinks..Mat
doing a correct push up... Brendan Ebersole-Bosw
public speaker... Arzu Erenguc not being Turkish..
Farmer loud and obnoxious..Jacquelyn Faupel with
was...Stefan Gainey not attracted to girls... Chris
weight...Marie Gotay without BC... Dominic Grat
frowning...Mark Hannah living down prom...Ashl(
Jennifer Hare anything other than
Adrian Hayes-Santos, the player tha.
Michael Heflinger not being Bij,
Heron without that butt...Marco Hes
Holbrook the sixth member of the
Kaylen Holmes atheist...Ralph Jack

Leighann Croley Jason Daniels


Lana... Travis Autrey a body-
Tamara Banks without braids...
lisa Benton living in a big city... Brendan Eberse Jacquelyn Faup
rson not a soccer boy...Heather Brown going
without a 14K smile..T.L. Clinefelter as an anger
on someone..Gina Cohen bald...Alex Cook in
Leighann Croley pale as a lily... Jason Daniels
thew Davis as class saint...Ashley Depeiza
ell with a girlfriend...Melissa Edwards as a Jake Goolsby
Elizabeth Farmer without the attitude...Jacob
out Elizabeth Drake...Danny Fay as big as he
Gilbert gothic...Jake Goolsby as a feather
to at P.K....Ray Griffin not a thug...Matt Guyer
y Harden without a younger man...- .
a couch potato.... Dominic Grate
he thinks he is..
Country... Kasey
sell a thug... Joshua
Backstreet Boys...
son with big ears...
Mark Hannah Jennifer Hare Ashley Harden

mi ,T i*
W ^M h-''^! ^ v'^ K^-

Danny Fay

Marie Gotay

Matt Guyer

Mike Heflinger

Aft l

Ashley Depeiza

Kasey Heron

Josh Holbrook

Kaylen Holmes

Ralph Jackson

50 People

Doug Davies

Matt Davis

Can You Imagine? 51




Tamika Johnson

Jennifer Katz

Lance Lawson

Marquase Lovings Bryan Lucas

Kyle McCrery Jessica Meldon
I---L- ^Ma'"^W ^^^

Jeffrey Jewett loud and obnoxious... Tamika Johnson not talking...
Jarret Knuth singing anything other than Dave Matthews Band...
Jarret Knuth Matt Kunkle without a computer...Jo e Lane still running Cross Country Paul orf
Sheena Larry not looking like Foxy Brown..Lance Lawson not getting class flirt...Marquas
Lovings frowning...Bryan Lucas bringing back the "nub"...Buddy Mathis getting class sa
Kyle McCrery not pursuing Melisa...Jessica Meld on shopping at Wal-Mart... Sabrina Mill
outspoken...Carrie Mills a lifer...Patricia Mills without a mullet...Jake Milton Simmon
doing a Visine commercial..Cory Mitchell the thus he thinks he is...Daniel Morgan without
Alex.. .Jenny Morgan without mace...Kelly Mun ay not playing soccer.. .Travis Mydock
concerned about someone's feelings...Jimmie O'N eal docile...Paul Orfield taller than the
dergarteners..Katie Osgard hanging out with Senic rd ...Brenda Pagliuca tanning
naturally..Melisa Perez actually giving Kyle a cE a nce...Adam Poppell with a full set of
teeth..Patrick Prugh with out facial hair..Carey Ri: hards not whining..Travis Riley with e
normal size head?.. Adam Rouse not being in the I and...Anelkis Royce voicing her
opinion?...Stefanie Sargent remaining quiet for tei Seconds...Brandon Sexton not Wonderboy
...Lori Singerman living inGainesville for the rest of her life...Joe
Spanbauer without Lan; ..Josh Sparks going
on a binge...Lana Starli iti'ithout Joey... Minh
Stewart with Bill as his m iddle name...Jamea ,
S ,v Taylor without Tamika...J essica Waters not
_-__ ---- ---exaggerating.. .April Wilii ms with brown hair
n---._- if- ._innnu UI~innin a

JHllY mr nUn'II

Travis Riley Anelkis Royce




Katie Osgard Brenda Pagluca

Melisa Perez

Latoya Rashad

Adam Poppell
m opp

Carey Richards

Stefanie Sargent Adrian Santos

Patricia Mills Cory Mitchell

Travis Mydock

Jimmie O'Neal

Lori Singerman

Jamae Taylor

Jessica Waters Aprl Williams

52 People

Can You Imagine? 53


'` %J~-.


rt/ l


-t Th


: :


9f`, .4
* f ,




q"e pp


i n.


JF 4MV 'IF,-7, '








rt ~i~ ~ i



I. t





P--i., j


a1 ~Q

I 8~ ~,Y~


Junior Class


Getting things done!
This year, there was so much to be done
with so little time. Junior class officers
planned and produced huge events like prom
and high tide. Also, fundraisers were a
weekly task for these leaders. Fundraisers
included car washes, pizza sales, face
painting, and bead sales. Every Monday
and Friday the five officers would get
together and discuss the important issues at
hand. This helped them to form a special
bond and work together on the events.
During the weekly meetings the junior
class officers discussed the student input
they received about the upcoming events.
They not only received input from the junior
class, but also freshmen, sophomores, and
seniors. The main social events of high
school were to be planned by these people.
It took a lot of effort on the officer's part to
plan and produce the most memorable
events of your high school year.
I couldn't believe it when I was elected
this year. I am really grateful I was because I
really loved working with Megan and the
other girls. Everyone was really determined
to make this year the best we could for the
junior class, some people just don't realize
how much work things like Prom and High
Tide take," explained Vice-President Candace
Turner. This was the way all the officers felt
about their positions as junior class officers.
Having such devoted and determined
class officers this year really made a
difference in attitudes. The class of 2003
made a positive impact on the high school.
This was all a possibility because of the
leadership and guidance of the class officers.

Natalie Degenhardt

Right: Foreign exchange
student Jan Benecke learns
to tell time. Not all Juniors
were in AP classes.
Below: This fun-loving
group shows off their spirit
and some skin at the
opening football game of
the season.

Bottom: Engaged in deep
concentration, "Big
Smooth"tries to act cool.

56 People

Christopher Alexander
Lacie Alford
Ashley Anderson
Jonathan Anderson
Christina Barber

Michael Bastien
Jan Benecke
Sophia Binello
Christopher Bishop
Scarlett Blake

Andrew Booth
Ryan Brown
Suzanne Brunson
Megan Callahan
Holly Camil

Damian Caraballo
Justin Chance
Jack Clarendon
Amanda Clevenger
Kelly Clifford

Ross Clouser
Caitlin Coffey
Yolani Cruz-Plemons
Aurelie Daunas
Jeremy Davis

Leah Deese
Natalie Degenhardt
Jamie Degrove
Thomas Delaney
Elizabeth Delker


Juniors 57


Christopher Demontmollin
Katherine Desmond
Laura Dolan
Stacy Dyson
Robert Egberts

Barbara Elder
Andrea Estrada-Martinez
Chantel Fitz
Kelley Flournoy
Eden Fonorow

Brenton Green
Reginald Griffin
Crystal Groce
Ashley Hagen-Santangelo
Lisa Hager

Dylan Hayes-Morrison
Jessica Howell
Benjamin Howieson
Erin Hreha
Shan Huuda

Kayla Israel-Ogulnick
Kenneth Jacobs
Marc Jesse
Eric Jewell
Catherine Jones

Darren Jones
Sotaro Kato
Lauren Lehman
Bryan Liciaga-Recci
Adonis Lindsey

58 People

~- ---3r'--

_^ --"'^r'.'"*-- ^ *"' ---"" ---~~\


Titus Loss
Christopher Luca
Ryan Luca
Jared Lucas
Matthew Major

Ryne Malone
Andrew Marcus
Christina Marston
Elliott Martin
Jeremy Martin

Daniel Massey
Blake McDavid
Jasmine McLaurin
Luis Medal
Michael Merritt

Angel Morgan
Chris Mudra
Linsey Murphy
James Nilon
Michelle Osgood

Shanen Otte
Nadine Perez
Nicole Piper
Regina Platt
Alexander Poser

Carolyn Raviol
Patrick Rivera
Rashaad Robinson
John Rodriguez
Lindsay Rozboril

Juniors 59

Jillian Russell
Maria Santos
Bobby Sawyer
Marie Sedlacek
Naomi Seki

Jean Shenkman
Roy Silvers
Douglas Strickland -
Ashley Szymanski
Ranson Thomas ,

Candace Turner
Kevin Weiss
Jennifer Wiggins
Brittany Wilcox
Brittany Williams

Carlecia Williams
Kevin Willis
Josiah Winfrey
Brent Witt
De'Anna Wyrosdick

Mykhailo Yenatskyy
Thomas Zimmer

Right: Michael
Booth and Chris
Mudra take a break
from their hectic
schedules to play
cards. Juniors
weren't always on

60 People

Left: Jack Clarendon says,
"It's good!" He was on stage
for High Tide, but we're not
sure what he was thinking.

Below: Joyful Juniors and
the lone senior laugh
hysterically at a picture by
Dr. Mead. We're laughing
at them not with them.

Bottom: Junior Blayne
Willis putts on the green.
The junior class has some
sporting all-stars.


Do we have to?

Each grade in high school is a step in
evolving into the adult that each person
becomes after graduating. Freshmen year is
when a student is still considered a middle
schooler and sophomore year is the year of
transition when one starts to become
comfortable in the high school setting. Then
there is the grade before the change of
senior year really begins to seem real. Junior
year was a time when the class of 2003 really
began to grow up.
Decisons such as deciding whether to
dual enroll at Santa Fe or not, taking the
PSATs and SATs, actually begin looking
into colleges, and going that extra step by
taking APAmerican History, English, or
Physics Honors all weighed heavily on the
minds ofjuniors.
"I really like it that I'm finally an upper
classmen but the school workload is a lot
more challenging than the past two years."
explained Maria Santos.
With Dr. Schiffbauer back at her position
as AP English, Ms. Weber in Trig, Mr.
Anderson in American History, and Mr.
Jones teaching Physics, many students were
forced to study much more diligently than
the before. Many found that this year, one
had to actually read the textbooks assigned
in order to survive the courses.
Junior year also meant something else
incredibly important: The realization of how
close Senior year was becoming. "I can't
believe we're going to be seniors next year!"
exclaimed Danielle DeGrove. Along with the
excitement came the awareness that high
school was drawing to an end. Many
students began to not count the days until
school was over but instead dread the
ending of the year.

By Candace Turner

Juniors 61



The wait is finally over!

