Mother's birthday review

Material Information

Mother's birthday review
Series Title:
Poems of child life & country life written by Juliana Horatia Ewing, depicted by R. André
Ewing, Juliana Horatia Gatty, 1841-1885 ( Author, Primary )
André, R ( Richard ), 1834-1907
Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge (Great Britain) ( Publisher )
E. & J.B. Young & Co ( Publisher )
Emrik & Binger
Place of Publication:
New York
Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge
E. & J.B. Young & Co.
Publication Date:
Physical Description:
32 p. : col. ill. ; 16 x 18 cm.


Subjects / Keywords:
Children's poetry, English ( lcsh )
Mothers and sons -- Juvenile poetry ( lcsh )
Birthdays -- Juvenile poetry ( lcsh )
Donkeys -- Juvenile poetry ( lcsh )
Publishers' advertisements -- 1885 ( rbgenr )
Baldwin -- 1885
Publishers' advertisements ( rbgenr )
poetry ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
England -- London
United States -- New York -- New York
Target Audience:
juvenile ( marctarget )


General Note:
"Chromolitho Emrik & Binger"--p. 4.
General Note:
Listed in English catalogue IV, p. 183: "sq. 16mo, 1s S.P.C.K. 1885".
General Note:
Openings consist of full-page color illustrations without text alternating with text superimposed on illustrations in green.
General Note:
Bound in color and gold pictorial paper over boards, dark brown spine, all edges red; series design on back cover, Emrik & Binger imprint at foot.
General Note:
Publisher's advertisements on back cover.
Preservation and Access for American and British Children's Literature, 1870-1889 (NEH PA-50860-00).
Statement of Responsibility:
written by Juliana Horatia Ewing ; depicted by R. André.

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
Baldwin Library of Historical Children's Literature in the Department of Special Collections and Area Studies, George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
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This item is presumed to be in the public domain. The University of Florida George A. Smathers Libraries respect the intellectual property rights of others and do not claim any copyright interest in this item. Users of this work have responsibility for determining copyright status prior to reusing, publishing or reproducing this item for purposes other than what is allowed by fair use or other copyright exemptions. Any reuse of this item in excess of fair use or other copyright exemptions may require permission of the copyright holder. The Smathers Libraries would like to learn more about this item and invite individuals or organizations to contact The Department of Special and Area Studies Collections ( with any additional information they can provide.
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026684209 ( ALEPH )
ALG6232 ( NOTIS )
26956598 ( OCLC )

Full Text

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43"1'~ W4.,?
~i;$ 4h

The Baldwin Library
m E ^University
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T-u1.aT~a :~io~a~-f~a: vil \^-n : ^

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C- F;.- -- ~ ~~

aifh^U s1 0T.o hF a CL0 &oo0 birtlWag for CL
5r0ov-n-up persojp .\Fr r litcal tTq6G<,
Wcl ioru -'c C' %po, oof r cr sa2s fE &Ti r m r' i)
ar, sic Wig rIer' i eou, rust'r'g tilt oL SUCsccSeG
SriIL. our bir'icDas war's isr'cif'; 4\e van't' so rr7aryg
fTlings aJC choosinl 0our o0\rj pud i 0e ctn 1 cen 1alo
1olif.a}s re rrea .s
u' \d1f cmarq ou 0)o0 or people v'Dqo alv3a.s or&rr' +i6
(iirl cn ec) je'?cr' V1c& Isssors ac.uj (Oli't' C&OQn 1ie\

I \rov _Wo &r' 4loe.s no',ab put acu bio rTe^ coorf-tt' n
1sr Tnou.ffj CaL I so.v jer' t-rr it ount a.u 'op. iE eLsl
I o bet ,che2 s c5^ & ^rogs gotng CL-gepsr, or
hec i 5eur ali.aS -l sTh?,s about v er tr' i- L1's gr'
9R ov ca ou boil tme kt t -L\ 01ours orxr' caCCtie
broolK iats a L.asf'i1 s& al a o .cre r
1 to- 61r' so ; I aia V slat V 1e poo o a-
j9iC so? xcepy+t-o ioultn+ ou.amr'i) o9er o o QUn ig
o0 atll VNAofjcrs fJcd e'?cr vcr' ?"
_______r~C ____ __Cf __~) -j


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p r: -L;
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-c-------. it r

