January, IK'P4.
Tin; n-pubhc of Nicaragua agrees that, t-liutiM i it Ii2coine ooi-ding to which Bavarians emigrating from Bavaria assent, i ;Ji- i'or to which the de-cc-ased belonyd, (or cncc shal1 crnUiao-: The two post departments shall establish by

neoeiiMrr at any tune to employ military forces before the fulfilment of their miliUry duty cannot be the repi -e' ..!:<':' ( J-.icli iiiiiiisteror consul, or other 1st. Lc'9 o-v'na'v r"u registered. agreement, and in conformity with the arrange

lor tho KCCUI ily and prouttioa of persons and proj 'nyni8 admitted to a permanent residence in the land till they diplouiui 'r' '" o.ifrc ot absence,) shall) have the 2d. Now .*\ipe's. oook-packct, prin.s ol a !I meats in force at the time, the conditions upon ; ; t : : ; --'A:
in over ot the rouu aforesaid il will "'"' -". :
) > ); any employ ahall hive become 32 years old, is not affected by the right to ) ttora lotake charge of the property .
the ixuiidte force for that purpose; but upon lailure tivaty. But yet it is established anj nCTceU, that by the ot the i.e. carry t-o nr as the laws of the country >rill 1 kinds, (compiiiin maps plans en; I which lie two offices may respectively exchange ..

to do thu trout nay caiita whatever, the t'overnmcnt of exi>rcion "pcnnanent 4dence" ured in the euid'ortic'.e ]>erniit, to. t the-l bsnIit of lhe lawful heirs aunt cr.-clilors drawings, T.hoiogiaoris 1'tbogniiuw, and :ili in i open; mails tho correspondence originating m > = .

the United Etatcit mat, with the cuiibect, or al the reqanit the above described emigrants are not forbidden to of the oltlie government ol icarasna, .>r of thi> mini the ;..utn.rui.! uf tLe .
; undertake journey to 12varia for aless pcrio of tim I. s Country. shecis oTmusic &c., it' pallcrnsor si'nples otmcichanaisc L hand wri* Selected 'stork si 'i, :1.-I ,
icr thereof at. TTa-diingtoti, or of the competent legally l and for definite and the ) ft t may reciprocally servo as intermodzarie&a KEKFS corustantly on a ;
appointed local authorities, civil or militaiy employeOv.li purposes, declares royal government ARTICLE IX. intludng] yiains av Eocds. It is always understood, and Jewelry, anT att! other artule*
I moreover cheerfully itacifiendy, ia all 1. '1-j } \\itff; nsof Uuitc states retijir Nicaragua usually kept by the trade wMcb he o'l-r* to the pet*
force for tbi anl for no other purpose- ; and whc a, } has ; 1-1 be ctt-hangal, ,
which the
sucii with the
cases! in emigration has plainly ta'ten place in And c j. rcspondtiu-e may I rcspondence shall only bo charged
the ,or the < lti'iis of residing tho United atreducedpricee..
in theojtuloubf goernmcnt of v"i thu ii ? Nicaragua in
aragun -
.- csty cca>es, tw.li force tlia'.l be imrjeUi.itey! wi:!I4 Rood ted. f.iith, to allow a mild rule m practice; to lie adop Stall f,may intermarry xt itli the natives of .oc ttiui a- whether orig-'iia'.ing in either miii'countrii* rate applicable to direct international cone ALso -

.- uwn.lu 2. It is hereby agreed 5iat when a Bavarian natural try; hold nil puae j, by purchase, miirriage', or descent and dpbJ'ncd fat the oihc/! or originaiag in or sn; >nlence, augmented by the postage duo to ,
II" csccptional (1L.4, however, unforeseen or iu>- any C'-tate, ical or personal, without thereby destined 'or "oreigu cowirin 10 w'nifi thf-sf for OU2L1RZ ;,4 ji' :
ized in America and reciprocally an A mcrican naturalized : tore ten countries, and by any other tax cxtuior :-
tnyjent danger ta t4'c lhT or property of citizen* oft]he in liavvria take* nbodeonce chaning their national tluirac'er, subject totiioLina. :ntermeilia Fine Watclies SoiidSilverandJPIateS'l
United fitates, the fc.rcegof.ai,1 republic nre authorized uphin more lain S whi'.h :;ow cxUt i-r may IMI cracte 1 in this tCspe: may respectively servo aa : bervico. STATIQXZRY, '
:. t a act for their protection w itaout euch eou cnt iinving original country of bis adoption without, he intention does of return to the 2. Tho tlti/e'cs of the'United! Stales reiidcii.s In the AUTICLB II. But the North German office resetvcs the SEWING JLICJII2t7 ""

L Item previously ulitoiued.lUitnoduiy country his former citizenship ; on by the no means contrary therebyrecover in HO ropubtic of Nicaragua, und the iltixens of Nkivas"" The offices fur the exchange of mai'.s thall: I right to fit a time, if necessary, when this rule A P A. 'rxU&ETY'Of, OTHER ARTICLES, ,
rettidMit* in the United Stales shall l exempted fr' m .
or power imposed ccnciJe l >c -
tii.iii or < toiLe fir it relates to Havana it All kinds'of drine short noltee and "work _-
as his
at ,
depends on Malw the be repairing
>ty shall to despatchedfiora
l only apply correspondence
United A'tatc the forced service whatsoever, > t tc I
by of or rompuidoiy military
provisions this niticle shall yland s
King, whether he will, wilt lu warranted. At 'old stand *of G. T>. Ocean -S HOlLAND tM
lie or not that event grantthe I the of the Iititcd States : |nc Oaks wMsop.ifly taIll*
perfumed or cxerrlHed except bv authority and in j Bavarian or pea ; horn all eontrlbutioaof war. military eact'on (i ) un pail the United States for such other countries, treat. A. M; Beedfi Buildmr. -' '* Fwb. 3--ti U.
anew. public
citizenship thatbaving beamht the th25'
par u iiccof laws of Cun re'u hereafter enacted. It being forced loans in time of war; but I'.iey suull 1 lie 1st. New York. -. oat
Tlie article fourth thall accordingly have only this unless the latter ball have accepted the same 4.. Case, bIatermofC. se. k Csbi I!
vndcretood that unch laws bhall not afll-et the obliged, iu the pamn manner as the citizens of each n -
and guarantee of the neutralitr of the routes proletUon ol- mcuiiii!;:, that: the adopted country oi the emigrant.can- Uon, to pay 'lawful taxes, municipal and other modes ofiin 21. Bofcton. rule in behalf of the correspondence despatchedhiough use all re and (DTifrenee-to utalati rsp2MS d
him .
not from the old
iriiwlt nor the o'i1gatton to withdraw the troop* jirevent but acquiring once more JdP. former ]*>tUniid ordinary charijrj, loans, ondcontiibutionsin 3d. Portland. ( them by the North German office.AKTICLC staad forwllintrrK
v,hif b. way be diftcinbailicd in Nicaragua directly that, citizrnithlp ; not flint the stale lu which the emigrant tiniu of peace (as the citlzrtisof the couniry ale liabl 4lh. Dotroit.otli. ) XIII. a GOOD ABI1CL* 44JM4LU / W1
in the judgment ot tinpoveixinent originally belonpei is bound to restore him at .. they should no lonecr be ncceanarr, nor ot in the republic, owe to his original relation. 3. Nor Blmll the property of cither, of tiny kind, 1 betaken Chicago. Each office grants to the other the privilege ol f a doing Good Vorfc, and dt-aHn? bdneafiy anJ fclrly*U*
any manner On the contrary, the citizen naturalized abroad niu t h tlio t. of the Xorili ( !frnia.'J PLTEB ANDOTHERS.rpIIE alL J. J.IL, would alMttata 'to ku
that ajMoam
I'lins about new obligations on X iraun, nor alltr her firfct be for any public object without full and jut cot ii- ( ) on par transit of tho closed mails exchanged, in cither -
tight in virtuof the present apply to received bark into his original country: tensation to bu paid in advance : audi. Union with War. f-J Wi
treaty. in the manner prescribed by iu laws and rcgulatioiw, { the : .uiection, between the latter and any country Qruttori'MliKtaT Prririt Cflrapariy/jww mavn&eJL -
aucix The citizens of two high contracting jKiriie-s
tii. "
It J HadeBtoOd, however, that tae Tjiitul Stateo, iu mid must ac-iuirc cltizunHhip anew, exactly like any shall ha\o the unliir.ltcd light to go to any part of t thetcnitoricsof 1st. Aae-hcn, (Aix la C1tt"hlo.Brenicit. .) to which the other may servo as intermediary, turing the Best.Cheapest and most Durable Pat James.- S -? ?

.' vur4inipioUvLk'ii to such routes oicouiintinivation, other alien. theotl-tr, and in nil cases enjoy the same: 2d. by its usual means of mail transportation, whotlur in use; two coaU tll pt cm ini etl. with.pure Linseed Doyle,
mid their Rut yet It ileft to his own free choice, whether lie the luillvesof the where rct-ide, Oil, l> ir
sruaraBtoeiug neutrality and kecuiity us coiiutiy they :3d. Hambur -
security uw ; land and tho of transit
li-I will on tea or terms %
adopt that course or will preserve the titizi nshlji of wbo'bna long"sostalijca Che'repntaSsn of ft .spit
intciitth it th? rotecllon and with the condition that they diiiy ob eTvc the laws ami'
mudittonany. and may be ritLdrairn jiiaranteo if the ancranud the country of his adoption. ordinances Tho two post; dcpaitments may at any time shall bo agreed upon when tho exercise of the Will Last IO or 15'Years ; workman, ana competent taeondael srVtaiasM SI th*

Slates khould deem hat the United Tlie two plcnlpotentianea give each other mutually) discontinue cither of sait' offlcca ot c-xchango or privilege is lequired.AUTICLE. Und in all iu Intacta .ITartlttretalatta soil afEMf
por.ons or company un- the assurance that their respective governments in rat i- BV 1IIK ritK-IUl.M: 01 lilt. l.MIKK MMTfc-I tMrku( A. Ills of aiigk>brow .pr .bcantllnl ebocoli to.color, and: for, .
JeruVin or mauagii t the same adopt or istabMi euchrexuhiiipn establish others by m.'n-al consent. ? j ; T *> .T >i ri
f )In thin will also will XIV. can be ebaTh-vd lead toai
> treaty regard as approved and to-gre ,& , the Uallic
o The conreriiiti f pi lit and intention 01 thereupon! this as are contrary maintain the agreements and explanation contained I In A 1'UOCLAMATIOX. AUT'CLt III The postal accounts between the two offices to suit the taste of the consumer. It U valuable tor Morton's Crpld Bens,

by making unfair ciscriirinaUons in favor treaty of tho, cither the prenent protocol, without any further formal ralilicatiou I Each office &'a;>.ll make 'ts eAvn un-angouieata shall be stated quarterly and transmitted and Barn, fence, (.Carriag ani Car-maker Pafl*. and -. -. i:
commerce of the I And whereas tbo said additional' haai ,
{ article Wooden-ware
ol any country or countries over the eommercc'of .Scal.l same. tiKOKGK BANCKOFT. j ; for the detpa: tea o: its mails to the other ethic verified as speedily as practicable ; and the balance 1. Agricultural Implements, Cabal Boat* in this thwnsnd.M1L vato toeplbe bd Uli.
other i been duly ratified on both parts, and the rcepoctivo of table :- ". <
country cr count/us meat
any exactions or by imposing orpienvo And whcrcux the raid treaty has been duly ratified on by regular Iro3 o communication: ; and shall found duo shall be paid to the creditor office VESSELS AND SHIPS" BOTTpJIS and.pocket wrtlerj &l1
or unreasonable tolls { ratifications of the Hoping to merlttbc oonUnncJ confldofoIdea8tosienaiidlriendaXrwpeetflBrjr
upon ntailp,pan>>n- both nnd the ratifications I satno were cxchang- ,
jarts rcxpccUve were exchanged at its coit Jie of sucli intermediate -
riveA44 good*. nres,nuTthnndwe. or other article at Muuich the 18th day of September lart: j I i od at St. 1'ctersburg on tho 21st day of SoptcmI own pay expense ;, cither by exchange on London or at the i 1*
*. Tlte aforeaiid protscUon and nuurantcc ahull not, 2uir, therefore be known that I, Andrew Johnson, transportation. debtor office, as the creditor office may desire. Canvas, Metal anti shingle Roofs, (U being Fire and cease ad look Joetbetnaolve*. r'THK \ l
however te witli4rawn' Iiy the United States iiliout Prciddent of tho United States of America, have cauned[ !i bcr last by Cassius M. Clay, esquire, envoy extraordinary The two oflices. howe-vi inutttally agree The rate for the 'conversion of the of>: Water proot Floor Oil Vhothi, (one Manufacturer its Ttnguacd5OOObbiim.tbepsstyearandasapalutraI _- -- _=.: ._- -- _______________
firrtRivuiStlxIm'M.th* noilcp to-the and minister money
republic ofNIcaICHCLK the said to be made ; plenipotentiary of tho 57 -
treaty public to the end that LI that in making contracts for tho despatch of -
rlact. and the two countries shall bo fixed by common purpose Is unsurpassed for body, durability, eiastleli -
same every clause and urtlclu thereof may be ol J II- United States, and Vladimir Weitmann a, y$ ,
SMIL servrd and fulfilled with jocd faith by the United States acting minister of affairs of his mails from American ports, or from Europeanports agreement between tho two offices. and adhesiveness. 1 bbl vilt supply a planter1 for yean a*
And it i> lo'tlicr agreed and iimlerbhx dm; foreign Jlaj'estythe to -
ni roy and thn citizens thereof. tho.bc steamers and lines should always come. ,
want.i orooctraws wtk-li may liereatlcr l>c made or ciitrreJ ; Ill vltiiets hereof I Lave I Emperor of all the Kussias, on iso part of
hereunto i
tat iny Laud and be employed so far as consistent with the rat s
Aktu by the When in of either closed WARRANTED ALL CASES I
rovctuuurut otXlcar4gua. having i ef- can ed the ceol of the United Slates be aflixed. their respectivo governments : : any port country a ix
triiie totbxjintcrooiiiinic.iouU'S abwc referred to. oj Done in the of postage, by which lao mails despatched shall mail is transferred from vessel to another
city Washington,this btu of( Vto- ono
ciiherotthi-m, the rUthi* and nridlc eitKranicd bv Iuitn.dIIy day Now, therefore, bo it known that I, Andruw as above. Send for a circular which ulvea full :
her, in the year of our Lord one thuusind eight hundred earliest arrive i>t their ucstination ; and who without particu : IoN
to the office of the
to the government ana citizen of the United and sixty-eight.i and of the independence of tho United I Johnson, President of the United States of tho that th any expense country lars. fTone genuine unless 'branded ia & trade mark FLORIDA ,
the is
tittlt-s UaU bo Ally protected and rtseniil. Audi! State the, uncty-third. America, have caused the said additional article spcod substantially saute, 31 where thn transfer is made, such transfer shall Oraftoii Mineral Paint. Address :
.nch prant or contracts now csift, of valid chartur most :avorab e pecuniary conditions should 10 'T. II. JTAXKY. .is .
xfiy a II4CaL) ANDKKW! JOHN.( LI not bo aubjcct to postal charge by one office
% it is further itnder tood that the guarantee nil JJy thePrebiucnt: 1 to bo made public, to the end that tim same, Jt is atiso arced that the cost. of Iprefced. I- against the other.any 21 may 6 3m 'Jackson-rUte.. i .5 .:

j.jxrttx-ilon of \ln United State?, etlpniatud! in Article WILLUIC JLiecretary sw&ai,, and every clause and part thereof, may bo observed tcrnational ocean ant' Ictritorial transit ot tho -:: .
XV of this treaty, tbaJUxS held Jnopiatirc and voiJuntil of State.IY and fulfilled with good faith by the United i- AUTICLE XVI. -- I'bth1iIitIts
the holders of*uch and contracts ball closed mails between the respective frontiers .
grants n- Official communications addressed from one : -
cuftii/.e the conix-ajons cnajo in this truaty to the j.ovriitnent : me r-ctriut.M CITIES States and the cttiwns thereof.In shall bo first dcfraj ed by thai ono of thu two FOR SALE !
TATK-> F JIMLI.VA. office to the other shall not bo the occasion ofi BLANKS !
and witness whereof I
< citizemi of tbo United Ut with rcsptctto have hereunto fret my' departments which shall havo obtained from tho Wekly .
Vuth interoceanic routes, or tilher of thun, and ..IPROCLAMATJOX. hand and caused the seal of tin: .United States accounts between the two offices.
>lmll are to olwerve acd governed by Ui *e conctif \Vhcrcaiatrcktyof friendship, commerce, Mild luvigat'on intermediaries the mos.. favorable cnniary 1 -5- t44* ;
.loui ii fully an if they liad bocn embraced iu tlie'roridrml : between the United Stated of -Jmciicu ant tho] to bo affixwl.e terms for such conveyance ; und any amount boIK ARTIcLE XVII. DEEDS *. .ji .
grant or contract after which repubiicolNicarvgUJ, was concluded and t>icnn>i 1 by Done at the city Washington thii iit'.cutilhday ,
; recoicnJtiun 11 Letters XTHE
vanccd fur account of tho other hall wrongly sent, or wrongly addressed -
their by ono ? [ BILLS OF LADING WEEKLTt
ar. hi fun fixoe: 1'rovlJod, That nothiug t fix in r6tTitied: ? sua,on the twenty-first day of June, f n tire year* f our year our otic oo ptornptly ro-inibuisod. J or not deliverable for whatever cause, shall 1 be APPLICATIONS

its11 3m corwtrucJ either to alko or to leny thevulidi I I Lord one thousand eight hundnd and tllty-sevcu thousand eight hundred und sxty-cight, and of AILTICLE IV. I returned to the originating office, at its expense, FOR -
OfL4aS4 contracts.ASnctK. which trtatjJiclng in tno KnglUh! und FiMwiiftL juu* the the indopcndcnco of tho United" States the --
.-. Xlli gouges, i* word for word &a follow: Tho standard weight tor the buiglo rate i)fI if an :j expense is incurred. Registered comm 6- AND LEOAI BLANKSFOIl Is. Lublished'EvcrpThursdaY,

iAPU: *ten from the ninety-third. international pobtage, and rule cfi prugressiot I, sport aenco of all kinds, not deliverable for any SALE :
years vf a raili-oU, or { Treaty of Frkadihlp, C'oumfj-ce, and .Xiiriatiim, Z [ ANDREW JOHNSON AT T11IS OFFICE.
*$*y oilier route communication thio-igh tho teimoryofji'ipnraoa ; ttrtrn lite UllUttl tiMct of JlHtrira ainl(he 11'pull(C SEAL.] i biiail boi causo, shall also bo returned in like manner. 's -

'- which from the liavotooktructed Athutic to the I'jcHio ooi-an, IMpK > a/:4jrotit. Ily the President : i IbL. For lottt.rii, 15 gramme All otherconespoudenco which cannot bo delivered -:' .- ..n r. .*

ion uiupany of the aome may*tmit over din Iu, directly or be or in indrreet'ty TKISMC, The Unitod Stale* of America and the republic i-i WILLIAM II. SEWAWW, I 2d. For all uther corrcsponJonco nicntiuuwli rI shall remain at the disposition of tho receiving -. : -:'

by the lue of new,tocJc,tl'a payment of du-Urtids ruuderi Nh iragun) andinganii ileklrinu to the lualntaln friendly and el to itiona improve which the good Secretary of State. i paragraph two of the llrot article, Uiat which oflice. Any postage upon correspondence JOB PRINTING T e&mzvee'4.i.
or that owcrwisc rate,, more to i Iti than fclociclioldur Cftvn! per liwn&cn t. perannuw tulLe rnt happily) exist between them, lo promote the cominvrouof now .' I tho despatching offico shall adopt for thainaildl returned which shall hare been chargot :'-:.. : a .a; .

thereapjii: but vlicnvver tho toll* tJuili tv found iuIIerl led to their citiM>uK,and t<> make HOUIO mutual Alfangeluc It l which it despatches to the other, adapted to the against the office of destination, shall be discharged ; _i., 5. '

yield a Inrger pr tl linn tUiit, they bhall Iw reduced. to and wait Pacific rcsjKbt oceans to u comnmuicotion, by the liver lean between Juan the Atlantic f I'LTI1LIU: JJESOLUT10NS.y j convenience and habits of its interior administrillion. I.. from the account d OF EVERY DESCIUFriON, bON} AT !
mid cither
the'standard fifteen per cent, j* i'anuuin. both the lakes uf 2>')caragua and Managua, or l.y a:or i 1 ] But each office shall give notice to Lit 4 AUTICLE XVI y. Every &SATUBDAa

itzwtiog.avttcdr.iii. 417ILtwoltih t.gat te I U
tbU treaty A*JurjUo at jxtjWe, agree that ihi< treaty f fehiji skived, cutnnii-rce for till!* purpose ana navigation fo conclude, and a have treaty of frieS) lf l--j' \ rar to furnibh supplies te un cxjiloiio;; (:x- I any subsequent change thereof. man states to a vail,themselves of the advanfagea 5' -- ..-: J ba.l-moresi

hall TWnain In IoU forte fm the terra of Cftecn ycain j named as their respective plenlpotcnuarieti,accordingly that J tli', pudition. j The rule of progression shall always bo an of postal association)" the States now -- -
4ilhr from lhe-djy purtj liull IjiTf exchange tie right of the to Justify rotiumiions tliuVther: and of J y: the I'reridrat of tlw United States., Andrew I IS.i:: Jic it resolved by the Sonato and House of additional singlo rate for each additional btaiul L-. embraced in the North German Union, it is farther

it* inkntiou (o tormiiutte, alter, or reform thi treat I v, Hraaua I>i of
at Jeost twelve inontlm befmts tlio cxpirati of the fifteen > 'ofXkaragua, &nor Lkenciiido Don Toiuas thu Ayoii republic, iiilni.tcrcfforviprolHtioiu in Congress assembled, That the Secretary i"o office bhall always bo shall, extended to and, shall corn pri :oJjyLLf.AUTenuem L :tzi;. ,:.- -tI1'5'
yews; tine uoli notice I.e fivcn, then HH trratjJjall S who after War be and ho lit authorized and in of manid'bt mistake. _
cozismurshmting} to hereby, ci case them, whenever such other States shall declare
c9Utluu Undinj tryonJ the said time, and liitwcve
jnoodn sbnll liars cbi.i
which/) o of the )>.triirs altall iKitifr the other cif Ito I intention upon' articles : I the expedition engaged in the exploration of LI Ito German oflico employs[ the loth as its standard thorcof shall have l'eon given to tbo UnitecfcJtatCA No advance coaige-U op I'utliAbera nrteu. t *1***< '-* *

to alter( reform, orabrojraU; thi trouty.IXI. JBTICLXI. I river Colorado, under direction of Professor for tho fiinglo weight of letters which-it de 5- 1'oKt Department All loadJnj 3fevnpauon kepi: m* KtaTw r *,t ,.
j 'There Shall be
4J12ICLL perpetual amity U-twctn the Uiiilcd lufuunaUonM taCoctCAdYmlsaqi: ; faxajjitoiUi ,
Powell while ungagod in that woik: Provided it shall also be accepted by the United AnnciJs XIX. ,-. -
Thc present lr ulvr ahatl be ratillod.and the ratulcatlon A'aUiandthriri-ltonscn the one jart, aid thogov- epatches .- order r ciT careM attwitlotu 4'i : .
*cxtbaugtd ut the ay( of, Manasun, wiiLiri u ass, crnmentof th<* republic of Nicaragua and JUcUlzcuMof That fcuchj iesuo is not dctirtncnful tu the I interests States oflice as the equivalent of 15 grammes, The two offices shall, by mutual consent/ :IniplIrtU hi 3L.l1 anwrtd 4 LL1ijn:

v air,or sooner it Tpc bie.I tbo other. of Iho miIIta1y8OLV1OCAjrproyeJ I iri respect to the mails which it receives from tho tabliih; detailed regulations for carrj-ipg those Complete J1ntv4 14stot Z'cwipapeis txub s &itediWTh
I it feitiVhcrcoTtlw repceh-e jdenlpohntldt I les Imvolgn 8NUeIvpa7e4ftfCl2stomor&
.(l the came, sndntUxcd tlicrefo their ieoj>cctive AtTIClE is.I 1; JniKf.ll/1868, ; German. oflice. oiticlos into execution j and they may modifysuch'rcgulationa AdvsrtleeenJ. .1rttteztD2otteeu.s.eeid7oIb t_ v -t- : cc.s .: .-

bc1. \ ? Tbero: tall; bo Lvtvcen aU the tel rLtoikt .1tlw' Uitl- AUTICLK V. in Jiko. manner, front time! to : uxflcr .t

J&yte.Done in at the tho,city of Jlanajrua Lord' tbidwotly.ftrat.day o l. lei BUU'S and the k'lritoriei of the republic vi lcaru- Joint resolution nsjucsting tho President to' inlercodo I Tho single luto of postage on the direct correspondence : time, as the exigvncie- of the service, may r"
ired and ciztr-serrn.year our one thouaonU eight Liu,* gui a reciprocal freedom of commerce Tn mbjocU with hor.Majesty thp Queen of Great '-exchanged between'' tho two .ad-, qUL.' .,
A. B. InCKLVSOX, |UKj. hav full liberty! the freely two and countries aecurely,respectively to come with, their hal) Utitain, **: fiwuro tbp epcedy .rojeasc "ofJJwvcre" ministrations"shall bo as follow: .4' AlVTJCtB XX. 1Fromtbt. A C

4 TOITASAVON, JL.H.J i ships and cargoes lo all place, ports, and fivers in the t .Olahoni convicted on acbargi 1st Oa letters from tho United Btatca via direct time this convention s alT y uko= > 'ii.a .? < ,*. .1t.II4

4fttItJcreu tu. aild treaty bat btt-n duly tat f. territories afonnaid to which other furelanen art or guy *< -s- \Joy, and "nowr.: confined ling of steamers to Uamburg and Bremen, fact, all former con rcntions botwooa, two r- JuJyllWW : A I> ii sXk4rrIiIRT 4--II.


