u 300
4 Fanning, II 75 are briof note : .
lIa"vwKolU for JL sonville Fja. offers for sale a ralnableJo. 4 II Sd 60 are :. 240 specified for him in Bail Schedule B.which in a very to !' ..th next curious step is the attempt any pe.onsc: ever Been; this 'statement

Tl.fUliam S.How. House and Lot situated on the comer of Ocean 4 4 II IS 50are. 200 be recovered in an action of.'debt: at You are correctly informed as my position to ma.fceout-oottha. Mr. Fremont bad made "by the Virgin! ) press 7": DId
.GiIIilan4.' ,FiJney Foelofe 4
GiUit2d and Jamc r urI. Munroe rtrceU, known M the "MEItCIEANTS'llOTEL' 4 II .4' 40 are .'. 160 may the suit of the United States,either direct- in reference the next Presidential given'' up ''beingi* Catholic.._.not.that he any body ever.befo hear "that; then 4* t

Jle Kickoli.trchtnti 'r Morr*r for Said Puldie property house was contains constructed twentytwoUuoiuf exrrewly 4 II II 25 are . 100 for the penalty, as such,against such consul election.. I expect to vote fur JAM ES BUCHANAN was now a Protestant or of no religion-.,a actually such thing as a Fremont'ticket '
a ly BRECKIN- '
II 4. 20 200 and JOHN C. f
( aa lunriviog pirtnennDdrr a. ', ten of which have fire place, has a good 40 are general or consular commercial agentor the thing possible itself plausb1e moreover, regularly nominated In that StaUT I
of U I do; '
the nnmr offtflliUiNl rarilo well of water beautiful young thado tree, and 15,000 8 are 120,000 his official bond as liquidated dam. RIDGE. Appreciating highly, as and which bo cartainly has the'political If so,'they,have tho advantage'n*. Why !.
*, howell 4 Co. ] Lacl. is situated in the upon ability arid 'patriotism ''of 'Mr. Fillmore,I without being polictially questioned these men'l paraded before ;
and llen-ulci all the necessary out-buildingn Prizes amounting to .. ... $20100 for the breach1 of such condition right to do are gellt1 name i
cir '
G. 15,185 : > ages, under' m-
II Trlol. '. cent re of the pleasant and growing city of Jacksonville Prizes of$3 are determined by the such consul general, consul, or am, nevertheless existing aboutit-but' that he never had the couatry I'remoutelectrs4? .\y. j ; j
The 15,000
K. against and
An" Fla. the terminus of the }ta. A. A G, by a sense of duty
stances compelled had i
this day Prize-If that Catholic'never so professed believe all and much i
Comptaiuant..v thii cause having Dumber which draws the $10,000 commercial agent and his 8uritics, or anyone deliberate been a they are Democrats > I
I filed their Hill of OwipUinl ant it Central The above Uailroad.described property is in every respect number should be an odd number, then every odd or marC of them;. and in every such the clear convictions of my'nominees own 'of the himself..JThia.i"i i we think, the most audacious sounder on'.national questions. thaz1,% e r t. :
vit ul f Chules M. Kolb on arpear-I ticket in the Scheme will oe entitled toSS judgment to_vote for the or the
affiJ number the credulity toroftheOnb1selfsdwhewd'corn
ht IT Ilie desirable either fur a.Hotel or private all such'actions shall be open to the attempt on r :"
rli.'auiUL Jbat.all of aid DcfenJanta I resilience very fur a large family, and is now nuder ; if an even number, then every even number case for the collection of such Democratic party i 'I am' opposed the American people'that has everbeen; 'tried. to.'p1ay into the hand Northern, 1 .. .
ftp' limitiofavd Stale, to wit: the said ticket will be entitled to $3 in adiition to any United American or Know-Nothing par- :
the Brnjamin G Thnoton at Dablvnaga, rent at $400 per aunum, and will lie sold at a other Prize which may be drawn. penalty till the same\ shall be collected income so-called is anti- Had the appeal been made: ;o '\'therreal fanticism as be is doing. Messrs JXolden INewlon
Jr1ee1aflt, 1 organization
1 the state flf GwRia and tbe said Defendants, bargain. Jacksonville Purchasers in buying an equal quantity of odd of such actions ; and every such : ty. In my opinionita; American principle that a man's religion and Barnes we know.to-- be good
II TimannR one the true theory
Mcran. Ilartridge to
Waiiwn ILflUlilaod, Sidney S.lIowrll, James Euquire of at Fenundina, FU. and even'number tickets will be'certain of draw. when collected shall be paid into republican and contrary is not a matter on which he ought,to: submit and true national, Democrat -who, mud
., Ac., in or of the subsbritor the cost of the sawn, with penalty, of government and the 'contradicto- .audacioos '
SJBtnd andJainei! II Kiclntlis parU>" Juue l-tf A COY. ing nearly one-half of 'the' United Statcs"andsucb .our to'queitioning-howev feel .:'J11J iodigaa'ion at the \ '

Itv41Ch.arlesto. n the State-- of South. -Caro-... -' chances of obtaining other Prizes. the treasury shall be apphcaple. to all principled the Constitution. I have not rv this might be to the inquisitorial i dicta liberty that has .been taken with ;'tbiejrnames.

lot and tie saul Ikfendant, Hercules. .. u.Avlravi SEA ISLAND COTTON AU those tickets ending with U, 2, 4, 6, b, are prohibition, cunsul affiliated with or voted the, ticket of this of the know-no things-their;;inconsistency If it were possible for ,any thUg
of Daltitnur, In the State or those with 1,3,5,7.9. are tldtl.Wlt8ulember consul general but not, to any or either
the all ending '
to city even- tho party, '
It is not Whig
jitrrUnd. Therefore, 00 inttion of Felix Liv irgn- GillS. that every Prize is drawn,. and commercial agent not embraced ,li\ said i praty. but boats of having risen would have found some to pardon it. .But to sink tbe. FUlmo\8 American party:;!to
M, EM,SoJWtor for *aid Cumplainantf, it i* ortml payable in all without deduction. Schedule except 'as hereinafter i luthor- open disguised; of both. the the attempt to make. bepublic swallowso a I lower depth of infamy.than italready.eecupies ,

tut *A>4 Defendant, do appear and anrNtUiaid inform the sv'AU' Prizes of,$1,000 and under paid immediately unless.othcrwiso, expressly provided I Itiy upon the ruinaand.corruptisn absurd a story as that Mr Fremont did it; U such mendacious assertions J
Rill of Complaint on or before the THE SUBSCRIBER beg leave to COTTONS l after the drawing-other Prizes at the izcd i old parties Mr. Fillrcorais the candidate not for profess himself Roman CathOlic sertions as.this. '"
in Sovcmber next, or a decree pro Planters LONG nsnal time of thirty days. law. t'Six. ofthe American party: alone,:and has accepted has coucl'actaateluch t
int Uundiy bat Roman.Catholic The only
of ROLLER That and nothing a purpose
that be till continues the manufactoring further enacted ;
confidential. The And be it ,;
_ill I. taken iiift them. And it la All communications strictly C; its platform which I do ,
K and iinw platform in it ridiculous and slanderous assertion that
HORSE GINS at his usual rates, autbonz- something hardly one. step a 'j
tether ordered that puklicati of this order LePIe drawn number. will be forwafded to plll'Cwon1111mcdiatel1 the President be, and is hereby, and which is the work'of the actually : : .
to fill all orders that ho may be fa- not approve conceive of is to give 'aidJkcomfort i ito
published within the ready alter the drawing.TicketsflOl1alves three interpreters of the from the subline.. i we can .
h the
serI Circuit nmt of fw"IIJoer.Florida mce a.weck for fwiiriMtk rored with at the shortcut notice.Persons ; $5-Quartere $2.50. ,: ad to appoint who shall be entitled to Northern wing of the 'party, or rather There is a reliving feature in this unpleasant the fanatics of the North, by, inducing :
Gins ex Chinese language, has not joinedthe
repaired, > which
wanting GINS or small remnant of it t till
previuiu to the aid first business. It i. that wbile'there. them to believe that they have sympathiser
eunrecutively Ira Boxes, Roller and Brashes, can be had of.the. Prize Tickets cubed or renewed in other Tickets compensation for their services, respectively abolition party ,while .!Jr.. Eillmore ,
NwetuVr next intercourse South, will ultimately
JInodiT uf fifteen' hundred of mea who by personal the and. sweep '
either office.GUEAT exceed are scores
tiiren at Chumlirn, this tho eighteenth day of ollow ing Agents tAGENTS. at I ly, at a rate not himself the 'candidate of the Southern abominable heresies
: REDUCTION TO CLUDS. annumto, be determined by with i Mr, Fremont is .Other ..days the Union with their
June A.D 1S35.WILLIAM: dollars! the North.: The
C. ACOSTA CO., Centrevillage. Gee. i the Tickets are guaranteed to wing'and'r a'diled by the most conda- if they will.steadily pursue ther coarse.
A. FORWARD, D. A. one-half the President, and to assign such Interpreters ,in 'all [are in a condition to give *
J arte.r Gen. THOMAS IIILLEARD do. d. draw $3 we will sell Certificates of Packages of time to' tim to such consulatesin great question of domestic slavery Vive .testimony-and many of these are Recent events have, proven the Fillmore -

Urety certify, that the shove ntaini a true COOPER H.CAMPriELD GELLF.LAND., Savannah.do. Ge do.,. 10 Tickets (odd and even numbers,) at the following China, from and with such duties, as he may its bearings,ia ,paramont election. toa1l It;. others not and inthis hostile to Mr.Fremont politically-not party to be the,ally of; the ;abolitionists i ,

tC UitoriRuinl order filed in my office M C1IAS. rates- '*' .' presidential ought character 'has :been and it would seem aa though it .was over-
tiff Fla.s. the amount of tbem'of any
BISBEB 4 CANOVA Jacksonville All that the 10 Ticket draw over think pl'OllCr. made subordinate to one .
be ignored or
'lrIfruu the Lies of S.thu gCAUBOKOCGH Court L. NIBLACK Alligator }&. guaranteed accrues to purchaser. SEC. 7. And be it further enacted, That I cannot. i trueSouthcm found to violate the rights of private .intercourse xealous to prove its fidelity. "

B. R. BVTHEWOOD, Beauford S C. of of 10 Whole Tickets, $60 authorized 1 others less signification byOv the privilege religious
Clerk Circuit Court G.I. County. Capt. Certificate Package the President be and is hereby : Democratic ,or political '
Clerk. DcVEAUX HEYWARD,'Charleston, S. C. 4' 10 Half 30 shall think .the good man.- Upon this question the much as to be induced to publish jpy In several of Ite northern State* L.
By S S. WORE Deputy whenever he public liberty so
S. L. BURNS.St. II ac 10 QUArter'" 15 occupies,in an eminent dopeetIhe South the
party The unseemly the Mississippi OMnv ,
3oe28, 16.i6-4. Oeo.. Aa!.-. ._ Address orders for .Tickets, or Certificates off will be promoted not to thereby exececd, to. twenty-nve'app"int"cQnnlar ,.m highest conscrratire. constitutional mntcsthas a word been on the left subject.to the two'know-noth-. says friends of FiLixoac and EuoaT.have: ,. '

UUrt.lt Court Eastern Circuit ofFJor. Packages o Tickets, either toSAM'L pupils, and national,ground.. ,1itis truiynaUon.Al. thema1vesthe into a reguircoalitl.u. Since,the
citi- ;
Atlanta Ga. who shall bo to dispute gone
SWAN & CO. one time, :; ing factions
number at
Ida for Columbia County. J. Gibbs any 1 It is the only party now in existence ftat the ticket ,
G. S. SWAN, Montgomery Ala. of the United States and entitled to one' set: averring-what Mr. Fremont fusion a cotemporary suggest ,
ra m II. iinnand. Sidney or McMILLAN Agent zens : which'can meet together,discuss and adopt .words aver.that which flaunts at the editorial head of theKnowNothing
and or THOMAS for their services, respective- does not with hia own II:1
S'l of ,
James C.mliland. compensation
OottU Jacksonville,'Fla. and'resl'e.., on subject, should read
principles thai
Jacksonville Fla. thousand himself Roman papers ;iroa
II. Kickul, I ly'at) a rate not to exceed one of similar character be has never professed &
JImU anJ.aniyiaC'IIrlrtnen, I Bill for be detci mined by the same:.or.even a Catholic the other set asserting that he .rREsroxxT. \.'f
under the of Foreclogure COSKSSIOKGR OF DEEDSroa dollars per annum, to in and in all ,ttctioni of our country. ; Catholic butts playin" 'COL.'JOBN MILLARD FILIJIONT' "
Md tradine name every be
i Mif COLLEGE. and to assign such[ pupils, and has not ceased to a *
SAVANNAH MEDICAL the President; Wllig> party,
.\lilWaodJO.llu.eU 4 Co. ofT or consulates, and There' no organized dark and mysterious.part,far the .New.Carolina ;' v,; .\
STATES such some
Tile ( time to time > field.- Mr. Fillmore -
MortgageZeunin from in '
> HPHE regular course of- Lectures in this Institution no Whig candidate of Catholic designs on the -' ."
G.Throuton and Stephen and MAINE, VIRGINIA. X ,will commence on tbe first MONDAYin with such duties? as homaythuiik'proper such;' is careful to repeat that he is not the accomplishment 'seta 'well matched ma TICZ-.UIDn'' .: : .I
.1)aru',Charles M K.JU, and Partition MASSACIItSETTS.OnTII CAROLINA, November next and be ,continued for four and before the appointment! of any but the American" candidate, and country. The two DAYTOHr
Whig with'them.Bat. .ANDREW JACKSON ;
Jiweph A. Fanning ofKertt RHODE ISLAND SOUTH CAROLINA, be made satisfactory'' evidence, "former associates. It would be a pity'to
p.upil'shaU his
nii trading under the name Land I NEW YORK ALABAMA Months.D. ARNOLD M. D.-Prof.: .Theory and otherwiac.'Rhall I .be. furnished -. speaks of the.Whigs as 'rder." In >we must insist on their letting alone Tenne Jeney.' "-.4
R. examination or ?
tl Dtrif Kolb 4 Fanning, and i ilIercalea PENNSYLVANIA, MISSISSIPPI Practice of Medicine. by and fitness for. .".He is a umember flhe other the good name of the Catholic 'prielthood. 'IBeT.hlDe : :
B W. Andrews.THE 1 MARYLAND, LOUISIANA, P.M. KOLLOCK M. D.-Prof. Obstetric and of qualifications of State .and by choosing between him, therefore; It will not do for the friends of Mr. Stasis Bellers ,'-
CMDplainanU to thi cave Laring tL p26 TEXAS. tf Diseases of Women and Children ... the office to the Secretary' t Candidates' there ,i is: no compromise of malign-falsely the character of An exchange uys-JBy 'a' newly-in.
1 day filed their Bill of and it apKvklky M. D.--'rof Principles and him.laid before'tho President A true Whig may act Fremont to '
Cmnplaint BULLOCU .
G it. '
W. ; S Whig Jesuit Father Van Horseigh vented mode steam hollers are nor conitructedlnaucbawaythattheyuyg.g.
ical old. ,
the affidavit of Gilliland Reform-M College. Practice of Surgery.' Sec 8. And be it furtherno' enacieu- Ui" his conscience dictates, .unbiassed by the good '
wrf said eompiainAnU that all of aid Defend- Jo. HOWARD, M. D.-'. .of Anatomy.' appointed, after this i acttake shall as who married him. Respect for the memory I *

ttti mide leyund the limit'f this State, to wit: MAO N, GEO. ..,:H. MARTIN M. D.-Prof. Institutes of-- person effect to any.6ucb office as' is,. mentioned other obligations another consideration- v of the of a good priest now? deceased, -willone,, ually revolve on an axis, srr that a fresh
tW nid Defendant Benjamin O. Th root on, at Medicine. secondtbird.sixth, or But there is compel the overhauling of the coarse surface of the boiler may be constantly exposed
Mduaea, in UM State of Georgia,the said De- EiglitcenthAnnualCourse M .Me4i and Med.Jurisprndenee in the Srs j; moment in reference to ,thu pendi day the fire instead of
THE J. D.REA D.M.D.-Prot. i of this'act' shall-be entitled i greatest of the,Tribune,that he bad no regard to tbe action of.
Waala Stephen E. Davis Charles M. Kolb and Lectures in this Institution will commence : seventh sections his services therein i, ing Presidential .election.,: The, contest: ispractica11y charges the requirements of his' sacred of allowing the latter'always to:act oa-the
,,Jwtfh A.Fanning in the city of AufjonU in thsStal on the fintMonday of November next,and JOSEPH JONES M.. D-Proof..Medical. to compensation for 'between the Democratic and to the
impropriety is .One
usually case.
.ar Georgia and the avid Defendant Hered close on tho first day of March following. Having except; from the time when be hall.reach I parties; There ''is' not theslightest' fice. :The same kind of gross same surface as
Chemistry. Abolition
K.\r.Andrew in the city of Baltimore in received two endowments from the State of JOS. WEST, M. D.-Demonstrator. of''Ana his post,'and enter upon. his ,official -dutiesto I ''that, Mr.: Fillmore has beenpractiae'd. with a Catholic priest of the ways of accomplishing, ia.sup-

I.Stati crt Maryland Therefore on motion of Georgia it Is in possession of splendid College tomy. v .- the time when he shall, .ease! to 'hold probability President by'.the..Electoral still '.living. .The Rev. Mr.; Olivetti, of posingan ordinary cyiindrisat 'boiler.io-o. .

Tills Liviurton, Erar.. Solicitor t'r said Complain- Edifice with Apparatus Preparations,. Specimens J. G. HOWARD M. D.-Dean of the' Faculty.. ofti e'&nd for time( as shall W actually can be elected. succeed in ,Whitehall, in the. diocese of Albany, ].has chosen 'for the'purpose,the patentee bolts,

sets,U it ordered that aald Defendant do appear and Facilities and a, Ilocpital for Clinical .Sept 6th, 1856. such :occupied 1 in receiving Colleges. ,If heshould, been trumpeted through the'country :as rivets' or otherwise fastens at each of |Jta '
f.'aanet tuiaid Bill on ur before the lint M days.and ;
,,4sj IB Kuvembtr next, or a }ocrc..'(,'nfe ao procured. from New York and fiber his Instructions, not to exceed thirty even'' doubtful in any'': qnarter 'of the having declared usual Ontfof
'wil U Ukea against then. And it U farther orwd.thatpBblicatwn cit F Sale in making the,-.transit ..between the effect of it.might ''possibly to be a CatbOli,and that be meant to vpto 'on bearings hi the weyv
of thii order be nade In u. FACULTY. of his residence, when appointed, Union, the only for,hinion that accoant.--and that be,, hadfive' these uel-'lD&l' be of*. oid Iron:bntilt is
.i in contingency "
PW within tbe Eastern I place mmenccmentand be not to.elect.bim! any in'Esser county 'whom preferred ta be hollow and provided;with 4 .

rift.Btvipaper or Florida jmUUbed once a week for four montht, L. BANKSTON and listens;Mediea.M. D. Professor of-Physiology. THAT .w llknown' .Plantation; and his post of uty"atthec of the period of his'official but togive; the 'election, to .tbe'present which' he-would hundredpen make vote: for hint :&.. Mr a stuffing-box;through which ftwater-pipe: ."

,, hKwetabtrnext.eeutiveIy,prerlous to the laid lint Monday' J. T. COXE M. D.. Profewor of Principles' andPractice ;JL, owned by R. lUftnuoir ISLAND,Sr,FLA.and situated: '' service termination for which he shall in.::all :icascs, allowed House of Representatives and Honest,, from m n'win exclaim Olivetti has feltit proper to give ;.formal passes,. in order: to feed the':boiler .with .4 1 1waterditisalsoon.tkis.x.jheJn
of Medicine and Therapeutics. i AMELIA ? every true patriot .absurdities in'a n-
men this, tissue ..
Tltrea at Chamber this the eighteenth day if Professor ObsUtriesand the Bail Road Depot; containing and paid, except as God deliver usUnder. the denial to. I I
M. S. THOMPSON,M. D, Sis miles from to may Whitehall. He that ho tor.prefers placing a 1raterpuPlwciadicate
be deemed says
June, A D.I86.WILLIAM. of Women and Children. of Land 250 of which are uncut Hamniockj tioned and no person shall .which ,surround as, local pap r .
Diseases 800 Acres cttcumstancea I
critical MK Fremont's reE- the level of:tbe water* the boileri
A FORWARD,' D. 1W. of Chemistry, remaining 550 acres are undetaoItivs.tIoti such oflic&"aft r )rli .successor. UniOn and the knows nothing about I
the the
A. MvM .
N.LOOMIS bold that .
'1 n ; ,/ .Judge! and. Microscopy. Cotton Corn c 4-Ao, 'at may be y" and actually enter upon' I sincerely! efon-how should he 7-that he has not had To this iev;fastened* cog-wheel iato.tbecogs' :
Pharmacy eqaahtyortho
I..,11,certiCji that the'above la'a (roe oopy I. M.Botany COMINGS, A. M, U. D.,Professor of Anatomy "- seen;by producing the present crop-i On it are all neoessaryBuildings. shall be appointed of his post of duty t-nor after his Constitution, and:-the'Fcderal the.-rightful compact are time to learn the merits of political parties ':of,which'aa>endless cre. or.IpU"

tInn4order, filed in my"office as .appears and Surgery. .' For particular apply to meal New- the duties bal!I'jiave States'tinder in this country, an4.does not u tepdVvote > wheel' is workln?< or\:else ftpnlltr iwita a
; such
.. .tbefl1esefthIsCuurL.I' O.A. LOCHRANE Esq.,, M, D,. Professor ofMedical naasville, or.to R.lIarr. Sr, residing on the official residence at post but.nouch' In imminent;.peril ;; and leaving-others. to.- having enough to do with me chain by i'r which a slow revolviosmotioiiVpvenriq I

8CABBOROrGH, Jurisprudence; Comparative Anatomy ROUT.. HARRISON. Jrj terminated if.not so relieved. .; ..- ... for them-jelvcSjfor myseli feel i 15, w at all As to the .
Clerk CircuU Court Col.County. premises Agnet.MMWIBiMM snau- : oe- muuo-j .'? .?j? judge ; with thou- discharge of his clerical i dutie th.1" r, 1. : '
and Compar&tive.rb1.\oI :1. gnrt23-tf allowance or payment vote n'company
R. Clerk.NOTICIi. commercial be uiy duty p.o. of five hundred men that were :
-:: By 8 MORE Depnty consul l or agent; old-line' Whigs retinue
'J .s.I TERM PROCLAMATION consul'general, of.thisact sands :'of finn and true for his word to Tote Ui is"bard to JG3T: Here is what the London Chronicle '
Lectures.... ...$100 contemplated by the foarlh'tlectiun ihrbughoutHhe'nation, for the ''Candidates waiting ria'. 'haa to .
tickets to ? by Viet
Entire (tea for that an Flec that such stories can be believed one of Queen. organs ,
GIVEN vice i commercial think
Matriculation '(once only)....,..'.;''; 6 NOTICE IS HEREBY and Vice Pres- or to any vice consul, of that.party.which! ,wjil have the"abilitli Catholics understand perfectly par' Preidtntial Strug-- .
ta.tma Clrcvlt .f FlorUa-Dural C. Anatomical Ticket....."....i 10 for Electors of President the deputy consul, or consular agcnU s..well as;, the patrioticdisposition any.one. eiriuliiiduaf'npot.libilitie uJin.rofeO ,
at usual agent, ;
be held i in political power tl
: at the States will in- and '
United their ,
oasb. la 'alvaace, eldot of tbe in receiving the well rights'
,.t tIU1J1 A. invariably in 'BO occupied and perpetuate >H'Xr.'fta&n- tI t\\
EulZ" State time ,
Payable this' the shoui4 io.
..z. Via of the senion Graduation fee, payable precincts in the several Counties of for transit as aforesaid; to preserve "*s citizns, sn 1 do not exerr We. be sorry 101
Chancery.) ch. the equalityof I
: opening d '
I 4th ofNovember proximo ructions t or s the Conlltitntion be In &W '
'' LEar Mclnosi. before examinatiea $25. r on TUESDAY the day and is referred to iJrnon- else theircitizens'privilege at the dictation 'an elected,because > T.pwserving

