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Title: Yongester
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Dage 6

Dage 36

P. K. Yonge Developmental Research School
1080 S.W. I I Street Gainesville, FL 32601


Why ask why? A fair question.
But a question I am sure no
student can answer (or for that
matter, no student would even want to
answer). I guess you could just raise your
hand and wait for a teacher to assist you;
after all, that is their job, isn't it?
P.K. Yonge is a school that likes to
kick back and let things flow. Here you will
find a helping hand is always within reach.
P.K. Yonge has a long list of
successful graduates. "Why?" you ask?
Maybe it has something to do with the great
programs and faculty members that make
up the staff. Maybe it has something to do
with the size of the school. With only around
450 students in the high school, students
have the chance to get more one-on-one
time with instructors, insuring a greater
chance for academic success.
Whether you play a musical
instrument, sing, dance, act, play sports or
are just plain academically motivated, there
is something for everyone here at P.K. And
what other school in the county has a live
creek running through it's campus? Or has
large picture windows that allow lots of
light to warm the hearts and minds of
Maybe instead of "Why ask why?"
we should be asking "Why not?" After all,
can you imagine being any place else?

- Christian Benway

Right: Seniors Norris
Wright and Reggie
Williams appear to have
the "laid back" attitude
perfected in their classes.
Below: Sophomores Ashley
Poser and Julie Eberhard
show their spirit during
Spirit Week and dressed
alike for Twin Day.

Right: Seniors Tasha
Benjamin, Jason Saunders,
and Michelle McDaniel get
some studying done before
their next class.



r ~NtaS c -.

Left: Sophomores Stephanie
Stinson and Matt Fay
enjoy the freedom of Ms.
Skye's Art class. Her class
is many student's favorite
because they get a chance
to work outdoors.

Above: The Blue Wave
football team uses a time-
out to catch their breath
during a home game. The
team worked very hard this

Left: Senior Lana Cooper
stands around after a
football game. Her sign
and her jug show her
awesome school spirit.

Below: Eighth grader
Tonja Alexander sits
attentively in class. She is
happy to finally be the
"oldest" of the middle

Right: Juniors Christine
Nycz and Ashley
Pennypacker hurry to
their next class.

Above: Senior Ryan
Zachow takes a break from
his strenuous class to smile
for the camera. Ryan is
often seen around campus
in a good mood.

Right: Junior Erika Perry
and a group offriends
watch as Carly
Emmerson spends the
lunch period trying to
catch up on her drawing.



Is #1!

"My mom works here, money
whenever I need it"
-Jack Creveling
"Having the same faces in my
classes since kindergarten"
-Lana Cooper
"The undefeated Football team"
-Eric Peterson
"I would have to say, the first
thing I love about P.K. is its great
attendance policy"
-Caleb Burton
"I love how, at P.K., other
students know stuff that has
happened to youbefore you do"
-Curtis Von Gunten
Left: Freshmen Uriah
Gravois and Mike
Mercadante hang out
during lunch. The
freshmen class quickly
bonded with their new

Left: P.K. students and
parents celebrate after a
touchdown at the
Homecoming game. A lot
of spirit was demonstrated
during Homecoming week.


- -..-



id-,- sr.,
*L-.; -j -I

r Feifila~

Class of 1998

r. i;a

~- --m n

II' *

ituC .7h







~ 'U"

tt, 1 I-. .

.. I

' .' ,

-. 0
.~ r?p
w., a

Bibi Baxter and Christian Benway

eda& e6U6w0

Genny Spies and Norris Wright

Ruby Powell and Stanley Monroe

EGi, S"inem

Erika Olsen and David Hawkins

e&am, Siut

Jessica Riley and Kenny Mukasa

Amy Owens and Luke Chege

Ma(ot SpMtied
kilnnnm zw%'

Biggeatw Jt

Be1t M Awund Se~dt4e

Vanessa Riefkohl and Sloan Anderson

Kelly Scott and Scott McLarty

Sf3et Smnile
L .-. "

Jessica Rhodes and Britt McGriff

Emily Arnold and Jason Saunders

iit "ew# ta Sacceed

Michelle McDaniel and Tajar Leath

SWipped Eg-
dllWS'et .'f^fL^C '

Stacy Fisher and Jack Creveling

We've Spirit Week
and High

got Tide show
g the true

Blue and

Spirit! White.

Student showed their school spirit during spirit
week by dressing up with the theme of the day.
Monday was Vogue Day, when everyone got
to dress their best. Girls in their nicest dresses, and
boys in blazers and bow ties. Many students and
teachers enjoyed Pajama Day. "I like to dress in my
sexy Victoria's Secret P.J.'s," commented Bibi Baxter.
Clash Day was the most fun, seeing who could mix-
match the most. Spirit Day, being the most exciting,
brought out the true Blue and White.
As the week came to an end, students began to
prepare for High Tide and Homecoming. High Tide
started off with seniors Stanley Monroe and B.J. Moring
as emcees. The crowd expressed their passion for the
Blue Waveby chanting," BLUE..............WAVE!" When
asked about the best skits, Emily Arnold said, "Locker
Talk and Short Football Players." Many students also
enjoyed," Teachers 20 Years Ago." The evening ended
with the beautiful presentation of the 1997 Homecoming
Jessica Riley and Vanessa Riefkohl

Above: The Varsity Volleyball team got together and showed their school
spirit on Spirit Day by dressing in their team shirts.

Above: The Middle School
also got involved in Spirit
Week. Many participated
in Pajama Day.

Above: The Junior class outdid the Seniors during Pajama Day.

Above: Emcees Stanley Monroe and B.J. Moring started the night off with
their great sense of humor. "Being emcee two years in a row has really
made me popular with the girls," commented B.J.

Above: The display of the 1997 Homecoming Court brought High Tide to
an end.

Joe Mercadante and the
"Short Football Players"
poke fun at the Florida
High Seminoles.

Jessica Riley, Vanessa
Riefkohl and Emily
Arnold show their spirit
on Twin Day, or should
we say Triplet Day!

Genny Spies and Dylan
Thue-Jones exploit the

gClashDay latest gossip during
les showed his "Locker Talk."
which isn't too
i! __ ,^ ^ _ -- ^

-- ILIF-"C7-I ~r FI
.: W

"Since Genny won Queen, I'm
happy with being Senior
Sweetheart," commented Emily

Terry Williams and Leslie Ryals
proudly took the title of Freshman
Heartthrob and Sweetheart.

"It's moments like the
Homecoming game that makes
me want to be a cheerleader."
-Lana Cooper

Above: StanleyMonroe and Genny Spies highlighted the 1997Homecoming
Court, as King and Queen, during the Homecoming game.

Above: The Cheerleaders never stopped cheering and showing
spirit even when the football team was down.

Above: Prince and Princess, Travis Carr and Erika Perry make their
Junior Class proud.

A Night to


The Homecoming Football Game was a
heartbreaker to many, yet to those on the Homecoming
Court, it was a chance to be in the spotlight. The game
started with a roar, unfortunately, from the other side.
Despite the fourteen point deficit at the end of the
second quarter, spirits were lifted at halftime with the
introduction of the Homecoming Court.
Senior Representatives, Stanley Monroe, Jason
Saunders, Genny Spies, and Vanessa Riefkohl along
with Heartthrob Eric Peterson and Sweetheart Emily
Arnold, walked gracefully across the field. They were
accompanied by Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior
Representatives, Sweethearts, and Heartthrobs. The
highlight of the court was, of course, the King Stanley
Monroe and Queen Genny Spies. With their high
spirits and good humor, Stanley and Genny entertained
the crowd, both at High Tide and Homecoming. The
Prince Travis Carr and Princess Erika Perry were, of
course, in the spotlight as well.
Though the Blue Wave football team couldn't
pull off a victory, their hard work and determination
really made the team outstanding. Derrick Randall and
Britt McGriff finished off the second half with two
unanswered touchdowns proving that, it's not whether
you win or lose, it's how you play the game.
Jessica Riley and Vanessa Riefkohl

Above: Cam Brewer and
Britt McGriff call a time-
out to talk about whose
going to the postgame

Above: Johnny Todd rises above the rest during his attempt to block a
field goal.



Sophomores Shameka Showers
and Latoya Rutledge make a
quick pose for the camera. It isn't
hard to see why they were true

BiBi Baxter, Ben Black,
Stephanie Hope, and Shawna
Dolder enjoy each others
company after school. The group
enjoyed their time together inside
of school as well as out.

Pik'iE ~ I

"There's always time for talking,
and if not, make some!" is the
philosophy of juniors Andrea
Rascovich and Alyssa Paulter as
they take time to chat during

Above: Juniors Erika Perry
and Carly Emmerson chat
during art class. They had
a lot of things in common
to share with each other.

. ;i '"

Right: Sophomores Victor
Graham, Charles Jerkins
and junior Patrick Weeks
take a break from class to
relax by the Spanish room. i t

Above: Sophomores Robyn
Camil and Rebecca
Middleton show a little
friendly affection in the
halls between class.


Left: Genny Spies
demonstrates her unique,
yet somewhat scary,
definition of friendship for
Cam Brewer.

~'~4~~- ~;* C :'. ~


Why We What is
the true

Pick Our



---a-~n: .~s~l

.dm "
p 3=6




It's hard to say why we pick our friends, but we all
S have them. The dictionary defines a friend as "a person
whom one knows, likes, and trusts." But there is a lot
more to it than that. When you walk around school it's
easy to see groups of friends laughing, sharing secrets,
and just enjoying each others company.
Everybody has different friendships and different
friends. For some people, a friend is almost everyone
they know; while for others, friendship is something
they only share with a select few. Everyone's thoughts
and feelings on the subject are different, and we don't
all look for the same qualities in friends.
I don't think we'll ever know why we choose the
friends we choose. Is there even a word to describe it?
Senior Stephanie Hope describes her friends as, "the
people I have fun with." While Miriam Black says her
friends are "the people I can talk with when I need to."
No matter who your friends are or why you like
them so much is really not important. Just having
friends, those special people you can bond with, is what
matters most.
BiBi Baxter

D~t~s~F 46Pb

Alyssa Paulter slurps down a
noodle during lunch. Differing
from most P.K. students, she
lacks eating manners.

Stephanie Hope scarfs down a
Subway sandwich during her
sixth period class.

Tasha Benjamin gives Jason
Saunders a bite of her

Above right: Sohpomore
Nicki Thomas strikes a
pose as the bell ringsfor
sixth period.

