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;:.::;.... lf:,;. :b J 't2> Dm r ft

'OF-1'IW WOULD. plied Jim, "that 1 fear even to press her to The. aisle and gallery of the church are now wanted some 011t themselves.! ." r" "I think," said Mrs. Meredith( surveyingher .

TlIR WA r ". take the step which would make me a happy complete In my picture I paint It a? I sit in The rudcncNvand vulgarity which marked, from top to toe, "Y"I are a little overdressed -

,! man for life. When\ I Ark her III my despair the nisle ; In the distance 1 >'nll can see the the mal came out unmistakably as he said I, ,:< for the situation, but of course you

} t Thro' summer u belted l brown l hoc flew, whether she will'l'r choose betweenher altar andchancel ; and, the vicar, who looks! these words, and taking his sister's arm in have plainer clothes when they como?
: I Ho kissed tho gentle rays violet that stepmother's wishes and my love she in upon me occasionally! says it I is as like as! his and casting a look vindictive scorn at .a The stranger lifted a pair of eyes to

Down in the valley's most secluded prow place. implores! me not to tempt her ; and so," can be lie Is'! curioti.*, however, to know the the todo and myself, he walked out at the the tall form girdled around with a towel,

\, I. f "In nil the world. there I is no fairer I face, :added Jim, 'Micro I am, miserable as need nature of UK !figures i I have sketched, roughlyin wih an ungainly strut which was I who was wrestling with the claws of a stu"pendous -
l ; ; Ho said. Wait- licro-I will conic hack to be." There is a group passing! down the aisle meant nlh1111 wo saw the great Josiah lobster at the table beyond.
", All this interested!. me exceedingly. Slit from the altar\ rails, where the vicar can still no more "Do you 1.11 I man cook?" asked the
1! you.Trust and lie at, his and [there ( !figure Mrs.( cut the
sweet violet, was evidently a g J'lof sterling worth seen post ; sum Spalding was! especially up by tfrl.Mrs.
:I !tr1 I' I'll not nif, with a high sense of the duty she believedshe standing; alone and, solitary in a pew, as if parting fling of Jofiah! as it was she who ( Meredith( drew herself up. "Certain
1 i ifi" t forget owed to her parents' wishes.! I thought '. facing the advancing, party. The vicar. cannot had manoeuvred the matter thus far. Mr.I Iv not. This is my brother, Mir Selwyn,

I lady) he sped arrows! thesumutertlay. over Muster Jim's love affair as I lay in lied quite fathom! the design The church he palling, on the other hand, burst into I \\.11\ i is kindly ufbill me to make 1 salad.

J' .Down from n garden: wall ujion his way that night, and dime to the conclusion! that r (can understand! : but the meaning of tile pie- jovinllallghI\I\\ taking his daughter's hand "Hut he is not doing it right. Ho will

A red rose leaned. Sosensuonssnbright.!" ; .. the case was n difficult on('. You cannot Mire puzzles' him. I Ibid, him wait )patiently of the doctor. never get the meat out of the shell 11 that

She touched his southern nature with dc i, always mold human minds! ) to your own .:. for;, the solution: of the mystery After all had left thestudio but Mr. Spalding way. Let me show you, Mr.( Selwyn.

light. bent nail purpose by simply speaking. When my study, of the church was completed the latter asked me to tel him in plain ,, And with deft fingers: she loosened the 1

"Tell nip, fair one," Jie only paused, to !say- I Hence, I came to the conclusion: that Mr-: : I went home to the Bed Lion, and terms::! how I hall brought about-for he white fibre fro in the, shell in a manner that
I Tell mo thy pane." Come near Spulding's love of my old friend ought to he- .- there I painted in my figures There[ was had no dnlh I was at the bottom of it. I ,. mncle Mr.( ScWrl cr\"bravo."

She said, "so thou can: 't lioar.! tested and tried in some other way. As my little need for models, +, for my :sketch hook 1 \' .' picture, which .(.tr.Spaldiaginmple "And I will show you where

... experience of human nature goes! t there was full of !studies. Turning to my picture, oasy-mindcd gentleman that. he was things are, and leave you to get up as nice 1
Kobbcd of his strength and( of his honor; seems nothing like putting love, of nil emotions < now progressing! rapidly. I find that there scrutinized with his double cyc-glasscs, lunch as you can, for at 2:30:: 0'cock we arc

j shorn, r !" to some rigid test But how, the test! are heads of two elderly men, and there is n\ remarking to me that ho did, not quite understand expecting my husband' cousin frol Philadelphia. -
(The rose had dropped her leaves and( shown could! be applied to the case in which I had careful sketch of a! young mums face: like it at ni, but that it was wonderfully I want everything in perfect or-

t s I the thorn), thus been led to feel a special\ interest I wise. There is a fair girl's face mil n matronly clever, that Josiuh's weskit was der."
He stood at last!" all sated with the blissc; knew not. countenance, and another' face which as like as life." "I will finish that salad," said Tom, who

'r Of her caressing arms and languid kisscs- I confessed, as [ rolled over to sleep, that :' seems not unlike that of 11(r. In six weeks thereafter I r,officiated best had secretly been watching tho !pretty face
A thing for bees!' to pity and t to sc ,rn.'j I did not sec my way clear to help them Lit last my tusk is completed., Bagll'n.t I man at Jii1 marriage. As the organist and t\'il figure of the new domestic, "now

f' Sweet violet, my bride, tle did, I think the morrow was to bring the mere "studybut it i is a careful study! pealed jubilant strains of Mendelsohn ?- lhl IMiave commt-nced it. Bnt01 need

I come to thee," ho cried. means!" and the man. The man: was! JosiaiiItlagdcn l lr. withal. The old, church you recognize at, after the vicar's benediction had been 10t look pt'rtllhOl, Pattie, your

'j ( 11 r. Jisquirc, iron founder\ of the firm glance ; the figures-well, wo shall sec. I Ivel, and Nelly radiant, and beautiful, III('. I wl be careful not to get in )'OUI
Ho comes to find! n blithe young butterfly t uflihigdcii, ISilgCiV: ('u", of JSiriningh.imtind vicar ;passed down the aisle: on her husband's arm, way. .\ you ask my sifter i if I am not n
: Wooing his violet with tender sigh. elsewhere! ; the means was! -my humble 1>(,1 f. .I The has been busily) spreading 1 rcport I could not help rejoicing in the success of handy sort of I fellow around the kitchen"
that ) of
(1 :1 She says him nay-refuses what he seeks The day after my arrival fit, Uockbamp- church I h1)1 painting pictures what i is: now No. ;'WJ--A Wedding 1larehIhou Kate shook her head !surreptitiously I at

; But lets him press n light, kiss: on her ton Jim 'proposed that I :should drive with the them. I and there (that i is I eurinsit' to, see h the faces in the picture ns exhibited ,. Tom behind the screen, hit he resolutely

< check!' him on his morning round, and added he : now propose fll day I slightly disguised: : and Mr. JoMah's vest affected not to perceive the warning gesture.
I it ?;i, Kntcr the bee ; he lves"plercingcr '- "'e'li call at Mount( Grove (iii our way veryfew of my llockhampton lends has been; shorn of its ,distinctive peculiar!- Half an hour afterward came to the
''J ";; False! ono; adieu home." Mount (I Trove was the residence ofylr. hal come to see my work. The circle is tics. """dining-room, where Mrs.Meredith( was ar-
I ,1' 't t I cannot wed with you- ( Spalding, and! 2 o'clock found us at the!,!t, \cr\eled. Tha'l'il.iteI1ollr.n1Illrs.: ( That is the romance which, as I toM you ranging her best lilac and gold china.
: Jibs' and
I : You are untrue, untrue: gate of a very nice villa residence, .: pih1iI/: I ''great with Josiah, Blagdcn ; at the outset hangs around the picture Kate, she's a jewel ; a gem of the first ,

I ,. ing the river and standing within nn.rloOk-1! 1 diplomatic cunningfor which in the .Academy' (catalogue was numbered water. Depend upon it she has not always )
s The insect! world looks on In sad dismay, which I have not before given 11"lllfl1'ellt
Mnrch.-Chaitmliers'[ I kitchen. I
I grounds. : : !)-A work'lllnl quoted Shakespeare,
i nicely kept WlI1liilg
d' ?; AIM, poor bee She's:! driven him astrayThe that Nelly Spalding hul be admitted : other and she
} of
1 'f jilting jade I We were ushered into the view. She has been all 'Jourtinl., ___________________ apropos something or recognized
; where found assembled prmtc I the grand old words at once-her eyes
;" Just the wreck she made.. see the picture, and I pretendthat
had anxiety A'/iK GIRL, brightened, and should have seen timecolor
whom Jim not [ 11r1\Wlng-\OOIll'1 you
t I, ; favor she shall it before TIll
: Thus runs the away : received by great see conic into her; cheeks."
; : me ( : I
-Ella Wheeler Spalding any one else. Mine host of the lied, has
I I Lon
to kitchen
!\ Quoted Shakespeare a common
f : .1-.1t : did Mrs.( : :- adding prepared I nice little luncheon, to "Now, Charlie, you'll ho sure to remember :
most cordially, that she was much e\l.'n girll" cried Mrs( Meredith in amaze
t t'' TIIK WK1W1HO MA11CIL make the of Hr.Jrooke's :ole dry Pommcry, which .the great Josiah ." ment.
to acquainunce:
l"+ pleased } I have been accustomed to what said Mr. Meredith
-as "To remember ? ,
\ cal told
she not
f 1.1 old friend, of whom he so often But I you was a common
him, possibly! from the magnitude of with expression of insanity on his
a hopclss "'
( f addition to the family circle girl..
t ( "No. 32U-A Wedding March.. Such spoke. In ofj waistcoats: -s'avs he dotes upon. I make a countenance. Kate Meredith dropped both kHchl'l "
t'f: i : was the number and namo of a (picture in three, it was clear there were strangers malicious! and unkind, but perfectly just, hands desparingly at her sides. "I ,lol't believe in high life helowstall's,
These latter Mr.( Josiah Hlag- aid his sister disdainfully.
certain which shall present.! were "
1" the Academy year mental that in life" lhe exclaimed
suggestion "Charles she 'OU
) dOl'tmean
ilea and his sister. Mr. Dlagdcn did not impress early 1 The lunch came u 2:30: in perfect order -
and bo left
; j'4er I for politic personal reasons, IIni great Josiah" was better acquainted with to say that have forgotten already front
5 He a stout, florid 'OI but no cousin Philadelphia ar
i '! The of me favorably. was ,
i P: designated. picture was one my the merit of'"alf-and-'alf" than dry chain ?" ,
it /t t, f painting! : ; and I, Reginald Tracey, had been complexioned man, remarkable for the, extreme 'agce. Mine host has done his: hest, and now My dear" said 1\1. Meredith, fumbling rived, no hack rolled" up to the door.
1 breadth of his white waistcoat and for "How said Kate. "MissMere(1ilh -
fortunate to obtain three ini : provoking
l enough very [[ wait I feel and excited for
I my guests. nervous ; in the depths of his pocket a missing r
: portant ends by its production. Firstly, it the profusion of jewelry displayed thereon.' why I can hardly tell, but I confess to lym glove, "I have not forgotten, but I llol't exactly \ must have 1\8CI some connectingtrain.
"-t "A safe dear sir 1111.1'021mnn Charlie will But, however -
\ :; ,.I was deemed excellent enough by the Hanging man, my ; a very self that I ucglad when my little symposium remember." 10 ,exell
t:, 1 Committee to bo placed on the line, and ," said Mr. Spaldiyg\ to me at IlIlIdl. is shnl. Tho suggested his wife. I do not so much company Coining I
q : his turn-over is about halfa oysters, in at time that I have
l 't' it laced in a prominent manner as Why, I suppose any now got an I
: you very said Meredith.
Here at last. into the Oil, Yl'i: the oysters, "
4" million a year-the iron trade, you know, 1hl'y troop upstairs::! excellent girl.
'i 1. you entered room No. 5. Secondly, this of double !
And the
large share of attention, which resulted in that Mr.( lilugdcn was one of the Mr. Josiah is looking very largo Ex act\: rabbit fricassee with a dessert of custardand
\ r hack to be waiting at 2
t} its finding u purchaser: almost as soon as the metal kings! of En; land. There' is an air of jubilant triumph about depot jelly, was duly served precisely at seven
I 1, exhibition doors opened. But thirdly, it "Self-made man, too," said )lr. Spalding ; him us he bustles about Nelly, assisting her o'clock for your cousin from his Philadelphia.hands the o'clock, at which hour Mr.( Meredith \. "
served the actual for which I painted "began life as a foundry boy." I in taking ATf her wraps and saying "nothings Mr. Meredith slapped on Pounced in, hot and flushed with the haste 1
i' ,
\.I ; That purposo involved just the least bit of] the next few weeks, his origin could have great man expresses!I ::! them. To mo his air is goodness" F' ho ('jaculatel1111 for dessert is she?"
i romance ; and although the clever critics been pretty accurately guessed from the simply patronizing. Mrs. Spalding is gracious \ a dozen ornges Where is who ?" cried Kate.

a praised tho picture, and even hinted that manner in \which he imparted the foundry !, as usual, and Mr. Spalding seems to and two pounds of white grapes bicuit-oh, and some 1\1' cousin from Phllal1ellhlu.'
little ,
l Mr. Tracey had been singularly fortunate joy's" manners into the sphere in whichlis regard the near prospect of lunoh with more of those delicious Naples t come?"
evident satisfaction than he does the and let them send up girl from St. Clair's. "
'\ in his treatment a somewhat unusual and ::! industry and success had led him. lIe prospect 1 N! o. ,
sour who bullied of an artistic! treat Mr.( Blagden suggests "A-which ? Meredith, drew of
difficult theme etc. not one of them was essentially vulgar man, Mr. a sigh mingled relief -
.\ t much as guessed that It win a picture with a his sister: u meek, silent little woman, with'J I that we had better step in to see the "A girl, you goo e. For general house and
this witha rl'grc.
purpose. As the sequel' 11l1ay: serve to show, ::1 i good heart and a a kindly nature, as I discovered !::! \ picture lunch has evidently its attractions work. 1'hebc went home morning "Then, lfter all, it is not so unlucky," I
be let alone
that from and cndedin what : later on. for "tfl"Brait Jo:-lah. But I tell him I wait faccache, and I ('I\'t withg said he.
t purpose sprang f
I t r 1 am pleased to call my: little romance\(.. As we drove home from lunch that day, \ Brollcc, at which aniouneenmentliesub- company coming understands and all. Mind she's ,a?! "What i is not so very unlucky? 3i' dear hf
"' J It was charming day that on'which I Tim was strangely depressed. I gll.l'ssl'llllll:; des. Then 1 suggest to Miss Nelly that, good "cook and waiting at! Charles, you arc expressing yourself alto- 3 w

{ I Ii went to Kockhampton t0 sketch theAvatefm ; thoughts pre.tty; .accurately, fpr liE burst out". with her molher'serlission, she may now table. ether in a riddle." ,
l [[ Meredith rushed off to catch the .
And ) .
; <*Kl'nr.i 1\0(1( tn sou myolu friend DrTJamcsBrooke into n tirade against l: t Mrs. Spalding on our have tho picture all to herself fora momentary r "That I forgot nil about the oysters and J '\ '
1 i t.I -Jim, I gl'l1crally"called'him-who arrival at home. ri.: peep. Mrs.I Spalding\, who:' i is deep with 3:30: express, with kaleidoscope confuson of, the zephyr wool and the servant girl." f

had: settled, m a practitioner ,In"that town. "I shouldn't wonder, llegy," said he "If Miss! Blagden in the mysteries of the manu grapes, zephyr wool, depot hacks,oysters and Forgot ?" *

a 1 The whole place wasstccpcdln Sunlight; und hut fellow JUagden has: been invited downhere ". fl.dut of rhubarb jam readilyconsents.: ( servant which maids careering for Mrs. through Meredith's his domestic bruin, "Yes, forgot! Isn't that plain English?" |

"" thu deep shadows: cast by the old houses I in thei as a suitor for Nelly. He's friend of taro' follows::! mo into tho room where bodel11 I But you did not forget," remonstrated t d

: narrow streets: by the waterside reminded Mrs. Spalding's, I know, because she herself pi[ stands covered with a crimson Mrs. Meredith. You sent her She is here
that both hands i
t /' one of nothing so much as' the blackness of cOllies from the Itluck Country.' .' on my ealel I close the door and dOtl1 her While head in lady,of clasping: rushed over now, in the kitchen.' :
the shades in some old Dutch town, where !N'ellv at it for a moment, then a sort tragic despair, Mr. Meredith started. "I have sent no .
of mind\ from
Jim's state the moment heirnauhcd the kitchen where
1 Uombrandt must have: learned the special art this theory be better imag- ing deadly pale sinks half fainting unit down into of, two a very three good and one. Never thollht of the girl fl that ?; )
that bears the of his may but Into those of Dr. James looking young man or a '
II impress genius to-day. ned than described! For the next three my arms, : his knees in front of a moment to you my word andhonor.
twenty was: on range "
> The old church of Uockhampton is a line Brooke, who has most come .
wt'ekllun bound to that his, temper most fire to burn.
,: bit of Norman architecture. Rising:\ archi- unendurable.say upon the scene. In speechless: astonishment I:. trying to coax" a unwilling "Then who did send her?" ejaculated his I. ,
was well-nigh Oneevcningat [ said he.
J; i t.rctfllleclaro that there are no purer pillars he sues( at me, but lie.too, seems as if he "Wel?" wife slowly.'w .'
dinner at Mount irove I felt half afraid he cried she .
1 of that style or better preserved: arches, with ;' !was going to inflict personal chastisement were going to repeat Nelly's procl'lnrl( as he make TUI lobster, salad,?"hysterically. can you Ring the bell. Let us have her up here.
: their faces squeezed Into the dances at the .For heaven's sake I Who knows but she is of
-Ii queer corners: )Ir. lllagden, feat 1 should have Picture said Tom one those confidence \
A thereof, and which seem to impress: : the upon much to have.| 1 tl'gHlil Jim, in 1 hoarse voice, "rover "I.ike" book" women, with an eye to the forks and '
I seen: >llrllllI'cr "And coffee: ?
Kockhampton juveniles\ on Sundays: quite as! 'I picture 1 pI"! spoons?" i
I"t formed, after tho Iron-lIul.t ter's coarse n'c- "I
\ much as the servl o. Passing!! through the tivea against, the medical[ profession, which Nelly opened her eyes in 1 moment or .Good.Il'urellin And rarls.make buttermilk bis- As ho spoke be jerked the bell-cord with r't t
1 I' churchyard. I found myself at last at the had been called, forth during some argument two, whu-li seemed to me like an age. Jim between decent some energy In a minute or su the new p
j I'uit-and us wo can get u
: up
?i } jthurch. With little 1 io of finding the hail employed; l the interval in a fashion[ 'not girl came up courtesying.
f"I' .
I latch oncoming: lectors' !! Ntllttittllle: lunch for from 1
lady Philadelphia.
; ,1' !door open' I lifted the I, when at once ityielded towards( Jim appeared to have undergone no unfamiliar to I lovers, I hllel.nd whenshe ( a young g Mr. Meredith uttered an exclamation of <
: As for {
f to touch. As 1 within did dlller-
f'' my passed: open her eyes p Jim amazement. t
peccptible change. She way! loving nllllj.t'n- Wcll ? remarked the '
the green basso doors!! within the porch, 1 lIe its before, but [ fancied that Mrs.( :Spal--: ; around the neck, nut! her words were few, with the soot-bespangled again nose. young man. .Why it is Martha( Meredith '" shouted I

.g\ \1' heard the /lu\I.1IIof the organ ; so !stealing ,ding contrived dexterously to Mr.] but decided, "Jim dear I can never, never the he. "It is my cousin from Philadelphia..'
; quietly into tho ratl.ftllllhlLllo and coolness Blagden and Nelly as frequently k'I'\'\Il'r usjpossible t marry that mall! I will do whatever you "Providence must: provide, sighed And ho clasped her in his arms with a
'. of tho church, I ensconced myself in. the \ and thus Jim's tetp-A-tetes were re- ; wish me to. But, oh they have tried me ; hint"There's roil. an old chintz-colored rooster in shower of kisses which made honest Tom's ;
biggest: .pew 1 could find\ and listened. How !I" hair stand on end
laced miserable Worst
to minimum.
the If I could catch him
,f soothing win tho effect of tho music and surroundings :ill, as Jim remarked: to me one day Nejly,. What is it in my picture that has so perturbed have harnrlr,1\ stew." Id "I wish she was m)cousin from Philadelphia /
on that glorious dayI! could the lovers and brought he uttered in
i oJ had confessed that her stepmother had on Xrlypald.il "'tom, did you ever make u chicken { a stage whisper "
tff' r' not seo the player: who was concealed by thecurtain's j more than one occasion! hinted that Mr.( to her senses; ? Simply aside. Kate turned as scarlet, as a
!.'7 in front of tho organ loft, but Intuitively I Hlagden's visit mind staywere not !lnleh'I'tlllllptl..1 the old church once again.. A ray at sunlight stew" Nott"Then? 1e1lel' ( ,

1\\ I guessed it W.L"Ia lady who ')laye.I by friendship to her parents, Mrs.paldmg streaming through a chink the do not know what are pod."Oh, good gracious s!he cried, clasfing {
imagined that only a woman's delicatetouch stained window falls on the sad, tearful you you her little hands ,
in ot h'r'ordil clever pale nervously, and I took her ,
was, a woman talking about, said the lady with some as ,
could have made that '
Kyrio speak little of face of tho newl -made bride. The fur a t
t i;: in thesa tones ; and there was more, gentleness playing; a nude game diplomacy: biidc's face i is Nelly's own, and tho pompous perity. l'ook.am a cook when occasion
.i' :and, while keeping on the most friendly .\ I do too. Onions "Ant re- 1
es celery,
: than in tho tahat Mater" into is Josiah Blagden tho artistic potatoes "
power Cousin Kate
; bridegroom said Martha
with tin to mind, fllI.thl'fing pretty f.
; the terms was, my barley with a pinch of saltonsense .
tfl\; which" plaYt'r lhll'1. Then, I rcniom-| her own aims and ideas of a matrimonial treatment "whoso white waistcoat; and d Pl'Ur : ," Mrs. Meredith. Meredith, making her peace with a kiss d i"Don't t
j, ber the 1Vodlin"Mitrch"succeeded, and,! chain has cost mo no end of pains. Behind interrupted be vexed at for '
mo the
alliance with the "
for irOn,
Nelly elderly humoring :
that its
(So pick out shell and
.1f: after half an hour's private hearing of the! founder. I know that most: of readers'will 1 bride and bridegroom come tho figures of off You deal better joke ; indeed I could not help it. And I ''r ,." ,
my leave romancing. are a .
: '\ masters: I quietly out of the church 1r and Mrs.I and du -the dim distance R
.i: : slipped ,j should'have Spalding, show you how to make
that llss ,
Spalding 't-
: Into say : ; *< ( ; |at poetry and "ktchc than[ \i lerillguC
S. again that newspaper
l once thcgtudRunlight playwll 'L the vicarlistillst cnshandingwithinthealtar and the
s Neapolitan /
tho herself and[ have
tied matter for ,
:i d ; around thick gravestones, and made the world] %1r, llliigdeu to understand that his atlen-{liven } rails But tho central figure after thebr' lull are in the kitchen of ; though to be sue"with And they all sat happily to-morrw.togetherto
lr a twinge "goodness
: >>D fair to bee. I nlc herself is' the ) man, pale I motionless COUSd(1Cl' the roast ami i.
quails fricaseed
lions were unwelcome 11.I1111t0IWII.'. But t young I rabbits.
knows what I should do without
I.' After lunching. my hotel, tho Ked Lion, as a statue, who stands in a pew.and you And Kate and Martha
before went to the Interna- }f
I remarked not all cat 1 in
'i,. I went t,) see Or, Jim( I It appeared It that the] mould, and the most, we: are loving natures ]} who-o a-hy gaze is fixed on the bride.. this [particular emergency, ,you dear old dar- tional Bureau on thoiinorrow, established a t I!
!. fair player of tho church was! a Mi-s Hp11111in sometimes be coerced hwhnt seems OIH'I The face of tho mal in the pew i is. that of Tho lobster [half Milesian damsel in the and Tom, :
and tho only of vel1 du? James The tells was only picked out off rounding
.; ( daughter a -to- into self-saeritico Brooke. picture own leaning red j
their of the most il hlilsh'r's :
duty the the buttermilk biscuit still O'er
: :and retired merchant who had settled"' at IItjckhamptou story to Nelly ;. places possi "hel un- I <
(,," some elfhtet'1month... before ;j reasonable) Kind and which can only entailjmisery the Hll"lm I her eyes as she II Mrs.I Meredith{ with a ,pocket! first Dlln't?"tell you. she was a gem of the
in the end.
[ LitIIf handkerchief tied around her ';
I pretty brown f
: dared to picture it to herself. It : :
aldresser So things went on at U.K-lJiaiupton, with 11\'l'r hair was dusting the little drawing-room] New York
; *' ; reflects in ull its naked truth the fate to TiE Penal Code, whose foundations -
't. >. ,married for tho second time and had thus diplomacy: ut Mount Oroveuntl He-pair: ut}, which through her indecision she may commit when there carte a ring at the door-bell.1 [ were laid a generation ago but whichwas I
given Miss Spoiling a stepmother;"' Tho oldij No. 14 High street where Dr. James Hrooke'announced herself mid Jim. Ami it tells its story She put' the peiturbed head out of the window -] only passed by the legislature last win* < ''

gentleman, as Jim called him, wit( an easygoing his willingness: to relieve the af-\\, so well that art (conquers diplomacy and inijdociion r in a most unceremonious" manner j ter. went into effect )last w('?k, Aside from A i
titan kind-hearted every way geiiV.trous tlieted daily from JO to 11 a. in. and from II!;. : and ufds love in its triumph over Who is: there? !she demanded in a high!. codifying existing statutes, the new code r'

a o a-fault, and looked kindly enough! to 8 p. m. I had been sitting cogitating over;"the great Josiah contralto. | embodies many common law rules relating
Jim pronounced) a decidedly} unfavorable having been culled to a distant part of his} again. Nelly-atauds bCh1 Dr. Broke ; her .t wonul's"oil And a the same moment! sparingly, and is: in general well accepted. 1

opinion. ,Sho was an ambitious and!, us he* parish-'When an idea, founded, I believe, on j cheek is palo and nf' tears like dewdrops young latrol l'augl sight of a neat! In he machinery). of criminal trials, "information ;,
,expressed it, scheming woman, who thoughts .quotation front an old French author, nceurred '3 glistening in her eyes. The iron mas-1: ,, black leatltr bag, a alpaca dress und I tt substituted 1 for "complaint."theaccuse. } :

41 that, Nelly should look somewhat higher, to 1tI.('. The quotation was to theillect'that .:1 tcr nOI: in the doorway. He takes in the a thawl plainest highland plaid I I"It's .] is given the right to insist on secrecy ,
titan Ur Brooke of Itocklumton: -and that "when moral rlIa..j\1I i fails flout amity matter at a glance and frowns darkly at Jim tho 1'1111, thank l'rvidencl"Irs. !' at his preliminary examination, the '
mite should at least: marry money-with" cause to i'llIlIIg1111 opinion it l i-lawful: to] and me. j said ) )lrrl1th. as she ran tenons and ut this examination ones-must
,which latter commodity Jim was, asa voungj\: inpoal to the mo-t trivial of our l'lIIotlnl't! : ( .\. soon as Mr. and Mrs. Spalding, who stairs, : ( Charlie in her hear] be \ to writing, or they cannot be I ,
doctoruf course! byuunteausuverbunlenet.< Happy\ J.lelthourht! ; 1. I shall \\hctherj Bclo-ely Jl'"iahlln' entered tho room t t'r his ulexpt'.tell'rlltitlde. used at the trial, the grand jury is

Without actually discouraging Jim's utten-j', 'Ir.not I can. work it out to the advantage tit'Dr ." N'elly" Inl.\my surI \lks quickly, up toj I !hl the door! to confine iU hearings to I legal l evideneeand required .'

1 lions; Mrs' Spaldiiiij\ made things: decidedly"unpleasant \ James llrooke and-shall 1 p.l-l!. i It?-toj: $berGttherauid fakes his halll1 wide. "I am[) glad; that you are punctual,t indictments are simplified to a "plain and J
: l for the lovers Mr. Spaldiiii the confusion of Josiah Itlugden, }:s.1' I. paid she, with 1 tremulous my' ;good girl From the ('lalr'l IntelligenceBureauIsuppose concise statement m which the .'

__ good, wwjr, man: was completely under the! My l plans were then: rapidly matured.... .)'UI know tho message you \ ? No, don't take off your! name may be mispelle., the Jefentants.
dominion hU wife. Hence, Jim 'ul.l.f.l'l.l.. Morning; noon and night find mo busy in! from Mr. Blagden this morning? "Fatlcr'1 rhlng up here ; the H'r'anh' room is down crime incorrectly given, the person Injured '

he WAS. in a somewhat unsettled state of;: I the old chui' h. I am bard. at work on a can-P my answer now Tell him that I you may u wel 'lme directly down]- onlitteil, and the crime called by an inaccu -
mini!.' -"*. 0 I i vas in which tho interior of the church to miirrv Dr. Brooke. to the kitchen. rate legal term without the Indictment -

"You see, Itegy." said Jim, "Nelly wjll"n" .;rows under my brush day .by. day. There1", Now. ;M {N my opinion tint, had the dNtcarded She led the way down, followed by the had In making up making a petit jury, those

UIt disobey her !parents in any way. That the ire no bounds of the "Kyne"I now, nor': ..'.ih at this moment Iwl his new girl, whoso countenance bore a ratherbewildered only! are excluded whose bias precludes a 1fairjutlgnheut f

-. } cire for ntf tol',* has contested to me* are the' jubilant strains of Mendcl-solm tongue, he nmb tit have jx"t IIll and expression.: and writs of error and certiorari )

ui'ir.'tiltn'fuoe'' hit when I prv-s lier to *. heard, us on a bright sunny day nut so far Mrs. tlIltillJ to speak n wllrl him withN'elly. What i your name?" she asked patron. are ublshed. appeals being substituted. -

OfIU ttut to .bj in irrie ut oicc alll l tam nuteS ,,me by Nelly does not come to prat,tico her 1'it was, he t"'ltrhl:0\\1 izingly. .- /,( an* Courier.FO ,
_ -me happy she won't hear of it." 4 old fa>'oritesas of yore. Itlagden, I know eve at a blow"Mesatge "My name! Oh, it's Martha," r1,1C1 the d

: .. My dear Jim," I responded }iu my new !hates music" and painters. iu" ho onco px- from me?-and this is my an- stranger in esmfusiun."Martha A IH: 11 S"11.I".

found laity: : of gui' e, counselor, and; pressed it-imbshteking; hid: ta-te-art' usually wv''r"" he said in anlr voice .* 1Vbv.-1 !I critically repeated Mrs.I Mere five m.\ULE HOlSl' t'ONTAIVINO

< friend. .'It(. I* not the tlrat girl who has had "a eedy lot. I r ?m..jmb.T Mr.! J'I..i ;h'li rare n-.vvt ,-uwr(." repeated bitterly, lith. "What an ugly name! I think i XI. Yanl roomy, ct front l"au

to stmislc! between love and t1tho t\\i white'* vest aiulv.tblo (chain with 11..IIh: up->}1 j' nlmi the matter. I guess was' the I lass'i -hal cal you Pattie. Have, you <*( { -"large Trees. Orange Lmou.ln" Banana
least. what ,.he conceives to be her (duty" ltendagey| attacheI thereto to have net upaj o ttthl'r and mother that wanted to marry : ll. > : | I-or Centrally Incte etc..
small in of business j I I-I believe U further .I *,, Inquire at this
$be Is *o thoroughly re-| : jeweler a thriving way d Blagden's money 11'rhalthy so 8 onice.
,... {-ti ,.

R ",-

-..., \
..wan&__t _..re '''' -


1 w .+auv..uy.rY.WyyWy ,.'KMY'W+..RMiir.aMM+ wA.rW..h+,r+ r'w ... _.- iYY... r..w .a AS -. .--. Tj-- + MMWC.WRMaNMAOMVM Yb4 Wr. .L a. ;'\




__ __ __
u r.o.. c_. PL. ,1'wt7.' ; "' .I"" .i'L-P-: : "" ,,,:..;, .ro.r.; :'" ""'il..Cl.... .A. ..."", ..."" "- \"U:1I.. -,.__.. ",;.;:..:u: 'il !.T. ....jIF..U; ;:i;.;tM" ;;;!;;;:.. "" ;.....-;: .: ; ; '

Legal Aderliseiuens.ff "" M-- Kailroaid" (, P1.OlUIAslSTEiN: ; UOtXU K\4T-ItT.! MVHKS!' MVI\ -IOX.Ttirtttityf. : I, ) N" IOltGAN i* i \ n tv-v j

.- .. ------ -.- : SAVANNAH RAILWAY. ( TIIIII'lIr1"l1I1II1I1 toitunbiy*.) j

NOTICE or .Xcuu-on\'I'.OX.: rI'DmJt: : ) Lt'II't'It.: Marks( :.!.(); U.II1.
On 1\11111\1)1' Sunday, Aug :2S, 1S81 1. Pa scnger Leave \'llklllla..t.:In a.IIIr
TTxOW ALL MEN 15Y THESE-PRES): ) OK TIn Trains on thi" r()tl \\ ill| run us follows Arrive '1'allnlut'see...... IAn )p.m,
.1I'XT: W. FLORIDA; TRANSIT:; 11A1LROAD Fast Mail., Jack'viU .
.. That Wl', C. Ynll't', J. 11.McOhnniy : : -- "
WiIIlul1 11uvson: W. H. C. Dur- nail1'XPI'l'1'I'I.; (CONNECTIONS.Hoth : : .
:"l-C'. 'l'h01l11111 K\'lht, twin H. ])johle. henry'l PENINSULAR: ]RAILROAD, 1'Xl'I'ptillilay.: : Daily. East: tuu11Vcat )bound trains meet at
I;:. ])ntlercr, and;) O. Stark, all of the tate 1)1') ( Wllld" 1:1'1IIch,) Leave :Savannah. forFlorida. lave Oak and connect with :!:.I.i train on Savannah :
1<'lorlelallIekr and in accordance1 with tin' 1.20 p m. 10.15 1'. lit. : Flol'hboll'rn Railroad: fill S. ._.1IAIISTi._. : ,V_.USIIIl'N t
provisions of an act of the State of Florida[ AMIFKRNANDINA (l/eave Jc up........'..... JJ.lOp m. 2.40{ a. D1. I Savannah and .\111\11\: '. .-----' ----------

entitled "An act to Provide for the Creation : it JACKSONVILLE:; : Leave Waveross: ........ 5.05 p m. 4.'tta.: Ill.rri'C'nt I'0sscngery:: for Chattahoochee: River hunts i
of Corporations and to Prescribe their 01.11,1 1\ LROAD.: .\ Callahan ...... 7.4:11': 111. 7:12: : a. in. connect with steamer Rebecca Evcringhamevery ; Will leave Cedar Key
oral Powers! and Liabilities\ ," approved. Arrive Jacksonville.: ... 8...n p m. 8.15 a. in. Thursday Fla., and :
Jacksonville\ .... 7.15.5: : n m. 3:13 lit. Columbus\ FOlt NEW: ORLEANS! EVERY OTHER
gust 8th, 18G3, and an act of the Lcgislatun( (' Ix'iiye/ p every Saturday: for Gil./ and Eu .
of said State, l'lItitlc.11 1nl't to Repeal at InJi'ct Mty Cth, 1881. Arrive at Live Oak..... 11.1Ju.; m. (faula, Ala.Connects. "FltlDAY. .>, .
net entitled nn net to Provide for the Creation Leave: Live Oak......... :2.25 1'. m with steamer: G.i OUI1..Jorltall ',*, ,
of Corporations!' to Prescribe their. I.('11\1' Callahan.......... 8.10 a tn. (.:25 p. m.Arrive every Sunday Apalachicola: :\, Flu., andevery 1'1"f'::1-;:'.:" '.

ieneral Powers! and Liabilities, and to lie ioixy SOUTH. Wnycross.H.10n a m. Tuesday for Columbus:, and) Eufaula: :
create and Amend time :Sections; : Repealed: i by Leave Wuvmvw: ........ !11.:0:: p. in. FOR KIW'l.r; \ ANI'IIAVANA
Leave Ferntndina..N; ................ .tHln.ll1.! A In.
:said net" approved March lllli, 1ST'\) 11 l'i 1'' Arrive at Jesup",,,,,,,12.:55: :> p m. 11.05p.m. Lake with trains the IVEItYOTHER: SATURDAY.!
Leave Hart's Road...................... IU7 a.m. Connects: City on
hereby associate: ourselves! together as:, a corporate Leave Callahau......... ......... ........10..VJ? u..111.r Arrive Savanna) .,..... :3.00 p DI. 2.01)11.111. Florida Central Railroad for Jacksonville'

body under (lie name and style 01 r.eave Dutton............ ......... .........1 I.::!:! a.m. Passengers from'nIIlHh for Brunswicktake ; \ :and Si. Johns River Fcrnandinn and Ccd.n -
THE: BEACH HOTEL AND ROAD'COMPA )A'ave Brandy Brunch .................It.oS;) ( a.m. the Fast :Mail( arriving .it Brunswick (1m. Key. WILLIAM: ( O. AMES, 1\'

NY, The I'l'itll'ipal'Iac'c\ of business\ : of( Uuive Baldwin\ ......... ......... ...... ..1'-.0.5: : >.m. i 1'. general Passenger Agent. PARSONS,,& HALE, Agents
said Company shall be in the City of Fer- Leave Maxvillc( ...... ....................l-5.'l: : : p.i i. Passengers! (leave Brunswuk at I.IO: u, in., .. .----- ------- 0-1.'Jt ; -' Cedar 1 Key, Fla.

nandina in the State of Florida. Leave Lawtey ........................... LIU: i.m. ;arriving at ::4'llInah.00: take p. MI.Passengers ? J.OHW.t.1'XTH.I.: RAILROAD. --- ._-- _.
for Darien t the Fat Mail 1
II That the business of said Company' Leave Temple's s......... .................. l.Llt: ) i.m. SIJIJIIn: : !
hall be to build and manage a hotel and 1 \enveStarke ...... ...... .................. 1.158: '..111.i.cat Passengers; leaving Macon at 7.00 a. in. JvcKsoxvm.K, Ft.v., Sept.: 12: 1881. .s.aHJJ.I
necessary! accommodation 011ml'lilt'Beach. 'Tlmrston .......................... l.ril prnlr (daily: except Sunday) unmet at Jc up with Commencing this dale, trains: on this: road (
and to obtain the right of maintaining ant Leave Waldo.................. ............ ::,3t:J I 1'.111. the Fust Mail for Florida. l I will run as follows: : THE STEAMEns's !
collecting toll on road: connecting the head; Leave Gainesville........................ :5.0:! 1'.In. Passengers from Florida bj the 1.'a Mail: tioINO:- Wl'ST.iLeuve .--- -- .'..-------.,- -
with the City of Fernamlina. A'uve .Arredondo..... ......... ......... .'J..i! ,-, 1 1Leave 1'.111. connect! nt Jcsup with train arriving in Macon l'/r,1.1 8
III. That the capital\ stock ot'tlll' Com- Hatton................. ............ ".Oi 1'.111. at 7."iO: p. in, daily Cars(except tic Sunday t)Irainflatly : .Tul'bon\'itll'.11:0.1: n.! in. 9:10: p. in. j ST. JOHNS } J CITY OIXT j"TIJ.TJ j