Life as a 101 grader (a.k.a. sophomore)
was very different from being a freshman.
Many of us, were still trying to adapt and get
comfortable. We ruled over the new
freshman, tried to hang with some of the
juniors, and were totally scared of the
seniors. Turing a sophomore though has it's
advantages, It's the big year of sweet sixteen
and finally being able to get your drivers
license, an invisible freedom we have never
experienced before. Driving isn't all fun and
games, there's a load of responsibility that
comes along with it. Sophomore driver
Michael Peterson quotes that "Starting to
drive is like having complete freedom."
The experience of driving to me was a
very memorable event. I was finally allowed
to have freedom to go where I wanted (to
some extent) and to get to drive to school..
YES!!! No more embarrassing days of
parents dropping you off and picking you up
from school, no more getting up early to
leave for school because with a car I could
leave later and finally just having the
opportunity to drive was a fulfillment to the
Overall 10 grade was a huge leap from 9h
grade, more friends, more freedom and a lot
more responsibility.
-Bryan Lucas

Casey McCrery, shows
off her spirit on
Country day. Team
spirit was unusually
high for the sophomore
class due to the gread
amount of '04 talent in

Devin McKnight and
Carla McKnight show
off their strong cousin
bond. With all the
family connections at
P.K., our student body is
closer than many other
high schools.

Leeroy Johnson goofs
off before football
practice. The
sophomores knew how
to have fun, but got
serious when it was

62 People

Colby Anglin
Jeffrey Banks
Roseanne Bernier
David Blanch
Tara Bongiovanni

Kiel Bootle
Patricia Bums
Aaron Caines
Phillip Carnevale
Caroline Chance

Kaiana Chow
Kenneth Clark
Shannon Conley
Shanica Crider
Simon Crider

Tamera Crockrell
Noah Daigen
Lindsay Dalbec
Charles David
Mark Deford

Ashley Dykes
Everett Easterling
Andre' Faucher
Alexander Feltz
Guerian Fort

Mariana Garcia
Joshua Gill
Ashley Gotay
Brighton Gotro
Kristen Grant

Sophomores 63

-d _, ,,'



Brian Gregalot
Umar Gulistan
Lelia Halback
Travis Hasson
Stormie Heindel

Kyle Helms
Chance Hobbs-Spickard
Philip Hooghuis
Tyler Hope
Andrew Howard

Alexander Huggins
Danielle Hustad-Barnhard
Lee Johnson
Sherrita Johnson
Stephanie Johnson

Benjamin Keathley
Benjamin Kunkle
Jennifer Ladner
Brett Land
Nicole Langlois

Katherine Larsson
Heather Lawrence
Charles Lesch
Halley Levin
Steven Long

Jonathan Lopes
Taryn Lowe
Bethany Lusk
Shannon Mann
Paul Marino



Em^^ 7

64 People

;AI .

Christopher McCord
Casey McCrery
Melissa McEwen
Carla McKnight
Devin McKnight

Skylan McKnight
Nicholas McLocklin
Jessica Mikell
Robin Myers
Julienne Nesmith

Joshua Nichola
Eric Ouko
Heather Parker
Brittany Peters
Michael Ian Peterson

Evan Pollitt
Andrew Pruitt
Vincent Randi
Jessie Reddish
John Robertson

Ashley Robinson
Victor Rosa
Eric Rutledge
Joanna Scian
Gentry Sewell

Jessica Sharpe
Vernon Shelton
Nick Shupe
Ebony Smallwood
Hannah Smith

Sophomores 65

Natalie Starnieri
Tyler Tenbieg
Marilyn Trent
Rachel Vacik
Ian Van Leer

Desiree Viens
Robert Waelder
Evan Walker
Natasha Webb
Patrick Whelpton

Sophomore Victor Rosa
turns away from his
Spanish book to pose
for a picture. It was a
welcomed distraction
from congegating
Spanish verbs.

Tim Dennis, Evan
Pollit, and Chuck Lesch
eat pizza and drink
Coke during a SADD
meeting. The
sophomore class made
up a good portion of all
clubs and extracurricular

66 People

Shannon Connelly
waves her ribbon around
in Flag Corps practice.
Who would have known
the the Color Gueard
actually practices their

Josh Gill and Evan
Walker sit in the
Guidance office
attempting to look
angelic. Their favorite
saying was "Innocent
until proven guilty."
Phillip Carnevale is
perplexed by a
chemistry experiment.
Mr. Deische's class
proved to be a challenge
to many Sophomores
and Juniors.

Two Down, Two

to Go

Class of '04 moves up

Developing into a sophomore occurred
when students survived landmark events
like turning sixteen, driving a car, and taking
Ms. Ruszczyk's class. It also brought
challenges like dealing with parents, passing
Mr. Doppen's criterions, and paying for gas.
"The work and responsibilities we got this
year were harder than the last. Next year is
going to be even trickier," commented
sophomore Nadine Bernier. Everybody this
year experienced hardships like paying
attention to teachers and completing
homework. They also had to deal with
friends, relationships, sex, and drugs.
"Everybody I know was faced with some
type of problem this year. It's really
unavoidable the older we get, even if it's
missing an assignment or just a simple feud
with friends, its all part of growing up."
Caroline Chance said.
We are no longer the new "fresh-meat
youngins", but rather a group of maturing
young adults ready to take on
responsibilities. We proved this year that we
have the potential to be upperclassmen and
in one year, we will rule the school.
When asked about this year, sophomores
replied that they will miss many things. We
will no longer look up to anybody but rather
others will look up to us. We will never have
a crazier English teacher, and we will truly
miss the walks in the halls of pure gossip.
When asked about the sophomores, Carla
McKnight stated, "Being the sophomore
president, I think these are the coolest
bunch of people, and the friendliest crew
around. This year has been great but the
next will be ten times better!"

Sophomores 67

Hot Ten Reasons

Why Ninth Grade is better than
Middle School

10.) Mr. Steele is no longer
on your wing.

9.) You don't have to wait
until the middle of third
block to eat lunch.

8.) Your grades aren't
worthless anymore.

7.) You have Mrs. Creveling
as a teacher.

6.)You are assigned a locker
on the high school wing.

5.)You play Sim City in

4.)You can start taking
honors classes.

3.)You might have the
privilege of having "slacking
seniors" in your classes.

2.)Dating takes on a whole
new meaning.

1.) You are that much closer
to graduation.

The class of 2005 puts
on a great show during
High Tide. 2001
marked the first year
that freshmen felt
confident enough to let
their talents shine in
front of the entire
student body during
homecoming week.

Fresmen Megan Leslie
and Brianna Lyles show
off their school spirit
on "Pajama Day".
Although many
freshmen were new to
the school, they did not
hesitate to let the world
know that they bleed
blue and white.

Wasting time before
class, Freshmen
Shannon Outman and
Jenna Rowland gossip in
front of Mrs. Weber's
room. That bench was
one of the favorite
hangouts for the class
of '05

68 People

William Abbitt
Harmony Allen
Gregory Anderson
Scott Andrade
Erin Armstrong

Wesley Asbell
Laronda Becker
John Benton
Jason Bergmann
Jeffrey Bogle

James Byrd
Derek Cason
Lashay Clayton
Patrick Conway
Nicholas Costantino

Camille Crawford
Aaron Daigen
Sarah Dardis
Brittany Days
Lauren Degrove

Rebekah Delker
Megan. Deluca
Dominic Digloria
David Dilibero
Henry Drake

Devin Duncan
Stephen Durant
Kristofer Eccles
Angelica Edwards
Christopher Ellingham

Freshmen 69

Sara Emmons
Shayna Estes
Ann-Marie Fernando
Matthew Floyd
Carrie Fraser

Westley Free
Lakotah Friedman
Nicole Garcia
Delonte' Gavins
Matthew Glicco

Karen Glover
Sonya Graham
Joseph Gravois
Faith Guerry
Dawn Hager

Nirelle Hampton
Nasyra Handal
Amanda Haynes
Abigail Heit
Kelley Heitzman

Timothy Hoggard
Ashley Holbrook
Shalondan Hollingshed
Ivan Hoogesteijn
James Hord

James Hughes
Pierce Jacobson
Shelaine James
Curtis Jones
Tamara Jones


70 People

Ryan Keohane
Austin King
Fabian Kraft
David Lane
Haniph Latchman

Amanda Lawrence
Latara Lawson
Megan Leslie
Tiahna Luckie
Brianna Lyles

Robyn Marcus
Kristen McCarter
Chase McDavid
Ashley McDonald
Jessica McDonald

Kenan McGill
Latalyia McKnight
Nathan McLaughlin
Meggin Meeds
Celeste Melendez

Candace Monroe
Raven Monroe
Nick Mudra
Daniel Murawsky
Shannon Murray

Bradford Neel
Shane Newby
Weston Nuetzi
Amanda Nutt
Victoria Olegario

Freshmen 71

A Vm i

Haley Osbrach
Corey Osgood
Shannon Outman
Joseph Pauzauskie
Anthony Porter

Trey Rapczak
Jessica Reddish
Lynette Rivera
Tasheena Robinson
John Rowell

Jena Rowland
Caitlyn Ruegger
Sarah Ruegger
Cren Sanchez
Vanessa Sargent

Jason Sauls
Ryan Schmidt
Ian Scohier
Constance Scott
Gary Siebein

Monica Smith
Mark Sollenberger
Sean Specie
Scott Spurrier
Shannon Stuckman

Sara Swearingen
Anna Sylvia
Emily Sylvia
Summer Taylor
Matthew Thackrey

\ y)tii10 h

72 People

Ptlr' ia

Ellie Townsend
Brittany Underhill
Bliss Wargovich
Danielle Warren
Bryan Williams

Eric Williams
Ashley Williamson
Vanessa Willkomm
Demetris Wilson
Alex Woodard

Camille Wright
James Wright

YEE-HAW! Freshmen
Alex Woodard and Scott
Andrade practice the
banjo. The Freshman
class had a unique sense
of style.

Sharing a muffin before
school, Freshmen Sara
Swearingen and Ellie
Townsend shoot the
breeze. Freshman year
was full of responsibility
and free time.

Freshmen 73

L n4 m'P.



At the top of

the class

Finally you've made it, you're at the top of the
middle school. You've struggled through the
agonizing, awkward years of eighth grade and
seventh grade, and you've made it to the top.
Eighth grade is when you finally break through
that awkward mold. You've become who you are.
You've settled into your skin by this time ( well for
most people). This is sure to be the best year of
your life.
The last step until high school, eighth grade is
by far the best year of all. The eighth graders are
on top of the world as they rule over the seventh
and sixth graders. They receive the respect they
deserve and they are looked up to as role models
by all of the middle school.
Eighth grade is a very big year because it's the
year that all the students begin making bigger
decisions about their life. They decide if they will
leave to go to a new high school or if they will stay
at P.K. to stick it out for four more years.
It's not all bad, though. The eighth grader
student can look forward to the two biggest events
of the year: the eighth grade social, the next best
thing to the high school prom, and eighth grade
graduation, the final step of middle school and the
first step of high school.
My memories of eighth grade were very happy:
hanging with my friends, having the best teachers,
like Mr. Steele, and being at the top of middle
school. I think If I had a chance to do it all over
again, I would of done it the same way.
Even though senior year may be one of the
most dramatic of years of them all, I would have to
say that, when it's all said and done, the last year
of middle school is the best thing anyone could
ever experience.

