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Title: Truth's fairy tales
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Title: Truth's fairy tales
Physical Description: 77 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.
Language: English
Creator: Winchester, Julia
Publisher: Published by the author
Place of Publication: Philadelphia
Publication Date: c1889
Subject: Children -- Conduct of life -- Juvenile fiction   ( lcsh )
Conduct of life -- Juvenile fiction   ( lcsh )
Children's stories   ( lcsh )
Children's stories -- 1889   ( lcsh )
Bldn -- 1889
Genre: Children's stories   ( lcsh )
novel   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Pennsylvania -- Philadelphia
Statement of Responsibility: Illustrations by Howard Fremont Stratton.
General Note: Text and illustrations printed in brown.
Funding: Preservation and Access for American and British Children's Literature, 1870-1889 (NEH PA-50860-00).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00056239
Volume ID: VID00001
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: Baldwin Library of Historical Children's Literature in the Department of Special Collections and Area Studies, George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
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Published by ttie rUTtlor.
l- 1-S1- !1


e---- -ro -

d 'p |earl @itc orodl,

OS tile yourngest arid orle of tie rrlost faithful
of tle dear orles w1orri it llas beer rly

Ilappy privilege to guide from Shadow-Larnd to
the Gate of Urderstandirg, Trutlh's Fairy Tales
are]-ovirgly inscribed by
Philadelplia, Pa.




~c a time a
Shining Star was
flung into space
Sby the Divine
SHand of the
Kingof Light.
SAs it went on
its luminous
way, it was at-
Svy m y h ytracted by a
/ brilliant body
Called the Sun, and
there it stayed, seeming
to hang golden clear in the heavens, but really encir-
cling the great Sun once in every twenty-four hours.
It was indeed a beautiful planet. On it were sta-
tioned very many happy-hearted children, who were
told they might regard the wonderful star'as their own,

with all they needed in order to learn to play thereon a
wonderful drama called "Life," in which, to their great
delight, there were to be given many tableaux vivantes.
Everything that could secure to them peace, comfort,
happiness, while they were learning to play their several
parts in this drama, had been done. For you must
know they were all the loved children of the one Su-
preme King, and nothing was refused to them of his
Divine Goodness. He was a monarch whose power
was only equalled by the gentleness with which he used
it. So wise and yet tender was he in all his regal ways
that. he was everywhere known as THE ALL-GOOD.
There was no space or place where his glorious King-
dom did not extend, and at all times was he. present.
This must show you how all-powerful he was, and is,
and ever shall be, and how he can give to his children
the most princely of gifts.


Each child, as member of the royal household, had a
share in the Starry Kingdom. Certain things were, it is
true, required of them. For instance, they must ac-
knowledge the King of Light as the SOLE RULER of the
Starry Kingdom. Beside him, who was to them father
and mother, they were to make unto themselves no
other gods. They were to be governed by one law,
very flexible and extremely beautiful in its outworkings,
called the LAW OF LOVE; and they were never to for-
get, at any time, or under any conditions, that they Wvere
all the sons and daughters of the ONE CREATOR, there-
fore bound together in bonds of unity. This was not
very hard to do, do you think so ?
For while they remembered that they must, in
thought, live so close to the Father of Light as to re-
flect his goodness, they received great power from the
A wonderful law was this, as I am sure you will see
when I tell you its force extended everywhere, from
planet to daisy, holding all in their shining paths. From
this law came many rainbow-tinted rays. Each child
was provided with one of these, which was fastened in
the heart, where it unfolded itself in many winsome
ways. Each ray was capable of being divided into as
many more as might be required. When all the chil-
dren together pulled these bands, there came from the
LAW OF LOVE an illumination sweet and magical, shed-

ding abroad the wondrous light that never yet had
shone on land or sea. When they pulled separately,
the very closest desires of their hearts became known
to THE ALL-GOOD, and all they asked for became their
Each child had been provided with five attendants,
called Maids of Sense, well trained, apt, and quick at
serving. One was named SIGHT. Not only did Sight
show each one how the flowers of the field and the trees
of the forest grew, but she made them able to see all the
wonders of the Starry Kingdom.
HEARING was the name of another, who taught them
with distinctness not alone the songs sung by rose and
lily as they grow, the one into rosy loveliness, the
other into fairness and grace, but made them con-
scious of the music of the spheres, all as happy in their
grand triumphal march around the King of Light as
were the birds, warbling notes of praise in.their forest
TOUCH, the name of the third, made them able to
realize the nature of all they came in close contact with,
and this was a great convenience to them when Sight
and Hearing were otherwise engaged.
The fourth attendant was TASTE, of whom they were
all very fond, for she showed them the secret of sweet-
ness that lies at the heart of the peach and plum; the
pure, strong impulse that sways the field of wheat; and the

enthusiasm of action making each ear in the row after
row of corn cast silken, tasselled banners to the breeze.
The fifth maid was known to them as SMELL. It
was her work to make them aware of all the incense of
praise, of the fragrance that was wafted from the forms
of beauty by which they were surrounded, and all the
sweetness that filled the air, glad tribute to the ALL-
GOoD. The aim of all these Maids of Sense was
understood to be the teaching to the children the attain-
ment of the highest principle of life, love, and truth,
aided by two others, whose work began after the five
had well done theirs. The names of those who were
chief in, command were, the Maids of Psychic Sense
and Spiritual Insight. Psychic Sense, often called IN-
TUITION, was the swift, trusty messenger given to each
child of the Starry Kingdom wherewith to directly
communicate with the Realm of the Real; and SPIRIT-
UAL INSIGHT taught them how to use certain magical
tapers, known as Sparks of Divine Fire, which always
gave just the light needed at any particular time for
any particular occasion.
The King of Light had just finished a wondrous act
of creation, and he had said it was good.
This word of approval from THE ALL-GOOD was full
of deep meaning. And this was why so many bands of
happy-hearted children were placed on this Shining
Star, with the beautiful task given to them of represent-

ing in the form of a play, or drama called "Life," the
glorious work of the mighty ALL-GOOD. The Shining
Star was furnished with all they could possibly need
while learning their parts.
In addition to all, they were given the divine power
of thinking. Now THOUGHT, dear ones, is the magical
key given directly by THE ALL-GOOD to each child of
the royal household, and it opens the way to all the
treasures of the Starry Kingdom. Never before were
such wonders known, or such priceless jewels so freely
Yes, I see you want to know about these jewels, and
it is my wish to tell you; for you must very fully under-
stand about them in order to follow the story of the
happy-hearted children on the Shining Star.
When the treasure realms were opened by this talis-
manic key, THOUGHT, and the Divine Truths became
generally known, the utmost joyousness everywhere
prevailed. Wave after wave of gladness swept over
the entire Starry Kingdom, and health, peace, and hap-
piness became the divine facts. This joyfulness was
brought forth when all the children sang in their hearts
these divine songs:
"The ALL-GOOD is our Heavenly Father. He alone
has made all things, and everything he has mde is
"He fills all space with the glory of his presence. He

is ever with us in all majesty and power. Supreme in
Divine Wisdom, he knows all that pertains to his
Starry Kingdom, and each royal child is a special object
of his loving care.
"THE ALL-GOOD is spirit. All that he has made is,
therefore, spiritual. Spirit supports, upholds, and sus-
tains all things. Spirit is substance.
"A wonderful method has THE ALL-GOOD of govern-
ing his Starry Kingdom. It is done by the Law of
Love. Under it that charming state of feeling called
harmony, or heaven, is brought about. Harmony means
the highest degree of gladness and happiness to all
his children."
When Thought had opened these magic realms, there
was found an inner portal guarded by walls of pearl,
with gates cut out of the clearest crystal. Within were
chambers of light in which hung, suspended by silver
ropes, immense prisms, called by the wise ones THE
UNITIES. These were the jewels of the Starry King-
dom, more resplendent than any pen can write about,
or word can tell. They were known as

The One Supreme Life,
The One Law of Love,
The One Divine Truth.