Florida union
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Language: English
Publisher: W.C. Morrill & J.K. Stickney
Place of Publication: Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date: November 28, 1868
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
Coordinates: 30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in 1864.
General Note: Publisher: Edward M. Cheney, <1868>.
General Note: Democratic. Cf. Rowell, 1882.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 6 (Sept. 24, 1864).
General Note: Supplements accompany some numbers.
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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UNION : :.MISCELLANEOUS. YEW StORE, NE\r GOODS, Appointment letter-of H n. C. Oi Hamilton** znd* see breeze, a dry aaf* tret- seasoo. and

_-_ ... : _- -_-___ fallowijf list W and eatuniformi
NJWr iiii rs The tomprisos ( Cabinet Hon.'C. IlarotUda i ia accenting the-nomfnation yof Uaperatare throughout the

: '"- iT 4j JAMES : Judicial appointmcnU made ani csnfinned for tjf the EopabHcia foe lha nest 7t52.tThe tystthe-G1f Srnni softens lot
: .
-t : MED1CAI: : he I StatoofFlori4a. us ia winter the chilly aaatt-winds, brings to
*_ T Congress, 'clearly icSnes hi* poailion with,, regard
-- GEiEJENLEAF V c.tuiit our shores the steady warmth of equatorial seas,
-- -- ----- D.
Paper. &rztbin 'CtTTOT -- P.1OTORS: Secretary of StAle--J.'"C. Giiw. .-- ,to A tho isscca ol the. campaign, at trill be6ccnrfrom and dothcs our fields.,and-fbrests with the per
31 I)
''aL j .; -- 31 t 3IAXwELL, r ; -- :. -. c ycocJ n J- Atioriiey-GtAtivl- ]L-Mrz. LiS letter published -below r pctcal Terdure and bloom ol Iho Aatiues;
r- ; LiVprofwislpnAJ! wfrfew io Iho dtzcn.t pi TJltorf, "* ?,jrhN jrW.Jo.-fyaad. st all Uin *,-aroMiiirrE Cp&o1-POZBj II. GTrcasurcr S -Rest's STATB EcicimTS Cbnem wiuls'to temper the neat ,ot oarsamiocr, the

M \- gtsttf Official Paper. .l.vVftravfllV'wiilVtiuty.. >. ... t f-- Charleston, South Carolfiui. 8. B. Coxorni.SupcrinUndmt ; Jacksonville Nov. 6th 1968.IIox cool and bracing broeaea of the"Atiaatie,> and
l tnttad Itt filco rvcvutlj xiccjiiciJ bf Col; : .vssofrt'dEST OFAV W. W'rnstrn. he and
Can the c> Xdvanccii made ou oonel tnnciitg. liefer those who Swceyor.9cI3atTILAt balmy refreshing frirsof the Moxlcanjtulf

;"_ ,. -. -. : :: -"- -:-----.-lt4.L O." JJ. Hart, or-powte"the' Stickncy' llca*. XI. wfcdi information to Co!. D. I* McCnr, rrcridt'fttof fuUic'ItHtrvetioiu-G. 'r.c .CHAIB.'A4JKtatBtntr C. M. ILum.Tt rf Mariana : alternately prevail, chasuis each other

I --' liii : .1'eople'*Xaliv-niU Ban' ,Charleston, S. 0. 49 CmSTKNHOUSE A T C Fi E.S -OLOU KS :
Official P "fftho Jwirtli Judicial: CinjiitWhicJi ; ; : '' .' .' ,- Cammiuimwr if.: Lnaiijeatian-O. E. ..Avnrx.Ternn thai t, at tho-Republlcati Stalo Tomlluifrig toavention -distinctly kit at the centra of the SjatflL."Ttui.ihoaga .
f VS.wBv HERNDON & CO. several north of the
Solid degree*
inclodw'tbe Coonlae cf ;aIbauDu3i; Jewelfcry, Silver rPatM eornr: held at Talla&siscb on tho 3-1 instant, tropical paraUftbx we have nw t of the condi
l1OIl2 Kf JBayWrtrf, liarlffffm & Physicim "I aaJ nil cthpr nrtwlCT'ujnnllyV-j.tin a FIllST-CLASS CJiiJ-Jaz&e-Enwic IL Btuai.t.. you were -rcnominatcd for tho ?otly.first; Ooagresa. lions.of a tropical climatvaad are enabled to

arge9l1 and JEWELUY STOU1X .. .. Astoeietcs-.JAS. D. Wzrcorr, 0. Ii. ITAnT.CUV1T cultivate with success the most delicate fruits of

-- JCXSOXVJLLZ, FLORIDA. 85 Bay Street, SaTc.nnali, Georgia. tho West Indict; whOa crarpenincular tonficoratooa -
.ciLS;J'oS The ptocct-JiDgs tlMixonvcatioa closed ia
fatq Lev AL1.8 nnVP: feft'dui thu dz13at the Drug ftnrc milE ftahtcriber, in connocliou ith their house inJL UOfiEUS, SitlTH i (:O.s and peculiar position tnsore us aping
( ri5
_., of IV>*lwick'&: lEngl .U the reti cDCo of Mr.JonnT.CHchi1iiJ Cliufioton. have opeuoJ one in efeivannah: of the It Judicial Circhit-llomer (1. 1'lantt,. the utmost harmony, all heretofore conflicting the intense heat chractejofnost tropical
and whore thev win
&D4SUInjeZ.L: .I ,*aornisbt 10 ly same name tylc krr-p constantly Produce CELEBRATED 1'LATSD ll'AUEA.mericaii \ 2t1 Wm A. Cocke.3rd elements of the party being apparently united eountrie
on hand a full htoc-lc of Flonr Kieon, Corn, nn.I ,,
,- -, : 1aicia1 oithitWbh41UaMb --s -. ---i -.-- -- -- -- -- Ocnerull y, nit of wbk-h will IK sol/1 on the mont Thomu 'i.. Long.4th and nomination made unanlzn3is.j In fact the comparative cootsiia oftlie iom-
tcruis. STEN'HOCSE & CO. 46 3n. ) was
: ii & reasonable Thatches .A.. Rnght. f. mer here is as marked a poenSarityu the

$ trei r-vi- p. -.GWEdward AM TUE Lh '. JJ.L Goa&6th With such an auspicious bcgiairfag; th cam warmth of the winter- This mercury often

D. JOXES. I.. JACKSON" SETh TII01LVS CLOCK COMPANY. James T. MagLcc.7th paign gives Tjromiaa ofagtoriotIencces.; ., and ranges much higher in New'York" Beaton

il ---PHYSICIAN & SURGEON. John I'ricc.tIThTE trusting, for our sake, and for the sako of, bur than in JacksonvOlo or Tadp The man

,eL4 ;t_:* t -' JONES & JACKSON ily.Motto l UEif" temperature of. tie monJi of Jan last and
that this be fulfilled (
$ IWIBS..PO1i' : ; : 4- Good'Article at a Pair Prce.' SAil ATf.OItNEY ;, party, proousa may Jane is the hottest taooth of the year with na,}

B TJ T G il B US Coola warranted or Money rcfunilHl. Ladies itt,Jnt1iiaL Cicnit -_ I m.very respectfelly, near the thirtieth parallel of latitude, and more
2 OCEAN .I) ADAMS' STKESTDR. and ccntk-raoii cordially invited lo call and examine rav 21 Your obedient servant
&tEGAL ADYEimSE Jir.i : JI.IEKEI STALL HO. 8. Stock. 1 shall be harpy to *** yu whether you wfaht. twenty miles inland from. the Atlantic
( 6JTIOIAT.- >* '- ,_ .; : .rcjsoxrjLLJ, 71.'r. .) purchaae or not. 3rd John A. Wariock.4th EuVn M. CHExrr, coast, war about 80 deg. At New Smyrna, oatheseabord

-- -' flL&IL Ujef, Fresh Mutton; rre-h l\ rk, f.iiniMied The I'ropi k-.or will duvote tU iuual ittleaticn to -" E.K.. Poator. Sec'y.Stata Ex'vo Cora. and near.the twenfy'iunft parallel,
cJJ2Cd _I_ morning at the First Stall oa the rlght-Jiar.d '
LIci b&a becu every -
7IOZ : -- ------ -. the of the
YMaM : -
if 82
1 tiI nud inth ..liiffM42t eide going into the market. stp126 -- average summer
Pine Watch Repairing 6th C. It. MoNey, FiLe, > and ol the whole
Ihi ,!::1 bi sc idin u the Ti1e t14 4 .y EMILE T. SABAL, deg. ; year, 72 deg. The
$) KOT. 8th 186S.
J JSec'y
7th Oecarllax-t. night* at all
VUI9QWi B. O. MORRIS Ju..Sjcurssors are invariably cool icasooj of the
oPPIcI year, and ia all part cf the State:
t $"o- to Catnvrttt & MOFRH And W.irrantcd t-ogico SatUCiction. Rep'n State Executive Cpmmitteo: Oar rainy season commences about the first
4- bttVf' Ap1IohUnVnt.4$ AUflH4flttOr, Jvr Jfrur.k.Smith's 'Uioccry Store, 2J Floor My DEAR SIB In
__.fl.. 0) : I'1-ICC Of UU-IBC of Court, formally acknowledging of Joly, and continaat &l! tha niddl* of Sep
4Z$4tVji.n. w'ck. 1OtJ1)hsmA.II BrjOCir.riX' Cotton Fac t-o r the receipt of courteoos communicatioa ot
5 s44MaI your
v tember which
time U
during almost
h1 tIIdS 40. Dcbton .... 1800 PAY STREET Mtcccn Ocean end Fl tJACKSONVILLE rams every
i. the action of the Republican Convention held
: 1)
: The faHi i i&
nE4 Advvt1wtni* Leto & Vtortdti. jFeb.24 1661.Ij. AS I'KOMI-ED CT TUB LAST I.CISLATtILk. day. ram heaTjhowen accompanied -
fl.iber Legid 1tOC$ in Tallahassee oa the 3d ingt, which resulted
an19bervqtuxi4 by thunder atid:
t1AfPPThi ( P7 ENEIL\I.. C0MMIsSrONME1C1LNT, ligbtoiaj, ttdbuting
t t1 rate ol iw.doU t in. my "unanimooa renomination for the Forty- from one to four hoars. These showers'

-.- & sach jIt1Ofl. f 2Leriff4 .ud ot1er coDnt'oe r -, J. MITCHELL, M. D., -. ... -- r -0 O&Kllf, XE-SV YOIIK.j. OVEltSi.ooo.ooo 1st Judicial Circuit Spring Term.Escnmbia .- first Congiess' ," it may be my"duty to give[ ntterance" rally commence aborit ona 'cloekfa.th* after gen-.
o.I)1mTtl.cIt1Ii -lat Monday ApriL 'to'raore than'the-mere of
jnieiiion.k.tniW county acceptance noon,.and am entirely over befare.tir clock
0ti4 euh j. C' ifonX Jr., CtJ,n pral Partner. Frantz U. Mil : ,
yu6 ipedV ihe iium PJIYSICIASJLN'D STnOEOXOfilce santa Rosa county-3d Monday ia April. the Domination, least the
k-r aud Wm. JIarm.to ifr6 ra, Hi-ct-ial Partners. leaving half day and" ft whole ofi
t UoL* Tj-.t1idCD& Un1 pt Iris fuz met rc1.eice, corner 'cf Fon-ythand Aug. 23 Walton county-4lh Monday iit ApriL It is truly gratifying to me to know that this i she night clear delightfully coot

:; :tCU bow- math--! -IIC -M-) notke 3 ilia.*r<'ts.- Jacksonville,Feb. 23.-if'LEGAL. tL.'I. OSTH or Holmes county-1st Mondayalter" 4th M nay result met with such,cordial aceptau :anti Oat winter, ifwe: mast call it by that name,
...1aTbea pOJ t'eynY wA to tncrt, viU.ctiinthe1 .-.- in April. that convention1 closed amid the utmost her rcsomhles very etosely;: what If,tsJBad la New

ta* ei me o thy CBIQD *U1 re the Land Surveyor. REAL ESTATE Washington county-2d Monday after 4th mony. England "Indian samaaer,** tcept-thai the air

.OS1t O rc .r baa,siter Imt Ineertion. )1nit Monday in April. .- Tho issues which are progeiitcd toe bur earn- .clearer.and the skies blue A
occupied ghL -& ... .% ; dry, bracing
eqitO the pse y ---- : --- --- LAa> BUUVKYIXO in all its branches accurilciy: In Floriua for wile, ut tho tlio office of tho Jackiin coarty-3d Monday after 4th Monday e.t consideration in the coming canvass are few tmospKers and cloudleM dajs ar ..ooQtInaoos(
*, HOMEXTEAPK and Eatrlca .
JbHN. ci al Ph&te Lm
,. $ LONG and clearly defln d. They the successful
h e.b in xavsc -- -p oour<'d Mild katt-d.piiraj.travt anj city lot* survcy- inrrit arc: for weeks together; Vegetation fat toj*species
1ds aw t1ci t* gowi"tf'zi C4rO'rleLldOutMidtb. lines of Old Ppanlnh Grantreorm:0f rL)1IP.L 7..1.VAGKXCY; fall Term, accomplishment cf Reconstruction upon the. of,plants seems' scarcely checked'at aJL even

It2,. 4; 4 ran and rsfbliih4.d. ocUJtfjy3 T.T EscamVa county-1st Monday ia October. Congressional basis-the permanent establishment herei (about 30 deg. north lstitisd4 where I

.# Wft ; 1vddg TM i.haLt flot : -' T4VGLAS212E,4'LA. -- Post: offlix1.j OClte coracr of Qpcau nn-1 Forcytli streets, ieat & Co. Santa Rosa county-3d Monday in Octobtr. :.of, free, Republican Institutions ia this have observed the elder,45,afcfav 6tasrfmm)
:41 L. 3J1.
to ,: ny toU or dverUmeut rw', : -. '::.: 'tc : ---. oct.1; is i. Dewey Walton county 4th Monday in" October. State, anti .tho, earnest vindication andtcnaocoof man- patting oat new.shoots and growing rapidly

.- --.-- KEAL ESTATE tlCOKEl'JS.TXrsons Holmes county-1st Monday after 4th Monday the Bepublica '"Carpet.Ba" State lorhur the whole winter. nd thla {annW nn
---- r*
texanipre J
-- ELITTLE! JOHN GLARE in October. Government inaugurated upon that basis, with oatT of many Ciat* might"herhe ani,&

.C? iiIe v3XJcD1U..GY41-. *i coming to Foda,with a view of tetlkmrnlJL Washington county-2d Monday after 4th Loyaltyf LUtUiyenef, ,U,,ittrtal. Suffrage,' and delicata whjta hoaitonia sererslsfecies ofviulets

4st ca-&m S COUflZ- ., p; :B L I C FORWARDING AJI> COMMISSION MEUCHAXT the! i-liould purpoce call of at examining cur.;tBcts OUT on their lIst of arrival lands,,not but only for obtnining fur- Monday in October. Equal Jiiy'itt as the fvur cardinal corner stone' ; :'and other flowers to me nameies'nestlesmonpr

uIN tJLRqJIT mfunnatioa conccroiDg the dtfrCUt IocuU'J' Jackson county-3d Monday aCter 4th Monday of its foundation; the extension of the great the leaves on the borders of the nr-
lIilflOOM, e-ctions cf the ?!ate. principle of uniform suffrage all the States
tCL.LIflCt'Th 4At WHOLESALE DEALER IXaoc r.nl in October. over green hummocks; or hide in lh grassy wfld -
-. ForTz Cbm&-,U. reot& Hlo. Fit :: UTES. ruOvIsIocnty, GSI which The i ivallsof* a l.\Ttf(>.urcaico t map of tho bru tats hung; ;-vrith ao! ilaps a continuous, among 2d Judicial C'frcuit-Spriwj Term. t>y amendment of the .National Constitution; less of th&pine-openings;< while thefonels and

arhir4a41Ji: snd-Ivte t c( yth1rI tI. : -r: LIQUORS, SEGAUS, sc., &c. tnr of the *4. John' Irivi-r IU fect'in length. Uy conaallQ5 Franklin county-1st Mom'ny in April. the speedy education and.eievatiwi of tho laboring rookide-thickets are fragrant wIth the foldenloora

ICSdOb : t1an AGENT FOR THE ESTT.KrKISU c these y w; c-tn iwru nmcli ut a glance about partiuiiinr Calhoun county-2d lumday in April. masses ; theprescrvatknofour counCry's > of the yellow jasmine. (Gdtanual ttmptr-
u.eVt'ren9cd wliir'j of value in future
the a.1 may jTOve yonr inviolate tho
credit by of National
1O t4 1ruTI1e fG tit tr- A. il. KixslV Wharf. JjcLsobviil- movements. Libt-rtj county-Cd Monday :n ApriL payment securities rirtMt.Every- day.of ;hnyearin this laad of

'd I -AwI Ode&L* i 4 June 16 fhctto youuic invited fo <''OUJut na tLey were gotten Jadsden county-4 Mondav id April. and' interest, in gold, or in greenbacks, perpetual! ifflorescence, .a beauti&l 'booqaet

the .-'i' AW; up on r>u"r)>oi>e for there who desired tudvc information WaK'ulla county1*i nioni'ay a'ter 4 Ih.Moad.iyin according to the specification of the bondr the awaits tho gathering; and oar* floww-gardta
It abfl b thI 4uty f tiiun could be cbsalaud from the small potkct
ecir 4. -- IBJIW. reduction-of taxation as speedily as the public
CAPITAL : extends from to
'U42bltthn $1,000,000. sea
: sea.
..a Ji4k1 cLrcutt 1*vk-Tt.; TJ1pr Our ottieo 1 is; frtc la all coming to yioiiJa. April.
UI *ut Jr Iii ,:i, 4-etfI} heX' ZijIWfl? tiptiCk IX IZOti1 iuA, cciStf Leon county-2J Monday after 4th. Monday ittApril. necessity will admit ; the acknowledgment of The absence of winter docs not, as One might

: tht kbtpar Lu kri4W % *5 "tho OieiCnIt 4i SECCKITV iYLtW Ol' THE STATE OK OHIO, the present pressing necessity of tho-polity of hastily infer, imply continual sumjner. The
l \ inch
I *w< -\ j ZLORWJ.
31S .AAvert$4emeall, JatI4 tO tII' ttd '; l J-IccosrxLzr, $ 2.000.000. Jefferson county--1th Monday after tttt Monday a protective tariff for revenue so discriminating truo s1iiimerhera is scarcely lonrer than the
i'roi.i.e cuit'eiUiizj14dt ) as to cnconrago homo industry, the parent of nominal
Oot riI an, cony or in April. summer ,of the "JTortiu/ The V'gHfrt
-Vug : iiL ciery 1CIGfl14iGU X'CUI :: Enterprise Insurance Company Full Km. domestic prosperity;-the removal political disabilities temperature, which is lesa'percentible here than
igea jypraol : -r C- sLAG=:E
from ex-rebels
b ta as soon as
rpd in the Carolinas a&d
.Georgia contranes
4th in Octubcr. ) little
btriI Fi-anklin -1st Monday
E. 1CrOSIR1Jr. or CIXUXXATI.R. county
this maybe safely done the strict and faithful
sbi%m puU1eL. ,p ; more than -one-fourth of the'year the other
enL ;
iiM October.
I.. ttfltt thMed.ted:1at* be- : m'7*: F. FLOYD, AGajc. General Commission Merchant, Calhoun county-2d Monuay' .i adhcrance the creed|of the Union that loyal three-fourths being unlike
it Office aad Ocean : _. 3d Monday i October. any season eipe.
toiwIe, j th ooiulyi4 corner of1-oryh etroo'.i' Liberty county-
I.t tball and rule what mcnhivo
beIPST JObtSI the u14 Jackaouyile. Fla. . jiorlStr October.Wakulla men jro'cct loyal rienced eUewhere, but resembling spring more
4bu thtWi VcuZ jpc -_-_ -- Xo. 1 Block St. Oadsden county-4th Monday :u
Duv : ------ Hoog's Bay saved and made.
icr the ,
a'er 4lh Monday than autumn winter; and the weather is ia.tho .
1st ,
--- 1a'be3br j wIL all leg*! 3KcctaL14 _*.3IIYTi4(: t6ly county- Moncay For each and all of tlicsc issues I take my main
;. ? thI5Lft ti --- HOMEJNSDBAKCE: C02H'ANY othwen JACKSONVILLE, 1 LA., in October. incomparably delightful.Tho
II -- -- -- uncrornpromising in the affirmative and
; at after 4th in exceptions to this pleasant state of things
couD.ty.thert4u.p.4 -0- Leon 2d Monday Monday
thLof 'Y county -
,uW1ibCdrd thai this oioce bo rteord I u .- i-_ u. E.. -I'ERflYC while, with modest diffidence, I tender my acceptance in the matter of -weather occur daring the

,-tbfl tt_ajawjqi7o be Ioo uS th diffcTert CI14 tkcC -- "- "-*- rf- ? t ? ISTew : Con. t r\\) fay oKlfrucd'' t.uvl tho puUiejuniiiy,'!, wifc.5. October.Je of and grateful thanks for the consideration months of January and February, mainly in

-- 1' cl.Trtfl: .- STTORN.gJlANQ ayfiSaPJUL -- nf.cKMCtfUSi: ij/yup fjft'ojistiai urtd cvruuretfy rv- ofSaTcb-Euii Si Monday. -after 4th Mon bestowed by the nomination, I ctJl upon the latter month, and consist in an occasional
CyngaeopeatrelectetockofDItYUOODS. in October. -
day those who hare Itoiiorod with their
north-east storm rain
;4pr1T: -- Oce an the.otruerwfrorfvtli *ft< C cct ; ,. Term. a chilly lasting somc-
J Judicial Circuit
3 Spring and in the boisterous
support to
eta1zL ;'*l4- *'-?* X'--v-t- -;-.u."FrPLOr1 fc-- post times two or three days, and a somewhat more
.tkb.4M-- -- ll.B.B TFtOBIDA Doe. -:- -; -- IIEADY-IIAUE C'LOTIIINO, Madison county-1st Monday in ApriL rally ugain under the Republican banner,and frequent cold, rough wind from tho north-west
cnicvrr, *. ------ _- ___ -___-- -- : GROCERIES, HARD-WARE, 3d Monday April. bear it tho third glorious victory ,
v amiciiXi ] BoE :- -' _; h1iz$. --- : Hamilton county- i on ajvatiag the "norther" of Texas I presume, modified
_- v -- I : nA-: L. WATHEi: QUEENSARE.. >uwannee county-4th Monday ia ApriL it on the 29 Ih of December. and softened very greatly ia its overland journey -

ff7J CIRCUIT.COTTER BOOTS & SUOES, Taylor county-Ist Monday liter -ith Jfonday The voter is as doopty interested ia the success south-westward. During the prevalence of
? r-w- -- .KEED & SIATHERVholcialc iiAiy, & CAPS, in April. of his party as the candidate can be, for these winds, an overcoat is sometimes in de

.-- gTz'rnT JtDctLL CUrZ ? 4cjj TKUNlvS, Lafayette county-2d Monday after 4th Monday the victory of the one is the triumph of the other mand. Bat this somewhat disagreeable weath

.e i 3. I&-4 Post Office]3uilding. VALISES: 5c.aiil ; in and defeat is the overthrew alike of both.
a ti &4It4 (3 ZlQrida, t ; : ,,ApriL er is the rare exception, as I hale sail, and the
.the rd thqt-cZ Lcua iin4 1C14.Z th \ and KctaU ia tict cxuylSiii.: .; k.i in a Columbia county-3d Monday after ith Monday Having just -returned from 'a visit to every bright, sunny, Indian-sumaeriah days the
-- 4t :LD(thet31atc, ender thw tmuthu t 1b& pa.- LAM in part of the State, and everywhere witnessed the rule, even here just oa the borders of the quasi-
"Md KB .ct itUfc4 ftft set to IVoride tothubi : Stationers Booksellers First-Class Store. ApriLFall Term. happy earnestness of our host of Republicans-1
.i bf the L.v and Official *flhl Lc4 A4yerti $ $ tropical zone. Farther south, these cold winds
--1- poedJuIyI1l,1s08.tt-w1L: + }'. DEWE1 &,CO;, My goods hare been bought with special reference to Madison county-1st Monday in October. congratulate the party upon this universal- harbinger are not felt at alL

ectas U hU U tte4ityoftheCirc11ELdgtS0f "VJtTILLlcccp coaHtnntly on hand.atlyjirci rrictHhni the inleretts of cu-itotDtra, and erniraru a* good an aj- Hamilton county-2d Monday in October. of success. The soil of Florida is scarcely less peculiar
., Ji.4rugtto de4titone ptperp&tethhed V V can be i>urchaauj tisvwhere in the HJato,all urticl While it is unfortunate that at this
.tnit-nt there Ito l found ia thto market* October. time the
Brokers ai >d iSuwanneo county! -ith Monday" than its climate. Its predominating character
In 'tXr ut next 4jonthgn at E t t e of
iUiUfita Circuit or Bva e s a Stationer- .
KT I repcctlullynj! an exaininal'un of myitcck.JO of Governor
;,,bIpT.th1ifl L.kew< mjU>.OlttcUl rapes f- ; tf Taylor county-IrtMonJiy after 4th Monday attempted impeachment our is tLat of a light sandy loom, superimposed upon
4M. JidldM Vircul; .4 Lit vLcz st Leg4 loe and Ad. omCEIKTIIB-XmOXEUILDlXG," BOOKS. SCHOOL BOOKS, $c.c in October. unlocked for event I sincerely deplore-has given a basis of limestone, shell-rock, marl, or
\ at T l Unsto ILl caidCucaa Court,pr to any 2d after 4th Mon rise to uncertainty and doubt. It rust and The from this
Monday departures however
Lafayette county type
jCoentt Fobtt.t.ourI wilhia *ald circuit. All LMT *- 4TCLOxyxLt.i, TLA. atigSlf"i Jaeke.oin-mt, Flft July 1, 1S68. tl ,
bel'eve that this event will not disturb the unity -
-.\ dectiptloa. r iuiicdby J* r tu tie NEW DRUG STORE.CCBXEE day in October. are numerous, and extend, on the one.htnd, to
bAe4 by any penoa t* erOfl1,.nd lul SoUcca olf Columbia county-3d Monday after 4th Mon of the Republican party,or be allowed to endanger an almost pure rand and, oa the'other to the

.,- $Z- OUt. )' tu .aid- <- HOTELS.felAHES BERCRM AN'SFRUIT OCSA *>'D FoBUTBK STEIEIS, day in October.ith its sncess in the coming election, and I richest vegetable mould.,
''*vdt sb1tbe pL4i.bed. it that the will stand and saitain
trust patty by
tie Tcrvi. lands classified-as
Judicial Ccuit-Spring Our are generally
.v r=gg viMtiM,Ther u no japer paoTWicd IB JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA. pino-
f -, 8rwAwb<3 lCut lt. aatws4Fic r.iU.Union". i* NURSERIES Clay Monday in April. the present legally constituted authorities ol land, hummock-land, and swamp-land. -
S cb1b ek. iTiIJe.l>ttra( County;in!the ftwrtb : HOTEL DU. II. KOBIXSON has rfhUihed a VThoIwale! cotinty-1t in the State until a competent tribunal has decided The pine-land is of degre*of.fertility
2d ;
> .
--." J6ktG4teL aM a4ozdug o te vnLhJi.4idI Itetall! Drug Store at the above named place. Bradford county- Mondar April. that do not deserve our for in the
; k that the imd 'YLori- aa-1 has ft new and well assorted stock of Baker county-1th Monday in April.. they support, aomo tracts being most excellent ia quality, in
d4UaaoffwvpapubDibLdiLTheetty cjjj AUGUSTA, GEORGIA. St. Jchns county-Ut Monday after 4th lion- United iorce of tho,. arty is our only hope oitucccss. fact, second to no land in the State-and others

-;t 'q. eoj JU1iLiII be de.iated b as ibichsil the od1 lAlj pfitruit Ja1Envil1e, Florida, Drugs, Medicines &Perfumery day in ApriL very poor. In'the main,however, Florida pine-

4C. 4tr1 ad a4vijaeat relatlfl FLORIDA AGENCY which lo will t-Il at low rIce. Orders*arc repcctfullyrthriUJ. Nassau county-2
-.4- 'C.ZtIua7 CIIHiI 'CottrTlitt'iUevea-- SILL off. YOU cVESTS H Proscriptions put tip with care atlL in April. cffAa'.L: S IL l-h'tLO. producing, with a little manure, fair crops of

II.f ft14cw.glail Legti .ueesi4 kz7 deicdptaon, Duval -3d Monday afer 4lh Monday in corn, cotton, and sweet potatoes. ?It is generally -
-,. iL l' SLocit ut* ublsb7&erftI4 *D4 any oUx4'i' eou ty offite -S-oR ABOUT TREE* rtAXTS, AND GU PE CUTTIXOSCitw'ce ApriL (From the American Journal of Hortlcalforc.JA sandy, and, to one not acquainted with our

