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Group Title: Yongester
Title: Yongester. 1961
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Title: Yongester. 1961
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Publication Date: 1961
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1 ~111!


Mr. Robert O. Turner, Acting Principal, takes i
a few notes on THE ART OF LOVING (mankind,
of course).

4Adminis ration

I paused a moment in the midst of my research, and gazed up at my Core teacher. There she was,
good old 457-12A, swallowing note cards and mechanically spitting them out at 500 cards per minute.
Each one was embossed with a neat grade, plus cold, clear, machine-language comments. I sadly
realized how much I missed Mrs. Nichols.
I thought of our class discussion that morning: how our teacher had led us on infallibly, how she had
chortled ( as much as a machine can chortle ) when we came up with the conclusion just as she had ex-
pected. How exact, how miserably perfect.
Our mechanical principal rolled noisily by the door and gazed in. I could imagine the dry, speci-
fic notes it was making inside its computer-mind. I recalled Mr. Turner's smiling, human face, and
the thought flashed through my head, "What a loss! "
With these remembrances seething inside of me, I reached a raging height of anger at the School
Board for having replaced our faculty with machines. It was then that I woke up.

"Come to me for advice. J. B. Hannum,
I Dean of Students.

I I L Dr. Glen Hass, Acting Director, has a chat with an
elementary teacher.

"When will I ever get to "Show me the way to
those in the closet? go home... "

and JFaculty/

"My dear... ubiquitous...
mertarianistic... "

"Reaction Time...
some even cry. "

"Is THAT in the minutes?"

"800 + 400 + 500 + 300
Metrecal= 1700
calories. "

"This is the day of
serious reckoning. "


In addition to faculty, administration, and students,
it takes a.lot of other people to run a school. Here are
a few of them.

Dr. Gamble, Guidance Counselor,
and Dr. Soper, School Psychologist,

Togetherness ii the office. Secrettaries
arid 3S.int3AS fi'1d oieiTseI.l je for the beflefdi
of the p-i:torIO apher.
Pictured are MIiss Wilson, M-Irs. WJest, Mlrs.
Bielling, ajid [lirs. Pospesel. The other regiuar
secret r; Mliss Ciao,), ,as LAlIa the tii-ne of
the picture.

p^V gL .. ___


Mrs. Palmer, Nurse.

Axle grease on the tables again?
You'll have to admit, though, that with-
out the janitors our school would be a mess.

Mrs. Francis, High School Librarian.
This sort of enthusiasm does a librarian's
heart good.

One of the mainstays of P. K.,
Sergeant Dyess.

Mrs. Atchley, Dietitian, dishes it up.

Page 5



"Go West young man! Comes the cry
from Mrs. Webb's fifth grade class.

Senor Trujillo and his tape recorder help the "ninos"
learn their "espanol". Pastores Venid is one of the
many songs learned this Christmas with song charts
and tapes.

The elementary school is the foundation on which the student builds his high school and higher
education. It is in elementary school that the student learns the basic skills, perusing, penmanship,
and problem solving. He also becomes aware of the people and cultures of other countries.

Meanwhile, back on the Nile---with
a modern Cleopatra from Mr. Abbot's,
Sixth Grade.



Stud.nt Council

Wheety, Dr. Gamble, and Mrs. Diggs in regular
Monday afternoon meeting... Probably discussing
Tuesday's Agenda!

COUNCILS!... climax to a well-planned campaign, helped by our "Octavius the Octopus"
and District II support... The successful year began in September with coffee sales at pre-
planning... opening assembly successfully carried through... first P. K. Yonge Leadership
Workshop with speakers from the U. of Fla.... Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter baskets
for needy families. "Keep the Lunchroom Clean" campaign... Wheety and Nedra on the
Faculty Committee to promote communication between faculty and students... policy sheet
and monthly calendars printed. successful Homecoming... organization of concession
stand sales to promote cooperation among service clubs... first "Student Council Week" to
be observed at P. K. Yonge for the purpose of promoting interest and enthusiasm for second
semester elections... a very interesting Student Body Election and Glen Hass elected president
of P. K. and the F. A. S. C ... Glen and Phil Jones delegates to SASC Convention in Pompano
Beach... Glen and Pam Spache elected to attend F. A. S. C. Workshop in August, Phil Jones
attending NASC Convention in Oklahoma in June... Bar-B -Que tickets and softball games
between Faculty men and senior boys sponsored for scholarship Fund.. more than $300 raised...
Grade Officer Elections once more... awards assembly, sponsored by the Student Council
for awards and recognitions... officers: Wheety McMillan, President; Nedra Johnson, Vice-
President; Julie Penrod, Secretary; Ward Peck, Treasurer; and Sponsors, Mrs. Diggs and Dr.
Gamble presented tokens for their hard work during the year... a VERY SUCCESSFUL AND
REWARDING YEAR... P. K. Yonge can certainly be proud of the 1960-61 Student Council!

S' Delegates to
'' i F.A.S.C: Glen
Hass, Nedra
Johnson, Wheety
McMillan, Jim
Weber, Ward
I Peck and Glenn
S f Farris diligently
campaigning in
S '-. Tallahassee!



.Jrono,. Couri


"We, the students of the P. K. Yonge Laboratory School, have a
firm belief in self-government, student participation in government,
the ideal of prevention rather than punishment of offenses, and indi-
vidual guidance to suit the needs of every person".... With Chancellor
Tom and twelve competent representatives, the Honor Court has
continued to be a unique organization in the state... another first
for P. K., an "Honor Week", highlighted the second semester...
Honor Court bulletin boards in library and lunchroom .... individuals
on the honor system... offenses: cheating, stealing, and destruction
or defacing of school property made clear to students... good year
for the Honor Court.


't; ;:
.. .+-
i r.~-~
~.I- r~CI

r ~crr


Observe Mortimer.

A small brown-furred animal. He can run through a
maze and push a button with his nose.
But Mortimer used to lack several things. He lacked
intellectual development. He lacked a sense of values.
He lacked civic responsibility. He lacked emotional
maturity. He lacked leadership and fellowshipp", self-
direction and self-discipline.
As Mortimer now knows, P. K. Yonge has a special
program to develop these qualities.

Every loyal senior will recognize the
thoughtful Mrs. Nichols, studious
Mr. Huber, and shy Mr. Hannum;
their corps leaders.

A very new student learns about Core.

It is called Core Curriculum.
Core established situations requiring critical thinking
and scientific method.
Core, through an integration of history with other
subjects, serves to synthesize learning with the historic
Core establishes groups for special studies, with an
emphasis on leadership, self discipline, appreciation of
differences, and acceptance of responsibility.
Everybody can get something from Core. Mortimer

Page 13

Getting help from the teacher is a necessary part of every grade.