So delicately poised were these great glistening
reservoirs of light, that when they were touched by the

TRUE WORD, the word of acknowledgment, as, for in-
stance, when one exclaimed, no matter how small the
child or how young,-" There is but One Life, the life of
THE ALL-GOOD!" a great shower of luminous white
light burst forth, breaking, as it passed through the
gates of crystal, into the loveliest rainbow-tinted colors
you can imagine. Swiftly, then, did these rays speed on
their glad way until they reached the child whose TRUE
WORD had called them forth, when they changed into
the daintiest fays you ever read about, whose names
were Life, Love, Truth, Peace, Gladness, Goodness, and
Harmony, and ever after these dainty, fairy-like little
creatures were attendants to help guide and guard the
child whose TRUE WORD had called them from the
great reservoir of light.
Or perhaps the glad cry went forth, Love is the ONE
supreme law of THE ALL-GOOD !" when, to the sound
of the sweetest music, the softest, warmest, roseate
light enveloped the little one. whose TRUE WORD had
touched that pearl of great price called Love. Oh, the
rapture, the sense of exquisite peace, that then filled the
little heart and made yet more radiant all the loveliness
of place and of person.
And then when some one said from full earnest-
ness of heart: Truth is Divine Unity;'.' flashing rays,
steady and clear, fell around the one whose TRUE WORD
had stirred the great heart of Truth. Intelligence was

then quickened. Wisdom reigned; and the child whose
TRUE WORD had penetrated the walls of pearl and
caused these mighty radiations to quiver forth from the
great heart of Divine Truth grew wiser in all the strong,
sweet facts of life and love.
All the bands of happy-hearted children on this Shin-
ing Star knew these blessed things, and that to them, as
reflectors of THE ALL-GOOD, was freely given every
good gift that could make their play of "Life a brill-
iant success.



IME winged his
rapid flight. The Shining Star grew
used to speeding on its pathway of light.
All the scenery for the play of "Life,"
called the world, ~ grew lovelier; and the
bands of happy- hearted children sang
in their hearts the Di- vine Songs, and directed
many true words to THE UNITIES.
Life in fullest meas- ure, Love in overflowing
streams, and Truth in all its transparent
strength, made everything a
joy to the happy-hearted children. Strange, was it not;
in the midst of all this delight, and just as they were
finding out how much power they had in representing
"Life," that any carelessness should arise on their part?
Yet such was the case.

The trouble all came about because they forgot, in
the first place, to keep singing the Divine Song in their
hearts. This led them into carelessness about all to-
gether working under the LAW OF LOVE. Little by little
the change was brought about, at first almost imper-
ceptibly, then growing marked as they wandered more
and more away, until at last they had almost entirely
withdrawn from the world of light into the shadow
You know how the tree that overhangs the river bank
is imaged, or reflected, in the water; how at night the
moonbeams make a silvery pathway across the lake;
or your own faces smile back at you from the well where
the oaken bucket hangs; well, just so all the true and
beautiful things made for them on the Shining Star sent
out a reflection of themselves, a shadow, and having lost
or mislaid the magic rod of Goodness given to them by
the ALL-GOOD, wherewith to measure all they came in
contact with, they began to mistake the shadow for the
real. The true and the beautiful were forgotten when
they began to believe that the thing symbolized was the
thing itself; and as they no longer remembered that
THE All-GOOD filled all space and place, they began
to make the mistake of calling parts the whole, and
talking of the power of darkness.
Then differences sprang up among them. They for-
got they were all children of one Heavenly Father;

that they should each feel toward the other as they
wished to have others feel towards them; and that they
could have all the desires of their hearts supplied by
touching the cord of love that bound them to the
mighty All-GOOD.
Of course, you can see, children, that they could not
change their ways of thinking from true to false without
bringing about many strange things. Less and less did
they use the wonderful Key, Thought, and in its place
they took others that looked like Thought but were not
at all as true, nor could they open the magic realms,-
they were merely beliefs, and they very seldom opened
doors into ways or paths that were not full of darkness
and uncanny places.
Beliefs increased upon the children, for so easily were
they made that when one failed a number of others
were taken to fill its place. The result of all this was
that the uncertainties and fears so multiplied upon
them, that from being happy-hearted children they grew
quite the contrary. You will be much surprised to hear
that this state of affairs led them into being often cross,
instead of glad, bad, instead of good, sick, instead of
well, and so full of fears of dying that they sometimes
forgot entirely they were living. They listened to false
voices; they created unto themselves other gods, graven
images, dull and heavy, quite incapable of reflecting the
attributes of the King of Light.

Gradually they withdrew from the high places, and in
their fright they took refuge in the caves and deep dales
of the earth. Here they tried to fill their parts in the
drama they were all learning to play. You can very
well imagine what a failure they made of it, for who
feels like making pretty pictures in the dark!
As they grew more and more afraid, they began to
even fear their own shadows. Many of the Maids of
Sense also lost their wits, and one by one began to
withdraw from fulfilling their duties, so it became no
unusual thing to hear some of the children, who were
once known as happy-hearted, say: "Why does the
sun not shine today? I find my way so dark;" or
another exclaim, "The lilies no longer make music
while they grow, nor do the birds warble as they used
to, how lonely it is!" or, "Who stopped all the sweet-
smelling things of field and meadow from sending up
their fragrance, I miss the incense dreadfully!" or some-
one would cry out impatiently, "Dear me, how changed
are the peach and the plum, how hollow, how heart-
less!" or another, with extended hands groping about
would cry, "Where is everyone? What has become of
everything? I can touch nothing!"
This was pitiful enough, don't you think so? Yet
worse came upon them. One day when they were all
gathered together, talking over their parts, five great
Hobgoblins strode in, and oh, what a panic they did

create, for I assure you they had gotten themselves up
in fearful array.
I am the King of EVIL," said the first and biggest,
with a terrible voice, "and I have come with my servants,
Sin, Sickness, Sorrow, and Death, to reign over you.
We will have such a. nice, unhappy time! We shall
all take-so much pleasure in being miserable together!
I've brought all our baggage along, so that we can stay
a long time. I've brought all the different kinds of
badness that you can fancy, but what I have forgotten
Sin, no doubt, has, and will be perfectly willing to let
you.copy. But the largest number of trunks and boxes
and bundles and packages has been brought by Sick-
ness. There'll be enough for you all to have some-
thing, I'm sure. Such a lot of colds and headaches, and
pains .and aches, oh, how you will wheeze and groan-
and cry when they get out among you!
"Who is going to welcome us? No one seems very
ready to do so, yet we had to come to you-you drew
us here.
"Do you not know that whenever happy-hearted chil-
dren go from the realms of light into the shadows, we
are bound to come and rule over them, and make them
more unhappy than they were before? It is true, isn't
it Sin, Sickness, Sorrow, Death?"
Each of the spectres named bowed his head and mut-
tered something that sounded very dreadful to the chil-


5f---- /


dren, who were once so happy-hearted and were now so
One brave little one said: "No! we are not glad to
see you. We are royal children of the Starry King-
dom, the Almighty ALL-GOOD is our Father, and you
can't rule over us;" but the voice sounded so gently by
contrast with the noise made by EVIL that many did
not hear it at all, and others were too terrified to pay
Then EVIL gave a dismal signal and his attendants
began to unpack their trunks.. Really, you must not
expect me to tell you all they took out. The general
effect on Shadow-Land was very unpleasant.
EVIL himself cast a heavy pall over all; SIN let loose
numberless imps, who darted here and there and caused
the greatest possible mischief among the children;
SICKNESS had a: numerous retinue, and they all were
most wonderfully active. A large part of the once
happy-hearted children were taken possession of by the
Torments belonging to Sickness, called Colds, Fevers,
Rheumatism, Gout, Dyspepsia, Nervousness, Cramps,
Growing Pains, and many other names too numerous to
mention. I am sure you would merrily have laughed
could you have looked in upon them while they were
under their delusions.
They did the very strangest things! They believed
just what the Torments told them. For instance, one

of the Torments would run after a child until he caught
up with him, then he would say:
"I am a Fever."
"Oh, are you?" replied the frightened child.
"Yes, and I want you to take me. You may have
your choice of' calling me what you please, Nervous
Fever, Bilious Fever, Malarial Fever, or Hay and Straw
Fever, but take me you must."
"And then what shall I do?" said the child, trem-