Above: Brittany Baker
and Lisa Schlitzkus stuff
their mouths with
everyone favorite, ice

Lunch Finishing

time your


You are

____" 'not alone.

Col'traiv to popular belief, lunchtime is not only
a time for evstino. -tudents are found finishing last
night's Geomerlur.- and studying for seventh period's
science .tet Thien there are others who aren't found at
I ch at ;a I be catise they are scattered around at various
meeting in -nd ic-l'ie r- Is. The seniors, of course, are busy
enji', hin-- the privil-tes of off-campus lunch. Some
ttident -pelnd the majority of their lunch period at
club imeettin-: -uich .a-. F.C.A., S.A.D.D., and N.H.S.
\\Lcdne-Ldav\ many students spend their entire
lunch perod 1:1a hole half an hour) waiting for the
catered lunch trom Little Ceasar's or Subway. The
Seniors laugh at the poor underclassmen still waiting to
break from the cafeteria food norm. Although those
tardies do add up quickly.
Busy for some, quality time for others, lunchtime
is always a good time to hang with friends.

% -

A'- ~ ii ~ j Z

Above: Josh Linscott and
Matt Nations hang out
during lunch.

Above: A group of juniors
chow down during lunch.

t~kft L.


It's not just a disease;

it's a way of life!

The Senior Year was just as frustrating as it was Melissa Kennedy shows her love
fun. A lot of senior stress was caused by the constant for the Senior guys.
pressure of graduation and plans for after high school.
Senior life had just as many ups as it did downs. There
was a strong sense of freedom being a senior which
made it worth while. Off campus lunch, three days at
Camp Kulaqua, and the senior seminar at Lake Wauberg
were just a few senior privileges.
There are many choices and decisions that
seniors must make. How long am I going to live at
home? Am I going to college or am I just getting a job?
Am I even going to graduate? These are just some of the
questions we found ourselves asking. There was also a
the obstacle of taking tests throughout the year: HSCT,
SAT, ACT and the ASVAB. Finally, the biggest
depressant was the concept of losing many close friends.
"Senioritis:" it's not just a disease; it's a way of life! Kelly Scott spends more time in
the clinic than she does in class.
Does she look sick to you?

P s

Above: David Baun drinks Above right: Seniors Britt
his daily Cherry Coke to McGriff and Jessica Riley
keep himself going through find themselves
his senior year. occasionally out off class
at the same time to escape
the senior Wvork.

Norris Wright and Stanley
Monroe display how they cope
with senior life stress.

Right: These are just some Above: Reggie Williams
of our senior superlative gives a sarcastic thumbs up
20 winners showing there when asked about his 73th 21
spirited personalities. year here a P.K. Yonge.

Alex Zukoski dresses to impress
the ladies. He definitely has his
own way to make our campus
more fun.

Chris Fisher expresses his
feelings about all the work in
Mrs. Fugate's English class.

The middle school students are
always ready and willing to make
the school day more fun. Here
they are dressed up for spirit day.

Above: A few P.K.
students participate in
basketball during their P.E.

Above: Norris Wright
cuddles up next to Ivy
Strawder, pretending lie
didn't hear the tardy bell.

7a- - -,
*r;p : D1


Or "Is

this stuff

going to be

on the

Great... it's another Monday morning. You don't
want to get up, you have nothing to wear, and you
haven't even begun your homework. Good thing you
go to P.K Yonge! The relaxed atmosphere allows
students to be themselves and act as they please, even
if it means spending the day clowning around. Some
students wear their p.j.s on a regular basis, whereas
others find pocket protesters fashionable.
Dylan Thue-Jones says, "If it wasn't for my keen
sense of humor, this school would be hopeless. Playtime
helps me and my buddy Chris McLeod get through the
day." Dylan is often found singing in the bathrooms
and wandering the halls during Mrs. Griffin's class.
P.K. is home to many clowns that just wouldn't
fit in at ordinary schools. As a whole, P.K. Yonge is a
.fun place to be and as senior Genny Spies would say,
"It's all fun and games until somebody gets hurt."

Above: A mob of excited
students cheer during the
first pep rally.

Left: Jacob, Emily, Vanessa
and Jessica prove that
school is not all about


About Love

There's a bug going around and everybody's Talyah Young and Cris Knowles
catching it. What's this mysterious ailment floating show their support for each other
through the halls of P.K.? It's love of course! Hello before Talyah goes on stage at
kisses, couples walking each other to class, eating lunch ... ~ High Tide.
together and waving "hi" through open windows, were
all common on campus. Even the middle schoolers
could be seen reading those I like you, do you like
me?" letters during class., J
It's quite obvious love is alive and kicking' all .
around us and sometimes we don't realize it. But love
touches us all in one way or another. "I felt it when a girl tt0".
I liked said yes when I asked her out," said freshman
Ben Black. "I feel it when I see a person I like, you know,
when you get butterflies in your stomach," commented
senior Danna Hawkins.
Love may not be for everyone, but it's here to stay,
so if you don't like it, get used to it! Paul Farr and Kristin Myers
/"chill" after school. Some
students thought they were
married already!

Above: Senior BiBi Baxter Above right: Curtis Von
and freshman Betn Black Gunten and Katy Lovett
walk to lunch with senior spend quality time together I
Stephanie Hope and during class.
fieshmian Clay Bogle.

"Senior Stanley Monroe takes a
minute from work to pose with
his girlfriend Tabitha Butler.

Right: Jennifer Leed and
Kyle Straugn keep close to Above: Junior Matt Nations
each other in school as well and senior Danna Hawkins
24 as out. show a little "love" at High 25

Make accessories work Take pride in your favorite
with your wardrobe! Check out brand names. Norris shows his
Jesse... to the world.

Cover any stains on your
clothing with a piece of
notebook paper like Kenny does.

Show your P.K.Yonge spirit
like B-boy Reggie.

- -

Let Nikole paint your
toenails blue before pep

Visit the salon regularly
like Michelle.

It Sets Us


Nobody dresses exactly the same. Every now and then
someone wears the same shirt as you, but that doesn't mean you'd
like to wear all of the clothes that person wears.
In fashion you should always take a few basic hints from
others and apply them to yourself. You should be unique in your
fashion, because that is what gives you your own sense of style.
What ultimately decides if you are indeed in style? By
definition, "style" is what makes the way you dress unique. Don't
mistake being in style for being excepted. Being in style is different
for everyone. What's important is that you are pleased with how
you look.
P.K.'s diverse style is like nothing else. Girls and guys
alike compete to be the most fashionable at school. Walking down
the halls at P.K. is definitely an experience one won't forget!

Wear wallabies or other
unique shoes that everybody
else doesn't have, like Victor

Put lotion on everyday! Ashy
Sarms and legs are hardly


Senior activities

Ti e! seniors
together as


For many years, seniors have taken bonding
field trips like Skate Station, Lake Wauberg, Camp
Kalaqua and the picnic in the park. These field
trips unite the senior classes as one.
Finally, our first senior trip, and where do
they take us??? Skate Station! Not that Skate
Station was a bad place, but just a little unusual. It
was our first opportunity for the seniors to bond.
"Although I didn't win any of the races, I still had
fun," commented Kenny Mukasa. Ending the day
with "Hokey Pokey," made the field trip an
unforgettable memory.
The senior seminars at Lake Wauberg were
quite interesting. After the three seminars, the
seniors gathered together for a picnic and a
competitive game of capture the flag. Overall the
day was a great success and proved that the seniors
could unite and get along. "So far the senior year
has been a blast!" Commented Nikole Peters.
Hopefully it will end in much the same way. -
Jessica and Vanessa

Above: A group ofseniors show their talent on skates. Skate Station has really
up graded on their music selection.

The senior class stand
patiently waiting to be
assigned to their groups.

Michelle and Bibi show their dancing abilities on skates while Nikole
Peters watches the young Skate Station employee.

Above: Afew senior girls take time to pucker up for the camera. It wasn't
unusualfor you to see these girls with their lips puckered up.

Above: Ben Tinney and Lazonia Thomas listen to what other seniors have
to say during sharing time.


Left: Reggie Williams
indulges into his mothers
baked beans, at Lake

Antony Thomas and Jack
Creveling take a break
from Skating, so Antony
could enjoy a slushy.

Stacy Fisher relaxes in the
sun at Lake Wauberg,
while learning about body
tatoos and piercing.

Katy Lovett and Alan
Simons bond during the
body acceptance speakers.

Jeff Creveling shows his stuff in
class as well as on the field. Jeff's
mother, sister Kate, and brother
Jack can be seen on campus and
on the court too!

Miriam Black has a close
friendship with her freshman
brother Ben, who has become
popular with the senior girls.

Marshall Brunson has "no
problem" in his relationships
with sisters Marianne and

Above: Jessica Rhodes and
her younger brother, Jacob,
often spent quality time
together during school.

Above: Jonas Rutledge was
often seen asking his sister,
Latoyafor lunch money.

Family P.K. is

Ties traditional

known for



P.K \ onge hli. a family like atmosphere that sets
apart trom another a!' a high schools. Many who have a
fail\ member at P.K. illustrated the importance of
family on icmp-1 a.1- well as off. Sophomore Jeff
C reveling noItes. It great to have the person I idolize
at school w ith me -- m\ brother Jack." Jack and Jeff have
their mother hei on campus as well (freshman English
teacher lr Bet.-\ Creveling).
There are man\ advantages to having a sibling at
school. Bt roi ing money is a definite advantage, but
tattling to tihti parents about one another is a
disadvantage. "It's annoying because
Britt doesn't give me any freedom, and he'll beat up a
guy if they talk to me," expressed Molly McGriff.
Siblings are numerous at P.K., so family time is time
well spent. Christian Benway

Above: Twins Josh and Drew
Murray are often mistaken for
one another around P.K.'s
campus. Wonder why?

Above: Christie Brewer
congratulates her twin, Cam,
after the District

What happens
between classes?
Many students
gather at the
Memorial and talk about the latest
gossip and lies. Other students have
just enough time to stop at their
lockers, then head straight to class.
With our new Dean, Mr. Thomas
Ruszczyk, being tardy isn't the
biggest concern on campus. "All I
have time to do is go to my locker and
grab a Diet Coke," commented
Megan Bettinghaus. Students also
stop by the cafeteria to hang with the
lunch crew and custodians. "The
only thing I do is get a drink from the
machines and maybe some chips
from the Teacher's Lounge," added
Melissa Kennedy.
Obviously, there are many
things you can do in five minutes.
Even though students believed that
five minutes wasn't enough time,
most agree the time seemed well

Right: Erika Perry and
Jamie Davis stroll down
the hallway to their next
class often obsessing over
Mark, the lead singer of
Big Sky.
Below: Guys were often
caught waiting for girls at
their lockers. Ryan Marcus
and Amy Owens were often
seen togetheratoneanother's


44~ffJ [E

-Vanessa Riefkohl

Right: M & M and her
girls gather around their
lockers while getting
themselves organized.

