Public school reminiscences

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Public school reminiscences
Maclay, Elma L
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Includes Programme of the dedicatory exercises of the new public school building no.1, January 3rd and 4th, 1887.

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Puillic Schlool lRlelisc c IIs.


Commercial Job Print. Penisacola.

^ ., ;

HON. W. H. HUTCHINSON, Mayor of the Otty, Presiding.

JANUARY 3, 1887-9 A. X., AT OLD 80HOOL GROUP D8.
ADDRESS, -- - ------ MIss E. L. MaCLY.
Pensacola Public School Reminisecences."
Formation of Procession and March to New School Building.
Invocation - --- By Rev. H. S. Yerger.
PREmtNTA TION of the Nle School Buldtig by Geo. 8. Hallmark,
President of the Board of Public Instruction, and Reception of le
samen by J. Emmet Wolfe, Esq., for the Board of Trustees.
Address, by His Excellency, E. A. Perry, Governor of the State.

Address, by Hon. A. J. RUSSELL, State Superintendent of Schools.

JANUARY 4, 1887-10 O'CLOCK A. K.
The Pupils will assemble at the New School Building.

11 O'OLCOI A. M.
in the different rooms by the pupils.

i : I

Grade No. 1-Sec. A-Mrs. A. W. McReynolds, teacher; A. J.
Briggs, Jr.
Grade No., 1-Sec. B-Miss Eula Kyle, teacher; R. H. Friea,
Esq., and Mr. F. E. Dey.
Grade No. 2-Soc. B-Miss Annie McMillan, teacher; Wm. Fisher,
Esq., and Rev. H. S. Yerger.
Grade No. 3-Sec. A-Miss E. L. Maclay teacher; Messrs. J. Emmet
Wolfe and A. C. Blount, Jr.
Grade No. 3-Mrs. E. J. Wilson, teacher; C. B. Parkhll, Esq.,
Hon. S. R. Mallory and Mr. Frank Phillips.
Grade No. 4-Miss Ida M. Thompson, teacher; John Eagan, Esq.,
and Dr. T. A. Lafar.
Grades No. 5 and 6-Miss Laura McKinlay, teacher; Rev. W. B.
Dennis and E. C. Maxwell, Esq.
Grades No. 7 and 8-J. P.-Patterson. A.M., teacher; N. B. Cook,
County Supt., J. Emmet Wolfe, S. C. Cobb, Prof. C. V.
Thompson and Hon. A. J. Russell.

Hon. E. A PERRY,- "- w r.
Hon. A. J. Russell, -tate S)mgie candent of Education.
Hon. Jno. L. Crawford, -.. eceary of State.
Hon. C. P. Cooper, .- Attomecy-Genral.
Hon E. S. Grill, tate Treasurer.

Geo. S. Hallmark, President.
P. K. Yonge, A. V. Clubbs, H. L. Crabtree, E. Whitmire.

Dixon B. Reed, Presidet.
J. Y. HIlliard, J. P. woodman J. Emmet Wolfe, L. H. Sellars.

N. B. Cook, Esq., Sup't of Public Schools, Escambia Co.
Prof. John P. Patterson, A. M., Principal Public Schools, Pensacola.
Prof. Bogardus Strong, Director Vocal Music, Public Schools.

Several important features connected with the Dedicatory Exercises,
which have not yet been made public, will prove very interesting to
all persons.

--M-- -,,q s M,

- ~ -t -


MIlt, ]am U! TA1!LAt-.

To m081ASheew imd ie~uzpo
tast a offy I*%u' do~ NA07 oltr1
OW Z 14, 'Atthi
oar oaslect, 2w Us be~laf..1n to abl
day. By aie schhio, O mel MOWNA"
only the schOo, 4 l 1 .& Asebiph4
the buildindg-, whb wea re chunt i*
Vacate; but, ti'Win tli *tIte public
.ineheelwoYfr oi, lwbother i*Mitvaiml
tansgyemebt lu e 'pri~t~o.%;YOtd~vk

Int turwi c te 4M fmt 4oote
achooe sygmlatz-A I.Esad tin ,wbM.
Wh~l IAM ealMA'awsoearilV
he krgely upada~ A A helm Os
But. I t "oft
es will be a.IiuI
maybe hopre -Wap an avy
tedious mamkd.i e g Li. a
toastietref at Nor dab -Am* Mok
heso O, 7 uitlabg' h
etambllahmoetatfC~bbel a useb i.
temnt ha" bass;low, hat. (btt wodl'
be iinter~toadg.4,ftod, a*.d ia.&&w
-esrs will bedoub*y.e
' "M early Meerde, otagkm tolsafe
akeeedlngly assepe. o*whot
La. miptpald feet, -ito h obuSxidou
ibe blitu san altol tde oor,
BOeiy0thLk tuslling to fttl d
Mbostl airs as thMOMme ftdiAo
ThAre was littltebnojn, ozthaweak.
lhgO, of the public school sysess. IN,
klorida, avdy nearly alo.tbo school
omlcials were uiikrly Ignoraut,, of the
simplest.d(teuk of Ldus ayateii4 Ahi~t
yet were quite neesssty for' Ift se-
tessful opertallb.
IR ffivng the hvtityOf'the `3bOye
Sshal divide s-k ito telJ.iaai A&
Vettod from the beginvlur i* ee

