Title: Chronological history
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Title: Chronological history
Physical Description: 13 leaves : ; 28 cm.
Language: English
Creator: Frost, Jules A
Federal Writers' Project of the Work Projects Administration for the State of Florida
Publisher: s.n.
Place of Publication: S.l
Publication Date: 193-?]
Subject: History -- Chronology -- Hillsborough County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: non-fiction   ( marcgt )
Summary: Chronological history of Hillsborough County, Florida.
Statement of Responsibility: Jules A. Frost.
General Note: Caption title.
General Note: Typescript for the Federal Writers' Project.
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Wke A J t ', X

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It, k n *evwe oA ,vb&awiQA by tae Unai6ed StateS
sOT. Aaarew Jeasona dUA1TAI4 arlciea Sato two sowatloe, se
at a'.. Joha. The .ZeaWt Si tborouna Count was" o .w .

aVA Ga llar, *~A &a s, .ItS, aUg Aa Collar, Me ae -
dauhiteX*6 saq 0 Ae sIee bUo tlOXe.r.-Ia L Maa ana juIt,
4ve la taaa* tikeelag Indiam of Sortw ilorand, aeey oe;a
ix&at AmriLasa seeUMrs. A al gro0 01A Speaiadsf (Aatfte
sn anknom) .ee liTYL at ti aoat m at St' NIaltown Otrea,

Deo.ebor 89t&I Aoeq"ulto Couat, weatsed AUlaborouA4

W yM UaS* lbrE acreated rom woturXa a< uYr Ausqu aIwo Get.
Slimar 4 oltblie Utakod, ua "led taos 4Wy yuos ?A@li e
ReI Oulate ol .6atio Moeqlito oua=y (all ol oeaUSal sootte

los"). I vj *m s to. "go, atsoa.

jltoi) ha- "eit a.eide. A s bt
;*% ARO
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e A. Prost FWP
Florida #3
ologloal Hiatory .

H* illsabrou&g County organized Januaryi 8th *
SLog Court uouse looted at Lafayette and Aashly streets, TAsPa,
ed by the Indians in course of a raid.
Census showed population of Florida 34,'7 qn increase of al-
~t 00 per cent in 13 years.
4- "Tampa Bay i'oat Office" changed to "Tampa Poo Offico".
Decembor 23, Captain Jaoes MoKay aoquireau dealing vessel. This
S.the foundation of the present Lykos Brothera Steamship Coapry,
th lines to all important ports of the -orld.

Deoamber 88, Major lranoes Langhorne Dade and 107 men frem Port
e garrison assarcred by Thdians near Buahnell.

S*. First 'iorritorial Council oonvoned at, St Josephs, Hillboiough
represented by William Bunoe,

F Pirst population figuroa for Hillsborough County 4, 58 .

Closq of first Seminole Indian War
Armed Ocupation Act giving to all ex-soldiers settlinG below.
aoooohee Atver, 160 aores- of land.

Wi* lliam 0. Perria, army butler, eatabliahed 'general merohbandi.
ess at ort Brooke. lst store in 2arep. -
W* 1inia B. Booker settled in "Simone aamook*. Planted the
t seeds in this section, froa hiuh sweet ora'es were produced.
the first person n this section to ship oattle to Cuba, sj lrst to
,a sbool teaobi bhre to teaohb hi: M. l. t -
dea,. :,.

00 A* ?rot ?a-
mp, Plorida *
ronological History '

Io igotel, and wa operated by his daughter ,ho had b artied Henry


."Siaoni -aNook1 was settled by Beverend Daniel Sla.
osu, Baptist preotah er at s grandaudghtr, aary *
SJane NoCsrI y married John Angus MaKeay a son of James
and Matilda (Call) Molay.,
S- February 80, First deed of oonveyanoe. filed in Clerk's office

Hllaboro County -. T. Kendriok and wife to Thoms P. Kennedy..

S- BHenry Laurenrs Mito ell pirated from Alabma, to Hillaborough

anty at the age of 18, with his parents who settled near Plant

by. Later he became Governor of, Florida.
PFiery established aoross Hillaboro River in. Tampa.

