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THE LilE CITI iEPOKTEE,Igtab. 18741 glst, o.LAKE CITY FLA., FRIDAY, JANUARY 18, 19Q1. Vol. XXVII No. 10



The living ex-Confederate soldiers A large 'section of Florida by a Following is the fourth quarterly Clerk's Office, Lake City;;Fla., Jan. On Tuesday, January 8, Capt. R.
are grateful to the ladies comprisingthe combination of circumstances has report for 1900 of J. L. Turner, 7, 1901. E. Rose, chairman of the executive

Stonewall Chapter, No. 47, been forced to take a new route in county treasurer: Board met. Present, R. T. Boozer, committee of the State Agricultural

United Daughters of the' Confederacy the labor of breadwinninj. New industries : COUNTY PROPER FUND. Chairman; T. W. Getzen, F. M. Association; Prof. H. E. Stockbridge,

lor the .shaft erected in the have taken the place of the Oct 1, bal on hand.__..____167* 81 Smith, A. F. Rumph and. G. A. Smithson. secretary; Maj G. P. Healy and Col.

cemetery, dedicated Jan 4, 1901, to old, and never in its history has the I I;:' Recd.ales._J__II__W&itfield..________tax_ e 4t G. A. Danely, members, and other

the soldiers who lie buried there. question of agriculture become as Nov" 1. Heed" C Jones- taxes 19 57 us I The'following accounts approved prominent gentlemen, met with Hon.
m 1. special licenses -
They have in stone marked the important as in this rehabilitation. ._..________ 1558 50 .' and paid. B. E. McLin, Commissioner of Agriculture

sleeping place of innocent men, who Men who heretofore thought of "" II 5.. Raid; 'rip J H cancelled Wbitneld..tax_. I S30 IB I'42 Water county at jail paupers $116 7 00 50 to discuss the feasibility of

I cherished the principles of self government nothing else but the growing of cit- Dec. :1 salei teed___C___Jones____taxes__ 110 I I J. W. Perry, rent of armory 18 67 organizing a State Fair Association.It .

and who gave their lives in rus fruits and market vegetables 1900________ 178 02 62 state witnesses, fall term cir- was decided to hold a state fair

defense of the same rights for which have turned their attention to other "" 4 8.heed By scrip III cancelleda Whitneldtax 111II 47 cuit court 223 80 for the exhibition of agricultural

the patriots of 1776 fought. things, many of,which are yet in the sales..____._____._.* 7 85 E. M. Goodbread, road commissioner's products.- A board of directors was
fee 12 00
8. Reed S Plnmmer election one year '
The laws which justify the 'coercion experimental stage. This alone is booth____ 125 O. R Parker, Justice, Witnessand appointed, tiyree from the State

of the South have been enacted sufficient argument for the advantages Jan 1. luol.18UO_____Jones__ ___taxes_ 217 (1 jury cost 3114 Agricultural Association three

since the war. to be derived from holding a : 1. By scrip canctlled....._ 1858 P3 W. H. Colson, constable cost 22 60 from the Horticultural Association,
7 By amt loaned F and A. H. Allen &c. 5 00
repairing bridge
There was no disposition to murder state fair, for through this channel forfeiture tundm____. 181 07 and one from the Florida Press ASso-
. 7. Bal on hand__.__..._ 824o Gee Douglass. carrying ballot
9, or rob the people of the North. the individual experiences of men, -- box 1 00 ciation. These directors will call a

. They wished for peace where reason widely separated, can be grouped and t _- .WOO 43 17O3 R. Jordon, stationery etc. 145 meeting to be held at Jacksonvillein
Jan 7. To bal on hand 1 233 80
and not hate, dictated. Fidelity to concentrated and the results of -: H. A. Wilson, burial of pauper 500 March, when the time and placeof
SCHOOL FCHD. W. P. A. Witt road commis-
law and order caused the decimated their investigations and "experiments holding a state fair will be de-
Oct t, 1900. Bal on hand lost report sioner one 1200
____________. .1M94* year
commands to follow their tattered can be compared and analyzed, .u. F. M. Bedenbaugh, 1200C. termined.
Nov 1 Hcd from all sources: saw
:' flags until they went down In defeat.' active co-operation brought about, 5 By scrip canceled... ... t 920 69 R. O'Cain, arresting Sam -- --
soldier 5 Borrowed trom bank 1800 00 Manning 5 85 Many persons have had the expe-
The Confederate who did keen and the
.competition o II
hi ft duty is: as"loyal to. the constitution : awakening of ambition to excel will Red mill W tax H___Reynolds_____..___one. IMS 40 .i M. S. Knight lumber and work rience of Mr. Peter Sherman, of
"9 Kcd J II Whitneld tai sal 3 84 on bridge 3212 North Stratford N. H. who :
of the United States as any be used-"therefore, let us have a "V Paid bank.._____. 11109 00 W. M. Hancock Sheriff's cost says

man. And the unity of faith of the state. fair-a fail for the farmer and Dec>'4 Borrowed Red other from fcOurces bank_.___.1000 262 85 UO and feed of prisoners 215 75 Fur years I suffered torture 'from

ex-Confederate soldiers should satisfy for 'the benefit of agriculture.- "4 B? scrip cancelled241137 W. M. Hancock, bailiffs, guardsetc. chronic indigestion, But Kodol Dyspepsia
-8 Kcd J B WhitUeld tax ., fall term circuit court 45 00 Cure made a well man of me."
the world that we knew we were I Times-Union and Citizen. sales,__:_____...___..... II M G. W. Easterton & Co. supplies It digests: what you eat and is acer-

right and nothing. but death shall Jan 11'Jui laoi Red_C___Jones.. _uu taxes?, .. 4tt 40 for bridge 5 70 tain cnre for dyspepsia and every
separate us: STRIKES A RICH FIND."I 1 Borrowed trom bank._._ tIm uo W. J. Rivers, iron for bridge 300 form of stomach trouble. It gives

We will uphold the right and .condemn was troubled for several 'years I Amt fchool rom___ _Lake__._.City. _..sub__ VOX 'C. Jones, collecting tax es 43 52 relief at once, even in the worst
James Wood burial of 500 cases, and can't help but do you
with and 1 From WinHeld sub sen. tt 3i pauper
indigestion nervous '
wrong, honor truth, protect I From Hagen sub !ch.._ :8 9J: : E. B. Everett rd. com. 6 mo. 6 00 good. A. R. Wise.
virtue and innocence and accept df.bility," writes F. J. Green, of "1 Suwanee Vallev" 781 G. W. Chambers, 600 .
"I cancelled1962 64
whatever: fate befalls: :-as loyal Lancaster, N. H.'"No remedy helped :. "IBilonhand By scrip ______....._ ,137593 W. M. Hancock hinges for jail 100 Pickert's Comedians will hold the

until I began using Electric Bitters -- (5. W. Chambers repairing
me the
citizens. EXCONFEDERATE.Help : boards at opera house for two
I 7370 63. 771)63 bridge 800J.
which did me more good than Jan To bal on band..._._.... LJTi W : L. Turner, Treasurer's fee 25 80 I nights Friday and Saturday, Jan.

is needed at once when a per all the medicines I ever used. They BOND ru.m W. M. Ives, Co. Judge-cost 5 32 2. and 26. They will also give a ma-

1son's life is in danger. A neglected have also kept my wife in excellent I Oct.. 11;)) :!last report.._.. ?57 25 William Smith, pauper 200 tinee for the ladies and children -on
cough or cold soon become -" lilltd J B whittlcld.------ W. A. Mortimer constable 1.485O.
may serious cost
health for She ,
years. Bays Nov 1 Red C Jones taxes 1141III 31 57 Saturday afternoon, the 26. You
and should be stopped at once. Bitters are just !splendid for female 9 Kcd J B Wnit eld.u. 115 A. Mann, for ice 40 should not fail to see this
Dec 3 lied C Jones taxes 19UO.. 71 35 P. G. Brown, lumber for bridge 2617 company,
One Minute Cough ,Cure quicklycures troubles; that they are a grand tonic "SHy coupons cashed __... 30 00 W. B. Brinkley, justice, wit- for if laudatory press notices are to
"3 Amt loaned V& P fund 136! 76
coughs and cold: and the worst and invigorator for weak, run down 14 Uecd J 11 WhitUeld__ 428 ness, jury and constable cost 1533 count for anything, they have a first-

cases of croup, bronchitis, grippe No other medicine can Jan I bIll) Rcd C Jones taxed R. T. Boozer, Co. com. fee200
women. 1'JUU..._.....______:_ 10? 79 T. W. Getzen 430 class show in every respect. They
and other throat and lung troubles. take its in family." Try "7 by cashed.11250 ,
\ place our coupons F. :M. Smith and 1100 have with them the Three Pickert
A. R. Wise. "7 Bal on hand.42106E b'ge duty
them. Only 50.:. Satisfaction guar- A. F. Rumph; 4 40 Sisters: who have made such a de-

Olympia Opera Company. anteed by all druggists.. 749 88 74958 G. A. Smithson, 3 10 cided hit throughout the state. One
M. M.
FINS AND FOBFEITUBI FUND. Scarborough, clerk's fee of them, Baby Blanche, is only six
Those who attended "Said Pasha," School Board Proceedings* Oct 11910 Ual last rep 8S 03 and court cost 90 59
presented by the Olympia OperaCo. -1 lied J B Wblt eld._____ 233 C. Jones filed Treasurer's receiptsas years of age and is considered a won-
School Board of Columbia Co., 1 Kcd C W Cone fines collected der by everyone who has seen her.
at the opera house last Monday ___ __. _---. 1000 follows:
Fla., met in session in Lake City on "30 Red O R Parker fines col S3 253U The management has used every effort -
evening, art loud In their praises of County tax 197 61
Red W M Ives tines col 8 W
1901. A full
8th of
the snows that
day January to secure this season
this magnificent Nov 1 Red c Jones taxes !S* 21 04 County bonds 107 79
company. board present. The minutes of the -3 D W Monroe hire conv'ct 65 23 Fine and Forfeiture 7183 would please the patrons of the opera
Each and member "5 47
every playedhis last meeting were read and approved.The Dec- 3 By lied scrip from all sources._ 3V 13 School Warrants' 434 40 house, and has, we think fairly well
or her part as well as it "3 Borrowed bond fund__ l&o 76 I License 2020
elect Thos. H. Owens has written
Supt., succeeded. He to man-
could have been played, and from .." 3 By scrip cancelled__ 272 30 Lake City sub-school 2659
of Columbia ,County, and the members 8 Red other sources......_ 3 85: Winfield 2 03 agers, in whose houses this: company
lack of we will defer mention- Jan 111 Red C Jones taxes
: of the Board of Public Instruc- 1'JUO! _____ _____ 71 83 I Hagan" '. 229 has played and in every instance he
ing the personnel of the company, "7 Red D W Monroe hire .' '
J. Suwanee 7 81
to-wit Valley
but wiil put the whole thing in a nut tion of Columbia County, : con vie to_____.._ .---.. 52 16 I has received very flattering answers,
shell and say that there is not a E. Wise of Dist. No. 1, Dr. S. L. Berry "7 Borrowed. eo fund _._ .. 1U1 U7 The constable bonds of Uria such as, "Best seen this season"
"7 By scrip cancelled._..,.. :lb 81 Grooves, Dist. No. 2 S. A. Mixon,No
single member of the company who of Dist. No. 2 and W. T. Henry of ; "Good enough for most critical au-
3; C. A. Knight, No. 5; W. A. Mortimer -
reflects the least bit of discredit
Dist.-No. presented their commissions 78968 ,700 118 diences," etc. The Pickert Sisters
upon the management. We desireto No 6; L. A. Dedenbaugh, No.
express our appreciation of the which were recognized: and ACCOUNT CCBRKNT. 10; approved. introduce specialties between each

play and say on behalf of the theatergoers they were duly instilled. after Oct":11903 h:d'Bal L; last W <:report tIDe. fine_-C_ SI7J W The justice of peace bonds of S. .and every act and those who attend

of Lake City that, should the I which the record, o3ice-fixtures: : Valentine.....-...__.... 14 00 W. Scott, Dist. No. 3; C. W. Cone, may be assured of a rare treat. Re-
Olympia Opera Co. again favorus 1-*Reed J U WhitUeld tax. No. 2; D. L. Taylor No.9 Geo. W.
etc were turned over to them. sales._________________.. 2388! ; memer the dates, two nights and
with date will be Chambers No.5 W. H. Merrill
a they greetedby ; ;
30 Red O R Parser, fines '
one of the best houses this: city 1 II. L. AVANT, collected..1.__:_____ 33 25 Wiggins Carlisle; approved.Bond matinee, Friday and Saturday, Janu-
has ever turned out. Secretary. -=30 Rcd W M Ives fines collected ary 25 and 26.Every .
of T. H. Owens of
___________._ 8 00 as Supt.
The School Board continued under Nov 5 Red all other sources. 1971 DO public schools, Columbia Co., ap-

.the present organization with W. "5 By kinds.5 scrip cancelled all proved. I

T.'Henry as Chairman.The Borrowed from baus for The petition of W. H. C. Collins,

schools...'_____.. _..._.... 1800 00 et al, to change public road known
following accounts were examined -
II lied J B WuituUa tax
and ordered sales___.._________..._ 786 as: the Live Oak road was acceptedand
approved paid "Red Wm Reynolds one the following free-holders ap- i

for purposes as follows: mill tax_________...... 1106 40 pointed to view and mark: out theilamt'
$ 33 00 "'t By amt paid bank.11(51( 00
Teachers' salaries : John Bons, William Robertsand
Dec t Red LM Chambers windows -
Borrowed funds G3000 ___;__..__..___ g 00 J. Lowe.
Service of members of School .H 4 Red all other uurces._. 573 68 Ordered that the cost bill State of
4 Kor'd trom bank schools luuo UO
Board per diem mileage 980 "4 Scrip cancelled all kinds 33C3 14 Florida vs. R. A. Caswell from Jus-
W. R. Cheshire was appointed Su- -8 RccJ B WblUle1d tax s'le 88 24' tice liist. No. 6 be refused payment,
pervisor for Sheffield school. II O R Parker, line Carrie 1
for Lake Payne__.....__........._ 100 there being no such charge as malicious -
I Harry Ganus, janitor Jan 1 laoi h Plummer old negligence in the statutes of