)any shall be ten I thousand dollars: divided Leave Archer.............................. 4.29pntr: I'alnelIl'eplllg between: Savannah on ntid l evening.Jacksonville\ Leave White llouse..ll:37:: 9.45: h **--- _

into shares!! of one hundred dollars each, Leave Hronson: ............ ............... fi.n1p.llI. Charleston Jacksonville. .and Macon( and Arrive ]\\\Ilwll1..11.rj; "
with privilege; of stockholders: to subscribe [ Leave Otterl'rcek......... ............... 1i.llIp.llI. Leave Haldwin.......... 10:10: ( .'
in (CA) one-eighth; ((1) one-fourth. and (0 i) one- I heave Rosewood...... ................... Ii.Hi p.m Jacksonville.No! Leave H.lrhy\.itl.! 10:35: "
half shares-ten per centum of all sub erip- JArrive. Cedar Key........................ < ..".> 1'.111. change; of cars: hdw'cliIa'allllnh: ; and Leave :Sanderson: 11:22 I : : "
Jacksonville!' and Macou( and Jacksonville.Passengers !' J".r
lions of stock be such
to paid when subscrip
} !' leaving Macon at 7.30 m.connect JLeave Olustee.......,.... 12:08: a. m.
tions: are made, and the remainder as!' may (01N0 xon1'lI. : p. "
Leave :(It. Carrie. 12:2: !)
at Jesup!'\ with the evening train for
ordered by the Hoard of Directors of "aidC "
Lert'l''Ilar Key: a.m. Florida daily Arrive lake Cityv-. _1:01): _
ll1lpany. Leave Rosewood......................... 0.10 a.m. -
Passengers! from Florida by the Expresstrain Arrive Live Oak:.:::.= :2Iia:! m. leave Fcrnandinn Jack.sonvill)
created) :
IV. That the corporation hereby ,
Leave Otter Creek....................... 7.00 a.m. with train Palatka nml intermediate landings
shall date its corporate existence from the connect at Jesup arriving I Arrive Tallahassee! ..... /8:00' :
day of tiling of these articles of incorporation [Leavfc Hronson...., i.8.1(5":! n.1I1. Bat Macon at 7.05 a. m. daily.Paoetlgers I Arrive Chattahoochee. __12:25:: p. m.lArrivo on the St. John's River, and Savannahand
Leave Archer a.in.
as required by the acts as aforesaid,, Leave Hatton 8.V8a.m.I 8 from Savannah Gainesville,, (Gainesville! .'''' 3:22: p. tn. Charleston!' folows :.
and shall continue for the term of ninety- Cedar Key and Florida Transit Road: take .1
Leave Arredondo 8.581.111. thc Express! train Arrive Cedar Key...... 0:55Arrive : From Fernandiiia
nine years. Leave Gainesville. (.3.) a.m. Ocn hi: ,. 7:00:( ) "
V. That the business of the Company shall 10.30a.m. 1 l'U"IIIerfrom:: Savannah for Madison, .u_ ___' FOR JACKSONVILLE AKD 1'ALATKA,
be Hoard of five Directors Lea YC'ulllo JMonticcllo, Tallahassee!! l Quincy( takothi.t
('OJ1IIuct1by ((5)) Leave 'fh .1 a.m. lOINU KAST. ?:.0"EVERYVEDNEtilAY.'l
I train. ,,
to be elected! bv the stockholders: on the Leave Starke. .t a.m. I'afstnyer, Mail.;
first: Monday of )March III each and every .11.20( I'USsengcrsfrom Quiney'I'.illnhasscelotsu Arrive Jacksonville.... 2:00 (.50( ix From FcrnandinaFOR
Leave Temple's a.In. jticcllo and Madison) take the Express train : p. ill n. in. ,
year, excepting that the I first election !shall!' Leave Lawtev ... a.m. ( nt Tehran\'iII11 at K.1C Arrive White )louse: 1:28::! 0:18: "
)be held at such time meeting sleeping-cars SAVANNAH ANn CII.\nr S1'OoEVI.mY
as undersigned cor
Leave Maxville( .I2.1: !1 Arrive Italdvvin......... 5:55: "
porators, or a majority of them shall determine Leave Haldwin'. 1.101'.111. ]p. m. ALBANY EXPRESS.: : : Leave Haldwiu ........... 1:10 j2 }'nt1>AY.- .
upon. Said Hoard of Directors shall; ...... 5:25I
Leave Hrandy Hranel; 1.:!$ p.m. ArrlveDarbvville :
elect n President and Secretary and such Leave Dutton 1..11'.111. Leave :Savannah daily nt........ 4.25 p. in. Arrive Samfcrson: : ...... 4:10: \ Closo connection made with steamers for
other subordinate officers as the business! : ofthe Ll'a\1.1.Callahan.' 2.22: p.m. [Leave Jesup '* ........ 7.151'. in. Arrive Olustee.......... 3litI: Mellonville and Enterprise, also: with r Company require. Leave Hart's Road: < ::1.211'.111. Leave Tebeauville ..... .. 0.155: p. in. Arrive :Mt.( Carrie........ :3:30:: ) ers for Oekluvvnliii lliver:i also at Savn'nnnhwith
VI. That the highest amount of Indebt- Arrive Fernandiiia: 4.00 p.ni. Leave Du Pont .......11.55 1'. In. Leave Lake City..,...... 3:30: !steamers' for New \ ork. Philadelphia.
ness or liability which said corporationcan Arrive Thomasvillc!' ........ 5.001111.. -_- '- no ton and Haltimore.nnd atCliarlcston with
at 1I1time subject, itself shall be twenty- Trains!! daily, except Sunday Arrive P.ainbridge ........H.In.lI\,. I Leave Live Oak.--: :::::: 1:00: p.;: in.l.l'ilt'e'rllllld14lsSce :steamers for New YorI,1'hiladclphhn' Haiti-

live hundred ($2.r 00)) dollars. .-- Arrive Albany ....... 8 45 n. m, : ....... fII:: () more, and with Northeastern it South Curio-)
VII. That the said ('01l1l'anihall! be Leave Albany ........ 4..1:) p. in. Leave Chattahoocliee.. 2:30I: lion Railroads: for routes: North, East and
vested with nil rights and privileges which PENINSULAR. : : RAILROAD: Ix'ave Hainbridgo:: ........ 5.00 p. m. iLeavcCiainesville: .:.=-' 9.I5.):: u. m. West.FIRSTCLASS.

4..f. the acts!! heretofore referred to can convey. I ( II atdol.OINO lImltc") Leave Thomasville:' ........ /8.45p.m.' \ Leave Cedar Key....... 5.:10I: PASSENGER ACCOMMODATIONS. .
VIII. In witness whereof, we the parties.I Arrive DuPont ...*... 1.45 a. in. ..I (Leave Ocala...... ... 5:45: "
aforesaid have hereunto set our hands and "<; iOL'Tll. ., : : __ .
Arrive Tebeauville ........ 3.65 1\. in.
seals: the 18th day of :May A. I D. 1881.O.'WICK'LIFFK Leave Waldo Junction........ :!..J.) p.m. Arrive Jesup) ........ (5.15 n. m. Mail !train connects at Jacksonville with 'Through; Tickets and "stnlerooma( secured
: YULEE, f, Leave Santa Fe. 0.18 p.m. Arrive Savannah ........ !9,05 n. in, ] the Savannah, FlnrhhWotl'rn Railroad 1\11IIntl information furnished nt office, corner
.T. II. McGINNlS: Leave Hawthorne 4.05\ p.m. land nt Lake City with the Jacksonville, Pen- Centre and Second streets
W. S. RAWSON,. Leave Lochloosa. 4.15p.m. Sleeping cars run thro t; between Savannah Ssacohiit llobllellailrold for CJinttahooehce 21)-1y C. A. NOYES.
W. 15. C. DURYEE, and Albany daily without change.: and lnternvdiatcstations. _. ---------- ..
Leave Orange Lake.................... (
T. KY!))) Connection at Albany ..1ailwith
passenSger Passenger train connects: at Haldwin for
Arrive () For Vest
Tampa J Key
< ,
I C. B. DI15MLE.H. trains both ways on $lI\1dl\\'l.\ tl'W Rail- land l from all points on the Jo'loricl1'1'11811
E. DOTTERER; ooixo SOUTH. 5.40p.III'j road to and from Macon[ Eufaula, Montgomery Jor Peninsular Railroads. .o S'r VIA

21) (}. STARK.Groceries : Leave Ocala...: Mobile, New Orleans: ctv.Mail ( .. j. S. MCELROY, rnADIIA Ntennaslaip t'O'S LINE
1r' .._ ,_d. __ Leave Lake steamer leaves Bninhridgr[ for A paInchicohi 1iaL t'r'I'runsp'n.,, ,
Orange a.m.] ,
and Columbus! ('vcry'1'ucsaay\ and! W. M. DAVIDSON) Superintendent.
I ,
and Provisions.ii. Leave Lochloosa. .8.:30 a.m. ; *'
l :;.tt urlt\ '. 1\\ .
" .' !:' Leave Hawthorne....................... 0.15 a.m.I" u .
J '. 9.45 I Close connection nt Jacksonville! daily RoILS and Stationery*. *:
! Leave Santa
; (Sundays excepted) for Green(; Cove
Arrive ,,'aleh) Junction... .......... 10.15 a.m.'\ --,--- ..
) :;t. Augustine, Palatka, Enterprise: :Iauforll.allll ,.
, F1mx..XIHS.FLOnIlU: ._---- nit landings: on St. Johns river II -R.iCE J i) itiw.Wholesale .

Trains on 15. it A. R. R. leave junction,
ItEALEU IN- FKRNANDINA: & JACKSONVILLE going wC'lt.at ll.:57: a. m., and /for Brunswick and Retail

n. LHO.\n. at 4.40 p. in., daily, except Sunday. (;'ARRYING THE IT. S. MAIL.ONE .
fine Family GroceriesAND i Through; Tickets sold and Sleeping-Cai' TOOKS, STATIO\iilY,
) Berths Cur accommodations '
Drawing-room -
, In Kjj'cct; May Gilt, 7.W. secured nt Bren's'I'irkct Oillce No. :2i: And MUSIC, and
(Bull street, and at the (Company's Depot 1 foot 4 : of the staunch elegant Sfcnmert
'. .. .I.. PROVISIONS. of Liberty street. 59) WKST HAY STUFT, the above Lino( will leave Cedar Key
.... tiOIXO HOCTH. TAYLOR every Monday at 4:00: forvj
JAS. I.. 11'm.. '
Leave .crnat\llinl1..11.10 n.m. it 5.30 p.m. General 1' Leave Hart's Road......1.43 a.m. & (11.011'\11. J. :Tvsox, Master of Transput'tation. "<\t>,-".;
Customers can rely upon getting CHOICE Arrive Jaeksonville..l2.50 p.m. it 7.05I.m. II. :S. HAINES, General Manager. 3(1 Ami Itraidciitouu

.SlOol SltN.u..ci
----- --- --- .t
i GOODS, asNOTHING GOING NORTH. .. .. '" and every Monday and Thursday! at 4:0: )(
Leave Jacksonville,.....8.2011.11.. t 3.10 p.m. tl MOBILE: RAILWAY. Klver and Ocean StennibonlN.MALLORY'S p. m. forunha .
Leave Hart's lload......:0.45 nail it 4.15 p.m. -. .
: BUT THE FINEST: BRAND .' tItaNMti" and Key '(,Ht.,
Arrive Fernandina..lO.2 a.m. it 4.50 p.m. On and after Monday, May 2, 1881, Trains ,

r Double Trains! daily except Sunday.CONNECTIONS. on this road will run daily us follows : -
1 .'I.OIUUN'I'I:.\"S"II. I..N.
: are kept j in stock! GOING- WKM1.: Connections: made at Cedar Key with UK

Leave Lake City.........12.UO: p.m. Florida Transit Railroad from and to all
) IA'a\'C Welborn.....N.... 1. 'O p.m. Thal)' Direet IJiie (o Now Vorlt., points North and West; at Punta' Rnssa with

:s AT KEIIXANDINA,\., iA-avc Houston............ 1.38 p.111Arrive Steamer:; for Fort Myers, Fort Ogden, 'and
I -" Pino IAYC|
Live Oak...,...,. :2.00
With New York and Fernandina Steamship p.m.
Tickets wile)
)Leave Live" Oak........... 2.oO M Through are on nt Fcrnan-
Line from New York at II) p.m.
on Tuesday: j dims Jacksonville Giiincsville and ('edarKey
\1 x'aveCuster......... ..... :2.18p.m. ,
4.00 and for New York
a.; ms or p. in., on -- '- -,- at greatly reduced I rates, for nil princi-
0 This space reserved: for Thursday after arrival of afternoon trains. xuivo Ellavillc......::.M .'5.30p.m.; : q l'all'oillt8 on the Gulf Coast.

.f" With Georgia and Florida Inland Steamboat Leave Madison........... 1.15 p.m. J. M. GALPHIN. Gen'l Ag't,
t J\ NOTES Company from Savannah daily except ; ; ----- THE FINE: STEAMSHIPS: ( 13: Cedar Key f la.
II. Savannah Leave H;Jreenvllle......... 5.45 \*.ui. ,
Monday daily except :Sunday.
,1' With Charleston; Steamer from Savannah l.elvoleilIa.............. (0.10p.m. IU'iSTiH.I'KXAS: : : ,
k Grocer and Ship Chandler, and Charleston on Wednesday and Sunday : Leave Uri Cton..N.: : I 41.11) p.r,. -- ;(f"S'f. MARY'S RIVEOTKAM '
O.\l'T. JlJ INI'S:
." for Savannah and Charleston Tuesday and Leave :Monticcllo......... 5.50 p.m. ,
..... .." ; FERNANDINA, FLA. (','rida'iih:\'. x-ave hlo'd's..r.: 7.15p.m.: ------ CITY 01' DALLAS, P.tCiET g":NTILL .: :.
Steamer Flora from St.Marv's River
S Leave, Chuires'............ ;,.10 p.m.
windings on Wednesday: and Friday ; for3t. CA1T. RISK
: Mary's River landings on Sunday and Arrive Tallahassee..... 14,25:! l'.tII. ;
J Wednesday. Leave Tullahasse........ H.60 p.m. O N1 g: of tic) above :Steamers will leave r
r.rr 7 : AT CALLAIIIX. l"cln'c )(ill wuy.. !0.30 p.m. Fernandiiia for New York every Thnrs 1
; ; Leave; ( h .. day, on arrival of nfternoon trains!: from :;:-: :
\ To and from Savannah at 10.45 a. ill and Quiney..N..1 L21i pus.: Jacksonville and Cedar Key.

1 1.20: p. in. Leave 1'lcasullt..l1.0J p.m. This line, having no transfers to make BTKAUKKU. !
AT BVLWVI.V, KLA., Arrive Chatta7TUvfr..uiOjMnT( : between FLORA .
.tNG1L it: FRiLNI). ,
To and from Tallahassee at 12.20 noon -:;::. -==:. _: -=---'--' .::- Captain RICHARIWON, Captain ----- _.
r AND and 1.00 in. FKRNANDINA AND NEW YORK, '.-t"

r"r CHOICE: AT LOCHLOOHA, FLA., (Tuesdays, Thuridayntnd Stitunlayt.) Offers theBKST pt" n.\I1-Y. SERViC1a't4 l' .

With Steamer Alpha for all points and Lettve Tallahassee..,. 9.00 a.m -
Groceries, Cigars, and Tobaccos, landings on Orange Lake, on arrival of Peninsular Leave Chattahooclu'C.10.J0 a.m : AND CHKAPKST: TRANSPORTATION Tho Flora leaves Fernandina forSt.Mary'.

Railroad Train.AT Arrive St. Marks.....................:...10.35 a.m TO FLORIDA SHIPPERS. liver landings every Monday, Wedncsdavml :
CICALA. --- Fri lay-retnrnlng on Tuesday, Thun
GOING EAST Vegetables and Fruits will receive tlJlt'fla[ ) lay and Saturday.
Weddings, Entertainments, and Picnics,, With Stage Line to and from Brooksvilli- care in handling The Martha leaves FernanHintt; for san1i
furnished at the shortest notice, at roek-bot- daily except Sunday. Leave Chatta. River-.. 4.'iOa.m. tlolnt. every Tuesday, Thursday and Satu-
tom prices, Tuesday, Thursday and'Saturday: from Leave Chattahoochee.,. 4.30! a.m. PASSENGER: ACCOMMODATIONS AltE ( returning,, every Monday, Wednesday F
atANGEL'S Leave }Jt. Pleasant..... 5.15
Ocala and
BAKERY, Tampa on Monday, Wednesday a.m. Fl J:s'r.c I.ASS. and Friday.
Centre Street, and Friday.AT Leave Quincy..= :... f 52 a.tn.
23 Opp. old P. O. Building. CEDAR KEY, FLA., Lcavt i Mid way.. 0.41 a.tu.Arrive The traveling public[ are offered' the advantage Through UlllM or Lading

With Steamer Milkr to and from Pensaco- Tallahassee. 7.30 a.m. -' of a DIRECT) ; LINK, WITHOUT
SIM'S PARLOR nEST. (TU. NT Leave ANY CHANGES.: Connections made at by ALI.oltY' LINK of Steamers tall
J la on Monday and Friday TallahaBM.-e.... $.W .
Fernandiiia( with all ..htcambouts for all points on the St. Mary's.Close .
.4 With Steamers Clinton and 3Iorga for Leave Chairea'......... 8.43 aim.: : point on the St. John's] Ocklawaha, and
Between Centre and Alachua, New Orleans on Friday ; from New Orleans Leave Lloyd'a". 'J.OSa.m. Indian Rivers, and with (the Transit Railroad "' ('....lIfI..O..
on Saturday; from Havana and Key Went, -- -- at Fcrnandina for all railroad
Monticcllo._....., (1.00a.nc0 station
"FKRNANDINA FLORIDA. oft/ Friday; for Key West and Havana, on Leave Drifton.............. 9.45 a.m. and Gulf jwrts in Florida mode with the New York, <.'harlc.Un aqd)
Saturday. :Savannah Steamer
With Florida it Havana Mail Steamship Leave Au.lIIa.............10.10 a.nT. FRKIGHT AND PASSKNGKR: R.\Ti>
recently moved and Company's Steamers for Key West; and Turn- Leave jGrbenville........,10. 5 a.m. GOOD ACCO5IMOIUTIONSfor

I HAVING itOOMrf.: I am prepared pa on Monday Thursday Leave )Madison............11.40"a.m AS LOW AS BY INDIRECT LINKS,

to turnUh meals at all hours, gotten up in With Steamer Knl rjrite, for point on the Leave tUaville..12.M p.m... 6.30a.m. 1'iOv.eiifc'i-rs, Kxcun.ioiil-ts: and .TouIvuwill
. pfhrough Rate and JUlia of this. ultracth M'i ihtnencry
style and at Lading find u very trip
the best '
5u annee River, on Thursdays at 0 a. m. '
Leave .... 1..i to all
erM..w,, p.nu pointa. U grunul'und ulligat. r+i \ other
For information rapcctiug route, rate, Arrive Live Oak........ 1.40 j.m. For passage+ or further information, apply' ;ameareabundant, .i\ '

a -EXTREMELY: LOW) pRICHS.Ti. etc., apply to [rave-- -Live.--Oak._..._......._2.101).01._____ to .' fir Hither: rat ibe .Lene rj'auwrt..,'&n I..

.-- 1 guarantee to suit the gate of the most: A. o. }hcn() 'fI.L: Leave Hntytnn.NN( ..r 2.321'.10. u .. R. W. 80U'fJt'JCI'lIt\ charti-wl for excuni.un.part; iy UrN4-
I A trial i.. all I ask. '. Gen Tifkrt ? Leave 1Veltaorn.N.NN.... 3.IJlJ p.m. 'trualullu. For further Information app
r Toatidious epicure. ant "aIIgt'ut. .
: C. MALLORY & CO.. .\, 1... >' ,
f' 35 .; bU1 COOK. D E. M.LHELtGej. : >'| t upt.. ,' 21. ,Arrive Lake City.....?.., 3.45 j :"m7' Her =*) East Wver, New York, 3-U \flS: : f Ia'llr'f 't 1 ta r Fa




::1uuIJ4c TFL y- : :- TT : _. i : '
--z-- : -- -
,,;+r _
_____ _
-' .
-- --- ---- -- -- 00<;:
.--- --- ---- -1

; ,

4' 1 1 1I



I f i '"''''..l ....''<''''.l'U,''_' .....:.>._....&1...... ..... _-.Aa, :.....n.-: -i _...,_j-i > i

\ \ THE FLOIUDA; Minium' ; will devote] primarily a certain, ample pro! IJl .(Tll OF TilE 111lESl1Jr..Y7, Here they will\ lay in state until Monday Edmund stepped Kirke up pays to! Garfield that one with(day the the proprietor r<.'- .;'

\ < .! portion of their land to the production of when they will bo interred in Lakeview murk : "You kin read, you kin write! and ,

r (. :'siTcmn.: :=r:,=SEPTRMIIKR=------w 24, .9.91, provisions, and the average for their cotton The Last' Scene of the \attonnlTragedy Cemetery there. President. Arthur and all you arc death on llggcrs ; so stay with me, t

\. _. -- .-. -..--- ...._ .- crop would. we have no doubt, bo an the Cabinet officers will accompany the keep\ my 'counts, and tend to the lIaltt'r). ':

r .'..( [ DEATH. OF. Tim 11/11:Sl1J1; 'T effectual and wise measure for their own funeral train to Cleveland) month.I'll find"you lie and accepted give\ you the fourteen offer,dollars which a ,j

benefit and protection. If our planters can Telegrams expressive of :sorrow and condolence him income larger than he
r brought any
; The death of President( Garfield( has\ created TIIK PKKSIDKNT CONPCIOI'S! OF HIS CONDITIONIIK -
f handle their corn so as to prevent its Injury; have been received from all over the had ever received, and remained the! salt
In all
a feeling of profound sorrow SINKS SOONER: THAN: ANTICIPVTED: '
the demonstrations for some time, satisfied himself\ and ,
by the w'evlllt would even he a profitable civilized world ; in fact, ery
:i ; ; parts of the 'country. The hopeful anticipations BV THE Sl-ROKOXS: AND MKH:' satisfying his employer. One day, how- \
market at times!, but at all events they of sympathy Kuropc aro the most remark-
M k : of his! recovery entertained during crop ATHAI.F-rASTTKNON: l'\'l.'r.a member of the family spoke of him l

; followed such need to raise! enough to answer! their owirequirements. able ever paid to the memory of any foreign as a servant. A few hours afterwards Garfield ,
: t} the first six weeks were by <\1O's1I.NIGIIT.. .
I ruler. threw his place. '
The increased production of up
{ unmistakable signs of his probable death The condition of the President to took odd jobs them one to
up SWORN IN.NEw He now among
rice in Florida will largely assist the planter rui:>iiiNT AiiTiicn
L that the public mind/ ( was not altogether unprepared last week hail been of chop twenty-five cords of wood for a farmer
t in the matter of both food and forage, and Thursday one gradual YOUK, September 'O.-1'he Sun ex Cleveland for which he received
for the event :Mr. Garfield's fate near: seven till:. i
: improvement, so it was thought, and trtl5\\'S: : icncral Arthur was sworn in at "
and if they would ave the crab-grass which (dollars 1zaiter's l he had lived at the hlnek."r" .
illustration of the
is' a mournful vanity this morning his house.
the official bulletins :quarter past! two
were more hopeful. number of
he had come across a sea
i is
t the attainment of thehighest over-runs their fields( after the corn crop Two of the New York Supreme
I uncertainty attending Judges which awakened in him} desire
But became tales a strong
on F'ridaytimesymptmns! \ again -
objects of human ambition. It wn! laid by, they would have another' ahtui and court had been sent for J. II. Brady l\Iull to become sailor.. He went to Cleveland -
i said the that Mr.( dan source of forage ,supply. iVe look to( alarming, there were of Charles Donohue.) Judge Brady arrived with I and applied to several captains of
during political canvass
tl another approaching crisis.i The President Messrs. Rollins and Hoot at 1:30: o'clock but
the experience of the new farming population schooners but he looked every inch u countryman
I t' Oarfield! had always been a lucky man, and had several the ceremony was out of courtesIlefl'rredl]
it rigors during Saturday, Sunday and was unsuccessful. Disheartened
which we nre receiving from the West orri'IIIIt little after
I had uitil Judge Donohuc's a
risen from place to place as though
and Monday( and his condition continued by his failure, and yet wanting some
:' i ern States to introduce among our planter: :o'clock, with ex-Commissioner: French.
borne of fortune almost he went at last to his
upon a prosperous wave aquatic( ; ,
.infavorable. The greatest anxiety prevailed stood the other side of the
I. without an effort.. ,lIe was not one of] ,, ;an appreciation of the value of the farmer'seconomic Judge Brady on cousin, Amos Lctchcr, who owned boat on
and it became evident. that he table facing General Arthur. Grouped
was slowly
the Ohio and Pennsylvania!' Canal and the
resources. The profit of I farming
r the great leaders of his party, but he was the two were Judge Donohue.
ground men
The President, ; been of sailor's
sinking was fully aware of ,. boy who had dreaming a life
one of tho best! known and much liklt1I Il' in all countries is largely made up of what lihu] ]Root Commissioner French and D. engaged to drive a canal-boat team
his was
low condition Garfield
and Mrs.
gave up 0.} Rollins and General Arthur's JudgeRrudy
rt1l1kln'few he sa\'e."lln the cost: of living nnd the cost of son. Some of Oarlicld's experiences while
genial, ready, bright man, cncmics :
all hope of his advanced and raised his
reco'ry.Hhortlr slowly a step ( (
production. The farmer who I Is depcndcn coaching the Star are relatedby
and friends. He had Evening
t many great aptness before 10 o'clock Monday night right hand. General Arthur did likewise. A "
the merchant for his food as well a" Captain Lctchcr himself. Jim, says:
; In clever and upon nomcnt of silence followed
r saying things was a veryready Dr. HUss saw the. President and found his impressive the Captain, was at the first lock with his
his clothing to any considerable: degree, amidfor General Arthur's features I were almost fixed
man. Hillmpulse.18Ceml'J!: always to team, ready to hitch on, and we were off in
at lOG beats minute and all the
\ pulse ,
Then administered the oath
per Judge Brady
I bo kindly, and so far as ho had given utterance the corn he feeds. his stock, will be apt\ General Arthur in clear a j jitTy.I Soon we met a boat and somehow or
conditions then speaking ringing'
I find the end of the were promising a quiet other the drivers their \lines tangled.The .
to at got
a discouraging:
; to his and views since his yenr ;
thoughts accession voice : 'I do solemnly swear t that I will faith-I
night The doctor asked the President if
of boat had carried her
I impetus
s balance sheet Hut if he live up
t >, to the Presidency they were satisfac can mainly fully execute the office of President:
with the horses and there
he was!l feeling uncomfortable in even as was uwastcway
any way. United States and will to the best of
tory. within himself: and send to market, his Mir my few rods ahead
Ii I The President answered "Not at all andhortly and defend the Conititution a nty'stecrsnmamt
ability preserve, protect ( -
t ; ,f Kincc his election the difficulties lie ha plus crop, that will represent profit. ... of the United States: After this called out, Hallo Jim 11Vhip 1 tip your L wi.
; afterwards fell asleep, nnd Dr. Uliss '
line will ketch the F 'II
U had to encounter were those! out of he remained moment his or your on
t j growing standing u longer,
: EDITORIAL COHKESPOyiBA'i returned to his room across the hall from bridge I' So Jim he cracks up his whip and
I i It, the existence of two factions in his own mud still raised. No one spoke, nor did the
that occupied by the President. Colonels 'resident afterwards his team starts off on a trot ; but as the team
.' party, each of which claimed to be the! Republican give expression to anymiotion. was at the middle of the bridge the linetightl'nell
.t I iOUTIIWKKTEIlX: VIKGIM: .\-EDCTATIONAI: IX8TITl'TIOXS :Swaitn and Rockwell remained with the and horses driver and all
to the jerked ,
party or represent majority -- -- -- -- --
j t'' I ; of that party. IN: VIUOUNIA-TENNEHPKK RIVALING President' About fifteen minutes: afterward JAMES A, GAUFlLLlt.General into the canal. It came very near drowning

1 HEK-THE GOVERNMENT lie President awakened and remarked to the whole pile, but Jim managed to scram- .

).(' The Mouth took no part in this quarrel, Colonel Swaim that lie b'c' out. When he chine up to the boat. I

i f,. Y and awaited his action upon the more important I1EINO: SI'CCEHSFULLY RUN JIV was suffering great Gurfield's birth in Ohio and hb, asked him, Well, Jim, what were you doing

r CHIEF CI.EKKH, KTC.WASHINGTON pain> and placed his hand over his heart. political career have strongly identified his in the canal?'
interests of the content to
r. i country, September 10, 1881. Dr. Uliss was summoned, and upon entering fondly with that State. He came, however, 'Taking my morning bath, Captain,' he
withhold its until time
1'I I I 1JV opinion such as of New England: Iu 1730 "
ancestry one
I It was pleasant to observe that the fine the room he at once saw that tho end was
administration. should have ,shown what Edward Gartield emigrated from the
) I neighborhood An incident "still remembered, bv the Ohio
grass region of Southwestern!' Virginia did ear. The members of the family were irnicdiately of Chester En" land settled in "'
4 H policy and principles it would'sustain and 0' river boatmen at Beaver is the fight Garf el'1\

r ho governed by. Mr. Garfield was well not seem to have suffered greatly as Tennessee summoned to the bedside. All tertown, Mass. It is 1-1 a ill that on his way over, had with one Murphy, 1bi burly boat-

;,t ,, i i, from the dry weather. The meadowslooked arrived, and perfect quiet prevailed. Mrs. to this country he married a German girl bund. A rope was thrown to Garfield from
thought of by the Southern people. His assassination and this dash of German blood in the
r and the Garfield bore the trying ordeal with the steamboat was to take the Evening
)n' 1' they regarded with horror and comparatively green corn great nay account for James A. Garfield's Star in tow. Somehow or other Garfield\

) detestation, they have felt and expressed looked quite fresh. The watering place visitors fortitude and exhibited unprecedented( cour- tastes for the German, :language and tilillil\1 failed to catch the rope It whirled over his

,to:, r. t I great anxiety and solicitude for his so numerous in this part of Virginia, age. She gave way to no paroxysms of grief, ture. The entire family remained in shoulder and carried :Murphy's hat off.

recovery, seem departing for. their' homes, and the va- :amid after death became evident she quietlywithdrew town until 1700), when a part of it (' to Murphy rushed' up to Garfield and struck at
{ : And this solicitude was unmixed with any Weston, )[uss. Abraham Garfield him. The boy parried the blow and plantedhis
ution the students for the to herown room. Theresbesatacartbroken brother
season being /
I.: question of offico or advantage. They most t tII over, in the battle of Concord, and his right fist behind Murphy's ear, felling

sincerely deplore his: death and join in the arious schools arc on their way to resume Il widow full of grief, but with Solomon Oarficld was also a Revolutionary! him at once. Having been on the canal-

their studies. Virginia has long had large too much Christian courage to exhibit it to 'oldicr. The former and one John Hoar, theTcutgrandfathcr boat four months. and fallen into the water .

; ij.. II universal sorrow! felt by t the, whole country. patronage from the South for its educational those around her. of Senator George F. Hour, fourteen times barely escaping with his hifoTowards' ..-.:'_ jon

: Mr. Arthur, now placed, by this chairman of the convention which nomiated time lust occasion, he made up his mind
institutions. She has colonized the Southwest Miss Mollieas naturally greatly affected, James A. Garfield for President
')ffi s" untoward event in the Presidential office, that "sailor life" was not so pleasant as he
they exercise the calm abstention so ]largely that it is natural that they and: bursts of tears flowed from her child- signed their names in 1773 to document had pictured it to himself, and hc went
will /same :
,should send their' children back to Old Virginia eyes, notwithstanding her noble efforts to Muting that the British troops fired without home with the determination of going to
from present censure or criticism, and withhold provocation the first volley at Concord. Attime
school aln.
to be educated. Thishowever Is follow the example of her mother. :
judgment until ho has ]had the opportunity with close of the Revolution, Solomon Gar- He had saved a little money;; and what

I' to show what kind of a President he the increase of good schools in the more The death scene was one never to be for- lieid), who like his ancestors, was a farmer, was wanting toward paving for his Instruc-

t southern states less ottcn., Perfect quiet prevailed and there purchased a small farm near Worcester hIs
1 will ;make. He is by tho constitution the becoming from year to tion was supplied by brother Thomas.

r year The University of Virginia will, from was not a murmur heard while the President Itsego county, New York. His son Thomas "Accompanied by a cousin and another
t married Asenath Hilla half sister Samuel "

;unprejudiced t : its high; reputation, now so long established: wall sinking. After his death had been pronounced Russell l at one time clerk of the county, and young. Kirke man, "and from the supplied neighborhood I by his mother, saysMr.
continue to bo but the 11.1 body van properly arranged byDr. : from this union born in December 1709 "
s I place ho has so unexpectedly reached;; popular, military was with a few pots, frying-pans and tl 1111'r- -

t :L school] :.and the Washington-Leo! have had S. A. Itoyntorii I Abram Garliehl. the father bf the lute PrcsJent. .. plates, ho set out for Chester, where the ''!f

( rather lx- Up )r\'the first! of the sad the 19flany academy was located. The three young '
I THE JtKLAWAKK SIIII-CALtL, ftfureedgrowth: not likely to maintained. rUln"fS news Abram married Eliza Ballon, a connectionof men rented a room in an old, unpainted .

i. i It Is announced that. the project* 'df.con r '' t .*'' lubinetofficers, except secretaries IHaincand Hosea Ballon, one of the founders of Universalism building near the acudcmv and; with their r

Tennessee i is I..hH'oln. who absent went in in AII1<'rica. Not long after their
were to
\1 necting tile Chesapeake bay with : hejpDclrt1ware already I'Il'elvillgalarge quota a body cooking utensils, a few dilapidated chairs a

t :to'savoxthe of students from the Southwest, and the ranklyn Cottage. A meeting of t the Cabinet marriage the couple removed to the township loaned by a kindly neighbor, and some m .
by ship-canal, in order of Orange, Cuyahoga county, in northeastern straw ticks, which they spread upon the I (
held and Mac-cl .
state institutions of North Carolina South was Attorney-General
distance down the Chesapeake for; Ohio. Almost all this part of the; northbound
,, I floor to "sleep' on, they set up housekeeping, '
e, Carolina, Alabama: and Georgia have been engli sent a telegram to Vice-l'resident state was at that time still\ covered with Has /
vessels, Is to be .immediately, under for t they} were too poor to pay board as well
1 \ I ** successfully taken out of the hands of political Arthur, advising him to take tho oath of, dense forests and the Garfields were obliged tuition."
taken. The !success: of the enterprise will
land for their
to clear the
; hacks and restored] to their legitimate office as President; of the United States without farming. Tncy Garfield now paid his own way by taking
; have an important bearing upon our Florida built a log cabin twenty feet by thirty, and odd] jobs from carpenters on Saturday and in

( : '1 ship-camial scheme. If it Is a matter of functions. delay. in this cabin James Abram Garficld walft: the evening. During the summer he made .,

1 { sufficient importance ,to make cut-oil': Washington (warm, dusty and dull. The POST-'MOUTEM: KXAMIXVTION: OF THE iiouv.KioiEnox '. born on the 19th of November, 1831. There enough money by chopping wood to pay his 4 ,

of the ten weeks= has shown were three eldl.'rchiltlren.I One was Thomasarneld. hoard for the next academy term the price *
; ,. which will cost 'many'millions\ of dollars to experience past I : X. J., September :21.-The fol- <: t ht'nca1'l! old : the others wl're""! for his board and ;
I ( benefit the ,colmneroo"of r. :U single port, of that 'the government can very well bo run wing official bulletin was prepared at 11 isters. 7 and 11 years old. The family was $1.00 a week. In the fall of lodging this! term being he

a by chief clerks, u fact which hits been for 'clock\ by the surgeons who have been in well-to-do, having no more than enoughs
ti how much more'importance will\ a canal ttcndancc first met Lucretia Rudolph, whom he afterwards ,,1
\ upon the President : to live on plainly, but all were hardy and
some suspected. married. ,
across' I Irldlfrom St. 1 Marks to tho mouth years Uy previous arrangement a post-mortem English:: grammar, natural

of the' St (ary9 bo deemed ; a work which At tho present time there is not single xainination of the body of President Oar- :. strong.When James was but two years old hisitlier philosophy, arithmetic and! he and algebra were his f '

ill tr. will\ benefit the whole ,'al1t'ot' tho Mississippi head of a department here, and, the President : cld was maio this afternoon in the presenceand died late in the autumn, and all knowledge principal studies of them to teach soon had in a sufficient district ,

I is of'course in state of with the assistance of Drs. HamiltonH] the winter the children
a inability, rough severe were? school For three
and not several hundred he continued his
i only save years
.\ Jlliss Rimesoodward.h /
l but everything goes on smoothly, the chief Ignew, Reyburn.gj obliged to rely upon their mother for bup1i work ut the academy, at tho school and in >
miles hut will\] also, contribute to tho safety Yndrew H. Smith of Elberon: and IVetingTj iort. ]In spring 11 debt was: to be paid,
clerks keep the ship of state! in good trim Vssistant-Surgeon:: Lamb of the ( andag the carpenter shops in autumn and winter,
1 of the immense commerce which already ; Army Med-ffl part of the farm had to go in payment ThcEilrty and in the woods the thus
In summer, managing
and neither the executive the heads zul Museum, Washington The
: nor ofj operation remaining acres were cultivated
event are Increasing volume every day by not only to pay his at timeacademy
departments seem to beat all uneasy in a svgs performed by Dr. Lamb. It was found 1'110111:181\11.1: tho bravo mother, who is saidto but .
from the Gulf to save something toward defraying
ports. that the ball, after fracturing the right elcv- und
have split rails fenced the lot
business! point of view. Everybody: famil- on the cost of a college education. Then
k3 +: We have no doubt ut that; this Delaware nth rib, had passed through the spinal col- which the cabin stood. It is related that .
iar with tho business of the he applied\ for admission:: to tho Eclectic Institute
offices in front of
public the canal
tihip-canal project will bo watched with limn spinal fracturing many years afterward, when President Lin- at Hiram
knows that the main ofllco work of the the body of tho first: lumbar vertebra, driving oln read several dispatches mentioning t : Portage county. The
much interest und if carried will furnish of his
} out manner application to tho trustees is
number of
,Cabinet a !small fragments of bone field in laudatory terms, he asked Did he-
officers is to sign i their to ,
names told
6 > us: with valuable practical data as to the papers into the adjacent soft parts, and lodging be- ever split rails?' |) by Frederick' Williams, one of their* (

value and cost of such improvements. prepared for them by their clerks, who ow the pancreas: about two inches\ and a :t "I am not sure that he ever split rails," !j number:

lt'.' : i It hardly need, however, any new \light examine and decide, usually by tho '(' lIulf to the \left of the spine and behind the said" a bystander, "but I know that hisT when The the board doorkeeper was in session entered' with and closed announced doors

dents of the office, upon all questions peritoneum, where it became completely cn- mother dul." ft
: to demonstrate tho value of a ship-canal ysted. The immediate of death that a ;young man was waiting at the door
cause tosssecondary Two after the fathers death
mutt ted, and secretaries sign) their' years ? and anxious to the board
see without
4=, across, Florida?ml equally( strong reasons:; Ub-I hemorrhage from one of thetlloentcric artield was (hired)' neighboring farmer very

can be given for the construction! of u barge in utter Ignorance) of the whole smatter arteries adjoining the truck ofn to work ut $t2 u month. From the first]IIoiweck's delay. Xoobiectionsbeing! made, tho young
A time of the Cabinet officer is the ball, the bit tod man; was admitted. Entering, he said :
A cmal which shall enable the gralllI.1I1'J1htrgl' very largely: rupturing Pl"ritOIH'UlII', wages ho paid in part for the first tfl '
cupied in being f interviewed by -! ,,. anti nearly u }pint' escaping into tho ubdom-j? 'air of shoes his brother James wore, the t' Gentlemen I want an education, and would i,
which descend the to be like the privilege of making the fires and *
: :! Mississippi" illal cuity. his hemorrhage i is believed toW ,lioem.iker taking tho rest of his ;
andpolflieiansailon the whole civil\ "serviced fumyin sweeping the floors of the building '
board Atlantic have been the eauseof the in > Pas
discharged on steamships'! an ". severe pain thes l board Thomas also:: paid part of tho cost: ot'5
: '
B\E /I port Tho rapid development of thetransportation reform is promoted by the inability the .iwerpart of tho chest complained of justjj; ? u his younger brother's schooling. The schoolhouse part of my cxpen cs. The board took him,
President and the condition '" before death, An abscess ('a'jt"Ix inches;?! mile at his word, and he was allowed to pay for
of and
suspended was: .about a a half distant
of the tho'orth
grain of his tuition
by doing
1.rour in dimensions' found janitor's work.
was: in the and James was barely live
tho secretaries The us old hi5P
sufferers year ,
west by the Mississippi route in barges 4. are the e pity of the gallbladder; between the eldest sister Mehitabcl often lie was noted for his: readiness in debateat
hotel keepers, who miss the noble army anll I t"he transverse colon, which were him the college I lyceum. lie worked .well at
points to an immense commerce to be employed strongdherent. Vi-i jthero on her back. Tlie village, which then rsJ .

in tho trsn -\tluutlc carrying trade office-seekers. : who are always on hand url : It did not involve any .consisted of u little cluster:: of houses wasn his "tu'1c before long became an as-

Washington when the hine" IIf the liver und no communication [called Falls\ A mill : He is: said to have Possessed ]
; : I is III Chagrin was built therefl
from tl:. Oulf. Florida's, I the of
lung found faculty
r' e projection between it und the \\'lIlUlti. also, a entertaining and interesting .
'ning order. We in fact ; in early spring by one of the first settlers.$5
southwardly across tho line of direct transit arm ha\'lul1l1l) t'II'iJ; Mippurating channel extended (from the external I tut when summer came the stream dried Vi his scholars, and to ll\ been apt atpertinent

tr Iforced civil service periodhen l no official, wound, between the loin muscles\ and I r' filustrations specially puins-
points out to the world the benefits to be derived [up und from this circumstance the place de-
; ,heads are falling 1.111.11111110 being: put tut.v- the right kidney, almost, to the right 'rives its name. taking with scholars of slowtompreiicnsion..

i from a water communication acrossClio in the k tiroin, This channel, now known to be Tho distance to school was He gave instruction principally in the English -
edit jstoffiiv department.' : so great, andv
northern portion of tho State. With j wlll'rt'j1 due to the burrowing of pus from Mrs.1 Gartield who had! herself ] branches, but he also mezzotint
t.m"h .
[civil service reformer James is occuMonalallowing )' l the wound, was Mipposcd life taught ( hi which he had skill
General (Uitlmore's\ plans for the improve- : during her 1'01lo. was so anxious that James!! should \'awing.
: officers! to bo han been the truck of the ; was a student at the
atilt of the enanco' to Cumberland Sound ,experienced turned |Itu ball.On have every .facility for learning thut herlimirl..lmt.uns college at
the time has the
out and somebody's brother-in-law, nephew, examination! the organs of the t'\ll"'t.\ could afford\ that blatt offered !! drawing of a cross upon
carried out that harbor will be second to which 'he did '
: evidences of severe bronchitis were found I. : the litho of some shading and, finishing ,
friend to be in. village u plot ground on her
son or political
put touches. J
none on the Atlantic coast. besides bronchial pneumonia in the low<'r :farm on condition that u school-house Upon the margin is Garfield's
,. Tho hot weather Il.t'l'k has U'lilcn-J should imtno mid his I
: i> l portion of the right! lung, though to a Ibo built on it, James was quick ut learning pupil's in the former'l handwritng.