.lIE Jilt of Coatpl& Living ,been iled I.rt I. Particular addroas any member' of the faculty, return thereof to be mad. In, the'JD&DDer of Electors, nor shall any such officer, as .compensation' the States.: Undet.ui ting;circumstan of man. .But the,Catholic,conscience the OQxiOnsnsti1ations'p.stheyexiat512d ; t t..
.: ang. 16.CHASJCK prescribed by law.: The number this scctton. .be :allowed 'partypf.wlilchMr.illrnOe.tb i any .
tlait d, proof time in ,, thunilyottheitatesfljer
eaaa and it arPftrinl llpon Macon/Qa. '-such transit,' at ces the such matters itsJiberti'aiid'Jits dignUty
in ,
.that ra..L.b laid Defendant II a minor and 0 raidfllt or of J.ADA1tG FOlt 51'ECULA'S I to be In chosen testimony U three.whereof, bare bereuDtolet my I for the time Occupledln" hia official Ticelif he''candidato'canno-' .any exercise prtablOcontLn'pncyheln 'such an i is::a thing not to'' be 'uridmtoqd. by: il..no'safety for_;Faropeaq Monarchical) ?.I'
ii ordercil.trr tin f>riihat : of termination of
SeA the a'position if
til ,TOtS; T : .band, and caused to be affixed the recalled bere- know-nothings,'who" bind themselves to Governments progressive .spirit
.lIaUt.au..t thiataia -blllbecll. xmeu lo nJiJXU at the Capital shall have resigned, or been And the nom'meea'of Democratic the U,11 StateS is allowed
sell t { -_ of Florida.Don. 'influence. of the knightsthat the Democnc1-Of.
l to '
State '
.rn aald JCitVmlt for the; ypae ot sixty :.1b. proposes, moderate I I Seal. ] the Tallabasee tai*':30th day.of fur.n ,malfeasance_ in,his/office./, areitho only candidates now do blindly thebidding succeed. Elect Fremont and the !. j
d.11..054 Oibba bai been duly ap- id. t.r a Company, t'a in the City from ) party she dark lantern for ther,party.., to ;
Q.Oonptr Th'ajt their
Pll.d drtrdUa *1 Uton-all -pereoM g ioUret- aid J on easy terms ail his lands lying in toe August, A. D. 1856. BROOME; SEc.,9..And be it furthercnacted' before the people.who may have,it in carry Mennwbi1easthaknownothing faction first blow tor the separation of the United ?! .
price the tuatethbiessii4gi
of P.
Jet'hereby required ie appear plead sod at. Western suburb of the City on-both sides along "JAMES Governor:: ,Florida whento, any dipiomatic19ce.held, 'by1 any power to, prolong if.not""to perp' that sustains Mr.;Fremont repels as fatal State. Is effected. I, 'L'. li' I'.
.d '-and :extending 'another ,to us by -
w'ntjn Plaak :R guaranteed'
-60&W Bill ii f Complaint &lEil day Railroad and ." there shall be superadded which the charge of his liseingfoi'yearsbeen h.-- j
400 yards.ded
MM*Miwt tile date be.o.crr the same.will be te Klal'.Roadbet..oeJ: ; .300 :and ,cani I be "DlftheGol'Ol'DorAuNh- 'VULZPIGVZ,- such person person 'shall .be' allowed ,additional the free institutions under which'we have to his prospects known as it 'Catholic'and A- ow..Bcew.A Hanxlrarjeor-

,,tksa IIM1CeeaecI. Pr a parcbatter, w pvrchaferi :Stock Secretary of Florida.1OTICE. services,injsuch.superadded and:'so prosperously him London write ttat ;
forhia so-hap5y of
; heretofore that respondent a paper
next Negroes
October compensation ,opposes
VILUAM: A.'FORWARD: f oun4 by the 1st of :. .. th Vnow-nothinz ) I
Judgeof said Ceui.' or Mer bandlr.1 taken in payment for the:whole office, at the rate, .of. fifty' per centum___L, l : maintains that hits still a Catholic at near' *, although the rent paid bf' th*British*n>- fttibassadoY : I
apply to the' undersign,, "allowed by Ibis act tot BUCU \'M l,; therefore, :to give 'my the DODce till for hi*hotel, danagtheleorooa
particulars purpose for
J 1' ?AKDER ON. SelWtor. or part. For .of Mr. fl.epplieatboowiflb.inIde of.the amount and only! 'a Protestant ,
111.1856.;: 21>3m cd at his residence'Inor.first;tencmeikt. s..'Ewt_RAKER' SIX months lhlllon.. 1a' dj probate'of superadded office shall be deemed ''to con- supportto those: distinguished; statesmen, 'election it gratifies ns to witness the tiolu'Moscow fa i fttrty t\outand.-doBar*
... .ww. ? of which itis limited and Breckmndge, who after '
: T 'Administratrix to house 'did-'not
: Jacques. .INS.' float charge u tinno 'during the time Neasr5. Buchanan with which aYvast' proportion 4"" meftfJt the 'contaiaT an
B.lOI' '
or.to Gen'l.. .' -, County for a Donaldaon, late'of'said. for such time qualified for.: the highest profound disgust mdicent.disctission. 1
Sale & btheteruisthereoifld this large-enoughy.fdrtibaU-roiwn l
Marsi William .view ;
JPnitcd of aptrtment
States ISSfat.r. : the Estate .' a 101 Jlncntly. land'who: of the* commonitj.
Aag.16lh occupied rnment are
deceasel ; actually.and neccssorily inltho.go'sthe'candidatea flctitoas1ssie* and that for another-hot.L which Adnaot
Uiuedwrt'oftW eouty, shall be pOSItions "' Like the
: Htecatton as
BU&tMifM it.EXjim>rm.BAUKETT DONALDSON, j defeat Fremont
JUlrkt pourt for firs KorA. .-c: ..UZY ': : .. lILT : L, inmaking, the;transit between the. I two mke1y to in the old cearts to-test a princjhpieby ;contain. Mlof sufficient* dunenslooa th.

:l '$Dtariutef& Hori a,and to m.rwler.d.I hat* .I &/ ALEX&KDEil, 'oly.K\l.) > 1QAdmb"ltrat posts of duty, at jh&coknuinc t11ent' andtermination the sectional and abolition cadidate i made-ap anassutn dtrialbetwe:; oJohn Doe monthly rent demanded wa*_.ezorbiiant .

-'LeI\-.poa.: aDd t ror. al publlGeo '. .4 tteiaU'oalen W Notice.. of theperiod f'sucheoper and to be''able.under Divine ,.ftgj! I Richard Roe we believe that the effect that...saloon.of ironeovered.with glass

AO!H. Mildir; adtIlODVilt., Doa ,.-... rhol"" Tobacco ,. ; *rl III aded office, eo limited and no longer;. : td allay' the fanatica1'rifeand the, and vile contest, between the'two"set of was tabe sent Moscow from'l E ,Tand .
.c..l,. Lso: ef tbe Com Iloate 00th3hIi4A7iaQoLst Groceries ,provisions, hereby gtveQtbat' application further..enactedLThatfor -distractloris'whrch1vtdB now unhappily oUhil froirf 'future ; .. ;
Noricj' 'And bloody be'tb' banish Ibodt.OOOmllesdi.taat.- 1
of r
of of the State '-Sec. 10. and, :1.
& : ual boar i the LcKiilaUfe k 1owD hingl'1rm ,
sUbs to dTthreateathe
..tM f4lMr9'C 4wriLec1 Mil, Lnd n the prvp.dyLurnae .Segars, Liquors;Nails i &c.' ,, 'Florida.:'at ,Ita18&' sewion for, a Charter for a such ( s.any ,secta!1 of, legation ow1 conntry OODatilotioD'; :I and 'contests alt inquisitorial 'searchesjintp, Q .. 'Jo1ift' ? I 'I
the r
act as'charge
of to ;q :
a.d ExeeuttOa Store to be called the Bank lawfully authorized 'vry.existcnc0.th! oC polit.ical.ean4t- i ; ;i
.ig. 1.satisfy At the corner Bank at a.eUoDfil1e ehalljbo i reUrious prbfeswona .
fsrej al tM.l'Ja..te'. Pattk. f.r lrfieU,$.C, REED'S' Ilj G E J StaU ofFlorid, *.' 1July19J.5.I : .. ; '4'aflVircs'ad 'interim'atthe: 'post*tvf which tb'e Upj.on.. Surety surely;it' U tiiie forth the T Hotoes,*'pohtical-clergyman of theBMtFn ;
OouI4e.s 2u . shall be entueSv"iznd'; Uiealic cotto, dates. and t the$.000 who I
cocttuiaj '
'a. One' Iloaten4i Lot --- ..,_I. ; --- he hall havteen *ppOiflttdhtiO .ltM *ion' party IRD .' ,
rn ort .. kc, .ated $Magnolia; and rtTACKSOVLLLEsYWItiM, ,:; : Livingston '1receivo compensation": at the flCrerY AtrJ. ttJ befratemal : : '1 ignedWt Miptenuii pTofeat.tD.. Ydlix j, to
> Bie4.aa follor-: JJorti by StlobJuJUfer TTEEl" (eo UaUy on band fall supplies *f I : : : Entitled allowed "hs act ( r'a charge vd'af-> anti unied'in'rnface : 1.'t/ae danger, ;J. Fillmore Sa 'raTOI'or tbeResteTt1e" reeeoOjr.aedpeed: .and absconded

Ia'small Creek East,South a.ia'4 W.b&nd. ia (heIr line, .which they are always ATOET&L4W: rate he.'khallnot.b ': .r.the'JIl..l1 tettordtloidMc'Ora I sixteen ,tft daughter
: agiitof. only
good j' such pbstfbbt besetzss/. ,r. with -
? .; lieu rate DMc4 .
N3abpgtDo.N market ,. fares ,at the ; 'I -" hi"8 iterTesIgnthg
u.0 fi aicw .lowesi .' Dr1kDufld1ng.J' n'tei otauji'
tba A.
selling at & fort II1h' timeYthft'comoensatloft trol : PI. : wktoWv ha-: wife and
fwad laotog own
|/E BLACKBURN, 11.&Nsrab4 CA8IT. April U9 ,rOf'lliQ ; .n:: entitled to receive\ ,1: aro4ear Sir5 l. of a poor ,
.b. ....' terms are .iclnslyely : .L, ',T&asouyrne;"Er; his services ,'_ '"'4'I" ''Yourbediefltetant.t r'- h P.ideney'bth61YIltmoreandDonliO1s.Club small children ba dstiUrt .afrcninThJ4UthMw -
a D
., "" CEO ZEUNBAUEK.. 5J 1 ,.. ,.. _L....v._ alJoweklTor. : I two < :i ,
'Ali 1856 "U--nc .. ,:, ',,UIlOK.liRACEU ui. iN.G1\ .f tb.l'robatl OIl1 ADa.theQouri4 as'sectary of. I 1 .'* u .. '.' tt ,J DUBARRINGER.r: ,of _Culpepper. .t. _tit.Mr. ; .I ..lfH .Pf sednc- : -

iIgedJi BOW prepared* serve the JL esumed.ths jrsctlce :ot.La'maU \'nScfed That.rf. To WM. A. Hoo., .: It 9'f'; ; \ : .Kendall)Amen< ( vsualt.wee* ti nandrlnofygrio.rtngisy.WtIh.
.1 SajlremeCoa" ;
.7--: ii.r.I ; TnB.4e .&:.large |nhis: 1Dt.loUllJ1a. ofibi Eutera Clmdt..ta4 1Abe, ValtedEt&IU s C.::11, A rid fet( 1 ?'officet4abalIbeuthijZed. Siattf torrfor the ountj bf 0rage(Vjiu'Mking: *thsnmenjwivui i by those

,. I ::He will attend 0' the sale of Negroes,; Lands*" aT' ,7sckaoaitk.al.OItbO $twiG u b'thriitu' td'the'provisionsact{ fr TnK OcToBBft; EtBCT.ioss r in whetlierte wo ld or'would not sanction a. political prttlt.awbo .e &t protest..New'$9v01U .-. .,
tICP.A.L CD':1I.ALJIAra.JLOAD In his charge.1 ALlen at SL. Augustine.hlsylo nnriaknf 6th, Compremlse '
< effect placed taku.plaCeO-th! MHsouri
.1 ,,'Jcai l'u1Aocul125.IB56., I any other >iUb. promptly"- fII. Frobate 41l1\ee,acquired:1IDideJ'fobll ., function. election in Florida ; Pennsylvania >" bm"restoring rtbe Riiater.g :p ':'g y -,, a ,
& '
1'111- UekBol( eroC& tbe Ifferidv AUaaOe 4 addressed lot infrrmaUoo aoquaintanoe ia this SUU.i ir ra1 occ5pSe fal? with aU relating to 'of ,hiICt: ,td peOtU11ipolnatic oft 'of October. to. UU general : .oJ -ty
,1'/ flult.CiutiBall load hereby noUnod [jiliad aptSend' nfr -, and deceased t mia,;and hjth4 biencit of.tbe Ohio Indianaa dxjSootK.Car6HUna riiedio3r ; WsRoachester .s, .v.. "W .
are Uwnwoeasary'to. tnorg .senurofcjAuiwj Ie
r render eatatN which be ointed, ; '$ "
'.1UImthInaui1ai.nto(1ve Nat..JIOD lb.c<I1 .. I and Others BENJAUI5 1(8,, 1he sceounti b1 OaardiaU aDd Aa.ballr'1O tn4ti Q'ntrl'to )held on.tjie-.sa ;daj ctoibcr Comment upon Jbis' set. hbO i "':'lit '&' I
per ..t1.meutof will [Speech ,, '
bisoattfnto& fr"t
"p Ute tep..c.abavfugbusII4 ition te. 'f'.2'_ "
l.iIC raid Company ha>been ealled ia, Jacluoayinf.ftftya'1855-tt. ; ki4ei _y servIces pirtleularly b1i'a1l.befltttIeddd I 14. fiiThese will.bet'Ae laV:skirmishes l odelr.re sMenilsunt ,;, Bifhirhoe1 j 1JI, ti !
,11win.4so ctDoet ;t .r !
< \
toW nsulU''t t I"
4gt efftI L"4a1'olOctober ill i'ch', ) -the. .' tT : :
.bAND1WAR8AWT, $. J' I Lu4.I9.'l other flti'MI j sevIce&hi1esoautt0iXdIt I prior,to t4e;grsudttche4.j.'P; :'' great iJta',1i1th : i1fflX.'t.t: w ....J 'Tf:
i tIAID4 to hosLieahJ \ve: mpCfl&tOfl 'w1l.;% ;'inf' '11"' a'' W"1-'U.w. )
S' 'f ,1 IJ4.h".oI u. I.' :
r. 4JUW"1IaI"' ovember44t "? a-1
-Or, of-tb.1Jo&r4 .trin' af'CA ; : 4th of
r 01r.djb1h\a
.; t Jpjordtr rrUE93NDEflSIONEDJ. ., ,,,< el&Uu .gt D4 the .' 00'.11-11' : n.'rrato, &
'*,'r' "..,, o, C..OIBBS. LANJ'W,1UUtANta. t'rt w1ta jTO7ijtSU. -
"11treuarer'. A.A 0.; C.IL 1t.Ce. t1lJC-tl. no. L eccz: to ._ 4, a.

.lCboariUterL SO, IE5C.-td

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\ ,' .._'._. '-_-._,. _. # ifii"'f: :.:-. Ii jo' ," '-- .,....- .. ,.'..".... ,..11I"..." .y -v :

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4 S

----- .- .- --- --'_ _----rr.fM -i. -: --1.I.tL -T-: :_ ': :-:__ ________

., _.__ -_ its: jutton .. ==
.- T 3
Td Mne'MU 'STIttTIIEYCOJIEYe ?vw'xLyiLL *SeOLbl8SC, I biertaara' onkeJPI lehfa-oH! fa *x $ SSS

Jklkfte.jAGfeeafof \ have heretofore given the Mints of EdXor Florida jtcitt-*. The Baltimore "American" publishes I I Hundred lire*Tfportt* Lost. L "We flbna of oareluiS1
-r.c w.ii Wa'gs injfte Dawkins ofTflatka a Fremont Electoral Ticket for Virginia, I[rf MIIWACME, Thnwd y, S.PL 1SjG
result 'of the a host of leading Whigs and Know Nothings Si*: Ina touches which the ed tot says he get from a Yircinia r 1 The steam Niagara of the C.Il1ngwtodp I mention of .ttactrf m'Sffi lM

raft, uftnuth as a who Lad given in their adhesiorfto was in the.Bell b4re Mr. Ber>. print-what one, he does not say- p ine was burned, near Port Washington, part Mr. 'wfcS ,

'4 ". lt the Demoatie.ondidatcsf but as fhe elcction nari'namQ, wasttnce ** candi'ilate ppVnFbich our, ft-llow-conntryman. Col Pu Lake Michigan, last.evening.,f pleasure re4dvrs-Um. *
.ica1 2.vcb 4* iyetbfen get to. oaches2tlWowd thkk ns* Jn 1F the SoIict2rshpd'rathe ttAi chna J ia61TlK0P'.apParS as "Elector foc.thigthDitr1cc.Nuws 1\ One hundred lire are reporte! tout. our t **rqnainted
itber'*bo IepTeNIdCd UlUe uf the SATDRD3fo pCT. app TBerarJCT0 : it will be rcTnembtsioRof 'be lion John ,IL Macy of Wisconsin wi/hyluj ifiytfc*$ ?**
ittooks liki'iWp would but one Mme o ?Jesio ; tirtues ai* ,i4na
tact, ptf the V nee4
)*t1tt Pteest* udiwbuse. declarations -i.' |s'f npposed to be agag'th'oltt7'1I ,
rwrea2 itte othe igbtZandlfecling = &rty at Jh
'I I md wr5i--the names bf"-s few'more such ac-" wfll'f f Mr.Dawkins a atrong UIIRi Kjclffii have Vet cm to a* an act of justice fo

7 cfut11) a cqnicnlidA16T jwlrtfciajns andbrokendovi qu'leStlons' our!' fiartpcuiled froiDa'tlic pa'- hls the g >l t[circuiatlon ppssiOSioVthi1 rth b1ua4ltopitttrtwa! 1l4i4! Ift 2: hticalstatementfa taincd.
kI- po itians (66. From pcrajrcccivcd; r tylhe.last mail J "'* beBefii of the part/.f -''-. SGfeiit a4pP!!' W 5 eeTss'th 1 i One" hadNia"garirbad 1l4marle.1, Zilarga p. q. The we are cornpJfle'
feaied for f WH contained > jn : vbr' freiht arid there tchichIn '
a; Graham; jtb'snet: d S aa14 ; )
r 4 .ji-Prc_ idencf,nlowa *tq Alexander J JUe Hpn-, D.1L .Barrber a JiAdiag S' t.', .- ,. ,:____ ( Sth4tor 'was, not a pound saved. C2P1{ F't. 31111efnthrcre1wetc55ved. '- the t'fl-ot 1819 Jan

.u_ thitiesMIplrnt for the 'I4' Whig :Korth "Caroimat ai4zone of; K1illmorca tlft\g Florida Jftie -i ; iIiTic& cot I'rzoA..tb ntuetuber.
l on rs of ] C9nnty cotistllflancy, they Amlnlwdors 'to; a ''Foreign '" incrabcra oft'tboNo'ihg1 tweiveotbersaw I4 tu -7jo.prop lk Illinois fail reliiWfhe (

-4 jill bclopg tojfie Bam cWTi.ofdisappoinlcd"| Tourt.as come nt 1o favbf of5*Buclianan? lj east the voiue vis&1 : pfcCedJsp aIarg1ijjm\ er o r; citrur-- Lmcasr%

I t4cemea. 1aze cabeL.c poqs antIa' VTy a-" '- zr- ? or ;o callel MmflcM ;thcrwcte appo d toThprotee'. uenger T6eiIIof Johftlpil i .thecertificateg! of- th*:
ireb2nkrestiug clItpn ol( fo sil P and;BrcckmnIgc.( fd'pnblUVthls been toe"2uaa fF cent loan: The debt'
> -r.aM, S party;; hereby vrejuest( you reported tbvhit ;pnJwanl < f
... Yal*abh nusenm ofmunp1 Thcohore Vhiighieise card avp'of wthirairarjfro'm} sad paHJV tlLeit utjecthtab1e ud oficiose&in ri "ThCliitet cr"sfieZ :(SaT tbesSfeand DetruitTrej )

-' ; Sip tiTanpth'tr horlas ticcas pf w[ hj edaffortieXice'ncJrttarMr11ayin ) SILILLIi1I; ;' Iit. good.mail.tbopromptly
v'1I1 the Democratic
and that % support S
r tIt iye JI dTaa4dOoweh nd female cnMV.tI'io4bvl ,. 5- ( -1844 has done ; ;' S1ortlf 'they after a'arn U-Try-iWl&ii ::4 ttrdt34js: Tbe11r The six p
*lipiiriudiesrever] wrariedp NSYT4It 4Fnr -nominees in th-? coming contest -S. :.cwi (lie- 'oft1 tkise1 rileJ'ni PWaaLhgo4n the donation thus 'pnElui ;
ihe same thing-r! 1aen S O.W. FRENCH 'nnm
-: tube
dtejftUendantcwitbatrr Tlie'list( ofdeletWe S a short time she was applkM to
S yicc-Presldent WinfleltIScotttb&VermontP LEWISBOREE.. distributT'
1 ::- S consumed and sank. The light was seeniro1rat3V.I. 9ff&ettorle ,Pbfa 41 _

%tan sccnvto associate with spectres JOHN C. 6KECKINRIDGE triot says, has JecIarcTlhatTiFcanifSt sopport.Fremant -' MLDDL3unOSeL, get thimprCS3. ...-- !-- gent femati. It 'a perpety

ii justin (jfcaiiiisepjilchral sleep of cenluries. ; and isrpt ppr4 togo* ._. ____ _6f Oct. lit 1856V ion: that they, were opjxwed to slavery and The steamer Traveller bound here went
S Amiable old gentlemen I How OF KENTUCKY. foFTilfmore. The old 'beiowiII -rutily Editor faoritfa'N'eat? '-- 'i : /ofichtlW} iSitp #a'7 case" against themoetatlejhrtut to the assistance-of the burning boat.- thirty or forty poor famili-* with
: Ag to
i4tl7thq.psUedh&.ii1fle1fl.4fl1X! : of the rote of those Her captain and officers exerted thcmaelrca proven snf

-S .5 tent iwliiO.t(4? ,thflTigorpus bluster.of : or pw7T "" go-ler-orso_ called S lliirtecft .mXfs..AJ jinTfincipled] ,to tthe utmost to save the lives of ( it every winteVvca. to a2tus

youth.* YitI%"w. 3tAP t casr'and equable cur- ties tho.flag.and.kefps.st the music or Amcrican''pirty' under 1tbo4 impressjon knaves have b.enntiring1iheTffFii tho e on board the gboat' "" the rn'

S ; net'did jbe klream orgarriilUy flow 1 lf Nodoubt i\'ia.' S2ERRY, the Union." .> that1 it wasiwrme'dtor great national purposes ever since. ilchab$a" Itbodcn s.them The follotvlttsvrslk Jist f?those saved ... M y, 'itoauan's Trj -

Hhe j'l "* -J'No doubt-their : '- -: .; Ikoji. Charles D.Fontath'tho. late Know but, being,jrohYinced of my error, I turn their vote to, tome political account, by hIrvAIn the!' TrareIfcnrj_-lA'_th rr"f1oaltOn' Vt,; 44B.Ctirti vt. I.CompItmentt. I.

fc i' ,was; relished : : tpr'Cbnsress 5 Xothing caniiidat&ISrXJoverrioVof Miss am unwilling, longer to be considerea a and the formation.6f this *ickeLl} doubt 0 ,ofStcubr1 co'mty' N.Y1 'Henry ,,
.. ,, ,
jppctJUiVhlch"ini ht have pippi has.deciaredfof.Buchapan. member; of sail and Intend ..takemy work1of 'aS '
4Vtth employroait party, to I less'! the some bt'thcJh 'itMIbp- Loce, of Washington,. i.l mw gv of

i peef.' but jfof"m difiQcalty of maitit GEO.' S. -HAWKINS, GeorgeD. Gray, Esq.- president of.theFillmofe pldce, in 1 tho Democratic ranks.1 I pen that,tlie'thirteenTgohtl men who vo Buffalo i' John, Hill of'Collingswonxl ? H.
S Nation; 55 --OF JACKSON.COUNTY, ; and Do'nahisun'CJubof Colpepper would taKOj6is"o"ccaii6nt6''s'ayytliatItaminfluenced ted noT-dre 'the' thirteeft"electOTsC>' 'Col. P Chambers ami ladv oTIIamiltbnVif; J'Ockt of sjggction* to writes 'ic
,* '
cbnventtbn and of
A implies a'purpose'.and 'anfjiftt is press c/nnplinnja '
5 of d 'bettt1O But from S 'SCEO. County, 'Ya., has'tcsigned the said'Prosi"dency by no person, nor by Dcmocratic ,- tuiZtttZ1bi ofAVaterbnry .. Vt.; henry I/take, uijw; whios itnot to tfi,, ai.
ith'otnripus, Er E1&tprS as any man, a&d hassxtered, as severely LeVm"Marv Utiaw'Ni' !Y VJ.l J.!''Kennedy duty unfrequcntlr i iaiOJi '
5 $ .Ih4prpc pirtigs'tf die's? ;01d: 'Wne1 WhIpS | *nd declared bis purpose;to support whiskey S ,' SS from the encroachnJents''ots the'Abolitionists St. Lawrence county -N Julia Kennedy, seneoot, of se estcM? chirograpl \$ *

S S BaStitnore" that they Igot together-for -' WVCA&Li: of Eatt Florida.. -, the Democratic nominees. 3Ir. Gray states ''JOHN .SYLYESTER ; 'upon bis'slave proper' ta* any1 mad tin dittulOi tffc ifW V" bLit writi.Tor %h* 'dahl
'ihsiwple6bjectTAf tie Know"Kothlng'.liominations. M.-A. LONG of Middle Florid*., S > J'Ctf 5D5
; pfehtnd
/ the South pe"rhapsj''The"refiofts tha. a"letter has been recently written by Si ii.Robinson. 'La iiW
i r ; of tbe"PhiIadelphUCJoDTcntlonJ.Listen"to :-1V; D.'BARNES, ef West Florida.' EdUor oJNcws-f .. 8carips'tojinjarehinLare| eo AwnptCpvciffQiJSfgifFj'frMs veteraja-printe4rero.ir.. "Jlany.of i
at Knox HI.,
S t the' Hon.. Win.-A. Mr. Kendall, American assistant Elector S Sis : -I d em it duty to make it co.
: my. mean ai 'bcfalniostben athrn.otdei) To .Cbngr i ,;and eke not a t'w'erwSZ
wife zitl
'rS5.- S t For Afiembvmen,. for the.county oY Orange (Va )'asking lIugh.Knnedyituiit-hi; ,daugl. most have ;
-j- known 'puHicl3"'th t I becamd a member show that he vidoya'Lhe"confld'enc of all ter. There are three dead bodies Port been sOrprkwl at aLtlM./!