City S. II., wages raised from $10.03to booth_.._____..._...__--. 1 S5 Florida.
$12.00 per month. "1 Rcd C Jones Taxes 1000. 1r.Il35
00 for "I Burrowed Bank :School: Commissioners Boozer and Smithson woman in the country
P. G. Brown was to _.___..___ -
VtD Board U50 00 were appointed to inspect, ap- ought to know aboutMotfier's
\ ti WojP" repairing and ceiling: Suwanee 14 7 Red D W Moneroe hire,, and Falling Creek
Shoals: school house after work is I convicts Nov and Dec._ S2 1G prove accept
IN OF CARDUI "fScnpcantelled all binds 0208 bridge.
completed. "'IlJal on hand_....._.._. su 35 Frlcii
IIAt brought permanent relief toe Million Board adjourned to meet on first Commissioner F. M. Smith was
suffering women who were on their authorized by the Board to confer
in Feb.
. way to premature first_ W...Mitchell [ Tuesday: 1901. tlUU fi 11114II Those .who do know about it
wu tact declining in health,when Wino T. II, OWENS, Sec. BKCAPlTrLATlON. with the Hamilton county commis- wonder how
of Cartful performed"wonderful cure"in they ever got along
sioners in regard to building a bridge
bar easx bile suffered with the ago- To bal as per acctcvrrt'nt.._. I/US 35 without iL It has robbed childbirth -
nlr ot felling of the womb, leueorrhtea This is the season when mothers Bal on haad school tund_.... L'75f13 across the Suwanee river at Heyit'd of its terrors for a
....___ many
and prorue loraetruatioa. The weekly Bal on band bond und 4M IS2 ferry.
I alarmed account ol It wife. It has her
are on croup. preserved
appearance of the menenfor two months Bal on hand county proper.332; 80! young
Ordered that Mrs. Alford
tapped her vitality ontil the was a...bYIIe is: ,quickly cured by One Minute Simpsonbe girlish figure and saved her much
f wreck. Her nervous .yatoou-pe IJ029 35 109: : 3d placed on pauper list for one suffering. It is on external lini-
CMdul way. Then and came the trial ot Wine of I Cough Cure which :children'like to J. I* TpWiKtt, Co. Treas. month at $.UO. ment and carries with it therefore,

ought the cure to ccrwend IJn. MitcheU'1ezperi8ll00 Wine of take. A. R. Wise. The following road commissionerswere absolutely no danger of upsettingthe

Caraul to iuflenog women in words of I BEAT OUT OF AN INCREASE OF appointed for 1901: system as drugs taken internally -
burning eloquence.ia Now that she has finished her new. are apt to do. It is to be
HIS PENSION.A No. 2, T- J. Knowles; 3,J. D. Brown,
WINEOICARDIJI book, Mary E. Wilkins will take a Mexican war veteran and promi- L. G. Hardee; il, C. W. Roberts; 4, rubbed into the abdomen to soften

turn at marry ing."FAMILY. T. A. Hunt; 5, W. 1:. Cheshire; 8, M. and strengthen the muscles whichare
nent editor writes "Seeing the ad-
to bear the strain. This
;, means
Adams 9 N.. E.
I fl. Mattox, G. W. ; ,
within the reach of all. Womea who
try it are relieved. Ask your druggist JARS vertisement of Chamberlain's Colic Pearce; 10, Wm. Hoover Jas. H. much less pain. It also prevents

for a n bottle of Wine of CarduL and do are more often the result of indiges- t Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, I Sheppard, Jno. Lee. morning sickness and all of the
not take a substitute if tendered j other discomforts of
yon. am reminded that as a soldier in pregnancy.
. Mrs Wllue HitthelL Sooth Gaston H.C.: tion than anything else. Dyspeptics Mexico -11.and '43, I contracted Ordered that the bid of D. W. A druggist of,Macon, Ga., says:
Wine of C.rdel and Ttwdfunri BlackItraivht I are usually irritable, nervous, cranky_ Monroe for convicts be accepted at "
I have sold
hue performed a BlUaenluU care I individuals who make trouble for all :Mexican diarrhoea and this remedy a large quantity
... with, _. 1 womb treat inHerer i has: kept me from getting an increase ,'j.25.! Mother's Friend and have never
and It'ord'sUyspeptlcide
va....' sad Mr filllwi menses of the came ever week leaeurrbiBa for two. | those around them.makes Dr.the Loyal stomachI in mv pension, for, on every The question of building ,a new known an instance where h has

'; aiunthi and were very painful. Mr am- ; renewal, a dose of it cures me." It court house will be taken up at our failed to produce the good results '\
',"'.r bud induced L. to UT Wine of Cirdul I right and restores health and happiness regular meeting in March 1901. claimed for it." -
is for di
unequalled as a quick cure
f 7'1 and Rlick-Onuwht. and now the lea j in the household.
i. tries bat dlwppcaiad.. and tam restored 11 arrhoea and b: pleasant ,and safe td There being no further businessthe A prominent lady of Lam*

perfect health." ,The. report comes from New York take. For.sale, by. G. .\v.. Price. board adjourned to next regular berton. Ark., writes:' "With my
'wtlrtal L1 j > ", first six children ,1 was in labor
lyminuilaftSf'IIIY.-' that Rev. Parkhurst has about.de-, meeting. from 24 to 30 hours. After.using.Mother's .
I \"- .Mr. Armor tried the saline elixir. '
Attest M. .'. SCARBOROUGH. ,
v\ourJ lrinrtnient." The I termined to give politics and devote : Friend, my seventh was
('baIIa_ Medicine Ca, : I ", I but even salt couldn't save him. Ex-OBicio Clerk born in 4 hours.
hutan.gl. himself to religion.CAf3TORX.. i I -
-- Get Mother Friend*t the drug
__-1 After exposure or when you feel a tore, 1.00 per lIoS ..

.. cold coming on, take Folcy's Honey CASTOR.A.: THE BRAOnCLD KHUTOR: CO. r

i gam,the the Imd Yoe Hare Always Bawd I. and Tar. It never fails to cure and Han Mircjs Boat 'lUlU, 6A., .. ...

will prevent pneumonia or consumption :I &utu.'Q Will to_few UMbmM BOb.M-.-BXKU antIs

C r if taken time. fe or ';:

.. 4

-.;.. .
i - ->-

<<' 'iT-
'::,_ "' ':;/!'" ':-_ !7': '!-


j f

-I Ib -

. 4 THE CITIZEN-REPORTER Estalbished 1874]

; .: The THE.'+NEELY DECISION I f Lost Boy. -- NOTICE! as' -

i ,, My son, Arthur Drew Rowe, ageJ
t It is possible that the decision of..I IT, left home near Providence, Fla., To my Friends and Customers!
H. I.. DODD, =EDITOR:LAD PROPRTETOIli i the supreme court in the Neely case I r '
on night of Jan. 14 1901. .I warn
liADQDD'iaaUUat Editor. .. : 'e barra'fnito lc- bought in Genoa. Fla..
I may i'ro r : _,: "all from I have jnst
== people employing him.ny I a nice STOCK of GEEBALMt.KCUASDISE -
Official Newspaper of Columbia County and:.I Ithe Kinley administration some day. ; information consisting
i r' ,. Town of Lake tltj Florida.: | as: to his whereabouts
i The '
court decided unanimously S. M ROWE I
I thankfully received. ,
:i:;' Published Office-Soutfi every ot Friday Courthouse at Lake Square.Clt f. Fla. : that Cuba, ''cannot be regarded in I j Provide tee, F.la.I )Dry'Good, Xotions, Clothing, Hardware,

constitutional legal( international : Tinware Etc. I am now
t- any or --- --- I Groceries: ill.
Adrertuisg fcta Faraiahei apoa Application. Remember that the Carnival is 1
L. sense a part of the territoryof I

Entered In Lake City postofflce a:. second I the United States." The court next week- commencing Monday. I
Block Next to Raullson'e Stab !
I I 't'j,--t. 'j Slaasauce. (!goes on to say that Cuba is 'territo- f Monroe _lc]

Subscription. $1.00-*.IJer-nt-: Y-ear- _!! ryjield intrust.for..the. Cubans to I,,...\' subscription has ,been circulated t And will Clo>e the entire Stock out in the nest '.if '
"' "nl i- a Lmurr |
** ** -
1. ___ u __ l whom it rightfully. belongs ,and to : to provide means for the pur- )days at brat cost.JVI. 111-bt 1

'1 FRIDAY v:; JANUARY is, 1901y {! whose exclusive control it will be'I chase of a street sprinkler, and with: I
t the raised and an appropria- I STEIN". :
,surrendered when a stable govern j money -4 .
--- --
: ment shall have been,established by tion from the council, sufficient

r.:The Boer war is nearer a close I II their voluntary action"I i funds will be in hand to secure andi =-: -- -- -- - --- --,_

I ,than it was-well, yesterday, for inI i operate one. J
undoubtedly not only good
t --
stance. t
i law but it is in full accord with the
: ; If troubled with a weak digestion,

t i ..The election of Matthew S. Quayto I I"solemn promise: of independence belching, sour stomach, or if you !j f $20: (
I which Cuba
our to
the,'Senate, from Pennsylvania, I I government gave feel dull after eating, try Chamber-
, in declaring war against Spain. But
is said to mean sure. death to the'1 I J i lain's Stomach and Liver Tablets
the impression that the
ship subsidy bilL Quay bates Hanna administra-j i j Price 25 cents. Samples free at G.
tion, which will into few and ProsDective Teachers
a Teachers
go power
and will do all be can to defeat his : W. Price's drug store.
weeks hence, will never be readyto

1 pet scheme. give Cuba independence is growing. The Memphis Commercial Appeal will find City Poe Cotcse..few Classes at the Lake _

BURNED AT THE STAKE. very aptly puts it this way: "Isn't

4 I Great Preparations for the Fair. I it time that the Democratic party $20 COVERS ALL EXPENSES

The most horrible lynching that I' ceased to provide a city of refuge
Lake City is to welcome railroad fare for one term.
preparing I except
for all the freaks and misfits in
} has ever been recorded occurred in ijLcavenwortht politics Send for circulars to
her guests on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd "
Kansas Tuesday I i ? I
j .
in royal fashion.
'. Every arrangement :
t when a negro, Fred Alexander, accused :f W. f. YOGUM, LaK GtJ, Fla.'V"V"rv _
is being made to give the visitors I
When need a soothing and
1 of murdering a woman and of
',: : to our hospitable little city a healing antiseptic application for ....
a worse crime, was saturated with"j'! of i': vv C =4
4 period pleasure enjoyment. 1 I any purpose, use the original De- _
oil and burned at the stake. He was i' n HCo

"_ J burned in the heart of a city which, ) The street exhibitions during the :j|i Witt's Witch Hazel Salve, a well ",rMatl't carnival will be of the highest order:':
known for and skin di
cure piles r
in 1(8)0) than Jacksonville.
was larger and cannot fail to please the most !' It heales without leav Fire! -
Tnte case is given the color of unexampled eases. sores Fire! Fire
ferociousness' owing to the critical. The city will be in gala at- :; ing a scar. Beware of counterfeits.

tire, dressed in a wealth of attractive I} A. R. Wise. It comes like a thief fcc-th day and eight and steals away your home o. business.
fact that the negro was never proven | You cannot afford to ron the risk without Insuranceprotection I Bepre-
decorations. i iI i tile Insurance and will take in
I sent very IWst Companies pleasure
guilty, did nut confess his crime and Mr. J. E. Inman, one of our most !j The latest Venezuelan revolution Insuring your property. Prompt adjustment and Payment:
died protesting his innocence.A of all !Losses guaranteed. make no chare for writ-
I prominent and progressive merchants was unpopular. Really, these South I lag policy as usually charged by other agents.
A little more than a year ago the
will be in charge of the American countries are getting very i Older 105:Hjreaait St., tsar E.ptitt CUrdi-
nation was shocked and the North
trades' parade, which insures the I fastidious; they will soon be demand T. R. HODGES. *rPHONE NO. 34 _
had several cunniption tits over the ;
I ,3_ burning of the negro, Ham Hose, in success of this feature. Many hand- f ing lime lights along with their opera r e:4 ; ;' .4ZH3 .E .? Ie ,

some floats are now under construe I!! bouffe wars. I II __
1 Georgia. But this occurred in a
tion for this parade and most ot the I 1
:= community wbere<< the forces of the I
merchants of the city will be repre-1!i Don't use any of the counterfeits
fi law were not strong enough XD cope sented. Among those who are either |'i of DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve. To the Farmers of Lake City and Vicinity
with such extreme ca-.es. Again itt
.1 having floats built, or who have signified i Most of them are worthless or liable
t was not until his guilt was proved I : to who are desirous of using
their intention of doing so, cause injury. The original De-
and he had confessed his crime that
j are: J. E. Imnan, J. E Young, Wil 'I I Witt's Witch Hazel Salve is a certain I

tf I the horrible punishment was inflict ,son Bros., Frank Adams, Plympton I;;, cure for piles, eczema, cuts, Cold
.. ed. But how much greater .was his i Storage.
f d & Co., Dr. D. A. Watts & Son, R. i|j scalds, burns, sores and skin dis
crime? His deed defies description
ghastly -
eases. A. Pd. Wise.
Jordan Staten & C'. Addicks"1nkkery MR. O. A. MANN
4 from tongue or pen. IImurdered e -
( I Young's Pharmacy and
an inoffensive citizen, and:J' Penington's Saloon. I' President McKinley is convincedthat Wishes to announce that be ia increasingthe capacity of the Ice Factory

h;; dashed out the brains of an Innocent:: I All I it is a good thing be didn't make and putting in Cold Storage rooms so that he will soon be ready
baby, But this was only part of his persona are in a position to I j I the mistake of putting the lIon.I to receive, HAMS, SHOULDERS and SIDES for Cold
1 make praiseworthy exhibits should reasonable
I Storage at rates. d7-2m
offense. The wife of the d I Benjamin Harrison the
.. Inurdered not fail to do =o. The managers on supreme .

ri. man, the mother of the baby, suf sure us that the greatest care will b I,I court before he inaugurated his

fered worse than death. Although I taken of all exhibits. Ladies are re- i: "manifest destiny" policy. ,

1 surrounded cir quested to make exhibits of their'f P. J. BECKSCONTRACTOR -
by many palliating -- ------- -- -
skill in needle work. :
They maybe
I cumstances, not even this instance']assured that their exhibits will be
j I
t fully justifies the resort to lynch law i
1 We have laws to protect innocence ,any way. .I -

'1'1 1! and punish guilt and these laws, under Beautiful prizes will be given for){r This signature la on every box of the genuine I \ I -
I the best exhibits and it will
.t 1 all circumstances, should be re-.i make an effort to secure one. pay t o,I I'I Laxative Bromo;Quinine Tablets ...LAKE CITY. FLORIDA...
I the
\ .I spected f I remedy Oat cam n eoW In .ae day
1 But what use is it to inveigh fur : -- -- --- -

ther against lynch law. As long as) CALL ON HE BEFORE SENDING AWAY FOR THIS KIND OF WOflJC.

the unmentionable atrocities are' '- -- ----- -----_ ---- ,

committed, which excite the passions 1 >< >< x$ x$><. .x$.1 l

:: of men to frenzy,. appeals will be !t MEN ARE DOUBTLESS IN A -

made to its courts. And this condition -

:1' prevails not in one section alone 1 COSP .

but all over the country. A negro QUANDARY OVER THE WEATHER j

r. was recently burned in Colorado.
I Xow another has been burned in
POSITIVELY,we are disposing of onr entire line of dry goods and t-
Kansas. In New York, Illinois and clothing at and below cost. We are going out of the clothing
business and in future will handle only staple, heavy and fancy
other Northern states conflicts have I_ J I Li I groceries and a complete line of hardware and must mate: room _
occurred between the I O fur a Urge increase In our presentstoct of this class of good %
races on triiall
grounds, which but accentuates the I II I I ::::: g