Seventh Grade

The seventh grade is a year of firsts assemblies, real physical education, changing classes, having
different teachers for each subject. It means more privileges which bring with themmany new responsi-
bilities, lots of parties, getting into the games free on student cards, having representatives on the
Student Council and Honor Court. There were many good times in the seventh this year, even learning
to officiate our own class meetings with Mac Johnson as president. By the end of the year we were
really becoming a part of the high school.
Adjusting isn't the only part of coming up from the elementary grades. From our able teachers,
Mr. Hineley, Mr. Sowers, and Mr. Murphy, we gained a thorough understanding of world geography.

Page 14

41Lith 6lracle

In the eighth grade this year we found ourselves studying American History. Mark Twain and his
creations, Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, were like old friends. In doing research for our unit
projects, we discovered many interesting facts about the lives of great men of the past. At the end of
the year we found ourselves excitedly preparing to move up into high school.
Mr. Paden, one of our Core teachers, was given the Best-Teacher-of-the-Year Award this year by
the Jr. Women's Club. This is the second consecutive year that a teacher from P. K. has received
this award. Last year itwas given to Miss Nulton, third grade teacher.

You've heard of writing on the wall?
This is blotting on the negative.

3rire hmen

The studies of the freshman year are devoted to making
the students better citizens of their school, community, state,
and nation. Driver education is a big project. It is certainly
helpful in making one a safer driver, therefore a better citizen
in one respect.

Among the non-academic activities of Freshmen are the
Fashion Show and the Freshman Hop, which were enjoyed by
all concerned in the Class of 1964. Also, 9A and 9C both
had good skits in Hi-Tide.


The Big Bosses -
First Semester

Tired to the Core

Uncomfortable, Richard?

The Big Bosses -
Second Semester

Why are you hiding, James?


5/en4 gLrade

A year filled with delights... the Christmas Dance... car washes to raise money... eligible girls
enjoying Little Women dances.
Silly Sophomores of 1960-61 have many memories to carry with them to the eleventh grade.

What's this outside the window, painting the school again?

j t

Careful Marcus! That observer might be watching you.

On the display board of Mrs. Diggs' room we see helpful charts and pamphlets about jobs,
television programs, and other general information which is useful from time to time.
Although the approach was different in each Core section, the able Core teachers guided
us through a study of American History. Mrs. Diggs', Mrs. Fluhr's, and Mr. Ring's classes
concentrated their main effort on the outstanding events in the history of this country. These
were studied sequentially.

Page 19

U -

a, rw 5


l1^ .'1 ^ bLA-
I'!/ .1
i~ i

jL' '


Judge to jury: "Let's have a quick decision now, and wrap this up
before the ball game.

Sincerely believing that experience with a process leads to a better knowledge of it, 11A
Core stages a mock trial.
To eliminate the possibility of complaint, we must mention the other two classes. All
pursued the highly important studies of World History and English. All helped with those two
big "productions" the Junior Play and the Junior-Senior Prom.

'confused and embarrassed' bit to
the hilt, now. "

D. A. to witness: "Let's be sure of
this, Miss Lee...

:-.. 77S.; .


Council to witness: "I think you are
ly..., perjuring yourself. "

Judge to witness: "You are directed
to answer. "




El senor Rivera que ensena por primera vez in P. K.
Yonge este ano es el maestro de los classes de espanol en la
escuela secundaria. Con la ayuda del maestro, el lab-
oratorio, y los libros de texta, aprenden la lengua de
espanol, la literature, las costumbres, y la civilization
de paises cuales hablan espanol.
Le francais est une langue des plus importantes du monde
entier. Les etudiants du course elementaire et de cour moyen
de francais etudient la grammaire, mais ils etudient en plus
1'histoire de France, la civilization francais. Le Cercle
Francais d'est occupe de 1'initiation des membres noveaux,
du dejeuner francais, et d'une participation au Congres de
la Culture Francaise en Floride.

* At.,'

4 A



Salvete amici!
Omnes discipuli discipulaeque utriusque conventus ad
linguam Latinam cognoscendam convocati, totum
annum diligenter et casus et declinationes et pronomines
didicerunt, idemque modum vivendi et historiam Roman-
orum. Sodales societatis Languae Latinae in sodalitatem
J. C.L. multos discipulos discipulasque induxerunt, lae-
tissima Saturnalia concelebraverunt, iter in Forum Lat-
inum ad urbem Bradenton, fecerunt, et nonullos oratores
intene auditos multo cum usu acceperunt.



4 I

: -'r. I





- Ar- .r ; *-


"You DON'T saiy?"



Cultured ascinat e

Renaissance art CAN be fascinating.

;' ;*i
z ".'.:!
~I :I .~f't
Irl~_1. Irri
r '2, .:?i;

~in.rii ,;-~

Don't just sit there. Speak!

The more cultural aspects of education are well represented at P. K. Yonge. Three teachers, Mrs.
Diggs, Mrs. Nichols, and Mr. Rivera, offer four highly interesting courses; Advanced English; Human-
ities; Speech, Dramatics, and Creative Writing; and World Literature.
The Humanities students study the art, literature, and music of various societies in order to learr
their "beliefs, concerns, and values, and thus gain a greater understanding of American culture.
The advanced English classes started off with BEOWULF and followed English writing right up to
contemporary times, by way of Shelley, Keats, and Byron.
In Speech, Etc., the students start off with one-minute talks, gradually becoming more con-
fident and skillful until they can gab for five minutes. The class ended up producing the play INCI-
World Literature is the study of the literature of the world. Need I say more?

Page 25

AJdvanced Matl

Could all these people be future



Wierd expressions, perhaps the reason lies in the
simple equation -
3x2+ 2x + 1
dx = 6x + 2

6x + 2 = 0
6x = -2
x = -2/6

= -1/3 (max pt.)


In recent years at P. K. our math program has expanded.
Today it is possible to take courses running from basic
math to differential calculus. With the help of the
University we have one of the most outstanding math
programs in the state.


Page 26



The Science Department has done an excellent job this year meeting
America's demand for constantly improved high school science. The
teachers, Mrs. Allen for Biology, Dr. Krebs for Chemistry, and Mr. Pate
for Physics, have provided excellent instruction despite ever-increasing
The Advanced Science program yielded its fruits, with the first crop
of Juniors in Physics. This put quite a load on Mr. Pate, since the orig-
inal and advanced schedules overlapped to raise the size of the class
considerably. But still everyone came out of the class with a much greater
understanding of the physical world around him.

One of our more intelligent Biology students

Shy Chemistry students

You couldn't be that hungry.
Physics is right after lunch.

Page 27



In spite of the implications, safety
is taught the students by Mr. Williams
in shop. But, you see, Mortimer was in
such a big hurry to try out the new saw
that he just couldn't stand to wait long
enough to hear the precautions.
In this class the future do-it-your-
selfer's are trained. Many a young wife
will be grateful in years to come that
her husband was prepared for some of the
many foibles of house-keeping.