"We've brought a set of shadows with us called
Doctors," answered the Torment, "you must send for
one of them."
"What will he do?" asked the shaking child.
"Oh, he'll bring a bag full of pills and powders and
plasters, and a great deal of Make-you-feel-worse (a pre-
paration made wholly by the Doctors), which he will
give you. Oh, what a nice, hot, painful time you'll have !
Won't you be nice and miserable ?"
Nice and miserable," echoed the child, who took the
Fever and did just as bid by the Torment, quite forgetful
that all the powers of light were at her command by
sending forth the TRUE WORD.
And so things went on from what they called bad to
Once and awhile the children gathered together in
somewhat the old way .and said they were glad and
happy, but it was rather a sorry sight to see them, for no.
one was perfectly free, and of course you know that no
one can be glad and happy who is not free, and no one is
free who is in fear, and each child was mastered by
some one or more beliefs in the powers of their dread-
ful Hobgoblin visitors.
That such a change could have come upon the Shin-
ing Star seems hardly possible, does it? Even the
children themselves did not realize it. They got things
so mixed that they could no longer tell the true from

the false, and darkness they called light. They went so
far as to believe and even to say that THE ALL-GOOD-
whom they remembered in a far-off way-had bidden
the five Hobgoblins to come among them in order that
they, the children of light, might learn more of the great
Father of Light by means of the Hobgoblins, who knew
nothing of him at all!
Of all the queer things this was the very strangest.
SORROW went around silently and laid heavy shadows
on hearts; and you could tell whose hearts they were
because the owners went about bowed down, seeing not
even the little glinting rays of light that sometimes
penetrated Shadow-Land.


DEATH did strange things, too. He would go up to
a child who had been followed by one of the Torments
sent forth by Sickness, say a Cold or a Fever, and say:
" Now, child, you are mine-I've come to claim you."
This was said in such a gloomy way that the child,
without knowing why, began to shake and to tremble
and to cry, exclaiming,
"What will you do with me!"
"You must die," Death would reply.
"Why I can't do that," the little one would answer, "I
am a child of Life, and they can't die."

"Well, then you must play you die," would say Death;
and so the child pretended to die, and was called dead
by the others who were under the same delusion.
What a grotesque thing it was to the onlookers of the
Starry Kingdom to see such a peculiar condition of
affairs show forth on the Shining Star! There it was
speeding on its glad way, glowing with light and love
and beauty, filled with high places where it was exceed-
ingly beautiful for happy-hearted children to be, espe-
cially those who had so lovely a work to do as to make
manifest the joys and delights of "Life."
And there they had withdrawn from these charms to
the Valley of Shadows, sometimes called the Land of
No-thing-ness, where they fancied they must stay and
be ruled by the Hobgoblins.
They were going around with false Keys, called
Beliefs, which promised to open doors of relief to them
but always failed to do so.
Many of the children called themselves dead, and
acted their parts excellently well.
Others said they were sorrowful, and they wore
sombre black clothes and doleful faces.
The majority said they were sick, and .in exulting in
their pains and aches how disagreeable they did make
themselves-and to their neighbors, too.
Others, again, said they were sinful, and this was their
excuse for doing all kinds of mean things.

All of them more ready to dispute and quarrel with
each other. On one thing only were they agreed, that
they must be sick and' sorrowful and sinful and dead,
that by so being they could best carry. out the Divine
Will of THE ALL-GOOD, who by some of them was
faintly remembered and placed in a far distant corner of
the Starry Kingdom.



ND this was the state of matters and
things in general in Shadow-Land
S when certain wise maidens felt
called upon to go thither. They
were the messengers of THE
ALL-GOOD, whose mission it
Swas to leave their homes in
the Realm of the Real, well
provided with Arrows of
Truth, and carry the Gospel
Sof Life, or tidings of great
joy, to those who had wan-
dered far from their homes and believed themselves to
be lost in the darkness.
These maidens carried silver lamps, called Under-
standing, in which the light of Truth was kept constant-
ly burning. They cast a glow before and left a radiant
pathway behind them.
Over their shoulders were cast quivers containing ar-
rows, some of which were small and dark looking, others
again were tipped with jewels that glittered and glist-

ened in quite a wonderful way under even the few glint-
ing rays of light that penetrated the Valley of Shadows.
They were bright-faced maidens, who had learned the
truth of life from the wise ones of the Starry Kingdom,
and had been well exercised in the use of the LAW of
LOVE. They knew the power of ALL GOODNESS, which
kept them from fearing any ill, so they always went to
work with great gladness of spirit. Then, too, they had
found out the magical power of the wonderful little
weapons they carried, which added much to the confi-
dence with which they set forth on any mission.
So it was with brave hearts that the maidens entered
Shadow-Land, whither the once happy-hearted children
had withdrawn, and over which Evil had cast so heavy
a pall and proclaimed himself King, with other Hob-
goblin ministers of state as ignorant of the vast King-
dom of Light as he himself.
Knowledge of the radiant facts of LIFE and LOVE and
TRUTH, enclosed within the crystal walls of light, ready
to radiate their treasures when touched by the TRUE
WORD, was in the possession of each maiden, and by
her safely guarded. And so they marched on fearlessly,
not because of ignorance, but because of the light of
true understanding which they carried.
They had heard of all the confusion made by Sin,
Sickness and Death; indeed, it was because of this they
had come, but they were not at all frightened. They

knew the true, so the false could maintain no claim upon
them. Marching steadily into the darkness where the
once happy-hearted children had gone, the bright-faced
maidens cried out:
"Good news! good news!"
As the glad cry went forth, children gathered around
the maidens and told pitiful tales of how they were
oppressed by Evil; made miserable by Sin, and all the
imps he had unloosed among them; what dreadful
times they had with all the Torments of sickness, so
numberless were they, and how Death did his best to
frighten them to death.
The maidens listened tenderly, then bade the little
ones be of good cheer, for although all they said
sounded very bad, and they seemed very unhappy, sick,
sad, and miserable, it was a condition of affairs to be
quickly changed. They were frightened, and suffered
just as children suffer in a dream. The dream seems to
be very real while under its spell, but when that is
broken the unpleasantness is at an end. Just so it was
now. They were dreaming the mortal dream. They
must awaken to the truth. The ALL-GOOD was the one
supreme King of Light. He shared his authority with
none other; nor was there aught else of the real, or true,
in all the universe except the Starry Kingdom. Evil,
Sin, Sickness, Sorrow, and Death were usurpers, false
claimants, who could only reign over the children and

oppress them while they, the Hobgoblins, made the
little ones believe in their power. When this belief
was changed, all seeming power would fall away from
"Ah!" exclaimed some, "you must be strangers here,
for you speak with strange tongues."
"The realest things in all the world," said others, "are
Evil and Sin and Sickness. We know all about them,
for we are under their dominion."
"Do you like to be governed by them?" asked the
"No, we are not very happy under it, but then it is all
for our good, so we make the best of it."
"Why do you fret and fuss and complain, then?"
"Oh," they said in reply, "that is our way of doing.
We don't mean anything specially."
"Ah, little ones," said the maidens, "all this need not
be. Turn to the light whence you came, and claim from
it all that belongs to you. You are spiritually rich, yet
what poverty we find you in. You are also glad and
free, yet you seem quite the contrary. Listen, and we'll
tell you about a wonderful life, strong and lovely, lived
in the long ago by the PRINCE OF PEACE, whose ways
and words we are following. He bade us to do so, say-
ing that when we did this closely we should be able to
do the same glad works he had done."
This sweet old story was not wholly new to the chil-

