Alice's adventures under ground

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Alice's adventures under ground being a facsimile of the original ms. book afterwards developed into "Alice's adventures in Wonderland,"
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Alice's adventures in Wonderland
Carroll, Lewis, 1832-1898
Macmillan & Co ( Publisher )
Richard Clay and Sons ( Printer )
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London ;
New York
Macmillan and Co.
Richard Clay & Sons
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viii, [4], 95, [4] p. : ill. ; 19 cm.


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Children -- Conduct of life -- Juvenile fiction ( lcsh )
Conduct of life -- Juvenile fiction ( lcsh )
Rabbits -- Juvenile fiction ( lcsh )
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Turtles -- Juvenile fiction ( lcsh )
Dreams -- Juvenile fiction ( lcsh )
Storytelling -- Juvenile fiction ( lcsh )
Cats -- Juvenile fiction ( lcsh )
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Fantasy literature -- 1886 ( rbgenr )
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Fantasy literature ( rbgenr )
novel ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
England -- London
United States -- New York -- New York
England -- Bungay
Target Audience:
juvenile ( marctarget )


This edition of the story of the little girl who falls down a rabbit hole and discovers a world of nonsensical and amusing characters a facsimilie of handwritten text and is illustrated by the author himself.
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Publisher's advertisements follow text.
Preservation and Access for American and British Children's Literature, 1870-1889 (NEH PA-50860-00).
Statement of Responsibility:
by Lewis Carroll ; with thirty-seven illustrations by the author.

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Rm B tont











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VAI bWill gibble me Ifit iot azi tn e 81bg ?"

So questions one of England's sweetest singers. The "How7"
has already been told, after a fashion, in the verses prefixed to
" Alice in Wonderland"; and some other memories of that happy
summer day are set down, for those who care to see them, in
this little book- the germ that was to grow into the published
volume. But the Why ?" cannot, and need not, be put into
words. Those for whom a child's mind is a sealed book, and
who see no divinity in a child's smile, would read such words
in vain: while for any one that has ever loved one true child,
no words are needed. For he will have known the awe that
falls on one in the presence of a spirit fresh from GOD'S hands,
on whom no shadow of sin, and but the outermost fringe of the
shadow of sorrow, has yet fallen : he will have felt the bitter
contrast between the haunting selfishness that spoils his best deeds
and the life that is but an overflowing love---for I think a
child's first attitude to the world is a simple love for all living
things: and he will have learned that the best work a man can
do is when he works for love's sake only, with no thought of
name, or gain, or earthly reward. No deed of ours, I suppose,
on this side the grave, is really unselfish: yet if one can put
forth all one's powers in a task where nothing of reward is

vi a2B Wio oill nibble me thet obi anb tbe i2s ? "

hoped for but a little child's whispered thanks, and the airy touch
,of a little child's pure lips, one seems to come somewhere near
to this.
There was no idea of publication in my mind when I wrote this
little book : that was wholly an afterthought, pressed on me by the
"perhaps too partial friends" who always have to bear the blame
when a writer rushes into print: and I can truly say that no praise
of theirs has ever given me one hundredth part of the pleasure it
has been to think of the sick children in hospitals (where it has
been a delight to me to send copies) forgetting, for a few bright
hours, their pain and weariness--perhaps thinking lovingly of
the unknown writer of the tale--perhaps even putting up a
childish prayer (and oh, how much it needs /)for one who can but
dimly hope to stand, some day, not quite out of sight of those pure
young faces, before the great white throne. "I am very sure,"
writes a lady-visitor at a Home for Sick Children, "that there
will be many loving earnest prayers for you on Easter morning
from the children."
I would like to quote further from her letters, as embodying a
suggestion that may perhaps thus come to the notice of some one
able and willing to carry it out.
I want you to send me one of your Easter Greetings for a very
dear child who is dying at our Home. She is just fading away,
and 'Alice' has brightened some of the weary hours in her illness,
and I know that letter would be such a delight to her- especially
if you would put Minnie' at the top, and she could know you had
sent itfor her. She knows you, and would so value it. She
suffers so much that I longfor what I know would so please her."
". Thank you very much for sending me the letter, andfor

Pao bill trible me thie 1oib anb the Olp)B?" vii

writing Minnie's name. . I am quite sure that all these
children will say a loving prayer for the 'Alice-man' on Easter
Day : and I am sure the letter will help the little ones to the real
Easter joy. How I do wish that you, who have won. the hearts
and confidence of so many children, would do for them what is so
very near my heart, and yet what no one will do, viz. write a book
for children about GOD and themselves, which is not goody, and
which begins at the right end, about religion, to make them see
what it really is. Iget quite miserable very often over the children
I come across: hardly any of them have an idea of really knowing
that GOD loves them, or of loving and confiding in Him. They
will love and trust me, and be sure that I want them to be happy,
and will not let them suffer more than is necessary: but as for
going to Him in the same way, they would never think of it. They
are dreadfully afraid of Him, if they think of Him at all, which
they generally only do when. they have been naughty, and they look
on all connected with Him as very grave and dull: and, when they
are full of fun and thoroughly happy, I am sure they unconsciously
hope He is not looking. I am sure I don't wonder they think of
Him in this way, for people never talk of Him in connection with
what makes their little lives the brightest. If they are naughty,
people put on solemn faces, and say He is very angry or shocked, or
something which frightens them: and, for the rest, He is talked
about only in a way that makes them think of church and having to
be quiet. As for being taught that all Joy and all Gladness and
Brightness is His Joy-that He is wearying for them to be happy,
and is not hard and stern, but always doing things to make their
days brighter, and caring for them so tenderly, and wanting them
to run to Him with all their little joys and sorrows, they are not

viii fjo bill ribble mt the 1obl anb tfe M ? "

taught that. I do so long to make them trust Him as they trust
us, to feel that He will 'take their fart' as they do with us in their
little woes, and to go to Him in their plays and enjoyments and not
only when they say their prayers. I was quite grateful to one little
dot, a short time ago, who said to his mother 'when I am in bed, I
put out my hand to see if I can feel JESUs and my angel. I
thought perhaps in the dark they'd touch me, but they never have
yet.' I do so want them to want to go to Him, and to feel how,
if He is there, it must be happy."
Let me add-for Ifeel I have drifted into far too serious a vein
for a preface to a fairy-tale-the deliciously naive remark of a
very dear child-friend, whom I asked, after an acquaintance of two
or three days, if she had read 'Alice' and the 'Looking-Glass.'
"Oh yes," she replied readily, I've read both of them! And I
think" (this more slowly and thoughtfully) "I think Through the
Looking-Glass' is more stupid than 'Alice's Adventures.' Don't
you think so ? But this was a question Ifelt it would be hardly
discreet for me to enter upon.
Dec. 1886.


The profits, if any, of this book will be given to Children's
Hospitals and Convalescent Homes for Sick Children: and the
accounts, down to June 30 in each year, will be published in
the St. James's Gazette, on the second Tuesday of the following

P.P.S.-The thought, so prettily expressed by the little boy, is
also to be found in Longfellow's r"Hiawatha,' where he appeals
to those who believe
That the feeble hands and helpless,
Groping blindly in the darkness,
Touch GOD'S right hand in that darkness,
And are lifted up and strenr-thened."





THE TARTS . . . .. 68

.W\;. ^OJ\r '^^'^oy -K^

^^~~ .nul) ;

* Ia ia>&ifs

A g *t n7

Al-ce was tajaj.z
e gat very tied of s
\Cy Aer sis^ on. tr4v

:G o7ne or twct sje AXa
pbeepdS Cis tF b'd k Ar
Qrs Ase r w"s re^dLA, id
ad. 7to pietates ,or c0nve sa:ose. ?L id, a.nd w1ee is e
use of a. (rook, ou.Qght- Alim, wi bil-pictures or Con.-
*ve-'saltaons So sAe was eonsidaring in Aer own mzni,P ,
(a.s wa.lL as sh. could, for -Ath AXt day nmade er
feel vey' sleepy acnd stpid2) w/i,4e.- -fA, pLea.sarL
of-' mking7 dcaity- ckai. was wort e. tr-odale of
gfttei U Hp anL picking el claisies, WAit
rkbLit wate pink eyes ran. clos y AAer.
ThA.r wa.s otkng very remarkable i -f.f,
nat d4it Alict -iAin/ it so very nuchA u.' of te
wavy -lo AeA&r 4*, ra&k-f soay -6 Z tsiV "-ev, deAr! I
i. tIbe -a. idte !" (wiVA s64 &io t it ove6 a-.r
wardS, it ocee'rel iL Ar tat she Oat
Aave wondeve ti aft z', { a ,t ttim.t iit all
stemed quit c .farkal)i Gut wften fit rudFacd f lly
itok a vjtc ovd of itsi wisfWttd-ioieft locked at
it, a.Ld Atkn. Lurrid on, Aliet star-t t& Aer2feet,for
1 2

it flashedL. a.ross fezr m.rtdc t-. sAe 14adO f-te/e,
beforee seen. a. r.- it. wit eite.r a. waiskod-pokd
-or a. waeh -b take oatd of l, and, fail of c.rosi,
she ukarrid, CpCOSS e fiea.L ajfLr it, aMd was jnsz-
in. fme. t& se. i pop down. a large ra.rA ttAd.
unLder he Ized-ge.. Int a& n-ome-t down went Alice
after it-, never once, co/tiWderLng now iL. waoril
she was &t ge oud again.
TAe ral4t- tole went st-ra.kt- an. t&, a for some way, anrL then, dppdut suLdde-y
'do/n, so s uddtnly, fAat- Alce Irad not o- mor meA
t -tkn.Lc alroaLi7 stoppin9 hkersel.f, before. sne fviid'
/e-setlf fa.Lin. down. what stemod a, eep weli. the well. was very deep, or Ae fe-el VeZy
slowly, for sAf, A4d pIe-Ly oj ime, as s"{L wen.t
DW, -'to look arod ker,, atn -6, wonder v Lt
woUac( ka-ppe-n. net. First, sIe- tfrie o oo 1k
down. t .d t o.-l wIh-&t she was c,.'omo
uftt L Vaws to d-o k see anryt lZgk -teAe
looked a- A- side of e well a.u rw-ta.ed
-6 "A y wr'e f.led w^t cu'pboarrds ando hok.
-skelves ; lere a-nd- tere were maps a.ndpicctles
k. on. pe-s. SAt took a ja. otow fr on of-o
of te. selves s Se passed : i was Uta-rhL

"COraCLw lAa.fTt'al-ae."' &a-" "> her," -,'taLt Jd.sf/-o.,It~ppm-ii--
- .ent ib- was eTmpty : sAe cLId not like To drop
tk Jjar, for fear of /kcCLZin orn.7erody undereatC,
so t h pa -t i onl one-f -t, caploards
a's sAe fell past i-,
S"WeL. !" AAs0L M- A1Lce -t- Aersdf, "af/e src.
aofo.a as -tiZs, I suaL -iZn.k notLhn, of' tunrm n
down stairs 'How &ravYe $ey'l alL nicrk me,
atL A-e. / Ay, I wou-ldn' say anyf-kAg aL-. u
i, .ee Fa 1 fet off e. tfo f tP Me Aof5e, !(vAa
was most zikey frue.)
Down?, downn, down.WoulId tha faL Z ever
om -6 a, te,,7 "I won.Lder Aow ma.-y -mlde Ive
falls, v y -bLs tcr'f ?" said sde aloud, 7I7us s
fre gettt;g somewLrer near fte centre, of n-l,
ea.rLt.Idt me see: tVae wou- ld e- fou-r thzusanaL
miles doown, I tAcck -" (for yoa seE Alice 4aZ
teavnt several tf.gS f 6 fL-s sort nx-. e lSson.S
in the schooLroom., 4n.d floug/a f&L is was noi- a
OrLy g0dc opportinidj of showo off e Ar know-
-.Zel as wee was no on.e -o /eaor sT-e.
d- was good preadtce -tO ay cb-ov er) yes, l
&te -rtLkI- dist-Ic, La d t neLi what L0oldze
or Lade-line Sile in. "(Al-ce Aad / i*

vi/ftc Lan /7IA'd e wans, or -L aLide ULur, AWI
ske toWugbt &ey were 7yce, grand words W a say)
7Pre5saetly s Irega a g ie I wonder i
I tlall fall rig/d- *rtk -ih'e ear-t i Row fLvu^y
ib' L be 7t& Comeie otc a.m.onq Me people tati walk
wilA tAker heads downwards! 3ua IT sa.11 ave
ta' 4S/C Vtem \ th.t tAe n-me7L of- 'ie coUlntiYr iS
on, kcnow. &Thse, MOa'am, is -kis New Zeala,'-
or Austraeca. F a.n. s.e -rtied to curtsey Ls sXe,
--poke,(fa-cy c^y evLsg as you're faUiLLg 1troaui
t/t.air do you. i-n k you cou ld- manage it aund a.n. cqnora.-t little g- she'll in.7.k me.
for asking No r'll neve-r do fo ask : petrkps I
skall see itk written up somewkere.
DownL, downm, down- : -tMre was rotl-g else
t do, so Ale. soon Ieya.n. tai ki;a a,.a...')ins4
will mr1-s .e vey m- cA? tanr.g.t, I salodd it',dk!
in, wa.s W te eat) I Lope. -tey'li TM-.delr Ae- of 'm.dlk a- tea- -tmne- OA, dear-Di., 1
W.s. Ir ad. you. here, There are no 7nice cn t.e
air, I;n afrCuid, tuL yoU. mit-.b catc, a, b-a, and
iA.Jh s very L k a mouse, you know, y clear. id
do cat e. Irats, wonder ?'And4 Aere Aicef
eg an. tb get rdatXr sleepy, and on s50yin
fo Aerself, in t dreamy So0t of way do eJs
"eat rafs ? cda eaits ean t t-atts 7 and dSO imts,