18 First Methodist Cburoh organised in Taomp



* John Jakn ome to Taopa from the Manatee River soptionp and
same year wa ooaaisioned to make the first survey and plat of

a village.

8 September 8aM Destructive ;ale, sooapanidd by extremely

eb water, destroyed many !ap=a houses and. orops, and caused less of .

y. oattleo.
- December 85 John oGvens and his wife, Nanoy (W l3k ) Givens

me to Te a, locating on ground now occupied by Hillsboro Masonio

gae,. Darwn B.Oivmns, hi-a son, stll lives in Tampa and gives ia-

ieatinag data of old t4eI
4a L.eroy Oilian Lesley, Methodist preacher, settled in a

tie 'later U-n spirit in JIdah P. *Behamin, secretary of, the C nted.
Sfti bergh County -.first .oo,,thouse .lo
48 ,, "tillsb.rbz Cogty B first odrthouse (log oouoi :.,ihoua .


< *+

A. rost FBO
Florida 1 8
ologloal History

on Lafayette and Ashlqey Burned by Indians in the Game year.

SFederal Govesnment donated to HBllaboroug County a traot of
aQjoining Poat Brooke on the north, to be used as site for
ty meatk ,
STaapa first incorporated on Pebruary 12th.
49 November 5 Post office established at Itchepuokesaea, now
ant city7

O0 Second survey of Tampa made by John Jaukaon.

81 Joseph Roble came to Talqa. Supplied village with salt
le it was blockaded during th.e Civil lar. Single handed, touted a
Sof Oederal soldiers who came to destroy his "salt kettles".

Tampal new Courthouse, built about this date, stood until 1800
f uite of present courthouse.
8 Hillborough Lodge #8 was built at the corner of Thiting and
anklin Streets. 2nd public building.
8s Later in the year the First liethodist Church was built on the
.ner just east of the Masonio lodge was third publo building in
e village.
b8 October 10 Tapa incorporation dissolved, and noney from sale
property applied .to debts.
S8 Septber I5. Tampa inoorporated a second time, with John Darl-
6 preaidant,
SB Henry Crane began publiity of TaOpa firt newspaper, the. .

I8 The Hooker home, which later became the Orange Grove Hotel, vwa

S es A. Frost P
Florida 0e
ogoal History

to At one time it was considered the finest hotel in Florldas
till stand at .the. same spot, occupied by the Seaboard Air Line
as a freight office.
December 15 nirst charter for the town of Tampa.
Deoaber 25 Outbreak of Billy Bowlegs' War.

Auust 21 the book of minutes of the Mayor'. court, City of
a wa begun. '

B ramt Yollqw ,ever opidomio.
Close of last Sominolo e'ar.

Schools, which had been for the aat part discontinued during

-years 1857, 1888, and part of 18 wore reopened, and sooualated
money was divided among the nine district schools, each getting
ttle more than a hundred dollars as its share.

S arch 5 Itohepuckesassa Post Office vas changed to Cork. (It
*now Plant City).

6 Hillsborough County reduced nearly half, when Polk County was
iused from the southeastern part of it.

Salt Works establiahod at Rooky Point by John Robles.
federal raid on Tampa Bay.

-A foroe of Pederl under Gee Woodber:ry, landed at .ookersa
at, arhd into aupa, and captured it w1aout resistance.
* ?uarit of blodada runners Itn by -- .

e A. Froat PO -
Ia, Florida #7
ologioal History

tender, Rosalie. t nerou land raids.

Two ooopanies of negro soldier, oomanded by White offloers,
ered Et Lafayette Street, and omitted dastardly depredations

S Judah P. Benjamin oame to South Florida. Sheltered at Gamblo
sion, conducted to Nassau, and thence to I~Fland.
S- Fort rookiee 6arrisoned by two oompanieo of nemro soldiers. In
pose to complaints to tho United States Ooverment, they were
ed to another point.

