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Title: Gems from the spirit mine
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Title: Gems from the spirit mine
Series Title: Gems from the spirit mine
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Publisher: Published for the League of Universal Brotherhood by C. Gilpin
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Full Text

.3rn .ra


rar C wM9

ou*M rm, MUHM,


[ i '-) .. .



Tim mumb bm~ pumbmumd an~
looma m d fb MDin
d (I `r Ul u b r
Nk ~

=A k So -db *=MW =Wpm l 00

ImmiVI "O so Dom
-i~rr -

dr f IM imlad I to WMA =d


rEiAarnuL I *- -"-

A AY WM IN MW ......................................
fteeIblbalod oom................................Lr
~W r ........................................ I W
Z no c~ .................... lift A.......
.I . . . . . ........... ...... - J "
so: ..................... 77ol-A-o~
d ..........I

~i~i .... ..........
as .S iuh ............ .u ......




.................. ........ ,-Womm
.... ............... '

.. ........................~.......
.... ...................... . ........1..... ..
.... ............................... .....




Alped fa bb wmbo offatha .................... 41r. 0
,. .* * - ** .... ** -r a -

Al"" fa Ion Dorm..... ................... ............ ......... 0. W. Birm w

~1L~ Y................;.................. Ou, llo

4tmp ltwd@hp ............. . ..

S ................................. ....................

dr.......... .... F....~ A

............................. -

4 mbI t mo m Pan .. .....


low?~~ ~ .........
.S ...................i ........

n g in an ..

....... ....i................ ....... ............ i
.............................................................. w.
AD WAS an Dwaff-mm ..........1..................
im"Il* L .................................................

;a.....Vrr ......;.......... I.......................
S lI P P a ........... I .....................
.r ~ dr~ I o..............................

..... ..........,..........................

olrl~ va .................................. ..........J

Him .....~h~............................. .......... .........~I
I ......I.......... ...............
Ib -rn Eh.M.......................... .
3 .....................J
.3 -.............

bd i a m in .......I...........
AWft mNkb--rn.MOW .....................

owdlam... .... .............,................ .......
IdANOML ~..........................................
ww ...................... ............,..........

.. ...IIS ........................................
- .......................



(UimmmUe of thu No U l1l 4 thu BlthLoml amer.)

A omows fwr wth unlM IMay,
Bn h btal e ip o'Wr
A eh lpm tnr r py,
Tbm am mpS wo.
BErt'i mhg Mr,
Is a se d wmk we twMe
A ma A Manlt=e,
On MayW Mr brow to Mi.
e h.7 TMYr spmod= ly
R ,md hrw biig Rms
Osn Sew's ame m ly
Tbs hd T- b gmw

Ite L~UI7 WmeineuIrl.
Sh e bism thi kil7 -
With Nih'. Amave Mwft,
ON Ma' hk bmw dle.
Wih weerLagr Igbe rhay.
WM -&V m' 20 4&0 Inswa%
And pbleIs ,h webt
The In"m e02 to wat
Cohn".$'ao odg.
The -- hb .1 Ubm

Wilb Iam =A bbm~ o fth VkIa

The Go mdtv we bobs;
Umih'. baft jo..h bind*i
To mam the Omm a Upehg.
Parm twherb mre q,
And wth mwee wombi of bbm,
Croweet the lej may.

upon he ediam hr..

111 the .~leIlg It.

-1~ -- -1 -" --ll

maim -ow" the Bu of spog.

i, iV the thov& bebomgfl, IVft be ViA md kbk,
am die bmd of I A -ee, d whb wid weld IN
d 9 to ohm* do uine. eword be =W aheay ded
tean tke -ni be Sim to Tbee, ft.. whom wL mpn
om wwAthawet boeMdmvbe bomd; 1 2%rfWo %ad
w*I I bestd a *o asU ad Mued a bu eye
d utogd doe M .11mwO to 1wek Thy $MAIM I

m weou m A bmto ned ward mm; lb" .dl I

F is&kb mely pity i 'hemh%"dto steeS,
madbe Tou, o1e o 1 Iww, Lev% Aam m Thou a
r IN .. hw of hwoiin ~in' MO* ab mb
med hoIb Tho do aft P~mm% ow ms Rsimme
km 1bm but #um, a tba wwl ma 2% ha to bAl
mad be Ib I H rmA bpowasmd ply bRh wi

Tho ddst, Tho didst of one blood make the nations of
One price Thou gaveat for our saou; we have one com
Alike one large, lost family-one ruined, rebel rae;
There i one roe set up for al--for all one wide embr
Hail, manifested aviour King I Brother of every ma
Of the poor ngro in his chains, the roving mountain cl
Redeemer of the forest child, and of the fettered slae;
Lover of every human soul, in city, waste, or wave I
This glorious thought, that kndles now so many a be.
And moves the hands of skill and strenth-a tbou
act die,-
It must, it must have lened forth from that ame foun
Whmoe streams of love on Calvary for every spirit bu

And oh, if al those streams woud drink, meek km
by side,
How would the forms of evil ink, lost in Thy love's L
If ll mae loved Thy seeptre mild, thn every hbd we
And every heart to Thy soft name in one broad anthem
The let Thy smile, without whose light e's blooms
Proer the labour of or hands, nd hoour al we h
And let our little gems and ew e all aour
Give impulse to Thy hariot whes, to mke them fh

As Au I oranow.

Ta warn had camd: the weary nation fbred
Their tattered lgs, and sheathed their blunted swords
And, dck of blood, the deie ted world
Counted its sars, its glries, ad rewards:
A little whisper, nied in doubt and fer,
Made an appeal to all the sharing einds-
Form a alliHne holy and risc ,
And join, join hand.
Old men, left lldless and dicm olte
Widows fororn, sad amida morrow ome d;
The ohldren loterig at the cottae ga
The yog m m m ramfl, pag oa th groeud,
Joined in th ery, lasea g, yet of shr-
Repeatng ever: Obh ye raisd eadl I
Form am flames holy daleaes,
And joa, join heal.
The ploughman, singing in the early aorn,
Scopped in his task, ad haddeled to behold-
Through the long frws for th fIte- ears-
Half-baried sklls pmo g fre the mald i

Borof hi brethg sdAred hr n ear I
Lad sadly psgM, diged,lUmippy ands I
Form n al amoe holy d IAsear,
And join, join hMad!
he whispr spred-it dathrd as it wm t-
Pro crowd to rowd th pi Uti fl w;
Drbacted rop taoed the wounds that rant
Ar bleeding b1oe, praeed at Waterloo &
lar winet mse, with vaoes ld d obd ,l
rook p the words that bore them o'er the lands:
Form en sius.. holy ud merm,
And join, join hands

Why should we drug, ad they, the Aros ear
xu Wd Amhlou? Why, with n tsAd tol,
lnrw the patlag it-o at Wwr,
halN 4hir blood make rm through the il ?
ANg habv id bl-4dg himS d Carer
lMam e and sweu, u dour& the lads:
Form am aliamee holy
And joil, join hba I
hMathed thb e aom ar van-let the dum
is asabWy's ps-let-4 your betm *me,
Lmd be the oma's oie r er dmb,
Izampt to aetas thet joys of paees.


r ye not iteth r GAd, whom ye rm e,
a he not Fthr of aU dfaim n imds
Form an alln holy ad ti ma,
And Jo join i and. I
he words rew ona ; from mouth to mouth.
$pid a liht the truthful v oouts ran
rom the old Norilad to the my South-
nm EMt to Wet, they ward the heart of man;
he properom pepl with a smad d of her
medtd te Sl wtwor though th* milig linds;
onrm a alleb holy aud da e,
And join, jo heads.
bey epred, they Sew, thS fodt mld qps;
he par und swwrd bang rm ng the will,
remermd a rli ofa bynen rne,
n~hme wmeot d, ad lred in tkmir brawls:
BnM, the fir mother ad eo bouteoM yer,
Iaopped ma mad win oa th pnrelm o ladk
Form an allane holy and adnom
And job, join had.!
ignd foirot h dea. of battle d
hme blmkd at lory" gindt &k Id of gm;
lmn, ItaHlM, Iperd, Pau, nd Ha
a b a lesms ed wm ls as e ra s

Knowledg aieved the ela of or sphn,
And lo become the gpel o te lands-
When tlht oa ine oly ad diore
Had jobied ll heads


Ta gloomy night is breaking,
'ea now the subeas rest,
With a hint, yet dhemng radiano,
On the hl.tops or the wet.
The m s ae slowly ring
Iwms the valby and the phia
Anda spirit s awakig,
That dS mew deep age.
And ye ay hr tbht Itm,
The Wplrtaf drrimg om,
That mU like the ooMa,
With its soleum bs along.
"Ho I m ye stay the riys,
Or bind the wis ofdligt
Or b ng beue to the morn
Th odl dlepaM n t?

Nor IAl ye dy k may hl e,
Nor say it for n hour,
Ust earth's ogrmateg mlliM
Have Mt my bIealn power."
That sirt is Progrulon,
In the lor of its youth;
The foemo of Oppreion,
Ad its armour is the Tarts.
Old Bner, with it leirs,
MaWt Ml benth th wrath;
Nor blood, nor tma, nor marl .
wi mark its brMllt path.
But onward, upward, heavemward,
The sirit Ui will msr,
"rmx pme oad love Ia triuph,
And hlahood reign more.
Ma. F.. G. G s.

