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Devoted to the Best Interests of Levy County and Florida.



Labor and Produne vs. Money.
1 labor is nothing but the putting in
play the physical forces, under the
guidance of mental predominance
-the laying out our brawn for a pur-
pose that our minds die ate to us to be
a wise one, one that will make our con-
dition better, the great incentive all the
time being the betterment of our con-
Sdition. riit were not for this incentive
S no people could rise above the savage.
Savages in all ages have exerted them-
S slves enough- to procure the common
lneCt'ssities of food and enough clothing
to secure such comfort as is necessary
: in their condition.
Bit I will not discuss people in that
stage otrexistence. I will discuss peo-
ple that are already risen tfo that high
state of civilization t.hlt we of the
, + United States have climbed to; also
such as exist in France, England and
("Germany-those nations that are so
exalted for their civilization, literature,
science, commerce, productions, re-
fineirentand wealthy. Thesecountries,
so far above all othercountries in these
respects, had to labor to get to the pin-
nacle to which they have climbed. It
is labor that has achieved all these
grand results. It is said that our pro-
ductions are the wealth of the country,
and who will say that our productions
are not the result four labor? Labor,
then, Is the cause, and production is
the effect; and without labor anid pro-
duction there could be no wealth. La-
bor arid production are the cause of the
houses fine or rude that we see dotted
all over the land. The happy families
that we see smiling within the portals
of these homes, the towns and cities
S. that gratify our admiration and pride
as citizens our schools and colleges,
our public buildings-all these are the.
effect of labor and production, and not
the cause of them. Suppose labor
should cease her exertions just for one
year and no products should be made
except such as are consumed at home,
what would be the effect on these
towns and-cities and the other monu-
ments of our civilization ? All will an-
swer that the effect would be serious.
Suppose labor should cease its exer-
tions just ten years and no product
should proceed from the various
sources of production? All will con-.
cede that such a process of non-produc-
tion would in time eventuate in the to-
tal demolishment ofea civilization that
we are now so proud of. Labor pro-
duced this effect, and the suspension of
labor would in time demolish these ef-
fects. Therefore, labor and production
being at the bottom of all our splendid
civilization and the glory of society and
the source and cause of it, are we not
doing in a great degree injustice to the
laborer when we throw up our hands
in admiration of a fine house, a beau-
tiful town, a splendid city, a flying
train, the living, talking telegraph and
all the other evidences of our civiliza-
S tion, which we never tire-of praisingr-
They-are but the effects of labor and
production. Many good people recom-
mend as a remedy for the evils and dis-
tress of the day that these 'laborers
and producers (meaning the agricult-
ural laborers and producers, of course,
for there could not in the beginning be
any other kind of labor until first an
agricultural product had been made)
suspend all exertion except td make
just enough to supply their needs and
wants at home. Suppose the agricult-
ural laborers and producers were to do
this in this country? The non-pro-
ducers could get along very well if all
the other agricultural laborers did not
pursue this policy too. But suppose
that all the agricultural laborers of the
whole earth were to suspend all exer-
tions except to make just enough to
supply their wants and needs at home,
and that they did not make one single
product to go from the farm at home.
How long would it take for even the
'farm house to disappear? How long
would it take for these splendid towns
and cities of all countries to disappear?
How long would it take to stop the
railroads and telegraphs?
No, we have been wrong in lauding
and praising these evidences, these ef-
fects, and holding in contempt the
cause and source of our magnificent
superstructure of civilization. We need
to change the notions and ideas and
theories of society. It is the laborer
and producer thatdeserve the mead of
praise for all this grandeur. It is not
the man that you see paying the mon-
ey to have this done that deserves the
praise, but the laborer and producer
that made it possible to do it. The la-
borer should be elevated and given due
praise for all this by society. His in-
terest should be first. Society, the
State, the nation should give their first
thought and most considerate care to
the protection of all its laborers and
pro ucers. VSociety can never afford
to have them suspend exertions and
limit it to home supply. Towns, cities
nor railroads can afford it. But they
can afford, and it is their duty, to first.
foster, protect and care for the laborer
and producer. Now at this stage of
my argument I will say that in this
question of labor and capital there are
just two parties interested, the men
who labor and produce and the men
who live by the. manipulation of mon-
ey. Anid how is society divided be-
tween these parties? The merchant,
the railroad man, the laborers in man-
ufactories and mines, for they get their
material alone from them and they are
producers too; and the owners of thee-
factories and mines would be on the
side of the laborer and producer if it
were not for a Government tariff that
gives bounty to them. I have put rail-'
road men on this side because they live
by carry ing the producer's product and
ought of right to be their friends, but
they have not always shown themselves
as friends. What classes are on the
side of money? First and foremost is
the banker, the man who lives entirely
on the interest of his money. The of-
ficeholder, the preacher and the an-
nuitant of every sort. The'e are on the
side of capital, because they get stated
or fixed salaries, and no matter wheth-
er there be storm or drought, or cyclone
or freeze, or misfortune or disaster, said
salary never grows less. These have
got the producer's obligation to pay,
and-it must be paid, though his pro-

duce was cut short by' storm, drought,
freeze, misfortune or dis-
aster. If these things occur, he must
just give another economic twist on
family expenses-the babies must go
barefooted, Sally must do without a
now frock, although she needs one, and

Hayseed must just wear his old rusty
coat and breeches another year to meet
the obligation. And noble people, they
do it with unparalleled cheerfulness;
but this should not be.
These people on the side of money
are interested in a dear dollar, so that
they can get a great deal of the pro-
ducer'u products for it. The banker
who manipulates the dollars wants a
dear dollar so that it will buy a great
deal of the producer's product. So the
banker contracts or makes his money
less and less, thereby increasing its
value, and as this progressive contrac-
tion progresses the value of the pro-
ducer's product decreases, and if this
process is continued money becomes so
precious that the producer cannot get
enough of it for his product to pay the
cost of production. The producer is
then nonplussed; he does not know
what to do. If he stops producing, so-
ciety will be destroyed, and if he con-
tinues to produce he will be destroyed.
Society should take better care of her
laborers and producers and not let the
bankers' with the assistant of their
friends manipulate the money to the
injury of the laborers and producers.
The fight to-day is between labor and
Fellow-citizens, you know which side
you are on. Self-interest and self-pres-
ervation will teach you on which side
to allign yourselves. If your interest
is with the producer you will be on
that side. If your interest is with the
banker you will be on that side. Then
I would say to the producer and his
friends not to allow yourselvesto be de-
ceived by the specious arguments of
the other side. The bankers have re-
duced your currency money from $2,-
000,000,000 in 1886 to about $500,000,000
in 1892. This tells the tale and is the
cause of all your woes. Which side
will you be on? Let's vote for Sally
and the babies and let the bankers take
care of themselves.

How should Alliancemen vote? Just
like all citizens should, according to
the dictates of their conscience. But
it is 4# mighty poor conscience that
would lead them to exercise the elec-
tive franchise for party against princi-
ple. The Alliance as an organized
body is non-partisan, yet with the re-
served right to formulate a platform of
principles-as they did atOcala (called
the "Ocala demands"), affirmed at In-
dianapolis, and reaffirmed at St. Louis
Feb. 23, in connection with and by the
Union )Labor Confelence; and having
so exercised that right and privilege it
would seem the part of wisdom and
consistency that they should act as a
unit to carry 'out these principles and
to follow in a non-partisan spirit, all
together as one man, if they are truly
in earnest, that party, be it Democrat-
ic, Republican or People's party, that
will adopt in sincerity, in plain com-
mon language, in truth, their platform
of principles, so often set forth in all
State and national councils, confeder-
ations and unions. Will they do it?
-Some men, advocates of these princi-
ples, are fonT of ways that are dark
and tricks that are vain. And this
brings to'mind th'e recently published
address,,delivered at Dade City Oct.
20, 1891, of the now "ex," but then'
president of the F.. A. and I. U. of
Florida, wherein he reminds the broth-
erhood that the order is political but
non-partisan, and before the breath
grows cold that uttered this sentence
a meeting of citizens of several States
was held in Cincinnati, on the 19th
and 20th of May, and a platform of
purposes was adopted which among
other things included the Ocala Alli-
.ance platform. They designated them-
selves the People's party. By a careful
study of the men who were leaders in
that meeting it will be seen that many
,of them had been discarded by either
the Democratic or Republican party
(twins.) It-'is noted with regret that
there are members of the Alliance in
several counties in the State who are
in full sympathy and hearty accord
with the Third party movement. With
regret, we (R. F. R.) say, because we
are sorry to see division in the ranks of
the order. We (R. F. R.) regard the
Democratic party as the friend of the
people, and because' if every member
in the Alliance were to stand united in
a Third party they could not possibly
elect a State officer ("he Governor"),
and this to him is "the milk in the
cocoanut." And we here assert that
these very sympathizers with a Peo-
ple's party movement for independent
political action in a few hours after the
delivery of this address retired this
self-same declaimer and misrepresented
of men better than himself to the rank
,and file to better educate himself. We
Aibelieve the efforts of this leader of the
Alliance of the past year to hinder and
cripple the thinking, reading indus-
trial class in their honest efforts for in-
dependent political action greatly di-
minished the membership of the Alli-
ance in this State, and if continued
will scarcely leave a corporal's guard
to confine it to a resting place. Yes,
we say, let every Allianceman vote his
will as his conscience may dictate, and
it is a poor conscience that will vote
party instead of principle. F. H. L.

Across the Continent.
Farm, Field and Stockman.
Consolidation is the unmistakable
trend of to-day's railway building. The
goal for which all the great railroad
1 magnates are trying is a trans-conti-
nental line. The only road which has
as yet attained it is the Canadian Pa-
cific. But a reported transfer this
week indicates that combination has
been effected accomplishing the same
object in this country.
The first move in the great consoli-
dation was the leasing of the Chicago,
St. Louis and Kansas City to the new-
ly formed Great Western Co., next the
incorporation of a company'ealled the
Sioux City, Chicago and Baltimore,
and now comes the report that the
Great Northern Railroad has combined
with the others, thus forming a line,
composed of the Baltimore and Ohio,
Chicago, St. Paul and Kansas City and
Great Northern, that will conc'n, the

Atlantic with" the Pacific. Not only
that, but the great cities of New York,
Baltimore, Washington, Chicago, Kan-
sas City, St. Pauland Mini eapolis will
all be connected by the system. Trips
can be made across the continent or to
and from any of the great cities with-
out change of cars and with the thor-
oughness of equipment and positive as-
surance of a good time which one cen-
tral management insures.
Recent developments in locomotive

and track construction have brought
the possibilities of speed to a point
where experienced railroad men say
without hesitation that we may soon
expect runs of five hundred miles in
five hours. As pon as the Western
roads are built up to the same point of
perfection that has already been
reached in the East there is no reason
why a man should not start from New
York at night, breakfast at Chicago
and reach the Pacific coast the after-
noon of the second day.
One thing more this consolidation
leads us to consider, and that's the un-
mistakable tendency to final combina-
tion under one management of all the
American railways. When that comes
and not till then will we have a per-
fret railway system. Then a man can
buy a ticket from anywhere to any-
where, and the same simplicity will
exist in the freight and express traffic.
The days of discrimination, over-
charges and general dissatisfaction, will
be over, ald rates will be reduced to'W-
true economic basis. Does some one
say, "Awful monopoly"' ? Oh, no; be-
cause the question would immediately
arise: Shall Uncle Sam own the rail-
ways, or the railways own Uncle Sam?
That question we can leave to a ma-
jority vote with perfect safety.


What is Offered in the United Kingdom
for Florida Rook and Pebble.
The following is Couper, Millar &
Co.'s report on the fertilizer market of
the United Kingdom as recevied by
mail Saturday: "The trade of the
country continues very depressed and
the great coal strike now on cannot
tend to improve matters. "Fertilizer
manufacturers are experiencing in-
creased competition, the continued fall
in prices of all raw materials upsetting
calculations, while the severe
weather delays deliveries of manufac-
tured manures.
"The Florida combination to regu-
late supplies and prices of river phos-
phate is now in operation. Meanwhile
since the issue of the last circular, there
has been a further serious drop in
prices of all American phosphates, and
the prospects in the immediate &ture
are not by any means bri-ght. '
"Mineral phosphates--High class Ca-
nadian will be in very limited supply
next season, still we have some to ofer.
"Florida 75 per cent. rock offered at
82d, while river pebble, testing about.
60 per cent, has been sold as low as 7d.
It is however now held for' more
"South Carolina river and land rock
offering at 71d. per unit. Ground
Somme phosphate might be secured
at ll1d for 75 per cent, c. i. f. London
or to other ports at the higher- range
of freights in addition."


To be-Held in Jacksonville, April- 20th
Under the Auspicies of the Florida
Fruit Exchage.
Among other things said in a circu-
lar issued by the Florida Fruit Ex-
change, we append the following:
We now desire the fruit growers to
meet in conference to consider the
questions which now press upon us-
how to secure better and cheaper trans-
portation, how to open up new mark-
ets abroad, how to prevent the ship-
ping of green fruit, how to avoid gluts,
how to protect safely-our market sea-
son, and, if possible, to promote a
greater union of action for the furth-
erance of the best solution of all the
questions bearing- upon this industry.
We therefore invite all fruit growers
and all interested in the orange indus-
try of Florida to meet in conference at
Jacksonville on the 20th of April for
the purpose of a full and free discus-
sion of all matters of interest to orange
growers. Arrangements have been
made with the several lines of trans-
portation to bring'persons attending
this meeting at reduced rates-one
fare for the round trip. Tickets on
sale April 19 and 20, limited to April
22 to return, and arrangements will be
made with the hotels for reduced rates.
We hope to see a very full attendance.
Fruit growers will please call at office
of the Florida Fruit Exchange in the
Astor block for information as to place
of meetings, hotels, etc. Respectfully,
Executive Committee of Florida Fruit

It is claimed that Speaker Crisp's re-
fusal to report the cloture rule killed
the Bland bill. Mr. Watson claims
that this action of the Speaker will
carry Georgia and other Southern
t ates for the Third party.

The fears of the future are less terri-
ble, or the joys of this world are rapid-
ly diminishing, if the number of sui-
cides is an indication' of either. One
hundred and eighty thousand is the
appalling record of last year.

It is said that the'skeleton of Guit-
eau, who murdered President Garfield,
is shortly to be placed in the national
museum at Washington. It is said
,hat this is a very valuable skelton to
have. The government prizes it so
highly that money can't buX it.

