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OviLiss. :t. 15.-The P.iiiwi A UHLLELANU, wntK., then fTery eveni.ktt tiuiu cr ) Uffic* at *Aliiratcr. contains tru ; .
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1riatkkpf4rvtt ClIAS.ll OAMPFIULD, U" 9 HI iuHti tu aiuuturr july 7-ly I beret.y e rtify, that the above CKMKALUAILKOAD ) ,
arrival% of the 6..ftle tu tU.
ih be A.
Nor lunotia-i FU.S Cled in office, a <
order my
.sck.4nvte, -
: CAN 'VA, jf the original {
UISUEt 4 I'r.xs wh.Ui; miy ije drawn Je.kniilIe. McQueen Alclntmh.SY copy FLA, July 12, ISM.
*L irn M15LACK, Allipainr. Fla.Caul cjoldul \ng 9 O-etn st n<>ar H*v. from Uio ties of thw Court
(hundred *ni i nmcty j4Twjti ptr ah- L. }1 R l'\TIUWOrI>, Ileaufrtrd. P. <*. I'liriUu-tf iu buyii nu wilt PU taca.tun> il! quantity of draw- AT LAW, appears P SCARBOROUGH, rUE St.vkh.hIer of the Florida, AUamtie ctI5p.l

L. WltNS, Lu,; zery Jy S. s, MOKE, licputy Clerk that a suth iuatatnient of five per cent. spe.ib
.(iibta.nm oilier I'nze CHA1 W. iowx1G has b..a eaUvd la
further by the iUTlicrc tic. St Marys, G* ., Ao. 2-eg. AU ts th *ett kits culnu; n''nO. 'I. 4. 6, 6, are j lUCa'OT aiaCHCTT. I June 23. 153C-4.ii_ Ca j ooi*of L,for Company the fifteeewf .4pgust asat., .

i*Juile aii
rj> in. rapJIi nurrvu Icrcd uj the rets- LostB j L. j Jtfiuc-u'jpr t&ai ciery 1'rize is draw aud Ig's.C. AT LA\V, Ua Iur C.<(.t.abla county G. C OIBC3,

njof the In iiiktau*. and tltc H-.\alis.lrirniif IIau.tau dl fu. wti.ut ly.iu'ti"n. im- OREW. William 11. Oil'.iiacd. Sidney S. ] See'yLTnrasiar.rFA.iO.C.LLco.
sal Jark.S'in.ille T A.I Prizo. <>( SI.UCU uud unit, 13D and JMl. and Alligator Advertiser ylta
tiflM.uT tTu mtil all (4 M;ics Pri e i ( Jatnes UiUiland, puilkaa
<.1IJOjtjt.:; jTWEE tue ii.-u-c the diMuiug-uthur Prifss at the for Claims UuwU,
"li ufar I
Itietwior soitil Cafk.i PALLET c' nid 8) tviy Nonce.ALL Agents \ Kxkob. copy
Iwf tU-d or diaUx-U-d CItjZt iuI. a .t
time vf tuirt.v days Bill for
i.1 aihittfc !nm all 14J11.tb thai halt rablj s-u.ed *q4 WuTB, (oiitntiu FTwpuJy 4e.n yr u.uii All coin iunialioiu) strictly coufi|ectiilThe perwois are hereby forewarned from L tra- 400. SFTCXTlt STREET, Merchants ac-l sur\ivinscopartne tbe of!, | Forecljsunof Notice.
frivealy name
ul ttmaainonj Note of han< under
iMKrf iq iaii4ey. i be furw fded tu purchaser* fur a promifory CITY.TTILL using awl t'*hug
"tniffcctcd mdicatr* a pcm-ral .eqsit.- iravrp uitiuber* will his wife I WASHINGTON ..
wUub ffM a X'ate for anty.tvtauiadtt the drawing the svtNH-rilrr to Henry Ileese (or tiIliljad', ll.melliCo.rt. is hereby given that applieatifl\
ttnwanj mbrustMun under U'1J..ELI ii ybJe tu L. M. Sc4fborom'i r teie iuitneduttly alter S25Q.I'ruo d*> not r nuiu, !>er) for th* *uin sum of Qinety-'Ix practice lefore the Court of Claims, andY 3lurtgigsDenjamb NOTICE ( ta the l..egistatre ot the State {

GriM tniu.ty is maa>ffSU'4 W to his j ropimnieofj Uevl! anj datvd at >cwt4UTirie. Tue uudrr Fiuhets blU-llahcs %.5-Quartcf or Seven l-Ilnra, and dated souiexime about titi \\: prwccut Claims befurt Congrtsi ansi the I 0 Thrunton and Stephen ana Florida, at iu neit jcsion for a Ckartcr for tk.

,,licv, of vhtch as jet iiwtliui; will be suitably% rewar4 4 by lc*ring toe sus Tickets cashed or renewed hi chtr lit, let of Octotier or first of Xo> tuber, l SQ AUf i Sb ccii ilopartvnentsHcrr.ur.NCES. E LMvu, Charles M. Kolb, and Partition of Florida, Savatnah sd CLarUston Steam Pack cCoaapany. '
with Thu. H rtn4ce at Jack. either uffioetJllhAT tnke notit-e, that I bh-i.ll nut Joseph A. Fanning July 19. 18ML
Mkn) ;n. .It u icjiurted, huwci.r1 that and its contents, eta at CLl'IV*. er.'Mis will ple i* the LazsLo. _
KhUCCTHS 10 unlrfs iiunpelled by law. stiLe consideration Merchants trad.t.R under nape .
)ie will cotiriliatf U.e. i 4 tiimi t.t.> unvilU S. F UALLIDAY. ijvrintecd tu pay said note bis failed.OVVEX Kolb A Fanning, au 1llrixule oTicc, %
Tickets are it Davw
23-31 one-bulf the fur whkh win given cf ,
From France U* Uu-H ; of ir.U-rcst Agg A will snl Certifites of l' PARKER- [Ion. J MOBTO. t:. S S. MAIWILL, II. R ? H. W. Andrew J'PUE months after data appneatiom .31 hi m a4
1 A E. SIX
"""" |T'' tf tien iVIicttcr to aIHAedora rrAw we udd aud even numbers,) attto Miuw- Little River, June 30. 1S5S [July 5-Jm) Hon. S. Couiplai.ants m this cause, having thiJL > the lion. tbe-Jndg of Probat st.IS.ys
Tukets S.
10 ( U dIke
For Sale lion S. R. MAU.ORT, filed their liill of Coinj-U'.nt, and it appearing County, fur a final discharge a* AdauaMtralrijt
au4 a ruqmr b3t tlc Kiuptrurttiufleriug mtei- lion E. C. CAICU., Florida day nt.sU t
tug draw over the amount L.i Hl; % TAIiLt : the affidavit of \VHUam 11. Gilhlaud. Estate of William S. Itoaaldjoo, ate
tpiHal J teaiv.Ilaliau All th it the 10 Tickets Xew York.Mewr I-Iauts
ntj4ur a. PETTE
BROIME i of ii'I pe'en
&ht ati| s
Meisrs. lain inU
aflair* JO CuJifusiun and well know ['tall t.t tion, gujranteed.atxruc* to the imrcb uer J.U.AJ. A.CAMPS544bk7O one of d.i iI com j this atite to wit L. DOSALDSOf,
are Jft THAT ot 10 \ Tickets, $60 'P11E: sU1)scrlhCl' will 1 keep con reside beyond the miU"f ; 1 "
of Patkago >
wrtngtmeiit, und tWrc are nu I Ittr aceuunu ly II. U4Ifl41sQxST., antj situated Certificates.4 10H.if JOAddrc good HORSES July 23-ly_____ the raid Defendant Ecnjiram rt TUrootoq, at Jaly 5.1956-S.a Admiawtratrtt-

that are cltriy intclli'ililo.! It Uj A.MKL1A I&MNU. VL\-, $4 .1 ICI Qu.rer 'I 4- startly on hand a supplj.of furnished ii. c. BAimrTn V. Ai.t.xAtDEB.Vhu1ealt Dahlana, in |&a State of Ge-irsia, the said Da- *
f ES ta lei. r. olb and |
j Irporieti tint Fiance nrtQvii tratc with Six i miles (nun tie Rut Ra. d Lie pot, coutatr.inK *s or lert for Tickeu, or Certcta, iii and any LUGG pxrt of the! country. hones boarded by the ll.tt1U.TT & .tLExAaJLIt: fenlaot4S phea E fc.nw the city, Chance of Auo.M 'U l in tl Notice. i ,

Mruinn in t\w of Austria. Acres nt Land, 250 uf wu'uh are uncut lUtu- Packages of Tickets, either ti single feed, day week ur UU>nt!' liy uioJcrate Hetail Dealers in Joseph A Fanning u} said !>fcndant Hercules ATOTICEis hereby given that apylictie- $ ,
BOO (Ja. t.nd l fke <
SWAN 4 CO Atlanta, io gain a \ Stale oi peorgi-s >
cultiritUOR tb.Legislatsv.milheEta,4
Denmark and U proparin* t<- 5V! acres are uidcr AAM'L mid ptrwtnal attfiitioa heh' Baltimore in IN be made to
pruiKmcs tls rcmtinit'i charges of
i' ujr the pot oumuiaud.n; the Suund mock,;producing, Cu | a.t. Com Jfj AJ aa uiy be or S ?>\VAX.SI uit omerv, AU Agent. .4qo c-f patron.ige fclubU on AJ iua'., Groceries. Provisions, Tobacco, ly. \\n-ircws cf MryUnd in. (Therefore he city on iniition tf Florida, at its next -cession for a C&artorte.T t ft
iloillLLAX lotsfor Bank
nil TilO.MAS lie shu has the State JaoksonviU te be called t
Oa it are ne.esurybufdmis tl ti.145) bank at
LEr&nees acting.iKrtiit it u stated, wuUie Ly Lbs pr >eut crup or fl.' ia the cot pill C Kail" $ic. Eiar, Solicitor Sir said Ccnain.
Jick4onvde, IK
Litinstwi 19 *
aJuce of Jtuiia., For particulars) p j.Iy| W me at >"e w- auj9A the accuniRiodatiun of \Vag'.ncrs and iJruPter uX. Se irs'', Liquors, Felix it U ordered, ad Defend.nt* 40 appear State of FlorkU. Jaly ,.

? tutnsville U U- Uerriu.u. ar, rast-I ng oa the not 17-Cui MERL'MTU EAR At the corner StneIEED'S ants, before tbp (rat M.>nJiy '
t.r Jr..AILlb& nAiifc; CiiCa.I ( L'tcUi4u..ith1s. ; ant answer tu stud Dill Vg or
iicctlonOtLriNs. flcurszs1 WlT. .WAUWSUN. Aguet.- liuiXew '*.ork&e, KXCIIAXGE, in Nmeu.Wnext, or a prve pro -unf'tsuwi For Sale
tr sell inli- For rhiiidelj FLOIUPA.KEEP .I be tikta aoicit them. Aq to
tu;. 15.-I *rti;l 1tqrns The or lersijncd pr"| <;s to JACKSONVILLE. of this order be made in
tht publication
irom 7, xas indicate at) iqcrcaspd llcra cra DAVID II. GALLOWAY, 2 I4&L8j. or a Cu.i.p..U at a n.uloraUpi. .lac,, l Savannah cinisUntly ca h.m4 full supplies cf de re4.cewsp-'per pulluhed within the Eastern HAT well known Plantation . < mime ,
aud t>b e.>fy terms, all bin iyigw Charlcajoii a their hue, wb>U they are alwjy* week f.i four months,
)ooty.ISauyJJoMton. AND UEALEHIN e side utiLe m Circuit of lorbU, on:e a Jon the St. Johns River, caHd Skty TaM,
MANUr'AOrUilEil both
Tb nlarms
\\ebieru Buburbn of tue Citx, vu I t"i v i:s. Jt ttiO tuocst bi.irkef rates. tbo iai bein to eiivalint al.'si STMAMS i iu f und| rf ion.-etutirelyrvuuu tt> four hundred and tfty aerw, not sOn ricsi.
iaay : prepare TAUILTV Of inroad nttd Ro4d, uul CASH Apti19 .outainiDg
EVERT R S3rMIE tirlueiiuty w4 .nbicbuuae.
arJ Steerage wru Xoretuber ucit.G'ncn then U a an*B
** f life. oeiucun .iOJ an>t 4UO : Cabin Passage SiO ia tf the premises
? frpnaft *> priraic ] Common and Fine Candies, this Kmc't Loud be at Chwl'erj, tV* the eighteenth day oecesxary out bulidsag., fee 2
) cau with etery
2'rurutcd, a junbiuter or I.ur.unClI ''.. k well known first elasJL > ( Gibbs June, A D. IS3G.WILLIAM. Too Ian Jj are first rate BJMMMck,
blUED e*, & G.
Xt-gr f-umly.
cuLv1rIhIn Eltrilou--120OO Dem.ilc. lc wt effectually the hat dan p ( us.l oy tbe Ut of OcUbcr next far the whole Steauwhip*. KEYSTONE STATE, A FORWARD, large letre-J, about o e isndrs4 .rej, the Maac.
tfsrauteil to in ptyuient :
', .. %iiI or Merubanduo Ukeu GEORtilA. Capt J JliAuviv Judge k. For particulars apply U
js. Or'
; climate.Corner ha :
uf Souttiern tu the uujcr.-jii- STATE uuclcarcd :iin
attnoe-tiore Fur 1astLu.r. apply ; Jaek nville tie above is a true copy
LINE that
urpant. WEEkLY certify B.flUkflSAsat.
.Tbe .TT of thc 15th Eti-t of Mr. Hill boreafter fxrui a I busty
Journal icneiuci.t
lm'mgtuq tin\\'htiqker Streett, .1 ut bis rts.Jouic, Lt SATURDAY. filed ia ofiie, as appears
Brtiiiiftil'Hi JUS S lAkUt loPHlLADFLPUIA, .uUog EVERY OF DEEDS of the ungn.! or.ler. lay July I2th. lS56-tf. J.ruoaTiUe,fU-

; b.\VAXN.\H. .GEO.; J.icVt. Pr to Jcu'L. U.Aug UULI. altrrnotely, from AV.tN.mAU and : from the file of tins Court.S .SCARBOROTTJI .

VVe'are"ju now in the receipt of a let- is also in the conUoqt ,rt eipt of drieJ IGth 13oS3t.T1E C11AItLTON, as follows will: tail frorp SAVAXNA11 FOR TilE STATES orVIRGINIA Clerk Ciriuit Court Col.Count*. For bale or Urf.

w.Irota a distul.i.iM) i Inciid which pmMm HE iiuu 4*, fJ'cb 149 u3ct4: to the Tie KMSTo.NfcSj.4TE Clerk. Imt aafl 4
Fruile, -Jll Jo Saturdays; 4UJV! l3-n, Aut liy S. S JuGbE, Deputy good Wag'ia and a small *
following A
J..isaieri u Lao CAROLINA.
tie piHtKekiiMi of the rp-tilt in 7i o-njn- 1'uUio a.t rpwoutb.e cite fur uxiug vi ] o-j.irtuerbIip liertUiforpeiutin under 2d and I6lh, September Clb and 20th. V, jvuj ETTS, orrti CAKOLIXA, Ju'e 23, IB96-4m. fX brisk pair of Mules; a jean sad pall.

itt:! winl.m 10 cuuiit'u-s tu te. hi aid well to g'I M a e4l. teuzt,4.ActIb u charge. ue n.iuic of Le..e ..b.ue i Jiucgnu U tuis gust lbiladcIitna tUa altcrnola Satur
--...., Ii.i -uilI r.rIIl. bJ- -. i* aliar. delivery at UtdroaJ: dir f have l l il"tc I > tla busineri of fjHuw.o Saturdays L : July ti1x.vLtANIA. a; work. Alao ferSaI1te4.,
Ve nwill any
a(4ioII 11,750.; > r j u.pti 1 meg. uj CHARLESTON the ; SACLEU. .thcr bandy
1it4 LI:|) KMI;> to b fr :u ufib Tt 1bsiIiifl cuuzitwsihi4 the uou.rn Titu null -I *
citix.uu TEXA ten ta
the baildian
!IZlE undersigned returns tbauks to the Crui. nil) t e presented fur h1.yweut. itb sod VTttt. Leavuig Philadelphia al2ti ; JIClSTOSH J } sow 20 5r 4U denraU* "
%$ 1ZubidVFabl giibcnt 4 JocttDuuville iiuisurruuu4iug country (or JuEl'i1 alternate Saturdays.q utlce. 1BARJ36|( of C-nipUmt Lajms been filea" j jj'.:western suburbs of the city. .. .

sihl i'# c fr.q are the liberal ).atruutgs t> .kiwe-i up .o bun daring JO tHl ullVEll, } i4rcngtb, upced and acwmmod-itioiw,these .S.E05TWICK would re.pectfully IhJi'ciKse, and it appearing upon die proo Appu at ilr. CORK'S CotUe'ru
Chh,1ee. Iac'm, Jck.igi W* 'LjV !>* bis stay amount taetn, aiaJ rmpeotfuliy lutVirui Zzeeutor<>f J u Ue>ieLla*, dec4 are (sly e ual t>> any un the coast of Jaeksout tile and it* vii said I'efmJint is K uiin 'r soil a resident o Ppt. J.wtIWJscooviUe

bi ; T3rrt1, ) ylti Si4 Ua ton.he Uietn. tuat ue ts eold bis staJi U Mr .1. E.inu-1} Jacksonville, August 2, JfcSti. H; IG-'l In..nJ bip; nafiyuatiou, lOt uiiUsou leiaware liner into that tu the having citizens oj>ened an office in the iUguenai4allery that France-It b ordered by the Court thai uutice o Jua 21FACTQltf l83O2m.k'r.tsr .

I IJT& be j uuftteS Iwt cuuute4 ;' ; autp! U and JJay j tpo flight* At soo.i uity, on, For yth street,'rill attend to sIt br n the institution of thUsuil: I.e published in sou; .
I W4ieh1411 G.v. lkszgs eztjar ? OTSCii.TIlk LA\VI01f ALEXtN L, Niagara Falls the Lakes aod Canada thee of DENTiSTRY, in the mutt sjurui4 au< newspaper it sikl Circuit fut the fpac-e Le ofsiit t Thozi'po .. 4cOMMISST0N
or duly p
lVZo Muiilguuiery wa tHCluued.Pwiptje ; t.siaer C.'IL1NA, (Of tli* UU Firm of \V. i. L H TOI Co) ? zgwrkT 'It iIEAVk.sT IWLTL'. careful umuucr.IV days-**l Q Couir Uibb Limn. q 'AYD
witbou iqtercst '
lIeSi IU ) pate 524 ni j-.rity fur :Pit1 '(icr th. 2&thiu.t. willpet for return tew Sea tsktiid unJ UphmtJ Cutqii Three dues both couue.-t uf Ptiilit-lelphm with Kenes aching teeth Destroyed ulot.2-2in points d' i a:ijliau required ad tq -a'.paar ill p4n.uus, plead and an M E1tCR4 S
hsii a h'crely
Will be i
Piry.;: 1| '- in tlate countiittioutati'L uu utr rc'.t tnjit, but p tie Great XorbVMtcrii R4ilro..U. Kuute tbru'to pain d eye itLin sixty! dsyn51IsMAng fl'
gam oiu. auj3-cf and Kicean .the cud EiH ol Cutaptimt f Adger .N q.1
updeigo IIMUII'h.Me.pUm. swor
c-rdp tu lluffili 1G liour
weeks n will Li
WITh L atteit making in 19 Nt.4r Fcl'i or | CENTREL. TA the Jal hereU/uf the s.i.a.e hilcssia.s.c.rain's ; .
ii ttj ItO .
lbrou< t44aeth y praiIcge -
th Li 'p 12.12C, fruiu which Status JtrsIid's S.Ue, 1uitbjul.a&J: 'ipriuediatpoiuu LINE takpu: as : a.riustaAT t .
United ut } FORWAED.Jal .
chants A.
it ih1 LunJte Ftizwa<iig not Try 1ff than unc of 14a5 f'u'a iu aaranu.iu Ccart.J .
uut uf -
'totes. It wil) zg iu.a.TIvcuI WI.TIke ujJcr BY United virtue i4 Mates aa itri.t iecuiioa Court isuc4 fur too Xunh- \ liXCllAXtiEf; srRKIT. L'u ricatoii, fur *.u l'uc Ly to'Xu tbp ara or LulJ'ato:, $:.'$, tu rnoi ALHGAlOKi OPV aol FLEM1NGTOX>EWXASSVILI.EMICA to OCALA P fcANl EEsOS: ,Sulssitcr. M)1J LhMIe.Zait,3 h
> a
12,000 reqdered 1 U4>e itl Atlanta tt'haif S.1i tu CanJtidaiau I,VJ7.AKd'Lsat .L1 ? aUJlail. OTICE tsrebj gir
I>tetrM ouit'ri1s,and to ne An" > Eiuiira, ; wrryioi tie lW.e
Theodor JLsrtziis.s4
evil ifiui-wcokly, June
Democratic cajoriy iii thp ei.1a.1Ibr au.i will csj ke for sal| at public cJIAIJ4LfILIlI. K C. liuiupelptjia, UbUU.N A MARTIN.Ac.4at.&ia44..I. with TALLAHAsatl IN .z.t.reiifltby .
levied IHNI, iUL&LIL anJ ct-uacctin; unlay Lht ssa nnt I.e'r.trdge
ba. .. ( Ti'n.
50 outcry tu (lie liigUeot bidder, at JacksuOVllle UIMUO u, tupC wit. S. LAWTO.V, J TUO ALEXANDER, t..i G iil'DD.b and JACKSONVILLE STAGES at ALLItiATOR 1355Fotic.: bunny Tmw.inua. is tLa day 41aoi .
7s1 County, io tront uf tbe Cuuit ji 4uut 92uiOy 4geatsatCPisrtasLon..T.T and with TAMPA ami PALAJKA aTA.UE t .-
ieuatoral at tbe usual h<>ar 'it : vQ4snnt :
gid .I
'tylilg K UOvtuber ,
u. -
t y JaeksovKK* 91V
r: the FuUiitb.t of tWfina at .
:The-se question ia thus alt wervd b ate,the (-.ibs iu doriuod Loud said, the kzuiItitMJ h.sojieIly .4Luiflj.t4ItoA-.i l iIt I weeks aftf r 44lo" application, will be read The owners announ.-e that they are Stages rnnntnji o(; T IJ. I'I>tno LOP P.irf.ier&i bcrcty i.f DCXLOP sattled The Ba bj Theuwiurs oeJ Uartndgsa4 wt b .* .

be .Mimny Argus: uf Jubu rti A buuiiueriit toe rutner% Uti-atufy liuk .f FairaeU, S. Urix -, tie {irtt Jli-nJjy in Anp..' unit, I will U tie lion the Judge of Probate rati ot the l u.a Estate and will continue to run,eoiutorublo of I'musengerLVR1tiUI WILLIA). JiS or the'aSfahacr *.rtj Cru> properlmi av.! by bmnsca Issawgagssiaaz. .
uifar>> 'f AamiuU JD ou the iitcwniuml-Hum ouuundinc. at 1SO4 .
ir bit auuut'AJ.ktu offer tor sulo nt toe C, bit il 'i.t. Juorut 12iVIH.k C*>uui> (,.r ctteti thkc line fur rmj paying The business of tb.*
ui amummg any p
'cI1tun h of the whig U UM tt S -
premier : Qua to tau L .aiJT. debased t4.onn ; t Timatuu, and b* .
ot lleary
Uu' Ulon/ia
Jd sod .M ntl the C.V ptoperty rattel ty Ucary .
aituited MI guiMui, A. AI.ig&tor.L. Uellver up s :
ivii, yut* or
the Seitate his drcUrei his b :iliw t UIO.5 ur < JAML5 J ATIMER.I.AM ; i t .
iitu Uit in Na 5. lJtrtJl will be require $
4i.t.'ei.d Juiy
John lliveiBy l'c.r funk, u W iiliaws, hmcnhuaawa.cuGn
dl fulUt*si &urlu by M L t4te cf l.5(4 LLIURUL the firm, 10 C. VIEO.UARTThI. .
4 1Mb I'40'** an4 Fithiu re. Kvcrctt an Jw aui .w.A Creo 1u.tiitba.4 a..uls1mDi41g .dU dbJ stJuliLS G.uutiec, I.r the Ix--cfit of tbabeirs > WAUKANTs.E Ar ti at ewuauviltc. account to nid L II DnuUr-, &r the urns, at ti au.' lG-3t ;

>wt *tand i rt Irum the wngsuf Ma* to lit. 2. IJ-1JdeJi4. tud creditors cf s.d J*.tuj-ed 1i741r.Ler. UM-EltelO.NEl> will pq CA811- f JOHN LEA. scissor ujciser tf iLi aria. tINTT241 ; '

Mauwptt*. bwiator* 1't-arce and 1'ratt, 1 E L. liLACKUL'UN, U. S. Ma .hUOLO JC11X X I'OXS, .1. LAM> \VAIUOlAME. i i Ageut etits.. JnIy 13, *-t- t.. ?. ptWP. : \l\lM \

.4r-Urylandl, hit. given ia their aJb si'iu u J., Vcutv, ,Mnini.tratr E't.1cicr .'oiIlc zo.se1. *'.I-tf jro M feI't -3.pu -F

:c2tu* ff sttir 1ijawin of LuiiipAb. & .. ,Juc la'b, 1S35St. --s

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i:' ::3tTIt; 1eZJt The following progressive arc the people. FOR A MARVELLOUS AGE 11! I II IlIolloway's ffict. lilOki,
J supplementary resolutions ] iiifii'
iv Convention" The Ve- an fr lob | itots
$QiWkbf the Baltimore Convention, ] in relation to the Kan5as-Nc.- m tlsvorfte resort 'tlarajj still

ilirV"rcafljrurrd.-nien follows : I braska question, and the foreign policy of'Ih.many propnietol, ('PnI17 n t WI1,.