E fat jbat the horth is.more culpable TIMEr
We don t make it: if we d.id we would prob- NOW IS THE
than the South for exhibitions ,of ably be sorely tempted to give you "natural" o
ice about seven days in toe week tor .'
{ mob,,"violence., quite a spell. While anticipating a cool O .
l ._ wan' it won't hurt houevvr to give you a To secure bargains in clothing-hats, shoes and all Kinds cloth--O
r,, Ir l -f.Regarding..Cold Storage. bandy list fur quick reference. O ing.belowcootpiece goods and notion:*-at prices that will suit you-at and,.4-=

f l f Foll<)win'ore., ,: publish a letter from ALLIN i

'f: t 1r.'S. R. fries, of Ocala,' to Mr.O. Need of new Shoes.Slippers.or footwear of ROGERS BROS. i
I any kind and wbo are not .
} 5iV:'Ma.nn, of this city, relative to the in. 914- S. Marion St. Phone No. 9.

i tgehmeth: l o hams FAVOR OF
{ the
curing by
I I . . .oo. . . J
cofd/storage '
; His Paying high .
process. suggesifotW prices for goods of inferior

wilt'doubtless be of great value quality style or flt.should get I -,-- '_ :
-- --
\ to, such of our citizens as 'wish to THAT NOTION ; -
; 1; avail themselves of the facilities fort On themselves which Gill bring them here: !Jf:. ts:;' < o=!'Sg. ,," ;. ;: .O o ;; 6
.i t ofditoraeaffere} by Mann, InV saved.for a purchase Let at our store Is always money ,i
t j" everybody
t. I : hiit l ,., : i
:> :
1\". I OCALA, FLA., Jan. 12, 1901.f SAY "AYE"When !i Big Reduction
MR. :A'. O. MANN
.' j Lake City. asked to come here as we I
'\;;" I J DEAR;SIR.-Yours of -the 8th to 1 guarantee the bet shoe values on : ftft Mft
the market for the least .
band. *In reply will : money
say -
: I have found it best to first salt t fi! IN CLOTHING j -'

E ;barns with plain salt by rubbing on DRY GOODS, CLOTHING, j I1JI M '..3SS
and spreading out, 12 hours then I :i '*.a
five as- follows: Salt, 10 pounJ; l :" per cent Off

;brown sugar, 2 pounds; salt petre, 21 I HOSIERY SHIRTS, NOTIONS, to I

ounces; red pepper, 1 ounce, to 100,I DRESS GOODS
I bounds of pork.xRub and apply free- CAPES t w On our Entire Stock of

:1 fy: Pack in box and store with temperature :1 CLOAKS AND JACKETS L going out of the clothing Clothing.business to We make are I' m

50 to .V above zero. If kill-1; J' room for our Immense Stock of

Jng is done while weather is cool, say i* 1 r : fliJ: .. and other lines of General Merchandise Dry Goods, in j L- // ",11'1.V'H

frosty, meat may not be stored for J: place of clothing. We must have '

four to five days after butchering, ] tlS1 room and wish to dispose of more .'._
our entire 81tL \
but It warm, it shoulJvbe stor i ili I Stock of Clothing by JANUARY 1ST .v:'
within I ; It is
twelve hours.
: To save best hams, don't cut dl'' -,---__ i5 I.l! in necessary order to to close throw out out such some inducement 1 \, m
an Immense
Chime bone, as this ruins the ham. Stock of Clothing i
as 4
we have
; and in storage they cure as well with \VE CAN SUIT YOU \Ill II' next 30 days. HOYS', ME. 's, and within CHIL the 'I ft !
I chime left'' on as when taken off. ,I If fJiJ DREN'S SUITS, and OVERCOATS. i
i TIme to bebtored.-I find if temperature and select Winter Come yA(
; your Suit at !
}* not kept too low for salt 'fj a bargain. :
jo- penetrate thirty days is J. E. INMAN '& \Ill
,' quite I L COMPANY i
sufficient When. taken from store X 10 2? PER CENT OFF 't! m

age wash in warm water and wipe t1 f **&f 9 1
dry and sew.up in canvass or homespun I J i
and hang up and buiokeetery PHONE NO. 4. NEAR DEPOT. i i siI

I I third day. for two weeks. Use green M. L. a.i
hickory wood for smoking. B> folI .. Plympton & Co.

{ t lowing_ )hi* you will, get good meati I I I m
i' Yours very respectfully j I I \X1 Opposite, Court #House

S. K. I'YLES. s _. -30 I @@ '

--- .... g :s

l' iIJ

.; -' '
.- -

.. .


Established 1874. THE CITIZEN-REPORTER. ?

........... -, .. .- ,. .... ..0r

CHURCHES. Plant. System. I __

Rev. T. W. ll DON 'T ""STAND II'
Moore r-
'- METHODIST- pas- The _
tor. Preaching every Sunday at 11 Great Through Car Line From Florida.

a. m. and 7:45 p. m. Sunday school 'II .ON' YOUR HEAD 3 (I 'r "-
at 930 a..w. Epwortb League 4:00 : : a
n. m. every Sunday. Prayer meeting To The Atlantic Coast Line via Charleston Richmond and {,= ="\ I 7l

Wednesday: evening at 7:45. The East j Washington. I\ND -L/
The Southern Railway, yla Savannah, Columbia and -
ADVENT-Services'every Sunday 11 Via All Rail j' Washington. II/ KICK .

a. m. and 8 p. m. Sunday school 10

a. m. Prayer meeting Tuesday] The Southern Railway via Jessup, Atlanta Chattanooga J. .

evenings 8 0 dock. The Louisville & Nashville via Montgomery. iiIl! IT the poor Printing: you hate been I
?West} The Southern It') via Savannah, Columbia and Ashville. ii ing when,You can get the Best
' EPISCOPAL-Rev. Curtis Grubb, rector. I J1II. just as easily as Our prices are
The :Mobile & Ohio R. R. via Montgomery.. poor. i
Preaching 2nd, 3rd and 4th i d'( reasonably consistent with up-to-date
Sundays in each month at 11 a. m. first-class work. We are prompt.
7:4,, m. Sunday school at Via Savannah and Ocean Steamship_Company for New
and p. ?East I Avoid further trouble and annoyance
York and Boston.
: 9:30 a. m.pasBYTERuNRev.. } sending us a Trial Order. .
Via Savannah and Merchants & Miners Transportation. ,
Via St for Baltimore. v -----z iI <
a.m8hip. Company
J. C. Timms !Iii II.
pastor. Preaching every Sundayat ToWEY THE REPORTER JOB.OFFICE.H. ( .

11 a. m. and 8 p. m. Sunday WEST} Via Peninsula and Occidental Steamship Co. II, L. DODD fftomitroH. ; ,

School 9:30 a. m. Prayer meeting I III f .. I
every Tuesday afternoon at 1 .
o'clock.BAPTISTRev.. To Nova Scotia,"I "M..MMt.:1
Cape Breton { Via Boston and Canada Atlantic and Plant Steamship _w_ 4
& Prince EdLine for Halifax Hawkesberry and Charlottestown. -
i M. M. Wambolt :
. pas wards Island.) ..
tor. Preaching 1st. 3d and 4th SUB-
. days in each month. Sunday school Winter Tourists Tickets will be on sale throughout the Northern. Eastern PI-enos A. B. CAMPBELL, yJACKsaNV111LE
meeting Thursday -Western and Southern States to all Florida Resorts! via Plant System. during the season
t .9:30 a. m. Prayer 1iW-IWllImltt"d to return until May list,with liberal stop-over privileges In Florida. PLR. AA
r evenings at 7:45. Ladies Help- Addresses of parties in the North sent to the undersigned will be liberally .: '
: ing Band meet every Monday evenIng supplied with information and handsome advertising matter. 1 OLD RELIABLE." '.1
o'clock. rgans. '
at for Information as to Rates. Sleeping Car Rese"attODl-etc:. call on or write to E; tabllhd In 1878.

r M.JOU.Y Division Passenger Agent .
i CITY OFFICIALS. U8: W.Hay Str.. Astor Block.Jacksonville rla. Kimball
W. B. DENflAU. Gen' Superintendent B. W.\VBMH.Pass Trine Mgr., Whitney
savannah, ux Savamua.Oa. =
(' lI.1YOR.-F. P. Cone ..
W. Thillipa.C0LUcroR.W. All kinds of Small Instruments and Trimmings. .Easy Terms.. Low Ices: : :
Send for free Catalogues and full Information.! .' ---i i : -.
J. Edward .
. ; .
i MARSIIAL.-W. T. Strange. 'S

ALDERMEN.-J..E. Henry,president. ;
.r S. r.Beriy.N.E.:. nunfpton,*O.-7 Ftoridabnd WestlpdiafSnorJ Line. Vestibuled Limited L1NE1: ': t .i

f Porter, J.'F.1nman, J..E. Young. $ : ._ \ 'Trams. Double Daily Service SOUTHERNDIKlOT: Tl t
g F. Royera. .. U f.
NUIi'fU BAST. 41 I M. 3 iSOTTHEUN DIVISION. 27-r31 i, .
: _
COUNTY OFFICERS. I.v Jact..onville10 90 a 7 tip 4Sp: Lv Jacitsoovllle_ .t=I--9 #)a l 710 P '0 !J '.:f
......._. ... '
I tAr 'erDan lna 11 3ua8 (ftp 5aUpli I ArF3aidwtaa<<.u MOl .iTop ;
COUNTY JUDGE H' M. Jvea.SHERIFF1 'Ar Everett.---___ 3C p| 11 Sop ..._ M j_. ii :s.aIOlitp, : BALTIMORE. ,.PHILAOILFHU .
Savannah,.._.... __. 1511" ___ -- Waldq----- ciril) to''
# -W. Hancock.' Ar Fairfax..____..... 3 3M pi 115111'1: .-.__ "Ceda>rt Ke1.Il: "";'PlG 3i pl tii+ ; .IV YORK -
; L'LERK-Y. if. Scarborough. 'Ar Denmark 4 15 p :-sla--._ "RIve-rbpring __ 1 ::11' ....: 5.
TREASURER-J. L. Turner. Ar Columbia___. 5 SI p 4 X a ..._-_- Ocala__......::__.: .=. -1 41 pi:! NI a < jr' CINCINNATI, LOUISVILU, / .j
Ar 7 :35 pi 041 aWlldwanl; ;P $la rtt-A.\ \ j
ASSESSOR... 11. Brown. Ar Cam.lt"n.r-. .nl.-..:.....:...._. 10 37 p 10 UU'....... .. e..hurlt t!!.-. Lit iii)p P 4341 a ATLANTA, fci 4 .
CoLLECTOR-C. Jonet. Ar Raleigh...:.__ USaliaoaLTUUal: "Tavares. "_,.. SQj; ,20 a :
---- -- .
, SUPT PUBLIC --l1. L. Ar }'ort>.wouth.u. i 501'1" ,__" "Orlando_._::,..)..-..-.r: lT_..., Ii flUp 8 :!IIa ; .EBPHW, .. !' ; :
; INSTRUCTION- ,, Ar Kichmoud va__ 5BaSteal Ii "Wfnter Park ._.__.... ,. .. 5 -11 P .... '' .
...IlUnt. Ar Washington_.__ [I 1ItI 1)1"- "lJade.t:1lr..;.-L-Li--t;;. S 55p 4 15 a CHATTAHOOeA, ( ;
'IJoozer. = ___ .____.. ___ .
COUNTY COMMISSIONERS T. Ar Haltimore 10 Mail' Sip 'PlantCity.. 444p SJa I
s st
chairman Frank Smith .Geo. Ar PhladelphlaT_,12 311 pi :! .vial I""'"_ 'l'aWI) ._!-__._..__..__._: r. a, a T. LOUIS KANSAS CITY, i .
; Ar New York.-. ___._...... 3 Op! G UalLr .--... -
'It ... Smithnon T. W. Oetzen and A. --- -- -- 4' '
F. Humph. Columbia-.____ ._'_ $ rnaa-- Connection Bade* awFernaufcina And, all PolnU EM! u V.tt'
AsbeviUe._...(. _:_... .1 3P .,.
will Cuaberland'-'Kbbfe"4teamers
HOARD PUBLIC INSTRUCTION-IV. T. Ar Cincinnati.._... ..1 j_ __ 43a 1 ) i 1
Henry, chairman; S. L. Berry and b __ _;___. 1\ leaving Fernandina L'20 p. m.. daily .

J. E. {Vise.COURT. WEST DIV.&N.O, _i_ -1"! p.n: :(&". .0 ay: ,' ''/-arrhing, ', Brunswick. C:1 NO SERVICE OTXSR LINE L1XS AfTORDB THIS. t) ?

Lv Jackaouville..J30, 9 suall X- --rr> -T q '
,. .' ._
ArLake City. : V UplUWIp so a
Live Oak__--,.._ ,___. li 11I' I gave_ Fernandina for' R Jacksonville THE NEW YORK AND FLORIDA .EXPRESS. ,
Judicial Circuit of Florida- -- Madison..... _._._....:- 10 Hp ISJp .;..0 a..m, and Z:40 p. m. Via Savauah wU ClurtotU.. C. r'

Judge John }t'. White Live Oak,. .. 1 onUCellloll"1 Oaa lea _:Slip__._. i J 0 -
w Montgome'ry_'::_:"-"-'''. sioa .... __ I Arrivals! atJacksonv.ne.fro! ,north THE UNITED STATES PAST MAIL i :
.. _
Robinson "l+t. LoDIIi_. ......_. 7 I?
State's Attorney L. E. ,, 1& east, No. 27 at 9:10 a. m: No:, 31 atM
VU Smooth ud OurtotU. N. C.::
Jasper, Tallahassee.Culncj. ':"''.:.:.':''__. 3 41a------ : : !13:;0.,.. tn. From the west," No: 2,7:25 !&

Fla.'I-'I -..River Junction.--- _.___ .y.. I 1o. m.. No,-4, H50 a.JD.From the south .r THE CINCINNATI AND FLORIDA LIMITED, 'r
Pe 1r'5----------: No 44, at. 9:30 a. m., No.. 6U,1 at 3:55 I
Jasper Hamilton county, 4th Tues- "New Orleans__.____ .. __., SUoa74oa I I p. mf VIa Juup. :
day in January.
--- 1
Live Oak, Suwanee county 2nd Tues -; j -- THE CINCINNATI DAY EXPRESS, .

day in May. No. 44, solid vestibuled train between; Jacksonville' and New.York; in- Via Jcsop. 10

Lake City, Columbia county, 4th cluding mail, baggage: and express cars day coaches,, dining cars and :
in through Pullman sleepers between and New York Atlanta oZ
Tuesday May. Tampa and '
PiOlnu RMs ..
VMtlboled Trains
Through Drawiig
Nashville. Nos. 31 and 44 Pullman t
Mayo, Lafayette county, 2nd Tuesday carry Buffet'sleeping cars between. Jacksonville
.. in June. and Tampa. -WI J- .; ':: :' S1.flag Throng!.Coaches, EUtut DtoUt CarL :

Perry Taylor county Is Tuesday No. Gfi, solid vestibuled train, consisting of day: coaches, mail, baggage
Inf\prIL'e ; land express cars "between Jacksonville land WashingLan.and Pullman Through Pulteai SUeptag Can bttweea JtckaoivlU* a dvU a.tIUIfIL 0.
Madison, Madison county, 2nd Tubsday sleeper between Jacbi>nvyie and jN ill .Y ork.. <. AUwvtlK N.C., u4lCaonUSt. Uroajb "TUB LAND OP 1'tt1 WOo..
in April: J I *. Nos. 3 and ,Pullman buffo sledper Jacksonville. ,'and St.. Louis via ? r
i. '
Monticello, ThouJasville aid Montgpm ry; '
via Nitliera ...
Train QftnMI
FALL TERM. Through Railway an
Steamers for West and Havana-No. 27
Key makes connection
at Port
f I !. CooecUoa wttto tU Plait frm Jack tvira.
Hamilton 4th Tues SyaUa J
Jasper county I Tampa with steamers leaving Mumlays. Thursdays: and Saturdays. .
day in August. Nos. 2 and 1. steeper between New Orleans.and Jacksonville. I
Live Oak, Suwanee county, 2nd Tuesday I E. ST. JOHN V. 1':. M'liUE, R. S.-A .LEN SUMMER EXCaiSM TICKETS it Vif|In l Bate y Ml Jw 111 Sa>L_,'"k"

in November. ht V.-1'.t G. M. Gen Sup'I- I Gen. PassTAgent.. .
Lake City, Columbia county 4th PortsmouthVa.- m far rttu Mtadulai tad latormaltoa.ull oaoud4 ul. ,

Tuesday in November. A. O. MACDONELL Assistant Gen.. Passenger Agent, .''Jacksonville Fla. j W.T.CO&BT.T.M.. I
Mayo, Lafayette county 2nd Tues e. 111"...1157......ilUQadlie.a..,

day.in December i -,. K. 011LP. W.. A. TV L L &"U.ICI.'I'raIk .
Perry Taylor county; 1st Tuesday in Huapr. ...Pail.".... Aart.0ta.raia..|.., I .'