-Bryan Lucas

Above: A group
of girls take a
break from
gossiping about
all of those hot
middle school
boys and flash
their pearly
whites for the

Right: Taking a
break from the
stresses of
eighth grade life,
this studious
bunch read for

Right: Art class
demands the
focus and
attention of
Mike Delaney,
Rich Hutson, and
The three
expanded their
during sixth
period art class.

74 People


... ..l....

--5 ~~ll

8th Grade 75


Kyle Abernathy
Kayla Alford
Amanda Andrews
Merry Kathry Anthony-Deford
Jude Bailey
Bryan Bain
Kendrick Baker

Amanda Beauregard
Carissa Beck
Sarah Becker
Maria Betancourt
Steven Bottcher
Aaron Brame
Mandi Brown

Latrisha Campbell
Cody Chadwick
Jake Cochran
Laura Croley
Rebecca Cumbaa
Elyse Cusack
Andrew Day

Michael Delaney
Danielle Dixon-Brown
Elizabeth Dykstra
Candace Estes
Ira Faupel
Valerie Flournoy
Stephanie Foote

Jordan Geveshausen
Shelby Gillis
Michael Glendinning
Joseph Goodnight
Brittany Gordon
Kenneth Gotay
Norman Gramig

Donna Grant
Evan Greenstein
Robert Hagan
Ashley Hankison
Samuel Harlan
Nicholas Hauzer
Samantha Heflin

Allyson Hirneise
Bailey Holbrook
Ashley Huff
James Huff
Aaron Huggins
Abraham Hunt
Richard Hutson

Josh Irwin
Matthew James
Shavonda James
Benjamin Johnson
Cedric Jones
Kristopher Junior
Katherine Junkins

Daniel Katz
Jessica Keroack
Danielle Kitchens
Valerie Landry
Michael Lane
Meghan Langlois
Benjamin Lansford

Alexander Latour
Stephanie Lloyd
Jessica Locke
Julius Long
Lisa Lucas
Sarah Massey
John Mathis

Alfred Maxwell
Faith McCarty
Patrick McEwen
Nancy Melendez
Raymond Mollison
Jamila Morrison
Samuel Mountain

Nelly Njeru
Andrew Olson
Maria Owens
James Pagliuca
Ana Perez
Raquel Petree
Ryan Primous

Alexandra Rhodes
Derrick Robinson
Jose Rosa
Elizabeth Sarp
Angela Scott
Marley Sewell
Michael Shea

James Smith
Labrecia Smith
Lura Snyder
Douglas Spinney
Dennis Starling
Josh Taylor
Kali Tenbieg


76 People


Daniel Thomas
Roselyn Todd
Crystal Turner
Tavares Turner
Loreley Vander Laan
Christina Waters
Stephanie Waters

Left: Showing off her spirit at
High Tide, Valerie Landry dances
for everyone. Hopefully, she'll be
equally as spirited next year.

Above: Eighth grade Crystal Turner
takes time out to help her fellow
students. Everyone approved of
Crystal's altruism.

8th Grade 77

2 double 07

Some where

in the Middle...
No longer the youngsters of middle school, the
big, bad seventh graders are prepare to rule the
middle school. This year's life experiences have
taught them many valuable lessons in love,
relationships, and friendships. The drama of their
"on again off again" statuses drove even the
coolest seventh grader crazy. Friendships grew
stronger and closer as the year progressed.
Towards the end of the year, the seventh graders
realized the importance of close relationships.
After all, school isn't only about learning. It's also
a place to bond with classmates.
After the awkward sixth grade year, the seventh
graders were more relaxed and able to attack
upcoming challenges. School work and teachers
no longer intimidated these experienced students.
Seventh grade Danielle Murray stated, I'm so
over middle school! I'm ready to move onto high
school." This statement captured the overall
feelings of seventh grader students towards
middle school. Having two whole years of middle
school under their belts, the future eighth graders
are ready to guide the younger students down the
right path.
"Secret agent man, secret agent man..." The
class of 007 has adopted the James Bond attitude
towards school. When this grade collaborates
together, they can make even the most boring task
a scandalous adventure. One never knows what to
expect next from this unpredictable group. All of
these are qualities that will distinguish this class
from the rest.
Although the 07 gang busters are anxious to
mature into high school students, they still look
forward to their eighth grade year as top dogs.
Through the good and bad times, this tight-nit
group has always been able to depend on each
other. Hopefully, this bond will stay with them not
only through middle school, but also their entire
high school career.

-Natalie Degenhardt &Michelle Osgood

Bottom: A group
of seventh grade
girls finish their
lunch in the
cafeteria. Even
middle schoolers
regretted hearing
the bell signaling
them back to

Right: Seventh
grade Jai
hard on his work
during class.
Seventh grade
was considered
more difficult
than sixth.
Middle: Another
group of Seventh
graders show off
their dancing
skills during
class. Most of
the seventh
graders loved to
play around and
during the day.


78 People

_ L ,
Ir Ur

David Acosta
John Ames
Geoffrey Anderson
Michael Anderson
Shakerra Baker
Tequilia Banks
Brittany Bastien

Edward Beatty
Stephen Benthall
Frank Boe
Felipe Bombonato
Paige Bredeson
Andre Brown
Brittany Byrd

Giorgio Campanaro
Christopher Caro
Travis Carthon
Heather Crocker
Ashley Crump
Chelsea Daniels
Brian Daugherty

Alexanderia Days
William Derry
Rachel Dillard
Kristen Dixon
Kristin Dodd
Maggie Dodd
Christopher Dolan

Robert Drake
Chloe Dunnell
Evan Easterling
Jakeob Eskew
Derek Estevez
Adio Faucher-Mutima
Joseph Ferreira

Kelly Flunker
Gary Gale-Shelton
Shannon Gillis
Janna Goachee
Jourdan Goetz
Katrina Gottschalch
Bianca Gras

Chad Graziano
James Hager
Robert Hanley
Whitney Harrington
Sabrina Hayes
Evan Henderson
Kayla Heron

7th Grade 79

Christopher Hilleary
Molly Hoggard
Matthew Honeycutt
Stephen Hooghuis
James Howieson
Jai Hutchinson
Saleha Huuda

Benjamin Ingle
Rebecca Ingram
Janelle Jackson
Kayla James
Sterling Jewell
Marjorie Johnson
Travis Johnson

William Johnson
Kyle Jones
Preston Jones
Travis Jones
Kelly Lasley
Amber Liverman
Heather Lopez

Aaron Lucas
Cody Manucy
Chistopher Mathews
Jessica McCord
Ke'Van McGill
Samuel McPherson
Adrian Miller

Jacob Mitchell
Stephanie Mollison
Danielle Moreau
Mykhael Morris-Brown
Danielle Murray
Ashley Musick
Tikya Nattiel

Mickalina Novikova
Veronica Olegario
Alexis Papadi
Moses Parker
Elisa Pelegrina
Shannon Pollock
Kyle Pons

Willie Powers
Ashley Prevatt
Juliana Rendon
Brent Rist
Juan Rivera
Katherine Sanchez
Alfredo Savo

80 People




1 ot11,.410- 111


Bottom left: John Ames
and friend Robert Drake try
to pay attention in class,
but they develop a case of
the giggles.

Top Right: Outside of the
cafeteria was the hot spot
where most of the seventh
graders ate lunch.

7th Grade 81

Paul Selph
Rachel Sexton
Kelley Sims
A'Metrice Smith
Sydney Smith
Allen Snyder
Loni Spearmon-Griggs

Gardner Spickard
Lannon Stanford
Christina Stenberg
David Stuckman
Andrew Suchman
Jessie Townsend
Keenan Walsh

Whitley Washington
Brandy Waters
Hope Wegener
Ardell Wilcox
Erica Williams
Jake Woodmansee
Stanley Worsham

Brandon Young
Logan Zazo
Dennis Zeigler

Moving on Up

Life as a Sixth


Finally, I've made it to middle school, into sixth
grade, no more elementary school! But is sixth
grade all that it's cracked up to be? Will, I'll tell
you one thing, it is a whole lot different. There is
more homework in sixth grade and less free time.
The biggest difference is block scheduling.
One of the big differences is more homework.
You usually receive homework of some kind in
each class. Personally, homework doesn't bother
me as long as there is not too much. The
assignments aren't very large usually.
Occasionally, I will receive a big assignment but
not very often.
Besides homework, having less free time is a big
difference too. Free time is limited because the
teachers keep students busy. There's not any
recess, but we do have ten minutes between
classes. During class, generally you have plenty
to do. The classes are all fun, and we do cool
activities in them. There is just less time to
socialize in class. Unfair, huh?
Although less time is a big difference, block
scheduling is the biggest. As I see it, block
scheduling is great. We don't have to see some of
those teachers we dislike so often, and if we like
the teacher, we can see them a hundred minutes at
a time. Another plus is we have two days to
complete all of our homework from any class. We
can visit with our friends during the ten minute
break between classes. Block scheduling is the
biggest difference and in my opinion, the best one.
Sixth grade is a lot different in comparison to
elementary school. The three main differences are
block scheduling, more homework, and less free
time. Some of the differences are good while some
are not so good. Sixth grade is much different, but
I enjoy it a lot. All you fifth graders out there, I
recommend P.K. Yonge for your sixth grade year.

-Marissa Lovvorn

Right: A bunch of
students enjoy
their lunch.
Sadly, the sixth
graders had to
eat lunch last all

Hasan and Justin
Feagle laugh at
the camera.
Sixth grade was a
fun, yet ever-

82 People

Richard Alford
Dante Anderson
Stefanie Anderson
Kenneth Armstrong
Miguelangell Asse
Katheryn Beauregard
Kyle Bennett

Charles Bible
Jason Bloom
Michael Callahan
Michelle Campbell
Tyler Cothran
Courtney Davis
Skyla Days

Juliaan Doppen-McCosker
Jared Dorsey
Zachary Dorsey
Mark Dugger
Ashley Dykstra
William Estrin
Kamilah Ewing

Jill Farnsworth
Justin Feagle
Joshua Figueroa
Corey Forehand
Courtney Forehand
Raymond Frazier
Andrea Gale




Andrew Garfield
Brittany Green
Victoria Grimes
Thomas Gross
Katherine Harris
Mohammad Hasan
Steven Heitzman

Charles Hogan
John Honeycutt
Shannon Hope
Rachel Hoyt
Juliana Hughes
Tilman Hunt
Roamules Ivery

Christopher Johnson
Crystal Johnson
Leslye Johnson
Rhea Jones
Shumaya Jones
Trenise Jones
Daniel Keathley

7th Grade 83


Scott Kelly
Cory Kempton
Kasey Kiebach
Casey King
Kelly Landry
Anthony Lipe-Ladenheim
Marissa Lovvorn

Tanner Lowe
Ashley Madison
Nolan Malone
Danielle Marston
Terence McCarter
Shane McCort
Kelli McCrery

Matthew McEwen
Dwayne McGee
James McGill
Alan Medrano
Marvin Melendez
Mariel Mena
Marie Mendoza

Alex Mikkelsen
Eric Millsaps
Jesse Morgan
Margaret Morse
Adam Muir
Michael Murawsky
Tatum Nichtberger

Kevin Njeru
Preetika Pai
Lewis Palmer
Grant Patterson
Fidelis Pe Benito
Michael Perry
Andrea Potter

James Ratliff
Tirsa Rogers
Leon Rowe
Sofia Royce
Dellora Rushing
Eric Rustemier
Rebecca Scales

Matthew Scian
Teresa Sealey
Jarred Shannon
Rebecca Shuping
Mary Silvers
Colin Spears
Ryan Specie

,"[ "\,


84 People

-. .