II KetotfeJ; :.TKat the American Democracy the government.I COUNTING 33 iAI | No. 3 Sammislock, Bay-st., Northern getmikinan, ant' L.Ising wits hi

plac* their tipst in the ntclli ence. tlio I And AVherci Since the foregoing drcla- I anti the.fl.s. ,
Florida: '
Jacksonville t hese bidsitetnents
L .. ptttfepip and the" d-scrimhiatlng ration I 1856. tietl.erj thel,
; justice i wits uniformly adopted by our pro- j 1 to p'tyi' their aat. ,
: .jtlie.Atneriean !people.verrpanl. | di-ccMorit in National Conventions an ad- y tiilAiken thispnhng.i patrons. wiW itij l3t t

Re k F'Ihtt tlila ns a disftiitftre i \erne Jiohlical( and ivligiou* test lus been T4iTr- I i a.' nell known Cut In'
4 tiE tIrt of our creciUvhich arc 1 fceucll.v orpmizid by a fi New Spring (I w'91'd bt w.ce.t.: SJi.tdn
party' claiming to I ._-_._ v'tmmuirsi( Ca it,
? rnitb> inulahi'Ufi! the \voiIJ Us ) __ 4o1'4iffld = iL-TtLZArT)
as a v&rlu&ivily Americans, and it u proper ---- 1956. : ( ) TtBr.!.
? gtCt'iIOa1I! clement in a form rif; government that the American Demociacy bliouM clear : ., ai ..,-. i 't''eare now proIt.tIMh Lz'ocs lmeettheilote7 Ihag ,;
I J Jai.
$pringmg Irom and J Ointment. made jj. ; Horses can be plikured
upheld Ly a pop ly deline its relations theieto ihcref.ui' 5' I
: j 4.
J.tN V. ) J ::3' 4 5 JtLY -l I; tt\ \ ; B Uiculty. u.kLtTcrc1jau
; ; ular-will.and wo control it with tie j jfcWrec/, That the foundation of this > I extensive arranc- _. 9 10 lllli''. I 61 7 8 iOIlM2; : pared execute, at ; -
creed *hd; pntcticu of Fotlerali, under union of States* having been laid in its )I THE GRAND EXTERNAL IEMEDY.I .,1 ?& !U'14fcO' 1516; <17lltli: >

wha1eTcrVatne ir form \\liicli Kvks tu j roFjierity, ion and i meuts for the execu 2 71 22-23124 23'26' 21 22(23242326292U31( ,tL shortest notice,
cijan cxttuiplt ; the niil __
I ply the tote of the constituent, and iu free p'Vermueut, built upon entile : little openings nn the surface uf onr bodies. j 27 2S jyVJO'Ul' 4 1 27128 ) -:

which conoetvca I religious conceiu. ; 3! 4t 5)) ?! P &!'T. ; 5| C! 7aui4 oral "assortincst 'of PKY COOPS, at their :
: $ fur.U pt'puUrciTdulily.Kttolved. i' und no respect ol i-eroons in regard; to j i kin, ia carried to nay organ ur inward jiart. I>is- t ion of 101 1 1 12 1314 15 1C' 10 I I l ; 15'16o! store, which, FOP. CASH, thy wilt aei i as cheap ; 'J'' !I? HOTEL t* now ei .a f t1 -,.

a therefore, That "entertaining rank or place of birth, no party cm justly j ia'es ur the Kidneys, disorders uf the Liver, affections 1 t7cISt19.t)1h1223I: ) 1'aniflilcts, as any other Homo ia the country. They hnve ciHloroen. The aodersJgn U.ettena

these views', 'the democratic party *>f the he deemed national!, constitutional, or in-J I 1 Abtnuio oftho heart nud, lufl.imuutinn Cold uf its the Lonr; 1 Job PrIatIn' adopted the principle of "Small I'rujilt anil quick .1 tht lie baa (ho ability and posi.4451,4
II Coughs arc by means cffoctuully 1't.lurn nml invite the attention of the' P\iMic 15115 l1atrii. the yery be4
-,- 1 ,
Uulon.llmrtiphthX'ir I Min'nArinul
delegates ntscmhledio accordance with American which -
cured. liousMife
knows that rait will
Every ,
j| guarantee to th.
I to cxawinit'.nB of their Stock before purchasing travelling
SEV'T.Ocr'n.. an ; put.l
.fcncral Cdjij-eution of-tht Slates, dmvciilrg i i inset: it ecluive organization leliiois pusae freely through Lolie or meat of thick- attentio&ofthose his House
f upon ] any j 12 13'i:22'2J ncss Cards* elsewhere. In il mill Le found the following,with patrom1iz the best ta,, lust
topctlicr, in a spirit' of concord ofdervtion ; opinions and accidental bit Ot place. I I nets. This heating Ointment far more re-tdily 1t6.h7tS'l92O212'2' .1115 l6l7118j19Id1 many ether article too numerous to location : uhhe.l iii tbrity. The Merch.i5 Uti ea
to the doctrines an.l laitli of That with penetrate* through any bone or fleshy part of the wishing Printingdone open under his man "
a we reiterate renewed energy j 232&27 28124)1 ;- : 24 25 2G 27 .laItla.ards, DIIY GOODS.) gemeut snot .? .! !
free reprcfeeutative mid i of the well considered 'I Living body, curing tbo mobt tlaugcrvus inward t __ he hope by strict attention to nV '4
declarations 3C'J-30----
goennnciit, ajialing purjKi c JJOJ31 : S s
!* |* to their fellow cilizi-ns for the ivc- 1 .
p titude of their intention( renew and re- i.--ue of d I l3.1115'l617Iltw;, t213l4l5l6IIh1; : : $ Hand Bills I
asfterl Ijeforu the American ) ople the ; ._'Co remedy ka* ever dIlule SO much for the cure 421 ))2JI94 25 6 19 20 2l'22:23,21: 25 lawns,
ofpiinciplcs avowed l by them, ;' \\c may) more distinctly meet the issuo on j of diseases of the t-Uin, v'bitte i-r form they tuayI Terms InvariablyOrders 2723; 29 301 U -| 22S93O31- Ilisicry illnguoliabr.ArtllSTlAE.EF.

.. whenW, former oecal'ii. in general couuitivnf winch u sectional party, subsisting exchisiiely j I OFhumc. HI Ibis Ointment. No caes cfSalt llbcumScurvy 1av.,-.. _!_!..... i j1 2| sIXov'B.! !_ -- _.-...-. 1 Show Kills, Skirts jot

j \ !liey* pnewnled tlivir candidates on slavery agitati-'H, now lelies tote > Sore Ilca.U, Scrofula, or i>yMi!>laj, cat !:.:C.tSII.-Ya Il 4! 5'' 6 7! s! U'lOi118,19,2021 2 3'' 4; r t 6 7, 6 Kills of Osnatiirghs Pla'uls ,
lon Mithataiul its influence. The inventor has 1Lt2l1t1il5l6I7| ililOll 121314 15lG Lading Ticking, .
fbr tlio |oputar ufl'raget >t the lidelity of the people, North and ;
travelled over pnrtsof the gLobe! vUitin ,. from the 22'2J24' 1718'1D'202122! Mu'1tuito Xctt, Rihfcotw.As 1lra.l liiii Ctltilj.4IhliC11t
1 That.the federal g vcrnnicnt is one of Sonth, to the Constitution and the Union. many ; ; T has 1ee
? liberal the principal lioriitJa| : pcu-iiij this Ointiueut, |2M2t; 27tS,293O3I j 32l252r! 27t&2'J Hills o1 arc, WIsalcChecks.Ikine, anti Ers,
derhed bulely from the Hesolccil Thai with I Ihorommgy renovate.!
powers, j claiming fellowship during the
'I giving advice as toils pplicJtioii, suit ban the Countrywilibe JCXE..I 1 3 41 Bj IT 7 |JO-- Linens, \ iat
Constitution, and the grants of power 'and' desiring the co-o|>eration of all who been the mean of restoring cuuutlesi ouiubeM to 8. 9110111112I1314J: : |-l! 2 3 4 5 6 Labels, Raiees Gro lt. fine Silks iiucr-pa'mtesl ready f"r throughout, cleaned,Le., j
made therein ought to be regard the of the Union promptly executed. ISilG t ,
stiictly conMruetl picservalion under health. ( 17tIS'19,2021.; 7 8 9 lO.llIlZ. 13 FAMILIES
; by all the departments and agents |[ the constitution as the paramount i->sue son!:: LEGSSOI1E rIItE.tSTSVOUNL) ; 122 23:21!25 2&272St; 14 13 16 17il8l9i202l2223l24,25126i27.| ic., A.C.rPJIE Cambric. } ttobincts, | INVALIDS TRANS1j-. .

tt of the government; and that it is inexpedient and repudiating all sectional patties and &. UI.CEUS. Jos. F. ROGCRO. 29 30 _'_jj le14t1i1e5) Crapo, BOARDERS; & .
_Lj1_. .- -. I.- 29,2!>i30'3lU' Si*
    1b; and dangerous to cxcicibu doubtful platfoims concerning domestic slavery. Some of (lie most scieumtiflc now rely -_ -- _. sing iPeatioB
    .. I furjpons : :=-- ---=-_-- Drown Slice tin", Uloaclicil Slu-cting every 4ni andibe
    !, nttitntiunal which seek to embroil thu States and incite the vttbisatuterfutOiiitwctmt sh'i .
    pouetf.iLe e lcly on ute u lrills.Staving. eii-emue. will) have I'u* auotst1. .
    constitution does not confer j to treason ami armed resistance to law* in having toC"H| > with the wornt cnscs of eorcs, woun
    1 upon the general government the power to | the Ten Stones, and whose avowed purposes ulcers,glandular* ellit gi, and Iuiuors. I'rofc.-tur i iHullonny % ebb1flg. aer the present wnna weat,ev.ry ofpsstt&vens esrtjoe .
    bun, by command < f the Allied Governmcutj Edging & Inserting | Men's Shirts the assistance with
    and < of the ho *
    commence carry on a general itetn if consummated must end in civil war *te win u
    putchcd to the bo pital of the East, large Linen Cambric Ilanilkvrclticfs ic &c. ti give getiersi satisfation.bTy Tlw "
    of intcnial
    Improvement and disunion, the American democracy recognize -! b'uipmenU of this Oiutmcut, to I.e iHod under the ituatcJ, the

    I I.. 3. That the constitution docs not confer and! adopt the principles contained direction i>f the Medical StaT! iu tho worst case* -IF ROOTS AND SUOEg.Iidie. Room* Airy. Clean. ailj
    anlhonty the federal in tint laws of wounJa. It will uker Black Silk Xtutnffs iltlf
    I upon government organic establishing the Tcrriti cure any gbtn.Iularsnelhug -} Congress Uaitcra. funiu/.etl '
    'L directly or indirectly, to assuiuo the debts ties of Kansas and Nebraska, as cm o- ttiffneis or contraction of the joints, even of 'I 1 '1r 11 4' Colored Tips.K kaiuUtnady. ,Xuttin*.
    oft tw? several State?, contracted for local J jt'') lag the only( sound and safe solution of 0 years, vtaudinj PILLS AND FISTULAS. ieignou itusseii Fine Englisli Kid SIipper Reinj: entirely built tcanttny of wood, ,

    iotcrnallinprOToincnts, oi other State iiiirI J JIj I he slavery question upon which the great '. French from d mpneM. The wow conne.ted ranlergft b f !.
    4'M k peses nor would such assumption Lc just national idea of the jwople oi this whole These nnd other tiuiilar tlistrcMing eIm11'timm u Goat Rmukins lioni, with Fireplaces, and blind to,
    be cured if the Ointuirnt be wol wjnjw1
    expedient. country can rejio.-e in its determined conservatism can rubbed effectually in the eflected SASH u t: K5(1 uu o.cbitmg through to the l'iazzs, an.j agorjs
    over and other
    I. 4. and ) f ilid parts by ] .. U I higlstfut t'rvmeluslo of SOOfeet
    J'hit justice* eound policy > of the Union; iion-intcifcrciicc wise following the printed directions around each Kid Tics. house mi prnt
    the federal to fusu-r branch with in A\D. I from rain> cold winds' .te., and '
    government one by Congiess slavery States and! pot.lioth. Enameled Roots, liShtful RBtnfAT from cries a .

    of industry to the detriment of any other, Territories J ; that this wa the basis of (lieutuIpro2llh.eS the Oincmeiit and Pills should lc I DOOR Misses' Pamdi Hoots, oi the year. The house rcnfiMucnt is situated! at b all V Zt?

    or to cherish the interests of one ti< nto C of 1850. conlii med by both used in the following cases : NANUFACTURERS JJoys Shoes, position, f.iciig the South, and retired from a

    the injury of another portion of our the democratic and whig parties in national 13 unions S. re Legs Men's Fine I R4ut4, hoases. ItconUinMJroom*, and eurwnjj15 ethtr

    eomtuori country; that every citizen and conventions, ratified by the people ii; the Uurns Sore IroaFts snb.scribcrs Leg leave respectfully to inform the citizens of 4_ '. (. m general, and for Accommodation cannot I U lur-
    section of the has a rijilit to election of 1851. and the Chapped llaiicU Sore Heads JL '; pi.seJ.P. .
    country rightly applied to
    ,. trery Chilblains Sore Throats Jacksonville and surrounding} country, that they have a large eatabliahment) in Charleston, S.C. 'Kip Ritigans, S.-My ebjest in
    demand and insist >u an equality ol of territories in 1$51 that advertising the tUr,. i i. u
    organizatio i with that such
    upi ; by Fiotulas Sore of a'.l kinds every facility an establishment can profitably work, for the manufacture of i Slijii>crs.u make known to my frieud that ls Liaise t&I
    ,. tights and privileges., and a complete and thu unifuiin application of this democratic (;out Sprains Enameled; and Fancy Slices future, mull give i-ntlsfaction at hi, .

    tuple protection of persons and property 1 1r principle to ll.e organization of territoriesand Ltimbsgo ScaMi Sashes Uliiids and JDoor i Cloth tfbpeti (;aitet charge will le mado. I solicit a reprtsenttO.trial.St. r ,

    '. from domestic violence and foreign aggression. the admission of new States, with or Mercurial ITrurtioni Swelled ClaudsScjtf I.a-tiri Congress Gaiters, B' E. CAlL

    '. without domestic( slavery as they way Tiles Joints of every size and all descriptions, also MOULIUXGS uf any pattern, at the shortcut notice Letlii-r tiffed Augustine, Dee. l-3o

    5,.That is the duty of every branch of elect the equal rights of all the State will Kbcumatism Ulcers I LKKiIIOX A RUSSELL guarnntee their work to be worth one hundred per cent more f,r durj j You tli** I'ropm.-j.; __
    Salt lUieuui Venereal Sores ability, than the Northern made work sold in this market. NEW
    Price current JisU of work HOTEL.IAES1IAL : .
    le j
    Government and I our oan
    the to enforce practice lie preserved intact, the original compacts Skin Dise.itcs Wounds of all hinds I seen un board the Steamer Caroliua. Give us a trial March 29 rail .r5Igafls.! ;

    the tuost rigid economy in conducting our <.f tlie constitutions maintained inviolate *.:l Sold nt the Manufactories of Professor Hot Chilclrciia' Slii'i-5. a large Stuck, Ac., .c., nOUSE

    public aifaii a, mid that no more rcmuicught and the pcipcluation undcxpan-iunof this I.OWAV, 60 Maiden Lane, New York, and -11 I

    tu Lc raiwid than, j if required to defray Union, ensued to its utmost capacity oi i Strand, London, and by nil rc. ]>etuble Dru gUts WATCHES HATS AND) (CAPS.A &VAN.tll ,
    JEAVELRY SILVER Rood a.-ortmriit, t-omprwng >i ENS' LEO- { *.
    auJ Dc-ilcrs of Mudieines throughout the United WAllEj
    the exjicnses of the Govenmicnt. -- embracing, in and harmony even I! P H IS hors E been
    necessary peace Mates, and the civilized nortdin Pots, at 25 ceuu HORN, PANAMA, STRAW, PALM LEAF, eul.r-cd and impr,.,|
    ., and for gradual but certain extinction futnie I Ameitcau State that may i be coiiatiluted : G' I-2 cenl and $1 each.l I' AND j WOOL, arid FELT HATS, together with Chil1 w ith large and mitt,single ant suitsot rou.n..i.I .,
    of the public debt. orunnc\ed with a republican fotni :Sf There is a coiiaidorablo taving by taking 1 Jrciu llati uiitl I'loomers.SADULEKY.: will be kc(t a, first class Hotel in irw-:

    6. That Congress lias no power to charter ,.f government. I thelarjcs sizes. acts, excej. tjCt5.
    a National Hank; that we believe buch Jieiolceil, That we recognize the right j JC 11 irectiiiis> fr the guidance of patients in 'asfiey -oodso A well selected stock, suitable fur the dcu"n iof Mareh22-3t raLrn jiELpRiir.1-wpri.f,
    disorder are aflixid to each I'ot. I
    an iiibljlutiuii one of deadly IiOatility to< of the | opc! of all I the Territories.i I i inclU'ling I. every- the market.

    _ the best intticet of our country% dangerous Kansas and! Nebraska, actm. throughtiicf.iitly I3TTI.SWANTED] iiAumvAr.E. I ThIsB.YPO1IRT

    e to our lepublicun institution* and tin- will of the of GEORGE0FLAGG HOLLOW WARI. RAZORS, SCISSORS, COFFEE 1
    expiessed mij: uity Fff1I1E.
    liberties of the jieopl, and calculated to ,
    actual icMdciiti and! whenever the
    _ ; the biibi of the \\itlnu will pay seventy-lire (75)) cent* per day KNIVES, for the
    ness 3ao3c11-v'UIo now accommodation
    place country <-f their mnhiatitantsjusLitie it, to form WK anti board, ur ono dollar slay uithont; ]I1nt I'1cricIn,, KNIVES. FORKS mint CARVERS, IS open of Trav ner%
    ... the control a concent rated nmm-y power, H constitution, with or without domestic board, for laborer. to woikon tho FLORIDA, WOULD ix-si>cctfully inform the c.tizcns of this place ;m-I! surrounding that L'RCSHES.SPOONS.CHAINS( the comfort particularly that Invalids this country, whu.wihi ifforJ find health ThmT.b ID 4,

    and above tic( laws and will of the people slavery; and be admitted into the Union ATLAXTIC and G ULF CEXTIIA I. itt I LRUA I,t. he has again opened i at his old stand country' P.OPE, TACKS, UOLTS, will be furnished wish tuechoicosldeliineie ttf lh.

    .'e ; and that the results of Dem.>crat- upon terms ul'iei feet equality with the I'aj-uicnt to be made at the end of ettry thirty LOCKS PERCUSSH season, whitit unnjniittios- attention will be T

    ;ic legislation in this and all other financial other States. diyii. M'ork to cuumiicc cu the flrt day vf SIJME1S' BLOCK CAPS, to plea.-ttf that su.ces-t might my eSWts f Ufuture. U
    I uieaMiivs upon) which Usucs have been' March next. with a large and well ?*lecte 1 stock of SPRINC. DALAM'ES: XAlLS J. jf Chirge mwJerat
    A J MILLER .1 CO. '
    I 'trade between the two political parties) of I TUC roKficj: roticy or c.ovEnxiKNT.. LAtc
    I BfTTS
    Office, "Jiick oivie: ;! Kajt rioriJi.
    U2rnando Co.
    the country, luxe demonstrated, to practical t | SPIRIT LEVFI nrTCHEK and SHOE Propriefcr
    1eI1te:1. That the Janus y 2, 1336-tf
    iiually by condition South Fiori la.
    of all their soundness safe
    men parties KNIVES, COTTON CAKI'S, TEL-
    ty and utilityin all business( puisuits. j imf the |jj'iilar iiintiiutiensof theohl tii 1.1 !:(,!{ sn.n 01: itr\T. cc- c c c 2D LOWS, HOOKS anti HIXrtES.

    p 7. Thai the bcparation of the moneys of r j 'and the dnttiut tendency cf tcrtioiiali ACOMMOlMOLSand desirable house, plea I ; to which the attention of tne lubKc invited ( my t.sii1s direct from tl.e WINDOW STOPS: AUOERS.S Hare ClTaucc is Oitercd to aBhicksmith

    _ the Government Irom all banking institu i j'agitatiiiil. cuuItnt.t1) with the attempt to ibo Western part: of th-< New York Manufacturers, I am j rvpartil to olll-r my ciKtoincrs imluceniuit* both A W S, S Q I' A P. ES.KH.E3 .
    4 the of the i ei.force cit il niUl l nligiou3 di--at,ilities town, subhtiinliilly! built aud well linUhcl in every i. regards stvlc and price, that cannot be surimssed in Chark-ston us C.tPJ5EN..iEL' andTrhecIwriuht.'
    tions is indispensable- safety or Savannah
    the of part, containing eleven rooms, a good well of' ; SASH; >
    t I funds of the Government and the rights|; j> agasiiht iu land right the jicquuing cti7A-n: >hip water: in tbe yard bill al! necessaryouI buildings:, Auutting my assortment may l ic found TOOLS, CHISELS, TAP ('BEF$, rPHE"snl .riJert'3'crs fur ,ae, his slops ant

    _ I, .. of the people.! j is di'fohe.l our! own wall high and! tacred duty and itilie: f>>r a private Coarding lloti e, is offered \ UrTTEK KMVES mi'lT Po. &<.., Ac., tla I JL Lot 103 feet Kn.i| .e, e .nveiuo3cy situated !10
    j cre.i.s.-d responsibility for sale or reut by thoj' 'arc>n reasonable Xtl'KIN WOOD.WARE. su.liaii KVCKET; EflC'm3L
    f 8. That the liberal principles embodied j jEy KINOs, ClllLDKKX'S I (lie depot ant biHiness g :iier lly Cm be pareh -
    _______ 4 Jetl'erson in the Ueclaraticn of Independcnce. i i upon( ( the Dem icnitic paity of tins country terms. FINE GOLD PATENT LEVER3, ifull! jeweled,) KTTS, ic-, Ac.Vntantly PAILS, AXE HELVES, &e.WKS I'eJ with or without tooN,oa good terms
    .. and sanctioned the Cun titu- j I a> the! PartY of the Unioii, to uph. M and For further particulars nrply a' this ofco.OitoLer 4. DETACHED; '' ( on hand ant no! toordcrfroupure ) ) AND bTATIOXKKY. P. S. Has on hinll Basgv wajrtmj I Cart,
    in J coin, an I warrantedCUTLERY.
    ,,4M lion which makes the land ct liberlv j j maintain the right of every slate; auiI I G-tf LA PINES r.-'ilhX, Batik? Bons.! FooI. CapanJ Letter Paper,Pencils, j an'1-1 Pair wh eU complete, aNlot of vaj p.)
    ours theieby the union of the Staler au I < ; VRSALL'. ( witlnut huntic enrc.'s ) Wafers, !'tfl Stwlm W.i; w-JU: i> selection ol an-1! hufr.y ypriat.. aLto A quantity c-f reaJr mid*
    MI -
    ; <
    ; I and the asylum cf the oppressed ut'eVel'v, i Lain and! ttanee I'j f%:> A VALUAULi: tract <-f Land on Amelia SILVER,, PATENT LEVERS, ito! do. School': Stan I trd Works, and liijbl re.t.JIrg. j work; suitable fur Farmers amid Timber getters,
    j a C""itittitioiial
    atuon us t
    nation, hat c ever been cardinal principlesin .Ltland 5 miles front time cunteiu'l.ilod DETACHED Iu. d.. Flora the celebrated 3rnnaf.ctory of Geo. Wostea- I al! nf mm!.-t-h can be Wight very law, call an-I see.
    ; liberty( by continuiujr to resi>t all j I depot, LA PINES, d's. d->. kuhn & Son,, coositing of RROCEKlIk-: ; ami'l PKOVISIOXS.
    _ I the Democratic fair h; and e\cry attempt IIIOHOJHI- I Vcllow I'liitT, containing "CO nercs gout planting; A full I .May 24-tf JAS. A. FAIUICBCOHEN
    nsjorlmei.t sit tlroceriex IIati'
    lie* and excluite legislation for the U-iK-lit laud. From goo.1 makers, i\Licb ni'l bo wurruntcd rocKCT KNIVES, 1'jiuilr _
    to abridge the privilege of becouiing citizens There i is on the premises a t'&uiIl: dwelling Limo sermons, SHEARS Kac'in, Pork, Lard, lici f, Ton iir", Mackerel, Putatoc -
    ol the few. at the of the iiiai.. li'ia.--c, and out hmuuses Uia aul i : good keepers. IMZORS. ic.
    S expense j A cuttou finboute
    and owncts of soil among u ou ht t.i J' Lean, Flour. Ure d, Crackers, te., Jtc. JACOB
    _ and the by vi to these I prumisc.o, will be JE\VELUY. .
    be resisted \\itti the !
    fume spirithici' FANCY
    principles& ) and the compromises! of the cull- j sold rcnsutmztimk'. GOODS, vINEs AND uqrons. 28 P.ROAD( STREET.
    wcpl the alien' and sedition laws from out Also, two smart L I rat Is on the Fouth! end of (Iii CoiM5fin: ofGOLD 'ZudinqOIAIS Fire OM! Jiranily, New \\ hl.kfr, Cc'urtjftnnWLUkcr
    atatu'e book. I.xland, one sf two huii'lrcd, and fie other! fifty TEUFOIKRY LIJJIN.V Rei-tiCcil..ttii Common V/c"key? Cli itapaguc -
    9. That Congress has no power under! enough to embrace and uphold the Union j I acirn' i-untainuig :i 1 Insurant growth of Like Oak.AMI LOCKETS, LRACELETo, OTHEi: EXTRACTS, ,FANCY JsOAl'S.AND Aladeira and Port Wince, Scbnapjn, &e.
    a- it was ant the Union it is the I'mon I 1ttLI: St CROSSES, KEYS, SEALS, tO1 uctioir
    _ the constitution to interfere with or control j a tract containing r.ue hundred and thirtyacres DIAMUN lt1'o.( IMl'IER-MACIIEE, JEWEL CA FANCY GOODS. tU t,
    I the domestic institutions of the several as il bhall be in the lull e\p.niaioi of ft'vcr., adjoining the Seuton tract oil the St.Mary F a GOLD THIMBLES. SLEEVKAND SES, KOoEU'OOl i MORK Perfumery, ?unr.Tooth, Nail an 1 Hair Erik ii- ,

