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Title: balloon and other stories
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Ig-w7 -w w - --:




st now o. woopwouLr ~,




R 7


Did you ever msea
I lm v.o you ever a k-,
qinto-the air, abd
auiilitws out of
* mdo i

covered with a coat of omes ;
S.bing so tight ihbt air cannot
9 t ogh it Then pople
pit sin Lkind of gas inside the r
This gas very much
aW we bathe only it
.I i Itis a iech

under side. The man gets i
to this basket, and the blbaoor
takes him up with it Mea hma
gone up several miloiti tI ..
way. How it must saep, to
up so high! At it t
above the tops qf dahei
Then they can t
mM and tree, andbW Utdr

I look like 6
afll1^: ^^?^

o I A i

ypecks, they are o far o By
.nd by, they are out of ight,
' The man in the balloon cautot
;4es them a at He i like
a on the broad oce. LHe
i #tf ight.of land.
W hen be gets .rp y igi,
a hrudly break e h air
b i va^U t there. be winMl
|F hb~MUag the lboes
to^ that wiea hea
iss5agh gIt Vfi* L tWII

S. n" ts.^ ^
^ _* .
om the spot where be itdlod.
t sometimes happen that bh. '
isnm oo ome down in tie
ter. Then, iBbep the man
swim, or unless somebody
him up in a boat, he il
to bed

"ba11. -wW "
in them amot r th4 .s
he sailor stee.r his.
^,. e .u .
: ,, ..,

.; ",v o ]I/
Ito 3UAMes.

'up where he will come down,
for the wi may -drive hi
l~oon into the water, or k
-eoae down on the land.



Once there were two
befia that eitt out i4.
rd to play. They wear
their. One wa Roberto,
m e wa JoIAeph. ,R*pt


Akd some sticks, and was trying
to make a house. Wie made
the sticks stan4 up straight;
hen, he laid two more sticks on
tt were standng up
aid h thoagi'be
go" a hbbave a vsi*

bloa Miee. a ee witb
h ielambuAt) .

As aa son. s
ib .- .
raid you wi run your 4*
against house, and them
yfw witr it down."
'Robert hbea tM t his his-
ther said; but he did nm4,
rn7hingw I He kept
hoop. That is thi way
eIis dAm do Th4 as -
buIsyWA their oom ni
they do pt thi.k abdt.
&slibkrbntbw ahei

--^ <.. ~, ^ L.*: l.; -..A ^? ^

bouse. Such a nice house as
be was going to have He
had got almost done. He had
been at work a good while
making it.
lBy and by, Robert's hoop
Ae ning along close to
Itl house. Joseph did
j^se the hoop tt 'time.
Iad seen it, I think he
"have stopped it Pbor
byI 'The boop struck siu at
^.. *

o-, ..'
r the little house, and down i
tumbled. No doubt he felt
very bad about it. You woul-
have felt bad. I'do hot know
how Robert felt. I gu6i" ..
felt worry, though.- dB1id1
mean to break doi
thr's little house.
O Jyr good forii o
boy r Jdwph said. .
you break fowth ma i

1t8- 'T IB BOD8.
that Robert got angry too. He
.msid some bad words, and then
Joseph was more angry than
be was before. At last one of
them 'struck the other on his
wse. They quarrelled in this
Wway ar&g time.
S"This was all very wrong,"
jy may.- I know i. How
. -.' better it would have
msl*st had both actd ,
lIe Iothewought to act

do. Beu lo ef l, if b.a
cannot talk; and *am a
4 I pmm sf ywmwv)
the m" in thjustwro I
/ > <

40 Tu LILu FIM.
fish in, when he catches then~
There is a little pail close to
the basket. The pail has some
bait in it.
aBait! what is that? 1
aver heard of such a thing

I wil tel you what it .k
ThIe likes something good
'you know. He likes
orms taste as good
S doess to you.