"do tants eai Cats ? or, as jse a' aswer
eUd/er a-estcon., d-it cLn't L cL .rdwLtr' w AiLc
way se p aL if Se felf itat- ,se was dozi-n
off, and hZ/a.d- JfsI- beg vu.&n t Lrearn -1-4a:ske
was walking ka n. /: Arn-d wiL/ in.a., and
was saying to her very e-aes5ty, ".iw, 7ir a
mY. dear, "tell me wte tru.t. Did Lt. evoer ea2y
a. IrL-at ? wk&er SCiddetity, rp rum.' p down-
sae, apon. a. heap of s5/Tks a.nd si;vas,
anwct the faU waS over.
Aliec wa-s no a. 1-Lb &urt, and jurnampe
on to hfe feet directly : s te looked upi, lOU ir
was a.11 dark overheard ; 6efor,. Aer was
anoTter iong passage., and We whet,1 rat-liI-
was st1l in i55Af, Aurry- 9 cLown. it. TXere.
waS. not a. mo- .nt- b be lost-: away weent
Alice I-k,- te wirzL, an ju.s Aea-rd il say, as
;& tkurnfedL a. co'rne., y ears a7nd wIAt's/ers,
Aow late it's ge-Itn) Ste ,trned. tMe
Confe-r after i -,, Ore.cL cstetlty fuantd kerseZf
L a .long, tow hall, Lt- uap a. r-ow of amps
wu.kL uhang f--raT 6m e roof.
TAhre were, oo a-L rouniL tXe La-.1,
dtd- ct Ho were nal locdedt, and wAen. Alce,
AXdL been all roueLnd i-, and fti- ien re, all,
skA walkedl sadly dow,i -tA middle, wandering


how she was ever to get out a.aI;:slddenxy
sAt c-ame- upon a. title -thrte Iee t4 le,
al of sold glass "Aere war s fnoithin
ly-ng upon 4i-, rtd a. iiny golden key, and
Al,,ce's fist- -den, was ithAn- t i t. m tLt- eon
"o one of 4he c" o dos of tAe, i l,-r- a.las' eder
&e lo1ks were too larJe,
or 46e key /6o sm.el, Itd"
Sa.ny ra i i- would ope.
Sone of +Ahem. JIVve', on
Sfhe secon..d- -trm round, she
came 7a a FIW CarttL*,
.(ekmi wAuZ.U was a. door
alrod- e^afteen. Aues Ayag:
st.e t-ed, he U t.tLe. key in.

kAe. kefycole, z t fdted. .A"iea oApen.t lfe dcloo
&and. looked down. a. smaLL passage, wnt la-er
IRA-. a raA-hole, ti -tAe. lovelitsA- garden. you.
eve-r jaw JRow ?Ae -t g-eb ou. of ita -
dayrk -l& L, a n"L wand-er Jrtad- among ofise, aeds
of. Ibrca.h flowers atd 'tse& -cooL foAZ.;hes, r4-
shke Ccould no-t even. genb Aer Ae ad tMr-LA.k lAe
doorway, a" a, even, if rmy Aad wou.l go f'gro
+--Ac At- poor Altce," J wosl2 be very litie use
wdt hotd my siouaLders OA, kA.B I w.5sk I ca4i sklt

L9f like a.t eit'.ope. I lAu I eodi, if- onldy
knew how 'to Iregi. For, yeu see., so many out-
-of-t Ae-way +Athns hkad A.appeneld atfly, th-t
Ale Irel an. -Wtunk, very few *'tiys indeeLt
were really imfpossilrle..
TAre was noAn.3 45se- o d0, so sAe. wejzt
troak 6 t, & table, Aitf- hoping she nAie find
a.nther key on id, or at ainy vrae, a. oolk of- ras
for sku-ttz'y up people lre telescopes : -t1/s
time. Mere, was a litil. Lottle on. i-f wfu.L
-e-rtan-y wa.s otb there, before" sadt Aliz, -
and -tie -rouLd te-. o- tAe. I-oFitle was a
Pap r lcLrel- w words DR'INK JMWE
IbeO.LtLtjuly p-c Lted on. i- i-n Large ittterw.
It was all very well fo sa say "drim.k 'hL:
"but- I'lL Look firs," aid 4a-. Wise Ltit. Alice,
"a.jt see wAtieh.r tAe. -ditLL's ywa.rkeat sn" or0
-,<" for' Ale.e had read seve-ral nPice, ILtl,
stories atroab. c.lZtLdren tfa. got 8 rrltd, aand
tatin, up lry wdL' belstS, eZn.L otii.r upnlaset-
things, it4ey would noit- re,.em2.r- 4Ie,
Simle ru-les tzekir friends A41L given, lhem-,
sU CLas, iAoL ,i-4 you. 9ge- LnL t fire, it
will trULm. yo, )l t/L.a-, ifa yu. cautyour finger
Very deeply wLi a-knife, it genera.lIy Rteds, and

ske kad.r never forgotten tar-, ( youL drink c
Irottfe. rnarktd. "poison*, it is almo"si- certain
o disa-gree w,&t yoau, sooner or liter.
Ho ever f s ora ttle wa s *not ma..rked
poison. so Alice. tested i-, a-rd finudl i- vtry
nice, ( it /ad- 'n. fa-t, a. -Sort of 7-i'xed. flvOar
of cherry- ta-rt-, eu-stad pine- apple roa-st
t47rkey, toffy, and hot A rlttreLs 'tosi-,) ste Very
Soon finishil i- off.
"Wkat a curious fpeliat!n sait Alice,
"I~ sm te /sAmmt3ng up like a- teesct p .e^
It was so indea : SAP was 'Low only
4e, ijnrce.s U a -.L br frce r^Athtned up
Sit occ-rred t Aer ta-f Sh e was now-e

I- s fof A 0" 5Ae
;nt iJL LOVILY 3&4rLen.Tirft, &4 %e",
waid J'o'r O few Trz-4 e s wkfc-
4to skt-Ln-k alzy Ja-ith''r: sAe
e v- c sng 4, s
et a.n iti nervous abou-. 1fis, for
,At- v,you know, Al AA f,
my *ojn9 -t alto43ther, Jike a caa.dle,
a wAat* s.oud / ,re ,ike, 4Aet I wonder ?
4lL sth -lt.edt to faney w/JAe iA flamr n f a
c-nUdlv i es dieh 4 r the bea.ndle is lown out

for sh. could noit t._W-raIr h/avzn ever
Seen.- one. .7oweve.-, atping more hppened,
so she dLecdeLd oI. gozin into She ac.-def
at once., tar, Olas for poor Alice. whAn. sAe.
qto& fo Wte .door, sAe, fouAnd sAea AdL forgoZitte
tex little, golden. key, and when, she went tra
- / & s +jalUe for te, key, sAeU- fAtuL s-ke
could, n.o possitLy re.a-.A di sA, Could
see iL plainly enoug&l. tj-roag.A -e. gtoass ,
andt she rtiet .,- Ires-t a cJtr up one. of
the leCs of -thfe ta-t, t.f J- vas too sitpery
an-d hen, she. A-d tired AeC-self- odt with
tyi7?z, t/eC poor little -ing Sat- down. a.nd Cred.
Come. e-rer's
no mLSe in. Cryin. !
said Alice b herself
rai&ert Sh-arpty, r
ad vise you. to leave
of-f IL5s min s&/ke
3eLgenLrVl-y gave. bJeyst
ve-y good advice,, and

Ae,5cLf 50 sevey tr"ng fes in r
eyev and once sAe ree nbreLd oxint Ap e
own ta1- forS IAvy l een Iu"cirt '& Att-self

2n a 3a-me of c-ro-otue she was playinLg 7 wt
Acs-elf, for -Ms4 C"-LOLus cALtid was ve-ry fnd
of p7etfndr -o tbe two people.) t bu P5fs no
usa Inow h/oAgitk poor Alcea, "fo pref-e Zt,
ire two people. 1IWty, s-ere's Aan-dy enougaA of
jme left& t make onre respecftal.Z persons /
Soon- Ae eyes fell on- a little eo-ny
Irox YL-n.q untcdtr te -fale, sAe. opened t;, fonld Ln d- a very small. cake, on.
w At/Lc was LtyLn a card w-lA the words
jBAT ME acutiflly prn.ted on. it-
n. large letters "I 'll et, said, Alece,"andL
if i- *m-ak.s one larger, I can. *reack iem key,
and f it- makes me smalUlr, I can. creepa
ILtder kBe' door, So -*elthr woay I'2L geet En1
i.e garden, I don'b care, wAL.cA A-apperzs!
Ske eat a. lttle. bIt, a.nd sai anx.ioisly
6ti herself "whick way ? wzay ? and lard
kter hand on. -Me top of Ar5- Aea.t a feel tiAcA
Way it- aS-s growing "fd was qeuite surprised'
-f9 findtL '+ka- sAt rTrnai-nad fLt. same. site;
tn, (re su-re *is is wi.t- gdemners>y happen-s
-&n n a- .isa cake., bu-t Ai sce, had got
in-Ai the6 way of eipecs-Tag nothing (rat out-
of tae way -thlngs to AfL-ppteI and it stemted

qteu dall and stupid for ihuAgs i
go O7 in e cofrn.n.o772i. way
go S/le -'et wVVo'-k, 0nad ferv
S0oo0 fin2sALed. off iA4 calke

L-Lr OLS 'oUr- oad CL-.LuStoUe CrLced
Alce., (s/e was so sr-'prtsed4, Aj.ste
tL fLi t ^JCV Aowi Lo speak goofd Engs9iSA)
"-now Iz' opLltnc out ltke th. largest.
telescope, 4A-tt- ever was! Good yt,
fet' ( for wAten sAe tookeA dowLn
a\- hae- eet, 4A ey Seemed. almost
olut of- sqA-, tAey wee ge-t', so
ofar off 'o. ,y poor #Ut& feet, I
WondL wAn wl pul on. youdL sAoes
a- nd Stbockl(S for yotu 7aVE,
"I'm sutre l ca C'n' S I sl/ re. a. g at
teal too fAr off T kthe mer myself a vo -
o L you-, -te /res6
a 11 way you. ca,- frd I T m.u-sf te Cm7Ct
-, -th,-', tLokghi- Azice., "or perkaaps
|-ey won't walk 4A-e way 2 wa.t
S3 go Lf me. see : I'LLU g9 fIr
a. nw pacir of- oots every
And sAe. wenv- on- pUr nt-
:o A-ersety. w sAe. $ Wou.L mL a-e M t .

"tefy mst- go ty the Cti,-," *e tkoeti.,
and how funMy M'Z 5e3e-L, 5en/d q prsveelLt
f oZne' own. feBt AnRLd ho oddL the ,dGcns
ok. d-ear! whkai- n.anestsef. I a.m taLke.nq !"
JusL at -ta s mrnomamnt, h!r an.L struck
oLga-nat tAh roof- of jhte oa. t: ir. f;zd t s5he
waS how trCthe.r more th ru'L .tL. feeb- Aigt,
a.nd she ati orte took up the. Lte, golden.
key, anu 1 u-riLd off tAt gardeLn. door.
Poo-r ALice f d- was as &m. as sA&
ca-cld do, 2yiq down. on one scels, t look
fkroLglA inft -MAe. ga-rden. wai. one eye tuat
-t get- 1t4rarg. was rnr7te hopeless Man, ever:
she Sa t down cnld cried again
"You. ought -A be aska.*med of yourself,
Sa~d ALce, a. Vrea^ girl tike yeso,"C(sfLe mnA-
eUll say -tis, i a ery in this way Stp ihus
mLst -IA, .I tell yo! 8 ut sAt cried on ail
tl/, sanme, shidin g9allnos af tears, iutid
tthAe. was a. la-rge pool, alroit foar tn-cass
deLenp, all round uL A-, and reacn.w /iljS Wcy
across thA. kult After a. tme, se se. 4on a.
ltle. plttet-ina of feet in. -the 6tasta.e, and.