dren, it had been told to them before, but never had its
magical sweetness penetrated to their hearts as now it
did when related with the loving tenderness infused into
it by the maidens. It bore the promise of relief. The
love-ray in their hearts began to flutter as it had not
done for a long time, and they began to wish and hope
for the dear old happy days, when they were all filled
with such sunniness of love and good-will that there
was no room for aught else.
When the maidens had ended the story they made
ready to go on, but the little children gathered more
closely around them and begged not to be left alone in
the darkness.
"No, you can no longer be alone," said the maidens,
"for now the Comforter promised by the PRINCE OF
PEACE to all who have heard his words, and desire to
do the same blessed work he did, will be with you.
More than this: we will leave with you weapons where-
with to defend yourselves against the Hobgoblins,-
Arrows of Truth, we call them, and before we go we will
teach you how to use them."
So the maidens drew from their shoulders the well-
filled quivers, and taking from them the bunches of dark-
colored arrows said:
"These arrows are true thoughts, called Denials of
Error. They seem dark and quite too insignificant to
use in mortal conflict with shadows that loom up as

huge and grim looking as your famous Hobgoblins; but
when you use them properly you will be convinced of
their power. They are put up in different packages, the
uses of which we will now explain. This is the Denial
of Evil; this, of Matter; and these of Sin, Sickness,
Sorrow, and Death.
"The real or true things are the ones that exist eter-
"Evil is a false claimant of power: he only exists for
a time, then he will surely be exposed, and Good, which
has always been and always will be, is known as truly
"Matter is not spirit, only the drapery of spirit, and
must not at all be mistaken for spirit, which is the only
channel of life.
"Sin is because the one who sins is unhappily igno-
rant of the truth.
"Sorrow is forgetfulness of the ever-present gladness.
"Sickness is the belief that matter is intelligent, and
has the powers of sensation, whereas matter in itself is
quite dead and inert.
"And death is that strange error of belief which seeks
to make one believe that the glory of eternal life can,
even for a moment, cease.
Now, place the arrows in your bow, in this way, then
take steady aim, now let them fly, giving to the thought
sent this outer covering of word, as a directing power:

"There is no Evil-THE ALL-GOOD is Supreme.
"There is no Matter-Spirit is the one Reality.
"There is no Sin-Truth is the one glad Fact.
"There is no Sickness-Health is Harmony.
"There is no Death-Life is glorious and eternal.

"Now, children, watch closely and you will see the
power of Thought, when that TRUE THOUGHT is directed
against any false thing called an error of belief. Here
comes Evil-how big he looks-now don't be frightened,
but take steady aim. There is no King of Evil to
reign over us-THE ALL-GOOD is our King-down with
the pretender-long live our loving ALL-GOOD! now let
the arrows fly!"
A shower of arrows left the bows held by the chil-
dren; and although they had not been very firmly held,
and the little ones were not free of fear, so true was
the thought sent that it did its wonderful work, and
lo! where Evil had seemed to be, dark, heavy, oppres-
sive, there was no longer its appearance: there was
Of course the children were delighted; and when, just
at this moment, Sin appeared surrounded by a whole
troop of vixenish looking imps, the bows were raised
with more courage, and the arrows sent forth more
unerringly, accompanied by this cry: "Sin, you and all
your imps of temptation, must never again expect us to

believe in your reality-we know your falseness because
we are now sure that we are the children of Light!" and
away went the little winged arrows bearing Truth
where falseness had claimed to have a right. Where
each little imp had seemed to be, there was now a
sparkle of light-and the big Hobgoblin was no longer
to be seen.
This was indeed exciting sport; and the children's
eyes began to dance when they saw the pale, pallid
monster called Sickness appear upon the scene, which

in a moment became a place of tumult, made so by the
howls and screams of the ever-active Torments.
For instance, one would say, "I'm a pain, and I want
some one to take me!" and another, "I'm a stomach-
ache, and I want to find a boy who has been eating
green apples, so that he may put the blame on the
apples, not on me!" and, "I'm a cramp, and I belong
to the swimming party that had such a good time this
And so they went on, making a fearful ado.
Oh, how the children had learned to dislike these ugly
little Torments, so they put special heart into the aim
they took this time with the Arrows of Truth.
"Sickness, you're a fraud!" exclaimed several.

"Away with Sickness! down with Sickness! there is no
such thing in all the world of realities as Sickness!"
cried others, while many boys were noticed by the
maidens as aiming very directly at the Torments called
Cramp, School-fever, and Play-hookey. How the arrows
did fly! and what splendid havoc they wrought. Every
arrow hit its mark! It was capital fun!
How you all would have enjoyed seeing the combat.
It differed greatly from other battle-fields: here the
loveliest golden vapor took the place of the usual
smoke; and instead of something disagreeable be-
ing left on the field, here the uncanny things had all
Merrily did the children laugh when they saw this
splendid result.
For awhile there was silence, or at least there would
have been had there not been so much gay talk between
the children and the maidens, then a mournful proces-
sion, headed by Sorrow, came along.
"Oh, Sorrow," exclaimed the little ones, "there is
no space or place for you anywhere in heaven or on
earth. All is gladness! All is brightness! Fare-thee-
And a shower of arrows struck the black-robed
figures, and the darkness was replaced by light.
Joy over this had scarcely subsided when Death, in a
very horrid costume representing a skeleton, stalked

fiercely along, putting out hands to clutch the most
frightened among the children.
"Be calm, be quiet," murmured the maidens.
"Death is not more powerful, nor harder to reach,
than the other spectres. Cast aside your fear and take
true aim."
There was much quivering and hesitation among
them, for Death had made very strong pretenses of
power. But the children thought of the sweet story of
the PRINCE OF PEACE, whose whole beautiful mission
had so fully shown the power and glory of the one
Supreme Life, the one Law of Love, and the one Divine
Truth, against none of which could aught called Death
prevail, and courage flowed in upon them, and they
shouted: "Away, 0 spectre, calling thyself Death!
We who are the royal children of the great King of
Light cannot cease to live for a moment. We know
thee for what thou art, 0 Death, and thy sting can no
longer fall upon us!"
And the bows snapped, and the arrows flashed forth,
and lo, where the horrid-appearing Hobgoblin had
stood was a fountain, fair and luminous, sending up
sprays of sparkling jets; and around it were grouped
bright-hued fays who sang in musical voices:
"Ho! everyone who thirsteth, here are the living
waters of life and love; come and drink, and fear of
death shall never be known to you again."