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:L .';` "P,,- "I e

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BaL1s S o'esaL t6o rnam -ts ra se a soc6 Ol cs 1
CLI ha ij a -in I car be a C
.c sslmaMMnF abbout "ie rbc coT Ivq e s1 b
+i, tn couLa sce Icer';
jT-na) (beca-u^c' tt 'rYs t"& on^ tln v can Sti oE
Sor' buirl a pTeei or '&)ser" & lsh imrs \9vucarip ouLLaL
nE&1 -boo'k a- a.C pticu.s io c-csr' F-a r'
Fc O^ ^ As v^r or "aFCLtI.r' are
pacper'- cu.ctrls ; buti &cr'?s ro s1a ll about i s veccL
etAl,6 -t'crq out-';
I- & v9loul) av Losc tifs& lto bcorc 1iL.s exr
b^i^4a1 13 Po ;' oi 1o' Sp il iv t r
SLtlT8 ambouta+
Ilasti' ear' pa.-pr'- cuit&r' vmcs cLs btL as a. svor2
( 1io azs bi4 a-s TRafl'r" S sv3or') bui-Cs bi. a; CL,
vQoo0c1 onc Lie ours )
7f 1e I ib bei t in a. af..Lv a L c Larg'taG,
v3 e' aO iUtju' rt+| si-x ou r'3


fSo ve lov19 -c YV2CLa rC'sq)9 or' aTo-t1cr'. T -+vcsp
Aotler 's btireac at bof r'ss 1so
C, t iA- ha 1-t bec or o) olL 'p M oCLor' (le' cisr'

SouaIL cO or I .co C 0 O
HSi scLi 1 r- afr a c nla.ttcr 9 c&oluT 5s1.
Altofcr?'s b0rl' oL t' rromtt.r SL c

C 6Oh aer bLrliQ ttcar-r v-o+ ...\. cr'
cur aLo.Lr' CLI ill -ark tr bc su1Pr6t ,
I0oo er'G jo_ ov ca" ou. tI pGoplr
Lo oTEs 3'o caT or'Ecr v'ar C' 6ix or, car' bctr

i.1 v,9e 0 Ci-K9 .o orc QvuE& r
btt0og rpisfc i o (:4 csq crO
"blI a uS.tbe O-j Oar cj o" alL '" aL+ cLe r'sc)
IoV aC bi 'o L5r!t 0t tci ~ a. rc'LLEv
Coc1Q a alt0 r o aolL L ri Tsr& o Lt .a.q C %
Ssalluac oax CL Sa .e a-) al C a .r'C1 Cc f

l___ ___


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Cock\E FCsaz1 acn all tF re&o^ i P P 9:%o

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- Lw -: -
__" ~ *1; \ tr

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L I 4%~ ri


"cas 41 +& \VCL? ves kep fHc Qcas 9i1 a;
an@ c@cr'5@ cavr' 1 dho sarce ap s comIsf
Go I settci r ot- OTICt a uC C o- c' s il -
-a ^Rc\LC 0ac t & seioul- be s 11ou bt tji Jlti1Cd. i7 corrl aT I
I eo r sV col 00tr a 6 oxg Ir b-

S-iou ofntc q eci l I cu ar. c)o l t
T- I.s. -L.e could@it co rns -to cn)? u-irq gD\
b.slr dIca ur clocro afl au bu amc vr1et )
0!1 v I C4 bol.Nh a i e r a
rl -f CLt- 00"sa Corotjp v<@E oril

Ws L- .Lo s L oCt- Th bcTn to sc oSa r o ot q.n
T+v Y) F 8s Cr'Ls an \ or'' msr an 9 r brCofKcr's
T-T-L to) Or' srCL m strc\

rrls V9oUL@ Oo o L F ACLtxs o Fou .9o
sti'ea iq oor's trL C EECCr
Ma.66LC, ,OuLLL L S cLrskl Ierr bu-r'Oottl

Ill 6o Wcr ow- 1-n3 -tld | c tetcK rfi, c r
St6 osee vacr -+r'c is 4t be jsccr
I Sc or \our' pcars ol. buljsle's r7it~culouwsl
lic Lc pictur'E or a. a. citc-+ aOcCsAtc^rs ot oux's
M10 ac Se ca ol) castets r CeorvaltL
a lp L-sr te r or- Tou.r'p a-'L5) outr&
Hr ubcrix Yvas a.vcL? so Gse \.QS u) LT
conrr cLrq oL-a all c-r hou.sc1olt) obc9E bEcr
F-C 16) tTe jsb4Lp ti~c tF&CL o\ f r'oo C ,
1 r boFLE q Lct~i aoc fl (i co ,

