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Group Title: Orchidaceae of La Visite and Macaya National Parks, Haiti
Title: The Orchidaceae of La Visite and Macaya National Parks, Haiti
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Title: The Orchidaceae of La Visite and Macaya National Parks, Haiti
Alternate Title: Orchids of the national parks of Haiti
Physical Description: Book
Creator: Dod, Donald D
Judd, Walter S
Publisher: Florida Museum of Natural History, University of Florida
Place of Publication: Gainesville FL
Publication Date: 1986
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Statement of Responsibility: Donald D. Dod and Walter S. Judd.
General Note: Cover title: Orchids of the national parks of Haiti.
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The National Parks of Haiti


Donald D. Dod
Walter S. Judd




The Orchidae

La Visite and Macaya National Parks


Donald D. Dod
Jardin Botanico Nacional
Santo Domingo,
Republica Dominicana

Walter S. Judd, PhD
Department of Botany
University of Florida
Gainesville Florida

January 1986

Prepared for USAID/Haiti under Contract Number


//cll o. he/j, I jPa

The Orchidaceae of La Visite and Macaya National Parks, /0'

Donald D. Dod
Jardin BotAnico Nacional
Apartado 21-9
Santo Domingo, Republica Dominicana

Walter S. Judd
Department of Botany
220 Bartram Hall
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL 32611

The geographically isolated Massif de la Hotte probably
has a greater diversity of orchid species than any other
comparable area in Hispaniola. A total of 133 species (in
42 genera) has been collected within Parc National Pic
Macaya, and of these, some 38 are endemic to the Massif de
la Hotte, and an additional 58 are endemic to Hispaniola
(see list). The Orchidaceae is clearly the largest family
in the flora of the park, with the next largest family, the
Melastomataceae, possessing only 34 species. The large
number of orchid species occurring in this small region (ca.
10 km ) is especially noteworthy considering that the entire
island of Hispaniola contains less than 350 species. The
most important genera include: Pleurothallis (22 spp.),
Lepanthes (16 spp.), Lepanthopsis (12 spp.), Stelis (12
spp.), and Epidendrum (12 spp.). Forty-three species
collected during this study are apparently undescribed.
Orchid species occur at all elevations, from the low-growing
forests that cover some of the karst hills at 950-1150 m
alt. in the vicinity of Formon, to the moist pine
forests/cloud forests of the higher elevations of Morne
Formon and Pic Macaya (to 2450 m alt.).
Within the karst forests of Formon (i.e., moist forest
on limestone, ca. 950-1250 m alt.) there is great variation
in the distribution of orchid species. Edaphic conditions
seem to have a marked effect on local species composition.
Both epiphytic and terrestrial species are well represented.
The higher elevation pine forests and cloud forests of
Morne Formon have, as expected, a sharply reduced orchid
diversity. However, the bowl-shaped valley below the "1650
camp" on the southern slope of Morne Formon possesses an
interesting orchid flora of some 40 species, including
Lankesterella orthantha, a species not previously known from
Haiti. Other noteworthy taxa collected on the southern
slope of Morne Formon include: Stelis jenssenii, along with
at least two undescribed species of this genus, several
species of Lepanthes, Malaxis massonii, a new species of
Cranichis, and C. galatea. The very moist forests of the


ridge of Morne Formon contain a more limited variety of
orchid species. However, several taxa in the
Pleurothallidineae were found to be limited to these high
elevation forests; other noteworthy species include
Epidendrum soratae, a rare epiphyte originally found in the
high Andes, and an undescribed species of Goodyera.
Several species, which would be expected to occur
within the park, but have not yet been found, include:
Oncidium tuerckheimii, Quisqueva sp., Fuertesiella
pterichoides, Cranichis wagenerii, Barbosella monstrabilis,
Brachionidium sp., Bulbophyllum sp., Campylocentrum spp.,
Cryptophoranthus sp., Dilomilis scirpoidea, Dominqoa nodosa,
Psychilis dodii, P. domingensis, P. vernicosa, Epidendrum
rivulare, Pleurothallis aristata, P. claudii, P. dodii, P.
miauelii, P. murex, P. pubescens, P. pendens, P. wilsonii,
Prescottia oligantha, Stelis domingensis, S. repens, and
Vanilla wrightii.
The very diverse orchid flora of the Parc National Pic
Macaya, especially considering the locally extensive
destruction of the region's forests, indicates the
biological importance of the region, and the necessity of
its preservation. The only way to protect the marvelous
assemblage of orchids in the park is to stop all cutting of
broad leaved trees, and prohibit the use of fire to "clean"
the adjacent land being used for agriculture. Protection of
the habitat is essential.
The orchids of the Parc National Morne la Visite are
very incompletely known, since the senior author was able to
spend only the equivalent of two days in the region. A
total of 12 species was collected in the park (see list),
however a study of published records indicates that ca. 40
species probably occur in the region. The conspicuous taxa,
Ouisqueva ekmanii Dod, Q. holdridgei Dod, and Oncidium
tuerckheimii Cogn. may eventually be discovered in the park.
Most taxa occur in cloud forest areas, along streams, or on
cliff faces.