How the children thronged around the beautiful foun-
tain, how eagerly they drank of the limpid water, and
how glad and happy they became-can not you imagine
just how it all was without my telling you?
The maidens had started a glad, good work in


EVER had the sunset hour
T in Shadow-Land been bright
as it now was.
1. The fair and luminous
SFountain of Life sent up its
S limpid waters freely, and they
fell in musical cadences never be-
fore heard.
A new light shone upon the faces
of the children. All felt the stimu-
~lation of glad expectancy. The
gloom was greatly lessened. Many
wise answers were made to the children's questions by
the maidens: many explanations were given of the pow-
erful use to be made of the Arrows of Truth.
The little ones were told not to count upon too easy
a success. Although the afternoon's combat had seen
so glorious a triumph over the enemy, the Hobgoblins
were not yet entirely vanquished. They would not
easily give up the field. Shadow-Land was their favorite
territory, and to oppress happy-heart-hearted children

their one object, so they would, probably, again appear
out of the shadows, and try anew to establish their
claim. But now that the little ones knew the power of
truth over falsehood, it would be quite their own fault if
they were ever again imposed upon.
"And now, dearest children," said the maidens, "our
work among you draws to a close. It was our part to
come to you at the darkest hour-the hour before the
blessed dawn.
"We have shown you that the darkness is not, be-
cause the light is alone real. We have taught you the
use of the Arrows of Truth. We have told you the
sweet old story of the PRINCE OF PEACE. Our part is
done. We have but to leave with you these jewel-tipped
arrows, and commend you to the care of those whose
work begins where ours ends. Be faithful. Remember
that skill comes from practice. Let no day pass that
you do not take steady aim at.all falseness that comes
before your notice, using the small dark arrows called
'Denials of Error.' The use of the jewel-tipped ones,
named 'Affirmations of Truth,' will be shown to you by
those who come after us.
"And now farewell. Let not your hearts be troubled
-be fearful of naught-you are the loved children of
the Father of Light, and you are now provided with all
the needed authority for establishing your claim as heirs
of the Starry Kingdom."

So saying the maidens passed from sight.
Fear again cast her mantle, cold, dark, oppressive,
over the trembling children. They seemed to again see
the Hobgoblin usurpers-Evil, Sin, Sickness, Sorrow,
Death-stalk in among them, and threaten to destroy
all their newly won security.
After all had they gained much, they questioned
among themselves.
True, the imps of Sin and the torments of Sickness
were not, as had been the case, rampant among them.
But they seemed to be replaced by appearances almost
as disagreeable, manifold in number, but who might be
classified under the general name of Doubts and Fears.
These new oppressors made themselves very unpleas-
ant. They threw shadows on the brightness which the
children had newly found. They made all around them
seem cold and clammy.
The little ones huddled together, and began to won-
der if they were any better off than before the bright-
faced maidens appeared among them. True, they had
in their possession the means for getting rid of all
tyrants; nor could they deny the power they themselves
had seen manifested; but how could they tell whether
the arrows would again be as effective!
And thus they began to busy themselves with the
making of conditions which, instead of relief, promised
but to restrict and to restrain them.

All at once a soft rustling was heard, and with a
sweet, swift gladness of manner a rare and radiant
maiden stood among them. Snowy white were the
draperies that fell around her graceful form, and in her
arms were bunches of fragrant lilies.
"My name is Faith," she said with clear and musical
voice, "and I have come to abide with you until you
know with glad and happy certainty that the mortal
dream you are now dreaming, with all its horrors, is
not a necessary prelude to the glorious play of LIFE
which you are to bring out upon this Shining Star.
"Now breaks the dawn! Mark the soft, rosy radiance
in the East. Soon the noonday splendor will be here.
Throw off the unpleasant garments cast upon you by
the Doubts and Fears, and array yourselves in shining
robes, as befits your royal state! Make yourselves
quickly ready to pass in review before me, bringing with
you the jewel-tipped arrows, your emblems of light,
given to you by the bright-faced maidens who opened up
to you the path of righteousness-or right thinking-
which leads away from the gloom and coldness of
Faith paused. A joyous commotion began to move
the children. The tone of her voice had fallen upon
them as the clarion notes of a triumphal march. One
by one they aroused from their sluggishness and
prepared to pass in review before the rare and radiant

maiden whose name was Faith, and whose manner
infused into their midst an enthusiasm that made them
feel capable of obeying any command she might issue.
Meantime Faith, calm and strong, waited with sweet

patience for the happy tumult to subside. At last all
was ready, and the children with their quivers well filled
with the jewel-tipped arrows, moved forward. Gracious-
ly did Faith bend down to receive and welcome the first
little one who came.
"Listen, my sweet," she murmured; "this is the song
thou must sing ere thy arrow can be placed in thy bow:
"THE ALL-GOOD is the one Source of all Life, Love
and Truth.
I as his loved and loving child, show forth or reflect
the Divine Life, Love and Truth.
"THE ALL-GOOD governs his Starry Kingdom by the
one Law of Love: I, as his loved and loving child,
know no other law than this sweet Law of Love.
"THE ALL-GOOD is Spirit, so I, as his loved and lov-
ing child, am spiritual, knowing no other power than the
power of All-Goodness, which gives me strength to live
the Spiritual Life, governs me by the Law of Love, and
guides me into the Domain of Truth.
I, as a royal child of the Royal Household of Faith,
live and move and have my being in the Divine
Life and Will of THE ALL-GOOD. I no longer fear that
any shadow can fall upon me, and dim the shining robes
I now put on as emblem of my fitness to enter the
Mansions of Light, a living temple fit for the reception
and radiation of the one glorious Life."
It was a long song, and a new one, for a trembling

little one to sing. The promises of the song were so
great. How could one sing and at the same time be-
lieve? And yet so inspiriting was the near presence of
the rare and radiant maiden named Faith, that the first
little one who approached placed the jewel-tipped arrow
in her bow and began to sing.
As she sang, all the time putting in and pointing the
jewel-tipped arrows, the most wonderful changes showed
forth in her. The dark garments cast upon her by the
Doubts and Fears became robes of light.
When she came to the acknowledgment of the Law
of Love, grace of movement and radiancy of expression
were added charms. New strength came with each new
claim that was made, and when the little one proclaimed
herself a "royal child of the Royal Household of Faith,"
she was entirely transformed: she, too, had become rare
and radiant; she, too, had proved her right to be called
a child of light.
Faith bent down from her gracious height, gave her a
swift warm embrace, and bade her go forward.
And thus, one by one, they passed on-from darkness
to light. Now and again a child would declare that she
could not sing a song so long and so new; or another
would say he was unprovided with, or had lost the
jewel-tipped arrows: in which cases Faith tenderly bade
them dropout of the review and go to the rear, telling
the one to affirm that she could sing a song as long and

as new as the song of Life and Love and Truth, for only
by so singing could she prove herself truly a royal
child; and commanding the other to look up his missing
weapons, since no true thought can ever be lost.
And this is the way that rare and radiant maiden,
Faith, taught to the children of Shadow-Land the Di-
vine Song of Life and Love and Truth, and made them
know that only in singing this song, as they used the
Arrows of Truth, could they pass from the fears, doubts,
coldness, and dreariness of Shadow-Land into the
full and joyous radiance of Truth, whose steady rays
lighteth every one whose desire it is to be proved a
Child of Light; ready to be clad in shining robes and glad
to be welcomed into the Royal Household of Faith.



OFT music-a very har-
mony of sound-floated
.'s :, Aon the air like a benedic-
. Y tion. Pleasant odors were
wafted from all directions.
-, The light grew more
S J._ luminously white. Every-
SL thing seemed to vibrate in
S joyous response to the mu-
S- sical cadences born in upon
4 the fragrant breeze.
*.i The rainbow-tinted rays
// / of love, which had been
\ -7 \, given to each child from the
// great source of Divine Love, began to stir to
action, and behold! the Children of Light once more
knew themselves to be happy-hearted.
How lovely the change that had taken place, how
joyful the throng pressing around the rare and radiant
maiden, Faith, asking to be led from Shadow-Land and
its Doubts and Fears into the fair country of Freedom.