Madison October., Madison county2nd Tues-I. GEORGIA_ SOUTHERN & FLQRIfiA i) RAILWAY. t W& 1attoa.D.Co Tu1Iastoa.D.0. Allaau.a.SUPREME.7. _.t

day in October.




1 Subject to change without publtq police..Ff: ; ', '

1 .. ..,.... <.. ,->-.t. -' ....:/ :., .
1 .
3 I --< -2 -
I l Dixie Qliclt, STAHOXX .\. ; :Q'wuk I l)i ale *
y krR t I'I.t __tI'l'l'.__ "II'p. > Flyer _
15.'iI.1n 11 :!!ia m Lv-.Mur.u.. .'.I-.. ..I.\r 4.i"ii. \'" T 4 los mSWam
.1 16 it m 1:16\1' mM :... ... Unatlill.v ,._!J\-'...'i.xc. 1 4&JI.IU .
1 37 1 in 1 I'| in . .. .. ..Viriuia ,_ ..,i. .. ,. ...-. 2 2.i p ni 8 31 a ut of-all that ia Correct ia -
I5.1a in 11 *) u ui Ar ... .torcU-k.._.,;!. .. .Lv '.1pIii' 5 13 a utISiam YEN
I53siu 2l'spin .. .. ..C M l llo.. .. .: ()II' III ; iK5 .m. Stylish Dressing for
2 ala in :i 1)I11.m .'. Ashbiirii .,'-I.-\r{ 1:0".11I. Fine
etitTMDS 3 M a in 3 :w i' 111 \r. .. Tifioii.'... i''Vi'ift"1 12 fiS |Hil 1 00 a m1255am
e+t I 315a in 3.11'1 I.v. .... .. .'..Vrfv. .-...:*J Atl31il-lt': t HATS, LADIES, GIRLS, MEN, BOYS
t 3 -iti i a III 4 OT |> 111 .. .Sl'al'k s.... ..l.. ..../1'J Hi ii in lY .:i* in and CHILDREN.
3S11t'"' 4 10 |i in . .. I t'arll'\IIt.t. . ...- ll'Slu m UUJu. SUITS,
4 40 a in 3 On |> III Ar.. ... .. \al.!.""4a. .. .. .. .ll-10a'nt lI 35p in
MAbK .4 40 11 m 510), in Li'---------\al.'ta. .........,._Allt I II.I' m ? 1135p 1ILi OVERCOATS, The Largest Stock ul
:5 SUm 6 M |> m .. ..... .r.-!._.. .-...; 10 U,1III lU M II IU
8 01 a mJi'JUa fI 30 Ji in ..White Springs.. .. .... a 32 a in 10 Ul I'II UNDERWEAR Variety.
III !IU41p in Ar..... ... lake lily..Ix IIUla", OtOpII
BALKE'S 0 U a in 7 *-'PI", Lv .lt. ... .1.10\1&1\\,.... . .Ar VI 50 a in Itll"! and BEST QUALITIES
> 7--SO a inaw 8 :s v "' l..I1.C1ty----ra -Z.'J a..... A Oil p iu.. ,
a mO'1I :7 p I'C ..lo.t.rJ.lll .. .... .. .... 'lr; a m 75'ipm FURNISHINGS.LADIES' .
U liam !94jp \I'' \r/ rnl.4k' .f..<..,...I.v 0 2f;uiu 6f011III'I aid always
LIVE IAIKKSVI1.LK;, "1.:,. ., the

8 45a: ii, ; :kp U\ Luke t'ily ,.....Ar51.1.. ul 20p III tailor-Dada SUITS, SKIRTS, '
8 UtI II 1\1 I 8 35 I' III I..V .. ... H\II11o01I Cily. ... ..Ar 7 40 a III ''If :'i p III way wdaraa LOWEST
IIfI.'i. III II 30 11111 .. .. . Iialne.rillen.1.v r : 6 45 a w 00 alu 1 i HMitrfr* laUeta-'

.. NOlan I50UXI> l.llJW1! ifaraisWja.Cam,: flu-.,MackwW ham' sad -

; Via Manm, C of 0 ItS C .t St I. lly Ill Cent' B B and,connections.-'. ,

SOFTENED BY ACE. U l's it in U..I. ... Lv. . ... Lake l'ilyv.....v.vm.Ar 620am 't.lOPII: soyst dad=Ckll l.'t SuH'Intl,
415trn1 "III lit \r... ., .. .. .Maclin..e..Lvii V rill!: ll 3U a m ti..JSQEli1TS .
135"\0 7 '!tau, At.Ar... . .. .. \tI411Iii..J. .. ...LT 8:10pll1 TMalu ,"OVERCOATS, HATS, CAPS,
Awarded Gold Medal at AtLuta Expotltloo. 1..1tt 1 HI |- IIIli .. ...(1'aliallut'M1\.I.? :2 55 P III 1 OS a m930pm
: ,1/1 40 1I" ;M 11111'r .. .Naslivilli-..;.... Lv II 10 P m; I UIIDI RWEARall_ FURNISJINGS.
7 24 1> in 7 1fn in .\r. . M: Umi.. ..... .. ta 41 1> m 8 1G a ni
,.' Is the best and purest 4 U5 p in 0. a mr.. .. .. ..fiii.iiiatli.iLvfltOOii: m IllOOa :nt" C. 0. D: _.i.ctafcpanp .

9 15 1. m I 1'1 M a in JAr _.. .. .... ...,'11It'. o. ....._.. ... .l.vl j 001' m \ ...........
t. Rye Whiskey sold ,
SAVANNAH: ; GA. (# -
Whew no time is shown Iraini il in the South.
Tra IIM \..<. :and 4 the"Dixie Fl\f'f" have 111".nldl "lM>p jin.l J.ok <)iivill", Flu \.i.\'MM.l .!.. awl lliruiiKk l-nrkir/iloi-piiiit* rarian e II"rli'' M.IWIHMI .
li F. BALKE & CO. Proprietors Martin stud 1'iilulka. 1I11t'.I| for llu rwc|>iii>ti IIrl'9 fIi'aFiils in (Till.." l)(\>ot:Macirti,
9:;>> p in. Slid rrinains in Vui-nii t'niuii ')"ll1.'t un rcliii'ii until 7:30 a m. and can Le B. H.
aNCNNATIU.S.A. ix'cni'iej unl that IlIIt '. .I LevyBro.
\Vnu-uiHHweujvSiuwf" j li I t- l:; P. FISH.
0t4Ira i...n.4'to our Lad olllc4 win b. : Vice 1'rciUcnl Agent UkeCitr. I 7a. s
'SAM .... ..., ......1IGGt4W aWrwlra,. (:. 11. nH"DK, Jhuy IA 5ss.
Gt"u'l 1'uss Artist 1..cunia. ,F f A Jacksonville, Fla,
... .- .

Se } i -' ;. = ...... 0 -

--: .. e, < ""' ""' '- .roo ) ;; ,, _T' ''' 1t << ; : ,,.
'''" "" _. '''
rs .- -.,,,, :,- : ; -i' ,



f \ 6 THE CITIZEN-REPORTER Estalbished 1874K

_. . .
--- -- -- -- -
1 H : _

y I IL 1 I I
1 +)I hereby given that <3U) thirty days from SAY! ,
ECZEMA'S this date I will on behalf ot--tUe state or
t I Ic } EXORBITANT-TIPS. Florida Issue a tax deed to- H- farnell t OC;( eDo
i the tollo..iDg described landt to-.it: Tb
ITCH IS TORTURE J ,- 0 I oJ I. Sf: y of SW '1 and W 54 ot Et of Section I II'
V ... .. 11I.1'P(:i twin;ef It Id faht. alltl t'mbract'd
..., 'rreDra..a P..
. .' Eczema Is caused by an acid tumor in"- InLlt.g tax certificate Xa 3Y ut tax sales ui July .
, --. the blood in contact with the I' .; ... .ta. ,.."... .. !i':>tb i!>7.i ; You UseStationery '
coining '
>i Witnirs-s mi band and seal this!ist day 01
skin and producing great redness and inflanrmatioil I tfeer Wr..g. I j i Dec mb r. A. O. I'JVi. i ..pI
; little pustular eruptions form M. M. FC aHOBOIIGA. I
.! and discharge a thin, sticky fluid, which The "tipping" qnestion is OM to be 'I I Iearefuly I SEAL. !+ Clerk l irrui[ Court ?

dries and scales off; sometimes skin ia taken into consideration

bard, dry.aad fi>>ured. Eczema in any. fore ending a round of visits or an be-I j

form is a tormenting;stubborn' disease, erary. From time to time tin'l NOTICE I .

and the itching aad burning at times are have arisen aFla the of Is hereby !given that thirty days from tb s .. .
possibility miU'on behalf the state ot Florida
'I acid dO-I date I ot ,
almost unbearable the burning ,.J/i
6' ; : ing away w1tl the douceur. 'I iv-ue a tax dee. to K. A. Mole to tbe follow ," -
humor seems to ooze out and set the skin
I iDI UtMTtbed landi. towifI
,: on fire. Salves, flashes nor other external people have' steadfastly set their faces >I Tbe! S W ". of S W '< of Section 39, Tp J S of "
1/ applications do any real good, for as againet it io fart as their own house !I R W ea>L containing "acre", and embraced

I. long as the, poison remains in the blood llenanta'are concerned but it is obviou -I!I in Witness iVrtiflcate my NIL band s:!.and sales seal ot June this 3rd atb.day IDW.of '. ... If you do-and every MercFiant does-

) it will key the skin irritated. ;, >Iy impossible to put an end ta the > November, A. D. lau we can si\e jou 'mon.:}' on your orders.

r t' practice altogether, because there areomepeepte.rhowould i I i --- M. M. SCAa oaOCGB. There is a difference in oh Printing.
DAD FORM O_ F TETTER. .. j {SB.U. f- Clerk Circuit CourtNotice ,
t "For three ears I s always persist i j -.- Neat and artistically printed Stationeryis
i i bad. Tetter .a eiyirbaads. : ,? jam l la buying attention and favors, what- j j an advertisement for :i man's business -
' which eausea ever might be the custom and others
/ them to swell tot vice j I of Divorce. I -. commands attention and shows _
their natural sue Part who would "tip" from sheer generos-1 I
j of the time tkedboue ,, s jtyv but :we, may well-pray that some IN THE THIRD JUDICIAL CIRCUIT''I that the merchant is progressive and uptod.tte -
was III the ftna etnra4ning 1 Columbia
. Court of Florida in and tor a
' ,ores kind of restraint may be laid upon the'"veri as business man.
I: fug, and vain ainne-'- rich:Vho nowadays are'so many I'I.County. Is CH AHCBBT arrrisG: I On the other hand, "botch" printing
muchrmfGti FPiH ..
i I m T "" ,
doctors said the Teller -' nUmberT: Sarah Murray Compttvs i is a great deal worse than no printingat
> Bill for
i!I bad Lobe progressed rure4 ..rep...E'tl far The millionaire is no longer a rata babe Murray,Deft. t all. -

I could d*'nothing for f.. avis, and if he/Tnypneh t.th ..- 1 It appearing by affidavit filed in this : A blurred, smeared job is a reflection -
I me. 1 tJOk ealy three ample oFpresenting loneenrj ofauch eau- that the defendant Gibe Murray Unot i up ;
! bottles olS.S. S.sad a resident ot tbe State ot Florida and on a man's business, and in- this
. .
mi completely FareLs magnitude that the aggregate sui%ef tact his residence U unknown and that there .,
I, This WM fitteea years j their lipfcTwWTe>i4t i*no person in the state the service ot subpoena age of good workmen, firstcLiss! mucliin-
100,tad I h..*-.<<..i .. ...-, ... there >sglereor2staj- ,on whom would bind the said defend- and artistic there is
ing July paragraphed, how ery type, no reason
;. face seen any sign of my old trouble. -Mia.t sat Gabe Murray. It is therefore ordered
: ,B.JACKSON. 1414 UcGce j(.. Kansas City,Mix many of those of \imed.! .if come eves hat the said deiendantuahe Murray bran d why merchants should not get the hest.S '
$ "neudL ta wiri ,iI> hereby required to appear to the bill ot
S. s-hU aciiL'pcisoa, lope ; any] respect or comnand.any Complainant herein tiled on the First Mon
i, cools tM blood and restores it to a healthy- attention Tfierfsulf'of such absolutely day in Marco. A. D. FJUI. tbe same brio
natural staff% n4J&e rough, unhealthy indiscreet-1 gflt.roMty-ofa to. tbe nth dav ot said month and rule day
skin becomes soft, smooth and clear. Used by order of the clerk ot the court and .
I'; make it almost impossible for those of in default thereof a decree pro cont>!!so will -
I cures Tetter, Ery- limited means to about at all, be entered against the said Oabe Murray as
I go says
wpclas, Psoriasis, Salt provided by law. )I
s_ SAeusi.an4waU.skiaI the Philadelphia Ledger. How for ex- Witness the Honorable Job. F. White, .. .
'ample:'tAnmen"ith purses'bu6 Judge ot said Court. as also It M- Scarbor 1| '
diseases due to poi- ough.Clerk and the seal ot said court a it
oned condition of the sparsely lined accept invitations tot tbe court bouse in Lake City, Florida this 'i ii
blood. Send for/mr'J6g1'y aid-mleft f $,)' in the same house with the wires i 17th day. of December, IMWI
It .
.r about ypuTjCa e.0 ur. bfsi<;ja a have an daughters 0/n. q.w.ho \ring \*nojh-. *" { M.Clerk M. SCABBOBOUGH.JSE Circuit Court W6 Gan Do Tim Wort'
made thee ocues ali itndyy and cant of gisf.glSjrb'ere.tiele') $- owed -
help.you by their: adviceRe make no_ can give bat SaetjiTko sttipt=nfis |
.I: charg for this service. All correspondence altogether wring; \OOf ] ose&ses allow -: .. J.i,
i u conducted ia strictest 4045tfene ? ,
W their 'eI'nt! to eeeite'mincy I -

