IIhalll'.1)' for license ten dollars. they commanded only the lowest jurice.S 15-131 :Ot; Mary', Ja. A MI HUT: r. IIIUWKM*.

r .

I, .



... ..... _..-...-..._;:i+r- ..... .
.... ,
,- -,:_L:::.__:- .' ,'," ;:\ I, 'T,4 H" HI'\.j!'\ ', Id11f!! ,A IT _.-.- = .. 7<[1 .....;.:..:.:::....:..: ._"-::.. ;-r + 0J'oL; : : "" ;o ';':) W -,..-.' v. -:-;- --

--,.;..:.::..;:.....-. -- .-.--.- ._. .



I I .' __..______.___________ .. .._- -- _. --- u ___ '_' .. ... ___eO .__"___._ _.. .- .-.----

,.. ,, ', + Tin PLOUGH 1I.fSSOSG.. 188O-1OOO. (]I'XI'U.\I: : IIKiCTORI'. HIKER COUNTY. I Assessor of Taxes-Thomas Uarco, Cotton j

t'I To the Editor of the Mirror: County Jttd/jc-R. I n. Davis! Sanderson Pll1nt. N.
I United Slate Officer Collector of Rc/'r.lll1c-I"redcrll'k Foy, .i
Professor Challlc's/ article on Vital Statistics Clr.rk-P. J. POll! Sanderson. '
Ns ) I Niger mighty. happy ,w'en he layln' by ," In a late medical journal while very l.VMl OFFICE, OUNESVILLE.Register ,s1/eriff-U. C. Hcrndon Sanderson.Assessor Ocala Superintendent. of Schools-lL C. Martin[ i
tt con. -},. A. Barnes, Gainesville.Jlcceivcr of Tu.re.i-George P. Canova San
'h Hat sun's a Man tin' ; Interesting! as an analysis of the data given -John .F. Rollins. Gainesville.SurveyorGeneral derson Fort McCoy. (

Nigger mighty happy w'en he year do din by the census of 1880, yet docs not take Into -Malaehi: Martin, Talla Collector of Jcl'Clllle-Hich\Tll Kennedy: MONROE: COUNTY.County .
ner ho'n- consideration the several silent yet potent hassee. Darby ville. J"rlyc-ChM. S. Baron, Key West. i
Hat'Iun's' nslantin' ; DISTRICT:' COURT .Superintendent( of School*-A. J. W. Cobb Clerk-John Snitcher Key Vu, est.
that In few decades, will make a .
; ti I Kn: ho mo1 happy III we'en dc night drawson factors a Olustec. 'criffeor' A. Dcmcrritt, Key
o great. change in the relative numbers of the Judge-Thomas Settle, Jacksonville.Marshal \DFORD COUNTY. Asfcisor of Tcu-M.-Waltcr C. Maloney[ Jr., ;
-J. H. I Durkce, Jacksonville.'
i Dat sun's aslantin'
0 ; \\hitcsandblacksin the United :States. Key West.
: flat sun's a slantin' des cz sho's you bo'n I IEn C7er1Philip'alter) Jacksonville !fllwfy.T/Lrle-.J., It. Richard, Providence Collector of JCI'e/lIlC-Wn1tcr/ C. Maloney, '
: Professor C. thinks the ratio of increase! of Clerk-I1(>nr\' F. York, Lake Butler.Sheriff .
it nnuddcr INTERNAL
: rises up Primus I fetch yell ; : RnVKNlK. Jr., Key West.
\ 4 Hat old dun cow des a shakin' up her bell, the blacks: from 1870 to 1880 too great, 31.78 C'Jlertor-Ienmuis Jrmgan.Jacksonville. ; -\\ W. Tumblin. Starke. Superintendent Schools-L V. Harris, Key :
En dc rhumin' fo' done fell it be somewhat but Assessor of Taxes-N. C.' Wainwright, Lake t.
; I frogs up ; per cent., and so may ,,'est. '
wish COLLECTORS: OF (TtotTo I1\ Butler.
(, :H! 1 0ood well-nightMI.I Killdcel I you mighty since the war, In this section, 50 per cent. .J"huV.. Unwell, Fernandina.Edward Collector of Rr/'cIIllIJ-Bunhcrrr/ Ilaynes NAS'$.tU COUNTY.

t'if I 1 -IMr.. Killdecl I I wish you mighty well I I1 would he, nearer the ratio of Increase. They I: Hopkins Jacksonville. Santa Fe.Superintendent. County Judge-Hinton J. llaker, Fernanw..

: 1 wish you mighty well I li marry at a very early age, and illegitimacy; is John F. Hous, :St.: Augustine.J. / of Schools-L. B. ]Rhodes, diva Clerk-J. A. Kdwards:. Fernandina.
i common that at least one-half of the chil-, M. Currie, Cedar, Key. Sheriff Peter Cone, Fernandina.Assessor .
i I' t Dc co'n'll be ready 'lnHt dinnplin1! day- dren now living are uncertain' as to their paternity. of 1.rrs-Wm.. II. Garland, Fer
t -James A. McCrory City
Hat sun s a .slantin : Stale Officer County Judge nandina.
J r I But nigger goiter watch en stick( en IItalJatfmn'sn"lantin' '- Point.
) EXECUTIVE mw.tRTMENT.GorcrirorVnm. : Collector of Cercnuie-\\'arren F. Scott, lernandina. I
?,;, ; When set free the colored population ran ('lrrkA.. Stewart Titusville. :
s Same de becmartin'atcllin.' un dc jay- I). Bloxham, Tallahasse.!' !' Assessor of Taxes Wallace Heliosis i Georg
ez riot in excesses, hundreds of families livingas Li'cutcnnnt-Gorernor Superintendent v if ScwlfA.. Mahoney, i
Dat sun's aslantin' ; -Livingston Beth ian nv. j
/ (C"l'I Hat sun's a Mmitin' and a sHii n' away I promiscuous as if in Dahomey or Thibet. el, Key West.Secretary Collector of Itcrrnnc<'. M. Platt, Lake Jes- 1 Callahan .
./ r'' Den It rises up, Primus 1 en gin it t'uni Men would up" with women for 1I 1\ of State-John 1.. Crawford, Tal sup, Orange County.Superintendent OIUNOE COUNTY.Co,0i1y t

.; \ strong ; I year or so, and abandon them forothers ut lahassee. of Schools-.\. Grady La Judge-11. L. Summcrlin, Orlando. .
i Dc COWS' gwinc homo with dcr ding-dang- Cfllllpl'ollern.. ]Barnes Tallahassee. Grange. Clerk-J. 1'. Hngh(')', Orlando.
dong ; pleasure. Many men had two or more such T/rfl.wrrr-JJ'Ilry A. IJEnld, 1'ullaha.see. CLAY COUNTY. $/If'riff-Thornas. hlnl', Fort Reid.

t l Sling in antidder tech er dc ole-time song : wives, and if anybody wants to !see the Attorney-General-George 1'. Raney, Talla County Judge-J. T. Copeland, Orange Assessor of Taxes-James M. Owens!\, Haw- j
I J Good-night, Whipperwilll don't stay amazing spectacle of :20 children, all under hassee.Commissioner!' Park. kinsville.
I 1 of Lands-Hugh A. Collector of CI'ellll-Xat.. Poyntz, Orlando.Superintendent .
: long wives let Corlcy.Tallahassee. Clcrk-O. A. Bud Green Cove
15 years of age, in one family, two inptoll; ,
Jolm T. Becks
Schools ,
of -
I -Mr. Wll(pl'crwilll 1 don't stay long 1m 1 Springs.
them inquire in Levy county for George Superintendent of I'uUic Instruction,. K. ) Fort Reid.
1\\ -Don't stay long I IDc Ik It Sheriff J amen W. DeWitt, Green Cove
t R Harrison, nine miles East: of Bronson. Others Foster, Tallahassee. Springs.Assessor. TAYLOR COUNTY.

i 1 i "ladders, clcy cr crcepin' todes de top erIt are nearly as prolific. There has been Adjutant-General. Yonge, Tallahassee of Tares-Win. Conway, Kingsley. C'otwlllT/flqe-/ H. Parker, Perry. I
i do hillt little restraint! and with coarse food, outdoorlife BURKYU OF IMMIOIUTION.- Collector of Revenue Win. S. Plumtncr, Sheriff/: Thomas: Osteen: Perry
(Commissioner A. Robinson'
t 1 ; Dat sun's n slantin' ; Tallahassee. Max ville. Clerk-John C. Calhoun, Perry.
f i But night don't troy w'at de day done for both sexes, and perhaps Oriental Superintendent of Schools M. F. Geiger, Superintendent of Schools-T. J. Franklin, ..I.
bull'- ideas as to the desirability of large families, Clerk-R. C. Long, Tallahassee. M ide'lIeburg. Perry ,

) t Dat sun's a slantin' ; the blacks have increased in a ratio that, if b/crillVfgent-Samuel; Fairbanks Astor COLUMBK COUNTY.Calmly County Trca.rtrl'r-H. S. Sutton, Perry.
: tL. 'Less dc noddin' er dc nigger give do ashcake Building\ Jacksonville ; D. S. Place, Waldo.SUPREME Cutrnhl.Surreyor-1)). N. Cox, Perry.
in other sections than Florida will
equaled Judge-W. M. Ives, Jr., Lake City.
k\ r' I a chill- : COURT. Collector of Jrt'elllLe-John C. Cal bonn,
the returns. The first Clerk-John Vinzant, Jr., Lake City.
: \k I t Dat 8Un'lIlfllantin' ; fully justify census Perry .
; Chief Justice-E.: M I. Randall, Jacksonville.
t flat sun's slantin' down still I somewhat Sheriff J. W. Perry, Lake City. .f Taxes S. H. Peacock
a en slippin'' chapter of Exodus gives a case Associate Justice-J. Westcott, jr., Tallahas Lake sscssor of Perry
Assessor T".re.-I.. 1 Rivers
of City.
Den sing it out, Primus I dcs holler en bawl,
similar ST. COUNTY.
I Collector of Ta.rrs-.J. L. Parish, Lake City.
t En w'ilst we arc strlppin dose mules for der see.Associate
stall\ But the census of 1880 tells u talc that, I Justice11. ll.'au Valkcnburgh, Superintendent of Sclwolll-Jutiusl'otsdamCr: COIl/llyJ"tl/C-f. R. Cooper St. Augus
I, Let call do:gals ketch de soun' er der plantation venture to predict, will not bo repeated in Clerk-C. II. Foster, Tallahassee.CIRCUIT Lake City. DUVAL COUNTY. tine.Clerk-Bartolo F. Oliveros, St. Augustine

Oh It's ladies love unter 1900. JUIK1ES. William, McLean Jack 1. Sheriff Ramon Hernandez, St. Augustine:
goodnight, I my County Judge ,
in United is
The colored race the States Taxis David L. Dunham
you Rill I First Ciicuit; -Augustus Maxwell: Pen- sonville. .IsaCMorof St.
Ladies 1 my love untcr you nil I I'J now at Its maximum. Two factors arc actively sacola. Clerk-Thomas K.: Buckman, Jacksonville Ant ustine.
'i -My love unter you aliI I Id at work tending to its rapid decrease. Second Circuit-David :Walker, Tallahassee. Sheriff=Uriah Bowden Jacksonville.! CfJlll'clorif Ilcresmur-Joseph F. Llambias,

''J -Jad Chandler Harris.VIENNA.. Firstan increased,Ienth-rate alllongchildrell. Assessor of Ta.rcs-A. J. Prcvatt, Jackson. St. Augustine.Superintendent.
\ Third C/'cltil-I-] J. Vann, Madison ville. / of 8cwols-V. F. Perpall,
,' .l In a large range of practice, and with exceptional Fourth Circuit-James JI I. Baker, Jackson- Collector of R'cllllefoses/ J. Brown Augustine.('.
\I't chances for observation, I am satisfied vi ne. Jacksonville.Sujterinteitdent.I : SUMTER COUNTY.

'f To the FA'dor of the Mirror : that one-third of the black children Fifth Ct'/'cllit-Jall1cs II. D.iwkins! Gainesville. !. of Schools-Albert J, Russell County .hngc-I Henry S.Cussuly, 1.*(' tJ\rg.
Jacksonville Clerk=Thomas J. Ivey Ll'"hurJ.t.Sl"'I'i.JJ. .
\ V i VIENNA: May 7, 1881. born since: 1WJO( have died before arriving at ,
Sixth Circuit-U. L. Mitchell, Tampa. IUMILTON: COUNTY. ] S. Dyches, Leesburg.Awtnor .
Crown Prince Rudolph left Vienna for two years' of age. Diseases, induced by unclean Seventh Circuit-\V.; Archer Cocke, Sanford nf Taxes-(J. 1'. Wall, Webster.Collect'r : .

:Salzburg at seven o'clock this morning, accompanied habits, poor food, poor clothing and Clerk County/ -J.Judge Caldwell.-Henry J'a per.Sheriff J. Stewart. Jasper. of JCI'rnllr-.fohll. }))'che ,

'I by small suite. The special thins out all but limo of Lecsburg.Supirlutendent.
n exposure, strongest Court Calendar.FIRST / James: M. Duncan, .JlIsl'C'r. ; of Sihvnli-.\. C. Clarke
I t train by which they traveled was to reachits the children, and retards development of CIRCUIT. Assessor of /ilr".9-.J. It. Hunter, Ancrum. Sumtcrville. "

I destination in six and a half hours, being those who survive. The utterly improvident. ; Full 1'crm- Collector} of I/'CIIIIC-r, H. II. [Lend, t-UWAXCi: COUNTY.
Columbia ( .
't 1 due at Salzburg: at half-pastonc. A telegram character of our black people i is well known, Santa\\'mdtomiItli Rosa, 2d:Monday Monday in in October October.) ; / County.Superintendent of SdlOols-.1o hna H. Roberts County Julye-.I. :M. Blackburn, Live

,\H from Augsburg announces the arrival of the as well as a some Arabic belief in fate, not I Holmes Wednesday,I ( after ith Monday, An('rlllll. Oak. '

J King of the Belgians, accompanied by Princes favorable to any exertion to avoid\ sickness.It in October.Washington. HRRNAMiO COUNTY. Clerk Robert" A. Reid, Live Oak.

Clementine, at nine this morning. His was not, so before the war. Our plant Monday: after 4th Monday... County' Judge-"'. 1 L. Frierson, Brooks- .Assessor"'ll'rijr-.John 1t.rC8-W It. Sessions, H,, Live SessionsVel Oak. -

I majesty and the princess were met at the I II ers gave their laborers the benefit of\ the best in October. vi ill 11. born.Collector.
Jackson, 3d Monday after lib Mondav in Clerk-.1. C. Law Brooksville.:
I j station by the Queen of the Belgians, who of medical skill, but they do not get it now. October 1'IIcri.11'-.J., It. Micklcr, Brooksville. J/'IIIfI'-Hohert P. Allison

i arrived there with l'rincessStepluanhiyester Ignorant midwives destroy scores of children Kscambia. 1st Monday in December.) AsstMvr( of Taxes-Frank K.Saxon: Brooks. Live Oak.
: day. At ten o'clock the royal party lunched and injure the mothers, and in severe This act amended section 2 of act of February ville.Collfctof 1 Live Superintendent Oak. ( of Schools-J. O.) C. Jotter
t JO, 1871) and does not change the llercuuee-V. )uI. Townsend
1 of ,
at the where accommodations had ,
hotel is
: cases of disease!\ often the Voodoo charm : vt i.rstt COUNTY.
Spring: Term. Brooksville.SuiHriiitcudcut.
't been provided for them and at half-past. the only medication (given, and these influences ; THIRD CIRCUIT. of Srh'tult-D. H. Thrasher, Cunnty Judge-James II. (,Chandler Enter .

1 eleven they proceeded by special train to, are dcletcriousto the chances of future i Sjiriug TtrmTavlor Fort I Dade. prise.

t Salzburg, where they were expected to arrive increase. : 1st Tuesday after 1st Monday... in HIt.LSlUKOUiII; COUNTY. .Clerk.... John W.. Dickins) Enterprise.
.haiff-\\ Cone, Enterprise.
F at ten minutes to four this afternoon. Second, Excess in the use of tobacco, excess April.Madison, 211\ Monday in April.! County Judge-II. L. Crane, Tampa.Clerk Assessor. of Taxc. -Join] Anderson, Enter

Unfortunately it has been raining at Salzburg in alcoholic beverages:'!, and, above all, Hamilton, Illi Monday; in April.Suwanee 1. -Win. C. Brown, TII III pa. prise.Collector.
Sheriff/ D. Isaac[ Craft, Tampa.Ansrsi .
since yesterday, and the picturesque: the horrid diseases induced)'the t licentious 1st :Monday after! 4th Mondayin : >or ofi.resO.E.. Spark uum'I'ampa. Land of Reernac-John B. Jordan, De-

L old town, which has been splendidly decorated habits of the blacks are fast sowing the seeds; April.Columbia after 4th Collector of J1I11C-r." F. liuris1'ampa, Superintendent of 8d.ofl111-\. Cranshaw: ,
3d [
Monday Monday
m'm for the occasion, does not look to ad of decay in the race. The medical men of in April.Iafavette. Superintendent flfSclwuls-\\P. HendersonTampa. Enterpri.se.; .

VV k vantage. The princess and her royal parents the South:\ well know the treumendouspread 1 fith Tuesday after 4th :Monday: JEFFERSON W.Kl'LL.'Ol"NT\ .

will arrive Vienna to-morrow after of the syphilitic infection among (lie negroes in April.. CornihJnilye-W..A! Giles; Crawfordville. ,
noon Here too, the weather has been unfavorable since 18(50( and the next generation Fall 'J'ermTaylor. Ctuuihi .T/ldyf'--.1 11. Christie, Monticello. Sheriff W. H. Walker, Crawfordville.
Sht'r/-T.) Simkins:: Monticello.
(/ Clerk
1st Tuesday after 1st Monday in -Nat. !Walker, Crawford vile.
'C for the last twenty-four hours, and will be noted for its frailty and non-prolifi October.Madison. Clerk-\\\ C. Bird, Monticello.SuHrintfudent Superintendent of Scwo1s'r.. Duval,

the rain has done considerable damage to racy ; tho next for its rapid decay. ::Monday:: in October. of "'dlol.It 'faylor.MontiltIl. Craw forfi Alec.

!' the multi-colored (lags and hunting that Tho casc< are horribly frequent, that justify I Hamilton, 4th :Monday in October Uuunty TreasurerW.. Walker, Craw
I Suwannec, Let Monday[ after 4th Monday County 1i'cwrl'rGirardcuu, lfoi- fordville.Collector.
have already made their appearance. All my prediction, and can bo verified by any in October. ticello.Collector. of J'I''III1C-\\ H. Walker Crawford
the bands of the capital have been "studying physician of experience here. Lung diseases Columbia 3d Monday after 1tlm Monday in of I'tTCHiie. -Joseph Pahmier1on ville.

"I, the Belgian national anthem, the Braban- rheumatism, carious bones, obstinate October.Lafayette. ticello.Astemor. Assessor of Taxes C. R. Reynolds, Craw
I ',. (lath after 4th Mondayin of Taxes-J. 1' Grantham, Monti- ford\ ille.Professional. '
cotmc and I hear, though I can scarcelybelieve ulcers and cadaveric faces are all too common Tuesday cello.
I it, that M. Grevy's brother will be in late years, and unless speedily October FOURTH CIRCUIT.Spring : UFAYETTK COUNTY. : and Business- ; Card; ,

:, greeted with that insipid and meaningless checked the race-problcut will solve itself T'rlll- Counttf Judge( ";. J. Dixon, New Troy. -- ---- _H_' _.__

I composition, Partant: pour ):Syrie." The rapidly The weaker must go to the wall. St. John's. Tuesday in March. Sheriff Thomas Walker, New Troy. "')1. 11. C. nUKYKK e.-, i

: French national anthem, adopted by the The history of Hawai will be rl'l'catellmuong Clay, 4th Tuesday in March. Clerk-Howell Hawkins, New Troy. !

Republic, is Marseillaise," and, if only the blacks in this country. Bradford, 1-t Tuesday in April. Troy Sujterintcndeiit of SclwfJJ.C.Hamsey, New GE NERAL COMMISSION: ;; MERCHANT: ,
(Maker, 2d Tuesday In April. I
on grounds of musical taste, it would be athousaiid There is \food for thought in these facts. Nassau, 3d 1 Tuesday; in April. County Treasurer-J. M. N. Peaeock New CENTRE ST., NEYU R. K. DEPOT

pities were the tirC'floll1ccantatn of J. l'. N., M. D. Duval, 1st Tuesday in \Ia)', Tn)" .

1 Queen Hortensc .substituted for it. The i Archer' May SI, /88CO.1l1'7'IlOI4141n /. Fall 1'mn- Troy.Assessor Collector. of }:Revenue Newton Supp, New FERNANDINA: FLA. I
St. John's:! Tuesday in September.
grandmaster of the ceremonies has appointed Clay, 4th Tuesday inSeptember.Bradford of Tnxe*-\. :S. Ackley, New Troy. Hay, ('oru. Out*. i
It.I UNI:5'
belonging/; to the aristocracy _
J pages Tuesday in October. I-EON: COUNTY. -- '
of Vienna to ride alongside of the carriage tax-collector of Manatee county has Baker, 2d Tuesday in October. Cwuitii Judge\\'. C. llvrd, Tallahassee.Sheriff" "'.K-: ISA+ UK\ [, ,

t that is to convey Princess Stephanie from received from Comptroller Barnes the following Nassau, Tuesday! in October.<< .\. 'Moseley, Tallahassee. AGENT,

Schoenbrunn t* Vienna One hundred and instructions : "Collect taxes on all Duval, 1st Tuesday in November. t'lak-C. Itryan, Tallahassee. I
Superintendent of Schools I Henry N. Felkel WHOLESALE AND RETAIL '
twenty young girls will receive her royal personal property except what i is eXl'rSllrexempt FIFTH CIRCUIT.Spring Tallahassee.Treasurer. BUTCHER AND) STOCK DEALER,

[ t highness at the outskirts of the town. A by "statutogMus' and other firearms Sumter Term, 31 1-Monday in March. -J. Demilly, Tallahass.ee.Collector ANDDenier

4 suite of apartments has been taken for the are l'el14onall'ropl ', and should! be Marion, 4th Monday in :March. of }:,,'rl/lll'-C C. C' Pearce, Talla in lee. ..

Prince of Wales at one of the large hotels. included in the general estimate lIIull.Illndcr Putnam 3d Tuesday after 4th Monday in hassee.Assersur. TENNESSEE;; BEEF A
: ;
of Taxes-((5. .\. Croome, Tallahassee. .
iii Ills royal highness U as opular in Hungary /; heading No. 10 of the tax-book. In valuingreal March, 4th after 4th Monday in BROOM STREET WH tar,

tt as he is !here, and doubt whether he will estate, it is proper to include in the estimate March Levy, Tuesday LKVY I-OUNTV. 19-tf FERNANDINA.I

bo able to leave without paying a visit to all improvements on the same, whether Alaehua, 4th Monday after 4th Monday in County Judy-"'. II. Sebring, Bronson; ___._ ____ ::. FLA. t

Pesth. The! Duke of Teck and llobart Pasha it be house, trees, orchard, shrubbery, or March. Clerk-J. M. Barmy, Itronson. C, D.RT. H. 8TEITZ.

t m are amongst distinguished guests at present. any. other thing! that gives; value to it. Orange TermMonday Sheriff. S. Parker, Itronson. C. n.'UT A CO., I
t In October.Marion Assessor of Taxes Louis Appetl, Itronson
Illustrated programmes of the coming trees or nurseries are not to be valued :Monday: in October. (ullr'lorIf' Rn'/lIlc-J. Ira Gore, Cedar Importers and Wholesale Dealers in t
festivities and more or less accurate biographies separately, for they are apart of the realty ; Putnam Tuesday in November. Key. i

I i t ,4.V; of the crown prince and his fiancee, and If the land has been made more valuable Levy, 4th Tuesday November. Superintendent of &oo1J. 11. Menden- Foreign and Domestic' \
because of their addition to it, they must Aln hun, Ism Monday after 4th Tuesday in hall, Hronson. I
ti : are sold all over the town, and are almost: : .
be considered the estimate. In a word, November. MADISON C-OUNTY. Fruits, Nuts, etc.,
cosily disposed{ of as Nihilist proclamations the land must be valued it stands with SEVENTH CIRCUIT. Comity Judge-R. M. Withe poon, Madi t
in tho streets of St. Petersburg There is: a whatever theme is upon it and belonging to Spring Term- son. Nos. 55, 57 and 59 Market Street, I

wholesome display of 10)'a1In\ the local it, and what would legally pass with it if Orange, 4th Monday in January. Sheriff S. M. Hawkins. Madison. ,
enough to discourage the most determined sold.. \'oluIoIII,3J Monday in February. Clerk-John M f. Iteggs-, MadisonSutterintendent CHAHLISTON; SOUTH CAROLINA, j s\
press This: decision (and there can bo no doubt Hrevanl. 1st Monday in March. of &houls-E.; S. Tyner, ,
\ propagator of republican theories. of its correctness and justice) will create na.ll',3tIIonday l in April. Madison ,Consignments; of FLORID ORANGES

This afternoon," says the Vienna Allge- considerable dissatisfaction among tho orange Fall Term- County Treasurer--S. S. Smith, Madison. solicited.. ,.and prompt returns made. G3-6m
umeinazritinig"time bride of our crown prince, growers of South Florida It has been Orange, 2d Monday August, Collector of Rn't'/IIu--\I.\ Warring, Mad- -_ T
i the custom, we understand, for proprietorsof Vohisia., 2d Monday( in l September.Brevard. icon (:. F..tVER1, .
culled to Flare tho throne
I she who is upon) land in that section of Florida to value 4th Monday in September. Assessor( of Taxes-B. D. Wadsworth, Mad
r of this empire with him, has arrived on their (possessions ut the price originally: paid;' Dade, :2d Monday in November.County bon
j. Austrian soil, in her new home, her second for the land-and not to take into consider MIN\TEE COUNTY. ;

tl f fatherland. Millions of hearts: beat in unison ationitsinglrvel value consequent upon om....",. County JIlIle-Z! Crawford, Manatee.jerkliOi.ert 1
u i ? the successful growth of an orango prove.For '. ( S, Jrimth, Manat. LIV1al1': AND BOARDING STABLHS.CARRIAGES .
V with her'sand hope that the years: siLo instance, a t Jrt\-l1rre tract of land; was ."Ll'Ul''tll'l'iT\ 1
i yl % will spend among us may be years: of happiness 'purchased by Mr, :X fifteen years ago for 1 r of Taxes-S.! J., Tyler Level., Itradentown AND WAGONS

and contentment, and that the tie that :$500 ; he has succeeded! in placing upon it a 1 villo.Clerk. Collector t'f: :' '''/ Marion G. Carlton, To and from Steamers and Train
J. .\. Carlisle :
ten-acre and increased thereby ,
1L ;A vY unites her with Austria, from the day she the market orange grove value of the original: forty John W. Turner, <;5ainesville..ItfMxor 1'onasb. CONTRACTS FOR HAULING, }:TC'.

w t !became the crown prince's bride, may ever acres to $10,000.> Under such circumstance'sis of Turn-George. Hawthorne, line Superintendent Level of School*-Felix J. Seward FOR 8\LE :

r be drawn closer" ,The otlldal Wiener Abend' it equity for Mr. .\. to pay a revenue on Hawthorne.tMeetaroL'eetmie, M1KION i\" >UMY.Cuunty HOUSES, BUGGIES: HARNESS, .
only the original; ; >'alnuf the land? We -ii, }'. Thomas, (!aine:- CUrsXD WAGONS;
comes out this evening with a pink bor- Judge Samuel F. Marshal Ol>nla. .1 j
post think not ; and therefore General Barnes' 'ilIl' : 9-TERMS. CASH*Z
Jer, and its two first pages devoted to verseti decision is :a correct one.-Jlonticelttt. t' wf'. Superintendent of , Gainesville. :"htTiff-\, Critchtield, Ot-ala. BrumtstreetVharf.: '
V written for the occasion tlltiu'I, : t9-tf I




K ,.' "e..'""' .._ -. -


.'-? .., _.