,. ; I "Butij'b: w'th e pnrpore for which he ARISTIDES D60GETT, whether he would or would not sanction a of the Know Nohng; 'par'tjbut..'having parties aljiomevvhf.ro he i best'known .1 ? TI ) ab1fgiiro'the cut iii print,

S,. 'thne he f Applause.) And the purpose ELIJAII CARTER.r .-, '- bill restoring 'the" Missouri' Compromise we subjoin the following from .the" opposition : i ln? of thettoibomo labor and the '
seen my'errbr I nowd clarothat.Iain -' ,1.1'n, .
1fo! which the present Ccwrentipn' came nolofager "
paperrthii Rdndhcy '. Intelligencer. ,ocjkttr 1atoflt than *
5 : !here ir toi'iu the' pebpla to- take fto,not desire maintain'myself-- at and repealing 'th'e''Kansas, Act, and, Mr.FiJ.lmpre a member that party,' and,intend -- I, We>atf( iif the JhLiwore,5sr1Fan CHICAGO, ThursdayScp't25; 1 Ss6. been' si petd4 by the iu'Q*

:' Millard THImqre. loud cheert arid apjikose home- unlessl can do it with a'due regard replied ;by sending him his'Ro- to support the Democratic principle t, : The'Niagara left Cyllingwood at 2'P.JM. licking into shapes the inesuge
it, fbr'scveral minute) Like, the man to the 'rights and safety of the' people bf chester speech. He is mum I 'S. D.- SALAS. the Fame of Col. If a*c Parsons is auiloun. onMonday, vithltwcenJ&Yt'L 175 pas speech furnished by thcntc ilr.

If* *> rho'when asked if be would take this womkrito. Lh5 ."- "Buchanan in 1837. The] ,Hon; Duncan F. Kcnncr, long the S S ce'd.:' A mord ridiCHloas tliitig hin ito" -, sengers. 'Tiventyrfive left-the, ili9atr ffielf! .sa' '' ''-- ;- .. .,
l "be his wedded[ he replied he from the Florid'an A JournaL mating Col ParsOn eha\-ei! seldom'heard.CoL bfygan. where she arrived at 2 P. M. jesIwtflKwrf1 -|Shav0 seen'th'e
All admit that that Territory leader of the Whig and l lately'"the .minoscript wfiGn*
ri cam a purposc'Lsughter and applause.) the'peopl.e of party, Speaking Out. ef
; .
; P lave ter'lay.
? jisJ :*f large., t o s tr'fci mot :
tbo } who when -assembled in Contention to ablest the shrewdest the mnst"iiifluential The card % jyperf) f gTcatIIltn'or the:9uuntW itrin/JSi
_ [ hi II they'd14 not pV what1 "people following as our neighborwould Southern man,'and would as'soon think' of :%Vlieii frfttn'-iShelbofgarf'tle: ,
past twenty ant I ifint
_ S. sent them there; expected of .them, why form a State Constitution possets the-fole, Lousianaian" that belonged to the Know say,,'"speaks for Itself.1! Two, ol cqtUng off his riIi't'iahd as going' foH reniont. passengers di*
S- 'f*; they rould disappoint them ; and the delerites' the exclusive power to determine ..vihrfherslarery Nothing Order in that Slate, has seceded the gentlemen subscribing it have been old' C il. P 'will undoubtedly v shall or-shall exist vithin its
t had better not, perhaps, return home not line Whigs- bat now seeing that,there isno '
cabin in "The 'wJl
SS limits and the tide flow from it and come over to the Democra support Mr. B.nclianari. We 'thjnk was : jest' Jonrnpmen, pHntcre rnlocihia
I iiin.5 population now y. other national party, have deterraiaed consternation followed. Tho boaTs roj Of.UCU
thov ticket be
5- This ls an honest confession the fact ing'into'it fully-justifies the belief that And so has James N.Davidson a,distinguished to nn'te' with the Democracy': must a' hoax.urehy. fcVirginfacontains lowered and! filled but J .were 'r'.,. .,,-.' "'_ S

.'-I-- that the Baltimore Convention of-u01d California will be admitted as a State into ClayWlitg/ pf Tennessee and PaOyIDL2cx,COLVIDIA,Co... Fi. na:son.'sodegcoprate !asf to capszedexeciti'ngojie .5 This -fact wilt be vo cljelbyetcrj[ t&
S vote fur or support that .tool- of Sewird containing twenty Numbers tor in the-Union.
To the
_ Line" Is for tne Union during the next, Congress. 12th prtor.'jour'm..
%; Whigs Simply an expedient Sept. 1836.
who'was ,
overboard *
Elector 1852. Wted and
: a Whig in lie is cot: Fremont. jiimpcd VereinsUntly
Buchanan 1848.ulrommy
thf of.FHmore's despereate Ibrtnnes. in. 3Jtt.EDiToa JlaVJii* pnutio
-II 1 promotion | ; once,joined theKnow.otbing ftr
stumping the State forBuckand Breck. And to show further; that h wa'jusilfiablC dmw!cd. Y 4 V f scliolarahtpj '*iitl wertf 'llie1 Iwmbfa
.- The Natonal' Tntelflgeneer-the {
.but some .time, trpa
bull party
; the pastdetermining.
respect laboring in vp1.-ir8gninst The WastennMles-dU-i "
S excellence the 'Old Line" Look this pictureJthen that W.h'edtdjWevvill steaTncrTMtejler ; ; stickers to resolve, by cieerg, tO *
organ par off James Bu hanan. upon ; upon .not' to have anything to.do Wherftmjtlrc-waa 6 op
man the dis6xeet1
saye publish bill.in full taut tin
at in / t
earlyUJyT. saved -
L Whigs-is indignant at the fraud on its Ephraiih Marsh, of &ew Jersey, President with them and fearing that, they will still manuscrip in,their liands1 f.r cVen one lit-
_ _
-:5' -5 ,' pirty and the fconntry} 'Hear It: The older I grow, the more "inclined I of the Philadelphia Convention which claim us, you will please,announce,that it Romney Argus. : bmintl thirtyperoris.-'down/alsw pickednp'aboaf propeller IlHnorSj tUsiwvct precisely as j 'ts Vriiten ,ir 'fa
.5 '"We that Conventionwas -in- anitobewh-o2iacaUeda Stales' RiglttsI7ta is our.dctermination Dcmrirtv. thirty authors, there would lie more repntalioM
S tehded for suppose- consultation,'and deliberatIon, t.-James Buchanan's speech on the nominated Fillmordand.: Donaldson, ..hascubCshcdaletfcrin brrti( .support- the [From: the MdbUe Rtgier] i iFlllmore and 'lahib'il'thenV, at' ''Shclboygan.! A fyfc saiighteiitI'thantbeiriIevils) eimlil .ihak*

'S1 and not "nicrely to ennhciate.'a. foregone admission of Arkansas in 183G..; ,. which he favs. ''thereis JAMES POWELL -S and Fremont. : boat at.FyrfvWsuhiugtpn' rescued :tweh'typersons. a stick,at'in tweaty-fo'ir hirarv StattMmcnwonlJ'bcc ,
: .We coh ehdvand are prepared to ., There natnei havo,.not been -
tonclusionj ana we may DC paroonea lorYadmUting Jfidly endorse the. resolutions' and riot a shadow of chance forIr.FiIIrnre'selection 11.11. ELDER, ( S prpvcj by jTcgrces and 6eaotifiilly -
may ,
that nr. the issue of,the paramount resent lei.
; ; a doubt of' the freedom ofchoiret that I ahi what is called 'the ,-, '. 1L1LTusa'roS ; vMany an as* would bare tfte
a ;
further,say by, people,1and consequently the Kansas bill the Haily clerk of the '
canvass rcstoratio'nor Georgn Niagara- lioji.*, hide torn, fnna hue
is held luns
5- f* body ot Whigs to'whom it to Stdte DemocrafJ-rJohn C. Bteckinridgejn Jous F. SJMMOXS Men,
I *tfe treasonable to- ffer"4he name of Edward Rights his nomination for be' withdraws any further encouragement :i Sis| )S ROBERTS, ?, maintainnnce of the Missouri restriction .supposed'to .on-lost.1 Prorrably1'fifty' 'or whom the-world call U'riterwould.ak5

5,' 5 /Ev'eretttr) of Edward Bates, 6r 7of Francis the YiccrPreeidencyV respohset [>r support to him, and enlists under the S 5 5 PiOBtaT C. MARTIN; __those"Vofthic's, b'cqipy' 'identical'' .posi- siity lives' oJ"tThilt. 'Tflee w a jnimor np of jniiiniing and find th msekes-.4.(

S L- ;, 'Orangei/or of/Jolm' Bell, or bf Rufw tilackf. .Republican,banner!, J CIIAJ. F MAUTJV, tions'.What ? ,, "' in the city this afternoon,,jhat Jhc '.kvil! ( | .ai ..rasro prutcn ler' humSii-jl

*Choate. of John'''M. Clayton, of of any otlire And Bayard Clark,-of New York, inc of I : '.d JAMES M. SWEATW : say the..frierid3of,3rr.; ; the North?," AVe ask.the attentionof statevl that immediately after-thur fire :
genoine;Whigs'; North or S uth,- for its FALSEHOODS J1Y-THE,CORD./ ( i. II. PARBUII Jr. oar was
S .S ? '
I 'considerations''' The last Republican has three solid,col the National Know Nothings-the devoted S, A. J. PREVATT, renders :td'' the followins from .the :New 'discovered a keg of powder cScplodecfjblow- QtItJ7.tY'LtTEftFRO31 EUROPE.
1 ; Fillmore and Donaldson York Commercial Adiertiser .'thei' ing The il.uhes in every' drrectiorf.' 'The .
"""The "re lntio of this Baltimore Con- umhs of slander and man-and who IsuiM: TIIORXTOX. leading
.5 'Ventionbf Old'Whig* where' given InS the stood shoulder to shoulder, with the Southern newspaper in"supporlt .ofMf.'Fillmibre inJTew first engicqef, was.not.on board.. Aamtvn.or THt.D.%tnc.

S *in 'ei&d anything hilf so funny in the FhapoJcfk [ Is now too late for us to take lime a-nd ,, support of the ns a stronger a.i nti slaveryite than t e'Dlack ton; 'or Shelboyg.mj ami we liave cu >sequently NEW TOaTeL29.Tbe *

party"platform Ii! The first resolution space to reply at length to the special pica- Henry M. Fuller forSpcaker, has1 joined Republican legions-every, man,, woman Republican candidate.' .The,reader will \wait lur a-full! (utpfthose Ust flz1tc ba'arriid with Liverpool dates t tothe:17thrtiurir

-S ji: 1 aeclares that "the Whigs 'of the United ling and false assumptions' the Re the Black Republican cohorts and gone and child is rabid, and songs, speeches, not fail.to observe the plea put in'by the by the burning of the, Niagara. Indeed, days later' haii'tlk'Jse'reoeT-'
shrieks for Freedom' fill the air Advertiser for his slavfclayr we not etC I.'asflic cit by tihe Canada* -
S States have no flEW principles to announ- over Fremont. ; and Dayton;- We make signing the'.fngUive may a passengers
"ce." 5.; Editor it is no\v''too this lectures, tcmpcran, orators'do., do! sfn ? ., .. 'fr.f list was burudohiii'aCtlthe boat. The Cotton market i is reported as:<]uirt,
statement the ;
S' ate'to do good the will Upon authority of a let its.issue of 20th only a Inodtrrate ba-nnes haring Iri iionr.
The second resolution is a': 'lament over any as agony soon and all in August.U.say'Sr'lIt : rr i j'
the odds and ends of tho : -
ter from Mr. Clark iu tbo gerst :.Vloiiri3_ rfcpve, lu'dian curI'i
sow York ti'ftrkHas
'ihi "unhappy' condition ;of'tho; country, >e over. Monday next Trill settle the business Tri ferent can scarcely be necessary tn caution From tlie Yarrngtun.FIa. t #
isms' which flourish at. the-North -THE MUDEU rilESIOIiXT."We .- ilecTineU..
bun brother and other i
f which is the result, of course of Democratic and the candidate our Whigs friends ol
S $t; insrule.- The Democrats have had control Know-Nothing tor This,is the way they'are going.- to elect are preambulating the country,-''makingnight Mr. Fillmore, against being' influenced by call, the attention of'oar readers 'to' TraJ Mjncfecjter U rather.quT.L
Governor will have occasion to' chuckle ouch misrepresentations the fact that the friends of ,thi e' int4el 'Trii* fiharZrf for ARto ru 3ii ftliirAAU nnut
? hedious. and allczntions ,
: of the country' nine years in ten"of its his- Fillmorc. bellowing their, noises for ,a? -
-' : *tory'and} its slow development, its power at his. shrewdness in holding on to his Fremont. Novr and then oho meets with tho o !in which the Courier lnulged'ye'-. President1 are lapologizmg.for, his having:!'a d'unehsr'ed. S '

S 1 ty, its want of prosperity home'.and poSrer iresent office with such tenacity. lie will VOTE THE FREE UVS' old terdayi As between 3Ir. Fijlm.''ro and Mr. igned the fugitive 8Live- law, and decliring Tlie Africa had arrived Liverpool.;
TICKET. an Democrat, who, true to the fdiith of in the that he is better Ab'olitfwnist! TlieJt4vre oittoh marktt Is dulLIlttllovsaj'
s.broadare, all doe Democratic misrule. hare t o'vcars'yet before be' out -of Fremont, matter of prerequisites for than
It is a true bill, an 1 we'have no icWi. and coca Wo know there are many members of bisfathes: still 'marches to the old tune, the Presidency, to comparisons are adtuispable Freiuont, Now Mr: 'Grander was the

I v1y. S the land office, in the meantime can took Know-Nothing order, who wish to role andkno-wsne shadow turning; but 'they even on this, very slav ry,'q'ieston. President, the'Old-Line, Whig l'cuyeri- for'' P/ff, aninvaTnatle! Remnly
4 : "Tbe l around him and!,sec what other the Democratic ticket which the Courier tion of-New orkantI rnt'feibo Dru[>jicul ijvn ptt :u. third and fourth rcsoldtion tlep'recate'1 game but still feel bound are almost p-iralizcd at-the outset'of the at present regards as the speech if llmistoii Texasr 45 taiL

S S sectional parties.-- Why then there is to be bagged in his ''wild hunt after by, their oaths to support |the Know-Noth crowd wlio' like a mot are overrunning the main and only issue. it is unwiseof tlnj.J'epuldicaris'to'rrTke'ai'ct from which we take the extracts given below 'f.iil untidy\vx.tlin, >\rn upon a bud ickne5S-ber, aged ,
;. did not tbeTVbigs of the United >mpari-l n. The on accepting nomination avri'deltf-
office and 'i
make few
perhaps '
a more ing candidates To allsuch would fi-et bean't'cehl tnmhi'fadic
S spec ,' we say, country. The with the asul.lcgj : -
Sts"denonncothe Black Repulican'organisation clergy, exception only vote of public 'act" of-Mr ..Fillinore gate to,the' XYfilg'Xationaf Convention :
p utatibns.in, the State lands. It is however that; the last,grand council of the Know- Xtr Vileaiii iingdroii| y at"itia"p;rio be \vill
!v ? Thy did tfievli6ttf cord i V of the Catholic, and Episcopalian, have that can :. per e'ntetiiild' seeming ; ,1 jo'u.by]. tltt tiiore
.5-5. V It 'ah emphatic protest against tie election really amusing to see' what nightmares the Nothings Philadelphia ''done away with made their pulpits a rostrum anil preach fa coring'of.sfarery, wns-the sininguftlia agreeable t.i-1c.'ot dwelling! on tliat of( "Mil-! husband feared became greatly alanuedl.,as it was
that -
a'..? *Frimont7 And why did they "notipledge names .Governor,Broome and Mr..Y lee the Obligation' of the oath, and all those politics to their congregations The'Republican fogitivei slave law, which was signed because -, lard Fillmore,- except, for ..tho purpose of she could.- nut recotersojIrLsdftUrwa'theattack

: themselves to the support' of Buchanan, l nvariably:throw the old opponents of,the 'who befur .felt boand by it; released ; Constitutionally pasted by the Representatives saying aftfur.jrgrdVoa "oils, single point:-.. rtiWtii wlU/-ptbehctol.-'ll.intftyUl After trying. noisy
pro boldly assert that it is the North i'Ulmore ; ;
J Mr hrs
the only national candidate, and to copcra- of the people in Congress assembled. puiini; jidnunfstration,
into '
-S lion wIth the Democracy, the only nation Democracy 'They seem to be haunted from obligation under it. and can again against the Southland are compassing !tv, s5an integral part of a signed;umoug other compromls? nieai rca, last, put her undcch ir"uf fllloays'PilL *
al even,- in their''dreams, by them, -and vote like freei men for whomsoever the bill known which' lb.touk fm about three jpeit*
party' Pebaps- they; considered that they stratagems to carry every Northern.St'aie grand ooraprpmise measure which the Courier as ihe fugitive *lave law.-
4 .: the best way to manifest their aversion to when awake go straitway and publish their p lease. Let them then come out like free and from and Enquirer.h.is both cndorsed heart Although'1 ttands before 'the w >fM to- and the swelling considerably ;
.- sctiorIliimwss; by1 themselves nocturnal present, appearance they will arid.unequivocally.. hour tUiyiupprt i theilav! by co'ntihutng t hem firfive weeks ire;
declaring vagaries for truth. As for the z ncnaud, vote indeperidant and above' cotemporary ryffecorii aVpn e whito
.:-- in favor of a candidate who is equally and 'which Governor. Broorae has succeed. This being'the case, it behooves pi4'predtosay( :that Col.Tremoiil ever is to scarlet when compared with John C. $ .eLaas Cimpfetelj'puel. Theae PUI alio

Ic. 1. impartially repudiated in all sections. jontroversy board. Vote for the Democrats who have the South to make the sam Issueand, go expressed his disapproval of that comprotniso Fremont, he, Las been subjected abuse cure all bilious ani liver 'conipramts in a
been drawn' into the
4; The fifth and sixth1 resolutions declareS Repnblican and everybody never doubted your honesty, and required as a unit against the -cmt1onenemy. It fupitiveslave Iaw'inchudedl "|0r.hathe1 and slander'and jnisrt-prestntatioh;as very ahurt-.tiroe.! '

that tU ;t Whigs -of the United, States" else know,, that ever since the beginning you- to take unlawful oaths. ''Never required has probably become evident to the American would have signed it in the ''same ciii DO man prlJjkib.ly was ever Ge/orif qc 'sinctr .LrsDCR. Parson eeclie.; callrf opon -
S have no more sympathy for) the Democracy ,of the present campaign, he has you to.take paths to violate the Constitution ,cumsta nccs? We: |magjne jt ,is not: prepared subjected to.f t.th.it single ac'tl, .. I iio not ,the people ta "pray n at- the ricjt, ke-
Party" this time that Mr. '
___ than for the Black Republicans,and that !been attacked the.bitterestand most of' the United States and of by 'to make any sufch assertion ,On knowI;: share not inquired.'.whether1r., lion. lie U an old JIM Yute. firj%, and l
the onlywaj3to uve the ''country is to the our Fillmore will not and cannot carry any this point the.two candidates.sj-antl'up'o'n ilnaor'edidbrUiii! not npprbte the /fni- as much as. 'please afttrwtril.

t S -.aupport Millard Fillmorc.f ._ SPt virulcnt/rnanner!by.idl opposition papers'and own State,'in at least two essential par any State North.__ as 'also tint if''Fremont equal,ground. The reader has only to Iptikat .tive. Iave.law, beranse it passed the Cmgresf Fray : ', you-\ 'T

iThe seventh and'eighth resolutions Tor'nally ( orators .They know also that ticulars. gets every Northern State' 'he will have "''the'tWe of each'pcntlcmftrt'fwhert res o( (the, Unied'Sttte-bu t-I, 'dv know Bcnnetl.ha3 takqrV'the chitfch--,nndeHisespeciat'cinr

-S -: nominate Fillmore for the 'Presidcncr Mr. WaJkcr first commenced the attack on ; a pectively' in public? ljfe tor find that 'Jlr. thateMfTiHm6: re'was 'everyinch a'- Whig,'- ,her must either be pt>ejI sr

I and expatiate on his imaginary virtues.ilie .-trim by the Inuendocs contained in his let- THE HYPOCRITES majority.- Such!being the case, it'U. to be Fillinori> un6pasuraWy 'a, be'tttrnn i- and thatwhc6.11 ps irR.d.'ttvat; bill ho did turned out. Bevchct 'and, JeUflCL1sC211 i

J .5' 4 is nominated,bowerer,'with an ambigucos ter'to the Republican:and that,1 that The KnoNothlng.pretend be opsed hoped that n6' Southern 'State will give slavery extension nian than John Cfre- so ia accordance with Ilieprliici1siipon! peter rest quietly: together. Just .bear

.I : ) and indirect protest against Iho prindpiea ic4tj& ( : paper' p to Foreigners having the right of any other butDVnTocraCfc.'EIectprs( : rEven montil!. ::1 "which>hc ia'drrccei\'V 1 M' ,; *- of the Know Nothingparty., l in charging the authorship of r -
: voting, becoming Florida people! ". A.
pr citizens', until they with her three votes, from present S -
I 4 MKThe ninth resoltion nominates Donel- "Marion"upon GovernorBroome, when j have, been ..here looks decide1 the Iou' 'Wh1g Conrentlen 'at Kaltlmore.Ampng.thejjrighflighta I need not jcfer yi>n )o' t1e'time whenPrcstdent '
icontcst.t Siicibeiiigth'e'case
; twenty rone vyearj and may '
& coffiplimenU-the patriotism Whigs ( andS himielf. They have now'no right to complain charge the old.Whigs and Democrat with | how necessary i it'Ia that'the tion, and who addressed the Convent>pn! them .in.his, puckeu'' ,was i\ot-w5>i iituctrine S 5', ,_DIED 2, ', 4iAt .' '

she last ''order*,-the publication of the if the lion should length; having'carried', their elections by'the aid *true' men'of' *> *the'country'should| i pausa. and was" Hiram -'Kttchum, ..of- New York.-. that dictated the vetoing-of erery 'Jackionwilla.,oa tho It .

S tptoceedtngaef Convention, in. BaltiJnor and turn uppn, cf.thc F reiguy td. Hovv do' thibir acts make. .their teffrrts upon the right,side t ,!- This gentleman made a speech-recently inS bill'designfd to improve this country and 6lin :.
.r The iom'instionf of Andrew Jackson rend'thcm. The.verdict of '
IwDonclson correspond w'|th.their;words ?, Are they Probably-never since the formation of our New ven in"whiclrhe'aald r' .tb t ironiote'her"4nland *c6hinercc 'dti ring -
Democratiq j -
the- disguise oft be served them : riTil
.1I tfio
S KnoVNothingitifij-aUesta ;irightl I IEEP1TItEFO1lE'TH1PEOPL1 not? every/day gu'iity of the inost barefaced Government his Ihero been so 'GcaitlejnentltjittajdSiedjinypeif in early aduimistrnlion'of' Jackson a'iid Ya C Fiti IDS OK I-It( p
s wonderful de- 'great a
lifotp that i irlncliwa Buren. lt
.% of-
party PWthi.iithat W
always and art'/ tbe dcv
was C31itJPOT
; I + i.otionto.WbIgprindp1ee and the, repulation ,- bribery' Are they not'day and night sJrivng -; stake, to te decidJed.( tfi,the'' Democratic cre)7 ,pqed iq tii, Iizsioi of s! ,; ttineof'the flCEh WbD'haobev.thusi1.in INGnnossehoim'M! <
: iy : :
-;i A','the -tnw of the Character Whig partyi.ofithe'This inovemcnt.act!,exposes 1- That'JAMES M. BAKER and DAVID | to get the'Totes;of ttnnataralilEed Foreigners party are defeated ,what a P/andpra'f !tox nd' '1, iwz here toniht that tfi Whig ; against Mr. "Fillmore.i" If -you 'wilJ iiTrcu1i.jqicth ut'tia* e, 'i4
flBaltbnon Cbnvcntioa 6l"OU Line" Whigs S. WALKER, the Enow Nothing 'Candidate t jlYliere. is ttncir',, tonesty and of devils will be1-let luoso-wha.t a,system h'rty' 'p1; thie 'i tl'Ijas hhay"hia'.tl1tcreed turn to-'tlie very last address Ildhry1 election on the 6tU Jay of Ot.erM.I)0i) $

.a -Uis a mere tender to Abo Philadelphia CoanwitJon for ;Congress ,ann titnents/'at"Le.xiiTg font
S outapatcnt; for iriaov''a Iori2fcar. !
- '- o.C Know NothinpL: Neither, ts Fjiimoro in Denouncing the Kansas -' !,The"people hould pritthcir feet npon i James Bochanin.' becomes lodr.Phjsi-. [Marnment "and'* ..applauseJ.AndjI,, >* :, ..that therijjnjllie/advicef6f aii amendment/ !that,statesnian :: .
W ay sfioaTdVft&tnjiuV
-. ?t worthtnoment'and they consideration. : the Bill AS a 11rebraudnid. are, therefore, the l icfark-lar'tern hypocrits'ari'j ;deceiTe'rs{ dent, the country nuy'expecf a:long reigiihr 'that iliJIard Fillmorohas.bWiUjrud'to 'Hintpari to Constitution A restrictingthe vetp "TIL FflIRiDS OF JAMES B.