See- woAdt was comenq.
It- Was tle wAif

ra-kb com, tack
"0 aa-na, splecdIcdly
dressed, wCI a.
pair oF wAL1 /ckd
J gloves Ln. rne Xm. k

hL ,,I/Aer. Alh-. w&s rTaC ta ask /Aelp of- a-y
one., sa Je l- so desper4sa, and. aas iAc raJMid-
passetd hei, 5Ae SidL ,tnR a low, mZTn' voce.
"If yao please, Sir-- the rablik strtiw
viotlently Lookedt p on-e ,n,& 'Ae r-oof of
tfe, kh-l f-romn. "ucA. A Me voLce. seemed T come.
an_ taen. dropped tAe nosega-y a.nd. -te whik
Lca.d g9lves, anji skOLri .d. awavy c.-7 -le dacrk-
-nMss Qs hard o-s Altce took up iAe. Rnose6ay and glves
aTni. found -Mte nroseyay so cdelilouts ifa-
sze h wen.t on falki.n -z A ersef--- "dea.r, dear
/ow qu-e eve ya is day a-nd yestr-
-day everytfieng ppe ned Just as usutL :
J nvomder tf I was c,4angeI in 7Ae hml ?f
Let mr. -th'nk;was I '"tL Same wALZ. .
got i fA^s morning ? I MUink I re.mtmreIr

Sa-f, wle in -tihe world am, ? A, -f-tf
4e, great pae22le !" And. sht Ie trJcii
over aU te' children. she knew of tMe, same.
a.e- s herself, see if- sAL col.L A-ave
lreen. .eha.gtLd for a-n.y of -Iem.
SI"L s, re T L? ok Ge&tr~t le,"MAe said,
"fo-r hr k goes in ck. lo- Zlietl and,
9nlztL doesni' go 0in r-nglitj d all ard.
I' -. su--e., Ia ca'rt e F o-enc, fo r fi krow
all So0,ts of -jl:Lg3s, a-d shL e, o se, /ovs
3nAh a- ve-y Uitle Besides sA's Sft, andA.
*rm I, awd ok dear A ow PLzZLL9LSa i-
au is I'll .Y qI Aw all -&, A tas
I aset. know. Lc me see : four Gtis
five is twelve,, an-d fouLr tn.s. Six is 'Uti4rin
and. jfouL ZrfLes sevez7- Ls foLrten. -- o/ dear /
I ^fcdl never get- t0o tWer7ty at tks rt BUf-
f,. JMl/Jcat.o-7n. Tafle dont sm fy --
Itt6 try &eogray/ky. LodJon. is l capital o
'ro-Tce and-L R.orAm, is hA. ca3piaL ofYorkshe
and Pa.ris-- okl dear taLr,! tSiat' all wroa
I'h. crtaLt. I 'mcst Aave. -ee,. anged fi-
Tereze. -I'ltvy SOy EHow do-tA iM.
ittlt3 LnadL s et crossed IsWr AX.ds on. A-,

1abp ,aLd `regia., & CruL r voice so u-eL
A.orse and- strange,, acrd beo Wo-)ds dW Put
soLRuL ~e same. as ~Ar used -6i doo:

".HkoHw cdot iAe little erocoIdl/e
Imp-r-ove. its s3Jn ad d,
An pouLr WtAe. wdars of ACe A NtW
On every 3olden. scale '

Hfow ckterfuLy it See/ms To 3r'.
How &exatly spreads it c-aws !
AndL Wetlcmes lidtLe. fiskes in
"Wt2A- gttLy smdia jaws s

Im7L se tAose,- a-re nob 1. e rbit
words ,' Sa. poCr Altce., ani Xe- eyes fLed
wit, feors a.s sAe. "I u. Sb-
Florente aftLr all, Cjnd I As3kl Aave. -t go adut
live in. 4-At poky -ide kou-se and Axave-
ntext t. no fys -t play witt, amjd 4.! ever
so 7nm.%wy lessons o Learn. .o ITe. ,made
UP my fLn-L, at-oud- it' : if I'. FTorence.,
I'll stay down !' It'll ne. -no LLse 7ieT-r
-pbt ke -erik 4ads town an1d sayiy I come
, ker I sAil only look upi andi SQr

Uo a~nt I, ^ ? ^s!r ^ f^, ^
S, U; I lZkAe 6ecw lai Parson, ILt coma7
PL: if AOt Ull stLjA down 2ere iU1 L'
somedrody else-- frmd f dear/l e+tC
ALce, wMt4 a sadden rS- o tears, ." I do
wisA tZAey woiuA pal ht Aa o owL. O
1 am so -tr:d of te eg cLU alone Aee /"!
As s4e said. ts SAe looked down.
d her A/elalds a.n was surmised to ftit
s/e k4d pau aor one of i-tAe r-abit little
gloves wleda she was talking, .w Ca
TI Akav e o0n1& l A-t- ? A0ogAt sA, JI m6e.t
be gnrowi sm l alglin.l SA. 5.-t nn dn
went ti Me toble t mnta.sure h-trselfj y
iW ndL fouWaL $-at, a s tata.rly as ske, cotUJ
u-tess., sse was rw around. two fezet AABk,
and woa. gotr on shAri.kln rap;jai soon<
sAt fouaid a-Ct tkik fA. rea-Son. of i& wv.s
t6. n.oseaSy she A6ldL in. Lhtr hand: sAe
dropped y; LXustdy, ju4s,- in -tine SO-ve
Aberstef from shrinking a-way altoetAeUr,.
ad founrJ.1 tfA sAt was naow only kr'ee
inaes AS A.
fNow for the. 3a.dn!." crd AWie,

asJ e LA r tLdt tr.gCk -o -Me L:de& door,
;4 et iL ittle dooir Wts lodea k &a,!, aL
e Lttle 3. g1EL kea vay s aYlyn fnt-A. g5 s
-talrl 'a.s before, enLd tngs are. wiosQ
th-. ever !'" /tu.- f te. peOr tittle gji-,
"far I rn)ever was as sriL a;s thas tevfv.
t And I dte'rep t's i iad., it- t's "s
At tlS
lef foot sLpprd-,

first ide34 4s
a.7ZL SP.IA f S-t

Lat she Ra4L

sea: tken. *4
m embnered. bMr
e was &noAer

SoIoL 4ade oi Ct Wafs tpool oftears sAe wej vkex she was mnis Feet kS.I wz
I h.dnit- zred so m4 ..! satd Alice, as e
swvom bJout, trains to f 'in &.p way ouLt, KI
skML &e pancuhed for i' now, sipose 5-,
fri.g fwn *dn. myWM ownY fearL s .Ai 'ti'll
17 3

Ie a q ue7 dik ,k htr. sre .;-!swtrvr, every
"litg is queer todaoor ver soon. sAe s.w
somettiag sp&laskia ab-out in. Mat, poOt
er- ker : a first sAeh MtougA- U- m-st
. a. waLu.s or a. Xippopota."nJut t .
ske ereitm-ire.JL /o, small sAc. was A.rsel
a.Ad soon. made oa- A -b it was oly a.
nfLSt, rrta Aa^ slppetL in# like herself.
Wouli .I- le ay, n.ow," -.oa.01.-
ALce.," speL .-4 -tis mouse. ? TA rTa^i
and so have I 6een.,Ever sincRe X tCae. cwn
Ae~re, &lu fA'I- is no rea-son. why iA mocse
sAould not 1b able -I4 L i. I kin.,k I my
as wetl try.,
go sAe leian ." oh Mouse ds yeo0
"knov Aow -to ge out of -i's poal ? I am. Vey
tired of swimming alroct Ate oh. Jtlo4sea
TkA 7noenSe talked atb Aer -rctA i&Lu.iSi7veljy
aLted seemed t Acr t wLnak wl: One. of- i
litte. eyes, sLt it s .ad rtnajg .
"~Pe./.ps ii doesn't nder.stajul En9Iias/
oggh6t Alice; 'l daresay it5 a Tednd mouse,
come over wi^t WLitm.n-te Cliineror !o (for,

---=i- IcS=-;--_C
_Fi- ---



---- ___--4=Plie
----------- --i;---
--i3-- ----i _L-
F-;_ -_ -
5-- ---- --3---
--iC c=-
-- = --P- ---

witt aV l Ar IowledL of kkisniy-,Ahe 9AC
no very clear, nohtn ow /oz ago any. tk
k a "m3. c&:Zte, ?* wck waS -s e firsh seic.
oa- of Iher Frenci le5.son -boo kA TL rncss
gave a- sudd&Ln Jv rn -. t pool, and seeme
to .aUVr- witl fr;)ght-: "o, I t your pardo
cried Ac.e l easily, aj,fi -".A. sh ,pd Lf
i e poor t-ntl7m-ai, I -ih forgot
"yoe. didnl'- like cat.s "
obt LCk cats !' crie.d I th, 7m se.,
in a skLtritL, passionipe voite., "wouwLt zy.
like cats if- 3ta. wrt me ?
"tWVU, ptrAa/p.s not:, said Atlce. in
a. sootf+ng -,,ne," 4o/- e,. so gr i J t
"Ain yet- I wis/. I could show you,, o'Wi
Co,- Z)inoe. :L tlxknk you'd fake ae fauir-y 1
afe Y- yO. Coua only pse hAer. SAN. is ssca
a.d,-L .it- "hid -," said A&:ce, /itLf h
verS l-f as sfA swam. La-ziiy aorowt & cte
pooL," sAe sLtS puriing so nicely /'y fVe Ifcrc,
Lickin? her paws and washing .'r face.: and
she/ is sm-r-L a ruce. Sof Abng nutr5se. and
Se f su.cA a. capi/a o n. fone r catitng mice -
A! I tg yoar padon. crIt eie po A.lite

Oain~-, for f-u -tfLe te. "eOsa was ris7in,4-n
&LU ovtr, oun sAe felt cea .4rt.i f *- ws
Treally off ndedJ ".ave. I off ed. you. ?"
Offtded ctn.eed /" crect -the. mouse., w
sceme.d to tre positive4y'n twif rage,
ouar f dmily always A..ted cats ya.sty law,
vuLL94r +kngS Donib talk 6o mfe aLtoxt lr emn
artny mor .
"I won'- tnd.ed./e saL. At'ce., Ln
/IIL .r b cA& m d a e L o nver a-n o., are. you--
are you. fortn of dos ?" The. c.d
ot o.-nswer, So Alice. wertzt oLn. e. ayLe-y :
is 5 sL k a. Hic little ,do ne.a or or ouLss,
I shovLd- ike, t6 sAow yoe A Idtle. tr-gQ--
.eytdc tfr-ri'e-r, yo LL know, wttt o.! StcA lon.
c t7,-r1 broV'n- A-aLr / And J'Lll fej-ik -tkgs t vjn
you.m -tkow tlem. a.nad d'll Sd- tup aad .g
for its -dL.-ne' 'r, a.ll 5o,1 s of 'fZings-- I
ca'n' .,.e,-,-e Al f of {ethe. aL-nd. df
e.lo1-gs to a. farm ,.,r, andc Ae says i- kilLs
Sallt -t ra-ts anLd ok dea-r ! Saida A! sa.tdly, "I'm afra.ord 've offereded .t- a,.k.!
for te mnoI St was sw4t -tc-3 aw.vay from
I.e-r as hao.'rd as cti trld go ain d makin
qu.iL. a CoTmoYot'eOt InL the pool as if wen.f.



So she, called- softly a.ffe, i-: v & n.:LSce
cttar 'bq come. faek o-ga-. andot we Wo'n'
talk -rout- cats and dogs any ore if,
yoiu don't /ck.. iAem When t os arexl
fhis is 'tur a.i ri swom w iowl a.k to
h'r : its face. was qc.lZ p ale,(wi/' passion,
Alice 1tot;tf,) an. it si mn a. tre-.mln
low vot lts g et6 t, Ste. skore, and tken-
I'U ftel you- L y Aisty, an.7d youL'VU te-irstaul
wky it is I ATe cats and dogs.
-t was AL9kg iLmme to go, for +'e pool wa-s
gefti n-7 4t f uU of &ctrds a.nd anTrnals t al-
AiL faU.e.n inLt it. TAer was a D1ack and a.
DoNdo, a. Lory and an-. Eaglet oth., Cu-ritouS c-reatu.Yre. Alice. led -itA way
anfld ^Are whole A arty swam *ti. so afe.

Tkey wer indeed
a cmriiocs dfckzg"
S pa rty efmst smelled
onA. 4r a kLoc -isA
&irds witk radgloh
fles -UMen anamuis
.L itn Ueir fur el~sinn
-44lose a tlun ai
---- Sr" -- l/lue T4"e
drippn3g wet, cross, "d ucomfota/ l.
first -ue-TCfr- of Cou'1rse was, &tvow g1C0 day:
Hity hA,0 a Cosul/ta,4n atout ftis, and Alte
Ae-rdly feti- at alt surprised, at facuLing er.
-setf talking, 'wic Ate. tirids, as
if she h cLao k nown fV tn. atL L- 4f-. In.cdeed
sAi. Aau.cL qG a. n a g0u-we nt w*d4 IiA.
Lory, who at last tuc-medL su.Lky, and. world
OTn-L sty I arn5 oLcL- thtn you., and rnast-
jCnlow r-est- an-cd /s Alce wou./cld ot a.dfrtz
Wluo.atl- Aknowig hlow old Ase Lory was, and
as lipf Lory posiTivey -efused o t&iU iLs
a.e-, thre, was 'notAfLn more o 6e, said

At lasb thie m.otLsa, wAo seemed tS Aave
some d.LLtAo*riy L-m.i7-7Lng tAem, c&aleI ouLt si
down., alL of you., andL attend -t -mey I'll
Soa, Mnakce you. dry en.otgk !" TAe-y all 5at
down. a-t o0nce, s4 veiLng, in. a. *y /iOR. g
Atlc in. A-te nm.idle,., wib he-r eyes anyioysly
fiyxedL on. the. 7-mouse., for sAe jfeL- suLL'e she.
woald cAd-ci a. t-adL coiLL if Ske. Lid
gtt dry very Soon..
"Al nm. !" S -iLd Ae --e. 1OS WiA a-
Self -mpotaLmnd air, are you. aLL. rea-cdy F TAis
is th. dLriests tAg L 7L How. 5i4en.7LC all
round i if you pease !
W i.Tamn -hte- Con-iueR-ror, wAose case
was 6y tAc. pope, waos soon su47mittid
-i tr try e .En9IglS W wa-nite-d lea d'rs, ami
aoL teenn ofr Lat tLMwck a Ttmiomed. fn a.surp,
- oZZo erud cOrtu1 e s. EdIwinn aL.n Moie&, -the
e.artS of ,Mrec. and 7Nor tU mrX r t, --
"L s tid th- LLry wit{ a- sLA;VIr.
JI Ire your pardon. ?" sad the *moae,
fo-,.- *, vfut- v ,ey polittey, 'dd Jol sjpea.k ?
Not Io* !Y' s5Ld Lory A-s-iLy.
I tmugkAt youLA LL, saUod #t4. *9,waue, "I
pr-iced. Edwn, aunt "kMo-rcar, -t11 eat- of
jAere.. a- d .'- Notum.v rn. decla-red for' 4i1r:

a-nd eve-n Stian, ,t'e patrroIc aUrltcsIop
of0 Coadt-tn y v fou-nd it O&dvv'seislt t o wA 9
Edgar AttingL To hm eet Ciic.a.m and offer
A1im fthe. eown. AiL.ia-m.r's concdut was Ct-
iTrk mndacLerate -- IL-ow aQre you- getfenq an -now,
dle.a ?" said. he nouse tMn.g -to Al ce
a,- it spoke,.
"As we as ever,," sidt poor A-li-e, i-
doeset seem -6 dry me at aOL.
"In. iatf- case," said -Me Doodo solemnLy,.
Lr,,, 6 Ls, feei-," I ove iAa-t- 4A meet_
a.dcjou-mn, for -tAe iLrtmeedia.t adoptfLon of more
e r.d^c .refLedies --
"SpeJk Ent-zS said )a.okc, I
dot k now- -Meamng oJ kalf Mtse, Long
words, a.n. whti rnmre, I lto, re*ve.& you
do eikc, An.J .AL DuLL-u.c qLacfed a- Com.-
rtable la.Lq .it^lf. Sorne of e. 0ote
--d titt-e-elC aLL.bly.
"Il onLy m.-,o, I7s ,y. say d tAeDodo
in a. t~er offTe d i-n, Ab I know
af house *nf.a &rOe., whFere we- CotI.
ge f-Ae, yoUng IIady ad kCe of t6e
pa.4 0LrLfed, 4Ln^ct -ew# we. ould C tis tin
Comfo,.taltly f6 -t&e stI-y wkLA- I t LMk
ya L were g0oo0d. ,rrl^ t p ,romis A fteal
Ls',^ l4rf 97gravely -e y A o m)' se..