Orchidaceae collected in Pare National Pic Macaya,
Massif de la Hotte, Haiti

[Distribution symbols: C= Cuba and Massif de la Hotte,
EH=endemic to Massif de la Hotte, H=endemic to Hispaniola,
R=rare in Hispaniola; sp. nov.=new species discovered as
part of this study.]

Anacheilium cochleatum (L.) Hoffmg.
Anacheilium vespum Vell.
Beadlea elata (Sw.) Small
Beadlea laxiflora H.
Beadlea sp.
Calanthe calanthoides A. Rich.
Campylocentrum sp.
Cochleanthes flabelliformis


Comparettia falcata Poepp. & Endl.
Corymborkis sp. R.
Cranichis Qalatea Dod sp. nov. EH, R.
Cranichis muscosa Sw.
Dichaea glauca (Sw.) Lindl.
Dichaea .graminoides (Sw.) Lindl.
Dichaea morrisii Fawc. & Rendle
Dichaea muricata (Sw.) Lindl.
Dichaea swartzii (C. Schweinf.) Garay & Sweet R.
Dichaea trichocarpa (Sw.) Lindl.
Dilomilis montana
Elleanthes capitatus (R. Br.) Rchb. f.
Elleanthes linifolius Presl.
Encyclia pygmaea Hook.
Encyclia sintenisii (Rchb. f.) Britton
Epidendrum anceps Jacq.
Epidendrum blancheanum Urb. R.
Epidendrum difforme Jacq.
Epidendrum jamaicense Lindl.
Epidendrum carpophorum
Epidendrum nocturnum Jacq.
Epidendrum paranaense J. B. Rodrigues
Epidendrum polygonatum Lindl. R.
Epidendrum ramosum Jacq.
Epidendrum repens Cogn.
Epidendrum rigidum Jacq.
Epidendrum soratae R.
Erythrodes plantaginea Fawc. & Rendle
Erythrodes sp.
Eulophia alta (L.) Fawc. & Rendle
Goodvera hispaniolae Dod H, R.
Habenaria monorrhiza (Sw.) Rchb.
Hapalorchis lineatis
Isochilus linearis (Jacq.) R. Br.
Jacquiniella qlobosa (Jacq.) Schleter.
Jacquiniella teretifolia (Sw.) Britt. & Wils.
Lankesterella orthantha (Kranzl.) Garay R.
Lepanthes furcatipetala EH, R.
Lepanthes sp. nov. 1 EH.
Lepanthes sp. nov. 2 EH.
Lepanthes sp. nov. 3 EH.
Lepanthes sp. nov. 4 EH.
Lepanthes sp. nov. 5 EH.
Lepanthes sp. nov. 6 EH.
Lepanthes sp. nov. 7 EH.
Lepanthes sp. nov. 8 EH.
Lepanthes sp. nov. 9 EH.
Lepanthes sp. nov. 10 EH.
Lepanthes sp. nov. 11 EH.
Lepanthes sp. nov. 12 EH.
Lepanthes sp. nov. 13 EH.
Lepanthes sp. nov. 14 EH.
Lepanthes sp. nov. 15 EH.
Lepanthopsis anthoctenia (Rchb. f.) Ames H.


/^ j^>^4: \k1-3 7.