TMEfY1L PEcIFICC4.ifu1tA.U ,,",,' r rfroctj their guests they should take .... ....................Aj II I -

,2H3Y '!WZ'I lame means of making tt'known that I Three Papers a Week I ., .' .' ,: '
it will be taken as |.rwrsboalaTorif; : if if Ii .-

+ COE % 1t'ItdAk'1tR1 o ..m ."Ii certain sum is not exceeded.- SFlls.psao. '** .I .' .
I '
i : j l'A.lT.} Cased h. "..... ? FOR ABOUT THE I We have had years c\pcrience in the

.. .S41 ie } >fCt.as !I'if'.u : ;;A study of anger from experiences | PRICE OF ONE. II I business and think \ve Lno.v what good

I && seee1il liih' Ss:a. ,. in about 2.0CO ease,, collected from rep f f I work is, and ju"t how to execute it. Our
; : This and the Atlanta
Traliy' liable observers; has been Bade by Q.'| i paper | office if well equipped with new andartistic
, ) .nl pmt 4'! c.U 'Stanley hall. The'caascs A Twicc>a>Veek Journal for *
ivere'many !
.> type and liraclass and
Misa Rosa Heritage, of Gloucester
"*." T., Is *tbe -8nly' and.arious.' Often being very trivialI we are prepared to turn out the ery
: City "probably and the 1 $1.5Oi \
physical sensations accom a-! I !
woman in the country who has ever best class of printing with neatness : n I _
ying itQ f4..gratly with the in-

e : dictated to a big railway\ Corporation"and !: 1djyi"ual lIshinga ery general, \| Here you get the news of | dispatch.We .
perhaps, the onjjwom awko> are not unknown to the of
: i altboogh'l>alior was. characteristic ;I the world aud all your localnews | people
,. -1t baa ever had the distinction -of'rid- in 27per'cent. of the case The heartbeats \I it is fresh Lake City ; we have served them well
ing*on a sjH'ciid>ii .all feet Vin..,Afewf ,, while paying
'i .. in the
.; days aioSllsiircHtlgewenir to"1tit.il Wete: '(ltiiolgntsaveralt' R'-8 Of I| very little more than one e'I past and are now better prepared:
death-from rtiptureof this organ be1ng'ireported'and'there j 4 than ever to give them value received
: '! Mrs. William Sayer; Clayton: .' ; {| paper costs. Either! paper ia t -

.. She took an e\'eni'f\tlain--wi. ih Mere sometime 3 well worth $1.00, but by ape- l- for their money in the future. We
West Jersey and''Srbshore railroad -* i cia solicit a share of the patronage of the
and throat sometime* ai/iiness or 9 arrangement we are enabled -
I for'her home. The train had bee=r faintne'ss, 'fr qhently tears, and generallgcopious ; |:| to put in both of thorn, public and guarantee to turn out the

delayed by a sltghttaeeient-.nd sues saliv UoDfwfckh.inipht 5 giving three papers a week t best printing and in the most artistic

ovet an hour late. Alter getting produce""frothing'at the mouth." j | for this low price. You CAnt and up-to-date styU'sT i ..-

aboard the conductor informed her Common sounds ,.. ,... +
were animal-like cries not equal this anywhere else :
that she would have |
: Jo hngg c?rj ;inchildreuoaths aj n.i r threats inadultsaahile I and thia combination ia the ...
at Glassboro, as his Train did not stop ; cI .. e

i ; .'.. at Gloucester, and she could take the "was paralyzed in, and many there cases was the inability throat-;, best premium for those who | !

1s: : nett train in frqux there. : want a great paper and & t
_.. :to speak aboye,: whisper; ,,or without' I
Ileritagpiatesefl-bnt'Qna2 home
Miss 4 Take these and
-: _'jrlnK" oe "1}) ?fot'aiiputting'with t
ly yielded, and, ft r"walting"tin" the head, biting cud scratchingare | you will keep up with the fIt

-- 1 near 1L ten o'clock, she inquired noticeable in childish times.
.. the ( rato; t rt'he1.st itfonVlien' Ofi': .r '- angtr.Stray'StbHe .. "'-.. Besides the t
train l 'arrive?J .> t ----a: JDUtllled 4 general news, f
next = would She j Twico-a-Week Journal has : fit
told that the train had left before Iron Will Sot Bait.I I : much agricultural matter f Prices th6 LOW6St I II

$hti stopped,twHnylo thplattnest of j* Di tinrBgv rion -trletals,-Kal1lbaum. other articles of special :
her; train. Sbe ii\ist r'itlrat7he'ilegrjijih < Lof Baslefhas-fblind that amimber of laud

for an express to stop ,for her, them that rust to farmers. It has :
usually quickly-like .
but Hifwshe ; ttii Y1s,J7ekadpdala ..;iron At p itsee3o'p d1ifli tilt'U1'i | regular contributions by Sam f .
saying could to hotel the ':1 tortes, Mrs. W. H. Felton : "
go- a at becomes difficult to oxidize them. .- ; :
: :
t company's expense and. leave_ "fort Iron la's beantifut'silrtr-whitfmetal I, :| John Temple Graves, Hon. : ;... r: .. .

hole-la t (fr.uinr. aIdss '' that does not tarnish in the air. Tin ,I C. H. Jordan and other dia- f : '

,: Heritages'1I mother was ill at proves to be the most difficult of the tlf\gPished.wiliels- I .
home and J 1.1 's'W-\Vas'anxlous M.J i.** to move., |jeommo&'metal* to distill'1.tu in,' a'vac"uuin I' ".t Call! at this office and leave veur' : r 'Letter; Bill and Note HeadS
she ed '
so the companywas 11f-
' ; safing 2 substxiptio ns/far: body piper&; *;r1 5 ,
r fr t ipg, PVU1r .saverreachedlnceQtion. .; can get a. umpfe' copy of either pa-; j: Statements

.} and "fbe '-trould.have to .J2.h r tot ... 3 per hart oa application. ; Envelops, .
f I. a..4fIaa aoaa4ltlstltzeoatr .. lal..ai-ire-C.a.bl.atl. .L..tln..i..H..s+ .1,1.1 : 33 v1 ;r' =Tags Cards ,
:ir : i.-- _.__ .
;t; w. 'nfetttage'eras-told-to Smythe-lt wont j I .
-.l I l If ;
If engine and F puiyd ..11p. f-WhA { Programs, Posters,

,!- 11Jitn abar4 a.t i&.J tai.ifiitssh J.Smbthe1f pnetiatn. ,Tri 4-1t eni .

f 1. -in Otoucebter -and .in a 1 i the butcher.1 Looked at him\ftudl)' Visiting, and Business-.Cards,

t er o until I had nTT'uiuUrided attea'tioitteii ', i '
' siit n I sW, I Ball ,*
. : J rt'lbed"J very slonly and / Programs, :> ._ .r
i I
pAasis:4: That-bUl-ilrjaid."
;I butt- "
, k 1Wl. eve' .led La..... Brown And what did the Wedding .: :
: .:. esume," said7.the Sweet Young | er .do!" p liar'} THONORRHOEA' ; .f '

i Th d f "that you would' call that man, Yau're I "
Smythe-He'saidi a Pamphlets Tie'Check's .
\. wh liteit :Ill years "to'b+tf'to'nwrry: :I Stray Stories.f / .: M j Ji ..GLEET I, l ;',

t tlwt 'tjuan he lot 4 foolish._ 1 i Punch '
outTickets ?
1; N'o. Of course, he would I The f CURE Etc Etc.
Af the oitrich'belBip
poafiibiUtji F
:t ha of \>tr 4e K if life 3tuj wai>led l-. MdJfor"a kind'O>:,tw-legg* saddle SAFE SURE I! .+. -

!, her 30 ye< 'i; S4ii} !the Savage horse. the natives of .\bnia I CURE YOURSELF I ..
as are .. I
15a r.-lndiauapoUt Press' tI: ;. I .r..aw..wr I'- ,
1\", said jo hate employed it.'-;a9 demon.st '_ f ..00.For ..-.

C. wl..PL J .-.. :I I atrt 't1'asadenai ga it.y ntlr !. w -w-- -..n". ,! -

man 'aotyoofy.tgounte.JayfuhszttiI
,, any fresh beu egg?"Y sked the I male OIit i'd# and rod 1lJ) yards o iiti re
atu eper at HikupYCorner. I '
backfbu also had ,
,-.' "r rejJir n i J.u1V'r.i-lq e'r i take'a picture of him obi a, photographer his sale by George W_ Price. .

11 t tight, laid by the freshest ben .,sleek 'tH:. K feather
._ bipeds S-.hiWelphia Xorth '" j j :i -I
j jI Wfork
IPIl. i. =
a Specialty
iDi f oH / 'I : 'IIJ r ti A. WILSON i ;taa

i Old Eatilaes IB Pale.UB.! I :
"U.t dg 1tt.1 JJ '
rep+(t oil t'ng-Iurs uJ'W".w are ra ids/ ad/alu? KOd.O I1jo -i

I!,fly Palatine fur the per r

ing1LHfa\ "in?water from tiI.P .iegp I ,1 Y -"- ,
in.igatt' orange 1Kardyns., I ., f a.-* \

thetitttter ? ?pnntpeJ, by I >

T :lUiJ'l eF&JW|;ovkfK,Eroin;:$herFwp Jourffcefgh--. a ).rte* muUif'a-i Yt sppsoacurebigests : prompt Attention Given f

IIrJ: to Jf ttJy t t, cording what you eat.ILartiticla.Uydigest J -
e site of th(waef "
I i tbe>; food audaids to Mail Ordeisi

Rl4 Eaiat, ai4lr.-.i.a.r'_ xiaiurt ia ueegtbeaiog. 'taco.'" I ....... ..
"$k lJng Qf ahoHrnglipinos .structlng the exhausted digestive oM e7L j f -
gam, it tithe I '
[ bUstiiacojereddigest.1 'e'
yorposH, said the cynical ,
; ant and tonic.; Ito other prepaiatiori1 1..Let ,
'. coin rciJ-traieler''Ht reminds; me scan' approach It ia efficiency life-il ; j
t ,.t/uati\'e Hawaiian onee said relieTesaud ] '
tauntly permanently cure! : UNDERJllIIEI 1 1i
ton r.rluJ yl aionary came; li'ie and. f Jl[) 1I1dJg UOD.! ; 1
,, 'lpa6 uleniai
tvl4 J t,2 k up tlJI.. (where. Sour StoBiach, Nausea..1 i I
ti Gut sSo wt'loooked, up." nd while Slck Headache. ,Oastralria.Cnmw&iki L3.kCl tv. F'la.Colbas .

\ "e te lookrhg they stole our laud I all other results of imperfect digestioa i The Reporter Job Office.

out ow..1Jn4 tf<-nnr):;eLlthe.tbs. Prbceise and a.-1Mre ItlelODUlDl'% anti Caskets all Sty Ics and
Kanalra.I6 agabrthe-hnd BootaltaboalctJlpepltama l'
. kM-dowft
. +;Prtpartd ty r fC'DIwrnco.;Ctjleaa 1 Vices. Orders ProuutH Filled j
was eone.



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,..-- : ..: : .; : .f' ::.ii'?:!> ; '' .. ; ''' ;''7' 0 t -- "
.. ,
0' -


Established 1874. THE CITIZENREPORTERYou > > .' 3 .


._-. .-...-...-...-....-...-....--- - - - --- --- _& - ,'-., ....: ,P- -'

. -.w.---r _,
; iii. \! '
L _

"yr ,' Don't Buy fuesWill
Of Va ;

quickly decide that we are
the for the Best
r: people Very Qualities -

_:; Every month, so that when yon do at the, Lowest; possible price.

t buy, you want to look around a little WELL.DRESSED f VI.-. iA' ...
l-i and see where yon ca{i get the great '
r est satisfaction for Jon'money.Ve ", a t FOOT

have a great line of Stoves, both Cooking '"** i? helps out a man's appearance'D10r .tban. :
.' '- -.. ,-. most other detail of his
s and Heating, and can suit any any get up.
sizepocket book with our prices. a Here are. pretty, well-fitting; stylish I
Shoes. .They're l low priced 'ti,,' true-
We carry also) an extensive, line pfI : -t but that's the ,way wjth-everythuig here

Cooking' Utensils, Tinware of every I> -low prieedhioh grade. }t And Troth- :
I description, and at prices lie lowest else finds room : k?,. :-. f '\ ,
e'. .
1 =.ems 1 _:' j
; . \

:(t1t 4' : milsott. ''s: -'lorse' dollar Stands. '';J 'j--,1' r

,1 :
T TTOUT'' 1 : .
: ;
! It saves your .Iiorse $boulders,,it will, not Gall Choke, Pack or get, Hard!, 19./ .
3 '
/ L. c'
The cOVt'Tingor casing' is made of*best a'n-ounce white duck.'leather bearings bluffed with clean cotton both body and rim. The
S cotton is tree of foreign maUeti. Opened at the bottom allowing foliar and bames removed at same time. Every seam Is a double ,
lock-ditch ut best thread. >Every stain 4nd raw edge art on laMt at collar-prevents ravels and rips. It U a pad and collar cum- ,
,blued and we pnsively guarantee!!Memo or prevent galls or bOre hboulders.COLLuVUS .
,"j '" They: are Used and Highly Endorsed by U. S. War Department for Army use. \
1.. < : ,Iy __ V
v t ,I -:.::1:;.! ,- ,

9 -.;r' ft 1f } .. :
1 ]
{ .
"ri l'.'. ,

When.,. Woman- Don't- About
-*<**- : t i Worry
; ,

S Starts out to buy, she likes to know she -- Your Clothes! -

can secure all she wislt) :' 'l1ltl'l'one root
There is satisfaction in kwon
a great inn
Let us do ittor J 6t. We can give you
that do not need to visit half dozenstores
- you
A Ready. Made. Suit that will) fit you
1 in order to complete your pur- 3
and weaf asJong
. nsr ul1Y'T1ade-
chases.Ve have everything that can JL- '-jtifl.*J
to-measure suit at less than you pay
be desired in the DUY GOODS LIXE, and
elsewhere.) If you are looking for satisfaction -
:: yon will find our departments, 'stocked
i here
in Clothing can (getit ,,in
i with bargains continually. !:j-'Wci-c"rrj '. ,
.p fJ() f.1ct'W'c'cftrrcnry article in the way
of ladies''Dress"'i
l' ._ c\'ri.thiug the way
of Gents'
. < Furnishings: the most complete -
Goods, Trimmings, Laces, Not it iii, t t : 0'. ." ) line in the eit}'.' *
Underwear Calicoes etc.
Truth,Never Fears a Riold'6amlnation.
Our best recommendation is the Furniture itself.
Willow, Reef and, Rattan Chairs.
We for cash Installment. Our line U complete.
t I : ---------_...f I..-I t--_jell..- ..-. _or..__.- -

I ". :
We carry an excellent line z ANTI KUSTGALVEXIZED .
OF JI:1 'hl.la. BED

QIIN'II! wn'l', liinawaro and i I Ii i Sl'RINGS

Tinware. \\' llit'ull
( can :- :
Tile bi'st, cheapest and most
in both style and price l:e- ..- 'comfortable bed spring

member we carry everything IIard\variywtvViv.got everything; you need in that line. kill for on the market.

what, you want, we"sell at small profit. .