The mou-se. .adcA nmo objecon.t -5 tALs
and. -. e w14Ze paa.ty maove. alJong tAe rcver'-
trao-k, ( for -tAk psoot ola.t y -fIj:s tms 6egan.
Sflow ou o- of A -t / AlL, an0d edgeL ofj z-
wa.s frngted wdifr. rsAs r anL forgAt--me-not3,
inm a. slow processiot.. 2)7odo leadtnL- IfA.
wayr. Afh-, a. fme. 1-a odo pw;e-
a.nw teavn"g +1t e Duc to Irrn 7 up tAek rest
of -iLe party, m-ovetd on at- a- aucke-r pa-ce
wit. Alie., Ae. Lory, an., 6tc E -glet,- anet
soon. trroUg/At he. fo a. liitte cat&ge., a.nd
-there th4y Swau-gly ty iAe. fLre;., wrapped
up in tLarts until -th. rest- of tie pty
ha.d. ar-rived., an.c-L ty wtyre alL idry,
Th they a.l sat down &adin Zn. a.
large 'rnq on.L IA. rar-k., an.d 7 beged- te.
trmse f3 IYOeginL. Alis se7ry.
"Xiea is 4. tonq a--d a. Sat le' sa' d
Snuwse, tu.rwnjg -s A&ce, an2d sighin.
"It Is a. ton.o fad., ce-'t.LLty, sa-
AlUce, ZlolooZ daw. wvitt vvwonder a-b iAe,
ao-se's tail, ohwui wak 6 codied, nea.y alL
,oa i-the. prly,'" tL-t why dto yoL ca"ll 'it-sad?
oad she we.nt- on. puzz2L.LT amko6t Z54is as
i.e mroarse weit on speaking so -aM.- 4er
idea of HA at-le. wvas Somegteit like 1t .ts:

"Wya.rn acLf s9.u5 aAdL- A-t
-t uJ- one woe, at
Was -t*a ed!
a clog, In
iAL' Vt&S a'
fog, On Q*r
hAorfi a. Log

tWhen. .A.
O^ a ay,

2rf-, aa.!
oCTW1 oay, n;A.. y a




5.yL 4

"You. are not attinLjrg !'' sai s fnou se to
ALice severely ,"wint- re you. tiAci.kly ofJ ?"
"1 3 yu ry pa cd-o..7 said4 A&ek. very
kusnrLy ,"you. A.t,0 got tie f4f ti be-d ,
I itkck ?
"I l Satd Lt 1 P criLd tAe moaLse, sa-rply
e(d v ry t.ngriy.
"A knot !" s5ad Alet, al'a-ys reaLy
14 mna-ke hatre.Ltf uLsefju.L, eni .d ioouing anxiou-sl5y
antou her, o, do leb m.e htlp a ucAdo it!'
"I s/ill do tfoti-sg of 4Ae sort1" !e L
lse MI'oDase, Otilin-g L>p a- N^ waOlke. away
froam ht pa-tyi "yo itlS- l Lfs dy itLt-h-sw
"T dzdl 'ZCL it!* plead-41 Jao0r
AlLe,/ srd you're so eaSily offnde.Ld you

The n. only gyrowvi e -repny.
"foeasr comer ckn a-n. finis/l ydtr
ti7y f!"AA calleL qftr tr, aLd-L 46 -tA'ers
oli join.e en caru6 vyes, please do0!" At-
t4e mouse only 'Sh2idc ds elars, .nd.. walkeL
Urickly alay a.end, was soon eat of scit
"-WAc^ a paty it wold stay!"sLQAedJ
thLe Lory, a.nd an. old Caolr took tire oppor.
-tU7ity of s"yinS o its dLaLgktir "AiL,'y deaLr'!

let-tis f I. lessoI -to yoeL *v.ver lose
your tf7mpr." "old you-r ng9ue,.'ArJ.!" SaLd
4/Z ;yo-n- CrO4, a. Little sw7LayD slAy, you'ree
enough to try the pdiente. "I wish. .1 Aad- ou.r aina. he, I know
I do' said Ali&e alo.Ld, addresslnS no one
in pa,-rt7-lar, s' Soon ftoA. it- b.kc !
"Ant wo is ZDZ i a, if- mr i 1emtiur
-o asc the 4QLue stion ? 9idL t e, Lory.
Alice repli.est ea.5e.ry, for Se was always
ready -o talk ao-ret Aer pft, D)isa's our
cat. And, sAit's srcA a. Ca.iital one for cadfdtiy
tn.iA, you. CrctI- WC.&klc An.L o I wis/ youn.
col-dt see A/ur aftr te Irat ds! IW y, sAhe't
.at a. tttle t,-r as soon as look at iPI"
t'Asis answer, Cau.zSd a. re.w.-rka.&le
ScnsaO.toin aL-6-Of) 14e, patrtty ; some of tae
ri-ds ui -ried, off at once ; one old mnajpio
te anc wrapping 'tselfi up very careiully ,
,-reft.g "I reuly m.Yst be geing .omwse:
the- ngitt cL- dov-s rot' Sfit. my M thAob aftnd
a coCa.y called- o14- in a. trumbling VoIce
to irs .jildren come, away from. erv, ny
derars, s5's *no fit Con.p any -ft yorY On
vari.ou.s pretxTe 7Mty all moved off, an.
ALice w4as. soon left alone .

dBT----J fEZ

-- f3--cs h

_----t iL1

.I12-ss -- -





She. sat fvr somei-jAt, s orrowif dt
and. siled-, td sAk waos log before
ske IrecLovered. kAe sp; F,2 a, and teg" tans
o ferd-eef again as msca.i I do wid
some of tw-mv fLX stayed a. Ittle lognoe
and4. I wafs jrftoy ~o Ie sacA frienLs wil
-*em. -really 7Me Lory and. I were. almost-
like .sistes. and so was iA/d- dea.l r litter
B.aql- And. -tMeh. -&A D.- k a4nd j e t Do D /
oiw 'nic-ly -te. DA u.cJk saftql -6 u as we carnet
alon., hkroL L -tAUe watei : ajnL if )oa
AaL-nL kwz. -Ce waw -Y -Wjr re. tie.
csgtt-, r- cdorl rzow wkren. we. sAou2L. have
50it dry aan an- -heref is n. knowing
uoyw long sle u9bfr. pras.tleL on. i.
ius Way, if shJe. aLdL suSldde can-v-
'{jtfe Sotf of paS'emf r fe.CC.
It- ws be wkif rzlt', irsoi&n
slowly tace a an., aCrd Ioh;iw an.^'onsy
a-rou, k as il- Wen, as-5 if- 1, 5ad b > s
SometlTth and- sh Ae. heaL b Utter ing
/t ylr-ef ikAz K^aCcvluov2egs -t. Warcacne es
oI fty deap paws o! mny fn an. wia Wsk-TS !> avs .pne fxMe.u.'fet, .s sirt as fe.ates

Swornder Ahlce gnjesset itn a. rmom.r-nr tVa-
if was looking for Ite Tnosegay and- ze, .aer-
of *vjh,&t kj gloves, and sie h% aOi 4-&-9LicL
C6r -thAen., IruL- Athey e'-e r, n,w qzowhAee to Ire
seen- eve-r''Ytzg" see-rr-e.L t have c-.n,. ecL
sLu-et Ae-- svivL7 eo- thze. poo2, and Aer waJlk
alo nm -/e rivTr- ban)c wi-l it?, of
rks/zes afln foryt- mea-ndt, a.nd. -ie. gla3s
ilBe 0a.L /t little do-r 4ko.L va.sisA-ea.
S -onme alrl.r
not ced Alic. t as
Ss5J stod lool^ng
ScLL-Oi"sIy abouSf
h e a td ai once
;k ;n- a. t,,-dC
Y -n -es," Wy,

ire y ou doCng out.
horee ? t ome z i
homeon atn4c loAk

n n dfess- For y g/oves and. Zoseygy,
r feta 4L Ae4e, aOs QL ca k as you. can.
r, y ear ? a. Alc4 was so mucA
j.thgSn i/a- sie -ran. of o c.e,wlO-
S 33

soy^n a Word-, 'n k do ec/-. w^c e^
rag4iAt AkL poinfticL ouaC
S Oe soo? found A-self fni
of a teat atl- t i, e tuse of. aie door, of
WA -A was a. frrqh- ,-oss plZt w;
ti, name IV. J^A.^BEBITT', ESQ..
s54 went int L rA dLcLu uapstirs, fov
fea r sufwa -71h reaL -r An,-
andrt ^ hwur. ou-i of 4Aee Lu se 6efoye
sAe Lal found -iAe. gloves : 5Le k, #tfiai-
on-e. faoi-r- f..a een /o- en H L "M. Lt
of cou-, TAou/At.- ALce, "t- ka pLtn.y
tn-re ojfe-ie- t. fs a-se H-ow u.e-er d
seems bOe o30i- messages for a. rambb'
I suppose 3JL'l-' it Ire, s en-An me 7e- sag es
tned !" An-t sh-e Iga& s- f-'y -the s5a- off
'Vi s -rAS a- woLQ- ha LapPen Alibs A tIe- r
Co'ne- be d5-ecd/y a-1 iL gt re.adt for you
wval ? 1 C'om(uL in a F, .-PCTe frUtt
.'ve got & watdl -tuls rrust.olle. t&ll Dnoa
co mes ra-ck a, ?d. see- tLa- t e. mIouse. coemsn
9yel oUt "- 2 dJ onL -Lk ,Lk AtZe-

te AoUse. if- it drgaf ordering pe ople.
QoJtr lf'ke. -dAJ^- "

Oy -s,.i-men. shAe A-as. foau.,L I,-
way c a. -tdy little .room-a a.
table *n YAte wi-ndw on- w.'A. was a,
jooJ<-.o-m gLa65 aCTLct ( a.s AL-ce atL ftapep .
"two o0 TA-ree, pai-rs of- t'", wvuAk kd stoves
sA, took up a fp a of glovs ',a d was just
gopng o 6 aLve tfl. ron. */m n. A,. eye fLL/
fa en a. little 9-otlt. tAl- shotIZ. ne.aR-
look n glass : ItgrVe was 97-0 La. el or id,
his itrnep, wit -Ate wo-ds cLrLink me.,' bu.t
twv,, f'ielefs sAe un.crkte it- ar&d pauA J
s4 o-n I

aW- res r a.pse
..w 5" ,

""Aen(r7v cr eS
or 3dl 4-i
so I'5L see 'vAat

I do kope kl4L
rmak& 7ne.. 9VOw

La.wer, d 1.T7 eLtL tE-. F 4ec7, S a.

di 5s -o mndf4E a ncriLO soonm..
3. 4-2

*tf s-sexpethd ; tre.foe sAe Ald dranA
fa-2F the bottle, she fouLvd 4er Aead pressiaj
Sa.ins5 Ve.. ce.itin3 QntcLse stopped save.
A.e,. neck frolm. tre-.g broken arduL as&y
put i'- se-yL t a 2o S Atlf "tlA-d

I 6pe I aUo
drat sLo 5n0 mmcb
Alas I t
wa s too let- :
se4 we e oin

o som. oA ac-
kneel dovnm:if

;iL $ZTr k n e 'rIn 4-, roi eveii- ford
-ttW aWd sCie Lri7d nt/se ;frc L of cLinY
down, wA- Ome aow agjins a door ,
_n & -[IAe. ot C-q CLmE "uIh m toan Xer
Xp ad 5tigl s/he wec-e on growi-jg nd as
1I "RSt resource_ 6/Le p't one armn Od Of
-la wLdow, anLt one ft uP 11e6 cxunmfey,
O.J sazidu &t Aerself- now I can. do no
gt v/JaAt w ll yeome. of ne "3