Se. ol Ut the begiwelW or the StrL
"I'lodgb Soe Ish*UWtm Is,. 11M
I winaE 0410 ad swaeb vaet.
tom otfa fweaU as 2, lvftvf beud .
tosaeltak. "&Gr MhuwOq thea
yTad pat wtuevqws, of Uhe m .oi
~~~~~rtew (bust~,l'lrr' Id 1

plood, .10 4MA~ a ko algrrbb
hl rou lihm.bsi

book '1OMr.n DMM"S. =

hOWuNsk rumiMM'tmm MWs
heb a h ard. IM er.ow
deassikAM.111afto ksaa Mr.
mom laamb. Os a t, dam, Miss

malw s" %mlognew 4ONOW on
Selb gumem eommsmewd ,tmMblrg

r~embuho.aaw 1in~r wLa EH-

June 1, Mts*A.Msv Ewim-mm' .m
played, W tose the Mlmai ew I
a rodm rented fom MosIMIuIsqb,
un the southeasL wqae oftUtdonla
atteSt mud ReUho ae. Thea w,
Intermed arts in..organtub
'in 01%, MW~ Lvm~ wsoe Iain uddir
ens managscmiOE ..I
"M. Bbmui or Pdm% 'bubmadwa
durpe tis svi, ,I'SS ute -ofMr.
A. 19. UaM, J. MW!urj ff. Udnam-
8skend eas.?tme aliyhi:buussyd~

Ouesgmp ntpb~slmgi.q* IosunoaI.~
e& asowmrrins~pnnmww tio, b cil



tibns of teachers. This being the first
record of such examinations. The
same being oral.
Oct. I. 7O.
Sept. i5 '71 Nine months session.
October 1, Mr. A. J. Pickard was
employed to teach the boys' school.
He taught one month and iesaigned,
when Mr. E. McCongin was engaged,
who taught three months, when Mrs.
Adelaide McGee was employed to
teach the schooL, She taught two
months, when the school was united
with the Intermediate under Miss
Sallie Ditmars, who taught both
grade, till the end of the session. The
school was taught in the house rented
from Mrs. Mallory, on Sevlle square,
un to the time liss Sallie Ditmars
took charge of it. Miss Sallie Dit-
mars taught the Intermediate grade
this session. The months of October
and November in a room Tented to *
the B4ard in her\own residence on.
west side of Baylen street, between
Wright and Gregory streets. And
from December 1, to end of session,
'in what was known as Zion's Chapel,
on Palafox street, where. the Court
House now stands. Miss Adele Jor-
dan taught the Primary rrade this
session In a room rented from Mrs.
Bicker on south side of Intendenola
street, between Palafox and Tarra-
goau streets, about the spot. where
Mrs. Thompson now resides.
The school offtiers for this term
were same as last:
Sept. 18, '7.1 Four and live and a
Jpne 1, '7 2. half mouths session .
October 3, '71, Senior and. Inter-
mediate grades opened in Tamer's
store, on Government street,, about
where the City Hotel now stands, un-
der Mr W. H. Bryant, and his sister,
Miss Jarnipaa Bryant, respectively,
The report says, that on November 26,
the 'shoola vacated the MoClelland
house, on Intendencia street, and took
possession of the Ingraham house, on
south side of Government street, west
of Blylee. It is not exactly olear how

these statements can be reconciled.
The two grades were taught four
months, and this is the first time the
two schools were combined under one
management, and is, in fact, in many
respects the beginning of our school.
The Primary grade was taught by
Miss Adele Jordan.from September
5, for five and a half months, proba-
bly the first part of the session in the
McClelland house, and the latter part.
in the Ingraham house. 'But on this
point the record is not clesta.
The Board of Public Instruction
consisted of, Mr. W. E. Anderson,
President; Messrs. H. Hernandiez, 8.
C. Cobb, J. O. Whiting, and Jesse
Pritchett. The County Superinten-
dent was, Mr. A. B. Munn.
Junel,'72.. Twelve months
November 1,73. session.
The teachers', for this termn were,
Mr. W. H. Bryant, Principal, Miss
Lavinia Bryant and Miss Adele Jar-
dah -asistanta. The schools was
taught in the Ingrahaim house. On
March 81, Mr. A.J. Plokard made the
first superintendent's report-of which
thereis any record. In this report the
he says the total attendance of this
school fbr the first three month. was
80pupis, but, towards the latter part
of the term. the attendance. increased
to about 125. On September 29, ap-
pliearts for teachers positions were
examined before the Board of Public
Instruction at the school house. The
examinations beint oral.
The Board during this term con-
sisted of Mr. W. E. Anderson, Presi-
dent, and Messrs. 8. C. Cobb, J.C.
Whiting, Jesse Pritohitt and H. Her*
nandez. The County Superintendent
was Mr. A. J. Pickard until May 9,
when Mr. Gee. W. Lindsay was Ap-
November 1, 73.. Eight and a half
November 1, '74. months session.
The teachers' employed were Mr.
John Cornwall. Priaoipal. Mrs. Mary
P. Greenhow, (for four months) and
Miss Adele Jordan assistants. The


school building being the Ingraham
houne, and the eooop officer the same
as last term, except that Mr. J. B.
Roberts was added to the Board of
Public Instruction.
November 4 '74. Five months see-
November '76. eion.
SThe teachers'wern Mr. John Wil-
mer, Principal andlM. Barclay,