: I i"LANTixa ruorisioCHOPS.. I changed from the !X>s to the needed !! no ab-ces"es. The liver was enlarged wusiichur-actcrUtic three years spent at Hiram the.(' iim '
rlJ long ruinhave: begun to fall. This ; which he retained -- .
The New York llernli thinks that the [[ laud[ but free man qualified: to enter (
fatty from absce Ct'ut.drouth will have the beneficial effect will nave western late corn ami. restore the: ; (found in any other organ except\ the leftJjkidney ; his brother returned from was Michigan twelve-years, where old! one of the higher colleges, and\ applied to i i.

the to atl. pasturage for stock und will probably also? \ which contained near its surface uj; ho had been the presidents of several of them for (information
mho South causing planters .. employed by u farmer to make .
check the ,speculation in flour and meat.2 .llIull.uhit.: (. s about one-third I of an inch indiameter. with .\ friendly postscript attached to J
clrurings build
I loss cotton and to give their attention to In the ej money enough to a the answer he received" from I
reviewing hi-tory of theca President
Hop j
which bus been going for time ) frame house. James assisted him and did
: mi mime now. < J
pntdiifU. The Herald seems to suppose that ->e, in connection with tho autopsy\ it i is so well that one of the joiners advl(1.him kips, of-Wil ,am* 'cJl"ge. led him to select .1
The and the Whiti House :: that '
Capitol are being\ 'quite evident that the different institution.
is particularly exposed: Injury suppurating' follow '
the cut ton to carpentering its a trade. During
\ crop H {
chained and refurbished\ winter? :ll1rr.LI-I*, and the fractured .By those who knew.
and that and up fur their ( esjKvially 1 spongy; the next two he worked regularly' Garfield at this:
by very dryweather, .torn ** j;'; tts"tt.' of lie, vertebra fnrnKh a lJtticit'lItl'xphlllttt"11 ''us years ime./' aa'sIr.. Kirke. "lie is described 'i
occupants. It I is sad to think of the. circumtances u cariK-ntcr, going to school only lit intervals '! as
other\ crops Are less so :Still: ,although the : if the w.-pii.' ''idnion/ whichCXWtrl. tall, awkward youth, with of
which have made the .. but studying diligently in hours'. 1 grlathok
IKI 'iKftdvlm' "unsound\ premJja WhiteJIIoii ((1::>....", dl.I I. spare light hair rising erect
J/ertt ( *
< njmn at house He mustered u text-l>ook on nearly a brlll,
>ea point of such aintuljinxicty for 1> I D. \\ Jlus Fiuxk 11. HAMILTON.! grammar high forehead an :
willraise and
weather kindly
arithmetic open
the dry and
the face that an u and
-, yd J, K. Bus.., I 1). lUv as/ face, which \
long AUXEW.
u period F. after two of hud i tlmulhtul showed no traces of
the North years carpentering, be
of ut notjj. i
I he price provisions J. JWua'atao
f ANDKEW II. :SMITH, got beyond burn-building, he concluded : le with |I"overt) and iv'f

very much iiv reason why the South should Itnvrrv'* large piano nit) organ factory 01 irOHFKT: U :illl'BN, DS, LMB. !try to turn his wit to better account. He*!,. lion. His classmates still speak of his pro-

I make iteelf l( independent. : of being obliged t1| at Washington, \: J.. was destroyed b>; fll'on The ri'iii.diis, of President Gartiold were* assisted in putting up some frame additions? coal iLllnJutnhi"and the cordial, 'heirty and Site 1,

Kjrely' nu,th.. Nurthwvst for any part of JIN ,Sunday, The loss is estimated n+J 2iNl. ,. t.,%.-n t., Washington and 1l1t.ln state in the [!at a black-salting establishment not far from c:1.relllto ways; all the great zest with which he I
and 1 of the
r.ea'hary : A yteinaticdetcriiihw-j Out):- Over 4i(workmen thrown It; ruiuitvU 1l'1t'\'t.'lantl. the proprietor had noticed *f physical l'rds t
:; ftt\tJ. | art out ( the Capitol Thur I.11l\1I.1.'rt.1a-, 'him figuring; oyr some measurement and :. stuI1cut. He sonq became dbtlngukhiil as

: jiyy on'' the. part of uu' planter (hat they! employment. I fu.t..,. they will be taken to Cleveland.{ reading and writing in spare moment .Itll' Ilt' t readyanl effttivt'ilehater in the I't;
'' tilled up his Yacattlomswhile at .
: 4 -



_, .....,,_....... /," "' <'IF" .. ;"?$Ii' j". -';:""
,. '
----- -.rc-.ws. "'-



i 1 t


............. ....., .. ..
c. a.il"-U .. ... _:
;.t -:: ., .. <:'n-nr:: "lM"rx.WI<1Io.-.w.J. !"f .l.V'Dm.ro. tr.
"""" : '::" :.J.sr : ''-'_ ..!O"C.' "' :< ".llx.:0"; : .c : t3. .r\;;;

Williams College by teaching in neighboring -';' Tin: ;vfir 1'I:1SI1I1''T.G& TIII; .111CIIla.lV.I1.I.111Tl' List of Letter _. Itcal I'.slulo. ,
towns. In North Pownal no -W --- -----
i where two years before taught Chester penmanship .\-.'' r a Further accounts show that time forest tires I' Hemainitrg In the Post-()lllecat Fernnudi- 'Tin ri.ouiD.v

v Arthur had taught the na. S'a.siUt county, Fla.Sept. 22, 1881. Persons -
common English of Michigan( have been terribly\ lli troin: to ,
branches. In 1830, when twent '.nve years CIIIsTFB.IARTRURAGIIN SWORN IN j calling for these letters! must say advertised IMPUOVKMKNT COMPANY.reriiuiulliia .
old. he was graduated. ImmC'lliutC'lnft'r..' AS rnF-SIDt-ST-IIIS INAtT.fRVI. AMMtKM.rnoCLAMTION s both lifeand! property..1 gentlemanwrites: : rpOWN

ward he was made instructor of Greek amn' BY THE rUKftlUPFT.WASUIXOTOX : In tinier to realize: the magnitude of the:1 I : -
\ I.ntinllt Hiram. In 1838 he married Miss:' : q C'alnilhl'ar) in mind that upwards of fifty Argyle, J. T. Moore, Alice
Lucretia Rudolph, who September 22.-President:, townships covering an area of about two ('mill nm ta, Perry Parish' Jctsey
was not oulv his; Arthur has ,
just taken the ?
oath of otlice in Dianna
thousand miles have been wholly or Costa, Joseph! Hobcrts,
companion but an able assistant. !square
"S ly, when he was obliged to prepare Frequent speeches: enceofthe the marble room of the Capitol, in the presf f, partially burnt over, with scarcely! a greensprig Green, Miss Mary( Stewart \V. It.Hughs Towns on u. It. Line,
members of the Cabinet, jus-l the tire. lnuucuse} Julia Small, ,JeI<31'0
in of
{ hastily, she, in common with their friend: ticC' of the t left the track .
Aimed Booth, looked up for him authorities -' Supreme( Court a few Senators.? tars were torn oil' bv the force of the tornmlo J Ha v wood, Yorrick Thomas, Joseph And Cedar Key.Offer's .

and quotations. -alt andmcmhcrsofthcHouseofKcprescntativcsS* which prevailed), and the darkness was Jenkins, Alex.VIIliams, Isabclle.

t Until 18.V\ he kept aloof from politics, but I be present who could also be General notified this morning to!S so great that not anvthing could bo distinguished S\M'I. T. ItinDKU,, P .at. .f',
1 ; Sherman General! six indies lIi at : .. .
with the Kansas-Nebraska legislation!' his Grunt( Rear Admiral Nichols Hon' -T /
I I Hanni-S for the loss of life, ns they were
Apolitical' activity began, and lie. enrolled. bal Hamlin, General Itcaleanda few others. bewildered great knew not which to turn nOlllXSON A CO., to Lessees and Purchasers large
himself with the Anti-Slavery He forty people in all were present at the time to : H Wholesale! and Retail> '\ l in number of tho most eligible, and desirable
20 old when he nominated
was years was by the oath was taken This taken E escape.It Lot suitable for Uusiness Purposes, or for
step was ,
that party for state senator from Portage and; after a conference held about an hour !since*. is dilllcult to realize such complete Drugs! Medicines fancy Goods! City or Suburban Residences,

Summit counties. lie was elected ba i' between: the President, Secretary Blaine and ,:, widespread destruction We hare "ntllll NOTIONS, PAINTS, 01IX,

large majority, and soon became consplcu-J! ,: the Attorney-General. Very Yew l'l'I'SIHl4i! \! nately, peter had such an experience in Chemical FvrflllzcrM: I'.lc., UPON EASY '.rEn IS.
When the
ous. news secession he
came knew
the oath was to be administered until *|' forest 1111from the nature \ 73 W. Bay St. JACKSONVILLE( :, FLA.
moved after the reading of the President's} the ceremony was over. The President and! pine region, o. Liberal Discounts i on Values allowed to

call for 73,000 men, that 20.000 men and j! members of the Cabinet assembled in thef it the case!' such an event, could never :) \Htrl ;t'fJ". We sell at Savanirih prices ;>:artics engaged in manufacturing or Indus-
3000.000 bo voted as the quota of the "tatf'!'" marble room shortly I before 12 o'clock.\ .\"* Our forests! are too. open\ streams ;t'r nd for. Iltotation! !!. .1 .rl'lr trial who will erect on the property
Governor Dennison soon afterward offered! I lily minutes --- purchased\
< before twelve Chief-Justice substantial improvements
and the surface" growth too light to fel'lllhe
him the command of one of the Ohio rcgi-, Waite, in his full robes of office\ uccompu-tj tm.\QtJAln'lm} : FOR for residence, or in which to conduct their
\ few furrows
ments. (lames for length of time
nied by his associate justices, proceeded from*I any business L !' .
Soon after he was placed by General Buell l the Supreme Court-room to the marble room R plowed, short distance from the fenced : S E11'ING: M.l111NiS' OIIAS, INDUCEMENTS TO MAN Ul"ACTUH.

in command of the force which cheeked The doors were immediately! closed 111111'without fields seems all that is necessary to prevent NKFIU.KS: .1Trtc' tlL.: AMI 1',\UTS.TIIK I IRS: by exemption for n term of years from

General through Kentucky.lIumphrerlarshall's On the :20th of advance Janua- any formality President Arthur a( danger when the woods! are on fin- IHH'SF.IIOLD: ( ), NFAN 1IOMK taxation, otTercd by the several cities and
arose, and standing on one side of the centre r If)(I nSTWIW: ): SINdMll, towns. Apply at :
rISG2., General Buell i issued an order table, Chief Justice Waite on the other, took t It i is serious-\ question, however, whether! (CIHCA} ( ) SINTIKU( KTC.Kvorv : )!.ff"Ol1ko {cur Deceit" '& 7th sts., Fcrnandina.

thanking Colonel Garfield and his troops for;, the oath of otlice. The President's manners the time has not arrived\ stop" 1 b\ law and! examine into the tn-t f ':' );..-
successful : 1:1,1lhoull mer- ...
their campaign. Shortly nftl .
was calm and -- ---- -
Garfield computed, and his response by l'U.tOIltllc:; annual burning over of our! its of time quiet, light-running "lInt's..nol.tI"Ill'forl'
Colonel was appcinted brigadier- \
ri' "So me help God, was in a firm tone andjl 'TIII FLORIDA
general volunteers!, and was oidered without tremor. The President then ready(jjj pine forests-an t act alike destructive to the! puuhasing a :Sewing: Mnchine.Uuillers .

join the Army of the Cumberland. He participated i ,,1r.>m manuscript: ;' notes: the following ad-S "'oit and the timber. The legislatures ofI 1len11ners.1'uekrs'I'uck Folders,
in the battle\ of Shiloh, arriving dross f. Georgia and :South; Carolina have, we learn! I.m'l'nn.l Fan Attachments; Otis Philters I n AND IMMIGRATION ('O IPA'Y
Andrews' and L,1A
during the second day's fight ho11'1 with! : Young's, Magic
; For the
V 1 fourth time in the history of time 3
the of
Buell around Corinth, and on the army's republic its chief magistrate has been re-S passwl local option laws on subject 1'luitcrs ; Tracing Wheels, Tape OFFERS000OOO

subsequent march through XorthC'rn111' n. I moved by death. All hearts are filled 1 with ?I fencing and of course the prohibition Isetting Measures( Machine( llelts '

ma. While he was in camp, after the halt e ; -jricfund; honor at the hideous crime which? the woods on tire would be necesearyj Bins Cutters; WheelerVil.soii Acre'"
Pads llobhins and 1
Brush ,
of Shiloh a fugitive slave took refuge with; has darkened, ? Glasses, ,
our land and the of
the Union soldiers. A few moments later' tie! memory sufferings protect crops. Wrenches ; Shuttles: Bobbins, Needles, Of tho most
President his
: protracted Check and Feed :: etc.
thread Cutters, Springs
the owner rode and demanded his
General Garfield up was not his Unyielding fortitude, the example \ .I xmrWHICH I'1 GIN,:. /rir-Agcut" for I':. Itnttcrivk &V 'OM ACCESSIBLE:! ANI DESIRABLELAMM :
erty. present prop-I and achievements of his life and the pathos
the slaveholder passed on to the j, Patterns and Publications. Send your adIress -
of hi1l death will forever IlIullle the )pages) of.'t for Catalogues and Metropolitan\ fashion IN TUg
commander, who ordered Garfield, by : our history, Fur the fourth time the ot1ll'C'rt WI1.I. l'luntII'III.UTIOX: IX STKVM.I
ten order to deliver the fugitive. people, by A locomotive especially\ adapted to a new K.: H. SCOFIKL1) ,
answered by simply endorsing the order
on : th Conslitutiau to till a vacancy IW fuel will in :; \ be running between! *'fiAt -'. .
but September' ) 12-fim:! ( 3111'. Bay St., Jacksonville, Fla.
"I respectfully positively decline to allow created, is culled to assullle time executivechair. : New York and Chicago. This locomotive! only $l.2i per r to new. settlers, with
--- -
-- -- -- -- -- -
my command search for or deliver up The wisdom of our fathers, foreseeing : will generate and burn hvdrogcn gas pro-1 roil SAM:. the privilege of'-'selection In parcels: of 40
fugitive slaves. I conceive that
any for quite an other tleyarehere even the most dire p'essibiiities, IIHIIlc\\ ducal! fl'ulIwlltl'r by the )Holland process,!., \ Ih4iiL111L1: : IIOUSU) l: CONTAIXINO( ) acres, or, more. These! lands are located on

General Garfield's position purpose.was sustained, sure that the government 'Ihoul,1: ] never heinmperilled and it is estimated that not only will!DJ: tier] 11.. five rooms, with Closet! front Piazza, amid to the line of the
because of the
uncertainty of in the cost of time fuel bo saved but
] largo Yard, Orange Lemon and 1 ItatianuTrees. :
order i issued I
by general subsequently
a human life. Men IIH1llie. but
the fabric
that the fleets of.the remaining 7 cent.*
per Centrally located! (mod title etc.
the war department. In August, 1802: our free institutions remains unshaken. Not; will be more than doubled.! The llellllwt.'iht For further particulars inquire at thl ATLANTIC, GULF" ANI WEST INDIA
in command of the forces '
berland was put but his health failed at and hYI higher or more assuring proof could exist ofj> ; in fact, will be diminished i by four! tlice.\ ., ..HfUtUl'y TRANSIT CO.'S Il. U.,
Gap, the and of ?
permanence our populargoverument or live tons compared, with coal-burning!
was obliged to go North on sick leave ( than the fact that the I
though There will be back
engines. no pressure on
his recovery he was appointed a member of chosen of the people be struck down hisj the pistons from the retarded offlsteam Nnvocl IM Money Made Il 1 extending from FERNANDINA on the Atlantic -

the Fitz John Porter court-martial, and afterward constitutional successor is peacefully installed ., ccapo to CEDAR KEY on tho Gulf coast
and there will be no more Mnokeori 7jUIICIIASE YOUR ENGINES: : FROM 1 ,
again joined the Am1of the Cumber. without shock or strain except time sorrow sparks. I ,.L us, and save $100 on 110 Horse ; $200 thus affording to the producer cheap, con-
land. His last service at the battle of.jft'hickamauga.
I which mourns the bereavement. All tliCj The new locomotive is at present being! mina 20 Horse, and $300: on a 3m) Ilorse-Pow taut and rapid transportation to the Le tlIIarkl't's.
noble nlpi rations of my lamented predecessor,jj constructed atthe Grant I/x-oMotiveJ\ er Engine.: Send for our prices before pur- '

A forniglit "later he was commissioned which found expression in his life, the meas-j \Vorks. Patorson, N. J., and will weighfortyeight chafing: Engines, dins; Presses, Saw and .

major-general for" gallant conduct and Im- arcs devised and suggested during his brief tons. Its total length is aojl Grist Mills, Threshers, or any kind of Ma- The belt of country. traversed by the Tranit -

portant j administration to correct abuses and enforces feet of boiler 22 feet 'c Manufacturers'
In the meantime he had been elected to ; length ; cylinders, L-hhicry. are Agents It. R. embraces
economy, to advance prosperity and pro-S 17x21 inches ; drivimg-wheels',i Gl l inches.! ,and guarantee: satisfaction: in quality and
Congress from the Nineteenth district of: mote the general welfare to insure domestic The peculiarity in its construction i is in the! price WALKER & LOUD -g
Ohio which for had been VARIETY OF SOIL
many R. years repre security and maintain friendly and. furnace, and tire-chamber and the number] ''(I. 133: Meeting !streetVest side, near EVERY
seated bJnshua Giddings. Doubtful
'" honorable relations with the nations of the of Hues for the passage of the /ll.une. In! Charleston' Hotel, Charleston, S. C. '
whether to remain in the army or to take earth, will be raven in the hearts of the? ordinary anthracite furnaces the tubes running .} .Ipril9,18.8t-3mm.? to be found inthe, State, a large proportion
Ins seat, he went to President Lincoln fur and it will be earnest endeavor to? ,
people, my the boiler
through arc necessarily,] ---- ------ --- -- 1I.ing'pecullnrly'n< ) ( to tho culture of
advice. Lincoln is reported to have said to :
'profit and see that the nation shall profit? from the of fuel used of *
species a large
cal-j "Till: NUX FOIl 1HM1. .
i him : "The Republican majority in Congress by his example and experience': Prosperity ibre and made of iron In the new furnace!, .; rnoi'iCAFEuiTi* and Early Vegetables,

i is very small, and it is often doubtful' blesses our country ; our fiscal policy,us fixed?: they are\ constructed from co'pl'r,1\1I11 are! :and ThtftLargei Cvmjiact Doilies o/ Timber

,.r! we can carry the necessary war by law, is well grounded and generally iip-J, of small calibre\ and placed clone together.! EVERYBODY reads the Sun. In the. edi mukc'UicselandaVorthy of LiKtUTUL EXA
'measures, and besides, we are greatly lack- the ':'/
; No issue newspaper throughout
proved. threatening mars our '
thus is
ing in men of military experience in the Two advantages gained. Copper ] to will find JAVl0: Qby; man ufuctur< r of ,Lusmnrh1NU
j f foreign intercourse and the wisdom, integrity much better conductor! of heat than iron, year come everybody : "
f' House to regulate legislation about the ar-, and thrift, ofour people may be trusted to* \ and therefore, will transmit the heat more]) I. All the world's news, so presented that! NAVAttSTOBI: .f;
,.&nr. It is your duty, therefore, to enter, continue undisturbed. The ,
present asiUI'l'l4 J, / :! the reader will get the greatest amount of p;:
iCongress.: career Orpcacl', tranquility) and welrare, time capable !< information with the least unprofitable expenditure ,"' lU:Wj SETrUm;,,, ,
f December 18G3 General
4th of
On the
grief and anxiety which have enshrouded the much larger radiating surface.: The small! of time and eyesight. Tho Hun ".
f f Garfield took his seat, the youngest member country must make repose especiu ly wcl-*" calibre discovered t Ill! oltlt.'III11C'an between -
of these< copper flues brings the incandescent long ago
his .
of Congress' Because of military (Purchasing land from this arc furnished
experience company
come. No demand for speedy leislatiollllas'l; gases more fully Into contact! redundant fulness I and unsatisfactory brevity.!
was consulted by other Congressmen been heard, no adequate reason is with entire free itanttirje on the Transit .
on military allairs, and it was in the appre.henl1Cl.l with the heat-conducting metal, while the' II. Much of that sort ot'neW1i which depends '
for nu unusual session of Congress, i is diffused in thin between the Railroad for and effects
discussion of such measures that he [became. water > strata less upon its rl'( o lIil.Cll importance family )personal
the Constitution defines the rLtnctiolls amid
hot surface. This reduction of tho diameters than its interest to mankind. from' station; the land '
prominent. It was in this period of his life i upon to tho nearest purchased.
of the li \
powers l'cuti\'e liS clearly n/l those,: of the Hues is practicable in the! hydrogcuengine ; COli"I
till Sun
morning to morning prints: u
What Mr. Garfield won his first case as a law. of the other two of the : TITLE COMPLETE:, being Derived by
departments Jto'rnnU.1It. ;, need ,
because them is no in it for time ] I tinned story of the lives of m\lILI\l1 womenJ
yer, than which the was Supreme pleaded court before of no tho les a United tribunal und he will have to answer for the just" violent draft which is required for the COI1l.bU'itiolt and of their deeds' plans, loves, hates, frou-z, grunt from the United States.and purchase-

States. lie had been admitted to tho bar in exercise to of these the discharge duties it and i imposes.moned 5urm- of anthracite coul. Smoke ntllli'lJ'arkstllosc lilt*. This !story I is more varied and more!: (from the.Stato of Florida.* 3-: <

of Hiram Col-i high rcsponsibilrties terrible- nuisances-arc entirely interesting than any romance that was everalevised ", J,
18Gt( )i, when he was president
and convinced of t their
profoundly mag- : avoided because in of
a-o hydrogen -
: j
He was about to resign that .
tleaet position nUude and gravity I assume the trust imposed i
'Jand begin to practice as lawyer, when the! by the constitution, relying fur light, then arc no perceptibh products of;.:; III. Good writing in every column, and .JZr'1: .
combustion but
breaking out of the war culled him to his] un Divine guidance und virtuousness,? : tho purest mm'lueaus.vnpar.lime freshness 1 originality, accuracy and decorum Descriptive M VI-H and ci net'LA us mailed on
Halite is
'short career of arms. That career ended, bet patriotism und intelligence of the American hydrogen ; .prndwcd by thosepjiratioii \ in the treatment of every subject.! applicat6n.! '(fit; \4CIiAS.
: .
of the of
constituents water, hydroLgen \
next appeared in public life as a member olStho I .. W. LEWIS .
people. Si and at a comparatively lowyjheat IV. Honest comment. The Kuiit habit Is ,
Thirtyrcighth Congress. lIe was reclected After' the of the address time? oxygen to out about und Lund CUrurill aIoner
reading by in the (presence of carbon in burning'. speak fearlessly: men things.V. .,
to the next Congress and was placed on '_ President[ Secretary Bluine stepped! forward-: naphtha gas.: The oxygen unites! with the I Equal candor in dealing with each po- Olllce cor. IJeu'-Ji rind Seventh Sts.
.the committeeof ways and means to qualify and the President's hand, anti after iticul and readiness to
grasped : carbon ; the released hydrogen takes up( at- party, equal commend 10-tf/
thimself! for which he studied diligently on dm the other members: of the Cabinet ands nospheriu oxygen, and hums fiercely amid,..., what is praiseworthy or to rebuke ___-.I-- -..-_ ., ._
'financial subjects. When again reelccted\ lie others present shook hands with time. intensely with a colorless flame. From thev3 what 1 is blamable: in Democrat or Republi1
in l&io" he hud become in his own party J. II. MIESCOTT.
President[ .
furnace where t this flame is generated it Isyj
an authority on all matters appertaining to J
finance. conducted by I.IWJJ vertical flues ve-eighths) $J VI. Absolute indepondenc'o of partisan -

of an inch in diameter, Into an mii |i, organizations, but unwavering loyalty to '
Ii 1807 his health breaking down, he PROCLAMATION BY THE VHESIIICXT.WASHINGTON
| horizontal
time Democratic The HUH boiew
tier, which is traversed by 512 principles.' Fit
went abroad for relaxation spending four September 2:!.-A meeting A flues, eleven feet long and thr-quarters ofw 4 that the government which the constitution Style, ,
maths in E J and the Continent.The
iglan on of the Cabinet was held immediately aftertime an inch diameter These horizontal pipes?? gives us is u good one to keep. Its

intlation issue had come to the front ceremony of administering oath was conduct the a.'eSlIt'combustion to their final lotion of II litJit to resist to its iitmostl i; Comfort;

when he again ran for Congress, and he concluded; and the following proclamation' rj outlet. A brief calculation will ,show what | (tower the (ctt'orta of men in the Hl'llIllJlIl'Ullt

again reflected;; as a hard money (] 'wasl, was prepared and signed by President Ar-S an enormous amount of heating\ surface is Jj, part; to set up another form of government: During his successive Congressional t., of that which exists. The 1881"ind 's
thur: thus exposed) tll the water. All this uppa5wtus \ I year
he nerved as chairmain of the committee r Durability.
: : the immediately following will .
military affairs, chairman of the committee: ; Uy the President of the 1'nlted .'l-alea of Ameri'Qca > does of not theordinury occupy greater locomotive.space than The tietire.b'c iu.. I probably years decide\ thu supremely. iinj>ortantontcfct

arf banking and and chairman of -A Proclamation : ftWluTWUJ .
, currency. hi ventors claim that their experiment ro Thu Nun believes that the victory t

the committee appropriations, occupying in His inscrutable) wisdom it has'j r' onger !leave any !doubt a* to MICCCHS. 'fht.tt! will be with till people us against the rings l
the latter position from 1871 to 1875. The ,.eaavd God to remove from us the iilii tri. '> rate of evaporation will be. vnornmus: while for monojtolv( the rings for plunder, and

arrival of the Democrats to i IK\\cr then translated ,ins head of the nation, James A. iarlleld.:? under no rlrcllln..tall'l'lt11. the cost bo In-J" he rings lor imperial power. 1'
him to the committee of ways and late President! of the United States and (J Our terms follows
/ cruasealas I the hotter the firo grown the more[ are us :
means. It was when he was a member of; Whereas it is fitting that the deep rl'f..j team and the less naphtha will bo CIIII. For the Jhtity Run, u four-page sheet ofJ,

this committee during the autumn of 11172 which fills all hearts should) manifest itself; tuned.-Illustrated lluilruad: World. Iwetlty.el:1Jt; columns the price by tumuli. t

and succeeding winter that he becamemixed with one accord toward the throne of ost-pud! is 55 cents u month, or $<|.50 aj largely

up in the twin scandals of the lite grace and that we should bow before tlleII11Ihty !-:: I year; or," including thu Sunday paper, am Having Increased my

"Salary Grab" and Credit Mobiiier. The .\ ; and seek from Him that consohi-JK 1o14t.OJPeo.otlCf'. ight-pugo, sheet of llfty-blx columns the) tuck
or''oo'-u'ur. In both huemud
effect of his connection with them resulted tint iu our affliction and that sanctificationftif jiourtVrtnn >ricu is 05: cents a month or $7.70 ayear.l
8:00 (to 5.00
office .
A. M ; p, M.
at the next Congressional:' election in his ''J our loss: which He is ablo\ and willing to] Money Orders und Registered Letttra from Isist t.paiel. : iiiedliini grade' I mini .....,-
ever-hmcrMasing majority being cut down to vouchsafe now. therefore in obedience tnj : The Sunday t-ditiiin of the Sin IsuUo furifehed
H.OtA. e.1. to 1:00( P. )'. and from 2:00
p. bled fo
; before 'UH'ome
twice hundrl'ds"as it had been place my
as many and in accordance with the for "-
he Mcn..ll1utr separately $1.20
a iwst! t-jmld.
your |
to3'JO) M, from : 11:30
P. Sunday* liim rn A.
thousands. In succvH.s5ve elections, however lesireof! the iifople. I, Cheater A. Arthur, M'I The price of the tt'eeUy Sun fight pages Ir.. TH a \'cryurge aMMordiient ol

he won back by degrees the confidence resident of the United States \l\Jcrlc-a'-1'? ARKIVU ASP r.l'\UTl'HK or 1HK )1 \ftJl. ifty-six columns- I Is $1 a year, iHist-Niid.| ;
of the Western RfM.Tve. und in 1878 he wa .10. hereby appoint Monday next the 2fith 'or climbs of ten sending: $10, we will send IOOM and NhocM made by the
rtvlecte-1 l by hit old time majority.After ? AV//i Y/, .il''//-Arrive** slang at 10:2A. >r. '
which the remains
lay of September, on day .JII extra copy free.Addrm ; iiONt ( Hlillledorlinen. -
the Presidential election of 187( Mr. Clii 1 ** 5OO u. )1.I.lt" 'OIllI''lItuUtl ,
: will
if our honored and beloved dead oeajjjonsigned I.1'. ENGLAND, Garfield was: prominent as one of the visiting : to their last renting place on earth, J.I- Publisher! of The Sun.'M \ Tliene Goods were
shttesmueu"to I.tmi L1I1a. in which capacity Sis For Mints ninth! of Hivunuah! I
to be observed throughout the United tatl'8 }' ( : : New York City

he concerned himself l particularlywith a clay of humiliation and mooring and 1JL only r-hiEHM....,.... ....................K::00 t. M.] -- -T- -- iiirchaMed for CANII, and arc

the parish of West Feliciana. earnestly reet>mmend all the people to as-rJ! CrtUtf Ktyaiul Tr-mttt IaUr>*ulArrivt only exchanged for the. Maine
When the bill the electoral Undertaking.it. a .
commission i constituting lemble on that day in their respective-places! :{ '*.......-......... .................... 4:00: p, M.| onimodify. Thin will be deem
it came Congress opposed of (>f Divine worship: there lo render Closes.....,.................................. N:W A. )(. 91. IIIM>III.SON.FKUNANDINA
the the the
on ground that it was duty their tribute of sorrowful submission t Vice-President to count the vote, and that the will of Almighty God, and of liter 1'7urid'i- : '

proposed: counting; by Congress was an act of ove for the memory and character of Arrives........,.......?.................... 4JlJ.: .. M.' Ilunlu.- and learning: ut t1'Iui1

Usurpation, and voted against it. ,When, late Magistrate. j Close-! .....M......................."........, 5.00 p, M.i low prleeN" these'
. however thu bill constituting the coimnisV'i ourl
I have hereunto net
# ho I bveamo a member of it, and In witness whereof ;! JtJcl.fJI/I, awl fit. Jul n. HirerArrit Goods, 'are offered. "
l'a..e.l hand and caused! the seal of the
voted the majority on the various States to I be affixed. Done at the City of ........................IogA. M. :;:OIJ p, x.3, ,-L- My stock of GENTLEYIY'S: :

)issueshich resulted in the declaration of Washington, the 22d! dAY of September, intheyrarrf CloM-.. ....................JOM( p. M. 5.00:( ( p, H.c .!

Ir. Hayes: a* President. our Loral ls+I, and of the In. tf, Jfury'i mud Trmlfft Hill .'/'! /- UllMMIIIXCJ GOODS is worthy, i

HU reward apparently was: his election of the Uidtfl Siatt tIe onehundretlMixl : cm'UNIIitTAKUU ,
dependence attention of those lenlrliij
as United States Senator from Ohio three itthSigiuxl Arrive* Tut- lav* mid Friday\ *t2iOp: M.J ;

years later. The following\ June he was ( ) f'tfD'Tt.'EJrtllttC.. j C'lasc.Ian kmys ItII.' 'r:.II"'" 1.4"11 ut sari ,t, 111. hue I Good. ,.....' s sr1

nominated 1"y the Republican Convention at .Saal by the& I'resident.J ,i .11.1 f'II.. (7.i.. ,J"II'rrh"4"4 c "" 'Ordcn left ta iicleetlou .
Chica.. for the Presidency, !Iii electionfolloweiiu .my
,: JAMIM U. HLAI&K Secretary of State.; j jWAIII '* '
November. His Inauguration at .\ +:mLy.amid'rlnlraNLyftt 104:<-, .. K. F11"CI[ tcr., FLA. will receive careful '
,. undVirouiplttteutlou. '
Wasbingonon; lo'ridall1l''h 4th, when, in OTOS. Scpte:nl
his! joy at hip supreme elevation he caught ;tatirely learned as will tt..ln'lhoatecl by theI'rc.I.ltuf. ,11'1..imisaiiy.amrdaWtIay.Utftl.t.at.. I .

j bis uld mother In Ids arms and kissel her in iaaiigutal MtMrv l that there will *: (1!'h;'. 1'1.5-44. ., .V "lu>-l4V.. BURIAL ROIJFA METALLIC CASES J H. PEESCOTT -

/. the preaeiu- of the assembled.thousdmls, is be no jM>,i sjiMi of
"""* fresh in the remembrance of every oue. session of Dtwiulr next, I $ ,... T Knu'Ci.t; 1'. VI, j I 'ft'll'l'rulltic i rd r* promptly attmdtsl to. 4-3ui FeriiMudlnw.. .'1... >

r- .....,


"':'_ ._- --------- --.Ik:
,, .

.+ .. If

iLA 't ,



t.WYrM.r/ _M .m."' r'.''.''__. &._. _._.L._..'__.fl.ter__'n_ ____..._-..-....._ ... .-,------.- --' .. --, -' ,. ,,, >=.,," ., =; = ,=

I THE FLORIDA MIRROR: will devote":! primarily: a certain, ample pro. DEATH OF Tin l'llL'Sl1JEX1: Here they will I lay in state until Monday 1 Edmund stepped Kirkc up pays/ to Garfield that one with day the the proJprietor reJmark -- .-

[portion of their laud to the production of when the will bo interred in Lnkeview : "You kin read, you kin write, and '

SATURDAY, SKI'TEMRKn S4, 1***. [provisions, and (lie average for their cot- The Last Scenes of the \atlonal Cemetery there. President Arthur and all you are death on figgers ; so stay with me,

_. _.- ton crop would, we have no doubt, be an Tragedy. the Cabinet officers/ will accompany the keep any 'counts, and tend to the saltery.