--k .

Harness, Saddles;' Bri- We have on hand a

dles, in fact "eve: Jy- few more of those .

thing} in the Ayay of HANDSOME LAMPS

v N LEATAER 'G00DS. from 400 to $4.
-Q Trunks, TravelingBags We have an immense

and. Valises.Michiaos i I stock of; Lamps, all

S'JllriDIIg oa Lay Terui-for t Iclr)Rrtt sizes, styles and prices .

._ .
--- -- --
-- -

We've got Everything in Grocery Line

..... .....

Meal, Flour, Grits, Bran. CpoFn-Hay, Etc.

,. .. .I,,, ft:.. \ I
t es t

SON aNOS. 1s t


: 0. ::112' AND14cRAILROAl STREET, .

ww.. .


'<;< 1>" ;;,-4::",,.- >""'"?'.'.. .....""- f>-"".;'-,..- = >.,,. --r ;:'-"" -,,.-.'"''''''''''' ,_, "" 11"'c""_ -_ ':""';;":'''<: _"" ""',, -:", .. ",L> ::"'. .,..J'rtr : ', .....


I- IL -

Estalbisned: 18745'

--- -. --. _.
R --

r 111 pvflhillited:.irithin)tlie_ ureimt1lt'sjurlsdtctiOL John Hell,of Oklahoma, is a candidate .. ,. .. --.. ,
ir that -- -
: HEADACHE for Congress at BOOn aa

\ 6. All claims must be presented'territory become a tat*. If he

|before cloe of Fair, otherwise they I IiJ. run like hU name he'll probably get

ll Palo back of your are -YO "-- ..;there. CASTORIA

fcyes# ? ;preuurc I ;. ; -t..tA ,whether entered .or{j croup
heady Now is the time when and
jet your Aad are .1 t got, nuall be i'aUIJ..fd ;to ,rnn" loo .'
'' ''" '" I lang trouble prove rapUlf fatal. ''t
sometimes faint and -ociatioa
You U poD the grounds of the A
} dizzy? Is your tongue during the Fairnd all stock muSthue I The only barmlew remedy that produces For Infants and Chl drea.Ltt1t ..si

oared? Bad taste in halters':Sb immediate, result U One
a#tt 'i good strong they
'? Tour mouth? 'And does 'iI,I may be tied securely ,within the Minute Cough Cure. It il very The Kind You Have;
take and be relied
1 your food distress you? Block: enclosure.. :; pleasant to
bAre you nervous and iriritable 'upon to quickly cure coughs, colds

? Do you often PEEiIt'XS. and all lung diseases. It will present Always Bought
;. .
; shave the blues? And Appropriate premiums will be given"omhe'be5t"bf consumption.>> A. R- Wise. etprcpar.tionla s-
all the exhibits called j'
are troubled about F
you ? j l| lot li the'r llowing. All are urgedto Mr. J. Pierpont Morgan, organizerof I

l bleeping .make exhibits and take some the rail way, coal and other Titan SO(1BC tv 2SSd i Bears the

( fboa yota Over S the premiums to be awarded. ofl I trusts evidently;doe.n't agree with

| all MTPCM0. "the poet that ")lall wants but little
y 31 LIVE STOCK. _._ Signature -
But ther is a care.Tis I here below
the old reliable Best exhibit of livestock from any Promotes TT1ges5on.Gbeerful' -
one farm, including cow giving richest -;;PROMINENT CHICAGO WOMAN cessandlkstContains neither

t Y3, milt and cow giving largest quantity ,\.SPEAK.Prof OouoOIorphine nor}fmt>rat of

of milk. Roja Tkr, of Chicago, Vice- KorNAncoTic.ApafectEemedy .

I It FARM AND G1EDKS PRODUCTS. President Illinois Woman's Alliance, .

1 Largest number of articles_. _, exhibited -I in speaking Chamberlain's Cough _...tUzrp.b.s.J
u --
from any one farm.-: ftJOTEDFRUITg medy, says: "I suffered with a -
J fw '. severe cold this wiater which threatened .
rt.>3ii from say one lad_ 'to run into pneumonia I tried .AJJI.-.. 1 In
f\tt1. '
ri diffLADIffiFOPS erent remedies but I seemed to : ;
worse and the medicine "'.
D(5Yt3TIC YAX CFa' grow upset c
'I I I my stomach. .A friend advised me
ts TUBES.Largest to try Chamberlain's Cough Itemedy J -a ,
} hind US
of work of. ,
exhibit : and I. found it was pleasant toluke ]
all kinds made by lady. & 1 1 1EOCCA I and it relieved me at once. I : fnrCollstlpa- "

J am now entirely recovered, saved adoctLr' tion.Sour Stomac&.Diarrtioca. I .
Tl .u.., bill, time and suffering, and
[ I Wmnsfonvu1s,MiSIeverish-
11t 1- the liver.act They directly curepfcpnstipation.biliousness on school.Largest exhibit from anyone 1 II medicine will never again.be without" For sale this by splendid G. W. toss ad; Loss OF SLIER I F 0 r 0 V e r.

Largest exhibit Paintings. Price. I i I tncSilat e Sigciature o r

r rfjck headache, nausea, Greatest exhibit! of band, work: bya
hid The ship-subsidy lobby is said to be Thirty Years'"Owu.
t dyspepsia. Take a boy under 12 years. '
f:laxative dose each night.- Greatest exhibit of handwork, bya still in Washington in full force. N>; y YOI3sC.

r "i j-Tfor 60 years years they girl under 12 years- Under the able leadership of Senator '

ffhave been the Standard CCEJOS. Banna the lobby is pumping salt into

I I = lily Pills. Largest exhibit of colonial relic the half-dead subsidy scheme. CASTORIA ?

,.- I I 23 o & AD Dr7tl/ds. I Largest exhibit, Confederate "
!LI l' 'I hT t kea Ayet'g. 1'ilt nenfc I States! war relics. 'I The editor' of the Fordville, Ky., EXACT : .
k. >iz sioiiUt* The* have
I. ed the, Miscellaneous, writes as a postscript .
tit bc&d
me aKf ore tiuL Largest exhibit.of relicsand cu- '"
I cu now will rrws bye M fcrar to a business letter: "I was cured of = -u.T.-HIIY.ww.e.a 1Ift'_ !
i without gttfli fiKit iii '11tt\ 'l >tha3.: j [ IO' J kidney trouble by taking Foley'sKidney '_, __'_ __ ,_ -- :- _-_ ;',. _
breath, vnurliuac I hata nut "
abw la ita tar aaar>ara." SI'f-CtAi; PRDlt'KS\ Cure. Take' nothing else 3
8.E.WALVGBK. G. W. Price. :
JtII 13,WO. &tu.JfeM. (\ p&n&afinefetJecoTateJcarriage in ,
---- -
- -"' -- -
WfUo tb. Doef.f.IT iJowerparaaeT If Congress b consistent, it will .
*km uf eoubUiBl vbktenr Handsomest float in trades parade. now abolish the, congressional canteens

deir, ,UMtoliiu3K nedra.urn.. l4TlgBTMiij U* factor ,Handsomest. decorated bicycle in that, are quartered In both Z _MRS. L. T. FUNK
Ji r.Jr ,IfS1 c.t revs Add",.... *$w !,lower parades.. '- ends of the CapItol
j Best display of 'accoutrement in has 'received a most
beautiful and attractive of FALL
h y Confederate Veterans parade. J. W. Bryan,of Lowder, Ill, writesMy and Winter Millinery-must display be seen to be

I IPj Moot graceful, girl rider under 15 little boy was very low with appreciated. She has: all the newest styles
pnemonia. Unknown to the doctorwe
in,trades parade.: ; and shapes of Ladies', fLand Chi
gave Foley's Honey and Tar:
; dren's Hats, Bonnets and Trimmings, together
IUM LIST 'OF ThE GREATFAIR Best appearing class.or division in The result was magical and puzzledthe -
.with,a full line of Novelties in
'AND CARNIVAL. school children's parade. doctor as it immediately stopped -

V ,. m y t { parade., Moot gracefullady rider in trade j" recovered.the- racking.". cough-. _and..._ he quickly. Notions I Ribbons Flowers\ Feathers &: Eft]

,LIST,. Of,.Of FICEES. .. Best decorated house ,
,ti of the efhcers who have or building Henryan. Dyke the author, has a High-class M odestes create from thesematerials the
j bc for the> fair are giVen MANUFACTURED: PRODUCTS.i great admiration la Stonewall latest dreams cf fastidious Fashion, and that cannot _
InlmH Handsome medals and diplomas Jackton. "It would,"he said, recently fail to please the taste of the most fastidious discriminators

Pr ,.? James E. Young will be awarded on the best of. the ,'"be a great pity,. an irreparableloss of high-class Millinery. A share of the
Vi 'resident & ea A..J Mosely following articles: if the Ideals which adorned that trade of the ladies of Lake City and surrounding

? .John M. Caldwell I Double carriage harness, handmade life should ever fade country U respectfully solicited.
t. ., _......C. A. Finley : away.
_J sefolarv ibi *.--UU.. Scarborough f PRILES LOW 'MRS. L. T. FUNK
I Wagon harness' Ilatidinade. IT DAZZLES THE WORLD.
!. .?_ .. ,II. L. Dodd ".
!- Veteran's ParadeW. M. Ives i iDecorations Buggy harness, 1 1i haf1a spadE J "'. g q dUcorerj in medicine has ever - --- -

SIl -..__,.....F. H. Young[ Side saddle, hand madams S.- ; *. created one quarter of the eicite-
r Su Camp Grounds J. M. Dowhnjr' Man's saddle, hand wade. ,. < been iu1Ei
; ment that has caused by Dr. SAW MILL
Su Flower
+ : Mrs. J..PotsdamRup er{{/ Riding bridle, hand made, f i King's New Discovery for Consumption.

Best broom., hand mad'-t Its. severest tests have been
Children's t f
E- F 14 Itndeo': s Gussie:t Miller' : Pair gent's fine boofsT hand'J. made. on hopeless victims of consumption, Four Miles West of Lake City.

Supt Bicycle. and Foot Races, Pair ladies' fine shoes, hand uW1e.Two' pneumonia, hemorrhage, pleurisy First-class Yellow Pine Lumber sawed to order and delivered to
'.: c .J':E. Inman I horse carriage, hand.made and bronchitis, thousands of whom it of'the City on short notice. Address any ]p

r. Su Live Stock. Exhibit. Top buggy, hand made. has restored to perfect health For .

W. V.Case y Open buggy, hand made. coughs, colds, asthma, croup, hay S. P. BUIE, LAKE CITY, FLAP]

Su : Farm and Garden Products,' I Express wagon, hand malI fever, hoarseness and whooping :
U. E. Stockbridge cough it is the quickest, surest cure .
horse -- -- ;
hand made. -- --
nrd Prfw1nrta in the world. It is sold by all drug
Sup Ianyfa .____I Collection l
furniture hand made. gists who, guarantee satisfaction
A. O. ManSup n w or
Textile Ebibit, Sign painting. refund money. Large: bottles 50c and LBB| ffitj Bottling
t I I Mrs. C.A. Finley Specimen job printing. il. Trial bottles free. / ( [ :!

War Relic Specimen book binding. .
Sujt Exhibit, '
Mark Banna's claim '
that he represents '

y s Sup Miscellaneous Exhibit KphompsnI Specimen Specimen marble training.' work. the labor element in working ii5.I I rit, -. /:' 5," I -\-'g JS : "

r i ...J.OI1arr ib Premiums will be awarded on theQme for the ship-subsidy bill has shade >" .!

; I f I, Chie| of gelice ,,_"___/Cy :Fut_ :hi as above made by machinery. of.humor that the laboring- man will ( GN6rSE57 rRVTS .<.-D!.1LEE-L 1.> f---- -
Ii ",f f5T vf i appreciate;
+! Make jtgr atUangements\to.bt at, '\' THE 1efO'fHER'S FAVORITE r

I' th' Ji'airFd br omethip(Lo_.t'r if Chamberlain's BLOWN TO ATOMS. S Cool Drink --Fruits .
fa I Cough Remedy is Veneta:1T
tt-tJfor# je\a of 1Ji >.tli t the mother's favorite. The old idea that the body sometimes ,
mvt ;
wit 'e oi red't1It. It is please -
>i"tu the needs ,
ant } and safe for children to take and a powerful, drastic, -r : : ;
l-st blesv. Tobaccos
pfalljannerjhiblijat GGeyt .
that' '" jlwaYII'cures. It is intended purgative pill has been exploded; ;J'. .." ,,, Cigars, ,
fTteFa 1r fr'plU-tbf#act eir: for especially for Dr. King's New Life Pills, whichare H .

exploit will jbe seen bJttbou8a */ whooping .cough cough's,, and colds is, croup the best and perfectly harmless, gently stimulate :.Nuts, Raising! j .Apples, :&
Art! t will be 1-proper!1 ce to,come liver and -bowels to expel .
medicine made s _
fort ic these disens es' poisonous matter, cleanse the I. ..< ":'
purpose"\jf-.eeWg';the. finest' SYilotem
ubi >its of all kithRULES : There is not the least danger in giving and abolutely'cure constipationand And. Fine Candies. '
it to" children for it contains sick headache., Only 25c a box : J!'. .' ----
i AND.RlaULAT10.lI9. opium or other injurious drug and at all druggists. :.' I MANCFACTCSEES AXD BOTTLERS OP I
;' may be given as confidently to I f
R 1u \.perTlsot.gnd the_Fair:. _Di- habeas G All I Soda Water
r to.aa adult.. For sale by public and quasi-public franchises Sartaparilla, Strowliero', Ginger Ae
rgcl rs will carefully all W. Price.
preserve should be taxed, but legislators Seltzer Cider, Etc. _
u..Jes while on exhibition during ,,.
.should be very cautious of infringing
thj>fair, but wjltcoj-be lellnn "ible '- It will probably be Ceo. J. Davis .
\ qiitea >hile upon the constitutional *" .
Manager .
J !:. oh}ny losses qi ,fcldejiti tbatinay before rer receive...t gland's answer rights of private, business enter- :, < .! : :
or.. to that"oe;' canal "it --- --:- --. -
I treaty. takesan I pi lies. = ::- -- 0-- < -- 7- -
\ jEntrieli( must in all cases be made Englishman such a time to seen e a :. ">E252 3 fi2? r "
'faXa2t2 23 i la: ", ;2..2E; ;!""s;;;2, ."2:,!,:r <'f.'T..t.'TrM't"TeT? '
( oDe. Secretary's books and the Juke. !- II GIRDLES THE GLOBE.The <;! ,

a1.flell t': card or properly anj als>attached. -.,5 to *the, : .....L-r- _' Salve fame of ,Bucklen's Ainical' | The V'i -* t_, I ;' t

y When there Is competition or aa the best in the world, extends "
round the earth.. It's the one 1 4I I Offers to both seoesa good education
noLlhnTDf udrjicu: :] merits awn. !J-. Headache. -
i i ommitteesi should in their iscr perfect healer of cuts, corns, burns, Florida long-th lines of

t ti with-hold WjmJirif.qiN i I.: ? .Is fifteaikwantuig that the aver'to, bruises,,sores,,scalds, boils, ulcers l
torpid or.ilBHtl: : ll Entries i ;iiQdUd&W be ,.troablet may tbUo-r., For a prompt, felons, 'aches 'paina, ;and all skin -AgriculturalCollege.I I= :
V j" efficient sale of'Headache and aU eruptions. cQnly infallible pile Scientific, Literary/Military and :
fr ,, \ I : cu re.
J veetroogks; .tslo. i !+!25c a box at all druggists.RichardCroker Departments. Most
away of iutoxt [Uagiiquors Ij'strict- l foe lls Pies I seems to 'be the- T>enses reduced to a minimum ;'J-.
"'i'i.oo: '41 ShortlianaTelera
"trhik De, 'L6dse'the liver, restore :unanimous. choice.for: a ',> Book-
sporting editor
c;.',=, it ,."' fuILtegiau '.cttAn',fit &, eweJa. !of.llr.v Bryan' keEping, tattiiht-FReE- -I, .1
they do-not pain, paper. i SendforaNev'CatalpgnefdV.
HEN ire tripe or do not 1
feeling tired and I
or Inflootetoe inUrua '
organs [
I [ .
out of eorts joa will find HotxTs.panlla .tot have a poeit tonic fcflect.?25c.at .' 1 __ OASTOHI> 8;.' \ F'roCauPres.Lake .
Sf will do you wonderful all drogglsta or by man orr Beu .- U.I Yal"_ City. Kin. ;
ts=tlETOOD C.I.Hood 4 Ox,Lowell, Mass : '
Jit. S, 1
1:' '
'I l"I "'.
; :
"Ji'.31 J4".Z". ." "l -1.3l". ..