----a----, *ay ewmty-within aaid areult haB be pabluhed. THIS tiwanA eparious Hotel is *ituat<>d on Varitlte*. Alter the store is clo ed at uigLt icrcons dcirirglipdlcincK Fall Tei m. HortleuHftrlst Florida. soils, has a very unprepossessing'appearance...
gk !.rd.red that thk notee be iecord4 inI bcauUful fronting andthe \ j'leasc It has generally a sparse growth of long-leaved
4 I' $ and squar8
I1T-1 '? tbat..high._ .., 1st Monday in October. FnUt br froM --Criginf Vie Fiend
6 It the dxft enX C2.t once ; j'ark. corn-r of Laura Clay county- Thf +ug'al Splin *
City EAflLINu I'EACn Tr.L'E3 DUDDEU Ul'OXX } and the
; the Bell pine (fuwspalustru ; ground s cover
Ring Night Grove -Ike Future of Florulian Burttcvlturt
October. Orange *
Circuit.lOifti the in
,* v) tc pecUve ntiUe.of 1181aJ u1lcial and Dura1 t1itJ,,and commanding from native scixilinj otockn.tS5" Bradford county-2d Monday '
-11kiIU rotilion aint I'oAfffHrationofflariJfL, and Uttir fkJit edwithehearycropof-thevildgruses of the
:: -, : c.FwcE: p irnd ei.pols a panoramic view of. the OrdcTi colicitcd and titc! at liet prices. Baker connty-ith Monday in October. -
!* i.'itj; cm4L ht iqloIl'.w ptaaza River,Wth Its teeming commerce Catato furnished. and they *-ill gut prompt attention. .. nce femi-tropical Vhtmuiertf itt CUisae- country, affording excellent, and sever failing
JO3flJ1 uc* 4th Monday
after .
f -ic H&rbor aud Johns 1st Monday and Sta Bmat Tk 'Xai Satmt
I4 i- tMYn-er. and the urroundinp g5J"X. 15. Dr. KobiiiHon, a frr.idiral-of the University St connty- Summer f -Jfine this, killed
nis pasturage; grass never being bywinter's
-- to the rCon, up C. LOW11Y Month of JSpringPtrpttmai: Verdure ant Bluom
reach. it lui a front ci EOBT. of 1'cnniylvuaia al o, olfem his riroft-wional en1cc asa lit October.
: rtr-- .o tr.f fei*r uj.he m two eyr stftvts can four. u>ne T- nigo, i nmriv p-tf. Aycnl fur Florida, Jacksonville, HA.i 1'hysician nIl urpcon to the citizen of Jacktumvllle Nassau county-2d Monday after Hh Monday The Jfamuutctt f.Fto1ad4i-Ot14 and and Production frost, nor seared by-'summer' *drought.
; CM
db1e ria oetaInlng nuny well and vicinity. July II if QiiiiigUs ti.Norttera Tropical YtgOatunt. Our swamps are alluvial, and-.of recent for-

ikr OruTItinhJi-: ).nnd ren MyIe-r6th iulu oIoomg, nd all furnbhett tabiesuppl3'with with pribe4IiamaeflL Duval in October.county-3d Monday aftcr.-Uh Monday in "The fruits brought from Spam," the Portuguese mation. They are exceedingly rich, and afford
rsttl&i tyIe.fld valuable land the valuable
-. markets can lur- iREsu narrator of.l3e Soto's expedition casually Tery intrinsically most
-- :. tbe ve13f fr-at tesit borne ot jtj3d expetti foreIgn in northern cookery.Ylee i :RJEJ MOI October.Judicial Circuit Term remarks, "are the oraflga and the fig." This is. in the State; but,being; heavily timbered
nib un1eT the bth -Spring
} --. ariiges iud and4 Loracs connected with the t believe, the earliest record of horticulture in and wet, the expense of clearing and draining

j O : thth'r -' house.end beaudM.ni and- other boate at&the DAY whenceatttjn. GARDEN SEEDS JIAVE removed from my former place to lli. *pacious Suinter county-1st Mondaj in Marclu Florida; and all that has been added during them is considerable they are, therefore,in
i ii M iu-h.
f cOflLT&1 .' TrUKUt: store and Hull L'utnatn citnty-21 Monday; < the three centuries which have elapsed since is little demand. When properly cleared, drained
I o-V21- :.V- ? Marion (- uptha prodactrreness
ncod H to collect the brief
were possible
: ptrnTz; # FOR SALUYHOEESALE, OR RETAIL, In Holmes'Four Building, County.-I et Muiday after 4lh 3I..tlty: notices scattered here and there in the columns land in a climate like that of Florida is trnlj-

Vi4r .u : ; ; BpABD.A aB. doors west of F. Dil/olo, and tare made large additions in March. of newspapers and magazines, would scarcely astonishing;' four hogsheads of sugar, in one instance

kdJUSflCES .OTIU1LM1 FEW PweoM c ot In Board lo a iH-Jvat*faralIT tony buMnete. I haIl constantly keep a J Jaud iaru Levy county---3d Monday stftcr 4th Moadty in fill a dozen pages of this JournaL at least, having been made from the can*

toz immediately *t the naldeneioppp- select fiiuck of March. on a single acre.
From the thus transplanted from beyond grown
oiiiti-! JFFICERS sit.. tke'Ly.fru' ,>.iew H- Onaot oftbe It'eT the most from dejlghUul TPaTVeT P. WEBSTER & CO DOOR&ASII, lil.lXtS, NAILS, fall Term the sea orange have probably originated the wileorangegroves The hummocks Florida are ml ytutrm.
w4I.nER1YFs In lb. cSty. $ptended anili.Ua 'I1tNl'rL'Ri, : ilonday in October. consist of high and somewhat
-. --t'r: audeb.ilouelighte4 with A gentlemen Sumtt-r u Utty-- which at this day cover so many They undulating

4LANiK- c* Ct 1a go room- on the lrit door ALDERMAN.JaeonilLleoV. bandomelyirnh4ied. W/iolesale and ieeilLrL1.gittE LEA HARDWARE> A: 1KOS, 1'iW3, STOVJ.3.TINWAUE. SrOXE\VARK;. Putnam c.uiv--1th Monday in Octobvr. thousands of acres of the mnstkrtile lands of tracts of land, covered-naturatty with a heavy

!8.8.o tL t'ROOKKftY, Marion county-Ut Monday after. 4th Monday the peninsula, and make the semi-tropical wilderness growth of evergreen oaks, red bay, magnolia,

:... ;:-.. .- 1, isg. ... ULASSWAIIU KEROHJiNK Oil, in October. fragrant with their bloom, and beautiful hickory,, and cabbage-palm, in.many puts iaterspersod .
-.- : WOOl) & WILLOW WARE, LAM18,
; after 4th Monday with/wild The soil
ALichua county3d with their showy but bitter fruit; and these vradge-grovcft.

iPtVERYDESCRI1flON -HoalthfulandDeliglitfulWINTER :H. TJ.. nina ii* no longer in my employ, tut I lu vi-1 en in October. wild groves are destined to furnish the basis of is of a superior quality,- rich/sandy loam,
.* Heri'-nci-d and after 4th Monday m with admixture of mould
f r v t Levy county-1st Monday one of our greatest industrial and.commercial a large finevegetable ,

bXefI1-'Ct RETREAT a RELIABLE TIN-SMITH, Xuvembcr.G7 interests, and furnish a theme for many a horticultural testing upon s> subsoil of limestone, mad, or

Circuit Terw.Iprnando clay,r Jt is sometimes.two feet ia depth, and
!l1.at the -4 1- jnitce ud uhajl siwuufuctur* Tinware lorthe trcdc, d>i cunom Judicial -Spritty essay ; for the time is not distant
-- UNION" OFFICE.- i R;. r. A. M.VDDElf'csprdalJy" work. JO'iHt.Vfl. KLl'AlRtyu, KOUF1XG, county-1st Monday in March..lilUboroush when "Tho American Journal Horticulture its fertility is excelled only by.thatof the black
TFLODRIA: ., .it? *> i ttlon rthcrnw aurrnRixG, VOXDUCIKKJXG, and all ww k r- ii. mud of the Hnmmodc-Iaad is at
'a.' y -- i county-'-lst Monday" in Apt representing as it does all sections of oar great swamps. present

Ea :L V ;LE3-AND IVALIDSU 1STO 4, Lalnthj to the trade. ?olk county-3d Monday in April. country, will report as fully and:minutely the in greater demand tija-any other sort, and
rr.ab LJ'i4
M7otb.abov.11aauwear,1wepa ) ( I 7IyJor Cash and Sell for Cash Llanatee county-1th Monday1 in April.Montoc !. results of each season's operations among the for general purposes, is undoubtedly the most

,, ,- .1 LJtg3shJI -, f .. ) tii'flth'3 LOTF.Lt 11(1 MonUcelF4.preLiIc.t plecee in one thotatc. SAMMIS1 BLOCK, BAY STMfluing onI.cnn'equcntiy my prke will always be fyund atotch. county-2d Monday m May. orange-groves and banana plantations of Florida desirable" land-in the State. .Off jnaay hummocks

(! OXL)IgIi1LxcqT.u:4 (f th) 10 twCbt ) 117LTC1fl. as it does now those of the peach-orchards are found fraoos of ancient settlement.

S I W for ttpi'mI, .. ) ve'1. : pal.- ] -to- 1nnUdi- e1- 41'l CO IiZLi1 FZL. duors we&t of F. piMilo SAMUEL, D'.y B.street IIUnDAKP.Fuur Jai.on.ii:2t' Ilernandu county.Ui Monday October. of Delaware or-the vineyards of Lake Shore.orMissouri :The*remarkable the ateost adaptability unlimited of oar climate of ,
1'lorid.i 15, 1t&tfCOTTON. October. as well as capacities our
I Anfast county-3d Monday'in -
1 Alttchnwnt Writ 4kfADDEN.: Hillbborough .
,, umcnU to Uu freshly cuppUod i in fruit worthy of it.s exalted place soils,i*attested by our.flo -
-I- Indictment ... / .. .'.f laadc arrau U'j.t Polk county-2d Monday after 3d, Monday Of the fig-a.
froiuarJQ! of the productions ofEdenthe Here, where I now write, tile orange and thapeach
October a
a .SEED WAUEIIODSE -- side side xrith eVrasi loxuriaaca
: 3d the cirttz in the front grow by
of golden
FLOB.IThAB; Monaleo county-3d Monday after Mondayin ion voyage
and with, So the
6 WarnvorArnst-I4xtny...... '2, : we bKVIt the se'put vp for our own trade, with our SEED October. Spain-flonoa. is still the luvonie notuo; but, ] equally abundantfruvtag*
-U-- A.&u1t&J3attr 2.O 4UG7XTJNFFLO1I.D4, addreM on every i* 7
:z Terxu from the restraints cultivation tote- pomegranate and the plum,(ha guava antttho

Pro'tor.L GARDEN SEED DEPOTat UJVCIIT_ JJVSAVANNAH Judicial Grcmfc-Sjnwg the ildness and rudeness'of 3attire. strawberry,, flourish ia tate same gardeo, each,
.; .... ..-, itP13 BAPLEZ Dado county-1 t Monday in ApriL turn to in its oar tables, wits its fruit.
season, gracing
Hlock furnish from timo fa t
t JUt Florida,acd *in alvayt keep complete TWINA.ME Brovard -2d Monday April It being my purposeto'
:' q.- 4 ecS1IO I1dL of till kinds Garden,Kwld,and Flower tf x-d, kuilabli- county in -lime 'brief notes- at least, of'iny horticultural : ran single' cnclosara may be saea tha Indiaa
Im for our.oil and ullmate. Tlterelbre. va iayiu-,and solIcIt Volnsia county-3d Monday April and observation ia this semitropical corny beak*peas, Irish pot toesbeo ,cabbages

I* A jrumpttt,,... s.},.-. __ L U-18G6m- tli*attention ai order of all intmrtnd ia having jjaalaardenx GA., Orago county-1th Monday in April. experience it first ta give t and turnip of more northern climates; sad tha.
Vogetabli seems neccwary
kind of my
.* -- : ,aud tho ttncct .Fall Term.. region,
: the following for Fall and Winter platt anotion of the Itself sugar-cane, cotton, indigo, arrows-root, benne,
readers region
Just recelvci, Ag<-iit-(or ibo idvciriool and Lon.lon Oil iliaufi tur- prospective j
7H'"t4{ OonutdttBcot'Jv %'itIeS1.-.. 1JIoN ROUSE, fngt ." ""- -. tag Company.d D.tdO county-1st Monday in October. Tloridar-'the'land flowers"-is aingufarly j sisal-hemp; tanyah, banana,nee, and cassava

g c.-- U >r tt j.-f I 000, )I'apcrsFlat Dutch Turnipe, Brcvard county-2d Monday in October., attractive country. The aavjua'cbaracteri,of-tha tropic. .
I 'i4; r &c. : : 1 000- I'urp1 Tj'ButiJaga, .; PU1'P1ic1 (Lad ks.i1 Ixm ht at U ltioad ur ttoam- Volusia connty-3d Monday in October. its and the "Oa my own grounds hei-e,tho trees and shrubs
14 .flI3Pt4 : ?*" Itaa *' boat JUnxlicu..Write for jiariiculur of j>rke and way in October. of its ,,
)rbbt oStIp 4th latitodes
fr t 50PV Orango county- Monday cf northern 'and sontfietn are.everywhere
)$ to ship tu. A. 'i-WIKAMl beauty and variety of its flora, impart to it an
tiJHY 600Skirvluy's: Ilata I3aga, .. no v 21 s w6t r. O. Box S72, Savannah, Ga : interest possessed -by no "Other portion of our tirangelj intermingled The maple and
; ..LongIJiooJ and Sugai Be&t, : ( their in the !
300 inaffnolja boughs gi
1 i <; : tho the and the marry Qt
----- country. To geographer, geologist,
; -SL4tJc I 000 '* Lanw Ens. Drumhead Cabbtigv PENSACOLA -- 1 tie hickory snd. the ash hive (craped themlelvcd. -
alike it is it
.- ..: Iau4$ E L --- 600' "' -ErIy York' "U -- To Fi8hermen. book the botanist with uncut, leaves., ,-as were, a pInt with the livo-oak and the red hay near

'500' f titrg"; ,>, .. ,.'IKESHUTTINGSEE1NS for Bhad, --- of ,2Stato.rwalU the house,(for art has bad nothing to do with
t %-i.g9 s4t **' *-- 600- M Dat-h U- 1.1Molkt, Turtle, 8turgonT utog CapUo, Ucd fish -\VILLIAU: K1RJS : coii'ctStai1xJo4 : The unique .character, our these Combtcations); Aad thickets ot interwwr.enmvrtlo.baid .
*A* Lof I, .Goy.itment., Lent;kO.; Shrimp and Minnow, &c.< ,Ac. from is position and conuguratioo. narrow
IzYa4&couni. 600' :4: 8 i4fi>r circular. A.A*FWJ2TCU k CO. : Peninsular rtmning down between two teas intd < holly, and alder, skirt Bay
4 VCV! 500 Long Orange Carrot, i02 Fulton tree%, f llfopk"and Branch Tha modest Tiolai
? Spring ;
(JIIwI6O1 ; : New Toikctty1- Twelve ncutli* .....>...>.. .. ........ti-... **** the neighborhoodof; 'tki true:tropical zone ,
300' ,- Iy blxmoDthA ...,. ...... 6pauc.lwny. must nacessarily potsesa a climate *cd k flora 'the retiring wood-aster, and the tiny, pale
the : L3ng&BXMralh. -- ( .) -ceoa as much at .home aerott the
unlike tbat jnouitonia
$ and quite j
*** TA4EZ-i in rcepocts peculiar,
E 5 '*' THA oatarlAT iwuftJ iB W W*** 4 tiit4 tl 409 Ernjy.0 ; wtnt a man to .tat 'the Agcncyttor -- lr1 J' rn4becnmes derir* some In the latitude. queenly Atamasco lily; he frs nuii yellow
!T to fSl Doubla ll MA?*ot u TWJT c4 broad continent lying tame
.M4 Ma "fife -V
f lraUy pU41* -LIojd' great olTing Europe
TteW ( tharPcn.aiIa JwBDianlc ijcsmloe the rrumpet-flowtr tike
., .Qt ael IanontofvithenorthernUerofc0on-I! gorgeous or
-- > otIUul4 U r*ftbW tundra
LsBiUi* -- --fifci Sftte GOD1MORTAR.Mcik' : .- nnd America,with lh ,4,OM county colored map UM North "
Uort wRIt
W' > ffig-SSSAi1 | -: ; Sate*on the bock, iisucd to-dayf and needed esitflff her Ra4rv < Vei bordering on 'Georgnk and Alabama, ,the Il3gnicent lazinsfStaTr -
: by every famllj', wbool. and library ia the land,:will] weM1,u HUtlevotoJ>4 Iwoonbur to a point ibe-detelepin.ntot.tha t* intercdr to eatorrrUhR nu.eda;I climitiecharacteriftinof which are similarto lit such climate, on such soils, a&d undertta

; '3sssf> T WantOd..Affeut1 patent front. riiverstre Both map, }'it>y wlilcli 62SCI tJthof.btclirt.snap lurj can V WRIt bo Uitowi r1bbu 1tiestof men. the State rf BoriOa,.M to its local 1 dosrI those of the contiguous J6tatcs,the seasons of conditions and with- -the 'iarroandieg. I
i 'J thelmraenw LuiatwaMTlmivrlr
---- -- --- I7K-FeMulttk to sali the SaUonal FnwiJy Sew UnJlog and di uhhMaoed rollers; ttwt uU ntArvot* sp.ci4&tent1on*!*growtajr' UBtn io It* viciBtfT rt ..tbthcr I-lorida present many:itrikbg pcculUritiea, al- iava thus briefly noted, the horlicuUurisf ix-
;' r..L. U LDt.b1sobth maehttto Is blunt t tbtdara thret yenritlabor.. Prlue. s.c wprtJjfiatl saaaII'pt thetredt commclclil Items wb5*W-i2w'z1nl Teader"Wiitndiaite -1rcliinate closely to' that of,tha tropica pflee is necessarily Varied, sad mtsscstinj >
&in4 lieold at WI Will do*0|rt*rt will* -tlOacapT n be tot1.r :
& tp ac2dncs.AddreM ta eyspfct. - zuap. &ntif: tiruular, twrns;' Twcii(j thee1olme1it ( -- W.hfothoeoiiatant Uado-wind .and ranyI1 ( ;. ;D,li. Jacav.-
I t1O I ? $ W$ : :
- NLT91AI. EUG IJACIUNE Fa CO, new s oznleT way,4' l-J-T toi iteet maw Ptji; v i1teiaL:3an ,- : :


.' ,' .. -: ,. ,,. ,, -_
; ;: ',, ,, '__ -. t- '




: : : ., : .. : . .-. -- -.. .

; -. -4 ., -.. ,,. : ;4 4'-4- ; -. '- ", 'i'. .

:? : : C, 4. : '
: 1: -

:; But wo are inclined to"believe" te thai""* the nApr-iaeja: nd; ro peritywilbopen: : : wide, anfl'wdcbdft lo the valldity.of tho claim, or of the, authority JCiTTCS Ca\3S'DISPENSES 'WITH THE -- r a-- '

Lieut. Governor will acquiesce! i, anctjwiil, Podfeii flow; in; along, to'i' 3* the same, they.will bb" iromodfately' TEST,.QATH-'-A.dw.pateh[ from Richmond, Va-, '. ,Tboy say UatlJonner has given 'Thit iL 'a

With.tbj6! glorbua triumph! :,of the Republican ferred to this office! They will epo that no legal dtcti Noi..24tb.says : Chief 'Jmtia Chas*. in; _

: as quietly and gracefully as ,pssib1e, party 10 ths election of Qra&t and Colfax still or jpsS claims are left unsettled." Thoy wiU, Iw ia' order today, dispensing rith the test oath Mexico has yieWtd $<, 00,000 in dim-withn -

-: ;- .__, retire from the struggle. He will do prepared to turn over, all public funds to thu for grand jorotf, explained that ifwaalhead* thro* ccatftrie'More */ SUERIFFS slug.Toet .
r-------------- hearts
-f anitaatiug our ; with the assurance that chief disbursing officer when the general ditional bath presented by Conpross, whlcn'i* t ,
tP ; .so. laes.Xo this for his own sake and for the Bake i iofllie this country will bo the habitation of Rcpublicanism of the bureau are withdrawn on the operations 31st be taken, unless !hovConrt in its discretion'; handsotM reslilencea are being built ia ''- &R' '1.a4byVtWofa4sers lfl tatos ef JsniU W.Jobsso.( *gi.,viJ,

people VHosb.YoleVplaced him in forever; and with lha encouragement of December next. dhects ctherwso. He added: Scruples at taking Atlanta, 0a''than *t any previous period. t.e:44bed Lerrtti. I will seg pelt 05 that tat oe psvosj

notice will bo taken of aconjmouA coixnnin. 0. 0. HOWARD, it, expressed somo of the grand jurors known A man named Horatio Seytnonr it Fish Comifesioocr as ,

..alien*. Th$ tauie and flJrcss of the xrritcrto office at- Lieut. Governort and, whose given us by the harmonious action of tho Con- Major General, Commissioner. to bo among thoso" ,best qualified' for the refjoceiblo of tho StatcTof ,"evrYolc.- Salary- iy of Jack eteimlo aTHU tout, f w] .,pared-luKrw.at en W Uor
most inateriaLinterests aro, now suffer veution on the 3d and 4th inst., which you are Approved: duties of-their position, have induced 300. the thy of J ek on U>r ndtftJU.f ps
) called-upon to approve by your votes oa the J. JI. SCIIOTIELD, Si.-c'y of War. us'to inquire whoth'cr tho'public interests now About 0,000 persons hare-teen added to the tebaseca wssI.hai.t thseent..r l.i no..I,,Und In qur WIflWJSQIq ae it, vft afl

Vf tI1I1O rstura r pr rvovfabjponicaiiens ing from his unfortunate misconstruction 29th of December,, I congratulate citizens irmaafi that tho...taking of it ba required ; and wpulation of California within the past ten C)urt HMM doer. ,
'bfcfc'arb'nt-t: tscd.' of constitutional law. It matter you ACHEEABLY DiSKAvoiNTtD.-Probably of all wo tire satisfied that wbilo thd'mattcra aHrme( mont" *1- ., .bgvst. nL eafe
inpy the bright auspices undfcr which it it IKS.Sunday t.i
-: upon our in it of, in '
are cauao challenge particular
Gov. Reed's irct proper
appcintmcr.ts, not ono Tho Fatltault WwcomJn that tyms.ubpugghusrs
( ) papers leyort
I little to who is Governor or who to this decisive the hindered and S
; many privilsge enter campaign: causes, ends of justice will bo ;" ,-J 11 _
greater uppcsiticn! or was submitted to with less a discoVoryof an cxlcusiv i aepcsit of rnarbl* : '
: T is Secretary of State, but it docs matter Do not rc.y wholly upon public meetings na I than that of this defeated,'rather 'than projected and secured, by Eras teen madencar that town. It is'of a brows 'S tkjoiill,1ov.. ,:: : a'r'
aiCodi'entju &ilp Cl Jop grace JuilgoA. A. Knight, directing it to admhiistcreir "unless" some

TdVL1 it thc vary much -to .jxHwh'otlier. wo have a speeches-battles are lest by loo.much parade. circuit. Jndsjo Knight had been a shrewd axd secial; occasionderaand; it.1 No such special color, somewhat of beautiful-tlouded pcluh."Therois or .raottleJ, and ui- School Conference. :

; ; dD1. Victory 11 achieved only by sloepleas,vigilance active uccasion nowresistsr: and, iaaamaehat the re ceptiblo a '
ks 4Uj ( c State.gOYernmentorinotflnd whether politician and indefatigable political work aYolutCer/comany in Now QTk A 2uni&y 8chae t otfer.nei wilibs
and constant labor1atfd your standard-beacor quucd number 'of grand jurors havb not yet th.ifr. '
r,J or not'tho interests four State are be- er and, having been a prominent mark for D.TJI been vorn, wo will order that those who have numbering Vevent/ 'men, none of whom have .tl-can MethodUt 'Xpiso.psl
>.mber th ,
2 1858
earnestly all 'vbo would vindicate tw o'cIok, .
upon beards lea than afoot in The *
.4 .1 q 4Y ocratic orators and newspapers, had receive-! been-swoi n bo dfgcharged, and ho Marshal will length. captain, 1. tnvitt4 to sUand,upoctalJy or wklt.Mee
t- k'. lug properly" attended to, or whether the party which saved the Union, the Constitution named Yietenheimer, cultivate anorpamoct of: '
4 -d. rather moro than his fair share of aLus and s-.imtaou another grand jury in tLo usual nanncr. JOHN R. ecorr
.HAMILTON. di erenJees"and.dissentions among our and tho fag of the-country, ,foundered by "' that ind which extends to his knees. JaciionytIe X *" '
been loaded with moro than a fair share of eal .
officers aro ruining credit and driving \Vashiagtoa and saved by Lincoln,'to rally under --' .a The amount of fractional currency receive
pur umnics. Under these circumstances a strong CCBA.-Tha news from the mat of insurrec- at the United States Treasury from the Printing w x.. sosrwie&. *. a.AVa .
the victorious folds of the standard -
pohitts tot IIou. C '3 Ilainlllein. away from ua immigration and cap Republican public prejudice had been created upainst liim t. .n, though of a vaguo and unsatisfactory% Bureau-during,,tha last week was ?5<1, 932rFractional' .
T t t t i.-vfc an'-l vote to sustain it til1.'With' still shows its cornrncy1 rcdeemwl lad ''dottroyo
Hoo CL IiamHtoUymerfll% of tho ital. and the fact of his appointment to the bench cnar prnentCoRgroca the firm belief that'in times like tho 1'ho} insurgents have 12,000 men under arms during the wecfc, $300,3CO.It '
from Honda;and tWIlepuLlican: Wo repeat again if the Governor deserves caused many evil prophecies and dolofnl l.un ml hol-1! several places. They ha'6fi "?' '
present, Conservatism is Ueason, and that Radicalism is niniorwl'tbat John !ldcll nitundj to

inc6 for're-riec'a6n "fo Ihe Forty-first Conerf??. impeachment '1t him be irupeaehod only is patriotibm,. I bid you GcdspocdCiiAntEs tatior.8. It is with sincere !pleasure that 'vi. ( ,, .,- supplied with arms from the Bahamas, and make an effort to- recover hit properly in New WG'OODg :

will f idrcss tu citiiiaa of Flcrula at the fr13owing now chronicle' the change which pub it e"r. : uu to bo daily receiving reinforcements., Orleans and for.thU purpo has executed *
and but until JI. IIAM1LTCe.MarannaFl4.'ov. .
.. legally 'properly, is Juiit I tieir commanding grnciai'and principalleadjf < of New Orleans! 'sntle-
places: : ment undergoing in this mattrr. power attorney to two '
t ; ]2, 'CS.DE.gp are said to bo Dominicans, and ilexi-
this is done let hi bo many This bci Genera
: authority recog men. was acknowledged re
has hirnrelf th"ar
Jom a'turfah' ov. S.' Knight not only proved iir.s have cast their fortunes with the revolu- Dix American Minister in Paris, by John Slide! are to w "cpcniaj t S* Hoes'* -
ui / nised and lot Jiim, receive the GEN'L WAPDY Tuo.IrsoN.-C0.i'l the dutu-a nf L,' ; -' ----' 5-4'
; fully competent to discharge i..ui6's' The government is evidently alarmed '
GainwyiUe'ruesaay Icccravr? J. and, his daughter, and in Frankfort by hit son, AS ,E TIBE NEJt IOCX .
(Ocalafhursiar Do 3. of all the people. "* Waddy Thompson died at Tallahassed on ilon- position, but by his strict attention to the r-,. tt she} po-tiors the insurrection has assumed, befiirn 'th* U.'Ku'Ccneal.. Ihsrot .Younsr tiliiellis '
; : *:d.Ilivi t'ol 1)H O
it to have imorrnation that "
Oftki'LToridayj; D so. 7. J : '-- -'- day afternoon last, aged about seventy jcais. quircments of hia oSice. and his impartial cousIcsy M'.I ittthough manner of professes misfortune has already befallen a dork iErlsner'tak.. ana tin***. ttti sad Ops Osta .
UDud4 WhfldcAV
;i t$'.i ,i, *cypc. & :., Impeachment.f Gen'l Thompson once occupied a prominent position to'aU, has won the good opinion, even o: *ne insurgents, that they are udly\ in roed oSMivisims Thb ceffiTr-ctact built bytha' Ooveramcnt engineers sba4E. i
ap ,
:f t 1 in American politics lie Congressman the most strongly as.i.'n- that has cogawt ia improving navigation oli Glass and Crockery
; was a many ores projailiccd : a disagreement already Wawf
ewTroy, \ : ; twv. qirxsox GRANTED rcntnEu TIMK.rns i ho, JlLssissippt river over.tEe rapids of Rock Island r
from South Carolina during Calhouns him. r"kfn out among the loaders in regard to the Xernsir.c Jjiop Ac. ,*
Dec. 10.IiitthIto jp 1,600 feet, or aoreu-eigW of a rail } *H cf*Mci vmW
svmiiMC COVET SUSTAINS GOT. IIEBUA ;F'icsdoucyaud(! that us soon as reinforcements
: FrDctT1l.! time, and afterwards miuiater to Mexico. Wo hix'o noticed mtay cofa,
Ic12 despatch from Tollaha&soo dated November lasions to the Judge in Democratic pipiTa, 'tim ,>ito submission. One hundred families recently tight to fourteen feet wide, and near l,00OOO< > S __ ___ *, VLtO1
S 21th sars"At a meeting of the Supreme Periodicals. fet lumber was usocl ia its construction. The .hekiooI1Ic, (ov.23,iscs _
&c last number of the Trua Qcincy, !lfue.r4ayj JDef..lo.. ;. : Court this morning there "was a full bench.Laeulcnant .- PUTNAM'S MAGAZINE.-Reed and Mathe.-; speaks follows .ia nttwk fiom the insurgents, who were within Government has appropriated $430,000 for this '

Col. Hamilton will be accompanied, by II in.'l. as : improvement. ,,
Governor Glcason counsel asked have laid upon cur table "Putnam's ifagaziiofor Jour railcsof_ the city. The revolutionary ,
e. by Tho session of tho Circuit Cjurt l-t en'ici.-
1te. BaimoDL > irmuittco have issued stirring addrsai to the In 'Jt5L.4irCt (
for farther tinao to show why a writ quo tccrrento December, which we find more than usually There was a hbavy. docket to bo dispo-nd i f a GENEHAL 'SAEuLAfs JlErouT.-Lieutenant overt O/AS ,
'ilaj. u-nda of free institutions in all countries eet1i -
T V JV TaTman 'aai ptiur ""* ,
.1 v-/1 % "t *., should'not bo issued until 11 .&. v. to-mor attractive. mai.y caQt'S having been laid over from, the i ibifirm. i fith the evils which Cuba has ever labor- General Sherman's report ha* just been receir-

41LDg1jzocl .. ..... row It vas granted, and the Court tuljourneJ \Vo append the hot of cuntunU : In reference Judge Knight *M w' i. l g uritliT as a dependency Spain, and ed, and ia pi incipally,dc voted to the condition On the 3d day
that if there is such bt. upon of the Indians lie the rccommenJa- '
'' : ot&re.1
just thinj as Tr Is that -
f ; say, a ; > repeats the(aor 1 3*
"Xo Love Lcst"-a Rani'inco of Troool 'It-) that the and of ,
ieFxeimen's i3uroauiji; to }Jo disicdc till 3 ocloctk r. M.No business being transacted < by agreeably dissappointe-J, then, wo conlors mir wing happiness prosperity tion of the Peace Commuaianera that they/tba/ JL ed to La Held at'the Unit4 aag..4 .
t W. D. Howolls ; "A Day of SarpriVs" (con olves somewhat in that Ho i ho island require separation.Jacksonvlllcarid reservations with room,Ia tMi city to-day,be s.4a1a1
Oa.Iho3,1 st of ifcsftnonthexccptiAg ia the afternoon session, it ia intimated that |redcameit.> : hits gathered on government of 1)CEMi1 nest 4 457

the advisory opinion from the Justices of the cluded.) by Virginia -Vougham; "Boyur.d worked hard, seems to Lo erergeti and w. provided by law, and looking to a time in the ,' ?" _

ilie educational department and Poem ;" Tcetry of the Alphabet," by flunk think we hazard nothing in saying that hcUieibeLind : > Vicinity.SCIIOOL'COSF -future when all of the Indians.shall be reduced soy 23 w2w
ti6' Supremo Cot, requested by Governor Reed, is him the general good wiihcs of th to th o peaceful condition of shepherds, herders

| pllectio'Ti and'jiaynient' of' moneys ready, aad, ,will bo rendered soon, perhaps to Blood ; "Founders of Globe City, (concluded Tholecommunity, and bi! Xotice Is and farmers. It is idle nsjonger to attempt J.

