Circular-, aecn anlf devolving sloe him from wkaM ut the mtt, j in 2'-3 New l'urt, Fl:. P. S. PlnntPM should not be without this .. Vanu'hIci' Hand Bills without (. jqc him ill opportaaitjr of acquiring that comptne rsluable Medicine. Every family ought to case n gentle pur itive i. required in order jyne CAerrt E7peczerpat & ..
which hi to .
Law man. i* CMrtioM ar* enutUd and Uw pomtaiieiiol Co
". UatiueM CarJs, Show Bill*. ckildrta.8CCUIUC which. would I cir* tb* bannatw of,.sd For Sale' iltp it on hninl., ulliy the ir italian hey prwluer Ibe Liver Don.Jraa Anno. ,.JB '.n gIY( e, tile

Tl'lUnj Cards Bills .! Ladle:,.' A IIIGIILY improved LOT situated A. M.BEED, principal Agent for Jiickson- IMKby their jmp-.tbi iugiction mid henltby leasure to add my testiaccy to ihur ".'*

LabrU, keM *c. fcc.ny TIlE HKAXS OP IlAPPIflESaBy t the centre of the Town upon which If a large t lille.Jacksonville.. .i.penlion upon the '00..'.. is the most I n r..yorul the C/racy 0111.

.: .t : -.i//till*for tcorJi } tkit be paid on be nir= potftuti el the heeded*.th west andPommodiousBoarding Hon..tbreeutoricchicrh Auzust 16, 1S5 1. IyXOTICE. Ant medicine that cnn be taken. DiarrhEa CVnfcf.3 "t I.. q yos.

to-.. ... I ...'.... June U- .twhcb of..cU cooac u>*<)aifkn Bncci..aa ao and wife potcrtr or noibcr of inonmad u *UJaltl THIRTY good rooms with TWENTV.THREE ------- "",,-lhav. Bo hesitMion IDt r JbJ Ezpta,

. _._ _. .. ----_ _- if she mrt\Ttt\ ht:1I rail hnlf ef that kaowkds 1 I fire I.ll1t'ell| with all necessary out-bnildrg:! good IIOIiEXSACK'S LIVER Pe..J I as a most valuable Dtf'dIClII. ".e. tDIiE;
> ----- mpct to would>ptr*bf aiacb* waterfacsimile tree Ao. Also! Wrectionsfor using 1'oinsett's Indian LostHit .
the -... uf bamxncM .. prantr| to hr h *bwid. and Xu |> rt o shesysenimor Docl. A.PATNr!, says brass
SITTING FURNI'IV1U"A ,> liable naed lie
.: TIMES OF confer.1_her childrta that bleuiw aooi,.all pric*-toalihf THE t will be found on the inei.leofthe & *.. nrr ,
HoI...cut healthy .". Thai kaow 1.U* u coalajMd la L (. t bottle Whetethere is fevei-.tttend- f'ui>t' tun tbeXirer, it bring supplied his practicewith tU .
OF THE DIFFERENT COURTS.Y .buds voik....ti.d .-".-. ''1 D r.. \.'\('L'_".,.. _.1:,:"_ IoJtIL :. uiroii.i. Mn.Kl.. .._n_'- -- ____. ---s .tr.-_-,. -.-.d ."I u..)... .r. ___ _.# .. ..
i JJ4'JItlL) %, tug toe '.lle."f'. n tirgative Kboul in rver\f -- "-iaauu Jlt'r.esf ana ir 1't 1';; i. : : t '' I he MoO'I venieat and efficiett
THE This considered the mopt valna- or coB-Ucallcr.
I MARRIED WOMAN'S ing 534 be used before tie tn cu.t. Should crse O"-iojr t brough all I net ftitd
H STATE COUBT-Ea tcrn Circuit.crai ble property in thi thriving town aDd will be sold there he p .rts of the body pro-loc,. Liter Co & to our "ror&ioD!'

TtRM.Orange i Private Medical Companion. low Apply to WM. p. DEWEE a tea'Ifncj totaflamutiou.j-nrjre mo}.. JIIu1i e. 1J t icu .tjfectw Dyipeytia JJlplf/ sJ Do t.L. D.HUDT, writes, :J La,.
2 crAlfely. and give the Lozecust DtrnUer.Jo.el .4c 4.t. adLini
Jacksunvtllu tl
:; aoJ St. Lucie, lit Tuesday in .April.JnatoAin Ii than the dvsc. LIVER COMPLAINT : lerf'd,our Ao4tt Eiprtt,,,,. inieeir.4ea.

3d do Uo :\pril. j Br DR. A. '1. NiuRiczir, iTfJTIt'E.IIAVISG avernge I- attended with hills soccee.le.1 sea el IUDtbii1l. f'CtioD:with dt .,,"

S''lm'.r. 21 Monday in Apiil.Muini I ' .r osassci .r W5X55. r Purchased the !interest> ol'r AFFLICTED READ!!-PHILD LMIIAMEDI- veto |..uns iu the region ,r ibe Liver by fever se- r<'&*, aDd from A knowldy. ,d lea 5cepfr 111

4th ilo ia \pn' Oat amirtitk FJttun. ] .,".itt. A*.. 50, I I Mr Ger.rJtO C. Bowers in The Flori.I .. !c. btabli bed 18 years ago, by later taste, yellow Sorted / vomiting,p elf'.ct.l aD.whit tile greaca.t cc.Ljs'der.ce'.
Al chu., IH do in uly.luub1' I.4 da Xcws.:'ami rocalvcdtromblmpow. Dr. KI lttLn. X. W. comer of Third and Union and tongue puillf full comas-nd It. &c.Druct. .
(o roc rarta UTS sum**. tl 00.3 J Jrlrat UunJing. the pain in theajile i
( / 21 do in \1.). I I er of attorney to collect the dobu tine tbe snuie. street between 5prnco and Pine iti"-.iti"PhiU'leJphia. byr. b increased W. S. Lou. writes 10 11. that
X us&II.V, J-.iei ty before 4th MooJ"y in Mir. pnbluhad ia IU7.aad U<*aotBURPRIZIXQ notice is hereby gin n. that a call for settlement EIGHTEEN 1\anohstt'nl'i"eand uninterrupted the satjre, should the len lobe be affected administered tI.. zpectoru5t he I.
will bo le. and Silent inted. r.-uu' 'ped in this hare rendered Dr. K. pinhgr.ier.iiv in the left .Jr. .1.
uvtl. 4th !nloIY.. OR WOSDEMHIX I soon mj prompt pa) practice O'ty shoulder with has bad the BThCltit1l '
Mon-lAV I 3 I' )I. }DAILS.1 a J"J..r .!trs c.-'. fcerfoertes. .,, 'ar,
!1 i dec the most expert and sueeewfut practitioner, far J"' I 1e ,li/lo kflQ'fg she I is "
3d do inJunu.VE.IrEftM. '. ConafdrrlH that EVERY FEMALE. that t" 1
8t. ?
WHETHER MARHIKDOR KOT.e.nb.n -- near in the treatment of all diseases of a private low nnW"Ta/hr, J.t.i sCads J.J1DYSPEPSIA. ffC'1rJ her long stied.
iiou n FOIL foj\LE. cl"8 mlll.ld 1&
mil nature. Perron afflicted with nicer TI1 ing Las in a few
acquire a k..oI"'It. of Ihe eaters, upon the ioa-r. wee.s de lr.
Oane an I St. Lucie, 3.1 1 Tuesday before tLu1st i character and rauaes *>f bcr ron.plal.tta. j ,.,t A AiUDtiCN FLN I Iimi two KtrryJus" brnly. throat or legs, pains in the bead or bone*, \.K.-t LI\'tI c."I.r"'lr..Jb: she son-if 1lOUE:'. more good tin .n ,1, frm od;ir,',fct, Lea Ltrr.
ilwday in November.Putnam. with the varied symptom, and mat J in a pleasant portion til mercurial rheninattsm strictures, gravel disease jILL liS they ,ICI directly tfforr''J BJr able niedienl
'he coatril.
List TuMdiy before the 1stSjntrr 310111.." i u early I the town. The wills"' or bin. Smith nn'l arising from youjhful CTee es orimpnnties of the Uftnll r .r ttse.hiue.see. ID'J h.1I nrernling Sun N ef the bes.

io Noeem'r. i HALF A JUtXlOS COPIES the root is tinned lliere i< .1 vacant lot lid.j bloop. whereby the constitution has become cnf upon thy '' e la,'. expel all I be corrupt anti FnAlmucerTiurls: tie APOTUfC'.S arts

4iU MOD 100q Soft m'lf'r. aboatd bar ba tOIL I .iu;,,!. that will be soil 'I iiU tbe buuse,if.Jeir .el\lo It ia impracticable to eoay fully th* varioiw *bjctt II. who places hinxelf under the care of Dr.K.. ; lu..tlr.fil'dll"' ..
MouJ n .mln. *><| the piirch For terra to : .
ner. npply SI,1Jl'T'1
by ,
M iri'iu, Itt :iy in treated ot.aa they aio of a aatara ainetly uiwaoetl fur Ik* religouslv confide in his Aiolpsc Cl.frr
Al 1 uhll ", 2d Mofi-l y in December. Blamed or thoM enqtw.iatut| ..... bat ao final .\ >rfl-tf BE LLECII.tS3E & F1NEUAX.JjpS may honor all a gentleman lymptonw ul Dy.,4.jfei. ,Di its .riuua S/dtn'$ LIrvvhws Cerdi, E'1'nr"1 .n;
deairoai of*iijo>wif h* ltb.sad let beaaii,conitaat apoa and confidently rely upon bis skill as a pLy.pidsl. .liS\'IIIIt'II ili in ,, are .. lfill" .t
(ululfl1)ia,31 Jljaity iti December.M health which u ao cmiduci to bar owa hs1.isei.,awl IBM ft.-If itt soil in two wctt, the a ; I. Tiiitjnrlu-nUir not in.y..uog Art "' i in the heaj heartburn, greet value "rd nt effitvw for the relief aid

; Johns, Ut Mon-liy( in S'I elU1..f.r. ef very her" bat hat either the ha lor or* and w ill.obtaU.. .it.of.bu baa I or wit will e> T,.e {'r!;.iii.cs will btu )let._B fc F m: who have injured tb>m elre ty a oppression from the after eating u,..Is. aouri 'ss-rwing cure of the dice,*tn 'tcr .,hidit.,, are iieintthe

N.s!,u. Tuesday before the 3d M">u
Xov inScr. J MV All>> OP ONB IimfDRKD THOO i l learned from evil companion or at school; tbe ef- languor of the whole body; from Ibis in will bt care in their prefamtioo and .a
I' ( BV )1.S. :. WIT.UAVS) 9'tn the .Hs.1 style *f attirg
OCCtTl which
ll.ti.i. :31 MonJay November. i AiD const ecti of are nightly felt even when asleep and 0.ra its origin to *.Ji8'\r. IIrDlld..e take
1. both mind and body, should pleasure ju rt ca usiding'
destroy homedi&t I I.
.Wa lEST BY MAIL, apply K1111/,1.! Liver wed Sromllch.
witlua tb tut nfnll Ib'm.rTWEKTTnn
few SMadMOAUT1UX receive supply o IJOD-
Weakness and constitutional JebihtvJoss
STATE COURT-Middle Circuit.eraivo I JrST I, ttK'i.ivir.: : J'ILI.S"
TO THE 1'UIJLIC.nK ir GKOCERIES, of muscular energy and physical laaitnde and gen Cine io ffeei, the very tnt'tli. of tie znrstrsrpretatleMr-
THIM.Mtdifon -- which offered at wholesale and 1& p-rromenl and
.,Ji_ are eral prostration irritability and all affee hsrini Cure chants ren.i Ms of
rervons ,
I ._ In.lalld"irit.i.. ItId'Suth
3duo! Uy in April. NOT DEFRAUDED 1 retail at cash prices. Lions rndinertion. slUKgishness of the liver and .'nbey set bj changing the certain morbid*c- ('arnlitavLohcve

J'ffVraon 21 d> in April. Bur no book salem "Dr. A. M. ManrtMae 1W These GO DS have been selected, and every every disease in any way connected with the duorc tio'.s 01 lf' system Into he..hhl actioD.lId these medicines sold an) also BWT

W.kullo, 1st do in UlxTir t-irwd. N. V." b on the Utle peg.. and the enUTin ar Tel" i H witran'ed to JTOVO satisfuctorr. or may -r oftbe procreative functions cured and full vigor renJi-rn g tie I.h."I pure MId themselves say, "Frla. ear
Lone 31 do H Mirrh.Gftsleo the I Ork s Offlev on the back of the title page; and be fime.1. jnly9-tf) J. B. flOWELL.Tailoring. restored. TO healthy. own erptTXiet and that of onr cninxti. 111
our \, ot rentm-tabie and FKMALES.Ton
bonnraljle dealers do
send cordldrlll1
1t do in AUrchHimUton :lit ': and addreoa to Dr. A.M. Maorleeea. at or State Read' Youth and Manhood. A Vigorous Life, will find these PilUar rertn>m
4 h do iu April. ;r.b1bUrk45 ami iurre| FALL TKB.H. .L I I THOMAS ANDREU is filled with awful information on the infirtusties eouiplainis to which you are sub. *d for the diseases for which they arc preerib .
: .T KVCUYVI7R AND :| and diseases of the Generative Organs. It addresses ject It olst met Ions either t"talor fl, toteporfSnVnt
HUSO AUD wrtul aiidtocive etch
November entire
Midisun 31 -
Monlayin lUDERi 1 \TfELL known to be experienced in cuttingand ifawlf alike to Youth,Manhood and Old ageand they bi ave been found ot iii."rfmnble( benefit iu sttletoitjcn to all.'' . d) in November.TTaVulU I i V> making, informs the citizens Jacksoovilte should be red alLThe Ift'i..rinp and
lit lir sr l MUrry to tUu* Mr* hold l [ and impressive warning it o- ro cure .llcor.pUinfs ,
-on, in OctolMfr.Oftden ,u.1 w h... |.dUpel oar Ijooiancc near sod dear, honsfbilongi It to u r..Birbcs,next door to Dishes gives will prevent years of misery and which mll1 she r..1iclil nmy Pt( rn. rrti.tsol '
I ,
Hit suffering insi-from'enmie)
hidu in r.Hxajilton I.. our rtaili. *" t Canova, where he is now re. y to receive all and save annually thousands of Liven. irrsgul.risiep. ? e4< ,ee, high sf.r,iifi.r, ?r'st Jfrrrh. rh ft illrst '

Ith do 1 ia November.STATE To enable I orders that trittrnvtod tobin Jtewsrrsttssll Parents by reading it will learn how to prevent dienereofesight p.p.. ill Lr nide, biek & lJfclat.i1i:, ft..1d.l. esffsi.t.i i -10'
.t-l every ime to decld.ran the ttufupt tniits garment to be fitted n'.d made In sat meat the destruction of their children. lbs so Pills ar-thj.only- *r":1n.1 ff..ral\l ify all. thit these : '
ren. n.e.iieinesarewevsly
NvWty if ti.
COURT Swtfiern Cucult.Ltvy ponnAnf a copy and that no wife a ntyle as at other place ti the United Stittw.Cutting euly to cure rollo"Ir'
r uioilit-r nonl r<.ioan un'utiruitMl'! upon Lbs many any will be done at *. A remittance ot 25 cento enclosed In a let ,Cf'ml'inh':Goot.111 1". by thr cOuncil mid |n t ih.y arr fI' a diffrr
IIr&15CJ.T&JUL '." wMch. vrtoer or latrr. are d l< bned Io niAke r pairing and olenniog ter addressed to Dr. KINKELIN N. W.corner YOUlln..M.l.lnchuty. Sick 1I..I&'b.. (jiditties. ent sta pai.ti rlull tnt the nQurke njT' :1 , mvjjc-a ui-n her tiraJUi. nn!_ the shortest notice. Oct 22. 53.-, Third and Union ,. RhuW\li
4'h Mon
1st Moulay! in April. upbraid hlmartf with nrgtect% lIitshorougb,2I \IoDJ"y in April. "I hu wife-a pamphli-t of tliinrs I per from affections of the
pag** cnota bio* j Liver
rU flh/ andUKAT qf Cotatt.. D Persons at a distance may address Dr. K. by let imparity of the StoreleepemgeutrnllvE.H.6TABLEB&CO.
I Blood
M'jnroo Iu do iu Ma tHgrthrt with 01 eorK.Uf.M!
I of.he
> fraila' fruin tbe ho.*, will br lent ft..of thargt li I WORKS. t.,. (post-paid) and bo cured at borne. Bo "',, .
AU. TU.. ',ij port U llu. Utuiail; Ik;M. bj.a44iA.aa.ux ,..- j Packages of Medicines Directions Ae,forwarded MEDICAL EVIDENCE. S W'BOJZS4U1In.
Levy 2 J "lr.n.I.. in Ooio' er. f* .1",111."It. 'T''llK: Jaek*>n\ille Foundry and Machine .
pai.J.j by sending a mmittane. and pat up secure from WV, the as>l*>riftiacl Physician, ISO Pratt Street,Baltimore.
Ilerntule 31.Uontty in Ocfoh. .. ICnowlnlgv I* liappl ie>.. 'll. .L Works are now prepared to furnish damage Itr eunMIC,. 11,1'., receipt ,f.lietr mnf..c,0re hiving bid Sold In Jacksonville by

Hillsborough. lit M-jD'Lty in XITi m"rl'. I* la> be upon short notice, Book sellers. New. Agents Pedlers. Canvawee. uc for i itsp.ction. a.ty. that th. ub,4M. toM mar2 T. ,McMILLEN.