"'J .1

--. -- -, --- --. -'.',-.' -' .........-,.- -' ''' .- 'h'
-- ---

.. ... ,. r,",' "- -' .. .,- -.;! w. : -"- :t: ..- \-/ 'b..l'-c. '" }, .fry.: t' ". .e s __ ;, A. .. .' < """ .-T.d ",, -", .

I ...



r., .
!" I 1:>

r Established 1874. THE CITIZEN-REPORTER. 5


; Died, Monday morning, while on a
20th Distinction Won by Capt. H. D.
50 Centsto
visit to relatives at Corinth, Fla., Only -
SALES Wauth.
:: : of Perry in the
Miss Hattie Gilbert, make your baby strong and
18th year of her age. Deceased was welL A fifty cent bottle ot Last Friday night, in spite of tUtfoudy .!

ill only a short time with pneumonia. and very unpromisio.

COMMENCING MONDAY. Interment was at Corinth. To Scott's :Emulsionwill weather, the contest among the stu-

the the bereaved tender dents for the championship in ora-
we sympa change a sickly baby to
: 21st 1901. thies. tory or for the place of representative
January a plump, romping child..
of F. A. C. in the intercollegiatecontest
Only one cent a day, think
We are grieved to chronicle the to come off at JacksonvilleFeb.
f ..""' '''''' ..'''"" ot It. Its as alee as'cream.
death of one of our old and highly Send for a free sample,and try its 22, was held in Chapel Ual..

; respected citizens, Mr. Taylor SCOTT & BOWNK ChemUU, The contestants on this occasion
Purl Street, Hew TortJK.
, We will give a discount of 25 PerCent Hoover, in the 55th year of his age 409415 .and Ji.oo:all dnggtets. _- S ere Maj. P. T. Patillo of Osteen,
i For a number of years he h ,s re- --- medalist of '99; Capt. F. W. Sausuy,

i on Every Article except shoes. sided four miles north of Lake City of Tallahassee; and Capt. and Adjt.

He leaves a wife, a large family of FOR SALE. H. D. Waugh, of Lake City, medalistof

One-fifth or 20 per cent off, of all grown children and many 'friends to A Valuable Tobacco- Stock and '99. \

mourn his untimely end. Interment'was Maj. Patillo delivered an oration

: former prices. at Corinth. We tender our sym- Truck Farm. on the Galveston horror. The pro-

t pathies to the bereaved. Just one mile from court house, duction was well written and showed

?: Lake City, west end Duval street; careful preparation. Capt. Saussy

Best hand picked North Carolinaseed paved nearly all the and in
way, delivered a well written oration on
t Sale lasts pinders at Inman & Co's. J18-U sight of Peabody High School and the American soldier. Capt. Waugh

Mr. J. J. Bunch, of Fort White, State Agricultural College; about came. next with a thoroughly pre-

was in town Saturday last on bust 240 acres, mostly rich, hammockland pared and excellently delivered oration -

neverfallingsprings, brooks subject, "Some Present National -

i 10 days ness.Mr.. R. A. Wise has been confinedto and lakes. Cottage of three rooms Issues."

his room the past few weeks with and kitchen. Excellent water on After some music by Misses Brown,

f- grippe.Mr. the porch, also large tobacco, stock Leitner and Price, the judges, Profs.
'and hay barn, one wagon, four double Marion
Hume and Barnes declared
W. S. Futch has purchased
only. plows and many cultivators harrows,
t ; Capt._ Waugh champion. This
property on South Marion street, on
: which he is having a large two-story ::horse hoes, sweeps, double. shovels, young man is now the college dele-
, residence erected. etc., mower and rake and two Be- gate to the state intercollegiatecontest

mis tobacco planters and one iron which comes off In Jackson-
Plain talk and talk that we will hack. The lodge of Knights of Pythias of stump plow for new ground, also 3 ville on the 22nd of February. He

this city contemplate putting on the :. fine blooded milk cows, "coming"' in
take his
' This sale is to be the event of the sea play, -Damon & Pythias," at the soon, several heifers, household fur- place that con-
niture, etc. Also about 13 acres in test to win, if possible, the Championship -
grand lodge meeting which will be
SW Division of Lake City, including for his college.
son and a Sale that will make us held in Ocala the first of March. the old Peabody School lot of one -

We have a clubbing rate of 80 cents acre, with three large buildings.Also The college has received. challenge -
l friends. Remember the Date.Staten a 4-acre farm on S. A. L. 1
with the Commoner, Mr. Bryan'snew mile west from depot, hammock from Stetson University to

It paper; that is, you can get the land. Very easy terms on the real meet in debate on some neutral

t'. CITIZEN-REPORTER and the Commoner estate. Cows, etc. cash.F. ground. This challenge will be ac-

F & Co. for $1.80 per annum: cash in ad B, MOODIE.DeWitt's cepted and students selected for

this debate in few
vance. a days.
Little Early Risers are

The CITIZEN REPORTER takes dainty little pills, but they never -
The of the
young college
pleasure in commending the proposition fail to cleanse the liver, remove ob-
Notes. I. W. Harper is the gold medal feeling that it would! prove advan-
Local News to hold a state agriculturalfair. structions and invigorate the
whiskey of the world. to have two societies
, Highest tageous literary -
We hope the project will ma- em. A. R. Wise.
awards at Paris, 1900; Chicago, 1893; terialize and that a successful fair have acccrJingly organized a
New Orleans, 1885.!: Unbeaten and second and its fair
ATTENTJONIWANTED. I Our Popular Honored.The soon penon, ap-
and unbeatable. Sold by R. W. will be held that will serve as a guide
to buy Coxe. for generations to come. We would i people of Lake City and Columbia propriately inscribed, will be flung to
-A purchaser my
% further that Lake would bean County are pleased to learn the breezes, to receive the hearty
Mr. Hugh A. Wilson has had say City
just a
entire stock of millinery, together hold I'I of the appointment of N. Houstoun cheers of all the students.
!cottage erected on his property on admirable point at which to
with my good will. I am going out the fair. : Harrison, a popular young man of
North Alachua street. The
- cottageis President Yocum stated in Chapel
will bargain. I ourcity, as Aide de Camp with the
of business and give a
Mr. A. Turner There will be "old maid
being occupied by W. a genuine Wednesday morning that on the 14th
rank of Colonel the personal
12.28Mas.. THEO A. PERRY. and family.We convention" at the opera house tonight on of February the board of trustees
staff of Gov. W. S. Jennings, Com-
I notice many hales and bad under the direction of Miss M. mander-in-Chief of the Florida State will have a meeting and at the same

places on Marion street which should M. Jones. Some of the best talent time the governor and some others
Norman Ives and Ed Rogers Troops. Gov. Jennings has selecteda
Messrs. will be
have the immediate attention of the of the city represented in the I whom he will select will meet with,
in Wellborn. young man who will adorn this position -
spant Sunday street committee. These places play and all who desire a few hoursof the board and together they will
Mrs. R. T. Boozer and children are of honor. Col. Harrison,
. I should be repaired and filled in with real enjoyment should not fail to I make a thorough investigation of
friends at Palm Beach.Mr. though at present young man of
visiting attend. The "convention" is given
rock. the needs of the college so that the
N. J. Keen of Perry, Fla., was i in for the benefit of the Episcopal but twenty-four years, was an Aideon
I I legislature, at its next meeting,
Lake-City is sufficiently large to be the staffs ofGovs.. Mitchell and may
: town Saturday last on business. I church.No be fully informed as to the necessi-
entitled to free postal delivery and Bloxham, an officer in the Volunteer
Mr. R. T. Boozer left Tuesday to the matter of taking steps, to secureit little excitement was occasioned Army and served with distinction in ties of the college to make it fulfilin

join hia family at West Palm Beach. I i! has been agitated by our citizens. Thursnay afternoon when nine Cuba. We congratulate Gory Jennings the highest degree the object of
Mr. Simp Irvine left this week to With a petition from citizens and negro hands, who were employed by upon the selection an3 Monel its endowment.
Harrison upon appointment, as
accept a position with the railroad. the endorsement of the postmasterit the W U. T. Co. to remove the fence we believe he will make a most efficient -

1 Mr. C. H. Mathia left Wednesdayfor will be an easy matter to secure enclosing the property of Mr. R. W. officer and will reflect credit Students who are in the lower

Blackwell, S. C., to attend to this great convenience.The Adams, in front of where the Parker I upon himself an.l honor upon the poi classes are greatly rejoiced at the
House stood, were corraled by the ,i sition he occupies.The prospect of having better buildingsand
business interests. C. L. I. football team has not appointment makes Colonel better equipments in the near
authorities and brought to
Miss Wavie Scaggs, of Jacksonville been able to arrange a date herewith city Harrison the youngest officer of that future.
trial before the mayor on the rank in the United States by teni
is visiting in the city, guest of the Jacksonville team during ,
I I I charge of disturbing the peace. i i years.
the Misses Vinzant.Commissioner's ithe Carnival and there will be no
I I Stops the Cough and Works oft the
There is a dispute on over the ownership -
proceedings ap game as announce.! last week. This Mr. TO-DAY take Foley's Honey and Cold.
of the between
pear elsewhere in this issue of the !!announcement will: be generally regretted Adams and the property W. U. T. Co., both ,I Tar. It or other positively serious prevents results pneumonia from- Laxative Bromo-Quinine Tabletscure

CITIZEN-REPORTER. i'I as the C. L. I. team is well parties claiming titles. The case colds. It may be too late tomorrow. a cold in one day. No cure, no
. "Pickert's trained .and the public expected a was continued ten days in order to G. W. Price, druggist. pay. Price 25 cents.
Seats will be on sale for i and the .
r secure testimony, negro
between them and the ---
Comedians" at Wise's drug store I Jacksonville spirited game hands were put under a $125 bond for We direct especial attention tc I Mr. Banna's doctrine, as expressed

.next Monday morning. professionals.Rev. their reappearance.On the advertisement of Rogers Bros.,I in his ship subsidy bill, is: "When a

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest E. Edwards, I M. M. Wambolt was in the the third page appears the ad- which appears in this issue. They business is unprofitable, subsidize It

after a week's visit, returned, to l city this week enroute home from vertisement of Wilson Bros. This I will deal exclusively in groceries to make it profitable; when it is profitable -

their home in Ashburn, Ga., Mon one of his charges. It is a matter of firm carries the largest general as-I and are selling out their large stock: subsidize it to make it more

':'deep regret on the part of not only sortment of goods in the city. Their of dry goods and clothing at and beI <. profitable."

day.The most effective little liver pills the members of the Baptist church, stock is complete' in every depart-I t low cost. -- You

made are DeWitt's Little Early but of the majority of our citizens, ment, with prices and quality of j- You Know What are Taking

Risers. They never gripe. A. R. I 1 that this eloquent divine could not goods right up to date. Messrs. When you take Grove's Tasteless
Chill Tonic because the formula is
be induced continue his
Wise. to pastorate Wilson, to meet the demands of their bottle show
plainly on
; Mr. Council, accompanied by Mrs. here. A man of superior mental and customers in the most satisfactorymanner A LOT OF BRICK ing that it is simply every iron and quininein

Hildreth : oratorical gifts, of broad and liberal have employed a traveling a tasteless form. No cure no pay.
t. Council nee Miss Florence ,
: '
he stand in the South FOR SALE BY 50 cents. ,
*,, preeminent Mr. J. R. Douglass
; of Americus, Ga., was in the city t representative, .- --
j among the devotees of his who all over the county and surrounding
Y. Monday. I goes S. B. THOMPSON. To Cure a Cold In One Day
towns soliciting orders.
'Messrs. D. O. Henry and A. K. I I Mrs. Ed. llevman, formerly Miss We refer our readers to their page Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tab-

Lewin, two prosperous young bUSI-I'Mae Finley, for years with- the advertisement on third page and lets. All druggists refund the moneyif
ness men of Live. Oak, were i would suggest tnat whenever in neea
it fails to cure. E. W. Grove'ssignature
& Wall Co. as stenographer,
city Sunday. j Knight of any line of goods, call at their de Cut this out and take it to G. W.Price's is on each box. 25c.
i is in the city after an absence of partment store, near F. C. & P
The place in the public school vacated two years in Porto Rico, where Mr. depot, and inspect their mammoth drug store and get a free
by Miss Agnes Cone is being, in the of stock. sample of Chamberlain's stomach New Court House.
has been
Hey man
I and Liver Tablets the best physic.
filled by Miss Spencer, formerly a' the government. He has been trans I Hoy's "A Trip to Tramptown'was !I They also cure ,disorders of the Notice is herebj given,pursuant to

student of the college. I ferred to the Philippines, and the is I played to a large and well stomach, billiousness and headache. Section 609, Revised Statutes of

The of Masons I audience at the opera house I Florida, that the Board of County
, grand lodge con on her way to join him. She will pleased
vened in Jacksonville Tuesday morn- spend some time among her numer- last Tuesday evening. The play wasa I The kindergarten school building. Commissioners of Columbia county,

tog. Dr. L. F. Frink and Mr. JohnC ous friends in this city before proceeding gem of itself, but when you take i
Cline were in attendance. from on her long journey.Tampa in conjunction with the many specialties .. street, for the Episcopal church, on the first Monday in March,

this city. I Herald.Mr. which were introduced, I t is now nearing completion. Workmen 1901, consider the question of erect-

Mrs. D. N. Cone and Mrs. Arvilla R F. Rogers, chairman of the i. was a marvel. The audience wa:s 1 are also engaged this week ing a court house for said county.