": 4eJ

Lackkyi for Al&e", te littL. mrn-aic ottl.
lad now Ad4a its fu-lL e-ffect, an sAe grew
7no lae#t1r ;: 6l i Was very ULnconfortailS,
and.- a-s tfem. see m"d- &-L zo o sor-t of
cAace of 3e-. gcttg ouit of -t4A room
o.goin, 1.0 wowLdr-T s/sL feLM- u.n.Aappy It
lva.-s ..a.s-. Plsa, a .- me. f ,, ou-,kt-
poor Ali"s, WAhe, one. was' always "row
la-rar and- S-nraiZ, a-nJL. Irn-nj ov reiL
JDrodt wi ce, o-r ralbbiti I atnost
wisA T AiLnt- 'on" down. 'Lt-,
a.d yd a.. ,,-- '-d rd.atL. cU.ri,-s,
you-. kcnw, *Ai so-t of le I do
wAat ca* j.veo /aLPpe/n" 't rz / TV n
.J ,,UtL -6 -.L faiy-tils, I fa,.e.,t.
+ik.b so,+ ot-f A, ntvcr Lapp.ena.d, aid
n,w A.t. I 0-w7 e& L, 4 ,rad.4. of on. !
T *,.. otLh o1-& et a..Iook wri7tL awo,1
w.,. "AM" 4(A- o,,g k- f aem wlh.. I kew
up wltl on*..- -t I grown. .p
rawi" Sat.d s/te -n a sor-rovdf l tie ai ,
la.Us -tfLEr's ?O 9Wo grow up n Oy "
".Bc *te A/suAL3 Alice, "s s)Rl I
nue g any ol taer I am now ? TLIA'll

"G a- camforA, one way ne.Vtr zA 4e an. oUl
I4oman- Ir-Ut ;%eL- aLwfys 5 Aave t&esso-zs
Siea!rn. ,0' O., I 2sut.2n't It, '"
"OL, yoL. foodLI .t i '" s/Se said
aa-i.z," Ow ca.m youa LteL.rn. le5sons 9 n. i ere.
L^y,- k-rek fiw-rdy roe'rn far y.u, ad- 7rod
"room. afb all for an-y lessen-- rooks /*
.Atnk, so she weid on. taki.g fir
one. sade aA.iLd_ i, Ith terv, aQuit -,m..kiJL
f,,-i a. onvesean, of d aleydtTet, au ,
e-fh a. f'eL 'piyA.ts she. hA-eL a. vfoie
o.t'sLd., c,z m-n*.de j.:r siZa ,. istsi -,.
"., ,.- Ann I .M-rry An.. saxdL -tA
voice,, f~ethcA 'ne. my gLoves 1t*'s mmen.e/'.g!s
Tf,. ca.-e. a. Lift/e pitnt.-,, of feed on,
4khe st@rs : oAlic knew l- Ws .tA P.*,
.omi7na .6 Loo/ for /.r and et 1 e5."e1
iU s/.i. sLoolk e. ADouse, h tou ;t fo-rd.t- a
Akj she wa-s ftOw akioCb a. oialSTd,
rs LaP I-1, aOs 64e ,^^dr, aX yaaL
\a,. a"oson. A -a. afbeL of. iJ.3'se.setly
.t,. J,-d- came. t t&Ae cLoo', a-,oed, t-i,-L
Soperf. Li, ,t,- as i o,.=L. -.,,ards.
jLt A&-lce's eltrow was a.aisti it, The
a.ttmit pov. a fa-Larc. Alice Lea,t &

ay t its-l -f he- t I'lL $? roc.L $c^
a fAe wirkovw.
"Tld yot wO,,;, rA ioW-. AL an.,
^ak- f WQU -tiL sht f La-ieL e leard
Ae. "ra ii LjustL unrn- -tA windogv s1
SuIo d, s&ea4
o__ rrg jj and/ a/
""ade_ a. snat

hTk'tie Aeard a ltffS,

w o-le Ial 07- SOM
cacm, l a ora fF

eW An ry Yvece,
rali's ".Pak, a;t&.' wkr- alrae yO-r P And
Ae t vocte she ?k it- 4earL tad- f4re,

a.uway ye.r An.eoua'r "
Z1i3'fln for- opptes cindee !sai -e0
rfa$l7& a7ngiGy, ftRre., coiee a.n4. XAAp m

odt of "- SouzLJ. of nor lareaking glass.
"J-ow, tell me, Tt, wA4x- is t'a
c.omn.Lng e of ie, win.Idow ? "
"^ ih.u-f. it's an. arm., yer Aonnoeu'.(f
PI'el.4L C tLcd ii- trI- n .L
An. arm -y. oose. h ., eve.- Sa
an. aorrxt. jt Si ? Why itb Jfls Me wAhole.
winotow, joLtY- you tea "
;5kare b does, ytr /407e&L, iub- Fs
an. a.-rm fror o-L *,A-. ."
""WeU, i n usinss i, -t.r", : go n.i
tatk il a-wty !
Tert wa a. long SeiCder aftikr 't-s,
and AlAe' cou.lId oily Aear whispers flow
and -er,.n, s-A. as .ch-,e I do6t ike. d-,
ye,- Ao rou.i-, at- al A d.. "do 4s I t lt
you, yo, cowari Co aMnJ at la.s6 sAhe Spread
Olt Ahe, han. ag anL aauntoMer- PtleAd
in fie aOir. Mhis 'timet. tre Were. two Lible.
sArtZeks, a-nL more, drecakin giass wLa/t
a. nMUm-Ltr of- cucmt'er- frames ?tAer musC
le !" ,,ou.gAt Aice," I wonder 4ad t i/y'lL
do ext- .' As foy, p tinj 'rme. o0a-- of Ae.
Wi-dow, IT only wis/ %a!y cou.l! I'n. Sure
I onl'b want t. st o in. 4ere aLty longer !
54e wq-itei for some time wilmu w

ALa.tLj a-n.yL'4tL n mr at Lasl cz.-m.e a,
rarlUblin.j of Liti car- 'wtels ad -t4 Ae
Soan.- o"f a ool. -'L.ity voices alL talkuci
tOJs.itAte.: 5Ae a-e. od-e words "whre,'s
-t, oA,, la.Jr -?- wXAy, r aLdnit & lari.
ftc one, 'ill's gotd--Ae oter--- Aere-, p- 'em.
",p ait i ,s etrn.' fto, -i/t 'tcm gfCep-
feisi-- f C1y dny- re.' CA i. e.zougA. ytt--
oA, tiky' l do wd,- ezno.a, kdo,2 plre ,,--
JLe*'e, 'iL' t u-LA. /ou of -6(ie ,ope wil
ic, roof- 4ear1- oind. d ./ toose. sTiZ -
o i, it co0ni-ng dolwn! A cads delow-'-" (., .
LoaUJ C-raI). n.ow, wAo cit -&i- IwaS
1SlL I f-acy wo's +o 5o w'n.-l, civnney ?
,-, y, sAn" s do itW!.- la T
won'i- S.ft 13ill's yot i g o dow ,. Ar
Bal / -t stirss say-S yodLe go dalon.
-ke cA ,-C-n .....
"0o So ill's got- comLe. d.owt
-tAi. cAilm.n.7y ,a a. ? "s td ALc_ C e.&rsdf,
wX, -m y secn. pout every-biw, upon.
';: I i .oual'lb te Ln '-;'s place. for a.
Io.dC d.-fi 4 G- ireplaSce is a-plrty ig 9A-
on.e, rt r tI{L? cla4 kI i k &. lile /
d,-w tAer ool- ao far dowa 4 e42
ckfmn.ey a-s $4e CoEu, and walled -iW se

ed a- i
LnLdml (sAn.
Couldn't* guess

was) sert kit
and scraimL 6g
4z -W4e chmyV
close a-bva A ^:

kArseLjf -'tis iS I
S^L 2 sA& gLve '^S .^^''
one., h.s., kic wan yia.idi A-aLY- i se% Sk
we ouU Aa^^eks nne x,
TA. izrst- ihin. tvas a. gtental chos
of e se yoese Wal m" 1i -the rTaUS vote
"alone C-tcJ Ak-m. you ly iAe. /edje,/" ten.
slean., ta. L /ztn, AnotIr Colf-uasion. of voices,
"&aw wa.s Ib, 2L fellow ? wAIZ- A-apene.Ld 4
y. ? tu u ss a-l aokbt d'
LJ Camne a i'lt /de^ie^ seaezk&L
votciceI"-a^'s ^li' iheu. Ldr MAiu^) wC ii syd
"WilU, k Lorw!y In.w- Ifal dl of a.JluAst,
Sy setf- saOm1.kt-nf Cons.-s a m te. .
J'.k-tn -- 4 ax ajI A. naLxt me n.u' up I
goes t(k-e a ckd!" And so you. ad U old
*fellow /" 6uii ~ti <.04 voices.


--i ,;C


II h;:=-gl?;.;tt4AAEIKMWIIIRIL Y



--i-;-- ------

"We rs(t r2Lr. 4the louse dow-' sdeL
4te, vole. ojf it rakbib, alnd Ae calUeJ out-
as lo-d. a's sAe cold/ "i f you do, I'&l p.t
, a-t you. T/Us CFeLasd sde.e. a-gai,
ORd w-le ALce was Aink.ns "ur A-ow
ca. I get D 7. /-er,. she bumL f, & A ter-
gread- deltkhat -Ma sA& was g9dti.& snmaJer:.
very soo.n sAe was o able o g-eb up oud- of
"-e uLn.c.r-ororta.ble positlo-n. W/kcA. sAe
Ad t en., Lyrt"n, an. in.t two or t- ree. in,-ursn
mre sA was once more. tAfre tneAes h.-i
SIe ,ra. oft L of t.e Aouse as u.I.'.k
O6 shae could, an-. found Vut a. erowd ofV
little as0--Lm-hals waitn O.-tsi9L-g eea.-t s
wAl rmtce, sua-rrls, ad "iLL A'll a, ltble grfee4
tLzar,-, &At was b-e'r" s;lppori'il tn,. e arms
"of ne af -Ae guainea-pigs, vwALte ao"y4r was
V t some-tig oct of- 6a bit/4, Tkey
all mnade lrush ak Aer .-1e moma-d- she ap-
.pe4a-ed, trU- Altce rTn. /er Aoadest, a-nd soon
found iAersel i/ & tick wood.

OJ3i'p"Th Ill

( ,ft ri d,
AL e /trs.lf, as
sAie wandtted a-so

size, and -b6 second
',, is A Afind mYy
war i +4-t-44 oyvety
9 a- -g' d.n 1 td4, tAJd

I soL aw ex tl..ia, 1,o do1.t,
and ve-fy 'neAly &-u si-mply arr-anyd :~wi on0ly
dfiy B .., -tat s AL -ta rnp svIest
ide, Ltw A 6 sb t Ao. it, a-- wule, she was
peeri-nga a-nwy-oasy acLmo- -A- t 1rees n,n-d 4,r-
a Iddt1 s/arp tra--k- jst over a- r h4. aL mnd
f-r look up in a? g(ot lurry.
An ema-rm-as p3pLPPy was Z lo" dom
at4 ,- w..t lar band eyes, a.,4 fe- el
shc.:-^AL oa-& on P paw,triLg & we< Am,;
"po.or MtA. !" sa Alie,. a. ax,i,y -e,,

anLd shke trine a-d to w-e41 t- iw ltp sAe
wa, be~r-il6y aLtnaruti all -tAe. at ait
lst- *atit 7nm'-rA- e. ka-nry, en w/u.c
ca-.e %, would p ,roal y CLevouLr er & O- SP.&
of a.L Atr- coal xza,.. Hardly k-d.owM. n,',vat- e.
did sAe pitled up a little bz-t of- s-cLck, and.
IAeld l odu w /e Luppy w-eeupot tAe.
puppy j'n.mpedL wo /e. aL, off all .t .fJet
l oTes., a.," w o-.' a. yelp of c1eLgAi rushed
a fT, sL-l a-n.d mrn.e a-le e /v- w.rr &
1.,,. ALce, dod ged, lek.i7Ln.L a- gLrea IVtstt
to keep r self fro-m7 [re-g 'rutn. pven7 and,- t
,,iune'rt se appeared cat -he otAf sl o ltu
u cpp oade a- I othev dartd v tte sict, aaed
t-mlcrtLd head ovr A-els t. XAeld fAen AItce 4A JctnLg l- wd 9 veg Like
"vcna a 9q.-e of pl0y wa5 a car- orse,
andI expectnLg every mome7- e tra/iploe
",de"r c'ts feet, -C-n. -ni. Ve. -a hustle ag-L.- :
fte tA-e p--pfJ'y ega.n. a series -rf eho4rt- 1
caIL.Vgt" at t1e st-ck, ruan.7in a. ve-y iCte
wa.y fo-wa-rts -eacA ti-mn and a. 20on wa-y
tock, and.L ra-rkng Oa.-rsey a-.L thAe. v*de 'd
of lasjt I sat down. a good way off, pa-Hi-ig,
wjtA ;,s ftogia.e Xanging 0d- of a t mnoL, ac
its 9re-a ejyes AXalf s/At