assistant. School was taught in the
Ingraham houoe thin ssson, andd for
the latt time in rented building. On
June 1, plans andm peclflcatlonu were
submitted sad adopted for a twp
story frame building, four rooms, to
he'erected on lots prehased from Mr.
W. .I An leson, on Wright'sa treet,
where we now are. Dlid were:ad-
verflsed for, and on Jimnb 1, the eon-
tract was awarded to Mr R. IL TLur.
ner. On Auguat 24, h building was
completed and accepted by th LBoard'
of Public Tiatrleft On On ly 15~
the schools of the county we~t ArMt
mlHnbered, this being made No.1. On,
()Ot)ber S, the flret Roles and Regp-
Slatons weowadopt4edfocr the govern-
ment of the eshoole.of the county. -
The Board of Public TuetrtiUeon
during, thin term consisted i, flrt,
Mr. W. B. "Andeqoon PresIent4
Meira, J..C. Whiting, 8. C. obb and
H. Hernander. On April 3 Me as.
E. Hains, J :, Qooembes ad,J4 W.
Wyatt were appoutted and on May
7, Meexrv. Gee, IL Wentwo th .ad
Agnutus DuPopt, were appointed vweet
MesUr. E. t lnes and J. W. Wyatt.
So that, at thetina' or the etaetion o
tht building, the Iaesmber of the
Board were Mr. W. E. Andersem
Preiodeut: Measr. 8. e. Cbb, J. N.
Coomb, Gee,. E.Wenotwrth and A.
Dupont. The County Superintendent
being Mr. A. J. Pekard.
saEraZV TFxB.
November 1, WTI Efigthmonthae -
October 1, '7, Ison,.
The corp. of teacher' being 'Mr
Joltp Wilmeri, Prilipal; Mis XAllua
A, Wolfe, Miss Amanda Parr, Mrs.
E.J. Wilmel,, beig appointed aovelb-
ber 1. Tbis, being thefrst tanieoer

teachers' were employed in the school,
and also the first session in the new
building The enrollment this session
was 199, and average attendance 140.
The county school *Mooer yre the
same as last term, except tha Mr. 8.
C. Cobb was made President, in
place of Mr. W. B. Aderson who,
however, till remained on the Board.

October 1, '7
October 1 ,. Ton months .eldon. .
Corps To Tebers, Mr. John WiU-
mer, Prinelpal; MrA IL J.. WIea ,
Miss Amanda Parker, Mis LIAra
McKinlay. On July 6, Mr. WIiner
reeiged the Principalahp, and MiWe
Iaura Me3inlay was appointed for
the balance of the term. The enroll-
ment tlhi teom 8, average at-
tendance 188. On August 2, a lot
adjoining the schools gleands en the
weet was porehaaeiftom Mr, W. B.
Anderson for the eeetion of a li4gh
school building, (,sme recently seen
pied by Pr;of PattUren .a jis
Tholpson), and on September 1i
oontraet was awarded to Mr. BI 8.
Turner for the building of same.; Q
Angust, and 80, the jrM written
examinations were bld. t the edool
building, for all persona in the oemity
delring teachers' eortlEites. About
36 persons were examlmed, and the
itmt certlloatee granted to teachpWr'of
which there iea .rea.n r,. A eertf-
cate of the hJghest grade waste grated
Mils I': .T; Da W v h la the olty
one ot this elas ever granted bl tsI
Board ef Public Iastredttoh-t oth
County. ..
The Board of Public JustraeeMtok
this.ter eonasted of XI~8 C. ceb,
President; Mesers W. W. ndee
A. Dupont, J. N. Cooambid Aad Ge
WpcGwQmt, up to MAeh S, when
Moss I. a Vtrb gJ. Depair Welf,
W. A. Blount, W. l .Wflliam l d P.
K. Yone were appieuted. Dr.
Whiting beig elected P nti" The
County 0,urteuodeant was Mft A.J.
Pi~akd, u' Maieh i, when Mr. A.
W.i appIabted, who
e9 eatll the aDr lament of Mr.
W~1'. Dennis, July


wITNTn Txfti.
October 1, '77). Nibs ulobdhe' sesion.
October 1. 718.s
Corps of, tdaclersi' Mr. A. 0.
Wright, 'rinelpal I(sst I FP Davis,
Miss Laura Moktalay, Ar E. J. Wil-
son, XI18 Amanda Parker, aselstants.
Buroilment 2K average 17?. On Oe.
tober 1, the High Bebeol DepaptMent
wa& called Suhool. N.. i, and the
Grammar and Prlnilry NoL IL All
-three Departments beint called Pen.
esooa Academy.. At the aaihe ime,
tb. frit schedule W teUt book4 fas
adopted forth aoouty, aid vasi s
Watson's .eaders, IXoeiUth'A ia..
graphite, Maury's VtytaI~aaTFiltes
oarse of Mltheeasi, Smaitirk'stdrri-
mar, Quaeksube ElWsto, Swlntongs
Work Book. LoomfO A**bem aa4
Geomtry,. SIagiasai' taiaa 49raa.
mar, QuackenboLI E~tlorie, steeta
Philosapby,, Payn, huneane And
Sarisnev's unlaunulsms 1lb Tbeat
oarriculum was alum adapted feir the
aBi#Wl, amit dgea K 6ttly aQ 0adee
s5(11mG!. The eut*ifbt"Um wats Ika f

epsg~y: iiQ 2 ;fiodi belisii
fhi, BsklI, bdW &.'d

Aetutbm.-SOr5A 'ai*.4 Wbifn w.d vai Pao

axm -wtkiok.-Yeltee aPrimM v, Wi n ld ta".
)WO X 36~~r ri~dll d. 11
a Word Bed *eiairn beat

TII Ua14idl,= Irilsa

lies #ili~td~zsiddMicer Wii'i. 914
A~t~bsM~-3Isba lah~iM~a, fro pigs
~ii~a~lri Ninhel, 14f a 3$

NOOK NO. 3-ZiA553S. 02.
SGJ~ng.__it ouis Wvvdjoo(% fern psg..oi
to page 140.
f Watson's Fih Reader, been and
Arithrndeio..elter's Pradiesis bom bogloat
to Page at.
Georpgyphy.- -X~oNVAelh CatUpftheaaive, bom
begifi~u.;atnkrif toa~ir pns 55.
m Ws-p th' New (le ker be-