The Time

of Our Lives

Left: Marianne Brunson
talks with her younger
brother, Marshall, about
lunch money. At P.K.,
siblings are often
dependent upon one

Above: Seniors and juniors
chat about the hottest
gossip. Rumors were
always spread quickly at

Left: Bryan Williams,
Martin Bush and Art
Waters were often caught
sweating the Sophomore
girls between classes.

It's Monday morning. You
awaken to the joyous sound of
your alarm clock. You roll over
and hit the snooze button. Nine minutes
later you hit it again. Another nine minutes
passes and you roll over and fall out of bed.
You look at the clock and realize you have
fifteen minutes to wake up, eat breakfast,
brush your teeth, take a shower and do your
neglected homework. You arrive at school
twenty minutes late with a sudden
awareness of completing only two hours of
sleep. You promise yourself to complete at
least two periods of sleep before school's
There were many advantages to
taking a doze: relieving boredom and stress,
avoiding annoying people, and unwanted
conversations. On the other hand, there are
some negative aspects to "Educational
Resting" such as: the river of drool flowing
down your cheek and the ever prominent
zipper indent on your forehead. When asked
about "Educational Resting," Mr. Sessums
pointed out, "I like it when my trouble
makers sleep." However, most teachers
assumed a different attitude.
Although sleeping in class isn't the
best course of action, it will always be a
permanent institution in school.
-Sara Rachel Carr

Right: Jeff Pennell uses his
backpack as a pillow and
his hand to prevent zipper

Right: Terry Brown takes a
glimpse at Vanessa
Riefkohl while she takes a
short nap.

Below: Stanley Monroe
throws a towel over his
head to be undisturbed, it
didn't work though!



Left: David Hawkins fights
with himself to stay awake.
This problem occurs all too
often for many Seniors.

Above: Terry Brown
smiles from ear to ear
while dreaming peacefully
in English class.

Left: Roderick Bryant and
Latonya Banks catch some
serious ZZZ's during


D r

~J3c~- 'b


"The people of P.K. give it a
unique style and personality."
Reggie Williams, Senior.





r"~LI.:*.%~~---I~TI -:~~.

r 1
r-- 14pC~

Kenneth Anderson

Tasha Benjamin

Brian Bennett

Christian Benway

Megan Bettinghaus

Marianne Brunson

Sloan Anderson

Emily Arnold

David Baun

Cameron Brewer

Terry Brown

Jeneenia Bryant

Empress BiBi Baxter Paul Bedford

Norris Wright and Larry Rashard show their unity. They often
have these bonding moments in between classes.

Jason Bootle

Caleb Burton

Christie Brewer

Sara Chappell


The seniors truly bonded this year. Seeing
the real world" just around the corner made 12th
graders come together as a class. As Lazonia
Thomas said, This is our unity year." The senior
class officers were: President Amy Owens, Vice-
president Antony Thomas, Secretary Bibi Baxter,
and Historians Tajar Leath and Larry Reshard.
Trips to Camp Kalaqua and Lake Wauberg were
organized. There were also smaller trips to theme
parks, the movies, skating and picnics. The majority
of the senior class wanted it to be a great year and
supported the planned events.
Senior year was a time of mixed emotions:
the joy of graduation in the near future coupled
with the sadness of leaving each other and high
school. Grad Night, the banquet, and graduation
day are all memories to be treasured forever because
of the wonderful feeling of camaraderie. Through
the senior activities, the senior class was able to
unify and have a great year together.

Brian Bennett smirks at a classmate. He was one of the many senior


...you've never told your age when asked.
...you think you'll receive a Division A
scholarship for football.
...you honestly believe the school would
plummet without your presence.
...all the guys hearts in your class are captured
by middle schoolers.
..you take lunch orders for underclassmen
...you play "taxi cab" for the slackers in your
class and those cute little underclassmen.
...your spare time is fully devoted to making
Red Lobster a better place.
...you think you're better than everyone.
...your most prized possession is your P.K.
parking decal (Hey, a buck's a buck).

Luke Chege

Jack Creveling

Edward Jewett

Jessica Collins

Stacy Fisher

Gabrielle Jouett

Lana Cooper

Sabrina Gaddy

Melissa Kennedy

Lana Cooper Jose Corona

Sabrina Gaddy

Dana Hawkins

David Hawkins

Stephanie Hope

M Desiree Kitchens

Elizabeth Corr

Chad Crawford

Melissa Kennedy_

Laura Kurtz

Michael Langieri

Tajar Leath Katherine Lovett

Britt McGriff

Scott McLarty

Ajsha Mims

Stanley Monroe

Jennifer Nichols

Jamin Major

Ryan Marcus


Kenneth Mukasa

Melissa Munoz

Irene Njeru

."T,1 ~.**

Jazzalyn Maxwell Michelle McDaniel

Jessica Rhodes and Ryan Zachow are "too cute" to be seniors.
Obviously, the effects of senioritous haven't hit them yet.


Badger Moring

Eric Muenchausen

Kyle Orfield


10. You're way too stressed to think about
9. You're on a first name basis with all your
8. More than half of your wardrobe is shorts
and T-shirts.
7. Severe ego trips.
6. You're a sixth period aid for Mrs. Creveling.
5. Bathroom trips that take 40 minutes.
4. Creative excuses for skipping.
3. Your off-campus lunch has been revoked for
being late to class one too many times.
2. Spur of the moment decisions to leave
1. Ability to sleep anywhere.

Erika Olsen

Kenny Anderson is definitely a babe. It was no wonder he got voted
Most Fun on a Deserted Island.

Amy Owens Jeff Pennell


10. Ice froze on my windshield.
9. I "subconsciously" forgot to set the
alarm clock last night.
8. I don't really need another P.E. credit.
7. Had to scrounge in my car to find gas
6. Traffic back up on 13th Street and
Depot Avenue.
5. I got home just a little too late last
4. Dr. Meade stopped me to take my
3. The snooze button on the alarm clock.
2. Part of the daily car accidents
involving P.K. students.
1. 990 bacon, egg and cheese biscuits
from Hardees.

Jessica Rhodes

Michichi Sallet

Kelley Richards

Jason Saunders

Ruby Powell Larry Reshard

Renee Richardson

Vanessa Riefkohl

Jessica Riley Carlos Risco

Larshon Sims

Nikole Peters

Eric Peterson

Genny Spies

Kelly Scott

Alan Simons

Shavonne Thomas

Curtis VonGunten

Reggie Williams

Ryan Zachow

Norris Wright

Itoko Grussemeyer

Vanessa Riefkohl demonstrates her skills on Melissa Kennedy. She says she wants to be a human
Q-tip when she grows up.

Amy Beth Tillman

Christina Smith

Antony Thomas

Renee Richarson, Jason Saunders and Bibi Baxter take a break from
working to smilefor a picture. They'll definitely be successful in
whatever career they choose.

Benjamin Tinney

Julia Rae Vames

Barbara Arencibia Maria Gonzalez

An unknown senior takes a bathroom break; a place many seniors
liked to sit and ponder their future careers.


1. Sloan Anderson- Owner of his own Red
2. Shavonne Thomas- A Drivers Ed. instructor
3. Erika Olsen- A drug rehab counselor
4. Stanley Monroe- A monk that's taken a vow
of silence
5. Chris Whelpton- The next Marilyn Manson
6. Caleb Burton- A speech therapist
7. Dan Robbins- A teacher
8. Genny Spies- A Mentos commercial actress
9. Christian Benway- President and sole
member of his own fan cub
10. Michelle McDaniel- Spokesman for Jenny



My life as a P.K.
Yonge lifer began one year
before I entered
kindergarten; I would roll
down hills and shimmy up
poles while waiting for my
When I was
fortunate enough to be
placed in the class of the
beautiful Mrs. Hudgins
that next year, I remember
entering the classroom
filled with feelings of the
magic and wonder of all
the possibilities at P.K.
Yonge Laboratory School.
And on that very first day
I encountered my life long
"BFF" Emily Arnold.
From that day forward our
friendship blossomed.
From our first
Thanksgiving Feast
dressed as pilgrims, our
rarefied performances in
Chicken Little on the stage
of P.K. Yonge, to our
videotaped extravaganzas
in Turkey Creek. We
stood side by side through
it all. Through the ups and
downs that the middle
school and high school
years have brought to our
friendships, we will
always have the memories
of thirteen years of
growing up together and
the bonds of P.K. Yonge
lifer heritage.
As I walk from
high school back through
the halls of my elementary
years, I am filled with
memories and greeted

!OT -a. H,.5

This second grade class picture seemed like just yesterday to the class of'98. Top row: (L to R) Reggie Williams, Tajt
Leath, Marianne Brunson, Nikole Peters, Lana Cooper, Dana Hawkins, Alan Simons, Amy Tillman, Curt
VonGunten. Bottom row: (R to L) Tasha Benjamin, Ajsha Mims, Antony Thomas( almost a lifer), Badger Morin
and Stacy Fisher.