A special train of five cars, construct-
ed entirely of steel, is on exhibition at
the Chicago and Northern Pacific sta-
tion in Chicago, Ill. It is claimed that
the cars neither cost nor weigh more
than the old style, while being practi-
cally indestructible by fire or in a
wreck. ,

Sunday New Orleans experienced
one of the mast destructive fires in her
history. A fierce gale of wind fanned
the flames. Four cotton presses were
consumed, with 80,000 bales of cotton
and four square miles of dwellings.

This is the heading to a leading ed-
itorial in the New York Herald of a
late date, and newspapers all over the
country are asking the same question.
The Herald says that it has been three
years and three monthssince the elec-
trical execution law has been upon the
statute books of that State, and there
have been but eight executions under
it. It says that since its enactment
more than a hundred murders have
been committed in the State, some of
them the most' diabolical, and out of
the hundred murders there have been
only eight convictions. Not only are
there the most glaring acquittals, so
glaring and so ,-intr:,i ry to the law and
the evidence as tp call forth comments
from the bench, but the delays are as
numerous and as shameful as the ac-
District Attorney Nicoll, of New
York city, says that, there are now
twenty-five persons in that city alone
awaiting trial, and at the rate capital
cases are disposed of, it will take sever-
al years to try these cases, and in the
meanwhile nearly every weekly some
fresh and startling murder is com-
New York is not alone in these
things of which the Herald complains.
The delays and acquittals in murder
trials will apply to almost all, if notall,
the States of our Union.
The Herald seems to think there is a
growing tendency on the part of jurors
not to convict of murder in the firs
degree. It says that this tendency has
been noted and condemned by three
eminent judges in that State within a
couple of weeks. One of ihe judges
used this langaage:
"I am sorry to be compelled to say
that it is exceedingly lamentable that
juries are inclined to give the greatest
encouragement by their verdicts to this
particular kind of cr'me-shooting af-
frays. The natural result is seen on
every side of us. Crimes of this sort
are growing more numerous daily, and,
in my' judgment, the blame must be
placed upon jurors who refuse to act
upon the evidence and who travel out-
side'of it to find \excuses for the crime.
The jury box has become a nursery for
such crimes."
Things are getting into a lamentable
condition indeed, and poor protection
is given to human life, when a judge
on the bench feels inmpelled to use such
strong and significant language to a
jury who had set free a man accused
of brutally murdering the frail and
trembling companion of his bosom.
It is a serious thing, and should ar-,
rest thoughtful attention, when con-
servative and eminentjudges and lead-
ing newspapers all over 'our land, do,
not hesitate to say that in capital cases,
at least, justice is a failure in the Unit-
ed States.
Indeed, things are radically wrong,
times are out of joint, when in a great
State like New York only one convict!
tion is possible out of every twelve,
when it takes something more than
three years to bring the offender to trial,
when juries are denounced from the
bench for wanton miscarriage of jus-
tice, and when a presiding judge feels
it his duty to publicly declare that the
"jury box has become' a nursery for
such crimes"-meaning murders.
We cannot do a better thing, per-
haps, than quote the closing paragraphs
of the article referred to; as the lan-
guage is general and applies to all
States alike: .
"Severity and celerity of punishment
are the recognized essentials of sdccess-
ful criminal law. The penalty must
be adequate to the crime, and it must
follow without delay. The object in
view is not so much punishment of the
offender as protection of society. Where
there is neither severity nor celerity
there is no deterrent effect, and when
this fails justice is defeated and society
is exposed to danger.
"That the criminal law of this State
is not enforced with either severity or
celerity is a matter of common notori-
ety. Verdicts of murder in the first
degree are rare, and the delays in cap-
ital cases are a common scandal. In
no country of the world are these evils
so conspicuous as here.
"There is no good reason why mur-
derers should not be brought to trial
within a few weeks after arrest. Yet
in this city months are allowed to pass
before arraignment, and it is often
years before the end of the proceedings
is reached.
"This state of things can only lead to
lawlessness and peril unless reformed.
If more criminal courts and judges are
needed, provide for them. If the force
of the district attorney's office is not
sufficient, increase it. If the jury sys-
tem works in the interest of criminals
and against the safety of society, re-
form it. If the law of capital punish-
ment cannot be enforced, abolish it
and make imprisonment the penalty
of homicide.
"Apply the remedy, whatever it may
be, but do something to cheek the reck-
less use of the knife and the pistol and
render the law effective in dealing with
As many murders are committed in
Florida, perhaps, as in any State in the
Union, according to population, and
there are as many delays and quite as
many acquittals.
Our judges should have the courage
of the New York judges and denounce
this lamentable condition of things
from the bench, and the newspapers
should have -the courage of the New

York newspapers and try to create a
public sentiment that will give some
protection to society and put a higher
value on human life.
Men are the creatures of circum-
stances and environments, and if the
reckless taking of life is applauded or
condoned men will become mo.e reck-
less because of the notoriety that these
things will give them.

Accidental Cures.
A gentleman was suffering from an
ulcerated sore throat, which finally be-
came soswollen that his life was despaired
of. When his household came to his bed-
side to bid him farewell, each person
grasped his hand for a minute and then,
turning, went out weeping. A pet ape,
which had modestly waited.'till the, last,
then advanced and grasping his-master's
hand for a minute, also turned and went
away Nith his hands to his eyes. This
assumption of deep grief, which it is
hardly possible the animal could have
really felt, was so ludicrous in Its perfec-
tion tiat the sick man was seized with an
uncontrollable fit of laughter, which broke
the ulcer in his throat, whereby his life
was saved.
The great Erasmus laughed so violently,
while reading the Epistolae Obsourorum
Virorum (letters of obscure men against
the monks), that he broke an imposthumo
and saved his life.
A somewhat similar story is related of
the celebrated grammarian, Urbain Dom-
ergue, who had an abscess on his throat,
which broke in a fit of passion with which
he fell on his physician for committing a
solecism in grammar.
The Rev. George Harvest, rector of
Thames Ditton (England), was very ab-
sent-minded, so that on one occasion he
went into a friend's house and, seeing no
servant he rambled over it, finally enter-
ng, the room of an old lady, ill of a quinsy,,
He stumbled over a clothes-horse and his
awkwardness made the patient burst Into
such a fit of laughter that the quinsy
broke and she lived many years to thank
him.-American Notes and Queries.

Light Bluff Instead Gt Seal Brown.
A traveling man at oneof the hotels had
devoured the big end of a supper when he
called a waiter and addressed him in this
"Bring me an,order of wheat cakes well
done, not burned, but brown, about the
color of your countenance."
"'Bout d(o coor o' my what?"
"Your face."
"Oh, you wants 'em seal brown."
"That's It."
"They'll be hero instantly, boss."
The darkey hurriedaway toward the
kitchen. In the course of ten minutes
another waiter set-a plate of pale-looking
cakes before the man.
"Do you call those cakes well done?"
"No, sah. I didn't take your order.
Another waiter turned it over to me.",
"Well, send him here."
The man with the seal brown face ap-
"Didn't I order my cakes as brown as
your face?"
"Yes, you did, sah; but the head waiter
made me give your order to a yellow
nigger, so le brung your cakes the color
of his face. That's no mistake o' mine.-
Kansas City Star.

Hee Burglars.
It appears that the monarchies of bees,
well governed as they seem to be, aret
afflicted' nevertheless, by organized crim-
inal thieves and highway
robbers, says London Tit-Bits. S6me of
these robber bees go in strong bands to
pillage, and are able to storm and sack a
hive. After tihe slaughter they carry all
the provisions home. Some colonies of
bees never work; they live- entirely by
robbery and murder. There are also
thieves who creep unperceived into
strange hives to steal honey. If success-
ful, they return afterward with hordes of
burglar bees, break open the honey safes
and carry away the contents.
But the most curious fact is that those
bees can be artificially produced, accord-
ing to Buchner,by feeding the larvae upon
honey mixed witn brandy. In the words
of the naturalist himself: "Just as man
does, the bees become victims of their
love of this beverage, which exercises the
same pernicious influence upon them as
apon us; they become excited, drunk and
cease to work. When hunger comes upon
them they fall, like man, from one vice to
another, and finally give themselves up
without scruple to robbery, pillage and
It is not perhaps generally under-
stood that Maryland, along with ot her
states east of the Rockies, is adding ap-
preciably and to an increased extent
to the country's stock of precious met-
als. In 1889 Maryland produced $10,-
369 worth of gold, and the outlook for
an increased product is said to be good.
Virginia produced $4,100 of gold and
$13 of silver, a falling off from 1880,
when $9,321 of gold was produced in
the Old Dominion. North Carolina
produced $146,995 of gold and $3,879 of
silver in 1889, as against $118,953 of
gold and $140 of in 1880. South Caro-
lina increased her production of gold
$13,040 in 1880 to $46,853 in 1889. Ala-
bama increased hers from $1,301 to
$2,539. Georgia, which stands next to
North Carolina as a producer, mined
$107,605 of gold in 1889, as against $18,-
029 in 1880. California retains its prom-
inence as a gold producing state. Its
product in 1889 was $12,586,722. Colo-
rado led in silver, its product being

The Public Schools.
Shall we spare any thought, any ef-
fort, any cost, to make the public
school what we mean it to be, -the
corner-stone of the ever loftier and
more splendid structure of political
liberty,-and to impress the teacher
by our sympathy and care the central
truth of the school system, that the
child is educated by the state, not
that he may read and write only, but
that the trained power and noble intel-
ligence of the American citizen may
tend constantly more and more to
purify and perpetuate the American
republic?-George William Curtis.

The cyclone which swept over
Texas and Kansas last Friday, was
the most terrific that has occurred in
this country in many years. Santa
Anna, Texas, was almost completely
demolished and fifty persons were
killed outright in Kansas.

The rebels in China seem to be poor
fighters. Late advices say that in a
bloody engagement between the im-
perial troops and the rebels in north

ern China resulted in the slaughter of
several thousand of the latter. It is
stated that over 3,000 of the rebels were
put to death by the sword, and 500
burned alive; all of which was done
by the imperialists with only a loss of
five killed and forty-five wounded.

Mifty Tousand People' Are Ready to
Enter the New Country.
G-UTHImE, April 2.-All of the alot-
ments to the Indians on the Cheyenne
and Arapahoe Agency have been com-
pleted, county seats and lines located
and other preliminary arrangements
made, so that everything is in readiness
for the president's proclamation. At El
Reno, King Fisher and Hennessy, every
hotel anid boarding houee is packed, and
hundreds are living in temporary sheds
and tents. Every incoming train is
loaded down. Thousands are coming
in wagons. Wagon trains can be seen
going ina that direction, some of which
are a mile in length.
A message from one of the villages in
the Indian country, 100 miles east of
here, says that nearly 500 colored peo-
ple have passed through there, coming
to the new lands, on foot from Arkan-
sas. It isa estimated that by April 10,
the date fixed for the opening, fully 50,-
600 people will be ready to enter the
lands. About one fifth of these will be
colored. The Cheyenne and Arapshoe
tribes, who have been allotted lands in
this reservation, number 3,500, and
none of them are civilized in the least.
It has been but a few year since they
were openly eon the war path. Over 509
of them are now holding a ghost dance
at the Red Hill, north of Fort Reno,
and declare their Messiah will yet come
in time to keep the horde of whites out
of their lands.

They Get Their February Pay and Od
Time Confidence Returns.
MACON, Ga., April 2.-Macon em-
ployes of the Central railroad have
been paid off and confidence in the new
Central railroad is to that extent re-
wtored. An order was issued by Judge
Speer to the board of receivers directing
that the union depot here be rebuilt at
W. C. Sheftall, a conductor on the
Central railroad, who was discharged a
few days ago, complained to Judge,
Speer that the,. discharge was because
he complained, before the appointment
of a receiver, that conductors were
overworked. The court at once ordered
the man's reinstatement, if such was
the cause of the discharge.
Made Happy in Augusta.
AwGsuTA, Ga., April 2.-A check ha
been received from Savannah, and all
the Augusta employes of the Central
railroad were paid off their February
salary in full. The pay roll in Augusta
*mounts to nearly fifteen thousand dol-
lars a month. .

Iegy are Quietly laying their Plans for
the Convention.
NEw YoRK, April 2.-The Times
states that the Republican leaders are
quietly making their arrangements for
the State convention for the selection of
delegates to the national convention,
and in the fore front of their plans, of
course, is the selection of the four dele-
gates at large. The State convention
will be held in Albany on the 28, and
according to the present slate, the relia-
bility of which is vouched for by most
competent authority the delegates-at-
large will be the same big four of 1888-
Chauncey M. Depew, Thomas C. Platt,
Senator Frank Hiscock and ex-Senator
Warner Miller.
Blaine May Carry the State.
ROCHESTER, NX. Y., April. 2.-The
first caucus in this congressional dis-
trict to elect delegates to the congress-
ional district convention, which will
elect delegates to the national conven-
tion, has been held, and delegates were
elected to vote for national delegates
who are said to be in favor of Blaine
and against the present administration.

The Plocky Little Penlnsula Get S ub-
stantial World's Fair Aid.
JACKsoVLLx, April 2.-Henry Flag-
ler of New York, has subscribed $20,000
towards Florida's World's Fair fund of
$200,000 to be raised upon the plan pro-
posed by Arthur C. Jackson, that each
subscriber shall be given advertising
space in a paper to be distributed at the
exposition. Flagler donates all the
space accredited to him under his sub-
scription to a descriptive sketch of
Florida, reserving none for himself.
The plan is meeting with great sue-
cess and the full amount of $20,000
will undoubtedly be raised. Governor
Fleming has announced the appoint-
ment of Arther C. Jackson and Joseph
Hirst as commissioners for Florida to
take charge of the collection and dis-
bursement of this fund. The old direc-
tory has announced its inability to raise
$100,000 on the county apportionment
plan and is preparing to disband.
governor Nerthun Promotes the Ausitamt
to Succeed Lestie.
ATLANTA, April 2.-Governor Northea
has appointed Hon. W. A. Little, of
Muscogee, attorney general of the state
of Georgia, to succeed Hon. George N.
Lester, deceased.
Ever since Judge Lester's election, his
health has been so poor that he was un-
able to attend to the duties of the office,
and at its last session the legislature
created the office of assistant to the at-
torney general, and elected Mr. Little to
that position. Mr. Little has, therefore,
been virtually the attorney general dur-
ing Judge Lester's term.
The appointment will meet the appro-
bation of every Georgian, and is a Just
tribute to the ability and loyalty of Mr.
The Train Wrecker EBscapes.
CHARLOTTE, N. C., April 2.-Six per-
sons escaped from jail here, through a
wall Among the number is John Boyd,
who is charged with wrecking the
Western North Carolina train wheB
twety-two persons were killed.