, '.


"j ._ .. .. .
-- -
--- --------- ------- ---- --- -- ---- - - ---- --- ---- --- ----------- ---- -- -

, w OX CAXXIXG I.'ll (lIT.... now TO usi: COTTON 811n1I.t1n not as (he art journal now give I (ho subject 1880. 1881. I

So much has been saitl about l rcscrving much attention and the libraries of the various
t .\ ton of meal contains! thirty-eight pounds
fruits in air-tight cans or jars that the editor of potash and t Ii fy six pounds:. of phosphoricacid : decorative societies! are open\ to all
of the American! Agriculturist is surprisedthat who choose to consult them, or to send forth
with seventy-eight pounds of nitrogen ; books members of
the still for < whether these sock
inquiries conic descriptions
.f it is thus rich enough in these elements to
of thc ,rocess. In our own family: the canning ties or not.-laftinorrcndir.
be useful which
as a manure, for purpose( ,
t ? ot fruit is a matter of course, and we indeed it is extensively Used in the :South THE
advise all who have never tried it to do so rich food; it be Real Estate.:
Hut being so a cannot givento
,'i:, at once ; they will be sure to keep up the animals, except in small quantities Two -- ---- -----

r practice afterwards. pounds) are quite enough for a cow that is Tin: rrpOWN .<
.. The principle should\ understood, in milking ; a calf should not have more than
.. '.: order to work intelligently The fruit is
two to four ounces ; pigs will not thrive on IMPROVEMENT: COMPANY.
;'/;, preserved by placing it in a"Cssl,1 from it at all as it is too rich for t them except .
.' r which the external air is entirely excluded. when ien in small quantities mixed with
> This is clTcctcit by surrounding the fruit by sops
bran \ or cut roots. Horses do well on
rw liquid and by the use! of heat to rarify and
it if with
given two pounds daily cornmeal
,.. expel the air that may be entangled in the ; )Iwo pounds of it equal) ten pounds FcriiniMlina, FLORIDA MIRROR

.,:I i fruit or lodged in its pores. The preservation oats. Hut if fed too abundantly; the bowels Towns oil It. It. Line,
does not ,h'pelldll'on sugar though
arc made nr'ulti'e mend the kidneysare
)4 of this is used in And Cedar Ke '.
enough the liquid which affected. This is doubtless: on LIl'COllilt.. >
covers the fruit to make it palatable. The
of its nature the
highly) nitrogenous) as I
heat answers another purpose ; it destroysthe I was-tp nitrogen is eliminated 1 i I from the system .

F ferment which fruits naturally contain, through the kidneys, and they are too: actis -
,. + and as long as they are kept from contact "cl.v excited by very rich foul The next
with the external air they do not decom
t; ill effect is an !I'llItllllinatol'\'OIl1litioll of the Offers to Lessees! and Purchaser a large

pose system, ami in cows there is a danger of gar number) of the (most t eligible and desirable' )
The vessels in which fruits
; : are preservedare suffer irritation of the
.tl'tlu1\1 horses from
) I/its suitable! for HIIMUCSS: Purposes: or for _
; tin, glass, and earthenware Tin is ifcdat okiii, sore mouth and hide-b0uhd. It is as SIT.E.AlV.I1:1
Suburban Residences, := =
City or ;
the factories where large quantities arc (hough a man were fed on extract of beef,
put up for commerce, but is seldom used in rich \,alIrIlIIII such food only When used

,' ; .: families! as more skill in soldering i is required judiciously, and with a knowledge\ of its I'PON F.ASY: TF.RMS.Liberal : I ,
.. ,::'i9 than most persons possess, Resides, its
character and value, it is the cheapest\ (at
; '
;r.!': the tins arc not generally safe to Use more
1't\: ( ( }present price, $;'kn ton,) and one of the ) \Discounts! on Values! allowed. (to .
: than Glass is the material
once. preferable ,
most useful foods have. lacing rich in
< I ten
(': : ?"1; as it is readily cleaned\ and allows the interior nitrogen and oil, it should be, used with food )parties engaged' in manufacturing or industrial
'. '* who will oreit' the
:' tr; ;: to be frequently IlIspech'll.IIY kind ofS enterprise' on property
rich in starch, potatoes\ and roots. Onepound \
;.;:!,. :', bottle or jar that has a mouth wide l'lIuUghI" of cotton 1'I.III'al mixed with halfa purchased' substantial) improvements
for'residence in which to conduct their
to admic the fruit, and that can be securely or -
of boiled nnd mashed together
a \ (( ,potiit\ : ic<, business,
stopped, positively air-tiJ.\"ht-whidl\ is much !
would make good feed) for a fattening -
closer than wllter-ti ht-will Jars
answer. pig: or a milking cow, but the \,ig'shlllllclha'e by exemption; for a term of from
of various and made for
patterns patents arc corn or bran for (he second daily l feed. taxnt.ioil. offered 1 I the several cities and 5
the and sold at the |
arc crockeryand
)purpose\ pound of cotton seed meal we consider; I
: :" stores. These have wide mouths equal, towns. Apply at
grocery to two pounds of corn heal-Cotton.IHICOIIATIVK .
:j. .:::. ":, and a glass:\ or metallic can' which is made to Z. "r ()rtice cor. peach .\: 7th sK, Pcmaiidinn.1(51f I I oil
:) i )(1''i lit very: IIhtlby;\ an ludia-rubher ring between ( u

: ':t' the metal and the glass. The devices AUT AT HOMV. --- ---"' ---- hrl

',; i ,;, ii, for these caps arc numerous, and much ingenuity It would be no part of the duty of n journalist Tin': n.omn.v

;ti'_ .. is displayed in inventing them. We to attempt to emulate till: authors of o 2

:,>,': ,.:"t have used several patterns without much the superabundant hand-books, manuals AND IMMIGRATION( (.'0M1'A'1' :

., '"' ''\i.'h difference in success, but have found there and short-cuts to decorative art, or in the LAX WO
51:' : was some difference in the f.lrllit'ith (least to interfere with the well-nicant intentions OFFKKS

..... J,1 :I". which the jars could be opened and closed. of these!! numerous, ami often painstaking -
J;. The best are those in which the atmosphericpressure laborers but it will be well within our (OOOOO .'ert'ot' '
4 I
.' i" \ helps the scaling, and where the I
,province suggest! to such of one readers who the most
.' sole dependence is not upon screws or \'ebecumnenitert'ste.l in artistic decoration
:: ,_ .'I clamps. To test ajar light a slip of paper that instead of giving all their energies to ACCKSSIIM.K:;: ; : AND! DKSIKAHLKI.M'S : : H
:,;" and hold it within it. The heal of the ll.une the ornamentation of small\, and oftentimes fc .

.-',tf ;>:y r ,. will expand the air and drlOllt a portionof useless, articles, to turn their attention to Ihe IN TIIK

\ of it. Now put 011 the cap ; when the jar more! solid adornment of their houses. There :STATE I: ()lo' FLORIDA: -

..'< becomes cool the air within will contract, has been a lamentable falling-ofl'in! this direction -
; 'tit and the pressure of the external air should in the last fifty years and people At only $t..1: per acre to new settlers, with

hold the cover on so firmly that it cannot be have been content to inhabit houses that the privilege of selection in parcels of -10acres
pulled off without first letting in air by
have, in most eases, presl'lIll'lllllllOl-t inartistic '
aside the rubber or by such other or inure 1'lu'lIUIIII"l are located on
pressing aspect.:: It is not necessary to pull our
in the construction of and to the line of the
means as arc provided houses! to pieces in order ti) commence beautifying adjacent
the jar. When regular fruit jars are not them neither is it necessary to be

'c '< used good corks and cement must be pro possessed: of much wealth to convert the ATLANTIC, (SULK ANI WMST:: INlHATH.NI'1'

.',\ vided.I and attic into -3OOii :
\ prosaic three-story dwelling .A.NrJ: ==
: CO.'S R. R.
',.',:! Cement is made by melting\ li ounces of something of brightness, and a cheerfulnessthat .
:)sip j :- :;: tallow with one pound of rosin.: The stiffness makes itself fl'lt. decry it. how we may

,- ',"':\f' i, of the cement may be governed, by the The knowledge,I of how to do all this is:: always extending from FKRNANDINA: on the Atlantic -

<; .1. m; use of more or less tallow. After the jar I isx accessible ; it is to be found in handbooks \ to CKDAR: KKY, on the (ulf! roasf: l,
:corked, tie a piece of stout drilling over the
of all sizes\ and prices it is to be found
; thus to the
\ affording producer cheap, constant -
"I\- mouth. Dip the cloth on the mouth of the in the shop of the artistic paper-hanger, the
jar into the melted cement, rub the cement. furniture-dealer and carpet-store. Taste is:: and rapid transportation to the best

t on the cloth with a stick to break up the nut nil that is needed ; there must bee ilia rlHts.

vv&am bubbles and leave a close covering of certain \ of decorative ,
knowledge principles!
Everything: should be in readiness at the in order The belt of country traversed by the Transit ,
art to of incongruity
prevent a mass -
beginning; the jars (clean: the covers well R. R. embraces
or a hopeless jumble.
fitted the fruit picked over or otherwise prepared In the first place it should be remembered JOB. PRINTING HOUSE

; and cement and corks if these arc that the ordinary furniture of, the house can KVKUY: VARIKTY OF SOILto .
used at hand. The bottles or jars are to receive
be made to a great extent, the main ornament .
a very hot liquid and they must be and it is
I not to
necessary! depend entirely
warmed be found in the Stat a large
beforehand ov proportion
; gradually placingwarm i upon high art in gill"frames to make
4 water in them, to which boiling) water the house look pleasant to the eye ; the well- being l'c'uiarlyallapll',1' to the culture of

is gradually added Commence by mak- I selected furniture is, or sb, ulel be, the earliest ShMt-Tiwmcu FUUITS nnd Early: Vegetables, ,, .1'
ing a syrup( in the )proportion of a. pound effort to decorate our IKIUSCS and. the
of white :sugar to a pint of water using less mere buying of a single haillsome piece, no and The A r/r, OJllljluclloticil of 7'jlll"rrwakc .

sugar if this quantity will make the fruit matter how much thatw\ \ \ may please! theeye these! lands\ worthy of C.111 Ei'U1.1-1-

,, j too sweet. When the syrup boils, add as will often produce a mist disastrous effect AMIXATIOX by manufacturers: of LUMIIKIIANI :
.Beech Street
much fruit as it will cover ; let the fruit on the rest of our helm .illgs by its incongruity > NAVAL STOKIX.NKW i. Opposite Egmont Hotel,
heat in the syrup gradually, and when it inIULpl'\ color or li/.c. Harmony
comes to a boil ladle it into the jars or but should be ol'tlie first
.s importance harmony
ties which have been warmed as above directed ; : HKTTLK1W: : :
in colors
especially: ; not her ssarily, in the
Put in as much fruit as possible) ordinary language of I the drf goods stores
and then add the syrup to (ill up all the interstices "a dead match," which i H not, by any Purchasing land from this company are furnished

among the fruit ; then put on the means always harmony, I hit colors that with entire free ]JIM flle! on the Transit
cover or insert the stopper as! soon as possi iIlle i-
i' and do
blend the
easily, notoll'ijid by
with eye for family nnd personal' effects
Have a cloth at han.lllampelled
their contrast. Again, nameless' is' one of
i hot water to wipe the neck of the jars.'' the traits of many of our him. yes, We talkor to the station nearest the land purchased. LORIDA.I I

When one lot has been bottled proceed with read of a house being furn bed, throughout TITLK COMPLKTi; :, being derived by FERNANDINA l
i_ more, adding more sugar and water if more in walnut A- ,
or mahogany, any other of )grant: from the United States and purchasefrom
syrup is required Juicy fruits will diminish the favorite woods, but there tm lie; nothing
the much less than others. When the State of Florida.
syrup more wearisome than such I house to the ,
the bottles arc cold them away in a members of the family wlb !
pace.\ necessarily CORRIiSPONDKNCF: : : :SOLICITED.Descriptive I).
cool dry and dark Do not tamper spend a large part of their tint within duns
with the covers in any way. The bottles
The true plan and it can be tradually carried
should bo inspected day for a week orHO. MAI-B and ciucrr-Aiw mailed on l
every out i.s to have in the sepa ate rooms:: variety .. ... .
in order to discover if are imperfect.If ----- -'
any in the color of the uplntttering, variety application.' .
fermentation has commenced, bubbles I in the color of the wood, a-twdl as in its CHAS. W. LKWIS: 'f

will be seen in the syrup( and the covers will I shape. Hut some may say, I llis is all very land Commissioner.Of .
be loosened If taken at the contents \
once ; well for people who can atfonto {'lIrl'uut..
('or. Heiuh and Seventh Sts.
may be saved by thoroughly reheating. Another their views,-and I yet it is possiac to have as 10-tf I

way is to prepare syrup and allowit pleasant a looking room 'lull\ ofiiopular furniture I
to cool. Place the fruit in the bottles, (4 -- --- -- -- --- -- -
cither varnished
cover with the and then set the betties only painted as Notlt't of Final Proof. Having addediW: 'I"'Nit: .Mill' FltK.HSHN: I
syrup the eye could wish for. Some Jnost distinguished : to our office, and 'having I
nearly up to their rims in a boiler of artists have, of late j-ars, given L\M: OrrirK AT OU.NKMVILLK, Fi\,, j

cold water. Some wooden slats should be their time and artistic: talents tithe designing May 2, 18SI."VTOTICK SKI J.I.I'U'OHKM: I'N'wllfJ: know how to use the same, we arc now '
placed at the bottom of the boiler to keep} furniture, and without scribing' in : is hereby given that the follow ,
the bottles from contact with it. The waterin the wood, havcgivcn the publiclie. f.ill ben 1.\ ing named settler has filed notice of 'her J '
the boiler is then heated and kept boiling efit of their ideas, so that it is II \v pos.sihlc intention to make final proof' in support of prepared to do any and every kind of printing, '

until the fruit in the bottles is thoroughly for people' of moderate mean to supply her claim, and secure final entry thereof at ri
heated through, when the covers are 'put 011. themselves with articles of moadmirable| the expiration of thirty days' from the date
and the bottles Allowed to cool. It is claimed and artistic design. I IIt of (his notice, viz : LOl'HA HRADDOCK.) ( i

that the flavor of the fruit better preservediu is not to throuii Homestead No. 017, before Clerk Circuit
necessary )go
this way than by the other. extensive course reading toiituin any a very reasonable Court, at Fernandina Fla.. on Friday. June 1 I
All the fruits that are'useti in their fresh amount of such knowll 'e a.s will 10th. 1HS1, for time west half of northwest I

state or for pies, etc., and rhubarb or pie enable us. us:: we may have nccnsin, to purr quarter section 21 I, township 3 north, J
plant, and tomatoes, may be canned Green cha judiciously and with an e to future range 21 east ; and natncvthe following asher .

I peas and corn cannot be readily preserved in purchases ; but to trust, entirely n what 'has witnexse viz:
families as they require special apparatus. torso long been vaguely termed'our! own (' McKendrie! Ix-mm-l MeKcndrie of FROM A 500-PAGE BOOK TO A VISITING CARD

Strawberries, har.l-th.hed sour varieties!!, good taste" is to relapse into harhri >m, or, Callahan, Fla., and Heiilainln (!. Parker, of ,;
such as the Wilson, are !better than the most at least, to follow a most iinccrtlii leader. King's Ferry and T. \\'. Higginbotham, IIfHelloll. .

delicate kinds.Currants The rage for old-fashioned furnitrc is one Fla.5t ,
need more sugar:: than the fore- of the evidences of a desire for dedVation! in 'f;- L. A 11.\ itS 1':1: Register.Jlonoy .
going. Blackberries and huckleberries are -
furniture as most of the old-fa.l .
both satisfactorily preserved and make capital res are either handsomely carved nl'II'ie-1 Nuve IN Money Made !
pies Cherries and plum need only shapely curves and the brass ft
picking over peaches need peeling and andirons our forefathers are 0 !) UnCIJMm YOl'R KNfHNKH: FROM
quartering. The skin may be removed from coming into use us more sightly man the us, and save 1100 on a 10 Horse ; $::1)1' I
ripe peaches by scalding them in water or and the register for thalrctends one 2IJ< Horse, and f00 on a .'!<) Horse-Pow
stove a room .
weak lye for a few seconds and then trans to anything like taste and brigbtnls. The er Kngine. Send! for our prices before purr Aw Neatly uutl it* i'lieup IIM uuy Olllro In Florida.Don't .

ferring them to cold water. Some obtain a full curtain, or decorative j>ortiereJire taking chasing Engines: Jim, I'rei.sts, Saw and
strong |peach flavor by boiling a few peach I the place of the funereal lanlrequin, mist Mills: Threshers or any kind of Machinery. -

meats in the syrup. We have had peaches which neither ornamented our run nor I We are Manufacturer Agents ,

keep three years, which were then better I kept iu warm The 'florid carpet, Vith its and guarantee satisfaction In quality and -
than those sold at the btor *. 1'ears are pared growth of impossible rose that wijld I 1I0t'r11.h lriC'l' WALKIR: A I.OUU, i.

and halved, or quartered and the cure re t when we walked on them giving, No. 133 Meeting fctreet Wet ride, nearCharleston ': .j.

;;;=; moved. The best high-flavored and melting way to the plain pattern of tint th.I throw Hotel\ Charleston, H, C. .

varieties only xhould be used. Coarse out the furniture or at least! do II' ,Ianle April 0. J+ I-hll.. .

baking pears are uiuatisfacton' Very few the eye, or make the uphohtery l its i |*jor. ----- y. ... ':,.. .
put up apple Try some hl h-ila\'url'l' .,nl'S. The terrible white wall are no loitr felt IOU SIM:. .,"

and you will be l pleased with them. Thereis to be the height of fierfectiou, as rli ami UI vF:r.L I N HOIJSK: CONTAINISO ,

a great contrast between quince preserved highly decorative wall papers( of |jtern I A nine rooms, well finUhedand fumUlml, .II s
in this and thou done in the old
way up be hail in the
only to formerly with lot of land auuxi'io: fWt. never-failing.
way of p pound 1 for pound. They do not become varieties, are now within the reach all. I well of .
r water,tank iudty| sixty t.arrcl.INJll l order fur
hard and they remain of1 a fine light : RUL1MJ It> out.
of all the materials
The judicious use .w Ube barn and out buildings, number of orange 311

color. Tomatoes require. evoking longer had I is, of course of the tint Impo ince and fig; trees, twenty-rue varieties of HMO ; ride\ the St Iate. Order for either will Twelve frgminmi.i- Addrew
the int lligentl attention
than fruitprojuT. Any >er- prompt ,;
and, awe have raid, the first duty i ill I cultivate other !flower and hrnl+ toi numerous to
on who understand the principle upon the taste by the study oflome mention. For further! ''It1rclcular1",1)' tuU'i.
which fruit is preserved in this way. will of the fundamental rule of decorati- art ) II MtJlt.I1" PI..OlnU.nlC1COn,

oon find the mechanical (uirteaay of execution I that are within the reach of all who ide On the prruiftro tit Old Town
I and. the result eatisfrctury.JL,6ileItegisler. in largo cities, and even of those w do J Frrnandina, Fla., February 31, ll- 3ni. I l-U .131..11.: ,.A. FL4


-. .
..' .. -"' ......,.,.'....-.--....., "" -. ,.__......._, ,' .
.''''' .:.. .' -
:: ..
:jL :J.-t.'S.'I:::!' ; i: : ; t..r*_ .

,.. :::' t1'-11 J .fiJ i. "., ;;" "<;".;r;" ;" .: .l""i .

,, '. ...-. ........- ,
t 'W'f."f.t" .

l ;

'.11 t' r ,, THE FLORIDA! MIRROR: MAY]\ 28. :

._ .
,I I \1 .LI -- .-- ,- -----_.- ---.. .-- .- .. -- .- --.---- _._----- --. -- -----.--.-.--..... ._---, --------- ._--_. ..---------
I t -------- -----

M THE FLORIDA MIRROR The Century Want LiLMI/IIhITION SOCIISTIfS.Ve and delicious\ as the hour! thoy left the briny Piano Instruction.

i ; A very 1 fine specimen of the American \ observe by several of our State exchanges deep Miss( Haltzell will give Instruction! on Piano

g.0<) A YKAII; fl.VO I'OIl KIX MOXT1IS. agave, commonly called, the century plant, N i that immigration societies are being ]dime single; city of Havana consumes the Forte. Address through post. -ofdce.

"' ,'J" _. -. .-- '" now preparing, to bloom in the handsome: organized in their respective counties It is entire catch of thirty-five smacks, there is ----- --

+' ; : Local lleflfctlonn grounds of Mr. John ledges, These plants a good, move, and we respectfully suggest practically no limit to the demand that Private School. .

and then that Alachna follow their commendable) Mrs.I R. E.]. Alexander. will a permanent
Ito ver but once in their lifetime, example. would 1 be established if these delicacies were open
Hon. I). L. Yulcc t left\ for New York :
rY : t yes die ilown. After they have attained maturity : The plan proposed for the opera p1\cellJcfore, the millions (that never tasteda private! school in the Baptist church..
the lath of May and solicits a generousshare
terday. ,
,; I ((111 this climate from ten to twenty tion of the societies i is that every land owner fish fresh from the !salt' water. Now to of e. Terms liberal.

;>" "i i'.." i'' I l :. I H. L'ailcs, Esq., of Washington, who year,) they send up a straight, upright pay a !small per ccntage on each, acre, into mini up, we have the fish\ in abundance and Apply at. publiclItrna the school\ room between the hoursof

'},. "; ..II ;; is largely interested in ]Florida lands, arrived stem, twenty or more feet in height, and at the treasury of the society, the same to be variety, plenty of water, good anchorageand 8 1\. m. and, 1 p. m.FEHNAMUSI .

";, : t t a by City of UrMgrfrm on Friday. morning. the base often eight to ten inches in diameter employed' by some man appointed for that safe harbor, good port, transportation established : : :May\ 8, 1881-3m.
M <:: K. Heard l of Tallahassee, State i -
CulonelV' !
: <<
'Ii.':,:" I along/; which arc small, suppressed, Ian purpose in securing information likely to be ample (mail facilities two !steamers' a Notice to 1 Tax-l'nyer
IlaHetnrlll.t, from t\1'nshingtonwhere "
:, i r agent, ccolated! branches. with a terminal r I i panicle. of:service to the home-seeker.! This Inform. week from Cedar )Key to Pcnsicola, United I am now ready to receive tax! returns for

f' he has been engaged in procuring a report often bearing from three to four thousand; itioii{ (bedis.seininated: through \any channel States mail steamer from Cedar Key to this the present year. Blank returns will be furnished

:; I l of the war department on the Florida claim (lowers. The matt .1 mericfI nit was carried the society may elect, though, it has been place several! sites! both on the banks of the at my office over 0.! Stark store, corner

f{ : for Indian: hotilitic\I\tllt! reports that he I is from America Europe: in IWI.nnd in Enrapcan suggested that it be turned over to the agentof Anclote r \'crlIl1t Oulf shore, suitable and of Centre and Second:; W street r. H. G,\iti\sn.