3fa.roe, let do. iaDiCtuibtr.STATE |f. On nwlpt' at Oaf Dollar (fir ill-I (II"1 t Saw.Milln. Smithing, Tanking and and all others supplied w.tb tile above work at very tb .y ire "...,.;:.. 11.1.bpI'liliuts orhl..h
IHNI xtra t>mlmz;> "THE \I *JUt.::1' Wo'\N! Stea ; low rates them the bret
COURT Western Circuit.. I'lilVAfK I tll)1AL u a.
ill l" "
Imrur. %
hundred tori fAN KNOW THYSELF.
/") In say port <>f the t'plle.1 Sivtra.! All Irli-tm ..'r-I branches iter ofihe Blo.,.&e
.&leG TUc. bu plat-paid and arlurvMf.1 Io Itt. A. SugerMUie. Pnmj
PrmVlia, 31 Monday in April.C4luous,4.h CEAl' tint \tU. New Y.fl (::1', PuUiolilD 1 Hae< Horse Power Steam Boat and Saw. JOSIAH ASHUBST t1F.OIiQE: WOO!,, V. An invaluable \o for J5 cents. "Every family

Jo. ia .April LtbertjMreet. V.rk. ; Grist Mills. Mill repairing.*o..Ac. WILL keep MEDICINES on band for the F. .''Rtln-LEY. D. should have a copy." 1000 copies sold in foe thsn

Jiektua. let d.>. iaVIiy.W In Now York city by String r A Townsend. Ad. : Cutios..rrroo orBras Drawing*and estimates, caresS L.ltOWE.M.n.rrh l three months. A new edition revised and improved -

.*hin,o. 3d do inUy.. rianco Sherman A <>, Dairitt A Dav.nport, Blli of any siie reqairod witkoat charge. Consumption, Bronchitis, Asthma, Pil 7 '.. se not,. rmt rh,.. 'ht 51,1. .last-' ,
Barnes & C.OSc 139 street,nearflreon In this section. Old Ulcers .' I 'o IIUXTEB.S SOICALJCA.Vff AL
holmes Ti utter 3 1 Moult ia 31-i j Dropsy H..n.h1JoIL.ruff' DOCTOR
Pyspcpnij &
*ly .
; .lcl miv'fimFKOFKSSOR Wbon required:competent Machinists rurnishel It. !.' ilt ,. It... Book for the Afflicted. ConlainI -
\\ lton, 4'.b Monday in M iy.RitUKosi to out in oorjoration all Rfa.i'ilnw. _..*_>..._ AI All. (irregn1arites.obntrvctions apdexce.e* in f: ., : big an outline of u..Origin. '. Treatment
( Ut VonJ.y in Jon I .'apon re'&aonaJtile terms.MOONEY.-- OW males, will be regulated. removed or snpprw j"., *..wiMUKJt. .' I '-i4-". ,: ,f- v ..,1 ."-"r ".err10nn ef diseaee, eontrseted by
C. BARUY'J Also oa hand his valuable' H. iw .' '. .
bamLt. 24 da in June. A COOKIE .. mil It j i- Pr 81; i si *'i-onrso,by Seif-abase. orIk
FAMILY ,j i ; ir r. J \ '! .
r.a.L'Tltl.l TH i cor i jnaDrs mar 19-tf Founders Maehrnertu. J1J2D1CINKS : 'i:: '," ", t1a' : t' -*-'reveBtieBntte

t r unutu, tsess.-.s.-Z- Iaesbsr. Among tberaway be found Compound Tonic P \n lli r ." ... ; > i: '
.Ibolla Tharl>y after 4.b MouJay iu =..v.Jaekion flu \TRDT(1ATID: COMPOUND JOSEPH Y.- HERNANDEZ, Antifebrile Pill..Dropsy lecliciD''Pil.Ointment. r- '!i', I t. '1'ELPL.Soi'l tetohe. a. .

21 Monliy In November. FOR; beautifying. Curling preserving.n**'o*** I I DnA1taa.: -US-JJ Diseases unnecessary to name will be eared In a ui.. '. :1,4.! and M.r- '. ;'tbsar'.! -' : ; ,r.::: .t .
WsbIng'oo To.-sJ.y otter 1st Moui in gtrengthenieg ,the Hair JSelwvicg Dis .XL9n.. few days; and cures always warranted and *10 for United States. i v vesrc uesct.MJ1 t.t.ii'i"'' : J
November.H y eases of the skin curing rbenmatio p los. sod "ac ...Wt. Cast:rioilda. toiled la cases of failure. The usual r mJt** will :. .0 the. Ire tI'f d oei" ,>: a. ae or -
healing external wounds. Bounded by no geographical net be Ne charge made fat eiamina. .,:"

.liae*, lit Man1y in November. lines, the reputation of Barry s Trlooph.: J OSEm V,HXR5ASDEZ returns thanks to his Uou and leriptJonL Citation to Creditors. To whien .M. ref ; ,. taBeve

AT Alton 4.h do .ia October. rotts pervade the Union. The sales of the artl. friends and the public generally,for the liberal DISEASED SLAVES, POLLY A.NM JONDo, Administratrix diseases,and a treatie k. '-p

Stnt& Ito 3 do ia October. ele of late years bar Increased la a ratio that al. patronage he bu received and hope, by strut aW of ao ace to their owners. In hopeless condition of John A.Jooen, Ui# m Uuval'1 tome and ear elUl. Fever and Agae. for t.....

ts.mbb,21 do la October. most exceeds belief. Professor Barry after a businoss to merit a continuance of the will be purehased. Address. ennnty, deei"e
UKITED STATES DISTRICT COCBT.Ntitktr careful oxamlnation orbit ealea' Itook.. finds that same Darin,JaJt-.lyt4 a fine arasortment ofgoods. Dr J A8UURST Jacksonville, E F. office a written "nfgrsiion of the my forwarded by say part of beUnlUd States ay
the number of bottle .cUvrl to order In qusa.ties eoDpirtmg of bine and black CLOTHS of 'Pay the postage on your letters. Apr0- iwi-I estate: iprfrlvenry l of mail free 'of postage. Address, portage raidV
Dittrirt.T4tah of from half a It". apward, daring tb. different qualities black and Cosden A Co. ,
year colored CASHMER8. This in therefore Pablisber,:or Vbox If;P.o. PnilsXTbi *-
s e, let Monday January.ApuUohieolii 1852. was wlthia trifle of SSO.OOO. LINENS and" DRILLS for pants VESTINQS of FOITSME ing cUims to notify plFp'rsoas Rav ** *is,. without eieeptioa. tile most eonprebmfiv :
1st do la It is unnecessary to present at length the I. differant ,..TRIMINQS. THACT of Land again said estate. to < asid
February. fMOerna Acv *e4 direct on the St, theism. >j pur .d &l<- iatelh'ble work publIshed of the class A
Pen 40)lv tit do' in March. dences of th* wonderful properties of the Trioop from the North h, It prepared to execute all work .Marys River in Florida,'twelve: miles with me, duly proved aol aothrnticated of diseases.,which it AvokJIeg an leehaieatterm -.
S:. Aau UBt. let do In April tons, when the pabli bar tarnished seth an en entntf ted to h
Sjuihtrit Dutt let. dow nnt a*this: Th *9ftpnrs of the article maatike manner.' He Invites all to give him eall, taloing seven handred acres and-which day of Jlay. next, when tbirswflb,. a rota resderv Itl free front all.bJee1icvsbl.mattsi, A
and the xplnation given of it* ehtm'eal: action (oa Newnan street seeend door has not bean under cultivation alistributioD ort h. F' and ao however -
A jdrAlty Court ,iLl at Key \Teit in from Dr. Byrne'snew for the last twenty aIIe&1t of silt< estate. parent fsstioVer. object to
sessIon.q ; always Octal upon hair the scalp anti In all ease of super building,) ,assuring tbe publle that his prices R'we.Cotton.Cora,. *e..,has been produced thr creditors thereof, >uoaft-t I placIng,,via{bo.Vnd, ef hi*.. ;TbBthoi!."f
first recommended it to the atten shall be there according io.tbe'i iui* : Lu '
moderate and all araenU warranted no.&II,. in such cases madesn-l devoted many year*to the treata' .r the *
tion ofbejueopl.. This was all that the inventor to fit S There is large portion of high sod low Given provided. various..plaint* treated at sod wIth toe little
Doctor Tonrelf. desired. Every boLt advertised ItfIIt l The ef. X. B. Cettlngand reptrtngitthesbortasaotiss.. for Cotton and Rice,which could be easily drained.swamp under my h nd'at the Probate breatb.' omltaa4 noo-httl presasaptioa-to i'
feet th .
.THB POCKET JESCULAPIC8: .r Every like aC *mt& expectation. It acted fob S-ly Also considerable high rush land, as well as some office of Dna eonnly. anti under pore*bk** bes icOira Phyviolaa.-The fortieth edUlon.w'.tn en*dealers would not he without very flneTimber.which has never been eat through (I5ZATJ] senJ of seLl Court thi* ibe twenty nominal' JIhM'of n..t..,frail*feM2Cyears : .J
Country '
sal kamdred entraviAga, ebowiDt ditoasee found tleyrnrmbav in every. It section ol the U States Dalley's, Magical Fain Extractor. The place weald be valuable to any one having Silk day' of October in theyeirof most swcoeoifal prartJee:-J/r/**. '
ro a aJtoriaatious J the baiaaa trsteia ia ( and this WM built up a force of fifteen or our Lord -Kotcaeatr reatliald" *
every wbr.letae! trade of mIlE Original sad only Genaina Article : more working hands. oa.thousand ori bo >
extant hitherto for huodre
.'tape and for'.. To which ii added a tiusiseon as regards articles of an unheard of I L Barns, Bbevmatism,ErysipeIaf.talt Rheutn For particulars apply to Farq. Bothooe, Xsq, and fifiy>tbrer. l knowledge i I. thwlavahjabta workv It

the d.ea M of leinale* of the fbwt Itoportaaae baa not yet been reached this Tilt i I. highest point Carbuncle, Felons aD to Married people or those e atompl4i>os believed that OLe or to the undersIgned to ta*yatb hider AJr.A
; the' strains ptonetarea wtmrtds al Fernandina. Amelia Ja. tbsiz.bsrg.-Pwplis --
*aJe ol this end lg
bralsea *ef
nUt ; Probates
yrar -
>* a million and belts
WM 1" 1U.G..J D. a half of of Butt)
by Lot laIudJ'a. Ceplf-8m
aarr & ) lr.elloti. PieahTtni..ele'JJmu Ja f
bottle*. Depot and Manufactory, No. 137 Broad corns,Swellings Ac.may be procured at OEO.8.SITON. { Oct 29., Ohio la writing*
be ashamed to'prevent a copy of the Xjcoiapias New York. Kitail. Jan 31 11. E. ,6ur Hanter's Medical .cw TkaoaaBd'soil. sH
te aie,hU I. It may we hive from aa -arj! greveL.t bottle.way Liberal price,, 23 eenta a large thousands of our youth, by -*vilexaipl.Md tk*%
no,M1\c man n woaaa eater Into the Sold dllCOlnt0. purchasers by the rnilB, M.VONOLIA DOUSE AT b?. Al'UU.> I Famine, Fast! Feast at Hand J t L:1J.I'OLSO) eentliuee t.- teach i.lllanee of the, tf)*.*
qll&ntfy. all th X
W seeMed lit.without reading the rtt-, dntrsU by the principal merchant*and TIN B has a Urge,nttmber of Y.canhoom. W" 'XDifo thoroughly. acientic.iIy: and habit of aeifpoUalioaiv1tboet raaCsiag* s>% .
...". .Let aoaoo BufferIng frets e naokoiedeoagb. di, Jiexlon.Oreat Britain United Jo States ADd Cana- hitfadoeiBel farnfohed slijl aoocenTiied. ,Fam. NEW B KEBY.B& deritandIngty -. rote or aisd1baxl1eeeeiqiaecsbpostbe.eivu a"tfielt'

yia ia &11. aide reetlens aiicata nfrronstaeliafjs Sold ia JakavUI by 0 iiea and other aojonrnlng GAD have desirable"accoiomodntloiis. n t asu>.I.hed'.at this. 'More Bakeries pees-wwk.:as mart of the tiehfeg I. doer I. ,h posterity-- Th. eo1llCi&edo..eI,taowaad whet
atlll tbe whole train ef Dr. *onatieoa : :. about Id be .' earned Rio sad amcwrtt to are raiting hmille v
p ptio Jan 4 a. irto'.)T.McM ILLEN, DTeI. >li%. Davis who Its O O. : established. .* It Mthlag. and ja. haw bettea&eUed.. U set
aad iri'.. ap by their phyiieian, be anotiueriaeI IIJuetfld$ this house for ieveral atill .circt>u.4ucaxit' *". aevjHonse broken down sad they df net know th*MM *r
witboat onsalUaK the ,seulaius. Have tInes her ustUaou v year -eon-. : lASTLY -,- tlioear.. AlaI taiagthaleaa b* oao'so f
1 the married or thOM to be .married- any $1,53. merchant's Hotel, $1,60. Invalids will nad attention' it slldaeriptloouojn be haxf at .the atorf for 'saIe.. ligatea had taiaeae the paMio'miad..**>efc.

I tapo4loan&read tale tr.tya efal.o4 k. a.II CJutrUttfM,3.C. Its beior the hooie dhlr..bli from of theist. Madame Dnfourjersy text-door A HOUSE .otainlng 8, root*, .0"nearly_ and ultimately to remove;tbie wide..epnad oarS "I
teen the means of saving taewaad ot anfurtena exempt Irma ilnipuMs-rfiieiDg the to OX eoingleledIsfere4 I I of banjaa wretehedaM ."
REDUCTION IN. PRIOC.JLf Stfutb Eepubllcan Office.Aaaooomplithed sale It I* situs ted .W., UkgratM ;
eret.roa fro-a the very jews of death. Any per. THE -haia. a tptcioas ('". o.- btnd baa beta ia a pUa"nt part of th* town, and I Ie &clellr l. blessing lest$0 the rehgioa*f Jrs*chubS ci the *.
I eoa eadjiac Twenty8ve CenU eaoloeed a fetter Trim\ H 41 sitaatod uadarsi/rned/ baring .leased this ujta Jfooa9cdu be. anticipate! .The tubcribrr frHHu Quebec.'D&d l procured property For part nlam apply al this o9cA present and coming geowationa Intern,.
wJl reeeive see ot Uii work in King street, solicit root Actual operations ..
mail five .A
eopy by or lakes ooeaiioa to (hat*. rril.3t..3. (or the nrtatoxfeatfarfdrraka. Uteuai bsO> -
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eepies will be s.t for one dallar. A4dpes .(po t uaL the travelling pa bile a*:tar*of patronage' r..Jp'ldar.'l.. evtyf 1* she have been Q.&lu nced.. At the house) .may be slain tboaand pAn-tliauodv '
fcldj Da W. rQV..o. No 192 Board. 140 per day i sicirl dinner$0 otL eel &ofl;'will cot Le blued; but bud at all reasonable Break* A. Bet a great-
gpmee Mret.ytuladelpbU. eel I-II JXMB3.M. UERST.FOn .. deeig n.te Ie-.tbsu4e.l eoarhetaa their arrf Dinner and hours ***,I.a otb. COIJJjy COUX, : eso.tysI.tbe ....rao& &teeay thsskiiS'bekslfoftkipaEjsteI -

Jane 11y t.],ai wb( hew they will b. lakenr Ice sapper, lucUJing- Oysters and ; Importers and Pealer, .,,. 2 _. cud, believe SM.wk,7aBara yoss Iworketlalhe.gaej
;f H.\LE. the a'ecriber w.,* it ..P..J] toj as t're ma in iu their seneont. at short i*>. .F S. r7I flftfl DWBtCSIIC :LJr/l Ciuels ..ICtiftl1.*av _
understoodoat lice.
I' ; ,OFFICES TO RENT.r jr F4wiliesandjku.rU.!> can be supplie! Net ,
( 'ULi&Bal@ar"'to
tbt're.rt r&J..1k5fOW.
on.1 allIDteJ'vltiD' several t."C:
eatentje iedyiuylep1
( Tar suIeelb.rwil! at.everal rcotos THE, 4TJoridaNswC'together She Notr'PJlllpclr called tie dcaortUd. bouts lue.psadsItto wiib>*ll deVrip'ioD: of frskes, Piw, &0. Give JUJt.U ;tmiir.1'-c J. t1uLJco.i:' aid ,
C i..1r.e.LaltyrueeRow.hive proporticn aa a trial; anJ we BOY 12 pissgeuseslpi'e( IS'eca atepleetbrcl.
.i of enwundlng aeeouats. io. For expect a MBliaaaaa ,aJ 'Tly' .
J rzxt"'J.1r.Ir. ir terns app'y Id B..CAn pstnaaga. e Aldreear4oeea I PibllsbPb -
dee JceiPH zIFrAN1tww JU'II&r1 1-hu.. die I .DVrAB AND CUnE&r-ai floififliia4&Ia-
T3-I7 CHAILEfl DCTALL.' I.L.l prlos,
i W ueb a>ut fait,by_ D M

: '- ..
: r i h
__ :

rtl :' --, t> / :, _":r .:- E',--

t r-} : ;."lii :-$:; '.L '

The Florida news

Material Information

The Florida news
Uniform Title:
Florida news (Jacksonville, Fla. 1852)
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
George C. Powers & Co.
Creation Date:
March 25, 1854
Publication Date:
Physical Description:
v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 62 cm.


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Fernandina (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Nassau County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
newspaper ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began in 1852.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 14, no. 26 (May 15, 1852)- ; -v. 5, no. 44 (May 19, 1859).
Numbering Peculiarities:
Suspended in 1853?; numbering later resumed.
General Note:
Publishers: J.F. Rogero, <1855-1858>; E.A. Papy, 1859.
General Note:
Editor: Charles Byrne, 1852-1853.
General Note:
Published at Fernandina, Fla., 1858-1859.
General Note:
Democratic campaign paper for the election of 1852.

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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_00- --" -..'. ." -- -.- -' -... ,. __ _
: ,',l :,. :-,. ; .c.,l o'' L-.Jo. = ,' "
'z .. "i' CPi ;. 61.&oJ 0s .I L* ..
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: --"- ,---- p ... .. _-. ._ : .. iBef
LU.\lE XVI --- .. .
--- -- -

o I != : : 0' JACKSONVILLE, SATURDAY, ; MARCH '25, 1854.: NUMBER- -22:: 11

Business < '
A.Ta.A. Leave Mariana Thursday at' 5 a In; itjeerWntla d" security" i inserted m I' Florida "

M. Pearson POT Arrive Oglethorpe next Saturday indicate,the*mde of having a sufficient outlet to the enclosed article which has
OmcxDrrAKTitcyT. ; will
.8 "- conveyance oocau to admit the of proved of.
by passage sea steamers
Pebrnary 20, ISfti. p m ; constitute "star bid. great service to IB A
shall say. :'
LAW PROPOSALS for ferrying the 3569 From Stillepica to Finhollowiy 20 14 The bid should be pas through the Eastern and From
Jacksoavills, Ha mail of > sent,under rea\ Southern part of the State in the [ the Southern Banner.] _
United States.,from Jalj 1,1854, miles and back once a weelc. addressed t} the Second Assistant Postmaster most I Lave a small
C. D. OAK, to June 30, 1855 in Georgia, and Florida Leave StHIpleaT Monday at 5 a in; General, 'superscribed "Mail Proposals or eligible tributary.of direction to some point, bay,arm self, and two small flmiIj-m.t wife my
Gulf children
WATCHMAKER. *JEWELER, will be weired at the Contract Office Arrive Finholloway by 12 m ; in Ute State of It should South Florida ,of Mexico in 'I we have ; and altogether -
JarkMarilU, FtorUm.KB of the Port Department Leave Fin hollo Monday 3 be South of the Snwannee two gro1n1'womeu, two
Washington, D. way at guiraotiod, and the sufficiency of the River luring sufficient half grown girls and a '
EPS constantly a, until 9, LID April 10 1851 pm ; guarantors' certified outlet for tea- :negro fellow, to,
to be .(eee forms) sod steamers to be determined serve us as lot tervanU. .
Watckrs naadafia,* ...rt...t el decided April 25, 1854, (being routes es Arrive at Stillepica_ by 9 p m. should be despatched in time to be received tent Engineer with the by a' compe the week used to be wasted Three the day of
Jewelry aad Faaey tablished approval of a by women
by act of March ma.
ftieb be offan for ut. k"f for ewa.Repalml 3, 1853.) INSTRUCTIONS.Embracing by or bcfjns 9 a. m. of tie 10th of jority of the directors of said in washing, and the other three in ironing
Watc.Va and barrtmteri.S.&E.M.GILBERT April, 1854., I The company. for our little
: third
family and
is often
leading act "an act to incorporate ; when the
GEORGIA. condition to be incorporated 15. The contracts' are to be'executed the Pensacola Rail Road service of the girls was needed

From Jnly 1, 1854, to June 30, 1855 in the contract to the extent the Department and the department by or be pony" this provides for a road to be Cora found drawing water replenishing,they were the,
MANUFACTURERS DEA- 3443 FPKII may deem fore the lit tf July I ,'185*. conatruetsj fire for the
proper. ( washer
TboouHvtlle by Eastwood rom the City of Pensacola Judge thetf
tilt LEftS ia an Kriptioiu ofCARcrT. ,to 16. to our joy,
RLtGEZ MN..5 and 10 WUT. 31itko8okic Flit., 18 wile and 1: Seven minutes are allowed to each Sectiob 18 of an act of Congress the North hoc af tK* State in the direcum if you can when a kind old friend in.