'. 1 ) d11S/O141C1'8 aad.jsailors,.:or.their heirs, night." by J. O. Calvcr ; "A Study ofStillLil'c," Paris; Jpidgo. With his political ooiniuns wo hive UESCE.- given to keep the plains in common -with them,' for GeneralNo. ,

ic Grdrcnfific'tit on account trf inil'Vi'f Another xletpatch dated November 25th : "Letters on Woman Suffrage" (concluded) ; ''A nothing to dx All wo ask of him is. that ho of a Sunday School Conference, to bo held in ho territory Is not'sasceptibl doss settlement 87 lystreeee
; says
Pinch of Salt" by Schele do Yore "Quo Year will do justly, love mercy, and wo will a.dl nomoro. the A. M. E. Church, on Sunday morning with farms like Missouri and Iowa,'and is
.clsowhpra "In the Supremo'Court, this morning, Lieutenant ; ATAa'YJg czQ4t1!; ,.
wrTwpsv "Tvo poblisJi W. next. Tho school is under the efficient superintendence solely adapted to grazing. Our people are '-- ; .tiy
moro" J. Palmer "Planchotto" in
9 thehor General Howard's ordor Governor Glcason was granted further tiara by ; anew necessarily scattered, and have morn or less eat-
as of Mr. John R\ Scott and the
I T -until four o'clock r. M.'to show cause why the character, by Sidney IIulo ; Stcmo'villJackson" : A84.\fcl>lNATION OF ]I. RlTl PcLruA exer- tie and horses, which tempt the Indian, hungry
'.wilt i lie;ol interest la, this State "isos promise to bo interesting. We hope and it of IX ant by virtue ofa
writ should Hot''bo issued. Immediately after an historical study, by author of the despatch from RichmcnJ. Ya.. dated Nov. 24tli> very may ttarvingforwant his accustomed at the OacntrJohtf Cout,
.r. .__ : Lost Cause "Tho with the friends of the school will attend. game, and ha will steal rather than, starve, ,flta
; Treasury Department : II. Rives Pollard editor cf the Southirn
which tho:Court adjourned until ten o'clock, A.JL says and to steal, ho will not hesitate to kill, there, ucfaon.fcTfc

f Ctqd tpinioii; of the Su- to-nicrrow, out o( respect to Gon. \Vaddy portraits of Secretary JlcCulloch ; Monthly Opinion, was shrjt and killed this looming at ten ,4hJii.tvowa3! the exclamation utJcrod en (oro a joint occupancy of the district of country 'on MOibAY ck, at soualhi, the likday foliejn of Jasri,

1 .'pusifco Oourt:withjcgard to the legality Thompson, and to allow memberaof the bonch Chronicle." o'clock, while passing near his cfllec, by J.invH every side, a diy or two ago, ,as an elegant by thcsb tyo classes of people with inch opposing '
interests is dwelling :boiza ansi fo
In a list of contents as varied and ex ollcnt a simple impossibility, and the sisW
proceedings against and: lad attend hL. funeraL Grant. Tho cause of the shooting was a j.nLH young gentleman entered tLo post office wearing Indians msield. ** Uooac,. Uaatea ia Use uy oif*tT S
as the above, it is difficult to makoseler ti.na or Chariot airuet on ito-vnst, n4Bar atM Wiccnrtstiny
cation in the hara'
1LriivornoIR13od has at last been render- Advisory opinions were delivered this morning Opinion reflecting on the tr r. new and elegant style of hat. Since of about-aomof tea*,man rWtte :

a correct this en the questions' submitted by Gov. Road pronounce ono better than the other. 'if i a Member of Grant's family. hat eventful hour, the "Alpine hats" havo boimc Tho Xavy Department is ia receipt of roluminous hoteis Ia tarp' aM spsetou,aM't. maii5
tractive. .,
some days sinco. These opinions are unani- Wo would, however, especially coiniiicf.J the Tho following are the particular cf the trnrcdy <': all tho rayo. TLc simon pure aro supplied despatches frow; Admiral.Davis giving .24,,18C3odv fL3AqLo xt M1u
apinion fully justifies the course pursued following: "Xo Lovo Lost," 'Tcttry of th jAlphabet full particulars of tho expedition'of,tho United -
xucus, ,lengthy and well fortified by precedents this ntorning : Oa Sutaiday arept i' w: hi ]} stwi>*k and Burton.
o'venior Reed tind sustains the States steamer Wasp td.Parsfnay,after Minis
,1 9 poEl "Founders of Globe City, "A .. ;
*: anauthorities, and sustain GvV. Coed's position published in the Soathtrn Opinion relative tt; t'.icloj.enicnt Washbarn, The sorniaander "of,,the \Yasp' .Proclamation %

+iLea tatca bj" the tJyioy, at the out- and,dacule that no legislature asscmblol Pinch of Silt," "Stor.'jw.tll Tarkson" an-4 "Ilie of the daughter of Wm. II. Gra: i, P-aTruNCD. Owing to the unfar>rabevrrvher had an interview with President .Lone in *. ,

C:4: with regard to ihe' lrgality of the under, Gov. Reed's proclamation for & serial Treasury Department. wealthy tobacconist this city. This K.H. i the Republican Mass Meeting, alvcr- which ha expressed hig desire to be on friendly Five Hundred DolIars Senfari
terms with the United State bat '
.! Legizature, or rathor ivljat assumed section ; and that if there had been a legal as- LITTELL'S LIVING Acs.-Knteid uo; :: iisOM about len o'clock, as II. Rives Pollard, tii.c: of reed Let Friday afternoon, was postponed. An what ho termed the unprincipled, conduct deplored of /%* t%
Hundredth Tdttme which AJT,,n. U
on January text OJcjiKors. nfn3Tt! and Uetiac
.., 10 ho Legislature,'nndj tho invalidity pemblr; the form of impeachment was irrogulai, fact sufficiently attests its deserved suwss. the paper, was near his ofiico door, c .rner ot v !.)'-uiR'il mot'ting will to held at Iho A. II. E. II r. V Ta hbarn. No apprehensions need be en- the Sute or >iorula, to all wbo sbaB (O ftwenta

of all its procecdisge. and not in accordance with the law or precedent In the number for Nov. 21, it begins, by arrangement 9 Main and Fourteenth streets, g' ing in, a s i "Srrdi, on Tin's.lay! evening next, at halt tertar.ed; with regard to the safety of Mr. Bliss -Orcetingi r '": I
and the other! member of the American Lega- It bas.besa mJ kisoTn.r"i M Oat 'a
; and ueclaro that the mere passage ot resolutions with the Boston publishers of Ucr- was firci from the upperVindow of u building f r'a : Mvn f/ciotk. Col. Hamilton, whoso rrjji WIITItEAS. 8JHlOOQ BOnUUl&UMikaJU

We jnrcsunb that le\r persons will of 'achmont docs not ueith. thoU Aucrbach's works, a new and great opposita Hr. Pollard fell dead, eleven Luik- firienta call him away next week, will return tin arrested and dctaine-J by Lopez. to! a foal mn impc Romance, bv that most eminent of living German tflward ''Spnni, ut Urn county ot Cueiabls. OTalnt
question thojurkdiction of Supreme colored'Senator who tatcs shot having entered his body, one passing to aJJres* cur citizens before the election. the aivtemlb dar of October,4 D.Z3-.
A was picsoat, novelists, entitled "Tho Country-llouso OH Tbo Sultan of Turkey hai aVjut nice hundred (Th aaU Frankfl.Uiralnbothaaa.ia

Court in deciding a question of lavr. lint when. Iho articles of impeachment vcreprtrte'1 the Rhino," which i is now appoma *ciiallj' in through his heart. The police toarched the NEW 'wives,'bnt only thr*>e are his farorit, tcrcn-inch! ; high ; toady hair;,lljlu fflnqfl atwnt ht i ;*u rt(
The question was not ono cf a political to the Senate (eo-callod) fcr.t a Germany. Autrbach's last woik "()n the building and found Jiimes Grant, .a brother .f -3Icssn> W. M. Uostwick and J. each cf them ol remarkable b aaty. Their c.d Tejhi! iron about one hundred ant.sixty poesd*. B. ka*
II. Burton have commenced business juatiso. and supposed tabVin,,ti* 8tat *(
heights, was pronounced "tha most remarkable recently names are "DonrnA'r! the Nev/l't al; -'Hairaai
the named in lIe S'lrrendcrftl Oovgia.
lady a room )
character, nor was it a question of fact ]Utirntn of the members in attendance at the novel that has come to UH, from the home ia this city under the firm name Boatwick & Dil," theTExt-ellent Heart ; and -E-ia Dil," thaEleganco JV'mr, TTttrorer I,3V'.' H' Olaaaon, Lisuisnast sad
in the Senittc Chamber. of Goithe the and and was taken to the Station House. A douL'.cbarrelled of the Hoar* IIu cinucha chamberlain Acting Governor u 'aZorrsaid th.ow aM
\rjach could properly 4e referred to the cssDn were during present century ; IJ.irton, at No. G. Hocg's Block Thjy have by as-
Little doubt exists but that jvo trominfe will John G. Saxo pronounced it "ono of 1 ho few gun, with ono barrel discharged, was ?, pages, pipr-bcarcrs, grcpms, ccoVs, &c., tborfy linn tied re Dollar tofi ii>me to ,do henby.cb a,> wi aC Tin.
for its 'decision but it o/esvod cntiro stock of Goods and my person or Mraoas vbo na;ap.prehen.l
Legislature ** an
was iEseui but will to and great works of the Kgc.1 Tbo new worl is to found in the room. Tho affair has ca s'5 new Dry number over two thousand persons, fyr whan* the sail Frank A. Ulgstafcotfeaiv. tiant<
purely a question of contitutional law Lie HIJ begin -morrow partly American in its theme, and promises to here Fuin> Lin: oqd3 for ealo low for casli. The soino six thousand dishes are daily reparcd, k-m TO the BheriS o f the county ot Columbia
excitement and ci6v.'d1 %
may continue several days. be a masterpiece of the author. It will appear great a largo an hvdicd who havo been shoeing at the"new"establi'hment hich arc served at n\e uubUrel tablee.! ? In TesUtnoov Whereof, I bara tetemrta art '

involving tho proper construction from week to week in 27* Living At until been gathered around the Ojiniet cf5co since its ** t *t.,mr_T Um toy. hand.*M. ,t.and AMVwH canaed A* UM*".M great'issi.*.- ALI tt_*the.a u
speak highly of its attractions, which -:-- 1rzlfeJ"=::::P .;
of certain clauses in the Constitution Circular from Co!. HnmiltoiiMv completed. occurrence. day :'
The publishers make a liberal offer lo now is,tho best recommendation it could receive.FIIOST. By the Lieutenant and Acting Qoreraor.wHOULLSox.
and- the legal effect of certain stated ITcuww-CrniEKs or Fz.oiubi-As i it! MARINA KJACKSONVILLE. EW.- '
subscribers for the 18CO ; viz., 1o send Xttrst Gee.?.ULBIV '
year MEXICO.-Advices from Now Orleans daod : ,
the woek hava
(aliefits.; theaisslvcs not being may trot bo posiible for your nominee (of the them the weekly numbers cf Tit LUinj t\yc, from During past wo 2sOVEiIBEK27, iSCS nor 25 Sw Secretary of AatsuA
the of this to next Nov., 23d say : ''The Tii'sfot this tvenin ; unusually cold weather for1 florida Jacksonvilff -
Republican party) to visit every part ot the beginning story January -. ..1iRIVAI..E3.o .
disputed. State during the piesetit important canvass, i it free cfc7utrge. copies from the Brownsville llfnchiro Extra, d*. has' been visited .eL\by"alight frost, and in o : Tom. Look,Nav Yrk,WiIam -Valuable Jtan
While the is endowed 13esidoa the above attraction, TJic Lltj\ Aye & Root.-"
Legislature ted November 12th, letters from Monterey, received l/-InmLia county tho inhabitants awoke one '
wing necessary for him, your present Representative will continue to prceont to its readers its usual Nor 24-Scbr IteLe, Lain,, ew rvrk,Williams,&

with largo power, yet there is'behind it to attend, as Boon as possible, the complete rewuie of the valuable literatui o of the the previous night, which sl ito thvKscobedo morning to find a few thin cakes of ice, which. EoX>Uifoy 25-Sir DItatar, wlncy.charL.'stcaJeffcys.t' :' & Fcxr ae
a written Consiitatipn'which limits and meeting of Congress in December! is proper day, embracing the best Reviews, Criticisms, having gone from Tiimpico to Victoria however, srccdily disappeared after sunrise.Ch" 1h'e' V.: f '- 'S \ Tamable farm,to a kain& locaiiaa oa fk BtJohn'

Titles, Poetry, Literary, Scientific, BiographicalIlistorical for the purpose of ennmeitr.. weather has however, tccatae'agdiin warm Nov 25-Str lizzie Hiker, FtlzgcnIJ.5aTanitah, to .34. River Marty opposite 121 town el Palatta,
regulates this power. This Constitution that he should address you eomo words of enouragcmtnt and Political Information -gatherod F Dibble. sod better known as the plantation Cf the fete JUthany -
: Tamanlipas campaign jointly with tros i\ -aMatamons 4l-t' tnial. NOT 21-StrianTFemToni,Green Cote Springe, Barn. It contain 300 sow.of>n4 bocdauaf a
for instance, -decides what shall be th- defining briefly his position, and from the whole body of English j eriodical ; to Master. .. the St. Jobn'e, aith i *
literature and from the of tho ablust living was surnrisod by the on'in- Nov-26-.DirtngtonDrock, Eot ryri* Xolsa Clark '
hen commit himself and the success *f the pens ONE MICE:
par i'uzoNAn.-3Iajor W. J. Purman, arrived OP flWELWNT.Is
qualifications of members and though XovIS- Bur4ei>/-61rooVcr, Jl to
Ibea i numbers of I Ilonry Augustine
writers > 11: "vockiy pixtyfoui of Vargas, at Hacienda do AJamttii" f> 'a : > 'I
to earnest care aud faithful keeping. Campbell. ia the beat Ianilcn saU frVot ttow Mtte jlaw
'y your 'I.- (ho Dictator on Thnretlaj' last, and left
; .4it leaves to ,lhe Lc-gLlalure isolo tscU t page each, making moro than thru tftoumntl was defeate-J, barely escaping wIth! a f* NOT 26 Schr Orbea Ese.! errin. Savannah, three houses,on..wijh eIgi room*. aadtro vita tar
( Having been a Republican from zny youth. double-column octavo pages a jear, it L r Jlarianrtaj cstorday mornia Major Purrnan .1 C Kobuisou, ItcbinioD, ICobinson H'ue. room*eoebr med aa d* lhngh
power of judging whether it ranting my'fret vote (a soldiers ballot) for the ono of the cheapcfet, if not the cheapest magazine staff to Monterey. Theabed''s for res c'i i-h >. I's boon f'r somo time at his former homo in j JTov 2J-Seir LiUr, Jpue r ilinJa'ta. out-hoses. Aa orange frttiftt: ttotstOmHintirdt

members possess' the prescribed qua lift o-clcction cf the 'rev-rod Lincoln 5n '64-it i ijs that can bo had, considering tho quality badly, apd before the fight was over, hurnl Pennylani.iT under medical treatment, but is Oreffijfna,
of literary matter furnished. A leading daily Yarsas and Cana'es aid yuY 24-U V.'Scbr Msszi. Burao F rcanJina.or .
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for Si.illy same b ale L'swi.trem.TidS
-cations or not, it does not permit it to i tutiitiural that my whole sympathies should paper says, that" if a man wc o to rca 27-Str Dictator, Willy Charleston, Jifferya .* nev r&utagroBbrgflcropat'sa*TIYIgfrUIt.as sea iresaeMa. |PS
the -
of EscaboJo ,
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favor -
change or dispense with these qualilitalions' 'lea as thoy are, radically Republican. But I regularly, and read nothing else, lie 'n att.srartriIcollect l to .u.ce. Hr re turns jus? in season to partiftfpaten Nov -S7-Panny Ptm, Fond',Or- eit/Corg. 4 tatoea,and cabtaje of o monj ieos Vkif fUrnsloiv

This Constitution hi- laim no virtue 'bccauao of this, for ft is a solmnduty would bo well-informed on all prominrut euljpcts >' a forco ai Monterey, but fiil .>l. i : the Con teisional campai-cn, and will dor.d JVoT 27-SclirVeb-.*Ui'Bar&anl,..Smith ProrWrteen 23 pounds amongst, 'I'Iiia th pbatettoa*h int' It to ta sol a*tarr MS fk Wtky e Mty required r Atrop Clark > -
in the general Gold of human kao\vloJqc. soldiers to rmrch wllhi-tt fi t- ish *
I both to our and to her fus.ing st tioo. Tto eouEtrr-ar nDd,abwoJa pl-
owe country service behalf of Nov J7-Str Lizzie Baker. T.
the FiucssraU Bavannh.
in Republican cause
presence of a "majority of each Hoa-o' Rev. Henry Ward Beecher says, "Were I, in and afterward refusal fji1f Dibble. 's deer,turkey, *c. ;A J>lc mageDia i oe*atIW
paid ?
i >i.is S
eople. Seven years military sorvicn during view of all-tho competitors that are now in (tho < .tr.d the Repu Wican candidates. KOT 27-Jlerirr Burden, Crookcr, ,Aiistlic'O 11CambU. For rarUtcrfoforBMtlea.- *pptrt ? ,
for the purposo of transacting busin< t.s, he most ventful ended of her their Tamaulipas brathoroa Es'-nV-l > VT/! '- -
poiiod, just cx- field, to choose, I should undoubtedly cho so .[7.. ; y L XAXD

and it also prescriboa certain forms olroeeduro stcnce, have made sacred the obligations I, The Liriny Age; nor is there iu any library this complica'cd state of affjirs, scr.t in l'"f STRAKSE .-A merchant acquaintance, (who -

in the transaction of t'lic with all the loyal people, owe to our regenerated that I know of eo much instructive and entertaining resignation declaring himself imapiblo cf putting floos not advcwtisc,) having remarked to us that POST OFFICE NOTICE tam tOr Jacob to the Breck.::1anistitor'of %'sm on the cap-

Union 'and to the"now institu- reading in the Eamo number cfoi- down tho Tamaulipas revolution I'll* hcutrh ho kei't as fine a stcck cf goods as ltecd1 Dr..Ifs-wi,'Falatka,
business. Kow when, all tho requireiments trenally free nmes.,, It; is similiarly indorsed by tho best, OPFICE: !1La._ __._" S "x.wJsmI -bf

of the Constitution .lena of our counlrj' As Republicans, we bare writers and thinkers of the day, and commended forces at Victoria under Lopez and Mo.ilcsviti cr.uld bo found in town, we had never favored A. x, to G x.. u. except Suaiaj*. "

being fully wrought this groat national salvation-purging by the press as ''tho leading magaano of its becoming demoralizfvl, disbandol thm'- c. him with a jiotico, \\ewere obliged to plead SCS9AVS.8 to 10 A.X. .. : 'NQTi,1:

;: 'undcb; >toodi any question of fact arises, -.lavcry and human inequality from her borders, claes." a largo portion joining Yargab rnmnrr1! ignorarco cf tho facts ttattd and explain that tAILs,CZiOSE. A 8pedIComnritte f iBeM* TiMa1PS0 J Jtain Jt
\ It is issued 8atunlayby "Little & Gay, 1. .4 Ii,tonaider,th.desirabilIty asd up4d1'1gTsnthig
as lor instance, whether or not members i'Ki creeling in tneir room in tue lasting temple Boston" at $8.00 every a year,/ 'eo of pastage, An is beliQVol by this titna that T&mpro! has pnonnccil we, like onr trubscriLeis, derived all our ..racrfniitilo -- lngton.By tkrougli"I3r.sitoet, poaehe. ', ta Kev' Yark,, Wai, to the 1 &0 flaflosd arIght St'17 1

:possess tbo prescribed qualifications,' or >f the Union,frtiJoi and equal utanftood for all 1 extra copy Bent gratis to any ono getting up a. as well'as other towns in the i t.t e, knowledge from the advertising columns &vannab, New York' and Vathington PasUl?Car, strwU may te aadbt sa

Club of Five New Subscribers. and soon tho cnliro"States will to in the harM "( the UKICN. As his name did not and aaasK*-DutT, 6, pra.. '- .- bohsdaatth.roonadthS1Wd0
: -whother- there is each Now as,Republicans it is incumbent u to appear
of Cedar
a "majority upon OaincuviIIc.FeraandinA, Ker vOcaU*a.Tani-j THURSDAT.thr notk.oYezne 4t 7 'cis ,p a
4- llouso vindicate our work-and in the tame patriotic of Yargas. theie, \ic had ry tfficial knowledge of his exi'et- pa and way mail.of Florida Rail head, Tuesday*; '
; prosont"or whether the requir- ; The Frcedtuen'c Bureau-Important Ortlcr. Thursday* and Sato rdays at 6 P. M_ ovi'rlt It__
Dint whish. actuated us in accomplishing this once fitwtngustlacBcndsyt, Wednesdays and Fridays, 8
'cd forms in 'transaction of business The following order by General 0. O. How CIRCUIT Coorr.-The.fall term of the (.'ircuit a> a m ., .