'j' ...t : DEATH OF Till: I'RIsSI1L'XT.: : [effectual and wise measure! for their: own [funeral train to Cleveland. (month.I'lIlinl.Olt\" lie and accepted give you the fourteen offer dollars, which a

; [benefit told protection. If our planters can Telegrams expressive of sorrow and conlolcncc him income larger than he t
} The death of President,) Garfield( has! created TIIK rilKBIDKNT: CON!!CIOfS OK HIS (COXMTtOX [brought an any
J ) of in all [handle their corn so as to }prevent its injuryjhy have been received from all over the .. hall ever received), and remained the saltjcry +
; a feeling profound sorrow UK SINKS SOONER THAN AXTICIl'TKIBV :
the I weevil, it would even he a profitable c \'ilizctl'orlel ; in fact, the demonstrations for some time, satisfied himself und
l. ; t of the 'coulltr '. The anticipations !
: : parts ) hopeful TILE: SCUOmSS: ANn WKS satisfying his emp (I 'er. One day, however -
1 market crop at times! hut nt all events they of sympathy in Europe are the most remarkable -
\II \ of his recovery entertained' during AT HALFPAST TEX OX member of the family spoke of him

\: I the first: six weeks were followed by such 1 [need, to raise enough to answer their own MOXHVV: NIOIIT. ) ever paid to the memory' of any foreign jas a servant. A few hours afterwards Garfield -

1 unmistakable his death I requirements.!' The increased prodtict( ion of! ruler. ,( threw up his place. 1
t signs of probable The condition of the President up to J He now took odd jobs, among) them one to
[rice i in Florida will largely ul1\i'ltt the planters riu>n lnXTltTHn: !!won IN.
that the public mind, was not altogether unprepared ]last had been chap twenty-five cords of wood for farmer
week of
and Thursday, one grad- NEW YOUK : :20.-The SlIn, ex :
; for the event Mr. Garfield's fate jin the matter of both food and forage, September near Cleveland, for which he received seven
I ual improvement, so it was thought, and tra : "General) Arthur was sworn in ata .
[if they would !ave' the crab-gra! whichoverruns dollars. While he bad lived at the blackltor's -
is mournful illustration of the and
a vanity quarter this at {his /house.
two morning
official past
the bulletins ) :
were more hopeful )
be had of
come across a
t' the attainment of the :! their fields after the corn crop is Two of the New York sea
uncertainty attending Judges Supreme
But on Friday the symptoms! again becanu tales which awakened in him a strong de-
B highest objects. of human ambition It wa jlaid by, they would have another very abu.- and court had been sent for, J. H, Brady und sire to, become a sailor. He went to Cleveland -'
said the that Mr. Jdant source of furn supply/ / We look to alarming, there) were of Charles Donohue.) Judge lirady, arrived "'ithl [ and applied to several captains of
{ during political canvass
another crisis. Tlie President und Hoot ut 1:30 o'clock
approaching) Messrs. Uollins : but
) jthe experience of the new farming population [schooners, but be looked every inch conn-
Garfield had been and
..' always a lucky man, md several the ceremony was, out of courtesy, deferred I
JI rigors: dining Saturday, Sundayuid and was unsuccessful. Disheartened
| man,
which we are receiving from the We!>tern try
had risen from to until Judge Donohuc's arrival, at a little
place. place as though
i : his failure and
( condition wanting
: Monday, and his continued by yet some
States introduce o'clock with ex-Commissioner IIf-1
to planters 'J
borne of fortune almost among; our ter ,
1 upon a prosperous wave infuvorublc. aquatic occupation, he went nt lost to his
The greatest anxiety prevailed, stood the other side of
Ian of the value of the farmer'seconomic Judge Brady on
E S without an effort.: lie was not one of, cousin, Amos Lecher, who owned a boat on
table Arthur.
f. uid it became evident that )he was slowly facing Grouped
{ The of the Ohio and Pennsylvania Canal, and the
J resources profit farming
the leaders of his !but be
great ( party, was around the two men were Judge Donohue.
inking. The l'rl'1lill'lIt'OS fully aware ofhis t who bad been dreaming of sailor's life
1 F one of the best known and much liked, n jin all countries is ]largely made up of what Elihu Hoot, Commissioner French and I). .,r boy to drive canal-bout a
a team.
low condition and Mrs. Garfield was engaged
; genial ready bright man making few [he saves: in the cost:. of living and the curt ofj gave up' 0 I. Ilollins and General Arthur's son JudgeBrady of experiences whilecoaching
eniiiies -
all hope of his I and raised his ole GI'tehls
recovery.Shortly slowlyadvanced a step'
The farmer who is ,,
jproduction. dependent Stnr are relatedby
and friends. He hUll"great )
many apness (right hand General Arthur did likewise. A
f before 10 o'clock Monday night "
the merchant for his food as well a*, Captain himself "Jim, says
In clever and upon of silence followed.
saying things
: f'I t :!! was! a very jinomcnt impressive
I 1)r liliss! saw the President and found his the Captain, the first lock with his
If His seemed to [his clothing to any considerable degree, and! {General Arthur's features were almost fixed.
I Ibo
ready mall Impulses always
\ to hitch and off in
i team, on, we were
pulse at 10(3( beats minute, and all the Iriien ready
per administered the oath
It kindly, and so far as! he bad given nttcBIICO jfor the corn he feeds his stock! will be apt Judge Brady jilTy.. Soon we met a boat, and somehow or

; 'r," ', to his thoughts and views since his Jto find at the end of t he'lIr a discouraging! conditions were! then promising; a quiet ,(General Arthur speaking in u clear ringing other the drivers got their lines tangled.The .
; not [voice : 'I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully -
The doctor asked
t '; cession to the Presidency they were Mitixfaclory. :! [balance ,.sheet.. Hut if he can live mainly light. President if execute t the office of President of the impetus of our boat had carried her up

t, [within himself and send to market, his' !surplus he was feeling uncomfortable( in any way.The I United States, and will to the best of my even with the horses, and as there was uwasteway

,t President) answered, "Not at all," andhoitly ability protect and defend the Con- a few rods allat my steersman
[ crop, that will represent: prolit. preserve called out 'Hallo, !
\ : Since his election the difficulties he ham ltitiition of the United States. After this Whip up ;your _
afterwards' fell asleep and Dr. BIbs : ,
l j" ij had to encounter those out of horses or your line will ketch on the .
i were growing he remained standing moment longer, his
'> llfilTOllIALSOUTIIWKSTENN CORnESI'O11)I NCE returned to his room, across the hall from bridge I'! HI-Jim he cracks up his! whip, and
the existence of two factions In his own hllllli still raised. No one spoke, nor did the
I hat occupied by the t President. Colonels I[President. afterwards his team starts off on :trot ; hut as the team
: give expression! : to
e" each of which claimed to be the ReI anyemotion.
party, ; was at the middle of the bridge the linetightened
waim and Rockwell remained with ( .
: the
3 i publican party or to represent t' the majority)' : ; "IHOrSA-ElIt"\TlOSH IXaTITUTION8 --.-- --- '- .- and jerked horses, driver and all

J :: of that party IN VIRGINIA-TENNEK8EK: ; IlVALINU 'resident. About fifteen minutes afterward .TAMES A. G.1flI IGLI). into the canal It came very near drowningthe

{ HER-THE GOVERNMENT the President awakened and remarked to but Jim, managed to scram- ,
t ii- i The South took no part In this quarrel, b'e out. he came up to the boat. I
Colonel Swaim that he 'hel
t f tp i and awaited his action! upon the more 1mj BEING StTCEHSFULLY! RUN JIY was suffering great General Garfield's. : birth in Ohio and his asked him, 'el, Jim, what were doing -

p '. i It portent interests of tho country, content tog 'IIIEF CLERKS ETC. pain, and placed hi' hand over his heart. political career have strongly identified his in the 'ot
; WASHINGTON, September 10, 1881. Or UIi!>!was .summoned, and upon entering family with that State. He came, }however, "'Taking my morning bath, Captain,' he
g + ; tt withhold its opinion until such time us! tin
of New : In 1730 "
the he at that the end England ancestry. one answered..
I It was pleasant to observe that the fine room: once saw \\'usjt
f ,/ J administration should have ,shown what Edward Garfield emigrated from! the neighborhood An incident still remembered bv the Ohio
: grass region of Southwestern Virginia did car. The members of the family were imicdiatcly of Chester EII" ., und settled in '''n-
policy and principles would sustain and river boatmen at Beaver is the fight Garfieldhad
r 'I ho governed by. Mr. Garfield was well not seem to have suffered as greatly as Tennessee summoned to the bedside. All tertown, Mass. Itissaidthaton his way over with one Murphy, a big, burly boat-

from the: dry weather. The meadows! arrivcl. and perfect quiet prevailed. Mrs.( to this country he married German girl, hand A rope was thrown to Garfield from
e ri thought of by the Southern people. His:! Ue !'!- and this dash of German blood in the family
t looked comparatively green and the cornlooked Garfield bore the trying ordeal with great the steamboat which was to take the EveninqStu
i sassi nation they regarded with horror and! may account for James A. Garfield's strong in tow. Somehow or other Gurlieldli1ie,1
quite fresh. Thetvateringplace visi- fortitude and exhibited unprecedented} cour- tastes for the German :language and litera :
detestation, they have felt and expressed to catch the rope. It whirled over his
p J !, 'f great anxiety and !.Il1JicitudeJor his ,, tors, so numerous! in this part of Virginia, age. She gave way to no paroxysms of grief, turn The entire family remained in "'ut'r-i; and carried Murphy's( hat oil'.
i' recovery and after death town until 1700( when u part of it removed to' rushed Garfield and struck
h .' seem departing for their homes, and the vacation became evident she quietly Murphy up to at
and this solicitude) was unmixed with anyj4j Weston, )rus!>!. Abraham Garfield took part him. The boy the blow and planted
; season being over, the students for the withdrew to her own room. There!she.sat, acartbroken plrril.'l
!i in the battle of Concord and his brother,
question of office or advantage. They most his right fist Murphy's ear felling

fk$ sincerely deplore his! death and join in the various! schools arc on their iy trc umc widow full of grief, but withtoo :Solomon Garfield was nce Revolutionary him ut once Having been on the canal-lr

their studies. Virginia has long had n large much Christian courage to exhibit 1 1those it to soldier. The former and John Hoar, the boat four months and fallen into water

1\ }, universal sorrow felt by the whole country. patronage from the South for its educational around her. greut-grandfutherof Senator George:= F. Hoar, fourteen times, barely escaping tle his lifo

rr2 ; Towards Mr. Arthur, now' placed, by this chairman of the convention which nominated i- on the last occasion, he made his mindthat"
institutions She has colonized the Southwest Miss( Mollie ras naturally greatly affected up
,1 untoward e\'cnt'in the Presidential office, James A. Garfield for President, life was not so pleasant as lie

':'" they will exercise the same calm abstention: : so largely that it natural:! that they allll bursts of tears flowed from her child- signed their names in 1773 to document had pictured it to himself and he went

from I should send their children back to Old Virginia yes, notwithstanding! her noble efforts to stating that the British troops fired without hOle with the determination of going to
present censure or criticism, and withhold provocation tho first volley at Concord. At
to be educated. This however is with follow the example of her mother. school again.
Judgment; until ho has had the opportunity the close of the Devolution, Solomon Garfield He had saved a little )'; and what

{ J to show what kind of a President he the increase! of good schools in the more The death scene was one never to be for- who, like his ancestors, was: a farmer, was wanting toward paying money for his Instruction

southern states less gotten Perfect quiet prevailed and there purchased u small farm near Worcester,
will make. He Is by tho constitution the !, becoming from year to was supplied by his brother Thomas.
year The University Virginia will, from was nuts murmur heard while the Otsego; county, New York His son Thomas "Accompanied by a cousin and another
r "; lawful Executive, and i Is entitled. to an unprejudiced After l'residentfi married Asenath! huh,a half sister Samuel::; from the neighborhood,"
; 4 trial of his fitness for tlie'bigl [its high reputation, now so long established, wits sinking. his death !had pronounced Russell, at one time clerk of the county, and ; Kirk mi", "and by his mother sayoMr. j

i :" place ho bus BO unexpectedly I reached.'*| continue to be popular, but the military tlflbody: was properly arranged by1)r from this union was born in December, 171KJ!! with 1 few pots, frying-pans and dinner-

H; school: :and Washington-Leo have had S. A. ]Boyntuh: ( Abram Garfield' the !father Uftho late ['res- plates., he set out for Chester, where the

I' rather first riiiuo's of the sad the '.' i ident. academy( was located. The three youngWren
11I'OI\\hl' !
I THE DELAWARE Slfll-p..m a furcedgrowth.. not lik'lrtob main news
Abram married Eliza Hallou, u connection
:: rented in old
n room an unpainted
t 4I announced: that,ihe project df coil turned.1Tennessee abinctofllcers, except secretaries IJlaineand of Ilosea Ballon, one of the founders of U II i- building near the ncadt'J1 and; with their

a t nesting the Chesapeake! : hay with, the4 !Ida[ ( Is already reccivinga large quo- Lincoln, who! were absent, went in u 1)0(1)to versalism: in America. Not long after their! cooking utensils, u few dilapidated{ chairs, '

ta of students from the :;Southwest and the ranklyn Cottage. A meeting of the Cabi-S, marriage the couple removed to the township loaned by a kindly neighbor, and some
I ware by a ship-canal, in order, straw the
stole Institutions of net held Maceagh whidl'tle spread upon
Carolina South was Attorney-General -
down the fur Ohio. Almost ull this of the
( Chesapeake! northbound part floor to sleep up housekeeping
't Carolina, Alabama; and Georgia have been sent a telegram to Vice-l'r{' ill'lIt state was at that time still covered withdcnse Ol '
i vessels! is to be immediately't l under [ for they were too poor to pay board as well"I,
taken. The [successfully taken out of the bunds of political Arthur, advising him to take the oath of forests t! and the Gartields were obliged as tuition:'
t success oftho'enterprise! will
'; I hacks and restored, to their legitimate office as President: of the United States without to clear tho land for their farming. THey I Garfield now paid his own way by takingodd
have an Important bearing upon our Florida built a log cabin twenty feet by thirty, andB! jobs from carpenters Saturday and in

t( ;' sltfp-cnnal scheme. If it is a matter of functions. delay. in this cabin James Abram Garfield l wusS! the evening. During the summer he made

4 ::1 sufficient importance to make a cut-oll'i "Washington is warm, dusty t and dull The POST-MOUTEM EXAMINATION: OF THE 1IOUV.EI.BEUON. born on the 19th of November, 1831. There''! enough money by chopping wood to pay his

:,i which will cost'man :millions of dollars to experience of the past ten weeks has shown N. J., September 2l.-The following Garfield.were three then elder I J years children.old : One the was others Thomas wl're'J board for hiM for board the next academy and term ; the price

benefit the of that "the government ('all'er well be run official bulletin was: prepared: at 11 sisters 7 und 11 old. The washing lodging being
:, : commerce a single port, of] years family was $1.00 week. In the fall of this term be
f'f'I'' ," how much 1I10re importance will a canalaeroM by chief clerks, a fact which has been for clock by the surgeons who have been in UStendance not well-to-do, having no than enough w first met I Lucretia Hudolph. whom he after.wards
upon the President : fij! to live on plainly, but all were hardy urnlS
some years suspected} married. :
Florida from St. Marks to tho mouth By previous arrangement u post-mortem English grammar, natural 1

:< 'I i of the :::;Marys be deemed ; u work which At the present time there is not single exam illation of the body of President Gar-$. strong.When. James was but two years old hisvi philosophy, arithmetic! and algebra were his
head. of a department here, and the President I- field this afternoon in the Pi { rincipal studies, and he soon had sufficient
was ma'lo! !
will benefit the whole valley of the Mississippi presence father died late in the autumn, and ulljg knowledge of them to teach in district
I is of'eoursc in and with tho IIQ!sistaiipc of Drs. Hamilton j a
& : a !>state of Inability through the severe winter the children !
school For three
and not only save several hundredmiles years he continued his -
Agnew, lUiss: llarnes, Woodward! : '
I but everything goes 011 smoothly, the chief obliged to rely upon their mother for werl'l work ut the at the school, and in
t' 4 academy
9 will also contribute to the safety mlrew ]I. Smith of Elberon and Meting In spring a debt was to be paid ,
1 clerks keep the ship of state in good trim ssNtunt-Surgeoii:. :: (lamb of tho Med( port. the carpenter' shops in autumn and\ winter,
c ::4 i t, of the immense commerce which already; : Army -* part of the farm had to go in j and in the woods the
.' :uid neither! the executive nor the heads\ of icnl Museum, Washington. The operation thirty remaining acres were cultivated by'' in summer, thus managing
i\ I events are increasing! ; in volume every day not only to pay his at the
was performed by Dr. Lamb. It was found Thomas' and the bravo mother who expenses
the departments t seem to beat all uneasy in a : is said \ but
'I to
from academy,
Gulf / toward defraying
ports. that the ball after fracturing the right dev IveSomethillg -
to have split rails und fenced the lot on'1?
business ( '
a We have doubt lint point of view. Everybody: familiar I.'nth rib hud the the cost of a college education
no that this: Delaware passed through spinal Coluntil which the cabin stood. It is related that' 1111

ahi )-canal project, will bo watched) with with tho business of the public offices, in front of the spinal\ (canal fracturing many years afterward, when President Lin-",( lie uPlliec for Hiranir admission to the ] .'
knows that the main the body of the first lumbar vertebra, drivg Portage countyThe
office work of the coin read several dispatches mentioning Gur-fii|
much Interest and, if curried will furnishus of his
; out manner to the trustees is
Cabinet g number of small fragments t of bone field! in laudatory l', cl Did k application
v. I't with valuable practical data as to'the officers !! to sign their names: to papers ;into the adjacent soft part, and lodging split rails?" eever 65- told by Frl'elCfck Wiials, one of their,* ;
ft 'of clerks number
value and cost of such prepared for them by their who the Unit two inches : :
:: improvements pow pancreas "I am not sure: that he ever split rails2?
examine and decide the Kali to the Iflt/ of the spine and behind! he-I .The board was in session with closed .
.rt' ; Ji It )hardly needs, however, any new light usually by precedents said a bystander\ but I know that his ; when the J.Of
J S !; of the ortlee, upon all questions submitted peritoneum, where it became completely mother dill." ('ntC'r'tund announced
'I to demonstrate till value of 1 1r that a
u ship-canal
i I cysted. The immediate cause of death young man at the door
wu.1; Two after the father's death) Thomas
t; across Florida, jind equally' strong reasons, und the secretaries sign their names;! secondary hemorrhage from one of thefs Gartield years was hired by a neighboring farmer Lind! very anxious to see the board without

I t" .t can bo given for the construction of a burge- in utt'r'I ignorance of the whole matter Tin1 mcsentcrie arteries adjoining the track offi to work ut $12: u month. From the first Ipt delay. Noob'ectionsbeingmadetheyoungroan

; ; I t I canal which shall enable the grain-ladeu time of the Cabinet officer is: very largely occupied t the ball,the blood rupturing the, peritoneumfyj week's wages he paid in part for the tlrst I Gentlemen was: admitted., I want an educationand Entering: lie said :
and nearly u escaping into the uhtlom-
pint his
in ul'Ioho brother James
being interviewed pair 's
by otlit'tt.t'kers"IUitt wore the
!; ,
which descend : lobe like the privilege of
t making the
t.hargl'H Mississippi inal cavity. This hemorrhage i is believed toJj shoemaker taking tho rest of his fires and
discharged,, on board steam! hips at an At. politiciansunll on the whole civil service\ ., have been the cause of the severe pain inthc jl board. Thomas also paid part of the: payin cost of sweeping the floors of the building to pay .

,itt lantiu port Time rupid development of the reform is romoted by the- inability the. lower part of the chest! complained( of jutt: his younger brother's schooling. The schoolhouse : part of my expenses.* The board took (him
President! and\ the before death An abscess cavity six inches.! at his word and he was allowed to pay
If su-pcndcd condition of was .lIh llt a mile and u half distant fo
of the the ,
grain of Northwest his '
transportation l b y t four; in dimensions was found in the vicinity and James five tuition by doing janior'!! work:
the secretaries. The as was barely old hjsP
;, I .; by the Mississippi:: route in barges sull'erers are the of the gall-biadder, between the liver' oldest sister i Mehitabel( often year curried ,him He was noted for in debateat
hotel! keepersiio) inNs the noble army of :and the transverse colon, which the college lyceinn. He worked at
points to an immense commerce to be employed werestrongl/ there on her back. The village, which then? wel
: a "= In the mint-Atlantic carrying trade olllee-seekers who :are always on hand in :adherent. It did nut involve' any substance .consisted of a little cluster; of houses was his studies, and'before long became assistant -
) of the liver, and l no communication was'' teacher. He is said to have possessed
[ when the : called Falls A mill therefc
Washington "machine" i Nin Chagrin : was built
: running -
ill from tl:. Oulf, Florida's! long the faculty of
projection found between it and the wound ; also, u in early by one of the first entertaining and interesting -
1 spring( settlers.
order."u in
I 1 southwardly across the \line\ of direct t transit [ are. fact, ha\"ill an enforced "IlPI'Uru\llIll'hallllt'l\ extended! from the external hit I when summer came the stream dried his scholars, and to hwf been apt at

:- pDinU out Ui the world the benefits to be It('- ( civil serviceperiod I when no official* ; woundbetween the loin muscles and up, und from this circumstance)! the place de-#4; pertinent! illustrations at11 specially pains
\ heads are falling und none being the right kidney" almost to the light "rives taking with sctlarsofblo .
; .' 'put except its name. vtompreletion
communication ,
rivet) from water '
: 't t a across!! He
rolll, ThU channel known gave
in the ( now to be Time distance to school was II -
post-oltlee department wlll'rt'1IiC'J''il'e so great and I
} E the northern I portion of the State. With due to the burrowiii( of pus fromg Mrs. Garfield, who hud herself tau'yhthl'r lush branches, but he also:: taught mezzotint

r General) Gillmore's! : plans for the improvement ch !! reformer James! is occasionally?? the wound, was supposed' during lifer; son, was so anxious that James /should ? ,drawing, hi which he had considerable i skill,

allowing ,experiemed otUcer> to be- turned l to havo been the track of the ball.* have ..facility for A lady who was a student at the (college at
of the cnance to Cumberland Sound every learning that her
out and sOlllehotl "' brother-ht-luw, nephew On examination of the organs of I the (shut, II lIIu\'tlll1t'unJ could! afford that alma/ offered the time has!! the drlwinJ of a cross unnn
carried out that harbor will be second to evidences of severe bronchitis were found, theides ; which 'he did some shading and finishing: ;
HSOII friend to be in. the village: u little plot of ground on
!: or {political put herjl touches.
none oil the Atlantic coast)! bronchial pneumonia in the lower? farm on condition that u school-house should Upon the margin is
.- 1 Tho hot weather 1I.tH''k: hu MiddenJly : purtiun of tluri ht lung, though to a* be built on it. James was! quick ut !learninga name and his pupil's in the G.rlel'J

; '.L.t Vrl.\"a itoiisio.Y cnors. I changed from the I SWs to the Jins, and the >i ialong much less extent on the left. The lungs although ho was very restless: "f his restlessness !:i.? writing..
l'lIIt.talll After
) needed ruins!! have begun to fall. This !.. no obs-cesses. The liver was wu.su characteristic= which he retained? three years spent at Hiram the young
The New York J1ertltlthiukli, that the recent and fatty, but free from abscesses: nor through' life. When he was old man qualfe to enter the junior du'.sof,
will thefi
drouth will have the l beneficial effect at IIU't'"l'lft'rll late corn and restore any found in any other organ except' the Icftt UU: brother, returned from Michigan, wheref one higher colleges and applied to
pasturage! for stock and will probably also klll1l'which contained near its : ; the of several of
| them infor-
the South of causing the ,planters to plant aaumtllishSt'"r lie- had been employed by u farmer to snake' prl"lSidtft tor
Rebeck the 'Hour and about one-third of an inch+ inK friendly attached to
speculation in, meat, clearings with money enough to build 11fmu.e % postscript
lets' cotton and to give their nttestiontoother1IrtM1UctIi. the
diameter.( In reviewing the history thejT; house. answer be ri'tivCl from President .
which bus been going fortune t time James assisted him and did
on nuwThu'apittelandthe11'hiteIlousearebciug Iopklnsol''ilans
( Tho Herald seems to suppose that|I ta"l', in conniili.iii with the autopsy, it ity. so well that one of the joiners advised: > College, led him to I'ltI
the cotton cropU: particularly CJtposedto in-j. ,, i mite> evident that the different supmiratinnf'\ ; ;. him to follow ("cnteriiig{ as a trade, Bur ? '. .
\ und fI'fllrt.T..ht.\ their winteroccup :lltrr.u f>s, and ",tally fractured By those who knew
and that 1vrn ct'illl'fup tajN spongy** ing the next two he worked ut this
weather years regularly;' Garliel
jury by very dry undj ll.v-u.' tit the\ vertebra furnish siillicieiit hue.; Sir.(
a says I
; tits. It i- !sad! to think of the cirJctim j' as!! u carpenter, going to school onlyat intervals Kirktlie as u
*. dt'rb'
other. ('rol'I'UN: less so. Still!' ,although the '
JIe? I House point of such iminfuUinxicty fur so 1), W. ULISS. FI4NG II. H.iMjtTON { on grammar -* ..high forehead
weather will -( arithmetic and an open, kindly amid
iso., ytl the fail: that the dry an a geog,'raphyand us,
long a P 'rit)d. F. J. K. lUnvx, 1), ll\vi .\l SEW, after two of be' houehtful face, which showed no traces of
the North years carpentering, bud
r raises\ the pritxsL "t"l'ruvl.h1fu ut jwry J. J. Wof n-\ \KI,, ANDREW II. SMITH, barIm not his low btruggle with ,"iverty and priva-
got beyond -building, he concluded
imivlu! ill a reason why the South should|I llKOTY.. lar;e piano and organ factory,] 1:1)HtHT: : K-HH-RV: D. 5. LUlU try to turn his wits to better account. He t-j 'Lion! his' classuates Mill speak of his -

make .itself 'Jnde: | endeiit' of 'I being obliged|[at Washington. X. J,. was destroyed bp t\rv\\ \ The renuins of IVesident Garfield were! [assisted: in putting up[ some frame additions < > Indus ry, his cordial, hearty amt""rn.i'1"'I -

[.) rely upon! : the N*'rthw s>t for any part of|(on Sundays The. I loss U estimated' at m$ju)." .uTi..1 t.i Washington and I laid instate in the*. I at a black- ltillg establishment not far from euh're1\a9"\\l into all the the great physical zest' with which of the he
Cleveland the excni'se
1 itt etr.ettry) f.Kvl, A ytematicdetermlnii-l Ol'kjO't'r 400< workmen are thrown out mitt.' I rotunda! of the Capitol' Thursday and Friday. "him h'jjuriii and; oyr some proprietor measurement had noticed/.. and' 1!/:,stlltnt. H soon became distinguished !

'|(11)1. oil| < the pat of vu'r planter that theyg[employment To-day tlll''ill be Uken to C"nlllu1.11 rtadinaud writing; in spare 1I10.11I\"Db, !UItlll.t. He rE'.flyan" t.ffeitivv debater!in tits!

... college. U1M up his vacation while ati



.. ..-

.(, ,

__ __, o"O.. ,....";_.;;:'. .
__ __ __"_ ,.... -",- _. .",( '''''''-- "

ij .


,J, ",',

: '.. '


1t:3r..w.._......... ,=.' ". ,.... .. .
... .
,. -- .w*'"'.. '>:':"!'J'D... ,. .... "" "' ",,'_ I
': -OWi.I. I'I'I"
: ;" >;... .v..;;..; -.J; ''' '''''';..Ll .f'.. ,j jw...;. "": '::':"''::= M lIi\ "- "=

Williams College by teaching in neighboring .' Till: stnr rnnsinnxr.UKNEKVL mi .1l1Cllla.X CALAMITY. I 0 Lint of Letter Itcnl 1'NtiUe.:" r
, towns. In North I'ownal lie taught pens -- .- ---
manship where two years before Chester A.' I Further accounts show that (the forest tires: Remaining the ibst-Otllceat Fornandl- Tin i,'MrpOWN ).\

t Arthur had taught the common English? : of Michigan have been terribly\ disastrous to na, Na!\*au county, 1.11', $l'pt 2:1: tS81. Persons -

branches. In 1830( when twenty-five years ClirSTKHAKTIIVUACUtN SWORN IN both life and ..\ writes calling for these letters must say advertised IMPROVEMENT; COMPANY.Fcrniiiidiiui .
old ho was graduated. Immediately afterward .'* AP1'IU5ItENT-1118: IXAfOUHVL AIII)IU'Il4. property. gentleman :I

t he was made instructor of (creek and* rnOCITIUN BY THE rilKSIl>KFT.WASHIXOTO.V In order to realize the magnitude- the : l
t Latin /at Hiram. In 18.58 he married MissJ: i calamity, bear in mind that upward, of fifty Argyle.J.T. Moore, Alice I I

: Lucrctia Rudolph, who was not only bte;]' lArthur has \just, taken September\ the oath 22.: -President';? townships: covering an area of about two .. (':Uinuda, Perry Parish.1etsey j jTowns
of otlicc inS
companion but an able assistant Frequently -:! the marble thousand: square miles, have beenholly orpartially COlhJIll'Ih Roberts, DianimStewart
room the
when he Capitol, in the presC burnt with J(5reen, Mi' s Mary W. R.
was obliged to prepare speeches? jenee! of the members of jus-B over, on It. 1C. Line,
hastily l she, in common with their friend'AlmodA ; It tires of the Supreme the Cabinet, left/ ill the track: of the tire Immense { Julia\ : Small, lessee {
Court f
Booth, looked up for him authorities -' land membersot the a few Senators?, trees were torn off by the force Ir tho tornado I Ifaytvood'orrick ThonulsIoselhJenkins And Cedar Key
Houseof Representatives2: ) the t1I1'klleo'a Alex. Williams babelle.))
and quotations. -all who could be which prevuilcsi,1111(1 ,
I notified
Until .j he kept aloof from polities, but, Jbc present ; also, General Sherman' this morning tog so great that not anything could be distinguished :SVM'I, '1'. Ummcu, P.M. :
General1 I
with the Kansas-Nebraska legislation hN: 5 Grant, Hear Admiral Nichols Hon' at six inches distance.: This: accounts .. !;
.Apolitical' activity began, and hctonrollcd\ bal haunt-! for the great loss of life, as they werebewildered
himself with the AlltIHu'crpart::: ).., lie j Hamlin, General Beale anll a few others.*! and knew not which way to turnto HIC0111XNO\: CO., Offers to lessees and Purchasers a largeluumhcr
l'ort'I'l'ol'le in all were present at the timcfj of the most eligible and desirable
was 20 years old when he was nominated bv! the oath escape.It \ Dealers in
was taken This
that party for state senator from Portage and; after a conference held about btep an hour was taker since is difilcult to realize such complete{ and |irugs> Medicine Fancy hoods, ] Lota or suitable Suburban for Residences Business Purposes, or for
Summit counties. He was elected ba'' between the President, Secretary Blaineandf widespread ructlnllYo: hove, fortunately NOTIONS, PAINTS, OILS,
large majority, and soon became cons-plcii-2
Otis When the news of secession came lies the knew Attorney-General.the oath Very few persons\'] never had ! to be
moved, after the reading of the President'scall was administered until\ (\ pine forest region, and from the nature |N'o. 73 W. Bay St., JACKSONVILLE, FLA.
ceremony was over The President and .. Liberal Discounts Values allowed to
for 75.000 men, that 20.000 men a1\l11 of the Cabinet assembled in tbefj t the ease such an event could l never ) 01'1 ; :'.,- \\' sell at Savannah prices, on
$3,000.000 bo voted as the of the Itte (i parties: engaged in manufacturing or industrial -
quota state room shortly, before 12 o'clock. A "'!pOur forests too streams $Jt Hl'I\l1 for notation:*. 42-.r: ply .
Governor Dennison soon afterward offered minutes before! are open -- ... .- ( enterprises\ who will erect on the propjerty
him the command of one of the Ohio regi-* in twelve ChiefJusticeaite and the surface growth too light t.i feed the purchased substantial improvement.
full I'IILl'I0r ofllce, accompanied HEADQUARTERS: ; FOR I for residence or in which to conduct their
mcnts. by his associate justices tlames for any length;; of time. A few furrows -
Soon after he I proceeded from i :11'iNl ii .v<: m M.S. OILS Jbuslness.INDUCEMENTS.
was placed by General lUiell l the Supreme Court-room to the marble room.! plowed short distance from lie I fenced 51 TO MANUFACTUR-
in command of the force which
General Humphreylarsllal's:: \ advance The doors were immediately' closed 1 and ) fields{ seems all that is: necessary to prevent NKFULKK, ATTVCIIMKNT-S"' ANn PART*. 1'l1tS,1)y: exemption for term of years from

through Kentucky. On the :20th of January I without. any formality President Arthur.,:' danger when the woods are on fire THE: lIOl'SEItOLD: ) ), NE\V HOME;, taxation, ottered by tho several cities and

Is02(( General Uucll issued an order arose table, Chief and standing on one bide of the centres'' It is serious question, however, \\ hlt her IHHIESTlfWEElJ( ; ; SINGEIt;( (towns. Apply at
thanking Colonel Garfield and his for! JusticcCuite: 011 the other, took CHICAGO)( ( SINGEIS; ETC. .;..Y-Ofilcc cur Roach it:: 7th st!!., Fernandina.
troops ;; the oath of ofllce. The President's manners? the time has not arrived to stop I by law and I IG-tf .
their successful campaign. Shortly aft-r Every: hOIlIII'Xlllllitll' into time merits
calm .. .
gas and
composed, and his response *.! custom the annual burning over of our - '
Colonel Garfield of time quiet, liglit-riiniiing "Horsi.noi.o"before :
was appdn'ed brigadier- "So God ; \ : ;
me help was in firm tOIH'1II111111withullt
general of volunteers, and was oidered to! ( tremor.! The President a then ready !IhY forests: --an act alike destructive to the I puuhasin a Sewing lachilu Tilt FLORIDA
join the Army of the Cumberland. He trim manuscript notes the following ads and time timber. The legislatures ol Ratchets, llemmem. Tuckers, Tuck !Folders: ,

ticipated in the battle of Shiloh, arrivllldtI. .Ir'ss K Georgia and South Carolina have, wo learn f 1.11\011.11,1 Attachments ; Otis' I'lalt- AND! AND IMMIGRATION:: (,O U'A'Y
during the second day's fight ; he was with'' For the fourth time in the history the ers; Young's: Andrews'" and Magic [
Luell around Corinth, and on the army's republic its chief magistrate has been re-Jjfi i' passed: local I option law on the subject of Plaiters ; Tracing Wheels Tape OFFERS
: f
march through Northern Alafama. ; and of the prohibition oil Measures Machine ltd is.
subsequent moved by death. All hearts are 1 filled with .i1gl'icf !? fencing, course ,
While he was in camp, after the halt e j, and( honor at the hideous! crime which JE, setting\ the woods: on fire would. be 'uecescaryjto Bias Cutters; Wheeler \\lson! lOO.OOO Acre
of Shiloh, a fugitive slave took refuge with has darkened land Glasses, Brush Pads, Bobbins, and
our and the oftme
!memory "' .
the Union soldiers. A few moments later : murdered! President, his protracted suf-3, protect cropWHICH -* Wrenches: ; Shuttles, Bobbins, Needles, Of tho most
the owner rode up and demanded his prop- ferings. his [ ? Thread Cutters, Check and Feed Springs, etc
erty. General Garfield was not present, and and achievements unyielding of his tortitude life and, the the example pathos A 1;", B.' alNl ),jr-Agent for K. lliif terick &V ('0'''' ACCES3I11LE AND ,DESIRA11LE'LAXIM :
the slaveholder 1 Patterns and Publications.' Send I ad-
passed on to the division of his death will forever illume the your
commander, who ordered Garfield, by written : our hisllwFor the fourth time the pages officer ofjj WII.I. CUKATKA: nKVOMJTIOX: IX HTKAM.jA : dress for Catalogues Metropolitan; Fashion !:! IK TIIRS'l'ATF !:
order to deliver the fugitive. Garfield Sheets-free.
elected by\ the people and ordained by3:
answered by simply endorsing on the order: locomotive especially:> adapted to a new E. 11. SCOFIELD; ; OF FLORIDA,
Constitution to fill vacancy Hoj' fuel will in St' plenlber\ bo running between .. '
"I respectfully but positively decline to allow 42-Oiu: ( 81 W. St., Jacksonville, Fla.
created, i is called to assume:\ the executive hay JAt $l.2. to settlers with
my command to search for or deliver New York and Chicago. This locomotive! ..- only per aero new ,
up chair. The wisdom of our fnthetforesee-\\1 will generate and burn hydrogen gas produced -, Jthc of selection in of 40
any fugitive slaves. I conceive that they are the \ ron SAM privilege parcels
ing even most:\ lire !< .
here for quite an other purpose" l'o from water by the )process,] DESIRABLE HOUSE: : CON'I'.1I\N6 acres or more. These lands aro located on
sure the government should never bey: and it i is estimated l that not onlyill !Da>: A D ; !
General Garfield position was sustainedby 'per] five rooms, with Closets! front l'illZZII,1 i
imperilled because of the of-j (and adjacent to (the line of the
order issued uncertainty cent, in the cost: of the fuel bo saved, but] llargo Yard Orange Lemon and Banana,
a general subsequently' by ,
human life. Men may die, but the fabric of,. that the effects( of.the remaining 7 cent, _
the war department In August: 180J: he- per : |Trees. Centrally located: (101101 i {I title, etc f
free institutions remains
our unshaken
,, will be than doubled. The deadweight [ATLANTIC GULF ,AND WEST INDIA
was put in command of the forces at Cumberland \ : For further particulars, Inquire at this ,
higher or !more assuring proof could exist of
Gap, but his health failed, and he the ulIIll'ermalll'nCe of in fact, will bo diminishc l by four [,office. 4-tf TRANSIT CO.'S n, R.,
our popular or five tuns as compared with coal-burning
wa.obligel to go North on sick leave. On !
than the fact that
government though thechos'n
There will bo back
no :
his recovery he was appointed a member of of the people bo struck down, his' tho pittons from the retarded pressure CHlIplof: on :honey Saved INHoney: Made 11 (extending from FERNANDINA on the Atlantic -
the Fitz John I'ortercourt-martial, and after
ward again joined the Army of the Cumber. constitutional successor peacefully installed;; steam, and there will bo no more smoke or YOUR ENGINES; FROM to CEDAR: KEY, on the Gulf coast t,
without shock strain PURCHASE
land. His last service was at the battle of, which or the bereavement., except tile All sorrow spark $100 on u 10 I Horse ; $200 (thus affording to the producer cheap conIstatit -
Il'litckalllall"a. mourns the The new locomotive is: at present being Ion a 20 Horse, and $:JIIO on a 'JO llorsu-1'ow- and transportation to tho best
A fornight later he was commissioned noblea pirationsof lamented predecessor, constructed attho Grant locomotive\ .ler Engine. Send for our prices before par rapid
major-general for gallant conduct and important which found expression in his life, the measures Works, Paterson, N. J., and will weigh lehasing: Engines, Gins, Presses: Saw and I markets.:

services.! j devised and suggested during his brief" forty-eight tons.: Its total length i is oOJ Grist Mills: Threshers, or any kind of Ma- The belt of country traversed by tho Tranit -

In the meantime he had been elected to administration to advance to correct abuses and and enforce feet ; length of !boiler, 22: feet ; cylinders, chlnerVo are Manufacturers' Agents, !< R. R, embraces .
economy, prosperity promote 17x21 inches ; driving-wheels',1 (il inches. and guarantee satKf.iction and
Congress from the Nineteenth district i of] ,
the general welfare, to insure domestic The in its construction is in the LORI
peculiarity price. WALKlm: & }), '
Ohio, which for many had been -
years represented and maintain EVERY VARIETY OF SOIL
security friendly
Joshua R. Doubtful furnace and lire-chamber and the number JSTo. 1IV: ) '
by Giddings.
: honorable relations with the nations of the of fines for the passage of the fi.imc., In CIrII.It''
whether to remain in tho to take 18813IH.'M.
army or
his seat, he went to President Lincoln for, arth, will be graven in the hearts of the o'rLlillaryantlrral' te furnaces the tubes running .April, : Ito \bo found fu..tlu'Stnte; n large proportion
( people, and it will be earnest endeavor to .. .
my through tho boiler arc necessarily: -- --- --- --- -- -
advice. Lincoln is reported to have said to (being peculiarly adapted to tho culture ofJMtTnoncAt1jfsirm
profit and that the nation shall
see profit
from the specie of fuel used, of a large cal
him "The in Congress "Till: NUN FOR
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they are constructed from eopl'l'rI1.\IIl are ThdjLafy l. Compact of Timber
)'hl'thl'r we can carry the necessary law is well and readsthc fllII. In thccdi- 1 "
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'measures ; and, besides, we are greatly proved. No threatening i issue mars our tions of this newspaper throughout time heseian4sworthybfCA1FUJEX ,..
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.... I
i loud to regulate legislation about the ......._.- -
It !. U. 1., .' 1, therefore, will transmit: the heat more I. All the world's news, so presented that \NIt L'STonx.j.
lily, and the number of (11 ties being ca- the reader will get the greatest amount of Ij'

le of almost unlimited\ incr'asegiyesa information\ with the least unprofitable) expenditure -! NEWiSETTLEIW

eh larger radiating surface The small of time and eyesight. The tiuu ;, i', ,
bre of these copper Hues brings the in- ollgn discovered: the- "fLll'l1l11l'nl1 between '' "
Purchasing: hind from this 'company arc fur.
descent: gases more fully into contact reduluLIm1tfuhtessun(1: unsatisfactory brevity. .