...Tasha Benjamin
got run over during the
in-school basketball
game vs. Columbia.
...Sloan Anderson
broke his arms and leg
in first grade, second
grade, and third grade.
...Reggie Williams
and Tajar Leath held
Kelly Richards over a
trash can in second
...Reggie Williams
found a worm in the
bottom of his milk after
drinking the whole

with smiles from former
teachers and classmates; a
privilege I consider rare.
The roots of my existence
were nurtured in the soil

...in fifth grade
Ajsha Mims decided it
was her turn to clean the
fish tank, threw chairs at
Genny and Emily, put
ended up swallowing
half the water in the tank
when she tried to start
the siphon.
...Micah Byers was
chasing the girls through
the woods on the eighth
grade trip to Camp
Kalaqua and scared
Sabrina Gaddy so bad
she peed in her pants.
...Kelly Scott

of my P.K. Yonge
experience and my future
growth will surely be
enriched by that strong
and loving foundation

slashed Britt McGriff's
...Tasha Benjamin
sat on a pencil and had to
have the lead surgically
...Emily Arnold
towered over everyone in
elementary school.
... Megan
Bettinghaus fell during
the pep rally when the
cheerleaders were
running out to get the
crowd hyped.
...Derrick Jackson
threw a wet, red colored
feminine napkin at Ms.

often referred to as the P.I
Yonge family.
-- Genny Spies



The lifers of this years graduating
class all get together for one last
group picture. Top row: (L to R)
Marianne Brunson, Reggie
Williams, Emily Arnold, Genny
Spies, Nlkole Peters, Stacy Fisher,
Jason Saunders, Lana Cooper,
Edward Jewett, Mike Langieri, Kelley
Richards, Laura Kurtz, Sloan
Anderson, Curtis VonGunten,
Badger Moring and David Hawkins.
Bottom row: (L to R) Jazzalyni
Maxwell, Sabrina Gaddy, Tasha
Benjamin, Ajsha Mims and Tajar

In 2nd grade Reggie Williams still thought he
was number one.


Ajsha Mirns gives puppy dog eyes to the

Nikole Peters and Marianne Brunson look bored as usual.

In 2nd grade Badger Moring is just as cute Tasha Benjamin on a snack break in 2nd
as he is today, grade.


Can You Imagine...
Kenny Anderson not the mac that he is? Sloan Anderson dating Larashon Sims? Barbara
Arencibia not putting on make -up in class? Emily Arnold being best friends with Chad
Crawford? David Baun looking like his sister? BiBi Baxter not all over the ninth and tenth
grade guys? Paul Bedford hanging out with seniors? Tasha Benjamin shutting up? Brian
Bennett actually with one of the girls he's all over ? Christian Benway as fine as he thinks he
is? Megan Bettinghaus into the grunge look? Jason Bootle in a class with seniors? Christie
Brewer anything like Cam? Cam Brewer taller than his girlfriend? Terry Brown not talking
to everyone he sees? Marianne Brunson not dying to give her own opinion? Jeneenia Bryant

Sloan Anderson
Emily Arnold
Brian Bennett
Tasha Benjamin

Christian Benway
Megan Bettinghaus
BiBi Baxter
Jason Bootle

Cam Brewer
Christie Brewer
Marianne Brunson
Jeneenia Bryant

Caleb Burton
Jessica Collins
Lana Cooper
Jose Corona

I'- i I

r; Y


I 4H111 1
*P ^

A i

4) i- 1

driving her own car to school? Caleb Burton saying a clear sentence? Sara Chappell a nun?
* Luke Chege being the age of everyone else? Jessica Collins tardy for first period? Lana
Cooper a spoiled brat? Jose Corona letting his brother fight his own battles? Elizabeth Corr
blonde? Chad Crawford making sense? Jack Creveling without a leash around his neck ?
* Julie Featherston a rocket scientist? Stacy Fisher in K-mart clothes? Sabrina Gaddy with
a compact car? Rose Godfrey a cheerleader Maria Gonzalez a French teacher? Itoko
Grussemeyer mean ? Danna Hawkins in a mini skirt and high heels? David Hawkins with
a clean respiratory system ? Stephanie Hope a senior? Tomoko Inoue not being able to draw?
* Edward Jewett anything but Edward Jewett? Gabrielle Jouett in a workout uniform and
Nikes? Melissa Kennedy graduating high school? Desiree Kitchens sticking out a whole
season ? Laura Kurtz without her tuba? Mike Langieri without his hair ? Tajar Leath

Chad Crawford
Jack Creveling
Stacy Fisher
Sabrina Gaddy

SItoko Grussemeyer
Danna Hawkins
\ David Hawkins
SStephanie Hope

'rEddie Jewett
Gabriielle Jouett
'Melissa Kennedy
Laura Kurtz

Mike Langieri
Katy Lovett
S* Jamin Major
SRyan Marcus

wearing a shirt that fits? Katherine Lovett with a tan? Jamine Major a drag queen? Ryan
Marcus looking like he's in high school? Jazzlyn Maxwell not sucking her thumb? Michelle
McDaniel weighing over 100 pounds? Britt McGriff a hippie? Scott McLarty actually
having green eyes? Ajsha Mims nice to everyone? Stanley Monroe actually being able to
afford the cars he drives? Badger Moring not acting like Kramer? Eric Muenchausen a
redneck? Kenny Mukasa with a southern accent? Melissa Munoz speaking less than three
languages? Sara Nash anywhere but Mrs. Skye's room? Jenny Nichols class chat? Irene
Njeru leaving Ulysees alone? Erika Olsen at P.K. for a whole day? Kyle Orfield loud and
obnoxious? Amy Owens clubbing? Jeff Pennell accepting responsibility? Nikole Peters
innocent? Eric Peterson admitting his love for Rae? Ruby Powell without her butt? Larry
Reshard in a VW Beetle? Jessica Rhodes giving Julie a ride? Kelly Richards a sumo wrestler?

Jazzlyn Maxwell
Michelle McDaniel
Britt McGriff
Scott McLarty

s -^1
**' .^ ^I .^I

Ajsha Mirns
Badger Moring
Eric Muenchousen
Jenny Nichols

Irene Njeru
Erika Olsen
Amy Owens
Kyle Orfield

Ruby Powell
Jessica Rhodes
Larry Reshard
Kelley Richards

L ,
^ ^



PV 4



* Renee Richardson fighting her own battles? Vanessa Riefkohl with a clue? Jessica Riley a
mime? Carlos Risco without Goatman? Dan Robbins not The Man? Charlene Russo in an
outfit from Anne Taylor? Michichi Sallet working anywhere but the candy shop in the mall?
* Jason Saunders a player? Kelly Scott with her natural hair color? Alan Simons preppy?
* Larashon Soms a good driver? Christina Smith without Emily Smith-Pennell? Genny Spies
not in North Carolina every weekend? Antony Thomas letting his baby blue Rodeo get dirty?
* LaZonia Thomas with a dyed green mohawk? Amy Tillman as athletic as her sister? Ben
Tinny not Cowboy Ben? Rae Varnes without her smile? Curtis Von Gunten away from Katie?
* Chris Whelpton a priest? Reggie Willams as tall as Cam Brewer? Norris Wright with with
a British accent? Ryan Zachow not sweating the sophomore girls?

N -
C '

Vanessa Riefkohl
Jessica Riley
Jason Saunders
Kelly Scott

Alan Simons
Lasrshon Sims
Genny Spies
Antony Thomas

Shavonne Thomas
Amy Tillman
Rae Varnes
Curtis Von Gunten

Reggie Williams
Norris Wright
Ryan Zachow
P.J. Bedford

A1 -~~P~~W



Wesely Andrews

Toy Baker

Glen Bamks Sara Baun

Tabitha Butler Kawanza Caffie

Arthur Clay

Grant Clouser

Mickey Ebert Carly Emmerson

Ryan Conway Leah Dahlbec

Shannon Ewalt

Paul Farr

Adam Daube

Jamie Davis

Nicole Favreau

Rob Franks Alison Fulks

Jesse Bennett

Miriam Black

Sara Brown

Tonya Bryant

David Butler

Mose Cambell

J.C. Ganstine

Dustin Garlitz

Sean Gause

Alexis Goodman

Cedric Booth

Amanda Brooks

Travis Carr Catherine Christian

Rose Delate

&A& ^b&

Cory Devlin

Zeriah Folston Brian Frank

Luke Goolsby Sam Gottschalch

Wayne Hobdy is caught hard at work during Ms. Skye's art class.


The Junior year offered us the ultimate in opportunities
and choices. We were no longer underclassmen and had many
more responsibilities. The option of AP classes existed, college
was no longer many years ahead, but waiting just around the
corner. Grades and transcripts now seemed to take on a more
important meaning and the struggle to survive became harder. It
was no longer enough to be in our school clubs, we lead them.
Sports had become more serious; making the team was no longer
acceptable; as juniors we were expected to have some athletic
skills. Although the Junior year had many challenges, it
also had many opportunities. This was the year we began to
understand our responsibility for ourselves. Now we had the
option to leave school or slack off, and it was our decision whether
to stick it out for one more year. The Junior year offered us
choices- we had to make our own decisions. Erika Perry

A rare photo opportunity: junior Jacob Rhodes is seen sitting
without a female companion.

10. your morning hangout is the Hardees parking lot.

9. what you wear to school is the hardest decision
of your day.

8. the stars of half the sports teams are in
your graduating class.
,.f ...

7. at least 5 other people depend on your Volvo

for transportation.

6. the sophomores all have nicer cars than you do.

5. you spend four hours a night on homework.

4. you can be found at C.J.'s every Wednesday night.

3. having a boyfriend defines your social life.

2. you attend every Big Sky function in Gainesville.

1. it's your first year with a car and you already have
12 unexcuesed absences.
12 unexcuesed absences.

Audrey Gratto

Darrell Johnson

Crystal Gravois

Anna Joiner

Natalie Llana Margarita Llenas

Josh Murray Suni Mydock

Matt Osgood Christine Owen

Wayne Hobdy

Jasmine Kendall

Jessica Lynch

Mike Kesler

Cris Knowles

Joe Mercadante

Janivea Lewis

Zach Morris

Josh Linscott

Drew Murray

Julian Myers Kristin Myers

Matt Nations

Christine Nycz Jason Odom

Ashley Pennypacker

Jeff Osgard

Monica Hughes

Cassie Jamison

Ben Guyer

Christine Harrison

Jonathan Helle

Matt Peck

Brandon Player

Erika Perry

Nick Peterson

Alyssa Paulter

Cassie Preston

Justin Pooser

Sharon Ramos-Cebalos

Jacob Rhodes Anne Ritman

Joshua Robertson

Dean Rose

Ulysses Rushing

Crystal Schuman

Josiahs Scott Clint Shealy

Thiedra Starks Dylan Thue-Jones

Left: Close friendships are a part
of the P.K. experience. Matt
Nations and Alyssa Paulter show
their affection for each other
while sharing lunch.

Lea Tillman

Tamala Williams

Derrick Randle

Jesse Rapczak

Karina Simons

Andrea Rascovivh

Mark Reddish

Jonas Rutledge Tamara Santos

Luke Trimmer-Smith Simon Sokolof-Kemp

Patrick Weeks

Dylan Thue-Jones and Chris Mcleod enjoy each other's company.
These two were often found sharing "quality" time together.


