Title: Academics: a monthly newsletter for the faculty of the University of Florida
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Title: Academics: a monthly newsletter for the faculty of the University of Florida
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Publication Date: 2008
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A Monthly Newsletter for the Faculty of the University of Florida Published by the Faculty Senate
Ianua, 21 .I 8

Chair's Message:
Welcome to 2008

By: Rick Yost, Faculty Senate Chair

As we head into 2008, we face
many budget challenges driven by the
slumping economy in Florida and reduc-
tions in tax revenues for the state. As
detailed in the September issue of Aca-
demics, we faced a -4% callback in the
fall, and just learned of a further -4%
reduction this spring (nearly an 8% reduc-
tion in our budget for this year). And
current economic projections suggest that we could face
further budget reductions in the next fiscal year.
At the Faculty Senate meeting on January 17,
President Machen shared with the faculty that neither
eliminating summer school nor reducing the size of the
incoming fall class would help meet these budget short-
falls. Thus, he called on all Deans and Vice Presidents to
propose possible programmatic cuts. The Steering Com-
mittee of the Senate will be the lead faculty group involved
in reviewing these proposals and making recommenda-
tions on how to meet these budget cuts while minimizing
the impact on academics, scholarship, and teaching at UF
Feel free to email me your concerns at faultysenatechair@
The news is not all bad. The legislature has agreed
to support the hiring of additional faculty and advisers
to meet our undergraduate teaching and advising needs,
funded this year with $5M in recurring and nonrecurring
funds, and in future years with funds from differential
tuition for undergraduates at UE This will fund the hir-
ing of 17 new tenure-track faculty and eight new advisers
see Yost, pg. 2


A Bright Spot Amongst the Budget Cuts

By: Janie Fouke, Provost

Amidst all the gloom and uncer-
tainty of the budget cuts, there is a
bright spot, however modest. The
legislature awarded us $2M in recur-
ring funds and $3M in non-recurring
funds to address issues associated with
the access that our students have to
undergraduate classes and to advisors.
We are using this money to hire tenure
track faculty, to provide for their start-up packages, and to
hire advisors. It's small potatoes in the context of every-
thing else that we are experiencing ... but it is something
about which to be pleased!
We used three methods to develop a list of sugges-
tions for the deans with respect to which units' needs were
most dire and especially where the impact as experienced
by the students would be maximized. First, we reviewed
the Annual Program Review developed by the faculty of
each college offering an undergraduate curriculum. From
this we could determine the college's own assessment of
where they wanted to make investments. Then we held
a forum with the undergraduates and listened to their
suggestions and experiences. It was a colorful evening.
Finally, we checked what was reported in the APRs and
what was reported from the students against the data at
the University of Florida web-site (http://www.ir.ufl.
edu/factbook/enroll.htm). There was a great degree of
convergence. Suggestions were then provided to deans
about where the impact could be the greatest. It's no
surprise that they frequently have more
see Fouke, pg. 2



Council Updates
Faculty Senate News

Faculty Senate News
Meeting Calendar



A Monthly Newsletter for the Faculty of the University of Florida
January 2008

Yostfrom, pg. 1

across UF over the next year. For details on the process of
selecting the disciplines for those hires, see the Provost's
column on page one of this issue of Academics,
The only real solution to providing adequate and
stable funding for universities in Florida is a substantial
increase in undergraduate tuition. A recent survey shows
that the state appropriation per student in Florida is on
a par with other schools in the SEC and with UF's peers
among the AAU public universities. In sharp contrast, in-
state undergraduate tuition at Florida's public universities is
only half the average tuition at SEC universities, and only
a third the average tuition amongst our peer AAU public
universities. Let's hope for leadership from the Board of
Governors, the legislature, and the Governor to approve
significant increases in tuition this year and over the next
few years that will raise our tuition to be competitive with
our peers and will help move UF towards the top ten in
public universities.

Rick Yost is Professor and Head of Analytical Chemistr and Chair
of the Faculty Senate.