WAI 80G 101 Teo TIN

Ur ad onward, uropgises! Am y another ght I
Men bdliee in stel o laHg -a the sUarbr of rilt.
You have opet emoug of treae ad the samed Mh af m
,~.- -- 1 -- L .L -U-

Hark a murmar, like the grond-uwell telling of the coming
Lo I a host arrayed for battle, numberless ad multiform:
See, their name is on their banner blasoned, HumIe Miery,,"
Gaunt of form and tends in aspect, stalk in front their leaden
In the centre, pale and ghastly, WArT, with his envenomed spear
Pointing to the weary nations, mutters low, lie ime de meer."
On his left, deformed and brute-like, lowo.ANes, with shaded eye
Gaeth o'er his new dominions, trusting to his strong ally.
Caus, the third, with devilish male, buckles on his human
I as and puire,-which lightly jingle againstt the dagger which b

Cursed Trio! that have wasted tower and town and champaign fai
weeping like the desolation of a plague-infected air;
Leaued against all soal order, dealing death and scattering woe
Up, my brother I time is pressing! let us fae the common foe!
O forget the feuds that rest us, maddened, plundered, made a
fallow-workers I fllow-freemen I cloae alliance let as bind.
Shell a foollsh fg divide us, or a difference of name,
WhilUt a commo dsger threatens, and owr saty is the sme
Every epoch brings neer, every new device of man
Speed the destmed hour, unfolding more and more th' Almighty

armly joinas u, and the intrbdmag
len cord of Commere, weave a a
ming art units us,-mountain b

mage deafad us of our heirhip li
tradition bar from life of mutt
r def aggresso by reoling to b
r spend our earnings on mohinery
int imagined danger by indicting
a ourfdik, my brothers, in a God
of Father, saying that He ruleth c
: His high permislon e'm a sparr
I wedre nottrut Him? O, for

B, and earth hll wonder at the dem
: shall lee before us,-wadted

a golden ocean with the undalatiR
eat reeking labour never more bd
i dhal ll your barroks, armed wi

z of school-boy ior rob tie fort
Sthan no longer, but a lease of A
shall rim disburdeed from Intoler
tar expenditure of EweA amount, a

died, eah siding each, ball form but one great Commso
woundthat War bathlft us, Peace, with heavenly art, hb
* lave the golde fruit uatetad hang in its plae,
it for a riper future and a more enlightanMd race?
be it aid, my brother, it was plucked, but not by you,
he twentieth age accomplished what the nineteenth coal
t dol
at vanquishd pace I a triumph greater rtill let ti
ad make the world your aptive-Lova ias rTaooN a FA
AN srr sU.
R. B. F.


Nor wIt the lehing seel,
Not with the eeasoo's peal,
Nor sir r drm,
But in th boads o lov,
Our white g latest above;
It embem is the dove,
T thus we oome.

e sbs of Chriatus Mght,

Our wibY cidd:
Chrit is ou ter high,
And the broad plabe Wib ie
Bheeth the bleed sky,
Our bttle-eld.

What i the great intet,
On whIc sh eM hear is bent,
Our host among ?
It is tht hat may die,
That war's ed cure ay fy,
And wa' high praise, for aye,
No moae be Mag

That a the poor may ret,
Boast their own vm s blst,
In lor iosm pei
That deth and hil ay yield,
Aod human heats long beid,
By lovr' pur drops sealed,
Prom, wbrasem.

Oh, them I in Ge's grest se,
IA sadh paws pilt's Some


Bua bright ad dear;
Stand Armly in your lot,
Cry ye lod, doubt not,
Be esry fer forgot,
Christ lads n here.
So sh earth's distant lad,
In happy, holy bands,
One brotherhood,
Together rise and sing,
Gifts to one altar bring,
And heaven's eternal King
Pronoune it good.


Tlas is the Arnsoal oI floor to calling,
Like a hug organ, rie the brnished arms;
But from their silt pipes no anthem pealing,
Startles the villae with strane larms.
Ah I what a sound will rie, how wild and dreary,
Wh n the death ane to mh those msift keys
What loud lhant and dismal mdr
Will maing wi thr awmUl symphonies!

: ear, even now, the infinite Are eormu,
The erim of agony, the ndles groan,
Which, through the ages that have gone before us,
In long reverbertions reach ouar own.
On helm ihd ouires rings the Saxon Ihmmer,
Through Cimbric forest roanrs the Norseman's ong;
knd loud, amid the universal glamour,
O'er distant desert stands the Tartar gong.
I bear the Florentine, who from hie palace
Wheels out his battlebell with dreadful din;
knd Arte priemte upoR their tooallis,
Beat the wild war-drm made of mrpote' skin.
Mbe tumult of each oaked and burning Tillage;
The shout that every prayer for mery drowns;
he soldiers' revels in the midst of pillage;
The wail of mine in belguered towns.
The bursting h, the gateway wrenched mnder;
The rattling musketry, the lehaing bisde;
knd ever and soon, in toneam of thunder,
The diapaon of the cannonade.
I it, O man, with such dioordant noises,
With such uersed instrnmets a thee,
onu drownest Natme's oweet and kidly voices,
And iarret the cnlest Iharmoni s?

We haf the power that a th rld wii terror,
Were hlL the wea lth ow na amp and courts,
Gi0ve to ede the bIhum mind fam emr,
There wr so need d umb lm fort
The warrior's nae weld be a same abhorred I
And every maulo that shiad li again
Its hald aglat a brother, on it forehead
Would wer for evermore the c of Cain!
Down the dark htre, throh log generation.,
The echoing sonds grow hitter, ad the ano ;
And like a bell, with olMm, swet vibrtads,
I har, oas more, the roi e of Christ y Peace!"
Pa I s ad no longer from bit ras portals
Te bl" of War's reat organ eh"k the dki I
But, beati l a *oFg of the immortals,
The holy melodies of love mi.
W. H. LoneraLLow


War come not spirit fro the relm of glory
To t earth, s in the days old,
9% -8 _. _AD -& -A .--J A J I

Waved lke rich bmr at a heat g by,
To aoth the glom of mos wMum pieftaB opmeda
Along the coM of the glwig sky i-
And oft, when midighl t mta, n d<at cUillMDos
Were calmly buying, lined ltw e O d loa
But Natue'sa pal beat o inem sile.,
Bearing no echo of the Mrph's sg.
To Bethlbm's air ws their lht nlhem gives,
When okthr str before the Oe ger dim ?
Was their lst prsmes kho win ba plrso ?
Or wrm mhin g n rly e ther huym ?
And ae they all within the v d eped ?
There gleau no wing along the empy n owr;
And many a tear tfom human eyes hs rtad,
Si8 e angel tomh hbs almed a mrtal barow.
No; earth has angel, thogh t heir f are malded
But of mech lay as theoam an belor i
Though harp anr w.ng, bad t pWiW o folded,
We know them by the low-lght c ther brow.
I hsve am angel by thd lok one's pillo w
Their was the salt tone and th soundl ted;
Where smitten bert we drooping lke the willow,
Thay stood "betwa the vi ad the dead."


ly t, by early dimu hndwd,
I as herring eerbhi in l r,
d et,-for qsirit know their kndred,-
mlid poe the wh le r waters the.

mo ba angels in the gloomy priu ,-
ded halls,-by the loae widow' hearth;
u they pwed, the hUie bb uprima,-
Lddy pused,-the maurer's hope had bh

Mo ame h loqume eMmandig
d te I- th aoe of the human brut,
miJaemb of wealth and eM withtmandi
Iope might rmnc the srnein and oppra

id ide there movd a form of beauty,
lg awt flower along hi path of life,
king up ith reek and lov.let duty;-
aer mord, but A. eOed er outb.

F a pirit walkb the world useded,
whim its el of adne- isid down,
Wr lot with painioe animpeded,
rear its glory ke a itary own.

sIa "l'MARIA, 01 DmnT

Ith de la d the eahi. atmll wb r tin
-ms the ufrtwedek big them. The so-
I am.dmb.ned o thse ins as toe ea etm
i tlh pup. The alme wms psk -wMh
m, In a ton, mdb vye rl a poIm f
r eUmb iN the ti. atdJ by the mly
Mis a dw dIe, ld I el rappwsy wth g
Ibte, fter a dnt pms hbnk mm a I
i this woek at Cfhale dhus. NMy or
o--en t ome i whL dI W14 the fi they I
d r **Und, ass h=0 bet bhintg pawe wI
y MaM eim bw am me"-VI I'. RAMy, VaL I

Ia Iu it Ithe s otve of payer,
Froa a bark of sad mA we;
WIho ih se that kaeIh thre
Who is bie, mek l rhi ?
Ah I iye w.t om e hur r.