'i the hcat-conducting\ metal, while the II. Much: of that sort of news: which dcpcndJ ",\0 nt.sheil: with entire free juunuge on' tho, Transit

|er is diffused in thin strata between! the less: : upon its recognised: importancethan ,. I Railroad! for family and personal effectsto

surface. This:: reduction of time diameter upon its interest to mankind. From the station nearest the land purchased.
he Hues I is practicable in tIll! hydrogen .
morning morning the Sun prints anus
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'no, hccau.se there is no need in it for time'_tinned l story of the Ih''lIof men and WOlIIl'lIJ r,J TITLE: COMPLETE: being derived by

[i-nt draft which is required for the com- Claud of their deeds, plans, loves, hates, troutables. ; grant from time United ,States and purchase

ion of anthracite coati Smoke IlIIII I Thii story is more varied and more?: from Ihe.Stato of Florida' $'; .
s-those terriblenuisances! -aro cn-5
interesting than any romancu that was everdevlscrh. X
avoided, because: in the a-o of hydro-tt t COKUESPONDENCE:: ): SOLICITED.
there are no Iwrcl'ptlht.rlllluctil! \ of .)' s", .
III. rood writing in column and
every ]
nlwttnn but the purest aqueous vapor.*?, freshness, originality, nCl'lIrnCntlll decorum I. Descriptive M MX and cjRCurAU3 mailed on
[hydrogen. ll.uuv i ii produced by the ,
flt'l'- ,
r in tho treatment of subject.. h
every application ;
.4 in of t tho constituents water hydrii-jj .
mid oxygen, at a comparatively\ lowjgi I 1llunest)( comment. The ftnu' habit Is J r CHAS.: : W. LEWIS: ,

in the presence of carbon in burning !to steak (out fearlessly about men and thing f\ Land Commissioner

thagas, The uvygcn unites with then I V. Equal candor in dealing with each political -!. Otllec cor." Ikwh and Seventh Sts.
; the released: hydrogen take up ate party, and ciiual readiness to cciujmcnd : KJ-tf '

.herio oxygen, and{ burns fiercely and,.. what is: praiseworthy or to rebukej -. -. ........---- _.- ---- ---- -
--- (jst-ly with; a colorless tlame. From thee r- what I blamahlo\ in )Democrat or Rcpubli-J
leo where tliU) flame is generated it ism ellll
meted by I.M2 vertical flues, live-eighths; VI. Absolute independence. of partisan!
',inch III 11ilInetcrlnto an upper chainy'lich ':" {,rgani ntions, but unwavering loyalty to I --

is traversed by 512 horizontal true Democratic principles.' The Vn/& belitVfs -
i--I\l'll: : \\1) 1're:- \( eleven feet long: and thrft--qiurtcr.s of J: that the; government which tho constitution -;I. Ifgc Fit,
111 eOullliam't' with time : ; imlmltItiIIui h diameter.. These hori/.ontal pipesI gives; us is a good, ono to keep. Its.

Stut.! to (*:-"' \ m > I the gasesof combustion to their final notion ot duty i Is to resist to :: Comfort,
thll ",,,\,U' of tli. liHeivnt\ ,A brief calculation will show what power the ellbrts/ of men in the H'puLII"fwt!

lH11iIl lllmull' i fl'l.Hllgo:: ill time 1":0: of. tIll riuoii-i amount of heating surface\ !iiiirty: to net up another form of governuent'; >< AND.Durability..

tll gi\'H I'xl'n':lull tu tl..it'. xl'j, c.1 to -the water. All this ul'pa't: in )place of that which exists.!' The year 1HSI
,1I\t: Ith illOt.: \\1\ "1I gl'h.t\\ that\ tla" OPS not occupy greater space than H'cL* :alms the years imiiutliately following will .
it liar: ; "; probably ..Iel'lllthl t.
.I\ : A. n\ltFltI.V: theordinary locomotive. The ln- | mipremcly' Important ,
latH l'r e l"il\"t\ ns 1luil* > Sa t 1rc\ 1 a)' 4 claim that their experiments roS3 i-ontest. The .")11" believes that the victory f -I
a';t.2111Ilm' at t''Ia"> teal< >t"1- leave 0.11llouht ut to niece!. 'fla'ftj- will be with tho people' us against the ring S

/ 11\1111"\\ lamI'' nlts: 1 < "r* t 10. ,1""'V,' I evaporation will lJo't/lOrlUolIlI. while I for monojtoly, the rings for plunder, and
liX" fur" \W :ino cirfuiiiNtaucerf can the cost bo I inj the rings for Imperial power.
10) oYlock\ to alE1'i111gt' j I. as the hotter tho fire grows the more Our terms: are as follows :

\ 1l1ll.Ylm, the less naphth.i: will be cun- ; For the Jtaity Sun, a four-page' sheet of I
H. McfllKFIN., C.. .' ( Jiailroad Ilurld.Itst.Ofco twenty-eight: columns, the price by mail, ( -
O. :;. 0.\ KtS:
\C 0, l-rflU;Y:';, .l l*. ". \\ SOU'fll\\'JCK I' year; or,. Including the Sunday paper' an Having largely Inert-used '...,.
) Notice. eight-pago: ; sheet of fifty-nix( columns the '
)1.\conl.I. ,
.\. \V H 0. DUUYKK) : :, ") stock oT Foot-near, In. both Hue
F. SCOTT, (hurt-From 8:00: A, M. to tiOO: 1'. M. ; piU-o is (* cents a month or $7.70 a year,

F. 1 r;. LiviNnsTos, \V. '..Orilerl'ltlllll Registered )Letters from post-paid, and medium grades" I am eim.
l. \. \\'HlT\l'. t.\t The Sunday t-dition of the #,1/t !h olio! fnr-K'
< l00) f, !M.; and from 2001'. bled to
STARK, O. II. HI-p.o; : .'!M, t Sunday* ('rllm 111:1111.( : i 1 J:1O: A. ultohc..II.'l'aratt'ly for $1.''") a year, jMwt-jiuid place before my custom-

G. S. T[ HIII.: 7U.. The price of the U'eetty smut, eight pug-to.'I| ern n tery large uNKortmeiit, of
(l':. A. UFNTotl ", ANn 1'Jr.UtTt'ln OP 1I1t: )UJi.fC4 M'I liny-six columns, )lit $1 a year, I'cllct'l'lIld.l.For I
li. llru'fm l' climbs hoots and NlioeM made (hecompetent
of ten seeding $10, we will send by
, n.\RR.i g/.nV. -Arrivi-s dully at W::!:. A,
8ergeHllt; J. O. C1ov's .. 5:00: 1i. an extra copy free mold, and killed
MiI Address I. W. ENGLAND: ;
':a. Publisher of The f>"II. .orluneu. Tliewe, Good, were
1 it-* nortli IIr !Snuurib: : :j9 New York City.
lose' *.. ..10:00 *, M.} purchased for CASH, and are

eyitnd Tf'ituit Itlil"lIlcl- ITndertakliit only exchanged for flies Namecommodity.

:................ 4:00: 1'. !M.. ThlM will be deem.e .

;..........................,....... H:t,') AI u.rld .. n. ?1. IIIM>IIINO\
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u pleasure Kceliafix.
'i- ,

.........,.........."............. 4:00: f. M.' amiiilng, and learning at what

....:...........,.................. 5.00 p. M.I extremely low prieeN theMe
; '"
"r': J. \\tlf nn'1 St. Johniirrr- Goods 'are offered. ;'.

I i\.iII" ..............10: 5 A, M. 5.00 p, M. tiri f3+
........"...10:00: p. M. 5:00: p. M.awl .? I FiI''IT. Htoek ofGENTLE11EN'S

/" ':""':;: ,": ';, 'rt' i Trmlff'tHI .tflil I FUIlNISIIIMi GOODS I* worthy'

-.::. .... r .lav* and Vriday" tit :2l') r. x. the attention of those desiring

\( [i 14Vmtlt'I'rsUrIt! r ut I"I A, li./ fine CJoodn. u'' .

i. (;'1.. f+.If- UNIEUTAILER .
\\t' i I jCtf left to uty selection '

:l44yaau.Timur..t.lyuatj' *, w.. nrrii HTFEUNANDIKA, TLA. f'lIrer..lluul
tugs :u+.1 1"r'I.: .. '. at ;":)a p.iluy. x.: will receive jproiiiptattention. r

11I'tII'n"IIIiI1J"uc mil 1100.\. )I. 1I\i4

,. .. lily, tC'IiirsUys, ... um.u. ROD. METALLIC CASES '' }
pp ljyti'l i Mj.turl.ivi at':;.10 r y. B WOODKN COFFINS AKD CA8JUT8.'ftll1lrulhlc : J' H. SBESCOTT, '

t:> :oI''L T KU'umc;tL, i*. }1, orden promptly uttendttl to.I 4-3ui i'eriiMudlna. .'111. .



r -1 -c; 1

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Ti ---
--- -- _. '"' .

.- "" -_... .. "-". .. : I? _:I.JT -: '"" :p 2--: .


r .'!,' '-r.; .
;f':. i ,
'. :' ," I

:'? .........-0: > .>1",.....; C1,,:,; ." r.c.; "rl ':" ::V":'; .,.........' l zr. : ..,."" ;t.l1---A-" ,"' ...,.""'''' :16 ur= "......."''''' ...... ''ft',, .. '.<,.,,'' ''''''''=. ....tI..l.n.KF.R ':;C1..n "r':""""!

COLVM11IA COUNTY. just the shape it is required for building;; (iE:11EIt.tL UIUECTOItY.) I : COUNTY. I I Assessor of Taxes-Tliomas Marco,' Cotton

bridging, framing, brackets, furniture, vegetable County .!lue-1t. 1). Davis, Sanderson. I Plant
United slut Rc1'cnuse--Frederick Is.
;; Collector of ,
Clerk-F.' J. Pons Sanderson.
laths etc. ,
or fruit crates, shingles, ,
A FINK: FARMING COUNTRYVIDEA\\',\IU| LAND OFFICK:, UAIXESVILLK.Register Sheriff U. (J. Hcrndon, /Sanderson I Ocala.
have bracket gig paws! planers, SchoolsC., Martin
saws of ,
They Superintendent
LAKE CITY. -I,. .\. Barnes, Gainesville.! Assessor of Taxes-George P. Canova, SanIdcrson. .
:and all]] kinds of wood-working machinery. Receiver-John] 1,'. Rollin. Gainesville.SurveyorGeneral I Fort [cGy.
To the Editor of the Mirror : They also have. IHnchine-shop, for doing / -Malachi Martin[ Tulla-| Collector of Revenue-Richard Kennedy,i MONROE COUNTY.:

LAKE CITY, September :20, 1881.I and boiler work, and a rice-mill. In I Iia3!! I The southern }part of Columbia county b i engine DISTRICT COURT.JerlgrCThmngs : Superintendent of Schools-A. J. W. Cobb Clcrk-t'ctC'r T. Knight, Key: West.
the latter clean and turn out in season .
they lOlustce. sy/mjcCorgc( A. Dcmerritt, KeyVest.
I Is!
land. There
first-class Settle Jacksonville.M .
known as pine beautifully polished! rice, second to none in RRADFORU COUNTY. Assessor of Tares-Walter C. Maloney, Jr.,
the Ech-I rstial-J. JF. Durkce, Jacksonville.
good hammock along .
some Key West
very the country. Clerk-]Philip\ Walter, ..Jaeklonvllle.JsnnXT County JUdge-3. R. Richard, Providence.!
Fc rivers and parcels oif Collector RevenueBaiter C. Maloney,
tucneo and Santa of
Clerk-Hcnrv P. York, Lake Butler.
The Lake City Reporter in: tin ably conducted .
L, RKVKNUK.Collator Jr., Key West
bodies scattered over the county. Before Sheriff W. W. Tumblin, Starkc. ,
] ] newspaper: edited_ by Mr. Chnrle.K -Dennis Eagan; Jacksonville. Assessor of Ta.reR-X. Wainwright, Lake Superintendent of Schools-J. V. 1 Tarns, Key
the there were some largo plantations -
Ivcs who] arc West. .
Finley and Judge Washington lUutler.Collector.
in the county-Ihe Meyers plantation] NASSAU COCNTClIty.'wlycHinton \. -i> ,
devoting their efforts to the development of John) W. ]Itowell, Fcrnandina. of Revenue' -Bunbcrry Haynes. -)-
being the ]largest.! There were three thousand .Santa Fe. L LSuperintendent J. Baker, Fernan- ,.
this fine county, and arc succeeding admirably. << Ellwl\rllll"pkin*, Jacksonville. I
acres In the tract-eighteen hundred of MIM John 1". Hou-e, St. Augustine.J. of Schools-L. ]i. Rhodes,? dina. ,
CitUILF.H >H.!!
them under cultivation and fence. The M. Carrie, Cedar Key. Starke. Clerk-3. A. Edwards, Fcrnandma.Slicriff .
f URKVARD: COUNTY. ( =-!'ctcr Cone Fernandiim. (
V wqrk on this farm was performed by one! Tim JtHITISlI lid U1'1'ST1 A. McCrory City .1s.Qepsorrf Taj-cs" JI). II. Garland, Icrnundina. -
County Jllce-.1alllel: ,
]hundred savc.OJ.] The products of the }llan.f To the Editor of the, Mirror : Stale Oflh'crH. Point. f ,

f tatlon consisted' of sea island] cotton, corn, LONDON, ENGLAND;: September( : 5. KXlTUTtVi:( nfrtRTMENT.Governor1Vu1.1) Clerk-.\. A. Stewart. Tituwllc. .. Collector. of Revenue Warren P. Scott, Fer-

sugarcane, rice, sweet potatoes, oats, rye,! When every allowance has! been made for '. ). Bloxham, lo1e.Jclltcl"tltIt'erlorT.ivlngRton Assessor of Taxes Wallace R. Moses, Gcor. nandina.Superintendent of Schools-W. A. Mahoney, !

good forage crops, etc. Dr. Grilling winds ,y. Bethel gianna. .., .
turnips, the beneficial Influence of the strong Collector of Rn'cll//c-I")1./ Platt, Lake Jes: Callahan. ,

1 of Lake City, has the Mexican clover, a suc-| and bright sunshine' which have generally*.- 1eW: ; l'st. State John L. kip, Orange County.8ujJcriufclf1t'ut OTt.XIJIl'Ot; T\. I
Crawford Tal-i
t, culent, nutritious plant, that will be of great! obtained during Friday, Saturday and Sunday : lahassT-e.Secretary of of Sciaol.y-A. (frail)'. La County "dYf'-H. L. Sunimerlin, Orlando. .

value t the State. Seeds can be gotten| ', [Grange. I CM-3. 1' llughey. Orlando.
i to it would bo ignoring patent facts and CIIplrollan.. Barnqs, Tallahassee. CLAY COUNTV.Judge Sheriff-Thomas W. Shine, Fort Ilcid.Assessor .
from Dr. Griffin. the evidence which has been forthcoming 7'rmtrer-Hl'nr A. L'Lngle'l'allahassee.11ttornryGcncrulGeorge: ; .] of1ilrc8-.JalllC' M. Owens, Fort

The Meyers place] is a first-class pine-Iandl from nil parts of the country to regard the P. L'aney'fallahassee. Park.ClI1mfJ -3. T. Copcland, Orange UC' lI, Fla.Collector.

plantation.Vhat is:: ,said of it can be paid! past week as ]having brought other than Commissioner; of I.alll7s-Hngh A. Corley. Clerk-0. A. Buddington. Green Cove, of Uel''Ullc-Xat. Poyntz, Orlando. I ofI

r of others. Major G. N. Ellis!:! is a successful! general disaster and ruin to the.British harvest Tallahassee. Springs. 'I Fort Superintendent Ilcid.: of //Oo1s-Juhn T. Becks, r

and wealthy planter. Mr. Getzer, George of 1881. A series of intermittent storms! S+qerintcndrnl of Public lllqfruoll-R; K.I S"erijf-JIUC'M) W. DcWitt, Green Cove PUTNAM COUNTY.Judtc I

Ellis; Mr. Cook, Mr. Robert Martin, :Mr. Mason which commenced on Monday, culminatedon Foster":Adjutant-General, Tallahassee./ : Yongc, Tallahassee I] Spring Assessor of Tuxes-Win. Conway, Kingsley. t of! Pl'olJtc-B.] Harrison, Palatka.

: F and Mr. Collins are good and well-to-do! Thursday in a thunder-storm which included RCKKAtI: OF IMMIGRATION.Commissioner Collector of RCt'CIIIIC11I.. /S. Plummer, f, Clerk-\V. 1,'. Forward, Palatka. ;

F' farmers, whose fat horses ,and mules and in its area nearly the whole of the I -A. A. Robinson, Tallahassee. Max ville. Sheriff. Thomas Shally. l '
fssrssor-S,1 Timmons. ,
Superintendent of ScwlllsP. Geiger,
well-filled barns attest their good
,' manage which the rainfall '
United Kingdom, during Clerk-II. C. LOUR, Tallahassee. Middlcburg. Collector of RCl'Clwc-Joseph Price. 1 1I
f ment. All have herds of cattle, which feed was excessive To form an adequate estimateof ,Special, Aqcit.9-Samuel Fairbanks. Astor COI.l'I1J.'OlXTY.: \ Superintendent/ of Public Schools J.Y.. :

on the range, surrounding their farms, and! the damage done by this downpour, it Building! Jacksonville ; D. S. l'laeeVahlo..|H Coujity Judge/ "'. M. Ivcs, .Jr., Lake City.K Strickland. .

'. .VR ninny ]have flocks of sheep. The farmers! will be necessary to bear in mind that it fell SUPREME COURT. U Clerk-John Vinzant, Jr., Lake City. TAYLOR COUNTY.Cuunt'Jmlys1V.

who keep sheep place great value] on them. on crops which have been outstanding in Chief Jmstico-E. M. Randall, Jacksonville.!H Sheriff-3. W. Perry, Lake City. II. Parker, Perry.

Mr. George Ellis has ,one hundred head oil sheaf a'considcrable of time during Associate Jitxlicc, -J. Westcott, jr., Tallahas-l Assessor of Taxes-L. "'. Rivers,I Lake City. Shcrlj(}Thomas Osteen, Perry.
for length Clerk-John C. Calhoun Ferry.
Collector Taxes 3. I,. Parish Luke
ee. of City.
cattle and eighty head otsheep. lie receivemore'rash which have been repeatedly wetted Superintendent of Schools-T. J. Franklin,
they Associate Justice-II. B. Van Valkenburgh,| Superintendent of Schools-JuliusPotsdamer.Jg i ;
M from ]his head oil .
each eighty Perry
year and partially dried, and on uncut grain Jacksonville. Lake City.

''k sheep than he gets for, the beef cattle ]he 1 which is being literally eaten up by mildew. Clerk-C. II. Foster, Tallahassee. DUVAL COUNTY. County County Sttrrej/or Trca.qlll'cr-D.>. N.S. Cox Sutton, Perry. \,"
sells, not including the milk and butter used! It is difficult to assess the relative amount of CIRCUIT JUDGES. County/ Judge/ -William A. ;McLean, Jack Collector of Revenue ,

5. by his family. Mr. Cook, Robert Martin,! damage as between the crops: standing in First f.'irclfI'f-Augustug K. Maxwell, Pcnsacola. sonville.ClI'rk-Thomo.'I 1:. Buckman, Jacksonville., Assessor oj' Taxes.S.:! H. Peacock', Perry

John Weeks and, Mr. William Tison have! which been ST. JOHN'S 'OUNTY. ,
sheaf and those have not yet Sheriff Uriah Bowden, Jacksonville!

., large herds, while thero are many smalll cut, even with advices daily to hand from see.Second Circuit-David Walker, Tullalms-| Assessor of Ta.tf's-\. Prevail, Jackson County Judge M. R. Cooper, St. Augustine -

flocks. The) wool from these sheep is a sure| all of the kingdom. In the former cat- Third Circuit-E. J. VannT Madison ville. t .
J Collector of Ret'Clllle-'oIo8es:: J. Brown, I Clerk-Barlolo] F. Oil veros, St. Augustine.
bank account ,
Fourth Circuit-James! M. Baker Jackson'
; egory arc included the bulk of the grain Jacksonville. "IoihrrOnuIIIOIJ( = Hernandez, St. Augustine
1,3 is and ]largely j
Mr. Whetstone a planter engaged in the southern and southeastern Schools Albert J. 1 Assessor Tuxes David Dunham
crops eastern, ville.Fifth Superintendent us- of L. St. t
B. Dawkins
Circuit-James Gainesville.
if, f in merchandising at Mikesville and! ,. ,sell, Jacksonville. Augustine.
and midland counties of England; : ;j 1 \ .
'i': Leno. Lena is situated at the Natural Bridge! and in the latter the whole remainder theI Sixth Circuit-II. [.. Mitchell] Tampa.) HAMILTON COUNTY. t Collector of Ileremiuie-Joseph! F. Llambias!, I'I "

i $, ,>: across the Santa Fo river Here Mr. Whet- United Kingdom. The wheats have sprouted, I' Seventh Cii"f'llit-\V. Archer Cock, Sanford: D County /ur1ge-Henrr J. Stewart, Jasper. St.Superintendent Augustine.: of Schools-C. F. I'erpall

; ] water mill lumber Clerk-J..Caldwoll, ..Jasper.Shcri9Junes ,
1 j' stone has largo ; saws more or less, in all the districts in which the } Ji St. Augustine. "L
,r t gins cotton and grinds corn ; at Mikcsvillcj fan M. Duncan, Jasper., Ft'MTER COUNTY.
'; :, 'grain crops are outstanding: in some cases!' to Court C'aileiular. Assessor of Taxes-3. R. Hunter, Ancrum. I
r: ho has cotton-gins., 'Mr. McKinney is also a| almost Ul1I'rl'CedelltellelC'grec ; whilst the FIRST CIRCUIT Collector of Rel'Clllle-\\. II. H. McLeod, County Judge-Henry :Cassidy:! Ixesburg? ,

i, successful merchant. Fall Term- Columbia County.Superintendent Clerk-Thomas J. Ivey, Txcsburg.Sheriff ., ,
u:Y:: '" Fruit was plenty this season Peaches! barleys, which are generally too short in the Santa Rosa, 2d Monday in October. of Bc'w07s-.To ll1H.. Rob- ,' =J. S. Dychcs, Ijocsburg.Assessor I

straw to admit of tying, have received dam- Walton1th :'ofollllaIi) October. [crts: Ancrum. 1 of TIl.1'Cs-U. 1'. Wall, Webster. I I
;: ',t wero in abundance.. Pomegranates!' arc! age varying from a :state of rottenness to Holmes: 2d Wednesday after 4th Monday Collector of let'Clwc-John. Dyches, ,I
'r .. getting ripe. Oranges aro scarce Sonic few! in (October.) HERNANDO COUNTY. LeC'Lurg.:
,r mere discoloration, which will materially County Judge-"'. L. Fricrson' Brooks '2 Sujcrintendent Schools.\. C.'Clarke
LeConto of
!:: nro j planting the rear, which! Washington, I'd Monday after 4th Monday ,
affect the malting properties and market ville.
SuIJI l'n'iI1c.
;:: well and promises toono of the! in October. R
; grows j I
t1rrk-J. C. TAw Brooksville.
\. value of the crop. In districts in which Jackson, :3d Monday after 4lh :Monday: in I SUWANEU COUNTY t
N 11J
i fruits. scuppernong .. ,
,4 standard The Is the reliable Sheriff-3. B. Micklcr, Brooksville.
-, havcoccurred, the details of which arc not yetfully October ; '. County JudycM r. }[. Blackburn, Live ,I
never-falling grape. -Italways bearsnbundantl.V" :,! Escambkt,1;t Monday in Docembcr. Assessor of Taxes-Frank E.Saxon, Brooks- '
to hand the harvest! disaster must / ,
necessarily -
i ville.
ln.dr Seasons. At This act amended section 2 of pet of February Oak.ClcrkP.obert 1
!! excepting ,. A. Reid Live Oak.
be complete. The drying wind which Collector ,of Rel'clwe-l" :M.: Townsend. I -
[ very popular grape is the black( Hatnburg,! JO, 187U, and docs not change the Brooksville. S"rriff-John R. Sessions! Live Oak. ,
[--> \ "' obtained on Friday and Saturday induced ,i Spring Terri: Assessor of Taxes W. .
grown; by Mr: Cotton on thojtakc City and Superintendent Schools-T). II. Thrasher, II. Sessions, Wcl- "t"::1 't1
many farmers to put together a considerable THIRD CIRCUIT. born ', ...
Fort Dade. .
''i t road : ,
Gainesville ;
MrCottpnlia3; experimented acreage! of wheat in condition which varied Spring Term/- 1, Collector of Jet'Clwc-TIopert F. Allison, Q' I '1f
with several varietlcarof l grapes, and ; Taylor! 1st Tuesday after 1st Monday in( HILLSnOUOUGH COUNTY Live Oak. ') Pj i.
from bad to indifferent and the result will j
,, finds: this the grape"that he will hereafter April.Madison. County .ll/dUe-H. L. Crane, Tampa. F: Superintendent nf Schools-J. O. C. Jones, ", :
{ devote his time and cultivating. He be known at a future day. It is:' to bo feared Monday:: in April. Clerk. Win. C. Brown, Tampa. Live Oak. \ \! :

l ; money that unthatched ricks everywhere have suffered '. Hamilton, 4th Monday; in April. ,; Sheriff>. Isaac Craft, Tampa. VOLUfIA COUNTY. t, :
had them in'grcat abundance this year. The material from the :Suwanee:! 1st Monday after 4th Monday! Assessor/ of Taxes-S. E. Sparkman, Tampa. County Judge-James II. Chandler I, .
damage Enterprise ,
vines were in full bearing the middle of August downpour in oil.Columbia I Collector of Ret'IIIIIe1!, <'. Buns, Tampa. t ". 'f'
mode of Thursday. This position of the harvesthas 3d Monday[ after 4th Monday! Su tl' erintend 1)18clI01/711-\.1'. Henderson .
His .of culture Is to tie the stem Clerk-John. Dickins, Enterprise r
up to a stake'cut it oT( about three feet from materially affected the grain trade On in April. I [Tampa. .I Sheriff\V. A. Cone, Enterprise.} j f -'
(Friday in London the sun was shining, and Lafayette, Cth Tuesday after 1th Monday[ [ JEFFERSON. Assessor of Taxes-John Anderson, Enterprise -' : \
the it fresh
; ground letting put
] (that checked the upward tendency. It'Thursjday's April.) CounhJudge-3. B. Christie: Monticcllo. t ,
Jt'' from that each year and cutting off before fall TermTavlor = Collector of flt."Vcmc-John ':
Sheriff T. B. Simkins, Montieello. B. Jordan, Dc-
weather had'occurred ,
r) the sap rises. In time the stem will become on Friday there let Tuesday after 1st Monday inj Clerk"'. C. Bird, Montieello. Land.

self-supporting, that i is, stand alone, as it ]would certainly have been an advance in October.;Madison in October. Superintendent of Schools W. R. Taylor, I Superintendent of Sehooli-A. Cranshaw, !- .. r:1j .
(the of wheat Monday iMontu-ello. Enterprise ,
1 price amounting to several .
docs In California where this is
sue Hamilton 4th in October.
grape Monday
O-iinty, Treasurer AV. :M.: Girardeau, :Mon- WAKULLA COUNTY.
;' cessfully grown 1>r. Griffin, at Lake City, Shillings per quarter, but the high wind and Suwannce, 1st :Monday: after 4th Monday! Iticello.Collector. j'
County JudgeV. A. Giles
the bright sunshine reduced the CJin October I Crawfordville.
lias the white scuppernong, the'l'homasnlUl upward of Rcrenue-Joseph Palmer, MonJticello. Sheriff W. II. Walker, Crawfordville. :
Columbia 3d Monday after 4th :: {
tender pulp varieties General Finley" has (movement to twenty-fourccnts over Wednes- October. Monday inj I Clerk-Nat. P.. Walker, Crawfordville. t '

the white. Instead of making the grapes' da"s rates, or forty-eight cents good, over afayctt, 6th Tuesday after 4th Monday| Assessor of 1i1.rtlf-J. I'. Grantham, Wau- Superintendent of Schools-Vf. T'Duval' : !
(keenah. ('ra ford ville :
w :
]those of last. In
into wine, he crated and shipped: them this Monday many Importantprovincial in October.
LAFAYETTE COUNTY. County Treasurer W. ;
Walker Craw- ;
., [ exchanges the advance during FOURTH CIR'l'JT.Sprill(1 fordville. ffifI
year. ( County Judge"'. J. Dixon, New Troy. !
At and in the vicinity of Luke City truck the week has been fully a shilling beyond St. John's Tcrm-,"2d Tuesday March. Sheriff....Thomas J, Walker, New Troy. Collector of Revenue-\\'. II. Walker, Craw- *' '
( ford ville. ."
gardening is extensively engaged in, and that obtained for native wheat in London, Clay, 4th Tuesday in'March. Clerk-Howell Hawkins, New Troy. Taxes oi it::,:"

: somo of the best prices realized last season Continental grain markets are, as a rule L'radtord,1st Tuesday in April. Superintendent of Schools-J.C.Ramsey, New fordville..4uexsor'gf -C. R. Reynolds, Cram () I

in New York (hardening from the disappointing nature of Baker, 2d-Ty esday in April. Trov. ?*
were vegetables (shipped I .
(County Tl'eullrer-J. M. N. Peacock New .
:Nassau, 3d Tuesday in April.
from Luke City. Peaches the yield, and in t the late districts the rains 11-
were very plentythis Duval, bt.Tues.llin May. I Troy. G. F. VERY,
season ; bushels:, of them were disposed (have deteriorated the condition of the Nlll Term- Collector of Revenue-Newton Sapp, New K

6 of.at 25 cents per bushel. (wheats. In Holland and Northern Germany nt.; John's'2l Tuesday in September. Troy. !.I-.Ii'

( the whole of the Clay, 4th Tuesday in September. assessor of TI1XU-A. S. Ackle -, New Troy.
nearly wheat is
1 Lake City I is a spirited business:: town, with crop still ., ;
a population of about fifteen hundred. It Jin the fields. Barleys are variable in France Bradford 1st Tuesday in October. LEON COUNTY. JT )tVERY, AND BOARDING STABLES.
Baker, 2.1 Tuesday in October. I
County Judge-Wm. P. Byrd, Tallahassee.J
has a first-class free academy. The principalof |and Germany, and speculative prices arc being Nassau! \ 3d Tuesday in October. Sheriff-A. Most-ley, Tallahassee. f
( paid In Sanle und other barleygrowingdistricts Duval, Tuesday in November. I CARRIAGES AND WAGONS 4 .
this institution S is well thought of by his Clerk-C. A. Bryan, Tallahassee. ; To and from Steamers .ri

is patrons, and has the love and esteem of his! ( of Germany ; brewers, however, do FInn. CIRCUIT Superintendent of Schtl.-I1'nry, Fclkel,] ; CONTRACTS FOR and Trains, ',' ; i I

X scholars. The school is a large one, and IJ not yet respond.PATESTS. \Spring Tcrlli- |Tallahassee. HAULING, I TC.- h It
Sumter Monday In )[ardl. Treasurer L. Demilly. Tallahassee. FOR SALE : ., t mt
-- -' I "
there li no trouble in getting u large attend- -- Marion ; Collector of R'I'tIWe-e: C. Pearce, TuUa- gllORSES BUGGIES
> obtained for inventions 4th Monday in ;March HARNESS; ; + I
ance. There are good free schools throughout new ] Putnam ;3 tl.Tuesttayafcr4th Monday in hl1o.l't. c.\n'fS AND WAGOXS i I
or for improvements} in old] itsessor Ta.rell-G. A. Croome TaUal1s- _(
of .
the !March TEmlS
county, and a number of private ones. Caveats, Infringements, Tr de-Marks] f C.SU.1iOt1fce t

pay schools. lAke City enjoyed a fine trade land all patent business promptly' attended! |March.Alachua Levy., 4th Tuesday after 4th Monday in I ce. LEVY COUNTY.County Broom Street and Wharf StuLc-J.'ir..t] : Street, near IItl IIf
last season, shipping one-fifth of the entire I REJECTED: : still in most be BEEN. 4th :\10lHbyafter4th Monday in Jiul -
may cases, tlc.
sea island cotton crop of the United States. 'patented I March. / Clerk-J. )d. Barco, Bronson. Stoves .
by us. Being the U. H. Pat- and TlimurcTW. c.tJ
O\posito\ \\t\ill 7VrMSiimter S. Parker Brunson. ,
The merchants are wide-awake men. The emit Office, and emiga; ; UUSIiNESS -% Sheriff-J. ,
is in financial EXCLUSIVELY: 1st Monday in October.Marion Assessor of Taxet-Louis Appell, Bronson.l I" a
county a good condition., The we can secure patents STKEETY
( in less time than those who 3d Monday in October. Collector of Rc't'flllle-J. >ira Gore, Cedar w
county commissioners have contracted will I from Washington are remote 1'utna\n. 3d Tuesday in November Key, I Second Street, opposite the Post-Office h

t McssA Thompson Hart, citizens of the When Inventors send model or sketch, Levy, 4th Tuesday November | Superintendent of Sehooli-J. B. Menden- F c.hj

county, to put up a substantial twostorybrick (we make search in the Patent Office, and Alachua, 1st Monday after 4th Tuesday In (hall, Bronson. I
|November -- f
jail, thirty by forty feet ; four roomson [advise as to i its patentability free of charge. 'SEVENTH CIRCUIT )MADIr-t COUSTY. la

the first floor, lathed and plastered, and (Correspondence confidential ; fees reasonable County Judge. -R. :Witherspoon; Madi-j !
( ; and NO CHARGE UNLESS PAT Spring Term on. <
one room in the second story, plastered ; EXT IS OBTAINED Orange. 4th Monday in January. Sheriff S. M. Ilankins, Madison

iron roof and windows ; cost, ready to receive We refer by }>ermi.:*sion to the City Postmaster VoluMa, 3d Monday in February. Clerk-John M. Bets, Madison I fj 4 4 fr'hi

the rage, $2,280. Thompson & Hart ( and to the Superintendent of the Brevard, 1st )[on ay1n Marl'll.HUllt,3d Superintendent of School -K. S. Tyner '' L M'n (jY > ,
(Post-Office Money Order Division in Wash Monday in April. (Matlison.County. 01
arc business men. They have about one ington. For special references \Fall Tt'rm- 1yk
circular,service Treasurer. S. Smith, Madison. cit
hundred men at work in their various | terms\ etc., address Orange 2J Monday in August. Collector of Revenue-M. H. Warring, Madison thl

branches. They have put up several brick C. A, SNOW CO., Volusia, 2d Monday in September 1' sir
stores and houses, frame and other buildings :-tf Opp.Patent Office, Washington, D.C. Brevard 4th Monday in September, Atsesaor of Taxet-B. D. Wa worth. Mad-J i ari
Dade 2d Monday in November .L
-'-- lison. S' 'bt'l
have a brick fire-proof: gin-house, run- MANATEE COCSTY. 3r 'i t alJ

ning twelve gins and in the height of the roii SAM:.
County Olllrerit.ALACHUA County Judge Z. T. Crawford, Manatee. J I

cotton they run night and day, work- R EXCHANGE: for improved city IXIUXTY. Clerk..;-Robert S. Griffith, Manatee. 1 lUaWt
0 A. Watson., Pine Level.
Jngtwoseuofhandt.: They turn out packed .
( C
intu Gaines-
JI'llJt'-"Junlui Gardner, ,
Assessor Taxet S. J. del
of Tyler, Bradentownj ,
about twenty-four bales of sea island cot I, illl'. STOVES r
; Collector of Revenue Marion 0, Carlton,! HEATERS llANOERa fret
: ton every twenty-four hours. To accom MSO ACRES: OF GOOD, RICH Clerk-3. A, Carlisle, Gainesville |I'op ash.suprriiifea. per

HAMMOCK .. > Sheriff( -John W, Turner, Gainesville.Anror 1 lell' School t,elix J. Seward I r TIN AND SHEET-IRON A.nE .
; modate their increasing business! they are I \NI of (ut.George W. Hawthorne ( < of *- ,] {ROOFING : sun
Hue Level. AND feel
building a mlll-bouse, two stories high one |'Hawthorne.rofRtvmM. 1 GUTTERING,
hundred and forty feet long by thirty wide foil, this Island ; fifteen acres under.cultivii-U ulkc .; 4j. P. Thomas,Gainer )(BIOS 'Ol"STY' PUMPS, DRIVEN WELLS Emu IIl'r''

'ration. For information, apply" to H ville.SujxrtHttnJtiti. O.uul/ I :
where they! will take in a round saw-logand, H I K,0. tilUIUElt.: 1BH of School*-\\'. N, Shcats, Clc'l'l-Uobt.rt Bullock Ocala. d a (all, and stack or Stoves on hiUld. Gh'e me COlD

f before H comes out, it will be fashioned; into> 37 Mansion House Gmdnt'allllm SAtrif A, B. c.'rutehtielilala.. Ii!,other houses compare: here or my cbewhcre priers with, those of t It-I.t can!


"'" ble;



; f
ar r .