Foukefrom, pg. 1
information than can be gleaned from the
numbers, so a couple of times they proposed changes to
the suggestions that we had made.
The first five faculty positions were identified in
President Machen's address to CLAS in the early fall. Also
at that time, we announced that we would be hiring 8 new
academic advisors (one each in Health and Human Perfor-
mance, Fine Arts, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
for biology, and five for the Academic Advising Center
which mostly assists students who have not yet declared
their major).
A second group of faculty members was announced
around Thanksgiving and after we completed a salary analy-
sis, we found that we had resources for still a third group
which we are announcing this week.

First five allocated:

Chemistry (Chemical Biology)
Psychology (Behavioral Neuroscience)
Botany (Computational Genomics maybe joint with Zool-
English (Rhetoric and Composition)
Applied Physiology and Kinesiology (HHP)

Second Group allocated:

Journalism & Communications
Elementary Education
Political Science

This last group:

Business (50% funding for two positions Business to
fund the other 50% from private sources)
HHP: Tourism
Mechanical Engineering



A Monthly Newsletter for the Faculty of the University of Florida
January 2008

Update on Council Activities:

By: Rick Yost, Faculty Senate Chair

As you may be aware, the five Faculty Senate
Councils are charged with making policy recommenda-
tions to the Senate, facilitating the implementation of
policy, and serving as liaisons between the Senate and the
administration within their areas. Each policy council
oversees, coordinates and facilitates the work of commit-
tees which are assigned to that respective council. Details
on each Council, including membership, meeting schedule,
and minutes, are posted on the Faculty Senate webpage at
Some of the issues that the Councils are working
on this year include:
Academic Policy Council: This Council has in-
vested tremendous effort into exploring UF's policies on
faculty-authored course materials and related conflicts
of interest. It also recently approved the recommenda-
tions of the General Education Committee on evaluating
writing in Gordon Rule classes. The APC also is the lead
Council in reviewing UF's Strategic Work Plan.
Faculty Welfare Council: The Welfare Council
has been working with the data from the 2007 Faculty
Climate Survey, as well as exploring ways to improve
childcare on campus. It is also looking into options for a
virtual "Faculty Club" on campus, and is currently mak-
ing recommendations for increasing recognition of faculty
contributions to shared governance.
Budget Council: This council focuses on budget
matters as they impact the academic mission of the Uni-
versity, and is carefully reviewing recommendations from
the Cost Reduction and Efficiency Task Force. As we face
further budget callbacks, the Council will serve an impor-
tant role in facilitating faculty input into the budgeting
process. The Council posts lots of data on budget issues
on its website at http://www.senate.ufl.edu/councils/plan-

sible switch to 75-minute class periods on Tuesdays and
Thursday, reviewing the impact of potential changes to our
vehicle management policies, and considering a new plan
that would replace faculty computers on a regular basis.
At Faculty Senate meetings over the next few
months, the Councils will be reporting on these and other
issues. Watch Academics for summaries of these reports.

Research and Scholarship Council: SCoRS has
focused its efforts this year on enhancements to sabbatical
and professional development leaves across campus. They
are working with the President and with the individual
colleges to develop policies that would improve this im-
portant part of academics and faculty development.
Academic Infrastructure Council: This council has
a busy agenda, including surveying faculty about a pos-


A Monthly Newsletter for the Faculty of the University of Florida
January 2008

Faculty Senate News: Meeting Outcomes

November 2007
Chair's Report
Rick Yost reported that the Senate Council on Re-
search and Scholarship is surveying colleges in order to
get input about sabbaticals from the faculty. Dr. Yost also
announced that Student Government has arranged for
discounts at the University bookstore later this month.
President's Report
President Machen reported on the undergraduate
application process and the process for collecting emer-
gency contact information for students. The University
is moving forward with the cost containment efficiency
task force recommendations for new revenues and cost
reductions. The recommendations will be discussed at the
Board of Trustees meeting at the end of the month and a
letter will be sent to faculty after the BOT discussion.
Action Items
Department Name Change from Pharmacy Health
Care Administration to Department of Pharmaceutical
Outcomes and Policy. The proposal was approved.
College of Business Change in name of the undergrad-
uate major from the Decision and Information Sciences
Department to Information Systems and Operations
Management Department.
College of Engineering Proposed change in degree
requirement for Bachelor in Materials Science and En-
gineering. Proposed change for a Bachelor of Science
in Computer Science offered through the College of
Engineering. Proposed increase in credits in Nuclear
Engineering from 126 to 129
College of Public Health and Health Professions
Proposed revision to the Bachelor of Health Science
College of Agricultural and Life Sciences Proposed
changes to the Agricultural Education and Communica-
tion Specializations. Proposed changes to the Soil and
Water major and minor. Proposed changes to the Ento-
mology and Nematology minor
School of Business Proposal for Creation
The proposals were approved.

