Planting times for bedding plants in west-central Florida

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Planting times for bedding plants in west-central Florida
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Bradenton GCREC research report
Howe, T. K ( Teresa K )
Waters, W. E ( Will E )
Gulf Coast Research and Education Center (Bradenton, Fla.)
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Bradenton FL
Gulf Coast Research & Education Center, IFAS, University of Florida
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"September, 1991"
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T.K. Howe and W.E. Waters.

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BradetonSGREC Research Report BRA1991- 15 September 1991

9 NS)" Z i T. K. Howe and W. E. Waters'

Esfab lshting-a flower garden in west-central Florida can be a challenge to
anyone, but particularly to people who relocate from the northern United States.
For the purposes of this discussion, west-central Florida is the area around the
border of climatic zones 9 and 10 and can be described as subtropical. The
unique weather pattern of this region during the twelve months of the year is
typical of that found in Bradenton, FL (Table 1). Daily high temperatures
exceed 800F from April through October, and exceed 900F during June, July and
August. Mid-winter months of November, December, January and February have
average daily high temperatures in the 70's. Average daily low temperatures only
fall below 500F in January, however the danger of frost exists in this area from
about December 10 through February 20. Rainfall is heaviest from June through
September (7-10 inches per month) and lightest from October through May (less
than 3.5 inches per month). Understandably, weather conditions influence the
successful use of the various bedding plant species.

Four basic planting times can assure year round displays of color from bedding
plants. In early spring, planting should occur after the last danger of frost
(February 20) for a period of about four weeks. These plants will last until
late April or early May. Then in late spring, only species which are heat
tolerant and expected to last through the middle of summer should be planted.
During the fall, September and October planting times will provide a good color
display till December. By the late fall and early winter months of November and
December, only cold hardy or heat intolerant species can be planted, and these
will generally perform well until warmer temperatures in March. A list of
recommended bedding plant species that can be planted at each of the four times
discussed is provided in Table 2. These suggestions are not the only
possibilities, but are examples which have been shown to be successful. For
instance, impatiens can be grown in the summer, but are difficult to establish
as young plants, and mature plants often experience mid-day wilting. Also,
suggested species are not a guarantee for success. Ornamental cabbage and kale,
for example, do well as a cool season planting, provided that temperatures do
become low enough to induce foliar colorations, but foliar display can be
disappointing some winters due to warmer temperatures.

'Research Program Coordinator and Center Director, respectively.

Table 1. Average high and low temperatures and rainfall measured at GCREC,
Bradenton, FL from 1954-1989 (Stanley, 1990).

35-Year Average
Temperatures (fF) 35-Year Average
Month High Low Rainfall (inches)

Jan 71 49 2.65
Feb 73 51 3.13
Mar 77 55 3.43
Apr 82 60 1.56
May 87 64 3.10
Jun 91 70 7.65
Jul 91 72 9.34
Aug 91 72 9.95
Sep 89 71 8.60
Oct 85 64 2.72
Nov 78 57 2.05
Dec 73 52 2.39

Table 2. Planting guide for bedding plants in west-central Florida.

Summer Garden Winter Garden
Spring Garden (Plant April May) Fall Garden (Plant November-December)
(Plant late February-March) Heat tolerant plants (Plant October-September) Hardy or Heat Intolerant Plants
Ageratum (Flossflower) Abelmoschus (Annual Hibiscus) Abelmoschus (Annual Hibiscus) Alyssum
Alyssum Achillea (P) Calendula (Pot Marigold) Calendula
Amaranthus (Joseph's Coat) Begonia Celosia Carnation
Aster Celosia Chrysanthemum (P) Delphinium (P)
Begonia Coleus Coreopsis Dianthus (Pinks)
Browallia Coreopsis Cosmos Foxglove (P)
Calendula (Pot Marigold) Cosmos Foxglove Godetia
Candytuft Crossandra Gazania Ornamental Cabbage/Kale
Celosia Dimorphotheca (African Daisy) Impatiens Pansy
Coleus Dusty Miller Marigold Petunia
Coreopsis Dyssodia (Dahlberg Daisy) Melampodium Phlox
Cosmos Euphorbia Petunia Shasta Daisy (P)
Crossandra Exacum (Persian Violet) Portulaca (Moss Rose) Snapdragon
Dahlia Gaillardia (Blanket Flower)(P) Salvia farinacea (Mealy Cup Statice
Dusty Miller Gazania Salvia)(P) Sweet Pea
Exacum (Persian Violet) Goldenrod (P) Salvia splendens Viola (Johnny-Jump-Up)
Gaillardia (Blanket Flower)(P) Heliotrope Vinca (Periwinkle)
Gazania Lamb's Ears (P) Zinnia
Geranium Moss Verbena
Gerbera Daisy (P) Nicotiana (Flowering Tobacco)
Gomphrena Ornamental Basil
Helichrysum (Strawflower) Ornamental Pepper
Impatiens Polygonum
Lisianthus Portulaca (Moss Rose)
Lobelia Ratibida (Mexican Red Hat)
Marigold Rudbeckia (Black-Eyed Susan)(P)
Melampodium Salvia farinacea (Mealy Cup
Nicotiana (Flowering Tobacco) Salvia)(P)
Ornamental Pepper Salvia splendens
Petunia Sanvitalia
Phlox Southwestern Verbena
Polka Dot Plant Standing Cypress
Portulaca (Moss Rose) Thunbergia (Black-Eyed Susan
Rudbeckia (Black-Eyed Susan)(P) Vine)
Salvia farinacea (Mealy Cup Torenia (Wishbone Flower)
Salvia) (P) Vinca (Periwinkle)
Salvia splendens Zinnia augustifolia
Thunbergia (Black-Eyed Susan
Torenia (Wishbone Flower)
Vinca (Periwinkle)

(P) = perennial