10. I slept through the directions.
9. I left my book in my locker.
8. My school spirit wouldn't allow me
to miss last night's basketball game.
7. 90210 and Party of Five were on.
6. That page wasn't in my book.
5. I didn't have any paper.
4. We had homework?
3. Wasn't it due next Monday?
2. All you can eat wings at C.J.'s.
1. I had to work the late shift at Red Lobster.

Alex Zukoski

Ellie Ziegert

Aspen Autrey Christian Babcock

Brittany Beckwith

Jason Booth

Alex lSoswell-

Marshall Brunson

Martin Bush

Stephen Bush

Jared Comstock Victoria Corr

Robyn Camil Sean Canady

Patience Covell

Lacey Cantlin

Robert Crawford Jeff Creveling

Blake Dougherty

Kyle Alford

Logan Anglin

Brittany Baker

Tavaris Baker
Tavaris Baker

Vachon Bryant

Mychal Bumey

A.J. Colby
A.J. Colby

Rachael Dupre

J.J. DiLibero
J.J. DiLibero

Jennie Doering

Jonathan Douglas

Elizabeth Drake

Jason Booth stops for the camera to give everyone a glimpse of his
sexy smile and style. He was known for his individuality.

Rodjrick Bryant Sowande Buckmire

Frank Cockerham Joe Cohen

Andy Culpepper

Rebecca Damien

Matt Fay

A Year. of
_.__ ". -.. i ' -

This year for the class of 2000 was a year of maturing.
Counting the days until your 16thbirthday was a daily occurrence.
The responsibilities that came along with getting your license and
car were at times almost too much (note all the accidents and
tickets). Planning those first few weekends out when we were
finally free from the control of our parents cars was almost the best
feeling possible. This lead us to realize how fast time really goes.
It seems like just yesterday we were back in Mr. Steele's Space
Station and cooking with Mrs. Wigger. Turning 16 also meant
having the chance to make our own money. Some of the more
responsible sophomores got jobs and added one more thing to
their busy schedule.
For almost the first time, the sophomores were big
contributors to the sports teams. In sports such as volleyball,
basketball and cheerleading the sophomores were some of the
leaders of the teams. No matter how much we have already been
through, we know there is a lot more to come.
-Jennie Doering & Talyah Young

Latonya Banks

Erica Barber

Julie Eberhard

Sophomores Jennie Doering and Stephanie Stinson take time
out of serving chicken dinners for the volleyball team to show
their cute smiles. The two were known for the high quality
work in everything they did.

You're a Sophomore

10. you're counting the days until your sixteenth
9. you glance at the clock every ten minutes in class.

8. you wake up 15 minutes before school starts unlike last year.

7. you obsess over your recent ex.

6. you wish the '97 Seniors were back.

5. you have at least two pairs of Reef sandals.

4. you have the entire Gap wardrobe from the past three years.

3. you wear ribbons in your hair.

2. BSG's "the new class".

1. all the guys suddenly hit puberty.

Kristen Johnson

Chris Loudermilk

David Mendez

Chris Fisher

Amber House

Victor Graham

Danny Hughes

Jeremiah Jones


Brandon Green

Faisal Huuda

Jenny Grill

Alek Hyer

Kristen Lascola

Justin Hancock

Mandy Irwin

Tristan Lasley

Brandon Hare

Tracy Jackson

Chaney Harrison

Charles Jerkins

Jenny Leed Justin Lindsay

Miranda Lucas

Molly McGriff

John Nilon Jennifer Nycz

Matt Graziano

Leah Humphrey

Robert Korson

Crystal Lowe

Jamea McTaw

Robert Medal

Ash'lea Moore

Shelby Mountain Andy Nichols

Patrick Opuda Sean Plemons

Ashley Poser

Melissa Rice Matt Riley

Margie Sedlacek

Courtney Shannon

Jay Singerman Sara Smaha Lakasia Small Daniel Smith Adam St. Clair Stephanie Stinsc

David Strobles Yelena Tarouga James Thomas Nikki Thomas Johnny Todd

Russ Welker Bryan Williams Letta Wimberl:


Sonja Roth

Latoya Rutledge

Lisa Schlitzkus

Miriam Shapiro

Karina Royce Patrick Ruegger

Shameka Showers

Kyle Straughn

Monique Vinson

Art Waters

Talyah Young and Shameka Showers stop before going on
stage at High Tide for the Homecoming Court. It was often
hard to catch these two not gossiping.

U ive...

10. parents can't drive you around forever.
9. you have no more money to give friends for gas
8. upperclassmen friends being absent from school.
7. sitting home on weekends is getting unbearable.
6. worrying about how you're going to get everywhere.
5. your ride forgot to pick you up one too many times.
4. the long walk up to Hardees.
3. the fifteen minute wait outside Litchfield Theaters.
2. the two hours between school and practice.
1. it's embarrassing to be dropped off by you're

SJames Young Talyah Young

Phillip Alexander Lindsey Amat

Kevin Brennan Jatwella Bryant

Peter Andrade
Peter Andrade

Robin Bryant

1 r'I ~ is^<
Kristy Davies Wantanisha Dawson Seth Dean Vincent Debose

Kaytlin Ebert John Egberts Rhea Ellenberg Graham Ervin

Suzanne Desmond

David Essex
David Essex

Uriah Gravois Timmy Grey

Kathryn Acosta

Rina Bradley

Ben Black

Justin Clarck

Clay Bogle
Clay Bogle

Santos Collado

Staci Crawford

Andrew DuPree

Brian Gorman

Bregen Guerry

Linda Handal

Bryan Booth Amandaa Bostick,

Clair Covaleski

Shawnna Dolder

Laura Franquemont

Granya Hayes-

Robin Bryant and Wantanisha Dawson look over test material
before class. The two of them were often found studying
during the five minutes between classes.

From T to


Coming into our freshmen year at P.K. Yonge
wasn't nearly as hard as it would have been going to a
school like GHS, Buchholz or Eastside. Unlike P.K., they
have close to 1,000 student in the freshmen class alone. I
really like the "smallness" of P.K. because you have a
chance to get to know everyone. The environment is really
friendly, not cold and snobby like other schools can be.

Ninth grade brought a lot of changes to our lives.
In eighth grade we were in charge of the whole middle
school; on top; the Big Dogs. All of the lower classmen
looked up to us. Leaving two minutes early for lunch was
also a definite plus. Now that we were all in ninth grade, we
were on the bottom again. Once again, like sixth grade, we
were the ones looking up to other students. Teachers were
really starting to stress about how serious we all have to be
now about our grades and our attitudes They always said
how much of an impact the next four years would have on
,our futures.
-Wantanisha Dawson

Alex Corona

Ross Devlin

Kristin Floyd

Nicole Happ

Leslie Ryals waits outside of the classroom before the bell
rings. She was known to be tardy to at least half of her classes
on account of her running mouth.

Mariah Hoffman Meagan Hull

Alison Kesl Unique Landry

The Good and

Good- Being a freshman is the introduction into high school.
Bad You get to see what it feels like to be a lower classman again. Ryan Major Leslie Manning
-Leslie Ryals
Good Dating and thinking you're in love.
Bad Peer pressure.
-Wendy Lawrence
Good There are more people.
-Lizzie Nodell
Bad Stuff is tough and a lot of people have changed to try to fit in.
-Kathleen McNulty Rachel Mixson Maurice Monro
Good You have a lot more friends between the new kids and other
Bad We get the bottom lockers.
-Claire Tillman-McTigue
Good Your best friends are with you to share the freshman
Bad It's confusing coming from another school and having to find
your way around
-Bergen Guerny
Cody Rapczak Josh Roberts



Kenay Johnson Quarter Johnson

Wendy Lawrence

Davin M

Davin McCray

Emily Leavy

Henry McGill

Laura Levin

Starla McKnight

Femando Lopez Lori Luparello

Marvin McTaw

Mike Mercadante

Justin Nicholson

Lizzie Nodell

Maria Perez

Freeman Peterman

Michael Ruegger Ella Rukin

Kristie Powers

Lydia Sanchez
Lydia Sanchez

Blake Lapinsky

James Martin

Justin Newman

L.Steven Kahler
Steven Kahler

Tim Hutchens Kezia James

Louis Kalivoda

Nick Roden

Christina Rose

Leslie Ryals

Connie Small Cece Smith

Violeta Suddaby

Destin Swatman

Jason Tinney

Jenniffer Thomas Calvin Thomas

Athena Wait

Terry Williams

Left: Fourfreshmen Athenians smile
for the camera. The teachers at P.K.
come up with some interesting
lesson plans.

Tyson Willey

Almena Wilson

Jake Young

Adam Strong



Zach Smith

Samantha Sprague

Amber St. Onge

Nicole Schaub

Connie Small, Kezia James and Wendy Lawrence take time
out of their lunch to not smile for the camera. They were
known to be happy, especially at lunchtime.

Antonio Stevenson Ryan Stokes

Grey Thompson Claire Tillman

Earning their
I- t titles...
Brian Williams Shereka Williams Quarter Johnson- "Pimp of the Year"
Emily Leavy- "Pretty Woman"
Lizzie Nodell- "Blondie"
Kezia James- "Future dentist"
Crissy Rose and Starla McKnight-
"Glass Cutters and Tree Trimmers of
Flint Wipke David Wright America"
Susan Desmond- "Kissy Girl"
Timmy Youngblood- "Joe Rockhead"
Nikki- "Spice Girl"
Clay Bogle and Ben Black-" Senior Play Toys"
Davin "Loud Mouth" McCray
Timmy Youngblood Kathleen Zeile

Tonja Alexander

Randall Autrey

Travis Autrey

V /ik
Travis Babcock

Vicki Bennett

Louie Bergmann

Jonathan Bongiovanni

John Bradbury
John Bradbury

Heather Brown


Sean Burke Grady Carthon

Kate Creveling

Summer Crider Leighann Croley

Douglas Davies

Matthew Davis

Bradley Ferguson

Janine Garlitz Marie Gotay

Dominic Gratto

Roseann Halback

Jennifer Hare Ebony Harrington

John Cowart

Danny Fay

Ashley Harden

Jasmyn Hasson

Ralph Jackson

Michelle Bermudez Brian Blackmore

Lauren Cockerham

Gina Cohen

Brendan Ebersole- Elizabeth Farmer

Matt Guyer

Myrez Guzman

Jeffery Jewett Alison Jim

Ebony Harrington, Sabrina Miller and Latoya Reshard walk
through the halls late to their next class. Since they were the
top dogs of middle school, their egos kept them from being to
class on time!