    : States, and that all such States arc the tlie fiiei'iiied and capacities ol this great Apply to COLLOR 15UTTONS UOXES. 1'ORTADLE Cs, rcviug Combs, lA-okiag-tilas-cs, ic.

    sole lad judges of i projnesMte |cople. Jacksonville JOIIX M. POX( ?, Agent. STUDS, CUFF PINS, V1IITIFO. DESKS, That above, nl.icii enumerates but iipanative. i [
    proper everything appertaining May 17, lE53-lf KETICt a'.. FANS, CO.MCS Uji ? llL
    i BROOCHES. EAU RINGS few article" of .
    to their own allairr; nut Tirst-Unsolved, That the (question con- liRrSIfES ly our pre-eut Stock, we offer to
    the constitution that all cfiurts pioiubited ncctcil with the *ioreign policy of (he country SUA ISIjAMI CtTTOX GINS.lE GOLD SPECTACLES, EYE GLASSES TI1ERMOMETEltS attract the attcntii.n of the Public, ousting that F avis A-SO SELLS 01 COMMISSION,
    by ; i SU15iCrIIlEU tuKes this opportunity I to PLAIN AND SETT RIXGNS, CHILDREN those who nifty be in of the abolitionists or others made to induce is inferior to no domestic question j TOYS, TEA BELLS, Land Negroes Stocks ;
    inform the Planters LONG STAPLECOTTOX CHILDREN'S LOOPS. SCARF PINS, Ac. have nn re.iton tu regret the 1 I ,
    to interfeic with II. j whatever. 1 he time ha come for the Together with various other articles too nnraerotu 26
    Congress questions JHOple I that he lass rebuilt hw FACTORY, and SILVER VARE.tommiectiomi.. April lUJKTOh A CiKAYES. cSc. &c. &c.
    I. of slavery! or to take incipient steps iu j of the United: States to declare themselves ii now ready to Cll orders in bu line without delay ;
    I lation thereto, arc calculated to lead to Vt'I I' in favor of free seas and progressive )> at his usual price COMPRISING; DINIXO AND DESSERT j X. U. -CLOCKS' BATCHES n-I JEWELRY"' Cosmopolitan Art Association J' 5r% Liberal atlvancfs maJe en Prp rty.j .

    and i flee trade throughout the world. And i Planters wanting 0IX?, or Gins repaired, extra FOKKS.TAULE DESSERT AX1)TEA".si o6Ns", !j thoroughly repairednnd trar.a'iile .
    most alarming dangerous by sr.rn\n vrARRANfiEJlEN'l.S \
    consequences, SUGAR SCOOPS SALT AND MUSTARD Da tnutlet.. ? T TERMS
    Hoses and llru hc will to the |
    apply following oct2SlyVATCIIES
    and that all such diorts have an inevitable I j solemn manifestations to place their moral Agent, ur the subscriber at this place : ; for the Second AnnnalCo-! 11. Q. PINCKNEY.,
    tendency to diminit-h the happiness of the j mllueiicu by the tide of their buccessfulexample. AOCXTS.IllffCCn and popular: Instutiou
    I I Jacksonville I for the diffusion of Literature and Art have been [LATE TCXNO rifCKXET to.]
    people and endanger the fctability and JUMinauency A CAXOVA, Jacksonville, Fla. FotnrJrjAN j -ct12cca.2': "- lOIrtllr made on the tmom.t cittu.-he scale. ,

    _ of the Lnion, and ought nm to Second-liesolced, That our geographical S. L. XIDLACK, Alligator, 1'U. c AND m Among the works alreadyenjjnged, u the farfaue.j FACTORAND
    be countenanced friend of arid JOHN 11. Sl'ENCLK, White Springs, Fla. i Tea Depository
    I. by any our 1 political political position with reference to :
    Uiitituliou*. the other States of tliid contii.ent, no less THOMAS lIlLLnAltD Ccntrcviliagc, do. <3oo.
    I Retotred, That the foregoing proposition i than time interest
    ,. covers and was intended to embrace development of our glowing power, requires C1IAS. ll.CAMl'FIKLD), do. do. moat, are now Prepared tolurnitli- c Oilier, Jacksonv llle. In farming the new Collection, time diffasi-m of j I june23 L'Imariestou. S. C.

    the whole subject of slavery agitation in that we hold to tIme sacred principles Capt. B. H. liVTIICWOOD, Beauford, S. C. Steam KiiRliie, uf any required power, from IITIIEIE S is kepteon.tantiyonhandaIarge and of work American of American Alt have, and the cn.'osmrtgelisIimI '
    and therefore the SCOT, DEBEAUX A ilLYWAKD, 1 to 100 hnrres w ellselectetInsortnentof genius, not been overlooked. -
    Congress, democratic involved in the Monroe doctiine., ___ ; Commissions have teen ijsue.l! Joseph Whildcn
    DKUGS AND uf the ,
    -S : Prty f the Union, standing on this national 1 heir bearing an>l import admit oi no misconstruction S. L.Cha ISfRXS i lesion, S. C. av LUIIIs sugar; Mills Always received by the latent CHEMICALS arrivals,,warranted insist dinticcuUbed American Atti.-tj,many a ho will eon- dealer 1 inPaiiits

    platform, will abide by und udlieie ami should be applied with July 23- m St. Marys, Geo. Horse;1'owcra (reals and genuine. Also, tribute some uf their Encst produrfioos. Aiming Oil and Glass ,

    1 to a faithful execution of the acts known unbending rapilhit)'. Grist;Mills I'erfumery, Combs, rushes, Soap, them are three Marble I
    1 ai the compromise mwi-ures fettled by l'h'ui.dlyRe.ulred1 That the grunt highway 1T Seeds Sct-dil Seed* and all other machinery used in this country. Lamps, Ituriiln? Fluid, Ac., greatest living Sculpture,.-Hiram Pcwers ; No. U(Charleston fl.tYc.STRE1T C.KEEPS ,
    _ the act for winch a cbvice supply of Garden Seeds, Iron and Brass which will be sold low for each. GEORGE WASHINGTON
    'tfongreet reclaiming fugitives nature as well as the assent oi U, all uf She Last Crop, and warranted good. Casting. Country orders constantly for sale,a general as ort l
    : !'from terrice or labor included; winch act the I State most immediately interested in Deans it variety, Beet do, Cabbage d<>, Carrot gr Steamboat, Saw Mill, and other repairing, to. Physicians' solicited and punctually attended The Father uf his Country ) and OILS of mil Und.VAR>.

    ( *'being designed to carry out an expressprovision its maintenance ha!) marked out for the do, Cauliflower do, Celery, K. Com in variety, at short* notice. despatch. prescriptions put up with care and BENJAMIN FICAMxLlN, ISHES, WINlHJW (LASS aud .SiIESSi"TCIU'ENTINE. *

    I of the cunsllutiuu. cannot, with I fiec Csinh1IUflCatiufl: between the Atlantic Cucumbers do, Egg Plant Leek, Tomoto in varioty grjf All inachincjy purchased from us will be TEAS. The PIiilo. >pher ; < SPIRIT (AS, COTTON FOOT.
    Lettuce in variety, Mellon do. Onion Seeds put in operation in any paitof the State, by DAN I 1:1.: \V ELISTEIt. GIN FIXTURES; GLI'} and CRUSHES of 's
    idelity therefore. l be repealed or eo changed and the Pacific Oceans constitutes ol maihinikU when Agent for the Xew Yolk Pekin Tea
    S one ] competent desired and Company. 2j-ly
    do, Muctard Seeds Okra upon The .S'tntocman. rinu kinds. [IiV _
    I'nively, Parnuips, fl'cas Tea of direct
    ,0'U its importation, and of 34
    to debtroy or impair elliciency.Rttolced most impoitant achievements to l reasonable terms.Drawings from
    j' A
    in variety, Itadi hd-t, IVppcr, Sj>inach, Squash in ft 1-4 to 1 Ib. inn special agent has v kited Europe and made care
    ', Ihat the democratic party realized by the spirit moderation, in the I variety. Turnips do, Aroincntic and Sweet Herbs anti Estimates furnismed, without extremely low prices.package, all warranted and at fut and judicious selections of foreign works of Art, \\ ILLIt)1 31. TVNN0,

    will resist all attempts at renewing in dui&vut unconquerable energy of our people., and do, Flower Seeds do, charge.8-tf MOONEY Founders 4 GOOKIN, ;2fcouzItr3-1)calcraanppl1.a, order. both i in Rronze and Marble ; Statuary and Choice (Late Tunno, Piuckney i Co,)
    July by
    ur nut of it, the agitation of ilu that result should be secured by n timely At Apothecary Hall, nmlM.tchini.--t? lug accompanied with Cash. i'aintings. cEL

    _ J I slavery question, ui.dc-r \vhatevcrohape or nndfflicicnt c.\eition of the ointrid which Match, 22-3f Jacksonville, his.Oi'ICR {Salamander Lightning GARDEN A FLOWER SEEDS, PLANTS, Ac., The whole forming a largo and qnlniblerollectiotfof A'DCOMMISSION ,

    4 color tu* attempt may bo made. v< e lave a light to claim over it. And no TO C-O N CON ILICTOIIS. also always kept on hand. Paintings and Statuary, to be distributed
    rr.rc the members of the Afsucia ion
    among fur ,
    _ -' !Ke. itetlt Tliat the proceeds of the pubJcJan jiowcr on earth should% be sull'ercd to imjHsleorclog OFFICE OF STATK EXGIXEElt, These are the only! Permanently Safe july l-tf T. MCM.ILLAN the Second Year.

    the national objects tpfc.u'ed in the consti ence with relations; it may suit our policy St. Johns Kiver, Fla, August 20, 1655. yet invented. The ptyment of three dollars eonslitntes any S.C

    _ tution'and that-\ve are opposed to any to establish with the government of the SEALED PIIOPOSALS will bo received at this THE iofulation is pcifect, and not subject to one a mnnberoflhis Aisocution, and entitles him North Comercial Wharf Charltfton, ,
    _S 4 law lor the distribution of such proceeds States within whose dominion it lice and until tho 20th day of August, l&G, for impair as in the case uf those of ordinary construcstruction. d' to either on. of the following M gnziiui for one M. yl9] And 97 lUy-atreet, Saraaaah,Ua> [6m.

    _ % the Statet as in'gcJicy under ; constructing a Ciinal (with its necessary njipendagcc The article speaks for itself! and those year, and also if ticket in the distribution of the ,
    -among itiexicdient{ we can, no circumstances, surrender ncb as Lift Locks, Guard Lock, Jiasina.ic.) interehted in the cecur'ty uf their houses, will cn- GEO. Statuary and PahituigH. FROST & BOULTER,
    i and repugnant to the constitution. our preponderance in the adjustment of all I trom Lake Barney, un the St. Johns River, to In tiefy themselves by calling ou Mr. A. M. REED, TjlIIE Academic year is divided The Literature issued to snbscriheri consists of

    v :' That we are decidedly op- questions arising out of it. dian lliver.-a dittaneo of thirteen miles, 3,410foct, uf Jabksouvillo, Fl.i., or Mr.V4tLTEP. K1PP, JL into two sessions of five months the following Monthly.Mazarines: Harper's, Put. General Commission Merchants

    15poied: to taking from the President tlie 1.urtlmly-It'sotrefi: That in view of so I authorized by the General Assembly uf the Slate our polo Agent for the erection of these rods in Tenth Session commences on the 20th of each. The nam's, NickerUicker, Ulackwood'.i, Graham', lot ate Street, Boston; Jw

    < qualified Veto IH>WIT, by whicli he M en.i- command! ig: in interest the people oi the uf Florida, at ks session sif 1854-55, by an Act East Florida. next, and ends on tho 19th of July. February Godey'g Lady' Rock, i.nd Household Word,. pay strict and prompt attention taw''*

    *tiled, under restrictions and re po>itibditiea United States cannot but sympathise with "entitled an Act to provide for and encourage a DWYER i AUGIIINnAUail: The Cadets are divided into four College Clasict. Pcr oua taking five membenhlpi are entitled to WILL LUUBER, TDIBEIt.t COTTON 4
    liberal -
    tyetcm uf Internal Improvement iu this 3f CAUTION-No one is authorized to use The Annual Commencement any five of the Magazines for one year, and to her Southern Produce.;
    aniply suflicient to guard the public the efforts which etc being made by the State." our patterns in East Florida, but our above named Wednesday before the 20th takes place on six ticketjQi the distribution.Tho oct 7-tI OLIVER FROST.

    ihtereeis, to suspend the passago of a bill people ol Central America to regenerate Proposals will specify the amount for which the Agent._ Qnh3-ly( ) D. It A. of July. ->kf proceeds derived from the sale at mem- ROVALKOtLTERORNAMENTAL -

    J whoaa merits cannot secure the approval that |rtion of i the Continent which, covers work will be done, the mod and mumer iu which ACKIIKMIC STAFF. bershp,'are devoted to the purchase of work of
    of IWb.tLicds of the Senate and Ilou&u olKcprcHuUOms the passage across the oceanic Isthmus.J'lfthl payment Are to be mivje, bother in land or money Rirh! Cameo Col. A. V. imraiBY, A. M., Art for the enduing yenr.
    until the or |Kirtion uf each. AND MOSNIC Superintendent and Prof of Mathematics The Advantages Secured tjout iIt
    judgment of the I Ilefolced That the Uemocrati'1 JEWELEY. ,
    MiipH, Profiles un 1 tilnatc4, cnn bo pecn ittliii1 THE L and Natural Philosophy. by becoming a member of this Association, ,
    eople can bi wbtained tlurvon. and which party will exjiect from the next Administr.itioii utScs, and any information obtained) by a.Mrcsniug New York with a largo haviugjunt and beautiful returned from Capt.Tiios. H. CUXXKLL. Ivt All i>enou receive the full reline of are Iftcirntbscriptwni ansi I
    : varicty
    -PF: sated the American people> Irom the] every proper ellort to be made to I the undersigned at 'Orange Mill IVst Office, ufJcwcliy Commandant of Cudety, and Prof of Engineering. at Lisa start, in the shape of sterling P..1fl7lXt I

    oontLpt and tyrannical dominion of the insure our ascendancy in the Gulf of \Ie.HM \- St. Johns River, Fla." Mr. V.II.I MANGKT, Magazine Literature.2d. "PIIE subscriber, beinsnow pormanently IQC14offers
    Jiankof ihe Cniteii "states, and from a ct r- and maintain a |K.TiimneiLt piotecttoni I Pr<>]>uiaU will be received for constructing a Silver-\Yarc, & Fancy Prof of French anti History. Each member ia contributing towards pur- JL his service to the eitiiens of ***''"

    t'uptiug jEteiu *Lgci.cral Internal 1mv 4.1 i the great outlets, through which are Railroad over the tame ground. Goods, Mr. W. II. HUNT. A. M., chasing choice'urk of Art, ithicb are tu be distributed 51le, in the above brapebes. ansi s t4kitI wofpatrojjaSe. $
    jr 1'. L. DAXCY thcnisch. JAMES 1IAKKSW -
    and the
    1'rof. of among are at
    t'irivetiseii1s. emptied into( itrt waters the products raided I respectfully invites the public to an examination Chemistry and English Literature 1.11119 *
    uj23-Jy state Engineer Stnte time the BronsiBI
    of Florida Mr. J. li.; encouraging Artists of the eouatry,,dis t-V N. K.-Gilding. Graining,
    Retired. That the democratic partt j I on the soil, aivl! the commodities created by of his stock, eiimprifing as it doe, conic of the UUUUWIX. bursiug thoucansis ijI dollars thiruuh its executed with neatness and dwpatv'ItApril -
    I will 'abide 1iILEt I'1ttI : I t'1IU rkbett and trust fai-LioimblcbljIcii uf Cameo Mosaic I'roferaor of Drawing. agency.
    fa-thfully and ,
    by Uj'lt.I.I the i the industry of the people of our Western S l'crstnia iji renmUting/unds fur umisinhcrslip, will
    ; ptinctiics laid ;Ilown in ib Kentucky and !! %MIhLItSStItiLIIL Unia at large.NOTlCli. ztTd THE SUBSCniBER'SXD OLj I Lava and Scroll Jewelry in great variety.Alfo .- Capt 11. S. CAMP, li1esc givu (heir put-iIike address it f1d15 eta. June.1t-3t Jackonc( eli
    SilverWare an 1 Fancy (Good, fuiuMe for AeU't Professor of Mathematics. the'Ki'Jiith .
    ting wish to'
    resolutions they the
    Virginia jnf 11'Jtf Mag-izmo
    1712 been
    cud having cam
    1 : ) iOn! entirely destroyed holiday aud other preieutwhub will bo sold cheap A. CONXKI.L, Jl. !>.. Snrjj.ii.. mence, and have time letter -
    5 In 'tbr ieport f M.Iiomi tt. tine Viiditia i y fire, bo Las removed tu Meeting-it fonctuits. regiyled al lie Poat. Lanier i\! $00.00. *
    .. [novl7-tf] GEO. FLAGO. The Institution '
    corner uf YVeutwurth, lie stand it under the direction and man- Oilice prevent low ; on the receipt of which a
    _ 4 4, 4 Legisaturoiu iiryj-lhal it i-Jopu A PPLICATIOX will be inude to Lis Honor tbo by W. J.GAYEU, where he continues formerly his occupied bui-iuess Notice \Vlthdraival of I aud* hi Florida a cuicnt of a hoard of Tru>tcea, in coDJunct'Hiu certifimite uf membership together with the.Mag- THE undersigned have a lot of tbe abort sho'S MiM
    principles contilut'mg one o< the rnuii Xi. JuJgooflbe Circuit Court for the Uaticrn iu all iu audicH.: He bacon hand alarge nsort- and Alabama. with a Board of Visitors m&ppoiutcI by the Governor sizinG desired, will be forwarded U any part of the baud, which they will ell at Ibe '
    I utidaiipniCf iU political irwd, and i. Circuit t
    IeloIvt.MiIu.carrf: : them out on their obvious to law, fur fieriuiiiuou tohcll certain I wme thoico FAMILY CAItltlAGES built exirv -, nit act of the Lezwlatnre, the Institute bus Those who purchase Magazines at Bookstores, 73 to 60 bushels per day,driven by.atel p56V1 towe6
    mtlning and import. lujiJ, situated in Nm-sau and 6t Ji.Inm CouuticK | sly forjliis Country Cu'tomcrs, all of which he been furnij-bod with 140 Cadet Muskets tint Ac- will observe that joining this Association, they and (nina 40 to 5U bushels driven bfhOr IS
    : belonging trtthe Untate of 1'eter I'oiis-doiCaood,, will SELL CHEAP 10R CASH coulroinent.f, and K Field Battery, consisting of receir the Magazine twdfrte Tivkel in (f.\t as. if properly pat up, aa t w there is m* paL "j .
    .___j t, y>nJbU iiiM,, CW of the' 'condition of the fur tLe ure of hit bcirs auJ creditors of*sit .-* late. LEONARD ur Cll City A PIN.uoccp.nnco. *- TN pursuance of tho net entitled "An act grantJL lent six-fwundor brucs pieces and two twelvepi nil at distribution, oil at the tuuio pric-o they now the iihtpany person wishing purchase, 7 "*
    ; 41 .Mtp lM4iiuiU4iw>ntiu. thu ..Did) World a may lMf( JCJlh :i. 1C>S grOrders promptly ing pubiio lund-, in alternate sections, to thetatcsot' underIluwjtzers. pay for the Magazine alouo. convinced cf thfact.s Apply suunhs

    hijh and tacre l duty i*:involvedvilh lit- -_Jm-k. >tiavill.!! April .0, '56. A'lminibtrator.viu Chiirlei-too.S. C.. Kov. lS-6m andfuiL/1fu1lyjutiid. Florida and Alabamn, to aid in the conetruction Superintendent and Commandant are gra- beautifully illustrated Catalogue giving full It. v. BIUtIS .tco1 -

    t S .m1'tniiU u.\nii: of certain railroads in said State, ni>. duate* of West Point, and ns the Institute U up. description, vent /rtc oji ujiplicatiun. Jnry 19. *5&-tf. Ja ksuoviUe._E. fi
    vntiPuitTv IN
    -t eimutry" a tlie jiwiy of the people -AUaiJSTIM-J< I'CIt SAI Ii. ST. S. & E. M. Gilbert, proved 17th May, 1856, all the hauls lying within on time West Point plan, the public uny be assur for MA'iabcnuin address.C

    j;- t6tboti! ftn4 maintain the rights uf j japg -f THAT HSU UKSIDL'NCK the ? -. MANTFACTUKERS aol DEA Cttecn miles on each tide uf the following rail wl that its government, discipline anti coarse of t.DERBr, Actuary C. A.A. J, Holmes,
    every iiiMAG r"a-iiS LEES in all roads and branch named in said act, to wit :- studies will be ktrictly enforce J.'JEHMS. At either of the principal offii.-cs r'r
    QLU Wriptious of CAUKlAGES ,4ei5freetdga.
    Sfite ihVrtH.y the JIOLE. loot
    Union of the States .; AU that valu.iMo From St. John's river at Jacksonville }
    -I. ; llUitb PI'II1III7| > known the ILUIUl'A ,at Xo 35 anti 40 Went- to th&ivatcrs 'KnickerbackerMagnzimme Broadway, New rticuUt attention tewleso jict-
    .4i.ud.1.q UfrUin and advuna* iimong' them JJOltli.: :: For tcriui i worth Street, and Xo. 7 Jla ne Street, Charleston uf Eica'mbla bay near Pencacola; from Tuition, roard'Wiiiibing.-Fuel' Lights, Hire of Y Or, Wctteru O1iee, 160 Water strvet.Sanduaky. WILL Vlue Lumber. Live OZ j, sad .>
    ( *con tltntional liltcrly, ty coutjnuing to reit toA.. II. COLE, Our Stock is an extcnnh one, and purchasers Amelia Island,'on the Atlantic, to the waters of Musicians, aud all other contingent expenses, per 0 oc-28. ether SOUTHEIOf TIJICBR and i'iOTCCZ1'd(0 <
    all tnonopoliea and xdu& KrislaTor are Tampa bay, with a branch to Cedar Key, un the eet-sion of five months, iu advance 3112 --- .
    4vo anurt 18-tf Oranp JliIIn, Xis. roKpectfuIl requettcd to cull ou us, as we van 50Surgcou" cILlNEIIAL IJIIOKEIIACSL:. order for parehasta MERChiAD1SZ.y1uf (
    1I. tlp* the teneil-of the ler. it tlw offer great inducements in style and prices; and Gulf of Mexico, (except the Tamp bay portion fee, per annum, $J. _?ttf -
    t.x. : WANTED articles south of iU junction with the Cedar Key branch ) Pcrwua desiring further iuformation IIEiudorigned is "now prepared to'serve the
    1iinb of' tlib many( : and \ y vigilant nd ; any bought at our establishment ore warranted ; oan obtain T .
    in every ropect.... July 8-tf And from Pen acoUir Florida, to Montgomery, A htbania a copy of the Regulation by addrcsiin theupenintendent. community at large in his line cf bisineH| Notice
    rvnce UTlho prjnciplc* an.! j OXEorTno JInnilroJ Negroes to work on tbt have, by iimlructions from this office, been ANDRW UANSELL lie will attend to' the sale of Negroes Lamb, or ,:
    I. compi-umt ; i.f the Constituiioiirhid! for tthum time blgbegtweiiiLtb.piJ. Fans at Hbducctl Prices.rpHE 8uinded "from ash anti location, until further Dec. 15. 1855-3m "- Secretary., any other effects placed. 'in bu charge. Letter 'JVTOTICE ieJ ereby Tei .ti'! <| ap itwowl1

    I art br ad enough and etrong enough tutabraoe Ai>T>1r to tJUSEI'It t- orders. t. ? \v. athtlreseod for Information, will be h.romtIy reI, Li) be niado to tho J.BgUialuw Wthe State
    i I 1 and uphold the Union a it ib i anti 1'IMGAN, J&e1durU1e1 JL Subscriber hm now t>n hind a.-beautiful 'Given under my hand, at tie General Laud office t LAND U'AIUIANTS pliwitls. 'ills general ac1uiut.aqco5 Ut this State. Florida (or a jndur4uce.compaay.whh'Ua1h't
    dir A. 11 COLC. Oruin MUJj. Satiety uf Fat.honablt! 1'AXS which ha it at Washington, Ibis Iweatv-lbird da\ of Nay I tPIIE UNDERSIGNED will pay%OASll for and others render it inme.essaTytoppew1 dfereures. fpn regMalV Jatk.onivtt' UBe eaHe* *
    .e tkt, U; on' m it should be-in tie full tx- W-tf telling at Itedaced Frictf. 1S56. TIQ$. .t. UEI1RlCKS, I I LAND WARflRANTS.u BENJAMIN UOPKIN5, cksooriIIe Insurance ansi Baakiuj OmrB-' '

    -- 117 irtb, 1935. OEO. rLAGQ.S Aflit 7-6f Commisiicner I 4-tf JNO. M.rONCT. Jacksenilhle, Sept 27th, 1355-tf. July 19th, 1S5I .