The .JU I Breakers Caungke
Can&Lo'r'nt N. C., April 4C.-,Joh
Qraham, B,,l '. arr and Jim Patterson,
three of t prisoner who escaped
from jail W\V i ay morning were m-
eptured in i .pirtanburg. Phaor r.-
sited arrest aid was shot, and i IND*
to de. Bod, the tiazn w>k, a
*A mtft 66O



Apparently, Rev. Dr. Charles H.
Parkhurst, of Madison Square Pres-
byterian church, 'New York city, does
ot intend to stop his exposures of the
corruptions prevalent in New York
city and'winked at by the municipal
authorities. The doctor has personally
visited the saloons, dives and houses of
ill-fame and finds them in full blast on
Sunday as at other times and with
the knowledge and sanction of the
police. He declares that the publica-
tion of the lives of the city officials'
would verge on obscene literature. He
has secured a battery of affidavits and
evidence upon which he demands that
the police, the district attorney, the
grand jury and courts shall act in a
p practical manner. When Dr. Park-
urst first went to District Attorney
Nicoll, that gentleman sent him to the
grand jury, and the grand jury sent
him to-that is, they took no action.
Now Dr. Parkhurst is resolved that
his evidence shall be treated with
'something more than inaction and
passive deifials. The dives and the
resorts may desire to be. ignored, but
"he does not, and proposes to be very
troublesome to the corruptors of so-
ciety and public, morals. The result
of his crusade will be watched with
interest throughout the country.


Poet, Artist, Socialist-A Selection from.
His Writings.
Together with a sketch-of the -man
edited by Francis Watts Lee. No. 5 of
the Social Science Library. Paper 25
cents. The Homboldt Publishing corn-
any,19 Astor Place, New York.
. The often quoted genius who declared,
that it was immaterial to. him -who'
made a country's laws, so long s he ,
might frame its songs, utterd what is,
at least,.a considerable part of truth.
He points to the dictionary andremind-
ed us that the "poet" is the "maker"
and that the untold generation who
slowly molded the English tongue
agreed in 'adopting the Greek concep-
tion that the man who put the thought
and life of his people into verse was
essentially the, one who "made', his
time. The great claim of William
Morris-who is a poet alike in prose and
verse-upon the English-speakingrace,
is that he has given us the imaginings
and inspirations that, under all its sor-
did dress pant in the Anglo-Saxon -
breast. He has hot trifled with the
mere outward coating of the man; he
has tried to get at the man him-
self; he has bent his ear to catch the
actual heart beat of the nation's life,
and he has reported it as no other has
of late. He has gone straight to the,
center for his information; he under-
stands William Morris has a great and
kindly heart, simply because he is in
thorough touch with his race, which
is, at bottom, intensely sympathic. He
understands, and he has approached
his audience through there minisceaces
of simple, homely life; through their
wives and children. Living in a coun-
try where to be looked on as "respect-
able" is the ambition, there is not a
"respectability" upon which like
Carlyle and Ruskin-he doesnotem y
the vials of his wrath. He is certainly
the most characteristic, and perhaps
the most prominent figure in English
Socialism, and he is the very one that a
hostile press dreads most to attack. For '
the publishers it should be said that
this book of 320 pages is both elegant
and cheap.

Oue hundred and thirty-one Demo-
crats of Leesburg, signed .a petition
pledging themselves to work for the
nomination of Grover Cleveland for
the presidency.









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as ...urage o" til .hovictions p' ou"e. h i p. .. t. ,,sui of OHUN,.ED DOL- take place at 1urdee clurci are. post -" EE Fi of -89.2. a fullBoa, bein. prlT ,t n'
)r.n allogi y el atari, h reform demo: a The report of the commits, was LA es fr each 'd every case os CA- poned. The ,' .... ',hool thought ... ,+ for the .- S.c... ..1... .n. T. ?. R.. 15, u"t .' s
S "bo ievesin od rinina on. -- and eceivd, and !he iton to *IInIt.,atzcaInotIbe.ured toby Ithcus ,it wer e. il a.He s the lo I, itis-., to 'o I si,
rin debt on free wool last adopt by sections prevaiug tha e reso- o, s Caar Core. the ]o l sill u < itter i Itir. *pro\ hisontin is resident upon and Sbner. .
heek Mr; Mallory said the house as ltion c ondemnig house bill N 4 FAK CENEY. The fars out here ar needing y ldothB

wonga doa a m atterof vita} im- was lost: There was considerable de- F' worn to befo m, e aud w eo e ibed rain very m uch. It i;,o "0 d y seed v *A.eT)e O,, ttn..m .. ... .t. 1A. Chairman.
" ".b" l o o d ateo e of the resol ,tions but in r presence, ti-s Gth day of De- will not AL E. LY2CH Resoter,

Qrtaoce lt the p- ople of this country; ,hrept t wal rot ally adopted as.o l- cernber v A. D. e 18SG We ar, s.iadto hear of the ival ,ve r orps ,,;..; ^ FO' BAuco, L"erk & Auditor.
.I"lkl ,. .. . ,l, ."., .- d,...I :. I .. I ,.'li' A'qI.u,

I atty which p. 'Id every m: San auid lows; a n ,: .. .A..O. at C..a Key, a would Il ike to I ve -ia v i, r .i *S ) NO(I IIil CE FOl PUBLICATION.

vomlan 'palltharei9tlogsqoflify, The \W1reas, TheI extort ion and apprp<- i~' Notary lkublic. Bros. Sniith1' and Itichard.-ion dome clre), .. ;*:" D*AGGETT'8 LAX^ ovIcE. AT UAINESVIIT.E. FLA.",}
...i.._ I -l M r.theyerliflX W o ral 1 So le o e' and hold a e t g here e fuel C S M ch7, 2.
.,l ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 1 re u~ i;tl ;'op ; Ion "Io"seek Pahlin e e dan' Votlyair dia edinsr, itt osAt t .... ,f .... in-. 111( Bltlcs I jel' l su: a.Z i liel +,,rt 1('hcfc -tOi,:'tr,, i O elu J.N' ... I A -I e L 'nl ',7(]'(I Ier tove t be"11 Fl~l- s i ve{" 1 D 1'dsr tLlled's

hlr,,lm; -. at t hy eap yt to-day, r ie,.Itituliots ba ceIle- 'Ihqt it would do t.e neiIghboh od I *./P. Noti*.,ce !. is ee b.-ven tutita at the lol ee tng,'
ly, devotedly uIerakg to decrease iapkid millioIai, siat .ne end of Ie ood. : I T 'n d s r l n n t hi 6te -
.he b..u of taxatil'n which th" re- l'neat d pauptl a rs atthe othcm ey a and ',a n .v ., D 1 wondoe r why thl ,d waOddlg is ,PA N U i Vtela i .....

iiblic.n. p y had aced u n the Allhercas, Tis iony p -,r -col- i aput oI ,-', 7 'o u *:V dip L1e be v n1 e I efro neisterand I.,ceiver i.I
., T I tIdsela she I IV ` two great pTarties ot the aI- mucous surfaces of the .yytenin Up ar sorry to learn' thnt AMrs. *e G' ** *P w i 1 V.:. .:. thf tellcul7 Iainesville, Fla., o-l April, h25, ia viz: -.
holo'de-rsof tne peoli', and they were .ouiili'y so that whopi a starrilg peo: Sciid lor testimionial~s free. Ma'ry IHardeo has hcimorrhag-e of the 2 '"* ?. ".! .:;*; .* ,1-: :. ;:' Savms o Per WILLIAM J. McDO-NEt L, of r-
-14et by gibe a^ quips and jokes pi e a--s t lm for bread they give .. CHENER & CO.. Toled, 0. Iogs I ;' .; ',,e, ; e ,, e .I, nn. )r t ce nt* <"!er, t.

There was enbiied' ia-this measure the a soe9 er submission to. ^ Sold y D "ggits.^ ^ 75 }e wonder what young lady got -^ .- It .dit *S ^ -for the gof sENSec.18 T. I
.ot only a reduction on the duty n anl end juua ance ow thet e oul raen s will" tad with ,er cousin i.... ,. ;. ee ry n mes the tfollowlne wi neses '
ool, bit on nearly e .. .y other article discount ouei'ea f respect, ani tch oun If we ad no failing ourse e e erf ellow to the hSas rn deIn {'-n "pRI *! tE1 A,11 R.c- c e uinrter, ahs

fn ue i p hn c gu str t od a y -e w a s to e" c t t ur n vi l h c sh o u ld uo t ta k e ,, u c h p le a su r e i n fi n d s n .o _,e v e t .,.- S ,:w h. .
redy to vote for \ly bl ltt1olwll tOl ratl ol therefore l ing out Adrose of othIl ervs. WOrAN'S IBi CAEST R IEND.o lll, ^ '; l.,- .- : kI. ins r o Archer. Fla.e ,'I J
educe .yt.hing now der the tariff. i olved, That wn the sovereign LUXOM.I.-The Gem o. all emale A -V'" i c, .;,l, d -,A "e X. LT n I, Rigister

Mr*. IDib understand d n votors of Lvvwounty in mass con- .- -, -n 1,e ,e eie is for irregularities, p.ins and *!1 X I I'OT_.CE FOPi Pi LICATION.
,__ mn py t th e vn t in inasselcd, do now and hr. We dllire to say to our citizens diseases 1eculia- to wo l'.n. U.ed 50 hL, r .. O F .. O i Laeueof ethe out.le f ,i,

eman to denounce ail protective due forever sever our connection with the ,ha for ypne we have been sell] ng Dr. yars b'an emni'ent physicians. .Never .!.,*.*.^ _* '-* -::~ ff V ^j O *c Ma 21,1892"
i~s e ready to wipe Gut of exist- t.. g or o odan t e c .ril of i ito' "a pe r t, wtai lso tl (IIotNW th, ] e s. with tnmp idi'(\ ,. sei. I ,, .P 1 'i' .. ... . )tl i e stge ion t the lo

.\Ie t e prtep tive dutiex non oranpes. glorious anL uneflalled lS.i eng ew Li ills, h iv l r e i m n as1'.0-_. M V'o to m e f it Nn\VuIp of See
fr.11, alory-I am. (Applause.) of priiiplet s co ttishb od ly b ut forth Arnica Salve and Electrio Ditters and -claim, id tlat sa proof will l e made
Continues qi. Mallory spd that at luK get inustril coee e,, trv noehede reiee th, sJeSll^ sp-^e wr." an %^' S M : lon
%.ta!,l, t t w d t i .. ,. "n h it. ,,." U7 01) 01 .. : ..- as we or 01 that NVlave -'ive such ur-,t Needingeato .< a* eperosn a i, *ain,:.Inrt.3i:.,T 1.'0

when the h tire edme when lhe would a, s t,*last, and for. thei -pedy sc<.etss ot -.tral satisfition. We do not lhchi- *r -, hT .'t-,y ans .EDWINA-. McDN.LL, of Archer-
Ik the people ..ther states to give ouI heey7etattwloparty we mutually pledge tate lo uarnt etten evr 1im t ispqrth -res i'.aria, -., t i

Uss people concessi ns which the peaOS oineacred word and honor that we an we stand moadv lo refund UK- Bihouses, Liver c -, I ... .. ,;,. .. t r -th ,

hc Ipf leat rs p e CO CnKI thihe rat tpe ot is i ia ra d h n r than e cl, -. w as,, de ot l a ct o v rin ulex lui (J r ^ ac V ltt I:{15 1 ---- ,.. t-- v~ rvfug FOF P i:c r a Fhoei ',,N ro",tS tq Om kel~ lp (o ikinor or hTi s h o, >,nl ~ hld e of sa wid ln t Oltes to1"
'7e o7 is -t.t won not give to them O .a r sa t dh n n at ] i i I s m -s i n t, t 1 wi ll pbreov- e-Ie h is h ein ou aD-ls
i waIno lo.ghherwbe qquutfied ditit to t ,ter;.-.' 1 .lM-..o.J.s-arm acy",, -v.. l, .. .... ,:
.:_''__':, .-- 71 =- 1fis il t. W s a mandethe sepedl o, the ont heir me('111 IJ. M .. C.cBrow whoSoaGqeo. w .. -..rquadaile, J hn .>I

cupon tutis, fl'os- in Tou ight ball box law ao the .11u T 1 V). ATLANTA. GEORi1A, oldE.asL.tBA D &O *to A S eo F McD1

Mr. Dingfey-pti not your pra de adoption of thl Australian syst-m. A nderso I4PAt IPlacE. weeks h e-r STIIcTLY n ALEX. LYsCH, Register.
"sor ..h.ast cogre ask for an !. W nnud ehe repal of lhe -f ti, -ietta ms Peachtree greets, O ,'.' MI H r td,-,or 1 hl enl roGH 'e&UT e1 hl

, , "' P p.''lequ_,* poll tg xto the privilege o .- not wai tor exraort.nary op- P O. 3, N OTICE FOt PUBLICATION.
nrsed di norongesy oacastingor allos. portuniti for ood actions, but make t AETS WANTED, SALARY C COF.iSSl and fice at G esvlle 1
Mr alory-My predecessor nty "3. We ur imando thst adll ofces of'a i i c o ituati. ) SAMPL.S MAI. O FR.,. 'L "illp s Apri eoled tr-'
have.neso;lut~I ywopuld nit hayve hnt b'b i ;1!e* CcomVtIIo No Im station iA offered r any qu tity. DN F A EA Ne a i ert ieharte
I. It i nfo I N: 6.1 l le"d Z1 11 '1 -1,,' .

tie our ho e som e o fur dis collea last r he te r r.nt sTJehlI I she1:h3se(,rpso w)ih)eood--oniou l- rn-.,nd, -- ci FIa. ..,- I