TLis seemed f Aje a- goad opbailxty
^foi mak y ?er escape, : ske. set- of ua one,
and ranL till &e pappv-'s a-,k -
faint- in fe diCstaneC, and Zil7 she was ?&-
tt-red -nd oaLt of IrreaAi..
'An. yet vvkzb a. dear litia puppy
wa! sot5 Alice, as se Lead- Qgais^ a,
b"Itte-rcap to -re-t eSelf, and f lrwd Aersel$
with kr t,"I skLo'd Lye. fik/ed t&A.,c:y
it f-etks, if if I'd o7Ly el -t/r tiga
SLZe B dLo it Ok ? I'd! neary fo'ottId, t43
I've go9 -j 9row up 3ga;n l et- Ma ses : 4,W
s it t 1, ma-wate ? I s5ippose I ou1 0h -,
eat or driLk o-r.dh-ln- Or ortker, b; -te great
ta.LesitOn. is, WJVta- ?7
TI m rvt q u.estiomr e-E7ainJly WaS,
wiat ? Alc ookedL a-Li rditn.c A a tht
flower-s and ~-[ te La.ds of grass, i-iCr -odld,
ft sete a.iytn.g -MAe lookeLd. tje WtAe rig
l9 ta utLnder tk.e, T4A-re
1's a- Lfe. nusn.roon2 TR.ifr }mL,-r tjra CU
aae hA-ekyb' oas Ase-tf, cwnd when. SAc. aL.
looked -ndetr 17", anA on. o-tfi ideas of it
and lrekn. n t it- ccu'-rd hL- t Ao r ka l ook
and See. w/o- was on t'He 4ap oSf c-.
She. stetU.X eCrsL uq p 07. M-apsa,
cr. peed over tAe ede of .(ra,

andL At-r ,- es

i445n hf am
: booe 0J- &ge,

wkict Was

-ed, uaio smk*
Sq on ooako lnd

"VrO re you f" Sa tihkng ca ot if ke-
noct aof her or
of azw o yi/ else.
Fo some

at eack ate, Ln
sde-nzL:e al- Last
te, cohcpiLa.r took &A h oc4ka.A oak of- its
,t aad taenhgudly a-ldvesseL ier.
WFo are ya, said Ae caWiptp; Urr
TIi. waas n-of an. e7mo tiezy ag ptpenlr
or a. c n-v, a-os, L: Alice replied ra tAr sLyly,
"1-- I arcdl knoy sir, ja -a-y-prese--.
lat lea.Ls I know w/, I Wa-s wvAen. I got'
ULp th'/us nMiftjg t- I A wJC I maskt
&emn. c.anMgdt Several sLnor ttl ."
"Urfko ci smi. fneal. 6-y tALr- ? a -ie.
a.trpla-r expiz A yourself "
"I can'-W y5.f ,I'm- r Tid, siI
49 s

s.d ALce,' ( rec&se , o nysa, y. J ,u.-see:'
"I clont see -t tcdtp;U,,r.
"I'm frai I ca'd p Lk d- cl
Akee repLi ery politely, sfo cao rn.
-stsc b tmysdelf, an L realty r 4. So meay
d iffte ^ s5'zes ui one dzcy 'Is veL y tonwfumsvny"
"It is 't, sa$tL ~e c ittiapl-.r
"WeL., prCapt5 yoA. XaLYv founLd d So
yet said AlcKe,"bid- Akef- you, have 6 tnvm,
ini a. cry ais you. kuow and 't6n affct-
-i4t inMt a. eIrutt~erfly, I should -^iZnk4 ll
fee a$ litt~lej& qu-fee.-r, dLul- yk o .
"Nt a. it, soaLd. -4. catrPidlar.
"AYl I 7now Ls ," -Si.o ALi., it woouL
f,t .1 crue-r ie WA -
YouL!L SaL t/ calShpJLl coHfZmpit-
-autCSb,''^X yOy. f
W(ik ,- roughI thma ac.k again to -'
geqm?'stn5n I of tAe. ove'satoA : AZiUe. fIet a
SIlte ir-itahi a- i*tf e ttrplUla.r mikc'n
SeA/ ve- fIy sovr re t-mrkes, anas JL sXe, cd tr.-
-salf Up ad SaCd VEry 9rave2y sI iA'nk yea
OuMS- t6 'tf/l me "v1fo y0. a, firs t."
"/TYl, ? saiad ~e catepoll.iwr.
-h 50

andf as AL&ce& da2 ano e-aso-n ready, and 4
cabfrpiliar seet.. fre t L a vey yad m per
sAe Af trne rou-d a-nd WalJCe aRway.
"orCome fk ite te.rp iUlr calU^q
ofttr kvr,0l o.met"t iSmorta.- r sq I"
Th-s SOaJdiLed riojs : Alie, tur, d
L.nj came Ir6aec a.aL.-
"keep yor" saI -ftks cater/,llar.
"ITs tad all ?' sad Ake,; sFwaJlowin"
dLo'n. h' 1 anew as qell "s swA oculLd.
"No s aid Bit c atcp it-a r .
ALite AtLcA.fh, she. mrig-t' es Y*etL wati,
a5s se kA.L rfthiaLg else, -4 do, and mjperas
afti- a-l 1t, caterpLzrL migiA t-LL tar some-
tii vvoritt, keain For Somem rnrLw ths it
,i-ff4, away a-t l A"kokL- tvit-1 iSlmJtl
u- ak: last it- .b uwfoldcd i&t arrs, -6ok. Me
0ooka-/ out oft i dmo-tZ, aa.L'n, andL said So s
yoLu. 't/n2k you're. eACnjeLd de you ?
"Ye s, si," said: AZltce,'.v cYat'rSrmt.IE7t'eX
Use tkings I used to kArnow, I've. ta t
say"^Ito wdotUL Me tittle re. ar H
ca-mt cl2 dtffereini !I'
"Tr a.n d reeatp Yo are oZd, fa j r
W'io5n.", Said- 2e. ca9tirWa.r.
Aliee fieLdC AXr tannds, an rega.v:
51 5-2


NYu. e.L old, fatkLmr 'WTLWa.m., tL youjag -nM sa7,
,And your A.L.r is excedLpcLty wAt :
Am,, y et yot ij-n-"SanCCLy sta-n.,4 n. yourr
Z)o you. k youar a-ge, i- is TrAt ?

"Ia -ml ycrtL L f/d4er. TWl m C frepledL h A Ls 5st7,
"W fkaCrekl ti^ ti,.X -nu ~bf rrii. :
t ,,.pw -Aj Im'T. pefect-ly aar. t hO1 t Ron.A e
", I co ib aymi n aLd



`------ ----- ii-
-2-C--L- -Z

Udiip*ii- r-:-rilruqi- .s

"Yon-. ar oU." sad -t6 w yOith,"aLS I ianf*.nawt 4fove,
AAhk ive VYgrown. *7Lost ULo7-m.ano J fa+t :
Ht you. tu-rna.I L a, Ia-lck- Soeroae.ssalt in at tu door--
Prau) wAJ,) i Is -LMe -reason, of 0tA. ?"
n my yoitJl, aid Lt s age, ts Iet shook 5his r-Sy 3l s
"I k/pt all my ti very supple
3 -Je6 abuse of-zL ILn*n z C fAie o/fUirs.-ZL s. -66 Lvx--
AUllo me7 6 sell you. a ciUIe.


"You. & e. old' saL c th youth., 'L.n yo-r jaws av -9so wek
For oyL -" .h.,. than :
Yeb yo ea aL -Ae goose., wi, -t A w toe. rons a-nj '/ rk-
Proy, ow did -youL m-a-ge L do it
"In. -my youtit Saict^ 4a oZ U nm.,t'I ok w -oAe ULw,
.A4Ld -QU-6ea eaLh. caLse wtAk my wLie,
^AcL 3nrts- s4-e-^u *ei^L aV avey I lW,
Has ta.stid ke -ree'Sd of my

- -~L

TO awr otd saad -te youLt.,t ons would ka-rTly ulpposa
T you,r e-ye weas as stedy a.s ever:
Y*t yoL LrZela.c&d a- eel 0on- tAe end ojf your nose-
.W4d m.-da4 you. So awfJL c-vr ?"

J. Lx rSwer. -'-ree ce-sAnis, a-yz-d A-a t is ernoug,
S.- S-t fathe-," db ,,-ve you-s4el a:r.'s'
3')0o you.t/jin-kC It cUa t'.ls a. 01cLO ay sN-CA st-/f- ?
B. ojf, or I'll kitc you clown staLrs. .

"TI.d t6 ut se.i T/t-,'sa.U .t,,espraZ.-.
".N- fe,, rig-s -, I . af-r, sail. A, ce.
oioty, some of iMe words hAve. 8ot alZt-el .
"I t is wrong -f m rn.egi."a.nLng ~ enL," sa.
th. cdepilUla de.LsUy aL -re wa s silence
for som4e r TuaiTt s : -, cahpillar. as w the
tirstC -~ speak.
"W.t sizia do you. wati 1 e?" itb asked.
"Oh, .I'. wot par;Ze-ular 4 size," Alice
a-stily replied, only one dtoesat like. chIip.Stm
So of ha, you- kInCw."
"Are you. conferi now ". sai ik ca-frDillete
"W.-U, I sAouLd like, e ak l0 e. tar eW sir,
if you. wouriit mind, snid AylLe,,, w4orae inmdes
is satk A owre4AL .ilryAt A ,
"If iu a. very good e.igt in.tdeed !" saei
'tfw etateffilay y loudly anrd a-nyrLy eart'n-.9
-s-ef tbstagik ufp as & spvek (it- was exact
kh.ree in.cAfS A"9/).
But I'm. 1'o- L uasekL & i!" pleadedL poor
AL.S tn a .piteiaus tone., anid s/Ae. tfo
crsetfLf I wisk the ere.tu-es wo-udd'l &e so
eaJsly offenide.l ."
"You'll get -usedt -L t in. itme." SatL
tilt eati-1JILa-T / a-7t-d wJ put fcALo.akakh tit
bs nL.oUtd, 2 OLrL tega-. snm-oking'.

Th-is time, Alixe wcLted, .etly a-rtd
Ji wosE t speak aga.n. : (.7 a. few r7irL7ti7es
-the cte-rpc.ller 1took tet -h.Aoka ou-t Cf itsA
m.touZ, ivnAc goir down- off /A. frmsAoorL,
a.n.d CYawled a-way Ln7 A/i,, lmere'Ly
ri .a.-rk'. ctas i& vwD : / .e Tp wilL ra/.e.
you qowl tawlw-7 r acn.c -, ~ sLtL ,w-iiL mnJke.
you- grow S w ,otG .
"TZA t, p of vk ? A-a .-sM Lk of- wsh
tkoug/h,& Alicre.
Of -tA, Lmuskrfool ," Sac-tle. CattLrp -la
.t aCsL if d/le. a.&d. askL d atlouLd, and
iln an.ot4e.-r ritol.e tl- ib wavS o-i of siy-kt-.
A ltce_ 'remained Loolkig t.ouAbf-LUly
aOt t4- m-u.shk'roo'rn. for o. 'mni;ute, a-n Lte.
picked careful brke in/. w

Jn onea anXr, and
et fop in iAe otae.
W dcos does. -tA

strmLk AP she. 5oit
a,/ 7iJLZedl cLa.
tlrtte t[ Of- it- x

,-- 7f-c-tXt-t
S-cvlet .n- /lowv on.
ke-s .,A2im, k. a.
-tu .k ker foot!

SAe rwas a sood Leal
frLgfnLd by -tAhs vYey suaddn
c&aL-ng, fu-t as ske died 1ot
shrink alny furthsr, and Sad
7not d-roppfed te zp of tL
,rLesroom., sa 4d 7dwt give,
tp Aope yet. Th.r was i.ardly
room -t ope- AIN- ..77L11a, Wit t
Ae, ch-u p esstLn .qaa M.Qr Ar,
foctb, Irut s^<5e dA LCt mL "1i,
a, me,,e~d to &t& off a
little Irt- of Ua^ P of- *i
mLu. n 0 .o

Coms my hppd.;i fre
at lai-s / sa-a Al'-t rn. a
fa*, of a-ligy, wwA^ c/ae-ed
(.& alarm ;n c'w Q.ftftv mno-

/X, sAo l desrs were& >roviveBr
tI re seei. s4.. /00ked down.
upon- ah tnt-^e r le a of
neck, wlhA seemed -5 7I lik o- s ote o5 a saea of
green Zo.Ves ^zF lty f r
1-0 14a &Ly #'i

"W"t can all i-t green s etff e"? said
Alice, cLn w 6e A-v-, ,my Ao.lder-s got
4b f ALOI oL! 'my aoor A.ieds! 1Aw is id-
I cNPti see8 you-." 5e was nmovyi Me-
abvli ao0. sVAe sDokek, 6I-ad ozo se.en.ed
Ie follow, e-xcept a. Lttle. rIT stuls j a&.omn
U leaves. Ttn. sA. -tr.f Z Irn I r h/-ad
dowL t-& Aer A n&dsLc, QaOL va.c dLtlik-fe.
- finl hkat necrk woaLd. 4e-d alroad
t4as 4 in. evirjy dcrctaion, Like- a-eren-
ShA k/d just succeeded in z.dn.g down
in a. bt-aitf l Z Zay, a.LA Was gows ,g -o
dive in aOnmon.a m LhA leaves, w.ic.k sIL fou- r
f. Ie ItAe tops of t4 &rees of Zte, wood sAe
hLa-iL treen. wa.d.-cr i, wbn .en. a. sAorp /uss
ma-de Aer cdaw track: a. large pLgaotI, Xa.
flown. t r
Ft. cfacc, ano was vio-
'lesLy Ae eatan Xer

svrpent-!nrad Al -e

mae 410 a
/ 7 L7LL~fa~mly)~Ze

"I've -zert every way "&tk. pigeon., Sai
Eesperately witk ao cinjd of- /olr utainbg

me.,a-," saio Ale.
"l7'ye. Itrled ie roots .of v#tes, and. L'Vf
ti-ted t a.tks, and I vPe. tafi edg-es,"4 pyeIon.t
vwet on9- without altirdiu & Aer, "& ,ut -iem,
See.jt '! TAre's no pleasi ng e.' "
A.Lca Was mrfor a.rLnd rnAoe. pu=zzle&d
tY she fthou/ht7 -tL.ere wa.s t no .sa in Lai ynt
a.try -tl4l 4t6u pigeos-. kaA- finsicAd.
"As lf ibt wasni tfroJ6rle. ewI.IL /LAtfi7
As e -s 9S" s5ida tie pigon.,'KwLiOuat- rei n on.
Ze look aud- jfor serpents, day an-nd n* k Yf'W y,
T ke-nit- Ad. a9. wink of shep 4eese ttreg weeks'
"I'm vtry sonry' yoL' ve eena a$.oyed.,s oa
ALce, bk fgsLL L^ see d5 ^rg.-
"And-J jut- as I'd. t-ifen. Lt.e A^gst ltee
In -he wood-," SaL -t e pigeon. rti Us *,-9 W voice
-t L S LiekArl, WIALs jutL tklkirX*L? I was
free m at blst, 2A-y -ncst need$ f-r"A
^drn. fra t4 tiky! t v Se.rpe t
"' ',n. ot_ a. serpen," s a4i ilae,
" I*r a L'. a'---
".-L2ZL. -WA4- you. ? ai t^e Pgeo. ,
"iT sefe yov'^re tryu Mt irftv-tnt- 5sreStwg.