A. a dk, I ad boad,
YlATag to t t)mpter, Wal;
'hey are eempe wfth Mim's brad,
Dou m thin r tek rbtldml
Dwollere hg k cowiviet-WeL

Man deRmpid-but Jums beat
Yearning o'er the primer's green;
Mercy to their aid He set,
At His word His errant went,
Breathlg love on hearts of daee.
Delicate, ld somt, and Mr,
rom her lovely home ihe Aed-
Dying goals' distree to hare,
And the dwelling of despair
Thrilled u at an angl's tread.
Yet it was no panel form,
But a motherhearted aoal,
In whom ashed a fountain warm;
There dwelt He who hushed the stor
Strong to calm, and to control.
He, whoee heart is purest love,
Thus in human temple aume,
Sin adA sharing to remoe
he was mercy's mielomad dove,
And her olive-e Hie n e.
Thi we all her myrti might,
Key of ate's hardest lok;
Star of morwr' deepest lght,
Prisoer's crn and robe of light,

Lol they weep-the smbitr m to
Angel male those ter to rn;
Lite to her tender toes,
Preahing to to the prisoner a,
That their spirits my o free.
'Ti deliverance from the chain
Of the s ol she milulg tlls;
Healing for the direst p-als,
Fountain for the blanket stains,
Hope and heaven for darkest cella.
Now the solemn b r Is nilgh
Cast on ocean's relies wave
They mut fhr from Britain y,
All mut labo, some mut die,
Par rom their own household g es.
Yet that form of mercy .ill
Hover o'er the eils boost;
Ah, et oar her boom thrill!
Ah, what prayns kr spirit All I
Shall these mw-born hbbe be lot ?
Nay, s comeot leav theL so,
Orphm on the mighty dp;
She m to the hepher go,
O mre at His fat to trow

Hark I Lsh rmds it Prlos Word;
same eMs theld I 1mig ir ;
Soamr a brMs tis rlwr dimd,
Only Meey'ls ole is bherd
Oh, what mid of mrly thur I
Climbing h the rinfi* high,
Charmd ftom mmy a dsly dhip,
Selonr beMd ther ea, ad try
To rede the mdldy,
Dropping ftom that ta l Up.
Noisy s of oems bead,
8iat s th babe at ret;
So the d mt down xp~d.,
Whm tm drop. of ha, desnod,
8oely on tis oil ditreed.
Now the meling mde tops;
Whwra paMs, thOe sMtst si O ?
Whms oes, ye baely d ep ?
hower o away, wep again I
Se, beot a thoi i ye.s,
Wmsat anser I w mre m.
Kameldig 'nob oe GpM su.n,
To dt Lord of All ih arim,-
Ws mot Jam pruMt theb ?

Many a dmedt h rt is me
oIaly plh -r, .in h ye
Hold them, h1 th-r, It te at
Of thy MMter wl bdovd.
W nllthy- hear igi
Sou d so bhiathl teI ?
Will the o heaut the m-h,
Calling up a holy pai,
Bowang the now belded hms ?
But the preelo moet el-,
And the rewll wrd is o'r;
Now her boat luds ther eys,
And te onTiot's baoem lghs,
I hal never her more."
Pic, sN 18.


Be klad to the yM thy yeth' miary day,
Thon, too, bha ber. thleu dl a-nd vi ;
Oh t plnt not a thors a A m eroe.dr way,
That may aueer be th ri : qi:

gh of thorn yet in t" ptMway of wi,
Sthey trial it long, they will ld i
Sdim not bright yo wt the sihdow of stri
le kind to he youthil-be kind.

kind to the aged-not long at thy rid
lath the trel-worn pilgrim to stay;
Sfral thread of l win be shortly utbd;
e Is pau -eon passing away.
I let him not deem that when summoned rom
le will IawT but oold hfelings behind;
e him still a wrm nook of thy hart and thy
Ie kind to the aged-be kind.
kind to the aimpla-altbogh the f11 light
)f gepu to thee -my be Sivem,
Slook not with corn, in the pride of thy migi
)a a brother li fvoured by heaven.
Snot to be blamed if the God. n ray
lat but htldy illumied his mald
me own my be queaoed by a doed on the a
I kbid to the imple-be Hind.
kiad to the wreC-Mlmy a heart
akindn. hath driv astry;
Sthe bath of reproach y but shaIpen th
hatl m t ioutof dt way.


Ye walU et t b with a Sibe or smer,
The ulmd, or thM Llt, or tL blad;
Bat the f ills d the spt ae hr ma sme
Be kind to thy fkow--be kLd.


TRAT I must work I theak th, God!
I know that hrdhip, tell, d pain,
ike rigoro wlMar is the md,
Whik doth -u th b dy pain,
Call fwth a hbs moblt pows:
Thbeer, I hold my hed eect,
And mid b's mmenu hoas,
tard seedit in my sf-reeipet.
I tnk the, God, tt I mat toe l
Ten pwraei nd& d of Nu d- h,
The g-mem hlrd, who mthA Ml,
Is not e a n o eM as II
He warn tho oftr hid el m;
Wead, hib m l ra k hew lh ed hin iB ;
I heed b this.-- t I m ma
And to n emt of md skin.

aroq" prow rm ame tamposm amo
And patione i the daly rtihb.
The hardened haud, the farrowd brow,
Degrade not, how'er oth may deem;
'Tis this dgrades-to criage, and bow,
And ape te vice we diseemm.
Thank God for toil, for hardhips, wheao
Come oumn ptioee, brdihood;
And fr that mad expe nc
Which leave or boomms Seb and blo
Which leaves u tarn isamther' woe.
Brother in til, respect thysea
And let thy tedlfat virtue ahow
That man is nobler fr th pelf.
Thank God for toll; nor fea the fae
Of wealth, r rk-fear only in,
That bliht which mar ll outward grade
And dims the liht of peace within.
Give me the hld, my brother, give
The hard yet ht ad to -;
We are ot dreemaer-we hil live,
A brighter, better dy to me.
MaaI Howrr,.

leaft~ a ?pop by 'Gogh sb math* awgd lb
Of the MW"..-OAu*b., 18es.


EIAfK! to the ory biora Ables sao,
The mingis omdof dof si ba Ws;
The pr-mo eo,
Behold bdr dem I--
kwretahed drove of Lemma .Ui I

%Wd for a dramg of bqM kin I
krterd S toW, thst -mr ba i
Oh, who aem kww

fht La ea& bar sAg tSo mad?

Now pjeae IOM hlm dl males om ,
WihIa the yinl'ls muty hold;

They am, 0" I,-
rW --. *.- b&


Hark! to the w ad that aom ftom far,
Borne o'er the wae in utterne low,
Dep WiOWd nMaM,
And dying posn,
That iMig feht of human woe I

Now the fal ve court the wind,
O'er nwellg they swiftly go;
And pwer brm,
And pity ms
The padi -s bMelw

Bt dMath n amrey the rwbt
Ple fbr pa rprget to bt-
The pep, they die
In agemy-


Hark to the plfat om r oymdr la
A vole of wee, ed hplM walin-
'i LMd, they lma
On folg rnand,
Osnt, trmbita frum, in weehksn l

And now a tm~rdt drm of r,
Bre to the immn dasMn dmriv
Tey feed thm ll,
To make them if-
Oh mookery dof my gv I

Sooa Iet1m e6 heteh& aper,
To wr w the el, n e itoeog,
Away, r*w-
In d wmry-
Wib whip m.d .s w loom.

"- A


Hark I t the wl from yonder mart,
TI tak dfVp f mad amWb spoken;
Heat torn hom heart-
Prinds sold pert-
And every tie of Natue broken I

Huosbeds end Wivm to meet no mor
Childadr om Par t forced to eer
Per paly Id.
To bomdagr ol
Beyod th IfMs of hofe ar ew

O pihoou edhl Obh qapteem t
Is these M uessy eraw to faie ?

Ia 81m ry-
Their fredm to the grane?


Hark to the voice re ys fhir inAd,
Where autn th rsws o Nature pow:
Who till the oil
With grief agd toil?
The wretched Slave the cld of woe!

His tyrat-muetr gosds hIa on,-
He knomw no mweet, he el o rO t;
But whip d hai,
And fatweria pes,
But amoek th-e ag f at hi best I

Bowed down bmsa. -hs plig yeL,
Soormnd d mrvid, h lh to die;
But months sad yean,
'Mid roe and tme,
Drag n ila s tvity I


br Wem this labour, grief, ad sin ?
DemWre qf eyplead, an it be,
at in your Isle
You lit and mile,
Yet cdd injsitrf 81ftryf

" Oh tomo not, tas not, handle not,"
The produce r*ied on fWom's grove!
ElMS, Wite you dioh
O'er [kmwy,
You po A*e MJeb qsms Sle ow.

Ar em thrt strils al A Le'is sore-
Ar tt trWml v ufi ht wi dat-
Tih blood, tCe tol,

T sM prged mimbs, dte wasting brtw !


Craiem qf RfBlmd, loe, arise,
Ie Bond of Brotherhood proelam;
Christ died to mae
The Negro.l e--
Pr ed mfr li in Jsus' ams.

Spirit of IMberty, deamd!
And make or hearts with oy foreo
l tempting good,
In lothe or food,
If purhdbd by brother's wo.

L eer y Nation hId in ied,
In lo sad peas., ud suwagh omert i,
United be,
Onw Fmaly,
Th Btherthood of d Meakird.
Casesua M1. Par.



n aot our own, to live ad die,
dog at pleasures as they sy;
as amt or own-wh- e a migty crowd
, wib a lome aU deep mad loud,
i perih we perh I oh, give brad:
I as md feed a, as you ave been fed;"-
a the pal, dhruk lp, and the hollow eye
ak them fti6g, and Ike to die;-
a the rot s am por in his bittenmss,
the ~etM wan i it g ek distes;
L ot away fom the sih and the moa;-
ember, O am, thn art not tiMe own.

wn aot our owI-wBhi slavery' blight
am this world, so fair ad bright;-
* mil1M of human beigs wear
e mad eshms, ad about them bear
Ie bleom-- d biood nd te,
Mark them the slas of oppron dire;
a war Itaks art with it marderesa hand,
Jf-A.S .** A- A-_JL &L-&.^ &L. 1._2

M l the e- is u plMId, the war.uemt bMon,
Iy, Ab wel Hv to oarwhM aln ?

e are not oer own v nth ear strifO
rith tr th ad error, d ath and i ;-
hers's a misd o of Imeny ad Iov to fUlhm
hab otnhrs be Itirrin, sad we be sal ?
lol through the lenh and breathe dthe lad,
Aft up the vosio ad srto the had;
host to the manaled ae, Be ywrb I"
'o the waurior, pare tho*. a d iG reh thee( "
ive food to the feaishea the hlatt maiste;
eak to treagthe the toaptod, aIslefts pO I-
Fe dar not lie to oumslves aloe;
hde thee'. ugt to be do, "1 We ar ot ou ow I"
EMaM L MATausws.