Robon Starling
James Suggs
Kaitlyn Sullivan
Paula Sullivan
Christopher Sunkett
Darius Taylor
Austin Thomas

Jenae Todd
Nickolus Turner
Dione Tyson
Victoria Van Arnam
Shayla Wallace
Toccoa Walsh
Elliott Welker

Alexi Wilcox
Christen Williams
Eric Williams
Shanterria Williams
Stephanie-Re Williams
Lindsey Woodmansee
Lindsey Woodmansee

Jonathan Zazo
Joshua Zeile

Left: Several
students smoosh
together to chat
and chew.

Below: Elliot
Degenhardt feels
the love from
those adorable
girls. Although
they had to sit
inside all year,
they had a great

7th Grade 85

r 1 -j

From Student to Teacher

From students to teachers, P.K. Yonge fosters intellectual
and spiritual growth. I arrived at P.K. in the fourth grade, an
impoverished child from a broken family, and immediately realized
why P.K. differed from the other elementary schools I had attended.
At P.K., I could no longer disappear into the crowd; into a multitude
of inadequately supervised and intellectual malnourished children.
For the first time in my life, caring teachers and supportive faculty
encouraged me to realize and actualize opportunities that had once
eluded me. Diagnosed as hyperactive and often singled out in other
schools as a troublemaker, P.K. endured me, nurtured me, and
prepared me for the world by supplying me with the intellectual and
creative impetus to educate myself and transform my life.
Recently, I abandoned my career in journalism and
returned to P.K. to teach in a strong community continually that
advocates the advancement of young minds and strives against
diverse obstacles to enlighten our future. The times have changed
and so have some of the faces, but the intentions of teachers and
faculty have remained the same. Whether helping students to
understand the subtleties of the Civil War, to fathom the complexity
of geometric designs, or to explore the versatility of Native
American literature, P.K. Yonge teachers and faculty continue to
expand minds, enrich lives, and build communities. P.K. Yonge
requires members of its family to perceive life as an evolving
learning experience that propels the individual toward positive
-Noahjohn Dittmar

Top Right: Coach Cox
prepares for another
traumatic dunking in
the frigid fall weather.
Faculty often
participated in school
fund-raisers to show
their Blue Wave love.

Far Right: Much loved
middle school teacher,
Herb Schwartz hurries
to the bus to make it on
time for his field trip.
Mr. Schwartz was
responsible for several
successful trips.

Right: Mindy Augustine
saunters to her next
class. Many teachers
smile when they spy
their students in the

86 People


Renee Andrews
Jayne Baker
Kathy Bastien
Lawson Brown
Crystal Camuccio

David Capaz
Gail Carr
Katie Carson
Penny Chou
Wes Corbett

Betsy Creveling
Greg Cunningham
Chris Deisch
Noahjohn Dittmar
Margie Donnelly

Frans Doppen
Brent Farmer
Amanda Helberg
Ina Hines
Randall Hollinger

Lauren Howard
Janice Johnson
Julie Johnson
Griff Jones
Cindy King

Faculty 87

Linda Litzkow
Joe Locke
Karen Lovett
Iona Malanchuk
Brian Marchman

Chris Morris
Joanne Pohlman
Willie Powers
Kathy Robertson
Loretta Robinson

Jessica Ruszczyk
Thomas Ruszczyk
Debbie Savage
Peggy Sedlacek
Renee Simmons

Shirley Sirmons
Dianne Skye
Anna Sperring
Carol Sprague
Karen Sroka

Jere Steele
Kelly Dolan
Stephanie Warmoth
Kristin Weller
Rew Woodruff

88 People


- s

Top Right: Thomas
Ruszczyk tries to grab
some lunch during his
sixth period planning.
Mr. Ruszczyk's planning
was often interrupted by
Yearbook antics.

Top Left: Mark Reed
delivers another
monumental speech
about the short
ceremony of graduation
this year. Many seniors
crumbled under Mr.
Reed's criterion system.

Bottom: Jessica
Ruszczyk flashes her
game face during
Homecoming Week. A
few spirited teachers
participated in the

Faculty 89

4 4

Sports at P.K. Yonge are a big part of students' lives. Whether playing on a team or just cheering at the games for fellow They had youth. A lot of the key players on many of the teams were sophomores or younger. Even some middle school players
classmates, everyone enjoys the sports programs at P.K. Yonge. With every sports program comes tradition. Many great athletes have stepped up and became key factors to the success of our teams. P.K. Yonge is lucky that we have the ability to have middle
have come through the sports programs here. Athletes like Willie and Terry Jackson, Chris Doering, Travis McGriffand Robert school athletes play because coaches are able to coach young players early and build them up they can provide an excellent
Baker, who all are now in the NFL, have played sports here. Others include Randall Leath and recent graduates Ash'lea Moore and contribution to their team while at the varsity level (if they aren't already playing a varsity sport). With the ability to have middle
Terry Williams. Today's athletes hope to continue the tradition that these people started and nurtured. Today teen athletes strive schoolers and freshmen contribute on the varsity level, P.K. Yonge's sports programs should anticipate many successful years to
to follow each one of these player's footsteps by succeeding in sports. come.
The sports here are very competitive. We strive for nothing but the best ,and if we can't get the best, we are disappointed. For Being involved in sports also builds friendships and makes a team come together by working together as one. Being in one sport
most teams, their goals are to win a district title at the least, but most teams aim for a birth in the state final four. The volleyball for about three months out of the year and enduring long, hard practices helps to make a team stick together through thick or thin.
team made it back to state for the third time in three years and by the looks of it, they will probably have many trips back to Disney Coaches at P.K. encourage each of their players to lift one another up instead of putting one another down. Each athlete is taught to
in the future. The football team went deep into the playoffs just like they had in the last few years, and they have potential, one help one another out because they are part of a family that requires an intense commitment for a long period of time. A prime
day, to win a state title that they fell short of in the past few years. example of having to stick together was when the football team had a "come from behind" victory during overtime against a very
All the programs had something in common just like they have had for the longest of times. Each team shared a valuable asset. tough Lafayette team. Another was when the basketball team had a tough season losing many close games, but, then, they stuck it
out and won when it really counted. We take great pride in our sports here at P.K. Yonge, and we will for many years to come.
90 Spt D n -Cory Mitchell
90 Sports Division Sports Div


Football Scores Big on the


The 2000 varsity football team
ended their season with a 12-1
record. No one thought that this
great accomplishment could be
matched. But, once the 2001
team set foot on the field, they
made history once more. For the
second year in a row, the Blue
Wave ended the regular season
The 2001 squad was lead by
Seniors Stefan Gainey, T.L.
Cleinfelter, Cory Mitchell, Jimmie
O'Neal, Marquase Lovings and
Kyle McCrery. These group of
seniors, along with a cast of
other seniors, were the most
successful group of players in
Blue Wave history.
The team had some tough
tests on their way to a perfect
regular season. Among them
were class 4A Gainesville High

class 2A West Nassua County
and an overtime nail-biter over
district foe Lafayette. Along
with those victories, the Blue
Wave beat arch rival Newberry
once again.
The Blue Wave football team
entered the playoffs just like
they did last year, undefeated.
They went through the first and
second rounds easily. But, just
like last year, they ended up
losing a heart breaker in the
third round. This time it was
against power house Trinity
Christian with a score of 35-21.
About the team, Alex Poser
commented, "We had a great
group of guys out there who
worked hard at all times and
really loved to play the game."

-Cory Mitchell

Varsity Football Team, Back Row, left to right: Vernon Shelton, Kyle McCrery, Elliott Martin, Lance Lawson, Marquase
Loving, Dan Massey, Brent Green, Kai Chow, T.L. Clinefelter. 3rd Row, left to right: Chris Mudra, Adam Poppell, Eric
Rutlege, Stefan Gamev, Jimmie O'Neal, Alex Poser, Noah Daigen, Chris Bishop, Phillip Hooghuis. 2nd Row, left to
right: alph Jackson, Eric Jewell, Cory Mitchell, Jeremy Martin, Steven Long, Justin Canchola, Mike Heflinger, Robert
Egberts. Front Row, left to right: Ray Griffin, Pat Nilon, R.B. Brown, Michael Booth, Marlon Awuma, Rashaad
Robinson, Chris DeMontmollin

Left: Senior Kyle
McCrery makes a great
catch. Kyle was a go-to
receiver for the Blue

Above: Quarterback Cory
Mitchell hands the ball to
Senior Jimmie O'Neil. These
two were essential for the
running and passing attack.

Varsity Football 93

Below: Junior Eric
"Jewce" Jewell runs with
the ball. Jewce's speed
was a big asset to the
team's success.


Date Opponent Result

8/24 Florida High W

8/30 GHS W

9/7 W. Nassau W

9/14 Branford W

9/21 Bell W

10/5 Mayo W

10/12 Trenton W

10/19Bronson W

10/26Hawthorne W

11/1 Newberry W

11/9 Trinity Prep W

92 Sports


Date Opponent Result







The J.V. football team had yet
another stellar season. For the
second year in a row, the
program went undefeated. They
did it in a fine fashion too,
blowing out their opponents by a
combined score of 213-62.
This year's J.V. team was very
young. The majority of the team
were eighth and ninth graders.
Leading this young team were
tenth graders Jeff Banks, Eric
Ouko, LeeRoy Johnson, Patrick
Welpton, and Mark DeFord. The
sophomore group provided great
experience and leadership that
the team needed to succeed.
The 2001 J.V. head coach was
P.K. alum Sloan Anderson in
only his second year with the J.V.
team. Helping him out were first
year assistant coaches, Shaun
Budney and Mike Ruegger;

Above: Sophomore Jeff
Banks drops back for a
pass. Jeff lead the blue
wave at QB, to an
undefeated season.

Right: Freshman Derek
Cason runs for the end
zone. He was a big part
of the Blue Wave
running game.