,( 'jiflvo been oomplisd with, then this high jricclces object harvest, to preserve the seed for all sown the in future the land this ard, Commissioner of tho Bureau of Refugees, Court for the county of Coluiubia. Hor. T. T COMMII-SEB Mnz-rzNo.-Tho committee appointed arIington-Sc.iDATS Up (lio nivcr.thnmali 8, aia.to Enterprise,'per steamer, '.INToifcipothno ;

; question can properly bo (decided by tht- thrice enriched*by rivers of the loyal blood of Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands, ia made pnb- Long, presiding, commenced on tho 16th, and bv ho Board of Trade to consider tho OIDES. 01 l'bJriw3ss: .***
t und State
Legist thre.ndby1talono ; but if an\ our countrymen. We tan fellow-citizens, wo tic: continued through the week; but the Lusmcps expediency granting to the Railroad a rijht The otcapest,salcst and most exp dthoizs way of send .of-the Internal Ta1IaaIseIT1a.taprorement,Narnalw 12 l **I

Win DcrAKTMENT, of the term not having besn concluded, and the of way ov er certain streets, met at tho rooms eg Money slO 5fl'Ufl of the IThited States.m by tI's a weeUng of the Board of Trtsttss WWproV '
question'of Cemtitntimuil law arises as mutt do it. Postal Lcy Order syrtem. nov in operation Mthla in FSa on thS l2tt last, tte fclkwiaf a*
-4 Bt'KEAr RELCCXI5, FatEDMEN,AXI AllANDOXED Court for Hamilton county intervening Judge of the Botrd on Thursday evening. Representatics office.Ba.. '- .
between tho'Le'gislaturo and other de Thp enemy, as hostile, RS relentless, as treasonable Order*issued in amounts to"null pur'Iia.ers.
at the LANDS, Long has ordered an adjournment from day today of Iboth sides of the question were present, t'ct s oa. wtce,$2U aad under,.1 0 its.From miainuun prIce of the lasda in eM si ikk Ds
as evor, are our..gates demanding '-
partments' Government, as, for iniiic118'tiftiti WASHINGTON-. 17, 1SCS. until Monday, the 30th inst., when ho i-x- and a full hearing of the matter was had. The 10 to f50, 21 one dollar and ;
t-tt1 9i surrender of the Government thoi r wicked rebellion E.U.S1EED PotT *
4 ( of
in en
sl aoef nal qualifi"Cations' Circular A'o. 10. poets to clear the docket of all unfinished mat- committee -will report at the next meeting of ) ) ca .,_ i
tiiled to overthrow still ', .
refusing I
of- member what is ; In accordance with the act of Congress cf ters. A large amount of business, both civil tho Board. i nor 13 47 Secre5s7Ts4. ..
arc, or abide tho dccibion the sword lo which they July 25, 1868, the operations of this bureau, _I_ elacksonville Ma1id -

::4..WPiRt4bY J A,:"majority of both Houses/ in acknowledged folly appealed; still headless excepting the educational department and the and criminal, was transacted. Theio were :Bo.txti- OF TfcADE READIXO ROOM.- -Wo Call FAK1Irpo wA.rEDWLIizLSL .1I

f; ..4 then ibis tnnnofr be decideil of the thundering voice of the Kation which collection and payment of monies duo soldiers however, but four convictions, all for larceny, attention '- rrtpared'.for tt* Cnion byjrai.tms d c,. all those bo*x. in want of a cpe1_
; arbjtrarUy and sailors, and their Loire, from the Gotcrn- two were white men, viz : Amos J. Adarrm awl Co the fact that.at tho last meeting of X A man *lt.) haa bad fifteen jww sm '
':ikq but the question has now made' their military conqueror their mont on account cf military services will bo Joseph .\. J- Adams, who were each scnirnrui the Board of jTrado a resolution was passed ordering : JACKSOKVIUJ-TXOVEMBEIi_ 2J. ISO& than trucking i.e line wishes Besirererancel to Ute a toa k'iJdi'W Jtotheedltorofthe .

civil ruler Surrender, not to them heed not yeawi- 'I.no'wlSti
; discontinued on 31st day: of Dwoaibor
:cOn1eJ wjt1iiwitheVwIiD.co of,tho Su- to the Penitentiary for tliroo years ; a.l I the to bo opened, wanned and Coa'S "-
their insane to and neLL
rfl appeals passions
: ; ; jo'jr your other two were 'who for Ughied every opening, for tho accommodation Northern \Vhitc,rrbu. full weight <1 60 t$ MUixed ,
'ti'roinu PqurtY wflmiho Coastrtutionaland All officcis of the military service will be negroes, wero rca t one
relieved -
prejudices, for they seek lo lead yon as they of Western.........; 150 12$, .
Cititution and iJtizon agents discharge 1. to taks effect year each to the same retreat. members of tho Board ad their friends. The! aonthcrc-slow vlo>...' .. I 3J : ___ TREES FOJtSAli>
; .idth did in 6 1-farther on to rain .
: '
on thuftUtG, except such as may hereafter rooms will be found pleasant and comfortable, '
'Under &0 rnautlo of'tbopeopethcy plead for bo retained in t t. Lonte Foraily,.....pertM.XorUiem w'antinggootlL. *' & ] .
to the
4 S courts bo designated educational BAD LUCK,-Col. Sinn'lers, lia md* t.i ai- and rn'vi.lfd with {Ties of tho latost State andNortherx brand! ........... 11 $tSOOTetuieuftco .A-, ,ahout wsrrnt,apply at th.yScIkia '-
ihb its decis- the miscrablo aristocracy who composed the department, and for the collection and payment and Georjpa.... '* 14 1800 cyJtboftTitif. '
., a4 peolemustZbebouud. by ', of bounties ani pensions. dent candidate," is mooting with jjno &1CC(53 papers. 4'TJ1Y9ezyto.Tfio'rjay. Extra wiutcrwheat.....,,.. "* i f- nuv3swlm .:
V/w; %* s- *-! y /< 0** A %Tj r **: Demo ratic- party of the pact, and who now _
j .
.. .
L44 Superfine, :.... -y-
All this Gi
lo the
bureau .
:1Q1$ property pertaining on stum. Two mooting at ilaJison
; :: -4i ., : wero OATs-*nit weights 32 Iba.sks une ) 4
Uxo ot the -
composo "Opnscrvativo" party present which bo in the educational : sot -.a'pw'; ; -' -
required Trw '
tlcO1ensonIunt1iery relativ1othqpflofthe may.not failures and a mootin* at Lake City V.RSvorto ; apart by Ooo'tW'estenn..5;.. 115 128TlAV -
oSico furniture for the cf dont S -
or as use disbursing Jobngon behalf of tha
on vllnitod
: Lcgisb will bo turned to tho officer than a failure. Verily *' the way oT the transgressor .Stftloe, I (Eastern.....;,,,,..,.. ....jwfeirt. : Jt i? a5 sectioned part, raid A party of casto, agents' over disbursing is hard." and by Governor Reed in behalf of tho Stato of ,K rthcrn.l..7,.....{ 't |'40 O 150Finstandard Dxig ;Store.
of the State in which it is hold who will .
: 'tft'ivnft and its members wan so palpably and its'object1 is to "conlinuo to favor that ian Florida i.SSD- S
V Af. r ,; ? sell Ino Same in accordance with the regulations as a day of Thanksgiving, &c, was ,.,, ..... :*........... X @, ** Btf
4 l ab&urd and ividcziUy cooked 5 npto&j ftt hcJexj>caf o "of tbo poor, and to overthrow the jgomrnlnj? the sale of public property, upon the ONE MOUE USFOHTUNATE."-Wo have not very slightly observed by the people of .this B.icoar. i '' '- -r
fcJhouUcrs. ,ia jail, (no quotations ,, J.; B.- Gregory,
4 '. *'Iroft'ton1poary1tnd unexpected euicrf loyal.Republican: ,Governments which guarantee order. of the Commisioner. received copy of the Feruandina Index for tsvo city. Business went on a usual, onlj-"tho'pub 4'" lamokeJ tjodbritdj.... i ; -

..tu 1dU; ) fl' <* si Equal Rights to all the people alike. .,\* *: weeks and reaches that it has 1 ic ofQ ces being closed. Ether"anr! citizens have CumberUnd Middles,m alt,.. u.. 18 : of 7tus4ja; ) I -,'
a report us sus
it uiet Press 3ellies, 'S "*--* J9KIbbed
..rn4 Qin'tno (or at The follovie'organizationfor the educational ** @ tt3 ki 4 '
b Tlopablican parry ia the.party of the and collection and pended. Wo ttust this is not so, for we shall nothing to bo thankful for.or clso they have so Sfdct, mokc?....t.....'. ., ,19,, @ HAS lately rented andreatU4 atoz' ', ;
.a ot department, j aymcnt of .,. JuUiw S.i ef,as I Vt'D$P' 5
kt'from such portions it ,as ClearKibbcilM.tef.frusiwl, ..;.... il by '
\yof Uoion,' the peoptt* parly J imd'Iis object is to fee- bounties.will. bo allowed, for the several States miss our livoly neighbor-and, besides, what mncb th'at'ihcy have no time to give thanks. I4n Clear Sieiunnked, ,....... ., S ic1 .where ftivay*irtS r fcon*I 5'P' "

iatepieoriiiionnud euro and maintain the 1J'nionazid the Constitnb'on rospcctivoly. Serv'iccs'wcro Short Clear Ji Se9, unszookixi, none/ n*' ramtof -- .' i j.:(m t .
will Fcrnandina, with its "groat expectations, in the forenoon at the Episcopal :'mu- -. ,
1 hC' 1
; 9i+ : jtfrtnfraid; of .'prejuaging"( th'o case,) of oar bthjcrs; aad Iho Republican OovcrnaonV 4 : do without a paper? 1 church. Jn tho evening a' Thanksgiving Did Jurss,....,* ..ji>.. .......... J3t 4) 3rrtrao Drugs, redre .
L r w .{ I. ,, ostibluhwi in thd South thc Wa1DA. ,, New Mess,(nout In m.rke'.l Arties.
: .f; 4 witli;prompt and raecisive condomnafee ,jinder Assistant Commissioner and chiof eupcTi'ufwidont sociable was given at the Sticfcricy House. -Do demand. t. S,,,. .. Toilet & Fancy
< wjt and ,Ccconstraction laws of Con- SALT W.&tsn.-1tolmes, Walton' and ad Bumv! r
tipuftnd. it 13 now. utterly demolishedi ] goneroos of echoolf. -_ :tr'- -';' ,- --'. _- -_. : 1y etoekaa beea select4lioupes ,fr- s." .1
:; to educate anil olovate (he"laboring joining counties are catd to bo in nco.l of, fc- -
gross; poo- badly
p 'the One disbursing bfficur for odacational department Tho Whipping Post in Delewnre.A in NeW M MA ma-*** *

; i rjfe. 'rW apjemoCourt; With j lo on wbote thouldcrs.'more l .au any others, anti payment of bounties., 6c.lt;| and'Ifiat fire 01 six hundred sacks arc*ncz'd-' despatch'from Ncwcashe tDdmestAbCarkets., ;tCih lr and ecttullyao reliable. a shan' -of s4-piibfls" M' "yf i'p| .
Bays: ?
jlnfall of thitheoryfaill t1iatfr rest Iho i 'bnrtheni 'cflhe Go vcrumcnt; Jo or- Ono agent for payment of bounties. od to supply the necessities of tho |jiooTdo.UOAt > To-day in tha SiLAUAiZ, otembtr re 1 aball pfca both ia aaW]|
jail yard, oovoral persons fc ataaf ,
tho only founditionMipon gaptzef a,'ejetem f" free) eomnfon schools, the Ono assistant"superintendent of school; cqnvioiod Ute sales of the day: 170 b knlW c,tH at 24. 21 as Ahyc preaolptwns careIt2O} S
Two dork_ .. of various petty offansos were tbl to Ao* 3,5O9at 233j Ifas (42IttUat 2fr3tat "- cowrBko4l&ra$t* "

-. wliclLvras.biuU tho 4 i.a i. fountain vi pjopularknowlodge, tbat all the poop -* *, *" '' C.tyi.The. Pcnsacola Comiaerc.q whipping p stand whippCAl.' v m -t i tOne ;22)j27st22XhaI.at72ltZ2: SM2O)4 a4$3-, 3.a.fljJ at ,ncv1ZSw ,

: 'Ly'Toadfl7 qnalify.thcmselTes' for tho resciuzcn ;Aikiitant commissioners will,'as soon as prac.ticftble says. : : oU xnan oveuty" years eld recotted twenty- caihziJ.. a1t nag*s{ si.l sa a&-tti. .' .
.send to the Commissioner of -., JL POIt&LE.A
hrp. For.fducat&n is tho lists officers Wo informed' that bR8. .r -
are reliably
Mi tvchrmeTh3.6uLlJonlyawar., W11AO and,agenti they'doeirp retained in their.respoc* tho yield n las!) es upon his' bare back He triad Ktterlytho :iz. pts wOnnt( U17 tatet rtz srd IN4iJtrVAll
ot"a trdir Oovcrnmenl
strong, grjutti 'piUara tiro Btatei' Distant sugar cano onlno'Pcriljdo river has been sufl whole' cf S t'A
limoi twelve
JM superintendents ot ; .Twoiyi, years g6, flt&1O'eit;lui.Jtsw ,
baa 4i3 UppOrtOr3 tbcr wor4 ia;the,handof t1 .peop1 &pjptcct ah4ols&nd5gaut* for the payment of bounties, clcntly: encouraging. ,to guara'ntce' patfo wesa flogged, receiving*twenty hushes each, -* -, onc.'reinber at1s63otjpoa., ) ,$ ..-

I 11.b $t tieii1 lirta property/and: the shield x>f iecortiii afl\alowoJn! ,tb! 'orgaoization ,stated above, 'to erect sugar mills there,, Tho cano ia sai d tibo > Ona man"was placed J'Uo p'QIpry o4. Ilf ewj csz a'4atIaiS 1i4t1U. S. "

d si n-ovcn if boiIId'A t l_ 1'c 'D.ng n )iurilroJ Officer* nod s-genU familia yrjth tho duties area cf. superior jcjuality and the : I ;
' only { bfl ytcfetred. In-somo Ceases tho"number,ofofflccn yield not Ics lacta until )ho w i .(btally .helpleaaan4 froto4'

*, ft efiuse it:4 a decision ; wjll demand that "COtWtV&1VO"pi)4i tho enthtood ttiy redotcd by- agontV perform this jear, from small patches, than twentj>flve' then glioni( mtjrlashe bus.steady sales 3,000 bates, : 1).iiuu. JUJUS 5,

and in lh >ra -<>f tho enlightenment Mi I'rpcntfof ing both 'tha ddtfei of assistant'.uupcHntcndentg barrels o BDgar>tQ caeh pili This is'only ono .4 U tW criminals, after rttoaa etng thaib, $ riottr'-sliIiidw.stem ti1ieta 4jI .&ade 8nperlne4O S'th U if. cgetei1 tbeMmg.la'Tzaoc Lu Wa mO bS sss Ce1Wtst. ftv-;

0'k' of schoots*ud ;agent / s ,; -A rc-sourcw:of'ThoTe'rdidoi j-ivflr. unishuin1n 5'i' "; a bj torwacIi.oid4l2'wth O at tha -
} rnau'j.'tilb
iTl at onc6 gettlQ all ac 'b Mitroaxf is 14 7j.g4 35j ; Lma 7OW1aUNiO -S '



., i' -. .. .


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j'I -

[ ,.. A '.' INQUTCOUflT, :

;Q otUa.A1itj } J ylU pS-Wit'lo-5 fft .- .1 Fi't A ipi tr)12iI -
k.Th4 of th4 Uort.fv Aa *,. V flUt4>. .
tuttj > Wuatr! .t Dora!* &flit ,4 .' t> *rvsrii.. f -, rrtTrrnnsrrzi.rrsz. -
ray;,final aecouat aa admipWrarU;U j tIim .. : ; fa o-ftji '.%,
Alexander fe I-' V-iW/y W! .Holme w J
*, decease .Mul *fc 1 I.dered. WPe1c .' ) t r t rt u. '* ."* .* :
iron* kti4 4aufiuttiert'uii. ". '"* vr/rfVv TIrw !' '. ; :
| > rI1ItE4efe1idgat szid nU ot 4m, .
. gbfl .W uitensa lii not yot'Tice wif- -t-.1. -: 'M.lIwJ3tok1tzs- : >. \ -- 4Ize-.t ukt{(ai( t .u J Jslf -s l.4o; j ii :
:L ;; ..: ,: .4.Ltireby the : : -- >
-tZXt .. nuqa4o,yp.iizp.n4 plead-to dec.ar, f\ *} .' ? wts '>iilX3r ttft 4 tk fifed .
ct17 : OTICZi n iu tlie"a >ve entitlo4'ta'.1e. &rv-idnzetit'bt'1 "*i ;lirj ; *- -
;4 rJflIt it br th.Pri1&intfbut I it u ckd ; !rI1thi1* .- .-- .' FF -: dqiinlt- wlUte taVrf intWptASte i cc 4liosU lawifJmAi. ,- g -. :- big : f .
lloii. mL ,
.. ,
tJ- .it lz1,. COiEtt'p'i. '.4 F : -- -
; 00a it V1ed andte ud .t1 yow1, fur ancta NOTICB. : 9. -,.- ( -a, .. t .--- .,. F

4 wIScCollochY &ci 1u1 ; .,. .be1eiglz toThee4to oI TJIJETY DAYS after tte dt of this nolioeV J will i t -.: t- -..- ,..7eaht 4M ,ii tSi -. -F
br the 1. h .
rvtv7 csUmatc Ur the cisci? IuIL *gL tsti4. mpo.se w. ofyfng bbu apply to the 1to, .W&v A licU-an, Judo tf tha County St. JliiisNOTICE. .i'tii: ,,i. ., -.
dccircpo JlcIUItJLy, Cuurt, forDuYkl Cowiljv Florida, tot an order to Wc c1 Bt ci.
$ .
ferry :
igI&3TktwW&btIw I AAstniztuitur. ;
el1o 1.&LE4i&t&F to sAId County, c-TEirard W. Aud''itoa I
: f1tyanfllioT1&. ducvaaiMf;far.the rut MS*of pyln the 4ebU oftbewftat : -
11 Socsettry of iho Tica uij compUJna ADtINISTRATOES BALE *.' J.JIIOLL.tND. j .- : :.i :

HjtrtflrDnral County and tx oCxio administrator ot I and ty virtao of an order made ;Uy ti jlft Tjiu>r. 'ji! t
r4cm; flvLrtu js oti o on. .- the estate of Eoward W.Andersen.' Judge ot' tho Couoly- Court, for tii! county cf 3t

..: ,tnctio .1p Zo4g cf lie County Oonrt,In and fork the eoit. t)1:343.4v. J-chna, SQij.-oT F. ndi, I wiU rs o for atio,ht vui-tic MANILA MB TAEEED EOPEf
biA tb frcm N&iltis of DuyiII v 6nMQDAY uotiioa, In front ol Ibo Court i1oo In'wild toamy; t.nat ,

% f1r Gjstott.1* rt'cte& < I ?UIHjBext' thatfMUfa trsctef NOTICE.T MONlAYthe2It diy of flECElIfla.A tis .. ,- -
1 lying on FOtIbUrg la O* said wtmty of Dnral, 19 o'clock a at, the; following ilosml/e lUul Kutt o, -
SVKEtfS tteTI. -
Tb. Nt31 appc rtnw hereof Morton and boHuled and dc.ofbd after vniawrty.-to the -Honor to-irtt,: A lot situated ,. #' .:- -
U follow, vii : Beginning at* on curm-i etrcct,city o f fet. Au- ,
McLenn- "
lPrrmbU Li w9 by PoUt can' u &n in icfcracter 1.pI. tree, twthMo.W.40 chain to post/theft aWe AVLUwn A. ; -/uO/i of the County gu.ttnR, atJ louid on tI.ec..rt! tyrorty of -- ; : : Sark
.. .
liortb tiaart fur the eoun'y of Dural,htate of Floi Ida,tor!>!- : w.* -- --- ASmiralWfci
-Onmt't 'tonptltatJoxial ,*"10 rt'iMto* port, then south 80 0. tare Aduinutraiiou ca tie Estttcpf Chare! M wl-Aiitfivo. 0th Uxeet t.ytlHt'Z..Cith4i prop-Hy r Iscs.TJoJt AKGni7.cn) ". du,
eeBy t
eat Oxhlot% to a pin trne. thence back to the 80uthly_ Cunpa Bircvt, niut oil th-, *l by
rtardng -f
Dcit teY .
SlOUIfl. Ute'ot c AM mpty, diseased.oeCC tin. t-f Vtflstiyi 7ak.cni1,In F
JlDi? ?IIVn"kl8 5 tJ>*n .lor the purpwi 7)iOt'r1y 0: e1.z1.i hUTi.d ett.a, ,f 34a71.

Th.e2ar treaty; with'Great Britain.ai o p7lflgUabtgof' thi e tat.of OeOgeD4IU4I1, j *- __ ClIAKtES.__ _BE.OWS. 1a4.l .tidtvu- 1 . '- FzeiiLL-Sa I4Cotta* iar
tkned re-Jay Errand abandon dooLla"V dOQ5aSe&. Tula to be paid tor fcrJ' -j- .x m -TV. T1EtYAIEZ, : Vplni u .
'thunew differs little '. & UUDNALL. r ADMINISTEATION NOTICEONTHS Adm'r on the.l&titttt of 51 Aodrcn, ADDLERr, Inunranes IJ pec nt
tromtt"Unft -
post ; oteTw2ao1 .Ada'ir of Lbs Zitst.oOse.D. flu&nkIL: ; o-llh,1tit.sItha -- estiw ?" 3 fcr nd*.MVUmMfe

&o.2ior..u,3J4a v%: -"; DOT istflaTTKnKB aftcr'date VM present to the Hon. VS"d* on. P eani.will b*chri. .
; JtJtl O Judge of the County Court, far ThaI County, my 3BA IBLA : rattle. 4sfzj chip thie tU*wm pteue
ck &Lomo r final account ns administrator of the Est to of Mieim-l NOTICEx.: .-. B AHB TWHfB ; ut1i&Ddl..I. ceaferOcJclawaha
000 lii gol4 per w in r.Tjipor&L Hume,, deceased, and ask to be .discharged"from said
OLI.* Tis anJ by vijtu of na oriltr made ty the Irn
; ntas1 : su Ie ni yTtrtM e f a PIFa 1 ueroit of.the a'lmLnlatratorahlp. J. 0. iIAOi A JuJppofthe County Court, fortte county o ri;. .tpatsia flaTre. ; ,ITzLxI: TQGfl.

mvao AJ Hon..(.&tui C vit, jl Jhivrt' cwmtr, la farorof Oct 15. 6 m. IS.IN Johns 6tate of Florida, I iii I'xjwsa Ijrsuiu atimtlii; PaI d : MeL?,. DL
'II 4 ettU* MT rtrXowB? nd.T$.,J_ 0;XJarmlcneal. I have suction, in front cl thu Omrt Ilou o in saiil-countr.. on ( : : ff u-it .v.1s,1l1tt4i Tczr.* lILa.

1.TM upon tt toUovinj jawpertTi ttMrtt MONDAY, the :j day of N'OVKMUKR, Ai>; i 6j, at I .: .

.:p. settJi1.L .a will so i tho CIRCUIT COURT FLORIDA 10 o'clock A. ii., the toilovin 'lecnje! Real liitate, Vo- .

3Do c1 V 't fTeflnese hu aa** 7i., cousty TstbQutt ofDuva1snc Ibra door 8ta., M f.7iOid1 ths city ol oa J wk-Us For TH Trtiician CIRCCIT, liti-ii. C STT.Halatedll. wit The: prvpc-i ty tao wit as the JLigaoIli llo'.ei,situated .n: z. s22LLxE.i2i

oA '1rIt JLO1cDAy b D ( trBER bext,1 betirJ n the .Hoes ) on George street, city ofiSt. Aus'astlne, and bounded ., I Tar- Pitch.and Turpentine ;

.-$1a.. )eK.1 hoeji of sa2L Tesw 4, TyIuf for tt.Gconw i on he north by the property of J. V. Hernandez, oa .
tas- '- d titkL : t UQULD,81ar1 D. C. D. MiUer, George j the rail by Gexrge street, on timo south by the.Methodist -
I>. Miller, for John I IM.
fly44 Jsck.oeyrne, Oct 9. 186S. 41 sw Agent church lot, and on the west by the property of ilnnah
:ted Lehman,Angus!n Bo w- I racetty I'oncc, and the hit ou Spanish ttrc t, bounded _ ..: .
.- T&Ab pp& Thy, -
ct .
i : ard, Mortimer Callinan, r rccloinr I on the north by lot to Eta1o Leather Belting and Steam
belonging of James : .
: Iler-
; : : Packing
Johnson $na 1srd Stanley- tin .John M. Lehman and Otts of i j nundcz, on the cast by lot of I>K-go Ht-nianUt, and ; ..- -.
I Chaflee. MUebel HVfit.Atruiud Mortg.tjo. I no- "., ,,
rcthgPf A1batDft Claimsti. RD.a cal } other lot beloivRing tj the state of Samuel lumntou; & :
r by'yrtu.or a. P1 1. iwued'out a the
dil.'1hiot Uoi. Thomas IL Croitn, deceased, on the outh by lot of iLiriah 1'actlty 1'onoZ :: .1ST.E? AKI trVciescl)
fully set.it Circuit Court of Duvml county, in favotof Partner doing bounces under In ; -WAP.E. TINWAJIK.. STONF.WAZI and
ismectaati&6id. Jam ** E. Itroome, lair Oorercor, tor use vf A '\T. Daav the firm name and ntyle! Chancery. tate and the of Samuel west by Spanish itrcet, nil belonsin;?to th es- t 1. -, 1VOODENWAII .&: -WILWW.. WAI. Griffin.THZ .
VUdI Ki Duiflngton, dL-ceascd, and sold -
>h Hhtfi&bAUiam and Wn Sudewkk. I suljt-ct to
fcarvfcwrd > of "ChaflV, St. Aiuand & l>OTer ititereBt cE I Carrie l .- ufilEgton, nilov oi &irnuel Platka on T1T sIj

haa no TC&JKIQ Jlfr f. upwv*),t-or following of property to-wit : Crofts. BaOington, dceonaRc k5'"Steafl1 and- Mill supplies. Skip: in all'' its iI of the Cliazhe.ton gnd &anmij cream
-I c "rule, .tn the parcel land In the city uf Jackwn- 11 having been mull to upixar by due proof teat tho :L. The above sale is postponed to the first ilonaay ; Chandlery Ocktawith*lUver,sI1'ecr prjrig., Late. for t
abIXzt ti ; iflt1 itthVietttelaliEfactory :Lot rmly; map of maid city of JackwnTiUc s dtlcudenU, August Howard, Mortimer Cnllinan, John In lioeember. branches Uryl4 nd Dunha0 tml Griaziau.; ,
BT s.G aM at s1
tjquar N .::40, with ImjtoTcmentf thtaj.idj
thereoa. M. Lehman Otis I. ChaftVv. ilitchel AV. tit. Amnn't 4. .
ofthi 4tgisiilL to bothccghI ,&ii4 1L Also at the mate Iwo will be suU thc housa oid an'l ingi -
et the MUM befort th. Court 1toe
Thomas II. Crotls rei-Uc out of the Suite of Florida, '
noar kitchen furniture in the : aIehlgttz*r& Tre1ht
in :h< ity of Jackaonville count o! Dnval and the of law now hotel bf-londnp toeuid CHARLES. FAIRCHILD ta3e stlo'w *t
and that ordinary process cannot be nerved i
estate CAKKIK I.. .
t.ateof F1orIda.'on BtJFFThG1ON.
; _irna19 the Km MOSDA'T'in UKCEM* them. On Bioiion of Ben. U. Andrews. J Solicitor co.
upon av1 -
HER rq. Oct 4w $vayf
next, between Adminirratrix the .
legal boun of tale. Term* for Complainant) it J h* ordered that a hearinp ontbefncui on : :' '
:; cash, purchaMr keying for tiUe charyd In the Hill U bud tn the FIRST E.tae of ianucl JJuiSngton, dKOTICE. rri: ; : Heed's Block'Bay Street -
itfot euf-
aze pPTbnE1On1 J z HOLLAND, Sheriff. MONDAY of"DECKMUEU, A.D. 13C3. Pqr.SL4ugu3t1nDpJ3

-4' iiig Iurng the viut. Jack)1t.rnecra, .itcv.ise&; Sw 32 w.Shcrift It i. further ordered that a certified copy of tnls Order ,

LacMk.Iettt1 from naval officers oJ the be published once a 'week, consecutively, for three 5-lyv JACKSONVILLE.ISTotico THZ jBtr&Fiar tihm
months from the date hereof in the "Florida Uniou." 1'Ufl WEEKS after date I will ai-jily'to the Jlon &&-GoZ1q ixui
erics waters contrataddargiog -
80ath ---- ---- -
-- -
&i* ,, A. A. KXIGJIT, A. Judge of ftobate, bribe county ol St.Jchns, State .
BT virtue cf authority ve tedln me, I win erpos*for Circuit Judge, 4tli Judicial Circuit. of iorida, for an oru\r to sell Uw rcvcrsloaary interest -

4I* -wiUi vaous crime* ae MpubUaoufcry. in ftottfthe Court llutu ot the children of Cornelias Itupont in the teal! estate, GROCERIES

uIarIy with-the a 8M.ief ftkta of$hs lKC I'X JIBBEn of /*sk. .. iHe; < the Fim MONDAY fetlTI OP FtORir A, utfvihptl by Abrahatr. i>;tjx>it, lirccacril. Pioeiam: atiI:1'fs! : :
ajlnbInitYi it.tlj fofloMnKrroperlytcWl CICELII.iI A.
; Co-iniy of David, Dt'oxr, _
(6f in foreign Coneui. J j ( I do hereby certify that the foregoing U a trus nn.l correct Nov 4 1S':8: 51 4>v tJt.riiuz of ti1 vluldreu.Sumter __
One wlver watci F.
rIwLJtj'Chgsornvedin1&huiondVs. ,. ih* property' Ba2e. One copy of the original COPT now on file in this ofico.! I IIW VISIONS
4:1 e wlver '
: watch, thi property of John Petty *?r rllver ChARLES L. 11 ATI IKK, .ot jElectionstsaai- -

watebiqs rip.rty .&iot. Oini.r watch. Clerk Ciruiit Court Dial County.tivp' County. _
the *ep..stcwa Ifa.EThg.t On4Uver atch, tue 1. ISSb. 3ia.Alachua. j-
th3initAnL : property of George W. O. Wiggina. One Uvr watcii, Henry Burden
tlie rfran iof tbr property of SUU., Oonlnan. UnukUrer 'dh, the N 4jTitE. ,

;.. BepO1 of L uisi&na udm proj-rt l Ctrii'(Ileury Unwn timilh.One One silverilv puck.r,w*teh U,'.o propmy -' I County. SIX "VVELIIS i.fter: 'tiu i r.I ai.y.; to the lion?raV> z, G:1 qaz1 : rr'r */" //<# IiTc oQBs.40j cArr. .& t.i. ozooxE ,-

i r'iqr ( t j nncf Lumpkin. One s; dlrei **tch, the, Ufvix-Uy.of jYruperty u .if I'roUitc ir umtt-rfjuiity, Fwrida, tor IxUTS > citciit&tsif tk SUU of td : UTILLIeiye y y bRIDAY Sacbej i1'8L.Anzsstfei eq,1

..r Join Kifc f. J, of JrainJstrati'jii 0:1 the HHJIU of-John Towifi* WLtrra, Section lIrat of "An i ct to prorile for ho1in' inoeving veiuujn e 8ATtTAY 1*

) 4. r T .. > fl watch*. sre void to pay for"the? reiwrir* SHERIFF'S SALE. kit,. LIt of said county iii-c '.asfiii. tUction for Hcprem-ixtative iu Congrw,"' provides tlMetonh.etthet1dlJonthebar Yor $.* .
p Oct, 15. 43 (OT U110UA J.U. TOhiJ'JINS. 1lntcnelcxtionLaUbebehdon la lii freight or *py ta -
f.4\ "J 1 tUp t TofeJjy .
: the'* ?. ? 'Ik.yftt, wjitchiwakor, as rrwldfd 43M _
.TbiIh C.ro1.iz LegisittUTuic 0' .- t f. .- JJioLLiz BY Tirtoe of enndry wiiti of Fiero Fat-vi. to IIHil'r 'iHJcetubcr, A. ii. IS'jS! uxtb-tBcyer.il counties in tiU

'TLeflouseorgatil2 sdanilpiitiuyi; : i iibiiofl _; ,ft '. ." ... fciwriiri). a. isenniit out-ul the i.'ircuii Court, for tin T2tf, ftra ItcprefenUttvc in the I'orty-flvst Con rczsof CLARK on Sarnml.'q, frototiTey1eK.e.w .
rMtft tOt9tflr __ tuuiityt AiicbuaL*, I will expose to u'-lic ali l>t-!<'ii- S. NOTICES.f the United tSUtes; And, wilercas, utuur thu'Codttttitm -
the .ivUft )iouc dOFr, in The tiirnf OiinnnvJl.e, n.i : and lawn oi thai lilotc vauanuu tij ii 'i

hWcoftlAthu M had to ia*. e, The j' ::i : ill's: Sale. the ltt MONPAY in OKCKMBKUmxt, the Ii.'V.- 1 f j ,, ,_ r .._w_. Li-g'.il.ttur of theblate of FiortsL'P.. ,

al-1 A t1 : of decree of ; inif ontxxl propcJtj, tu-wit ; < Ncr: tleret'ro ILUOW yer-That we, flartLon xtcfl.t;
ofof .i
1J: ton-closure LvtXo. I.rlpctj.r.d70) ; S.,1.0 fc tl>y COO ; i&Lm-tai | United States Marshal's Sale.Bv Gvtrnor (il ) lardaen.d $.eorge J &l.ti Seeiet.4.ryriate ,

thA. : ,: s.sin .. the4t.ate; .t tone, Adrni1et..x tit, l.r'blogk i, rwnje'3 TO feet ty ''tip; alo nini' Bia --* (t3 Uei1.ey ordtimi.I iiirett, atm oei.r1iJ On. the St 3ohniver.&b. I
A P' tt o Geo:5cte-. ; or reps, knove thc Uat JIJ1 roporty, VtJ'.X E'cl'-i'Hri' f i I-';, fa. i? acd. froii tile f :.imL 1veral e"uitIcs in tide State, theta 'i.1P'j-: .