T HA SkOS3 Ul 3g"..
& 7r1 vm oCaR asmMTa

WAn, ftr bre his dMhMeed's homes,
The amlof bl oMer'e m ,
Wher the emte bMilDow' ha
Eadoldes the mvoesld .

Aloe, -a Iea p trad,
With a trgr's heart of cae,
Fond tboaghts of his atberland
Ipir the migrant's prayer.

He has lt his native soil,
And saled o'er the wind-rocked ea,
In a sanug.l.d to toil,
for a strong, brave heart ha he.
But, oh there are moment given
To kindred, outcry, and home;
And beniso craved from heaven,
On the loved, where'er he rom.

Tho land of his boyhood's drams
Of his good's faith ad pride t
The light of tina own bright beams,
Oh! wat L with every tide.
Goe, give to oeano waVe,
Swift tidings of love to be,
That boom which the parted e,
To aske hom everywhere."
KAI Pra.


Er now a randi t agel geth forth,
A spit that hath blin on its wina,-
And fL k uc ad waS, mnd north ad monh,
To do the biddig of h Kfng of kHing
Stirring tom's hirts to ci m betat tis,
And teaching Brotheerood, that sweat mroM
Which holdeh in lMitf dl bl d spring
And showing how to gids iver woar,
Wham it aL ood thd world with dump Eulting ohr

And m shall be too ladolent to tash,-
Aad om too prod of othrr mon to l m,-
And se shell clothe their thought I mrsti qp
So tlmt we sm tLs their making dima r;
But ln dmal hel their heart wti them brn,
(BR thoi by whom the Holy is dtlei,)
Ands i tir werIay path im pym .d twso,
BeIome a Poeampa welka by their die,
Not of their earlier moeld-bat pe ad glid

And m ddW blh ly overshoe at s k,
Whi k th r, ihble baid, hAl o hit
And m--m e tat ame doe who lt the ark,
w"n M*..4l -IMO o tam

Over world by hulid atornm-glm lit-
hall -s k Anr leading for a ded of worth,
And ee the water-boods till cover it;
For "teare mn n lainguagp on earth,
BAt oaly one in heaven," where good plns have birth.
Pint not, 0 Spirit, in dejected mood,
Thinking how much is planned, how little done;
Revolt not, Hart, though stil mimndertood;
For gratitude, of all thing 'nath the un,
Is elit lot-mndi inaeearet won:
Doubt not, clear Mind, that worked out the right
For the right' make-the thin thread met be span,
And patient weave it, e that sign of might,
Troth's banner, wave loft, full ebhig to the light.
How. Ma. NoaT

E3LD I] PABI, 184.

OLauious old Pua! MWuope' quc ly danger,
lir ity, wake I r*l I
Near to thy places on SelM's blum water,
Bam that ft, silvery veoie,

W Mob nw amr, our uM y a iM iM ,
With als sublime,
Bids welcome to thy bright d N- y 6fmatai ,
Son of a dibat die I
Thoe, from who e prmest, dyeid n blood for ags,
Sad pity weeping turmni
Thou, whose dark story tnd a htory's pages,
With blood-staimed Uvbom burn,-
Through the dim light of bll-fbrgottmn story,
heir light we trae,
Fligg a shadow on thy wa of glory,
Its gsacing hues to Chase.
Prom the dark days of priestly pmp and power,
Whe th sterm Ghine hd way,
And th dark bId which temd the middiht iour,
Dared no the light of day ;
Prom the sad ba of murded H gemot,
Who t h Saum pIrle do
Trough thy dark ets stil oewed, and eMng not,
Swept a Nfll dll of bleed I
Trnce we the mi wHI k dowly still uandin,
Ret a l gthming achalm
la one wide ruin peer ad peest binding,
Bereth dark tamers aip I

o I megtr o'er the ild eanmeom
With brighteems gleasme
or the was t Im hee the brent of ooan,
all the moon's dier ber s.
Star of Ceri, thy iing bright,
Kindled Hope ray,
e, to be qucMhd In dark, depiring night,
Ere thdo ha psed way I
, ke a wild tornado iereely blowing,
Swept thy career I
Burope'I noblst blood in torrentI bowing,
Laked thy dread nom with fear I
i me to brighter omes, whmee irer viom
The spiri m tn ;
white-robed Pasm, no lager deemed Blysn,
Proud War d .e .
PerI, through thy trt the crowd are throiging,
And trogh thy a rs por:
for nrml mote am ear is longing?
IAt they the oa e's ror ?
other 4U1k8, sower, loeir, 1 8her,
The triumph' I predt mot,-
ag of pea d joy that throg inspire,
AnJ *L-A.L ". &-..* 6

- --- -- --.-
Brigt Imts, "Jolot
Bne froe blood p Pris h1~p iL spri g.
an, belrin voice I
For glad word, oe witb ndgel meie bleadin,
Are heard again,
Paw trouh a rgios of the word extadig,
Good will to maet


HAIL, ye aothen, beadeg o'er the
cral" un..M of ymr f-,
B"ding is yow prwie Mdkfainl

Meodd tiM heart is sweet aftrtom,
Whtk a a~ohr' plrtad lh d,

Yoe e st a, fr S 1t wer
ThMI h warrio, si b* al-
Thoah he timlr dw s h --s,
It isa tm to mak m mm fed

All the sw-et t,t eiolen,
Brihtea lie ad Ught the earth-
Thbe'rt Me solobe in adidom-
Thou'rt the n-flower of his birth.
J. B. SMrs.


LwT thy heart be joyfl, brother-
The gad sog of pwa are song
By our happy eottge raddes,
By the rToi of the yoeg;
Woman's toe is breathing sweetly,-
Mabood' heart i beang high,-
rer.IppAl yoath I pleading
la the good case earntly.
Lttle odUr bnd together,
In their very weakmu s tr ,-
Luping amtoe law the lsso,
"War is emra--war s wrong i"-
Tears re shed ad prayers ar oered
Por the erhed bl ed ed g foe;
Soea my wave the Mow.wr h banner
O'er the plan of Mo o.
AwAnDA WasRoM.


a moranag twMlht of a bettr day,
rin the orb of may a darkome %ye,
ing the dlou from many a heart away.
it tkembu on the mountain hdght,
d rlan Meftaly down the ihdowy vale,
Sray propmheU at perm l ht,
al promle sMe, th't atlA yWI Pw ar
face of arworn lbour go with hope;
dlBd Dime way- toe pim b Hdl eth i
iled Beggry Ib it vdl to mope,
rough bhy sewbt its pa of Ahemes m s
ioted youth trip p ay to the ahool,
or longer drad nreligio's and dome
e'em the poor, ignited, drivellna tool
o mor negleebed l ds Ia td d howm.-

thriekn bral m d rer id peeld.
nd Meek a forgie AWm her lr d IW :-
ad smb Inglo fiv b w L IY -GW t-I

I unhmed l. Ihr dLhr hy m of pnmi
heatU to the muds of a P l heaLt
it thelo uIa tr r them d mnted -by,
Lad know a whky i gladd- ed pubes st a
M so of peMe wh s mnoph amintis M .g,
hn that bright moa, lon entare ago,
me thMouh the eacth te usae o Jme rng,
L naord taliHa 'gelast sin d woe;
it ong ofd ap, whMh made earth' hert.atr
Lad th glad heavm to palpiate wh Joy,
M am Id frM umw.rW hbl to ill,
Lad tays the arm spteA to dtroy.
the, a. n ls tho glaor h orale ky
hoar ght pqpht o of a be r day I
ay thy -,. sdkor very dubmme mye,
had ha e the dloud from ary basut way!

LOTI T oul IIlU.

Amear iMk. --i as p i,

Word aIre bette mdele,
If apeke. but la hidms.


-wp 3 hru mhm mrsqbt,
Allbomb by d~lbood asmW6ed
Them all do battle ever hagh,
Or oak dot ma hae uttred.
-dmdd4 oft wu ld gr lost,
And Iuel bep Preetd

Forelvam-ot ruammed.
Poolith bh md e frown md smaim,
For mgry thevsb mrad than;
lather dbown thus all hm,
Tan si1 aetw ha them.
_________ J.

WEAr =igW be damif ma were wis,
What -i IUmb, my MrIH broth.
Would tdy -WN
And saw thak momn at ame ansihar?
O reedma hearL agtM be hind
With maag6" suea kft Ievg bb
Amd' I- pow,
v to MhI d ~rr4mL r


U riawyr, WAk, ntim, Ia nsQI ,
H vias r adi amit diw I-l,
Am mwih md cm,
To sk mas bora,
Strs M warmth in summer weather.
he mmt mwtA t.at wr trod,
hbe depet ak in gUlt d monow,
Mis miad aLet,

ad dimn thd* lamia word to.orrow.
hnat htbedon? TdiaAt be done,
ad moe nhn tbis, my smarlag brother-
More tha- tM t4,p
V'er said or mug,
f m wre wvis, #ad loved oak other.


