Title: Legends
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Title: Legends
Physical Description: 9, 1 leaf : ; 28 cm.
Language: English
Creator: Warner, Lillian E
Miner, Frances H
Federal Writers' Project of the Work Projects Administration for the State of Florida
Publisher: s.n.
Place of Publication: S.l
Publication Date: 1936?]
Subject: Folklore -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Genre: bibliography   ( marcgt )
non-fiction   ( marcgt )
Bibliography: Includes bibliographical references (leaf 10).
Statement of Responsibility: Lillian E. Warner ; Frances H. Miner, editor.
General Note: Caption title.
General Note: "February 8, 1936."
General Note: "Federal Writers' Project, American Guide, Miami, Florida."
General Note: "Literature #665."
General Note: Typescript for the Federal Writers' Project.
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Source Institution: University of Florida
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4 .
. .-. js1 : ,.
tM isn 0 a :n f

IG-. 'r .'.* Pys n"42 "
S ... .f r.

onePM rU insO1 aoan hi:*e spns 'h a U .
., .."4 ::;o .. .. t. o n tl.. ,' .. +

2 iter tir ae Lestoe a4d 'tiia ar1 j o"lo* -

tioty.t i ` OiiAn o*llu l g- WllDap *-oro ,}ot ., -

Sh1 'he N"* 4a

on a OOal ree tht paw ao thr PruoMilahk

boionli~hr neiat 0e*o f& ae"e ""
15).e, 1o i a rko ao k be r

M. *1 ^ ^^ *\ 'id H

,i..br, rka dih2m W114' 'n tu"%.L oiiet ofn o aw1^
+ iomowb near the i. of blrtheo c Hou.e Vf 3f^
as.st (iioit ofathei l (iA no l' +3) aN' cAI

*1. I*'r. .
.e tat@ 4eb
L. *'
: ;.+ :--';'+ ". ao" ."l +~ t "?~i :".."+:.i'-...: 5 :,-'-:

~LMAW t.,)3R r F"C 2
Miami, Florida

100040"alPhift-PoOw a kr Vhe Lak bbllen-Alks *ejugveI1that

b.ssstti&i Slohea~houg~obI~hO bMU~ea-t0eonihtuhe~~~. ~ittiidbi the
tressrrl~r~Pw).rr~ sCwemt 1@lgcthb~)b~,h) aidheeitime&~ h14aei*.k.~h
HetA4d1 this as long as he lived, but the treasure is still be-
lieved to -be .buri ed jut:str mkive uele BaittoiG l t,emaihe

alon th sh~ .:Of tIOAB tI.hoi aoreh& (-.i X 1o: yn
Ea~v abowh-fosr Ml..suuthiof tbh eente.r-'f-the city:.of Mtamini'x
15em; zS aI ; spring k 5 m t@sis ash Bowl" anbeliete4 by-~

spriU Im said to have been first disoovered by General Marley,
the ftsu.mmJea a tighter, 4nd Ae Gt the, amaeiat -ivistors zto
te1eiirX16v*" 0e8 -fhe *2w4*&3 "l Is *ow prieSn wp fpew~ zt'
beleugiat;A i mti D keU Ottste bW* for ta =m4inr*lvwwv ifieA* f ill-

waoaow*g 1twsm epime i viant mastd wase a tW-im f od
seeklngueft1tsta ier-matnwM4Wott NUftLi-wz. w *ia~viisvwttfaI, te
NPOP for e1 6"LOO *. ftlay*ULftsoenwry as t1Lej thrilled to I
drink the,. J oth.;Ssme 42Za... aft e
pir~ate: ,advl6~b~stwwV.~ ser l~d teaCC 3uiilo~istwr ~iifad 4k.
1 ILmer the heading w!Mlami's Stranee Shrine of Saattered
Drea", P. StGP sAin-smaf trMtei *Vm thsim 1zS ;tB; g rwo

Puneh Bowl," possibly for news Interest. Re describes the

*.r -
; Lterature'W# :3
, l51 n-*3.UMrner

.on %...v. s ore n rb,$ % A..4i7 SA M ,
in but feebly at noon; 6 spot -oool and ea1ro U o paly
settleze wh same there for Vleasur or To uhesaw.W
.waters really did prO.duege O aQnS- d health an& -ward.-off Ol t
ne~tttie ofs Cooon it Ge ov o

i' b uri.ed otr dg -In ,;

settler of C t r/ovWe, o nf t past Iow Viami aro w

In. A i mAo k #*WM* Q. *k''t IT
poine tSr to p a ofRe t oea to s l e es ie ot an.s at3