\\t : \ making favorable progressNow hothouses! they were often nearly the 15urcau] of Immigration; to be incorporated eligible for the erection of packill: .IIU\J..es.. ],'tHSSllll'rarrt: : 10, 1881-tf

'fj'+ S l j jW that the hotel is! a fixed fact, and the one hundred] years old before reaching maturity by him in a pamphlet: descriptive of As will be seen from the above" vessels: arc -- ---

t,.'-:, ,'I I !, :z; thorough renovation and repair of the shell from which circumstance: they obtained the State. fitted out at both extremes! of our State for New- Ad'wcrliscmeuts.-,
t i t 'I road to the beach is to be made, we hope themeans
;.,' 9 5 the name of century plant. They arc This, it occurs to us! is the most! feasible! fishing; in these waters.! What better evidence
; i rou S.VM:.
: t of transit will bo made comfortable
p.' 'j'i easily propagated by suckers!, and arc employed plan I by which the advantages and resourcesof is required to establish: the fact that
,!, .1 I Ji and eheap, HO! that /nil can enjoy the great for fences In Italian Switzerland,and every county can be made known abroad., we have the best fishery, and, more natural A five' rooms, with Closets, front Piazza,
t'' sea-air and sea-bathing.
,t :'l t luxury of have become naturalized, in most! of the It would be difficult indeed to find a man to advantages\ for the purpose, (than any other large: Yard Orange, Lemon and Banana

.: We learn that !shipmaster complain of southern countries of Europe.: The leaves act as! immigration agent who is sufficiently portion of the Gulf cun t.-tAtrrctjiondcncc Tree" Centrally located. Good; title, etc.

i ::1 I t f'1: insufficient tonnage: accommodations: nt this on being macerated with water, yield a familiar with the State to do every county of the. JSrooknille Crescent. office.For further particulars, inquire ut 4-tf this

t.., ." port. A strong /and substantial: tug would coarse fibre which, in Mexico, Is manufactured justice in his: descriptive! pamphlet ; and as ----- --.-- --- ,.'ri I

,} I ,' r i" 'find profitable employment in taking/ vcs- into ropes, hammock, etc. The the State has not placed sufficient amount VLOllIltA TlMULll IXEUROPE.From J. ] I. 1)ll COrr'l\

.:;;' I',;j i. Ictliollttofll'alInc] in tlkln'ssl'ls/; to and puli/iie used in Mexico as an intoxicating of money at his disposal\ to warrant him in the wood circular of Messrs. Farn- I
worth .t Sardine, dated Liverpool 2d May ._ I
i the mills the tit.: Marys river. II
from l on beverage extracted: ] from thespccies knownas employing men in each county to supply the I
1'l t we extract following. Although; an accumulation
.'\; 1-7i ;,:i We are requested! to give notice that the agate Jfcr clI/lrt. him with the desired information, the proposed of stock is: herein indicated, at Style Fit

a l lit. Hev. J. I.". Young, D. I)., Bishop of the The agave Amrricann is a very beautiful and immigration; societies, it would appear, the same time the number arrivals as reported j

,';;, t l'.tf t t Protestant: I':Episcopal' Church! in the Diocese striking ornamental plant, and has now become is the cheapest! and most practical plan of month,, and show it a is great: therefore falling, reasonable off, from last to Comfort, I ',

Y';': !I :' f' of Florida, will make a visitation of this so general that its blooming has become making every! Section of the State known yet suppose that a reaction will soon set in.

: :,f parish on Sunday next,' and administer, the'i an annual occurrence in the older portions struck upon. With us an abundance of timber is noted AHO

i'I'< y[: rite of confirmation at St. Peters church. of the Slate. Its (lower is magnificent The cost of maintaining such a society and while an active summer is desirable, at L Durability.
I # I the same time it i.to be hoped foreign markets -
; 'I, 1 f While all the rest of the. State has been in size, although neither very beautiful or would bo small indeed as compared to the may not be so glutted, unit overstocked

"\ )tt t ;..' visited with abundant rains, we have thus fragrant. vast benefits that: would undoubtedly accrueto as to cause any. falliiiK on"' in the demand of
? --- --- -- ---
--- every citizen! of this county by an increase next winter. As the old, adage runs! however -
'i tJ for not received our expected qnota.Ve
Archer Items.
the deviluntil
"shake hands with
we won't
/ r.f arc glad 1 to learn that the rains have been To the Editor of he ,Mirror: of immigration. Even the meagre bit of information I: we meet him." About the region of

,fiIJ Ji, 1 copious, and of great advantage/ to the vegetable No rain since April 23d. and nil signs have already disseminated concerningthe Ferry Pass we learn, the timber is so thick
varied resources of Alachua county has that a man can hardly navigate that stream
>. r : and other, crops in Middle and East: failed. The oldest: inhabitant, uncle Joe, I
with This \ for the
gained for 113 a considerable number of immigrants a canoe. speuks,1
:.. \ Florida.
'. has no remarks to make on the weather. abundance of our staple Here is the extract -
:,''' '. J, f ..: The Union remarks that\ some of its thirsty 'The windmill and tank at the Falklandplantation during the past several years. Such referred] to, and at last reached after I Hitting largely increased myMock
the it is reasonable to infer that
being case, considerable circumlocution\ :
,.' I citizens, who cannot get liquor on Sunday and grove are !successes.
in both Hue
as our climate, soil and productions become Pm'n I'I"I'fhe: arrivals during the }past Fool-near,
'1 "i in the city, /go; over to Fernandina. Wo Agent Hodgson has IIIO\'e,1', in his! new month have been 11 vessels 0,880 tons
abroad there will be medium I
better known a corresponding and grade! am enabled
hope there is no truth in the inuendo, and house. against t 15: vessels 1 12,011 tons last year. The
increase in the immigration to our consumption has been fair, but it has not to plaee before euioiii-
that our city authorities will see that all The postmaster has cosy! quarters hack of

t places of business are as strictly closed here the office.W county. kept, pace with the import Several consequentlystocks ) ors"( a vry large assortment, ,, of
We would our farmers that they are accumulating. cargoes
:. : ,' (t as in our neighboring city. A. Geiger I is: getting ready to build on urge- upon- have been pressed on the market, causing a Hoots" and Sloes" made by be
take steps in tho premises, as: they, above all
still further decline in value the latest sale
the plaza.A ,
: r We glad] to !see that our community is
ore ( most and Nklllcdworkmen.
p other classes, are more directly: I benefited by as: recorded in the next page being at very eompeteiit
't Al I ',: again waking; up to (the advantages value forty-acre grove near town i is contemplated an increase! in our population, as their lands low rate. Tliese Goods! ,( were ,

'. of our magnificent ocean; bench, addition .
t i
I enhanced in value.
are naturally thereby
1 Cor CASH, and
IVento peaches nearly ripe. List of Letters purchased are
to the hotel, we learn that our fellow-citizen, l Sun alifll1cc.
''l'a' e i rr. A. Steil, will establish nt tho beach a The blackberry season has begun. Remaining in the Post-Office at Fernandina. only exchanged: for the Namecommodity.

handsome beach, restaurant as soon ns the The plum-gripe is the latest! !fashion.A An organized effort todisseminate! reliable Nassau! county, Fla., May :21! IS81. Persons : This, will be deemed -

I \ !same can he erected, party thinks of setting; out, I.IKK) soft information about the State has become an falling for these letters must say advertised -
; _. f'hcllllllllOllllli next year.A absolute: necessity.! It is true that every t : a pleasure after seeing, examining

1 ', Veto Schedule of Travel. gentleman from :Massachusetts wants: to newspaper! i is doing its duty in that line, but Bovd HowardBaker Johnson: Nora and learning at whatextremely

,, i A new time card\ went into effect May: plant; licorice extensively, or to buy .somealready they are unable to cope with, the detractorsof : Lucy Johnson! C. I). low prices these

t :, nth on the Transit, Peninsular and Fenian- roWII. Who has it, or has trlt.tllt? our good name and make the fight u "IIIlelHnll'll Baker Brown,,Jackson:\Inll'Johllson; Jackson,,Sarah Hardy Goods, are offered.My ..

Sp t diva. : t Jacksonville\ Railroads, by which Mr., Mr, and, :Miss Woods left this week one. I If each county would or- {flake. ( VliaBryson Kingherii. J. B.Keyser .

trains will (leave: daily, except! Sundays! as for Boston Jon toyayc.Darkies gani/o its own immigration society, appointmen ( A.Bell JosephMc'Kennie ;J:(1- stoek ol'EN'l'LEMEN'1 !

>, follows: : selling sonic hugs black bassnroundtown'plenty competent to do the work to gather up ( : AminisCott Charley riJKMSIIIXC CJOOD.S IN, worthy ;
TIUNSIT KUl.ltoM and put in shape the statistics! : and information Annar McClwee, Capt. James
more in the Kcnopiliaw. ('rime, .I..i. :Middleton.iinsee, the attention of those desiringtine ,
Leave Fernandina for Cedar Key at !) a. ." desired by prospective settlers, anti raise I ('hrtstophcrJl.J.: Price, Sarah "

t, .., n). ; Callahan 10.52:! : 1\. m, ; Baldwin; at 12 ; A new girl-bahy at the doctor's ; ten acres funds: to print and distribute these circularsor Curtis, Edward: 1'inow, Isoe
4y Hlark(> lit 1:38: 1''. m. ; Waldo at ::'::31 p. tut. ; pamphlets: we venture the ussoition' (thai I I Edwards+ James Small, Clianic! I
more oranges next year. Goodman; 1'until Thomas, Katie .5 .- Orders left to my ,selection
a (laiuesw'illeat3:8)" : ::! p.iii. ; arrive (Cedar Key the next live years would show an increase I
I :Some talli 01'IL new hotel Just: what we i Gardner SharlylVilson, Henry
at (5.V: p. m. Returning; leave Cedar Key at aced III the population of Florida of from 5o( to lluutflertrudeVutsonClura; will r'c'1'nrcrlll and promptattention. I

I 5:30 a. in. ; Gainesville: at t>:35:\ a. iii1'ahlo Judge\ ; :1l( 1)oncll( alleged to be married 100 per 'I'lIt.'e know that( our countywould ILinley, i'iizabcth1'ilsnn, Ida .

at 10.30:: ( a. in. ; Starke at 11:11: n. m.; Baldwin more than double its: I'resl'lItl'"pula-' IteigauyVilhaht/; I
I f at 1:10: p. m. ; Callahan at 2:22: 1''. m. ; Vegetables coming; in freely. The yield tion. Every editor in the State would do I i SAM'LT. KIPDFLI.. P. M. ,

arrive at Fernandina HcII': ) in. toward such undertaking.We -- ,'
\ I: will not l'flualla t year. his full share an .UAIU1\'E. 4-3m Feriiandina, )u.

'. I'KXINst't.VU: HUI.UOU We don't want to brag; but for a good judge them by their works. ..
----- --- --------
: I 'I: 1..ca0111(11) at 2:15: : p. m., and arrive at homo among good people, on good land, What say" you, fellow-citizens of Hernan- Jlr>rt t of Fernantllna.f Groceries and l'roiisloiis..INGEL .

':, Ocala at 7:00: ) p. in. ; leave Ocala at 5:4,5: ; <*. m., with good health and good transportation, do county? Shall we organize !such: a society f WATER. "

I' and arrive at Waldo at 10:15: a. in. Archer is certainly about as near the placeas and "secure n ]large ami desirable addition I Saturday\ :Mr: :2S! ...... 8:07: A. M. 8:33:: p. M. fi FRIEND,
j t; nnSA'WIS.A'ill: U'KHONVIU.K! : UUl.UOU' to our population ? Let us hear from Sunday, "I :2!>...... 1-1:41": !9:1'I: "
C 11:10 and 5:30 can be found in our delightful climate. Monday, .oj.30; ...... 9M1; ( .. 0:51: 13AKWS AND CONFECTIONERS,
Leave Fernandina: at : 11.111., : the Crt'SUItt.I..t1'lJ'l' .
and VKIUIUM SAP. you on 8Ilhj'ct.-Jrod''II'We 'f .. ; "
I Try us see : Tuesday\ 31 .. 10.0UWednesday : 10:30:
< p. III., arriving at Jacksonville at 12:50: }p. m.ami Archer, May J'1, 1S1. WKALTll.Iaitent Jine: 1..lOW.: ( 11:01): CHOICE
f 7:33:: p. m. ; leave Jackson\ illc at 8:20:: a. i ---------- Thurslla2..11:32.! : 11:32: tt

+" 11I.1\11113:101': '. m., arriving at Fernandina: at An act to fix the l'ay Members: of the wealth of no mean degree 'xlltsnt! Friday, !f' 3_...... ...... 0:18: Groceries, CIursIII1":; Tobaccos' ,

10:25: 1\. nn. and 1:50: 1''. in. On :Sunday: only Legislature officers and attaches: thereof this place, and is awaiting capital to developit. I f TOYS AXI] FANCY
t ono train will bo run, leaving Jacksonville of the legislature of 1881.! Here, situated as we are midway between -
:May 21-Sd. John Douglass Parker. ew
{ at !):.00 a. m., arriving at Fernandina at 10.35a. :: The 1'eople of the State of }'lurid"'tprt'scltt'll t Havana: and Pcnsucola, is the best York. : Weddings, Entertainments: and Picnics,

!i I a. m. ; returning leaves: Fernundina 5:30: in Senate and AsxeiiMy, do enact aa fallows ; fishery on the gulf coast, as, I think I willestablish 21-S. 1'. 1'orida( Usina, Savannah.: furnished at the shortest notice, at roek-bot-
t: 'g SUCTION: : 1, That the pay' of the s-peaker of This is workedto tom prices,
further on. fishery 21-Sch. ]Dix, Savannah.
; f i'J p. II)., and arrive Jacksonville: 7:05p.:( in.f the assembly bhall lie six dollars per diem atANGEL'S BAKERY,
f little 221'Iflt. of Uridgeton, Fitzgerald,
a small extent already, but to or no
That tho member of the
;f J'I : I'n.of present- legislature Savannah Centre Street, r
Vegetable 1&11'111110. f'flal1ln addition to the 'pay of mileage pront' to our utuens or county our snapper _' Honda 23: Opp. old P. O.
t"I 22: -S. Usina, Savannah.25S huildingY;
I The give explanation allowed by law, be a per diem fornU'IIII. the Havana market --- _
following may some banks furnish i to S. Vestern Texas, Hines, New York. -- -- -- --- I
; of the failure of vegetable shipments to arrive nude dollars, (as: provided by the constitution,) ofMX vast amounts of groper and redsnapper.There 27-S. P. City of Uridgeton; Fitzgerald Savannah ,

IIi 5 } i: in good order. We notice in the statements Si.1.: 2. The! per pay day.of the secretary! of the arc thirty-five' Kill, of smacks, of from I t t2)S. .
) P. Point Creaser Charleston.
pity ,
!t 't I, f of the New York commission houses Senate, and chief clerk of the assembly, tWl'nt>'.fiH' tl) forty-five tons: of burden, ,

: i 1\\ that home report shipments in good order shall each be six dollars per diem allowingtwo : owned in Key West and engaged in fishing ('CLE.\nEI '-
days after adjournment to complete' unfinished May 21-Ih. S. M. MeManning, Reeves,
t ( and some in bad order, received] by the same businexs.: The pay of all other upon these banks for the Havana market. W illII i n t oJ.

,f IIh I 1'. It is quite likely that careless packing 1'll'rkl.I.ll'ltrll by the M-nateand assembly. Every: month in the year they carry the fish 21Sch.VhoVilt, ,y, Doiiham. Philadel I

i ,; l{ Ii the cause of some of the bad order lots: shall", be six", dollars per{ ,diem I'nch.11 committee ; alive in wells constructed in the hold of the ph 1\. '

1. Strolling) n 11.1or two ago into the warehouse clerks shall receive five dollars (per vessels the catch varies from two to three 21-S.\ Pi'lorifla, Usina Savannah.
railroad noticed : day for the number of days certified to by ; :21-It.irkl. A. Drown, (h regurv1'rinidad.wkhM. .
crates) on of cucumbers the destined wharf. fur shipment some, the chairman\ of the committee.. Time pay: thousand fish{ to the smack per trip. They : 1. {II. Folsom, Parker, Charles This: space reserved for

), I think, to Philadelphia. They had n ': of the sergeant-ut-arms of the senate and usually get their carJ'ws1111 make the ton. A. IS. NOTES', GnnCFR ASP SKIP enNDLY.R..
kt shrunken, pale, greenish-yellow l look about assembly: shall be six! dollars per diem, each, round trip in three weeks. These tilt havea ::Sch.Xnna Hell (\auu'v, Trinidad.] who i is too busy to write an advertisement.
I I had been there for two three The pav of messenger. of the senate and ::HrigManson, tuhhs, ))elUarnra.
them and or I
the of cents
# standing value by cargo seven
I assembly "halll'udl be four dollars Western Texas
i awaiting trnn l'ortutlonalthou h boat pcrdiem. 27-S. lines, New York.
after days bout had been ut tho wharf and desired The pav of doorkeepers, four dollars j her per pound; they average; ten pounds in :27-S. PCitv Point. Crca.'o'r.Charleston.
tI j": to take them, but could not because: the 11a)'. TIO) i fit i $ marked them to shall each be three dollar* 1'r j diem, aniljauitors IiOI'enlr of Savannah
; ; .nipper had consigned n weather to see / twenty
boat of the senate and us"cmblv shall 21-S. I Florida, Usina, Savannah.
( particular their boat arrival, which, the agent having could departedbefore not each bo paid two dollars {per diem. The pay} these vessels: securely. anchored in our harbor 25-S. ?. City of Uridgeton, }Fitzgerald .

,1i hip them by another boat, but had to wait of the phaplain of time senate and assemblyshall whkh is pronounced to be the best Savanna!
each be one hundred dollars. The recording !( Florida, Usina, Savannah
J the return trip of the boat to which they upon the whole Gulf coast
i \ clerks shall be entitled to pay for It-H'l'. City of Dridgcton; Fitzgerald, _
I were l.\n!>lJn..t. At the time of my visit the Our waters have many other choice and = ;
two dan after adjournment to bring up their Ia
; agent,: mentioned l that had they been marked few of II. I:. DOTTEKER
dimply to their destination, to be shipped by .Journals. The comptroller is required to valuable fish which are readily takena ; IN POUT

I 4 the first boat, they would' bo at their destination issue his warrants in favor of any member, which I will mention, viz: grunb. blal'kthh, Kirk lorgen} Ixxler, Gundersoil.Harkiippicich .

before they now could 1 leave the officer or, for attache the amount of either due the him.senate and or the assembly pompino, bluefi&h, porgies{ kingtUh gray Mever.Iturkluiding : rE11NANUIN.A: ) FLORIDA, .
wharf ut Sanford. In this case! the shipper and I Star Wooden.Uarki. .
treasurer shall the same out of any snapper, redfish: sheet-head, tarpanu, 1'
loses everything for by the time of arrival pay L A, llrown .
_1 Gregory.llarkjbko
mention tile inolhh which 0LEU IN
would not have paid the freight Had moneys in the treasury : Provided, That not must: not omit to ,
they ,
this less than one week's pay shall he 1I1.1itett.ppro'l'll and frequently attains three hundred "
they been left untramincled by assignment is superb Schooer Lizzie Wilson Wilson. Fine t'uuilly Groceries
.\ March 3 1881.
to a certain boat arriving in I.mltlr., pounds wciht.tso, in their season, Sch hn Iouglass,189 tons.Sch. .

ler.. they, in all }probability, would have well IHeil, which U from the last of August to the full .I, It. Cbngdon. 374 ton:!. r-
paid the shipper.I Sch mina F. Warren Johnson 209 t AM r
mention this fur the good of the produce At time residence of his grandfather, Rev. moon in December, we laavat schools: of Schlnita. lIallOt\ tons. ns,1, d

ahipper. It wo wish to make vegetable raising John O. Ixjy. at Mieanopy, May Uth. ISS1, mullet-a single;,; school] sometimes contains SchA:, P. :Newell leak, 241 tons.SchC. 1'UOVISIOXS, ;, .

( a success we must use every means in GEORGE ].msuw, SOU Of RcV. J. U. anti F millions; thousands! of these are taken by /} II. Potter. Shurer, 349 tons I I
to accomplish the end. All that SchlV... I.E > -
!(. Weeks. '
our power t'lle)1. I ugcd sis i months and one day. ourbval\ tUhvrnun who operate in a smallway ,
the,common carrier cares for is the freight }; One will do as well as another-all tend from )Dearest angel thou hast left u,*. and sell them upon the beach to ped I Sdfl W. May.'Davis, :271 tons.Sdilamcs Customers can rely upon getting CHOICE:
+ this point to the Mallory line (as these were In this vuieofgltMtm and I woo ; tIl'N.110 carry them t-> the interior counties Lewis.:: '
also directed). Thou host gone to dwell with JCMI. \ for sale With either Cedar Key or IVnsacola St ii.A. D. Davis. GOODS, as
'r In making these fcuggestions I am guldeJwholly We will go to Jesus too.Refcn $"'P1Iiia8: Moore, J4l'wili.Iuta .
by the wish\ to assist my ft'!low.counnyml'n or both, distributingccutcrsby rail\ I : : I J!kli. and Brigs 5 I II .,
i in their attempts to better a condition in life, our angel cherub. to the cities, tow Hi and villages of the interior Total Schooners...... 13rntal NOTHING HUT THE: FINEST! : BRANDS:; ( p
against theirInterwU by Dwell forever in (j.ltl'lIl1 ht. I I Ii
could be
operating all desirable points speedilyleache
now certain mode of&U'tlon.-J. T. ('., We will 1"O11to swell thy untlum.In i i iJ ...
adopting. a Citizen! I those regions five from night.s 1 by the tilt, (lucked in ioo as sweet IS are kept in *uvk; .
u 4. poptu l

t lt


Florida mirror
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Title: Florida mirror
Uniform Title: Florida mirror (Fernandina, Fla.)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: A.B. Campbell, Geo. Burnside
Place of Publication: Fernandina Fla
Creation Date: May 28, 1881
Publication Date: 1878-
Frequency: semiweekly[<1894-1899>]
weekly[ former 1878-<1886>]
triweekly[ former <1890-1891>]
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Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Nassau -- Fernandina Beach
Coordinates: 30.669444 x -81.461667 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (Nov. 30, 1878)-
Dates or Sequential Designation: Ceased in 1901.
General Note: "Democratic" <1880>.
General Note: Editor: Geo. R. Fairbanks, <1887>.
General Note: Publishers: George R. Fairbanks, <1885-1886>; Moore & Manucy, <1887-1891>; The Mirror Pub. Co., <1894-1898>.
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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, ...- -, '
\ '',<, ,0' '



I }

I ;' fl ,;" .. J.

1:* -t"': :H
:"'' ;
I' .

: !

: t Ott. R


VOL. III. PBUNAND1NA.. FLA. SATURDAY, MAY i 28. 1881. NO. 27. .