'file ll tl *iafi* t Im)(;,tlr h s loI ,tic o-hisn

4.ue 9 iace ro come do oeItois congress 4pr eh. Tht all of orial s hlaries we a- f { tGOtUiUe I AiTersl. o ohe ast th owe e s, tloer af.? i r 1 n, -i D. tI, .. il,.o. CUSHIO No Pt. o EUfl ATI:e. ''. T1 IT 0inrooTi I ii

nd ask iha ;t put a duty On oranges du~ced to thht of honest toil iln of cr Canl 1e had by uising Dr. i;. Jacobs' remit by postal note.,. regitered letter or 4,inerican,, Fr;, er and T.--... ...... 1.00 beforeJudce, or in isasec,'let cr
.,nd take it otfof everythi-g el .i r.its. ,* Nerve ;'nd rain trit whu gi v e hdr ntinu y uel.l M (icine glasss given hometAhr -ine and T..ho i........... T.2'. s TIR S <.au o t at ]hos.
on '.he uut ll5th. Wo t.mand that lhee -conomi tal, and bodily weakatss of were ..out .... ct zns. L a r,'a, l-f|'o. will pr1entviz
'f4h .o<. d Omnipotent Drinciples i.porporated i ,our nation- every I ed, Cures guaranteed. Ad- ptoie 'Bat !enmticn re.... G1; t 'ic tsoMpir )orks 'ndhT_ nfle'.-... l.ile ARiANTY i t .' IY cEEL DAVID L. wARD, of .Ia.on, F15..
*' r eldb f-4i al platf'orn' be strictll a|)pl'nd in the dross w ti shinii[, Jalfobs' Pharmne arl';dway's Ryady Reli-rl...... .I.! Mumnioth Cyclopiwdi! andr T.-D.. 1.Efi (ScrD YOUB ADDRESS FOR CATALOGU lip d. 20160 for the SEX< of SWi< and N'WV<
l"" *' ~. adm~iliiitration of our 81 0atloa fla Mir. da Co.. Altla lni, <.a. See advertimcnieiil Chopnpy's Expectorant... ..... anid Indlianipoils Souti,,l and TC.-D .......1.:, ORADES C AAOU ofsr:% We S T. 1)^. I. l5 E.
Mr. hn hT empol le srav;s, who wsf ir b he ie-te'so of the entire people. "elsewhere. ,; s' 'vtrict t I"" ...,. o n..-stitution a. d T,+l>..........,.u ttojE r Vle c t. fng tt SHCN, He uninps tihl eollowsilt witnesses tod
known *by inany pf' our readers while The following delegates were elected onesoeptie ...uo ..;:.;.;.'.: ... 6 s ". a.I" s.. preme s"* 1oup. seencei,^ ^ upon, and,
editorr of the Herald' whose: to the state convention, which is vet The lark rehearses not and men do ),- ,. pr e. il e -"-.. -el s 1' --1 tence u a l lra n of ti es a t eoorfe J. d
"l'-t is one ofito, ig othe brigspo sot and el o. caoh vhTo r Idrookr Jm es n.ot catch .eyc roe t of hi; soQin ". a uou o h t> d JneIi |A ]1e. wf,
t'g lft e)C(il her voe b He hesd W .,-ca 1ov,1S1 of Scard. L 4 In's E)tr .t- -nI~ f ',..t. ,-.L1). L. Mc'i .) VgFst)r,

p snence ro grnudest, made a brough:L T II.lSwind tas, C. D. Parker- B cl s Arnica aire. ar : : .. 16 firi^ ", NOTIC-E F.OR PUBLICATION.
recautly bg fore ther M. a. A. of e a C. D. Crai, T. B. Folk, BTeohn m, ,All''keds Plasters .. ... .l u T 1 d an86 afi OEce C-t oainesvief e, Fla.,e'
,eto conduct t rl Singing li al'liut, a h.ti9.J.A, oul; '?y ."- t i." Ee d e v .he

^aa:'i"""+bnei, alrod" whics h0 o~thr,' s" + .. ~. n ouhh 'l. ( , allowing htaas tifl rem rks; The following county execute. lhved :t ;,.;otl'd1 ;apTid -on 1 th ,'rinet. slade. ,sin,"I.. e nv 'n asr t. bei fh e slm ia f .
'Mr.GravI,' c o lusion was i ref com tee was appointed: C. Chilblains, o or and all Skin E up- t o e i' O 'tioni r amke tiI. proo" i. support :,(

tren-ce to f! 4 r relo'ous t haose o, theon, V M cr John Cox, w l ames H ughes, tio "s, aud ii ively .ur Pile or 110) A t Mi i e \ a -wt a se-r-ese'in, his el ", and th-i.s id .roof will be .ad.
tet, ::is *th" .no let- *" taski th t co ld: bE au Joh1 Swi xi ecretariu,"c'" .. i .rirauhicie, o rte i n t'n he rt in "an fa / :!, ... *. ,* lf^ >s ,,.6.: tnOTIOE la R Ir.BcCT Og+ A iis tratr n d Kf ivoy i nt. <. aii^
u1jct. ,"He.said: .he'mo..oismo ;. I * "' "poaee ag ain on the e leterIttisf ac t 1ad.1w tha0 " an Ier the hoSrbon of t h, M. 1kean J .i t he is e Price s cnts per b For t"a it or osp sone p Ti es- c.ak '. ,.',-a i tk n p, f Ot Ii ELTON PHILIPS, of ArcheIts
ree ,ha: h .h.p e is the swe, o ske ti- i une 't pp o t e n t..l.e p y ...s. "i .a ci ll ".M I.W ll'.'i o ... t .... ... 4ii 7 proo \vii b'd:b- f --laJ...,

 .again t ,'e tat na" e held "ie .. ,. .fla r- thilts yg'T.ore ro oqui ,t ^.*" oe re h ir E. No.2li5",ror theS w ofSec tliS
ih, whi dself ago fdyrecord .l the hous e. MOn.\ ^ ona m rh a pr oeduno s "Ve oi ths Ipi ot Tole do ."ou tytthe." ...... :' ^'" :" 1 '" h ,, ;,'... (0 rt, ;a 0o1on LI on May o, 1,9tI,
nteI space,, ,ra) 1,;W .'cs. ")- : "; MLIU4 bo61,, :ilt B a do ou 'v"

IlThel I ea ny ie ra u sa itth a eo dekr ho bith ,onlis e r at at"cin g y ub ad the EV EORAis no pOrloumse likea fihesh- s 'e l ,," ! riTJ onr, Inf.01-ts
ty. Druet .dtinsaontlidof outwad edArAvr a nd'OcalancnDemads, and tr ied furwv in the pruin. n u,,vl Stt Thoees .tha, er '' -- ., : rt i' eue ..o M. ac .o ,a
,,a h i ttr ,H o, his eou _tiMnI, eonGen PC, and T.1. ol" (ae ai- ,, N. R.
. !...' Its, se"i.-. Ia.d elst .p'leelcsweresel'hen\Vthe t!i, ,"M' '{, L ....... -:' 1317- ) pa + |e%|,tlNEh.t~l ~ sr
Cn.00 ao behe a sc n oini m n t o rc d a d r e i eda d l e r {ion tr t~ hitc n o ~ e |c y ( o se -c ( d flpi"ctlo tt 'or itur We l to c ll ,,J)eti" ..0 .1I.;d" "- 7" a tt,%! fnd t e am s h Il 1 .. I.. .. to. or9f beestha~i {d f 'te o t00
, .h o4 ;"th zl ; ,1_ p sc t |" n f i tl .. = '. arl h s t}t"ns I. u o a t
,it':e-, '1r.isM.alllory said the t e R houR amseio tasfiruhenl f, Si rli tiers Oil( nl'New o' .T h .if :'IIrj.-.-,NrouT ii,')- prosperity."; "- 1"1 Coteu'Vili m nt sy J dxe
,o logage ou a m atte of v tal n ,," .... ,,,,!Dv-il(- t '. aw af-ood "" dtf~ e at, rv- i k.., l. e la.),. v of Att est ate ....
jan, the song9f .....el l, baonthe ola nt e of the resolutionsb-in ~ 1'rese|oce, itillloRSc6hool ay lt"Dewillnt c` al)c ll. ,if-;.e 'aas.....d ,YlB-ise-
wo a altl calso f, e .Vn h'bterea Uhgc t rti en and tnp|'g, t- lis Eluo.L NC o tary lq 'tbie onBri---telros.8,t-tWaldolyehatrdasv. o| till" "i : ~ e, '... !F aT',8 h I :oin'c ar9 tsvmr .,
1., ".,,,,,- !,,.: i"f I I. .- --a ch+... e'l |d h ht a6eei gncr ,' W 8 fu l ')": y an c .'l d 'o:" I tie i '" -reb' iven "that thefll w n- esta te -- natre h7,189.
)r th eLor G'd otii satd ahewic.1t. onN% ctlyvi llato lletost- .. pu In vo"l".. ...U1
.,aii'. aevoedilyrgo,u a nd r takg.+ to. ering se. f ,,, ,I-I 'IIna i m iio tr lton n .r h."Ha s ""C tar. r.s a en" te- 'vile" r ....'In" :ot;..e7rted Miss m ~t". .' I" d et."r as-il" n tic -o hs iit e~";. n- tdsytlr|tatidn ieoh i ---
lhe -I! ta at n whih. he re I. t da d paupers th. thtileher end ; and d votew to*eri aw iv the w odi _ois;,. ..... .......c n!,,:~rf~~rg,,cv3 n: ti( ;" a p oo i Spor f*lls ihe(on to mak de ofHil,nn~ ta in p o fi ~ p
I r o k .. ..Co r a W a l l a c e r t o. .r o.l"It"" b" U."11 .i1 1e1 .i i l e,,1 ,a Ua O.lhA p riA u5 l tqy 1 L ov i
I itode I l trts pick p olt,,n dthe g ee t~ ~sranite o' t ,a'ii:s .-t 1e t"tio 4 wlnnteNVtts u i'l'a c rsf t e di3"te to, cea,'esrrrv to learn Ihat ;rs. .i- .. nla.... ... ,, ,.i-., firs-....,
"I;i I Ivti y t r(i .- 6
( t at.\,i r sIa. --'p(,o- Se-,f,. Vo|" ustanoidarjrf'ee. -,y.; h 'dee as forerr agedfgthe .()".. in ,llit'..: 1;.?.:. 'c4- e+ i ..A.via:'f it, LIAM n'DbeingL, or 6r
'i et by ibe l ld ulptti s ail lnd mke i.bothte fr red thy av ,J.C E ]',ficCO.. Topl edl .. l ns'': ... 0 t ]. -;.:v +'.,u.. hf ,a
. I I *'" P .,. ,-', ~ *'-,4I., i f ,-e I ~.'or,
11:,W)or" at"B onsonFla.,oi, 144yo28 S921submissionnettto.r -"i-
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()n. 1)cnitll'aous0loaml])eseaOlit,'a! the "I TS., Ca.-. -l h's N... -" fiold ear.n.est a,,, Tie unnes he folowing wi veses .
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9n uts n lscu tr ttd ]ew s third paty nc e vy cot u| n t i eoin Its l lhe. s should ttk ,uhplaueu n .. -aI', .. ,-, nd .:.IN" +- I .... .. ....G .. .h nB R.Urt'dl: era .ac
,, .. This'l itort.has been whoe6"cieiiizc .., .._. ... .-- -... L.. ,oug liurel N. fi:J', d c*d ia'e 'O :a J r" dfe.I;e V't(. ila ~
"+'ed~tae ;Jyth) 'v lderte tarfl':],u, brex~rR++'h'ed Tha w'ethe overegnsecr+,o .1u.nticnSaturdayL XOt-a--t forG rn o all erahn ,,/,+1"i] i. She, ....+. +..o. wi.... el <...
I ,. ," .A EX.LTN ,.e iter
It ""fr".. oetinalt+!d o no tt me W gi'e t a o o rctz ,ts, di e pases tee a."t\% o w ,,eks .ther e d 50 l .. Fr, l., '2' wa i,,!,,L n~ re t a~sil '
Monr. lingez--y undhoe orrstn hegn ot b sof c-lev lit|tyin maswseto n d _+Dotl,, ci,' llf! llerae,'neies WforSirreguhIA'i7ies, l.. nh and [,,..'. zNOI EI1)IP IAC T(X
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I ,, .L :illr V r i ildiW oIi0 e )) b e s to eii 'e. A ddt ress w) i Qh o elh stnint,, "':'"":" ': .... -i',! ;'. 2..... 11" '. alh 1, 9
i ." .11- .>,o. ore weres llbo fifntyhattthefotlowio,
,e T hl e upitetv datie o(oanall+? glol'iil s..(l& telts l'! illed de(tlaratioe Gone.t Itsiseq lrittyPills, [hiel;Ict's i ,ee itdveF'tiselt.e||t elsewhere. rz,.,-- 13. R.-10 E. I IX-inolith, foin date
yr al oy (A pa s ) of ri ip stii'illl' 0 fy --ce put f l'h Ar iaS le |dElee. Ii. (Itter. and ..-:lo-.i,'I-.." l-D.] -o ,21- P n ie h o. o i, -t
L4'"" '[l \ rer e- p e-ent"tity'o oeof'hiriI, -I t d thatotSe til Vvliterhlls willei eie1 mNade
Jer -thti nouie f .. ehop tr.a eMerllloryts iid that'I e 't- l -'O ,7 ="e [fbeorigeit ContiBecie, t ane-
a1it ;ttorsab(, g proedt to t hs|ia) e mo||e e~e hve- e il t!l~ e e ~ st at sel al l ath. "lel) 1J cso. [\ ,,riltl'-". 'a.L ,-by A a. V mi,,_ ..nce po:..,dJ"'ra. ;,f't-..
,ase(i the n other, f andher thatest ie O e at e niitullv plege are to Fi I .||iDite h m veyeitv t s ed,..,; late. (of L.-e.v !J'r'' U + U'., 5 voEl'h.
.... ... '. .11 'e v "- Sed B ll c.ed ua8.C6opt
"ell \ .sa d1~av t el n h :% ,."I,"RegisD"/te ai nie .,ttr. *
04C01 W. ..!,. m o ,. Mc lo a + o id ltr,,,, l ,,,,, ,,,,, S,, ,,o +., ......,-- .o .. .,i, ,.. I ALE"]"!Z. LYNC+, .,
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i ,.. ... ;. ... 1 t d m t d t e r p a f t e ott e r"~ rt. -,I+,+I- a-tellng t e rote ,d fi I I I I ., " F -.. 5 rI,;. Ad ins,
upoi' ten cbls tas'sthatou lld e and oush ig oxFhrt .l])l, bx laveal]it thtot .i ... TL T GE R IA ,I) r,... T \. T-la. loDAc ercFh "IC
I,.. t yo ,, .r.1e- ;op. o,.. `1 1's..-k.O,
-Issor-nIti'eylastiroA .groksa--"Ifo.. a1, lo~i.,\e io cn (;f t o R ithe rel sqn o the '-) a e o h o ,it .3'o c o.o lw d ,a nde t ia l{ eact re i rn e ls, ..". ... 'I- '6 + ..DI'P. I!T an O fi e t os il',I'4 L't A E t ,.1 e i er
... .....o railb li'b uie a. 0 -.. 1 ;i ".'" ( OTICE FO10 UBLIA TI N
'[;rflat'eqChips, / ,,, Ll11t.. -I"". .r. ege .. nrt..ait-fNrtextrisrdinary giv.nPthat the. rallo__ nAD T..,
\V08alr -- pedcssrriy"3 edmaint d +: O 'L h ast l ome,,S.E IrnJ. Ulhh cneV'' m ksot h t I 1 # (L '. ....M AIL. .. __k l A na-itsetlr, !t; Hednotceof'il ine
I Ir 0ba_]] -pa.. 'n r"o "h fi i" f Co res ond nce Tedes-settle1r1. .h .-sI ;"IeA n,, tifer'eo !'fShior of Ill
".Sp;o limitat.iF.'iBeaneJ.d. ,oS.n_ niintit y. .1;.,I I t. .,Fiol o u k fl,
.... lNa'eharlo|or iseill goods se I I ; ,th.. t.r 1 td 4 r-claOni ai..t t1.a1 sneitiproof iviie!fieil prooe be-supportEo
atd s th t.tpn ad,k y ou o la ile s Jame s t l lat of i'on st x. I o t' J. r Ca en e v &ail by | diitt -buDr. i leosls' r hit I byeel a ..ur nothareit No redNltter o n rforer e dT.D.. .... ,%id.g. ,r- --- be heis a, o" iuhls Mr1, c,'ier'ucir
fused o serv onTtqldv'y of 1ledorount\ and :.-1 ........ cour, tituBtonsnoFsa.nnMay.,8, 19 y 27r
fl I uliat... ."er h 5th 6e on em'uidt tior ;o tak epar t om i|,sxia ,d b d ina u s o i.i .... ...... |; t. -,-oo: ,'M I honn. ). i .... -1,z: d of I. '_"W E I+_V [ L AR ,o f Jt ldovl.
[r ,oh T ml1e ra~a w o nwvedi|n;l'tioan To B F ot~"saealk i,'as a C .. A,'la a I 111Sea ve'ienel Ci asn e r oI:xq e i ora t ha..... .,dV ,H~;pu ,+~|',d"'- ... .,',",IR N, +aZS e ctLaU
T-ehn .......... al, -I- '," ,t .fta:o.1.iutinaM d- f, ......)1. 50 B IEOR G~ E W.,,a,,eMto tTio ,.oftnsJe t-
lits ",1 q ml ', "t hesat o et nwh s th 8. Tl 11laofreeOrE 11, not atd m nDOL-tk'~aea adecueiae. ,. .sn i.
dlt I" 1 he }. Iera; d .- h .o:e.;, t .. Iel ],,! s..... ..... ... 85 and .. A l -"
it r 2' ,s a t I r f i ,Te t311. 1 ,,. ............ +.
.... .J 1 :f o e c a l e e -\ c se o C A T u t1Cd s -airDw, ...... .. ......-, 259 f.r t.eR ich a rd so nSEe .A TooreS ..517
ata.: I I e i I ,, b c a no e c te .b h s t (, h+,t T h ..a w er. ve.y......... S til, h5 i .. r ....-,. a
,in o e lievd g~nesti o'd, m d prlintoieah b Indr ece I ive | D.Iarer- .e ,'s I aI., tve. 9 oeF i'"'"''"" ,iJ ador p eial A ait ev;e l.(
{'ee~'tlv :foe. tl~eY,. 'ft.C. k" of ; so (. (3'a~g, "I'. 3.,IV', a hn Thobe. tais e Inthetrrldorocu A pe,, r,' ople iTe Pl1,.et ) ,lh"IlesPhtstr ................ .n4015,,, .s,. .x to
gaa~a r, whwb_ t n frew ooeltr a st ;aot by 4J W. etio hr "revilng B|res- Lti.H ell o'es a lar l,.ue|',S l hm 1'. I) t' ,l's.O.'aE1eBlos- i
.i, ...he I ,'. ., 7 p r v 's ,!o tim i' r-s. kl"rt u p o n a nt,,S1A -..-F,
Mraf'' siheh us'h fri'r uth r + edigIot) f*Iy6-er i f here gve htottll~
p wel .-i,'rO avd'cnonn wa matt-er of tv as ppitaled:in,... \, h(;htiCt '.% d a y, S Iu or De- will ~cu i...I .1,-) .1o60c
ere eetofbe re:,us.haeba't~ e oil 'u, ,ohn of ",e r eso -lution's tit 1 i lvpesendce, tM\'h' .irs l.,orn r alprum "/ + "'.5- ..e A Z .,Y -|eg~e .or t egisernn ec:vr ,ari
!oriuh oqe 6 Lt..T e. sai p:e., of thstcoun n g ~ l Sntar.;pa',' u ( Is zt|I ait.1e .o ..,,,,',.... oM ....... ,,0 .
.. ., I r,, _",' ..' J"i + j i il l. n M I-, al . 9 ,% 2 i +.
p. Ii.dth e e w asteealoyc.nad opte as.of.o/,o r loibhCle o6e D .,pS S6tl1 1e k I :- -T O IPI..fP,.o"ircheR
.:e Ih tgh I .'t e" we o sk p lk l tl I i Ie t .- a tck tin t e I y .51 W ek o ,& o n are (]Ilt o he' l l- of .. ... .... ...I +. ... ...I. 1T FO R a.,
;! o i or, d i ,;t. for a-thotnrand 1A. W. GLA1. I. )ti1811.EII I.
.. .. til ia II t '" 're ol flf, Th e 17ired s'blis e xtrtion 'h E Y a .\ $" Tlr ndo0l',er|'un lelk ube a Breol.-il~ih(.tlr a ndoap, cake......... 4 "l I ne tle f.l D.AwinesesU
years. 71-. ''Ierrt "rra -etl ,el-lI Suts M gnliiBth e...5I)., ubIbng o.l..f oI au ] ,ro__' ,n4O' D ma ds.adtutld tI' Ii .he sp in :;: .n. t l'om'....t A.iani pS roOFFhICE ti uo reiTene up n u
'I `.t!'-' m,.I I.5e. a nd hl d a l ree ill, W e fel:S c P,- .. . .4: -r ]..-}.!+ t.q '.+!,,.elt~ t~l t ll ll ,vZ