First trade with Cuba, costly barter. -Products exohanred were
rand. ru for naval stores. Ihis marks the beginning of a lose

7 Yellow fTerr epidoemo.

70 Springhead founded.

Period of corruption in lHillborough County government on ao-
nt of oarpet beggers. Heavy taxation caused meny to lose their

76. Judge oerry O. ( all appointed post master by President Grant.
5 Isaa o W Warner (fatherntlavsw of thoman EB Joakson) oame to
ma from Oanha, Nebraaka. Settled on and named Nebraska Avenuer.
7v (December) PFirt of the tilting toiients in TsMIa, attract.
Sthe sooially elite fr all of South niorida.

lot faaing west of Prankin between Madison and Twigg streets.

Ad Frot PsW
iologioal History r

Stagecoach line established between Gainesville and Toaws, oar..
i ail and passengers*

June 14, original projoot for the Ipprovemeht of Tampa Harbor
eLud in oongresesonal River and Harbor Act.

Fort Brooke (the Oarrison section) was thrown open to home-
^- erg.

(April 1st, Cork Foot Offioe changed to Plant City.
Febr ary 0 lant 7yst3 R~ailroad now the Atlantio Coast
Swas oa~plotod. I
Second coming of the Spanish Gutiorres, Haya, V. U. Ybor
ted Tnrpa, buying property and making plans for establishing e1gar
ea. This was the genesis of Tampa's oigar industry.

Population of Hillaborough County 7,978g
Beginning of Ybor City. vTo oigar factorioa built at same time
I. M. Ybor and Sanchez & Hdya. The latter opened firat because of
troubles encountered by Mr. Ybor.
Port Tampa selected by H. B. Plant as the terminal of the Blant
teon Railroad, J

S* First bolita "thrown" by Senor lirabel.
Oroat freeze. 3S degrees above sero at Uanatee. vo record at
e. estimated damage to crops in Timnq area, 0,000,000 (Jan. 18).

Sellow fever epideado ** Tapa's worst, affecting 10% of popus ,.

iit sret .esta .,i" 'ae

I ;. /4-

[es Ae. 1fot FP
SFlorida #9
noloioal history
line uamking hourly trips to mbor City,

19 Laooovry of phoephnte in Marion and surrounding counties. Be-
s of rise of Tapa to greatest phosphate exporting point in
ted States.
-9 Florida CentZal and Peninsular Railroad (now 8.A.L.) extended
Tampa, inau ration of Tampa as deep water port,
19 Construction of' Tampa Ecy Hotel begun.

10 Population of Billsborough County 14,941. Population of

pa 6,638
0 *. Town of Valrioo founded.
10 Jane Kennedy, wife of.J. Criohton and daughter 6f Thonas P.
oedy died. B r aleio teacher, J. A. EIuttorfield, dedicated to
r the song, "hen Xou and I ower Young, agie".
)0 Old wooden oourt house replaced by present strouture.

1 Tampa Da Hotel ooMploted. Opening ball attended by society
m~ all over the oountry.

M First eleotrio railway organized by n, II. ,endrioc, 8r Doug-
i, and Peter 0. Knight.

Db aillsborough Criminal Court of teooeds originated through the
Itrumentality of Peter 0. Knight.
iS -Election of Ienr'y L. Mitchell of T pa as sovernow, o Floridao.

4 Dsastrous freeze. Deoeber M9 and 80, 26.9 deGrse"a in a.

Si1d but to j. fw gto
LA 4 j I 41",-

f ---
L i

A. Frost PC
Florida #10
ogioal History

F February 8 and 9 Teaperature dropped to 82 degrees Most
e citrus trees were killed* CEsed.many people to move into the
sbor ough nty agricultural district.
S* West Tampa incorporated with population of 8,815.

7 Spanish embargo on tobaooo, CiGar manufacturers saved through
orts of V.. Tbor and B. B. Plant.
7' Pilibusterir period. TWes "Three Frienda" and "Dauntless"
many sailing ve6sels samgling arms to Cuba. Cuban revolutionary
tas active in Tampa.
7 Prof. L. n. bunohols, founder of present sobool system in Hills-
pugh County named county Superintendent of schools.

S* Clara Barton arrives April 18th to establish Red Croso Base in i
on Plant Avenue, now oocupied by J Mao Towne.
B abrkaction of ` troops front Port Tanpa for Cuba (lay7).
B Removal of Spanish Amerioan War troops August 12.

9 Great freese, February 13 and 14.. Temperature ranged from 86
trees down to 81.5 for more than 4 hours, the only such oase on
ord. Light snow, /10 inoh.