STATKXmi'S.Columbia.' arc obtained from ]Key tjtirgo: in small boats A brief glance at the railroad maps will which embrace large distances! of duplicaterailway. nothing immense sugar crops, and all the '

by an intricate and dangerous navigation show the line from Atlanta to the West.AH .", oxer which the natural business! of year l'flllI..1"t'gctahl(' crops that will supply\ !
that will be needed 1 is a rOllll'rolll: Atlanta
,. through Jupiter Inlet and down the coast.On to Home, and from Caryville, Tennessee the country t cannot abundantly supjiort even Northern markets. ]F.very: man with half

[TUB WAV TO ]HF.IHII:.-Cotton N selling for I this! block] of coquina Captain Baker has to Livingston/ to put Jlrmiswick in dj. one track. They are a pii7/.le and the more an cje will endorse the 1'alatka and ]Indian

[a. remarkably ]low figure, and our fanners, thirty acre* in bananas: : : !' and pine-apples, ami reel communication with Cimiunati: over so to see wise men take heavy ventures inthem. River Railroad.
[contrary to our urgent appeal to plant] more thinks $.W()> per acre only an average yield.In a new bill line.A charter. the .\. tlntHOIlIt] : Hail- Hut we must! wait and wonder. Assure TIn ]Fi.oim>\, :Mini.vsit: AIroitotA: : RAILliovti. "

[provision* and less cotton, have increased] short the near future will produce an road i.s now before the 1 legislature I and the as there must of necessity, be an adequate .--We see that the last legislature I of :

the[ acreage of the staple above the large one immense business south of us, and we must road from Carv\ille to Livingston, twenty cause for every consequence, theremut ]Florida has .passed. an act incorporating tho

f ]last The result Is foreseen, miles long, is in charge of *nginecrs, and the Il''l'r solid sustain ,
) season.! ('a not dream that the young giant: when arrived > : reasons to u com above named rllll']. Liberal
appropriations t
to build it has been raised. ]From
LThe farmer, while he may possibly make as at maturity will do homage\ : and pay money Livingston t the l'ollll'nllh; u, choice of routes pl'lI'atlllg'alll to every railway route.There's have been made to the incorporators. The

much money as he ilid hut season, is more tribute t to those who failed to )put out a protecting through Cincinnati and ,| any gungo
: [likely, under existing circumstances, not t tll ) hand to guide and chcrNh his! infancy. \\\, t. The proposed route from Hrumwickis business the long run. The facts must beas to be constructed of not, less! than three fcrt, ,

lake it ; he is now paying out his prolit 01 His natural course will be pa-t our to Macon.: Atlanta.: : Home, along 1 H. T. hard as! gold or the scheme' comes to grief.We aiul.
Wilson & Co..s: road to 1 IIIIX\iI1.l'ilT\\'i1I(', guarantees:< three thousand] acres: of (ho ,
[cotton of last year for hay, corn and bacon ; doors and kindly treated, be will me our Livingston, Lexington, IuU range and 'Louisvilleor hope\ the new route wl1ll'a't' shall Internal Improvement land to the mile, un- *'

,, ilc will have: the same things to buy all n'xt highway as! bedecks the outer world.. blessing Cilll' llllali. > regret to see. one of them lose a dollar on encumbered provided' the of the
y'ar ; and we ask! in the name of 1'011I1/11)1& ami being h1t! "('Il. Itut we must not This is hut an outline of the route to theWest the enterprise, and perhaps: our apprehensions mute of said road shall survey bo entire
\ttn>et where the profit is to come in, ifthi forgot that Mosquito Inlet is u good harbor, ] ,is which obliged as a to business complete.Following necessity. the company are unreasonable.! any rate the eighteen) months from the passage) : of 'I

condition of planting] I i.s to continue? The bar of this scheme do, not lack the
[ deep and serene ; that the water on her projectors the act.! It aNo ]provides! that in considcrntion i"

.., [proceeds of cotton are immediately invcstei5in is only two kct less than on ours, while five this came a second! statement knowledge obtainable: by investigation: and of the greatly improved) ] values which ,1 I

.". 'j\, ;:\, the! provision* necessary to su tain life, thousand dollars will open the old haul-over giving the gCIIl'rnllinc and 11i tlllll'('!'. For practical' experience.--Miron Ttlryrujth nnd willlll'I'rlll'tll the State from the

J .." .o' ':;, Irriiscd by Kentucky, Missouri Arkansas, and enable the r \'l'rlull boats. to load ocean the last four or tlve months' the owners of Mfftrmjcr.The of the said road: that six construction thousand

It [Ohio, etc., etc.-necessaries that we can pro schooners riding at anchor in a ]land-locked] the road have been pushing their plans to
St. Augustine'ITM 1 : "Do 1 acres more per mile of the Internal 0'IlIIprll'l'lIIl'lIt '
say.s you
,j duce in ]lavish abundance {and should pro hay ]Ict the downy boy once take it into completion] 1\1111011 Monday, in New York, 11111111III' Florid.v
think the railroad will ever be! built? This shall bo
: 't' "r" ', '> fduce) at home. A re our fanners working his head that his interests and ours are diverse they were completed. The line! is! exactlyas and many other similar" expressions arc used granted to the said road, und the title shall

",': ,: lj Jfor t the pure lore of work, or to i improve t thci r and he will make his own way in foretold, llrunswick Is the terminus ; in connection! with Ihoughtstowardthcsuhjcct vest as soon as! the lands have been released] & ''j

,'o\N, financial condition ? Assuredly not the his search for future.. And we are not cherishing running northwest the road' 1 rl'lIl'Ill'1llIl'OIl" from the indebtedness. the
1 of the new railroad between this city against said trust jbfund.
flatter for their action denotes the contrary i the l'I'lIl'lto Atlanta 101 mile* distant, and on to .
\ ,Jiff young giant very tenderly !lOW and Jacksonville. There ]has: been so little / This: will realize to the stockholders ;f fof
month ] around for ]tolllt!. At this! point it unites with the :Sel:
:' ; Ifwe spend a looking a JYrft. Xat. Sup., ill }'alal1.'", Herald.Leon. the road in the
; done toward all future attempts to build a neighborhood of nine
I : fit investment of a f fifty-dollar bill, amI'should ma. Home it )Dalton Itoad ; from, thence
; railroad I : between St. Augustineand Jacksonville thousand acres of ]land per mile, almost ftsulllcicnt
northeast to Br ltol. A glance at the
determine : map
buying 1cnw, nm
upon 'fAJ.t.'II I'I: :, FM., May 1(5.( -Dust, dust, and such a considerable amount of amount of land to be sold by tho ))
will show the connections ami their in.portunco. -
then turn immediately and sell her for fill '
) dust, everywhere and into everything. Oh, talk that it has: become an old joke and road settlers at ratcs.surtleicnt ulmohttobuild ]
The Kust: Tennessee ,Virginia: ]Uoad 1 1Is
dollars should feel if had made
we : as we a
if we could only have ralft Hut for tho when ourgood citizens again IWllr t his II hjl'l't the road. This road will be of Incalculable ]
bad investment. Our time of one iiinntl on the point of building a road where it
past three weeks or more wo have hud what broached/ they still remember the old charters benefit to the people of( Middle Florida.
t would be lost and absolutely u< naught. crosse.s the Tennessee line into Chattanooga.
pay the colored people l'alllY'r)' "dry drout h." --thcold.old talk, the old] style of working Our legislature:: seemed to realize thofact.
This i is the with farmer The extension northward from Caryville
: identically ca e our
Vegetation is! becoming dry and parched. t h subject to consummation: that little faith The act of Incorporation gives the
in ]his the thif into Livingston Paris'nrealready in
making cotton crop qua non The yield of Irish potatoes will not be near process is! placed, by mmic jmrties, in the final completion ] right to build the road, I'rullt'ollie\ point on
of lrlldion It will be that
Hut our farmers have planted, tbe crop isup l'oll!< seen
as large as was expected. Hut this is one of of a road that will connect this old hibernated the (icorglu line, to be connected: with a
and they tire trying to work it all, some the new lino therefore gives two roads from
the clouds which has a silver lining-there road from
town with n city like Jacksonville.Hut leading Quit man or Valdosta, extending
having as much as fifty acres to the mule, I Atlanta to Chattanooga: two from Macon to
is: nothing so &good for the cotton crop as! a they still ask : )Do think it will be down to or near Pcadman'H Hay.
It is too late to but Atlanta, and three routes into the West.There !..
plant corn, pca potatoes
dry May, and another thing, the farmers built?" How do wo know for a dead certainty The whole length of the road to be built by
rice (tile best forage for stock and tin are already two routes into :Savannah:
will lie able to kill out grass and get a good any more than the majority of our the citizen: of Florida will be seventy miles.!
cosiest grown by us) can Mill t be plllllh'cll1l1da'e from Macon. The only change in the plans
talleltt and as the Icrt'ageuf'orll lias bCl'lIgrc.atl The eiti/.cns of
] ;
intelligent inhabitants. To be Quitman or Valdosta in
sure we are ,
of the line IIIl'l.. forth in these columns
to the farmers of our county thousands new
)' increased this year, wo will make as continually hearing remarks from those who Jeorgia who will take action first in a matter \,
dollars! that otherwise will have to be expended is that H. Wilson il ( 0. have surrendered
much, if not more, of that grain than was are directly interested in its construction, of building, shall construct it to u point
next season for hay and corn to run their property to a syndicate of
made] last season. that the1! building of the Jacksonville &St.Augustine t. on the line of the states: meeting this road. ,
another This of situation in New York) who to
crop. : statement the capitalists propose
The of i in this section is
system farming : Kailroad] is! certain completion, The question I Is will it Florida? Thereis
is: no !idle (comment, as glance daily at complete\ plans. The purchaseof U. T. pay
1'lIlirl'h'ltilll'Tl'IIt. from what I have been
and that the principal part of the surveying I no question as to whether] it will the
the Wilson the
stores: of our merchants! delivering the 'used ; t Co..s interest secures to syndicate pay
] Co at home. The farmers here send
\ l'rilliU11 1 llristol has been already accomplished except u ( corgia ", tOl'k hol.l'I'S. There are only twelve
above-mentioned necessities: to the farmers, a line from : ( : :;s., to ,

will prove, and it is high time that the farmer West for their mules, for corn and hay to from\ llrunswiok to Macon\ 'be Memphis( \ .t final completion of survey-or rather the miles: on that side to bo completed'and it
feed them on a No for meat to feed the
should awaken to the bankrupt policy ; Charleston Koad. In .otter" words, 11 vast ]last going fI\'I'r-to see I I'nil)' advantages will open) up to them u country that hitherto
band who stands behind the plow also 'II;
"" ( may ,be gained in passing over or around bus been of no material benefit to them.
pursued: by hlm c1f. We again urge him to system: of detached lines'lulling only the
brought from the West) ami drives the mule.
hedge in by planting forage and provision The long and the short of the matter is that filling tip of !sundry' gaps'to put the company swamps which come in (tilt! path of the road There I is u largo scope) of country, soutlv-

crops.-Jjiikr City Hejiorlrr, have in communication with all tho Atlanticports. can be overcome ; after which our readers und soul beast Madison: which hu.i no connections
they -smoke-houses; barns and
Jtailc.SoniiEKX J In regard to the extension of I thellruiHwick may possibly observe in our columns of or outlet to any railroad from tho
t stables all in the West, and until this is remedied '
]"I.fllm\-Our State papers liavt! there will be no such thingas prosperity yesterday a reporter called IIl'lInthe wants! and bids: for railroad: !sleepers, and (iiilf coast.:: This i is an excellent long ami".

otllcers of the Macon it llrunswick! Kail- other woods for building purposes.! The short cotton and in
of late been filled with accounts of the various the farmers of the South. After country, climate will
among road I information.. Muted that present ]leading !tIlI idual spirit in this mat in the
schemes for the drainage of thcOkechobec They they equal any State. Fruits and \'I'gl'tIL.
all these what d the
getting things! >cs
Mr. Sncdcn I is in
ter. thecity, workingnight
of the sale otherwise than bles be cultivated
knew und
swamps. 15ut they all treat of the nothing can carried to market
to? Why, they raise u little bale of
that it had been elU-cted and I that telegram and day with thl.lolu object in view, and if d ,
district just: north and cast of the lake as an cotton on :i big piece of land, which, when a merchants equally us early as ! desire the
our enterprising
immense tract of flat prairie, full of saw- had been received ordering advertisements How can in this of railroad
sold], does not pay for the cost of production. I of this road which without our people) : year
ponds, enriched of inserted: ] in the various: newspaper: !* ,
by heaps
grass vegetable Why is this P.ecausc everything is: on a doubt will be of / improvements, with such valuable assistance

mould, and lit only for cane culture ; while I cotton basis, and this I is owing to the credit calling for bids upon the remaining 80< } ,and one thy greatest improvements us hits been rendered", tliem by tho

the truth i is, that except during till rainy tyntem which prevails throughout the South. miles of the extension. This advertisement since! !the advantages: I this city can secure, legislature, neglect such an enterprise at
building of the St. Johns Railway,
season, it i is already amply drained by its Commission merchants: will not advance to appears in to-day's issue. Thc work now will this: particular: time, when money 1 is: so clivap ,

natural outlets tho rains when excessive, before tlio syndicate! is the building of a line they use. their arguments: and most and] .
; the' land owners! except on cotton, and] the we see ruilro.ul stocks advancing to biicJ"

choke up these, however, and it is co'crcclwitli land owners will not rent their lands to tenants from Macon to tome ; a line of 1\\I\'lI1ilelol strenuous efforts to advance its: completion. 1 an unprecedented value? If wecando notliing -
Prior to building the St. Johns: Komi I. what
water, not because it is ]low, but because except for a certain number of pounds across: "the triangle' into Chattanooga else: at present, let us open the! bookn,
was: the of thlH'It-11I its almost
there are no channels wide enough to contain of cotton per acre. So you see everything u line from Wolf creek to Ashulle. This prosperity issue stock sufllcicnt to build u road to thoJcorgla

the Hoods that How from such work U to be pushed so rapidl>' as! to have impenetrable isolation ? Since the completion
on depends on the cotton crop, and it will continue ( I line I and then we Jinve un outlet to
of this road what lias been done for the
immense area. Anyone who has passed up bo until the cash system is: established.Sarnnnah trains running; to Atlanta by January 1st. tho roads in Georgia. It will create a competition

the :St. Johns past: the immense reedy -C.rfClljJfmJt'/J'c Yew,. Two corps: of engineers arc now in the Held I city? Surely tllI'lIl'lIsihle citizen can easily by which the merchants hern wilt

swamps south of Lake Ilarney, must be con.'lncl..1 Madison. between the two places locating the road.Mr. free that our city was benefited by the crowds be able to get their goods ut much reduced

\ that such a swift current I U. T. Wilson becomes one of the syndicate of \\'I'ullll'bitll" who have been charmed ,1
strong rates, buy cotton from t the farmer at higher]
Dr. McCall's\ drug store at Madison j
wasentirely with tin climate of
) St. Augustine; its
(lows from no low prairie, but un elevated but gives up the control: of the road many prices, and sell goods: cheaper than hereto
consumed fire
by with the
table land, and the late establish which passes into the hand: : of Cole. Mr. other surroundings ami inducements, and
surveys! fully fore. Let this road bo built to Quitnuin (iiuV t
sttlck of gOIl.ls."fhe of the lire is
origin unknown. the result has been of vast
an era improvements
the fact. On one side this drain? into Wilson has engaged] passage; for lurop! <>, and you have u direct outlet to the Jrcat West
building and in
1 Okechobee on the other] into the St. Johns goods were sails on June 15th.-Jfnntu Tileyrujih and worthy of notoriety. A clam of for Middle Florida. To-day action must betaken
filln..1.-\ dispatch received here yesterday] handsome residences have been erected
while Ten .Mile Creek and the San Sebastianpour \ Mettenyer.A liere. To our icorgin frll'lIcIJ0 will
afternoon "states that the warehouse of the I and property enhanced in value if the St.:
turbid streams of fresh water intojlndian \ Jacksonville Pcnsacol.iand line of road from Home: Oa., through say that our people] are so" deeply interested
Mobile railroad
Johns Kail way had never been constructed,
river. In some seasons row boats ]huvceven Madison Atlanta to Macon and to llrunswick It to Inbuilt that we can 'employ un experienced I amicompetent
at caught fire about two o'clock the probability it these: I improvements wouldnever
jK-netratcd from the St. Johns! through: afternoon and wit h great rapidity' under the supervision railroad "survey, und pay'for tho
yesterday was totally (con have transpired. When the Jacksonville
7J the ,swamps, and, by way of the San Sebastian Mimed with all tbe of Colonel xlc, who manages! a new same in Itmk.-.1/iJltJ,& Hrrorilrr
together freight, ete. Railroad is CfllIll'lct..llltJlI'r! hole-Is will
to the coast. Whether the land is
rich M werful combination, which ought to "see
This was one of the best warehouses in the | ho built and what man will dare to stand The I'ulutka Juurmil ways :

enough rule is to make cane culture profitable n$ a State. The origin of this fire is alao unknown. :hcir account in building I 10 miles through and say candidly! that more hotel. will not up Mr. (!ole, the bridge-builder, I Is energetic
but at least some of its ridi
u country alrea.ly"ul'l'lil..1 with ruilrOlI.I:4Lcyollliitil
.-I'inoii.. i be advantage to this place, with all the und su/licient./ -fiYm-rul; John Vurmmi
loamy hammock is suitable to the growth of capacity to amply c.'III ploy. It
will finish Ids
1'utnam paraphernalia that hotels! seek after, to grading contract this week.The .
any farm product. On soil of the
*r* same character work out humNomcly in connection '
*vTr3 The Gainesville Sun (111t1lcelloc."l not think may combine comfort in fu tit rt'Ii V IlIg, und surely track lit completed/ ten and one-half
Captain Uurnham, of the Cape Canaveral with their general scheme! but whcthertbcysee t miles
out to.ulglat.-'rhc road la
the that is what' all mortals thissphere completed
charge preferred' by the Kcmiomift, that are on
light-house has
gathered large crops for it with their natural eyes, or under the now beyond the nine-mile hummock.
the fur it cannot be for the that
fifteen legislature 1881 appropriated more ; past we
years without manure, and with a excitement of the railway fever the event
Williams station twelve
miles out will
tu make in this life. ,
hoe Ids money to themselves and in other directions care thing" ugrccubte
only implement] cultivation. will tell ut last A railway which cannot fii.d be reached
on Wednesday night.-:Sir,
The than was necessary, a just one, on the pecuniarily advantageous. Then let the
past season made 800 to the
gallons profitable work to do It the fioorest
projxrtyin Nicholson the
has clear
I glorious work and in tin future e1t'
that on, near (
ground be go
of N'o. they are required to
acre 1 land away I
that had been
syrup on Christendom It ceases to be property( and steady nerve and
(rum business two of the best business we can expect to see our little city by the staying 'Jua1itica'fl.ceLulieliujC
growing the same crop for twelve years, with U simply a burden. Thin must! have been (J'cuJh'lllJy tho railroad
month of the year, and that the sacrifice is s-4-hide advance in wealth and I proj only one
replanting. This, too, without |iwnure the with American for
case railways climate I one of the busiest of many busy placet In
I while its bo
will 'heralded
a great one. When we consider that the ulIfurl'a''ll'cl
and I
rattoon, is much bcttcrthan several from 1H73. Nobody wanted J
years town.- The schooner.'/I1'S.. Trulnort with
members far und wide. Ys, !hiiild the ruu-l this
Louisiana same spend one to two months InwireIutlilll
can show. Certainly this car be railways then. Many of them were done upin tinioor !Jllillt." 300 ton.* of Iron, arrived here Friday and Is f

done on some portions of the lands to be re ; for a nomination, sId stumj the bandit] of receiver They puid no now discharging her cargo.-Mr. F. A,
claimed but the popular conception of the IlIg their counties fur vote, it U pretty evident dividends, they were tnjoined, levied on, The 1'alutka and Indian Itivt-r Kailroad flurrison. ha* been upjiointcu railway ttorekceptr -

country is: radically wrong. Much of it is that they don't consider it a "sacrifice" sold by the sheriff fur Ii tenth of what hail Company will meet at Voluslu] on Thursday, ] und Mil place a# Inspector' of ties hat

covered by spruce and pitch pine, and is: to be sent to Tullahuj! !'('('. rerhajw, however been spent on them, and for five year they May 'Jiith, for, the piirjte of nuking arrangement 'been given to )Jr. Jllake.-Mr, Andrew

high, rolling, sandy soil, as white a* flour, they vote themselves jiay enough to reinburse were a scene of flight and avoidance. I* any !* .f.'r the construction of the road Hhelh-y, the tflldcnt tie Inspector, has been

utterly unauited to corn,cane, or any of their them for the time sacrificed from man able to assign u soU-r and adequate reason from this place to Indian riverdistance seventy off duty for a couple of days. He rcamutt

kindred. For the pine-apple howevei, it Uexactly heir bunnies* In securing an election.'u why stock that wa then worth neant forty mile*. As thin hone of the most Jin- to-day, but will refrain from the use of surface

fit, and if there i is ever commurica- atta: J/o/u/ay Journal cenU on the dollar should now sell eagerly; I l IflJrtaut enterprise. in thi* eastern section of I I wat<- .-Tho work of t-tralghtc-ning'

tion and settlement in these wilds, tho cattle KAlLllOAIt- XOTKS.A I for I"'J to ItiO; ? We fi-ar it U u era-, a wnatioii :I the Slate, it I ii hojM.il' that the work will becommenced and ballasting: the' track U btiog pushed fur,

herder will give place to the fruit grower, ; and I if another tlve year*' f.xwricnce | at IJIII'.... The oMMiing| up if ward, and' the job I JIt well done. The straight;

the doer and bear to our domestic an finals, NEW LINE WHICH LI.VK JKr! rswirK TO reverse the l'1Ijiu" an it now num. ami : that magnificent Indian river ("JulIr)'. Ii 11i- stretch from tho river to the heights 'is A

and these beautiful lands: will ]becoitc the THE: WEST.-In November la.,t, when theexen I show* tu time in which nolwMly "want railway tance of trarrl by water and rail of two 'hundred I I flrst-cla: piece of work, -Iron ha* been;

most productive in the State, for thef pineapple '! oii of the Macon .t Hruintwick lUilroud .Utck, and levie. f'C..lvenIIIJttf. Injunction 1 and seventy miles, U a jcruud di'vclojc | laid on twelve milt of the roud betweenidinesvlllc

h diatined at no distant day to fake a 1'JI1t'tlc1I1uLtful everywhere, the T / !lffC//c \ *, and no diiidfiidi again rule the roo t. ment, especially at it will conmxt with ( and 1'alatku. Tint mad will bcumplfted *\

prominent place among; the exjmrts: of' FlorIda. ami 3/etMnyrr obtained and published the ,,'i1lIlft all admit that It U nothing new ? It our Florida Southern to (iaimnvilltlake j: the entire dUtance by the I5th of

Even now the orange i Ii yielding" place hen barely: outlined plan fur a new line ban U.en before ; it will be again. A railroad City and down the |JIl'/llntula! toTumja Jiay. I i I July, when the work will beat orioa commciHcd -

to It on Indian river; plant* are wgerlynught / from Urunswirk to the Wot. The infor- treat on no property., It I Ii not prowrty, whenever Construct the railroad from 1'alalka to ,Indian U-twet-ii here ami Lake (Stya ,-- $.<"

"' for and bear good prices, and <'he annual ,nation came from a source that rendered it there i ill not plenty to do tu enable it tuiay river and you t>j-n upu trophtal' ro ton I I ml JIr,. Come over, brothenC: an.1 *e 'III

Increase in acreage .U only limited by a piece of iiujxirtant JUMV to tbe state at | dividend] It.i. tucidea: that "u l- t t. that ha Ian I enough tu supply im StuU* I give you a ride on the IM** t
the inability to M.alnt.*. Most o'f thee Jarc.. The fullonrinj: i.11 anvxtruct : vvuiidcr in <' wiectioii uh railway 11I.1111(" with nil the tropical, fruil luxur!,-* t*. way: in tbe State.

..:.... .. \ '"" tVh.p .H 11mmIH.JI.rlfl; [ : O''jr'n!. ,,' : -' .
',._"" c. ..:","- : ""';"";' _-, ..;, n 7j ;; --
-- '



} 1 .

: 28.
\ ,
" ".,, : : t .-- _... .. .. ., .. -'--.--...-..--- ,
--- -- -- -- -
i -'- --' --- ....... ------
---- ---
; I } ;;';; lm:;; ; moncv, he was so clever nnd commanded so "No said }Payne. "I require the local ehair.u You will be thirty quite soon enough," r

.1.\\ much influence that he wntll'" \ to get oil color", I replied Gertrude, with some natural asperity,
Let 'I" she murmured imploringlynnd
; I C.\IUUI nvTciinn.'o And so he had got on. He ran every day "And what will Bertha do away from nil me go that age being past! for her. '"But ns for

< deeper' owl more cheerfully Into debt : and her friends?" asked, Gertrude in tone not caressingly.Mr.. Hammond's reluctant rested. on Cousin Prise-ilia's money, I don t believe we

I : \\ ofttimes wonder why our hcnrti arc burdened every week abandoned some fresh chance of .devoid of asperity. 1 her countenance then glance on trembling !shall ever get, it. I think she takes n spiteful
\ his versatile/ talents afforded him by Bertha will llavc eager in dangling the expectation of
:, ) using me, said Charles with laid his arm. In her pleasure
", \; And crushed, and bowed, 'ncnlli such a the inexhaustible patience of his friends.! gentle dignity. little.hlHI attitude there upon intense it before our eyes ; but I nm (:certain that the
was an
\ weight of : The only person whom this state of tilings/ Hut when )'01 arc absorbed by Bavaria: wllile which he noticed l'Xlrcl"slon condition attached to it is something impossiblc -

\'; I f: Why others ;(' curci'brave, nnd strong, and did not distress was-himself.! While others will MIC not lonely ?" I Interposed; Mrs.( "I will think 111lle\'l'r about it." he said. coldly ; for us to do. Sometimes I think she

: I joyous, fumed\ he was always flerl'llllhu )' about Meredith. nnd Joan rose with a feeling oddly com wants one of us to go out as a missionary to
i While we have scarcely strength to do and sOlllethillwllich nobody( wanted.. For energy "I even she had one of her sisters with of prescient triumph and girlish re Central .\rica."
'I L' pounded *
uear. he had, onlv it was n perverse imp of resumed Gertrude. .

'! I energy, that preferred to do the thing which "Spare her one of your sisters," said morse.Mr.( Hammond did, of course, in the following One morning Miss Meredith called early,
f 'I And when meet friend all smiling to do. For the rest, he of t the utmost gloom.
we some it was: not required) Payne, prompt) davs, make n few efforts to withdraw/ with I countenance
I cheery, was 1 so charming that men, like nature, lavished Itarcll. his consent. But, urged by Dr.Jeffreys Ned l is going to be married," !she said,
t. We're to think lot is hard indeed. him. In health he Now is in nearest chair.
wont our ; gifts upon good your opportunity Joan Now or ami hurried and sat down tie
t: : Ami wonder why we must be always wearv was cordially. welcomed ; in bad health, he never I" And. Charles Payne glanced with on by lppltl'el by.J\al.(who was always tremendously "To whom ?" l Mr. Hammond., lugubriously. .

was tenderly. nursed. ; starving, he was fed ; Miiiling (lconrugell'ntut the girl bending ; Chlrll'energetic when other people hesitated .
And why) our hearts! must! ever ache and naked, he was clothed ; idle, lie was for lvIt low nnd nervously, it seemed, over the scat ) hc'finally .'o'a German girl, a, pianist from Munich

; blce.1.t ( His: conversation was brilliant ; bis tered. sheets of nuisioi with Ii yil'lel1 countenance ," replied, Mrs Meredith.Gertrude .
t manners were delightful : his view of life Not Gertrude nloiie, but everybody now of Ol'rtru.tl portcn'ous!Joan's things, and Edith: gave an exclamation
i The secret is, ye murmuring Christians hear was a perpetual application, in the most! look up surprbrt Joan raised' pa'le' de and marked contempt her disapproval, of her of dismuv, li8Rlriscll\ savage laugh.
: It"" childlike good faith, of the cynical maxim ; termined said steadily : 1 wish togo for cOllue. "That' studying the nrtSj" she
I ( by allowing her to do nothing COI'S
f'J \ Not that we've failed to go to God in prayer, What's yours is mine, and what's mine is to Munich to study music." Edith Joan remarked( in unconscious contradiction to
nt ,
/ (: I Rut having taken every trouble' to Him, mv OWII.'I'fhii There was n general silence of sheer repeated : \\'cl, Sir Andrew Ague-check.