    ,. ,
    4 ,

    55 S ,

    4'A. --- .:'.z :. -

    : -a-- ---'e- __ ____.I.S. 0'S. wTUW

    '.. 5. I a SL
    a. _
    r- ---- -- .; -- -- __:_ T. --- -- _;.l.--- -. : 1 5' -.,

The Florida news

Material Information

The Florida news
Uniform Title:
Florida news (Jacksonville, Fla. 1852)
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
George C. Powers & Co.
Creation Date:
August 23, 1856
Publication Date:
Physical Description:
v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 62 cm.


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Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Fernandina (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Nassau County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
newspaper ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began in 1852.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 14, no. 26 (May 15, 1852)- ; -v. 5, no. 44 (May 19, 1859).
Numbering Peculiarities:
Suspended in 1853?; numbering later resumed.
General Note:
Publishers: J.F. Rogero, <1855-1858>; E.A. Papy, 1859.
General Note:
Editor: Charles Byrne, 1852-1853.
General Note:
Published at Fernandina, Fla., 1858-1859.
General Note:
Democratic campaign paper for the election of 1852.

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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m Itit ItitVOL.

ni. i JACKSONVILLE, SATURDAY, AUGUST 23, 1850. \ ? O. 7. .

---- ---

-BY AUTOR1TY. | lztripvu ties. AM Care I&staur?, M ,.kx Pavs: iVI NtrteTar. MISCELLANY.XT t a ;t* ta jle, aid ii.-re: k-t tLeux i'j. {Tic : Lcstihtyheha f ttedvsre lwicCi1dn* ocm. .thbtel* bie'ie;: p
3h1ttaI! : The "Geiret! S tatc-s ., ,. Mr'eI
t t-tt' v4S.nt avwvJed
Tautcp: taLhi tti cirrriHy; to spealiwicl i.s jsat
LAWS OF THE UNITE? STATES. troLl) 3I.tLt.1t.- .. Dry 0 ait.ri-.J j'31. : *Tf>p i.iird K :a reotsve llscra -alssstlT I
am ia ii Senate
11hb.L4 : : la tcrcuaprvar wbkinLt
< :
1'L-ht- tA % V \ .. ha, a :: ::*:; q : ; n wet tb< prarer of tfee pt titKidf
I rKrtG Cal! Mam&Ho. Gar- > XT EUZA ClXi- this snet. iu Ld.t .-. tat i in slief erf. (Mr.' I) :cLA2in"f rsposjiacn.) ; cs.ncu rf tn i rote ; like ae1tcenJatihD1 tat,

.- tfce tlae h4i tiOCTJ & hIaraAb.aLa, nk Graa>!e.nha. Para tee tie c" n'ry a a. lie oWtaed itto

I "tel & K tfce f Late yer to Wtk cp to a onusnttee. and U-C lLat c aus"tt the nght f leiiti*. T&2hltut'r: tcesar rtfcr to Lii fijnotr
O UAa eeare"Ia Uun -
Lata sw AjaTal ite. Lin;kill. Hi- tTitk te r--p ( kit*, that o tI Ie1r.Feiltract tax a. rata uriS-x TaThian .. byth t' : tfstrif-, ;is the chief boci of Utx>a. In the Suet ; propj *an ae LteI i. rttr wa_ two Luadred atd s rrtt\- L t-f the the po >ple.! They n tlin
iig tfci .. ; L t a 'ubt, e act anI ase vht aBt a % TeId t IeiI c-nly- Durirg the progress esn. s
tftS$ TLI ; one > i aad anj Cfty dolfars. tnotrim freads of th* Srtxtli : ia the N\ih, white the tJrlsti a s* waxirz tramerwanner This is the very pu;. tiui ux uLh every xatrc. cl prcvaiW oa this ..sabjccttaroc

jrfriCd i S1a iitid Fur the Salary cf the consul Gereral alS to-extend and ew4soixiae tVestsrn coa- un th* urapttsutwa of Mr. C.ahoui friend cf the Uoioa b vtk to the Yet feoct a Large puttwo ot UMI cuatzj,
act*. in J3a Ere tboa anj dollar.ForthesalajryoftLe let a etr like MtaSijU gt .Lwa wui U.e v*ytbr ; anJ the SvUlh. doirc tbesila
I" kire kreaftcr LLtU { I m.ctous. 'kh tcuJency ha* beta r-ronp>- to rekct the petition* oJWivd by Mr. M.t ought to to see TOOK a XMkClBXD staiD 4>&JZtT*$4.aU1ZiZIT. -
d'T.c: : ia rt2A.> tx.. bt .
tti ; tooul ta spzt. KJ *j-irt, pLtcrtL" 1 tlea rresvoted
the C "f W-Jeiwztoa. 4t1ke jctseral ed by the jeratk>n of niiruads ; ia the us. of Oht Mr. llucninan. ia the llthJauiary atia
&t l"lw rferL$ 'f tb* tie l itth North Aacrcan pruTiccr*. .L ctin t4iT.s West, to (eltcuanvre the auti-slavery cling 126: [ hU : i foer tbue-and tk--Iiirs. te airra e sd i' 1dt1d f-r *ahi di tnectf because it cet-ales f> send Eat (f !:kI Coet aL tcSLr.t I Ftrf etimate-l K*> by exchange on drafldj re .& 1..M > His the eoC* cf a t.t1u and capital t-j the Western rather i.t lie Caia qianerly mectiit; of fr.ctiti.;. ia 'eua }l\aoTa, uloxj Coztxrcuto
the rt''r j AX Okn a! aad cocmicrcial f, tile to b-'th tLe fn-pnsUo& !cbumie'l byCiHjcen aUif h the liutricl of CwTaabit. 'a '
WitaJrjton. > agrr.ti r salary. than t* the Southern Sates. Tha, sat< the rvl>ri ,.i* Society III Frvals in Penssylvama slavery ia
.e it fIITt.eJ fL1ttec&Tt1 t rtr-t ;o thou. inj tW Uasdre-i and Ok. ta&*. i&caz.t e 1, 1 the Comaiercsal. ms tiie danger of t! e rc uetit c Cares tu abalbhslater aa-1 BacLanao! we make a short acvJ at th<* tnte of its icese tat3ua. I .

4-f twche dollars and fifty cents. For "&Qttrt5trk.ia; thek1bt UxJ, "' extractfrjci delivew tie dechnrd tnat its nceplioQ I aboold.kamedut
2 (t rrteIin;" preset: position, *- an'l the *!ave tr1e ia tte ltrxt: a speech co cccas'.on ujxui

: ; :"t th ii c"LTtt t$ but For tie rroseenth-a" the work. iteu- Tbaa to UUeriT cbcrva tW ae cf ts f> flUe t'ominetcul stae< that, ae\r>r-j".rtg of C< Iiui.ii. anj thtripon troteh.i: by Mr. Sacm Prettiss. cf Ve rtaont. Iy nauve that the prayer of the

t4tLe&iefhodifl din: fay of mtun.l i. ncr. ar.da'l tberexfecstf Wait to Vir7.ea a vespva cr tctwirt tae thy to the en'.entttftalcati.n.. the weal> the t3TtoriiI V ret6. ani iti;! Us said MczBorul be rejected. 1hiiWftcrnsdbTaetevfti1O memorial

1J (Vfl ; Lat all pTOTre.i ia the fr't article tf the Tie wC4 d1 ra koajtr, tLe wtif ia itt *pri2jTh cf the S Uiia that ofNorth. r ntsioriaiijts r-rjei-t. : ; and .

tV rtt ncirTodty treaty with Grva: ? Kntatn, elev- ? th rk if tt>. wtit-t < *-p vita iu tin. th Toe follow! i lag s'a u* the ninwL'te Dirun* the prcpx--. .'; ihr delate, ilr.f The 1et.tiocs which have beta presented tay motH>a w rtject the prayer cf it pr -
tI'It 1 ttxi.n.i fire has rjd here -i fi-: a-k any intrrfrrtc or a.ert va:led, with but .x dis. voice .
anJ $
en nhrrtr-tire *
u-rta ( citt1 .4 c'Grt1 Are W<* t. te ftire-i Ibin Ac T C jt&a.- the | dollars. ajiy power ui Conrnrs: to icterilre ;cce thu dedsiva the Senate hail adopted *
,. with tin vaiaeIf taa 1ccjt s-f tLeiusalu&g ,
tbenB \VtM* it licta ia crtt wco&i i r it caa. a>s-c-t : theye! 5jicted
ihifl L FtIX cf tLe wnsalitcs inti'i Tcr- with slavery in the tatcs. Dec are ca a practice whxh has proved coiiatatlj $
bt d r' ais'I Kt raaw tbev cv>&!an-
wxt ;
tiTdj. kilt IFft Per ile .
fuhei! rtftr p Pop. : : C:5cil tu in th-i Pizrt. L-
slavery \ Lensivial. because itba aJorded
rt!f ctm the lcittB r : ai-as. TIX : interpreter jnnrd*. ( Oh. t eVr boll nuiIJce, JUAs if TOO TriH, Xorth 15I S2lSO 153970.717 t-i. lSt il. : ILLJ ui pcac
.KcrJir" a J oiher tiftlie c'nia1.t a: Tte i f5 then cwtlinucxl f-r c '3irlain! of its exi>t ac Lervia and Upon thu subject. Th memo
iude rt wnuMe e the (ace UiervdfLaUhtie eTint Vet,, kazinitr lisketh csI still; uth ; 21134 3Ji&4z'3.ccutdnz : ae canyay
M : evil and ak the inTCrLe'itn tft C.nres rial U rtcenhed. u taad
1 Constantinople, nvrr.a. ('an'a anairi Ales, I ia the Sis erat n he tuer. jectiwa ta iurecvptiwa
f-J etx-ct a.rIiIrmd : VT at* alt rf e, bcssa. &za.l(2 ierr. : rt'jtcilse
/;& huasan to thl* stattmcnt the1 redrt 5 the crtTaao.-. The SenatirI < and a taoUoa la lay the Uoaof
teo dollar
.f the raotian* ts_ Ie by Mra CI. qac
ill ois<* ca W ou4e I* eutTIHtie40.J For iBterpnrter: *. pnard! *, and other xpHt Mtrry ua u sboali I'.WJTJ t. stlrr.c-. { wealth a: tie S ath is 23 per ent ptr hei imure Lun aid Buchanan. I fft-ta S".ith CarxJiu, (Mr. Cath-va) ha* rvcrpitou upoa tha uUd u then immn-

fm to tI 1rt k4I$ i( tbs act..rIJrvTv wf the ulatcsat DiiratfirefctJa- date to i x>i. cp ta te Far aWr, than at the Xorth. Aad this not muted that the { *
coc> 'oulht-rn Senators were liti'! in '
Jt:w 34. 1S. drcd doHars. 1 TTIth ltxic.t far parius. cr pie! iilc; Cr lore- i withstaml ng the C ct set f rth by the Coa- k n. Jlri' r>. Ulack. of 3115.s_ L.ZIaOlfl SenUur fr- '
h.lI e 1aLe we 7ait(jr re'cet aottu Itaircial that -the-Strath! has occupied a ) L1'that ll* j f tbejiilMn *- "Xvw saul Mr. B, in cfmy
Ac sst 1.AX S. C. Cathkcrtif. l>e>gh.t-f Va., uscqcecc
i frcra oar Ool .T : Jeer to a rotitr* | CoIc-iTa! position to the North and the of Ala_ Xirfu-las cf Ij.. Port.-r. of La : be at ncrtjecte. 5>.r. 1 cannot conduct here thrtsj hout that svsioc,

AVCT f r the '*74LM.I of a.frim j Xorth i it at its o sn brxii aadbutter. agree Ct' e tber of the n ;>ii. a>. Tke\ 1 Aure iorn tVt oruxl tf J5o/ttTcu, at
Pre-ita .f S C., Walker cf Ms anVbite. I
11. fef Jr. ia the Territory oMinflt3. IPtIc ." IbVe2ect
F'-rt but
henry Claj. dcr.tLetre.niauIvfC.nn
{ A-ege. I arcv, with the Svoalor (romnttitnty
\ ci.nttn-led that
of Tena.. C ,
'. the S Q'III* 1M &.( thI1y ACT6rtlw relief ofdie wi* rs of,( Shnrtly after the aci'nt.on of ihe lataoos The sane paper has s me Lappy >- < ha-i n>i O'Ci-tituttunal pow r tu touch ncrvs -' f buth. it ajjvr> to i-e 's sul* tanlialN that the dasgerha.s pawrdaway

flVCtStL IN the Tctr3 uI the officers, seamen, and tnartoe-. -ii the CI4n1en..atut bill in Ct.nrt3.Ir.. CUy t rae&tstin ihe! ca! j ii paradosc>! | slavery in the D.=>trict cf Columbia! tfcty te K.II -. 'ihe tirst n order. tWor at !est in P nu<_. hau>a. Tie cruel u

Lmiel states *i>op- fttr Albaay, an >sti UIhi had m ,i.tht Ii riYiC ettuj nv>v l-vfore the ''nwte ilruU-s iulrnaIbr } no, over ; and Le CxaaiaclMa which thrra-

ften.efrfi 7 ZiE : aI I1. fir 41er | to his conted to i&.vadc the cxostitulioixal rights

? *.( Ue4leri 1 Be ft euncto'l by Ike Sfr.aft aai Jfautrof n:-pl k,n arra t.-d 3 aiut* hi- rveiedion. 1 the.r can lidate have bva ultra pr Save- !i---r. licnion r.( Mn. Crown, cf X. C. the oJfwrr. it ; irnr ihii-n.i r m t'-nn en\ i if the Suth. ami to disolve the Uuton has

: f1('r re# tfcr fvttwtttt'ret / the L'aiteJ Siutet of Aftir a Mr r-ms the !aii, ; f ry It embrace* the kad.r: pn.tecti ni* tuiltboniZk 'f Md liruudy. of Tr a.. the rgt t ; bat wh le it j.p.A-s- to aim. lAth nrarh txtcu hcd. The battle has

,(rnl oflifty t! iI i'iar Lie- tid th.2U \ .iMervra TU Ceuzrrff attcmLifd. Tbat fr ci the host flf:$, pievixus to the openmi 1 at the Xi/rth. yet ? ip; n a five tr.kpretee I\iO-.of ALa... Kiis,::. f ii-. Lir.u cf Mo.. j ifcr nrRt. it.r1i --r?. lie njitt the bevu fought where it wut ever fc futht.nut .

H hL4D ': 'i ot ofIiimIryi1e an fr IAnq! .* *.f fiainc t1 U: tine at "f tiie pU he *teJid t't.wn into tnt of Calhtx-.ti T i-ey rn fc' hun utnei.aii I miit,4t > ia u>e Sniih. tut ia the Xorth. ll is

thai! cuiuiiH.-oe tftt? nons. uuOcr the cfortd. w1 vtv lie met an ul.h and inSocntial ut rrvptton. Yet they a there t thc t the IanDXtZr lul Mr. Tvk-r. wa*m't a lart- l.ranirr. Ati.1 '&- tJia; Cfl-:rdy.tli'fl. itte' ttt.fIhe Xi-rili, ahu must ever susUiaihe

( ( f'Tt m aie itm.a. ex.rtin tax*, eft he wic.*ws and orphan fneTsO: .f of the name if So.U. une >fi VnTitie 'cnbtn. iu pih c Ian.U trth e
to t Svith Faithclttty ciiiidnm of ibe oflkx-r -au.en, arid tu&liiKS. i the first &etlrtftentucIv.aut1ifciure. IU.C tLt4iW% the! wori i t.a- eer fcirnl : ..->* and iil* up> ,i the saae sabject }i-rretn'tim g alike the UMvai rx-w r, ucraivi e\> a pa2 iet sileatuly, tt -

: % ttatfl. iI Lhe Trrr-itry uNcbrit. : and other* in mrrice. who were l.tet 1:1 his yonnper days, a great : 1iy ava a ieTe for a mat i'f eiwr'r su the language: 'rt S.k Wright oft a :i>aik>,i into U.citen..* .4" iKrut-nu? : naz.e-, (ron slave hold.uj States whelhiBey '
the 'i tv4 :o be ctrude and dtrc.sir they r Hy ar'nn.l th a nl ia my il>-. U ih la rilvc: nt tO be ia
: in the t'nited, States fioop-ef-w Albany. This etUUman >tv|ojibo in ought governed, a jrcaldigrte I
ttetir4Ttheecze&zry ;itk.1utt ; it>*trriafnt IA Pa cr. C'itt'; A C.. *Lr Ae the rkhl s-cuml bt -e o G utntian advice the nxlo
a&T : s< 'eli a* the tice tu which the pay of Mr. Clay as f.H rrei. :-- suppe t'wr Nniwagv an-l tcanitsr. uiwji-i I* re- by our a< tJ

ri'r. pr>aa..t tv oootracts to i.e iuau! nkj *Scvrs. K a&ten, and tuar.r e ai4 utb- -\ wrll Many. I I've ben with jon in ti e perfect j a i.f dans*. of wheb, tifntahi \ *c"ired. lie |' rtn;tel:: t.' I* read at the' or tavre ce-ptrly |*a5. n the r, 'atn IUM-- Abolition petitions shall btr >

l |er in cenrce. shall to alkwt.-d. the esb- in six trouMo- ato >orry 1 mast now d the i>n Jit. awl Irate hint the s.1WH! !j clerk's U'vle. if oVssre.l aa I then that tt. <- 3UrJ by the CMi.uti-ui a, a rrtx raU>L IT is imptmi&ft. after alt vitAJJ \

.Elm..rrtrt4Ju. 2. I4. 'texath day i.f April one Ti*>u an4I fert yi1u in the \cntli. Von have voted They dtrea lea-ierof teen hi ttme ofnnerrvitcy. f each w mW be procsptly n-jecte I i it aliarigM: -a r.ghi tr.iual an-1 m ervttin p+iittd, .tuf rAry con doubt our dttvitDit -

hotiurrdnd (iftjfire, e'.iall W kx-an.-d ti jItakfUtubc f--r that nii erablc C tnpc&i>atit>n 1>J!-I H the" lake cp the hn-nlle with one word <>f dvtaie. and) wttbthe tie 44'ie.. If we can tale i.o uwabrLd to t\e CoRititxjioXiii riAf* f t\e

f i yie 41 ] the flay >arl.ich tie adkMf In2ct nIW tnrn niv lack up' u run." dlowcr of Kit Csrthm ch the w ilierrw ,t rote "f cvtry; JfiMat-."* a- was pntposjvi by ui-; the mitt to j :.ii-n we s-iulx Suyft. Let tue a. ure theui then, that

AN ACT tuitr >-9far AUai>y fj rulrctt ? Is that the ediAiivctiii *?. Tlsey st-e k a statesman and they ?!r. B-sehamn. jPitI. &} ( can r-i.ill.rr tl receive a !' our gncalrst laa vr is fruia \Uiou* here,

; Lf)1L.e eyen .(tbptft.tIWL :: A* J Ikitt. ft* tW I-kv pnrpc.. the iwuayHJi'h ?" take up otiiy the -jtr of a statesman. 3I;. Clar.. cJ Kentwekr:: held that the I trillion tu.rrxjrct it iu.ta:<:ei i Escileiaent is the rlctneiit in which a.boB- )
They hIWI r a c ;hUry ader aud rally Inn without a hear ntmut: anr taqus. thin Uvcs and haa iU tiin Ai U
tt f rtH *c*r ,iJiag tbtrtitUif iay Jui.ntie* uunaad i :Lt buu- Jt t*. rv-ht to ret!'.on carr e-1 th it tie r.jjht motes .

) June,e'jjL'.vxrn. bdrtii aDd *kyr 1 lrvd zd Eftyc, iial! IK ejected and taken U"e mct jet over it tre l-c-t irsy we ulwln a ca !%t4tvl tbnrl.uvte. Tbx-y tie- of Uc"n liear-l ea aav snhjevt that the l oI I > n* to S tie subect sls.2trS 'i tane! kinuled ia the capital vautd soon

to be ttie day 1 1 ubtci) be lilted can. Ytta are an old huntsnnnVc ?" taand a sk liui Biianevr. and take cp ap f dr aiMre-i-1 had owi-r t act on. Oa the J The ti i. rcrvi !? this Uaiun, Let a qtustion now

j: 'y Iv7tq tR4 IJaziC Stau-s IMC 1'orpoiis 'ta iut in i like Bard Mr. Sc tt.Y :Vic! deCtalter. They ad-jjire the ma t I f 1 subject of tie i eh: .fC.arva tabo! s j the petit oa: alU-r u aaU Umened (ox ',, W raiM i.ea4I l ciaracler. and forward Mr. Uarh.ina;) i-* eq.a4e denyinga titinlet dab iition thU
ly dovel"f uu.-aary the enemies ia ,
and put ,
!IeprutnZtt' i t4' ( l *i !rave killed ciicr a fit Lea :*trct. e was inclined to j L
a natal oilk-er transformed trom aI -* it d ** mvr-t ;ction at, | c 'S u
i C fg'rta at 4.V l. Thi bek. doubt T the avowal ipt-.n que they
A trlfo ; I Six. 2. Aad tie it fMrtkert.izad. That dt .think, an-l caa-l- -ji'erei i ,
I 1ejvue a sanev, thence into the in the f rm*<>f nrvevedst:*. probably wor.'t s id they will jrt>panl tho
the tu.a< in? en u- :/.. ani i;* *iot j the i !>*w *'r chil l or Cn I inn.. ami m c.-eI tint the rglm! iit l 1 ext. though he h nM I Iv forufrl aul tecLrool
i -
n'Yv anat l rea hi -re-l i'lto a b.nj.ptCl1a- au though: it may a great cnn t4, f Y lA\e a-.d Fn- rifle? of his
LrL. sfl VT t nf tt iar. lLer bv .vidt'Wur cluli c'-ildmi. as 'o a tnie take a futnrvo-.p.; 'rtiin"tv: expressing |
I iui t4 ( "* j t.' n to oco lie a pAi eian with prtv :e Ipal' I a icxr With the con-t.tut'.uii.: i 11 U. are devoted in this ra 'tt unprofitable strife,
DthtWt ateIftthcufrct. *. nl cntckidXV : ,
the tfri4r7 apiIt-JZ.i aieraJ tbe die ur a p) a .tie a enrr j tit.t115 '11.I51 on In th'S exprd"ency|
) prv.t.i.t a. *
faivi.t ,
aul I
uf'.ral.! SttU1Le be > enL to the t > exery practical The cf the abolition
r. n
II rt.i1u'r' t-rt.ed. f..r dii II did! I htr line bnck be- "M.-. question
( tl tht and f y*m ever a tht ex-.reir of that pirr. f
then be .
retit e br > rn
: f i5C ,did ca-e pnrp-ose. t..ii\aloni u> a tejvc"a cf the here can iL> no itc! cotxL an-J du
tkt l j far 'ed! i flu? tl.rtit-tli *jj ji .i't of the uiiiccr caizu. tuartav* and f Lte v,*j hc-, tr un &app d T'Lhe tnr4. Obua'" expr*:yj>e1 1 his <1pr.Mhi..nthe of i pcs way
& *' Lt vk-s it raarks the ii( d.nnillatlCv petition ir>*!f. lo ncvtvo the petition ranch & itix c harci. When did faaatacsm
id l Stiru like nf h !. prozr.-s i
14g tW-iiJ V-.M tiu.JrvJ u -rtice who l j t-at -> hatj e ej ra-"ti-jn tu reeivc an I ttuau-diately rejct -
44.LLra su uerv -t ia Tt'In-.vr f.ind >.-i'tt. .:idoi tate I. e sie' U-nd t.cwetn th. iuau i.Ic'mdct9 mule bv hv f'Vo'fr>" i th the cs; rws vie*, and fir no otter ever y\M; to the vooe ofnra $ nuia'.i the n
; p--t"t
jTand lirij P..rj
break ,- an hc iQtttestr c-l party iurpelhm iruinod-AUly tuprx>cvtd and V.jr-e'aa'J it wilt Imrn oat for xvar.t cf tbafiul
ntjiaal all He dit!
iii c$1re cnro ,* cxtraonEasfT5t ek..k'. auj istantdrao4MiaJI. ; ilat ft.' it to pieeo'on r.t.n.a (Mr I--h'i"r'.J) |
: duI cajLia. s the of it, i> treating the pti.tufl wljnch it f .
a.J ti ; o rxjcct rn
f oec IQ. ttm a ptaxer xis.
did *
; .tai the ( J the vervnxt4' canu* t 0. or 1 and -2iCe2t }
'ttiaT' afe Wantsal
[ & ti ...1! eitited to. i--l fi.- y"O tmi.t think it MI
a in
< have tak ibu tj. t uci lorui t>f t'.irtJ **.- no beit.r. ezcepc acre matter cfjeerecKMjy. i ''IVfpVitt.l lvnnTy impressed w\th i I
5t ate at ti.t-a' Unta Free. S iin.tnt' iutbe n-t YIP p.ek the flmt anj try it aaia ? | J-'cen. < > e.'j vnt ni of the iiIi! of {vati'in to re- | I
care out ifaj IM .iy treaearx tbju to r fae t receive it atall. ac"5ctjcn c-f the
| J uiU-rcs!* taat if ilie We t tritlc'i *Ctk& .. ; truth of these fentinscnt -
-t-rtcd he d 'iruimh the
.t Ir %'* ; The tears in eyes; .jt ; otberu i? atr;>run *ted. a Mini rqoal U- j the arcesshni >f E.-tea cap.ta! ;n bu-i..e'..*. 1 1n < liA) *. and for the purpose of arrvsting-
cSurd tuKlalNo that the right
F.itii. Nij'V- >:z -in Brfg-flM. II 'flasI twelve t&ootbs of the'r ctire the was f-nil*. He th.iuht
1'urtoja! Ikuiiii-*. irc-Ara Turkey. l"uSnzil. rvbtion pay aforesaid ia rea addition) to e- : Ham- 1 pcU-d the fl:n't. and tried ; al.-o m laud -jiecuUt ; that at the E.u.t ;taioa requins of the servants of thep.Ipo j The: folwi reasons for r.'tkpiKrhisprojiosltlon this ,bat?. I wade the rcustomr4..nii-
cited \\hch claini V.'eateru custom thc ui CiteD. which car-nnt Iv (!ebatd"ftrtb,, ..t
PtTU. Chili. Ar-uitint- tLe eaid decrasvl at rcr ajnn. Give ns jt-ur luiitd.1 j > tti examine. deliberate and decide ; : to that of Mr. Caltiou'n, were
the dae
Ii; New' -f> tLe ly hi of aid veses peetive- t \VC need hardly tai that the welkin I azeti-i&atvrv yusahy; ; tlutt tho S.tih. either tu grant or rcf w* a fUl i n. giv'ug { given by Mr. Euchsnan during this ecitr4g | revTption oa the qteuon If"* this? memorial t I
wiiicii rranU Southern iuter ts asttUCl iji. L-e laul the table. | Cci;. Cfoir I
uf the byrtanItr : uiwii
CutLt.Bv Niearn. an1lo ng ili-i huzJU TIJLA&-I tin reasons for such u1-eioxt. [ pajtf 1 ,
ly.j f U XarlUvfil.-JklCi4i.lC.lJPOLITICAL. :; debate. Ilbi( !L page TCI J ml. S vcgc 15i .
Ittm.r-d 4 fi1; t.vQ tbousa41i'eEun.irt1 *. C'ar wa< bnrne yQT to the hu l- 776); ;)
: -. j SEC. 3. And Le further enxted. That in antI rkete'1.J p'1Lts. It will: thri* Iv soen that there wtrre foar Mr. RuchviAn said : **Whilst? i\\\\ or rcarIy ( lsCt.SDURr Pi SUCATW.N. i .