*LLC&nTtsc bIe- la. cmbination-RkAniondEn7u.'are equally contempts! willing acquiesce in the restoraton of -.wIT1IDRAwL.: peace and. hirmonjv The present,cpiirglbm'eratidn'of /,;and has never had, since he.'enteredn |owert'-8o as tit 1 guard agara tiU> becbtuing btWKiN r'O.i.a. ,

L 7_' t i (he Missouri Compromise .. Bernard -writes ns,that he 1.'fr. is not a elements 'which now com-S that\ \
) They are prepared to sacrifice the rights aticthate for" 'the great.sectional ''at the recent thE fiirtlier'ext "the representative' poet'f'thec&untry. CRt T11'1 i4aat', hs
If e PrI cntat t'hetoratllcket. c / Solicitor. doL Tawkins posP party North tension ofsta e-y. [Applause.( ,' 'f"rSotno 'Tjiis, a put VtrtljCbjat/; ]"Beloved

t TbeNot flaQneUgener.afrays well- of tho South: for the -Bake of conciliating then is the only Democratic candidate, and wilj be Bcattercd |d> he'wride..'winds: Th'en" few of the southern'-States t had a leader, was and, is W1 ig doctrine'and; if -
rl0Std In tnaU ers of',the lcirid-l that: Northern Tanatlcsm. 'and not till them | few delegates. t'oHhisT Convention. Millard I CbU e
Cl ays will of course receive .Dem6craticvote, wilt.our.country be i,quiet Which Fihlrnorl1h.nQtajbered tu it lie. oj .
- tickets.have-be.n formed in 'all the States I 'They work and affiliate with' a party at ahd bur Vnttatoibetru'yu ited. : of them denonnced, Ket um"wr, his printipIesT would no ronjerf.JiayeJbcQn a* Wlx?'*,'. VI; *" -- r
'' i'17
l I for Mr. BUchanan\ for Mr! Fillmore in all theNorth, !hoaecombtuingankonre A S.: 'i-i; *, Pfeterson& Co. 102 Ches-, : S.' We have rtot beard of.onts 3YhJ? _. : -'' I f&LVAXXAUjr.Ignlar ; -
tx 4'
except Michigan. I1owa'lYIsconsInMihie, not St.Philadelphia .hive now in 3traVa slioxv! the the wind blows." '* >The ItightSt.
-1 press war n < ?::
---5- TUE
1. .un4 ew Hampshire and for Mr. crating with the Abolition Disunioiiists to -5 S :" It'j?'. ,, -. ., ., -.4 -' .
Fremont < r. a- Growa th* 1ti.IOND.tr
a volume of Tales iMrs. (JaroUne .. S. st'-5 { : iS. Jnttaico *iZ eommeaeeeft
"- hi all .the' non- avehotdrnr fitates'exeeibi defeat'the Democralio candidates. Are %by, XeHentz FaurAlauNa,' Sept. 30,.1856.;, -- ---
_ S Vr NNSYLyA5IA-i V I* M' Maryland; they the tncn for' ,the times- and 'can a a favorite' American t authoress, cnrtitled. 'The. Shies Parliament -Kate Swanton( 'which we make'gr'Nevembcr is,,e'ecount liat. S putthe'following; ?!r. J.Iart1n DrLexiptotf 6poh"thU'points'; Kygite'! teflMtleteUfiGS ; I a
w .i nd fif. ''The''Banished Son'- : ; 2Ir. H; L. TED Fr'L risclLeI'iZJi trie-
EitUck7, Tirginla 'S6ath I and other and.Cliatahppcheejmade'th'e M4 IV
Southern r..appeafan'cebff.our Bachauan J how
,' [constituency1 trust them ? will, ectainlet d.j rantellyou any roaniiia'y"'indvftwitKm Use Of Mtdl iaTHOMAS :;.'. 5. '; S r i.V 44:5
S 4 Idi ilatare Sat ajpbint4EIe4O&, ffoetA by theXegw-. T Mr WaUcr ,is a SubnUssipmst( ofuilefpest ._ Stories pf, tho Heart'. Mrs. Sarah j.-Hale",p bar this morning; The.JKatV $ira'qton ; S-p ', J .; S 1 nI an 5M1 (ti h t M1riW oft% nattainto Un'de4eiofWCnidio'sas1>
: 'dye and if elected the popular .editor .jGJpdey's Magiiineepeaks was towed1 i in -by: %tho Welaka.i the cnfl3yLauu.t :Tr L't4f"S when fullgrdwll. Xhe rule may not h6Rf''f 4t.
Govcrnorwpuld *
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-' {- PAIasr.-WsUp the ; of it in'the q Indiaua.. ., "13 fiAffr ltl fl'J-*'f>f f3"v-i **JUG t 'wstay'c
following his highest terms of.commcndatipn. .Chatahoochee is 1 outside and will be S !* -I,
use: o fflce and influence"to towecla Si Me4) S S
L Ikifiom '
prevent Illinois.
the anyaction ;
Ereoing Argus : The n A 11 ,
work wjlli be published : probably !By' the Clinch tijtA CUIVIL%
to -'morrow. '
;-t "The Keller troupe attheir by the State'in defence of Southern ah'tonUs. ". 4 'J*IirjQw :,
exhibition *
Ig I- iu !! '*??( "V-**** f a f toEy11d'P5thoIo7J "
at the'National-TbratreponTuesday evenvJn& rights, if Fremont ehould ,be elected president one Yplumo duodecimo !bound, in'cloth \Vin4fortho, last two days has been Making in"rall63ttyotes certain- in thqvotei. 'S perfcctly/stttightencd mjts; ,Jinib.s; racas ilire' TAMES & 1OREL DPt ( '
.- disputed portraiULof the thrceX n
a r e-pre idencys Atthe appear attemptto.carry for $1. The Pulihrs'i11-- fyrjfartl 'The'Parliament left this This sums up a total strength of 'th'EuWdre bi t1 'fiv ntn d toreve-Practice of urirery.tAwIENc1 .- -'
s&neBethanafl'a: portrait, cheering lone ; schemes. Let either edition the morning one hundred and 6 hq i ; oa han4Iofour1inchesvJenja ; J.chetaiiir .
; ein'hty.three..Onrjrie4d
pf *
wprk/rea of fut therel ?
ihe'jpeopli;.Reflect'before'ingl: Tf postage, ; aya'nnah, >cng"ii provision in hei in '5W1LU
$aodlondnnsiledWhen* FilluoreVr they Ne.wHamp9j r0afinecticut New YorJf, grLLn istntt5tiid. MJD, mentaB,Pt.rrh.rn.trv
pn'fccipt'of fiubacriptfpiTprice L 1EAY
.11 likenets;wa *txhibitB4, freatdemonstrarf do6
S lions of appUusealso oocorred.: -1ier I PERRY) who has,>tho courage ,and roaonood r ..J53T' In1848'- AfK Webster water; to go to Savannah
l_ ;I. $t1remont'siiketiLees wsa-preecntedaiini.; toT: itndtptor' tb ; FapeuiT Hall Boston. In'made faVor ..apeephjin rascality-of oaaTofthe Pjjptsy the Oapj.'g'disome'khid t" ..uyrogatii9 % meft: Jgrj. .' ./, fiighj: By1 thisncifts, a.man may know> tamy.r S .4 '4 f'I
S % > vrvcrtalsWrmbfJiUses'n3ned. iThis lineiltdrat *- State In and jour of : ofac rtificate which he" Upon the whole wo dof no JeliVv.e.jhata'single some lhingxCwhaL .aortpf 'bof wtpt9p rn los.L
any | of '
5, >hoeeeti9a Taylor wjiich he thoughtwarranted
S .- te bait k fair index of publia,frelinV hi t _- -every emergency. pen.odufu1iows' coim,; hrtj ubt neWlie felt of the result. care, he is to expeccojnhis pI3Atd $W 'Orib&tha
I to
Savannah.1 'kSr iIao i'ieo Mifr'i4iu
--- ; S ; ; There ,
$raPbUadepiis4' S I tE4wr ll'rl iwAsbtziMulijThiuz. ui c Y411 sh ibiby (* i
FLOnlDjijllAlil4Y. ., eJ\tlemep, Vis -
/ pfenty
} bar fo" loojn" f'r
4. t 1 What New York it 1>*1* ; 4c1is ed 'day 20 eaihi1 and .soW
( FpV: I ,bt12V learn from the; New lYork rpapers I s forhiation-' of ste by the and if thrf PartiamfDl had haVp ibeeh.rcady ,PoLas-rTJere) Bas been a. greal mortal'* the4 'ootmuch
that the *demonstration 9tir.State goTC rhpocni tho Eiut/h'atl an, prcsqnt.oocreiarjr.jOi JJuciianan, It thoitirae the TY.elaW' libivto &airopertrAt'a-evJt. hIIM,1ike1t4eaisii1U"
5.. 1 great the 'earn.rTrlU.'Com opportunity Ecntjeimaniwha 14 aroonjy the first'' if.: not carae down, s7e- y.anl'dng4b'1o1'qs'w1thjn'* Wtf/laffl/ few Uemef thII'eit7 SOd piiWit5.raHj
S tff at-Pongbkeepsie; or pf electingppi f/'her! ,own"/iti; hefcry; iirsf of bis! partyinpontotehar-'could have come }n withoot a doubt: days. The nvoods- have."been"LdepqiTed The t/ ( -i"l' b4'ootto'M.I"si2

bo la$, October! mi Jess ibari'lOQ() tens to thq Executivejchair f the fitata. .. w.tcj andjjitanding in the countj 'i' Dilfor! of isoine' 'thairvfinoatt' trccsand.'they Ottawa. *((.flIt, Area Trade saya: *!L Ifthere : 1J Cgiots l
T4WEpK y ( ER wtt's
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wdtmotratillbepcesent., ever a time adoubt existed k.itiL k.
Twtlversifcam havebeerf-setalong wilY U alftlMt b So s t' !
S, Let as then Tally to his .igfromjiufat, of .the ic'ntfm'enla' 'in' his* -NorthtShore in btppy '
( supportand> pot m&n wh .tas.just. tunjed.
frotn'-S.buth as vpVof thia/Slate'beins .1
; to.lhe
biy beei .chartere* th co'' from ihe, u such numb era lhAt one"isindlned"to''suspect.thal cast 'tat IIT *bep' by
-. diofl wYoik, ind'lhe UujBon B.1vt, look TtoTanahissco form!! of our Govcr peec ,,( t.flk4Ickits Huthpr ;thp 'prediV and ndTndiana informs The'AdriaiWatch\ ebfldyl5s { B/cHisWsf fahJ RfciiVrtDsbV/itynow;' 'did-' ut ns ,to # %U&Sc

r l % 1 4 ucc4A9 aabn is ,a roanly; speech.bcen. toyerIath'r% e hu/idred Germans.of the .siw T-i- trnsnp an wK-iv 'fwlled.! 4 '"; ph n
( HljVff Stapkton j
4E town QtlSoa, PcL! .j hq iavrfliHUacrto Ina ., fl>n"4uartefa.= T>he'fNorth--wilWnor'
l lVt ) ,civL in Jj/P j i ft. t'l*
-f > ? aUot ;
41 Ja.mcj1erjn1 '
b4Ij 01* J lOT; .8 ? the int.ended.tq vgo reinpnt, abandoned, pot )Uphold itsP whBslJtW''Mi.dr and :

l bi *e Ch isre e' S fJnE ccmifaoflJpcsiqlJei s rcak] up app44Cel, jrf Navy, tlto tuunsjtzst lr $: ntf-'tt, J-_ W fxm'huuefo nd" the flaga'ucithetreet.(rtinV'tfiein. aru theouthFwIlL I upsucts.atgay J ma-I
this anppopoly "and T gallinV trufeUngciginier! for prior to that : pe Al Fact ryj4Jty / WHraslobisV '11E tVOBtTLTM
- .d01tox.wt4.tth.. 'itollo'singab IS. ;s nd th and the navy yard on ;w1chir Watc'Corcr i jottty H4T'tidrmost jan ,, -

Ic ItIYO'wt!? i !f.ft. kj e err/t lhe&pfil for ;the at Pensacohv Florida.f' V'tJf --i uhfriends: lllinoisiaaafefw tha'% emocricyibyrth6usaqa -- / n rrrui3

ef% ww* fittreletfcd a I re*jden( 41 I mfoafi* J W; jfe: siso aDeto4JJdePruSepi/ iIS "*"" s ingtuiJy aIsian'ier. >ntralt eandii men yf ufeI
I -S.eIt1wLbil1! WuV'th ,TYiiJtT; ypfYdftfO CADKTS tog' W XST -That is.but sqj1Jttoopt th4'9\rna' 'a t a arty nor of m **ectlonf b r rS 4>w4j r P a loa: hp raaj ,imf Toirff'TfirxitXiA' atet vote' for the. res'Hidred bere AnbuIofther ? S ,-, ; jSi ', I -Kt, '*.JflCTbVcrr* :t. i._.5--. i 'i m i 11.;.T-t i .. i':, ,,B. j

_ I pbeiemtrndiftrirrt pfoemct b ard.4 i4 i thiili iltf, iteope ,4j tdi'bf-thtwo thIbtt huhie ''XtHT'Mtt a'dokCpJ s .' a'1 yhrg ) 'a,
1t'j 'AAI .
$ Wseh5bIo : fte atiti 11dm' tsv'FIoPh'aiid! yt 'iye CdctI,'* fetv dAys agorwhicb.result.cdTarfollows1 : tnd-joined1* gwjoldfp.4ljtqpeX vicraU tfcet1 iTOaTt. lJlq1p 4_: LMLwTOef.t- cc,

1 w for>Fremont,171' forFillfcThere iciuthP0m.5)P4rPhIjpe row 1tSv'e.
; ; I-nppoarst.ijie .th % baIea3hidruift ;
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I ; PeranJi ,'f'P! Xcnir This anowi"(he opinion Ihe young,siJdier*' (ur.nicdiepce,1 .iot.cUr-ett)!; :QemtS &fjittthelrotoaof; ir 4 '
_ -i honor and your interests are at stake. [ nav ofCo/cmcFrvn iu.TtH V 'J'J' ltLtDfLtePrt
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: $ -tJtnt tz
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connundlagtfiieer Uwreof;'and/an vtatr tiinp In the Cucmt'Caart cf the Eatcra Orcf '

Le ilI tie giTe to ArisWTOt.44s porid DnralAPF Lii4ic t'M '

ter the expiration of the perioJ. po&ed in tb<

itedale for the eoinpletton of dtliwerJcjmteoleraled frH1 ICTIOK or C,
pevis5fly ithnted s ? M
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iflantt sjtiad1y endejoJkgj ; r-ftd"* '* XMtJ* JvtfU* I-is Dt Southern" ilillitary'ccaaemy: ; '*1 : *t' ,.I5liji ,; a ( ,ths CsptasaG'erI.e
liI .
amount $? number of artie1e iu clwe % qoba, ,flZte.LrJst'1ftvait-'e
ejf Leaded "mbrcllaBeftui": arVifectfiadUra TTPOJf- ra loafdloirtnf.Peritk n of C.C xITEt.: : .,, --I 144& 7 -a. -: '

fryablt wUty 'rhle); nayJ r.eetjuiredi W HFosct gebt of tte United States autbos thi ; ll rat?
;fcffi5-i.: asia fa da.ta f Iwo>, nwirjirthXJtOf I044.; wit 4( of North dirt.9j _
win* r detenftiitj. ttw iowert ** .J. the and will be (ftrwarled : -,- ; :-; aili,

'o "TUWtP Pidt b UW atraUT bt fan>ih more r lewOf Statexnf Flerlda,Eaatera;Circuit,184G,, To 1drawo Iatltj $ eritbaxn lao o interior by mail, poo remIftirf 1ptioai I '

1i be iiaU cnfiierated article,and in nek rJtUurfd *- hi/-/roner.. Jl'am. A. Forward, JaiJgtA.' ( with six po.o sUvra fji>pf-pa JwiantThe SI 258,000, rk't

attach tana, at Uubartau orcww- Cirtuit Court Eatltr* Circuit tffioritlai i; V rag ;jotUjOj-osj bom4.pov.Ti
viaedaat _
r VbaiJstOInf. mcfftjmirt, cock. tacreaM,. bowerer; ,:3T: e Petitio*otC.C. Ton e,. Agtnt .<:.tb* Cnt S '!'Fri* ,.-- i-aI? i I
i.P i.
wsWj toot ta'Jcxoei 6e-thtnl of the vutUJe* rtated, tea Sorte e1O0rd1Wt.)4. 41,
.. SUln.'eraploved to make rareaaceerliin ,4 ,. ___
'__ _
(an tcqoiit !Oeat irva-n the poit-offiee ahallbe i.-i.-i ikierilmd YeeaUy.biwetb 'S (the I b ; a S L'a
& deemed cnffieknt notice,) darirvglb& jitalyeareaJiiigjatb.Juel&o' nnto, yoar Jlonor IbM UnHed"BUleaf .'desir* L $ .I 'heists: in,2
sh : ; and wcat&er tha'quantitiet a
; Jajicqtous,13ft UrimrciMM-tbi aid land hereinafter described, PRIZES AiJOUXTINa TO ,
required more or lees than thoee rpeeiSed far the and biiajIngiUKlmilnUininj *" '
pnqiose'CfeieetIn '
tb prkejbaU.renuiiBtU ame. ? 11'> *M "liOLi.Oo0i2 ilr*i .14k i '
ihereoit 11 Beacon,and other
; Alllbe articki 'oDderlbe contract'nuutte oftb.ele8t Light oue. anal : taVexi and Texan ; *t y n>UiM>Wl70r*. .a* ."ww -*, i iir -
Bsid'k a
( t ? quality,.delivered in good order Tree of in DI4ildirsuotaitomptated the mUtutioa of the United Statts.provided" Your I HXyne S adva&Uira ep books. ,haadwmely. bouad. ; a ..* iacoo i48f; 1.sa.a..T...; jwo c -
alt and J J rtl *- J I JyJl I 20AfcrotWtlD *1,2U7 -
? erery etuuse or ekpeoM, And.aIjeet) loths PeiitinBer furtie'npreseat/, thai tat foCowingoamed Wpl! ,be" distributed according ,to the TwHownij 4.A ppehj.WirJAiQ& the'j0e.O'oe$60Ge.hc
intpevtioq etht to
eonnt or ineaavrement of persons are"ths Ie1Z1I1 proper wners of 31AGN1FICENT SCIIE3IE. ; .- .. :4 bf ah '
: tIto.1O,00Gi rawwr
the atud nAry-yftfO, od te In aU retpeet MrI* II ftfBtWJIriOOt
$ I. 4 fl2rTb1eDamuk the said;laa.la, to wit t St P S---S___ __ -.A e'f'L
hUiieI ioeoof4 oowt5axt
:! OtzG2 Iuss flitcr' aq '- factory to the eommsadant (bereof. hidden are Mary j)5, Catherine 1!. Polnsett, thHipFrmser HERTHA,thi 1tO1IWk of Mw BremerVi 1 DOM
ru yti.L1neii-:4-' r .referred t41W1yMd for plruui, rpccificattous, or awl Mirj -Fraser, hU wife, Frances E. SO.QSi pickets! only! 'TZIZSONQ OFI1lAWATI1L.Leogfhliaw,1.00TlI Wbalef*%eU *t o f iiotjQarter3h

Dii1icr *>mplc ant farther J JicripUon Dcween, > utile of.j .it 150 00 fs '.' .430 000f -
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UBcN : ,
CootraeUitf rur &kei'lie&ded '
ja .y. '' "mljcellaneoog, nan 'LeVt, ; Mattir' and LoobaCJil ; r Napkinsi.iIflo3jje.. : .. who do not reside near the place where Jbe_ rticlr Gptberine JayloY, Iri her own right and as s ;.wV...' 20,000 Ai,, w.* ..r2DO0Ox. narrated orally to IL B.,StbwlcraA, BID*on all sottewt Xaaka token:at Bar,,., aa'ct
ateto.J., .drliverel, ,win. .tie .Ve nirettb QaarJiaa* uE Charles Taylor, and as Guardian ofEdtv.io ; Jd-urlng his 'offelaeTviee of twenty'years A drawaff win bo fonrard*!-M. a

Shirtings CalicOes} &c. name in their profMxrkl an ;lament'at.. the. city or ])Jitter*;Elizabeth PO.hus.. Ora Car- 4.i : ;V 10,000 oI1hSt1Yestemii, tribes.TkeeSrith .*-* suit' bscoeikaowL '" a

; prjncjg! rtaon4pir ibe -arJof; ddJrcry' who peittar AO Actco-a, Carpenter-Li wi/a,-Jlamoallernan.Iet l "-' 'i.ttit.: 10,000 li|, ,, ., th 'reoaraetern,are faithfully -.. 'l y CommiTBicatioM ilJrsseI1ROEZ POTROIV '

nrorB-SWrtin*, *, "%vfiJ5JU.V Good Style.Calicow, :4- -.G.1 may lie railed upon to deliTer'arUtJc' *vilhoultcoy and Aiifelica, fernando, bU wife, 'r' t 5OCO iatrodo 4 ieto.esrLcog- -' (care oftilthd atyo.t-Cba&C)4

.* rr -8'' ; D.thqsal1 b feYjuIrcd. ; OorucT-us Dupoorand Trances Drpont, bbwif, ; :_ feUim'a; poem, and,ara.Valuable. com-. ,, 7th ef dctober wUlbo'aBeaVtrt tovtt yIB
4- s i Fast Colored /i. iJOT, ApproreVl pn'retieeieUse full ainoanTof Uieo&' %. : ."..I..... 1 OO
44 CW* Floyd,in berown, rigb't'and aa Guardian of *{**' *K* "!' ? *" "*-.. > ,'*? , ,/iianiou to the Hiawatha -'111dforto1mbia
.imiaI .R ? 0 Super English,* ., ..-* ,12 1-2 tract will J e,repaired, and twenty per' cntniuas her fhiUrea,Antkosiy,John, Hjaane .Magdalhw, 2 '4"" ..rt y.lljQbOara.. .'.-:. '4,000 rit COFITI1YTIAT.' 'CORRESPOXi.DEXCE .' ,

,; ..'v-q' iU'? urn rJ11 24-- Hell French do. '- -.25.' ." ment ont'l the cootracf gbaU bare! Iccn completed )* and 'FrancesWilliams,. k&.wfajinthei |20. ,r.' tnte', ,$toy i--" "10,000< > 'Joseph, 2 ToU;in aaperior bbUirig.ir.2,00JO. ? a
4464* ot'ent lledBleM; olherwtse anlhorfied J>y. own iright.>nd s Guardians; for An-Irew Floyd .&Qaua # -a apOjare : ,,. 13,000 .,,. ,. ..aodJ, <*eph LU .