'7 3&11oLBoz. from Kew York _A tI-fitiCUiit.tfl4 loyn fctftcytrd UiWMiile udgiiaiy t- ,ii..4i -'t iti-'. Cfrciti C i'r'.ikl 't, me direitfd, I erjl tlcction-thsll b h'idin each county in th.i tateoi iTuesday -

rfkMnrtaf i )Viilt ftU .th$ iiiipruvLiucjt3 .kn1 appurli-iifti.Ci'. \>t. wiKiiihu Srat.M'OJi'Airt'iiiti UKGliTiSUilli ut:? ,
t -jfrfc & :: thereunto ptTtiunihff, now. occupied Mr,. K. Mllobtr ,- the 29th day :of De-1
by .i
Point 1taW? ; IFublie .Auaun..d th0 iIti..i.U5 of aiIe, inLL. *
rtravyrakvKOUV5 Largest-
daring *
off Bolivar : tJalaf S in the '
liland id !
ls i ufHri4in 41 bo dvld &a.Uie pruri'i'ty It..ik4 2Ji ,tV tM'l rliiu .cmbeA.D186S '
t --.-.. .Iiuia1.an4 -, ->f Tldridfi, JU-glgiij-; tl* ot MIK. It. M. Kubcrus tu uutitiiy aij LCCuliuu liiTivorof LOTIf "u' rl Coi v theihiTtiret'f.k.rt -- : 1.-., ,
south b3.uk of tho m. JoUn'&tirt-r, at a place knovii th<* oltowiiiBr 'lo eri eil pto ; .
ler. lost.i the Cowfordj thenga..1oisbe -road lecding 'froin the a* Jolin 11. lU-jicr. I .- ry to wit: L.'tc No. j ari.1 7 in.iiiuck iu. 14, with Mil .(thegirnn btu the1t Tucu lay 1 Deeraber.) for+4 -: Ajrs "
Also lot I, of fr.ictiuii.il IS In th FoTtyt Coazre&icf'tlie'Cfrv j ? _
KLdijji 13 :
aliica. river Ihnmjh Vh.liiyia of \V211aur Hnlriok mid tviochlp ; touu.of I >if.it! >)u9ct-niHut4 the,. MI ; i ijf.te'l uvua as the iropftr- F. Fl :
Lgis1re j
,1LI&b&ma iaftu! 12 cnKt rouuiiriui 4. 0t thv '. t. .f fUteJy and thitt in the eaver.il 4i CricU anal coutti. -
'jte,1n& souther iirectJoivjri hundred ; < aurro, atn wj -i .'.Tu.u'c.l, ;. .ui. i> 1, |.i !f.lvoeIttir United i iit TIlE swheeht.am.r iiii
$: ' > .
e'jirHnfJonce; of.one (J iiye |( chip }0, ci.. iJ .. .,- tut el .be uenew epeejlo d Towta ii
.dtciteThe; ity.I&vs.nOi 1orc btoae end rJf*to *ac.orxerthence in nui cuui.ui.iug acre riortvr i *-'> ALk'XAKUiif. MAOfiUPti:, Btnte Legislature esist. An tecttQn.heJi. Lelil tojln all it. branches, as 1owg
trrntrrly OKU te -
.1 .. j Ix-kK-U upoa atn.i to bo--.I Af. tit! jnxpt'Tty o! \ < u U, S. iLtrr. a Z.. I. ol lori.la. h suuJX'vscaTtrtcs, to-wit {- .Towag fton -
.. along a treet xty feet wide, eijihtefTiVhnndrcd tnj : lown to soy miZLwetf
:., ireititition&I. seventy fret tO a stake. thence to direction Or-gg deceased, to Ktn-"fy an txi-ciioit t i.vi.r uj inward .OV. 7 13. t, "lil :b'cfirst .iAJbffl1fcingtl timc deleetion J formembenWJortyfirtt a northerly iaiou A Uoyje Adjultiistrusor en ttie 'f.i.iu ol Ji-h:. .'.. a HcJif.tur i-njiIdCfrOf eorge3.4ideu, tonjaiissscr.- Ti) $a 0
II ---- -
; any .tilJkw
considUgnla heliiieofjind* deeded ly WUltun J. Hf ndrk-ka Lnurboh dWCCL.Ai.Alothu. ----- ; -. -. I IIn z& llarIy'j......... 15 0
r (4Jeeretcryftate1 -
CongreflB'w'alsp.tiai and wife t 2L. 'Kadler aid &"lIaJtdsj-! the St. OITICI. M..tILffAL OP TIlE UKITiD: STATES, K or ftirthcT particiajar, pplv to -
] jf tinX: tbtr.etJccrirrf-l! Jar > ?
? xjuart.-r < 7J .tarirr, :.cjil tiie the third ItrectrBatjtor j w 49 3m
Some Javotlhe'tlection *a., IViruary, Iubu'z.nvD-sadthenee: In an eo terJj direction downing lot tan Xuiaci&s UunaicT or FLORPA. .Oir: ;
$.i thSS4.1'Z1yer ; K K quarter M" tinS Vr iju utt-r oj Mvlhn, .1 S--iiatcr is piace cf W. J. 1'urroan, c to Ibi pe c.ntam- ST. AcaibTi: c, Tla. fc'ept. 4, UQ*, aba4.Iroat of.
until nertSeptemtet.' tF Tiylor IIene.
i not cill ; rae 1J et.t. ot'ntumi-.jr-fcy: CPI.-.- : : c-1 .jpuiity Jcd;". ,,f .
Emublican State Conventlnc inot at nine treuK.-even before the Conrt-flouw nCrce, bore or door tee.In--Ji.nd tti* wui!cf wn tU- 1.evi.-d u".z 4'd lv *tld a< the ;.roj !;tj ..I| ,l<,hn V\'. ISonition and Citation. In th- tttrtri (.strict, eompr>=ej of the cpvr.tica vt e tdet t .trtiti % : Cht t4 IBM 1.Iiirk.t, I i -. :-'

Miss. on the 25tb in.t j L "irA i iJackwn I mr.tv of thirnl. ar.d tate, of I'iori-'d-'ou city JaticMinrtllc the- ltgto fctstufuu i-x.-cutiuu /uorui'J.h:> ',"iijiios." ii'.linqs: usS Wartim.tozt. a Siustor. ph&eC4f iJaltlii ;. I *. .: 'S ,
tn -
A6o -
; otie H.irivMhic NVhL-K j'.fev.cd uj*. n &- t5it T'4.t.zir: :
Fim MOXUAY in BtCKMUEIt in II.i pi.'tri0'irl tjf Vie L. f> for Hie :* :<>- -
between the
-, fiba wu ducted penawwat PZ1hI ?' c mmittw I legal hour of eale. 'prowrty *if OwY.. llnnoucfc, to jatitty uu excruiiou 11 tn'ct rf floriM' in thn ahith dlti-i ernaei of the countyof Gati-
address lor.i.iUeOoirWrtion Tcrme. jawb, pB ci *Mr8 pnyiug luvor 01 Ceo M. < J. i. Diidmni iIIa1E.IL. Toas = 09ftcci'fogws
wat %jij inted'to prepare eu for title -j *.- OL. ni'ju. -. .r. l j-ia'iria 'he.ef : Cigars, Tobaccos,
: lx ADMlrLT7 -
Also oae L'ay Maiv, two cote! ar.d tnuf f-eJ of ; j L .
ATtoutjor! w. :on C.tfl7 IF4g. .. .
Jackaonrille. Got JIgg !. t > -Soaps Caadiea -
501 .
toCongreiwi < &tiT i: r: 'n., u Teasfe. .Powders -
: ne
cs -
.- t upoa.asthf prorty tt oaelas 1'. Cittjr :- Ii the :iin.rh Otttnft,Wfnil O? t.hn cwicty f 1 .
aact twufitinContcss tasocuro tber1gbt, -- ,- -'l.7 to satisfy tui.txtCCIlon iu. Civor of John-K. CcvEl.A'av. M. \ .. l.iiici rbra Senator Sn'pteo oj'llobtf t altsnu.i, eo'ir.ir.; 'Syrups, Yinegarr.. Starch ,&c. | -
.- rsz 1I'ctiacIof evckjZlaoi SherifUt a1 u1o.:: L. ]IAIINES. Jhie l.ehooUer MU ez frTickie. eotten.rrh! of cosrt. --.-."-. I ;
dncLi&c fur crime.Reno 5, ISoS: IHOi BIi rri.TAlJicliuaCo.NOTICE. lPl.de''. urtir ax1 Tit. .twl Irt! the IWTt. nth dktricti'; ora7>f>
*th. Uui4n not -.'r nj ty yirtuc cfa fi Fa lv.iaiied out of thc 1 Cwjj-j, eoujtisfta ct" I-'ITC lens oij] tnt l.'ry. a B ustof in Placed llorttlu Jtn- Haisins, Salt Lard OH Keroscna Oil
thief ,
horse hung Old Iron
the alleged was ,
j ,
u-'fi t>y aUrturtt of I>nvacountiulavor clK k.n8.ir., coinniissiocedconrtyjoajtc.li .
-.a tf IIolir faring Tenn, oa Ui 24th int t: L Z...?' r, v'iiiaia: ; 8. BeiIFdieL I lt*rc levied 1 1'uruauttoaaALai.lnentm \tV..c. : uncsl in.- orvee&tU'dKtrist, coapowil nf the ccuuty o olossds, &c., &c.
1 fcfter'latalij manirfnj at! m pJ d V upa itie iao a.. >;..,M.-rty, to-wi4.: SIX VTiuiKiJ:: flfu-r date 1 *Ui anl ) i tlion.. 11. I MoniIi.uii Iln.kr the of Un, ah.m t" :urisrej ... 4uihi., a Scr.frtt.ria pIn '.aoot A. A linlctit,rctSguoil.
wonndinj Ail of that tolir parcel of Incd in the city of Jock.oail i : *. Judge of Iliu Cou tv Court, of Ahtdiut 1 dclivred. I do hereby ltve public n :teo to all tic. tite niixcleenih district, citnoeed of the .oui.iy ofI cipr.; W. LO

t >.tnoTi ly Uie map e f caul city of Jacksonville j cvacty. for Lcncw of Adminltration on tJw t-Btate of; S'eritl aud gt-ueral, imud do ,mmeh. ui cite ihmie'acii I ifajon, atiocaior in p' rei ot Jes*> II. Oc v roaijTHsl.l.owsMy JoarjBiicoiCPorlr.Batfcr.IijrfdB; ;
i r.lin JU Zetroncr, d6otii.cd. ... of then.,claitamg the a..eaubuats r tteeokildSat eo-rnpn4 crt'j? touvIluUWoagh ,
ProeI nNew* .g ts) GwAL1iET t..ke! aad cjjo, or Jiiiwlnp"or hivL I and IlerJnndo aH Dstor Qhetss Mackerel! Hams Meal Etit wiTh kate
** ;4 And tin tod the iB-metiHbre the Court House ii, 1' ZETIZONtR.I tLmta f injl* cla c-very TUESDAy
:: t- .A jfcrty.of.jEcsli'JOTPn aai 'twoM Auerjan door In the city of Jacka-mvillo, .county of Dnral. nr.d --- --- iyl.'iii'g to fny utiithI. 'ame'tboiiid not broiidt.ii ce Hominy Beans
&avft been amtatad in Syria, cL'afgcd with smBff. Hiate of Florida, on the First MONDAY in DECEMBER NOTICE. I ;, rTfeiu-i acwrdin? to the prayer
*'- "f-f 4g uatuilo the interior for the purpose o oezt, between the .iecal hour of ea).. Terms I Li ud appear U; 'OjC9 U J ei4 C'o .it, to tx-L-U .iiUce'cily MoAruetairtor ul Liee'cfDanid Daiie Beef c., ,..c. i iCozJenseu Paatka and htndingio the PernandM JackaImvIhh.,
end St.
t JjuJcaomiUCtin for tbeeas.l Jolte'.
tub. purchaser partci; for tiuf ; ; ,1/lOUI, WBKKS alter date theuuden>i bud Admn- norst.L-u: time cotnty of llcnwidcs tfjaembw of the .twnibly .ivor:
DreFthroTng tLo. overnmet. Th priut J. J. UOLLAJfD, Sheriff, D OJactoonvHIo JL? tratrix, of the Kstatc of TbiUip Dell, tleces ,-(], will i't trict of Floridi,at i-Iitrn o'rtock H the forre.fn.-u o;I !: in pit cc c J Eiaiaal. Fcarcc, C.OW rr.L's'OB count; Eeuithg .

*J M"claim' ttat they were ori-eying for railroads, Oct 2918 w515w.SHERIFFS apply toUie Hon. Jndgcof Probate, of Aiachua county, MIN DAY, the'$EVETII der r.DJiCEMliiit, A judge. Hilt Buckwheat will Leave Fai ;
Floor FI&IDAy
and that the arm were to defend their employee* for Joav eell the laoJa belonging to the mid Knlatc. li.. iH&S Cf the came Fh-ili fcl.a day .wj In tie coutVcfTair.an, a mpnVr if the A .KSii>'jrin o'clock. e' -
Said salt to IMJ otuJr for the pnrpooe of pitying the i leI F u r.meoa tho ntst day til i.ii.ictia't I plac&of (.1. B. AutcS3iaft&Tons fownjtii tier fIn Apples; Potatoes Osiocs Pieties Jacksonville
Tk American Coninl it ren- active indwhaUtf S4LICI. of said Estate. MAliY M U1.LL. .,- u ul there to interpotc a rbm! IR ?, on the bar
Aaaricani bat the English ConiallipfU Oct. 2a 40 4wcewnansylue i.J uunvtrnntotho iJVHaitt in.xrisiai that JoITorscn member cf is'i Canned Fruits -Vegetables cml Feniandin dar.
< tbQ T 75D R and "by lirtoe'ef a Fi y"i* ne4 out of the I t1XAJL1 the county ei" a .Aeaezy JP7aEYs
: Oct. 13; 1SC3. MAti.LUI'=. .. &f it'. IVvreU, corc. 3 sionc4 sheriff.In '; zig,, Agt..
.1. of
1+ mlifcent regarding :thdJatei4 LJ lion. Circnit Court of Duval county in ftvor of F. all kinds. j Oet-.10tf -
fIW : I ; of till Ur.trd S:. tcsf Uio county &f Sitta JUjsa,a ncmber fat Atrectlytaplacfof :-
F. XAEnd n.Tilliam 8, Bardin. 1 I
LO5flf2Lefl. .r the iert'.- :-i 1'i !rc tf ..t J... JolinV.. KaJj coiumi 'to ed sLeriClu -
I jr. ..
., .KUecIlaneon the toflowinjproperty'to-wlt> Gk1?*. .-} NOTICE OF INSOLVENCY. }i i. AXIitEV tIre cf Brevard,a member of the ta.cidy, A AEGE
that Und the I county ASSORTMEKT OFfe
.e AH of lot or parcel of In city of Jacksonville .
U. l. .t.t.r.l .3
t .tctivg ta la t eltetion.It .
elected '
r.vmltr tetn at
The achooner Kite Wcntr>rth hu pat into known bv-the map of aaid dty of Jackaennltoat Is THE CorsTi" CaraT or Aumci CorsTr, FI >.r.io\, no w lurtliur taTtog oiilcred that the gneriSi' of the aeerat u. s. mn ROUTE
Lota No. 4s.aI. 48 with .
Impm'rernentithneot. .
square CuiMBCKs
Sppt., Kth, is
Korfclk ditttted! ** *- c&untkhl ill caawj a cf this notice b be pobhshtdb
the wMJaefl
And will eell same before the Court Ilouoe TTHEEEAs, Mary )L. Dell, Adjnuiietmuix 01 ,heT jt1j'e
4 w'JM1eveland> Ohio, carod in ty door, in the ttty Jacksonrllle, county of Doral. and V Estate of Philip elllato of said tonmy dicecd, a zwver printed there in hii cOunty,if there-be a paper thecotmy ,
iii Cu and if be no parprinted. in.
bkhrIflWiotwiere killed and nine persona Bute*!Jlorida*on the JRrrt MONDAY in DECEM.BEa.9eIt La filed in the o&ue of the Judge of the County Court IN BANKRUPTCY. t-cm.ty they abafl cause atbast flveerptee of this notic, .
; brtrten tbe-.iegal hour of aale. Term* a written suggestion of the Insolvency of the aid i>tate,
ij4 Tbe anrdigrir| for others. csb'1iiitbwr pariak for title. notice ic to (fil tQ b? ycUd ia tin w0'1 ;nUc planes! In the county rocx5TI ( orBUCKETS ,
whereupon hereby given hnviii
persona .
la uritast whelwoJi we hare-hcreunto set our
e (1n1 JurYpf'tte United SUta* Circuit I, I. HOIXA5TD ShcriffD.. C. .
claims airalnst Estate of aid intct>ute, to the the
hantU and causfil the Great Seal ot the Htatac.f
: i New Tjrkindkt) Judge Fnllerton, MlmBTiUk, OcC.JB, IKS I .50 tda.i wiine duly authenticated, in the Clerk's oee of mud I. $ Kori'Ja' to be aSLted this t'weaty.tghth TUBS, EP.OOilS, 4e. _

x rGu.U L aad ottren, chaiged with a conspiracy .; County on or before the 25th day of JANUARY, A. 1>. NOTICE OF APPOIXTMEXT. Ib ;iD, when there will be a pro rota payment among Hit CORN MILLS. 8TZL
Cotul th PL.ATATIo
: rj the wiidory fraud Warrant evrral crediton of said Kitate. DU'rici of : Vuit'.dttaln JAe ..Vorfi.ri -
I '::1' Ooverncrof I o.i_ OARDEN flOES. DRLIGTOAzrAt
Ta issued out cf the 1 { tilvea under my hand and ecal of office thij 17th dr.y DitlTKt of Flofid'i.IX t .1.. ALDZN, e-trctnry of Sto e .

E 1121. in and owning (:*noiz. Circuit Court,ofJhrral oonnty, in favor of: f Sopteaibcr,.A. D. 18CS. tliKiiiter of Tinman Ingram. iLuikitir.t.rpo 9ict.ct ACOnt
.rpidirtg Cat lLae Bobin.tro,va. App Clirk.I. have 'letled'Dllevm HORATIO JEXKIXS JR. whom It may couccni :-'i'he unier.igid i hcr,'f'J Stone Jars tmd ,

apst4ratt* rcsidencf corner of Tenth and prCperUi tomtit Judge County Court, Alachuu County. L givfevnotiue of liU aiijx>intnieiit"jis A i t,nieeof Tilln Jugs, flAVING been

beaten out with lotorwueefof umber etimated and said to jn Iniprsm. of GaiDt-sriilo, 5n th enmity of Alichta, thgwya Is ,iir pla
coutathcIFbun4Ye4thonIand feet ot planed .lumber. _ and State of Florld.i, within fcaid Ijustrii-F, wl.o SK OITICJ 1'E., GA-. FLA. c. K. IL Co.T.w..u4sza FOJ7IWR SHOT-AXD : her cld route betwee Jackkaoytr 4
pCF)1O47f1rown from a second story Oct., i, itea f LEAD. pn.e,#oppt at all interinedIat
And will *rtt-ta*aim before the Court Hoiuse door In teen * Volusia
wa4ov yard oa the 23d incUat.arrrttedon .Rer Lb.city of Jacksonville county of Duval, and Htate of County. ii.FlttiCt Court of tuiJ hiLtr.ct. : every Sunby ntorntngs a o'clock, F.Lak.

FloriiU. on thvFlret MONDAY in DECEMBEli next, J. U. UBEEtEV, .tlnee. IMPORTANT TO ALL. Full Assortmc-jit oi Stjlce and Iset Twin* o'clock Monday P.M.mornhg 4 o'elock, arrivig at 1nerprt.,E

betvfceo'tb* legal hour of MIL T rrn x n'r Jeckionr11.e ov. 10 ltGi nav14iw Coilin's A "
arcaaJ. xes, 50 No. 1 0 Plough Star apzt Wed.
wtui very moruing 3 o'clock Filat
yInZIbTtItIPc. .J. UOLLANP.8w NOTICE lliumday
eT 8w Bhfrtff, D. C. CHEAT JlFItCCTIOir OF RATES TO nALDwi ; ? and. WE.if Trucks, \\TiecI-bar- O'clock, axrtylrg at Zaek.on-rjfle 2 o'clock .)monilii1 f. 7

rrrnity DAYS alter aate I will apply to the Don. JAC/f&UNVJLlf, AKDALL 1'OLY2ftY lilt. rows, and Grindstone Will a1o make regoj.hips so MiddXebuig1t1..
:u,19 ILCflC TheGorerntnontTA _A J. Judge IVobatc, Volniia county, for letter of ASSIGNEES SALE. ST. JOUSTS RIVEE DAT, Ieu'bg Jackaoy at S LJohI

k IN THE COUNTY COURT AdminUtrntian on the eatata ol ArcuiUald .11nrhev, Will cff T for *a>, at the Court Uouar, in Ga.ii.ts- CLAhE;
tlirou li arnncnU3U U-twcc f d &geit,
Thi rfc IUflrcd cnid I vaui iO XEG3 OF Italy
lath> ot county xlix ifed, NJE\V NAILS. 7-fl Iee
; ville, on the SUiUay of November, 00 Lead Cattle be- s WhmxfJaekmiiyilia
'law nported Torably oa the section of twen- (pJf 8&i. of Florida.y Jfor a, 1868 nov 14 Im \7. L.IN MIXIIE\V ongingto ibttfinnt'f A. If. .lohnMii & Co., aLso 2HO tororunwiUti.u: & ::?I.,
m ,aIv.. _j a j line 4! acres of Land, nenr ilkanopy, abe pi-optrty! of A. II.ohn .
ro.4 : Cmctm, r. n-cn( La\o"Ju-t[ UH-U coiiclndetf H-twuta' the 1A'74' furs j'e ir.rz's.ri'r.
lag romtb* &0th to the 820th mile. pod a& CIRCUIT COURT OF FLORIDA "on, (subject to a mortgage) also io Ilv7ai bv- Ailrtnliu i.Gull' it. .. 4-avannah. the IVti. O'-6. iViurKU IT S. MAIL ROUTE.
Ctirles Hint Urn will < this ,
applr o Hur.canj
;flTKzL& longing to the SMine, also one one yoke Ct. Line
Central l li iinJ J.rock's Kiwriiyali
.|fcP> J4efal hai diroctod that thel *am*b ac- V w Court letter* ol AAalnUtziitioQ, on hebetate Ifli. Jv4iciai'c.rcedfor Ycluria County.-to wit : IOtTOBtR Oxen, belonging to K. II. 1U1I. The above Uring tt'< by wUJv we jll.ni tk,- til! the chent>e.-t t'si.l*tu1cz4 Anil a full Assortment of liquor lJ_ -

th 4thjowpvy.ai tHntel D. Hanaon,lat of*a4 County deeeuod.?,; TRaM, 1'8.F ) property of the buiJ members of the f.rm of A. Yohosou louto tv D.kldIa, Jj.tiu.ivic unit eU the hnia; ti- U of all kinds. -
... These.xw, therefore w did and aOmomsh ail whom It : & Cd., who bare be<>u Ij'a-lged U.uikrui'tft, i tlu' 2'H. NEll' j SPLENDID SfJLUOJtOy
tb matter of the pelfcion of Chrir.toptur C. Hart, vu : Also other Articles too
J Z and before this court 'tokjkfc title numerous to
4 thcir i'urchaijvt lul'
JBMCPpccnit0t own jctition. aittumps.
appear &dinlniatrator of William B. Mart, dwahtfd, to lithe pJj"S It is the qiiickt-st and ci-e ip.i'i] rntfnry.i.r To1et-.
tn *.omtxa 0P TE 8t.t 'r&LD.air.iitho .- U e0ofiaan7Jt afjr; feaTfrlrm or If5o 'the Our butci e-jiaf! the atcoairt 1 mention all* of be
Iteal Estate of said decedent. 1'etition to r.cU UaJ rauu it. ; now ctorytil y whichr.irill sold
gh 1t"m eeend tJnd.yuiT>ir imfrr nrtf"jtlimr1iir aald letters Eatate. J. C. OREELEV, Afblgnee.Kl the tcanji-r frosl Sa.:. '.tl.. .:-t "h'lrJton, iu ij unjt
will U : The aUtrt--.i--! : ianJ, CilO, acres Ulitrtl-y '' low for cash. ,
.dwSfci laUarof Deader it i granted. In the above entitled tt i ha i-ott 'ad aixcumShtucee we th'r t rtp iui.CleJ.i'e .. -
5 nrpriB* to .pr *, (>n tiling: the petition CHUM.-, .
And the said Charles K. Binebum Ii hereby direct r\ Ibo.' .
hIIU t OI.1ii L.tt TtF.ha IVfl.t
( i *( ditapflep.
Mssw.keth ordered that Citation Ao issue to Catherine F. Kaulcron $ (1 -
true, thstfrws. Ueid.nbeiser kA9 al's J WiMto !*>UcbeieoC; pobllabinjt a copy and her hnithanrf, Wade II. IlnulernoD, ficvina C. Jacknctivil l-'ia.. .'. intx-'r 1, lSi > MsASi'KiNKL'S nu4 bit dre -! itu. ti betJIk.ti. Wholesale and R .
Ce of Uu ooriffcrawatof. of this dUtfdir cnee '* ; fbr' ls .ueors va weeks, -------- taILG1OCERIEL
4 city, hare jtwt'received a TroireU and her hnnband. Nathan I.Trowel!, and Isaiah ----- --- -- rt Vork muid1io..tt.a -

Coolie*, directfcpm CblhlEf Tb.ey' a lb. a&Vaia.n.prIoIedPt JaceonVIlc, in said I). 11 art, heir at law of raid deceaBcd.It ( SALE. ; lliu* le-i.Iu : ;' t'4 erhi: i._. in.urtn' -
tz' toutJ.. :: i i further ordered that this noticu be publiihed iti'tie -. o delay of [Ir- t. i tTt't ,rr.G.LinmiLUt.sl. II1
wtMtiippef&nct Ulavtfert underbr lniry WiLeu. O&MT 5gIaIITO. .. Thli'SOthises. oRk-ial of thk Circuit for thirty daya. I 'ia oilir ini r > t.> the lilifni; -'I t tJfr. At the Coi.rt frorli fat.ii hJt4k..1titll.r'it t> [ ]