.n.- sod No. T tt4vr--STt-.rr, back, onre a wtrk. O'ev TMrctlMt vfflcc, -wlrev 1IiI ibcvwIaV .DroraAJivch' S. 1& & j *. -* -* ,\f tliA (?it* nfTvV :f Al'&wJtt/.to.iMJWMT toe*
The '
contracts for the of the
tksraL s.c. Lave Tlum, sville \ specified, for the mails. transportatior Legislaiare'orjTdnda':t same proclaimed it <
assorting to the
WeJocbdnj at mail world sad I.
and shall be let "in session want
to the
one. parcbawrt ease
Oir ttoek M M -_artI..pectf4 I t': '.te oall OD *. coo tJalll; 2. No pay will be made for trips not lowest'bidder tendering Buficient, guarantees manner in which lands winch might. be every Georgia to copy this, and

.ffsr CfM1 i.dlleo..U i...t11...and Arnvt at Mitkusakie same day by performed ; and for each of such onus- for faithful performance, without donated by Coogrwnjo R. R. Companies bore it may reach the ends of the earth.
U,rtsks boaIbt at oar 1 p 01; .ions not satisfactorily explained, three other LhitLereis1bernodaaperli. .
reference to the mode of such transportation should be wade over to them. '
1Ma.ia .nry re'peoL Ltavt- Mick'.aulie! WeJneadnjr at 3 times the pay of the trip may be deduct 1st. On the night preceding the day
than may be necessary to provide At the present session of CongressMr. --cb
LEONARD CHAPIN.ManiIuturor I I. p m ; ed. For arrivals so far behind time alto for the due celerity, certainty and Slidell! introduced into the Senate intending to be ,set apart as wssb-day Vi.

and Dealer In mU Arrin at TlKtinasviite-. wnif thy by break connexion with depending mails, security of inch tra sportatioD." Under a bill making a donation of alternate sec lave all your clothes, white and colored, tjIt
kin b CARRIAGES AND IIAR.-I H awl not sufficiently excused one-fourth of itursa and fine in tubs ,
%. 124 JI..tI.:-' I piu this law a new description of bids has tions of land to the Rail Road across the put of cold clear.
NESS. :ill FrtHu Th-iuj-xil .. the compensation for the trip is subject to rater (we hare one made -
Sorth of P.-Hlton Hotel Md 33 We*. i : iilriJgc, been received. It does not specify a Peninsula known as the Florida RailRoad large enough. )
out.rn&TS-SuUT.Lanr Chmrlwto- S C. I 40 wIles juJ bicL, "\i
.t.Itoe 5. & P.4.. Bogc.s.I.I .. 1n .. I I4avc Tb"iua.'i,1.tJIIl'SJ.j" att) el.L.I for. _a__grade. .of_ performance.inferior to the entire mail each trip with celerity.!; I act above referred to. second eiuain there--- all-- inoht2d -0-- .'v
aM 'l(l' eun---j--- -- --- a Ill ; tuaipecjucu in toe contract for, repeated and This Put on your boiling vessel-
the bill referred we
.tcOOlDodatinr. mar 5-.1, certainty, security, using term* I was to Com on Public
CAlUUAttK:_.VNO HARNESS Arri\cat U..inbrjjg" utxl tlai i 10.- delinquencies of the kind herein I '! of the law. These bids are styled from LaoJs and through some influence unknown have one that holds sixty gallons, got for ;:

REPO'ITOn-, 12 m ; "petrified, enlarged penalties, proportioned. I the manner in which they are designated and unexplainable to us was re- the express purpose of boiling all at once >'

Ikr WIt tI-... **ol! UVvt'Cvrwr of Leave KMU bridge Thurlaj at 3 to the nature thereof and the importance on the books of the department, '. "ttar i portednpon adveroelyanda bill introduced -fiil1 it half full of water, and raise the .-

IEIrSGSU At WESTWORTU STS., pni ; "f tie mail, may be made. lidt and they will l be construed as providing dunatingalternate: sections furs Railroad I water to bailing beat, after which put in, :!

Charleston 8. C. Arrive .it Ttioiuaavillc next J.y 03 3. For leaving behind, or throwing off for the entire mail, howeter l;rjr, "(rum Pensaeola in the said State tu to a veel of the site of the one we use, : .;.

C.UtRUGE5.r every description at the sold lowest. 6 p m. the mails, or any portion of them, for the and aid ICA"tnnmay bs the mode of "Jacksonville or some point near twa tea>pounful of Sal Soda, one quart of '. '

at can be on warraotoJ hrnid. and in no the article fellett term ex.MotMck 3445 From Ell.jj>,by DaidVc tficld'P, admission of passengers, or fur being concerned cottc t.lLNATllA. to ClcieUuJ Tc-iin. 120 in setting up or running an express wade by pouring three gallons of water on'-
>,r ept-to wilt frit/If; certainty and tecurity. "branches to the waters of tLe Gulf of
and back, since a week. conveying commercial intelligence Such bid will therrf be accepted "Mexico, one of which shall termiuate one quart of lime the night previous, so
JOSEPH WHILDEN Lea G ahead of the mail, a quarter's pay be in that it may have bad time to settle and
f, tc Eiiejaj .Monday at a m. may preference to higher bids for specific "at Apalachicola, one at St. Mark au J
GLASS Arrive at Cliavelaud uext \Vetinesdaj deducted. modes of conveyance on routes where 'une at Tampa Bay. in proportion, if smaller vessels are, used;

PAINT, OILS'OlD by G p m ; 4. Fines will be imposed, unless the the lowest mode of conveyance (that is, This substitute ia objectionable for the stir the wrter and get the sal soda,, soap, .

IJP DEI.JDsB1 L:CIea\clmd Tllur<*' at C delinquency be promptly and satisfactorily on horseback) is known to be insufficient.In following'reason.; and lime water well mixed up thenV.put >. "

,' Jj .nT 11 \,orVd3lTC P..4)1.UI aw ; explained by certificatei of postmasters, all cases where the lowest grade Fine It is'a:grant 'to a Rail Road for in your clothes bnilrspidly! one hour; and

CU CCI--T".". *.CU Arrive .it illi.j.j IK xt Saturday by or the affidavits of other creditable per- of service is believed to be sufficient the which no charter has.ever been applied ti york is do IC. Take them out a-d raso

G ]f' tu. guns, for failing to arrive in contract time; lowest bid will be accepted, if duly,guarantied for to the Legislature l for which DO char well, rubbiug slightly as is usual in rins .

keep constantly awortment for sale of a general 34413; Fro.u \' .UUe Oaiie, by Stuck Hill, f-.r neglecting to ute the mail from, or in preference to a u.tu"ur specific ter has etc? be granted and for whichso ing.. Now pass no judgment friends, until '

PAINTS OILS. of all kind WINDOW GLASS T\' Uj, and Carliiaj, to Talking deliver it into, a post office ; for suffering bid.When. far as we know no organization has you have tried it. The same limewater

AND 8.\ IlK sPTS TURPEXTINE.CAM.PU Jt ik \- tuiltsaud batk, once it (owing either to the nnsnitablenc&i of the lowest bid i is not a star bid, been.or: ,is contemplated. In the next may be kept until it U all consumed .
\GE.f u w tk.Jxavc the place or manner of carrying it) to be and specifies either no mode or an innd- place it undertakes to fix all'the lerminiwhich ,:

'Ai.'" '*'''*, t',,'t'tit /W JiM c'ittitrff Young Cue Wcdue 'lajr at injured, destroyed, robbed, or I lost ; and equate mode of conveyance it will not 'Ihe Legislature in"every case have The.receipt,would be worth one thousand

Gl f, l'inlf';"y Y tr*. .!*"/ Bas..hs 7 u III.A..r'c refusing, alter demand to coLvey the be accepted, but set aside for a specificbid refused to do and. ID'reference to the propriety dollars in the band of aselfiah person 1.

nf i-ti iini\ki"*
_march. IS=Ij._____ _ by 0 p m I I for other purposes. When the bid does not specify a modeof and the Legislature can decide much more the purse-string to get it, but here it is,

FRASER & THOMPSON, Leave Talking K H.L Tui-bday at 5 5. The Post master General may annul conveyance, also when it proposes to correctly ihanCougress. Again it makes free gratis for nothing and I want the

.am.rri'c. the contract for repeated failures to run carry "according to the advertisement," the commencement of the supposed road world to understand distinctly that l.hallha"e .

1'IlC b'R at Y.-ung Caite Name day by agreeably to contract; for disobeying the but without such specification, it will be begin at Peusocola and thus if one sboulJ no communication with any body.

AND CIII3SIO MJilCHANTS, T p au.1,17 Post OflLc law*, or the instructions of I considered as a proposal for horseback ever be undertaken leaves the risk of its who wears dirty clothes after this see if

.VJcrN Xarift iVUArf, :; Fnuii Uuu.rf I., \VitcicrMill! *, | the department; ; &r refusing to discharge service. lucouipletenca* entirely upon East Florida I Jo-

CIH.1I.fiMV, S. C. l. Iuti.j \'i-ta, 5J whyS aud a carrier when required by the department 18. A modification of a bid, in any of and postpones even should such a road Ton UAKIXO THE Eons

Fi,':OS. c. rtlSCt. I PtLL s. TMIIP".I c.0., .- il HeiL.L to do so; for assigning the contract its essential terms, is tantamount to anew ever be undertaken the East Flor da c-u-1 Take six pounds of Potash . 75

.ijr 7-lT_ ,*.. IS nr Tu.-..) n Gam; without the assent of the PuMmaatcr bid and cannot be received, so as aud branches to the l.a.t. four pound of Lard . 50

M "ALD S a TA _j0., .i. i* 4 V -,.i ,.t.t tly by General; for running an express as aftfesaii I to interfere with regular competition, after It also contemplates a mammoth cor. oue quarter pound of Rb n 25
(t .r | .9.. t ..!.., :it.ttS.JL t ; or .Ir transporting persons or pack- the last hour set for receiving bid*. poration not now in existence with a .

t ; '. x ) '. jC31 I* .. t. 'r. "- ""* ; ,'i.-Jay at ages conveying mailablc matter out of 21. }'(masters to be careful not to length of road of not J less than 800 miles, All mounting to . . lsrt

.i. the wail. certify the sufficiency of guarantors or requiring a capital of at least twelve. l i1- Beat up the rosin, mix all togetherwell

\ I. .t' : .\. I't. .... oy G tu, G. The Postmaster General order sureties without knowing that they are lions dollars. and set aside for five days then put
'; I! ,Jtl. I-;. ., at ,II. A' > 'an .U'o an increase of service on a route by al-! persons of sufficient responsibility; and Indeed *, absurd ixe.,&this bill in all! .i the whole into a ten gallon cask of warm ..

I r :lwt.'I49L.r, E iJ1 U.1 1'1.E./"RI.dUID-.n.I'MA*.,.-'!; rV /*. .11..1", < v ll wl h'a; 1.jwittg therefor a pro rntu increase on all bidders, guarantors, and sureties art i irs features that it bears the appearance :water the, and stir twice day for ten days,

'.Ia I !-1 Stun', ". r -lu.l.i ..d b.a.k, the contract pay. lie may change the]I distinctly notified that, on a failure to enter t of baring been designed to kill off all effort at will experatfon of which time or sooner,

; ',I -I IVT'V- -, & ''(>.. ..." d ....ii. schedule arrivals and departures with into or perform the contracts fr the at organising or constructing any yon have one hqnircd pounds of excellent

FACTORS Lf.-tv. It ''II..IItI... ;. 5 a -it.An out ilJ r..1C of pay provided i he does not J service proposed for in the accepted bid, ,Rail Itoad whatsoever. It would seem I soap for'I,50.

..u it i .1% 0-irioaiufd.iy '.. 7 p m; I curtail the amount of running time.- their lecil liabilities will be etiflirced against I that the plainest dictates of oommoii sense OOIXTHOBPS .

Cwnrni""irmIerclaantoe.? Ji.a\o dtiir. Tuesday a> o a m irrivc lie may also order an increase of speed, them., would have indicated the propriety of .

,L 13 'Wl"r'IEn' \ru IRF.CIHtLESIOM .\ ,u K iue aiuc: o"ay b, 7 p in. he allowing, within the restrictions of the 19. The contracts will be substantially granting lauds to the aid improvements f Jade Uronson on the Nebraska

: c. FLOiUUA.Frutu I law,a pro rata incr aseolpay: for the addi in the forms heretofore used in this department already proposed instead dictating new Question. .

,1ft. M. Lawtmi. I I 'Va.t.Tarlor. Jnly, 1854, tu Jun" 30, 1835. ufoalstock or carriers if any. The contractor except in the respects particularly and different lines without the slightest We regret to learn from the subjoined
\V.innzht Bacon. 1 Joseph T. Dill.!
wentioned in these instructions indication of wish to that effect from
nitre 12-IGEORO&/ 3501; Fr.>iu Madi-u, by Charles Mill, may, however in*the case of increase ; any extract of a letter from Judge Branson, .
nd all railroad and steamboat the State. .
of the on routes '.
.nOTT & o.. Claries Ferry,Sew BoaUmTr"y, by speed, relinquish notice to the contract the contractors will be required to deliver The effect of the passage of such a bill of New York, published in the N. York. o arL -.
and C"Iiti( 1)0) giving prompt dcpart.Went
:..97 Euty.(opposite oyc";Co' Wharfrtf' to Clay Landing that be prefers doing to the mail into the, post office at tho will be regarded by the people of this Evening Post, that he has taken grounds {*/ :
au.1 back week.
miles once ? carry
('', ''''. S. f ends of the routes and into all the inter- State all the the Nebraska bill. .
Leave I"diuu 31-'inlay at 7 am' iug the order into effect. The Pootmas- unquestionably as destroy lug against The South ,

.:!tf/r ': 1.DG4'; ..IX.j' t'Ls .111)IlEX., Arrive at Clay Landing next wed- tcr General may alto curtail or discontinue mediate post offices not more t ban eighty projects hitherto organized and with. thi3 had come to regard him as one of the few t
rods from the railroad aid in fair of construction. It
so a
the service decrease of or landing. way f
iti la-npiof erery de eript:on for the same. ue lay by G p in; at pro pay men at the North who possessed the intellect -
20. Pre.-tf-nt. and thc Florida Railroad
10 L ; Ian. Thursday at 7 allowing one month's extra compensation contractors, perS'Diknown desrrol Company as
'avu Clay hug
'.; f. ; il I IJo at the must it has no under its charterto to discern the right, and the virtue I
I it ri'-in\Viivlj! '",P.ainh .,n the amouut dispensed with, whenever, department, equally power pre-eut
.' ,'. : am ; with others and enter into such a scheme. It and to maintain it.V"h the
rv k-i' I.h.I.HI t Sp'rm .Arrive Malixm next Saturday in his opinion, the public interests do procure guarantors cer- courage .
0:. <]L- I. tificates of their sufficiency substantially destroys the Atlantic and Gulf Central of Mr. there
I'uMj :e. b C in not require the same, or in ease he desires exception Everett is no man ,
'I rrU 13-1 p ; in the forms above The : Rail Uood as it enforces it certain
;; Fioiu IVu-wi-oU \Varriugtun, to supersede it by a different grade proscribed. certificates upon beyond the Potomac whose ,defection we
of sufficiency must be signed by termini and certain branches beyond the
C. %". Oukrr.J 9 wiles and back of transportation. that of r
(uavy-yard,) regret deeply,as Judge Bronson.
': 8tcrnr! ': AND O"SEt.\L! eO\1m- daily. 7. Payments will be made for the service a post master, or judge or clerk of a pale of its charter or the scope of its capital The
is the
court ereenrd. It entirely ignores the Peusacola following extract j
J ION MERCHANT collections from drafts .
Leave P acola 0 by or on, ,
otherwise after tho For form of bid, guarantee and certifi and Montgomery lioad. In fine the pro. "I would not needlessly: this
sVXNA11 GA. Arrive at Warriutu by 12m postmasters, or expiration move
I- '* id. 1V,7 |rAHD Leave 1 of each qU:1rtcr-say in February, ficate, &c &c., see general advertisementsfor posed scheme embraced in the Senate bill I question, because it is one of an exciting .
_. daily at m
-- WarriDgtnu p ; North Cantina &e of January is uncalled for and haveno
-- Pein.a.t. May, August, and November. Virginia, impracticable, can nature which tends to sectional division, II
FOltT & 1)EISJI.t I IFJ.cTta Amve at satuL day byt 15 1851. other effect if passed than to paralyse
8. The distances are given according to and wh.cb: may do us harm as a people.I .- .1