- Page 28

Hum -n

Art I students, under the able guidance of Miss Davis, are exposed to the many different forms of
art. They get to "taste" sculpture, printing with linoleum blocks, water painting, and oil painting.
Art II is an exstenion of Art I (as might be expected). The students get a deeper understanding of
the concepts of art and study famous people who have excelled in specialized ( and general) fields of
Commercial Art is a course which teaches the application of the concepts of art to daily life.
Advertising page lay-outs help students to understand the how's and why's of advertising (including the
psychological aspects of it!)

Linoleum cutting is the
most recent fad in the
art class.

Anchor Caut

S" New Anchor members at the
"kidnap" party.

Led by Nedra Johnson, President; Sherry Alien, Vice-President; Linda Durrance, Secretary; Polly
Clark, Treasurer; Pat Snerringer, Historian; Dalzell Ginn, Chaplain; and Miss Gabrielson, our
sponsor, the Anchor Club completed a useful and happy year. Activities included pledging, for-
mal initiation... Thanksgiving and Easter baskets for needy families... helping Dr. Krebs make
"black-out" curtains for all the classrooms.., sale of T.B. Bangles and collections for the Cancer
Drive... making tray favors for the hospital... working as librarians at the Boys' Club second semes-
ter... collecting tickets and selling in the concession stands basketball season... making hot-dogs
and "concessioning" during football season... socializing with the Keyettes after one meeting...
election of new officers and the Installation dinner at the Primrose Inn... a successful and interest-
ing year......

Two pledges perform "services for
the school".

President Nedra and Treasurer Polly
at Formal Initiation.


Page 30

I x

J4yette Cu tt

The Keyette Club had an active and successful
year during 1960-61. It all started with the
kidnapping of sixteen new pledges who were
soon initiated and made regular members! Un-
der the leadership of Presidents: Dee and Marion;
Veeps: Marsha and Pam; Secretaries: Marion
and Carolyn; Treasurers: Julie and Sylvia; His-
torians: Pam and Cindy; and Chaplains: Wheety
and Linda, the Keyettes again sponsored a large The Officers
party for the patients at Sunland during Valentine
Season... helped sponsor "Bell's Nursery" and gave them a party at Christmas (Toosie playing Santa)...
Two car washes which netted some money, lots of soapsuds, and plenty of dirty Keyettes! !... an effort
to clean the "Senior Lounge-Student Activity Room" and its curtains... sales at the Concession Stands
for football and basketball seasons... Keyettes at the Boys' Club Library every Saturday during the first
semester... Devotionals for the assemblies... a baby-sitting list for faculty... Student Directories for
everyone... money for the Gainesville Scholarship and Loan Fund through the sale of Bar-B-Que Tickets
and the treasury... Mrs. Calhoun an excellent sponsor with lots of enthusiasm and good ideas for the
club... an interesting year... lots of projects... lots. of fun...

lst: D. Courtney, M. Stalnaker, C. Thomas, L. Larson, C. Keyworth,
J. P. Colson. 2nd: C. Hale, G. Guiteras, P. Spache, M. Mase, B.
Buns, L. Fullagar. 3rd: C. Lofton, J. Hannon, M. Thompson, A.
Russell, M. Cake. Not Pictured: M. McMillan, S. Campen, P. Hester,
T. Lewis, N. Hellinger.

J4e CYUa


Front row: F. Hellinger, L. Home, J. Wiles,
D. Streit, R. Kephart, R.-Ashley, W. Peck.
Second row: Coach Guitierrez sponsor, J.
Weber, P. Rosengren, J. LeMoyne, D. Koru,
P. Jones, B. Dunn, P. Trujillo. Third row:
G. Farris, V. Nettles, J. Bohannon, J.
Cooper, H. Allen, T. Sharpe. Fourth row:
L. Henderson, R. Wieland, D. Springfield.


Front row: D. Streit Treasurer, T. Sharpe -
Secretary. Back row: J. Weber Lt. Governor
of District 5, R. Kephart President, J. LeMoyne
- Vice-President.

One of our more orderly meetings.

y-Ctu and itiramunraA

Y -Club is a girls' service club which emphasizes not only service, but leadership in sports as
well. To become a member of Y -Club you must first participate in at least four intramurals sports,
be on four intramural teams, or four of a combination of these. A "Y" or letter is earned in
this manner, entitling you to membership upon reaching the ninth grade. To maintain this mem-
bership you must earn at least one "bar" each year (the requirements for which are the same as
those for a "Y") and keep a "C" average in school work.
The intramural program for girls at P. K. provides extra-curricular sports for those interested.
It supplements the regular P. E. Program for girls and gives eleventh and twelfth grade girls who
don't have a chance to take the regular P. E. course to participate and exercise after school.

Below we see the tenth grade P. E. class energetically playing a game of basketball. Will she
make it or not?

First row: M. Stearns, B. Buns, F. Kirk-
patrick, M. Buswell, M. McMillan, M.
Dupree, J. Colson, Mrs. Ingle. Second
SI \ row: P. Spache, A. Allen, M. Zipperer,
T. Storer, A. Streit, Hester, E. Hen
person, G. Waldo. Third w: S. Allen, D. Ginn,
a S. Campen, B. Darus, P. lgren, E. Francis.
Fourth row: P. Clark, C. rth, P. Sneeringer,
J. Weber, F. Owens, Stal ker, D. Streit. For one day P. K. 's National
S Last row: R. Davis, Kitchen G. Farris Honor Society was active and
G. Hass, J. Eaton, V. Soper F. Reiwe, participated in the organiza-
C. Brown. l tional District III Convention
at Fernandina Beach. We
S. I ^ made a terrific showing....
Seven though we were in the
h minority as a non-active club
S... Wheety was VERY active,
O as usual, -chaired the Consti-
tution Committee. In all we
gathered some very interest-
f | / ing information about other
Florida District III clubs.

/ S e
Gdnnn jo eu

Page 34

Jhedpi and




Some people think that the Thespians
are mixed up. I don't know why.
Just look at a few people during one
of our meetings and you can see how
sane we are.

The participating Thespians this year were, from left to right; C.
Keyworth Secretary-Treasurer, R. Wieland Best Thespian 60-61,
T. Storer -Clerk, J. Cooper -President, S. Tilley, Mrs. Diggs -
sponsor, S. Lane. Not pictured, S. Cooper, P. Whitehouse, M.
McMillan-Vice President.

This year the Thespians participated in many activities ranging
from High Tide to The Drama Festival at Jacksonville. We
ended our year with an initiation at Tigert Hall.

Page 35

~~ i"~;::


Camera L-C/u

After a long day of taking pictures of others,
Ronny Sawyer, Dr. Krebs, John Roebuck, Tom
Latimer, and Jerry Tew pause to have a pic-
ture taken of themselves.

