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Title: Academics: a monthly newsletter for the faculty of the University of Florida
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Title: Academics: a monthly newsletter for the faculty of the University of Florida
Series Title: Academics: a monthly newsletter for the faculty of the University of Florida
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Creator: UF Faculty Senate
Publisher: University of Florida Faculty Senate, University of Florida
Publication Date: 2005
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UF Faculty Senate Newsletter *

March, 2005

Issue # 4

Chair's Report
P. Ramond
Fellow Senators,
I continue to appreciate just how good a University we are as I
see more of my colleagues get involved in the Faculty Senate.
Their increased participation is bound to impact positively on
the soon to be held Senate elections. The effectiveness of the
Faculty Senate depends on the quality of those dedicated to
Shared Governance.

A court sub-panel has ruled (2-1) that the collective bargaining
units at IWF and FSI under the Board of Regents are still in
place. These two universities have asked for an opinion from
the whole court, ("en banc", as they say). Their ruling will
affect IF as well. Hopefully we will know more by next
month's Newsletter. In any event, this underscores the
importance of the Faculty Senate as an independent body,
representative of the Faculty, not of Union, nor
Administration. As Nobel Laureate I. Rabi described the
Faculty to then Columbia University President Dwight D.
Eisenhower, "Sir, We are the University".

The search for a Provost, Part Deux, is proceeding and Faculty
are encouraged to nominate their favorites to the Committee
and to the Search Firm. For details, follow the link on the
Faculty Senate webpage.

Finally, March Madness in Tallahassee:
The Governor's Higher Education budget contains no raise for
Faculty. We look forward to a repeat of last year's Faculty raise
package. Any less would be a serious setback for shared
governance and UF's credibility as a top ten contender. Where
will the funds come from? Good Luck President Machen!

And now for something completely different! There is a bill
(#837) in the Florida Legislature that is trying to legislate what
we can and cannot teach in the Classroom. A revealing
excerpt: "Students have a right to expect that their academic freedom
and the quality of their education will not be infringed upon by
instructors who persistently introduce controversial matter into the
classroom or coursework that has no relation to the subject of study and
serves no legitimate pedagogical purpose. "You can read the whole
bill at
http: / / studentsforacademicfreedom. org/actions(boxattop)/Fl

Policy Councils

Poliicv Couinc il on Academic Freedom,
Fat ult_ Quality & Fa ul t Welfare
Mike Katovich, Chair

Pl ict Council on Academic Infrastructure
& Support
Scott Nygren, Chair
The Policy Council on Academic Infrastructure & Support has
two more meetings scheduled this year, both at 1:00-2:30pm
on Friday. On March 25th, Faith Meakin will make a
presentation on the Health Science Center Library, and on
April 22na the Council will evaluate the year's survey of
support areas for future planning and recommendations.

Po lick Coun t il on Academic Planning,
Budgeting & Resource Allocation
Frank Bova, Chair

Policy Colunl il on Academic Pollit v.
Curriculum & Structure
Jack Mecholsky, Chair

Polii v Counc il on Academic Research &
Saeed Khan, Chair

Faculty Senate 235C Tigert Hall P.O. Box # 113175 Gainesville, FL 32611
Phone 352/ 392-9019 http://www.senate.ufl.edu Facsimile 352/392-8735


Inside you will find ...
February Faculty Senate Meeting Resolutions Page 2-3
Important Topics Page 4
March Senate Meeting Agenda Items Page 5
Faculty Senate Election Procedures Page 5
Laudamus Page 6
March Calendar of Events Page 7

February Faculty Senate

Meeting Resolutions

Constitutional C'hain t
Tim Taylor, Chair
Academic Freedom, Tenure, Professional
Standards & Relations Committee
(1) The number of faculty required for a full AFTPRS
panel hearing should be reduced from the current
number of five (5) to three (3).
(2) Upon the request of the Petitioner or Committee the
University shall supply the Petitioner and Committee
all relevant information pertinent to the petition
(3) No faculty member shall have tenure removed, be
dismissed, or suspended without pay and benefits
until the University administrative process has been
(4) Within 25 days of receipt of both the record and
report, or as soon thereafter as possible, the
President shall: 1) adopt the conclusions of law and
recommendations in the panel's report and
implement as deemed appropriate; or 2) modify the
conclusions of law and recommendations in the
Hearing Panel's report and implement as deemed
appropriate; or 3) reject the report in its entirety. In
taking action the President may not rely on ex-parte
communications and may not reject or modify
findings of fact if they are supported by competent
substantial evidence in the record. If the report is
modified or rejected, the president shall furnish the
parties specific reasons therefore. The decision by the
President will be provided in writing to the parties.
The President will meet with the Hearing Panel to
discuss the decision.