S. i M.r* w i *. *.. ..t K
l r e tor"- Ue han.boi 1 a i l ts oud ate p r

"*sh *S wi Mti" re i& *i s
r^ u^fi s ]'* A aI 0 *A'

o. o n. -
*even~rs Pirit weneliet i Ias I'p n n e so tat i't i

afs athe V aBiio. So Im

.i d Uo *- -C B i '" Y: T& *'

*ri1 4 m i l ; 7 6
~L-~~t~ rrt 6go*r-

0 ii.t r .- .- .-4

?tPjS6M, RMp tiea. 31i&P1 S slat, brPaJ4 ,
o4 i at g p _ht*$ ,a o. and ate It by
his* elt R OO fPatm. frLIf a frW tajPa "w";

P., @*a t4 Ao".t WoeaP.., :;4Ft?_ .-- A o
%?t.? Wh?.lg 9r:^ 1.-A 4t^0 'Yg
land ad est their lunoh, selected this V plos a.nd. sbady
spot, ohrimtnd It, "lt- B, Jey", and.ye,...CA it to.o
9 ^ ta ^T r p *i4 r' e ....r .11 J
R. *.pi o pa to .n ogp is^a. ^in.

aFt .,fT T.in~ChW. has been his neighbor in Arch Creek .
(no. ApN a,,* ,?* V,*.S O... o.ra. :

*i'a&!r&rllVl'iff we f ate Ri 4'.J 9^9.'ia

Ap M'si ^""SvPalf ^ ^^ t ^^itrhit?$saraggy
AMQ.9r Pnf1 P4 4 M j tSE 3 ?.9RM 4 me oprl
was a woupt il.S w@1- tlgs bqffgtes$? .

: ve^ hast i es&ath ti. #4983 1SwbXI~i)fk..

SIa s .


I4teriatue n"68 Page
.llltan l. inumer p FECc
-xasi, "eni6a

e7a6.at9e, 1.;Tllntall M19 .t, btl.'e*4oi grgo,,

gcathte stone barred end In plsGe Is yet to-be solved.

kftf aitf --tho' Iitdfht t Xi *oaf- fig si" e .unDt"o
lea*l.rint-ag '1ho Mr. te0lXdt *alrf r :t e 94-t?n. t roe

Sgot'the tone arsed anod vr plai vem ti. i~~ j tol
*krffyiffi-'rth ihtrdrr 1Simetmtith' nyr 1 ^ii`^ orroiiw,
Flowsts,' nffdthat h ^Ootvrni iame 'roted c.Cnr.Mi hfMS4t;ttblnedt4f dena wisi *i. )llpq Sfor aifti *

She rtsW1iig 1.d itr 9*iao 4 lfThe 9dr' odif WI*i Iiff- .
b f WW, PL~ ~ik$i2W, CPd4 )Lt'dWet of the way
treat. iIt VrdPD Ve tb dw 1i9tiaM W~~oo* o

7E stu IrsarBe twit Ptrmow. f3 %Sb'rVh. tl

com tathefr zt try tjr1 fis
biafllet. 1H*%6 Ww baniiI lt 9ne -sktiattees spa be-
leved to 4W4 VbA4Mi LDF-to ,, t.oMJ,,o .ao
lir'-tf PW 0dh 3^-^y a ,,
ei ia& *%l^&t( *or Christ after he besoae a Seinole.

.. \

.. I Z- .x" i-" ,
.ai, Aoorid

va. OO1e t ; sy ptpO& ttlos ?o gJr -the %What

.;U -.w .., 1 t
I. nastan dau*A rs?%$1 *^.tW^t l- rsii**
...... ..-..-,

- .. ..A ., o.p w6,. ., They. ,p1 tt ~,'the W ite
*.9 e..thy*e .B@ta^ts le^..&n**.a~s g.tW Aat o

... a,:.epn fg9r a ole to r thin of God ua,. Ve inteopee tho
w~ios t ower the Red Skins.