Dr. Krebs has been very busy teaching the Camera Clubbers more
about how to take, develop, and print pictures. Although most of
them are in Jr. High, they have taken many of the pictures for this
year's Annual.

Along with sponsoring the Camera Club, Dr. Krebs is head of the
Audio-Visual Aids Department. The A. V. Dept. was in charge
of making curtains for many of the rooms around the school this
year. This was to keep them dark for showing movies and film
strips. Dr. Krebs' A. V. assistants made a pretty good start, but
finally had to call the girls' service clubs to the rescue. The
project is nearing completion.

/^- ,..

v ,. .


Dr. Krebs' answer to
a Home Ec. course
for boys.

Page 36

sfara- Meldical Club

Second row: Mrs. Palmer, L.
Durrance, C. Brannan, E.
Johnson, R. Peterson, M.
Blanton. First row: T.
Winsor, S. Chappell, L.
Richardson, B. Beck, K.

Not pictured:
L. Larsen.

The Para-medical club was one of the most active on campus this year. In carrying out its purpose
of interesting the students in medicine and the medical profession, a number of movies, lectures, and
field trips were provided for the members. The girls supplied a valuable public service by working as
"candy-stripers" in Alachua General Hospital. The sequence below shows a couple of the girls making
a patient more comfortable.
It was a little more difficult to find jobs for the boys in the club, but they were a great help in the
beginning of the year. They assisted Mrs. Palmer, school nurse and sponsor of the club, with the huge
job of organizing all those registration health forms.

Here you see our artist's representation of us at work on "our first novel".

In the way of acknowledgements, the editor-in-chief, Snookie Zipperer, would like to thank first
the copy editor, Tommy Storer, for his sense of humor which has livened the writing of this master-
piece; second, the art editor, Ted Sharpe, whose caricatures have been enjoyed by the whole staff
(and incidentally have filled many an other-wise empty space); third, the photographers, George
Waldo, Harry Squires, and most of all Richard Curry, who was the only one among them willing (?)
to take pictures on short notice; fourth, Wheety McMillan, who was really assistant copy editor, but
like the rest of us, did just about everything involved; fifth, Elna Henderson, who made many page
lay-outs and lent much moral support; sixth, Ric Wieland, whose knowledge of sports proved inval-
uable; last BUT NOT LEAST, the many other people who helped; last AND LEAST the many people
who faithfully promised to help and support the Annual staff last spring, but never seemed to have
time to do the work these people, since they were obviously not very interested, helped more by
staying from under foot to delay work.

tI i1 OPt VF


The beloved, green, supply cabinet



Igcrcr ;


Th4e ABand

... enjoyed a year of superiors. Much fun was had by all at the contest in Panama City. A Motel
right on the beach provided an excellent excuse for an early morning dip in the ocean. The fun was
heightened by the superior ratings of most.
The year was ended (as usual) with the evening concert at Jaxonville Beach. This year was
different from others in that very few were sun burned, since the wind was RATHER strong.

Page 40

0 0ji9t


.... Mr. Baggerly, who has been with us
for four years. Maybe someday the band
will be big enough for him.

I believe he really enjoys saying
"1 2 3 4".

A0nd O/ficeri

These people sometimes have a
not very well camouflaged habit
of giving demerits!

The rest is over, Carolyn,
play on!

The orchestra, in spite of
being small again this year,
made sufficient noise to be
heard. We're hoping it will
be larger next year (hint hint!)
since we realize there are many
talented musicians who don't
have a chance to advertise their
The activities of this group, such as the Youth Orchestra Concert with the G. H. S. and P. K. orchestra
combined, and the annual migration to Jacksonville Beach with the chorus and-band.

Orcest ra and ChOPru

The chorus was a mite larger. The year was filled with events from the operetta in December to the
assembly in May, the one which had been SCHEDULED for a Christmas program, then cancelled; for Easter,
then cancelled; for the end of school, and materialized.

Lead on Mr. Adams!

It's all your fault!


"Damn Yankees" was the operetta chosen to be performed by the chorus this year. It was pre-
sented with a great flourish and much preparation. Directed by Linda Larson, it was enjoyed by the
cast and crew as well as the audience.

Mlrs. Diggs(and Frances) make-up Pam
for the big night.

I ,




Aa d 1--"--

- inmmf r i.
Im I 'm a
I r' mw fLf
k -14 A


Center Dee Courtney, Polly Clark; Linda Mitchell, Christine Loften, Kaye
Francisco, Jane Walkup, Nedra Johnson, Cynthia Hale, Pat Sneeringer,
Cynthia Babers, Cheryl Savage, and Lois Fullagar.





Remember when... we went to Haines City and Cypress
Gardens... we stayed at those "plush" motel rooms...
Swe were rated 3rd in the stae... we tried "the new way"!


A-Squad Center, Marion Stalnaker, Captain; Rosemary Johnson, Marcia Mase, Frances
Kirkpatrick, Pam Spache, Anne Deck, Barbara Buns, Mary Ann Buswell.

B-Squad Janis Loften, Betsy McMillan, Susan McCoy,
Lucy Conger, Cindy Lewis, Sue Baker.



Do WHAT Coach?

You're in the hole now but they tell
us the longer you stay in, the tougher
you get. We'll be backing you 100
per cent in 61-62!

Coach Lawrin Giannomore
Coach Mike Gutierrez
Head Coach Wilber Hoskins



Front row: Coach Lawrin Giannomore, B. Monroe, J. Foster, R. Ashley, R. Christie, J. Wiles, L.
Home, R. Kephart, E. Gum. Second row: G. Layfield, P. Jones, D. Streit, J. Kuykendall, L.
Richardson, J. Strickland, R. Wieland, J. Bohannon, D. Gross. Third row: Coach Mike Gutierrez,
H. Greer, B. Henderson, M. McGuire, C. Mathis, T. Douglas, V. McCoy, J. Cooper, C. Cun-
ningham, W. Harrison, T. Orton, D. Springfield, Coach Wilber Hoskins.

_1I'eih ii .iud


Senior 60-61


S V. .McCoy, J. Cooper, C. Cunningham,
W. Harrison. Front row: D. Gross, R.
S. 4 Wieland, R. Kephart, C. Mathis.

'ut-t lil

"Boo-Boo" Bob

D ave % T i


John Bobby


Lamar Ed

Page 47



a e a196


Front row: J. Weber, T. Laughon, K. Turja, J. Bohannon, L. Home
Second row: T. Douglas, M. McGuire, D. Springfield, H. Greer,
M. Timmerman, Captain C. Mathis

Ah, come on and high-step it a little, Clayton.

Coach Whit will be leaving the
basketball team this year. He
really needs no picture in this
annual. How could we forget
the best years of basketball in
P.K. 's history?