Silks Jaids & Cloths;; the department. On claues beaded 4.'muipeHaae- audStepkeu Flord aUo'James,Floyd.sad IpsrphFjoyd ]75".**-' -iKi<* 200 ar > .i,irf, ,. 15,000 OO Merchatitis4mwndrlbaamS of titf- -. a
,. T oa?t'la Be deliieHd M required during the fioal ; Jane "Undeey,In her own right and asHaidun '-": APPItoxpfATloN.rRTzEs. ASDERSON'3 MASOS1C COX3TITUTI05"3 -' Dave. ,'RW* rinhsinrCbsmuy: -

I : :' year, the tweuty j>er eentum ,reUiatd 'may at (>f Mary Lin Jsey and Jlenry, Llodsey, : faesfmneof.theoWEnglish S,, Zt7 ., _t. Lir
t'e II&ck Ik; : .-. c0 iTh.y I:2qbtridWdSik : thcidiattctiMBttf&ie cnuiiuonJanf, Le pall ..quar all eJtixena'and: residents of the State of Florida -1' Prizesof i400 appro*',to $30,000 ,*r,600 ddition, in 4 to ft i ,.T..iiv.v' ..iifield's 30SIIM5" Vrniism II.Giintnad,Sidney&U
; RackA1pacca. ft i' tony on the firot of January April, 'July, and and.Wklslow 'Fwter'and.Maria. -F*ter, his wife, 4 "M' --300.:' 20,000're, 1,200 WOtKS-.eomnpr1ale'all of B.d. .' JsmeGiLIlLeaJ..sniLJsoie.a. maetcp ;

1.OOaLO Super ,; ,T f37i2u50 Ortolier, wLea ibft delircrie* havebern> li fact ?. citizens and residents of the State!of LouuUaa, 4._' .-* '230 -U-"" .- ';'20,000are 1.000 : edUioatl.f.BeToJatwsarjr Talql JLSkkola, .a .0
'* the balance (eighty vent) will be paid by 4 : 200' 1O,000ats 800 and the Border Romances<< the South 125 Merehants and JnnVmag rt | rS
4fli. r* '.J 75' % Ileary Tirjceds and Satcnets. 'J, ry, per l>*,* J4. .lmrrf-surviving partner of Puluier Jt 'Ia 15W '.' j -, ; : parta
kti gi A"6212 Broad Cloths the respective, nary-agents 'within thirty day Ferris arapliiDa P.'Ferris, representative of the 4 10,000'an' TOO StUN,7IIt: IIERMAS'S PATTqil- : S under'thtftiamo of -' -\ ?artitied,

C1Lbhnler! *: Super after'tbe'presentation'of bills in triplicate, duly Estate <>t DavidTerris, and the heirs and representatives Aa,1-, r.rSJDOO r GOO .*,.'...,..;...;. 1.80M4dnt'AtrLAp tnClaod ,1IMen* Cf rO .LanJI. *
4- $- 37 12aO2l-2NewSty1e Cin r vouched and approved. Josiah 8 6O f!, 2.SOOar 430 aUtt" Throateei.aad Iliradoa
jTe14fl <>f the.Estate of st.deiiiiat.4! Vy tho Ijaadn :
lX)0) irorth'1.25 ] and Crarat JCo part of the per'contain 'reserved It to be and that-the land so desired to be pit rchitsed by 8 40 : 1,000 are 320 ''r! W44a! !& -i.rpJU .- S I IClerk Ir

pftU-uatU tike tejactul wWfi*,tiered.juuUt, Iha U t.d eLata* 4oarri2m4..ia hwMtosnuch ..805U f. flu, 00,are, ,2, 00 : Complainaatafai thucauMbavifix auaJa}
the itball have been removed from the Q0 %4S 2S ." ,300 ari 5,000 THE .COXQiTEST .<0# FEORIDA, 3r' 1 fifed Welt Bill CoapIaiatTaBd Itippessi..

IHosiepyj JRibboiis3 &
'?'f" metit. Florida and the *tAatbttf the 1DQ 'PArEns.:1 OOS Complainants aU ttf said f.daatsruMoa, -
; lying on
Th$4IT. -.?*. *'. !-t.7, lg)21 5 IjitP Goods,cril'lrlmtpihs and Etnbrtid, riei.,' It will lestipw1ate1, in the- contract thatjf*.4?.. gt.itt JohngRvcr, ,,or it included within tbe (<)Ilowbg 1,000 prize*amooAtiag. .,..,,- f.t20QOOQ ?APEil ,.:./:......'.. t'.OO' beyond taoBmiU of aaldetata.to witi thoaaVLDeleadaatJSeBjaaibLOv7hioataa .

.. i fault-RfanH be-made by the parties of the firrt part bo'ttfldvy- wit: commencing at a point inb.u115& Tickets, SlOlIIalTea1 !$5--Quarters$2.5O BOOKS Ok.Y'aVT. -at. Dahloaaga, .
SUIIflt1 1VDrlte& ,. Combs. Br lies."and Soaps, from 1 IA the State Of Georgia, sad the MM DefendantWKIuua */'
;; sndMittF. lload about 430 feet ea-lerly -
,;I $ in.dclircnnj silOs any of articles mentioned, of lie Al.. ,
Tb.Mnageis, ILGUiaandT
? DIE OBr, ..1fd1'Jaa
rtd DrawTrai' i .1 Butti Pins, Netdk-a; Ac -4c.vliilfT I Sniali'Pund and about 950 feet easterly from the JtALLOOS-TRAfiELSj.QlT gianey a
Trrt the quality and at the times and places above boom,and Georjfia. Lotteries shall eicel all others', -ET MERRY and his Youmg 'rienJ.s : QiHilnnd. and James- UNickobtM' e4te.

and Mantillas.andSqmrpSliawls. provided,"then, and in"that cage, the said'partieswiU Ciiureh on the Beach, at the eastern aIonsaidrnodiaid'enstj' [Intersection oBevto the public Jhe obuve scheme, which for thobrilHancy byj'eter Parley, 100 the utycfr j lei diaU.'Statoo Sooth Carolina

Shawls forfeit and pay to theTniteJ ",its liqni- ifamarallirith said road 2300, thence tbeoee and jniSceiiee of its Capitals, and .THE WOiDERSOrEC1ECE. or and the'said'Defen* BVn.Tvai a.. & -.?*&.
dated damages, ai.the'enionnti'ftbe .if jmWeyfcq i>l,lo t w ioe direction feet Jiq fcjbndge uf Prizes has
chances jnagaitnde
obtaining Aadrewa b QM of BuUiinorm ia the Sut
'eity oMorylani
Contract herein due north 830 feet to* creek, "thence;due west .Early,Life ofYonngUumphrey a
Silk and Cloth Jlantilla .. price agreed ?
\ never equaled. i1 00ITAWARDg. Therefpwjoa motion.of FelitLlvhig* .
Thid Lniv' I due south Sa feet to the begin- '
the be the 'articleiTbi 2230 feel thence :
as price paid for '
.3iiin iloi.Lao SoUoitor' for, fail Complainant' ,'ft U or -

W U l and carf. ] Tuluus for Children. <3amagesTnflyJtlB>ccov.rcd from finie to tiuiVas -Your"Petitioner"llrerefore-prays th*<'tbe aaM There ere'30,000 Tkkets numbered from 11 Sprsgne's Florida War,trvlng's Life of Washington dered that said1 EeMrdsato; t! appes'*before Jad aarswer s
ta said.Bill Complaint, on or tisax
'VhtoMd Clack CrupeShavl*. I IPlantation they accme. tract of land may be surveyed and vtttDed'Iffthernan 30,000.' Tbert are 200 full Priiea said 800' Approximation7making in Sheep,Bcnton Thirtr Years,and many first Monday inNse'ober aait,.or a deevoe fnrexmfe .

:The saretiof must stgn'tbe contract,' imi,,tbeirrerponsibifity erpr vided in the statuts)of Florid**of 13t5k in all 1000 Prizes I| other rsloable 5taaAtrds"Work fcrsale. '. oi will be taken against a them. AndlKis.

C oods.Ten : .. rertiCed tody a'nivy-.ngent, cvllwpit and to thia end be prays that Mareellna otita!AnVUDaaas llar h-, "The drawing takes plae ia poblic, under,.the, MAnPKnS MACAZlNIforAuZwat.(1ItAIIAM'S' : farther ordered, that pabticatiDn of this order botoadtvia'sono '
.district aitorney/or otLtr, be appoiated bake survey < oftwvs Comniusiuner4.
)r, mine persuauatUfactorily inperintendenc orn withiar thVjl
OODEYS,(August. newrpaper published
!3 Gnx1 9-4 1llanc.t kuown to the bureau. and that be be retired to"mate "frport"oftiisf The Numbers from 1 to-30,000, correspondinj a-week iW fuaf
Circnil of Florida;
PCTNAM'3 MAGAZINE, Eastern ooce
JGcnriaFanS. :It is to te provided in the >contract that the survey to your llwyir on tbd 20th,day-of" October) with the 5nmbera on the Tickets printed on srpsrate -' U th.-a41rsf' .,
20 j Ikavy nil Wool do. .- 1 25TilrT liOCSEHOLDWOBliS, for August. mouths eouecutivefy previous
I' -
bureau shall have the power of annulling -the 1356, at Jacksonville. j ships, of paper, are encircled, with amaQ tin still on Band.'Southern of KbvvmeernoJtt '
) EerieI -, 18420 Plaid Uns vs, -. .18a25 contract, without loss or damage", to the pircrnment t And further;that the Fheriff of Duval County tabs, and placed in one wheeL i A few July onmbera Ilarper's Monday- Given at Chonibeta, this the a1bkant1jy,

'fWenr.- 15alO j Osnobut-s. lloracspuus, .. &c.QCRSTOCK in care Congress shall nut have made uffi- be required to summons' a competent Jury to Bp The first 200.Prizes, similarly printed *and" 'civ. Quarterly ,Rovlevr/ '- JuxieA.-ft.183L. .

s ri-ry I Lre and selected with care. Ordrswiltbiv&the.most, Appropriations for thejartide* named for pear 1.foreyeur Honor on thef20th day of October circled, are placed in another wheel. The l,tNo.cf tbenew Serienof the Southern JTIUUULU 1'c1WABD.
will l he rcceiTed cicpcnEC. tbe-vompictioa of th jrork*estimated {uraapw' ,!356,*at the CUftfOaiZ Jlsck,* nlle, in The wheels are then revolved,and a number is a
attention and article not plcasins cain at our Quarterly, indents new cfiaogo of Proprietorship, i : :: Jodge a
oftFul any which this iulverticinent is based and kh.tll also (aid County of Duviil"who"finanbe daly'swom to drawn froia the wheel of Numbers, and the ,same for to subscribers,at i 3 per annum. J hereby* certify, ti at the above eenPatilanuv
w. G. BANCROFT, ha\e the >ower to increase-orjlir 'm"h the quantities estimate 'tbe'-value of said land, .atid after the time a Prize i*drawn from the other wheeL .The, C. DEW copy of the original-ordev-filed iaTtay*sc ,;aippesrsfromtheS1e.ofthioCowrt '
named in the dices not bcauvJ "miscellan-1 value k>f the same shall have been ascertained to Dumber and Prize drawn out are opened.and exhibited .
253 cfi3 255 JSJJO.ST StTCGt,;- eons" In the'schedule twenty-five pcr-cent. tbe satisf action. f your Honor, and lisa amount of to the- audience, and registered by the Aug. 0. Ocean-nt* near JIs y.Sooksto :- a ; -,. 'iS: EChBOMtCU-

x 4iOLD ETAKU," JSECQXD DOOU BELOW WENT WORTH ST., Persons vh<.e vfiers shall be accepted will be' mob valuation with the.,reasonable cost of thOKOeraAflaaidland Commissioner, the Prizo.being pUced against the ;'. l Circuit feoff*,(St; County.

.t I notified ty letter tub-th.peet..eOive-wi; growing out"of tbe' prcecedingsin nnmber drown This operation u- rebate until aLit

: t i i CARLESFONSJJ. titftive chnIMieponsulered sufficent; and if Jhe y.do this cnfc. hmtl be paid into the. Courf fr thata the all tie Prizes are drewnouLAppr.slilaUdn vt tljc: ;

norays Prize* -The two preceding

withic Jilecn dajwiTrt'ia' the. dater of aotket Dome; tbntsaidlfnd'above deitribed be conveyed and the two succeeding ambers to those drawing Tl'/rlLt'and/ Conntiog-Ifon e Slate,'with'brass CeurtEa-terjB trcait of FlorIf. .

-:-:- ntorosAi.s. Class'Xo 5-Hard trood. from the bureau of tbe acceptance of their Lid, a in'due form to the United States America, the first 200 Prizes will be entitled to the 600 Approximation 1YJL hinged 13 1* 10 and 15 W 11 inch kavea -S Or'cutt Ida torColo.ibrtCoty.' ., ..

--- vTCAVT .' White-pine. sunee'Le. contract will he made with some other per n or La be held by them for the purpose af>resid and Prizes, according ttf the Schemel Fine moroeeo.Baekgazamoa Boards;,/Cooks of TflThuu' GfllilaniS Sidaey, 8.IloweO ; ;
and the guarantors of such defaulting none-other. f" Remember that every Prize draws and Blank Draftr.and. Blank Notes of Hand, with
7 Lime hair &e. persons sal Jaa .
flEPARTMEXT James OUBlamV:; t 1 .1 II
,...- e-rCement." ,, bidder will be held j-cspooiLUe fwx all deliiKiuonrcics. And-vorJ'etiticoer, further prays that George payable in tnil without deduction. ? flgnctte o! the cotton plant iaJIargin ; ,' : UNickoli. 1. 4a
Jtt&ror3ARI' !.SB DOTIES, Srj'ti9"l83S.SCALED *' 9.-Oravel and ssnl.! e *. -- ? *? f-ir: y H. Fairbanks raay be appointed a Commissioner fc& All Prize of*l,000 and under, paid -immediately morocco Portfolios; 1 Leather "TftrtaMe writing Jlerehant and ai nivingeopartner,.'( jfl gf I

rROlGSAl.S fir cac-h clai-c wpar- 11-Iron,inn sj.ikcs, anJ nat All offers not male In ttrkt conformity with to receive from the" United Slates the purchase aft.rtb.drawing-other Prizes attic Case; Setts Chessman; Pocket ComjbMM very using and trading nnde?the name tt todoVUiUuIaaaIIs

endered iVnpo iiis f.r C1 M Xo. 12-SteeL this advertisement will,at the option of the bureau tnoney fur saM land and coets of this case fur the ..us4iw.e thirty days,Ja full without deduction fine terrestial School,Globes,and gnat variety ffloweUJt oV' .'- of. r*

1MCMSCtai,) forth* nnty-7Md tna*eKW .I. 4 14-Filci. Le rcj. eted. : use of saR owners?to be paid to theta under the "-ATI egmmmiieaCons strictly jeonfiJeatiaJP Tb* of Lawyers sad MeresiLc.StetionaryDadark. ta. : titik;; *

,) "HI; be rccctr
ftc'Sli(krtober Mst. (t.r furnishing; itni deliver -tt,. -Ship chandlery.la Le notified, and contracts will be ready for execution further that be be authorized and required to execute immediately afer lbs drawing- Silk Taste, on -spools, for papers, Drawing Music JTavis, Charies M.JC !,.and, 1 PartitMir

''intt UK Kvenl tiv>-rards minted the tnattrUi 17-Hordwa. as cooa thereafter aa'may Le practicable.' >Ule to said described"land tv the United Orders for Tickets sbonids be sent in early/ Paper and Brass Pins,' Red Office Tape The KtoSment S Joseph A. lansing,.. ', frf" .

till rt Het cwbrnced in the fallowing cliUMn, as IS-Stationery. 'Se1t.. 27-law4w. States, in conformity with such decree as shall be Prize Tickets cashed or renewed ia other. Tickets Staff Pens and Blank seltsoesrdsZrtbe Masie Paper, -, Merchants trading,vnderl ta< tamo Laadk/f

vA vbicli are partici !lurly aewribed-ui printeJMule 20( -IUy &ml atraw. made Jby your.Honor..- ; at either office. -, of Drawing young Paper of Pavw/Kolb AFoiJfcWgVaad -
,n-fcich will Ufurni bJ upnn p]Iieafr 4' Provender.. And, your Petitioner prays that a ropy of this Orders for Tickets Van be 'addressed either to. Tissue Paper, Buff Envelope Pope?,Blotting Uerculea R;W..AntVrwa! > .-

,ltd pent by tnH. if M irqiwstnl, to perwusiiiriii 'I. 22-ClaTcoIe.7 ? |ack5onbile[ JfnnnlcForBoarders Petit ion';l-o 'published once a week for fivew'eek'si S. SWAN t CO4 Atlanta;OaS. white and*and,red Oil, ia large File-boards and smaIL of sheets paste, ''PBE Cotnplamantaln1 *bta" cause,.-htr g.A IM.
Ink Paper,
;to ifer1oroflt net for.infora1I tbvoliiK I' 23-Be1tim pecUn 1oe, Ic.25 in the New, a newrpaper published in SWAN, i Montgomery,. Copying Invoice''Books and '6 y filed their Bill f ConaplainV aad it aipearing

<,, >me I -. tccc1. said land as1 to all Notice of Withdrawal of Laud* la Florida Letter-holders, Letter and Cap _
p.r.dtavyjerd.ot ttt rlAie* fur the- yank 26 arhii UI4 to1s. ., c- for the i valuation aptiee par- S S co.oresh epinanrPamltot a ftf.c' -
: r ; : .
nJertbrlr aimnn4, oril-y the nvygent ''" 23- Ijsbtninf ounJuct r*. : i7k; ; tJcslnktrei'ted sAwners ovotherwice ia ths procfedici and School' Globes ants resiJd'beTQ.nil' the limits f this State, tow

Mmit IbcrctA, or by be bureau, for auyerii1& ..4' .-29-Piiiici1.: 5t&t ;>,, n'l jour Petitioner as in duty bound TITO TERRESTiAli OLOBE?,-Minniiidnred the 'aaid Defendant Benjamin O< Throatoo at

.; / & :: : will ee-pI&V.LT. by Josiah Loring,'Boston-9 1-2 Inch; 'Dahlanaga'ta the State of Georgia, tho aaid Defendants -

li rur UJJcrs desir the romman iinf*' or try.awditoicD4Jbeoi .Plf1IAIELPII1A and Scholars.rnilC August,1S56. ., -w ENGLISH.BIBI.ES..-2 very beautIful Stephen B.Isrla T Cluiriet M. KoJh ana
icheIk ty ,isiIjt i1Lh Claw ce i. 1-TJrlckm." Day IS .OKDERED, ;TJIAT MARCELLUS A. TTTRTIIER in pursuaiv of the act entitled "An Octovo' size-suitablo fur Joseph A.I'airrag in the city of August' i* th*

a. trj, In order te emiure ihciriwl trensui.. La '2-Ptune.f above institution will' Le opened nlioatJL II.WILLIAMS,Putnam CountyU appointed, J? act granting puhlie lands, in alternate section Family Bibles Bibles and- large convenient for use. -LooJoa Stat af Oeorgta aod the, aaid Defendoat Heri '4

iii4ti.eyhou1d e in (Ueir |>|iliati.m f 3eaone4e1ow.1tne timber. the let 'of'yovember next, ''Ly JIL s S. 'A.MATHER and: be is hereby appointed'to snake a survey of *, to the State of Florida and Alabama, to aid table mfiiwrWouCoUiaa, yet, Put.rasrPw-aiI Jet K.\f.-Aadrews in the city of JUItimotV fa*. a
"* i 4.onstmeiyoflow.peeinm'rr. who wiSlbeainrted by W her teacher*. saM lands above mentioned, and that be do make construction of certain railroad ia said
:e itazn .t th law ; AdXCI aU po4ageihsprm. in';tbe and fuH eoHateral- reo-liDg.beUeta IbV the State'of Maryland. Therefore, on m6af ifFetts" a
., ,.. '4 "5-Out ant bard wood tinilier. Mi .< Mother has been eng :e -' 'a ne4'wUitpiae"tiittjer ndUraWr. ELLENTOX FEMALE October A.D.1S56, at Jacksonville,in the; tnw'oCe the land offi-' column* ; tn 5n2. oce
the uf to
'as ; conrmunKaleti
JUilcn.rc lujjpW c iBtlaiie,} atij jirrrticutarlyutiW SupcrintcndAntof day were by "' ants, it ia ordered,that said Defaadaatt appear'
tiai their clr- mart)>e in tbc fjrm'Jicrejufttr -. SCHOOL of r.nincwiclc CountyVa-,where else hns county of DuvaL ,.,,. core at NewJA&viilK and TAXfi, Florida, on C9UTt the othet .ur1 rcbly gilL and answer to said BUI, eaor before the first Atoo-- I

prison 1*
fr U-f"t 4lie liioc expire* fir reno .4 }ifl-Q ravel 4 ianJ. .- The ryrtoui of instruction'in the above School this Court do iasce a special Veuire,, directed to from saletor location'until farther 6rder o(; |Jo'foliowlog' Catholld Vrajer Boots.COPTIKG will be takea against them. 4adliitaflbeTa-'

i Iig.heu*; tin' wiLL lie fousldtrcd iflticKcd "I, 10-r r -. will Le'tborongh and conrplete, embracing the the Sheriff Duval County, to'suiumons twelve ,described loads, "as faHIng within Ibo JPRESS -One porfectlj new 'aaj Jared,that publication of this ortfcr b ttfkchr ir" -'

JIgc : qflt: Vie jxriud ttiltd, and ntrUJU | ; 11-Imojlron ipikes, and na.i.flteoL ordiniry and higher brancbes'of'Englisb, the An- men, good and lawful Jurors in nowise related to probably limIts of'selecUon'of the .Tampa. Cay good Letter Preps. S some newspaper, publ&hed 'wftWnthe; Xakteht' ,

_.tlt ma, c far JtiSufc fl'itlndll.It rl nt and Modern Laogoipes,' Instrunentalnnd the owners interested'In eaM lands.'to appear Main Stem Raitrgjid,in ail State,to wit "MRS. WIRT9 FLORA1 MCnONART-i- Cireuit'4 Florida cue.week ftnr-fimk montheconaecutrvely' ,- ". J.i

fttri *:AUK .C.rLeita1fpefled lf ire tbari ..". .,U-Vi1c .. .- I Vocal Music. Terms niodjratsi which will Le bcfura.tbis Court at the Court'Hoiuo in the town OVFICE AT-NEWNANSVILLLAll I One copy 'Mrs.Wht'IFlora'i: Dietionary'a fias previous ton tho aaid'.$.rit Jtoada/

arc rj.uu ted ti) nvlurf '4. 'J ," "' '' announced in doe time. ; of Jacksonville,in xaid county of Duval, on Monday the lands situated south of the body oflands'beretoioro >present for a lady., IBquarto- form, .\ilae f sat m November next; j >,. -

;1 tdtC4 4drow a a' ., JG-S'rsanuiury Jacksonville, 5c.pt. 27-tf_. the 20th day of October, A. I:1836,to value withdrawn for the Cedar Key gilt binding, with coioretl plates. .Given at Chambers, this,thw it
hs '!% U 17-Hardware. ; said land, and that the Sheriff of said County beaatifu1. .June A.,u. 13561 '
Ii uler the en foTlen OUt,* z opoa&af.rlige ; Venire Branch Railroad'west of too line which divided LARGE.PRE3EXT. BOOKS.-Two a
,. ., BOLME3 & -STONEY and return said special -
execute the same WILT1.tM WAtD
ynamtitietLu( *.)fur thiXary-yard (it I.tati..ney.'u SS and 'and north ,Preseti .Books-rich binding'and ; :
.. "$,,, 19Virevr -.. to this Court ranges twenty-four twenty-five t' largo ot-tayo .< '*JaUgot
) 7 4' I, ui l rtraw. -- f' COMMISSION, Litdil.ia farther ordered, That the said Clerk of tholine-idmgtowiisbipa nineteen pat twenty choice contents. that tt aborVla a'trte wjy'of
7.*he t'tivti the! areau cf Vr r ..' I. '21-Vrnvencler. -fU 4 CO$ T11AEF.S. file the said PttiU j and.enter this Order in the :' ,7 OFFICE AT. TAMPA. e suirid 4iucLr.s. tho orignol order,filed ia ssy ffiee,aa'appaan a

,' xvl. O.Win Order Kook.'and 'thAt certified .j>y,thereof be All the lands situated west-of tbe line dividing this ot
.f 'A: __ I JIJroior ; .22 Cliarc< A.supply of CD5 .melTed p.; Steamer tram tbe files this Gprt.
OK OFFER. -. :. .' 22-Melting, packios an J hose.* attend to the sale of. published in the Jacksonville JV
'H .:Machinery.. .. -,- day appointed for-.the valuation uf. i.ial land the line which divides townships. thirty.. and thir Herk Circuit CttTrt'Cot CoaaiyJXy

Vte ititrl ttl BOW.) r fflihnu ?se lzpirn,) : --L' said iwner ownen v their.legal,representatives Given under ray hand'at, the General Land office 'h--*!! V 7 -' a'

aeuf ( a&< ttftt1aere4t'offerto C1as.C1.itking.. .- AGENTS: or gnardiani_ ... .. at the city of Washington, this ninth day"of : :.. _.S _
hwtii,nier yuur Jrerii. neat" IrtfiuaRaiU Md fuljjK-t IdjH1 tb ,jwj ire- .' .,a. '3-Protuns. f ; --- TTILLI1M. A. FOttWABD,> Sept,2n-6W1 Acting Commissioner. a >Eatttftn UrcwIt oJT 41odiT1I.P. .
{ g ., ,. Philadelphia Steam 'Ship Liuc.S1'JMEfl -C.-DBEW,, -.
eu1jtbt ant an ,f Ib*jirinted'Sfliodnlc toUA 4-Grneeiiee: J4 fI4 Courf qflhs .a. : g.LUARINZ.A.Antz1) -
I f I .- ..I ROCl.A lATIOjr.- .9, .Oceaa st, near Bay;JacksuuviO*, ackrsi9'rItlitu /
ft nfiin, U tbc rtirtr *iubrscctl i iIPjIulmrIIM in Cli it 5.DcyGx& IItNRY1LI3EApiL) fTh4Ig. 'a. _
; CJqiIJ Ii the naryyar4.st lame .#. C-.UI adLcI't .- I UTJIEAa7h.s occurej in the of- ,J- 5-. 'McTrrocxi Y .. a
Produce consigned to tbe -Agents, will !be forwarded I of solicitor ,of the Eastern' Judicial 1' Comiaiabb'ing.beiftl.di.: 4
e aeeerlin: saidfths.Ii1eciI ,. (here I *n 7eJithi1 ; rEoPrLonwA ;> ce Cash Paid forRags' HE Bffl'of
fwuw ii ftriuitdctujufroiK Hie.* cdu4 'I nrflffiltaclimft'itlt to PJiUadelpbia and 2tc r York by cither :- : S Circuit of this'Stale; by the resignation of James CTI this cause, aad it appemrinpo4sdmie p.i6r. ,,.