J.V. Football team, Top Row, Left to Right: lan Vanleer, Eric Williams, Aaron Daigen, John Robertson, Paul Marino, Steven
Durant, Patrick Whelpton, Phillip Hooghuis, Timmy Gotay, Dennis Zeigler, Ben Kunkle. Third Row, Left to Right: Weston
Nueti, Derek Cason, Sean Specie, Mark DeFord, Eric Ouko, Daniel Murasky, Gary Seibein, Chase McDavid, Ryan Keohane.
Second Row, Left to Right: Dennis Starling, James Hughes, Hank Abbit, Scott Spurrier, Jacob Mitchell, James Huff, James
Pagliuca, Nick Mudra, D.J. Wilson, Chris Junior. Front Row, Left to Right: LeeRoy Johnson. Devin McKnight, Jeff Banks, Devin
Duncan, Derrick Robinson, Alfred Maxwell, Mark Williams, Julius Long, Doc Burnett, Gerod Williams.

J.V. Football 95

94 Sports

Below: Eigth-grader
Nick Hauzer punts the
ball away. Nick was a
very consistent punter.


J.V. tears up the gridiron

not to mention defensive coach
Rodney Long who's been with
the program in previous
With only one loss in the last
three years, the bluewave J.V.
program has provided a
foundation to the great tradition
that the varsity football team
continues. Because this team
was so young, the J.V. and
varsity should look forward to
more great seasons to come.
Mark DeFord had this to say
about this year's squad, "I had a
really good time out there this
year and so did the other guys.
We gelled together as a team
and triumphed to an undefeated

-Cory Mitchell

Below: Freshmen
Megan Deluca
concentrates as she sets
up her demanding serve.


Wave Volleyball Rides The Tide in 2001

After winning the state title
last year, the Blue Wave
volleyball team set high
standards for this season. This
season looked promising with
returning starters Senior Kate
Creveling, Sophomore Marcie
Hampton, Freshmen Megan
DeLuca, and Freshmen Nirelle
Hampton. Blue Wave Captains
Marcie Hampton, Kate Creveling,
and Lauren Cockerham along
with returning Seniors Katie
Osgard and Liz Farmer provided
leadership to the team by serving
as positive role models. "I think
this was even better than last
year. We had a whole new set of
players, which made this year
different, but we expect even
more success," commented

As the post season arrived,
the team's performance peaked.
They breezed through the first
two rounds of regionals and
beat Chiefland for the regional
championship, marking the third
time in a row that the Lady
Wave made it to the State
The Wave had to
confront Tampa Prep, ranked
number one, in the semifinals at
State. They had already lost to
Prep two previous times and
knew the task would be difficult.
Unfortunately, the Wave was
unable to defeat Tampa Prep in a
nail biting 6-15, 15-6, 12-15 loss.
Though disappointed, the
season was a success, and it
was memorable to all.
Michael Peterson

Volleyball Team: back row, left to right: Lauren Cockerham, Kate Creveling, Marcie Hampton, Danielle
Degrove, Janine Williams, Nirelle Hampton. front row, left to right: Stephanie Waters, Elizabeth Farmer,
Lauren Lehman, Elyse Cusack, Michelle Whitney, Katie Osgard, Megan Deluca.

Left: Senior Kate
Creveling stretches high
and slams the ball.
propelling it over the

Above: Sophomore
Marcie Hampton
prepares to spike the
ball as Nirelle and
Lauren rush in for

96 Sports

Varsity Volleyball 97


Date Opponent Result
8/28 Union Co. W
8/30 Buchholz W

Below: Sophomore
Kristen Grant prepares
to block the ball.
Kristen played middle
blocker for the J.V.


Date Opponent Result
Junior Varsity

8/28 Union County W

8/30 Buchholz L

9/4 Union County L

9/6 Newberry W

9/25 Hawthorne W

9/27 Newberry W

10/5 Tampa Prep L

10/5 Berkley Prep L

10/5 IndianRiver L

10/9 Hawthorne W

working hard," commented a J.V.
player. Varsity captain Kate
Creveling was excited by the
number of girls who have started
playing at such a young age.
"It's great to see such a large
group of girls interested in
volleyball at such a young age.
The program will benefit from
girls with so many years of
experience. They will carry on a
winning tradition." Kate said.
With dedication and effort, the
Blue Wave volleyball program
will continue to succeed for
many more years.

-Caroline Chance and
Ashley Harden

Right: Stephanie
Waters passes the ball
to the setter.
Stephanie was a major
contributor as an
eighth grader.

Above: The middle
school team poses for a
group shot. They always
seemed to be clowning

Above: 2001-2002 J.V. Volleyball Team. Top row, left to right: Rande Grant, Sarah Massey, Kristen Grant,
Casey McCrery, Valerie Flourenoy. Front row (left to right) Natalie Sparneir, Haley Osbrach, Beth Lusk,
Lauren Degrove, Nasyra Handal, and Stephanie Waters.

Right: Sophomore Jules
Nesmith serves the ball
to the opponents. The
team counted on Jules
for her hard hits.

J.V. /Middle School Volleyball 99

98 Sports

Yon e Spikers

ring Up Aces

Although the J.V. and middle
school volleyball teams were
young, they possessed
tremendous talent. With so many
dedicated girls, the team was full
of spirit and teamwork. "We
came together as a team this year
and overcame many obstacles,"
said Sophomore Kristin Grant.
These obstacles included
competing against difficult
schools and resolving team
Both teams proved their
dedication by practicing for two
hours each day after school. The
volleyball team started the
season ready to play. The girls
favored efficiency and used their
time wisely. "Our coach is great,
we were able to have fun while



The Blue Wave golf team
encountered many
expectations during the 2001-
2002 season. Juniors Justin
Chance and Darren Jones
provided leadership for the
team; this was their third year
on the team. Much was also
expected from Freshmen
David "Baby Tiger" Dilibero
who has been on the team
since the sixth grade. Dilibero
provided plenty of skill and
energy to the Blue Wave golf
team. Also, an essential
component of the Blue Wave
golf team was Sophomore
Andrew Howard who came to
P.K. from Canada this year.
Sophomore Evan Walker
influenced the team with a
strong game and a rigorous
work ethic.
Junior Justin Chance

commented that his favorite
thing about playing golf this
year was, "hanging out and
goofing around with the guys,
but at the same time, serious
competing and a tough title
run." Chance also said that he
was, "hoping to win the district
and finish at least in the top four
at regionals." District foe Oak
Hall was the biggest challenge
at the district meet for the Wave.
Jack Creveling, class of'98
alum and former member of the
golf team, mentored the team
this year. Though very young,
the team possessed a
tremendous amount of talent,
inspiring the team and its fans
before districts and regionals.

Michael Peterson


Golf team left to right: Andrew Howard, Blayne Willis, Darren Jones, Evan Walker, David Dilibero, Justin
Chance, and Coach Jack Creveling.

Left: Freshman David
Dilibero follows through
on his shot. David
often accomplished a
low score for the Wave.

Above: Junior Darren
Jones eyes his next
putt. Golf requires
mental stamina.

100 Sports

)le in 20

Golf Swings To

Below: Evan Walker
watches his ball fly
down the fairway.
Evan's long drives were
essential to his game.


3ate Opponent Result
8/27 Chiefland W
8/27 OakHall L
8/28 GHS L
8/28 Santa Fe W
9/4 Keystone L
9/11 Williston W
9/20 Countryside W
9/25 Eastside W
9/25 Lake Weir L
10/2 Santa Fe L
10/2 The Rock W
10/9 Eastside W
10/9 Lafayette W
10/11 Oak Hall L
10/18 County Toum. 4th
10/22 Districts 2nd
10/29 Regionals 6th

Golf 101

Colby Anglin practices
before a meet. This
sophomore made it
look so easy!


Cross Country

Soles on Fire

A new coach and lots of effort
lead P.K. Yonge's cross country
team to success. Even though
the team was fairly new, they
definitely proved themselves
worthy. The team made it to the
state championship this year for
the first time in seventeen years
as a result of rigorous training.
The cross country team
practices more then any other
team at P.K. The boys and girls
run four to eight miles each day
before school, and they run until
5:30 every day after school. They
even practice on Saturdays and
Junior Crystal Groce and team
captain for the girls' team said,
"I'm glad to see our hard work
paid off." The girls struggled at
the beginning of the year with a

new team. Only two athletes
returned from the previous year.
But the guidance of new coach
Randy Hollinger, fourth grade
teacher, encouraged the girls to
become a team.
The boys' team gained five
returning runners. They were
determined to achieve their goal
of winning the state
championship. Boys' team
captain, senior Mark Hannah,
said, "I started cross country
just to stay in shape, but now
I'm doing it for the love of the
sport." Crystal Groce said, "I
like to run!" when asked why
she participates in cross
Cross country made P.K.
proud this year, and the future
looks promising.
-Ashley Harden

Sophomore Simon
Crider and Seventh
grader David Stuckman
make the final sprint to
the finish line.

Girls team captain,
junior Crystal Groce
finishes her race. She
was the number one
runner on the girls'

Team members, top row: (left to right) Coach Coswell Depeiza, Chris Eckles, David Stuckman, Simon
Crider, Candace Turner, Mark Hannah, Joey Spanbauer, Brendon Ebersole-Boswell, Danny Fay, Grant
Patterson, James Hager, Chris Caro and Coach Randy Hollinger. Bottom row: (left to right) Bliss
Worgavich, Jenae Todd, Jena Rowland, Colby Anglin, Shannon Outman, Adio Faucher-Mutima, James

Cross Country 103

102 Sports





Below: Seniors Lori
Singerman, Brenda
Pagliuca, and Heather
Brown demonstrate
their spirit for the Blue

Our team is red hot

"This year has been the best
year ever!" Senior co-captain
Heather Brown exclaimed. Senior
Ashley Depeiza was the other
co-captain for the varsity
cheerleaders. With the help of
new coach and former P.K.
cheerleader, Ashley Poser, the
2001-2002 year was a success for
the cheerleaders.
Since the beginning of the
season, the squad shared many
long lasting memories like the
#26 fan club and the bug
problem. No one could forget
how Coach Po always moved
junior Brittany "Grimmi" Williams
for talking too much. The squad
usually dined together at Joe's
Deli and their favorite Chinese
restaurants. At practices and
games, all of the girls tried to "be
good," hoping to get Coach Po's

candy-treats for demonstrating
good behavior. The girls
overcame several difficulties:
mismatching uniforms, staying
quiet on the bus, and other
squad conflicts.
This year's squad presented
more advanced stunts and
cheers than recent years, even
though over half of the girls in
the group were newcomers. The
eight seniors on the team
contributed leadership which
guided the team throughout the
As a result of all of their extra
hard work, the varsity
cheerleading squad was a major
inspiration during P.K.'s
successful football and
basketball seasons.

-Halley Levin

Above: The 2001-2002 varsity cheerleading squad poses for a group picture. Top row, left to right: Tamera
Crockrell, Heather Brown, Stacey Dyson, Caroline Chance. Middle Row: Halley Levin, Kelley Flournoy,
Chantel Fitz, Carey Richards, Brenda Pagliuca, Brittany Williams, Ashley Depeiza, and Lori Singerman.
Not pictured: Jessica Waters and Sheena Larry.

