Dottie's pets

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Dottie's pets
Collins, T. H ( Illustrator )
Dean & Son ( Publisher )
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Dean & Son
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40, [2] p. : col. ill. ; 19 cm.


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Animals -- Juvenile poetry ( lcsh )
Children's poetry ( lcsh )
Children's poetry -- 1885 ( lcsh )
Publishers' advertisements -- 1885 ( rbgenr )
Bldn -- 1885
Children's poetry ( lcsh )
Publishers' advertisements ( rbgenr )
poetry ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
England -- London
Target Audience:
juvenile ( marctarget )


General Note:
Date of publication from inscription.
General Note:
Illustrated title page by T.H. Collins.
General Note:
Publisher's advertisements follow text.
General Note:
Baldwin Library copy: lacks p. 5-22, advertisement pages torn affecting text.
Preservation and Access for American and British Children's Literature, 1870-1889 (NEH PA-50860-00).
Statement of Responsibility:
pictures with verses by E.O.A. & M.A.C.

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University of Florida
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Baldwin Library of Historical Children's Literature in the Department of Special Collections and Area Studies, George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
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S, i

with-VRSE X
11'- E. 0. A.-
-. y --.
-c, .. -

--- -h T :

'-- '- ----- "- ---- _

,,I -- --i---- II- I i ----- -- ) ':

SThe BaldwmI Librar
Liru..Cr' i
in f lla

1 %*I""- .. fT C ...'

- 2---_

' i ,' '. i?^-

""_,_ _'--_ '-I '

. 2

Tinkle, tril,U, tinkle the -'i j.l, ir. in the dell;
Tinkle, tinkle, tinkle! r.i:undi one's neck there
-. -'., a _.- 11
And the goats and sheep all listen when
that Iiil<: bell they l-'c:r,
I *.*r ['*, tl.iat ui kl, tink!, thi
: W A.:'.n, thcI I'rirtn i. .n..r.

,L 6



5 22

And the chickens now hopped about gaily, ,
while e the hen looked as proud as
could bc ,-
And Mill invited the chickens next
door M
"To a party and afternoon tea.




'~~~~ -'' ^'
. :-. : *

SIkhohl the
y young chicks in their
*... shoes and their bows,
"As they wait for their
friends at the gate,
'_:.._ 4 t '
S'\,i practise their dancing
T- r.' together, you see,
S -Each chickie selecting

What an afternoon party that was to be sure :
How gaily they dance on the green!
But some sat down quietly to rest by the brook,
And see all there was to be seen.

-. ,-- .
." .. 0- ... .. .


S "1 "- B u t, o h d c .r in th e m id st o f
.. N;aughtr pussv jarrnles on the
1 scee n

E*' .-
Sp r 1 A nd in ni.j.t terrible hurr%.

-d ,- .- -- i ..
Th hik run from the re



11T'^ f No. ihidrLn. .ll .. ,-'ne out ,nd pl,
C *-,. 2'^I Ii, c : ( 1 7 cr-side tli .,.1 el', da,. %'.
-['1' '* I-4Brinl2 '.our latle b,.,ts with \'Ou,
A d crumnbs t.-, feed the s..nS v.ith, to .
Anid on tihc h-ank m.;na nilll re--t,

the ,,it .
"'' ,. ri the afterno':i 1% t ,,
Aid .t th, timne in -

Sr r \ l .) -

t (... ... ./-'" '&- ..-. -' y "2
2 .
27 ~-it


And v.hlie we are v.ea mng 'our griands,
In the ba ket Lur L u. A, It ly.

" -. '.- Iht I, a man in the
',.street selling flowers,

"Iu He ha;e absket
-r > But .%%er ham, a need
,l af = '^ c

I Pretty little birdies, singing on the tree
i, M .t!I lile Nh1il,.irLI, hli|tr.e ,i >.an Lu... ,: .,n j


, e

__.. t_- +- .' ', +. .2


Why are the birdies so sad to-day?
S' : T hey are crying and '.b' I;1 you see ;
S. -P-' One of their friends has been killed by the cat,
And the rest are as sad as can be.
He ventured last night to pick up some crumbs
That were scattered just outside a door;
But pussie sprang out and gobbled him up;
So he'll never come back any more.

