Report on the meeting of the advisory committee of the Population Council/FSSP Case Studies Project, New York City, April 29-30, 1985

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Report on the meeting of the advisory committee of the Population Council/FSSP Case Studies Project, New York City, April 29-30, 1985
Feldstein, Hilary
Poats, Susan
University of Florida
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Gainesville, Fla.
University of Florida
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May 29, 1985
NEW YORK CITY, April 29-30, 1985 Hilary Feldstein and Susan Poats
On April 29, i983 the Advisory Committee met to consider the
Expressions of Interest received in response to their request for case material. Those present were: H.C. "Skip" Bittenbender, Kathleen Cloud, Nadine Horenstein, Catherine McKeee, Rosalie Norem, Pauline Peters, Federico Poey, Hilary Feldstein, Judith Bruce, Susan Poats, Cornelia Flora. In the absence of Frank Conklin, David Nygaard and Mary Rojas, Mead Cain of the Population Council agreed to review the Expressions. of Interest and participate in selecting cases to be written.
By April 15, 72 submissions had been received: 35 from Africa, 18 from Asia, 12 from Central America, South America and the Caribbean, four from the Middle East, two from Europe, and one from the United States. This was a much larger number than was expected. The entries ranged fom ones which met the project's minimum expectations, i.e. the disaggregation of data by gender and the incorporation of gender variables into the research design, to data sets which were unrelated to further research or interventions or to projects in which gender issues were weakly acknowledged. The first fifty were sorted into "To Be Considered", "Maybe", and "No" categories. Those in the "To Be Considered" category were sent to the full committee and a principal reviewer was assigned to each; "Maybes" were sent to a principal rev-iewer and two other readerE; zopies of all th submissions were sent to Susan Poats and Judith Bruce. A matrix giving the characteristics of the Expressions of Interest and a summary are given in Appendix A.
Each member of the committee was asked to rank the cases as
follows: 3 for best 3 cases; 2 for good cases which might work; and I for everything else. In view of the number of strong proposals the committee decided that more than the three originally funded should be selected and funds sought to support training and release time for the additional case writers. The "To Be Considered" list was augmented by some late additions and more information on two Maybes. The committee then voted on the first list and identified six cases to be written up. Their authors were to be invited to a training workshop in early June and were to be awarded $3000 for writing up the cases according to the agreed upon format. An additional five were identified as interesting but incomplete with follow up by Feldstein and Poats to determine whether the authors should be invited to the case writers' 'training workshop and if additional funding could be found. These are listed Appendix B.
The committee then went on to suggest general and specific

questions to be raised with the authors and to discuss the format and content of the training workshop. It was also agreed that everyone who submitted an Expression of Interest should receive a copy of the matrix and list of addresses of other respondents, a copy of an announcement of a conference on Gender Roles in FSR/E to be held at the University of Florida in February 1986, and a copy of the case study format.
Finally, the Committee agreed that Poats, Feldstein, and Bruce
should develop proposals covering a range of activities in response to the strong interest in the project represented by the Expressions of Interest. Specifically these included the possibilities of regional training workshops on intra-household dynamics and FSR/E and on case study writing, a methodologies paper or book, and materials development on the issues of home gardens and meat/milk questions in livestock projects.
Since the meeting of the Advisory Committee, the cases which were not selected have been notified and materials sent. A proposal has been developed for the expansion of the case studies to eight, for further materials development (methodologies workbook, meat/milk/livestock, and home gardens), regional workshops, training for trainers and two additional meetings of the Advisory Committee.
The workshop for case study writers will be held June 9-12 at
Briarwood Conference Center, Monument Beach, Massachussetts. A full report will be made following the workshop.
Appendix A: (1) Matrix: Expressions of Interest
(2) Addresses of Case Study Proposals
(3) Summary of characteristics
Appendix B: List of case studies selected by the Advisory Committee
cc: All Advisory Committee IHH/FSR/E
K. McKee, Ford Foundation
W. Morse, USAID/S&T D. Osburn, USAID/S&T
LABO01:8 dsk#2