-.. .' ., ,.. --.- -
1 'fl
.. 1 I

." ,
", ; {f,:"':


.. 'r--""'"'''''' '''''''''I'.n. _. ..... .. . _., -...
_?.::'&II ,lIhii ....__.., :"' ...h' T.2 t "' = ""'II1
.'Ij t msmsus OF STOCK I ue begins to tell then you arc quickly 25 to $.j o PER DAY
: I condition NNBimim\ \ ; OOO RRRRR NN NN SSS3S
Huh; Clements writes In the' I-ondon aware of his ( by. his blunder- SSSSSSS AA NN
I Lire Stock Journal, that considerable progress:'Ifati. AAA NNN NN BH BU 00000 Ill HIt XNX NN SHAAAA
,j has been made of late In the treatment oft !SSS NNN NN BU BH OO OO RR RRNNN NNSSSSSSSS ::
t diseases of stock, but much still remains to. have; received the September number (1 AN EASILY UK MADF. 1 h> using the : AA AA NN N NN B1MJB 00 OORRRR NN NNN :SSSSSSSSAAAAAANN :-
be done. The practice of bleeding, which, the 1'vnltry Jlnllttln a monthly magazine' / celebrated NNN BB BM 00 00 HIt HIt NN NNN SSSSH
was once so common for almost kind
of ailment, has! been nil hut abandoned every devoted exclusively to the interests of pctjjj A A AANN NN BUHHH 000 RR HIt xx NN SSSS3: :
\ with very beneficial effect in the saving ol stock The magazine: is handsomely illus
of animal life by other more approved reme trated and printed on tinted paper, and i is! TXC'3'p .
dies. Still, after all has been said in favor invaluable to all fanciers of highbred stock.!
of present modes of treatment of the
rious diseases of stock, there i N no doubt but va-, Subscription, $l.'.'," ; sample copies2! cents. "' i.iAtr cuatsn I: 0 (' 1-

that a. very largo percentage proportion, of; Address Charles 11. Marker, ( ('nnrtland t.,
the medicines administered; do little good, ifi New York. Wholesale and Retail Houses.
't they are not positively injurious.: Surgical no It I Mi JLlc1IIN1:1l: Y,

treatment is considerably in advance of] l't.onlll.COTTo .-In an article publishedat

medicinal.In t [ the time of the completion of the railroadto !

without many the cases aid of nature medicine will or work treatment a cure;' Ocala, Florida we spoke of the business in any part of the country. Wo mean it. .. .
1, and if the animal has been treated with neutral interests of that town and Marion county, and arc prepared to demonstrate the fact. -- -- -- ---- -- ---

or harmless remedies they get the credit of which it is the county scat. "'e spoke of,: They arc operated by cither Man, I Horse or '.
\ of effecting a cure. Natural causes!' are af-K,, the cotton interest and the new methods of :Steam: Power, and bore very r.ipid. They ,::tJi.Y';''!0'I
footed by the changing: seasons of the year.r :,. I AM UtIYINCI CONTINUALLY LARGE: QUANTITIES OF Goons SUCH AS
Thus there nro certain Specified diseases pe-Ja,doing t the business in recent years. Formerlythe range) in si/e from THREEINCH: TO 4JFEET < ),l"- "
r culiar to each period, and the approach and-TH largo; cotton plantations' throughout the IN DIAMETER: and will bore to ., "j' ,
t the arrival of the succeeding seasons by inducing -' South had each its own gins and }presses, but .I >. : i
contrary: vital changes, arrests the>3 :
+i One i is
SJuow they are rarely seen. reason
progress of specified diseases, causing ., .
.'. theirjjH that in the AXY itiuinitii; : > nr.i-rni:
final disappearance.! In the first quarter I the year the vital changes are at their maximum been cut up into small farms, and the : FLOUR. GRITS MEAL CORN
I continuing onward into spring, lIe.l cotton i is taken to some central point amtsold ,
l creasing on the approach of summer when They will bore successfully and !sati<
"in the seed, which meansith the .
the vital
are at their minimum, in all kinds of Earth: Soft Sand fadO-1
II and onwards into autumn, towards the end seed in, to merchants or factors who gin and '" rily 'r
of which they increase on the approach ofja press it for market. That raided in the \'i. Limestone\ Bituminous Stone Coal, '".': '.
winter. Bronchitis Hard Pun Gravel; Lava Builders' '
t pneumonia, apoplexy.jjfj ,
cinity of Ocala i.s: the long-staple! cotton ; "' "
I etc., arc most prevalent in winter Siate'l -
Rock and
tine and
epilepsy temperature is lowest. and tin vital really the H'a island," as the climate and Conglomerate) HAY OATS FJ2ED AND BRAN
teed to make the best of Wi'Us in ,
t .J. Changes arc greatest, the approach of :. oil of the peninsula of Florida i is practically' very '., -
spring, and summer especially, effecting a Sand.: They are: light-runniti"; simple
< that of 1\ scat Nland.! : This: cotton i is: put up"
general cure of these complaints, which begin construction, easily operated, durable, and
tea round bags and sells at prices rangingbcttviceu
to increase in autumn, culminating in" acknowledged the best I\lItllllloot! practical
; :
the cold season. 6 thirty and forty cents per pound, or
; Again, diarrlxca attains its maximum intensity about three times:: those of the common upland Machine extant. They arc endorsed by some

; in summer, when the temperature i is or short staple t variety, but are rarely of the highest State Otllciab. We contractfor the and Car Loa
highest and the vital functions tire at their 1 prospecting for |By. Cargo
: lowest ebb, and gradually decreases till winter 1 quoted in the market reports. The: Wil- .
( and the beginning of spring, when this j' liamantic thread: company of this city draws

complaint reaches its minimum point. And most of its supply from Ocala, )principallyfrom .' COAL GOLD SILVER COAL OIL, ,
,1 if we consider the various diseases meeting the firms of :Messrs.: ;! Agnew and Robinson ,
\ animal life we shall find, as a rule, that each?!I for the manufacture( of their superior ( :,\.,
attains its maximum intensity in one or; thread. Visitors to the great exhibition at ANI ALL KINDS OK MINF.II\I.H.| :'v,:;"..'.
other of the seasons, the number of cases in Atlanta will have an opportunity to seecotton I AM THUS ENABLED-TO; SELL ) ,
i':,, the periods of the year being) less, attaining growing: in the fields and through all '',' 8,'.
i: minimum when the vital functions or? the processes of ginning) carding, spinning/ Also: for linking Arteshtnfells and Coal }'f('
: changes, the temperature and other conditions finishing:; and manufacturing into thread, :Shafts, etc. We also:: furnish Engines: Boilers '\ .,y)
I 1 are in the opposite or contrary state. Hjeloth and garments on the spot.-Hartford' Whlll-::\liIls, Hydraulic Ram, Horse- .c, ;: ';
I An animal with sound constitution, properly Globe.
; f fed, housed and treated, will enjoy an Powers!,Brick :Machineslinltg'I'oolsPort-:' DEALERS -FAMILIES EVERYBODY
almost perfect immunity from disease, while HOUSEHOLD KXOWLEDdE.WHEVT able Forges, Rock Drills, and Machinery: of ,
I those; unsound bodily condition will be all kinds. ','.*.Jt! -,_ ,
'l'' liable, though the treatment should be first- MUFFIN*.-One teaspoon ful melted] -(:( '1 (' .
I<< r class ; still, however, strict attention to the butter, one egg! / one and a half cups flour, JZ5.O-Good; : active Agents wanted t i in every '" :I.' "
rules of health will often ward oar com one teaspoon cream tartar, half teaspoon! ] {country in the world. ,"i\-II; ::
plaints that would otherwise have broken soda: half\ cup sweet milk. Bake quickly in Address ,..'..[t<'\ "'
out.For muffin pails. -AT' THE- ; :
many diseases that now effect stock BAKED Si-oKdE IfionuNu.-Three their
I; are preventable, being often due to gross weight each in butter, sugar and Hour, beat\ -
i' negligence. Still, however, many animals the eggs! very light, and the butter beaten to 511 Walnut Street,
have tendencies to certain forms of disease, a cream, and sugar and flour; this will make .
j, i which, if developed beyond a definite limit four large cups; till them half full and bake SAINT LOUIS, MISSOURI. H. A.
by seasonal or other influences, becomes ap in moderate ten minutes. Wine
a oven
but while State in what Paper you saw this.: VERY
limit: ; they keep under this ( sauce. LOWEST PRICES.
the complaint is latent and the health -- .
is not appreciably atlucted. LEMON BUTTER FOR TAUTS.' -Lemon butteris
I excellent for tarts. It is made follows
1 In there is as :
summer more or less general
One pound pulverized white sugar, whitesof (.CR'.C. UIlDr'I'. : l (
debility of the animal economy, less muscular !
.IOVtR &.1 \.,,1
.' tone, less power to endure fatigue andt six eggs and yolks of two, three lemons, J
!\ id resist adverse inllucnce.s, due to the diminished including grated rindand juice. Cook twenty .
n''a r vital changes, there being less food minutes over a slow fire, stirring all the !SEND eia 4' SEfDSl

l' taken less assimilated, less hent generated, I while. C/T F r'fff i rygv : ByTO TIm: PUIJL10 IS CORDIALLY) INVITED: EXAMINE MY STOCK OF
: J) and consequently the rate and force of respiration \hIFFlX"-Boil:: soft and dry l ..- fA't
i I is considerably decreased, while, cup rice, stir in three spoonfuls t: "'-"" f IL. ,
l during this season, the dispersion of heat by of butter size of an egg and a little OI1.ha1(1 I ,
} the action of.the skin, the ]Inhibition of pint of sweet milk, one cup }, DAVID.LAKDFKTH &SD"S.:' PHIIA. : -1";"" .',
fluids, the poverty of the blood, the relaxation quarts flour. Let it rise all night. I," .
of the tissues and the superficial distribution the morning add: a little soda dis ---- -----
of the blood. and bake in muffin Inf'milk GENERAL MERCHANDISE.
In winter there ex- rings. KKWAICI< ).
ists an opposite condition of the body, while TOMATOKS: AU GR\Ttx.-Cnt )half a :($1,000
,.' in autumn and spring these conditions are tomatoes in halves and till the inside vita njij ,; )"
V. not so pronounced either way.-3fobilcKegister. (mixture of bread crumbs, grated ParmesanIchcese. My son, J, J. DICK1SOX, Jit., was murdered ..'- '
by a mob in the town of Ix'csburg.?0I
pepper and salt in duo proportions ; ,:'
place small piece of butter on each half! J Sumtcr County Florida, on the morning ofl 'i y ltlA',
IlEJI-.1: 1'In. lUIlml- toli1ato. and lay them close together in nI l lRl ln .'./the 15th of July, last. I will pay' reward ;- I MAKE SPECIALTY. OF SUI'l'YIKU'I'SSI'IS( : : ,
of ONE THOUSAND DO I.LARS:: for the? WI'fIU ,;: ,
A correspondent of the Utica Herald well-buttered tin. Bake: in a slow oven about ,
half an hour and serve. arrest of the murderers'', with proof to conKSvict -!|! ,
to few .
urges you keep a sheep because;! you them I* '
can keep a few better than many; there i is CHOCOIATE CAKF..-Two cups sugar, one J. J. DICKISONAtitu } :; .
less expense to purchase, and the profits in ;"cup butter, three and one-half cups flour 1 ;..t 1.!. I'm 'I I f"V"d,
l proportion will bo the larger. Not that u I Il five eggs, one teaspoon cream tartar, half, '
Jarge number could not be kept with equal teaspoon soda: ; leave out tho whites of two STOltE ) (J1A.mBLERY '
: profit (proportionately! ) properly managed; eggs! for the frosting. Make this of the'' ,. : atllC
but this;! is: the point in the case favoring\' whites with one and one-half cunssugarandlargo !
.' t small flocks-thev arc treated better than six spoonfuls grated chocolate. Spread THE MOST POPULAR 1
the larger First it while the cake is hot
ones. a few and, if successful -[, on OF" ALL.*- *
then more; then the business will bet !
,. understood. In sheep keeping, as in all ] I'rofcslslolsll mill ItiisincNS (,'u-rd*. SEWING MACHINES .
r..,( other branches of business, the trade must! -------- DEALERS: ON THE; LINE: OF THE RAILROADS AND THE RIVER CANNOT a

.t I larger bo learned.breeds There of sheep arc) which the lambs will (sell of the always WM. it. C. i>uuvii: :, t IS tFle rl- ', 1M DO BETTER: THAN CALL AND BUY AS I GUARANTEE; TO SKLL; AS LOW AS 3

v time of the year when little money is realize l : l OR ANY NEIGHBORING: CITY I HAVE: EVERYTHING IN STOCKTit.t'r
from other sources. The wool Jias its CENTRE ST., NEAR R. R. DEPOT, "
value-if the sheep are well kept and good ANY ONE; CAN REASONAHLY: ;( WANT. "

stock secured it will be a valuable item. FERNANDINA, FLA.
Then the mutton (of the old sheep) to follow

in the fall or late Mminer, if It 'i:4: wished to Hay, Corn, Outs.pONTRACTOR 11\
.. .-dispose of them and purchase others, to repeat ,
--- ---- ------- ii
a the same the year following. The manure -
U probably not the least item of advant -ti J."II 'h'( n'I"IX, GROCERIES OF ALL

tage, 0 rich, unmistakable fertilizer, which| AND Bl'JLDER.Alachu.i .. KINDS.
should be carefully saved, all of it, that can :' .Q'
be saved Then sheep will pay-it cannot 'JF.i '-
Street, between Second and Third. ''':1\-:
be otherwise; we never knew it to fail; and
:tit we think no one else ever did i -only make FERNANDINA, FLA. 6E It 1. t .
good seletions in purchasing keep carefully -| fs .,

and well; the better kept Jho greater I. Orders and estimates from a distance i carefully ..'. ....,"... .... .J TOBACCO AND CIGARS. ;
the profit. There are scattered through the attended to. iJj-tf ::7. ._--- ,
country "gnite'a large number of smaller*?I _. :__ 1I ( -\.J. "t: ,t.f..o"rI .: '}'r? ,:kr ,'
docks kept on the principle we indicated'n' |I O. H.. O.1 K ES, ; r f ,: -
and they are all .luyfu quietly doing their, 1 fl ,
work for the fliwc owner. Then there is the ONTRACTOIl AND IIUIL )Eli, -\ 9TnOi
r improvement of the land, of which 1 ".
some I
; 'r \
could not well ba Improved any other wJv ;fc.: MlKfrACTl'ICKSI '11', ,; )":"" A Full Stock of FURNITURE
hilly or broken land i/just the thing e.ilcii-2 -Co ( j4YJ I tZI lj

fated for sheep; anti many farms, have it. I MOULDINGS, BRACKETS, H.\Wlm AND n JsuI ( ,f ,
q, --- -, TURNED IJAI.UI'rnn.XJWEt..-;, I .". ,, !
STAIR WOOD IU\'l:S- -I ;..'if. .. -- ---
'"Riding on the Flat and Across the Conn- TROUGIIH, SIIEATIIINU, ... .... ....."-. .....'\ .....; ,
try a new book by Capt. Hays, gays in WEATHERBOARDING 't- '. '::_ .- :; .- /
hone there are two kinds of. AND FLOOR '0. : ;.
:: (.tumbling. "" :; n Suits Tables Chairs
One i ia really dangerous, when the horse L ING. NO r
either weak in the forelegs Nq5 ..
or cramped in ALWAYS
the action, or with the physical defect of too Stair and Church Work alagl, Bureaus, Rockers, Whatnots, "_ a:
straight shoulder But when stumbling I IN ORDI=' "
; .,,
arisen from the knee A SPECIALTY.IDOOIW Lounges Bedsteads
being Jneufflciently
V Mattresses.
...lint. \\ Of the toe unduly depressed, thereby AND WINDOW ,- e/I! L1\sf ., .
catching ig upon any inequality in the ground ". ', .
6 ;fj$,may be safety dbre.:-. nlei! }. unit** the anj- ALL SIZES. CJ LIFETIME S> '\" ':;'
mal i> iuU'iidol fur aiiow; rather than use, | Put Office Box 174. >
t TJIK! : MOST ,
"9 AVe may.add, for our* lf, that we have rid .J jam Fernandina, Fla. S RPASSES"OTHERSJoQngOQ ACCOMMODATING EMPLOYIvS: ; IN THE 1i1'ANpc:1RzbT +
den excellent horses witU-tlii falling ; that23 -- : -1.
frequently as they might trip orstumbleex- IV. 1(. ISA U,It\1a l IT, >? TaFl\& O.
nelH'e told ui: that
l they were absolutely3T" AUEXT, .
sure-f M tedr but that what we chiefly ob-Jf .V1.
jevted' tn wo, that in cu** whcru they wereEJ {
nervous t'iyb trip led a!must 'invariably toauccoai'Mi a. BUTCHER AND STOCK. DEALER.AN1 CHICAGO ILL. <,'I : : ;
wi others. That such stumbling .
comes of a slovenly I manner of going there] Denier in lee. C. ORANCEMASS. .- "If ::J

1 can be no doubt It thappenseontiwratively ;. TENNESSEE} F A SPECIALTY,! ro B/M.C BV ,,j'!"
seldom In exhilarating weather or when ((1e I
horse has been brought fresh out of the star 1 BEOOM STREET Wiunr, :II. (,. PEEPLFA: '

ble; but when listless and languid, or when) 10-tf FERNANDINA, }"L.t. u 23 Whittl.all St., Atlanta, na. Second Street, FERNANDIXA. *+ ',



#* '

+ ,- "- c .- ... _-' 'a+.+M1+Yiwr.N. +thM r M-- J J u _..a .- .. -. .' 1'--i

f {
'r 1 ( r


..,.... .,. .- ._.._._..._...__. __,..... __ ... ........ .. .. .._..,..
I "-'IL =--'n"1CI'B' -
I 1'1'' { YO--i;; 'l'' -'--r* --:''ZZ'i: X.<:z.I.= $ 4 '
: THE FLORIDA IRROR1 plight, between 8 and d o'clock: during thc be much longer delayed (and I .write :with Abffce to Contractors NOTICI OF INCORPORATION'

"t ,._ ... --. temporary absence of the husband, Mrs. some special knowledge). Not only is the :.. Proposals will 1)0 received! until 20th October OF THE fLEEKIIURG '
: : .
'" == =:: :
?f : Infa'ntson and drowned her-, of this anxious to make 1.HS1! for work of of
3' lM A rl $1o ForiKIxjIUXTlS. Wood look her g government country clearing right way- A INDIAN RIVER
: ;. t''self' and the child in a tidewater creek making :gaud) possess it, but\ three! great European corporations grubbing niul l grading, also for furnishing RAILROAD. COMPANY.BY .
cross-tics and laying the rails line of the .
Reflection out from Amelia river Search was made ft\v French and one 1 English) are --

; I.. for the mining ones! by the bereaved bus- nil !strain ingfor this great commercial prize, Tuoric\t :"LOnIlI.n.U.1tOAtI, authority bf an Act of the Legislature
the Florida
of State of entitled
i Mr.( Isaiah Winch returned from (the North] jbnnd\ assisted by kind neighbors, all Sunday which,, in less: than two 'eart' time and with, for two sections of twenty miles each, connecting "An Act to Provide for the Incorporation of

r last week night, but the bodies! were not discovered! ( until "* an expenditure of less than! ten millions' of on the south, ncar. umtcr\ile! with Railroads! and Canals," and approved February '
Monday morning. An inquest was held ,dollars! would conduct( the traffic of thirty the work now in progress.!' 19th, 1874. notice is hereby given as .
r' Tho life of President Garfield WI1..lnsurel] : and be the required by said act, that a company has
/ to at
by Mr. I. O'Neill, the jury rendering a verdict thousand miles of rivers and navigable waters Specifications( profile seen
{i ,. for $2.1,000.The otllce of Florida Transit ILiilroad (Company, been formed, under the name of tho .
of "suicide by drowning, while\ temporarily to one of the best harbors on the Atlantic -
1 ,
Dittas arrived! here! Fernandina, Fla. LEESBURG & INDIAN KiVER RAILROAD -
1 : steamship Cily of
) insane.!' Undertaker Henderson tj C'oastnnl( free forever (mid oily by its Bidders will bo required to specify the -
'(, t yesterday morning at half past six, with a|!took charge of the remains and the bodies o IIICm8)) rile gigantic commerce of the Mississippi i time within which the contract work. will .
full and, large list of '! be ) to be invested with all the rights, o\"erS,1t I.
freight a completed
passengers I '
were interred beside the grave of the t valley' and the great, West from the I). MAXWELL, privileges and franchises conferred upon '
The City of H
to this port. After hcrarrival New York,! left with only I one child to mourn the loss insurance companies for the navigation ---- I purpose of constructing, maintaining ,and '

she will sail for :New Orleans and be delivered nearly his whole family. Ofl the Bahamas and the reefs of Florida.In J Wanted.Wanted operating! a railroad for public use in thocunve'nnce
of and ; The
persons property
__ :i )
,, to her new owners. conclusion, then, may we not '01'1. a lady to teach a small neighborhood main line of said railroad will I be about ((80))
The Island City' Newt is the name of a new Lcc8b IU'O .C Indian 1:1 t'cr 1(1 I i ulate the, corporation\ which, by a school. One who can teach music eighty miles hi length ; will be constructed

weekly in Key West. It is conservative in In another column will he found the notice at St. Marys', Ga. will hold one of the preferred. Apply .to n. ..\. Mm.i.rrK: from a point pu tho Tronical Florida Railroad .
of of the Lecsburg & Indian eplO :'Jt King's Ferry" Fla. I I nearly due west from Lec-sburg
II politics. Jefferson B.: Browne and Peter T. E extraordinary commercial positions in -- :! Siunter County, Florida/ ; thence East to
I Knight are the publishers. River Railroad. The road is to boo' world? Yours. truly, For Rent Lccsburg, touching the southern portion of ,
standard gauge, and will run through the, A Rovixa E.vousmtVN! I Lake Griffin the northern point of Lake '.
Rev, J. H. flyers will leave early next A desirable residence Seventh street
on Harris thence to Lakes Eu tis and Dora
lake rpgion aud the richest and most thickly 'I ; !< ,
week fur his place on the St. Johns river, to &t. Marys, Ga.,'fifl' >tcmbcr SO, 13S1.Archer. near Centre. Apply to pacing through Orange and Brevard, counties
populated portion of Orange county to Titusvillc I --------- JOHN llEnans I
the preparations to a point at or near Titusville\ on Indian
superintend necessary I
I on the Indian river. At Lecsburg 35-tf Railroad: Olliec.For River with branches 'Lake I
: ', for the opening of his' St. John's Family the road will connect with the Tropical Florida ;,, To the Editor'. of the .Mirror: -.---- ----- Lake Tohopkaliga: in Orange and Apopkaami Brcvard ;

( School. Railroad,thus making one through line ARCHIK: September' 21, 18. 1. Sale counties. .

( According to the proclamation of President -| from Titusville to Fernandina, a distance of Wcathur\crygenial ; 70 at 7 a. m. on the A Family Carriage, in perfect running or- D. \AXWI: LL. .
2Gth bos Icr. Seats four Has been but little used. FRANK B.: PAPV
Arthur Monday September ,
hundred and miles. '
I, nearly two fifty 41-3m E. W. AGNEW.
Apply to ,yo B. C. JURV E. .
; been appointed a day of humiliation and :Mrs.S, A. Dardcn's new boarding-house i i1' ,
------ ----- ---- -
____ _
in of the lamented President The Sea Island Haute. -+ 'n --
mourning, memory rapidly approaching completion. Advertisement"*. LAIRD A HARRIS,
7 Garfield The repairs the City of idycton having W. C. Andrins has a splendid new stock of )"

r ) Mr. Yulce's orange grove, situated on the been completed, the tii-weekly trips! of the drugs. This will fill a long-felt want. NOTICE. B LACKS fTIIS AND SII P-S\I1TIIS.

:J border of Lake Lochloosa, was destroyed by steamers of the Sea Island Route were resumed The rice patch of :Messrs.! Williams A A MEETING OF TIm STOCKholders First St., opposite Avery's Stables. .

j fire on Saturday last. The,grove comprised on Tuesday last. The following is Skinner will yield over forty bushels to the AT nf the Beach llotol and lload
the schedule announced held in the of }'\'rnnndinn.on All kinds of repairing done at short notice
j >' about fifteen acres, and was expected to hear : acre; 100 pounds sheaves made one bushel! Company, city and at reasonable rates. 44
Leave Savannah every Tuesday' Thursdayand rice.: the 12th day of September, 1881, pursuant -
//icon. rough
in obout
two years.-Ocala ---- "
4 to notice duly advertised for three weeks, .
ri t The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company Saturday at 4 p. in.; arrive at Fcrnan. Captain P.'. B. II. Dudley died at the resi- as required by l law, it was resolved by a vote T. "'. PALMER; ,

4 ; rotes from diva Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. dence of T. W. Williams, Esq., on the llth. of three-fourths'! or more of the stock of Maid .
reduced the
have '
,passenger : A TTORNTA' AT LAW
Leave Fernandina every Monday, Wednesday Alachua county loses one of her best and company then and there represented that ,
Baltimore to the West to correspond with
the articles of of said
and Friday at 5 m., connecting at Savannah ,
p. most citizens. The old
enterprising captainwas FERNANDINA FLA.
York. This makes amended ,
r the cut-rates from New hotel and Road Company be so } .
the rate from Baltimore to Chicago, Columbus with trains for the North and the one of our oldest residents, and was well as to extend the limit of indebtedness or liability < .
steamers of the Ocean Steamship Line 'to known all to which said at Special attention ;given to collecting.
to nearly the people of Central corporation can any
and Cincinnati $7 and to St. Louis $12.
OlUce Store. 4 -6m
k over Horsey s Drug
{ and from New York and Philadelphia.The and Southern Florida! and his house was a time subject itself from twenty-five hundred
The schooner Silat C. Evans, Sylvanus, dollars, as heretofore, to six thousand dollars,
''a, master which cleared from this port for Cole Combination.To place of resort to the weary traveler. His as }provided h\". section ((3)) of an act of the ST. :JIAKY'StlllGII SCIIOOL, f
kindness of heart, his singularly good common legislature of the State of Florida, "entitled ST. MARY'S, GEORGIA.
'S New York with naval stores on the 27th of, the Editor of the Mirror : sense and generous hospitality will an act to amend an act, to provide for the
August, put,in at' Norfolk, Va., on the 15th I have just read with both interest and instruction 1 his creation of corporations, and, to prescribe 'HE EXERCISES: OF THIS SCHOOL 55
inst., having lost her sails, spars and rigging an able article on the benefit the keep memory preen.We their general powers and liabilities!, and to I will be resumed the fir Monday in
I are trying to make some showing at reenact and amend the sections repealed. by September, IR 1. Thorough preparation of
Y in hurricane. The mate and one seaman I
a Cole Combination is likely to confer on the 1 the Atlanta EXl'o' ition. J. C. N. said, act.. Approved March 11, 1879. BOYS and! GIRLS for the best Colleges in
FBI were killed by a falling spar. several railroads connected with it, and our O. STARK, Georgia guaranteed.

I It is stated that President>> Garfield left not own state of Georgia in particular. The Died .' Chairman and Vice-President. _" For Circular, address v_v y

t will and that during his illness he declinedto writer of the article says, at its close! : "A At her father's residence, StUI'PI.: Ga., WILLIAM B. C. DUISYEE, i W. C. WRIGHT, f
Secretary and Treasurer.44 I 40 I'rlucipal.I yl
i make one, saying ho was willing to trustto short line of forty-five miles from Sterling September 5th, 1831, of typhoid fever, Miss _. .._ _
( -' --- .H -- p
the courts for an equitable division of his across:! the St. :Marys river, will connect the ,CLIZMIETH IIUUKE., aged 17, eldest daughter I if

property among his heirs; The value of }his Cole system with the Florida system at jf Mary[ and Charles Tlurdce. SCHOOL: BOOKS r..

: I property, including his house Washing- farts Road: and from its obvious at1\'an-\ i She died a Christian and lives a saint. ..

top, which is mortgaged, !is estimated at tages to !both systems, will be made." (I) j IX JIKM01UAM.Loaves :

\ $::',OOO. Quite true but how much more remains un- have their time to fall, I LARGEST: 'STOCK IN THE STATE ATASHMTADBROTHERS
t Vnd flowers to wither at the north wind's :
4 f i The news on Tuesday last of tho death of vrlttent Cognizant of certain movementsn breath,

;, !. President Garfield, although not.holly. un- foot, both in Paris and London\ respect- And stars: to set; but all, ''i

r i expected, created a profound. ,feeling! of regret ,lug tho opening of the inland water route,',, Thou past nil seasons for thine own, 0, ,

in this community, and the expressions !from the Gulf of Mexicoii St. Marys river| Death; '

i of sorrow. and grief wero'univelrwilAAt, the to the Atlantic seaboard, I have been amnzcd\;: Yet 't is sad for death to visit a large, beloved 21 West Bay Street, JACKSONVILLE, FLA., "
and interesting! family and pluck the ,R
i request of Acting Mayor Oakslie' bells of, at the manner the latter wonderfully circumstanced aircst of their hearth-stone.:Yet when. death R,. t" 41

\' ., all the churches were tolled in tho afternoon, port has been overlooked byirojectors : finds that tho eOVl'telll1owl'r is willing to he Wholesale wad Retail Publishers, Booksellers, Stationers, and '. ?

: t. and all business suspended J .*:.',The flags of the and promoters of routes and railroads transferred from earth to paradise! its Ming js I
f ft lost and the wins' Dealer-in New, and f
A grave no ; Toyn" nn'yrtld"H,
A f shipping in port and of the custom: house! : und am truly glad to find that this victory.L.. A. H. .

t were put at half mast and the custom house wonderful position: (St. Marys) is likely to'all ]Printing, Ruling wad Rinding. 1

; ai\ draped} in, mourning.Accordingtoadviccs. into the hands of such an able and farseeing lange of Thermometer .
\ administrator as Colonel Cole evi- i Foe THE WEEK ENDING: KRIDVY, fEPTnMBKU 23.IOI1SEY'S : --
l' 1 received Plymouth,
'; nnca !STOKE.
i Jfi l u a fearful typhoon has visited Shanghai, driving dently is. -- ----- BLANKS AND BLANK BOOKS for Countipg Houses, Railroads and Steamboats, j r .

(1 over two hundred vessels of all nationalities With \'olnminousltatbtil'S it has been E E f''i to order LAW BLANKS for Lawyers. i and Justices of the Peace. .
p-irt: of my business! collect and forwardto j .j" : wind
on shore uprooting trees and leveling : :: '
1: Europe in connection with this rapidly r- ... cc: Subscriptions: taken to all Papers and Magazines at Publication prices.
with the ground whole lines of houses, .
t --- -- - -
'? During the storm, which lasted barely an approaching! enterprise, I need not trouble Saturday............... 78 82 80 80 SE.NE.. Send; for our Catalogue and Price Lists. Send for anything in our line, and you can ;)

(', f hour, over ten inches of rain fell. hundreds your readers interested railroad intercuts. :Sunday; ................. hO 82: 81 80 get it. Orders by mail promptly attended to. ._ f11'e
........, ....:.. .
But the mere geoyruphlcal fact that under Monday 81 83 84 81 si:
:;i t, of native sank with their occupants. Tuesday ............... hON 82 83 81 SE.SE.:. have recently published : Index to the Decisions or the Supreme .
y About !000,000( worth of tea, stored for ship the survey of General Gillmore, and the report Wednesday............ ) 82 82 81' :. ': Court of Florida. By R. M. Call. Paper-price $3. Two Y"IUHbllrt the '

it. mcnt was washed away and lost. A portion adopted by the Senate the town of St. Thursday............. 81 83 82 81 I !SE.: .Hast. By I.'. Jordan. Paper, 75 cents\ ; cloth, $1. Orange Insects, (Illustrated), J t
Marys, at the mouth of the St. Marys river, Friday................... 82 80 84 82_NE.JUAIIIXE. .
of the sailors' homo was blown away Paper, $1. Any of the above Books mailed to any address on receipt of price.
.. becomes the terminus of the whole internal t tSlnIR.D

,, 1 :;CIS8tll&8-Assessment.From navigation system of the Mississippi river .\ BROTHERS, t 4 1i
and its tributaries; the depot for the receipt 42-ly JACKSONVILLE, FLA.
: tho tax books of the assessor for j Irf of Fernandina. ,
and distribution of kt
State antI county taxes, Mr. ,, II. Garland a ('OIl1I11'rce'alul'll at HIGH WATER. .
hundreds of millions annually and annu- S. B. HUBBARD &: CO. .
the, following figures in regard to the tax :Saturday, Sept. 21..... 8:19: A. M. Sat: p. M. (
able property of Nassau county are gathered: ally increasing, (see the report to the Sunday, 25...... 8:5(1" 9:12: "

Number, Value.$297,30i. committee on the lissls'ippl'allc)" transportation Monday, ',. 215...... 9.30::<< ". U:52": JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA, t

Polls........................ 588 Hon William Windom, presiiJcnt. Tuesday, ".' 27..10:18.: 10:37": "' ,
t" Acres.....................*.. 334.0271: .) must alone arrest: the attention of apolitical J Wednesday, 28......11,04; 11:27: HOLESALE:;; AND RETAIL DEALERS IN '9
?!) .....lt:5H 0000
} Thursday, :
i! ........ 3,0821 f
Improved economist. Hardware, Ntote" Doors Nuh
Friday ;SO; ......txt.21: ;; City lots................... 4 27,5 Horses and mules..... 5021 # l" PU II'S. LEAD ASP IRON PIPE. SUGAR MILLS RUBBER AND LEATHER
Cattle....................... 7,81! I traffic) that any line crossing: the river' ut Ft. EXTEKKB.sq BELTING: STEAM AND GAS FITTING PLUMBING AND TINS UTIll G. _
,a Sheep and! goats.. ........ 1,550 ( 110,0.15 Marys (within a mile of which town, by the ? 't, 19-Brig! J, Howlund, J. I). Cutharin, 3r HAZARD'S POWDER, BARBED: FENCE WIRE. 42-tjanl tJ
Swine....... ................ 3,055) J way, there is the but site for u crossing for Bermuda.

; l''nronal1)rol't'rty...... 212,531 upward: of twenty miles from its mouth, "-Br. Brig Laura, B. J-:. Sanford,

t Total valuation, l,043,07t and which eroding is also on the direct and Port. au Spain. & T : .
21-S. P. Florida Usina, \\'allllah.H. X"YOp::
VM nearest route fioin either Jcsup! or Sterling :22- I'. City Point, II. F. Scott, _
4g g? The taxes are ,distributed! follows : to Hart's Road-the latter being only about Charleston. aa

State tax I'roper.t.SG.31 five miles from the bluff opposite St. Marys), 2J-S. H, City of Dallas Risk. New

I General sinking fund.... 2,000.15 will at once arrest: anti attract all freight und York..
,. Special sinking fund...... 1,04So. CLEtBED.:
General school tax......? 1,0480.* $8,678.G2 passenger tratllc bound from the Ilvst; North :Sept.: :20-Sch. Oliver Crosby, C. W. Hutch- ,.
a County tax proper"I.4SO,31 or West to Florida. inson, La Guayra. '" .
t school ........ Purinton Smith r :N' E 'vv- 1-, 0. .> "
County tax. 4,102.32 The town of Jacksonville, Fla., being 21-Brig Carrie R. C. ...J-\<,,; ..J .
..... .-. :: .
County special tax. 2,000.15 10,774.78 Demarura. '. -
only some twenty-live direct from St.
"-S. P. Florida, Usina. Savannah. : ;
Total\ State and county taxes $19435.40 Slarya, and Jacksonville being the objective :22Sch.: Dais E. Parkhurst, P. O. .
point for tourists > ,I.
or immigrants, whether by emarara. I
Snlctde. steamer or rail an intercepting line such as "-Bark Joseph Baker, J, A. Ryder, I

A sad trio of suicide occurred on that from Philadelphia. ..
Sunday proposed either Jesup or Sterling, M "-Sch. Sadie Willcut, Watts, New .
night last! at the Dozier plantation on the will place the whole system of the Florida Haven FALL

mainland, about five miles from the city railways and steamboats in direct communication 23-S. P. City Point, Scott, Charleston. GOODS !!

Mr, James Wood a native of Bombay, India with its trunk lines to the almost entire IS POET.

but recently of Pierce City, Lawrence exclusion of any others. Again the S. S. City of Dallas, Risk. 015 tons i

county Missouri, came here the ,latter part owners of such railroads by establishing a liarkentme Mascotte, Bulkley. G25 tons. r
Eva: Johnson, Doane 243 long
yf August with his family, consisting of his line of steamers at St. Marys: (or Fenian-: Brig Brig H. Howland.N. Cutharin. 2J3 tons.! .

wife two bright little girls aged respectively dina, immediately: opposite,) would Indubitably Brig Laura IIUt.Jrd157 ton. ...

7 and 3 years, and an infant son about ten secure a large |Portion of the enormous Sch. .t. & E. Hooper, 322: .tons. 'Now Arriving for Every Department. I

months old, to work on the Dozier farm fruit and vegetable business so rapidly I increasing ------ -- .
The eldest daughter Mary, shortly after and which already N in excess of MKMOKAMH.Paaorngora (J
from New York steamship .
their arrival took sick, and died on Fridayof the means: provided for transportation to the City lands; Hentember 23 :per Visa Lottie .

last week of inflammation of the bowels. North. Humi George Wolf>> wife and 3 children. t:. .