A promise had once upon a time been made to the
children, a promise which had so pleased them that they
had never forgotten it. It was to the effect that while
they were sojourners on the Shining Star, learning their
parts, they were entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit
ot happiness; and they wanted to know if this was not
the time for it to be fulfilled, and whether Faith would
not teach them how to realize the promise which had
aroused so much of expectation, and which had as yet
brought to them so little of satisfaction.
"Yes," said Faith with enthusiasm, "that is my
mission.. Now that you are become members of the
royal household, I enter with joy upon my work of show-
ing to you the power of the Word of Truth. When a
child has sung the song of deliverance, has denied the
claims of mortality made to hold her in Shadow-Land,
has arrayed herself in the robes of light, conscious of her
privilege to keep them pure and unspotted, she is ready
to learn the mysteries of the Starry Kingdom, and make
manifest on the Shining Star the health, peace, and joy-
bearing facts of Life, Love and Truth. And not until
these are understood can any child know what it is to
live the true life, to gain liberty, and to learn how to so pur-
sue happiness as to make her a sure and willing captive,
radiating on her captor such fulness of joy as will ever
after make the one securing her wise in the secret of
creating new funds of happiness.

"Listen, children! By the Word of THE ALL-GOOD
have all things been created, and by the Word of the
child of THE ALL-GOOD can all these wonders of crea-
tion be made manifest. The Good is THE-ALL. THE-
ALL is radiant Life; THE-ALL is inspiring Love; THE-
ALL is strength-giving Truth.
"The TRUE WORD, spoken into the silence, is like a
flashing sword of the spirit wherewith to press or clear
away all the demons of doubt: the TRUE WORD, spoken
into the silence, is like darting rays of celestial fire, swift
and sure to reach all-pervading, ever-present celestial
Goodness, and make manifest the heart's desire. Now,
what do you mostly want, dear ones?"
"We want to be led out of this land where we have
been so afflicted and put in secure possession of the fair
promised country where life, liberty and happiness will
be forever ours, and where we can, uninterrupted by the
Hobgoblins of Shadow-Land, bring out our play of Life,"
exclaimed the children.
"An excellent wish, dear little ones," said Faith, "and
to show you fully how it can be carried out, I will call
other workers of our royal household."
The children who were most observant saw a beauti-
ful light emanate from Faith; and the thoughts she sent
forth appeared as rays of luminous fire, which left her
with swiftness, seeming to vibrate as they moved to
rhythmic sounds.

"Gladly we come," was soon heard by the listeners
(for the Maids of Sense, were again attending to their
duties), and almost immediately a sweet young girl clad
in pink, the soft tint of the early rosy dawn, embraced
Faith and smilingly looked around.
Hope is our sister's name, dear children, and she
knows how best to help us in the work we have to do.
And here is Charity, more often called by us Love,"
continued Faith as, with cordially extended hands, a
brother appeared whose face and manner were so ex-
pressive of courage and affectionate interest that the
little ones at once pressed around him.
"Now we'll go to work to prove the power of the
Word. Let the glad work begin with you, Hope."
Hope, with a brightness peculiarly her own, passed
in among the children, holding each in sweet embrace,
finding out meantime the closest desires of the little
heart fluttering against her own. Then she whispered a
few fond words and went on.
At once the brightest fancies began to awaken in the
heart of the little one whom she had left; and as these
fancies like so many fairies stirred into motion and took
unto themselves form and shape, Faith came along,
looked in upon them and breathed a few True Words
upon them. At once they sprang into strong being,
eager and expectant. Faith glided on and Love took
her place.

Under the warm, true influence of Love, the Fairies
of Desire, who were slumbering in the heart of the child
whence Hope's whisper had aroused them, and who
under Faith's strong words gained certainty and sure-
ness, were now thrilled with the wish to be put to some
service, to do for others even as Hope and Faith and
Love had done unto them.
And thus, one after the other, all were made ready for
the new exercise of the day.
The true wishes of the heart, which belonged to them
as children of THE ALL-GOOD, had long slumbered.
When their owners had believed in Evil as a power
having right to control, these dainty Wish-Fairies had
become so frightened that they had crept into the deep-
est recesses of the heart.
When they heard the terrible claims put forth by Sin
and Sickness, and saw how the Children of Light forgot
their royal right of commanding through the power of
the Word, they, too, felt the blight cast, and they lost
color and form and sank an indistinguishable mass into
deep places, from which they never expected to be
extricated while their heart home was on the Shin-
ing Star. But here they were, more alert than ever
after Hope and Faith and Love had made their happy
"What shall we do? oh, tell us how to serve others!"
was now the eager cry from all.

"Let us seek all the missing ones," said Love.
"Yes," added Faith, "and assure them that their places
in our royal household remain vacant until they come to
take them."
"And how they will bless us for bringing to them such
glad tidings of great joy!" cried Hope.
A pretty sight it was to see the Children of Light, clad
in their royal robes, make ready to follow Faith, Hope
and Love in search of those who, blinded or deafened
by the tumult of the old Hobgoblins, or the gloom and
heaviness of the Fears and Doubts, had withdrawn into
deep caves or desert places.
The newly awakened Heart-Fairies took the lead, for
they had once upon a time studied the soul of things
and knew how to express it in music that was suited to
the Shining Star. This soul music was very penetrative,
so Love bade them to go first in order that the missing
ones should be found and charmed by the mystic
And so it came to pass, as they moved onward, that
many were drawn to them of those who called them-
selves the poor and sick and sorrowful, as well as others
who said they were the rich and the powerful among the
children of men.
The members of the royal household carried with
them tapers which had been dipped in celestial fire. The
light which came from these was that far-famed light

which can be had by every child who, placed upon a
Shining Star, desires the true light of life; and no mask
can hide, disguise or conceal when this light is cast upon
Working under this marvelous light, wondrous indeed
were the discoveries made by the children. For in-
stance, those calling themselves the rich and powerful were
often found to be in great spiritual poverty, and what
they deemed rare and costly raiment was shown to be
terribly thin, often so torn or patched as to awaken
alarm. Whilst others who were known as poor were
found to be the possessors of many treasures in the
Starry Kingdom.
It was beautiful to behold the fervor with which these
dear ones who had been led from the bondage of false
belief into the blessedness of true thought (righteous-
ness) worked. They waited for no direction. Thrilled
by the gladness of the light of life under whose strong
rays they were, they filled quiver after quiver with the
Arrows of Truth, gave them to those who sat in the
darkness of mortal belief, or under the shadow of de-
spair, explained their use, and in their well doing never
wearied. The song Hope had sung into their hearts
they sang to others; even as Faith had brought to them
strong, good cheer, so gave they to others; and the won-
derful impulse of action infused into their hearts by
Love, which made it a joy and gladness to do for others

even as they would wish that others should do to them,
they were also able to impart.
Some heard them gladly, learned the correct use of the
Arrows of Truth, left the ways that are dark, and took
the means needed to identify themselves as loyal mem-
bers of the Household of Faith and true Children of
Light. Others turned aside in scorn. And thus they
worked until the day was spent, and they were called
home by Hope and Faith and Love. Not to rest, oh,
no! for the truest rest is in doing the work that it is the
happy privilege of the child of All-Goodness to do; but
to gather together more weapons of Truth, and draw
still more generously from the royal treasures of Life,
Love and Truth.
Had their shining robes become soiled in the heat and
dust of the day? you ask. Indeed no, not at all. The
radiance of a new glory was around them, and more re-
splendent than ever was the royal household.
"Sweet, art thou satisfied?" asked Hope of one little
one who had been among the most active in the contest.
"Yes," answered the child, "for the seed of to-day will
be the blossom of the morrow."
"I saw thee pass in among a very fierce and doubtful
set," said Faith to another, "didst thou fear, dear heart?"
"Not I," replied the child. "'As your faith is, even so
shall it be possible for you to believe and be saved,' said I
unto them; and then with faith in their faith I passed on."