To weary hears, to mom t hes,
God's memkest A gd genm* mesm :
No pomw hMas hbe to bmAh pm,
Or ge as bmk ow i"t wsk s
Aad yat, ta ada lo, or damr
api"msea, hakr ,Ias ,., ber.

T'lMd quhet l t A We mm-
bte's mret so mII emsmase:
eO mes orief M 18 dM
Nor wowufe wM ww e the nes o;
Betils md weo he my met am
He kimdly Ierm to aIe.
AMAl of P Ime I tool
Our fcnr hbew wth seM g Ph-
To lay the swor of bhope ml r,
And reoomal l's m rile t r;
The throb of womed pride to l,
And mask our own our F rs wl.
Oh, thom who mourse o thy way,
With lagl er he lo ofr day I
He walks with ea-t4ht Aned Mud-

aOr up, bhr o-the md mahdBti
Te dewrar l ordMorth aB ti wlL"
J__ 0. W.


Wuo bdmMe fr laar, br ehsnt taB?
Who iermt the nrug hId hd ?
It is mob hr to tol ti il .
Thu impy to qow L kL.

Unmitred by ua, nly brims nd them
Will the aurth to it UhilYee d i
But blamed withk is lbour the widmerno bloom,
And the we is a fraitfl IeMd.
L t the tdie, dt risk, sod th ide morn,
The worker em not Ahr them;
Who dekas them with pearl from the ocean wave,
With gld, mad th prices pge
Who hute for the mine ? Who weaves the silk
Who embnd thoe uarf of gold?
Who make their eft cou e and doway bed ?
Who guad thde fom winter's old ?
Hurr or the worker I He deketh them all,
He tails fr the gat in the lad;
The raMbs l pM is round the lady's fair ack
Are twid by the lbourer's h d.
The worked old to the grave hve passed,
But thir mern y oamot die
Pal g. md .el e, sd pyramid,
Are te trpMe poMd nd igh.
Ad -gre pom fro the epit mrin,
Brigt pesk m the waves of thouqt,
Are twid n a rqel diem,
By th tol of wmroght.

the hInl wre mmd worker's brw,
ir seaqoer is l
Ath wrutleld wiu ,-rty, tim-, md deah
id ha wor tlh viobry.
aicmard m pd mrd b pates be,
)du ua his oonuae appd;
wheda md the ware M semr1bb ftaee,
ad the lghtlig be"ie M il
htlua--md the mihty eb of day
t it milghter matr oa;
glorio -tm Mi. bemo n.mjm,
n the pl to the bwmig .
momerem boe, in their pride md power,
I the liakm o ow1 thlr sway
itor o'er powrty, ttme, ad deal,
a mghtlr kag them tLy.

Wm on m the llai m d dl do@ m

And he who bL me eLm a L ,
Beowa" the bem aeeb bobda;
ea Om the edg tht bdtrht hr 4bw h,
hi e breth her b w Mest brem-

As if to tokm in ber fl,
" Peato to her "s, md l to al"
How hardly mn tMs lemo lenrms,
To mile, mad bless the hd tht sprm,
ro ms the bow, and eld he ptas,
Bat n er oly love again.
Thn pirit not to e th ib gives;
One had it-bat He ame from heave :
Reiled, ral, nd betrayed,
No rse He brntled, so plaint He mad
But whs in death's deep pag, He sibed,
Pnyed for his mudears- d die I

addnrms to thom ho bn bme s le the Hele
Uvaredl arit etw.)

Bumwan I 'tis et eqry white mn,
Thb my Mble bhad would clp;
They would srink, a i polited,
From a masqo's biwdly rmp.
But oer hely pledge ai m
Thn wlt look, with pityig eye,
Os my n, desp, I degded,

To "B id mmmi word,
mkhlg to aft a sr
HW W to doO 's lord.
No I theA .kwo-gmg md the mio..,
Cmi whip mi I I g 1mM,
TIO of ajb dJNb symm,
it hr InI -ho" beid.

I have'sop thvqb owmdm I dqe
7Mmn *Ae via dwho my sm,
Mioi, mi 1.4, w hi. doh,

I hiv mmmii vwwes wava,
Cmm b am my bo;
But hr dw us m hik bemiqe,
D"Aw, to dw I *am

Bmr uim athis moms
But w w~h is de Ibi;f
Oh, my inethri a we Iiib ds,
Rathw - I "a- f Md.v

Knew YC whir. my ou dvii,
As& hM my ysw1 14 phuh,
Nm *ae iqlUmv an OdL

Sotaured toht other lnd,
Which s Christadcm's disrce,
Hopselly they toil and laguish,
'Midst the million of our rna;
Who, f they but knw the power
Sleoplo in their fettred arm,
Even in on little hour
Could their tyrants' might diarm.
Yet I woald not, e'em for raaDOx,
They should strike the aveging blow
Nor should davery's bloody altar
Met with bloody ovemthrow.
Rather let the bsids mostra
Vmuqiled be by T Tm slaoe;
As the midnaht darki 6eeth,
Whim the gl orior s t seal on.
Brother I smh my simple story,
Thoemsand om eabi tall e Imm;
With such added smes of horror,
As would blad thy cheeks to am.
Be "No ComrmoiU" thy watchword
Prg thymrm to friom mow,
And to eunlMe hOat f boad ige
Thn through Ill raisia thy vow.


0 DWBLLM ia th vallMey-l.d,
Who in demp twilit grope ad cower,
Till the dlow moumain's dial-hnd
Shortesa to noon's triumph l bor,-
Whil e it idle, do ye think
The Lord's great work its idle too?
at liht dare not o'erlep he briak
Of morn, beeMus 'ti dark with yu ?

Thak u yet wor valeys Iaik lit,
In God's slp l sI toh day is eall;
And nprnm, with their sitabl bigt,
Troop, ig, doe the mar i side:
Come up, lad hl w1ht hallh thm is
ln the frak Dawn's dIeMht eyew
As, beading wth a pityfg hk
The nlhtl-ek tr of deah lhe dris I
The Lord weate mepes: 0, met* up,
Ieemr ag emes, nd amy, "ee Ih !"
Say aft fr nkng eip or ep* ,

Sfroim bts het alo year ey
The advemimg spnrs of day Ma oe;
Which o'r the *tern Uil-top rise,
To bnsk your log amphity.
Loe Wmther oa the unBtal-h-lght t
It is rihtprelow to behold
The Ast lmng sr u f o llabing light
Flood al b thhirty eat with gold;
But we, who in the iaow sit,
Know also whm the day is nih ;
Seeing thy I aing frhMd lit
wavi hits pirig prophecy.
Thom hst thine oee, we have our;
God lIoks nt early mvi here,
But what re thim dwml t hoers
He oouen with m fr morning heer;
On day fr Bim is Ing mough,
And whra e H ath Wek to do,
The brad reed in amply tegh
To piars the d hd ofdmr sethrouh.
But Mt the t te hesm spinL
UIght's earier m ns to prah;
Kep boak so @ylle" of ft,-

Yet God dsa amot thi me rild
Moren weay tan our twlght dS,-
For umk obedime, too, IUght,
And fellowirg that la lading Him.
T. L Lowas.


Is Hope a Itrw apeo the sm,
And Wl&h shadow em t wave,
And Truth the phmam of a de ,
And Right a noek-word hr the dave
No I bope, ad h, ad truth and right,
SaU triumph in better day,
Wham tya hal l b sham of might,
Al drive fromo thir trom raway.
TheI hopean O aim la thal Win,
And ath leek up with milfg be,
And truth qpuak ham the upper sies.,
And right taI rd the humB rMe.
Tien amir Ihal oet Stin the sm;
T'Im rmiem thai met wade ia blood:
Thnm peas, and love and lbty
Mbl nd an to anm brothurbhod.

And pss.e whb lSa I nl the Wil,
And pee a trmpm*oud air,
And Iha a lIhl Vi that's M' d ?
Nol Ulht, and piene,i an grace, and love,
Are angel gadesd to mortals giwm,
They ca from ornea of bUr above,
To hadl to their mitiv heaen.
Is .ma thing, a tool, a lave,
for prlEa or poe, or king or qoam ?
No I e is, ad trMe, d bror,
And wil t be what b M be I
A dlav, drshalm at a tyrnt ar I
A mall at the pale door I

A ms, le, and delt, and soe.
The r and tha harveit Kt,
ft aw wth humen hoes and blood,
mad not be plouhId with oeme-ahot,
wham we ar a am brotherhood.
ThIe Meeing, lry, plLst Hs
Shall g the ong at brdo th,
And ahie* his blads, and pika hs gas,
And tid apon his broken ohaa.
G. W. BVnAYr.


rgaw tmp-ltNter laI n its gailt-
Vice i reet sme dua% hrth balt ;-
Rin beb In aem of op day,
dms, wNh rsolul o"dram, Ms pray;-
rowed ,heelb,M blbdd to the est,
Iag iLf thed M or the pat;-
M lad l 'lp@W dekaM Lsha,
buahbo wmnMp tmpts tke akot's pm
I of igmrm, so s-vi nr
i thd are= aotfb hMeli pla;
a to f0smM. liNght, ad hakwkei boa;
r the me of Chri, C to sor:-
wU claku prrietmo is go, *
praise, Vwi Ik br hmd, o'er dl the-rM
Id Ir tlhe, the fMit imd of eMrt,
I thi wore tm pq tmpls Mrth,
e te lr ofd eveR witH sms Ike tboe
Se' th ShibLtLhs weet rpll r--
met thy gal I ow dop soM kbe thy do
me of tbi sh wU blight thy meM
ilk1 thy hmr vih evry er of wo1
ds thy MM up Ito M&h a he I
M4, I fII wittpikyag Mel, we ld
m"h takl do Cfkma's %fh to Ipred
*t~~~~L~~ ~ Cr *ir~a' ~Qrn