The body was buried on the place, by ''nJ r- But large and desirable as all such. local Marschall,1'. J. Pine and wife Miss Pine, -
business Mr. !tine, W; K.: Palmer J. l Reinhardt, I' J. & T KYDb-
taker Henderson, on Sunday may be, it h mall to the enonuou- Boycc and wife, J. L. Brown Raphael: ,

Just previous to coming here the Woods cosmopolitan trade likely boon to be centredat Win. (Campbell, Gordon Bayer, Alex. Chase, -
had lost another child in Missouri, and the St. Mary and Fernandina, to which 1 1'. V.4)'IWen, A. Entenza and! wife. J. J-:. F. .
children K would call the attention Bowden, F, J. Iiogan, J.V:nnelly, 8.Bruin,
of there two preyed upon gladly of em
loss your I F. F, Cubby, J.B, Davis, Master C. H.Soutt- New York Office, j i Cor. Centre Third"Sts.
j the mind of the poor mother that it Is nent railroad manager*,, M"moan, Master Cooney Anderson, Noel, I DarU, } and' .,

F thought the became deranged. On Sunday 1. The inception! of this great canal cannot i lilwanl Baniard.: 'j. H3"' IValker.-Strert.t" ..1..X. :. 1 f...roaucUaa, Florida.
,' "



". ,ti: .1

-'Vf; ,, JoL.... -- ..
.:> .
.: v_ r*
a d
H (<

Florida mirror

Material Information

Florida mirror
Uniform Title:
Florida mirror (Fernandina, Fla.)
Place of Publication:
Fernandina Fla
A.B. Campbell, Geo. Burnside
Creation Date:
September 24, 1881
Publication Date:
Weekly[ FORMER 1878-<1886>]
Triweekly[ FORMER <1890-1891>]


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Fernandina (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Nassau County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
newspaper ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Nassau -- Fernandina Beach
30.669444 x -81.461667 ( Place of Publication )


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 1, no. 1 (Nov. 30, 1878)-
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Ceased in 1901.
General Note:
"Democratic" <1880>.
General Note:
Editor: Geo. R. Fairbanks, <1887>.
General Note:
Publishers: George R. Fairbanks, <1885-1886>; Moore & Manucy, <1887-1891>; The Mirror Pub. Co., <1894-1898>.
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
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This item is presumed to be in the public domain. The University of Florida George A. Smathers Libraries respect the intellectual property rights of others and do not claim any copyright interest in this item. Users of this work have responsibility for determining copyright status prior to reusing, publishing or reproducing this item for purposes other than what is allowed by fair use or other copyright exemptions. Any reuse of this item in excess of fair use or other copyright exemptions may require permission of the copyright holder. The Smathers Libraries would like to learn more about this item and invite individuals or organizations to contact Digital Services (UFDC@uflib.ufl.edu) with any additional information they can provide.
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STATE siws.llrailfant. the small sum of $200. Five thousand! eight] ing of the personal: loss to u hard/ -workhmg, lowed where strong muck has been used to ,r frugality and economy will accomplish; they
huntlrl'tlurpl'ntson K-cambia river, in Santa:: excellent citi/cn, the }public of portion I ol fertilize cabbage and other \varieties' vegetables. value time as money and husband It with ns
Rosa county- aid to be well timbered was three 'Olllltil'-I-I.I'oll: tiad-iKn nodV'a., The beds from which this valuable much care, and then there is a place for
Heal estate {in Bradford county has advanced bought by I>r. John A. Brosnaham, at, 10 r klilln -arc sulTercrs l by the '-alamity.!: The ,, article is taken is found 1 in low ravines which everything, and everything In its place. '
:n r" 4 over one hundred.per cent within! cents per acre.-I'ensticola Gazette. property destroyed is supposed! to have been :it high tide I is: Hooded by the 1'1\'cror in low i y There Is nothing wasted, nothing lost,nndever'lhlng
the past year. A forty acre tract which: sold! What may be called the first gale of the worth about :$:'-,iHA), un which there was no marshy: I'laCl'whcrl} it has been accumulating I seems to be turned and fitted in2to -
for$300 a year ago was sold a few days since,I cCulnoctl.lllIl'n.con, us about o o'clock\ I insurance1. We understand it is ilouhtfn) forages.) There is more or less sulphur the very place where It will be the most
for $750. The young orange grove on this on Wednesday evening. A very dark and \ \\hcthcrtheowncrwi1l' bo nhle to rebuild\ uv.ing from springs' and other minerals ; and) useful or ornamental; their tools and Implo-
place was what sold it. There is not an acre threatening cloud came rapidly from the hilt trust the fact may: be 'nthcrwisi'\ The it may: he that the highly fl'I'tilizing'lualltlc'C' 3ments and furniture arc made to last as no
of tillable soil in Bradford county but what southwest, ;and for a few minutes blew great Iliv was: undoubtedly ncC'ltlelll.It.-I'l/IO/II;,'. of muck i is owing to these properties. Bother people could make them, and at the
could be made to increase:. in value at a wonderful $ guns. "'c have heard of no serious damageto Levy.Dr. Swamp muck may be applied with corrosponding 'slime time they answer- every purpose!' and

rate annually. The real estate own. the shipping The schooner! Jity Jhtzoo, .1. M. Jackson, of Bi'>"..nson, is fully results Common land planted by look well. O1lCO 'a company of men
crs of Bradford have a gold mine"if they anchored just outside of \1 Ir. Wittieh's: alive to the importance' uf lieing properlyrepresented Mr.[ Allen, at Mt.[ Uoyal produced large finely working In the field or in the factory at dirty -
t wharf for minutes I headed cabbages He informed us that work, and might take them for set
would work it right.-Cotton is now coin was endangered some at the .Atlanta 1:,(lOsttion. On you a !
ing into market at a rapid rate and the hum having dragged her anchor and drifted returning from Bronsoti' recently the Doctor) he added nothing to the native soil' but of Irishmen' but when the work is done
I of the gills is now heard from early dawn against: the crib-but a bow line was run to accompanied, and upon arriving in the muck from. the bottom of u dry }pond. It I IL Is they slip ofT their over-alls, wash and brush
'till close of day." The cotton this:! seasonis ; the wharf, beyond, and she was drawn off, Gulf Hammock; he showed a tot of wood : rich provision! of nature that we have within their hair and they are respectable looking,
a very superior article. Our farmers have without serious:! harm. The bill-buarls, : }put vine*, etc, which he had Rotten; up for the our reach, ample 1Il1'11Ito stimulate' the fit to sit at a gentleman's table. Yon might
never had u better season for picking. The up by Shelby t Co's. circus at the corner of, Kxposition: which were to be sawed in growth of vegetation: and especially the orange look into u shop, ns I have, whom there ore
long dry spell has enabled them! to gather! Main and Pnlafox streets were blown flat, \ blocks and polished at fir Dole's" : mill in at the least expense. To make it better fifty girls at work in their coarse-looklmm
the greater portion of their cotton without! ''as: also a portion of those erected in the }public Gainesville The Doctor farther informedus as a matter of course, other fertilizing [dresses, covered with dirty oil, and their
: having a drop of rain on it. .It is as white square Heavy rains> followed the wind, that he had obtained quantity of Iron properties may be added.I'alutla Herald hands besmeared with the same} the bell

t 5 as the beautiful snow," and doubtless will] and during the entire night, and up} to this ore at the Yuleo Ironworks at considerable\ ] St. Johns. rings, and in ft trtet the overdress drops off,
command. a good price.-Marie Teteyrajih.Columbia. writing (Thursday noon) has been steadily cost t, which he intended to send to Atlanta. In looking about the ancient city duringthe their hands are washed, and you sec them

; fatting Nothing in our opinion: can help our countyout week the following observations: thrust looking like well-to-do ladies going out shop
L\TIU.From Sergeant McOauran we themselves us. First, St.:; Augustine is
and than exhibit of the different upon ping.
,,,, Owing to the continued drouth, rust more nil
learn that the greatest velocity of the wind free from debt in fact has n handsome sur It would be instructive and I think interesting
yw caterpillars the cotton crop of the county is] :species' of fine woods which) abound in our
4, estimated one-half short. Our sister coun- was thirty-eight miles an hour. Strange to forests-we mean the forests of old Levy.So plus in the treasury. Second, the sanitary too, I if some.,of our fair friends could
12 ties' reports are like discouraging.-Thel ]say so littlo damage was done to the new far, we know of no other county in the condition is so good as to rival in excellenceits see how a dress or a bonnet which had been
Flowers grape has made its appearance in] buildings now in course of erection. At State that can produce iron ore. Let others financial condition. Both are way above well cared for and was in Joodconclition, but
tf this market. While not so fine a grape asl about 3 o'clock yesterday the sun broke imitate l>r. Jackson's example and the out- par. Third, the little sickness there has had out-lived the fashion (n which it was
the scuppernong, It is good to preserve and! forth from the heavens, and now all i is: again side world will be taught that there is sucha been this summer, has been trivial in Its: na. made, converted into the ruling mode.. A
r looks handsome in the baskets.-Poaches! gay and merry.Pcnsacula Gnztttc.Jlcrnando. place as old 1.0on the, map. Mr. Battyis tare and has not been of sufficient consequence superfluous'flounce waa made into puff, the

,, were worth $2 per bushel in this town yesterk doing l nil he can to get up an interest! here, to require medical skill Fourth, new pieces saved and rolcd up when the article -
: + day. We have often called attention to late \V'ucAw.wuEE-The: ; river has its but so far his efforts do not seem to be supplemented we have more old men and women and more was made, are brought out and madeto
4 peaches, and we again ask, will it pay to! source from White Mound Springs (whichwe as they ought. to be.-Cedar Key young children than any town in Christendom : do service, if they had to be sewed together
a raise late peaches at $2 a bushel? and if it I have before described in these columns), Journal, can boast of. Fifth, we will wager that When the scam should,not be seen! ,
will, why don't some one plant enough to! and rushes' forth u full grown little river, Jlrlon. the death rate of this city is less than that or n piece not exactly the color and shade
supply the mark<, ,-A farmer who knows' with rapid How and deep current, and sufficiently The past week the railroad authorities of j of any community in America. Wo have had to bo used, ft nice bow of a ribbon covered
tells us that the cotton crop will bo shorter!I;' wide at all points for the passage of the Peninsular Line perfected settlement! two cemeteries here, neither of them more tip the objectionable point, and presto
than most people would suppose. He !pays! small steamers. At the most shallow pointsin of the long-unsettled question of the righ'tf: than one aero in extent. Ono of them Is so change, a fashionable article I is: before you.
yv ho will take 1,700 pounds of lint for hisl, the current the depth is: from four to six of way to the landing at the head of Silver!. old that the date when the first crop was I 'was in the neat little sitting-room of a
sixty acre crop. We fear that the farmers.!. feet, and at no point less, while! the average Spring The price of going there is the big:! planted is as mythical the identity of the small farmer ,,and admiring several rugs
will be left in debt after their crop goes to! depth i is from twelve to fifteen fe't.Iany: round sum of $1,750. In !\\o weeks more individual who,'disregarding the laws, In nphrcnzy scattered around the room and said to the
market, notwithstanding the f fact that they! places appear to be fifty feet deep. The navi the track will bo laid to the water's edge,! of passion made an atrocious and good \wife they were very pretty.. !"Yes,"
have been very economical this year.-Lnkc\\I' gation of the river by steam is' therefore entirely and the whistle of the locomotive and the! unpardonable assault. on Hilly Patterson she replied, UI think they look well, and
City Reporter. practicable, and can bo mado handsomely unique little steamers on the Ocklawahal: Still, our graveyards> have room for many: cost. very little; 1 made them out of old
Ituval.IIVTII remunerative. The banks afford, all will bo answering cud) other with their? more.-Florida /'/C.If. worn-out garments of different colors, cut
) : OF CADET MIDSHIPMAN JAMBS J. O.[ kinds of semi-tropical scenery, pleasing to wildest echoes. Ocala mid Silver Spring Summit te,'. into strips and, braided and the braid sewed
n COOl'EI-After many months of suffering,!,.. the eye and stimulating to the fancy. The will then be holding each other 1 ldbc )iandjj Among the oldest: settlers of the Lake. Re- together, in'these fancy shapes, as you sec.
death has claimed! his victim. Our young! water is clear as crystal, and its myriads offish 'it in a fcisterly; way, and pros-crit| P>r both! gion is Captain Melton Ha 'lIcH. He moved I lay', urn.over the carpet) In front of tho
townsman, Mr Cooper, entered the Naval| are plainly I visible at a depth} of fifty feet : wilt be another well-sot Hod v.ir.ilr. The en- here .from North Carolina thlrty-ll vo.years iloor8.{"M 1, thflp.places where them is ft.good
Academy at Annapolis, some two years ago 10I' more. In its great depths the water assumes terprising Peninsular Company will erect nl. ago. Then jione"hut Indians 'roamed the deu t xtoDphut,.t .Pruttctit,'
after a most creditable examination, buoy- r a beautifully blue color, and object wharf and warehouse immediately! at the borders of these beautiful: lakes. White set ., Thtfrel/:were also numerous liltre7tti m'y ar:; -
ant with hope and cheered by the prospect below the surface appear fringed with the landing/ and Silver Spring will sour,; ho 1 pro- 1 tiers were "few and far between.*' He was namenta'and; fixtures hung on the walls displayeh'tin
..y of achieving distinction in his chosen pro. f I tints of the rainbow. In quality it is strongly; senting the lively scenes that attend time locality the person who Introduced the sweet orange tho '.mantlc'or resting on scrolled
t fession. Ho stood well in his class and gave mineral-It's medicinal virtue is unknown of u railroad depot.-Last Tuesday: in this section Ho bought the oranges in brackets, tlio'handy I work of the husband.
promise of graduating with honor. On the to us, it having never been tested. The general .: Messrs Place and Llpsey, the gentlemen! Savannah, brought there from the West: Indies Altogether it,:was'a cosy littlo room, and
4th of March, 1831, ho participated in the character of the foil; along the banks of| who are working: up the Florida exhibit for : planted the seed! which grew to bear seemed, as I haveno'doubtit was,'the abodeof
inaugural ceremonies of President Garfield, the river is sand scrub mixed with finely the Exposition at Atlanta, spent the day in] ing trees, from which were budded all the comfort, and happiness.) I wish some of
with the corps of cadets. The day was cold pulverized black vegetable matter, but to! town using their time ill trying to aroiiseanj sweet oranges In this c unt)'. The celebrated our people who havo a larger.income could
their bare floors and furniture
comparo) unseemly
"L a atidrainyandhislongcxposurebroughton'V this there are large exceptions. At several interest in Ocala. for the Exposition.: ) : Then Brown orange originated from tliosecdhc and improve by tho comparison. .
an attack of pneumonia. This gave rise to places we passed through heavily timbered meeting that night showed they had accomipli&hod ..(planted thirty years ago. We have seen A few days since! 1 had tho 'pleasure of n
''t other complications: and for*more than six hammock, with soil of the richest vegetable a good deal. Quite a good number! many speculations im to the origin of the visit to one of tho well-to-do t\frtlel'j: and

+ -.J long months our young friend has been prostrated mold. Then there are low swamps and rich of our citizens attended, and nft<,discussing! sour or wild orango.roves In this country. enjoyed house was the of modern day exceedingly structure, spacious well. ,The and
,.}J He.was the youngest son of Colonel bay heads! high enough for drainage, finely the great benefits to come from a favopblc! Some suppose they were brought hero by the showed good taste in tho architecture, and
Charles, Copper, and his dying hours were adapted to gardening and banana groves. representation of Marion county, comllllt- Spaniards 1 and scattered through the swampsby was! surrounded with ahur l well-kept lawn,
i ? ..cheered by,the presence of his two brothers Again there are some elevated pine and tees for collecting exhibit were aptIO llt<'l1.! the Indians. This: requires wide stretchof with here end there shade tree and clumps
{ MessrsTCharles and John Cooper, the latter: ] flat pine lands, the first suitable for oranges, The gentlemen comprising these committees: the imagination to grasp It all at once. The of (lowering(interior; was shrubbery arranged and for comfort flower-beds.and
of whom has been his faithful mid unwearied r the second fit only for grazing. Thereare are among our most enterprising and public-! It Is more natural to suppose that sour convenience, and furnished in good taste,
attendant'during tho greater portion of a few marshes. The banks In many spirited.citizens. We hope every man who! groves arc i indigenous, and are natural pro and while there was no wasteful extravagance
his illness.; 'It is sad to ,see a life of such places rise from the water in abrupt rocky, loves old :Marion will give them cordial as-l Indians' of soil and climate, the name as bananas in showy furniture it was good and
substantial. and a reasonable and
promise put off in early manhood, and yet sand and clay bluffs, upon the top of whichare sistanco in their work. The I time has cOIn : pine-apples) ) breadfruit and cocoanuts had been made for tho Judlcl.Uscxpenditure ornamental -
: ... the "grim archer" often,aims his darts at found splendid building sites. On our way when a little enterprise on our part can be!:, : are {in tropical countries. Sweet wildas and beautiful I was much Interested
a such targets",.,Our young friend was removed up we counted upwards of thirty fine bluff of immense advantage to our county "'c! well as: sour oranges! are found in Florida. in the arrangements in the kitchen.
;. from'us on the 16th inst. To the family and building sites, which at some future day will shall keep our readers posted from now on! Captain Haynes has u tree growing now on Thcro was constant!: running water, brought
from u spring on high ground I back of the
i ';'r friends our earnest sympathies are extended. be much sought after. Much of the shore, as to the movements and accomplishment! his place on lake Harris.: Lccsburg has Improved house; n heater in tho cooking, range gave
; % remains,will leave Washington! to-mnorr however, towards the mouth of the stream, is] of the committees. The following are the! more during the past' year than for hot water at all times, and hot and cold water "
,I'T w, and will'probably. !; arrive on Monday. too low for desirable residence, but can and Icommittees : Hard Wood-Jutnc* 11. How. the previous four, and If (tile present rate of] were curried in pipes into three stationary
no doubt will bcso l);.(..1. The stream is twelve ard, C. M. Brown, "A. '1'. Williams, O. W.| improvement continues for the next three or washtubs'! on the vide! of the room, with
an from each tub
escape pipe to let otf the
.; JTacambta.. :j miles in length and quite crooked. The rapidity Wilson, Samuel F, :Marshall ; :Stone, Min-1 four years: wo will have. a population treble] water. A door) opened from this room into
. UELl'SOF'ANTIQUIT1"-A leading businessman of the current is estimated at four erals, Soils and Natural Curiosities:: -C. W.I the present number of inhabitants. We the pantry and dnirv, where was a refrigerator .
.. of our city, who has made Pensacolafamed miles an hour, but we do not think it {is so Keep 8. M. G. Gary, /,'. Butt, K.: W. Agnew -| have every assurance that the Florida Southern arrangement to keep the milk at a fixed
..Jf'' In the swift Hon. W. II. Hastings! and Mr. 1':. II. Robert will reach I temperature and to kttp. butter, meat, etc,
North and West for her superb] Bullock, J. C. Dupuy ; Fruits here by March next. This cool and ,sweet in hot weather. Another
fish,as doing our State a great service in the Curtiss:: have established! a wharf, warehouseand and Fruit Trees-A. L. Eichelbcrger: : C. M.I( event, together with the enterprises con tern door led into a wood and coal room where
'p field of science also, by bringingto light ; store at the head, of the river, where Brown, C W. Keep, James A. HurrN, AI. plated will give the town a start that will there was a supply of each, and the former
.' .. relics of the. races who once ,owned ,this they are locating the nucleus of a town. A fred:1'( : J. L. Harvey, I). S. Chase;! Iraw the ditff rent branches of business:! so had brought been in.seasoned: for a year before it was
;i1 lovely' land before the feet of the Castilian lively trade is already springing up there. Flowers, Shrubbery and Ornamental Plant! rapidly, that it will bo among the largest The barn, tho stable tho piggery, the hen> .
'i "Johnny-come-latelies" chose to make their] Captain It. J. Cotten lilts secured a tract at -U. W, Howe, William C Jeffords> James! towns of South Florida. The mercantile nery and all other outbuildings were lame
resting place here. The gentleman referredto the spring and is busy clearing It up, with a II. Howard, Dr. Zc. Butt; (Products and Ce-l house! most needed in Lccsburg now i hone and arranged BO as to do the most with the
has just returned from the Indian, mounds view to its handsome: improvement Our reals-W. II. Hopkfn, 1>. II. Irvine, It. D. that will keep doors, sash, blinds, carpets, and least everything iKj-sVible! outlay that could of time be converted and strength into,

'of.Bluff Springs, with a large Indian and a party enjoyed themselves greatly, and extend Harrison, (). W. Means, /Kam. K. I'yles,1V'' mattings, hardware, brick, lime, 'i' ''collection of priceless relics-among them their thanks to Captain Cotten for his L. Fletcher: J. M. Martin, Robert Bullock,! tables! chairs, bedsteadin fact, a store to if had been gold dust. Tho horses, the

,. '.'what seems to .be a petrified pair' of saddle efforts to make their trip a success. Mr, and C.C. Harris; Correspondence,M. Brown,] furnish articles used in building and furnishing of cattle the, the best sheep breeds and fat pigs and and slock.chickens The tools were'
bags.-Peruaco&i. Gazelle. Mrs. Hastings, Mr. Curtiss and others have] II. "'. Walter, Jr., A. T. Williams, Adam| houses.-Lteitjttrff Advance. and implements were of the latest Improvements
,LARGE SALE or REAL ESTATE.-At the auc- our thanks for their many kind attentions.We tichelberger-Ocala Manner. and of the best quality,and there WItS
Lion sale of property belonging to the estate had plenty of fish, plenty of fun and a 1'utnain, YANKEE -L.1A7VAS a place for every one, and there it could be'
lively time, and cannot do less than found.
of John Brosnaham, deceased, for division mend recom Bullaccs or muscadines are brought Into! BEEN: JJY A rLOIUItUJf. r Now for the families, themselves. They
oit.Monday last, the following gentlemen spring and the river to persons in this market by the bushel, and Hell I readily To the Mitur of the Mirror; were well educated, had grown up in good w
search of
made purchases ai enumerated. The sport, recreation and health.- society, could dress as well as city people,
Coleman tract of Rrooktville ('relcenl.JIUI8borouo'. Eat ten cents per i>ound. We happened In a HAUTKOUD, Or., "September 12, 1881.+ rode to church in a good carriage,drawn by na
:' 1,000 arpents, known as: store the other day, where the man of the Some time sluice I wrote you from ono oil good a pair of horses as a city merchant would
,Millview, wa- purchased by Dr. John A. ". store, drive. Had the means and could
was selling them for vcuppcrnonggrapes. the New England villages, and since then entertain
Brosnaham for$7,500. This property pays a Tampa is the healthiest town, and Hills-] The day before, we met a man witha have been floating about among these Yan oouup anY in good style; and still the ( tber,
the mother
rental of$900( per annum )[r, Cyrus Snod- borough the healthiest county in the State;! cart who asked if we did not want Home kees. If our Southern people when they! busy at some, the useful sons employment and daughters at all were suitable

.. grass, of Banded, bought l.GOO arpents situated -] and when we say this we know what we are] fine grapes at ten cents i-r 1 mnumd. When come North f or the uminer would go Into! times. And here, again, as among the
north of the city at 85 cents per arpent. talking about.-Cotton in this I Iluve he lower classes there was that universal
?. crops county uncovered the grapes! they were the veritable the heart of Vankeedom and learn what!
Mr. David tibuttleworth: became the' purchaser urned out pretty good In fact, in the! old bullaccs; verily there U no tellingto these iHoplo really are in their home life' ,economy which to the saved best aceountand everything, wasted turne leverything
of 330 acres on Bayou Texar, near the] Clear Water section the people seem inclined] what extent our prosperity may not come: and their modus of working, living and do- nothing.It [ .
old soap factory, at $1.65 per acre. The Tu- to brag on their cotton crops.-Another! when the everlasting muscadinettclln readily ing, I am sure they would have<< a better! l would be doing these people injustice to
t nU tract on Bayou Texar, of five acres more large quantity of land In this has confound economy with I belnshnetM
county ] fur ten cents a pound, when it take years to opinion of them than wo get from time sharp ur
lees was bought by Mr. H. Turner !meanness: ;, they *rv and,liberal in
or at $S been withdrawn from market by the State] cultivate the generous
U titled
r One grape>> that to use! and! trader who go south to make money out of] their way; they give llbt-ratly to thtt church.
per acre. ,hundred and forty acres of] i Land Office,as: being selected by }I r. Diswton! healthy There 1 isjleath (in bullace ,as many us. Wo often hear the remark that this or i to the school, to charitable uml.lHMJt' rok-nl
I thick hammock,land, on Garcon Point, waspurchased on his second laymcut.-SI4Ill-Jwl' Tribune. ,Parents I can testify, who have buried children that iH-raon la as "busy as a bee," but I Le. :institutions! and.provide for UM 'Uot rIi> aWAY
by Mr. Button, at 30 cents peratw. I Leon. who died 'from the effects of fating these I lieye the saying will apply to no auction orj ( hay not M-VH equaled! aujr where else,*
I woulluut
wish tithe
Three hundred and eighty acres, contain W ?regrvt much the fire understood tat rep!
I by which Mr.. wild hard, l"lori."ol'f': *. Keep them .people with a* much truth as to the New ', m>cntiiif; these pt-op'e, as being 1"1'r,"ID
., in j a nice (oln-rQoln cottage, formerly i Holland' saw and grist mill, Mtuatcd about] .'away from your c..IJiMrl.n.-Oood muck Isbt :Knglandvr. They seem to Ixi always bury, all things but that there U umt- {toils
occupied{ by Dr. John .\. Urosintliain, within ,ten miles west of Tallahassee, war du truyed1 said I IHJ inure valuable! than bone dust.it .'.about. some useful ocvu itionand it Is learned front a *".,jol1". IUl&tln..rthf''a, 1 t)1IN) .,
a title{ of Mollno, was purchased by him tor Friday morning of last week. To noth- rL1lu it L that remarkable aweather any une will admit, whu tauku> 'he trial!
r I nay ri ulta bare fot-II: and u marvel to see what J Industry!: ,t Trims' If,


!M t 0 ,. .

F I ,

--oo. ... ,..n' ___ _


I :I ;t I f ,; S "


_._ __
..... .
; ;r-T .""'iI'="': '\I I ILW'o; p-'iJ" '" \[. ii-;:;:.. I.iIt':1: a, 1,'' .
$$1 ",! r''U4J tJ ...ct.. !: .. KZWK5SS! ;G. '' '
WAY"VI' THE W plied. Jim, "that I fear even to i press her to! The aisle and gallery of the church are now! I wanted .
of It E
some for ,1 I "
take the Men which would make me n hap-f complete in I Ini t1I\eh'! ( "I think, said :MM.\[ surveying
::1 I fi my picture. paint it as I sit I The rudcncs and Mcredihl .
When I nsk her in dc- the aisle Jn the marked] her from top to toe, overdressed -
my distance
; can r the
you wo the
t "I ; Thr summer rays! a belted brown sj air whether she will ever choose, between altar and chancel ; and the vicar who l looks) these man words came, and,out unlllstlkalily, as' he said] !' for the situation, but of course you

,: He kissed the gentle violet that grew I I Ihcr stepmother's} wishes awl my love she! in upon( me occasionally\ says!: it is as like nil and look taking of vindictive( arm ini have plainer clothes when they= cOle1"
1'1 Down in the valley's most (' limplores me not to tempt her ; and so," f V-an be. J lie i is curioii, however, to know the! jhis the doctor casting and 1 he scorn atl}" The stranger lifted a pair of eyes to
r '''f "In nil the world there I Is no added Jim, "here I am, miserable as need! nature of the figures; I havesketched roughly! door with myself walked out at the] the tall forte girdled around with n towl
: ," an ungainly strut which who was wrestling with the claws of
He said, Walt here-I will come ; I be. in. There is a group pacing down the aisle] wasj
t r you.Trust. ] All this Interested me exceedingly She from the altar rail, where{ the vicar can still jsiah meant for dignity, and we saw the great Jo-J pendous lobster\ nt the table beyond

; i, ( sweet violet, jwas evidently a girl of sterling worth and be seen at his |post ; and there is: a figure! :Mrs.no Spalding more. t 10 you l\l'el a man cook?'' asked the
t ,' I'll not with of the she believed ; ] ; was e pccalj cut up by f fhes
forget n high sense: duty standing alone and solitary in a IfS .
Ishe owed toper parents' wishes. I thought, facing: the advancing party, The vicar pens had parting fling of Jf was she who! Meredith[ drew herself up. "Certain-
f, Oayly he sped across the summer day.Mown over Master Jim's love affair as 1 lay in bed not quite fathom the design The church can-i hej inaiHcuvrcd the matter thus far Mr.l ly not This is my brother, Mr. Selwyn,

from a garden wall upon his that night, and I came to the conclusion that =' {can( understand, \. but the meaning of the pic- pal.llg, on, the other hand, burst into ul I who\ is kindly assisting me to make n salad"
A red rose leaned. So sensuous! so J Jthc case was a difficult 011('. You cannot r Hire puzzle him. 1 bid, him wait; patiently] and taking his daughter's hand! t But he is not doing it right. lie wi
She touched his southern nature always mold, human minds to your own for the solution the ]placed it in t that of the doctor. I never get the meat out of the shell in
\ mystery.Wlion I tl\t
After all thestudio but )[r. Spalding Let me show )lr,
light. bent and by I r speaking. hntll/ WiY you, Selwyn.
}purpose simply
11 Tell me, fair one," Jie only paused! I hence, I came, to the conclusion that :\lisHpl1ldlng's .> my) study of the church was complctE'll the me to tel him in plain!.. And with deft finger she loosened the
I'l'nt home
Tell th"naml'," Come to the lied: Lion, mid I terms how I had brought about-for he! white fibre froth the in
me \ love of old friend to be a that
ought :shel
my ;; there I painted in lilY figures. Thl're11" Iliad no doubt I at the bottom\ of it. 1unn'r
She said, "so thou canst hear" 1 J was InncOYcredthepietureivhich lade Mr. Schvyji "
tested and tried in some other way. \" my little need,I for model brvo.
: fur my sketch books J1rSpaldiuginlple -I And
I I show where
experience then
of human nature nOlatlc you
Robbed of his strength and of his like goes of all was!' full of studies! Turning to my picture,! easy-minded gentleman that he was! things al' you to get up as nice a
putting emo- ,
shorn .. seems Iwot now progressing rapidly, I find that there? i scrutinized with his double c'e. lasses lunch
< "i/ f how as you can, for at 2:30: o'clock
Jtions.! to some rigid test But the testcould 1 : we arc
(Tho rose peed. her leaves and ] be applied to the case in which I had nre heads. of two elderly' men and there is n] (remarking to me that he did not quite un-j, expecting my husband's cousin from Phila
k the thorn), I (thus been led to feel ii "special interest I careful sketch of a young man's:\ face:' likc-i Iderstand it at ni, but that it was wonderfully de phia, I want everything in perfect order -
t He stood I nt last, all sated with the wise. There is n fair girl's face and a 11Ia- clever, that Josiah's "weskitwasi 1 ."
Of her caressing arms and languid J knew not. .. t.ronl'onntenancl', and another face which las like as life." r "I will finish that salad said
] Tom who
r I I confessed. I rolled that ,
:! as!! over to "sleep,
: A thing for bees to pity nnd to scorn! : seems not unlike that of Mr. Blagden. Atj In six weeks!' thereafter I officiated as "best t had secretly been watching the face '
II 1 did
not clear them LitItle .
to '
tl ; Sweet violet, m my bride, did I think sec! my the way morrow was help to bring the- I, last my task! is ciiinplcjed. The picture is a! Jman at ,Jh '! marriage As the organist! and tl'll figure of the new; pr'tt', now
( I come to thee, he cried jmeans the mere "study, but it is i a careful studyfwithal. .pealed forth the jubilant strains of Mendcls-1, that Ihave commenced it. Hut need
l L = and mnn. The man was!' Josiaii .. The old church you recognize at a| isohii after the vlelr's benediction had been!' lot look perturbed, Puttie, if that you is
Blagden iron founder of the firm
Ksquirc, your
J Ho comes to f find a blithe young iof :glance; ; the figures-well, we shall see given and Nelly, radiant and beautiful,] name. I be careful not to in
Blagden, Hilgl'0", of Birmingham wi get your
I Wooing his violet with tender sigh. elsewhere ; t the means was\ -my humble ,self.! The vicar has been busily spreading I a rc-X jpasseddown the aisle on her husband's arm,! way. you ask my sifter if I am not n
.' She !says him nay-refuses what he The day after 111nrrivnl at port that I IH1Lp'n painting pictures off II 1 could not help rejoicing{ in the success of*. handy sort of a fellow around the kitchen."

i;, ;, But lets him press n light kiss ]. jton Jim )proposed that I "should, Rockhamp-.drive with the church, and there i is!' a curiosity t see! what iJ now No. ::1A.I.1ng! ) March 1 Kate shook h'J head surreptitiousl\
t i him on his morning round. and added he : them. I now propose that one fine day at though the faces picture tS exhibited. Tom behind IIcn'el, hit resolutely
1 f It'l1' Kilter: "l.'alsooneacliell-the bee ; he gives a, piercing "'0'11 call at :Mount Grove on our way \'CTfcw of Rockhampton friendsshall ) |are slightly disguised and Mr. Josiah's vest t affected not to perceive the warning gesture
; come to work. The circle is! has been shorn of its distinctive peculiarities. Half an hour afterward he
t a 'i i I wed home. Mount (Grove was!'! the residence of secmy came to the
cannot with you very: r select. I have invited only Mr. and Mrs.S dining-room, where Mrs.[ Meredith 1
| Mr. Spalding, and 2o'clock found its! at the .; was arranging -
J }, J'i You arc untrue, untrue ute of a very nice villa residence, overlook-g* Sjtalding, the grl'at.1o iah, Mi I .>:s Ulagdcn I 1 and! That is the romance which, as I toM you her best lilac and gold china.

J\\ f; The insect world looks on in sad di, ing the river and standing within its own Jim. 1 contrive, with a diplomatic cunning! at the outset,* hangs around the picture "Kate, she's a jewel ; a gem of the first _
which in
.. Alas bee I She's nicely kept grounds. for which I hnnot before j given: myself the Academy( catalogue:! mini water. Depend upon it she has!' not always
driven him
k' poor I credit, that Nelly Spalding' shall be admitted bcred : Wedding MarchClianmlcrs'' worked. in a kitchen I
JH-\ quoted
1 : The jilting jade I Ir We were ushered Into the drnuviflg-roont, ] Shakespeare,
r :' Just sco the wreck she, made." where we found assembled certain persons .' to a private view :She herself has been all! Journal.. apropos of something or other, and she recog
i !, ,' Thus runs the world away whom Jim had not expected to see )Ir.- anxiety to !see the pl'turl'LIllI I pretendS nized the grand old words at once-her eyes
r '. Ella l ralding received me courteously, as also that L)' great favor she shall see it before! THE ,XLW G1KL. brighl'l1d,111 you should have seen the
f : dot Mrs! Spalding. Miss Nelly greeted. me any one else. Mine host of the Red Lion has!, color come into her checks."
:: 'c ackling she prepared a nice little luncheon, tos "Quoted Shakespeare to n kitchen
TllK most cordially, that was much even ) be sure to remcmbcr. common
'. WJWD1NO MAKCIL 'pleased( to make the acquainance of Dr. some dry Pornmery, which "the great Jo- .XoCharle .on'l girl !I" cried Mrs. Meredith in amlaze-

It''t# \ _' J Brooke's old friend, of whom he :so' often siah "_as I have been accustomed to call! To remember what ?" said Mr. Meredith, ml' lt.

.f "No. 329! -A Wedding March." poke. In addition to -the family circle of him, possibly: from the magnitude of his!, with n hopclss: expression of insanity on his .Hnt I told you she was not a common
'f; : was tho number anti naino of a three, it was clear there were strangers tcoats-sil\"s! he dotes!! upon. I make s\\\ countenance. Kate Meredith dropped both kitchl'l girl"
the Academy a Certain year which present. These latter were )lr, Josiah Blag- malicious and unkind, but perfectly just,< hands dcsparingly at her sides. "I \' in high life below stairs,"

t;Ii t p! ; for politic and personal!! reasons, ,be den and his sister. Mr. Blagden did. not impress mental suggestion that in early life the| Charles I" she exclaimed, "you don't said his sister disdainfully
', designated. The picture was one me favorably: He was a stout, floridcomplexlonctl great Josiali" was better acquainted withj mean to say that you have forgotten al The lunch came up at 2:30: in perfect ordEr -
'., painting: and I. Reginald Trncey, ] man, remarkable for the ex- the merit of '"alf-and-'alf" than dry chain | ready ?" bat no cousin from lhiladelphia arrived
t ;! fortunate enough to obtain three (' breadth of his white waistcoat and for ,agce. Mine host has done his best, and now! "Jiv dear," said Mr. Meredith, fumbling no hack rolled up to .
I r,t.'I! portent ends by Its production. profusion of jewelry displayed thereon I wait my guests. I feel nervous and excited ; in the depths of his pocket for missing << How provoking," said Kate Miss Meredith

f-' was deemed excellent enough by the ] "A safe man, my dear sir ; a vensafe! why I can hardly tell, but I confess to my glove, "I nave not forgotten, but I l don't exactly must have missed sonic connecting
;::: r l ing Committee to bo placed on the ," said! )Ir. Studding to mo at lunch.E self that I shall Go glad when my little symposium train Charlie will be so vexed. But, how-
ing) it faced you in a very prominent \ Why I suppose Ids turn-over is about half is over. I remelh'r.Oystcl, suggested his wife. ever, I do not so much mind company com I

J I rt i'J f you entered room, No. 5. Secondly ] million a year-the iron trade, you know," I Here at last. They troop upstairs: into the I .Oh, yes, the oysters!," said Meredith. ing in at any time, now that I have got an I.
1 Jff f:1'h prominent position secured! for my ) tho old. gentleman\ by the way of ex- large room where my luncheon is spread.! I And. the two ounces of double excellent firl"

I :' .Innre share of attention, which re: ( tlink Mr. 1lln! its mining a doors almost, as soon [ (' kings of England. There is an air of jubilant"triumph about" "And the. depot hack to be waiting at 21 rabbit fricassee, with a dessert of custard

I I' exhibition opened. But thlr ] Self-made man, too," said )lr, Spalding, ; him as ho bustles\ about Nelly, assisting her! lo'clock for your cousin from [and jelly, was duly served precisely at seven
... served tile actual purpose\ for which I | began life as a foundry boy." in taking (Sf her wraps and saying "noth- I Mr. Meredith slapped his lhllnllclphil.1! so'clock at which hour )lr. Meredith .,
: it, and which led mo to choose my ] From what I saw of Mr. Blagden within ings" which anything but "soft," as:: the! [table "She Is coming to-day, I declare tol ipoum-ed in, hot and flushed with the ha.'tl "
.f That }purpose Involved just tho least ( next few weeks, his origin could have great man expresses! them. To me his air isl goodness: he ejaculated. I |hc had made."Where i
romance ; and although the clever < (' pretty accurately guessed from the simply patronizing. Mrs. Spalding; is: gracious | And a dozen Havana for dessert,I! is the?"
t praised tho plct.ureLIllI even hinted ] in ,which he imparted the foundry !' as usual: and )Ir. Spalding seems to? land two pounds of white oranges grapes, and sonic Where is who ?" cried Kate.
f Mr. Tracey had been singularly { "' manners into the sphere in which. regard tho near prospect of I lunoh with, more! iof those delicious little Naples biscuit-ohI /:\r cousin from Philadelphia..
( in his treatment a somewhat industry and, success had led him. lie evident satisfaction! than he docs the prospect and let them send up a girl from St. Clair's.! come?" .
,,; difficult theme etc., not one of essentially a vulgar man, who bullied r. of an artistic treat Mr. Blagden sag- "A-which ?" 1 Ko." '

t l much as guessed that it was a picture sister, n meek, silent littlo woman, with gets that wo had better step in to see the! "A girl, you goo e. For general housework )tIr Meredith drew a sigh of mingled relief -
i purpose. As the sequel may serve to : good heart and n' kindly nature, us I dis-! nictnrogrlunch has evidently its attractions! Plebe went home this morning with} | and regret.
that purpose sprang from and cndedln : (' later on. fur "tlAreat Jo inh." But I tell him I wait! |a faceache, and I can't be let alone with Then,, after all, it is not so unlucky,"
.1 nm pleased to call my little romance al As wo drove home from lunch that day Dr. BrwRe, at which announcement he sub- (company coming and all. Mind she's .n [said be. 1 ;
I It was n charming day, that on was strangely depressed I ssl'clll1? sides. Then I suggest to :Miss Nelly that !'!! good cook and understands waiting ,attable. } What i is not so very unlucky? My dl1l s

r:, k went to H'klltuupton..tollkc Ji th< "w ( ht." prettyaccurately; for lie burst out with her mother's! permission, she may nowf ." j Char1, you are expressing' "ourcl alto .
moiulfvra A alt n I l a tirade against :Mrs.[ have thin all to in a riddle."
l Spalding on picture herself fora momentary And Mr. Meredith rushed off to catch thcj
t. had Brooke-Jim, I gencrallycalled him';ro"l{ \'III at lm of,,1 c. ourt : l peep., )Ir, Spalding\ who is deep with! 8':3: express, with kaleidoscope confuson of|. "That I forgot all about the oysters und o
a settled \
The{ whole as 1prnctitioncr'fr that "I shouldn't wonder, Regy," said 1 ho Miss Bll1 den in the t mysteries 1 of the mallU-. grape, zephyr wool, depot hacks,oysters and ,-the zephyr wool" and the servant girl" ,
a the shadows place wn.stceped In houses ; fellow Blagden has been invited down! facture of rhubarb jam., readily consents. (servant maids careering through his brain,j. "Forgot ? f 'i
deep cast by tho old : ] as n suitor for Nelly He's! n friend of; Nelly follows me into the room which boded ill for Mrs. Meredith's domestic Yes, forgot I Isn't that plain English ?" 'o 1 '
4 narrow of streets by the waterside ] Spalding's, I know, because! she herself] 4 picture stands covered with, a crimson clot,! ( plans. /But you did not forget," remonstrated ,

r i f one tho shades nothing in so much old Dutch a9 the from the Black Country.' on my easel I close the door ami unveil it.] i While that lady, clasping both hands over! iMrs. Meredith. "You" sent her. She is here. >
; somo town, Kelly glances at it for jhcr head in a sort of tragic despair rushed now, in the kitchI. ,
Rembrandt must have learned the Jim's state of mind from the moment he a moment, then -I ,, J
,t ; that bears: tho impress! of his genius" (. this theory, may be better\ imag- ing deadly pale sinks half fainting-not into! down into the kitchen, where a very good! Mr., Meredith started. "I have sent nojone.
but into those (looking man of two three and! Ne\1 thought of the girl from that )
'i; 8 ('ho old church of Rockhampton is than describeu.' For the next three my arms! of Dr. James! young or ;
bit of Nornau'architerture, a (' 1 ain bound to say that\ his temper] Brooke, who has most opportunely conic (twenty was on his knees in front of t range,J { ( this, I give you )word and f.
Rising: ( /
Fr toots.declare that there well.nigh1I11'IHlurab l'. Oneeveningat upon scene In speechless astonishment!,r trying to coax t most unwilling fire to bur! honor. ,
r t t: of that style or bettor preserved are no purer arches, : : at Mount Grove] I felt half afraid he he gazes at me, but lie, too, seems as if he! ""Well ?"" said he. I."|wife slowly.who did send her?" ejaculated his j. f .
going to inflict\ were going to repeat Nelly's Tom, cried she, hysterically, can ]
l their queer faces "squeezed' into the personal' chastisement:; procedure hej you the bell. I"
(: King
)Ir. Blagden, feat I should glances at the picture. "h"ur heaven's sake make u lobster salad ? us have her up liere. ,
?tj thereof, and which to have r
seem impress ]Who knows but she i is of
Like book.. said Tom. one confidence
;r le' Itocklanl rejoiced to have seen skilfully Ropy, said Jim inn hoarse voice, "cover! a I
Juveniles -
1 perj
much as the service. Passing on Sundays: j after the\ iron-iiitster's coarse 1wec- (that ,'ictureupl" "I "And colfee1: women" with an eye to the forks and '; i
; : through ? '
; "I spoons
Churchyard. I found ('!! against! the medical profession, which j Ne I enel her eyes in a moment or! 1< l'
myself at last at which As he
church. With little ) of finding \. been called forth during "some argument jtwo, seemed to me like an age Jim Good. And I can make buttermilk bis-[ spoke jerked the bell-cord with f
4 door open I lifted tho late I, when at doctors' fees.!! Nelly's attitude had employed; the interval in a fashion: ;pot! (l'ult-and between us: we can get up 1 decent! some energy. In a minute or so the new .
i'M yielded to my touch. As I Jim appeared' to have undergone no unfamiliar to lovers, I believe. And when jlunch for a young lady from Philadelphia.! [girl came up courtesying. '
passed Mr. Meredith
r tho green bale floors within tho I I t LIB clnunh5111c::; was loving and, f gen i .'{she did open her eyes, it was to clasp Jim I As"for dinner" = I amazement, uttered an exclamation of {
k' heard the sound! of tho as before, but I fancied that Mrs. :Spal: around tho neck, and her words were few, L1 ell? again remarked the young man!
f quietly[ into tho grateful shade organ and; so { contrived dexterously to keep Mr. :I hut decided: "Jim, dear! I can never, never! (with the snot-hespangled nose. : I "WIYI.t is Martha Meredith shouted

r u ] of tho church, I ensconced! myself in ] ll'n and Nelly ns frequently( \ together\ I marry that maul I 1 will do whatl'vcr'ou! Providence must provide," sighed the! he my cousin from arms] 1un." ;
wish h. to. But oh ? I mat I And he clasped her in his with
biggest pow 1 could find and listened. [ ): and thus ( '" were me they have tried me rOl shower of kisses which n ,
i soothing was the effect of the music and (' to a miserable\ minimum. Worst 'Ill'll suI" "There's an old chintz-colored rooster in] made honest Tom's
Jim What is it in that the barnyard. If I could catch him I'd ]hair stand on end ,
roundings on that glorious day I as remarked to me one day. Ne| my picture has so perEturhod } .
I wish she
the have a chicken stew was my cousin from
( confessed lovers and r
not see the 'player who was concealed that her stepmother had brought Nelly paldill Ihlai
curtains, in front of the organ loft, but by 0 rl' than one occasion /hinted that Mr. to her senses:: ? Simply the interior of "'Oo did you ever make a chicken! .1t'1\hla.\ he uttered in a stage t,