: ): 3563 Fn p.m.iu Peusacitla, by E-nrambia, to the best information; but no increasedpay JAMES CAMPBELL. existing plans and organizations. In fact would leave it to the slavebolding States :f
COMMISSION and will be allowed should they be greater Postmaster General. it were better fur Florida that no bill to decide for themselves, and on their own
MERCHANTS. Bciletille. Ala. UU wiled
than advertised if the points to be should pass at all!! than a bill which whileit responsibility, when, if ever, the matter
S\v.UAR GEORGIA.i ba k. week.Lvattf sap- I i'
iue St. of th llta.
From ta Aagntia* City will build Road whatever will
not any shall be in It i't
stated. Bidders agitated Congress. be
be mutt
i .\ r P I1""l..i ia at 5 plied correctly I mal
alItT. T. K.flst.bei' I'UNUAM. <: luendaj 4 m; Lands for Rail hondas Very Important fear f lines j'
: IWJtfJ Arrive 'I' ,.- rule uext TuurAday t inform themselves this' point. to Florida. create a <* parallel that they will act wisely, and never more
eutative in
)* ,' 9. The Postmaster General is prohibited The people of our State are observing Mr MAXWELL ur Repre> alib-I I at all-especially as it seems pretty generally .
HOLMESOeiunl by law from I interest the of Ccngrcss has however, introduced agreed, that neither Oregon'New ,
I. ..iftcT/llc\ Thursday at 3 m by knowingly making a with much legislation
: p ; and bill III'hichhe has ( ,
Commudoa SCerduio. *: v contr.act.for the transportation of xthe Congress upon the bills granting' lands eral generous i Mxi >, nor California is well adapted to '
;':; .Arrue at Pciisac-.U uext Saturday sustained before'the House, which we J slave l labor. But if southern .
101) hrethea
WALL 8TRECT, NEW .Y,**.*- -,,- mails with any person who shall havo for Rail Roads in Florida. I our
Willpa -" (! Liy6pui. entered into or proposed to enter into, We have endeavoureXto ascertain theprogress trust may pass in place cf the crude ftsd should make the question, we shall 'haveno
r.n0. I }
to Store
solo of 3561 Frviu Kennedy' the Senate. Mr. I Iu"'ell'.s
.' Tampa by I impolitic measure .of choice but .lee'-il and then whatever '
:: ucoiber. Live Oak.awl ether 6 mtk.m Ti. Fort any combination to prevent the making sad scope of this legislation,and ; *
bra,I pnxlaee and to order for pvehufiaC and Summerlm's Store, to of bid for ft WU contract l' IUS other ;;if we Ire rightly informed we ftr that incorporates theprovitJonof consequences may follow; I trust the.*
3terel&a.1iaa. tf UC 11 Mellon 110 miles and buck, any who stall have; the acts of the existing companies chartered people of the free states win give a united
or person, or ,I owing to a misconception or disregard
once a week. person by Legislature, to wit ; A Road voice against allowing slavery on a single. .
shall have the if
wade given of the wichek Florida
or grants
S. H. EOCK2HBJUJOH Leave Taiupa M-m lay at 6 a m ; any agreement, from the Atlantic or its tributaries,westerly foot of free soil where it u not now auth' I
Wednesday or perfo I med, or promise to give or perform made will prove a dead letter.
iE"\EIC.U. OJUMISMOX MBRCHANT. Arrive at F"rt Mellon next I through the Statc-ond a Road from the orised by I"".
consideration whatever or to do, "Without specifying particulars of !
112 l'carlSLtM* 1'ork.pAREFCL by 6 p in; any Atlantic or its tributaries to some point I am very respectfully. I It
6 or not to do anything whatever,in order to the bills it is sufficient for.a clean understanding .
atteatiM will be .. Leave Fort Mellon Thursday at Scuth d"the Suwane.-3nd' from Your obedient servant .
(jir U vale 0 that the ; i
induce other not to of the matter-to ,at ,
V.C persons say
.. any
&tM. L. .
Secar. Uo* w. rtaker.aa4wSe Pensaeola towards Montgomery.These >
&, re4aee. Al... Merahaadiie pmr- Arrive a m; next Saturday by bidfor a mail con tract. Particular attention last session .of the Legislature. of this have Jong been canvassedand Guxxz C. BKOXSOT. t t J
a ed e._aot adraataceoM Urma 'Jsn.11.17 Tampa. U called to the 28th'eectiou of the act of Stat three leading Rail Road Companies n-utea i
C the opinion of t be has been State A Royal '.
10. public Quandary
p combinations to chartered.'The first act is entitled"an 1 :
I 1836
prohibiting were .
prevent I
jroscpn GRICC 3565 From Tampa to Old Fort Mellou, entitled act' to centered upon them ,and companies or- On the first consignment the &i ;- I,
'JE ER.U. UHUttMUN lEtteR.\NT, 110 miles and Wk,onee a week. bidding. act to aa Florida act Atlantic an and Gulf ganiowd-stock taken'and officers chonen. j i litz Powders to the capital of'Delhi; the*. I :
ttWATER XEW.YORK. 10. A bid received after time, viz : 9 incoporate of lAd
from '
desired these
Leave Tampa Mundayat6amAmveI ; They grants monarch was deeply interested in the so .
OTRICTM4proiap attMUoai4TM U the tale Bail Road This act proviidee.
Mellon next m. of the 10 of April, 1854, or without I Company. enable them at to r *
O of ill article of predaoeeatraiud to hU care, Old Fort a. CoD nwo. once go vu counts of the refreshing box. A box was

MI an orden proiapU complied wit Wednesday by 6 p m; the guarantee required b, ,law, ,or that. the said Rail Road shall com' : with their work and never anticipated that I ta brought to the king in fall court, and the I
Afl2sis.z. tf Fort Mellon Thursday combines sevenl route* in one sum of of the Senate would be his It
Leave Old Florida tribu- cooiuatiiKr permitted interpreter explained to majesty how_'.
compensation,. cannot ba considered in "menee in East upon some wm-keeo'totaland entire a change should be used Into .. '
tit Gam ; .& goblet be put.the !
within the
s. It WUl1amLCO of:the'Atlantic Ocean ;
./"/SIO.V XEBCilAXT, S Arrive aa Tamp next Saturday by6pm. compettioQ with"a! : regular. proposal reaIOn&blOln "limits"tary of the Stale of Florida having a"sufficient ss realty to Ji-jure. instcal of benefitingthem. twelve blue papers; ana having ad .

Jacisos vu.Ls,ILL,- > amount outlet to the ocean to admit did water the king drank it off. :This r
1TEtP3aodaaU7 cabeol a4 fetish .'C'a- 3566 Frxtit Tampa to Od Tampa Bay, 11. Bidden should,, in-a"l. cases; first of steamers and shall Ve look to 1esars. Mallory and for was the alkali, and tbm.eya1coirtenanc. .
"of the ag.i' sea
L oral tlaoCE week for service strictly according (to jf dw and Jr. Maxwell iu f satisfaction.
and back, uocv a : propose the State in"the most' eli- Ion Sc4at& expressed no sign Itwts"".
RlB, AND, PROVISIONS., I Bidders will state distance cixTpro- ,l ho advertisement, and then, if thejrde- "run through, the Hflus. to ejorrect this yror1blundcr ortuisu"',4and then explained abet in tie combination ef- i
0 r Tal SOT scLccnoas .. cbcdule.. [sire, vyxntte/y for different so-vico j aoi "gibja! direCliou"-'OlJOme point, bay, arm prevent the prdistpp.brntco the two powders lay'luxury:: ani the iJ
i va'Mll flwa"fe.fc Pu. ** tributary of the Gulf of Mexico west .
tko .
** tk y"U Lid be' the lowest" oflbrejI or ,11
itb which peoplewill 'twelve
tu irtrej'idar our white .
boaCktolwk.c. i.&M 6o&&Ia 3567 Frvni Fort Dade by Springfield having j a suf- S powders: were. quickly.dii.. f ,.
C0tQt1rtcos! lHeIIb ezcliaag&Ubsraj Bay Port,DdJ buck,mice week.., I fur tho advertised service the .other bids 'of. outlet be de- I Iatgrthine.d reccnthe fru ratioa of their UJ'tNsed.illh.c. I solved in.water, and as eagerly swallowed ,
far to
"Scieat steamers
U.t.FormII Bidder will state distance and propone may be considered i if the alterations proposed oca State 1. 1. 1&:1 aaatter. 'thia canbe don.bydroppz by his Ulsj With a shriek that will :
Sntm 'b.ra' .Eogi-
MTMT treeU.for.FM4 are recommended br the postmaster competent t Senate bILL and be remembered while.Delhi U ,
,saM a4--1 .,.1.' Arustso I' schedule. : with the approval oil majority;of '
--o.LU.IUL.. iyzthiii'i Proposals to commence at Pierce- ,and citizen lotereaied,or. if they shall "neer of the ,1.zariI' bill i i. n" ifead. with kingdoms the monarch ,rose, stag
I : Dada'will 'manifestly1 right and proper. "the Diiectors Company. -- gered, exploded and in his agoniee ,
ville inatead vfFun, appear U act J crtam- -
second act sn :
'CupiDd: Extract ; should be butoneroulo bid : "Tte, important :
12. There .' idHold :down Then
be o. .to constructa.1tsuj1d Wae5o U. I aaI 4laSe ass! I IM me, rushing
.f J-* .O,- t 3583 FrwmOgtHhorptfGa'bjCothhert| for in: a proposal.: "to incorporate: a oompany, tbcFsnalior.nfFrinIt4IS0f ) -Tet" housekeepers j from the, throne, fell prostrate en the

BEECH bROP OR CAXCKR ROOT ,' JBukeiy.W\Vuo4VineJ Abu-ut '13. 'The WiltS' (He. service, the jearly cross ,the Florida .i Im1, I 't. faithful readers ,ol.jon.: j jr !oor. ,There he lay during the long eon
(OilOBANCUE VlROttUNA. : 4 name and, :residence of the badder : I IEc linncd effervescence the
: psytb. think compound
) t' FU1 150 q""aDei.i. might
lueblei'ap&i WO
: Mariana ;iuimber)of'i firm R4il Road Company .. .' l' ,
; n:t' '\? 'CCR or: ., ," back tntceji' .,k. : ': ,and thoedf each 'should be_ distinctly This act provides "that the said' flail l I ..IUtA a'l ipiatirnesto ipseri a para.tJ'Ipb i ipurtipg' like ten thousand pennyworth I

c.Iokl'. W oi&4 T ..ri""S.di 4T" !lr .oourpiL'nJay M5 aAv'e where ,a-company offers&be'mod, of Road shall commence io East FJorvlanfxtn for our pecial beDdt. Iftu cvI imperial pop, and believed himself in the
lI'f. 81- bo7'Dspop cacii: 11. u. stated; use convey bf'tbe Atlantic t r roelin.1iQ thus to favor us, you can 1it4 igeoiss of death a melancholy and his:

Wee,etp.4.I..t a"u ia.ox. gt-. tht' at Marian*nexl'Wednesday anoe, if* higher TbetrWda mode .itaa.ith fcoaebtckbekkodwd duecoJer-j Oueaa III withia tributary the limiti ct the I .do 10 bet r than br publi.i1liDg the I Is niliating proof that kings are mortal. *' t j,

Jull a.Eo w.a..u& ,

,.; ,.1
:, ',':

I ,,-> .
l7t8baJ''I' t- '.

.- --. .
-"J J


..'-)' f.. ; : : .' 'i',-'Ie"\f"":.' 11':.':' ..!'..'.'-1"..<-;r- -;''''' ;f;' '-,- : : :f i;: : :, !'t"i!? ; ''?;>7 r i ;r<_:'::? '', ; '. 1 _" : ,', ': ..f'<:' ... ",>.--'-'.. _,,....- :I

:.;: : : ; t. q- !-. \ it

:, "#T _L---1 ? '&ii.'f. .' -P- :)1

-' -' i.. .-_ b.: _
;r.T '. -

-- -, -----. -
J. t : .



r e iwrtb4 9ltWG. .

.."j.., -- What is Noble Fewer ..< Latest ef Ue Cmboo. Sa.U. been constructed in that city by :resident- FCBLIC Mterura.We : WAsnINoTON'MA1'l6-WasMag-?' and ibe_being terified, and .thrA -I IJ I'I
would remind OUr Yow citizens of tcm..4ffai.-"er: Dom. takiDI that t
.r CHAKICIVf "At. In an article in regard to the Black mechanics, and being owned_there. Her 'lDeeti io be "held tail 'evening a strong disposition exists ia Congress to Ofberfltbeasforeedto **" tQ -. 'I

h t it noblt, to Inherit TW Warrior affair,. the New York, Courier fall length' is. 152, feet,t: with, 20. feet the publio g ib/Court Ilotue: pursue ultra tneasares towards Spain,and om.ota: kind husband, .and ntn 'II

oalik, e Utt, ani proud degrees says. breadth of beam, and nine feet''depth of- tn25tD- i list, at. the suspension th.. neutrality laws is hat hom $bebsd. repeated/! L \; I

"; TVre'mart to Mine other ntiit "To Spaintheprobable) consequences of hold.I< She has 56 berths. ,Among ,her for the purpose r nominating! >candidate* warmly crged. There was great excitement : DeTer wanted buys .4 agaii QI her< ...

Higher yM than l ...... fur wo! this and oUr : for Intendint sail Councilman far the in the:..House this morning! while and huabaod 'Ide I
outrage upon oar commerce tate rooms, we noticed two, containing .both hen1bsL. !
: I ttoauttilng ..,w t"r B."-t.nler Laid first' Monday the matter was under consideration.
gro will be serious but t
b" flag not only more are each four bertha, intended for families, anew election to on He says, we are credibly \
Into liV.* ranjestlsv rpan ; more imminent than she aUllpectThero : informed, tt.giri I.
,and center and convenient arrangement.: 'Her hita-of'-Apri THB,BIU.CX WARRJOE DWTICCI.TT.- was then about eleven'
.. Fitted to ere at '- -, probably never war a time when tho plansof j; --- t jean elW..
\ True nobility la man t the Cuba Junta, and those who work berths are elegantly fite4.Cp, rand the JIST' tthingtotrHareh 14.-1&11 oov well 1coifthe; editor kad put IJll8aettlo'l
J ., '. TUB MOUNT :PL Utn'. understood her that the Cuban authorities -
with them,;were to well organizcdand stat.rootnswcUllgbtecl. : tie trouble and bad
examined i
nwblat Tii the finer have mad the most ample tie
U ,
JI What their,means so ample M they are at pres from :-& This steamer, which was accidently run apology lathe heard, ;
On the late trial trip *T tw ah4,. Ierk's
and heart to ,for the ooe ..If
Portion of our mind our government unjustifiable
; IteJIIfl'Ollli j
I ent. We are credibly informed that on aground f.w..'eel. since fa the inland f ,
Jr Linked to omnthng! till diYhaerTitan this island is ammunition enough stored her speed is stated to have been at one Johns and the detention ofthe Black,Warrior, and bare printing offioej be *ould" bar*"Ioaa !i
b tweentheSt.
mtre Unausge: can impart ; to supply an invading force which could time,'almost eighteen miles an hour.'-,- passage' :. offered to pay all damages for loss of time different statement of her '" ii
Ever VI'OIDting-enr teeing this she St.. Marys,, has been recovered, and lj illegal seizure of SHU The President age. 'Thetrul }
maintain cargo
r sweep the island frojj East to West in Should she continue to is, abe was witbio a:few' oFbei ,
SoJwe improvement yet to plan ; thirty days The men are ready, have attained will be the Cutest steamer which speedson again ia use as.a tag boat .She ,was purchased wilt. therefore in all probability set tie fonrtceo jean old." Now days ,.

, To uplift our fellow being, a respectable state of discipline the these waters. Let swiftness, however, for5tOOby.Capt.:Will/, one of.her Ih.rdi1B uJtj',1titLo.rt'aiog! the matter tbit b a ear

And like man to feel for mm I officers are ready, willing and anxious, former ownersfrom 1\lr.T. O.:.Myers,:who before CongresS red statement, and caaU .pro, d. 'jj
feel assured that
be with safety, and we above i 'tbe the editDi itiifemj
and are soldiers of such accomplishment, The despatch appears in W lhM keep
noble 1 la the tabre had her "wreck for $300. tak
What ia
the Semfnilewill feel the invasions which purchased as a : :
Ifumb'.t 7 valor, and prudence, that the ranks of au Northern paper of Wednesdsy is similar ottt of 'view'beeauai it brongbl fa '
than the epade gA
There is df!,ntty ia labor expedition which they would lead against Seminoles must expect from Floridians, to the one received by ns announcing the ntue and;reason, for Mr. Joy'
such an as that in Cuba would be message from the President on ,
army ,
as long as they come on our w.ters.- that the Cuban authorities. had offered eonddct i
Truer than arrayed : OardsVartes '
ner pomp crowded with the best volunteers which the Black Warrior case. .. :. that eontnrV:
ne who seeks the :aind'! improvement this country could furni h. The Creole POpulation Though we wish the Indians out of Florida On Wednesday, the President of full indemnity, &C. It will,be obseived to the law of Cod; attd' of'bi it. coaatrr'Varne

Aid the wcrU iu aiding m'md; of the island! as their friends in I we will also wish the Seminole long the United States sent the following message that the President sent in his! message to had f rceJtTneawifi'ftfeiij! 1.

Every great commanding: movement the United States claim, are no longer life and abundant success. to the House Representatives, in Congress on the 15th, the, day following without ever assigning anj'caose JVaf*
Serve not one-but all minkiud- what three but if Black
-us- the seixnreof
they wero years ago ; a regard to steamer
the date of the despatch which have conduct and when
sufficient force be landed to justify them STATE ENGISEEfl.Cal. Warrior by the Cuban authorities : may Joyner demanded of

O'er the forge heat' and aahca- in taking a desperate step, will rise to a l. F.: L. Dancy, State t Engineer< was To the Ifoute of Representative, In been put forth by person in the Spanish Varnes bis wife, he, refused to gin ber
iron'ahatdWhere -
Q'ftr the 'Dgiot 8 ashes$9nd man. Spain herself is on the brink: of a in our town on the 21st aid 22J, and compliance with the resolution of the interest to ally escit meat. It such assurances up He-goes oo>nd says "He, Joynerwaylajed I

J 1ae rap' "buttle thread, revolution. Those who control her destinies left on the latter: day on his way south, House of Representatives, of the 10th nave been received, it is very the Father of.tbe! girt Wbick,
the spindle whirls the ; are tuad enough to j.n *Jfy *!.. inst I herewith transmit of theOccicMujr ,
._:_. whrrahe! will proceed to WjwJnn the a report eye cDt that tbe President places 'very i ia apalpable falsehood. It
,.1' tlftt n.t. htTP d"-" aeenu toa Ii
There Is Ubor l wly tending -thB r uf Ouitr, containing all the Information -
There i'- till tu....t'B 'They !lave ahenated feasibility of constructing beat canal received at the department in little reliance in them.: Joyner was fixing his business, to'Ieart
, gaius extending I
frtm the f f-\t'Cfnment) the best men in the from the head waters of the St. ,John'sto relation to tho seizure ofthe Black War- JI for Charleston SicghJwilewzsto, C. aOGfirJe
Science-and its world of rJaf&
power country st*h nljo.: A9 the Conchas and Indian River, where the distance be riorat Havana, on the 28th ultimo.- DESTRVJCTIOX or THE STEAMER CAROLINE ,
their party ; and at no :::IJlC within the ON WHITE: RIVER.:: -Fifty Live pass a tertamT
tween the two rivers does not exceed There have beenin the course of a fcwycars .
'Mid tbe dust, *nl speed' and clamor last ten years could a blow *v" Lecn past, other instances of 'aggression Lott-The' Memphis: and White river ftiaf afternoon, wu minded if possUi

Of the loom-shed and the mill ; struck for the independence of Cuba ?li\ eight miles, an enterprise which we doubt upon many our commerce, 'violations of the steam pack t Caroline was destr ytrti by to see her, to bare tome talk with her i