Higgenbotham were in the city street committee, has made a won- not kept waiting a moment. A i J i moving the Episcopal church building Done and ordered by said board at

Tuesday; guests of Col. and Mrs. B. derful improvement in the general soon as the curtain would drop at thi; I I to the Marion street property. first their Monday regular in meeting January,held 1901.on the

H. Palmer. Mrs. Higgenbotham appearance of our shade trees by close of an act, it was immediatel:)r -
R. T. BOOZER, Chairman.
i was enroute_ Tampa. trimming off all the lower branches raised for .specialty. Among the:.1 I STATE OF LUCAS OHIO,COUNTY.CITY or TOLEDO_ I f8I AttestM. _

':.- Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Proctor and and dead limbs. All the old dead ti I many specialties we might mentioi Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he Is the M. SCARBOROUGH,
i Chas. Milton, whose Coon dongs am d senior partner of the brm of F.J. Cheney &
daughters, Misses Loraue and Wal trees have also been cut down anJ re- :{ "Silly Willie" act were great. Thi> j Co..doing business in the city of Toledo. Clerk of sai'Board.Lake .

lace, of Durham, N. C., are visiting moved. His work will be complete'', performance in jugglery, in our estimation I county firm will and pay state the aforesaid sum ot ONE and that HCNDBEO said City, Fla., January 8th, 1901.

In the the city, guests of relatives, if he will have new trees set out in I cannot be excelled. Th e DOLLARS for each and every case of catarrh
trick alone is enough to wi l 1 that cannot be cured bv the use of H ill'H
Col. and Mrs. B. U, Palmer. lamp
I down and especially FBANE.
I place of those cut We | Catarrh Cure J. CHENIT.
the recommend
"- Miss Agnes Cone, of this city, and I where stood many trees previousto applause"A Trip to anyone.Tramptown''as a n[ I presence Sworn to, this before 6th me day and of subscribed December,in A.my D. CASTORIAFor

TJr. W. B. McRae of Lake Park Ga. of several 11't\i.
our disastrous storm I"A 1" show. -- A. W.GLEASONJSSAL.J. Infants and CMldrta.Ilia .
were quietly married in this city years ago. Nothing adds more to a ; Notary Public.
t Kind You Haw AllaJi Bolts
Sunday Jan. 6, at the' residence of home or town than beautiful shade thos i HaiTs Catarrh Cure is taken intern
CoL B. H. Palmer. The bride was trees and all visitors complimentthose GOOD NEWS comes from e and acts directly on the blood and mucous. Bears theSignature
take Hood's Sarsaparilla fo r surfaces ot tie system. Send for testimoni
one o the popular teachers of the Put out more I
of our city. and rheumatisirRepbrUagreethatHOOD'S als. 1 ree. F. J. PRESET A CtL. Toledo O of
, Lake t'ity High School. The ClTIZENREPOBTEB trees and let's keep up our reputation scrofula, dyspepsia L: SoM by druggists.T c. 0 *
CURE!S KaeiilPills the best.
extends congratulations. in this respect. : Ilairi are

\ .

', .,. \ \- ..

-. .




8 THE CITIZEN-REPORTER Estalbished 1874K _

; ?

'. "V _<_,.o-a. rii '-_ .' p.-- -:., .... '
t1 The L.;&' N."R. "R. j I .:- .A.. :L .t;, :L-. 1- A. .L '

.t Runs through cars to Pensacola; ,

::: ? Jfjtjbile, .and -few Orleans,.,to ..Birmingham "THE 'BABIES' FRIEND." a quarter of a cen

.' 'I Nash yilie and St. Louis, to [BIOR Foley's) Honey and Watch This 'Space =

. i Louisville, Cincinnati and Evan( 1 t has been curing ,

:. .. sine and to Chicago without leaving of croup and

train. For rates, schedules and l whooping cough. In that time ,. -.f ',
,I t ? ; .r
r! sleeping-cac:; Hations write to or_ it has saved thousands of little
\ > cation t '{ 44 lives and every year it goes on .
z '
.'.. ,.' 1+ = : ; saving more. Physiciansho
! fit B.:IL,HOPKINS, Fia. Pass. Ag t. if ; have tested it know Foley i -

m '.: .20ft West Bay Street, < H IJ ,I j Honey and Tar is the best medicine h

J' ', J Jacksonville Fla. Q for little folks and :

L C. L. STOVE, G.P. A., : much superior to the old time i

r. Louisville, Ky. t TtroatChest muriate of ammonia mixtures, so
; I ....-.J 1:;;'" .- : often prescribed by doctors, and J }

CDLUUl which are so often ineffective.
J. Od ers, of Frostburg, 1IJ.,
f"1 i writes: I had a very bad attack atc l1IUT iWf.Dr1I IUI III rN It's entirefree from opiates and i
and tried it's unconditionally guaranteed. '
kidney complaint Foley's ,
roIlY 8.CD Little folks like :
Kidney Cure, which gave me immediate : ,
I. relief. I was perfectly cured (HICACOIl i BANNER SALVE is the
Ii after taking two bottles." Take no greatest I u1
healer known.
I. substitute. G. W. Price, druggist. ] 1

,I\ Notice, .. Sold by Gee. W. Price. ;

t, Is bereby given that (30) thirty days fromI'

''tbli dale.Issue I will tar on deed behalf to 1". U.ot DoiJgla..s the stateotFlorlua. for Fires ton Tornado and:! Cyclone Insurance. j
the follow'ing described lands. toIt. jI
The SE W of NK'< and N H of SB M of Section
C. Tp 4 S.R 18 East 13) acres; and S W I
W qr Section 33.Tp 4 S. R 18 East 160 acres COMPANIES REPRESEXTED-...''" I
embraced in certificates Nos. i"S and 377. ; -- -.-. ._..._-_.
.\ 19UU.- witness mv band and seal Dec.21st. A. D. Best Insurance at reasonable rate:. Speedy adjustments. Old in business. : ; -: :--

". M. !;cABBOHORG Office: Up-stairs: in Vinzant Block. I
; i I 8BAL. I I I' Clerk Circuit Court.J. II I JAS. E. Y00NG

l Chalker & Small Agts. !

D. CALLAWAY, 4 1 Dry Goods Karowarc,: Purnitune.t ;:

.... .. .. .
f I BROKER I Ig ... ..... ..... 'V....'V'v'v V",vV.. 7 "'"r V" ,-.t v V"V" ; t

r'i i INSURANCE AGENT : ---"'"'-.

l. ... Lake City. Pla.f i ;"

f !
A Bona=Fide Salary. [. The thermometer will !&KID lie rlimlnne! to the Sum
mer heat mar!:. You will be
:.00.1 III Uhsng von could
; $12 Weekly. .,; 'I contrive You can to git along without that awfully but range.

I. M.'n and women to appoint agents arepresent nd w iel.PojpJJgafIJ. s

>r !.ical wurk.us. some}r: wecklr w tratil salary otDerli an'tiH'Pkis. 'I y/y A BLUE E fl
fl OU <'staUislie.l h..u.plraant ,.-... ; i
IJt'rm3m'nl iKfoitlon, tap d
i .t.UaiiCfinent and imrta-vtot wageWrit. S. bloc Flame n.a'ces an lral heat for cooking-quick.
l j it onrcildress.. .nfeni..llt anti economiraL We have Stove you want
t .f iltl'I'L6R & AU1EU. it C'.->u' but little and is great labor sating tletke
I r d7 Dent R NEw: HAVES (oM.f All Ueiilb or without cooking ulensiK E k2&i

,f I

3 Jewelry ** t 1O
Prom t Fille .' = '
el-rt fn 'v+ SIT ;
i A Staple )J Try You ,

Look at the next ten people you
meet and see '...wmucb U worn otthe .
'4; an ; ---
so-called From a can
\ '
tw.uo watch to a five cent
/, 1 stick Idn Jewelry has come to "Iron fIt : YYV SYW !% ii .f.'V j,f V=s affJaJL'' z 1.LY=v.C Yr..L YSY ;
be a staple article of dress You Afford
I, will buy more or less of it: see Oi THE GRIFHNQ

that when you you get buy,what You you can pay lit sure for Q King" I r of this If you will buy ot O '
I -Tells-
P. B. Summers >.-c 'I I f i i g What to Plant and How to Grow aid Ku I.'4
*" O ) kel ttu Gr t. r _
Columbia City, Fla. I 0 O 1 g JHooey Making Frt u of the South t.o

I .! --W who P.MAINCUjjoodv has a full assortment En'ryar.of the You'll Have Better Meals and the Cook a Better Temper. O f gh-0fade Trees, tat Peache, Pears( Plants, PersimmaBi i -$
title ot these Rood-i U fully warranted I : Trees.Crapes Fig*_Satsnma and other I1<
r to be exactly as represented Oranges Citrus Tnlo'liati brat!. Ormatrvntal G ,
A printed guarantee to thiseftectik ; I carry the most complejtno of Crockery Queens- O : | Low Prices, Trees Races anden'ry'hi.if; 4be S -'r
given with each article ware and Tin-ware in.the city Just what run want- grove, crUiard or jfarden. Addrcai 0 .y

of store.these goods purchased at their .J i prices the lonebJ considering quality ot go.nls 0 'i f -.CATALOGUE FREE.' The tiffing Bros. Co. i J

W. F. MAIN CO/ %<< ,
Eastern Factory cor Friendship and Rooiing and Gouerinn a Specialty. O i I $ Nurseries and Test Grounds atMarcleony o. POMONA' NURSERIES, | _
May !Sirs. I'rovidence. R. I \V extern ,
Fla. Jacksonville, .FlaO |
Factory (largest Jewelry "'actorin
the 1UUU world feet)of. East floor Iowa space.City Iowa.d7-laou Over -_ J. D. STREETY.---, !' TitJ.M t4gL'4 iGitg'\Y -M41-M 7 ..4 4 A 44 9-'.1

f '! ". -----
g M>< --- -- -- -- -
I l. I 1

\ DR..E. RIVIERE I Ir ---__ ____ I I zt ,

r ""t .. .DENTIST
I I :
t (tike in ;'F 's"I 5
upstairs tile rear of Pru'c's Jim*! : .
\ Slor,,_ l."OEt'ITf.rU NOT HIGHEST
l r t. THE / i PRICE

If E KOBEU3OS I I'I'A.. : IULI.' -I fJ fi e Well Fed

a-per. Fla. I Lake City, E AA\Ero
ROBHRSON fc SMA L. 1 I IJ i' c --r

tl *i J TTfi Jt/JU\i x.Jo*ic* f .iJ* r.:fir: ,I husbands make the -

,:;: LAKE CITY AND JASPER, FLA. I best husbands, and id '

"Wfll do a general practice in State and I I their food best -
; _
Federal --
courts. Collections and conteyanc- p ..
zaul ing. Block Lake City office dh.lW-IH.second floor \'in-1 OF be prepared on the -

rll 1 ryr
f .
hi 'i -"": -s ---v.---- -
T. R. @) I NewEnterprise 1
t. HODCES ,i .. ... W .
j t' : Attorney at Law and So-1
i : licitor I'I'I. i THE
I. ;. i i REVET OF REVIEws
-NOTARY PUBLIC.- Is the one important magazine in the world giving ii its pictures, ;
'A. Special attention given to Commercial c.I.1 Its kit, In Ib contributed
L It! .articles LESS FUEL
lections aad
and execution ot Deeds, departments, a
Mortgages and all other Legal Comprehensive; timdy,record: cf the world's Stove .J '
cartent ANY
papers O keUSHer- history. Not ] .._. OTHER STOVE ,
: t I I near nando Baptist street('hurch.i 1 :' J6t..enumeration| \ fTn ;:e bars. facts but a conijrs'aecsive Picture

i! __ PHON.NO.k .. ol the injnih, its a-t rites: ib notable personalities;, and notable
I I uttiia-it es. The best informed
men zed r omen i.1 the world find it
"" T. B. OL1 ER, ; indfcpensafcli. For twenty years the premier stove of tha South,
I There are many readers i; made from Southern material '
i, ATTORNY-AT-LAW. your: locality who have yet to by Southern work-
I"' LAKE cirr. rut. learn of its usefuhea. We wish to establish t:: ive agents ia e';ery men, and giving ideal! satisfaction in over 200,000
I COMMERCIAL COLLECTIONSASPFCHLTY. city and township in the country. We will homes. Retains heat
I Fay literally for ecer- and bakes better than any
gent effort in the
subscription: field.
Leisure other
Offlc: Marion street moments can fce utilized stove. Sold under guarantee. If dealer
up over lIJrs.1( with substantial increase ,, your
T. of
I A. 'errtv'li building formerly occupie I Ly income. Mate a list Of the persons ia can not show you the New
I t 'a y. 1 goer locality who should Enterprise, writs for
Practice in alt State Courts, prompt atten have the "Review of Review,"aad and either of our
tion to all Uusiueji. Mortgages and IKids to us for ageafs terms,sample department Catalogs, and
copies, and
( drawn and acknow ledgements taken. I working outf.t. They prices
PASTES IS CHANCERY FOB their sulbcripfions.: It is a compliment! to approach a pcrsw I everything used in the kitchen, I 7

i janl: 98) COLUMBIA COUNTY. I whit a s- :criPtian Proposition for the "Review of Review;" aid dining room, laundry or dairy. A little postage

eonseqwntlctden are easily f1eiur<:d. This is the active sU'5eripo stamp will save you many-dollars. .
t lion season. Make .
J.; S, SWACKARD ; apflication at'once naming yow references.

J PrIce:25
r MERCHANT TAILOR. cents a number. $ .50 a. year. J I PHILLIPS BUTTORFF

Tbe GncsUine of Tailoring Goods .... THE REVIEW Of REVIEWS COMPANY. 14 .
4 shown in to"o."cr O '
} Pattern is corn'ct 1.3 Astor Place (
Pop will hate nodiGicully in nlakiR a il New YOlk CI.y. *Or
selection Donut bend vouronli f Stoves,Rogel.Tlaware
away Pastels
or wait W days for a pair ot Pantbut \ \ ,
r call and see my line ot Uood., male your I tad Crates.M .
J;} r>1'1'JS.IJa-_(Urff. *-*1VC* ..uOOy!' made HtJ.** me I. <. Tim.Mim. imoutuc
alal j.l' : 1
< d '
J o o emit euuns .
r'r" m :;!!
11 Clothes_ Dyui, Gleaned and Pressed --- *, Chilli,Crockery,Glassware,Toys, 1\) .,
Art '
and Holiday Goods. .
= -
JWkBC Boys Suits Cleaned
M t
Ii U: >jw| e S.;ctJ, 75 cents each. ', j l
--c NASH\1LifTEKl.! \
\ Ii satislactoru .
_WofkGuiranteed.. ...,
:j ,N.....Manor. Sos... "PHONE NO. S:. Know How.. Its a satisfaction to
".. t. ,
CHyrFla. I Ir satisfy you. Your next order desired. .

r J

The Citizen=reporter

Material Information

The Citizen=reporter
Portion of title:
Citizen reporter
Place of Publication:
Lake City Fla
H.L. Dodd
Creation Date:
January 18, 1901


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Newspapers -- Lake City (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Columbia County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
newspaper ( marcgt )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Columbia -- Lake City
30.189722 x -82.639722 ( Place of Publication )


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began Aug. 24, 1900; ceased in May 1919.
General Note:
Description based on: Vol. 27, no. 8 (Jan. 4, 1901).
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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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