1-- Im a lidte, r, JL. ALce, mta,,-e.
do4La-W lly, as ske. rmLw e,. of
cka-ges se h.a. gone. timanae
"1A l;ke-ly osbry orcLd .euslsal tes p &.,
"I've ten. a. good, m ,ny ofS nw c. my Ane
bat 'n-ever one witL S.cLC aa. -eEk. a-s yours -aTNo
you.' a, srpednt, I know i-at W.lU tenoa'. I
suppose 'you'll tel *m.e. ext- i*at you. nevMer-
tast d aCL. e-go Pf
"I A-go e taiLS e- s, certa-.ntysitd Alice.-
who wars a, -ci trj, ut-al dhd id, "&e-k tcndeeL
I d Iit wa xtc ay of do ',- /Uk)(te-&,, rw."
"2eala, be off ,ten. s5cA Lde Det a.Ld.
settled owvn. nIt its *n-e.s a-a-n, ALitee
cro ucc.ekd down. a.monS Ahe frees, as well as
i5e eof, .L,aoi& kept gttin entangledL
a'mon-g ne. rLa.icAes., a.nAL SeveTal -1fie.s she.
kad- At stop uR-a,- U-ntwnist- it Soon. s5e. rt-
-memdrer., ~tAe. pieces' off mushroom v Avhc.-
,se stiU 621 Ad tu Aer a-cALs, aen set- -t work
very ca..efall ntlUln'rg :ristb at- o0. antd -tAe,.
at --Ae o-tier, Wn.d. growing3 Sornomen es tallt
Oac.L so trme.s Akortej, antl sA.e. Sc.
-ctet.edL in. Ir-nging herself clown. o /R,
uLrSual size.
It vavs s5 lpo n Signe. she. Atad lreenL
f -tue rright- se a dAi- 2- fe t gt strae
65 6

o-tf fst, trut 5sd e oa- Vit u. sUe i wg
rin.uftt or itwo, and. ye,-n. 'talki Y Atrse4lf
as u.saual wclL /Atre'rs /LA lf y p/aZ. done.
now !' How pu.zzi9m aU't/i.te. cta.4nges &re, -
I'm. *n.^ef el su wAo- Zwz goi h be, foZm
MoneI ,rm.-arti A d1not.!2-Lwve.,. I've. gb Sot
m.D r udA2- s6-LZ a.glin..: hAL nt- is,/s
te inI -A.a- tenitful garden owl s
-it- o 6 40e done, won-de.r ?
JU.6.t a.S ske. said i/ts, she. m.oikeeo
:Ua- ont of- -ite. trve s bnd, a- doorway ,lt.iy
rLAt- invt &"T -ths ve-ry cu-res .' S,
L~ouLff4, P c- eety-ikt 's CA e.uios -to.d I
na 5s well to .in. A.n 4m sA.e went.
0-Lce, m.orLeL s e. fourvL 2.-reself- &i. &he
lon, h/aL, a.d close i fAte littlee gss -fta4i'
"now I'ml wrMn-.ste temt -tLus time.. se. s aid
~i,-seLf, a.'Ld (,gYan ty -aking -te kn*e
gold kjey, an.- #rzloe.kL7W door fka.. lel
iar Ike DJardeT. TAer. se- t- work ui&ng
f6 p^tecS o5 lu MstIroom tilt she wa-s alrodt
ff-tiie, v46ers 1is : -tlrt. sARe w ,kett daown
-,i Lttle passe : a --- tee- fA0t
Aevse2f at 2as in t-A bteadsul garden, amon,
t. Lr;ratc low^lUks aiUz. M/e cool fouatLLs.


A lavg. rose

*he entranee ojf

S<7rodes on0 i were.
S ,wilte t t-e. were
-tr, gLedenius at
it;&,6dy pafitLn3
fte. 'Fd TX it

-B-- vey eCaioas taing
-nd S4 5 wem near
ato watia M-em.n, ajud

jUt .aS she came up she ieacrd one. of- -te.
.,y look ot, Ttive F or. go 5spiuing Paint
over we- like. "6Aatt !.
I ro a /lc- is tep id-'7 sacurL Zve. LfL a.
sucly tone-,' Sevent. Jogged my eaUow
On wvhlLA Seven.. lift&d ua /uie Aed,
ad. saL.i t- rs3-, ive, AlwLys lay
Afe bia.m.e on ofAers "
"YIOu ^ter net 6a !"sid P6e, "

l-ord oAe QULtn. day onLy yesterday sA
tAotg. of- kYt you. XeAJ.edal "
WVILA for ?" Sa.i 0 7e. one. who ha .
spoken ffst-.
"TA.-fs n-oft yo"ur bt-siness' Two v sedj
S ote
*Yon, it.- his Zs aness sa.dL se.,'eL
'll tela l ;: it wa-s for lZrinjZing -tiLI. o
"t 6 -Aie cook ins.du ofP p o ti-toes 5."
$even ftmung down /4uis brusz, and Xa'd
jUsbt &segwu. VweL Of& a-ll te Au7njustL h.s -
whet. hILs eye. fell ctpon AlcA, and Ate stoppedL
suecdenly -. o-tlers looked, rotn.c, andL a.1
of athnm. took of-f Aeter iats. and. hwed low.
"*oaTlI y -u.. tell 8ne, please," saMid -Alie,
timndly. wAyy yoe tare patwdiy iAose. roses f
T'ive. a.nd,. Seve-. oo Aed at T"wo, bIrt-
sa.d nothing. : Two 6e3gan. n a low voc, e'ywyL
AMiss f-A fai- is, t/s ougkL- Z& Aave I4een, a.
red rose tree, ard. w/e put- a WAi one in.
ty ti e .steh a-n. d f L te. Que.en w' a e fvx A
it ut, we akoud I al. have, our Aea.js ctui-
off.So yo.m seeb, pve'&e d Da w o.t- sest,
s5e Co7To.e.s, t---" At nioi m.o.m-n.t F-eve,
wAL h.a.d tceee." t okin a.nLXously Lc-oss -Ae
garden cled out M. Queen !e Quee. !-!Md69

ALt tree gorceztnrs 'tstinflty tArewl ttcm.-
"-elves. f* upoR. ete-ir Fa.tes. .,e.B was a.
Sot'n.tL of mra-ny 'fooottes, wind -Aliep looked.
CowfnJL tget -v t See 1 ti6e ..e.e.S
Pi'fts Ca-me fen soYiLers crnvit
fiefse wege all 14-ped like. We *ntIree- gatde'Is
flat arid IO flrl, with. 4Ater lands a-nt.Lfet aLr
-&e comfe-rs: ex-t .fih kt. cturfleh s ; Acese
weqe a1 o,,,RtCitid WiYa l.aro-dIs, an.L
wtlked tw ainL -t-wo, 4s e. diJ.Af.1r
-Azese ca.nm.e wea.Roya-t LThrkn, :-..e 4, fev.
of t a.t aWtd M^e t ol t de-rs ctnie ju.-.pig
ao,.riy alonq, And in and t, in. couples :-IAy
S,-e. all ormtuneintti wid ekao.ts. Nft- c4em
Ihe ga.est, mostly kings. and tSdeen.s airwag
whom. Ai.e Treeovsised i4e while- rJla-U : it
Was talkizgt in a X/wrried nYze-voiLs mane,
9n.miI gZ at eve7yfling t lMa- was said, anl
wedt7 ly witLof Roiel Ah7r. A e-.Tr f2nowead
YCzav'e of J7t-airts, cfrryinjg th Revngs CfonWi
on a 'c'isslas, an-l, las- of al lis A rRa ho-
-cession, Cae THI XING- AND QIr.EY.j
W.t -t4. &or, ersission -came. opposL-
& "'A ILc., Aiy all sfpped anl Ioked ategr, and

C r ske) I-> C -
^^gg^^^^^^ g;^
s ? o

the- Queen said seve-rely "Aho is -is r"'SAe said
it -the cnave of Heai-rts .,o only lowei and
smiled, (;z r'eply..
"Idiot !' said the ,Queen, -rniL A C
nose, andL asked Alce 'Aa youe am 7"
"My natze, is Ali.-, so please youar i~-a
-jsy," said A2ice 6oldjy, for seA kzoPh '
iLurseIf "wAy, t4ey're only a pack of cards! I
tedit- hbe afja-id of IAm *"
"TWA0 are. tese. ? -sad 4te Qaleen.,1inti
to klthe Jt ree qrd.e-ne rs ly in roan -AMC se. tree,
far, as 'i{y were lyi-ng on eir fLce ae nd 'e
pamttrn ohn.-Ae'ir tracks vwas -e. same as the
fe st- of -he. pack-, sAe touLUd itft- te whAetz.v,
*Aey were gardfetnrs,or soldiers, or, or
iAree. o- her own cAildren.
"JHov, s5tuld i I know said AbicerSpri.sed'
Lb fAr. own. CUOLage, its no hasiness of -'mTneR"
TIXIe Qaue.n Turned crimson wi'h fu.-;y,
and ,a ftr dlaring ai hke- for- a. mirLnut, began i.
a. Vice of M4Aund-er off w4if Aer..--'
"Non senSe s aid- Aike., very lo-idly and
,iecidedly, and -eit Qu.f.e.n was silent.
The Kirt la his and aipoLn her arm,and
ated iinuidly -remlenIer, my cdear Se is only
a. cAiid "

The. qautt. LrAed a-nriLy away fIrom. lm,
anA.7 said & the Knave Ltrn. I em over,!"
VTrA I'K e. did so, very ca.eefuily, wit on/ e
"G-, up!. Sa"ii -bt QLLee. in a sAr,,il loLd
voiceM, nd ae tiarte ga-rdn7trs ins t5laty jamnpedI
up, and hie an. howing La .Ae JCtXi, ie Queen, tA
1yaoya2l hildtre, anLd etery ody else.
"Leave off ia/- !" st-eamed -14e Queen,, "ye
make 'm-e giddy ."And -Men urnri: C 7 tu. rose
-tree, she. wen#i o1 "wiA 'aLye you-. heen. do.n: Are. .?
"MdAy it please ,Your Majes5t, said Two
ve-y Aumnly, goLng down on. one k7uee as Ae gpoke4
"ice we're trying --.
"I see!" said be Queen., W40o Iad.tL mentiLie
been exarminis 4- e oses, "off wdiltkei-r Aeads!
aL -ie procession. rn-ove on tIve of t{ sold'ors
remain, Lnd executi -tMl- te, u7nforta.-t.
g ard'ntrs, who rani Alice for proieck-n .
"Yoa, stkadnt- b be tadted !b sa.d Al ce, antd
sfie pabi -Am izmt L er pocket: -de -free. Soldier-s
mqarct-a onZe Oe arL Aier, looking for -em., an- d
tn, quetLJ rnlarcAeiL off ajof& Me. ot.ers.
"Are ie-r le ads off ?" shouied-. -Ae Quee
"iTter Aeaztds a t g0one. e Soldi-rs should
i ep, 'if plese yoLLr VTajes-.'

rTh:T;S / Slortfe -Hit. Qi-ef, "can- you-
play Croqlue ?"
T/he solid lers were silent, and looked ,t-
Alce, as -the tues lo1n was evidenW, nmed fJr AeC.
"Yes !" saoudk AL-ce at -Ae fp 6 f- r yLI.
"Come on- h. owa're -iAe, Qt-en, and ALce
joZn.ed -lC processioyL, wonde.rifL- wry naLL
whvA- would A.Lppe-L next-.
"I's-- its a very fine day !" Said a -*i,,d
little voice she wts waLking ly -1M wAi rvalh "I-
WAk was peeping anxiously int /ar fate.
"/ery," saitd Alice.," were's -He MLarc.,-oess ?"
"Ha.S, Xhs. !" said AMe Ta/ll in a. low voice,
"she'll hear you. TAe Queen's ghe. learcAiOness .di'd/
yoa know -Mt d-
"-Jo, I d sidn," aid Alce, "*at of "
"Qteen of JIca-s," said tAe raALb in. a.
whisper, pa/tiLen i mouatl close, -& r ,ear, "and
"iMa.rCAziovess of Ifock Tartles.
"Ivaa are. fLef- ?"' said ALce, Irid- ere was
no t1ie'-f-or IAe. answer, fvr -MAy haL reA.< ed
-fpi, Cpygae- yroadln-, and -AM game barn. instantly.
Alice $Aoi-hAbt s5Ae. Ad nevev-r -s.e7Ln SUcA
a, eurLois croeuet- grorLsd Ln alL As Fefr, -. if ,s
lI in. ridges and farrows : the crouet- ballUs were
live. hAeAge9s, Ae mallets- live otricies, and -ti
soldiers A1,d dou.lh lt lves up, and s5in.d