JMi 1st the clink of wheel and hammer, so many chances of success! as exist Great: result are growing still present. hen the settlement of the about twenywilcsthJnibe( mouth, and would
aV, country to the national flag, by the Spanish authorities be ia
Though too oft by Fashion's creature "Such the from forty tf> fifty lives were lost. The company not. Again he
are not unreasonable says
convictions makeaiCfeDisable i and which will become in Cuba, and all attempts! to obtain -
Work an I workers mAr bd blamed of those who toil in this country redress have led to protracted andas vessel! took fire between 2 and'S o'clockin "He emerged from a thicket in which
Com nerce need not hide its features! for the the'chfc'thoroughfare for the exten- the afternoon and the flame spread be
emancipation of Cuba (rom the yet to fruitless negotiations. The documents so was concealed, Another one of oar

ludustr.v! ia cot ashamed! capricious despotism of Old Spain. We sive system of inhuS :Ti'gation, which in these cases are volumnios and rapidly that'it was with difficulty any per Tirana large stories. )!;.. Hogaa.tit,
do not need) to clear :140' son escaped..l; As soon as the fire was discovered -
our skirts of any susj will bo made use of. Ailfr complo- when prepared will be sent to Congress. Sheriff saw the nliee. and LA V
Wnat is noble 7 That which I'td.cel1'ru II j picion of Iifi"lIt'rrJ'l4m ; but we cannot tion of this examination Col. jJDC"J.will I Those now transmitted relate exclusively the pilot steered tie boat for a bank there .. ----, --- -- -"A.a
be blind and her out about feet. was no tbicket within two
to signs d the times deaf the twenty or three
'h io its enfranchised will, or to seizure of the Black Warrior
Leaving stepp-HVe angel t traces I to the voice of those who fpeak that they examine into the practicability: and ntvi-I and present so clear a case of wrong that- Tbe scene(4bat followed is indescribable. hundred yards of the place where Joj.
.10 know. The sability of draining the St. Lucia i Savannah. Fifteen took of the
ned expedition ugsinlit: persons possession ner was. It
That mankind rony follow etill, it w Julu bo reasonable to expect full indemnity seems Joyner did not know
Cuba will not .nel th"lt of did yawl, but she sank, and every one ofthem
II :1'
K'een though! Scorn's malignant glances: Lopez ; i soon as this unjustifiable who was: driving tbe:cart Joynera wits
>ecan!e it will i.. t begin as that did nn1I I perished. Tbe captain, Creighton,
Prove him ethic clsr ; and offence! Conduct shall be made I in
poorrst was until be bad demanded
I :Lc Spanish auth ritiei have done all they BUCKMA.VS; MILL HIRST. jumped in the river and was' drowned- wifir"
lie's the Jfoble who advances could hasten We that little after 8 known to her CathoJ'c:: ajesty's_ government John Trice the the once or twice, when Yarnes
I to it, Mud ensure its succ-ss: regret to state, a other pilot, perished at spoke ant
Free Jinn and the but similar in
of !
cause min expech.tio"
Iiy lbt.ii' pro.kCJiu: agtiust the Blade" o'clock on the evening of the 23d iust., cases;have not been realized. Tb* offen- wheel. refused to give to give ber np, by saying
ue- \ \\"Ilrrr. The boat burned to the water's
4 '. .. r.IPKDEJIDA the sawmill of Mr. T. E. Btckman, ClOthe is at doors witb L'50 edge let me alone. Joyner demanded her four
( ,:.IIIIIU. an" ltM urrrs of Soaora. jI j party our when she slid off and sunk proving, with
The province of Sonora is: bounded on other side ofthe river, aMuttwo miles powers for aggression, but none, it is alleged I fids' cargo, a total loss. or five times telling Yarnes he only want- .

the north by the river Gila, oil the south below thipla("**, was found to be ou fire, for reparit on. The source of redress Ou:; tw) robin pa_ !!eijfr were lost, el to! talk with her but Yarnes diamouneJ -

l l'I the river )ajo, on the cast by the pro- and), though every rffi rt wa" ;ruil to stop Ii j I I. ; is in another hemisphere: aud the J the reni2..n'-r: { ; being deck ra ei'gersu,J ) anti got between Joyner and wife and '

\ince of Chihuahua, on the west by the I answer to cur just compbir.'s! u.ide to ( .:1- tie !t-1.1t. till refused and after
j Ij i the j'r'igrf ss of ti'e lime, was! entirely iI j lie home .an j-La some more CCI *-
II j but the >
Gulf of California : its length being government arc :r"j etij _
al -
,nut seven liumlred miles north and south I I coiiMimeJ, together with four <'argo. i of j tion tf excuse, renJtrcd Ly inftn *.15eh -I ALt.I.tCY.; --WITH: -;t-: ; ; A'J\I.- >ST THE nation, Yarn s said, he wished be had bis

and !u breadth about two hundred milesIt lumber l,) tug reily: fr: shipment The &N: to thier superiors, in it'ply ti, ujrcscnUtions .T T .. gun, bs wouU shoot Joyner called Joj-
.,' .j i
UMTJ.IJ : r.arss.--L a'
. :: i- \ ) iejrip
. it! coursed by six stream!, which are fire was of gr at xtent, aa l prc.tntc.j I of misconduct! Tne peculiar r ner an old scoundrel or rascal at wbieb
, .t : situation cf the Laj uud' ubt 'ii\ ,' ai.' d : uvt' Jarohcured c-
the parties: > \t"r''fU'
l principals ones only-all others being from the wharves: of the towu a tr.uaJ time J.yner .shot Yarnes. The conversation .
... but mere arroyos, and losing themselves ; much ag:,;rnuatcd: the annnyarKu ;aol injuries >hovrinjT, the full ...;;mfi aucy t,f
but said to have taken
.. sad spt'ctucle. Up to this date, the which place between
citizens hare
in the arid districts our suffered ,
more or entirely LrJ Ctar: :ti loi's b.lire i in ii Piriimcnt '
drying during tha summer 'alOn.- I morning of the 25th, the lumber and front the Cuban. authorities, and Spain ..rnt'' .nd Joyner, and the threats to
up ____ relative I tc) their American
A large ]>ortion of the coast land,* are 1 slab!, of which latter there was an iuimcuse docs not seem to appreciate to its full p>licy, beat out 31 M. Yarnes, brain and the bor. .--

,.. dry, barren, and rocky, with districts of i HBWiJ.1CKSO pile, are still burning, and it it believed extent her responsibility! for the conductof !I referring to which the Washington correspondence rid abuses mentioned, are absolutely
I theseauth'Titics. In cf the
federal miles extent covered giving very extraordinary Philadelphia
.; entirely by ----- will continue to burn for daysto falic-l The editor !
some to them she' it goes on Through the
saul or dry gravel. Farther in the interior powers owes says."It .
: the soil becomes more areable; but NVILLE J 1 : come. We understand that an insurance to justice and to her friendly relations is now fully established' that an offensive laudable offrt of Mr. Lse, Joyner was

land suitable for cultivation will not be ---- on the mill had been effected in with this government to guard with great and defensive alliance baa been appredended while endeavouring to escape

found to any extent until some sixty to SATURDAY, ..'\ 25, 1854. Philadelphia to tho amount of teu thou- vigilance against the exorbitant exercises formed against the United States for the into Georgia. Five witnesses besides

ninety miles from the coast in the northern --- -- of these powers, and in case .of injuries, !
; .- ----- sand dollars, and in Jacksonville on tbe protection of Sp;ini h interest in Cuba.- the mittimus in the posseslon of
ILL for )
fl to
R. redress.
TCUUU'S: provide
of the State and '
near the thirtieth parrellel, of commencing north latitude We are informed that the Terminus of lumber to the amount of five thousand ; I have already taken measures to present The great are naval to be used armaments well of the three Sheriff Hogans, will prove tbat statement

f there is scarcely' an acre of ground the rii-rila Rail Road will withoutdonbt and that Mr. Buckman's loss will be to the: government of Spain the as powers against Russia. The as next against object us of to be w&01l'IOO altogether false. It

suited to agricultural purposes, except in be located on Amelia Island about a about fifteen thousand dollars. The entire wanton injury of the Cuban authorities the anti-American alliance is tl.! protection seems Joyner willing if he had dour

some few isolated sections. After leaving mile or :a mile. aUj] a.half below Fuiiau-: community regret this calamity, as in Warrior the detention and and demand seizure immediate of the Black of }Mexico Pant:i A nn* as i* c.ive wrong, to suffer the penalty of the laws-

Altar, travelling north, water becomes dim Mr. Beckman is: a popular, to indemnity cd assurence that if u.* It*.., ,' cxpvd hnt, of him to 3Ir. .
at t c-'vJ: C3unlrywen
exceedingly scarce, and at the dis. a I' "cC ; ;; 1.1\: : '(', YOTBIuff. for the injury which has thereby I1J'1ueJtJu-
at this time to 'll f lar
valuable citizen and s '>r i> 'euni of
i,tnoo of one hundred miles north of that TIc tr ck'rill c'r"1'5 from tl-o deeply sympathize resulted to our citizens. an entirely wortaless: of tice oftbe peace, and gave himself np>

place, it is! scarcely met with in a day's main land at the place known as "The ...with. ., him.. in his. ..loss.- lie-wa: at I'\.A,Iu, tiew:._of_._._the_:_.position:,,._ ._ _.of._ the____A Island... territory money on tbe n>r.h rn frontier,trip he shall as he had heard tbat his life was: threat
I r.t.TC I. I Narrow," and ccntiuuc on the island uis raiii at me uuieoi Lee ur", ana not up I U. "" IO', U3 .u..u )' IoU uu(' iIi', UH! be compensated by the addition of British cued on Sew River, and did not wisb-

South of thirty degrees, north la'ituJc, J J! some two miles or more to the proposed the river, :as was: supposed.. c relation< mmcrcial which and it other most interests ever bear, it to H ouj in Honduras on tb,. south a far more valuable tj give himclf: uptberj& ; the next day, went

l'U.1 1 sixty eighty njiles from the coast i depot. To those who are acquainted Delegates from' Palatka. vain to think that a series of unfriendlyacts and important province to Mexico.- to Aligator in company with Uonsfable,1
For this sacrafice Great Britain will
laud that In least wa-1
the favoured with J wiih the locality, it ;is cVi'::>flnt that this i is At a public meeting held at Palatka, iufringeing our commercial rights ceieve indemnity in the shape of re Wiggins, an-1 Lee. lIe this editor
ter ii extremely fertile, and the plains and the adaption of a policy an arrangement -
. and rolling grounds have an excellent t'Ie most suitable place: which CQulJ have" j j I "n the II1''* iflst., the following gentlemen the honor and security of these threatening States (o.r the' ultimate payment of then goes on and uses kind of prayer,

supply! of timber, the most of which is ben chosen. S jme expense, it i iot tras were appointed dele>g.14! *!l to the commercial call long consist wi&h peaceful relations. the dept due to her subjects by Maxico; invoking the community, without knowing -

ukr wi'h some varieties of the palm tribe will have. tj be encountered, in piling in I convention, to beheld in Charleston : Ia case the measures! taken for amicable the and perhaps will even receive a portion of. the truth f>f one of those particulars. .

intermingled lie while for the the trees that skirt the marsh, but this disadvantage: will be. on the 10th of April,-lion I. UBrouson adjustment "f our difficulties with under money th, GadsjVn payable the United State, h,! 'uetitiuns. "We trnst he Joyner Day
streams the
are most part cot- fail! shall .
should I SD male
. 4 h'OWOO1.l and willow. The oak predominates more than compensated the time gained C. A. Price, W. W. TnmbhaiR. Spain unfortunately The administration, it i is sail 1, is will/ : to experience the penalty of out

mostly upon the more elevated regions i in being so near the bar of the St. Mary'sRiver R. Reid, and Ex-Governor W. D i I ml: hesitate wbkb in use the authority! and insure : satteficd that. the insolent proceedings ' to
means Congress :
1 towards the mountain! ; and among which is not more than some fire Mossl 1t'Y. the observance of inty our just rights! the Spanish: .authorities in Cuba in seizing must say in conclusion! that the editor,

them! a variety occurs, the fruit rf which or six miles from the proposed tcrminss. t. obtain reiresa for injuies received, the Bla. k Warrior are tit be attribu. w'i, sets forth! such! .1 horrid misreprescntati -

i j" pleasant aud agreeable, having much Thirly years vietviWe and to vindicate the honor of ted tit their Confidence in the support ')n of truth i void
With the same depth width of ; our flag totally of'anyregarti
greater their conduct w.ll; receive
from E iiIigt'l
of the
the flavor cbvsnut when ripe, and are requested to call atrcMition to In of
M often found fur sale!: 'in the markets on water is found At. Yellow Bluff! than at the advertisement anticipation thafContingency, whichI and France. for human life; and the paper
!' by Mr. J >lm M. Cooper earnestly hope not arilfP, I
both sides of the mountains.: The Yan- Rose's liluft" Ilcncd the manifest advantage may suggestto I which! is the medium, is more to be dread-:
is far the valuable Savannah: Senator Beaton'. Great Congress the propriety of adopting &e-We insert the fill"wing as an edthan UK
most ; nuiriLrous of.
qui valley by : of having the depot at the former f-uch the weapon spoken
provisional measure: aa exigency
portion Sonoru. man agricultural pointf Wmk, under the above title. It is: a history : ; advertisement, disdaining unyt lung personal << -- --- -- -,

(. view, and M capable: of producing all place, as straight lines, economy of time, of the working of the America ((9K'ern may seem lo&ma.nA!! on our pirt. In fact, we prefer NEW ADVERT EY JX
and speed are very justly considered threeof FRANKLIN PIERCE. I; not to of thin kind and
the varieties: ;: of fruits and grains: that: arc incut for from puljjjsh anything ,
thirty 1820
grown in any part: of the worlJ. the greatest desiderata in railroad i 1850, and will, from years the, graphic style of to Washington, March 15, 1851. request that no m,'rf such to b? sent to I PRICE & VEADER.

:j; This valley is about ISO mites in length communication, and the two former, as the senator, be read with much interest How MEN "Busr UI.- UP."--:Men with ting us, a.s them we shall, even probibly as: advertisement decline .hnh- DRAPERS & TAILOR'S, .
i>ml with 'ower hills at the base of the far as is practicable, are attained by this wives r
throughout the country besides being valuable unassuming never "bust. It is Personal
; Communication
mountains i is near seventy miles in breadth location. The road will probably pass the husbands of such women Mrs. Dash
as work reference. 14
a Price
but i ft ntuttl AT scarcely any other purpose about eight miles from this place, and a 82,50, i and Lady Brilliant: who find themselves MR. EDITOR .
than that (If grazing. The inhabitants payable on delivery. A subscription list face to face with the Will t d t\- .o : !
connecting branch: will be built. This sheriff, and certain you fcl*,?,; place
-ncrally: cultivate but littlo more than: has been'left at our office, where'we shall documents i ia BAY STREET, SA.VAliliA-H.
the colu
terminus toowe believe will make the mysterious adorned with red t t. jr v. -> _. ....... .r
i is!'! reecMaryfor their immediate: wants, take '- : .t all .i a Isrp
pleasure in receiving tho names of tape and wafers big enough for ::: Krr ,, .,
and consequently have: very little for sale: road a little shorter than if it ran to I. ercise. target ex to the folio IK' !'I'h" Hori :.v '-.Il'&SUNOSIuiisblI. ...:
-"seate4 II
who desirous of 't chanOh "- "
this consisting mostly of a small quantity Rose's Bluff, thus saving time, travel any are subscribing.A Tke desire of"a New York feminine is rid Tragedy I"" i-ii.'t i in tbe : -* j-.. ".p. t. '"' "- :. .- a'
of barley and corn, and, occasionally, and 11 is Advertiser \ "-f il' '{eve ii ," ** "" I
perhaps money. Amelia Island presents lubbers'. to outshine her neighbors-not in men- t 't 'r -- ). "A' '';' 'up .. oClt

wheat. In some and of the few gardens dates, and the a fine site for the proposed location, The store of Mr. C. DoWse in tal acquirements, but in gingerbread ornaments We think it due to tbe v......... '. : \l., ; ,. "* : eiusts.tMa!. ..;-. <: -
olive tbia '
fig, some .
pear and 'tAI itk. with a<<> !r'
tamarinds, are cultivated. Notwithstanding and on account of its health and pure place, was Broken open on the....night of Mrs. Dash goldedged coal scuttles. If also to Mr. Joyner r"" who is imprisoned; of JTAi**.* 'R1ICU--: R. .

the natural capabilities of the indigenous ataosphare: will prove a desirable place.of I the 2Hh(() inst, and robbed of goods and :,. trees of the country in producing residence : facts and causes of the whole affair. Searfc, gbirto,SMMndra, sad Dadcr Q___
fruits, but little attention is paid :Jy their money to the yates of one hundr and takes the,wind out of her by getting The Editor goes on to state.Ve\ are every kind; which will k* told at U. LOWEST

cultivation, The surveying party left this place on forty dollars. is up birds another of, in which the prevailing dish i in possession of the greater part of tbe will PRICES.pteai. sail AD who at th.GRANITE .,.fa Marcia eta)peel ,

the 22nd, and will probably make their paradise, swimming in. gravy articulah./' I suppose he means facts., "
The mineral resources of the province -S. made of melted pearls. It is this rivalry He bad heard FRONT, NO. 147.marM
report in a few weeks. It is of great importance THE HARMONIC MltSTRELS.: and some reports which cante-
not in railroad lau-I
"dabbling stocks ,
are, perhaps, unequalled by any other / from Varnes' I
This family : -ask the
part of Mexico ; it contained the central, to the state, that this road be amusing Troupe of performerhave that brings ruination to the fast men of editor, bow be knew them to be true: ?- t1O'rlCE .-

. western and northern portion of that extensive built. It will serve as another great artery been entertaining, our .townsmen Wall-street The "ill fortune" which; file "one Joshua Joyner itinerant a r
says an
series of metallic veins for which to introduce the life-blood of Popu- during the latter part of this week, and they complain, ia no more nor less than a teacher," He seems not to know that Mr. J.tCOVH.LgtND 'ALLIGATOR: PLAXKKdAD

the republic Mexico has been no truthfully lation among us, and will bring the great provoking the laugh from even the most brainless ife. If they would come backto Joyner was sent toGeorge Varnes, highly CO. 'x J
noted in the history of the world : happiness, therefore they should tarn Treaa.rcr of tao O>mp BV A.3d.Be d
the product from these mines of silver throng of travel from the north and the sober face. The grand burlesque A la their attention, not to the fluctuation of recommended as a good teacher, an honest TilE: ..i. now prepared li* rvceiva, at fei Ii ,-
south Jullien called forth man, and a good citizen. II? oihre m J..kM nvJl., tb 24 iastalarBt .f
> *
alone amounting to about tixtfcn million along this great highway. All roars of laughter, the stock market, but to the ruinous absurdities says .
"Joyner conceived an affection for Yarnes 120 00 per ab r* apes>> the stock of tat
dollars. minor considerations will yield to the and the Banjo Solo was encored. The of their own fireside. jusand daughter, and made an elopement. p.&ujr, which was heretofore e lta! (or,pe1.Won e