: .. .. UP rl losetrsBters .......... :.. "5' x a "ot o:i, be.ars a .:Luz, -rn-ith er .S ucaci: t iness c ae yL t,,te-P .
Ihe convention adIjo6urned.
g'o on In m au'mhi d lnaid-' latron, tnIr lo4 a convention ad lourae 1. ...................... .. ..... .. ........ .... ...... .. ..i .......... 0, l,' -lel)oneli, Geo. V ..M e irquod.,
hat oi no a ,,;rn-nder." Succes came a i. Corlodalfe, sao Watson, a
aRtd boy *philo.lopuers, rotten before :03"S 17.3f IP TION C UR.ED,. Brown's bronchial Troehcs, box Is" "o u Archer, 1l1.
tl, v ar ripe, trut 'in tlihe mannish A VAlCon (e;?iends An old physician, retired from prac- All Woma ?"ndHesO per box..... 5 1- soRT -. .. ALEX M'YNC(' Register.
g ... . ... Y 'rv"h C m -c .... .-..... ...""..... = ...
pride oficen'se, ad4 hurl their ililpanit A il ndin ne(l,* is. a 'lri, liE xic e "5 a r i ,press pa ck/ tes a dre u ; .a l b.% 5 e n s"
llet lm g mt, thle rpek of ages, a 'd 1 ...s. .l ,,+ o' r t or ul
Septic ain the rc of ages, a ,no es than one niillion people an East India inlssionary the formula c' pe rnlackage und'r .'is. "rhe hrt trn d rvlce an theotherm retsntr.f which theren-emPanv,ared scr -.', Lalluld Office nt Gainesville, Fla.o,
Ihile soieTy osrptftid' thae sacriegehve tu found jiust stl a friend il Dr. of a simple vegetblp,to, remtedy for lthe iALUId...,, ,g,.^, locall. 'nt, willbe sctrutoy Fe.201S92.
Ih ere is io -raik-- or station that the.e .-.CM 1M LA 1T C A. oTp.LOME. t Co., CCINCINNATI, O. Notice is .hereby given that they,.
i,,li~eri,,is donbis h S rd, and be- .1 spare Ij i"' ig 's New 1, eo v,.ol tot('0o u.lln- Speedy-. it1 l(1 IeI',ll),l,' ent eCt, of Coll-
niiperionsdoubls have. spared, and be- a..h. A -rQ and Skin Oinll6Itt. '-, -- --^-s.-, --.-- ,--- owing-named settlir ias fled no
iideis the expreysse{ n'mocl.ries of per tif|, Cou-hs. and Colds.-lf.Cou have suImption, Ironchitis,' Ca.,arrh. As- hy a in ....77,- .of his.Intention to.make f.nal proo.
final infidelityrpanopliod'in sin'mav y ever used this Gi at Cough Medicine tlhnia and all throat and Lrg Afli'c- A certain eyrefor Chronic Sore Eyes .. ,. ,The I I i ,, 't. .^o supot of is aim, and tilat so.i
leset the steps that seem like'heresy one trial will eonvine you thai it has tiions, also a positive and rd,(lical cure Totter, Salt,1heum, Scald Head, Old I;w -proof will be made bhfore.udteoat si
in Ihe pulpit, break kting fro'a orthodoxy wondeiful caUr ,ive pow,, in all di- or Nervous Debility and all Neros Chronic Sores, Fover Soris, Eczema, e' lst absece, clerk C, ipl -.t,,
1nd hei*'ita.ry t:aiUh. S. !ceOiindeed seanes of Th'oat, Ches aud I.ungs. Complaints, arer having testd it Itchw^, $or rt 1 r \ oa h-11,gosa d. Fa. on Al1, 182,iT
is ntadile a show cf X vi c its Efach t boll is guaraitees *o do all wo!de.'fel curaiv' I i.)N, Chieflandp
. .... ipidie" i.its.deep r dig-'I I,, s ',j l i I it (1.3uonredswoI I aeR f lt it his ue% t,) byexeds oxenses"h',"'',_," eq e ]byh-N,
ereed a nd s .e 1 its .eepe dig that is .!timed or'uLoney ,will be re- '- .o e n' i h' sile ii t > u "."rb Leaves St. Au- estine .aiy aat S:o a. m.; Jac'sonvillh, l d. 1800 for he S i Sec, 14 T. 11
"inghU S 40!afthed~le the a wc~i to ikei ils o.. to Ili, + s, frr' ,.Cfeilo -._.. itaft;. allothc.r treatment. hacclfailed. J*-a. St. A..,'. 11....80" te,.
.gii o.the., r to Its fiundedl Trial bottles free at J. AL. A,,t.aedh .th .motiv 9:50 a.m.;aarrdvcsMacni5 p.rn.;Atlanta, :40p.m ;a S. 1-1 E.
,,t......oub,,.,,, ,,.. .. .. ,oble .... F,., ,,, T),, sto *r~b t e ., .iin X n F -- fr a by ; Chattanooga, 4:oo; C~ininati, 5:50 p.m. i1e ilalles tle 'ollowhng'wittesses t~o,
e_ b.... ,,,1legf n .bl 'mind 'Jackson's Drg* I SteO t Large battles to il .[...hit..n'st eri I l, M. Jtksn & Son, nBa n: .; C0Il e tie
hat allow it are Ci5in out of the .0r n c..*ar. ason 'n, "o ll"i, and s NO M -XTRA ARES. ., prove his coiltuoous rsiutoue upoij
. .r.I.1qiheeinto h bea l ;^ ..l tw eei- an .10 ecip ",,"nd nli tin'," \V. U a,3 .Archer. At Pas and cultivation t'aIIndvi:
NAP~i id rV air'tai-t ls -of tills SystL-m, rrive ) r/. .
,n d revelation tal .. h clasp .li., 0,' ill u1,u( ctio, '. f oft!sSyst.arri.e Be 'sure your Tickets re& by East T'ennessee. StroiN stro e, Ja,; s Kirklad
dlibid albove'e'gioriou 'tanIi'But A memory without blot or cotai- I t -ti f t vnlr u : <'' sive t at a< dpart rom Tonv Walker, Alitchll right, O
awlmIsoan jutltouilD UnronODpot, Maali l
,n. ..... os i na o ,must e an exquisite tireasur'e, : wi. 1. ,n;o! .r. ,,; is on and Crescent .-- Chieflaid, Fi.
. ,'..iti-, ;.'eg, yet scanting its power an ioexnaustible source of pure re- paper. W, A. Noves, 820 Po\ ers' | ; -.M.JoLLY, sPse A.nt, Astor lck, JACKSONLLE FLORIDA.- IimIALi. N l. !ist,
**.. -l .th.ei.Lh 0ril) with airypertncsa fi'echne t. Block, P~uhel.Ler .3, Y. l WS .^ iy.1,Now Yorki City. ', O, i? Passengr e nt NOXV .l., TFA:N. Take the (. T n!:S-D vOC);T T.
YTl' ,ii ,', I j ,7 .. ,. ... ^ ,. .... .. ., .,, > ., .,. i .^ ._ ... .. .... R..\. \ . ( q .a P a e g, :\ e t .v.r.. .....TN

< t 'gtg : .c .- "-i, .. '.%" --... -- -. ^ - ..- 2 ^-. .*.- . -. - : : ; .- .. ^ .-- .... .. t h e ----ur e T I S b r c r ', o f ..
OC A L BiRlIfFS. Attend the lecture. This is barbecue car. I ,;'."s otf eio' Doard. b i
Vednest:y niiht, April 20th. Politics waxeth wiarm. nd i I, il m errors --