On Top of

the World...

I remember when I was in eighth grade. It was
probably one of the best years I've had in school. There was
almost no school work and we had privileges such as
leaving first from assemblies and going to lunch two minutes
early. We were finally at the top of the pile. The sixth and
seventh graders were afraid of us ( they had a right to be,
thanks to Seneca, Rodrigo, Russ and Devil) and always got
out of our way when we were walking through the halls.
But now that stuff is all over with for you '97-'98
eighth graders. It's time to say good-bye to some of your
closest friends as they move on to the next stages in their
lives. You'll all be starting over at the bottom of the pile
again weather you're at P. K. or another school. So a word
of advice to the next years eight graders, enjoy every bit of
it while you can. --Jennie Doering

Full of school spirit, Summer Crider and Gina Cohen take a seat
on Pajama Day. They were both fond of participating in school

Jennifer Katz Wytania Kimble

Shawn McGuire Sabrina Miller

Having mixed

Sad- Leaving all your close friends. Jenny Morgan Travis Mydock

Glad- Mr. Steele's poor excuses for dances.

Glad- Starting a brand new stage in life. Travis Riley Anelkis Royce

Sad- Ending a carefree stage in life.
Glad- Not having all classes on the middle school wing.

Sad- The confusion of everything changing.

Glad- Meeting new people you haven't already seen
every day of your life.

Evan Williams

David Willkomm

Lindsay Kratka Sheena Larry Bryan Lucas Stephanie Lynch Buddy Mathis


Patricia Mills Jake Milton- Ben Monahan-Estes Caitlin Moran

Patrick Prugh LaToya Reshard Carey Richards

Jake Simmons Lori Singerman

Right: Stephanie Lynch,
Roseann Halback and
Caitlin Moran get caught
eating a bag of chips.
Sharing lunch food was
expected when half the class
didn't bring theirs.

Michael Bastien

Damian Caraballo

Justin Chance

Ross Clouser Caitlin Coffey

Yolani Cruz- Jeremy Davis

Kathrine Desmond

Andrea Estrada-

Benjamin Femando

Chantel Fitz

Jennifer Gottschalch

Rafael Garcia

a >.Bt a 3Wa

Brenton Green

Crystal Groce Lisa Hager

Adonis Lindsey

Michael Burt

Megan Callahan

- FN71- :

Marlon Awuma

Sophia Binello

Chris Alexander

Lacie Alford

Arhon Amat

Lauren Lehman

Steven Loudermilk

Shan Huuda

Marc Jesse

Antonia Latson

S Michael Booth stopsfor a quickpicture during middle school lunch.
He zoas usually finding a way to be the center of attention.

Michael Booth Suzanne Brunson

Paul Covaleski Emily Covell

The Middle of


Kelley Floumoy Drew Franquemont
Seventh grade was a wonderful part of my life. In seventh
grade, you were already half way through with high school. In seventh
grade, we got more freedom and had more responsibilities. The only
bad thing about it was that we got a lot more homework.
The classes were better because teachers trusted us a whole
lot more. The eighth graders weren't afraid to talk to us because we
were out of "the lower class". Also, if we were in a bad mood, we have
someone to boss around! In seventh grade you had the ability to take
i some high school classes (personally, I think it is a good way to get
Brenton Homewood Erin Hreha credits out of the way). It was neat to see the high schoolers in class.
Maybe, if you think about it, its kind of an image of what you had to
look forward to.
I think after sixth grade, my friends and I had gotten a lot
closer. I'd gotten attached to them and I think I liked them more. Also,
the dances gave us a chance to hang out together sort of outside of
school. Who knows, you might just meet that special someone, but
that's just a little too much for me to focus on right now!
--Justin Chance

Jared Lucas

FranChester Lundy
FranChester Lundy

WyTania Kimble strikes a pose during middle school lunch.
She always loves to look her best!

Looking forward to

Eighth grade...

10. Getting out of class two minutes early for lunch.
9. Less work from the teachers.
8. Leaving from assemblies first.
7. One step closer to high school.
6. The Eighth Grade Social.
5. Respect from the Sixth and Seventh graders.
4. Getting the top lockers.
3. Getting to take Art.
2. The class trip to Disney.
1. Ruling the sidewalk.

Andrew Marcus Elliot Martin

Sara Nobles

Jakeisha Robinson

Benjamin Suddaby

Edwin O'Neal

Rashaad Robinson

Alicia Vonlehe

Brittany Wilcox

Josiah Winfrey

Jeremy Martin Jonathan McCloud

Michelle Osgood Maya Palmer

Nicole Piper

Regina Platt

Marie Sedlacek James Silvers

Kevin Weiss

De'Anna Wyrosdick

Douglas Strickland

Natalie Welker

Right: A group of seventh
graders get together with Mr.
Steele to take a quick picture. He
was known to be one of the middle
schoolers' favorite teachers.

L --

Kian McKellar Luis Medal

Christopher Mudra

Colby Anglin

Kara Blackmore

Everett Beeghley

Tamera Cockrell

Tamera Cockrell

Tara Bongiovanni

Everett Easterling

Kiel Boot
Kiel Bootle

Chris Ellingham

8 ^f\

Josh Gill

Colleen Hutchens

Ben Keathley

Kristen Grant

Tiffany Kleckley


Lelia Halvack

Ben Kunkle

Melissa Mcewen

Travis Hasson

Chauncey Lampkin

Lindsay Dalbec

Shanica Crider

Ben Bates

Simon Crider

Kyle Helms

Nicole Langlois


FanChon Lundy

Kerri Masters

Chris McCord

Carla McKnight

James Melgarejo


Nicole Langlois and Lauren Paulter concentrate on doing
a zoorksheet. Sixth graders had to adjust to the many
teachers who loved to give homework.

Steven Bostick


Alex Feltz



Caroline Chance

Mariana Garcia

Tyler Hope James Hunt

Heather Lawrence

Galen Miller

Krystal Lawrence

Ssali Mukasa
Ssali Mukasa

Movi g to

new plTces...

There's a lot of difference between middle school and
elementary. For one thing, middle school has more teachers.
Elementary has about three teachers and middle school has
about six. In elementary we had recess everyday. As middle
schoolers we get one recess a month. Some things are similar,
however. We still have assigned seats unfortunately. We also
still watch TV to help us learn. We watch Bill Nye and other
movies. Here in middle school we have tests almost every
week. Studying takes up most of out nights. We have many
more assignments than we did in the past years.
Time adds more responsibility and problems in
middle school. Since lunch is at 12:00, everybody is hungry
long before lunch. There's only five minutes between classes
to walk all the way across the school sometimes. Lockers can
take up a lot of that time too. But if you don't use them, your
backpack weighs more than you! Even though all of these
things make life more difficult, middle school is very fun.
-Colby Anglin

A group of sixth graders jump togetherfor a quick snapshot.
Lunch was one of their favorite times of the day.

Top 10 Thinks About

m Grade...

10. Different teachers for different classes.

9. No walking in lines.

8. Grades on report cards use the letter system.

7. You have PE every day and can dress out for it.

6. Lockers

5. Switching classes

4. Sitting where ever you want during lunch.

3. Weekend trips to the TILT and Alladin's Castle.

2. Friday night get together for the new episodes of TGIF.

1. The well known "who's mom will drop off and who's
mom will pick up" deal.

Erick Ouko-

Lauren Paulter

Victor Rosa Sherine Scott

Hannah Smith Ed Suggs

Kendra Walker Evan Walker

Patrick Whelpton

Kerron Williams

Andrew Pruitt

John Robertson Ashley Robinson

Gentry Sewell Jessica Sharpe

Rachel Vacik

Natasha Webb

Right: Evan Walker
braces himselffor
some balance. His
backpack was filled
with heavy books, and
often weighed him

Brittany Peters

Erica Sessions

Baris Tubbs

Edith Burch Penny Chou

Frans Doppen Kacy Gapinski

Elaine Green

Chris Morris Elizabeth Otani

Janice Johnson

J.C. Pohlman

Thomas Ruszczyk Herb Schwartz

Griff Jones Lainie Litt

Edith Powell Mark Reed

Peggy Sedlacek

Chris Sessums

Jere Steele
Jere Steele

Kristi Abrahams

Thom Anderson

Maurice Belser

Marcus Brinson

Dianne Skye

Rodney Vance

Dorothy Coar Betsy Creveling

Brian K. Marchman

Jessica Millisor

Loretta Robinson

Roy Silvers Shirley Ann Sirmons

Veronica Workman Elizabeth Ziffer

Principal Dr. Coar takes a moment to share her
thoughts on the P.K. "family." This is her second year
as acting principal.

My So Called


There's never a dull moment when you are a teacher
at P.K. Yonge. Being that this is such a small school, teachers
and students have the opportunity to develop close,
professional relationships that are impossible at larger schools.
Whenever I have met students outside of school, say
shopping at Publix, or at the public library, they almost
always seem stunned: "Mr. Sessums, what are you doing
here?" Yes, believe it or not, teachers have a life outside of
school! (Albeit, some of us have less of one than others.) Can
you picture the Ruszczyks hiking up the Canadian Rockies
eating breakfast with elks? How about Mrs. Dean tooling
down the highway on her BMW motorcycle? Or Ms. Gapinski
checking' out the latest Wu Tang single?
So if you see a teacher in the mall, don't worry! Just
smile and be grateful school is not in session! We, teachers,
need clothes and CD's just as badly as you!

Mrs. Cole-Harper works diligently on her computer.
Her non-aggressive attitude made her a favorite of the
P.K. students.

Words You Will

never hear...

Mrs. Griffin actually sending you to the dean.

Ms. Fugate using ebonics.

Mr. Reed bashing P.K. basketball.

Mrs. Cole-Harper giving you the grade you deserve.

Mr. McCall telling you that you have to do something.

Mrs. Skye telling you what she really thinks about your project.

Ms. Gapinski giving you a compliment.

A sentence from Ms. Workman that is not about sex.

Mrs. Weber telling you there's no quiz this week.

Anything Mrs. Creveling says when she gets excited.

Mrs. Morris looks surprised as she
was caught by the camera. She had
little time to socialize with the
students because of all her hard

Ms. Workman smiles as she
teaches her class. The students
usually make thingsfunfor their

Mrs. Barnes gives a serious look at
the camera. This photographer was
probably in the guidence office
without a pass!