"f l I the j-roper .cott.>g o3Icvr> of the Tres- -. : all are hsrnnnuons in their cmcla>ioii I .
iljc *orrrtariir.ffc7r*tka) part'es in the Il.use. '
December 21st 1833.
dir tie tVite-1 *>tttc *t Grtat Uritam. J ury Itrj uimeat Lc. and l.trvty arc.authu- ; It is aid that T<.m Moore; or.e Mr. CaShonn and his falI i\Tr3 were in that the f-raver uf lie petition ocghl.not | ,

irin *. Sjain. Ii.ia.{ Antrs, 1'rii4uItZi | rued and Uirected to ?ttie the accou.iU of night hue ttz at &n inn in 5outbnti.I j favor rejecting b'iLUQ1! petitions without lo Iv planted thvirpvusies arv lar fUTerent. I SCNJLTC.-Mr. Calhoun moved that so

tIAflt %akL rduiia, R.c1. N 110:1 White late {>urscr tn the iiaxy. who was OfHitmally troubled by the landbly I reJ>Iin*. them. | 31y <>l jwt wa> ti gel tie strongest | much uf the Prvsi !er ts* message relates .

puin,IMUtvl. I'-tnsil. I>ctjiE rk. jwe t ca It m ii c .loop-<*r-vi ar Albany. R ithi I. with the rupte-t that he should write !
ikn )kui Vrrn. 'lih. .trrpztne Rqub.lic. i all Lt acOMUU and voucher for i-ipeiuli- citah. at wight, he gtcZtluflIt1 'Iu. nrcii\\\N*'* (:ONCRCSItxtI. receiving the i titionanl then Ion both tthe St> iti! a-nl th XorthIn -.--. i by the United States Mail be

I Hix-s aad jmcKnls uadc hv h u. ami Kith >. order to aeeoa>pli>h this purpose, mymotion
(;rI2 tkiti4.! Er.a3'.r. VenritflUustetnTh as f i>uu : zIcculu ;tmtly reject.nj the prayer of the pvti-i
i at! ti>c i2":.rx,tlurx-s auJ etiiit? procun-d mtlt 1e one on "hkh the largest A tpecial committee, which tnot'ton wai
*' *. xhJ Mexicx.i Iaod suin CJiie, in rojal state the ) tk n j jj
; readers!
ILn exhibited to our 1
of raid ciidiu a'iuxv! him crtd- it.g 1 and xxlik-h? each Yeas *
coiil 23.
for the a on
ae tnaj'Tity adopteil-
IUft31flr tiow.a i 1 fir Lun-lrtd dutUis. Arr ,cJ a! Uit at Jl area guta- Mr. Clay and his followers were in fi- agree
for whatever uta to La due black cotigress'.oail rveorJ of M.Ilard Filluinrc j meir.b mi ht v ite lur !zit o\xn jecu'iarrvaon.
For it ajpears and The cousUted ofMessrs.Cal-
talirr of h? c.'wtni..oir tu tLi ( and stbj'j-vd prvm s-injj to Cuish ia tbcjnnrj.inj. dir ol recvivmj. nfering laving a rep cvuitaitu-e
b.m the bok uf the tlfj ariucut.Stt. 1 aV, what motion cowl I have
Sahich fruoi cin on the su'joct of slaVerY we uovv
I1aul.: ix.tiuiiid d41xi. Tlte fj-'O'l la'lyram! ir.insportsi -rt wpi'theni. Lion; Km;, uftia.,Manguia Davis f M4.<,
For f airy! of MI iiiterprtft t.u tl.e mi- 4. jaIl c tfu.ltkcrl That at thII iiierj.'i. cud treated Mr. Mit rei address ourselves to the more agreeable Mr. Murri aiiu hit fnKowcrs were in fiorot i made, so will calctilalrd loalta u the* end 1 and Linn. .

I'M; cif(Itina at Ti of tire tb.naiiJ the pcuiioti* aa i { u.euu u.ace to the i atteatiun. In the receivin revering and ; the as t5j, one r.i>w before the aenat: 1'
rat with t-rirr iSUiC task .f Li.!.ling up to the Soathirn i opej ; \ ;; grdatu,; !
for in t ttc 14th cf 1S3C Mr
dufljrs projtr rj re riitatm-s (as proxiiled Iu tLj cuui c pursued Oq day February isihuup.
J T annum. fe UxMsaix di4ir. mnitii:: he wa al jut lcaing, when ti.c prayer of theetui| < uers. upoa
i SMuaal record of Jaaics
Fur tsUrr of a drajMnan to the *niM'!, this act) cf Pas.-ed Midshipman; Vi'tlLaui i lady reuiiiidod hist he had not lhutshcI the j tiM; or ght cuogit 1 lii cvimihentins on thee various jropoitior. by Mr. Buchanan throughout this debate.Mr. J flout the select'c* mmittee. repor

toTurlcy, t ro t.Jr.Ed: ubuaJ! re J dol K. Brulj, wlw wcis iu cutiiauin.l astctsi2l i cjitaph.That is s"i.M iid he aid immediately -! liiiciitnin. > <. Hugh Ijwson White. .>fTcnne-ee i Boberl J. Walker of Mississippi,Iv hosUAdily [ t d a bill "p.ibitin; peputy Post Matters -
lartioualruad l utenii.t of the bng Porpoise whin she I of this shall iifMr. Calhoan's 1 1I ,
idded! : In the performance duty we | who wa* an advocate >-
lost aad cf the other! icd mid !iip- : supported Mr. Calhoun'i rojs.i.ition. fn-m reviving or iran.smiiiug through.
Fur cnittn.ei of a2 he mi was pa other did I .and our uf the iiruu-st and tks..t
crm'ei 1 "Cut Pcttr met L'r wit acb\] j noihing c\tenu-.tcai in we positions 4
men bxvtre on Iward the Porj>,i e xx hen vf his the folloxving high ajti as we be1lieve. the mail to any State, Territory, orPistnct -
e icair-drc thwussaj! dvlltr 1 An4 kiM krd lirr ta.k to UeUibuVj malice.*' eons, tenl Mates Ughu day paid ,
} she wa' lo-t, under oruers from the Xavy It ia said Mr. Moore'e hors were undcr | not aug! t set down in sail : "If the-- i. titioui are rcceiveil. "l .justly! descrxed cou>pl.mcnts to Mr. certain papers therein, mentioned,

For ti* relief*nd protection of ArocriioiD -. i eparuitnt, as acting lieutenants, a* will j, tnotiun just as he had tin.shod; the !last The qmstion under consideration i is of think the di>| *iti,, if them pn>pii>od hy Buchanan. I the circulation vf which, by the lava of

Cu ia f. > cwutitnc s. one Lun-. as their! pay from the time of thc.r joining t line. tt o grave a character to be trifled with_- tin, Senator fn>m Pennttania. (. !r. Buchinau said State Territory er District to
hottoraUo and distinguished j jfriend. may
shall be the though To
drr4 and : said .eii-cI ame as best that 5 itumediate- my
twintl e Iiutau4 dollar The are entitled to all the facts."e .- ) the next: ; "
Fur I they Wtv then duly! C'lurui sioiii-d and actually j people This would be the'Senator from Pennsylvania, IMr. prohibited and for other purposes, -for j
rxpcnx.'? which inaj Ur incurrr it( Loidirg said rank lieutenant. j THE RICH MAX JIXD THE UIUIGAR.-Aj \\ wt.uld not, fur the success of our can- :5v to rj'e' their prayer.them the table Buchnnan) most haj py am I to sac it is which Ftlix Grundjr of Teen offered; % J
far to Living o>> ,
t of
-j; .c KTTKV iuaier j rich man wa pasting al the road in a prescra avowed
ng has
appeal" ll
rIrflltjrt.iii >fccU in rv cuin citizen; Sic.5. And Le Junker enacted, That rplendid oiach. uhcn a cur tallied out. didat, dtcene our ixaders in or.e jot or .. iih! ..Mt vsprvKsin; any opinion whatever. unnecessary to this floor worthy
and t-*!. c.J tin) I'r.iteJ State frumfcLii*- for the p'irjK**.' of tixin: the to which snarling and barking and trying to stop title. (Ibid. pce7Ui] sentiments of upon the Republic xx-orthofPenn- During tho nrcocediiig jea*the abolition->

Ttk, rt-c tliounl( dollar lobe f the of Passed Mihipman William C. the record with. Mr. Will am 1L King, cf Alabama said; best days ;
A We
ex- pay his horses by gettm;; before them. bfgfgar coir.mcncc Ivauta the Key Stone of the ard of the ists had tloodid the Southern country,wilh
ii4ed un'It.r th. dirietku t ( the I'rebi.kiat .. smith ihall be it'luueJ. thy first day ofi this roa-I-si-U The strongest Tote in hs: opiuM-;!iei -x; p
was tilting by gnawing of the in which the
ABOLITION PETITIONS. worthy spirit hand bills pictorial
ufth.tnt t2te. i May. oe thousand eight hundred and fif- and lull fa-.uuht-d while i one be.-t calculated to quiet he au.n;: flftfl representations'
i bore appau-utly and which
Fur tU- p'irctt.flIait Ix .i' stationnj.inn -- i ty-onc, thsil be deemed and taken to be a hi* clothe! were felling fn>u hun in nigs. During the summer if 1835 an cxtrv 1 m the ptibho mind: -top'it dowis l.e .t s; ta- nlono constitution was its blessings.! And Mr.euikmsL can. pamphlets, designed to incite the slave* taiusurrvctioii -

fUje I mted statt*. Irt-P.k. anci I i the day on which the aid Smith wa lost The cur Mt-ing him thus employed, ran toward ordinary ini|)til.c as phtn to abolition.. t. prevent the (Irvq-ie'-t rc irniue "- pel petuate let all have the sanje pnmd i and revolt! and hence tomo
2.tIhI sid the Ctw rtr's of ISji-u -atlo if their mi l and < rtlalteii -
fu asitatiun i gnde aa
th. -
riucnl of iiuetak lui r ; at tea.Approved > h.n, and fawned at In* f.t-t: cn-leavoring to disciiarge i legislation was indispensibl to suppress
1k ,f th : tnttca Sut tificen Angnst 1, Ib. shuuld tcacli better man- <>.tetoii; u: >pts to d. .turb the peace if :..c i>> -un, cioisncs$
4f 'Y dog forth the dove from
<>u your Let send and
us his
ot Cnlutab-t. our duty. dangerous reprehensible practice,
thrtI dilLanilo.rimpeflt4in >la eriu the D'utr-ct xfas thai jt jKi -il by the moii.iu < I f the
i tiers,1 said the rich man, 7 leioG. Mr, M -r- Peun Mr. nuvhnun. th-.s Senate chamber to return with the U lme attention Congrcsa was called lo
January n4
On Tiu-sday, Si.iat fr-nn -ylvania ( -
fthe comtnkhner Public 14. said the other.Vhy .
[ ] | lie is not mine, | branch of let us endeavor to .
'?ided in the ri. of Ohm. presented twa petitions froct .) LI ixjeclthe praji-r of tne jeiitiourrs peace the iq TiesideDt Jacl soa' anaal
tir*t ar.icle of lie rcvii.rottytrrsty A UESOLITIOX authorizing the &creta.1.s. | '\ then duta Lc Lark at iac ins] fawn n.Isttr.e p-litical Aararat, Where hut Ark suljject
fr theabohitiouufI.iivry in thutasn
Ohio iug atoiuvaiid how t< tIst"> & IIA-II
tad diiflur.%tith (Jreallintaiii, two thoa- of tLo Treamry to modify the plan! of on \on ?' the Ii.trct prat of Columbia. producing ail etft-ct on Cougrv of our Union, no\x tossing upon the dark message, aud; some eflectual decisive action
for ulirkbf the eu tom h
*oWU of the Uniied oonsu'Slate* an* at d London.commercial Lirn lie it cnncl&l by the Senate and Huiueof away /' it-plied the beggar.Treatoeut ed that the i tition should ve steer 3a clear of thu&e con-tit.nioiul; oh.jtiti.ius 41.e ar.'I! where\we may truly dtclire the Cfn the $th of June, 1S3C, on mot ion cfMr. I
has snWdod.1'
GIu c<.w. Dundee. New cattle Urdu. Ktprftentatint of the United Slat* of Yellow I'ever. The Secretary having reau tne [Hriitions. I t tMr. apply tu the refining the delude nf hitter waters Calhoun, the Senate proceeded ta eonidcr -

)dfs4, gK.nCaJcatta.. I 1i1 ifx. 1e1bunIe. ifA-ncrica in Cmfrets acfanltltd. That rc idin in Caliu'im demanded the question on re- j ryhiofvtitioa.| '' [Il>id. I'Z' 716. It will thus he seen that wh le air. Buchanan the bill. .
A distmguuhed fjreijuer
Naau. Iititon. Jamaica Il the Secretary of the Treasury \be, and here leaving I them which was a preliminary 0.1 the lJth Mirch, 1SV, [lhh\\, ra?' did iv't take the high gr.nn.I occupied 1- -,
( ; ,) .tj j a'ltSmrired to modify the plan of tin Key We>t has received from llavatu the | which meiaUr had a right taken the When the bill was thus called tip, Daniel
!edai AliterI14fl. Aix U Uupvilc Tar- by i* i I <]ue tmn. any 77'J, J the question was on rect.i.loll by ilr. Ciilhoun. he >tood houder! ti'
)I Aatrr Mar.tlie IV.rdeaux cuFtom-h- in procce of construction at follow ing prescription for the treatment ol
14Rdk., \a.cs: *.Cad, L ,JaI Lyon, de, Ellsworth. Maine provided the increased | the abe disease: i of 1>. bati jim Congress vol. xii. page 71.J] f fi alEnn.itive a follows; *hetil ler with *-ieh noHle Souther.x patriots upon I it, contending that it *ash conCictwitit

3fltfl74 St. J .hn' (P. K.) :fnnIN expense by ait d'lin.:. shall! not exceed the I I "From the Unmans; give a lnmber! full i I 'Ihis L was flew p-Mpnsiliou. Xo settled! i ij Yca>.- Utu tills, Brown. Buchanan. Clay. u Jnhn P. King. .f Ga., William RKSJI that pruxK-iun of tho conitiluttbn.

Mddec4b. the *um of three thousand dollars. And j rule had been obscned mum reference tt | Claxtun.! Crilteiuleii. lMM 15, Kwiugof: tui) ., : .', vf Alaltiina and Fe-1e! Grundy, of -
uce.l'. B) llacii,,. LifFurielial. of aliu.'iid ul with ten dr--ps! of leuiu ; which prohibited Congrei'S from possJiig
wild saw or so much thereof as may bo j jucca abolition peMionc. | Ktiliig: of Illinois; liold-bunmsh, ImnuUlleiidricks. fir inadv.uscei'f Henry ,
A &. 1'rvreburg.? t.IJfl h., uatd the patitnl h..s ia'tn ; Tennessee, and very
irs ]
w.rp. ofj t cri l o Xexv York in the I Kent .. la--tu abridge the frvvdom of speech
hereby apj.ruprlated of Huhbir.l Ku.g .fAla. any
$*. Efsis, Tnwte, Vicnnt.U-ij ic. | sarv. u iia.uU-i&! full. Apply alo a cU eter i.f Mr. Tallmailjie. pro.Riess I Hill. CUx. Kentucky i>n the excUin? uKj -
IlnIeki Bremen Uaiubar Fraiikfort-on- any m..nev in the Treasury f..r that purKC biX two buu&Ik- .I of thu delate which fpnm* up on j .. King, of ija.. Knight) Lma McKein! and.of tlie press. [Gales Jk Sea ton's Register

JT larncuidu, Oiand ifiUi | Prur'nled That none ut tho m-ney CHill eimpU* Mrupe\eiy lout lulu to the ktiei-s | Calhouit'* motion, ka d, [ste t.iIei A: M..IIK, tiilia-i: X l l--s. 1'rentis*. II .bm$. :iKuggles ctf Aluihti- petition Thestaiul he of'bclMtes, vvl. li pago 1722. -
npthf Duchy ,
bsrmt hereby mppniprimte! l shall lieuse l until the t tSttix'tary tides, a v amom up j itatoii's Delate vol. *ii, jitt. 5JI.J Con- } Shepley! b-.uth.inl. Swift. Tallui !- i took in liCU ui the di-tence nf SiuithtrnLnghts >
of Ullow and Mr.
thc ek-cloiaie *f HefiHJn and afu-rwurds 5.ll4l45 Tu lbs pcevh Buchnua [ice ntaaTolumc -a' ofa the Laud- of the Treasury ha* o i tr cted \ of the ftt. If the I giv<* has n.-ce.xed them but *ItVai' refusItrdanx f _e. 'hjit.ui I Touinusjii, Wall, Webster he never ataUe! : I, but st idl/j
%* o.aiJ uiuiUrd ia I he |llaIul1 I and ) replied: i '
oft-aid work for the them. They haxe eithl |age > -
the completion action % riIit-.i1.
'k'e for upon arid
11e-.e i %cry )hot with rid (3 VS. and the : through his whole c Elrt4tO itt cmvr oi-
hereby and heretofore appropriated.Apjuoved patient U-eil Uid oil the ta-'lj?, or referred l' a Xaxs Blic'i. Calhoua Cuthlwil. Leigh, BI-CHANAN' :; I
itIrleMaI1e.Zuri4b. sum SFECCII
ifd he must be bvd! l |>:1iI.T.
: ieiietalJvtKa Leg- boid 1 ; suITeivil: lu posed
1. there Ieep. Walker
qilu. AnguH ( Cuuuiwittee. and Moore X choU Purler, Pn-stion. "
$i4e.c ,
Palermo the htat thuuld then
.Medina, ( (ton ounce) and in case : asked Jta uth j
bo tlvmu betl. Tu-re has > of AboluirtniBis. Asa tiii-nsr conclusion
tu U |
&mUpIe Whithe
i never aga'.n aiul
bn Jcrusaii-m! Mciaiikr. not a'jate' he ought to be bed| sull a sc- the naked question nq7 ''under ItIZ5CU51OI1
%* ? I Public 39.) i beeu heretofore an aluia entire unumnity (tim tl-ellih March, 1S3G, [Ibid, pngej to thi) branch of-'onr*subject we
Tripoli, Tuni Cw>ton."P md tiiuc1'or l aud drink b'tiuv' light ,' stripped of all the mist which, has. b-
theiu. After
i, Aiuoy. Fouchoxr. Xmgpo. IloniJMyrt AX ACT to authorize -llie President of lemonade in uuIl!l ijiunt uc In thcomaUtC in C,'iigrts in relation: to I 810] the j-ietio.i( xx-ai then taken on the'[append the foll. rin* *piechvhxli he tleHxered -. cast a.-oiiml it i This bill embraced, but
for &enes 1 1of
s I'nnce of Uomm- the United States to cause the southern j jt.Hindary oroih nnd ) this coun-e had been jEursUeti a & notion (i-f Mr. Buchanan) to reject ther.iur of United Slates this
n City St. % '|icc, chiclvU bmuv M IIJ beei ho cl that in tho Senate tU- asingkt prmd pie. .thought principlo;
havo >
V,4trttruz1 AraI'Ukftt.| JatintlclXurr t f Kansas Territory to be without any meat until the fctcr ha$ di xt'ars it would was to longer be:trouble{ : I whim J JMich |- of the ,t1tufl. &ud wns. decided nsPo'lows. in 1810.Srcnnr. ., was catridUmt Ibcvu h Lhlee ectmnsV, 1 1 C

ei ur, Panama A i>inwall. surveyed and marked, I alIIMrVd (ic thivp (13)5 I Cimgre-s lli : In thi
3Ij7*. Kio: t Janeiro, PeruauibucoI lie it enacted by the Senate an-l house I unprofitable aj plications. haxe U-en Yeas-Messrs. Benton, Black. Brown, UI.J.tcsFitrrt i 4NI \\\fu\ls\ of such sl.xve notding Statv ashavoi
this hopti
.r1 01 Ayn- United Statet f follow those wh V'fli"' t4111c4 Bucliaiun. Clay Crtttend.m, Cuthhi-rt, Dfiferfiint\e 5c.toi o/ it
I s LJlao ValjunuoOj isouthij pf Repruenlattra oftht Ci;im t 1.)1L PtErnv.-The ingi attack ha l-ci-n TmrtiS. f.nmd necrwary Iheir:o n safety
, ,"' ptujakiug it penal to circuUtA.