NUU'RUX: M-JR =91S OF =X7 RM = AS OF APRTL 22,1985
W. Africa BurkinaF 3 IncarcUnvestrent indep Sau-I Anthr. Resear. ch Diag t1983-S5 Income
W. Africa Burki-naF 5 FSU/& &D SAF13RAD/Purdue Sibu.-i Emn. FSR Diag/'Fest b. 1978 Crop/SC
W.Africa 22 Volta Valley Auth. host/Purduc M61illan Anthr. Setti. SchE Val t1979,83 Crop
W. Africa D-irldmF 35 MU/SAFGRAD SAMRAD/Rtrdue Nagy Ag.icon. FSR Dia/T/Ev b. 1978 Crop/SC.
W. Africa B-irkinar 57 Fulbe Resettle Research SOMHr Gcog. Res/MR Dtag tl982--83 CropLvst
W.Africa PkirIdir-,Y 69 F SR/UV indep/Purdue Singh Econ. MR Completed t197MI. Crop
14. Africa Cameroon 2 T)!= re District indep.+ Salingar Fron. MR rcl Diag tl979--82 Crop
W. Africa Cameroon 25 %Iccoton host/Tuf tsATt &-i'Adat Ag.Fcon. MR Diag unclear Crop
W.Africa Gambia+ 53 CmbiaR.Basin GvGICIPM Carncy ,009. Res/MR Diag f 1984 Crop
W. Africa GI-Ona- 13 Grains T)-velopment. host/GDtFF/CqU Bruce Ag.Fcon MR Eval/Fxt current Crop
W.Africa aana 32 Dctcnsion, Aslianti host/U.S./indep OberV-, Agron. Extends. Eval/Ext t1977-779 Crop/Ext
11". Af rica G4--ina 65 Cmnui-fty FaTms/GATAS hostNCOs AdeEn ComDvIpt'Alkr CanDvlpt Test/Eval tl933-&9 CropTree
W.Africa Ghana 66 Polyg -musFam. Study hostNM Addy Educ ComDvlpt Test/Eval tl9Yi-,% Crop +
W. Africa G-ona 67 CkTJTP IH MJmFinlF M Dapaah Ag.Econ MR rel Diag t1980-T, Mixed
W.Africa Ivory C. 63 Y:=:,J ooule host/CIRAD(Fi) Doumbia Agron. M rel Diag unclear Crop
14. Africa Liberia 59 ModelProfitHousing indep Partosi-k RurTcchFxt CanT)vlpt Test b1934 Hou7*ng
W.Africa T,,hli 48 AppLled RO hosOH Arirtrx Vierstra multi ER TestMval U979,86 Crop
W. Africa Niger 23 Ph-geTA-vest. lbf-tsbost Faulldngb= Anthr. Research Diag tl%/ -M I'vs-t
W.Africa Nigeria 15 Oyo State, Alley Fmg. U-CA/hosL Okali Soc. MIR E val t1978-85 Lvst/AP,
W. Africa Nigeria 47 Coompound Farming IITA/host W"Ilicer Anth/AgEcon MR res Diag b1985 CropT.
W. Africa Senegal 12 N ,tode protection hcst/9,6M-T Mbaye Agron. MR rel Test tl9y4--89? Pest
W. Africa Senegal 61 Rice, ADRAO AM, AO & host FT:.T---Gaye Agron.' MR Diag t U983-87 Crop
W.Africa SierraLc 44 Adaptive Crop RE host/S.U.&LqU verm &t. Ed MR rel Dct tl9M--P6 Mixed
,erraLc 70 Land Use Planning indep/FAO/host Carloni or- Planning

3 incomexpnd. surveys among the B~obo
5 diagn. farm constraints,testing of tie-ridging on camn&=on felds
22 changes in settlnnt.schrcm;rej.of orig. pk,rntro tradlit.~,NI.fields
35 f armer&res. ngd. trials on tied ridging
57 research on group herder/farmr families
69 Diagn.of fearing systems inVolta Valley w/intensive Hi data
2 production surveys 71hh.No.Cameroon, sorgh.&ott
25 intro.techn for cott/food prod ign.diff.roles wcn.t,, area3
53 reserchd- on householdsfanring systems
13 breeding & agron.trials on mize production
32 vii. level ext .workcrs to practices; 1/3 coop. armers wcmen
65 local NM proj. for ccmnunity farm & cottage industries
66 local NM proj .f-or study of effect. polyg. families on
67 FSPIE in 3 areas for improvments in crops, livestock~fishiiig
63 study of farming systeis in yam productionwanng ]3aule
59 design of xdel profit housing for low incam~ rural people
48 FSR type project which. includes 'farm counseling'; nurmerous intervent.
23 iLntens.d-ingn.oflivestocl%-c~e farming groups
15 lcgumInotis browse prod. for crops/livcst w/spec.attn.wun.rol-e sin.runrtn
/47 study of ccanpounc/hcim-stead farmn as farmi~ng system 12 testing of horse draun sterilizear against nematodes
61 FSR/1 wice farmting
44 national project of RE w/joint use male ext,farle hamn ecun.
70 eval. of land use planning in upland areas