SNew Degree
College of Engineering Bac helor'- in
Computer Science
Sheila Dickison, Chair
University Curriculum Committee

Meeting Resolutions

* New Department
College iC o Med i ine Department of
Sheila Dickison, Chair
University Curriculum Committee

* Propo) ,ed Constitutio nal Langtualgt
Chris Snodgrass, Chair
University Constitution Committee
(1) Academic & Professional Assembly
Proposed Amendment to Article II, Section 5
The Academic and Professional Assembly (APA) shall
be the organizational representative of TEAMS A and
Academic Personnel not represented in the Faculty
Senate. The APA shall have the authority to approve
its own bylaws, to appoint committees and other
groups as are deemed necessary to aid in the
performance of its mission, and to serve in an
advisory capacity to the President and the Faculty
(2) Determination of Assistant In for Faculty
Article III
The faculty of the University of Florida are those
persons employed appointed full-time by the
University of Florida during the regular academic
year whose primary assignment is to carry out the
academic mission of the University, namely,
teaching, research and academic service. Titles of
these persons shall be set forth in the Senate
Bylaws, except that a person with one of the listed
titles whose primary assignment is in a support
capacity (for example, financial officer or
supervisor of computer services) shall not be
considered a member of the faculty. Questions about
the faculty status of an individual shall be
resolved by a committee charged with evaluating
academic qualifications in the college in which the
individual is appointed. The committee shall
determine status based on whether the primary
assignment is the carrying out of the academic
mission of the University.

Faculty Senate 235C Tigert Hall P.O. Box # 113175 Gainesville, FL 32611
Phone 352/ 392-9019 http://www.senate.ufl.edu Facsimile 352/392-8735

S Pr mp>wd Constitutional Language (cont.)
(3) Determination of Full-Time
(A) Titles
Persons who hold full-time employed by the
University of Florida appointments during the
regular academic year are members of the faculty
if they hold one of the following academic titles:
a.) Eminent Scholar
b.) Graduate Research Professor
c.) Distinguished Service Professor, Distinguished
Research Curator
d.) Distinguished Professor
e.) Professor, Associate Professor, or Assistant
f.) Curator, Associate Curator, or Assistant
g.) Research Scientist, Associate Research Scientist,
or Assistant Research Scientist
h.) Scholar, Associate Scholar, or Assistant Scholar
i.) Engineer, Associate Engineer, or Assistant
j.) Extension Scientist, Associate Extension
Scientist, or Assistant Extension Scientist
k.) University Librarian, Associate University
Librarian, or Assistant University Librarian
1.) Master Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, or Lecturer
m.) PKY University Developmental Research School
Professor, PKY Associate Professor, PKY
Assistant Professor, or PKY Instructor
n.) County Extension Agent IV, County Extension
Agent III, County Extension Agent II, County
Extension Agent I
o.) Any of the above titles modified only by clinical,
research, or extension.
Full-time appointees University employees who hold
one of the following the academic titles of Senior
Associate In, Associate In, or Assistant In, are
considered members of the faculty unless the
appointing College certifies their primary assignment
to be in administrative support areas of the
University instead of in direct pursuit of the teaching,
research and academic service missions of the
By December 15 of each academic year, each College
shall transmit to the Secretary of the Senate a list of
those Senior Associates In, Associates In, or
Assistants In whose duties are primarily
administrative support and who should be excluded
pursuant to this section. A committee in each
College, as required in Article III of the Constitution
of the University of Florida, shall determine who is
excluded on the basis of the principle stated in By-
Law 21(B).