Ja oago t vWoul ^ Le- r'te Fr'%ch .1 ; Shc
@ p t5 LI. 7 -t-o .,s a s but- I no '' Lo 0,-
c! I9 F 6 t| 1- O d c' 6 b Ll I
S^Sh LI.c -irs o cL Y (g s c ')
rcLIt1,E;- 1 lorr'lc y 2or ,CL o S 0 fL t6 o 11 ac 9 ca)Y -to
i61r\9.r S Ll o o, 2a r-I C6
Sla SIDe OuLY1 a- l a- rT CCL
sI MSa\ tnj q T io: bLs o v0 cLLKaLl
ottX ~ _~ lia1Ci''



:1Doxary Ehzab 'r r (trnp. irn VIS.), s ri1 PleF UoSE, Fo ?, Corn
1.rq +t| ci-irurrSTanees, q)9 v-It 7& ?h oratu- rEOSa'- sEsoribe, :s'--- .Pag .13.
S. !'
LIQ~~~ ~ tec!e.s-ces 'c t1 v~~mcs cee-l~D: ice 3

i," [ 1 C ." i'1 *.,. .i .",
-~^ ^^ -* "'"s r V;

f''^!! -J 9%11
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"" : 1 i'' 1 III!! ^ !
&** ** '" A ''^ n -i -^''
.."fH I 74 ii In. ''^
I -' .- ; A .
"- I l . _1 .. "7

S .. ,, ^ .. :" *-- ^ .' ^ i[!
[. F _i -- r 1_
Li. -

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"" 1' .' I'
nt j Y 1. *

3 'It II.

(B1r c's ers\ 6oo0;*sTe qad8c aLL our' coc1ca) afj-s acuj
a F rr'cv? an) cDottL cjo Sptk ,e ,, Es f Loa. cr'ovo
ciLc oTa 1-oa Tsrt r', r ic tIf oopa a I vas
I, ]-n .cr'a.l-, ca Oor L: ooKc qu-tL L a. Qc-a er o%.-e ale
;?i ovq, cir bov 'c
e rs nac1 *cr ooo) clorcrs o r8
9 oltc aon cpccLLt i li "e
M' VS 9ap -te o one tict (Sae tf'ou.bLs ca
7tr car' ss or ouL s'ouLo \cp huL 1 US
~eu.^+-l TS61C. 9I r l + eLr' 1oses to a. tM c L-esl
o'0L cL 0 o) ;i t0 Lr car%) 't'cr bccx )1' & ntb
Fe'7s br d'uAft
STcrn ccLu$ 0-n \a vack LAHtL 0 ca.'o s8
or L (mTH ?ou. cze\cr se& one or -t1% ^tA)
Cu f iAt ra;er .spoill f-' aLLLt-
I 3u-frC jsptriol t' e troops v.'as cxcstrlenr a.1
WC' c cu c oc p$crp' pt.stO6Ls (dc cs (
vwa.s +e ol? o -tjCL+' slc .) cx ()oLLs N\aJor
SalL cos&rc % oe rer saCvO a. bctrar-
VCLch CPCL+r '
JTnQ ^IoN v9- cU c vorS e VOc^ tu arr i cuL
L VSie?^, aynl she ie none 1 tes Worse Lor ut a) )sc g e

o01 top -1OP l-t" L-r vonrT' be -ti Laol-
s cal L Tr1 ol -b.,Ld-+' 1 ot-L. oL or) I-m no
CL bcdb Iou.h'Babo Ls socrct-ru mc, ra nI a
1 be coa b-e iLutiuL cB acLLs a ceY auoc
,ano I can pu:r on. mr ov,0 boo1 cL CL c 0 oo ,saL
OS t-c cca1 Lscc s ; aj ridLe ct dor a plae cr a

cs a, ,o 0,11 a Oan ac f a t. o i 'I ,ToLL,s,a.l
cuoL otg. -' ocs Lcl.
I r L La ov b I o5 bacr a bcom s0 I VcLS LL C1 ClurT
Jrn- .t- voil ou.- Le6Ss oeQ ou-r" potles (_
mc ttC soa PLss po-rrneLs ) v3oul1s be mucI
ca.scrT' a0L' l2S I ritqc Lb a ncL
os tool "-- b r 17 p- is t r- .-ott or-
flp cr'rou.s to 6q sac aCL.s beccjLxse o c a Lce
sL-LppjLn roL__ _


-I I
,8 i -N .' '. -
I II' ,, -" ......