?7, Un.bay.t.u-ai. .e, Uibr-lUr, IMand the President of the Uiuicd Statw is bcre-i for the piitjtioii* what ehall he ,d 'ne .. (iretielee. 11th llubbarl, Kif4 Mr. City, .'Cly..i j rsenteti tb4 petilionof inflaminatory publications and pictorial
delUeryT4kc.Iti ; tioii
'Wt1? >PlTl! ttu I'ort Luuih. t.Jt4mf4uV !bjauthonzed *n4 Erected to cause the i talus remedy the qux recurs, Kin: tif n,1 l's'zlt, Linus. .IcKtan. I M.chscl.ll, BArtoir: prayia; for :hcaho-_ rvprescjitations, calcnUtexl to exclto tb, :,
; ) 4 of pram* rhub*rl 33 grain salt* wiLls them ? Moore Ntebii! N.Ivi. IVrtci'. l'IatuiI
the ,
Falkland to
; Vctoa'? 'twanr*, ii1uey southern boundary Jine Territory slaves : ,1I
{ 'd1llobart.. llfS Stale of -Jti gnjiijs c..uik, -\ drops oil *j-ar Hugh L. t\Vhite, vf Tenucscc,. during Robfn l UobiiiMin Uncles. Shepley TalUmadge. Lion oCsUvvrx. v lie saul.ilut ha jiresent-, .*;
nlk-ruiuda, Tu/k'a i.1 Kansas, LtwteU the Minsouri ; tariff, ibiJ. said (I the.Umtwl: States. Tiottinhtbeso:IState"
rt i* Jauilaijiiiii$ 2ounce* 6 of& the ramo
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r W.IK*wia, laru&iiquae.Mquetuu Itenxliita of fat'l survey thai! be deposited in thpofiicefrf i Leioixusii'gv Uiw.-;-iot acliiMimiii 1 jto depute'of -Messrs. Davis. Ilciulricke,Kn'ghlPreiitiJeyawifL 1 publications l'-ablet*' be remoted from'

millt. Iaij iluzitntqite, >alSt.1 the Svcn.-tary of the Interior, and 1 to 4 eaik'J 4.IiC tiapuuimliil| ;jj-r a jioxxi i t..tIIIe' 'itstjtct:ve1ave been cnni0ering'nnih. and Wehater 6.L' Mr.-Buchmui of JTennyivanri.! Mid h.iia office] *' This isifce.. VpMt- tul" I

.agTb1z$110 Veirt, lUmna, cllwclin, UN another platyf sad turiey shall hvdep->Kit* ;' j reou, oinTtal !e jiooi.lur-to &.Uher be It'tcL'eutt1 tli rye ti'i'Muse'ihc; tirst tu, K-ceVTc'it." '(Mr.Calhuii&e'a sIr. Buchanan after thcxVftu xvas taken lift ) the To'inaVe'a'si' litbutS sub'iiiita principle fit f the bill:: It docs no m re than

a Cruz, Uirtleobniju! ,Vrjiio>. I .,in iie: r.ifTrrmttCrtarr.t..theTcrn- i.r jour time* atlay } *-c.i 4u&? lo is -; :"n. Befou-'hc dlJ"thla.! how4'CVT to withdraw tho protection the {*wa o(
.r. th.tiiifi1g.LramLIeat" in a codi1atu Iprop MUi*:>.), ;. /" on the first l mnch ofliismotion.. uet l the inoti
r2t4' CajmUMTi-pni: i/auty, i thctn. hr w 9 m 4 134 DtCd States, I ;
Zaii'4r, Uay lu'anJJ.sjq |Jh.V. Wo-Approved 8 1RV "" :r to r-roxeal u from 8011011 ', aic ._..- bccuud,_* ..i-s*receive* ', ". them fio.xying}! patriotic Jansusge, showing Ut ho vro'uld take U'avc to'iuake ;"Ttry
iif| | t *'*i. !' t-O / r-L- ? '- ft. *| f T 7t H? '. GZ .4-- -w < ;, .:..a a : -. (. 'Ar: tU e r-f1!* 1.- 1't



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3O1ATItN DEAR XKWS:'- > may
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of faith and the pe&c.-orihe MAR 10ft ideas/ which tmpJ.Uon ttUopecin .
office department, (rcva Pottthir Trtug. tnrbance good The Domacrats of Marion! County, hate but while lie gj in-pctarobulatiiK; hi*. p vcU here on the2&thuf 31Xt. EYAM', SltE r -

.. : aj>rnu vf I.L.A Gorernuient, ?Ae qe toriba country, and was not.a principlerutaM'.sh.ed Convention and nomt U>d ,Dr. Stale; time
hall wilfully tratt,gKvt* SUl Us, deemed \ty the Compromise meaft re of 1850.- icld a hmthep'of the Hori. iolent, diclv diatribcs-ag.uat honest men Time*-how said paper obedient Rafus ClwaJlc! for llucb
the States Xi itt (
l absolutely neerOMti* tu rcurv dous Fremont ? What inure William and. heaping upon
What more say pisedin
cxfal fix & arvil in urcctiou. of South Carolina) for uliwpifCte'l-eilia'n mo'iilajul t< Ui. influence of invocation,
Krtt tk-fect.
Vilhiu which tlwy
JACKSONVILLE ? and w herein T.awrenceW. devAJti.- head evwry CHEAT EN.T1tSLtWsraRvILL .
: do the Flack RepuMiCMis nay thai: flirt
S Uf lh policy ami just1t Cul. brain can and exhibited the
: / a.Ur..Fillniorv differ fiom them ? he Senate, and Dr. D. A. Vogt, and piJiXical, that hU puerile .c vtow, -
bill be oould not theKH' nomination -
fisiugiucli a io\M know that had declined to endorsqtha
{ entative This hIl it ML.
for Repre iUx un. .tvg3,
doubt,, pnmJwil e {>o4aei>t the power. SATURDAY, AUG'T 23, '5B Do IT* d Mr. Fillmore injustice then. in. Cotton Rawlr much K 4f their regret subsists in their James Buchanan. Thi WAS sufficient ih
combine ZhltL towit ,)Hinah>g.h. carnitaf W
No would contend that this UuTern* tsvwing him standing on. the same platL>rni ticket we Tpntnreto far in him the efficient of cs- ,
( laUcoum! the iustnimentofrxciting and real wnrth a any cmmtr ticket iuiL *JiCF.fl to excite an abundanceof' -A//U/M-; hty. It i.injnenoMntnj.toTdy: aa.| J.i
:L, utciit ought with MrvFr nt. talent ti-ian.. with the iMitijcint'.ful'9.t<> this whi. anddeinpcratitoift.
j' I
urrccliuii within of tbe Conn to and spasmodic y,
Msn aide to "
any will n to-be present feeling",
Mr. Fill.more's in the State ant carry soon
t Docs our neighbor f W hop 1.ntio13. ha.l1. bj4vt Siiniruoned tt
Stair*uukes Wd w ece con t iwd to puraue -niwidenin.. citizen of Florida. docvuuenJay ,- comb Cook'1 and hid sympathizers. me
J. the high
7 Does he endorechis opinion with ea-w. Indeed our of ( cmUhir. fihl, Ihi.:
this QuUI** by au 'overruling constitutional portion ty in protif of the c rr ti is die ? Whu of thai Cbunty. count rtmfioenMr Del F ev.idfuc Now. plACo.! titub, nuUfiiudes ofome p. ,
ntc **ity. The (yiestiou theu in reference to 11115 gretJuue crat of the speeches diflirered. bj; 'iil.t Buck" weigh
::J IIP Ui-uorti nomination of C4)JJ)3( vhtf liU'nuyc 1Xfircis
U.iindb for the the to. al
and iuit h uecvasity exist ? Aru we neighbor's views op- rum niytv'ro an hundred" pfsionlv Philadelphia and N'uaku.ublhahiet1
,ti best represents our ,ftu.MaValliai holds, to tacu ot.
the reason o'.lejie or
Stales, him
the coiittitutiun uf the United Fill Pfm rvaric ticket. Wehre rrVaMe in the N Y. TribuneOl'm.MfiCall'a outi against ,
11. / qiiestic'n-Buielnvian or white u iaSS; leigiue,1. tu..reven3, tigj.t .
licatiuui the slavery Fillm.ire.1C rings
through vur l'ol Otficss,W circula.o pui alt the Eastern and letter -to the editor of UunnricafliOrgatt" gud.ifit refuses in sustain. Mar.
slave the direct tendency morel Will the Republican answer or infiifniiition from notwithla the head > the Mornll dynasty in th .
J' I If on
the : tOrtlia-conlaacjf Buck"
atnont oha1. gen
11t : That*all Southern Counties. and learn that our .\ ( it patted the tnunipii of c-'
their ?
pasions for him. may
uf which is to excite shalL vre answer Fillujpre on the
4b For President churacter staus1ing it rcifully scratched Ies! in the presidential consul
b and arouse them to' insurrection. ll veve in parallel colainna. the ppmnects t are nf thebriphtenf. ; nnc >

to tay 01W hand in any ca.&e ? judge we annex issue of enptaMtimprnvin.r.. We will r n>>- [coMaCICATDSJ brMy. Here what issysab"u(' the latter cratic m ii meeting was C.IIkI ta orti!,W'
I, *no*power* Air. Buchanan did. Hut beilte JAS. BUCHANAN.OF language of the Republican in. find Florida Republics I read a Take it arutai4 with you, Mr.. lie Common at 11 1-2 "'clock, y

such the Gui and the language of Mr. Fillmore lish i the proceeiltncn .athui.Mafl fl couaJy a ?o.te gentleman. Johnson Williams, of WaUrvi||,,. aaj
'i that the conslituiiou placed uw iu any PENNSYLVANIA. rem.-V3kaJbJe !*uer-ur.'m. Ex-GoT Brown to McCall. The other side choice of W.
.pecch-.ih, both speak Convention next weeV.We ganized by the B.S. Moors
lua.U Rochester
the was hi
str because
Our iolh
4 poiiliuu. power the differ Thomas 1'.. Russ 11. Esl.. Ute Ueceiu-c 'Wo are opposed In Mf. F itf more, M chairman, and two secretaries.a. Sp,. ..,
words m b widclj
as broad and gtnvtal could x& any confer. The con For Vice-President, of the same subject,btti .. 17.5. Land office in St. Augustine he *n a time nerving, va'cillatin;. and \were mile by Ho.t Jmfnes; VT.

English language shall have tnt are their views t pnbli'he 1 to il.i,* the rirorecdinr% of /> U considered by ueany of unprincipled jK-litinan v poi>KSjing very iit- ry, of Aiiguist&arsd Hon. N.&th1iChifl.jof
declares that Congivsi UtGCKINRIDGC withered
4Lf: litulion JlllC.) MlUlRtI YtLLMQI1Z. Gov. Brown for the office- which IUN which the
talent after
p and poet JACLSOSTILLS Racy)- I Klckapoo Cltv. K nM Trrritrifr. bi.lic .- the P TlUutl, couviij.a1juttruual. .
Otuccs meetine at aM they
eMablish a oracle .
a I U originated with a 'lec-hi pc&
power Or KENTUCKY. LICA*. 4 his parly a.yoluical bawl-ofdeath p3nc d'a i .
1. roads.' Tins is the o.ily jiovisumhica After Judg iMUfclau did Kut'JUera:>re-olUct iuator.4nunebixuufurocr. that br which it wi1ibi'. <'pn tMt C >. A. c in his iwfaHibUity a& sttwiply as Jesuits an,I tiecpI'e ha is. not only an open In the aftepioon the stand was. y5 lJelto

it contain* touching tn. subject. 1 do not f tbe.F.ditors nfhe the South, but a
> '
ITiuraM one 4t'i RkliUat
: TI. fopv- of States whose
') iaJkHUwlity national whig
enemy the
from contenftv'awas
of tbese i'o.t UUioea For Governor the arneuilmcot. ev.a a i>ttj&iu any bel-eve; in tbe ,
the tfc'.abliihnu-ut who 'thall decide up>u Uic lug When Mr. Ihxea of- Soulhecu late liciUd 'News" if thin citr.-Knt: Editor of luschl is aditfeinyit iKAn.and1 isdi- conniver I If rowdyism.inunlrr and cnfed V or.ler by Jonathan P.rinr.
rud the
.1 and pokt Lot wliich*, they chall bo used ? M.; S. PERRY first the aueuJuMai, this repeal, mid. how Kneiit Pioneer was ptw n,n rrnt Mr. in matters of difficulty of S Mithern Slaveholder wh-" n visiting ton. Ks if, Fiirtield. and orpaixed bv th.
$ look
purpoP4 It to up,
with their
Jadga DougUM, posed North property. selection of Col. K HuteLiji
iiLuu Tneiu wasno COUNTY. ofthepnvularervnnrlr oiiva
ALACHCA refuM a the interest
.. Congrc s, and Coiigrei. OF I'uiun.aud of CuugrwM to repn ent in and experience. '
whate\r .- off red t/tlut to his seniors age tU. N iwa.lViLATKx. Derst. <* pfedidxui, six vice and i,
limitation, no rt-stnction, tipua in foil the hole aJiumiilration L.ouu thus in Ran'a in the fviulbernfJi tei. I infer that From -
discretion contained iu Uit boiul. For Congress UrtiUtoJ, bat KurlU to the South. From Gov. Browns letter, S. FLORIDA, secfssla.iieL Ucn.k.iowu Uevrrq. L'.irarn, w.i.

.: We our bate iZie powgr-to dccidu what ekall l/i< South, through Mr.DU.un Territormt governrueuti C.4. ITirranl Uwiir in owrTrtwn ntfritinevd Mr. Russell wrote to him sugjjesling reasons Augiwi IX 18G6. w a prominent

mail .S HAWKINS IVkig 'e'ia- had l>ceu provid- the fif the SoMth in that Territory. Kkow and 5 fluiily Setc.a.iUzcsiej lbs
.r and that shall mt be

V and what khall bo the rates< of poatagu.He OF JACKSON COUNTY. tar,flir4Aent., except Jbjit cprtred by Tie' will receive contribntionn or candidai for tb.e Presidency, Mr.Filiwure. to give publicity tot rc.v xW ts; ia an1ienu ,a,&Lieb. cut aiwiUi tw.o. boarilentb.
Nolhing eit
., freely admitted that unle m extremecascf Mr.nxmi Diavu'. aaien4- the Missouri ComproiiiMt furnish nil ne -* arv. information to per- but unpleasant s sorts in (*- ., fl cjurIcL f ,,
1 bad no su<- your paper; wvtin4 ut
anJ the
Hue Urpublic
ot ,
.; >, wheri'tlie Vaft-ty For Electors, to tUo that Hut nu to non wi hin! to emicmfe. and ran be wn characteristic gard to my Political starving. base reach of the
exi.-rci e rt-attcrUda piciou in u ha M) a ntdidy pleas ki
p involved, we stiwuld uever bill Dicrcljr (Jot. tt, replied TWve. I tv.w tuuler- ;o \ >MS ie ID,
this tA4Asi'iui'tii&us U*tween wnat ( IP. W. (4E.1.oCas.t: Florida. princiiicliicft was tttublit'itd be disturbed at the Jiv!*r n Ijuive wntil night Anal I dobl if t>w Pop*ever frnblished ed use ; and iuhreumver. fc Uwpast. lyv the ;ieuulicai3| f or a return of ti,
U. .circulation, rom
.---------t-power MIUUIU 1J.1.L.I.inu cowuiu not be circuUtuapeiv M. A. LONG, of Middle Florida.W. in tile CutI to win tUo oUculedlj distuibuui.ii opposed ufol next.. Florida ha< rontrihutwl leM per- stj ? clogtUAtical and arrogant stand, -been in policyof the father, inasmuch as the tt*

$ cd through the pud. The constitution, I). 1IAUXCS* o( Wrsl Florida. promise 1650. fl.caUT i of compromise.Ve ) than any other Southern StMe to the a hiW mnrv Priests Uy some-insidious [Hib civi party are such as w.r. moi)
mps of the High me.
.. howtTcr hascouferred upuirus this geurral Tbe main vrim-iples Good fiitte n* well a s than, this letter o| om It is charged upon "A'ruHTNow. sternly dvtiounced and repudiated by ib,.
i: ; of Kansa and nw .aiir pportunity >erson that I am a -
power. jn4>iCty ] Lot very pniposeof THE CAMPAIGN FLORIDA NEWS. of tho K.vu4S and .e- the j> of tbe country cause oC Kno, s.t'Paifl'IItfl and deigning" | whether thv wa patriots .f early history. 1j
to to r<* nil who vH>nn'hi' e in that' svpi'rt .
.. iiiieting tlirre extifine C&StftI1 and it i- braska bill tire correct areiund ma } is pre'cnfed to Veaeul41thftttlle Pope forbids his ; f'r cency 3.h v Evans said: 5 'ii, t-wa ?
uL-U : Kimv-Nothing
; avowed
l. Line which, f i tq!u' its delicate nature, \\e To vuliscribar, --------I 00 \ agree with the of tbat had Mood a couiproutisu lor more n than cause to slum hinD much they eympahizfl. lock read version of the Bible, but started l y aa cf making jolit-ca\; capital!, Hag of our own lying ;i iC w have ixx tmraa-
that the rej.&t to any |
aiUse. cf 3 AddrcH am P. 0. 2 00 contributed himIred the ptuuu ca'.l m a* whigs i( iiaj-1 the smoU
shall nut be hki-ly to To a Club Jlf wwuri imf w.t thirty years thoutd not Jacksonville an his stnctioiuJudging Lut such bl*? uses are et to ?
liii under Uukb4 ucst
.d of the 5 .300 he one published (and I of the strife z'4cunflat of )
toe lre >m press disturbed. and dust otKtr.
"He under t >4 IB nautoujy the widow of BatcheHer, Diithe -
4' \\halti.c e.iIur 1'ioui.Makuachuketts 7, II 6 00 Tight. dollars? tI by Gor. Brown'* letlet we- may resorted ;.>.), or by a iaunoat. pnrse I can see the tlijcf ot -l'uioa flriat
to mean precibely 41 II 7 00 of the Republican di' can't contribute more for object of aus1)iconand parties.
10 if an
ilfoiluw Now neighbor Ii itu see we he.would > cf linking if lh and
I had blalcd. llut dues with tht nfer that like had the paver \tu> and if the any where ; ,.amjd uwt din of

.. a< .the gentleinaii conlended, lhai Order: must be accompanied Millard Fillmore tell the truth, when lit the aid of those who are battling for us in ih American for associating witU Democrats obloquy with indeed my be parts a Democrat, ( f.iNe arms I can hwr kh tupet, of th, Union,

a because we have uo power over the pre3t money.We tender the Givtpnipn Florida Xcwt said this measure originated with a Northern fvansas. for reading Democratic pie per:, latter,he must who would wrongfully Bounding the rally, I shall not slop to iiVUt \

that theretorwe are buund to carry and Inactive Denvxjrats and political commit Senator? or did you tell the truth when KANSAS MEFTING. or should wirvive to true principles Brother.) Which of the two ( v\bp.lea;is the forces that protect itJ

i distribute anthing9 which may proceed will be Senator Convention had adounied I; gues, however, that iflie accuse a hare ben This amuMinccment of the position Ukta
tees, who think that its circulation said Mr. Dixon, a Southern After the County Presidential I can't utt. ur %Kv '* sJu uil
blioulJ bo calculated iii you mber-the Mr.Evans was rcctw dw.ithgreat chc -.
.Yo tAn
from it, o en useful in thc present contest. thu amendment 1 Did Millard Fill- OR the Utli int.., the citizens as- the idel nf a.t aU! U mctJJWiuielwtvsiLZe to nue by
_ destroy the ttovernX&k'llt offered Kanas feel Je41 inclined to inculcate uptang
stir upiUkuricciiuuor oeuililcd. resolved themselves into a -> election-he will ua the conimumly ing.
the truth when he siid that! 'not \ have tver given wyr prrso vvcluractcri&fc letter
tell eloquent
I"So DCMOCKATIC .I'PO1N1'MINT4. more naellng. Dr. U. U. C. Harris \.as martyrdom.Gov. in which I live any reason to even this Go\enirocut is concerned The Democratic Electors will address treat a petition from any Southern State called lo ihe chair and W. W. lleynuld political denies indignantly that the that I do, or ever have, in any Was then renal frota llo.i. hIatus Choate in
1 Brown be
suspect. from
au t puuhe.ii, an the reply to &ri ibvitation to present,
print did tell aflili-
may ?
every j/iTswii the followioj koliciled tins repeal or you Secretary, or consistency ever
: appointed And form
but are we their f tloAV-c\tizen8 >5cribe CatholicJ. manner, state comutittec to which he declare
circulate vfhUf>er lie pK-a-es, called aihlriMe Know Nothings pn the \\Uis %
Ue nolds being on ( Lantern Order.
South W. Dark
In-ill when aid "the W. ) aScii with the lh duties of the
you i 1
his views
therefore compciled to becuine agents kcc': cfallaii in doe he to defend hula position when Ins whigs
?r l tile inecling on tuu stale low try 1 have al.vays
amemlment < On the contrary.
and to circuUie for nimeteriltiughe may Boston ca Suwannee River, Mr. Uxion demanded this God without rv the present cri u of poiiticd affairs of
ncinct near the 'i'crntory. urg.n,; llw otiroinpl lie TAe right to worthip of Politcs hi* been (Ii'CI44Cih.otaclila' ,
I choose to._juUinh / 'l'.iiii s tie q-u stiou I Columbia County,.Tucid y, Sept 4 Did M.lLird Fillmore tell the truth whr an.l c.Micetlcil action by tie |l.aui says restraint, is a fundu* the subject and plainly expre.1 mv iliippruval the country. The first duty of whiga f he
itidivttml S noad 6 [ indentation! or be.ansf they are %his. U to
ttiiinn t of 1SSJ, .
Any Ler? Court House,.Saturday, hi said in reference to tho acts i-lav.-r parts in the lerriU/ry and tutea awl to. tin p=irty. that s.iyu.
limits ol this t'lnoii. witiiuut ,aeva..u* lefctraii 8 ,nental principle nftkv American 1iiry. rt-piMjivnic with some ontan'ization to <&&*t arvao1 abs-
CoMonday, l tlrinlin their in
Alathua in.cipLe. their
Gaiusrille! " has b<'en pnide called luein lo tll-il ti> Khruiid acts
g-ivennuent 'm < l
ri ht &>M>
I and without danger of puiiisiimenl ,.. ....Tuwdty, 9 suiad cotiervmi\e 'ci'iietitn. ..- Well the ConstitutiongturanteatUU { T the party thatrequire" \ethe new geographical party ea
Miw-anojjy covereil as snb
that > ant
fruau the FeJeTdl'Ooteriimenl.nut p.ibi! uwhat for all the Tei ritory except | annul it tself re.ibl can. lV--tievin;the nohl,.hi
..Wednetd y, 10OcaU 1.1 tie uuticipaied cri- of Congees* could lerure a man can
MiF*U's Mills, al polavery anon, and no Get a Ilt-higiomi4 test
the ha! caWt'aof
I I ha I within ( VwK
aid and aiS at tin Lf a
calculated to M'soun se an: of stale to
i* l time : ;
"I" birth
: .....Thuruoy, 11 by lies "I tie e.nuing tall. Al Inec.o.c h.s 5 5je.uIarks Xtithinga would get around it his prerogative; aye! his tirst
but But lh s-of
use in
vnvmieH of the C'Untry m open uar, be distubeJor ? h- a K-e shore of \ f u vpni\
a 12 that thatw to uilcicd the fullu\\mg LtatniJ1u To that
.Friday. suspicion lie Feman. a p rly
% \damsvillc the crueltyofklliih'S a
avoided personal r'ight-34 is
1 does il follow an a iieceM>arj coiiM.-ur first bnine-s to pit
S&turd 13 did tell the truth when yoa said l l"Mr. ant ie.uhutio.ia; ) cv, wotiM exclude the ojpresed ;- ...
1' y
that this Uo\ernuienl u bound to Abr haiutwirn you .lg-"I will not kZll a Japanese j 1)1) crowd her of! into ihe deep open sea. *
.M-ry Hi .Monda;, ISVolusU Iixon1s amendinenl lo the Nebraska \Vhtrea->, our esteemed ftllo.v citiii.n, people "f the crow d--d old world and Webstw -
and circulate euch publications mug Mellouville the What lVahimitomm3Iadiim. Clay
carry llaM'd of luu Iva.loaTuoieer.. but I'll thou art a mad-dog, soil of Lilierty. AH
Col li. bound.ess
,. its mail 7 A more pel tiect non icqiiitur ,... .W dn *d y, 17 bill re-alerted a principle which was e4ah- .o. from our direCt probaW*
iuiat.utg a tour through tuevUtlavri if they had the p.wer of private life, give a, '
.I bad neu-r been |1iaetted tu his iintia."If FortGitliu,.Frid y, 19PiiUtka measure tS 1S50?' tliiclIIttea Knav-XotMngi, the affinities my slindcr coftjinsvacy is upcaj, iWke| sum* na\
babel in the compromii-e Statea. ltlvaeture, be il the the iUim.n.otts -
iu to
Catholics conlradiction
..... .S turd y, 20 would pass laws restraining would have Ui go u* v.5iWM? like tV>-
Filhnore right when he sal<] Ris.olcedlhat wo the citizens ofKickapoo back the report
Mdltrd 1. do thing
i- Was and I now
this .srgjKiKUt were well founded, St. Augmtme,...Muad y, 22 acquisition citizenshp.: ; it be. IravelU in, tlftsat'n* with his pocaeutp.y %
of tin and surroun>lmg c.miitr.% th" ph
clear tu his mind that no Slate W.lo.ily '. 21 that 4lgood faith as well a- the peace City olhe harmless and contemptible ;erit.the mere Ipprp.
it was v ry J*ckon ille, in general convention iudeaioled do herehy The Gorenor say.i that"three-fourths with that scorn and spathing w. ,.ch :
law could.confer upon Congress any p.iwcto KaciKuC.lI ,..Thundny, 2S country, required that a compromise which request and Col. Huzza rd to of Maryland are Caiholics. aivl il Si Cit *. tas*. and kcnsiaji ofxhjch, M a. distinct and bais -
bill. We derive our powers shout. ( pronou&c could saddva the heart ofFahr t
pus.lliis Columbia...Friday, 26 had stood fur more than thirty years of at noj ibi\ity
: JeITiue[ represent the interests pro-nlavery carried the election slander. / an )*, necet
and from that the "Americm party" malipunt anaL dictate. h.
from iho federal conktilutiou Cedar Creek,.._Saturdsy, 27 SkIt be wantonly disturbed! ?" or wero v>i of Ivickuixi.t district in liie S.iuth. jet ATaoxAofAiMjf.77>7o, or of fc|& Cotmtty.
4 [i-july overwhelming hare b'en a of the farsel!
I, aloue. ; ...Monday, 2*> main Resumed Tut through Col. Haz.ud there last fall by an rUd Sliat! I ahuu11t1; eveiso ;rave itvl grant wanun
t) p II N'ew Klver, when said 'the) principles o : Lh ant Ofd $> Xr-
'-Why then dtd Mr. I.>. rote ur a b itiu right yon d..t-s he Lie fact *% atlJr4s. Coniitl& wc at men are, )
i tovitad to a free discussion.OUIt K.-al to the gullaui *>..s 01 ii.ij-.rity. WUsre get .Vkw .Ciu a&l a
thmirculatiou of pablicalioas prohibited The oj'po>Hion the Kansas Nebraska bill are correct, an / v\u again a|<| ; fur f..rt-t, mvsrlf? as an ; Chiu'ab f$\H that lwv&> VM4 say tha.i 111*
prevent that
the South lora .aleiice in dcfenee of our uuHir-nlic docuntnti. it appears ls tt i& fl'5
? Nut tec.tue we ht1Ne.chb ? LJy Democrat, h* to-\er the r puVTM'ti\
Uwd Ime such ax
by Mule the ' if the Mi-souii' was trwin'h tsf party
COUNTY NOMINAION4. Cuiullloll llistHUtlons, UlttTlHU right. Censu of 1 'S.J the puauUt'vn <4 lM.iryUn1 fo' tulleinas wy \t '
the ptubaiiiiigiit
t'nMuthcbe laws but, nit- samy hI ;t i14m.i&ttCi1
drived jxiwer think jy to t'.xluetvi
: any time the Democrats and nnti- ; >r of the Rip'tbUcun. vro .en.-i jt ciotpueiil a. d appropriate ijn-ec.i- i. colte'I $ t can wita kia
der the circumstances, they contained the It is high was 5SQU&1. wlulo in l5iS tUfCathiUAiiuiulicrvl lily to disunite 2h3 state*i but

besl rule ti guide ui in deciaing what pu .li- Know Njthin of Duval county were )ou 'ere right, and because we do th'.n'so. < (5 were nu'tc oy Capt lluui. Cjj.t D. 1). only 10.iXh.-.hnt a with a prowl c*>nvMoaiMie*& fiririciple'X-iiincratic* umnu.ithiee c )nvict'.c vi i\ would W fMj