Page 48

J eU5ione /V

Champs 1961


Page 49



~\ ,r' .; -. S


Front row: C. Rappennecker, G. Bartlett, B. Monroe, S. Simonson, M. Hoskins.
Second row: A. Johnson, H. Diggs, J. Kuykendall, P. Jones, M. Timmerman,
V. Nettles. Third row: Coach Hoskins, B. Feaster, L. Marschal, H. Greer, J.
Bohannon, C. Mathis, E. Gum.

This year the baseball team received
coaching help, other than from our
head baseball coach, Wilbur Hoskins
(center), in the form of Coach Cason
(left) and Mr. McCoy (right)






Page 51

\1 /


Our track season this year was very successful,
as was the meet for which we were host.

Marion Stalnaker and Carolyn
Thomas hand a trophy to a
visiting coach.

Front row: D. Gross, R. Alligood, J. Strickland, T. Orton, J. Gant, G. Layfield, L. Trujillo. Second
row: J. Weber, D. Jones, T. Laughon, L. Home, T. Douglas, E. Will, J. Funk, G. Moody. Third row:
D. Springfield, C. Merwin, G. Faris, L. Richardson, B. Henderson, R. Kephart, M. McGuire.

Fifty to one odds
he doesn't make

The Swan Dance.

It's coming down
that hurts.

"These are the
times that try
men's souls. "

He's approaching
the finish.
..He's won!
He's a lap behind.
(only joking.)

Page 53

number X
on C scale to
Index on D scale.
Now read answer under... "

V Winning
Hi-Tide Skit:
12A's "Eavesdropping
on History. "


hot off the presses.

(Let's just forget about the
game, shall we?)

"We expect to go out **\. -
there and win!" have a
really big
0 show tonight."


"I don't
know what's
e going on.
S I Do you?"



o! ^1

.: ,...^ ^

King and Queen: Tom Laughon
and Nedra Johnson:

"And uh-one,
and uh-two..."


Prince and Princess:
Ted Douglas and Marcia

Darling Homecoming Sponsors:
Nancy, Amy, Jill

Page 54


Page 55


If you should ever
feel the need to
slipcover a pocket-
book, Mrs. Kelsey
Ingle, P.K. Yonge's
Home Economics
teacher, shows you

Jlomer& conomics4

The biggest project for
the Home Ec. girls is
the annual Fashion Show.
This year they showed
how a typically dressed
American girl (Janice
Stone, left) might be-
come somewhat wiser
in the art of proper dress- *
ing after a year with Mrs.
Ingle. (Observe Sylvia
Campen, right)

Page 56

Under the care of our girls, that baby seems to
have developed glassy eyes and a pale complexion.

Don't bust out laughing, girls.
You get graded on this.

Home Economics, as well as being required by
state law, is a fine example of Functional
Education. Thanks to the work of Mrs. Ingle
and thousands like her, our American girls are
able to stay slim, make their own clothes, etc.
And I bet not one future child of a member of
the class of 1964 ever contracts rickets.

I always heard it is dangerous to use
a chair for a step-ladder. Scratches
the finish, too.

~E ~rc~3~

juniorr play

Oscar Wilde... Directed by Denis Noble.


JOHN WORTHING ............ Jack McMullin

ALGERNON MONCRIEFF ....... Truman Winsor

LADY BRACKNELL .................Ann Kyle

GWENDOLINE FAIRFAX......... Candy Brewer

CECILY CARDEN ................ .Amy Allen

LANE ........................ Conrad Brown
"Yes, Lady Bracknell"
MERRIMAN ......................Glen Hass

REV. CHASUBLE .......... Linley Leighliter

MISS PRISM ................ Sandy Crockford

Student Director. .............. Dalzell Ginn

The Junior Play, presented in
March, was deemed a big success
by all who saw it. The cast had a
grand time presenting it and decided,
even after all the hard work, that it
was well worth the 'earnest' effort!

"Oh Dear!"


"DEAR BRUTUS"... by J. M. Barrie... Directed
by Mr. Robert A. Keyworth.


MR. DEARTH ................. .Tommy Storer

MRS. DEARTH ................ Dee Courtney

JAMES MATEY. ................ Ric Wieland

MR. COADE ................... Steve McVoy '

MRS. COADE ................ Elma Henderson
Mr. Dearth and his dream daughter,
LADY CAROLINE LANEY......Marion Stalnaker Margaret, in the enchanted wood.

JOANNA TROUT............. Carolyn Thomas

MR. PURDIE ................ .Garrett Sobczyk

MRS. PURDIE ................ Pat Sneeringer

LOB .........................Richard Curry

MARGARET ............... .Cynthia Keyworth

Student Director............... Robert Davis

The Senior Play, presented in February,
was great fun for the cast and all of the
behind-stage crews. Mr. Keyworth was
again a major asset and contributed to
the success of "Dear Brutus" and the
Senior Class!

"A name, not perhaps unknown in the
world of finance" says Marey after his
visit to the wood on Midsummer's
Night Eve.

C/ai oicerS


Vicki Soper John LeMoyne
President Veep

Marion Stalnaker Carolyn Thomas
Secretary Treasurer

Thomas Storer

Carolyn Thomas

Marion Stalnaker




Raleigh Alligood

Gilberto Barrantes

Carolyn Branan

Charles Brown

Page 60

Linda Larson

Gene Bush Charles Cate

Polly Clark Julie Penrod Colson

Jay Cooper Dee Courtney

Chuck Cunningham

Richard Curry

Robert Davis

David Decker Ellery Dunn

Lannis Fulp Nancy Rousseau Gill

Dennis Gross

Newman Entrekin

Carol Hansen

Elma Henderson Kerry Hinkley

Willis Harrison

Mahvash Hojjati

.Eunice Johnson Nedra Johnson
Eunice Johnson Nedra Johnson

Ralph Kephart

Cynthia Keyworth

Linda Larson Tom Laughon

Clayton Mathis Leathie Reed Mathis

Steve McVoy

Faye Owens

John LeMoyne George Marschal

Van McCoy

Ann Palmer

Marguerite McMillan

Miles Patterson

Peggy Pepper

Margaret Reyniolds

Ward Peck

Frank Phillips

Kiyo Saji

Bion Schouten

Robert Smith Pat Sneeringer

Harry Squires Marion Stalnaker

Butch Strickland

Gail Strother

Ennise Schuessler Ted Sharpe

Garrett Sobczyk

Thomas Storer

Gene Tedder Carolyn Thomas

Clark Whiddon Ric Wieland

Vicki Soper

Ardie Streit

Marjorie Zipperer

Patrick Trujillo


RALEIGH ALLIGOOD Track 3,4; Junior Play crew
3; Senior play usher 4.

GILBERTO BARRANTES R. Entered 4 (Information
not made available)

CAROLYN BRANAN Keyettes 2,3, Convention 2;
Y-Club 3; Para-Medical President 4, Convention 4;
Fashion Show 1, 4, Chairman 4; Spanish Club 1, 2;
Little Women 2, 3, 4; "The Matchmaker" crew 3;
Intramurals 1, 2.