Church iQirec ory. "'NatQiopan'ity in wit and humor." Prepare for the May picinie c. lo,:r d ; (o allow one month? TI
'* o Itroiisij]] eolo'od scllool to C h,
Metlhodri. ic l S l Next Sul. daiy M le Easter Sun- Mol",y was county court day. as 1it i)ui liii them a >hl ol Lo i c,
Methodist ehurth--Rev. WV, S.tiech- .ddirted tl j20 );onid Ito-
.rdson. p-stor. "treachri. he. irst l Lecture Welnesday u igh;t the 20th. ,I'. it.:, 0 to,,h go o-
'itd foitlrtlh Si idal in eacli nionth, at e(riiy inj,' a rattling third party- 'a o., As i d ii w), i 1.1 go.u ,
J1a. iand i a battling .d part Mr. S. C. Gause of.' nmipr v.-s in makig'; de-ks a d 1luboard' ,th
li sool vlery Snda t t town Mondy. approprital 2 to Levyvill
N! Jv 'kso Sr. ,Sti lltlwtto be l ed qs l'ol ,;: ,$D ) illSt
p. il)'. J. M. J.kson. r., Supt. You will ;nms a treat if vou tail to Nineteen third party men respond- l hoie d 5 ii, f,- r s- i,
Nineteen third party men respondl- i r oi jw,)!h' o';e n fl "Ul) i1 furi.-
Baptis churclh-rDr. J. S. Wharton, hear the ure. ed to the call. in1 I (to Ie p.i pasto. jlrealhing thle third Sunh- T ary the ct'll, lIa;fo iopehirlO iaily a t rit.izu by' school
la in each ionl, at ] a. aild e t par tec paw Tousey will furnish court visitors slulrvi.or. W
7 1-.OI1,ah ms t o, e u da. a with soda v'ater, 1' oll (f j.,o0 for car;Teioter work and
Sabbath school every Suiiday at Mr.J.. .rN Ir Wli. n ;, Dr. Jesse i rics.s ('irnikiild to Ccdair KeyI school
0a, it.; O.).. armer.Suptl' r.Wis,,,t W ;li, tor visitors to Col. Lutterioh ofCedar Key was b,,ildin, ordicl aM. T p
E,-angelical chui'eh-Dr. S. Bean, Br' nsi Satu day in town onuay. r ,. \ ,,,d,,1red Sill Pond school 90 1
pastor(, Ipreaches every second anld The revival at the Evangelical 't'c'--c t ~iihed at ;? 20 alary.v
l,,urh Sunday in every month, at 11 We have aII invitation to partici- Communicmi(.i f'om conltv alli- e can make 't to yoer interest
a.m. and 7 p. m. pate in the festivities of Merchants' church con tin ue and ifi or uitr to trade 'it to your interest
a inc ie : ,a r ea di a m| ro ied tcr fui ti re 1to t'ca le w i[tht u s. oc a re o
SrIbbatih school every Sunday at 10 YMay Week in Savalnah. There are 40 240 acres of acaat consid'eria itio aid atiio:. i
a. i. ; l)r. S. Bea superintendent. .leS OU customer b s n
,a.pu We will be gad if those Y ourgla public latd, in Leyy county. nId o derd l bill of '. for' to le o cstoe b.
Wen' Rllst bctho.peyou*g1, 1 fii ,,enhals vndn!s ithe quarter t.hpil. whtenl t K.';(tt Iey want at aCstonisht-
Ebenezer BalrtSt chl .-Servies dies will decorate te Baptist church rs. Friedman and her mother Mrs ,".rt,/t t cwprtes. t3ear t ois act
fore, by Rev..J. S. Geiger. for EastWr Sunday service. wails are visiting at beflfer. Tresnire Surs turine i cancel- oe to ts J?1 7Yow'r
G. H, enner, of M-con, Ga., who Call and see us when oou t re ; d l.dioo; l l'hI'h 'llts t eel"i, )td d,- oI crates
et mi-ies.ow 'anw i ,t,,,.nfr-l a o --- g-----ro 8(.1) I wI 1ve i10 V.!- I'N0e.I)tcd iid o/c-g crates

Bpiuisen'i Lod(-c No. 7, F. & A. M..
holds its regular eonmmniicat(o)s on
ill first Monday in P a'li monih. Vis-
iting brothers invited to attend.
!ES lliOMf:0At1, See.
April 14,
Thi third party is '-im it."
Thest wedding will take place soon.
The alliance stare here wag closed
Aprll is very sparing with her
Wanted. -10 inches of rain and a
We encourage the poultry industry
by eatpng all the eggs we pan.
Miss Sallie Smith, of Suwannee
Phoals, is yisiting her auut Mrs. S. J.
Mr, Frank B. Clyatt left Saturday
fpr White Springs to take a course in
the business college.
Onions, cabbage and turnips are
about the only vegetables i4 thi4 mar-
)tet, and they are scarce.
Mrs. W. R. Coultcr went, to T-.iipsa
Saturday to visit her daughter Mrs. J.
.C. alp who is very sick.
There was more political talk heard
pn our streets Ssturday than dminug
(he past tilree monthh, combined.
There must have been a short sweet
potato crqp last' year. It is almi)ts
impossible' to Ijuy tMaa; at any price.
Mrs. IL E. Taylh,; iras had the ap-
pearance of her pla)4 hinproy'ed very
inch by phe building of a nice yard
Miss ora Wallace, a fascinatinag
young lady from Cedar Key, spent,
Stepulday jp town the guest of Mr'. ,.
There is entirely too much gr'um-
Vling done. iet us trust in the Lord
aiuij do good and tire wii:'be no hard
t Lines.
Now i- the time to make a good tonre
".medicine. Hood's Sar'aparilla pos,
messes the greatest ;uerit, and is a pop,
ular favorite.
Mrs. C. L. munby, who has been
visiting her sister Mrs. W. II. Coulter:,
returned Saturday to l-her home i'}
Downuyille, La.
We do niol s i: iv ;t die)(itt d
crat car subiscrit, ;,, the i,'st resolti-.
tiou in thle platfrnli of the third par'
ty publj4hed elsewhere.
Our thanks are dqu to lion. S. R.
Mallory for q copy of a valuable bi i,
pn the horme and its diseases. N'.w
what wp want ip the horse.
We think there ought to be more
strawberries raised in this ca4nty.
Thermis large money in strawberries,
rheykare easy to raise and are a sure
The warm weather is upon us, a.nd
it becomes everyone to look to the
sanitary condition of their premises.
4yoid eickness by preventing disease
gprns from breeding around you.
We have mile arrangements to
c ub the india apolis Sentinel, one of
the best and largest democratic papers
in the country, with the TIMEs, D.M-
1g4tAT at ti1p lw price of $1.50 per
The Atlanta Constitution, the great;
southern weekly, and the TimE-DFt-
QURAT will te sent to any address one
year for only $1.50. Here is your op-
portunity to get this famous paper for"
the unheard of price of 50 cents.

There are many methods of reforM~
p proposed to bring relief to the masses,
,tIh practtpable a nid impracticable,
but tariff reform is the only thing that
can bring solid, last g relief to the
people. Let no false doctrine cause
bs to lose sight ot the great question.
Tariff reform is 'he democratic war
Our eqlumn? are op,ei to all our.
readers tor thl discussion of the quesa
tions of the hour. If you know of a
good man for office bring him out. A ~
interchange of ideas will do us all
good. Whether our- id, asconcur with
your own or not, say something. A
few words and to the point will be ap-
"I sai in mine haste, ail men r,
liars." hiis is a broadi asserti,)n t.o
even a, wise like Soloniion l;
make, ',ut wtwhe i is understood that
lie had reference io :t stock companyV
w!nch aslged hii f r* a charter to 1 tiid
a railroad froqi .-n.alern to Jericlio,
proimisiing to ceqiot'te same in nine:v
lays, or in time to take his wives to
the grand opening e,,!a of spring hoin-
Iets, his declaration 1i excusable. If
t0ere is anything more uncertain tlan
!i rail.jard conipnqy it is two VCOm,'a-.

near town, w here Mi-nda.
Don't fail to attend the lecture at
the Methodist church on Wednesday
night by Rev. Malcolm McGregor'
"Dr" J. JF. Jones returned o4pn-
day from a visit to Tampa. The "doQ-
tor" is much improved in health, and
his sliadov &pjPineth to grow less.
Dr. J. M. Jackson, Jr.' returned
Monday from Havana where a four
Oays' session uf tIle Florida Medical
association was held. He enjoyed the
The first two demands of the third
party are taken from the republican
platform. Demands three and four
can be endorsed heartily by the demos,
cracy, ,
Mr. J. D. Allen, who for the past
year hmas been running the farm tfor
pis aunt Mrs. S. J. W\hitehcad, left
Sunday for Stauford, ,Conn. He made
a number of wrrn friends while here
wljo regret his departure.
For years the editor of rito Buirling-
ton Jiunction (Mo..) Post hIas been
subject to crai)p colie or tlh of indi.
grstiIon, wIrIi ir:rprostrate (l Ii for sev-
erai l-outrs and uiiittdl iii n lotr
tness for two or three days. For the
past ypar he h)$l. been. using flian1)oer-
lain's Colic, Choler-a and Diarrliwa
Reiid(ly whenli ver occasion required,
and it has invariably oiven him
prompt relief. 25 and 50 cent hottllies
for sale by J. M. Jackson & So.,, Bron-
son ; and WV, C. Andrews, Archer.
Through the efforts of Miss eIce,
Rey, Maicolm McGregor, a noted di
vine and popular lecturer recently of
New York, lhas been engaged to deliv-
or one of h:a lectures in ronson on
WVednesday, 20th inst. The sutibjct
will be, "Nationality in Wit and I-Iu-
mor," and t treat is in store for the
audience. The- proceeds will go to
the Bronson public library fund, and
a packed house ought to be securWd.
Admission, .0 cents fur adults, 25
cents for children.
All buy medicines, and you wantthem
chetap-at retail at wholesale rates.
Jac,b's Pharmacy, the lrgest southern
"cutters" of prices, has an advertise,
nimct in to-dzay's paper containing a
iew prices;. A4! other articles are sold
at similar low rates. No matter what
you want that is usually kept in a
large flrug, store send 'zp them. They
wil sell i' at 'astonishing low rates.
Express charges for packages under
five pounds, twenty-five cents. Watched
Liiese ,dvertibimenets amn o.ries. Sendt
for a ianumiber.o things al once. Is a
word to the wise sufficient?
Those thiirdi party dem.i'rats who
ask for thile repeal of the poll tax pre.
requisite to- voting should stop and
think. 'Ihis tax -is what runs our
schools, ind as the tax payer pays this
extra dollar any way the law is made
to reach those who pay no taxes but
who a-p yvery loud mouthed at tlPe
polls. Relpeal the law, aud tie illI-
tprate p)opliation of our phosphate
mines will vote us back under radical
rule, and such men as Bro. McElroy
will be taxed double to pay for the
education of colored children. It is a
republican measure, goeiien up by a
radical republican, and we are surs
prised that good democrats should
swallow it in a third party platform.
We regret exceedingly the unpleas-
ant encounter between Mr. Joseph
Boothby and T. W, Davis, which ocs
curred in the latter's saloon in Cedar
Key last week. We are as earnestly
opposed t') the sale of whisky as any
man, but while our government legal,
izes it there are those to blame besides
the man who sells it. They are the
church members who vote for the
men who make the laws; who drink
on tire sly and are prominent members
of the jug brigade. The devil loves
sucht Christians, for he holds an incons
testible policy on their lives. The
man who sells whisky is no more a
thief and a murderer than the man
who signs his petition ftr license, and
is decidedly a better citizen than 99
per cent of his customers. Think of
it, We are not upholding the saloon
keeper, for iv, have fought the rum
traffic for their pagt ten years, but we
claim that ifari e)firt had been made
to convert Mr. Davis to the religion
ot the Lord Jesus Christ it would
have deen successful, or at least he
would have thanked them for their
good in tentions and good would have
heen accomplished. Instead, the
pr' .'ch-'r mrade a personal attack upon
ilr. Davis, and questioned his honesty
aind i .,iid ('uiti ,i sntJp of whichli ie is
mrutl "'iis placed him on the Ie-
fensive, a:'( iirturally hardened hi ii
t', their advances, ;[r. Boothby came
i, ati this iiioppiil'tiie time, and I-'-
niirlb;rl; ''ii ato. 0 i'' .)iIt it "''Carir1 suff'rreth, lng and is kii '
iha-rivy envYicth not, charity vatunIr i
nt i.ef; iS not puff d up coith >
l-Iheav its.,'If tsF'emi y, s''kith ,.i'
h.r ,.wui i:.- tot easily i!':)v )ik-d, noij- -
cth ao evil."

town. Y ou,' visits aric appreciate.
The railroad tank here was empty
again Tuesday, the engine being bruk,
Mr. Sol. O.teen left at this office a
root of the coon tea, from which ex.
cellent starch can be made.
The spring term of circuit court
convenes Tuesday. There is compar-
atively little business to te done,
The democratic congressional con-
venCrrorn for the first district has bee
callw to meet in Marianna August 17.

sain'e11 ('slroyed. 1i topIr'I board.
VW'aT;'n'ne. to thi alllmoullt of' $i1,219,0,
were dr (:vvn.
Tlon;i'l iaIjourne(d to iicel firv-t Tues-
day in .;.,a;v.

.'.- Ir," ,,', /,~MI,/! BITTERS'
C r'-s in ge stil.i 1ii i:-,'ne s, I)yspopsia. Iala.
rioa.f N ,rv nsuetii s. and rirners leintvy. Phyisi-
0iid s A l'('inO1 in'iD i All '?l. s( !l U. C! ba:i Ertl] it]:iar aL,, cr tt.1'ed red uhnes oil w rnppar.

Of( miishirs'cr ni niae b y Boarld of
County( Coui! 1')issio,.,rq f)r v Lev'."
Couinlt for li.he \'ear Is-'l.
I'O!N TE E M .o'NTI OF NOVi)]IIMrrn.