Left: Coach Belser concentrates on
his work at his computer.
Contrary to what everyone
believed, he really did do some

Below: Mr. McCall relaxes as he
helps students with a problem. His
teaching style was a welcome
change after the strict year with
Mrs. Weber.


Officer Brinson relaxes with the ladies like the pimp he is. He not only enforced the law, but he also taught
a class for P.K. students.


"The kids are
my reason for
being here.
They bring joy
Sto my life."

- Officer



; K/K /K

- tT~&


"As Plato said, 'Know thyself.'"

* Britt McGriff, Senior






, : .Oo/

P 41111



The football team, coming off a disappointing 0-10
season found leadership from seniors Eric Peterson,
Sloan Anderson, Cam Brewer and Britt McGriff this
year. This talented group of seniors was something the
Blue Wave lacked last year. The team was well-
balanced on both sides of the ball, with outstanding
backs and receivers on offense and real quickness on
defense led by Tajar Leath. The team got off to a quick
start with a 2-0 record but quickly plummeted. The
Blue Wave struggled in games that could have been
won and high hopes turned into worries. The Wave
also had an impressive bunch of juniors, (Jonas
Rutledge, Derrick Randell, Jesse Rapczak and Patrick
Weeks) to help capture the district title, which was a tie
breaker between P.K., Newberry and Williston. P.K.
then failed to win in the 1st round of playoffs, but never
the less capped off an extraordinary season for the Blue
Wave. -- JCrev

Above: Derrick Randell runs up thefield
returning a kick. Special teams made a big
contribution to !,. :. ,, r season.

Above: Eric Peterson sets up before the
play. Eric wias the leading tackler for the
Blue Wave.

all about

Top row; Coach Belser, Jose Corona, Carlos Risco, Johnny Todd, C', ;r 1,.i : i .
Hawkins, Adam St. Claire, Eric Peterson, Jeff C, .., ..; Dean Rose, Britt McGriff, Jesse
Rapczak, Cedric Booth, Cam Brewer, Coach Fogler. Second row ; Coach Clifford, Jason
Odom, Derrick Randell, Sloan Anderson, Jonas Fiti.., .. Tajar Leath, Miki Ebert, Art
Waters, Alex Bosivell-Ebersole, Bryan Williams, Patrick Ruegger, Coach Cox. Third row;
Dylan Thue-Jones, Stephen Bush, Marvin McTaw, Arthur Clay, Mose Cambell, Patrick
Weeks, Jason Booth Heavy Lunch, Jacob Rhodes.

heart and who

wants it more."

-Cam Brewer

Above: The defense swarms the rusher to stop
the opposition from getting first down. Big
plays like this one allowed the r'. ,:.' to score

Above: Jonas Rutledge slides past a Dixie
player. Jonas'footwork and break away speed
was a great option for the offense.


- i-



Above: Tinuny Youngblood leads the way for
the Blue Wave. Tinmny was a great leader for
the team although he was in ninth grade.

"I'm proud of the
teams hard work and

-Jason Booth

Above: Patrick ...... .. and Art Waters collide
while enjoying another ffun Blue Wave practice.
The J. V. team consisted of many hard workers.

Above: Stephen Bush tries to get a little better
during a vigorous practice drill. J.V. practices
were strenuous but taught the team a lot.

Top row; Flint Whipke, Maurice Monroe, Calvin Thomas, Boodie Man, Terry Williams,
Davin McCray Middle row; David .' I James Thomas, Jeremiah Jones, Charles
Jerkins, Mike Ruegger, Justin Clarke, Adamn ..... I ,,r :'. .:, Davis, Timnmy "Joe Rock"
Youngblood, Louis Kalivoda, Jason Booth, Quarter Johnson, Peter Andrads. Bottom row;
Art Waters, Stephen Bush, Perry Cockerham, Patrick ; .* ,, Louis M a..'i Matt




Left: Quarter Johnson breaks away from a
Chiefland defender, on the way to a Wave
victory. r ,, ,,,,i ;i.;. were a big part of the
J.V.'s game plan.



The J.V. football team made a phenomenal comeback
this season. This teams was led by sophomores Jason
Booth, Art Waters and James Thomas, all of whom
played last year. Also, freshmen Quarter Johnson, Joe
Rock and Timmy Youngblood helped in the teams
success. The J.V. not only had good players but
outstanding coaches. There was an enormous amount
of talent in each one of the players. There were many
clutch plays that brought the J.V. back to life in games.
This year was full of learning experiences for all of the
teammates. The team did not get the recognition it
deserved even though it they had a 5-2 record. The
leadership on the team gave the Blue Wave the
experience and strength to complete an impressive
season. -- Sports Staff




The '97 varsity volleyball team was the best P.K. has
had in a long time. Our final record was 7-9, but that
didn't reflect all which we accomplished this season.
Because of such hard work during the summer
volleyball class, the varsity team came out with high
expectations this season. Our new coach Chanda
Stebbins gave us a whole new direction this year. Her
first-hand knowledge of the game gave us insight on
almost every team we played. Having two huge
middle blockers, talented outside hitters and setters,
plus a defensive specialist, gave Coach Stebbins a lot to
work with. Also, this year we were very team oriented
unlike teams of the past. We were a very close group
of friends on and off the volleyball court. This was
made possible by the team dinners we had every week.
The team, lacking senior leadership, was lead by juniors
and four returning varsity sophomore players from
last year. This years team was a group of hard working
students (due to the mandatory study halls every day)
and fine athletes. With everyone returning for next
year who knows what we can accomplish?
-Stephanie Stinson

Above: Stephanie Stinson puts fourth her best effort to give a
good pass. Stephanie was often found on the floor digging for
hard to hit balls.

Above:Ci, t;.i : .: ,. ... .., 'oto concentrate
on the ball during warm up. This was a time the
team was often found .... *i. off.

Top row; Micki Knowles (Mic), Jennifer Nycz (GoGo), Sarah Smaha (Sam, Goliath).
Middle row; Ash'lea Moore (Ash), Stephanie Stinson (Leprechaun), Talyah Young (TY),
Kristen Floyd (Flo). Bottom row; Christine Nycz (C3), Ashley ', ',r,,..I. .i (PP), Anna
Joiner (AJ), Jennie Doering (JD).

Above: Jemnic Doering, Stephanie Stinson, Ash'lea Moore,
Anna Joiner, Talyah Young and Jennyi Nycz skip class to get
a picture on twin day. This was just one of the many
examples of the unity on the team.

Right: Snai beconies
aggressive at the net.
This was the teams
hope all season. Middle
hitters were a big key in
the .' -.

Above: The J. V. avoid doing their work in one of
the after practice study sessions. This was afun
time to catch up on what happened in school
that day.

Top row; Coach Brandy Anderson, Samantha Sprague, Kristen Johnson, Kristi
Lovvorn, Leslie Ryals, Laura Franquemont. Middle row; Robin Bryant, Latonya
Banks, Niki Thomas, Jamea McTaw, Burgen Guerry, Lydia Sanchez, Monique
Vinson, Emily Morrison, Robyn Camil, Leah Humphrey and Coach Craig Whedon.

Above: Kristen Johnson practices her bumping technique.
Kristen was a great asset to the team.

Top row; Jakeisha robinson, Elizabeth Farmner,WyTania Kimble, Brittany Wilcox,
Lauren cockerham, Sabrina Miller, Kate Creveling, Janine Garlitz, Carcy Richards.
Bottom row; Marie Gotay, Jennifer Morgan, Anelkis Royce, Tonja Alexander, Lori
Singernan and Coach Amanda Joiner.




"Although we struggled a bit, this was a rebuilding
year for the J.V.", answered Kristen Johnson when
asked how she felt about the season. For many of the
teammates the season was learning the fundamentals
of volleyball. The team made huge improvements by
the end of the season thanks to their knowledgeable
coaching staff. Hard practices and strict study halls
kept the girls on their toes. Coach Craig Wheadon
stated, "I love having this opportunity to be involved
with volleyball at any level. Having a great group of
girls also makes the job easy." The team showed
amazing potential for next year and season to follow.
Lep, Pep and Doe

Above: Leslie Ryals passes the ball during the
pre-game warm-ups. Passing was the key to
winning games.

District Trophy WON

The '97-'98 mens' soccer team was very impressive during
the season. Heads were turned as this years team gradually
improved throughout each game. As in the past, opinions
were pessimistic towards the start of the season because
there was not a coach. Fortunately, Sam Sparks stepped up
a month before the first game to lead the soccer team. Head
coach Sparks and Assistant Coach Franco were filled with
experience, knowledge and most importantly, leadership.
The "new ways" of Coach Sparks was very unique and was
exactly what the soccer team needed to become "one". The
coaches stuck with the team through thick and thin as the
team struggled against larger divisional schools such as
Eastside and GHS. The coaches also took part in celebration
as the team trampled and stomped all over the rival district
teams. These victories gained the boys' soccer team a
chance to advance in the state tournament for the first time
in many years. Seniors Kenny Mukasa and Antony Thomas
were the heart of the team. Their experience on the field
kept the team strong in tough situations. Underclassmen
also stayed solid at defense and other important positions.
Andy Nichols was especially good at covering females
playing for some Ocala team. Sowande Buckmire led the
city in fouls/game. Other consistent players who assisted
with the victorious season were junior midfielder Smitty
Trimmer-Smith and freshman standout Graham Earvin.
With such a dramatic change from last season, who knows
where the team will end up next year?

- ---I

Left: Playing goalie is
by far the most difficult
position on the field.
P,. i, successful at this
position takes
confidence and courage.
Junior Dean Rose
excelled in both of these
characteristics. Dean's
animal-like attitude
combined with his
quickness to result in
defensive victories and
even shut outs.

Left: Junior defender
Travis Carr juggles
the ball to regain Iis
"touch". Travis took
the position of
stopper having never
played there before.
His attitude and

struck fear in the
hearts of all
opponents, yet Iis
strong patience
enabled him to use
his finesse to move
the ball to an
"!tT', .i ..' mode.

Above center: Kenny Mukasa takes a cut while passing the ball before a game. The senior
center miidfielder controlled the coordination of the ..,i~ .* .' attack.

Top row; Coach Sparks, Antony Thomas, Alex Zukoski, David Mendez, Dean Rose,
Sowande Buckmire, Smitty Trimmer-Smith, Kenny Mukasa, Coach Franco.
Bottom row; Travis Carr, Ryan Conway, JeffOsgard, Jesse rrapczak, Graham Earvin, Zach
Morris, Alex Corona, Uriah Gravios.
Not pictured; Andy Nichols.