CHARLES BROWN entered 4; Senior play crew 4,
usher 4.

GENE BUSH Football 4; Chorus 1, 2, Operetta 1, 2.

CHARLES CATE Camera Club 4; French Congress

POLLY CLARK Anchor Club chaplain 2, Historian
3, Treasurer 4; Majorettes 2, 3, Co-head 4; Band
2, 3, 4; Chorus 1; National Honor Society 3, Treas.
4; Y -Club 3; Junior Play cast 3; Senion Play Assis-
tant Director 4; Student Council 4; Homecoming
attendant 4; Processional Leader 3; Prom Comm. 3;
Hi-Tide 2, 3, 4; Operetta cast 1; Annual Staff 3;
Fashion Show crew 4; Intramurals 2, 3; Little Women
2, 3, 4; Sports Day Official 3; Sports day team 2.

JULIE PENROD COLSON Class Pres. 2, 3; Student
Council 2, 3, Secretary 4; Keyette Club 2, 3, Treas.
4; Historian 3; Orchestra 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3; Youth
Orchestra 2, 3, 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; Home-
coming Princess 3; Homecoming attendant 4; Hi-
Tide 4; Latin Club 2, 3; "The Matchmaker" crew 3,
Student Director 3; "Dear Brutus" crew 4; Fashion
Show 1, crew 2, 3, 4; Majorette 3; Y-Club 2; Grad-
uation speaker 4.

JAY COOPER Key Club 4; Thespians 3, President
4; Football 4; Baseball 1; Homecoming Hi-Tide 1,
2, 3,4, MC 3: Spanish Club 1, 2; Rocket Club 1; Key


Page 64


Club Convention 4; Annual Staff 4; Junior Play crew
3; Senior Play crew 4; Drama Festival 3, 4, Best
Actor 3; Thespian State Conference 4; Tidal Wave
Staff 1; Prom Comm. 3.

DEE COURTNEY Majorette 2,3, Co-head 4; Key-
ette 2, 3, 4, Convention 2, Veep, Sextet 3; Pres. 4;
Band 2, 3, 4; Hi-Tide 2, 3, 4; Little Women 2, 3, 4;
Orchestra 2; B-squad alternate 1, Class Treas. 2;
Student Council 4; Fashion Show 1, 4; Intramurals 1,
2; Y-Club 3; Tidal Wave Staff 1; Spanish Club 1;
Prom serving girl 1; Prom Committee 3; Senior Play

CHARLES CUNNINGHAM Spanish Club 2; Hi-Tide
3; Football 4.

RICHARD CURRY Hi-Tide 3; Annual Staff business
manager 4; "The Matchmaker" cast 3; "Dear Brutus"
cast 4; Senior Book 4.
ROBERT DAVIS Spanish Club 1; Camera Club 1, 2;
Junior Play 3; Class Vice-President 3; Hi-Tide 3;
National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test Com-
mendation 3; Honor Society 4; High School Chem-
istry Competition 4.

DAVID DECKER Orchestra 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4;
Youth Orchestra 4; Camera Club 3.

ELLERY DUNN Band Assistant 4; Chorus Assistant
4; Chorus 1, 3, 4; Operetta cast 3, 4; Operetta crew
1, 3, 4; Hi-Tide crew 3, 4; Annual Staff 3; Class
Play crew 3, 4; Fashion Show lighting director 3, 4;
Drama Festival crew 4.

NEWMAN ENTREKIN Chorus 1, 2, 3,4; Operetta
cast 2, 3, 4.

LANNIS FULP entered 2; Y-Club 3.

DENNIS GROSS entered 4; football 4; track 4.

CAROL HANSEN entered 2; Para-Medical Club 4.

WILLIS HARRISON Student Council 1, 3, 4; Orches-
tra 2; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 4; Track 3; Baseball
1; Hi-Tide 2, 3; Annual Staff co-sports editor 4;
Junior Play cast 3; Senior Play crew 4; Prom Comm.
3; Prom Floor Show with Trions 3; Senior Book 4.

ELMA HENDERSON Y -Club 1; Chorus 1; Orchestra
1, 2, 3, 4; Youth Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4; French Club 3,
4; French Congress 4; Latin Club 2, 3; Latin Forum
3; Annual Staff 4; Little Women 2, 3, 4; "Dear Bru-
tus" cast 4; Fashion Show 1; crew 4; National Honor
Society 3, 4; Secretary 4; Anchor Club 2, 3, 4, Trea-
surer 3; Tidal Wave Staff 1, Feature Editor 1.

KERRY HINKLEY (Information not made available)

MAHVASH HOJJATI (Information not made avail-
able) entered 4

EUNICE JOHNSON entered 4; Para-Medical Chap-
lain 4; Senior Play Publicity Committee Chairman
4; Fashion Show crew 4; Assistant Business Manager
of Annual 4.

NEDRA JOHNSON Student Council 3, Vice-Pres-
ident 4, District Conference 4, FASC Conv. 4;
Anchor Club Historian 2, Vice-President 3; Presi-
dent 4; National Honor Society 4; Betty Crocker
Homemaking Award 4; Y-Club 2, Sgt. at Arms 3,
Latin Club, JCL, Vice-President 2, President 3;Lat-
in Forum 3; Hi-Tide co-chairman 3; Homecoming
Chairman 4; Homecoming Queen 4; Majorette 2, 3,
4; Band 2,3, 4; Chorus 1, Operetta 1; "The Match-
maker" crew 3; "Dear Brutus" crew 4; Class secre-
tary 1, 2; Little Women 2, 3, 4; Tidal Wave 1.

RALPH KEPHART Track 3; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; All-
Conference 3,4; All-Area Honorable Mention 3; All-
Area 3rd Team 4; Co-Captain 4; Key Club 2, 3;
President 4; Spanish Club 1, 2, Veep 2; Class Presi-
dent 3; Student Council 2; Honor Court 4; Annual
Staff 3, 4; Hi-Tide 3, 4; Junior Play cast 3; Rocket
Club 1.

CYNTHIA KEYWORTH Student Council 3; Keyette
Club 4; Historian 4; Thespians 3, 4, Treasurer 4;
Latin Club 3; "The Matchmaker" crew 3; "Dear
Brutus" cast 4; Hi-Tide 4; Newspaper Column 4; Lit-
erary Calvacade Writing Award 3, 4; Fashion show
commentator 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; Fashion
Show 3; entered 3.

LINDA LARSON Keyettes 4, Chaplain 4; Class
Treasurer 4; Chorus and Operetta 1, 2, 3, Student
Director 4; Future Nurses Club 4; Fashion Show 1, 4;
Co-Ed correspondent 4; Prom Committee 3; Little
Women 2, 3, 4.