gnlatopage 40.

hpdtng-4wmes'. oeSBook, freis pivs M3
to and.
p Isr-
to 21%,r
G~aaWOiplt~buumW, from1

d itoeq.1ol0.~ lh. r

d iiA*W1- km be.

No. i-itir abboft.e~i*
Gog1aa34UltobsUc. New lobs.1, tran -li
Gwomar.~-Smifrg.N* dini from pyaS

dLtue o IL I
*smmul, *eei beg laiag id
iik btirol begimAsd to lio

1~,r~iiPMbt~.p~ xtitrT~ a Mni B~aIIIAD

D~;~irawt"ag..RUbia Yaeb Week~
W i n t v sl e d ou t sh *
I o ind. bgdluding to

DPhwbg.,-NaM bdar each week.

iW0;;C",it~""I.-zfoor9QtC O% inveinien t

[ 15]

au the Wvbov .umsSoewhi-wril be. d%.
vi*0e c u mq taveanwao -maa

U Inyp vo 'ir w ? wOshiret I NO&
r~oth#uk. to .~m kWU 11141410 ant sevi bei
DOWN"" einbOEtJ "* ufWteft-t

Demana~l~mp R & eavakildslei
M-Nikam, d:A
auh -0b1f AS for 40
one yseart .a p ilaiat
term enter mny eliupon pau P", NUVO
On Otoiber am a, Latlau way:u"
adopt*4-tdstl. uw i a-I
PW& h&bat-agoaft 0wm.. 1111 iW"
of0fictortt Soaieduteadoaa. 'Uds im
ibenfrst reaosd.thatlauj mpWota were
required of the teachers An Jauoian
of tihi term, thiiteltpublia-nchaousL&.
hibilov was givr iW. Tirzsoua* s.u.
The school daod. Wth aipuiaZ"a..z-
atsatLi~mn. and exhibidion. = 1111 1a1
irot ismtrduw&,4ot1*dg UtWis egsuiu
dot tha~ S Cr~i~eiSMtul~r h~ii:r.D~(T
A. 0-. Wr~vbt.. 2-TqtAy a paw. a,' tjte
I "lttl"We~l,. but4ol"WlY An iUte .p"1p09.

s~ldao s Ib'atuuU.
Qutob~g~ Eighty mnemtba lear

00"W oher%.ac9 .L.& i W1101,
Prinepml; M1m ~I. N. Dav~is. Muui
LeuraYci~oiay, M r.sKJ. W1A#e,,
Misa "4xii-Q PaterJ On, February,
i1, Mfsi 110a-11i ap:o90VItN for ze,
mibna, 1k3wll A3ll f &raiag t Rbf of
MIgs*'L*U&. uRunflominse avecage
189, On Aughilt ime oon~af vgaa
awarded Udr..R L. Turherto bfid'f i
t w4o m00m Addition ona otm .l4tb ot
main buildisag.. Those -diiy donm-
plod by MiYo Widefav imt* Kyle.
The eoin Iv Behodli' ws a e
Ilas term, eloept, mtaat r. Se. Ib geard
wag appoiuts]. vies, Wr. S, D'. Wal&

OctoberU k iN
October 1, Ift omaf
Corpipof Ieacbra, Mine L1. a avis,
Principal; lo ,Laura eKI N4a, Um,0.
E. J. Wilson.. Mips Amanda Purker,.
Mis*iAgxt.. Wotf~.Mws,,S, 8. P~ti

saddaultL Eamflin.LD~ US, meY~
County aebooleoeswuaa'as ldt
t m, r a I 3 3.. I

October, 'iod. aba.
coqpf Weah% M r.3. Dea ft
PrimoIai;WItt ba isg WIafy,
MkI. 1J.WnbOW pl iam Nt.
ker, ]9m Apes Woll- .m V.
HoTrse. aSAGUIJta.., Itro L UK
average190. he ant trau--

Vil: AGe0s.9-.'WuVIJt Ik ]kD
Rold, 4 -W, W* 110110 -r~
J~daa.Ffdtt. Afti~rk Iau~R~ be
other iibgho* Iam &Meaenty Waft
'polawd, assreadu. .$ppWbe-b rI%

mam toAr % sgr.J.V
tVSrwS -tI IL. *t tan

P. a mit8. ws Euwa.Lft

jigiuffi YI&qW J&. r' XL
aaiHJuar 1iI whew Kult. ?.L t

Oiadbiw1, 1ff

Jamesa ESIab Nra 3 J~i
Mb" Aae ofd as4iev30 AsueL

CarMer, WaIWIUta. AI 258,
Carter, 182alk What

Prkmdpal, vu hlscrrvlw, M 1111mili
Bide i*..ldf'edRgdm Ib fk.AnI
meat ofr tha femd, meC9J ~
apeocda ei of' 1s0. Mrte
beJgiuulgofh gi,-4.e
wse mAemld --A .11jp4a 'war

P*&sw vaWirgr4Wexoi
For "IoU I

pie ex~ is -dmc s


Reader, Watson's second, begun and finish.
Sed. Writing on slate.
Arithmetic, Felter's Intermediate to page
119. Geography, Monteith's Introduction,
Begun and finished. Word book, Swintons,
to page 81. Reader, Watson's &d. Penman-
Arithmetic, Felter's Intermediate page
120 to eid. Geography Monteth's Manuel,
begun and finished. ord book, page 8 t
W6. :Reader, Watson's 4th. Penmanship.
Oral instruction in grammar.
Arithmetio. Felter's Prictical to page 84.
Geography. Montelth's oomprebensive to
page 46. Grammar, smith'a to pare 40.
"pelltng, Word book, page 66 to 108. Mental
Arithmetic (Stoddarts) begun. Better,
Watson's, flth. Penmanship.
Arithmetic, Felter's Practical, page 85
to 167; Geography, Montelth's Comprehen-
siver page 45 to81; Grammar, Smith's. page
40 to 117; Spelling, Word Book, page 108
Through: Mental Arithmeti.otic, c nued;
Reading, selections; Penmanship.
* Arithmetic Felter's Practical, page 167
to 9a5 Geography, Monteith's Comprehen-
svre, page 81'to end; Grammar, completed;
Hitory, Quakenbos' U. 8.. to page 258:
Mental Arithmetic, continued; Penman-
ship and Drawing.
Latin, begun, (Bingham's at present;)
SAi thmetic, fiished: Sci ence, natural,
Norton & Porter's First book; History,
"* Quakenbos' U. 8., finished; Analysi,.
Harts; Penmanship and Drawing.
Latin Grammar continued. Caear begun,
8 books; Algebra, continued; Philosophy,
Stele's (use Peok's this year as tbey have
them;) Physical Gergraphy (Maurv,) be.
gun sad completed; Phyology, begun and
completed; Composition aid Rhetoric,
Ham''s; Penmanship and Drawing.
Latin Grammar, Virgil, 4 book; Geome-
try, Robinasoun', 6 books; chemistry,
Style's, -began and completed; Astronomy,
Steele's, begun and completed; Geology,
Steele's. begun 'and completed; English
Literature, Cleveland's, completed.
]Parents and patrons intend lu to Send