E.Africa Kcnya IS CAPE/S-Unya Project ForD/1NO-T MT Rochelen u Geography MR rel. A-11,dep tlW+ AgrFor
F.Urica Kenya 71 a -Farms Grain Storageindep M-got/Pala Soc/Anthr. FSR rel
E. Africa Sudan 46 So.Kordofan WST/cID/indcp Mich;T--l Antlir. FSR Diag t198M5 Lvst
E. Africa. Tanzania 31 Kigam 11blirlay -arch Diag b1985 Crop
C.A.frica Tanzqnia 38 BanaraCoffee indep/host Tibaijdm Econ Ag.Dvlpt Eval tl977--85 Crop
E.Africa Tanzania 50 Kigorn host/indep/ITT'R Loft PoLi. Sci Res/FSR Eval tl976--92 Crop
E.Africa Tanzania 68 browro FSR host/B)M Mtoi/TariTm AO con/Agro FSR Test tlT4--87 Crop
S.Africa BoLsw-am 24 ATIP indep Sullivan Ag.Econ F SR Diag Fest t1982-87 Crop
S..Af rica Bots,%-ana 51 ATEP host/KSU M- cer Ag.Econ FSR DiagTest t1982-87 Crop
S.Africa 1,,Ialmoi 33 WIAM indcp/host Spring Anthr. FSR rel Ccmpleted t1981-83 Crop
S. A I rica 7a-ibia 14 ARPT/CentrProv host/UIll, Chabala/iguiru AgEcon/VbEd MR Test tl99D-85 Crop
Asia an,,,Iad. 39 Tec1in. Adopt.,Miff indepw/various A ned Ag.Econ ReswrchDiag/Eval unclear Crop
Asia BangLad. 45 Cropping Systems Res host 11alim Ag.Econ FER Diaq st t1983-87 Crop
, qia Tndia 52 Energy Study host Mittal Fng Research Diag unclear argy/Ag
Asia Indonesia 43 AMM, Java host/iMep Eubeis & M Antlir/AgEco TATanProj Completed tl97)-82? H.Gdns
A,,TLi Indonesia 56 Tropsoils host/MawNMU Si M-m, Colfer AgDvl/Anthr FSR Test/Diag tl932--a) SC
Asia Nell-a 8 National FS Program host/IAM Singh Agron. 'MR All t197M5 Crop
Asia Paldstan 17 RD PLmjab host/-Lndcp Ja f r0i Anthr. Research Rej unclear Crop
Asia Phi-Lipp. 9 L.Balinsasayao host Wollenbcrg Anthr/AF FER rel Ext & oth t1981-87 Crop/AF
Asia r-hilipp. 10 Ca1n-&noeSettla=t host T -Ujisaka Anthr. Research Diag t83-2009 Crop/AF
As--L3 Philipp. 26 If--yte/FSDP-EV host/Corne-1-1 Belsky/Sieb. SoctGcAgron FSR rel Diag/Des U983-4884 Crop/SC
Asia Dailipp. 42 FSDP-EV host Villanueva Agron. FSR Zxt/Adopt tl982---F6 Crop
Asia PhiLipp. 54 FSRMicol host Polo et al Mixed* FSR, Diag tl983--89 CropLvst
Asia Rulipp. 55 FSDP--EV host Alcober Ert.Ed FSR Eval/1,Xt t1982-mM Crop
Asia Philipp. 64 Iloilo IRRI OiapTnn Ag.Econ FR Completed tl9T--80 Crop
Asia SHTatlm 27 Peradmiya U.Perideniya Sangakkara Agron. *Ag.Dvlpt Diag U9855-T Crop
Asia SriL--iH Asia Thailand 7 WcvTttai host Piampiti Sor-Damg FSR Ext t1982-87 CropLvst
ks a 71-vailand W Bangpai Gardens host/AVRM Issariyanu mla Ag.Econ FSR Test/Eval current Gardens