THOMAS LAUGHON Class President 1; Chorus 1;
Operetta cast 1; Homecoming Breakfast MC 1; Lat-
in Club 2; Homecoming Prince 3; Homecoming King
4; Track 1, 2,4; Basketball 2, 3, 4; Honor Court 2, 3,
4, Chancellor 4; Hi-Tide 3, 4.

JOHN LEMOYNE entered 2; Class Vice -President
2, 4; Treasurer 3; Honor Court 3; Key Club 3, 4,
Vice -President 4; Football 3; French Club 3; "The
Matchmaker" cast 3; Senior Play crew 4; Boys'
State 3; Hi-Tide 3, 4.

GEORGE MARSCHAL Football 3, 4; Baseball 3, 4;
Track 2; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Operetta cast 4.

CLAYTON MATHIS Student Council 2, 4; Class
Veep 1; Football 1, 2, 3, 4, co-captain 4; Basketball
3, 4; All-Conference 4; All-Keystone Tourney 4;
All-Area 2nd team 4; Captain; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4;
Homecoming Attendant 4.

LEATHIE REED MATHIS Chorus 2, 3, 4; Operetta
cast 2, 3,4; Spanish Club 1; Camera Club 1.

VAN McCOY Student Council 3; Latin Club 2; Hi-
Tide 3; Track 2, 3; Football 4.

MARGUERITE McMILLAN Student Council 1, Chap-
lain 2, Veep 3, President 4; FASC Cony. 3, 4; Dis-
trict Cony. 3, 4; NHS 3, 4; Girl's State Senate, City
and County Judge 3; American Legion Award 4;
Graduation Speaker 4; Keyettes 2, 3, Chaplain 4;
Convention 2, 3; Thespians 2, Clerk 3, Veep 4;
Spanish Club President 1, Secretary 2; Hi-Tide MC
1, 2, 3, 4, Co-chairman 3; Annual Staff 1, Copy co-
editor 2, 3,4; "The Matchmaker" cast 3; Senior
Play crew 4; Majorette 2; Y-Club 2; Young Artists
Group Historian 2, Secretary 3; Fla. Youth Workshop
2, Editor "Shop Shavings" 3; Board 4; Orchestra 1, 2,
3, 4; Fashion Show Central Comm. 1, crew 2, 3, 4;
Prom and Breakfast serving girl 1, Prom Comm. 3,
Tidal Wave 1; Senior Book 4; Little Women 3, 4.

Page 65

CARLOS MERWIN Entered 4. (Information not
made available)

FAYE OWENS Y -Club 2, 3; Chorus 1, 3; 4; Operetta
cast 1, 3; Operetta crew 4; French Club 2, 3; French
NHS 3, 4; Annual Staff 2; Intramurals 1, 2, 3; Basket-
ball team 1, 2; Sports Day team 1, 2; Sports Day of-
ficial 3; "The Matchmaker" cast 3; Fashion Show 1,
4; Fashion Show crew 2, 3; Committee 4; National
Honor Society 3, 4; Anchor Club 2, 3, 4; Graduation
Committee chairman 4.

ANN PALMER Y-Club 2, 3; Chorus 1, 4; Spanish
Club 3;. Treasurer 3; Annual Staff 2, 3, 4; Class Play
crew 3, 4; Fashion Show 1, 3; usher 4; Intramurals 3,
4; Badminton team 3, 4; Sports Day team 3; Prom
committee 3; Senior book.

MILES PATTERSON (Information not made avail-

WARD PECK Student Council 1, 2, 4; District Con-
vention 4; FASC 4; Treasurer 4; Latin Club 2, 3;
Spanish Club 1, 2; Track 1; Key Club 4; Class Treas
urer 2, 3, Veep 2; Sports Day team 1, 2; Hi-Tide 3..

FRANK PHILLIPS Spanish Club 2.

MARGARET REYNOLDS French Club 2, 3; French
Congress 3; Fashion Show 1, 4; Class Play crew 3;
Anchor Club 2, Chaplain 3; Chorus 1, 3, 4; Operetta
cast 3.

KIYOTAKA SAJI entered 3, Band 3, 4.

BION SCHOUTEN (Information not made available)

ENNISE SCHUESSLER entered 3, Office assistant 3;
Library Assistant 4.

TED SHARPE Student Council 4; Key Club 2, 3,
Secretary 4; Annual Staff art editor 4; Spanish Club
2; Hi-Tide 4; Key Club Convention 4; Band 1; Class
Play crew 4.

ROBERT SMITH Rocket Club 1, 2, Treasurer 2;
Spanish Club 2; Class treasurer 3.

PAT SNEERINGER Majorette 2, 3, 4, alternate 1;
All-Star 3, 4; Solo twirling superior district and
state 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; All-Star 2; National Honor
Society 3, 4; Anchor Club 2, Secretary 3, Historian
4; Y -Club 2; "Dear Brutus" cast 4; Little Women 2,

GARRET SOBCZYK Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4; French Club
3, 4; Spanish Club 1; Rocket Club 1; French National
Honor Society 4; Amateur Radio Club 3; Junior Play
cast 3; Senior Play cast 4; University of Florida Or-
chestra 1, 2, 3, 4.

VICKI SOPER Class President 2, 4, Secretary 1,
Veep 2; Y -Club 2, 3, Veep 3; Orchestea 2, 3, 4;
Youth Orchestra 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Latin Club 3;
Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball team 1, 2; Badmin-
ton 2; Sports Day official 3; National Honor Society
3, 4, Pres. 4; Anchor Club 2, 3, 4; Prom Chairman 3;
Senior Book Editor 4.

HARRY SQUIRES (Information not made available)

MARION STAINACKER Class Pres. 1, Veep 2, Secy.
3, 4; Student Council 1, 2; SASC Convention 2; Key-
ette Club 2, 3, 4, Convention 2, Secretary 4, Pres.
4; Y-Club 2, 3; Chorus 1, 3, Operetta cast 1, 3; Hi-
Tide 3, 4; Annual Staff 2, 3, 4, Copy co-editor 2, 3;
Intramural Board 2, Intramurals 1, 2, 3; Basketball
team 2, 3; Softball team 2, Sports Day team 1, 2, Of-
ficial 3; "The Matchmaker" assistant Director 3;
"Dear Brutus cast 4; Fashion Show 1, crew 3,4; Na-
tional Honor Society 3, 4; Keyette Sextet 3; .B-Cheer-
leader 1, Captain 1; A -squad Cheerleader, 3, 4, Cap-
tain 4; Clinic-State 2,3, Drama Festival 3; D.A. R.
Award 4; Serving Girl prom and breakfast 1; Tidal
Wave staff 1; Prom Committee 3; Senior Book 4; Grad-
uation committee 4.