,:./ 1 ; We failed to lose our hold, and leave it : elusive and enchanting: being had amazement, broken at last by a short laugh you Cousin are fortunate Ned promised 1" n "pl'l'.lyi it of Ins "The name of this person ?" inquired Mr.

f J' .t there drifted down to Crofton for Bertha, who of sardonic: amusement from )Ir. Ham own to :Munich ; and Miss Priscilla wrote a Hammond, with the air of a man inured to

/ was out of health, to be nursed! fur a few most furious epistle. So outraged. and inexplicable the buffets of fate.

l't" I Wellitlnotllay"Th'willhectolH'"OI"at/l-I Ii months by her family ; and straightway Ilonetl'I, well ; what next, I wonder?" he was its tone that the Hammonds .Klettcrman," answered Mrs. lll'rellilh,

i! f, I And th'lInl111 er there let every burden rest ; had become a grcat'friend! of Joan's. Tho Milt adjusting) his spectacles betook were at frt rendered speechless by amazement not more cheerfully."I .
I 11111'.110 have endless talks e\'rn'suh-
1 two on I Guardian. had think I saw !something about her in
Ah 110'1 else hearts must have beenlighter. \ ; more so that !'
or our !
I ject under heaven, and Mr. Payne expressedthe What cal bo more dreadful than to see never before interfered their affairs. ole of the London papers," remarked Gertrude. '
opinion that Joan was clever. your grandest resolutions slipping down Insensate .
"God's The project, she was
For well we are always: tie ,
I bcs.. ways Poor dear Joan I It docs not much mat vast abyss of another person's habitual ridiculous. If dl'raret execution, it 'h(')' are nil full of her. It nppcars she

t I .. ter what Charles Payne says! on any subject difference ? would be a death-blow put to her belief in the is not only very clever, butry handsome,

When we can trust alike in light or darkness ," was Gertrude's observation! nnd Joan, "Papa, I am quite in eare I wish to Hammonds' propriety, right feeling and' in that queer, new-fangled style that attracts:
on the whole, rather lost than gained. in go," cried Joan in a tone so excited verged common sense !I" some artists. She has been taken up by a

1 I When nil our will is lost In the divine, public favor by her new alliance. on ,despair. This was only the beginning of the letter, number of fashionable amateurs, and had a

r 'lien shall our faith be ever strong and joyous Her other friend was a poet cousin-only I1"h-lh I Don't shout in that way, but the rest! of'i was all in the same stril. sudden great success. She has also published t
I son to :Mrs. :Meredith of the Hall, the jrrcat, Gertrude, while fr. "Just Priscilla and her that song, which, it is sail, shows unusual talent

J And we can say, "(Sod's. will bo dime, not !lady of the neighborhood, and. )Ir. 1I11mmoilll's Hammond laid down his paper with an air when we want advice we ask tel i, Gcrty," I l' pecallil I But, oh I what ',,
t mine." half-sister. of resigned annoyance.. said Mr. nm I 'her?" and poor Miss Meredith
j This: lad: v was clever manager: \ and. her !indulgent And where i is the money to come from. But Inrloml, contrary, wrote a very actually wrung her hl1l"ll

( ..JOAN.THE rich and studious nn left liisallairs: Jay I ask ?" lie inquired indirectly. emulsive reply ;11 for she widely thought Perhaps ,Joan. knows her. By the,by,
(1 farming and the rest of it, a good deal in I have mv. legacy," said Joan that it does not do to quarrel with rich old we have not heard trom Joan lor more than
her hand, while he traveled and wooed the "Oh !I" After this there "
HiMMoMw' was anotherpause. cousins for the !sake of perverse sis two months, observed! Edith.
j : rmv WCKMNCI.There young
I muses. He had( not dislinguisheil himself! : The Hammonds were not stingy, ters. "Perhaps she I is going to be manied to
1 f are various ways of being distinguished. college, which had been n great disappointment and there "
was a great community of small A week later our little heroine started for another pianist, suggested Miss Priscilla."Oh. .
There is the tight, rope, there nro the to her and lowered him constantly in Il'T'i'l'lllolg thel. Gertrude and Edith Munich. don't !I" expostulated. Gertrude, who
i hustings! there I 1.1 the rock A Lord :Mayor is a her eyes. Hut if his mother "snubbed' him, both made Joan little presents out of was seriously! distressed, for Mrs. Meredith

conspicuous!' personage-at any rate for one he was! much petted. in an undemonstrative their legacies, ami, they felt slightly hurt at HI. had (quite broken down, and was weeping
; year. A gifted actress, a popular novelist, n fashion, by Joan. The girl /liked. all the idea of her wishing to pl'11I111 ,her own Three had passed! but Joan's return bit terl
professional beauty can command the suffrages dumb, guttering things, and as a child had, upon herself."I to her father's house! was .still delayed. Not ') use crying, Sarah said :Mr. Hlm-
;: and the stares of the crowd lint everyone had a rare collection of maimed I pets. Perhaps feel that I should succeed," continued being much misted nt home in any Ilatl'rial mond. "I suppose.the boy,is set on it?
of these positions argues !lIthe occupant it was on something of tho same principle Joan timidly. "'
I sense, nnd resolute to remain away ns long "Quite, quite? sobbed .:\\fr Meredith.
some energy in well or ill-doing, some character that !she sympathized with her !shy and "You do?" said her father. Experience ns she thought she had contrived He is to bring her down to-morrow to introduce

') i or soiiio talent out of the common, or, .silent i cousin Ned. may tench you the contrary, n1 dear." to wring one extension'of!: leave after another her to m('. I don't know if she is

'.\, '.J at least, some quality in excess. One other and. very perplexing person Then I mar go," urged the girl. from her father Between her nnd her coming alone with him To have to entertain
1 Hut the Hammonds, who lived( in Crofton, there was: who plaved an important part in .Ilcally," said, Mr. Hammond, much put sisters there was no brisk posse of underbred Germans would bedreadful. .
)' J had a way of being distinguished which gtl'e'I the /lives of the 11 alii lilt 11 II 11'1, and. was regarded out, )'01 are very peculiar Go ? "ou.seem ence, but, when she did write, rorre'polllI her letters I i 1 ."

them no trouble whatsoever.! They simply bthem somewhat in the light! of a to think it i Is nothing to go to :Munich. were always reassuring. "The principal relative in n German fam-
And doubt troubled their "
j wore. no ever fairy god-mother. "She says she is getting on rapidly with ly is the grandmother, I believe," observed
minds but that the world was better for their Tliis was an elderly maiden, extremely "The journey i is easy enough," observed her music, nnd she nnpcars to be in pood Miss Priscilla, and Mrs.I Meredith moaned.

'I existence. In fact, they did not think of rich, keen and far-sighted, who was a cousin Mr. Payne. health, which, after nil\, i is the chief point. "There arc worse relatives than grandmothers
: the world at all, except as a roomy place for to the late Mrs Hammond. :Miss! Priscil-! I it is who have been "
( !suppose you putting When a love of home revives in her, I suppose said :fr. Hammond, whereat his
them to live in ; but this want of reflective la Upton-for that was' her name-long this nonsense into the child's head ?" she will return," was the substance ofGertrude's cousin! smiled. "
ness regarding! the universe did not arise before had como to stay with cousin asked his host "
years ( turning irritably upon hll. usual answer to any inquiries for You will all come to dinner to-morrow,
l I from anv morbid contemplation of them- Xmy, 'and been devotedly nursed by her "The idea was suggested to your daughter ] her youngest sister. of course?" said Mrs. ns she rose
NClvc.'I.Vo may presume that the great luminary through a dangerous IIln s-4.: "My:\ dear," her 'fcrl'lltl
\ l by own genius, answered CharlesPayne. These three had not been marked by to go. I never could it alone.
I I of the day, if suddenly endowed] she said! in an impulse of convalescent. gratitude prosperity for "l'nn Mr. He and his Come earl.They will nrrivc by the seven

f ," with self-consciousness and questioned as to lo Mrs Hammond, we are both poor, "Her what?" exclaimed :fr. Hammond ; sister, confident in HnllOl1 bUfinel's faculty, o'clock express."

'I his mission.would emit the wellfoundedopinion but if I am ever rich I" swear that I will settle then added curt)', talk seriously ', if youplease. had bel'1 entrapped into a speculation which And the Hammonds, nccompnnicd by the
that it Ho :
win: an important II 11 l'
10,000 .
I upon you.
: turned out unfortunately. The blow to their maliciously l'X t Miss:\ Priscilla
'I the Hammonds. They were not selfconHcious I should not know what to do with such I am quite serious," retorted Charles, pride was almost as intolerable as the loss to It was ulan the reception wl'nt

J ? and never thought; much about themwlves a sum," laughingly) ans'l'rellfrll.:\ Ham rather affronted. I consider that Joan has their pockets.Mrs. take place with a certain state in the large
< but if interrogated on the point, it is mond. l'ttlo it upon the poppctt." (At unusual talent, and I think it is a pity that ( Meredith especially felt keenly the drawing room The Hammond girls were

"\ 1 quite certain that their Innermost, If unspoken that time there was only one of those remarkable she should nocfulow the path which her humiliation of having to confess the catastrophe brimming over with curiosity. Mrs. Meredith
I reply would have formulated the conviction beings: in the Hammond ('r:.'.) talents ." to herson although the loss to him who had. outwardly recovered

I (. 1 t that they were Indispensable.As "You\ will have! hosts of poppetts by nnd by, "PopeJuan," murmured Gertrude, withindulgent was, after all, comparatively trifling. To calmness, sat in old point hl'l
.', t it was, tho only outward sign of this my dear," said( Miss Priscilln.: "I I will settle moeker)'. make worse, \ho had just achieved a staring blu'k'eh'c Ill'. She looked

\: r intimate persuasion! in them was u goodhumored it upon one of them." "_\ nice thing, indeed, if every young lady (' ] 'maters UCCl'IS with a tragedy blankverse. dignified, but her'hands trembled.Suddenly .

.> contempt for superiority of all sorts. Tne words were hardly out of her mouth who imagines: or i is I imaginatively 1 told His mother, though less displeased. the noise of arrival wns heard.

1 Handsome: pc01ll", clever people, found not when the post brought her the news of the by others, that she has talent should go than n!>tunl'llllat! the achievement, could There were cries at the door-quick steps
favor in eyes: but, on the death, h1 a boating accident, of her only wandering over the Continent," said Mr. not help feeling that, like Lady Macbeth's along the hall-then the butler/ threw open

other hand they never disturbed the Hammond brother and his only son. by which unexpected Hammond, testily death, it should have come hereafter." In the door, and. Ned, looking unusually mischievous
: I; serenity. If they IU\lllIlI Ideal, It was turn of Fortune's wheel she became
"I that
old ]
presume \01 ulknowlcegotll' necessity days she would have praised it. with a"critical : appeared. with his
t "; I hat of a strong common sense. The head tho possessor of as many thousands: as;; until nnd value of kl'\llaynl'. deduction in favor of her own inherent his nrm."Papal". bridc-l'Il'l upon
of the the Uev. George, had taken then she had hundreds of "
family enjoyed pounds a "'ihout presumption I l'UI, thllk, superiority. cried fresh voice, and
honors at college; not because he liked books, year.Time. claim as much penetrated with that As it was. she had to swallow the success: the petrified Mr. I young found himself
but because (as he frankly said) he ('oul.l went on ; the Hammond quiver truth as replied :Mr. Hammond. i whole and the
t if
pill, highly gilded, was not & in the arms of !slight
not allow himself to bo beaten by cads." filled fast, and Miss: Priscilla could not but Work'llrsef"Payne, softly .stroking his wholly sweet. Altogether, Mrs. Meredith:\ "ll'nly, loving glance was I strangely graceful familiar

; Hut being country clergyman by no means bo reminded by more than one circumstance beautiful blonde beard, "i: my ideal. So felt ullorfortnhlc. And Mr. Hammond felt in a face of unfamiliar benut '.
rich, his tH\tuflllllllliITlrt'n'o to intellectual of her own rash promise. As long as Mrs. profoundly do I feel its holiness and beauty no less AVhen they met and "Joan !I" cried nt ). I
revmincnce:; in itself had enabled him, without lIulllmolllllivl..l she hint of fulfilling 10. thl'lat e'r''oirl' 01'l'
gave no that the spectacle of wasted powers causesme looked one another without finding much Yes!, Joan," wilful Joan who
any conscientious pangs!; to launch hissons it; nevertheless! it is probable that it genuine distress. Your daughter: has: to say. A diminished sense of self-impor would go.for sall Xrt month into, the
early in life in bll \\lJelii.! They had weighed upon her conscience- she wII"Ia which here must IIrcl'sarly lie fal tance had brought with it lessened! richness profession,"
1 married, 'were fathers! of healthy normal fairly honorable woman although a veryhtlngy Ilower. wishes to to advantages of J "
go :IUllill whlre rO\'l'rltloll.:\ Hammond his Public applause l is our hall mark.
families, ami play no in our However that lIIahI'e been I
part story one. of the sort she I, nails and
IbuIIII for
was stamps us ,
: gloomily c-ross of worth I
The members of the fa III 1with/ whom when the died in something
gentle Amy an outburst on the other hand, shall be only too happy to Gertrude, felt. a natural disgust at not dare ask your permission' for fear you
we have to concern ourselves are the daughters. of regret) and generosity, :Miss Priscilla wrote to think that Bertha here'my wife," IooillCharll' the loss of ', and expressed it in uHammondian would not give It. But now that Fraulein
These were three in number-Gertrude to Mr. Hammond that she had destined
have "
tenderly, a told
I so" fashion.Things Kletterman exists
Edith.: and Joan. Gertrude, as the .10,000: to the member of his family who before in the long hours "wi labors companion must deprive you no" longer you will forgive
my were not the arrival her won't Joan
by ? asked
illp'ro\'l'd you
cl Jest, governed the motherless household tho of should have fulfilled I
age thirty a me of the pleasure of her society. of Miss l'risl'illl, maid and her smile that was irresistible. '
f\ho\ was a typical Hammond llllcillg, certain ('UlII1i t lon. "I is possihle that you may be more with pets, on her annual visit. was ,The sound of a door violently slammed ",
good-tempered, sensible ; not gook looking, This condition was not communicated think," Mrs. Mere the old I eilelltthat
than01 awoke to
not the
lady's temper everybody knowledge of
slggl'Ml'c Miss
of cour e. Edith: who bail more leisure to the letter, but it was, the writer said, set with Priseilla's .

Cultivate her appearance' rejoiced in a pink forth !at. length !in!! a sealed" packet deposited Hut the real point to be considered iswhether .lot_age.coming. home yet ?" sne exclaimed When} the!abrupt Hammonds departure.reached. home that
and white beauty of first youth that was witu Jiiss rrisciiia 1I0lic tor. Joan "
not '
ought o
go, suddenly in r'f'rell'e to I must iiignt their cousin was in bed, nnd the ,
never likely to disturb the family/ routine, It may be imagined what an object of interest interposed the usually silent Cousin Neil. frankly confess that I..0'cl. in time they next by
and was regarded tho right thing in the and that whimsical be disappointed ro"e morning.shc was on her ,
: curiosity lady "I consider the whole affair the rankest you, one and all. I had expected betk-r way to London.
: right place-like an alabaster chimney ornament. C'allll'tn all her young cousins: after that. folly," said Mr. Hammond. things than that George should be so foolish Her behavior caused much '
II surprise, of
She was made] prodigiously l much of by. ,I cannot understand why," retorted lost I think
4,000 courstnnd
( von said ?), and that she was with
t : t Joan, K lith'.s: junior by six years, was the them and seemed to enjoy the process.: It .Wel. .sir, it is possible that there arc l'1 Gertrude, should. be so weak. Stu toryjletters. But no pursued to these concilia* f
t ,? foreign clement. To beginitli, she was: is true that while they were .still I children, 1 in the world which you do not ;dying\0\1 music, forsooth 1 Studying fiddlesticks nondid the Hammonds answer arT.1, )
1; as everybody noticed, singularly plain. her attitude toward t them was marked hII ultlerstnld.) answered his uncle, with grow And when she knows counter bass of ]Miss Priseilla's ever again see sigh i'
t But
;; When was anything seen HO. out uf thu way certain subtle\ distrust. :She\ Ill'l'earetl'to and halHlwrilng.

!.1., ( as her dark, thin face, solemn eyes and lanky watch them narrowly, and I consistentlysnubbed Pt'IoJ pruton: ll'ar, are not children, except i is. what thorough-point is she to do, with or whatever them ? the Lead jargon the: this licitor effect wrote: for letter was to ,

i. \ legs and arms? Then, as:, Gertrude always any ell'ort at self-assert ion. But us metaphorically, said! his mother, pleas village choir? HU client. Miss .
I :
) remarked, "Joan is .so unlike other people." they grew up she relaxed toward them visibly I !she intends Priscilla Upton, after ;.
; She w.is not stupid, it was allowed, but nevertheless and us they nearcd thirty !she becameincreasingly It is a question of justice, not of feeling | bcll'\, Gertrude."A coming. out us aeomposl'r consultation! uctant she with him, hud arrived'nt there ,
1 ( begged him to thc
ff when she had reached the end of Mlil\'l'.
So much was this the persisted the man. what shrieked say
young ) ( that
1 the limited curriculum which the Uev.George ca.se, that each in turn began to look "' I'rlsria.h 10 'mliol to the
) : uJ'on> An angry Pish came from Mr. Hammond you seriously to terms of her old necorlllg
r considered necessary for woman, !the could him or herself as! the future happy reripicnt while C Gertrude and Edith looked to drag you i" name ll'al'the'Hammond say name-' >nd was entitled promise.from her to .oan Hamim of- .
neither sing, nor 'ketch, nor dance, while of the magic sum
sum. -
quite round the world the
on of 10.000. For :Miss
"hm'kl'l frontispiece pol Upton had
for nccdlc-work of all sorts she had abhorrence. Peter the t-ldest. destined this ,
i an son, was *n obviously in \ commanded Mrs. Mere ka '' '
: Illlt positively indecent. girt from the first to that Hammond who
\ the old lady's good graces that-slow, honest dith. 'I
I I She would for hours if I but soul he almost protested Gertrudeinamazed bifore the age of thirty, should] achieve dis-
play indulged, married! on the expectations Poor Joan, feeling the inutility of the dis. consternation. tiiictioii' in the .1
f>lr. Hammond hated: the sound of practicing : which she excited. George; the next i mission, and unable to listen to it any longer ".\n absolute prostitution !" continued Miss ole or ob other branch of art ,

: :I and as he always rose early, sat up late, eldest.t'IIS now on the verge of the fateful rose to leave tho room, when an unexpected I Miss Priscilla, with increasing vigor of de ,Had, never Upton.from eTatol and experience,
011 hail piles of correspondence, and the house I ago ami Gertnulu\ was hut three years utJ' t. il auxiliary suddenly presented itself in : nnnl'iation.hl':\ just well be from the traditions expected ami glaring I deviation 1
might a habits
'It t Was, smallho invariably heard the piano To both Mix* Priscilla it I'lf. of' a of the family, ,
'i wits benignity; t the person Dr. Jell'reys. That kindly ballet girl. I never thought to see the day l"m, having been mistaken she
!> whenever it was played, and Edith: she than and felt it her
j invariably petted more an.vhodv, soul had been watching her while the others when one of your 'family would consent to mournful duty to
I ..tol'pt.\llt. Ho only liked music\ of the whom she .t1..liklotl warn theremaining Ham
an evcnftig only one decidedly were talking, ami had noticed thequiver) the degradation of '." monds that at her
notoriety. the whole of .
IJ I as u soothing accompaniment to digestion was the unlm'kJoal\. of disappointment on the earnest I her
wrrow111 (cannot comprehend why Joan should
and conducive to an agreeable doze. Besides these uncertain chances 111'l'rtyulll go to the for the
.J j accruing young; 1 face. not write music, just us: well us Peter can 1
Then lilith wouhlllo\'Il' him by a waltz or to them from Miss Priscilla, the Hammond If I may bo allowed to express a professional scribhlc accounts !" broke in Edith Lptpn's oChe Ojibbeway) Miss!
: ,: two, or "Annie Laurie," and that done, girls, nt eighteen: each came into a small opinion) Hammond, I should with unwonted tire.suddenly) s\'llathi' were entirely with the

1 woulJ; (by his: orders) cca l'. Joan was aIj hglll'of .:300, left to them/ to "do. what wunllil well to let your daughter pi.savyou For he\\'en'l gake. don't you try to be SiJ5-'es.ot'Ojcultured and effete nil with civilization.anyone" result ,

j ways wanting to try o'r'cr\ old music of they liked with." Gertrude and IMith: had : tll'lr Jeffreys ilomerut nitnt.Munich sharp," retorted the old turning thousand "
that objectionable sort which has no tune of course long received 1\1) upon .tJiour must go to you,
ago; uIHllt:1rtl1'1">lIt is notoriously one of the most unhealthy her e-xasperatedly. I and the papa.
'Li'f! fcuch as fugues of Bach, stoccatas of Scarlatti, their legacies, and as the story opens Joan towns in 1'UIII": Besides, what i Is my dear. Your chief merit your is J projnrcharacter your twee"0m Uertrude and Edith rest: can-unless be \Ned. objl't.tS'D

t and M> on.OIK .. u had just touched hers, the matter with Joan ? want of in-. I mean your want of pretension ..
*, vviien tihu was quite a child, in an There is never anything .the. matter with to! superior intelligence." l' did
unguarded outburst of childish arrogance, II.Mrs. any of us, turn happy to think," remarked .Why, Cousin Priscilla, I always thought ,ond remarked Vot.ohPect' as Mr.
kite hod sail that she was: born for thingsnove : :Meredith[ and her !son, the Paynes Gertrude. had a noJ of the the only member of
you very opinion me, said himself
('OIllIlUIAs might be expected, and Dr. (t the family doctor) had "Our little fJily. except who had nlwavs
Jeffreys Joan is and Edith: to '
neT'OU: beginning appreciated
cry. !] Joan.
imlre. rCcntfuly. y -The .
I Ibis announcement was:, greeted with a howl I been dining with the Hammonds. It was a !sioimblc. and l is just at t stage of ( "So ha\ ulswt"rl'\l Miss Upton with amollified .rOII
of truly fraternal derision by her incredulous fresh autumn evening, and tho blaze of the physical development when a thorough of curiously l grim enjoyment. "JIOLH O.V !
brothers and sisters.i They instantly first lo..;s upon the hearth was exhilarating. change would be most beneficial to her. t You are my ideal of a young woman ; the .f JUT .
nicknuiual her Pope Jum, and the speech( What are you going to tin" this winter, You must remember that she differs from pirl 'for my-approbation. (Edith had learn that/ there are some hundred ,
\'rv .
wa> never forgotten., against her. It was 'her 1'11\110'" asked 1Ir.: Hammond. her brothers and sisters in not having inherited raised a tear-stained face, but buried it in Marfcs able-Utdieil negroes' now at St.
first attempt to talk about herself in her "I'm oft to Munich. I have an order to your (constitution, Hammond," said Dr.Jctr.vys. her handkerchief again nt the word urieatiinoro waiting for transj rtation to News
family/ turn it remained her la t. write the article 'Bavaria' for Orlll'nl'r'l -ignilicantly.N. bation.") "So stop crying, do. I like bul ', there to go to work on u railroad to

'She had two friends, both men, and bothfcrsoribul new Encyclopedia: of Kuropoan: History. .>h by Oprtmdo 11:1 |*'culiur." One It i is the very kind of work Ilu1't been setking : I this, (ur'JUII'_ l"irtll hit: i..>. mother until she I is once again "hal 'neb ttt SI\' that he wi rl.tur II a few

W i* <* .1\'I- s l'-'J' P.ll burn Bohemian, wl O'n for )'tI," answered Charles Payne, her life.Moreover. bly under her father's roof." r'plta- ,* Itl eillc\r to' a thousand

tI.III1'1 oM (j'1..a''" "ILIIIIIIIlIl'l'll to nurry M'bs0rtha I I I 1 toking up from Ill old 1'11' which he'hadl "I.i .. wi<" rather like her mother And with returning irritation Miss Priscilla ing em ( blame them for seeklovnient -

Hen't")'. lertruJe Hammon rnrctt'frjcnd l h'n humming over analytically to Joan."Humph in h'mlt'nll'| t*. and Mr. Hammond had. wrap(>od nil woollen shawl round cottonnevcrtq' whih11 pay better than
<>< unda l oiitiy, coniiu mplace young remarked Mr. 111111111 l.. i I., hit wife. Not t oul but her nvire form, and precipitately left then culture ldole we i3) .
ttouuii a3 unlike'himself us po.o'iibl'hen While Mrs.I ftrt.lit".lut,1 UI" I I felt, roiKtquently. 'that Dr. Jertreys hadpliM I 11 tlurN' eless. .hJil (j IU." \\e

r lie prujxwcd for her the family had Kivtntheir miltd."Can't. I | -t triitnp card, while JI u with unit "I 1 wish I weru thirty sighed With, the bu.hnorhea.at advertisements for contracts for

d .c<>iifnl', because, M was universally re- >.',,II write the urtkle in the K-iti-h 1 I ,. > ..-i.Ui tui't. followed up the advantage l', naively. "Think, In I am"tt get that money, dniK to nf the railroad from ('hata.
muk I, although Charles Payne had im f Iwlfm 'li >mg tuber lather. .he knelt UVide. his how convenient it would' now !" Pensaeola will be out in
., b "i&v'I from this time, wbe-n there will4If




.' .. 1Ii- ':-.I'iZ.. .f Iit;...... 0 J-r"' -., ... .- .,k' .

-. -. __ .. u' ._.. _- .," __ '__ ___..,.,.-_' ..... __. .. .. .... .. .,.__.- .,' r.. -r""' '!Jft'-! ..