ft tI t prftt, ayd carry out << 9-Haroware. of the above Lines.irrei of Comm iairwi, 'CocsTroDtyA; >L iker, it.is.. .hereby ordered that aa., election & that said Defendant ia a minor and a resident". -

hrssiMa{* tinxJtmnt fur dollar oudtentt, 'a 10.-Imn and nails : Sejrtember! 1656- ai .EOGgSTQP1erk.t Circuit to supply the vacancy in' said ''oo be held'at ,< Franeo.,Ifc is or dare J by the j 6i1 taJa'tAtWof1 -' I_ _
"IjM Ike trgrr-'ale ajHotiHl Jif: the bid Jurtttc'urJaisniOt _. $j 1lphdsiil'JgaU-; S Af 'Court fat County and State &frUId"dO the various precincts of the Counties'composing institution of this suit bo a'SBfishwf to-'tomo'
Mf '
tt|< srr U the amount 4' ,13-FiUt., t c -D1MOLUT1N ",.*" .** hereby eerCfy that the foregoing Petition and Order the Eastern Circuit,'on Monday the 6th day'o newspaper m said Circuit for tM.p V
itwi \- > : A nIfnfweas '4 13---Luwber. I1CO.PAflTEILIIfI Axrror tjti is a true copy of the original now" pa,' file* in" October,proximo.t Ilie' returns 'of said ejection G.Cooper Gftbs aaV2gboen'* ljr appointed "
ifjsinctf .. 11 S'a -1'-; ALEXANDER i i., this..dy dissolved! by this office. **_ to be made in the manner prescribed by taw/ a Gnardiaa adlitonvHrit-: & --
ageat Gtert r.anu Cir, agent -ProrcpJct. 'S
< wv ly t.e acJttiZ1) for Etipplv' 15-Yiiwoo& .1.1OGi mutual contentTfee business1 ef the CruC and ;, ':;", "wbere' i Ibav.jewonk let an Witness my hand and the seal of the State"t>f $1'. : ted aw hereby required to appear, pZ' *,M
*1 U>e clwei inuKH.-IUacwu (I.y) "ajum-rcfldentN Jibe ) .cGchroa.1: i t r r1C) the ate,firm at,-VI,S-LAW.TQ. 4 Cn.Kitt be. '*ElL.V band and *eslvf laid Crt'tth 12th r .Florida, done at the Capital tbe city 'of Tat VIILUAI3IE FItOPEItTY 1 swer the maid Bill of Complaint w Iid'iIIItf dhi
closed l>y fI4LEIANDElt t J.to authorized ta a 'day of Septembev, A.-p. 1956. lahaasee, thit 13th day .of September, A. D. .AUGUSTINE.FCR SALE. ,, neat ensuing the datojkereol oif I iiflb -
iWiUrofdeliTfr-j- i>lK it1d mjrolTerLe. w .. -. | .--. ., settle the basinet of .the abo e, firms, and will 1 -GEO.STiNICieTk.. 1356. "* JAMES E. BKOOME,' >i THAT FCTK RESIDEXCB 'opposl the taken as co&feseed. .a.U S
'p.L J teqv.t! the eonfrart may l>enaryywd .repartd1t .'.I C1.I; 5JO.V:_ BricU. i ,oLiaui the I'actoraje. and (. .ommlaalonflnaliiessuahiaoiuis.aa.ounL C.S. EMERY J'pt.Ci'k. Cor.of Florida. MMAGSOLIA BOUSE. :AU that y*! *bl. WILLIAM JE.J. tOW1 s t f.
aet to tt. the a'tni',) -, r FLORIDA .
tXnam $ .7 5. j I a.ltbe GoyrnoraAUist55 : HOTEL iroperty known i a* the JadisidC.iitj 1.0

fa ogetu ri ud ertifie U. L "a'S 3Vellotryplnetimber., "t .- .w. s. LAwTo P.L.VILIJPIGEE,. HOUSb:. "For terms apply t* a '- -. P, BANDBB.O1 SoLioto 'S
lUcre Uu to tig name r S Court of. tbcfMttm Circuit _
ftldJer 'TI10S.ALEXAXDEH.IX In the Circuit A. n, coLB, "
,' ( State. .
S. SecnBUryj IT 21-3ui .
U 4Y,17owjne1umber. -to nit: ep20; > a-- a- : Jim* ,1356. ,
linvat Fla.
of Florida, Comity Mills, "
6Viute |one.rpruee,juniper, and ,Papeiscf the 'Eaitern Circuit, ;copy I time' augustl&-tf Orange "

.. cypresfct iu ber.. .. wltbdnwiog from the above rzuIiciIa :, ;, :Iii*Chancery_Belveen'A and forward billl __ t> a

l. nh3erigIe4 (, aoie .) of V- .. 7-IIwe aDd 1iar.. I ... eonUnuatwa of patronage front my friends for liu MOORE Complainant, S -' Notice.. ii. FOr"Sa1 r:1: : _
i'dt( le4sjj ) i.is t tae lif (name Ac J2.tei) : "i ,B Cement Mr.Tboa.Alexander. W. 6. LA WTOX.CUarleston : Notice :"XJOTIC .is hereby given that application win '
Em I(aui,.T.w4 harei 4'c,) tie tij" *". .5 Sand and ErtTtl >; : 1 ,geyU 17 f sept27)) TX*parinianee of an Order toodo by the lion B.J. L X be made to the Legislature' the State,ofFJbirida 'llIIATI. well
$, 4&t.th, ve-nzuet Iiiaese theitddcr'N 'a' I1rosirocad1I4L4 0 ft*the county'of Banking -' I
of PrvbaW *
JnJtTiis Judge for Insurance Cmpwywih j
filsj cause, hopkins
&iZ.1)| snifLJUler, ((0 Thdtjiiffc ssi1 e be .. .: :; r "THOMAS ALEXANDEE, BILL-of U Complaint loibesa'.iftetlno being of the DevIL11pilt, offer for tale'at Pttblitf'Aaaiofl; to nivlegea' ,it Jackson vile, to bo called the ., owaod by a&d aUaauaoa' a

intti 1Lk *.."' '4 A ALEWDER) appearing the usual Hour of Lad "Bunking Company .. ', AMELIA .IhLAJflt:FLA1'Sii
WMIIM* v 13-Thg1rnx.' L '--> T. ,A i ii (Of tbe late Firuf ot Xawros that the Defendant resides nil bout jOje$Ute the highest bidder therefor,1 at JaeksonvUIo Insurance i -
MsUi widiln Cfleen ij-j after the'dale of nrtk-e, : Caart neit at the I / tho UoU Rotfd" Depot,1enniamJig' .
34-T-FU rfiia:coit of but in the Uahed Elates of,Asarira; taleon the1 20th day1 of October ; Jaly 19th; 1856. 1 JmliMfrom
iAignatiid Flocida, -
eiugvf1: jOlie aoeeptauee juTbis 4P. .. ig IsPawt. O1IId gtuLr ai I; of Messrs Call t FlenupgSolicitors/orComplauiantjit Court.Uouse, in .th, town of- ,'thtPJtowIng'described 800 AcresbCLand.of,whicli or*uacat Basn.- '
je kes L4arc jaetn.t. a r- : on motion tbo the remaIning 550 'an ttoder eottbra*
fw .5--, r-.a and Riccbt is -Ordertd, That en %rmg'f property belonging to &- FI.EMM0 mocK aeve
'Oe* tZtaMifketL4bnIoTh 1 / IT-rdware.. : ia aald Bill of Cunpininb.hnd i Estate oT the late John Lewis'deceased tAiiL1nc:, tion; producing Cdta*,-Cor*, **,A j aaajayb
riiW 'S. the farts charged
Zttry4it Ujg a1e4iide4.4hcre me ,a. t3YA.TQ.i th4 OoJt,. allaooeinaiyBnlldiotjBi.
$ \ / toH" oUan in tChaneery geoo33:7eari:
COUrt nagx
{" ****:?!* fcto aa **JaML Olki f CI-' 'f 91WQU4.,., For\rarding'an<1 CJprnmisslon' Merchant, 5. at be a holden lena of;at nntd the 'Court, 'sitting House -I ia the- tow of < thft'PolnVPleasant Plantation, near : t 1tb* : ,For paztieulars.apply to BOO af Sew--. I.

ra* i gmaraaton m the r.e. -S S '( .2OUs1.and atrav. L.. 1' r A G STJlEirr' :' 'Jacksonville' in the county"of DqvM, ia said Circuit Mandarin,containing 'about 400 acres a porticoofibIahi5clearedundeT nvestLI4arrison.Sr, reSInuth.niacs .

'T.U Jbif T :1Iveo4. ,. ,.'f... V iEX oatke seeeadjionday I fa. Jiuirynbxt, and fence and ready for ,,,,_ a-OBT:UAU1SOJi

ly ;bi4k.t O -" 4. 2.-Csreott ". ..'.' M South Atlantic \rkeafalSTOS that,said Defendant d. appear.and pUaduanswerer'dewnr 'cultivation; together with tbd Improvements,coo" Jacksonville- Florida? 'AflZn4'23'4 ., : 1.cg.5! : a

& r I Pe verPQwwe' .' e5a* : s, n11Q UbVoT ; H. C. (to 1b4 said-efoompliiuiton ar before sisQng of a large two story Dwelling Boose,lyteh. _5 .5
thoeesi t b TIjX5I&iUO. '* avid. : : in the eniabl 'Carriage House and orher out b nd>" : 5- -- SaieL
decree-nil thereupon-pasa '
V -, .) -. ,., ,, :; 4a said day., or Grove of 'F4r
V : Well of water.'and a thrifty
U. a fine
s&sne.mioBcf' 'as tkep4as.4pear.dLad .
; Class 20. 1-BricVa. ; ,"i-J T1ICO.-IIAttTfllDCG, Court 'Trees'h full bearing 'The Dwel- SAVANNAH MEDICAL COLLEGE

.t2afpx.I1niI4* -- '-*y f'f. '*t.fJ.11 4 ,',-;, ;:*YeUow-pine..-Stone. r-i./-i.. .' -,*...*-r,S*[ U ] : 'roaiis it rrtrdtng It was'preienl itfvrEur Wdtrtrf in (That a eb'y'of n the; above i Sweet ling llouse'Orange U' situated on'high Bluff.directtyI commanding'L'a regular;course'of'Lecturei id this IfistU ',TITS subscriber,Jla hiving>ra moved briate-T fronT faa&*&crai'M.. -

J'T ., inaoowf vablt a.wspaperin I th bank of the Hirer St.Job n THE nit tbo Srrt MONDAY, f'
2.Sba* ( ) 'r4 4 4I ,' a" ... 5.ck.wa1nut bOTdLfW Order fee published. i 5' commence Honsi"sod Lot situated oa the eonWef Oeaaa AMimroe
miles.. '
: thner.; '4' .. : .-wt Pie., .,1 .. ifw this State for the, soaee of'three,,bxDthS' beforeJtne"day r .pleasant view.of tbe lUver, for fifteen the .-lo .mbTnPZt, toad be eoutinucd rIoar street ti. kaowath*."MMCflT'uoTf:5
ieruDs5oak1LMk fl t..S. *3D ;a. appointed for said hearing ALSO, aMI that tractor parcel of Landtn Months. ... ,[ Satd ecaetruetod x-
7-U : j of the property aa
: '
1ta M
; ; .. tj-& f-r '-' 'WLLTAM A.rl1twARb: tj>unty cf St.jlohns. 1 jing on the eMi'side -. R .ARNOLD, iL' DProf, Ibeorr. and"PraetieoofMedieini .
'Ll ineid '. Y1iO1 al b HWd! Retail: bti&'i Circuit CouHtf thfEatteffif" "Elver JohhVat rir near tteTnouft of the'Ja. jD: :> .' Sa aressly tor a Tabus llowe, onsitaina,twenty-two'
'- i( -. > 1.ai Judge tfOie the of which have fin t&eo-has a tod-
# 'V 2 b I / t'*>a.iA'. ->iHin )li-.Irtm, iron fpikw, and wuU '* ;.. a ,- '(* : : ; .4 Circuit 8-U6fc<)?-Florida faept.lJ-3mJ tilling i*] Chancery.a J'IaUieCirealtt button sam'ebeiaza,Breek,part containing of the Fatid about Orknt'AIso 1000 acre,1, aaIroq T-'? M-KOI/LOCK:,,M.i P.-1tOI.Children-' obste&tca" -' and i .yoU 0osj.n oC water, beautIfal.yoong; sSidr traoav dad

Lio '; 12-&I L, ta4isii.4441.a ..Clroccrie vnd Provisions,' DomcsllcSta *xul September -.5 TlUier.Sagir SliU;whh BoUers and'Furtace ,DTseaaesof Women an all the necMsary out-buildlngv IIIISM.I&th.enIr. .
.lI ;;;4 :'' r'I-- .' 1 '.. i row lc Good Hardwire: CrwJc ''i : W.f O. ITLLOCIIJ M.D.-rr<4 PrlntIplesiiaalrruticerof ; .of the pleakont aaat' ..woigcltIwIJk.-
4 Jrj11 % w >* :/ > Dry ; 'complete'Terms'Cash.
rTo aa! &aed '4 1S-Pa1ntgofl. Ac. ) and Cfr- enqIfebfPaitder Surgery. ; ?_ sonville, flLhe14.rimI'ol th
Boots SbocoVi"sQv ot tb. Eastern '
SadiTlerr- ur
; particulars
ry/ further Aaatomy
.Jfot it D--.Pivf.of
J .
4 *1'- 11 A:; trt wIp:$ rj5.SbI.o17..i.UMJw.rS.c Ckhiilel'y.i., t faJbti&X-' .1 t-t\t\ orjL'torldarrSaaaau County wltlIn ** ''aoA ;; .,; '- ASDltEXT'D.1the E atats: Of LEWIS JoUri L,, B., ja .MARILN* "- }L* J- ).-Piojt- -%, Institute- --J* ofJ Contra' .: B.aiiroa&1 ,, -b ,Ton, re-

Tr -" t'Us ; Campn )og mott articles necessary1 Ckdncery.Btt #niand > 'S Medicine. ( '; 4. sirable1eUhMt'a Hotel oTpriatoresidence -
Stationery. .5 S S i-a; : P'SAWfiSON peetverj.d '
e ;
' 1l-.Fi. ? and straw.I "* '*,,neta F< an4 LUthLC srutik .. :JB.REA DM Jj' ProC'Mat-JIeiJifa MMOdrnrWrudeeeT. for lor fimll1bbVl'r: S
CEM4 .r iOi-Ilty hi. ;
atty '
4. 'PMawoUpodga.; 1 -- I H 21ProUodeT'I ?, -' 4 fF't'($rilef*., ,atUndtd fa, ; t.r.-; : IIfl f tgoEce.r.&xcoG .tcpt20- lm S : rr'-; F'a: I rent,at$400 pef.anaani aBff'twar' o aertt flUa,. "

1G-.h?,iMider.1* sa ,ail.i --- fl-CeITeOIt S_ j* dz4ajlie ssld td vri a that,vill camay rnic- DdeudanL. r- S NOTICE.. .1j_: ''JOSEPII JOXE ; '3t-D/-rPitoe-or;" Madfcal, *

_:- -- 'l17-IIr4w. .vit gW&144me fJa& ibI1 ease, and piiriaeof M order made by the Hon. B. emIstfla I ..- s a' -c I i 't'ireCfX.r.a: ''

_-I 1 : -- aI 1'-SLaboery. liaving filed atp the balLot the Brick 1IOt1
ipw. itq- atceet; ;kn wmlaslhd Wakingl i fore tlleI adatL-are.ilcI wiofrhZ4toFlodbUt J i js t; ujmb.Iio; aucijoo On lhe"20th.day IIthVX1tI. JawsU-4( ___ *a -- zCY.
Q. IL&y. T ', 'I honr mi.Li!
; usual of
J at the -----
with extensive \Vharfand Var *Uowa aMoaunu- In tbetnit.4 StsteW.Aiuerj on of OOober'next; A >W V -
:fl.tbru,1adet ,*_( 5" his ofiFLOIUDAi Coast Hone1A JseksosTll1\ fsi' SEA ISLAND r
dathsIoaectte&wM agency tot front! lb.
_I .. 4 hwu It kt i'd' SAVANNAH- AMI* SttAR* 'ttolion WMeWL'Cafl It is DaBtaclr/Tfeal* I lenun a.rcviicucn eeirin r of the' owFonsiaadeoaaaod belonging t4thtI.dwotLicott: i '.i.
uiiiLo :, Complainant, !
_I ij
2-1p .astee, 4 IUow pane 4MW *u* J *Ifl4i
e: ajw. Had at' .1 1'" T ipROCCA3JEA.Trq3f r
IACKETNLi ; said BfllaofCuDlshtLbe v/ -
j ;; 4i h.tt1i.aR 1 LESl'ON 'BTEXM fb'cU charged la. -
1UThSJaoi < 1 Cbaaeem toVeTwlcttnat mco.7.qisarno.31 Is otVEJT IhA.IVThO '* *-* a> JJf"Jflr'TpUfi
1. 'cjpruih peroliai1 facilities tor ,Eerelv afl1Obtton Vnft if the said''Cbnrt setting JVT OTIC} tS UEKEBT
be will have Bwtwwmsf11Talta > lb. ,, a I> SUE5CKUb"lM beg*V vV taWaeW OefI
:, OuL3 a ''. s4 1uil.er' '- : ': lirEuI*'Cf the.Coiiitllodwia > Idt illm'wlth t l -";- fn n nT ftf P naiillllt ami Ylt > -
.- : vlI !L ._, .S } rvaidrnr sstjt'psrt1eizt : stton will In the'Countyjnfrntnam,1 In sail Cmniton 'onesamii.** indwell fnrauhod dwtUJngoua eidnt of the rniled States*win be teUat tha' uniat > Planter of 1030 8tAPEB-COTTpSS;
: U which** '" ;*
$ TtiIow.pane tiiber. r t 7.:4.is1We1tii: ,', ui Savajiaak Jannai7 rwiLand that kikh.n'be." "-5 & genrttal nxttlea of this State,
: the bJpi>er baviog tbev choice,of be the first bdpall, ala Jiary
foliowia nainod ea,
II and plead/answer.rdeiuur : Abo tbo : aa
Chai-leeton "SJarieU,! :: -, aaid.Defendant 'do appear M&V'ESIUYrtb? 4th dayjOtStfvembet prupaawx :
: ii- .1 or booms swtamt, cookv aoaovc : and to fin aU :ovd r Ibat In -
la tba s.id5BiU of. CooiplsVrt, M Of bebraaaid %yasri old geoil returns hfreof. to ba made,Js Jh manned nowrrsady
I : l2-sL.e.. 5- LIflERAL ; OedEITe4 wUrU,; a Vy Jaw/ hLbu.Pt. torjwe / IO1OdIh Li lb. siioris.'aob.e., ,

"C 4- Za' 4-riu ,. ,4 4 t L wUt Ixi:ipade on Cotton* and to tboM will wbe U wish aaJiT ta'' iainV day fnunev, aa if the JTeJendaat fla&pppeazed.ppd : goo4 null band--JtrnT2 years old prim*>ahl* timejiraseribed.cbos. ,$' "- -' V' ., JNIOU wanting OlLeGWptad,.4 .

c7rre1 tmL! 'L .'. :) IOU here; tba bIb.4MaTk.tPrios' swam present be Conrtz *' -V- ,. \ bedM.alhaBd Jesse* '19-yearsbid.., good seha1iireu tomety tra Boxea, Bidler3 9 W WoCth*
-'- .4'7tta. .s ; tJ; S1ct&bd1eJ7 ,.iwg1tIaeq .4crIads .- ozeLter.CosamasidrrwiU Term ea4bI cieaUra u \ _* a "At -O 9t -* V
..ad ben. ,,, o .' 17.t1aldwaPE" J a ,3 t1Ta. br from this' IT it rvarmaB Ouaazis'That a opy of. the house aeftantaad girdair : ,f4loagAgn&m; ,
trips SEtllABfiftt
44'. B-Coa nt. .: .4 414k' : J wrm ot in.Jn'uvemiber, above Order be published ta wai. 'pabiiiewFapeTIO1sb nqatro.of J.'T. ; IStb. tetzwu ;; Xfone at thaituseVthis CaiIa]
CUsrlstUm I
wllarf to Savaaaali aad thri.inoiith. deno&t.i.i4I* : GORMAN, ,
8&TIIb1Phi'1 ; a0th4 ,
',L U1114 : 5-1 ,trfaig jke.atmlU erpressly for:jk .JrJ*, nder ; for said b.ar1Ii.r. JL .AJiiibtrtIIht Lii:v.t.ta of Jacob Torman u 400OPE5

_% t, I2-Ete.L _O-t avJT the ir.>.al supcrriaiionCe pCaptCqoUsr.ftaiouv before the day appointed ., u & 0E1LELADS&rseiM1G..
: i3 p -SfwlLIzAtl4Oaw4aD., & IO( : taii a. ttwuill, I IcuASn.
-- : ,t S.ptdeweU L iN *- U1.rAtj. Thct.'S -. 'r -' ,
; CAIPFI.E,15D ft,
ir-rio : a Eastern 204ms .Oeverpor-ofriDrUai -
of the :
4I' 3d of the Circuit 4 a S. __ '_, '
22.CbItV S. _
P '
;Jo1 h ,. IS HEREBY OlVBJI-THAl- 1 S 4 _ 4 A 'VuL '- L'ISUE A,CAKOVA4 ; I Ia
J 3De1& 4 iaiisisvilt bsnilEIo1th General LAssemblT L H GBYERAI. iBROKJEBACE* '- --5--- -T:1; u.tttet a .J5.JU rBLAcK.riiruor: FI& 4'

SdI. of BJorlda, Dt it*'* t Sea ioO[ to Incofpo4J $ undersigned ItTni prepare*toMM the *a Seritary ef Jtortda1;, .. ptrB.It' r BeaulbtdSe: _,
2IZhsu: THE latgo'hi hU'Buft>t fcastoeaCVatattwrf vj
2G-tq adk !! L_ .pppcatkinwtttbelnaW kt&u1.bt-1tqvo.m L'% :-;- ,. acv"MQTIc
i SVotboroffoctaidOSiie 'hit t3aisU Eren.j'A.gr23-Ss..izr s a&
lb .4 u! 1SUOPC I"FQ'Afl tv" JN7otice.TITOTTCB'to ; i' b .hieP1 p1acidi ,- : 1* sreby rfvon,thtappJeaU<4FkJrida wilt
I V) i iE1K1TAJ ,wlll Iw iuuipUr ye.la Iatobf -";; --'S lAND WAKUAnTS.-
L.giSIstorftb -
aod$ .tiaatir1T'bigndai1i Wil thla State W4i$4ath '
1 1.MrAWLRUa.
hereby pventli 11ItI&CqOIIL1Cf
Miisfirael4ftr cAtoe
Mtitte rbictt may plied to. at it* HW fQi
UMC VKcT t. *
r -t iju-.r :
aOaies mrAl. OtheXI renali Jh nnnoeosaary to append ro4 I th.be .
ilest ta 44i *r4 at koelt' Ue*or ; 104 hank .tJackseSydii to lsccsLIIdtsDflauskoC '
dr.1iit.M'4atlsre t* p1aiwIer. I F1otldL atte&tM1on-'vr a 1Cbartcg fprtszFii fepacei L'J a S 1. / 4 4rfzoc'u
# bot
II -
totft &Uab*
__ 4';%tkLm avy1adla'Pfl. 4 sIt3 *..azsbl sa SUs.i1 nat' a- a. o'tamez
3h 4bbVbf.r4IZm&tl, 'E.4; bsfl ood d. i- ta&ti Laj; IrLaLLaa iattaasl.tiaij: : J'JL'lir J% xedtoS mE v- )# \Ua5'f5yaa ?i tf com J ;f i hioj I0 --
.. n.eiaei. w .M4ao.fr.tasIetIi1 c5ost1j .az1azLJ 1M : ti .25't ': r- tas Jt aoa oil
) til ad '
Y1 -A a us E. : tx eet si
,tI.te si&t i-z ,e tI 'CVL tv3L&X tiiitzL: a'aS: 'L
1 : : i, ttffV
I .
_- .- .
a.- .. ae.I h "OS0" '.0

..4a a
t ;


-1 .
-- -- --
_ -

_. ;

. : ''.,',},.', .,...'t-e.. .'.. -.. ., t S 5 ., .. -S .- .- .-- ,,. .S .- '*Z?. "1I.111'*o.1iI'1.W.' -. ... "

I $ "III'NU I'ft"' iJ..tlS A\.t'1'' po. [.', U; ( ''-"1'1'of. .- ( :i. T4H1fdJA.- ) .' ) Jr-i. II ( J1t" :- ,:,. ;,', 1"r 'I_. "'. -.,,{,<.,t>.JiI'd.):.. 'l.'J; ,. ....., 'I.1f t f," "": J '.+ : &t vI .J1.h.J." .. .. <' "I,6' "JJi, i