*S'"' -- -:- -.___ _
S11' -^^ I I ''r^-s i

I i\

"I '. '^ .....
,.^ i--_ ..._ / _- i


1 k "- a'

--: ,. -_ .,2

-.- ,_, .:


(I p i 'cry I pL.oci caI 'slpp rj r'ua -, vorh L

I I.-, I.rr ,
" x c+t-i 6' c c Ialan \I "rI upsiT o""
o0 pru np )
c eciA s l t sacLc L .js s Lpper is o' loecCusr
ifs Snootti ItS r 7t4Er r ou. air r's I c a o

ri- or'ss uajr' corlc w8O. Fo) tc o ? 's
b .LcK c CL rou. is a I ) sccrae js you'

Out-1 buolTicm? 1oLns u- PCI<-a cjr
prere 1 QoriT rri no)
Tnc9 v3oT'1r ou-t a> ou pC Ti'ua.t^'L \^ er
hs 9 Cr-c ^stpr-cc -n I 1 r r'oc E g -^,s or4-rr
E0er tn tc Ic9^o 6o va
u) I Zo' COpl- ALL iUts *2crr- u1com -ortcLbLIc I
oLe OLn ul C.4 t se a os1 "
We' ad oa as ,a c ooq oeL o prc4ftLcE, ,so
vc ou.6h+^ to I\rov\ ov t ri'LO
j_ n IcC a. rLSecr 00 L Cl snce v rc cQxm r o' Lie
on -t c el. CjLC ) vL vo c CL. P C cL-L v on L0e
Oavsp sfL rti t 7 c'' as sCL, st c
SM CoioT-- i-d u -i'm s -to' r-ic' s L. C Vca,>?S CLne aC _tTsf
S-i\ oult a OLe e on

i ltkL Ltouclc ot onf bc aIe

so I sMrlt LL'O a,v? oa cst9 ,o. -Lc s o pplo IC
( 9 -i e 0 s o c 'I
.I O-1 icrup su.. boc at7cn ) 6i oc or r:
.stbo iqu.f 1 We alvacs calL rao.c"1 c olce
I vo Csn jT T.,f N ,, except (2 atlt Tc esb
.satp 1c v3acp rca.Qull) SrLc1]ttEr ^$o IS 5CLa.T",TeI ou.
ou. bT't- be aCLa o oousL5cl` co's@er'in6 allt ou.r'
)q aLs ,LL- a sl t yfa' L c,,. ar aor
!F _rC T rL u, c s I L- bvy Lt bu
"n^ Vli(i birf moL. comcs afjOS I T I c oosc a.
oe\,. a.n c'C bu9 .o- m e ,bur tc- sUr -L anq
br 5L 1 saCL b c quxte nc :
Soe -a.c up ,r n-lita to cloos t oqr $otocr-
t h orf is c cu-eir at V\Otcr-'s u m i

___ __c i _o Sla4 sle ,sags _cr-_ c i.
quitt nnL^^LbLe Wz,+nk TnlnuioI

-- _Lt &L c .A L.. It .

F rur ; A ax

-- ~ **-. i- -- I ~-
S-E -" ,

i_|_ __ _______ __ 1' I,
I r

I oI- 'L -

a6,6i loc V < o9Es c evT dreacru-h -Itfat liFp.
Svorn'-tfcoTIress 1o 6 bl2acz ,bti but" pf ca.-r''p-taTpp
OThrrT (I'E ^npeq) our'lnpts ji 1A Tt v 2boo-1 )
5 sc aote < e1 u 6 EJ ICLO C I 0 1T ru 1 3iS;
/ jc 7 ae p' sje ;;Pc L -bui ca Drus) outoj
1CrI poeKic reo -r]n ac-l9 blr'u rs TTjor- l r F e- cv
till lToo1ls TikE aT-OPSE, at ia'cL L9 E Er
ja1ul4tj r e ioe'foe -pooi o1 br'u-tf bcastE-'rL o Li\'E
~ -l ^PP^ -t~o "e &ai of Ti\A Vp

k", 0 \2 F- -4 o6 0 E a8 CL ,
Pro DotJs r s, ar(G.
it}cJ ftf/ & cnar-kesp call Us, but+9

"tfe Cjatiff D Is av iT)n (liTmrrinrg sFjEEt's oj vOnit .
Dra66e? arD -trarripLeo), aT] CplueKe can CLuy ,,
tp cui- c fttt spT-HEa aqr]9 su&\iQe

ce c r .vcLc e ,c c pr- o c, Li o r =
LcU vc patLerqtQ cinT6 -to' ouxr Ltse
Hee- 1av9! lor res oL Ltt. ce os @cLr1e

b olos vt?6 bcr
b non, i,- t i'.r r. T. Io .- -o r 1 o 10 o ,s

He O- or*s buC i prlkcss -0 ,s6CL+ rc
o c h or o e r-cs bir, ;s borp LI
Tri QLo jfft^-tiTC S Us ,C.Lh f e s cWE Lo l t pj Eo br'