Thu Slates were Mu. UU IIAXAN who agrees tiaIEfl* kti'i oii.vr as annnd. n'a Patriotic, anti aa risk t.
isi >
their we support inaiuirbtv
calitUistie toward bringing and
taking some step Resolved Tlut the Kum fifth! Another c"u.W. vxislx. Let *
L On million, link over one or n-iv.mitj- tat
be uilut wa nccebaary toi these aul we Mr. as any iiwn As lietwvcn tlw candWvslC'r
the t judges with views oppose
candidates for the Stale General) Assembly us Iii 1'ioneer and oi-ier i'roolavery pajis m- facts he thevt.ig for \\<*])\
their oua basely and prou-clion, ami they who disagreeswith .is accuracy iii\ stating sass. my past lif speak countrv. he sat&he shall W>t venture tacounsel
.. kave idea of letting Pilhnore and Mr. Fivuvmt, teu-sivd Kun-ns atlar.: are u-ijiK-stcd' lo Restiectfijlrr,
the field. We no in under Yuar& drrsn
would not call for the pps age of ihis bill nto an.J democratic parties are the whitf cf \iaie.i V t bt

,., unless ll'ey tinuly cunvinced thai the eitu.iliuu hU election go aga'.nvt us by default. In- IM, We sustain the IX-mocMtiC plat- copy tie proceedi.igs of tli'n iiu'eling.bef one 3card ufae: That when Jack- \V. O. MOS LEY, it due ti frankiis.a SHM Vv;W V> uj that.

wh'icli the were place nupefiousU the 'ortu which cml .'di- 5 your views and ours lucre no further bnsme.-i >ru twenty vivteitahi* a hish, X *rCiiti >n ot'be
:t in } deed our prospects in County are it mrne 1 sin" President"the body of the oil Uexibl.can Cxcltf-nienl at New A'oxk Qk Arantlne whit< he
a Ij
law wuuU anil the uiveting, uu m don was sw.atbi.sewiuh K"f
demanded Such a have and arcopiMjscd to the Know Nothing U" the Uarrlcade ) rv dots not
tlut caiructittii
fast we strong
,'I brightening so with the immortal City at
It to exist alter lhei ece>si- alike die. [ pirty ihp party that nmuinaUltlycrwut
be which
permitted '
not of th Qurautintrreichcd 11' i.Lj.--t.
the Let u Black Ilvpublicaii platform1 U. B. C. IIAKUIS Chairman.W. The eu tement
of County. F.ileral
f c-trrying h. of the ia 1 U-twtei\
the meat
hypes 1
lie ie. head
ty f>r IV had was, line. their an luiWiMle1!* n'gfitlat. km. l'iotteafly
: denounce the ivpealof{ thu Missouri Wf K- noils, aicretary. i s c i! unn itinj:paint tlrinrciiniiiianw .
willing upon this occisi'ia to nfer lo laws hare a fall ticket. the > p arty formed theoppositionJrA/ <'tr/yand and between 8 and t) oVt'ck the cap Mr. B icb-iiian nivl Ool Fr :n"ut.a

of the'S\aU6.;: : nor tot the jurpo e uf conferring We would suggest Tuesday the Oth! Sept. And will you continue to support m.iuanl the \Vo t toy c.ftho Gulf. th-'tc u ho adhered to the almIuiinutratiu.IiCOifljSU1l tains i.f v.-sseis n.l! others as.tmil1t.ul i tvlar hr MlUUI.P GIVE HIS
n'i From Key < lilies-
any power un Congivas, but merely 4% a proper unit for holding a county mass the platform with which you d<> G1.TLTUIII. the Democratic p.irty.Mr. .- e nnmlnT until 5usIit- two huit'lrWHV VOTE VOlt )1I. UUtMlANAN1 hia

for a di-bciiption of the publications which Mr. Fjlhnore's ) present with anl I other is iiv-ttaile! \ t.mivietigel
? excuse armed axes fSb1Y
the of you collected
meeting at Jacksonville for purpose agree mizeii .ftl, .. ha* receixed that heard calling
it should be unlawful. for our Deputy 1'ost IVill continue to An esteemed city Clay was iii nt crises nndapen.-rd attack watt mile life w withi'iit a. 6.tin i wvlm ho represents
? .
?, Mabters, within these States, to c.rculatv. making these nominations. What say our Northern F]>eecheH you them a letter frt'in a* gentleman of .Is.ok- for the rally! of the old line Republican implenifii! barrica'le.s which \ra* opevd.Iy
1Iii4 bifl wai in blr.ct cunf .ruiUy with Hen ds 7 laud them to the skies, and circulate M>u\ille. FIlM ula, givn; an ac.x>unt ofiln- upon the state that -as soon as any of natiun.hutv-t&akrrt w vm ant

therq .coimneiidalious contained m the here at the .South when you know they late [ nvoctnw; iu that city. July 2l party. They"or will their ownordinances c..mnprehieiisivtwithout which A>fc ficuno
not so silly a* to cry tou p-u
xiuule village
Mr. Clay was
that True
1'r .. >i's (Jaeksuii) Me sagv on thiKubjecl Mr. FILUMOUC AND PltUMOffX. contain false doctr.nes, anti misrepresent from the II.T believed found laTor the 1kakr uresc-iu who ad lres eil !for the rally of a part that he had deserted fllsvei the reading ot'this
had he
which It seems to grieve our neighbor of the the truth of hh.tiry-or will you not rather among | will again remove any obstacles they (;real applause *
.McCall. well they *
W ita
where.I the meeting was Mr. W. The Governor is right in saying. a< fetter and three cUeers wet?g
every that Mi. Fillmorc.hould d his Northern in their wnv.
much hand of him ar i.laet
wash wh remark may |
Republican very community <>&o
continued John your known to ,
Ihe discussion wan by were the Ch-ate.
tho Hrst Mr.
lie iIu.s that parties uf the aot they sav?
: Davis, and Daniel Webtter ot Mas*., and be charged with occupying the same lrieiids,aisij iu the Dcm.tcracy.nd the in relation to .'>me of' nr most rtaspecte.I| but he is not 'In j.wtification willmj: to aubmit to all lawn for H..II. E, W. Farley, More reading the
and tin Republican We
Ilenrv Clay vf Ky., against the bill and position as Mr. Fremont. up. u the shv.erysuo. South in teaching the Northern faiut.c-, citizen \vi> pnblih U-low. The letter i-* Federal ; are reenlatiun of the Stale. b U letter declared lha.t K "/4Wy roncuml i ii

by Mr.* Buchanan Felix Gruudv of I'enn., We are not surprised at this ; it is that the principle of the measure of 18M. dau-d .Iack>ouvillc, July 23. ItiaG, and is ccrrect when he bars Mr. Clay left his old the when 8-initary the peculators of Richmond county conclusion tu w hh)K VI*. Okiifttft kft lthe

I / I. C.Lahoun )IS. 0\ and Alfred Cut Ii as follows: Ir.en-ls and joined the Federalists during fr UHon.
( the arrive
pound <
( which not to have Kansas and Nebraska bill ask to four cents Oi
a serious charge, ought reasserted in the I wUnevreil us pay ? then
a 25th int.
of the bill. -On Friilay Bimft.
bert of Ga., in favor the Uit term uf Jackson's administration.Mr. than the utchers of New York Phincas ,

Mr. CuthUrt, [Ibid, p. ge 1735] said: been made unless it be true; and which will as you admit, are nut to be availed! again the fM-ecli of your fellow to\nitina.i, W.W. went over in 1525 when he accep ak beef more think it U an "U trace upon usWe addruss l tins au.heuocainly in relating
a "It appeared to niiu thai the Senator from surely deprive Mr. Fillmore of many of his with impunity ? You must do tins neighbor McCall Eli'ptor for 1'res'nleiit; and f ryoiiruifopnatii'ii Clay know whether the weight of the to stale tTaira. In winchision.he breflyalhvled
; and of \\vto\ to whom it ted Uu office Secretary of State under cannot remarking
I.. : Penuvylvama (.Mr. Buchanan) had sail upiK>rleri if it bo true; we are, thereI.re1aurpristd or else admit that the slavery qne. his lin meat i i' risbt, or not ; and we ol.Jeot to the to nati.'ial mattery conc1tt'i0%
what bhoulj have been taid inuppjrt and may coiict-rn I herein state thai J.'Uii Q. A'lams. and the gieat mass of the cents for baiket thai he ciusilut nut emtor the
precisely that our neighbor does not at ti'4k is with yoU ata; iu&ignilicant one, a'w-ivc and d Krcs- charge of -nly-five every wait to eh
-, ot this bill. It appeared to him <:uage was the most Saul lateral party united with Mr. Clay carried the street. Canseqnently of Mr. Cheat. He sh-mld
unanswerable mce cotne out and disprove the assertion.S that you buptiort Fillmore in spite of his eclifiil to one jyirliou of your co.iiuiun'ityparticularly serous leinocratio would set in
that the Senator had gm-n an l> and Mt. Adams in opposition to the Dim: have rt-unuved the I'-arricades at the 'w the party
.* reply to the Senator from Man achutettt ircly UeihhJrcaI: tin 1 soino ditf renco known unsuundness.HUCIIANAX to the "ConelH. ashetermeil we Ii4ptai pntM and if erected! this trial hour. He w Anted ta see a psrtf 714

( which be aitdwe them I think that ifeoino of the "Conchi'cmli ocratie party. Quarantine conservative wid'lle' ft ltiOfl.
priucijalU them if such exist
( on points on between any will be again moved. taking a withliuin
to the measure have heard him ex|>re 0 relied for his opposition have him "capttins rid "hen he
confess we would be happy to ON SCI ATT CU SOYL1CL.1GMV. ho did would] The document is Ripied whole eountrv. -
bt-fore* t Jium." the terms which they the undivide 1 vote of the old Republican Several residents of Canktun for thv iu.ntty anJ th*
Mr. Fiil from taiior.n
out and relieve nore him. His remarks
come for mounting
Mr. Calhoan said: 'The Senator from have been and of tho old affair but no one interferetl .
.? Kentucky contended that this bill was the :nputalion) ; but we fear that all our We copy below a letter written by Mr, were not.ced by all-present. He aid tiiat party; a good many witin-Mcd the barricade hI lxendeKt rover Judge Bronson. of tt\th, also 5pOkICtl'
I because when ihe -
him they and
u eleisf and he (Mr. C.) agreed that it was neighbor'o ingenuity will zio. suffice lo enable Uuchanan in 1848, which will forever Eel lie loved the Ulan of Kay West tlut itwas Federalists supported the return l quietly, an4 UTiPther licisin w'uhswvfjriiy the republican partyanl of
his disertion party infator
where the cocoanut of
in and that was, with or of all candid and fair mi tided a lovely land, grew liated Adams on account its PwlidAtW He was
1 S i ono ten* hitu to point out w* measure injustice at remIt, with diturbaiioe uaeCflTtI4iI. -
hod oliroplcal black rrpwlicanism.
this bill the Southern States the plantain, the pine-apple, and a front them a quarter of a century before.- that the Fillmoro. Bathos thail foster
without avowed belief fr the Trih-me excitement
that he a We learn m u*
the South one aggression our the charge but baneful
upon men word a paradise aU its
.t fruits in a ; with
would execute their own laws against the The At this time (1S $) the A'dams party call about yellow fetor at and in the however as%

I circulation; ( such papers. It wrni a case r.gtits, ono act obnoxious to the feeling of in the Squatter Sovereignty doctrine. the ttate- of atfairs there were such that thembelvts National Republicans.The .- neighborhood of Fort Hamilton is somo- fliieno 1 liii wouU cute fur Buchanan

with them and did holding States which Mr. Fro- at best was bagvd upon stra ned no true American could tolerate. The inhabitants ed
of life and death ; anybody the Slave charge When what ahating. inasmuch there hart been last redact. chietil
.. that they would *nnit so inferences drawn from of Key Wet, were principally others were called Htmia-ats. week The meeting adjourned with three
suppose | haunt and his party propose to accompl'mhshould and unfair expressions few if now cases within the last l
descendants Lnwn.
( their bottom Iv blow "Conclis." from the Bahama Islands, Jackson down tho sill U. S. Bank a any Oonslituiion %nd Ue
in mnol tho
which put
cnrngntinvs Buchanan but shores of the Narrows
many they be elevated to power which is Used by Mr. 7br/e ofthc llevolulionarv But along the ded ant wets
of the ,
_I thm to destruction as thoH IWt Otficea great hue and cry was raised by 'Ration alarm is felt. There arc at this time but meeting were wtll ;tt 54
explicit as
puUcation.sCOfftttttJed4obtCitCuIvd lot at the same time favored aid support [KM'haps wero not altogether so War, and that those wero the ones who characteriao-l by great gaol fceBnp
if these incendiary
be tenantless
t that louses
nut> Then it was they few families left. Tho are frequentlY
thn-ugh thorn. ed by Mr. Fillmore and his northern adncrents. the declarations ma lo in this letter. No were holding offices, together with some al Rcpublicnns. and farms in a good harmony. The speakers were
themselves and the ijtirdens B&a4
he and called -
which their nafno. Brass
,. eS.: .* i It was the assertion of the What question now agitates the ingenuity can nuku doibtlul the pUm Spanish Kubjec s. and 1'aliUs again changed abandoned.Ihe applauded. The Gardiner

... that the States had a right to deelaratinns therein mentioned your name the name of Mrs. Whigs. The Sponsor who suggested degree of tho Cif and the furnished some cxovlUnt music.FrrLirn.MiAa .
principle: North I What "u the ihuine of every Abolition meaning of the tmpnatic and others. Board) 01 Health

.'. t z iirot cClh melv M, which male the the bill orator wherever to bo found ? The contained. It will be here tfecn that his M-ibrity. S.: H.the Mall."Conchrf%. Moreno," he mcntiouei lhi name was James Watson Webb, Health Officer at tjuatantine steadily refuse London timed,
\aluable in hii eycht preveule and ont
York Courier the earnest, ur
of the New listen'to
and the this buljcct are of the moatorthodox and Willum H. lk-thell win editor to 1 1AUantioat IMbM4
which would be likely to take place answer mutt be Kansas restoration opinions upon Mr. Baldwin of the Inhabitants of lcaderlool across
Black treaties in 4th July
the a
'a between jhesGeneral and Stale Govern- of the Missouri Compromise of 1820. character, and precisely those be said were unnatumlized foreigners quirer. He is now a leader in importunate have the infected vessel American progress and enerUi
shore to
f the
menj,unless some measure of lh* kindbo'vild And now will our neighbor tell us where entertained by Mr. Calhoun and other i i fuel, ho mentioned all those that held Kepublican party, and would swear that it .-.V.: F. .Mirror. and ufeols proud uf our race." Tb.Thatid.'a

; be adopted. The Slates had a this issue ? Will Southern Statesmen. Wo commend ollicea. is the identical old Republican part of which is evidently in one of its amiable j.
stands of rooming :
Fillmore the
: the extent of this bill and Mr. on eminent 'This is the man who expects to get 1703. The Herald Friday says take by the hind thsy wanting to themselves and our neighbor inform us where that''gailant, this letter to the perual of ail those supfxirtof lho
'a to'poetcfiiy if they omitted to do it. Il true and well: tried patriot as he style who have had any doubt upon the sub grossly; bu he did not expect| his fellow Iowa ElectIon at Staten Island. No attempt was made friendsh-p.l law- vest and H'llbuitering design; *"|

of Stale rights and lownsinen would hear of it. I send yon a Black Republican to replace the barricade demolished the- led \* sncn* F .
doctrine elected has
J was on tho him, is to be fot\nd battling at the present ject: Two years ago Iowa a If American energy
Sute intervention that b. supported thin In those which we are WASUINCTOS Aug. 21, 1818. copy of the News, to show you that whatI fiisionist Governor by 2,486 majority evening irevio'ts.' It was rumored that why plot iii ooulliiAahIyiu! ptC! T-I
time. speeches itresa.
rn.nlg." {Ibid I '- herein is so. of the Stapletoo Board Health were to meet t rather
otLcr member '
and flack Why n j
( bill un DO Republican ?
,. 1831.1 b'pin. -'clcclrilied the masses1' did he ever DEAR Siu: 1 hatejiibt received yours of The ahoto i>pe ka for itself comments ono and ouo Dom crat-the latter last! evening, and that they would probabl; its expansion establish law Y Sell '

them that tho of the llitii iiit., in wliicu you bubunt to nn.llic ., Tno JacKs.mvillu NewsofJuly Congress its reronslnrclionWarranm ofararest to conquer nature, order ai4.TI!
inform repeal
are direct
: On t'ue bih June, the vote was once unnecessary. however b tn small a majority that his the blessings of peace,
lolloM ing paragrapti, alid itak Hhetner 2'jlh spoken of in thu above letter ) issued fOr several of the ]>arlie part hru 4..WBM'nent
en this imjKirtant t>.ll for tho protection the Missouri line was right 7 Did he tell teat was cotiteattil. wi-re liberty to the whole of this
hom. and bearthst of the South'trn. it cuiilains ait accuiate \era.ou ol tile Cull- coaiam.t editorial notice of the pro the 4th engaged in tearing down the barr.ra le.-
ef the s ones the South through Mr. Dixon As Uio result of the contest on 7J537
people a ainH the inrtndiarp attempts them, that \en>4tiou between uu, cuiwein.u mycounty 1ierk cveding of the meeting, from which wewxiraci proclaimed a black Republican { There is no increase: in the number of caseof
| iheteh-giaph
of hIt. abolitinwKl, which was fratm-d at a Whig Senator,demanded the amendment! letter, oil tuu occaa'ou to vuleil the following: triumph m theeloction of both nn.-m- yellow fever under treatment at thc boa P.Juhn > on Sunday tilt p fjforniLil

'L. thu instance of General Ssckson and nun Did he tell them that the Kansas and Nebraska you reeF: meet Mr. B ichanan at lInt Mr. McCall'i principil complain beit of Congiess.Tlr.s pital : the perilous feat r of swiwnilPJ1$"

ported by John C. Calhoun, James Buchanan bill merely reasserted a principlc- kllil'peiiing to was agaiiikt the Co.ich* of Key \Veit, whom report we have reason to believe, A Voice from Prniisyiraula, Niagara river between lhv Fal1a *"
I the I'ruaidvuV levee, on t'nUay, .. fit
Alfred Cuthlx-rU Th following he charged with being ihe direct Uescendaiiisot" Times, is ww tb
and of the Cnioo This
auitii..ritv democrat
that was t-Atablikhed in the Compromise 1 called III* attention to t.n Ktter, a.SU lie volution. Hwmenlioiied on lav Extract from a loiter Iroma veteran I>eiis'.i: >n Br.dge. .
the attempua.
in Gales it Seitum'iDebate the 1'uriet ot Hall.crat Demo.
is theoto as gt en. lal.-e. i hat paper&Utes that in the the feat has ever been
ofISSUl"It iniviiueJ to bo uiideraiou.ia I'eiwylrania
.. measure asked him it Uu fact that they of Tiojacounty, ,
1832 the Uis-
rul.xit important clioeen
: boon tu one
*, pap ha certainly "
Yt-as Me r*. Black. Bniwn. Buchanan, was this that was expected of Mr. claiming thai tic pupitlation vf a lerritory Aactic constitute two thousand out of the popuUtiou tr.ct., It tim returns from eleven benighted district represented now by lion llollow'i Ointment and F11. ii4

.: Calhftun. Cuih *rt, Grain ly, King of Al-u Fillmore; it was this that his position before in an uuorgaii.zcd of twenty-MX nundied in that to \ nand counties, in which he gallia 838 an cjtnpiired G. A. Grow, black republican. din.ryCure of a E*dof OICIfl"

King of Ga.. Mangum. Moore, 'iCh91ti, the country as a great etatc man, bib rigitt to co/i/roi the yuxttunvf&actrsin dcuaied tuj/ seemed lo think it very baud, that with the vote two jean since. Thu ''Yon and \ have been always shoulder %lr. Arthur Burn, of ZCW thCi

Port r, Preston, lUres IVobitikon, Talluudjc. suck 4erriiore they claimed i* lair share of the otlicen at rimes : to shoulder on all great contests, and usually 110igiaIIna wait niter the birth of $
ays btc'
.,. $ well tried patriot itnjieraliiely liad been iiMtnumeiby 144 '
aa a idea ecer
'.4 Walker. White, Wright 19.Nsys reputation nti such that pUcu. Alter expending a Vast ainounof' There are thirty six counties in the District on local ones ; and it must bt a matter child, a constant ufferer with a dtiqiw

;_ .... Mours, Ilentun,Clay,Crittenden, demanded at hi*bands. Such wordt linn : Hint the co.istruction pui ufluua c.ound and fury" he sat down amid the but ttioie remaining to be heard from consolation to you, us well as tu mo. m there were sieserni l hulei m.f iiU4

I Davis, Ewing of Illinois, Fwmjj of Ohio from such a man to the Northern toasses, hid languugo by Mr.and iuncey was a pervcisitm congratulations of h>s friends and lookmia are. with the exception of Polk. Warren, those treasonable, fanatic, abolition times, iho wwus rumeujea nco, ,njkia.!