.'U\. r.lldIf"llol. .r. ..: 1iI.I"'tlCi.J, _. .: i ."ftf."dT"I.r.- _t.1T"-.J" J .
-- g- -k : J .,
I n'fut. : 1lfr 4It. ; -
: :
'f'';. DCHQCRATJC, I'J.ATI'OEM-- ,/IN- ''put1ob. ,%ticrgic*. andftapacUy ofthfs \ M D S,1tEM X ,I.' S' : 'THg..t.sLoBwANEws': :'.i "y:. ?; :
.IILt.. : r 1If t
j.. I el.r j. great tod:JipgrMs5vpeopler? ,

;; wl tttu J ci gti tfl.-r1&tform"adopt- The following artFt&e BuppTementary resolutions FOR. .A MARVELLOUS; AGE uOintmexijl nti flr1nftI: g ffitt.OUNT1NG h1as \
91 tbo.ci Q1Qp.tl Convention. 'The reaoluttonsr'of"t'be ) !
) by In relation to thr Cansas-Ke- r :
l CaRiihoHk

t e 1 wMch are reaffirmed ire ail Convention u"l j.ey braskft: question and me fortiga. ponef'orthe : 'noui; ___iiiA. No. 3 ;

1 Ke 4itlh Arn iJflaocra- goTernment .: -
'I pli *their trust hi the'inltlUgencc, the And Whereat, Since tEe foregoing declaration l'a.-56' ac

patriotimraftd dtacrinunaling justice 'was uniformly adopted by our pre- __S A.; : '
la N *>onal Conventions an adverse .
.r the :\ ri pc4p1e.! oo r f4 IItCD =
Jtoo/rtti:T Uwe Begird UK. .. r distinctive political and religions test, has been oa. 0 "a.. .aoCl.-e. Q a! :i iw ,

p fcatart'of''omthichn: 'aretiMvd secretly organized by a 'party claiming to I i 18 n = i : ,
i' III to JBwntiia.bcRrfO\ the -worKr as, a be exclusively Americana and it la' proper r I, J. :4 Z J :4.. i J V .t : We. sew prejpart4toexecute '
great moral element' In x' form cfgovezn.I. : that the American DemocracllMQtd clear JI wn HJYTXff. ffloJe' 'I'' af = --- -. -. i 'i =
't upheld by a pop ly define its, relations thereto t therefore, "Arz. 3. l.J.7 atfne !
from and
ine,t springing I II j- extensive 1arrange- 6 I 11 '910 tlI2 ,6:1: 8 t lD11 12
"J I '. oUr,wiltrtmT we contrur it with the Resolved, That the foundation of this TIlE .0MNJi EXTERNAL4 ;REM liY, 13 U 15 16 17 18 19 'r 13 14 15 15 11 If IS '. .
,I. crtcd aDd 'practice' f Federalirarf mdcr union of States having. been laid in Us meBtoftwtieeweuUonofevefydescrip. 2C2122342526 212223242526 'snertest. notlrean I
whatever,: or form;, which: .fee\. to prosperity expansion and pre-eminent:example By the uiM of.'a m! cro. oop ,'we see' nuois. r ; 2728393031-- 21. 28 29 30 31 -) I

r tb. tot of, the. ionslilucnt, and : 'iu free government bpilt! upon entire little opeiingi on the .onaov bf{OaT bodies. -| rn' .- - 1 Ave'. - .1 2 Kinds' of-, ., milE SU :
palsy when rubbed the 3 66 78 JL; eral;*
freedom in matters of religious concern Through them this Ointment 3'4 56'1 4
which: amcce* ll -,\mpeeture,foo .montrou and 'no of in' 'regard ,to, skin,U carried to anyorgs.norlnwaidpart. DUeaaea lion of 10 11 12 13 14 IS 16 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 'Pampblets,. story, wUck i '
.) h S fonthc popnlircredi3lit3r respect persons ] of the Kidneys, diwrden of the Liter, af. 17181920212223 17181920212223 M any other
; ResvIctxT therefore That eatertKhiing rank or placo'of birth no'rrt1 can justly' fectioru of the heart-Inflammation of.u.. LOB** JObPrlntlng 242 nso- 24252627282930 Law Blah, adopted tb* ,
those tieWi the democratic party of the be deemed.national, constitutional, or' in Aitamai Conghf and CoW t,tmJ bj.fla Bean ef- lfAi ___ 1 1 -' - Rtturnt,"$
I : i iIf Union tHe'w delegates assembled accordance with American principles which i fectaally ctred. Every bouiwUe know that taU 2 3 4 I 6 1 SErf1. 2 3 4 5 6 Ba.a..Card.1 to an
\ through of the State*, conrentaig bases its exclusive organization upon 'religious paaiee freely through bone or meat of any thick attentionoflhoe. 91011 121314 15 t 8'9 1011 12 13 elsewhere.
1\ I in general convention opinions and accidental birth place.That. ness. ThU DealingOintment- far met reanSly j 16 17 19 19 20 21 14 15 16 11 18 19 20 many other r
1 '4 together, in a spirit concord of reiterate with renewed penetrate through any bone or fleshy part of the wishing Print ing 23242526272829 21222324252627 VfsftfngCard.' ,. w '\
deyotioa-totbe doctrines and laith of a we energy living Ixxly curing the most dangeroui Inward 031----- 28 29 30 - .
.t t free representative government. and appealing of purpose the well considered declarationsof eomplainU thai cannot be reached by other meane. done Is.partieulariyinvited APusL: I .2 3 4 5 Od.. 1'2 3 4 Circulars, Print?, !.
totaeir fellow citizens for the rectitude former conventions upon the sectional ERYSIPELAS: SAID RHEUM '& SCOR., t 6'1 8 9101112 1 6 1 8 91011 Jtckonets: ;
of their Intentions renew and reassert Issue of domestic slavery 'and ,concerningthe BUTIC RUMORS.S to-his office 13 14 15 16 1118 19 12 13 14 15 16 11 18 Uan4fl1hli Florence 5 I

\ .1 before the American people the declarations reserved rights of the States; and that No remedy his ever done'to'much for the cure ,Turaslnvinlably 20212223242526 19202122232425- Lawn,
or principles avowed .by tbem, we may more distinctly meet the issue on or disease.or the Skin whatever form they may 1 Show Bills,, Cravats
r 3 No' -
t' MA'f_ - 2 -
occasions in general contention which' a sectional party subsisting 'exclusively assume as this OintmentNo cass of Salt Rheum .or. 8 Grass
when on former tirCA 4 5 6 7 11 91 2 3 4 5 6 1 '
J! they presented their candidates on slavery agitation, now relies to Scurvy, Sore Heads Scrofula- or Krydplas, can i 11 12 13 14 15 t6 17 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Bills f Lading, TickingMnsqaito" 'I' ; ;:
.; suffrages test the fidelity of the people, North and long.withstand its Inhence. ,The inventor has Odens'from the 18 19 20 21 22 23 24' 16 11 18 19 20 21 22

4 for the That popular the federal government is one of South, to the Constitution and the Union. travelled over many parts dispensing or the globe this Ointment, visiting 25262728293031 23 24 2 26 21 2S 29 Bills of Fare, Whale Bone .

1.S 'from the .Resolved That claiming fellowship with the principal hospitals, Coanh7wIUbe. Jvn.. 1 2 '3 4 a 6'7 30----- Checks; ; !
liberal powers, derired solely giving advice as to its appUe&tloDand hal thus 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Dsc'a. 1 2 '3 4 I 6 Labels,
: l and of all who .
Constitution, and the .grants of power desiring the'co-operation been the means of restoring S countless numbers' to promptly euted.j 15 16 11 18 19 20 21 1 8 9 10 11-12 13 Rareges, ,
the of the Union tin :, : Cambric
\I m.de therein ought to be strictly con- regard preservation health. to 22232425262728 14-15161718192( 4c.&e.. ,
der the constitution the paramount Issue SORE LEGS.SORE BREASTS WOUNDS
t' .trued aU t.be'departmenta and agents as Jos.F.Roou o. 29 - 21222324252$22823O DeLames,
't'l J'l't by and repudiating air sectional parties. and & ULCERS. | 31 { !
1. e(411e gGMrnmenti and that it ill inexpe- _. - - Spool
; dangerous .to exercise doubt platforms concerning domestic: slavery, 'sOme of the 'most scientific surgeons now rely 0--------0 Brown !| !
4 vn u ,&MW which seek to embroil the States and inciteto. solely on the use of this wonderful Ointment,when Stripes 1. j

ff All conlUtoUonapower.constitution does not confer .treason and armed resistance to law .in having to cope with the wont cases of sores,wounds SlavYng.e. I
J'I That the
2. swellivgs and tumors. Professor
0 the power to Territories, and whose avowed,purpo- ulcers glandular Edging& |
cpon the general governraent Holloway hear:by command of the Allied Governments
4' :.to{ ecromoece snd'carry on a' general system see, if consummated,.must end' in civil war ,dispatched to the hospitals of the East large r Linen
1 I .f Imternal improvements.Ji and disunion, the American democracy recognize shipments of this'Ointment to be used under the ,
does not confer and adopt the principles contained direction ,of the Medical SUIT, In the worst cases
k I.: Ji That the constitution federal in the organic,laws establishing the 'Territories of wounds.. .It will cure any nicer,glandular swelling Ladies' *
i' I r-authority upon the government of Kansas and as embodying stiffness or contraction of the joints,'van of L U
t' or indirectly, to assume the debts & Russell "
directly 20 ,standing. Leighou
It years
the only sound and safe solution of 'S
: contracted for local '
1' : ef.the several States,' which the PILLS AND FISTULAS. ,_ U
the question great
other State slavery upon
I :t' ipttrnarunprovements, or purposes national idea of the people of this"whole These and other similar distressing complaint ;
.5 ; nor.would such assumption just.f can be effectually cured if tbs Ointment be wel L: SASH BLIND ;
S I country,can repose in its determined conservatism and other '
.r rexpedient. rubbed in over the parts effected by ] U :
'f 'j S 4. That justice and sound'policy fcrbidthe of the Union; noninterferenceby wise following.the printed directions around each .
to foster one branch Congress -with slavery in States and pot. -

l f -of Industry federal government to the detriment of any other, Territories; that this was the basis of the Both the Ointment' and Pill ,should be DOOR mAN MANUFACTURERS Misses' .

'. ; cherish the interests, of one portion compromises of 1850, confirmed by ,both used in following cases: Boys
." r to of our the democratic and whig parties iu national Bunions Sore Legs Men's
I '..1 t. the injury of that another every portion citizen and conventions, ratified by the people in the Burns Sore Breasts T HE subscribers beg leave.respect'fully.to inform the citizens of i :' ;i ; >

1 .-f,' common, section country of the; country has a right to election of 1851,'and rightly applied to the Chapped Hands Sore Sore HeadsChilblains Throats JL Jacksonville surrounding country that they have a large establishment in Charleston'S.C. Kip .

\ every demand and insist upon an equality of organization' :territories in 1854; that by Fistulas Sore of all kinds with every facility that such.an establishment can profitably.wo.rkt for the manufacture of *

II and ft complete and the uniform application of this democratic Gout Sprain. .
and privileges,
rights Sashes Blinds d Door
'1 protection of persons and property principle to the organization of territoriesand Lumbago Scalds "
'I ample foreign the admission of new States, with or Mercurial Eruptions Swelled Glands "
; from domestic Tiolenco'and aggres- without domestic slavery, as they may Piles Stiff JolntlRheumatism of every site and all descriptions, also MOULDINGS of any pattern at the shortest notice.. U
I : sion. Ulcers LEIGHON A RUSSELL guarantee their work to be worth one hundred per cent more for durability '
t of branch of elect, the equal rights of all the State will than the Northern made work sold in this market Price Yo ." ,
5. That Is the duty every Salt Rheum Venereal Sores current lists of our work oan be
: !:'t the Government to enforce and practicethe be preserved intact, the. original compacts Skin Diseases Wounds of all kinds seen on board the Steamer Carolina. Give us a triaL March29 ,u'
1 I in conducting our of the constitutions maintained inviolate, ...Sold at the Manufactories of Professor HOLix :
roost rigid economy
and the and of this 80 Maiden Lane New York, and 244
that no more revenue perpetuation expansion >wir, S. ; ,
.:. inght public to affaiis-and be raised than is required to d- Union ensued to its utmost capacity of Strand London, and by.all respectable Druggists WAOTJIESJEWELRY SILVER WARE\ A good
ihe United
and Dealers of Medicines throughout
; 'p in and 4
'. of the Government embracing, peace harmony, every HORN
the necessary expenses and the civilized in Pots at 25
:. fray States, world cents ,
future American State that be constituted WOOL and
but certain extinction may
and for gradual 621.2 cents and 51 each. AND
k. : of the public debt. or annexed with a republican form. W There is a considerable saving by taking drens' list,

,: C,. That Congress has no power to char- i I of government. j., thelarges li&e,.
of p t N B. Directions for the guidance of patients Fancy Goods. A well
LeT National Bank; that we believe such Resolved, That we recognize the right
1 ; disorder affixed each Pot. of the
to .
institution one of deadly hostility to of the people of all the Territories, including every

'I'J J tbe beat interest of our country dangerous Kansas and Nebraska, acting throughthe CENTRAL STAGES HOLLOW
: institutions and the will of the of GEOROE'FLAGG :
',f to our republican fairly expressed majority FEE
,li...t liberties of the people, and calculated to actual residents; and whenever the number LINE. SHOT

to the Usincss of the country within of their inhabitants justifies it, to forma FROM ALLIGATOR via NEWNANSVILLE, 3co3..E3Qzrvm 0 Ens-t P1orJ.da. ,
:':I 1.! the control of.a concentrated money power, I constitutionjVith or without domestic LA, semi-weekly Y!,carrying and FLEMI3GTON the United to State.OCA- WOULD respectfully inform the citizens of this place and surrounding country,
;, and abote the laws and will of the peo slavery and be admitted into the Union Mail, and connecting with TALLAHASSEE he has again opened at his old stand. .
,'. lIe r and that' th. results of Democratic upon terms of perfect equality with the and JACKSONVILLE STAGES at ALLIGATOR .
,'1 'j legislation in this,and all other financial other States ,and with TAMPA and PALATKA STAGES SUM.ERS' BLocK; ; PlAINS

t ,( measures upon which issues have been at OCALA. with a large and well selected stock ofWPbWt :
two political parties of THE FOREIGN POLICY Or THECOVE2NMCXT. 'The owners announce that they are running, BUTTS,
1 made et.weenbe WA 9 B iitW a'W !JIF. .
and will continue to comfortable
'" ran, Stages on SPIRIT
: f I the country,have demonstrated to practical Resolved, finally, That by the conditionof this line for the accommodation of Passengers.

1 'I I mea of all parties their soundness,safety the popular institutions of the old world WRIGHT A.CATHEY, .NOx GOODS,

;11' and'utility rn aU business pursuits. off and the dangerous tendency of sectional Agents at Alligator. to which the attentiw. of the Public!s invited. .Getting, my Goods direct from the :
of tne L.M.
the separation moneys SCARBOROUGH,
7. That .combined with
S agitation the attempt to
New York Manufacturers I am prepared to offer my customers inducements" botB
Institutions at Newnantville. ts
from all banking Agent ) ,
the Government enforce civil and religious disabilities ,
.t JOHN LEA style and price that cannot be surpassed in Charleston or Savannah.
for the safety of the regards
,: .; is Indispensable against the right of acquiring citizenship sept. 15 Agent at &. Among my assortment may be found ; i
funds of the Government and the rights in our own land, the high and sacred 'duty ,

., of the people. is devolved with increased responsibilityupon T. A BO LJ.I1.iB.S WATCHES, BUTTER KNIVES, FRUIT .Do., NAPKIN -
t" ". 8. That the liberal principles embodied the Democratic of this RINGS, CHILDREN'S SETTS,.c. Ac.
1 party country WANTED FINE GOLD PATENT LEVERS, (full jeweled,)
\ .4:'t....1 by Jefferson in; the Declaration of Independence at the pa.rtyof the Union to uphold and will pay seventy-five (75)'cents per day u It DETACHED M It coin Constantly and on'hand and mack toorderfrompurc DO 4e'r,
: in the Constitution WE warranted- .
and naintain of II
: the right every state; and 1 and board,or one dollar per day without LAPINES, BUok Books
.. 4 ,which makes ours the land ol liberty ihercby the union of tho States; and sustain board for laborers to work on the FLORIDA, (ith"without hunting casets.) CUTLE Y. Wafers .
*. r .nd the asylum of the oppressed of every and advance us constitutional ATLANTIC and GULF CENTRAL RAILROAD. SILVER PATENT LEVERS do. do. School Bo- ,
among .
I p II DETACHED II do. do. From the celebrated Manufactory of Geo.W
been cardinal principles Payment to be made at the end of every thirty olhu.
have ever
tt nation, liberty by continuing to resist all holm A Son
monopolies LAPINES, do. do. eonsiting of
Work the
to first
\ days. commence on
I faith and attempt day A full
.\ ,Jn the Democratic ; every and exclusive legislation for the benefit March neaL From good makers, which will be warranted POCKET KNIVE3, SCISSORS, SHEARS
4 to abridge the privilege' .of becoming citi- of the few, at the expense of the many- A.J.MILLER CO. good time keipers. RAZORS. Ac. .Bacon tatoes Pork

tens and owners of soil among'Us ought to and, by the .vigilant .adhearance to these Office, "Jacksonville East Florida." JEWELRY. ,
witn the same spirit which 1856-tf FAG GOODS
be resitted principles and the compromises of the con- January ,

wept the alien and sedition! laws from our stitution, which are broad and strong I/OK SALE OK.RENT. Conslssing GOLD GUARDS of FOB AND VEST CHAINS. Such as ;CORALS PORfE ,MONIES ,ACCORDIONS Whiskey Fine Old,

.", statute book. enough to embrace and uphold the Union A COMMODIOUS and desirable house plea CUATELAINS, LOCKETS, BRACELETS, ,- PERFUMERY, LU JNS' AND ,
'.. 9. That Congress has no power under u it was, and the Union as it is-the Uni- 'sanity situated on the Western part of the PENCILS CROSSES'KEYS, SEALS, OTHER EXTRACTS, FANCY SOAPs a
I J- .. the constitution interfere with or control on as it shall be in the full expansion of town, substantially built and well finished in every DIAMON RINGS,' REGARD Do., PAPIER-MACI1EE. JEWEL CA
r. part containing eleven rooms, a good weflx BBS ROSEWOOD WORK ;
of the
the domestic institutions s v- i the GOLD THIMBLES, SLEEVE ,
energies''and of this
capacities; greatprogreisive in the and all BOXES PORTABLE
: the water yard necessary out buildings er, Dressing
that all such States are AND COLLOR BUTTONS S
eral States and people. and suitable for WKITIFG DESKS :
: .. a private Boarding House, is offered STUDS CUFF PINS The above
t: sole and proper-judges, of everything p- First Retotved,That the question con for sale or rent by the year on reasonable BROOCHES EAR RINGS RETICULES FANS COMBS, ly-few :
pertaining to. their own affaire; not prohibited nected with the foreign policy of th terms. GOLD SPECTACLES,EYE GLASSES BRUSHES, THERMOMETERS attract the
I ;q, by the constitution;'that all efiurts is/inferior Coun. For further particulars apply at this offlc ,PLAIN AND SETT RINGNS, CHILDREN these who
or others made to induce try to no domestic question October 6-tf TOYS TEA BELLS, Saveno ,
t ef the abolitioDleu .CHILDREN'S LOOPS- SCARF PINS &
i' whatever. 'The time has ; I
t fur the TOl'therwitb various
Congress interfere with question come people FOR SALE. other articles too numerous. April 26 5-
4 of the United States WARE.COMPRISING. to mention.
S. to declare them-
; in ,AVALUABLE tractof. Land Amelia
take on
.f l\aTtry, rto incipient steps relation "! .
: ....i i. selves in favor of free and DINING AND DESSERTS N;!L-CLOCKS,VfATCKES
thereto are calculated to lead to the seas progressive :;. land 6 miles from the contemplated depot ,and JEWELRY, Siaf
:'t.. .I ,' free trade throughout the world. And,by Yellow Bla ff, containing 750 acres good planting F01lKS.TABLE.J DESSERT AND TEA SPOONS thoroughly repaired and war,anted:at the .mri-
\ JD08ta1uming.nddangerousconsequet have inevitable, solemn manifestations to place their moral I land. There II on the premises a 'small dwelling SUGAR.SCOOPS, SALT AND.MUSTARD_Do, ettnetict.- &-TERMS CASH. [oeCS-Iy '
: and that all such efforts an
influence by tho side of their I bouse and out houses a cotton Gin and Gin house.
t tendency to diminish the happiness of the successful i all of which together with the premises,' will,.be -
r.t J .,.. people and endanger the stability: and permanent example. sold reasonable. JIi 'Jacksonville Foundry jt Apo'the ar-.r 1'1eJ ( '

I:" ? of the Union, and ought not to Second-Retdlced, That our geographical Allot two small traction the:south end 'of the .AU .eJ Ctmtr t1f

f '.4j "be countenanced by a.y friend of our'po- and political position with reference to Island one of two hundred and the other Utyacres TAIINE'WORKS. JB Tea Depository: !
the other States of this continent containing a Insurant growth of Live Oak.
no' less ,
I .ltia1Inst1tntio. Bemoved 'the
Also a tract containing one hundred and New Store fa Holmes :
than thirty TUE Subjoribsrj ie sxtensive d I
the interest of having ma an
Retolvtd That the foregoing proposition our commerce and the nGUdlD ;opposite Dr.
". .t. acres, adjoining the Seaton. tract on the St.Mary'sRver. valuable improvements their establish Baldwin's
4 ., intended to embrace development of our growing Office. Jacksonville
\ coven and was power, requires Apply to. ment are now prepared to furnish ]
the whole subject, of slavery agitatiun in that we hold to the sacred principles JOHN M. PONS, 4ml. Steam. Engines,o.any required power,from. WHERE is kept eonstantly on-hand a tarce.and' INSURE >
involved in the Jacksonville May 12, 1855-tI selected assortment of Port and
8 "a Congress and therefore the democratic Monroe doctrine._ I to 100 homes !