1.c; *c L and are regrde [ by the firm aa ober and that all ncvrspupar person mtrreeted are required to take tiuUce. House in !.;&' C-, Funvla.on tlio I9.n ol (J.-tottr, -.I..I. t iift.. I.- ti t

tOje 1O1T freighLs'4 w. A.'McLA.I . JXO. W. 1'KICE, H/vctai Ms of v.ilu.i'iiri.t' iiLo it large nural fj ul siu'v.aiidatt. .; f.- eproath !tlfI. Capt., GEQ. -
TO OI.J Oci..24't :1&C8 nbvl230d Judge. own lot*, Lclocsiij'-- lo A. J. 'IV Wnjat, FlIlo Inaa been: Tic j e (i i. L'4'c ohiiti.i MANsFIEr4W
&1bSm1 ; djudgtd a BuiU u t, ou JU. owa j>ctitioa. Ti-riu cu..i.. o,1 c- '. .>.* '-..o'Ut! swtM greii* i:.>-n-:' (fTeornf.rt n.i beenuiaeeI

ea of hom his mid to to vet? bewfi- : TIIL 'urchrtHcr lo pay fur .
or tiio'piro ?, ----- =-- -- -- until tb- 21 ef .. ng :
t Tkeyrir to bd tjitjio d of at aati : 'au- .1'? j1'. voetnber.-- I :.- i'...nn'.t.111d lb. ittlot, SEMI-WELtLY VLPa.,.
,Is and Mexico Coolie arelawo.b.eib.Zfizd' !'! U f'Szm$ eM :(.heinIA.ieacIi c. Aloni ( Clay ounty.r J. C. OHEL1.KY, lLi, ', t itl. I,, t w..ni.cjnTl oortA1 She-will baTe -JacfcwnTd* rnrr tflDNE3DAy

.' &n4ay. ---- .4-. : Ott L1808. Ablgl3O.NEW : ali 1lL.t.i .- Jli.eui ri. Imiiro.i idIZf- ., UO&SIKO as 9 o'clock; i*latka THUESDAr aora*
t eved tn Tezas. Whttbrwrat.jf! U, ttorm) In .OtI( .t>on iF itt, tUE'e iit.bi, uuii 4tber f tog*t4 o'clock; arririn at Enterprise ( JoekF.lt-
tIc the Cireult rt and which lK>o>i.iU. ;ielt .uui p.rb.ieiulagD3C! returning; wilt bate Enttrpiiiu.e-vvvy auND.&X
zcns 3 fo.; (teKOI ) I ': ,.i- : DuraVBtateivJr of Frtda, dl IN eniCUIT.COITJlTQFFLOJUDA C1ie.l.4 uIoi.ic. mjratft clock; Falatkt mrr UOiOATmoncat

.. i4PI1IdIR.N4L&. t 4 LAn ;... '." ; i4y of the law rm of A. 0.a. NLAfIISESSIt 0..:!c,>utu> ti4F&. uf (*t. "Vifrt" for llnwia, Ki-y Tfi4t,' MI st? roan;:, J o'clock, amriap at JaekaonTifl at t. o'clock. TTV.
; '.. i : : : -.r mlr, to the at/rhwl./ bidder 4tli JcDiuil.. CiutVlT, or FLOfttPi, ron CLAY lnt t'cn-t''ii' -%fnrJiahteo1a, nail New Oi ani are .BACON :SIDES, tn time to connect nrftb thOTrain'fcr 8ayaoui and Tal
.. Afflcricaa ain Au 7tt. .iai of DKOKMilEK next, et 10 JH CltktKfry.I'ninwla nirr. It S per Iziouth J.ly betw vn eWCreasiu : SHOULDERS!; L&ice. '
waa travethuglat4io > oT ei l ; mit the til4dite -.ro.g z.tx.
iJ-f c"i '*'JC Court UOOM, < roan t4.ddn.at AZ-tRXZr.
*ad taw a number of peaaant ea: djf wt.a> ,yfat& ru rn4 ?rocfl7 kiK wn .k-rtw'.Km.. Taylor tx. Adah C..Tt3br Bill for l>iv ice.DUK 1'-L4l.I'"iT'l4g..A.1 .iI Jpn.i 1.Lit nIenVIA4tU1tI4OTCTY weeh tLutcib, SUGAIi CURIa HAMS, TbdIwidaIGairC

thayc111sricnitnre, not far ittrn *J.cpad. U fart: )Ji iUua.U>l ->a ilw'wej-t Ivwk tt the. tat. John proof having been mane to the Court by aSi usAVititni; 'rneetaoh eeTh way at WOEBOC'K'S. piiae to Lake Ibrnc'aa4 back i: trips & a Enteryrid -
,,, of re -JaclTFonriHe and bi-lo&p- iiea: In thw .ftup.o, that A/.nb C. Tay1cr-vtk i : cii .y For
Two L&llock tu hbodu to-d1d hI t
with a thing o lerklfiicd hi v u -j apply *
whom the ; ? -- -
toetbr with ugainst c .mpltuut u made tF1Iee.n nk abiliiv
ig 1 4o hite Jkrit 4 i. maj1&C i party > -:iw tui u Uj aivo mti&ia9tlui( and oi; >y tlia-t our -
JetT that mutt La.e 1en mean* 14sof i.enof the sand o' VbICb the h&id mil> U locuU-, l uf tlha Mete, to-wiv; Iu tin- Stale o: Oeoi U, fcoittu.ordinary uoeil: ; fcfiivctflith( itifiwm u.n civ>'tw of the rity- lo I.O #a 5!ay T.C Uttl. lt'n-'iTl -Txjrco ift mind, 100 SACKS OF : .

? ef a 3W>feet deep trom.Jow u.Ua- mark aud 1QO jeet n-on* pro**** caiittvt'Le serve 1 ujn n ln-r. It i* -rd4red tlfI Sttt'1P1.1iY. tiu; M.ttre.iis la tiny quantity. that tide rcnto j.'ntC afaxtys bc.rtuw *ri both fuf pustciiK.rs GROUND LIVERPOOL SALT, \3 .

iiihi. and pifvili-ge( th3kr.oltor? thata beiiringt'oijft'l the factnHwrtrivl in tf>- lid hty'i, and i'rClcht than ray ether, oti %kt if at anY time ; '- JFULL. 4 BIT. r .r---- -.__-f-.-- -. F a

r anothar con mlUpurpo.e.aI1 Iea.eto bqIurthoflfe vfthe laid nallMUonMOSDAY, tnvlir day of MARCH, 1MW "' VUe aiaountJt-tvtfixl Is nutlet tirm tlpt .IjirJcJ by the : *
dcxit4s1Iy, as idle twllotk* will 4o-ad.O, mill. FTOTm cash, otherwie iieee j upoii, 4 It li turlher pidtfivd tUut is (.ony of the p'ud urqcr :ia > Old Mattresses BsnoyatedTM .tenuier.ito Jaekm.Uio and pofiti' on $.l.e t. iohui'. : *: 'AtVOIROCJ'iMACltflhT E. Ti-MASTEES.

4onbt 1* thIs ioauocc thoy tifted In pwa iamtdiate poenrUlon Riven. J. 8...AJ>A>1B, Laarini b vut/linlie in tlio HoiHa Union, ajmliH iiirtdafis ood; as n v. .tt fri fro.n a diata.ie K r-r'upon' Urc fact bring iriatlp- known to 'Captamn.T. ;
to the **Ia 31-cree Ui t-lTcci. newpaperprintcdet JmtBiiv( ; inihen'cf Floifda iwul K. JIocw.Jii.fi Ruperiatendcnt of Tran p >rUtion, orS.'A. I
Ins pecitI ppoifitee rarry ie atUraik'l to sr.l tlhftcti9a guftran'MAXUFACTOKY .. .
4a tb train d promptly : -
nw Gp, 3wu f>r the tipttJt* of tbnfc'njonti. Vftorc, tlitf dkya;>- -- wcC'Ut Knijut Agent ALiscnuite, tt s diQorw.iil -
vU had work U __ 1 W .. oiuted fur oaid te,1. COD-riSl. v .
Leon pretending 15 flopped .,- -- V |> hearing. ciae At once be refrmdsd.Vir .
ixlh of the Clrsrail Cwnrttor l/l.iy touiiiy: I'l.w ItOli-'T.WAt4CIiL4icneral ithtci.eat F. 6z ./-SALMOXD and HERRING I
I cmify flint the fortijfnax b it imp and eonxet cojiy tctKX-cn Hoy nod Fowytlw. 3jf MU7'.eKoriU..Nov O. iLi:4! utlb4.ieev. ... . : ,
; Jttitt acowlad falally onon thi emUcm of slow JcPiaai. CucctT roa P&.ozi rvu. COCXTF. t-thu-or1iji4 order pu f"U iu my oliitu.Xov.16.1K03. 3,1SOS. w tUtu hOC 11 'P. 1'A 1 M.: H..S.1ltUJfli3, ziIA.C. ; 1LR., Savan.C At WOHHOCK'ft. iOrLtNcTOtN'rv i

fnfttat. It Kioa pcfltd then but they ,/* Chantcry. 3n B. Mcl'wVr.: iih. -
pat ,
rr-i Clerk C. O. C Co. FLU (. :Jt. "W'ltLIAMSi'QoaerU FjfUtAft, A-
cootinafld Wipaff; r>* thf were aod prcaentIj I&&_ Fixhank' . .
r .
SI. '. 1.n for Fc1otrUOrLCa ..*- -' It. U., Savannah, ,5.J. .-., > '* 'F-

to pretend to work ooeo more.' They WET Vt yltek JinI of 1.. ittannab'r. -

riioicg stones from the Ied*; 1n th. Icriorn :1'rsprIng lie Ij.1'it ,'to trt Cvurt: )bj the Mert affidavit sge of al4. r F Nas3au, CbiintyX Dtiaaijtiv of ;.:; Jmkotilte.. nucirA ,. Bapei-fatcBdeiii. ." ".i'' -.- --- F .- .; ;CHEESE% LAItD,.

tSudrU .L coieplithaDt fiitd ID lhi caniv, that the ald defend' l : : ;_ -. 1T$ CLIMATIC fcOlL, I'ltODCCTlOi'?, &?., Ac. J4r.1'le"u.h .-- : '- 2 OhROc.
ethIn and 1na coopiFof 30sr be 'liu4z.e of __ ,. OWk3 ew..oit -
w-IP-M j jaI.rtsi44 ot.of the 0lrez% ijont .. .... .
rtyAmarican** friend. who travel with 1it the Wat* of irionaa,w-alt s-In the-fttat* w t Iine.' .. : COURT OF FLORIDA, With A :>'E'W xqyrxsmi' MAP. }'. 8. rAI"1'tfenerni tetb. sal Tliket &ant, ciuArjv: -
v! ts oraendthatthe.4i4 LT4li4hIFitUIC, Fiori1a.la. .- so.ooa < < -
of complainant'* eolidtor it hereby > --
tbovgzt thei Uftht pouibly attain. On motion Sent nall recdpt of Fi.icn.aad for alo a IL. .
4ooithtnu cud answer thai by ca ; : SiUoirlng paper will rlease copy fox TUcellouths ..
appeer t JuJico.i I'o caiIer 'uui .
liknaco.. lit th realutattpo of their prejeet.VZ4tb.SA $* 1t$3 tl1enisiia4PIEr d'I oLAI Cu :! uuty.L liii eLktt: of. pi4b haher.. and een-l bill to 1'. & U..j1L-l3 t -' 00 Its; :YACHT CLUB .
noisthan4 : T..T5EWEY fc CO. 'iCai'nviiiohf.rOfrtJ TaCAha& Fiwr .4 m, -.OeajJ.iu !
dcBbftt 4& aedi theJl4 bh4 Il 11011411 14 La34 i 4i CflAXCEaT.Jolia | *

(a* prairie* of llliooi and Iowa, and .bo $4 $'b poniIaln4flt, bill tball I'craso' r .TWrni Vance j'nitibtth Vnnce, 60 if 'jAck6<5iStTtLC: Floridu. duia i Ja&r Flari&d, sAugotfiiio Jiuvter, GaweevtlU.t..oraaie't..V'ic JSu,oct Fofoan-3 tf. ., .. : EUKEKA: MOG-BAcco%; TIKGEN-IA -

h 1_ tk.kthpN cutpPo. hi. LTo. |ltU for flJTCcloenre, c.I ,
tharooghly Irokeanrit4 with > cottolry osa.ere'I that of thi* onler bs pub-, -- : _
1.L ta fitriber acwr appearing to tho atu4uctloa ot the Court tint said .. : : .-.. .4t WORROCKS'I
L1I 4? fl thI1D1L ottnd vWi aiAjtn t1 ggbs4t. t>M MFlmxia UaianM/U> *am. being a newe- d&icndanU.'worc n-nidc&U and ciUzsu of said State i1 Garden Seed. 1

tb ua picking u; **thIe G osit, one* a week for tour months pre-I the date of the : '
t* e ( pspet Marth,189.LZ and tovLttT ftl note and n>ortjri c8 wdon F- TQ -1E1V: :
do'r to u.34 lriI LeudA I !id tUalTliomas Vance his Se .L. pspcr'-wurrautcd, at
aad sifting tnow eternal atone* rent dliiappeared n&d i is not -
fonnd.n4 that Klteabath Vance .1 one ddl.tr 'er dson. Pomtuge pri hi ,
{ I v> wife, resides 1I.SCUQONFJ cL'ioIa. ,
lh. ka l of tbi XIniVCfl1 earth bdats j7Z ? *'ftrJB..atAPMINISTRATOB'S \VAEIIOCX: '
I bion4 the flMihs f the State f Florida, to-wit: In Adrese i-- ; CHEWINaTpBACCbi ; Whelsiale aint IataC1e1 r,1iL

h4sinckosoittg ougb togrou'ebil'4&i1t : t Cimdun county; Stale of Q orgIzt. It 1*therefore or SOCul; (90 : JVEItFOOL '$MI .. t J3t- recefrnIU1. : I
'waoc all
Stoves of
IrdeTed tmblication be bad Kin.I
SALE. thtt Jor lour month*,aceordinz 1000 ttiitOC1LAN1YLMBm ,.
; Ito law,and that aild J femtanu bu roquirvd to JU' ; .- ;' .. .. .
t dor4ewur totai 73000 J1RIC1L '. .- .. KiiIAWAZI, UOt'szitm4
a&twor, p> bill or Hm aun will 60'BQXES F. : .
fqmei uL fvzilng. JJ4t jtitekp u confcsrffed' agalnit thffau, City :Bond6. : 400.. .lato. ..EASTEUX'HAY* -- -: ,COLGATt-: ;. GOODS, ac., .
I. Vitnwa7 : T. KIDDZLL; Miroa's Ojric?, ) .;4 .: bftLWj"covt. -. MiaaJSietDreref Tin
;Copper, Lla ]
1 Clerk of nail court; and ice!of aad| court, this bth day :"Ciir- or jACKSO- $Tjixt- oyuaber IZ 19W. {.' : ,13c' ha .,; .- --ASlT.sOAP-,-. : -. Oitterts an,

,1in* ant tniprave1nta known ...tb. UesrI I Oetebcr, D.1bG UAe 1'. Truaa, -. ., -Z- ; -. .- -:..- ., ; :'-A$ WORROCX'S ;,, .
b& stuiu4 MLMUo T UKSUA2Ttoa Beolution*of the Hon.'tfjat'd o4 ... -. .. .. ..
1eii .brdn tb.ir' loT &d thoof nov.7w k4a > rt- i GLLLltu. izozc co'Icz-t xTTG
Etvii JL AUcnuou of the city-,pf Jaek.uati1tt ndtice" 1 Ia ,
kZ1tWI JGUW. I r .
t V o linc.the 111I the city :tiureby given to partto holding Ubmlt, inued by said Itod r&ile.a: ; ; -f -. : I Don* t ihcrt botico aM ia woitlcinHis mimerr,

1' 4onths2lstinst )Liss.An1)cICull' : .aidtO3tatatv.JuzzidAd: and 11ft i8EtAOR'8 NOTICE! city''la nymentof tbeity subscriptIon of HMj 'tu! >u- -, -AaOjlKTINE : aftifcdsj'I

th3ztyser ot M rat. baa. axnd lX>Ur to the .Florida AtUntio it'Gulf CeaUaiUallroad I Impairing of -
.l -QIX-UCns'TIia: after daW we will prewnt our acaowit* Company,to furnish the"uruierhtgncd la uri- 'ru air weitknoirt Wih ,.- <,_, 4.XJiVSJLE5, .

t.G I I S3 and voucher*a*Administratrix and JAdmuuAtraipi thug, with *. tattmeol of the dmionrffiaHoe,, tromWO Jj< JltrC pL-u. .bnowttJiMly/m.the; IaUrbastLjue h.< *-T*' & B.-VV.-.** -.:> mAt WOEBOCK5.I rdcc to $ tae.reepest. -
i- wWii the iist yti: %*cn .r4a1E1t3)4 1b.la *thsItIebs 1tun&iar of this Estate of Jaaie"T. FrUbie,:JeeeaMjd, lit. at time and platw of p y ineut ot ihehcod of bonds ao hi-W epttlde-the corporate linit .. BaU tract brutKtedHIQU *-' : ., ; t -

4t r # tff ADn$.tU*cityof Jf caioau county, >lflto UwlIonoraWo the County together with Ou tima and plaooof payaaeutof tfw : w J>UY, eolantauaint*fair r IT. 'Cer CbTI AIUE .. .. .
k..c:1*of MU contyx .
; aflnal-Uiiwiaree from ; crwk ttItdv4 witl be eoU ia tracts of -_ U i FIIUIT5. .
Jar tyrsrehaaei -eimstaI1ot.e1 lb*datoofw.kLngsatement.i. foj > F Se4! geii Ia thl, 1at& .'kftg1:
-- I4I
1.11jatat. Uolden of botxlt are requested lo -fortlnh tU Woiwathin ( (4 .J'or/uriUctpartfe -, Ceohdzig Stars.
sa I 'MILAII.ATlISfltZp at the earlirtt prketicaWe p irial, 6 t to r' ; Vr B; t at S
c ; ce irt4 W9BROC'S6OPILIW
JOUONAniM.tcr.. I jU monthCDWAKlt U&or gqn cf the

L F \ ,_it *w
: ::, MY* Mi- I. 'i. fit
: _
-' .
t ',, a
-- -: I -
: : :
:y' : JW >W .
- tP- ,
:..: t. .- af.

-:-- :i ;-:-:-- .7 .


---- -. -.-- __
t-- -IIorFtrnL.I
-s -- -:-_ ,
: ---- -
>d ori both; p iU, and the rcspecUyo ratifications were benu permitted to come, locater into the came, and to re- at Kingston Canada West. (conditioned that the sea rate in sneh aw thall flcca( nona onthe
xc 1ianged at the city Of Oiannda, on the In Mil let h, daf fl and reside in any put;thereof,1 respectively also j
5.1'UBLiC fcrSOFTIIE FOIIT1ETUor of June last : I nuo: hire and occupy houses and warehouses for the; purKiic Bo it resolved by tha Senate and House of not< exceed five coata for single letter,rato an4 prt/ftad/ ha otberpre Iremes( &

a -w, therefore,be it known that 1,Andrew Johnson, [ : of their commerce; and generally the merchants Representation of tho United States of America tea cento per, kilogram, for other correspondence also of IImbnrg, tbdl ccaso fo M fa forHcept ez-

'I OONGRESS President of the United States of America, have caused mi traders of ecIflIstion, respectively, shall enjoy the in ten cents.id. tlMTiettlemeat of acoonaU.whkh
Congress Mseuibled That the President of ,)
the sdtl treaty lobe. made public to the end that the most< complete protection and security for their ,
,,. rut same and every clause .and article thereof may be observed merce, subject always to the laws and statutes cornth e United States bo requested intercede with : On letters from tho North* German Usuona 1 h ave pr vion lyftccroed theroimder. ,

EL'TJT] ?, and fulfilled with"iood) faith l'y the United States I two countries, respectively. In like manner the respective Kcr Majesty tho Queen of Great Britain *tnd vi said direct line, (subject to samo condition,) This cbflTentioa;1> iflg- first pprovrd If shal

and the rltizeus thereof. ships of war and post office packets of the two countries I.land, for the of securing tho epecdy four silber groschen. "I ISd. <1i ake effect! not later than the l.tyof Jtnnary -
1 .IEI AT rax fJEsr .iLS'IC'.V In witness whereof, I have hereunto fcet my Land enl shall have liberty freely and oecurely to come to Ml purpose
_.Ai.;:; caused the neat of the United States to bo affixed. harbors, rivers, and places to which other foreign ships aso oi the Kcrcrend John McMahon, of Oa letters from the United States via next, and ihall'contloDO ia force until can -- t

ily ;r Uone in the pity of Washington this thirtceth day of of war and pockets an or may lie permitted to come, to Indian, convicted on a charge of treason-felony England, fifteen cents: colled by mutual agreement, or otherwise, until .- s xTttS: ,.

ufUvXtt&rLTP Vt .t 'It"A. Angust, lu the year of our lord one thousand eight hun- enter tho same, to anchor, and to remain there and refit, at Toronto, Canada West, in the fall of cigh- 4th. On letters from tho North German Union .one year- from thedata when'one office abaR ,, .1 -
dral and sixty-eight, and of the independence of the sufect .
PBOCIAJIATIONS.Concluded. always to the laws and statute of the two ( ,4"I. ,
United States the ninety-third. respectively. countries tan han<5rcd! and sixty-six, and now confined via England, six silbor groschen.5th. h ave given notic to tho other of its desire. lo In / :

4 / [ .] SeaLJ AKDHE1T JOIIXSOX.Jty By the right of entering places,poi t-s, and ivcrs ,mentioned .' \ 'bo State prism, at Kingston, in said pro Of tho international letter postage via terminate itErectrtod Pamphlet/- *

AkT1CL X. v.the JIrNTaa President, : < in this article, the privilege of carrying on the vince. England, the ocean single letter rate shall not in duplicate at Berlin lh twenlr- i. -, _,.It$ r--'

ItTVoall I/a frwi fat each of the tro hijU contracting Acting Secielary of 8t.ite. conning vesocla trade only is not of the understood conntry :where in which the lra.le trade is earned national Approved, June 19, 1SG3. exceed cight1ccntsnor shall the English and first day.of October, ono thousand eight hon- ton *-ALt AT TIC

panic to appoint.consuls far the protection of trade to on are permitted to engage. Belgian single letter transit rates exceed onecent ti red and sixty'-s +eti. -

iroiJc in any of Uie territories of the other iparty. RUt I1 mr i-RifingMOF TnisrsiiEi* MATut or AJLL1OX Joint each. -Joint A. KASIOX *- :' -
AHTICIE m.It resolution certain distilled [ ,
before anv contul ball net as such, lie shall, in the uu authorizing -iaPLQRIDA
al J 'nn, be approved and adraitted by the govrrnmen* A PROCLAMATION being the intention of the two huh lojtiacting spirits to bo turned over to the Surgeon General Cth. It is further agreed, that whenever any; Special Conuaissfoner, &4., cfsEAt UNION

'_>0 )l.lfliLelatent ; ondcUucrof tioiith contrac'.ingt Wturei' a treaty concerning the citizenship of ciri. parties to bind themselves l>y the two preceding articles for the use of tho hospitals.' either regular hub of. steam communication acceptable ;] KTCBAED y. PaiutfHiomy,: t _. .
army -
.* -. partle* tnay except frcm the residence of consuls each grant* l. i x*<>nthe United States of America and Inn to treat each other on the footing of the most favored be directly of tho Post : ; : : -
offices General Dcpftrtocnt.
the employed Diroctor
t Bo it resolved the Senate and House, of to two may IzIc,
by < tPi rxi'rr
ita zsz's
IKirlk-u'.ttr places a* tliey Jndpe fit to be cxccpied.Tli ila.k-oty the Ling; of Bavaria, was concluded and signed nations, hereby agreed between them that any
? Diplomatic senu Tkicarajru.A. nnJ con&u'.n *ball by thi ir respective pJenipotentnries at Munich, on the fcSCthdavof vor privilege, or Immunity whatever, iu matters of Representatives of tho United States of America I between any port of the United Stales i --

(uijkov tujjia .twrityric-i of the United States whatever Jlny, 1808, which treaty, being In the Enp- commerce and navigation' which cither contracting in i Congress assembled, That the Secretary of nnd any port o* the. north of Europe at such ,,.
rivilc c*, exemptions, rind iuirnuniUcg ore t>r fhall l/c lUhanJ jcnnin linguazM, it word for word as follows party has actually granted, or may grant hereafter, to that the entiio cost of transportation between POSt Qmsxcz DzrMsfltT- I-i;
Treasury be ho is authorized rates
allowed to Uio AgcritB cf the game rani: belonging to the : tHis < e subjects or citizens cf any other State, shall be ex I t hereby ; Groveftleen, founder olilad&fey[
mart favored xuuou; end in Ibo like manner lh diplomatic ilijt rly the Kins of Bavaria and tic! President of ?tended to the subjects or citizen of the other contract to deliver to the Surgeon General of tha army the Iwo frontiers s'aaU[ not- exceed for WAuIloGx; ably known hnn&t nt Qmv i : irf *

agent and consuls of tho United States 1n Nicarnzua the UnitoU States America, led by the wish to raju1 ing party gr.ituttous.lyittlic concessions in favor of that all the distilled spirits produced during the cx- roth single! letter rato five cents, and for each daini'u4 and conndcred the afjrogolnj iwtta i gjJromoi4eo.J
.hull ii according the Btnctest I late l the other nation shall have Having
joy reciprocity citizens-hip of those persons who emigrate from < beets gratuitous, or In return for : other correspondonoo. fen.cents in
f < rha>cvrrpiirt]< .cxomptlivn< > And immunities nrc or j jIntiL1 Bivaria to the United States of America, and from the'sit'' cotnpcn&ntiou, ne nearly as potAiblo of a jiroportion- pcrimcnti mado by Iho late commission for kilgr.un o articles of.* convention'for the amelioration

u1 b. gt-nt'd ii tho npub1icor irntua t thediplo. United States of America to the territory of the ? e van" and elliot to he adjusted by mutual sgrevmcnt j t testing meters for the internal revenue service ;I'j hat casa the IntCi-nAtional single rate ol letter of the -poataK Bervico between the Unitod

:a'Lt3 miO 4-onaaU of the inos>t tavured nations.AUTICLK I dora of Bavaria, have resolved to treat 011 this subject, it !he nee-ioi, ] thall have been condition il.ABTICJ.K j to be used for the army hospitals and to be paid postage: by *nch line shall be reduced to ten States of Amcrica'aodl-tho'North'German Union
XI."l'or (
ud for that
m havo
appointed plenipotentiarieslo
Uieti'UiT olconimcrrebftn-cou the purpose iv.Xo for at a reasonable cost out of any moneys sippropriated cc nt. and cxccuto in duplicate 'at
.cudty c.tixi 1 conclude a convention ; that is to say : Ilia Majesty i agreed .upon ,
>n ot tlic Unite .statoa and Uie citizens of Nicaragua, thj Km?of Bavaria, Dr. Olio, Baron of < higher or oilier duties t-h.Vil be impo-cd on the Jm- for tho purchase of army hospital; : 7th. Oa ail[ o.hcr correspondence mentioned Berlini-ttwTtweBfyJfkitraayiCf October, one t

it i* dgnxMl, that If at any time ny interruption vffficiiuty Councillor of Ministry,and the VoeIthrndorffI( !I 1 portRtiou Into tIc territories of the United States of any. $ store?, the amount received to bo applied to- in paragraph Iwo of the first article, the rate thon&nd hundred and sixlyrMTeo bf Tk uYnegeJtUohfooar Afi t j :
iulcreourer, or rupture, thould unfortunaU'ly America : ailielu bdngllwgrowth, produce, or manutactuic ot eight : h Ing Ihe
any States Georgu 1'ancroft, envoy extraordinaj j I said -hall be for inc mails despatched that which *dmlratxm w both '
ward of commission. ,
tho .
take place bet vix'n the two high cuntractint artfe iv and minister plenipotentiary, who have agreed to and I If.fiwi | the republic of Xic.-vmguaan *, ltc! citizens either, vhonwy bo within the Urrit.n : the following uitidesinTHi.Li.: shall be imposed, on the importation into the territories Approved, Juno 2>>, 186S. t tho titspaic'iKnoj office shall adopt, adapted to &c. ic.'x i bclialf of liiis department, and .by