I thel of mak poqm AIW,
od-talmd alter, each revolting dht,
rane thrmi pisk rat a riap,
-.. atM p the makig hwrime.
n are Id witk erin o Ind's aid,
id we bhi ta those m ris to heed:-
i a momet to Ihydlf, ad -
ar aurw that lo th wanted tem.
the heath' tea plf tho wit,
Swith quMl sal thi sdMu of gilt;
Lt the wosuinpp of wood end tos-
I dro i Idolof thy ow.
id VsLhe tlhsr, nd Bmch here,
a itprtll ee as appear.
bred WrSity, -mbomd, raem,
or Nhd hm to tho wrogs at hoeM.


o Go, wbho by thy Frephet's hel
DiW st dmi the rocky ba.,
WhePsM w s s at thy cammad,
Thy pepl' thist to slakes

Strid mw pLm this g wall,
Storm, t MA N ;--- h
And let mie s of pity
Por s, who si mdr 4k II
The Gd who took a tlile Uid,
And mLt Mi hi the mldt,
And promild Mu BRis amy mild-
As by thy Bom h didr:
Look down upa ouMr ibdvn der,
So puat, s ood, so spare,
And lot thdr Las appner,
Whbre lido md e ry e.

Oh God, tuMe them to hel how we,
Whm our por idmb droop,
Are wkimmed i or tret Is Thle,
And h owr pirbt toop;
For I thy red, Bo bight mAl hir,
Al tas mmd sew m as9p;
And their yem bks, ao Ni of care,
Wo ud am te ampri womp.
The rs ao waM ia Hsk L drew
Th .i I eomming eo,
Write, har ths nmo whit It nMse,

Oh God, whoe how is i te sky,
Le them not brvem m dA,
Until ty leok (teo lt.) high,
And eem arrow there.
Oh God, remind tm, in the brad
They break upo the knee,
hee sad word may yet be reed,
In emory of M."
Oh God, remind them d His sweet
Compasion for the poor,
And how He gpr them brad to eat,
And went from door to door.


Taus wisdom peaks lead,
Ad yet pride hrdy will rign,
Thorg to forge ad to hret,
Is gedl e, in diie.
WhLnm inre, I e semr tl how
To pm th.e iery by,
My Sanry iit will not bow.
w & -i A6I

T- Xf *--W --- -,
IT all b tempt pewa,
And thu I e smeter'es n,
And make b ilt my o.
But acom, my ped, my slk hrt,
One rwirue -0ht btow,
Do I mtu rt th Cerimi's prt?
Hu Je~ a.ted so?
Just the revere His 8ir brqst
Did kind acmpeuem wve;
When dsla eaurd, the alioi blet,
And iihimr paid wih lo.
Although by wieked h e H di,
With the Il bnth He dmw,
" faUh orge iv1" He wemily ruled,
Hi f forape thm too.
Jaw, I hide my hd La hm,
I blu ilb d wp toeem
That I who vem thy ine u mm,
No rm reeemh Thee.
o ti*he shp I He awdrwet,
Whb Hem7 my renwe be
And drll I trMing wrep rrt ?
No, II esnt as me Ie

l smin thd e lf tg ether' haid,
And el ll il my iMda I
My arMy peInm I' All d,
And ry qml d.
Why almol we dir by the way ?
Why shioal dilssmom ome
We hope to sped a mdlm day,
In om eteru home.
Maui naed g be bae bulhd far,
Reo im, fiwll to yon,
I'm a d'lm et at that bar,
Wher e a tamds galty too.
I mt hLave -r. or I die,
And ink in blaok diepar;
I munt foll ive a or I
Can hope i moey tle.
Whilt oth their pm i boast,
Lord I bmi my labbeor wl,
PFr he tdt misiam tha moSt,
Riam" the tr .til.
Nl wmoul I imtas my lamr
And beor a sses; ~ i
Humility's -ow wad,
But prida's a punhm=

Cor I mbmd lpki% bor Dov
Dawnd asWay wimpI
Comet twouyz PenOM$aIto ve,
And uihe themhbl hp.
jaw", my bmglug "%I don mwLt.
And now Thy 60aden
Ifl I "lumob tat Mtbl mfele,
Wher dhcrd Is no mor.

ON THI V133135*

c rudy boadbed or wuody pimud.
rwes tho 1 8 itm thy %ue 41 p"
d by am a huem bm we harm,
oaes by; hr e@l% -" "INS.


UNdhS Jab @rb ut h dam
Umhe lb JAM tho i oemn
m mo wpm iharr .
Yrr INS mb t

Iamh mad banup mip and,
Corm is gwmmIu mdf i1
An W" gig" am or phinrs,
Or W ve mblimme yIdii
UwIe& JSam L noy eil..,
Uatm -I-IWiddy hue s.i thur,
And tdo IImm. tdot he vishmth,
It b. yahs euywhrm I
Whanmoime foot buh trodden,
Thes dth m of Unit. John
Trait, tbade, end A. Gospel,
aRuud Workers aey mem.

ThorrK upualts or ft*K
B.te do mals WW It way,
Daft I g a -omb
DMucu ds. timemrs dw
DlbSIMU, thus -~ ~th
Baug. ue yield sof thmem,
or I I b r sk lobs,
Noah am Amp m WiriW' rdao,

Onoh As m u leak.
In do br-gplibe BobB.,
IdtgowadI b A&mbIutm; e

*0sang "k smA -d=
0D the -" us -I bo

in2.3 Js of Ahlimoth.,

the Wedbeihs hhead,
And his.w Is Jw&Ava ;
A Im% to%, has aw
1ommang somas o onthe eath,
my usa -ded "a %ad od
RInd abu tk aodf btb:-h

U7Y h M ofdofuil,
Stod die f tho doW4
Doom of ths &Wap, m1 bm
'Mi tha eVI wu sad pmc,
u Lthed io mboilt sb Wign,
Viny themind aim ma
ow theIbuo do th rob hoo, "
Who am dm po dt way.
mmklm -bion

iewa or mU woas Gavt,
Of the fried emr who dwell,
We wold know how fel, how fare they,
How they prIpa, ill or wdl.
Grsmi gp e'er sold pes between us,
And the hrt's food aterdcange,
But, a- I we're poor, and, therefore,
Distance mst our hearts etrane;
And the white-winged hmlds, they
O'er the Alstio go and ooe;
To the watching, waiting many,
Upoa ehr shore, are dumb.

UNCLN JoaM I do seed the letters,
By your sips tht go and ome ;
Priads abrad would tain b writing
Unto aubiou himd at ho e;
We would wish te abet loved oee,
In our joys ad woe to sha;
Stood them.f a pemy, Uncle,
It is ll we nve to pare.
ree a air, and free a su shie,
lteroose 'twixt ma and mu,
Should be rded, howe'r sundered;
You am do it, UNle, es!.

WUI, we know It, a s br m g
Is your As, the wb yeo my-
Hands i poodkts, aealM ig-
WVl it psy-but, lU Itay ? "

Ws. IT PAT ? why, ueu I uade I
Can you doubt t? look at home,
See how, rom a prts, your mail-ba
D.ny wghd r become
Hear how an your dimn bie you.
For tb born thy bhrs enjoy;
Oh, xtd it o'er ht wats,
And our OqWr pms eply.

WILL IT PA ? why Sty lett
Will be mt in plM o of o;
EFly pme. fr .m poor diint,
Think of that, good U oLs Jons I
Ttlak, too, bow 'twfin i r ommeoe,
And ar biandly s iamsse,
Biding ntion unto nation,
In the boads of IOe and Pose.

a triple make the m of hem things,
half our miMy uho our ible inrs;
Sii 's bet joys onost in peeso ad ee,
w mu save or sere, Wbt al may plme,-
let th' ungetle irit learn ftos hees,
All lnkiema is a pgre ofIae.
I bomntes to bestow we wihk in vain;
aI may shn the gult of gin paa.
Smankind with des of rowin weltb,
power to gps them, or to erown with healt
litt let deise but beave deoree
I the gut of minatering to me.
pad oMes of ptiet love,
ad al ttr Mand ll pria abore;
mld forberm adnotes ialt,
muting word sppase s eon a ts ght:
e, Heave badethe bl of I dep ed,
iush ll m frtua whm It md. a himl.
tary bleWing fwe am ind I
or with te we loe are intertwined
Me, whos heptAl teomdernes removes
btroting thoms whh wound the br t he
h not aot rugged path aone,
oatte roM to adorn his own.

ho hint malevolet, the look obhiq
Lre obvious atie or lapied dildhe
Me mm equlvood, th hlw.h rgay,
Lrd lll ther u rlegue of the eye
Mhe artful njury, hoe vemssei dort
careF wounds tMhe harag, while it stab the hLr

e guarded phrase who meaning kM; yet toa
e listener wonder how you tbougt it ood;
SnBal slight, oontempt, eglmt, namized with hI
Make up in number what they wet In w ht.
These, and a thousand grira miste as these,
Corrode oar combrt and deMroy our Ms.


Wmax Feedom, on hr atl day,
Withida hr war-oed endl lay,
An Iram nm e mM hl sed,
U L- .S.-b L L LL.A .