-- .--- -- -.. -- ... --.-. -,----- ----.---. ---- ._. -- ... --- --.--. ---- .. -- _.- .. ----"-- --. .,, -

,;;; be work for all willing\ \\'I'k.ot good I mill to another here I than in the North., All AT Iot'ltt.nlll.FI.\..\., Uoo", and Situ ioner. for Tallinn and Kj. "'('st1 ,

I .,:. wages much nearer home tlur> New Or- or very nearly all, the hands. in Southern With Steamer Ali( >h( for all points! ami \i.i.MIM \
lean:*. III saying this we fpoakv{ : ntitlmrlty factories: are Southerners natives of the region landing: on Orange) l ike, on arrival of Peninsular IIOKACI: I> UIMV.Wholesale .
\ I This road will I ho limit certainly nmlfjuiekly. around the mill in which they work ; : Railroad Train. '. SloaniHliip C'O'SCARRYING I.IXI' ,
.-Ikonomitt.COXKLIXO.. and they nil belong to a mon primitive, and Retail -- -------
simple and oltl.II<;ll olwll order of things AT tll'\..\.

than is now anywhere in existence in connection With Stage Line to nnd from Pirooksville L;!
with the factory life of New Eng-; daily! except :Sunday.Tuesday J10OKS ST.iTlONKHV, .; -:
)1r. Clink Ii II:: will enlist public nttcntion land. In f\'t. the whole; article I is a very : Thufllt.IIn.t :Saturday: : from

for what ho ha done ami for what he may complete answer to the outcry against :Southern : (Ocala llt Tampa on :Monday[ Wednesday; : And Jir.S.'.
for him
do. out
Some auticipatively cut tin ;
lawlessness and! sectional inequality. and Friday.
independent r< that till he sees it. Mr.[ Conkling has been The. !men sweet-tempered and women and in, the the mills general dispo! AT ITUII KEY, Fl.With \., :II! WrsTJACKSONVILLE. : l1v :OTIU-r: .

an advocate of a l'ertalnlntll'pl'lltll'nl'e. He !litiolofeharll'tl'r anything but such!! I has :Steamer Miller to and from l'I'IISlI'\1. THE t.. S. MAIL.ONE .
has insisted i however on having; it all to : la on :Monday[ and Friday.With .
been painted to excite and intlame the district :; I :, FLORIDA.[ I l
) manifestation of it in others Steamers Clinton and .1/ I for
himself. Any : : of Northern people. A bright pictureis
has not )plea"ed him. Service: with him or found In the concluding, paragraph! which New Orleans on Friday[ ; from( New: Orleans I: of (the. staunch :and elegant Steamer:

I under him has not developed I independence, cannot nt1 'r less cause for I'lItilit'lItltlI i in the on :Saturday ; from I Havana and Key West, I the above I Line willll'avl'I'llar I Key!

and its development would not have made. North than it will encourage the South : on Friday! ;j' for Key West: and Havana/ (UISat every Monday at ,1.00: 1'. m., for
his leadership a success.: One of the penalties unlay.
In various parts of the South I see signs" of
of having a political master i is that a t the gradual accumulation of capital, nnd of With Florida & IIII'nllfail: Steamship ,7SclI4moI ROOkS" nllitcr SpccIasll.t" Tiiinpii, .lliinalcc.
him do the while i it ('ommi for htVt'st ami Tampa
party 1'hatll't thinking, for \L'1111Y'5: Steamers (
the work of laying t the foundations new
does'the ohcying. His force and rare per iral.j on :Monday[; and Thursday. And Ilriiidoiilown,
expanded business enterprises u Cl U-
have made this both and or With : for the and Ocean Sh'lnnhont't.!
sonal :< :Steamer.VriyinV points
qualities easy sect kind of work going on out ofliglat. but .. .. nnd! every Monday[ : and Thursday nt 4X'p. :(
pleasant to :M[r. Conkling's followers. Hiscleanhandednoss I which is sure to be manifest by and by. If Sti ,\\lInl'I' River on Thursdays at i 1\! a. in. -- m. for

:< adherence to friends the Tribune would continue to publish more For information respecting routes: rates, .,\:iMOIG.iS laiN I'r,.
COIl ratre and disinterestedness have made his of such lettersabout t the I South, 1o present in etc., apply to I'mifit KHNHU and icy' "'('"41.
followers trust him and admire him as thoroughly .A. o. :MM-DOXELL( : l ,
such truthful colors the real condition of affairs
as they ohcved him in a personal (icn'l Ticket and I 1'a...', A gem It.I .
: I in that section to its Northern I l'I'atl't'I.nnllbrin A
service lath t on feudal principles. hiLt any about a feeling of mutual confidence > ,E. :MXKI.I.. : .,. Jen'l. ..Supt.. :21!I i (Connections\ mude: at Cedar Key with the
will abandon leadership -
theory that ho -- -- -- --- --
and esteem, rather than to attempt to Florida Transit Railroad: I from and (to all
heconic, a rover or a criticaster, reverses the drive the repudiation Ms of Virginia as t the Fumm.\I : TH.\I. RAILROAD.: I points 1 North un.1'I. ; at I Pnntn Rassa: with

hahit and contradicts the evidence 111'1lifc entering wedge"l to break up the :stategovernments :Steamer: for Fort Myers[ Fort Ogden, andPine
time. It; will he'l,1I to reserve a decision under which such progress: has! uotxu wrsT.Leave Level.Through I.

on that subject. Ucllection, on :Mr. Con k. been possible: it would be dignifying its Jaeksomillc ..................... -8:15:l A. M. iAii STIA.IILr. S IIII.S Tickets are on sale at Feniandimi ;
his <
lings ability to mask or mitigate parti- place in journalism /nnd doing the whole 1""II'c'hite ltlI.IMC.i( : : .\. M. UN. Jacksonville. Gainesville, and Cedar '
-- -
--.---- ----
zan hip would initially show that he lieverhaM country a, genuine service.-ynshrille Amrrican. ( Leave Haldwin ...... ..................... !0:30):: .\. M. Key, at greatly reduced! rates! for all principal .
done so ; that would argue he never 1/oavo Darbyvillo......., ......;.......,.. !>::55 A. M. Will It'IH'e'ctlr points on I the ( !ulf ("mist.J. : .
could II It) :so. No ; that idea is of the imagination . Leave Sanderson.................. .......10:40: A. M.LeaveOlustee I Key }[t. (1ALPHIN.I Jou'l Ag't,
--- -- -- --
Nor .do, not we of believe the reason.Mr. Conkling_ can carryout ICallroadN.rpIME ...... ......... ......... ...... t 11:21: I A. M. FOR NEW: ORLEANS! : : EVERY: : OTHER 13: Cedar Key, Fla.ST. .
Leave Mt. (.atrh..1 l 1.I.: .\,111. FRIDAY, ----- --
any plan he may have! to retire frompolities'and Leave I. ike City ......... ......... .......12:15: : i'. M. .:;\"- :; MARY'S RIVER: [ .
into law. His CARD
1. \ loom temperament Leave Live Oak........ .................. :2:30!::\ ) I'. M. ,
His i habits .\( I I 'I' .\ ,
.,," is 1 for pout!ic. are political.Men *- OF TIlEA'L'I4AN1'IC Leave. Madison......... ,........ ...... ......4:15: p. M. S'I'Rl) CCU
< change their skies, but not their minds.Events -
will if need he will lashMr. nULtW1T:: [INDIA TRANSIT Leave lrifton..l. () p. M. FOR KEY WEST::; AND HAVANA
; and
., lure Leave Tallahassee: : ............,...... .... Sh: < r. M. I.1.
Conkling into activity in politics. The! [ RAILROAD. Leave Juincy i ........ ...... ......... ......t 10:28:: I'. M.Arrive. EVERY: OTHER I :SATURDAY. /
events mean more than the disestablishment ,
PENINSULAR: : [ RAILROAD, Cliattahoocheo River..1 :(14) t.. M.
of the machine. That isagroatfeat
,. and fact ; but the events mean the tearing ( 'aldo Branch,) DOING EAST. ::i;;;" .

of the Republican party by the malign AND Leave Chattahoochce River.... ..... 4 I .:.To A. M. PARSONS & HALE, Agents, TIlE KTGAMEIMr

forces it has injected into polities. Activoii's FERNANDINA & JACKSONVILLE: I Arrive Quincy....... ............... ...... 5:52: A. M. !0-13t Cedar Key, )0'111.LI.OItY'S .
dogs have turned on him and are rending Arrive : ----- ----- -- ------- ----- --
him. :;ciolislllanll savagery and sectionalism )- ItAl LROAI). Arrive Drifton........ ......... ........... !0:35,:: A. N. Captain RICIIAIIDSON' Captain -.

have disintegrated properties! in them for Arr \Madison: ....,...................... 11.30: A. M. :MA[
t those who use them. The Republican party In Kffect May 6th, J88!. Arrive Live Oak.............. ............ 1:40: J'. M. .DAILY[ SERVICE.-tt:
has been their user. It is becoming, their Arrive Lake City............. ............ 4:00: p. :M. ri.onn ri.iisiiii': I.I % I':. .

victim. The administration! embodies the OOIXCI hOUTII. Arrive )It. (Carrie.......... ...... ......... 4:31:: i'. u.Arrive -

better professions and the meaner actions of Leave Fernandina........ ............... !0.00 a.m. Olustee! : .................... ......... .'t:5l:! I'. M. The Flora loaves Fernandina Ht.Mnrv'l!,
[{('pub\icallism. Stalwartism embodies the Leave Hart's[ Road..... ................. !0.17a.m. Arrive Sstnderson........................ 5:40: I'. M. Oiily Dlrert I
r manlier 1 motives I and the purely barbarian Leave Callahan......... ......... ......... 10.52:! a.m. Arrive Darbyville..... ......... ......... (n::2() p. M. and I Friday-returning i on Tuesday, Thursday

pursuits of that party. '1 he Pecksnitllan! i Leave Dutton) ......,..... ......... ........11.22( :.! 11.111. Arrive: Haldwin........................... ii:45: m'. M. nnd Saturday..
S and the piratical forces of the organization Leave Hnindy Hranch .................1 1 .3.4 a.m. Arrive White House[ ................... 7:25::! I'. M. a* The Martha[ leaves Fcrnandiiui same.

are in deadly\ grapple. So should it be.- Leave Haldwin ......... ......... ......... (2.0:1.111.): \ Arrive Jacksonville: .... ................. N:00: I'. M.. points' every Tuesday Thursday' : nnd Saturday

Albany .I rllls. Leave :Maxvillc[ ...... ............... .......12.:1:1.111.: : \ (. CONXIXTIOXS.: : Iluldwin with A., (!l. & and-returning every Monday, Wednesday

--- Leave Lawtey ............................. 1.13 ji.m. \\,1. T. R. R., for Cedar Key, (liainesvillo.and % Friday.
JAMES G1LLESPIE llI IlSE. Leave Temple's........ .................. 1.25)!) \\.11\. Fernandina\ and all\ points North and Through Hill" of Lading'

.J I A !sensational: Speaker, an uiiscnatorialSenator Leave Starke ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... 1.:11'1.111.: \ West ; at Lake City f for Tnl ahNl'l': Albany: ,
.. .. ..... ....... STEAMSHIPS: : I hy MALLORY'S LINE of Steamers to nil
:: and. a :Secretary: for Foreign Affairs, Leave Thurston( .... ... 1.51.1"\ Savannah, and 1111oil1t\ North and West: ;
:;?; who devotes his time and talents only to in- Ll'a\Waldo.......... ......... ............ 2.31: 1 p.m. at Jacksonville with St. Johns River: Steamers wisTiit\: ':\.\ points on the St. Mary's.C'loNO\ .

X triguc t nnd revenge ill home politics, are recalled Leave Gainesville..i.i:;,) p.m. j. s. MCELROY: : ) Coiuiortioii
;> when James (L Hlaine is named.. At Leave Arrcdondo ...... ......... ......... 3.52:! 1'.111. ."'. )[1. ]).\\'II'SIlX, \Iastt'r[ TI'II1'n.\ ( '.\ 1"!'. 1 H1NES 1 1 :: made with t the New York Charleston and

present he is engaged in prompting and Leave Hat (on ......... ..................... 4.071.111. Superintendent.\ ,
:., jtrodding. ; the President:< to attempt the! Leave Archer................. ............ 4.20: ) p.m. .--- (::1'1'01' AMAN, Savannah Steamers.

;V-. crushing out of )il r. Conkling. He is, on Leave Hronson ............ ............... 5.01 ji.m.\ : : l'I'SS.I'OL.SU: (LMT. IW K. lOot ACCOMMODATIONS[
%; that lIl'I'ollntubjed of much observation Leave Otter Crock........ ............... 5. to) p.m. JACKSONVILLE! ,' RAILWAY.On for Passengers.: Excursionists: : : nnd Tourists
1? and be. will well repay 8111I1'tu.ly.: Leave Rosewood: I...... ........ ........... 11.1; II tI '.111. of (the abo\t :Steamers: : will leave will lind this n very attractive trip us the

4 Readiness I i craft audacity; magnetism: nnd Arrive Cedar Key........ ............... 0.55 '.1ii. this and mad after, will[ollllayfnr: a'follows:2, I Ixxl.l Trains ONE' ( : for New York every' Thursday scenery i is grand, nnd alligators and other

memory are his strong:: points. A complete DOIND XOUTII. on run daily : on arrival of afternoon trains from game are abundant.

failure I to np;>raisj culture and conscience as Leave Cedar Key........... ...."........... 5.:1011.111.' : 1i0iSli visr.I.4IvL : \ Jacksonville; Cedar Key. $(:,- Either: of I the above. f'tl'lIln'r1ll'lI11 be
political forces is his fatal: weakness. The sober Lake ('ity..I 12.30: : \p.m. This line, having no t transfers: to make chartered for excursion parties at any time.
Leave Rosewood!.......................... 0.10 a.m.
second thought; the something: after theapplause Leave Otter Creek........ ............... 7.00 it.tii.J4eflVe Le4t''eIliiiri., ............ 1.20p.m.:! J between For further information! npply): to
Leave Houston ............ I 1.3S: ji.m
( brings him down. He i is only a I1rllllo: hero of a short I'I\-:
i forbearance, moral dignity; magnanimity Leave Button ............ ......... .......... 8.3S a.m. I Leave Live Oak.......... :2.'iO::' ji.m. .-- .-
feel f-saori lice, charity and forgiveness Leave Arredondo .......................'. 8.58 a.m. Leave ( 'tlt er......... ..... :2.!.IS I I\.111. Oilers the Hhn'('''' and. Tinware.
arc unknown I in him. A Republican by profession Lea\'I! ( lainesvillo............... ......... !.35:! a.m. - --- -- -'-- -
Leave .... .
Ellaville. .. ... : :: .
and a politician by occupation is :Mr.Itlaine. \p.m.lAavc 11EST AND I CHEAPEST: TRANSPORTATION "'. i NTKIITY: :
Ll'U'C'al.lo. .................. ...... .. ..,10.30a.m.Leave : Madison[ < ....... I.I.i.11I.. ,
He has been prevented from haying Thurston............ ...............1 10.51) I a.m. : .:: .: \ .._._ ___ TO FLOHm.IIIII'I'J:1S.: : : .
opinions by his desire to have nominations. Leave Starke.......... ...................... I 11.11 1 a.m. Leave ( I irccnville h I ......... : I.i.11I.\ 141'l'0I1I1trl'l.t:; opposite. t the Post-Office,

He has never I'rlltrlle.1'iew!! which Leave Temple's! : ...... .....................I(). I(' 11.111. Leave Aucilla............ li.IO \\.111, Vegetables and Fruits will I receive!
his specialcare .
would impair which running would strength increase-it.or lie uttered Leave Lawtey ...........................11.37: a.m. Leave Drifton............ (lUll; ) P.mi.L'IIVC in handling. 'a'T1DZ-' .. .- .
has nlll\'I'lluill1"I thoughts between the Leave Maxvillc[ ......... ..................12.2: : !oJ p.m. Monticcllo[ t ......... 5.5(1() p.m. ; :.. -
i' k. ) propositionsf Leave Baldwin ...... .. ................. 1.10.111.\ ---- ---- !
of others. except to make briei sensations Leave ISrandy Hranch................. 1.28 p.m. Leave Lloyd's:........... 7.15,: p.m.: .,

t that would perish with the using.! Leave! Dutton ................. ............ 1.4.111.( \ Leave Chaires''...... ...... 7.10p.m.\ FIRST-CLASH. 1UfT J

Twenty years of place have been his. He, Leave Callahan.......................... 2.22:! p.III. Arrive Tallahassee; .' : :...: '1'I.'j'I-m----: ;: : --- .
doubtless esteems them failure because The t offered the' .
traveling t advantages
a Leave I (lIrt's It'Ztil..i.2! : : 1'.111. Ix'tire. Tallahassu: : ......... S.M) 1'.111. public are --- ..
they have not brought him the taste! and Arrive Fernandina ..................... 4.00 1'.111. Leave Midway I ........... !0.30: J ji.m. 01'It DIRECT: UNI'TI'1I0UT
tortures of the Presidency. He will never ._ ANY (1 IANO ES.: Connections made at v'rir-

be President.\ He will never be nominated Trains:. daily except Sunday. I.'a. \'c (Juincy.............10.28: p.m.Uave Fernandina with all steamboats for all :'__-

for l'rl'., tlcllt. lie rose to prominence in the -- ----- \Jt. l'hensaitt..I II.oj I p.m. points! on the St. John's, Ocklawnhu, and .

strictly violent nnd( venal eras of his party, PENINSULA J : HAl Li1Al) ), .Arrive ('hltlli'--Jj\'I'r..IW; : \ ) p.iu7; i Indian Rivers, and with the Transit Kail- t -: ;:-: '. '.1'
I .. .. "
and! he is now doing! his utmost to use Mr.Jarfield -- -.- -. --. ---. road nt Fcrnandina for nil railroad stations )

( o.s a club! to beat down Mr. Conk ( Waldo Jlranch.) DOING WKST-HT. 111 \ltlS DIVISION.Tiietduyx : amid iiilf !ports in Florida L,. .. A. ,

ling-with a full knowledge that he has already GOING HOUTII. ( Timrinliiyx uittl Suturdiiyn./ ) "" ...-.
.' made the President incapable of FREKMIT AND PASHENOER: RATES:
as a candidate again and with consideration a- Leave Waldo! Junction................ 2.45 \p.m. Ix-iivc Tallahassee....................... IJ.OOL.< .'11.
c*. grim feeling that in warring the Senator Leave Santa 1t..i.l X ji.m.Ixave Leave ('hattuhoochce....................10.10 a.m. AH )..OWH HY INDIRECT LINKS.;
': he is warring on, the man who more thanany Hawthorne ....................... ".0.1 \\.In. Arrive... St. Marks.[ .......... ..........._..i..10.5u.in.:
other, has rendered it impossible for thesecretary Leave Loch 10u4a.! ................ ......... ...-I,') \\.111. --- -------- -- -. ---- -- --- -. ------------ ;r.-i't'Tllrollgh Ratcn and Uill.s of Lading STOVES, HEATERS H'\ (Im.'i.)

: of Leave Orange Ixike.................... :>.40 P.fl1. DOING KVHT.' to all )lnlllt>4.
State ever to be the national can- TIN ; !
v didate of his party.-Alllll1l.lryuI. Arrive Ocala............... ................. 7.00ji.m. Leave Cllllttil. River: .... $l.'lo: a.m. For passage: or further information, apply ANti SIIEKT-IRON WARE,

uoixu ORTII. Ix>/'hattahoochee.... 1.3:!!) a.m. to ROOFINO AND! (JUTTKIHNO,
4- lxuvt )It. Pleasant..... 5.15a.m.Juincy i: R. W. SOUTHW1CK Agent,
) Till:: SOUTH AS IT IS. Leave Ocala..5.4,} a.m. Ffrnandina.i PUMIW, DRIVEN WELLH: Ere.:

A special correspondent: of the New York Leave Orange Lake ..................... 7.O: Il.III. Leave ( fi.'i2/L'II. (.'. Jf. )MALLORY. ('0.,
Tribune who has:. been in Southern Ix'ave I/x-hloosa................... ..... 8.HO a.m. Ix-ave.Midway[ (i.i.ll I I a.m. Pier :20 East River, New York. 2-tf A I large stock of Stoves on hand. (Jive moa

:State: except Florida. writes every\' interesting Leave Hawthorne........................ !It.15 n.m.14ave .\rriveTallahusstf- ; ;.- :. '7.JOa.m.: .. -- -- .--------- ----.-.----- rail, and compare' my prices with those or

account of his. observations. Santu Fe...... ............ ......... 0.45 a.m. Ix-ave TlIllaha- other housi-H, here or elsewhere.
the .. ...
: : among :<:-OI.e. .. XINJ 1\.111. SlIMMER HCIII'UUI.I.a: :
growing Arrive Waldo Junction.... .... ...... 10.15 a.m. -- -
f. which manufacturing, ; ( !-establishments leaVe ('haln-H1. K 1:1: a.m. it. ". HIVI: > IICSO.V.IM : ,
are springing: up like May[ Mowers alLover ----- IxavtLloyd's) .i.os a.m. TIlE HKVMKUHT ;

the South. Ills experience, covering! a FERNANDINA: ,t JACKSONVILLERAILROAD. : .- -
long period of time, and in almost every section I-v-;; \[ ,IltilIlIl. '.IINIUJC-: ; a- ---. 9"j ----_. .

( must have struck the Tribune (iconic Leave Drifton..... ........ !0.45 a.m. j ST. JOII.VS J | <-'IT V I'OIM' } '-- _.. -_ :
-- -
with considerable astonishment. Instead of .'
IA'a\-e-\ .lo.io( a.m.lA4iVt ....... .
: --- --- -------
witnessing scenes: ",,f murder and outrage, or In Effect May Gift, 1881.UOIXU ) (i iiecnvihle..io.;(;' u.in. ;: --.Ai
; wailing through rivers of human gore, he r S--
: walked peacefully and as sweetly us a summer Ix-avc )[allilOIl..J 1.411 a.m.

J; morning! through, as the correspondent HOl'TH. Leave Ellaville: ........ ..12.50, p.m... ina.iii..

.c' relates\ most of the mills often alone observing Leave Jo'l.rlulIIl1ina..11.10. a.m. & 5.30 p.m. )IAave eUtl-r.: .....==.:. 1.22: I -m-----: : cTh

1, and examining everything with all Leave Hurt's Iloatl..1l.43 a.m. fiJl1l'.lII.. Arrive Live Oak......... 1. IU i.mit.
the fullness:. and leisure that desired ; have Arrive Jacksonville..12.50 p.m. It 7.051'.1\1. leave Live Oak.... :2.10? ji.m..
._ > IUTAK: i: It .
4 visited
many operatives in their homes: in- tiOINU NOKTII.Ixave -
;; spcctmg their houses and Ix'ave Houston:::.=: :2.32p.m.? : l : FIFTH HT.. FERNANDINA, .'1'1\.
surroundings, Jacksonville......0.00 a.m. t 3.10 "ihi' heave Fernandina for Jacksonville
p.m. I.<'v \WellMirn\ ........... 3.l"0" "r
}, learning as much about p.m. -
possible banitary Leave Hart's Road.......0.32: n.rn. A 4.15 p.m. and Palatka and interme matters!, their! fojd. social and jI'f'bonalllab- Arrive F'crnandina..1O.3. a.l\I. .t .....,0 p.m. I riI.ak ('ity:...:.... :3.15p.m. cm the St. John's River, and Savannuh! BURIAL Iwm METALLIC CASES t
its me! of leisure ': COFFINS C.JooIKI''fH.'ft'llyrullllc ; .
time thcirmoraUandgen-I:. Double! Trains = :- -:::===-77: ::::: --- and I Charleston: as blows : ANU
I': eral tone, temper and character. Here is, daily except Sunday.CONNECTIONS. GOING y'\HT-tiT. MtKKH MVIKIO.V.Tuei'luyi orders promptly attended to *
then, a gentleman evidently fair-m lltlt'll. From FernandinaFOR .
sincere : ( Tlnttnliiij int'l ?'ilunlti/i..) -
and honest pent through the South JACKSONVILLE: ASH PALATKA TENTS: obtained for Invention,
bitter Leave !St. Marks. J2JI. allI. new .
by a and
virulent 1)t
partisan! journal, IT KEUXANPIXl FL.\.,
Ix-ate : < -- or for improvements In
Wnkulla 12.'i )
who comes back without the record of sin ;fr EVERY: : WEDNESDAY.From : .
,. gle political murder the shadow a With New York and Ffrnandina !Steamship ; Arrive Tallahassee............ ........... 1.10 p.m. UIII'!!. ('Vl'Utll. Infringcmenta Trade-Murks
the or rita cloudupon Line from New York on Tuesday, at 0 .---- FernandinaFOR I ami all I $patent bnsinc i promptly uttendeii
picture of
? ofciintilencoand peace and contentment a. in. or 4.00 p. in., and for New York on ('ONN 1'"l'l0\-I.: : : to. INV..: ITIONM!I THAT HAVE UKKN: :
affection growing prosperity Thursday after arrival afternoon trains. SAVANNAH: AXU CHARLESTONjar : ItEJECTEI; > may still, III most cases, bo paten -
and Both East: and West l IN und trains meet at
tran.juil which truth *
hlll'fint't, With) Georgia and Florida Inland Steamboat EVERY: FRIDAY.fttCliw te comi-s] him to \\ misrepresentedand Live Oak and connect with ::trullllJlI( Savannah "
( mIar1r from Savannah daily except "tit onic'. and engaged in PATENT 1JUSI
"maligned section. "I found it Monday ; Savannah! daily except Sunday. I'loriulaVet.terii Railroad for ., tIIJIt'tiOIl made with steamers furclloiiville NES.S; EXCLUSIVELY: : we cuu m-uropal-
impossible he says, "to obtain from any With Charleston Steamer(ruin Havanna'h )Savannah anti Albany. [ and lntrpri, al.so with >,>t -anirM chits. in leet time than thon who are r lUol"frlllll
of the hands with'whom ht River J hiattconnect
I talked any ex- Passenger fur Chattahooi for Ocklawaha Itiver also\ at "Savannah Wa hliitoii.When .
Charleston >
and on Wednesday and Sunday ; ;i |
J'res-sion ()dUsatimctioii with their employ fur Savannah and Charleston Tuesday amiFriday. with toamtr Ht'lIt''t'u't'rjll: lulln with steamer' for New York, Philadi-lphla! Iiiventon. nend mo ; ers. [ could not observe anywhere any In every ThuriHlay for tiolaehiicoln.[ Fla.. and Jlaltirllurc.81111 ut Charlt.tuu with .
\Untuiiand : we make wureh in (hue Patent 0111(('. and
dications rc-stlessne: ** or discontent among I every Saturday (lor Colnml.in, (ia., and Eufaula tfatnen for New York Haiti- iulvi- its
With Stcamer 'fc/M from ft. fary'l6 River Philadelphia us 1utenitahuiItyc f tharyt.
the milll'<\tJrllc. No t.hot-guua evidently, Ala.Coimitsts. and with Northeastern & !South C'urlc,
Landings on Wednesday and Friday for more ('urrl'tll'lIwl'nlt 4-onlldeiitial ; (('(.5 ri-usofi-
kuklux ti. umiby Jordan
110 war paint no Krornl'.i"fIor "St. Mary'n River Landings on Sunday andWednebday. with uteamcr lina Rallrouds: fur route North, Eat: and uhle ; and NO CHARGE: "UNLIX: < PATENT -
;Schwabisin in the Smth. for the corrpondent I every Sunday fur Apalai-hicola, Fla., and Wwt. ;: IS: OIJTAINKD.We ; .
bears very full testimony that "tile every Tuewlay for Culumbii, and Eufaula:
l the Pu
refiT lIy K'rmIju.lon to City '4'inavter
operative are more placid and
Ala.Connect and tu the $UIII.'rillh'IIII"II of the
contented and les restless: than people of To and from "Savannah at I'').,&.') a. m. and at lake (Ity with trains on the )'
the same class in New Kngland. They are 0.20 I'. in. Florida < Vntral laU: ruw 1 for Jacksonville Through Tickets and Stateroom! wrured ill t"lI. fur special rt-ference circular. ml

more domestic\ settled! ami regular in their .VTJULKWIX, tM, .: and M. John Ki er. Feniaudinu and CtdarKey. and all inlilfluatiull funiUhf! at olfuc, corner Vice. trrnitf &:tl:|.. ldrww ,**
habits: and character. There in far less moving To and (tutu Tallaha- at J2.'. 'UJlJU WILLIAJI) U. AMES: C '.'utn' 1I1J111'1t''uIIIIltn'b. C. at. hNOW Jt fO.;

i ; about from place to place anti from one and U.J p. in. (it.ut.'ral J'a "t'IJJ.rer'lIt.. :2<>.1). <*. A. NOV1. ::.t( Opp.Patent Olllet-, Washington, IJ.('.