1S districtNOJ ccmn.scale cons-erv.efforts in supp~farm-level inrovrts 71 research on priorities&c-onstraints of wanen in on-f arm graidn storage 46 res.on wcr.role livestock leading to incl.ntilk cv31. 31 policy study of constraints to food production 38 banana,coffee improvcni.progrm 50 farm anagement survey tracking effects of IRD Project
6S FSR/E in 2 areas working w,/cass-aa,pineappe,nize,sorjnan,leufm 24 FSR/E of dryland. agric/livest. system 51 FSR/E on improving arable techn; size percentage fem.headed hh. 33 action research to improve wcm.roles agric .prod inci .on-farm testing 14 FSR type project w/testing varieties to ease wci.labor constraint 39 study of soc-cec., biotic&-agron .factors aff farmingg systenrs 45 multilocation testing of new techn. 52 research on family & agric. energy requirements 43 det.of factors aff.wm'.direct&hans hane garden proj. 56 ttne.allor-study transrffg.fanr~les to det. soil conserv&mnmt pract.
8 on-farm P&E 7 sites, comnlevel grazing; uwmn exten. officers 17 rej.of HYV wheat in ccrrniunty w/high out migration miern 9 res testing in govt.forest area w/mbrs of farm families 10 migrant swidden agric. settlers & erosion control 26 research on lowland rice fmrs using upland mrginai lands 42 FSR to identify appropriate rainfed agric.techn. 54 MR/E on improving(, cropping ?& livestock system~ in six provinces 55 intro.of cropping practices, to improve soil conserv.&fertility 64 Cropping systems research, rice 27 testing of growing short term legumes- b/rice crops w/farm families 36 study of forest gardens inci.ecolog .& soc. constraints of farm families
7 F'R project v/uneven effect on labor distrib. w/i houz---hoid
60 dingn.of constraints & test.techn. of family gardening systems

Caribbean J,.n,/DcuR 21 Soil Conserv.wAum host Chaney Soc. /xon F-xt/17SR Eval/F-Kt fin/bI979 SVIRD
G=Jbbean St.Lwia I IlItabou-1 Valley CARDI/host 0-ki-C Ea Anthr. FSR Diag tlW -T Crop
C. kn,rica CostaJdca 4 Small Farm R&D ind/NG0077V Bradfield Anthr. FER rel Diag b.1983 Cr/Pest
C. t rnrica CostaRica 19 Guapiles host/CNTEF, Sepulveda Ag.,Econ FSR Eval t1982-85+ CropLvst
C.Mmrica Honduras 20 HARP Agric.Rcs.Proj. host/NZITSU Harper Ag.Econ F 3R rel Test tlc,62-&+ Crop
C. America Honduras 49 Dcmnst.Ctrs host Dilin/7-miga Soc.Ccrm DaTr-trEx Ext b19M? CropAlix
C.America M co 28 Tabascojlaxcala HG host/UCSantaCru Glies3Tm PlantEcolog Research Diag t longterm H.GdrLs
C. i ica Mexico 29. 1 Maxcala hostM erkeley Alt-:eri Fntomolog. FSR rel Diag, t t1983-99 Crop
C klDcricla YbAco 30 Veracruz.Lvst host Aluja Anin&A/AgE FSR rel DiaeEest t1981-88 Lvst
S.Armrrica Chile 29.2 Model Organic Farm host/LMerl-cley Altieri Emtomolog. Exp.FarTn Eval t1984-89 Crop
S. America Colcmbia 6 Colombia CIAT/= /host Lhby Dvlp.Soc. FSR Test/Eval t1932- % Crop
S. Any-,rica Ectridor 11 F-xpcrJ[n.Farms,17.aTiba TENGO/host Coffcy Soc/AgMuc MR rel Tcst/Eval current Hyzod
!,rope Tctherl. 40 Survival Strateg-Les indep Scmers Anthr. Research Ding b1985 'Mixed
Ea r o I x-- Notherl. 41 Camparison2 gen.women, indep Hobbelink Anthr. Resmrch Ding b19179 Myed
Mid.F-ist Egypt 16 Irrigation project CID/CSU Knop Scc/D& FSR rel Completed t1977,94 Irr/Crop
Mid.E-cist 1 gpt 62 CerealsDoProj host/CID Br(7,n unclear Ag.Dvlpt Test/Eval t1980-85 Crop
-M.Fast Isroel Y4 Irrig.FJa= Strategy indep Le(:--, Anthr. Research Wag b1985 Irr/Cr
1 lid.East Syr-L-i 58 Aleppo/income ICAMA Rassam, Soc. FSR rel Diag tl985--% CropMech
U.S. U.S. 37 No.Carolina NCSU/Zxt SchultTon Soc. FSR Z-Kt t1981-85 Crop
,Af Agroforestry Zct: Extension
Lvst: Livestock CD: Community devclopTant
SC: Soil Conservation bch: animation
T-'C : Home Gardens Irr: Irrigation
LIT: Integated Rural Developrrpnt Pest: Pest Control
KJM: mnbers represent order of receipt