1-11, w0ahw qu-e -S Ipo,
T oar e of dbe l bhea rore,
And brethrm o a summ toagu,
To moctal tril me tiger sp g,
And every i lt ma fweeo's shrimp
Was am ir bast, Id blood fr wine I
Our fkthe to their grmm have gMe;
Tbdr sribe pue -thr triumphs won:
Bat storMr tral wait the nwe
Whiak rie in their boMwar phos-
A MOM&A WARNAa with the orba
Aad oly of or ,nl ime.
So l it beI in God's own ailht
We gird u for the codng l(ht,
And itro in Him whose ases our.,
In coale with uoly powsr--
We grMp the wempa He ha Ivtm,
The Ligh, Md Th, mad LoK of Have I
Joux G. Wamtr s.

Wass bis the tue mn's Aherimd ?
Is it wre he by ha o se is bon ?
Doh not oth year7 nib spt mar
In saMh smmn bdmers to be emed ?

O.h yes I his therLi d mut be
As the blue besem, wide e free.

Is it alone whNr mdoB is?
Where God is God, sad man is an ?
Doth he not oll a' bruIr pan
For the sol's lo of homb thu thiLs ?
Oh, ye I Uis Athirimd mut be
As the bl hean, ride and fe.

Where'er a humanB hart doth wr
Joy's myrtle-wrath or orrow's ngyes,
Wher'er a huan spirit river,
After a life moa pure and fr-
Then is the tree man's brt"h.plae grod,
HiL is a worid-wde Lthrl

Wher'er a simte lsm doth plue,
Whers'r aXs sm my hdp -nother-
Thk God r sock a Mrthright, bether-
That spot of irtk is the and mine t
There is the true ma' birth-pl grand,
Hi* is the world-.wide ftherld.

Masy, 1s4.

WAT tbong he crowd, who shout the word,
Pervert th mnnlg it should bear,
And feel tir heart with hard stirred,
E'en while their plaudits load the air;
Yet shall not we, tboua milty TuovOrT,
Despair thy trimph yet to se,
Or doubt the good that dall be wrouht
In thy great name, PF &A ?rrr.

By prophetl told. by pealmst sang,
Preabed oan the Mont by Ip ablime;
The the of every sage' toogue,
For twto a thrad years of time.
What happy progrs haLt thom made ?
What bias to mna -s flowed bor thee ?
What war &ad blooded ha ther stayed?
What peaoe armed, PATwsunrrr ?

Ala tha ya ham adled to teae
The ohlbviou- em to mankind,
A myriad praers aled to preach
Convitio to thd deaf and blind.

Still do we rush to Aut war,
Still to the dlr bmd th kMe,
And dmi, moet Chie ati M we are,
lorget thy -m, fArsunm.
And shB l w, eamnMd with mntam hates
Depie our Mlghbm for a iaw ?
And .t, became e promulgais,
Before he ndenmrAtm thy law?
No I let as ul th word of might,
weatht by a nation of the fmr;
Thy espgiton is a lih-
Thy mama a bith, FATrsaaunr.

The prefer y bdell his eed,
But etir the trth prime its lme:
Tlmhe may do a foolU ded,
'Yet wiro aar not in the same.
Be Moranng hkh-b cari drmb-
WhVter ill the world may se,
Well look for blesleh yet to ome,
In thy great ame, lTarmatar.




I! Thou who ever looked down with equal eye on all,
I coronet, or queely crown, or cottage-homestead small,
Sask, that in our fatherland thy blessings may endure,
humbly pray on bended knee,-Oh God! protect the Poo

ao mak'st thy gloriou su to shine upon the vile and just,
a seasons' change all are thine,-in Thee alone our trust;
y providence on every hand, thy merey ever eare,
compeoseth abroad the land,-Oh God I asist the Poor!

i envy not the titled great their acres of our soil,
r would we shun our lowly state of hard but honest toil;
i willingly with swet of brow would sustnace procure,
t evn ths oft faileth us,-Oh God I preserve the Poor!

our sole heritage of worth the birthright which Thou gave
r only portion of thy earth, tha em Jne ss- -the ave I
t Mch hath been the bitter pert, the taunt which we endure
soften Thou that iron heart,-Oh God I help Thou the Pi

t Thou Afe heard the needy cry; for sorrow, want, or psi
th never battered prayer or sigh, or sed to Thee in vain
d Thou bat taught to wealth and pride the evils they may c
uttmain thv bhlainsa wide.-Oh God! unhold the Poor

ht is dawanng-prMes to Thal yt mem Thum hl
I might, the right of Peerty,--ut ipW of welth al
loth not brd with shme our bm with pialma pI
Thme, and TMe alone, we bkw I-Thou god wAh* l
Poer/ W. H. PAOs


Ix a round we -s
Links of the cain that binda th sol of man
Unto his brother man. No hua eye
C pa W umndamld whe those links beta,
Nor trao thm to their d. Alone to Faith,
With bahr sar gle-ps, 'ti given to
ThB the all-lon hbart o Natur's God,
And man's R edmer, I the bau ng dlp
ThRt jobs in om that salembrag sue,
Boad a toh elde of raty.
Yet evemywhm
These links are smtte~ r wit a boam ha d;
They shie above s tIn itars of alght,
That tried with goblem ft the eoaws f hes
LUke angel.-wat o'er a dmpng word.
They look u bdrltly down up n m aow,

WhMn ti~e mr i h avew funm i t' fitr fe,
As whn the plad trtma of Parmi
Irt mirrored bek, wtl sch Mfdget glow,
Nikgt aboa bauty and har jewllad ir,
Tht, poing le, i. blUMl e hr.a away,
And gave bhr sapta to the rleait mn.

And ice thon boers o holy isooroe,
Tbroug many an agIe i o. huae kept their watch,
seaming sUral in a woul at damge-
Unting h. of or high dia
lra Him, around whor hoa the se of God
And oraning ian togeer s br joy,
Whin rst ou vArti h artpra p g bMth to lght.
Oh, had mn's ea ben opMe to tlir voiee,
Hls eye stmativ to ts weodrom pq,
The iemsned md.m, whte. a goi star
leriLb a in chrIt f liqd ig ht,
Caugt from th.. M. of me ol hob,
Teir holy tatn.g orf t den trUthi,
How fir nd Mbright a bern Ms ertldy lot
Snam high breothhold of peae d joy,
Owmning o ehail se alU.- el love:
The i IbUMl .re of mm bhd Ihe,
ek in Ub sphere of r-dalm light,
llHilat a thAi mahiwlr kaw

Noamn emiyg. me posmhgf; oly Him,
Who bral moet tr y with hemly lo,
Crowned with a gord ft dte i It borns
From hbm's own hmelt of immortl lght.
Whle t.. thLo sprie of t miarhe whob,
As fom the chrds of Sme prat binummt,
A ttain dof abl b rumoy had triks
And joed the hrplago smt etHe sphees.
Nor m the ower
Come ~ miioad with a tal of love to man,
As one by oa thy mekly bed d write
Upon the pls of tis hrowd earth
A Ihym d pnir, which "be who rm may reid."
NEa in the depth of it swet olms olds,
As in a memr l with mfthkime,
BSoo measag of the lan of Gad to mm,
Ad of is as ao r the mms t tiW.
In every age tam goMds mlsm
Hav baors Drmn bewt to bst o tAle bi an.
For mm bh dem-ed thWr dlt doqumes
Of pkibt.aupgs aItt r to br
The deliomb thought thas deoaw ad so ilA,
Garbed In earth's commes leqUg.
The brot ro h lm. I
The. too. hav leomms r Lto hbrt of m :

Who that ath marked the dyyig sabeam chi
The doead-ade o'er the stadet mountain's brow,
Nor deemed be sw a image of Uis ib-
A fitting hradow on tei brow of time ?
Amidst the wldering ad tesseat *ir,
The dust ad can of tds our mortal Hic,
Wbat joy to ue upon their dmagm forms,
Rising so solemnly fom rth to heaviM I
To drink the wate of nwhbment, poured
From te deep arm of 8moe, who bath rt.
Sines the mt drawnd of Creation's morn,
EaBlhnd amo the everlasting Ul
How fearldy they Wk tir giet haeds
Into th regions of h iurry smto m
CWlas hem m biht glds their heery loeks,
That so hedy my eve the tempet glt,
And sel it forth .in -e. rll ad trams,
Olaidmi tLn tis ds. an em ha barren wage
Cai fhrth beemty l.aeII glea ms;
Am image do t tnre bears m ei here
Thms tars nd Gomm dwe oatano the streams,
TYe, all tb rms of tds our otw-rd world,
HBae eh tair miisthr ad prt to bou,
la Oeudg to the yol Immortal, n,
ome pledge dof i ows yerios soul,
Aa solbm d tths tht e at Nture's earLt.

'TBi truth, mor buaatilfl tho al bke,
That He, whom name is Lov, mad b ro whoe heart,
As from a living an immortal root,
This whole fair uaiver hath bdded forth,
Hath granted him the high ad holy right
To cal him "Father." So all th s speak
God's Fatherhood, and the Brotherhood of man,
H. M. P.