1. .



: : .


rIry y ii a i THE FLORIDA! MIRROR : MAY 28. __

----- -------------- ----- -- -- ---I ----. "_ _, 4___ __ .__._. -- ___4_ __ ___.__ __._ __ .._.___._______ _h_ _" ---- -..-. -uu- -

: "" 'r THE; FLORIDA] MIRROR pan to run in connection with through cars, I 1.1l.'lIGllI1'IOX'OTlS.' ophy ; he begins! to study the laws of de'mend Rla'1NUIS 1.,. JS.

ill' : and consolidations )began to take place. All 111 former 'l'nl'1tJurl t" und home nail and supply in their application to the -

the short roads between Alh\II'IIT1I1 HufTalo land seekers mostly came to our State in the orange and lemon ; he learns why the Florida Or A itm ;32 IS).

A t Al Tl/A'/M/ ); JLI28 I WW. consolidated! into the New York Central fdlallli: winter months. This however} orange I is the very best in the world, and An net for the Assessment and Collection of
): : were ( ,
_. :. : I commands the highest; Irle ; he becomesconvinced Revenue.The .
II then the Hudson<< I'iver road was added day by day, are
coming who
rI ; i many now are I that the l never be oversupplied of the St-itf nf Florida represent
'I T..fX..fTIN, so as to make but one line from New 1 looking; und selecting homes inventing inlands with Florida oranges, and he can ed in Scwtte prolr find AmcmMy, do enact asjollmct' :

t The Gainesville brat/ O/lllJrr. \III\ nn article York to HuflUlo. The roads from Hutt'alo to and preparing' for removal During withstand the temptation no longer, but, :SECTION; : 1. property, real and personal,
we publish! elsewhere, discusses! the subject! : falls into rank and goes to !setting out his \1 \hereby expressly exempttherefrom ,
: 0'r, I Chicago were consolidated Into two corpora the month of May, more homesteads: )have Therefore his 1 l. hisliobb.v. in this State, J
,'I' grove. "orange grove" to taxation in the
of taxation and makes defence of the action ( : halllc
n tions. The Green Line, White Line, and various been (entered more United States, :State, railroad He makes a living at other business, ruhj.r

of the legislature in raising the tax other such II\('!!, organized n system of : and l.rlvatel:1Il11 have been sold! than but his; spare time and money arc devoted to manner:SEC. a.provided Heal I property by la\shall, for the purpose

1 t rate, and states the proposition ns follows : through freight cars to avoid, any transhipment 1 any previous month of the year Lands in his grove. If lieh has:: the requisite qualities, of taxation, be construed to include'

), I *' In levying this rate of taxation the legislature I industry ', perseverance, intelligence anti n land und nil fixtures mil otherimprovements
intermediate localities: ,
i 'J of freights ut poinK many have advanced very much in spirit of inquiry) with a desire to profit by huilting and the terms land,
I ; i was' guided by two years:: experience Main( lines, encouraged and furnished( motive I price, nail in nil sections arc held and sold t the advice of those who have IJl'l'1 successful used in this chapter,

t, \ t It was shown that the levy made by the legislature potverandcars forbranchtities, eventually at higher prices than a few months ago. he will, ill a few years, take his place ns shall nnd l rl'all'stlt be construed( whl'l as haviugtbe same meaning .

t : I of 1870 for the collection of sevenmills such lines that the rail all ole of the orall.r nabobs of the State.Ofeourse the real property
I bought up i so larger Generally speaking sections( are prosperous be those who ns term .
\ t j on the I dollar did not furnish money always Sue. 3. The terms personal properl' and
extended their and
lines mileage bya contented with
every year fully the present fail. Orange groves do not make themselves this : !shallhave
Fl I- 3 enough. This can be seen b)' referring to system of branches connecting with their and sanguine uf the future. The few failures Their value consists in the very fact personal the) estate, as tH"lln chapter shall I. for thepurpose

I t I Chapter :322.3: of the Laws of Florida That main trunk, nI1l1In'rea"c.lthclr! capital and)( <<, the disappointments, have not that it takes years of hard, labor to raise of same: taxation Jaling. Ill to includeall
I them. Those who succeed need, not thereafter
1 rate of taxation could not be continued 0 0'l and cllects
( ; wealth and importance, not Infrequently, checked the inany from cOl11in;;. The hundreds be troubled about a I'llIg-thl'v have W""IlII) chattels, nllJ'S ;
without the evil of public debt, boats and vessels, whether at home or
incurring however at such cost as to produce bankruptcy of Northern, who. it and will nil
people have come safely surely \1 orange grove invested therein nil
r I abroad, and nil capital ;
./ f.] therefore the evil of increased taxation was
when still here and) bear, one is generally told, in three years
'l. some larger (corporation prospered nnd who visit their old debts due or to become due from solvent

\f resorted! tons a necessary and proper remedy, like the Pennsylvania, swallowed them up homes nt the North, are most convincingand from the, setting, if budded trees tire put out debtors, whether on ne'lllt, contract, note,
\ I 0 I be While this is: true, it i is also true that
In the of debt 1 there i is to lnehOlhllot all stocks
# prevention public or
I in turn. The New York Central, the Erie: substantial proofs that Northern men } expect a paying in less than mortgngcorotberwi.se ;
I crop nnd
all incorporated ,
found, the compensatory: : gool"f Ille'iI,1' the and the Baltimore and live five After that the for the next shares in companies
I : Pennsylvania can here quite as well socially, politically years.: crop on lands
f nil public
f: t t increased taxation, Olihi became the great railway corporationsof and comfortably, as at the North, tumid, live years! may be fairly estimated at $100 per SEC.improvements 4, The following property !'-hal be
I the Sun and Rrc'slogie then year for each ; for the
According to twenty tll''I l1xt
I'i the The Southern and Western
i ( country \ in addition, enjoy a good' climate, summer live at $150 fur each trees; after exempt from taxlliol:
; 1 if a legislature creates a debt! wisely! or 1111I years twenty property, and personal of
I I'al
line !Mill remained segregated. Great lines and winter good health, a present support that at $10 per tree. Estimates 111
I it is I to i increase 1"1111) :States: tutu of this State.
wisely, a cuinjieiimitnrigood!
made much than this
the Eastern roadswith are higher ,
sprang) up connecting : with less! labor and less expense, than at the !several
I d. All public- 'rolJrtof
t thl'taxntion. This, we respectfully insist t, is: deed, there are trees! in the fruit \
w the I'acilic.Vithin the ten their old homes and, FIOita. towns and school
J'a'lt :
years <<, an assured future of a of which counties, cities, villages,

;l ;r r lagging the question and i'llmllogit', this:system has been extended to the South, :sure income. The day has gone by for successful $tO per wi, hit alnualv i are ,' $10.31111( districts in this State, used or intended for

: There is an old, very plain maxim, "Cut and three I of the strongest! corporations have misrepresentation cither of our climate I believe the estimate I hagin'lI to be a public purposes, except lands: hid off for
t coat according to ,cloth" which, fair at least, if taxes for the use! of any of said counties,
; your your been engaged in building powerful com: soil one ; one expects no more
up society, intelligence, or our towns, or school districts
peo ,
would be than that, they arc sure not cil'iuge
t t Applied to legislation, equivalent binations. The Louisville and Nashville, ple ; the thousands: of immigrants: who have ed.-C'. LJfiiitK, in Irccn IIIJltIIPllilt- prn\'l'rt\ of all literary, benevolent -
to "limit your appropriation to your( income. 8Jri and scientific institutions!
: t \ the Hast; Tennessee and Georgia, and, the cOllie from every state, territory, I the 'timv j
; State shall 1 be, actually occupied
j .t
t Georgia Central are now striving to control, das and elsewhere, without :scarcely nn exception TAXAT1OX. u for the
nnd1',1 them solely purpose
b ; The legislature knew when they assembled .
I the whole system of Southern roads! The are witnesses:; to all that is favorableof Jean-Baptiste San most eminent French for which they have been or may be organized

f that the income of t 1880 would, not Ie lIul1l- Louisville and Nashville i is now in the load, their new hum(' writer on political economy, whose work but property; of such institutions which

!F dent. to pay the legislative expenses at seven and has control of larger and more important was translated into English early in the is rlll"I. nnd the rents, issues nnd profits,

: mills on the dollar, if these expenses were While we have no means of ascertainingthe present century, in his treatise on taxation, only !<( by such institutions, shall not be
\ lines than the others, and reaches to exact number who sets forth( the doctrine that taxation by the taxation shall
I to he those of 1879.! Knowing have come here, yet exempt from ; nor any property
ns great New Orleans, Mobile, Peimeola, Eufatila, there are certain evidences which show that government is an evil, ; T.ic, only l'olitpel. held by them as an investment or for
this fact, their first determination should Little Hock, Memphis:: and Chattanooga.The sated by the benefits resulting to the governed speculation be exempt from taxation
been reduce these to the immigration has increased very largely in community from the satisfaction of the
have to expenses 4th. All houses! of public \or hip,
l East; Tennessee and Georgia road controls unl
lowest reasonable limit. First!, by limiting the last two years! The many new post- its organic necessities. And this appears, lots on which they tire situate, and (pewsor
f, lines from Virginia to Memphis: and to ollices, money order offices, and United under the light of his genius, to be a clearnntll'el'l slips and furniture therein ; every parsonage
the session to a period not exceeding: forty
Montgomery tuhle proposition. Upon the basis i nod all burying grounds, tombs and
I I days ; next, by requiring all bills to bo acted The tendency to combination and concentration States revenue licenses, show that more people oltrinc it follows, as a matter of rights of burial but tiny building, being n

upon to be presented! within twenty days; have settled', more business has! been course, that the evil of taxation to the individual house of worship, which shall be rented or

.t ; f next passing genl'rallaw for licensing seems irresistible Naturally grow- done, nnd these evidences we !see week by tax-payer, or the corporation of taxpayers hired for any other purpose except for
by a
j ing out of the necessity of giving; dispatch week. Not only has the Hiircnu of Immigration !, i is diminished in proportion us! the schools, shall be taxed the same as any otherproperty.
ferries, dams, etc., and refusing" to entertain 311111110\'lIIent to the increased! and increasing I per ('l'ltUI of values taken from the tax .

1 t bills: fur making minors men, or relieving volume of freight moving from a large and constant new correspondence payers is decreased and enhanced in proportion 5th. All public libraries!, nnd the real andpersonallropcrtybclongingtuandconnect
one part but publishers of the State as centum is increased nnd if
convicts of the consequences of crime. They papers arc tl per : ;
of the country to the other, from the interior after increase taxation there I is no J
.solicited of the
t should in the outset! have limited the limn- their papers and information, ed with the same, consisting library
to the seaboard and capital to an immense and individuals have proportionate increase in the benefits of itself, and real personal held
found it prupl'rl"
almost burthen
tier of their employes, dispensing with many amount being required, only what arc u government, an ('\1 is" left which demandsa : for the actual nnt and occupation such

't t of the customary but useless ofllccs, !such' as called to answer letters of inquiry. We hope remedy, According to the editor of the library)' only, and le not for rent, profit or speculation
now syndicates, or grand
partnerships Keunomint: the of 1881 increasing
t"I assistant I to soon give some informationderived from legislature by ,
doorkeepers janitors
doorkeepers, I If can obtain! ('ontrolof existing lines, official sources: of sales of lands United the amount of taxation, did an 1'\1 to (5th. real and personal, heldby '
extra secretaries clerks clerks to .ll'ropl'rty.
:' ftlllplgl: lI, fill up gaps and make new and controlling the taxpaying masses for which i: no nod any u society
F1; committees, etc. Closing their session with trunk lines. States, State, railroad, and individual sales ; compensation in the increased l benefits of in this State, uld used riculurl for themeetings
f in forty days, they should have limited their also the actual increase of number of post. government. This I is not the way in which f>r exhibitions of such society,

t diem to not four dollars In one sense these great combination are offices, money order offices, and United the editor puts his arguments"but they, which now I is or may hereafter be lawfully
r own per over per} dangerous and injurious, inasmuch as they States licenses. Wo have nevertheless'C. tend( to this conclusion.If t organized in pursuance of law.
day, and l their clerks to the same I with one revenue already Judge Hilton could show by plain' facts whenever .
have the power, and usually: the will, to SKO.r: > The term Iloneor moneys,
facts in our possession which will surprisethe and figures that smaller rate of taxation
r Bergeant-at-arms: at not over three dollars: used in this net, be hchl'tn mean
t .I j And a doorkeeper at one dollar if any wasiiecessary. : o\'crthrowal1l1 ride over nil opposition, cither must sanguine estimate Nor do we see! could, have been sufficient to meet the expense gold nnd silver coin, United States treasury

by buying up or ruining all lesser corporations that this:: steady inflow of immigrants mid of the government it would then appear and bank notes, and every deposit whiI

.t. ;t which stand in their way, and sacrificing capital will be less in the future-on the lull'nt that this legislature did (((diet any person owning the same or
Let what the session of 1881 would the Florida with an evil for which
I us: l see and trust and residing in this State is entitled to
l have cost upon this: !basis : ; corporate individual interests ; contrary, will increase, for the present: enterprises they ought to be cOnllCfl'll Hut In levying withdraw in money on demand. The

l 100 members, 40 days! ut $L..............$lfiOC 0 while, on the other hand, they are able, by public and private, are being vigorously guided this rate two of tlxatfn legislature. It was credits, whenever Used in this act, shall('ri beheld

+ I Mileage[ : ............. .................. ............ 5,500! superior control of labor-saving means and I pushed forward, und new ones inaug shown that by the 3'ar!made(experience.the was to mean and include every claim and
C clerics: 3 to each house" lit $1 I .......... OliO; appliances, to reduce the cost of transportation urated. Labor, skilled and unskilled, is in 187!', for the collection of seven mills demand fur money! or "ther'oluahlc thing.,

2Hergeants-at-arms: : !, at $3: .................. 210 very largely, which not only inures to demand in nil sections, and from all sideswe i the dollar did not furnish enough on and every annuity or sum of money I''l.iIble \'
2 doorkeepers, at $l t........ ......... ......... 80 their advantage but still the : This can be by money. at due or to Ill'lill 1111.
own more to learn that prosperity is the rule. The seen referring to Chapter Thctlrll'lr'llf real property.and

('ustof scsrion............ ........ .........-$2.1,710-; benefit/ of the producer who is obliged to paper !schemes! of a few years: ago died and I taxation 32.!.'of the could Laws not of he Florida.continued. That without rte in of- land, whenever used in this act, shall each

What the pay of the members and, attaches seek distant market. These great corporations made 110 sign ;j" the present developments. ('urrinJ the evil of public debt : therefore in be the held possession to II'all ('oltiguouoIlllllntit\of owned! by, or recordedns land I

of the legislature of 18SI did cost wasi33S0.9O have outgrown the-restrainls of existing : arc solid progress.FLOKllt.: of increased taxation was f'sortl'lloos the property of the ale claimants: person

,r $ : making: a dilVercnce of $29fit0, legislation, and are so l powerful that they I necessary and proper remedy. In the I or company. J\'r word icitpurtiugthesingular
of be'found
l' which, with a reasonable economy, might can control, and, if need be, prevent any legislation .1 1XV011M. TI O 1: compensatory prevention debt good then to the is evil to of increased the) lumber the may extend to nndembrace
have: been saved to the people, The amount i distasteful to them. We call 1 attention to the very excellent re taxation.. word importing plural the plural lulb'ri number; may every be; I

t of necessary printing should not have exceeded It is quite probable that we shall sec within utarksof3lr.lk'nlisbelow.'ccntirelycun Tile editor of the ICOuiOntl, however, takes applied tind limited to the ill ularlulib r ;

$.'),OUI) ; but the amount appropriated n few years the great lines of traffic, from cur in his views upon all the points stated, tho position more that the, legislature to themselves of 1881 and up.proprial.tl and every word importing the, masculine I

is: $1 lr,:>00, out of which, wo believe, certainly the Atlantic to the 1'lltiticIlIll'r three or 0 and would recommend it as a far more reliable in (' money than was The geudcronly may bcexteildcdtinnd! appliedto
i necessary females as: well ns male Whenever the
,: one-half could lat, 'o been n saved. We have four great syndicates, and the trunk lines: statement than tile Ulll'going the rounds complaint, against the pat' of the members word "oath1'is i u"cilin( this net it be

i : no doubt the printing: was done nt fair rates: from the North to the South under similar headed Facts About Orange Culture : we do not believe to be just one. They are held to tl'al affirmation, und the may word
control. It remains to be seen whether these required 1 to be away from business during "swear" in this act be held to include
a ... of compensation, hut journal of 000>\ pages: What crops! do you raise?" is always: Olllof two of the best business! months, and that affirm. The : may "
tent "cash value whenever
: with appendices of about 300: more, is the great corporations will crystallize\ into permanent the first questions asked I by the immi sacrifice !s n great one. That there ought to used in this net, !shall be held to mean the

:I t ",\\.litlonull'l'lIalty for I'rlltractl'llullclllilclc.'! institutions, or, owing[ to inherent grant The native Southern t tanner makes he I n1alUf' of return made men, even usual selling price at the place where the

legislation. For the causes of decay again split up und! dissolve his principal crops-sugar, cotton, tobacco, though they bo public (ten. fur tho losses which the term :is applied shall
l present purpose wo are into lesser bodics.JUIIlOI.fL corn, rice,4)ats, sweet potatoes, cow peas, etc, they sustain bv absence from home, is sim- l'I'UlI'll\; of assessment.
fcimply discussing the question whether the with in his matter, of Hut in te
just vegetables enough : gardento ply a Ju.tCI' one thing we : the shall Lco! i increased taxation was necessary If theCXrl'n supply his own table, never any to sell ; agree with the ,(f. We believe that Stc.II lal\1 which the
ofthe SALAJIV I)UISTIO\ always: keeps a herd of cattle and hogsto the number of the Ill'mbl'J of the legislature cnUllt\: ( riin same
Iegidaturehatlbeenreducel shall be assessed
I THE KCOXOMIST" IX WlllOU. furnish his own meat ; does not could be largely decreased and to muchadvantage. in the ant every 'person
: n'i we claim they might have been by over raise fruit The < ) county) or town in which he
for market a* it is too n << much
purposes teIH'um-
$30,000; the State tax would have been urnlo Our respcctel friend, the editor of the much trouble ; always has enough for his brous I body for tl ot'mlJis dispatch of bnsi-. all resides! Whl'l then the owned lI srIlt him I is made, for

:" |> at seven mills to cover nil the expenses Kconoini.it/ hist* week in his note to the MV- o family: and friends, but none to sell.! The ness, and the !(' could be made smaller such l\tl( city or town by but within lands
tuft called t our attention to the fact that his I Northern )haul. on the contrary who settles without its losing much of its proper dignity. owned county ;
of 18SI and the of wouldliave by one and'
it I ns expenses 18S2: person occupied by another
from the in this: part or the conutry"bie he, to some This d'rl'u,1 in the size of the twobranches
; quotation bju furd'a.1iosrieantbmtvuto / a-ssccscd in the
; ". been less the may name of the
: expellil'lIf legislative of .
: the
( .. extent raises the staples sugar, corn, cotton, legislature would very largely owner ur .
; I session, the tax rate for that year might was for the year 1S81 I, and sustained the etc, almost i invariably :soon commencesraising decrease the amount paid biennially for 7. oc'ul'll.rI' All not

i\i\ have been put ut six mills und covered allexpenses. statement of the ficonomist that the salaries winter and I early spring ('Wof' cabbage legislative expenses : may be 1:11.assessed ns returned"unknown.to "the assessor -

; of the judges of the Supreme Court were : turnips, beets, caulillower, celery, radishes We say again, as we said last week, thattaxntion'cannot SEC 8 The real. estuteof
.i'i I only) $2,500 annum.'ether'fore made. peas, beans tomatoes: cucumbers, he decreased until expensesare. panics. liable to coin-
per assessed in
melons okra v-si plant etc.. etc. for the Supply must equal ('On We the tXulol .llalle .
( KA ir WA r s rxincA TES.KKHTIOXS inquiry of the :Savannah; \ru'sas ; city, (county II the same
I' tu the present curly' markets and;i .u.. our climate enablesus conceive that there are many, ways in whichexpenses shall be, in the same

salary of the chief justice und associate to put them In the Northern cities nt nseason ('onl be scaled let sal of individuals, and manner be us f'all'ilutl'

I t or HULUOAM TO !';.\''II OTIIKlt.When justices of the Supreme Court of (Georgia, of the year when they can he hail aries be lallo smaller, ami sinecure positions i- in the same manner may ns fl.tur'1,1' and sold
I't from no other place, they find n ready sale dispensed with and it will 1 be a won individuals.SEC. property owned by
railways were first built it was: und we are informed that the
present salary ut !good prices. It is but a fl'1'111':4'. : since der to note how much lighter will grow the :: 9. All
)' : deenud n matter of local! policy to separate Is $3,000 und not fli.SOO. ai the lcrnronuitl asserted : this industry was first started in Florida bUIIt1 of government.Ce believe, too property held by any religious:
rents, issues and
them us far possible from mlklllg: ('OIllWC- with too much reliance oillhe accuracy und for the past live years I the shipments of all cabinet officers ought to be cll''lh'c.I I !only lt'ictlhe tire used for religious profits: of which
these products have more than doubled 1 each and this would insure the tilling of them to or educational
inns with other. In those of
each days whenyou the Jmcrfoiu Atuutmtc. It appears by purposes, or as un accumulating fund for
)'ear. The raising of early vegetables here is Tore general satisfaction. We doubt tuo tthat other or
1 ; t .. r'nch'lll'etcr..lmrj:, you left the cars: atone the ('owtitutlllufnl.'Or ia. for which we ii longer an experiment, but has taken its the present incumbent of t the gubernatorial ,uses whether than religious:; or tllulutollall'ur

end of the city, took n hurried breakfast lire indebted to the t'loriJum, that the .sala place as potof the leading Industrie of the chair would rather take niT n considernble sesstl poses l to the treasurer personal of or f'al, labo us-
Il fit J.wctt's Hotel, und luudcconncctioii with ties by the constitution of 1S77 arc tixcd at :State.Kviryoni': : lIC'fl'(1 the salary of the Executive: shall be assessed and taxed in society, and
t I : who comes to live in Florida, than ugall go through h f the trial of selecting county
;: the Richmond train by omnibus. You rt'I $:'J,0H|! with n proviso that"theprovi+i"11of from of where the property is
whatever his Intentions lIIahe.. MJOU' becomes scores worthy
t >ated this at Uiehmond ut Washington this section should nl'pll'ults 1e\n :E. 10. The owner of stock in
r 1 |H operation not a fleet the salaries of infected with "orange fever, and cabinet officers.We I incorporated
'/ at Knltlmore und ut Philadelphia. tho.se now in other" Since IS O home now plants a rove. It I is amusing to note the I emphasize the propositions made which is taxed on company its or corporation,

It was thought; to conduct' to local interests judges have been dtl.'tl.I to which the new growth of this orange mania upon the new last 'week 1st. Taxes are to high 2nd. II t.x,1 ns an individual, lllital. shall stock not be
I be
coiner. He is here for 1tl'llllhpt'rhal'I. or to They) nest decreased( 1 by decreasing expenses.
b to have n break in the'onnt'CtlonJ It prevented cIIIIlitulionull'ro\'I.illll: : applies I avoid the cold winters of the North has 3d. The method of assessing the SEC. 11 business No person shall engage in or man

as they thought, '.their cities being The Mirror therefore himself his values of taxable be age property or oeculotio11]
k wa, correct as to thought to routine to profession: property) must illro\l mentioned in this section
l made! way-stations of and gave business: to 1880! and for the purpose of the argument; ., or |xiv.ibly to the mercantile business ; if he so that the real aggregate value l' have unless u State
is a farmer vegetable raising, in connection property in the State shall bo gi\'CI-Sli len Ih31 h'l'1 procured from the
omnibuses und drays' In those days one which it made as to the judicial salaries of with the old staples of the 'country, will engage ami lite.AVKItAtJK. \ rc\nue. which license shall be

I ) I c checked his baggage", tl'OIl'It to city) and )Florida being less we are susta'ned' I. UI,1111 l ) his attention ; but he duc"n't much believe l"ul.1 to hervinufter t1Hh o.n receipt of the

it bought a ticket over every road. The connections flu statement that North Cyrolinu alone of in oranges or lemons ; thinks the demand riKLIt Of OU.tlfGK 110unt the clerk fee for (' lro"hl'll. together with

n p.1 : were not always dos and hotel the for these fruits does not amount to QItO ris. and ll'l'nse of twenty-live
Southern shall
very states paid her Supreme Court cent be .i I.1 the collector of "
to warrant man in taking thetrouble The l
Uiiiiiii I
any Journal
t : I received patronago: from travelers who a less salary) than that paid l Ijy Florida. enough to "Well County Ii giving a and! clerk of the Circuit Court.
enough to
rio grove. '
were waiting for the next train. Each: railroad have plenty for 1 familyuse: but to try to careful account of the various settlements in Countie incorporated cities and towns, lahlplJe \'

1 1 <<1 was carried on on an independent baxh TlfC .Vfiir TAX X..I1K. !I I: lake u fortune out of oranges, nonsense, that county. In its issue of May 19th it gives upon the such same further taxes of the same kind; -

t und it sepmed to be t'IIPll\sI't1 that they In view of the great: importance of the '!o thai: j all fully I !'' Hut he begins hear or- Mount no 'al'lJ orange statistics as follows : proper, when the Mibjetts.business as,they occupation may deem
all,1 l or
mornintr t >n night he
litd: adverse intercuts.: Publicopinion und I subject and the fact that it atl'ects the interest I o I ..utali," 1 | tbctluutuiuh; ; J'ill groves 702: bearing trees ; yield in profession shall !II engaged in or managed

K-lviVsi criticism corrected 1 thU state oflhiu of every taxpayer, and will be of valuet t o !lie sees tho II'tIHI.hlllII.1I'I I \ hll ired bearing 1SSO, u\ft \ which will give an average of shall within not hucli county, city o town ; but they

t -Jiid it he, tu IMobserved I': trees getting \e.irv iinMiii-1, uf thousandsof IS3 oranges tt the tnt This may have h J>een impose any such tax on any IJIi-
( ,\". .:an 1 thatrv4ler to others intending to settle in Florida, we I ness 4. profe +orwcupation
dollars tool, their fruit ; he see un otlycar with home of the not J'ltlontl
younggroves the in
t and' freight sought; clone comiecI will publish in this und the two followinj HI-I out i. 1.1 who have I been in the average <>( several year \\' Jr111.1. be such mtion. nor shall the tax imposed 1 by

I foil*, tlu break bi'/un tu be closed l l issues of this Mirror the complete text of State a fewt.ir>longer than himself come higher, but it confirms our view that the average cent, city Iflh", town State ur county exceed fifty ir

uninldellui werv built, freight tracks' ent. the revenue law of t the hh'"t, adviseour I into l 1"'otinen their owners from having yield of the PCCe I )groves ole year withanother yers, doctors and L tax : Pruf.il.'tl, 'hatlaW-

stetted, an I through tickets and throughtujjyage readers to carefully preserve I'm !:t'r for ,lut-n |. working' hard to make both will not 1 7 fl> to the tretThe quired to lay the tax cl'nti.or herein only be re-
i -n ls meet, suddenly)' 1l't111 ca-v circumstances. Mount Uiyal lot the Finegan hl'u. proidttl -
lulu.lt \ tor in the
checks aivl'n. Then lines t be- rocrence.i county wherein
werj these thing of the they .
0\1 Dagger. hi.hio.. grove, one largest. The license shall begin force for oue ritt.year

\t .

a.-. cr> .
-EiP I i!: -", \ rf:: .. _, 's

r -. .." .