Lepanthopsis aristata/Dod sp. nov. EH.
Lepanthopsis aktrieeotfr Dod sp. nov. EH.
Lepanthopsis constanzensis H.
Lepanthopsis cucullata Dod sp. nov. EH.
Lepanthopsis haitiense Dod sp. nov. EH.
Lepanthopsis hotteana Mansf. EH.
Lepanthopsis linqulata Dod sp. nov. EH.
Lepanthopsis michelii Dod sp. nov. EH.
Lepanthopsis ornipteridion Dod sp. nov. EH.
Lepanthopsis paryskii Dod sp. nov. EH.
Lepanthopsis pygmaea EH.
Liparis neuroqlossa
Lycaste barringtoniae (Smith) Lindl.
Macradenia lutescens R. Br.
Malaxis domingensis Ames
Malaxis megalantha Dod sp. nov. EH.
Malaxis massonii
Maxillaria adendrobium (Rchb. f.) Dressier
Maxillaria conferta (Griseb.) C. Schweinf.
Maxillaria croceorubens (Rchb. f.) L. O. Wms. EH.
Maxillaria rufescens Lindl.
Neocogniauxia hexaptera (Cogn.) Schlter.
Oncidium ariza-lulianum Withner & Jim nez H.
Oncidium compressicaule Withner H.
Oncidium variegatum Sw.
Pelexia adnata Cogn.
Pleurothallis appendiculata Cogn.
Pleurothallis brighamii S. Wats.
Pleurothallis compressicaule Dod sp. nov. H.
Pleurothallis cordatifolia Dod H.
Pleurothallis corniculata (Sw.) Lindl. C.
Pleurothallis domingensis Cogn.
Pleurothallis erosa Urb. H.
Pleurothallis foliata Griseb.
Pleurothallis formondii Dod sp. nov. EH.
Pleurothallis gelida Lindl.
Pleurothallis curtisii Dod sp. nov.
Pleurothallis haitiensis Dod sp. nov. H.
Pleurothallis lichenicola Griseb. C.
Pleurothallis mitchelii Dod sp. nov. EH.
Pleurothallis mornicola Mansf. H.
Pleurothallis oblongifolia Lindl.
Pleurothallis parvula H.
Pleurothallis ruscifolia (Jacq.) R. Br.
Pleurothallis testaefolia (Sw.) Lindl.
Pleurothallis tribuloides (Sw.) Lindl. C.
Pleurothallis tricostata Cogn. H.
Pleurothallis sp. nov. EH.
Polyradicion lindenii (Lindl.) Garay
Polystachya concrete (Jacq.) Garay & Sweet
Ponthieva sp. 1
Ponthieva sp. 2
Prescottia stachyoides (Sw.) Lindl.
Reichenbachanthus reflexus (Lindl.) Brade.


Sacoila lanceolata Aubl.
Spiranthes torta (Thunb.) Garay & Sweet
Stenorrhynchos speciosa (Jacq.) Lindl.
Stelis jenssenii Urb. EH.
Stelis pygmaea Cogn.
Stelis sp. nov. 1 EH.
Stelis sp. nov. 2 EH.
Stelis sp. nov. 3 EH.
Stelis sp. nov. 4 EH.
Stelis sp. nov. 5 EH.
Stelis sp. nov. 6 EH.
Stelis sp. nov. 7 EH.
Stelis sp. nov. 8 EH.
Stelis sp. nov. 9 EH.
Stelis sp. nov. 10 EH.
Trichopilia fraqrans (Lindb.) Rchb. f.
Xylobium palmifolium (Sw.) Benth.
New genus, new species, not named EH.

Orchidaceae collected in Pare National Morne La Visite,
Massif de la Selle, Haiti

Anacheilum cochleatum (L.) Hoffmg.
Calanthe calanthoides A. Rich.
Lepanthes sp. 1.
Lepanthes sp. 2.
Lepanthes sp. 3.
Lepanthopsis cf. barahonensis (Cogn.) Garay
Oncidium conpressicaule Withner
Oncidium variegatum Sw.
Pleurothallis domingensis Cogn.
Ponthieva pauciflora (Sw.) Fawc. & Rendle
Prescottia stachvodes (Sw.) Lindl.
Stelis cf. desportesii Urb.


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