Goldsboron Hcndric Ilubbard Kent ot its plain oU\ums meaning; if he iii'leod, thought himself the "higi Ju small and are all the men of the ago having] anything MUW ;?
would have been noble, patriotic, courageous tiLe inhabitant* per, very tu see great could not got (.i1154 te
I' Leigh, McKetn, Morns, N udam. NiJesPrenliw words ..words that would that, in his opinion, combed cock from the Ueorgi State"Ju'lge Democratic democratic tendencies, and love and res After t.epy. other remedy h1 5COUt5II1luhlos's

Kujnrlcs Sheplcy Southard,Swift, and true Territory,at tuch,had no political ngnttliilluoulu H.twk.ns/olloweil, and trimmed Hall ud 179 majority in the District in poet for thai Union, battling manfully un benefit the suBVrer, she htWI U,

.. Tipton T >nihnson. Wall, WeUter_25. hare lived in history, when Millard Fillmore [ tUt-y posbtosi-u all thu pu.aufights the comb of the Geurgi cock, clone to his 1851. tier the democratic national banner- In Ointment and pills, .wbb, -

a was no more,-would ha\c effectually American citizens ] that ihcy fun liea' : tho absurdities of hU prelcce.-8o >\ tin 1 it is ii Dli n.Ltrt il that there wag my humble opinion, the present contest is i conrwf, quickly caU?*? amatierof $fLCt'

;* Mow _.__.s_ .t.iuc_ 5IFU. I blotted tram the record lit Erie letter KO 11IWCK WllArtVt-K O\KM could rilt neither btttJLCor seetued to have excited his d.bdam, an.exery a th-.rough ulitioa between tilts Know moro iinportant tu titri national welfatx pruveinentm the appearance w wed >

: iuis SLATKHV, und they inttrdict lick he g-tvu, cut to the red. tl.e Uepabl.can-i in Iowa Rinco the election Thomas Jcl 1erseveFfl'tiiti
arvd bi abolition votes in Congress and when Nuthiatig an it mtenttilti
tttablttti eeka
In 18&OMr.Buchana.nadlrvuedademo. i nor except though perlcctly good humored favorable of the alien aiumillion ] few '
t salca'.iu Ltie. turns will be considered highly f ron oyrr (hu advocate* remedies for 4jfltf
,; placed him side by tide with JIHU BCCHA* in Concentit-n, ti f r.n a Mutt Lhu4ghu the ruoau t'mic
:ritk conrention ta Pvnnsvlv&uia as {ol was truly witliering. f-r ttit? Democrats. lays. Wo have in for'uer completely oure.L

1 vjiNinthe present oonUst, and the election (Coiutttution Uu auitiortzed am was oppn-snvely not, ito st) ot' aterablo c"usiil. fought fir thu boat manner adniinUtcring metlt will also readily cure all 4
: iT'' I : foH Uio to Snake any pubt.c ue oof I elfect.We New York Markets f .
: ; of either would have been hailed as reata.e.i length and with powerful the government, We are now fighting sur
,4 ; The whig party had in Mr. CJay a can a theku declaration that 1 ui.gnt think have hut tine or paco lo g>> over his NEW YoRK, Aug. 18.-Cotton is fjrm existence of ihe constitution and thejjk'ui._

,,1 t _.i.,didato of whom they might justly$ be proud Southern triumph, and a rebuke of North proper, to correct any impreaoiouvuicl argument but we will d>, tiU: much, that and unchanged, with sale* to-day oft 5O the the vary Union But, a* far a* 1 un judge",thpnvtpect Sew York Make..... ;*. iii'

AL 'I,, ffi0 of bold aud/earieb foart, a man crn fanatacuin. ..1r. VMIICI''a onibiruclio.i uf lass lan uagiin he SatibUcd i the Lem) crai* ycrfoeih, am bale- w bright and oheeritig that the NEW Yna AuS. .

i 3 of U4 j and commanding elo,'urnce, and a ol lint, abs Mr. Fillmore left these words Ute lkrk letter m.gnt have nude." seemed to restore the Know Nothings to Flour ha' declined one bhilling Rixpcnce one star will continue as the flag changed with labs to-daY
I thirty *
I rcaadiainsuitlied-kbility. Although op.I untpoken.and in lieu uf them joim-d in With tnu uUdai-m unicii 1 luvo inserted their good humor, w.nca they had departed to two shillings. Wheat has Uttfl.ned Uncents. fu this great and slorious Uuior.J' Flour has a-itaiiccJ. six p.itC0.t.tDO.terlng .

? ><*.d to Kit *v litical princljilcs,yet I have betuiCti biacn.ets, huts etuteiittiit it suit from during tho turrauguo of Mr. Me Wheut"advaiic one to two
; 4 the chorus uf the Northern agitators.....he ______ :
th.igheatregard. ; : NaonalIntehIa..encer
fr 4'CZ felt for him rjrANTIALLV AM' ALMDM LITCKALLY cog.aLcr. C I'ilr. TKu" Beaten ,;3? tt i.-i repo'rted that tho cwue.! .
r.t: I ; And ye ton the face <>f the above declara told thet-emcn that the repeal of the Missouri according to* uiy recollection.* W W. McCall is too well known S r. Louis..have August withdrawn-their: Elector it about.. to take ground fo tud 4u41. ;

i been hate was that the South did S citioiis. to require comment Democracy Bucbaun.
a lion,,Mr.; Buchanan has pronounced wrong JAMES 1WC1LNA ;. to our any fat ticket in i (air of th, .htlti.Deutcnites. Mr.
wk ior it that it us. He sy triumph, taia young
I: *Mi; elan-ierer of IJenry CUy.M not ,- M a wiutoa di,- trssa


; -- --" -_- .-.. .r 4 ,_, -. .-. ----

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-: -.. 1I
lleforni-Mcdical I i i o. i Una tbt atuntp iu V' UU4 c4AII.- CuUegt.

Eorop* Senator, iiM.Gv\cV, 4.11i6Mri, kt4d1aiw.- Wfi 44 the"Victor Post OCce.I'aptute *cu tie 15 uf Aczsst, Zn5. W31. GIIOTThE4 ()barIestSAYANNrII

Kentucky lia& aide'! tilxV; tht dvw<>crac'-. '

0cii STEAMSUU Ttnnif wijl lluvrN. Vet Mar Und, t 3tt1jri1 tIt ; I procjr LhalipEli WC, t* ntnLrady Miller-PAMcStcl. AY AT CHJI A HER ;

Ltnmiann, Ki'nt urk ,Tvs.xi'see. and nt-me- MAcoN, GEO. John Wm GEO -

tIIc. Ltbi M.&uou7 erur wl.IgEtatei"1b U.ttice, Wm 2 3&iy 2Ji Jexvellcri .
PilE EighteQntliAnnualCourscf Eralt.b, John )tvimncr, E Misi Y5iTh The U. S. M. ... -

17.rL %rgus adds: .2.. .> Levtoie ia. this Irmtuution, wUl eon Biker, itCatt2 Jur.higlSsstIy : T (NEXT roo* TO THE rost-ornct.) .s' f -
ToIr.. "c ihtve1a It ta said that ni 4 a b ?le enrviror vi il the et\il rite J Mrs JI.isnurA orttnent of beaatl- STEAMER
ib.. Iueak MI the Cnt&und./y *.f UTcll.Uf sist,* T DE Wlowiot booki s ll at a tpen1 L4 0pj.r.Te't Gib,. thLe. Lie li..iM.t 01. l'rffub.'ttt lUrnsoii Tutf* fi r clute ou the rt d ly t.fl irch l....lowii.vil v' J. tftll9 rth, .n will be orwarJel dry barneyA Alstiruwn MaUiyC.MiMulluu Jo Lift 541 cnHH9 JEWELRY cfti.Utwturh .
"c" ; J CAEQLINA;:
o b tlno CAWJ4QP FiviiiouX. 1'hv SJJ& vE'llarrvun.: the aLV1y. -nb ing re tiveJ (14 oeoJjwmeuls fion iou tate UGevrgia as o intrnor by wail, upon ?rewittans tit irie Itart Mayo, JJ 1W1 2 'rice and fehn; ,, a*

,! Co.'L iuIirJt tie tumulVfbsttr, an- all tu Uin it Is in iKw.'c.iiuu f a m>;eud,| L.UegeLJifi with MX po tan staaip f. r pre-paytatot clTU U<*4b, W J Petty, SJMU Mice ;q. .GrAItT SOB soil VEST CHAIKS COMUAS&XS

-'II'shqkY Fu.ui,1 i the.rank* tL the dciu
4el IIII% ) t11M .1 beIt omd'iUu-H anti uphold.ii the ue"l wid, and a IWplUl f.tCi.uvaU Lt ua res. Henry P tcr Mi,A leave Tnlatka very TUtJD4IaePi t
,,eat1y. Ia uifl ; its ; li tiuitH.n, *uuucr the ulrev.ioo cf tU Tuctt ty. EARXE5T LIXTVOOD .... ........ 1 Ofl L'lwJgett> L Ju 1'rAt&.ic4iiu, ell cf Trbitb. will be offered aliLa liwest' tried WILL at B o'cliwb, Pxoiata at U iskie '

i'ek $IIbt'UUI.kicb tw *** tSiM. L'tiii-ii of uurpoa SIaie.i, Ckdasrg jrw.ued irutu 8w Yuri.FACULTV (lie bit* Look if Mn Candut Lee eiey, 4nes l'ei r.T, PTerry. MiogastLciiey 'wrCASll Zschtvwvilii at 3/tkirk tame attaraeM.s4 i*%.

)' inL ip1 "'ntt. .U'' *.,J. -f Florida) ) vZ g--vATdnrs, te., rtpnireJ aid w rra {IAir raonah ca Fri>iay secant:; at 9 k'eteek, .

[ TAB Hewn.] WISS MfRRAVS: LETTERS, with, hFr LbeuejTrai41in .Al & Don 2 G, with hu experience for the Tatt twenty CLlcaton that,tnii

Oh,say, what Mitring munis are these L EA KSTOK.M DPrufcMiS6f Florid de rij.tious ..1. .. .. 1
QVQT&TQ That bict the eladden'd earl and MaUcu. Med&. THE T/NGLETOXVX LETTERS. ... \ %$ rtui.Li U.X II Sanriiivlrt huw ,lf tbate U fiil'y! coturtent to gis tu- Annual Che.lIuLf.'..
?d.14flhl bretxe S. r.. CUXfi. Al U PrufeMorf Principles and MayeReiJ's capital Mexican and lexan coi..t; K Jy W XUUjt tire satinfoctixn to tLc e who desire t'> Lave theViirauhes 2X5ET A TIAJDJOI.AteiaatraUa. .
iwell tbe western ,
Ork& .$ 3-Bit. They upon Luukatuiudiuuiit AI C A in a workmanlike manner > S
r 6 rxoUhc U Mcdiciue and Tueiu.peuU.a. ad venture liuq, J le, repaired
?$ G3-4J. AuJ echo far ani near. M.S.TiiOMi'&UX.V V, Prvfe-swrof Ol. telriejan4 1s- EbaSAMM1U It.4ICP All p non having gwd waUbes which, Uiij., JAMES Hit.Aontal. :

btjik. 9 141. I seoocs ot VX'-u cn and ClnUreo.I rIlE \VI1rTE CHIEF......... % %;..eall, Kit en, Julia ever, 4's nr>t perf>rm welt, ar.,1 ar onw cat 4 : Hecate.J frAntaJsekT& -
Ill? MUtIk !:rom Southern plains tQ.Nortl H) 4 LCOillJ, A M, M ln iw. of Cueiulitry, THE SCALP I1UXTERS. .... .... %tm Kfciccr, A under, will duw eJJtVx c lVon Mr. Grolhe, when joiz ; owu .

11111uing G5-1. From wave* thaigi t H M tsL IiptatLy, PVoruiaty aud Microscopy ULRT11, the Inte wcrk J Sffe*Bremer,. ;
VU1.tvliiids.* G3-1GJ. With Ulisruanic note it thrill 1 4 COilUNUS, A Al, M. 1', J An mr.FOXO OF UlA ATlIA.L mfIlpwA) i 4 uuutain, vr DGraut Knldgia, ItRussell. E Ur.n avails himself(this opportunity to tan U.A.COHEX, '.

) JIg lirul. In flour, jincefcwiaiher brLmum touiy iui4 Suigerv.O.A.LVCHUOL. rilE LEtlCXjRS 0* ltAWi1ttkAabing T J I) L jut hii sin< .rc thanks to the citizens of this pla-n el4-f Agent at SaraaaeX, r..

C' being La4b pttWiQiic B j M b Pr..fe*, r cfAleJiu thLigicateo4 ifth Lu4iata,. Gary, R V Kobberts, S 3Kcuu. tad ito vicinity fur tbe liberal patruoage Lithe rtt

tie tI1t isi C Ui>;B.ia> far off bourxFrc'iii *l JunsjTttden-e, Co.aparatt.e Anato as cucaled orally to II..It,$thojl: craft, Ualpin, M lee W JSaificr UKe ttenvwed: on him, and be hopes th.\t continuance by a determination V, flhttIt1 fl

r lay aud Compel at ue 1'ajsioiu dnrmg bis cflici l *rvic% ot twenty Gan.uui, J J., Vt to pirate he will merit a State ; .
$ -
,1vur dtc1iIi' itiLLflle.; rou& Teaa TCu:., ,. years tu a* ttft cit ra, triUsi llowell A S Miss ft R ihcir confidence and patronage. 1J 3 .

.pI bas ii; l11VV. Iu4eau1rikIt c\ety nic-utitain top the souni There, with.tLa can1tttsrI, are faith IIadvii A l>ar y SiUury, It J As)

icIiuId ,ir tu With thrilluig hood 1)rnit. Fntlre fees for tiAets to Le.torts.$100Matri fully iultoJ c Jto P*v.f,? or Long-, Luj .. Sunp'jn, A John CASH Marine Insurance Co.
: 6Atitttoiaical CHEAP .
$ ; uQr &CLITC. ui.te..n (once onh" ) fo'.luw'f pcia u;\ axe valuable! compankmstotbe. Haul, KuUrt Sbepperd, S Edwin '" .

$ )l&IlcIietr 'Tu Fstedoui'i loud, ttiumpbunt shout Ticket ... Io %iw&Iha.. .. .".". 1 OOCONFIDEXTfAI. Hall, L C Swt, Jaiuesbilcvx. or rcNS Ttirsu. '
l'i&ysLe! imarubly iacaj'a iu, at the IOR11E>PO.NIiENCEof Jaines 2 Ft rt'i end Murks-Ea, ZtarrLs&arg1
r That rinjr. above the roarbtrt&retb. ri liarns, S Wrallarr.foa 1& W C r'i / l.OI3iD.1 l.
T$-jku.-. icttcC fl! I I1V a r4 I vpcbing uf the sttsion ruduatiun fee, payaUe yat. lcon with his brother Marian Miss Somerset, Usury PK5XITLTA5L4.CUAUTHR .

S 11stf .1 .' pale Treason vao oish'd rout, bcfo.e examuiition, f.5.Partuulir Jkeph. 2 y.4e! ,in superior VmiinK. ..2 OOX llardee, b Wat Sbaw, Juho <, azoooO ..

.u1cc stt'c vSr a5 And I'recjuiu's dazger o'er. adJreiiauv lacaA-cr of tbATJof ulty, >If FENCE OP THE AMERICAS PU.iwY1v Hand, W JvclUili South USuuiiif. I&WTULL.

,.t.t 1ukt Macon, (ia su. Whitney.. 1 OQ C M ., P. .allyt iltJU.CUASDISE. .
the of Union S\Vintcrnnz fNStILE r.CILDISUS rpt ii :
Ecbold Flag wart- ANhU MASOXICT10XS Ucioan. A Miss Smith, Wilson ; TKSSXXJn.i I.

See Fanatic's aghast, Uo.V IIU8IIaLOTTERY. a fuc siiai!* of the oldEo liihdJiUo Joues, \VnIvers Sttyy. U lepactut.y formf the Ladies and, non I Frnsixn aai o erft f rtysagahut

juersP Nt" UAtOvfutm.., .2 50 MrJackuit smseil, W N sod lurrooadmj country that(Hey 1'ort their CARGOES, ftJofe
And Treason tanijuish'd, bowline rave o(JarporciU V ire.
iiQtail. 'Ti.L LtquIM insurgents atJcr \VOKK4-eouipnsmcanof Red- Laura &'vit. %% have nun oni.I their now sad beautiful Mock lust or damage, ; ;

.,- d. 'the&tIufl- 'Midst its expiring blast. Iteld's editiua of Rrto'iutwrnry Talesand Jumer, M 3 2 of Siinus.a.ud,Samm t P rtr! of .
$T Bordson.ia.jheSouth, TerryET' Gtrc .
The French &ruiy Then hvil, Bachaaao, victor, chief, The next ordinary dr.iwin<; of the Royal Ita vana ths T E FISlll.TwMA.VS 0\UOHTSR.2 lqdiwG iloynerkeliy E 3 ?ev ?Ratberfaxd, f BOb.ZIXI U,

cjuLh frtu b* been % itt4tcL And Breekinridjte all haiL! Lottery .Ifl4tJ by the Sptni'h C&ti Govern.tneni. Gcctral vols ,.. .. ; .'. .-.. aS liftevnlhatfld unjj' Ie euptni cft vf the JohDXstsrfusrd,
dc 1bL bi'c jeUt Fr dou achieves a blest relief, ; take at llavaui, MARGARET MAITLAXlV the auth- Love, Cba rzer, A Jackonc'.s and Checked Cani\ric'ft Black Albert J.Gitlit1, Jiia.s.
10 Kar. to be'4) rpalr bewail. a Cu.U, Bill j-Uce .... 88 Litkanvr, L JLioyd Whmt W, S.tkv Cl.j.mlra.M. CbaU t. Alvaa U'iliirj, SanaI I
alone C.r-l ,
111(11 Traitors u.l
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w ISuG. Wihii.uo 1aryL.uaer Samuel. Jut s. -
dna4IuI 20th
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TIIETCVNQPEST OT Web.r, Ii, f, Silk ami Lace JoaN P. t1IO1Xi,
$ pta&Ii 3jtscwrh, 4IvrUon, Theodore Intiog. . ..Z ....' \ Lowe,Capt W Why.. L bayhi Uilik-acl lur.r''P"a. Iiji h Li>ieim. A.. J. GILLETr, & -

r wrc debtruve The latt-Kt rvxuniairujn the ..Jifw'lecliHii .. < VTIDOW JJEDOTT PAPERS..,.. 1 Oil Lee, Peter, \ii: T U Iantak '( >lc t'V.ihs and *pktni. R.K. i; o4.NGiii4f.L4j .

;. Thd &ud uue buudrcaba1 are. Ktaimd it\th9 (W,1uL&g 'Kalch $258, :$rAIQw1t.ts PAPE ,. 1 QO Lu tj, K WotAIt DUJHT. L. lll nktrchitf Fancy j. : IcDQRT, .4 &tucasoavu.&a stJackeaille,: .

$id OtITHTAEEV Lewis, A J1'trtoiu uij ; ( h., P Silk Trimming's: S'lk Gits i a\id Mitt*. azauaci w I
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rl.Ie: $ CU' Rutiia Sr. Lot-is. Atv3..-In 70 comities j 5: SQrleq Nunitro 'OBOrdiuarlo.CAIMTALIMIIZC rhi l3ALLO( ? OF ROTh are any a1vcrtisei or they may nut Emliro'iU and Gra-i i-kirt ktc CoL John ttroward, I 8am'IN.iIUiweXij <*jViVlrcult

Ibc rr.IIguuI ihe trial!. )vtit'icrt8 24: lifiiiwute*, S Knuw Null.njs ERT MEURY aul r.-s: Y-mnS Fr mVV jitese mesa.uj inej Fi M. ICibUnis, Sa\k and Slvyv Iit>riet5. Cu!. Henry Tiioaovt, | .[JlardlT-l/]

( and 5 \\ higi tilled to the Iltiuhtjn IO.(),OOOPrt \: by Peler Parley,. ... ,.. .. Q-0 iLet WM GUOTl E. P JL bilk Illus.ou and U-'U-ntti .''v'.i" %'>
$.t 1fri hut out. 7 Su.iator'ul lisir.ctd Lard (rim,4 den I of....100.000( | 3 Fnises of.... TU? WOXDERi OF tClEXCE, or the Ja.ksunville, Aog. 16, Io5o. Cambn ftlptrinft, C.H4ra. Chim Tabs, ttaamKSKcM'i. Court, L>UT aeertIrcsdt.fPi.r'Ida *| {''ojunty I ..1S&stst.
and ,
jtm .....1,00( vf'o uij.hrev Da\y, Arnti'i. Flowers ft I I
.Ciita. 1 Hetiluinte, 1 K.IIO.W Nutmn ;, am I .aOOiWi 2 v Lirl> L f >iag
.XaOCXMTO "....._ 40( l uryMayh ilr.v... IOU Xettinp. Para iU.! Fai-f, Um- BcrriscToa, ) Ass. Attarameal. .
2M) V&I'TCUbeM.i Whig wore tlcctel tirihoScuite.Ihitn I . ly For Sale I M'i qnelo Damages 110,000. turn

tin Vvd1bS, tt the far tlii'ti. the l>ctu .cratsha\va IDA 1 ". . 0,0-J0U5| ". .... 2CK .sTA.D.tu1) tvU ; and a large assortment of Hosiery Wau* 4 P. STARJU \ Sworn to tS.OOO.TU1E .
? $ Itzh.utItcd to ijUUU, the lA'-tsUturc o\cr, VU-ntcii intiind I ". . 5,0 f> I 2OAjpmirnti.ns 7t'iO Florida Vfnr, rriing's Life 'f TV ash- ks m iai'vc.I (ruon Jak.s.. Ac-. 4.Vrtit liefendaa and aH others iaUreetod, ar*
crikd. irity iu the $100.000 u.3'0J eacti: -r HE ;
,, ,,, CuflOflU% S Itic v 4 Ap1.r' in Sh* Ueiitoa's Thirty Vears, aol, luonjotuer Ale a r.ilnaL'.e a 1llou'e C1o1h. notified ufth. esmsneacenseatef lai
ICWP Know Mothitig* combined. It V Mfc'vd X'AOOO 4 ol $100 to SQUQa; 4 o! uigt.n &p. JL. tout ille, 11*.. i>ITcriur (
400 to ,
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tureiirofl' valuable rof(Xe iu .4tta..hinsut ae repaired, .8 that 6cu-n niurvu\er that four of the fivnVhtg: SJOO tu tlO.b'JO; 4 of SiOO to $i.OOO.Ubole Anst. and Lot situ>tej on the v>m ANTS'hOTEL" Coats, Ftanacl ShlrU, Suit by will W ecter*
"MEUCI1 judgment
'icua. MACAZIXG.ror the ad to the same,
VP! 14 ni ivoutied.r1tI1All C.'n.iIi. lcct d tu the hh.'ue, art in favor .>f by deut! at the next term uf aaid Ce.rt.J. .
nnl Vest,
.. Air the Unitiil Sta o Senate. (\uartets fio. P. SAKDEKS05.
1LJ2 kilktlsntI \ ttT..iM'- UJAZIXK jjroily fuj a Public H.IUK-, couuins twenty-two Cravats Shirts and ColUr
4tbc On. tttydrtrU 'ire U e have) n.iihg| v i dt-cred.t the rev>oHUitn 'c4ac1ahe43tt S'pht at 5 per cent ('x. outit. UOlaUaoLU\\UhI>S, fur August K'lim., t.u v( whiuu ti, > lire Iu.e., b u a gcxwl and suocs. June 14. lS56-3m Att'rfettTf .

,. WU h" b.i.rt vI ofm 4i.rikn4 rel I C.i. ',f I hit. tirci ini ( ( I'IJh. 1> (A all lrcct liank. taken at p-ir A ft% .ii&S? nuuibuni LUrpcr' still othAs4Soutl eie.I ut vt&tr, L.iutlut; yuun shjde trees, and ItOOI'Lady's Uvoti&Mca' Louts, cnnne, Jail
; wit: bo forwarded u *>oa a the r* uut-buiU u n'.ua'.cd in tbe Enameled Brought to .
ja\vniuf, and of tbc whole dviticratic A drawm; llevie\v. all the oe.csyiry iij fine,
I Quarterly J ukiirille colored Tics
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; cult ln-miuws Voiwn evu cent r*ot the pe.ssaut ail growing city the 10th inst, a Negro Man about 25 as t( '
Shon A SIij> r ,
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> State; '.*" Ouuiuuuica alrcssc4 to liON ROLvRUJrnZ. The let Xo. sf the n-v Scries of the Smtbe Jli, the teru.aiu4 ut Le I'la. A. 4 U. kit do Gaiter. OK of and about 5 feet 6 or 7 iswe* .
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.. age.
.Ertm .niU aId ht the Dom rricy aid ; nreof City IVt, ('!irleston, S C ,] Quarterly, ui.dcr i's newi-haiijscof 1'ru.rieturs..q., CentraL H.uJr'Ki |11V GaiteM, Cuogre; b: years he is owned by William 3. Ilarrio. ef :
% 17.-Ikii 11tge viCtmIWI u.4unn \\"laga tif Miisourin yjih will I.e attended tjScorma at $3ier auauai U. in every rc ,'. kiu s> n>|>4r Rip LniK-in., gh, say his ie JUXT -
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: KktGw uj: >M-line i until tbc of Augu tor Jolivcrv to 'l The alec. l f:riWd property Youth's do uval County, I liy, and says aane
eel'Jfl until 1iie "clockaii tin has iata ivssi ci DRiW tltuntvic either fur A Hotel or private Misses y.4'd Qjite i, quested ta MOM for-,
ilium vicry : Docti or owneu a9
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nisul"IT" thanks..! Ov.e iii..t. urar fly fur large fjuu'y, aol u mm under Louts ii1 pore alt ehargee saJ Ui%
LurMg tat c-utilk-i tluuicUe> f> lt1 u ( gotten Aug 9 ie-ideiK a \viu Li .gani. wart, prove property PAT

th -I _II. ,.L"_-. ..i. __I-lull.' f'X1tI t heyuue} ( cnf.deracy..l lv" 'tr Ju ll.eai ( rent utiiOOier annum, uud will te mU at a Together with aare aaurtmect cf b:in away, or be will Vie delL A. B.with 110OARTU.aeeardlM -tolaw. .

ibeCflL h.c:14e -us aud.Arm... tIIIbr.- cdPt tho Sool\-5tor tsarg.tiz.Euqwnl of Messrs Ilartridje t Tiratnu, Jaik- RDH JltE, Jacksonville. Jam 23Jaeksonvi11t JaiW D. C.iJricks .

D1 lUc lalU-r ui 1N1)1 fly Authyrltij oj the Stale f, .1 iibiii. ., .uui tic:, 4r lit tue suta'unVicr ut t ernoi.din i. FixJune' CUTLERY,
iitIvfl aicttwene Indians tti Ski es, with brn.'jJL A CU1 JHOCElllES *r.
nci t Tito mcnjirt'tl on by A T ILL an 1 t'lUiitms.Him'e l-tf ( *) Yard. ,
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