Left: Senior Carey
Richards performs a
"liberty". Carey
displayed great trust in
her squad members.

Above: Sophmore
Tamera Crockrell and
Senior Brenda Pagliuca
hold the "run-through"
for the G.H.S. game.

Cheerleading 105

104 Sports

Below: "I think we worked well
as a team this year," said
Freshman Captain Bailey
Holbrook. This team displayed
discipline at High Tide.

Enthusiastic, motivated, and hardworking
are just a few of the words that described
the JV cheerleading squad this year. The
squad was especially large throughout the
football season causing many people to
doubt their success at the beginning of the
season. Nonetheless, captains Amanda
Haynes and Taheena Robinson remained
optimistic throughout the whole season.
It began with a long summer for the JV
cheeleaders, filled with fundraisers and
tough practices. Although some
cheerleaders returned to the team from the
previous year, many of the girls were new
and had a lot to learn about the
fundamentals of performing as a cohesive
team. However, led by Coach Kalia
Robinson, they managed to accomplish a
tremendous amount of tasks this year. From
cooperating at cheerleading camp to
performing an exceptional High Tide
routine, the girls displayed their ablilites and

They mastered many difficult routines and
surpassed everyone's expectations. They
showed their dedication to the sports
program the whole year, improving in skill
every day and growing closer. They not
only cheered for the football teams but for all
six basketball teams, with so many girls
wanting to cheer each team was supported
by a number of cheerleaders. "I was happy
to see cheerleaders at all our home games
this year," commented Senior basketball
player Kate Creveling, "We really appreciate
their support." It truly was a year of
development and fun and will only improve
in years to come.

-Tasheena Robinson & Halley Levin

Left: Kali TenBieg and
Samantha Heflin hold
the run-through banner
tightly for the
oncoming football

Above: The JV and
Freshman squad
perform their dance
routine at High Tide.

Right: Ashley Hankison
performs a cheer for
the undefeated JV Blue
Wave football team.

Above: The 2001-2002 JV/Freshman Cheerleading Squad pose as a group. Top from left to right: Samantha
Heflin, Tianna Luckie, Rebecca Cumbaa, Brittany Underhill, Celeste Melendez, Monica Smith, Jessica
McDonald, Kelsey Winfrey, Melissa McEwen, Bailey Holbrook, Ke'van McGill, Tasheena Robinson, Kali
TenBieg, Ashley Crump, Shannon Gillis, Amanda Haynes, Saleha Huuda, Vanessa Sargent, Ashley
Hankison, Tikya Nattiel, and Amanda Andrews.

106 Sports

J.V. Cheerleading 107

Wave go for it...

We are hot!

Below, Senior Cory
Mitchell seeks an
opening. The team
counted on Cory for his
three-point shot.

Shooting Stars

Wave Heats It Up

The 2001-2002 boy's
basketball team had big shoes to
fill after the graduation of
shooting sensation Terry
Williams. They didn't just lose
his leadership. They lost thirty
points a game that seemed
impossible to match by the
remaining members.
With a young team, consisting
of only two seniors, some of the
juniors adopted leadership roles.
Seniors Cory Mitchell and
Marquase Lovings provided
senior leadership, while Juniors
Jeremy Davis and three-year
varsity player, Jeremy Martin
also provided leadership and
guidance to the team.
The loss of Sophomore Eric
Rutledge to injury, the second
leading scorer last year, was
crucial. Other players had to

prove their own by sharing the
pressure of scoring. The
dominant presence of Jeremy
Davis in the post scored the
Wave some much needed
points. Senior Marquase
Lovings stepped up his game
and helped the Blue Wave
accomplish victory. He was one
top scorers for the Wave.
About the team, Jeremy
Martin said, "We started off
slow, but grew as a team and
continually improved. Our team
is a group of hard working
individuals who never gave up
when times were rough. I'm just
glad to be part of the Blue Wave
Basketball tradition."

-Cory Mitchell

Boys Basketball: back row, left to right: Jeremy Martin, Jon McCloud, Jeremy Davis, Alex Huggins,
Marquase Lovings, Elliott Martin, Eric Rutledge. Front row, left to right: Marcus Williams, Eric Jewell,
Chauncey Lampkin, Cory Mitchell, Reggie Johnson, Chris Mudra.

Left, Sophomore Alex
Huggins jumps for the
lay-up. He was a solid
post player for the

Above, Senior Marquase
Lovings looks for his
shot. Marquase
invigorated the team
with his energetic

Varsity Boys Basketball 109


Date Opponent Result
11/27 Buchholz L
11/30 Sante Fe L
12/4 Dixie Cnty W
12/8 Union Cnty W
12/11 Newberry W
12/14 Eastside L
12/21 Gainesville W
12/22 Trinity Chrst L
12/27 Bradford L
12/28 Bartow W
12/29 Sebring W
1/4 Gainesville L
1/5 Eastside L
1/11 Hawthorne L
1/12 St. Thomas L
1/18 Gainesville W
1/19 Dixie Cnty L
1/23 Hawthorne L
1/25 Clearwater Cntry W
1/26 Eustis W
1/29 Newberry W
1/31 Union Cnty W
2/2 Buchholz W
2/6 Eastside W
2/9 Clearwtr C. C. W
2/15 Newberry W
2/16 Hawthorne L

108 Sports

ting upthe Court

Bawlin' Out Of Control

Freshmen Schedule

Date Opponent Result
11/27 Buchholz L
11/30 Santa Fe W
12/14 Eastside W
12/15 The Rock W
12/21 Gainesville
12/22 Trinity Christian
1/8 Branson
1/18 Gainesville
1/19 Bronson
1/22 The Rock
2/2 Buchholz
/6 Eastside
JV Schedule
11/27 Buchholz L
11/30 Santa Fe W
2/4 Dixie County W
12/8 Union County W
2/11 Newberry W
2/14 Eastside W
2/21 Gainesville L
12/22 Trinity Christain L
1/11 Hawthorne W
1/18 Gainesville W
1/19 Dixie County W
1/23 Hawthorne W
1/29 Newberry W
1/31 Union County W
/2 Buchholz W
/6 Eastside L

year's team tried to avenge that
When asked what he hoped to
accomplish, Scott Andrade said, "I
hope to achieve a perfect season."
Returning coach Mr. Marchman
guided the JV boys. Returning
Sophomore Steven Long, returning
Freshman Greg Anderson, and Doc
Burnett led the team with help from
Sophomore transfers Vernon
Shelton, Jeff Banks, Codeye
Woody, and Michael Peterson.
Though tested many times, the
team overcame difficult
accomplishments with flying

-Michael Peterson

Freshmen Basketball team: back row, left to right: Gerod
Williams, Jordan Geverhausen, Matt Thackery, Matt Floyd,
Myck Morris-Brown, Aaron Daigen. Middle row, left to right:
Delonte Gavins, Ryan Griffin, Ben Lansford, Jake Mitchell,
Kendrick Baker, Derek Robinson. Front row, left to right: Travis
Johnson, David Stuckman, Dante Anderson, and Sterling Jewel.

Right: Freshmen Greg
Anderson relies on his
quick feet and dribbling
ability to blow by his

JV Basketball Team: back row, left to right: Dennis Zeigler, Michael Peterson, Codeye Woody, Max
Hoggard, Pat Whelpton, Evan Pollitt, Noah Daigen. Front row, left to right: Vernon Shelton, Scott
Andrade, Steven Long, Willie Powers, Jeff Banks, Dakari Burnett, Greg Anderson.

Freshman/JV Boys Basketball 111

Below: Freshmen Ryan
Griffin shows his skills
on the break away and
anticipates a score.

Entering the 2001-2002 season,
the Freshmen replaced many spots
on the team both offensively and
defensively. After a good season last
year, the Freshmen had to rebuild.
When asked what he expected,
before the season, Matt Thackery
said, "I expect a very successful year
not only displayed in the record but
in the maturity level as well."
First year coach, Mr. Deisch,
mentored the freshmen boys.
Starters Jerod Williams, Matt
Thackery, Ryan Griffin, Ben
Lanceford, and Derek Robinson led
the team. The boys survived a long
and vigorous season. They played
their hearts out, living up to
expectations not only from
themselves but from others as well.
When the 2001-2002 season came
around, the JV boys were hungry for
another undefeated season. After an
undefeated season last year, this

110 Sports



Lady Wave Roll Through Season

The 2001-2002 Lady Wave
came into the season with high
hopes of accomplishing many
things. Going into the season,
the team hoped to avenge their
unexpected and disappointing
loss last year in the regional final.
The girls were tested by top
teams time and again during the
season. The team got an
opportunity to test their skills
with the nation's elite in a
tournament in Fort Myers.
When asked about the
experience, Kate Creveling said,
"It was good to be able to play
some of the nation's best. Even
though we lost, it was a great
learning experience for the team."
In her fourth season, Senior Kate
Creveling demonstrated
persistent leadership for the Blue

Scoring sensation, Ashely
McDonald lead the team in
scoring this past year and in the
previous year, as well. She was
a big offensive threat because
of her poise and natural ability
on the court. The team was
coached by Larry Moore. This
was Larry's third year coaching,
but Larry was more than a
coach, he proved to be a friend
as well. The Lady Wave
matured immensely during the
season. The team was very
young, but even though they
were young, they were able to
accomplish their goals in the
2001-2002 season by making it
to the State Final Four for the
second time in three years.

Michael Peterson

Below: Freshmen Ashley
McDonald follows through
after shooting a three point
basket. Ashley was the team's
leading scorer.

Girls Basketball: back row, left to right: Carla McKnight, Kate Creveling, Marcie Hampton, Adonis
Lindsey, Shalondan Hollingshed, Brittnay Wilcox. front row, left to right: Shannon Stuckman, Sherita
Johnson, Megan Callahan, Suzanne Brunson, Michelle Williams. Not Pictured: Ashley McDonald.

Left: Sophomore Carla
McKnight looks for an
opening to pass the ball
to a player down low.

Above: Sophomore
Sherita Johnson
attempts to break off a
defender during her
pursuit for a basket.