The extent of thin. mineral'di!'*rict will evident policy} of constructing this road indisposition of Mr. Raymond neceuari- dollar repasts don't pay, while the merchant Why not speak plain troth ; that*Yarnes tile IS;h n. ( August List, bat tat eoJIcdioacf

be better understood when it is stated from the most suitable the ly deprived the performance the who purchases hundred dollar handkerchiefs for that is tho which was temporarily supeailcd. ",'
place on At. on first for "a duck of wife ( way it should menu maj also be wd ta O.J.Ch.ff.*, %*{-..
that its length is not far from eight hundred lantic to the moot suitable on the Gulf. evening of some of ita life and spirit, and not wonder if the time a should be) and Joyner, conceived an ,affection in Chorlestoa, anJ Gt..w....nOlI,I. Allig.tw8tockb

miles, and about ninety five in *I i the firu at Mr. Buckman's: mill caused : eventually! comes for eachother_ and made an elopement. Uvr'art reseaed to ecm" forward
breadth ; and follows the mouuUnions districts THE SEMI.: OLE. whost&gooss batlbaod'.lacked'8birt, lie does not say for what they prompt/! d pay a,. mar 25-3*
the absence of some of the audience. If and wpjhit ill supplied with breeches. purpose
to their'base, and in some instances This new and elegant steamer, under ; eloped .? be nndoubtly must have known Great !'
into the plains. A line drawn through tho command of Capt. P. Blankcnahip, any one wishes to chase away, known. Bat it seems be wished the Senator Beaton's Work

ritmtoca, Villa Fuerta and extended to let him attend this evenicg-( .* ne Eeovxe Courier: states that community understand, that:Jnyner 'TIIRTYIEARS VIEWr

Culiaran on the south, and through $a- arrived at this place on the 22nd, aDd So many original 1 and entertaining varieties Fort,Hill has.purchased by Col! .A Pi I has kidnapped! one,of. Yarnes daughters I AGENTS,WAJJTBD EACH COUJITT.. ,

con, to Tneson on the north, will very was visited'by numbers of our citizens, : Calhoun, trom hIS 'mpther, Mrs..'Floride ,and was running her off .'to sell her SATISFACTORY _r ." M to* nlia %- ) ,
who were introduced in the second evenimg's Calhoun relicfpf 'the' late Hoc. "g ........, IIP AIcdI'$1
nmrly includc tne- section in which- silver ) expressed ibcir mtisfaction and pleasure ,. J. C. make a slave of her, and the Father blI
and cold n found. On the coast line on iber Savannah performance: that the audience Calhoun and will be immediately ooeu Joyner overtook him .
seeing !*n steamer ; *n4 rescued .u;and wiU wttr bo name M ""'No >a.
pf hills, large quantities'of' the ores of so well foond it difficult 'to regard the reqtupftha't pied by him. He returns to his native his daughter. But it, arrears J6y er rtgvlaronitr spec oar baorij4ioa LUC'' .WteriUn .

copp'T.are* known _to abound, and many nience; of suitedforthecoufrto4 tbet1; ; i_g--i: b i and coove- they would not laugb,.but r W" the. State with an amf'Ie fortune, accumulated and,the girl went and" got ntarried and thedtlinl'1 living J to the of t eoaatry bo work,.wdl.sU7 bj tone .(*acfltn.>b.v.II'{.....

localities prod lice the native copper.- ''coatrsry testified their! satisfaction l : on 'the soil of Alabama- 'and went-to_ lssaeVarnes,1. tlu;girls uncle,. ....of io tto *amt tow, wile win
The population of the province comprises accommodation of the 'increasing th&\?\ by repeated hereaftea the visitor to the sacred precincts where previous .arrangcmeutswero maderemained roeoiroUfor'then*.* v ,:!v .., S !Yr
about with ,.i and merry peals laughter. By : :; of F041! be entertained 'lo.-III&II..u r...7U U'tb. #
55 000 persons. [San.. Francisco city. the,'.'Powers of Maaic/Vflflwascbolete-'- tbtf'sori in :! bj ,for their,board'andwberptbey I oe fl P rr pettai' '

Transcripts', 4 She. i if truly a 8av a"6nah boat, having I Ijr carried ...,. a'nuo'ner' worthy"of. stIditn.. i iguisbedfptber in love, until four or five days, after her I UOB.The wrk JOHN&: will COOPER od txolosiraljr CO.byb.eTiP-8rMBUT .aaJr.J .

father,. cant* with ,on. Tack, .,Darling : .ATU .
If O a nIA BUtbvG < -
,. .... ..., .. ,. ,, .. _
'"' #- -r ") 'k' '" : -.. ...... '

:: .. .. ,. .. "'...,' "':, ... '-i '...." > Mbettydfrat ," .... ..'. \' ---.-..' ..... _.-.... '- -
.t. 'I':..: ..i', .< ,' .i-- p. ,. r .. ., ,.. .... In '"
:1 .
... ".40'llt,' .." bJ'Ni. -. : ..,..1 It- <' i-' ;: -..,- -Z---! : a

.1 i iU

-- .. .. -
::4 -- --'T ... .1... ....'--k --'i>' --
_ _, ""' ,'_.... : =, ':' ':" 4' --';' ''' ; ,,:-__. ,"" '" "-_ 'i:' '--- : -" :: E-_y. .. 'io.l _

t : .


.t ) Wv4 9 ui.'
--- -
... ," ... ,
Thcasaad .f Punta wk Yeraifar*. -_ --_

vompoaed of Castor Oil Calomel &e, art not ; -_- _- _L. _

Bwai* tkat, walls they appear U benefit tktMtteattk 1ft ccithk &C. TV 'i.rgal ISTotirrs. r1Jarkds-
; '
> art acLuUltlat 11.. (foan4 -

i..u aeries a snchas salivation.U .* 1. CIYAAPSTLV V -, Clnjttlt Cart,' I

.f*!g &... er limbs kc.Iaaa HFNBY E.W. CLARK' V For tke,Latter* Xmut ef Florida.CdamkU CHABLESTON Ml FLORIDA ,

th.reol SH will k+f.n.I the Iveneraeat '
fcf Hebsek's MtJioiiiw ta which wt V BATST&EST.FRESH Cvaaty- >riac Tarn, 133.INCHANCXRT Jit- I- XSUsasrs,J&L '

est IBS jattenti fall directly interested la SUPPLIES I

their ./a M well *4 tkslr l.'U.lnD'.laeahla.- fJMlE Sabcribr ha*received a Jarre **4 .*-- George K MeCUlUn,AdmiaMrator eth* estate CAROUNAANOFLORIDA.

la Liver O sp! nts and,an dwordor arising A xaotaMorteMBtfOCX>. .r.'. *.(. St Bshsa CkarlM deocated.s V _

trim tkoM of* bill*** 'type, should task .. tottfcssIC andpartiemlarly adapted lath, fltin4k.Plthto
!Ik**algeaala*modiciae UobensacVs Li?. waste of this wcttoa of to*.ooaatry. He reneet- Theodore Bartridg,idalafatratar of ta.estates sel.3 .
filly invites a call from kiI eLl*OtD. .4 the AjMtrewJ Ckarl**. daeaaMd. and other th* r THE CHOlIsTA
wPifls.. -, pabli gmtrany. 'U.stock bars aad-er ttWryW.a>4 inlets of Bboea every will leave CHAZ&EflPV
Biutived'bet a.k fur part, ot V 1Zrdtj;"S'1"I"ttnlbwatu.
; Dobell..ek'l
a,4Bea4- I PALATKA IM .
Worm 8y"p and LJrer rm. and baervo that I STAPLE GROCERIES ASDVF4o'Cl: DRY GOODS. EOROC K. ) .. Admlabtrator of 11 A-AL.aad nwy.V..J..1\JACKSONVILLE., HeoLAlA
nek V *th* "i igaatare of tar Proprietor N. WOOD HARDWARE. CUTIX VJT 1M*etBt* ofReWoea Charles late of said A.M. TM A.:. at
nOBRSSACK, aj come elae an genuine.auy CROCKERY 1.UB WARE, BOO TS AND SHOES. l.aU of thin Court, Lb. ,.-
14-lj suggesting probable in..eivaey ry Ttfftay at 3 P.x. BetaraintV
\ '.- '- -- --- --- _.- -- HATS AND.r4.vcr CAPS. of aid Mtat*. PAL.\TKA. 8 .'task. A. H, BLACK will lei**
ARTICLES MUSICAL Jt QrJmd. That all baring claims J CftXEK
IX. ;* person ,JACKSON VILLS fitt,*.'
ffiarinr! Journal. STRUXCyTS. PERFUMERY. against the aid estate. a* creditors or otberwi**. Thins Stp. .." oaat ..Ua all the'AJJ
f fr, 4., fre. do HI,*their said claims with th*Clerk of ton Court Btge ef Bait Florida and eonnoe beth interior
V An of th* abr Good wfll to sold 10 and for the said oountv of Columbia' ,on or before with the New York trteamshfr.Carofiaa iaHreeds war* n
on *
PORT Of JACKSONVILLE._ 4 I terms a*at any louse in the .it,. a rood lh. thirteenth-day February.. A D, eighteen and the TfUmiairte* Boats. *
9'In6'on y ySf II EW hundred and Ifty4Oer.V V Fauag from CaarUstoa ot
ENTERED.Jtar. .. [t __ CL.4RK. And that tht aoSe b* published Mm new. from Kcolata .,Palatka JaelaoaTifla 4UO. $*,
,pt r ia this Circait caves week until th. cxpira- .' F"'rllrt/u'J4lrrVlIhr' ,
1ft. Skr. Augustas, BJuaUNew Tork. J.ACKSONYILLE PAVILION ffflf" .
HOTEL ties *f said period. Mar 13th. 133.V 3:
20. d* Wm Nickels. Le laa... do _, TT A FORWARD.Judge,! '. W.CAttTintLUCiarli4M. .
30, d* Gr.cI&..Richardsoa. Bete JJpHE; PROPRIETOR of this well known Hoaso t'IIA.ULESTOS. & C. A true copy. 'Trt. BELLECUAISJC 4'11I\IU.

M, d. MaryE. Gage Drinko N. York. U and those visitiaxth* ". ) South" for Health fpleaj.d to : BY H. L. BUTTERFIELD. J.t.tlU & ScA aoioron. /*- I R.R.R ID.rJatka:- JaekMaviU.
d. PII.1te A. EMTSOB d.. thoroagh renovation or '.
20. aad has been
well fitted Oct l febS tf VV
d. f. ion to the ap to nit the most tllIt.DR.BAXTER.De1ItaI. : .
21. Nelson Ogier. Bottom. Building. sad having most of his Rooms V Citation / _
hs 2L do Dirigw S.& Boctoa. Having visited tb*North very recently for th H. SMITH Sltcri Ind Ei-Ofli- SAVANNAH "
the purpose of | GEORGE BIDA.
22. d. Martha, Leinfcaas, Phi*, amos beet adapted to &.eouatort aDd
eon veaieno DE4'g- th et>it of Istae
of .. *
Baa!? N. the country,I feel T vi
22 Brig Sophia York.CLEARED. rally .
prepared to
giv* aararaac* to thoM maoently bested at .Bush deceased tIed in offic
with every attention and accommodation wh having ray" a I For Falatka EFla:
Th Proprietor basal** secured the services which can be reuoaabl and is fully prepared to insert teeth written *ugg<*tionof the Insolvency of soil "trvrliitt'J Dark Brwtttfiei.,, ucV

stat. II &u.Jeha Forsyth, obaaoa. N. Y. keeper. U. will spar*no pain to mak his Hoosa of a Lady of tang the most Improved plan*,_ and baring a largeapply "tllt_ Kf.
r IB, 4. Clara Jaa.. Grey Baltimore road: House aad giving bis penonal attention to on* of the of toe mot beaatual roreclaia T." k. This it tktrtftrt notify all persons having .IIar/t. Jaclaon.ilk. Jftddkhtr -

20. d. Bloomer. Tucker. &if*. PaMie. H.rospeerfuUy solicits a eaU from his friends business and to prepared to Insert them either with or without demands against said ntftte. to fit*their eUim (Black Cnek) and ,
22. d. Rio Cofia New York. fjy A larr and extensive Livxar STASLI ia .e01ltUtaou)piEBS, in snob a manner asto (na- !r-*-.- --"V --- ppt"rJor'lUam
attached -- --- dat.i" _
to .
23. .. Frank Bcasoa. BaJtUBor Dy "h. Western Stag lure the House_ the ranty. on or before kt* ST. JOHXS.
e/ter tn* & fUrreeof aobiag Teeth d.*troyd wIthout pain aSla1BBiVFr Capt James
S. 23, do Eglaatia, Eaton Boston, V_ Pet 22d. I853-4J \ I Uvely. tie Tenth day of Mirth next at which *boni.a8d WM.OA8TOtf
-- --- eIeellt nD to many of the**for whom titus there will be a pro nta dutributionr or I Capt.Thomas Shaw will lea* Savanna* far tb*
!tlt! .ha pratd at this pI.DO.a Iy the fund of*iid estate amongst tbe creditor 'hive piaeea a* follow: The fit.Johns .. Tbur-
V Fr8tAnpttne. Offla .. th.Drug Star, Byrne's Beilding.PL.tNTERS thereof accor-ling to the Hitut in acb :day Gaatna moraine.oa lititlnsU at 19 .V lek. aid Wai.
mad and morning 20tk last, at It .'
TOE Steamer "tSrrotfna, L. provided I clock. and will contina
r.j te Inn at tb.
and the **m*hour
W M.Cou1TzLg.r. wOl nako atrip HOTEL, GioiaeaJersityhaaJ. 4 8 very Thursday sod Tuesday tberft r-th
[CAL.J laid Court.thi th Eighth Jsy of 1 1 boat
to St. AfMit OBTCESDAT carrying th* U. 8.MsiL For fr*. bt or
MORNING 4th. Charleston L C. temb r, A D. 1S53. V I t sjr*. having .&.. stat root .
April aacommoda-
s JlELLCIlASSE, L 71NGAN. f CKSO NV ILL ff THE ondenigned would respectful FELIX LIVINGSTON, I 1 U Qna'plyonboardor to

Iy inform hill frind and the Public pner Judge of Probate of Daval count v. !' J H IWNBT; Agent III Savannah

: PROVISIONS C ). that* ha leased that itrasiv and well Sent 10 GID ._ f V CyTb BIHEUAC.\NOVA.Artaluk..riU.St.Johns
% % 0&t a establishment,&. PLANTER'S HOTEL will go teSt AgastiBvry
Notice to Debters and Creditors.A I ith trip .
AND WOULD inform the public that he has just made is now ready for the reception of visitor Its f .!9lb last.eeiameDciJDg leaving Savannah) oa Sb.
'A FTJ *location being convenient to all the bast- LL Persons baring demands against tb. EsfTV. MptJOril1fOUGHTICKETS )
GROCERIES.JUST or the CII1 JE 77 !) : localities will commend H to the* who visit tate of Aron ", *. ,are *!
., very best qU.1htJ. carefully 8Ch.cft by hilUelf, city on basin**, and no exertions or expenne to present them to the underricned. duly autbcnI: 1 I r TO CHARLESTON

received, per schooner Augustus (mID trade or the country. lie would invite the dti% QS or b.qr4 by Proprietor promote th. ticatod within the time prescribed by Law.or thuinotice : VIA. .f r.fl.NJJH. ,
will b* plead ia bar and an UMM indebted
fork, and for Sale! by tbe subscriber, itiDg the place, to gi', him a CoIn at the boas fort and, in convenience every teepee of hi.worthy gut of and the render public to aid Estate will plea* :make iaunediat pa,. I
a ferj eitenstv and well selected assortment BRICK STORE. & and support. U. ia pleased to add that merit to th.nnderrigaed. ': feSS leston by the Steamer WXLAKA. .

.f Groceries Provuious Wiara, Liquors aDd examine his stock, a of "bich is le ha seeared the services a* Book keeper of M r. AlligatorCo/umhia Co.. Nov f4th. : *ifiHjBljr from Palatka and JaekwnvilJo te ,
l'.1rt 8 l
Clgsr*. kt &5., among which may be found- W. LA MCI 5. so lone aDd favorably known to J'SIlADRI HASDCOCK., [anaah ISLAND.end by thedailyst.amerfr.m
8 bhLs '!<.-eog r,Jdo crushed do WATCHES, &c. travelling eommanity of this and the adjacent .n Adm'r. DboBlsi V e ad Tsnnah to Charleston, will b* isad at PalaUa

5 bbs Pilot Jlre k. S sack Rio Coffee, Gold Magic llunter'? .. -Dl1 "iiftr irun' PetrI And [oct 1-3m] a. W. BOMAR. L. M. TOLSOil, I "L Jacksonville Far from

3 bbl Batter Cracker" ten Vest, .oL.r DP.J F..e' ; sub X* 'ri-ty or Fob Mie' set ; Dealer in .Pttrfltftireiflfftll kinds, j r Falatk aeklOllTiIJe"to Charleston., '1 800' M
do da and Cbaulme 'P'uoer
boxes CJSTJ/.VA ; THE "MiaNOLIA HOTE1V'Oa Piano Furte. Metodeons Ss-. The WELACA leave Palatka every XH .
3 bbl Sod Bread, JEWELJtY.Coat Links; ; Doors Window Blind late improved I lorniog and Jaekionrilte every Monday aigbt. 7

boxes do d* Gold Locket*; Brac-letr Watch: *}*? ud ; the St. John's Cooking Stoves and MaUrasMs ) K. R. DCKE. Agent Pslatka V V
Se.Uand .
3 bbli >U *r Crackers Keys U.K Bltl SA1IMI3' BLOCK i I F. WAVER(
: BI '
Under 0. J.
o''bt'i Cuff p'ng. charge Capt. Marry. l?
; Cre., Pins sept .
: Bay .Jaeksonvill Florida j jyev LOcals Mirror .
9 boxes Cheese, 3 boxes Rtioin, Crosses BOX and 01,511 Piv .iety.V B'ck .ot,]
C 1 boles Raisins. 6 1-4 boxe dll. types Ear Drop .nd RinW for:'rreoBoarj"j; I> ; i* a new House recently opened for the ,Cm'HOUSE.
6 boxel Aditntaiiae Candles. ted fltods Gold and SilverYenciN-Buttons uumerou, accommodation of Boarder* anl viiiters CLINCH : ENTERPRISE,

2 bbls Falion Market Beef, Gold and Silver Pens the North during the ensuing and future rpHE SUBSCRIBER haY recently, op.D.l i. 1-4 lid all the intermediate Laiullngt on As
do do TbJMes! Gold and Silver -L the above House would reepoetfolly *okHth
2 i do bo
pectacleMGo'd ST.
bbl, Lird. ; and .Silver Toothpick*. &<.&. pe rl, It is situate immediately on the St. John patronage of the public. There ant at Ihill| JOUNS B1'ELTnE
21 L.rJ,3 kT of "
FiNGER RL'\Gs. Knives about 25 mile from J icktonville and a lime son five to six room nroeenpied several o I < *s Steamer Darlington
Winter Oil ,
2 tobl BI .cbeoi
Ditmttn.l. Se1. fl'ul. .onll Jurors, Sh I distance from the mouth of Black! Creek the same rib are places. ,Th* House is within .JSJEStt__ Capt J.Baocx.will leave JaekaoBHBHBE -
I bbjSIar.perm. Itub" lI t flings from tbe be3t hundred and of the Poet Office and riu.
f'1..iD and ; is located and oa* fifty yards very Saturday
Pickl-, White Win-, an>l Ci let Vinegar.Ple -att' .fQ..r cvrry hl'il'f,. snout favorably conveniently 'wharves. Th*undersigned II agent for Gen Scott's I. 8 I o'clock arriving at Palark*same morning, at
for tbe mentime dly.-Ie&riDa
DrauJlI.J ira Wiue, Tort Wiue. Sucr- SILVER \" \ up purpose Arrange- four kon eack sad twe- bone cask mail live, Ii alatka at & o'clock Monday morning ia
L'jbiu's are nude for the accommodation vf both for Ocala emi-weekly. For farther i on with i the steamers
rJ"ioe.W ilkel. Chtmpigne ( klrr, Fine Frki Ts4sk.Tr.I ad leaving Coit/im and Wtiakm. JU-
TtfUcc ja tin full, Cromptou' fig Ltdlet Desert Spoony Soup Toilet, and ,& ixty boar and area put op ., ; Sugar Sfoons; Salt Spooud, Mustard have availed them .Ive of a location and lorning, and Palatka at S o'clock
AM! r' III
Forks; alt "Magnolia.7' The Houw ii convenient B. ASKEW n-rnjig. A. U. RSKD.
itei; fcried Appples, Floe Syrap and Mulattos Knives: Napkin Kings; Cups; C.trJ C'osrf and Clocks fine Mineral Spring, and boats and poneyi P1atk*.J<.. 0,1832. tf VV Afr.i ft JarJR.R.RKID. /
; t'tgtrsaod Snuff; No I and pi'e goap.friik : Port Monmics. ,
u&tuei aud Oui ns,Hiram Smith' eitra SILVER: .\TF.D M-netrr,\ kept for the purpose ofsroingihitber. Tbe C. OAK & SON Nt I-tf Agntt ft PmUtt.