0 (Jane) First through train fromm ichmond, Va.) run to Tanpa.
0 Pirot automobile appeared on Tampa streets.
0 First paving in Tapa, WIiting to Harrison Streets.
o Hillsborough County HiGh Sohool oaMglotod* Two story frame
ldins of ten rooms, Jeftorson, Retells Pioroe and Benderson

Sin 195.. .

~da '::13


A. Prost F
Florida 11
logical History

(Maroh) Mayor Prank Vine granted a 30S year franchise to Penin
Telephone Company.
1 0, Brorein moved to TaCpa. In April organized Peninsular
e Company. Operations began early the following year with ap.
tely 700 subscribers.
Great freeze December 21. 84 degrees at Tmapa.
Post office building completed. Cost 51,000,000 including aite
furnihinh,. Site purchased by Governasent from 17. B,. ondorson,
had used it as residential property.
Hillaborough County Hoae (for indigents) & Hospital established
80th Street.

Sacred Heart Church completed.
Fort Erooke released by oat of State Legislature.

S* Charles H Brown moved to Tampa. Built the T&0C Railroad to St.
sburg. Died 19.o
W anoy (Collar) Jaol.son, wife of Dr. Robert Jackson, 'died at O9.
ter of Levi Collar, the first white settler. She was .born a route
7 Town of Fort Brooke annexed to Tampa by att of legislature by an
right, after a long bitter fight.

10 september 8, Threat of Indian war by Toa Tiger, because of theft
Chief Tigertail's bones. 800 Indians mass to attack.

S* .Bil bopu. Hig h Shool built, ig ,land ano utlida ..w

,- iid

A, Froat PM
Slorida 1g
logical History

Judge oraham conducted first Juvenile Court in Tampa Septeorw 1.
P0 Pinllas., Conty created by separation frov Hillaborough County.

SLaPayette street bridge built.
New Union Station built, ooat ,80,0 00.

Bond issue voted for 41,700,000 for public imnrovenents for

S- Hillsborough hotel ocmpletcd.

Present City iall ooapleted.
The opening of the automatio telephone system in Tampa and the
buaiding ereotod at corner Zaok and Uorgan Streets, celebrated on.

S* senate votes .1,183,000 for Tampa harbor*
Marconi plant at Tampa taken'over by Ooverraent. All amative
t ordered dianantled (April 10).
S- oew Carnmeie Public Library opened April 87.

81inking of ooast guard U.3.S. Tampa off Dritish Coast with all
,, 26 Tampans lost, September 96. This was the greatest single
disaster of the United'States during the war.
8 Spanish influenza (worldpswide).

9 Largest, ship ever built south of Virginia launched in Taepa by
Daniels Shipbuilding Campany February W5.

a -Le4utenant 0. P. Bilbimn appointed. first judge of juvenile 1oowurt

.. .. of 0 90. r n -e e-. .. ... .. 1 -.
-9 Loss of $400,000 by, fire in wholesale district Deoember 31'
4 .

A.* Po PCot
SFlorida '"
ogioal History

SLargest oange crop known to state, 16,000,000 boxes.

1 HilUsboroagh County Jail built at boost of approximately

SOld Peoples Bome establiUhed, 1803 8nd Avenue*

(January 1) Town of West Tapa annexed to Tapna.

Pf.6 "!BoO" days in Tampa.

SMunicipal Hospital built'an Davis Islands, coat l, 500,s58.44.

F* reeze January 18, Tonqp 30 degrees; Plant City 18 degrees. On

16th, temperature 28, lowest in ten years.

Hillaborough High School built, Central and Wilder, 684 feet

ga Cbot $1,000,000. ,"

Population illasborough County 185,801; Tampa 101,161; greater

area 15o,786.

I (Deomber) Anerioan Can Cmpany faotory oaqpleted

I homaker Flogging case wovaeber 30.

Sstor (Labor day) Monday, November 4

wPA started July 11, 1935

A ..

*" '->* ^ .' : .** ^ :'^. ^ ^ .. ,.;- .^ .^ **' .:*- i ** ~^ ,^ ^ .|/



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