} tively I guessed it was a lady who .ten's visit: and I stay were not safely the old church ,onto again. A ray of sunlight -] stew.. ? turned as scarlet as a pepper ;

I imagined that only a u v man's t\ (' by friendship her parents. Jlrs.aldug I streaming through a chink in the! No. I po.1 ( .
Fs", touch could have made that ) was, in other words u clever wo- {stained window, falls on the sad( ), pale, tearful "Then j'OI do not know what you are! good gracious, she cried, clasping
r "Kyvie" t> nice face: of the [talking about\ ," said the lady with her little hands nervously, and I took her
in thcsj tones ; and there was more ] l playing u little game of iliplomncy newly-made bride. The! some asperitV |for 't,
ness thanpower in the "Stubat ) : while keeping( on the mot fricndlyjjjjj{bride's face is Nelly's own, and the pompous' [ a
to which t the; pl:1Yl'r: 1t111.! Then\ I with Jim, was, to my mind, {bridegroom is Josiah\ Blagden, the artistic] j es I do, too. Onions, potatoes, "And I am n cook" when occasion mequires. -
= bar, tho Wedding March succeeded her own aims and ideas of a treatment of whose white waistcoat and! (pearl barley.with n pinch of salt-" [ Cousin Kate, said pretty Martha
t' r after hall'nil hour's private hearing, alliance for Nelly with the ('hll'rl lurthl'r'l.(chain has cost me no end of pains. Behind! I "Nonsense interrupted Mrs. ) el'lerY'I'! {.Meredith. making her peace with a kiss. \
r bride and I" Go pick that lobster out of its Don't be vexed at me for
masters: I quietly slipped, out of the ] 1 know that most of my bridegroom come the figures of i ] humoring the
.once again In to the glad sunlight that say that hiss Spalding{ I should! 'have' xet-fc::1!' Mr. and )IT!!. Spalding; and in-the dim dU-f.,Jleavc otf romancing You are ft deal juke j ; indeed I could not help it. And I .. .
fib I around thq gravestones, and made tho the matter for herself, and have given&j j taicethevicarIsstillSeenstarmliug: +'ithut t Sat poetry and newspaper sketches will show you how to make 1'rilguC .
so( fair to t>cv, ] Blagden to understand that his atten-fii[altar raiN. But tho central figure after yuu art in the kitchen ; though to be face's. and the Neapolitan to-morrow. ;'

; g. After lunching at my hotel, the Red: were unwelcome nail hopeless Matins bride herself: is>the young man, pale hl'l'j-with n twinge of conscclI'e" thani. And they all sat and tOg'ther ,
I went to see Dr. Jim; It appeared that I (".' before, we are not all cast in oneFJ.]tionle.s as a statue, who stands in n :j knows what I should you |rto the roast quails fricaseed ,

fair player. of the church was a Mi-s S ( ( and the most lovimr: natures: m.ivxl :cod wliiiM ashy: mizn is fixed! on.. the.--- -.....-.f. this n.irticular h l'merll'nlV. "'.Ol iloMrohl".. --. -" ti* IAtnnnd lfnrfh'ant. ''0 tn... t", T.'...._..."' '.
iii uim mo onl"lIaughtt'r 01 a {' '" be coerced by what: scents to'be i The fare' of the nan in the pew isthat: of lil Jtional Bureau on the,morrow, established a t

t and retired merchant, who had se -,' duty into h self-sacrifice\ of the most un-,, James Brooke. The picture t'I" its own The lobster: was only half picked out ofl jMilesian(: damsel in the rounding! and Tom, I

1- K.ickhampton some eighteen months OIllLhl(' kind, and which can only entail story to Kelly Spaldins. It 'the possi- the shell, the buttermilk biscuit was still unmixed -| 1 leaning" over hissister'ssliouhler; whispered : ,
{ J and Jim, I foundhiabeen paying his ] j !>Ier in the end.\ ; bility of the future, before her eyes as she and Mrs. Meredith with a pockets f Ijtirst Didn't I"tell )"Ol she was a gem of the

,drt5sed to the young lady. Her father So things went on at Ruckhampton has never dared to picture it to* ll'idl: It handkerchief tied around her pretty brown?2 water?

;l married for the second time and {had 1 at Mount (Grove and despair: at''i* reflects in all its naked truth to hair when, wa-s there dusting the little drawing-room] THE New York Penal Code) :whose founda- I r
I given hiss: Spalding a topmother.k; Tho I. 14 High street where Dr. James Brooked which through her indecision she may commit came a ring at the door-bell.f were laid a generation
gentleman as Jim called him, was an ( (.\.. his willingness:, to relieve the herself and Jim. And it tells its sturj'Stt She put the l'erurbc.ll, d out of tho win- I tons only passed by the legislature ago, but which
af-\\ wa last .
t going man.: kind-heartel in every, way daily' from 10 to 11 U, Ill, and %. < well that art conquers diplomacy and in- r do1 a mo uncercnwlous manner. Jter. went into effect last win j {
Who is wejk.
,crous to artfault, and looked kindly S p, 111. I had been sitting cogitating over(fithe* division mll aids love in its triumph over contralto. she-11emandcd in a high codifying exiting statutes, the \sidl'from code' i a _
great Josiah himself.
'on Dr. Jim's suit. But us to Mrs. \ :\ one evening at the lied: l Lion-Jim Bembodies 1l'\V
'\L Footsteps on the stairs. I the "Does Mrs Meredith live here?" ? many common law r:
Jim pronounced a decidedly 'J \' been called to a distant 'part of his cover picture retorted Ito t criminal proceedings, relating
.opinion. She was an ambitious\ and, !> --when an (Idea, founded, I believe, on again, Nelly >tunds bo.-idt Dr. Brooke ; her a wuman's'oll'e.. .And at the Ilune moment!' sparingly, and is in Introducc changes f
expressed it, : from check is pale and them are like dew the young matron caught sight of a neat j well acepted,
scheming woman, who an old French author, oc. tcnt black [in the machinery of criminal .
that Nelly should look somewhat ... to me. The quotation[ was to the('lIht" ,1rlll.glistening in her eyes. iron mas-',. leather bag a black alpaca dress and] t substituted for trials, "infer'x' ., .
1 'Ur,'Urook. in the- He takes in the shawl of the plainest highland plaid [ maton c'omplaint; the
than ", of [Rockhaiuton: -and t "when moral: Mia-iou! fails from ?. .wII: tuorwsy. is given the
she mhould at least marry money- '. tu'l'IltUlgl' it is lawful nay to ,f matter at a l1("tll darkly)' at Jim .J'tho new girl, thank Providence! | :
which latjer commodity Jim was, as a : >poal) to the moxt trivial of our emotions" and me. : )1l'rl'1th. a she ran down the! tons and at this examination, the ques : .
f!. .\1 hone as )Ir. and Mrs stairs, \hal Charlie in her heart! answer t'xamil1ntiol must ,
doctor of iourso by no means \' )' idea thought I. I shall see whether, ;; 81aMlngho ,\ba to writing,
fur his
Without.actually discouraging; Jim's not I can work it out to the advantage ot fS c-loNely flllu\Jotilh, have' unl'xp'ctc.l promptitude, used at the trial, the grand they cannot be r
lions; }lTttp"l.lng;; \ made things '. ( Jallll'1l: Brooke and-shall 1 add: i'-tot .Kelly, my Mirprise walks quickly; roull I said She opening the door! to confine its hearings t jury is required ,
Ufllleasant for the lovers, Mr. m con fusion'! of Josiah: Blagden, Ivsq her father and takl'j lib hand. Father, wide. "I am so glad that you are punctual,! indictments are .legal erideneeand" .' )
r K-jotl:easman, was completely under ( then matl1n..I.U -aid she with a tremulous yet decisive tone, my good girl. From the Clair's Intelligence! simplified to a "Iall and \. .
) plans were .
rapidly\ know Concise statement in which the
the defendant's' '
1 dominion his wife ) 01 message r BureauIsuppose?
Hence, Jim ( ; H brought me No. don't take ofF yonrl be
.! noon all.111lght find may
r me busy in t fflll Mr.[ Blagden this morning? mispelle.1. the time of ,.
Give him here
he waijn.a somewhat iitisetttdl up ; is down crime .
state ; old church: I am hard at work on a my answer Tell him that I Ihlug SCt'Ult' room < ( ( incorrectly given, the the. '
ruiIJU.11f l'.m'fI: now going ; you maas person
aU : come directly down
in which the interior of the church I to larrHr. lityxkt"w :" to the kitchent'r I omitee.l, and the crime called by an
"You see. Ul'g.SIlII! Jim \cll '
: \\ under brush I term ''
bv legal
dlsobeSher i my day. There i N opinion ( l the di She led the without making the indict-
I my
not parent. in any way, UsOIlIl.ls of the"lvyrie" IIOnllr.'. carded J.iiib'nt that hal >- way down, followed by the! ment bad In making t.
clue c'I'f-"iJ"r: > ni? ,11" h.i* c* ufw'o.l to the jubilant strains: of Mendelssohn this 1""I lt held his new girl, whose countenance bore a rather! only are excluded whose up a petit jury those
he ,
tongue, itiUht have
't hth precludes
s Mr. and bewildered a
when expression
mltV" I her.
tit ; fair
Inlr : prts.5\ .
? as
on a bright and
not fur judgment
day Mrs. writs
sunny so of
Spalding to eiik a wont for him with error and certijorari
toW. mirrie-l ut sl j name? she asked -
O/n nC; once and tn by Kelly does not come to practice her Wlat i your patron are abolished l.
Kelly. But, sr it was, he I appeals being substi-
blue won't hair uf II: favorites .tN'flllls own ) .
ono happ as of yore lllag let, I know, case at blow t izl .tuteil.-Chartetnn Xeuuanl CUUY
a ;
i--4 dear Jim I onde l in )Iy name! Oh, it's Martha "
My rut < my luti-sic, and painters, he replied the! -"
dK us: once B- .)Mesa from ? and -
me this is
fi(>ulI(1 capacity of guile, i'ounseU, J."l'tl l it-ir. eking had otP-irt\! usu! "weihe my anai.l stranger confusion f I'onH.LE.
fHoD'l, "she U not the firat girl who has "a vctily lut." I reiiMub.'r Mr- JosUIi's in*' angr voice.Vh.v.I "Martha!l". critically repeated Mrs. Mere-i l' D.m.nL IIOUSK ('OX1'\I';IXO .
between love and N1 n-twt -wwr/, Illtel bitery, dith. What an ugly name I JI 1 1001S, Closets front
to dtra&to duty or% < vtt-t and cable chain, with euwugh! rtp- I" "! I tllin' wih l'au
bo 1"11" Ilter guess was I (shall call Have J > ani, I
I least. what ,'he conceives to !her duty. [ ;''es attached l thereto to have set up a '' that wanted you I'atti. you ,Trl' { Orange emoa and

: {She 1* tea, thoroughly; conscientious' ," j jeweler in a thriving way of bu..h\t'D.'f |Josiah Bla leu's t money-perhaps to marry they Jencesy I O I-I believe so." I|', I-or frher'tntrl'luctel.jurticular,flood inquire title at, etc.this.( '

f lt *-tf t

t "
3 ;

s'h b ,.
: titer t ,
-. ..- ., -. :
i.-.ex- 1
... tf E. '


wr.... .-.. .
..'/' .".".'.' .
S '



..Z'I' y.: t'W7.;:' .."j.L.." w-="< -"..:. "'- ,.: ;.. ...- ... ." Oo t. "" J.:.:.... :JI..1.-:: Iiou :...:..J'.c;:;;:...... 'ii

Legal << + << *. I Kailroads. AVANNAH, 'I.oHtIJWJ'STJmX; : I CSOI.VO IUlT-. MUIKS MVt.IOS. i ;JN" MOttGtN LINE't-'; r

,'_ __ ,. I S" RAILWAY.On ( T/I(' clITI.tlll"I'. and &ttunbty*.)

NOTICE or IXOlu'On\'I'IOX.: "l'Dm: CARD IA'I\\'I' Stbtrks:\ !' ......... ......... .........12.0; a.tu.
and after Sunday" Aug. :28! 1881,1'ass.1 : l Leave \\11 k 1lIa.\ .......... ......... ........12.30a.m.:! :
ALL MEN HY THESE-PRES-: : : OF TIIK: eager Trains on this rotatl will run as follows -Tallahassee........................ 1.40p.m.
KNOW::;, That we, ('. W. Yulcco, J. H.McUinnls J.'I.OHW.TIU I'1' RAILROAD( : I.'n'ltllil.! :\ Jaek'viUc _._ u ---- :
William Rawson, W. H. C. Duryee Hai1E prt. ,!. CONNECTIONS.:!
Thomas 'IId, Calvin H. Dibble. Henry( PENINSULAR: RAILROAD, Except: :Ninday.: D.iily.Leave I Both East: and WoM bound trains moot at
i I.:. Dotlcrer, and O. Stark, all of tho State oV (H'cJ/i/o/ Jtranch) Savannah:: for ; Live Oak and connectit Ii 2:45: train on Savannah : .
Florida under and in accordance with the Florida..... ............ 1.20 p m. 10.15 p.m.IAWC Florida it Western Railroad for .u N. 1iAIi STCAMSIIil'S1'Ill
provisions of an net of the State of Florida AXIFERNAND1NA .Jesup! ........*..... 3.40 p m. :!..tn 1\. III. Savannah, and Albany. .- --- -
entitled "An act to Provide for the Creation & JACKSONVILLERAILROAD. Leave W I\.l.rlli1......... $5.05 p, m. 4.3.: a. ut Passengers for Chattahooohco River Boats
of Corporations anal to Prescribe their General : Arrive (Aillahan' ..... 7,4:11': m. 7:12: : a, m connectith steamer: Rebecca. Iveringhnmew'ry'l'Itursday : leave Cedar Key
Powers and Liabilities," approved Au. Arrive Jacksonville.... 1MO p In. 8.15a.m..A'ave for Vpalaohioola, Fla., and ,
Jacksonville.... 7.35: a ,';.:!.) FOR NEW: ORLEANS EVERY: OTHER
gust 8th, 1803, and an net of the Legislatureof m. p. in.Arrive Saturday: for Columbus, (Gu., and I }o1\; .
said State! {'utltle1n net to Repeal nn In Effect JIll ty Cth, 1SS1. at Live Oak..... 11....) it. in. fallla.11., PHI IJA Y. .j. :.
net entitled nn act to Provide for the Creation I.l'uLt\'(. Oak.......... 2.25:! p. mIAaye Connects!' with steamer; G.I (inll}," Jordan ,;Xiif.It; :': .
of Corporations and to Prescribe their ( Callahan .......... 8;Ill a m. ((5.25: p. m. every Sunday for Apalachicola, 1-Mn.: andevery ;' .'V'f
General Powers and Liabilities, nnd to Recreate OOIXU FOLTll. Arrive at Waycross..11.10 a. m. Tuesday for Columbus ami Eufauhi
(Leave : ......... 5)'U:; m. FOR KEY WoH'1'Xn'HAVANA:
and Amend the Sections Repealed by Leave Fernandina: ........................ H.OU) 11.II\. Waycro-s p AI".
said net" approved March llth. l&ill), do U-ave Hart's Road...... ................, U."i n.III. Arrive at Jesup! ........12.35: : p m. 11.05 p. m. Connects at Lake City with trains on the EVERY: : OTHER SATURDAY.PARSONS .
hereby associate ourselves,. together ns a corporate Leave (Callahan......... .................. 1 n.,';:! a.moave Arrive Savannah: ........ :3.00 p' m. :!.OO a. nt.I'tsscngcr Florida Central Railroad for, Jacksonville

body, under the name and style! of J< Dutton ............ ......... .........11.:: :! a.m : from Savannah for Brunswicktake \ anal\ SI. Johns: !River Fornandina\ and Cedar ; a
THE BEACH HOTEL AND ROAD'COMPANY. Leave! Brandy Brandt ................ll.S: a.m the Fast Mail, arriving at Brunswick t 0 Key. WILLIAM! f O. AMES: : '4'''4'.

The prln'ipalIwe\ : of business of AHtve Baldwin ......... ............... ...12.03: ): p.m. p. in.Passengers. General I'a.'o11engl'rgent.' HALE" Agents! ,
said Company shall bo in the City of For Leave Maxvillc...... ............... .....12.33: : : p.m : leave Brunswick! at !>.30: ) a. 11\.. ._ _H_____ 0-13t --X: Cedar Key, Fla.

nandina, in the State of Florida.II '- Leave Lawtoy! ....... ...... .............. 1.1:31'.111.: arriving at Savannah :3.00 take p. m.Passengers riLORIDA! CENTRAL: RAILROAD.: _.. -
for Darieii) i ho 1-Vt MailPassengers
That the business:' of said Company Leave Temple's( ........ ....,............. LSI: p.m. su.ii.iir.it: : SCIIIntl..I:
shall be to build and manage a hotel and; Leave Starke ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... 1.38: :\ p.m, : : leaving Macon\ at 7.00 a. in. JVCKSOXVII.I.K, FIA., :Sept.:: 12: 1881.
l1ee's accommodation n on Amelia'Reach, LlI\'e Tbtir ton ...... .................... 1.51 p.m (daily: except' Sunday) t'OI1IIl'lilt. Jobtip> with I Commencing( this date, trains\ this road -RTEAMEII SIST.JOIINS
and to obtain the right of maintaining and! Leave Waldo......... ......... ............ :!.:U p.m. the Fast Mail for Florida.Passengers In the Mail I will run as follows : THE :
Florida Fast
collecting toll on road connecting the beach Leave Gainesville......... ............... :3.30: p.IU. from (IOIMI W1>T. .' '. III' ,--..
with the City of Fornandina. Ll'acrre.lolldo. ...... ......... ......... 3.52: p.m,. connect at Jcsup with j( train arriving in Macon 1u.eernr r. .1f"il.I .. % POINT
III. That the {' l1Iausatul of the Company .cave ])alton ......,.. ....:................ 4.07p.m.; .. at 7.50:::\p. in. daily Cars(on except the' evening:Sunday.)train !Leave .TllI'loIllIVilll'.IIOi: a.! 11UIO: p. m. J : l e.w. {JC'ITY: jc j

} shall be ten dollars, divided L'a\Archer...... ...... ...... ............ 4.SI ;'.nt. 1'1I1111'l't''pil1g between: Savannah:: and\ i Jacksomillo, '" Leave White 110111< '...11:37: 0-15":
into shares of one hundred dollars each, Leave Bronson ........................... i.lllp.lI\., flatly : Arrive lIalel\\'II\.II.' "
Jacksonville and {
Charleston and Macon and
with privilege of stockholders to subscribein Leave Otter Creek....,................... ii.IIll'.ln.) Jacksonville.No Leave Baldwin.......... 10:10: () "
(i) one-eighth, ((1)) one-fourth andi&) one. Leave Rosewood: .... ................... (11.11i; (; p.tu. of between Savannah and !Leave Darbyvillc....... 10:35(): u
half shares-ten per centum of all subscriptions Arrive Cedar Key........................ <>..V> p.m. 'Jacksonville change! and cars Macou{ and Jacksonville. Leave: Sanderson ........ 11:22::!: '
of stock be when such ,
to paid subscrip Passengers leaving Macon at 7.30 m. t cave Olll tt'{............. 12:08: : : a. in. \
lions and the remainder tiOINU: NOHTII.Lofive / p.
1 ore ( as may Leave Mt. Carrie......,.. 12SI:: .. -
connect at Jesup with the evening train fur s.-
he ordered by the Hoard of Directors of said 1 1lmlpaIlY Cedar Key........... ............... fl.JWa.m: ,. Florida daily.! Arrive Lake City... 1:00Arrive : _
Leave Rosewood.......................... 11.1011.\11. Passengers from Florida by the Express: Live Oal---------I.i::: : :! m.; leave Fertaudiuafirincksonvillea; !
IV. That the corporation hereby created Leave Otter Creek........................ 7.00 n.llI.I.el'c ,. train connect at with train : n." WILL' Palatka and intermediate landings .
Jcsup arrivingat Tallahassee. ... 8:00
Arrive ,
shall date its corporate existence from the Bronson................. .........., 7.-I2a.\II., :
lnIJIut 7.05; daily the John's River and Savannah
a. 11\ Chattahoochee. 12:25 on St. ::
day of filing of these articles of incorporation Levotdl'r............................... $.1110.111.( from Savannah for Gainesville Arrive : -p.-in. iiml Charleston blows y
as required by the acts as aforesaid.. Leave Batton ...... ...... ......... ......... $.3$ U.III., Cedar Passengers and Florida Transit Road take, Arrive Gainesville...... 3:22:: p. m. : as :v
Key :
and shall continue for the term of nlnet) Llve: Arredondo ........................ 8.58 a.m, the Express train.Passenn Arrive Cedar Key""" 0:55: From Feniandina"

nine years.V. Leave Gainesville: ...,.... ...... ......... 0.35 a.m, from Savannah for Madison Arrive Ocala............. 7:00: "
That the business of the Company' shall L'II'e"aldo ....,............. ........ ...10.30a.m.: .. Monticcllo ers'follnhm'l'Iecnnll Quincy( lake till, ---- --- FOR JACKSONVILLE AND PALATKA,
bo conducted by a Hoard: of f five ((5)I')) Directors Leftve Thurston...... ...............,....10.54 a.m.. train : (lot Nt! EAST. jfrO- EVERY WEDNEDAY.-t5

to be elected bv the stockholders on the Leave Starke.......................... .....11.11 tun, from Quincy 'Tallahasxec Mon. l\ii. eager. Mall.Arrive i
Passengers '
first: Monday of March in each and evcrvjyear Leave Temple's...... ....................11.20 a.m ticello and Madison take the Express train Jacksonville.... 2:00: p. in. 0.50 a. m.Arri'e *t Front Fernandina (
excepting that the I first election shall: Leave Lawtoy .............................11.-171\.111.: at Tchcuuville at n.lO White House.. 1:21'1": (i:18: "
be held at such time as undersigned cur- Leave Maxvillc) ..................... ......12.SI! p.m meeting. sleeping-cars Arrive Baldwin......... 5:55: FOR SAVANNAH AND CHARLESTONjKfr .
porators, or a majority) them, I mine upon. Said Hoard of Directors) shall .I Leave Brandy Branch!!...... ............ 1.28: p.m Arrive Darbvvillo...... 5:25:: "
elect President and Secretary and such Leave Dutton ........... .................. 1.41 p.mLeave.Callahan. (.('Savannah daily at....... 4.25 p. m Arrive Hunt c on....... 4:40: Close connection made with steamers for
other subordinate ofllcers as the business hl'the ............................ 2.22: p.m. Leave Jesup ........ 7.151'. in. Arrive Olustee! .......,.., 3M: Mcllonvillo and Enterprise, also with steamers
Company may require.VI. Leave Hart's Road......................J: .. r 1 1 p.m Leave Tcboauvillo ..... .. 0.33: p. m Arrive Mt. Carrie........ 3:30: for Ocklawaha River; also at Savannah
That the highest amount of indeb- Arrive Fernandina ............... ..... 4.00p.m,. Leave DuPont) '" .......11.55 p. m l..eaLuke City-. ...... 3:30: with steamers for New Murk: Philadelphia.
ness or liability which said corporation ._ Boston and Baltimore and Charleston with d
Arrive Thomasvillc .ton.nt. ---- ------ \ )
can at any time subject itself shall be t twenty t .. Trains daily, except Sunday. Arrive Bainbridge: ( ..,..... 8.15 a. ut (Leave Live Oak.....:..:: 1:00:: p. mI steamers for New York, Philadelphia Baltimore ,

live hundred\ ($2,500)( ) dollars. -- -- .-- Arrive Albany ....... 8 45 n. m. I Leave Tallahassee....... ( ::30: II" and Northeastern t. South CarloUna -
VII. That the said Company shall I(' heal Albany ........ -1.451'. nIAMIVC Leave Chattahoochee.! 2:30: Railroads for routes North/ East and
vested with all rights and privileges which PENINSULAR! RAILROAD: Bainbridgo ........ 5.001'( rn. iLcavcOaincsvillc:=-- 0.35:: n. in: West '

;i"f the acts heretofore referred to can convey ( H'i11do hranrlu) Leave Thomasville ........ H.15p. m. Leave Cedar Key....... 5.:10 FIRST-CLASS PASSENGER:; ( ACCOMMO.
VIII. In witness whereof we the parties Arrive DuPont ..*... 1.4511. m. 1A.'l\vo Ocala.....:........ 5:45: "
aforesaid have hereunto set our hands: and (.01 XU !HOUTII. -- .. DATIONS.
-- ----
Arrive Tebeauvillo ........ 3.65 a. HI.
seals: the 18th day of :\May, A. I). 1811.C.1VICKLi1FE 1. Leave Waldo Junction................ :2.43 p.m. Arrive Jesup ........ 0.15 a. III. Mail train connects at Jacksonville will Through; Tickets and "Staterooms secured
YULEE, Leave Santa 1'e..1.1 8 j'>.m. Arrive Savannah ........ S .05a. HI. the Savannah Florida! A: Western Railroad and nil information furnished nt office, cor
J. II. McGIN'NLS, Leave Hawthorne! .4.0. j>.m. land ut Lake. City with the Jacksonville, Pen ncr Centre and Second streets.2OIy .
W. S. RAWSON.W. Leave Lochloosa. 4.45 Sleeping cars run through between Suva'. (sacola il' Mobile Railroad for Chattahoochct1 G; A. NO. YES.:
B. C. DURYEE p.m. nab and Albany without .
daily change. land intermediate stations. ------------- -
Leave Orange; Lake... 5.401'.111.
T. KYDD. Connection at Albal1clail\' with passenSger : Passenger! (train connects at llaldwin for
Arrive \ 'i.00) For
: p.ut.tOINO Tampa aii C. H. DIHHLE, trains both ways on ;Southwestern Rail land from all points on the Florida Transit
f H. E. DOTTERER, SOUTH.Leave I uroud to and from Macon, Eufuula :MODI. Jor Penin.snlar Railroads.: V VIASteantMliip
Il (}. STARK. Jgomory Mobile\ New Orleans\ otc .
j, H. MCELROY, '
Ocala. ) n.m. r 1lkilipott. CO'S LINE,
39 Anilstenmcrleaves: Bainbridg"" for A pa"lachlcola Master Transp'n.W. .
-- - --
? Leave Orange Lake. 7.20 a.m.
s Groceries and I'rovisioiiN.n. Leave Lochloora..... .............. ..... .8.20 a.m. and Columbus"3'..every Tuesday and. ,: DAVIDSON) Superintendent.HooliM .
Saturday. .. .
:< :
: 1'----- .
0.1511.lnJ) -- '
Leave Hawthorne.
f \. Leave }' ... 0.45a.m.' Closo connection at JarkfronvMlo daily : mid SlaMouerj''. -' '
.' i:. OTTIKIK: : Santa for (
(Sundays Green Cove
Arrive Waldo Junction... .......... 10.15 n.IIIJ, ; excepted) Spring' -. --- ..
St. Augustine, Palatka, Enterprise: ( Sanford
;ir T ERNANDINA, FLORIDA, --- .. and all landings on St. Johns river. HOItACJi': IMIKW.
Trains on B. it A. I R. R. leave junction. -
) DKALEK FERNANDINA & JACKSONVILLERAILROAD. going (vest, at 11.37 rt. III" und for Brunswic Wholcsalo and RetailBOOKS

at 4.40 p. in., daily, except, Sunday (JARUYINO 'THE U. S. MAIL.
Fine Family Groceries Through Tickets sold and lc'l'll1g.'ul'Bertlls S'I''I'IOXIUY.1 ,
and Drawing-room Car accoinmoda
AND In Effect JIll!! Gth, 1881. tions secured at Bren'.s Ticket: Olllce, No. 22: ...\... MUSIC1,
Bull 4. : of the staunch! and elegant Stcnmen:
street, and at the Company's Depot foot ONE
,"'.. PROVISIONS.Customers of Liberty street. 50 WKST: HAY RTUKT the above Lino will leave Cedar Key<<
.i ... C.OIXU HOUTU.
JAS.! L.. TAYLOR, every Monday at,4:00: p, ni.for,

i Leave 'rmulllinn..11.10 l1.m..t 5.30 p.n General l'assclIgcrgent.. I.IACKSONVILLE:, FLORIDA. Tallinn Manatee. '
t Leave Hurt's Road......11.43: a.m. & O,011.II1. J. S.) TYSON. Master of Tral1 ...orlatiun.n. ;,,-,,,.
t can rely upon getting CHOICE Arrive Jacksonville..12.50 p.m. & 7.051'.111.; S. 1IAINES, General Manager. i iTACKSONVILLE 30 And Itraidciitouu,

,. ft'J-S'hool 1I0tl"" a Specialty. :
------ -
4 GOODS asNOTHING GOING NORTH. .. .. and every Monday and Thursday! at 4:()('
- -- -- -- -- --'
Leave Jacks l1\.i11e..M.20 a.m. t. 3.10 p.m tl MOBILE ICIvcr anil Oroaii StcaiiibonfN.MALLOHY'8 p. nn. for1'tutla '
Leave Hart's Road.....0.45 a.m. t. 4.15 p.m. RAILWAY.On -- -- .
... HUT THE FINEST BRAND! Arrive Fernandina..10.23: a.m. & 4.50 }I.I11. and after Monday, May 2,1881, Train (ItiiNMu and Key Went.

Double Trains daily except Sunday.CONNECTIONS. on this road will run daily as follows : .-
/r are kept in stock.: aoixu WI'>T. Connections nmdo at Cedar Key with th

. 4 Leave Lake City..12.80 I }p.m. Florida\ Transit Railroad from and to all
II 'i ;, Leave Welborn........... 1.20: p.m. (h11y; Direct Line to New York points North and West; at Punta' Russa with

1 AT FERXAXDINl, FLA., Leave--- Houston.--- .........-..- 1.38' }I.1I1 ._-....... :Steamer Pino I..enl"Through for Fort Myers!, Fort Ogden, and

With New York and Fernandina Steamship Arrive Live Oak.......... 200 jMiiT ,j:1: Jh Tickets wile at Fenian-
ore on
Leave Live ... ... r
Oak. .. :2.30
Line from New York at 1 1u U p.m.
on Tuesday: Jacksonville Gainesville
& Leave Ciister........ ..... 2.18p.m. (1)lIa) and Coda
or 4.00 in. and for New York
: mil ,
p. .. / Key, at greatly reduced rates for nil princi
-- -
: 'j This space reserved for Thursday after arrival of afternoon trains. Leave ElTavnTe....:...:... :3.30"j>!in.jcave r.... 7""Q'I l'ull'oints on the Gulf Coast. *

\Vith Georgia and Florida Inland Steamboat [ MadNon............. .,1.451'.11I. .. ,J, M, GALPHIN.. Gen'lAg't,

.\. II. NOTES, Monday Company; savannah:) from Savannah daily except daily Sunday.except LcavufSrcenville; ,...,.,:. 5.45p.m.: :--- THE FINE STEAMSHIPS) ) 13 Cedar. Key, Fla.pi"i3T. .

Leave Aucilla............ 0.10
With Charleston Steamer from Savanna! p.m. u'IS'I'I: :UN TEXAN: .
< ,: Grocer ami Ship Chandler, and Charleston on Wednesday and Sunday; Leave I Drifton... .:::... fUO$ 1'.111.," T OAIT. II I INKS MARY'S RIVE ItS'I'J

for Savannah and Charleston Tuesday and Leave Monticcllo........ 5.50 pan ,
., ...- .4v_ FERNANDINA, FLA. [Friday. I Leave Lloyd's..=::::.. 7.15 p.m. CITY OF DALLAS, JI PACI(1,1' 1)IlI'iNS'. .
With Steamer Flora from River
, V t St.3tary's Leave Chain...... ...... 7,10 |.m. ,
Landings Wednesday and Friday; for CAIT. RISK
F st. Mary's River Landings on Sunday and Arrive Tallahassee; i ".2.\' (p.m. .
.f Wednesday. .MiveTallahaHse........ H.50 }I.m. ONE of the above Steamers will lean<
J ., AT CALLAIIIN. Leave<<: Midway........... 0.30! :!! }I.III. for New York every Thursday '
-, ---- on arrival of afternoon trains! froiiJacksonville
To and from Savannah at 10.43 a. in, and Leave QItIIl.i.i: 10.2>TpTur: and Cedar Key.
6 2.20 L avc Ill l'lt-asant..ll.Ol TUB .IIT E.\"&Jtlf
p. in. (I.m.
._ This line, having no transfers to inakt
,: ANGEL d. FItIENI, AT BVLDWI.V, KLA., Arrive Ii7atta. Hh't'r..U:50: p.tn -- betweenFERNANDINA }I4'0 It A AUTIIA,-

To and from Tallahassee at 12.20 noon ==- :-- ====:.- ;: ::-=::::'_-; .-_:"::'=:; Captain liiciiARiwoir. Captain -.---. .-.-- _,

'. CHOICE AT LOCJILOOHA, FLA., (Tuesdays, Thursdays and &,tflrdtJy'.) Oilers theHEST 1 Ki 1'" DAILY. 8EUVICK.fte i *.

:: With Steamer Alpha for 11.11illt4 and 1.<<:'1Iovo Tallahassee............,. 0.00 a.m -
Groceries, Cigar, and<< Tobacco, landings on Orange Lake, on arrival of Perm Leave Chattahoochee..................10.10 a.m. : AND CHEAPEST: : TRANSPORTATION Tho FJoraleavea' Fernandina forSt.Mary'i

insular Railroad Train.AT Arrive St. Marks...... ............:..?10.35 a.m TO FLORIDA) SHIPPERS.: liver landings: every Monday, Wednesday
TOYS AND FANCY ARTICLES. OCALA. .. and Friday-returning on Tuesday Titers
and will receive lay and Saturday.
OOI.NU: LAST Vegetables Fruits tlllt'tial i )
. Weddings, Entertainments, and Picnics, With Stage Line to and from Brooksvillt care in handling The Martha leaves Fernandina: for ban
i' furnished at the shortest notice, at rock-botr daily except Sunday. l.ea'c Chatta. River.4.30 a.m. points every Tuesday, Thursday and 8atu-
: tom prices, at Tuesday, Thursday anti flaturtlayf' from Leave Chattahoochee... 4.30! a.m. PASSENGER ACCOMMODATIONS AllEFIIESTCLASS lay-returning every Monday Wednesday
'; ANGEL'S BAKERY, Ocala and Tampa on )lon l1t"rWIay Leave }It. Pleasant..... 5.15 a.m. and Friday

: .,. Centre Street, and Friday.AT Leave .:...... 5.52a.m.; -

23 Opp. old P. O. Building. CEDAR KEY, FLA., Leave Midway........,... 0.41 a.m. The traveling are offered the advantage Through Hill or Lading
. Arrive Tallaha--e- -!:::-.. '7.30 -- of a DIIIIECr LINK. WITHOUT
With Steamer Miller to and from Fensaco- a.m. ( of fteamew to all
: : 4, SIM'S 1>All LOU IIESTAITIMNT, la on Monday and Friday. Leave Tallahassee....... 8.00 a.m. ANY Fernundina CHANGES.with: all Connections steamboats made for all at 'mats uLLORY'S Mary's.LINE *.
..... With Steamers Clinton and Morgan for Leave liaTrea'.:::::....5l43: a.in. ( on the St. John's, Ocklawuha, and

. ;' ., Between Centre and Alachuu, New Orleans on Friday ; from New Orleanson Leave Uoyd's............ 0.03 a.m. ._ Indian Rivers, and with the Transit, Railroad Clone (Connection
I Saturday: from Havana and Key West, at Fernandina for all railroad fetatiom
Leave )fonti
llo......... 0.00 a.m.
FJomNDIN.t'LOUlDA.. .)Friday; fur Key West and Havana, on Leave Drifton............- 0.45a.m. and Gulf Jens in Florida :made-! with the New York, Charleston aqd4uvgnuula
:Saturday Steamers.GOOD .

With Florida & Havana Mail Steamship! Leave AuHJla.............10.10 a.m. FREIGHT AND PASSENGER RATE>
Leave Oreenville.........10. 5 .
recently moved and fitted Tip Company's Steamers for Key Wet.tand Tam a.m. ACCOMMODATIONSfor -;"* -
HAVING -- AS IXW AS BY INDIRECT LINl'3.Solr'I'l&rough ''
ROOMS I am prepared pa on Monday and Thursday. Leave 3fadiron..11.411 a.m. hW.t'n 'Touriuwill

to tuniUh, meals at all hours, gotten up In With Steamer Eidtrprite, fur paints on the Leave Kllaville.: ....... ...12..')5 p.m... 6.30,a.m. ) Rates and nUllS of find this t'I'H.ExcunIunl.tlf and
Ladluti [ a very uftrlIvvtdp( a" DM
the best style and,at.. .. 3uannee Hirer, on Thursdays at 0 a. m. Leave Custer........... 1.2-Jp.inr to all 1M'iuts. k-enery is grand,' and ulUgatobj/aiul othcj
.. ''I1 For Information reflecting routes, rates, Arrive Live Oak.......... 1.40 p.m. For passage or further information, apply .name are abundant. .-'
; XTREMELY LOW PRICES,-tfe etc., apply to Leave Live Oak........... 2.10p.m. to | sit"" Either; of the above P'I\ut't8'I'' w n !..
---- +- 1:. W. 1'30u'rU1CK.g'llt.. chartt'J't'tJ for u\'u.iuu l part| *?it) titut
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