Girls Varsity Basketball 113

112 Sports


Date Opponent Result
11/20 Gainesville W
11/27 Eastside W
11/30 Melbourne L
12/1 Florida High W
12/1 Stanton Prep L
12/3 Newbeny W
12/4 Santa Fe W
12/8 Winter Springs L
12/11 Buchholz L
12/14 Union County W
12/26 Virginia W
12/27 Centinid L
12/27 Pennsylvania L
12/28 Ohio L
1/3 Eastside W
1/4 Buchholz L
1/5 Quincy W
1/8 Union County W
1/10 Hawthome W
1/12 Lafayette W
1/15 Buchholz L
1/17 Santa Fe W
1/21 Newbeny W
1/24 Hawthorne W
1/26 Lafayette W
1/28 Gainesville W
2/1 Eastside W
2/7 Newbeny W
2/9 Hawthorne W
2/14 Hillard W
2/19 Dixie County W
2/23 Lafayette W
2/28 Melbourne L

Freshman Schedule

Date Opponent Resul
11/20 Gainesville W
11/27 Santa Fe W
12/15 Countryside W
1/8 Sante Fe W
1/10 Gainesville W
1/11 Buchholz W
1/15 Buchholz W
1/25 Santa Fe W
1/26 Countryside W
1/28 Gainesville W
JV Schedule
11/20 Gainesville W
11/27 Eastside W
12/3 Newberry W
12/4 Sante Fe W
12/11 Buchholz W
1/10 Hawthorne W
1/12 Lafayette W
1/15 Buchholz W
1/17 Sante Fe W
1/21 Newberry W
1/24 Hawthorne W
1/26 Lafayette W
1/28 Gainesville W
2/1 Eastside W

Many of the girls were new to the
program as was rookie coach Africa
Peterson, who could be seen sporting some
very interesting fashion trends at most
games. Veterans like Trisha Peterson,
Danielle Brown, and Nirelle Hampton
provided leadership and experience to the
J.V. team. They often helped Coach Peterson
with the styles and ways of the Blue Wave
basketball program. The J.V. team had a
record year as well, beating all city rivals and
remaining undefeated. If the younger girls
keep this winning streak up, the Blue Wave
will be city champs for years to come.
-Ashley Harden

Freshmen Girl's Basketball, back row, left to right:
Brittany Gordon, Latalyia Mcknight, Shelaine James, Erica
Williams, Shannon Outman, and Marissa Whitter. Front
row, left to right: Michelle Campbell, Kristen Dixon,
Janae Todd, Janelle Jackson and Ametrice Smith.

J.V. Girls Basketball, back row, left to right: Roselyn Todd, Nirelle Hampton, Kayla James, Janine Williams,
Danielle Brown, Valerie Flourney. Front row, left to right: Crystal Johnson, Kevan McGill, Latrisha
Campbell, Angelica Edwards, Kenan McGill and Whitley V.. l-i..t,,r'.

Right: Eight grade
Janine Williams leaps
for a rebound. She
provided the Wave a
good size body in the

Freshmen/J.V. Girls Basketball 115

Below: Eighth Grader
Latrisha Campbell
drives through her
opponents. She was a
very solid point guard.

This was yet another successful year for
the Lady Wave basketball program. Because
of overwhelming interest in basketball this
year, a freshmen team was formed for the first
time in P.K. Yonge girl's basketball history.
The majority of the freshmen basketball team
was comprised of middle school students.
The youth of both the freshmen and the J.V.
team ensure the basketball program will be
strong for years to come.
The freshmen team was guided by point
guard Jane Todd, whose sister Roselyn
played on the J.V. A first year coach
provided as much discipline as fun. The
freshmen had an amazing season as an
undefeated team. They beat city rivals
Buchholz and Gainesville not once but twice
each. This is a true sign of good things to
come for the future of Lady Wave basketball.
The J.V. team was comprised of many
eighth graders including Janine Williams,
Roselyn Todd, Valerie Flourney and Elyse

Hooping It Up

Youth Excells

114 Sports

Senior Daniel Morgan
passes the ball, hoping
for a goal. This senior
always tried to help his

Hot Feet

A Rebuilrg Year for Wave

The soccer season started
off shaky, but towards the end,
the team learned to collaborate.
This year, the soccer team
returned from the summer to
face a new coach and to adapt
to the loss of many seniors from
the previous year.
There were only five seniors
on the team this year and very
few returning players. The five
seniors were Daniel Morgan,
Kyle McCrery, Alex Cook, Josh
Sparks, and Stefan Cracuil. The
team definitely struggled. Junior
Rashaad Robinson explains,
"It's different because the new
coach isn't as strict as Jeremy
New rules and expectations
made it difficult for the team to
bond. In addition to having a
new coach, the boys

team acquired three foreign
exchange students and four
players new to P.K. Yonge.
The team's attitude in general
and the amount of respect they
share with each other changed
from last year. The team just
didn't "clique." Still, the team
aspired to win at least a few
games this year.

-Ashley Harden

The 2001-2002 Varsity Boys soccer team. Top row (left to right): Coach Woodruff, Titus Loss, Shea
Mann, Daniel Morgan, Kyle McCrery, Alex Cook, Travis Hasson. Middle row (left to right): Ben Kunkle,
Everett Easterling, Josh Sparks, Stefan Craciul. Bottom row (left to right): Phillip Carnevale, Brian
Luciaga, Rashaad Robinson, Nick McCloughlin, Brent Witt, Tyler Hope, and Pat Nilon.

Senior Alex Cook
searches for someone to
pass the ball to. He was
one of the leading

Sophomore Ben Kunkle
trys to outrun the
opponent. This
technique didn't always
work this year.

116 Sports

Varsity Boys Soccer 117


Date Opponent Result
11/13 Santa Fe L
11/20 KHHS W
11/26 EHS L
11/27 Ft. White L
11/30 Forest L
12/10 Interlachen L
12/14 Columbia L
12/17 KHHS W

12/19 Newberry L
1/10 Interlachen L
1/11 Vanguard L
1/16 Newberry L
1/18 Ft. White L
1/22 Belleview L
1/31 Vanguard L
Districts I.


Date Opponent Result

11/13 Santa Fe L

11/15 Santa Fe L

11/27 Ft. White L

11/30 Forest L

12/3 GHS L

12/12 West Port L

12/14 Columbia L

1/8 West Port L

1/11 Vanguard W

1/12 Columbia L

1/18 Ft. White L

1/22 Belleview L

1/24 Vanguard L

The theme for this
year's Junior Varsity soccer team
was to have fun and give it their
all. Sophomore Umar Gulistan
said, "We really stayed together
as a team and worked to never
give up. We might not have won
all that much this year, but we
defiantly had a lot of fun trying."
P.K.'s soccer team was
very young this year. The
returning players were: Phillip
Carnevale, Umar Gulistan, James
Pagliuca, Nick Hauzer, James
Hager, and Nick Pagliuca. All of
the veterans helped out the
coaches with the newer kids who
were learning the ropes.
Sophomore Phillip
Carnevale said about their rival
team, "I really wanted to beat Ft.

ourselves for hanging in there
and keeping the score close."
The Blue Wave soccer
team showed their true talent
towards the end of the season
and beat Ocala's Vanguard. That
was Sean Wiggin's favorite
memory of this season, "I was so
excited after we beat Vanguard 2-
1. I also loved it when we played
the P.K. girl's soccer team and
beat them, too."
Some other favorite
memories of this year was riding
to Smoothie King to buy pre-
game smoothies. The team also
traveled to the Lake City
Invitational Tournament in
January. The boys maintained
their spirits up by joking around
and upholding a light
-Halley Levin

Above: Eighth grade
James Hager performs a
terrific job retaining
control of the ball while
making his way down
the field.

Right: Sophomore
Danny Murawsky flies
towards the ball to
protect the goal.

From top, left to right: Coach Brent Farmer, Umar Gulistan, Phillip Carnevale, Ryan Keohane, Sean
Wiggins, John Benton, Gary Siebein, James, Pagliuca, Coach Coswell Depeiza, Andrew Garfield, Evan
Easterling, Nick Costantino, James Hager, Jakeob Eskew, Joe Gravois, Bobby Hanley, Aaron Hunt, Nick
Hauzer, Jason Bloom, Juan Rivera, Chris Ellingham, Danny Murawsky, Josh Irwin, Anthony Lipe-
Ladenheim, and Grant Patterson.

J.V. Boys Soccer 119

Below: Gary Siebein
makes pushes his way
towards the goal,
gaining a chance to

J.V. Boys Soccer

Keeping the ball rolling

118 Sports

The Heat is on!

The girl's


r team

Below: Sophomore Lelia
Halbeck stays in control of
the ball while keeping it
away from from the
opposing players.

kicks off in 2001

The Blue Wave soccer team
started on the right foot this year as
they won their first game against
Santa Fe, 8-1. The team had a
successful season thanks to new
coaches Karen Garner and CJ and to
Captains Vicki Bennet, Lindsay
Murphy and Kaylen Holmes.
This year's team was a lot larger
then past years. Many players
returned, and the team gained
several new players. The team
began conditioning more than two
months prior to the start of the
Seniors Brenda Pagluca, Vicki
Bennet, Kelly Murray, Lauren
Cockerham, and Kaylen Holmes
served as major team leaders and
helped out the younger girls.
Two of P.K.'s biggest rivalries
were Oak Hall and Columbia. The

girls played Columbia November 28th
and tied 2-2. Sophomore Nadine
Bernier said, "I always look forward to
playing OHS, because we play against
one of my best friends."
This year was full of traditions and
memories. Before each home game,
everyone piled into Vicki or Murphy's
car to go to Subway. The team had a
lot of fun playing and getting caught at
Hidden Oak. During the game, the
substitutions ate all of the team's
snack fruit before it was even halftime.
During weekend car washes, the girls
earned over $1200. The ladies always
fabricated excuses to see trainers
Heather, Mark, Prissy and Melissa, so
they could take a break.
After all of this year's obstacles, the
girls pulled together in the end as a
team and looked great on the field.
By: Halley Levin

The 2001-2002 Girl's Varsity Blue Wave Soccer Team. From top left: Stormie Heindel, Caitlin Reugger,
Lelia Halback, Nadine Bernier, Shanica Crider, Dede Murawsky, Kelly Murray, Cathy Larson, Anna Silvia,
Lynette Rivera, Lindsey Murphy, Megan Leslie, Emily Silvia, Vicki Bennet, Abby Heit, Kaylen Holmes,
Ally Hirneise, Erin Armstrong, Shannon Scarborough, Sarah Reugger, Nasyra Handal, Lauren Cockerham,
Brenda Pagliuca, Lani Cruz-Plemmons.

Left: Freshman Sarah
Reugger was one of the
key players for the girls
soccer team.

Above: Captains Vicki
Bennet, Lindsey
Murphy and Kaylen
Holmes pose for a
group picture at a game.

Varsity Girls Soccer 121


Date Opponent Result
11/15 Santa Fe W
11/19 EHS(CIT) L
11/20 KHHS W
11/28 Columbia T
12/4 Ft. White W
12/7 Oak Hall L
12/10 Interlachen W
12/11 Hawthorne W
12/17 KHHS W
12/19 Newberry W
1/8 Newberry W
1/10 Interlauchen W
1/15 Oak Hall L
1/17 Hawthorne W
1/19 Ft. White W
1/24 Columbia L
2/2 Hawthorne W
2/3 Keystone L

120 Sports

Senior Mark Hannah
fields a ground ball at
third. Mark was a very
solid third baseman.