Uuf the other, t-hu!!, if residing on the coast, be alIIBI.I i of the republic Nicaragua of any nrUclu lieins the j F tho convenience and habits of its interior ad- Erector.Qfederal of. ?he I *selody to Lb. y bawe '. "
KX months, and it In the interior, A whole year, j I growth| ,produce or Biflnuticturo of the United Hates lie cf ministrition. But each office shall give notice Ricbard-v. Phib'psborn, g ett1n thetis up t a yf*tha psIj $ros.f sas... I'
lo wiml wp their accounts, and UL jx>so of theirproperty: Citizcn>- of Iwuai'a, who havo become, or shall become than sire or lUiill be r 'ytL1e upon the like aiticlcs being Joint resolution authorizing ( Secretary Post Department of IHe 'North GeiiaaiJntOn5 I hp ave.ee thea
iiu.l ;I caf j-con lut-l Ehall be given to them to embark ntfiiij naturalized citizens of the United States A merica. I the growl!.. -o :..:iiutattureofnny other for-: War to furnish cannon to soldiers' Monument to (tho othcv t> .iC: ra e it adopts, and of any un behalf of hl dtojtmcnftljrsaia8art1)y! ma.hereby'ratificdrnna.approvei p They axe aUr.I, 'tylelQi

port they luemaclvc* may cclect. Kreniuca oot and shall have resided uninterruptedly within the i j i-Uu' : country noi .*hall-my! other or higher duties or Associations of Pcquannock and Patterson I fctibsoqucr- change tacrcof. by.'aiSIi 'fctfi tbo beviiy 1w.dlep Aa1 lyre.b... fbx
nil>t *reaU uciUUZ(.>ns of c4Uicr of f tho high contracting United fcHates for five years, shall be held by Bavaria to i charges fcr imjOM-d in tlw territories of either of the J.Boiticsolved AurltLE VI. t I e oatalrt our lateetbeir acJ rlebiy
nrHM", wh are CbUbliRhed nny of the territorii'8" be American citizens and shall be trcntod as such. I high contracting parties on the exportation of any art II I- N. vice and consent fcf the President of t .t I nilod rne1 4f and U. a4 letlea. 7ii '.
of ahe in tiaJo other Citizens I clcstothc turruot-ius : tim Senate and Houso "I The 1'iepayincnt of postage on ordinary lottrrs A 4Pt&W1Uy t.
otlii.1 or employment, nHall hnr.tbo Recirrocally: of tho United States .Amorc! of the other than such in arc or by States. 1: L- > nee5 t
v pdvikigo ofn-inuiinng and cf continuing such trade ca who have become, or Khali become naturalized ciiitcns may payable on the exportation of the like oiticles to Representatives of the United States of Am
or cniplopuonf, ttht ut any manner Interruption inilia Havana, and shall have resided uninterruptedly any other loreign country : nor bhall any prohibition be in Congress assembled That the |r i iof in Article VII: mentioned ; but on registered of the eoneett frsnd- $Psr3rms.wpa ei.'a _-
ca Sreict.uy
lull eijyrneut of libcity and property, BO Jon ae wit bin Bavarjajor five years, ehall be held by the United i imposed upon the importatioa or exportation of any articles the Post Office Department be affixed hereto
they lithavo poaccfuliy, and commit no ouencc b iiofft States to be Bavarian citizen*, and shall be trcateuas the growth, pioduce, or manufacture of the territories War be authorized to lurnish'to the Sldii'rs'I 1 inters, aru on all other correspondence men- with my signature,' the day and7erflrst above
the htrs; and their goods and offi-cU. whatever description I I of tile 'sited States or the republic ot Nicaragua Monument Associations of the township Tot 1 I t thnod i in paragraph two of the first article, it written. TheNewYoflT'jI

they Mny be, whether in their oirn custody, or The declaration of an intention to become a cill/en of to or front the said territories ot the United t-tatas! or Morris X. J. and Patterson j shall: \M obligatory.j v'SEALI : I
Intrusted lo individuals or to the State, fcliall not be liable the one or thcothcr country ha* not for cither part the to or from the rppubHa of Nicaragua, bids -hitll; not, : quannock, county, I VII. [ aALKX. W. lUSDALI'w .,.
: to seizure es ucstratioa, nor to any other charges effect of naturalization. J c'lua'.Iy! xtciiJ to all other nation Passaic county, X. J., each four pieces of ton- j Aimcxx Postmaster General," cr21, fViZIq1Ithbmaun

orxlcmaud* thau thows which may be made upon the AaTCLg ii. | AUTICLE v. demned cannon and twenty balls, in fill eight j "Ir, howcvci, tho postage on any correspond-: I hereby ktha aforegoing 'co entioo, Soiideeaet3ao tbits
approv .
likef'fct or property belonging! to the native citizen.nt .-. J naturalised! citizen of the of and balK to be placed I cnco shall bo prepaid insufficiently, it shall nevertheless )n.t eusjim. j"I'
tlie country Jn which such crtlrens reide. In one paily MI return to the I) Xo l..gljer: or o'Jicr duties or payment.- aua/uni of I j pieces cannon forty and in testimony thereof I bare caurai the 'wliol. Chariei A.liasa,XUor
the some case, debts between individuals inny properly in territory the for other party reran ins liable to trial and I j' tonnngc, of light or Lather duc-a, or pilotage, of buhcge !, about the raid monnmrnts. Iw forwarded to its destination, bat seal of the United Statrjto bo affixed. gef. 1'rlce 6 a-year'c,3 ar three
punishment action
pubtia lund, auil tliarta of companieH, ehall iiovr'r IxseeiCiftated his original an end punishable by the laws of i in case of either dauia u or shipwreck, or on account ol Approval, July 27! 1SGS. charged with the deficient postage. AXDRE-VT Jotixsox. TWWUtiy )
committed before
country : his [
n.>r detained,nor e tha
Ml. by of XiJirajua on vessel*of tin- United States than those By the President ; I IWJLLISM lticel ooujtjy
Thft citizenof the United States and the citi/.ens oi I laWH of his original country, or ary other remission of payabl": by Nicaraguan vessels, nor in any of the hunt A resolution authorizing a chang it of mail sor- ;j! ciently paid letter, or of any other insufficiently II 4EWA1D, aewa thxoisMy '

tl.e it-public of Xicarapia, respectively, rehiduit in any liability. to punishment.. {i ol I il.e 1 I i.iu-u States on 'iaratiLll ve-ssels than fcball I v ice between Fort Abercroin and Helena J ]piid concspondcncc, there bhall oo levied in the of State.
of tlit territories<>f the uthtr party, ehall tuioy in their The convention for ABTICLE the mutual IlL delivciy of criminals, I'!j |be pavallc. the Mime- ports one -e'h of the lTnib.ilSUu I Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives United States a fine not exceeding" five cents, \VASHIXOTOX $November Crctary< 12. 1867. S Urn-Itt vaniaty of iatcreethi

bons j j of the United States of America: in and in tl-o Xonh German Union an additional i kial it a fin.t.r -* ;; ;r -
MK continue in voeseition of the t I Igumttu AUTICXE M. ,
twti-n the United States, on the one part, and Havana, j two silbci- This I OLZLkL.Titaic .
which I Congress assembled That the Postmaster Gtn- charge not exceeding groschen.
now thall I --
they !
not bemotettM ,
rnjoy. They
on the other part, the twelfth day uf September, olio Thesimc: 4IjItUrbOd. t* nnnoycd In aiiy wanner on acof thousand eight hundred and fifty-three, remains in I the'ttn'itorie* of the republic of XlcaragUiioi any article-! oral is hereby authorized to change the chaw j l fi ri'>, or Additional charge, as well as the dofiricnt :
'oflt their1 religious belief uorin the proper zeri force without change. tint the mail setvice l'rOn Fort Abricu'tnl-. | on all other correspondence than ;
<- c of their rclirioii, flgreeably to the of tolcr- being growth, proJu- or manufacture t>t the territories ter uf : t j jDtiko j'ostao JOB WOBIC.
; sybtcin
JuTWI.It IV. of the I'liUcd State, whether such into the accounts between I r; W
nco e.tathheL "- -he territories of the high contract importation. ft'j erritory, to Helena, Montana Tcui-i j 1 Lrttei.-i.i shall not inter
If a Bavarian, naturalized in America, nnuws hisrcMdence b Lat! lie mado ia Xicaraguan vessels or in the vessels vl addrtssi, 375O ; 1O'copki,
juu parties: provlded they the reDgion of the to ro.v.h service. I II tho two offices bot shall be retained to the use
., Bavaria, without the intent to return to the United States: and the iame duties shall be paid I tory post I rrtiu JOB DEPARTMENT of the FI.OBIRJT CsioxX I TtZa &2i
-: Liw nation, mid iir customs vluchUioyrcMde of the ,M. ell as the comtUu'.ion, America, he shall be held to have icnounced liU, naturalization ou the importation into the territories of the United I Approved, Juno 25, 1808. 1 <>f tilt collecting cdHcc.I ofllcv U I nowTvicr charge of Same Mzc and th4flctlT WZZE.LT
country. in the United States. if States ot aiticle living the growth, produce, I, AHTICXF. VIII. a the
Ulierty ehall also bo 4 Reciprocally, an any or manufacture lug twice ag flinch
granted to bury he citizens ofcjtuor American, naturalized in Bavaria, renews hU residence of the republic pi Nicaragua, ni.-Hier !h importation mentioned in J. T. L. McDonald w1t gr&et resg m rvL
ol the two Jiigh contracting part.ieho may die L in lUc United Joint solution] lo l-jv the lo of the I Ifciio Tho correspondence paragraph usbac..tj ,j
lb States, without the intent to return to bhalt be madein Nicaraguan o.- U. it-u :i': ; j/ruuilo .s I n leaking the -1 ,
whkh territories in aiorcsaij, in burUI places of their own, Bsvam, he shall be held to have renounced his naturalization vessels. The same duties utah be paid, and tie h..Liu { cf Pott Cot iti the State oi 'i \vu of the first article shall he despatched nn- up pohirI li
the ,
inainlalnctl same manner may be freely tablifhcd Iin.I in Bavaria. The intent not to return may bounties and) drawbacks allowed, on the exportation to tgtoti{ j 'ilci emulations to be established by the despatch fate editor of'lhe' East FlorUtin\an neeotaplUbcdJob 'UIprehetsico
; nor ehall the funerals or sepulchres ofth bo held to exist when the naturalized in the the republic cf Xicamgua of article Maryland, ( Printer. -. '
person one any being tie .
*- ah
*utin.i X.HI.VTIienercr try. United fctateb, whether such exportation shall lie made L Representatives of the Ua'leJ Stairs of Ameri-1'j First Xo packet shall contain anything reasonable rale-

n citizen cf tlihcr of the contract AUTHLK V. in Xicaraguau or United Stales vessels; and the same ca in Congress assrmblcd Tintu the Secretary ot which hall to closed against inspection, nor Orders_ by-v.ra.iil: attended io.
Insi'/inirii hullbc forced toMxk refute : Tlic present convention shall go into effect Immediately duties shall be paid, and the same bounties and drawbacks j written communication whatever tottato
or ill except
IhrrJrer*, bay, port*, or ilominions of the other asylum wltlitliiir on the exchange iatUicationsand blat continue allowed, on the exportation of any articles! ln-int;: War be, and he is heicby. au'horized to soil in j i !any and whom the is. FLORIDA; UXWX JOB OFFICE> : :
vessels, whether merchant or war,public or private in force for ten yuan. If neither party bhall have given the growth, produce or manufacture ot the repulilu ol I1 j entirety or by GubclivVciiii, a. nubile auction to from whom to packet 4
to the other six months' previous notice of its intention Nicaragua to the tcrrritories of the United Stati J sent and iho number and price placed STBKKT
? t'uqpu iivis weather, pur&uit of pirates or enemies the highest bidder, alter li>"iiy clays' notice in upon "Usiox JJcitDino, BAT T :
',-,ur w.ntof pronsiinsor water,they ehall bn rucieved i then to terminate the same, it shall further remain in whether euch exportation shall l ho Jiiailc: H the \velsi'of oach pattern or sample of merchandise. Jacksonville Florida.&f.IGE .
"*'afl4 trwitea with humanity, and pivcn oil favor and force until the end of twelve months after either of the the United States or of icaragut.AnTICI.e three daily newspapers 'i the city of Baltimore Second. Xo exceed two feet in WM, RQ3WATi
protection for repairing thuir vcj-scU, procuring provisions contracting parties thai have given notice to tho otherof MI. one of which newijpapcis shall Lc |-ublished packet may ;

and placing thcnuol ires in all rct-pectsin a condition such intention. All meahiiuts, commanders of s-hipts and otU-iH, citizens in the German language, a certain tract l length, or one foot in any other dimension.

to contiuue their royog without oUtade of liny iUIICLE M. I ol the United States, shall) have full liberty in n'l 1 1he of land belonging to tho United States, nituale Third. Neither offico shall bo bound to dolier ; CUZ2E
kind. The present convention shall bu ratified by his Jl.'ijeb- territories of the of l article the importation of which
republic Nicaragua to ir.nnage within the limits of the said city, on the I'a- any Great Work hu 'ki9 (L1? to A1r
J tTCLE JUV.Th < ft the King of ISavaria and by the President of the their own ntluirs themselves, as pcrmituxl by the laws of mayS \ oizag's Phjologfcal or every on A
bo the laws
.. Nlrnra United States, l>y and with the advice and consent of or to commit them to the management of \uion>-< tapsco river, Maryland, known as the site oft'ort prohibited by or regulations X own Doctor-Being ft ITimte Instructor for Married -
i puWte o ua bcrcTJy jjranu to the Unit.cd the Senate of tho United Stater, and the ratifications I country of destination. Fcnon or thoM about to marry, both male and ft- Lc HnJ ]
broker (actor about and
tute ,ond to their citizens and property the right they please, lui agent or interpreter ; nor Cuvington, containing two i'ni'1t
shall lie exchanged nt Munich within male in concerning the phjuology and rela
twelvemonths everything
I shall bo obliged to other Fourth. So long as customs duty maybe ,
they employ in any
ni of transit between the AUantlaAna IHicilic any pcrsoim less with all the
occaus from the date hereof.ID three-quarters acres, more or Lions of oar sexual system, and the Jrodaction or Pro -
iirouh tho tcn1tor>f of that republic, on any'rente ol faith whereof the pVnipolentiai hav eijied and those capacities them other thoce employed by Xicarapians, tenements, rights, and privileges pertaining chargeable un any articles exchanged in the yention of offspring, Including all the new dircoverisineter Jacsouv1llP1DL'PBCrPuLLr
communication natural o artUicial, whether by land Staled this convention. nor pay auy salary or remuneration than mail-, such duty may lie levied forlhe use oftho before ITfl hfthe Ziglish language', by WUlian
or by water, which may now or hereafter exist or beojnMrueteJ such as ia paid lit like cases by Xuuraguau citizens; thereto ; and that the proceeds of such sale, j hull 'ralnable amid
M. D. This is interesti
fScal.] really a
under the ( and absolute freedom shall be allowed iu all cases to the bo into the of the United customs. Young, r inbiam.tbSMf1hDt
authority of Xicaiagna, to bei paid treasury Str.tcK. for toe ( .
GEORGE BANCROFT.Sjal.1 work It is written la plain laDpngv general Jachi.
< *: terms by both republic and their respective citizen I good;, wares or ineicliandibc iuipoited into or exported it shall exist iu the openedhus. OfbnsmLnt3abote_ ::i-
*, UU. OTTO PItfl.VO VOLDERXDORKK.PROTOCOL. ) { t i-arrier's charge, (so long as All young married pMple or tnow eonemplatlnj -
from the republic Nicaragua an they shall ] ***
the rvpublie of Nicaragua, however, ret-enlag its risht> m-egood, *
of MVereizuty aer the same.m obbcrving the laws and established cuitom of the cuuntry. -''IJoiiit| moluticn ilii x.ting tUuj Si.eiet.miv of rural districts of North Germany,) no chargewhatever marriage, and hIng least impediment old frIend.,and a.soaay acy sm j
read Qii oook -It
otherwise than is herein o married life, chonld diselpcca aecreU watches esreftUy hve
j j State to to George Wright master ot : expressly should be Still it repssre an4;
AHTICLF XV. prcs-cut that one aoqnafotAl wlth4 sad
Pone at Munich, the 22th May, 1H.S. The same privileges bush be cujvycd in (territories t i iof every
The United .VUtes hereby agree t.> cxtt-nd their proteetk.n I. TIM uuJerfigncd met to-day to sign the treaty agreed the United States by the citizens of the repn'ia'-of' I the British brig "J. and G. Wright," a gold i J ;provided, shall bo lovicd or collected on tho let- Is a book that must be locked up, and:not lie ab Ot flit

to ell FUch routes of communication as nforo-aiJ, ujton iu conformity with their respective full powcr Nicaragua under tho tame conditions. ( chronometer, in appreciation of hid personal j j tcrs and other correspondence exchanged louse. 1 twill be sent to.any one on tie receipt of Rftycnts. able togire full mtiaAetIi.. .aabe i3 ,
;ud to piaraitee the neutrality and innocent tiFe of the relating to the citizenship of those persons who emigrate The citizens of the hiti contracting partita hil! redprocilly t cervices in saving the lives of thiee American |j ARTICLE IX. 0 Address Dr. VT* YoVxoNo. 418 Spruce street, watches b bcff .
t.a I'lhor nations to induce them to guimnU'C r-uch neutrality ] from the Unite Statesof America to Bavarin; on for their pcri-cns and property, and bhall 1 have free and !I 'PC-omen, wrecked at sea on board of the i may : .. JJaan-*

l jttwl proteetioii.i which occasion the following observation,more exactly open access to the courts ol justice in .iiI1 country rccpocthcly t. American bchoontr "Liz/ic-I-'. Choato," of i ij JMell international correspondence as thaUirig- -

ud the icpubhcof Xlcnragna, on iu part, under* defining and explaining the contents of this treaty, fur the pi-o eoulion and dcfcnca of their jast, j J Massachusetts. i jpating in or destine for other countries to UENITURE.To J. H. Orore tee>H'i
LIItEI to estaminh one free port at each extremity of one were entered in the following protocol: rights; and they shall be at liberty to employ, iu nil] j' which these two administrations may,respectively F kkova bauae of Ororerton A?Co? ?
of 1n-) aforesaid route, cf communication K-twccn the I. Ktliting lotltcjirrl Article: of lle Irruty.I. cati-F, advocates, attorneys, or itge-nUi of\ haip'oevtrde- J5j it, lesohxd by th- Senate anu JIouoB otI intermediaries for the transmission GEOVESTEBX *

\i> tnti." and I'ariiic ocuins. At tin to Jnui no f oonagcnt Inasmuch us the copulative "and" la made use of, b crijJSJon,whom they may think proper; ant LIt y i-liall I) K rescntatlvcs of the United States America serve as arrive, by schooner Alpha, a large ttsnortment of FULLES & COJTerccr .
otbwJntk Khali i.e imposed or levied 1>y the -povHT it follows, of course, that not the naturalization alone, enjoy, iu this rcnpcct, the same lights and )ii\ilpge'.,1''! in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of of such registered articles. Each depart parlor and Cottage S tts Bed&teada, Chair and Table, 1se?Ii )OTOIL tO.th&

< t> >Ht of Xicarapua on tho vowoN of tTie rmtedXatc hut an additional five yearn' uninterrupted residence isicijuired I the-re-1'i: aa native citizens. State be and lio id hereby authorized and llrectcd meat shall ratify the other.of the countries to at the Rail Rood Depot-Building. :N ew W rEthis-
; >>. or on any clliidB or incruhandiw belonging toir.Kiii IN-fore a person ca*!be regarded as coming |! ,
\itTi: I.1 \lit. which it thus servo as intermediary.
.\ or rubj-H ts ol the United .Vuiieg, or upon the within the treaty ; but it in by no means nuUic] that to cause to bo procured and presented may
\ els orctTocls ol nny% other country iutendcd, bi jniiJe the live year*' incidence should take place after the natnraliz'dion InviliaUver le-latc: to tho poll; v 'ii tin1;.itr.: tliu (Jcargo AVright, master or the British brig "J. Each department shall use its best exertions Apply at the Ice-House. ot street 'eVr York.FORTES..

t>r Irar.tit acrx>milio itai'l routes oi commuuioation I. Tt is hereby further underwood that il a l lading mid unLidiiu of ship.-; tao safety oi iaeiehuutli-e, for the safe delivery, or, when miscarried, for
tiiil not lor consumption within the republic cf Xicar.tgua. :,- Ba\ariau ban Ixwn discharged Irjin his Bavarian indipe* good*, and e-tJe-ct ;, the succerfion to personal futatos, by and (.'. Wright, otLS. John, New Brunswick, PTAO
The United S: tU.-B tJuUl albe at liUeily, onjnnng : nato, or<
iiotioa to tho gocrnmcct or mitliontiefi of NIC.I- truin h5n American citizenship in the manner ot every bort ant dcnoniinatlon, by sale, doiiallon, cxthange1 ; tho government of the United States of hi* humane but ia not responsible pecuniarily for the loss of The great increase ia the demand
Watches and farottrPlaao-frrX
rdtta, to cnrty troojw and munitions of war in their legally pre>cnoed by the government of his original testament, or any other manner whatsoever, a any sut-h correspondence. Jewelry. hrougtioat the
and successful tQ'oita in rescuing from '
country na
also the administration of juslicc, tho citizens of the e compelled vs to i sztnd
own vessels, or otherwise& to either caiJ free potts I. countrY, and then acquire* naturalization in the other ARTICLE X. our
1 entitled tV-r ) iu and two high contracting pai tu-u chall reciprocally enjoy death three American seamen on board of (lit'wreck aianufacturiiijt fatiitttea to three time* their smi
and -liali to : oorivevanoe between them country a ligUliul iK-ifcclly valid manner, then .1.ie,aad h .
the annie privileges, liltrtiejaud rights as native Registered correspondence bhall, in addition rtng Mmliaiiiij u i l i| n ._iai ii>i 1.5,.
without obrtruetiou by *a'te required tin-j j of the American schooner "Lizzio F. ulactnrtoz, wi tbalt eotftinme ta
and without uny ch *!eei= or tolls whatever for their but a ]H.'r on no naturalized shall from the moment ] zcns ; and with they Khali not be charged in any of these reprcia Choate," Gloucester, Massachusetts, wrecked to tho postage be subject to a registration fee, GKEO. A. ;PIICK! : same sa their aluys have been, tiMtowMl keep s v Prices 3M.the
dutlfs than thosenhichareor
s imposts or uy
cither t-uid IVovidod of las naturalization be held any higher ,
trKUAjiOiUiUou on 01 routes: &uidtn aittLtrcatcd I
:ih a >avanan not exceeding- cents in tho United States, elsie Flino-Forte maker bv at feast
may ho paid by native citizens, bubinit- at sea on tho fourteenth of February, wghteear OM thIrd, ui n
>ti>* and niuuitioob ot'war arc not iiitcuded to be emI L- and reciprocally as an Amcricsin cituen. respectfully solicit by
unit, of course, tj the local laws stud regulation. o and not exceeding two fiilber groschen in the parties bonpadfs..i et
>.ovei again jt -uuM American nations fiiendJy tor.'iearngna. 2. The words retided uiiinterruptwlly" arc obviously hundred and sixty-eight. parison with all other maters. .- "
And no higher othrcImarge* or tull La to \tc understood, not of a continued bodily presence, each country, respectively. Juno 25 18CS. North German'Union, and this fec shall be al WATCU-JIAKEB AcWJEWELIJY, f jsly.a ly
cltail be imposed on tUc conveyauce or tratu>St of persons j I Lit in the legal sense, and therefore a transient alincncunjouniey The foregoing provisions shail lie applicable to re-ai I j Approved, ,. prepaid. _. I
ways --I.- .
ofctatc bituated within the States of the American ------- I --
lid j>ropcrly ol'ritizpus 01 hulywU of the L'nitc/1 htalesonjf or the like, by no means interrupts period]I | XI. .rCORXP.OF -- ;
any uifr country, aero.- the sail routes of coniinnnicationthan I. ol ive years contemplated by the first article.II. Union, or nithin the icput.lic of Nicaragua, iu which AHTICLB -
I.i foreigners shall be entitled to hold or inherit real estate.Dut UOXVEXT10Nf ( Accounts between the two offices shall be -
are t>r be impowd the regalatcd
may i '
pcrsom Rtlatiag! tht inni l Uie TrcnI J
< drttclof in I J.
real estate situated within HOLIrAKD
ease the K-riitnrus
and properly of citizens of..Viciragua.ana i. II oa following basis. From the total iACKSONVlLLiFLA. L. ,
the republic of JVicar.iinja concede the Light of 1. It is expressly 351 ced, that n ].er on who, under( one of the contracting parties should fall to n citizen o 1 t I ,, ..L i i ,
the IVwt master< enoral of' llif United htales to cuter fh>t article, is to be bold as an adopt ed citi/eu of the the ollur party, n ho, on account of Ms being an alien, unnF.i> froNj : ,i uount of postages and register fees collected
into contTscUi with any individual* or companies l ltrajifpurt : other t-ite, on hi* return to hU original country cannot could not be permitted to hold such property iti Uie 4 j Between tl-i> Post Dqjartmciils ct the I na.e'l' inc tch office on letters, added to the total BAY tf10CEJCT UTBIZT8.

the m ils of the United ?utti.s f.lon'* t.ir.iii! i be made punifbahle fur the act of emigration itself not Btaio in which ir may be situated, there shall be accorded : States o' America and of the North German amount of prepaid postages and register-fees onoth :
though nt a later dry he liouKl have lost his to the Kiid heir, or other such time !
even ,
route*of communication, or along any otter rout'.- adopted successor a N Union .0the aJH-1'oration of the Postal which it the
eitij-i-n-hip. the law of the Stale will permit to sell Mich r correspondence despatches, .. _
acro ithe Irthmus, in itsdi rction, ii < lo.v! bae-., ih.contents --' propertj.He f .
of w'LSch may not be intended for ui-1nbinif>:iwilhiu 111. liftnliii-j: lu Ailic't Funs of the. 7 real y. shall !Ia' at liberty, at all time, to withdraw and export ;- j Service between' .be wo countries. despatching offico bhall deduct the amount requirctfj a

the eaid republic! free from the ini] >hition uf nil:i 1. It U aziecJ on both sides, that the regulative jioweih the proceed Is thereof without difficulty, und with- j l Ar .itl. ai- the agreed rate, for the cost of the inlertned'aio -' 1 I

taxen or duties by the trovercuu i.t of ..Vicarajjua; but granted to the two govcinircntu rcsjicctively, by I out paying to tiii* ROvvrnmcEt any other charges than j Tlicro saa'l o j ai :xchanse of eorte&pondcneobetwern I t transit thereof between the two : r
bw |liberty !# nol to be construed noes to permit such their laws lor protection against rcsdcnt aliens, who thcbt hi'-h :'i' 'te paid liyau inhabitant of the L and the -, .
in inch tiC >o U 'Jrt Saieor( America i frontiers ane'' tim amount ot the two net sums ).41 L;)
individuals or companion by \aVue of this rIght I lotrnipitttht rexidence omlanijers jwace and crier in the land, arc country v. real rotate may lie situated. j __
mails, to carr)' also pucns'r- or fi i ':'af.I uot affected by the treaty. In partlcu'ar the regulation I If an < 'iir.en 05 thC t ;o hiuh contiacting partiest-liall North Go'roau'uv( by means of their ro- hall bo equally divided between the two offices : 5 t .-

A1 IcL IT!. contained in the second clauncof the tenth article of the die \\ith ut a'vlll r tejtament in any of the temtoiies j spcctivo osi; Jena. mr-nt' ; awt1: >"s correspond- ARTICLE XII. il -. k4at
I of thet.tiier t'-e r-'p" I
Bavarian military law of the 30th of