a *


__ ,1,


wI LrmM. 41
This man hu ome worms .
the little pail, and thebe worm
he calls bit. He takes pmIt
of a worm, and puts it on hm
hook, ad then be thrmw the
hook into the rier. Theme B,
a $ring tied to the book, hk g
when the litt-le f h th
worm, sad tries to e1t
ma knows it, becrmau
s siab pUi
;I:r-> '* ^/kA B
T ak '.e A^ s h -*- *^ ^

" JIraiL3 U1'
the man hu got the pot
fIew. The book isa his
a moth and up he acom out of
die, water.
How the man laugh! "Ha!
I., lr Hurk lt M bher

to we ie. 4Wf
-et come up bw be.
Mh4.mtQ be jf bitt

"* .ms m MR. 9 *
B Us. Wibat ll I owki

t ges I will put youi id
p, sd fry you for myhrakb
fait. Would you. lke to bo
fried, lttle f or w9or
Uiwto be pIO tel, a idilo
3"^ ^^1 ,i-7

.AoWftly-don't twist about so:
I shall burt.yo, I am fraid.
usha.ld not like to hait you
ou are too fine a felow to be
SWhat did you get the
so far down in your'`ihet
There, I jre got t*e

| | r hom d the\

'711 A
.. ~ A r- LUY m, 9 ~ t ~~'~~: n
a' Aaike-~ waiw %%I.
g neft I AM. two I
.I~! ~hs hiat

PiythLe jor4 3&.tt-,
ameii pity so.
#A Vm.? *1 gLa jow % -Li
t b~fA&- ALw- LIL N ; 0'~

196 fl I~UflW F
book a minute gao The little
rogue got away from the man
ifteall, and he hs gone back
~Lto the water. I wonder if
miles can laugh. If they can,
1 pIeV this little one will laugh
mow. Only thik of it. Jut
he esa tmr&"6 about A

ltMer| ,- si 'v ever .
no bite
A "i' i
^^*l^^"P^k f^*r -&

wim not watch hbim again. l
ba! ha It is the fi'r .tAw
Sto, lagh -now. I emder.I it,
rmes ever do: sAt a lthig
to laugh. I wodwr if thbqy
er falk to oeh other. n
ey do t .o& i tlikp
this iitte wiB

"Go -byr I

quite war enough down here.
When I want to be fried or
broild, I will come up, and let
.you know. Ha! hal hal You
seed not throw your hook down
any more. I know all about
it 'owg Yw cannot cheat me
iL, Me bye, ir. Haill t
I He was going to ry

^i" '" "" "S "
t'^ "^ A^'* '<-


to toonk i ta Q J
bat whit d M

what w. Ai .s
sea.fr .~~~L~

- (

as' ". m T or.
boy, was he T So I hear one
of mT little friends y. "He
waot a naughty boy, was
Sbe He was not a very bad
boy; imt I do& ot think he
w* a **ry. good boy. Good
bijsd grk r* are ot mae.
Tbe su wbat is a to
ti They do *ot -irget aI
tit ifl e-ertwo.
.pMrawk's gat fault was ow'
rA^b^.:;-r M vrto ri mn

e7 n17. sr. a
that he mut be carefi of
wheels, when he was "ta pt
aersa wagon, or cart, oridt5S
or any thing of that kind. 7
told him that sometimes t
horse would ,, rt be 'b
auld get out of the
tbei the wh els & i mg ra"n
him. One &ay, Fnsk
peers wagian ir the t
He was looking out of t
lif^ r o^ .^-^
ft^ A.-,....^ 11

M oTHU A0a.aL BOY.
stop right in front of the
"Mamma," said he, "will you
please to let me go out into the
street, and see what the pedler
has got in his wagon "
"tes my dear," aid his
mother, "you may go, if you
will take good care, and not
a .under the wheels Will
pu be very careful, now?
^ sllmrak preMimd to be ;
*..A.~ ~ ~ P .-J- ^ ^ **"

careful. Then he started, and
ran as fast as he could runto
the street, to see what the pd-
ler had got in his wagon. 'id
you ever see the inside of one
of these wagons, little fripd
I mean such pedler's wos
a they have in: Connectimut
There is a little of almost evo
thing in these wagon I &'
tot much wonder that Fhn '
. rated to look at tes li
':* tK.h
^. ^ v .."*-*