No conqueror, or regal lie,
Can boost of name so proud a thine;
Whose bright, purw enoaar of worth,
Like amrathine dower on earth,
Doth bid devotion's faeig rie,
Whilst pointing upward to the skies
I've loved to gse on tat wet pot,
('Twee oe whn n wr w'er forgot,)
Where oft thy early childhood trayed,
'Mid Stoke's tir boudes or Bumhm's glade,
Yet never t my heart to bow,
With reverenad thought, a t doth now !
Through thy lng pilgrims e we ce
Thy love iad workings for our race;

Meekdnes ad love ia tLh we me,
Tree &h, aud low bumiity;
Thob owndest, a afotion's rod,
Or propeao hear, the had of Go
Uheading persation's frown,
Thoe Asd thy CDem! Thou Amt tl

P IPot I bm OeIml MR so sele
* qrt that Ite w vii i ald gm ntu im

,Ir Lw i lslsl aL W-ln r-m a
at u- zt.ie mt aChi

IbW e smm Um. e e nltbbemt

Zallal Ha buu thMes 5ii~eit dwneaf
I~~ma*r Ml~rt Mri tethi

hge emeteak &of aMnbrlk btet

o Cm. No CM kem" i the Ie t dSo bet km
m n u Wi= Pin.



WMas the khepLk am the plda
Watched thor humble oe by night,
Angeld ang in hoaly shtr
Of te Prame ofdl b d Dt.
Peae on death, god will to ma,
W the "hoyl ews dty brogt;
Thus the rMg a hv bigan,
And the arth th eko maht.

eace -arth--b gldoriu tm I

In me's rt Cfhit mt be bar,

Prie sd wvy, Ist mdmrs,
MUAt o lobgr li u MW

Christ I pMea--l it he "ri,
VWam md aIg seea wil IeM {
And r brot-r we tll ,
If we lihe rhev in peace.

If our brethm l -m mae,
let's away with per ad sword;
Let cob -s our petty are,
And war-wommu no more be ard.

If religion we pros,
Love to -sa mwt be our im;
Then true peae will soo prors,
And our brethra we claim.
Hate the glorious, happy time,
Dimly em in ag pat;
Pee and love through every clime,
E'en while earth itself shl lt.


Trua is work for all i ts world -of rs-
Ho! Idle drmMehs mmy boewr
Hot Idly tr s with time md alth I
Ho! tous heoarder of grp m we I
Thee is work for meLh, tLs is work fr all,
In the pesnt's cot, i th aoe's hall
There is work for the wise d e leqat ta e,
ThIn wt Ihk tmh ai. tm is work fr the va

There is work that tks ambhood's streamthmed sal,
For his etlia's wr is e~try's weal;
There is work ta aks wm 's gI hand,
Her pityig fe, snd whr sosat blead;
Proe the ttrmost bounds of this earthly ball
Is herd the loud cry, "There Is work for all."
Look at our brethre tolling in chains,
Thee is work for all while a slave remain;
Think on the waste of h an lifk,
In the deadly soes of the batte strife;
Oae on the drunkard's wife ad child,
Ilst to his ravings so Sres ad wild;
Look on the gibbet with shadderiag eye,
As the place where a fellow-mn my die;
Think on the felon n dageo dim,
He is thy broer-go, work for him
Look on the outest fem vire's pale,
Pity thy si.er, though a .ad sfrl;
Vit the widow, dthe elp *I old,
When the wind blow keer ad the lghtos eom sd
Think of the poor in their low itat,
The toilng poor who make mtem gMt
Think of the idk a they helpless l
Think of the madee's homle eye;
And remember thle pe with its hI rupa
Which "a work, or devi, r wisdm knows."


Lt the mon b pwl thio di be riht,
Wrat thy --na tooa do,$ & with aU thy mi
ror ftm evey d tWi sMathUl ball
Ih hrd the lod rmy, "Ther Is work for aL'


ih the id m i wili B Simd el adr vw g
r to be wead l the oIh *h of Nawir Omesa a
A eampn at Nwrqsm atmn MIa to Ji th
fthkirtm. "ibmkrat emtomtMk ," ti i
w the dm m =ympal at p lmd wi mi" d a
0b -y d imt aetM e op uhiL, wab l

A== alg t Br amhs, go I
Her a orn t main;
Arm, arm fm swry m 't's bmow
Arm, arm m -vty pb
And =momsd by tht mtaring ell,
nThe ld "M up to ke,
'll, ftm low bht to btagy hail,
All No)Wway eghkth e&a.
Kaselt kad lltha HBvm my po, lb
8wl w Vmm o athe Ie!
And frtk.ftm @mry imm ad ame
T umwr am bemd mo ls

Wbe mMU I as tho Sous;
Nows hm4 tMuir Vu mhhbg tam
inhbymmos sr Vcory.
Bat whm thd ktfu peas gow red
Wth d mn' Cls irnnlay,
AD fro keog toL th Miner Va"i
Quick an his bowwuind way -
Tbft *rm low Ihurts bfhmbs Wwort
Wom up a PaYef dra,
Tlmt 40.1aIm Pow blow o'er earth,

Who wba thei fMini minmb.e Ora
S"t hb4p msrm theou?
Asig don wewre -M pommm I
Yet &wab dows Nii -m th *Ado,
Obi due bdo~s aof eave
Owfur, 426Sweet hope asa who,
Prom mo d wa given.

Pam Iem po w!p d b;

We vitwe pum hr 1106"

Mi, dtI, my BZgla! swr thy
Of earthly, hesly bead;
So thy nMme, in twry dime,
A bimlag da be sbed.

*r heafi f the virt garm in lai, w s. a p a
ii ws nqMum to be Lmi in all the elw

Touns are slan beneath the word
Of ths all-ecq mr foe;
Th'm gh the sne g hos. thu word
Of vimry dth go.

Say who sIl wep fM r thom who fMl
AmM thdsL m of stri
Th the rlt r, md the Mlid,
The moIhr md th wifL?

They wolm t lars tthe d ro ry,
Tha wro ght their loed ea' death;
To them it asouds ik moedary,
Tht pealig aMthem's bse&.

An1 m a Cluile spirit al
ahOi *emdto to mbe i ,
With as b he sms, as the real
Of an approvr tBave H ?
Does He wro taLht Le dootri pare,
Of peat- ead lv to ll,
Bls our wild piou a.d re
Aan rri bothw'i f ?
No, Hk a asewB-taght fhlowlhip,
That kes a fe a imad;
That wbiqprs, lve your eamds,"
Wakr m afltted.
Aad whe, wh all e's storm amre
Wll they who G be be uad ?
(Tu MUldr trvef in Jum' iMht
'Tiads not mk blood-d lod gurow
Obh roladl Iota troa of prlr
Asjdl hm l bm thm m?
And mm thy peopk tau Joiw
In meA a vitorym ?
And mamt tho (thk the AMInhly li
Coal i a eeh a ht ?
A God dofi and warey too I
To M is Hi dldiht.

loo my thy rules W day,
Whm to plar iesI timed
Xt thy hfr I, eah lm m erth
It pMeOl kaw be harewd.

rhma wil thy patriot sM be glad,
And hal with one Mcord,
hat there's a nobler victory
Thba that by re and sword.

him will o wailing heart deplore,
Tlemgh war, their dearest i ;
tut from thy &vmW d, peafdl s e,
A true tukgiving rime.


Ta a mtly I oew the b -
In recent iles bw l-
No pMsin.bel dolh taUl
Yet an immura el
Is pening nw.

-~l I L~ pgn~L
Wil lwly vwu bow:
2uwsr aw in cw pow imA
Ow by dwA pskry bak
nmb seth pebybsi,
Gwubw than thr.
DommAt doe boagu' red
Zo, Dom&h "et heep wie ob;
I3to I-.. cow Mamo-
3.0w I-no -mw* do-

1bat -ff damp mmO comd,
No siminag osmaom. Ored;

A dyhn huad
No miaft I aom -

A aab semmiasepb

me rwt rpem
014 IMPI O 0 1 10GIWOB

Bud -o bus.-
2%b om.*, -huro s l w,
9. a$SMhad-ind -A
Ueyead the dog I

Oh, dtm ewde ao chmp I
There MNI the soem s dod;
The s- arml brks-
The new hometael wk s--
Wakes with hi God.
CAOLtUm 8OrrsUr.

Ln Eminate Desig by Hery Anelay, for the Paee Coapsm Members' Car

Is it the ploture of a lovely drnm,
That thoght-ebodid, delldom doip ?
A merter-hand ezpoweadi gorio thme,
In rvomles loquaee, and trUthh lie i
Whlo, with a mtal made, tir the heart,
And teda through the eye, ms wisdom to impact.
A hrn of ldeela, in bMty bright,
Is mated oa the erth 'mid vrathi ofoer
Her bener wves boe in glb ios ligt
And nadio my, "ti heritage ousr."
na, Iovdy P M I ak plat thy hamlu r h --
The Dove of PreMisr l eek a ple of ow--
The voie of love kb bal out earr-
'IS Rlba. a -lA L-&.ot .a. *-- LL.*

*to@, kaldrd, tribs at ey land.
l of am blood," Msa rmsomedy y Uh Son.
* arias bobr hr dram r,
a the oed trek wit inrmt joy;
dured Al ha brardl fom fr,
SFreedom dhol be frm, ad gold without lk
a thIaghtl wisdo, ito smMn,
its to the tbrat that ha bled the land;
ald AMiero, with iarMet dm,
dual d Iatamog, smee to Wndemtd.
olyo Book i --Pom-Pe mt Ms .-
Holy Book is spea-P-ae ust aprd-
Sov mstml ma vdvnrl bemee,
i ahgbg naulo uee m dm at ea a tr wed
rothe* -ll l hp m the orio day-
teudarts, mai hbmd, m-d w Me
m ad i l-n heS beuYt amy,
I Pots aehg onl Geodl kl,
Mo Ml Paliaer, s with tiedb urt,
i my-teMpis hirmpenrs f mid,
minor frth deep hm.Ms to th hrt,
chat swet byam o hum ie al mag rkd.

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