Deputy Sheriff Lambert went to ('Contiiucl from last wevek.)
D'-Land Monday after DocCleCnions, a9 r11'." v Po1l 1 laipt- $ $ .)0
a murderer. lie returned Tuesday is z Bit 0,'ni-i ', 5. i
with hJ is prisoner. 9 i)- tlln t 'I, i r,;2.a
1 1*;li ,]r', t ,a<.i('[!l() h" 2.00
We hope l1ev. McGregor will be in l'rico,' ., 0
given a crowded house next, Wednes- I !oi.) i i n1, iion 1r.0
day night. If you want to be amused l *ay \Vil',i :1.c0
S-1(02 ( P! i sn1 i.00
and instructed come out. 1: I 1lv Ni' Io!.; 5. i0o
h i ,h lll W~al('!:S :; 09
Dr. J. S. WIa-rton will preach at 13 Atlana .;ohn,oii on a.t
the Baptist chq-heh to-night, and also 100 Sn1ophia r'sims .o0
S1 *107 {"hIln iag tovn '" 2.00
on Sunday morning and;r t night. lHe i,8s \ )soii :o00
will preach at Albion to-morrow !ailMiss -arin -
night. 10 lil ninv Inll i.
Si .IIohni A i ;,Ng lrail t 3.
We will state arain that., we are inii;l Ah-rW (i''i:away 3.' 0
no sense responsible for the utterances i C'lia W iitiians ,, ;.00
of our correspondents. Their views 115 ,Joihn 3tM'irshal 5.o00
116 G a In I 4.oo
may nqt, he ours, but our columns are l 17 l.ii-, .Joi ,oiles ,0.oo
free to.all. The people are our friends, IS I-i;'ae llawkins :I.on
1"110 W 1 1 n'iiauditi'or '20
The 1pomp l, e'and certa ain, of its 12 J s a tr 32 0
crimes iharvi ipude C(ithaiiibr]ain's 1i22 Wm in attv nimbr of board 8.(;0
Conuglh Rm'oedy fiamnous. It is intend- 121i 'W H tI'tMiaii sierit' 8.t00
cd'esipecially for coughs, cold. croullp 1"9' W Shmiii trlasiirer 19.10
arid whioo~pii g coni]'s. an{i is- tlie nost 12 [im' &Sledri.' eool' [ 'itolle'r4 t y .7'1
ell2ctuali remedy known to these id- 127 '1Tw ''s .lle i(oConstable :..t.
seases. 25 and 50co nt battles fro. sale 12:t S.1 <' 'att tiPmembier of hoard 5.00(
by .1. 31. Jackson & Son, BrqzSon ; and 1:"') O(l I Kirkhlnd *" .1.40
WV. C. Andrews, Archer, 1: 0 I mnitih l. 00
12 't1' J P'evrtt rissessor 411,1.
If the citizens of Levy county who I .1' J Iret Dssesor ceer411,15
attended the third party convention 1338 T .J lrevtt as.;essor 10.00
Saturday had taken advantage of 1.3t 31ary Pool paulper 5.O:
Chairman McElroy's invitation to I ften"y A'Viers 2.00
take pqt in the meeting there would 1G riet 1"eCrlloug" t2. .o
be no third.1 party organization in this is0 Bailey .cott '. ;.o0
county to-day. The dcer-ocrats could 1 -31 iltchinson' .- .00
have out voted tlfem easily, (;E,- Wmanu el .0;)
12 Ll' SNichols 5.10
In the U. S. Court at Jacksoniville 1i.-. n-prI -. ',t...o :{.0
Saturday J. E. ar.d A. D. Hlatheox 144 \ I I,,, I. -I 15.!:)
I o i hia Sies ;.0l
pleaded guilty to a charge of-fraudul, 14M cnas Llmyd .00oo
ently obtaining pension claints. Thon- 147 A 1)vyso i .00
as Py!es was arrested and brought into I s Miss earn 5.0
court on a charge of being itpplicated 1i0 ,Jihn A iingram '
in the case, and was released on a 151 Sarah Chiessr ;1.00
$1,000 bond. This case is creating 153 Celia W illns .00
considerable interest, and Levy coun- 15 Johniii R tlahall '" 5.oo
ty is being scoured for witnesses. 155l .l G el'an '.,'0
S*15 lizasr >l ,)el Hakina s' -.oo
Miss M. L, 1Searden, the popular 1s Iw ji Jumlis q.'.00
teacher of Centre Point school, left 1I), '1 Stewart work 2.:!i'
1N10 l (' oars',y r, i-nc it ex. 2.60
Tuesday for her home in Milledgevillh,, 161 J INi Orie. r-uit co"t 23. l
Ga.. her school having closed last 102 Andrew Ridgell cm'urt servant. 1.00
week. She pleased the patrons of 163 Epperson Lunimus & Co. stove 6.2;i
'161 J 7M JacksoIn ied. for ,prisoners 6..75
the school so well that they elected 1(j5 \'I Itf inhaib shlritif 11:3.90
her to teach the next' term. Under itoi Andrew lRidgel nlahnv o3.
Miss Beardeq's management the school- w i'erri a btail it gr'anl. jury 1.25
was kept up to a good average, and it 1i; A th'd(w ,%.... I1 couri servant 5.25)
was the fi'rs continuous *term of five n17(.)t Shaw 3.' o0
1 7 11 .P 1' PNesoni registri-'-ion ofticor 2 .S2
months this school has hId. I 72i Wil BaSttyn re isiin' of iborid 2 S.
17-'i S J CAyeat .. .. 500
For a number of. years I have been 171 jB S inith .01
subject to violent attacks of inflamma- 175 F. W Blitclh '' .o0
tory 'rhlLnatisni which geneally las- 177 T 6 ShiY eam',r 2 8. 2
ted alAout two motliths. On the first of tI-' t J l"'triner liiriiig 19.00
this niontht I wits attacked in the kneo Iiereb' er' hat the fore oin 1z is
and suffered severely for two days, correct statenmei or all warrants issued by
when I pro.clred a bottle of Chamber- ipe Boa)'rl1 o (Joi"'y C'omii'inissinuers for
lain's Pain Balm and it relicyed ine wijt.i'sst my hand '(nd seal tbis '.('th day
ainiost instantih.. I therefore most of a'tinl2, 1*92. BAR
cheerfully recouimn nd it, to those who
are similarly listedd evervywher.- "-'" ','.
11. I). Whiitlev, Martindale, NX C., Feb, -' -
1888. Mr. WhiitIl, is a very prominent .Oa.,i."' .,.., ,
mail in this place and his disease was ,.'1,, '. i, r ... .,, .,
very widely known as lie sufilered such PAiErTS TR'EAT't1'0 if IAH!A,. CONFIUD-TiAL,
severe pain. W. tM. Loustni)it & Co., rIT ,.r, s^ i.,di,; i,' orcltn.
Merchants, Martinidale., N(. '. 50cent giv 'ta. y ', TH..... Ci ,
bottles for sale by J, M, Jackson & ...
Son, Bronrn ; and W. C. Amurewe,

Its WT.'*,'" r;' Effects on the Liver,
Slo'ma1;h, Eoiowcels and 1lidneys.

. For Eiliousness, Constipation and
Mualiria, take Lemon El'ix..
For Indigestion, Sick and Nervoius
[Ieadacbc take Lenion Elixir.
For StuNiessncss, Nui''vousniess and
ileartfailure take Lemon Elixir.
For Fevers, Chills and Debility,
take Len..on 'Elixir.
Ladies, for natural and thorough or-
ganic regulation, take Lemon Elixir.
Dr. Mo'iley'- Lemon LIi?;ir will not
fail you in any of the a'ove named
diseases, a'l f vlwhich arise from a tor-
'id o.r dI'sease.d liver, stomach, kid-
Oleys or b -(v:c-,ls.
j'iri'lIared by Dr. H. MoZley,
Alant'a, (Ga. 50c. "and $1 bottles at

A rtir ton years o ',-et sufferiiir
lr()m iri-:lieg'Csmion, with i'cpat hr rvm.-
lwo-,iralilli, bilioiisiness, dis ord 'rcd
kiidnei's aind constipation. I liave
Ie'en (r.irid byv Dr Mozic\ys LEci-ni
Elixir and am now a well man.
hT,. C. C. CD)A'vs, ELt. M.E. Churcli
So tI, ,o. 28 T a.ti l t., I.ta ,,


Is a concentrated extract of Sarsaparilla,
Yellow Dock, Pipsissewa, Juniper Berries,
Mandrake, Dandelion, and other valuable
vegetable remedies, every ingredient being
strictly pure, and the best of its kiind it is
possible to buy.
It is prepared by thoroughly competent 1)ihar-
ineClsis, in the. careful .manner, byy
a peculiar Conbirnation, Proportion and
:' ocess, giving to it curative power

To Itself
It will cure, when in tho power of medicine,
Scrofula, Salt theum, Blood Poisoning,
Cancerous and all other lumnors, Malaria,
Dyspepsia, BIiliousness, Sick Headache,
Catarrh, Rheuimatisin, and all difUiculties
with the Liver aud Klineys.
It overcomes That Tired. Feeling, Creates an
Appetite, and gives great mental, nerve,
bodily, and digestive strength.
Hood's Sarsaparilla is sold by all dnrggists.
81; six for $5. Prepared only by C. 1. Hood
& Co., Apothecarles, Lowell, Mlass,
N. B. If you decide to take Hood's Sarsapa-
rilla do not be induced to buy any ether.

lie Wholesale and Retail mer-
ants. We buy for cash and
n qford to sell cheap. Onr
ods are the best and our prices
e lowest. We have the largest
e01. ofj/ Dry Goods, Groceries,
ar'd't'are, Etc., ereu brought to
ronsohi, amnd must .sell. If you
ant to be convinced call on.

mmus & Co.

We BUY for CASH and BUY to SELL!

T/ Y

I have 'iust enlarged my store building to make room for ?y
large new stock of dry goods and groceries, and
am ]prepared to sell very low. In.fact, I
will 'not be tndersotld. honestst'
'weights and low pri-
ces i 'is my

Hats, Caps, Boots, ShoesDry 0Gods, NotionIs.

i am agent for the "Gossypium 'iPhospho," and) "Sea Fowl"'
Guano, and can sell yor, a Tenreosee Gem'' or
',Florence wagon at factory prices,
1 can self you anything
you want altyour
own price.

Wa~ ~ 9 Ww wVa




o o o .. . ..* * .. . * * *. .

Cw-C3' 0.

IRS. iM. J. JTErR1LL, Trop.,
Bronson, Fla.

act tt





Staple and aFumy Groceries,



-M1AN'U FAC'1'T Ut-S-


*- -" \ --~1 -j -

Produce received and oand ond onsignment. Give me me a call.


fe keep a Tresh and vell selected stock of Dry,'
Goods, Clothbin,, liats, Shoes, Furnitiure,
and everything' ss'tallq.ifound in a
t'irst class 5 store. WIe /pay
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atd fair dealings. e ii'll sell
ceapCeier than you ca'l n bui

Fiurn.iture Emporlum. >
... ... .... .... ...I ...............

cured a iiau with.~b
i'out pa~nt. hiolcofpat.
','-~lIN,r' l
Wntin 05),? 5

1 I CAAo s' t3tH erm AI ntT t. *" 6A- t
L'k_,ia w.^_EB SALKE. --BLy ----.?--

Tbe Eartb
With a Hoe, SOW FERRY'S SBDS and
nature will do the rest.
Seeds largely dctcrmin- tme harve-st-alway3
A book full of information about Gardcn,s-how
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& co., /W PMic.,


--rm-r --- r-NI~Mrr~r*rclu~lIlrIY.WEUI~UNMrPNU .~. .;~-.r?N~N~N~N~N~_qZ~e~Y4Y~prr*--- ~-~D ~ VCIY-- ~ ,.. tl~, r-"'


I- I.- I I, -- Vv

Professiox3 sil COa-l3?.
Prompt and careful attention give
to business. ly
BE] OI-TSO-C, :p .FA.
Solicitor in Chancery,

Practice in all courts, office in Tim
DEMOCRAT lbuildillng.
IAV i & COX,

Plans and speeiflentlons ftlrnfsheed on ap?
plication. Those inleiiding to build aro
requested to see or correspoiud with uA.

--(:o :)--
Keeps on hlnd a general assortmel
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of the laitet, stiyls. Also a iull lin
ift tIn.nI!M\ l! GooDs.

Archer Fla.

TIorses and buggies by flie hour,
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can be acconiniodated.
*je2591-ly Proprietar.
Denhiamn GHisso0n,

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JSo-Wagon Inakinea .specially

Eberhard Faber's
--- Oe&_._, 'a- nd. --

5t5 & 5 1 'earl S'tret, a
New York,

Geo. S. Hacker'& Son,

Charleston, S. C.,

., , ,',o ,

1892, WPlL





Mo. Tu. We. Th.