* Proposed Constitutional Language (cont.)
Any dispute as to exclusion under this section shall be
referred to the College Tenure and Promotion
Committee for final determination.
Senior Associate In, Associate In, Assistant In.
Appointees Employees satisfying the criteria in (1)
and (2) above are members of the faculty if their and
whose academic titles carry any of the
following a modifiers are members of the faculty if at
only if the modifier is one of the following:
a.) Clinical
b.) Research
c.) Extension
(B) Faculty Characteristics
1. The following principle shall be considered in
amending the criteria and titles listed above and in
resolving ambiguous cases.
2. Members of the faculty share most of the
following characteristics.
a.) They are hired through nationally competitive
b.) They are retained and promoted using national,
peer-reviewed criteria.
c.) They participate, to some degree, in teaching,
research, and service.
d.) They are eligible for tenure.
e.) Their primary employer is the University of
f.) They hold a terminal degree in their field.
g.) They are hired by their faculty peers.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Faculty Senate 235C Tigert Hall P.O. Box # 113175 Gainesville, FL 32611
Phone 352/ 392-9019 http://www.senate.ufl.edu Facsimile 352/392-8735

Suicide Prevention Day
Governor Bush proclaims March 23, 2004 as "Florida
Suicide Prevention Day, A Day to Focus on Suicide
Prevention Awareness.

The Chair of the Alachua County Board of County has
proclaimed March 30, 2005 as Suicide Prevention Day

In the County of Alachua and invite all our citizens to join
me in becoming aware, discussing and working to
prevent depression and suicide.

March 17, 2005 Agenda Items
Information Items:
* Honorary Degree Nominations
Barry Ache, Chair
Honorary Degrees, Distinguished Alumnus & Memorials

" Proposed Constitutional Language for
Compensation Committee
Chris Snodgrass, Chair
University Constitution Committee

* University of Florida Calendars
Sheila Dickison, Chair
University Curriculum Committee

" Degree Proposal Masters in International
Ken Gerhardt, Chair
Graduate Council

* Degree Proposal Master of Science with a Major
in Animal Molecular & Cellular Biology
Ken Gerhardt, Chair
Graduate Council

" Degree Proposal Doctor of Philosophy with a
Major in Animal Molecular & Cellular Biology
Ken Gerhardt, Chair
Graduate Council

Academy of Distinguished
Teaching Scholars

Laurence Alexander
Department of Journalism
College of Journalism & Communications
1 ,i1 ".. ,,,.i .. ,, ,,

Robert Cox
Rinker School of Building Construction
College of Design, Construction & Planning

Gail Kauwell
Department of Food Science & Human
College of Agriculture & Life Sciences

Doug Levey
Department of Zoology
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

SMichael Olexa
Department of Food & Resource Economics
College of Agriculture & Life Science

Robert Ray
Department of English
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

These outstanding educators have demonstrated sustained
innovation and commitment to teaching throughout their
careers. They also have articulated their vision for promoting
excellence across campus to the faculty committee that
reviewed nominees to the Academy.

S Faculty Athletic Representative
Albert Matheny, Chair
Intercollegiate Athletic Committee

Faculty Senate 235C Tigert Hall P.O. Box # 113175 Gainesville, FL 32611
Phone 352/ 392-9019 http://www.senate.ufl.edu Facsimile 352/392-8735




College of.Aledicine
Congratulations to the following faculty and staff in the University of Florida's College of Medicine who have been
recognized for professional achievements in teaching, research and education programs.

H Terence R. nl tte, M.D.
Nemours Eminent Scholar Professor and Chair ofPcudiat ric'

The Society for Pediatric Research has named Flotte as a 2005 recipient of the E. Mead Johnson Award for
Research in Pediatrics, one of the most prestigious awards in the field of Pediatrics presented to two researchers
each year. Recipients receive a $10,000 honorarium, at the Pediatric Academic Societies' annual meeting in Washington, DC in
May. Dr. Flotte is best known for his pioneering work on gene therapies for cystic fibrosis.

Marco Palh r M.D.
Professor and Department C'halir

Dr. Pahor, an international expert on aging, has been named to lead LF efforts to improve the health of older
Americans. Pahor is chairman of the new Department of Aging and Geriatric Research in the College of Medicine I
and serves as director of the LF Institute on Aging. The new department, the first in the country to focus primarily on aging-
related research, will concentrate on finding ways to prevent disabilities in an aging population.

Patrick J. Antonelli, M.D.
Professor and Department Chai r

Dr. Antonelli has been named chair of the College of Medicine's Department of Ci..1 1. ..1..-; following a
national search. Antonelli has been at LF 10 years, serving as vice chairman of the department since 2001. He is
also assistant dean for clinical informatics of the college and chief medical information officer at Shands HealthCare. Dr.
Antonelli maintains an active laboratory research program with a focus on the mechanisms of sensorineural hearing loss secondary
to middle ear inflammation and injury.