pupils to the Academy 'are u gently re-
quested to examine the above curriculum,
which will be deviated from under no elr-
cumstances. Each puptl i required to take
th re gular course, and to omit no study
theresa included, and mut be in the same
dclas i all studies. It. will be necessary,

therefre- fqr a pupil wishing to enter
a given class to be prepared to enter upon
a the studies of that class; f not so pre.
pared he will have to be put into a lower
class. A remembrance of thee rules, which
are absolutely necessary for a graded
school, will save children and parents mn'ch
mortification and will greatly inure to the
benefit of the Academy and its pupils. The
time prescribed for each olam is one year,
but a pupil ean at the beginning of a term
enter any class upon passing the necessary
In July, Mr.. Geo. W. Wright re-
signed his Trusteeship.
The officer this term weie the same
as last, except, that on July 8, '82,
Mr. K. Whitmire was appointed on
the Board, vice Mr. P. H. Williams.

October 1, '8t2.
October, '8.I Nine months session.
Corps of teachers, Mr. A. H. Todd,
Principal; Miss Laura McKinlay, Mrs.
E. J. Wilson, Miss Agnes Wolfe, Miss
Carrie Carter, assistants, and on
February 14, Miss Hula fLovel was em-
ployed as first assistant.* In the early
part of this term, the curriculum was
revised, but there is no record of the
changes made. From the best in-
formation obtainable it seems that the
only important change was the sub-
stitution of Rolitson's Mathematics
for Felter's. On May 1, *a uniform
system of text books was adopted for
the whole county, for five years, as
Primary and Grammar Depart-
ment-Swinton's Spellers, Stoddart's
Mental Arithmetic, Independent
Readers (Watsons), Quagenbos' U. 8.
History, obinson's Arithmetic, Pen,
manship, Monteith's Geographies,
Spencerian, or Payson & Dunea,.
Siith's Grammar
High School Department-Bing-
ham's Latin Gram mar. steel's Philos-
ophy, Jobinson's Algebra and Geome-
try, Steele's Physioloty, Iorton '
Porter's First Book of Sience, Steele's
Chemistry, Hart's Analysis; teele's
Astronomy, Mau ry's Physical 6,ogra-
phy,'Steele's Geology, Hart's Con-


position ad Bhetoric, Cleveland's
English Literature.
The county school olcers were the
same as lat term, except, that on
July 8, Mr. P. K. Yonge was ap-
itd on the Board vice Mr. Geo.
eese. . .
October '. Nine months session.
October 1, '8;(4
Corps of teachers, MI. A. H. Todd,
Principal; Miss Hula Lovel, Miss
Laura MoKnlay, Mrs. E. J. Wilson,
Miss Agnee Wolfe, MisCarrie Carter,
assistants and January 1, Miss E.L.
Maay ,waas .appointed. Enrollment
279, average 21. April 8, new RuBales
and Regnlationl were adopted for the-
schools, being the third set adopted,
January 8, a lot was bought from Mr.
Walter Tate, for be new building and
september 11thb plans for the new
building were submitted by Mr. C.
H. Overman, Architect, and adopted
by the Board.
Comuty school oilers the ime as
last term.
October 1,
October 1, -Nine months seaMlou.
October 1, It -
Corps of teachers, Mr. A. H. Todd,
Principal ; Miss Salle Roger, -Miss
ura McKiolay, Mrs. Wilson,
/ MIssAgoes Welife.'MLis E. Macli
Miss Gasque Woolf. O January1,
Mis' Mary E. Lee saooeeded Mlis
Agnpe Wolfe, resigned. Enrollalmut
343, average 24 April 10, thbesend
Beard of Trustees were a1aoimted,
viz: MessrsL. H. Sellars, D. B.' eed,
J. ML Billiard. P. Goodman and A.
M. McMillan.
County sehool'omoeve am e as ilt
term, for first part of session .exeept
that Mr. p. K. Yonge resirped early
in the term. Ou February 96, Moes.,
Geob.. Billmamrk, A. V, Clubbs, K
Whitmire and P. K. Youie were ap-
pointed on the Board -of Wbile In-
striuctio, and Mr. N. N.B.' 6k was
app oiued County ~.tperilpt t.
5UvUN!UZVaTH .?WX. .
October 1,- 8S Eight month sees-
October 1,.'86 alon..
Corps of teachers Mr. C. V.'Thomp-

son, Principal,; Miss Laura M nlay,
Mrs. J. Wilson, E. L. Malay,
iss Alma Porter, MBId oe Woolft
Miss Mary E. Lee, and on November
20, MIss da U Tompson was appint-
ed. Enrollment 390, average 28.
February 8, Mr. A, M.lMeMilla re-
signed his Trsteeshlp, and on July
8, Mr. J. Emmet Wolfe was appointed
in bie place. On October 1, new
curriculum wasu opted a follows:
NaooNTOJ *PAVoV1o.
Parent and others to ead
phl to Public '8hool o T, I~0 sMU
county, are urently requeted to sexam-
ine the following cManicalm, w *11
be deviated from under no Olreatamees.
Eaeh pup is reqir nbd to a the reai!lr
courcd, id to omit now' re am
eluded and must be in the same elas in
n dl stores. -
It will be necessary, thsrefre, for. pa-
pil wishg to enter a Ighieftrdeto b Ts
ared to enter all the todlt Orthat :
if no so prepared he will kva t6 be ptin
a lower grade. p atAebe thIot
any term may rtter a rade upon pa .