THOMAS STORER Class President 4; Thespians 3,
4, Clerk 4; Radio Program 4; Hi-Tide skit 4; French
Club 3; French National Honor Society 3, 4; Two
superiors 3, 4; French play 3; French Congress 3, 4;
Spanish Club 1, 2; Annual staff copy editor 4; Junior
Play cast 3; Senior Play cast 4; National Honor So-
ciety 3, 4; American Legion Award 4; Thespian Con-
vention 4; Thomas J. Watson Memorial Merit Scho-
larship 4; Commencement Speaker 4.

Page 66

ARDEN STREIT Chorus 4; Operetta cast 4; Youth
Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; 2nd Lieutenant 4;
Spanish Club 1, 2; National Honor Society 4; Orches-
tra 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball manager 2;

GARLAND STRICKLAND Entered 2 (Information
not made available)

GAIL STROTHER (Information not made available)

GENE TEDDER (Information not made available)

CAROLYN THOMAS B-cheerleader 1; Chorus 1, 2,
4; Tidal Wave Staff 1; Operetta cast 1, 2, 4; Orches-
tra 1, 2, 3, 4; Homecoming Sponsor 2, 3; Annual Staff
2; Y -Club 2, 3; Junior Play cast 3; Senior Play cast
4; Class secretary 2, 3, treasurer 4, Veep 4; Keyette
Club 4, Secretary 4; Intramurals 1, 2; Fashion show
1, 2, 3, 4; Youth Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4; serving girl at
prom and breakfast 1; Graduation committee 4;
Sports day team 1, 2; basketball team 1, 2; volley-
ball team 1, 2.

PATRICK TRUJILLO Band 1; Chorus 4; Operetta
crew 4; Key Club 4; Class play crew 3, 4; 4-H Club

CLARK WHIDDON (Information not made avail-

RIC WIELAND entered 2: Honor Court 4; Thespians
4; Best Thespian Award 4; Convention 4; Commence-
ment speaker 4; football 4; "The Matchmaker" cast
3; "Dear Brutus" cast 4; Hi-Tide 3, 4; Annual Staff
Sports co-editor 4; Key Club 4, Convention 4.

MARJORIE ZIPPERER Anchor Club 2, 3, 4; Orches-
tra 1, 2, 3, 4; Youth Orchestra 2, 4; Spanish Club 1, 2;
Annual Staff 3, Editor 4; Little Women 2, 3, 4; Sports
day team 2, official 4; softball team 3, 4; Fashion
Show 1, crew 2, 3; National Honor Society 3, 4; Y-
Club 2, 3; Junior Play assistant director 3; Senior
play crew 4; Senior Book 4.

^.i:::; ~. Tw.rvL t r .-i if-: '
~ 1- j
Sltl~r.- **-- *tt- ". ..'** -* -1.'-
~ci~s^it*C'' ^'*'**^ *'*" -'<**'
.Wt**<,- -*.',, -.w A '^.
Stv ; -,* *, ; .->
^c*Lf,s-.'S^~-f -, -*-'-.*.
.**.-v -,' ;' ^ .*.- ** *. -* i
-- i -
*~~uL4~. -, '.%%Ct$'

Page 67




X3 all



Hark! It must be a senior after a year of note cards.

1. Mrs. B. Nichols notice the dark hair,
folded arms, hard eyes--
This is a core teacher
in a griple mood.

2. Mr. J.B. Hannum

-notice the sly smile, the
long cigarette, nice suit--
This is the debonaire core
teacher who smiles while
telling you to redo your
topic outline.

3. Mr. J.R. Huber This man needs no identification,
he is the underground man of
the unholy three. Because of
this no pictures of this villian
were available. However, this
sketch should prove sufficient for

Page 68

RAH for the Senior Class of '61--we FINALLY got a skit in Hi-Tide! Thanks to Mrs. Nichols grrrrreat
core class including "Talented Thomas Storer", "Laugh-on Tom Laughon", "Witty C.J.C. ", "Kynthia
Caine Leyworthy", AND the fire-hydrant, the trophy went to the SENIOR CLASS OF 19611..... The
"Unholy Three Anthropologists" gave a fling for the Senior Class at the beginning of the year at Camp
Chrystal before they lambasted us with note cards.... Ruth Benedict and Margaret Mead became good
friends.... The "Unholy Three" came forth with a skit including leotards for headwear, an "interesting"
picture frame, etc., etc...... Seniors struggled through "How the Government Consciously Affects the
Individual" with a mass try at topic outlines.. .then tried again with "Conscious Attempts of Society" -
with note cards, topic outlines AND term papers... graded like college work we soon found out, much
to our dismay and poor grades... BUT we were given another chance! (to fail)... this time with "Con-
scious Attempts of Society". same time, same station..... VALUES, values, and more values.. we
were implanted with words we had never heard before ( and probably never will hear again)!... the
Senior Play went over with its suggestive trees... it took lots of guts to put it on... Mr. Keyworth must
have taken six dozen tranquilizers in the space of four weeks.....At the end of the year, status sym-
bols began to flow. Wheety McMillan, Nedra Johnson, and several other unmentionable seniors came
forth with bracelets resembling Medieval wristlets and making just as much noise (especially while
trying to take a test)! ... Have you ever seen a rabbit hopping? --Have you ever seen a Senior hopping? -
-the rabbit is hopping--the Senior was probably trying to Hully-Gully!... The latest rage hit the Senior
Class with the onslaught of Senior parties which frequented almost every weekend for the last two months
of school... there were only four Seniors who were NOT HAPPY during this time... those who were to
speak on happiness at Commencement .. the female member of the "Unholy Three" was responsible
for this blight on the happiness of the whole Senior Class.. .Fortunately, however, at approximately
8:15 P. M., Tuesday, June 6th, in the year 1961, this blight began lifting at five minute intervals...
Our parents took care of us afterGraduation... We had a great time at Tommy Storer's the next day,
with more parties planned for the summer!


A few of the unfortunate seniors
who fell to the wrath of the

u5 \. '- A

As Coach Guiterrez crosses the plate
Willis tells the seniors to pray we
needed all the help we could get.


Page 69 This page community effort of


Amy looks like she's at least trying to tolerate this pagan tribal ritual.

Lj aduatlion!

The long awaited D-day, and only two people cried! Out into the
cold cruel world we go laughing.

Those "conscious social forces"
acting on us to conform at
commencement weren't very

Laugh on, Tom Laughon, laugh on!

It was about this time of year that the
class blossomed forth with party after party
after party. Mortimer is crying now, but
he won't be for long, because he is going
to a SENIOR party afterwards.
Now we leave (even though not too
sadly) the hallowed halls of P. K. Yonge,
our Alma Mater, most of us to the Univer-
sity across the street, only to return next
year at Homecoming.
Thus the alumni marches ever onward
to another adjustment period and an ever
increasing amount of traumatic experiences.

-* -I

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in pa.6inz

i ~h.


T: r46
\- I



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