'ou tri t aA CE o7 (S ricc aio l CLc mcL1ster' ine ( c L-
S r1 no s rr' ai '

v o"ri Jie oaor'OLLS 5LLry bus^h priLc1Lcs rie ,serl
s c V-t sj -t -0 riL C -


I; 2.: I


t c

i.. i
-- :1

7 -f

F,.., c. ii rs V T T,-I.1-.,- -,, ,- Lr,-
N t .,

_i __rff~ -%Q Y~ F

____---------- 28. _______
l e rodcer J)o Lc L, a. Lor al attrer:

Vvllsft p ou LL brLaL
O oti & b r .
frI our LLT h oar chcqucu.yc-e ct-rcp
I ;-c ^'agca j port CL^ ScercObtcs ) taaEipj5
i L1 sil C tl \7'c galopcq v our costcrioqgrf's
to Gc aces *C c E;!:
I.':'E ca1rL) s babls ma) caC coal o.Mr sca. sCLS
ourq se-a 0LcG L 1 paeCV.S ,a0.- bccn soLi rpsircs
a- bougt- bac or- sea si.c CLI aSCt (Lq a.
I v jLte ,sa- )l clot l-j\ vtf Etsca e- brba. ) b c c5CLt t-
-or a bLe ptior-s ( crt; vacis QcLv s a.- ccr'r t.L LSfr c-tco
-'- g pac E;s
Ioup I so.L i'v1 O o^ o(-) )c p a 'su1 S r on
"e 7 0.1 arj rtcx-t s. ." r e I 0 ccarr Cosne r^ o

-alq people up T 1 6'p t46-O; +c te 6LC.<
utr o o, LLttte vOrc K ,-O v )s bc0 u-ts i
Ic7 r lovQ Ul-i+f I ^ tucpsca 1 s11aLJ e'- be
^c tc .ca1 rCr cL a. Qo, c.n's L t- a.E; c v !


(iT T -riunrp' alooIlc 9To r' ot r' r )o

ou, alt3o 1t6olC our, pltac v'th' +c t cnerE;^ o

SuboTrl9cd posito t rrj1 0to1 bu -t-crlTOriousLg
il o a. Lit ore .s OU c vcLL
bccorrC so rbacL. ar" occcaiorl
I-a'L qLcLoIt -ol) Aqolc rc+ 1 .s f cxr' iAjstc
clor< 1 'srn -s5rccG) u all vL ts jibbij LL -
"tmpcr '6cy oq' ass I
Ou'16 'Wei i .s buBorg alp s2 but or ss b,
c 'c l) coars up a.rT) ro1j ptr ip s cs oon tie
or' SS
rotF\ir is rq orc je -aJUl ( I rla saQ ULcr)
"I -4lrn 16 sscm a.nxLous "o6 cca.Lavohc7 c crtsti calls
0or, pubLI .sptri.rL STiu It. a.r)pan L cl co) t16oc ,
R I .tsl. 3roticrr D.onr s I wT s_ tia-t alL ) cto
cit as I sr 1-' rcspo5s.L LNbdr 0 a TArarci CPast-'t+e

| &.sycc" scE;-respccVr blcjqc) ; onro ccarT
up c,0 n'e otIrr Lovcr-cie) t6 p)salue cas I papjsca) 4fc
"v9Lnoov3 S^o1 vhvch vC WereTC Scen

I o

I k
.r. .


l s, Srorl Ti oq us- Tc f 2
l0 25

S-. .. ,- .


_ _-. __- _. i. ii

tTi i t 0 l3 /- n...t., i.. .. .. ... i. T . .. ........ .. .. .'- ....i c .. .

S _7 _-,__ -- -- __._______
UE. I pric+ o-usl Tri, u T Oo o u ,
q -o.l T in orrI ) bf -o I s c, I, p ror| E 1 o.Tl _.
r. A7VosT aouSc, Esr^ T H E Q E E i] .
r-C,, ) i,, i -. c
CLp, ,5roTF C J r- pleep -u I a-jc
oukre leepJl al (u k, O .ou 7ta. T10 epl '
S:o-'o cm Tii' o- ,OU s lr-, r, oTaL .d0 ^r'oT
S"i( )a r p o o.9 '
~' -l sole'.' ,l unl ,v i- e* Ii ,
": t c-, "'-0 O c a s I s E .

At \',*r \- -. o r l r e ,
"* .1' Io'" @, l3 -CAi.-,- c.

.:\I l Tr- u ii AUrE,
,',,,." - -- ea :

''t.FrI Fs AiIL

r. :1 E
L L -prmV ---