21 comp.2soil consa-rv.proj.w/wunen integrated program incl.hmlthcred. I diagn. of 3 agro-re-col. niches w/diverse socio-econ.clvnmact.
4 ethnog. descript & farm records 6 hh; integ.pes-, mnSmt. 19 gen.(Re--val.2 techn.pkgg for,s -w/changes in " shar&' 20 institut.FSR in natl instit.
49 demonstration centers for families 28 study of ecol.&cult.ccmponcnts in nngmt.home gardens
29.1 dL-ip.corn yields, role trees, mixed farming systErs 30 proj. to increase me-it&,-lk prod. on multiple crop farms
29.2 nrAel farm to encourage sn. fmr. self-sufficiency
6 eval.of on-fam. testingfmr mnad tests; wom's eval.on consumptbudget
11 sm.scale NGO project intro.n-,,r techno. to farrDeers
40 id.of honugereous groups farmer survival strategies to kIet.extens. 41 cmp.t o gener.f-ann wanen
16 client/farily oriented RE after intro.irrig.
62 ME to inc. prod.wheat, barley, nnize, sorgh. forages, food legLunas ?/4 irrigAfamily farming strategies in diff.caimm-lities 53 research on potent.income effects on Iih w/intro mcch.lcgt= harvesting 37 on-farm trials w/sm.scale f-arwrs paraprof.ext.wurkers

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60. Mr. Apisith Issariyanukula 67. Dr. S.K. Dappah
Department of Agricultural Economics Institute of Statistical,
Faculty of Economics & Business Admin. Social & Economic Research
Kasetsart University University of Ghana
Bangkok, Thailand P.O. Box 74, Legon
(Agricultural Economics) Ghana
(Agricultural Economics)
61. Ms. M.B. Fame-Gaye
Association pour le Developpement 68. Mr. Manasse T.T. Mtoi
de la Riziculture en Afrique de Department of Rural Economy
1l'Ouest Sokoine University of Agriculture
Station ADRAO P.O. Box 3007
BP 96, Saint-Louis, Senegal Morogoro, Tanzania
(Agronomy) (Agric. Economics, Agronomy)
62. Ms. Coleen R. Brown 69. Dr. Ram D. Singh
EMCIP Department of Economics
Box 3567, NMSU Illinois State University
Center for International Development Stevenson 425
Las Cruces, NM 88003 Normal, Illinois 61761
( ) (Economics)
63. Dr. Sedou Doumbia 70. Dr.Alice Stewart Carloni
Chercheur A L'Idessa-CV Via Ripense 1,Int. 13/A
BP 635, Bouake 00153 Rome, Italy
Cote d'Ivoire
(Agronomy) 71. Dr. Migot-Adholla
Dr. Achola Pala Okeyo
64. Dr. James A. Chapman Inst.Development Studies
International Consulting Division University of Nairobi
Chemonics, Suite 200 P.O.Box 30197
2000 M St., NW Nairobi, Kenya
Washington, DC 20036 (Sociology)
(Agricultural Economics) (Anthropology)
65. Carley Jones Adega
P.O. Box 10599
(Community Development)
66. Dr. Mark Diamond Addy
Administrative Office
P.O. Box 6828
Accra-North, GHANA

1. 72 proposals received
2. Geographic distribution
West Africa 24 (Burkina Faso 6)
East Africa 6
Southern Africa 5
N.Africa/MidEast 4
Asia 20 (Philippines 7)
Latin America/Mexico 8
Caribbean 2
Europe (Netherlands) 2
U.S. 1
3. Disciplines and Gender
Discipline Total Female
Agricultural Economics 22 5
Anthropology/Sociology 24 16
Agricultural Sciences 11 1
Agric/Vocational Education 9 5
Other 8 3
Very mixed or unknown 3 (projects)
TOTALS 74 30
4. Of 74 proposal writers, 36 were nationals of developing countries.