Date Opponent
2/7 Lake City
2/8 Buchholz
2/12 Gainesville
2/16 Florida High
2/16 Florida High
2/18 Bradford
2/21 Santa Fe
2/25 Keystone
2/26 Buchholz
3/1 Liberty Cnty
3/5 Buchholz
3/8 Union Cnty
3/12 Lake Brantly
3/14 New Hope
3/15 Newberry
3/22 Hawthorne
3/23 Bay High
3/25 Liberty Cnty
3/27 Flanagan Higl
3/29 Middleburg
4/2 Hawthorne
4/5 Union Cnty
4/9 Newberry
4/12 Santa Fe
4/18 Bradford
4/19 Gainesville
4/20 St. Pete

i... .. man!t.

Senior Joey Spanbauer
attempts to take a lead
off first. Good base
running was essential to
becoming a good team.

Senior Doug Davies
concentrates hard on
catching the ball. Doug
was a top player for the
Wave this year.

Leading Off

Varsity Baseball 2002

This year's Blue Wave
baseball team had a lot of
expectations to match from last
year's season. Last year's great
season ended in a loss in the
state's championship game. The
2001-2002 team wanted to take it
one step further. That meant
winning the whole thing.
Leading the team this year
were seniors Joey Spanbauer,
Cory Mitchell, Travis Mydock,
Mark Hannah, Doug Davies,
Adam Poppell, and Jake
Simmons. These seniors
provided the leadership and the
performance that the Blue Wave
needed for a successful season.
Along with those seniors,
younger players were also
expected to do good things this
year. Juniors Ryne Malone, Chris
Luca, Ryan Brown, Blake

McDavid, Alex Poser, and Ryan
Luca all played vital roles in this
year's season.
The Blue Wave's schedule
was on of the toughest in the
state this year playing 3
nationally ranked teams. The
beat a solid Buchholz squad 2
out of their 3 match-ups, as well
as beating nationally ranked
New Hope High from
Senior Mark Hannah had this
to say about the season, "I
think that pitching was going to
be a question this year with the
loss of Mike and Flint, but some
players stepped in the pitching
role and really produced for us.
I am very excited about this
season and hope to make it back
to Tampa."
-Cory Mitchell

Varsity Baseball Team, back row, left to right: Assistant Coach Richie Warren, Doug Davies, Jake
Simmons, Joey Spanbauer, Coach Todd Gray, Adam Poppell, Cory Mitchell, Mark Hannah, Travis Mydock
and Assistant Coach Chris Clark. Middle row: Chris Luca, Blake McDavid, Dan Massey, Ryan Luca,
Blayne Willis, Ryan Brown and Ryne Malone. Third row: David Blanch, Alex Poser, Justin Chance, Victor
Rosa and Weston Nuetzi.

Varsity Baseball 123


r .-r


Junior Ryan Luca looks
for a pitch to hit. Ryan
was very confident
when he stepped up to
the plate.

t: -!'.r

122 Sports

Freshmen Weston
Nuetzi makes the play
at second. Weston has
been playing ball

Big Swingers

J.V. Baseball

J.V. Baseball is a level of
baseball that provides young
players experience playing high
school baseball and also
prepares them for a chance to
play varsity baseball.
Here at P.K., those young
players can start real young
preparing for varsity. Eleven out
of the twenty-one players on the
team are middle schoolers. A few
of them are major contributors to
the team's success. So with the
look of it, the varsity should be
pretty good in years to come.
Leading the team this year
were Brad Drake, Mark
Sollenberger, Weston Nuetzi,
Chase McDavid and Jose Rosa.
Also, the main leaders of this
young team were coaches Chris
Clark and Richie Warren. These

two coaches brought great
knowledge and skill to the game
and taught the team every
aspect of the game that they
needed to know.
This year's J.V. team had a
great year and learned a lot
about the game. The players
gained good experience and
some are ready to move on to
varsity level next year, while
some will still receive some more
experience playing J.V. again
because they are still young.
On the season, seventh
grader Jacob Mitchell had this
to say, "I had a really great time
playing with this group of guys.
We had a good season and a lot
of fun playing. I am glad to be
apart of the Blue Wave baseball
-Cory Mitchell

Freshmen Matt Glicco
swings with all his
might. This one was
out of the ball park.

J.V. Baseball, back row, left to right: Coach Chris Clark, Brad Drake, Mark Sollenberger, Weston Nuetzi, Matt Glicco,
Jesse Hughes, Austin King, Chase McDavid and Coach Richie Warren. middle row: Derek Robinson, Jose Rosa, Ben
Lansford, Ray Mollison, Kyle Aberathy, Jack Clarendon, Julius Long. front row: Gary Gale-Shelton, Sam McPherson,
Cason Selph, Nolan Malone, Kyle Jones, Jacob Mitchell and Andrew Suchman.

Freshmen Brad Drake
eyes the plate. His fast
ball caused fear in all

Freshmen Chase
McDavid puts all his
power behind the ball.
Chase was a vocal

J.V. Baseball 125


Date Opponent

2/12 Gainesville

2/18 Bradford

2/21 Keystone

2/26 Buchholz

2/28 Santa Fe

3/5 Buchholz

3/11 Gainesville

3/19 Keystone

3/21 Bradford

3/22 Hawthorne

4/2 Hawthorne

4/4-6 Lake City



124 Sports



Below: In fielders Mandy Brown,
Jessica Howell, Danielle
Degrove, Christie Barber and
Elyse Cusack meet at the mound.






The 2002 Blue Wave Varsity
softball season was full of
changes. Of the thirteen girls on
the team, about half of them were
newcomers. Mostly, juniors and
ninth grade girls or younger
comprised the team.
One of the eight graders on
the team, Sarah Massey said, "I
think this was a great experience
for me, and I learned so much
from the older girls. I had tons of
fun this year."
Junior Christie Barber and
Senior Kasey Heron played as
this season's main pitchers. They
helped lead the team to a very
rewarding season.
One of the players' favorite
memories included their annual
trip to the Florida Keys. They
traveled there for a Spring

Above: Junior Christie
Barber pitches a strike.
She was one of the main
pitchers this season.

Above from top left: Christie Barber, Adele Marston, Danielle Degrove, Sarah Massey. Shannon Outman,
Lauren Degrove, Kasey Heron, Jessica Howell, Mandy Brown, Jenna Rowland, Kathy Sanchez, and Danielle
Moreau. Not pictured: Megan Callahan and Elyse Cusack.

Right: Shannon Outman
is up at the plate,
preparing to get a base

Varsity Softball 127

Break Tournament and played
teams from throughout the
state. The girls excelled in the
Pre-Season Classic, making it all
the way to the finals where they
played schools from around the
region. They took the
opportunity to scope out the
competition for this year.
Junior Jessica Howell said, "I
really like to play in the Pre-
Season Classic, because it is our
first opportunity to play as a
team and really bond."
This season was distinct
because of the abundance of
young talented girls. They
pulled together as a team and
came through on top.

-Halley Levin

In with the New

Varsity Softball

126 Sports

Below: Freshman Kenan
McGill successfully
catches a pop fly to
make the out.

Batter Up

J.V. and Middle School Softball

"I love softball, I've played for
a long time. Being on JV, we have
so much fun and there isn't too
much pressure on us," said
Freshman Carrie Fraiser.
There was an uncommon
amount of tenth graders on JV
this year. There haven't been that
many older girls on JV in several
years, and they provided a lot of
guidance to their underclassmen.
This year's JV team was
unusually large, numbering
seventeen girls. Of the seventeen,
about half of the girls were
newcomers to the team. A few
young ladies were new to the
sport all together. The schedule
this season was comprised of
games against a variety of
schools. They played away teams
like Ocala's Trinity Catholic and

Columbia to local teams like
Eastside and Buchholz.
Sophomore Jennifer
"Mississippi" Ladner said, "My
favorite part of playing was
being with some of my best
friends and helping lead the
younger girls."
This year there was an
incredible turnout for try-outs.
There was around fifty girls
participating in conditioning, so
there was enough for a middle
school team, the first in several
years. They played teams like
Keystone and Hawthorne.
Both of the teams played
hard and gave it their all.
Because of their willingness to
learn, P.K. has the promise of
developing even stronger teams
in years to come.

Left: Eight grader
Danielle Brown gets
ready for a grounder at
first base.

Above from top left: Jennifer Ladner, Carrie Fraiser, Taryn Lowe, Caroline Chance, Kayla Alford, Ashley
Gotay, Rica Olegario, Halley Levin, Amanda Nutt, Marissa Lovven, Kenan McGill, Camille Wright. Not
pictured: Sarah Massey, Danielle Moreau, Patricia Burns, Tikya Nattiel, and Michelle Williams.

Left: Sophomore
Mississippi Ladner uses
her center fielder skills
to scoop up the ball.

Above: Halley Levin, Sarah Massey,
Carrie Fraiser, Mississippi Ladner,
Taryn Lowe, Hope Wegener and
Danielle Moreau pose for a picture on
the way to their game.

J.V. Softball 129


Date Opponent
2/19 Trinity Catholic
2/21 Buchholz
2/27 Eastside
3/5 Union Co.
3/6 Trinity Christian
3/12 Buchholz
3/15 Trenton
3/19 Newberry
4/1 Union Co.
4/5 Newberry
4/8 Columbia
4/9 Eastside
4/11 Hawthorne
Middle School
2/19 Keystone
2/28 Bronson
3/4 Union Co.
3/7 Trenton
3/11 Bronson
3/14 Hawthorne
3/18 Trenton
3/20 Keystone

128 Sports

Shot putting was a
tough even at all track
meets. Strength and
aim were required.


The Mile crew warming
up at the GHS relays.
The fashioned their new
warm-ups to show team

Lady Wave sprinters
strive for the finish line
in the 100 meter dash.
The team ran rain or

Track and field is the sport
with perhaps the most diversity;
it is the diversity that makes the
sport so unique and intriguing.
The athletes on the team
combine strength, endurance,
and speed. Each division on the
team had to train and endure
countless practices on their own
in order to hone their respective
skills. Competition was the one
time that the entire team would
come together. Representing
P.K. well was the primary goal of
each and every athlete on the
Strength was the focal point
for the throwing team. Each
member of the throwing team
spent many hours in the weight
room with the guidance of Coach
Gerlock so they could hurl large
weights great distances.

The endurance team was led
by Coach Randy Hollinger and
Senior captains Danny Fay and
Paul Orfield. Most of these
athletes had run Cross Country
with Hollinger in the fall and
knew exactly how structured and
disciplined he was as a coach.
This team ran in events ranging
from 800 meters to 2 miles.
These athletes were some of the
major strengths of the team.
Sprinters were the veterans of
the team. The 4X100 relay team
had qualified for state last year
and had hoped to produce
another astounding
The team was extremely well
rounded, providing the team
with a chance at winning the
state title.
-Danny Fay

The 2002 Blue Wave Track Team gathers for a group shot. With so much interest in track this year the
team promises a bright future.

130 Sports

Track and Field 131

Burning up the Track

Track and Field ablaze

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