'i'..'I'.. rs' K'9-" -3. '-='... "_

;tb~a.ul Spn .#$aBC., Ob S375 7IS.w~ o uon, x on

Thee e r .eae ele.k to
td, 9an er u&A. "ar Py W.??^ o g e n

--. kl*& b; t. II f l ,
I*oh 'S -h ot- v Vw w Mn. Sir oii.no
M^ rS^Sbelieve they ars @6r- to


lal, Florida

I .wa& A A*MbA OPiiq *aP Ve S U a.
m' alp .k4' "SO :.i" .4" ::ike

itf9 0 1t&Cr f 1 .yfftmlCma.pt:waOt1 grow, in tj n.qkC.ggI.ent, oae o Ud.CI~ wawhio:hth InD L
js. rPap .g4 ^as Jtiihiet^ *h*<. manmbiasbith, eas tow ;:
y asq,1T erpea.tlpg to the starving Indiana, bread that was-
small an ;ro ^f.pi ep. As >t.. tMvpe satakia& tlL*azby
1opapdot ?oNt gi w*boC A.Ab2rtse-.-ilpan t of he
e 9p, ^^T^t $@[9jt^T*gg 4, b *alo3.9Wthe and( sister
had a b....i.&.j e similar t* the Christian idea of Heaven.
The Seain g.gagqtearp^pfbMlga w.aIaplliikrta'or

j{1? li$ fahr. g 9pgg9hbijpg, I onalag4iausrmattathwdrath,

ilorido.) S .M" oeem f8a astsl or o ^n aon ,
l i1 tVwer t r gine the re 4.

of Miani, aho built the 0Clsrrk hoae. "
T h e ..o p o w 4., ..u p.

rr-~ ?a i
Liters i65



* *... *

~ 5eW"8

was rfonad Od in hen sand by workeon who were blasting for
ri. if 0 -ti M + o *e t* f h- s. 1 *on4.to the 7hai4 offX
tlhe"1 dana( Date o given). aet. .a*, who was
+AIA wr tfek I t+ as ru the tho ti A R
bossia the anesa o, notioeA a negro tasging at'a haty ,ob-
Sa* ^off o )ttie SaleAM s in te1 3 :#.E^ : yr
*Jotn he water. upon pulling the object, it was fondA to be
pp^L tb: W isht^Stt^<-8n^^riro y wrl hary: to- utc 6 A4 j*4ne U
a Peopn ettle of Astoo or Spanish origin, similar to the
(iartain d*-.r*Cs- ~Is .^ #.1s~i^ .i.A 't-41 2&* 11A1, P*V,' Ja
work of its kind done in the 15th century. It was shaped A e

a dshpan with handles. The sides were imbedded with rook
; ,. ... .; .
whioh took hammer and ohisel to remove.

Captain Rqq .bqug~tth .tind ,roa.the negro for' 504

and it ls now one of the valued possessions of.thr Rose family

of Miami, Florida.

One interesting theory that has been advanced about

its origin is that it haA been a part of the equipment of the

ship, Queen Isabella, equipped for Columbus. (4)

Ship Chains:

Sight-seeing oars and busses stop before the hone of

Mrs. Reily Clark, 1329 Briokell Ave., Miami, Florida to view

the loops of heavy ship chains mspported by heavy rook pots,

whioh enclose her lawn. These chains, 400 feet of them, were

taken from a four masted Amerioan schooner which grounded

off the ooast of Planter (Now called Tavenier, Mateonube Key,

Florida) before the schooner sank, and were bought by Charlie

Diaaond, of the old Van Line, from those salvaging the week.

The phaina passed through several hands up to Mr. Dale Miller

of Misai, who built the Clark home.

S ..... ....
~~~ ..?. .". -- .. '. .. .
. ~ ~ c ,. . :, .' .',

*, *
A. r
I .'



. -1-

#665f~ -*-"t:r

_4 tolt by Charles. c.O, I

~i~~'h. ~Lto be one of the -~ wh.OI e04Ott:.*

hewz'esk. If this is trues.the other t

66se ff the Battle~ ampI Maise sk In the flavanlarhbor,

uisln t~ie5~an ek Lne 1 haoveto-be: abaMnae by

gertaftS6u1ee-whj0 iat#zst t.vurlsts with'iblsr latter tan

th~~~~~~y thx t* ~p1~p rs.OClark' a

h ome\'i*4 (5) i

.'-.,a -i~a. t~S *i

,i -so !

:I~4m~ -'
~ / ~ fC-i~l.. . . . . . . . . . O




.-- tI

r At". "

I Ab:i00.uE.- WiAo -. "A

.1 Na~or LN.1aWsz', Chakplaf of &Ampleaa L.g1on,

p~ol t~ ~nM&*OiaMr*b,*gb
W46 i

~ rr

~es ~ gaas i ,.e mw at' ?lt 1

t4v..444 rut A40 i r-4 ar b
o **.~~~~~l-~~~W *tr ti~~;Pj~~1I
utwo Ot %ba. 1"r lrrk,4 laDan w."A"O A%% s iiuw*

*O I
OaU ~ ~ ~ ~.j: 2cP .~uf


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