Selection of Case Studies to be Written
Meeting of the Advisory Committee, April 29-30, 1985
New York City
Case Studies to be fully funded
Number Author Project
6 Ashby Production and consumption study, International
Fertilizer Project/CIAT, Phosphorus Project, Colombia. Farm men and women participate in evaluation of new technology tested on-farm including cost-benefit analysis, cooking & eating qualities; management aspects of technology.
14 Chabala/Nguiru Adaptive Research Planning Team (ARPT), Zambia;
incorporation of women farmers views in evaluation of technology and in introduction of shorter season legumes.
15 Okali Alley Farming.System, Nigeria; introduction of
alley farming for browse for small ruminant production
18 Rocheleau ICRAF/Siaya/CARE Agroforestry project, Machakos,
Kenya. Use of community scale activities in support of farm-level improvements; incorporation of women's views and activities through women's groups
51 Baker/Norman Agricultural Technology Improvement Project
(ATIP), Botswana. Design of experimental interventions incorporating the shortage of draft animals characteristic of female headed households
56 Sigman/Colfer TROPSOILS, Indonesia. Time allocation study by
gender by entire field team in context of understanding farm management and soil management practices. Study led to design of trials in home gardening and production of forage
Case Study Possibilities
1 Chase CARDI project in Mabouya Valley, St. Lucia.
Experimental application of research methodology turned up high per cent of female headed households for which home garden trials are being designed in cooperation with WAND.
9 Wollenberg Lake Balinsasayao, Philippines. Use of community
organizations, including women's organizations, in government protected forest area to help farmers develop locally appropriate technologies

29a Altieri Tlaxcala, Mexico. Ecological study to provide
framework for experiments in biological pest control. Study indicates absence of male labor in fields, high knowledge and participation in home gardens by women. Next stage designed to incorporate women and women's knowledge in improving pest control in and production of field crops.
5, 35, 69 Nagy,Sawadogo, SAFGRAD/Purdue project in Burkina Faso.
Singh Experiments with tie ridging for conservation and
with the introduction of mechanical tie ridger on men and women's fields.
2, 25 Salinger,Sa'Adat Cameroon. Two projects with extensive intrahousehold data not currently incorporated into on-going projects. Possibilities of inclusion to be explored.
46 Michael So. Kordofan, Sudan. Research on women's
activities revealed importance of milk production leading to design of evaluation on improvements in livestock production to include measurements of milk production as well as weight gain.

Advisory Committee for Population Council/FSSP Case Studies Project
Dr. Harry (Skip) Bittenbender Dr. F/ederico Poey
Department of Horticulture AGRIDEC
Michigan State UnivErsity 1414 Ferdinand Street
East Lansing, Michigan 48823 Coral Gables, Florida 33134
(617) 353-5473 (305) 271-5694
Ms. Kate Cloud Dr. Mary Rojas
Department of Agricultural Economics 105 Patton Hall
University of Illinois Virginia Polytechnic Institute
Champaign, Illinois 61821 & State University
(217) 333-5832 Blacksburg, Virginia 24601
(703) 961-4651
Dr. Frank Conklin
Office of International Agriculture Ms. Hilary S. Feldstein
Oregon State University Managing Editor
Corvallis, Oregon 97330 Population Council/FSSP
(503) 754-2304 Case Studies Project
RFD I, Box 821
Ms. Nadine Horenstein Hancock, New Hampshire 03449
Room 3725 NS (603) 525-3772
Washington, DC 20523 Ms. Judith Bruce, ex officio
(202) 632-3992 Program Associate
Population Council
Ms. Kate McKee I Dag Hammarskjold Plaza
Ford Foundation New York, New York 10017
320 East 43rd Street (212) 644-1.777
New York, New York 10017
(212) 573-5345 Dr. Susan Poats, ex Cfficio
Associate Director
Dr. Rosalie Norem Farming Systems Support Project
Department of Family Environment University of Florida
Iowa State University 3028 McCarty Hall
LeBaron Hall, Room 173 Gainesville, Florida 32611
Ames, Iowa 50011 (904) 392-2309
(515) 294-8608
Dr. Cornelia Butler-Flora, ex officio Dr. David Nygaard Chairman, Technical Comnittee FSSP
Agricultural Development Council Department of Sociology
725 Park Avenue Kansas State University
New York, New York 10021 Manhattan, Kansas 66506
(212) 517-9700 (913) 532-6865
Dr. Pauline Peters
Harvard Institute for
International Development
1737 Cambridge Street
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138 (617) 495-3785