Above: The team warms up before a match against Eastside. From ', f r. ;. i Ryan Conway,
David Mendez, and Antony Tlomas.

Below: Tabitha Butler kicks the ball after saving a goal. The junior goalie was a much needed
addition to the team.


laws 10-1*. s -
i t.

Above: Roseanne Halback launches the ball back to the halffield to continue
the game. Roseanne was one of the many talented players who will be
returning next year.

Above:: Jamie Davis, Robyn Camil and Amber House ..I,.. before
practice for a picture. The coaches demanded that the girls put forth their
best. t' r everyday.

Top row: Coach David Cox, Carly Emmerson, Rosanne Halback, Victoria Corr,
Crystal Gravois, Melissa Furgerson, Rebecca Damien, Robyn Camil, Crystal Schuman,
Lindsay Amat, Coach Quito Anderson. Bottom row: Genaveve Jackson, Jamie Davis,
Caitlin Moran, Rhea Ellenberg, Tabitha Butler, Amber House, Ellie Ziegert, Karina
Royce, Sara Brown.


The girls blue wave soccer season started off with a
BANG.... or should I say BA....
Actually, with only a handful of returning players, the
girls team really showed their stuff. First-year player,
Sara Brown commented, "Facing other more
experienced teams was intimidating at first but then
we realized that the majority of the teams were in the
same position as we were." The coaches made a huge
commitment to the team in action and in spirit. Coaches
Quito Anderson and Dave Cox really contributed to
the new players understanding of the game. They
went above and beyond the call of coaching duty.
Throughout the season the girls developed quite a
bond with each other. They stuck together through
wins and losses as well as a few ties. Chicken Butt
Crystal Gravios noted, "I thought it was important to
teach them how to be maniacs on the field." Each
player contributed a great deal to the team making this
supposed "rebuilding season" a surprising success.
-Cassie Preston

Above: Carly Emmerson, does her best to keep
the ball away from a defender. Fast footwork
was stressed at every practice.

.J lKlX

Right: Reggie
Williams pushes to
the basket for two
points. Reggie was
an essential part of
offense and defense
with lead scoring and
countless blocked

Right: Jack Creveling
penetrates to the hole
for an easy bucket.
Jack was a consistent
shooter and could be
counted on for key
minutes in the game.





roughout the

on our team

s shown its


arell Johnson

Right: Senior captains Reggie
Williams and Jack Creveling
celebrate their third consecutive
District Title and led their team to
the Elite Eight for their fourth

Above: Jeff Creveling and Sloan Anderson combined their
talents during the Hawthorne game. This photo "trick"
shows the senior and sophomore at their best.

(I U_

Above: Glen Banks shoots a free throw for an easy point. Keeping your shot consistent
throughout the whole season was stressed by the coaching staff.


Coming off a Final Four season the Blue wave
basketball team had a tough act to follow. P.K.
started slow in their first game but would then have
a consecutive winning streak, including victories
over city rivals, Bucholz and Eastside. Two
tournaments championships adds to the record
beating numerous out of state teams. After these
tournaments wins and an impressive record of 13-1,
the blue wave would be ranked # 1 in the mid season
poll, which is a rarity for the team. With only six

games in class AAA, the waves schedule consisted
of a lot of bigger schools. The team was counting
on senior captains Reggie Williams and Jack
Creveling for points and rebounds not to mention
leadership. Also, the team was surprised with
contributions from transfer Darell Johnson and
Jason Odom. Six players returning from last
years end of the season roster with one player
stepping up fromJ.V. and one sophomore coming
straight from a 16-5 freshman team.

Top row: Glen Banks, Chris Whelpton, Reggie Williams, Jeff Creveling, Jack
I Creveling. Bottom row: Jason Odom, Jonas Rutledge, Sloan Anderson, Cris Knowles,
Darell Johnson, Cedric Booth.

Top row: Marvin McTaw, Mike Reugger, Coach Micah Byars, Jonathan McCloud, Brian Booth,
Elliot Martin, Calvin Thomas. Bottom row: Justin Clark, Mike Mercandante, Brian Williams,
Jeremy Martin, Mike Booth, David Wright.

"Coach Griseck is

the man and uh, he

helped us improve as

a team."

-Martin Bush

Above: Derrick Randle gets a put back for an easy two. The Blue Wave often worked
on -...fr i i J / ,/,,r,,., practice.

Above: Wayne Hobdy and Johnny Todd sit on the tables working during school.
Team work was encouraged in the classrooms, as well as on the court.

Top row: Wayne Hobdy, Bryan Williams, Andrew Dupree, Johnny Todd, Derrick
Randle, Alex Boswell-Ebersol. Bottom row: Martin Bush, Mose Camble, Matt Fay,
Terry Williams, John Nilon.


The Blue Wave Freshman team this year was
raw and undisciplined. It consisted of four seventh
graders, making it truly a rebuilding year. The team
started off the year with high expectations, mostly
because of previous teams records, but began with a
rocky start. P.K. was still struggling midway through
the year, when they started to find their identity. They
began to come together as a team, with many players
stepping up. The team finished the year on a positive
note making expectations high for next year.



Much like the rest of the Blue Wave basketball
program, the J.V. boys were loaded with talent. They
had a veteran squad consisting of 5 players who had
played J.V. the year before. Although the year started
off slow by the middle of the season they came together
as a team and pounded district opponents. End of the
season games were against larger and harder teams but
the Blue Wave had progressed and learned the true
meaning of success.

Above: Moses Cambell gets a wide open lay-up to put the team ahead.
Moses was one of the leaders of the team.


Left: Jessica Rhodes goes for an easy two points. Jessica was the only
senior and a great leader for the rest of the team.



With four returning starters from last year's
second place district squad, expectations were high for
the Lady Wave. The team consisted of 5 returning
varsity players from last year and 4 moving up from
J.V. "For a young team we had a lot of experience. This
year we challenged ourselves like never before," said
Senior captain Jessica Rhodes. Though the team was
young, with only one senior, coaches and fans would
be disappointed with a lackluster season. The team
strived for perfection and set high preseason goals.
From the beginning of the season the Lady Waves had
its most challenging schedule in years. They began the
season ranked #3 in the state. The Waves played
defending State Champion Keystone Heights in a
closely contested ball game early in the season. The
team also defeated all of their in-town rivals before the
district schedule began. "We just play our best and
gave it our all every game," commented Head Coach
Wes Aldrich.
-Molly McGriff

Above: Ash'lea Moore controls the game with her ainmaing ball ,....i ,
skills. Ash'lea gave the team a lot of energy during their hard games.

From left to right: Coach Wes Aldrich, Molly McGriff, Jessica Rhodes, Leah Dalbec,
Jamea McTaw, Brittany Beckwith, Jennifer Nycz, Monique Vinson, Ash'lea Moore and
Micki Knowles.

"This team is

full of talent, but

we haven't

shown our full

potential yet."

-Molly McGriff

Above: Monique Vinson, Jamea McTaw andMicki Knowles get caught by Dr. Mead before a game. This
is just one example of how close the team was.

Above: Leah Dalbec dribbles past a GHS player. Leah contributed ....i :
to the team with her consistent shot.

Above: Coach Eric McTureous takes a time-out to gather his team and discuss their strategy on the
court. The girls worked hard and earned their time-outs.


"This year was

so fun and our

coach was da'


-Suzanne Brunson

Above: Robin Bryant guards the ball from a defensive player. Robin
added stability to the young team.

Above: Carla McKnight, Suzanne Brunson and Kate Creveling take a
moment during shooting practice for a picture.. The teams friendships
grew throughout the season.

Top row: Coach Eric McTureous, Carla McKnight, Kezia James, Christina Rose,
Shameka Showers, Tonja Alexander, Robin Bryant, Starla McKnight, Jerome Williams,
Brittany Wilcox. Bottom Row: Burgen Guerry, Suzanne Brunson, Kate Creveling,
Stephanie Lynch, CiCi Smith, Janine Garlitz, Claire Tillnan.



This year, our basketball team accomplished many
things, had fun and learned a lot. Our J.V. team was
made up of 15 talented, energetic girls from 6th to 10th
grade. Everyone was eager to play, practice or just
shoot around. There wasn't a secret between us as we
shared laughs, cries and good and bad times. A few
things remembered by the girls were; Santa Fe's rats,
"Georgia", the Newberry coach and anything goes.
Our team cried over lost games, team problems and
other things, but whatever it was, it brought us closer
together. All of these girls are serious about basketball
and plan to play throughout their high school years as
a Lady Wave. Claire Tilman
Claire Tillman

Above: Claire Tillnan .' .:it Hi,. , ,i, .;. of opponents to score two points.
Claire was a returning player fiom last year and a leader on the court.



Cross Country running demands more from its
athletes than any other sport. It takes time,
dedication, hard work, a love for running and
mental as well as physical strength. This year's
team met and surpassed these requirements on a
daily basis. At every meet each runner gave 100%,
not only for him or herself, but for the team as a
whole. The runners endured physical pain and
emotional strain in order to attain the end
result.. .victory.

The P.K. Yonge golf team is geared up and ready
to-go for a much anticipated season which
promises to be both exciting and challenging. This
year's team returns five players from last year
including superstar seniors Kelley Richards and
Jack Creveling and underclassmen Josh Robertson,
JJ Dilibero, and Freeman Peterman. Plus the
addition of freshman Seth Dean. This year's team
hopes to complete for the school's first ever district
title and possibly a state title.

Above: Paul Farr finds out exactly how dirty cross country can be.
Adverse conditions can't keep Paul from running.
Above left: Josh Robertson stands and contemplates 'i ,.
club in the parking lot. Sometimes the balls didn't always land on course.

"I a

From left to right Freeman Peterman, Kelly Richards JJ DiLibero and Jack Creveling.

always found
Helpful to
nk plenty of
iter before a

-C67tlinz Aloraii

- II ,"

.L . t. .'- ,
From left to right: Caitlin Moran, Rosann Halback, Kristin Myers, Paul Farr, Stephanie Lynch,
Jennifer Hare, Heather Brown, Jacob Farmer, Matthew Davis and Jamie Davis.

Above: Putting is an important part of golf, so team mates Jack Creveling
and Kelly Richards take some time to polish their skills.

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