There were some nice pen-
kqipes and jews-harps in the
wagon-candies, tops, tin trum-
pets, little railroad-cars, china
dogs and cats, and a great
many other things, which any
of you boys would like to se.
Then there wre toys that girls
iwould like, too. There were
, s l that were all drnaed as
4, a y of you They
pretty finger, with g e

m oammi Mr.
HBA l~~Tr. 41
om,4and eyes t looked if
they could see. There were
little, thimble, too; and chim a
cup. and sucers, and q ,
bowls, and plate, and ever
during little;girls would N6l to
set their tables with. Whm
Franmc ot.ot o 00.o the ar
where the pedl.e wgu 4
he feumi twd or threw -
*leew,.- "--B

i Wl thMO& 3||l^1B

my little man," one lady said,
"take care you do not get under
the wheels I am afraid you
would get hurt if you should
get under the wheels."
"Yes ma'am, I will take
p are, Frank said.
f PBut he dU not take care.
'IBefore he had been there five
utes, he forgot what his mo-
Sthe had said to him, and he
Sfrot what the other lady hi .
^ .*
.*dtA; fcA''- -

O sor. -
aid to him. He was so ame'"
taken up with the whistles ,a
trumpets, Wad penktivei which
he, saw in the wagon, that he
could not think about any thimq
els. By ,d by, when
ms no o loo kingt bi,
walked oleoe
tood look iatog l
kre one of tbhe ire. .
Poor boyl J .st.
teb mow. .He
tL 0 #-

S. M llCA tlI W,

walk along a little way, were

wOd *at i t I. know the
I k, h ir, Wboowaet
I bm.c as rted behd. f amk
.had .tie to get away from be.
bel, and the wheel wnt
lo hik.a ....
.'*. . .-:
-*.; ^ T - -~

Oh, how the poor d
mied I The wagon was
beavy, and the wheel hurt
mkle very much. He oom m
not walk into the hoa, he mw :
hrt so badly. *
M aup, and"4
the hbame. IM father
away at the time. Hi.is.
feme to ee whet wMa
tr, when de hem .d

A ,, .- "

Im T Umans s r.
that the wagn-wheedl bmun
over his wakle. She did aet
Spnish him. She knew tht
he was punished enough, and
abe siw that there was some.
L elme tado. Frank's ankh
A by thi ttimew reHed, it
I it wM ahmom twsse lamp
as i was before
SBdewast wsreat -aer the
iM'. The doctor lived z.
a mIe 4 sa". it-ms**

2m CAUM E "o w .
long time be be he cuadm
When he did come, he tol
Prank's mother that there '6i
a bone broken in:the ankle, ad
that it would be a great while
before he would get irellP agi
The doctor was a very
mM. He was a good
too, and kew what ougt'lbt
be done with Frank's an'r,
as to care it.
Frank thought thb e

I m - so.

hurt him rather too nlch,
when he was dressin hisuakl.
Bit the doctor could not help
hurting the. little. feHow.
Well, Frank had to lie dow
- -his bed, and keep sti alsl
AMt day. What a pity! How
h' wanted to be out of doo
't bheoud not go out of the
howa. Hecouldnotget off h
bed. The next day itn wa.jt
.i.Lhad to *l til oi bedL

Osin uv. 0

It was just the doctor sim
it would be. It was a feog
time before Frank could go J
ad play gain. It was in the
mumer. Every thing tWM
pleadast. The birds were
ing. Flowers were bwomkl
Frank and his little
been thinking, jt before .
was hurt, of going ot ilati
wood, over the litdtlroo
me.if tbey .iotld nmt

7W MUM Ci M Y.
pretty lady.lipper, and the
d ddflower called Adam's cup.
*I Frank could not waLI
wIt wu s weeks before e e coul
set out of hismom; and the,,
ir some day he could only
wm& with cmcbhea.
#W ,IU. guess Frank was
.m* etfil afier that r
r Ye Sew h VOL Ho does not
ergt wmat. his motSbr tolls
1" * ^^ k... -...... ;...:


' i

Soaiue n r. ..
Little boy do you ahy,
remember what yre amoher.
teB yQO ? I ard8 kraid y-,
fget aemetihte Les me.m,
The other day, did I net he..
he say youI mt he apr*s m
not touch aometLin theke. M'
on the table? ant Zdidy
not forget what she said pn l
soon after that ? Take cari
You may be almow c L
SFrank wa& T

Children never know what
w bMet for them,. so well u
their psrntl do. They some.
tiuesthink they do. But they
are mistake; and if they live
to be men and women, they
Ma andeitand thi&s

Li -

u "r. "+Be

There waa man that I ,
to. k .w y.l iW'y ^
be t*. fiot Mipt aIq .t-.i

aimo C. (. e, Uh .i: nMU
bo4 qvwr tbhommt of ay 7t *i q&

a soldier once. He was a little
lane brhet I knew him, and
Used to walk with a staksome-
Stims with a knapsack on his
S'He was hobbin along one
r, ear our houe, and there
.-erep ttwo or three boys behind
:Ita, -*re making fun of
-hi'' Pi6or meat it made him
.Wbtbad to Bear the boys tal&
**jIn wS,, ,. g w p
Se WWI 4

4 *1L
U NKm x MI
He did not say any bad
to them. He stoed at oar A
house and stayed to dina ,
He often stopped wheae be
went by. My father aid e ,.
was always glad to see IfaV.
Mike, aad to bear hi te i
AAer dinner, as IUol
wW sitti in. Ot a4 rth ft
' a DewWpapr, oe of,
Wb hsuma* Ikt f Of

f8 x a,
in.. Hi name was Richard.
Richards mother had sent him
to our houe on an errand.
LWIll, Richard," said Uncle
SMilke."mit down here, and you
itoo Theodore ad Austin. Sit
bws hee by me, 4 I illU td
i- Tht was just wimt we all
*aaU.& We loved to hear
hMlie M e tel stories

.. 4 4. .
. .' ,,

I *
Opae there was. a boky o.
had a knd father adi miathr ,*
aod twk aisa. fi Mi-Atrl ,
wo rick. B live4sl)m
kbse, d had.erythip
wanted, aImout, to wJk h
hIpyJ. He owqse a fe y e
6iE a mw aii, eaL. p1

i~e .'.... ..J ;,..^ -^ i

lost all his property, and. be
came poor. In few year be
Sied. His wife, the mother of
Sthboy I told you of ;oo fol-
lowd biaL. She died, toe
iW#oy wa, only twelve year
Sawben hs motLer died. Ht
- poor boy, theL He
-ne beowe. But he found
a hq&k Somebody was Uis
to t uaa tnod hitold e nh
.M to hbi heM sativ4 "
^^ '-;- '' .


Ien :d~a md tbm.ih a
left all eiol. Thbi 'bSoy
iame a r. Whken tbi Bad
war with Englaid bgM kt
w40t into the army.
be was ly welemped
bateI. .H2 leg' was
by. a kU hde L 8H
ewsr an ud &fe$*
)sSwms pt fm kae
ow biwwu--V

77- ..* f

.* ',-W ,

*I> m *4' 1J

to wal. again. But be could
not wk as he did before, -.
KSped a little, and had towalk
rt .with a crmtch, and thb
Swithba tafli
Agood Wmany uears aA
mei L wiio..odaai.. was
owL .day nar -the aeu
ie' ome imhrawith b
-lab ..d4484
- Ha aATwafdI fiw
^ ^ Wee H M d>9 '

&e dayg when he wasa kig *gb
Ag, frolicking boy. He
t ary dwheb he kwI th i"
bows where he as b l
where he he lived for I
tae happiestyear ofhis,>
Jup t dhe B
ap to ^>"^r
wery devly, abd
hadbm p- a

-&sa )i~
-t. ic

of him. "Go along, old cod
ger they aid. "Are you
going to the pooribouaw "I
guOm he is going to the gal*
rle goes so slowly."
umi then felt worM
MHe hl did, before. .He want-
b yek" to the boysamd to
ON; Ame that they did wrong
6| and to beg dtennot
f tret anybody else as they
t htmaiN. H6liedto.mk


to them]. But he oould mt
qpeak: hiL. lert w too full-;
aId he waked along aletty
Until be got away foam the
boys, and then he wept forW
lrg time. ?