News Dispatokes Gathored free Dlfter-
ent Sections of the loebe.
Uruguay has appropriated $240,0
1r a World's fair exhibit.
A case of leprosy in a Chinaman ex.
Ista at Port Townsend, Wash,
Judge of Probate Hen. Chas. Young,
of Prince Edward's Island, is dead.
The lockout and strike of shipbuilders
at Bay City, Mich., has been compro-
Stephen A. Burke, at Connoraville,
aInd.,while insane, beat his wife to deatii
with a club.
Chevalier Dominich Togetti, a distin-
ished Italian artist, is dead at Sail
The Delaware" river bridge at Point
Pleasant, N, J., was destroyed by fire.
Loss $25,000.
President Ezeta of San Salvador, was
dined on board the United States cruise
Boston recently.
iingeman, the rank who wanted tc
marry Jay Gould's daughter, has bees
sent to an asylum.
Terry Haute, Ind.. citizens have sub-
seribed a fund to investigate corruption
among city officials.
John D. Spreokles has confirmed the
report that the sugar trust has bought
the Philadelphia plant.
McGee College at Cllege Mound.
Mo., was damaged to the amount of
$250 by fire of incendiary origin.
Twelve Chiaameu a roided in a Phila-
delphia opium den were held in heav3
bonds for trial at the United State.i
The Chilian oengres wil aM.lw the
damages sustained by the Baltimore's
sadors, but in the spirit of doing an act
of charity.
Fraud is charged in a pubbe sale of
school lands in Minoehaha county.
South Dakota, and Governor Mellette is
Canadian labor delegations are im.
portuning parliament to shut out Chi
nese and enforce restrictions on aliie
contract labor.
A young uEnglishman, by representing
himself an Austrian count, beat Mont-
reals aristocracy out of considerable
: sums of money.
Bill Deal Wild Bl of Texas, is in
prison in Kentucky; the authorities
theroerefuse $1,.09 for his extradition,
offered by Texas.
Dalth is going ahead with her steel
bridge over the ship canal, whether the
board of United States engineers ap-
proves or opposes.
Rev. Rasano Nasco, an Italian priest
at Hazelton, Pa., has been threatened
with death by Maia, but he carries a
revolver and says he will stick.
Colonel Amyatt of Ottawa, says Can-
: ada must be as independent as possible'
of the United States, and increase trade
S ith England, France and Spain.
* Canada i% investigating the amount
of binding twine imported from the
United States, with a view to taking
action looking to home manufacture.
United States District Attorney Al.
len, at Boston, says the whisky trusi
and Maverick bank 6ases wili be prose-
cuted to the fullest extent of the law.
Thompson Fortune, a representative
adored fnan of New York, does not look
with favor on the proposition to put a
colored presidential ticket in the field.
Secretary of State Daniel J. Ryan, ol
Ohio, has tendered his resignation to
Governor McKinley in order to accept a'
position as World's fair commissioner.
The Paslistriana society tendered a re-
ception at New York to the Right Rev.
Dr. Messemer, the newly consecrated
bishop of the diocese of 0reea Bay,
The report that eastern manufactur-
ers are forming an umbrella trust has
been confirmed. The object is not to
raise prices, but to save expenses by
C. M. Williams, register of the Wa-
tertown (S. D.) land office and for ten
yrs a congressman from the eighteenth
WisCOu district, is dying from pa-
ralysis afWatertown.
Georgia Ella Lamoreaux asks a di-
vorce from H. R. Lamoreaux at St.
PauL She go; a divorce aboit a year
ago, but twenty-three days afterward
bsh married the same man.
The Bock Meuntain News and the
Denver Republiean, both of Denver,
C. alo., have cut subscription rates from
0 to $6 per aneum and local rates
from $1 to 60 cents a month.
Sir Charles Tupper and Sir John
Wolfe are negotiating with Spain for
the admittance of Canadian products to
She West ladies on the same terms as
products of the United States.
John B. Morse of Providence, R. I.,
who, in January last, attempted suicide
by cutting his throat, and nearly suc-
oeeded, has made a success by shooting
himself in the head. He was insane.
Nova Scotia's expenditures last year
were $6923,480. of which P5,484 was for
education. Her revenue was $66~,541,
ofhich $16s,287 was from missing roy-
and $32,69S Dominins mbsidy.
The deputation which lsat week wait-
ed upon the Canadian ministry asking
for a reduction of the canal tolls and
the abolition of the rebate of the tolls
oen grain transhipped at Ogdensberg,
have repeated the request.
The Wisconsin Lumber Dealers' Ae-
s citation met in Madison. A commit-
tee was appointed to organis.e district
sseeations comprising the states of
Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota,
North Dakota and South Dakota.
Three suite have been iled i the
United States court at Cincinati by
the Winchester Repeating Arms ons-
S pany against the Peters Cartridge cornm-
p-ay of that city, claiming an infringe-
Met of their patents on cartridge ma-

At Hartford, Conn., Wilam aL
BBes, a capitalist of Brooklyn, ses
M s. Ursula L. Webster for $6,000. He
S eims that the widow has a hypaoto
power over him and that while ib
us isduence he gave up any amounts ed
M, sMbe asked.
W. H. Beatty weat to Mianeapofl a
hw weeks ago to run the Retail Geo-
;' Protective association. Yesterday
e was suspended on the strength of
dculae n received from the *met by

600, which, after deducting bequests,
expenses, etc., is $8,208,000 to be divided
among the heirs.
Mlrs. Feltpn Speakl
O)DARTOWN, Ga., April 6.-Mrs. W.
EL Felton, of Blr' own, addressed a
large and appreciative audience of ladies
andi envtlemen here on the subject of
he world's fair. Her speech was legi-
cal and eloqueMt. .
'1 hli Sa, iid Age.
Briggs-Did you hear about Miss Gros.
grain? Shoe has married a dry goods
clerk. They mnot, ho woo'd and won her,
and Io they were married..
Griggs-Why, whlon did this all happen?
Btiggs-Whilo she was waiting lor the
ohange.-Clothier and Furnishior.
A Selentiic Formula.
Jack-It's pretty hard to guese a girl's
age correctly.
Tom-I can tell you a good way to find
It out.
Tom-Ask her, and then add one-third.
-Harper's Basar.

'/ If ny boy or girl unler 1
Sae ty bicycle, they can obatain
it free, without one cent of
money. We shaIll give away,
"o easy Condlion., 1,000 or
more. The wheels are 25
iso he. with crosodent Isteel
,pm. and molded rubber tire.,
geared to 4 lohe.; frame finely e'nameled, with nikel
rlmming. Each machlue is suppliedd with tol bhag,
wrench and oiler. Equal In quality to tho.le 1old on th
market for $4500 We hve both boys' and girls' style..
I[fyou want one write at once to
WESTERN PEARL CO,., 284 Derbora St., Chilesgo. Ill.

__ I

Governor Tillinan Gains a Sult for Soib
WASHINGTON, April 6.-The United
States supreme court has affirmed the
judgment of the circuit court of the
United States for the district of South
Carolina in favor of the state of South
Carolina in its suits against the Coosaw
Mining Company. This is a case of areat
importance to the state, and involves its
rights to control the phosphate rock and
and phosphatic beds in the Coosaw
river, which are exc(edingly valuable.
The Coosaw Mining Company claimed
that in 1876 the legislature of South
Varolina made a contract conferring on
it a perpetual grant to the executive
mining of all phosphate rock and phos-
phatic deposits in the Coosaw river.
The state contended that by this act
the legislature had granted the Coosaw
company exclusive rights for only a
limited period, namely: until the ex-
piration of twenty-one years fixed in
1870, when the Coosaw company was
given the right, but not the exclusive
right, to mine phosphate. This period
expired in 1891.
The court, in an opinion by Justice
Harlan, holds that the act of 1876 did
not give the Coosaw company a perpet-
ual and exclusive grant, but merely an
exclusive grant for the balance of the
twenty-one years, covered by the orig-
inal contract of 1870.
Another Cyclone Reported, and Still An-
other Threatens the Country.
KANsAS CITY, Mo., April 6.-A spe-
cial to The Star from Cherryvale, Kas.,
says the country a mile east of Cherry-
vale was struck by awtornado about 10
o,clock and half a dozen houses were de-
Jaolished, two people, names unknown,
being killed. In Cherryvale a woman
was killed by lightning, but the wind
did not touch the town. Dexter, in
Cowley county, is also reported to have
suffered from the wind. The Western
Union wires are down. The baromet er
is steadily falling, the sky is brassy and
a strong south wind is blowing. An
inky, black cloud is said to be hanging
over the section southwest of Arkansas
City, and the local weather bureau pre-
dicts more storms. Two additional
deaths have occurred at Towanda from
injuries received in Tuesday night's
They Robbed Trains Under the Diree-
4 tons of Their Parents.
SALMON, Id., April 6,-Suspicion for
some time has been directed against a
family named Harvey as being the per-
petrators of a number oi stage robber-
ies. The family consisted of Harvey,
his wife and six daughters. A trap was
laid into which the stage robbers fell
and all were captured, proving to be
Harveys six daughters in men's clothes.
When the arrest was made one of the
girls weakened and tbld the whole story.
She said she never liked the work and
was glad they werw caught. They were
trained to it 1y their father and mother,
and the proceeds were shipped east for
sale so) s not to excite suspicion in the
country. Their show of force had
always made violence unnecessary and
none was ever used.
The Cyclone's Fatal Work.
KANSAS Crry, Mo., April 5.--A half
hundred names compose the list of those
killed in Kansas by the cyclone of last
Thursday, and still the death roil is in-
complete. Details .of the disaster, so
far as it effected the towns of the
stricken section, are now believed to be
complete, but many of the casualties in
the country regions are still unreported.
Four towns are wiped from the face of
the earth and a dozen or so others were
more or less damaged. The location of
New Haven, Tonawonda, Augusta and
Smolan are now marked only by the
wreckage and piles of splintered timber,
which before composed the houses of the
town. Of fifty dead, twenty-seven were
killed outright. The remaining twenty-
three are those fatally injured and have
since died.
New York Goes Dry.
NEW YORK. April 5.-It was difficult
Sunday to find a saloon in this city to,
which admittance could be gained. The
few that did admit customers through
the side door or rear entrance, had look-
outs stationed outside and no one who
was not very well known could get in.
The most fr-qnented places down town
were closed tight and men might be
seen single and in groups going from
saloon tc saloon in voin search for a
drink. It waI probably the dryest Sun-
day New York lhas e-ver seen. Most of
the hotel bars werd closed, but in some
of I hem idrinks were served with
crackers anal cheelc-i at the table. It is
said the general closing of saloons is due
to the police who notified the saloon-
keepers that they must close.
On the ealO Trail.
BmIRMINGHAM Ala., April 1.--The
story sent out from here of an alleged
battle between police and train robbers
at Boyles is a fake. An attempt was
made as Boyles Sunday night to wre'ik
a Louisville and Nashville train, as
already reported. A watchman who
was put on duty there reported seeing
some snspicions characters near by.
Three parties of police were sent from
here after midnight, but they failed to
fnd any robbers and fired off fifty shots
"for fun." The real trail of the robbers
has been found and is being followed.
The gang, it developed now, is composed
of two men and one woman, who have
gone over RBd Mountain, and who are
well mounted and heavily armed.
Samuel J. Tildens Estate.
WHrr PLAINS, N. Y., April 5.-The
appraiser of the estate of the late Sam-
uel J. Tilden filed his appraisal in the
Surrogates Court. His report makes
the total amount of the fortune $5,200.-

AND :;: F.'iH I DEAD.
Wheon I t !, W ,, w '; sil0 e
Theo NJIo ',," L'.,,
And you iil ;! n r--Lldo
Were Iln;iIl 1 11 in;: l;'on. '
Around ci Hi s ,' I ii '-. ...1 iIs,
The sea l'w il'..:/ I
Their e hco' wio os t ;.,. l' ; sn-day,
And only lohv i, iJo:d s
The turf beneath our (airLs feet ;
Was flocked wlith il',o.l grwoent ,
And never slo]o &, h,, ': t Sta un
Otisuch a. i rillianll t1 :
The sapDhire ofr the a .iv wAve, ,t
The blue sky ov'orilo'.ol--
Ahl sea and sky are failr to-day,
And only faith fs dead.
All nature bad,, us to rejoice;
Tho gay gro [) o nitvoet alone g:
I heard that 'alim naI pl i, )hltIve votes
Beware the OciiLN or son:.,
The laugl!tril faceo h)al1 lo.o(cd our ways
I turned; when s sol and nillh,
SAS sunlhinlo (in a youin, MI:ty cday,
Ah, sweetheart, hovI y,,i smiled.
Let modern skeplci tfalth deride,
I'll ne'er beo lol to toll
What ttturnedI 0or ca'rloS steps aside
At IrIdoet's i flcy wvell.
To-day tho rip1lo ii;0 waters steal
Through mOadows groon and cools
But you and I no hlongor fool
Like chlldreo hoio 'toin school.
Could wo butc ttime ail spaco offeae-
Al I viclIost wish cci all-
The by-gnoo yars qtg aiin retrace,
Those vanished iocir, ren',ll
Thouli tar anco toollsum is inio way,
Wihro wrwavp-wa Ihd ,)> cn,sto'\vwnlies,
I'ld sail that woNacr I a I t -lay
'T'" -jo: sIns J, '-
--MIOJiaol Ki\tvo i.t:li1 !oU1 Ii poniolls 'Tribune.


State Comptroller ;Bloxham Issues Very
Important Instructions.
TALLAHASSEE' FLA.. March 31, 1891.
To the Clerks of the Circuit Courts.
GENTLEMEN :-As you willsoon have
to redeem lands certified in the state
for unpaid taxes, under chapter 4,011,
Laws of Florida, and having recevied
many inquirers regarding the method
of said redemption,: I deem it advis-
able to give the following directions
for your guidance and for the informa-
tion of all who are interested.
Any of the lands or parts thereof,
that have been certified to the state
for non payment of taxes, can be re-
deemed through the clerk of the cir-
cuit court or the comptroller by the
"owner or agent, creditor or other per-
son having an interest therein," as
provided in Section 5, Chapter 4,011,
aws of Florida.
If the redemption is made before the
publication of the lists in some news-
paper, as provided in Section 4 of said
act, the party redeeming will be re-
quired to pay the amount of taxes due
with interest on the same at the rate
of 25 per cent. per annum from the
date of the certificate to the time ot
redemption, and a charge of 25 cents
for each certificate. Thls charge of 25
cents for each certificate is paid by the
'state to the collector.
If lands are not redeemed until after
the lists are published in some news-
paper in the county, as provided in
SSection 4, Chapter 4,011, Laws of Flor-
ida, then the law requires the pay-
ment of taxes due, with interest at the
rate of 25 per cent per annum on the
amount of taxes, and a charge of $2
on each certificate. Where the $2 are
charged,the 25 cents for each certificate
is omitted, as it is included in the
fee of$2.
The charge of 25 cents, or the fee of
$2, when collected. 'goes directly into
the state treasury, as other taxes, and
becomes a part of the general revenue,
which can only be drawn out under
the appropriations made by the legis-
lature. Chapter 4,011 being a revenue
law (not an appropriation bill) and
no' carryingwith it an appropriation,of
course no moneys can be drawn from
the treasury under it; and the charges,
penalties or fees, which it prescribes
for default in payment of taxes become
a portion of the general revenue of the
state the same as any other tax.
When, therefore, persons apply to
redeem their lands before publication
is made, you will add the interest to
the amount in column 8 of the list to
be filed with you by the collector, ,and
add to that the sum of 25 cents as a
charge for the certificate, and place the
total amount in column 11. When
they apply after publication, you
omit the charge of 25 cents and add $2
to the amount of the tax and interest.
You will be notified when the lists are
forwarded to publishers for publica-
Please give as much publicity to
these directions as possible in order that
all persons whose lands have been cer-
tified for unpaid taxes, may have an
opportunity of redeeming the same be-
fore publication and thus be -saved
from paying the $2 penalty on each
Of course the clerks of the circuit
courts are entitled to their fees in ad-
dition to the above charges. Very re-
W. D. BLOXHAM, Comptroller.

Quay is still "on top" in Pensyl-
vania politics, his friends having out-
voted Dalzell's following to 1.

Kansas has been having a series of
cyclones, with disasterous.results, kill-
ing many people and doing much in-
jury to property.



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lifeless head and lifted his body from
my lap, as he did so the bayonet slip-
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