Elizabeth A. \ienkiiian, Ph.D.
Professor and Department Chai r

Dr. Shenkman has been named chair of the Department of Epidemiology and Health Policy Research, a position
she has held for the past year on an interim basis. Dr. Shenkman holds a dual faculty appointment in the
Department of Pediatrics, is also the director of the Institute for Child Health Policy.

rP Maureen Goodenow, Ph.D.

Pediatric HIV/AIDS expert Dr. Goodenow, a LF professor of pathology, immunology and laboratory medicine
and pediatrics, has been appointed to a $4 million endowed AIDS research "superchair" position named the
Stephany W. Holloway University Chair in AIDS Research. Orlando native John W. Holloway honored his sister Stephany, who
died from complications of AIDS in 1990, with a $1 million gift (which was supplemented with matching funds) to LIF's
pathology department to establish the superchair position. Also known as a university chair, a superchair is the most highly
funded endowed research position at LF.

A Faculty Senate 235C Tigert Hall P.O. Box # 113175 Gainesville, FL 32611 5
Phone 352/ 392-9019 http://www.senate.ufl.edu Facsimile 352/392-8735

Stuart L. Klein, B.S., M.H.A.
Executive Director

Stuart L. Klein has joined the College of Medicine as executive director of the University of Florida Proton
Beam Institute. He is currently working from Gainesville on the operational plans for the multi-million dollar
institute set to open in the summer of 2006.

Jennifer Miller. MD
Assistant Professor

Jennifer Miller has been awarded the Pediatric Endocrinology Clinical Scholar Award for the Effects of Growth
Hormone on Metabolism and Satiation in Prader-Willi Syndrome. This is a prestigious award given each year to
the top young faculty member in the country in the field of Pediatric Endocrinology.

Lucia Notterpek, PhD
Assistant Professor

Lucia Notterpek is the recipient of the 2004 Jordi-Folch-Pi Memorial Award from the American Society for
Neurochemistry. This National award is given to an outstanding young investigator who has demonstrated a high "
level of research competence and has significantly advanced the knowledge of neurochemistry.

1 In January of 2003, the University of Florida launched its latest initiative to enhance the care of cancer
patients with the groundbreaking of a facility to house Proton Beam Therapy, a more precise form of
radiation therapy that promises both significant increases in cancer cure rates as well as significant
improvements in the quality of life of cancer survivors. The free-standing, 89,800 square foot facility is
located on the campus of the University of Florida at Shands Jacksonville, in Jacksonville, Florida. In
addition to providing proton therapy, this facility will include a full range of state-of-the-art conventional radiation therapy
options, treatment planning facilities, a clinic, and space for research. When operational in the summer of 2006, the proton
facility will join only three currently operational clinical proton therapy facilities in the United States-at Massachusetts General
Hospital, Loma Linda University Medical Center and Indiana University.

Faculty Senate 235C Tigert Hall P.O. Box # 113175 Gainesville, FL 32611 6
Phone 352/ 392-9019 http://www.senate.ufl.edu Facsimile 352/392-8735

3:30 5:00pm
Council on Planning,
Budgeting & Resource
Room 354 Tigert

Spring Break Spring Break Spring Break

Spring Break

Spring Break

6 7 8 9 10* 11 12
9:30-ll:00am 3:00-4:30pm (3-5)
Library Senate Ad Hoc Committee Senate Steering
Nominating on Compensation Committee
Committee 354 Tigert Hall 226 Tiert Hall
RoomC3-72 g226 Tigert Hall
Room C3-72
Communicore Bldg.

13 14 15 16 17* 18 19
9:30-10:30am St. Patrick's Library Senate
Lakes, Vegetation, Day Nominating Committee
Landscaping 12:45-1:45p m 11:00am-12:00pm
232 Stadium Council on Policy Keene Faculty Center
Curriculum &
Room 354 Tigert Hall
Faculty Senate
Reitz Union

20 21 22 23 24 25 26
Board of Board of 3:30 5:00pm 1:00-2:30pm
TrusteesCouncil on Planning, Council on
Budgeting & Resource Infrastructure &
Meeting Meeting Allocation Suppo
Room 354 Tigert Room 226 Tigert

27 28 29 30 31*
Easter (3-5)
Senate Steering
226 Tigert Hall

Please contact us if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions.
We welcome your feedback!

SFaculty Senate 235C Tigert Hall P.O. Box # 113175 Gainesville, FL 32611
Phone 352/ 392-9019 http://www.senate.ufl.edu Facsimile 352/392-8735

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