.. .
------ -- --- ------------- ---- - ---

from the time of the payment of the tax 1 tth11 banks and bankers: banking A .IDVRNAI. JAIII.S 'I'Cal'I'I\: ".4 FLORIDAJKWI'MIY.

1st. }Keepers of hotels or hoarding-house') firms or brokers shall: \ \pay a license of one 10:1'1' BV O N T U A C T Oil A N )1) HUtl.IHn l I l: : .
having accommodation for fifty i>r more hundred dollars\ ; but dealers; in exchange C
lodgers or hoarders, for license shall pay one onIv shall pay Ikl'n'l'tax of twenty-live Jolt llVUTKVM rillt.\PKM'lltA:
)hundred dollars ($100)) ; with accommodations : dollars.. E.ieh express j company I doing binin Hotanist to I His I :Majesty Alachua\ Street:" between Second and Third, FKOM FISH SCALK,

for twenty-five to lifty lodgers or ess in this State shtll p.iy 'to the State for the Floridavrox -* ; FERNAND1XA, FLA.
boarders, fifty dollars ($.)0)( ) ; with accommodations treasurer four hllllllreclllllllarS annually. I : Orders ami estimates; from distance care SEA HEAX, PEA I: SHELL I : ,
for ten to twenty-live lodgers fore it shall I tnuinesr in this
t transact State. .\ Journey from St I. Augustineup attended to. :23-tf
boarders, twenty-live dollars ($:i"i! ) ; with accommodations Any person who knowingly; acts as' agent; I I the River St. John. _, PALM: ALLIGATOR TEETH.: :
'I'or I five to ten t i lodgers or for\ any express company before has paid O. S. OlUS.C : ,
boarders live dollars ($L">) ; public eating; saloons the above tax payable by such! company, I With Explanatory: Notes. Also, FEATHER: )FANS AND. FEATHER:
or restaurants: ten dollars ($10)). Accommodations shall I be deemed I guilty o'f a misdemeanor, ONTUACrOIl<< AND HWLDKU FLOWERS: :: ORANdE: :STICKS.
for lodgers shall I construed and conviction thereof shall be
upon punished I 7fii.Janttary : SEA: SHELLS, ETC
to mean( the number of !beds habitually kept by a fine not less than (filly dollars, or M \:St'FA"Tt'itl5MtTltl
for such lodger; and not the number of confined in the county jail not more t than ( Nlst, UUACKKTS: : HAWKD AND For sale and made to order.
rooms contained in the house.2d. six months.12th. 12th.: Fine clear\ morning ; thermometer TITUS I\;\) HALIISTF.KS! : :: :NKWK1.H: 1'. "'. A\SMY: : ,

Keepers of billiard tables) pin pool tables : Every steamboat: engaged in t thebu- -I I. Set out, and rowing S. K.: soon STAIK I 1: 15AII.S I 1 WOOD KAVKH-: : 10 Centre St. I bet. Second I and 1 Third.1

!' ball pool tables, or other tables where mess of transporting \passengers and freight came to a I little lake which we headed: it TUOrOlIS. Hln .\TllISI, _ .
billiards\ : or pool is: ;'played: when such tables I in the waters of I this State, when not touching seemed (to be surrounded with marsh: some WKATUKIM'.OAHDINU: I l:l:l : --- ------ --- -
arc kept for other t than private use, shall pay: i at any point outside of I the jurisdiction! ANI FLOOR-: ;(J. T 1C Y&S&\
in each county and for each table a licence of this State, shall pay license tax of one few pines appeared a distance: : we turned I IXU.I

tax of fifteen dollars!' and all keepers of hundred dollars:' to the collector of revenue I back, and within( mile came: into I t the main I

bowling alleys!' skating; rinks: and shooting : of t the county where I their principal: otlice I islocated river, which turned various c'ollr'll'o:4! : : I K.: Stair mid Chnrrli Work 'W. LOHMANX'S: :
galleries, when such alleys, rinks or galleries I : 1'-o'i-nteil. Aonnrr( That any steamer I 11.. .
but generally east by north I it A SPF.CIALTY.DOORS : .
and north ;
are kept for other than private IHC, for having paid, a tax( upon regular) assessmentin
each alley, rink or gallery, shall I \pay in each any county of t this State !'h:11hI': \ exempt sends out on each: side lagoons and branches ) ::( AND \WIUO'IL: I -FAMOUSI'rcpurrd : -
county and for each rink alley or gallery from the provisions hereof. Any owner or that drain I those extensive lHar lu''I! We came OF ALL SIXES.1 ': .
license tax of fifteen dollar. of I boat or vcssfl! 1 violating theprovisions Flour.
I manager any now to a large lake: or six; miles: long and 1'ost Olllce II.IK 171. ,
3d. Healers} :' i in spirituous I Honors shall paya of t this act, or refusing, to show! !
dollars.. 'ins collector\ near one wide, a long tongue. of low maHi jan I Fcrnandina, FIll : __
I license tax of t three hundred ($.100): ( ) or their license to any upon n '
for each place ()business!' ; dealer* in vinous I. request to do so, shall\ be: liable to have his comes from t the :\. I K.: end, where a long

or 1I1<\liquors\ only, shall pay: a license tax.; vessel levied upon bv t the tax-collector\ of hammock of oaks\ runs: \ south course ; we LANDRETHS'MI 1 ONLY FIVE" : CENTS rim 1'OUND.!
of twenty-five dollars: ((2):::? ) for (':ll'hIace\ of thl'I'OIlIlIwhl'rethe' \boat or vessel may be, then rowed out of the lake\ :and between
business. I Distillers of spirituous I liquors ball I I and sold for the non-payment of such. license
pay a I license tax of t three hundred, dollars in and t the costs that may accrue, the several 1 Hands and came ana! In into the itro

each county for each place of business.Ith. same as, personal: property.loth. \ main river, which runs I in general I an east! BEST : i'-tf AT OLD( P. 0. HUILDIXU.

& Lawyers: doctors, dentists druggists; : : All\ \persons% engaged( as merchants, ami west course on a sandy bottom( shoaling 1 "'.ol tlmra and photographers (the latter including da- or storekeepers i in each county !lhalpay I I for J'nflal flint for Catltvn *- I
eurrl' all and ambrotypc\ artists) shall; I i pay such I license ten dollars\ : I'forlilfil, That all I gradually until the weeds and reeds stopped' .ana Prttx'q. Th_OIfufaNdlnN'trirntim& Iilrmfrr J JOH PRINTING: ( in every style and) lit
for license tax ten dollars!'! (($10)) ; I'l-nnilfd' millinery establishments!' whose stocks! consist our bat too in such :a manner: that it was impossible UAVIU1.ANtR1T1I&SONSI'uxt.l.pL*<'I Ihn t'nllnt Rtalfl. I lowest: rates, at the Ndititoii oltice.IMPORTANT .

shall I not include of nothing but millinery goods owned ... her farther, tho' (the --- .
The term dnt'git; I country ; to pu h any ----- ------
L merchants doing; business three miles or; and managed by ladies, !shall: \ not pay a license water was:' ;8 i foot deep, and a small current
more from any drug store, and nNo, do not of more t than five dollars.llth. NOTICE !
sell more than three hundred dollars per 1 I No merchant t, storekeeper or other ngainst us, which we !suppose was! I tbe draining _... ___
annum of drills and medicines.! I-ori.ie'1 I person shall 1 keep l for !sale or sell pistols, of the extensive marshes! which opened _
further, That this section shall I not be 1'\0 construed bowie-knives! or dirk-knives, without I first! towards t the southeast, how far beyond 0111''il'w --------

iv* to permit any merchant to sell any 1 paying i license I tax of fifty dollars.SEC. "
determine tlie waterreeds -
could not
kind of bitters containing spirituous or alcoholic I 12.:? Any person or \persons who shall I \ we ; J. & -l KYDD
hei'o in (the current as thick and .
Honors without taking out liquor carry on' or conduct any business or profession grew
dealer's license therefor; And, /I/Jt'idldjlll"hrr, for which a license is required, without close! (together as on the marsh, hat is i asclose
That 110 additional( license! shall I be required' first obtaining such license shall I, except in \ as hemp ; yet the current forccth its Are receiving immense additions to their Already largo stock( of
druggists for selling toilet and other articles such cases as are otherwise provided for in
usually kept by elru, gist:<. A license! this act, be I-tuilly"f a misdemeanor, and way thro' and (also under the great patches
tax to a druggist sliall: not permit him to upon conviction shall be punished by a line of the pistia! : the water pcrsicaria: and other SPRING AND SUMMER, GOODS,

sell 1 wines, spirituous, vinous i or malt I liquors i not less than double the amount requiredfor water-plants which are all\ entangled together
mixtures thereof other than such\ license. The \payment of all I license I
or 11'111'01111'0'nent t thousands of '
part of a mixture prescribed h\_' a physician taxes may be enforced,I by; the I seizure and covering) many: : acres Mon's and Youth's ClothingFROM ,
except mixtures made ollicinal in the sale of property by t the (''collector. And I it i is on St. John's and i its branches, which heads
United :States Dispensatory.! Druggists! shall IIl'r..hJlIlII. \I' tlc I; especial: duty of collectors ill numerous rich swamps and marshes., We I LOW-PRICED: ( 'l'() FINK: (COODS.)\ :

pay this license in each county and 1 for each of revenue: ami clerks of Circuit Courts to report returned (to the( rich hammock, vhiereve

place of business..r to the comptroller and State's attorney llliSS: C..OOISfull and complete stuck, consisting of SUMMER: :\ SILKS I ,
lodged 1 nigh it.
Shewing machine agents, and insurance any violation ot this i:' section.Sic. license thermometer ALL-WOOL I LACE: BlISTl SOS: LAWNS, LINEN LAWNS: HAREdKH:: and (1 JIm A-
1.1th.: Fine morning
:; : 11.: Every: State or county pleasant ;
1I I'nt.", shall pay in each county a DINES I SWiSS;1: t TARLETANS: : VICTORIA I and PERSIAN LAWNS: lit low
license tax often dollars ($10)) for each company shall I bo furnished!' by t the clerk of the Circuit -t. Set out homeward: from the rich : : prlce.M.llargitiiiN .
Court under the seal: of the county, to t liecollector in SiHiiiuer SllltN-from Fifty Cents upwards.Gouts' .
insurance could
represented, by them ; and each hammock, t the highl't11' t the river we .
the blanks supplied
of revenue, on "
company: doing business in this State the after signing the same 1u\llat. Thermometer. 79.!) I I'. :M. about one ; ;
by comptroller Fine Goods
the two hundred Furnishing a Specialty.
State treasurer
shall I : to !
dollars annually before it !shall transact business i and taking his receipt therefor, and the collector o'clock we came to Hound-lake we calledit

in the State. Any insurance or scwir. : of revenue shall the till out and to the sign each it being on of the roundest, I ever saw, (Our Improved (Dollar Shirt is: the h'Ht, unsurpassed lit and quality.Hleaclied .
license before issuing same person
machine agent neglecting to pay the license him the necessary amount almost surrounded with palmetto I pine, amid: amd Itrowii (:'ottoiiN Wholesale Prices. Fruit ol' 1ooiai tit

provided for in this section, before or who it acts has as or therefor.\persons: The paying: collector of revenue shall scrub-oak ; the last! is n l miles more or less IO cent* ; IO-I Sheeting. 25:'>> rent

paid agent the for ab'H' any e tax company payable by such company the make book a duplicate furnished\ of him each by license t the clerk!\ issued of theCircuit in III diameter, and generally; all I over the lake A case! splendid Standard lriiitN at <(
shall be deemed guilty 0,1' a Court for that purpose, and shall I tile!' about !) or 10 I foot deep.llth. # W(! arc Agents; : lor' IH'.VMX: A: (10., leading Clothiers: of New York City.

misdemeanor, and upon conviction 01 tile Clear morning ; willtll1orth, Set out : ) :LtH) of them from #15 to 82i Hlilt.
be by tine of such duplicate\ l license! wit li me CUTK! Spring\ Samples: \ now ready ; styles! -sixty per
thereof shall punished: a
dollars\ confined in the Circuit Court for record. And the person or from CotVee-bluir( ; thermometer f>:2 a very Fit guaranteed.j .
not \less! than fifty or
county jail not exceeding six mouths.! Any persons obtaining exhibited such license shall at I their keep King reach on the W(, t'1ohle of the river, of tt"A vNit to our establishment! will convince you that, while we do not sell
the same conspicuously:
person! or persons, who shall engage hall in the lie place ofhu'lincsI.! and upon t their failure to piney palmetto-ground.'with scrub-oaks: inferior (ioods, we arc the! ('"('nlt'Ht Dry (jooilN HoiiNe I'rom Maine to

business of selling sewing machines within the do so shall be subjected to another license\ about noon we entered tho west lake steering Florida. .
deenii'd! sewing machine agent
meaning a of this! act ; and till person, or for engaging I in or managing the which bllioilll'ill.l'rol'c such, S. \\'. a ridge' of piiu'-lnnd runs: on the 3. L'. I-rDID: ,
persons, who shall negotiate seek= secure or '!!:oIiol1 was, or obtained.SKC. occupation. east-side nl\ll" marsh a quarter of a milt New York Olllce. )1 f N.K.CoK: Centre and Third Sls.v
transact any insurance, or business shall! be deemed for any i: 1 I. Kadi: : clerk shall I transmit, to the more or less! I between it and t the lake, whicl M: Walker Street.! J J 1 1If { Fenmndina Fla.

insurance company) oragent within ,the meaning of comptroller) on the first Monday( of each I think i is 8 or 10 miles: from north to !south,
insurance agent
an this act. CUllIIlIl'fl'ialagcllt:!, usually known month in each year, a statement showing and 5 or 0 miles! broad, (the marsh is in many

as "drummers," shall pay a lilicense and: tax shall for the I licenses amount, under of the money I i provisions received of for this I State act I places: a mile or two wide, ami then) comes! A-INTBOUJNT & JrOYT: :

the State of twenty-live dollars and to the county commissioners: of all money I to hammocks: of oaks: ; saw a mullet j junq ._ __ L. .__ .. _._. __ __
other license tax.
not be subject to any received for county licenses during the three times in a minute( or two, which they i
(;tli. Land agents; shall pay a license tax of preceding month with the name of ('ul'ltperloll I
'lall,1jUlIIl'ill !)
twenty-live dollars\ ($::1">). Auctioneers fork paying the same, the amount paid by generally do before they rest so are ( .
the bale of lands or other property shall each each, the ;date of such (payment ami the business :; mullets ; on t the south-side of (this:

,", pay a I license tax of ten dollars, and I in addition i (H' profession' for which the same was lake i is a great low cypress-swamp) : here to I GO
thereto 1tax of one-half one percent issued, and said I statement shall I be ,signet! t thermometer I
upon the gross: amount of sales made by the collector of revenue and clerk, and lilY great disappointment my
them all auctioneers for the .sale of was broke accidentally in striving tit take u -1' !
by ; the collector: of revenue shall pay: the WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED,
lands or other property shah on the first amount collected by him i i for State license l : : swarm of bees: for their honey, which i is:

Monday of April next and each and every to the State: treasurer on the list: Monday of practiced both I by the whites und' Indians. ,
month thereafter render to the collector ofrevenue each liii lilt hi, The clerk of the! Circuit Court FHO 2
who take quantities: I in (the -
great cypressswamps
of their respective: counties a shall rurt to the grand jury at each term :
und statement in writing and pine-lands.,! We landed (ill the
and accurate report of the Court the names of ail\ persons: u ho I I'
to be sworn before some Oil('(jiIaliticl: have I,rocurc'IIIi'I'IIH'1ullll1'r the provisions: west-side! which was low and rich for 100 I By Rail, Steamer, and Sail,

to administer oaths, of all sales made by of this act. TIll comptroller of the State of yards back, rising gradually: from the water :
them and shall at the same time pay over Florida! !shall\ furnish such blanks as: are required bdO
of the amount of to 4 or .r foot perpendicular. then comes to a I
to the collector revenue 'for I licenses, in book form to the clerkof
tax due thereon taking hn written receipt the 'ircuit C-otirt of each county, who level, looking rich and! black on the surface c: : '

therefor in duplicate, and shall send one of shall give his receipt t therefor stating the for an inch or two, then under. it a fine saml. A LARGE STOCK OFAND
Said receipts, with a copy of his report of number of blank licenses in each book received to this. level prodticcth red- I h-1
n depth
great ;
sales for the preceding month to the comp and the Clerk shall return each book
troller. Any auctioneer who neglects; to for examination at any time when requested bay, great magnolia, water and\ live-oaks, o lZ

make such statements to the collector and to do so by the 01111'1 roller. liquid amber, hiccory, and so'me oranges,

comptroller, or to pay over said tax as required SEC. 15.; Any clerk or collector who shall but no large trees: ; I tho lower rich ground ______
by this act, shall be deemed guilt of neglect! so to make return .shall be removed Z
conviction ..shall I be ; prodnccth glodistia.( pHiamiim, cephalan-
u misdemeanor on from oflico; and any collector failing to :
punished by a tine not less than fifty dollars make!;; such report as herein required or to thus, a>h, cypress: and (-urn ii fcmina : Our I ] -FUltNITUltEL '
or be confined in the county jail fora I'athe amount collected to the State or hunter killed a large lie-bear supposed to i

term not exceeding bir month:<, at tliediscre- county treasurer as the same lila)' be payable : weigh: 400 )poundwas 7 fool( "long, cut 4 Hni
tion of the court. shall I be deemed guilty embezzlement .
7th. Keepers:, of livery sale or feed stable and shall bt liable the penalties prescribed. inches thick of fat on tho side, its fuireIiatvr .

where more than two horse: or mules art- for larceny of the amount withheld. ) inches broad his skin) when .stretched I i
kept for hire, sale or feed shall pay in each SKIA(. poll tax of one dollar shall be measured five foot and a half long, and 4 I !
license! tax of twenty dollars ; levied 1 each male over the
county person age
foot 10 inches jnhirt'u.htli ami. ) l'i or
where more than live and not more than ten of twenty-one- years and under the ago uf I
horses or mules are kept for hire sale or fifty-live ..l'ur"'hidl tax shall lie equally, 10) gallons of clear oil ; two of us! had I never o GENERAL MERCHANDISE. I

(feed thirty dollars ; and ten dollars for cadi divided between the State and county.Il7fir eat an ounce of bear's meat before but we I I ;

additional five horses or mules, or fractional found it to our I 1
number thereof, kept by them. m ; I IZ
IS I'ATKXT 1"1.0Ull ?
8th.: For each circus: there shall be paid a sweet above all four-footed creatures, exceptveuiisuu.
license of one hundred dollars ((1100)) in each Patent flour is now coming into general ; although it was un old he-bear hHO
'Ullntill which they may exhib use and many of our readers) may be interested i: '
IUl'cr\ ( : his fat, though I loathed the sight of it at : 'i
it. Theatrical shows or minstrel troupes or in reading the following explanation i
other traveling exhibitions (sisal I 'YCeI)4.t1 a li of what it I is and how it is made : fir..t.VII!! incomparably milder than hogslard ,

ti\ of ten dollars (:j1:10)) in each county Until recently, the IIl'otmr(\ was: made and near as sweet as oil of olives ; it
fur the first duv's exhibition and five from winter wheat sold for the most money was not hunger that engaged us III its fuuvotu' .ul:1:: : CALL AND EXAMINE OUR STOCK. j'
day they because: it wu white. Hut it consisted for
dollars for each subsequent
exhibit shows commonly known by the most part of the starch of the grain, ; for we had a fat young buck and three .

the may name of"; variety shows ofa theatrical while most of the gluten (the ino...t nutritious turkeys fresh shot at the same time and U] I p-F I II

minstrel, or spectacular character and all of the grain) went into the middlings. some boiled with the bear but we chose the

show that combine any of said characteristics In grinding spring wheat mi much bran re- last for its nwc-otricxs and good relish.Notice I I Ii
in which females arc employed I await mained the flour that it was too dark tocuit i i
ers, shall pay a license! tax of twenty dollars the taste of consumers. Hut the mid -- --Tujflur- -
(&iu: ) for each performance given by them : dlings which sold atu low price, has \become to City ,
I'roriiled That local amateur performances the most desirable !part of the grain. I AM now ready to receive the taxes onreal SANBORN & IIOYTARLINGTON
or exhibitions for charitable purges, shall Middling\ purifiers)' which the bran I isse and iM-rsonal, property a."(",*s<>d for
be exempt from the provisions hereof. {>arated from the middlings-have made a tile year IKSO for the City of Fcrnandina.
Oth. Owners or managers! of each boat used revolution in the business milling. All proju-rty on which the taxes remainunpaid
wholly or in part fur eddling, of lees than By the new process the wheat is ground 1 on June (St. 1 lJoOo11| will be advertised
twenty ton, shall i av for lil'ClIoC twentv as before except that the efforts of the mill- und I ....III. Those who have' paid I for HSO STURSERIES.ic'Ai .
dollars and for more than twenty tons shall CT are directed to obtaining the most mid will ph-u-o\ prtMnt tln-ir rwi-lptsi..
rp pay for licence thirty dollars ; hawkers dlings I possible! and these are placed upon W. 14t'() V1'. --
and foot jolliers shall each for large! horizontal sieves which are constantly ';'It Tax Collector Nassau PY .
license ten 1 dollars : J'futiJfd, The j w.mls agitated while at the same time, by Ingenious .- I. ulld H.JII.'I'IUU.J\I. ''IUJI'I' ritii.s: : itosi:*. i)icii>.
device a draft of air i is! rushed 1 throughthe to 1.('..
and hawkers shall not applyto up
l 1ICtll1NII tho vendors of reliiou books. IVd.llers sieves which carries otf the bran. 'I'llI"life I ami C'UfIIIJIIKjIlUII"acht) NICl, 114) I'S aud \nCHnt.: : : Nil iiIlS Bud rrou'iiuix: ; PI.AXTS.

with horse and cart or carriage; ...halll':1" for The purified middlings are then nyround, I ) (I. U. furling license twenty dollars : J'rmided. That boatsand and the product i I" "latent." containing the for 'pIi-.LMire fill rti'tf at reasonable ruU*. Oyster

carts( engaged in the sale of vegetable glutenous, or most nutritious portion of the I Haki-sul King's Hay u specialty.For NKW: *M> <<: () -: VARIETIES: : lluddrd Ornuge TrreM" MADE: A SPECIALTY:
and plantation products fi!>>li and nysterx, grain Thus! it l is explained why the bard) particular*. upplv In Major fnhrer,
shall not be considered! edJling boats or spring wheat of )MinncMota! Northern .ManNiun House or J. \\'. 'rluujmii1ni Sn-| --
consin and Dakota bring the highest 'i"1 rer House, Ht. Mary' or addressC
I car'- 10th. Uutcher, following it as a IJu..iue, in the market; whereas only a few years C! 0. (i. DARL1NO, ";