J "" ', .?--f t- '- M',

-C--- ,*. ~.-' -*



See the kitten play ing so gail,'
Such briLlit lnerry creatures ',
thr- are. -"
They Il:., ull nibble each other, -
A.d -omnetinics they
ease their IMama.

i~i ~'

T.:,: i.ii: 11 Ile s we lt ,Li r t r

l o 1o 1,..:k up s' r" I:,re:ikf.i,., ,ou

So they tflw to at, or:luird and picked
-t tl, frult,
Thi, knc w not tk is tr%.1a.L

a,. _. .; :c
'7 IA

.. .-, *: .


I an !:r, ( i ue n,
And Per.:l m;,kcs the cl.:.-n t

( ,,3

,, ij

.', ..

.._ .__ i : .r



" And now, you
see, we all are I
SJust see how smart I:
we are
B But I as fairy am, o
course, : I"
The bright and
Special star.



A. J I'ni' \i are 'T._. in, r.i,*.,- -,

A n, l i.. l .: ,-'. ,ry \iou iI ,' ,'
I-,-.r \i. *iil li., e ]' r', t< .... '.. i if !' 1'

7<, '

4 -


"- A n d ,' see, e re

1r C
; H ;; -, .__I

,-,..- ._. .,, -Q

..* -.


r, ilk noo I .
I I, Ij "J _i ,,

]1rI '.d~ t \'t' r," t2- ;*,1 rii ,l* ,, ,

l, ', 'L r ILl 1 ,'' l

.I.4. j Ii yr, 'o -.

-. .i ll !. .. .


-Air )
i '" .i


A .
. ". ,, .. ':.; .
I' r/4~~~~.4. iv'i~
1" ..

-.- ,,, ,
.. ':--..' :!.:

"Hush! don't make a noise or pussy ill hear,
Still, don't be afraid I dojn' think she's near.
"Indeed!" thought 'l, puss. as she
sharpened her cl3,.s.
"You'll find .:-ut I in near, whl.n uu'rc
under ini claws !"

./.- ,-
"It's lovely I'p r, .incr l e' -.t l. Itrui ,
th3t cat
I think sh '- i ,-: c.n the Lack -
I.u l,:ur 1 .t
"(,, is she, uiiJeed !" thought ['us.

S v on tf, I1 :Ic t v
catch CsTht j1 teI

39[ ,i'

Ponni w: e birdi:-., .gaii rlie, 1 .:.% n :
.|ctie w\i e birdc I..uil' in- id en i .:.nin ,
L ,., ir. lcc ,iril ,,.-.w _1! ti,:,, .p
Su'I r'rcity' %IC bL .i, is le: ,l t r.'



--- -- -- ...

... -. ."''

smnll p;i'rt 0.
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i ., ~^ -- ~" ,ir ;.; 1. .*- r. :n ,,],,ior.-. or, t i [',,:, ..
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PHYNODDERhEE, and other Romantic Legends
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1Small r .1 I -. !si i .
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S..... .." '. 1 .i, l l.., i il l '1 bll l ._!C l IJ l i .,t.t 1 1' h 1 -d

a-'" -* I .. : r. i I l li; t.-r .. _t i,[ .i .
"--**' 'S ,-.'. _,, .. -TENNIS CLUB.

.I p" I i rL

/ I. .. I to i


,.. In,-. ..ktj l c.

be ,. ..s-t I h'. .s f ,- 4 ,i: .. I u- ," ... : ..r .4t. A,l :,
&ILE S'REn. Lu.t l l Icl. R ". I1
Se t S l I i. -- '-- ... ... I. ]. .in i .. l,, > .t- !l"'. ] .."

l-E & SUN. L' 11 I'HEll 1I t i. ".,T ST. ELI'. LU, L' N. I- .
.. ). I..

- C'.~ :. ," i" .~---- ...-u ;ur~~------;._ ",, _l U __ II ~
~~~~~~.. ... ...... ,. ,,: _, (

I>. ...l( a .
1 ' ', -

h A ND ,1 .

IO i' D N6 L t IN-F' L z
1.....1 1./- --"--.' _----.- -, ,..

II',,', ', "' .. .. t '
I . .

,.4,. ..
L I.--' D A' -) F T

L I ,,
f 1....

i i
.. .. -:- -: "I
~~ ,,., I -..::..--'- -_-_ .
,, -. - . :_ -
: I.!. I. 1. I v: rj

I, "ol I
S. ... .. t_
L!I~iB DE AN""-~ ,_ IO kO F.TSE