Whea Umnle Mike hbdit
through with his story,
be mure kttle Ricawdl
owa* his bedL T" gibl
.diw br to ..-to l-.*t.S

-himell; and the boys under-
ood it alL. Richrd did not
know before that Uncle Mike
Imd been a soldier He did
.t know any thing about his
life. Butathat was no excew
-or him. It was wrog and
wicked to. sake fun of the man,
may rate.
$- l WMl oi frgiire me, Uncle
r- sar -icihau. *I ao
-V.1, Pe to ,a YO 1

will never d .p.w movre
And th..*ii~it ifhi,&
Uaactdl. ~ Iw-p.. to fou
gie 4it&iIh~~i idk
hoped GodJ brgk bin
too. i


C: ..r


... -e .. a...

egaleB a ~at the sw-
mr. Her little bothedn
S .
., f. -, : ,. ,

* PA Wi, w

ws with her. Tmhe were
soie rery prettyd4owe in -the
garden. Didyot ever oee t
paosdlower If you haNv
seen it, you know how prty
it i. Well, there
fee psiomdowers thegj
den whm Sarah and h e* :.
tbr were playing,- amd
the childrenn tobwgo Mat y
woqj like to have iEatW
S*bwK .v, L:
*4 *. . '' *, n

"Come, let us pick one a
thene pMuioon wer," said Sq.
.~b. "I wat one very mnucl
"N, listesr," aid Edwin,
S other told s the other day
dtht we mUt not pick any qof
hs pretty flower in the gu-
am, without aLing her.
know it," said Sarah;.
,W.t dbe wau let u pick oM
l ask .her Ia

<-&.C i d

"Thea we will go into tkd
mae d ask her," mid Edwim
But Sarah did not wast to
go isto the house,to- ad her
other about picshig dtdli.w
s 0 %.h thoaht thrym igh
jut as wn u pick the 6br6 em
Sefe titheyUat ino twimao-
"No, my dear," said F4ri
"I amuery r*,that mother
wmluDnot like t" .'. ..
SEwin" rM

P'r' I' "" '''

!mother would not see us pick
it. She would not know- ,,
thing about it."
"Perhaps she would know
Something about jt," mid Ed-&
wh; "but it would be wickl,
to take the lowers, whether
*e Iw any thinm about it
or aot."
Sarah thought a moment
Thep she said she did npt ee
rt. harm- couMld ifo


Sheir tiother d&d not know
S had, picked the paumo..
"Why, iter," s d EdA
9 when mother tells us we mi
. do a.thinm is it not wrsq
.todo itr'l
Sarah owned it was Wag.
SWell, ten,"said her bro-
ther, "we ough not to pick
the firer; and if we sdhoM

diI IId A wuk1

But still little Swah cs '~
not see bow it would be wA
"I think I cal tell y
aid Edwin, "what makes it
wicked to do a thing when mno
other tell us wemust t not do
"Well, I would like to know,"

*The other day," Edwin
said, "when fthser was reading
in the Bible he can to a
place where it aid that ebb

meI W, that we mpr doJ
*t r and mother ted

*. SWho put that in -the M
Ft lite 8&rEh aem" .
S"Thbe Bile it God's 'bo 4
SfidEdwia. "Hbeg it amiu
toW efh Wu how to bigpd04
N Iad own to Iwo iM sd h&
bg D46 to heavm when .wo di.
todl= e u that. e. IA b
4 *d

our parenT, !a do ar t i~ej 1
God would see us,.if we Aboq4
take one of thewe pain-flowen.
botherr is in the house, and he
told not see us. But God
would ase us, and I am afrid
hb would be angry with u."
- ,.dim wa right; ad I
ope aUl who read this little
book, if tLhy lbd bin his
pacei would have thought slW
. e s he did. *

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