the necessary examt mtd not t
will be allowed to advtree M anugir
to another without pasi a saugt s
examination in All the (stadl t f de
just below the one he der to et.
at*oas will note that tahet I apabet
class beginning at the Janur) term.
A rerembrame ofthese ma will 'sa
children and parent mOnnh a myaM and
will reatly Inure lo tie a ert of twe
L IC. V. TIouOias. Prinopal.
order of the Board ofPMbtwlonfMM.
.sm" wolm P ftafflM Bb*P.
tasemher an ty expected t.%s
themselves strictly to the text, bIt qahl
tesab the lessons by examnhs a84
tratdeS within thsqepen thag i.


Arithmetie-Tnstrullon In 6ofnting.
Penmanship-Letter. and Figures on the
elate. Caleathenios.
Grade 1. Se. B-First Year. January to.
June-Fifth and birth A1istants.
Beading-Watson's 1st, from page 81. ta
Spelling--winton's Word Primer, from
page 1Tto page 49.
Written Arithmetie-Iobnibon's Ptogres-
Ire Table Book, from begifntag to
Mental Arithme"1o-.Krerciea in Addition
andSubtraction upto 2; Multictleatlon
and Dittein 4.
Penmanehip-CALst eanits
Grade 2, See. A-Seoond Year. October
to January-I sirduand ~ otrth Assistante.
Reading--Wa on's 2d: begi and finish.
Spellia-Swnitonse Word Printer, r. ~
pae 59 to e 6
e y-M l'IE'lrset Lesabon, from.
ta page 2S
Written Artimeti-fobinsoan' Table
Boowand FirstLessons from. bAgining
to page O0.
Mental Athmetic-Exeroaees in Addition
and,Subtraction up to 40; Multiploal.
lUon aM Division up to &
Penkaaahlp-Compositon, Calisthenjcs.
Grade.2 8ee. B- second Tear. January
to June-Thlnd and Irourth Ass~tants.
Beading-Watson'8d: begin. and fnlish.,
SpeUllng-SBwlnton'! Wor Primer, from.
page 64 to end.
Geography-Montelth'8s FIrt esions,,from
pase 2 to end.
Wrlitl AMrthmetio-Bobinaon's Table
Book and First seasons from pageant to
MantafArithmetlo-zxeroieai in.Addition
and.Subtraction, up to 75; Multiplia-
tion and. Dvision up to 16.
Calsthenios-Compoltien, Penmanship..
Gr4e 8-Third. Yar. October to June-
Sepoeond Assistant.
Reading-Watsona!4th; b lin anddnish.
Spelling-Bwinton's Word Book, flom be.
ginning to pae 66.
a donid vK
Gramme-anr-Smith' iNew,f a beginiangto

mentage 4nina.
Mental A.ritetioa -orZoise'& bAtddition
and Sa)tafet:on up to 10;' MultlplHo.
Uoea and Dvrtlon up to 0o
Composition-Penamahip. Callrthbelos.
Grade 4-Fop0b Year. October to June
-Second Assistant.
Beading-Wat-on's 5th; bedn and anibh.
dipelling-SIinton' Wbrd Bofaonr page
65 toend.
raphy-1 ontelth't Mannel; begin aid
ranmnar-Slith's New,. from page 19 to
page 40.

Written. Arithmetio-BoR0blmno's Bidl.-
ments, from page 102 to end
Mental Arithmetio--xerolses In Addition,
Subtradtfonq Multipltiation and Dive-
ion, up tosl.
Penmansahp-Composition, Calitbath e..,
Qrade f6-Piftt Yea. October to June-
.First Assistant.
Beading-Wateon's 61h; begin and flnih.
Spelling-Swhlton'i Word- Afaail, from
begli to 7ag.P~.,
G ogbphy Monteit's CompreheMalve,
ftmI biunlng, to pag o8.
Grammar-miith's, ew, ftom page 41 to
pare 116.
WritMa Aritmetio-Bbbinuma dPraodte1,
froms be luiata s .
Meatal AditiMe- od slatejlleial,

Grade -Ixt r td Jtme-
Fint Asistant.
BSpsalnt.Swlatoa's Wordf Aaalyais, ftom
pge 77 to end.
Georaphy- MSntelth's Coniprebensive,
Greammar-mit 'm New, fram pagWe In to
Writtea Arthumetio-Beblanon's wieoal,
from axe 06 to end.
Mental Avt6hmetio-4todden'tt Intellect-
uA, tiom'page ,8to end,
Hietory-Quakenboe' United StateC, t
page 257 to end.
Composition-Callstheatw, Pbomanshp.
(tade 7-Sovonth Yew,. .tober so Jne
Spelling-Eevibw &wlntWo*. Word Analy-
Geogrphy--l ursy' Pranet'al,tom begin-
nnzto pgJjB6
Betoate, aat tComapsitn-Hfrt; begin
and fnisb.
Arithaetio-Babinlon' Higher, thtn be-
i8togry-Ilwntod' Outlines, fom begin-
f*lg to pae M.. ./
N rtaref eeoS n-Norton & Porter's Part
Algebra-Robinson's, from beginning to,
page 16.
.Gtaid -4fa ht Yeir. October to June-
-a, dpl. page
Analyst and rsntg-Plrst and Beo ad
okWMllto'srg-PMigdlb Les.
Arlthmeti-Uodioal.soatsHiger, em paget
4340to end.

Natoead. Ph b
gin and pataLg.
Bloerey-wlnton'tOutlines, tre paBge
Agebr-,bipnjon', from pap PS to end.


SOn June 8, the contract was award-
ed Mr. W. J. Berry to build new
building and September 8, the con-
tract was awarded Mr. 8. 8. Leonard
to complete same.
Officers same as last term, except,
that on December 8, Mr. H. L. Crab-
tree was appointed on the Board vice,
Mr. J. Dennis Wolfe, .M. George S.
Hallmark being elected Presiet.
urenlarita 'Ts
Oetober 1, N alght mbuhs see-
Ootobtsl,'L7 sion.
Cops aoftegch&rb, MY J. P. 'PMter-
, Princal N i Lara Mblay,
MiW Ida M. ham son, Mrs. J.
Wilson, MM... E L Ma y, Miss
AnnioN. MoMitan, *b8e Ella Kyte,
Miss g~ae'WoRl and Mrs. A. W.
McReyI -daring MiS- Gasque
Woolft lhlase. Btefment 400, aver-
age,365. Currieuhnli adopted for al
the roboolsof the beauty, as follow*:
S(UHooI i8CArBL o00o -
TY, iLA.
Grae 1. sPe. A.
Readleg-.-ppieton's Beqdng Chart.
Speliugs-w hofe tlheedk g Lassoa.
Arlthmteeo-Iutm eton ain Counting tolO.
Penmanship-Letters &ad figures on the
Gradel, Sec B.
Beadin--Watson's iat: beo i and dnish.
Spelllng-Swintou'e Word Pr from be-
ginning to prae.I.
Words from Bed4ing Lesson.
Arlthmetio-Notation and Numeration, to
R man Numerals to XX.
Addition--nitt and teo.
Subtraetlon-unite frol tei.
Pemanship-Exefelses, Slate ad Black-
Grade 2.
Beading-Watson's Seoond; begin and fln-
Spefling-Swlnton's Word Primer; page 1"
to 88.
Words froa Beading Leeson written ram
Geography-.Montaeth' rt Lessons, from
be t gtoPage60.
Arithmetie-m- to Numeration, and
Bmamn Numerals completed.

Addition and Subtractonofsimple numbows
mult#plqulon-Multiplier of tens.
Division-Divisor pot exceeding 9.
Sable of~ederdl Money.
enmansh-- Mons writing ChaLt.

grade I.
Beading-WjiveavThird-beenned t meu
8peiiing.-8wiioa'e Wed Primer, stem
page IN toeng. -
Wordts frost Reig Levoah, written .ern
&u~by-Konteh Ints 6oeelion; begin
(irammse-SafthsNwifof einigt
pag 101.
ArIt~msiopl. -aobitjssdft 1s41meuts, Oness
beginning to pageM.
Compalosido-onee sub Weel. Penmap-
ship, Calisthenies.
*Ra4Is@adWateqn. Irvarah bons amlmww
Ssllin.4wluto.'s Wesi UrnhI bumb
glanin to pagewo 6W
Wamoe f-p. Boo
Geeqra- i-u-MontLt~s.~ma Iu~ girSi
ArfthqUe.-r ] *Vobiun '.m m.
copego 62oai& L I~L A~a
('346 V44116 s sub waL hu
ship, CLtstheqlevs.
ReadlWsWVA..W av FI
AS6 to end.
Words fromlt eadi"g 1ona, wring frm
GraiW arlpintonteLfts 0-0-049T. "A

.NeW from pes 41to to
XeWite A W-4CCaW7s6*.apI
nal, from begsim' opg J=8.
cornmsition-ohmema eie Peo"an

R~ad~ng-Wa aog eS.i5bzcau~
R441uIg-UOtaWwinoi ber a" "s
Ord$in LeesRWf 1MN, wriog. aves
Geo4_raphy -Moftdtb's. grav
fromn paw5e8 to end.
QMramIUX-X aIhtk' Ow eM page ito to
Written imue-eubesPeia1
fRom paegsin t. end.

from page $a -to #IkL:
Phydolaogy-Je4r6on & 4sateuls few w*
Liv. begl ad a"is
Cooeit eeo sh to h b eak.


Grade 7.
Spelling-Swinton's Word Analysis, from
beginning to page 76.
Words from History Lesson, written from
eography-Maury's Physlial,ftom begin-
ning topa 6a ,
Analysis-Hart's: begin and finish.
Natural Solence-Norton & Porter's; begin
and finish.
Hiatory--Quackeboe' United States, from
beginning to page 256
Algebra- Robinson's from beginning to
Arith eio--Bobinuson' Higher, from be-
giinig to page 48.
'ompoeitio--ouae each alternate week.
Elocution. Calisthenics.
Grade 8.
Spelllng-Swinton's Word Analysis, from
page 77 to end.
Words from history Lessons, written from
Geography-Meary's Phyiical, from page'
08 to end.
hetorie and Compoition--Hart's; begin
Natrm Philosophy--teele's Physiee; be-
One sad finish.
Hluotor-Qaoeeaubos' United States, from'
pl7to end. d
Algebra--Robinon's. ftom page 188 to end.
Compasitloa-onee each alternate week.
Eloautioa. Calisthenics.
XOtsc To PATvoIs Ao Ti mrim.
Parents and others intending to e.nd pu-
pila to public school No. 1 are urgeo' Y
requested to examine the fregoing 'u .-
rlouaum, wileh will be deviated from
undr no oetramstanees.
Each pupil is required to take thp regu-
lar ourse, and to omit no study th,-rein
includedqd mustbe in the smeli t iin
al studies.
It will be necessary, therefore. for a pu-
pU wishing to enter a given trade to .e
preparedto enter all tie tudt s 'f that
grade; fnoo prepared be 1wl hae to he
put in a lower made. A pupil .a the be.
gnninng of any term may enter n grade
upon passing the, neoeary exanrlnsition,
and no pupil will be allowed to advance
fom .on grade to aotber w.waout B a satif.otory examination- i aRl _th
studies of the grade)Jst below the one he
deseres to enter.
Patron will note that all grade begin
October first.
See. B, Grade 1, beginning Janaarl rst.
SA remembrane of bthes ylde will save
children and parents much antoyanee smd
ijiorlatlona and wril greatly inuret the,
benefit oftWe ohobL --
For all other okeels theam No. 'ita Cur.
riauleam may be modlsed 'atmee the re-.
quirment of thj shoul, the aim being to

follow the Curriculum s nea as practea-
ble;>ut in no ~aee shall any book or study
be introduced not preroribdfltherean. Any
pupil hraing oampleted the frll Orri-
ulum, and having psed a etitaotry ex.
examination under the direoton of the Bord
of Pubic Instruotion, shall be granted aCer.
tificte of Graduatono it the Public schools
of Escambla county.

TO ThAOB*bt.
Teachess are net expected to soalft
themselves atretly tp itke t.x but shall
teach the lesom by examp e ettB l atran.
tons, witld the. eope 61 thbe lemoM,
The primary o 6bei to teoh tl' pil
to oU rtM not tieac tearn
the wohlef.tMK.W Frequent xIftiosa-
tions will be req~%le with a review.dlthe
studies of t tbetprevt grade whoever