\... _.party of the Union -standing on this' national Their bearing and import admit of no misconstruction Seeds Seeds! Seeds 1 HI.' Saw.' Mills; Always'. received DRUGS by AND the latest crnflfTflij.arrivals,warranted against loss

t phulbrm, will? abide by and adhere ,and should be applied with lUST received a choice supply of Garden Seeds, Sugar Mills fresh. and genuine. Also, : ,

H; to a fulhfol execution of the acts known unbending rapidity. J all of the Last Crop and warranted good. .Horse,Powers. Grist;Mills Perfumery, Combs Brushes;Swaps, i John P.Rutb_ ,

as compromise' measures settled by Thirdly-Rttolved, That the great high Beans variety, Beets do, Cabbage do.'Csrrot and an other machinery! used in this country. Lamps, Burning Fluid, 4 t which do, Cauliflower do,' Celery, E. Corn in variety, which will be s M low for cash. I
nature well
(Congress, the act for reclaiming fugitives way as as the assent of Cucombers de,Egg Plant Leek Tomote in vane .Iron and Brui Casting Albert .
Country orders solicited
S : rom service labor included; which act the State mostImmediately interested in ty, Lettuce l in variety, Jd.lSout.do. ,Onion Seedsdo 17..Steamboat,'Saw Mill, and other repairing. to. Physician and punctually attended Alvin .
"King designed to; carry out tn express its maintenance' has marked out for the Mustard Seeds, Okra Purely Parsnips(Peat I at short notice. ;' despatcL. prescriptions put.u>.with care and SaSMsel T. : -

provision the conettaUon. cannot, with free communication between the Atlanticand in variety, Radish d: Pepper Spinach, Squash in ti"All machlncjy purchased from us will be .1SA. ;
N ,be the Pacific Oceans constitutes variety.Turnips do, Aromentlo and Sweet Herbs put in operation in any part of the State" by -S S for the- ,A.3. }
fidelity therefore repealed,or so changed one of machinists when 'desired and Agent .New York Pekla Tea Company ;
do.Flower Seeds do competent upon >
the most Teaof direct
I as to destroy,or mpairJU e cienc.r. important achievements to be reuonsbleterms. '- Impofffffiow, a4ef 34 varieties,from J.JL
I the democratic. realized by the spirit of .At Apothecary JU11. a 1-4 to 1 Ib. Ins package- warranted aarJ cl
j ..Jtoo/ced That party moderation)in the Match, 22-3t. Jacksonville, Fla. Drawings and Estimates furnismed, without :
: in Con- unconquerable of '. :MOONEY, ztremelylowpnlces.. J CLJ.8.S.m
S v-wfll.; resist,all attempts at renewing energy our people, and charge. GOOKJN |:?*Coutry Dealers- ,
..pM: or *ut oUt, the agitation"of the that.result; should be secured by a' timely! 'NOTICE .TO CONTRACTORS. July 84f Founders and Machinists. ,lug aeeonrf led with Cash.GARDEN supplied.. ,by order. CeL John I I'

slavery question under'whatever shape. or and efficient exertion bf the control, which OFFICE OF TATE ENGINEER,. aica'p I'.riaciuriw...nowemso ,FLOWER SEEDS,"PLANTS. lc... CoLHenry Tl | [
.'.v)6r the attempt may be made. we have a right to claim over it. And no BVKKA VISTA OLUQ& MIU POST Ornc, alIoalwal.keptoDlancf. -
SL Johns River,Fin August 20, 1855. -niRCIIETT ds DOW.INC" ,
earth Jafjo S-tt :
Rftvlrtd That the proceedaof tbe'pnblicUndsoochttrf.be power on should be suffered to impede 'T.3tcMXLLA.For.PhiladelphiaNew '.
PROPOSALS will be received at this AT rpM. .
S sacredly applied to or clog its progress by an1'lnterfer- the 20th day of August, 1356, for JL Jov
50 aUonafibjccU.specified 1 in the consti- ence, with relations may suit our' policy constructing a Canal (with its necessary appendages AMD York&c. Brick Church ,

ttlou, and that we are opposed to any to establish with, the government1/of such as Lift Locks Guard Locks .w.too.) Agent A for: Claims. prices: ( .
t lJUr. for the distribution of such proceeds States within wb dominion. it ,lies; and from Lake Darnel, on the St.'Johns River, to In 490, IEVENTU Charleston, .and Savannah FIMT {
: 'alike in we can under dian River.a distance thirteen miles,3,410feet STRUCT' 8arO'f :
J the Stat.etlt.ll /inexpedient no circumstances surrenderour .
among authorized by the General Assembly of the State WASHINGTON 'OITYt STEAMSHIP LINEs Twriir :
'If to' constitution. preponderance in the .. .
nd of '
adjustment all '
policy repugnant of c to'| ) r
.at its session of 1854
Florida -65; by ag'Ad before Cablif WELL Bare ; ,
practice of Claims and
S. -.R ofrerfThat are decidedly questions arising out of it. WILL Passage$2pSte ; S3- ;
t S ; : (* we .opr'jfwcdto !"entitled an Act to provide foe and encourage a Claims befere and Ho will
; taking' from the President the Fourthly-Retolred,. That l in view of so liberal system of,Internal.Improvement In tStat. several Departments. .'' Congress the: ,THE 'well known first, class within the

.. S ,p j.:;lifiecl'Veto power by which he is enaiJbled. commanding In interest the people, of the .." .; mahiPi, KEYSTONE STATE,' C pL:R. and one dollar

,. under restrictions and''respontibili- United States cannot but sympathise 'with Proposals will specify the amount for which the iPraEnculion. HARDII; STATE .OF GEORGIA CapU J.. J. greater
work will be done the mode
r suflkient to guard the the eft'on..wbtch are being' made manner in which ; 'Guys,, will hereafter form'a WEEKLY"LINE lent material, :
S> tin amply public by thepeople payment are to be made, whether in land or money .J.MOBTOIT, U t j.4 : 'I' iit reti, to suspend the passage of a bill ol Central America to regenerate ,or portion of each., :'t ,d. 5' Hon. A E.MawJLL II.I B. to PniLADELPJELV'sailing! EVERY SATUR being
that portion of'the Hon.8.it.-kgy U. ;" "* alternately from SAVANNAH and
Continent S. B.
cs.nn.t linn the approval which Maps Profiles and !!Estimates 'eaD"
,. ,. ,whose merits ; covers be seen s* t .' hUoD CHARLESTON, as follows s :gr AU
5e ...f two thirds of the Senate and House of the passage across the oceanic Isthmus. this offies and any Infurmatlonobtalnectby addressing > It'C iu.j Florida The KEnton'Sun'will.laU from SATAN Timanns
until the judgment of the FiflMy-Rcwlccd, That the Democratic the undersigned'at "Orange Mill Post Office. Messrs.BaoniK s>PKWKS, New York. NAil Lbs attended to.
; i*< rpnsentatircB EU Johns River,.Fla." .J.,0,4 Js A.CiMr.Sandisky.01] following Saturdays;,July 19th, August ,
."paq.a. can be obtained thereon and which party will expect from the next Administration -. Proposals will'be received for.o constructing /a I, 1eur -S T::: ': "- 24 and 16th;September 6th and 20th. Lcnv-
a Jocaacnviflg
t las saved)the' American people from the every proper effort to be made to Railroad. over the same ground. &g Philadelphia' the alternate' Satarday'sT,

; 4 ,. "*sort**pr.and tyrannical, dominion of the I insure our ascendancy in the Gulf of Mex V ". ".L.DANCY, 1.Jrot T. SQlee CHARLESTON The 'STATK or-the GEORGIA will sail from I noy

; ':! ank of the United St&tes&nd from eor- ico and maintafTjU permanent protection "125-1. State Engineer State of Florida } 12th ,and' 26th;'.August following 9tfc 23rd Saturdays and 30th flail Sep 1 '

--nnitingsystem. of general Internal'Inn. : i of the. great outs. through .,hicb' are 5 tember 13th and 27Uu
S j provrtaeaux* .. emptied into its wafer the products raisedon "FIREf- FInE U, 'FIRE. ,II I' rpHAT:*ell;=knoWn Plantation' alternate Saturdays.' Leaving Philadelphia. .the
i Ii S Rcsoltc,:That tha -democratic party the soil, and the commodities created by : THE SUBSCRIBER :.OLa X on, the//Stf r/uhns Rfver,''called ShIT&Td, Iu.strength,, speed, and aeeommodaUou.'hes. hIRE P
the industryof tho t STAND; having been entirely destroyed containing four,hundrcj and fifty.acres, more or ships are fally quit< 'to any running the
will iW 'W nd the people of Western on coast
faithful > uphold our
I 1f. the
by fire, heha.removed to 142 Ueeting-e* ; On premises there,! a fino new dwelling I Inland aarignatjon IQfmi2esonDeinag! -L ed that
t ,principles laid down I in th'o Kentucky and ,valleys and Union"at.:Urge, > corner of Wentworth. UM start formerly occupiedby boaee! .UII"''1'1 necessary outbuilding,' for,a and Bay two nightj atsea,t River SCHEME of :
.r -.i; ,fpiij Qi reflations of 1702 and 17981 andS S 5-- j W.J.GAYER,where he continues his business large family., The lands are first'rate hammock, '. in consequence
iI lie report of Madison to the yirgiqia -:-, in all its branohaa.: lie "0. hand- a l&m&rt. cleared about,one- hundred,;.acres the balance For Niagara Fall ,the Lakes aod Canada exceeded "
f, s1tue.ITtl-tbat( it 3OTICG.LLpencaa ment of first class VEHICLES 't ; ) : adopts :
fhojlriDtlp1et some oli Ice FAMILY ULRRIAGBS built ex.preutr ;? S. ,2..LOP.IAgent; ?Th'M lines'both cornctst PhifaJelphia.with have been :
u constituting one cC t" c main in hereby forewarned from tra2i. for iU Country Ciulemeri,all of which he July 12tlC.IBtytg: ; :JarkaonvIIle71L the Great.North Western Railroad! Route 'thro1to Drawing the J
e, fottccations of iU political creed,,;nd is dine for Pz1naIIOI'1'u.'of' band,-'glrea wlU CBLL CHEAP.FOB CASH ,or City'._p.' < 'Ueutati Notice :.- Niagara-Fellskor 'Buffalo 'inc 16 boon from the price of
ty the subwrlber t* X>. S :
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re o1ie4 to onion ;obriJ Philadelphia: y
k .. earry W.8.DOSrVIK.wou14 reap Through tIoketJt with tie 'privi will be(rom N
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), for the nm'dI ef&ioety-tlx :' : ;
e Bi tiaelnAng and import.Tbat or MV.I dated 1fLEONARDJCU.PINJ ly inform the citsscns of Jacksonville and>ts vicinity lege of topping c at Philadelphia and intermediate be 229 full Pri
L in view( of 4be',condition ofthepepa tan'of. October 'or'pad ant of JfovemberAtt.eUm..f about tSe _, ,that having opened aa office in the Dagueriaa; I points';for sal!. by the, agent.in8svnnnah and in all 249
t Institutions Jn ,the Old World will ; : .L : Gallery. Forsyta street fill to all bran Charleston Fare to'Niagara or Buffalo t2@ to be seen by
.S'E M
Mr. .
; PS perrons Jl.u.'tgeti. that I..iboU Bot .>., < Gilbert/, _.. Elmira, '26t to'Can4.odaigua 427. column. The ,
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aaatd Ink fcaid DOte .. DENTISTKXiia the most:approved an4carefu1k.r. ;
4; j Akigk *ttd duty .involred with pay nnleu compelled by l5iv.as lb.sdenaUoefolcbItwun 00.- MANUFACTURERS DEA .' i. I. .. Agents at Hhilapelphia HERON MARTIN... to thank his : ;
i' .rea4spo31bilLt7 upon the Democracy fau fUled. ; .. LERSin all descriptions of CAR 'rsr Nerves aching teeth destroyed without" Agent at 8avannah.C.A; GREINER; hope by
..r,th.ountry.'i' the party of the people Little Blvtf Jnne OWEN PARKER. S ." HJAGES at NCll.t31aad 40.!Wentworth pain. Agents atCharlGltoD....;T.,8. ',T..G.BUDD. eoatlaaue. 01 ; ,'
j tortiphoWMid taaintain:the rights of 4vcrrUU. .fjalj5-n. )I Struttand N.7 JF/oy StruLChiiluta* : ?
St 105.ti trtbj tbe.tmiottpf. : States ; ., ; Our Btobk 1s'an oztensivs oaof and purchasers :Lost l'! I Fraser'&; Thompson Charleston r" i ;- : ;
LIVERY STAULE. are reipectfolly requested to cat on M, as we can : I -
wwstaia ftdrancaABjongthemcooslitBtiroal ; : FACTORS AND
I ..OawJ : ; : I
ff"great inducemenU.in style and prices) sod ; :
1 )libert1ol continuing to reist --rPJJ..E subscnber, will say articles bought at ow....taMt. 1I1&are,was. Tl ET.T EEN'the'louie. of Miles Price and JackJ3 QMISSION'ME rt CHAS t
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fti j "JJ feY'. at the .i. t17..lIal1Cl.'.11'1 or ltd iabI7.IOUecl'ami'> '
extl 1rQnsElI orB, eontatefag Fifteen or Chailesfoa 8.C. ; '
per** of'1M mar,. and .by TigiUntjandflonslantftdbetinoe sad say BUGGIES pert of the to'le1 DYe1Utal'Dr.he4" ,. ;:: ; 'Jtl: I l 8;: :- : :. Twenty DoDars"isf moneyV.'sinll::' ome'ipapera: 'uD'It-a.n.uza: -. -I'f..rt 7UJS'PI.1 !TI1HB-- l1I a'I I :

to'those principles andeomtiromfeetW ooOBtry. Hortei bonded by the ;: I *! . among-which'wasa NoteftrSizty-two'Doftars! -.-' .' .. ( 1
; S ilfiflef..d >d yweektor'mouth.Sjmoderate ;L. oo jr-Strut,ir.Tt: : .. nude,payable. tL M carborough ar rnr -* j.. .*. .I. **ii .Lt.n: bIa,
1 the Constitnllon which ebv. ami personal atteoUoa he Jtftpei t{tin a W. ILL yparti'enUr attention to sales.fYe!- Bering isaddafedlatlNewnaasvUla;. The Stephen finder bt&r'i.te J ,.pl l< Will.it*jt t' Jfilayiq the (
are broad enough and strong enough to liberal(bare of patronage. Stable on Adaute-et low"PIne Lambert"Live-Oak, and will be suitably rewarded"by'leavbgthe same O :>tho Hon:tho ,Judge'of Trobato.'of Puval PCfnm. ,,
embrace and uphold the Union as it i* andS io the weft part of the town. Healohaelotlfor other SOUTHERN TIMBER and PRODUCE,and and iu contents with Theo Hartridn at Jack- County,-for Letters of Administration on too Estate '.-10 B ... ,

ik. ?*'(.. a*it ibtuU' br-ii tk. fall) ,1III. I the aeoommodation of Waronen aad DroPrers. to order for purchasing MERCHANDISE.. soBville.Anj. of uellfJ Lindsay deeeased. executed with
V ,* -S.t MTlT-4. liUUEDITH .'.. 71sf 23-31 I. r.JULLIDA.T. I Jell' leM-fw JAMES LA.TIXD. Joie April.14-31 28-ly.


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if- ".. lrfIJ. L1 I : r. ..I __ I.:... ". .:.,..It.:i.IuII',. j u II.1 ...... ., _. '=_: '--i.t. _,_. "''. .5-,'. 'ft"-" ;'.S,' .
.. .
S '
----0.- .. ., "" .,, ; tf4 "" r, ,,I "
: ; '
.1 I "I i., ': oJ. .' 4', i ', S:. .-:,. '. ..... t'k.. i." .:\; .._.;!,.,\-.;.-I.' ,-i '",:.' "Iii",1'1 ....i.'O i. S-, ',;..,"' -; '...;-J.JI"1i'I'/fJ, !""..' ", .. '-

The Florida news

Material Information

The Florida news
Uniform Title:
Florida news (Jacksonville, Fla. 1852)
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
George C. Powers & Co.
Creation Date:
October 4, 1856
Publication Date:
Physical Description:
v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 62 cm.


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Fernandina (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Nassau County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
newspaper ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began in 1852.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 14, no. 26 (May 15, 1852)- ; -v. 5, no. 44 (May 19, 1859).
Numbering Peculiarities:
Suspended in 1853?; numbering later resumed.
General Note:
Publishers: J.F. Rogero, <1855-1858>; E.A. Papy, 1859.
General Note:
Editor: Charles Byrne, 1852-1853.
General Note:
Published at Fernandina, Fla., 1858-1859.
General Note:
Democratic campaign paper for the election of 1852.

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
This item is presumed to be in the public domain. The University of Florida George A. Smathers Libraries respect the intellectual property rights of others and do not claim any copyright interest in this item. Users of this work have responsibility for determining copyright status prior to reusing, publishing or reproducing this item for purposes other than what is allowed by fair use or other copyright exemptions. Any reuse of this item in excess of fair use or other copyright exemptions may require permission of the copyright holder. The Smathers Libraries would like to learn more about this item and invite individuals or organizations to contact Digital Services (UFDC@uflib.ufl.edu) with any additional information they can provide.
Resource Identifier:
002057493 ( ALEPH )
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AKP5519 ( NOTIS )
sn 83016250 ( LCCN )

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.ttF,0D bubei and corn.b. _I -- I .1 % almiitrstort ... .. ':.11,.. J f. \
pod. to ft- I -- -_- -----------i-- '
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... .- -. -. o. _- "
'. ti _. -- __ -- .L '
jttoai -----j--V---: = r j "jytV" rt'J" ( I I Hrtoklfr

|II I '! JACKSQWLLE, SATURDAY, GGTOBER 4, 1856.. .. it: 1 1i.:. J

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._ .. E
J'romtbe N Y. Yreernsn'aJo raal and CataoU. : I'roaI Q.. ". "l".. -,
-- cr t of in such coun ... .. ,
:'ifY'' ,AUTHO1ITY0 for a ry legation 1 f Rerilter. ," jtw" -.. .. .. f.
Havana ,. ; .
!! ( ,
Jewelry.1I t. ; try. nellflbn an Ptlltlcal TeatI: -
jewelry t rui tttru. .. acted That a .There rtauj._iO.'bDtJ IU Uto t&. ,,
.And be it further ; '
JLOTTEIIT. LAWS OF TUB UNITED. STATES,. I SEC. officer shall exercise; diploma. Were l it not disgusting. U 'wol Id ,amuse presaaptooos villaurr of the.Ko ir-Nbt& !

'VM.[ GUOTIIE, : -, i no eonsular functions. hold l any diplomatic 'corn as to see the..aavsg neis of the conteat ins part j. .TkeVspe 'eatfi cJ'paptai :appear .!

ATCliMA: IiEJt MtI The next ordinary drawing of the Royal Hara SyAut\orityofthe State of Georgia. '. 'SEC... And IM it further cncted,1That respondents tic ,or relation on. the part of tbe that baa 'been" waging' for months between not to,beaitat*oni vbit 4t twi'a Wr- i

\ na Lottery conducted by,<,.the Spanish Ooverninent ; consuls general, consuls i j and, commercial United States with or to.''the 'government the; two knownothiJ1Cpaille on tion of the" jnost ilarinj: od oulragtoo*

AKDJeweller V under the.upln lioa of the Captain Gen. Fort Gaines.Acadeiny agents, not embraced .i in Self dales'B. and. ) in,,to which he ahall be.appointed the subject of lh;f religion of the candidate falsehoods The co adu t ..rh, part/

oraL of Cuba; will,take.place at Havana,, :L'OTTEa.Y.CLASS C., shall Le .entitled as' compensation of :or, country other, countl'1'or :"jjoyern-t of one of them. It was, certainly,' of the brings to,our niad withonwon:, force,

TO TilE POST-OFFICE:)> Tuesday, October 7th,J85G. their Berrices;to' mch' fees as they;'may when or any there. shall hem'such country nature of a farce that an out-and-out know that old Roman maxim ,Aai "who ',tb. .

((5tJT WO*. a lIOrhne.t or.beauti. 19'New Sales., collect in pursuance of the provisknu .of ment officer, of the Uninted Stated', suthorir nothing faction should Have selected for coda wish to destroy,they first ismd'

HiS"hana a rp.Dt.4I JE\VELRY' ofrj the tate" To be drawn in the City of Atlanta Georgia,.jn this act, rcjpectlvelyl -' any perform'diplomatic ,functions,'there.jrinorin their presidential 'eaodida.te'not only:.)the Asa specimen of the raadneai ., .:, ,
,fLon'& lIDJqae.ueb ULD $ S1QOO.rttsNttzero public. Satmrday, September 27."1856. SEC. 5.And be it further enacted, That to unless expressly authorized son of a foreignet,'but one.who until; re ers.of that part/,ire lay'.1Mfor Gr..McletI .
let pel J ; -on the : any case, ; &I 4.
TEST'CITAINS consul or commercial looked by hi* friends the folk> cat from the t1A.aieii.;
CC.Anns. FOB aDd : no consuls general, the President so to do..: cently,' ,upon
.t.\.RtKGS, }'mGEJt.RD"G i' $ $?(.Or41aarle. :_ 'IJAAMPLils491rjkIj tigerit, not embraced in Schedule B.". and C, by" Continued.! 1 and associates u .a .Catholic. The'party cai\ Organ"'ofrubtotyj.: .

BREAST-PINS, &e.' A. V shall, white he hold his office be:J Interested ,.1. *V > ;LT' -. known as Choctaws,. North 'Americans, orantislavery ing Know-Nothing paper of toe. countrjr: } I Ifzisoxr

IIIIJ.ieWiD b, offered attbt loweit.pricw CAPITAL pnizc. 100,00011IPrlte : SWAN, Manager. nor, transact any business as merchant ,. .From the Richmond Enquirer.'.4 v knovnothigsoffered; Mr.Fre- :' TICXR J..t.Yu airJt l p' ,

jirCSfl and factor, broker other trader, or as a clerk, Daniel Barrlngerfor Dachanan and moth their nom1ation aqd\&e formally accepted stated bythe.yiriiia : Q6 l'tl .

jflTCflES &<.< repaired for the warranted.i twenty. of...100.000'' 3 rrin.. o2,000 PRIZES AMOTJNTINGTO2O4OOOU, or other apent toiaiiysuch person to, fromor lion. Hrecbinrldge. it, having avowed 'his sympathywith actually such,a thing as. Fremont! lc1it, .
if.G,"ilia i bil uperienc.-e 1 U H'h..50OOO 2! "..._1,000 limits ,ibis and his 'nominated in i that: SUteTLfofiowins li3d
of of thei principles regularly .
) WATCHMAKER, bttfI within the'port'pl or 'portfonorourspa most purt ,
". .. We surrender
I'raetil'll ... 400 a
ITt at* 1 ,.-.,..20OOO 70 cheerfully
tiPl? i. '! eoinpetcnt to tf v. n- $ .J'wiil consulate. commercial directly to them out if.he_could be elect 'even'as the list : usn>l te.
IIIR'Clha'! be faly I ". ...10,000 146 "..._ 200 or i agency this morning to the able and conclusive >'o o carry -- U- "
lIIiII'lIt' to those who lc>ire to haw their. ''I ...;.. 6Oll 20Approximatwni 7,200 or: indirectly. cither in his own name or letter of the lion. Deniel .Barringer of d.- According to the New York Times, a I save two electors for this State, .t. rD :

lit,skd1 I ,paired in a workmanlike xnsnner.tS' how.Sc. 4 Apprxoimatiomi to the 8100,000<>f(GOO each; be d distributed,according to the following in the name-through the agency of any North Carolina; of the most distinguish 'Fr m.,nt 'paper this convention, which lstdistrictr-Chas.AT.Newlon of Taylor.

barwl :9Od watdiei and which now out, of 4 .t$400 to 50,000 .4 of 6100 to $20,0001 4 uf ,MAGNIFICENT SCHEME! t other person ; and if appointed after thii' of that State and late Minister thus nom nated'Mr. Fremont,was compOsed 2d :'* ...S* nulden of Ha rfSsoiilJohii ,
ant r orm well are 8200 to 810,000 4 of$200 to $5,000. .d Whigs the .Ararican It S.Bariist Marion.
., do pe whose ; shall take effect he shall, in his official Filuaore'a of those who kbolttd from :
efclUn Mr. Grothe net Mr. administration !
xfI will. *Pet!to to piy" Whole TlckctaS2O; Halves $1O ; !, oooo, Numbers-15,185 Prizes. bond, stipulate, as a condition tberc,not to Spainunder (know.nothing'national,council and. nominating 4th ct' B.W.Carathers- -oOlenon-* J *t "

pmi.n arll"'JIO n"lDlMlfor lila opportunity to tenthflkl Quarters S5. I, Prize of. .. $40,000 is . $40,000d to'violate' this prohibition ; and if appointed ; convention in .Philadelphia,, by : ,. gaha. .4>

.r.O...ilk-e. to the itiBcni rf thia piseeSD4UakIRi4T Prizes CAtbed at sight,at 5 per cent Ulscount do. r. 10,00Ois.v. .10,000 before"and retained in office 'often thisact.'shall ,' WHITE ,SULPHUR SPRINGS, VIRGINIA" > reason of the admission therein of delegates ..If,UJ' :, Job Cnbtree pt [.'... ..' fr

for the liberal patronage hitherto CilU on all eolrent Banks taken at par. 1 do. . .*. 10,000.-.l0,0oo take effect he 'shall, within' such -August 6th, 1856, J representing a Roman Catholic constituency .,6th : "Abia.lom'OeorpotrJt.,.

4ov4 ell V.m, and h. hope that by adefcr- A drawing will be forwarded u-'soon as the *esntt 1 do. .i'. .' 5,000is4 ', .'. 5,000 the, President shall Dear.Sir:-Your-note addressed to me thus taking the most decided positionas r 7th ", Wm.L 'or MonbngaUa,
ofIJulyUly \ known. : . 2,000is.i.,1.,2,000I reasonable time as pre -
.iaatioe to pleue aDa be will merit. a continuing I I'ir foome.Coinmnnieations addrrrsed to DON ROD. 1 do.do. .'. 4.' 1,000 U .....:.,. .. 1,000 scribe, enter into a new official bond with at Charlotte, North Carolina under date anti-Romart Catholics, and 'still, maintaining ',8ta:, ,". James>T.Mclver. o(&IouVth .

tMirBdtlK't I'al"nl" R1HKZ: (care of City r-o ist, Charleston S. C.,) 1 du. ... .k. I 1,000 is f .'. .,.-. .1.000 such stipulation as\ a ''condition thereof of,lSth ult., and forwarded to me b'treha.J. that position.',' Yet, as if to'illus- \ Isaac .L'asoda of" Hamp* '4

Court Eastern Circuit of FlorIda until the 7th of October will be attended I.,. 10 do. . ... 200is. . 2,000 and if any uch'consul general, consul, or !just been"received..' That delay in its reception trate how: utterly profligate in principle .' .' .hlre./". Yfl i .

li Circuit' lor Columbia County. 100 do. .. ... lOOis..f.jlO000APPIt conimercbl agent shall violite such l prohibition I has perhaps'rendered ;an answerunnecessary. know-iiothngisra is, and how necessarily 10th James B.Kee of Pendle ton.

tLet E.Davi. Charlff M. Kolb,} FOP Sale xuIA+ls. ; he shall be liable to a penalty there-; I .'.' .;I:ut a respectful regard for self-stuHifYingv they take as. their candidate -. llth ti'u ,Joseph Kely| RosselL'
Led Jowpb A. Fanninr, 4 AflProx\malioul'rim\ of S2 00 are .$300 for the use of the United :tates- equal yourself and the gentleman- who.jned' in a'man supposed to be a Catholic. 12th: :" Hiram Rigra of Scott." .

xtrdalnl.lra4mr nod"the nune of KillinChan&ry PIlE subscriber Laving moved from Jackfj4 4 If'11 100' are ...: 400 'Iti for.amount to the 'annual 'I compensation the request.,.urge me lo reply to. your' inquiries Haying selected such a'one for their candidate ;Uth E