Flour; <21 .uck."*, J. ; 6 firkin of Gothra Tea : fTARE. Ian, &c. Cl respectfully invite strangers and annftctarer and Dealer la Gan,, Pistols. Ac., -
C.tle. U ,ce.. Castors. t >, Salt with todropia" sir .,J}>arn at the JACKSONVILLE, FLA. Just Received. '
Baiter. No. t. 1 t kerrL cu'ertJ Haws ap many
(CelIa Cadle Mick. Batter Knivg. &c. uli"House iu wjnteroraimm.r,and thus WOULD iufurm the JOSEPH V. V
ud lrorl: store <' the public ]3Y HERNANDEZ. Draper sad
Also U Muortiuebt ,." Sieae Wire him aa oppjrtonity'of that at. that they are prepared to I Tailor a bee.tiCallol of
t K" WATO3E8 V
tick "J.a J.n. c. Ats.i,1 iare aiatitjrf CUDC3KS ANiD) to their comfort ich it will give bi!m- manufacture at short notice French Broadcloth bitch bio and green;

s.1 Bacoa&c- Nov 5. ItflP.MHKIt i Ar/i ,.r.a. >/> % and the able superintendent so much plea any kind of RIFLE other ,I a'vimeFeepIainandfaney, ;
Hey.Cora.O.s, F'onr' -- ----- 6AA" .I -llt.U.tH.1 .. --
to maatfest. -.e .p.'a.KlIIl7. of diSVreot
style a.l8ttrpUHd
Alsj, 200 bbls.of fresb grouni. Nirih Cira- which will b* mad to order abort Bttera
l.A.SU1UtERU r.L'ODN. They keep oa notice aad
lint Flourof thfl the most approved brand Stores Stores at Great Bargains : J onm rb r 20-flm on* band at their a! manner unsurpassed. Oet29.

.ow in siore aod will be sold at low figure. A LOT of late improved,hot-air Cooking Stores i manu&ctory. Rifle Gun Pistols. Powder. Shot. PICOLATA BOUSB. .
II T1MANUS. wthLatggoyi: also Parlor Flasks. Shot Pouches and
mar M Steves and A Lead Percamion Cape.
Stove Pipe constantly on baud Gabriel Priest ) and all other sports THE Subscriber wouM
over Bloodgood A Belts Elastic Gnu Wadding. respectfully inform
Boose's Store. nov 5 L)1. Will prattle in vs. } la Cbaacery. with Bowve Knives and travUnf
FIE RESIDENCE FOR SALE. FOLSOM. I A J. G. Smith. J mass article Together eommanity. that b*,has leased V
and of other above named House and
the of Dirks of.very description a vaiiery will b* ready to ac
to satisfaction
.Subscriber off.h tor sale bis ckgnIdwelling. appearing to mention/ commodate travelers on the lit of
FLORIDA article unnecessary December and
aol largte anJ highly' improved SEA ISLAND COTTON feb i-ly-ISM Sehetfler one of the d.P dalltll. in this RIFLES, SHOT-OUXS AXD PISTOLS, hoSby giving his personal attention to give.. _'
reside beyoni the limit of this State and
lot ia the town of St. M.ry :*. G k The dwelling ."D- ftats of Maryland, on motion of complat- ,I nov2 repaired and warranteiL 6m tune Maction to-be will have Horses and Carriage at aJ ,-.V

M fi'( .'veu au t ah air((57 1-2) feet front Sugar Lands far Sale *oli itor. I NEW SKYLIGHT accommodate GEO.M.bis guest.

a*I sixty-three ((63)) feet back two ltorielai,, i* ordered that said defendant do appear on V PSeolata Nov. 25. J&1.OALPIN. Proprietor.
r.ttiouu S bnc. litsemcut fight ((0)) fret 1'oR SALE in Marion county E. Florida a J1'J :: da7 of the next term of this COlin and DAOTTEBBZAS GALLE2T. da* 94m

high The bifreiaent it UiviJ
with brick r,ni1i1. anl an entry through tion of llaraaock land. This land i is situated in for the perf j.n>mno of.bat..rd-red may be THE of Jacksonville and its vicinity that b* TV &tl Pictorial and Utefullrto\\
the ceucrcelev,nll feet wiJe The the most central and thickly settled part of Mar. CASH i! thcreia. .G.J that a copy of this order b* i is sow tstaMished ia his NEW Sxr-LiOHT OALLBar. far
( Year
) upper ion county about 18 wile 'ron navigation and I published som newspaper published on Forryth-, (second house west cf D wHoUancl" 1854.
.' rie e.>aUiii e..cilllis ((0)) eu uiohous rooaiBsiik'd -* is not surpassed in richnwu and durability l.j any town of Jacksonville for the space of two residence,) wber he te prepared to take $1.000 DOLLARS A YEAR.
to a ttyle of cvtui'.>rt anJ rl- .ceIke land ta the tato. This trart can be conveniently J.NO G. Bct. and that another copy thereof *>e posted Picture in a manner not surpassed by an,. H. I \\rA: roof .f the bui!!.ling U tinned with .u- divided into two plantation, the ore containing K. front door nf she Court House cr the said ha*spared ao expanse ia fitting up hi*rooms having V v active and *. -
penur mnierul, aud in the ntwst .qpro'ed 526, and tbe other 400 acre It will be sold eithor of Daval- a splendid reception room for Ladies fitted up then.* of torn* of Ua.enterprising best Books men, te engage la
isier. Sj ecor is the building (row fire, IB one body or diridod into two portions as HOME OFFICE. Granted this 3d Dec. A. D. 185.1.J.J.FLSDLEY.. ia neat and tasteful style beside bis large fine Country. To mea orrood publish*1 ia the
may best suit porch.... SKT-Lioar. enabling him to take pictures in of sposMssiagasma8 ;'
bath taierda'lv *n i enern l5y, that it cm be Applications capital from $25 to $100, such iadaeomeats 5"
ia.r4 for 7-S per cent. For particalar. apply to Joseph Finegan. left at F. 0. B of the Western. BOW Presiding in th. group or singly ia clear ov cloudy weather. Ho be offered as to enable them to make from U $
: 1
Jacksonville. Fla Jan. of satisfaction to an who *
21tf0IEKF3 Eastern Jadioal Cireait of the State Flor feels confident giving may I ISedayproSt.
The lot i i. t.<> hundred anl thirteen (213)) ti< e. He is thankful for Dart V
ida. favor him with a call. C5- The Books V
f-et the tin street and four bu.dreU publish ad by a* ar*all aaf ai ia
s* ni b.r.byeertifytheboYet0b5ttee0P7 ot patronage, sad hopes to receive a continuance of their A.raeter.
(OD) C, ock, embrocin* the half of a & BRll!fDRD. th* onnal oa 81* i a this office the same; and Ibo who at.not want picture are I' large sales wherever extremely they are popular offered.sad fromauMd

IqUrf',au1 bonn I d by three streets, all en- ATTORNEYS AT LAW, GBO- STONE Clerk, respectfully invited to call and examine hi*Rooms For particulars address (tae paid.)

C4UM-I by abigh complete ordet Grocery lOin Cir Court.D. C. and specimens. I S, ROBERT SEARS Pablisbar. .
It'n be.&utituIyornniorntrd with shrubbery -ANDSOLICITOR nov 28-ly M. W. GRAVES.DjingandRenoTaUagEstabliahment. i[ __oct:_181 William Street. X. y
i fijwen. the -? IX CHANCERY, rpIIEsubscriber T. '
some rare On premises area I i BADARAQUE, mAGNOLIA HOUSE.
excellent stable, Carriage and *erVIIatI'bou.c ALLIGATOR & NEW.NANSVILLE, FLA.
Will attend promptly to all business entrusted sortmeat ofFamily .
Price .I I lems will b* m de known, i>n appticuioa to them.JL G his professional er-ices to the citizen I GbOKUIA.73JQ 1&32. CT73THE > TilE SUBSCRIBER bus just eoaa-

lo th. ainerioer directed to ->tMtry's WHIT- SMITH II. BRADFORD, of this plaae for a limited time.- TABUSHkDut. JlL pleted the above House fitting' ap ia the'

G*. Tbe s soling furniture of three Office Alligator Office at Xewnanaville.n &!ioes, from the following persons for I Subscriber, grateful to hill potions an-) mo>t comfortable style and will as* wery en.*.'

aiui.C..d bed-rooms sill be.U with the 14.! n\; b* hUlf operated exhibited if required. fur their continued favors. would tins to picas all that may favor kiia with their

UUK, if dfS red. .: MUNG.N t5MIT Also.a variety Prof. ". E.Homer. U'ty Penn, state that, in addition to the improvement in patrenac

St. MtryX tf-, Mar 11, 1W4 mar 18-41 TO CONTRACTORS. IUrn M, .144 4' Paml Jackson, It Dying acquired by him daring his last visit to Particular attention paid to lavalida.A. .
deaenptioic .a Robt. Roger*. England and Scot land,ha* made arrangement COY V

NOTICE. LUMBER WANTED Alto will be a Wm. B Roger. Vtrgiula.i0 for extendingku basines by which bus now Jaeksonvfllc.Corver Nov.20.Oeeaa IRIX and\ Moare. fr.*
Cora and Flour; ; J. L. Cabell enabled to Dye a greater variety of Color on Good Stabling for Ham tt.
TBI eopartoonhip borotoforo oxistinf between PROPOSALS will be reerivrd till the 7th Also aa Henry Howard, Silk and Woollen Dre9sesShawla.&ewhich he |

UarMll WUliaw U. Akin A Egbert priI, I bi4. for furni' ing to of Port Monnaies It E. H. Courtney UIt trusts will generally please all who may favor CHARLESTON, S. 0THE .
Uiinctoa. aader Lbs arm of & .Akin A Co, Iat>United States, deliV J.B.Minor, patronage.Genllemen' paid
VM d.wlTd oa the ISth 18i4. All AC. &C.
Jaaaary. per Islands Florida the bill tionary
Tortng.5 following Garment Dyed Cleaned or time tb
by subscriber
Mel iadebUd U eaiallr. will pless mak The public ar* .Rev. John John, for Hides,Dr
U..r thoM hiring elaiau agaiatt raid psya.ot arm- of lumber, vix : be made to sell .Henry A.Wise. jan25 Renovated maybe required i in the same Skins. Leather and Sa Island Cotton Seed ria ;

will plea*twe.onILb*m tot...- to either oftbspartnirf 310.000 ft. b u. GaS inch yellow piue, in any supply every superior sty!. which has generally so much Prime" 11km- 10 to lIe per Ib.
of said firm' lengths from 19 to 27, or 30 to 38 feet. market pleased his patrons and friends. Deer Skin*. 25 I*>0o perflb.

mar. 18-11 WILLIAM HARSELU 160.000 ft. b. n. 3 Inch yellow pine pi ink N. B.-Th* .J.HENDRICKS. JAMES CHESS. Ladira Bonnet Dyed Bleached aol Pressed L.atherlltolteaeylb."
WILLIAM 11. AKIX. The lumber most be noun-l. Or hum I lar,e make advance PLANTERS & LUMBERMEN. in the most fashionable styles. Order from These may b*Cotton sent to Seed.of 30"X the 33* per baahL
shakes .nd ,'ner.illv oi or which h* will attended Term any aaoereu.a- '
or rotton knots cross g the country punctually to. mission Merchants or direct to m* and ave all tV's
LAW CARD. any imperf :.u* which will mtteiially affect Undersigned having formed a Co-Part- ptoderate. When parcels ar* sent by steamboat charge of commissionSAM1* EfJYT .

its strength,aud be *-iwr>d .tr.>ight .u
3T. B. OOIK'SIS' true to tiniens on'A moderate amount of business at letter through the Post Office. BO tkit L* tray
r..p oa any pice wjl! not IH- (.I .'C'f'.1 I.. I ut I lriuE $AGOLiA. VAST FLOKIBA. know where to nil fort beta Sale. V

ATTOltNEY AT LAW. Mickn which in gut .IWPI ,"t' .r .>( IHt il between respectfully call the attention of all who t any IS AI.KXASDER ( .'/>WT"ORANGE (' Mobdaythel9th day January sal I

NEWXAXSVILLE, FLA. will t* r.jicI.; !'. under the of purchasing cheaply to their large Jwiji sell 0 tile highest bidder, all th* real edeeae4. *-.
I ThiumWr man '* ...'.j 'cta <- .. > this day been .. oloted stock consisting la part of Dry SrhlNG HO r EL tat. aimat. d lliddl.b..h. "La .
? M
A I pvrwm b.ri ,Growi, QwBaa. Crockery sad Glaa amuep. .
A LAST NOTICE. -* xbd ineasar-IUCKI .lur.1 .in.try t V .1 S (4ta'* preent th IUU.Cans, Sect itt S***..VfZii, mMI- n Mrt EAST ts now open for th. roMptioaof : Said isle to take ptaa ta front of the
11&1..1 -be Uni rl M.t Court House door In JacksonvOI
l.ruo by an / if' Gardoer ..Wladew Olas.Uard TIns
QIlTl wiIp.tsitivwly: l &*lil <*J ;, "... pionied fur ihe purpuse. itil ;! bvi '* ,'.',- Paint Od*.Iron Particular attention paid to and thetmvelingpublio. We of deem the doe I7-30d GABRIEL PRIEST V
U .11 ,.'fItAt s4lw rib r* to the Muck of the sod Cutlery. U*auisary to allad to the Mpenority Admiaiatntor of said ..
till eU'jli i ,
Stderrl '> recive4. ciptct''u it. I' riaioa blll a- Hay. Cora mess Pork. I other la the Pinsnlar sad the
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peer, wet have not p iJ..Q Ibo lu .f April 100.000feet uiu.l Iw .ln01* I wuhia : in J larg_quantitie. JI Prodaeo_.of aQ kind established bvrond avtt._ The proprietor)leL ex. datbelIth of February xt-n. P1U"r..
"i w 11 0 EU. ".CA LL,S !creury.R .neoHintb after the .iulI..c alf tiiecvntrac All are inviwa to oau oeiar naaing teeing vy effort to radr hi*guest comJoruiw '

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livrred ia each 'tbseqivs.o \ LL person* Blaak***,Ac BMdioal aid. and seek extra attontion u thiriUatiw > r R. 'V. BIGGS & CO.
furbished. i7
whole U CHZS8-
oehcs ft HBSPMC1CS reqwr re. Oar own Hack will be la attendaae -
S FOR SALE.Abeat Payments will be rai-leon the delivery 4 teach ment to any on and after Lbs 20tb Nov. on the arrival of Jacksonville* Florida.VV .

,.,.ie t, .oif irtalile. sod pleaf cargo ifdeir. twraty t,'r C-JM.: beiag Anti i. Florida Lands For 8ale. the Boats at PalaUa. E. S. DARQAX : ARE now prepared to ex ecat. promptly,or-,

d..Ilial koa.L *itB t d IB cchvpert rlijp* bo.everd.lsscted from each pimeat ned re- any enter iga4 aov 19 PropritrAduiaiatrator'fl for Steam Engine Saw Mill. 5gsr
ef<U.WL Fur rllnlarr iofOfUluie" Uioed till the whole I*delivered, to ensure the rt roeoraiia any E nbscriber will offer, a v Auction, be. Mills and Fans Grist Will, )Uoro Pewer%

'MY .t the e.s Offi.. frb. 23-if. fulfilment of the contract. ( for the door of the Court,House .1 has NoticeS Iron and Bra,. Castinrt, and every variety *f,

Proposal kaU state the price per U 'at Falatka. FI*.' ) of Bevel oa Wednesday tb34 of.liny mouths after date, f will present Bay sec M.iebtnery. Casting Forging and Blacksmith.

'ticc to Debtors and Creditors. which the lumber wilt be delivered at Fort all the 16tk ..sections laid- County. V mut and voucher to tb* Hoa.A.S.c..- Work Saw Mill, St..boat.DtI other repair
free of all cost to the United the door )f the Co art Hous* I. the < ing. -
of KatbaaO. Jefferson .R. toiJu.Ig..fProbsies IB and for Alaebu County '
ALLptrAwsladobtodUtlM J of Nissan oa Monday tb. bib of M>y
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Sorug. Uto of XBHSBB ooemty.dssoasod win States, aal directed sixteenth sections in the auld and ask to be discharged from the further "y ithc0anafrtDrMB4 keepS'cnns'aatly
*ak.tmmndialo paymoe to th. .ad rripiod.sod Key "CIIFeeri.f-, aaI CIIIor..4"P"'p08"I. for IEM aduiol trttU of ,.Estate WLTiumS!tand'I on Hand, their' "variety of '" .
U willprswstth. lunlicr" Tiiaber Cart.Chain, &e,to which they
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pwasa*.kaites domaadsajralart ostaU the door of the Court BOOM of the 'Tj lisle eH -u .sss 1. th* aadwstgaod for paywoatwBtk II. WEIGHT_ Lt of Engiaem- .J.PRZf ATT. "dmr.3nl41m p.ctullvinviteptroecgy. d.eIO.1y
'5h.1w.pari 4a&.e hired ii tk. sta- FortJeffcrtca. Y1 .. 14, IS$ .n>24 1 of St. John on Saturday th* 13th WM.P.STANDLLYDK'd.!
all the sixteenth ** tlona la th* partnership ker tw
will U pleo4. bar thereof -> ) next Jan.4th 153$. Dl.S30LUT10Sl-.Tb -
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<*bU 5 t LOCISKOKTOX.AdmwWraUr \/irn.:It. ami* and style
AD.MLNISTBATORS NOTICE. 1VX Ui* friends. the door of the V Court V Horn ia the of Clark.& Batter ia thUdny d.lva bymu- .

th* liberal ,or Pat.alD"T..s.,1CSdI d.,or May i NOTWE.V tuiiloouwnt..Perseus indebted to said, in*,'

WM CROTHE) Is hereby given, that 'the .. U i.v* ijr strict all the sixteenth sections la Mid County. I Cn-p-nl..nbip' DrY HouLaim & will mate pijintnt,'3d, those hating *,. .