deemed hfeeesary.
By order of t B 4 of Ptabio In.
.trati. on. AIvlEAN
., e0o. ,L 9AA. Ass, .
Proli* t V teBord.
In addition to thelbeve ourrotuaie,
voeal mueo lha Ou A inttodaued by
contribution of thb otron*, under
the Ined etion OPirof. Bogardas
Strn 4.f coauty school oflers are
the same, s uat te0rA.
To asmmarise biy, then we And
that the o B ool nn I=ecd i 1870.
There belag tbien -eprtteate a-
der different management, thosel were
united under 0ne management, in
1871. Related school buildings tree
uled until 1876, weun the present
building on Wrig4ht _trt wt-jS #et-
ed. In 1877. the sialal b hl ashbol
building was erected and 18^t Wro
roona were added o mrawh building.
Tlhe ittendaice has steadily thor ed
from 80 ia 1872, t 40 ft h t t"iM.
The school has bbeen.taught 18 matt h
atuel time. The flrt ourricalum was
adopted itn 187, and hs b6i reviled
four times. The lendeany gejnrally
being to reduce the nli ahr out studies
making the course megp tfrpiugh In
o.he lower grades, and i kfg a uriet-
ly oostmou e~6ol edfoation KI alm.
The Prinelisr bhave bee, Mr. E.'
IMeOona t, 2t. A. J. Pleik Mrs.
A elai McGe., angplge., .ter
Mii Bllie Ditmau uuexpsred tem,
MrW.W rynt, Mr. Joba -0,m-
waU, Mr. John Wilmer, il*e laur

McKltfa, libe pired terp, Mr. A. 0. aoble, and not the hinh humdrum of
Wright, MissLL F. Davis, Mr. LB Do school Hlit as masnyAm e.
Boase, .r. A. i, Todd, Mr. C. V. We have draw a pieture which
Thompson, Mr.J. P.Patterson. The some may all the viol of enu mtha.
teoahers' ave been Miss 8allie Dit- dast. But we do not think it4op-
mar Miss Adelq Jotdan, Ms Lavinia drawn. The ftuIre tor oaru eeolk
Bryant, Mrs. Mary P. Oreeabow, promises great reuils and one e tb
Miss M. B. Brlay. Mis LAlMdS A. hief reasons forthis beliefs thUgreat
Wolfo, Muss AwuWlda PwkerMrsn. L ebhare in pudlo mstie nt on this
3, Wlson, Miss Larl Me~ao Misse subject, within the lastdtwe years.
F. Davls Mis Libe L 8e, aebsti- At the orginslation the beel sys
Sttet, x s .AgTei 1oFlfr ft. 8. 8. tesn here, it was reidae a saebdrity
Ptr, h M. A Hulq, I Carrie institution and as asattamt to hbraet,
Carw, Mr. J. xi sat Walte, Miss apon s northern iMa d qtenki
Hula Lovel, Mies L, Maolyl MIse and to strike a bliow diret, at wht
MaWy Ias, Mls S8le B egwr, Mism we bad Just aase Ub prsud Our
Gaasqe Woolf, Mib Almsa Psewr, moutheoamedienMou, r moet ar
Mise Ida M. Thompsen. Miss Annl and nrelmeaat. But the als gtnf a
E. MoMHilan, Mimi Ea Kyle and Mrs. Adon of things in our country, our
A. W. MRBeynoldW, abbstitute. New South has led as to s kwr
Like manV s great d glorio p In- erroneous this Imprualos wm. Tho
stitutions our soboea lad a bumble idpes whieh developi t ear heleR ye-
and inlrgnllfeat beginong. A hand- ten here, were thoe of Beoi men.
ful of children In a small related rom, Men of cultivated latMtet lue
with one teacher. The surronadinags heartM,whowere deteradutoiA
crude sad imporfet. Yet 'er Ave ourchildren to maritaB in thbidown
yearshave passed we And thi school right the psltion they.iiherited, Amd
overiowing, the small Iom tnd fll- so our bshool hua bos mai what It
g sever other rooms, requiring k I Not only 4 reoal for eduating
other tekbUers and a Prinelpal to hold te. poorer desese bat, em white
them together nderoene management. t child in our land may bepread
Then it becomes neeeary to build a toeter. Kaowlult based on the
school house then make addition on- l udiep oir ugor.-
til all available spee on the sboi mal that r"h gnaa olda
grounds Is taken up. with rooml& ms gaeftlume waso, h
seat the ever inoreaslineg ougr aSi W by ttae mea-l sei-
little fblki who ia tok ana to l rtralnlna. Ifaw eyelei i
SSchool au2 M pu,| e a't elet r 1 hoem a-
nd room for thfle m te:r, t s n bl aid, j b. eopene-
/baillding sl erected wist Ia p a wyr ll se tat r de u toth
and specioul grounds and o a lowb, hu ledas.
withevery or apr d ear weoa O f-
for teachers nd pupils. frldtte am dd
located, attractive na Ue e e' vo -tahe yms v emo,
appointments eamplete ad Its mia- we aeenor little nk q sad giab tabe
test detasabeing edueatve. In the their places l tho weeaM as moblmle
near future we aee these dsemodiove and women, we wiflaie the agd
,halls still crowded, and other bnsid- s*tiatlbate oEfknawlnghat we am
anme buildings In our city, lendlag in arpat trends vs ten
I heir shelter to the pupils of our pub- little en.e ber ehnma liI l
Ue schools. Leading shelter tochil- upthbe W*dBS^ iM rdd
dren who come with willing et and Ip thedr heatt tihei hwid me it-
'lad heart. to meet their, Ieeher in enobe mwhem boad woam .
knowing Ibey wii Sad a rpeasant Let thenalaeutmaaMters.
smile and a ~gh6 leod to ted them on oar duties r the w
up to all that will make eIb good and tresh ior and Mew hope. W are