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Request to Sunset

Degree Name:
Master of Science in Teaching
Master of Arts in Teaching
Master of Arts in Teaching
Master of Arts in Teaching
Master of Arts in Teaching
Master of Arts in Teaching

Degree Major
Political Science

The proposals were approved.
Resolution on the Student Conduct Code Review Com-
mittee The resolution was approved unanimously.

December 2007
Chair's Report

Rick Yost announced that the deadline for call for
nominations for University committees is January 18, 2008.
The Reitz Union master plan committee is looking for Sen-
ate representatives to serve on the committee. The Traffic
and Parking appeals committee is also looking for volun-
teers to make decisions on traffic and parking appeals. Yost
also gave an update on the November Board of Trustees

Provost's Report

The Provost reported that the University has re-
ceived roughly 26,000 applications and that the application
process has been automated with the exception of a few
low income schools where admissions staff assisted with a
paper application process. The Provost also asked faculty
to become involved in the admissions process by reading
admissions essays. The University is reviewing recommen-
dations to reduce costs and increase revenues. The BOT
discussed increasing fees for items permitted by statute.
The financial unit of PeopleSoft will be introduced during
the summer. Additionally, the University catalogue will be
an online publication soon.


A C A/ D F IM I C A Monthly Newsletter for the Faculty of the University of Florida
ACA DEMICSV January 2008

Faculty Senate News: Meeting Outcomes

January 2008

Chair's Report

Rick Yost announced that an article on differential tuition,
written by the Provost, will be in the January issue of
Academics. The call for nominations for committees
deadline has been extended by one week.

President's Report
President Machen reported on the University budget and
possible budget cuts by the legislature. The administration
is asking deans to make proposals of possibilities of
programs to reduce. The vice presidents are also creating
proposals of possible programs to reduce. President
Machen will try to find programs that have a minimal
impact on the strategic plan. The package will be presented
to the Board of Trustees after it is vetted on campus.

Action Items:

Curriculum Committee Items
Request to change degree name from Turfgrass Science to
Golf and Sports Turf Management
The motion was approved.

Sustainability Resolution
The resolution was approved with one opposed.

Constitution committee Changes to the Constitution
The recommendations were approved.



A Monthly Newsletter for the Faculty of the University of Florida
January 2008

January -February 2008 Calendar




Jan 24


Jan 25

Jan.28 Jan.29 Jan. 30 Jan. 31 Feb.1
Senate Chair meeting with
he President 226 Tigert
9:15 AM

Feb. 4 Feb. 5 Feb.6 Feb. 7 Feb. 8
Senate Nominating constitution Committee 8:30- enat Chair with President
Senate Nominating 0 in 354 Tigert Senate t 9:15 XMM in 226 Tigert
Committee 12 PM in 202 council on Research and Steering Committee at 3 PM
Tigert scholarship Policy 2-4 PM in n 226 Tigert
360 Reitz Union

Feb. 11
Lakes, Vegetation and Land-
scaping Committee 8:30 AM in
226 Stadium
Academic Policy Council meet-
ing at 3 PM in 143 Hub

Feb. 12

Budget Council meeting
3 PM in 202 Tigert

Infrastructure Council
Meeting 9 AM in 355
Reitz Union
Senate Chair meeting
with President 2 PM in
226 Tigert

Feb. 13

The most recent version of the calendar can be found at: http://www.senate.ufl.edu/Calendar/

University of Florida Faculty Senate Office

134 Tigert Hall P.O. Box 113185

Gainesville, FL 32611

Office: 352-392-9019 Fax: 352-392-8735


E-mail: facultysenatechair@ufl.edu



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