WATCHMAKER & JEWELLER. NOTICE. bveM dclv ppoiute& Administra sane of theism *'."door of the Court HOUM ia tb* TUg la'-*'. U hereby dissolved, by Mutual cUias Till present lbs saa to J.O.Bailer.JOfLHCLARKV.' ,.

tor of the EU *f Jobn'L. Blodfcnt. Ut* ofMoaro Ma. Dater h. of Orange ea Moad:iy 22d day of May .,. ;
Led irlth'*Brick Balldlnr AU peraouaaviagdemaad ccti aJ. aaU c.a.1,. s-tees VV -4.4.BUTLER.' .
*Coiety, dcel. nrrer, to F" Ml the sixteenth a lx< vr U,.!!",4Ia fully authorised ta collect
ADJOiNING MR, OAK'S JEWELUT AXFlNlT againt a.ttl ist.t y Well -lebts a* wr .thot'z by eilkr .. Jaekoavllle.Ja.. t .Iw.r" .pu21.41! .

STORE.JlAVINO i quested t* present th. ... deyaob.iaatla- ttentl J tooted aaaoal iabtalmeata with interest ia*J- pin ., I HT Mdkinea sad Pablicatioa of

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: JTt
t wilt be In Pulhc Stall tf JFrwii.
E/1' tecexaaufrl kiawrlf u fcU olJ fruad cribtfl ty Itw, or this notice snU plod ia a. linda V J.CWSUULEY,.,- HAVING dealt largely la Plane'' fe. A T .
s4 the public retftll bar, sad all person IndeMed 4a these who j y f &:St,:184. tf.IVEW Uetmblicu will copy ',-1 feel eosldens. ...; ..>
hereby tolled anto make parmrnt will >e pfe uetl bat the lest sad p.r.stt.sed aM beet Jabbed,
With"1,eipreir* furthe last 28 ,earaJ. _r44w' GE'.D. AL1BV, \ta'r. wrr aied- ARBA JIGnXsTf T, >.UtT, ER.HlP.-The D..t..iIH'011aa.. will be* _. The best rotrae t* this Uy..' .

1 4a1 a,he kope* Is yi...ettltra .iir' .e- KV Weat,"Io, roe V-,_?eb 2J. )S5|: 'M.B.-. wall ka wa BHItard Sal***.us the coiner 0.01 purehued oo.kslf oflhHity; ililL., >*mn-pcrtocs who k,v* porebssed Piaaos aadt'
tiM t* ib. wb wish u kate their work doae tb* shorten*. $ Bay cod gewaa v tf *U. wa opened a n. the b uiaM will refter be conducted in' loIeocIeoaaror,.last tw.yean .110. a fla* 1.

Is usrkss1ie.aeo r.. r : sapudolenOece II E- EUk. oa afooday, voaaeviiu C i:h B1L Lee under .th* same of:Guttan' ,' rtoUa and Stringr.Ae ". V
BUTTER-eooBwi: prat- &..
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!tY.uVgusk4aud J*.e1ry, rtp Irt4 at eons AND. hr45' Ftrkfas cbbice' Dotter 'W'A1TJB : | ;: toMIt to the inteatioa of the pro. cni itrlir of Jlhn OButler & Co.. L.M.TO York:JII'1eac'by. } .-
tke Uirt. iM ; keep a nil bow V .
Bt aMie* feb 1 1-f V tYecWved.aalforai* by" $ .' V tKLLIB. JOn G. BIYTLEIUtgcisitiiIt N,.-0d: Piaaos tk40 la eMbaa rd*rT
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= ; ,. : ", : v 15 G .. :" *ff.-- L"u .: .< .r; .' :;... .. .;:: ::. .
-- -.w-

.. J THE .FLORIDA NBSYS "% I 1Jrofrs! o'naHarbs. JACKSONVILLE. MM.EINSUTUTEI. ." ..-. .' '. .. .< ,T $60 OTC H AL L.lff'B :[ :-, ;. GOOD-MjEglClNES-; J! _

,; PUBLISHED XVrp.Y SAIU1DAT. AT ,McQueen Mclntosh REV. 1. SWART; A. n. IWSICIjXLiiaitto .' :-... HOBENSACK'3 WOR3I SYBUP. ;:: '" .

:.. Jacks*arlll*, Dav4 C*.tr. rtorUa fry ATTORNEYATLAVT., : "An article 'founded 'upon Scientific Principles, :
i P.M.; ADAMS, & CO. allltS Jaeksonrille,-Ha., tf *. eomponaded with Vegetablesubstancea,
lrlthlll.tio andPenmanship. being perfect *af. when taken.And has sever 1
Orthography, 1toadi,.Deflning.eCTveil weeks $&..00oorraph1. A-P.OT. ; :H EC:AftY HAUL been knAWft 19fail11 rariag th TArs ifettarj ia advance. Hopkins & Braham per quarter
Tcaxe;- JMT 'avm,
AITD as,. rrVr/ptftan
f Grammar History Compoeitloa, / after exist when this remw
paper discontinue until all arrearages. ATTORNEYS A.? /-AIT.. Elocution and Book Keeping. o., _' 5.00 ,TEA DEPOSITOIIY dy U 1 thee used, from the fact thai jt net only

J &14. anlese at the optics of the Publishers. Of ric. AT PALATEA, F. F, Higher branches of an lagfiah, M th.ematteal. N..I' Dr. gyrW*-N9BUic.. destroy Il.tD"but reosotet.all the Slime. anti

: j 07" ADVKBTISKYKNTS will be Inserted en the praotieein the Eastern Circuit Business, and Seientifio course do. *.<" '. mac** which may remaa.
jf entrusted to their care will be promptly at- The Ancient Languages. do. '. 1Septll "Wliira.b kept eoastaatly ea hand large and"well ,
II t :
f tenledto. Feb 21.'5l-tf >7 selected assortment of THE TAPE WOR31.

Oaa Dollar per square. ,f twelve line sad under DRUGS AND .CHEJIIC S:, '.' This worm U tbe mostdifficalt one to destroy '

: vt (he flrst Insertion. and TS cent for ah subs Felix Livingston, Sea Island Roller Cott011- 1n& received by We arrivals warranted fresh of all that iphabit the human body, it crows STABLJBR'gANODYNr -' _

4 ie&t Insertion. To yearly advertisers a fibers ATTORNEY AT LAWS milE suMuoimM cr"( iu. for the liberal patroa. aDCIJt&I&- aDd genuine. AlsoBurningFluid la aa almost IgrJefinitv lebgi,and bMcmiag so C RRY ?E.TOT

4s.HaDtwilt be mad. J ACKSOATILLS, FLA 1 age of which he has been heretofore the re- Perlumery;CombsBrflShC8S03P50P3, coiled and faateaed la the fnWatiorrand stomach
Inform the Planters ficiuflieasiy.comindeiiavaiIs,55|
V for before elpient. takes this opportunity ta as to Jill St.
"J7' AH Mnr\iMm.etlnnIJt paid April 86. &C- produce Yat.., Dane* fa
IfW of Sea.Island Cotton that be continues to man- soavassubby anybnubprepanocureot
..Mrtioti unless by a regular% eustomw. By refer- nfactnre the latest Improved HMtr,Cotto" G**, which win b* old tow lor cash.Ceaiitrv which the cause of wany going tr the grave, COUGH,. HOARbEhES! lor u.

[. Hag to ear terms the requisite ram may be uoer. Philip Fraser doable and single, at the lowest rates. Forth. enlrrs elicited aM saoctaallf attevaW t* not believing that these cooiplaiu's have their /prinaof :ro**6N .Co..ii .W ..ti

talnoi and trans lalttel with the advertisement. A TTO B.N E Y*CO UNSELLOR, AT LAW durability and quality of the Gina, apply to the rnrsiciAs's rirr rr WITH. CAKXA30 origin from Tvp,Worm; consequently they' .A8TUI'CROUP, DROSCBln8..
following agentsP : DISPATCH. f donotuselheprop.r medicines tel their disease 1 .
marked with the nnmlker
: 7Advsrt.SmStI0t JACKSONVILLE: ville do. Early State, aftd for the BELIZF d a.'
FLA. !Manfurd CenUrville, To those woo are afflicted with this rIA
t. of Insertions required will be eoitloned unit ILL attend to any professional bnsloes Georgia Win Dell do.' SODA-'V ATElt AND SYRUPS,. ful foe to htfiltu 1 reeomcoenj the nee of aw.ay tient eveR nadtacett Stager .t that rat&
Mineral DiseaseH
'ferVid and chv odbr. entrusted to biiu in the Court of th JliUard.t Ijarguava. do T D Dexter of manufacture in their highest state of r Worm .r.I and Lit .*Ptln,. The Syrup to betaken :-.

r t 11:7Fi: .o DoDar win be charged for all an H astern Circuit and the Supreme CourtsTallahassee. a N A ITardea Geo* Co. 8SprIngs n II lloofrJaoksonv, do, perfection my own,in their soa.ontObS had at th*counter in doses of two tablespooafulsthree times of eombla e3,la a sclsatifl' ..atl'.J.
vannah Mteemed
ouaeemeett of candidates for office; in advance. lIe h.ts also such an nulvintagoons Way Wright Cathey A1.Ugstor a day then take from five to eight of my Liver long value, with tthwi of ...
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One squire,for viz month : : tlO 00 connection with an able Lawyer nt Wt hnjjton J M Tyson BotbeLGeo, E F. TEAS. Pills to dislodge and paN the worm. By strisU tine qaslities besldt' if.""liI', &all

I' Legal or other Business Card rer an. 10 00 City as will ensure a prompt and speej A A D house Allendenon.O Agent (or the N.Y. Pckin Tea Company. Ir following thnedirectiiB* the mol obstinate and acts throoga t" aIls 1ftt1.1

), Xetioe to DebtonaDd. Creditor, : 7 00 collection of such claims as may be placed S McCall Coot Traders'IIUI.1Tma ', A ala Waterman, do. do, TEA of direct importation and of thirty-four cases of Tap worm can be speedily or. class 1I'1'b'put.rdiacaaes.STABLER'8.mcaf1tror1"nn. or wI'

Administration 6 00 n his handssguL-nstthe United States. A Bessant from i to 1 Ib. in a paakage, .
: Application for Letters of Georgia W A Kaox. Micanopy. varieties, ROUND OR STOMACH .WORM. --
Administrator. 10 00 Sept.Sib,1S49 Iy A J Priest Flemington. All irrantedand at extremely price*. This is
Application for dismissal as A A R Kin, do. worm usually found ia the small in. .
for benefit will he char- King.Paf"1naneo. do. C VonDohlen, Palatka GARDEN AND FLO WER SEEDS, testi&es,and ia the
Editorial notices prirato worm most common tocbil-
r ) neLT!2 IIA Y. just received per Brigs Panbar A Meyell do. hayward & Dawson,- OIABBH ': re 1 double the rate of alYerUsng.U 40( Emblem and Del ma. Also 260 bushels B A Co Charleston. S C, PLANTS,
. i -- ... _- "--_- .iHIII will fee Inserted rrataiteusly. o.Ut 2 far 'L..aa.--.a 8 Kiaoa-Thompson Creek. E r. i B LHeriot do. [ DEALERS supplied ar oaosa. adults have frequently been kubWit to suffer la pleasant Mixture,eonipencrfed 'Ia
& n: UAN. G eo L Brown A ewnano-1 I "- i.0. *foinpanieJteuheatk. T.McMILLAN. .vlib' them.. TA| 5v9i/f'*'.most 'prominent meat with tle'rulrs *f rhsrnucr afi agr,:

AU admissable personal communications will be The subscriber keep on bud at'the lowest mar 12-ly while ffccte'I with this w; ..* nardnew and knows ..M 'tan.peutie.ent.1eng .--

barged as advertisement DUy GOOD*-Will be sold at unusually pr"ee.Boxes and Brashes.Whipers for Viins, Rollers fullness or th .n,. kHay stools looseness of their J'fttIlJal' celebrated (01
be 1 JJ1' U ilcl'UEN Ac.; h* also repairs Gina at the lowest rates. POiNSETPS' INDIAN LOXECUST. the bowel ecsC7 ia Curing lJIABRBICE'
must paid on picking I t tneaosea blaeisb .
Job PrUitljj, renk
07"All bills u Persojisin want of Gins will please direct their under. and similar effeetieta. el t... Ii
. L. delivery of the work. orders to the subscriber at St. Slim. Oeo,or to lbeey s.tift, lfyu, rsny ofyoarcbiMrrn action it .u..1' 1H uti .t.
, MARRIAGE TIIOS. V A CE. TUB MOST Live any Iheibovesymptoms. 110.DESACX' a .
Q7: All letters on business and communications! hlugt'nt.. FOR TUB CURE OF thy .JJJifla".t the UTER 11a.
'i WOUH srUUP be de ""'ia
juno can safely .be'causeati.besaie
.ait be po*pato receive attention HAPPINESS AND COMPETENCE. Diarrhea I'n451 ? tIestksi la'* .
Chronic Dysentery by it "
I WAKULLA IRON WORKS.NEW upon using yoi' ave a

AGENTS: Which hit ever ben presented t.h,pd/ie. I! Cp..n.IIpt'y' core: nod \tAftr9i\ov lta- 1
PORT. FLORIDA. cording to f h. directions _. .', ':L: '.
lhejBrfient r is
( WHY IS IT I its merit andneedt not rca 0
Tallahassee Ha. stands owa a0}>*ffig TOO v.ibe
upon above
M.j, JOIM BaiaD, in full ture-l li.
atitblisbment U now opera io tlth.anil the a-"*! thoroughly eraI aand i.
Ocila Fla. That w*behold mviy frmalaa, wares la IK* aintdit ef III?* TillS attended 07" IT HAS NOT FAILED TO CURE IN A .1 I easel recently been introduced with the .
J. 0. RKasnon. Esq., broka All order will be to from tbe .
hail.h and y"rp'
in apinu with s complKatioa of duaaaad INSTANCE. .10t1 ean re t ire<]I of a number of the .Ptn..1
ailmcMa, >|>rmn(ihna of ih*powar lor ih* work done with neatness QTUP there IP UxmcAt Jpa0,,
aajoymeal and all no beyond the ,
JOB DaRLtia Eeq, TaQPrh. of life at aa ags when |4tvaie.l hralih baoyaucy of aptnta. promptness r.ftlr'ly, as foi:r the CIty of Baltimore aad *
. Oen. S. Rcs'euc Xewninsvilie, Fla.Cnpt. .and.i41t W .. ,<>f.,"..ariaui*fraa sc..dui..ofb..Iuh, and Jiipitch.AU : Valuable preparation is compounJe fit), tlieie isirA fvicbwoH a' 'aU) with those I practice have succeeded elsewhere and I.
mii>* several medicinal growing in who most
.the kinds of work such II Rtesm Work roots I asp fly Wtrm Fyrp.'ASCAHIDES adllllJ'lb"
Fla Maar came of M.aalUnnn at tnt-p rf'ap. vests cnrins tbedisense Ia-
J.J. KSIOHT, Alligitor MO.r.e'i..s.Uunnc(irlhood.I or ill*Sat T'an sfsmq.- Mill work, Gin Gearing. Sugtr Mill Ctrculir the Wilds of Florida. It Is steamy in J WHLT ) .-' frwaiekthe, ar,
GIII''errl. Fit.GK I war* ia iheu ongn to liIit ai.|*M aauoticra,aad of taara Vegetable B. Pimsr, Esq, Saw Mnclinery. Shatling; Pulleys. JbngenfPloug11 '
.. Ck>T.R Esq St. Augustine, ". i 15 AKTKIl YEARS : C.istinps, Bun Castings, &c. also, care of tbe above disease. The Investor "n.1 \VOIOIS. lit'DU, as mediciae .bkb be can l. all **-*
Proprietor is convinced that it is invaluable Th'se W"rolS which the hum". pects depend npon.a* *
fully is
an is prepared ,
Cedar FU. too late lo b* b..Szt.d br oar kao*).! ,.. look Sugnr Keulesof .ny size, keIciOAtfltly| on system I '''ca,
Julge ,\. STECLC, Keys, 1m-sad .0..aad rrrat th* full _iia.t ce. of eat baud. All work done in such an establishmentwill :Meilichi' In fact the test that he liiblc, ire thr-tauistironhii-t-ome of all others.. with the peticoDee oho..e oUhtDioet Je'hti

8. Gu's>tE, !fi, Fitatka, Fla.JaCKSJ I VV'bm.IIC"I voald .*ant otta guys to .... .. earl, life.Ste he done by us, with a particular regard to has given it in the town in which he reaLms! They are generally ii. l-e fouiuJ in thr rectum,, and judicious Pybyaiciai, sal 'trimly I.

ratk'T, E-q.. Fleming*, FU.Ju4ge i kaookdec.* obtain ia after jre a r' t Ak4 what. 4a L__ Ihe strength anti duribility of the work. and the astonishing tueetst with which it his mid if-I'ownl! to rtm '1 I.. from the irritation fotmity with the rules el Pharmacy, ne-'
nichu of a h WI miKhl not hat bees >I ird. if the met, w"rr.mts him in that it is POMT1VECURE. lucy f'lotJuce. lay she foaii>lution especially serving his eoave i,. sad *,
E.J. KNlGHT, Mclondet Fla. LAewlchee.aa''1__.. It U Competent Workmen always in readiness to lyinjr a forfcerious I I : wlao
I IKLAXCIIOLY j'j'I I He has therefore come ta the .li-cnlfni. sued as led itnition of the bowels not su readily a* ihv Cilj PLtaieiV *If
I AND STARTLISO J>it upEneinre&c. hate
ctwri'5DB 11.
:Ijt : ; Teimswill l liberal and aM work ilone 'Jetermin.itioti Io place it within the retch of uti-I other Jeriiugements of the stomach. The p own 1ft'8f'riptioDs CODl'OQlhltd by a
'. 1 To beheld ill*atcknna and*afr rii....' > best soil iwfist PhaniMiceuiisi. pnetieal'
br wilt
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Dioee : allknowing suffer with this
FE.I1i J11& tat tinny jrcara from c.. ai-J* .. conuullablr caul7 ftrictly for cash crnccepted orders <'n some mmy very c-tn be used is I
", <$>*',- naMdicd-01 bur Mill,-tKH ucamd.if Try bi .ineiii firm in ibis plioe, Tall.ubasee, ir 'unpleiisunt Hiid often ditngerou l.liuo-asepur. HOBEVSA( K''s'OlUI STRUP. Such is tbe See the dccripuve Pamphlets. f be
WIPE A.\D JIOTIIER QuinC' t ticularly in the southern and Western Sure* n8tooi>biii>! }>ower of my medicine over Atea- gratis of all who have the Medlcln5 1-4

. HaTna received from New Tors a wri-'J of foawvud the iuf'/rmatioa toutaiufd!i.a linlo Talma*.(club ; Liberal, prices judd for'old Iron, Copper aol In purch sinjrtny INDIAN LOXEUiT beT1CULig raditttlut where I .Ir', .ny one to produce II case 'containing reecmnwadafionaDoct. (rt. fur DO'foJAATIJf. sJ.

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