To another whose robes shone with a brightness quite
different from the others, Love said:
"And how was it with thee, sweet-heart? I saw thee
spit upon and cruelly used, how didst thou manage in
"Ah, to me was given the happiest part of our happy
day's labor," said the sweet child in reply. "The more
they abused me the more I loved them, for they knew
not at all what they did. The love I sent was so warm
and true that it very quickly aroused their Heart-Fairies,
and then the blessedness that flowed in upon me is not
to be told."
"Listen, dearest children," said Love, who had ex-
changed significant glances with Hope and Faith as the
little ones told their day's experiences, "you have to-day
begun to penetrate the secret of Life. You have com-
menced to realize the promises made to you. You are
only entitled to the true life as you prove your worthiness
to live it so truly that you can bring others into the full
delight of its abundance. You are only entitled to liberty
as you show your own freedom from all falseness, all false
beliefs, all claims made by others contrary to the claims of
All-Goodness. You are only entitled to enter into the
pursuit of Lay~zpizess when you have given evidence of
your ability to judge between the false and the true.
"You know the standard of measurement-Infinite

"You have tested the power of denial over false claim-
ants-Evil, Sin, Sickness, Death.
"You have seen the wonderful changes that follow
when Truth is affirmed. You have passed in review be-
fore Faith. Hope has sung her song so wisely into your
heart that you can sing it to others; and I have shown
you how potent is the influence of Divine Love. There-
fore you are now the initiates of Truth, qualified to use
the Divine Word of Power.
You are richly endowed by THE ALL-GOOD, our
loved and loving Father-Mother. Your service to
others, as shown by your faithful efforts to-day, entitle
you to these keys"-and Love held up three lustrous
jewels. "They will open to you new treasures-the
boundless reservoirs of LIFE, LIBERTY and HAPPINESS."



OVE ceased to speak. As he paused a
new sense of stillness settled upon
them. Then came a gentle
motion of the air and lo, a
j dove, snowy white, was in
"* /'- their midst, and a voice was
glad heard to say:
"I send unto
you Peace, my
Peace whom the
world hath not
seen. Celestial
h Peace is for the
further guidance
of those who abide in the Royal Household of Faith,
glad to acknowledge themselves as the Children of
Light and ready to enter the Kingdom of Spirit.
"Eye hath not yet seen, nor has it been possible for
the heart of children who live on this Shining Star to
conceive of the glories prepared for those who have ful-
filled their parts in the drama of Life. Eternal vigilance

is the watchword of those who would enter. Watch,
then, lest your feet be again turned in the direction of
Shadow-Land: aspire for the good, which, like a ladder
of luminous light, is all around you, strong to bear you
above all that causes fear or doubt."
Again the silence settled around them. But it was
now full of meaning as it had never been before. The
Maids of Sense were so charmingly alert in their minis-
trations, especially the one in control of the Intuitive,
that the divine mysteries of the cosmic silence were
keenly realized. The words of spirit they had just
heard quickened their spiritual consciousness, and a
murmur of delight escaped them as Peace, the imper-
sonation of fairness and purity, bearing in her arm
palms, and in her hand an olive branch, appeared among
"Give to me the keys that open the way to Life, Lib-
erty, and Happiness," she said, turning to Love.
Love handed to her the lustrous jewels.
Peace, transcendently lovely, holding high the glisten-
ing cluster that opens into the Realm of the Real, said
"Dear ones, follow me and I will lead you through
The Luminous Way. It is the famed road, straight and
narrow, opened in the long ago by the PRINCE OF
PEACE, who, having himself passed through the Valley
of Shadows, knew that it would be wise for him to leave

/' I


f I .', /
1'' -' V>

'. !~ ~ !i, ; '/ / //
/7 I /4 .
L^'/ i \.\ /-
I V/ /\-iY v *
:I j

K r1 '
^\\\\ i.

i,, Ii/ I ( 65

this certain guide for those who wished to go with divine
certainty into the Kingdom of Heaven."
Gracefully she moved forward, closely followed by the
Children of Light-who were again happy-hearted.
There was a harmonious vibration of the air, and a
musical refrain bore to the inner ear this sweet assur-
ance: "Peace is now yours, the Peace of THE ALL-
GOOD, and the full measure of her strong, magical power
can only be known by the Children of Light. Now and
forever abideth with you Peace."
Onward they moved, or rather floated, for motion now
had in it an element of lightness that was as novel as it
was agreeable.
The Way was not at first specially pleasant. After a
while murmurings arose and questioning as to whether
this was The Luminous Way of which so much had
been said. Peace smiled serenely and kept steadily on.
Now and again a child sat down by the wayside under
the strange old belief that one of the Shadows of Shad-
ow-Land had pursued her; and with the old sense of
fear she became doubtful, and then, oh, so tired! Once
a party of several, after much talking and comparing
of suspicions and unbelief, decided they were being
misled and turned backward. As they did so a change
took place in their shining robes-they grew dull
and heavy. Their Maids of Sense being careless, they
became, as they left the light, quite blind and deaf,

and incapable of sensing the incense of praise arising.
Therefore, when they came upon a broad road which,
said the guide-post, led to Destruction, they entered
upon it.
Lift up your eyes, oh, Children of Light, to the hills,
whence cometh help," said Peace, holding high a palm
branch. New joy filled the hearts of the faithful ones as,
obeying the words of Peace, they saw before them The
Luminous Way, and felt the inspiration of a newrapture
thrill them.
On all sides bloomed rare flowers. Many in luxuriant
growth had twined around the trees and hung suspended
in many graceful ways. Ferns of many varieties, and
most beautiful palms, made a picture of enchanting
Over all was shed a wondrous light, the light that
poets tell us has not yet shone on land or sea, and it
gave to flowers and foliage a certain translucent brill-
iancy hard to describe. The air, too, was so limpid,
wholly different from what they were used to, and full of
sound and fragrance. It exceeded in loveliness anything
they had ever imagined. They looked upon each other
and saw the reflection of a new glory, and they were
aware how tenderly they loved each the other, for

"Each thought was visible that rolled within,
As through a crystal vase the figured hours are seen."

"Have we entered the Kingdom?" they asked
Nay, dearest little ones," replied their guide, "you
must first prove your right so to do by passing through
the Gate of Understanding. There is much before us,
let us not linger longer. "
On they went through scenes of transcendent beauty,
becoming more and more joyous.
At last there appeared before them a massive gate.
It rested on great rocks, to which it was clamped by
heavy chains. It was very ponderous. The Children
of Light had never seen anything that gave to them
such an idea of grandeur. All the foundations, too,
were in such sharp contrast to the exquisite loveliness
through which they had been passing.
"The promised land lies beyond that gate-the Gate
of Understanding," said Peace, beginning to climb the
precipitous sides which led to the entrance.
The children started to follow with much energy.
The song Hope had sung in their hearts burst forth in
glad strains; Faith, calm and strong, seemed to beckon
them on; and they were conscious of an enthusiasm
always felt in Love's presence.
They began well. Each gain in the ascent brought
so much of vigor. At times, it is true, they found
they must go down in order to go up higher,
and then the rocks were so sharp, the shadows so

dense. Was this not worse than anything they had
had before!
Indeed, hard as you children may find it to believe,
these little ones on the Shining Star began again to fear
and to doubt. When they looked up, the way to the
Gate of Understanding seemed insurmountable: when
they looked down, they were frightened at what they had
passed over, and fearful lest some unknown abyss would
open before them. Almost might one have believed
with them that this state was worse than their first one
of Darkness.
Their shining robes were often caught on the rocks
and sadly torn; and how footworn they became!
"Look not backward," said Peace in clear tones.
"Raise your voices in glad accord and sing the song
of Life, Love, Truth."
Sing? they, so worn and weary, how could they
And yet they could; for, although they began feebly,
at the first notes the Fairies who had studied the Soul
of Things clustered around them and made an accom-
paniment so exquisitely melodious that they were
charmed indeed and, forgetful of self, thought only of
the one Wondrous Life, the one radiant Law of Love,
the one Divine Truth, the manifestation of which it was
their happy privilege to bring about on the Shining