., ,n=i7/ 1


---- C-i --

--,, ,

on. lfemr feeL and andls, kmakeS .ez archs.
T/e cdiezf djftteu.y wkc:.k AlCa. ftndl
a- f i-si- was to m-La age. Aer os-icA : seh 3a
its body tcked away, comjiortal enough, end',
er arm wiAt its
legs lXie63 down,
but genewalz,)jus
as sah Aid da its
ne.k s1rqa,4i'ud amd
nie i, awd was go
tr a give a. Rtow wit
ti lhwd iJ. would
twit- it-el# round
and look up inIw
fez tce., wic, suc!
__ 4p.zled cpressr n
fko ske coult no- .Ap b/Arsth3 o4 laang ': and
wke.n., s had go- 5 keat d done anol wados` re.
Sbegi aqn.i, if wa" very confustg 1 fCjd
tUd- -e 9Aedtlkoq a.Z tvroled itself, and was
4-e a.cb of eC-wli'n aAV'ay : esides ail.
11s, 1AeSr. was genera.lly a or a furrow
'n Afr Way, wherever she wantd -t seWnd f.
.4edela oq t, am. as -ae do.led-up soldiers were,
alw&Vs getting, up and walken3 of Z o-ti

parts. of the, Aliet soon. canme. IF Ztha
Conldsion, ilhtr it was a. very d4Ifficll ganL i-Jeeo.
.TAh players a-l played alt one, wvifoal-
waitP t for tirns, tanl .aLrrelled all iie while
at iLke -&ps of ih-ir voices, ani in. a. very few
MnMt,,tes -the Qaen was It a.- fjrieus pa.-son., and
went" stampitg a4o,4c a.nd sAoidtS 'off wilt ALs
Ahead "ao" off wik ker had !- about once in a
minual-e. AULL ose whA-m sAe- se7ifnced were taken,
jtid CStl-y ly -fe soldiers, wAo of cours. A5.d I
leave- off being ar-ees -to i6 tis, So 6a.jr0-A 6e.
Cnd of- h4af 0o.- Aeur r ,o -Ue.r were- no Tardes
left and all -flt >lPy4rs exce,- j& e Ktf ,4 -Xmej
QUeetn, and Alice, were- L. euLSoy &/ o' L 1 L&d7r
seat&7iz2 c of ee-xLcuain.
Then. -4u afee-e. le/- qff, aiU- o.u o-f rea-tt,
azndl fai -lo Alice "Aae you. seen. -it 7A'Moctk Yuarth'
"JNo," said Ai.ce," don', ee-n know AhAt
M. Mock Tartl. is."
Co.m,.," said le Qujie.,"and. itl
skal tte yo.Ls h& Alstory .
As Me-y walked off by'ttier, Al5. ,a.rd
i ,te KC e y s n o-,w voice, -t tA.t com,.any
qeneraLty "youV are all. p.rJoned
"Ceome, -t-s' .good-d L'n- it lt- ALe,
who .4ad felt iai-l qrieved .4t te fmrnIar of

xiecli'-t s wLV L n $ift rn ordered.
Tey vry soon, came. upon. a. &rypAon,
lwvik laIy fask asl/eqp in -Me saun:(if pye dld
know, wItaf a.
&rypkton i5, look
at -41w 'p, alre):
"UPI, Lzzy &,tL!T
"sad -&k.e Qten -

se e M1ek_
Ta-rt, and. -
ea.r its l.i5stry. I m.u.s- go back ard see ajf5 r
some. xecudLt s I orderedL anL sse walked off,
. aYing Alic- C' l-ypko. A9ie dc l -
U V/e likeg. Zt 0 look of te creaduvre, bat on. tAe
d sole s Htag it e 1ak as s-fe &i stry as af
1 aftfe iet. sav/uet ee n : so sje. wait&d.-
Tke Grypkon. sit upf and rrhbed &S
eyes : -ten i- watchLed -te QLLe -tU saeo wa
ot of sI :bthcn-, it ccekkci 'e WAa fa!".said
,e &,rypb,, nlaf 1 i aIf / A/ae. |
"1-t^at i. le6 fL7L? said Alice.
"Wm g, s', a s -aiMe tA Grypkon.; "its all er
fan ti -: +ey ieveY r -ecues Loho.ody y1ou.
know: eio*e on .

"iveryLody says ComeL on-m here' tAo iUf
Alice, as sAe walk/e slowly aie, -bt6e Eryp4oL; "I
"naveo was ordered adroct so Ae-fore tn all. my

T1ey Ld not gone far Lefo-e /ey sa'w
ithe o cM k Tur2ti.e n ez dsqtince, siltng sad and
lonely on a 2idIl lege of rorck, and, as thVy
ca me- nt&atr-, Alice.
Sco*At /A y ibr d si Liy

as f- 5d i l Aetr

S6 i, its sorro 'sWe

i5 "ef S. iV alle
aLi &c, Lnt-: ia
S g n. Sorrow,
'yOr kn ow: COffI Oy b
so/lay w p o iA Aock Tawien, w0o
looked at lenm .w i large. yes fall of -iars,
Sartd nM.oUlinj-
"TMi/ A ie younL" ady sad t & GrypiAn ,

want Fo tf /cLow your Lsry, s.e do.
I'l l e/ es+ d WAm MokA Tartle,,in
a deep Aollow ionr, iJ down., a.jnd don. speak
tlU Ie f ,,'sALd .
So te.y Sat down. a-7.d. -no one epoke
fir some Tn7Lutts : Alt A toupk. hr Aterself
"I don't see Iww cat ever fjinS ,tf doSesnt
bAegn / hur sAe w&ikL padiRtnl.
'Once'sai" -ile 3Moke TLrtL aits5tAs wd
a. dLeep sigki, was a. real Turtle."

- claP--ion of ",jck'rrk fr/n. A ,ypAein, anaf

"iftal you., SLr,for year cttiresTag 5oy ," bii sAe
couldd.n' f -tt A l4.4 nfk; -iAer. st' m orei
cone-, So se. so* s5t/ a.nd sad.L nftuGin.a.
"Tlhtsn. we were little," -L gock Taitly
Zwan. on-, morek ca-mly by-oauh 5lt sobbirz ae
idtle new flnd. fC4e.,iwe we-ti- is school in tAe
Sea The na-sr Wva.s ar- o2d. Turtle- we. ASe
" call /im To-rtose -
"WkLy ad, yc, ca.L ,im. T orise, if he' on.e a.skXe Aice,.

we4 c.leL k"m. Tortoise, heauso. As
fUgLi Us,: Said tMe jVe. Tartit angly, "rtal
yoi Qef- Ve* dull "
"Yoe ougAt o sad.t of you ars lf fa.
as/cin-g s5ck a. s3emnple gfestfow," adU W e GzrMpA
"adL 1t oin -6d.y ,fA sat siln.a- oAn looke.Lr a
poor Alice, wo. f-et Ireat -A sink i t,e ,arT- :
at- 1ast -4e Gryp-on. sacb & -de. 7C oek Turte,
"gd os', ol fUow ,ont be. ..I daly "'and 6(L a J
TartLef we, on ni tlsm e vorids -
IYOL tlmay nLoft Aave lved 7m7cUi, unLrT fjie
sea- "' Y- aLve n,' saidu ALce,) "anid ,crAips you:
we-e 'qfe0e-' even. Ln-oi;oductl a Ao e-t "
(AlLe h5gnc k swLy 'I onLe. faski -" d. hat4,
checked iherse2f, a-I 5aaid "no, nkvelr," instead,) "so
you. camn. kve. no idea, what a de +t-Lgftfut biqr a
J., aostir Qdrillse is "
"No, ined,' said< AL.tu, '"wAl- sort of c.
4biyl is a- ?
""W^g IS ,sauL It Y"
a. lIne aloL -Mfe Se. skoIra "
"Two Lzes !" cied- -M*eM Jr Tucd," ePals,
u.rtie S, falmafn, Ian-J s6o o --- a-dvan.ce f'ie. ..-
"ZacA .i wi a lofste as partker /" creed
*te G@rypen3.7




'"Of coarse"; kIAe. foec Tailet saldavanei
tiwite set- p rt-ers --
C/a-,e lobsit-s, nd rettet in same,
ode-- "ri-rrupti- L e Grypuft,.
"TAci,. yoet kXw, con lrueLd -thbe Io ck
TrJLtLe,- 'yoULw Itwi thse--
"TAe shstr!" As0S Lii w. &iyfui)wn;, wid
,.a. anouxd int -Ate. ar.
"As far oaut' l sea.5 as ya Ca ca. --
"SGwy'r, ajflky- -titl!- 5cre*m tbi G-,rsO
"Tarn. a- am. n fersoati in -6e, sea!"' c-riezt.
.. be iMrocJ Ta.rtle, Cf.erCriLg wildlyU a brout.
Care O1ob6/FTrs again.! yelled a e Gry.
.pzmn ati 4t. tip of its vo Le., "anl InI --
Thkit a_1 ," 3, aul -4te ol ek TatUe, 5sadde,
drop7JinLq S Y voLe, and -iA -two creafu-es, w/fo
ad t'eef.- jtmpzi g aloa-t Like -manl fLia2'S
aU thjs t'me s tL L down. atuz. very sJy an.
quAiEtLy, anJ a lokaled Alce.
"I1 am u,S A- a, vey pretty lanceS"
so L A Lca tC nidlcy.
"w tJL yea. i ke' See oa. littLL f itLf
sa4d -1tk, Mt^ock Tuta e,
Vevy '7rteA indeedd" sa c AL.cee.
"Come, let' try ~ie fir-s figure Sa'n
v 2ocAk Tatite A 1e V ryponw,"we ca do.
S3 7-2

ijr without" lorsti,',rSyoL krr.l w, .' /tic r v,,l SfLr-gj
"O. E.. s ,- !*" Said CrypXn,
"I'v., fo, "it,: 'Me woris.
"So V, y veq,, n. So ,so,,o,, fau" n d rau, d

eve-vy ?ruvw 4in.<

'K8eladd -me. wiirs *ai Saw
o . ta ,Wo # S:

Are lo-ts5 t&tck as -f n he -
Tkey love t dn. w y eame-. m se,
'My O Mcl Twloy tr "s
T4i GrruAon. /aihte M e, eions.
Wiisd wass:
"eCan AA w S'atm F n. e seCdwow,
Salmon come twat yoer tad around !
Of all ~Ap fisAo s df I sea.
Thke's noft,. so gooi as Salmon "

gla. taL t Vh e fiyre, Was over. we-. tiy i. second fpi ire,? ga L
e a pl"n.,r O7 woid yoU. prjefea- a. son-a f
ok, 4 son s pease. "A ce r/elied. ,
tan ety, ida ttt G-WyyAan. saL inr. a r-tAer
offe-.eL to ,in e Ar o OceoLt .n f-.-
&.stes! fnrq A. 'MAtotk Turile, iap-' wi
.yo l, olt fellow I"
TAk, ICock Turtle, LegAiL deeply, ad.
begaqia, in .p- voice, so9ztlmeLS c-l/ced- wdil
so/rs, ~k S^-g -fEXs:

"^B u.Lwfd L JouLp, so riU 2 a2 j5'teen-,
WaititL- in a Aoi-' ta-eW ?.
WA.t f.r 5ac"r daJnl&s wouI rt nos do, ?
oap(/ of -m{ evtvinig, be.itjral Sou"p .
S u-)p tf he eten-ia.5, deaiLufILt SOut .'
$&t.^- (fpfifu ^Mi go p
6-4;t1.1 So6- -d~ f
Beo. eooiful Saoo oap .
o -oo/p of -tie e- -lve nf,
uBeattfl.t 6eautjfu~l Souap.

CortcS aoit A cried ae,- GrypanL, and

14A, M,.A TurfiL f#L j ast h gat ki r.pedd if
AUt.. a '-ry of r, f-t1 Ira.' egin&,n was
heard t diesin e.
"Come on eric eiL -ie vGryon, nd,
fta lc Alr- e .y A- e fand, e, herrei off,
Vwot wa.&i'g for e e.nd of iea so n,
WXa^ t ral 1.6 i^ ?( fpont Alt-e is
s-,e -raf, d -, G vypp/n only S wevd d come
o0, I.fa7 tan e f aster, and more ead,- 77. .
fratntu, came, rol-4,e on- -t4e. reeze Zia follower
-M.t-, -tr 1r7lean.cAotly Word s

Soo op of the. e- e- evenrj,
aBnacLtf ul eauaf" Soiap .!

Te. JCi.n, a&nd.4 Cia-e were. sealt on
ltAiL i-rate. WXe--. -Aey arrive, wuidt a. great
CrovWd usstmbled a-rou..ndL em : We IGave was
,. chasty : atL tAfore. &Fe Ytab szoii 4Ae,
wh tIy raj7 i, with a. vs o ;ea ,u 4d
andjL a. Srfll of par-mdt in -e, tle
ferati rea.d -ve. t a dcueaon., s id
I/te JC ng.
Ofi& tis He witfC radu 1 iew -iree
. Ilats ont.a LhtrmpL/, an fi tenL.-rwolleid me
fparclme 86