Such soulful music welled forth as they had never
before given utterance to; and as the melody grew fuller,
strong yet velvety soft, a veil that had hung between
them and the Soul of Harmony was drawn aside and
they were able to apprehend the mysteries of the Celes-
tial Music.
On they went, under this magical influence, and when
the Divine Song was ended, lo, they stood before the
Gate. Their entrance through it was to triumphal
strains grander than ever fell upon ear of listening vic-
tor. Oh, the glory of that wonderful passage, and the
surpassing grandeur of the scene before them! Words
cannot tell it. They became conscious of marvelous
power. The illusions and delusions of Shadow-Land-
how trifling they seemed! How feeble all the pretenses
put forth by the whole army of Fears and Doubts!
How slight all the difficulties of ascent to the grand
triumph at last achieved!
Oh, the glory of LIFE abundant, flowing around them
in full sweetness and strength!
Oh, the rare delight of LIBERTY-freed as they
now were from everything that could dull or weigh
down, and keenly conscious of the Divine Omnipres-
Oh, the rapturous sense of joyousness that, by service
to others, gave to them a realization of perfect HAPPI-

At a short distance from the entrance to the great Gate
were three archways, formed of rare sculpture, emble-
matic of divine wisdom, deemed mystical by those who
had not yet passed through the portals of Understand-
ing. Thither were they led by Peace.
Drawing the jeweled keys from her girdle, she opened
in succession three doorways and led them into a hall so
unique in its form and furnishings that the children
gazed around them in rapt admiration.
The dome and walls were formed of clearest crystal.
So wisely had the powers of refraction and reflection
been considered that the crystal chamber appeared to
stretch into immensity, while really it was very com-
There was something peculiarly vitalizing in the air-
an uplifting-which was to them extremely exhilerating
after their journey.
"This portal," said Peace, "is one of the radiating
centres of the Supreme Life. A full, clear stream of
vitality passes continually through here that all the chil-
dren on the Shining Star, who speak TRUE WORDS, the
Words of Life, may have of it abundantly.
Find seats for yourselves, little ones, for here many
things shall be made known to you."
They grouped themselves around; a musical chime of
bells pealed forth; and the children's attention was at
once closely held by what they saw.

As if immense curtains had been drawn aside, there
was unrolled before their vision a scene so vast
that at first it seemed to present only tumult and con-
fusion; but as they looked understanding flowed in
upon them.
They saw before them numbers of children, all bound
in some way with chains, some of which were very
heavy, others lighter.
All were confined within certain limits. They would
go to the end of these chains, tug and pull at them, some
feebly, others in very fierce fashion, then declare to those
around them that they greatly enjoyed their limitations,
after which protestation they would go back to the stake
whence the bondage came and repeat the whole thing
over again like automata. It was curious to watch
Within the limits where they were bound they were
all trying to do some special thing; but when looked
upon with the eye of understanding, it was apparent
that no one knew the nature of the work he had under-
taken, why he was trying to do it, or how he should
end it.
This led to funny episodes, as, for instance, when a
boy whose Heart-Fairies desired him to put his lovely
fancies into the form of pictures became what is known
as a medical doctor, and called around him, not the ideal
images of beauty with which his mind was filled, but the

lame, the halt, the blind, and those who called them-
selves nervous dyspeptics. In watching them in their
extremely odd delusions, he, too, became, in belief, lame
and blind and nervously dyspeptic. Then, under the
impression he had done all that could be done for them,
and the length of their chains having been reached, they
would together fall into an open ditch and, as they
could, scramble out of it.
To the on-lookers, this was indeed a grotesque per-
Within the limitations of these chained captives were
abiding places for them. Some called them homes.
There were great inequalities among them. Many were
very costly, others not at all so, and many of the cap-
tives were entirely unprovided for.
But whether elegant or simple, all the houses had, in
common, a certain closet, an uncanny place, where was
an extremely unpleasant object called-no one knew
why-a skeleton. This disagreeable guest was every-
where greatly feared. No one felt secure, for the unin-
vited presence was likely to appear at any time among
Those whose chains were about the same length,
whose houses were built on the same costly plan, and
whose blood systems were supposed to be peculiarly
regulated, met together for what they called festive

Every effort was put forth to make splendid these en-
tertainments, and yet underneath all the magnificence
displayed, there would often be so much of bitterness,
jealousy, envy, hatred and malice between entertainers
and entertained that, to the Children of Light, gazing
upon all with the eye of understanding, it seemed as if
the captives were feasting and dancing on fiery volca-
noes, ready to burst into eruption, or on the brink of
On certain occasions these chained captives would
assemble together and one or more of their num-
ber would give them an oration on Freedom. They
would pass grand resolutions about being free, and
declare with much emphasis that there was no other
country on the Shining Star where the chains that
bind were as long or as flexible as the chains that
bound them.
Action was to be seen on all.sides, with more of agita-
tion, of commotion, in some places than in others. You
can imagine how unusually interesting it was-a play
within a play. For with the clearness of vision that
they now had, since passing through the Gate of Under-
standing, they were able to see all the unrealities of the
dream holding the children in Shadow-Land, and yet
not to be deceived thereby, for the radiancy of the true
Life stood out with crystal clearness.
The strange part was that the dreamers did not know

they were dreaming; and when told so by one who was
waking, denied it with much heat.
Rapid changes now began to take place in the scene
before them. Gleams of light multiplied among the
shadows. Chains were broken. Whenever this was
clearly done the captives rose from the shadows
into the Realm of the Real, the Heaven of Light all
around them, full of charm, of delight, of joyousness
and knew at last what it meant to wake up to glori-
ous LIFE, a truly unrestrained LIBERTY, and unalloyed
I wish I could make you see, as clearly as did the
Children of Light, this wondrous transformation scene.
Surely never before had such wonders been shown to
happy-hearted children. And to understand all that
passed before them was such delight. They were truly
It was easy to tell who among the captives spoke
TRUE WORDS; for they ascended from the one who
uttered them to the great glistening reservoirs where,
suspended from silvery cords, hung the Jewels of
Light, Life, Love, and descending in spiral lines,
enveloped the one to whom the TRUE WORD had been
As each bound child became free and entered the
Realm of the Real, the Divine Will of THE ALL-GOOD
became active in her, and she began at once to do her

divinely appointed tasks, which always proved to be
what she had most longed to do.
Brighter and brighter grew the scene. The liberated
ones were so glad to be free. Their ideal hopes and
aspirations rose before them fairer than they had ever
deemed possible, inspiring them with untold enthu-
Interested as they were in fulfilling their own desires
for happiness, no one forgot to do something for the
benefit or pleasure of another.
They were now under no bondage to fear.
Like threads of glittering light were the feelings of
love and harmony that united them one to the other.
Life was now full of glad certainty. They agreed to
bind love with duty: acknowledging duty as the love of
law, and law as the nature of the Eternal Goodness.
The children clapped their hands with glad accord as
tableau succeeded tableau, each more full of sparkling
beauty, of lovely significance, than the other.
Faith, Hope and Charity-oftener called by them
Love-were guardian angels: while Peace, sweet, white-
browed Peace, only to be known by those who cour-
ageously climb the heights leading to the wondrous
Gate of Understanding, diffused the charm of her sweet
presence among them all.
When the transformation scene had been completed,
ladders of luminous light were thrown from other Shin-

ing Stars to this one on which were our now truly
happy-hearted children, until the whole Starry Kingdom
was shown to be as united as it was resplendent with
the glory of THE ALL-GOOD, whose supreme power,
knowledge and presence were now loyally acknowledged
by the Children of Light.



~11 lo -3,

-: '''`

(PP "' -:%i~


J-b --W
1-I~ i iF~S~~''' ~I i-IQ

', ;X- --
I, .ik __;1~i

. ....

w-' AA ktI i4 irk
1%'Cde; ;rJ7~.

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